Scrapbook Two Hundred Forty Six…


December, 2019


The Promise of a Dream

Many years ago, when I was being wistful about what was ahead for me, I dreamed above my probabilities. It was fun to fantasize that someday I would write a children’s fiction book, and another that was non-fiction. And see a poem of mine in print, and one of my oil paintings hanging on the wall.

As I matured, I learned that some of the wishes, which seemed so far from me once, might have fallen within my realm if I would just try. So I did.

My book, The Beat of the Drum and the Whoop of the Dance, was a biography. And later, The Thrill of the Chase, showcased poems that I wrote.

Today, my children’s book is being shipped from the printer.


Front and back covers of my children’s book

Meanwhile, my oil painting dries on the living room table. It’s called, As the Bugle Blows, which depicts a time in my life that sublimely underscores my passage through it. Maybe I’ll talk about that at another time. And now to my country song. It’s called Cold Coffee in a Hot Cup. f

My children’s book, Educating Ardi, does not contain any clues or hints to my treasure location. It was printed in only 100 copies, and will not be for sale. It is mostly just for family. f








174 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Forty Six…

  1. Glad to see that you are getting around to doing some of the things that you’ve always wanted to do.

    I should do the same

    Thanks Forrest

    • I’m happy for you Forrest in completing the childrens book! Looking forward to the Country song, I sense a #1 hit coming up!

    • kinda funny i just left Forrest home in a dream i was delivering him a present for Christmas what a delightful dream dreams are what life are made of and of coarse a lot of good drive helps ty for sharing both five and six looking forward to seven

        • ok George. but let it be known i think #2 is the most important # on deck’ but i do love a good story. as we all do.cherish them happy hollidays. every one ;the sun is rising soon be safely and smart out there. always think first.

  2. I am so glad you followed your dreams and completed that book. Maye someday my grandchildren will get the pleasure of reading it if one ever makes out of the private realm. I am sure they would like to meet Ardi at least in spirit.

  3. Cold coffee is supposed to be good for fake teeth (so they don’t stain much).
    The painting on the book is really good with extra bright colors.

  4. Now Forrest, you have made friends here in the last 10 years who love you for far more than material treasure. Please make more copies, you know we want to read it!

  5. Only 100?……what about us kids of all ages?
    Seriously, glad you finished and printed the book..))
    Is that your artwork on the cover??

  6. Forrest, you were fortunate to struggle through your war for you and have a Major’s pension to steady your subsequent trials. We all have our own row to hoe and some of us are unfurled as late bloomers. You’ve been a pretty good example of accomplishment through sticktoitiveness.
    I hope that hot cup still has cold coffee in it when I get to it. Let the chips fall where they may.

  7. Congratulations! It’s always a special gift to see your words in print – for you and for us:)!

    Happy book birthday to you and Ardi!!

  8. Oh Boy, Forrest! I hope you put down a drop cloth on the table before painting your masterpiece 🙂 Would love to see it? Also, can you make a recording of you singing your Country Song 🙂 Congrats on your Children’s book!

    • Spallies – Maybe Forrest plans to do the Michaelangelo thing; painting his masterpiece on the ceiling of his library? Just an idea… don’t drop any paint on those precious books nor on those rare artifacts, though, Forrest! I can hear Peggy at your library portal, saying, “When will it be finished?”

      Giggles. Congratulations on accomplishing these creative goals, Forrest! You inspire me.

  9. Why not release it to the public? I’ll bet you would sell 5,000 copies to Chase fans alone!
    (I wrote a country song called “Do Whut?”).

  10. Congratulations, Mr. Fenn! If you’re able to, would you tell us what the story of, “educating Ardi” is about, please? So happy you’re fulfilling your dreams.

  11. Nice-“Cold Coffee in a Hot Cup” played to the rhythm of a C- Note. Would be a catchy tune. IMO .

  12. Hi Forrest;

    We all have dreams and “Bucket Lists” that we hope we can check off. Seems to me that you have just about completed all of yours. IF there are any other items on your list, I hope that they can also be accomplished soon. HOORAY for you my Friend – JDA

  13. Mamma Mia!! That’s wonderful! I wish I could have a children’s book published. That’s wonderful. Congratulations Forrest!

  14. Congratulations Forrest! I too hope to write and illustrate a children’s book one day. It’s always been a dream of mine.
    I hope one day I can read “educating Ardi”.

  15. Forrest,

    For your oil painting did you use Eric Sloan’s palette, or was your paint mixed with a different bored?

    I am sure we are all curious to see the revelle of the coming wind from your brush on canvas and will admire every final stroke you made on it, hoping it taps the minds and hearts of many.

    Now that my grind is ground and grown cold, I will re-wave my stained porcelain of old….in the world of micro.

  16. I find myself learning a lot of words from you, Forrest.

    Thanks for that!

    (the word today was wistful)

  17. Congrats, Forrest! Will we be seeing the “As the Bugle Blows” painting soon? I’m assuming that’s not the painting on the cover of the book. Need an agent?

  18. Beautiful! This sent a warming sensation straight to my heart. Without knowing what’s inside, I know what it’s filled with. Just Beautiful!

  19. I love it Forrest! Congrats on going to print. I am sure it is very special and will be enjoyed by those able to see it. I have my own list of dreams. Many, at the moment, are on the shelf, out of reach, but not forgotten. One day I know I will reach for them like you have. I can only imagine how you must feel. Wishing continued blessings on you, your family and everyone in “The Chase” community.

  20. I think we all hear the echoes of that bugle… and in my imagination Ardi had a great tutor.

    There’s almost a full moon shining here right now (the Cold Moon, apparently). It’s easier to believe in the promise and the dream under those timeless beams.

    When do we get to hear the song?

  21. Things that are not said of which I am (likely incorrectly) interpreting:
    – Whist
    – Trump (bugle)
    – Stout-hearted cups
    – bones

  22. Things that are not said of which I am (likely incorrectly) interpreting:
    – Whist
    – Trump (bugle)
    – Stout-hearted cups
    – bones

  23. Congrats Forrest, for accomplishing some of those always wanted to do items.
    I wish you would reconsider selling your new book, I would sure love to complete my collection ..

  24. I’ll go for, or believe the fiction book and everyone else will go for, or believe the non-fiction one. Nice.t

  25. May all your wishes and dreams come true, Forrest. Thank you for leading by example. You continue to be a wonderful inspiration for us all!

  26. Caller: “Hello Mr. Obvious. Long time lurker, first time caller. I’m really glad to see that Mr. Fenn is finally finding time to fulfill the tasks on his bucket list. But to tell you the truth, I’m really falling behind in the treasure hunt. Are there any hidden meanings here that might help me catch up? Thanks in advance Mr. Obvious.”

    Mr.Obvious: “Well caller, let’s see. I see Ardi. That means warm. Then I see dream, could be wishes. Then I see a book for mostly family. Okay I got it, it’s a pre Christmas greeting caller:

    Warm Wishes to You and Your Family!
    -f (your favorite Renaissance polymath)

    So there you have it caller. No clues, just kind wishes to start your holiday season. You’re welcome”.

    Caller: “Thanks Mr. Obvious. You’re the best”.

  27. Oh good, I can put off all that stuff for another 35 years.. I’ll title my song “Later, Procrastinator”.

    Great color in the cover picture. Congratulations on several triumphs.

    • Blex – Sounds like the start of a great country song. “I’d get to my bucket list if only I had a bucket”

      • BroStevo – I think you might have something there! Let me just get my harpoon out of my dirty red handkerchief….

    • Maybe we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – particularly if its tatty and torn with nasty stains, or even if it looks glossy and alluring like this one. But at least we can see the front and the back all at once – nothing hidden there.

      We’re all trying to turn the fiction into non-fiction.

      • I was asking Forrest if the little dog on the cover of the book was Ardi. Not looking for clues here, but thank you for the input .

    • Veronica S: nope, not a former pooch of Forrest’s. See SB 181 for the (likely) answer and/or OUAW-R page 145.

      • Zap – I posted this here yesterday and today on THOR. The info is either ignored or the responses are totally condescending. All I can conclude is that searchers like their rabbit holes and even when Forrest says there isnt a clue in the book searchers still want to dive in headfirst. Oh well!

      • Ahha, Sally — so you did! Before posting, I did a search on Arden and SB 181 and got no hits, so I assumed no one had posted that. I should have searched on granddaughter. As you say, some searchers prefer a mystery to the simple explanation.

  28. My wife, Connie did a painting of a mountain in Central Arizona and it has been sitting on the easel in our living room for six months. She said that the oils are still drying. How long do they take to dry?

  29. Congratulations, Forrest, on making so many of your dreams a reality. I would love to hear more about your book, Educating Ardi, and see more of the story and artwork. The cover is beautiful. I love those purple trees. I’m sure the children and adults in your family will love it, also. When I was working as a school librarian, I could always tell by the cover of a book if the kids would like it, and this one looks like a winner to me!

    I was a little concerned about the title of that country song, though. I read in the online Dream Dictionary that a cup of liquid appearing in a dream is a good omen; but it was hard to imagine a hot cup with cold coffee being a sign of good fortune. I decided this paradoxical statement might need to be worked on with the non-rational mind, much like a zen master assigns a koan to a student to meditate on to help them reach enlightenment.

    I was so inspired by the title of your painting, As the Bugle Blows, that I decided to go outside before 5:00 p.m., so I could hear the bugler playing Retreat to signal the end of the work day at Fort Sam Houston, while I was meditating on the hot cup with the cold coffee. After sitting outside on my meditation bench for approximately 8 minutes, I heard the first bugle note and experienced a flash of light in my intuitive brain. Then I heard these words as if from a wise man of old, “Cold coffee in a hot cup doesn’t have to stay cold forever, it can become hot again.”

    Thank you Forrest and zen.

  30. So I take this to mean that children’s books aren’t part of the solve but paintings are and Forrest really loved my coffee cup picture on Kpro Cow last night 😉

    Oh and www is really warm water 🙂

  31. Thank you for sharing your h.a.p.p.y news forrest! I rejoice with you.
    Outstanding cover…whimsical layers of interest.

    Is Willie jealous, or is a sequel in the wings…
    “Willie Educates Forrest”

    At 89 yrs young, you outshine the brightest & most diligent trying to solve your puzzle. You’re a daily inspiration to many.

  32. Forrest:

    As with so many others before me, I want to celebrate your triumphs and congratulate you on a life well lived. Your vision and can-do work ethic have impacted countless lives. Suitable words of tribute fail me, so I won’t embarrass myself by trying to impress you, Sir. Even though we’ve never met, your poem has challenged me like nothing else I’ve ever encountered. For that alone, I feel immeasurably enriched. Thank you!

  33. With all this math, history, geography, languages, science, and other disciplines, you would think that any searcher that has studied the TTOTC for four years should be eligible for at least a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fenn University, IMO. Somebody please see if the Dean can add that to his bucket list.

    • I was thinking that Forrest deserves an honorary Doctorate in philosophy from a University or college in New Mexico. How does that sound for your bucket list Forrest?
      You can replace NADT with Dr. Forrest Fenn.
      With the principle of six degrees of separation, there’s somebody who knows someone who has the clout to get the ball rolling on it!

  34. Does Allsups in New Mexico have Cold Coffee? Trying to find out where to get a good cup of cold Jo. LOL 🙂

    • A long day on the ice with a mediocre thermos, catchin lots of fish. Best cup of cold Jo I Know. g

    Be careful about your wishes.
    IT is possible, that long cultivation
    of GOOD friends, can prove
    more warmth than some family.

  36. Darn!!! My autistic grandson, Jesse, 7, is reading at a THIRD grade level (which is amazing!) and we’re reading TOTC together at night! He said , “Can I play with him?” thinking F is a young boy ready for adventure. I’m so glad Jesse is amazed with nature and treasures that are hiding out there for him to find! We hike in our park almost daily. He’s constantly awed at everything he sees and I often wish I had his imagination.

    I am disappointed that your book isn’t available, I know Jesse would have loved it.

  37. The bugle blows, “Reveille” makes me think of Reveal….is there something to reveal? I think so!

  38. .
    Thoroughly enjoyed this Scrapbook, as if co penned by a playful sprite.. yet the mysteries mount.

    Whos Ardi?

    Who painted the book cover? I really like it (aside, earlier today i was searching for a way to animate microsoft to roll up a page into a scroll. I didnt find any… anyone?)

    What are the lyrics to the country song? ( love the title )

    When will we see As the Bugle Blows?

  39. I see five birds in the bush on the cover of Ardi, are they worth one in the hand? Ardi is warm. The painting is finished but needs to dry. The bugle sounds at the beginning of the race. Or at the end of the day. IMO

  40. Thanks for the prompt Forrest to go fulfil our dreams…..
    This SB took me to the hymn “Til the Last Bugle Blows…”
    so beautiful, and so many other great works by the writer….

  41. It is all so inspirational. The things Mr. Fenn accomplishes by setting his mind and getting to it. My retired neighbor has found that they want to learn the french horn. Doesn’t sound very good yet, especially during my afternoon nap time. But unlike my younger self would have reacted, I wake with a start and a smile. g —

  42. Congratulations on your new book Forrest! Perhaps I can trade you something for a copy of the book?

  43. Forrest you said- “I wish I could have lived to do the things I was attributed to”.
    Sir, it sure looks like you are giving it one heck of a try.
    Nice to see one reach their goals in life. Congratulations on the new book.


  44. I think all your dreams have come true.
    No one in this world could have written a better poem than you. Congratulations on your new book.

    • Congratulations Mr. Fenn, I love the book cover…just beautiful, I love Willie being on the cover!
      Educating Ardi, would love to read it. Thank you for educating me, your an amazing man.
      God Bless. Martha ❤️

  45. Dear Forrest:

    Congratulations on your new children’s book! I think it is great that you were able to complete a personal goal, for you. I bet you not only met those goals, you probability did so ahead of schedule in several categories.

    I like Ardi. No doubt there’s a lot to learn, but I also think there’s a lesson Ardi is giving us, right in front of us. I give it an “A.” Or, on a star rating, “4.”

    Thanks for another scrapbook!

    Take care,

  46. Congrats on the book, and looking forward to the song!

    My truck broke down, can you take me all the way
    We’d split it 50/50, and I know you’d do the same.
    If your gas tank is empty, I’ll fill it to the top
    Because I’ve got cold coffee, in a hot coffee cup.


    • Cold coffee in a hot cup
      Need a tank of gas and a pickup truck
      Been searching for ten years with no luck
      Lost my job making big bucks
      Almost fell into a rut
      Missed a shot at a nice buck
      Make me sick in the gut
      And now I’m sitting here thinking of you
      Wishing I could be there where your sitting with cold coffee in your hot cup

  47. I am glad that you published your books, Mr. Forrest, as well as still being able to continue to do things t the age of nearly 90 that many of us couldn’t even conceive of doing at 50 or 60. I agree wholeheartedly with you that if you want to do something, just try.
    I’ve been on the low-income scale most of my life, but despite that, I’ve managed to travel to most of the states in the US, visiting places where I couldn’t even afford to look at let alone walk through. I had one wish and that was to be a newspaper publisher, and amazingly I managed to do that for about a year and a half. The only reason I did it was because I was told by my bosses at the daily paper that I had to “know my place” and “just get the work done.”

    We all lived in fear of missing a deadline. If we did, we trembled as we waited for the sound of the publisher’s high heels clomping down the back stairs on the way to the pressroom to fire whoever was responsible for the press’ being 4 minutes late. Did anyone really care if their newspaper was delivered 4 minutes late? I used to wonder about that, until I ran my own paper – which at one point had a higher circulation than the local daily. Maybe that’s why they tried to sue me for 5 million bucks. I remember laughing at that particular letter as I was rolling pennies for gas, mostly because everyone I employed at my tiny office got a paycheck except me 🙂

    Today we have the internet, and I suppose people do notice if the news is uploaded at 4:04 instead 4:00 o’clock Pacific Standard Time. I used to live and die by the time-clock. Not anymore. I can empathize, but I’m not exact at all.

  48. To dream is to live to the fullest. Congrats on smashing your dreams, new and old.

    The covers feel magical, I like it. And the place looks familiar.

    I hope you share more about your dreams with us and your song and your painting. 🙂 Who’s Ardi?

    Have a great day F!

  49. Interesting, very interesting. Perhaps I will buy that book.
    Sound’s like some pleasurable winter reading. Nothing like a good book and a warm blanket
    for some refuge from the cold. Toss in a cup of earl gray and life is good.

    Thank you Forrest, I love reading your sb’s and books.

  50. “And now to my country song. It’s called Cold Coffee in a Hot Cup. f”

    Great name and theme for a country song, Fenn.

    Many a cowboy has been burnt by a ‘hot cup’ (pretty woman) with ‘cold coffee’ (cold heart)……write it and send to Willie, I bet he will make it a number one!!

    (LOL!! I knooow I’ll get hammered for this!!!) 🙂

    • Loco – maybe someone is “hot on a cold trail”. . or went cold on a hot trail?? Everything Willie touches turns gold LOL…

    • Loco, if I may say this. To me a special lady plays into this chase. So your not to far off on it being a number one song.
      I love play on words, and so does Forrest.

      Thanks Locolobo and good luck.


  51. Always wanted a Forrester Fenn stick drawing; now suddenly I’m craving a “ff” original art etsel painting, of ; “The Canyon Downtown”, or ” Mr., & Mr.’s Brown”s Homestead , or even, ” The Halting on the Warm Waters”. Congrats on childrens publication, Mr Fenn wish you could illustrate my book on virtues for children’s classes, in Florida. It’s INTRO passage; (for teachers note”s); is, …. That children are the most precious treasure a community can posses, for in them are the promise & the guarantee of a future. They bear the seeds of the character of our future society. They are a trust no community can neglect with inpunity. A love of children, the manner of treating them, the quality of the attention shown them, the spirt of adult behavior toward them…these are all among the vital aspects of the requisite attitude. Love; (demands dicipline); the courage to accustom children to hardship, not to indulge their every whim, or to leave them entirely up to their own devices. A healthy school atmosphere needs to be maintained in which children feel that they belong to the community & can share in it’s purpose. They must be lovingly, & insistentry be guided to live up to a high moral standard; & to study in the way that best suits their advancement & prosperity.

    • David Nough, you seem to be of an educational slant, or is it my imagination? I like the way your feelings are into your writings, kinda reminds me of the old adage; “Children are certain cares, but uncertain comforts.” Be nice to your children. After all, they are going to choose your nursing home. I commend your cause David, it seem like that 50 mile detour to somewhere that William Marvin Fenn made sure his children knew about.

      T__ rain up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Prov, 22:6

      Great wisdom and truth are synonymous.



      • I think more than one searcher is on the right track.

        When talent for drawing is not in your repertoire, and you really want to express yourself Ardi, I suggest try stick figures, the kind that hides a little of your feelings but informs others they know some-what about your feelings. Sorta like how I still see Grammie, cute as ever in that little red dress in SC Book 225, perhaps the key word borders on Doodles..


  52. Great contributions. I enjoy your work- the skritchy ladies and dogs, and the writing and bronzes. The attitude above all. The SPIRIT. Always try, I say. And just maybe things go gold.
    I am about to have a studio set up in the Gila NF for recording just such a Country song (and a lot of Rock I will undoubtedly keep doing)
    You let me know…

  53. At least the hot cup will keep your hands warm where you can feel the wheel in your hand even though the brew will not help you to make the effort worth the cold. Careful Forrest or you’ll run out of ground as the old country song say’s.

  54. I’m very familar with the name “Ardis” but not “Ardi” –
    strange one.

    Ardi means either Valley of the eagle or Flowering field.

  55. This story seems kind of sad if you ask me… leaves little to snuggle up to during the Holidays.

    Thankfully we still have that warm cup and those bucket list memories!

    • Sorry, I guess I had a moment of “Swinging Cat Blues”. You know, like the music by the Stray Cats, but slower and more depressing.

      It’s all good now, though… especially knowing “I’ve Got Friends in (Other Than) Low Places”!

      Just had to throw that in!

  56. I have a small collection of fine literature, what I would consider works of art. All special and contributing in their own way.

        • You should probably not underestimate the lead searcher if there really is one. It’s a tall order to stay out in front of 100,000 crazed Fenn treasure hunters. For me, I’m just an average guy. I probably don’t halve a chance. But I’m still not gonna quit.

    • Ardi is the first of her kind, discovered. So Ardi is the first/lead searcher. So the lead dog needs to get a bone every now and then.. educating Ardi might be that bone or just a message to the one who has solved the poem. IMO Forrest is an enigma and has decided how he wants this to end. But my question is, has the chest been recovered and the credits are running. I don’t know? Perhaps Forrest is wrestling with the idea of it being found. We will see come spring, I hope. My gut says it’s over IMO

  57. Dear Forrest:

    I pieced everything together but the AR. Neat name!

    Sometimes where a person comes from really does matter, whether it’s happiness, love, madness, oar depression. It always helps to understand where someone comes from. Place keeps a hold on us like few other things.

    Try, try, TRY. 3rd time is the charm. Try I will. I got a little bit of a spark from this SB- like when Pop told Hobbs to “suit up” or when Jimmy told Coach Dale “I’ll make it.” I get a little chill thinking about going back for one more shot.

    If you finish up that country song, and wonder what key to write it in… take it from DD Dunn:

    “A. Good country key!”

    Take care,

  58. P.S.

    Forrest, Okay, it stays. I’m checking it out anyway for fun. But now:

    Where is not the problem. Which is not the problem. I have two concerns now only. The first is that there are two numbers on a clock, both of which appear to have been hinted at. 12 or 9/10? And if I knew that, would I check the number itself, or should I look more at the face of it? I assume I should pull the number right of the thing! Frankly, if I got up early enough I might see the answer myself, but what if it rains?

    Secondly, I am concerned about my forehead. My brain is allergic to bullets. I’d like to think that it’s only a reference, but I was rather hoping to be buried somewhere dry. Now, call me paranoid, but I’m feeling like wearing a helmet instead of a hat. Are you trying to scare the crap out of the finder, or just using convienient metaphors? It looks like a perfect set up for a murder.

  59. With regard to the Chase, I think there’s just as much drama and comedy on the blogs as there is in the Rocky Mountains. I mean you could write a book with this stuff and turn out a best seller, IMO of course. Then again, it might make a good comedy too.

    • Gee, I am talking nonsense. I’m gettin’ too old for this. By the time I start my second thought I forget what my first thought was. Yikes. I mean I could solve the puzzle then forget my spot. Well wouldn’t that make for a great comedy. Hold on. Let me run this by Spielberg first.

    • Maybe what I’m really trying to say is that the Chase and the blogs are intertwined. It’s not just about the poem and the books. Hints and confirmation are everywhere … if you can find them, you know, IMO that is.

  60. Sit and Stay are the most important things for ARdi to learn to make sure he doesn’t run out into traffic if off-lead. Heel is good for when you encounter horses on the trail. Or those morons overly protective of their pups sent up to the ski area to experience wilderness by the concierge at La Fonda.

  61. dreams are so special mr. fenn
    it’s amazing what they can accomplish
    thank you and merry Christmas to you and your loved ones

  62. I like the cover in particular. Sometimes it’s difficult to see what is right under your nose but in this case you really can see the forest through the trees. 😉

    • “Meanwhile, my oil painting dries on the living room table. It’s called, As the Bugle Blows, which depicts a time in my life that sublimely underscores my passage through it.”f

      Well “Bee Gees”, this is enlightening to hear that someone else sees the Forrest in these Trees.

      I like the cover in particular. Sometimes it’s difficult to see what is right under your nose but in this case you really can see the forest through the trees.

      Eric wrote a book called “Camouflage Simplified”, first published in 1942, is a fascinating World War II look at the science and art of camouflage to hide and protect aircraft, structures, highways, ships and more. …

      Now I see you Forrest and now I don’t. Can Ardi find the Wise old Owl in this tree?

      So now that I have been wise and found the blaze how many more clues will we see? ff you are a rascal, but Mr Terrific is on the case, now for that country and western song, “Cold Coffee in a Hot Cup”

      Glenn was a New Mexico boy, got his start here after leaving Arkansas, history is so revealing when you listen to the words like a kid..


      • TT They say a picture says a thousand word. Forrest has done a great job . The bugle has blown its call to duty. I think Forrest has a number 1 hit song coming down the tubes. IMO

      • Cold coffee in a cup. That’s when you have a tin cup when your out in the mountains and you set it by the fire to get hot so you can pour your cold coffee in it to warm it up. I love you Forrest, The cowboys always had tin cups.

  63. I sometimes miss the dry versus the wet… painting, that is.

    But with Forrest’s storytelling, it makes me smile just the same!

  64. Cold coffee in a cup. That’s when you have a tin cup when your out in the mountains and you set it by the fire to get hot so you can pour your cold coffee in it to warm it up. I love you Forrest, The cowboys always had tin cups.

    • Forrest – Let me put a picture of you on a Tin Cowboy cup We could sale a million of them. Or is that to tinnie for you LOL You have to smile a little bit!

    • Caller: “Hey there Mr Obviuos. I didn’t know Forrest was a song writer. What’s up with that anyway? The answer might help me with my solve. Let’s just call it the ‘Looney Tune Theory’, if you know what I mean. Does he sing too?”

      Mr Obvious: “Well caller, Mr Fenn has a considerable diversity of talents. He tells us he wrote a song. And yes he sings too. As a matter of fact, I have it on “good” authority that he is soon releasing a video of him singing it … acapello no less. I really hope that helps you caller. Merry Christmas”.

      Caller: “Holy smokes, Mr Obvious! It sure does help. I’m definitely feeling the Holiday cheer now. Thanks Mr Obvious. You’re the best.”.

    • Thank you for the link, Dal. I liked Cynthia’s review in regards to the book. Ms. Caldwell choice of vibrant, whimsical colors is great. I LOVE Miss Ardi’s facial expressions. She looks like a little sweetheart that keeps her great grandpa on his toes. I look forward to Cynthia’s video.

  65. Thanks Dal, that was awesome.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of it..
    Too bad the book’s not for sale, it sounds really cool….I wonder why Forrest isn’t selling it…

  66. Cynthia, Nice Job, I Love the colors in the book. Old Bob Dunn kicked up that hornets nest. I can’t wait to get out searching.

  67. How a nice gift for children (and us too).
    I would have and read it.

    Thanks for all.

  68. Hi, All,

    The Book for family,
    The Video for all of us,
    For the ambitious familiy,
    Thanks for your sincerely efforts.

    Forrest – Dal – Cynthia

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