2020 FFGM Treasure Hunt #3

March, 2020


ffgm p3 winner



Read the clues and solve the puzzle in the monthly 2020 Forrest Fenn Gold Medallion Treasure Hunts for YOUR Chance to win one of the exclusive and limited edition Forrest Fenn Gold Medallions!

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As many of you know the Forrest Fenn Gold Medallions, and the Treasure Hunts using them as prizes, were inspired by the Little Girl in India Six Questions, and how Forrest answered he wished he had another Treasure to hide in the Appalachian Mountains.

Working on Puzzle #3, I wondered if Forrest had ever visited a location in the Appalachians. That would be a great ‘location’ for the puzzle.

So I asked him:

Dear Forrest, did you ever visit a location in the Appalachians, and if so, where?

To discover his answer you have to solve the puzzle……and then place his answer in the Submission Form to be entered in the drawing for the Forrest Fenn Gold Medallion of Puzzle #3, Series Two!


To find the clue and enter the March contest click here and go to Jenny’s website.

Good Luck!