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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page xix for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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585 thoughts on “Poetry Page XIX…

  1. Every Saint is a sinner
    But not all sinners are saints.

    Some need God
    Some don’t ‘druther—
    To hell with the one
    That takes from the other.

  2. I was at Boothill cemetery in Tombstone last week. I visited a grave that kind of changed my life a little bit when I first saw it. The Epitaph is poetic (staying on topic). It wasn’t Clanton or McLaury. It was a simple statement that I think FF would approve of:

    Remember ME
    For as you are, I once was
    And as I am, you soon shall be
    Remember ME

    • Death for me has never been the end
      Only a memory of were I’ve been
      A blurred story of
      And the ultimate sacrafice

      Till this is carved in stone
      I’ll continue until I’m called back home

      Till we meet again
      Take er’ easy ol’ friend

      The traveller

  3. Hand tied on quality line, or plain ol store bought.
    Six to nine trout lines tied up in a knot.
    City slickers, Bottom feeders, trespassers too…
    I’m a searchin for Fenn’s treasure, who the heck are you?

  4. “Lost it”

    Today, I lost something that matters,
    I was too angry to notice it gone.
    Today, my heart was in tatters,
    My fears had already won.

    Tomorrow, I will go looking for what was lost,
    Because my heart will own the wrong.
    Tomorrow, the register will add up the cost,
    My tears will fall for no one.

  5. @ZoetheCat,

    If you have the chance, Visit Montana’s Boothill in Virginia City…Madison River country just over the hill from Ennis lies a terrific, historic gold boom town with its own Boothill Cemetery. Some interesting headstones to see.

  6. To The Gold

    As you have not come with others out there
    and without your garbage, cautious
    you can’t give your knowledge there
    or obscure the impoverished future

    End it where cold water starts
    you took it on the ridge up
    very far, but you can walk
    taken out above the violet wild

    to here, it’s a place for the outgoing
    the start is never drawing near
    you can paddle, but no creek
    there’s no loads, just water low

    If you’ve been lucky and lost the blaze
    look up, your trek begins
    but wait around a while without wondered stare
    just leave the chest and come in war

    So why isn’t it that you don’t have to stay
    and take the trove for me to lose
    the questions I still don’t know
    I haven’t done it, I’m wide awake and strong

    So don’t listen to anyone, and ignore them bad
    their efforts won’t be worth the heat
    if you are afraid and out in a clearing
    you take me nameless from the lead

  7. Thanks, Dal. I had one more to add:

    Song of the Lead Searcher
    If there is a lead searcher, this could be her song,

    Maybe Next Time . . .

    I am the lead searcher who has solved the 9 clues.
    This is how it feels to be in my shoes.
    I am the one who has seen the blaze,
    But am still working on navigating the maze.

    This quest is even harder than it seems,
    Especially when my partner changes teams.
    Forrest sometimes refers to me as Thunderose,
    Because I am the one who truly knows.

    He has also named me the Wolverine
    Because of the place I have been.
    I just need a little more time,
    And soon the treasure will be mine.

    But I am very willing to share,
    I think that is only fair.
    So you will find me among the throng
    Who often berate me as being wrong.

    Now the spot is no longer a complete mystery,
    It has an long and awesome history,
    But access to the chest remains an enigma
    Which has resulted in a bit of stigma.

    Many out there call me tired, weak and lame,
    And my very existence seek to shame.
    But I know I am on the right track,
    And I do not plan on turning back.

    • I enjoyed your poem, Vanishing Rose (aka Thunderose and Wolverine). Stay steadfast. I look forward to hearing the announcement the treasure chest has been found.

    • Enjoyed your poem.

      I am on the fence
      on another flight booking
      Please take no offense
      Where are you looking??

      I do love to wander
      And feel really certain
      But don’t want to squander
      My cache post final curtain.

      If your state is my state
      At home I’ll just wait
      To act or anticipate
      The effort we’ll both congratulate.

      Good luck, stay safe and have fun.

      • Once upon a time a decision was made
        To the right of the line
        Is where my kind will ride .
        For once I was in a place of sacred times and devastating loss one last ride
        Against a band of Brothers that were known as knights to most others
        Side by side do two long hair riders lie one grey and one blue alone they remain a mystery of history . And I hope that forever remains as true !

    • You have a way with words that could make the jaggedest path sway back and forth causing one to find you led them back on course .

    • Vanishing Race,

      I really enjoyed your poem. The ever elusive Blaze… I’m a-maze-d! Food for thought for most of us. Nice job and good luck with your maze.


    • Vanishing Race,
      I like your poem. I can relate to “This quest is even harder than it seems, Especially when my partner changes teams.”

  8. One correction I would make to the poem,

    I am the searcher who has solved 8 clues

    In light of what Forrest has expressed in the scrapbooks, I believe until you actually get to the blaze and look down, you have not solved the 9th clue. So this should read, as above.

    • While standing in water high next to the bronze rider in the sky did I look down and thought I might die . But what a view of what stretched out in front . the title to that would be worth the gold

  9. I gazed with longing
    Down a road
    That in the distance
    Met the sky

    Converging lines that
    Joined as one and
    Just beyond
    A hinted promise lie

    But as I moved
    It ever seamed
    To slip away
    Like the sound of a distant bell

    Beyond the next hill and
    Over the dell
    I know it leads to

    By RonnyLee

  10. Up the creek with a paddle in hand
    Used more as a crutch on uneven land

    Seeking the blaze as it ever draws nigh
    Wishing I saw it, but must have walked by

    My thoughts are logical, my solve is sound
    I sure hate waitin to put boots on the ground

    Warm water halts in so many a place
    No wonder there’s thousands still stuck on the Chase

    I’ve been through the wood, with water high and cold
    Now wishin for warm weather, so I can go look for the gold

    I think Forrest will be happy when the chest finally is found
    It’s gotta be near his favorite stompin ground.

  11. So many talented faces
    penning poetic thoughts & phrases.
    Which of you creative Aces
    will solve to all the correct places?
    Moving your brains through the paces;
    logically traveling through his maze,
    Remember that in Fenn’s chase
    It’s Imagination that may win the race.

    Note: the poetry I read here is outstanding. You really are creative geniuses. Mine is just a feeble attempt to clear out brain fog.

      • @pdenver, 😉 thanks
        My brain doesn’t naturally think in poem or prose. I really appreciate the stellar poetry of talented folks here.

        I’m also hoping they shift gears and apply their genius to solving the poem. It would be nice to cheer someone across the finish line. Right?

        Enjoy your evening. I’m still in staycation. More stay than cation waiting to be clear of corona.

        • You’re welcome, 42. Sometimes penning gives the mind a chance to take a moment’s break from heavy thinking of the clues. With good imagination and thinking the right things, it would be nice to cheer out loud. The Poetry Page artists are balancing their time between here and the poem. I hope everything turns out great and everyone is clear from the virus. Please keep us informed.

      • Jdiggins, I enjoyed that you, like me, also thought focused was Forrest until you met focused in person:-)

        I’m guessing that 4rest4fend is indeed Forrest Fenn.
        The quality of poetry, style, and content all point to our friend Forrest Fenn.

  12. Meet me on the other side
    Of midnight
    And in my dreams you’ll be
    We’ll walk together
    Hand in hand
    On our way
    To the promised land
    Meet me on the other side
    Of midnight
    And you’ll see just who I am
    You’ll see my thoughts
    And some memories
    We’ll live our dreams
    Without our worries
    On the other side
    Of midnight

    1993 j.

    • nice one Jdiggins – Focused def has some serious poem-inventing to top this imho 🙂

      • I agree Nikan, jdiggins done great one this one… I’ve done my version of “ the other side of midnight” down below….. just for you !! It’s no comparison to jdiggins, but you challenged me and I tried…lol
        Have a great day today Nikan…. until next time.. see ya

    • Beautifully written my friend…. great to see ya sharing your words again…. have a great day… see ya

    • I hope to see that grand light
      on the other side of midnight.
      I wish the same that all of you might.

    • The sidelines are fine
      for those who like the scent of lime.
      But players can only rest
      As long as there is no quest.

      A timeout is often needed
      Even the brave’s energy can be depleted.
      And though life may throw us a wrench
      Only striving can a heart on fire quench.

      Well-come-back; and go forth.

      Have fun, be well, be safe. good luck.

  13. Wonderland
    Once was born a merry dreary man
    Set alone on wild pasture land
    Raised to work with tender fervent hands
    He grew and grew to very dreary man

    With strife and guile and toil in the sand
    He fought and taught and made a final stand
    For others, for many, for those that would be grand
    A better world, for all across the span

    He lost and won and carried out a plan
    He lived and died. His memories still withstand
    Wrote down and told and shared it with his friends
    A simple truth. Forgive. His only command

    Now they work,with ever helping hands
    World of peace. A new type of brand
    Acceptance from dammed to His left hand
    And now lives many merry man

  14. When I remember me
    I remember she
    And I remember he
    After work She was forced into a car
    When he found out she wasn’t took far
    He and me showed up in the truck
    He said wait right here he won’t be long
    Then two loud bangs rang like a gong
    The sun started to go down
    And I was ready to leave that town
    So I went to see
    What I found was my dying family
    He said she jumped in front of the first
    Then he was hit by the next
    She passed first he waited till he seen me at last
    He said he yelled for me after the blast
    The words he told me would be his last
    He said I took to long but it was ok they loved me all the same
    I looked him in the eye for the last time
    Before he said to leave so I didn’t see him die
    As I walked out the door ..tear in my eyes empty in my heart the echo in my ears I love you son …and my final I love you Dad .
    From we to me and a sister I never get to see
    And a grandfather that said his line ended that day I couldn’t stay .
    What happened to the rapist with a gun I can’t say

    • Shadow Runner, I hope this poem that you wrote is just a poem and that it didn’t really happen to you. But, if it is true, I pray for healing and comfort for you. And know that rapists and murderers will meet their judgement sooner or later.

      • When I was in college, I read a poem that was called “Dog Eyes”.

        Interesting point of a non-view as seen from a leash…

  15. Many life’s
    Many strifes
    So much sad
    A dash of glad
    Many wonder why one man crys
    Maybe it’s the things hes seen though another’s eyes
    The road has been long
    And this is a young man’s song
    The tears I’ve shed
    The blood I’ve bled
    Is what tucks me into bed
    I gave my love to one I don’t hold
    Im stuck with what I got is what I’m told
    So lost am I , I say so bold
    I can’t help but to look for Fenns Gold
    And hope to get to know the one who broke the mold

    • Forrest Fenn certainly did break an awesome mold. But like Forrest Fenn, Dal, Jenny…so did all of you. Each of you are a unique, unrepeatable gift of God’s Love.

  16. Something’s unfinished
    A dirty rotten deal
    Chasing hope so pain is diminished
    But rest also helps the soul to heal.

  17. My mind is always in motion
    Trying to find the correct motion
    I try to find a way to solve all the commotion
    When I sleep I dream and there not the best
    I keep trying to remember the answers to this test
    Some things I wish I could let go
    but I can’t until I know
    I have things that need to be done
    The longer I wait the faster I’ll have to run
    If I run out of time
    Before I cross the finish line
    I might loose my mind
    Especially knowing that I got to far behind
    The better I live the clearer I see the journey that is right in front of me
    The games on the table
    Life’s in the hand
    Im sweating cause hear comes the river
    The pot is oh so worth this endeavor
    I know the hand to beat it goin to be rough
    But I’m not trying to win this with a bluff
    Trying to look tough is really kinda rough
    When I look at the player across from me
    It’s the one and only Forrest Fenn’s eyes I see

  18. The planes are full,
    Not with passengers,
    Over tea many mull
    Their oriental messengers.

    Don’t want to push the button
    But in cold calculation
    Don’t want to be a glutton
    Gold is good,,, so’s inoculation.

    Stay safe, be well all.

  19. (I blame the following on off season boredom)

    Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the canyon down
    I’m gonna ride ’til I get to the home of Brown
    I’m gonna paddle my boat down my canyon creek
    I’m gonna paddle that boat ’til I can’t no more
    I got heavy loads ahead
    High water to tread
    Quickly looking down while watching my back
    Got my boots on the ground
    Ridin’ on a horse, ha
    The chest ain’t got a Porsche
    You ain’t been up off that porch, now
    Can’t nobody tell me nothin’
    You can’t tell me nothin’
    Can’t nobody tell me nothin’
    You can’t tell me nothin’
    🙂 …………..

  20. Heres an oldie, but a goody…



    1993 J.

  21. ByGeorge if your refering to randawgs remix . I am goin to slightly tuck my tail when I say I might disagree . The original imo was not intended to be a song but maybe when the reply to a snide remark had ended it was wrote down then typed down and saved in a NAS labeled song ideas . I don’t want to explain at the moment . Part of this opinion is fact part of may or may not be . If to get urban folks to jam to some hick hop was partially the intended goal it succeeded can you truly belive it was wrote by someone who has never had a girl try to share the seat of a tractor instead of ride the fender where would she be leaning all on the bladder . And come on horse in the back and ya he would probally know all about bolting the saddle tack in the house trailor too . And all answers to the ol fart on the porch the boss . Who was goin through the list of did you get this and that done?

  22. Ok Curious Hobbit….. here’s my version of Jdiggins poem “ the other side of midnight”…… I think hers is better but, just for you, I gave it a shot Nikan….lol have a great day…. until next time… see ya

    “ Midnight”

    The other side of midnight, I often drift to dream,

    Of those who’s hour struck, 12 times ahead of me.

    A place off in the future, a place where time stands still,

    A place for grand reunions, a place I often steal.

    The other side of midnight, so far, but yet so near,

    Trekked by those before me, their chime I often hear.

    Ringing in my memories, of days so long ago,

    The laughter and the tears, before they had to go.

    I wait, the clock is ticking, its pendulum is slow,

    Can’t wait to see your faces, beyond the midnights glow.

    For now I’ll sit and listen, and dream of such a sight,

    When I make my final journey, into the midnight light.

    And when I’m gone be happy, don’t grieve for me I say,

    For I have found that place, I dreamed of day to day,

    I’ll meet the past before me, I’ll love in such a sight,

    I too will know what lies, past the other side of midnight…..

    By: Focused

    • Thanks for letting us look into “The other side of Midnight” Focused.

      Your admirer – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA…. enjoy your clock while it’s ticking my friend… stay warm till spring…. until next time.. see ya

      • Thanks bird dog, the original was jdiggins, I just jumped on the bandwagon, I’m presently sitting on the back with my feet swinging, listening to the music play…lol
        The tune is “ Oh When The Saints Go Marching In”…… life is good!!!!!!!
        Until next time…. see ya bird dog….

    • Really nice @focused.

      This world is not my home…
      heavenly trails are where
      I’ll eventually roam.

      • Thank you 42, enjoy Your heavenly trails my friend… I know our trails will cross my friend… until then… see ya

        • @Tall Andrew, of course I Think that I belong here on earth, and as a stage III cancer survivor…love life more than you could know. You may have misinterpreted my remarks above. I was simply putting in poetic form my belief that souls are eternal, and my hope that heaven is a physical, real paradise. I find peace and hope in my belief system, but respect that many different schools of thought exist on the topic.
          Best to you Tall Andrew.

          • Very well said 42, congrats on being a stage III cancer survivor… I too have knocked on deaths door and I’m a survivor myself… and yes I belong here too, to tell my story…. and that I will do, through my words… I will never be ashamed of my beliefs, nor will I ever be ashamed of who I am or where I’m at, or where I’m going…. Don’t feel sorry for me Tall Andrew, life is good !!!
            Ya’ll have a great night everyone… until next time… see ya

          • @focused
            It’s good to celebrate life with other friends who have looked death in the face and understand how it changes you.

            Enjoy your weekend:-)

          • 42, you and Focused and Pdenver
            share a warm place in my heart for
            all the goodness you offer us here.

          • Thank you 4rest4fend for your kind comment… as long as the chase goes on, I’ll be here penning all the goodness I can for you guys…. have a great night 4rest4fend…. until next time.. see ya

    • Always appreciate you
      I think we might share a pew
      But I always sit in the back
      Knowing keenly what I lack.

      Beautiful Focused.

  23. Chasing the Rooster

    So why is it that I must crow
    And boast my solve for all the meek?
    The answers I’m so sure I know
    I’ll take the chest while all still seek

    My table’s prepared
    As I walk through the valley
    I’ve mapped my course truer than
    Rand McNally

    With a Golden Ticket
    And 9 silver clews
    I won’t pass the blaze up
    While marveling views

    So go ahead!
    Study your poems
    And pore over those maps
    I’ll be back ‘fore
    You’ve woke from your long Winter’s naps

    So fear me all and listen good
    I’ll do just what I said I would
    My effort’s surely worth the cold
    I’ll soon be laughing as I stack the gold!

    By RonnyLee

    • Now that was some serious confidence. Now Ronny Lee I may not be from Missouri, but yur gunna have to show me and bring it, not sing it.

      Much love & good luck!

    • Not sure about other animal sports, but I was a leapfrog expert as a kid. Guess we have a challenge (as gloves slap across the face)… Ronny, choose your weapon! lol

    • Thanks for the smile Ronny Lee…..lol. Hey, if you need help stacking that stuff just let me know, heck, that’s what friends are for, right?
      Great job my friend… have a great night.. until next time… see ya

    • Ronny Lee,

      I’m honestly rootin for ya! Chase that Rooster around that backyard! You go dog! Grab that Rooster! Catch it! But don’t choke it! Then ride that Rooster home! Giddy up cowboy!

      Good luck Ronny. Mine flew the coop!


    • Ronny, I can read your thoughts and body (text) language, so I’ll make you a deal. You can lay claim to the treasure, just don’t lay claim to “My Girl”. And that’s the end of it. In case you need a girl for yourself, try texting ATH-M20X… (listen close to stay on track). It holds a special treasure all by itself, and I think you’ll know what I mean.
      Oh yeah… (and of course) this is all in fun…
      (BTW – This has no relevance to the song by the same name)
      P.S. Don’t forget to read the poem all the way to the end…

      “MY GIRL”
      by Quency

      I was searching in the mountains with my dog who’s my best friend…
      When I ran across a lonesome girl, who was lost with time to spend

      Her response was somewhat timid, she told me about her home
      Though her goal was somewhat different, she too looked for the gold

      Her prize would be a new companion, one familiar with the land
      But in being left alone before, was afraid to make a stand

      Her face is that of nature, spun by beauty’s homemade lace,
      Her eyes hold endless riches, as a glimmer across her face

      She’s nervous to make the wrong move, a chicken there by rights
      She’s right to be over cautious, a rabbit in the night

      Her opinion speaks constellations… left watchful of time’s seed
      Peace is found of the same, labeled red – the heart of belief

      Her view is full, wide open, being left a little shy
      But I’ll focus on what’s far away, I can’t help wonder why

      My dog is still beside me, my partner he’ll never leave
      There too is my new friend, one who makes me make-believe

      And through the vigilance of one side, I’ll focus on what’s left
      Comfort gaps the whole, overriding what’s second best

      We watched the Eagle’s shadow soar o’er the mountain range
      Looked up to see it once again, upon the open plain

      So we walked that trail past midnight, embracing it all the while
      Then with a look that said “Forever”, she joyfully star ted to cry

      I know our trail goes further, the beads are in the string
      I can feel its ancient medicine… its strength, a spiritual ring


      • Wow! I was looking back through the poetry and just now see this Quency… if I can miss a gem like the, how in heck can I find the chest? …lol great penning my friend !! Have a great day… until next time… see ya

  24. Focused is my Frankenstein
    He came to me in my lab
    He wasnt feeling fine
    He asked if I could juice him up
    And give him thoughts like mine
    So I sat him in my thinking chair
    And strapped him in with utmost care
    I gave him a look, he said, “okay”,
    “I’m ready Jdig, take it away…”
    I flipped the switch
    And it was a sight
    He began to twitch
    His eyes full of fright
    So I shut it down
    And released my friend
    He was just babbling
    He was on a bend
    I grabbed him by both shoulders and shook
    Looked him in the eyes to see if it took
    Just then he focused and I could see
    I had just created something better than me
    He thanked me over and over again,
    Shook my hand, and turned to flee
    “Wait!”, said I ,where you going friend?”
    He replied as quick as he ran out the door,
    “I’ve gotta go log in at Dals….”
    “I gotta go tell my poetry pals!”
    “Tell them what?” Asked a curious I
    But he was already gone, out the door
    I guess he got what he came for
    Proud of myself I sipped some wine
    Heres a toast to me and my friend
    Focused Frankenstein!

    Love ya my friend! You are the master!
    Your midnight is better than mine, I love it!
    And everyone, thanks for your kind replies!

    • Jdiggins,
      First let me start off by saying thank you for the smile to start off my day, I loved it!!!
      Your words above to many may not seem like much, but those who have been around the poetry page for the past 7 years know how true they are. For those who were not here 7 years ago let me fill ya in….
      When I first joined the chase I went to the poetry page and read some great stuff written by jdiggins, Spallies, CindyM and a host of others. I liked reading their poetry, so I thought I’d give it a try. At that time I attempted my first poem of my life and I thought I might get some negative responses because everyone on there was so good. Instead Jdiggins encouraged me to write another one, so I did. Through little quirks and joking back and forth she kept nudging me wanting “just one more”, so I kept writing “just one more” and another, and another etc.. so now, here I am 7 years later still penning “just one more”..lol
      So see, everyone back then can read Jdiggins “ Frankenstein “ and see how much truth are in her words, so in a sense I am her Frankenstein…I want to thank you Jdiggins for pushing me like a 3 wheeled cart back then…. thank you my friend !!!
      Now, that being said, I have to disagree with you on a couple things.. first, I’m not the “master” here, I have read many of your poems you’ve written from years ago (long before your chase)…. and you my friend deserve the title of “master” …. and second, my “midnight” poem is not better than yours, your inspiration (again lol) pushed me to write “just one more”… along with a little nudge from our friend Curious Hobbit…lol
      So there ya go guys, now you know the “rest of the story”…lol
      Thank you again Jdiggins for putting me in your chair and zapping me, I’m proud to be your Frankenstein!!!! Here’s a toast back at ya my friend… love ya too…
      Have a great day everyone…. until next time “just one more”…… see ya

      • Quite the story – both in Jdiggins poem and in you explanation Focused. So glad that both of you are penning, and that you “Threw the switch” jd. An admirer of you both – JDA

        • Thanks JDA,
          Isn’t it amazing how things just work out? The chase inspired me and jdiggins just kept wanting “one more”…lol
          Things happen for a reason and you guys can now reap the benefits.. I pen for you, not me…
          Have a great day, until next time.. see ya JDA….

          • YUP – YUP

            We may not always understand the things that happen to us, but most of the time things work out better than we might have imagined.

            Stay warm and safe my friend – JDA

      • Thanks my dear friend! I should add that for the first two years I was convinced he was Forrest! So much so when I met him at fennboree, I myself was shocked! 😉
        Thanks jda, and quency too!

        • Your welcome jdiggins…. heck, if i would have known that you thought I was Forrest, I could have played that out at least a couple more years…lol
          Meeting you and Spallies at Fennboree that year was the highlight of my trip…even with the “holy xxxx he is real” look on your face…lol it was a fun time…. thanks for the memories my friend…. until next time… see ya

    • Jdiggins, that was fantastic! I laughed out loud! I haven’t been around here long so I didn’t know the herstory. I even forgot about that corona thing. So maybe just one more?

      • Just one more
        He asks
        Like I can just
        Spit em out
        Like benign tasks.
        Well I’ll give it a shot
        Mr. A K A
        Why not
        I like to play

        Ready or not
        Here I come
        I’ve solved to poem
        And summed the sum
        I just ordered boots
        To go with my map
        I’ve been in cahoots
        With an epiphany
        Oh crap!
        What rhymes with that?
        I digress
        Back to my story
        My shining success
        I plan to go
        get that box
        I hope I have
        Outfoxed the fox
        But it really doesnt matter
        In the grand scheme of things
        Cause I’m as mad as the hatter
        And some other things.
        Ho ho ha ha he he
        Thanks for playing this game with me!

        • That’s my buddy jdiggins….. always spitting out smiles…lol I learned a long time ago that if you try to get into a poetry duel with jdiggins, you better bring two pens…lol
          If you need help carrying the box jdiggins, just let me know…. that’s the least I could do….
          Have a great night…. see ya

          • I really enjoy the camaraderie and banter… keep it up. Because I really don’t know how to duel.

  25. An old treasure leaver named Fenn
    Said in Scrapbook six hundred and ten:
    “They all stop at the blaze,
    the 6th clue! I’m amazed!
    They’ll solve the last 3 clues. But when?!?”

    • Warlock62,

      But when? As soon as you can! Ye must be inclusive, not elusive. But when?

      I thought Ronny was crowing about a rooster?


    • Yes, there is a lot of poem after the blaze.

      Fifteen years is a lot of thought
      Not certain ’bout the number
      But the rest of the poem is not for naught.
      Why build a chase and use half the lumber?

      • Just so others may share and be merry around a big bonfire.
        Also how did he get those logs out of that danged ol’ lake. Always makes me ponder

        • Ps. Keep it up. One day, maybe with poems like these you’ll be a published author:)

  26. Forum stalkers
    Bluffing Tommyknockers
    Insufferable talkers
    Gewgaw hawkers
    Cock o’ the walkers
    Bock, bock, bockers
    Forrest sure does rockers
    Too far to walkers
    Marvel gawkers
    Solve theory mockers
    Dickory dockers biding their time

    • RonnyLee,
      That my friend is some serious rhyming…lol thanks for the smile… 🙂 I enjoyed that… see ya my friend

  27. Great fun sharing a sentimental journey
    Sweet camaraderie in the Tourney
    Kindness, more kindness will earn ye
    Now away corona, can’t search from a gurney.

    This scare is surely overblown
    But to reach my peach much ground’s overflown
    Not sure nature has not overgrown
    The landing strip with pits from fruits unknown.

    • Not Connecting
      (Too Far To Walk)

      Scale the stairs to my terminal
      Pass the numerous gates
      Wait for final leg interminable
      Pearly smiles, wait in rooms, like freight.

      One old bag waits on another
      Thinking the end is drawing nigh
      If I had my druthers
      I wouldn’t fly.

  28. Extra verse

    Not Connecting
    (Too Far To Walk)

    Trousers are loose
    Must get the scantest metal
    And wands that goose
    Stretch humility’s mettle.

    Scale the stairs to my terminal
    Pass the numerous gates
    Wait for final leg interminable
    Pearly smiles, kept in rooms, just like freight.

    One old bag waits on another
    Thinking the end is drawing nigh
    If I had my druthers
    I wouldn’t fly.

    • Awesome 4rest4fend! I love it all! You’ve got style. I can’t wait for more! Keeps me buoyant. The poetry page rocks.

  29. Looking for a magic solution?
    May I suggest self-pollution,
    My paisanos enjoy their wine
    But their plight seems less than fine.

    The British Isles have a different taste
    More prefer in gin to baste
    The queen avoids the hassle
    Still fewer ill, though few have a country castle.

    Down home in ol’ West Virginny
    They may have the best medicinee
    Home-made spirits hot from the still
    The perfect proof whats fix the ill.

  30. Living like our tinned sardines
    Safe within these self-quarantines
    Some are new to social distance
    For others, not their first instance
    Wonder if all have a taste for pb&j on saltines.

    • 4rest4fend, your pen has been on fire today…lol I enjoyed reading your words to finish my day… a perfect ending to another great day!!! Thank you…
      Spring is springing my friend, enjoy the warmer days… until next time.. see ya

      • Agreed. 4rest4fend has ignited quite a fire, hopefully it will burn that virus up and out. Words are powerful. I’ll take a perfect proof to go please. Thank you 4rest4fend

      • Hi Focused,
        Today I finally had a chance to catch up and play but no one was out.
        So I made a some noise, I felt “penned” up,

        Hi 42,
        Hope you enjoy your bored games,, many are lotsa fun.
        Here’s to keeping our crackers dry, spirits refreshed and hands washed.

        Today’s Correction:

        Laughter is best, better than booze.
        I hoped by sharing some comedy
        Our blues and lows we’d lose
        Not to infuse doubt about the true remedy.

        Good night

        • 4rest4fend, my comment didn’t make here yesterday cus I think we posted at the exact same time! In sum, thanks for the laugh and I’d like a perfect proof to go please!

    • @4rest4fend your poem brought a smile…and a craving for saltines with PB and honey. Yep, they were delicious.

      Our Spring break destination
      Was derailed by The virus.
      So we’re doing a staycation
      No plane, train, or bus,
      It’s All stay, and no cation.
      But no sense makin a fuss,
      Poem solution = vacation.
      Leave the virus in trail dust.

  31. With cold feet
    And a hedgelimb for a seat
    I sit here and wonder of life over yonder

    I could have picked a better day to leave
    And wore something warmer for my sleves

  32. Beep Beep
    Rhymes with…
    Jeep Jeep
    And I don’t have one…

    Sorry, I can’t take credit for this one.

  33. Ten

    The wind blows strong
    cold rains come
    like bullets it tears
    into the only one

    his head looks down
    still pushing on
    against your war
    the end has come

    and it comes
    there’s a reason why
    something changed
    when she finally died

    made for him
    she’s carved in stone
    machines to fit
    and fill his holes

    she smiled every time
    she saw his face
    two opposites
    drawn to embrace

    and they embraced
    like a soul on fire
    like mother to child
    dawn to night

    and you’re the cause
    you know this to
    there’s a spell at work
    it comes for you

    and now, after all this time
    a curse plays out
    and a trove waits in the wild
    like a consolation prize

    like a bandaid stuck
    to a wounded child
    like a crumb of relief
    to the dying light

    so he lifts his staff
    and strikes the Earth
    and waves stretch out
    and shake your world

    all in her name
    for the life you took
    for the life of shame
    for the praise you claim

    so he’ll set this right
    and bring calm and peace
    to a world on fire
    just as soon
    oh just as soon
    as the shadows
    retreat in flight

    …and in the ends there’s a pot of gold
    … a consolation prize

  34. Ok, jdiggins wrote her “Frankenstein” poem above…. that was from her point of view. Now you can hear it from my point of view… enjoy my friends…. until next time… see ya

    “ Frankenstein “

    I knocked upon jdiggins door, her lab for many years,

    not feeling very well myself, slight ringing in my ears.

    I asked if she could help me, my mind was clogged for sure,

    My words no longer flowing, can you make them more like yours?

    Her special juice in tubes, I heard should do the trick,

    Green with rising bubbles, and super, super thick.

    She sat me in her thinking chair and strapped my arms secure,

    Looked at me and said “okay”, “are you really, really sure?”

    “Take it away” I said to her, “no backing out this time”.

    She flipped the switch, all I recall, a fading friend of mine.

    When my eyes reopened, all slumped and looking down,

    I saw my legs still twitching, I heard a friendly sound.

    Her hands upon my shoulders, she pushed me to a rise,

    I can’t explain the look, there in jdiggins eyes.

    My thoughts were free and flowing, words and words galore,

    I shook her hand and thanked her, then headed for the door.

    She asked where I was going, I answered on the run,

    “The Poetry Page at Dal’s”, “ my journeys just begun”.

    Thanks to my friend jdiggins, and the her giving of her time,

    You now can journey with me, we’ll sip our glass of wine.

    Imagination it cost nothing, hope and dreams are free,

    And so are special friendships, and words that flow from me.

    My friends please make an effort, and thank her one more time,

    And enjoy the future words, from me, her Frankenstein…

    By: Focused

    • Focused and jdiggins,

      Well done you 2 Co-conspirators. The Rocky and Bullwinkle of the poetry pages! Fun reading for sure. Keep it up you two…


      • Thanks By George… since I beat jdiggins on replying, I’m “Rocky”… so jdiggins, your “Bullwinkle” my friend…lol
        Have a great day everyone… until next time… see ya

        • Hmmm a moose, eh?
          Jk…I’ll take bullwinkle, even though I’ve always been a little squirrely!

      • Thanks Chas David.. jdiggins started it, I just thought it would be neat to hear her poem from my perspective (the one sitting in the chair)…lol
        Enjoy your day today… see ya my friend

    • Focused that was top shelf.

      Top Shelf!

      Only Top Shelf
      Was my motto
      Indulge myself
      Pilot’s auto

      Mistakes I made
      Creating Fun
      Wreckless crusade
      And damn age done.

      Count the fingers
      Upon the side
      Sadness lingers
      Nothing inside.

      The friends I count
      Still on the field
      A small amount
      Glad warmth still yield.

      Won’t belly-up
      Ain’t like before
      Abs jellied up
      Feet feel the floor.

      Liked the good stuff
      Went fast those times
      Shared enough.
      Now, love the rhymes.

      • Thanks 4rest4fend, yours was pretty “top shelf” also…. I liked the 5th stanza (I can relate)…lol thanks for grin my friend… keep your ink flowing… until next time.. see ya

        • Just a fan of the man
          His hat I never wore
          In his shadow I Never Land
          Not a vet, yet felt his War.

      • Thank for the “bravo” DTakaRS…. I’m glad you like our goofing off…lol have a great day and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it…… see ya my friend

  35. Wow! 4est4friend, DTakaRS, focused, chase, bygeorge, jojo, shadow runner, quency, et al; y’all been a pennin fools! Gimme a few to catch up!

  36. About 8.25 miles
    north of Santa Fe
    new treasures lay.
    Halt your 4 wheeler
    And don’t delay
    paying your dues
    To the TP dealer.



  37. Time in the Garden

    Along the garden path of time
    We cherish golden hours sublime
    Where peace and sweetness brightly play
    In seeming endless Summer days

    We relish not the darker hours
    Where tares and snares amongst the bowers
    Nearly made us lose our way
    Allured by shadows pallid sway

    Not strength of will nor mind nor wit
    Shone on the path more brightly lit
    Which led our steps toward the place
    Wherein we found amazing grace

    But only love which nurtures roots
    Did help our trees to bear good fruits
    So blessed we rest in graceful pardon
    Enjoying sunlight in the garden

    by RonnyLee

          • Kudos! RonnyLee,

            Few, if any here can outdo thee,
            Message of truth shows your spirit is free,
            Reminds one of the meanings needed here to see,
            That Where Warm Waters Halt is more than wet,
            Spiritual cause in case we haven’t seen it yet,
            Your words state it clear, we see poetic truth so dear,
            Treasure and the blaze is near, does anyone else hear? Only those who know mercy can rest in graceful pardon,
            Under the stars of a path that shines so brightly lit,
            Only a Forrest, can canopy it, seeing our steps toward the place, A Forrest wherein we found a TC, and when opened all it said was peace, beauty and amazing grace.

            Those of us who plant a tree of good fruits,
            Will feed smiling faces in some garden of these mountain gods. But only love which nurtures roots
            Did help our trees to bear good fruits.


          • TT,
            Have you been holding out on us? You just took the lid off of your can of talents… now we’ll expect to see more of your words…lol jk… thank you for sharing TT…. have a great evening… until next time.. see ya

    • Very good penning RonnyLee… it’s great to hear your words again my friend. Your poem is very relaxing and peaceful….. thank you… until next time… see ya

  38. Wow, TT…your praise of my poem was better than my poem. You should pen more often so we can enjoy your talent.

    • RonnyLee and Focused, you have the ability to inspire people, thanks for making me think, but more to dream and imagine…TT

  39. Dam you man from Sante Fe !
    Giving us 24 lines and 9 clues to obey
    How dare you bring out our inner child ! Just to get us out in the wild
    I say again dam you man from Santa Fe enticing us all from child to old. Making us all pirates looking for gold.
    Who do you think you are ? With your 24 lines 9 clues and two trips from your car.
    Dam you man from Sante Fe (sigh) but I must say after 6 years in this fray I wouldn’t have it, any other way.
    Dam you man from Sante Fe :

    • Chawkfan,
      That was a funny one my friend… I bet a lot of searchers are thinking the same thing…lol thanks for the smile 🙂 ….. see ya my friend

      • I have more i hope it’s not to dark

        The search for gold
        tis really a search of soul
        The lure, reveals who we are
        as we search here there and sometimes far
        Through storm river rain and snow
        we go go go
        Some become lost yet always make it home
        but that glitter has such a grip and forces us to roam roam roam
        The intrigue of sudden gain often masks a slow dark and continual pain
        Sometimes I wonder the devil’s favorite shade ? Could it be that shiny rock that often hides in the glade?
        Those who cannot keep the thrill in check might one day find that home a wreck
        Oh lust for that pretty rock is real! just ask my family how they feel.
        Luster’s of sudden gain may want to weigh it against that family pain
        As one can get so lost yet always make it home yet one day end up alone.

  40. Ok guys, here’s a tricky one…. there’s a hidden message in this poem, can you find it? Good luck…. if needed, tomorrow I’ll give hints… have fun…

    “ True Peace “

    You’ll gaze into the heavens, in deepest thought alone,

    And never will you doubt, where those before have gone.

    There you’ll find serenity, a warm and loving touch,

    A kind of peace and freedom, you’ve never felt so much.

    Your hearts a product of, a loving higher hand,

    Pumping peace and love, your mind will understand.

    Live from in your heart, until your final day,

    Then others they’ll see you, as fears are cast away.

    They’ll stop and listen closely, to peaceful words you say,

    Take time to share with others, your message day to day.

    Give your peace to others, share what’s true and sound,

    Heart to heart, friend to friend, embrace the peace you’ve found..

    By: Focused

      • OMG RonnyLee…. your fast…lol great job my friend… I thought it might be to systematic and would be figured out quick, but not that quick…lol hats off to ya my friend… see ya

  41. In My Opinion!

    It wasn’t my solve,I was just the Minion
    His thoughts were twisted In my Opinion

    He took me there where warm waters stop
    I pondered this place, as I grabbed me a Pop

    What makes you so certain I said with some doubt
    This happens no where else in the Rockies! That gave him some clout

    On we went to his next destination, there it is take a look
    You know this How? I found a book

    From there things really started to click
    No Meek, No Paddles, Just loads a Thick

    So far so good but where’s the Blaze
    He gestured with a finger as I stood in a Daze

    How long have you worked to figure this out
    Thirteen trips, Seven Years, and a lot of doubt

    A little further to go the last clue to untwine
    If I’m right the treasure is mine

    So in we went with a spot to make
    Two hours in and nothing to take

    We headed for home many states away
    No sleep for me I wanted to play

    I said to him I’m all in
    Do you mind if I go back again

    Back at the crib for a little more than a minute
    I bought that ticket cause I wanted to Fenn it!

    Off I went tired as hell
    But my gut told me all was well

    I went back in with a certain air
    and there I saw it a piece of ware

    That piece of pottery lay in rest
    Upon a fallen pine like a family crest

    What I saw next shocked me to the core
    I got scared as hell and dropped to the floor

    Who would have thought that props could play apart
    But Fenn we all know is smarter than smart

    I may be crazy as a loon
    one more trip and I will know real soon.

  42. Ok guys, here’s the solve to my poem above….RonnyLee was quick with this one…lol congrats my friend…. until next time… see ya

    Line 1- 1st word
    Line 2- 2nd word
    Line 3- 3rd word
    Line 4- 4th word
    Line 5- 5th word
    Line 6- 6th word
    Then reverse the system
    Line 7- 6th word
    Line8- 5th word
    Line 9- 4th word
    Line 10- 3rd word
    Line 11- 2nd word
    Line 12- 1st word

    It says….

    “ You’ll never find peace of mind, until you listen to your heart”

    “ True Peace “

    YOU’LL gaze into the heavens, in deepest thought alone,

    And NEVER will you doubt, where those before have gone.

    There you’ll FIND serenity, a warm and loving touch,

    A kind of PEACE and freedom, you’ve never felt so much.

    Your hearts a product OF, a loving higher hand,

    Pumping peace and love, your MIND will understand.

    Live from in your heart, UNTIL your final day,

    Then others they’ll see YOU, as fears are cast away.

    They’ll stop and LISTEN closely, to peaceful words you say,

    Take time TO share with others, your message day to day.

    Give YOUR peace to others, share what’s true and sound,

    HEART to heart, friend to friend,embrace the peace you’ve found..

    By: Focused

    • “Theory test”

      I could post this on the poem thread but since this is the poetry page and my “theory poem” was here I’ll post it here…
      I’ve often wondered if Forrest’s poem could be “unlocked” so to speak using just his poem and the words provided within his poem to direct us to where we need to go to find indulgence… IMO, his poem alone and the words contained within it is not enough to achieve our task….Thanks to RonnyLee And his quickness in solving my “theory poem” , I now believe that it can not.. IMO, an outside source or sources are needed to understand Forrest’s poem.. if it could be “unlocked” from within its words “however the method” it would have been solved by now… there’s a lot of bright and intelligent people working on Forrest’s poem, using mathematics, spacing, coded letters, etc… and have yet to “unlock” a location for indulgence….
      So again IMO, this is not the way….
      my “poem test” was a simple version compared to Forrest’s poem but it proved a point to me. Forrest’s poem is difficult and there are a lot of great minds out there thinking on it…. so IMO, for me, I’m concentrating outside the poem for answers to the poem…. the above is just my opinion, yours may vary, so take it with a grain of salt…
      Thanks again RonnyLee….. everyone have a great day today…… until next time… see ya my friends…

      • You’re welcome, focused. I see Forrest’s poem as a list of instructions. I don’t think scrambling, plotting or anagramming will get to the cache. But I’m sure some would think that a naive notion. IMO.

        • I agree it’s all about instructions. Find 9 places on a map and figure out how to get to them/what to do with them. And try to do it poetically(it’s the poetry page so I’m mentioning poetry so as not to anger Dal)

        • I agree with you RonnyLee, and if the instructions are followed, only then will you realize (by where your led) the true meaning of his words…. IMO… see ya my friend

  43. The Dark took our trail and we sat awaiting the great sun again.
    Our soul of friendships began to pass the times with laughter
    Alone with many silent winds we spoke once more before the second dark took us.
    I could only explain that I saw the words in whispers of this GREAT beyond the lands of fish and sky
    And that I knew of a one true thing….Porcupines taste like S&@T

  44. Poetry smoetry,
    Always forgetting that guys in charge,
    He has word rules for fools,
    And documents at large.
    Dal’s the inner net traffic cop,
    Reminding us where the bucks stop.

    • Good job Brian u…. you guys have sure got me smiling today…. keep it up my friends… I pictured Dal, in uniform, directing emojis at an intersection… you gotta enjoy the little things my frien…. see ya

  45. the time is now to live it down low / on a road aheadin down steep breakin hard to slow go slow/
    / two nickels in my pocket and its all go joe go / to the pack rat shack upon the ridge / past the no trespassin signed bridge / a joinin brother Clem for the word written on a little banjo / justa lay it on me straight don’t double talk it its agettin late / a souls on fire fine fire but I ain’t hearin no choir no balcony choir / oh no please Lord no / there’s a fire up above and its a rainin down a love / there’s a fire burnin below just south of well you don’t wanna know / Clem a take my hand dearest Clem a hold my hand / brother Clem can I be parta your band

    • Good job Hank… been a while, it’s good to see ya penning my friend…. keep on keeping on…..
      Until next time… see ya

  46. It’s nice to know Forrest is doing good
    Him and Willie are walkin thru the hood
    Enjoying simple pleasures as one should

    I’ve tried to tell what it is I saw
    Guess it’s against Treasured law
    We pulled our guns to a draw

    There’s not much to do while indoors
    I’ve washed and waxed all the floors
    And listened to the rain as it pours

    This virus will certainly not end us
    I will walk alone into that wilderness
    And hope the Gold is really contagious.

    Pauley T

    • PauleyT,
      I hope the gold is contagious too my friend… if not, at least your floors will shine?… stay hunkered down and safe my friend…. see ya

  47. Ben met Anna,
    Made a hit.
    Neglected beard,
    Ben Anna split.

    Those were great ads…I dunno if they worked to sell more Burma Shave but they made the road trips between here and there more interesting…

    • That, and a stop at a Stuckey’s, with air conditioning and the famous pecan pralines.

    • WOW !!! Did Dal just share a verse of rhyme here on the poetry page? Dal, there’s hope for you after all my friend…lol … Ben Anna Split, oh that sounds good right now…lol my next road trip is now!!! Where’s my keys?….. until next time…. see ya my friend

    • Not many burmaShave signs left (The Pickers bought them all up). We used to pass one near Helena, MT where the “Bur” was so faded that it read maShave. Of course, we couldn’t resist asking Mom if she lathered up before we were awake.

      Ma…do you shave?
      No kids, now behave!

  48. “ A Note To Corona Virus “

    You were born upon a distant soil,

    You’ve crossed a mighty span.

    Bringing grief and turmoil,

    To spread across our lands.

    But in your deadly rave,

    You’ve made a great mistake.

    This is the home of braves,

    Your evil we won’t take!

    This is just a warning,

    You best tuck tail and run.

    No need to wait till morning,

    Your evil here is done!

    We,ll distance from friends,

    You’ll have no where to go.

    Until your evil ends,

    Our courage we will show.

    So now you’ve had your warning,

    Your evil we won’t take,

    We’ll not bow down in mourning,

    Our freedom we will take.

    We live red, white and blue,

    Our Flag has never fell,

    There’s no half mast for you,

    When we send you back to hell…..

    By: Focused

    • Your welcome jdiggins….

      Yeah it’s kinda nice to see Dal chime in here… he must really be getting bored out there on His little island….lol… see ya my friend

  49. Early Spring Time

    A little farther down the road
    Past, the open door
    A biddle of feathers bears a load
    For those who gaze upon objets d’or.

    Cousins kept in glassy cases
    Beckon keepers of precious things.
    But airborne lives arise from grassy bases
    Also hear the songs our precocious sings.

    Delicate petals, green-stemmed flags
    Waving with majestic echos
    If not so graceful could purely brag,
    Senses reel in harmonic meadows.

  50. No rhyme or reason, it’s just the season.

    We’re all ready into spring
    Ain’t that a wonderful thing
    The birds will chirp and sing
    As mountains look for a king

    Once a Treasure becomes a secret
    Skittish things we’ll put in a deep rut
    You’ll have to find it before you keep it
    Pray that gold will leave the stream shut

    I’d imagine you are just like me
    Looking for solice from infinity
    Redeeming what you used to be
    Asking for a higher core of quality

    Remember that day when you were young
    You’d ride your horse and shoot your gun
    All over these lands you shout till your hung
    They’ll never get me cause I’m on the run

    I’ve played this game once or twice
    So now let me give you some advice
    Try to keep your feet outta the vice
    Get into those mountains for some spice

    Pauley T

  51. Roll Call!

    Hey all you great regulars, new and old,
    Shout out if you are well.

    Or if you aren’t shout louder.

    I’m OK.


    • Ok so far. Every nose tickle and cough makes you wonder though. I already had something with all of the symptoms back around New Year’s Day.

    • Ok here too my friends…. the virus has been confirmed now even closer to my home. I live in the country, so that helps as far as contact is concerned. But as Forrest would say “ I’m hunkering down and gutting in” trying to do my part to fight this thing… Thank you 4rest4fend for initiating the “roll call”. I too have wondered about my poetry pals…. stay safe my friends, my prayers are with all of you…. until next time… see ya

    • Still well but doing my part.
      Thyme will tell.
      “Fate deals you four cards and a joker,
      And you play whether you like it or not.”
      God be with you, friends.

  52. oh look what we’ve become / broken pieces of the pottery that was lost love / raining ashes burning binds / buried deep throughout the years now gone from time / abandoned on the property now of none / oh to turn the hands rewind / seas of treasures beginning times so clear / hold a fragile piece on air

    • Hank,

      Man, it’s penning such as yours that keeps me up at night. My Cryptonite! No toothpicks required!

      Cryptic visions from the cryptologist! Ya gotta love it. Nice!

      Some may think that you’re running a fever, but we know better. Well done.


    • Prayers for all plus a special prayer for Pdenver,

      maybe sheltering in place without internet access?

      I see some posting on some of the new threads,

      Stay well.

  53. Thought I would get down with the crowd and hit a quick poem.

    Dippers are dancing on green carpet moss,
    taking a plunge in the swirling soap wash.
    Rabbits doth burrow into the bleak,
    down in the valley next to the creek.
    A fish popped up and said hello,
    asking from line to be let go.
    The fisherman sang of his catch with glee,
    his rod made of branch from an old gnarly tree.
    Swiftly ran by was a bull in a race
    fear of been eaten with fright on its face.
    Battling ants came to check out the fuss,
    Looking for reason behind the circus.
    High in the hills the dragonflies dart,
    eating the food, a meal of the heart.
    Little frogs sit on the far distant shore,
    a place that is lonely, yet full of grandeur.
    All of these secrets take me to place,
    a bet on the horses to win me that race.

    • I like it quite a lot, BigO.
      ‘specially the line –
      “A fish popped up and said hello,
      asking from line to be let go.”
      Ready for more from ya.

      • Thanks www,

        It wasn’t one of ff’s angry ones, more of an Oarfish, rowing backwards. Very friendly.


  54. Gosh, everyone did a great job penning. I truly enjoyed the artistry you have in your words. I look forward to reading more.

    • Although I’m relatively new here, your absence was glaring Pdenver. Glad to see you on the roll call.

      4rest4fend, looks like your special prayer worked! Now go big or go home! Correction: go big and stay home!

      • Thank you for your kind words, DTakaRS.

        Have a good evening, everyone. Sweet dreams.

    OF MUD,

  56. Hooray for our cast of clutch hitters
    Let’s salute the great Sir Lister
    Made clear the way to save the true gritters
    From death from heavy wound or just a blister.

    To the rhyme I do urge
    We speak from behind the curtain
    Freely our doubts we can purge
    For each in here knows our care is certain.

  57. This is a little late For St. Patrick’s guys, but for some reason this popped into my head, so I had to jot it down…lol Better late than never…lol Have a great night everyone…. until next time… see ya

    “ The Ride “

    High upon the rainbows arc,

    Rests a tiny leprechaun.

    Gazing up, at clouds so dark,

    A perfect perch, before it’s gone.

    His climb to get, up to its top,

    Was slow and tests his will.

    Rested up, vowed not stop,

    Prepared to slide downhill.

    Both hands grab, his tall green hat,

    He raised his curl toe boots.

    He knows below, is where it’s at,

    Then slides down the colored chute.

    To ride a magic rainbow,

    Is a leprechaun’s perfect dream.

    To ride upon its colored glow,

    And sound, his tiny scream.

    When his ride was over,

    All the joy his heart could hold,

    Landing in a field of clover,

    Beside his pot of gold….

    By: Focused

    • Thanks 42, pdenver and RonnyLee ( sorry I missed your morning greeting my friend)…. I think my poem above was a sign of temporary insanity…lol. This self-quarantine gets old quick…lol but, I’m doing my part to fight this thing… right?
      Have a great night… see ya my friends

    • Hi, Focused,

      I’ve looked at this poem now,
      flown to tausand magic lands.
      İt was the bright shine I’ve saw,
      with nice place in all hearts.
      I ‘ve liked too; but Why and How,
      sadly, genuine poet leaves us?…

      With best wishes.

  58. Easy peasy

    Flame of hope, wanting to seek.
    Damp out passion, its not for the meek.
    Aqua melt of ice that is thick.
    Sling on a rucksack and get there quick.
    Descend on that chest where it was hid.
    Collect the booty just open the lid.

    No need to get complicated. Its not rocket science. Just wait it out.

  59. I should really be studying, but having a lazy day, due to someone very close to me passing away. Don’t suppose I would be able to concentrate.

    Hope I havn’t pested you with my little rhymes!

    Treasure wants to beckon to me,
    the secrets of far away land.
    To find my way I’d sail the sea,
    with strength and single hand.
    A winter start, inviting greed,
    immoral, against the grain.
    It matters not, depth of need,
    danger will only bring pain.
    A promise made to my friend,
    I’ll await Gods shining sun.
    Bring to bear a perfect end,
    with summer enchanted fun.


      • Thanks Focused and worry not I am always strong.

        I just laughed to myself when I opened my computer and looked at my poem. It actually began with the title “Full Circle”, which was to see me travel all the way around the globe, but as said my chain of thought was not with me and broken at time of writing, so cut short.

        Maybe next time……à plus tard…!!

    • BigOnus,

      Nice penning. Plenty of understanding ears within these walls.
      When my Dad died at 1:00 pm, all I wanted was to be alone. So I went golfing! You were so much better off not studying. I drove off after the 11th hole.

      I’m sorry for your loss. Keep pestering, it’s good or the heart.


      • A Treasure Round

        Go with God and a bag of sticks
        Engaging solitude goes far
        Find peace where flight and ground mix
        The eleventh hour found you under par.

        Not today not tomorrow
        You’ll play another round
        Joyous shots’ll displace some sorrow
        Bury that ball in the ground.

        Tee it high and let it fligh
        Then a chip off the ol’ block
        On the green it will lie
        Till you putt the key in the lock.

        • Great little poem.

          little Greta Thundberg will be pleased you didn’t tear-up that turf!

    • Thoughts and prayers are with you, BigOnus. I’m glad you took the time to be at peace and pen. I like them.

    • Sorry for your loss. Always feels better to have some outlet. I’m sure your loved one is smiling at your words.

  60. You haven’t pestered me BigOnus… I enjoyed reading your words! Keep up your penning my friend… stay safe, it’s a crazy world out there….. until next time… see ya

    • Pested mi amigo, not “pestered”.

      Yes the latter is correct, but the former is for fun. I always chuck in words that don’t exist and can mean mean no different.

      I love confusing young Kids with “not cerilnessalry” (necessarily). The joke confuses some and gives others a reason to make fun at me for being so stupid.


  61. This poem is based on a dream I had where I imagined I was a kite.

    Kite on a String

    Up in the air looking down from above,
    Tethered to the ground by the man with the glove.
    He holds the string and watches me fly.
    I twist in the wind as he laughs when I cry.
    I have a will of my own, but the wind shoves me up and away.
    Then he pulls on the string and drags me in close just to see me fray.
    When we are almost together, he whispers “The end is ever drawing nigh”.
    Suddenly, he lets go of the string with a grin and a gleam in his eye.
    Carried away by the wind and left twisting again as up I do fly.
    I am afraid he will let go or lose his grip on the string.
    Once untethered and alone, I will disappear. The end it will bring.

  62. CKL,

    I had to smile reading that! Get out there with those kids and fly a kite. Social distancing doesn’t mean solitary confinement. And don’t let go of that string! Well done.


  63. Not sure whats happened to me, I think the angels have been tapping on my shoulder and asking for rhyme.

    I went to see my favourite bear,
    singing in his hollow man cave.
    Pounding out that almighty song,
    sharing the spread of octave.

    Testing notes of harmonious sound,
    that would beckon heavens own ears.
    Filling the mountains from miles around,
    bringing scopulous trees to cheers.

    “Hey little friend, why do you sing”,
    I asked when arrived at his layer.
    “For all to listen and know I am king,
    switching Gods creatures to prayer”.

    He turned from me continuing loud,
    for treasures he so wanted to give.
    The message was clear, from land to cloud,
    hoping peace would conquer and live.

    “Thank you bear, I brought you a feast”,
    pulling a gift from pocket to share.
    wisdom tamed that hungry beast,
    so I gave my pal a one legged hare!

  64. Focused
    I saw your words
    On another page
    Said you’re leavin
    Leavin the stage

    I sure hope
    It’s not for long
    You’ve made so many
    Feel and belong

    Keep your pen up
    Your chin too
    And always know
    We love you!

    • Thank you very much my friend for your kind words… they mean a lot to me.. I strongly believe in the freedom of speech and religion and for them to be censored to the liking of others I will not be a part of… penning for you guys the past 7 years has been rewarding for me and hopefully you too… that’s 7 years that I’ll cherish forever… you guys are great!!!
      It’s time for me to move on and utilize my freedom…
      Stay safe everyone and enjoy the little things as you go about it…..see ya my friends…


      • Focused – I’m so sorry, I feel like I am responsible for all of this.
        Me and my big mouth. Should never have asked THAT question, although the answer is as I expected. There are some subjects that many are uncomfortable discussing but we can’t always stay in our comfort zone – especially if we expect to find the “treasure.”
        I plan on finding it but have learned to tread softly.
        Many may never hear me coming. LOL
        You have become a part of us here and we of you.
        I don’t believe you can just turn and walk away – do you really believe you can?

        • Wwwamericana,
          You are in “NO” way responsible for anything. Your question was a legitimate one that needed answered. Thank you for asking it, I was about to ask the same thing…lol
          IMO the correct solve will have something to do with life, death and the afterlife…. my solve includes all of them… as Forrest said ..

          “ My church is in the mountain along river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play”

          Yes, you guys are a part of me for sure… you don’t think I can walk away? And Do I believe I can?

          First off, I’m not walking away from the chase, I’m in it till it’s found or I die first…. I just cannot express my poetic thoughts as freely as I once could….
          I’ll still be around (maybe…lol)…

          Don’t feel bad in any way my friend.. your heart is where it should be…

          Until next time… see ya my friend…

          • Focused,
            Don’t be away long as you will be missed. I always enjoy your presence here and your thoughtful content.

            Warmest wishes as you take a break.

          • Thank you 42… your comments have always been appreciated…. have a great night… see ya my friend

          • Focused,

            www made a good point! It’s HIS fault. And Sheriff Billy. And myself. And many others.

            So what’s up doc? Maybe we should just pen about it?

            We don’t need no stinking cops! We got Focused!

            Maybe we should CAST some light out here and shape it into some enlightenment?

            Focused, I’ll sea ur frustration and raise ya a determination!

            IT’S ON! This weekend for me! I gotta grab my cap! Neon Lights will be the Title of mine.

            Shall we await guidance from the Great IRONHAND(Dal)? Ummmmmm……..
            If the Great IRONHAND doth not allow TheeThus enlightenment then we retreat and call Forrest!!

            Cuz Dal be A LOT INTIMIDATING!
            TRUE STORY!! Social distancing 4SHO!!!


      • I understand focused. Whole lotta snipin’ going on these days. Keep the faith. Take a break. If you ever do feel liike sharing, I’m sure there will be plenty of folks who will appreciate it. Take care, and take time to enjoy the little things As you go about your day, my friend..

        • Thanks RonnyLee, your a true friend…. keep penning, your talents amazing…. until next time… see ya

      • Oh no! What did I miss?

        I don’t follow all the other threads, honestly some times
        I take a hiatus from it all.

        But always with the confidence I could come back here and see what my friends have been up to.

        Focused, I will miss your brilliant talent, spirit-rich voice and incredible warmth.

        I remember when Jdiggins started her break and hoped
        it would be temporary,,, and it was.

        Please post an addendum to your post. “For now”
        “For a bit” “Once upon a while”….

        Your friend,

        • Your words are warm and comforting 4rest4fend…. thank you… continue being yourself my friend, you have something many wish for… have a great night… see ya my friend

          • No. not tonight
            No moon bow in sight
            A teet’ring grayed knight
            Armour’s weight not too light.

            No “lightning” for a steed
            No tight’ning of the reigns
            The fleecing lamb bleeds
            Woolly white. Crimson stains.

            Excludes calming thought
            Mulling the bitter wine
            To a wise man’s lips brought
            Mouthing peace, in words divine.

            On shanks mare we rely
            To carry our flag into the fray
            To bullies “NUTS” we reply
            Happier yet to carry the day.

          • Beautiful ! ! …. 4rest4fend, you have a way with words my friend… keep penning..
            Until next time… see ya

          • 4rest4fend,

            That was way above my pay scale! I honestly didn’t know half of those words existed!

            But I like it. It has depth. And mystery. Pretty cool.


      • Hello Focused.

        In the words of Bill Withers:

        “Lean on me.
        When you’re not strong.
        I’ll be your friend.
        I’ll help you carry on.”

    • The pen went silent,
      As did the keys.
      Words once so reliant,
      Now frozen with unease.

      We’ll still see the sun shine,
      And feel the blow,
      But Focused words so benign,
      We’ll no longer know.

      Best wishes my friend!

      • Sorry for the typo above…must have been a tear in my eye…

        The pen went silent,
        As did the keys.
        Words once so reliant,
        Now frozen with unease.

        We’ll still see the sun shine,
        And feel the wind blow,
        But Focused words so benign,
        We’ll no longer know.

  65. I know I joke around a lot
    But it’s just my nature
    All those lost times forgot
    Seeking a bigger stature

    Cry freedom cry it loud
    Cry me a deepened river
    I’ll help you become proud
    I’ll pull you from a conniver

    You swear your vengeance
    And apply it forthcoming
    Looking for any semblance
    Building off that shortcoming

    I keep forgiving those matters
    Cause that’s what they tell me
    Inside it’s like a strewn tatters
    Preying on a lesser tranquility

    I’m gonna pick it all up
    And mash it all together
    In the end that empty cup
    We’ll fill with another pleasure.

    Pauley T

  66. Oh no!
    I just got here
    This definitely blows
    I feel the tear
    That all of us knows
    Stay well and in good cheer
    Under the blossoming boughs.

    You will be deeply missed Focused.

  67. Snowman on a snowmobile
    Batman on a batmobile
    Rooster on a
    Quest to cease

    ( Dear Forrest, in case you have the misfortune of reading the above, here’s a rebate: the O is likely a Q for ‘esquire’. Hope it rings a bell. )

  68. Focused
    I break everything I touch!
    I hit the Chase in August and before Christmas I had me a (what I believe is a winning solve).
    Then, disease hit, we had locusts swarming, Australia/Amazon burning and panic buying to famine. The world seems to be ending in Biblical magnitude on my joining.
    I found one of my garden doves laid out last week and his lonely partner mourning by his side.
    My mother in law passed away Sunday.
    Then, you my friend, who appear to be the backbone of rhythmic splendour are leaving the party on my arrival.
    I must be cursed. I feel like throwing myself onto the fire and declaring myself witch bredrin.

    I read and enjoy your words, it will be a sad loss.

  69. This is for you wwwamericana… don’t tread lightly my friend, live upon solid ground and firmly by your word…. have a great day today and enjoy the little things as you go about it….. see ya my friend….

    “ One Voice “

    Two thousand any twenty years ago,

    In a dry and arid place.

    Mourners let their feelings show,

    As blood ran down his face.

    Caused by those, an evil choice,

    To mute his words of gold.

    To stop his true enlightened voice,

    And what the future holds.

    Though tattered, bruised and weak,

    Little air to make a sound.

    All mourners heard him speak,

    His voice rang all around.

    With soldiers man by man,

    And mourners on their knees.

    There in those arid sands,

    A voice for who believes.

    That was many years ago,

    His voice still heard today.

    Those arid sands, still gently blow,

    In that land so far away.

    His words will not be muted,

    By time, hate or disgrace.

    They’re firmly heard, but rooted,

    By the blood upon his face….

    By: Focused

    • Free Will and Testament

      Flowers circle the sacred tree
      To honor their sacred chief
      When words become poetry
      They’re sound as an oath to a thief.

      Imagination bests knowledge
      Like faith tests a heart
      Birthright traded for lentil porridge
      Trust’s been key from the start.

      And Focus Regained

    • Focused,

      Once again, spoken with grace, and sprinkled with Focus. Easy read. Thanks.


  70. my one-time try at rhyme

    Two hearts in my chest, I´m twice
    One on quest to inner Reich
    One coming fourth in worldly sphere
    A bird of prey in empire air
    But sparrow on soiled Ground
    One unbound
    One not free
    One who needs to feel
    One who´s made of steel

    A thinker
    A tinker
    Thoughtless trickster
    And useless blister

    Ace of aces
    Ash to Ashes
    One who seeks
    One who flees

    A child with seeing eyes
    One who being annoys
    It bears
    It fears

    One with forgiveness
    One in speechlessness
    Someone who owns
    Someone who loans

    But planted miraculous seeds
    Brought up some silver trees
    It rumbles sounds and groans
    As it turns and sprouts and grows

    Once, boot on the ground
    And the other unbound
    Because it spills a well infinity
    On hard shell superficiality

    Good behaviors of the One
    Slowly invade the other´s run
    And at the golden horizon
    An unchained bird will rising

    The end, indeed
    One bead by bead
    Make it on the string
    As one single thing

    Then will sail the union ship
    Almost on a Moebius strip
    Empty holds, full mental gear
    Ports closed, hope will overbear

    • Foolish Bird,

      I’ll be honest, I enjoy reading these poems. Each one is unique in and of itself. I enjoyed your thoughts.


      • thank you, I found this page a few days ago and love it too.
        I also read some of your impressive works.

        • This is why I like rereading poems. Man, that’s some nice penning.

          Y’all just create some great energy. I’ll bet your electric bill is sky high! Thanks…

          • Only one shy try
            Good Bye GeorgeBy

            Soul touched foreign sentence
            but words did not obey the senses

    • If words were a color
      And a message was a painting
      Two hearts made for each other
      One love with no tainting
      I couldn’t give my heart to another
      So my painting in the making
      Would be known as blue since I’m still in love with you

  71. I woke up this morning and heard the music.
    This is for Forrest. I think this sums things up for me.

    “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

    Birds flying high, you know how I feel
    Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
    Breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel

    It’s a new dawn
    It’s a new day
    It’s a new life for me, yeah
    It’s a new dawn
    It’s a new day
    It’s a new life for me, ooh
    And I’m feeling good

    Fish in the sea, you know how I feel
    River running free, you know how I feel
    Blossom on the tree, you know how I feel

    It’s a new dawn
    It’s a new day
    It’s a new life for me
    And I’m feeling good

    Dragonfly out in the sun, you know what I mean, don’t you know?
    Butterflies all havin’ fun, you know what I mean
    Sleep in peace when day is done, that’s what I mean
    And this old world is a new world
    And a bold world, for me

    Stars when you shine, you know how I feel
    Scent of the pine, you know how I feel
    Oh, freedom is mine
    And I know how I feel

    It’s a new dawn
    It’s a new day
    It’s a new life for me

    I’m feeling good!

    Listen to it hear and cheer up your day.

      • I always like the original versions and thought the nostalgia might resonate better with ff, but yes Michael Buble’s version brought this back to life with a spark.

  72. How long is a rope, how deep is your hope
    When after ten blind years the writ is a trope?
    Future participle of your “look what I made”
    For a soul is a ripple right by a cascade

    • MostFowl,

      Your screen name, makes me chuckles! You must bee running a Forrest fever.

      Enjoyed your pen and I enjoyed your hope.


  73. Hello there
    Open your ear
    Get off your chair
    Jump out into the air
    Now that spring is here
    Let’s make it simply clear
    Don’t outrun a chasing bear
    Get home to the one that’s dear
    Make sure to listen to Forrests care
    Give a friend a hand to support and share
    Promise to find that Brown home and swear
    Walk soft and smooth don’t go anywhere to dare
    Be wise in there when you’re lookin for what is where
    If you find it and get on TV be sure to fix your messy hair!

    Pauley T

    By Madeline Scott

    I’m a fat little rat
    With a pack on my back
    And I stride far and wide
    With my eyes as my guide

    Found a shell with a crack
    Got a nail, got a tack
    Here’s a ring and some string
    And a shriveled up thing

    O a knife and a fork and a spoon-io
    All found by the light of the moon-io

    Buttons, snaps, bottle caps
    Piece of bone, little stone
    Could be dull, could be shiny
    Even cactus sharp and spiny

    Owl feathers, strips of leather
    In hot or cold or rainy weather
    I’m always seeking out the treasure
    That gives a rat that special pleasure

    O a knife and a fork and a spoon-io
    All found by the light of the moon-io

    • Nice song almost like a song of rif and raf two River rats fishing the rivers in search of the elusive big cat

  75. Yorkshire Tawkers!

    Some tawk becoss they think they’re born,
    Wi’ such a lot o’ wit.
    Some seem to tawk to let fowk know,
    They’re born wi’out a bit.
    Some tawk in hopes at what they say,
    May help there fellow men;
    But tha’ most that tawk just tawk becoss
    They like to hear themsen!

  76. Folkmanis,

    I’m still laughing! Without a doubt, you peeps are killing it! I’m serious when I say this…y’all are a creative bunch of fun.

    Well done and we’ll catch ya on the flip side-io!


  77. Isolation
    Ain’t nuttin’ new to me
    Is the way I am free
    Free to think
    On my own
    Sink on my own
    Stink on my own
    Just another day
    Thinking away
    Waiting to play
    Pretty soon
    Isolation will be

    Just goofing guys…back to work I go…

    • I think I need to get into your
      Frankenstein chair
      Because my face just sports
      a blank stare

      • He says he needs the chair
        He says he has a blank stare
        Well I say
        have a seat
        Right there
        I’ll strap you in
        Wipe off that grin
        Do not despair
        I’ll dial you in
        You’ll be good as new
        Or maybe better
        Your mind will chew
        On every letter
        Rhymes will fly
        From your pen
        You’ll be versing
        Lips pursing
        Blank stare reversing
        And you will swear
        I even changed
        Your color hair!

        Just goofing with ya DTakaRS
        Have a great day!

        • Jdiggins—you said you though focused was Forrest; now I’m thinking you’re really focused!

        • I’m feeling the vibe
          Catching the tide
          I’m diggin the groove
          Even if I lose
          Flying high
          Touching the sky
          Can’t wait for more
          Oh crap
          Gotta go to the store
          But I don’t care
          Cause I got
          Rainbow colored hair!

          Thanks jdiggins!

  78. Sometimes you hit a wall
    And realize what you desire
    Is not Fenn gold after all.
    Good friend’s health is dire
    Covid causing many to fall.
    Not ready for a heavenly Choir,
    Life – the most precious treasure of all.

  79. Yesterday´s sundrop
    Went to today´s Snow flock
    We´re facing a changing the laws
    Nothing is the way it is or was
    All that was away is suddenly close
    Everything what frozen is, flows
    Have lost some things, which have just won
    But that what could be reach, is suddenly gone

    The Neighbor so far, is fading in dense
    We had enlarged the distance immense
    When free running dogs don´t getting the puzzle
    Why all the people wearing suddenly muzzle
    In empty parks, abandoned streets and places
    It doesn´t matter if the stupid call out to Aces
    When there is no one left who stomps
    The Nature taking back what it belongs

    We´re awkwardly trying with our sleeves
    To open up door-handles without any keys
    In times where a lot on the other way works
    It seems we can raise a treasure of words
    As we can pull out our tongue flower
    Let us sing with our heart´s power
    The hidden comes out and shows
    That thin breath that now stormy blows
    It´s all like a desert that went to a source
    Nothing is as it is or was
    Nothing is as it will or shines
    In these frightening times
    Timid tones and lovely calls change with alarm
    What do they want, to help or to harm

  80. Yesterday´s sundrop
    Went to today´s Snow flock
    We´re facing a changing the laws
    Nothing is the way it is or was
    All that was away is suddenly close
    Everything what frozen is, flows
    Have lost some things, which have just won
    And that what could be reach, is suddenly gone

    The Neighbor so far, is fading in dense
    We had enlarged the distance immense
    When free running dogs don´t getting the puzzle
    Why all the people wearing suddenly muzzle
    In empty parks, abandoned streets and places
    It doesn´t matter if the stupid call out to Aces
    When there is no one left who stomps
    The Nature taking back what it belongs

    We´re awkwardly trying with our sleeves
    To open up door-handles without any keys
    In times where a lot on the other way works
    It seems we can raise a treasure of words
    As we can pull out our tongue flower
    Let us sing with our heart´s power
    The hidden comes out and shows
    That thin breath that now stormy blows
    It´s all like a desert that went to a source
    Nothing is as it is or was
    Nothing is as it will or shines
    In these frightening times
    Timid tones and lovely calls change with alarm
    What do they want, to help or to harm

  81. I am no doomsday prepper
    Corona beer? Nah, heck her
    If I turn heaven’s stair stepper
    Well, thanks for the Dr. Pepper

  82. Start with a beginning, where middle waters’ end,
    Drive down the canyon to Brown’s famous bend.

    Tie up a paddle boat and return to attend
    The weighted waxed beauties; a future dividend

    Paddle along where grass water’s blend
    Stop at HIS creek and begin to ascend

    Hike up to where best memories dead-end
    Go in below where wood and rocks descend

    Once inside, all just as penned
    Lie there ,in peace, and eternity spend

  83. 42, forty, foolish bird, and copperhead
    Thank you for the words above
    Your names combined sound right
    Like the title of a book
    A good story made they might
    Make you take a second look
    There may be something of a tale
    On the pages at home of dal!

  84. Dear Forrest

    Do you think you can do me a favor
    I’m just lookin for something to savor
    How about a comforting story or two
    I’m not asking for help or even a clue

    Times are tough right now ya see
    I think we all need a kind place to be
    Your stories seem to sooth us properly
    As a child feels from someone fatherly

    It’d be great to hear of that day of secret
    Or about your mom and flowers she cut
    There’s always a type of cautionary tale
    Can they take it the ones who are frail

    I wanna imagine and dream just a little bit more
    Maybe open some windows and even a door
    I wanna experience that desire and go explore
    Hoping to hear a story that won’t make me snore. 🙂

    Pauley T

  85. A label put in kind
    For those of a piece of mind,
    Fair they travel and far they roam
    The eyes of a wanderer’s rest at home,

    Certain of nothing we persistently sway
    Just in time to keep the thoughts at bay,
    Put your hand out and grasp
    What but such a simple task,

    I do read and I do right
    And to be sure we don’t always sleep at night,
    Before a certain way is nothing to see
    Everything revealed right in front of me,

    I laugh to myself and this wonderful tune
    Broken backs just under the moon,
    Corsair and how I dare
    Jump in melody with my wetly hair,

    – On the spot,

  86. Forrest, you have taught
    To me, more
    Than all I forgot
    From school before
    You inspire my thought
    And urge my core
    To explore a lot
    And learn to soar!

    Thank you forrest!

  87. “In God We Trust” our nation’s refrain
    Like Ike let us retain
    Respect above earthly gain
    On eagle’s wings from squabbles let’s refrain.

    Hopefully our enterprise maintains
    The spirit our declaration explains
    Founders took great pains
    Said faith was key to release old chains.

    Tyrants mortal and other
    Want hate to be our mother
    Kindness will this fire smother
    As we love to care for one another.

  88. Beautiful words our forefathers envisioned… of knowledge and wisdom, years ahead of their time and ours.

  89. To add to your great thoughts 4rest4fend,

    “In God We Trust” may we ever remain,
    Our earthly time not to be spent in vain,
    That our temporal needs we may ever sustain,
    Through these troubled times may we all be sane.

    A higher, kinder world to obtain,
    The less power we give to our own bane,
    Giving hope, help and love with no restrain,
    Being what we should as humans, humane.

    Our freedom on amber waves of grain,
    Forever our precious liberty attain,
    Those who test us we will never entertain,
    That upon our own soil our blood will never stain.

  90. I was trying to think of my most favorite thing,
    But don’t own a historic peace pipe or an emerald ring.

    I have never been awarded a medal for bravery,
    And I have no treasures of gold, or silver, or ivory.

    And I don’t possess any bronzes or rare works of art,
    Is there something in this world in which I would never part?

    If you eliminate people and pets or the joy a family can bring,
    I suppose my good health would be my most favorite thing!

  91. Begin at dawn, sounds like a plan.
    Reach our goal anyway we can.
    Family adventure is one for the take.
    Keep ALL safe, for everyone’s sake!

  92. I prefer flowers,
    Wish I had superpowers
    To cache the stench
    That was so close to my clench.
    The jokers at bay
    Having a play,
    I’m laughing out loud
    Surely I’ll be put in a shroud.
    So I’ll heed the sign
    Listen and divine,
    Take it in stride
    With all by my side.

  93. *
    Why oh why do feathers fall
    My dearest dear a poet’s call,
    Down and scant across forest floor
    I but ask a second more,

    Do I see or do I touch
    What’s the difference when we can’t feel that much,
    Oh but darling I’m always here
    Just come on down no need to fear,

    Gold! such can’t be no much far to bold.
    But wait yes maybe do as I do be told
    Forever be clever you see
    But never not ever with me.


  94. “what makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well”
    * -The little Prince*

    somewhere hopefully but too far too tell,
    Does that ring a bell?
    succumbed to the mist, a cloud of treasurely gale
    we all in search, but to no avail
    ^_- Matthew

    • Frenzy, my wandering friend, I enjoy your words! Shrouded in mystery they force me to stretch. Beautifully penned and pungent too!

  95. Great penning, everyone! These are amazing and you have quite the talent for words. Keep up the good work.

  96. An Acrostic Chase, Quickly Down

    Forrest, I hear you now…
    Over that Crystal Radio in my mind.
    Reading everything you ever wrote or said,
    Remembering the timber and cadence of your voice,
    Eyes on your eyes…crinkling at the corners,
    Seeing beyond your words to what lies beneath.
    To watch you in your mirth is pure joy.

    Finding your treasure is not what this is about…
    Even though its worth might save me.
    Not looking for a handout, but a hand up,
    Never wishing for riches, but for a hope that long endures.

    – Lisa Cesari

  97. Words constantly in motion
    Causing a commotion
    Space and time nullified
    And you ever vilified

  98. I’m not write
    I’m not perfect
    I’ve been wrong
    In this song,

    Boo blue for chu
    I’m a ghost
    Not a sightly host,

    maybe in time,
    not today
    led astray,

    haha how funny your song
    it ain’t that long,
    no but just rite, 4 tonight
    nom take two bite

    kids play
    horses neigh,
    but I guess
    I just say,

    oh tell forever
    a lite fefver
    a dreamly man
    Forrest yes I can

    -Shower thoughts

  99. “View from the top”
    (Wherever that is)

    It’s hearts that matter
    Not the loud chatter,
    Garments can deceive
    But all is at ease.

    • As they would say in Spanish, “la vista desde arriba”
      I feel so fancy saying that I might as well pour a cup of Melaleuca alternifolia.

      Ouch I burnt my tongue
      I say through my spit flung
      I’m so mad at the tea
      I pull the little string up and throw it to sea

  100. Upon the stump I now do sit,
    pondering thoughts of where I went;
    tomorrow beckons a wondrous call,
    adventures ahead for one and all.

  101. A while >
    but more than a mile
    Was he really that bold?
    To tip his hat and to hell with the cold?

    Imaginations run wild
    reminding us of what it means to be child
    Our hearts eternally young
    back when our knees were just but sprung

    A laugh meant more than a dance
    maybe it was our only true chance
    I recant what I once did thought
    This man most definitely knew what he sought

    A legend in his own special way
    To bell with what everyone else did say
    Simply subtle like a fox does trot
    This man’s legacy will most neverly rot

    And with what I can’t right now say
    I believe in a future at least for one day
    Sad times can all make us cry
    But tenacious was he never to shy

    And YOU are not the man
    to do nothing but everything you can
    for when all have lost their doubt
    you will never not ever show a pout

    A trail left only in the eyes of those who have seen, but not dared to follow.
    Trees are sturdy and strong and most not hollow
    For everything that you and I can’t always see
    I know that you are forever looking down and over me.

    Until that day,

  102. Hamsters running more than ever
    Them’s in our heads making us all clever.
    Lateral, forward, inward; thought !
    … maybe it’s just a squirel that I brought ?

  103. Healer of All Wounds
    By RonnyLee

    Remember the time…
    The time as it easily warps
    And wefts to weave eccentric fabrics
    In the mind-looms of the poor

    The poor who
    Languish in dour melancholy
    Which they wear like prideful
    Robes of finest silk and gilt

    While blood spills unpretentious
    In foreign lands where
    Famine strips away all wholesome flesh
    And disrobed corpses lie in fly-blown piles

    But distance is the cloak that hides
    And the separation of the miles
    Unravels cares, leaving nothing but
    Loose skeins of the healer of all wounds

  104. Understanding Me

    To help the needy i’d sail raging sea.
    Powerful nature would never stop me.
    Through stormy winds and lightning rain.
    Standing tall, absorbing the pain.
    My heart knows not of any defeat.
    I would give my life in a heartbeat.
    But why do I sit on the cliff acting calm?
    Because no-one needs me, I hear no alarm.

  105. How funny are we
    Running in circles
    Right into a tree

    Oh my head spinning
    Even at the beginning
    I pointed there and to off we all stare

    Hi Forrest
    Smile it’s okay
    What yur eating pineapple cake
    Nevermind don’t smile chew your food

    We know it’s so rude

    Laughing and chomping
    We’re now in for a stomping

    But what do we care
    As our teeth are all bare

    munch munch
    crunch crunch
    we know what might happen
    We have a good hunch

    And down the way
    Shot his eyes stark lay
    Broken the silence
    A knowing of violence
    Run as we lust
    Cold are feet bust

    And out of the doom
    He comith with broom
    Oh in-voluntary moon

  106. Late is the season, an Autumn call,
    Leaves dance the wind as they befall.
    I Wave goodbye to my two little ducks,
    While reading poems from a set of books.
    Snow in the mountains, but none in the vale,
    Just clouds of light purple and gentle gale.
    Settled for winter, I plan summers course,
    A multi stream trek on my fawn colored horse.
    Scotch whisky I drink to keep me from bore,
    As I await windy bugle calling chase to my lore.

  107. A Leprechaun bold
    cached his gold
    so the story is told

    Thousands have searched
    alas, the Leprechaun was bold
    so the story is told

    Fang like peaks may
    guard the gold
    so the story is told

    Mayhaps someday
    a searcher so bold
    will un-cache the gold
    thence a new stkry to be

  108. This ones for you JDA… thank you my friend….. have a great evening everyone…. until next time.. see ya

    “ The Best Of The Best “

    Our own world, fun and shining bright,

    Energetic, full of colored dreams.

    Dimmed by chaos, darkened by fright,

    What once was, so distant it seems.

    Together is no more, apart we fight chaos,

    Unseen, but knowingly there.

    Mourning, desperate, so many lost,

    Grief upon our sleeves we wear.

    But yet we fight, strive and carry on,

    Knowing not, living, with utmost care.

    Dreams change, adjust, we act upon,

    Instinct, survival with no time to spare.

    Together as one, we stand, grieve, rejoice,

    We’ll defeat chaos, regain, dreams of our past.

    Flush away the dim, be heard, one united voice,

    We’ll echo round, a world so large and vast.

    Our own world, fun and shining bright,

    Family, friends, as once we knew.

    Will resume, flourish, within the light,

    Hopes, our colored dreams renewed.

    Be strong, determined, to fight the fight,

    Call on friends, share your will.

    Encourage, embrace, share your might,

    Upon them, let your courage spill.

    Hugs, kisses, freedom to love,

    High fives, low fives, all around.

    Prayers, sent to the man above,

    Handshakes, without gloves abound.

    The future will be bright, fun, and caring,

    When chaos, in distant past, rests.

    From me, Focused, prayers I’m sharing,

    I wish for you, my friends, the best of the best…..

    By: Focused

    • Focused, thank you for your beautiful words! I’m glad you decided to stay around and share your thoughts.

      Like a flag that’s unfurled, they give to others a freedom of wings untamed and a destination so bold…

      • Your welcome Suzy_S…… thank you for your beautiful words as well my friend…. have a great night.. stay safe and healthy…… until next time… see ya

    • Focused, so glad to see you here. Thank you for sharing your prayers and vision- beautiful.

    • Focused;

      I am SOOOO sorry I did not respond earlier. Today was the first time that I read this lovely poem dedicated to me. It is truly lovely, in this time of separation and worry. THANK YOU SOOOOO much my friend. Your talent is a blessing to us all. THANKS AGAIN – JDA

  109. This unwelcome visitor is collecting our old
    preying on the feeble turning them cold
    Why is it haunting, chasing us down
    hiding and seeking until we are found
    It has us locked down, what happened to free
    We all must remember, The tale of two trees
    Remember the first, that caused all the grief
    We thought we could fix it with one tiny leaf
    The second so sad yet needed for all
    Carved into a cross to answer the call
    This is the answer to all that we face
    We all must trust in his undying grace

  110. Last year, as I waited for the search season to begin, I wrote some lyrics to a song about Forrest’s story (“My Church is in the Mountains”). Why should this year be any different, especially since we’ve been ordered to stay at home to help slow the spread of COVID-19? This time, however, I wanted to have some music too, and this one Billy Joel song kept nagging at my brain. If you are a Billy Joel fan, please forgive me for messing with his brilliant song “Summer, Highland Falls.” No need to comment on the quality of my voice–I know it isn’t good. My daughter has an outstanding singing voice, but she got it from my wife, not me. Credit for the instrumentals goes to David Locke of the UK. This song is dedicated to all the searchers and adventurers out there hoping to find euphoria.

    Lyrics to: “Summer is for Adventure”
    by David Thalheimer (based on Billy Joel’s “Summer, Highland Falls”)
    They say we’re crazy to pursue a dream,
    Leave all behind and strike out far from home.
    But I believe we have a thirst for exploration,
    And a journey of our own.

    Now I have seen the consternation in my lover’s eyes,
    But I can only stare ahead and fantasize.
    For there is always one more door that we must open,
    It leads to sadness or euphoria.

    So we will take our leave and journey forth,
    And realize our quest is just a game.
    Whether we win or lose, we cannot choose,
    Those separate conclusions are the same.

    Now that we understand the root of our humanity,
    Our reason coexists with our insanity.
    And though our madness helps us deal with our reality,
    It leads to sadness or euphoria.

    How thoughtlessly they say we waste our energies,
    Perhaps our souls require a book of memories.
    And as we pave the roads that represent our lives,
    With all our hopes and dreams and fantasies,
    It’s either sadness or euphoria.

    * Link to recorded sound file:

  111. When I was breaking out of my teens, my quest for wealth and recognition was second to none. Coming from a poor household I was determined to grow up and become filthy rich. I wanted all the things we never had. I wanted to be just like a local landowner and businessman everyone respected. It made sense that to be like him I needed to attach myself to him and learn. Problem was, my first lesson put an end to my pursuit of world dominance.

    I asked him; “Jimmy, I don’t want your money, but I want to spend time with you and learn what you know, so I can make my own. All I want is your knowledge.”
    He replied, “Do you want to know what I know? ……..well I will tell you…….its not worth it”.
    He went on to explain there are far more important things in life and if he was to help me I would have to find a balance. Family, friendships and looking out for others had to be at the core or he wouldn’t entertain me. It is not what I wanted to hear, but I went away thinking about what he had said and my whole outlook on life changed at that moment.

    Sea kings of treasure, sword yielding men (or women)
    fighting to victor over trove of thee Fenn.
    Swash-buckle fencing in words all do fray,
    Fierce commotion ensues night and day.

    Tightens are most, with years under belt,
    green novice others, sole focus be gelt.
    Decade has passed, no end in sight,
    war keeps raging, a continuous fight.

    Then a warrior sails calm through the storm,
    surveying the scape, adrift from the norm.
    The conflict halts and all look upon,
    he carries the chest that eludes everyone.

    Through actions of past, memory and spars,
    all he learned was shaped by his scars.
    Knowing the reason the others had missed,
    was why that gold was clenched in his fist.

    Bringing some order to clear up the mess.
    He gives to the fallen, for wealth he cares less.
    Upheaval erodes and fighters take stock,
    quickly it dawns they are all the same flock.

    Throwing up sail, he sets off for new,
    proud of his action, that made happy a few.
    Leaving the message for generations to see,
    that life at its core is not just about thee.

    Suddenly woken, it was all but a dream,
    he puts on the kettle, makes coffee with cream.
    looking out the window, he ponders a while.
    knowing he cared, just brings a wide smile.

    He was a winner in spirit and mind,
    the mental wealth was what he did find.
    True treasure he knows is our gift of love,
    a feeling in heart received from above.

    Jimmy taught me something new every time we met. We spent a lot of time together after and he shaped me. My second lesson was my favourite and still makes me chuckle.
    He told me “I drove passed your house this morning and your lights were out”.
    I thought about it and then replied, “But Jimmy, it gets light at 5am.”
    “Exactly!” he said!

    My friend was worth over £300m when he died 20 years ago. The biggest lesson and the one that effects me most was his regret. I witnessed first hand a sadness that I now know I will never own, thanks to that man.

    My lesson I want to pass on to you guys is, do not lose sight of what is really important. The TC should always come 2nd, even to the winner!

  112. Wow! Thank you everyone for sharing a little bit of yourselves here on this page! You guys are so awesome and you make this Chase so much more fun! Keep writing!
    Glad to c u back focused. 🙂

  113. There once was a man from Fe
    A treasure he did hide away
    Risen is the fallen star
    A road of redemption looks far
    Can Saint Peter still unlock the way?

  114. When all I see is magic, illusion and slight-of-hand,
    It’s funny how our dreams can not turn out as planned.

    Like a Steinbeck novel, we try and try again
    To find a solution, a solve, where everyone can win.

    It tastes bittersweet, what I yearn to hold and to keep.
    But IT can never belong to me…IT was never mine to seek.

    Like a moth to a flame, I cannot turn away
    The fire burns too hot…tantalizingly, I stay.

    Like standing on a cliff with the ocean far below,
    I see the waves are crashing, and I do not want to go.

    So, once I was impatient…now I want to wait.
    There is no fairy-tale ending, loss will be my fate.

    The treasure remains elusive in it’s secret hiding place.
    But time is much more valuable…it’s the only real ace.

    There is no end that I can dream beyond what I’ve imagined,
    And so, I only wish for peace and love to those who are forgiven.

    So let’s just wait, and let it be, and enjoy the world we know.
    In a world of green grasses and flowers, let the sunshine grow.

  115. The Smell of Piñon Pine

    A rock,
    a fish,
    a mountain lake,
    the smell of piñon pine.

    A gate,
    a hike,
    a ray of light,
    the smell of piñon pine.

    A trail,
    a bell,
    a moonlit dell,
    the smell of piñon pine.

    My thoughts,
    your thoughts,
    the Universal mind,
    the smell of piñon pine.

  116. “Honor Thy Searcher”

    Whatever happened to Sacha and Jason?
    O how I miss them running around chasin.

    And that guy Sean from the flip side,
    Did he disappear on the trail divide?

    Then there’s a man named Mister Dal Neitzel,
    You know I’m gonna rhyme him with a pretzel. 🙂

    Also there’s a gal named Cynthia Meachum,
    If she finds the treasure will she be a beach bum?

    A couple of entertainers are Kpro and Cow,
    Are the Vegas odds as good as the Dow?

    A clever lady named Jenny Kile,
    Her treasure hunts got lots of style.

    Let’s not forget the ultimate finder,
    Forrest Fenn just couldn’t be kinder.

    There’s others you know who you are,
    Soon it will be time to jump in your car.

    This is how I honor thy searcher,
    This poem won’t continue further. 🙂

    Pauley T

  117. “Fools Gold”

    If I was a Fool and found some Gold
    Could I Fool you with the Gold I found

    If I found you with a Fool and Gold
    Could a Fool with Gold need be found

    Could I Fool myself if I found some Gold
    If I had some Gold would a Fool be found. 🙂

    Pauley T

    • Pauley T,

      Target the target,
      Spin the Spinster,
      Rock the Rocker,
      Bake the Baker.

      Riddle the Riddler,
      Joke with the Joker,
      Play with the player,
      And laugh with laughter.
      …..I was sitting here earlier thinking about Forrest saying something along the lines of leaving an IOU inside indulgence, and I started smiling and chuckling.

      It reminded me about something someone posted the other day, a song,…One Tin Soldier…

      Now the valley cried with anger,
      Mount your horses, draw your swords
      And they killed the mountain people,
      So they won their just rewards
      Now they stood before the treasure
      On the mountain dark and red
      Turned the stone and looked beneath it
      Peace on earth, was all it said.

      How appropriate would that be! Had me chuckling tonight, but the other day was a bit different. But how appropriate would that be!

      Nice job on the brain twisting thinker.

      @ everyone else, your creativity is non-stop and I’ve been keeping up reading them. Well done y’all.


      • You guys are getting my yoga position outa joint again. You’re making my piece o’ earth turn into stir craziness from not having BOTG.

        Fortunately, I’ve always liked that song,,, time to listen to it again.

      • I have always thought it highly probable that ff did something very similar on the IOU front a long time ago to combat group grid searching. Those who chose not to solve the puzzle, but instead search in numbers at possible locations. As the search community grew I believe the likelihood increased.

        Only specklednation here though, I am not saying its true. Just ponderration on my part.

        I personally (if I were ff) would have replaced it with something that only the problem solver, not a searcher, would recognize and understand.

        That might be cheating a little, but so are the grid searchers. The outcome for the problem solver will always be glorious though, so it would be the right thing to do in my eyes.

        My opinion only now!

      • BigOnus, would that be cheating or just reconfirming? After all, if somebody were to come up with what they thought was the winning solve, wouldn’t it be a good idea to reconfirm the coordinates as much as possible?

        Regardless, I think that if a person used a computer and came up with every possible combination of coordinates, it might help reduce the search area.

        • I have no doubt the coordinates can be confirmed from multiple positions. They have been repeatedly tapped into our brains like a woodpeckers drum.

          I believe a solver need look no more than a few square feet, because I think it is so obvious when the moment of clarity arrives that there can be no other place.

          A searcher would have to happen upon the TC, so would not have solved the puzzle. Some searchers might find themselves in the general area for reasons that are part of the solution or coincidence. The complexity of the puzzle opens up room for a lot of chance happenings. ie 200 & 500 foot searchers.

          By group/grid search I mean the type used by law enforcement when looking for a missing person. Last seen leaving home with a box.

          I think ff wanted families out in the mountains for fun and not a military operation by groups.

          As said, I am only speculating and bouncing my thoughts. The thing with minds like Forrest is they are never satisfied. They are always evolving, thinking, Improving and developing. The moment he laid that chest in its place and left he immediately thought of something else. The Chase will have evolved in my guess.

          Maybe I am over thinking as usual. My son once said to me…”You dont actually sleep do you dad?……..you just wait for morning.”. I think that applies more to Forrest!

          All IMO

          • Sounds to me like you’ve spent a lot of time on this and think that non-solvers would have a difficult time of finding the TC, whereas a solver might be better adapted to understanding the situation at hand. I guess I’m one of those people who always wanted to believe that the TC would be gleaming in the sun as I turned the next corner.

            By the way, are dreams any different than reality? I don’t think your son is too far off the mark. The best things known to man come about from dreaming.

    • Pauley T,

      If you were a fool, and found you some gold,

      Yep you’d fool me, with the gold that you found.

      But if you found me , with a fool and your gold,

      Together this fool, would help with your mound.

      So don’t fool yourself, if you find you some gold,

      This fool would help carry, the gold that you found…..

      Just messing with ya PauleyT. Thanks for the smile this morning, it’s a great way to start the day…. have a good one me friend… until next time… see ya

  118. “Indulgence”

    Hidden treasures bold.
    She keeps his secret where well.
    Waiting to be found.

  119. Peace in the Mountains

    I feast my supper, after long working day,
    swill down stiff drink, washing aches away.
    The bright moon is high yet does not sing,
    Silent it glides, such a majestic thing.

    Into my bed, I hear the sweet rain,
    spraying my window, heavens champagne.
    creatures wash, on mountains, in streams,
    while I drift the plains, venture my dreams.

    Dawn catches up and that smiling sun,
    sings me awake with, “work to be done!”.
    I jump in the shower, grab a rucksack,
    today is the day I bring riches back.

    A wave from the wife, a date with fate,
    I jump on the train, not to be late.
    The journey so long, I come from afar,
    travelling ages in beaten box car.

    Arriving a place that burned hole in brain,
    praying to heaven its not all in vane.
    Map in hand I reach my secret vault,
    knowing right now, my stroll can halt.

    Is this the place I truly do seek?
    Its so dark, lonely, not for the meek.
    Beneath full moon, that giant golf ball,
    I sip tea from my flask and hear a call.

    Do whispering mountains tell me no,
    that this isnt right, to move on and go.
    Or do the warm spirits of sacred land
    lift up that gold and sprinkle the hand.

    Then I remember some words of old,
    and make a decision to let new be bold.
    Under shimmering Peace of cloudy sky,
    I leave it for youth, the lid I don’t pry.

    I skip down the valley, dream still in mind,
    Leaving the treasure for younger to find.
    My love awaits me, on my home run,
    she cares more for knowing I had great fun!

    Maybe tomorrow she will scold me and say,
    this isnt the game… I want YOU to play.
    Only then I’ll return boots on the ground,
    head off and collect from the spot I found.

  120. Feel before understanding,
    Of which I know nothing,
    Rain, wind, sea gulls wandering hunting,
    Raindrops kiss the earth whispering.
    Evenings when the sea almost touching,
    Screaming into the morning,
    Talk much to say nothing,

    Feeds the murmur of spring.
    Eaten in peace and sibling,
    No day is too long for the working,
    Never teach a pig to sing.

  121. Always an interesting line.
    Coming here to see you shine.
    Rhyming to pass the time.
    Oceans a subject sublime.
    Seas better for shore.
    Thanks for the words of lore.
    I see what you did there.
    Caroling should be left to the hare.

  122. Always an interesting place.
    Can bring a smile to the face.
    Reasons for being there.
    Often come with a dare.
    Seasons of change are near.
    Time is precious and dear.
    I see what you did there.
    Come summer, we share.

  123. A challenge accepted.
    Couplets rejected.
    Rhyme and verse.
    Opens the purse.
    Sewn without fear.
    The end is clear..
    I see but a tear.
    Cheer, Cheer, Cheer

  124. “We need your help”, the people shout, “the beast is at the door”.
    Upon his feet he rises tall, the masses clear the floor.

    With thunderous steps his boot do quest a stride along the hall.
    He is Lord, protector of land and keen to answer the call.

    Drawing his sword, tightening fist, charging a stoutly march,
    Across the yard with following crowd he reaches a gated arch.

    “Are you ready?” he shouts, the people erupt, “Open up” he instructs the tower.
    The gates swing wide and stood outside is a fed with a badge of power.

    The people stare and the King demands, “What do you want little man?”.
    They meet in the middle, no mans land, shortening the distant span.

    Fingers wag, words exchange, while the big guy points to his crown.
    The Royal struts back with reddened face “bloody hell guys, its a lockdown!”.

  125. Sorry, missed first two sentences on my first post of this.

    As we enter troubled times, we rely upon our King.
    he sits upon his mountain throne, tentatively listening.

    “We need your help”, the people shout, “the beast is at the door”.
    Upon his feet he rises tall, the masses clear the floor.

    With thunderous steps his boot do quest a stride along the hall.
    He is Lord, protector of land and keen to answer the call.

    Drawing his sword, tightening fist, charging a stoutly march,
    Across the yard with following crowd he reaches a gated arch.

    “Are you ready?” he shouts, the people erupt, “Open up” he instructs the tower.
    The gates swing wide and stood outside is a fed with a badge of power.

    The people stare and the King demands, “What do you want little man?”.
    They meet in the middle, no mans land, shortening the distant span.

    Fingers wag, words exchange, while the big guy points to his crown.
    The Royal struts back with reddened face “bloody hell guys, its a lockdown!”.

  126. Serious was I
    When I spotted
    Betty on the fly
    My verse must wait
    Cause Perdita’s at my gate
    Laughing so loud
    I think I hit a cloud

    That darn cat!

  127. Enjoyed your poems, Moonshine, endofthechase, BigOnus, and DTakaRS. Keep them coming.

  128. A Chase Limerick

    There once was a man, named Fenn,
    Whose imagination bested his ken.
    His book wrote itself,
    It’s on everyone’s shelf!
    The treasure an ‘if’, not a ‘when’.

    Anyone want to add verses? Keep it CLEAN, everyone! 😉

    • Lisa, I’m not much good, but here goes…

      A measure can be our best friend
      If we can find the end
      Too late to begin again
      I turn it again to when

    • If, you say this Forrest Fenn,
      Hid a treasure in a glen.
      And bade us all to search it out,
      The Chase, a thrill, there is no doubt.

      • I just looked up the definition of “limerick” and realized I’m missing a line…and here it is:

        Who is this Forrest Fenn?

    • Birdie Birdie in the sky,
      You dropped whitewash in my eye.
      I’m a big boy, I won’t cry,
      I’m just glad that cows don’t fly.

    • Suzy_S and nomadicMadman – Great contributions!

      My ‘if’ is in reference to whether or not I will be able, in future, to be the searcher to locate and retrieve the bronze chest. Not a reference to whether or not Forrest hid it. To me, that is a given.

      • The treasure is real for sure Lisa!

        We have been told we might be in lockdown until the end of the year. Kind of makes things difficult.

        • BigOnus – Unless, of course, you have a time machine, in the form of that gorgeous Ferrari! Forrest had to endure the restrictions and shortages of WWII, during those Summers he spent in West Yellowstone in the 1940s. Glad Skippy made him a Crystal Radio, to fuel his I’m, and that Forrest could ride his bike to go fly fishing to catch dinner.

          • That’s definitely fuel for thought Lisa. Thanks for your contribution also.

            That slow ride just turned into a fast jump. Gotta love time travel. Thanks again!

          • Sports cars are for surfer dudes. Im more of a Penny Farthing type o’ guy! I once asked my father if he knew anything about time travel. He threw his watch at my head, I ducked and time flew bye!

            Must have been heaven spending wartime in YS. A bike and a rod is all one needs in life to win first prize!

    • Okay Lisa, I am going to try another limerick…

      If not you, then why not me,
      is it hidden in a tree.
      A fire,
      would be dire.
      Why not you, and why not me?

  129. Take me, Brown, to the paradise city
    Where the brass is green and the girls ain’t biddies
    Oh won’t you please take me home

  130. Time comes to all who seek,
    chasing rabbits every week.
    Its a creation of great fun,
    gets us out in the glorious sun.

  131. Right behind you I see the millions
    On you I see the glory
    From you I get opinions
    From you I get the story
    Listening to you


  132. My birds flew the coop
    Trying to recover from a loop
    Sorry to be so slow
    But my head is pounding
    From all I don’t know

    But wait, I think I saw a cow whiz by

  133. E Pluribus Unum

    At Dining Room Table
    A Darning Needle’s Able
    To gather a Schism
    Like Rainbow’s Light Across a Prism.

    • This poem is smart it extremely clever
      I’ve hit every switch and polled every lever
      will my wheel wieled this endeavor.

    • E Pluribus Unum

      At Dining Room Table
      A Darning Needle’s Able
      To Close a Schism
      Like Rainbow’s Light Through a Prism.

      I think this is better.

      Reply ↓

  134. Remember, remember, that day in September
    The magical lake is endless, clever, and blue.
    The day not forgotten: Snake, Gros Ventre a dunn hue.
    The end of my line a Cuttie in forever forever ember.

  135. Them are some jammin’ new lyrics to some jammin’ good old tunes! Can somebody turn the radio up? I like them all!

  136. I was just walking along
    When I spotted a song
    Greater than the sun
    To be had by everyone
    Treasures galore
    In this magnificent store
    A sandbox of dreams
    Built in team
    Preserved and treasured
    With so much to share
    But I just stand
    With a sad stare
    It’s the kinfolk I adore
    A shared dream
    That sparks all souls

  137. “ What You’ll Find “

    Beside a lonely river, an old man sits alone,

    Gazing in his campfire, in thought of days now gone.

    Wrinkles on his saddened face, they tell his story best,

    His life, his work, his family, and how much he was blessed.

    The dancing tiny flames, they reflect within his eyes,

    While stars above they fill, the chilly mountain sky.

    The sound of flowing water, and the crackling of his fire,

    Speak to him as if, they’re spoke from someone higher.

    The old man deeply thinks, of deeds throughout his life,

    His goodness gave to others, his kindness during strife.

    To this old man it measured, his life upon this earth,

    Alone beside his campfire, he knew what he was worth.

    He knew his time was nearing, his journey he could see,

    He leaned back in the firelight, against a fallen tree.

    And with his shaking pen he writes, a note to leave behind,

    Then stuffed it in a mason jar, for someone else to find.

    The sky above then added, a bright new shining star,

    As his lonely fire reflects, upon his mason jar.

    On a tiny piece of paper, the words he left behind,

    “ Good deeds won’t go unnoticed, Peace is what you’ll find”……

    By: Focused

    • What a lovely, lovely poem my friend. May our final moments be as blessed as this old fellows. In this time of great strife, I hope that we all can take to heart your final line: “ Good deeds won’t go unnoticed, Peace is what you’ll find”……”

      Thanks again for the lovely, lovely poem. STAY SAFE – STAY HOME & STAY HEALTHY My Friend – JDA

      • Thank you for your kind words JDA… I hope you and your family are staying healthy… may peace be with you my friend…..
        Until next time…. see ya

        • We are all doing fine. Thanks for asking – PLEASE –

      • Thank you pdenver, I’m glad that you could see the solitude in the silence of the woods….

        “ Sometimes the smallest of good deeds, are huge to the recipient “

        Stay healthy my friend… until next time… see ya

    • Wow. That truly brought a tear to my eyes and not just the ones I physically see with.

      “I feel sorry for those who have eyes, but cannot see.” – Stevie Wonder.

      • I take that as a compliment BigOnus…..

        “ seeing with your heart, provides the clearest vision”

        Have a great night… thank you again my friend… until next time… see ya

        • Yes, compliment Focused. Apologies, I forget we live in the land of interpretation here. I fail to make myself clear at times!

          I have two hearts. One for me and the other for everyone else. Helps me see much better.

          I see you too!

          • No apologies needed BigOnus… I knew what you meant, thank you….

            A heartless life is like a boat stranded without a sail to catch the wind.. sounds like your going places my friend, enjoy your journey… have a great day… until next time…see ya

  138. I sit by fireside
    Candle burns
    For as long as hide
    That of shadow two must learn

    For into darkness
    We seek reassure
    Do our best
    A list of measure

    A distant echo
    A lonely bark
    Lonesome gecko

    You see we all advance
    Beyond our own dream
    Strut to prance
    A lighted beam

    Catch me if you can
    A hippo weighs tons
    The water ban

    I can’t do this 2 step rhyme
    The wind better than me at chimes
    Talk in tone
    With all of thy bone

    Course fur
    Astuck a burr
    Grasp and pull
    Hair comes out with bur

    Bur bur bur
    Not bold
    I’m cold

    This is a poem
    Whether you like it or not
    It be poem
    I said poem
    This poem

    Dogs are cute
    Once upon a shoot
    My ice cream cone fell to floor
    Hey look an open door

    -some kid sailing sailboats into the horizon

  139. Sat round the table playing for the pot,
    sharpened eyes trying to see what you got.

    “Show me yours and ill let you see mine”,
    says dealer to the guy drinking red wine.

    “Oh, no Sir, I keep close to my chest,
    for my cards will stun you, embarrass the rest”.

    “But I want to bet big, yet fear I will lose”,
    spurts out the deck-aid to a man he must ruse.

    “OK”, sighs the challenger, showing ace of hearts,
    All eyes widen and the whispering starts.

    He then turns another, the ace of spades,
    gasps around room, the dealers smile fades.

    Show me more, he squeals, with twitching eye,
    trying not to tell if his own cards are a lie.

    “I’ve shown you my first and last cards.”, he was told,
    “Add gold to the basket, or simply just fold”.

    Both push their money to the centre of table,
    making it real, not just hanging on fable.

    they turn over cards and eight aces appear,
    how could this be, they both rise and draw spear.

    “Eight ones are not possible”, shout both at same time
    Then laughter ensues, everything is just fine.

    Its all been in fun, despite shouting loud.
    He was playing in a mirror, to an imaginary crowd.

    The man just wanted to show that he too was good,
    despite being hidden in a cloak with dark hood.

    Tomorrow will bring a new game into play,
    a continuing story to spin night and day.

    • Great poem, BigOnus! But wasn’t there suppose to be a joker in there somewhere to go along with Fenn’s fateful card deal?

      • Please dont talk about the jokers, Suzy_S. There are two in a pack and the missing one fried my brain for so long. Anyway, there are none in my game! (-;

        • I can relate to your sentiments, BigOnus.

          I feel like I took multiple thousand mile trips to find the treasure on a motorcycle without a windshield or helmet. What’s left of my brain has been replaced by insects permanently imbedded into my eye cavities.

          It gives a whole new meaning to the definition of bugs (bunny) eyes, especially if that jack rabbit is Jokering around and he has to make another hop to another location. His hare would be split so fine, he might as well go hareless.

          Ain’t no wonder I’m going bald (lol).

          • lol, sounds like your so blind now your winging it, Suzy_S.

            Yes, translucent hare sounds about right in this case.

          • You’re right, BigOnus. Here lately, I’ve been having a lot of problems and feel like I’m completely lost.

            Just a few minutes ago, I was playing a game of virtual poker and my mouse suddenly stopped working, so now I have to use the key pad thingy and I’m really not too fond of how those work. Using one of those, I have a difficult time clicking where I need to, not to mention, targeting the right direction is a real pain. I guess it’s time to go out and get a new one (mouse). On top of that, I have to make a special trip. Talk about luck.

            I need some fresh air. Regardless of the Covid-19 travel restrictions, I’m taking a trip next month. Maybe get up in the mountains, savor the peace and serenity.

            Hope I have enough jailbond money in case I’m arrested for enjoying my freedom.

        • A joker would also be considered a clown… maybe a party with balloons and a clown for the finder? … a socially distant clown, that is.

          • You are not wrong there Suzy_S.

            Once you crawl out of that rabbit hole, look all around, its just a huge chaotic circus!

            Who are we to make the rules and create order? Its a full house party!


      • I think ff always planned on taking all our poems, tweaking them with some excellence and publishing a Chase poem book! There is probable a claimer of ownership somewhere in the site terms and conditions. 😉

        • BigO
          There isn’t such a claim on the material in this blog…My thinking is that if someone posts a poem here it still belongs to them, they have just shared it with the world, but not given up their ownership. I would never repackage the poems here without specific permission from each poem’s author…

          • It was meant as a light joke Dal.

            The spirit world owns my words and the spirit world belongs to us all.

    • It has to be said that these poems are a golden hue of vanilla aged oak ice cream with a dash of chocolate for balance

  140. What fearful phantom’s trail is scentless?
    What living game can fool the hounds?
    Pepper and paddle some senseless.
    Stir up an anvil’s hammer sounds.

  141. Upon ash and ramparts we walk,
    alluding to gold forsaken
    Beholden the maiden and her talk,
    a forward step of those not taken.

    Ambivalence and strife,
    for what but the meager
    containing the spring of life,
    into the hearts of the eager.

    I walk alone this dear path,
    into the clouds of blood
    For which i wish to not bath,
    comith with tides of great flood.

    extraordinary to be ordinary
    I drink from the teat the golden dairy,
    sheep’s wool covered in hairy
    Up to the stars I starey.

    blink once
    blink twonce
    blink thonce
    blink quance

    gone intalong
    how interesting
    your still reading
    and it doesnt ryme

    beat drop

    *a note*

    *music begins again*

    i close my eyes and see the stars
    i open my eyes and see the stars
    i close my eyes and see the moon
    i open my eyes and see the moon

    around the merigold round
    catching my tail to be nothing but found
    running the wheel forever I’m bound
    music played on loop back rewound

    A smile risen to the beat of the drum
    once upon a step once taken
    Taken in breath of LUM
    inous how frivolous

    And what makes the darkness beautiful
    is that somewhere it hides light,
    maybe even if it ain’t all that bright,
    I can tell you one thing it surely ain’t mutable.


  142. The longest and oldest treasure hunt. Ancient, lost in itself, the map is part of the treasure. There’s no books or words spoken of its existence. The idea has even since passed, remembered only in the steps taken to put it to rest. The pirate, guilty of no thefts, takes his journey in rhythm with the beats of the ghost on his shoulder. Time passes and yet his limp remains. The peg made from the kegs that fill his glass. Laughter as brief as the bubbles left after a few sips. Many of his ships have long since sailed in the night. And yet..there’s still something to this captain that no one can figure out. Spoken in the words of those that remember him, “as he got up to leave, a debonair smile would cross his face.” A sort of smirk be-known to only him. It was the sort that would leave you wondering, an everlasting imprint when you close your eyes. And as the door opens and the light shines in to the dimly lit bar, you see him throw the shadow of a hand in the air, high above his head. A trail left only in the eyes of those who have seen, but not dared to follow..

  143. Once upon a rock

    once upon a rock
    it did stood
    like all men shood
    once upon a rock

    once upon a rock
    it went around the block
    once upon a rock

    once upon a rock
    it did not go
    for it was low
    once upon a rock

    once upon ock
    it flew
    no it dew
    once upon ock

    once upon an rock
    it laughed all
    around the dock
    once upon an rock

    wons apron a mel
    she did sing such swell
    wons apron a mel

    twice a stew
    once upon a rock
    twice upon a stew

    after dinner

    once upon a rock
    there was no rock
    there was only but a stone
    a boulder if you will
    once upon a

    there was such deserts
    that all the kids rehearsed
    and in the twilight still
    there was a great big spill
    once upon a mom

    she baked so well
    oh what a smell
    once upon a crock

    once upon a pot
    there was a great deal lot
    for in the once upon a pot
    there was a golden dot

    and this golden little thing
    made all the children sing
    wons aaron apot

    Sing sang swing swang
    we all run around
    all into eachother, BANG
    bumps on our heads, lumps all abound

    once upon a rock
    it was such a big pock
    everywhere run! they are pecking!
    hoards of them, swards of them
    running all about
    what a great big pout
    corn hopefully enough will be worn
    just in time to sworn them all away

    chickens, rocks, pots, aprons, deserts, foods
    in my belly
    oh my dear daughter kelly

    • Frenzy,

      I see a lot of work from you up above. Scrambled eggs and ham, Sammy says so. Scrambled ham and eggs, your poetry says so!

      And yes, we’re still reading. Enjoyed your efforts. Carry on my son wayward!


  144. …………………Treasure Hunting………………..

    I woke up this morning and went in there alone…
    ..Heavy load and warm waters in porcelain throne,
    Then I looked all around for something to use,
    ..O lord, O no, I had the NO-TEE-PEE blues!

    Nothing to do but jump into the shower…
    ..I must have been in there for close to an hour,
    And then I got dressed and drove up to the town;
    ..I got met with sad looks and many a frown.

    I went home with nothing for my bottom end,
    ..Tried to get Amazon some relief to send.
    “Backordered to the end of time” the website said,
    ..”Try again next year” if you’re not already dead.

    I went out to the outhouse but it was long gone,
    ..Dug up by some searchers looking for Fenn’s spawn.
    You know that’s not right; the man has said so.
    ..An outhouse, so to speak, is NOT the way to go.

    I went back in the house, there were no phone books,
    ..Just conniving family giving innocent looks.
    “I’ll fix them” I thought; “I’ll fix them” I swear,
    ..There’s someone ’round here that is not playing fair.

    I drove to the wood seeking luck in the trees,
    ..Looking for plants I could use that don’t have three leaves.
    I was brave, I was not meek, in my solo quest
    ..For a solution that would suit me the best.

    I found a bronze box poking up from the ground,
    ..I looked everywhere, there was no one around,
    So I covered it up…I could not be distracted
    ..’Cause my quest for some “tee pee” was getting protracted.

    I went in the wood a scant two hundred feet,
    ..It started to snow, then it turned into sleet.
    I had to be brave, I had to be bold,
    ..A mission success would be worth all the cold.

    And then I found IT standing out like a blaze…
    ..A sight to behold that did truly amaze:
    A plant like no other (a miracle bush)
    ..With leaves on so soft that would please any tush.

    I was wise (and lucky) and did find a treasure,
    ..A thing of such marvel by anyone’s measure.
    My quest was complete, there was no time to tarry
    ..So back to my sedan the bush I did carry.

    The place I’d put in was all wet snow and mud
    ..Which splattered the wheel wells with a deafening thud.
    Oh why oh why oh don’t I have 4-wheel drive?
    ..(He said to stay home so we’d all stay alive.)

    Well I made it back home in spite of the scare,
    ..And the treasure I found I’m not going to share
    ‘Cause the scratchy one-ply gives rise to ‘roid ** rage
    ..And using that stuff is not very sage.

    So I will await some tee pee that is cushy,
    ..The stuff that is kind to everyone’s tushy.
    But hear me good…the story I’ve just told…
    ..For a six-pack of two-ply I’d give you the gold.

    ** “hammeroids” spelchek dont work so good

  145. Alas Last Light
    A Mass What Rite
    A Lasting Right
    Amongst Upright

    To Speak Old Words
    To Seek Old Ways
    To Keep New Herds
    Corral and Graze

    From Then Til Now
    From Them to Us
    To Love a Cow
    Over-All’s Fuss

      • To case up something is to study it. Casing the poem page. Blaze is better though.

        • “Sometimes the best map will not guide you
          You can’t see what’s round the bend
          Sometimes the road leads through dark places
          Sometimes the darkness is your friend
          Today these eyes scan bleached-out land
          For the coming of the outbound stage”

          Is that a western coach stage
          Is that a Cancer’s stage
          Is that an “all the world’s a” stage

          Just in Case we still wish to Indulge a poetic
          Frame of reference toward Forrest perhaps
          we’ll find him dancing with the stars to the music
          of the hit parade.

          Sounds Good to me.

          • 4rest4fend,

            That pretty much sums it up.
            Ya gotta love the BIG BEAT.

            That was some well thought penning right there! Well done!


        • BigO,

          A casing is also the outside package in which a hotdog/filling is injected into. I believe they are made from the intestines?


          • Sounds like my socks. I get a gut feeling when I put them on. Saw them this morning, but not sure where they are now. Dancing from task to task doesn’t help but at least the music is soothing. I will find them a little later. Might be better with one in my gob.

  146. I remember the dreams of my youth. Dreams of treasure and finding truth. Just the dreams of a any boy. The dreams that thrill and bring them joy. Dreams of flying within my mind. All my dreams were of that kind. The hunt for adventure and of wild game. These things were lost they could not remain. As a man I learned to love and forget my dreams. I was toiling long days and nights it seemed. I had visions of money and a life of joy. Not even one bit the dreams of a boy. It’s said only once in his life is a boy truly free. Only once can he climb the golden tree. I’ve climbed that tree and sat high on a perch. There’s time again to begin my search. Now do the dreams of my youth fall again. Now I can adventure to the end. The mountains and lakes will remain. But not I as the world explained. So once more I take to wing. From the sky to search for hidden things. I look from high with an eagles gaze. Looking for clues hidden by haze. In flight I graze rainbows at storms end. I land to walk to rules that don’t bend. I travel the rivers and streams in which the fish live in. Searching ever searching for the treasure of Forrest Fenn.

  147. “No Reply”

    “Where are you?”
    No reply.

    “Are you okay?”
    No reply.

    “Is life treating you good?”
    No reply.

    “I know you’re out there, but where?”
    No reply.

    “I miss you, my friend.”

    • A boomerang thrown too hard
      No air for traction lands in space.
      Our halo’s purity is badly scarred
      An omen of what we face?

      A hearty bellow down the hollow
      Echoes just with sound walls in place.
      If an answer doesn’t follow
      For a long trip we should brace.

      A mirror reflects more than light
      It still can function in the dark.
      For flying mammals known to bite
      Can use its sound to guide its arc.

      Dark reflections on our current state
      Cast aspersions into crystal balls.
      To protect our rare earth don’t hesitate
      Better to trim our wicks before darkness falls.

      • Great penning 4rest4fend…. I really liked this one…. have a great night my friend… until next time… see ya

        • I don’t know
          It’s not the same
          I hear the wind blow
          Won’t play the game.

          I found a new place
          Too far to walk
          Old hints still chase
          ’bout here won’t squawk.

    • “ Reply “

      “ I am here, see me?”

      “ I’m doing fine, believe me?”

      “Life is good, good as can be.”

      “I’m here, right here, living free.”

      “ I miss you too, my friend”

      Thanks pdenver, that was fun… have a great night.. until next time… see ya my friend….

        • Nice exchange PD and Focused.

          Good morning sunshine. It’s a new day. I’m counting on you.

          Stayed. Healing. Gone in peace. If you need a friend, just close your eyes and call me. I’m never far, but will always wait until you call. I’m there. In the middle. In the gray, between heavan and hell. Drink deeply from the chalice offered. It is you there handing yourself the chalice. Make you own cup and drink deeply from the cup of life. We are born from the dark of the womb. Before we leave, heal towards the light.

          I’m here. I’m in the middle. I’m born of gray.

          Forrest, you have my support to do whatever you need. I encourage you to realize your dream. You’ve earned it my friend. I want nothing from you but to see you happy. I am a true friend, in spite and because. I offer my chariot DD, Dear Dad, if it will help. Be careful, though, it may be on fire :-).

  148. Richard McKeever,

    I enjoyed your words. Nicely done. Just a nice easy read. We could be reaching wicks end. It seems like nobody is listening or apathy abounds.


  149. I love you Mom
    just because
    you’re the best mom
    there ever was
    you are to me
    what I hope to be
    to my own
    and I hope you see
    that together we
    will never be alone
    cuz I have you
    as always
    and you have me
    my praise
    for every wrong I’ve done
    you’ve turned away from none
    for all I’ve yet to be
    you still are there for me
    and truthfully
    I love you Mom
    just because
    you’re the best mom
    there ever was!

    1999 jd
    rest in peace Mom I love you!
    happy Mother’s Dayall!

      • Happy Mother’s Day

        Our Mother carried
        The Creator’s deep love
        Heaven and Earth married
        Intercedes from above.

        Partners in Divine goal
        Blessed Mother, Blessed Womb
        Fills Heaven with more souls
        A Rose arrives; e’re blooms.

  150. Oh glorious day to be stuck inside
    Another day and I’ll hit the road
    Or maybe next week I will ride
    How much longer to carry this load

    Hasn’t been long since starting this chase
    Blind luck and knowledge blazing a trail
    That cries for my return to this place
    Was so close last year only to fail

    But with each passing day since then
    Trying to be patient I painfully moan
    Looking back to that place I have been
    Remembering of her and the throne

    A hint of riches and rightfully so
    Indeed it is in oh glorious may
    Nature remains so let her know
    To have a blessed mother’s day.

  151. The calling of a vision,
    and noise from the vale.
    Making far cry a mission,
    as mist clears the tale.

    Devouring pains of past,
    playing the story sold.
    Relief appears at last,
    shields us from the cold.

    Cupid swoops high above,
    drawing string with hand.
    Ending old with new love,
    she fires on sacred land.

    Sewing seed in my drum,
    forcing my lips to say;
    “Without you, dear mom,
    I wouldn’t be here today”.

  152. I hope Dal won’t mind if I post a poem written by Neil Gaiman and featured here: https://www.brainpickings.org/2019/02/07/after-silence-neil-gaiman-rachel-carson/
    It’s an infinitely better poem than I could ever write and seems to speak to the Chase. I also hope its author won’t mind me putting it here.

    for Rachel Carson

    Seasons on seasons. The spring is signaled by birdsong
    coyotes screech and yammer in the moonlight
    and the first flowers open. I saw two owls today
    in the daylight, on silent wings.
    They landed as one and watched me sleepily.
    Oh who? they called. Or how, or how who?
    Then they leaned into the trunk
    into the sun that shone through the tight-curled buds,
    and vanished into dappled shadows
    never waiting for an answer.

    Like the sapling that buckles the sidewalk
    and grows until it has reached its height
    all of us begin in darkness. Some of us reach maturity. A few
    become old: we went over time’s waterfall and lived,
    Time barely cares. We are a pool of knowledge and advice
    the wisdom of the tribe, but we have stumbled,
    fallen face-first into our new uncomfortable roles.
    Remembering, as if it happened to someone else,
    the race to breed,
    or to succeed, the aching need that drove our thoughts
    and shaped each deed,
    those days are through.
    We do not need to grow, we’re done,
    we grew.

    Who speaks? And why?

    She was killed by her breasts, by tumours in them:
    A clump of cells that would not listen to orders to disband
    no chemical suggestions that they were big enough
    that, sometimes, it’s a fine thing just to die, were heeded.
    And the trees are leafless and black against the sky
    and the bats in fatal whiteface sleep and rot
    and the jellyfish drift and pulse through the warming waters
    and everything changes. And some things are truly lost.

    Wild in the weeds, the breeze scatters the seeds,
    and it lifts the wings of the pine processionary moth,
    and bears the green glint of the emerald borer,
    Now the elms go the way of the chestnut trees.
    Becoming memories and dusty furniture.
    The ash trees go the way of the elms.
    And somebody has to say that we
    never need to grow forever. That
    we, like the trees, can reach our full growth,
    and mature, in wisdom and in time,
    that we can be enough of us. That there
    can be room for other breeds and kinds and lives.
    Who’ll whisper it:
    that tumours kill their hosts,
    and then themselves?
    We’re done. We grew. Enough.

    All the gods on the hilltops
    and all the gods on the waves
    the gods that became seals
    the voices on the winds
    the quiet places, where if we are silent
    we can listen, we can learn.
    Who speaks? And why?

    Someone could ask the questions, too.
    Like who?
    Who knew? What’s true?
    And how? Or who?
    How could it work?
    What happens then?
    Are consequences consequent?
    The answers come from the world itself
    The songs are silent,
    and the spring is long in coming.

    There’s a voice that rumbles beneath us
    and after the end the voice still reaches us
    Like a bird that cries in hunger
    or a song that pleads for a different future.
    Because all of us dream of a different future.
    And somebody needs to listen.
    To pause. To hold.
    To inhale, and find the moment
    before the exhale, when everything is in balance
    and nothing moves. In balance: here’s life, here’s death,
    and this is eternity holding its breath.

    After the world has ended
    After the silent spring
    Into the waiting silence
    another song begins.

    Nothing is ever over
    life breathes life in its turn
    Sometimes the people listen
    Sometimes the people learn

    Who speaks? And why?

  153. Big Heart

    I hear the sirens call my name,
    people chanting, “you’re on, its your game!”.
    A glance ahead, what do I see?
    My low lying quarry, looking at me.
    Pointing my gun I fire away,
    all the birds scatter, escaping the fray.
    Direct hit, straight through the heart,
    my target is still, as the spirits depart.
    Tied up with rope, strapped to both shoulders,
    I drag the fat beast over mud and boulders.
    A heave and a ho, I bring it to rest,
    everyone’s clapping as I end my quest.
    Opening jaws I look deep inside,
    there in its chest treasures do hide.
    Arm areach, the crowd cheer and wave,
    I pull out riches, a prize for being brave.

  154. The Fenn poem is not meant to frustrate.
    Its sole purpose is to obfuscate
    And motivate into a mountain state.
    You must agree, it does captivate.

    The solution requires one to contemplate,
    But maybe you simply need go “right straight
    To it”, that is. So please do not complicate
    with head pressures or flow rate.

    You need not calculate or calibrate
    But, is the hydrate due to condensate?
    Come on, would that not evaporate?
    Maybe you anticipate my salivate.

    OK, I will elucidate my most recent formulate:

    Hmm…..Where do Warm Waters decelerate??????
    We are told its not any dam’s watergate,
    So maybe we need to enumer-ate.
    That’s MY secret, so don’t ask me to elucidate.

    Now it’s the big picture I should cultivate.
    But distance is difficult to designate.
    Perhaps this is where the little girl should emigrate.
    So, why does Home of Brown not fascinate?

    From there the meek should insulate.
    Ever drawing, it must not deteriorate?
    No paddle is definitely a heavyweight
    And the others just affiliate.

    The blaze will have you underrate.
    Below, IT must ruminate.
    Thus, the chest is at a bifurcate.
    Y does Fenn so complicate?

    Did he dilapidate or just tailgate?
    Is it refrigerate or does the trail dissipate?
    Does “the wood” encapsulate a cowboy state?
    All I know, is you need not excavate.

    No reason to further procrastinate,
    My BOTG is set for tomorrows date.
    I confirmed my best mate
    To help carry all that troy freight.

    I just know the chest is lying in wait.
    Ummm, did I deliberate nine or eight?
    It makes no difference, this chase is meant to exhilarate
    And the chest is out there just to titillate.

    As always, I am confident and will not oscillate.
    Eradicate that Lead Searcher who needs to abdicate!
    I hope to hear you all congratulate
    Otherwise I’ll be back to listen and re-evaluate.

    Thanks to ff and INXS “Mediate”
    Of course, this is IMO and not meant to instigate.
    So Dal, there is no reason to repudiate.
    Stay safe and don’t let the virus incubate.

    • SaddleSaur, tremendous poem! Your poem appears to be inline with BigO’s poem above. INXS is my favorite reference that you gave. Everything rhymes with “-ate”

      Hope you find the treasure!

      • Sorry… My Wimpy comment appears to have gotten held up above. I must have said something wrong.

    • Ha! Saddle Sore, that’s a good one…just awesome!
      Lots to precipitate and postulate.
      I capitulate and won’t hesitate.

  155. I wouldn’t worry about any searcher looking for lead, seriously there is bronze, silver and gold, but who looks for lead? Unless they try transmutation,
    and turn the lead into gold hey, that would be something!

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