The Tenth Clue…


Submitted May 18, 2020
by Jason


As Forrest said, “The treasure is out there waiting for the person who can make all the lines cross in the right spot”.  As important as it is to find out how the 9 clues create a path to the treasure, I would argue that the 10th clue is that we know the chest hiding place is somewhere FF deems personal and special.  For example, if we were just given the poem without knowing who wrote it, then we would truly be required to search the entire Rockies for a potential location.

However, since we know the final location is special to Forrest, we can narrow that search down to locations that are special to him.  I would argue that the TOTC book, which is written as Fenn’s memoir, gives us the answer to what places are important to Forrest.  As Forrest says, “There comes a time (maybe it’s an age) when all of us reflect on the happenings that marked our passage through the brakes and thickets of life”  To me, TOTC is the book where Forrest reflects on his life.

The stories he decided to include in the book are where his mind went when deciding to tell the story of his life.


The timeline here indicates when each story Fenn mentions takes place.  Fenn seems to have been reminiscing a lot about his time before he was 20 and went into the Air Force.  I think the older we get, it is common to look back at the formative years of our lives, and what they meant to us.

I would suggest that the special place that contains the treasure was found during this formative period.  Further I would argue that the odds are good that Fenn discovered this location before the age of 13.  Fenn says in the book that even though he is nearly 80, “my mind stays at about thirteen”.   That would be 1943 on the timeline, when Forrest was a fishing guide in Yellowstone, and marble champion on school.

So in summary, given the stories of Fenn’s formative years, I would argue that Temple Texas and the West Yellowstone areas are very important to Fenn.  Since only West Yellowstone is in our search area, I think it is likely that the treasure can be found within a distance a 13 year old boy could explore on his own from West Yellowstone.







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  1. Jason, in my humble opinion you are absolutely correct. My best guess is that it’s located within a 10 mile radius of West Yellowstone.

    • James Collier – If you include WWWH, and all of the clues in the Poem, I say all solve locations are with 15 miles if the Fennhaven Cabins in West Yellowstone. And the special-to-Forrest hidey spot is 3 miles from his Summer home.

      Imagining Forrest at 12-13 years old, riding a backwardS bike: probably a Schwinn.

      • You and I are on the same page as always. “I want to ride my bicycle…I want to ride my bike.” Even if it is backwards.

  2. That’s pretty straight forward, with no subterfuge, maybe you should speak this in whispers.

  3. In west Yellowstone born and raised
    Hanging out and wading,
    spending most of his days.
    Til his was fifteen, needed some room
    Off with a horse, shotgun, ….

    Annddd that’s all I got.
    I too think that west Yellowstone is the place. Although I believe a little subterfuges is in play.

    • Hi Forrest – The Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Northern Arizona University offer locations to park your car and get to a Greyhound bus that goes to West Yellowstone via transfers. Why leave your car outside of NM if the chest is in NM? Forrest‘s plan was to pay cash (untraceable) to get to West Yellowstone and “rent” a bike to get to his special spot. That’s why he can throw the bike in water high. The treasure is within biking distance of West Yellowstone. IMO.

  4. To All,

    Perhaps though, it’s not about the destination, so much as it may be about the journey……
    Temple may be where it began. And West Yellowstone may be where it ended. But what about all the in-between? If the Chase has anything to do with these childhood trips FF’s family took, I doubt you will find the chest at either end. Perhaps it lies at a stop along the way, a halt if you will. 🙂

    All IMO.


      • Jason,

        Great timeline. I did not mean to take anything away from what you had put out there. Trying to figure out what is most probable is something you and I have in common, as some of the others here can attest.

        I am fairly vehemently against the chest being in West Yellowstone. Mots who are looking there rely on trout as FF’s Brown. I have been against Brown referring to trout for reasons well explained elsewhere. I also have never ruled it out. Still, I find nothing satisfactory about West Yellowstone other than FF spent a lot of time there.

        But if it was a mere matter of where FF has spent a great deal of time, then certainly NM would be at the top of the list of the four states. He has lived there for how long now?

        My post was an allusion to some recent work I have been doing, which I see someone has picked up on (Lisa!). She is pretty adamant about Baker’s Hole which is in the West Yellowstone boat. I have suggested to her other places of interest to FF (from his youth mind you) where he may have spent even more time than in West Yellowstone.

        I would be interested to hear your thoughts on what Brown most probably refers to, or doesn’t. And one other topic of interest in terms of probables is WWWH. I have also voiced my opinion on this matter among these threads.

        All IMO.


        • For now I am not commenting on my thoughts of the poem. I am going to Yellowstone soon and want to give me ideas a shot. I would suggest you read the book.

          • Jason,

            No worries. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Never hurts to ask. I suppose I should have clarified about asking your thoughts. I wasn’t looking for specifics as so many are reluctant to share. I was looking more for like Brown is a person or animal? WWWH is most like a geyser or lake? That sort of thought.

            For instance I have openly identified as the Sinks as the best fit for how I would interpret halt. Is it correct? I don’t know. I am hoping someone will go and find out though! I do not believe Brown refers to trout. That sort of thing.

            Good luck with your hunting though.

            All IMO.


    • Ann – Zoe brought up, in a post below, that Forrest said he was ‘almost umbilically connected’ to his special spot. Remember in that 2006 Buffalo Bill Center of the West video, Forrest said he started making a ‘halt’ at the original museum location, across the street from the current location, when he was one year old. And that he met the man in charge there, Dick?, when Forrest was about 6-7 years old. Sounds ‘almost umbilical’ to me!

      Is this a pic if the original museum location?:

      What is there now?

      • Lisa,

        I wasn’t aiming at any one specific place along the family route but then I should have recalled the recent exchange you and I have been having! I see you are “catch”ing some of illusive “trout” bait bits I keep throwing out there in reference to my place of interest. You may figure it out yet! And if/when you do, I wonder what your thoughts will be then……..

        Since you made reference to the reference which sort of started it all for me in terms of this “new”er location, I will just throw this out there. Ask yourself, where did it all begin for FF. I use the term “begin” to solidify the “umbilical” reference to the likelihood of my solve.

        I imagine at this point you may wondering what “it” refers to in the same sentence above. I think you already know the answer to that question though. And for eavesdropping eyes, this is not the same “it” from the poem.

        All IMO.


          • Ann – From that link:

            “The townspeoples’ “collective desire to commemorate Buffalo Bill” resulted in a meeting on the Irma Hotel’s front porch to discuss honoring the town’s founder. Margaret L. Simpson, a young Cody matron in 1917 (and grandmother of the Honorable Alan K. Simpson.”

          • Lisa,

            So you raise yet another intriguing connection. I do not see the link you are referencing but I did look into some of the names you mention. Kind of ironic isn’t it? Or is it? Would you agree that FF’s roots run deep there? It certainly seems more so than poem or book would suggest.

            In a game of Hot/Cold you are certainly warm but your reasoning is off. It reminds me of those few close searchers who may not have known how close they were or that they were close at all.

            Reason tells me reason is important. Why do we find ourselves where we find ourselves if not to find ourselves where FF found himself. Figure out why I have gone where I have gone and you will find yourself there as well. I think FF would agree.

            I will say this, your excellent insights only add fuel to the flames of why such a place as is sought appeals to me in terms of the Chase. I find this place appealing on my own accord as well, perhaps for the very same reasons I believe FF would be drawn to it.

            I read in a slightly later post on this very thread (by Lady V) about FF having high regard for the chests location. I agree with Lady V that is more than mere fondness for past times or pastimes. I believe he has an affinity for “umbilical” reasons, reasons that tie him there to that place.

            I think you may discover FF’s meaning of the term “umbilical” from Chief Luther Standing Bear. Ask him what the old Lakota would do when it came to learning…..

            Then turn too Shakespeare and ask yourself what’s in a name…..

            Then see if you don’t find yourself closer to where my warm waters halt.

            ’06 was a great year wouldn’t you agree?

            In the words of Willy Wonka, “The suspense is killing me!”

            All IMO.


          • PS-

            I found the link you were referring from your earlier post. More striking than what you pointed out is the irony I realized in my post this PS is to! What’s in a name indeed! I will let you ponder that as well. IF the location of the chest IS connected in some way to FF’s youth, I have not found a better locale than this……though I will keep searching.

            All IMO.


          • Ann – Cedar Mountain?:

            “In the final pages of Louisa’s memoirs, she wrote that although, long ago, her husband had told her he wanted to be buried on Cedar Mountain near Cody, “…where the last rays of the sun touched the hills at night,” in his last days on earth he had changed his mind and wanted to be buried on Lookout Mountain. “It’s pretty up there…You can look down into four states,” he was purported to have said. In 1921, when Louisa died, she was buried at Lookout Mountain with her husband, under nearly twenty tons of cement, reinforced by steel rails.”

          • Lisa,

            I see you have been doing quite a bit of homework! You never cease to amaze me! I think I would like to add some commentary……

            Buffalo Bill has quite the breadth of connections to several places, doesn’t he? You know where I first heard of Buffalo Bill? From Chief Luther Standing Bear. I will get to that later…..

            I love the mountainous views and certainly the connections for which you have chosen them. I think my example of Estella Brown and Laos may have misled you somewhat. I did not mean to imply that my HOB was of a similar nature, though I do not now confirm that it is not. (Mostly because I enjoy the interesting information you keep coming up with, but also because I feel you may be coming around to who/what I believe Brown to be.)

            In Hot/Cold, you are slightly cooler.

            I wonder what it is you may be looking for in them there mountains. If I wanted to listen to echoes from the past, I may find the reverberation of canyons more appeasing. As above, so below.
            Your Shakespeare is a little rough. He asked what’s in a name, not what is a name connected to…..

            I love Brownies! I am part Scottish myself and I’m also a lover of chocolate! Great find on a little-known Brown. As you and I have both noted, this umbilical speak that seems to be going around, it is usually in reference to the place of the Chase. As a trout advocate, I am surprised you have not applied the same scrutiny to your Brownies. I can see where trout and FF connect, not so much with the Brownies. Keep that in mind as you continue to search.

            Who/what would be worthy of FF’s praise, or rather admiration, so much so that he would be compelled to note the home thereof? Who/what would be worthy of such an honor as to lead others to FF’s final resting place? The home of Brown is a real place. I imagine there is only one of them since if we knew who/what Brown is we’d go straight to the chest……

            I am glad to see you looked into the Lakota. I am disappointed you did not consult Chief Luther Standing Bear. And you also asked the wrong question. I said be sure to ask him about the Lakota ways of learning, not their origin story. I can see where “umbilical” may have given you reason to look up the origin story. Ask standing Bear and you may see what I think FF means by “umbilical.”

            In the meantime, I thank you for your eccentricity and enthusiasm. I admire your willingness to explore and expand the horizons.

            ’06 was still a great year btw.

            All IMO.

          • Ann – Chief Iron Tail was Buffalo Bill’s best friend. He is on the face of the Buffalo Nickel. He performed in the Wild West show with Chief Luther Standing Bear. Read a historical fiction book about that show, where one of the performing Indians gets lost while wandering in Europe, and then misses the boat to return to New York

            So, us your ‘home of Brown’ Mother Earth? Those teachings and beliefs you mentioned:


            Imagining floating down a river canyon, near Cody…to find your WWWH. On a drift boat. Fly fishing for Big Browns…

          • Ann – Related Poem lines?:

            “So hear me all and listen good,
            Your effort will be worth the cold.
            If you are brave and in the wood,
            I give you title to the gold.”

            Is there an ‘ef-fort’ at the end of a river canyon, which is your ‘home of Brown’? Maybe where Chief Luther Standing Bear called home?

            And, yes. I saw the ‘meek’ reference in those quotes. Love that site!

          • Ann – Just a guess:

            “Cooter Brown’s in Cody; Lander Wyoming used to be Fort Brown. Fort Washakie was once called Fort Brown. Right by Lander.”

          • Ann – What’s in a name?

            Brown > B•row•n > Be Row’n?

            Still rowing that drift boat ‘canyon down’ in Sinks Canyon, to the home of Brown trout???


          • Lisa,

            RE: Mother Earrth

            You certainly do your homework well. To answer your question as directly as possible I would have to say no. But you have come across the umbilical nature of my HOB. Is it ME in the general sense? No. The HOB is a real place. What was that song I mentioned several posts ago now?……something about giving me a home I believe. Perhaps the old Lakota Mother did just that for FF. Not unlike their brother’s did for them back in the hayday, as the related video you shared so clearly demonstrated. You know, the one where I thought you may have figured out a better Brown.

            In Hot/Cold you are several degrees warmer. Oddly enough, you have mentioned various pieces of this fun puzzle throughout our exchanges, just not comprehensively in terms of hitting the target directly. Almost as if walking past the very object sought in Hot/Cold, or the chest like those early searchers who started off in the right area and walked right on by most likely not knowing it.

            I see I have more posts from you to reply to! I hope you are enjoying this Chase!

            All IMO.


          • Lisa,

            RE: Related Poem Lines?

            I am not sure how to answer the question mark in the title of this post of yours. I believe it is all related. I will say I don’t think the stanza you quoted is related in the way you may be asking. To me, that stanza is more of a chest descriptor. I can explain what I mean by that if you wish but I wish to stay on topic.

            In Hot/Cold you are cooler with this post.

            Not far off on a descriptive where but you have the wrong homeowner. Standing Bear was only a means for you to understand umbilical. Btw, I highly recommend all of his books (which I have!) as opposed to the sort of quotes page you came across. The books are more comprehensive and succinct, telling a wonderfully more complete picture instead of just giving you pieces.

            Lastly, I agree with the meek comments and the quotes page. Again I recommend the books. But, I am hoping that should you discover my HOB, you will see why I believe it is as sacred and meaningful to FF as it may be to the likes of Standing Bear.

            Don’t forget ’06 was a great year. The waters then were much warmer than they currently are. And if you take the contiguous canyon down you will surely find my home of Brown. How does that quote go? You can lead a horse to the water but can’t make it drink it? (Or something like that!)

            All IMO.


          • Lisa,

            RE: Fools Crow

            There are a number of great books written by Native Americans during the transitional period. I would also recommend The Lakota Way by Joseph Marshall and Black Elk Speaks as told through John Neihardt, among others.

            All IMO.


          • Lisa,

            RE: Just a guess.

            So I had heard about Fort Brown back when I was looking into the Lander area. An interesting area for a number of reasons. I had considered Sacajawea for Brown as well especially as a connect to Laos. That is still under consideration. Also obviously the Sinks is not far from Lander.

            I watched a video of Kpro and Mike where they discussed a theory about the chest in Lander. There was a trip made by FF to Cody that included a 2 or four day excursion (I forget which now) to Lander where he experienced “the best four days” fishing with someone. Again I forget who. It’s been awhile. I don’t have the link to the video on hand but it was definitely about Lander.

            And I don’t know if your Fort Brown is the same as my Camp Brown that I have on my notes list under Lander, but seems like they may be.

            You are certainly discovering a lot of my areas of interest through all of this!

            All IMO.


          • Lisa,

            RE: What’s in a name?

            Wrong name! But you will find my equivalent of yours in mine……

            I actually like what you said about Sinks here. While I have been fairly adamant about being against Brown referring to trout, I would have to concede that if Sinks is WWWH, then Brown likely refers to trout. And I have even discussed elsewhere where HOB there, would likely be the Rise, or the infamous pool of trout.

            I wrote a great expose on the First Stanza thread explaining how the Sinks/Rise could make a compelling example of applying the first stanza to WWWH.

            And for fun I will share with you a hysterical blip I came across in exploring the Sinks solve. Head to the falls and look over the three Photo Spheres once you get there. Let me know who you see……. 🙂

            I love the Sinks for all the reasons I have discussed on this blog, but I believe my new area of interest is more compelling, if you can believe that!

            All IMO.


          • Lisa,

            Wait, what? 🙂 Can’t wait to her where your thoughts may take you. I am listening good. 🙂


          • Ann – New theory for home of Brown, after re-reading my friend’s new copy of TTOTC, specifically that story about Forrest, Skippy and Donnie roping Cody the Buffalo:

            “An entry in Russell’s journal indicates that a party of trappers from Fort Hall reached Yellowstone Lake in 1838. Meek alleges that he went alone to Gardner’s Hole after the rendezvous and later to Burnt Hole, the neighborhood of Hebgen Lake. Here he left a joking message on a buffalo skull.”

            Cody was made into burgers, served at the Stagecoach Inn. Bummer. The roping scene happened a few miles West of town.


          • Lisa,

            You have been thinking indeed! I think Bill would approve of your Brown. What’s in a name, am I right? JK. Don’t chase any more rabbit holing there. Just something the wind was carrying.

            I even like the connection you found. ’06 is a pretty good year huh? But, let’s talk about this home……well after you find it maybe. 🙂

            How’s that song go again? I think I’ve given you all that you need.

            In Hot/Cold I’d say the Brown walls of your house are closing in. You appear to be warmer. Just try not to find yourself going in circles. If you do, be sure to exit stage east.

            By the way, have you ever been swimming in the lake? I hear the water is warmer in the western thumb. Maybe your fur trapping buddies bathed there since there weren’t exactly facilities back then. 🙂

            Interesting that Meek headed your way. Makes me wonder which way the others went, apparently no place for Meek. 😉 I suppose if you find the home of Brown you may have a better idea than me.

            So much you have touched on in one little post. Quite fascinating really. I wonder how well you may like this new home…… 🙂

            I have another thought for you but I will save it for another time. You may not need it by then. It was something about if you aren’t quite sure where to begin just stop (or halt) and……well if I told you the rest then I wouldn’t be saving it for another time would I?

            All IMO.


          • Ann – Was thinking about how WWWH does NOT halt at a dam, per Forrest. Actually, a dam slows the water if a river down, creating more surface area to collect sunlight, especially in Summer, making the water warmer. And then creates a reservoir behind the dam, like Hebgen Lake. Where the native Big Brown trout need to go to the bottom, on really hot Summer days.

            Best to fish for Big Rainbows now, after the Spring spawn, on the Madison River…or with the ‘gulpers’ on Hebgen Lake, from a boat. At the former location of Osborne Russell’s Burnt Hole.

            Gonna be a hot one over the next few days here in Sun Valley…

          • Lisa,

            Very true. I think you got caught in one of those circles I was warning you about. Wrong WWWH. And I thought you figured out the new Brown.

            In Hot/Cold you are much cooler today.

            Why did you follow Meek? Go back to the correct beginning, where warm waters actually halt, and take the canyon down. You’ll find the home of Brown there.

            Please do read my previous post carefully. A lot of alluding going on there. And how many thumbs do you have on your west hand? Or how many west hands do you have? Details dear Lisa. Details.

            Like the name game before, you are swimming in the wrong lake. Not only is ’06 a great yea,r but so was 1838.

            One last note: Quit following all of the “rabbit” Holes you seem to be drawn to! There are no such Holes in this solve. If you wander around any of those you may be liable to fall in and then I would have to call you Alice!

            And since you find yourself in one of those circles I mentioned in my previous post (as I suspected you might) I encourage you to exit stage east as I said before.

            I have a feeling if you ever figure out what I am talking about you will enjoy all of the previous allusions!

            All IMO.


          • Ann – I have. a Big Ol’ West pointing thumb in the landscape, in satellite view, marking my hidey spot. Or, a Big Toe. At the end of the Madison Arm of Hebgen Lake. Which Forrest could clearly see, every time he landed at KWYS airport. At the current runway location, or at the former one, where the old garbage dump was, prior to 1965 (toward the end of the Boundary Trail, per local West Yellowstone searcher, Jeff).

            Baker’S Hole Campground is across the Western Boundary of YNP. If I cross that and go East, to reach the West Thumb, I am in YNP. Where I don’t want to be. Because I don’t believe Forrest put the treasure on Park lands.

            I do know the history of Osborne Russell and all the other trappers and explorers in that area, though. I think you expected that answer.

          • Lisa,

            A big thumbs up to finding the right hand, not yours but mine. I am intrigued by your halting at my warm waters. I think you would find my home of Brown much more fascinating. If you should venture over my way, there is no need to post about it here.

            I look forward to hearing about your Baker’s Hole post search. Thanks for this little trek of ours. I was hoping you would find it more interesting. Perhaps this year, the history of the Chase won’t repeat itself. We shall see.

            All IMO.


        • Where did it all begin you ask….. You sure you haven’t read the book…. One chapter in called “Jump starting the learning curve” and another ” Surviving Myself”.

          • Musstag,

            I just checked my entire collection of books (read and unread) and I did not see TTOTC among them. Thus I am fairly certain I have not read the book, let alone seen it! All jesting aside, one does not have to go to Paris to know the Eiffel Tower is there.

            I do not recall the two stories you mention (how could I since I haven’t read the book!). Perhaps you can enlighten me as to why you mention them or I can check my sources to get a cliff notes version of each.

            Wouldn’t it be something if someone solved the Chase without ever having read the book? I am in no way suggesting such a method. But some do wonder whether such a feat is possible. I am not here to find out one way or another. I’m just interested in solving the “puzzle.”

            That being the case, I have simply employed well learned problem solving techniques to the Chase. And a few good friends have been generous enough to share tidbits of info such as what may be in the book. It’s not like that sort of information is a secret. I simply don’t have a copy myself. Though, someday I would like to sit down and read it. I hear it is quite good.

            I wonder how well you have been following the exchanges between Lisa and myself. And depending on that answer, I wonder if you have taken anything away from them. Sometimes it’s what’s not said that counts.

            All IMO.


  5. @Jason:

    You have laid out a strong case for this notion Forrest’s decision was made during a formative period in his life.

    But, could it have been another formative period? That time of his life when he had just received a grim cancer prognosis? He does describe the idea to hide the treasure as part of his reaction to his cancer diagnosis.
    If I look at it that way, was his id3a to choose the LOCATION also based on a place special to him *then*, rather than a place from childhood? Some place closer to home, perhaps?

    I can see it both ways –


    • I see the cancer diagnosis as the impetus for Fenn to create the idea of hiding a treasure. I think the part of the book where he works through his ideas about the war and covering Philadelphia with his thumb. He says “Both incidents are important only to me, they have produced something I cherish, yet feel inadequate to explain, but I will try” He adds later “But what about those of us who are not great men? Are we not somehow entitled to leave a slight footprint. somewhere?” I think those parts of his life, as he considered his death, gave him the idea to create the treasure hunt to write his name in the history books. I would suggest that the treasure location was the place he looked back on as the place for his bones to rest, and he knew that from earlier. As always, these are just my thoughts, no one knows the truth.

      • yes, but by the time he got cancer, he had been to just about every place that was interesting to him, … both in and out of the rockies, and he had the means to do it by then, so yes the spot was in his mind by then, but that is a lot of spots.

        also I think people are making a big mistake thinking that ff has only been to places he mentions in TTOTC, The whole part about making it hard to find would be counter to the problem, if laid out in TTOTC.

        one has to think like a forensic crime detective.. those ideas are well established, (they don’t put a big red “X” on the spot)

  6. Jason,
    I would agree about the formative years idea. Kids are impressionable because everything seems new, big, exciting, and special. Once you’ve seen things, and been places…not so much. However, can the special-ness be known before heading out the door or from the book?


    Dear Forrest,
    You say there was only ever one place you wanted to hide your treasure chest because of how special the spot was to you. When a searcher arrives to this location, will they understand why it was so special to you? And did you include that reason in your autobiography in the chest? ~jenny
    Jenny, maybe they will, but probably not. Their mind may be on other things. It was in my autobiography until I removed it for personal reasons. F

    So it would seem that Forrest doesn’t expect folks to understand the special-ness even after they find the treasure at that spot. Further, he removed this part of the story from the bio in the chest. If he didn’t even want the explanation documented in there, why would he include that kind of a hint in the book? Just sayin….it’s a rhetorical question. IMO, this could be the next big unsolved mystery of the Chase (next to figuring out the poem).

    • Nice write up Jason. Great to visualize the timeline like that.
      Colo… I agree that the intimacy about the special spot will probably end up being a moot point. I think Forrest has made that fairly clear. The poem provides searchers with clues to get there and I don’t see much room left for the reasons why. Sometimes I think that the extra dump truck loads of info muddy the waters.

      • Ken,
        Agree. Seems like we have enough on our hands figuring out 9 clues. Wishfully thinking that a “10th clue” is going to bust this open is a stretch, I think.
        But certainly the idea that a hint may exist in his early life stories is not out of the question.

    • I don’t think we can identify Fenn’s special place before hand. I was just proposing that it is probably somewhere near West Yellowstone as he seemed to go back to that place many times in his stories. I think this bit of information is only helpful to help narrow down the search. So if I came up with a solve that needed in a canyon in the middle of Colorado, far from any stories Fenn discussed, I would think it is unlikely that is his special place and I would find that solve less probable.

  7. Great write-up Jason.

    I think he was 16, not 13, but I’m just splitting toenails.

  8. Nice story Jason, something new and old .

    Would you have searched for a special place other than New Mexico in 2010 ? I ask because , a visual map was not provided until 2013.

    Burning the candle at both ends .


    • I started this hunt 5 months ago, so I can’t say what I what have done with the information of 2010. I would add this though. I am 40, and my last 20 years has been in business, and the time has flown by. The years of 0-18 each seemed so momentous, and long, for me. I think once we “grow up” time seems to fly by. I wonder if the years Fenn spent in New Mexico with his business flew by as well, and didn’t have the same special place in his heart as the places of his youth.

      • Jason,

        You must have started right before me! I take it you must have read the book? I haven’t yet as I don’t have the book. But I have been fairly engaged.

        That difference in the feeling of time passing when you were younger compared to now is called relativity. A single year in the life of say a 10 year old is 10% of his/her entire life. Whereas a single year for you now at 40 is only 2.5%. So it’s not that time has sped up or passes by any quicker than it used to. It’s just as we age, increments of time become smaller portions of our overall life.

        A kid turning ten will think a decade is a long time because it is essentially equivalent to their entire life. A 100 year experiencing their tenth decade will feel like 90 was just yesterday.

        Here’s hoping you don’t feel as old as you look or look as old as you may be feeling!

        All IMO.




  10. Jason,
    Thanks for the summary timeline. Most of us have read all of these stories, but it is nice to have a collocated summary of the dates without having to look them up. Similar to Dals’ Cheat Sheet.
    FF has stated that he is “almost umbilically connected” to the spot. This corroborates your thought that it is very early in the timeline (before age 13). I agree with that. I think it might be before age 9. Something he did at an extremely young age. (just my opinion)

    I also believe that “Where all the lines cross” is a nice hint.

  11. Jason, terrific time line. Enjoyed your thoughts. Where you and I differ is on what the Tenth clue is. IMO the tenth clue is an online photo of where the treasure chest lies hidden, placed on the internet by forrest himself with an alias name. The 10th clue confirms it, if you’ve solved everything else correctly.

    • 42;

      Sorry, I can not agree. I don’t think that there is an online photo of the spot. I DO believe that there is a clue #10, and that it is within TTOTC, in plain sight, for all to figure out – JMO – JDA

  12. Hi Jason: nice visual with the timeline. I would make one correction and a clarification. For 1988 you have “DECIDES ON TREASURE LOCATION.” I would amend that to simply: decides to hide a treasure. I think most are of the opinion that the location he settled on was already in his mind before he got cancer.

    The clarification I’d make is that you have SANTA FE / ART GALLERY extending from 1970 with an open arrow beyond 2010. Richard Matteucci bought Forrest’s gallery in 1988 as a gift for his wife Nedra.

    Final note: you have “HIDES TREASURE” in 2009. I assume this is based on a combination of three things Forrest has said, one of them fairly recently. The first is that he was 79 or 80 when he hid it, and the second is that he hid it in summer (and has only been to the place where the treasure is hidden in summertime). The third is from a MW Featured Question on March 5, 2020: “Dear Forrest, searchers are saying that you said Brown trout have nothing to do with home of Brown. Is that correct? ~ Sue”

    FF: “Sue, I did not say that. And the treasure is still where I hid it more than 10 years ago. f”

    I think we can probably safely assume that Forrest’s “10” is not in binary or octal, lol, so if that’s the case, then the only “summer” available to us is the one in 2009, on or after August 22.

    • Zap –

      He’s has an additional problem with his timeline.

      Nov 24, 1971
      Jumped out of Boeing 727 with 200k in cash.

      1972 moved to Santa Fe and purchased the buildings that would house is ambitions.

    • Thanks for the clarification of the ownership of the gallery.

      As for the year Fenn hid the treasure, there is a date stamp on the picture of the treasure on page 126 of the book. It says Friday 5 Ju . That could be June or July, but looking back at the calendar, the only year that the 5th fell on a Friday for either month was June 2009. I think Forrest said he hid the treasure in July, so I assumed 2009. Could be 2008 if the date stamps are just decorative, but doesn’t really matter for my purposes.

      • Hi Jason: just an FYI since you’re relatively new — none of the days of the week for the 12 or 13 fully readable postmark stamps is correct, so unfortunately you can’t draw reliable conclusions about the month/year from “Friday 5”. (Note: that postmark stamp on page 126 happens to be the only repeated one in the book, and its duplicate is the only one on an odd-numbered page.)

        Forrest has never indicated the month he hid the treasure. Poisonivey: I would love to learn that the chest was seen by someone post-August 2009, but so far I’ve come up empty on that. I guess equally helpful would be knowing the last time someone saw any of the known treasures in the chest? The latest case I’m aware of is that the Wetherill bracelet was seen by Craig Childs in May 2009, so not late enough to help.

        • Lisa: in Forrest’s home. The following is an excerpt from Childs’ book “Finders Keepers: A Tale of Archaelogical Plunder and Obsession” published 8/10/2010. The portion of the book that includes mention of the Richard Wetherill bracelet was recounted to Craig at Forrest’s home in late May 2009:

          “One thing Fenn is is honest. He plays with these things. No words are minced. He used to sell fake antiquities, and he admitted up front what he was doing even as other dealers accused him of poisoning the market. He could not care less.

          “’This!’ he announced as he picked up a tarnished silver bracelet with inlaid turquoise beads. ‘This is the bracelet Richard Wetherill had made after he discovered Cliff Palace – when was it? – 1888! And these twenty-two beads are the very ones he collected that day!’ Wetherill had gone on to work with Gustaf Nordenskiold at Mesa Verde. Like a happy wizard, Fenn shoved the bracelet into my hands. He wanted me to adore it. Everything he touched had some story. There were even two flattened soda cans, the kind you might find on the street, hung on the wall along with pre-Columbian artifacts. Fenn lifted one off its nail, commenting on the rarity of such a perfectly flat can. It was nearly as thin as paper.

          “’I can relate to this can,’ he said. ‘Somebody’s driving down the street drinking a Coca-Cola, they throw the can out on Galisteo Street right downtown, five hundred cars run over it, and it turns into this, like a little piece of art. It’s kind of a metaphor for a person’s life. It has history in it. If I knew who bought this can, how much they gave for it, where they got it, when they drank it, when they threw it out, I would write a story.’

          “When you start looking around Fenn’s collection, when you get behind the glare of premier artifacts, you begin to see an undercurrent of smaller, personal histories that speak to his obsession. There is a 50-mm shell that he said misfired when he was a fighter pilot in Vietnam, the brass chewed up when it flew into his intake. And among these objects of gold and silver, you’ll find a sturdy pair of sandals made from black tire tread. He said he got them from a Viet Cong prisoner. ‘I traded him a package of cigarettes right through the concertina wire. He took them off and handed them to me. He was a nice guy, he was just the enemy.’

          “You’ve got this deep need to gather things,” I said.

          “’Information,’ Fenn replied. ‘It’s not the object, it’s the story behind the object.'”

          • Zap – Thank you!

            Some good friends of mine, here, have attended writing courses here in Idaho, with Craig Childs in attendance. Your post is very helpful to determining the hidey period for my solve. Thank you!

          • Hi Lisa and Lady V: my pleasure to share the excerpt. Craig Childs’ book may not be a reference a lot of searchers are aware of.

    • Aug. 22, 2009 to Sept. 22,2009 or June 01,2010 to Aug. 21,2010. Only Summer times when he was 79.
      He was 79-80 on Aug. 22, 2010, depending on the time of day he was born.
      Like Zap said, if more then 10 years from 03/05/2020, then the only Summer possible, if on the same day, would be between Aug. 22, 2009 to Sept. 22, 2009. Yet, the chest was seen afterwards, I think. Somewhere, f is getting a little “tongue-tied”.

    • Zap – A birthday is a celebration of something ‘umbilical’, right?

      My new theory is based on a discussion I just had with Cody Lettere, over on Jenny’s Facebook treasure page, about the axe man pic in TTOTC:

      That Waning Crescent Moon began on August 15, 2009, just after the Third Quarter Moon.

      I believe Forrest began his Madison River BITW walk that week, camping for three days, with his gear on that rubber dinghy attached to the belt of his waders. I believe he hid the bronze chest, in two trips from his Sedan, on his 79th birthday, on August 22, 2009. He would have been 79-80 years old, then. What time was Forrest born, on August 22, 1930? He said, “it was done in one afternoon.”

        • Lisa,
          I see two focal points. Too many homes are built without good focal points, imo.

        • Here is a question to ponder about that image. Where are all the fallen trees? All we see are stumps. The forest is gone, leaving only headstone-like remnants. And instead of surveying his work, the ax-man is looking up at a moonbird.

          It makes me wonder.

      • Hi Lisa, have you considered the interview that he did on Sept. 25,2009 at the Buffalo Bill museum, about Joseph Henry Sharp? That time frame would give him a reason to maybe visit W. Yellowstone a couple days before. Like Sept. 23rd or around there.
        This date would give him his “plausible deniability” he so much enjoys. And would put him in the W. Yellowstone area if he so desired.

        • Also Lisa, I believe the last day of Summer is around the 22nd of Sept.

        • poisonivy – Thank you! I will go watch that interview!

          Was thinking about meteorological Summer; ie., June, July, August. And what Forrest would say, since his father was a principal in Temple, TX, and needed to get back to school.

          But, Forrest hid the bronze chest as a 79-80 year old man. And Summer officially spans between the two Equinoxes: June 21, 2009 – September 22, 2009.

          Off to check the Moon phases. I would certainly want to fish the Fall Run on the Madison River, after the kids go back to school!

          • poisonivy – My moon phases theory no longer works. Bummer.

            And the only video I could find on Dal’s Media Coverage page, made by the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, is dated in 2006.

            Can you please post the September 25, 2009 video about J.H. Sharp? Can’t find it via Google Search.

          • Hi Lisa: I’m not aware of the existence of such a video; I suspect poisonivy is referring to the Black Bow Tie event that Forrest apparently attended there in September 2009, though my only evidence of that is searcher Capt. Pappy’s research. I haven’t verified it myself.

          • Zap and Ann and poison ivy:

            It’s not a video. It’s a Forrest Fenn interview about J.H. Sharp, dated September 25, 2009, in Box 9, Folder #130:


            You can run, but you can’t hide, Forrest Fenn! Anyone know if we can access the October 17, 2006 interview, which I believe is Forrest’s oral history about the Yellowstone area? That’s shown here, in Box 9, Folder 125. Access used to be restricted until the year 2025. Yeah, weird.

            And did I mention my search buddy is a fly fishing librarian? How convenient!

          • Allen K. – No, but thanks. That is the 2006 Cody interview I mentioned, from Dal’s Media Coverage page.

            Meanwhile, I will post the September 2009 Moon Phases calendar:


            The New Moon was on September 18, 2009. One week before Forrest recorded that audio interview at the BBCOTW on September 25, 2009.

            And September 22, 20009 was the end of Summer, on the Autumnal Equinox. I see a 3-4 day window of opportunity, for the perpetrator, Forrest Fenn, to have hidden the bronze chest, at Baker’S Hole, after his river walk in the preface of TFTW.

            Love, Sherlock

          • Lisa: I’m a little confused. You asked:

            “Anyone know if we can access the October 17, 2006 interview, which I believe is Forrest’s oral history about the Yellowstone area?”

            11 minutes later, Allen K. did provide you the correct link for that Wally Johnson interview with Forrest.

          • Zap – The archive at BBCOTW says it is an ‘interview’, which I assumed was an audio file, not a video. Maybe the J.H. Sharp interview, made on September 25, 2009, is a video, also? That would jive with what poisonivy wrote.

          • I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you Lisa, been a little busy.
            I have it on my timeline, let me look for it but I think you have it right. It’s an interview of f. My whole point was to show that f was in that area on that date, I’m sure he did other stuff while up in Cody. Sept. 22 being the last day of Summer and all, sure could have been in the W.Yellowstone area on the 22nd. And, nobody would be any wiser to the point of him just being up in Cody.
            (let’s see how many start looking for rental records around Cody, on sept.20-sept.27th or so, a car with some extra mileage put on it, lol).
            Could only take this serious if you believe that he was being exact in his words about more then 10 years ago on 03/05/2020. I’m still in the June 21,2010 camp something happening. I’ve just found hints to the number 62, among others. But, have also found many hints with 22. (His name, rainbow degrees to name a few).

          • poisonivy – Thank you! Looking forward to watching that J.H. Sharp video made on September 25, 2009! With the thought Forrest could have easily have gone from West Yellowstone to Cody to make it, right after hiding the bronze chest!

            Ann – Sounds like that video will be posted right here, soon…

  13. Good logic.

    Keep in mind that 13 year-olds today are not as savvy as they were back in ’43. I’m not sure if young teens are allowed to go to the shopping mall alone these days.

    Plus you need to include places within an afternoon’s exploring distance from a day-trip spot where his father might have driven them on any given summer’s day.

          • Funny you mention ET, Steven Spielberg & ET had visited the gallery

            ” & ” is the 27th letter in the alphabet for ” and ” & ” ET ”
            and , ” and ” is in the poem 11 times.


    • Many 13-to-16-year-olds these days are already deeply absorbed in their devices. Back when Forrest was that age, kids actually played outside, learned to tie knots, collected baseball cards, learned how to identify constellations, learned bird calls, and read actual storybooks of fairy tales.

      I was fortunate. My parents divorced early in my childhood, so I spent many summers in the mountains with my grandparents, and they instilled a lot of that way of living into me. But even in the seventies and early eighties when I was growing up, most of my peers had no interest whatsoever in such things … and often mocked the few kids who did.

      I worry that we are raising a generation that will have no decent imagination, collectively speaking. (There will always be those shining exception, of course.)

  14. I am confused about the references:
    “The treasure is out there waiting for the person who can make all the lines cross in the right spot”. and,
    “As important as it is to find out how the 9 clues create a path to the treasure,”

    Do we make lines from places cross on a map, or are the clues contiguous?
    As if the places were arranged in a circle and we draw lines between them to find a spot. Or, a more linear approach. I prefer a more linear path.

    On the subject of what makes a place special to f:
    I am of the belief that the treasure is hidden in a place where f found peace after the war for him. As an archeologist and anthropologist f enjoyed the dig and studies of native history.
    This is one reason for my preference for Pot Creek area for searching.
    (plus a couple of scrapbooks that seem to lead to that area)

  15. Nobody will know for sure until is found. In the ‘My War for Me’ chapter on The Thrill of the Chase book, and also other versions of the same story told before the book came out Forrest tells the story of when he was shut down over Laos. He had to eject from his jet and parachuted down into enemy territory, he feared for his life and found himself almost going into shock. At that moment, he had to applied what he learned in survival school like putting his feet up and thinking of relaxing thoughts. What did he think about? Fishing with his father on the Lampasas river in Texas, also about the clearing with the waterfall in Laos.

    No mention at all about a secret place he knew, or about Yellowstone or any other place in the Rockies. This was in 1968, he was 38 years old.

    In 1988, 20 years later now after being diagnosed with cancer, facing certain death again and after having that conversation with Ralph Lauren, the first and only place he thought about is this special place. The one where he intended to go die with the chest before he got better and ruined that story, but still the same place where the treasure chest lies. He may have found this place in his formative years(maybe) but it didn’t become ‘special’ until he was an adult it seems.

    • Oz,
      In my opinion you hit the nail on the big toe.

      Yep, look at the big picture, there are no short cuts.

      I’m not downing Jason’s thought process, been there… But wasn’t there some said that wasn’t meant to be said after saying a lot of things?
      Think about it.

      Just my pinion….

      • No shortcuts made me think of long hair and braids.
        Oh what a tangled web he weaves……

        • wwwamericana – Good one! Braided creeks…those tributaries the Grizzes like to cross, to get to the garbage dump, where the KWYS runway is now.

          • Seeker – Or, this could just be “Much Ado About Nothing”. Especially if you don’t ‘nail down’ the first clue, to find WWWH.

          • You know that the airport used to be in a different location? The current airport was built in 1965, the Old Airport is the big field which is just east of the edge of West Yellowstone literally across the street from Iris St.

          • Lisa, I love your ongoing Imagination and i hope it will help you solve it one day! Did u solve the locality where he touched down in the first stanza? Its an important clue! 🙂

          • Jeff – Yes. Thanks again for sgaring your detailed maps of where things used to be.

            And, know Iris is the Goddess of the Rainbow? Aren’t we supposed to ‘find the end of Forrest’s rainbow and the treasure’?

            You don’t think Forrest hid the treasure in the old garbage dump, do you? That would just send a weird message about his choice of a final resting place…

          • Pbee – I am trying to honor Albert Einstein’s memory, every time I post! Thank you for the nice compliment.

            Are you referring to Forrest having ‘gone alone in there’ as a ‘t here’ or ‘cross here’, where the old garbage dump/KWYS runway was? Like, when he visited in Summers, while in the military? Before 1965?

            Could be:

            ..alone in th’air…

            a homophone.

            Did you know there is a private airstrip at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch in Taylor Canyon, up Highway 191 from KWYS? They even provide rental cars to private pilots who stay there, I think.

      • Seeker – In this ‘big picture’, in Satellite View, I see a ‘big toe’, going ‘toe to toe’, opposite a ‘pinkie toe’ above it.

        Is that what you mean by using our imagination to win the ‘title’, Forrest? Is this a ‘boxing’ metaphor?

        Look out for the ‘right hook’! I think that’s a tributary, or, creek, shaped like a fishing hook (or the Riddler’s question mark blaze?).

        Do I win the “Toe to Toe” quiz/contest, Forrest?

      • Seeker – Did you write ‘big toe’ and ‘big picture’? And was the ‘title’ of that quiz/contest, “Toe to Toe”?:

        Ok. How about the ‘title’ as “Toe to Toe”? Made me think of ‘boxing’ and the ‘box’ that is YNP. That maybe I need to ‘get back into’?:

        I have a ‘big toe’ opposite a ‘pinkie toe’, in Satellite View, on my topo map. And the YNP Boundary is where they go, ‘Toe to Toe’.

        I guess I will need to ‘Toe the line’, for clue #9:

        “I give you title to the gold.”

        Using my imagination, to try to win the title…

        • Seeker – That quote from the “Toe to Toe” quiz/contest:

          “Whoever finds the treasure will mostly earn it with their imagination.”f

          What does the word ‘earn’ relate to? Uh, maybe, money?


          Giggles. Surely you jest, Forrest.

          • Seeker – Did the bell ring? Are you going back to your corner, to recover?

            Untrammeled, Unfettered…Forrest was no longer ‘pinioned’. The battle, for him, was over. Forrest could be free.

            He always went to Yellowstone, whenever he could. Even when he served in the military.

        • Human toe are for pointing one in the riight direction.

          Just put one foot down and step on the other. That’s how it was done.

    • Oz10,

      Agreed. That story is what made me antagonistic to a childhood connection from the get go. There is no logical reason to assume the place he chose for the chest has a connection to his childhood. Unfortunately I cannot speak to what sorts of places later on in life would be most relevant. I still have not read the book.

      But, that said, I am wondering what sort of place in the search area may be akin to his Laos landing? Certainly an Estella Brown would be compelling for the parallel to the grave marker he came across in laos, but then I have to ask what connection would FF have to the area and is that evident from the book?

      I would not put it past FF or the Chase if this place doesn’t have some sort of unintended lifelong connection to him. By that I mean, perhaps it is an area he was introduced to as a youth but had very different adult ties to not because of his youth connection but because his youth connection drew him to be involved in the area later in life. Much like the effect London had on A Knight’s Tale or the way adults sometimes go back and help out communities that had something to do with their youth.

      I will give you a for instance. I have been to my favorite place in the whole world but once. I had an unparalleled affinity for the place even before I ever went. My affinity for it now is greater than it was then. I have not been back since. But, I would gladly get involved with something in the local area given the opportunity to do so. And none of this has to do with what little time I spent there. I simply love the location for a great number of reasons, least of which has to do with me actually being there.

      If I were to hide a treasure there, searchers would struggle to know precisely why it is so special to me. Those looking to my youth would find themselves half a world away from the correct location. But those who would manage to find that one off gem and realize attributes about it have been special to me all along may find themselves in the correct area.

      So in terms of the Chase, are we looking for where FF spent a great deal of his youth as West Yellowstoners suggest, or are we looking for a place perhaps introduced to FF in his youth but only later gained fruition in terms of special meaning to FF. (Or even had fruition all along that only increased over time.) I think I side with quality over quantity.

      And while I am on topic, I am not sure about what to ascertain from TTOTC regarding the supposed hints, but might I suggest this: Whatever information a searcher imagines the hints will likely provide, I am inclined to believe the identities of WWWH and who/what is Brown is only ascertainable from the poem and/or book. In other words, I don’t imagine identifying these will require traveling farther down the information highway than what FF provides in the book.

      As a note to these ideas I will add that while I cannot speak as to whether I believe they are identified directly (as I have not read the book) or not, I purposefully leave out the notion of home for purposes of the ideas here presented. By this I simply mean that should I be able to identify Brown from the poem/book I may not necessarily ascertain its home. Again I have not read the book so I cannot say either way.

      All IMO.


      • Page 48 in ttotc, between talk of brown gravy, Frosty, and the ‘Ruler’ suggest to me that Brown in the poem is a nickname ,but of what you must use other ideas.

        • Musstag,

          Not a bad suggestion you have been given. The first thread I came across when I happened upon the Chase (just a few months ago) was HOB. I will not give you the long story, but the gist is this: In my short time I have boiled down picking a viable search area to three things: 1) WWWH; 2) HOB and; 3) connection to FF.

          I cannot tell you exactly who or what I believe Brown refers to because, as FF has noted, if I told you that you would go straight to the chest! (Only if I am right of course!)

          Without giving away too much, do you have other ideas in mind to pursue this suggestion? A simple yes or no will suffice.

          All IMO.


          • Yes.
            Go straight to the treasure… haha ff jest.
            ff has also said if you ‘can’ find the blaze you can find the treasure chest even if it’s ‘burried’ or not.
            While that may be eventually true it ain’t as easy as he makes things out to be.
            Don’t believe everything exactly as ff simplifies it.

          • Musstag,

            You may be right. But I have no reason not to believe the simplifications, or to overcomplicate matters on my own. Wasn’t it FF that suggested we not overcomplicate and/or keep things simple?………(Insert thinking emoji here.)

            All IMO.


          • -ANN
            Yes, I like what he has said recently about not over thinking the clues but some of his interview statements (some) are made in the spur of the moment and are meant to be cute and clever rather than factual, imho. Also in my option there is a connection to the search area and My War for Me you wondered about.

          • Musstag,

            Excellent! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures then. My War For Me seems to be a likely candidate for the special quality the chest location has to FF. Also the notion of honoring others.

            Slightly off topic from West Yellowstone or even YNP, but have you ever heard of Afton, WY? It has some interesting connections to My War. I have discussed them elsewhere on these pages.

            All IMO.


          • Has a on off spring.
            Don’t think I am going to WYS any time soon, I was there in 2013 I think it was. I want to go, I think I am wiser now.

          • Musstag,

            I was looking back over our exchange here and I am not sure why I mentioned WYS or YNP for that matter. I think it was part of the discussion from further up the thread. Nice to meet someone not convinced the chest is in WYS. (No offense to those who believe it may be there.)

            I see you are familiar with the Periodic. Other than the Sinks, the Periodic was another great example of my sort of halt. You may be interested in the word “Afton” all by itself. Some very interesting origins and meanings. I think FF would concur. Haven’t come across a very satisfiable contiguous HOB there. Estella Brown appears too far. And other than it being a grave marker nothing special to FF as far as I can tell.

            Estella would certainly be the sort of Brown where we would know precisely where to go though! And I do not mean to suggest Afton, or the Periodic, as places related to my current search area. They have been prior places of interest and sit on the back burners now. My focus is elsewhere these days. Still, it is fun to ponder and explore.

            All IMO.


      • I like your line of thinking and confirms my thoughts of putting myself in his shoes.

  16. Jason, I tend to agree with you. He also said he should have been born 100 years earlier.

  17. I am absolutely convinced the treasure is within a ten mile radius of West Yellowstone . Why would anyone look elsewhere?

  18. Jason, I too am certain that you are right about a 10th clue, IMHO it comes into the poem right after line 1, 4th stanza, it says “Look quickly down, your quest to cease, But tarry scant with marvel gaze, just take the chest and go in peace.” Each of those poetic descriptions is the final clue, anything else is JUST a Hint of where the cold, wood and title meet.

    Timelines are how most successful Lawyers, detectives, and even some medical practitioners find the answers, this is good for lining up events, what is not described it the impact each may have had on a seemingly dying (twice) man. Which begs the question of why Santa Fe for most of his life?

    Answer that and this picture could come into focus a little clearer. A genuine love of place and time may be where we want our bones to rest, yet this type a special place may be more of the last thing we want to see before our eyes in life, more than just a feeling it is an umbilically connection between this life and our heaven or the happy hunting grounds place of land for the survival of the tribe and family. The spiritual connection to home.


    • Here you go Bohuslaner,

      From Aine Cain interview on 8 February 2018 – “Read the clues in my poem over and over and study maps of the Rocky Mountains,” Fenn said via email. “Try to marry the two. The treasure is out there waiting for the person who can make all the lines cross in the right spot.”


  19. Jason,

    I can’t help but feel that treasure location is somewhere that has elements of all he wrote about in TTOTC, and I, too, believe it may well be near WYS, or at least within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

    When he has described the place, he’s used ‘thrilling,’ and ‘special’ as adjectives. But also this:
    Q: Would you want the person that finds your treasure to admire the place where it rests? -Andrew
    A: Well, Andrew, I’m not sure “admire” is the right word but if we twist it a little maybe we can make it work. The word means approval or high regard. So it works. I sure feel that way or I would not have hidden it there. I like the way you think Andrew. (2014)

    He said elsewhere he has great respect for the place where the treasure is. (For the life of me, I cannot now find the quote, though.) High regard, great respect is not something you feel for just a pretty place, or a place associated with fun or even relaxing times with dad…the spot clearly means something deep to him, and likely so because of its relationship to someone(s) else, IMO.

    That being said, as far as ff being a people person, I can’t link it here, but if you go to tarry scant and search on Forrest Fenn on Respect, I believe there’s a lot there in that paragraph from 2012…

  20. Ur right Jason, there is a tenth clue, which u’ll find at the 9th clue, AND it will lead you to a distinct location. This poem is like stepping your toes right on the edge of a precipice! It makes me dizzy!

    • Hi Pbee. What makes you think there is a 10th clue at the 9th clue? Is it just a hunch or did you find something on it? Very interesting idea.

    • Pbee-
      Hope you take a trip out to the search area this year and take some pics. Looking forward to seeing your eyes on the west.

  21. Excellent write up and smart thinking and analyzing, Jason.
    The individual that finds the TC ( In My Opinion) will have to analyze every word in the poem in a similar fashion. Thanks for the timeline graph!

    Just my thoughts on the TTOTC,

  22. @Jason,

    You said:

    As important as it is to find out how the 9 clues create a path to the treasure, I would argue that the 10th clue is that we know the chest hiding place is somewhere FF deems personal and special. For example, if we were just given the poem without knowing who wrote it, then we would truly be required to search the entire Rockies for a potential location.


    Knowing who wrote the poem doesn’t change the directions in the poem.

    Forrest in part said on 6-13-14:

    The treasure is there for the person who can find it and I think that person will be positive in their attitude and deliberate in their actions. No one has any secret information that will take them to the hiding place. It’s in the poem for all to see.f

    So the information that will take one to the hiding place is in the poem. Therefore knowing who wrote it doesn’t change that. Could it be helpful? That is debatable.


  23. I wonder if “Fathers Day” works best, or does father knows’ best work better, best is most likely either day, and either way, the last person mentioned in The Thrill of the Chase Book is his father, William Marvin Fenn SR. In fact, I believe ff said his father would know where it was hidden.


    • Yes, and his dad also punished him for the itch powder in skippy’s drawers … definitely burning candles.

      Anyone else pickup on the sentence: “but I hope he knows that I’ve been sometimes guilty only by innuendo.”

      So, infer, that other times not? Guilty of what? I’m guessing playing coy …hahah! If only there was a second epitaph.

    • I think you are 50% correct on knowing his 100% correctness… 🙂

      now we are back to even odds… or odds on even. can’t let you get out ahead.

  24. A lot of us sharp shooters are painting our target around Hegben and YS. The NM crowd thinks we’re all nuts.

    Forget the blaze; what is FF’s secret? The secret compelled him the hide the TC. Find the secret, find the chest? The devil may be in the details of the poem.

    What about clues 11-19?

  25. Hi Jason,

    Thank you for the useful timeline. Has anyone else noticed that there is a significant segment of Forrest’s life that is not highlighted on this timeline or in the book? Could this omission be intentional? If all you need is the poem and a good map, then the locations are referenced in the poem and not necessarily in the book, right?

  26. 9 clues only in F’s mind, not yours.
    Good luck and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  27. Hi Jason, I think your theory is well thought out. I tend to look for the subtle hints in TTOTC. Mr. Fenn said to look for things that catch up in your mind. I don’t look for things that appear to be straight forward, I look for things that make me say What?, stuff that seems off the wall, like his brain just skipped a beat.

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