Win a Set of Forrest’s Books & Help Cancer Victims…


logoThe Cancer Foundation for New Mexico (CFFNM) is a local, independent, non-profit that provides support for cancer patients in northern New Mexico.

The annual Sweetheart Auction is the primary fundraising event supporting essential patient services and programs for the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico.

Auction attendees enjoy the opportunity to bid on over 500 incredible items including local & international getaways, hand-crafted jewelry, highly-collectible artwork, unique dining experiences, and much more.

Last year’s Sweetheart Auction brought in over 850 people and raised approximately 50% of the Foundation’s annual revenue for patient services.

As always, the annual Sweetheart Auction would not be possible without the continued support of the Santa Fe community and beyond.

And this is where we come in…Searchers for Forrest’s hidden chest… we can help by bidding on a signed and doodled collection of Forrest’s books…pictured below. These are brand new books all are signed and the top three are doodled..

fenn books

(1) The Thrill of the Chase, signed and doodled, 10th edition
(2) Too Far to Walk, signed and doodled, 8th edition
(3) Once Upon a While, signed and doodled, 1st edition
(4) Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch: A Personal Tribute to Eric Sloane, signed, 1st edition
(5) Teepee Smoke: A New Look Into the Life and Work of Joseph Henry Sharp, signed, 1st edition
(6) Leon Gaspard: The Call of Distant Places, signed, 1st edition

You do not have to come to the Auction to bid on this item. You can bid from the warmth and comfort of your home, no matter where you live and you can do it right now by clicking HERE and filling in the bidding form. You must submit your bid by Friday, Feb. 7th, at 5pm U.S. Mountain Time.


You can find out more about the books up for bidding by clicking HERE

If you’d like to know more about the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico…click HERE

If you’d like to know more about their annual auction, click HERE

You can even look at some of the other items that will be offered at the auction HERE









11 thoughts on “Win a Set of Forrest’s Books & Help Cancer Victims…

  1. Bravo Forrest! Great collection. Great cause!
    We do alot of fundraising up here in our valley for children with cancer to attend summer camp. I wish I could go to this event!

  2. I hope the auction is a great success for the foundation. The added doodles, etc. to the donated set is something bidders will definitely want to own.

  3. Now that would be the collection to have.

    I have TTOTC book and have considered buying some of the others.
    Best of luck to the bidders. My hope is that they bring enough in to provide a good footing for the foundation.


  4. It’s a shame it does not include: ‘Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo’ or ‘The Beat of the Drum and the Whoop of the Dance’.
    Awesome book collection and a great cause.

    • Ahhhhh..those two books have eluded mis manos, but correcto Randawg…it is a organization doing good in Nuevo Mexico.

  5. I hope there are searchers who have participated to the Cancer Foundation, and have found to bid on Mr. Fenn’s books. Hard to believe it ends tomorrow.

  6. Just now saw this. A sign of how out of sync I am with Fenn’s world, as mine has spun off its axis a bit. All in all, better than expected a year and a half ago. Best to all those battling. And keep up the good causes everyone.

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