Forrest & Peggy on Valentines Day



Peggy and Forrest enjoy their 66th Valentine’s Day together.

I stole this photo from Zoe’s Facebook page (please don’t tell her).








105 thoughts on “Forrest & Peggy on Valentines Day

  1. I think the number of Valentines together is a mistake. It’s more like 73 celebrated together.
    Either way, they are a very handsome couple.
    If you look past the silver and white hair, you can still see love and shade of lust in Forrest’s eyes for Peggy.
    God bless them (or a higher power) for their contributions to this world.

  2. My many thoughts and prayers are with you both. May God Richly Bless your days together! Stay forever Young!

    • Love does concur all in the end! Beautiful photo. I hope you both had the most amazing day.

  3. Brings tears to my eyes to see the love ya’ll have for one another. Just Beautiful!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Beautiful flowers and a Beautiful Lady Forrest you are a Very Lucky Man Best Wishes from Me and my Family

  4. Is it wrong that i panned in to the back ground looking for clues and all I saw was a heart shaped box of chocolates and some old mason jars of beans and such .

  5. Forrest,

    Lovely flowers, lovely vase, lovely couple, lovely day.

    May you have many more! I don’t ever want them to end 4 goodness sakes.


  6. They both look like they are doing good. So glad! Happy Valentine’s day Peggy and Forrest and Chase Peeps! Love y’all!

    Those two are the absolute perfection of marriage vows and their moralistic values.
    There is no comparison when you look at the big picture around you and then refocus on this photo. The vision is far and wide.

  8. Happy Nirvana day to you both!

    Achieving Nirvana, whether alive or after death, is the goal of Buddhist faith. On Nirvana Day, as this celebration is also called, not Buddha’s death is celebrated, but his leaving of this world and the beginning of a new kind of existence.

  9. 66? Thats funny…Forrest never misses a chance to tease us.
    What a great picture! They still are happy together after all these years.
    Thanks for sharing it with us..))

        • wwwamericana,

          You know he does…look at his face. Just a bit mischievous if ya ask me.

          How much fun is this guy as a Grandpa??? Or GG? Those kids have got to be on an all out SPRINT for the door to see whom can get in the house first! Look who’s waiting inside! Grandma Princess Love and Grandpa Holy Smokes!!!

          Alotta smiling posts around that house.

          • To his grandkids, Forrest is probably both full of love and full of tricks. His daughters must have loved him, just look at the bio on who one married, Shiloh’s dad…a real man’s man himself.
            Quite the interesting family

  10. So happy to see the love that the two of you obviously share for one another. Happy Valentines day. Hope the two of you reach your 75th valentines day together – JDA

  11. Happy Valentine’s Day Peggy and Forrest! It nice to see your smiles. Forrest is still wooing his girl with flowers!

  12. Wow! That’s true love right there. I hope to be with my wife that long. Prayers to you and Peggy and well wishes for the rest of 2020

  13. The only hint or clue you will find in this picture is how to find true love that has lasted a lifetime. Happy Valentine’s Day , Forrest and Peggy!

  14. Mr. and Mrs. Fenn –
    Congrats on a successful lifelong journey.
    The TTOTC community owes you both a huge debt of gratitude for awakening a sleeping giant.

  15. Happy Valentine’s Day to Forrest and Peggy! Beautiful photo. Your love is inspiring.

    And to everyone here on our beloved Chase!

    Diggin Gypsy – Did you find those two large heart-shaped rocks on the Madison River, along the fly fishing path on the Ghost Road? Not too far to walk from Campfire Lodge. Kinda dug around those a bit.

  16. What a great picture!!! Peggy is as beautiful as ever! And you look pretty good too Forrest! Hope you both had a beautiful day! 🙂

  17. This is my Idea my Existance.
    How to simplify
    In the beginning was an Idea
    And that Idea was creation
    In that creation came Time and Existance
    Fast forward to present day thrill of the chase
    A man has an idea to create an easter egg hunt
    Hides a chest for others to use thier imagination and knowlege to find something that was created by someone.
    In our Mind we create things to help ourselves or others so in thought alone anything exists.
    so is it simple to say some higher power had the idea to create with love time and existance? Its my proof, my truth, my belief. My Idea on a white board called the Kiwi effect. I may not be religious but I believe in a higher power isnt that something Forrest said too?
    So if you are looking for proof someone existed then we hope to see you on the Madison River with youtubes Kiwi’s Road.

    • Please excuse me I wasnt done PS. You guys look great keep staying strong
      In the beginning you guys were created and in your though you all exist where time does not!

  18. Thank you, Dal, for sharing. This is precious. And for me, today, somewhat prophetic. It turns out everything is coming up roses. I was offered a workamping job this morning near my search area this summer, and now to see Forrest and Peggy looking so well with what looks like 18 roses.

    Did you know there is a lot of symbolism associated with roses. The number 18 is “a very auspicious number. It is associated with someone who is going to have great success and prosper!” ( Hopefully, this is the year that Indulgence will be rescued!

    • Blue Fox,

      Nice read. Thanks. If you’re in it to win it…those are the numbers to watch, as well as totems…IMO.

      I wish you well.


  19. Of all the 248 scrapbooks FF has shared, my favorite remains the one where Skippy blows up his hand with a firecracker and FF meets Peggy. Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all.

  20. Now there’s a marvel gaze, or 2. Congratulations you two lovebirds. I wish you many more.

    Forrest, you did well. Peggy looks grand! What a pleasant surprise. I for one would enjoy more of these visuals! Thank you so much, Dal.


  21. All these years and still two beautiful people with two beautiful smiles. Now that is what life is all about! Just seeing that picture makes me smile too. 🙂
    Happy Valentines Day!

    • David,

      I swear, Peggy gets better looking every time we get to see her! Doesn’t she?!

      Warmed me furry liddle belly…

  22. You go OL’ Boy. What a Lovely photo this is. So mesmerizing…through it all still standing side by side. This photo made my heart feel good. ” Poster children for the Rockies “. Thanks to the thief who stole it.

  23. “Don’t you know that it’s worth every treasure on earth to be young at heart.”

    – Frank Sinatra

  24. Hello Forrest,

    My better half is in California right now. i love her as much as you love Peggy. Enjoy every single day!

    Tom (Tucson, AZ)

  25. So happy to see both Forrest, and his wife Peggy, looking so well and enjoying life to its fullest. Happy Valentines Day !!!

    Lyzee Bella
    Safety Always

    • This picture is an inspiration worthy of striving for IMO. Having a great love in your life that sees you, accepts you, challenges you without breaking your spirit, and loves you still…well, that is a gift beyond all gifts…priceless.

      That is how I see Peggy and Forrest. Soulmates! May we all find ours too.

      • If words could fly

        We would see the message not as a post but as a bird
        Words from letters as
        Wings from feathers

        Happy Valentine’s day

        Now where the who who is that blaze !

  26. You both and lovely roses,
    There isn’t any gappy.
    Your hearts are on your faces.
    Flowers also are happy.

    I think just 33, not 66,
    and hope to 99…

    -Ali Kemal

  27. Dear Forrest and Peggy:

    This is the best thing I’ve seen in a good long while. Congratulations. What an accomplishment and an example.

    Take care,

  28. What a wonderful picture! Congratulations to an amazing couple whose strong, steadfast and deep love for one another are a great example for us all!

  29. The only thing missing in this picture is a turquoise bracelet on Forrest’s wrist, to match his belt. Does anyone know where there is one?

    • Interesting document observation. It’s in the box…imo. Gonna bum it back to Forrest when I do my treasure unveiling.
      Just bummed it tho. Gonna use it as a wedding ring later, and then I’ll always be able to be all woop woop showing it off.

  30. Forrest, just saying, roses is where it’s at!!! Hope there are many more memories like this in the future for you and Peggy!!!!

  31. Beautiful floral! My einstein of a husband forgot this year..He got beans and rice for dinner. lol. Hopefully by our 40th anniversary he’ll figure it out!

  32. Why does my stuff keep getting taken down? Happy Valentines Day to you both! Looks like someone may get lucky tonight! You’re both adorable!

  33. What a beautiful picture, Mr. and Mrs. Fenn look great! May God continue to bless with love and good health.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Thanks Dal for posting.

  34. Peggy & Forrest,

    Your picture made me smile. Time stands still when you still see your love in the image of your first encounter.

    God Bless,

  35. Dear Forrest and Peggy, your love has never faded,
    the happiness of it shines brightly in those faces and ones yet unborn,
    your feelings will always be more valuable than any treasure, your offspring are truly blessed, precious time and memories together have given you both, the distinction and glow of two immortal of spirits, having the courage and the resolve to change the world, one poem and one person at a time, this is to be admired!
    You two are truly a union of love.
    Happy Vaalentines..Belated…



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