A Searchable Compilation…

SUBMITTED May 18, 2020
by Mark Hughes



The link below will allow you to download a searchable document that is a compilation of all the Forrest Fenn Scrapbooks and the Forrest Gets Mail collection as well as other items from the “Most Important Info” section of this blog.

I started this compilation to create a searchable medium, then found that some of the items I went looking for were not even in the Scrapbooks but in Forrest Gets Mail and Dal’s Most Important Info posts. One of the posts in Most Important Info belongs to Seeker. It is also included.

I would like to thank Forrest for giving his permission and approving this document as well as Dal’s and Seeker’s approval…

The .pdf can be found HERE

Please note that this is a large .pdf document. It will take up to a full minute to download to your computer. If you wish to keep it, simply hit save and point to where you want to save the document.

The document is current as of May 18th, 2020 and will be updated from time to time as new “Scrapbooks” or “Forrest Gets Mail” or other “Most Important Info” documents are added to the blog.

-Mark Hughes







37 thoughts on “A Searchable Compilation…

  1. Thank you, Mark. This is great!

    I’m wondering if I should hire you to compile my stuff…lol.


    Orion, the Hunter

    • Mark, you are too kind! What a generous thing to do. This is great. Thank you!

  2. WOW. Thank you so much, Mark. What a huge effort and gift to us!

    Orion–I know what you mean. I’ve been searching for years, am still stuck on the first stanza, first line really, and have somewhere north of 1,500 pages of notes. (I may just burn them all and start over LOL.). I kinda’ miss the days of just looking for the words from the poem on a map…

    • Lady V. 1500 pages of notes! Wow! I don’t really have many notes but I do have lots of images I’ve created.


  3. Thanks Mark! You did a great job, on what looks like a compact and wonderful resource, to help your fellow treasure hunters! I look forward to reading and refreshing my memory!

  4. This looks like it might be a good meal Mark, thanks. I will go buy a device specially to house your efforts, seeing as it takes so long to load.

  5. It’s like a downloadable hod. Rabbit holes on the go if one chooses. Now I can sit in the woods without inner net singnal and try and decide the color of blades of grass as to whether or not they match the clothes if a choas doll or not. Also other handy data such as berry picking and how to stay safe from bears that follow in the woods.
    Now I’m gonna have to invest in a solar charger, thanks mark.

  6. Wow! Thanks for putting this together Mark and to everyone else who made it happen. The effort and time to do something like this is very much appreciated. The best part is now I have even more things to confuse me…… LOL!

  7. Thank you so much Mark. I have been trying to do the same thing, create a searchable document of all SB’s that is, but the format would get all jumbled and I finally gave up.

    I’m sure this was a lot of work and your generosity to share it with the community is very commendable.

    And to Forrest & Dal, thank you too for supporting Mark in his selfless endeavor.


  8. Mark, this is a really nice compilation and worthy of inclusion in any collection of Fenn’s works.

  9. Well, I searched ‘home of brown’ and STILL don’t know where or what it is.

  10. Bark,
    Figuring out home of Brown is one of the more difficult thoughts in the poem, imo.

  11. A searchable and most important resource without lisa, lisa, lisa! I’m at a loss for words.

  12. Thank you so much, Mark. That was a lot of work, I’m sure. It should make life a bit easier
    for a lot of searchers.

    When I scrolled down through the Scrapbooks and other things, I realized the enormity of the
    body of works written/created by Mr. Fenn. I am very appreciative of this, as well, and so
    hereby wish to thank him for his work in all of this. Thank you, Mr. Fenn.

    • And thank you, Dal, also. Your (ongoing) work is very much appreciated.

  13. Mark H, you and Blex are like sunshine on a rainy day, I do not know how to tell you guys thanks, I had often kept 30 to 50 Chrome Tabs open for research, I really appreciate this!


  14. Can you come over and clean out my sock drawer?

    Thanks for your hard work.

  15. thanks for all the thanks guys… I have a new super duper version with a table of contents all the entrys are linked so all you do is click the scrapbook you want and it takes you right to,, that will be version two as soon as there is more content to add..

    Im glad you all found this useful…

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