The Submarine I-52

MAY 2020
by dal


This is not a post about Forrest’s Treasure Hunt..
although it is related in several ways. 


This is a story about an adventure that Crayton Fenn (Forrest’s nephew, Skippy’s son) and I participated in several years ago.

A new book has been published about the expedition to find the Japanese WWII submarine I-52 by Dave Jourdan.

Crayton and I were both part of the crew and Dave weaves a fascinating story about the history of the submarine and the expedition to find it.

You can read more about the author, Dave Jourdan and about the book and the expedition, HERE.







19 thoughts on “The Submarine I-52

  1. Dal – Nice! If the book gets made into a movie, which actor do you want to play your role?

  2. This Should actually be good reading, maybe it’ll be on Nat Geo at some point. Just finished watching information shiws on draining oceans and the wolves of Lamar valley. The Lamar valley wolves is helpful for looking for the treasure, since I’ll want to sight see after finding the treasure.

  3. Wow, I thought maybe I had accomplished a few things in life, but after reading Jordan’s bio, well, let’s just say he’s an extremely, extremely accomplished person that few can measure up to. Guys like that make me want to craw into a cave and contimplate my naval.

  4. Sounds like a fun read! I’ve never even seen an ocean never mind dive to its dark depths, I’m far too meek for that!

  5. I read a brief history on the I-52 just now, Dal. This is so fascinating! My youngest son studies everything related to WW2 , And my oldest is a sonar technician (Currently underway) on a submarine . It’s a must have read in our house! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Sounds like a treasure hunt to SpongeBob’s house is in order. Although somebody probably secured some rights to it by now.

  6. Dal, you’ve done some amazing things…and yet have such a pleasing way of humbly speaking about your endeavors. I would sure enjoy seeing photos of you, Clayton, and the crew and learning more about your involvement in this expedition.

  7. This looks great Dal. I think I’ll buy a copy to read. I love books and documentaries about shipwrecks.

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