The Chroma…

March 2020


Ansley was introduced to the Chase while desperately ill. Seeking the treasure helped give her a desire to live, The chase gave Ansley energy and enthusiasm and enabled her to fight for her life. She had about given up. Forrest’s story inspired her and she felt deeply connected to his tale. She went on countless BOTG trips.

Because he inspired creativity, she decided to write a story. Forrest, when Ansley asked him for advice, said “ well, finish it! “  So, she did. It is a wild ride and a fanciful interpretation of the hunt. Though Ansley used his name, Forrest approves of the story and actually really enjoyed it.

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30 thoughts on “The Chroma…

    • Forrest Fenn saves lives mine included ty. I look forward to reading this Ansley
      and secound to good health for you

  1. Well, its a deep subject, but I just learned what a light warrior is all about. This book already sounds like a good read…the weaving is always of interest. Lord knows how much I’ve learned from others in here. Hopefully someone can “finish it”(Chase) sooner than later.

    Ansley, I wish you well. Congratulations on your books and hopefully many more years of continuing good health! Knock on wood!


    • Amy,

      I’m sure it’s a plethora of insight and knowledge. I totally enjoy reading everyone’s perspective. But IMO there’s a lot of weaving being done within the Chase, along with some smokescreens! LOL.

      My Dad would fall asleep every night with a book on his chest. I remember we went to the outdoor theater to see “The Other”. Dad had read it and when it was over, he was disappointed! Claimed the book was better! Not me! The book was like 8 inches thick with small print…much easier watching the movie Dad.

      Now I see why he read so much…


  2. Well of course given my profession and since I understand how much work goes into writing and publishing a book, I congratulate you Ansley and wish you and your book great success! And best wishes for your health as well!

  3. Good luck with your book Ansley and hope you are better now!

    Dal, you put Ashley instead of Ansley above. Thank you for posting though.

  4. I see rattlesnake is on the front cover, must be a good book. I’ll think I’ll wait til I finish treasure hunt before a book, don’t want to send bad mojo out.

  5. I will certainly be buying this book on thursday when I get paid!

    I hope I have saved enough money to go BOTG in summer. I have peeled back the layers on my finances and everything has been accounted for now, so looking good. I hope, in fact I am sure, I have the metal to see this through to the finish line.

    The future awaits history.

  6. Hi Ansley;

    Congratulations on surviving your illness, and also on finishing your book. Hope to read it some day. Stay warm and SAFE – JDA

  7. I’m glad that the Chase inspired Ansley to overcome her health issues. From the book’s description, I can’t tell if it is fiction, non-fiction, or a blending of the two. Is it about Ansley’s own solve and her resulting BOTG trips, or is it a fictional story with an invented protagonist? I’ve often thought about colors being involved in solving the poem (including, but not limited to, brown) and the book’s title seems to imply a color-related solve. Color me interested!

  8. Ansley – Conrats on your accomplishments. I admire your determination and spirit and will think of you when I feel defeated. Interesting choice for your title. Chroma, the purity and intensity of a color. How did that come about? Or is that something we will discover when we read your story? 😉

    Good luck with the hunt and success of your book!

  9. Sounds like a great read. Good luck and continued good health.

    😉 Peace onto you

  10. Forrest is quoted on the cover of this book:
    “My eyes stayed glued to the words in this book until the candles burned low. …”

    I think this is a nice example of Forrest’s writing style…and serves as a good model for understanding the words in his poem…

    His eyes were not literally “glued” and he does not read by candle light.
    Yet, we all know what he means…we don’t have to break out a dictionary or thesaurus to catch his drift. We don’t have to hunt for hidden meanings…

    I believe that the words in Forrest’s poem are just as clear…
    I think the “puzzle” part of the poem is understanding the places on the map that the words are referring to…

    • Hello Dal. I do believe you are correct with Mr. Fenn having an artistic way with words. Would you be so kind to give your opinion to something Mr. Fenn said on the Richard Eeds show, please?:

      “And I looked up word, definitions of words, and changed them, and went back and rebooted. I’m very pleased. It turned out exactly like I wanted it to turn out.”

      I’m a little confused.

        • PD-
          I don’t see how your Forrest quote disagrees with what I said…

          I sometimes have to check a map to make certain a particular place is east or west of me…I want to be sure I am correct when I tell someone it’s west…

          I think Forrest did the same thing. He wanted to make sure what he wrote was accurate and if it wasn’t he changed it to be accurate…

          For instance what if he originally wrote “Begin it where hot waters halt” But what is hot water?…he could have looked it up and decided he was really referring to warm waters…

          So he changed “hot” to “warm”…to be more accurate…

          Do you take a “hot” shower or a “warm” shower?
          You might say “hot” but maybe “warm” is more accurate once you know the definition of the two words…

  11. Hi Ansley,
    What does it feel like to be a published author? Congratulations. What a wonderful turn of events for you. I will buy your book. I will buy one too for the fella up top who is waiting for his paycheck…..maybe it’ll get him closer to getting a search in while others like me sit back and anxiously wait. Good job Ansley.

    • That is soo nice of you Copper!!! It’s a great book! I read it what feels like many many years ago 🙂 I think I might go and re-read it if I can get my eyes off the poem that long 🙂

  12. I look forward to reading your book. I may purchase one for a friend as well. Good Hunting

  13. Ansley, I am so glad that you have beat your illness and have turned a negative into a positive. The world needs more folks like you 🙂 Sounds like a very interesting book that I will have to read. ( I hear reading makes snow melt faster)

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