How Are You Coping With Coronavirus?…

This page is for discussions about how we are all doing with this pandemic…

We can share ideas, diversions, sadness, happiness…but please steer away from political and religious discussions.

We hope to learn that our chase community is doing well…and that our imaginations are helping us cope…

270 thoughts on “How Are You Coping With Coronavirus?…

  1. Hey all,

    Hope everyone is doing well and staying as safe as possible. It’s been kind of strange over here in Issaquah, WA. I have a 4 & 3 year old, so keeping them busy and entertained is a chore in itself. They try their best to understand what’s going on. I was forced into a 14-day isolation due to coming into contact (a 2 minute convo from 6ft away) with someone who was showing symptoms. It allowed me to work from home and enjoy more time with them. Teaching them math, helping with letter recognition, and some amazing night time dance parties.

    Hoping this doesn’t last until mid summer, but if it does…we will make the best of it with a positive attitude. Well wishes to everyone from my family to yours.

    • cant stop scratching my face but i wash my hands more its a challenge but staying positive is key. stay sane all.

    • Just a note to say, you and all parents of young kids are in my thoughts, James Collier! It is not easy when you are confined at home all the time. Hang in there, and stay safe–you will get through this!

    • up late or earlywatching a good old movie called Cluny Brown the sure made some good movies in the old days i do enjoy them from time to time when the gals wore gardens on there heads good day to all.

      • I was thinking the best two words in the dictionary are stand strong.
        if I could add one more word to that, it would be America so stand strong my friends we have a treasure to find t y Sir you gave all our minds something to live for, I’m sure your thinking more wormy on my hook or a good fly to, tie and try, what a good thing to look forward to
        T Y Sir Forrest Fenn and family always Jeff Burch and family that’s all of us ‘
        Stand Strong.

  2. Meditating and hydrating! It’s curious how
    I find it difficult to focus on reading right now. I finally resolved today to turn off the news. It does no one any good. Ya’ll stay healthy! Prayers for everyone in this amazing community of smart people!

  3. I’m alive and well. Going a little stir crazy without a gym to go to, and I think “mullets” are coming back in style with the closing of barbershops. Virginia is on this mandated order until June 10th. 🙁

    • So far my family and friends are doing well. I am taking all the precautions. I’m enjoying my time off work, my hands needed a rest.
      I’m re-reading all the scrapbooks
      Due to I have all the time in the world right now.
      May we all stay safe and healthy.
      May we all get to search this summer, or early fall. ❤️

      Dal this was a great topic to discuss. ❤️

    • Guys should do everyone a favor and just buy clippers to shave it, and avoid the mullet.

      Thankfully we got bought stuff for a small home gym when our’s shut down. Gym things are tough to find right now.

  4. I have not left the house in 2.5 weeks and my wife and 7 year old have been in for 3 weeks.

    My sons teacher was laid off so we have taken to home schooling him to finish out the year, and fortunately my wife and I are able to work from home. Her business has dropped off some but we have been saving a lot by not using gas.

    For fun, we are reading, cleaning house, play some video games on an arcade game I built last year and I am build a model of a 1957 Chevy. Since I can not go out to a hobby store I cannot get the correct paints so I am improvising the colors. I have also started drawing again and teaching my son (I am his art and math test).

  5. I am in NYC, the epicenter. So far, so good. I go out ONLY to take a needed walk AWAY from people and with a mask and gloves, or to shop for groceries as deliveries now take p to three weeks, Part of Central Park has been converted into a tent hospital. It is all VERY VERY scary and each day I am alive is another good day. Even my doctor;s husband has C-19. I know a couple of friends who have it and I know many of our fine musicians have died of it. I hope Forrest and Peggy are NOT GOIBG OUT..

    • Hello Margie, I’m sending thoughts and prayers your way. My son also lives in NYC. He did get Covid19 but at 25 yrs old was healthy enough to recover from home without any pulmonary issues. We’re VERY thankful.

      Your article about Forrest was my introduction to hunting for his elusive treasure, and the greatest adventure of my life. Thanks Margie. Take great care to remain safe.

    • Margie, hang in there! I can not even begin to imagine what it is like for you there in NYC. The thoughts and prayers of many all across the natiion are with New Yorkers as we hunker down in our own homes. Stay safe and well!

  6. Tess, my wife, and I are playing games most every day for an hour or two. She reads a lot, and I watch a lot of TV. I already have my solve, so I can not spend much time on that. I try to spend at least one hour a day on this Blog – just to see if there are and interesting discussions. I try to keep in contact with my grown children, and Tess’ grows children, and our various grand kids and great grand kids. We wear a home-made fabric mask when going out of the house – which is not often. We have groceries delivered, and are amazed how little we can get by with. Tess seemed to HAVE to go shopping at least three days a week, and now we call in a small order once a week. I think Tess just liked the exercise of shopping, and the social interaction. Going crazy, but doing well –

    Try and STAY SAFE and STAY HEALTHY all JDA (and Tess)

    • Hi JDA, it’s been a while for me. Now I have time to kill doing the Corona Virus 2 step. I’ve given the search my best shot. So I’m just dropping by to say hi and good luck. It was fun going to the bank the other day, black mask and surgical gloves on….I wonder what they were thinking. Oh, and one less searcher is gone. My brother died last August and all he lived for was solving the Fenn treasure hunt. His solve were so far above my pay grade I just nodded, and listened, and nodded never understanding a word he said. Hope you healthy and safe. All the best from the Detroit Corona hotspot 🙂

      • Hi Bob;

        Sorry for the loss of your brother. I am sure that you miss him. Maybe his spirit will guide you on your next search.

        Take care, stay safe and healthy – JDA

  7. So far, so good. Signed up for a watercolor class that went online due to the bug, and painted half a dozen jelly fish. (I think it would be hard to mess up a jelly fish. We’ll see how I do next week on a bird.)
    Glad to begin the outdoor season here–since I’ve already exhausted The Great British Sewing Bee (including the Norwegian version) on You Tube. I hope the bee shipment arrives in two weeks, that was last year’s new hobby. Looks like I’d better start some seeds for the garden this week.
    Take care all and be safe.
    WaterHigh/Barbara in the MidWest

  8. All,

    Working on building our backyard chicken coup. Just completed laying the foundation and base of hen house and run.


    • Hey Seanm,

      I just got 10 baby chickens! We are building our new coop as well! Will be planting about 10 fruit and nut trees next weekend and starting a lot of plants in doors… veggies and flowers… any and all positive nature vibes to push away the evil of the Coronavirus… Stay Safe everyone-

      • Spallies,

        That’s great, we too are getting our garden prepped. Momma bear and kiddos planted seedlings last week and they are starting to sprout. We got eight chicks and we’ll see how many are rosters and then find those homes, no need to wake the neighbors. Kids are having much fun naming them but it’s confusing since each one is yellow and fuzzy.


  9. I’m still here. I’m in it to win it since 2011. I believe I have solved the last six clues, but the first three are elusive. I have narrowed my search down to Montana and Colorado, because I have two different theories about the first three clues. I am excited to get back to the chase, and where I am going, social distancing won’t be an issue.

    • The more solves you have, the more area you cover, which makes you more likely to have the correct solve 🙂

    • MichaelD,

      I dunno. Our hero FF has said that if you don’t nail down the first clue – you got nothing. I don’t think you can have the last 6 clues without knowing the first 3. You might reevaluate your solves. Nevertheless, GOOD LUCK!

  10. Thanks for creating this page Dal.
    Hope everyone here will be better after this is over.
    I work at a senior living facility where most are over 70 with 84 units.
    So far so good in Reno.

  11. I’m generally healthy, however I work with people who are at risk daily. Just really hoping and praying the virus stays away. Family, friends and work are all covid free right now. Hoping it’s the same in your life, all.

    My best coping mechanism has been just leaning on the Lord and praying. Outwardly trying to stay positive and cheerful. I can get in the dumps about it, and sorryily so. But that’s not going to help anything!

    Forrest is right, feeling sorry is easy to do.

    Thy will be done, Lord.

  12. Hola everyone , I am doing well. I am in home cleaning and finish projects . Painting help me to be distracted and relax . I hope everyone be safe. Hugs

  13. I`m down to my last pork chop , I have been looking at squirrels in the backyard & squirrel recipes…. Hmmm ?

  14. Ob-la-di Ob-la-da.

    I have friends who are hemorrhaging thousands of dollars per week.. Other people continue to have all sorts of other health issues and are now dying alone in quarantine because their family cannot visit.

    Coping is easier when you realize it could all be a whole lot worse.

    Take care everybody.

  15. I’m just more worried about movid19.

    Journal of a trapper and the sudden threat gives plenty of perspective.

  16. Thank you adding this page Dal.

    My wife are doing great. Fortunately for us, we live in a fairly rural area and our county only has 14 reported cases and zero deaths at this time.

    We went out yesterday after 14 days of ‘home alone’ to run some errands; get groceries at the supermarket and some wine too (I already have plenty of dark beer to last me a while). We found that 6’ social distancing seems to be working well around here and several stores have adopted a limit to the number of people that be inside at one time which everyone respected while standing in line to enter we were pleased to see.

    Still too early and cool outside for me to go bicycle riding, so I stick to my upright bike that’s about as close to riding outside as you can get, except for the wind in my face which I love. It’s a resistance style bike and up shifts/downshifts depending on the route and terrain being ‘ridden’ on one of the many programmed courses. I love that bike when inclement weather hits and we have a lot of that in the PAC NW.

    Otherwise, I’m working on my Chase thesis about 50% of the day, trying to become evermore proficient and fluent in FennGlish, one of favorite courses.

    But a day wouldn’t be complete without some sort of happy hour which normally starts about now and after dinner we’ll watch a little TV.


  17. 20 rolls of T-paper @ 300 sheets per roll.
    Average 10 sheets a day per person x two people… 20 sheets each day x 30 days equals 600 sheets or two rolls per month.
    2 rolls per month @ 20 rolls supplies enough T-paper untill December, respectively.

    So now y’all know what I want for Xmas.

    • Seeker,

      We used to spin that roll like we were on Wheel of Fortune. Now we turn it like we’re cracking a safe.

      Let the pre-Covid19 good times R…•*O*•..LL again.

      • Holy cow, 42, that was the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Thanks for the laugh.

    • If humans will fight over paper, what will they do for food when they are hungry ?

    • Hi Seeker
      I am still working every day,I am a essential worker I haul
      45 ton loads of wood chips to the paper mills so
      youall can have TP and cardboard box’s for Amazon.I live
      in northern Michigan,Coronavirus is still down here in
      the northern part .I hope this will all be done soon.
      Everyone be safe Clint
      PS I have a date with a bronze box and she said yes!

      • Clint,

        Not enough us said for guys like you still rolling on… No pun intended.. ok maybe a little bit.. lol.
        We need to not only thank the doctors and nurses and other medical staff, but the janitor and nursing assistant, truckers and delivery personal… And the list goes on.

        From me to you, one trucker to another… Thanks.

      • Hi Clint, if your date doesn’t go as planned you can always give me a ride! Just kidding around…I think I’m getting loopy. Stay safe!

    • To cope with all this is more a sadness for the losses, and those in arms way on the front of exposure. Those folks have my true appreciation and admiration for there services. We have lost some in the process, and think we will end up with a new group of veterans to be honored. But this will run its course as things do and Treasure Hunting will continue.

      A little boredom has prompted me to read a few blogs here and generally not a debating type I see some irregularities in this TP situation.

      First I don’t know we’re seekers TP comes from and 300 sheets sounds like 10-12 inches per sheet since a roll of TP is around 300-320’ long. My experience tells me a sheet is closer to 4” long. I have never seen sheets that long. The sheets on my bed are almost that long. The reason I bring this up is I asked my wife how many rolls of TP do we use. She said about one a week. Now that’s about 2-3 times the amount calculated above. Underestimation is what comes to mind, and some riches new and old.
      This is to much, my heads overheating and my B pressures rising and it’s raining right know.
      If I have misinformed, just ignore my primal math and keep having some fun.

      • I wanted to say there’s a new treasure hunt for the most valuable item known to man.
        It’s soft and cuddly; no not that. If you’ve never had it you better get on the hunt.
        Those gold coins can’t do what it can.
        This message will self destruct.
        IMO more clues later.

      • Grasshopper,

        My example was a poke at the nature of how people go into panic mode.
        People don’t need to hoard grocery items. These industries are still up and running… Clint’s post should be recognized as such.
        Other examples are: a can of soup is actually two helpings, a glass of juice is considered 4 oz. Not 12. A nice casual lunch for two could be one can of soup, 8 oz of juice, two slices of bread and a single slice of cheese (cut in 1/2.)

        We are the richest country in the world yet we waste up to 40% of grocery product. We have starving people in this country and at the same time we have the most over weight in the world… How the heck does that happen?

        We the people need to get a grip. Hoarding is not only unnecessary… It puts a huge strain on the economy, needlessly. Did we not learn anything from 2000 and 2012 unnecessary panics?

        Common Sense folks… That’s all. Just common sense.

        On a side note;
        While many here have gone through other virus stages over the years… This one is slightly different. Doctors have stated this is an air traveling virus, it can live up to 24 hours on cardboard (paper products) and has longevity on many other surfaces… such as mail… Hence the reason for dedicated hand washing etc.

        Caution is needed not panic stricken hoarding. We the people are creating that problem… Not the virus.

        • Sound advice there Seeker. Man is gifted with intellect and common sense. These two things will get us through this crisis – Thanks to all who are using both – JMO – JDA

        • That was my exact reason for poking fun at the TP count. And my serious comments at the beginning of my post.
          Sorry if you took offense To my statements. It seems that being on edge is as compounding as the virus.
          I am not immune to the severity of this virus. I survived spinal meningitis at one time and I get it.
          I wish no one the virus of my account.
          That said I still see the humor in the TP problem. To little or to much it is a non perishable item to some extent.
          But I enjoy your mathematical word problems. Don’t give up on them.
          This might be a long haul.
          IMO as always. The treasure is always to be solved

      • Jake-
        The Sears and Monkey Wards catalogs. No outhouse was complete without them. You could sit there and review new furniture or a fancy dress until it was time to move on. It was a sad day when those catalogs started printing in color on coated paper. No one daydreams in the bathroom anymore.

        • What about the Christmas edition though, the gloss added to the glitz, glam, and excitement! Not to mention the arrival time coincidentally,the same time as rumors of this guy with a list running around in a deer drawn buggy. Almost like a yearly treasure hunt.

  18. On the road as truck driver , left Southern Texas yesterday now just north of Moab Utah parked for the night , on my way to drop essential load off in Portland on Monday then go back home to Washington , even loads are getting hard to come by , more trucks then loads..but for now Keeping the country stocked up.

    • Thank you and all truckers!! I appreciate what you do and the risks you have to take!

  19. C-19 is not a death sentence. Out of the 81,639 cases in China 76,755 patients have recovered.
    (as of April 05, 2020).
    The Disneyland hotel as well some of the shopping and dining areas and limited attractions in Shanghai Disneyland have already reopened.
    To date there have been 8,449 Coronavirus deaths in the United States. During the 2018–2019 Flu season in there were 34,200 deaths in the US from influenza.
    I’m not trying to water down the seriousness of this pandemic, but if we continue to do the right thing and avoid the hysteria, we can all ride this thing out alone… together…..

    • Randawg,

      I find it hard for me to believe ANYTHING the Chinese government says considering what they’ve put the world through, not to mention all the unnecessary deaths.


  20. Hi Dal – Thanks for asking!

    I watch a lot of PBS “Outdoor Idaho” shows, while sitting in my car, or on the Hemingway Veranda of our Community Library (taking advantage of their free outdoor Wifi). The last one on this link, entitled, “Sawtooths on My Mind”, is my favorite:

    I also have been binge watching episodes of “Outlander” and “The Tudors” (betcha Sparrow has seen all of the later!). And reading books and things I find online. And I get outside to walk and hike a lot. The bike path by the Bigwood River is a great place to see Moose, Elk, Hawks, Coyotes, and Rainbow trout. We are all experts at Social Distancing, while getting outdoors for excercise, here. But, we are mountain people.

    That all beats going up into the Sawtooths, where I would rather be, except I might be dodging Earthquakes and Aftershocks and Avalanches. Because we had a 6.5 Earthquake on Tuesday, March 31st, at 5:57pm, which had an epicenter 68 miles North of Sun Valley. I took a beautiful walk in the sunshine, from the highway out to Redfish Lake, a little over a week prior. A friend did that on the day of the Quake, except he was camping across the lake, and decided to snowshoe across. He saw the lake crack all around him, when it happened!

    I hope you are doing well, Dal. Besides keeping busy, as always, here on your blog, what have you been doing to pass the time? Any new interests?

  21. Life here on our ranch in central Virginia has not changed a whole lot. Cows are calving right now and an early Spring is putting my husband in the mood for planting crops, do discing has begun on the low grounds by the river.
    Meanwhile, I took FF’s advice and ordered “Journal of a Trapper” to keep my hands in the Chase! Y’all take care!

  22. Introvert’s Paradise.
    Learning lots of interesting nuggets.

    “Outta the way, Dobie!”

  23. Mentally prepare, poem, books, blogs, vlogs.
    Shine wheels on treasure truck, pack gear, take a trip-don’t take a trip. Ugh. Possible treasure dts, I’ll tough it out, maybe I can run down a buffalo later (been stalking them on cameras online), practice painting skills (while supplies last), homebound school with daughter (not smarter than a seventh grader), last but not least practicing not poking the bear since I’m locked in with her.

  24. Hi All,
    We’re doing well here in central Wisconsin. Although this single father is home with three teenagers, we all have work to do which keeps us occupied and sane. My kids are even treated to more home cooked meals from a work-from-home father.
    The current situation has us all contemplating life. My hope is we as a people reconnect with those in our lives who we know, love, remember, but have not made the effort to touch. Call family, friends, acquaintances and those we have not communicated with in years and tell them what they’ve meant.It’s all too late when we die.
    I am thinking of every one of you that we have met at Fennboree. My heartfelt gratitude for your kindness and cordiality. We wish you safety and health and pray we may meet again.

    ~Wisconsin Mike

  25. Greetings to all,
    here is a url, from
    pinedaleonline. com, that has a continually updated mapping of the
    WY. cases by county. (orange map)
    Even in WY. the map, seemingly indicates counties that have significant visitation,
    or maybe population with compromised immune systems.

  26. I and my family and friends are good and pets too. I work at a cancer clinic in Houston Monday through Friday and spend my weekends working on our property we bought a year ago. We will be moved in by the end of this month so I really haven’t had the time to do any researching or searching. Fortunately I live in a rural county where we only have a few cases and other than work, I don’t spend much time in Houston. We spend a great deal of our free time outside away from others. Taking my vitamins and praying I don’t get it, but praying harder that if I do, I won’t give it to my family. Thanks Dal. Stay safe and stay strong out there.

  27. And tomorrow is my birthday. It will be one with my animals and husband. Won’t be seeing kids or grandkids this year.

  28. No time to get rattled for me. With two businesses on lock-down and more folks to care for day to day… the days seem to be flying by unbelievably fast. Just gotta keep things from circling the drain and stay healthy so I can be there the next morning. Family time means everything now more than ever. Hope everyone stays healthy… and thanks to Dal for keeping this blog alive.

  29. Preparing for morels to cross my path, then the treasure hunting really gets going!
    Just waiting for the time to be right…

  30. It’s nothing new to me as I have IPF and have self isolated for 2 1/2 years. I just keep on doing what I have been doing. Researching Forrest, his poem and BOTG locations on Google Earth. Reading all your great post’s, and avoiding the Newbies on other sites. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay at home till this pass’s. Peace everyone.

    • Never mind I just looked it up. Sounds like copd. Very sorry you are dealing with that. Hope it isn’t too bad for you.

      • It’s just the opposite of COPD, I can get air in but my lungs can’t process getting the oxygen levels it need’s because it can’t exchange the CO2 properly. There is no treatment for my type. Just use a oxygen generator to increase the amount of oxygen in every breath.

  31. Dal, Forrest, Fellow Chasers
    I have been very sick with the Corona virus. It took 10 days to get my test results back positive. It told me what my doctors and I already knew. Started almost two weeks ago.
    Fever, extreme crushing body pain, headaches, chills, night sweats, shakes, brainfog, and than our local hospital and clinic closed because half the nurses and some doctors became sick. Currently there are over 400 confirmed cases in
    Our little mountain town. Brought here by tourist.
    But our testing is only for the real sick. Two people I know have died.
    When I was in the worst of my fevers, I resolved that I may die. I went to a triage and also was in touch with doctors and nurses dailey.
    My biggest feel was spreading it to my family and I have been in my room, isolated and in bed for 2 weeks almost!
    Today I feel like I am better, but I have totally lost all my smell and taste. It’s one day at a time.
    It was the worst I think I have ever been sick. It was bone breaking. I’m no spring chicken.
    I was planning on going to fennboree and finally meeting Forrest. But I think we have alot more time to nip this virus in the bud.
    Thinking of you all and please wear your masks when u go to the store! Be safe and well! Maybe see you out there this summer looking for the treasure if we can? Will see what happens!
    Wow what strange times we live in.

    • Lou Lee! I am so sorry to hear this! Loss of smell and taste are common symptoms of COVID19, and tend to come on after the disease has gone on for awhile. They also fully resolve after the creeps are out of your body. All the best to you. Take it slow.

    • Good luck to you, Lou. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for a long time, and
      look forward to lots more of them. I believe your smell and taste will return
      (that may sound kinda funny; it’s not meant to).

    • LouLee, I’m sorry to hear that you got the virus and glad you are recovering well. Did your small town have a celebration of some sort in Feb or Mar? If I remember right, you live in Idaho, right? Please take care and rest. I hear that Vitamin D3 is helpful. Sorry for the loss of your friends. It must be tough going there. It is strange times we live in. It was the best of times, now it is the worst of times. Stay safe.

      • Thank You for all the Well Wishes! It means alot to me! Yesterday I went into Urgent Care again. Which is being called Triage. I got some tests because I’m having some other issues, caused by the Corona Virus. Like neurological and kidneys.
        I feel better one min. Than wammy I’m suffering again. My doctor said be prepared to be recovering for weeks maybe a month! Uggg…I’m so burned out.

        • Hang in there, Lou Lee. I believe you to be a strong-willed person and you’re going to beat this beast. Keep positive thoughts and get plenty of rest and fluids. Prayers are with you.

        • Hi, Lou Lee,

          I wish you to be good as soon as possible.

          I know it’s not easy, but I believe that you will be focus as if it would be good tomorrow.
          The most negative possibility may have been said by Dr. but
          it does not mean that it will be so.
          Regular monitoring of the tests is important for the presence of other important diseases.

          I wish you get well soon.

  32. My plan in Dec last year was to get BOTG as early as possible. Now my hopes may be dashed. I don’t want to wait, but I don’t want to violate my imposed quarantine. I’m torn. I think this pandemic has the possibility of shutting down the entire 2020 search season. Very frustrated, and like everyone else, climbing the walls of my house going crazy!

    • My, that must be a huge house.

      A few months ago I was given a rock-painting kit which I haven’t yet opened.
      I plan to paint a rock to replace the nice one that was left near my parking spot
      in the Rocky Mountains.

      • Took me awhile to get that joke. Ambiguity has always been a strength of mine. My English teacher agreed with me and awarded me a giant F with a pretty red circle around it on one of my assignments. I keep it posted on my wall to this day, and have told fellow searchers in my house not to mess with it 😉

        Good luck with your rock painting, but why not just go to the painted desert? There are lots of those things there.

  33. Ideas = In the future every household will have a room dedicated to personal medical care. It will be the equivalent to a walk-in clinic or emergency room equipped with all modern medical amenities including ventilators with an oxygenated facility that will support and facilitate all family members and apply all medical care directly as needed. Furthermore, immediate medical attention will be issued regardless of any financial and/or insurance issues.

    Diversions = The Chase, Netflix, Cable TV, Books, Cards, Board Games, Chores, Walks and some good ole fashioned just Talkin to somebody.

    Sadness = A six week old baby may have died from the virus, it is still being determined, this happened in my beloved state of Connecticut. My neighbor lost 2 cousins to the virus in New York last week, she is simply beside herself.
    How can we not talk about religion when we are living in biblical times.

    Happiness = I was able to sneak away last week and take a much needed respite day at a Rhode Island beach, it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed walking a mile in my shoes on the beach. 🙂

    Imagination = Imagine a world with no wrong. Imagine a world with no problems. Imagine a world with no pain. Imagine a world with no suffering. Imagine a world with nothing but good, …… that would be a nice world.

    I take care of my mother, she fell and broke her hip last November, and my cousin, he’s mentally challenged. When I leave the house everyday my mother says, “Be careful, don’t get sick, who’s gonna take care of us if you do?”
    I think that pretty much sums it all up.

    Be Safe Everyone.

    Pauley T

  34. Our town locked down early, and I’m grateful for that, as our cases have slowed to the point where we won’t be able to handle the surge in 1-2 weeks, but it won’t be nearly as bad as it would have been had it come 2 weeks ago. We are doing ok; almost 4 weeks mostly inside for me and both of us are grateful we can work from home.

    I’m in mental health, and almost everyone is having a really hard time. I have a few clients in healthcare, and it is so brutal for them. Structure really, really helps–even if you make yourself a paper calendar so you can see it everyday, mapped out in big blocks of hours, or hour-by-hour depending on what kind of person you are. This is a time to turn inward and reflect on your life, IMO. Nothing will be the same when this ends, and many of those changes will be very positive for society–also IMO.

    We are boosting our immune systems with adequate sleep, vitamin D, garlic, healthy food (most of the time!)…. and acts of kindness and warm thoughts toward others (which have been shown to be huge immune system boosters, too!).

    I had a big birthday last weekend, and it turned out to be one of the very best I’ve ever had. My husband was wonderful. Two days later, cleaning up damp blossoms on the concrete walkway, I slipped on them and landed full on on my knee. Had to go to the doc’s (deserted!), but it was just a bone bruise, and I am very, very grateful.

    If you need some mental health tips, list of very cool things to do from home, or quick and researched techniques that work to immediately lower stress, adrenaline, cortisol, anxiety, please email. Here’s two fast ones: (1) Bend forward at the waist, let your arms dangle for a few seconds; (2) Dunk your face in a sink full of cold water–or splash your face with cold water….mama was right! (activates mammalian dive reflex). Both activate the parasympathetic (calming) nervous system. They always work.

    If there’s one thing this is doing, it’s giving all of us a new perspective on the simple graces and on our big picture good fortunes. I’m really grateful for this community, and for Dal. Stay safe, everyone. This, too, shall pass…

  35. We are getting adjusted to the new normal (for now anyway). The kids have video calls with friends because they can’t have contact and I am working from home. Thankfully, I have have a job that can be done remotely so that’s a big help. However, the future is a little less solid after May as companies are cutting back. So, the family continues to hunker down and do what’s necessary.

    This too shall pass.

    Covert One

  36. Here in Texas we are doing okay. I can’t go to the gym. But that’s a minor inconvenience compared to the ordeal that others are going thru.

    I had hoped to take our 2 boys treasure hunting in late May or early June. Every day I check the status of various camping areas between here and our destination. So far, my preferred camping areas are all open.

    But things change so fast, I dunno. If they close state borders to private vehicles between here and there, that would definitely bring a halt (so to speak) to our plans.

    In the meantime, I can at least continue to run. No school means that traffic is pleasantly less, and so it’s nice to be outdoors. Temperature is supposed to get up into low 90s by mid-week. Very nice for running.

    Hoping everyone stays safe. We’re all in this together.

    Ken (in Texas) 🙂

  37. Thanks Dal and every one,

    Good topic, just today I started thinking about the ‘what ifs’ and just how long this might continue, what if I got sick, would I just roll over and die or try and fight back. Was wondering what others out there are thinking and how -for each of us it must depend on our age and where we’re at in life; younger folks who still have a full life ahead, middle aged with extended families and others over the hump but still enjoying life. I’m concerned about the next wave and also food supplies come this fall.

    After Lou Lee shared I feel I haven’t much to say. Resting a lot, reading, (finished John Charles Somebody’s Memoire, so boring -such an ego that guy, but it made me want to research Kit Carson).

    Have doubled up on vitamin C and D, eating well, it’s mandatory to wear a mask when out and about and curfews are in effect from 10:00 PM to 4:00 A.M. all over Thailand. No one is flying in any more without a 14 day quarantine and there’s talk about waving the Visa requirements for us foreigners who are stuck here, I’m planning to stretch it out here till mid May, I’ll be bad broke but that’s not unusual. That’s about it, TP has never been an issue here, those who’ve traveled here know the drill! Take care everyone.

  38. Happy birthday carolyn!
    Lou Lee, so glad you are recovering!!
    Dal, how are YOU doing?
    Forrest, how are you and Peggy?

  39. In my parts of the world, it is calving season and the robins and red wing blackbirds have made their spring appearance. Springtime in Montana is a glorious occasion normally.
    My husband fell into the category of being older with underlying medical conditions and I just turned 60 . So my oldest put us in time out, then the state followed suit. I have projects that I do anyway in the winter, spring cleanup on the orchard so there’s always something that needs taken care of. It is a real good time to contemplate what it all means.
    Mostly, I feel bad for the countless number of poor souls that are fighting the corona battle. Take care of you!

    • Opps, editing mistake. I have heard that the Native American beadwork has an intentional mistake to show that Grandfather is the only perfect one. I like that!

  40. Its nice and peaceful where I am. I am sat in the garden by my pinion tree with the angle of light shining perfectly, giving me a great view of wildlife. I have wondered for a while about that tree. Whether to shorten it, add something, like a swing, or keep it separate.

    Maybe I will continue to ponder, but its nice that I don’t have many more worries. Rest assured I will not be heading off into the virus zone any time soon.

  41. I’m in my rural WA hometown taking care of my mom since my stepfather’s passing. I don’t miss LA life or people (superficial vibes).

  42. I am the clinical nurse manager of a dialysis clinic in southwest CO. We are down to a skeleton staff to minimize exposure. We chronically operate with a staffing shortage and now it’s a critical staffing shortage. Those who are left are working extra shifts and assuming additional duties. Dialysis patients must have treatment 3 times a week, or they will become very sick and possibly die. They have multiple co-morbidities and are a very high risk population. Telehealth isn’t an option. We’re definitely overwhelmed, and the lack of testing for C19 has forced many difficult decisions and much insecurity. In normal times (pre-Covid) we were required to wear full PPE every day, and can’t operate without it due to high risk of bloodborne infection. Now we are wearing PPE on steroids and are very worried about future supply. We have enough on hand for about a month. I haven’t seen an unmasked face in weeks – and when I do see one now it seems somehow unnatural. Life has become surreal, to put it mildly. It feels like we are on a roller coaster, slowly chugging up the initial incline, with the crest in sight and all the dread that goes with it. Truly hoping that our early lock down in CO will have significantly flattened the curve and that roller coaster will have some brakes by the time we go careening down the other side! Despite all the concern, I have kept my sense of humor and still make my patients and staff laugh everyday. And even with all the personal and professional challenges of a global pandemic, I’m grateful to have a job when so many do not. My mission is to stay on this wild roller coaster ride with my dialysis family to the end. (And then hopefully retire – I’m too old to do this much longer LOL) A wise man said – “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” and I believe that. We all have our part to play, and this is mine. Stay safe everyone and thanks for asking, Dal.

    • Sally, thank you for all that you are doing . Our brave men and women in the medical profession are going to work on the front lines, risking their own health for the sake of helping others. That is bravery, ma’am , in its truest sense. Thank you !

    • SallyColorado, as a fellow Coloradan I honor you and all who work on the front lines in our state and all over this country! I have had a close friend who was on dialysis for saveral years before he was able to have a kidney transplant so I know what valuable and life-saving work you do. Praying you can get more help and PPE and stay safe!!

  43. Sally Colorado,

    This is a WAR and the medical communities throughout the world are on the front lines fighting this thing.

    Thank you so much for everything you and everyone else in the medical field are doing to help those in need. Thank YOU for your service and I mean that sincerely.

    And a BIG thanks also goes out to those of you in the supply chain, because without the ‘ammo’ with which to fight a war, the front lines would soon be overrun. But in this case we’re not talking about bullets, we’re talking about face masks, ventilators, medicine, food, and yes, even TP.

    A huge BZ goes out to all of you!


  44. Lou Lee I am glad you are feeling better I sure hope that one day you get to come to a Fennboree! And Sally Colorado you are a saint and a hero… I believe when all of this is over everyone who fought on the front lines medical, retail, distribution, trucking etc… Should get a huge huge bonus. Stay Safe

  45. Research and just waiting for the snow to melt in the high country so target areas open up for safe BOTG.

  46. I like to spend a bit of each day teasing my wife about how it totally would be possible to drive cross-country to check out a solve without coming into contact with anyone else (bring your own food, stealth camp, etc.) Mostly not serious, but maybe once this thing eases up a bit…

  47. Doing good here. I’m working from home but my wife, who is a nurse and has been on vacation for the last week, goes back to work tomorrow so it’s a little scary.

    Getting lots of dog walking in, and I created a song and video about it:

    • Aaron your video is hilarious!! My kids make fun of me for loving Macklemore the way I do…but what can I say. You nailed it.

      • I usually have a neighbor kid walk my dogs but now (with social distancing) it looks like I’ve found a new way to get my exercise. Besides, now I have a song to enjoy it even more! Thanks, Aaron!

        I wonder how Forrest is spending his summer? I guess he’s probably enjoying his big yard, especially at this time.

        • Haha, happy to help. We have been doing lots of walking. We boosted our home gym too as soon as our gym closed thankfully.

          • A lot of people are probably wishing they invested more time in their home gym right about now, especially having no other option with being closed.

            My husband and I are afraid of being arrested if we get too close to others while driving on the road.

    • Aaron,

      I remember those walks! Poo bags. Get those pups some exercise. Cute clip.


  48. The world has gone mad it seems. Food banks are begging for
    donations and volunteers, and dairies are dumping thousands
    of gallons of milk down the drain. Google search: “Golden E Dairy
    dumping 30,000 gallons of milk a day”

    re. “Hoarding”, the Catch 22 is that we are cautioned to leave
    home as little as possible and not to hoard when we do shop.
    Should I go to the store every other day for a quart of milk, or wait
    at least two weeks and then buy (hoard) 2 gallons of milk?
    People looking at my shopping cart might think I’m hoarding a bit?
    Same thing with any other items in my cart. The fact is the fewer
    trips we all make outside reduces the exposure to virus that
    we all may give or get. We went 3 full weeks without shopping
    and then only did (with masks and gloves) because the store
    lines were only about 5 minute waiting time. I had found out that
    powdered milk really is a crime to add to a good cup of coffee!
    Beyond that we can get by for a couple of months with what has
    been in the pantry and freezer…plus a bale of TP that I had just
    luckily bought at Costco before the figurative s… hit the fan.
    I pray that I won’t need any more dental work any time soon.

    re. TP, here’s a very interesting primer on the “shortage”
    both real and imagined :
    or Google the title if the link doesn’t work.

    I used to haul Scott Paper TP 4-packs to Long’s Drug stores when
    they would have it on sale @ 99c a pack (probably a loss leader),
    6 pallets or so per store, 2 or 3 deliveries during the promotion period.
    A driver could get mobbed doing that nowadays I suspect.

    Finally, a little bathroom humor (you have been warned)
    from the esteemed walls of the bathroom stalls in many a truck stop
    was this opinion: This is John Wayne toilet paper (tough as leather
    and won’t take no s… off nobody!) You all enjoy the go and stay well please.

    All first responders/medical workers: THANK YOU !
    D C

  49. Wow. There are some amazing, entertaining, and heart felt stories here. I live in a small community and have worked from home for about 10 years now so that aspect of life has not changed and I feel blessed to still be working. But everything else has, especially the economic toll it’s taken on the small businesses that depend on our local support to get by. It’s so sad to drive and see nothing but a ghost town right now. But we will get thru this one way or another.

    Until then, be safe everyone and my prayers go out to those of you who have lost loved ones.❤️

  50. I’m doing my best here in Washington State… washing all the time,
    That’s right, I am drinking hot Sake!

  51. All at the Slurbs household are considered essential employees, so business as usual during this dull moment.

  52. I’m getting tired of my own cooking…. at least we still have food for now.I’m eyeing the phone book as a TP alternative. My prayers for all those suffering. stay safe

    • In days of yore the Sears Roebuck catalog (the wishbook) was
      a necessary fixture in most outhouses. The pages advertising ladies’
      undergarments were the last to be used it seems. A phone book does
      seem like a good alternative now. Thanks for the tip.

  53. Solitude does not necessarily mean living apart from others; rather, it means never living apart from one’s self.

    A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life
    Parker J. Palmer

  54. This too shall pass. There will come a day when we will look back and remember the days we are in now. We will remember the bad, those who was taken from us, the fear we felt for our family and our children, but we will also remember the good. Like a rite of passage COVID-19 will be remembered; as a badge of courage for the health care workers, of merit in homeschooling, of achievement in social distancing, but also a accommodation in caring, and many other badges earned. A bond that the next generation may only inquire of, and scratch their heads as to why the closet is always full of toilet paper.

  55. just trying to keep our spirits and hemoglobins intact!
    it’s special bonding time for us – fishing, basketball, walking the dog, puzzles, bananagrams, homeschooling (?), binging LHOTP
    (lots of tears when mary went blind :/)

  56. It is certainly a time that brings mixed emotions. There have been times I’ve found myself crying because of the unknown and not being able to have control of the situation. I continue to follow the guidelines set forth. Those in the health field have shown great courage and I couldn’t be more proud of them. The change of life we face have been a blessing in many ways. How many times have we wished things would slow down and we could spend more time with our family? Love has been shown by many in their actions and words. Hope is a strong medicine we thirst.

  57. Ohio here – been home for a while as one of the first stay home states. 2nd week in and laid off after 32 years -,thanks for the memories – it was a great ride while it lasted ! Some blessings from all this – more time with family & more time to search this summer, glorious beautiful spring beauty right now. Planting the garden, rereading the Chase Books, Trapper journal, Etc..
    Many Thanks to all those in the healthcare fields and all of those people that work to support them. We will have learned from all this I hope , to be better prepared for the next time and for all our own Made in America supply chain companies, local farmers – food, medicines, etc..
    God Bless People everywhere – Stay in !

    • Thanks for sharing Lisa! I like this statement:

      There is no place humans can run to escape ourselves.

      So true, so true, so true!!!

    • Wonderful link – thanks for sharing – his work is beautiful and he lives a truly amazing life !

  58. It’s the calm before the storm. It’s that point before when a tidal wave hits where all the water recedes.

    Am an interventional radiologist at a large academic medical center that hasn’t yet seen its surge but we know it is coming in the next few weeks. ICU occupancy expected to be high and our service will be doing most of the image guided central lines on these patients. Have gone to great lengths to source backup PPE through supply chains in the Far East in case our hospital can’t keep up with the demand. Hoping we all make it to the other side of this in one piece and that the surge here is more of a foothill than a mountain.

    Cancelled my search plans for late Spring and not sure when I’ll be able to head back out. Doesn’t feel right to be leaving town while this thing out there. Wherever you get sick, that’s where you will get treated. General epidemiological rules advise against moving covid+ patients from one place to another and lets face it, many search areas don’t exactly have the most advanced health care facilities in close proximity. Frankly this is not going to go away until the population develops immunity through either a sufficient number of people being infected or until we have a vaccine. It’s going to wax and wane until then. So this year is probably out entirely.

    Hope everyone is able to stay safe out there.

    • Threerocks, people you see are at the last step, hoping and praying they make it to another day. Stay healthy. My prayers are with everybody in medical. You are risking your life and that of those you are close to ,for lives you don’t know and likely won’t know your name. And yet, you and others like you get up everyday and voluntarily step back into the war zone. Thank you from the rest of us.
      Hopefully enough people survive to build antibodies. a vaccine doesn’t look too promising in the near future.

  59. I talk to my folks through their window and have been feeding my faith with homemade bread! I’m going to come out of this a master baker. My community has been incredible. Mask making, distilleries producing sanitizer, restaurants donating meals to families in need, even when they can barely afford to pay their employees. Teachers trying to help me teach (I’ve expelled all three of my kids twice this week). My husband shoveling seniors driveways and delivering meals. My kids having the patience to not fight because I’m at my wits end. I’m so proud to be on this planet. Human beings can be the most resilient, reliable, and inspiring when put to the test. I hope all of you treasure hunters are staying healthy and warm.

  60. Hi Dal,
    Things are pretty quite here in Rockhill Furnace, PA. I will be glad when we can just get out of town! LOL
    Since the schools are closed and our daughter is still working we are keeping the grand kids. A four and six year old. Talk about keeping two seniors on there toes. LOL
    We hope that all is well with you and Kathy.
    Tom and Coreda

  61. For my husband and I, coping so far is just dealing with a bunch of unexpected medical issues. We do not have Covid-19, although when I first came down with a nasty respiratory virus, just a day after the library system I work for closed to to the coronavirus, I was terribly afraid I had it. I did not have the terrible symptoms that Lou Lee suffered–Lou Lee I am so glad you survived that awful ordeal and pray you will be able to fully recover from the complications you are still dealing with! However I did have a really bad congestion and cough and ended up with pneumonia. To make matters worse I had a reaction to an inhaler I had been prescribed and ended up in the ER with a rapidly racing heart beat. They were talking about having to shock my heart to restart it but luckily when the Albuterol wore off my heartbeat went back to normal. But between the two I am left still short of breath and feeling as if I ran a marathon. My husband had bronchitis, and our coughing at night kept him up so much that he was exhausted too. He has anxiety disorder and began having panic attacks when he could not fall asleep right away as he does with his normal sleep medicine. Dr. changed his meds around and he somehow got confused last night and took one of his morning meds at night,. That in combination with a new med and his regular sleep medicine caused basically an overdose and his heart rate went so low this morning I almost had to call 911, but luckily again, the meds wore off before that happened and he is back to almost normal now. In spite of all this we are staying cheerful, watching TV, having groceries and dinners delivered and have made a couple of trips to local parks where we mostly stay in the car and enjoy fresh air through open windows or get out and walk around some when no one else is too close. We enjoyed the sunshine. Other than that we call or text family a lot, especially my 88 year old mom who still lives on her own and is quarantining alone but doing well. This evening my husband is putting together a LEGO Star Wars kit he’s had around forever and I’m going to try to do some fun Fenn research which I’ve been too sick to do for awhile. we’ve been touched by the kindness of friends and the especially generous gifts of Clorox wipes and toilet paper donated to us when we were sick and quarantined and couldn’t shop. That’s how we all will get through this–by supporting and helping each other! For us this weekend is Easter, so we look forward to an online church service and some welcome singing, praying and words of hope . Stay home (if you can), and stay safe everyone, I hope I can eventually meet some of you when we finally have the postponed Fennborree!

    • Librarylady… I’m sorry to hear you and your husband have been so ill. I suspect there may be quite a few false negative Covid19 test results. The test is a nasopharangeal swab… and if the swab doesnt reach the pharanx (quite uncomfortable) it might not gather enough viral material for a proper result. It’s all about technique. Continue to monitor your symptoms and I wish you a full and speedy recovery.

    • Librarylady – That was quite a scary ordeal you and your husband went through. I’m glad to hear it all worked out as best it could and I’m glad you live in a community that is there to support one another. During these times, even the smallest of gestures can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Stay well!

  62. Pushing a giant boulder up hill has great rewards when you get to watch it roll down the other side. Thanks to all the unsung heroes who go the extra mile with no thoughts of self. Together we shall overcome. We shall overcome!

    • I’d be too afraid it would roll back on me to be honest. I guess that makes me a little selfish in that regard. Don’t get me wrong I want to help with the smaller boulders though

    • Thanks for reminding us all 42….I almost forgot that’s the day on my to-do-list to empty that little crumb tray at the bottom of the toaster…..I feel awful if I miss that once a year date……:)

  63. Gas is around $2/gal all around the country for the first time in 30 years. Ferries are free and Esmerelda is in top running condition.
    Yet at this exact same moment this state and the surrounding states are in a travel restriction and/or lock down.
    What the heck?
    Who planned this collision of ironies?

    Probably the same guy who figured out how to make my appliances stop working three days after the warranty expires…..

    • Dal,
      Wasn’t that guy named Murphy?

      ps. Gas price around $3 / gal in California (special rules and
      special taxes and special air for special people, dontcha know).

      • Definitely Murphy, same guys gonna change the fuel to ten bucks a gallon when restricted are lifted.
        Let me know if you see em, I have been after this Murphy guy for quit a while.

    • Yes Dal, its at an all time low.

      I will be buying into oil on the markets this week. I think the big guns are planning to cut production so a few quid to be earned, aside from tank filling, when the price rises again.

      I always watch the seven sisters and oil price movements. Pays for my holidays!

    • There we go Dal. The oil price bottomed out. Wait for it to stabilize and stick a few quid on it. It reached $140 dollars a barrel pre 2008 crash and spends 70% of the time above $60. If you buy in, then sell half out at $50 to secure a win and leave the rest for a chance at glory.

      Do the math on if you put $100 on or $1000 on. You might be in for a shock.

      When things go bad……..GOOD!

  64. I want to recommend an easy-read paperback book I just finished, I think searchers, especially those who are not real familiar with the Rockies, might like. Four loop trips where the TC may hide.

    OLD BLUE’S ROAD, A Historian’s Motorcycle Journeys in the American West. By James Whitside. Retired history professor living in Denver.

    This on pg 155 made me think of “and listen good” on line 21 of the poem….
    “It was profoundly quiet. From a bench across the narrow canyon you can look at the ruins and, if other people are not around and no airplanes are flying overhead, you can hear nothing.”

  65. I know this is controversial but the new antibody tests may create a wave of people not caring about contracting Covid-19.
    Most folks and businesses want to get back to work ASAP for financial reasons although contracting the disease may kill you but I think many will want to get it over with, then be tested afterwards and cleared for work much sooner than waiting on the sidelines for weeks or months.
    I can’t cope with the hope!

    • I would love to have an antibody test done if for no other reason than the possibility of shedding at least one layer of PPE while caring for patients. It gets hot under 2 gowns, goggles, faceshield, and surgical mask for 13 hours a day. No way to be certain but I believe I was exposed and may have had a mild case of C19 in mid February. Widespread testing, both for C19 and its antibodies, seems the way out of this. I’ll join you in hope.

      • Sally Colorado,
        THANK YOU! That’s a daunting task to suit up
        daily and administer care to Covid19 patients. You are a genuine hero.

        • Lisa – I think there is legitimate reason to believe that Covid 19 may come in waves, as the Spanish Flu did. And I also believe that, like the Spanish Flu, there is a possibility that Covid can mutate into a more lethal strain (or a less lethal strain – fingers crossed for that). I also think history is a good teacher, and don’t plan on any travel for at least the next few months.

        • Lisa

          Take $1 and double it to $2. Then do the same again, doubling to $4, and again etc. Starting from $1 if you times by 2 a total of 21 times that dollar becomes $1,048,576.

          One man in China was infected and they couldnt contain it and now there are 2m confirmed cases. How many do you think the 2m will infect?

          I believe this thing will keep circulating until it either burns out or we find a vaccine.


        • Lisa,

          I’m just scratching my head. I’m starting to look and feel like a monkey.

          Tough call with this scenario. So many variables involved. Travel seemed to be a must-do in order to satisfy the need for helping allies.

          Below I see BigO has stated it well. It comes down to numbers, and leadership. IMO leadership is part of the equation as well.

          Forward thinking is needed in any chess match. If you aren’t looking at least 4-5 moves head of your opponent and contemplating possible countermeasures…you stand no chance!

          Smallpox killed many native Americans as well. In1491, about 145 million people lived in the western hemisphere. By 1691, the population of indigenous Americans had declined by 90-95 percent, or by around 130 million people.
          Just throwing that out there because traveling Europeans brought diseases long before WWI. Remember?

          Which reminds me, rent’s due…forward thinking! 🙁 Excuse me while I go take my meds…


          • It is what it is. Just lets not lose sleep over it.

            Leadership is most important. It is sad the Administration points the finger at China. I am sure both countries follow the teachings of Sun Tzu. Our leaders must realise that China’s loud display is not an act of defiant strength from an enemy. They would have used silence and surprise, catching us off guard. Peoples lives should not be treat as a game of chess ( in my eyes anyway ). They need bringing together in a quest for peace. But yes, I agree on the countermeasure of 4-5 moves in order to keep stability!

            I have come to terms with the lock-down and now just enjoying time with my family and online friends. I hope things find a way!

            Its all GOOD!


          • BigOnus,

            You said…
            “Peoples lives should not be treat as a game of chess”. I agree 1000%.

            I was trying to make the point that forward thinking is needed is all, and chess was an example of forward thinking in order to protect the masses.

            Nothing more, nothing less.
            It’s all good.


          • Yes I understood, ByGeorge.

            I was just stating that I believe China always act with prudence. They are very capable people, so anything else would not make sense.

            Forward thinking is good, but a lot of moving parts with this virus thing.


          • Lisa,

            You would think we would learn from our mistakes. But yesterday is history already…and the self proclaimed “chosen one” whom walks out of double doors with the room illuminated behind him, and proclaims the virus will “magically” disappear tells ME that history will definitely repeat itself.

            It takes forward thinking. If someone yells “watch out below” and you look up and see a grand piano speeding towards you, and your response is “it will magically disappear” then good luck. But don’t ask me to stand there with you. My forward thinking would have history on my side, because, guess what? Past similar events in falling pianos tells me that movement is needed NOW!!

            So I would have to say that the two go hand-in-hand with each other.

            @BigO…I figured that, but I was just touching base in case others might have interpreted it otherwise.

            55% of content is lost in emails/words alone. So if my explanation %age starts at 80% minus 55%…well only 25% is conveyed correctly! LOL…and I’m giving myself too much credit for the 80%…


    • Apparently there are a lot of folks out and about that are not aware that they are carriers. Their symptoms are negligible… so they believe they are not infected… or have been. In this scenario I believe that knowledge and hard facts may supersede the imagination. Or not…

      • Ken,

        No disrespect intended, and IMO…

        Sounds logical. But in order to get those hard facts there needs to be adequate/reliable testing and testing with certainty. As well as near instant results.

        Right now if you live with someone and they work at a gas station, every day becomes a question mark. And if you work within 50 miles of a major metropolitan area that already has numbers exploding, well good luck with hard facts!

        The only hard facts you’re going to get is a toe tag and a body bag if you’re not lucky.

        I just got done watching a special on the tv. Dozens of elderly on ventilators and passing away as the cameras rolled. Those are the only hard facts we have. Or shoul I say, I have.

        Should be an interesting next few weeks…for many.

        Good luck and stay safe peeps!

        Now where’s my peace pipe….or should I say Forrest’s peace pipe? Fire bad, water good!


        • It’s all good George… The more testing the better in the long run. At this time however… I can’t wrap my head around the concept of exactly how safe all of the testing sites really could be. A lot of very crucial time was squandered early on before the cat scratched it’s way out of the bag. Stay home stay safe and stay informed… and many thanks for the folks on the frontlines.

          • Ken,

            Well stated. And I agree 100%…they knew early on but no forward thinking. Forrest should run for President and have Shilo as his VP! Cleaner water. Cleaner air. And a chance for future generations to enjoy it all.


      • Ken…I agree that we all need to behave as though we ARE infectious AND are at risk of infection. An antibody test is no panacea, and as the virus evolves may only prove to be a snapshot in time. Meaning you are immune or not immune on the day of the test. Immunity waxes and wanes, depending on the overall health of your immune system. Its complicated.

  66. I’m liking these old western TV series lately. So many running. Today was Tombstone territory, Bat masterson, the virginian, and the Lone Ranger. I like the intro songs to all of them. Hi yo Silver, a fiery horse with the speed of light. I saw on find a grave, Silver is much loved by the flower leavers and seems to be a big part of the path they have chosen. Every species needs a proper representative. The speed of light. That is indeed, very fast. g

    • I watched the Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp, the white horse that the Lone Ranger rode was always standing on top of houses and barns, it was too funny!
      I’m watching all the old Westerns, some I have never seen, I can’t get enough!
      I’m at Peace knowing God is in control and we will get through this if we all help each other. Hope, Faith and Love, the greatest of these is Love. Make sure we help our neighbors.
      Please be safe out there. The treasure will be waiting for you when this is over..

      • I found some interesting Lone Ranger background.
        As generally depicted, the Lone Ranger conducts himself by a strict moral code based on that put in place by Striker at the inception of the character. It read:

        I believe that to have a friend,
        a man must be one.

        That all men are created equal
        and that everyone has within himself
        the power to make this a better world.

        That God put the firewood there
        but that every man
        must gather and light it himself.

        In being prepared
        physically, mentally, and morally
        to fight when necessary
        for what is right.

        That a man should make the most
        of what equipment he has.

        That ‘this government,
        of the people, by the people
        and for the people’
        shall live always.

        That men should live by
        the rule of what is best
        for the greatest number.

        That sooner or later…
        we must settle with the world
        and make payment for what we have taken.

        That all things change but truth,
        and that truth alone, lives on forever.

        In my Creator, my country, my fellow man.[14]

        In addition, Fran Striker and George W. Trendle drew up the following guidelines that embody who and what the Lone Ranger is:[15]

        The Lone Ranger was never seen without his mask or some sort of disguise.
        He was never captured or held for any length of time by lawmen, avoiding his being unmasked.
        He always used perfect grammar and precise speech devoid of slang and colloquialisms.
        Whenever he was forced to use guns, he never shot to kill, but instead tried to disarm his opponent as painlessly as possible.
        He was never put in a hopeless situation; e.g., he was never seen escaping from a barrage of gunfire merely by fleeing toward the horizon.
        He rarely referred to himself as the Lone Ranger. If someone’s suspicion were aroused, either the Lone Ranger would present one of his silver bullets to confirm his identity or someone else would attest on his behalf; the latter happened at the end of most episodes when someone would ask “Who was that masked man?” as the Lone Ranger departed. His decision to adopt the moniker of Lone Ranger was inspired by Tonto: following the ambush at Bryant’s Gap, Tonto observed him to be the only ranger left—in other words, he was the “lone” ranger.
        Even though the Lone Ranger offered his aid to individuals or small groups facing powerful adversaries, the ultimate objective of his story always implied that their benefit was only a by-product of the development of the West or the country.
        Adversaries were rarely other than American, to avoid criticism from minority groups. There were some exceptions to this rule. He sometimes battled foreign agents, though their nation of origin was generally not named. An exception was his having helped the Mexican Benito Juárez against French troops of Emperor Maximilian, as occurred in the radio episodes “Supplies for Juarez” (18 September 1939), “Hunted by Legionnaires” (20 September 1939) and “Lafitte’s Reinforcements” (22 September 1939).
        The names of unsympathetic characters were carefully chosen so that they never consisted of two names if it could be avoided. More often than not, a single nickname or surname was selected.
        The Lone Ranger never drank or smoked; and saloon scenes were usually shown as cafes, with waiters and food instead of bartenders and liquor.
        Criminals were never shown in enviable positions of wealth or power, and they were never successful or glamorous.

        • ace340 – Now I am binge watching Season 1 of “The Mandelorian” for free on my friend’s Kindle on Disney+ (go, Bob Iger!). There are many parallels to the ethics and codes followed by the Lone Ranger in this series, IMO. Sort of a Star Wars Western, IMO. I think you would enjoy it.

          Wish I had the gift to heal, shared by The Child and the original Yoda, I expect, to use the Force to bring an end to this Covid-19 crisis. That would be epic.

          • Hi Iron Will! – Never heard of that series! Thanks!

            I live in a year around resort community, and a restaurant owner just told me the owner of a cash only local business has begun laundering the cash to prevent transmission of Covid-19. I replied that money laundering is illegal! Giggles.

            Also, I just posted the Montana Cadastral you shared with me, way back when, to help a searcher over on Jenny Kile’s treasure Facebook page. Thanks again for sharing that with me. And I hope you and yours are well.

          • Lol that’s exactly the premise behind Ozark. Money laundering for a drug cartel. Excellent series

          • Thanks Lisa , I’ll check out the series. Sounds like Star Wars, i’m in. At the very basis of the Force. One must first believe. Give it a try Lisa. g

          • ace340 – Yes. But Yoda would say, “There is no try.”

            And ‘Mando’ would say:

            “This is the way.” – The Mandelorian

            Hard to believe they were enemies…

          • Iron Will – One more recommendation:

            Binge watching Season 5 episodes of Bear Grylls in “Running Wild”. Started with him leading Avenger, Captain Marvel, across the mangrove swamp of a Panamanian jungle Island,…now watching Alex Honnold (of “Free Solo) lead Bear up sheer rock faces in the Swiss Alps. Who is schooling who, here?

            Love that free Disney+ streaming…

            Some of this could be useful for BOTG on The Chase, right?

          • 21 ponies – Yes! In the future, that might be helmets with face shields. That we never take off in the presence of others, a la The Mandelorian and Darth Vader.

            George Lucas is such a visionary…

  67. In Alaska there are a few small airline companies that have filed for bankruptcy. Our bush communities rely on these services to receive food and leave their village….

    I hope this distancing doesn’t last too much longer. People are meant to spend time with one another. I understand it….but I’m growing weary.

    Take care everyone.

  68. We’re playing a game as old as time at our house.
    It’s called “ Why are you doing it that way?“
    And there are no winners.

    LOL, just looking for laughs today:-)

      • I’m alright physically, that I know of. I am emotionally drained and desperately need to get away from this house. I’d much rather be sitting near the top of a mountain with my back against the wall. Thanks for asking. This is rough.

        Trying Times my Friend

        • I’m sorry, a rock. It is such a weird dislocation of reality.

          Here are some things that have helped me some… I’ve been watching a lot of National Park Service tours and webcams off their websites. Also, listening to sounds recorded within the parks by the sound biologist people. Those are magical. Playing those as background noise, particularly the sounds of running water, which I love. And watching slide shows of my past Rockies journeys.

          Telling myself again and again, “This will pass, we will all be back out in the world, it’s temporary,” also helps me.

          The one I use when despair is close, though, is to remind myself I don’t know what horror I’m being saved from by this catastrophe. That is, I might’ve been traveling at the end of March as I had planned and been hit by a semi-truck.

          Hang in there.

  69. Greetings all,

    Here in the Mojave desert, some 22 miles from the nearest city. We are doing we well.
    Last year a 7.4 earthquake hit and left us reeling for a moment. We are a resilient little town.

    Unfortunately, I am sad to report that my youngest sister contracted the virus and has passed away. I am numb now, not sure what to expect next.
    I hope and pray that everyone stays safe. Yeah, it is boring to stay home and do little other than surf the net or watch tv.

    One ray of sunshine is that this time is providing us the opportunity to test our theories regarding our solves.

    Blessings and peace to all.

    • I am so sorry to hear this news about your sister. My sincerest condolences to you and your family.

    • Sorry for your loss. STAY SAFE – STAY HOME and STAY HEALTHY and know that our hearts reach out to you in your time of loss – JDA

    • My sincere condolences to you and your family. I know for myself, the uncertainty wants to prevail but it is more the expectations that will challenge my resolve.
      Stay strong with courage.

      An Indian Saint and A Scout

    • HDD, I’m so very sorry. Hold her in your heart and watch your dreams for her. Lots of love to you.

    • HDD,

      I am sincerely so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your loved ones, HDD.

      To some it may look like 25,000+ have died on US soil, but when you multiply that number by 100+ broken hearts, it’s clearly affected countless more than 25,000+.

      God Bless you HDD. We are all in this together. You are not alone, Sir.


  70. Greetings fellow searchers,
    Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.

    Thankfully a power greater than myself has provided ways for my survival.
    More recently I have been blessed with a placer gold mining claim in Idaho.
    It has been a dream to try my hand at mining a bit of gold.
    My point is that in these trying times we can still pursue our dreams.
    Although traveling may be curtailed at this time, it provides the opportunity to plan and to think things through. If we continue to self-isolate and observe sound hygiene practices when we need to go out and about in areas that may present questionable exposers. We will overcome this challenge.
    Dreams and faith are what life is made of, keep dreaming / thinking/planning.


    • Your positive attitude is so refreshing. I appreciate you. Here are a few quotes from The Dude himself that seem to fit nicely hear:
      “Urgency is not a good plan to fallow.”
      “Having a good plan is the best plan.”
      “A good solve is frequently lost in a poor execution.”

      Shoot. I have never considered not firing the entire squad, ’til now.

    • From what I’ve seen of Forrest, I’d say no one could even come close to matching his skills. Maybe he should play the part himself and then we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone being a foot off.

      Besides, who could replace his uncanny wit, debonair personality, and good looks.

      P.S. Forrest, does brown nosing get us close to the HoB?
      (BTW, if your watching, you know we all love ya!)

        • I see the similarity, Lisa, but I thought the difference was in the shirts.

          This should be one of those games, like “Where’s Waldo”, but instead, “Where’s Brad”!

          • Aaron – I just re-watched “Angels and Demons” with Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. And Tom just narrated the part of the youngest member if the National Park Service administration in the PBS series episode I watched today. And then, of course, he played Forrest Gump, so he is already accustomed to the name.

            I met him here in Sun Valley, where he has a second home. He sat right in front of me, arriving late for Cate Blanchett in “The Gift”. He scrunched down in front of me, and turned to apologise for blocking my view. It’s our local movie theater. We are courteous to each other here. Even during a worldwide pandemic.

      • A little birdie told me.
        Imitation is their highest form of flattery. Often imitated never duplicated!

        • U7… On first read of your post, I thought you said “irritation” instead of “imitation” and I was going to agree. But now my bird nest response back to you resounds empty of flattery except for a distant yode-lol.

      • Im sure they will need to bring in more actors to play lead role, because Mr Fenns life has been very long and fulfilling. Might have to change the tshirt when as the hair evolves. Playing t-shirt relay is bound to pong a bit!

  71. Hope everyone continues to stay safe as much as possible. Best wishes to those who have had the virus and are recovering & condolences to those who have lost loved ones. Thanks to all the health care workers & anyone who is risking their own health to help others. I’ve found that down time has had its upside, talking on the phone more to friends and family rather than texting, and seeing all the ways people innovate & create. Looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. Take care!

    • Dal – Found that via my friend John, the Vital Ground bear biologist, who posted a pic of Scotty today, for his birthday, showing him flat out, laying on the ground, with his camera on his chest. John is the person who rescued Bart the Bear II and his sister, Honey Bump, near Fairbanks, AK, way back when. I think it was the same year the original Bart the Bear passed away from cancer.

      I love family legacies…

  72. I saw this earlier today:
    The raccoon should be the coronavirus mascot…
    They wear masks and are constantly washing their hands.

    Racoon is an anagram for corona

  73. @everyone – I’m fine, but did lose one friend … 68 yr old Michael Byers in Pataskala, OH, died on 15 April … one day before his 69th birthday. He was on a ventilator for 12 days. Michael was a professional singer with a huge lung capacity, & he was in excellent shape physically. How could this have happened? His family & friends are devastated.

    Here in WV the news is NOT good for our lockdown. We’re back on an upswing of deaths … nearly doubled overnight from 29 to 50. I live in Wood County where we’ve only had a total of 2 deaths so far. The majority of the other 48 are from nursing homes in the bigger cities. But even though the ages are mostly from 88 to 95, & can partially be attributed to other factors, they still count … so the lockdown here continues. Unless there’s a revised edict from our governor, we will remain in this lockdown situation until there are NO more new cases & NO more deaths for a period of 2 weeks. Every time another new case is identified or a death occurs in WV, we have to start the countdown over again. So the treasure will be safe from me for a while yet.

    But here’s some good news, fellow searchers … the sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, & the birds are singing. It’s always like this in my private world, but today it’s actually happening. I can see & hear it all. Last night’s rain washed everything clean & the colors are brilliant … especially the green of the grass & trees. I’m fixin’ to drag my lounge out there soon & take me a snooze while the sun toasts me to a golden bronze. Whoa … how poetic is that!

    Hope everybody is having a truly wonderful day! Wish you were here. – Becky

    • Becky – So sorry to hear about your lose. When it hits that close to home, it certainly puts things in perspective. Here in Montana, we are “reopening” in phases. I sure hope all goes well for the sake of peoples health and livelihood. Who would have ever thought in their widest dreams that we would be where we are today in the world. A prisoner in our own surroundings. At least where I live you can get into some wilderness and forget about things for a while. I feel for those who are not so fortunate.

      Thanks for the positive thought in your message as well and stay safe and healthy!

  74. Howdy, folks! I was just commenting about hunting for pirate treasure over on the recent thread about dal pondering about the meaning of the word “far”, and it sparked a memory of a classic TV episode of “Dennis the Menace” I remember watching as a kid on the Nickelodeon network. The episode is titled “The Treasure Chest” and deals with hidden pirate treasure, and I remember it being quite a fun & entertaining episode.

    Lo and behold, the episode is now posted up on YouTube to watch for free! Another piece of entertainment that I thought this crowd would appreciate during this period of social distancing. I hope you enjoy it; I think I’ll watch this one again later tonight myself! 🙂

  75. Man , this thing seems to so extremely unfair to the elderly. The longer they have persevered the bigger the threat of going down against their own will. But another thing is happening. Kids now, if they hadn’t been already, are flung full force into a full time virtual world. Some are not realizing the realness and specialness of their own life and take it. Folks, this is a real thing. Talk to your kids, spend as much time with them as you can, whether they like it or not, and when it’s all good get them out and away. IMO. Life’s real life lessons are reminders of how and why we persevere. g

  76. We are doing fine here in NJ. One bright spot has been my wife and I have tried to learn to play Canasta after the kids go to bed. It’s actually really entertaining and I bet we will play it for 50 years If we live that long.

    • Canasta sounds fun, might give it try. One question first, though. Is it harder to learn than Forrest’s poem?

      • Forrest poem pays gold and allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of Gxd’s country. If you build a big enough campfire you can play cards with the bears!!

  77. Considering all that is going on this season I was thinking some people a little farther off grid may not be very receptive to out of staters pokin around their areas. Being off on their own gives them a real chance at going several years without catching the virus. If out and away later this season use caution, and tread lightly. g

    • one probably should expect big problems poking around someone’s private property with in any odd year..

      reminds me though of the opposite, when people put out a sign that says stay out, but isn’t their’s to say…

      or my personal favorite, people putting out a sign saying what the speed limit is in front of their house, except that it isn’t actually the speed limit….

      try to picture a block of 10 houses on each side of a street, each with a different speed limit… if one needs to imagine odd absurdities to put a smile on their face.

      I am easily amused though.

      • Nice, yes that is funny. But I picture it in cartoon. Once searching, I was moving through the woods coming up on a guys property line-fence and suddenly heard loud voices of two discussing how they were out to kill a bear messin with a fole. I was not on his property, but within range had he thought I was the bear. g

      • Writis,

        Private property is just that.
        It’s not hard to find out who owns said property… Via deeds, or better, the tax department for the area.

        A simple phone call (before you even leave your home) to the tax records department will get you the name of the responsible party and property size and most of the time a copy of the survey property, we just need to ask… It is all public record.

        It is our responsibility to know where we are going and if needed ask permission to enter, beforehand.

        If folks are to lazy to do this simple research… then they should know they may become target practice.

        But, I think ace was talking about locals vs. *you’re not from around here, R Ya,?* attitude. Especially when people are trying to be careful with this virus. Fear is a dangerous animal, and common sense is usually all but forgotten.

        Another words, you/we may be the same as Ace’s bear in the minds of others.

        Searchers for those unfamiliar with places like NF etc) should remember there are a lot of private lands within.
        Knowing where you are going to and where you are when you get there, is our job, not the land owner.

  78. Hey everybody,

    I was just watching Puddles Pity Party and learned that
    “stressed” is merely “desserts” spelled backwards so…
    if stressed, eat! mmmm key lime pie!

  79. I had time to recently see the last episode, 10 of ESPNs The Last Dance. I was curious to see what his last words in the series would reflect on. It was not words, but a single word. It was HOPE. And if you listen and look closely you can see. HOPE did not come from him, it was instilled in him. g

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