Feather Art…

March 2020
by dal


cake 1Those of us that attended Fennboree 2019 will remember Patty (Patricia Marin Miranda) and her lovely (and delicious) Treasure Chest Cake.

FF Cake 1

Patty and Forrest with “THE” cake at Fenboree 2019

It turns out that Patty is accomplished at more than one art form. In addition to being a talented cake artist she is also an artist working in the traditional form of feather painting as practiced in her native country, Costa Rica.


The Taos Pueblo as painted on feathers by Patty.

Patty playfully calls herself the “Lead Costa Rican Searcher”, and along with her S.O. Paul, they have been on the chase for Forrest’s chest for a couple of years now. They decided to move to Santa Fe after searching in NM, being drawn to the creative and spiritual atmosphere and then visiting on their trek to Fennboree 2019.


But the newest event in their life is the opening of a small gallery and studio called “Marin” on Canyon Rd. in Santa Fe where Patty creates and shows her beautiful feather art.


Patty is having the Grand Opening and Exhibition of her gallery on March 27th. Pretty exciting. Congratulations and Good Luck Patty!!!

The chase has spawned another great human story.

You can find out more about Patty and her art and the fascinating history behind feather painting on her gallery website HERE.

I can’t speak for you but I know the next time I am in Santa Fe I plan to stop by and say hi to Patty and Paul and take a closer look at her feather art and maybe talk a bit about “treasure hunting”.

By the way, you can look at more photos from Fennboree 2019 HERE.









30 thoughts on “Feather Art…

  1. That is some amazingly beautiful artwork. Now I need to plan another trip back to SF.

  2. Ohh… Those are really beautiful!!! Must stop by and check it out next BOTG… Congrats Patty!

  3. Congrats Patty! I am hoping to be in Santa Fe on March 27. I can’t wait to see your work up close.

  4. What a beautiful art form, and you appear to be a very talented artist, from what we can see. Good luck with your gallery – JDA

  5. If I am ever in Santa Fe I will definitely be stopping by. I loved walking the galleries on Canyon Road.

  6. Congratulations on your upcoming Grand Opening, Patty. You have a talent others will truly enjoy and appreciate. Beautiful feather art.

  7. Another example of outstanding talent members of the chase community possess!
    There are many artists involved in the chase, I for 1 think maybe; if the chase continues, we could have competition in the close season, with sculptors painters etc.
    Chase related memorabilia, and possibly charity related.
    I am amazed at the skill I have been shown, thanks to all the artists.
    Good luck in your venture, Patty.

  8. I have a big (too big, LOL) birthday coming up at the end of the month. My husband and I were looking for a sign today about whether or not we should travel to Santa Fe for it… We would be arriving on the 27th. Well, this is the sign!

    We can’t wait to visit your gallery, Patty! Your work is really inspiring! –Veronica & Steven

    • Lady V … you received an amazing sign that, IMO, can not be misinterpreted as coincidence. Wishing an early Happy Birthday to you and congrats to Patty on her talented artistic endeavor. I loved poking around Santa Fe last time I was there. Myself, being a jack of all trades but master of none … I have now been inspired to create something “chasefully” inspired. But, being “meek”, I will most likely keep it to myself. lol Again, this is a lovely art form !!! Wishing Patty a successful afternoon/evening at her grand opening!!!.

      Safety First … Always
      Lyzee Bella

  9. Congratulations. That cake you made looks fenntastic. Your art is beautiful.

  10. Thank you so much to everyone . I will be so happy to meet all of you at the gallery. Thank you so much Dal for the very nice blog posting.

  11. Congratulations to you Patty on your new endeavors. It’s quite clear you have the talent and drive to make things happen in your life. Best wishes with all of it!

  12. Thank you for sharing, Dal. Patty is quite a talented artist, and I hope I will have a chance to stop by her gallery when I pass through Santa Fe in early April.

  13. Patty,

    Wow! Impressive. I have no doubt that you will will do just fine. Great job on the cake as well. Forrest has himself another soldier…Iron Will has some serious competition it looks like.

    Good luck in all you do. I’m sold!


  14. Patty, those are beautiful! I love the idea of painting on something found in nature and I never would have thought feathers would make such a gorgeous canvas. The detail is stunning! I started with traditional canvas myself, but I like To paint on wood . It adds something when using a textured natural material. Do you use any kind of mastic added to your medium?
    Patty, your work is original and beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  15. With a big thumbs up, and in the middle of Canyon you can find Marin, the most beautiful girl alive. Not at all flighty, just highly urban crafty. Playing aside, best of luck with your unique new gallery. I think Santa Fe will love it.

  16. A poem for Patty 🙂

    Let your feather fly
    Way up in the sky
    To the clouds above
    Like a soaring dove

    Let your feather fly
    Every day you’ll cry
    You’ll want it back
    It keeps U on track. 🙂

    Pauley T

    • nice…are you a pro……or just a spur of the moment guy…

      when I tace my mom to the hospital …i can pass the time writing poetry

      • Hey Wiicket

        I believe I’m merely a spur
        In which my poems occur
        Kinda a fly by night type
        I’m not big on the hype
        But I do enjoy the game
        Every day is not the same
        It’s a wonderful distraction
        Searchin for all the action
        I’d beg plead and borrow
        If I could find it tomorrow
        Guess I’ll just wait to see
        If it’s gonna be you or me. 🙂

        Hope your mom is ok.

        Pauley T

  17. Thank you for posting Dal, great article and pictures.
    Patty’s cake looks delicious !
    I really enjoy her art work on feathers, I wish her much success!

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