Frosty’s Reflections Part 4-5…

December 2019

By Frosty


Part 4 – A Dash of Logic

Okay, we have an image of an airplane. But what do we do with that to get us closer to the treasure location?

Fenn has said that it “seems logical to me that a deep thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure.” Lets apply a bit of logic. 

Fenn went alone both inside his cockpit and to the treasure location. Given the importance of each, logically it makes sense that the treasure would be located somewhere within the cockpit area. 

It also makes logical sense that the treasure would be on either public lands or private lands owned by Fenn. Fenn does not appear to own land within the cockpit area. 

If you overlay a map of public lands, the result is about 35 acres of BLM land that is within the cockpit. 


Click to enlarge map

And zoomed in:


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Part 5 – In Tight Focus

While 35 acres isn’t huge, the size of the chest and the landscape in which it is secreted still make it a  challenging search area. There must be a way to narrow it down. 

Fenn has informed that few “are in tight focus with a word that is key”. The word that is key can be found in the introduction to his poem. That reads: “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure.” 

The word that is key is “precisely”. A synonym for precisely is the phrase “to a t”. Substituting that into the poem’s introduction, it now reads: “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed to a T, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure”.  

We want to follow the clues to a T. Using satellite imagery, if you zoom in to bring the southwest corner of the search area into tight focus you will notice the letter ‘T’. That puts us in tight focus with the word that is key.

In each of the images below the ‘T’ is in roughly the center of the image, below a single small tree, in a clearing. 

Google Maps:


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Apple Maps:

IMG 0012

If you scan to the right of the T a couple of inches you will see an X with a circle around it at the base of a solitary tree. That is easier to see in the Apple map image.

Between the X and T is the image of a snowman with its left hand pointing at the X and its right hand over its head waving. That is more evident in the Google map image. Due to the angle in the Apple map image you can only see its head and the beginning of its torso. 

A snowman is an apt metaphor for the transience of life. Further, “Frosty the Snowman” represents the lesson Fenn learned and wants to teach in “My War for Me”.

(Stay tuned for the Finale, Part 6 – The End of the Rainbow)







23 thoughts on “Frosty’s Reflections Part 4-5…

  1. Haha. Lego Batman guy. He should sign up to help Forrest with his country song about coffee.

    • That isn’t EXACTly what he said. When asked “Do you still believe that there is a word that is key that searchers should focus on?” His answer was “yes”. Then some other questions and gobbledygook. The next question he answered was “Is it in the poem?” His answer, without quotation marks because I couldn’t understand EXACTly was…that’s (or there’s) one word that will help you more than others…
      Check Hint of Riches to draw your own conclusions, IMO.

      • Thanks for the accurate information. I have not heard any of this. And will check it out and that still does not discard what I said.
        But as most I’m always looking for it works or not. Compounded is a good check.
        And he has said similar statements a few times causing one to be more intuitive.
        Thank you for the clarification. I will do so.

      • Correct — he didn’t answer Cynthia’s question. He made a separate statement that *sounded* like he was answering her question.

      • Q (asked of Forrest): “Is it in the poem?”
        A (from me): Yes. In the line “Begin it where warm waters halt”.

        This entire message is part of my opinion, and posted in an effort to
        encourage clear literal thinking. Please be aware, however, that some
        imagination can also be helpful in solving the poem.

  2. Regardless to wether he just said that it’s in the poem or not don’t overlook what he originally said that some folks are in focus with a word that is key.
    I may be a little off on that if so my apologies. But the point to this is just becouse he says it one way or another that doesn’t discard all the other words.
    One word is not the answer to the location. It may be the poem. But it’s pretty hard to find a map with one word.
    IMO. Just my opinion. If I was looking for a key word I might consider gaze.

  3. In summary, we have Frosty the Snowman dropping in for Christmas tea. Alrighty then.
    Can we expect cookies in the next post?

  4. You’ll have to ask ace I already gave up a cookie.
    And I was just looking for clarification
    But it’s going to be a long winter and we may all get a little tired and anxious for next spring. So maybe at Mr. Fenn rate of scrapbooks there may be another book there.
    As always. Just my opinion.
    That’s funny.

  5. But how does one know which word is the key word to helping to unlock the poetic code? He also said some have gotten to within two hundred feet of the treasure, but while lacking an understanding of the first clue. So, they obviously did not get that close figuring out what the first clue was. But that’s the most tantalizing thing, what is it that caused someone to get that close without having a solve to the first clue? It’s a wondermint.

    “I see nobody on the road,’ said Alice ‘I only wish I had such eyes,’ The King remarked in a fretful tone. ‘To be able to see Nobody! And at that distance too! – Lewis Carroll

  6. Nice catch y’all. Sorry for the miss info. I was listening to it while at work and not concentrating. I musta heard what I wanted to hear. g

  7. I Believe Forrest did say yes it’s in the poem and other important words in there too. He said it but being him he didn’t want to cave in to the questions from people he didnt want to answer too. For so many reasons! You go Forrest! I hear what you said! And before too. Key word is in poem! Why wouldn’t it be? Haha. It’s a major clue! Lol ….imo

      • Except I don’t believe he would be for or against any particular searchers questions. I just think he has said it before the way he wanted to say it and the question keeps coming around. g

  8. There are houses right there, the place he hid the treasure, with the amount of significance it holds to him, will not be somewhere he can see a bunch of houses from.

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