Scrapbook Two Hundred Fifty One…


March 27, 2020


Because of the virus, it is time to rethink the search. In these dire times every logic and street sense says stay at home. Mayors and governors have mandated it, and so has the president. Much of the search areas in all 4 states, are closed. Because so many searchers are out of jobs they want to head out in their car and look for the treasure. I am getting many emails each day that tell me that. Please don’t do it. Hopefully by summer things will be different. Let’s stay at home and wait it out. it is really easy to be sorry, and it lasts a long time. f









192 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Fifty One…

  1. I agree! Now isn’t the time to be playing with fate. I was going to go searching first of May, now I am pushing it back until the end of May. Be careful everyone and stay safe.

    • I agree with you. Forrest , we should all get your point, and take your instructions. Stay indoors and do not let anybody in. Winter will be over soon.

    • I was one of the searchers who was out, thinking it was isolation. I am at home now. Even after taking every precaution I could think of, the risk of spread remains too great. Thanks for the voice of reason Forrest!

  2. I’m from MT. Yellowstone and Glacier are closed due to covid 19 So are the counties around those parks as well as all counties in MT. Please, don’t come here to just to be told to turn around.

    • well times are changing did we ever think wed never be able to spend the treasure if we could find it and how much hope Forrest gave us or how much time we would have on our hands i pray for each and every one of your health take care of yourself Fenn family and hunters at wide stay virus free its funny but people need to be reminded good night all

      • i don’t drink a much but this coconut whisky is mighty fine and good. be safe i second that

    • Do not just err on the side of caution, the hunt is postponed, stay home and enjoy a good book.


  3. Thank you Forrest!
    If you get injured looking for the treasure and end up in the ER not only will you be exposing yourself to Covid-19, but you’ll also be putting additional stress on the medical workers who have to care for you.

    • one thing i will never understand is the ones saying they are searching for fenns treasure why would one do that a better line might be im looking for rocks iguess they have to blame their stupidity on some one quit blaming a good soul.

  4. Montana is on Stay at Home orders for the next two weeks. I am following those orders and of course Forrest Fenn’s advice/order. Thank you Forrest.

  5. It’s sad but true keep well – time refine and re think your search’s maybe some meditation will pay off for somebody?

    • I’m trying to do just that . The hardest part is trying to wrap my mind around the fact , sometimes dreams are real and apparently some of the best ones! Which then leads to the thought , it is time to do my homework . Oh yes if anyone would be so kind to leave a splash of that cocunut whisky , I’d probably pass out . 41 years from now be the guy know as RIP Fenn meekle

  6. Very well said.
    By being hasty, you could also make everyone that knows you sorry.
    Always protect the innocent.
    Thank you for all the sb.
    Rick Lasttolook

  7. Forrest, you know that those of us that respect you will always try to abide by your wish’s. We will try to spread them to others. But as with your Buffalo Nickel, there is the other side of the coin. You cannot reach them in their obsession and that is a true shame. Just know it is on them and not this grand chase you set up that is responsible for their actions. Rest assured your loyal followers will abide, and wait. No words will stay the inevitable few who care only for glory at any cost, no action will ever sooth their lust for fame. My friend you have spoken wisdom, but there are many too bullish to heed them. We can only hope that this time is different, but remember accidents are the companion of stupidity, not the Chase.

    • It’s way too easy to get stuck in the snow or careen your vehicle into a ravine… Desolate and cold=l? If your spot is special “which it must be”if tens of thousands over the last 10 years and (many multiple searches) have yet to find Obsession I mean Indulgence.
      Cool out Young Bulls, when it’s time do it in FF fashion… Stroll over and pick it up.

    • Good question! I’ll volunteer to go inform those at the home of Brown that they need to stay home!

      Where did you say the home of Brown is, Mr. Fenn?

      P.S. I’ll warn those by the blaze, too. Send me the coordinates for both.

      • There is no one @ the home of brown! Just a few Animals L.O.L. I don’t think they read the news! There is no one @ the blaze. I think the place is safe seeing how no one has been closer than 200 ft. (Isolated). Sounds like it would be the safest place to be.!

  8. Honor Forrest’s request. Obey state restrictions WHICH PROTECT LIVES.
    Stay home. Don’t “Rome.”

    Montana’s Governor closed down businesses statewide yesterday.

  9. The treasure has been out there for over 10 years now. It is still out there and a few more months will be needed to help your family, friends and neighbors. Dont end up to where you started.

    An Indian Saint and A Scout

  10. Forrest,

    Rest assured I’ll be at home! I figure.

    No harm no foul… Decisions decisions.

    I can’t dance…


    • If you turn on a tune and walk just right around the clock sort of North East South West Im sure your arms would go up and we could consider it a jig at some point.

      or was it counterclockwise I don’t remember now.

      At least we know to time our feet and watch for where to step. Ladies like their toes

  11. And there is that much more time to figure out the first two clues, which can be done without boots on the ground. Also, it may be too soon for this to end in June. I have read much on this, it could end in a few months or linger with curves going up and down like a rollercoaster. We just don’t know yet. We can all get closer to nature no matter where we are if we dare to look deeply within.

    • hello all while we are on our in home journey might as well learn a little about survival thi is for every on so please watch this can safe your life its about what plants you can eat in the wild i give what i can this is important to survival if it gets worse stay safe all

      • please skip adds if you like but we do need to know alternative foods that grow around us i only mention this because you are my family and i do care realy stay safe please.

  12. Well I cannot leave my house unless dressed as a tree, so rules me out in the short term!

    I think this will go on for about 8 months and due to the mistakes made by governments and incubation period of the disease, travel will only be allowed by those who have been immunised by injection or recovery from infection.

    I doubt this search season will bear any fruit. That’s the end of THAT then!

    • Unfortunately the ‘walking dead-heads’ don’t get it…
      This is a firestorm and the only way to stop it is; to starve it of fuel and let it burn itself out.

      • Seeker, your words are so true. It feels like a firestorm. Like when you are evacuated waiting to see or hear if your home has burned or been saved. It feels like forever, but if you keep running into the flames, forever takes on a whole new meaning. You just gotta wait it out. I’ve been home for 3 plus weeks solid barring 3 small store runs…woulda been just one but still cant find potatoes or tp…I’ve given up on those lol. Weve been eating a lot of breakfast burritos!

        • Eating breakfast burritos when you don’t have TP sounds like a potential firestorm to me!

  13. Great advice, Mr. Fenn. I hope people are taking the warnings seriously. My nephews’ uncle didn’t, and he passed away from the virus just days ago.

    • Sorry to hear that pdenver. We always think it will happen to the other guy and doesn’t become “real” until it reaches our family. Stay safe.

      • Thank you, Geysergirl. I certainly knew it was real, but prayed no one else would get it beyond the given numbers. I hope you and yours stay safe, too.

    • This site has so many nooks and crannies
      Like a muffin you’d enjoy at granny’s
      Pray for all as we shelter in place
      Give common sense and receive God’s grace.

      God willing my brother’s passage into recovery stays solid.
      Still has some mild symptoms but doctors predict he is part of the herd called immunity.

      Fingers crossed.

  14. It’s times like these that the weight of the sun pulls you towards another day. Or maybe it will set calmly enough for there to be a will or a way. We’ll just have to see if there is color in the stars that lay path to our wonderlust. Or maybe just a page of black and white turned just in tandem with the wake of our imagination. For now, we’ll see.

    – Matthew

  15. Thanks for your wise words Forrest!!!

    Think of it this way folks. IF you do go out there and find Indulgence, You will then have to go to New Mexico to deliver the silver bracelet to Forrest. Do you really want to be responsible for possibly exposing Forrest to the virus? There is not one among us who would want that to happen – SO – STAY SAFE folks – STAY HOME. If you are not worried about your health, please be worried about mine and Forrest’s – Not an opinion, but a fact – It is dangerous out there – Heed Forrest’s words of wisdom – JDA

    • Excellent comments JDA. Some people still completely miss the point like that “brave” politician who said he’s willing to risk his own life and he doesn’t think of himself as a “hero”. No kidding! Neither do I. It’s tough to break through that kind of stupidity. This is a worldwide community effort. And it’s all about statistical probabilities, and thinking and caring about the vulnerable people around you, not the faux “heroism” that some uninformed insecure ingrates espouse.

    • I don’t understand why one would be compelled to travel to Santa Fe to return f’s bracelet after finding the treasure.

        • Wouldn’t you have other options in times like these? Like wait or mail it to him securely?

          • JDA, you said it yourself. If one finds the treasure that you are then compelled to give a health risk to f. This is dangerous and Incorrect.

      • FD – Sure, one could FedEx it, but I know that I would like to personally deliver it. But that is just me – If I did find it, and went to Santa Fe – Forrest would be smart to not answer my knock 🙂 JDA

        • Yep, I’m just saying “have to” and “like to” are two different things.

          • I guess one can argue ANY point FD. From my perspective, you just enjoy confrontation, for confrontation’s sake. I have found that I get a lot more out of life seeking where I can agree with someone, rather than seeking where we disagree, but that is just me. Have a happy journey my friend – JMO – JDA

      • Hi,
        My soul is insufficient to understand that this gentle movement is called as a partner with the word “compelled”.

        “There isn’t a human trail in very close …where …”

        “That is more good that it’s not to be!” is last phrase that I want to say on the end corner of my mind in any time.
        Why can not the treasures be very close to a human trail?
        And why not?

        Using disasters and faults as an opportunity to think about some disruptive things is an indicator of our respect for all our losses.

        The nature is child,
        But at the same time mam and dad,
        And future, now and past…
        Let nobody touch the poem of nature.

        I need a longer and much knowing that a sensitive universe to not harming all kind of lives is possible.

        I applaud everyone’s message of staying safe and at home.

        Ther will be someone who can appreciably remember your traces with respect even after million years.

        For now “Stay at Home” and be safe for allways.

        Best regards to all.
        -Ali Kemal

        • We regret about our losses.

          What is even more sad is that they arise from indifference of human behavior in relating to scientific or not .
          The arrogance of controlling and knowing everything,
          unmanageable ambition threatens mankind.

          I’m very sorry as someone interested in science. And somehow it is bad to be a part of this shame.

          I hope that the troubled situation we are experiencing will make the leaders of the society think once again.

          If I have written too long and exceeded my limit,
          please forgive me. IMO,IMS

  16. Can you believe they want to close the Grand Canyon!
    I never thought I’d see the day..
    Please stay safe and healthy everyone and keep you chin up 🙂

  17. STAY AT HOME !

    Mr Fenn, I like your approach, go the direct way.
    Get their attention then go direct to the heart of the matter.
    Works for me.
    You gave a similar but broader message, long ago.

    “Minding common sense in the mountains is good savvy”

    Thanks again
    Best Regards
    David here

  18. In stay it says “ay”, which is pirate for “ya, since pirates are treasure hunters, I think it translate to yes.

  19. Hi Forrest, I’m really glad you changed your mind. This virus is serious business.

    I have no plans to deviate from what I posted in SB 250. I will search around August IF, and that’s a big IF, businesses (especially hotels and restaurants) are allowed to start opening up and we can travel safely again. When I was a boy in the ‘50s Superman was my hero. I didn’t miss one episode on TV. I dreamed about flying and being invincible like him, but I ain’t no Superman and neither is anyone else on this planet when it comes to this (expletive) virus.

    What scares me the most are the asymptomatic carriers, walking zombies, as I like to call them, unaware they could be spreading it everywhere. My wife and I are praying the experts can come up with a cheap, quick, and effective test to find whoever is carrying this thing around and get them immediately quarantined AND under positive control. And then get the bug under control and eradicated ASAP.

    I sure am glad we got that upright exercise bike a few years back as it very well may be the only Real form of exercise we get for a while, especially since the authorities don’t want me riding my road bike around town anymore, even with social distancing in mind.

    In the meantime Forrest, I’m going to try and figure out your lost fishing spot (is your offer still open by the way?). That has been a tuff one to crack and I sure would like to get that giant hint you offer as a reward.

    Please be wise everyone and follow his advise. We are.


    • Only one problem. The asymptomatic people are not zombies. They look like everyone else!

      • You really can’t blame someone for being careless if that person has no idea they are a carrier.Its up to you and each of us to look out for and protect ourselves.

        The worst is yet to come

    • I was just getting excited too and now ya say I can’t hide in the wood thats a lot right there . Maybe I could go look for them hang tags while I wait it out

  20. The real heroes are nurses & Drs right now. We should not limit our praise for them…stayin home is hard / I’m on my 60th mega puzzle….pictures a dead dog on some floor boards…j/k, it is actually clear blue spring / stream flowing by some rocks in the desert oasis.

    Stay physically distant / socially close y’all!

  21. “it is really easy to be sorry, and it lasts a long time.” f

    That about sums this up perfectly. Thank you for those words Forrest.

      • I’m so happy he is trying to keep everyone safe. There’s no point in going out searching until things are better. Forrest, as well as I know him is a genuine character.

  22. I noticed that the word “HOME” seems to be raised a little, compared to the word “AT”.
    Subtlety should be appreciated when noticed and recognized. Now I’m hungry for a candy bar. Maybe something with coconut and dark chocolate. As always, IMO.

  23. I hope all of you are staying warm and safe and thinking positive thoughts. It’s a great time to bake some bread, call a loved one, and slow down a bit.

  24. Thanks for bringing the message home Mr. Fenn. I know some bright people that can’t deal with their lives being interrupted. Selfishness is no maverick.

  25. But I know where the treasure is!!!
    I can go get it and this will all be over!
    Nice PSA F.
    Sad that you have to say something….

  26. FORREST, I will research and see if that’s possible. In the past, I looked into that and found no resolve. Wish me luck.

  27. Perfect advice!

    Thanks again for the Chase so we have something fun to work on and research during these days at home.

    And thanks again to Dal for all the years of providing this venue.

    I do hope I can go again when the aspen are gold. It would just be that much sweeter to be there.

    • Picture this. We walk through the Valley on a beautiful sunny day. The wind is blowing just enough for the smell of the trees and the wisp in the current of the wind to pass a speck or two past your eyes just enough so that the glint of the sun blinds you for a fraction of a second just before the vision of the most majestic sight of your imaginations emerges untarnished by the grays of the racing sparks of your hopes and dreams being buried by nothing but the rainbow present and arcing from beginning to end but most important back home where you find it.

  28. So many posters are so creative in their responses. 🙂

    Here is a link my team found to what’s happening virus-wise in every state: predicted peak date, #hospital/ICU beds if you are a person who is calmed by information. Many states are in good shape, having slowed their peak (the more it slows, the better off we all are):

    There are so many things to do from home! You can tour a National Park; they’ve all been putting up virtual tours. Here’s YNP:

    For free now, you can listen to the Paris Opera or the Met, listen to symphony orchestras from around the world (Seattle Symphony tonight at 8p & tomorrow at 2 PST–fun to read people’s comments from all over the world as they listen!), tour most of the Paris museums, watch a Broadway musical, ride Disneyland rides, visit aquariums, listen to documentaries/history, and even livestream the Northern Lights from home! And, of course, all those topo maps!!!

    Be well and safe, everyone! It’s my birthday today, and a big one, and my husband (who’s a reluctant searcher LOL) said he would be happy to hear me blather on about my ideas as much as I want today. ~:)


  30. Thanks, Forrest. That’s exactly what searchers need to hear right now. Hopefully, we will hear from you again when it’s safer to go searching. Keep your force field strong!

  31. Thank you Forrest. Very good advice. I love your scrapbooks even if they are short as this one. Sometimes one scrapbook makes one think of another you’ve written. This one made me turn to #243 for some reason. Thanks again for caring so much about us searchers Forrest. We truly appreciate it.

    • Interesting. After reading that SB again, I think I see the “S” connection with you Sparrow!
      Hope everyone a safe and prosperous year.

      • Suzy—
        Actually I saw no “S” connection. I remembered #243 because Forrest has such a big caring heart, and also because of these 3 sentences.

        “Because so many searchers are out of jobs they want to get into their cars and head out to find the treasure. I am getting many e-mails every day that tell me that. Please don’t do it.

        Forrest really loved that dog. And he loves us searchers too. He doesn’t want anything to happen to us. He’s a good man.

        • Sparrow,
          I have to agree with you 100%.
          Everything that man stands for is what we all should strive to be. IMO

          243…I tried…but the first paragraph… was as far as I made it. They weren’t halting.

          Windshield wipers slappin’ time!

          Forrest has given us some great insight and this Chase is outasite!

          I enjoy your views, Sparrow. Good luck to you.


        • Sparrow and ByGeorge.

          Every picture I’ve seen of Forrest having a dog seems to be of the smallish variety (dog, that is). Do either of you know if he owned a Shar Pei?

          Probably not sought after much in recent weeks because of they’re Chinese roots and people shying away from them due to obvious reasons. I hear they make great family “pets” though.

          • ByGeorge, no problem.

            I just know of a friend who (due to allergies) has to get rid of a Shar Pei. She (the dog) is really friendly, but has a slight birth defect on her forehead (looks like a third eye). If you’re interested, let me know.

            I almost thought of taking it myself but my husband isn’t too fond of dogs, he’s more of a cat person. What can I say, I’m a sucker for those sagacious creatures that steal a person’s heart.

          • Suzy_S,

            Excuse me, I’m still laughing. Uncontrollably.

            No thank you. I already have a scaredy cat.

            I just looked up that breed. It looks to be a beautiful dog. But, man, it’s like looking in the mirror! And the sad part is, the Dog looks better!

            Maybe I should get one that looks like my wife to compliment my look-alike? Maybe a Shih Tzu?

            Keep looking up and enjoy your lockdown…AKA…Social Distancing? I have to chuckles.

            Good luck when ya get there and stay safe.


          • Your fennatic imagination appears to have reached its home of brown with that breed. Wow! And I thought my mind was in the gutter.

            LOL… Best to you ByGeorge!

          • I’m still curious about the mention of SB 243. I’m assuming Forrest loved his dachshund because that dog kept an eye on him and followed him everywhere.

            Maybe this is the reason that dog held a special connection, almost like an eye of providence. Coming full circle to the parting of an old friend.

          • Suzy—-

            I don’t remember Forrest ever mentioning owning a Shar Pei—-but I am very sure Forrest owns a Sharpie. 🙂

          • LOL, Sparrow! A sharpie would be difficult to emotionally embrace ’til the point of death..

          • Just an interesting POV:

            The Shar-Pei is one of the older dog breeds, being traced back to China. It has a shared history with the Chow Chow, having been crossbred with them early on. They were bred to be guard dogs in ancient times and still maintain some of that in their current state.
            Shar-Peis need to be exposed to people and animals early on or they won’t learn to be friendly towards them. They can get aggressive and territorial when approached if they haven’t been trained or made to accept outsiders. This can make them difficult to keep as pets, so raising one from a puppy is recommended.
            Doesn’t sound like a “nice” pet – JDA

  32. Wise words Forrest, I hope all searchers will heed them! I want to let searchers know that all of the state of Colorado is under a Stay at Home order. We have very high number of cases of Covid-19 in the state and because some traveled here with ski tourists a lot of the cases are in mountain counties, not just in our main cities. Normally I never discourage visitors to the mountain towns as their economies depend on tourism but you would be wise not to visit or stop in some of them now. Stay home and stay well everyone!

  33. Thanks FFor the timely double warning.
    This symbolic quote comes to mind from recent events.
    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

  34. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do a search anyway this year. Now, that shot is getting longer. In the meantime, I have started drawing again and am teaching my son how to draw also. And after every one goes to sleep at night I am working on a 1957 Chevy model that my dad never had time to work on before he passed last fall.

  35. I usually just stay in the background and observe, but I felt compelled to post after hearing so many people are still emailing FF directly. He ONLY wants you to email him if you have the chest in your hands, why is it so hard to understand? I realize some of the folks emailing him may not be on this blog. It’s just so annoying that they think they are special and the email reduction doesn’t apply to them. Much like the type of people who go out despite the stay home order. The bottom line is he needs to be able to see the ONE email that matters. That way he can let us know when the chest is found.

    • I agree… stop emailing forrest. You know who you are. Forrest will only announce when it has been retrieved. I, like many others, think someone has known where it’s at for a while now.

    • I couldn’t imagine the number of emails Forrest must receive from people who don’t have the slightest idea of where they’re going. Then again, I couldn’t imagine the few number of emails he’d receive from those who did.

      Needless to say, a lack of info from treasure seekers, in and of itself, could throw Forrest a curve ball and disrupt his ability to know how close a searcher might be to that home run.

      Then again, I’m not sure this could even be possible as I observe Forrest as someone who has an uncanny sense of perception. How else could he know if someone found the treasure? Only one way that I know of.

  36. My kids and I starting having symptoms around the 16th and I tested positive early last week. Luckily, we’ve recovered and it was a relatively mild (I had the worst of it and my wife was asymptomatic). We heard of a case related to my daughter’s school on the 13th, so we decided to quarantine out of an abundance of caution. It was a great decision because we got it, but didn’t spread it to anyone else.

    There were only two dozen cases in my state when we were exposed, so if you think you might be safe because your state doesn’t have many cases, think again.

    • Christopher,

      That was some great forward thinking. It gets real, real fast!

      Nice to hear everyone is doing well. Good luck to you! God Bless.


    • Christopher, I am so glad to hear you and your family are ok and you did the right thing by staying home. I don’t watch TV but I have been reading a lot of news online. To a point that my husband said I should stop with all the news for a while and do something else like go back to the Chase… I said, “but, I can’t go searching!” He said, “just do more research until you can…” The World really is bobbling off it’s axis if my husband is telling me to spend more time on the Chase :)… Stay Safe everyone…

      • I can so relate to this post! My husband has also recently become very supportive of the time I’m spending mulling over my search ideas instead of reading about politics and coronavirus! Even though I know he thinks I’m certifiably crazy for actually believing that I have a good chance of finding it, he is aware that dreaming about a treasure hunt makes me hopeful and happy and distracted in my fantasy land, which is much more pleasant than what the real world is offering up right now. Now I’m just holding onto hope that I don’t have to cancel the trip I have already booked for this summer…. Take care everyone!

  37. Treasure hunting holding pattern appears to be in effect thru April according to star fleet command(white house). Anticipating botg in June, might luck out and have t.c. location to self like last year. Can’t wait for it, hopefully I can keep reservations with pigs flying, sooo want to bring a pirate flag.

  38. I wonder if this means that Forrest’s surprise will be cancelled/delayed….

    • Hi Mark. Would you mind explaining? I’ve not heard of any surprise.


        • Yes, that was it. Thank you much Mark! I was out of country when that hit and missed it somehow.

          So IMO that adds some context to his statement “Because of the virus, it is time to rethink the search.” Is it possible he’s thinking about actually ending the search because it’s just too dangerous to proceed with the Chase?

          We have to consider this virus stuff is weighing heavily on his mind, not knowing if someone is going to ignore his plea to stay home where it’s a heck of a lot safer. And then if something virus related happens Forrest’s conscience will again suffer.

          I am IN NO WAY suggesting any of the prior search related deaths are his fault, but any search related death must be tough on him.

          So perhaps ‘big surprises’ is morphing into THE big surprise.


  39. An UNfortunate event for Mr. Fenn to have to take center stage. But looking back over the steps he’s provided prior, it was bound to take place.

    Y’all Take Care


    No contact orders NEED to be heeded to lessen the impact. We need to “LISTEN TO YOUR HEART”.

    10 Things to do until May.

    1) Start writing. If you write a chapter a day you will have a book by the 1st. of May.

    2) Reread TTOTC slowly and relaxed allowing your subconscious to sort out things. This could be a real game changer.

    3) Find that old Hulla Hoop in the basement or attic and challenge yourself. Just a little time daily will work wonders on curves and or blubber. Set to music is a plus. Like dancing with yourself ……”WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD”.

    4) Experiment with new ways to fix pancakes. Find out the difference between Flapjacks and Johnnycakes.

    5) Try your hand at HYPER-TUFA. Unleash that sleeping giant locked inside and explore your creative side. We all have one. Just hidden better in some and worn on the sleeve in others.

    6) Clean your closets and pantries. Go ahead …..haul it all out and reorganize. The feelings of merit evoked will be its reward and you might be able to find some new room for a Prayer Closet.

    7) Plant some seeds. An old cardboard egg carton makes a great nursery. Tending to seedlings creates empathy towards other living things. Ever hear of Fillius Blue Peppers? Yes, blue peppers. Ain’t life funny?

    8) Reach out, but don’t take anybodies hand….make this a better world if you can. Social distances does not mean not communicating. Scroll down your contact list on your phone and pick out a few to badger everyday. Just a few lines of text a day may be a good distraction for others or it could make some new enemies… that case just delete them off your list.

    9) Clean out the fridge. Pitch all those open jars with past due dates and make a new list for when you get that Stimulus Check.

    10) Join some new blogs. My goodness there are blogs and blogs and blogs. Hiking blogs, cooking blogs, gardening blogs. Blogs on any topic you may have interest in. This is a great Avenue for adding to your world wide extended family. It only takes a spark to get a fire going.


  41. Forrest,

    I began my first BOTG into the mountains with my 33 year old son. My EXACT words to him as we started our hike was this…

    “If for any reason I die, keep going and retrieve the chest. On your way back past me, just pat me on the head and keep going. Come back after it’s secured and get me. This guy is a war hero and we need to prove to the naysayers and the world that HE IS NOT A LIAR AND THIS IS NOT A HOAX!”. <~~True story!

    If I die, trying to find Indulgence, i want everyone to know that it was my choice and it was an honor to try my best for Forrest and his family.

    The man has given us all hope. I blame nobody for MY actions but ME. Granted, I stink at this game, but it was my choice.

    So, Forrest, I shall sit here, patiently waiting for the light to change and stinking it up. So far so good…Piece of cake.!


    • ByGeorge – I think you’ve got it!!! – Sorry… couldn’t help myself! But I truly do like your way of thinking!

    • Clint,

      I have no clue what your talking about. I simply spoke of my first BOTG and blaming nobody for my actions. Are you running a fever?


  42. I’m waiting for Forrest to wave the solid Green flag–Hopefully this June we will get another BOTG, and he can waive the Checkered flag..Till then I am staying home just spinning my wheels..Thanks Forrest,hoping for a healthy and safe future for all involved..

  43. Forrest,
    With this experience of now being grounded at home, would have you preferred it over the switching’s of your youth, or do you feel they are about equal?

    Asking for a friend…:)

    • I personally thing this is definitely antagonistic to my sanity . And to think it seems like such good weather to go spot some bluebirds , or learn to play guitar and catch up on some education , get lost for a spell down some old back roads .

  44. “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”
    – T. S. Eliot

    Books, knowledge and imagination are funny like that


  45. ll need to know this info i came across love yous . please skip adds unless your board i want to say life is worth living so much to do that’s not done so much to see that we havent seen yet we will do this together the next fenn borie we all are there mask or not we might have to roll that back a few months but lets do it if Fenn can fly a jet we can survive together and our arms are always around theFenn family i hope that link helps us survive

  46. please know life will always be worth living we are treasure hunters and we never give up we must out think this as Forrest has prepared us to do. now think what can we do and lets get busy and do it we are a community lest get it done. ok k contact me always jeff burch

  47. its ok skip adds nothing in this for me but you.titan sends his love as wellhe said cant wait to run in the wind with you every one of you hes a great dog but i might be a owner operator but he still thinks he’s the boss good day andgood life to you all,

  48. The irony here is that Thoreau, Muir, Abbey wrote about the joys of solitude to be found in wilderness. Now, when we are encouraged to maintain solitude, we are discouraged from seeking wilderness? Each should rise or sink to their own level of comfort. Don’t endanger others, that’s horribly poor form. But live your life as you best see fit. Imagine if Lewis and Clark received an email as they were leaving St Louis — ‘Bad virus, many sick, not enough ventilators, remain in St Louis where you will be more exposed than if you were to map uncharted territory. Sure, sounds whack, but we’re the federal government. Get used to it. Love, Tom.’

    • Yes, but out in the wilderness is dangerous at the best of times. The emergency services are all hands on deck with the virus at the moment, so they don’t need to be putting a full crew out into the wild if you break a leg. Maybe they wont come and you get eaten by a bear.

      Isolate at home, its much safer.

      • As long as the bear don’t eat my favorite speedo we have a deal lol. ……And yes it is camoflauge ……..

        Although that would be a funny and awkward headline
        Man eaten by bear. Reports suggest it was a bear by the speedo found then lost in the leaves .

    • IMO you missed the hint, the area is government controlled and closed by multiple agencies.
      Hey if you live in BFE, great. I live in the hood, the “D”, and people here are not acting responsibly. Same bad behavior when HIV hit here in past.
      I figure it’s like getting a tanned hide for something your brother did.
      Rather be fishing, ALONE! Corona have hard time reaching me in Lake Michigan. Talk about my BFE, and I can’t get to it. $1000 fines being written for anything not self powered. The bad people will never pay or show. Guess I’ll suck another lime.

      • Private land, government land, bia, every place has a different rule, guideline, or regulation too. It’s like that everywhere right now I think. Even if you knew about the treasure, you couldn’t go because the country is having a political and legal siezure.

  49. If I stay home long enough, studying the poem, I might be able able to turn the thrill of the chase into the great escape! Does anyone have a lead on a flux capacitor?

  50. Leonardo da Vinci’s designed for a perpetual motion wheel. That guy was genius.

    • Indeed, this device however, actually traps a circulating magnetic flux indefinitely making it the world’s only real working flux capacitor.

      • I prefer Leo’s wheel! I always wanted to replicate it using lots of hamsters instead of ball-bearings. If you breed the little cricetinaes, you will have a constant supply of food to go with the electricity. Use the turning wheel as a spit!

        • Dal ain’t going to like us discussing this here, but that’s a fascinating idea and I appreciate the imagery. Tesla actually invented something very similar with his Junebug powered windmill to relieve some of his mother’s burdens.

          • I like the Junebug. Its very similar to an invention some children did at university (cannot remember much) as a project. Little cups that spun and the forerunner created suction (like an air plane wing) and pulled the tailing cup and the same to the next. It would accelerate to the point it was so fast it burnt out. It was a fluke find, but gave free energy. They had to drill holes to slow it down and bring balance. I have tried to find the study again but all traces have gone. Probably bought out by big industry.

  51. Drilling holes makes me think of bank boxes hopefully that don’t happen to nobody to bring balance . Nor find any thing in a fluke . But at face value the junebug discoveries are intriguing at the least

  52. Like the poem… Forrest is able to state volumes in three simple words.

    Keep it simple, Keep safe, keep healthy… and yes Forrest, I for one am content follow your advice and to stay at home.

    Stay healthy all!!!

  53. Thank you Forrest for the continuation of concern and warnings for searchers who have not yet learned from your Sound Advice. JDA should be commended for his opinions (IMO). Something was mentioned about Lead Searcher s needing to stay home as well. In my opinion, a Lead Searcher would already have done her/ his homework and would realize when the search is available. As many have mentioned , we are All safer to ere on the side of caution and stay home. I myself have decided to spend a little more time preparing the garden and landscaping around the homestead. Even in these trying times, we still need to interact with nature and have some valuable time to not get Cabin Fever. I surely enjoyed the video of edible plants in the wild. I have always enjoyed Clover for the first and last snack of the day. Very nutritional and of great value. With this extra time on our hands, it’s a great time to get that Honey Do List completed. Many positive things mentioned here, thanks to Forrest and Dal for continuing the multiple clues you so graciously give to those listening. To All, stay safe , find a way to have an adventure without staying glued to the computer. It snowed 8 inches yesterday in Minnesota, so at least those folks have something to stay busy for awhile.

  54. Looks like we might be in lockdown through the whole search season.

    I suggested to the wife that I do a high altitude jump from a cargo plane into the search zone, but she gave me one of those looks and simply asked me how I would get home. I will have to learn to wind surf I thought.

    The dog sat up, he loves crazy.

    Back to the drawing board.

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