Scrapbook Two Hundred Fifty Two…

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April 9, 2020

Hello everyone,
The world we used to know is coming back, and hopefully it will happen soon. My trees already think it’s summer and I’ll not be the one to tell them different.

A friend just sent me the attachment and it surely must be one of the best videos I have ever seen.

Try not to be down because of what is happening around the world. Let’s all send an email to an acquaintance and ask how they are doing. Say you are thinking about them and just wanted to say hello. I really like that idea. This post is my email to you.

Hello everyone. f









283 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Fifty Two…

    • the beauty and good in everything and everyone will survive ty for sharing and caring that was a good light video no need to get down think positive. this is my note to you all. stay calm.

    • Hello Forrest! Hello Dal, hello spallies, hello Jeff birch hello all!
      Dal, thank you for keeping the engine running for us!
      Forrest, thanks for checking in. Glad to hear you’re hello! You inspire so many, thanks again.
      Everyone and all, you guys are awesome too, please everyone stay safe! Love y’all!

  1. Hello Forrest!

    I hope all is well with everyone during these trying times. I’m sure we’re all ready to go BOTG


    Robert Szelinski

  2. Great video!

    We lost power last night during a storm and one of the things I notice was the full moon and how much light it provides. Usually, living in a subdivision, we don’t notice it.

  3. I’m thinking of you too Forrest..
    Thanks for the pick me up, what an awesome video! 🙂

  4. My wife and I danced to that song as our first dance at our wedding reception.
    It’s a great rendition by that little cutie. Thanks, Forrest.

  5. Forrest,

    Good to see some positivity. Thanks for sharing and thanks for caring. It’s times like these that make us learn to live and love again. May you continue to inspire.


  6. Summer can’t come soon enough and hopefully we can return to the world we knew. She has got a set of pipes.

  7. Somewhere out there has got to be her song too, so this too shall pass and life will become the new normal again, thanks Dal and Forrest for keeping our spirits up, reminds me of a metaphor in the poem I know there is hope, out there…somewhere.


  8. That was so cute! Thanks for sharing it with us. We are doing pretty good here Forrest. My town only has 8 cases and I’m still working. My trees are looking great and I got a new one for my birthday the other day. It’s a redbud. Love it. Love u too and hope y’all are staying safe.

  9. Woot woot, another month or so gonna get them covid 19 parole papers, gonna go treasure hunting. Here’s hoping for hiking in da woods. Hi forrest thanks for the movie.

    • If your standing in a room full of horse poo, remember, somewhere there’s a pony waiting for you!!

  10. Hoping you and Peggy are doing well.


  11. Hello Forrest,

    Celebrating my youngest’s Birthday today so can’t really be down. Plus it is gorgeous outside right now and my neighborhood is alive with people enjoying their yards. How are you doing?

    Idle Dreamer

    P.S. Of course thinking of you and wishing you well. A friend of mine who isn’t in the chase did think it was cool you are friends with SS. How is she?

  12. Great video parents and grandparents,got to be soooooo proud she’s a sweetheart.Hope all of your family is good FF .

  13. Hello to you too Mr Fenn! Hello to everyone else as well.

    Is that Mt Rainier?

  14. So nice to hear from you. Thank you for the uplifting video and for checking in with us. Happy to hear you are doing well. We will all get through this!

  15. Let’s all send an email to an acquaintance and ask how they are doing. Say you are thinking about them and just wanted to say hello….

  16. Thank you Mister Fenn. I believe more people will be outdoors this summer because of being stuck indoors for so long. I for one am planning on fishing more than I ever have when the weather warms.

  17. Thank you very much Forrest!
    I smiled from the beginning to the end of that video. I really appreciate your positive and optimistic out look.
    I hope that all is well with you and your family.
    Coreda and I have been thinking about you and all of our friends that we have met because of the search.
    Take care,
    Tom and Coreda

  18. The smile I developed as I started watching the video will be permanently ingrained in my mind. It brought me back to my younger days when mom and dad were still together. Watching the snow fall through the window at the crib. Good old memories.

  19. And soon the trees will bear with the new. Let summer begin and howdy to everyone.

    In the news: People in India can see the Himalayas for the first time in ‘decades”.

    • That’s a cool piece of news.

      I’ve also noticed folks are engaging in a lot more of the simple but, most rewarding pleasures of life.

  20. How can you not love Frank Sinatra?! Awesome video, Forrest, and absolutely gorgeous picture of the full moon by Dal. Both of you guys know how to lift our spirits! Very nice, optimistic, and uplifting words… Forrest, seeing you makes me smile! Today was a good day!

  21. One of the best videos Forrest has ever seen. I was sceptical, but such high praise. Agreed. Can’t get through that rendition without forgetting cares for a moment and smiling. The future is bright. g

  22. Hey Forrest! You made my day – thanks. The goldfinches at my bird feeder are in full spring plumage. Indeed, the world goes on. ❤

  23. Hello Forrest, glad you and Peggy are well and safe. That put a smile on my face!!!

  24. Thank you Mr. Fenn, for the e-mail, and video!
    What a adorable little girl! Love her style.
    I hope you and your family are doing well.

  25. “If your trees think it’s summer then it’s time to feed the hummers.” – Chief Little Bird

    • Amber,

      My mother used to have a hummingbird feeder. Tons of hummers showed up daily at the picture window. Impressive little guys! I’d stand literally 4 feet away and marvel gaze at them.

      Now, if you want Baltimore Orioles to show up daily as well, they will. We used a hanging basket with Styrofoam inside it for securing the goodies. Cut an orange in half and secure it with toothpicks to the Styrofoam.
      In between those, take a smaller plastic lid and fill it with GRAPE JELLY! Secure it with 3 toothpicks surrounding it (push them down to just above rim of lid for easy access) and WATCH THEM FLOCK to your window! And they SING like no other!!! Works every time. They don’t stick around the whole year, but it’s well worth the money! They LOVE both so keep a nice supply and enjoy their beauty up close while they sing “thank you” to you!

      Mom and Dad loved their critters…springtime – mid summer for the Baltimore Orioles! And no, Cal RIpken Jr. probably won’t be one of them…


  26. The painting with the pie in  the sky moon hanging in the midnight over Shangri-la in a fairyland dreamworld filled with imagination. The deliverance of this performance commands whispers , words of honour,
    Green lights and thumbs up , the real McCoy.
    In other words, that gal has got what it takes .

    thx f

  27. Howdy Forrest! Good to hear this – made my day. I assume you and your family are all doing fine, I hope. All ok this way.
    I guess sometimes we just need to put faith in what we can’t see and believe it is true.

  28. Bird’s Eye View!
    What an uplifting SB! That little girl sure can sing, beautiful! Frank Sinatra was a stand out guy, wink wink. Fly me to the moon, now that’s a thought I can agree on, SOON?!!
    Really glad to hear you are doing well and optimistic as usual! BG

  29. If you will allow me a little imagination. It reminds me of another old blue eyes classic.

    Start spreadin’ the news, I’m writing’ today
    If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere
    It’s up to you, Santa Fe.

  30. That was GREAT! And she is simply adorable!
    But, if you listen closely she’s not singing “In Other Words”,
    She’s singing “In Otter Woods” , as in Otter Montana.
    Just south of Otter MT there are some woods and nearby Bear creek, also Hoover draw, Miller draw and Rocky draw are there too,…… Forrest is always DRAWING doodles! This is it, the BIG ones finally here! Thanks for the clues Forrest and Dal!
    Boom, Pow, the Explosion is here! 🙂

    It’s worth a shot! (Maybe)
    Pauley T

    Pay the UPLIFT forward!

  31. Glad to see this video is making rounds again, so cute! Love you Forrest and happy to hear from you. Looks like the great Denali in the picture, is that where it is? Thanks for all you do!

  32. Hi Forrest,

    I love the full moon picture. Every night at 8 PM, everyone in our neighborhood goes outside and howls at the moon–to show solidarity and to thank our medical teams, military, and law enforcement. It even gets the dogs howling. :o)

  33. Thank you for remembering us Forrest. Just know we all want to say thank you for providing us with your wish. Until we can take our foot off the pedal we will be living the chase in our hearts, and try to figure out that darn, ” Where Warm Waters Halt.

  34. Hi Forrest! Thank you for sharing and caring! That little girl made me smile and stole my heart. We need more moments like that in these uncertain times to remind us of what’s really important in life. Sending a big Cyber hug to you and Peggy! Stay well.

  35. I’ve been contemplating sending that email that I mentioned, but I cant seem to find the right words.. The whole ordeal has left me very sad and speech-less. I’m saddened that our time spent together has reached the end. The Poet shall take the relevance of that to the grave. The Poet may not be the one to tell. Perhaps the “Maverick” will take his knowledge to the grave also.

  36. thanks FF , i needed that . i believe she was on America’s Got Talent . the pic is so wonderful !!!

  37. Hello Forrest and Dal, My trees are turning green and are producing tons of pollen but recent rains have helped. Loved the Sinatra video. Everyone stay safe so we can all get back to the chase with botg.

  38. I knew it! Forrest you are definitely my spirit dad. I was just walking with my girlfriend soon to be fiancé and talking about how pretty the cherry blossoms are and all the small pedals that keep falling all over the floor. We had a flower tree a while back before it was struck with lightning. I planted a baby willow and have watched it grow into such a big tree in just a matter of years. It’s my child. I took out the dlsr camera last night to get pictures of the moon! It was so pretty and luckily for us the clouds were in a good mood so got some good shots of it. I love you all and you too Forrest. I just want to give you the biggest hug

    -hug your loved ones everyone. They are whats most important in this world

  39. This is wonderful! I’ve watched/listened to that little firecracker 6 times now. She really lifts my spirits.

    Thank you so much.

  40. Back at you* Forrest,,,this wonderful little video reminds me of what we are all sacrificing to preserve. And so I am on board for as long as it takes 🙂

    I am doing ok, thinking of you and want to say hello! Stay Safe. Thank you Dal, for this site and keeping us all propped up

  41. Brings back memories of watching Shirley Temple
    with my daughter 20 years ago. Thank You Forrest and your friend for sharing that, it’s a great reminder to treasure the little things.

    • Ahhhh – Shirley Temple “yes” !
      But more than 20 years ago.
      Heading out on that good ship, Lollipop.

  42. Great message to hear during this extensive intermission. Thank you!

    Ps- if you zoom in on the moon,
    you can see Hawk.

  43. What I’d miss? I just got back from my break. Who’s that cute little girl? Is that one of his grandkids? I bet she does a great version of Mas Que Nada. But it’s hard to beat Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66.

    Thanks for the lift Mr. Fenn.

  44. Nice video Mr Fenn. We are all fine here at my camp.
    I hope your brood is doing well.
    I can’t wait to visit the Rockies this season.

  45. Hellooooooow Forrest,
    Thanks for sharing that sweet video. Hope you and Peggy are doing well. My family and I are being taken good care of. Thank you for your Scrapbooks they are always uplifting. Best to you and yours.

  46. Dear Forrest:

    Hello to you, too! Thanks for that breath of fresh air. That was a cute video, it had the little ones all laughing and blushing, especially the youngest! She said the girl’s “pajamas are super cool.” I agree. As an old searcher I once knew (and came to like once I understood him) would surely say, “I count at least 16 hints in there” and “my name’s not Shirley.” I hope you’re doing well. It seams in 5 or 6 weeks, if we can all bear it, the worst of the storm will have passed. I sure hope it works out that way, and I wish for that. as you wish, too.

    Take care,

  47. Hello Forrest
    Thanks for checking on us. The little girl does make me smile!
    I could get a little blue about Easter but I’m grateful to be alive and kicking.
    Best wishes

  48. Hello Forrest,

    So good to hear from you. Indeed, I am walking on air after listening to the video and reading your inspiring message.

    The Sinatra version of the song was released in 1963 – my birth year, and my beloved young Nana was a big fan of Frank’s, so I grew up listening to this song.

    I know we are not over this awful bug quite yet, but I think we are all hopeful we will be soon, and it was great to hear your confident words.

    Stay safe and keep your force field strong!

  49. Thank you, Forrest, for the kind email message and very cute video. I feel as though I’m now on your email list. I wish you well, sir. I’m thinking of you and your family, as are many.

  50. Forrest
    Thank you for your kind words, Lovely video!
    Much Love to you and your Awesome family.
    Best wishes to all in the Chase!
    Always in my heart,
    Lou Lee Belle

  51. Thanks Forrest & Dal. That made my heart smile. I’ll pay your kindness forward and share the video with my friends.

  52. The video was truly wonderful . The energy that she delivers is packed with potential for sure. The song was a interesting and uplifting choice.

    • Beyond a shadow of a doubt to tell the truth, it was marvelous and out of this world. The boldness this girl bathed within the realms of possibility filled with mettle.

      Like a piece of poetry drawing fire to the imagination of a treasure , and the quest for knowledge.

      In other words, over the moon .

  53. Thank you Forrest for your many kindnesses and well wishes. I am very proud and pleased to count you among my friends. I know you and family will weather this storm and all will be fine.
    Cheery o

  54. That’s a great way to start the day!
    I’ll have that song stuck in my head all day.
    In other words, …………

  55. Forrest,

    My day is looking up already. Thanks to you for the new post.

    Loved the little girl singing and played it over and over again. It put a smile on my face.

    How are you doing? This is my email to you.

    God Bless,


  56. Thanks dal, Mr. Fenn and the ever amazing Sophie,
    Wise words from treasures new and old.

  57. ” My trees already think it’s summer and I’ll not be the one to tell them different.”

    I’ve been noticing — Nature is oblivious to all these government-imposed restrictions. The trees and flowers are as cheerful as can be and are embracing the new season which spring brings. My dogs are oblivious, too. The rabbits they chase haven’t a clue nor care, either.

    Much of this anxiety is self-imposed. Media compounds it. Turn off the TV. Head to a National Forest. Some National and State Parks are closed, but that doesn’t mean wilderness is closed to human access. Virus and biological threats to our species is universal; always has been, always will be. Sucks to be organic matter, I guess. But for mental rejuvenation, nothing beats Nature. So go experience it. No one else is, so you can get 600 if not 6,000 ft social distancing easily.

    Also, for psuedo-transcendalists, a higher power can always be found in Nature. And during Easter weekend, for those who celebrate it, an interaction with Nature can be very comforting and rejuvenating. In these times, or any.

  58. Hello Forrest!
    Thank you for saying hello. Much like the trees I welcome the warmth the sun is now willing to share. Now, if we could only find a way to turn that into a pill that cures all ills.

    Thanks for sharing the video!

    I’m doing well myself. Not to say it has been easy. At least there is solidarity in that for everyone! An albumen silver print sized lining if you will.

    Anyway, thanks again

  59. As the little girl catches the heart and soul in this video. You sir have captured our hearts and our souls just the same. You have helped many of us find our Special place or places in the mountains where the colors of the rainbow shine and the images in your books dance and play among the canyon walls . Where our church has been built and the little things like drawing a stik figure with a green dress and the posting of a beautiful little girl singing fly me to the moon means so much. We love you and I Love you too. Stay vertical and God speed. WoodyBogg

  60. Mr. Fenn –
    Feeling a little cramped right now
    so just the thot of flying to the moon
    gave me some freedom – it’s all about space.
    Thank you for sharing, your wisdom, and your love.

  61. “Reach out and touch someone.”
    Takes on a whole new meaning these days, doesn’t it?
    I miss those good ole fashion hugs……

    • wwwamericana, XOXOXO’s are greatly missed nowadays, but I’ll take and give the distant ones just the same!

  62. It sure is a magnificent view up here on Jupiter. Munching on homemade cornmeal mush cooked in a cast iron skillet. Forrest, you can add some more letters behind your name.

    One Heck Of A Spin Doctor!


  63. Yippy-Ki-Yi-Yah!!! Forrest THANK YOU.
    Wish you could see this old man tap dancing to FLY ME TO THE MOON.
    You made my day. Yippy-Ki-Yi-Yah


  64. Thanks Forrest!

    As we celebrate Passover and Easter

    it’s good to remember

    there is no darkness in a full moon

    same way optimism dispels gloom.

    A common phrase: “If we can put a man on the moon, then ……………..”
    insert an optimistic aspiration.

    Take care and be well!

  65. Hello Mr. Fenn. I love the video and must admit I listened to this little sweetheart sing the Blue Eye’s song several times. I love her expression when it came to the drumbeats and blowing a kiss. Her smile is precious and contagious. Thank you for caring so much. Big hug.

  66. Lovely and encouraging. You are so full of surprises Forrest. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  67. All good here. Family hunkered down and all keeping healthy. As weather warms spending increasing portion of my time outside!

    Like so many others, I think of you often and send good thoughts and prayers.

    Happy Easter ! And thanks for this SB and video!

  68. Dear Neighbors,

    You have put up with the weeds in my front yard long enough. The association has left me three courtesy letters as a polite reminder too. So, I’m doing this for you. Not to mention that I’ll go postal if I spend another moment in this house.

    I purchased a 500,000 BTU Mag-Torch and declared total war on my weeds this morning. It was a shock & awe campaign and I was merciless. Although I set a few bushes and a barrel-cactus on fire, I was ready with my trusty bucket of water. I’m not sure which spreads faster: COVID-19 or fire on a barrel-cactus.

    The secret to annihilation is to scream “DRACARYS” at the top of your lungs prior to sparking the butane gas stream. You can SEE the weeds bending away in fear. I highly recommend the tool (even if you don’t have weeds 😉

    Anyhow, thank you for putting up with my weeds in my desert rock landscaping. It shall be a problem no more.

  69. Wow Forrest. I didn’t expect that. Thank you so much for such an uplifting, energetic, and enjoyable SB.

    As others have mentioned, Shirley Temple came to mind immediately, one of my childhood favorite superstars. One of my favorite movies was Heidi back then, until it interrupted a huge football game near the end between the Raiders and Jets on 17 November ‘68, aka, the Heidi Bowl. The Oakland Coliseum was just down the road from where I was raised in San Leandro.

    I really wasn’t mad at the movie, it was the network we were all mad at. But two good things happen while the Jets were in town. The Raiders won that game, putting their season at 8-2 AND I had the privilege of watching Joe Namath and the Jets practice in our high school field, Marina High, for that game.

    Thanks for the memories (I love Hope too) Forrest and that’s a great picture Dal. Is it one of yours?


  70. Forrest and Dal – Thank you both for the positive message and the beautiful Pink Supermoon photo. Did you capture it from the Ferry landing on Lummi Island, Dal? Was it Moon Rise or Moon Set?

    Nils Ribi, our former Mayor here in Sun Valley, and now, an expert photographer, captured this Moon Set at 7:30am yesterday, over Baldy, which I look at every day:

    Thinking about our current problems, here on Earth, from the view in Space. I would guess that picture is a lot clearer, right now, with everyone practicing Self Isolation and Sheltering at Home. One positive outcome, benefitting Mother Earth. Nils made that image from his driveway, btw.

    • Lisa-
      That was taken from the Ferry landing on Lummi Island shortly after moon rise on Monday. It was taken with a 600mm lens. The trees in the foreground are about a mile away. The mountain (Mount Baker) is about 50 miles away and the moon was 238,726 miles +/- 200ft. The long lens makes both the mountain and the moon appear larger/closer than they would to the naked eye. The moon also had more illumination than the mountain…

      • Dal – Thank you for those specs. And for sharing your beautiful capture. Great light balance between Moon and the Mount Baker foreground. I love learning everything I can about photography!

        Do you use Capture One or Photoshop for processing? How about Luminar? Such beautiful colors.

  71. I love the little girl she’s adorable! She is another Shirley Temple it it appears! I love the song Too, reminds me of the movie Space Cowboys with Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Rockford…

  72. I enjoyed that video and your message Forrest. Someone one day will reach the moon shot you have set out for all of us all to reach. And I hope that story is spread wide and far. I like many of us are simply surviving today, thankful for all I have, while dreaming of the brighter days. God bless and may God speed us through these humbling times.

  73. I have been really wanting to do some backtracking. I have met some great folks that left a lasting impression on my life and I would like to thank them .
    I don’t have contact info so soon I’ll head out on this trip to see if I can run into them again .
    I just hope one of them don’t reference a Eric church song after eating some hot chili that has bummed me out pretty bad actually . Hope y’all found some arrow heads that day .

    PS I need to see if I still have permission to go through the gate and I won’t take the lower path it gets muddy.

    • Thank you Lobo. So sorry to hear this, so sorry for your loss forrest. May you Rest in Peace Charmay.

    • Forrest, I’m saddened once again. My condolences Sir. My thoughts and prayers are with Charmay’s family and friends.

      We need more people like Charmay in this world. Her memory will live on. Sweet Angel…R.I.P.


    • I’m reminded of the photo in Mr. Fenn’s book of he and Charmay wearing facial masks and Charmay’s smile lit up the page. Full of life. She’s touched many and will be truly missed. I cannot imagine how Mr. Fenn is feeling with a loss of his friend. Her family and Mr. Fenn are in my thoughts.

    • Does anybody know where Charmay’s funeral is being held so I can send a flower arrangement.

      Given these difficult times, I only hope that life was good on the last leg of her journey. RIP.

  74. Thanks for the video, Forrest — that 5-year-old crooner can really belt out a tune, and has spunk that reminds me of Shirley Temple.

    Did anyone else notice the polar bears? Hmmm…

    7/1/2014 Q&A:
    “Your question reminds me of another: You leave home and walk a straight line for a mile, turn 90 degrees left and walk a curved line for a mile and shoot a bear. Then you turn 90 degrees left again and walk a straight line back to your home. What color is the bear?f”

    • Zap , it’s a question to check if we are to the point of knowing whats not worth knowing ……. I don’t know nothing but I suspect the bear is not blue. Unless it is blue but nobody would shoot at blue except the bad guys in tailspin . The only thing we could truely suspect is the guy leaving home is most likely left handed oh and that the bear is either dead or wounded but not charging after him . Probally best answer would be inadequate question due to lack of information . Makes me think of island of blue dolphins

    • Yup. Reminds me of the TV show Lost, with the polar bears running amok. You smart Zap.

      • Hi Kauziamos: I don’t know about smart — could be more of a pattern-matching, hare-hole-generating curse. 😉 But when I see something three times from Forrest (polar bears in this case), it does make me wonder if he’s trying to drop a hint.

  75. Well Forrest, thanks for the email. And the I’m thinking of you thoughts. Things in my world are good. The wife turns 40 tomorrow. The kids are loving home school. And work for me is super busy. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you, and your spot. So the favor is returned. Here’s your email.

  76. Cold Play said it about our friends when they go, to loss of Charmay we might say :

    Well, they say people come
    They say people go
    This particular diamond was extra special
    And though you might be gone, and the world may not know
    Still I see you, celestial
    And I should but I can’t let you go
    But when I’m cold, I’m cold
    Yeah, when I’m cold
    There’s a light that you give me when I’m in shadow
    There’s a feeling within me, an everglow
    Like brothers in blood, or sisters who ride
    Yeah we swore on that night we’d be friends ’til we die
    But the changing of winds, and the way waters flow
    Life is short as the falling of snow
    And I’m gonna miss you, I know
    But when I’m cold, cold
    In water rolled, salt
    And I know that you’re with me and the way you will show
    And you’re with me wherever I go
    And you give me this feeling, this everglow
    What I wouldn’t give for just a moment to hold
    Because, I live for this feeling, this everglow
    So if you love someone, you should let them know
    Oh, the light that you gave me will everglow

    I know Charmay will be missed by all, especially by Forrest and the art community of City Different..Songwriters: Chris Martin / Guy Berryman / Johnny Buckland / Mikkel Eriksen / Tor Hermansen / Will Champion


    • TG,
      True words sung by an artist.

      Chris Martin was a guest on Ellen today. Cold Play just got done singing “Cry Cry Cry”…impressive.

      That was the first time I’ve ever heard a song from them. I might have to check this band out.


      • ByGeorge you’ve got it! No, she’s got it, The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain, My fair sir, I think you’ve got it too. It is called crossing the threshold of class, and Audrey Hepburn truly had CLASS, just like the little lady above, from ff …real class. Thanks ByGeorge for listening to a stick figure who turned into a kid about 13.

        Cold Play has such skill, one can hardly hear them without knowing it be them.

        Carry on ByGeorge

        • TG,

          That was killer!
          Absolutely enjoyed it. Smiled from start to finish. These guys are good! Great creative video! Well done.


      • One minute I held the key
        Next the walls were closed on me
        And I discovered that my castles stand
        Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

  77. A great reminder to those of us that may not be great at small talk – a hello and question of how are things are helpful during times like these.

    Awesome picture Dal!

  78. Fly me to the moon
    Let me play among the stars
    Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter or Mars

    Such beautiful words to contemplate on over a up of tea…

  79. Forrest, I’m very sorry to hear about your dear friend Charmey. My heart goes out to you, her friends, and her family.

    May she Fly past the moon and dance among the stars. . .

  80. Hello everyone,

    The little lady has sung. Now, perhaps, it’s a question of reaching for the moon… It’s a circle.

    Hello everyone.

  81. Forrest,

    You make a great point.

    Something as simple as an acknowledgement to someone can help them look up at the bright side of things and help them have a better day.

    Thanks for sharing that video as well. Made me smile from cheek to cheek!! 🙂


  82. From the bits and pieces of Charmay’s life that Forrest has shared with us, I would venture to say she had a beautiful “ turn” on this earth. And so it is, that she finds her place at that “great banquet table of history” shining bright with that beautiful smile, enjoying all her loved ones who have gone before her.

    RIP Charmay

  83. Sorry about your friend Forrest. Thanks for your Scrapbook and the encouragement to think of others. All the best to you.

  84. God Bless you and your Family Forrest Fenn

    I am sorry for the loss of a beloved friend Now is the time to rejoice and give thanks and remember the blessings she brought. Rejoice in a wonderful friend, what an amazing person she was, your truly bless to have had her in your life. May she Rest In Peace and bring happiness to all who knew her.

  85. Sorry to hear about your loss, but greatful to know someone had a profound influence on the town and area there with the time they had.

  86. Thanks for the lovely photo and charming video. It’s wonderful to hear from you both!

  87. Mr Fenn,

    Thank you for the simple reminder of how our lives should be.

    James (TZP)

  88. That young lady has a bright future! Thanks 4 sharing…we all need heart warming rides to the moon (made of cheddar) …hope morther earth can fix this virus soon! Spring is here…silver linings will be found.

    • Hello everyone,

      I saw the posts and I remembered my childhood.
      It was the first days of spring.
      I don’t know why or how, there were painted eggs on the streets and I and my friends hit our eggs each other.

      Again, when I went to a rural place at that time, I observed the same thing in a village.
      It is impossible to forget the warmth, enthusiasm and excitement of those moments.

      What was the good thing?
      Years later, I realized that it was the mutual greeting of respect and acceptence of people from different religious beliefs and traditions.
      It didn’t matter what faith you had, where we came from, what color is our skin.
      Everyone celebrated each other’s feast and paid attention to the same sensitivities.

      Sharing people’s common values ​​and feelings was very special and beautiful.

      Years had passed.
      One day, one of my friends brought some painted eggs in a box where we were training for a choir. Everyone had painted eggs like in the old days.

      My tears poured shyly at that moment. (It also is the same now).
      Tears were for things that couldn’t be like old days.

      What had happened and what had we lost?
      The first answer that I could find was to see that the tolerance and acceptance in those old days was decreasing.
      It is still in progress now.

      What a big loss for all peopel.

      I am sorry about all the losses.
      Thank you for giving a time.

      In memory of the good old days.
      Happy Easter to everyone.

  89. Love, Love, Love…..Focus on Dal’s picture taking is even greater than the hint, till here. Thanks Mr. Fenn but no more references to Scrapbook One needed. My hint to all of you.
    Happy Easter
    Leed Chazer

    P.S. Wish you and yours well Keyman. This might help stir the pot.

  90. The moon has set and the sun has risen.
    The moon has set and the son has risen.

    happy Easter Sunday.

  91. Hello Forrest. I hope you, peggy and the whole fenn gang are well!!!
    Thanks again for the email(post).

    Happy Easter all!

  92. Related to “Fly Me to the Moon” …

    On p41, “It took guts to go in there when it was dark with no moon.” There is only one mention of the word “moon” in TTOTC. And here we see the word “guts”, a familiar word in our shared Fennacular, also appearing only once in TTOTC.

    No moon is a new moon (we can acknowledge there are some technicalities, but let’s go with this old school thinking for the moment, for the while, for the hour, for the stound). On p70, we find a reference to Romberg in the chapter titled Stout Hearted Men, where cadets are “huddled” (a word that evolved from “to hide”) around a bonfire. The New Moon is the title of the Romberg operetta where Stout-hearted Men can be located in Act 1. The aquatic style Forrest has selected to represent his chosen verse, a verse that contains the word “halt”, is called “concrete poetry”. “Concrete” is a word used only once in TTOTC, on p39, relative to a warm setting in a cold house. As the use of “concrete” has evolved, one of its iterations was in reference to nouns embodying attributes, e.g. “fool, foolishness”, where this is the basis for today’s use as the opposite of “abstract”, also a word used only once in TTOTC on p171.

    “Warm” “waters” “halt” on p70, in the verse from The New Moon. Is this what Forrest is hinting?

    • Glad to see you’re still beating that dead horse LOL.
      I swear, you’re the only one I know of that can take a word and twist it around to find a completely different meaning and then tie it into the Chase by twisting it some more.
      OK, where’s Jonsey1???

      • How have I twisted words in this post, Jake? Seems to me you’d prefer to be an online bully rather than post thought-inspiring or interesting content.

        • Surely you can take some criticism like a lot do here? (The ones that actually chat about the chase)
          I give you credit for only chatting about the chase here unlike others, so my hats off to you in that respect.

          But you do twist meanings of words to the other end of the spectrum. I don’t think there are any hints or clues in this Scrapbook and should be taken for what it is on the surface.

          seek to harm, (I do not seek to harm you or anyone in any way)
          intimidate, (I don’t think harmless criticism is intimidating)
          or coerce (I am not trying to persuade you to do something using force or threats)
          (someone perceived as vulnerable).

          I like what you have to say because it makes me laugh. I’m happy when folks get a laugh from what I say even at my own expense because they are happy.

          I have posted a few things the last few days and are thought provoking and about the Chase unlike some or should I say many.

          Unfortunately some here don’t want to chat about things like this although this is the place to do so. Ann was gracious enough to share her 9 clues and thought I would chime in.
          we are trying to figure out which lines, words or phrases in the POEM are the clues and I am not trying to figure out the obvious message in this SCRAPBOOK.

          I’m not into name calling and think you should lighten up or LIGHT IT UP BABY!

          Back to trying to figure out the POEM….

          • How do we know lines or phrases are the clues Jake, as apposed to singular words, punctuation marks, capital letters, structure or other?

          • We don’t know for sure BigOnus,
            I’ll add “directions and movements” into the mix – And take it in the canyon down, being a movement or direction.

            Singular words I have mentioned as possibly and more likely being a clue as opposed to punctuations and caps.
            “.” = “Period” may be a clue if you look up the archaic definition and then look up the archaic definitions of those definition words.

          • Maybe too many possibilities to be hung up on sentences, unless ff has stated otherwise. I like the word down for indirect, directional reasons. I do wonder if its there by coincidence though.

          • Coincidences are abundant and everywhere especially for those that had BOTG.

            I say “down” is very important and part of a clue in that line of the poem. Canyons either go up or down as far as I know.

          • E.C. Waters,

            Aye for 1, and one 4 all, would like to thank you for your input/ perspective. Many others are also, I’m sure.

            I see Jake not so much as a bully, but an old guy who has some old school in him.

            Sometimes I wonder if his last name is Brooks. At times he just Babbles to hear himself Babble…Brooks do that, don’tchakno! JK Jake…

            You people blow me away with insight.

            Lurkers should pay attention to many in here. Something might click…ya never know?

            Thanks again ECW!


      • Jake, Jonsey1 is one in the chase that I have patterned my thinking processes after. Consider as much as you can. If she is out there I wish to tell her that IMO, much of what she thought was correct. I saw she could hear, and I saw she knew how to play along. This can make one question their own sanity. I hope she still believes and I hope she is still in the game. g

    • E.C.Waters,
      On page 4 of TFTW is a photo of a concrete porch. The only part of Forrest childhood home that has stood the test of time. Clue? Hint? The foundation of a good solution.

      • I’m not convinced that the photo is a clue or a hint. But what FF said
        about it may be significant, in my opinion.

          • “The front porch still stands in the front of where my house used to be- one block south of where my parents and brother are buried.”

      • I’ve noticed quite a few references to “the test of time”lately – what in the heck is that. Wonder if we can take it pass-fail, or do you get graded?

      • nomadicMadman, we each have to decide for ourselves if such is a hint or clue that fits our solution strategy. My current strategy is to look at words Forrest uses to see if there are other meanings or associations to the poem, to locations, to terms used in coordinate systems, surveying, or whatever it takes to draw the end nigh.

        To answer your question, to me, yes, the porch fits two “ansers” in the poem: “concrete” (warm waters halt in a concrete poem on p70), and slab (scant, another term for slab, which is also used as a grave marker). Forrest seems keen on using imagery to connect many words.

        • E.C. Waters,
          Interesting find with scant. It appears to be from Middle English as a masonry term.
          scant (plural scants)
          1. (masonry) A block of stone sawn on two sides down to the bed level.
          2. (masonry) A sheet of stone.

          It is a known fact that fresh concrete get warm before it gets cold. The concrete poured for the Hoover Dam would have taken 125 years to cool, had it not been for some smart people.

          Forrest said WWWh is not associated with a dam though.

          The steps are probably have nothing to do with the poem; maybe its something when your on your walk-about.

          • nomadicMadman – p32 contains the single instance of the word “slab” in TTOTC, related to grinding marbles. To me, this is supportive.

            If we look around for other places Forrest has used this word outside of TTOTC, we can find it mentioned related to Bip’s grave marker, Feeding the Griz, and beef liver he fed to Beowulf. Not to mention SB218 where he shows the front porch where he grew up. Apparently “slab” has significance.

        • E.C.,

          I admire your knack for knowing the frequency of word usage in the book and in the SBs. I trust it is accurate. As I have neither read all of the SBs (I think I am up to three now for various reasons) nor do I have the book, I am dependent on others (for the time being) on what sorts of things are in them. Words seem a worthy thing to examine.

          I noticed much of your focus has been on the SBs. I was wondering if you have done something similar to just the words in the poem in order to ascertain possible meanings. FF has mentioned before looking up words in a dictionary, particularly the nouns. I, myself, have been trying to decide what the words most likely mean. I would be interested to hear your thoughts there. All IMO.


          • Ann – Please forgive the wordiness. In about 2014, I started to sense patterns in Forrest’s interviews. He was choosing peculiar words and relating them to his stories. I have chosen this nuance as my ongoing strategy to cracking his code. I cannot prove if it is useful, nor can I prove if it is red herring. To prove would be to have the chest. It is just a selected strategy.

            I have OCR’d the book and corrected for errors so that I could parse each word related to a chapter, a page, a paragraph, a sentence, and to study term frequency over inverse document frequency (tf-idf).

            I have written java code (to include the WordNet library from MIT) to study synonyms, homonyms, homophones, and word stems for words used in the poem, matched to words found in the book, and generated network maps to study these linkages. Some of these word lists had to be custom generated. I have also sourced benchmark names from NOAA, and feature names from the 4 states from GNIS trying to match these as well. This work has yielded some interesting patterns which I have written about here in the past. From the poem I could see several “periodic element” words that were interesting for a moment, but I couldn’t match enough content from the book to determine significance. From GNIS, I started to look for geo-referenced clusters within a proximity, continuing to spiral outward in distance until more than 5 were noticed. Early in my botg days, these were my motivation to have a look. After being out 20+ times across the 4 states, I decided I wasn’t going to spend another cent on this search until I was absolutely certain I had cracked it. I share this much with you to say I don’t focus so heavily on the scrapbooks, but these offer a place where I am able to express the matches. The appearance of my heavy focus on scrapbooks is a product of not having a great forum to share these thoughts where others are willing to share theirs. This is just not that kind of a puzzle, unfortunately. This brings me to now.

            In my view scrapbooks offer additional hints and content from Forrest. The nuanced patterns continue from the book into the scrapbooks, into MW questions, into his interviews, and even into his books. When matching features to the words in TTOTC, and thus assuming those words support the poem, I can complete the poem locations across WY with feature names, e.g. Gangplank for “big deal” and “almost eighty” (I-80), Red Desert for his frequency of the word “abandon”, and thus “leave”, Atlantic City for the poker references, “spanking”, “switching”, “paddle” (“spade”) and for “heavy loads and water high” and “a good map” (“Atlas”), Goose Egg for his frequency with “nothing”, “eggs”, “naught”, and thus “answer” (“anser”), Uva for “must”, Elmo for “Lightning”, “blaze”, “guts”, etc., etc. ad nauseam. I do not suffer from apophenia, rather a love of statistical patterns.

            And while there are those here who ignore these assumed patterns by their choice and their selected strategy, I have no problem with this. I’m not here to convince anyone that my strategy is better. Just to offer my thoughts, and hopefully have the chance to support it with what I have found. Where I begin to take issue is others criticizing in negative terms and getting personal but offering no arguments to allow a counter. There are too many of those in this search. They just want to spew their childish temper tantrums and vent their deeply seeded anger. Better to use their grown up words somewhere else I suppose.

      • nomadicM,
        Think you nailed “scant”. I thinks maybe not a porch from TFTW but a stepping stone rock is implied. A threshold or treadplate, cover over buried storage jar, all hints from TTOTC. How about the “tarry” part? Probably need to jump subject pages to continue.
        Always chasing knowlege.

        • ChickenOne;

          “tarry” pronounced TARry vs Terry = Black in color like tar – telling you that the flat stone you seek is black – JMO – JDA

          • Hello JDA. For the life of me, I keep thinking I heard/read that Mr. Fenn said tarry scant meant to get the heck out of there. I’ve tried “Tarry Scant” website, but I haven’t found it there. I’m almost sure this is what I heard/read, but without finding the proof, I can only say it is my opinion. I hope someone knows where this is located because I believe it will help searchers.

          • Hello E.C. Waters. Thank you so much for providing the link. I’m curious as to why your thoughts lean towards “tar” when Mr. Fenn stated to get the heck out of there.

          • pdenver – for the following symbol set: $50

            Does this mean fifty dollars or fifty bucks? The answer to your question is the same… it isn’t mutually exclusive, it can be different at the same time. Forrest answered the questions he was asked without being pinned down to Boolean responses. He told the truth, but maybe not all of the truth (p26). Yes, at that point in the poem, get the hell out of there is a valid meaning of the words used in the poem. There may be other valid meanings that can co-exist. In my opinion, the chest is not there so there’s no need to stay. To me, it’s just another clou along the sequential treasure path.

            The following is how I interpret this line. A marble slab observance related to tar (tarry scant with marvel gaze) can be found in Hanna (“favor”, p115), WY, containing the names of expired coal miners who met their fate during two miner accidents (two photos of minor accidents appear on the inside cover), one in 1903 (the year of Forrest’s father’s birth as stated on p144, a full page photo) and another in 1908. The names on this slab are distinguished by asterisks for which persons died in 1903.

            Marvel to marble (in sound only) is known in Spanish phonetics as a fricative “v” (bilabial stop), and is the primary allusion for My Spanish Toy Factory (in my opinion). It is also in this chapter where the word “slab” (p32) appears making it a conspicuous marriage of a marble scant.

          • Hello E.C. Waters. Fifty dollars and fifty bucks, when bucks meaning currency, means the same, and understand your explanation. Just as scant can mean a flat stone. Yet, Mr. Fenn did say tarry scant meant to get the heck out of there. I believe what he said to be true and doesn’t fall into the 85%/15% rule which he gave in the book.

          • pdenver – I’m not disagreeing with you on your interpretation. “Tar” is linked frequently through book and scrapbook hints. Both are true simultaneously.

          • For what my opinion is worth guys, it obviously means “get the heck out of there”, but this is only the first part of understanding how/why you got there. Once you are there it becomes something else completely. I think there might be 3 separate meanings and all of them are correct. Only IMO

    • E C- Something similar happens at the put in line. When listening to “My hit parade” with family from ttotc the postmark was for April 15th 1938. If you look up the hit song of that day it was Ti-Pi-Tin. You are on the right track.

      • John – I’m not sure about the periodic elements theme. I was never able to get it to produce something useful to me. Granted these words can be converted to numbers and that was my goal, but there just weren’t enough of them in the poem to make this useful. While “can” was my connection back to “tin” (p88), I’m more confident with the study of the words used than specifically pinning elements. In your example, “Your Hit Parade”, I would focus on the word “parade” to look for a possible match (, and work with Lucky Strike (“pitch”, “fling”). The Lucky Strike cigarettes reference hits at least twice in TTOTC.

        • E C – you miss understood my post. It’s not about elements. It’s more of the parts of the poem that make the music connection. I thought you would connect warm to listening to the radio to men singing around the campfire to gypsy magic. Although if you subtract TI 22 – Pi 3.14 – Tin 50 you get 31.14 which looks like fenn stretching the truth. Hit parade was sponsored by lucky strike. One other date and time from ttotc was frank Sinatra, five minutes more; was song title.

          • Again someone else on my path John. You are scary also. You reading my notes lol? Oh I wanna share what I have found! Let’s see if I sneak one in. Synonym for latitude is freedom. But+the second the minute hand touched 8:00…Now do you really think he saw the look of Resolve on the face of an old bearded man who had two walking sticks while crying high and having heavy loads under his wings at speed of sound with dark visor on lol? Damn good eyesight. And why were they running and screaming if they couldn’t hear him(speed of sound)? More aberrations folks that all serve a purpose, a single purpose: to give the one who figures it out to walk there in confidence, quietly and smiling.

        • Very good John edo. I thought I was only one who found that. Dead end though, sorta. It started at the bottom #10 and went up. April 15th is more important and time stamp as temp within circle. That’s a free-be folks. Plus what hand was on 8:00? Minute he said when referring to hour. Hmm haven’t heard anyone post that aberration lol. It all ties to one place. Nice job on Lucky Strike also. I’m not alone but do either of you have the right area? Think cigarettes and then say Secret very slowly. Then read Indian Maiden.

        • Yes “anyone can get lucky but it takes enough meddle(metal) to strike the trail…”

    • Yep, and on the 6th of that same month an American chemist Roy J. Plunkett discovered polytetrafluoroethylene, better known as Teflon. Needless to say, it’s the main ingredient that makes up most cookware nowadays.

      Really you guys… does any of this help us get a foothold of where we need to be in our goal?

      • No, Suzy_S. None of this helps. You’ll have to figure out what he’s doing for yourself.

    • E.C. Waters, I hope you don’t mind if I but in, but I think you are right about the chapter Stout-Hearted Men as being a reference to the operetta The New Moon. I have stated before that I think the titles of the chapters are hints. I never had a good connection to this chapter title until I just read your post. I also am in your camp when it comes to using multiple definitions for the words in the poem. The reference to The New Moon fits my WWH. In case this helps you, if you google Gypsy Magic, you will see that it is a book of spells. A dictionary is also a book of spells.
      Now, as far as the song being a hint, I agree with you again. The picture on page 196 of the bird sitting in a nest on the moon is a similar hint. The bird had to fly to the moon.

    • I don’t know what constitutes a genius, but ur 1 in my book. On another level you are.

      • No sir. Just trying to apply logic to the logosphere that Forrest, the real OG, has sent us chasing.

        • Standing on the shoulders of giants then, as it were. Quite the view, no? Most people will never see it from your perspective, falsely believing they are giants themselves. Ego is a funny thing.

  93. If it’s cold enough, you’ll huddle around a bonfire; I don’t care who you are—no hiding about it. I mean right out in the open.

    • Ace340,

      I wonder if Forrest knows how to play the fiddle? Once in a blue moon of Kentucky…thanks, I enjoyed the young man’s talents.


        • Ace340,

          You would think it would be the other way around. He cranked out those 2 songs like he owned them!

          I’ve seen so many full circles running around that it ain’t funny. I have three children and a combined 18 grandy’s., Running me in circles!

          Thanks again for the short video’s of the 2 little prodigies. How cool would it be to sit around the campfire with 4 or 5 of those guys.

          When he asked the kids name I thought the answer was going to be Roy Clark. That guy was amazing!


          • 18 little ones, wow. Got to be a prodigy or more in there somewhere. It seems It’s a matter of helping them find the what. ? Sports, academics, music, ect. I remember asking a parent once how their little kid could play first base like that. Like a pro at the age of ten. They said he could just physically imitate what he saw, he just gets it. Lucky are those who have the opportunity to find it. g

  94. “Try not to be down”…are we looking for a “sad”, “mildly depressed”, or “blue” canyon
    (canyon down)?? Perfect day to explore a new rabbit hole. Thank you Forrest.

  95. Since you mentioned rabbit holes, I’m stuck in mine, watching Noah’s own deluge out the windows. At least the power is back on, but it’s gusting to 45 so that could change. Such natural excess combined with weeks of isolation breeds strange thoughts, so I thought I would share the perplexity. The little girl’s name is Sophia Fatu, and she recorded this around 5 years ago. The name can be translated, if you are so inclined, as “wise heart,” or even “golden heart wisdom.”

  96. E.C. Waters,

    In a conversation above you asked “pdenver – for the following symbol set: $50
    Does this mean fifty dollars or fifty bucks?”.

    I would ask in which currency? Hong Kong, Canadian, or Mexican $ for example?

    I suspect most of us assume Forrest is always referring to US $, but how do we know for sure? After all, in the beginning of the Chase the Canadian Rockies were in the search area. IMO ‘assumption’ a common trap we all tend to fall into.

    That being said, I am in complete agreement with your comment “There may be other valid meanings that can co-exist.” Your choice of wording is perfect to describe what I have found and IMO there are other areas in the poem where it applies, thereby providing valuable insight into the poem, and possibly, answers to the clues too.

    Take care………..Pinatubocharlie

    • I would expect the currect symbol would be used for whichever currency is being used.

      € Euro
      $ Dollar
      ¢ Cent
      ¥ Yen
      ₧ Peseta
      ƒ Frank / Gulder

      • Swon, please allow me to clarify.

        All of the following countries use the $ symbol to represent their currency.

        New Zealand

        And the list goes on. Here’s a helpful link.

        I only make this point to underscore that we do not know for a fact which currency he is using. Most of us are assumingUSD, including me, but we do not know for sure. Just like everything else……..until we’re holding that silver bracelet in our hands.

        But based on historical exchange rates, NZ$17/square inch is less expensive than $17/square inch, the inferred price in the States.


  97. Hi Forrest, I love the video and the song. I made a playlist of oldies for my mom when she was in the later stages of Parkinson’s. That song was playing the moment she passed. That was 2010 and I still think of her whenever I hear that song. By the way, she and my dad were married on December 27th, so they shared your anniversary. Stay safe and take care of Peggy!

  98. To Forrest, we give you the honorary degree of a scholar, from your students.
    Thank you Sir Fenn, were sorry for your great loss.

  99. Will the circle be unbroken? It seems like young Ricky, to old Ricky makes it clear the answer is yes- in the by and by. I wonder if Forrest Fenn feels the tug of that circle, too. “By and by” we pass along with care what’s most important, and so things that might ordinarily pass on may live forever. It’s a beautiful trading, of place and time. I think even now that some of the “gifts” that are most important to me are not the ones I get, but the ones I try to pass to the younger ones…like who was John Hurt, and Grandma Moses, and Bob Ross!, and where all the pretty, wild, secret places are…:)

    • Hi RJ,

      Your post really brought back some great memories. Back in the 90s I was channel surfing one day and on PBS stumbled upon this dude who had a HUGE head of curly hair and an easel in front of him. I had never seen him before and started watching for a few minutes and was immediately hooked. The kids were small and very impressionable and they started watching too.

      Soon we were fans, watching him at the designated hour and day. One day my folks were over for a BBQ or Sunday dinner and I showed it them. They fell in love with him too, but dad could NEVER remember his name. From then on we always knew him as “Bob, the painter guy”.

      Tomorrow marks the 9th year since Dad’s passing in 2011 and I miss him dearly. I miss Bob too very much. Both were huge inspirations. Dad for his work ethic, humor, and love, and Bob for his creativity and compassionate spirit.

      Sorry. But your post really hit me emotionalll.


  100. Ooh my goodness. I just completed my reread of SBs. I started from 217 today and just completed it.

    I’ve laughed, I’ve nearly cried and I’ve even got some food for thought.

    I thought I had a complete solve, however; I’ve adjusted and have come to some sort of peace with our first solve and anxiously await our first BOTG. Until then I plan on rereading TToC when my sides stop hurting and when I’ve completely digested these SBs.

    Treasure or not, I can not wait to take in the view from the solve area, perched upon a wonderful rocky hill where I do believe I will be able to smell the sunshine.

    I plan on trying my original solve, and if that doesn’t pan out, I’ve got one last area 200 or so feet up up and a little bit aways. An x where f marked the spot I’m hoping. To anyone reading this, forgive me for thinking out loud.


    As always, thank you Dal for all of your work in giving us more of these Fenn’s treasures

    and, as always; thank you Forrest for this wonderful chase!

    • Corey J,

      Go get it. It’s right where he left it. Make it quick. Someone really needs to find it. Make it happen.


    • Corey J – Glad you are psyched up for search season! I am as well, but don’t forget to wait for the snows to melt!

      • Oh definitely. Our original plan was late june.. then well stay at home happened. Aiming for late july early August! Our home state is not eligible for phase 2 yet where they lift the travel ban.

  101. Wow that little Gal has an amazing voice might have a star there, Thank you for your email to all, Take care God Bless.

  102. Hi ya Forrest,
    Thank you for this opportunity to say:
    Hello to all searchers, I sincerely hope you are well and enjoying this time to reflect on the various positive aspects of life. As spring arouses from its winters sleep, we can look forward to our thrills of the chase.

    As of recent times, I have been blessed with a placer mine in Idaho. Yep, you guessed it. My dreams of panning for gold and finding some are dancing madly in my head.
    Soon I will be headed up to Idaho to get things settled and head for that little splatter of heaven on earth.

    Have a great day and by all means, keep those dreams alive.

    • Nice HDD, I’m kinda jealous. Those little 4 foot sluice boxes are fun to run dirt through if your operations are small and you have water. I use the EZ Sluice, cheap and light. Good luck. g

  103. To Suzy s and EC: snarky won’t help you listen. Timestamp with April 15th has Temp “in” it. April 15th is 105th day of year. Temp is degree. 105°. This isn’t even close to how I solved the poem. These things only become apparent after the solve and is why he said “but sure for the one who does” walk with confidence, go right straight to it, etc. Would you like to explain why he said “that ritual was set in concrete” and not in stone? Why did he say “but the second the minute hand touched 8:00…” bedtime was 20:00. The hour hand would be on 8, not the minute hand. Hour hand on 8 is also 40 mins. Minutes, seconds and degrees all in this chapter with aberrations to draw attention. The year in this Timestamp is 1938. Read last SB: 1938, 8 & 40 all in two consecutive sentences. AGAIN, I did not use coordinates to solve poem, just a few hints in the text of book, one drawing and 166 words and 28 words pre colon. The closest I have seen of interpreting the book hints properly was when STS analyzed In Love with Yellowstone and The Totem Cafe Caper yet he failed to tie it back to poem and place. He has a good handle on finding the hints but I can tell he hasn’t the correct area nor a solve for poem. Poem poem poem, the rest are for confidence. Now the snarkyness demonstrated above is just plain untexan lol. Love y’all and stay safe. PS, EC if I wanted to dig into and demonstrate your past “all over the board” interpretations, it would show a tendency of lack of tight focus. Been guilty of is as well, which we a know but I have gone overboard showing the way to tie book to poem. I obviously will not reveal the place part of solve for it is all within a small area. Clue 1- clue 2 is a short drive and then clue 3-9 is within a small area with specific points. Anyhow I know this will be ignored or not accepted as the true path and I guess I should just hush up. I have a very close ETA now and finally get to go after 2 years of finishing the last half of poem.

  104. Hard to believe it’s nearly been a month since this scrapbook was posted. Just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone. Hope all is well.

  105. Hello f,

    Enjoyed little Ojo Zarcos’ rendition of this FS song. I saw the falls from above a couple of weeks ago!

  106. To cute not to revisit. Dontcha just love this beautiful young stars pep. Reminds me of a soaring B95 without a care in the world, just captivating.

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