2019 Annual Report…

January 2020
by dal

This blog was started in August of 2011 and on the first day we had 47 unique viewers.  
The highest number of  visitors on a single day was on 2/27/2013 at 63,932
Compared to December 17, 2019 when we had 12,372 visitors 


In 2019 there were 436,392 unique viewers. Down from 593,018 in 2018
In 2019 there were 4,063,763 total viewers. Up from 3,886,599 in 2018
In 2019 we had 36,117 comments


Total views on the blog since it was started in 2011 are 22,771,800
Total comments on the blog since it started are 315,755


2019 Monthly viewers…
Jan 281,251
Feb 247,663
Mar 249,345
Apr 289,543
May 321,357
Jun 353,411
Jul 297,603
Aug 322,520
Sep 322,312
Oct 520,594
Nov 516, 746
Dec 340,665


Where do those viewers come from?
Screen Shot 2020 01 06 at 1 53 41 PM
We posted 189 new posts in 2019.That’s up from 173 in 2018


Most Visited Pages
1. Home page
2. Cheat Sheet
3. Scrap Books
4. Where Warm Waters Halt
5. Forrest Speaks
6. Most Important Info
7. Odds n Ends
8. Tarry Scant
9. Poetry Page
10. Poem as Riddle
11. VOA Unedited Interview


Subscribers 4,348
I suspect that we have fewer subscribers than many other blogs because a person can receive notifications about comments without being subscribed.


The page with the most followers was Name Forrest’s Kitty Contest page followed by No Paddle Up Your Creek, Safety First, Fundamental Guidelines and Home of Brown.


I have not got a whiff of a clue how much (if any) revenue the ads pull in because Chris takes care of that and the revenue (if there is any) goes directly to him to compensate for maintenance and technical assistance with the site.


In previous years Google was the most common search engine used to find the blog but this year it was Facebook.


Most common search terms used to find the blog are just what you’d expect:
1. forrest fenn
2. dal neitzel
3. where warm waters halt
4. home of brown
5. treasure chest


Top Four Commenters in 2019
1. Lisa posted 1,979 comments
2. JDA posted 1,920 comments
3. Jake posted 1,148 comments
4. Seeker posted 738 comments

Thank you everyone…
Chris and dal






64 thoughts on “2019 Annual Report…

  1. The stats serve as a tribute to your time, talent and determination to run a top quality blog! Hats-off to you and the many, many contributors who form this salt-of-the-earth community.

  2. I intended to add…”I say this even though my comments go directly into moderation and grow stale.” :))

  3. Thanks again Dal for this wonderful site that can be vied around the world. “You Done Good” JDA

  4. Hmmm,
    Our friendly favorite poet Focus pulls into the top 10 and I don’t even get an honorable mention. Did I even rank in the top ten in the
    most yacker’s club?
    It’s ok… I know my ideas ‘rank’ right up there.
    Ha! I might as well say it before someone else does.
    Good job, Dal and Chris.
    And I still miss the old hound….

    • U know I beat u out a few years ago and still waiting for my T-shirt.

      I can’t believe Facebook was tops for search engines.

  5. Thanks Dal and Chris! I think I helped boost the home page number by always hitting the back button to go back to the Poem…. Hoping it would lead me to the clues that are rules 🙂

  6. Dal or anyone listening…
    I’m attempting to put together a list of Forrest’s public bronze installations. Does such a list exist? Would ff provide it?

    Wouldn’t it be fun to know more a
    Bout the public installations he’s been involved with. Forrest should be very proud of Glenna Goodacre’s well-known public installations and also those of Doug Hyde.

    I wonder if Forrest did the finishing work on the bronze bronco/cowboy and installed it in Washington Park at the heart of Jackson Wyoming – surrounded by antler arches? Year of installation would make it one forrest’s early public installations… “IF” he was involved with it.
    How about Quanah Parker in Fort Worth; Sonny Bono in Palm Springs, etc…??

    How about it Forrest?

    We would love to hear more about your career and bronze work in public installation.

  7. Always fun here, thanks Dal, Forrest and Chris for this blog. It’s so nice to be a unique viewer!

  8. Dal,

    Excellent work on this site. Those numbers speak to how useful the platform is. Thank you for all you’ve done for us on “The Chase.”


  9. Thank you for maintaining, in my opinion, the most authentic and well mannered site in the blogosphere. It is I’m sure a lot of work and a labor of love to provide this blog for all of us to enjoy. With the exception of MW, this is the only site that provides new, original information from Forrest. Thank you Dal, Chris, Forrest, and all the contributers to this site.

  10. Good work dal does Forrest fenn pay u for all this hard work If I find the chest I will help u out thanks.

    • Paul-
      No.Forrest does not pay for the blog in any way. His only connection is to send us stories for publication and his occasional comments.

      • Dal: Have you ever done a viewer survey? Such as how many have gone BOTG, how much time and money they have spent on the search, and other things that people would probably be willing to share? It would be nice to get another data point on the actual number of active searchers. I’m sure this group would be willing to come up with good questions to ask.

        • David-
          No. I wouldn’t consider questions about money primarily because I wouldn’t want to answer any such questions on a public forum.

          Additionally, I don’t think any survey of folks on this blog would give us information that would help formulate the total number of searchers or the money spent or the places looked. This blog is one small corner of the true number of searchers…we don’t know how small…

          There have been attempts by other blogs and by individuals to capture that data…as far as I know, results were never published…

          Perhaps we can get the census bureau to add those questions to the form this year 🙂

        • Hi David: Toby Younis did do a survey of searchers’ search states sometime in the last year, I believe. The number of respondents was pretty small — around 100 — so not a statistically significant sample size. Still, the percentages were about what you’d expect: most searching in NM, least in CO, but double-digit percentages in all four states. (And those percentages may have shifted significantly since then.)

          I suspect Dal could launch such a survey here and get almost an order of magnitude increase in responses, but it would still be a small fraction of overall searchers. Also, many searchers are considering multiple states, so you’d probably want to include that as an option or options.

          A histogram of the number of BOTG searches would be an interesting stat. There are probably a lot of zeros.

  11. Being realitively new to the Chase, I never would have been able to catch up so quickly without the help of all the great information and speculation found here on this blog. Thanks to you and Chris for everything you do to make this the #1 place for the Chase! (IMO) 🙂

  12. Wow, the poetry page made it in the top 10 …. 🙂 thanks to everyone who visits the page and the many talented people who post their words there….

    Thanks Dal and Chris for all you do behind the scenes…

    Keep your imagination flowing my friends… heck, next year we might 8…..lol

    Until next time…. see ya

  13. Top notch gentleman! Your blog has supplied us with years worth of updates, research, entertainment and different opinions . Thank you for all that you do , keeping us in the loop and keeping it real along the way. Thank you Dal and Chris

  14. It is always worth mentioning that Dal’s site is the best source of information if you are searching for Fenn’s treasure. Thanks for keeping things in order Dal and Chris… Good luck to all in 2020.

  15. Dal,

    Thank You for all you do and the info on this Blog is a Tremendous Help too Many. Hope this year will bring us closer to the Correct Solve. I Hope the Ground Hog does not see his shadow this year! All eyes will be on Phil…

  16. THANKS DAL : For all the hard work you do . The searcher from Stephenville Newfoundland Canada I am the one with the mini indulgence

  17. I revised the page to add the top four commenters in order of numbers of comments made in 2019…This could also be called the Yakiest Four…the Four Yakers…Major Comment Contributions…

    Anyway…thanks to each of you for having ideas and sharing them and contributing to the conversation..

    • Well we can rule out those top four posters are the whispers. LOL (It’s not way they say it’s what they whisper.)
      Just poking fun at you guys. Keep up the lengthy post guys and girl. We like reading them.

      Maybe I don’t post enough?
      Thanks Dal for the info.


    • Well, what can I say? Too much obviously. What happened Jake? 🙂
      Glad to see you made the list Seeker – and not least – Wow Lisa. You had a lot to say. Congrats (If they are in order) 🙂 JDA

      P.S. Thanks Dal for the info – I think??? 🙂 JDA

    • HA! ~ This could also be called *The Yakiest Four*… lol

      Well its not as gripping a title as; The Fantastic four or The Fast and Furious Five or The Dirty Dozen, or even The Breakfast Club …But I can live with ~ The Yakiest Four Club.

      You did mean Yakiest and not Wakiest, Dal, right?

    • Dal -Thanks for these numbers. This info is awesome. So now that we know the “quantity” posters, can you tell us, besides you and Warlock62, who are the top “quality” posters?

    • All I see is a backwards bike “S” on the Madison, time will tell although it has been for years and there must be a reference to this clue that references to other(s) in a small area where all the clues are.
      I would have to say Seeker had the most “characters” on this blog for a few years.

      My new years resolution is to be more reserved.

      Thanks, Dal and Chris for putting up with our BS at times.

  18. Hi,

    Friendly, attentive and fair environment was
    most imortant thing.

    Your success is not a coincidence.
    Thank you with respect.

  19. i think dal wants all of us to publish our 2019 annual reports, heres mine…

    bronze boxes-0
    clues confirmed-0
    comments on blog-316
    comments passing moderation-63
    comments that got a positive reply-4
    comments that got a negative reply-81
    comments that got no reply-116
    comments i wrote and then deleted-227
    comments not suitable for younger readers-11
    misspelled words-66
    my goals for 2020 are to remain silent and as usual i shall fall well short of my goal.
    thank you.

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