Scrapbook Two Hundred Fifty…


March 23, 2020

It’s only sweater time in Santa Fe today, but I think it’s just a ploy that nature sometimes uses to lure unsuspecting searchers into the mountains. I know she’s planning more snow and cold weather. Last week Shiloh and one of his friends made a moonlit climb up to 11,000 feet on the local mountain, and skied down. They froze, and Shiloh’s dog said he didn’t want to do that anymore.

For those whose solve is in the north please know that West Yellowstone is expecting snow tonight and 24 degrees. That’s burr time for everything but polar bears. Let’s think about 1 June for BOTG.

With all that’s going on in this country wisdom told me not to venture outside except to get more firewood and teach Willie what “stay” means. He may be a little retarded in that area. f





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  1. I plan on staying warm. The only chill I will feel for a while is when I drink my coffee on the back porch during the chilly Indiana mornings.

  2. I’m new to the search but my ass will not be out there until the snow has melted, that is very good advice for us. Thank You Forrest.

    • I’ve been nodding off in front of the fire burning in the fireplace–
      Nothing is lined up for me until the weather warms up!!! Stay home and
      read the poem folks .

  3. Really Forrest? Sometimes , you can teach an old dog new tricks. Willie may not be the brightest crayon in the box , but at least he’s one of the prettiest!

    • Lol and that means a lot sometimes pretty brightens the day when every thing around seems ugly and dull .

      • If your day isn’t filled with sunshine, then maybe you should be the sunshine for others.

    • If Forrest were to throw a crayon in the chest, what color would it be? I say it would be the color of Brown, which resembles a tall, bald pine tree.

      • It would be blue of course.
        If it were to be his favorite color it would be blue, that is…

  4. Forrest…you are hilarious! My daughter, who teaches Special Education, has forbidden me to use the “R” word. But that was a laugh out loud comment about Willie. Thank you. I sure needed it.

  5. Yessir! Much too early to get fired up for search season 2020. Probably another quarter of a year of waiting to go still. Time to start a new book and be glad I have the modern convenience of a nice, warm furnace!

  6. While most dogs love to use our natural language barrier against us (when it’s in their interest), they readily agree a warm crackling fire is always better than a cold, wet, winter’s wind.

    As you so eloquently shared with Mysterious Writings (Weekly Words – Jan 22, 2016);
    “Don’t be impatient, the treasure chest isn’t”

    Thank you for the patience reminder Forrest.

  7. Sound advice! Time for cocoa and a good book. Any recommendations?

    Great picture Dal, I highly doubt they got out of that without a tow truck but at least they had assistance.

    • Hi Idle: realizing a couple weeks ago that the Rockies wouldn’t be ready for Fenn treasure searching for at least a couple months, I ordered “Seventeen Dollars A Square Inch” and “The Genius of Nicolai Fechin” from Forrest’s website. They arrived last week, and I cracked open the former. Beautiful! Can’t believe I waited so long to buy it (and just as surprised that it’s still in its first printing).

      • Hi Zap, definitely envious as I don’t have those. they definitely sound like a good way to pass the time safely until we all can search again.

      • I also bought those,along with a few others..trapper etc. Great books and art work. I just can’t put timeline of Forrest and Eric in context to chase. Great for winter reading. For some forgotten reason I believe you are near Belmont Shore?

        • i have always wondered if Forrest Fenn’s treasure is by one of Eric Sloane’s paintings in 17 Dollars a Square inch. I wonder if that’s the blaze… Sun? You have to figure out where Eric Sloane painted the scene by going there…

        • Wow, Paulette — I must have posted something about Belmont Shore once upon a while! Too precise a community for you to just guess it, and indeed decades ago I did live there. (Still live in SoCal.)

    • I thought maybe Rotan pass and then did a Google image search, a stock photo relating to environment Canada and likely around Baniff natl. Park.

  8. Life below 2,000 ft is fine. In April sunflowers will cover the surrounding hills of our Valley.

  9. Thanks FF and Dal, I try to forcefully warn searchers away from any possible snow at all.
    BTW, Willie is just special is all, takes one to know one.

  10. Hi Forrest. Maybe intuitive Willie heard you thinking “play” and was confused when you spoke “stay”.
    Call Caesar, he’ll know what to whisper.

    Ooof Shiloh, midnight hike – for one freezing run down the mountain – in really bad light. wake me up from that bad dream.

      • Yes, 42!
        Halt also means freeze…wwwf…
        The sum of where (somewhere) is 32….
        Warm is relative, freeze is absolute…
        32 is not only a degree…fits snug between 5000 and 10200…
        Denver is considered the “jumping-off” point for ski resorts…
        It’s much too cold at the top of the mountain to rest Olga’s ashes…he dislikes the cold, he always had to return to school just before the first AUtumn freeze…

          • I think she’s more or less using a play on words. Warm water actually can freeze. It’s just a matter of overlooking the entire process and seeing the beginning and end of said process. Hot water can freeze, Warm water can freeze, as well as cold water can freeze. Just overlook the actual hypothermic changes in the molecules during the entire process.

          • I realize that it can eventually freeze. I suppose it is a matter of semantics. It still becomes cold before freezing. Also, in nature are you able to find a rapid change from warm to frozen?

          • Mpemba effect may be of some interest ? Though I think it does not matter either way. Interesting ideas…

          • Ken, I read about Mpemba effect. It seems like specialized knowledge, additionally I’m not sure if this effect occurs in nature. Is there a spot where water that is warm suddenly freezes?

          • Aaron,

            In nature rain – a liquid, to be considered as warm vs. frozen – can freeze on impact.

            Just saying.
            My question is; what does it matter to how fast it changes from warm to cold, or halt as to mean frozen liquid?

  11. June! Arghh!!
    Should I stay or should I go? While I want to be contradictory, I won’t. Even though I have been delayed by one thing after another since my last trip: a torn Achille’s tendon, the weather, and now the virus. I remain resolved to return to my solve, but I’m still waiting for to go. Maybe the best plan is no plan. At least I won’t be disappointed in the outcome if there is one that is.

  12. That is wise advice Forrest and I hope it is heeded by all. Forrest has stated in an interview that it’s “deliberately hard to find.” So why make it any more impossible? Wait until June or later when all the snow is gone and the ground is dry.

    The treasure has been hidden away now for 10 years. The poem clearly is more difficult to solve than any have anticipated except perhaps Forrest. If someone has the correct solve I suspect they alone will retrieve it. Take your time, Go when it’s safe. Connect all the dots, Go one step at a time. Plan sufficient time to complete the task. And remember this is supposed to be fun! Take a picture! Share your story!

    • Hi Dampened Myth,
      I also think this was wise advice from Forrest on this eVen numbered 250 scrapbook. So much of what was written is True. In the past I have been a Natural at social distancing and not so inclined at being sociable. So I thought it might be an idea for me to try too be more sociable while others are trying to be more socially distance, but I am new to having aVatar friends. Your avatar seemed mysterious and reasonable, so I thought I would give it a try to at least touch base with someone from time to time, and maybe develop a Friend. Do you think it is a good idea for someone soo naturally distant as myself to try and deVelope avatar friends in these trying times when so many are so far apart? Andy Mootmann

      • If a picture could speak a thousand words I think I would just stay silent and listen at it for a while because I can’t stare long enough to hear a thousand words all like that

        Friends be solid companions, I ordered my first down pillows to help me sleep at night..I wish they would come faster but delivery is delayed all lately. They will be my best friends

  13. Our bichon chooses to not understand “come” or sometimes “stay” but knows the names of, maybe, 15 different play toys and will fetch them from any room in the house on command. Like Kelly (the weasel), or Mitch (the turtle). I guess I should get a wizard and name it Forrest!


  14. Forrest! I love you man! …there, I said it, lol.
    Peace be with you, and don’t do any ice skating on lakes by night either, folks; country wisdom dictates that that would be complete lunacy.


  15. Many camping areas don’t open until late May. So, June is good to mark on the calendar.

  16. Willie is a wise dog in many other ways I’m sure. Speaking of firewood… I have a retarded story of my stubbornness to “stay” from about 10 yrs back. It made me laugh just thinking about it.

    • Sorry I didn’t write more last night…I was at work. The story was about 10 yrs ago, around the time Forrest started the Chase. It was June of 2010. I was living with my father after 20 years on my own, due to the Housing Crisis that put me out of my carpenter job. My father, over 2 weeks had a total of 9 truckloads of firewood dumped in the backyard, to be put in the woodshed about 30 feet away. I was still unemployed, doing odd jobs for money just to maintain some semblance of an independent human being. I had no luck that morning with job prospects. RN’s were in great demand, but I wasn’t qualified to take any positions. I remember I was in the kitchen and looked out the window into the backyard and saw that pile of firewood. No one was at home, so I thought… “Hey! I know what would make me feel better! I’m gonna put all 9 loads of that wood in the woodshed before Dad gets back and surprise him. I’ll even wear full bodied sweats to ‘cut weight’.” Did I mention it was June? The temperature that day would reach 93 degrees, but I didn’t care…I’m stubborn. I first shifted 1 1/2 pickup loads of old wood in the shed so that it would be the first used, and I then started hauling it in. Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow, I started hauling it down there. The sweltering heat along with those long sleeve sweats, were drawing out every drop of clear lifeblood within me. After 3 hours, I experienced the first signs of heat exhaustion. I stopped and went to the front yard under two shade trees where a hammock was strewn. I drank a bottle of water and relaxed in it for 20 minutes. Then back I went. I only made it another 30 minutes before I had to take another break. I could tell I was in bad shape, dehydration-wise. But I was retardedly stubborn. “I’m STAYING until I get this done!” was all that my defiant mind could keep uttering. The work time decreased while the break times were more frequent. At some point, my father and my niece’s boyfriend showed up. The boyfriend was supposed to load that wood, so he was relieved when he witnessed that I had removed 7 1/2 of those 9 loads! I looked at him and laughed saying, “I’m sorry man, but I tried to get it all. The rest is your problem.” I immediately limped into the house not sure what in my body would start cramping first…legs, back, hands, or spirit. That experience ended up making me stronger as a person.

      But to this day I still wonder which was the bigger pay off. The effort I expended in the backyard with all of that wood, or the “heaven” that was ever so present under those shade trees in the front yard.

      Perhaps one of you guys or gals could provide me with some wisdom in that area, so that my spirit can move past that “timestamp” of my life?

      • Hello Iron Will. Why couldn’t both be just as important as the other? Remember what was, and what is, and, if you’re a dreamer, what could be.

      • Iron Will, Just throwing my two cents in here. From what I gather based on your post, I’d say I had a similar situation once. And I realized that if I hadn’t taken a break in the front yard, then I’d not have finished what I was doing in the back because I’d have collapsed due to heat exhaustion. So that makes me think that even though I at first thought I should leave the front yard, in reality both the front and back yard task were equally important. But really I thought it was just those two spots I had to worry about, but it turns out I had two more areas where wood was piled up I had to move. The side of the house and the other side of the backyard. Four spots in all. It was a nightmare. But I made it through ok.

      • Awwwe Iron Will … I would think the shade under the trees in the front yard, provided by nature for you to enjoy, after all of your labor would be the most appreciated reward. Someone special was watching over you and was there when needed. The shade and your nieces boyfriend both came together at the right time to give you a much needed reprieve.

        Work is always ready for the doing, but what you experienced that afternoon under the trees was a gift to you from god … just when it was most appreciated.

      • They’re interdependent Iron Will. And help/solutions are always present even if not always seen or felt.

        You saw the shade tress of course, (I’m referring to current events). We’ve all come to really appreciate toilet paper these days though…

      • Hell hath no fury like the inside of a 53′ trailer parked in full sun on a 100+ degree day…

    • Sometimes we are so hard at work and enjoying the accomplishment that we often overlook things.

      I have a moto…think more, work less, but it does not always give you the satisfaction you are looking for so like to get stuck in, which can blind our judgement.

      I have another fun saying that I say to any of my workers…..”you can have a midday break as long as you work through it.” Some dont get that I am kidding and I see them work through it without thinking. They learn eventually.

      I have been very stubborn at times and some things I dont like to let go of because I like it so much, but eventually you have to climb down from that high almighty pedestal, do some thinking and take on the lesser work.

      We are all a little green at times, but recognise our mistakes in the end and move on.

    • Right on.. We can only hope. In Calif. we’ve been locked down for a week, hopefully it works. Looking at New York is really scary, likely we will follow the same path. We are to the point of not leaving the property at all. No one knows how many people might be carriers and not know it. Its safer just to stay home.

  17. Here’s hoping Spring comes early this year!
    And everything is back to normal. 🙂

  18. Read the scrapbook to my husband, and he had a good laugh. Good luck teaching Willie that command. I remember seeing the video when he was a little fluff of a thing trying to run and took a nosedive into the leaves.

    I hope everyone finds a little more patience when it comes to searching.

  19. Thanks dal and thank you Forrest!
    Yeah, sometimes it seems we just dont listen. Hopefully our stupidity doesnt kill us off.
    I’ve been a hunkerin down and trying to marry that poem to the map, just sometimes seems like it’s a shotgun wedding lol!

  20. Can’t believe Shiloh didn’t listen to you and took his poor dog too.
    Glad you’re staying safe and warm. Remember to get exercise. Little Willie will learn stay eventually if you keep trying. He wants to learn for you.

    • I used to ski a mountain once a year with a little dog near and dear. From the top, and after a safety beer i’d click in and over the edge would peer. My little friend at this moment every time would seem to lose control and start barking non stop and jumping up and down. Someone new to the group once said, oh he’s scared. We then would back up together to get a good push to skip the initial thirty feet of mountain by flying over it. Every time after gathering my center, in mid air I would check my five o’clock and he was always still there. Sailing like superman, smiling, without a care. Those were the days. That dog and I had a special connection. I never asked him to make that leap with me and leave his owner behind, but he always did and sometimes would even stick his landing. g

  21. Just finished plowing out about 6-10 inches here in the NEast. Playing with my dogs after breakfast made all the worries seem less significant and well worth getting dragged around in the snow. Kaptain says the same thing about me most times… and I let him. Being slow is okay…

  22. When Willie is “on the scent,” his instinctual overdrive kicks in and the most difficult command to obey is “stay.” He’ll “go to ground” on even the silliest of rabbit holes. If you repeat the command 24 or even 61 times, it just won’t sink into his walnut sized brain.

  23. Good to hear from you again Forrest, and great advice as always. With what’s going on in the world at the moment, many of the people here in the UK are as retarded as Willie when it comes to word “stay”. I could easily forgive Willie but not these idiots here. Hoping to cross the pond mid June for my first and probably only BOTG. But find it or not I shall enjoy the journey. Take care.

  24. I believe I could go resolve my solve now with a little ingenuity and a touch of brute force, but life, respect and safety come first. I will be hunkered down for winter. My plans have not changed, just a delay until summer and will now have to stretch out my pie by cutting an extra piece………..oh…….and a little more education I suppose!

  25. HEY EVERYBODY!!! I think I figured out the hint in this SCBook 250: “teach Willie what “stay” means. He may be a little retarded in that area. f”

    It seems clear to me that ff is trying to get us to hunker or tie or gut ourselves down till a safe season for searching starts… Gotta love those subtle hints.

    Seriously, who would think about looking for a TC at 10,200′ right now? Call it a fools errand, but which one of you belongs to this metaphor, ‘ship of fools’ ? Please read about our quest it first appears in Plato’s Republic.

    Good read that Plato…


  26. I wonder how many more times the concept of “it ain’t summer in the rockies yet” has to be expressed before some people actually listen.

    And really Forrest? How would you react to someone pointing a finger at you and yelling “stay!” LOL! Out the window and down the fire escape…….just saying. 🙂

  27. Gracias Forrest you’re always thinking about all the searches. Be safe you and Peggy. I will BOTG in June.

  28. Thank you for this SB Forrest. Though searching June is one of my favorites, this year it’s way too early for me. This darn virus must get under control before I can seriously consider another search for the well-being of myself AND the well-being of my fellow Americans.

    That being said, August is now like my super favorite month because weather is more predictable, plus, Oliver, our Shih Tsu, was rescued in August. Of course, he thinks he rescued us, though the last time I checked he’s not wearing a cape. Oliver’s a great traveling and hotel dog too though I don’t like having to pay extra for him. I just need to be real careful when pronouncing ‘Shih’ because sometimes something else happens to just ‘pop’ out.

    I think Oliver and Willie would get along great, BUT, and that’s a big butt, it won’t happen unless I find the BOX. Thought I nailed it last year, but that park I went to didn’t pan out. I was very bummed and beat myself up pretty badly afterwards.

    The only good thing about being stuck at home is that now I have few distractions (except Oliver and my ‘honey dos’) and a lot of time to research, read his books, and plan.

    Please stay healthy and vigilant everyone. We gotta beat this crisis.


  29. Try giving willie a treat while speaking to him. I bet he will listen then. ❤️ I think he is more than likely spoiled. Ha ha.
    Thanks for the wisdom that you are giving to people. June will be here before u know it.

    May we all stay safe and protected during this time.

  30. Our governor has made a “stay at home order”. Because of this virus. So can’t go anywhere here in Michigan.
    Stay safe and well

  31. Your grandson is lucky he can still ski in the back-country. Here where we live, even back-country is off limits due to the virus (too dangerous for the rescuers in case of an accident). June 1st BOTG sounds too optimistic in the light of what’s going on.

  32. This is no less dangerous than a forest fire and we would not be diving through flames to get there, so must be treat just as seriously.

    Just saying, that’s all.

    Patience is key. Shame Willie isn’t trained to go get it!

  33. Great advice! Willie is smarter than many in that area:) He best stay in the yard. Good like finding him in a snow storm like that! Feeling positive vibes today for our country. I’m healthy and thoughts are more clear today.. knock on wood. I’d hate to jinx it.

  34. Forrest all I can say is there are a lot of people who will not listen. No fault of yours, it’s all on them. Remember Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? The scene where the Grail falls to a shelf on the other side of the pit? The one lady who Indie was trying to save ended up falling because she would not listen to him. Then when he was being held by his father he listened and was saved? That’s the way it is, those that listen can be saved, those that don’t are victims of their own greed. Sympathies for their loved ones, but you can’t make them listen. You can only caution their folly.

  35. It is too bad that most folks that venture out in the mountains, in winter or early spring, lack common sense. I still have 4 feet of snow off the end of my deck. The shady parts of the yard are still too frozen to drive a pick into. The nights are still too cold to stay outside for long and my outdoor cat still has a heater in her house and in her water bowl. Spend the winter getting your ideas together for a solid place to start in the summer. And, like Forrest says, get some more wood for your fire place.

  36. Hi ya Forrest,
    Good to hear from you.

    The month of March has had a few lessons for me here in the Mojave desert.
    Seems that March is having an identity crisis, it thinks it is April.
    Lots of rain and cold nights. So much for rockhounding this month.
    The end of May holds a better promise of warmer weather and touts opportunity as the prize.
    Yes, there is no better wisdom than that which nature teaches us.


  37. 01 June will be a good time for BOTG!
    Risking your life is not part of the Thrill of the Chase.
    Snowbird (Gypsy camper van man)

  38. Indeed, a delayed stay inside is the order given.

    Been combing thru cams & pics of my area for a month or so and seems the snow is higher now.

    Guess I’ll just binge watch more south park on the comedy central channel.

  39. Starting to be hopeful we will be able to head out in June for our first BOTG! Thanks for everything, Forrest! I was beginning to think we would tarry, forever.

  40. Good advice, Forrest. I just left Texas 1-step ahead of a shelter in place order to head to my search area, but I will not be BOTG until at least late May/early June. Stay cozy!

  41. Just for one hour, just one measly little hour…I would love to be inside forrests mind…

  42. Five days ago the weather was so nice Fenn was taking Willie for strolls among the daffodils, and now his dog is ‘retarded’ for wanting to go out ? Some folks might consider those who ski at nighttime in freezing temps to be a little slow or limited intellectually. 😉
    (Shiloh’s dog can talk?)

  43. i believe we we just told its to soon to search and be smart not retarded oh and don’t forget fire wood. good night all you searchers. stay safe out there.

  44. The Story of Chillydog and Why you should stay out of the Cold

    Once there was a dog named Chilly. He was always cold. Even in warm weather he would shiver like it was winter.

    But ol Chilly had a enemy. The bulldog ‘Growl’ who lived next door. Every time Chilly went out back to get some sun, Growl would come to the fence and snarl at him like a rabid junkyarder. This caused Chilly great fear and made him neurotic. When Chilly had female dogs and other hounds over for drinks, he was always embarrassed when Growl scared him.

    You see, years earlier Growl was knawing on the bones of the Kitty Cat that lived up the street and Growl saw Chilly watching through the fence. When the crying owner came over to ask Growls owner if he had seen her cat, ol Growl looked over at Chilly with a threating scowl. Chilly was too afraid to rat Growl out and slunked away. Ever since Growl never missed a chance to intimidate Chilly, and to point out every flaw and misdeed that Chilly himself had done throughout his entire dog life.

    So Chilly decided to keep quiet about ol Growl. Nothing would bring the kitty back anyway. But that wasn’t good enough for Growl, he just kept on keeping on. None of Chilly’s doggie friends ever stopped to think that maybe Growl was the one with the problem. “Oh well” said Chilly. “I’ll just try to stay away fro Growl and settle for a life of quiet desperation. At least he can’t kill me due to the fence.”

    Then one day, Chilly came across a poem by Forrest Fenn about a treasure in the wilds. He read through the clues and hints and things and decided to go look for the thing.

    “If I found it” he thought, “at least I could keep Growl at bay and live out my miserable life with some tiny bit of comfort and security.”

    But that ol Growl got wind of Chilly’s scheme. “I can’t let that dog get the treasure” he said to himself “if he did, he might get uppity and think he can squeal.”

    So Chilly set out, last Summer it was, to find the bronze box and the gold and jewels that it holds. He went into the mountains and found his search spot. And there were Growl’s friends, waiting for him.

    He played it cool and went about his search. ****** his feet among **** on the blaze. Finding a tree marked with three horizontal lines. Checking his measurements to find the right spot. But nothing was there buried or not.

    He walked back to the place where the ****** **** pointed the way, but at that time he didn’t know what it meant. He saw one *** where an omega stood out. But couldn’t, just couldn’t connect these last dots.

    So he walked back to the house to relieve himself there, but found it was locked by a yellow vested Terrier. Just then Growl’s buddies sent two little pups to walk to the woods past the closed down dog box. “If I walk back there to pee on a tree, they’ll say I chased them or did somehow did something.”

    So Chilly just left without the Fenn gold, mildly fuming at Growl’s buddies tricks. “Next year I’m going back to get the chest. And this time I’m ready for Growl’s rotten friends.”

    (NEWS Report: Summer 2020)
    Chilly arrived at this search spot during a freak snow storm in the rocky mountains yesterday. He did find the gold, but inan odd twist to the story, he reported to local police that several dogs didn’t make it back off the mountain. When police went up the trail and found the canines frozen in ice and snow, they did wonder for a moment, if Chilly somehow had been involved in foul play. But when questioning Chilly about the incident, their fears were soon alleviated when Chilly showed them an uncut video recording he made of his entire trip.

    The video shows the other dogs taunting Chilly while he engaged in his search. But as Chilly left the area the dogs perusing him slipped off the edge of a ridge and fell into a snowbank. When asked why he didn’t try to pull them out, Chilly simply said “They were too far down, there was nothing I could do. The video clearly shows that. I guess karma got them. You know, when you go out in bad weather, sometimes your bad weather goes out in you.”

    So watch out for the snow and ice my friends. Good searching. Over and out.

  45. Thank you Dal and Forrest,
    Words of wisdom. Better safe than unsafe ((sorry), most of us males are a little retarded when we are told to stay. I’ll bet some searchers are already booking rooms for the end of April and first of May. They are retarded when it comes to stay (out until later). Just my opinion
    Rick Lasttolook

    • Yes, there are two important litmus tests to be passed for this statement, “If you know precisely where it is, you can probably retrieve it in any weather” from

      Those two limiters are precisely – you have to know exactly the spot where the chest is. Most people do not know that, and actually cannot know for sure that they know precisely where the chest is, even if they think they do.

      The other limiter is probably. Probably does not mean you will find it. It just means you have some chance of finding it. Altogether, this is not a statement to take a chance on in any weather. Stay home until the know has melted and the ground has dried from spring runoff.

  46. Even 100% ugly monkfish is half good if it’s not stiff or wilted. But if it’s not Kosher, well that’s also often a deal breaker to the one who would otherwise sell to you.

  47. Willie got guts, just bad legs…a bit too short I mean. It must be hard walking thru the snow with a primary element dragging the snow.
    Forrest, you’ll keep him inside if he hasnt learned yet to do it on his own.
    June 1st? The flowers should be pretty about them..))

  48. June sounds like the perfect month to kick-off this years search season. Maybe my 2021 plans should be moved up. It seems like we have gone full circle again.

  49. You think there’s much traffic up on that run at midnight? Might give it a try but gonna need that flashlight.

    • Moon phase was around or at full. I’ll bet the view was pretty from the lunar glow against the snow.

    • No flashlight needed above treeline on a full moon. Leave the lights off, let the eyes adjust, and it feels like day. Colors are muted a bit but shades in the rock layers really stand out and great shadows make everything feel that much grander. g

  50. I reckon I can wait till June. I went once in June when runoff was still pretty heavy. No hurry. Patience might be a good alternate moniker for indulgence. Still waiting. g

  51. While waiting out the snow and this virus situation, I’ve been helping out a couple of my nieces and nephews by teaching them (and myself) how to make balloon animals. Takes a lot of practice to get them to look just right, but It’s amazing what you can come up with a lot of patience. Some look so good, I think even my dog is becoming jealous.

    I’m hoping to take some pictures and then maybe someday Forrest himself might take notice of our art department.

  52. More time to read… now if the books I ordered would just hurry up and get here I could sit by my juniper fire and read them with my feet up past midnight…

    The Outlaw Trail
    The Codex

    For now.. I’ll read 9 Years a Trapper again…
    We then made a raft of dry poles and crossed the outlet upon it. We then went to a small grove of pines near by and made a fire, where we stopped the remainder of the day in hopes that Elbridge would see our signals and come to us, for we left directions on a tree at the encampment which route we would take.

    The Blackfeet, who were fortified on the island, drew off in the night, secreting their dead and carrying off their wounded. The next day we interred the remains of poor Howell at the foot of a large Cottonwood tree and called the place “Howell’s Encampment,” as a compliment to his memory.

    We received instructions from Mr. Fontanelle to meet the camp at the mouth of Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone on the 15th of the en- suing October, where they expected to pass the winter, but he said if he should conclude to change his winter quarters he would….

  53. Think the date is significant. Right after Memorial weekend. Busy place during holiday?
    I love using the word “retarded” and I get all kinds of flak. Not PC. Age has it’s benefits.
    Used it a lot when gasoline turned to knocks and pings.

  54. Friday has always been my favorite day, especially when I was younger.

    I always treasured getting out of school and celebrating the weekend. Now it seems that the celebration can’t be celebrated because I’m unable to get to the places I want. It’s hard getting a leg up on life when you can’t get a leg out.

    I wonder if Forrest and Skippy had to go through anything similar when they were younger.

    • Hmm…something tells me that F did…at age 58. Tuesday is F least fave day. IMO. I mean really, who likes Tuesday?

  55. Sometimes those ski slope signs are covered in snow… I think even Willy can have a hard time following directions under buzzard conditions and can get lost once in a while.

    • Forrest, sorry if you read these crazy posts. Old salt on a new wound can cause a person to go stir crazy. I think this Covid-19 crisis has made us all swashbuckling mad.

    • It does make one a little stir crazy. Its like being a circling dog stuck in a stall at the starting gate, waiting to be let out.

      Having overactive minds doesn’t help a lot of us. My wife frequently reminds me she is convinced I live in some kind of fast paced cartoon. She is forever pulling my head out of the clouds and making me sit. I suppose it would be mayhem if she let go (fun though). I need the control of a handler, bringing Peace to to replace mountain madness.

      All in my crazy opinion!

      • A shock collar works well.
        A time or two is all it takes.
        After that, I could point the tv remote at our dog
        and she would behave. True story.

    • Thank you on behalf of all those who needed that. Punctuation can be useful, IMO.

    • a rock,

      It’s getting mighty warm out there. Movement is close for many. Should make for some botg for many. Someone should be nearing the end so I honestly expect it to be wrapped up sooner than later. Cupcakes & Rainbows! Keep the faith.


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