Scrapbook Two Hundred Forty Eight…


January, 2020


The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


In view of recent events perhaps it is prudent for me to recall an episode that has been lurking in the back of my mind for more than 7 decades.

Many years ago, when I was a teenager young and vigorous, Donnie and I hiked on a fishing excursion down and into the canyon of the Yellowstone River in YNP. It was below the lower falls, and a terrible mistake. Our calves ached, but we persevered.

The mean-looking white water seemed tight as it swirled around the big rocks. I told myself that the river there was too narrow to carry such a volume of water.

A salmon fly hatch was out so we strung one on our flies. Every cast caught a trout that seemed to be abnormally angry. They fought in a fierce manner that was hitherto unknown in the annals of my fishing experiences.

After a few minutes of such predictably, I lost interest, and rested on a rock to watch Donnie suffer the same angst as me. We both were strangely uncomfortable and didn’t talk much.

After filling our canteens, we started out, not fully cognizant of what “out” entailed. It was tantamount to climbing the Washington Monument with loose rocks on each step. Our thighs resisted all the way up.

I promised myself that I would never trek into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River  again, and I haven’t. f








262 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Forty Eight…

    • ‘ive seen this canyon from artist point the upper fall beauty is all around that view walking down wow what a adventure thanks for the share

    • After reading about the latest stunt there I see why you posted this Forrest, at least you two were young men.
      Does anyone with good sense really think an 80 year old man would or could do something that reckless? It’s hard for me to believe that a few careless or ignorant folks could potentially ruin what has been meant to be good fun and harmless entertainment.
      The thrill is truly in the chase and not in the chest.
      Thank you once again Forrest and Dal for keeping it real.
      Thanks for posting the link to the story below Amber.

      • I forgot to mention that the above comments were just my opinions. Please heed Forrest’s cautions and be careful, no amount of money is worth risking anyone’s life over.

  1. At least you have youthful exuberance as an excuse. This recent fellow shoulda known better!

  2. Ay yi yi…. Well at least the man got back out alive thanks to the efforts of the search & rescue people.

  3. C’mon people Gold Fever has made you loose your minds! There is no serious climbing or rappelling needed to recover this treasure chest. He said a 3 year old could find it (with a little help) and it was not in a dangerous place (in normal definition). Stay out of rivers and mines and dangerous places — there is no way he would endanger a family. Be sensible. How many times does he say “Stay home until the snow melts”!!

  4. Thanks Major. So happy to see another SB, especially one for the protection of the search community.

  5. Forrest,
    Thank you for letting us know that you haven’t been back there for the past 70 years. Hopefully, searchers will scratch it off their list and not endanger themselves.

    • one would hope searchers are smart enough to scratch anything like that off their list… which part of a direct quote from ff:”It is not necessary to move large rocks or climb up or down a steep precipice” (from Dal’s safety link above) did this guy forget?

      if one is doing that much research to think they have a spot, why in the world would they ignore the easy research?

      I guess the Darwin awards need some tuning up the ole’ sickle

  6. Wow Forrest – Sounds like the kind of climb I would or could never make. Maybe as a youngster, but even then I am not sure. There must have been easier routs – but then again, you were young and the world was yours for the taking 🙂 Thanks for the SB – JDA

  7. Some random word associations (and dissociations) for my own amusement.

    View, gaze. 7, prime. Down and into, not canyon down. Calves, fawn-colored. Carry, heavy. Per-severance, dissociation. Mean, split down the middle. Salmon fly, Sylph (lol, that’s funny to no one but Expressly me). Hatch, degrees. Minutes, arc. Strangely uncomfortable, awkward (wooden). Canteen, vault. Out, far. Trek, walk. Blah blah blah.

  8. Yee Haw! Another Scrapbooks Here, Another Scrapbooks Here! Yippee!
    I’m so excited, I haven’t even read it yet, I have absolutely no idea what this scrapbook is about!
    I just simply felt the need to post a comment about how excited I am that Forrest posted another scrapbook on Dals site, Horray!

    Ok, now that’s outta my system, guess it’s time to read it.
    I hope this scrapbook will live up to all my expectations. 🙂

    Pauley T

    P.S. Thanks Forrest and Dal.

      • Zaph,
        Thanks & dittos
        Yeah, probably 4 different times since 67, I’ve looked at that canyon, & thought
        nobody would ever descend into that Hell’s cauldron.

    • I feel your excitement!
      A little bit of something is always better than a lot of nothing.
      From the bottom of my widdle feet to the top of my green head, thank you for the little something Mr. Fenn.

  9. Mr. FF, your comment brought back a memory: I did once, when I was a young mother, climb all those steps in the Washington Monument, as hubby rode to the top with our 4 kids. (No lose stones but probably some lose marbles.) When I finally arrived to see the view, he told me that managing our 4 under 6 for the 20 minutes or so that he waited, was ” exhausting”. Somehow, I take male complaints with a grain of salt.

  10. Somewhere in Indiana, a man who thought his month could not possibly get any worse…drops his head in disgust.

    • Thanks Forrest…this medicine was sorely needed but no sized spoonful of sugar will help this medicine go down..))

  11. Hello Forrest.

    So good to hear from you after what seems like such a long time. Sorry to hear those fish caused you such angst. I thought you liked your fish feisty, but those trout crossed the line into creepy.

    Your trek out of that canyon reminds me of one I made last summer and swore never to repeat. This year I’m looking for higher ground.

    Hope your dreams are peaceful tonight and that you will not dream of those angry trout but instead will dream of one of your favorite fishing spots where the fish are feisty in a nice way.

  12. On the inside cover of TTOTC forrest writes it takes mettle enough to strike the trail. He does not say if you think your Invincible and a daredevil you can blaze your own way to the treasure. It sounds like they regretted going into the grand canyon of Yellow Stone and rightly so. I bet when they climbed out of there they were both thinking boy was that a dumb idea.

    • Woody Bogg?
      Is that your real name? Sounds like an alias to me. Heck for all I know this could be Forrest Fenn.
      Love your handle.

  13. What on earth possesses a man to go out in the Rockies in the middle of winter and climb down an 800 foot rope on a 1000 foot drop? Can you imagine him trying to get back up with an additional 22kg when he couldn’t have even got back up with only is own weight. People should learn to listen. It is not in a dangerous place!

  14. If EVERY cast caught a slimy trout, what would that water taste like in those canteens?

    I don’t like fish or beets and I will avoid the Yellowstone Canyon.

    Thanks for that heads up.

  15. Thanks for letting us know you’re ok Forrest.
    Sounds like this scrapbook might be more difficult than the poem itself. Angry fierce fighting trout…what in the world is this one about? You sure keep me thinking Sir!
    Ciao for now!


  16. Forrest,

    Good to see another rubik’s cube. Enjoy the off season. The ground is frozen but we’re still digging them rabbit holes.

    555 feet tall…someone is smiling?



  17. Thank you for the scrapbook, Mr. Fenn. I hope searchers will take time to read all of the information and safety guides you have put out for us.

    You and Donnie fishing there? How in the world did you get down there? The canyon incline is very steep. Was there a shore to fish from? I think I like fishing from the places I do in Yellowstone, but would not attempt to fish here (the Canyon). I still would love to feel the fight of a fish on my line. That would be a blast. A fisherman complaining about angry fish? I can understand if they steal your fly, but not if they’re angry. I wish I could show you how a fisherwoman does it. (Giggle.)

  18. Forrest,

    Sadly, having not heard from you in quite a while, I was beginning to think that that was it. Now, I know that it’s not.

    Happy New Year! As I keep my promise to leave you alone, only until I end up looking 4 it and all the lines cross in one spot.

    Hope you are well, and in good spirit.


  19. Nice to see you writing again. I thought maybe you were suffering from writers rub. You were
    really at it there for a while, you were on fire, like water coming out of a fire hose.

    It’s nice to have you back

  20. All,

    “mean-looking white water” hmm doesn’t sound very warm, err i mean comfortable to me.


  21. Well you came out ok, which made for a good ending of that paradise.

    Danger and sore calves. Can a bad memory also be good?

  22. High elevations & oxygen depletion caused my snafu back in October. Next time I’m taking O2 can.

  23. Take your que from nature, HIBERNATE IN THE WINTER.. Some folks have front lobes made of pure marble. There are some givens that I guess need underlined.

    1) DO NOT treasure hunt solo
    2) NEVER cross rushing water deeper than your ankles
    3) ALWAYS inform others of your intended whereabouts and your intended return time
    4) ALWAYS keep in mind the question….could this trek be done by an eighty year old (twice carrying a load both times)
    5) NEVER take the weather for granted
    The weather can change in a New York second
    6) ALWAYS wear brightly colored atire….it could keep you from being mistaken as game and would aid in rescue if needed
    7) STAY OUT OF THE ROCKIES IN THE WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. It is sad and unfortunate, but everyone will opinionate and comment and once again education to safety and security will go wayside. At least Forrest is willing to say something other than condensending and help to bring about a solution.

    • Hiking on sloping areas with snow on the ground is still not a very good idea.

      I’m confident that the TC won’t be found before July 2020.

      Due to (expected) mud, I won’t be BOTG searching before then. All IMO.

      • Part of the road is bad but I don’t see season determining it with mud ice ect. I think it’s determed by other factors.
        I think it has more to do with safety of the treasure hunt, which is different than hunting, fishing, hiking, working ect.
        Basically I think the treasure hunt is supposed to be limited to June July or August only unless online.

  25. Why would a fish be so angry about being caught? It was the strong fish that made it all the way up the river to the pool beneath the falls, or came down the hard way from the top and lived to tell about it. But then just as they were about to spawn, some guy hooks them and drags them out. I hate it when that happens to me. Don’t you have anything better to do then to interfere with the mating dance?

    • I know he’s eliminating this canyon, but maybe he’s hinting at a canyon with cutthroat.

      (of a competitive situation or activity) FIERCE and intense; involving the use of ruthless measures.

      • Allen, I’m not sure the fish species is what’s missing. I believe Forrest is highlighting his frustration or fatigue in both the Chase and the searchers. It seems only a few fish have caught his bait on Every cast, while other fish get angry because the water is rough and there is limited space behind the Rock. The fish are angry and the fisherman has had his fill. Perhaps a metaphor for let’s go home the fun is used up. It’s only a matter of time before the chest is found.

        • It’s been “only a matter of time” for about ten years. Still, there’s
          no good excuse or reason for foolhardy/risky/dangerous behavior (including stalking, falling, trespassing, getting lost/stranded/drowned) by searchers. As always, IMO.

      • Hello Allen K. Nice thought. Another consideration for angry may be mad. Perhaps a hint to the Madison River.

  26. Now it’s back to A River Runs Through it, page 9. Thank you Skippy and Donnie, life is and was good, Bippy is right there beside me too, and imagination sometimes is the only thing that get me through tough times.

    Yes ff, I read your scrapbooks and I can relate, Tree of life is not about what we get, it is like what we get with the next fish, after catching one in every cast…what’s the Thrill in that? Mountains, canyons and rivers that run through them are always going to beacon us and say
    “Oh, tell me wise sir,
    Where are the treasures?
    And the wise man replied,
    Wherever you find them.”

    Now it is back to page 9, Important Lit II…


    • PS Thank you S…er Skip for helping our friend growup and write with such profundity. You too Donnie.


  27. Well, that pretty much confirms that the treasure is not in that area since he never returned there after that one incident as a teenager. Hopefully the gentleman that climbed down into the canyon and had to be rescued will not attempt that again.

    • Michael, ff said about the same thing in the Preface of Too Far to walk, last sentence; “The river experience cemented my connection to that special country and I promised myself that some day I would make that trip again. That day never came for me, and my disappointment still casts a lonesome shadow across the Madison River. For me now, it’s just too far to walk.f”

      I think that many will look back and see these last SC Books since 209 and all this Chaos began and say “What took me so see that?


      • I would say that besides a handful of relevant SB’s between the first and 203. The Quest really starts at SB 204 and leads you to the chest at 247. You just have to be in the right Canyon at SB 204 IMO. The catalyst was someones email in Early August. IMO

  28. I woke up from a slumber to appreciate new thoughts about an old memory.

    If I was to dig into my past, my earliest childhood memory was in a pool. I was about one years old. I remember being on an inflatable raft in a large community pool in New York during the summer. I remember gazing in the water not yet knowing how to swim. I don’t believe I was afraid, more curious than anything else. At some point I must have left the raft…
    No close encounters that day, a happy memory!!! I also remember hanging onto the ledge of the pool quite vividly, with those inflatable arm-bands.

    Going back to your story, quite a declaration, to promise yourself to never do something again. I sometimes make promises to myself of what I will do in the future, rather than the obverse.

  29. In the name of the good god Hermes some people need to respect natures boundaries! Thankful to the people who saved him. And Forrest glad you survived the awful Angry Salmon hatch episode and hike back up… I hope you found a warm spot in the river to heal your sore calves and thighs! 🙂

  30. Youth is a thing we remember, if we survive it. It seems that we, that had great adventures when we were young and survived those adventures learn a great fact of life. We are not immortal, we were just blind to the dangers of what we did. Each danger we encountered taught us to avoid those in the future. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to have the adventures Forrest and some of us had. They never learn in youth, so they are destined to learn it later in life if they choose to go outside their own worlds. Forrest has warned them in the only manor he could, ” Don’t go anywhere an 80 year old man wouldn’t go.”, but either they don’t listen, or they think Forrest was a super hero and could clear buildings in a single bound. When Forrest said DGWA80YOMWG, he was talking about using the wisdom of an 80 year old man too. Forrest did many dangerous things in his youth, and his time as a young man, but those were the times for such things. He learned that survival is as much luck, as it is knowledge. An 80 year old man knows to keep calm and think about a situation, you don’t just step in with emotions of certainty. Searchers need to remember to think like an 80 year old man as well as know what he is physically able to do. After all just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. But like Forrest said, for one reason or another some just wont listen.

  31. All,

    What was it that Forrest said, in the Playboy interview audio, abut searching YNP in the dead of winter? LOL


  32. Glad you are keeping people safe and outta there people will be crazy Like this last guy thinking your Superman

  33. I told an individual this before “There are no human trails in close proximity of the chest” f. also by Fenn “ Yellowstone is one place you want to stay on the trails” f. Is there room for speculation and interpretation? You be the judge! I am not like some folks who have office spaces with every quote and date/time/place where Fenn spoke but if you put in some work you’ll see that I am accurate in these quotes / statements . Only question is are you still searching in Yellowstone?

    • Unfortunately you left out most of the Quote. But you do that because you have eliminated Yellowstone. Bias. He wrote that above part IMO for his legal argument, with the NPS. Just like the 30 Day rule. The other half of that quote is, If you’re not the lead dog the view never changes. In other words Forrest doesn’t like trails , he likes forging his own path. Your mistake is your definition of very close proximity. My definition of V.C.P. is 20 feet or less. A trail could be 200 feet away and in Yellowstone. You threw the baby out with the bath water. Definitions matter , and IMO the chest is in Yellowstone.

      • I just like everyone has their solves,I am not no biased because of where I believe it to be. I am simply putting those two quotes out their for folks to examine and draw their own conclusions like you clearly have. There has been speculation on a lot of the things Mr Fenn has said and ultimately we have to discern what we believe he means by what he says.

      • You are funny I never defined what I think Forrest means by “Close” proximity because my determination is just that mine, doesn’t mean I am correct because Forrest doesn’t tell folks when they are correct……Just like you have NO idea if your definition is accurate.

        • The correct quote is: Dated 6/28/2014 Jenny’s Blog

          Generally speaking, there are places where one should stay on established trails; Yellowstone is one. However, it reminds me of the worn-out axiom, “If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.” When I am in the mountains or in the desert, the last place I want to be is on a trail. Ain’t no adventure in that for me. There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure.f

          Notice very close proximaty and the miss spelling of proximaty. He is deliberate IMO of the miss-spelling and he said, “Very Close Proximaty, Not Close like you miss-quoted.

          I have never ruled out any locations. I let the clues lead me to the location. It’s all in how you read the quote.

          • When you are in Very close proximity to something, it usually means you can touch it or see it IMO…

            Close proximity could mean 100 or 1000 feet max IMO.. so if there are Trees in the way, (which is most likely) You could be on a Trail 200 feet away and not see the treasure. He said Very Close… that is the definition your looking for..

          • It seems that people are not aware that “proximaty” is not a
            valid English word. FF could as validly have said “in close
            flapperdoodle”. But that wouldn’t have been mistaken for
            “proximity”. Some of us are NOT underestimating him.

            By the way, his use of “proximaty” may have been a little
            hint related to the word “mat”. ‘Nuff said for now, except,
            of course, for the usual “disclaimer”: As always, IMO.

          • Very Good TA, esti-mat-ing , that’s exactly what needs to be done. Most folks leave out the numbers like 175 or 65.

      • You”d be wrong, imo. Interestingg, I was just winter steelhead fishing near a canyon just like this yesterday morning: Upper reaches of South Umpqua in So. Oregon. Are you following old man? Lol. So explain why he left out southern Colorado in interview with Cynthia and Doug.

        • You lost me at South Colorado. He never mentioned South Wyoming or South Montana either. What does it have to do with the Very Close Proximity Quote?

          • I think your arguing with yourself because of the valid point I made you see. “Very” close…”close” is “potatoes” “Potaatoes”…”tomatoes”……”Tomaatoes”

  34. When I first got into this idea of thinking about where the TC is hidden and knowing that his story ‘My War for Me’ was important, I too felt a waterfall would be the location, but now in my opinion the waterfall in SE Asia that called to him was simply ‘causal analysis’ style of writing or telling a story. What caused f to go there was the waterfall but that wasn’t the outcome, finding the old grave markers was the outcome and what this caused him to think about. Not saying water isn’t important to the search location, just not hidden behind a water fall in my way of thinking.

    • Well…maybe Uncle Tom’s trail would have gotten them part way there. The current trail is a robust hike of 328 (now where have we heard that number before) steps to view the base of the Lower Yellowstone Falls.

  35. Forrest, were you and Donnie taking some idiotic deadly dare?? One miss step and you would have cartwheeled into the watery abyss…drown…a horrific death.
    Who talked who into believing that volume of water and that hike OUT was equivalent to a fast water chute worth the effort to fish?? You were an outdoorsman and expert angler – who knew better. Seriously.
    Yes, I’m taking you to task as your Mom would have done…had she known. Your life, all life, is a gift worth living.

    • Chalk it up to youthful exuberance 42. Exploits like those are how we learn wisdom and test our limits which we have all pushed on occasion. That’s what life is (imo). No harm no foul is what I say.

      • @morecowbell, indeed. I had my share of stupid teenage adventures too…glad to be alive after “being daringly stupid.”

  36. “predictably” should be predictability…
    one of ff’s words? Mistake left I corrected?
    drawing attention to what’s left out?

    Why is Every underlined? Unnecessary.

    • Hi 42, there is another possibility (though less likely, I think): that the word is correct, but the comma is in the wrong place:

      “After a few minutes of such, predictably I lost interest…”

    • 42 – Good ‘Eye’!

      What is missing?:

      predictably > predictability

      An ‘i’ or, possibly, an ‘eye’? And an ‘it’. Awesome for my solve.

      • Hello Lisa – have you given thought to “it” being just the “T”?

        How are you applying “it” to your Bakers hole solution?

        *•. *•.And…how are snow levels stacking up for down hill skiing in Sun Valley? It’s a favorite of mine but I haven’t skied SV in years.

  37. Dax,
    You bring up a pondering point.
    Many areas seem to be eliminated by Fenn for whatever reasons that compelled him
    Structures… Still debatable by some about all clues or not.
    Man-made… Same as above.
    Canada … Poof…1/2 the original RMs search area gone.
    Other comments; one which might relate to this SB as well, An 80 Year old is not going up and down a canyon….
    And, as you pointed out..YS trails are a place one should stay on trails. It’s boring and sucks for the adventurer… But he did state it.

    Debatable, subjective, interpretation of,… Sure.
    But just like the story of the searcher(s) that might have brought this SB to light…
    Along with others…Unfortunately there will be people who are fixated on gold, and ignore much of what has been said. Or make excuses for what seems to be simple common sense to avoid such areas.

    – Don’t go where an 80 yr old can’t go, carrying a heavy backpack, twice… Or three year old girl would need some assistance… Even when stated the chest is not in a desert, some still travel places like that, for the purpose of this challenge.

    Ya just can’t fix stupid, egiotesticle and egotypical behavior when it come to the lure of riches and fame dreamers. Common sense becomes an endanger species.

    • I think Fenn was specific and stated that a 3-year-old would have a problem without some help, not the converse as you put above. But that help might be as basic as transportation because how else would she get there.

      The actual Q&A
      You said in the past that the chest is not in a dangerous place; yet searchers are searching along Cliffside’s, raging water, and other seemingly dangerous places. Could you please elaborate or qualify your statement in which you said” The chest is not in a dangerous place”

      Edward, thanks for the question.
      The treasure is not hidden in a dangerous place in the normal definition of the word, realizing that there probably is no place on this planet that is safe under all conditions. Bloggers have quoted me as saying that a child could walk up to the treasure. I don’t think that’s an accurate quote because a three year old girl would have a problem without some help. Remember, I was about 80 when I hid the chest, and had to make two trips.f

      • Indy ~ *not the converse as you put above. But that help might be as basic as transportation because how else would she get there.*

        I supposed you’re correct… Those folks could have just drove off the cliff. We wouldn’t want little Sally hanging by a thread over a canyon wall, right?

        Should a three years old need some help to get to the chest… doesn’t that include all of the clue’s path… seeing there’s no other way but to follow the clues to find/retrieve the chest?

        Searching without the kiddies shouldn’t change the actions of a possible search area… including the many time fenn stated in different ways to… *pack it in for the winter.* Yet here we are again reading about yet another winter search, and another search and rescue… in winter… as well as another rappelling / repelling solve.

    • Seek, did you copyright those words; egiotesticle and egotypical behavior, me thinks you should?
      Golden dreams and dreams of gold, our treasure awaits, but which is more precious, earth and time or time on earth? Both milk and honey are associated with prosperity, ff could live anywhere with success and raise a family too. SO accept that is what he did, I think about my childhood, in this place, and remember how it was in other places and times, but nowhere feels like home except where I’m umbilically attached…it may not be important where we grow up, it is vitally important where we live and why…?


      • HA!
        Nope, anyone may use them… I’ll even add fluffinutter, just for fun.
        But I doubt Funk and Wangel’s dictionaries will have the same meanings as me.

    • Seeker,
      Well stated. Your last paragraph speaks volumes!

      That egotistical power…
      The ego ..let’s feed it
      I guess that certainly mirrors humility.

      So, what’s for dinner? Mmmmm….my favourite!
      Humble Pie…

      There’s consequences to your actions. Not only could you have hurt yourself, but peripherally as well.

      Rescue workers, family’s, friends, to name just a few. One senseless act, in effect,can affect many, on both sides of the ledger. Kinda selfish, them egos.



    • Common Sense is almost extinct and sometimes I myself have to check my thought processes to make sure I do not cross the line of ill informed and possibly delusional.

      • Uncommon sense is more appropriate.
        “Self check” is a good thing and wish folks would do this.

  38. That is quite a story Forrest! Sometimes our wildest ideas don’t turn out quite the way we expect, but at a minimum we usually end up with priceless experience. Sometimes I simple enjoy watching others in their journeys.

    I also happen to believe the greatest opportunities in life become available to those with the wherewithal and perseverance to pursue ideas irrespective of the noise from naysayers. In my experience, success often requires going beyond the point where most would simply give up. You are a walking, talking example of what it takes to carve out an exception life. In some respects, I’m simply trying to follow in your footsteps.

    Thank you for the TTOTC and for lighting a fire in so many lives and for inspiring us all to chase our dreams as you have. Remember everyone to be safe out there. Chasing our dreams doesn’t require us to put our lives or the lives of others at risk.

      • Yes, some people dream of a better world and put their lives on the line every day for others, such as police, fire, ambulance, military personnel (and now even teachers). They do the work they do because they dream of keeping other people safe and educated.

        The Yellowstone Canyon searcher claimed to take this risk so others would be safe, but he wasn’t smart and only endangered himself and others. Be smart, searchers, wait until June. Most places worth searching won’t be ready until at least June after spring runoff.

        • I like your handle and avatar there Vanishing Race. Johnny Cash song written by Johnny Horton.
          An Indian brave rolled along one day on a lonely mountain trail
          And he gazed below with a heart of woe where the prairie schooners sail
          A vision formed like a mortal storm in the dust of the wagon train
          A vanishing race appeared in space and he sang his sad refrain.

          I will be BOTG in April with the mud, the blood and the beer.! And a Boy named Sue

          • Thanks, BEC. I am a Johnny Cash fan but had actually never heard of that song.

            Are you sure you don’t want to wait until June to search? I went out in April last year at 9,000 ft and way to much snow – wasted a trip, but last year was a big snowfall season in Rockies.

            Good luck in your search!

          • Vanishing Race: I will be at 7000 feet. Will keep an eye on the weather in March. Zap: Thank You for that, I just read those verses a few weeks ago. Winter Thaw is coming and probably a wet March.

        • Thanks, zaphod73491, for that Johnny Cash song, The Flint Arrowhead. There are several lyrics in that song that I think resonate with what Forrest has said at times, such as “occasions to leave the beaten path,” “walking along a creekbed,” “in communion with God I walked alone,” but I am thinking he would like these lines most of all:

          “But quietly slowly tread this home of the forgotten dead whose bones are dust
          I’m proud that their craftsmen’s skill survives the ages still left in my trust”

          Johnny Cash at

          This is how I often see Forrest, as a trustee of the forgotten dead. Now, it’s up to us to “quietly, slowly tread this home of the forgotten dead.” For It is the only way we will succeed in preserving the home of this noble vanishing race.

  39. There are a lot of gorgeous views of the canyon en route by car from Roosevelt. There’s also a spectacular hike across the canyon from there…on a trail… which left us both near tears at the wonder of it. Next time, I’m bringing my easel! But to go DOWN THERE? Uh…. Eeek!

  40. …. As I took in the scene, I realized my own littleness, my helplessness, my dread exposure to destruction, my inability to cope with or even comprehend the mighty architecture of nature…
    Nathaniel P. Langford 1870 nickname…. National Park Langford

  41. Yes, confirmation that Forrest was there. Time to pack my car and head there immediately. Oh wait, my car is in the shop. I guess I’ll hitchhike there since I can’t afford to lose a even a minute. I can’t afford 800′ of real rope so I’ll go with 40 lb test parachute cord, plus it packs up smaller since I don’t have a car to carry lots of gear. Weather doesn’t look great, -10 degrees and a foot of snow predicted. No worries, I’ll have my denim jacket and an extra hoodie to keep me toasty. Wish me luck. (All the above in sarcasm font)

    Makes you think that the same faulty logic that convinced these folks their solve was so right was also used when they thought that doing these things was a good idea.

  42. Caller: “Hello Mr Obvious. Hey, first time caller, long time searcher here. Got a problem.”

    Mr Obvious: “I cant wait to hear this one. Go ahead caller.”

    Caller: “Well I hate to say this but I’m out in the Rockies today on my first BOTG. I think maybe I found the blaze. It’s white and bright. It’s icy cold to the touch. I drive to my treasure site and looked down. There it was. So I started digging. Been at it all day. Still no treasure. What am I doing wrong?”

    Mr Obvious: “Well caller, I’m no expert on the blaze, but I’m guessing you are not looking at the blaze. I’m thinking that white stuff is probably snow.”

    Caller: “Sorry Mr Obvious but I’m kind of a surfer dude from Southern California. What’s exactly do you mean by snow?”

    Mr Obvious: “It’s kind of like rain, but way colder.”

    Caller: “Wow! This Chase is a real learning experience. Thanks to Forrest and … Thanks Mr Obvious, you’re the best.”

    Mr Obvious: “Go home caller. Come back when the snow melts and the mud dries. Later dude.”

    • Thanks for the reminder about mud. I hope folks take it seriously.

      I am part of a group of 5 searchers. One of them slipped and fell 3 times on one search hike, due to mud.

      You don’t want to break a bone or twist an ankle when you’re on rocky ground far from the nearest hospital (or where a 2WD ambulance can get to).

      I’m never sarcastic or teasing when I talk about safety. It’s quite important.

      As always, this is all part of my opinion. Good luck in your solving/searching.

  43. There was nothing strange about your discomfort. You couldn’t pay me enough to hike down in there.

  44. Forrest–
    Your SB brought to memory a Twilight Zone episode where a man dies and goes to “Heaven”. However, when he plays poker he wins every hand. He tells the caretaker he thinks there was a mistake and he should be in the “other place”. Them man says “This IS the other place”.

    What you thought would be Heaven was pure HELL. Not only were you tired beyond belief– but EVERY cast hooked a fish, and they were angry fish. And you were irritated– and lonely, though someone was with you. You could “check out any time you want but you can never leave” (Hotel California).

    I’m glad you got “out” Forrest. I wouldn’t ever want to go back either.

  45. Another major Salmon Fly hatch = Henry’s Fork.

    Henry Ford?

    Harrison Ford

    Jackson? Michael? MJ?

  46. This is why I miss being young. You just did it and thought about it later. But I have to say that climb must of been one scary event. r

  47. Forrest, I understand your plight back then. But you have to explore, experience, and learn. I’m sure you know this now. What some cannot see in your writings, I will attempt to explain. Please correct me, sir, if I am off target. Your story, while it may have advisory indications that the lower falls and canyon of Yellowstone is NOT the treasure location, tells of a greater meaning. The “THRILL” of the chase and the depressing fact that sometimes it’s not what we think. For those interested, you see Forrest and Donnie thought for sure they had found the “perfect” target location for the best trout… in the canyon below the lower falls. They approached it through many difficulties but remained optimistic and excited. However, in the end, EVERY fish bit at their flies. Forrest soon realized the meaning behind “competition.”

    If those who have read this far will afford me another paragraph, I will explain that which Forrest came to understand. I have grown up playing video games since the age of 10. I love the cerebral competition. Winning to me is tantamount to success. Losing…is a frustration i cannot fully explain. Even ONE game lost is enough to frustrate me beyond reason. So I always thought winning games was everything….at least until the last few years past. You see I’ve become quite adept at one game, even at the old “boomer” age of 50. League of Legends is probably one of the most skillfully mandated games I’ve ever played. So naturally when I can win 15 out of 20 games in a row (75%), in a set up format that is designed for 50% win rate…I feel really good at the end of the day. Almost like catching a 28″ Trout. However, a few years back my mind started looking at my wins….studying them…analyzing them. I came to see that in all of those wins, the reason I won…the enemy team was not skilled. My mind started to evolve at that point, and I began to see …. “I just arm wrestled and infant.” Isn’t that what it amounts to? What thrill is there in beating someone who does not have a chance to defeat you? Those trout that instantly latched onto Forrest’s flies back then? They were not experienced. They did not offer a challenge. And as such events unfolded, Forrest lost interest. The THRILL was not there 🙁

    Am I still “arm wrestling infants” in my games? Of Course…that’s how us Boomers get our THRILL against the “know it all” youth 😉

    • Iron Will – I would argue that the true thrill comes in the act of playing the game itself and not the loss or victory at the end. Or to say the same thing in a more cliched way: the thrill is in the journey and not the destination.

    • Will, I like the analogy. I’ve read somewhere, Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. I’m personally in it, to win it. Sure there are benefits along the way but there’s also disappointment. Forrest said, the person who finds the treasure would have earned it. I believe he is spot on. The fish are angry and the fisherman has had his fill. I think what Forrest means is that he is ready for the winner to cross the finish line. I say Amen to that!

      • You could be right BEC. I’ve seen a few analogies in this SB since he posted it. That fact that he DID post it, is what makes me smile though. 🙂

  48. A powerful place with powerful resonance. Maybe too much for mere mortals to be comfortable in and around. Also probably difficult to enjoy fishing, knowing the toughest unknown is still ahead. g

  49. I guess I could make a post. I miss the scrapbooks but I figured it was not in the
    canyon anyway. I wanted to say what about not surviving the night down there.
    Lucky they got you out. Did some Park Super call Forrest to complain. was a bad
    idea. drone or super hover board anything was bad idea. Same reason people have
    died. That’s why they close the park in winter. It isn’t Forrest fault. You had to have help
    to get out and that’s a lesson for the searchers. Maybe it will help someone to not
    take such risks. If all you want is that chest then Solve the Poem and go with a sense
    of confidence that you can find it. But just having a safe adventure can be very rewarding
    too. Fun for the kids and Adults who like trying to solving mysteries.
    The one thing Forrest wanted to say was safety is more important.
    And Hi Forrest. Hope all is well.. Mark..

  50. Dang, that is some rough terrain! I’ve never been there but it looks beautiful! Thanks for posting the pic!

  51. Forrest, I hope you and Donny made it home to the luxury of hot chocolate after getting “out” of there. I am also a little curious what type of canteen you both own(ed)? I have owned a few from the leather bugle kind and the circular aluminum kind (my favorite). Taking swigs out of a canteen has always been one of my favorite childhood memories. Thank you.

  52. I agree that safety is more important than finding a box of goodies.

    On my first search trip a few years ago, I hiked too fast in the thin air, and was thoroughly exhausted before reaching my small searching place. This was in the second half of May.
    As I stood and rested, snow started falling on me. So I decided that survival was more important than the gold, and aborted my search hike. I admit that soon after this decision, I
    felt quite happy, even though I was still more than a mile from the nearest road.

    All in my opinion, don’tcha know.

  53. This SB is so curious to me. He describes it as a “mistake” going in there however the fishing seemed to be supernatural in a way ( “ hitherto unknown in the annals of my fishing experiences“). Angry, fighting trout make the best fishing and they were catching them in torrential water with every cast. Hardly the ideal type of water to fly fish. He grows weary and loses interest because the fishing is so good- the thrill is gone, over. They are almost disoriented and in shock leaving the canyon. The message is both a caution and something else. IMO.

    • I agree with you-he makes it sound too easy. And it couldn’t have been easy getting down and into the canyon…but the catch was too easy. Maybe we should pay attention to opposites? It’s easy to get there…but hard to find it, vs. hard to get there and easy to find it? I don’t know….confusing for sure. Good points Matt.

    • Matt-
      Many of Forrest’s stories are like fables…Things start out comfortable but something he does creates unintended results and getting them back to normal takes extraordinary action or places his fate in control of others. Watch the 2019 video interviews…I am thinking of The Dart, The Jars, Instrument Landing, Good Lord and Malibu Engine. They all seem to follow that plot line.

      It is the same plot line as his descent into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
      But he assumes that everyone knows by now that for Forrest…and his dad…the fun of fishing is the contest between them and the fish. The fish needs to be hidden, wary and smart in order for it to be a fun contest. If every toss of the fly results in a fish…who cares?…It’s the chase he’s after…not a trunk full of fish…

      In one of the video interviews from a few years ago he talks about how his father wasn’t satisfied just catching a fish…he wanted a particular fish…one that he had seen that seemed smarter and bolder than the others…one that would be a challenge…

      and that’s the way life is for Forrest…in my opinion…he keeps upping the anti…changing the rules so that his goal is always just beyond his reach…until he finally obtains it…then he moves the goal posts again…and works at attaining that more difficult goal…
      It’s not about collecting goals…it’s about the chase…the contest…the maneuvers…the effort…not the rewards..

      He must have been a handful as a kid…

      • Exactly Dal, it’s all about the chase. Once you find it(no matter what), it just becomes another jar on the shelf (or in Forrest’s case, a jar in the ground)! IMO.

      • He’s a handful right now!!:). I also feel like he’s the hidden fish we need to catch. There are three things (I believe) we need to figure out:
        The starting point
        The map
        And Forrest (good luck with that)!

        By the time the finder gets that dang chest it’ll be second to everything else they experienced…IMO. And that’s exactly why this is so fun! My hair is turning grey.

      • Close, in the name of jesting! Lie thou there,
        for here comes the trout that must be caught with tickling.

        Sometimes it’s wise for the trout to dress like the salmon, when the water goes haywire.

      • Dal
        I see what you’re saying. I had a vague hunch while reading it but I’m really glad you better clarified this. Thank you. I will watch those interviews you recommend.

        I hear what you are saying with how he lives his life and how he has inspired others to as well- and how his dad inspired that in him. I feel really inspired and sometimes humbled by what he created in the chase.

        He expresses that School, creative thinking, and special literature are essential to the chase and he is a natural teacher.

        • While we’re on the, It’s the Chase theme and not the treasure, let me add this. If you all want to roam around the Rockies for another decade and virtually Chase your tails then that can be fun. At some point everything gets old including the body. I for one have been working extremely hard as everyone else, so at some point achieving the Goal is the best result in my opinion. There is no second place, only memories of a nice vacation. I have enough memories and I don’t wish to encounter anymore growling animals or grizzlies. Let this year be the year, cheers. IMO

      • The thrill definitely. Somedays like chasing a grizzly bear for a hug. You know it’s not going to end well, but the video is gonna be YouTube gold and the story epic.

  54. Since Forrest is a fan of Einstein quotes, here’s one that applies.

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

    Albert Einstein

    And since he also likes Yogi Berra quotes here’s one of those to balance things out.

    “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there.”

    Yogi Berra

  55. Forrest,
    You better tell us where the chest is before there is nobody out there to find it. The nCoV is spreading exponentially. /s

  56. Hmmm… He sure uses the word “Tantamount” a lot! Might start a sista to wonder why? Thoughts?

    • Hi Spallies: possibly because it contains the word Montana within (with Tut leftover, amusingly enough — there’s a nice connection to gold). Also recall the ATF: “To an ant a mud puddle…” — one anagram of those first 9 letters is “AT MONTANA”.

      • Thanks Zap… Interesting… He did say there is One Word that would help us more than others in the poem… It’s just with anagraming there are endless possibilities! Don’t get me wrong I love anagrams and I think Forrest does too just not sure that is the answer…

      • Hi Spallies, I don’t anagram the poem for the very reason you gave: too many permutations, and no way to reliably choose among them.

      • I mean his physical capability only. I’m sure he’s still sharp as a tack, but when he hid the treasure, I doubt he rappelled with ropes or made lengthy, arduous hikes with heavy loads. If that’s part of your general solve, I’d have a longer look at it. IMO

        • Hello RonnyLee. Thank you for explaining. I concur with not climbing with ropes or anything else of that sort. Something easy enough for families to do. There’s a video I heard, which I believe you can find on Dal’s blog, where his grandson, Shiloh, talks about Mr. Fenn being able to walk circles around him (paraphrasing). It’s possible his grandson was flattering him, but my gut feeling tells me he has/had more physical capabilities then those his age. Again, we still have to consider his age when he may have hidden it because he’s repeated that we need to. I probably sounded like I contradicted myself, but I hope you know what I mean.

        • Yep. Def still # as a tack. # enuf to know how to keep stringing all of us along with encoded scrapbooks.

    • In my opinion, I think he’s hinting about a step needed to solve the puzzle, in that we are to “add up” or sum some stuff. Any part of sun is better than no part of any. And “Dal’s age” post is a fun one.

  57. Dear Forrest:

    I’m planning on taking a walk very soon. It doesn’t seem too far. Viernes o sabado.

    Take care,

      • Dear Dawn:

        I don’t check back onto Dal’s blog and follow my own comments. I guess I should.

        Thank you for the kind and reassuring words about friendship (you may not remember them) but I noticed those also. As communities go, the Chase community overall is great. Thanks for the positive vibe!

        I’ve sort of heavily committed myself to this one! I did my research and scouted conditions closely. And this time I’m better “connected” and “diversified” in case anything goes wrong. I’ve taken an occasional tongue lashing from family after previous walks, so this time they required certain specific protocol (safety) from me. I hope all those interested understand where I’m coming from; I don’t ignore valuable words and care purposefully. I sincerely appreciate your concern, and if anything seems amiss, I will have the common sense to walk back the way I came. I have too many people counting on me!

        I hope that helps the “powers that be” find a way to bless this effort, which is undertaken with extreme care and concern. For me, and the opinions of those who matter to me! Of which I now count you!

        Hobbs struck out in the book. The movie www more gracious. I’m planning for the book and hoping for the movie.

        Take care,

        • Dear RJ: May your path be gentle under your boot, may the sun shine bright upon your shoulders, may the powers that be grant you your home run and bring you home safely. I am honored to count in your view. I truly wish you the best of luck. You will be in my thoughts. Dawn

          • Hi Clint. I never considered the museum for my solve. The only connection I can see is the geology of the Rockies. Maybe an environmental connection to bring awareness to saving our planet. I haven’t really thought about it. What do you get from it? I’m a Medical Assistant btw. What do you do? Dawn

          • Hi Dawn
            I am a truck driver I load my truck with
            wood chips about 75 tons then take it
            to the paper mill in manistee then
            dump it there.I back my truck on a
            platform and two big hydraulic lifts
            pick up truck and trailer and dump
            the wood chips out the back of the
            trailer .As far as the parking lot
            E mail me I doin’t wanna say here.

  58. This SB gives me something to Ponder. When a searcher died in 2017 in Yellowstone, Forrest didn’t come out and make a statement that the treasure was not in the Park.

    However when two people past away searching the Rio Grande, Forrest made a statement saying that the treasure was not in the Rio Grande. I’m paraphrasing.

    Now we have a second person involved in an incident in Yellowstone, that could have lead to the searchers demise. Now I’m not pointing fingers at Forrest and this climber is a complete idiot. What I’m saying is, that Forrest could have elliminated all of Yellowstone but he didn’t.. Interesting.. something for you N.M. (only) searchers to Ponder.

    • BEC-
      In the Rio Grande situation Forrest was ruling out a place that many searchers had already ruled out for geographic reasons. The Rio Grande is not in the Rocky Mountains. It runs between two of the southernmost fingers of the mountains, but the gorge itself is not in the mountains. When Forrest ruled the location out he made that point for those of us who had not already made that conclusion.

      There is nothing that we know that would rule out all of Yellowstone as a location for the chest. There are many individual places inside the park that could be ruled out for reasons identified in the additional hints and clues Forrest has provided…but certainly not all of the park.

      Just as Forrest did not rule out all BLM land or all Tribal land around the gorge in the case of the Rio Grande, he did not rule out all surrounding park land in the case of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

      To me, it seems like Forrest did pretty much the same thing in both cases. He simply reminded us these were places no one should have been looking anyway…

      The point I believe he is trying to make is to use your head and the facts he has given us, as you formulate a solution.

      • Thanks for clarifying Dal. It makes a lot of sense to just go where an 80 year old man would hide a treasure for a family to find. It’s common sense, but when you get BOTG you lose perspective Easley, it seems. This guy obviously lost his mind.

  59. Thank you for your post Forrest. We should listen to you, there is great relevance in everything said and your years of experience are second to none. I agree, people should not put themselves at risk. My understanding is that the search time period is slim in the Rockies. It is quite a challenge in the best of weather, so people should focus on the limited time in summer. It makes no sense to search in lesser conditions, despite the lure of gold. Best to stay at home drinking tea with your feet by the fire!

  60. I can be a slow learner, but think I got it. Will certainly keep Grand Canyon of Yellowstone off my list and any places posing similar risks. Anywhere else I may attempt to strike out to, will do so with a keen regard for safety and good measure of common sense.

    Folks, searchers old and new, please, please be safe!!! Dal has some good safety tips on this site, be sure to have a look as you contemplate your destinations in the upcoming season!

    • Dear Dawn:

      I don’t know if you follow Dal’s blog closely, but I wanted to thank you for the kind wishes for my BOTG. I thought about what you said with every decision I made. I think I made the right ones! Every one of us can really make a difference, and you did for me today. Turns out you really can judge a person by their shoes- mine were “too heavy.”

      The good news is, thanks to caring family and kind comments here, I may end up less dense than my boots! Maybe I’ll try new ones soon. I saw some “vintage” John McEnroe Screamer penny loafers in the window at the Goodwill across from the Dunkin Donuts on St. Francis. I might try those. I always check to see if the penny is still in them!

      I did have one moment of density when I felt like my shoes disappointed important figures that I admire, like. fathers. Sometimes my destination is unresponsive to my determination. But, like good dads do, they usually give you room to “learn” on even though they already went to your school.

      Take care,

      • Dear RJ:

        I’m glad and relieved that you made it home to the warmth of your family. I buy vintage shoes/clothing often, I figure if they’ve made it through time this long, they must be strong and durable and they deserve another turn.
        I think of these cold months as Spring training, and like my dad always said and still says “You’ll get your turn at the plate again”. So best of luck to you on your next botg. Dawn

  61. These boys were crazy, its as simple as that.

    My first BOTG will be a nice relaxed stroll. As ff implies, no need for heroics or senseless acts, just a leisurely round trip is all that we need.

  62. At last, wise words from his master again, but we all should have learned in the first instance here.

    I have traveled though life with great success. I know it can be difficult to take good advice, but my decisions always use a moment, listening to my grandmas words; “Maybe less of following your father, more of beating different drum, if you blend it all with love, rarely will you be outdone”. (my father was a maverick) I must confess, I did take heed and it got me where I am today. My grandmother was not born a wise owl, but the years of experience made her so.

  63. Can you imagine how frustrating it is to have solved the entire puzzle, which spans 4 continents, many decades, numerous integrated wonders, a jaw dropping masterpiece that will be talked about for centuries……………all culminating in a 27 square inch location in the Rockies………. and I am thousands of miles away! Yes, I have the location nailed down to just a few inches.

    The image of the location burns a hole in my mind every night. Its not just the location though, its how everything fits together beautifully. The depths and lengths that ff has gone to create this is astounding. Every day I uncover something new and it just neatly slots into its place.

    I tell you what Forrest Fenn, you are one of the smartest yet craziest men I have ever come across. It has been such a pleasure working on this puzzle. I have solved many in the past 36 years, but this beats them all put together.

    I take a bow to you master!

    • I was reading a post from 7 yrs ago with what I thought was the exact wording of this post, maybe it was 6 yrs ago, oh wait 5yrs ago, well ok there was several 4 yrs ago.. could of been several more 3 yrs ago, The likely confusion is probably the dozens of posts from 1 and 2yrs ago with the same type of message 🙂

    • So what’s stopping you from receiving the trove?
      Weather? If you know exactly where it is, you can probably in any weather.
      Job? I mean, for 1 million plus you can get another job at some point.
      Money? again, being so sure a credit card works well.
      Family? LOL heck with them if they don’t like it… don’t share it with them.

      27 sq inches? Hmmm, I recall fenn may have said to another; if you can tell him exactly where the chest is he’ll go get it for the guy [ who I think was in prison. ] 27 inches seems pretty exact to me.

      Winter’s fortune cookie posts are always fun{ny}.

  64. Forrest:

    Thank you for stepping in here. It should not be needed though.

    It is difficult to get the message across to at times to these greedy searchers. Some people are just a bit thick and no getting through to them. The rest of us, we hear everything you say and take in all that you mean. Well you would think it obvious to someones common sense, right from the outset how this could end up in another fatality.

    We should all use the bad weather to prepare for the spring. If we count on good fortune you might have your bracelet back later this year.


  65. Am I seeing things or is Every underlined?

    Down and into…
    …below the lower falls is farther than I’ve ventured. And it is true the hike out is tantamount to the WM for sure!
    But wait…where am I?
    Thx Dal!
    Thanks Forrest!

  66. Sometimes it is difficult, trying to find the right direction when it seems like there are so many wrong ones to pick from. After a tough week when I was Hugh Glass on all fours, I refocused, and tried to be still and listen for voices: of those who’ve gone on, and those who are still here and matter to me. It opened up a new channel in my mind, and it helped me see that where I am is where I need to be. And I remembered

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate,
    I am the captain of my soul.

    Even the best captains run aground, more so the journeymen like me, but the best get back on the waters, and in doing so, are free.

    And it’s true we all get by with a little help from our friends. Thankfully,

  67. Y’all ever compared this story to the story in TTOC about F’s bottle cap collecting?
    It was fun until the thrill of was gone.
    Not having enough is sometimes better than having too much.
    Too much food for thot.

    • Thot now in a tizzy, dipping toes in fizzy waters, and sifting through the wooly wiles to find what really matters.

      Maybe this is on the wrong page?


  68. Dear Forrest:

    I am trying to use the downtime (until warmer weather) in positive ways, beyond my usual checking maps, blogs, and the website. I have checked in on an old friend who is recovering some surgery, and my father and I tried some old time fixes to the push mower (spring is coming fast in my neck of the woods). I am convinced these small engines are manufactured (scheduled!) to fail once a year, right before the first mow, no matter what. Dad always blames old gas, but I doctored it up perfectly before winter so I know it is not that. I have helped volunteer at a tax clinic, which means getting up just after dawn and hitting the Starbucks for a caffe/latte so I can at least know to nod my head at the right times. I know I can be more grateful but to me it feels more like more bravery. I woke my kids up this morning, and my oldest’s room looked like a capsized ferry boat. I was incredulous, as any father would be. So much for responsibility.

    Then, my dad appears at 7:42 AM holding the ceiling fan remote and asking me about the TV saying “IS THIS THING ON?” He is probably still there, waiting for an answer. I should probably go check to see what is next? The good news is that I guess I can say I am not standing around, growing moss!

    Hope things are well your way.

    Take care,

    • RJ, Do you think Look quickly down, could be looking at your feet? Your quest to cease, maybe 2 C’s? Two hundred feet from the blaze? Dawn

  69. Forrest

    Now, I am only half your age and I would not try this, so I know you wouldn’t. “Family” is what is important here. “Dangerous” fools is what I say. Well, I remember you saying that anyone over the age of twelve could deal with this, so I am sure to reflect on that before taking another turn. Obviously,

    I think its time to call it today and hit that kill switch now, for the families of the fallen. Being the guardians of fate we need to help those lost souls fulfill their promise to take the treasure home and we must further protect those who might fall.

    Ignore my “rammbling on”, I just need to reaffirm It needs to be a “well targeted” approach, I know! I trained at sea and it taught me a lot, but I know sailing won’t help me here. I need to stroll on in relaxed and in good weather. A simple round trip. The same way you did it, hit the spot and leave.

    Best await your direct instruction on seasonal timing, because its rough right now. The treasure has my name and those of the fallen on it. Your Brown doppelganger announced this when I was led north and through the mudcaked pines to the narrow field!

    It is in your hands now, play it how you feel best.

    Arrow in your heart,

    5 minute poem to leave you with a smile. Needs a lot of work I know, you can finish it off, but hey… get the picture!

    My feet are dry, firmly in the fire as the fly catching pirate fish sing.
    Tender soles burn while the dancing gig damsels display a flickering wing.
    Pointed frogs play, unaware of the lure, as I lift up grave marble in awe.
    Last wagons crescent hides me from view so the mountains no not what I saw.
    A teacher of legend just helped me to think as I measured my reverent wood.
    The rope was important, but not too short, the knots made eventual good.
    The journey was warm some of the way, but it didn’t last that very long.
    Now I am here and holding the trove, I will join the boys silent in song!
    Many a greed have wanted this prize, but the stallion in me kept on course.
    All will be sad when the news is spread, for they were beat by a French speakin’ horse! (Norse)

    • That’s pretty good, but it needs a title. May I suggest “The Ebullient Exultation of Chanticleer?”

    • DK,

      Your post has spiced my mind by adding cloves ten-fold, sparking me to wonder about the spring baseball start to know right team he cites as his own favorite (i.e. Cubs?).

      I’ll provide the sturdy lead crossbow,

      The Blue Jays only play ball for Canada,
      Where a homer hero often sparks a grin.
      A Gashouse Gang guy who’s Frankie managed a
      Ball team Spud, Dizzy, and Leo to feel World win.

      Do swell Temple folk loudily cheer Rangers score,
      or crowd with such fans their swing Astros we’ll boo?
      Could Forrest love balls past outside Texas more,
      When Banks, Elston and Moisan clothed rookie Cub blue?

      Ivy uproar, if not Fenn may join Expos flights,
      Strike clear loaded bases on-deck Washington Nat.
      And first Wrigley game played under unstar-like lights,
      Future history connect, hooray swinging a bat.

  70. These scant scrapbook days are often bleak reminders to me that one day, we won’t have them to look forward to anymore. Then one day, all of our scrapbooks will have reached their end. I hope the Chase has inspired appreciation for the importance of storytelling, and story-listening.

    Our stories outlast almost everything we make and do. If we take the time to find them, and re-tell them, we work small miracles: we can hear and see our relatives who have gone; remember how we felt the day children were born or adopted; relive the day we made the big shot; or, lament an embarrassing mistake with grace. It’s our very own library of priceless keepsakes.

    After thinking about this, it dawned on me that telling a story is an act of true love. In the moment you begin the story, you begin to make magic so strong that it brings a person, thing, or event to life again, if only for that moment. And, if you do it well, the story and its characters may live forever in the shared memory.

    What is the blaze? It’s everything.
    Lives and loves and leaves that can sing.

    A bend of pine that is just mine,
    and triumph and rescue divine.

    An old good friend’s worst invention,
    The church door in times of tension.

    It’s the face of a friend long passed,
    The twinkle of stars and stained glass.

    The blaze is nothing but everything,
    a thing to keep safe and someday to sing.

    *Take care to listen, tell, and remember*

  71. Roy Jadeon,

    Bravo! well said. No truer statement can I recall.
    A moment in life shared, our lives written in our personal books of time.
    Of days past, in days present. Speak their names and give em life, as they move among the stars.


  72. Today I looked up at the sky, because I sensed a change. I often feel misunderstood. Like I’m waiting for something, with big plans and yet feel beached. The closest feeling may be like I’m treading water like Neo from the Matrix, at work, at home… It seemed time for me to pony up and stop being blinded by fear of time, of travel, of thinking long range. I decided that Death isn’t our enemy. Other people aren’t our enemy. It’s our own stagnation. I ought to know by now that laying around drinking Coker Colas, eating ice cream and playing pinochle or eating ranch chips isn’t going to fix my boredom and indecision. The Chase has really made a difference for me there. I’m thankful for that.

    Now when I look up at the sky I don’t see a void of blackness. I see possibilities. Now I grab the closest branch and take a swing! Maybe it’s a community leadership role. Have a picnic with my little one, where I have to pretend to eat plastic food and drink fake tea lol. I want to go to the beach this summer and really be there instead of checking my phone for messages from corporate. Fix my squeaky back door. Dig a fire pit. Just get outside. Even the little things seem worthwhile now. Maybe we all just need something to chase. Without a goal, we’re stuck. The only thing I’m still afraid of and which makes me nervous of is being blinded and not seeing danger by living in the moment. Not on guard. That’s the only thing I haven’t quite gotten yet. Perhaps it’s anxiety. Maybe I will chase that too! Things are looking up all the time now. I just found a new consulting job in Reading I can do from home, so I’ll keep on. I’m grateful for a new world view. Sincerely, Glen B.
    New Holland, PA

    • Congratulations Glen B…. sounds like you have found what so many are still searching for.. life is to short to live with fears and anxiety etc. , to break those hurdles is huge…. it’s the little things in life that mean the most, so enjoy your plastic food and fake tea, dig that fire pit etc….. and be happy…. others will want to follow in your footsteps. Then when you look up to the Sky you’ll see a life worth living…. smile at a passer by just because you can….. again, congrats to you and your broken chains…….

      Until next time… see ya

      • Thank you, Focused. My view is so much improved that when new things come along, I’m able to take them in, and find the humor in them too! I (actually) lol-ed at substantial changes this week, which is always good! 5-10 good laughs every week does us all good! Glen B

  73. After reading this the other night I had a dream that I held an invisible bear on the rope and I and was shielding the treasure. Everyone was asking what the secret is and I wouldn’t tell them. I then decided to release a dove on a journey, with a message of love attached to its foot. Olga appeared at the top of Taos Mountain, with her friend Hilary, holding a small Red Indian dish in wait for the dove, which was not quite white now, more a mucky brown. I told her, “It will arrive soon enough”. I felt like I had been here before. Funny what happens when you are sleeping! We lose our way, but to have faith, visions are needed!

    I had a second dream which was a little less than comforting. I wont explain this dream, only to say I felt like I was shrinking! The smaller I got the longer the river became, but I knew it was OK. The fish didnt like me talking much, but knew I was famished! We ate together, listening for footsteps, while nature continued to make the same music that had been lost over the years.

    Then, while we waited for the dove to return, I wrote a poem to those who dont think before acting, like the Zunters (Zombie Hunters) on ropes here in this thread.

    The failed searcher

    A quick read of the poem along with the book,
    I took out a map and had a quick look.
    Brown I shout, while smiling with glee,
    I seek out more clues and find another three.

    Grabbing big boots and tightening laces,
    I set off in haste to venture these places.
    First call was the warmth of a beautiful stream,
    at the foot of mountain in a timeless dream.

    Stunned at the daunting sheer task in size,
    yet determined to collect my well earned prize.
    Knowing the trek will be worth all the risk,
    I set off with purpose, a march that is brisk.

    Reaching the top just forces a smile,
    as vastness dawns I ponder a while.
    Im in the wrong place, my search will not ease,
    Its a land like all others, just endless with trees.

    Silly of me to skip on some of the clues,
    charging ahead in fear that I lose.
    I began half way through, not at the start,
    it slowed me down and was not very smart.

    Some of the words I did not take heed,
    But to know the location they’re all that I need.
    The biggest thing my venture has shown,
    is an excited searcher should study the poem.

    Thankfully, I studied it well. The dove will be my testament.

  74. Dawn;

    I am not sure! In need to enlighten myself. I have always thought look quickly down meant to be reverent, feel the sunshine, and consider the gravity of why. I do believe there is something to the two C’s. Two seize theory. Two size C shoes theory. May able to give a better answer soon. Setting a good pace after the blaze -_-_-_ will be key. I’ll keep reading up on it.

    If the heavy stuff keeps coming down, I may look to the Sky and yell like the priest in Caddyshack! I graphed my confidence today. It looks like this __/\/\/\/\ after a flood of new information. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Always looking for home, because that’s where you hang your hat. Right now I’m holding mine.

    take care;

    • RJ, Thanks for the thoughts. I never thought about the shoe size. I’m preparing for my walk and working on confidence. Best wishes. Dawn

      • You too, Dawn. They say you get what you give, and you sure gave me some good karma for my last BOTG! Some trips need shoes with spikes, some need plain middle sized shoes, and others don’t need any shoes at all. I have learned the importance of felt. Thank you for the wishes.

  75. The media spotlight shines on such awestruck treasure-hunters and I know what I would like to say to them, but some things are best left unsaid. Seems those wise-guys in Yellowstone were trying to perform a reverse Indian rope trick, but at least everything looks like it was alright in the end, thanks to the fast action of the rescuers.

    While in winter months I am currently gathering together all my notes, scraps of paper, workings out, tidying up etc, to create my own comprehensive online portal that will help serve me better. After all, there is a lot! In the end I will share my secrets with everybody and hope they will learn from it. This is how it should be done IMO.

    Last nights dream saw my dove souring above Albuquerque. Tomorrow is a new day, so lets wait and see if my dove arrives. I think it was resting today.

  76. Mr. Fenn:

    I just started the poem for my 8th grade class. I have a magic solve based on some movies I watched and I’ve always like magic. I think water halts when the crowd figures out how you do the trick. Your treasure seems like a trick. I mean it’s real but it’s like magic because you know the secret. I’m new ay magic so it is kind of going off that idea. I have a real magician near me which helps me and he says never too even when everyone wants you to. Five bucks an hour is what they’re worth after you do he says. Or he says I’ll have to make my stage name Micky Finn because that’s what it’ll do to my chances, which I don’t get. My sister always ask me and wants to know how I do things and sometimes my mom and dad will make my tell her so she’ll stop asking. It makes me anxious that shell tell someone if he keeps making me show them, and then I’ll have to start over. I have anxiety and magic has been overall good for it. I like my dad a lot. I get picked on sometimes for magic but my dad is great and always buys me books and things for it. Mom too. Do you think waters halt is a good solve if iit means where the show stops? Thank you sir, Ben Castillo

    • Welcome Ben.
      I admire you for tackling such a project.
      Magic needs a magician to perform the tricks.
      Remember, the magician controlls the show and the show will end when he decides it is time for it to be over. Sometimes you get bullied because people don’t understand and they are jealous of what you know. Play to your audience and give them something that will make them feel comfortable and laugh. Not every thing you can learn can be found in books so be prepared to improvise. Looking forward to seeing your name in lights someday.

      • Thank you www. There is a talent show at my school, and its big. It is in April but i may enter it. Thanks for the tip- my homeroom teacher calls them icebreakers. I should have used one before, but didn’t really think about it. I think being able to laugh is helpful, because if I do make a mistake, if I’m laughing and having fun, they will think it is all part of the act anyway! I am working on my solve too for a presentation. My opening screen is a big picture of a treasure chest on a beach. Mr. Jameson mentioned your treasure so hope my reward is an A. thank you, Ben

  77. Well I promise you ff, you can count on me not to be stupid like this, that’s pretty simple stuff. I have done my homework with the poem and then the book. I know all about how to travel, when to start and what it means to stop. And on top of things, I was even talking to my ex about it the other day. We confirmed a number of precautions to keep me safe, because I wouldn’t want to go missing or suffer a grave mishap on my voyage of discovery.

    I think I hear the sound of a glass of Vino! My family are over from Makrana. Our accents might be different but we are not worlds apart!

    Have fun and stay safe everyone.

  78. These two jokers never understood the game. That’s why their adventure went went south!

    Mother Nature rules all mountains,
    the Spirit World owns the soul.
    Don’t expect to arrive home safely,
    if greed becomes your only goal!

  79. I think I understand Forrests frustration in all this. I believe he has said many things over the past few years that very few people are Listening to. I myself have read the books numerous times, and Everytime I find more clues that will eventually bring me or someone else to the completion of The Chase. It makes me sad to hear of Anyone being in Danger, but if people strike out on their own without following Forrests warnings, I guess they only have themselves to blame. Unfortunately, this last incident also put the Rescuers lives at risk as well. I hope all will listen WELL to His advice and be sensible when planning your next outing. I myself have given each trip much consideration before leaving. I hope I have offended none with this, I just hope safety for all in their search.

    • You are right TC. There can be a beautiful ending without the need to put lives in danger. The Gods created this and the Gods will end it. ff keeps repeating the warning, but if they don’t listen then they only have themselves to blame. The winter gives me more study time to brush up and fill in the missing blanks.

  80. Thank you Mr. Patience for your Kind words. It is nice to see a friendly reminder instead of the opposite. And yes, this time of the year allows for homework and meditation. Just was reading some past scrapbooks that I obviously overlooked because of my limited computer time. Every story of every scrapbook I have read is far more productive reading compared to any other literature.

    • I am with you on that TC, but to get through all those fantastic scrapbooks you do need a lot of intellect, for sure. Interviews are charming, so try watch them 🙂 I think there is about 20 of those things in all.

  81. Confirmation bias is embarrassing enough without doing something dumb and needing to be rescued.

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