Scrapbook Two Hundred Forty Nine…


Forrest and Willie at home

Yesterday it was 61 degrees in Santa Fe so Willie and I took a 45-minute stroll around the yard. The cottonwoods and willows were turning green on the limb ends and our daffodils were yellow with long, green stems. They’re the first flowers in our yard to smell like promise. The warming sun felt really nice.

Things are tough down town and around the country, so my family is hunkered down with books aplenty. I may even read Journal of a Trapper again. We are almost completely staying-at-home folks for a while.

During my almost 90 years I’ve seen the Great Depression, a few wars, and the Aids epidemic. They were all terrible and for many long months some folks thought they were world-ending events. But they weren’t. We worked our way through them by banding together and gutting down.  We’ll do the same with this virus thing too. That’s why I’m so optimistic about the future.

It’s time to take another stroll around the yard. Willie just heard me think that and his tail started wagging. “C’mon Willie, let’s go. f




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  1. Send well wishes your way Forrest. I hope everyone else stays safe and healthy as well!

    Ready for this mess to pass!

  2. You and Willie have fun in the sun. You are absolutely right, everything will be okay soon. No time to be stupid, it’s just another bump in the road.

  3. Very nice to hear from you. Yes May all this pass soon, I have some searching to do.
    I can’t possibly wait another year. ❤️
    May we all be protected and kept healthy.

  4. Thank you for the words, Forrest.

    Your chase has given hope to many of us, on some of our darkest days.

    I hope you keep writing and lighting the way.

    ~Allen K.

  5. Thank you Forrest! “Hearing” the words from you is calming.
    I was curious on the episodes as such in life you may have been through, thanks for sharing.
    I think I will sleep good tonight.

    And thank you dal and willie too!

  6. Thanks for sending some optimism our way. Weather is about to change for the worse tomorrow too but that, too, will pass.,Quickly, I hope as I prefer warm sunny days while sheltering at home.

  7. Hi Forrest,

    My 11 year old son and I spent some time searching this morning. We took our fishing poles along for the ride, and he caught a beautiful 16” Brown in our search area. He asked how Forrest was doing, and I didn’t have an answer for him. Now, I do. Be safe out there.

    • OMG John! I just real-eyesed, YOU and your SON “have” (found) the most valuable riches of FF”s treasure — IMHO —

      • It was a good day. Funny thing was, we went to check out a potential “Blaze” on the side of a rock wall face, and when we looked “quickly down”, somebody had already dug a two foot deep hole. It had to be another persons solve. I only wish they would have filled up the hole where the dug.

    • and he caught a beautiful 16” Brown in our search area. He asked how Forrest was doing, and I didn’t have an answer for him. Now, I do.

      Nice John Lynch, You speak trout. I also am fluent in many of the dialects, but have some troubles with the heavy German accents. g

  8. It is definitely a pleasure to hear from you Forrest and your outlook on the virus and how things of the past were so scary back then and with perseverance and everyone coming together got through such hard times as we will this. Heres to the future of Optimism. A slow and steady recovery of the country and to everyone’s health.

  9. These are loving and caring word from our friend. He loves us all, without question. God bless you and yours Forrest Fenn. Keep your family healthy and strong. We all love you very very much.

  10. Well Forrest I will hunker down too for a short spell. There is still snow about in places, and I can wait. I lived through H1N1 when I was in the age. Now it seems I like you are in the age to be weary. Since I have a lung disease and incurable, I fear not for myself, but for others. Time will soon roll around and I will be off on the Chase once more, I hope the best for you and Peggy, I know Willie does too.

  11. So nice to hear from you and you and Peggy are doing Great I hope and pray . I think we as a country will get pass this cov19 in time I pray it does not take long.

    From my family to yours you are
    In my Prayers and thoughts

  12. Hello again, Forrest. Glad to hear you are getting some good weather in Santa Fe and enjoying the outdoors. This is very good for your immunity. In Japan they call it shinrin-yoku, or nature bathing, and they believe it has many benefits for body, mind, and spirit. In my mind’s eye I can see you and Willie walking among the the daffodils; I do miss seeing them in their role as harbinger’s of the eternal return of spring as I used to in my own yard in Maryland.

    Thanks for the reading tip. I will definitely be perusing my copy of Journal of a Trapper again soon. My favorite part is when Osborne describes the Secluded Valley he found on the Lamar River near Soda Butte creek.

    “There is something in the wild romantic scenery of this valley which I cannot. . . describe; but the impressions made upon my mind while gazing from a high eminence on the surrounding landscape one evening as the sun was gently gliding behind the western mountain and casting its gigantic shadows across the vale were such as time can never efface from my memory . . . for my own part I almost wished I could spend the remainder of my days in a place like this where happiness and contentment seemed to reign in wild romantic splendor” (Osborne Russell, Journal of a Trapper).

    Thank you also for your encouragement that all will be well once again with our world. I know you have been through a lot of dark times, and you are a survivor. I’m sure we are all praying this, too, shall soon pass. Did you know scientists have found that it is true that the sky is darkest just before the dawn? I will have faith, as I step into the light of each new day, and I know you will, too.

    • P.S. I’m glad you are staying away from town. Since my shadow ain’t cast by no fool, either, I plan to avoid as many towns, people and shared surfaces as I can on the way to search for Indulgence. My covered wagon will be packed with supplies, and it will be full speed ahead. I hope other searchers will also take the same precautions. And remember to sing your favorite song while you wash your hands. These days my favorite is Me and Bobby McGee.

    • Ohhh I did that one day. I like perching like a ninja lol, the valley was a well searched one, and the sun set just as said in the book. 🙂

    • Heavy Loads, a name very apropos. I very much enjoyed your post. Stay safe and be well. Sincerely, Afana

  13. Well put, Forrest. I think it’s time I check out Journal of a Trapper! Thanks again for everything. My family is excited to go BOTG with me this summer.

  14. You look mighty comfy in that chair, Forrest. 🙂 I’m ready for some sun too! Stay safe everybody, and good health.

  15. Forrest wrote:
    “We worked our way through them by banding together and gutting down.”

    Is anyone here familiar with the phrase “gutting down”?
    That’s a new one to me….

      • We worked together by banding together and clearing them out… (The Problems… war, depression, Aids…) That’s how I interpret it…

        • Hiya Forrest! I’m gonna take that good advice as best as I am able to. Thank you Forrest…good to hear from you. In any case: “Fear not, only believe.”

    • I don’t know what that phrase means either but it seemed like a good one to use at the time. Maybe it means that everyone should do the very best they can and it will all work out. f

      • Thank you Forrest for the smile on my face, which has been missing of late. 🙂

      • It is gutting…..BUT, you’re right Forrest, it will all work out.
        Sending positive vibes.

      • IMHO: Forrest is close in explaining “gutting down”. We all need to learn how to protect ourselves in dire times.
        This term reminds me of butchering years ago, and field dressing a deer, whereby you need to “GUT” downward
        in an effort to keep from “tainting” the meat. We ALL should be practicing methods of protectionism at this time.

        FF: “We worked our way through them by banding together and gutting down.”

        FF: “… everyone should do the very best they can and it will all work out.”

        • Thank you, Lee
          I think I understand now. While I’ve been hunkered Down these past 2 weeks, I’ve really been digging out the guts and I believe I’ve already found the meat of the story.

      • Forrest, that phrase IMO is more than a good one to use. It’s not the words that you use, It’s your meaning that’s implied to discover.

      • Glad you are doing well. Still frosty here so I’m having some Cocoa. I’m stirring it with a wooden spoon when a fly flew right into the hot fluid! I’ll fish it out later. I don’t know where he came from, it’s so cold out. I didn’t think they came back til it got warmer. I guess he fell off the moon roof of my Red Ford pickup. It’s only got a thousand miles on it. Anyway, I drove it eleven miles before I came to the end of the trail. I started to fish in this lake when I saw a doll laying on the shore. I went over and picked it up and it was a boy doll with a military uniform on. I saluted him and said “You sir, are one incredible man. And I for one have the utmost respect for you. God Bless.”

        • JoJo, I haven’t had enough time to fully digest the weight of your message, but please give that boy doll a warm hug from me and tell him that everything will be ok.

          • Thanks Jen. I was hoping for a reply from Forrest himself. I’ll tell you what though, to understand my post, you must be familiar with my solve, and I was betting that Forrest is. I’ll tell you something else, in my opinion there is a clue in this scrapbook. Because Forrest is just that good at this. Of course, he’s had plenty of practice creating clues.

      • I think you in your own way Forrest your telling people that this virus is not worth a gut feeling

    • It may have to do with the gizzards of some animals that they use to digest food requiring some grit, ‘gutting down’ their food and such.

    • Could it be related to “gut it out”? Which is defined as tough it out, to show pluck and perseverance in the face of opposition or adversity.

    • I think it’s a mix of “gutting it out” and “hunkering down” . That’s the way I Fennterpreted it, Dal . 🙂
      Great to hear from you Forrest!

    • “gutting down. Same as getting your head down and get on with it the best you can.

    • For me, an old codger, it means to do what your Gut tells you to do to be safe.
      Don’t listen to all of the B.S. – Listen to the facts, and then do what your gut tells you to do – “Hunker Down, and be safe.” JMO – JDA

    • I remember in a Star Wars movie, Luke Skywalker was caught in sub zero storm approaching, so in order to stay warm and survive, he shot a large animal, gutted it ……. and survived.
      But I don’t think that is what Forrest meant!

  16. Your picture, makes me feel good.
    There are always sunny days ahead after the shadows of a storm has passed.
    Just watch for the rainbow.

  17. Glad to hear your positivity and thank you for the update! Wishing the best for you and yours!

  18. Nice to hear from you Forrest! At this time I think it is good for us all to seek the smell of promise. It is always there you just have to know where to sniff…

  19. Yep, staying positive in tough times isn’t easy, but it’s doable. My summer plans are likely trashed but there are still plenty of positives to find around here. Keep up on the status of the situation but don’t digest more then is needed. Take a stroll or a hike when you can, avoid all of the negative energies. The negative things are easiest to find. So dedicate some time to look for the positives even in tough times.

    • Good advice, Brad. There are definitely some rays of hope in the mostly morbid daily news, and it is best to think on those things. I saw recently that cases are decreasing in China and other countries, for instance, and that a vaccine may be on the way.

  20. Forrest knows better times always return after extreme trials and tribulations. Wisdom of the Ages.

  21. I’m much more optimistic after reading this scrapbook than I have been for the past few weeks. Forrest has been in more tough spots than anyone. If he says that we’re going to get through this … well you just can’t bet against the man.

    Be safe everyone. Look out for friends and neighbors. We will get through this.

  22. So glad that you and Willie are enjoying the sunshine. We all need a bit of sunshine in our lives about now, and you, Forrest, are our ray of sunshine. An Ever-Grateful friend and FENN-atic – JDA

  23. We’re all hunkered down here as well in Seattle. Unfortunately I have to work tonight to get this Sound Transit train up and running again. Good to hear from you sir! Stay safe down there!

  24. So it is a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors? That’s what we do around here!

  25. So glad to hear from you, ff. Our cat, Lucas, is in great spirits with us both home all the time now, and sends greetings to Willie.

    Be safe, everyone. This is a temporary situation that will pass.

  26. One evening as the sun was gently gliding behind the western mountain and casting its gigantic shadows across the vale were such as time can never efface from my memory but as I am neither Poet Painter or Romance writer I must content myself to be what I am a humble journalist and
    leave this beautiful Vale in obscurity until visited by some more skillful admirer of the beauties of nature who may chance to stroll this way at some future period.

    • That’s a nice journal entry.

      I also like, “ I could spend the remainder of my days in a place like this where happiness and contentment seemed to reign in wild romantic splendor surrounded by majestic battlements which seemed to support the heavens and shut out all hostile intruders.”

      • Beautiful thoughts Buckshoot and Allen… Allen at first I thought you said Majestic Butterflies… I like that thought…

      • I don’t remember reading Journal of a Trapper when I was young, but now I have read it two or three times and I find it amazing. How he survived when he was alone in the blizzards amazes me, and his reflections on the beauty of the mountains is like a portrait with more adjectives.

      • Allen, I’d probably roll out off a little slower… more like,
        “Dude… this place is awesome. Wish I had my camera…. let’s just have some fun and chill out here for a while.

        Just sayin :”^}. Much love fellow searchers and a big smile an a how-do, to Forrest for chimin in during the work week.

  27. I like these words of encouragement Forrest Fire, when you have seen so many world events happen, and your are still here I think it pays to find a fun book, to make you laugh, but that pic of you with Wille as a Headdress is pure comedy! Do all your dog type critters do that by training or do they just like reading over your shoulder? I am sure that is how “The Bip” read or rode behind…I too am glad we have our pets to keep us company and warm on lonesome winter nights of though.


    • Mr Fenn,
      It is a pleasure to be a part of your Chase. My cousin Gary and I are all in. May these challenging times find you safe and warm and healthy.

    • This is the same photo as seen in post from Oct. 2019 “Emailing Forrest…Please be Considerate”. I am thinking Dal chose it.

      • GL-
        I took that photo of Forrest and Willie last October…along with several others. I have used it, or possibly one very similar, in the past. I thought it was again appropriate for this post by Forrest.

  28. Good to hear from you, Mr. Fenn! Glad Willie is taking care of you. Prayers for Peggy.
    This crud may stop a lot of searchers that have to travel and slow the search season down.
    All of a sudden, our homes have become tombs that we are hiding in and hopefully we can move the stones and emerge victorious! Until then, everyone stay calm, do some spring cleaning and reading!

  29. I’m working from home right now, and the kid is home from school so our dog got 5 walks today. At least the dog is enjoying this.

    • I guess that’s the point having fun and enjoying the little things. Dogs do that so well. I have a wonderful dog named Prancer he is my best friend in the world. I wish I could take him on all my adventures, but he gets anxious on long car rides and home sick and all

  30. Dear Forrest – thank you for the positive and optimistic words, sir. I love the picture of you and Willie.

  31. Glad to hear that you and your family are doing well. I hope everyone follows your lead and keeps relatively isolated till this passes the critical stage.

  32. Getting outdoors is the best! As I went outdoors with a cold today and stayed away from people I felt good even though it was raining.

  33. Winter Storm Warning tonight North of Santa Fe. Hope they don’t get too much snow in the mountains. As with Peggy and yourself Major, we are hunkering down in our abode for some time to come. Unfortunately, doesn’t appear that we will have BOTG anytime in the near future. Stay warm, safe and healthy!

  34. Glad to hear you are confident in our resilience. Coming From someone who has weathered many a storm, this is good to hear.
    Thank you.

  35. Thanks dal, Mr. Fenn and of course psychic Little Willie.
    A good time for a good book, hang in there all. A new beginning is just around the corner

  36. A little TLC y’all…from FF.

    Smell the flowers while you can.

    Looking forward to seek season.

  37. It’s now 2:30 am on the East Coast. I woke up, once again, in total disbelief and thought I’d make a cup of tea. What a nice surprise to hear from you Mr. Fenn. I hope you and your family are well. We are all thinking of you. The Chase is a peaceful escape for me now more than ever. Thank you.

      • Nice emoticon-like thing, almost (or maybe) showing the bridge of “your” nose. As always, IMO.

  38. Funny, I must be hearing your thoughts, because I did take a nice stroll today. Something I haven’t done in awhile. Now, if I could just hear some of your other thoughts…

  39. Best wishes Forrest from down under. Great for your message to come our way.
    I guess there will be no hunting for me this season. I’m comfortable with that.
    I’m told it’s all a crock anyway. Just Joking.

  40. Nice Boatman, moving with confidence. I was thinking of canceling my spring trip but I am rethinking. I can make it from here to there with nary a scare. Once in the spot. Mountains, rocks, trees, and fresh air. Don’t forget your gloves, because those, that chest is heavy. g

  41. Thank you for your comforting words, Forrest. I saw a robin in my yard today. There’s nothing as sweet as Springtime in Montana especially this year.

  42. Health can be affected by mental state. Searchers are strong, and they ride an old paint. Exercise is key, sedentary free. Don’t want to start the season with a bigger belly. g

  43. Thank you Forest for bringing a simple smile to my saddened face! It’s difficult to be positive when the entire world has collapsed to their knees begging God for mercy! When I see all the church doors that have been closed! A person can clearly see”The Devil is Loose!”! This chapter of life will definitely define our strength and faith to exist! God Bless you and your family.

  44. Hunkering *down* for awhile is the smart bet. Family time and sticking close to home is good medicine… warm regards to all.

  45. Thank you Forrest for your reassurance and calming words. Ivan (my 11 yr old Son) and I look forward to continuing our explorations this year safely.

    In Wisconsin (as in many places), the return of the Robins signifies (for me anyways) the beginning of Spring. Birdsong and Daffodils open the way to new life and hope, even amidst a thickening fear.

    The Quest you created has provided my family with an opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and to understand a higher purpose.

    In Gratitude,
    Michael and Ivan Raymond
    Oshkosh, Wisconsin

  46. Surrounded by family, lots of a books to read, and a yard to stroll around…….. I’ll be doing the same on the East coast….. time will go by fast…. stay safe everyone…. thanks Forrest

  47. With all on hold, some good has come to me. In a time of uncertainty, it certainly makes one free. I am not at this time subservient to the clock. All I need now is a beer, and a dock. g

  48. I am back after a self inflicted hiatus. Running away from home seemed good at the time but ut sure can get lonely out there.

    Hearing from Forrest shore is like a big smear of jelly on my homemade bread.

    Today ( thank you ever-so-much Forrest) I will going forward with two (2) new sets of terminologies that are interchangeable.


    Today will be a great day to GUTTER DOWN in the kitchen and create something delectable. Then later maybe I will GUTTER DOWN and watch a rerun of the Walton’s on the tube followed by some GUTTERED DOWN reading about the virtues of Oil Of Oregano. It is always great to walk in the sunshine and FEEL the green, green grass of home.

    Thinking good thoughts about you too ff while you are GUTTERED DOWN.

    • I think YOUR point has been made and is as prominent as a huge
      arrowhead in a peaceful place.

  49. Yesterday it was wet here so our dog molly laid by the door all day as if it were a sunny warm spring day and she was just waiting to go play in the yard . Thank you for pushing us against our will, For your service as well .

  50. Dear Forrest,
    I am happy to hear you are doing good! I was wondering how others are dealing with this ordeal. My daughter Kassi is in the Navy and she is assigned to the Mercy. I also have another daughter named Porscha who works at a hospital as a receptionist….they make me proud….Gordon

  51. Wishing you, Peggy, and Willie good health as we do our best to stay safe through all this. My pussy willows are budding here in Maine, and I think we’ll plant a garden in Spring. We stopped planting several years back, not finding the time to keep it watered and weeded. Looks like we will have plenty of time for that now. I love the line “…smells like promise.”
    Much love and good wishes to all.

  52. One sure can’t go wrong with Journal of a Trapper. I’ve read it three times and I couldn’t put it down. It really brought the rawness of the Yellowstone country to life for me and my family during our trip last summer. Imagining that we’re standing in a place where trappers and Indians battled it out 185 years ago or throwing rocks into that powerful river at the edge of the Bannock Ford really brings a place to life. You can smell the spirits in the air in places like that.

    It’s amazing, and a little sad, how rapidly things have changed in this country.

  53. Has anyone ever wondered about FF’s use of the word DAFFODIL?

    Consider this before deletion.

    Break apart the word…

    Da FF Odil … See anything familiar?

    Then consider that Odil is nearly the same as Odile…

    Definition – Odile is a French name meaning “wealthy, fortunate.” Odile is a variant of the Old German name Odila, and its meaning is “fortunate or prosperous in battle”.

    DAFFODIL defined – The FF Wealth

    Now research how FF has used the word…

    In this post, Daffodils are referred to as “Promise”.


    Code, maybe?

    Or is it just nonsense?

  54. It looks like West Yellowstone still has 12 (+) inches of snow on the ground, but I’d still love to hunker down right there for a few months :”^}.

  55. Thanks for checking in Forrest and everyone else, I’m safe at home in my other home in Northern Thailand, brought my copy of TTOTC with me and I have a nice collection of other books here, Hemingway, Emerson and Grisham! Planning to extend my visa and stay through most of April, feeling safer here than NorCal. Eating a lot of watermelon and expecting mangos to be ripening soon! Take care everyone!
    P.S. what would Nick do!

  56. I’ve taken so many strolls around that yard. I might have one last stroll in me, but I have to figure out what it is I’m missing before I do.

      • “C’mon Willie, let’s go!!!! lol 🙂 I think he be talking to someone here…. Willi are you looking in a yard?

        • LOL …yes.

          I’ve been looking in a yard for 2 years now. It’s a big yard (front and back) and I’m so tired of “hanging” onto it. I don’t know what I might have missed after 3 tries.

  57. I love daffodils! Smell the flowers for ME will you? It’s still winter here in Maine, although we haven’t had much snow. I’m so glad your still alive and safe Forrest. I believe we will all get throuh this if we stick together. Pet Willie for me, he looks like he is the sweetest! XxOo

  58. Thank you again Forrest, dal, and Willie, this scrapbook truly is inspiring.

    Stay well everyone, maybe once I reschedule Bree, one of us can bring Forrest his bracelet!!!

  59. Woke up and checked hoD before work as usual, and had this very unexpected and pleasant surprise! Thank you Forrest for those brief, but much needed encouraging words from one who has seen, and been thru, so much. It’s so nice to know we searchers are always in your heart as you are forever in ours.

    Enjoy those walks with Willie! XXOO

  60. Your optimism and faith in life is refreshing to all who worry as the world closes down the fundamental lifelines that keep our society engine churning. Sometimes it takes a world event for us to learn just what is important in life, which gives us all time to be able to understand the new path forward and possibly the future of mankind itself.
    There are many benefits that sometimes come from tragic consequences that effect the world populations equally regardless of race, religion or any other human biases we invent towards others and the land on earth which we so proudly stand upon. One only has to look towards the clearing Sky’s in the most populated and favorite destination area’s of the world. In time, perhaps we will all see clearly that the end could be the beginning, but to change the world we must start at the top, not at the bottom of our carbon footprint and mutual desires.
    I personalty enjoy the quiet in the sky above me right now, and I’m positive Earth does too.

    Stay safe all, and Thank you Forrest for the words of encouragement.

  61. Dogs are oblivious to our socioeconomic ‘crises’, actual or manufactured. And they can bring great comfort to those inclined toward anxiety. Visit your shelter. Adopt.

  62. Did you guys notice? Willie’s watching over Forrest. See it? Willie over Forrest, watching the photographer….oh well maybe it’s just my warped logic. Reminds me of someone else who was watching over him. 😯

  63. Forrest – Thank you for your ‘Big Picture’ perspective. Your wise, lifelong view of current events, compared to those you have experienced previously, gave me peace.

    Let’s all read, “Journal of a Trapper”, again, for FREE!:

    I like the Aubrey Haines version, with the maps and the great footnotes. Since our local library is closed, I will have to place an order to go, via their new, temporary concierge service. Necessity is the mother of invention. Don’t forget to get creative, everyone! And stay centered, healthy and safe.

    • Ohhh I just thought a favorite book of fenns must be good! But then immediately realized I have no way of getting it lol, thank you!!

      I’ve got a busy week coming up, but if the quoted journal entries above are testament to the writing, I’ll be sure to make time for it!

    • If we could only all try a low key attitude like yours Mr. Fenn. When situations appear twenty times more dire than usual, it is comforting to see your skill set pecking away by the fire. Thanks so much for the calming and reassuring words infused with the hint of Spring’s blessing rising in the yard.

    • Lisa, you are a breath of Vernal Equinox, whic In 2020, spring equinox (also called the March equinox or vernal equinox) occurs on Thursday, March 19, which is earlier than it’s been in over a century! This event marks the astronomical first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

      New Day in the Rockies, summer is not here, but it is rumored you can see it from here…TT

  64. Thank you Forrest! It’s good to hear something positive for a change! I’m trying to take your advice to gut down and keep going. Gotta just keep saying I can do it.

  65. Isn’t this what we all asked for as kids when we wanted more days off than just summer vacation? Isn’t this what every harried mom who felt overwhelmed secretly prayed for ? A few weeks off from our normal stresses. We can all just stay home and sleep late, take walks in our backyard , hug our loved ones , call that friend . Chances are they are on vacation too. Maybe this should become a National Holiday .
    National Staycation days! Stay up late and watch that good old movie or read a book.
    Cook that family comfort food and gather round the table. It’s the perfect time to tell stories of the past and make memories the children of today will tell their grandchildren. Imagine the laughter when they hear how people hoarded toliet paper for a virus that didn’t involve ………

    I feel very connected to my family, community, and the rest of our nation. We are all working towards one goal one United States of America. The worst of times can bring out the greatest in people!

    This is not a bad thing at all. We all needed a break from our busy lives. If you see this as an opportunity and not a burden you will actually enjoy this time. All it takes is a tiny amount of imagination .

    Thank you Forrest for sparking that flame in many!

  66. These are certainly challenging times and gutting down is a perfect phrase for what we must do. We must endure and persevere during these dark times and hope for the future because it will come and brighter days are in front of us.

    You’ve said you hid the treasure in part to bring hope during the prior recession. Well I can’t think of a better way to bring hope than for someone to go out this summer into that place where you went alone and retrieve what has been hidden for so long. In the Great Depression there was SeaBiscuit to bring some hope and joy to the world. Perhaps some unlikely soul, suffering among us during these times, will rise this year to bring us all some joy and hope for what is possible.

    Stay safe and happy hunting everyone! Wishing many blessings on everyone!

    • Gutting down- Does the expression ” Be all you can be” mean anything. Everyone holds strong to their responsibilities as a whole . The best of the best to survive as a whole. Forrest it’s great to know that you are one of the few that has complete common sense and A few stout hearted men that still exist . It seems like it is a fast shrinking populess that have IT .

  67. Perambulation on a warm sunny spring day makes me want to dance a jig with Willie among the daffodils too. Let’s go

    Enjoy your space in the fresh air sun .

    Good to hear from you

  68. Thanks Forrest, for the words of hope and inspiration, and images from your back yard. Here in Colorado it’s snowing hard again, but the purple crocus have already started dancing, soon to be followed by the daffodils. Reminded me of the well-known poem by William Wordsworth, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.”

    I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host, of golden daffodils;
    Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

    Continuous as the stars that shine
    And twinkle on the milky way,
    They stretched in never-ending line
    Along the margin of a bay:
    Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
    Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

    The waves beside them danced; but they
    Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
    A poet could not but be gay,
    In such a jocund company:
    I gazed — and gazed — but little thought
    What wealth the show to me had brought:

    For oft, when on my couch I lie
    In vacant or in pensive mood,
    They flash upon that inward eye
    Which is the bliss of solitude;
    And then my heart with pleasure fills,
    And dances with the daffodils.

    Forrest, I can just envision you strolling around your back yard, breathing in the sunshine (as you often have said) and smiling inwardly at the legacy you have left us. Thank you for giving us a welcome distraction to the worries of the day, and hopefully we soon can all get back to the business of getting out of the house and exploring this amazing world of ours!

    Stay well, Forrest, and best of luck to “Chasers” everywhere! Maybe this will be the year….

    -Cap’n Bill

    • I capitulate and yield first dance to you Captain.

      Please tell Willie I will wait out on the bench by the road at midnight with a steak n date.


      • You post makes me think of a place I have not been to in a very long time and one I think it’s time to re visit . There is a lot of places I have been wanting to return to and some people I would like to catch up with some close some far . But there is one ……….secret the only missing piece of mysterious pie

        • I think secret pie makes it all the better. Let’s split it right down the middle.


        • If I had lumbered, and not spent my bones for old rope, it would be a no-brainer cakewalk marching to the dessert section to eyeball the smorgasbord.

          Seeking the secret …….. final course , is not a walk in the park five-finger exercise.

          I’ll hop the gravy train it should be smooth sailing and easy as pie like a turkey shoot.

          Snatching a piece of cake might be kid stuff Children’s play , like taking candy from a baby at a picnic.

          The secret key piece of pie is hidden and very hush-hush.

          Just to get a crack at dancing with Wily on a warm sunny day …. let’s go Wily.

          • I’m almost 100% sure that we will tie the knot and do a little dance out in the warm sun. Take my hand and we’ll watch little Willie Run around. He’s probably very cute.

  69. Thank you Mr. Fenn for the calming and warm reassuring words during a rough time.
    It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the Vernal Equinox!

    Thank you!

  70. I see being 13 lets you really relax, looking good Forrest, Hang Ten Willie surf on.
    My best to Mrs Peggy and the rest of the Fenn family.

  71. Sometime those daffodils will face away if planted too close to the house. One must at times go around them to get the perfect angle of light to see them properly. g

  72. Thank You Forrest for the encouraging words! I can’t begin to tell you how much we needed to hear that from you!
    It’s easy to forget sometimes just how hard it was to live through things like the great depression and WWII. I came along a bit later, so i have no (first hand) idea of what it was really like.
    Anyways, I was having some very dismal thoughts bouncing around in my head the last couple of months and your SB message pulled me out of it. So really, Thank YOU!!
    Thank You too DAL!
    Stay Safe EVERYONE! Good Weather it’s a comin’!

  73. -C’mon Willie, let’s go- Did ff thought that too and Willie heard it? Another mystery…

  74. Did Forrest tell Cynthia Mecham in her interview, there would be some surprises in 2020? (Can someone provide the link? Bad weather & internet keeps cutting out.) thanks.

    Surprise #1 Covid19
    Surprise #2 no travel, stay home, gutted economy
    Surprise #3 ? Perhaps someone able to spend more time at home solving the poem will quietly celebrate finding the treasure with forrest before his 90th birthday.

    • Hello 42, I think FF has an optimistic vision of what will happen in 2020 in the Rockies. But will the puzzle solver be able to travel there safely? He must be living on pins and needles! Stay safe & healthy.

      • Hi Pbee, agree. Lemonade from corona lemons. Perhaps summer months will bring about healthier times. I’m optimistically hoping to drive to my search area.

        • Corona soda were artificially tasty! But ff prefers its Grapette!
          I wont be driving anytime soon to a search area, but I am slowly understanding why we need to think about the right thing, why ff said that the right person will find it, and why we should be on the right edge to find the key. It is slowly making sense, and i start to understand why everybody is a 1000 miles away! Stay safe everybody!

  75. Thank you so much, Forrest. So glad to hear your hunkered down and staying safe. Great that you are out walking in your beautiful yard. The daffodils are out here in New York too. Spring equinox today! Sunrise at 090! All the best

  76. Forrest, I just read SB 149. I hope you know by the response here on the hoD, that we searchers are VERY grateful for this post. Imo, most have been concerned, and curious about you and your families well being. I noticed 155 replies in just over an hour, that might be a record. Continue to be safe. We Care, Thank you Forrest, Sincerely, Afana

    • Thank you!

      Come away, O human child!
      To the waters and the wild
      With a faery, hand in hand,
      For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.

  77. Thanks for the calming words on this first day of Spring.
    I wish those folks in Washington had such comforting optimism.
    Nice to know things are warming up there too. Search season 2020 is primed
    and ready to begin. 😉

  78. Forrest,
    Just like you, I took a walk today. I wrote a couple of poems for you to ponder.

    Today, I went for walk and didn’t talk
    Just walked around and heard the sounds
    Of Spring whispering its magic
    Seeing the sprouts of green made me gleam
    Oh, I’m so glad it’s Spring
    It is the Best of Times, it is the Worst of Times
    Let us all not forget as we live with it
    There is sunshine, there is pandemic
    There is hope, there is devastation
    But, what ever time it be maybe
    Let us please remember

    I hope you have a wonderful Spring.

  79. Forrest,

    Thanks for your optimism. We need much more of it from everyone, especially the media.
    I too believe we will defeat this virus, and soon. Hope you and Peggy are fine.

    I think Willie just heard me think “it’s time to go pick up Indulgence.” Yes, It’s time. June 1 st.

  80. If y’all can’t turn on your “heartlights” during this time of social distancing, let’s turn on our Christmas lights to show we care.
    It will send a message for all to see.
    Take care.

  81. Forrest gave us some good advice and encouraging remarks in this scrapbook. But he also gave us information that describes the final search area and helps pinpoint the TC location. But you must have solved the last clues to be able to decipher the meaning of certain of his words. IMO.

    “During my almost 90 years I’ve seen…” is a very important phrase, along with several others.

    • Respectfully disagree Landhigh. I’m a bloodhound for his hints and this dog has an unambiguous solve. His hints are subtle, most of the time, like a whisper. If you can’t use pour warm waters over the roots of… And why he misspells Merle in Requiem for a wreck then you are probably experiencing CBias. We’ve all been there. But these two SB were very pointed in relation to an area about the size of a small campground. . BTW I left a hint, subtle like f, within my response. GL all.

  82. adjective

    Dont know why 5his word stood out but googled it and this came up…weird.

    adjective: aplenty
    in abundance.
    “there are going to be disasters aplenty in the garden”

    Also, yard. 3 yards in body text…


  83. Thanks so much for sharing with us again Forrest. I’m always so excited to see another Scrap Book. So glad you, Peggy and Willie are doing fine. Thank you for the encouraging words of optimism.

    It’s great you got to take those two 45 minute walks. It’s good for the heart—especially when you’re almost 90!

    All the best to you dear sir!!

  84. Hello Sir.
    Your thoughts inspired this poem.

    Early Spring Time

    A little farther down the road
    Past, the open door
    A biddle of feathers bears a load
    For those who gaze upon objets d’or.

    Cousins kept in glassy cases
    Beckon keepers of precious things.
    But airborne lives arise from grassy bases
    Also hear the songs our precocious sings.

    Delicate petals, green-stemmed flags
    Waving with majestic echos
    If not so graceful could purely brag,
    Senses reel in harmonic meadows.

    Praying all is well for you and yours, be well.

    Your presence in this present tense
    Relieves the tension from news intense.
    In your turn you offer us presents:
    Tepee Smoke signals hope’s transcendence.

    • Upon first reading, I dont understand all words but it resonates with me. I like it, thank you. I especially like the line ” your presence in the present tense.”

  85. Dear Forrest:

    It was great to see a new scrapbook pop out! Most unexpected, but shouldn’t that have made it expected? Maybe it’s the type A “bookkeeper” in me that makes me say “you’re going to round up to a nice even 250, right?” I need to read this one again. All of the bees and buzz makes me sure that I’ve left some meat on the bone.

    All of this Coronavirus talk has made things feel a little crazy for all of us Chasers, no doubt, if such a thing is possible. 🙂 I hope you’re staying safe, and taking your meals under the door, washing your hands frequently, maybe not licking as much lemon pepper off of your arm as usual. The only thing keeping me sane right now is lots of reading, music “theory,” spawning crappie, and tracking snowmelt. Oh, and the tres leches birthday cake one of the kiddos wanted. Good choice, I say! CDC guidelines, though, can’t blow out the candles, must snuff out with a squirt gun or a “small splash” of water high. Kinda changes the calculus of the birthday song a bit.

    I hope all is well, and that you and yours are holding up ok. I worry about some of the community members out there on the front lines. I’m lucky in that I don’t have to be right now. I remember last year how nice and supportive folks were when I was planning my last BOTG, aka The Assault on Winterfell. Like that Dawn, sending along good wishes, and others. I believe she works with doctors, and it must be a tough time right now.

    Well. I’ve gone on long enough, May be time to get walking on. The last half of thet month surely will be better! I’m going lighthearted, heartlighted.

    Saw a great t-shirt today: had a picture of Sasquatch on the front: SOCIAL DISTANCING WORLD CHAMP. Ha. I’ll take a laugh these days when I can find one!

    Take care,

    • Thanks for thinking of me RJ. I’m not at the hospital. I work for a Dermatology clinic, we are still seeing patients to keep them from going to emergency rooms. We have cut our patients down from 300 a day to about 60 so no one is in the waiting room. We see alot of patients that are getting radiation for skin cancer. I’m praying this will all be over soon and we can all head for the Rockies.

      • Dear Dawn:

        Thank you for the note back! Glad to hear you are doing well, or at least as well as one might hope right now! It sounds like April will be a hard month for us all, but holding out hope for June. 🙂 Your note reminded me, didn’t your friend on here Clint drive a truck? That’s a tough job right now too. I hope he’s doing ok.

        Take care and be safe! RJ

        • Hi RJ, I think Clint delivers wood chips to a paper mill. Lets hope they make toilet paper lol. I thought about meeting up and trading ideas on our solves but my daughters said I shouldn’t do that and now they plan on doing BOTG with me.

  86. Time in the garden is time well spent, Forrest.
    Wash your hands, don’t touch Your face, and if even the cutest grandchild has a cough or sniffles, they must stay away for a time. I hope you stay well.

  87. Glad you and your family are well and safe Forrest.

    Hunkering down for now, but looking forward to searching soon and hopefully seeing an end of a rainbow or two. Staying inside is for the birds haha. Can’t get coronavirus out in the wild 😉

    Peace onto you and yours!

    • Oh Forrest. Too much, going on indeed. We all are praying for this to pass. Stay healthy until then everyone and much love.


  88. its a good story forrest , but I think its more then that , I can see imo 3 good clues that you have given out for us to see if we can find in the picture .
    1- its the buffalo head hanging on the wall , that’s on the ge map
    2- the wooden lady is also on the ge map
    3- the fire place is another , it tell where the chest is by the hole in the bank of a pit . there has been pic. of holes on the banks of pits that is why we will not stumble on the place where the chest is . there are a few pic of pits on scrapbooks with holes on the banks of these pits . clues 1 and 2 are on the ge map and that I do know

    • There are three additional hints in that photo you failed to mention.

  89. Thank you for your words of hope, Mr. Fenn. Willie is quite the companion to be able to read your mind. Enjoy the peaceful walks in the yard.

  90. Well our government has told us we can only leave our houses once a day. I will use mine wisely and walk the dog. Half in the morning and half in the afternoon.

    • BigOnus. If we use our time wisely, at least we can say we still have a bit of freedom. I only hope that the aft part of that ship isn’t held down by some ugly beast for an extended period of time.

  91. I find that mind boggling – 300 patients per day at what, 50 – 60 dollars per patient – 200+ days per year? WOW. I was in the wrong profession!!! JDA

  92. Forrest mentions green twice, 58688 was also a zip code with green. Hmmm. Green moss on the pictures of him by the wagons. Green, green, green, green, green.

  93. If you have a library card you can listen to the audio version of Jornal of a Trapper for free via Hoopla, which is downloadable from your local app store also for free. The book at normal playback speed is 6 hrs and 4 minutes and is read by John Lescault. He’s no René Auberjonois, but still pretty good.

  94. The more i read the book and the poem, the more i discover how many techniques ff has been using to hide the map into the poem. I can definitely say now that the poem is a real map with directions, but the road is for sure very twisted and right on the edge. If you don’t follow the path you will end up circling around for sure! i wish i could dip into a Pool right now to clear my head! Even if I am not interested in travelling to the state where the map is, my brain is getting a lot of exercise in confinement! Thank you Mister Fenn. May the owl be with you!

  95. As ever, Forrest brings us words of reason. 🙂

    In my own short 50 years, one thing I have learned is this:

    When all seems dark and troubles fly all about,
    keep your head down and your gut in the dirt
    and Providence will make everything work out.

    The human species has an amazing talent for survival; and this virus too shall pass.

    Stay safe out there in searcher land, y’all, and may the Home of Fenn remain safe and sound.

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