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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page xx for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic.

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70 thoughts on “Poetry Page XX…

  1. This noblest quest has brought great men to their knees,
    So in this age of Corona, go have a Dos Equis,
    And toast Mr Fenn and the treasure hunt that never ends,
    Good luck to one and all and stay thirsty my friends….

  2. “ Trail Of Dreams “

    What once was shiny, bright and bold,

    Now dims by time, the trail runs cold.

    Imagination, throughout the wood,

    Then yet again, there time stood.

    Probing, prodding, my every move,

    As if it has, so much to prove.

    Dreams of old, that once were new,

    Fade like a summer, morning dew,

    Though I get tired, Time never rests,

    It wants to prove, that it’s the best.

    I know someday, it will prevail,

    I’ll lose the wind, within my sail.

    Until my winds, no longer blow,

    I’ll fight like hell, before I go.

    So go now Time, use all your means,

    We’ll meet again,on my trail of dreams……

    By: Focused

  3. For those who enjoyed my poem at the end of nineteen,
    Below is the follow up to this weekend’s trip to the evergreen.
    If my solve provides any information to glean
    Then the lines you should read in-between

    My solve was solid without a doubt,
    The only thing left was to tarry scant scout.
    I used 5 stanzas, only left the 1st out.
    So, why does the chest remain about?

    The path was scary but we remained bold.
    The early morning shade and north facing slope made us cold.
    It even appeared Fenn could do this when he was 79 or 80 years old.
    Perhaps he left new riches, like his gold!

    It seemed like this place was isolated from the location’s rest.
    Could we have been the only humans since Fenn laid his chest?
    All the hours and horsepowers I did invest
    Seemed certain to cease this quest.

    We were in the saddle
    Not too far from the no paddle,
    In the place a baby would be safe to bring a rattle.
    A destination small enough so the search would be no battle.

    Y should I feel this despair?
    The answer I know, my TC hopes disappeared in the 5000-10200 foot thin air.
    Luckily we were a pair
    So the memories we share.

    Fenn, this is failure number three!
    Can you please give another clue to this chase devotee?
    Maybe you can correct my malady,
    Is “the wood” a saddle tree?

    That lead searcher need fear no more.
    My blaze just went “right straight” out the door!
    Is it marvel gaze to the blaze I should ignore?
    It’s probably time I got a cure for my saddlesaur.

    This solve to be removed from my blazing gourd
    So I can get back to the “ever drawing” board
    to ace Fenn’s test and claim the reward.
    Am I brave to say nothing else seems to strike a chord?

    I cannot promise a new solve in any time.
    It took 3 years and tries to perfect this climb
    And to put BOTG cost more than a dozen dime.
    So, don’t hold your breath for another rhyme.

    Been fun and good luck all,
    Because I doubt my solve will get an overhaul.
    My guess is Fenn would enjoy the curtain call,
    So I continue hope for a solve before darkness fall.

      • Thanks pdenver, no need to lament,
        Although I did not find the TC, I surprisingly feel very content.
        At first I had 2, then it was 4,
        Then it was 5 stanzas and maybe some more.
        Each the same huge location, but the search area smaller,
        Ever drawing like a beckoning caller.
        I feel if given the poem and told to secret the chest,
        My final location would have been best.
        No more work in the poem needs to be done,
        I have to accept that my search area is not the one.

        So I hope you can see,
        I have no regret
        Just a fond memory,
        With my first born asset.
        I found meaning in the chase
        And enjoyed the thrill,
        But its time to exit the Great Fenn Race
        And swallow my pill.

        • Too Much in Common

          Another kindred soul
          Gazing at a grassy knoll.
          I too know that bitter taste
          and know too it’s not a waste.

          Were there animals at your spot?
          In your gut was there a knot?
          Between wander and wonder
          Which could you plunder?

          We’re in a good spell for-rest
          tires changed, fuel (high test)
          yellow flag now, checkered’s best
          wait for green to restart quest.

          Only if I know the question asked
          Will the answerS be unmasked.
          Won’t neglect my monthly nut
          to jump into the same old rut.

          I can’t cite the reference
          thought I heard this at some conference.
          Not meant as interference
          Only with great deference.

    • Saddlesaur, thank you for sharing your words above, I enjoyed them….
      I’ve made 36 trips in 7 years on my quest, the one thing I’ve learned is “ to accept defeat and continue on is a victory in itself “ ….. regroup my friend, there are many trails that await you….
      Have a great night… until next time… see ya

  4. Puppeteer, Puppeteer,
    what do I do now?
    You took away my everything,
    left me someplace, somehow.
    Light the match
    Burn the candle
    Petals in the Air
    On a dream, chasing tails.
    If only God knew where.
    I used to have a voice.
    I used to have a reason.
    Your unselected choice,
    Followed by a Bad Season.

    Anyway, I know now I have been deluded.
    You got any spare change?

    Some Chump

  5. My first attempt please forgive if it sucks

    As I sit awake and ponder, all the ways to get down yonder. Could this rock hold the key, if not where could it be? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Fool me thrice I can learn a lesson. This quest will pass to the next contestant. Can I see the forest for the trees, or should I look down, possibly on my knees? The truth I know, that’s for sure… I just need to be brave to overcome and endure. Just a few more days, and we shall see, if my insanity can finally rest easy. Lead searcher, the race has begun. Its either you or me who can get this done! Even if and when I’m triumphant, thats just the start of problems more abundant. Will my trials be worth the cold, I think it will if I can be bold! As I sit awake and ponder, all the ways to get down yonder!

    • KcJones, thanks for taking your first shot at poetry, I liked it… I my friend have sat awake many nights and pondered, it’s a normal thing in the chase…lol.
      Until next time… see ya

  6. Hello Why. I read your comment from the previous Poetry Page and enjoyed your thoughts. I hope to read more. It made me want to pen the following:

    “The Vision”

    Closed my eyes to rest
    and a vision did appear.
    Faceless, but I saw more.
    Just as quickly, the vision was gone.

    Time went by and fate did show,
    the face of the faceless,
    and I knew it was you.
    I could feel your kind soul deep inside.

    Why the vision?
    I do not know.
    Is there more to this mystery?
    Heaven only knows.

  7. Upon the bench, I now do sit,
    With my treasures bold;
    A book in hand
    I read aloud
    the stories new and old.

    Their little hands lay in their lap
    and so their heads do bow
    of dreams and kings and fairy tales
    the world is theirs – for now.

  8. I wrote this for my wife back in 2003. Its not Chase related but I was encouraged to post it here.

    My Only Life’s Best Friend

    If one could know
    What lies in store
    Upon whose thoughts ascend
    The hope of love
    No joy deferred
    To find his life’s best friend

    Across the seas
    Amongst the hills
    Man’s energy expends
    Upon this path
    He long endures
    To find his life’s best friend

    With saddened eyes
    And head held low
    The grave which doth impend
    Never to know
    His one true love
    His only life’s best friend

    This trick of fate
    From which I run
    Whose bastions I contend
    I dare not think
    That I deserve
    To find my life’s best friend
    But in God’s grace
    He loved me still
    His favor to extend
    He brought HER
    Into my life
    She is my life’s best friend

    Over the years
    Thru joy and sorrow
    Her heart I do commend
    That she chose me
    Amongst the crowd
    To be her life’s best friend

    In golden years
    I will look back
    Upon this life I wend
    To know for sure
    That I have found
    My only life’s best friend

  9. Waiting for You
    (To the tune of ‘Fade into You’ by Mazzy Star)

    I want to run with you through grasslands
    like a race where we both win
    cold rain embraces, our bones tremble
    I feel the heat of your wet skin

    are you there somewhere in shadows
    here and there I swear I caught a glimpse
    almost found you there in searches
    a hide and seeking out so grim

    waiting for you
    strange you’re waiting too
    waiting for you
    somewhere I know you’re waiting too

    I’ll get a chest that’s full of treasure
    I’ll build a nest with that for you
    I’ll send a call out to the wild then
    listen close it guides you through

    waiting for you
    strange you’re waiting too
    waiting for you
    somewhere I know you’re waiting too

  10. Dreaming away-
    That’s the right answer.

    List’ning a-
    That’s the right answer.

    Collected a-
    Tricked by cancer.

    Selected a-
    Storied romancer.

    Gently a-
    With eve’s dancers.

  11. More than a picture

    Dad, what is this picture here on the wall?
    Son, it’s a nice day you should be outside.
    But tell me about this picture please.
    It’s just a picture, nothing more.
    Moms hang pictures, Dads don’t.
    Dad, this is more than just a picture.
    Who are these guys standing beside you?
    There my friends Son, we served together.
    Do I know any of them?
    No Son, you don’t. Shouldn’t you be out with your friends?
    Dad, where are your friends now?
    Please Son, it’s just a picture.
    Dad, I don’t know anything about you in the military, before you became Dad.
    They are no longer here son, they died in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Did you fight in a war Dad, was you there when they died?
    No Son, I left the military a few years before the war.
    But, not a day goes by that I wish I had been there with them.
    Dad, wars are bad, you could have died, and never met Mom!
    I know Son, they was my best friends
    and I feel like I let them down.
    Dad, why did you join the military?
    I wanted to be in the military for as long as I can remember,
    I always dreamed of being a pilot.
    Was you a pilot!?
    No, my eyesight was not good enough.
    But, I was the best tank gunner in the regiment, ironic huh?
    So Dad, did you want your friends to die?
    No! Why would you ask that?
    Dad, would you have died for them to live, and do you think they knew that?
    Yes, I would have, and I believe they knew I would.
    Dad, they only did what you would have done.
    I think they would be happy to know your alive, married, and got great Sons.
    Dad, don’t regret the wonderful gift you gave each other.
    Each other? What do you mean Son?
    Dad, they died so you can live, you now must live without regret,
    and tell their story so they will be remembered.
    Son, how did you become so wise?
    I have a great Dad, who had great friends.

  12. Stars and bars
    Played the band
    Stars and bars
    O loyal friend
    Stars and bars
    With helping hands
    Stars and bars
    Makes a final stand
    Stars and bars
    Freedom rings across the land

  13. A

    To the hearts of man
    From the ground we stan’
    From span to span

    blaze on his arm
    gash on his belt
    grit in his teeth
    notch on his shoulder
    bent at the knee
    rise again soldier
    what it means to be free

  14. Forrest Fidelis

    Let’s go for a walk
    not too far, a field.
    Happy when we talk
    And see what furrows yield.

    Father’s thoughts are kind
    that’s when I find,
    the point on land lined,
    A farm’s crop with a fishers mind.

    Launched a spectacular passion
    the art of collection.
    My room, my home my bastion
    Moved by deep recollection.

    Here the echoes of the pasts
    still alive amongst these relics
    resound and tell what lasts,
    Affirming our mortal mix.

    Go down a long road
    Lost and found again
    Pretty heavy, love’s load
    Someplace new, you’ve already been.

  15. Fee-fi-fo-fum,
    Fenns gold belongs to a gentle one!
    Hidden deep within the vale,
    forcing others to surely fail.
    Give and take, one hunts it down,
    forging the metal into a crown!

  16. Dreams they come and go
    Stars they dim and grow
    Look out and yell !
    Look out below !

    Forgotten and lost
    The great bird albatross
    In sea and a lonely me
    Cordially a crew, crossed the great big blue

    Sextant have I
    Angles and wishes and all of the kisses
    Rises and bets
    Firm they stand, with all of the hand

    Between the Rocky and Appalachian
    Smooth smooth valley
    Put in slowly
    This man and his wholly

    Filled with admiration
    Her slight penchant for indignation
    Docking hard
    The final of the card

    Wind blew so sweet
    And a mast at all her feet
    Rain and storm a coming
    Just soft soft humming

    And off they take from their great big perch
    Just a tug and a pull and there they lurch
    Albatross set flight
    To her dismay and your delight

    the little things

  17. So why is it that he should wear, the golden crown
    upon his fair hair, is he the one who won it fair
    and square? PS I don’t know, I wasn’t there, I was
    to busy running from a grizzly bear.

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