Forrest Gets Mail – 25


Sometimes I just want to put my arms around someone and give them a boa hug. f

Dear Mr Fenn,
Thank you for hiding the treasure. My family and I spent 3 weeks together laughing , exploring, taking pictures and looking for a treasure… well I want you to know that we found it… ok so maybe it’s not gold and precious stones in a brass box.

Because of you sir we have memories none of us will forget. You see when we returned home, happier that we have been in a long time,  mom and dad were out for dinner when a drunk driver hit them we lost dad, he has gone home to be with Jesus, and mom is still in the hospital.

But sir because you hid a little box the last memories we have of dad is him fly fishing and watching as he ran from a buffalo that snuck up on him, we remember mom singing while cooking eggs  over a campstove, laughing, we kids were talking and none of us could remember ever seeing mom and dad so happy.

We have cried a lot in the last 3 weeks, but we are all so grateful to have been able to find the real treasure.

Forever grateful,







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  1. What a perfect memory ❤️
    I’m so sorry for your loss may your heart heal.

    • Thank you, we are at peace and are ever soo grateful to Forrest and his little box.

  2. Thank you for sharing the treasure with us Dyannea.

    Our family sends our love and prayers to yours, especially your mom.

    • Thank you, we are at peace and are very grateful to Forrest for his gift to us all of the hidden treasure, while this happened last fall. We still carry this special treasure within us… SUCH JOYthank you, while this happened last fall, mom has gone home to be with dad, they are at peace and so are we, we have been given a plethra of precious memories thanks to a little box an angel named Forrest hid ” somewhere in the Rockies”

      • Your words of joy and peace have warmed my soul! Thanks again for sharing your treasure trove of memories 🙂 it has reminded me to fill one of my own and really think about what matters in life!

  3. I’m sorry for your loss Dyannea. It was not long ago in my memories that I lost my Grandmother, my Sister, and my Uncle in the span of 1 month. My sister was especially brutal at the time. You see…I was out on my bereavement after my grandmother passed, and decided to watch the new Amazing Spider-Man 2. I had my phone with me, and at the moment when Gwen Stacy fell down the old elevator shaft, Peter shot a web down to save her. But at the last second before stopping… her head slapped against the concrete floor, ending her life. At the moment that scene happened, I got a text from my cousin that my sister, Andrea, had collapsed in the gym (non responsive) and they were rushing her to the hospital. At that point I didn’t even care about the plot of the movie, and it ended about 8 min later. As I got in the car, my first thought was to head to my Dad’s house and find out what I could. Before I made it out of the parking lot, my cousin text me once again. She told my that my sister had just passed away from a brain aneurysm in the gym. The “connection” between that and Gwen Stacy at the exact same moments flooded me. I won’t say I immediately stopped the car and shed a tear…because there were many more than just one. So I know the kind of pain, and I also know the joyful tears you can shed from all those wonderful memories of your father. I wish you the best. -Iron

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts, we have has a few months to adjust and are at peace. I too am sorry for your losses as they are sometimes difficult to face. We are so very grateful to Forrest and his treasure

  4. Thanks for posting this story, Dal and Forrest. Such a tragic and melancholy juxtaposition of events. I assume Dyannea and her family were most likely searching in Wyoming or Montana (bison). Don’t know if this is a recent story, or one that has been in the queue for a while (since 3 weeks ago may have been tricky for the northern states, unless the family hails from there).

    I like the photo for the story — it sets the proper tone, and makes me anxious to return to the mountains to enjoy the simple pleasure of a campfire. Your idea, Dal? If so, I think it is well-matched to this heartfelt story.

    • Thank you for your words. Yes we were on Yellowstone, it was last fall, but we lost mum 3 weeks ago as a result of the accident. We have been blessed beyond measure, and, thanks to Mr Fenn and his foresight to hiding a little box, we, as a family were able to spend 3 weeks searching for a treasure… such joy

  5. Wow. That really hits you in the heart. People forget what matters in life and times spent with people you care about being happy and making memories is what life is all about. If I get the chest, it wold be nice to keep the Chase going for others. Or maybe I’ll make a new chase. In any case, life is dangerous but we can’t let that stop us from living it. Life is full of questions. “What happens next?” Also, “why?” Know that everything you want is indeed right in front of you. You never know when you might end up in the grave, but you also never know what great moments of love or happiness you may find right around the bend.

    • Your words are so very true, the true treasure is right infront of us, looking for a box has no power it is the time spent with loved ones guessing clues, looking under rocks that the true treasure was found.

  6. Sad news all around today…couldn’t come at a worse time. Sorry for the loss. Heartbreaking.

    • Its not the loss we focus on, its the total joy we found in searching, this happened last fall and in the last 3 weeks we also lost mom, but we will never lose the treasure we found, we are blessed to of had those 3 weeks with mum and dad,

  7. Very sorry for your families loss dyannea. We all should cherish our days!


    • Our folks have gone home to be with the Lord and have received their heavenly treasure, while we are left here to enjoy the treasure we found here. Searching for the gold was funbut i believe we found the true treasure Forrest hid, and we are at peace.

  8. So sorry for your family’s loss. I hope that your Mother pulls through okay. I also hope that in the future you and yours can collect on that hug and regal Forrest in person about your family’s search trip.

    • Thank you,
      We now have been able to rejoice in both mum and dads dad’s homecoming, they are at peace, and have given a wonderful love to fall back on. We are eternally grateful to Forrest for his little box and giving us the memories of the chase.

  9. Oh my. How heartbreaking. But it’s good that Forrest shared this story. In this thread multiple searchers in their own ways have communicated multiple big hugs. And I add mine now.

    Ken (in Texas)

    • Thank you for the big hugs, i can only hope the you can fine just a portion of the treasure we found. Happy searching

  10. Very sorry for your loss, but so glad y’all had the wonderful 3 weeks in the mountains enjoying each other and making lasting memories. Treasure can be all around us if we make it happen. Hugs with much love from your Chase family.

    • You have that exactly right! The treasure is all around, i just hope that all the searchers out there can come home with the spirit of the treasure, the gold would have been mice but what we found was worth more than 100 treasures.
      Happy hunting

  11. Hello dyannea. I am truly sorry to hear the loss of your father. I pray your mother has a full recovery. I’m glad to hear you and your family got to spend time together and now treasure wonderful memories. Sending a big hug and hope the sun will shine soon.

    • Thank you for the well wishes. This was last fall, it is within the last 3 weeks that mother succumbed to her injuries and went to find her treasure with dad, we have thanked Hod for the time we were given and needed Forrest to know how grateful we are to him for his gracious gift of a treasure box. What we discovered wasn’t a box of gold ,but a treasure that we will forever hold in our hearts.

  12. Hi Dyannea,
    So sorry for you loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thankfully you have some wonderful memories to help you through this .
    Take care

    • Thank you for the good thoughts, i hope that you find a treasure in your hunting.

  13. My heart and prayers goes out to Dyannea and her family.

    I too, lost my Mom to cancer after a memorable BOTG in 2014. She was 86, and hiked those mountains like she was 13.
    From the day she became bed ridden until three days before she passed, I re-read her TTOTC and TFTW. We laughed at Forrest’s adventures, discussed our next BOTG and enjoyed the hundreds of pics we took.
    The day before she passed, she woke up and exclaimed that she had returned to the mountains in her dreams! She not only saw the vivid colors of the mountains and all its grandeur, but she said she picked up a pinecones and inhaled the fresh pine scent.
    Shortly after that breathless admission, she went silent and I never heard her voice again. She was gone by 5:28 am the next morning.

    I’ll never know how to repay Mr. Fenn’s gift he’s given me and my family. He is and will FOREVER be my only Hero and he does stand on my pedestal that has never been occupied, until now.

    • There are no words to express to Forrest, his gift to all of us, it could never be repaid, the ” thrill of the chase” is deep within and best when shared with one another

  14. Better by far than a boa hug is a rattlesnake rue. This occurs whenever an ardent and clever treasure hunter turns over a log to look for a brass box after running from a buffalo despite the cacophony of rattling sounds which seems to emanate from beneath it.

  15. There is a lot of good stuff that comes out of the Chase, and this letter illustrates that fact beautifully. I’m so sorry for Dyannea and her family and wish her mother a full recovery. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thank you for your kind words, they have fallen on grateful ears. We also lost mum as a result of the accident but now we know she is with dad claimimg their treasure.
      We can never thank Forrest enough.

  16. Dyannea,

    My fondest memories are those when we went camping and my brother and I went out exploring everything. Yosemite was only a 4-5 hour drive and we went there all the time. Yellowstone was a huge trip for us back in the early 60’s and we all loved it. Great times always.

    Sudden losses like yours are especially hard because there’s no time to prepare. My condolences to you and your family.


    • Thank you, sometimes sudden is best, mpom hung on for almost 7 months, now they are both home and at rest, thanks to the Chase we were given such precious memories. Forrest is definatly an angel, his gracious gift of a treasure was a real blessing to us.

  17. Dyannea – Thank you for sharing that heart wrenching yet beautiful story, with Forrest, and thru him, now us. It helps to put everything in our lives in perspective. And although I do not know you, I can sense thru your words you are a very caring and grateful person. Prayers out to you and your family and may your mom make a full and speedy recovery.

    • Thank you for your kind words, mom and dad are together now and we are left with memories of a chase that would not have been possible without Forrest! We have been given a treasure a box could never hold. I hope you experience the thrill of the chase and are able to bring home a treasure more valuable than gold like we did

  18. Earnest Hemingway comes to mind: A love of place, of the senses, and of life itself is represented by the pine needle forest floor, both at the beginning and, poignantly, at the end of the novel, when Robert Jordan awaits his death feeling “his heart beating against the pine needle floor of the forest.”

    What is important is that we get to spend time with loved ones and out doors. Wrapped in life’s tragedies are abundant blessings, we just have to know where to look. For Whom the Bell Tolls, it tolls for everyone eventually. Make the most out of your Life, I always do, even though I’m in great pain.
    Thanks for Sharing Forrest

  19. Dyannea, in New Mexico we have a saying “Mi más sentido pésame, Lo siento mucho.

    Remembering the place, reflections of the memories, and the wonderful times in our past is clearly the place where warm waters halt, and that is what we must learn to understand the metaphor that takes us over halfway to the “Special Place” it is in my humble opinion just that simple, yet so sacred that kids might understand way before a grown-up can see the reflection of that place in our lives.

    Condolences on your loss… so find WWWH and the treasure may be on your horizons.


  20. Thanks Forrest for sharing this special personal email sent to you.

    Dyannea, the lost you have is one that hurts in us all. Hope you and your family will find peace, and maybe in time you might get back out and enjoy some more time out in the mountains. Enjoying past and new memories, while searching once again.

    Good luck and God Bless.

    • Thank you, we have found peace, we were loved beyond measure and because of the chase we were able to realize this. Forrest gave us a gift in the chase that could never be paid back, our time in the mountains is not over and the chase has just begun, but the treasure, the real treasure for us has already been found

  21. We can all have that treasure, anyone who steps into the Rockies is blessed beyond measure.

  22. Dyannea, sorry for your loss, it is very sad to lose a parent. I lost my father 24 years ago. The thing I find most comforting is returning to the mountains he introduced me to. There I can still see him casting a fly up stream, the peace and serenity he exuded in such a simple task. We were truly a lucky family to have such a man to raise us, and teach us the simpler things that bring joy. No mater where I travel in the mountains, his memory is there pointing the way to new adventures. I hope you return to the mountains and have such memories flood you mind. You’ll know that he lives forever in your heart, and he will still give you comfort in his own way. May God send you comfort in your time of grief, and help your mother to recover well, and live a long and fruitful life for her children. Piece be with you. Richard McKeever

    • Thank you, mom is with daddy now, they have reached the gpoal and have their ultimate treasure. The mountains will always hold a special place, and we will continue to experiance ” the thrill of the chase” the real treasure has been found by us already, but thanks to a gracious man that hid an old brass box filled with trinkets and gold, we will always have a chase to look forward to. You were blessed beyond measure and have known the thrill of finding your treasure too

      • So sorry to hear that. But know your father was there waiting for her. Some how it’s even harder when the one that gave us life is no longer there. I know what Forrest meant when he said, one day he would like to pour a picture of warm water over the roots of a pine where he last saw his mother. God’s peace be with you. Richard McKeever

  23. So sorry for your families loss, prayers to all. Your dad may be gone but his memories will live on forever and you have gained an ANGLE in heaven!
    I tell my family members that have went hunting for Forrest’s treasure that we may or may not find the treasure but we will have created memories that we’ll always share.

    • Thank you, you may not know it now but you have already found Forrests treasure.

  24. Dyannea, I’m sorry for your family’s loss.

    (Forrest, Boa’s strangle. Seems like there’s a better way to say you’re giving a hug). Were you having bad dreams about your Amazon River trip? I’m kidding with you;-) I hope you and Willie are enjoying watering your trees.

  25. So sorry to hear about your loss, dyannea. I’m glad you made some very special memories with your Dad before he passed, and I hope your mom will recover soon. I hope you can feel the love that is being sent your way.

    I also hope you can feel the great big group boa hug that Forrest and the searchers are giving you and your family. (I think Forrest learned the boa hug from his good friend, Addie, scrapbook 222).

    I hope you will continue to search for all the treasures that life has in store for you.

    • Thank you, you may not know it now but you have already found Forrests treasure, but never give up the chase

    • You have no way of knowing this ,but, my Dad loved the bagpipes! Thank you, thank you, thank you

      • My favorite instrument! I haven’t the slightest idea how to play bagpipes, yet, I love them so much, I sometimes find myself playing them in my dreams.

  26. Dyannea, loosing a parent or a best friend is one of the most difficult confrontations in life. My sentiments go out to you. Relying on those memories of good times is the one thing that can’t be taken away and will live forever to help pull you through.

    Wish you the best!

    • Thank you
      Yes, the loss of our parrents has been a devastating blow but we know they are home. And thanks to Forrest and his treasure we were given a gift that we will never forget.

    • Thank you, I’m not sure if you know the background of this song? But Steven wrote it when his son accidentally backed the family car over his 5 year old sister killing her. The family was devistated, but beliving in faith they will see her again brought them a peace. Thank you for the lovely song. Its perfect. Such joy!

  27. It brings a smile to my face knowing you have those fond experiences to hold onto, Dyannea. Memories maketh the soul. Your words seem to define what it is to be a good person; sincerity, gratitude, love. Thank you for reminding us what we’re looking for.

    • You words are kind thank you. The best part is… we were just looking for a treasure, we sat around the fire… ok it was mor like the grill… and dream of out lifes after the treasure was ours… how college would be paid for and we could get a house by the river and we talked about how we would surprise Forrest with his bracelet…
      But we found spo much more.

  28. Dyannea, my deepest condolences go out to you and your family. I too have had the same life long memories with my mom. Had it not been for Forrest and The Chase, I wouldn’t have had these beautiful memories of the Rockies with mom.
    Thank You for sharing your words. My heart and thoughts are with you and your family.

    • Thank you,
      Yes, Because Forrest had the desire to help … he has touched soo many lives.

  29. My Sorry words!
    They can’t help yourself sometimes
    without knowing where to go
    and without thinking where to stand,
    they just swing confused around .

    Here are at that such moments,
    with our loved ones
    but without them…

    Friendly hearts,
    they hold on the arms.
    The arms of the words
    which get tired.

    Over a smiling cloud

    and with the best farewells.

    Never forgetting old ones…

    With love and respect for all our losses.

    • Thank you
      There is a certain joy in knowing (believing) that they are in a better place. While this was last fall and a few weeks back mum made her journey home. While we miss them both terribly we are rejoicing in their homecoming,
      We were blessed to have that precious time with them. Laughing,talking, walking and searching together. Because of a generous man and a little poem we were given 3 weeks of pure joy.

  30. Condolences to you and your family Dyannea. I’m sorry for your sudden tragic loss. God Bless.

    • Thank you
      I sincerely hope that others find the treasure… just as we did. Thanks to Forrest we were able to have such wonderful memories such joy

  31. Wow, what a special story. This hunt me and my sibling together after our mother’s death. The best time I have ever had with him in Yellowstone. In case you are up for it, I would love to chat with you. My email is . Thanks for such a special story, and sharing it with Forrest to know how special this hunt is 🙂 k

    • Yes i totally agree. I hope Forrest knows what a blessing he is to all of us with the thrill of the chase.
      Bless you and i wish you joy.

    • Thank you
      JohnDenver has always had a soothing voice and in his words there is a certain comfort that can be found.
      Thank you again for sharing

      • You have my deepest sympathies, and I agree about this particular song. I’ve always been a fan of John Denver, but ever since I lost my wife to cancer, this particular song has come to feel like one of his most important ones.

        Sending you virtual hugs and prayers for whatever you need most in this time of grieving.

    • Beautiful, thank you. And yes we do lean on His everlasting arms. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  32. So sorry for your loss. I lost a brother February 6th is so short.i am glad you will have those wonderful memories to lean.may god help you through this process.

    • Thank you
      I hope that you and your brother were able to get out and find a treasure of your own. It is good to have fond memories of loved ones.

  33. Sorry for your loss dyannea. I lost my MOM a year ago June 6TH. Well,I’m also seeking Mr. Fenns elusive treasure. I have made 23-24 trips as of now from Walla-Walla and I’m planning my 25th. I’ve spent near a rock solid $10000. It’s a lot of money,but it is well worth it granted I were two find the treasure. I’ve nearly maxxed out my credit cards and I’m certain I can only come up with around $700,but I’m ready two get back outwest and looking to get my KicKs en route 66.

    • It is wonderful you have made soo many trips. I hope you are making wonderful memories along the way. Be careful not to go in debt while seeking the thrill of the chase. The best part of the treasure is the memories and discoveries you make along the way.
      Enjoy, keep safe and luck in finding what you seek.

  34. What a sad yet heartwarming email… I am so glad you got to spend 3 weeks with your family searching!
    What fun and what beautiful memories of your mum cooking up some eggs singing and your Dad getting startled by an unexpected Bison… BOTG memories may be better than actually finding the treasure… 🙂

    • I soo agree! We believe we have found the treasure! The memories we made and hold are worth much more than a treasure of gold. We as siblings will continue to search, but, to us , the real treasure is found in the memories we make

  35. Beautiful testimony. Reminds me of my family. May God continue to strengthen you and give you comfort as he has with these precious memories.

  36. Sorry for your loss.
    You will never forget the trip with the family, it will always be in your heart.
    The chase has brought people closer, family and friends that have not spoken in ages for whatever reason got together on the
    chase, that is a treasure in itself.
    Kids getting away from the computer, staying of the iPhones to go out and enjoy what nature has to offer. This is what the chase is all about, memories of a good time with family and friends.

  37. Dyannea,
    May the memories of your fun adventure give you comfort now and always. I wasnt sure if this should make me joyous or sad, but I choose joyous in that your vacation will last forever in your mind and in your heart. Thank you for sharing, very sorry for your loss.

    • Thank you and yes we have chosen JOY as well!
      And we sincerely hope others find the ” treasure” forrest intended just as we did

  38. Everyone departs this life at some time or another for various reasons and should be remembered.
    Sometimes you never know when it’s going to happen but it’s great you had some very positive memories before it happens to all of us.

    • Yes it does. When faced with his own mortality is when Forrest took the steps to get families to spend time together outdoors, thanks Forrest

  39. Oh my,… that story was beautiful and a roller coaster of emotions.. my heart skipped a beat when you said that you had found it, then it warmed when i relised the treasure was still out there and you had found a much more precious treasure, but then it broke a little and brought a tear to my eye as i read on..
    Im so sorry for the loss of your father. Im glad that you got to make them beautiful memory’s that you can hold onto and cherish forever.
    My condolences and best wishes to you, your family and your mother.
    Life can be so cruel at times. Take care, i hope your mums has a speedy recovery.
    -Jay UK.

    • Yes the treasure is still out there… i had no idea anyone would ever see this note. We also lost mum, but now she and daddy are home in heaven.
      Bless you and hope you find your treasure in the chase!

      • Im sorry to hear that, i had not relised it happened a while back and mum had now passed too. I suspect your dads fly fishing and your mums singing and laughing with him once again, while watching over you. I, like most probably won’t find the chest but i hope to make good memories and if there half as good as the one that you got to make, ill know ive succeeded. All the best for the future.

  40. Thank You Dyannea, dal and Mr. Fenn,
    Your parents were happy, proud and contented knowing they had done they’re job as parents successfully. And because of you, they knew they would be leaving this world in a better place. Your positive outlook and attitude is addicting.
    We may never be able to choose a perfect ending, yet somewhere along the way comes an understanding that life is full of new beginnings. Choose wisely and the perfect ending may just write itself.
    Thank you all, again.

    • thank you, your words are both humbling and gracious. We are all in this life together we may not have control on what happens in our lives but we can choose how we handle it. when we drink from the saucer. we experience soo much more, people like Forrest { that choose to generate happiness} grant us the opportunity to discover not only a valuable treasure but the treasure that is within ourselves and those around us.

  41. I am so sorry for your loss, Dyannea. I struggle to put in words what you must be feeling. I know mom and dad are together now, which does give you some piece of mind. You seem to have begun your healing process and things are looking brighter. Summer is here now, so keep your chin up and let the June sun warm your face. It will bring the wealth of happiness to your life and soul. Be strong.

    Wishing you all the best in the future.

    LD (AKA BigOnus)

    • Thank you! Yes we need to get out there again and search, if nothing else it will brighten all our days.. I can close my eyes and hear the birds as they sing their praises, I can feel the gentle breezes as the grasses dance in the open prairie, listen as the water meanders through the canyon and across the prairie… did you see that? that 12″ brown just jumped for his breakfast! Such JOY!

      • Hello Dyannea,

        I couldn’t help noticing you said your search area was in the open prairie. Are you searching the Rocky Mountain Front area? Would this be considered in the Rocky Mountains? Best of luck to you and hope you enjoy your search!

        • we actually had several search areas, each one of us had come to an area that we just had fun searching for. my personal search area is not on the Prairie. but we did spend time there.

      • Yes, walking around outside it is Joy. Taking in the view, we are met with a ray of sunlight and we find what we seek. The treasure of life. We are free.

  42. Dyannea,

    You speak with such faithfulness and appreciation and warmth. I wish I had your confidence. A few have even expressed their understanding of your experience!!!! Heartbreaking!!! Such a shocking story, but every step of the way you pulled through, remaining faithful. Truth be told I had given up on the treasure bring real, tangible or emotional. You’ve gone through way more than I have and yet you’re still here. You give me hope. Maybe I’ll try again and maybe this time I’ll have a happy ending. I just hope I don’t ever have to be tested in my faith the way you have. I would certainly falter. It’s warm and sunny out so let’s get this show on the road! I can’t wait any longer to get out there!!!

    • Thank you, your words humble me. Please don’t give up. even if you cannot ( you just might be the one) find the treasure that Forrest hid, there is a treasure hidden in you, and that is the real treasure. Don’t forget the THRILL of the CHASE! Make this search fun don’t forget to smell the pinion nuts along the way! I will caution you not to look for happiness in a treasure chest, for you will only be truly satisfied when you first find the treasure in you! Happy hunting!

  43. Thank you for sharing your progress with us. It was so moving! Thanks to your inspiration I accomplished a huge goal today! Look around! The sun is shining brightly!!

  44. “taking pictures and looking for a treasure”

    just take the chest. good job.

    i think.

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