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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page xx for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic.

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630 thoughts on “Poetry Page XX…

  1. Below a bluen tree
    My heart is set to free
    Reverence and strife
    Above I set to life

    • Nice expressions.
      I liked it, and…

      The unforgotten query,
      For late answer, sorry!
      Then please don’t worry,
      Just I did not hurry.

      Wich language is much worth?
      From where is it on the earth?
      Moreover what kind of sort?
      Whatever is just from heart.

  2. This noblest quest has brought great men to their knees,
    So in this age of Corona, go have a Dos Equis,
    And toast Mr Fenn and the treasure hunt that never ends,
    Good luck to one and all and stay thirsty my friends….

  3. “ Trail Of Dreams “

    What once was shiny, bright and bold,

    Now dims by time, the trail runs cold.

    Imagination, throughout the wood,

    Then yet again, there time stood.

    Probing, prodding, my every move,

    As if it has, so much to prove.

    Dreams of old, that once were new,

    Fade like a summer, morning dew,

    Though I get tired, Time never rests,

    It wants to prove, that it’s the best.

    I know someday, it will prevail,

    I’ll lose the wind, within my sail.

    Until my winds, no longer blow,

    I’ll fight like hell, before I go.

    So go now Time, use all your means,

    We’ll meet again,on my trail of dreams……

    By: Focused

      • I’m glad you enjoyed it my friend…. have a great night… until next time… see ya pdenver

    • May the wind never leave your sail Focused.
      The wind in your sails take us all to “Better Places” within ourselves.

      Thanks again for sharing your magic – A Friend – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA…. thank you for your kind comment… at times we all need better places… take care and stay healthy my friend… until next time.. see ya

      • I hope I blew you away in a good way wwwamericana….

        “ Time is a virtue and also a peril “

        Enjoy your time my friend… until next time… see ya

  4. For those who enjoyed my poem at the end of nineteen,
    Below is the follow up to this weekend’s trip to the evergreen.
    If my solve provides any information to glean
    Then the lines you should read in-between

    My solve was solid without a doubt,
    The only thing left was to tarry scant scout.
    I used 5 stanzas, only left the 1st out.
    So, why does the chest remain about?

    The path was scary but we remained bold.
    The early morning shade and north facing slope made us cold.
    It even appeared Fenn could do this when he was 79 or 80 years old.
    Perhaps he left new riches, like his gold!

    It seemed like this place was isolated from the location’s rest.
    Could we have been the only humans since Fenn laid his chest?
    All the hours and horsepowers I did invest
    Seemed certain to cease this quest.

    We were in the saddle
    Not too far from the no paddle,
    In the place a baby would be safe to bring a rattle.
    A destination small enough so the search would be no battle.

    Y should I feel this despair?
    The answer I know, my TC hopes disappeared in the 5000-10200 foot thin air.
    Luckily we were a pair
    So the memories we share.

    Fenn, this is failure number three!
    Can you please give another clue to this chase devotee?
    Maybe you can correct my malady,
    Is “the wood” a saddle tree?

    That lead searcher need fear no more.
    My blaze just went “right straight” out the door!
    Is it marvel gaze to the blaze I should ignore?
    It’s probably time I got a cure for my saddlesaur.

    This solve to be removed from my blazing gourd
    So I can get back to the “ever drawing” board
    to ace Fenn’s test and claim the reward.
    Am I brave to say nothing else seems to strike a chord?

    I cannot promise a new solve in any time.
    It took 3 years and tries to perfect this climb
    And to put BOTG cost more than a dozen dime.
    So, don’t hold your breath for another rhyme.

    Been fun and good luck all,
    Because I doubt my solve will get an overhaul.
    My guess is Fenn would enjoy the curtain call,
    So I continue hope for a solve before darkness fall.

      • Thanks pdenver, no need to lament,
        Although I did not find the TC, I surprisingly feel very content.
        At first I had 2, then it was 4,
        Then it was 5 stanzas and maybe some more.
        Each the same huge location, but the search area smaller,
        Ever drawing like a beckoning caller.
        I feel if given the poem and told to secret the chest,
        My final location would have been best.
        No more work in the poem needs to be done,
        I have to accept that my search area is not the one.

        So I hope you can see,
        I have no regret
        Just a fond memory,
        With my first born asset.
        I found meaning in the chase
        And enjoyed the thrill,
        But its time to exit the Great Fenn Race
        And swallow my pill.

        • Too Much in Common

          Another kindred soul
          Gazing at a grassy knoll.
          I too know that bitter taste
          and know too it’s not a waste.

          Were there animals at your spot?
          In your gut was there a knot?
          Between wander and wonder
          Which could you plunder?

          We’re in a good spell for-rest
          tires changed, fuel (high test)
          yellow flag now, checkered’s best
          wait for green to restart quest.

          Only if I know the question asked
          Will the answerS be unmasked.
          Won’t neglect my monthly nut
          to jump into the same old rut.

          I can’t cite the reference
          thought I heard this at some conference.
          Not meant as interference
          Only with great deference.

    • Saddlesaur, thank you for sharing your words above, I enjoyed them….
      I’ve made 36 trips in 7 years on my quest, the one thing I’ve learned is “ to accept defeat and continue on is a victory in itself “ ….. regroup my friend, there are many trails that await you….
      Have a great night… until next time… see ya

  5. Puppeteer, Puppeteer,
    what do I do now?
    You took away my everything,
    left me someplace, somehow.
    Light the match
    Burn the candle
    Petals in the Air
    On a dream, chasing tails.
    If only God knew where.
    I used to have a voice.
    I used to have a reason.
    Your unselected choice,
    Followed by a Bad Season.

    Anyway, I know now I have been deluded.
    You got any spare change?

    Some Chump

  6. My first attempt please forgive if it sucks

    As I sit awake and ponder, all the ways to get down yonder. Could this rock hold the key, if not where could it be? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Fool me thrice I can learn a lesson. This quest will pass to the next contestant. Can I see the forest for the trees, or should I look down, possibly on my knees? The truth I know, that’s for sure… I just need to be brave to overcome and endure. Just a few more days, and we shall see, if my insanity can finally rest easy. Lead searcher, the race has begun. Its either you or me who can get this done! Even if and when I’m triumphant, thats just the start of problems more abundant. Will my trials be worth the cold, I think it will if I can be bold! As I sit awake and ponder, all the ways to get down yonder!

    • KcJones, thanks for taking your first shot at poetry, I liked it… I my friend have sat awake many nights and pondered, it’s a normal thing in the chase…lol.
      Until next time… see ya

  7. Hello Why. I read your comment from the previous Poetry Page and enjoyed your thoughts. I hope to read more. It made me want to pen the following:

    “The Vision”

    Closed my eyes to rest
    and a vision did appear.
    Faceless, but I saw more.
    Just as quickly, the vision was gone.

    Time went by and fate did show,
    the face of the faceless,
    and I knew it was you.
    I could feel your kind soul deep inside.

    Why the vision?
    I do not know.
    Is there more to this mystery?
    Heaven only knows.

  8. Upon the bench, I now do sit,
    With my treasures bold;
    A book in hand
    I read aloud
    the stories new and old.

    Their little hands lay in their lap
    and so their heads do bow
    of dreams and kings and fairy tales
    the world is theirs – for now.

    • Well done, wwwamericana. I miss those times of reading to my children each night.

    • Wwwamericana, I could see it all, well done my friend… those days I’ll cherish forever… have a great night… see ya

      • Thank you, Focused.
        My words can never compare to yours tho.
        Till tomorrow.

  9. I wrote this for my wife back in 2003. Its not Chase related but I was encouraged to post it here.

    My Only Life’s Best Friend

    If one could know
    What lies in store
    Upon whose thoughts ascend
    The hope of love
    No joy deferred
    To find his life’s best friend

    Across the seas
    Amongst the hills
    Man’s energy expends
    Upon this path
    He long endures
    To find his life’s best friend

    With saddened eyes
    And head held low
    The grave which doth impend
    Never to know
    His one true love
    His only life’s best friend

    This trick of fate
    From which I run
    Whose bastions I contend
    I dare not think
    That I deserve
    To find my life’s best friend
    But in God’s grace
    He loved me still
    His favor to extend
    He brought HER
    Into my life
    She is my life’s best friend

    Over the years
    Thru joy and sorrow
    Her heart I do commend
    That she chose me
    Amongst the crowd
    To be her life’s best friend

    In golden years
    I will look back
    Upon this life I wend
    To know for sure
    That I have found
    My only life’s best friend

  10. Waiting for You
    (To the tune of ‘Fade into You’ by Mazzy Star)

    I want to run with you through grasslands
    like a race where we both win
    cold rain embraces, our bones tremble
    I feel the heat of your wet skin

    are you there somewhere in shadows
    here and there I swear I caught a glimpse
    almost found you there in searches
    a hide and seeking out so grim

    waiting for you
    strange you’re waiting too
    waiting for you
    somewhere I know you’re waiting too

    I’ll get a chest that’s full of treasure
    I’ll build a nest with that for you
    I’ll send a call out to the wild then
    listen close it guides you through

    waiting for you
    strange you’re waiting too
    waiting for you
    somewhere I know you’re waiting too

  11. Dreaming away-
    That’s the right answer.

    List’ning a-
    That’s the right answer.

    Collected a-
    Tricked by cancer.

    Selected a-
    Storied romancer.

    Gently a-
    With eve’s dancers.

  12. “The Ultimate Price”

    Marble field and flags.
    The Brave in eternal rest.
    Never forgotten.

  13. More than a picture

    Dad, what is this picture here on the wall?
    Son, it’s a nice day you should be outside.
    But tell me about this picture please.
    It’s just a picture, nothing more.
    Moms hang pictures, Dads don’t.
    Dad, this is more than just a picture.
    Who are these guys standing beside you?
    There my friends Son, we served together.
    Do I know any of them?
    No Son, you don’t. Shouldn’t you be out with your friends?
    Dad, where are your friends now?
    Please Son, it’s just a picture.
    Dad, I don’t know anything about you in the military, before you became Dad.
    They are no longer here son, they died in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Did you fight in a war Dad, was you there when they died?
    No Son, I left the military a few years before the war.
    But, not a day goes by that I wish I had been there with them.
    Dad, wars are bad, you could have died, and never met Mom!
    I know Son, they was my best friends
    and I feel like I let them down.
    Dad, why did you join the military?
    I wanted to be in the military for as long as I can remember,
    I always dreamed of being a pilot.
    Was you a pilot!?
    No, my eyesight was not good enough.
    But, I was the best tank gunner in the regiment, ironic huh?
    So Dad, did you want your friends to die?
    No! Why would you ask that?
    Dad, would you have died for them to live, and do you think they knew that?
    Yes, I would have, and I believe they knew I would.
    Dad, they only did what you would have done.
    I think they would be happy to know your alive, married, and got great Sons.
    Dad, don’t regret the wonderful gift you gave each other.
    Each other? What do you mean Son?
    Dad, they died so you can live, you now must live without regret,
    and tell their story so they will be remembered.
    Son, how did you become so wise?
    I have a great Dad, who had great friends.

    • With tears in my eyes, I remember those that fought with me, and did not return – and a few that did – War is so sad – JDA

    • Incredible poem NIJ!

      Wisdom from those who are wise can only be learned if accepted and remembered. We all hope to be remembered…!!

      …especially by friends!

  14. Stars and bars
    Played the band
    Stars and bars
    O loyal friend
    Stars and bars
    With helping hands
    Stars and bars
    Makes a final stand
    Stars and bars
    Freedom rings across the land

  15. A

    To the hearts of man
    From the ground we stan’
    From span to span

    blaze on his arm
    gash on his belt
    grit in his teeth
    notch on his shoulder
    bent at the knee
    rise again soldier
    what it means to be free

  16. Forrest Fidelis

    Let’s go for a walk
    not too far, a field.
    Happy when we talk
    And see what furrows yield.

    Father’s thoughts are kind
    that’s when I find,
    the point on land lined,
    A farm’s crop with a fishers mind.

    Launched a spectacular passion
    the art of collection.
    My room, my home my bastion
    Moved by deep recollection.

    Here the echoes of the pasts
    still alive amongst these relics
    resound and tell what lasts,
    Affirming our mortal mix.

    Go down a long road
    Lost and found again
    Pretty heavy, love’s load
    Someplace new, you’ve already been.

    • I appreciate you all.
      And thanks for all your contributions.
      Honor those on the walls
      And others tribulations.

      I like to see asterisks
      as stars on a field of blue.

    • Does this place have a good view of the river were one can see the water stretch forever

  17. Fee-fi-fo-fum,
    Fenns gold belongs to a gentle one!
    Hidden deep within the vale,
    forcing others to surely fail.
    Give and take, one hunts it down,
    forging the metal into a crown!

  18. Dreams they come and go
    Stars they dim and grow
    Look out and yell !
    Look out below !

    Forgotten and lost
    The great bird albatross
    In sea and a lonely me
    Cordially a crew, crossed the great big blue

    Sextant have I
    Angles and wishes and all of the kisses
    Rises and bets
    Firm they stand, with all of the hand

    Between the Rocky and Appalachian
    Smooth smooth valley
    Put in slowly
    This man and his wholly

    Filled with admiration
    Her slight penchant for indignation
    Docking hard
    The final of the card

    Wind blew so sweet
    And a mast at all her feet
    Rain and storm a coming
    Just soft soft humming

    And off they take from their great big perch
    Just a tug and a pull and there they lurch
    Albatross set flight
    To her dismay and your delight

    the little things

  19. So why is it that he should wear, the golden crown
    upon his fair hair, is he the one who won it fair
    and square? PS I don’t know, I wasn’t there, I was
    to busy running from a grizzly bear.

    • ME oh my
      Don’t look the bear in the eye
      I once knew the fairest of the few
      In lots of wood he grew
      Dontcha know him too

  20. []
    Rest in Peace
    Brave Souls on this
    Memorial Day

  21. A man that sees the future
    Is a man full of sorrow
    For that man cannot live for today
    Since he has already seen tomorrow

  22. I once said a prayer it included you
    What blew me away was you heard it too
    Now trapped in this hell
    I would give it all to know your email.

  23. “ The Becoming Tree”

    If I was buried under a tree
    Part of that tree would I be

    Laying forever in richly soil
    Deserving rest from life’s toil

    Growing tall into the sky
    Holding on wishing to fly

    Hear the sway on the wind
    Together bonded like a friend

    When I was young I thought of that day
    I’d hope to live forever each time I pray

    Not wanting to lay down for eternal bliss
    There I will go but something will be amiss

    Becoming the soil feeding the root
    Strengthening the wood foot by foot

    Becoming the branches growing long
    While the rustling leaves make a song

    Through the warmth and the cold
    Becoming a tree had been foretold.

    For Eric and Mimi.

  24. I used to worry about the birds and the bees,
    Humming like keys left in the trees
    Something that my eyes can’t sees
    This things difficult jees jees jees!

    Mantis to its prey
    Mind knows its time to not stay
    Looking out far across the bay
    Horizon shimmers at least for today

    Ideas coming and going
    Not a single one knowing
    Faith is alright
    When blinded by the light

    Kite no more
    Drift with the incessant lore
    So that it don’t feel like no chore
    Hey, we’re not a bore!

    floating and sinking
    lifting and blinking
    maybe we know best
    when we not thinking

    Cradled my dear
    sweet sweet peach pair
    do not worry
    we alive around this fair

    many stands
    many sits
    many cotton candies
    our tongues to licks

    just a kid wondering around
    bound bound bound
    sound sound sound
    what’s under this mound?
    yes, this here ground?
    i hope it weighs a good golden pound

    or two.
    4 me!
    hmmm cup o’ tea
    o’ clock time for slee

  25. Night Noon

    A forgotten tomb
    Hidden in grass past doom
    Stuck in the moment
    Static future bloom

    A wish made upon a star
    Maybe again in lands a far

    Brethren beholden
    Maiden cast unto this lake
    Toiled searching
    For such sword sake

    Find it did I
    The answer from far and high
    A reflection of metallic water
    The answer was I

  26. True love is a sacred flame,
    a joining to keep us sane.
    As one we form a special glow,
    share our secrets only we know.
    Lend each other a welcome ear,
    live aligned without any fear.
    Hitch a ride into futures pot,
    take a chance and tie the knot.
    Live entwined a single soul,
    happiness being loves only goal.

  27. Half Life

    As we travel through space and time
    Events within and without guide our course
    A great well must maintain its prime
    So many working or done count on the bourse.

    Plans made with average assumptions
    Only returns what is produced
    That this matters only to the rich, a shallow presumption
    Collars of all colors will see benefits reduced.

    Before we engage in logic loose
    Let’s check the bath water
    Let’s save the golden goose
    Before we yield to harmful chatter.

    This flu is not the first
    Its not as bad as nuclear wastes
    We can manage to make its bubble burst
    We have life, in these United States.

    Enjoy our freedoms to work and play
    But first we work, we need our dough
    Staying at home can’t make needs go away
    Be smart, be fair, then on the Chase we’ll go.

      • Very Nice 4rest4fend,

        Now that the chest has been found… It is more important then ever to remember to be kind and fair. This poetry page has been one of my favorite parts of the chase… the other is all the great beautiful people treasures I found 🙂 Good luck everyone on our next adventures who the heck knows what life has in store for us around the next corner 🙂

      • Anyone hear from Focused or know how to contact him? He’s probably out horsing around in the mountains writing great poetry

  28. Here is my set of anagrams of the poem. They don’t rhyme but they led me from Mammoth to Taylor Fork and the boundary of Walter Coopers logging operation back over 100 years ago. I purposely left out the punctuation so that each anagram can have two meanings (double-entendre) depending on punctuation, one having to do with golf, the other having to do with the treasure path:

    Heaven is a great hole in one
    The masters wild boundary
    Eye peers catch mere wink
    Ford channels it in head down

    Beware marshal went with tiger
    End action annoyed with tank
    Brown flat took a raft out
    Note for mine how both blew up

    Performance felt hook three times
    Hanged right in severe wind
    Rule barred untold cheeky people
    Hit a very long wash adjust head

    Hue blues in at a few beyond five dozen
    Wood too lucky as queen rocks quietly
    Rival’s match burnt a wry gazette
    Tied each has peek at jugs content

    Miss sight to hit way out
    Look meant day over several left
    Talk show yawners need air
    Take a wide drive down in no time

    Nationals shed loomed large
    Who felt old October white flurry
    Way ahead on fire bound over it
    Lively tie get hit out good

      • Thanks pdenver,

        It was all great. Gardiner and Big Sky have great restaurants and other activities. My friends and I basically experienced everything along the path– Mammoth Hot Springs, Devil’s Slide, La Duke, Joe Brown, Tom Miner, B-Bar, petrified forest, Buffalo Horn Pass, Dailey Ck, Snowflake Springs, 9 Quarter-Circle Ranch, Ranger Mike, Cache Ck, Taylor Falls.. all spanned over 18 trips.

        Cheers and thanks for your thoughts for these years.

  29. I wrote this poem as a thank you to Forrest Fenn for creating the Chase. I know there are many people who have been looking for many years, but I had only heard about it one year ago. I actually wish I had heard about it sooner. Anyway, last summer, I went on several BOTG and have great memories from all of them. If I had the opportunity, I would travel around the Rocky Mountains every year just to explore. There are so many great places to discover. I feel that the Chase has brought many positive changes to my life that I am committed to keep moving forward, to stay healthy, and to give back to others where I can.

    “The Chase”
    A little over ten years ago Forrest Fenn started the Chase.
    He published a book with a poem. Nine clues set the pace.
    Many searchers have gone into the Rockies looking for gold.
    They leave with memories of adventure. Great stories are told.
    Some may be sad the treasure was discovered.
    I say hooray to the finder, for the clues they uncovered.
    We have all reaped rewards for our time spent in the woods.
    Our efforts searching and looking, dreaming of getting the goods.
    My hats off to Forrest Fenn and a hearty congrats!
    May he and Peggy get some rest, and peace at last.
    I want to say thank you with all of my heart.
    For giving us all the Chase which we all played a part.

    Thank you Forrest

  30. I want to say “ Thank You” to all my online friends who have encouraged me, nudged me and supported me over the years, without you guys I would have never expressed my thoughts online… a big thank you!!!!
    I hope each and every one of you live a long and happy life as we go our own ways. Just remember, your all always in my thoughts……

    Until next time…….. see ya my friends…..


    • Focused –
      I have always looked forward to your beautiful words and would hope that you will give it one last shot. How about one for the road?
      I say you deserve the last word.
      Always and forever my friend.

      • Thanks wwwamericana for your kind words…. im busy now but let me see what i can do later k…. until next time.. see ya my friend

    • Focused;

      Your poetry is one of the thin gs that I will miss most about the Chase ending. Please, one last encore – JDA

      • JDA, you my friend have been a big part of my writing over the years. Your kindness and appreciation for my words have always pushed me to continue on…. thank you…
        Can i get your opinion on something my friend? Other’s too… i have been asked over the years to publish a book, i never did because i wasnt in the chase for monetary gain… and that hasnt changed… im thinking about raffling off a hard copy of approximately 350 poems ive written in the chase and the lucky draw will have soul ownership and all copyright to the poems to do what they wish… with proceeds going to help someone in need, someone fighting cancer etc…
        Just a thought ive had since the chase has ended, that way my words over the years would have a purpose. For someone fighting their fight….
        Deep in thought….. until next time… see ya my friend

        • W O W Focused – I would do anything that you ask in order to publish that one-of-a-kind book – and then would bid as much as I could to obtain it.

          What a GREAT idea. You Friend – JDA

          • I love your enthusiasm JDA, but i think you mosunderstood me….. i should have said ” rough draft” of my poems… along with a realease of ownership of copyright to the winner… they then could publish a book, keep them for themselves , or whatever they want to do with them …it would be up to the new owner to decide…
            I hope that clarifies things….
            See ya my friend

        • Hey Focused,
          Did you ever imagine this day would come? However, your journey is far from over my friend and many more poems to write. I want to buy a copy of your poems, because I want you to have the money, and that is non negotiable old friend, what you do with the money is your business. Do NOT think for one moment you are making money from the Chase, it was just your muse, it encouraged you to write, and the poems came from within you. Also I would personally refuse to put my name in that hat if your just going to give it away, it would be a dishonor to you to do so. Your journey is not over, so why stop writing about the beauty you see? If you need a brake from writing, that is understandable, such penmanship as yours does not come out lightly, and a recharge may be all you need. Make your book, sell it, and then buy more pens and paper, rinse and repeat.
          It was a chance encounter in the night when we first met, but I could see you shining in the dark.
          God bless you Focused, now and always

        • Focused – Maybe Forrest and his One Horse Land & Cattle Co. could publish your Poetry book about The Chase. And then Collected Works could sell it. And, maybe, both you and Forrest can sign copies there for searchers?

  31. This is a wonderful idea. I hope it comes together. Something lasting much longer than anyone can foresee

  32. I heard your gone and not alone/ not to be for me to take your hand and there to place a golden band/ it wasn’t for me to take you home/ but you are my secret thought though through new days / and when I think of you I’ll marvel at your ways

  33. Seems fitting, focused. A little Boz Scaggs, Lido Shuffle…One more for the road Focused! I totally enjoyed this page the most! Y’all are winners in my book!


  34. Ideas anyone…. since our time is limited in the chase, I want to make my poems available to all…… how about this? A raffle would only make one person holding my words of the chase… I can’t afford to publish a book out of pocket, so what if I took pre-orders to help offset my costs, publish my book and then everyone could get a copy if they want.. and since the pre-orders Helped get it done then they would be the only books signed by me “ Focused”…??? Who knows, there may be a doodle of my own in there too… lol
    I’m kicking around ideas… Help!! Lol

    Until next time… see ya

    • Ask Forrest, I believe he would be happy to help, and I would buy pre-orders.

      • Nearindianajones, He doesn’t reply to many emails, especially now I’m sure… I’ll figure something out… thanks my friend

    • Hello Focused. I love the idea of being able to purchase/preorder a book with your poetry. Searchers have suggested One Horse Land & Cattle Co. which I think would make a perfect touch and ending to the chase. Your poems bundled in one book, published by Mr. Fenn’s publishing company…yes, it would be treasured keepsake.

        • Focus – you forget, we have High Hopes here.
          Now don’t forget bout that “one for the road” poem you promised (well sorta promised). Pinkie promised?

          I will pre-order your book.

          • I just got home from my dads 76th birthday party… im tired, but i will get pne on here soon… pinky swear wwwamericana…..lol
            See ya my friend

          • finally found ya Nikan – ever since my wordpress account vanished, i been flying blind (lost email prompts, comment refs etc) and didn’t even realise this page was still running.

            glad to hear you’re alive and kicking mate, have donated $20 towards ya book, would’ve been more but i recently lost my job re: lockdown

            had the craziest dream last night that you, me and wwwamericana were horse-trekking, drinking cold beer and eating frogs legs – go figure

            (HI PDENVER!! 🙂 )

        • Hello Focused. I’m reminded of a story Mr. Fenn told about asking his Higher Up about flying the new plane and he was given permission. Without asking, it wouldn’t have happened. It’s worth a shot to try and having some hope is worth something.

  35. Hi All;

    I am starting up a “Go Fund Me” account to help Focused have all of his poems published. Here is part of what you will find on the Go Fund Me link:

    Focused’s Book of Poems
    $280 raised of $10,000 goal
    Donate now

    57 mins
    5 hrs

    Jerry Adcox is organizing this fundraiser.

    Created 6 hours ago
    Dreams, Hopes & Wishes

    One of the saddest things about “The Chase” ending is the fact that we may never be able to read a new poem by James Bynum – better known to us searchers as FOCUSED.

    FOCUSED is a gentleman who has been posting his poems on Dal’s blog site since February, 2015. His poems have FOCUSED on the chase, one or two about the trials of having a heart attack, but the majority have FOCUSED on his Native American culture and heritage. He has been able to paint pictures in our minds so vivid that we can feel the heat of a camp fire on our cheeks, or feel the wind rushing over an eagle’s wing soaring high above a mountain canyon.

    For years, we searchers have asked FOCUSED to publish a book of his poems. At long last, FOCUSED has agreed to publish about 350 of his poems.. Publishing a book is not an inexpensive endeavor though. Editing and page lay-out alone will cost about $1500.00. After that, publishing the hardcover collection of his poems will cost thousands – dependent on the number of books published.

    James (Focused) insists that he wants to make NO money off of the “Chase.” James has assured me that any profits from the sale of his book will go towards future publishing costs, or will be given to a variety of charitable organizations that will either help Native Americans, or organizations such as the American Heart Association.

    We all would love to have all of James’ (FOCUSED’s) poems brought together in a single hard cover book. In order to make this possible, we will need to open our wallets, just as wide as FOCUSED has opened his heart when he creates one of his beautifully vivid poems.

    Please click on the link below if you can help – Every little bit will help:


    Thanks for your donations



    • JDA,

      You’re over 300 now…and will Focused be signing these once they hit the press? I sure hope so!

      20 dollars a person
      500 people
      = success!

      This can be done!

      Or 10 x 1000 people?
      Very doable…


      • I am sure Focused will gladly sign all purchased copies –

        Now up to $505.00 – As the old saying goes – “Keep those cards and letters comin’ folks” Many thanks to those that have already given – JDA

      • Holding steady at 505 – wish it would move up to above 1300 so that Focused can send her poems to the publisher for editing and page lay-out. Tanks again to those that have helped so far. JDA

      • We just passed 600 – Now at 615 – THANKS GUYS Focused and I really appreciate it. Soon the poems will be heading to the publisher – T’anks – JDA and Focused

      • We are now at 635 – YEA for you guys – Hearts of gold – Thanks – JDA and Focused

      • Good Morning Guys – Thanks to your generosity, we are now at 877. THANKS ever so much – As you saw below, Focused is thrilled, as am I – JDA and Focused

        • Thanks for helping our Focused Friend
          Enjoyed your voice and how you’d post
          If we can idle here a while before the end
          I’d also give to this site’s generous host…..

      • WOW – W O W – We are over $1,000.00 – 1027 to be exact. We each may not have found Forrest’s Gold, but there is gold in all of your hearts. THANKS SOOOO much – JDA and Focused

      • This is awesome… So funny, I have meet Focused yet never knew his real name!!! lol Thank you focused for the years of enjoyment! Looking forward to the book-

        • Heck Spallies, even if you knew my real name you’d probably still call me Focused…lol. So you didn’t miss out on much…. 🙂

          See ya Spallies

      • Thank you BigOnus!!!!! Words can’t express…. each and every one of you are part of this… when the book hits the shelves remember… you helped make it happen….. thank you again….


  36. Aka BeenFoundwanting

    I know I joined in on the fun later than most but I really enjoyed the stories and messages and encouragements that were shared on these pages

    Thanks everyone here and I hope the books sells like hot cakes. He said he’d be back, but tired and weak that Conestoga might move like molasses
    Well by the time he gets back. Let’s have put old Bob Frosty out of the poetry business

  37. Ok guys, for once I’m at a loss for words…. and for you JDA to take it upon yourself to help me …wow… I’m humbled, thank you so much my friend..
    I contributed to the poetry page because I was inspired by the chase, before I started the chase I never wrote a poem in my life… and then you guys, Jdiggins, Spallies, JDA, Anna , Pdenver , CindyM , nearindianajones, Curioushobbit, wwwamericana, 23 kachinas… and on and on. the list is to big to name all of you individually… you guys nudged me and pushed me and encouraged me to continue writing, and I did…. without you guys I would have never written so many poems… thank you all !!!!!
    Now I ask myself “why me?” All of you have poetry upon this page that is book worthy. I just expressed my thoughts over the years for you guys (my friends)… I considered a book a few times when asked by you guys but didn’t because of a couple reasons… 1- I didn’t think my words were book worthy. 2- the cost to get it up and going….. now you guys have spoken louder than before…. I “WILL” publish a book thanks to the generous donations from you guys on the “ go fund me” page JDA has set up…. thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! As soon as I reach the initial amount to start… my poems will be sent to a publisher….
    Again… thank you for your caring and generous donations…
    not only are you helping me, you will also be helping others as well…. this world need more people like you guys!!!!! “THANK YOU”

    Enjoy the little things my friends….. until next time… see ya

    • God bless you Focused. Keep on penning, who knows, but I am willing to say, You just found tour treasure chest today.

      • Nearindianajones,
        I found my treasure the day I clicked on the poetry page…. true friendships are priceless!!!!

        P.s- did you know that some treasures glow in the dark…. just saying…

        See ya my friend

  38. “There is freedom waiting for you,
    “On the breezes of the sky,
    And you ask “What if I fall?”
    Oh but my darling,
    What if you fly?”
    ― Erin Hanson

    Now my friend,
    I’m gonna watch you fly…..

    • Coming from you wwwa, or Mr. Rhubarb and Mr. Asparagus terrorized…are you speaking as the little boy still suckling his mother’s breast at 13 who repeatedly says to “make the little man fly” (aka Tyrian Lanaster in GOT) by pushing him through the hole in the floor to his death. “I want to se the little man fly mummy. Make him fly, make him fly.”

      Or are you still thinking you can fly under the radar after all this time?

  39. As Forrest would say… ” Sometimes I just want to wrap my arms around someone and give them a big Boa hug”
    Well, heres a big Boa hug to everyone who has donated on the ” Go fund me page” that jDA set up to help get my book on the shelf of anyone who wants one…. im about half way till i can send my poems to a publisher…. thank you!!!
    I will kerp you all posted along thr way. My book will be titled ” The Quill Of The Chase”…. thank you jdiggins for suggesting the title. And thank you JDA for kicking this off for little ole me…
    Below is a link to the page for anyone wishing to help…. have a great day everyone….. Boa hug!!!!


    Until next time… see ya my friends

    • Thank you to whoever just donated, you donation helped a lot…. Boa hug to you!!!! Share any chance you get my friends and we together can achieve our goal….. looks like it may not take long…. thanks again everyone. I’m humbled at your donations… I don’t see this as “my” book, I see this as “our” book. Without you my words would probably never hit paper…..

      Update… I’ve contacted several publishers and currently awaiting a call be from 2 of them… after talking with them I’ll make my decision who to go with… and as soon as the ball is rolling on “ The Quill Of The Chase”… I will let everyone know.

      Until next time…. hugs

  40. Hi All;
    I am starting up a “Go Fund Me” account to help Focused have all of his poems published. Here is part of what you will find on the Go Fund Me link:
    Focused’s Book of Poems
    Jerry Adcox (JDA) is organizing this fundraiser.

    Dreams, Hopes & Wishes
    One of the saddest things about “The Chase” ending is the fact that we may never be able to read a new poem by James Bynum – better known to us searchers as FOCUSED.
    FOCUSED is a gentleman who has been posting his poems on Dal’s blog site since February, 2015. His poems have FOCUSED on the chase, one or two about the trials of having a heart attack, but the majority have FOCUSED on his Native American culture and heritage. He has been able to paint pictures in our minds so vivid that we can feel the heat of a camp fire on our cheeks, or feel the wind rushing over an eagle’s wing soaring high above a mountain canyon.
    For years, we searchers have asked FOCUSED to publish a book of his poems. At long last, FOCUSED has agreed to publish about 350 of his poems.. Publishing a book is not an inexpensive endeavor though. Editing and page lay-out alone will cost about $1500.00. After that, publishing the hardcover collection of his poems will cost thousands – dependent on the number of books published.
    James (Focused) insists that he wants to make NO money off of the “Chase.” James has assured me that any profits from the sale of his book will go towards future publishing costs, or will be given to a variety of charitable organizations that will either help Native Americans, or organizations such as the American Heart Association.
    We all would love to have all of James’ (FOCUSED’s) poems brought together in a single hard cover book. In order to make this possible, we will need to open our wallets, just as wide as FOCUSED has opened his heart when he creates one of his beautifully vivid poems.
    Please click on the link below if you can help – Every little bit will help:
    Thanks for your donations

    • Inching forward – We are now at 1050 – A NICE number. Thanks to all who have donated – We appreciate it – Focused and JDA

      • I can’t seem to get on Facebook. Is there anyone out there that can post a link on Facebook to the Go Fund Me site?


        Thanks guys. I am not a usual Facebook user, and it keeps sending me in circles when I try to update my password, then it wants to verify that it is me, and I go round and round in circles.

        Thanks to whoever can help me – JDa and Focused

        • Thank you John Graham for your generous donation towards my book…its very much appreciated… Boa hug to you my friend…..thank you again!!!
          See ya my friend

    • We have almost reached $1100.00 – Focused and I can not thank you guys enough – T H A N K S JDA and Focused

  41. Ok, this ones for you wwwamericana…. see, I can keep a pinky swear…lol have a great evening everyone…. until next time… see ya

    “ My Cottonwood “

    Many, many years ago, in a hidden valley floor,

    Teepees stood in numbers, along a creek side shore.

    The smoke it drifted gently, in the early morning breeze,

    With golden tips of sunlight, atop the nearby trees.

    While gazing down upon it, I noticed something near,

    Across the creek below them, a pair of spotted deer.

    Tiny in their stance, the two they jumped about,

    While mama she was grazing, alert and looking out.

    The sky above was scattered, with clouds all golden white,

    Oh what a peaceful morning, to look upon this sight.

    My people start their moving, around the camp below,

    Mama waves up to me, I know it’s time to go.

    Before I leave this beauty, there’s something I must do,

    I kneel beneath a cottonwood, remove my deerskin shoes.

    Both hands upon it’s trunk, I gaze at limbs above,

    I pray into the heavens, give thanks for things I love.

    Like this lonely cottonwood, I too must have the sun,

    Like it my roots grow slowly, since my earthly life begun.

    Someday I know I’ll grow, just as big and strong,

    I’ll bask in morning sunshine, I’ll help sing nature’s song.

    As I slowly stumble, down to our valley floor,

    I know that more awaits me, beyond life’s golden shore.

    I hear my people speaking, I smell the burning wood,

    I turn for one last look, at my heavenly cottonwood…..

    By: Focused

  42. Your welcome JDA, and thank you for everything you’ve done…. yep, we’ll get that book published….
    See ya my friend

  43. Focused, I am honored.
    We grow, we live, we give.
    Come sit with me by the fire, my friend, and watch the embers fly.
    You wear the soft shoes of a poet proudly.

    PS – pinkie promises are the best!

    • I’ll sit by your fire anytime wwwamericana….. it’s not the shoes, it’s the inspiration. Which you guys have given me….thank you
      PS- yeah, you gotta like pinky promises..
      Have a great night my friend… until next time… see ya

  44. Come on y’all – dig deep,
    I know you got more than $50 in your pocket.
    Let’s get this book published!

      • Come on Guys and Gals. We have been stuck at $1080 for a while now. I KNOW that many of you have fallen in love with Focused’s poems, just as I have.

        Please, open that wallet just a bit wider – we are almost to the point where Focused can send his poems to the publisher for editing and lay-out, and cover design

        Thanks to those that have already donated – 🙂 JDA and Focused

      • Y E A – We have just gone over 1100. Grand total is now $1130.

        THANKS SOOOO MUCH – JDA and Focused

        • JDA, thanks to the generous donations by everyone it might not take long to push the button on this thing. You don’t know how happy this makes me, I knew the people here were special, but wow!!! $1130, I can’t believe my eyes..we are almost there my friends. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Here’s a real big Boa hug !!!!!

          Until next time… see ya my friends

        • JDA – After the target is reached, maybe Dal deserves his own finders pot, from all the friends he found.

      • W O W folks – We are almost there. We now have $1225 in the GoFundMe account – Almost enough so that Focused can send off his poems to a publisher for editing and page lay-out.

        Focused and I want to give all of you a big “boa hug” as focused would say. THANKS to all – I salute you – JDA and Focused

      • Y E A – Y E A Y E A – We are over $1300 – at $1325. Focused can now send her poems to the publisher. It will still take a bunch of bucks to actually get the book into print, but thanks to you all, Focused is on his way, and we are on our way to to being able to read all of Focused works in book-form.

        Our deepest thanks to you all for getting us this far – Facused and JDA

    • Was that $50 a dig at me 🙂

      I’m pacing myself ;-). We don’t want him getting too rich too fast!

      • Thank you bigOnus for your donation towards getting my book published… words cant express!!!
        Have a great day my friend….. thank you again!!
        Until next time… see ya my friend

          • Oh those are expensive letters…..
            I paid $242 for mine.
            If you buy more than one, I’m sure we can get you a discount. Buy two and you get the third one for free!

          • BigO,

            I’ll bring the Grey Poupon…I hear those W’s is yummy! Now where’d I leave my toothpick?

            Well played www242.


          • Ouch, those were expensive. He is trying to milk me here ByGeorge.

            They are well used now, WWW, and soon to be replaced with new. So, I will give you $200 for the middle one, as long as you throw in the “I” for free.

            I don’t suppose anyone has ever bought characters from a blog user name before, but first time for everything I suppose.

          • BigO
            Usually vowels are the expensive letters but if you are willing to fork it out, I suppose you can have that “I” for free.
            That’s sure a wad of money to lay down but hey – que sera sera.

            Thank you in advance for reaching deep – I’m sure Focused’s book of poems will be worth it.

          • OK deal, I will donate the $200. You will now be called = wwamercana

            I will be called BigOnus wi

            Maybe I should have asked for an e instead of an i. That way I could have upgraded to capitals and had a giant WE (toilet pun intended).

          • Well you are a man of your word, BigOnus wi –
            Now you need an “n.”
            Going once, going twice………

            Ain’t this fun?

          • lol, how could I resist!

            I will give you another $100 for an “n”, rounding it up to $300!

            I don’t gamble, so never had a win before. This will be my first time.

            I tell you what, i’ts been a great character building exercise, don’t ya think?

          • My, my, my…….
            What’s in a name?
            Just take it all for another $200 and I will match you.
            I get to keep my two double u’s tho.

            No go? then I get my name back.
            Deal or No Deal?

          • I will take the rest, bar the 2 double u’s, for another $200 and if you match it, I will return them all as a gesture of goodwell. That way we find ourselves back where we started!

  45. it’s over / it’s over now the night to soothe/ to cover glare of losses’ sorrow/ and how the night, which holds a quiet solitude reflects a loss so bright, unclear but does/ so bright the glare, a turning and shielding defeat away/ but best then to say, not this time a victors dance plays out but next / and believe / that next times come with the furious pace of hurricane rain/ again and countless times again/ chances unagainst countless chances again/ chances growing chances like the meadows growing of endless wildflowers by design / mile upon the mile and still more/ tomorrow’s dreams exist in air / chain the past to the earthly floor/ the new you go to explore

  46. A Pie Lot’s Menu

    A tale of some resurrections
    Found within poetic instructions
    Measured in metes and bounds
    Links below and above astounds.

    Something borrowed someone knew
    Marry the verse a clever clue
    After Adam and Eve’s famous fall
    We’re chastened by thrills after all.

    Start on high then take the plunge
    With rapier wits we parry and lunge
    Over and under the limbo bars
    When the music stops we dance with stars.

    From a trestle or a plane
    The quickened pulse will ex-plane
    Why when our pulse starts to fade
    The pressing need to make the grade.

    Where warm waters halt upon our skin
    We sweat the small stuff, we have to win.
    After our aerobics we should turn aside;
    Open our chest, find the golden peace inside.

    • Very nice 4rest4fend…. i enjoyed reading your words… thank you…. keep up your penning my friend… see ya

      • Thank you ByGeorge.

        Yes, and that’s a good thing.
        This was a second wind for me. It showed me
        that the prevailing winds are ancient and current as well.

        Stay well

    • 4rest – I feel you aren’t far from a book of your own.
      That’s a really, really fine piece of writin.

      • wwwamericana, thanks for this and all you’ve put into this page.

        BTW , your user name is great and might make for a cool
        website. If it isn’t already taken…

  47. Thank you very much Dean B for your generous donation towards my book. We are inching forward and someday it can be on our shelves….. Big Boa hug for you my Friend…..
    For anyone else interested in helping, here’s the link to the “go fund me” page that JDA has set up…. have a great day every one… God bless


    Until next time… see ya my friends

    • Copy that Focused.

      You’ve got bear in the air near MM-7 and a plain wrapper in the comedian around the 6. When you hit the construction be careful, ya got a care-bear with an Eagle eye shootin’ ya when your coming in.

      It’s been one Focused. It’s hammertime! Time to turn ole girg around and hammer down. I’ll catch ya on the flip-flop Focused. I look forward to your book of poems, my friend. Congratulations!

      Bravo out. (Big Roger Beep)

  48. BigOnus, Wow!!!! Thank, thank, thank you my friend!! I dont know what to say, except that you’ve got a heart as big as Texas…..
    At the rate its going the funds may be there sooner that expected… all you guys have really put me in high gear…lol
    I have a saying that i live by……

    “You get what you give”

    Time, the past few days are proof of that… thank you so much…. have a blessed day my friends……
    And BigOnus, a realy big Boa for you!!!! Thank you!!!

    Have a great day… until next time… see ya

    • No problem my friend, but it is not just me you need to thank! I was sold a “w” and an “i” from wwwamericana’s user name for $200.

      The brave one is now called wwamercana.

  49. No problem my friend, but it is not just me you need to thank! I was sold a “w” and an “i” from wwwamericana’s user name for $200.

    The brave one is now called wwamercana.

    • W O W Big Onus – Focused and I can not thank you enough –
      T H A N K S – Focused and JDA – We are now at $1625. Focused can send her poems off to a publisher – THANKS again – Focused and JDA

      • Just doing a bit of character building JDA. I’ve bought all wwwamericana’s name except two double u’s.

  50. JDA – BigOnus is definitely an individual of the finest character –
    most likely an Officer and a Gentleman.
    Thank you BigO for your generous donations – you are one high roller, Baby.
    As you can see, I am one up on you (and maybe more considering my finger got stuck as I hit the keyboard). Oh well, que sera sera. If we ever make it out to dinner together, I will definitely pick up the check, Mate.

    PS – thanks for the goodwill gesture in returning my name. TSE would be proud.

    • Thank you guys SOOOO much. You are both fine gentlemen. I know that Focused and I both appreciate your generosity – and light spirits. JDA and Focused

    • We are now – thanks in great part to you two – over $2,000.00 – THANKS EVER SOOOO much – JDA and Focused

    • wwwamericana – jeez, given how generous you guys are, i’m guessing you’ll all get a signed copy, personal delivery AND a super-cool doodle!!

      and if BigOnus ever runs you out of letters to sell/donate towards Nikans book, i’ll happily gift you one of our names mate, just to keep the momentum going

      it’s Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu

      • CH,

        I’m laughing so hard tears are rolling!!! OMG…y’all are making the wait a blast!

        Yeah!! What the Hobbit said! And mine is Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious

        Don’t trip, the umbrella is included…just sayin

      • I will bear your kindness in mind hobbit and ByGeorge! 😉

        I will keep an eye on the tally and might give it a top up if I see it floundering.

      • BG – glad you got a giggle mate, and yes it’s a real toponym here

        …but please don’t ask me to pronounce it 🙁

    • Thank you, wwwamericana, you are top class too!

      $1 in front puts you in first place, so congrats my friend!

      You deserve all your letters back, and I suppose they were never any u’se anyway! 🙂

  51. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG,,,, I just got home and looked at the “go fund me” and about passed out!!!! Wwwamericana stop selling your name, at this rate you will be a nobody before morning, nothing but 12 empty spaces on here, we can’t have that!!!…lol And you BigOnus, listen to me, …… “ go to the kitchen and get a pair of scissors from the drawer and cut your cut your card in half” . Heck, your banker will be calling you on a Sunday wondering what’s up….lol
    All joking aside, I’m overwhelmed by all this “go fund me” stuff, most of all I’m overwhelmed by everyone here. Over the years you guys have told me that you liked my words and you guys encouraged and inspired me to let my imagination flow, in the form of poetry. I did, but never thought of my words at book material and now this!!! I’m speechless beyond measure my friends… I hope that when my book hits the platforms it sells good, there are many people out there struggling and fighting against odds that I can only imagine. I want all of you to know that because of your generous, generous donations you will making a difference in someone’s life… Thank you all so much!!!!
    When I started the chase, I never dreamed of being in the position That I am right now… it was not my goal, I wrote for you guys…. “ Whiskey River” was for a special someone fighting alcohol addiction, “ Note To Cancer” was for another special someone fighting cancer. And others Alzheimer’s etc. to ease their burden all I had to offer was my words and now because of you guys, in the future I will be able to do what my heart tells me to do…… a super, super big boa hug for every one of you guy… Your awesome!!!!!! And a heartfelt thank you too!!!! BigOnus and wwwamericana…Wow!!! Speechless!!!!!!
    I will keep you all posted on the progress of “ Our” book !,,,,,,

    God bless each of you!!!!
    Until next time… see ya my friends

    • Typo ….. but “I” never thought of my words “as” book material…… my bad..lol

    • Glad to help Focused. You are a chosen messenger, delivering something beautiful.

      I am sure we can get that book promoted good when it arrives!

      • Thank you for your generosity, and making it fun too.

        It’s a very good thing that you are Big On U S.

        Stay well

        • Well. 4rest4fend, if I wern’t buying letters I would only be shaving sheep!

          Look after yourself also.

          • Yes, yes sharp reference.

            But our hero prevailed, this side of the vale.

            It is nice to have this moment to shear. lol

            In large part thanks to you,

            Life’s funny that way.

      • Thank you BigOnus….. I try my friend… thank you for all you’ve done to help get my words to a larger audience , in turn will help a larger audience….. your heart is smiling!!! Have a great night…. until next time… see ya BigOnus

  52. Thank you again Dean B!!!! Wow, another donation? You guys amaze me!!!
    I don’t know if Forrest ever ventures over here to the poetry page, but if he did, I’m sure he would be proud to see how the chase has brought together this amazing family of friends with hearts as big as Texas…..
    There is so much good in the people here!!! I hope you have a great night and a better tomorrow Dean B…. thank you again for your very generous donation….

    Here’s the link for anyone wishing to donate to “ The Quill Of The Chase”


    . here’s a big boa hug for ya….until next time….see ya …Dean B…..

    • Woke up this morning – We are now at $2126.00 W O W THANKS Guys and Gals – Focused and JDA

    • Focused – I emailed a link to your post above to Forrest, two days ago. Because Forrest is not one to miss a brilliant opportunity, right?

  53. We found some dragonflies
    We found some frogs
    We found some marbles
    Even little dogs

    We found some springs
    We found some scent
    We found tall grass
    Time well spent

    We found the bridge
    We found the view
    We found our own treasures
    Thanks to you g

    • Ace 340,

      I think we all can relate to this. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done SOBER!

      So I’ll see your frogs & dogs and raise ya a bear & an eagle. Be careful Ace, my hole card is the magical.

      Enjoyed your poem. Well done.


    • Good job ace340….. as By George said, we can all relate to your words. Treasures are everywhere, if we choose to look for them. In the game of life It’s the little things in life that are huge…. have a great day today… keep penning my friend… until next time.. see ya

    • Excellent poem ace!

      Let me add, with that many great finds, it would be extremely difficult to call one’s self a failure. Even with the “Chase” ending, and coming up empty-handed of Forrest’s treasure, a person’s mind can still feast upon the beauty of nature!

  54. Thanks ya’ll. I wrote it down one morning at sunrise on my fist search with my kids. I was sitting watching three baby foxes play. g

  55. Focused, JDA – words are magical.
    They hold such secrets, such emotion, such power.
    You are truly an artist with a pen rather than a brush, Focused and and your art needs to be shared with all – long after this silly Treasure Hunt is over.
    I know your dreams will come true and your words will take flight.

    BigOnus – it was a true honor and a lot of fun to play with you.
    You may have your choice of my letters for free anytime.

    Now come on y’all – pitch in and help.
    “For only a dollar a day……”
    Please don’t make me sell myself short again.

    • www & Bigonus…

      After laughing until I was crying last night reading on here, I went to the “Go Fund Me” page. I ended up looking at the contributions from everyone. Then I seen you 2.

      OMG! I LOST IT!!! Unless someone followed the conversation on here they might think you 2 NORMAL! Far from it…way above! Thanks for the laughter long after the reading!!

      I will contribute tonight in honor of laughter! I have not had this much fun in a very long time. I finally get a few bucks and Indulgence surfaces.

      So I had to get me a few t-shirts from here before the deadline and pitch in for another good cause.


      • 🙂 Normal does not wash in the realms of Fennland, ByGeorge!

        I think I should grab some of those tshirts too.

        I saw a vet outside a supermarket in the cold at Christmas selling calendars. I bought them all and we handed them out for free. He was back home nice and warm sooner than he thought and I made a good friend.

    • Thank you for your very kind words wwwamericana… “ to put a smile on someone’s face, your heart will smile the same”. You my friend have put a smile on mine… thank you !!!
      Please don’t see yourself short again…. we like you tall!!! …lol
      Have a great night… until next time.. see ya wwwamericana……

  56. an oldie. a goodie. and dedicated to JDA and all past, present and future rascals on this page 🙂

    there is pleasure in the pathless woods
    there is rapture in the lonely shore
    there is society where none intrudes
    by the deep sea, and music in it’s roar
    I love not Man the less
    but Nature more

    – Focused

    • I buy names and you steal them?

      tut, tut, tut…..its you that’s the rascal! lol

    • Curious Hobbit;

      I’ll have you know I resemble that remark!

      Thanks – I do Love Nature More 🙂 JDA

    • Nikan,
      This is to good to ne mine…lol are you holding out on us?
      Until next time… see ya nikan

    • JDA -hope ya haven’t been too resembleful of my comments in the past ..coz my mum used to tell me “never mess with a man who sculpts stone granite with his bare hands!” …and yes, i listened good

      no worries nikan, it’s all yours …just refer Byrons lawyers directly to BigO and deny all knowledge 🙂

  57. In-laws are always outlaws…
    and around here, they’re all in-laws!

    Related one in the same
    It’s difficult to resist the craziest of games…

    But if I try, I’ll not try hard
    Cause ridicule will follow and I’ll be barred

    So it should come as no surprise
    That’s really about the best I can do guys.

  58. Wish I could donate monetarily to your cause Focused… Maybe I can afford your book when it comes out. Have you thought about a price yet?

  59. Suzy_S,
    Thank you for your kind comment, i haven’t thought about a price yet, thats farther down the road… but it will be affordable my friend… it will be available at large retailer platforms, amazon, barnes and noble, ebook platforms etc. So it should easy to find when the time comes, a lot of work to do, and decisions to make before then….. i will let everyone posted on the progress…. until next time… see ya

      • Lisa, i should put some pics in there, it would be more pleasing to the eye… i have plenty also, i quit counting at 33 trips..lol
        Have a great evening.. see ya lisa

  60. Another day,
    another dawn,
    the day we know may soon be gone.

    So like an arrow, swift in flight,
    I relish in the mornin light.

    For me I will not say it’s true
    nor can I throw out this old worn out shoe.
    I put it on, it fits so well
    and off we go, oh the stories we’ll tell.

    PS – Donate NOW to help Focused.
    Remember – for just a dollar a day, you might keep the BigOnus away.
    Ahead of the game, but not for long….

    • Wwwamericana, gteat penningbmy friend. I just love the peaceful mornings… oh, and thanks for trying to help out eith donations…
      Heres the link again, every now and then it needs to be moved to the bottom again…. anyone wishing to help with ” The Quill Of The chase” , just click the link and your there…..


      Thanks to everyone who have donated towards my book,. Because of you, it will be published…. thank you!
      See ya my friends

    • Thank you, Suzanne – Lisa – Focused.
      Sometimes those words just come,
      – and sometimes they don’t.

    • Can relate to your poem www!

      If it happens and your shoe breaks
      be sure to save your faithful laces
      You and they have what it takes
      and can be certified for many more chases.

      Stay well.

  61. W O W Guys and Gals – We are now at $2226. Y E A for you guys – Focused and I thank you all – JDA

    • I remember those days nearindianajones, has it really been that long ago?
      Time really slips by.. thanks for the old memories my friend… i liked it…. see ya my friend

  62. Thank you ByGeorge for your donations, it really helps !! Have a great night…. heres a Boa hug for you my friend……see ya

    • Focused,

      You are welcome. My first donation was for the laughs BigO and www gave us. Man they were funny! Had to drop 500 big ones! That’s 500 pennies! Heck, they were F U N N Y!

      And I do pay well for well done humor! So like any sea fearin’ Pirate ,I paid these swashbuckling clowns well…a buck-an-ear! 4 ears and a gracious $1.00 tip out of the good ness of me heart. Well done mates!

      I would have paid me fair lads a wee bit more but, well, I HUMOR EASILY.

      The other 95 was for my youngest daughter., Cherish Ferguson. I have 2 Cherish F’s now, thanks to the Chase. 2 of everything can never hurt!

      And I still have enough for gas money. Headed to the rockies with my other daughter, Melissa and granddaughter to visit some long overdue museums. I hear they’re a must see!

      Enjoy our night…Stars are shining here! Thanks Focused.


      • Your welcome ByGeorge… yes BigOnus and wwwamericana were fun the other night… have fun at the museums with Melissa and your granddaughter, times like that are priceless!!! Enjoy the little things as you enjoy your time with them..k you gotta buy them a double scoop ice cream… just sayin…..
        Thanks again for your help…. until next time… see ya ByGeorge

      • Seeing as I am feeling happy and you made me laugh ByGeorge, I will match your donation, minus $1.00. That keeps both you and www ahead of the game and joint winners, with a $2.00 advantage. Its my way of opening the door for you both, like an English gent.

        Not sure on the ears, my wife says I have none. Well, how many times do we need to change the curtains? All we do is open and close em’. Who wants to talk about colour schemes when I have a blaze to find! I dare not say that out loud though, because there would be fireworks!

        Have fun with the museums. I adore those places. There is something very special about them that makes me emotional. Hard to describe that feeling. I have stood and watched those entering and those leaving and you can see a big difference in mood. They help make the world a better place.

        Dont forget to dream big, under those Stars!

        • BigO,

          I’m going to have to skip the trio plan. Covid and stupidity seem to breed well within a Petri dish.

          I’m just going alone to be on the safe side. Reconnaissance if you will…that has a return address on it for my family.

          Laughter is the best medicine. It’s a Rumplestiltskin thing.


  63. Well guys, I’ve seen the newest post by dal and we dont know how long this blog will continue. So id like to say “thank you” to each and every one of you guys, for years of fun here on the poetry page. And a special “thank you” and a great big boa hug for every one of you guys that donated towards getting my book published. Big or small, every donation helped alot “thank you”. Anyone that would like to be notified when ” The Quill Of The chase” is available, send me an email to summertime1996@hotmail.com and in the subject box type “book” and your screen name and i will send you an email when that day comes. Heck, email me anytime you wish. Its gonna be odd without you guys around… ” Stay in touch” !!!
    This is the last time i’ll post the link to the “go fund me” page. My journey in the book world has started, thanks to you guys, you all will be with me in spirit along the way….


    Until next time…. enjoy the little things my friends…. see ya


      • Wwwamericana, that song touches me my friend, it puts comfort in my heart, knowing that to at least one person, my time was not wasted!!!
        Why wait till the other side? Email me, stay in touch, heck, i may have the opportunity to buy you a double scoop ice cream…lol
        Thank you for being you!!!


        Until next time… see ya

    • There is a typo with my email, i just noticed… thats my old email!!!! Phone pulled it up automatically…. sorry, my email is…


      My bad, type ” book and screen name” in the subject box and i will let you know when my book is ready…
      Sorry again
      See ya

  64. Is there anybody out there on the thrill of the chase face book page that can share the “ go fund me” link that JDA has set up to help get my book “ The Quill of the Chase” published? I don’t do facebook, the donations already made will help tremendously (thank you) , matter a fact it will cover the publishing costs, it’s the editing that cost so much on 350 pages. I was trying to get the word out more, but I’m kinda behind in the times…lol if there anyone that could help share the link, I’d much appreciate it….. have a great evening everyone and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it……

    Here’s the link to share… thank you


    Until next time…. God bless

  65. Focused – “The Quill of the Chase” is a fantastically clever book title imho ..LOVE IT 🙂
    and before this page closes, i wanna gift you a poem that i wrote for you way back, when you generously (and brave-heartedly) invited me over for some adventurous horse-trekking:

    Imagined breeze on morning face, beside imagined horse,
    i strive to spy prairies too wide for painted eyes,
    too long to know remorse.

    Her vast, spelt out before imagined sight,
    i brave a face through nerves of meek,
    encompassed by Her whole surround,
    astonished by imagined peaks of places
    never thought to ever dare to dream to seek.

    Saddle slung, stirrups measured, compass set,
    i glide astride imagined horse of eighteen high and soft discourse,
    to sight aside imagined course a gentle man of great rapport,
    a man beside my side of moral compass north of north,
    of saddle firm and feather tall.

    With path beneath imagined hooves, flat cantered plains in layered wait,
    blue prairie sage beneath light packs, we set to seek adventures sought,
    entangled by imagined fate,
    enchanted by the sway of ever gentle gait.

    ..spark up that barbie nikan – i’m on my way!! 🙂

    • Curious Hobbit,
      First off, you can thank jdiggins for the title to my book. She suggested it a few years ago and it stuck!!! Lol….
      Second, WOW! I loved it!! I could imagine it all. I’m humbled that you took the time to pen this for me Nikan …… I will always remember those days about the horse trekking… those were fun days, thank you for the good times…
      I’m going camping over this Father’s Day weekend and my Barbie will be hot with a huge steak smoking on it, I will definitely think of you!!!!
      On your way? Heck I guess I’ better stop and buy another steak for the Barbie … lol
      Stay in touch Nikan… my email is springtime1996@hotmail.com … who knows, you may have to fire your Barbie up for me someday…lol I’ve always wanted to go to NZ… humm, now you’ve got me thinking, but I can’t fit a horse in my carry on…lol
      Have a great day (or night)???? Thanks again for your poem… I loved it….

      Until next time… your Nikan…. see ya

  66. Focused –
    Don’t you have any words that would paint us a picture of what is happening here?
    Personalities have changed – emotions are running high – words of anger are being flung.
    It’s kinda like “modern art” – you just can’t figure out which way to hang it.

    PS – sooooo excited about the GFMe donations for your book.
    I’ve already cleared a special spot in my bookcase for it. Top Shelf of course.
    Hoping to see more money come in. I know BigO has deep pockets….

    • lol www, you are like a pickpocket!

      BigOpen pocket popped off a little top up rocket yesterday. Help boost that tally.

    • I’ll come up with something wwwamericana, I’ve been away the last few days…k but I’m back now…lol
      I’m excited too my friend…. thanks… have a great day… see ya

  67. Well shiver me timbers! I just dropped me a pine cone!!

    Note to self : Pine cones can be used as a flotation device…

  68. Children of the Chase

    We Children of the Chase gathered here
    Guided by our Forrest Father
    Teaching a way to ward off fear
    Not untrue, just a kind foster father.

    Not a truant, but truly schooled
    In ways just right for just a few.
    Not he nor his shadow fooled
    This catcher knew how to moo-mew.

    To the Rockies we scampered
    In hot pursuit to find his place
    None were ever truly pampered
    We were all adults on the chase.

    As it happens with these tails
    The stool was pulled from under us
    All but one are left with empty pails
    But those cats were funny, even wondrous.

    Our cinder-fella at home and when casting
    Displayed his great work ethic.
    Fish and fire memories everlasting
    Leave trails through this epic.

    So now he can keep his secret where,
    Even two can make something odd.
    Some day someone will test the hair,
    not hide, and give Forrest a nod.
    Happy Father’s Day 4 All Who Celebrate Today

      • TY pdenver.

        It’s too bad covid had to emerge this year.
        Lesson reinforced for me is to enjoy the good when you can.
        Don’t take me wrong I had plenty of turns and fun, so no regrets but this year just screams ” Don’t take life for granted!”

        Stay well my friend

    • 4rest4fend,

      Now that was a neat little poem. Totally enjoyed it! Well done 44…


        • 44,

          It looks like Forrest hit you really hard! The Fennergizer Bunny just keeps going and going and……..

          Ya learn something new every day in Fennland. Crazy cool.


    • Great job 4rest4fend.. I hope Father’s Day was good around your house…. mine was great!!!! Keep up the penning my friend… until next time…see ya

  69. Good job 4rest – glad to someone penning again.
    Poetry seems to soothe the soul.
    Give us more.

    • TY www, hopefully Dal will let us stay a while. Maybe a gofundme for him too?

  70. 4 Focused from we here
    as you move from hobby to career
    our hearts are not too far, but near
    reflecting the warmth you made clear.

    Wherever your travels wend
    Pause at every roadside bend
    Listen good; does it start, does it end
    An echo sounds new when it says “see ya my friend”!!!

    see ya my friend


    • WOW 4rest4fend, loved it!! Thank you so much for your words and link they mean a lot…. have a great day my friend… see ya

  71. 4rest4fend on June 21, 2020 at 5:35 pm said:
    4 Focused from we here
    as you move from hobby to career
    our hearts are not too far, but near
    reflecting the warmth you made clear.

    Wherever your travels wend
    Pause at every roadside bend
    Listen good; does it start, does it end
    An echo sounds new when it says “see ya my friend”!!!

    see ya my friend

    https://www.you tube.com/watch?v=6ZHdxYf-5Pk

    (Repair the gap) for Carole and James

    • 4rest4fend, you guys will always remain in my heart. The chase, for me was amazing!!! I will listen at the bends in the road for you..k. Have a great day…. until next time… see ya

  72. Focused/JDA

    learned recently that Jdiggins lost a house to fire awhile back and that the chase community generously helped out, and felt bad that i missed donating anything.. esp my big-fat-annoying-pain-in-the-ass cat, Spockie

    so i left a secret cryptic puzzle on the GFM page on behalf of Jdiggins for whom-ever is clever enough to solve the enigmatic conclusion, and who will also instantly win our most treasured NZ songs in history, as a prize 🙂

    ( ..pretty certain no-one can solve it though, so.. not holding my breath just yet!!)

    • CH,

      I’m terrible at this so let me first ask a question. Can the answer have something to do with Forrest, JDiggins, or both? If you ould narrow this down a bit then I can refine my answer accordingly. Thanks!


      • By Jove ByGeorge, i think you’ve got it!! ..apart from all the wrong bits 🙂

        so far the clues are H O B.. and i’ll throw in another B just for NearIndianaJones who has great musical taste-buds but whose brain cells need super-urgent defibrillated re-invigorational procedures, unfortunately 🙁

    • Curious, I lose already… Whats a GFM page?
      It’s dark and I’m running through the shadow’s to the bathroom door. Quick… I got to go!

      • Never mind… I got it!
        While in a hurry, I was also distracted by a low flying commercial airliner!

        • wow, gotta love those bad excuses Suzy_S, but you forgot;

          – instructions are up-side-down in japanese
          – tuxedo is at the dry-cleaners
          – running late for Quidditch practice
          – lunch was so much fun that i forgot to go back to work
          – i wasn’t speeding officer, i was qualifying
          – hell yes i’m drunk officer, i’m no stunt-driver

          hope this helps 🙂

        • wow, gotta love those bad excuses Suzy_S, but you forgot;

          – instructions are up-side-down in japanese
          – tuxedo is at the dry-cleaners
          – running late for Quidditch practice
          – lunch was so much fun that i forgot to go back to work
          – i wasn’t speeding officer, i was qualifying
          – hell yes i’m drunk officer, i’m no stunt-driver

          hope this helps 🙂

    • As much as I would love to hear Kiwi music, and think I will pass on the puzzle, kinda puzzled out for the time being. Have a good day 🙂

    • Curious Hobbit, yes it was a sad time for us searchers, to see jdiggins and her family go through such an ordeal…. we all stepped up to help out and I’m sure my friend was very humbled…..
      Cryptic puzzle? Hummm, I’ll have to go check that out…lol
      Keep the Barbie warm Nikan!!!!! See ya

  73. Well, looks everyones been busy while I was gone…. I went camping over the Fathers Day weekend and just returned home today. I turned my phone off and enjoyed a weekend of “tech free” silence… you should try it sometime..lol I was joined on Father’s Day by my kids and grandkids for the usual “ Bag- O” game ( I lost of course..lol), smoke rolled off the grill as geese swam by…. priceless!!!!
    I returned home to notice that several more of you have donated on the “go fund me” page…Thank You Bo, Sicily, Kyler, gimme, anonymous, David, hocus pocus , lady v, Toby, Big O, Mark, Dawn and all the anonymous’s….. your donation helps a lot , you guys have hearts as big as Texas !!! I’m so ready to see “ The Quill of the Chase” available for you guys…. if you want to be notified when it is, send me an email and in the “subject” box type “Book and your screen name” and I will email you when that day arrives…. springtime1996@hotmail.com
    I had a perfect weekend followed up by a bunch of perfect friends!,,,,, you guys are great!!
    Have a great evening my friends….. until next time… see ya

  74. My Lesson

    I have gone somewhere in Montana bold
    And beautiful forests of secrets untold.
    The children tell of legends of old,
    And reveal the symbols to the gold.

    It began down in the canyon below
    And I followed the path, where to go.
    From far away, but to close to know.
    Colors in the sky above lead me Home.

    It’s humbling to know failures place,
    Chasing my tail when I began this race;
    All I did was make mistakes,
    Just regrets and why my kids I did not take.

    My eyes covered by haze and not so wise,
    Slow to see, my quest high in the sky,
    If only to pause to fill my eyes,
    In my chest and pain did cry.

    So why is it I did go
    And leave my treasures at home?
    The questions I did not know.
    I did it my way, and I did go.

    What I heard and what was told,
    My struggle to earn was twofold.
    Was I brave and the chest to behold
    I gave you my heart because I had to go.

    • Beautiful nearindianajones, just beautiful!!!!!! I like the line” and leave my treasures at home” …. family’s where the treasures lie my friend…. great penning!!!! Have a great day and a better tomorrow…… enjoy your treasures my friend….. until next …. see ya buddy

  75. Thanks to everyone who has donated to ” The Quill of the chase”


    The process has now started!!!! I have chosen a publishing company. Editing has begun. I will keep you all posted on the progress… it will be available in 8 1/2 by 11 hardback and e-book…. the cover pic ( you’ll have to wait and see..lol ).. heck i cant tell you everything…lol the first payment is made with one more later on down the road… the first one was a good chunk, but thank to you guys its its started….. have a great day everyone… until next time… see ya my friends

      • Yep, thanks to you and everyone here… I hope it turns out nice…lol
        Have a great evening JDA…
        See ya my friend

  76. I ain’t after no glory,
    I don’t want no fame;
    I just want to tell his story
    so tomorrow’s children will remember his name.

    • Very nice wwwamericana… keep your pen moving my friend, i’ll have another one soon too…
      Enjoy the little things today… until next time… see ya wwwamericana

    • Excellent work! Yours is far better than the little ditty I attached to a longer message discarded by Moderation previously. I offer it here, out of context, for your amusement.

      Alas and avast,
      The die is cast;
      Outcome, either way,
      C’est la vie.

      Hummmm . . .
      Seems a bit weird here, but whatever . . .
      This is all just for entertainment, anyway.


  77. Getting a bit boring around here these days so thot maybe
    with a little help from my friends (Hey Joe), we could write a poem.
    One final attempt to sum it all up – a Community effort.

    I will pen down the first lines and y’all add to it.
    Here goes:

    When the race is over
    and all is said and done……..

      • So now just a’waiting
        For Forrest’s new book
        SOLVE: Thrill of the Chase
        Part one….

          • If we have just been wise, one of us could have won.
            But the memories acquired, have only just begun.
            Exploring has always been the ultimate goal, my thanks to Fenn for his idea so bold.

    • Hi,

      I salute everybody,
      Well, I’m so sady ,

      I would talk with whoever,
      Y’re unforgettable forever.

    • Would you please just hurry up,
      there’s others here in line;
      I only want to fill my cup
      and then my friend, we’ll dine.

  78. Searchers want the end of story.
    Yes, we do, in all its glory.
    Facts do lack, that we don’t know,
    from a poem, cooked long ago.
    It began a lovely dream,
    now we’re crying out to scream!
    Help, help, hear us shout!
    C’mon Finder, just let it out!
    Don’t be rotten, cant you see?
    All need closure, set us free.

      • I personally aren’t in a rush for answers JDA. I just wrote a quick jest poem while eating supper.

    • This reminds me of a song. The lyrics would be through the eyes of the solver I suppose…. it goes:
      Overwhelmed as one would be placed in my position
      Such a heavy burden to be… the one
      Born to bare and bring to all the details of our ending
      To write it down for all the world to see…..
      But I forgot my pen…..

  79. Thank you for the latest donations on the “go fund me” page, every little bit helps in a huge way!! I cant wait to see ” The Quill of the chase” on our shelves. You guys have really made it happen….. thank you


    If you want to be notified when its rrady just send me an email to springtime1996@hotmail.com and in the subject box type “book and your screen name” and i will send you an email when that day comes k… thank you “all” so much for your support….
    Have a great evening…… until next time… see ya

  80. This one is for you Valerie…. next time your under the moonlight, listen for the calls my friend…. I hope everyone has a great night…. until next time… see ya my friends…

    “ Moonlight Calls “

    Way out in the desert, before the modern man,

    A Navajo sat calmly, and gazed across the land.

    High up on a Mesa, with a moon so full and bright,

    The desert breeze was blowing, so gentle in the night.

    The stars above they glistened, a coyote seldom calls,

    Below her was her home, with thick Adobe walls.

    The breeze it softly moved, her hair so long and black,

    Beside her was a deerskin, all tied up like a sack.

    Within the sack were special, handmade tiny rings,

    A gift to leave the spirit, in thanks for many things.

    Made by her own hands, carved from seasoned bone,

    In thought of those before her, who now are dead and gone.

    She reaches towards the heavens, beneath the desert moon,

    She prays up to the spirit, she knows her time is soon.

    But now was not the time, she leaves her deerskin sack,

    Then down the moonlit hill, she slowly heads on back.

    To her the moon holds secrets, a journey yet to take,

    It holds a love so lasting, a reminder what’s at stake.

    Then as she reached the creek side, standing by Adobe walls,

    Beneath a distant moonlight, a lone coyote calls…..

    By: Focused

    • I didn’t like the title to this one , so I changed it to “Coyote Calls”… just an FYI….. see ya

      • Thank you pdenver. Have a great evening my friend….. until next time… see ya

    • W O W Focused, you did it again. You painted a picture in words so vivid, I knew I was there beneath the moon, listening to that plaintive call.

      Thanks my friend.

      Folks, this is just an example of what you will be able to read once Focused is able to publish her book.

      Please go to: https://www.gofundme.com/f/focused039s-book-of-poems
      and donate. It will really be worth it.

      Thanks – Focused and JDA

      • Thanks JDA, I’m glad you could see the picture my friend…. her book? Lol…

        “ I’m not a her, I’m just a he,
        Gods chosen path, chose just for me”

        I’m just messing with ya JDA…lol thanks again… see ya

        • jeez nikan, are you saying that you’re NOT actually a hot talented poetry chick?!

          oh well.. that’s def the last time me (and BigOnus) will donate any big $$ anymore ..that’s for certain!!

          ..unless ya shave ya legs – then we’ll talk 🙂

          • Hate to disappoint ya Nikan… but I’m not shaving my legs (at any price)…lol I have to draw the line somewhere…lol thanks for the smile 🙂 , I needed that this morning… have a great day Nikan… until next time…. see ya

          • [note to self: immediately cancel that five zillion dollar donation that BigO wanted to make on my behalf]

  81. Focused,

    Lily Tomlin and Ernestine would be proud to have you on board…because you are one smooth operator! Thanks once again. I enjoyed your poem.


    • Your welcome ByGeorge.. thanks for the smile…lol have a great day… see ya my friend

    • Your welcome ByGeorge… thanks for the smile….. have a great day…. see ya my friend….

  82. Arm with a loving bow,
    draw string, then let go.
    Silent, out from the dark,
    the arrow strikes its mark.
    A second, taken from belt,
    again into heart its dealt.
    Tears glisten like wet stars,
    The onus to make good are’s.

    • Good penning BigOnus…. you hit the mark with this one….. keep it up my friend… until next time.. see ya

    • Keep up your penning my friend… you hit the mark with this one…. until next time… see ya

    • Great poem BidO…!!

      It Would take the coarse of a hoarse not to hobble
      Down a “cobble” stone path without wobble

      To the end shut of ore, blocked up to its door
      A vein’s cave is eyed yet to gobble

      • Wobble, gobble.

        The goose laid a golden egg,
        it struggled with only one leg.
        So, I strapped on a twig with string,
        and by hand I caught that thing.
        Then, boiling it up real good,
        I ate it with pepper and spud!
        Now, that I have a full belly,
        its Time I switched on the telly!

        • Talk about eating the goose that laid Golden Eggs – might that not have been a boo boo? 🙂 JDA

        • BigOnus has filled his belly,
          But we certainly will no telly.
          He tried to keep it a secret,
          But later he did happen to leak it
          It started a whisper but ended with thunder,
          So much for undercover!
          But out she flew, and said PEE-U,
          BigOnus, a stinker are you!

          By Focused

        • WHY would you “bite the hand that feeds you?”
          I had a goose egg once –
          my brother hit me in the head with his BB bat.

  83. The Burden of Proof is on you
    so show your mighty hand;
    to win the game and claim the fame –
    is yours alone, my man.

    • JDA,
      This is so exciting!
      Helping someone chase their dream is fulfilling.
      A BIG thank you from me too to all that donated.
      I knew we could do it.
      Ya know…..when that book gets published and we are holding it in our hands,
      we will be able to say to ourselves – “I had a part in this.” What a great memory that will be.

      • Wwwamericana, it will be a special moment for sure …. thanks for everything…. ser ya my friend

      • www;

        Thanks to you, and selling your letters, and Big Onus for buying them, yes, we can all say, “I had a part in this.” THANKS to ALL who havew donated – JDA and Focused

  84. A name in lights was not sought,
    for the people is all he fought.
    Life’s fountain, he shares, but didn’t drink it,
    Instead he gave the box of trinket!
    Standing mighty tall when beckoned,
    a true warrior that will surely be reckoned.
    The message he delivers is strong,
    guiding a legend to live ever long.

  85. What place was the gold in?
    After the fact, some might have guessed
    A name says so in Golden
    Oh shoot!, know poets, Fenn said it best.

  86. Giggley, ganderly, loose.
    Sights were on that spruce.
    If that goose didn’t lay… still have to stay,
    Follow up on the caboose.

    • So do we say, Oh well,
      Someone’s already rang that bell,
      When in recent photos, they tell
      Of he who has crossed that vail?

    • He who dies with more than $50 must be a ‘failure? Oh, beans… green beans!!

    • Thanks Melissa – we are now at $3200.00 YEA – YEA – YEA. Have a GREAT day all – Focused and JDA

      • Just thought that I would give an update – We are now at $3240, thanks to a recent donation. Focused and I appreciate every donation –
        T H A N K S T O A L L W H O H A V E D O N A T E D

        Focused and JDA

        See link above if you need more info or want to donate – Thanks

    • Thanks Melissa, a big boa hug for you my friend!!!! Much appreciated…..
      On a more somber note….. if anyone has an extra prayer, I’ll take it… I have been dealing with medical issues the past couple days and a rough trail ahead of me…. sorry I’ve not been on the blog much… you guys are great… thank you again for everything you guys are doing to help me get “our” book on the shelves….
      Have a great evening my friends… until next time… see ya

      • Focused,

        Ya got my heart beating faster with this somber news, Focused.

        My prayers are with you my friend! Rest easy, the book can wait…just work on you.

        Focused, when I was in I.C.U. with little hope(long story), my Dad held my hand and told me to take as much of his energy as I needed. All I could do was nod to thank him due to my life support.

        Focused, I for one am extending my hand to you. Take as much as you need my friend. God Bless you and thank you, Focused.


        • ByGeorge,
          Your dad knew what he was doing my friend… and your a great reflection of him…. thank you so much my friend…

          Your friend, Focused

        • I hear you too Lisa.. thank you so much. Your prayers will not go unnoticed my friend….. until next time.. see ya Lisa

    • Thank you too Kyle …. your donation really helps… have a great night my friend… until next time.. see ya

  87. Please tell her the story by Mr. Fenn,

    A story of Love that shall never end.

    They were born to be together,

    Like two birds of a feather.

    Where east meets west,

    Soaring high over crest.

    Playful and cheerful,

    God knows never fearful.

    Singing and prancing, to forever romancing,

    Dazzling stars, both twinkling and dancing.

    While always forever and never apart,

    Throughout time and space sharing a big heart.

    Laughing and chasing like young lovers do,

    Dreams everlasting this story so true.

    As the children marveled and gazed up with glee,

    The Fenn’s kept on giving for all who could see.

    Young and old with those in between,

    All echoed with joy from the dancing Queen.

    New Sparks and Old to help flame the future,

    Old friends and new all thankful with nurture.

    Forrest and Peggy, found this treasure together,

    Crowned and pristine, reborn now and forever.

    So love life and forever, it’s the only way,

    Just thank God for his treasure, it’s ok to say.

      • Thanks MWB, I’m assuming your referring to the Chase, in that case I totally agree.

        • Ha no. If I have learned anything from all of this it’s that the chase was just an avenue that brought people to do amazing thjngs. Like you writing this. Keep it up you have real talent!

    • Strawshadow – Beautiful tribute to the Fenn’s.
      A love ever new, ever green.
      Two lights that shine as one.
      Thank you for reminding us that there is still Love
      out there that is enduring and ageless.

      • Thanks www,
        Nothing better than a true love story. And if you don’t believe me, kiss a frog;)

    • Strawshadow, WOW!!! I loved it my friend… looks like you’ve been holding out on us…lol
      It was great to meet you at Fennboree my friend, keep up your penning and share it with the world… your words are magical …..
      Have a great evening strawshadow…. until next time… see ya my “friend”….

      • Thanks Focused,
        Your the pro when it comes to prose. And I’m looking forward to your up and coming compilation of Focused thoughts.

    • Strawshadow,

      SHAZAAAM!! That’s a keeper! Just an amazing picture of true love for all see. That was sone great penning, Strawshadow!


      • ByGeorge thanks,
        SHAZAAAM! That sounds like a magical love potion. Let’s just hope it’s contagious.

  88. A ballad full of nine
    A ball rolled of twine
    A new chapter unfolds
    An old acquaintance untold

  89. We are a brave and bold FennNation,
    We await with giddy Fennticipation.
    We have a crazy Fennmaginatiin,
    We shall behold FennFacination!

  90. My proofreading still sucks…

    We are a brave and bold FennNation,
    We await with giddy Fennticipation.
    We have a crazy Fennagination,
    We shall behold FennFacination!

    • wow BG – that’s Fenntastic!! ..i def applaud your admiration for Forrest, 100%

      tbh, i’m slightly tempted to book you guys a double room at The Dude WestYS for ‘what-evers’ this coming Fennboree.. but i’m def no match-maker so don’t hold ya breath there just yet, mister!!

      ..actually, just wanted to award you said ‘kiwi song’ for the mere fact that you were (by far) the most honestly least-interested in my GFM puzzle ..bar none!! 🙁

      • @ Curious hobbit,
        If you book a room at The Dude in West…
        Leave PLENTY of time to travel the 55 miles to Fishing Bridge for the Fennboree photo.

        55 miles at YNP speed limit 45 MPH with summer traffic and wildlife stops could be 2-3 hours.

      • CH,

        My guess was Bo Diddley on GFM atop your 3. First one, hello? Way ahead of your curvature!

        Maybe next time CH. Patients is a VIRTUE. Hey, did you know VIRTUE anagrams to EVUITR? Think about it…makes sense now, doesn’t it. Yeah, I’ve still got it. I’m winkin so fast I’m blinkin…


      • Jmeils,

        CHASE RELATED!!!

        Did you know that if you run fast enough in counter- clockwise circles you will create a Fenntrifugal force that is quantumly equal to a Chameleon burping into the wind? But they say it’s hard to see! True story!


  91. I appreciate all the fun guys and gals, but due to repeated deletion of posts, I’m gonna run.

    I wish the community all the best and hope to find out who the finder is someday.

    Good luck on your book Focused, I hope to see your name in the limelights!

    …and with all my heart, THANK YOU FORREST for the exciting adventure and the “Thrill” of a lifetime!

    • Thank you Suzy_S… I don’t know about limelight’s, but I will let you know when “The Quill of the Chase” is ready k… don’t run!! Walk my friend and enjoy the little things along life’s trail….I wish for you good health, loving friends and family and most of all, happiness…
      If you ever want to chat, just email me k
      Springtime1996@hotmail.com until next time… see ya my friend

      • In leaving, and as a measure of gratitude for your hard work over the years, I humbly submit any and all of my poems to you Focused. Although scant and abridged compared to your accumulative wealth, my poetry can only have definition and relevance inside “The Chase”. So if you think they qualify, and if you wish, feel free to use them in your book.

        It’s been a pleasure to pen alongside one of the “All-Time Greats” of poetry and a joy to share a page beside he who was born to make his mark in the greatest treasure hunt on planet earth.

        In my opinion, an asterisk has been permanently etched into the endless journals of Time and History!

        An exuberant THANK YOU goes out to you Focused!

        • Wow, I’m honored you’d even consider something like that. And to place me so high on the poets list.. double wow!
          Your words are a pleasure to my heart… thank you….
          heck, I may surprise you with an email sometime…. just saying..lol
          Have a great evening… until next time.. see ya Suzy

    • please relax Suzy – we all heard your deleted posts in spirit 🙂

      and if Goofy and Dale had a dollar for every comment of mine that was accidentally ‘moderated’ over the years.. then i’m certain that Dal could afford a much better caravan than that unique thing he’s recently been encumbered with tbh

      so no.. no obvious corruption detected there then imho

      re: your recent communication problems? – i blame that Gates fellow entirely 🙂

    • Focused and curious hobbit,

      All is good, I’m relaxed and couldn’t be more happy. Thanks to Dal, I discovered I was in the middle of a golden opportunity.

      You all made me realize the joys and happiness of life and how short life is without laughter. It wasn’t until that laughter was taken away that I wanted (and needed) to continue in it. I also realized that I didn’t want to spend the next 50 years (the good Lord willing) finding fault with others and being unhappy.

      So in expressing this point, I want to Thank You All again for the laughter and fun!!

      • Your welcome Suzy_S, Thank You too!! hey, you need to whisper here, because every now and then Curious Hobbit gets on an ego trip…. shhh
        And Once on that trip, he sometimes makes sense…lol
        It’s been a fun ride my friend… email any time..k. Until next time… see ya

        • Thanks Focused for the advice. I might jib in every once in a while to see what the little fella is up to, just to see if what he’s doing is write. Shhh…. don’t tell him!


          (laugh real quite)

    • whew, that was close!! – no need to hide the razor-blades nikan.. crisis averted 🙂

      Suzy – whenever you doubt your identity, who you are, and boring stuff like that..
      just remember this.. you’re name is NOT Jane, nor is it Stacey for that matter https://youtu.be/v1c2OfAzDTI

      ..fact!! 🙂

  92. Suzy_S,

    IT’S YOUR LUCKY DAY!! I recently purchased a Beta version of the FFDCC(Forrest Fenn Dee-Confusion Chamber) and I’m buying stock in it ASAP! URrrr gonna LOVE it! The FFDCC comes with all the trimmins, top notch it is! Forrest has thought of EVERYTHING! He knew some of his friends might be in need of one of these here contraptions and it looks to be working wonderfully, for myself. It’s a must have!! (wink, wink) I’m winkin’ so hard I’m blinkin’ 🙂

    Now CHobbit’s hint/clue/conundrum on the GFM(Go Fund Me) page was interesting. I asked him if FF or JDiggins or Both were included in his statement It didn’t much matter really, because I already KNEW the answer. But it took CH six days to reply and left me hangin. SIX DAYS? I guess some “hobbits” are harder to break than others? BAHAHA?

    Anyway, his 3 letters were HOB…so we simplify! I’m pretty sure JDiggins’ husband’s name is Harry. So it’s a no brainer…MELD!
    ………..BAM! Nailed it! But NOW CH has added another “B”? NOW I’M CONFUSED TOO!! (Leans over and turns FFDCC power switch to ON). So Suzy, please stick around and help with this jumbled mess, please?

    Also, Suzy, many of us have had comments deleted and/or put in moderation, myself included more than once. Heck, even Zap was put on moderation years ago if I remember correctly. But if I see his name on the side, I click on it because I know there’s valid information and he keeps my attention. Many on here catch my eye and are must reads for me, yourself included! If I’m scrolling because of time constraints or whatever and I see your name,(True Story) I stop and read. So please don’t pull a Kenny Rogers on your silent fans…Ya picked a fine time to leave us Lucille…

    It’s funny because I was sitting here a few weeks ago thinking about my name on the side under “recent comments”. I thought, I wonder if anybody has ever intentionally clicked on my name? I know I’m randomly obscure at times(?) and usually have little to add to some great conversations, but I’m ok with that. At times I feel like the “Crash Test Dummy” in here…ByGeorge get ready cuz these cats are going to hit you hard with FACTS and KNOWLEDGE!! The way I see it is this, anybody whom has read my babble on here knows what to expect if they see my name…OH LORD, WHAT NOW? 🙂 And that’s the way I like it because it’s confusing…FFDCC Stock is rising baybay!

    So please stick around…you have silent fans! And if you’re interested in the FFDCC just call this number…TOLL FREE!
    1-(800) 626-2783 Which is also…
    1-(800) NAM-ASTE
    Side Note: Forrest does not answer the phones because, hehe, he doesn’t like taking ORDERS! <– That's Funny!

    Suzy_S, enjoy your day and keep on keepin' on! We can't quit on a guy whom can barely draw a stickman…He's our Underdog, our Seabiscuit! We're all in Forrest's corner, it's just too bad the room is ROUND! I'm confused…but it's ok today (Dipping toe in FFDCC)…As a matter of fact, It's all good…


    • I’d like to order one of them thar chambers…is it bigger than a bread box?

        • RonnyLee,

          Ya made me smile…twice within an hour of each other.

          I smiled when I looked at the latest donation on the GFM page and it was you. Nicely done.

          And now again, here. It’s good to see ya. I’m still smiling. It was fun RonnyLee. You crack me up.

          How did I know you would be needing the Beta version, just like so many others.

          I honestly enjoyed the bearhook. You would be a great motivational speaker but you’re a much better artist. Your FB paintings are absolutely amazing! I tip my hat to you, twice!

          You can dip your toe in it but I’ma warn ya, it’s a Beta version so they’re still working out the kinks. If it short circuits with toes submerged you’re going to look like Gary Busey on a bad day…just sayin!

          I’m still keeping my eye on you…and I’m still smiling…ByGeorge

      • Why yes it is, RonnyLee. It’s actually about the size of a flux-capacitor…and it will blow your mind.


    • ByGeorge,

      Thanks! How would it be possible to turn someone down when they’re offering a great big ticket o’luck? These shoes could use a bit-o-that! So yes, you talked me into it. I’ll stick around for a little while longer.

      Not sure how much help I can be with that Beta version whatchamacallit device though. But hay, if it gets us better stick figure drawings, I’m in! That is, just as long as you don’t try to put me in the driver’s seat of that contraption on the first run…. crashing ain’t my thing. Now if you’re looking for a dummy, I can handle that part. LOL

      BTW, thanks ByGeorge! I called that 1-800 number just to see if Forrest was awake… lol – his secretary said he was sleeping. To be honest, I think I heard him whisper in the background to tell me that. I mean really! Who can sleep at a time like this!

      Side Note: Forrest, if you read this, you know I’m kidding, right? I’ve heard rumors that you love humor, but never sleep… maybe those traits were perfected from your younger days of having to keep one eye open at night while wondering if you would be invited to dinner by those grizzlies?

      • “Thursday”
        And if I loved you Wednesday,
        Well, what is that to you?
        I do not love you Thursday
        So much is true.
        And why you come complaining,
        Is more than I can see.
        I loved you Wednesday – yes – but what is that to me?
        –Edna St. Vincent Millay

        Here are a few additional quotes:
        “It doesn’t matter who people think you are, it only matters who you really are.”
        “Circumstances cannot be changed, altered, bent or manipulated. Worrying about circumstances is a silly endeavor.”
        “A broken heart can still forgive. A broken heart can still love. A broken heart cannot fly. Once it’s wind is gone, it only rests on the ground. If you talk to me, all will be forgiven. Otherwise, my heart is broken.”

      • Yahoo!!!! Glad to hear your sticking around for a while…. it’s comforting to know that I’ll have some help keeping Curious Hobbit in check…lol great news! Suzy_S I thought you were gonna drift away like a fall leaf in a wind storm…lol
        Careful with that Beta version thingy… I bet it’s not approved by the FDA…. just saying…lol CH probably got it through the black market…. you know how them Hobbits are…lol
        Have a great day Suzy… until next time.. see ya

        • Great to hear your reply Focused! It’s always nice to be missed!

          I’m kind of wondering how that Beta thing works… and kind of afraid to ask! The black market hides many a curious invention.

          Just to let you know, I might be hanging low for the next few days… you know, just in case there’s explicits!

      • Suzy_S,

        I’m laughing so hard my fingers are hyperventilating!! ! You’re killing me Smalls!

        I’m thrilled you tried the number! (just fell off recliner, typing upside down now). I certainly hope many confused Fennatics take advantage of this amazing product.

        Whispering eh? He’s gone YELLER!!! His call sign shoulda been CUPCAKE!!

        Dagnabit! WRONG NUMBER! That’s the hotline for his new workout video ATFF(All Things Forrest Fenn) YUP, he looks kinda cute in his spandex bunny suit. Trust me, he’s all ears! My wife loves it!

        WELL, ALRIGHTY-THEN. Thanks for sharing, Suzy_S. Enjoy the weekend.


        • Cupcake – I love that!! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Regardless, I’d sure love to see that bunny suit! Once again, I’m not sure whether I would laugh or cry… but I’d bet it would fit right in with the Playboy Funnies!

          Hey, do you know if that suit is lucky at card games. I have a stubborn hand loaded with a straight flush but I’m missing the ace. Yella or not, if that suit comes with one of those in a heart shape, I’ll buy it!

          LOL – Do you think he’d trade it for a sandwich and a flashlight?

          P.S. Weekend? Did I miss it? Darn… thats my time for book reading…

  93. from here where now , as this road ends in halting pauses / a tired travelers fears and disbelief come home uninvited / the road like a golden river runs on strong , to the stream meandering steady and fully seen , to the creeks shallow crawl but life giving mist , to the desert sands where we’ve been before and will be a thousand times again before the final closing of this door/ of our time / until the rain

    • Hank,

      You have an impressive way of drawing your audience in and making us think. Your stories are like ancient cryptic words coming to life and you get me every time.

      I do enjoy this dish you have served up. Quite tasty. But I can guarantee that if I were to copy this dish onto paper and serve it to my wife, I’d be in bedrock… and Betty ain’t lettin Fred back in NOMO!

      Thanks for checking in…well done.


      • What’s Fred doin’ knockin’ on Betty’s door? I don’t think Wilma’s gonna like it. I don’t know if Barney even cares, but that’s got nothing to do with Brontosaurus burgers over an open fire, anyhow…

  94. Flower Child’s Mother
    By: Frances Mace

    our children are not our children of
    the hills, shores, and plains
    this reincarnation. and yet,
    the unrestful world they hear compels.

    when the great, natural noises and
    silences fell on their ears
    so long ago,
    these same children heard only the piper’s
    flute, following it joyfully.

    they are, still, following joyfully – perverse
    as children are –
    today’s most novel sounds:
    i never thought to live so long as to reteach
    how to hear a flower bloom.

    Seems apt given current developments here, so I give it to you for your kind consideration.

    Regards to all.

  95. “Final Approach”

    Hanger doors slide open.
    One last flight before the dawn.
    Dim lights on the panel.
    Slowly rolling to a pause.
    Lifting upward and beyond.
    Into the silent, heaven of stars.
    No longer in control.
    On final approach.

  96. Thx, Pdenver. Have a rejoinder for you.

    Learning Curve
    By: Frances Mace

    Lord, God, i am frightened.
    the world is too much full of possibilities,
    what-ifs drift on the wind –
    i feel gray and lined.
    where are my red dress and hoop earrings
    now that i need to be brave. instead,
    i stand paralyzed, like an old dagerrotype,
    in a flurry of nameless thoughts
    and sweaty palms.
    i do not even know what it is i must decide,
    everything except breathing
    seems a choice. -simplify
    down to the peach pit and
    keep happy: i must
    learn to simplify . . . learn to calm
    myself. as a little bird comes to flying,
    so shouldst i.

    Regards to all.

  97. I hide out in the night / I stay curled up in the light of day / there’s darkness in my sight / but in my soul I know the day lights right / and time now is upside down / the worlds turned flat stopped spinning around / I walk in backwards through the windows door / I put my hands on the ceilings floor / I hide out in the night / I’m told treasures in the mornings light

  98. Hello my friends,
    Most of you guys know me by “Focused” here on the blog, it’s kinda hard for me to go by anything else here. I feel someday this blog will be gone and our contact with each other will zilch to none. That’s why I’m writing this now. My real name is James Bynum (aka-Focused), so anyone wishing to get a book when the time arises can search the information below to find it later on, or just email me and in the subject box type “ Book and your screen name” and I will let you know when it’s ready. Otherwise you can search Amazon books, Barnes&Noble etc. for the keywords listed below. I want each and everyone who wants a book to get one and not be lost in cyber space once this blog vanishes. Thank you all for years of enjoyment and the support along the way and thank you for the donations to make it happen… you guys are a great bunch of people that I will cherish forever….

    Author Name: James Bynum
    Screen Name: Focused
    Author Email: springtime1996@hotmail.com
    Book Title: The Quill of the Chase
    Donation link:

    Even though we may lose this contact, we can still stay in touch. Email anytime, my inbox is always open… especially for you guys!!!
    I hope everyone has a great day today and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it….. until next time….see ya my friends…

    James Bynum (Focused)

    • Wow! Thank you Daniel for your donation towards “ The Quill of the Chase”…. it really
      , really helps a lot!! The hearts of you guys continue to amaze me… thank you all so much…

      “Unseen friends, through caring ways,
      Can touch the inner core.
      Distant dreams, that’s once astray,
      Now knock upon the door.”

      Thank you again Daniel in a huge way!! Here’s a big boa hug for you my friend… may your good deeds be returned to you, ten times fold!!!!!
      Take care…. until next time.. see ya my friend

  99. Release

    I threw a bird up into the sky,
    she swooped with shrill, a mighty cry.
    With joy that bird flew fancy free,
    across meadows toward the sea.
    Against the wind, a battle long,
    endless freedom, kept her strong.

    • Beautiful BigOnus!!! May we all feel that freedom…. it’s within our reach, but first, we must battle the winds….
      thank you my friend.. I could vision the release…
      Have a great day… until next time.. see ya BigOnus

  100. Re: Cycles

    Where is water’s home?
    Is it up in the skies
    Or is it down in the seas
    As it lies or as it flies?

    Is it happy when it spills
    Or happy when it forges?
    As delicate notes on the hills
    Or deafening rages raking gorges?

    Does water even have a home?
    Does it ever halt long enough?
    It only lingers beneath the loam
    And coils in cauldrons of tougher stuff.

    A spring, a geyser a saintly stream
    Displays of waters wandering force
    Even glaciers with sun will steam
    Water does not stay but makes the course.

    It holds its place in eternity,
    It always changes, yet’s ever the same,
    Like Air and Energy, it pledges fraternity
    To life on Earth, ever returning from whence it came.

    Last Clues I Have my Friends

    Looking forward to buying the “Thrill of the Quill”

    See ya my friends

    • Good penning 4rest4fend….. great way to start my day…thank you…. have a blessed day… see ya my friend

      • Thanks again James. You stay well my friend.

        I thought I was done but Dal’s message stirred me, one more (last?) time.

  101. This Grand Land

    Sometimes up here on this hill
    The air barely moves, not quite still
    But move closer to the edge
    Wind stirs the wild hedge.

    Looking out one way
    The sun crawls into day.
    Later look the other way
    It seems to wade away.

    I absorb this view
    It’s stuck in glue
    Like moving a picture
    Into a magic mixture.

    What has happened here
    Touched by a lofty tear?
    I Am stuck in this loop
    My heart I can’t recoup.

    Pray tell what is my fate?
    Won’t heaven mediate?
    Why is it I must go
    Like the Ute and Arapaho?

    Not a lover’s leap of faith
    A more lofty quest for this wraith
    All danger I’ll belay
    Get boots on the ground; don’t delay.

    The Thrill of the Chase
    Almost ends at the base
    Not far but too far to walk
    Listen, hear it’s more than talk.

    Oh boy, that dad-burn Forrest!

    • Amazing poem 4rest4fend!

      Closing my eyes, I can taste the ageless winds upon life’s tongue and feel nature’s breath methodically run its fingers through the sands of time.

      Your words make me long for that native beauty. Can’t wait to get out again!

      • pdenver,Thanks my friend.

        I’m glad Dal is saving these pages in a digital time capsule.

        There is much to cherish and reflect upon here.

        Still, only to read, is like looking at amber, pretty, but
        not too lively.

        Do you know of another poetry page/site?

  102. Natural Laws
    By: Frances Mace

    a forest seems to get along
    on the terms that God decrees.
    can it be different for us.
    perhaps, we only lack the
    proper perspective to apprehend
    that we are but a forest
    of a thinking sort and
    subject to laws we may not see.

  103. Water Cycle
    By: Frances Mace

    rivulets and rills run
    underground; and seepage joins their
    till, gushing forth in glad springs,
    all waters seek the sea.
    how they go, wide and deep,
    at last, forth,
    from fresh to salt to sky to rain to
    start again.
    how like my heart in its changes:
    always making for You,
    ever Home.

  104. A revision to my former draft of “A Dreamer’s ramble”:


    A Dreamer’s ramble

    I rest my feet upon a watery rune,
    whilst my gaze rest upon a resilient moon.
    A beacon in the darkest night
    surrounded by friends of gamut bright.

    Most of my friends’ twinkle,
    a few blankly stare through the unwavering air.
    Relatively close,
    but blissfully unaware.

    A silvery dream shrouds my being,
    but whispers fill the silent grove.
    Might I see what can’t be seen,
    as I rest a while by a solid soul.

    The glimpse of light breaks through the night,
    a dawn of man, alas no, a dawn of life.
    The secrets lay undisturbed,
    protected by that gentile bird.

    To peek, to pry, to quiver,
    We all yearn for our turn.
    To cast aside that thin white lie,
    and gaze within our own eye.

    Seek we must,
    the blunderbuss.
    Throw the dart,
    of wanderlust.

    The seed of adventure faithfully sown,
    the promise of tomorrow encapsulates our soul.
    Chase me not into the light,
    But sit a moment and share my plight.

    Our dreams are ever light,
    even on the darkest night.

    ~Idle Dreamer

  105. Solvation

    Where warm waters halt
    You’ll find the canyon
    An easy piece down, but
    You’ll not be walking there
    Below the home of Brown
    You’d better have some sand
    Where the end is ever drawing nigh
    It’s too damned far to paddle to waters High beside the heavy loads
    If wise you’ve been and found the key
    Look down the quick and butt the scant
    To gaze on the marvelous trove
    Now take the rest and peacefully go
    But before you do
    Listen good as wapitis run
    By the lure of the rabbit hole
    And pass Sitting Bull’s Peace Pipe
    One last time
    On your way to the rising sun.

    by RonnyLee

      • Forrest was right. I just had to let it go.

        The Xcel Power lines is not the “blaze” it’s the “IT”
        IT Runs from the Cabin Creek Hydro Power Plant to the Lookout Mt Substaion. The Cabin Creek facility uses water to store power.
        Recycle the water, recycle the power.
        Power descends down the power lines as it is generated by water flowing from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir. But power is sent back up so that water can be pumped back up to the upper reservoir for future use. Very kewl> Knowing the place for the first time….

        Three big pictures.

        One is a satellite view(like a pilot) seeing IT, the physical lines and cleared path evidence on the ground.
        Easy to see the course of the powerlines as the shortest contiguous path. They almost always are.

        The other is an almost metaphysical view. That in this age we take for granted that we can turn “water high” into power and pass huge amounts of energy almost by Magic across the world.

        Another big picture is a path from an American small town to a Cabin in the mountains… with a very significant stop in Golden.

        The path is longer than the quest. The “traihead” starts at “1” and the search ends at “9”.

        1) Indian Hot Springs

        2) Clear Creek Canyon

        \\\) Take the Roads that parallel the IT.

        3) Buffalo Herd Preserve

        IT moves through Mt Vernon and Club

        4) Lariat Loop (40 to Look Out!!! Mtn Rd.)
        Pass by Rockland Cem. and find Bill’s Gravesite (two of the ‘end is nighs’)
        Death and Heights need bravery to face; not meekness.

        5) Skip Beaver Creek and Trail, its on past Golden Reservoir ( AKA Beaver Creek Res) and Power/Telecommunication Installations that all over LOOKOUT Mountain very near Buffalo Bill’s Grave-site.

        6) If you’ve been wise and Stayed with the actual Power Lines
        you will Descend Lookout Mountain to the North End of a Special geological Feature.
        (Dead Man’s Gulch parallels this path too), this a third time the theme of the “End is EVER drawing nigh” is echoed.

        There is another kewl and key point. As I must still use roads to follow the Power Lines I will continue on the Lariat Loop. On my left the famous white “M” is em – Blazened on Mt Zion. There is a tradition of School of Mines students replenishing the STONES of this landmark.

        Now this is the really kewl part. The “M” is adjacent to a very active launch point for PARA=Sailing. Brave and Not Meek people Thrill to use a parachute to sail through the cool, clear air above Golden. Their target is in a field owned by the School of Mines.
        It is easy to imagine the flight of these adventurers as human dart and the “X” marked target is a bullseye landing, In the cork,”In The Wood”. Finally…. BOTG again. This park is also memorialized as the entrance to The LOokout Mountain Denver Park.

        It is a short walk from this park and field to where the Powerlines from Buffalo Bill’s grave are anchored by another power tower. This tower is set atop a very special geographic feature.

        7) And therein is Found the Blaze; a long exposed wall of white mineral deposit, likely the result of a quarry drawing out a key mineral for manufacturing fire brick? Yes, these are the bricks which would line a forge.
        This aberrational formation has the Quarry(quest) on the South End. You may walk into this quarry from
        the south end of the formation. It is a “Draw” that splits the formation. Upon entering the draw
        on the Left (nigh) side is where the blaze is located. The blaze is plainly visible from many directions
        including the street view on Google Maps.

        8) Look down and find the “bowls” proceeding up the draw, and enter into…

        9) The diamond-shaped Acquest Property , Which again continues with the quickly down direction in both
        a flat map sense (south from the Tower’s location) and also in a topographic sense as there are a clear series
        of bowl/hole like depressions.

        Notably, this property has the same shape as is seen in a very interesting SB. In that doodle it is labeled,”Top Secret”

        For any with more interest, I believe there are many other hints/secrets which tie Forrest to Golden. Let the Chase last a little longer. And tie this possible solve to ATF comments and SB’s.

        I wanted to wait on Forrest to share this but Dal is pulling down this interactive site so my hand was forced if I wanted to share this with my friends here.

        It has been a total blast, and I am so glad to have been among you and shared in your lives
        All the best, I might try to find another poetry/adventure blog.
        If I find something good I will email James.

        God Bless

        I am not BRAVE enough to post my email here, lol, really.

  106. I’m going to have to get poetry books after hod shuts down. It’s been a nice change for reading and I new interest I wouldnta had without the treasure huntin site. I look forward to qotc.

  107. Wow!! You guys have been penning like heck today…lol great, great penning from all of you!! Thank you…
    Sorry i havent been on much, im still having a rough time dealing with some health issues… i had my MRI (back) and looks like no surgery is needed at this time… ive had 3 already on my back, so that was good news to me….. your prayers are working …. thank you!!
    Update on ” The Quill of the chase”-
    I have withdrawed $2,310 from the go fund me page and paid for a few services with it, editing, beta optimization..etc the next draw will be $1,910 for layout, cover design, isbn etc.. that will be the final payment to get our book on the shelves. I could have went a cheaper route or left off some services but i want you guys to be happy with the book… if i end up a little short for the final payment i will come upnwith it myself. You WILL get what you helped pay for….. thank you ALL so much!!!!
    If you want an email from me when its ready send me an email to springtime1996@hotmail.com and in the subject box type “book and your screen name” and i’ll let you know when the time is here…..
    I’ll try to kick out one more poem tomorrow for you guys… one for the road k… you guys have benn a great influence in my words!!!
    Have a great night,… until next time… see ya…


      • Thank you Lisa…. I’m still writing poems, but they are not chase related, I’m saving them back for possibly book #2 someday (wishful thinking…lol)…..
        Thanks for your prayers, i can still use them… have a great day Lisa…. until next time.. see ya my friend

  108. to search / waters upward spirals of desire / our dust to diamond gleam / to search / comes the gold of kings in lanterns light / a peasants diminished place in dark be bid farewell / to search / comes the gracious greater ones that pull to heights a lowly puppets dance / and sings be more than wood and dreamy things / search / for it is fire to chase

  109. T last day of posting
    This I might be missing the misting
    Glad to have had time for boasting
    To Forrest and Dal we be toasting

  110. Now that the thyme has come
    and the day is drawing nigh,
    let me set my hat on straight,
    before we say “goodbye.”

    Thru ups and downs and thick and thin,
    one big family is what we’ve been.
    And as we leave and I say “adieu,”
    remember this, I know it’s true.

    The knots we’ve tied
    so strong and true;
    forever each day, I will think of you.
    End to end it shall be so,
    my family is with me whereever I go.
    The Omega

    Wear your hats proudly, my friends.

    • I’ve heard they’ve colorized many of them older comedy videos, but after doing so, they adorn a greenish tint which is hard to get rid of. Duplicates are nice to have. Justin Case told me.

        • Green, the color of life, happiness, and peace. Thank you BigO, I O U a big hug! Maybe some day our paths will cross again!

          • One love, Suzy_S.

            You dont owe me, but I will take a free social distancing hug! 😉

    • Great poem www! Why can’t the world still see the simplistic beauty of friendship and happiness? Thanks for bringing it back, if even for a moment!

  111. Being my final ode of thanks to Forrest, I offer a poem as it reminds me of…


    A neb, a beak, a face, a nose
    All have their purpose, their shrining pose.
    But none of these, have I at all,
    My trophy peaks upon the wall.

    Tied up with nails and string of sorts
    Its ending walk was brief, mere short.
    That shot rang out, a last impasse,
    Clothed of its own embarrass-ment.

    Now though that bear is haired of gall,
    Its fiercely look could never maul.
    “Fools”, say he, “a clever disguise”,
    “Assets abound, the grandest prize!”

    Thank you Forrest for all you’ve done!

    • Forgot to add…

      I wish the best to all the friends I made here. For prosperity, place a horseshoe or two on your wall for luck. Remember to keep the open side up. They say it catches and holds in the luck.

      • You thinkin maybe they will hold water too?
        Loved your poem, Ms Suzy.
        Spread eagle and exposing all –
        now that’s a bear of a diffent color.

        • Don’t be silly www! Cups and jugs hold water.

          “Houston: Tranquility Base here; the Eagle has landed”!

  112. Evening’s Coming
    By: Frances Mace

    stealthy shadows creep across the neat lawn;
    blue moonbeams flicker lightly on the deep grass;
    quiet birds in dusky nests half-drowse
    or cheep an evening lullaby of sleep.
    chill breezes blow along the walk;
    they sweep swiftly on;
    they leap the garden wall, a’ down, to recap
    the soughing sheaves of weary flowers, clumped
    and bending low, and spooning tenderly as one –
    like bedfellows, for better warmth – as night draws on.

  113. Colorblind
    By: Frances Mace

    a rainbow contains the spectrum.
    i never heard a scientific claim that one color is most
    if human beings are like colors, i must be myself.
    i should put away pretenses of being more
    special – like a favorite child of God’s –
    and accept that i am unique, as my genes print me,
    which is, perhaps, more-or-less as wonderful as
    or quite-the-same-as colorful, individual me.


    what was that light and the lesser light,
    which transported me,
    terrified me, compelled me to follow.

    if that light comes again,
    will i die of fear or joy –
    could i endure to live it fully.

    if more light – how resilient is my mind,
    which breaks
    and again and again – and how much light

    would be enough to utterly blind
    or in which to see, newly revealed,
    the whole world and all God’s mysteries.


    if the whole be a conflagration,
    i beheld the spark. if the whole be a flood
    of day-bright, i saw the crack of dawn.
    having had the least vision of glory,
    i yearn for the morning of fire –
    for the day of ultimate white –
    for an eternity of illimitable Light.

  114. The time has come
    For the final pen
    As we say goodbye
    To Forrest fenn
    We thank you sir
    For all you’ve done
    And the winner
    Is more than one
    We have all run the race
    And gave it our best
    And the thrill of the chase
    Forever our quest
    To all I say
    Much love and adieu
    It was fun to play
    I’ll surely miss you!

    • You will severely be missed my friend!!!!! You know how to reach me, give me a shout from time to time k… I wish for you a life of happiness!!!!

      Until next time… see ya jdiggins

  115. “That is one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.” enough said.

    • We are good, aren’t we?
      Each in his own way in his own words.
      Such art we have seen here on these pages
      and most of it is the Real Thing.
      Doesn’t get any better than that.

      • I couldn’t have said it any better wwwamericana!!!!! Well said…
        Many, many great people with many great poems from the heart… I LOVED EVERY ONE !

    • You too will be greatly missed pdenver!!! You know how to reach me my friend… shout at me sometime… if I’m in Colorado I will definitely shout at you..k
      Until next time… see ya my friend

      • You will be missed on the Poetry Page, my friend. I look forward to seeing you. 🙂

  116. “ Until Next Time “

    Should I say goodbye? Should I blow you a kiss?

    Should I wave really big, to the ones I’ll miss?

    Whichever the choice, the results are the same,

    My friends they’ll become, a memory by name.

    Memories in time, so lovely and bright,

    We laughed and we cried, we talked through the night.

    We helped out our friends, during troublesome times,

    We shared our big hearts, through our words of rhyme.

    Jdiggins is where, my memory begins,

    Her hug when she saw me, her biggest of grins.

    And Spallies beside her, with her hat on her head,

    Smiling and joking, at all that we said.

    Then Jenny Kyle hugged me, so many around,

    Ken Up from Georgia, and others abound.

    Special things happened, in the darkest of light,

    As nearindianajones and I shook, hands in the night.

    Dal he’s a fun one, and Desertphile too,

    Almost as fun, as the large Texas crew.

    There’s Brooke and there’s Covert, he says he’s the one,

    To many to mention, but God it was fun!

    There was Tom Terrific, in his shady ole hat,

    While PauleyT and others, sat near the back.

    And Anna, whew, now what can I say?

    The sweetest of sweet, on any ole day.

    There’s to many to mention, that I’ve met face to face,

    But There’s many I haven’t, shook hands in this chase.

    CuriousGeorge, he’s a good Nikan of mine,

    Pdenver’s so sweet, to all of mankind.

    There’s 4rest4fend, and wwwamericana too,

    Amber and BigOnus, with hearts big as two.

    SuzyS and others, like Hank and his rhyme,

    Oh, and Lisa Cesari, she’s the kindest of kind.

    And also there’s a friend, I call JDA,

    My words can’t express, but I’ll meet him someday.

    If your name is not mentioned, your loved just the same,

    I’ve so many new friends, I’ve loaded my brain.

    But soon you will all, be a memory of mine,

    But forever you’ll last, till the end of my time.

    I hope and I pray, for each of you all,

    A life full of blessings, and happiness for ya’ll.

    So, I won’t say goodbye, it’s so hard to do,

    I won’t blow a kiss, to my friends such as you.

    I’m not waving big, your not going nowhere,

    In my heart you’ll remain, you’ll always be there.

    If you wanna chime in, or just sit and chat,

    My emails below, you know where I’m at.

    My heart feels real heavy, I’m sure yours does too,

    But I promise you friends, there’s journeys anew.

    We’ll make it alright, after this time that we’re blue,

    Enjoy the little things, as you try something new.

    So, farewell for now, until our trails cross again,

    I guess until next time… I’ll see ya my friends….


    Your friend, Focused

    • WOW, thats cool Focused!!!

      I have never been in a poem before! Hope that one goes into the book!

      • It will BigOnus, I’m going to send them my last 3 to add to the others… my book will end with this one…
        It’s been a fun ride BigOnus, thank you for your kindness my friend….
        Until next time… see ya

          • OMG !!! Thank you so much my friend!! I can’t believe it… heck, your banker is gonna call you up and ask you what’s going on? …lol
            I said your heart was big as two, well, I think it’s more like three…
            You have helped so much BigOnus, more than you can imagine… did you email me for a notification when the book is ready? I can’t remember .. there’s so many….
            Have a great night and a better tomorrow…. your awesome my friend…. until next time… see ya

    • Awwwwww…..
      Warm waters are flowing.
      May your Heart Light never burn out.

      • My heart light will never burn out wwwamericana…. I’ve knock on deaths door, seen the angel of death, and refused to go, I have to much to live for and I’m gonna live it. My light shines brightly my friend..
        Thank you for the fun times…. email sometimes and surprise me k….lol
        Until next time… see ya

    • What a lovely tribute to the friends that you have gathered around you Focused. Thanks for including me among such a wonderful group of people.

      We will now, all travel down new and different roads, but we will all be together in our hearts. Thanks Focused, for putting into words, that which many of us now feel.

      As you always say, my friend … Until next time – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA, I promise you that I’ll make the trip to Pocatello. I have wanted to meet you from way early on in the chase, you were not at the Fennboree that I went to and that was the only downfall of my trip. I really wanted to meet you in person. So, one day I’m gonna do that, it’s #1 on my bucket list…lol when that time draws near I’ll email you and we can figure out a good time k…
        Thank you for so many words of kindness over the years my friend, I cherish them all!!
        Have a great day… until next time… see ya JDA

        • No thanks needed Focused. The pleasure has all been mine.

          Talk about pleasure. Thanks to a very generous donation by an admirer of Focused – Not sure I should mention your name BigO – but THANKS – We are now at $4000.00 – W O W. The book is almost on the shelves – T H A N K S A L L Focused and JDA

          • You are the only person judged the postings correctly. Do you remember your comment on the golden and multi coloured stars and the word ‘
            “Surprise”, in 2017 in Jenny Kyle’s blog.

          • Yes I seen that…. it’s crazy around here sometimes and BigOnus keeps stirred up…lol
            It floored me when I seen it…thank you BigOnus!!!!!!!

    • Focused

      It’s been an honor reading your words over the past couple years, it’s as if a different realm is entered while reading them, that ability is an extraordinary gift and so is being a captivating story teller. Thanks.

      Live Long and Prosper or Peace and Long Life,
      Take your pick! 🙂
      Pauley T

      • Thank you for you kind words PauleyT, it as nice meeting you at Fennboree… I’m glad you can follow my imagination and journey with me in my poems… I try to keep them simple, so all can take that journey…
        Ok, if I had to pick one it would be “peace and long life” .. because I have learned (the hard way..lol) that life is a gift and to me peace and happiness is more important than to prosper….. so that’s my choice..

        Have a great night my friend, until next time.. see ya

    • Love you bunches my fine feathered friend! I knew there would be an “until next time” thank you!
      May your quill always float freely!

      • Love ya too jdiggins! Yeah, the poem above will be the last one in my book and the page after will only say UNTIL NEXT TIME…SEE YA…
        I hope it turns out good and everyone likes it.. this is my first time…lol I’m leaving screen names like I posted them in the poems over the years..

        Chime in from time to time..k.
        Until next time… see ya jdiggins

    • Honored to be on your list! I’m at a loss for words other than THANK YOU Focused!

      • Thank you is plenty good enough Suzy_S.. there are so many I left out, but heck my poem would be 500 lines long…lol they know who they are and I love the the same…
        Ain’t that right CindyM? Your a great bunch of friends!!!!!
        Until next time… see ya

    • Your poem is wonderful, Focused. Thank you for including me in it. When I got to the part, “My heart feels real heavy, I’m sure yours does too,” I couldn’t fight it any longer. Been trying to be brave today, but I guess I failed. I’m really going to miss everyone.

      • Heck, you know I’ll include you pdenver!!!!! Sorry if I made you feel bad, but I feel the same too.. before all our friends were a click away… now , well, a few will stay in touch, like us, and others will become a memory, stay strong pdenver, if you need someone to talk to you know how to reach me my friend…

        Have a great 4th… until next time… see ya

  117. one more for the Road…

    Days End

    I can see the light,
    at near end’s day.

    Did I follow the path,
    or did I wander away.

    Was I kind to the poor,
    did I lift trodden soul.

    Why many questions,
    near the end of the road.

    I have done all I could,
    as I take my last breath.

    Soon I join those before,
    in life, and eternally rest.


  118. From a fellow who often said:

    I’d rather have a bottle in front of me
    Than a frontal lobotomy.

    comes this,

    I’d rather have a journey ahead for me
    Than a forehead injury.

    Be well, be safe, have fun.

  119. For Forrest:

    By: Elizabeth Mace

    i spent my love upon the day of grasses
    in the cattails and the creeping vines
    and plucked the clovers.
    many purple buds i kissed
    through the long day of grasses,
    until my lips wearied and my love gushed dry
    into the black earth.
    without warning, then,
    as i walked home, the stars rang out in rays
    a melody i felt within,
    although the grasses pleaded, “love us,
    love us late,”
    ah, yes –
    at even, sang the stars, all, for me.

    Salute, Sir.
    Iowa out.

  120. “Old Friend on Rivers Bend”

    Rest old friend as you drift down yonder
    You’ve left us with so much to ponder
    Sleep well and forever as just you may
    Peace and bliss for you is what we’ll pray

    Gallop into the sun it’ll keep you warm
    Walk thru that meadow on heavenly farm
    You’ll feed a root wherever you might lay
    That tree will grow strong each and every day

    Behold the secret that only you know
    The life ever after to you has been bestow
    You showed us a manner to grab every banana
    We rode our freedom all the way up to Montana

    Soar over the mountains that are so tall
    High above you’ll see earths palette in all
    Watch over us all and keep us at ease
    Take time to search for us if you so please

    Peace rides the wind for forever it is akin
    For freedom it does ride so let peace begin
    This poem was written for you old friend
    Your spirit now runs around the rivers bend.

    RIP The Chase.

    Pauley T

    • Pauley – your words were a tribute to the Chase.
      Thank you for sharing.

  121. Forrest should not get all the attention today. So . . .

    For Peggy:

    Lovely by Candlelight
    By: Elizabeth Mace

    lovely by candlelight:
    i imagine you all those years ago
    tending, bending
    the light on your hair like
    a shower of stars.
    may i gather one fragment
    of bright from your heart –
    melded, gilded
    by your working, loving,
    doing again
    the same tasks, loving the same
    dear faces
    by candlelight, far into the night:
    diligent in care
    obedient to love.

    Salute, Ma’am.
    Iowa out.

    • Yes!
      Ms Fenn we respect and honor you.
      You have remained silent all these years
      but silence sometime is Golden.
      May God bless you and keep you.

  122. Re-post from July ’17:

    The chest will not be found by the dumbest or smartest
    or the one who lives closest or travels the farthest

    It will not be found by the person that studied the most
    Might even be someone who never replied to a post

    It will be the searcher that walked in the footsteps of Fenn
    Someone who failed but kept trying again and again

    One with the imagination to spot what others did not see
    Wouldn’t it be great if that searcher was me?

  123. Maverick

    The solution can only be found with abstract thought
    The poet weaves the words intent into a knowing knot

    It makes one hairless grabbing at what’s not there
    The sands of time slip past without a clue to share

    All the people gather to ponder the mysteries of this feat
    They all search a way for the poet to defeat

    Surely there must be away a clue a trick
    Is the answer in plain sight could he be so slick

    Perhaps the answer we already know
    It was his perspective he wanted to show

    In his chest sits his heart a treasure worth sharing
    In the end the story of love and caring

    Red Shadow Singers – Eagle Song

    • This is what it is all about for me.

      They say the eagle is the 12th brightest bird in the sky.

  124. Lowaengr, PauleyT, 4rest4fend,Me , randawg all great penning above. I normally reply to each individual post, but you guys are wearing my fingers out…lol so I bunched you guys up..k
    I’m gonna miss the fine poetry from all of you and you guys are my inspiration for everything I write… without you where will my imagination go? New journeys await me, and new words will follow, but I will never have new friends as great as all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all…

    I lowered the go fund me page back down here, heck , I went to see what BigOnus done and I couldn’t find it..lol it was way up there..lol
    Double thanks to “ Everyone “ who has donated… big or small each and every one will have a part in my book getting published… thank you all…. man I dread tomorrow when the blog stops….. love you all, you’ll be forever in my heart……..


    Until next time… see you all

    • Thank you Melvin and Granny for your donation to “ The Quill of the Chase” … I hope you like it when it comes out… your help is greatly appreciated!!!!
      Heck, don’t you like it here Granny? The people on Dal’s blog are true genuine and generous … ready to help someone on the drop of a dime…. that my friend is how the rest of the world needs to be!!!!!!!
      Thank you again Melvin and Granny.. love you guys!
      Have a great 4th…. until next time… see ya

    It was just a short furlough.
    Grab your pens and backpacks,
    find a shady tree and write some poetry.
    Hope to see y’all real soon back here.

  126. Good morning everyone,
    First, I was surprised to see Dal’s blog back up and going the other day, heck I thought it was gone for good and now the poetry page is back open for comments!! Definitely a great way to start my day….
    I just want to let everyone know that “ The Quill of the Chase” is going good, I was held up some on my end due to some health issues, but I’m doing good now thanks to the prayers from you guys…. thank you… I never knew how much this blog and all of you guys meant to me until it was gone… whew, that was tough…lol it’s great to be back….
    Thank you to everyone who has helped in getting “The Quill of the Chase” from a dream to reality… I can’t wait till it’s time to open it up for the first time… I will let everyone know when that time arrives k… thank you JDA for letting me know about the blog being back up…. now let’s get our pens and imagination flowing…lol
    I hope everyone has a great day today….. until next time… see ya my friends..

        • Thanks to another couple of donations, including another generous donation by BigOnus – We are now at $4477.00 WOW – You guys and gals amaze me – JDA and Focused

    • BigOnus,
      I appreciate your generous contributions to “ The Quill of the Chase” more than you’ll ever know my friend… the only words that I can come up with is “thank you”…..


  127. Forgetting Wilson

    I miss my friend
    Or maybe its my Will to move on
    Carry on sing on
    Climb that hill

    Need to hold the flag
    For others to see
    Wave it high
    Wave it free

    For my friend
    Or one that is not a friend
    Either way
    Both may have to bend

    Deep breath in
    Feel it gentle
    Feel it mental
    One blows out

  128. Great thots, Castaway.
    Breathe in, breathe out.
    Oh, the joys of another day –
    guessin that’s what Life is all about.

    • Wwwamericana,
      I thought Castaways words were relaxing, especially the line “one blows out”…. the last stanza really sets off the first three……imo
      I agree with ya, that’s what life is all about…. it’s great to see ya again my friend… stay safe out there in these crazy times…… until next time… see ya wwwamericana

  129. Thank you Austin and the Balzer and Bonner families for your donation towards “The Quill first the Chase” it means a lot to me that you guys care enough about my words to help out…. thank you all !!!!!
    Have a great night… until next time… see ya

  130. This haiku is for you castaway……

    “Go breath the night air,

    Crisp and cool in the mountains,

    Exhale your worries “

    Thanks for the inspiration my friend….Until next time… see ya Castaway

  131. In~Verse

    Found, but fell to see,
    A Wretch I long to be.
    Tallying the cost, having been so
    Lost, multiplies my mind’s blind plea.
    I prey the sound of grace rings amazing-lea.

    • Miafarmerfriend,

      The light of your poem provides an impassive warmth of sanctuary and protection for those of us who are rogue warriors. Thank you!

  132. I am a shy, mostly anonymous guy from back east, not sure if I am “that” guy, but this poem has always spoken to me in a deep way. I think a lot of treasure hunters can relate to something in this poem. Apologies if this has already been posted.

    The Men That Don’t Fit In

    There’s a race of men that don’t fit in,
    A race that can’t stay still;
    So they break the hearts of kith and kin,
    And they roam the world at will.
    They range the field and they rove the flood,
    And they climb the mountain’s crest;
    Theirs is the curse of the gypsy blood,
    And they don’t know how to rest.

    If they just went straight they might go far;
    They are strong and brave and true;
    But they’re always tired of the things that are,
    And they want the strange and new.
    They say: “Could I find my proper groove,
    What a deep mark I would make!”
    So they chop and change, and each fresh move
    Is only a fresh mistake.

    And each forgets, as he strips and runs
    With a brilliant, fitful pace,
    It’s the steady, quiet, plodding ones
    Who win in the lifelong race.
    And each forgets that his youth has fled,
    Forgets that his prime is past,
    Till he stands one day, with a hope that’s dead,
    In the glare of the truth at last.

    He has failed, he has failed; he has missed his chance;
    He has just done things by half.
    Life’s been a jolly good joke on him,
    And now is the time to laugh.
    Ha, ha! He is one of the Legion Lost;
    He was never meant to win;
    He’s a rolling stone, and it’s bred in the bone;
    He’s a man who won’t fit in.

    • Well timed and great share! It’s important to have a sense of humor about it!

      – The quiet observer that also doesn’t fit in

  133. If this is the graveyard of ambition
    Please chisel my epitaph…

    Don’t weep for 42
    She’s not here.
    She’s living to do
    The things
    She was attributed to.

  134. “Things I Love”

    I love stayin on course
    I love the oceans force
    I love history’s source
    I love ridin a horse
    I love eatin good food
    I love a funky mood
    I love lookin for gold
    I love breakin the mold
    I love readin old books
    I love catchin sexy looks
    I love learnin and thrivin
    I love tryin and survivin
    I love being just me
    I love wishin to be
    I love hangin with friends
    I love rivers with bends
    I love keepin the faith
    I love a towns wraith
    I love dogs and cats
    I love cowboy hats
    I love searchin for stuff
    I love being big and tuff
    I love drivin my car
    I love walks too far
    I love workin with wood
    I love gazin from a stood
    I love watchin my TV
    I love secrets that see
    I love all things Star Wars
    I love that a bird soars
    I love the quietness
    I love the wilderness
    I love smelling fresh air
    I love goin to the fair
    I love sand on the beach
    I love hard places to reach
    I love gettin deeply lost
    I love warmth not frost
    I love things that heal
    I love life cause it’s real
    I love everything blue
    I love the mornin dew
    I love many more things
    I love what it all brings
    I love Forrest and his clue
    I love each one of you. 🙂

    What is it that you Love?

    Pauley T

  135. Hour’s Gold

    Alone in Bear Creek seasoned with Sun’s gold
    My heart’s aware that the current does enfold
    Imagination and body and soul
    Fishing for meaning with an un-baited pole.

    Balanced between rocking and rolls
    Like a rope walker between the poles
    Feeling for places safe from falls
    As refreshing splashes youth recalls.

    Let’s go find another creek
    Yielding to hopes for a golden streak.
    Also, lushly hemmed and also steeply defined
    It’s clear the matter here must be refined.

    Maybe the gold I sought I will not find.
    Maybe more effort I shouldn’t mind
    As gold is never really new or old
    It’s what it is, grasp it, release its hold.

    Like the sand from a stream we sift
    As many grains through our glass drift
    We rejoice when we find some golden flake
    So precious are our’s, so dear the stakes.

  136. Hour’s Gold

    Alone in Bear Creek seasoned with Sun’s gold
    My heart’s aware that the current does enfold
    Imagination and body and soul
    Fishing for meaning with an un-baited pole.

    Balanced between rocking and rolls
    Like a rope walker between the poles
    Feeling for places safe from falls
    As refreshing splashes youth recalls.

    Let’s go find another creek
    Yielding to hopes for a golden streak.
    Also, lushly hemmed and also steeply defined
    It’s clear the matter here must be refined.

    Maybe the gold I sought I will not find.
    Maybe more effort I shouldn’t mind
    As gold is never really new or old
    It’s what it is, grasp it, release its hold.

    Like the sand from a stream we sift
    As many grains through our glass drift
    We rejoice when we find some golden flakes
    So precious are our’s, so dear the stakes.

    • 4rest4fend,

      My husband and mine’s fondest memories go back to a place called Bear Creek in Colorado. It was years ago when we first met, and it was OUR spot. Your words suddenly reminded me of way back then.

      Though your poem hints at the lack of achieving what can be reached when searching for a dream, it also expresses the possibility of “what if”… what if we never cared to reach any further? What if the future was right there within our grasp, yet we never cared to try? Who might we have become then? Where might we have gone? In the future, could we look back and say we were sastified with what we did because we gave it our best?

      As of right now, we have no regrets. The hope of your ending words expresses the same. I’m glad we accomplished what we desired. And even if we didn’t achieve all that we thought we should, we can honestly say we’ve given it our best. That, in and of itself, allows us the ability to remember life with so much more of what life has to offer.

      In a much bigger vision, your words propel us to an imaginative journey of what life might hold beyond as we once again take a journey to Bear Creek. It’s through that refinement of constantly moving forward where curiosity holds wonder of what life holds in store and are filled with anticipation of what lies beyond.

      Finally, your words are so much more than formal words. They express what comes from the heart… words that truly grasp, fill, and quench one’s soul. So in closing, I wish to say THANK YOU for the reminder! It’s nice to revisit that place again, even if that place only exists through the imaginative words of a poem…


      • Suzy_S,

        Thank you so much for your touching reply, with it your wish for me came true.

        Seems we’ve all been enchanted by this special creek and all that surrounds her. It’s a place I easily return to in happy day dreams.
        And now, from your kind words I know others have also found gold beside those banks.

        Thanks for sharing your best treasure!
        And I wish you both a sweet anniversary.

        • I appreciate your response and kind words also. We haven’t quite made it to our 50th anniversary yet, but we’re hoping to reach it. Regardless, I’m sure that when and if it comes, it will be an experience worth treasured photos and countless memories.

          Thanks again 🙂

  137. On Your Golden Anniversary

    Oh my, there’s always much magic
    when living Presents appear
    Who transcend mere chance and logic,
    An album, leaves of gold, record your love here.

  138. thought i’d bend the rules a bit, and utter some good philosophy on a strictly poetry page:

    “we put thirty spokes together and call it a wheel
    but it is on the space where there is nothing
    that the usefulness of the wheel depends

    we turn clay to make a vessel
    but it is on the space where there is nothing
    that the usefulness of the vessel depends

    we pierce doors and windows to make a house
    and it is on these spaces where there is nothing
    that the usefulness of the house depends

    therefore, just as we take advantage of what is
    we should recognise the usefulness of what is not”

    – Lao Tzu

    fair warning though (before any bees prematurely enter any butts) ..cheap lawyers are in high demand at mo, apparently

  139. “Escape”

    Can you hear me
    I’m calling
    I’ve been suffering far too long

    Can you hear me
    I’m trying
    Listening for that Mountain song

    Can you hear me
    I’m helping
    I need you to be strong

    Can you hear me
    I’m escaping
    Into your arms all along

    Can you hear me
    I’m wishing
    Not wanting to be wrong

    Can you hear me
    I’m running
    For that river where I belong

    Pauley T

  140. Wild West Wood

    Time let him whittle ‘way the scruff
    slowly a hidden image was revealed
    don’t take too much, just enough
    release the beauty long concealed.

    Within the wood it’s always been
    but changing hues ’til it was hewn
    after this, it morphs even then
    Like shade from trees wander past noon.

    Do gaze upon this crafty piece
    this pipe produced a mellow tone
    its smoke spoke of a hope for peace
    But Pan played some other tune.

    Sheep heard cowboys stringing their wires
    Bison, grave reports from the plains,
    Treasured mountains to new buyers
    How deep’s a hole when none complains?

  141. Hangers On
    Now that all know
    Fenn’s chest is gone,
    time moves slow
    For the “Hangers on”
    And when our grip
    is strong no longer,
    We’ll grit our teeth
    Slip off and plunder.
    How deep is the hole
    Of failures blunder?
    I’ll let you know
    When I land asunder.
    How did it happen
    We sit and wonder
    A treasure kidnappin
    Stole our thunder.

    • Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
      Life is but an empty dream!
      For the soul is dead that slumbers,
      And things are not what they seem.

      -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

      • Terrific reminder Allen K,
        In 2017 I had the opportunity to visit with Forrest in his den for a couple hours. He quoted the Longfellow segment you posted and then asked me if I would enjoy a drink from Jackie Kennedy’s personal brandy.
        An unforgettable afternoon for me.

      • Thanks pdenver. Double sigh…me too.

        As “Movers on” living from a center of gratitude And realistic expectations is the key to resilience and happiness. If expectations are unrealistic, the “hangers on” will live in the canyon of disappointment.

        It took me a month of attitude adjusting to become ‘Nothing but’ thankful for Fenn’s once in a lifetime opportunity. Because each of us embraced it with passion we have terrific memories, and well-honed skills to employ to new endeavors. I’m excited about writing new chapters in my life, and really living again post covid.

        All the best to you pdenver. You were a terrific contributor here on Dal’s blog.

        • I wish to thank you for your kind words. I concur, positive attitude and gratitude makes a world of difference. I wish you plenty of wonderful chapters yet to be filled in your life, 42. All the best to you, too.

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