Scrapbook Two Hundred Fifty Three…

April 27, 2020



The following email exchange may be of interest to those who are searching in the north. It reminded me of some events I had almost forgotten. f

NOTE: The photos were not part of the exchange they are here simply as visual aids.


Eagle’s Store, West Yellowstone in the 1940s

Hello Forrest,

I was talking with my grandpa about the chase and learned he also lived in West Yellowstone for a time. He sent me the following story:

The summer of 1938 we lived in a small cabin in West Yellowstone while my dad ran a small meat market in town next to Eagle’s store (still there). My brother Bob and I helped him take garbage out to the dump, where we would always see grizzly bears feeding. We also helped him get ice for meat storage from the “ice house”, an old building where blocks of ice were stored covered in sawdust; they remained frozen all summer. Across the street from Dad’s place, there was a Skaggs market, the supermarket of the day, where we were strictly forbidden to enter.

We sold the Butte Daily Post newspaper weekdays and Saturdays on the streets, taking care to frequent sidewalks near several taverns where we could always count on good tips from the drinkers as they left.  As I remember, we paid the Post half the cost of the paper and kept the other half, so we did well with the extra money from tips. Our paper was not as big a seller as the Salt Lake Tribune, which also had a big Sunday Edition. An older boy was the Tribune seller. One Sunday he had to be gone and asked Bob and me to carry the Tribune for him. The best place for selling was the long line of cars waiting to enter Yellowstone Park. We walked between the lines of cars and soon were sold out. When the regular carrier returned the next day and we had to give him half the proceeds to pay off the Tribune, we were told that the price of the Sunday Edition was three times what we had been collecting. So we ended up with a net loss for our first experience of the business world.

We used to fish the Madison River just below Hebgen Dam and once I caught a big grayling. I don’t suppose they are still there?



Bears and Garbage


Ice Harvesting


I don’t remember that Sterm name but I remember the Scaggs market because both Skippy and I worked there part of one summer. It was owned by a man named Con Peterson who was killed in a car wreck down near Ennis. Across the street north was another grocery store where our friend Ellert Kosky worked. One day we stood on the loading dock and threw heads of lettuce at Ellert, trying to hit him, and he threw them back at us. We got caught and our pay was docked for the loss. 

In 1938 I was 8 years old so it was in the 40s that I worked in the market. Onetime, Wallace Beery came in. He was a famous movie star who I recognized, and the uncle of Noah Beery Jr., who was more famous in the movies. Wallace wanted to buy some 22 caliber bullets, which were rationed during the war. I wouldn’t sell them to him because he didn’t have any coupons. That made him really mad and I thought he was going to hit me. Skippy saw there was trouble and he came running over with a broomstick in his hands. Mr Berry cooled off some. I guess he didn’t like the odds or the choice of weapons. 

Those were the good old days.

Our cabin was just 100’ from the ice house and we liked to play in it. The ice came from Hebgen Lake and was sawed in cubes of about 2’. The ice house had double walls and sawdust was packed in between them for insulation. We were always careful to cover the ice with sawdust and close the doors when we left.

We also watched the grizzlies at the dump at night, sitting in our car with the lights on. Sometimes there were as many as 20 grizzlies scavenging at one time and black bears would not dare come around. It was one of my mother’s favorite pastimes. 

Onetime Skippy and I (mostly Skippy) made a bear trap out of 2” dead pine logs, and baited it with road-kill meat. The next day we went to check it out and found only tree debris and scattered wood fragments. Guess some big griz didn’t like being caged, and the road-kill was gone.

Ask your grandpa if he remembers what I remember. f



Just south of Skaggs and across from  Dad’s meat market there was a store which provided gear and information for fishermen or fisherpeople. I remember it because there was a case in front where a sort-of “catch of the day” on ice was viewable, and my Dad provided the ice. Once there was a very large supposed rainbow which Dad insisted was a lake trout and not a rainbow.

In our frequenting of taverns for selling newspapers, there was one on the northwest side of town where an itinerant preacher often held sway. We were really awed by his big booming voice as he inveighed against the evil of drink and loose living.

We rented  a small slab wood covered cabin on the west side of town.   Somewhere I should be able to find a picture. One room was fitted out with a huge wall-to-wall bed where my sister, brother and I slept together with our parents. The toilet was an outside two-holer. The meat market turned out to basically be a break-even operation, so except for my Dad’s very hard work, it was a paid summer vacation.










211 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Fifty Three…

  1. Great read Forrest thanks, little curious about the movie poster showing Beery and not Berry.

    • Forrest let us know if Frank’s Grandfather gets back to you on remembering what you remember. Also, if you haven’t, you should see if Frank’s grandfather has any old pics of West Yellowstone that Dal could post for us.

      • Funny how Wallace Beery’s name was misspelled on that post also. Anybody else catch that?

      • Hi pdenver, my best guess is because Wallace Beery played Long John Silver and that ties in Treasure Island in TTOTC.

      • from the Wiki…

        “Activism against National Park Lands

        A noteworthy episode in Beery’s life is chronicled in the fifth episode of Ken Burns’ documentary The National Parks: America’s Best Idea: In 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order creating Jackson Hole National Monument to protect the land adjoining the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Local ranchers, outraged at the loss of grazing lands, compared FDR’s action to Hitler’s taking of Austria. Led by an aging Beery, they protested by herding 500 cattle across the monument lands without a permit.”

        Sounds to me exactly like something Fenn the Rebel would have done or rode along on with Donnie Joe or Skippy.

    • that was the high light of my day i loved the photo i love looking back in time, not quite sure why but thanks for sharing. be safe all ty.

    • Ditto. Nice story. Nice family photo of the bears. A gentle reminder to take that flashlight if you’re gonna be out after dark. The architecture of the Eagle Store is impressive for that time and place.

  2. Great memories. My mother had grown up around Glacier Park during some of the same years. I keep trying to get her to write down her stories, but she prefers not to. She commented today that she didn’t know why people were so upset about social distancing, home schooling and isolation. She says it was common for people to live out on farms far from anybody or any place. They would do their grocery shopping twice a year. Maybe they would see their neighbors at the Grange Hall every week. And that was it. That was life. She doesn’t know what everybody is complaining about with the current situation. Her dismissive attitude conveys the thought that this generation is a bit wimpy.

    • I have to agree with your Mom. Its just a way of life in the country. If you ever get the stories I’ll buy the book. I was never able to get my Mom to write anything down either. Save what you can.

  3. This reminds me of my Yellowstone solve. Old Hotel in Yellowstone where they used to feed the bears for the entertainment of the guests. Famous black painter stayed at one and did a painting of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. I have to admit, the research for this poem has been a treasure trove all by itself. We have all learned a whole lot of very interesting stuff. And along with Forrest’s scrapbooks and regular books, I feel that many of us have acquired a whole new level of appreciation for the old days as well as the great outdoors. This post is another example.

    As for myself, I want to express something that some searchers who go on the blogs and forums might agree with. You know, sometimes people on the internet can get under your skin and sometimes you can get under theirs. There have been times when I have come off wrong to people and sometimes when I have responded in ways that could have been easily misunderstood. In my past I have even been paranoid about someone and wrote a cryptic post on the internet somewhere that was about a situation on that forum with someone. In looking back I think I have been misunderstood a few times.

    So even though that person probably won’t ever know or care I just want to say to the universe and all of you as well that nothing I ever said on a forum was ever meant as a threat to anyone or to imply and hate for anyone. Those things that could have been interpreted that way were only examples of me being defensive and cryptic or poetic. Not a great way to go about things I know. Especially since I didn’t know for sure if the person on that forum had any beef with me or not.

    Reading posts like this makes me realize how nice we have it these days compared to the old days when there was much more physical labor to do. And all my problems and little things I get upset about are tiny in reality. What’s really important in life is people. People in your life and your experiences with them. The good times and bad. The funny times and sad.

    At any rate, being stuck inside so much of the time has really given me an appreciation for the outdoors along with re-reading Forrest’s books and scrapbook posts like this one.

    I’m looking forward to the chase this Summer. And I wish everyone a great search season. I have nothing but love for all the searchers and for Dal for putting this website up. It’s been helpful. And also for Forrest for doing this in the first place. For me, I feel I have a new lease on life for reasons unrelated to the chase, and I intend to make the most of the time I have left on this earth.

    • I know what you mean, Alienboy. I can identify. There were a couple of times that I realized shortly afterwards that I was the one doing the misunderstanding. And I didn’t realize who I was communicating with at the time either. I can be pretty dense sometimes. There are a lot of things that I just don’t get, and can’t seem to find the time to get my head straight.

      I told Dal in an email that I would no longer be commenting on this blog, so that he didn’t have to worry about deleting them anymore. I was creating more work for him. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I will just have to be a lurker now. I did however feel compelled to make this one exception to respond to you. And like you, I am grateful and thank Dal for all of his hard work in providing this wonderful forum that we all can enjoy. I also thank Forrest Fenn for all of his love and patience and generosity.

      • Bird dog,

        You should seriously stick around. I would hope we all have big shoulders and strong backs. The way I see it is we can all agree to disagree, and in doing so, we can then try to find the good in each other.

        I’m just as guilty as the next guy…sometimes worse. The old defense mechanism can be a hair trigger.

        I don’t remember whom I got snippy with on the poetry page a while back but it was a defensive posture I took and it didn’t need to be said.

        Just let it roll off your back. I always read your posts because I could learn from your insight. You bring way more good than you’ll ever know.

        Please keep posting because we all can learn from you.

        I would also like to apologize to any and all toes I have stepped on. Life is a constant learning process and I do sincerely apologize to the masses.

        Good luck to you! I wish you well. You’re a bird dog! Get that sniffer asniffin! Forrest needs all the help he can get! You’re a keeper…get ‘er done!

        Dal is da man and we all now it. We can’t thank him(and others) enough.

        Thanks Forrest, you and Peggy are Majorly LOVED by all.

        Peace to you Bird dog! God Bless!


        • ByGeorge, thanks for the encouragement and the peace blessing. Speaking of hair triggers…should I duck?

          • Bird dog,

            If the quack fits, then duck it!


            IMO…we’re all a piece of the pie that Forrest is serving up. We should be thankful…and count our blessings. And besides, who didn’t like jammin’ to Humble Pie? 30 days in the hole….

            Now, where’d I leave my meds…
            I got nothin…


          • Only if you are yellow….
            but cross your heart first.
            Takes a bit of training to fly out of some of the situations we find ourselves in.
            Oh, and stay away from the cows – they can get you in trouble.
            Fly high my friend and godspeed you on this journey.
            Whereever we seem to be going.

    • Boy I couldn’t have said it better myself. With the collaboration of all the cool-aid kids on this site.
      (Like any lab) things are bound to blow up in our faces from time to time. I think everybody feels the heat with their solve, and summer right around the corner. Stay cool my friends.

  4. Haha x2 I wouldnt mess with a broomstick, either!

    I love the sense of being back in time with these shares. Thanks everyone!

  5. Great stories! We used to have a Skaggs-alpha beta here lol. I loved Noah the actor, lots of tv shows I remember growing up.

    Anyhoo… back to reading my latest rabbit hole find… it’s epic… in length… found by accident, was actually looking for dogs’ names.

    “…don’t always get what you want…
    ….get what you need.”

    • Skaggs – Scaggs
      Kosky – Koski

      Rabbit Holes are fun… Hopefully you get what you need. That would be so awesome 🙂

  6. This SB is truly inspiring. Time can standstill. The photographs alone are worth an ancient golden artifact; coupled with the intriguing text, invaluable. You can’t possibly look at the bear photo and not see their souls radiating forth. Bravo f&f.

  7. My grandfather’s first job was delivering ice. On his first day, he had to deliver it to a fourth floor apartment, he quit.

  8. Love the story about the ice harvesting. Its amazing how people in the olden days used imagination and necessity to keep ice around all summer.

    I don’t see any “interest” for northern searchers though, just a good recollection of childhood memories. Anyone? Rabbit holes?

    • I remember my mom talking about the iceman delivering blocks of ice but that was before my time.

      • I try to remember everything my Mom ever told me when she was alive. She was such a good teacher.

        • As do I, Iron Will. My mother would have turned 77 years old today. Over the weekend, my oldest daughter asked for family history and I had a heck of a time trying to remember. Mr. Fenn suggesting to write our memoirs is a very good idea.

  9. I’d have to say that the guy with the ice saw and horses is doing a much better job at social distancing than the bears.

  10. I enjoyed the sharing of memories from a time past. I wonder what Skippy and Mr. Fenn would have done if they really did end up trapping a grizzly bear. I noticed Mr. Fenn has Beery/Berry in his story. Had to look up Noah Berry, Jr.; I knew of the other actor. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Wow I wish the bears still put on a show out there I would be the first in line to watch that . What cool memories to have can’t wait to get out there again again this year . Thanks for posting this went great with my morning coffee now I’m off the feed the chickens Good morning Dal and ole Coot .

    • Hey DG, you dont know me but I’ve studied your work. Good stuff.

      Good luck to you with your hunt! If I see you this summer I’ll say hey and buy you and yours a beer.

  12. Forrest,
    As I have shared I grew up in the 60,s Camping,
    Fishing and Bear watching in Yellowstone!
    I love your stories and others about West Yellowstone! Which has become one of my favorite jump off places!
    Thanks again friend. Just love the history!

  13. I don’t knowa lot but I heard much in what I saw.
    Even the bear facts are essential.
    I enjoyed the pic of the lodge.
    Your SB was truly a great step back in thyme.
    TU Mr. Fenn.

  14. Thanks Forrest. We had the remnants of an ice house on the farm where my grandfather would store ice blocks harvested from Seven Mile Creek. Our outhouse was a one-holer (a stack of corn cobs nearby) but the outhouse at the one room school was built for two, I think.

  15. Some nice stories here for Monday morning! Thanks for that!

    I think it’s worth noting that Forrest used the phrase “down near Ennis” to refer to a town due north of West Yellowstone that is lower in elevation. That would seem to poke a hole in anyone’s idea that “down” in the poem means “south”.

    • Good point Blex. When I read down, I was thinking up…as in up North and Down South. But yes
      Ennis is Lower. Thanks for pointing this out. Got to pay more attention! To what the Fenn says.

  16. a “Berry” in olden terms means somebody good lookin’ (like a hollywood actor type). the moment Skippy come up, broomstick handle in-hand, Mr. Berry dropped his cute-tough-guy routine reel kwik. Quit ‘dingling’ around so to speak. bet the site of Skip stridin’ forward was more n. welcome for young Fenn. thas what brothers do fur one nother. Good on Skip!

  17. I’m not terribly fond of hunting animals. I once caught a rainbow trout that was too small when I was a kid. I put it back in the river, I was profoundly moved by the action of catching a fish. I also tended to move away from ant hills, so’s not to crush ’em. Many years later, I was in Colorado with a friend fishing in a pond, the surface was half frozen eleven thousand feet in altitude. It was probably too late in the day and season, so we didn’t catch anything. Thankfully.

    I would have loved to see those many grizzlies. A sight to behold. So much more fun to observe nature and allow oneself to be as much in relationship to it as one can be. But that’s the hard part, not just having boots on the ground. The essence of nature is deep within us all, but very hard to see, to understand it clearly.

  18. Thanks Forrest for the trip back to “Yesterday.” The pictures were GREAT – THANKS. JDA

      • It’s part of my grampy’s last name. Didn;t want any searchers digging up his yard. F respected my wish for certain redactions.

    • Hi Heidini: yeah, it seems like we’re missing a portion of Frank’s message since Sterm comes out of nowhere in Forrest’s first sentence, never to be mentioned again.

      I imagine searchers who use Icebox Canyon as their WWWH and canyon down got a lift from this SB. 🙂

  19. Memo to Humanity: pave over a dump and build an airport…

    The grizzlies will still come. As will their offspring and their offspring.

    Also — while it might be safe to buy a newspaper while waiting in line to enter Yellowstone, don’t buy candy while waiting in line to re-enter US from Nuevo Laredo. Just keep the windows rolled up and look straight ahead.

  20. Berry , instead of Beery, could be a throwback to Huckleberry….Lettuce is cold hard cash. Forrest was throwing cold hard cash at Ellert (legendary giant) who just didnt get it (find the treasure) Forrest keeps throwing Lettuce until he gets caught and has to pay up. Is Ellert finding the treasure? is he one of the big surprises coming this summer?

  21. Snapping back to reality after reading this was a let down. Ahhahahahhha I do have to say this one really had me in Neverland. I was so wrapped up into this read that I was sorely disappointed when it was over. I wanted to keep reading lol. But the words just we’re not there. ❣️ Loved it.

  22. I think someday searchers and movie-goers will look back at these scrapbooks in the future and wonder why someone did not see the messages sooner, I guess when the Chaos clears and the Virus wanes’ we may all have consumed some tidbits here and there like the leftovers from the dumps, some here like myself, feel like we are the lesser bears who forage for scraps missed by the Alpha’s, but what is important? So much information and so little time, I just need to plan and think for now.

    Now let’s be FRANK here, there is clearly a message that reveals something important in the literature exchanged between Frank and Forrest the question is do we see it? Is it the 2′ slab of ice that clears things up for me or leftover sawdust of some old forgotton dream?

    I doubt that in ff’s childhood meeting William Berry, “the prominent actor” that Forrest would have had a confrontation with one of his silver screen heroes, that is unless he had seen the movie and knew a villain upon first sight?

    Long John Silver (Will Berry) did have a silver lining after all, and (Jackie Cooper), the boy treasure hunter knew somewhere down deep there was good guy pirate worth saving, so why does Forrest say that his brother Skippy saved him with a broomstick?

    Somethings I guess we may never truly understand about what Forrest means, but is it more important just to enjoy the ride until we halt at the next scrapbook.


    • Tom Gregory – Thanks for that clip with Wallace Beery as Long John Silver in “Treasure Island”. That lead me to the Wiki page about Wallace, where I found the possible why of those bullets he tried, unsuccessfully, to purchase from Forrest at that West Yellowstone store, during the rationing of WWII:

      Activism against National Park Lands

      A noteworthy episode in Beery’s life is chronicled in the fifth episode of Ken Burns’ documentary The National Parks: America’s Best Idea: In 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order creating Jackson Hole National Monument to protect the land adjoining the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Local ranchers, outraged at the loss of grazing lands, compared FDR’s action to Hitler’s taking of Austria. Led by an aging Beery, they protested by herding 500 cattle across the monument lands without a permit.

      Personally, I think Wallace Beery may have wanted to be well armed, while doing that.

  23. Such teachings we learn from fellow searchers, I can feel the spirit in this scrapbook and what people are writing, it does not surprise me, but awakens my senses to the message here, there and in all of ff’s writing, these Scrapbooks may hold a glimpse of the secret where. Thanks Vox, you get it .


    • Love the story! Keep sharing Forrest. Things are going to be ok. We are all going to be ok someday…maybe tomorrow or sooner. Gotta have faith.

  24. This is the first time I’ve heard of Eagle’s Store. Has it been mentioned in one of his books and the store just ended up being one of the many things lost in the dust of my mind?

    Where’s a good vacuum when you need one? Maybe it’s cobwebs, but the bug treatment might be unhealthy.

    I’ll stick with a vacuum, maybe a Hoover or Kirby. My mom loved both when I was growing up, especially Kirby because our neighbor Dennis, sold them and she liked supporting close friends when she could.


    • Pina-
      You need to read more scrapbooks…
      Try #149 for starters.
      Forrest has written about the Eagles and their store in West Yellowstone several times.

      • Dal – Thank you! I didn’t know that link I posted about the Eagle family and Nine Mile Hole was already posted in a scrapbook, and I didn’t remember that Forrest knew them!

        Now I am even more sure that the car parked inside the West Entrance gate, mentioned in Howard Back’s classic 1938 fly fishing book, was probably William Marvin Fenn’s. Awesome!

      • Thank you much Dal. I had a feeling that was the case and I have read all of the SB’s but that was 3 years ago when I first started this adventure and like I’ve said, my memory is a far cry from what it used to be.

        Also, I tried using TarryScant and Chasing Words and drew a blank there too.

        Take care…….pinatubocharlie

  25. The 2″ pine logs is concerning, as that’s about the diameter of a grizzly finger, they very well might have gotten a splinter with slippies contraption.

  26. Noah Beery Jr. was in a TV series called “The Quest”.
    The plot: “They find four Americans who are descendants of one of the former rulers of a small country. They are sent out on a “Quest” to show if they have the qualities necessary to be a ruler. It won’t be easy cause they go forth with no idea what to do, and their information is given to them through poems which they find hard to transcribe.”

  27. Some word associations that catch my eye:

    – meat market —> butcher = buck, dandy, doller, 100, billy
    – Eagle —> a gold coin, eagles are brown, bald
    – dump —> stump, holey dollar / annulus
    – bob —> a shilling, related to bell-ringing, skip
    – ice house, seller —> cellar, basement, freeze, frieze
    – street —> Street Sense, Street Smarts 102, cross the street
    – Skaggs —> beard —> vandyke (brown)
    – butte —> meall
    – Post —> deal, Palisade
    – carrier —> a carrier is a vessel, like a ship, a catch, a keel, a tub, a pan, a pot, a can, a jar, a tin, a box, a drum, a chest, and a cuvette
    – tip —> dump, careen, keel, touch, pitch, hint, end, spike
    – Tribune —> chief, title
    – Sunday —> warm, week, where 3x (4 Sundays) = a moon / month, a sol is a monetary unit in Peru (like a US dollar)
    – net loss —> lossy and lossless are terms used to describe quality of compression, as in color images, or telephone lines
    – Hebgen —> Heb = Hewe (hue?), gen = a shilling, a chronological sequence
    – Madison —> likely etymon is “maud”, as in a gray striped plaid cloak, also on the $5000 bill
    – grayling —> grey / gray (here he includes it in close proximity with the word below, and if Brown means a hue, gray would be below brown on the Munsell sphere / atlas). Gray money is also a meaning for money related to tax evasion.
    – Frank —> so many of the forts mentioned by Forrest are Frank, hence efforts (F Forts). Franc is also a monetary unit.
    – grizzlies / griz —> gris means gray in Spanish.
    – Con —> fraud, fiddle, fool, sting, gyp, shill, bunco
    – Beery —> the Lovibond color scale is used to rank beer color in degrees, e.g. an IPA is 6, Brown Ale is 20, Stout is 29
    – slab —> scant
    – catch —> what one does with a pitch, what one does after a chase, a close homophone of cease (seize), to engage (attract or draw), to strike, to ignite a blaze, a fishing vessel

    And others. I’ve grown tired and now I’m weak.

  28. Very good story Forrest. Some memories like your mother putting you on a stool stick like glue, while others require a little nudging.

  29. Wallace Beery was the fighter in “The Champ”. Jackie Cooper was his son. If you recall there was a scrapbook about “berries” (berry) which Forrest put on his Wheaties (Breakfast of CHAMPions). There is a mine called “Champion Mine” in New Mexico. A lot of rabbit holes, but I figured, what the heck, why not?

  30. Why does Forrest say this might be of interest to those who are searching in the north?
    Perhaps he is trying to point out that there is nothing hidden in Yellowstone but memories…and the real prize is down south at Eagles Nest Lake…

    Just thought I’d try to sound a bit wacky like some other commenters here… 🙂

    • Dal, you aren’t Wacky and neither is Cynthia, Justin and IMO myself too, this search is not about where IT is, but what ff means when he says: Those who solve the first clue are more than half way to the treasure, metaphorically speaking.”f (SB 167), so when we get lost or bewildered looking for where the special place is we need to head back in my Humble opine, to the repurposed metaphor, we know where he got those words, but figuring out how and what its newly born image is from the poem. SO if we don’t find our the riddle we will be forever struck in Winter Thoughts, our quest will not cease…ever and we miss the point of the overlaying meaning of just what is WWWH.

      So what have we learned from this? “No Miss Ford my eyes were open; it was my eyelids that were close. I said that to her as gently as I could and quickly crossed my legs. The snickers around the class did little to belay her anguish and just for a faint moment, my growing awareness compared the look on her face to a can opener ad I’d seen in Good Housekeeping Magazine. Anyway, I was ahead for now but I remember what I’d heard once on the Amos’ n Andy radio show: Don’t make the alligator mad until you’ve crossed the river.”

      This seems odd to me that Miss Ford’s ire would be compared to CROSSing a river? SOmethinks this line reminds me of some Old Border Line Biddies, that kind where if you step on a crack, you could break who’s back? Kids can you hear me now?

      Now if we could solve the first two clues and be WAY more than halfway there and walk right past it, the special place, and the same seems true for little Indy, what is it we are missing, I wonder if someone is double crossing or title crossing us on the clues? Maybe that is why we don’t get WWWH…Did anyone here ever swear on their heart, you know “Cross my heart and hope to die…I be just poking fun at yall, see you this summer.


    • Maybe He is just letting people know of the places to visit after not finding the treasure.

    • Dal –
      Why did he make such an intriguing comment? Is he trying to deter us form the North and recruit us to the south as you have implied? I thought about that as well, but then I also thought about Gardnier MT after making the connection to Wallace Beery and Treasure Island. That line in TTOTC about dreaming he was reincarnated as Captain Kidd and went looking for the treasure on Gardiner’s Island just always seems so out of place.

      Still scratching my head on this one……

      And on a side note, where exactly is the division between “northern” and “southern” searchers?

      • Geysergirl

        Hummmm???? 4 states divided by 2 = the border between Wyoming and Colorado – UNLESS you measure 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe to the Canada/US bordert and divide by two = That would be roughly 960 miles divided by 2 = 480 which would put it roughly near Casper, Wyoming 🙂 JDA

        • Interesting take on that thought JDA. I especially like your math on the 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe! Casper Wyoming is fitting since it seems that the chest is nothing more then a ghost right now. LOL!

    • Speaking of wacky…

      The word “north” stems from “left handed” (the direction when facing the rising sun), which is also “sinister”, and “nigh”. I suspect this is what he was inferring.

    • I just seen the little blue Yoda’s jaw hit the ground !!! in other words I am caught in the middle of a seriously awwweee moment and a oh holy crap Dal just looked over like a he is on a two day tequila binge and said grab third and check your britches Hes in the lead if he can keep it between the ditches.

      hey dal its just the guy who was passed out in the bed of the truck could you turn up the radio It sounds like hard to forget is on and this is a hunt right. or is this church on the Cumberland road

  31. Has anyone here ever received an email from Forrest this long with a story that no one has read?

    • No, never. I had to wonder, too, if this was a real email or one of Forrest’s short stories. Either way, it was precious.

      • Frank-ly my dear I dont think being Frank is much different than being E or Forrest, but I am glad he posted the part about selling new papers, it is an eye-opener to some here, what is paper made from? Sawdust, but what happens when we snooze, we dream and according to some we saw logs…Eric would be proud.


        • “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”

          • Reminds me of moka, or Moca. How would some know wwwa and Tyke. Coffee and hot chocolate. No room at the inn other than for curious George. Scares some still. Prevents closure and healing.

            Forrest, I think we are all ready for your song. “Cold coffee in a hot tin. Cup”. SB ” in love with Yellowstone ” perhaps. Never been to YS. Likely won’t ever have the chance. So make it count today in case it’s all we’ve got. Or at least die trying to have hope.

  32. Hello Forrest,

    It’s always a joy to hear from you. I don’t think you have to be searching in the northern search states to enjoy these stories, though, and the pictures were precious, especially those cute grizzlies all posing for the picture.

    As usual, I have to ask, how does this apply to the chase? I am looking at this as a searcher in the southern states, so I could be biased, but what I get from this scrapbook is that it is too cold to search the northern states right now, or even maybe by June 1, and that the grizzlies are active, so be very careful.

    Thank you for the wonderful stories, but I will stick to my southern search state.

    Take care, and keep your force field strong!

    Affectionately, Heavy Loads et al

    • P.S. Your scrapbook does remind me that the campground I am staying at does not have a bear-proof dumpster, and I find myself frequently checking to make sure a black bear is not having his supper before I head over. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to bears!

      • It is not the black bears you have to worry about, if you look at one sideways they will run off… unless you are presenting them with their cub.

        the grizzlies though… they might swat you just for looking at them.

        A polar bear will hunt you down eat you casually, then mossy back over to the trash can…

        • Thanks, Writis, you are partly correct. There are actually a greater number of black bear than grizzly attacks. However, grizzly attacks are more likely to be fatal. I found it interesting that, “Defense of cubs is more a grizzly bear trait. There is no record of anyone being killed by a mother black bear defending her cubs.” So just when you thought you understand bears, they throw us a curve ball. Good luck in the Chase!

  33. The earliest origins of the family name Ellert date back to the Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. It was a name given to a person considered to be brave and noble.

    DAL, Did Forrest supply all the photos including the movie poster of Beery?

    Very Interesting SB, given the timing.

  34. “The first clue in the poem is ‘Begin it where warm waters halt’. That’s the first clue. If you can’t figure that clue out, you don’t have anything.” (New Zealand Interview with Forrest)

    “What surprises me is that so many ignore the first clue in the poem. Without it all the searcher has is the memory of a nice vacation. Although many have tried, I doubt that anyone will find the blaze before they have figured out the first clue. f” (Questions with Forrest)

    Another great one, Forrest!! Thanks again for sharing your memories. They do cause some of us to recollect thoughts of yore.

    Oh, and thanks for the reminder: that without the first clue, all a searcher has is the memory of a nice vacation! – – – “The following email exchange may be of interest to those who are searching in the north. It reminded me of some events I had almost forgotten. f” 🙂

    • locolobo yes your in the right thing but just a new way to look at it. if you take “begin it where warm waters halt” as the first clue you can’t marry it to a map and it narrows the field down this is one we need to open up the field on. if the first clue is revealed in the first stanza and begin it where is the point on the map WWH is the hint to start point. still is the first clue but WWH as a hint open up a new line to pin point it down?

      • i know this going against what FF said by saying begin it where warm waters halt is the first clue. but are we looking at the big arrow sign that says WWWH is hear as the clue and not what it pointing at to be WWH. It is a play on words one of the oldest trick in the book or savvy 101 basic writing skills.

        • Something so condensed has to begin at the beginning or it would not make sense in the end.

  35. I remember my first paper route when I just turned 11 in grade six and living in Calgary. I had a red wagon and 60 papers to deliver between school and home.

    On the very first day the headline was about the confused teen girl who shot up Grover Elementary School in San Diego and blamed it all on Mondays. That’s when I realized the world is full of really serious stuff going on.

    If I missed a house I would get a reprimand the next day. Then at the end of every month it was impossible to collect all the money owed for the newspapers because nobody would answer their door or claimed no cash in pocket for those few bucks. The Herald took their half and I got whatever I could get from the rest of those tough customers.

    Still, it was cash in pocket.

  36. This message is from “Stermworm” and his Grandpa who are both from the area of West Yellowstone- he is a Yellowstone searcher, as well. Stermy is one of those who was going BOTG in the snowy Nov & December weather there, I have interacted with him in youtube chats and on social media sites, he mentioned this email thread was going to come out during a gypsy’s kiss recently.

    • Well, my grandpa was born and raised in Thermopolis, WY. I am not from west Yellowstone though I lived in Bozeman for 8ish years.

      I am not searching in Yellowstone and if you are, please stay on the trails.

      The rest is accurate.

  37. ” Skippy saw there was trouble and he came running over with a broomstick in his hands.”

    Sometimes my mind runs wild. I do know what a boomstick is. Now, there’s no match.

    Have a great day. I will be back for more.

  38. This eagles store looks like something to check out treasure hunting. There’s pictures of it on Google too.

  39. This reminds me of my grandpa saying- “you should have seen it in color.”
    Thanks for keeping 251 and 2 from being lonely.

      • May not b EC, but then it sounds in-line with my thinking.
        Continuing on from “wacky” above… I’ve tried following along with your posts over the years and, albeit a little wacky like myself, you seem like an ok guy to me. Keep whacking away!

    • That’s completely different from my grandpa. He explained black and white pictures as a time before color was even invented… as an adult, I’m still trying to make sense of that!

  40. Did those bears forget how to hunt and fish? Kind of like humans forgetting how to hunt and gather.

  41. Omg I just thought of something. Begin it wwwh. Wwwh is the first speed bump that we arrive at and try figure out what F means. If we aren’t able to think and imagine we r wasting our time and might as well cease to exist. Warm water halts are the words in the poem. That’s where it halts. Anyways Wallace Beery was involved in a paternity suit that wasn’t resolved upon his death. He died intestate, which sounds like intenstines. gut feeling anyone? Intestate might be word that is key. Beery did not have valid will upon his death. I will make sure to put F on my will in case I pass.


  42. Forrest, I love the memories and I just can’t contain myself as I simply enjoy delving into your past! Thank you for sharing and for keeping us entertained.

  43. Well, this is apparently why nobody has retrieved Indulgence. How do you people even come close to deciphering anything Fenn related? He’s a Cryptologist. He’s everyone’s JJ Walker of Cryptonite!

    Y’all just make sense out of everything. I’ve done my best at trying to keep up with the logic, the genius, and the madness. I’m sure there’s something in here for hints, but holy crap, all I got out of it was a nice story from the past and some Bears posing for a photo shoot. Oh, and possibly an Eagle and/or a store.

    YOU PEOPLE AMAZE ME!!! <– That anagrams to…"YOU PEOPLE AMAZE ME"!!!

    I literally feel like the Coyote…BEEP BEEP??
    I know what's going to happen every BOTG.
    I know there's a cliff, a long spiraling drop, a somewhat safe landing, and an ANVIL!!!
    Then some ADVIL!!!

    Vox, I'll let ya know when you can have your jacket back…never! SMH.

    Wait, I seen a Con and Noah in the story as well…where's my meds?

    I have no idea, how so many of you people haven't figured this out? Y'all are some of the most creative geniuses I have ever seen. And then there's Forrest! Holy craps!

    My Apple-Butter slid off the roll a long time ago trying to keep up with you people.

    I honestly tip my cap to each and every one of you. ..


    • Hey, ByGeorge, that’s not a reference to Seinfeld is it? If so, you hit on of my all-time favorite shows (that is until they turned a bit mean toward the end)!

      Meanwhile, back in Fennland and talking of Con Peterson, you do know he died in Pond’s Lodge, ID, and not Ennis, don’t you? It’s about 66 miles distant and in a different state.

      Was ammunition rationed in the war? I can find no confirmation of that in official documents, but I could well have missed something. Some of you guys should know for sure.

      My point is that it’s not difficult to find the anomalies, the spelling errors, the repetitions, the interesting references. Of course they make great stories on their own, and they can be read that way just for a fascinating insight into someone else’s world, but I think we’re meant to break away from the grizzly bunfight. Time is pressing on and there’s work to do.

      All the best,

      Oh, and you’re welcome to keep the jacket. 🙂

      • Vox,

        Believe it or not, when Forrest was blasting us with those 60-some-ish SBooks last fall in 30 days-ish, I would literally come home from work and go straight to the comments! That way I’d at least have some kind of an idea of what I was trying to read! TRUE STORY!

        The vertigo I experienced on the side of a mountain was a cakewalk compared to trying to figure out Forrest’s way of thinking!

        That’s why I honestly tip my hat to so many on these forums. Y’all are gooder thinkers than I.


        h, and thanks! My wife thinks the jacket looks really cute on me…

        • Ha! I know what you mean about the vertigo. It’s like standing on the top of a mile-high cliff in a hurricane!

          I’m always amazed at the knowledge many searchers have – and their ability to catch so many nuances. (By comparison, I’m a kind of relentless plodder with next to no useful knowledge.)

          Glad you have someone to keep the straps tight – those jackets can be really difficult as a one-man operation… 😉

          • Ask ByGeorge, Suzy_S. He might have been talking about baked potatoes! That’s the trouble on these sites, you can never be sure. I was talking about cheese yesterday and got nuked! I tell, you, it’s no fun being covered in molten cheddar. 😉

          • Ok, I understand.
            If it’s ByGeorge’s responsibility, maybe it’s a Four Man Grill?

          • Vox,

            I just came back to post a thought and see Copper and Alienboy had posted.

            @Copper, the other day I was sitting here thinking that if anybody comes into HoD and sees my handle, they either smile or cringe. Albeit I do smile a lot which turns into hysterical laughter…my wife much more than me. You should see her face all scrunched up as she pulls real hard on me straps! True story!

            @ Alienboy…for me it’s one thing after another. It just keeps getting more and more fun and I’m honestly numb with visions of just the greatest Chase ever.

            When I started I thought I had a clue, but I was way off. Makes me wanna join the Church Choir and throw my hands up an shout!

            I have a few chapters still to read in my latest Fenn related books. I’m almost finished with both. But even if finish them it won’t help, but it sure is fun trying!


        • ByGeorge, Vertigo? That sucks man. I was on a trail on the edge of a mountain last summer headed to my spot. It was about 600 feet down at that point. Vertigo might have done me in. How do you search with that condition? Of course I was sitting in a conveyance. Had I been on foot.. I just wouldn’t have looked down.

          Anyway, on the comments section of the scrapbooks: Yeah, between those without a clue there are a few gems here and there. I always give out too many good hints and then panic when I see someone who knows. I’d like to think something I posted somewhere sparked someone’s train of thought a little. It’s tough because I want to explain my solve to people because It’s so great what Fenn did to put this together. I can’t wait to explain it to people. But at the same time, I can’t give it away or else someone might get it before me.

          But since you are being so nice to us I’ll give you a tasty bit from my own solve. First let me say that this scrapbook appears to have some hints in it. They have to do with names of people and things and numbers. Also, the images appear to be hints, but Dal said that Forrest didn’t provide them, so maybe unintentional.

          In my solve, on page 43 of the book The Thrill of the Chase, the fire that the Gypsies are dancing around represents the blaze. Now, you might not think that that is much of a hint, but it certainly is.

          As for the poem, in my solve the poem is multi-dimensional. It is a map as well as a set of instructions that leads you through the chase from WWWH’s all the way to the spot where you will find something you need. It does this multiple times. Everything can be re-read to mean something else.

          Some of the words people bat back and forth to each other in the forums have meaning once you get to a certain point in the solve. For example, the words can and end. The best one is the letter n. You start to find certain numbers being of particular significance. The number 44 for example. Some very important numbers in my solve are 8, 23, 35/53, and 55. 15 also. There are some others.
          Searchers will sometimes embed these in their posts along with other words/phrases that only they know what they mean. The rest of the people reading the comments are scratching their heads.

          Forrest has even done this for us in some of the videos of interviews. He’ll say a phrase that only people who have gotten to a certain point will know what it means. I have to admit it is kind of a thrill when you know that no one else gets it. I’d love to give you an example. If I could think of one that won’t put me at a disadvantage.

          What I think has happened is that a fair amount of people have figured out the solve, or most of it, on paper. But they still don’t know where that is on the actual earth. If I gave you a map of an area about one square mile. And on that map it directs you clearly from a trail to a treasure. That doesn’t do you any good unless you also know where on the earth that one square mile area is. I think a lot of people have the nine clues figured out but still don’t know where that is. So they show off a bit throwing some knowledge out there in their posts. Why not?

          I saw my spot talked about on the blogs before it was my spot. I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t think it was the right spot. I was looking at the Maroon Bells area South of Aspen at the time. Not a bad solve. But I figured out WWWH’s from the instructions in the poem and with a bit of creative thinking. That led me to the chest and then the gold- on paper, not in real life. Just in my solve. Anyway, at that point I said to myself. Fenn isn’t going to lead me here and just end it like this. There has to be a way to get to the next thing from here. And there was! And that led me to….

          I’m going to stop there before I give my solve away. I hope you enjoyed my comment and good luck this summer.

  44. Thanks for this Forrest. All these past events seem to rack up a wonderful enchanting life. There are at numerous reasons here to make us feel enlightened. Some Native Americans believed reflective overlay as a link to the spirit world.

  45. This reminds me of a dream I had. I was walking in the woods with my dog Benji and we saw a big bear heading our way. I told my little friend to stay and he just stood there motionless, only his eyes moved as I walked round him, checking he was obeying my command. Time stood still for Benji so I now focused on the enemy.

    As the bear crossed the long road a steam roller, pulling several big trailers and a tiny one on the end. ran over the bear. He was crushed flat by the repeated rollers thumping over him. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him a couple of times, twice. We went home and returned the next morning to see the bear. It was frozen, stiff as a board.

    Suddenly, like magic, two guys appeared, they ran over, picking up the bear, one at each end and darted off towards the trees, like they were quickly stretchering a wounded soldier from a battlefield. They stopped at the first tree and began using the bear as a saw, cutting down the tree, a seesaw action, its rigid fir acting as cutting teeth. The noise was what could only be described as soothing, but my ears just wanted it to end. I turned away, then Benji and I ran home. I climbed into bed and fell asleep.

    Waking up the next morning I was in a different room, but it seemed familiar. I called Benji and with the patter of little footsteps, like the sound of raindrops, he came over. He was not the same, he was older. This worried me so I ran as fast as I could to see if the bear was real. It lay in the road exactly where he was run over, like highway wallpaper.

    Then the two guys appeared and repeated the action of stretchering it off, attacking the tree. I noticed one of the guys was different and I realised he was the roller driver. I ran over and demanded to know what was going on. The guy in the baseball shirt turned to me and said “These are the rules, sunshine, you are playing, whether you like it or not.” He turned away again and carried on sawing. The number on his back said it all.

    • I can’t wait to hear the interpretation of this dream. What number was on the shirt? And why is the dog’s name Benji. Is this a Disney dream? My only takeaway is that it’s cold outside, and somebody “saw” a bear, more than once. Maybe this is not a good time to be looking for the treasure. Stay home. Maybe the shirt didn’t have any number in it, had a J on it, the Joker? OK really, I got nothin’.

    • Also with all the steam rollers and cutting trees it sounds like at least a couple guys are building a new road. And they seem to be making the rules. Note that Benji is older now. Benji could be the lead searcher. He’s aging. Was in danger of being attacked by a bear. Probably been searching for quite a while. OK the fog is clearing.

    • Anyone else care to provide a counter or extension to my on-the-spot interpretation of the big guy’s very weird dream?

      • I’ll jump on board with any theory you propose, Mr Obvious, my brain is fried.

        My “I’m” has jumped ship with all the “agitation”, or something like that… Combine the two, I think you’ll get my message.

    • BigO,
      The bear represents HOB and the difficulty of the poem. The steam roller pulling trailers with a little trailer at the end, represents the nine clues and the chest at the end. As the long road, or path is made by the steam rollers, they flatten the bear below their rollers and remove the difficulty of the poem. When you have the HOB “down pat”, then with Jackie Robinson follow the rules of the game; bear and 42, the HOB and the chest, the only things that will cut down or defeat forest.

      IMO only, please consult your doctor before taking up the chase, side effects include nausea, high blood pressure, and the desire to dig up an outhouse.

      Maybe you should consider not eating fritto pies before bed.

      • NearIndianaJones – Defeat Forrest? I tried going up against the big man in the beginning, but all I can say is once bitten, twice shy. I learned very quickly. If he says bear, you just know it ain’t there! My dream will signify being ambushed (thats not the art of sitting tired in a bush in the morning) by bears or forrest dressed up as one in panto fashion. I wanted to be the BLOGS HERO and chase Forrest into the woods, but found the prospect diriculously insane. I became sidlexic. It is still the same no matter how you look at it.

        Not sure why they would bring a flat bear to a tree and try to cut it down. Or where the missing guy went. They weren’t at sea, so they wouldn’t have used it as a plank! I wonder if they were using its feet as handles. Sharp finger nails….ouch!
        I can see the point me trying to analyse this, but I just don’t have the imagination here. I’m sure the number on sports shirt serves purpose if you put it all together. Good job it wasn’t a tennis shirt, because that bring about a whole new set of rules, my love.

        I am sure there is a lot more in that dream. All I can say is it is difficult being on the end of ff’s punches. Ask Judy! See how she feels for a change!

        • I’m going to take another stab at it. Here goes:

          If you get two flats in the wilderness, it’s a real bear.

          This is a subtle reference to “Concy and Me” from “too far to walk”.

  46. What was in the shed?


    And a little saw…dust.

    What happened when the boys got caught?

    The eagle-eyed will have noticed something else…

    • I think we both know what a Eagle would see! Its finding the roads that lead back .

  47. Thanks for a new scrapbook ff. It brings back fond memories of Camping with my family near Yellowstone in the 60’s. Each spring in late May before the Park opened for tourists, locals would gather along 191 near West to watch baby bear cubs sledding on the snowbanks.

    While I am mostly a conservationist, I have to say…I miss the olden days when Montana was largely grizzly bear free outside of YNP & GNP. The tough old bears like “Snagletooth” dined in YNP. You could count on it. No worries when hiking outside national parks that you would meet a grizzly unless you ventured into the Bob Marshall wilderness.

    Hints in this SB?
    Uff da.
    Baffling…other than the past & present references to Frank, Francis, Franc which for me add up to French language references (also spoken by the early fur trading mountain men, and several Native American tribes). The Ennis car accident and broomstick are interesting as well. Did Skippy show up with a sawed-off shot gun?

    • Sounds like Skippy used one of the oldest tricks in the book to persuade the truth out of someone. He probably has sufficient evidence to press a defamation of character and perjury case . Bearing false witness on multiple accounts including one case of obstruction of justice. Forrest has surely looked into this if not I would almost be shocked and disappointed but then again times are changing . People tend to believe what they hear but not look into the why.

      • Dal that last one is intended for you and those who do have the pull to look into it long story short family drama that is in the works of bieng resolved : divorce and if need be to clear the waters go to court for defamation of character . If you and Forrest are the only two that see these post that is good if they all see so be it.

        • WOW!!! HOLD Fire DAL I may be still heated over the situation and popped the clutch just a bit there . And my post might piss the gator off before I am across the river.

  48. Hmm. I see some possible hints for my area. I just can’t figure out why my area would be so special to Forrest.

  49. All this reminded me that with all that is going on and being taken out of my routine I may have missed my Lake trout window. I raced down to the lake this morning and the ice was off. O man, when did this happen? Water temp is 40 degrees. I’ll share a lake trout secret. The biggest of the monsters cruise the surface from ice off till 42 degrees. Then they go deep, 100 foot plus, and won’t be seen till next year. My four day window is now two. g

    • A long-lasting spring, this is, fur shur. 42 reminds me of a book by Douglas Adams, of course. When I used to hitch-hike, I used my thumb. Duh.
      As always, IMO.

      • That’s all I think of as well. The answer to life, the universe and everything. Coincidence?


  50. Nice word “strikes”. Street names also seem to match. Have a look at Hartville and Sunrise, too. Sunrise makes me smile in Spanish.

      • Once literally in the ribs , a simple slap and kiss might have woke me up quicker . I works in the movies anyways

  51. Be BEAR AWARE!

    As a Montana native who’s been around long enough to know grizzly bears do kill humans I try to enjoy their home turf with extreme caution. Spring time the bears are in lower elevations following the elk herds and the bears are Hangry! Don’t be stupid. Don’t think it can’t happen to you.
    Call the FS Ranger for the exact area you search to ask about carcasses and bear issues.

    Bear spray doesn’t work if the wind is blowing!

    Glacier National Park Grizzlies enjoy the same trails the humans do. The popular Highline trail has a 1000 ft drop off. This guys was really lucky to be at the only place on the cliff with anywhere to move out of the bear’s way.

    Planning to camp in grizzly country? Look at this.

    Yellowstone grizzly tale – yes some bears do kill and eat people

  52. Forrest, In case you read this post. I also had a dream about this post I’d like to share. In the dream, a bear took you to court and somehow convinced the Judge to force you to change your last name. You ended up with the name Forrest Fen Bear. I asked you what happened to the second ‘n’ in your last name. You said the bear took it.

    So we both went over to the ice house. And I asked you if there was still any ice in there left over from last winter. My tea was getting warm and I needed some ice. You said that some ol bear took it and put it in the outhouse.

    Then the ol bear walked up and said he was just trying to keep me from getting it because he thought I was going to freeze him with it. I said “No no you ol bear. I just wanted to cool down my tea. I thought that you had laid a bear trap n there for me. And that’s all I was worried about.”

    “Oh, I see”, said the bear. Well in that case I’ll go get it from the outhouse and we can all have ice tea together. ”

    “Great idea ol bear” I said. “After that we can hit the Airfield and Fenn can fly us over Taos mountain.”

    “Don’t you mean Fen Bear?” The ol bear asked.

    “Oh yeah” I said. “We gotta get his other ‘n’ back.”

    “Now don’t you worry about the ‘n’ Alienboy.” Fen said, “Just make sure nothing distracts you when you cross the river.”

    “Don’t worry Fen Bear” I said, “The distractions were always a lie. When bears try to mess with me, sometimes I feed em what they want, just to mess with em back. But on my next BOTG, if any old bears come a knocking, they gonna be see on livestream baby!”

    “But ain’t you gonna be out of cell tower range?” Asked the ol bear.

    “Sat phones are never out of cell tower range ol bear. So tell your buddies to stay home this year.”

    Fen Bear laughed and smiled. “I think you’re just the kind of man to get the treasure.”

    Then I woke up. “What kind of dream was that?” I asked myself. I sure hope Fenn ain’t mad at me for being a bit paranoid. And I sure hope the ice is there for my tea. And if Fenn lost his other ‘n’ in his last name, I just hope he finds it. Or maybe I’ll find it myself and then I”ll be called ‘Alienboyn’. Good name for a Gunslinger.

    The End

    • AB, you ever run into a guy in SW TX, last name of Selman. Seems, I’ve heared this before. But I surely could be mistaken. The way you think/dream is of interest.

      • I tried to respond to you Lori, but it wouldn’t post. I’ve had this problem before. I don’t know why. NSA blocking my posts again. LOL

      • Lori, Only been to Texas once and I was driving through. A giant beetle of some kind landed on the trunk of the car. It the size of a computer muse and was so big it could barely move. When it flew it could only get a few feet above the ground and went slowly with body hanging down like it could barely stay airborne. At first, seeing something like that, you tend to get frightened. I mean- does it sting or bite? Who knows. But after watching the thing fail so bad at flight, well- I kind a felt sorry for it. If flew so slow I could outrun it hopping on one leg.

        • Often times, when we first come across something strange it may seem threatening. But upon closer inspection, it wasn’t what we feared it to be after all. That’s what the dream is really saying in my opinion.

          I never knew anyone named Selman and have never met anyone with that name as far as I remember. But if he said anything like the dream that I wrote here I’d be surprised.

    • Brian U,
      He cheats…but it makes it all the more fun. Besides, he’s a Maverick…they always keep something up their sleeve!


  53. I’m guessing that just outside that slab of ice there’s a headstone being rained on by a cloud of Venus. Kind of like your mind’s eye, per se’.

    News and world news is on so I’ll have to end my foreigner(cold as ice) tour. Kinda.

    And does anybody know what this symbol is?
    ¤ <–this one
    Indian interpretation as well as the one on our punctuation screen on our phones. These are some others to choose from on that list
    But I'm only interested in ¤<–this one.



      • BigO,

        Thank you very much! I have no clue what some of them are. These 4 are such…ni clue.
        ₩ ¥ § ¿

        But this is all I needed. I never heard of either of them. Nothin new.
        Thank again!


  54. Didn’t Forrest say something along the lines of resting under a Ponderosa at times?


  55. Careful there JDA. Polar bears can get back up – even after being left for dead under a bed, and they will eat you casually while contigously they build an igloo, talk of future things you won’t be around to enjoy, and take a nap in a massive depression of ice that you some thoughtful carved out for them. Good thing polar bears seem to like you! No walk of shame ever in my book. Run like heck.

    One last thought before the ocean waves beckon me to tip my toe in the water…someone the other days asked “where did she who runs with scissors go?” The polar bear answered, “she got bored giving hair cuts to folks who were late and decided to share a wealth of passed over hair “clips” that she collected from a friend’s vault that didn’t make the cutting room floor…maybe if in a good mood (because she will be resting now and will no longer be bothered…..period…), she will not use her scissors to cut any more clips as a “pay it foward” to the world on how to be a more loving human vs. malicious individual. Sharing is caring doncha know. And the most beautiful things are those you will never see. And you will never see “she who runs with scissors” again. Never, you ask. No, never. (I can’t promise ya the polar bear doesn’t now own those scissors…..)

    Kumbaya brothers and sisters of the chase. May we all find hope, joy, love, faith, peace, rest, and healing in time to save our species from extinction. That is my dream anyhow.

    What’s yours?

  56. Geeze I am so afraid of telling the “UNIQUE UPON IT” story so for now let me say it does not matter who we are, it only matters how cleaver you can tell a yoke; Why can’t you tease egg whites?
    They can’t take a yolk.

    Well let’s get the 4 states completely open, and properly treasure hunting with our masks on, well that is called a Heist, and Forrest is the “Heisenberg of Treasure hinders”, AKA Walter Hartwell White Sr. also known by his clandestine alias “Heisenberg”, is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American neo-Western crime drama television series Breaking Bad. Filmed in Albuquerque, NM, he is portrayed by Bryan Cranston. We can all meet at the “Indulgence Bar and Grill”, so sorry, it is closed for the summer.

    Did you hear about the rabbit who refused to leave her house? She was having a bad hare day. What do you call a rabbit housekeeper? A dust bunny…Finally, for what it is worth, for the Senior Gentlemen in the audience:

    If you have a line of 100 rabbits in a row and 99 of them take 1 step backward, what do you have? A receding hare line. 🙂 (-: HA HA!


  57. Lovely stories! I am at the point in my life it is rather nice to here about the simpler times in all of this chaos. Thanks for sharing.

  58. I have been without any means of communication since my last post. I’m goin to be pulling out of here in the next few days. I don’t have a clue how this will turn out but I have to know . I pray there is a open canoe cause I done jumped again. Hope to see ya soon

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