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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest

The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f



Santa Fe New Mexican story about the find is HERE

CNN Story is HERE

Channel 4 in Denver story is HERE

Adventure Archeology story is HERE

The story on BILD in Germany is HERE

On the Daily Mail from the UK is HERE

The Mainichi in Japan is HERE

ABC News story is HERE

The Great Big Story is HERE



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782 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part one

    • I think it was found under a wooden structure shaped like a triangle on a small hill by a beautiful lake.

      • My final clue was “but tarry scant with marvel gaze” would have been a cut stone slab from a quarry that was left around to linger for eternity with an amazing view.

    • my guess is above Quake Lake, across the Madison River, inside a rock

      • My solve placed it around the Upper Coffin Lake area, as that was my interpretation of “heavy loads and water high”. A coffin is a heavy load and the upper lake is water high.

        Another part I tied to that area was “up a creek with no paddle”, which if you think like a child (as Fenn once said), would read “up Sheep Creek without a paddle.”

        • I was getting ready to go to Yellowstone.
          Hebgen lake
          Firehole canyon
          Approx 25 miles
          Home of buffalo
          Fairy Falls parking lot
          Fairy Falls
          I’m upset !

        • We tried that years ago, and we weren’t the first. With BOTG, we found it’s waaay too strenuous to lug that much weight that far and up that elevation at his age. Lower down along Watkins Creek, sure, but not at either lake. Still was a nice hike, though.

      • Yep, someone posted this solution on Reddit last month and on their art gallery web page (I think it has all been taken down), and this seems like the most straightforward solution. It is notable that many stories on Dal’s site focus on this site, but either started here and went further downstream, or went up Beaver Creek instead of to the south bank.

        Here is how I read the poem:
        – Put in (to the Madison) below the Hebgen
        – Follow the current downstream; from there, the next landmark is the Ghost Village (no place for the meek)
        – The end (treasure) is drawing nigh (double meaning: near, and to the left)
        – There’ll be no paddle up your creek (The spot is near Beaver Creek, but don’t go up the creek – that is the wrong direction)
        – Just heavy loads and water high (do not continue into the high waters of the lake – how could Mr. Fenn tote the heavy treasure through them?)

        This is a common way of giving directions – start here, continue past a landmark (you are going in the right direction), your destination is on the left (if you reach a creek or deep water, you have gone too far)

        In Google Earth, there are two boulders that are candidates for the blaze

    • And thanks to Dal for your endurance, assistance to Forrest, and giving everyone a fair shot at expressing their ideas.

        • For the record, I thought it was 8.25 miles north of West Yellowstone at the fen intersection of Campanula Creek (purple end of ) and Duck Creek in the biddable bear management area of YSNP. It will be interesting to see how close we all were if the pictures and area are disclosed.

    • Im absolutely convinced that it was located in Heart Mountain.

      I was heading there next week. So, if it was found at Heart Mountain, I will cry. Too late! Im already crying.

    • I love Forrest. I’ve spent years looking. I visited the gallery in SantaFe in the hopes of getting a better understanding. I would never have dreamed of going to his home though or stalking him. I adopted 2 disabled girls and report to a daily job that is painfully difficult. At night I would go to sleep repeating the poem in my mind over and over. It cheered me up to dream of finding it. I traveled again and again looking for it but without success. I’m soooooooo grateful to Forrest Fenn. If he had an event in a large stadium, I suspect thousands of us would go there to thank him. I love Forrest Fenn. I took my family of 4 out looking just this last weekend. I cried today when the treasure was announced to be found. Love you Forrest!

      • I meant to express that during this 10 year treasure hunt, I would not have had the encouragement to work through the process of 2 separate adoptions of 2 special girls facing starvation in Eastern Europe and a job that requires endless hours. I wonder if I’d have quit my job if I could have found the box but I was accountable to my girls if I did that. Life is a gamble at times but some things you don’t gamble on. The hunt gave me the lift to improve my life by bringing home these 2 little girls. Probably doesn’t make sense to some people but a little bit of hope goes a long way.

    • Congratulations to the winner! The biggest clue is Two far to walk = Two for to walk that refers to Mt Silverheels iin Colorado,
      in the wood = Park county,
      Old and New = Tarryall new and old location,
      The Canyon i = 11 miles Canyon and so on
      where warm waters halt = Lake George where ice was made for the train,
      Home of Brown = Arapaho Park, etc.
      The bones of the Silverheels Girl with coins and gold was what Mr Fenn found in that favorite place and he knew that was a good place to hide something .

    • Thanks for the adventure as well, Mr. Fenn! I made 2 trips to La Plata Canyon Colorado over the last 3 years. I’m hoping that the person that found it wasn’t anywhere near there; as that would be too much to handle. Lol. I had always believed that Robert Redford was the “key” (portraying The Sundance Kid, and many other factors as well). In fact, the last time I was there in 2019 I couldn’t cross the La Plata River as it was way too high because of the snow melt. But either way, congrats to person that broke the code! And thanks again Mr. Fenn for the adventure, it was certainly a lifetime experience! God bless!

    • i hope i was close, Painted caves under a tree, home of brown.
      thanks Forrest for so much fun and history.
      i hope you do another one soon.

    • Congratulations to the person that found the treasure. It’s no easy task to solve the poem. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I’m glad that someone found it, on the other I’ll sure miss the adventure. After years of trying to solve the poem I was gathering up all of the needed supplies for my first search in the field with plans to leave in ~ a week when my sister called me with the news. My emotions are still running high! My planned search area was north of Yellowstone just past Tom Miner up Rock Creek to the meadow where the creek bends to the south and follows its way to Ramshorn Peak. 45°12’10.7″N 111°03’56.1″W I never meet any of you treasure hunters but I’m going to miss reading your comments. Thanks to everyone for a great adventure, let’s do it again sometime!

  1. Thank you, Forrest. Congrats to the finder and I hope one day the spot is revealed. My money is on Colorado. Do some good in the world, Finder! All the Best!

    • I am also excited to learn where! My best solve included Cowboy Heaven.

    • “Congrats to the finder”
      I’m with ya on being in Colorado. Out near Glenwood Springs area Have I got a story to tell if it was.


      • My guess: Below Gates of Lodore. John Wesley Powell trio talked of a blaze south of Gates; same inlet

        • I searched the Gates three times. Had a wonderful experience, but never found the treasure.

    • My solve: spent a few days searching just east of the bridge but planned to go west on next trip
      The Blaze=St. Elmo, CO (alt. 9,900-10,200 ft.) (St. Elmo’s fire)
      along “up your creek” = Chalk Creek the end is drawing nigh= west of
      Heavy loads & waters high= bridge Rt. 292
      House of Brown= the house built by the foreman of Mary Murphy mine, a Mr. Brown.
      Where warm waters halt= Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
      Take it in the canyon down= West Rt. 162 along Chalk Creek
      Tarry scant= Tarryall CO
      Marvel gaze= Buena Vista CO
      Go in peace= Salida CO

      • This was also my solve.
        Another cool fact is at one point St. Elmo was gonna be named Forrest City but that had been claimed already.
        There’s a lot more to this solve as well if you’re interested in hearing.

        • Kip, I’m interested! I found several clues in TTOTC:
          Memories like chalk on a chalkboard= Chalk Creek; FF says he wanted to learn Spanish (Buena Vista, Salida). Chaffee Cty. has piñon trees. Also, within driving range of Santa Fe if you leave early enough. Please share
          yours! Searched Poplar Gulch 2 yrs. ago, just didn’t get west of bridge! Have you been there?

  2. Well than will save me another search trip to my favorite spot. Congrats to the winner. Looks like it is time to start the solve dump.

  3. Congratulations to whoever found it. Hope to hear where it was found.
    Thanks to Forrest and Dal for the Thrill!!!

  4. That’s awesome – big congratulations to the finder! I’d love to know if I was even in the ballpark. I’m looking forward to learning more.

    • We also wonder but know the finder must be very cautious right now, maybe forever. What a great adventure he has led us on. So many thanks.

      • Finder doesn’t need to do anything since mr Forrest is still kicking. He can answer all the questions.

  5. Congrats to the finder!
    Thank you Forrest for the adventure of a lifetime!
    Christine say hello!

    ~ Wisconsin Mike

    • hay mike…what do we do now… brain needs more knowledge…other then go metal detecting…!

  6. Our gratitude to Mr. Fenn as he openned many hearts and minds with the valued experiences he has shared. Humanity will always be well represented by his example . I still have many adventures to follow in his foot steps and finding my own trail. Love and happiness to All.

  7. Wow, after a long break from seeking the treasure (years) I had a strong interest in it today for some reason and started researching it again TODAY. That’s crazy! Congrats to the finder. I wish him or her the best. Please provide the solve!

    • I know, I go hide out with the chickens for a spell and come back and find it’s been found… wow

    • What is interesting is the people who literally are speechless here. Makes you wonder which of them is the mystery finder.

    • don’t worry Jdiggins.. i’m actually gonna hide a treasure in nz containing multiple priceless objects – including a colourful beach towel, sunscreen, surf board, shark repellant and a large cooler full of pina coladas …it’ll be fun!!

      ( ..but sshhhh, don’t tell Spallies 🙂 )

    • Congrats to the person who found it. I fell in love with Yellowstone as a result of this. I too was just about to make my sixth trip there this time. I had the solve as Firehole Bathing area (WWWH) down Canyon Drive (can’t walk it) to the base of the second Firehole cascades (below HOB – many people missed that the Lock Leven Trout was put in the Upper Firehole in 1889, one year before the Brown in Nez Pierce, and it is believe that is still brown trout). So, below HOB and then by that area would be the blaze. I’m hoping the person found it very far away from my solve; It’ll make it much easier to swallow being way far off haha.

      • Below that bathing area is the very first place I had locked on to in my online search for the Treasure. I spent a lot of time contemplating Sinks Canyon State Park and more specifically the Worthen Meadows area near Sinks. I set Sinks aside for a rest and was lately focusing on Bechler River … when my wife gave me the news that it was time to move on all together. Hope there is a gathering of fans some time in the future.
        My two cents is that the fellow that found the treasure is not going to be able to keep it a secret for long.

        • We were headed to Sinks the end of July. I’m anxious to hear the solve! Congratulations to the successful hunter. Thank you Forrest, it’s been a thrill!

  8. Many thanks to FF, we are all richer for the experience. Well done Finder. May we all feel at peace.

  9. My daughter called me crying. Oh man, eight years later…we congratulated each other for our endurance and adventures. I guess maybe we can find out what the poem was about and where it was hidden. What a year…

  10. I never got a chance to go but always wanted to. Congrats to whomever found it. What an adventure it must have been, and someone has been rewarded. Very cool

  11. Dang it!!!! I had a trip planned for July. I just hope I was completely wrong.

  12. CONGRATS finder , your hard work paid off . THANK YOU FORREST it has been AMAZING !!!

  13. Congrats to the finder! May we continue to seek adventure even in the absence of potentially finding riches… <3 imperfekt

  14. I’m calling it — Cripple Creek, Colorado. (I searched five times there, and I’m still sure it was there…) What is everyone else’s single best guess, before the location is revealed?

      • I was guessing a spot between Yellowstone and the Tetons. My 13 year old Son and I were going to go looking this august. I’m happy to whoever found it. Not an easy task.

      • Now I wonder if It was you that I passed on the trail last year when the road was closed. I was also looking here. I’m sure they were searchers.

    • My guess is that It’s in Rattlesnake Gulch in Eldorado Canyon State Park, Colorado. The only access to the Gulch is by crossing South Boulder Creek. Arapaho Glacier is wwwh and Eldorado Canyon is the canyon down. Long story why I couldn’t get to the spot.

      • I had south of Hebgen Lake… I disclosed my thoughts near the bottom of this blog.
        D. McGillis

      • Phantom Canyon, Cripple Creek, and South of Leadville were my top 3 picks.

        Warm waters halt = Steam Engine Train that use to move the gold and mining supplies.

        Hint of riches new and old = Old gold mining towns

        • Mine was south of Leadville also. Turquoise lake was Wwwh. It being the first cold lake that host trout after a series of geothermal heated lakes that are too warm for trout. Put in Below HOB…go East south of Leadville. First public road that cuts into the mountains takes you too gold basin and HORSESHOE mountain. End is ever drawing nigh, no trail for the meek. Park and hike up first creek on your left that you pass. Only a game trail to follow from there. Heavy loads and water high….Hike to the collapsed ruins of a log cabin and old lead mine (heavy lode mine). Ford across the shallow creek (headwaters coming from horseshoe mountain) (your effort worth the cold) look for blaze. I went three years in a row searching but never crossed that creek. There were blue lakes on the map there I thought at the time were water high. First pic in book is the turquoise mine…last image is a double omega or the absolute end is at horseshoe. My solve starts at turquoise lake and ends at horseshoe mountain

    • My guess was behind the lower falls in yellowstone. Reason its past the hot springs into a canyon where warm waters halt and on sunset the falls turn to fire and blaze. It was also the most famous painting of one of the first recognized African American artists. I cant remember his first name but his last name was brown hence the home of brown. And since fenn is also a natural artist i assumed he new this. Was hoping to go next year lol

    • I feel wistful for all of our might have beens! Congratulations finder!

      I think you can see the area it was hidden in, possibly in Dakota sandstone, from Cheyenne Mountain. Near Manitou Springs. I always heard a word puzzle in it but didn’t see enough to have a location to walk up to.

    • It was probably around Quake Lake. The “waters” halt is plural. Water halted, rose and also took human life. That is halting something twice, thus waters. Home of Brown is Hebgen Lake, The Montana website calls it one of the greatest still water lakes, and full of Brown trout. A sign near Bakers Hole also reveals that Hebgen Lake is the home of Brown trout. The blaze may be obvious to some, but the rock slide at Madison Slide is definitely a bell ringer. I listened to Forrest, if I didn’t have the EXACT spot nailed down, I stayed home researched ( for about 14 months total) and occasionally gave this chase some of my time. Congrats to whom ever found it. Lets just hope is wasn’t a lost hiker stubbing their boot on Indulgence. =D

    • Reposting my Cripple Creek solve from another thread:


      I’m going to post my solve here before the true location is revealed, since I think it was a pretty interesting solve. Maybe I came close? I guess I’ll know soon.

      “Where warm waters halt” I interpret as “Where the warm (a dormant volcano) waters (is the source of) the halt (Cripple Creek)”. The Cripple Creek mine is dug into the hardened lava core of a dormant or extinct volcano, and Cripple Creek flows from this volcano down a canyon. I think Forrest was using parts of speech creatively here, which is why this first clue was so danged hard to solve. “The word that is key” is “halt”, which can mean “lame or crippled”.

      “Hint of riches old and new”: Cripple Creek was one of the biggest gold mines ever found; today it is a popular casino town.

      “Take it in the canyon down” — there’s a road, Shelf Road, that leaves the south end of Cripple Creek and heads down an insanely steep and beautiful canyon towards Canon City.

      Incidentally, Canon City was the source of one of the most important stegosaurus finds ever, since it helped scientists to figure out how the bony protrusions on a stegosaurus’ back were arranged. This fossil is in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science that was mentioned as Forrest’s “last clue” in the intro to Forrest’s book, i.e. where he would leave his car if he decided to throw himself down on the treasure chest in his last breath. There is a free shuttle bus a few blocks from the Denver museum that goes directly to Cripple Creek.

      “Shelf Road” may even be named in Forrest’s book. In the story *before* the chapter where he describes the treasure, “Flywater”, he talks about taking out a book and putting it on “another shelf, not far from my view”. He also talks about closing his tackle box (symbolic of the treasure chest), and he talks with great fondness about his best memories fishing. I think this story is the real story about the treasure, not the following story (“Gold and More”?) where he describes burying the chest.

      “Not far, but too far to walk” just means you should drive a few miles.

      “Put in below the Home of Brown”. There is a stunning brown-stone Window Rock on Shelf Road:

      “Home” is a holonym of “window” — and the rock structure looks kind of like a house too. (It’s browner than the above-linked photo shows).

      “Put in below” just means “park your car and get out and walk”.

      I think Forrest may have seen Window Rock from the air, sometime he was out flying, and that’s what inspired him to land his plane at a local airstrip and drive down Shelf Road to Window Rock.

      This is made more likely by the fact that there are lines of magnetic declination on Forrest’s map! Why would these be there, if by “North of Santa Fe”, Forrest didn’t mean “literally to magnetic north of Santa Fe”? Lines of magnetic declination wouldn’t matter if north didn’t matter as anything more than an abstract concept. Well it turns out if you fly magnetic north from Santa Fe, you fly almost directly over the top of Window Rock.

      Oh, I forgot the best part. As you drive into Cripple Creek via the main route from Colorado Springs, you cross Tenderfoot Pass, which has elevation exactly 10,200 feet! (There is a sign as you pass the highest point on the main road). And Canon City to the south, at the South end of Shelf Road, is just higher than 5000 feet. This is the altitude range that Forrest specified the treasure was hidden within.

      So “put in below the Home of Brown” means “park below Window Rock and start searching”. The “No place for the meek” comment is either about the fact that the sides of the canyon are a bit steep, and take effort to climb, *or* Forrest meant “drive a little further down the canyon before putting in”, since Shelf Road turns into this beautiful but freaky drive down a dirt road carved into a very steep canyon wall (don’t ever drive it if there is any snow, ice, or water on the road surface — you might die).

      I searched several places in the canyon, because I couldn’t figure out where exactly Forrest was saying to get out of the car. There’s only really one part of the canon immediately below the Home of Brown that was wooded, so I searched there most recently (and didn’t find anything).

      This is where my trail ran dry, so I can’t tell you what the Blaze was. But there were so many correlates to Forrest’s poem that I figured I should share this!

      (I also searched nearby Fourmile Canyon, in case that was the canyon referred to, but didn’t find anything there either.)

      I did get to see a baby beaver, and its mother busily building a dam, which I had never seen before in the wild. And I was watched as I searched by a bighorn sheep standing majestically on a ridge. Thank you Forrest for the great experiences in getting back to nature!

  15. Congrats!!!. I was gonna head out to the Santa fe trail in nm soon so I will just head somewhere else. It has been a real pleasure. Thank you for the many days of distractions. I curled up many a lonely winter eve with just ur book and a map to keep me company. FF God Bless you and your family. Thank you too Dal for all your efforts and ur blog. Look forward to the solve!

  16. How exciting !!! Congrats to the finder!!!
    Can’t wait to find out where. My guess is Elizabeth town New Mexico, along Merano creek across from the museum.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if it was around there somewhere too Betty…

    • My bet is on the Red River Ski Area. Weather ran me out and I never got to get back up there.

      • My bet is on Nez Perce Creek (this is where they first introduced Brown in Yellowstone). HOB. There is a parking lot right there.

        My guess is that the TC was hidden fairly close to Forrest Secret Batching hole. If you begin at the conjunction of Madison-Gibbon (WWWH) and take it down the canyon ”Fire-hole road / Fire Hole Canyon”, not far but to far too walk. You end up at Nez Perce Creek.

        The Meek reference is a hint to Joseph Meek who befriended the Indian Chief Nez Perce (so this is indeed ”a place for Meek” and by leaving this spot you head into the wild…”). ”From there it’s no place for the meek” i.e you are now at Nez Perce Creek (a place for meek) and heading for the TC.

        I should have investigated this solve in august. Previosly searched in Colorado. But I believe it must have been in a place very dear to Forrest: Yellowstone.

  17. Forest, and now what?
    The movie? I am happy for you. It couldn’t be a better B-year present in your 90th year on Earth.

  18. This hunt has been one of the best experiences of my Iife. Thank you Forrest from the bottom of my heart. The memories made during my BOTG trips will stick with me for the rest of my life. I cannot thank you enough Forrest.


    Robert Szelinski

  19. I hope they build a bronze statue of Forrest on that spot so we all treasure hunters/explorers make it a must pilgrimage.

  20. Congratulations to the finder. I write this from my tent in northern New Mexico where my kids and I followed our solve from the Angelfire Vietnam Veterans Memorial to Maverick Creek. We look forward to hearing the solve if the finder or Forrest would share.

    • Been here since the beginning.
      We really have become a communitty!
      Congratulations to the finder!
      I am relieved in a way and hoping
      Forrest can rest easy.
      Can’t wait to hear the details! Especially the location!
      It’s been so fun! I am sad its over!
      Best wishes to all. I know it’s going to be hard on so many.
      It sure was fun!
      Thanks Forrest, Dal, Diggin, and many others!
      Find a new treasure in life!
      Lou Lee, chased by bears and lived to tell.

  21. Life will never be the same. I’ll miss you very much Forrest and Dal.
    Wish you the best.

  22. I’m glad they found it before I made the trip out. I get my time and energy back.

    • Eric!

      what was your solve? I was making a trip next week to Sinks Canyon. I was also really intrigued by your posts and was half expecting you to make some announcement before my trip. what was your solve by the way?

  23. A tip of the hat to the well deserved searcher. And enormous gratitude to you Forrest, thank you for the grand adventure!
    But honestly, I feel I have lost an old friend. This chase and I had become partners in plotting and tracking. Together we trekked under the Milky Way and blistering sun with seemingly nary a drop of oxygen in sight. The awakenings at 2 am with a new idea to be researched. Digging through history books and maps, oh the maps. The chase and I had such grand times together. Now I will box up my mementos and shelve them away with other memories. I will miss you dear friend.

  24. My solve was a few miles from Cody Wyoming for the record. I hope I was wrong.

  25. Congratulations to the finder, excellent work!!!!

    And a shoutout to our Huntfather Forrest Fenn – who created an exquisite riddle in his poem. It will go down in the ages for its seeming simplicity while cleverly concealing many many hints.

    In addition, Forrest of course also wrote a series of touching books, and continued to drop hints in his many interviews and scrapbook posts.

    I predict the township and range is 6E, 32N. New Mexico. Forrest has been salting this clue in most of his writings. Including the poem. And in TTOTC with……

    Life is a game of poker,
    Happiness is the pot.
    Fate deals you four cards and a joker,
    And you play whether you like it or not.”

    Note the 3rd line. Count 6 letters. The 6th letter is an E.

    Ditto for 32nd letter. It is an N.

    I went and searched a particular Spot. Sadly I did not find it. But I certainly have enjoyed looking – the woods are a delightful place to spend a day.


    • Just to establish my bona Fidel about the poem hiding info in plain sight, check out this anagram centered around the 64 theme.

      If you take the 4th Letter of the poem, AND the letters on each side. (Letter 3, 4, and 5]…….you have 3 letters.

      NOW repeat that with the 64th letter (63, 64, 65]…..and repeat that every 100 letters. ……

      163, 164, 165
      263, 264,265,
      363, 364, 365,
      463, 464, 465
      563, 564, 565….

      You now have 21 letters.

      Now anagram those.

      To help, I’ll give the first 3 words.


      That Forrest is so very very clever.


  26. Congrats to the finder! Thank you Forrest for all you’ve done and Dal for running this wonderful website! I can’t say I’m not heartbroken that it’s over. I wish you all the best!!


  27. My first thought was to share my location since I was planning to drive to Colorado on the 20th. But just in case whoever located it left something behind, I will hold off on sharing my solve. Congratulations to the amazing person or people who located it!!! Well deserved!

  28. I’m happy that Forrest’s life can return to the normal. Congratulations to the winner. I was headed out next week to hunt for the treasure. We are going to need a big box of Kleenex…

  29. So excited to hear more!

    My solve involved Cowboy Heaven. I hope they reveal details on the solve!

    • Congratulations to the finder! Glad it was found during Forrest’s lifetime! So excited to hear what the solve is, see pictures of the treasure and the search location!

  30. D Day. Coincidence?

    Congrats to the finder. Can’t wait to hear their solve.

    Yes, I’m jealous.

    • Congratulations, finally it’s been solved can’t wait to hear the solve. Thank u Forrest.

  31. What took so long….actually I thought this hunt would go on for decades. Thank you Forrest Fenn for greatest adventure o have treasure hunt you gave to us all. And thanks to Dal for his website

  32. Dal, it might be fun to create a page where we could post out solves for this year. It would be interesting to know if anyone else here was in the right area.

    Congrats to the finder! This year has been really weird so far so I guess it makes sense that it was found now.

  33. Congratulations to the finder!
    I hope you write a book about how
    You have found the Fenn Treasure.
    And do a part 2 of the treasure hunt.
    God bless.

  34. Caller: “Hello Mr Obvious. Forgive me but I just heard the news. The treasure has been found. Is that correct?”

    Mr Obvious: “Yes. It appears that’s the case. Although I’m just a tad skeptical.”

    Caller: “How so Mr Obvious.”

    Mr Obvious: “Well Caller. I used to work in Cybersecurity and this e-mail from Forrest might be a fraud. The wording sounds a bit fishy. if you ask me. Under a canopy of stars? Really?”

    Caller: “WHAT???”

    Mr Obvious: “Better wait the hear again from Forrest, just to be sure.”

    Caller: “Thanks Mr Obvious. You’re the best.”

  35. I hope it was someone from here. We can go back and see the conversations leading up to it.

    • They may have learned how to keep their mouth shut, but I doubt it. so long, sean.

      • I was contacted by someone a few weeks ago to do a search for them. He said he had the exact coordinates. I opted not to do it for him. I’m so excited to hear how it was found.

          • He never gave them to me. He was a bit difficult to deal with via email so I opted not to proceed. This particular person is based in Thailand and was looking for someone to search for him.

  36. Yes, Congrats to the finder, and Thank you Forrest in helping me find contentment. The hunt itself was the Treasure for me. ☺️

  37. Thank you Forrest for the thrill of the chase! I’m sad it’s over, but glad someone found it. The following saying is so appropriate – Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Again, thank you very much!

  38. My money is near icebox canyon or just NW of Gardiner. Glad I can finally put this puzzle to resolution. Like so many, it’s taken so much of my mental energy the past few years. Had some great trips getting to see places I’d never otherwise see, like driving through the wood river up to where canyon creek meets galena creek (heavy loads and waters high). Looking forward to learning the correct solve, and to going back and chuckling at all the times Forrest tried to gently nudge us in the right direction. Also grateful that F gets to see the conclusion of the chase. Must make his heart warm. Hats off to everyone. ❤️❤️

  39. I knew it……
    The redneck from Texas found it cuz he brought his own search party with him. Dang kids!

    • Wyoming imo. I might have to go recheck my spot to satisfy my curiosity. Especially if it will take days to hear more info.

    • I too, feel it was NM all along.
      The “in the mountains” changing to “Rockie Mountains” said ALOT.

      • First, congrats to the finder. Very cool ! And Thank You Forrest. I made one trip, adjusted the solve and was going to head out next week. The trip and the planning created fantastic stories I will tell for years to come.

        I really, really hope I was hundreds of miles off :-). It will be a BIGGER heartbreak if I was close.

        My solve had it in NM just a bit south of the border with Colorado. Important landmark was Osier Station.

  40. Thank you Forrest Fenn for providing this researcher and armchair treasure hunter with more fun than I’ve had in a long time! My only regret is that I only found out about the treasure less than a year ago. Wish I’d had more time to enjoy the Chase. But congrats to the finder, and I’m glad you and Peggy and your family can relax and enjoy your time together with no more lawsuits or crazies digging up your yard! Again, thank you for almost a year of fun, and especially for the way my online hunt got me through these many days holed up at home during the coronavirus. Bless you!

    • Also I just want to thank Dal for this blog and all your hard work and dedication. Loved reading it and enjoyed the information and thoughts of the other searchers and easy to read search format.

      Thank you Forrest for getting me out and seeing such amazing scenery and locations, views and history that I would have never found and seen had I not read your book.

      I had planned on going back to my search area earlier but covid changed that. Plan on going back later this summer just to enjoy a nice summer hike. Was there last at the beginning of Dec when it was just a little to slippery to get to my special place on Upper Layout Creek and just didn’t feel safe enough!

      Stay safe everyone and until the next great treasure hunt. Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu, Good bye!!!

  41. Thank you,thank you,thank you. So happy for that someone.
    Thank you Forrest for a wonderful Thrill of the chase journey I’ve had.
    Will never forget.

  42. I’m betting Bandelier Park heavy loads and water high up the ladder. I was there twice was narrowing in on it would have found it this fall I think!! someone beat me to it good luck keep it a secret don’t let anybody know or the feds will be beating on your door.

  43. Forrest, you can now relax, I know Peggy is relieved!
    To all those who cried “fraud!” I say “HA!!!!!!”. To all the YouTube “experts” that tried to make us feel inferior and that lied about quoting you, I say “HA”!
    TO all the homebound searchers I searched for one year, giving up my chase to help others, I say “Thank you!”. It was my pleasure! 🙂

    Mr. Fenn, you did save my life. I thank you for your words and friendship when my Mom was dying of cancer in 2014.
    I wear the Milagro as a necklace, as a reminder that I will never give up on hope, myself or life. You are a wise sage.
    I’ll cherish my Grapette bottle I found near Watkins Creek. And the purple quartz arrowheads found in the Gallatin mountains.
    (I appreciate everything Dal did by creating this site. I hope you leave it up. There is still so much we need to remember and Cherish about F, your site is his celebration of life, shared with us! )
    I hold no grudges toward people that laughed at me and said my ideas and clue solves were stupid.
    I just hope it wasn’t found at my site we were headed to next week!
    I know my partner is hurting too. She spent ALOT of time and money like most of us did,..but it was the Chase that made us all winners.
    You are and always be my HERO.
    Thank you, Sir.
    Much respect,
    Donna M. Signing out.
    ¥Peace¥ ΩΩ

  44. Hurray!!! Well done to the finder…you were definitely bolder than me!!! My money was on a rock near a lake, in GNP. I’m slightly relieved! You def saved us from getting eaten by the grizzlies this summer for sure!! Thank you, Forestvfor the thrill of a lifetime! I still believe that the chase was the ultimate love letter to your wife, Peggy! Can’t wait to hear the correct solution!

  45. Yay!!!!!!!!!! I’m jumping up and down I’m so happy! Congrats to the finder! Wondering what state and city! Thank you Forrest for a great time!

  46. I feel like the world just lost some magic. I guess this hidden Treasure Chest was like magic to me.

  47. Thanks for the adventure Forrest, we all owe you a debt we can never repay; you are and always will be a hero to all of us. Likewise, congratulations to the victor; you deserve your success. I’m just hoping you didn’t find the chest in the shadow of Bunsen Peak…

  48. Dal: I hope you’re taking the news okay. Your site has been ground zero for all things Fenn, and I’m sure I speak for many in thanking you for providing this platform as our collective Fenn town hall.

    But you were ALSO a prolific searcher, and the news has to be as much a gut punch for you as anyone. I still look forward to meeting you some day and buying you a beer (or your beverage of choice).

    2020 has been a year for the record books, and this latest chapter is a bittersweet one. But I’m happy to see Forrest finally vindicated and naysayers silenced: he truly did hide a treasure chest in the mountains north of Santa Fe, and the poem did its job to lead the finder to the precise spot.

    • I wholeheartedly believed the treasure was there! Can’t wait to hear the location! I know Forrest and dal are relieved and happy!

  49. Hooray! Congrats! BooHoo!
    What state, and what the heck was HOB? Pleeeze, Not Molly’s!

    • And big thanks to you Forrest, and you Dal, for 10 years of wonderful diversion. Thank you for the thrills and the treasure, the books I read and things I learned, the days when tension or boredom found relief. I felt reinvigorated & joy in participation, in quest. Peace & contentment takes 2nd place. Regards to the whole community… we are legend.

  50. Congratulations to the Finder and Forest. Thank you for the thrill. I hope my solve was close in CimarronSP-NM. Much love, Sam

  51. My solve was Blue Ridge Fire Lookout by Sinks Canyon. John Brown was from Blue Ridge Mountains (Appalachia). And a fire lookout, “if you’ve been wise and found the blaze”.

  52. Holy cow—Wikipedia is already updated.

    It will be such a relief to learn what I just wasn’t seeing. At least I hope it will.

    Another one, please!

    • I too feel like I just lost my best friend and many old friends well to be completely honest about the only thing that I looked forward too each day was this chase. For some they may choose to be satisfied with what they have and they will focus on that , but for me I have made up my mind that life is to short to be unhappy and that a person should not lower there standards to fit in and not be lonely.

  53. Holy cow, this is a shocker. Congratulations to the finder! Relief and angst are sure to follow in searchers’ hearts.

    • I might as well throw my theory into the pot: Lion Creek, above Gardiner. I think it was marked by a cairn, like Captain Kidd.

      • I too think it was up Lion Creek, but because I think Shooting Star Mountain is the blaze and it comes into view at a specific place as the creek turns towards the peak.

        “Look down” had me wondering if it was on the ground right there, or if you had to climb the side of the hill to one of the alcoves with a better view (marvel gaze)

  54. Fenn hid the chest to give hope to people during the last societal meltdown. How fitting it is that it’s been found now that we have moved firmly into this new era of turmoil. The world could use a few more Forrests today.

  55. Here are my “Forrest’s post-it note” directions – where we were planning to go next week when we arrived in Yellowstone (personal stuff came up so that we couldn’t leave sooner):
    Go to Yellowstone and take the Harlequin Lake trail to the lake. Continue to trail’s end at the west end of the lake. Now go south through the forest about 200 feet to a rocky outcrop that overlooks the Madison River. Look for the blaze to there indicate the exact spot; given the semi-open terrain, it should be relatively easy to find both it and the treasure. GPS approximately 44.6423 or 24 by -110.892, give or take 50 feet. I just hope it wasn’t somebody at Google who spied on my searches.

    • Robert , just for record , my solve was about 600 ft due east of yours . hopefully it was in another state , make me feel better.

      • Hope we’re both wrong for our sanity. I got my solve in February, immediately booked a campsite in the park for later this week, but that got cancelled by the park due to the virus. Rebooked a spot in West Yellowstone but couldn’t go until after Montana lifted their restrictions. Saw the park open partially and got nervous, but read that trails with access on the closed road sections were still off limits. Figured a few more days wouldn’t matter after almost 10 years.

        • Wherever it was found, I wonder if the finder was using the NOAA snow depth page. For my solve, the likely snow-free date was May 15-20. Past searches showed that conditions can still be iffy and or muddy for a couple weeks after the snow is gone, hence the plan for the second week of June. We did consider going in May “just in case” but then the park closed.

          • I sent Forrest a personal note of thanks, as I suspect many of us are doing now (what will his inbox look like today?) but I’d be remiss if I didn’t also publicly thank him for doing this. What a Wonderful and Generous idea! Forrest, you’re amazing!

        • 3 yrs in chase for me , was planning my first trip to Yellowstone end of this month [ June ] for my birthday . i still cant help but to feel PROUD of the searcher that found it , GOD knows he worked for it .

  56. My heart is broken, but god knows.congratulations to the winner.i feel so lost.its over for us all. This kept me in touch with yall.isn’t it weird do yall feel like a part of you died or is it just me.

    • Virginia Redin, no, it’s not just you. A lot of us are feeling heartbroken and lost today, and wondering what we’ll do next. Grieving the loss of the Chase, in a way, even as we congratulate the finder.

    • Good things come and go in ones lifetime. Once gone the good should not go with it. You will find something else to be excited about. You may not know at this time what exactly that may be but just know that it will. Manifestation from heartfelt faith is real. Forrest awakened something in all of us but that something was always present. Look deeper into everything for that excitement forrest sparked in all of us. This is a most wonderful planet and the vehicle provided you to discover its magic is like no other. Always know that oneself is not insignificant but very much an integral part of the whole.

    • Hi Virginia, I am sure we will feel like that at times since the chase had become part of our lives. we will still have the chase in our lives for a while as everything is revealed as permitted. I must say that I have enjoyed reading your comments throughout the years. My place was a special spot in Angel Fire. I was botg twice but was prevented from searching both times. Boo Hoo … LOL

  57. Arrrrgh!

    Monarch Pass area. Colorado.
    Cr-237. 2.4 miles past old monarch pass.
    Drive into clearing where powerlines are.
    Walk south about 3800 feet.
    Budweiser shaped clearing.
    Downstream til correct elevation.
    38.4849, -106.3683
    Porphory Creek “poor fury”

    What a gut punch.

    Still plan on going there. One setback after another prevented it. If this was correct, Gonna cry.

  58. My solve was Noon Point Wyoming – I couldn’t get there the last time I went. I hope I wasn’t even close.

    • It says a male in the announcement. From the perspective of where I think it was hidden and doing past research looking to see if anyone else had that area in focus . I always thought that one of the 200-500 footer quotes was possibly Lisa and she didn’t know it. From a past post on another blog that came up on that search for other searchers looking there. I found that Lisa did mention she was there but she wasn’t there searching .I figured possibly she was the lady FF was referring to:

      It was in Moby Dickens video FF Quote:

      Or here on MW recap of 200-500 ft searchers quotes by FF last month:

      @4:22 of video

      FF Quote:

      ” And I’m not gonna tell those people who they are because one of them particularly would faint, I know. And she’d tear the countryside up trying to figure out where they’d been.” FF

      Gosh , I hope I’m wrong about my presumptive location now. Lol. I was going to do one last next year.

      • No, I don’t think it can be Matt (Smell the Sunshine). Forrest said he didn’t know the person who found it.

      • Also, with today’s news from the Santa Fe New Mexican, Smell the Sunshine can’t be the finder since he’s from Houston. (Although I agree he’s the sort of thorough researcher who makes great connections and probably shares that skill in common with the finder.)

        • Ummm, Zap, there is a slight fallacy in your reasoning there.

          Fenn merely said he was from ‘back East’. ‘Back east’ could be anywhere from Glorietta, NM to New Yawk City!!!

          Houston is definitely ‘back East’…..from Santa Fe!!

          LOL!! It’s been fun, Zap!!

        • Hi Loco: I briefly considered that angle, but I decided that Forrest most likely still considers himself a Texan at heart, not a New Mexican, and Houston would not be considered “back East” to a Texan. 😉

          Yes, it’s been a thrilling (if exhausting) run. I really hope my solution was wrong.

  59. How can one express the gratitude for the treasure we have all found? A simple thank you doesn’t seem enough but it is all i have to offer.
    To the finder congratulations i hope in your hunt you havent lost sight of the real treasure .
    Forrest, thank you. Thank you for your kindness over these last 10 years and for the chase. God bless you

  60. Congratulations to the finder.

    Well deserved accomplishment.

    Glad that Forrest will be able to congratulate the winner in person.

  61. Had so much fun these past 4 years can we please do another one Forrest! So happy you will be able to meet the finder and bring the adventure to a close. Thank you for giving it to us! Luv you and God Bless:)

  62. Thank you dear friend for a lovely time. I immensely enjoyed every moment involved in this amazing hunt. Take care, and God bless you Forrest.

  63. I guarantee it was a very simple solve!
    It didn’t require any internet search or even a pencil for that matter…..the person who figured it out used only the poem in Forrests book .
    Thru the ups and downs of the past 10 years of living the search and filling the margins of his books with copious notes I congratulate the person who was able to Begin where warm waters halt…… may he see a reflection of every searcher who stood with him when he opened that chest for the very first time!!
    Whoever you are….we look forward to hearing your story and hope one day we can shake your hand and get your signature in our book.

  64. Sorry: website. Mixed it up with the trail that goes through Forrest’s property. 😉

  65. Congrats to the finder! Well deserved and well earned. An extraordinary accomplishment.

    Thank you Forrest for the opportunity. Thank you finder for giving me my life back.

  66. Ever since Once Upon a While came out or rather the forward was released, I soon gave up my beloved search location. It was one of several but that one lasted me years of outings into the Rocky Mountains. I headed to Raton and surrounding area and did not sway from there until I read this post today. In the last year, I became convinced that the poem was talking about the American Flag and the speaker of the poem was a particular flag, a 47 star flag (unofficial, of course) erected on August 23rd, 1911. One day or two ( I see conflicting dates when I research) after the new state was approved by congress. I like to believe one day because it was you know who’s birthday. I believed the treasure was on a hill bearing the same name as one General Washington overlooked to monitor British movement up the Delaware. A new flag flies there today. But there is an old wooden post that nobody notices and it looks an awful lot like the post that a 47 star flag was once flew from. Why would the treasure be there? It was isolated but almost a part of the town so I don’t know. So far removed from any other locations I looked at in the last 9 years.Another crazy idea of mine. I hope something of what I thought in all of these years was correct. Forrest did say it was found under a canopy of stars.
    Congratulations to the finder. This might be the first time in a long time that I go to sleep without thoughts of a particular poem running through my head.

    • Cloud cover—-

      Thanks for the post. I had noticed acrostics in rhe poem from the beginning. One of them “Wise And Found The.. WAFT always made me wonder. A flag does “waft in the wind”. So your thoughts intrigued me. “Under a canopy of stars” may indeed speak of a flag. I hope we get to see the solve— I’m excited to see it.

  67. Oh! What a fantastical poem. Thank you Forrest 🙂 At least I have wonderful memories. How close was I?

  68. Now we can finally find out how close Stephine really was or that we had been close as well or too far walked. Stunned that it was not a legacy and also will be surprised if it was really under the stars.

  69. At a time when the country is in need of some good news, like the treasure being found, we sill have to think of those who will be broken by the news. The chase community is like a big happy zoo. Many will feel like the fence has been breached and will scatter, aimlessly, with nowhere to go. It is now the duty of the best of the community to look after those who feel lost.

    Reshape the LOVE and build on it!

  70. Wow, I can’t believe it! I’m happy to finally get to find out where it was but also part of me was hoping it wouldn’t ever be found, just so we could always have the thrill of the chase to look forward to!

  71. I guessed it was here in Colorado, Buena vista/ Salida. A place called browns Creek home of browns waterfall, buena vista has natural hot springs. I couldn’t make it up that way. Was hoping to go for our small summer vacay.

  72. A big congrats to the finder. Thanks to Forrest for the adventure of a lifetime.

  73. If the location is revealed it will become a memorial and probably a major geocache from visiting searchers. Nice job finder ! You matched ff’s wit and it must have been an amazing feeling when you found the end of his rainbow and his secret spot. Hopefully it will be kept a secret as well as your identity. I really wanted the ring for my wife after we had to sell ours durning hard times. I was going to put the box with the rest of the contents in a museum where it would have a hole in the glass and sign that says please touch so you could feel the box. I hope his autobiography is published now and a movie would be great.

  74. Thank you Forrest!
    I am infinitely richer for having been a part of The Chase! I wish you and your family nothing but the best in the future! I feel blessed to have found treasure far more valuable than Gold because of you!

    God bless Forrest Fenn!

  75. Congrats to the logical thinker.

    Forrest, hats off to you sir! You’ve touched the hearts and imaginations of so many including mine! You made 2013 one of my most memorable times that allowed for me to take that first step forward towards my long journey home. Thank You! May your dreams be ever always drawing nigh to that very special place of heart and mind! ss

  76. Wow, I think I am in shock. I put my feet up for a long while, but I still feel the same. Thank you Forrest, Jenny, and Dal. g

  77. I posted a brief comment earlier but now after dealing with the news for awhile I feel like I need to say a few things more. First of all I forgot to say thank you to Dal for this awesome blog, I learned so much from it, and enjoyed it so much! And I know how much work it must have been for you to keep up with it and maintain it. Thank you, thank you! And if you are not totally exhausted and ready to give it up and move on, I wholeheartedly support the idea of a discussion page where we can all post our solves in at least a bit more detail.
    That’s partly because I hate the idea of not being able to hear from the many amazing searchers who have been regular contributors here. I have only been an armchair searcher, and only for 10 months, but all of you taught me so much! I didn’t contribute anything myself until the last few months, and then not much because I preferred reading what you all had to say. One of the saddest things for me is that I was really hoping to get to Fennboree and actually maybe meet some of you whose posts I have read so often. I’m sad that coronavirus kept that from happening. Maybe when it’s safer there could be one more Fennboree where we could all meet and celebrate the great Chase one more time?
    To Forrest—I realized I’m not so much sad that my partners and I didn’t find the treasure, but because this has been such a delightful hobby for me—I’m disabled and can’t get out and hike, but what a joy it has been to get out into the Rockies in my imagination and on Google Earth. You have taught me how much I love to research something fun and exciting like this, and one of my partners and I are already saying we want to find another treasure to hunt for! And I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your three memoirs, they were so fun to read and you are such a great storyteller. And I appreciate the great life lessons you shared in them. The thing that makes me saddest is not to have the chance to meet you in person. But I have family moving to the Santa Fe area so when I’m down there I’ll drop into the bookstore, and who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky. But I hope you have a wonderful birthday in August and a great time just enjoying your time with Peggy and your family and your awesome collections!

    • Forgot to say, my solve is Dome Mountain Montana, above Yankee Jim Canyon. Probably sounds crazy to you all, but we’ll see.

  78. I had an amazing experience searching for the treasure! Forrest thank you for making a childhood dream of mine come true by allowing me the thrill of the chase.

  79. Thank you Forrest. Thank you Dal. Wow! what a wild ride. I’m grateful to both of you.

  80. I would say it was found on Phantom Canyon Road in the Cripple Creek/Victor area of Colorado. Just about every line in the poem leads to a certain spot there that I was actually hoping to be able to search again later this month. Congratulations to the person who found it! And thank you Forrest for such a thrilling chase!

  81. Forrest,

    I always knew beauty would be found in the eye of the beholder.

    Thank you for not bending to the pressure that must have been headed in your direction.

    I guess it’s all down Wend West from here.

    Although we have never met and are from a different generation I feel like I knew your quest would transcend all ages, ethnicities and genders.

    How about a first runner up prize for closest to the pin? Hahaha. Never hurts to ask the right question..

    God Bless and thank you for everything you have accomplished.


  82. I just went on my last botg this past week. I’m glad I was able to get that last bit of adventure in, though I wonder if the people that know I went will believe it wasn’t me that found it (it was not me that found it).

  83. What a fantastic adventure this has been! It started five years ago with a solo trip, everyone was a naysayer, but the lure was too fantastic to ignore. My family got the Fenn fever and two more extraordinary escapades will remain the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced.
    Forrest sparked our adventurous nature and has resulted in the new love of backpacking. We have taken several remarkable trips. If not for Forrest, we would have never started.
    Thank you, Forrest! You have given so many a new perspective on life.
    Keep the adventures rolling! Congrats to the finder!!

  84. Congrats finder!!!
    A great and amazing news!
    Best Regards from Spain!

  85. Never did make it to my solve. I figured the chest to be at the giant rock just over 8900 feet elevation and over looking the waterfalls of Clear Creek in Cimarron Canyon. One heck of a climb and just as you crest the rock you see the blaze across the top of Touch Me Not Mountain some five miles away. Look quickly down into the large crevasse in the rock and…anyway, maybe someday I’ll go there just to see the view from that spot.
    Folks seem very gracious in the comments. I’m sad it’s over.
    Thanks for sparking my imagination Forrest. Congratulations to the person who got there first, where ever they found it.

  86. Dear Forrest,

    I reckon I’ll still think about you everyday forever entwined in the rivers and streams, the big skies and mountain fjords. The flowers and magpie greetings blooming on about things untold. And smiles arise with that sweet thrill that took my heart to the hills to seek for treasures and witness histories unfold. Thank you.

  87. Wow. Happy for the finder, what a historical event I’m proud to have been part of. So many search friends. I hope this isn’t the end of that. Thank you everyone for your friendship through this.


  88. I hope the Barrel Maker found it!!!

    Thank you for the excitement in the last few years!


  89. Dal,
    Thanks so much for all your hard work and thanks to everyone here. This site was an indispensable help in the chase. I’d also like to say that this place has always been remarkably polite, thoughtful, and positive. This has much to do with the nice people here. But also the way that you moderated this site set the tone and kept the dialogue civil and focused. Mostly you did this by leading by example. I am sure it was tons of work and frustrating at times but the results speak for themselves. You’re a good guy! Thanks everyone-
    PS I’m just going to say Thirty Two Creek. Below Bridge Draw in the trees, black jade rock.

  90. Im gutted feel like the sun just went down and wont come back up for a while. Im happy for the searcher, just hope it was some one who needed it and not some one who has plenty allready.

    To the finder congratulations you got to live a dream ive dreamt off for so long. Spend it wisely and have a great life .

    • Put it out now incase i was right. I think wwwh was in the middle “middle creek”I think the key word was IN meaning “east” take it east the canyon down “shoshone river”. not far = just over 10 miles. put IN= go east south of mummy cave (hob) i think it was round the back of mummy cave.

      • My hob was Dorothy Sullivan Brown. She was a horse trainer at Elephant Head Lodge until Forrest would have been 7. I always thought the Elephant snout was wwwh. It was a place where you could get fresh water just outside East gate. So most likely stopped here every trip.

        • I thought it was his first memories as a child. Plus there’s a lot of words in the poem that trace back to horses and horse trainers.

          • Sounds like a good solve shame its over, but kind off glad at the same time. I think it had ran it course. I just hope the answers are revealed so that people aren’t left wondering and get to put a final end to it all. Still a bit gutted though and a little bit jealous if I’m honest.

  91. Hi All
    Thanks Forrest for the greatest Adventure I have ever been on.
    Thanks Dal for all your hard work.
    Congrats to the finder.

  92. Slough Creek area and the BLAZE is a turtle . As turtles play a huge role in this

  93. Ouch. I’m on my 15th trip now (1500 miles one way), and I was gearing up to go on my last hike this morning. At least I found out before a bear got me, I suppose.

    My guess: Pagosa Springs, Colorado, up in the Chalk Mountains above the Blanco Basin. Specifically, 6600 feet NW of the Fish Creek Trailhead.

    Thanks, Forrest. Thanks, Dal.

  94. Ugh..
    Woke up…still real…

    Thanks to you dal, for all you’ve done, and everyone for playing their part. The chase was a work of art and all of you have been brilliant brushstrokes. Thanks for everything, to everyone!
    THANK YOU FORREST! Words cannot justify what your chase has done for me and so many others. Congrats to the finder ( through gritted teeth lol)!

    I sure hope we learn why it was so special a place.

    • jdiggins, TimW wrote on HoR that he believes the TC was under a memorial stone for his father, near ones for his mom, sister, and brother. That’s wise– it explains why he has “great respect for that place” and also answers how he could know it was the correct location from a photograph.

      I’ve often thought of the story of ff taking his dad all the way to YNP one last time before he died.

  95. The unintended clue ? TTTW IS ON PG 212 TITLE OF CHAPTER IS “HEADED NORTH”.

  96. Congratulations and I’m sad. However, I will continue to enjoy the Rockies. If it hadn’t been for Forrest, I might not have ever gone there.

  97. My main area was in Chama Basin. Even though it is in Colorado, you start in NM.
    I need to get that out there before he reveals the location. When he does, so many people will say that was there solve but couldn’t go, or missed it, etc..

    If he reveals the area. It is a special place for him, he may want to keep it a secret.

  98. Great News! Congratulations to the Finder and solver of the Greatest Treasure Hunt ever! Thank you to Mr. Fenn for all the joy it has brought to so many people throughout our world and blessings to all the searchers who found THE THRILL OF THE CHASE!

  99. Hi All
    I think WWWSH is Redstreak Peak
    and the rest I will keep to myself.

  100. I hope to one day clomp around the Gallatins where I believe the treasure rested for so many years. Thank you Forrest for a great thrill and reminding us all what it feels like to have a little mystery and adventure in our life and lighting that spark in us all. Hope to one day take that feeling and pass it on to others.

    If you’re wise, the thrill of the chase continues long after treasures are found.

    Be well everyone, see you on the next adventure 🙂


  101. Congrats to the finder and thank you Forrest and Dal. It’s not often that you find such a nice group of folks online that are so helpful and genuine. Thanks to all who have offered such good reads.

    Dal, I hope you continue to write. Your stories are really fun and entertaining.

    Jeff J.
    Denver Area

    (My best guess is Hebgen Lake area…)

  102. Thanx for all the congratulations everyone…. just kidding!

    Dal, thank you so much for all you have done over the years. What a community of searchers you fostered!

    Forrest, I still hope I get to meet you someday, and if it is socially acceptable, to shake your hand.

    As many others have expressed, cannot wait to see where the final resting spot was – if that is revealed, to see how close “my spot” was.

    And a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the finder – cannot wait to hear how you solved the riddle!

  103. Thank you Forrest and congratulations to the person that found the chest! Please, everyone refrain from telling the finder what he should do with the treasure. He found it, it is his to do with as he pleases!

    Thank you Dal for keeping this site running for the entire hunt. God bless everyone. Forrest’s true search continues!

    See you in the mountains somewhere north of Sante Fe. (And south too!)


  104. Darn it, we where going out next week to locate it! I hope our solve is completely off! Anyways, our solve was around Liberty Cap, Capitol Hill and Kite Hill in Mammoth Springs – it better not be true. The KEYWORD was CAP. There you have it – capstone, keystone, headstone.
    Simple as that…

  105. I think Forrest said that he would call 3 news outlets when the chest was found. Which ones?

    • I don’t know which ones he meant originally but the first to report it today were The Santa Fe New Mexican and station KOB4 in Albuquerque. And here on Dal’s blog was the very first. I like that. But the news is spreading fast!

  106. Would be an absolute shock to me if this wasn’t in Chama, NM. 6th try was coming this fall.

  107. Congratulations Forrest! I will be forever grateful for the search.
    Final solve: Dinosaur National Monument-Canyon Overlook (Upper Sand Canyon) just north of the lookout point in the topographic saddle
    I have also suspected that Manowar and 4rest4fend are ff and Doug Preston, respectively (I hope MOW and 44 consider that as a complement)

  108. I put boots on the ground 9 times and always went to the same area. Colorado, Pagosa Springs, East Fork of the San Juan, Elwood. I figured out every clue in the poem, found the blaze, understood every comment make by Forrest, every subtle clue, the elevation, rabbits, rabbit holes, too far to walk, the clue on the map, the omega’s….did you know the map backwards is the blaze? The final location eluded me…my next search was to be Monday. I was headed to the top of the ridge 10,000′ to look in a tree overlooking the blaze. If it was in the blaze, that everlasting rock pile, my hats off to the finder.

  109. I’m speechless and filled with happiness to know the treasure has been found. That was a awesome opportunity.

  110. Like all of you I am sad, but slightly relieved. This treasure needed to be found before Forrest passed away, and I am excited to find out the true location. I’ll be posting a thread on Mysterious Writings Forum where you can submit your exact spot (now that protecting the location isn’t necessary) to see just how far off you were. It will take me about 1 hour from time of this to finish it up as I am posting my solution on it to start it off .

  111. Congratulations to the smart lucky person.

    You beat me to it at 44.93040, -111.54653.

  112. I’m very happy for the finder. I believe that WWWH was an old water heater with a hole in it, that was in a Turkey Creek, highway 285. Time will tell if I was right. Take care, everyone.

  113. Congratulations to the finder! I am going to cry in my T if it was found in my search area. My reservations were cancelled by the host due to the covid lockdown forbidding out-of-staters from getting a vacation rental.

  114. I’ve been an armchair treasure searcher for years. My solve was always in YNP. I chased different theories of the chest’s whereabouts within the Park, but always landed back near the base of Lost Creek Falls. I can’t wait to hear more details on how the treasure was found…and WHERE!

  115. Sharing congratulations to the searcher who unlocked the poem’s secret and found what so many have been searching for! I never made it BOTG from Maine, but my virtual searching a year ago led me to a wonderful group of people, and an area I had hoped to one day explore. Maybe one day I will still take a BOTG vacation and explore all the beauty and treasure the Rockies will always hold for us all.
    Thank you Forrest. Much love.

  116. Just shaking my head in chagrin… smiling instead of lamenting…At a time when the whole world seems to be going mad & bad, now the wonderful dream of the fenn treasure chase is taken away! Oh this is so disappointing!
    dear Forrest, sir, and Dal, please give me (and i imagine, many other searchers) some closure and satisfaction in the form of an explanation of the truth of the poem. By this I mean, what was each geographic clue? Show the meaning of the poem please.
    The finder deserves congratulations, but only if they speak forthrightly. Come forth please.
    Thanks Dal for a sensible and great blog. Thanks Forrest for the chase.

  117. A fitting song right now i think, look it up..
    Warren Zenon .. keep me in your heart..

    Was fun while it lasted. Chase community, you all Rock. thanks for keeping me company though my years of deppression.

    Dal great job on the site, always wished if it wasn’t me to find it, it would have been you. Shame it wasn’t either of us.

    Take care all. Much love.

  118. A fitting song right now i think, look it up..
    Warren Zenon .. keep me in your heart..

    Was fun while it lasted. Chase community, you all Rock. thanks for keeping me company though my years of deppression.

    Dal great job on the site, always wished if it wasn’t me to find it, it would have been you. Shame it wasn’t either of us.

    Take care all..

  119. Wow! This is not the kind of news I was expecting to wake up to this morning.

    Congratulations to the finder and I sure hope you publish your solution.

    What a fun, intellectual, and rewarding ride it has been. Thank you so very much Forrest for everything you have done and thank you Dal for all of your hard work running the blog.


  120. Still plan on getting out in the woods this summer, I had lost how much fun it was to rely on nothing but what you bring and roughing it. The thrill of the chase got me back out into the wilderness and for that I thank you FF. Being an ICU nurse the last few months have been the hardest of my career and more then ever I need to get back out there, treasure or no treasure. Now when I go back out I will take everything that nature has to offer and soak it all in.

    As far as getting rich, there is still lotto and scratch cards. lol
    Congrats to the finder, nothing but respect for you!

  121. I put boots on the ground 9 times and went to the same area each time. Pagosa Springs, up the East Fork of the San Juan to Elwood. Every clue in the poem and every other clue Forrest ever gave were all right there. The final location eluded me but I think I know where it was, right near the blaze.

    • I hunted deer and elk up the East Fork for close to 15 years – camp was at the S-turn or just after making the left turn, crossing the creek and beginning the climb – but Elwood Pass never added up to a treasure location to me. My initial search was at Treasure falls at the foot of Wolf Creek Pass .
      Pretty country up there , hey?

  122. My solve was north Pilar NM. Went a few weeks ago but wasn’t able to cover the whole area, been trying to make it back the last couple weeks :/

  123. SOOO disappointed! My solve: ( I was there two week ago – boots on the ground) just above Horseshoe Mine, Cimarron Canyon State Park, outside Eagle Nest, New Mexico.

    WWWH = Eagle Nest Lake – bottom release dam keeps warm water at surface
    Canyon down = Cimarron Canyon
    NFTFTW = 1.6 miles east of State Park entrance (Toby Creek)
    HOB – headwaters of the Cimarron River (special trout waters) put in at Horseshoe Mine lot
    Village of Eagle Nest once referred to as “Home of the Browns”
    End is drawing nigh – head south (left) into the woods, head for mine then continue 200 ft
    No paddle up creek – Cimarron River crosses Rt 64 thru culvert, high water no room for canoe
    Blaze = Wheeler Peak seen from rock ledge on N-S ridge looking west
    Marvel gaze – amazing view of canyon, river, Wheeler (snow capped for blaze)
    Look down – rock out-crop and ledges

    I searched in the rocks but not the woods below…next trip? Not now!

  124. As I read Forrest’s post, and then have read the hundreds of posts by my fellow searchers, my eyes are filled with tears – tears of both happiness and sadness. Happiness that someone has, at long last found Indulgence, and tears of sadness that the search must now come to an end.

    I have searched for over 4 and a half years. During that time I have come to know many of you – if only by name. Some of these “Names” have become my FRIENDS. YEA.

    None of us can express properly our deepest felt thanks to Forrest, Dal, and the whole search community for all that they have done for us over the years.

    I salute the “Finder” – may the treasure enable you to do things that you never dreamed possible – May your generosity in helping others become a part of your new life.

    I salute you all, my friends – What a THRILL it has been – With love – STAY SAFE – STAY HOME – STAY HEALTHY – JDA

    • After reading this glorious news for the Fenn family, I cried happy tears and slept deeply for the first time in years. Woke up at 11 today (like a teenager or sonething) and went for a walk in the woods. I found so many treasures on my walk today. And I think that is what Forrest really wanted – for us to appreciate the little treasures that surround us every day as we get back to nature. Nature can give us hope and teach us so much, just like Forrest has.

      I hope we learn the state, and that it was the one most discounted as the dark horse – Colorado! But I hope the solve and final location are never revealed. I’ve read so many times it’s about the real treasure being the search…and that can continue for everyone still. I’ll bet the finder left a way for anyone else who solves the poem to know they solved it too. No money, but the satisfaction of knowing they accomplished a damn near impossible feat, or two feat ;-).

      Congrats Forrest! Your hunt will continue to be legendary and create intrigue for generations to come.

      Best wishes for peace to the finder. You have surely earned it. I hope you remain anonymous!!!!!!

      My advice: Look at what you’ve gained, not at what you’ve lost. Losses in life are gauarnteed. Gains are not. Be in gratitude for even the smallest kindness. Then you are rich.

      • I don’t know that Colorado was that much of a dark horse based on all the searchers coming forward today with Colorado solutions!

        • Zap, was good to get to know you via HoD and share a few emails. You enlightened me to what those flashes in the night sky were all of these years, (Iridium Flares)! You contributed a ton of good information on HoD all these years. Hoping F will let us know who the ones were that came within 200 feet and what the word that is Key was as well as what is HoB!

        • Thanks, Cholly! And glad you got to see some Iridium flares before the original constellation was deorbited. The next coolest thing in the sky is seeing a string of Starlink satellites in the days following a recent SpaceX launch from the Cape.

          As for the keyword, I’ve shared my solution for that online several times over the years. I may soon do the same with “Not far, but too far to walk” and home of Brown. I hope I’m wrong, but fear I’m right.

          • Hi Zap, I too appreciate you intelligent analysis of all things Fenn. I can’t decide if I want to be close or way off. If I am way off, I hope you were hot on the trail. Looks like we may never know. UGH!

    • Well said.JDA. I shed a few tears for the same reasons.
      All the best for the future in what ever you decide to do.

      • Thanks Jason;

        We all now have the opportunity to seek a new adventure, or to just return again and again to that “Special Place” we discovered during the chase – Take care – JDA

    • JDA, can you please reveal what your “WWWH” location was now? You seemed pretty certain. Thanks for considering!

      • corepuncher;

        I have a couple. For my “Big picture “solve it was where Warm Spring Creek meets the Wind River 6 miles north (kinda) of Dubois, Wyoming. Dubois is a french word that means “Of the wood”.

        I choose to keep my “Small visual search area” solve a secret for the moment… if that is OK – I want to wait and see if the “Finder” provides us with a “Correct” solve – STAY SAFE -JDA

  125. Wow! It finally happened and I just had my last BOTG a few days ago and found a rattlesnake at my spot. Must have been a sign.

    For the sake of having it documented in case I’m in the Ball Park, here it goes.

    WWWH = the border of the warm water designated area

    The first mile of the Rio Chama is the HOB…all the biggest Brown Trouts in New Mexico were caught there, including the very biggest which is on the wall of Cooper’s Ranch.
    *Note…I am not referencing a structure (Cooper’s Ranch) or El Vado Damn, but the HABITAT of the Biggest Brown Trout – the first mile or so south of the damn.

    The land west of the Chama from El Vado Dam south to Rio Nutrias is NOT in the designated warm waters because it is Jicarilla Apache land…check the Trout Waters map. So this is a place where WWH, that can be taken down…

    There is a put in AT the home of Brown, but if you take it (the path of the river ) in the canyon down from that first mile of the river (HOB), not far but too far to walk, about 22 miles, you come to the Put in BELOW the home of Brown – Chavez Canyon Put In.

    Following from the Chavez Canyon Put in…from there it’s no place for the meek…. The Screaming Left Hand Turn….which requires a continuous left-hand turn and is also named in a way to indicate it’s no place for the meek.

    There is a road that goes right to The Screaming Left Hand Turn off of forest road 151. The screaming left-hand turn forms a kind of peninsula in the river and it is a wood of a bit over 2 acres. (Weird aside, there is a path that has bicycle tracts on it every time I’ve gone. It only goes about 60 yards to a fenced-off spot that someone was obviously excavating)

    On the peninsula, there are two trees blazed with an ax and two bent tree markers, probably Ute, on the peninsula. That’s a total of 4 actual blazes plus there is a white painted post by the river and a survey marker.

    It is unbelievably beautiful there and it’s my personal spot now, lol

    When I went there last week there was a prairie rattlesnake at the base of one of the blazed trees, I posted a picture of the snake on a Facebook group but didn’t show the blaze because I was going back to that tree this week to check out those blazes yet again, hoping the snake was gone.

    Anyhow, I think it’s the best solution that wasn’t…I hope, lol

    I’ll be going back to that beautiful site for the rest of my life.

    Congratulations to the finder. What an absolute thrill!

    And a HUGE thank you to Forrest Fenn, for the chase and for taking the time to tell me my ancient stone handtools were fakes, lol

    • I’ve had 4 BOTG searches over the years, all on 151! I’ll definitely be going back for the rest of my life as well.

  126. First and foremost thank you Forrest. This has been a great adventure.
    3 trips to Montana and Wyoming, one to New Mexico for Fennboree, re-connecting with old friends and finding new ones, always with the anticipation of solving the clues. Sitting with you while you doodled in the TTTOC with Cynthia and Dal at her campsite was an experience I will never forget. And then there was the dent in my truck which led to having lunch with you at the Blue Corn, Thanks again Cynthia. I will hold those memories dear.
    You are one Amazing guy Forrest Fenn.
    So many questions everyone must have for you . Hope you take the time, and I think you will, to give the searcher community closure.
    WOW what a ride! I hope we plan a searcher meet up so we can reconnect with each other and meet in person the searchers that shared this experience.
    I for one would like a pilgrimage to the hidey spot and learn why it was so special, of course with your permission and with some like minded participants of the chase.
    Thanks again to Dal, Cynthia, Krop, Cowlazar and all others I have met and not.
    Hope we all meet again———-Gary

  127. My solve didn’t get me to the chest, but I believe I got to the blaze, or rather, the belays located at Warm Springs Creek, Dubois, WY. If so, I’m the biggest bum. Lol. Many congrats to the finder!,,,

  128. Wow – what a news flash! Congratulations to the successful searcher-turned-finder! And humble thanks to Forrest for providing us all such an amazing distraction!

    I just asked Dal a couple days ago about submitting my super-long “solve” and numerous pictures, but didn’t get a reply! Hopefully Dal will be willing to keep his site going a while longer so we can share our locations. Big round of thanks to Dal – hip hip horray!

    My search location has been in the Pine Creek Rapids area of the Arkansas River, south of Leadville, Colorado. Pine Creek was my “in the wood.” Finally was able to make it to the nearly inaccessible east side of the Arkansas over Memorial Day weekend. Searched several “target areas” I could see from the other side of the river, with one surprising “pothole” in a huge boulder that couldn’t be seen until standing directly over it. Took pictures but didn’t crawl down to it. Sure hope that wasn’t it! Still can’t wait to share my story and pictures.

    Again, congratulations to the finder, and I look forward to hearing the details, as well as other searcher’s locations. What an adventure it has been! May we all continue to seek wisdom and find compassion for each other! Peace.

  129. Thank you Forrest and Dal.
    I have learned so much about the United States, Myself, and learned so much about the goodness of others from the search on this web site.
    Congrats to the finder-solver.
    Be well, Peace be with all of you!
    Until the next search.
    Helen Weels.

  130. Thankful

    Thankful to Forrest for The Thrill of the Chase
    And all his books in which I could bury my face
    And despite now being out of the race
    I’m so glad I got to run with my own style of clumsy grace

    Thankul for Dal and his blog
    Shepherding us all like an old sheepdog
    We all owe the man a mug of his favorite grog
    I look forward to his TTOTC epilogue

    Thankful to have had this opportunity
    To participate in the chase community
    I’ll miss arguing everything to the “Fennth” degree
    But not as much as my online Chase Family

    Thankful yet sad that this all has come to an end
    Only one thing left I need to send
    Dal will get my best theory electronically penned
    For there is nothing left for me to amend
    IMHO It’s appropriately called “The Legend of Forrest Fenn”

  131. Wow! Congrats to the finder! Cant wait to hear about all the details. Thank you Forrest for the greatest of adventures.
    I cant lie, I am very sad, and I even cried a little bit. Feels like the end of a great era in my life.
    —Dal, thank you for creating a great place to hangout, and research. If it wasn’t for you I would have never had a chance to get that Forrest Fenn Arrowhead, and, mammoth tusk. I cant put into words all the ways I’ve benefitted from you. Very positive impact. Thank you.

  132. ” I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.”
    I bet some one is getting their legal team set up! Did someone send an anonymous email with pics or did he go to the spot and find that it was gone?
    Thanks Forrest for all the hope and adventures that you gave us. Fill us in on the details when you can. I hope you get your bracelet back.

  133. Thank you Forrest and Dal.
    I have learned so much about the United States, Myself and the goodness of others on this web site. Congrats to the solver-finder.
    I wish everyone Peace in the days to come.
    Until the next search.
    Helen Weels

  134. Thanks to Forrest also, for a few grand adventures. I never would have gotten my man out on the trails without the lure of gold. He doesn’t understand the healing of an ancient tree or rock on a damaged soul. But I do, and many do.

    Sad that it is over. It was like a promise that was always there, even if we could not go out to look.

    Had fun making the acquaintance of Octopus and WFG too! *waves*

    Wishes of adventure and fun for all,

  135. Wildbirder we can not thank Mr Fenn enough for us being healthier & happier. For the first time in my life I lost weight & keep it off. I list about 40 pounds & have more to go.
    Blood pressure down & We feel better.
    Great adventures & stories to tell.

  136. My guess is Pot Creek, New Mexico. Can’t wait to hear the correct solve!

  137. Congrats to the finder!
    I hope Fenn got his bracelet back 🙂
    Thanks Forrest, Dal, Goofy, Chris, Jenny for all you did.

  138. Good job to, whoever. Thank you, Dal. For your site and patience. Forrest, thanks for keeping us informed and for looking out for those folks that had difficulty keeping themselves safe.


    1SG B

  139. This is a bittersweet moment for us. Congratulations to the finder. I do hope the he releases his solve so we all can see! Santa Fe will never be Santa Fe again. It will always be know by us as Santa Fenn’s home and Colorado will be where he makes his dolls. (ColoraDo!!) God Bless you Forrest Fenn for the years of joy you have given to not only my family but the thousands of families out there. Peace be with you and yours.

  140. Thanks for the amazing Chase Forrest. I’ve had incredible couple of years trying to trace your steps. Be well my friend.

    “The joy is in the ride.”

    My spot was near Cimarron CO.

  141. My first thoughts: What!!! Noooo it can’t be. Tell me it’s not so.

    Congrats to the locater. Sounds like Big Sky country.
    Kinda of numb at this moment. Sometimes though things are not in the cards for us.
    Thank you Forrest, your treasure hunt provided me and many others I believe with many hours
    of entertainment and something to dream about.

    My hope is that the finder realizes just what opportunities there is in connection with his/her pursuit of the chest. As I stated before I suspect there is more than what was revealed in the contents of the chest and I look forward to reading the story of the Chase.

    Best wishes to all.

  142. It’s very excited to know the location of the treasure find and the poem clue meanings. I’m happy for the lucky finder. Even if it was not in Mayday Colorado where Olga Little lived, I think her story needs to be told and a movie made about her life as the only Colorado female mule skinner of her day and the heroic rescue of the 17 miners trapped in a blizzard at the Neglected Mine where she brought supplies up to. She saved all the many men trapped up there by having them hold on to her mules tails on a 7 mile journey that took all day to achieve to Transfer Camp. She was from Germany, she spoke mostly Spanish and she won a Ford vehicle on the show “This is your Life” hence the name Mrs. Ford in TTOTC. She also had a school house next to her property with a bell above the front door. I hope I was close. I hope all the searchers are in good spirits and I hope a new very exciting (and safe) treasure hunt is on its way from another with the talents like Forrest Fenn to create such a wonder treasure hunt. Thank you Forrest Fenn.

      • Thank you. I’m from Great Falls, MT and was planning on going there the end of April but the corona virus kept me from going. Olga Little dressed like a man, meaning the fox dresses like the hound in Fenn’s book. She had a school house by her property in Mayday that I believe Fenn’s family stayed in while vacationing. It says in the book ttotc that mrs ford took Fenn to his father after getting mad at him and he gave him a spanken at school and then he got another at home because he got one at school. 1 and the same. School house used as a summer house. Olga Little also after her days of running mules into the mountains, she took people on fly fishing tours. She and her husband were rockhounds and she used to sell Indian artifacts. She also ran a boarding house from her home. I hope a book or a movie is made about her. “Too far to walk”; a true story about a female mule skinner, who singled handedly, saved 17 men from the Neglected mine in Colorado by them holding on to her mules tails on a long 7 mile journey through a massive blizzard to safety and they all survived. Thank you for your very nice comment Lady V.

        • Also — Put in below the home of Brown. Little Brown and co. Publishing published the catcher in the rye by JD Salinger.

          • Yes, SO many references to ‘little’ in TTOTC. I like your solve. Someday I will go to Mayday just to see that place. What a story!

    • Paul…I cant believe someone on this blog knows about Olga Little!! When I was a Hospice Nurse in Durango, one of my patients was Ernie Schaaf. He was Olga’s nephew and would regale me with amazing stories of Olga. There was a story telling event at the Strater Hotel a few years back when they named a room for Olga. I have climbed Olga Little Mountain in her honor and to leave something in her memory for Ernie. Wow. Small world.

      • Sally….I am so captivated by Olga Little and the true story of her life. I think the whole world needs to know her full story of moving from Germany as a young child with her younger brother to Colorado. Then they moved to Arizona where she learned only Spanish and then moving back to Colorado riding mules to Durango at the age of 12. She eventually became the only mule skinner packer in the state of Colorado putting most men to shame with her extraordinary abilities to pack mules and supplies up to many mines in the high mountains. She broke her leg on one journey and was brought down to the hospital, by a man who would become her husband, in a toboggan. Her story of heroism and courage needs to be told and of rescuing those 17 men. I am very fascinated with Olga Little. Thank you again Sally for your kind words.

          • No paddle up your creek. Olga Little took supplies up the mountains, but brought ore down the mountains meaning no paddle (ore) up your creek.

  143. Hey, I’ve been on 11 trips from Mississippi… It’s been fun and educational. Forrest thanks for the memories that you had us to make thru the poem. Write another, but not so hard!

  144. Precise = RECIPE for a wedding cake.

    How many layers is the $64,000 question ?

    It`s take it or leave it ?

    Thanks FORREST , It`s been a slice of cake

  145. well, covid canceled my trip for May 27.
    might be just as well.
    fs # 2465 was my area.
    congratulations to the wise man who found it

  146. Thank you Dal, thanks Forrest. still in shock that it is over.

    wwwh always meant for you to stop at, not the waters to stop at… imo.
    not sure why so few understood that, at least imo.

    home of Brown is the “source”/home of the “Brown number pair”… (5,11) being the pair.. the source being #120. imo. (trail #120) however it may have been (trail #24) which was one other Brown source/solution. which I was going to look for next, but did not makes sense with other pieces of information I believed to be in play.

    there are only 3 Brown number pairs.
    (curious if anyone else saw this?)

    ff making sure no one would suspect he knew math to that level. imo

    “brave and in the wood” is referencing “Gallatin Petrified Forest”. imo
    (this one being one that would be very common with other searchers)

    “Heavy loads and water high” is a spring, specifically an unnamed spring. imo
    (spring time being often referenced like this, but a nice twist to an actual spring)
    (this one seamed to be most obvious to me, wondering how many also thought same?)

    look “quickly down”, got me… I believed it meant to look just below the trail on a map, rather than as one would assume.

    “not far but too far to walk”, is referencing a ‘bridge too far’ imo, specifically Carbella bridge

    (by the way the person saying ‘i think we are going a bridge too far’ his nickname is Tommy boy Browning… no relationship to “brown” imo. but “tommy boy”, => “tom minor” = “Tom miner” Basin

    (any one else decide this meant “bridge”?)

    “Take it in” is referencing laduke spring imo.
    (also John wayne reference)

    we shall see I guess.
    how many have some of the same conclusions?

    full notes below:
    (most being confirmation bias i had concluded, an amusing one is the tarry scant line.. I laughed the entire time I was constructing it… it was too amusing so I kept it.

    conjecture, hypothesis:

    ? As I have gone alone in there not a hint or is this the “middle” i have been looking for?
    (in there => within, in the middle of, within the bounds/confines of; surrounded by, enclosed by, inside)
    alone = divided alone in there = “detached in the middle of” the bounds “detached within” probably a big fat confirmation bias for most everything thing in this stanza, but seems strange to not have the nouns mean something.

    XX And with my treasures bold, h0) (the “treasures” sign=(stands out/conspicuous ->bold) in Tom Miner basin for petrified wood trail) also “Montana” is the “treasure state”
    (treasures moniker ) Montana (bold => moniker of)
    X I can keep my secret where, (where? gives answer montana) on the sign, it says where “the Gallatin petrified Forest”
    (the cache is placed there )

    x And hint of riches new and old. sign giving “hints” for poem.. a hint = sign. only works for the “treasures sign” and that is weak at best…
    also nickname/motto of (riches)

    XXX Begin it where warm waters halt 1) (LaDuke hot spring) train used to halt there across the river, and/or parking pull out … or … boiling river, “park” county line runs through parking lot halt->park
    (start at historic LaDuke hot spring (train halt)) “historic” is a problem… it no longer exists, so how is this valid? also the station/halt was across the river… but this is screaming it is correct.

    XXX And take it in the canyon down, 2) (down yankee Jim Canyon), or Gardiner Canyon “taking in the waters” is an old term for drinking mineral waters, which laDuke advertised in the day.
    ((as well as) (‘take it in’ bath/drink water of a mineral spring (LaDuke special claim), )
    then down yankee Jim Canyon

    x Not far, but too far to walk. 3) “Sir Frederick Browning” operation market garden uttered : “I think we might be going a bridge too far.”.. nick name “Tommy” “Boy” “Browning” Tom minor? Tom miner
    after going alongside, (pass over) a long span .. stride (use) (car…(bella) bridge) name is “Carbella Bridge” Car reference?
    to traverse — to walk— cross over, can’t walk across river, need a bridge… trestle/stand/span/brace

    XXx Put in below the home of Brown. 4) the trail #120 is the factorial (product) of 5 and one less than a square, making (5, 11) a Brown number pair ….. a (probably false) holy crap moment….. 5/5/2020
    calculate underlying basis (made from) (Brown ) trail #120
    come ashore below the source of (Brown ) trail #120 best I can say is it is possible he knew about Brown number pair, I just don’t know how he could of known without massive research?.
    (there are 24 poem lines, which is another Brown number, not sure that it is useful, unless 5040 also shows up)

    XX From there it’s no place for the meek, 5) specific solution: (petrified forest) boundary runs through Tom Miner basin. or “Joseph Meek”
    (continue on to “Gallatin Petrified forest”)

    XXX The end is ever drawing nigh; 6a) common saying: (end of the “trail”, derive “Trail”)
    (end of the “trail”)

    XX There’ll be no paddle up your creek, 6b) a trail named after a creek, “trail creek”, in other words just walk up the trail… looks like two part clue/answer especially with the “;”
    (Trail creek)

    XXXx Just heavy loads and water high. 7) a water spring (catch phrase for spring time, where creeks are high and rivers carry heavy loads) the spring that creates tom miner creek. in the middle? or at the end? it appears there is only one “spring”..
    (fresh water spring) but I wouldn’t of known what spring without some serious eye balling satellite images. and don’t know if I see just one.

    XXx If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, 8) the blaze is a specific trail trail #120, on trail creek…… Buffalo Horn pass trail. wise :==> “knowledge, study, learning”, mathematics
    (when you have figured out this particular trail)

    X Look quickly down, your quest to cease, 9) this must mean “look just below” trail #120 on a map.. so “look underneath”, if so it would be the spring at the ponds, best guess… but why do I have to guess?
    (look just below trail #120 on a map only one way to find out… and now I don’t feel confident? great… going to be a long trip..
    (now your journey/trail/expedition can end) no mention of “middle”? (quest as in “mapQuest”?) too unorthodox and most likely nothing) more confirmation bias….

    x But tarry scant with marvel gaze, element 120 will have a fleeting half life (tarry scant). an element yet to be discovered… looking for it’s inception. commencement. first of its kind… (marvel) ; looking for it… (gaze)
    looking for the first of its kind (new phenomenon /new element) with fleeting half life (also) “one of a kind” “first of its kind” revelation, portent, phenomenon, extraordinariness sensation, spectacle, phenomenon;
    (sentence is constructed backwards? why only one line backwards? getting weaker in my mind. probably a big fat confirmation bias for most everything thing in these two lines, but should have something…

    x Just take the chest and go in peace. “Takings Clause” “Just Compensation” Clause is really reaching but seems to work (just take the 5th)…. (5th amendment) 11 11 11 when the armistice ending World War One :=> “go in peace”
    (Just Compensation) (“Takings Clause”) the (5th amendment) &(interval) (the armistice on 11:00am 11/11) => (5,11) Brown number pair 5/6 -> 5/24/2020 (plausibility, found new life to this) a little weak zero chance to verify… probably confirmation bias.

    ? So why is it that I must go why is it :==> problem in mathematics that asks (Brocard’s problem)
    (here is a problem that asks) to probably a big fat confirmation bias for these two lines

    ? And leave my trove for all to seek trove :==> accumulation/total colossally abundant number (brown number pair solution is a product/accumulation) to “solve” “to find” :==> “to seek”
    ((enter in) (accumulation/product) of all to (figure out) probably a big fat confirmation bias for these two lines
    xx The answers I already know, answers :==> the answer(s) as in “pair” of numbers, to the “Brown number” pair is 120 on both sides of equation (if the constant is on right side) ,, to emerge from, the home from which answer came
    the (pair of) brown numbers know :==> “knowledge, study, learning”, mathematics
    solution to the problem

    x I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak. “end of the trail” sculpture: “main figure embodies the suffering and exhaustion of people driven”
    (“end of the trail” sculpture’s description: “main figure embodies the suffering and exhaustion of people driven” )

    XX So hear me all and listen good, h1) (duke) John Wayne comment leading me to laduke hot spring well the main quote this is based on, doesn’t actually exist.. did ff make same mistake?
    (John Wayne the duke saying)
    (bison horn, both bugle and hearing horn) both:, Buffalo horn pass trail, meaning bugle made from bison horn, then hearing horn made from bison horn… this seems to make sense too.

    X Your effort will be worth the cold. reference to “petrified” as in frozen…
    cold = “Gallatin Petrified forest”
    XXXX If you are brave and in the wood h2) petrified Forest, and later…. yes, and that explains “brave” too, hits self upside head 3/21/2018 spring day. but is it? I have to bet on something…
    If you are in “Gallatin Petrified forest”
    ? I give you title to the gold. treasures sign “title”: “Treasures” giving the hint (title) for title of the sign, but you wouldn’t see that sign on this hike? must not be correct.
    then reveals the nickname of (gold) probably a big fat confirmation bias for this line

    • also the “just take the chest” line in my notes.. that one was particularly amusing confirmation bias, I was so fascinated that it worked for (5,11) brown number pair.

  147. Thanks for the wonderful chase Forrest. It’s been a great couple of years matching wits with your incredible poem, trying to follow you footsteps. Stay well and be at peace my friend.

    “The joy’s in the ride.”

    My spot is Cimarron CO.

  148. Sad. Disappointed. Relieved. Curious. Excited. Thankful. Longing for more.
    Congratulations to the successful. Condolences to the crushed.
    Thank you Forrest! Thank you searchers! Thank you Dal.
    Mic drop. Lights go dark. Curtains close.

  149. Dang Dal.. push Forrest for Photos, Im sure were all chomping at the bit for pics..

  150. Eye in the face of Montana leads to Blackfoot river canyon down to Browns lake. South of Browns lake is Yourname creek. Heavy loads and water high leads to Wales Creek. Hidden Roman numerals and directional clues give precise location.

  151. Wow, What a ride! Congratulations to the finder.!
    My focus, was the Big Hole valley area near Jackson MT. The Miner Lake area, Specifically around the Upper Miner lakes…
    I’m still taking my next trip there in 2 weeks, with my 2 sons. That just frees up more time to do more exploring of the area while we’re there.
    Thank YOU Forrest and Dal for organizing this Mass-adventure and giving US hope! !

    • I also wish to thank Dal for this excellent site. Well-organized, wisely-moderated. Your service to the search community is unmatched.

      Truly one of a kind, sir!!


    • Here’s a quick version of my thinking…

      WWWH = 1/4 Mile south of Jackson MT The end of Warm Springs Road.
      T It in the CD = Head west towards the Big Hole River (Miner Creek Road).
      NF but TFTW = Keep following Miner Creek Road (9+ Miles).
      PIB the HOB = Beaver-Head / Deer Lodge National Forrest.
      FT it’s NPF the M = another 3+ Miles of Rough (but Passable) Road, I saw cars and mini vans in there.
      TE is EDN = Follow Miner Creek Keep Left at the Fork.
      there’ll BNP UYC = No Paddle Indeed! Pretty rough in most places.
      JHL and WH = Upper Miner Lakes.
      IYBW and FTB = Monument peak?

      The Geology is white marble with silver veins mostly.
      I hope to complete my BOTG write-ups before it’s too late, but I’ve been pretty busy with my day job and it’s hard to make time these days.

      We’ll be at Jackson Hot Springs Lodge (6/25 – 6/28), if anyone cares to drop by and discuss the chase over a adult beverage (or two). There’s plenty of camping up around the lower Miner lakes.
      I still plan on looking around my area and visiting some near by attractions (Bannack and the Elkhorn Mine). We also plan on taking a day to dig up some Crystals near Elkhorn hot springs.
      Anyone is welcome to join us! Just let me know ahead of time, so I know who to be on the lookout for.
      Thanks ALL!

  152. Thank you Forrest for the fun and adventure and thank you so much for the site Dal. Here are some things and places related to my quest around Taos, New Mexico , I can’t wait to see if I had anything figured out.

    Mt. Walter
    Horsehoe Lake
    The Big Ditch
    Moreno Ranch
    Oro Dredging Company
    Old Dirt Road B22
    The End Of The Trail Ranch

    The cover of TTOTC – Water to Elizabeth gold…

  153. Sincerest congrats to the Finder! And gratitude to Dal for this site!

    My most recent solve places WWWH at Big Timber in Montana. From there, drive south into a box canyon along the Boulder River, past a spot where the pavement ends. Continue up the gravel road to the Box Canyon Pullout and park there. HoB is the ranger station nearby. The road gets really rough after that, and has killed some trucks, so walk, ride a horse, or drive an ATV up to the area around Independence. I was still working on the final few steps, but a burned out cabin with a missing roof or hole in the roof was going to be my blaze. Had planned a BOTG later this year to check it out. Oh, well.

    Again, congrats to the Finder! Huzzah!

  154. well, congrats. My guess was the blaze was from the trapper journal, just above Hebgen Lake on Hebgen Ridge… Was heading down there again Wednesday the 10th… Thanks Forrest and Dal…

    • I thought “home of Brown” referred to the brown gravy at the Totem Cafe in West Yellowstone. I also think it was near Hebgen, maybe between Ben Ben and Quake Lake.

  155. Congratulations to the finder. Late last summer I finally bought TTOTC after 1 year of looking through online blogs and theories. After getting the book and reading it twice in one weekend I came up with 2 spots I wanted to check. I was excited enough that I wanted to hop on a plane and make a 3 day trip just to see. But with just 2 weeks before the first expected snow, and my wife demanding I don’t go on some flingily-dangily adventure last minute to Yellowstine with my friend and not take her (someone had to watch our 2 kids), I waited. The sad thing is I remember telling my bud who researched with my “Dude, it’s been 10 years. I doubt someone will get to it before we search next June.” Irony. 8 days from today my wife and I were going to those spots.

    44°39’07″N 110°57’56″W
    44°38’59″N 110°57’55″W

    I was fairly sure someone has looked here because it seemed so simple. Still, I thought maybe someone missed the blaze. I hope when the story is told it wasn’t here. My wife would get hard stares for a couple of days if it was lol.

    We are still doing the trip and looking to enjoy being in the backcountry of Yellowstone and all it’s wonder. Thank you Forrest.

  156. Wwh in the Ci
    not R but two RR
    Put N below the center ( O) of Brown
    From Cimirron its north to meeker
    Then west downstream. On white river
    Left to Piceance creek roman numerals and directions take you from there

  157. Congratulations to the finder!

    Thank you Dal for your great website and thank you Forrest for those fun seven years of searching the Rocky Mountains and learning about the many pioneers and adventurers who lived there. Also thanks to everybody on the blog for all the fun and interesting ideas.

    • My guesses: key word = golf; location was up Taylor Fork along trail 17 a mile before the falls. Blaze is a rivulet leading to a fishing hole.

  158. Congrats to the person who found it. What an adventure!

    My solve was just north of Pilar NM east of the river.

  159. I am at a loss for words. Thank you Forrest for 10 years of ups and downs , highs and lows. I can’t say that I won’t miss The Chase because I will. Thank you for all the memories that I will treasure forever.!
    I feel like I lost my best friend. Now what are we suppose to do? So many questions that are going to be left unanswered. We read, we searched, we failed. The world may never know who matched minds with Forrest? Congrats to the winner, I am sure your effort was worth the cold!

    • Right there with you. The Chase has been more than just a treasure hunt; it’s been a gathering of family with Forrest as our family patriarch.

      Even with the treasure found, it would be nice if this community could continue exploring and trading tales of our wanderings, and if Forrest would continue to grace us with stories from his rather amazing life.

      • I agree with you Ray. I would hate for this community of Friends to all go off in different directions. We need to stay together as a “Family” – sharing thoughts and ideas, and a “Bond of friendship.” JDA

  160. I was going to make my trip in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to find out if I was right, although part of me hopes I’m wrong, lol. If there’s a way to post a picture, I’ll show my location.

  161. This is very bittersweet. I am happy for the finder, and can imagine their emotions once they found it. Most of us have probably imagined what it would be like to find it, and to think that someone has been able to actually experience it is pretty awesome.

    I thought I had my best solve yet and was going to search next month. Part of me hopes I’m right, but most of me hopes I am wrong because I will kick myself for not heading there June 1. With the Montana YNP gates opening June 1 it makes sense it was found now, if it was in YNP.

    My interpretation of the poem told me the Yellowstone River was I, and later it. There is a small area along the River that I believe it could have been located. I’m eager to find out where it was found but not sure I want to know at the same time.

    Thanks to all of you, Dal, and Forrest for making this so much fun.

  162. Our solve…
    WWWH: Madison Junction
    hoB: Hebgen Lake
    Put In: Parking below the dam near Danger sign
    Up your creek: up Madison River
    Blaze: Boat Mt…(no paddle, but use the Boat)
    TC: On the side of Madison Canyon about 15 above the river under a large Pine. Just before the old spillway. Looked just like the ff Mountain Lion story. 🙁

  163. Congrats to the finder! I hope and pray good things will come from this. At least now we all can stop spending too much time and money on our own searchers! Still sad that it’s really over!

  164. Man I’m right there with everyone. I’m hoping it wasn’t where I was going next week. My solve was west Yellowstone, where the remnants of an old stream well remained from a long time ago. Off the map fishing hole #4. His special spot.

  165. Thanks Mr Fenn and all searchers.

    Last Sunday 5/31/2020 my wife said let’s go out west for another search. It was music to my ears. My solve is in Yellowstone National Forest. The blaze being Busen Peak. On 6/3/2020 I saw 4 other search teams there as well. I wonder if one of them found the treasure. Just wanted to say we were sooooooo close. Thanks again and thanks to my wonderful wife who loves the adverture just as much as I do.

    • There’s always time for someone to start a new Chase with a new Treasure. It’ll only take a decade or so to put together a new poem. And a brain as unique as Forrest’s. *grin*

  166. Thank YOU Forrest, Dal and other searchers for their encouraging dialogue..I hope the finder shares the spot with the rest of us.My wife and I had 3 Amazing Ventures BOTG and were looking forward to a 4th starting June 22nd but as we are from B.C. Canada the Covid 19 Halted that. It will be nice to see just how close or how far our Solve was.Hoping all those involved stay safe and take all the precautions that warrent a healthy future. Rick and Heather

  167. Congratulations to the finder! Thanks to Dal, for all your work. Thanks to Mr. Forrest. I’ve searched Penitente Canyon several times. I was going back and search at the “Forever Young” climb, or out in front of it in the canyon. Thanks again to Mr. Forrest for all the adventures. Ken Joyce

  168. First of all Congratulations to the finder! & Thank you Forrest Fenn for the adventure. Ten year searcher with my family. My guess is the treasure was found at Kodak House Overlook in Mesa Verde. Can’t wait to hear the real solve and location.

  169. To all who were looking in or just outside of YNP… I was right there with you. “IDEA” = The National Parks: The Nation’s Best Idea. Equal number of “idea’s” in the poem as national parks in the search area (way more than just at the four corners, which is the name of a town just N of Gallatin Canyon, in Gallatin Co. which looks like a key on the map). “Joe’s” and “Soak” is in the poem, too, same way. All of them in the larger general area, IMO.

    The 1st letters of the 3rd BOTG stanza are the 6th, 20th, 20th, and 10th in the alphabet. It always seemed to me that was a date: June 20, 2010, a Sunday, which I thought was the day the chest was hidden, or maybe just the day Despicable Me was released 😀 .

    June 20th was the day YNP opened every year, for decades.

    I sure hope the finder left some of the treasure for the rest of us to find. Or that there is a memorial to ff’s family there, which we could still find… I’m so grateful to have been part of this chase. A chapter in history has closed.

  170. Congrats to all – quite an effort. In Fenn fashion the news we all didnt want to hear continues to use words of choice ‘Under a Canopy of Stars’ Just like a parachute is called a Canopy….. my mind wont ever work the same.

    • I know what you mean about your mind never working the same. I feel the same way.

      My second to last solve involved Parachute, CO. But I like my last solve (Big Timber, MT to Independence) much, much better. But I guess we’ll never really know for sure where it was hidden unless Forrest and/or the Finder make the information public. 🙂

      But *dang* that was a good Chase!

  171. The Thrill of The Chase has brought so many people, including my loved ones and myself, great joy, gratitude and hope. At this moment however, I am sad. We had a BOTG planned for next month in Browns national wildlife monument in Colorado, at the base of the cliffs that form Lodore canyon, the Gates Of LoDore (title to the GOLD?) . I was so sure about this solve, there is even an old poem called the Cataract of Lodore thats all about a WATERFALL. It’s been years since my last BOTG trip and I was so excited to go. I’m very very frustrated right now. None the less, when my frustration and sadness subside, the joy and gratitude will remain for getting to take part in this marvelous journey and for chasing a dream that created some of the best memories of my life. Thank you Forrest, Dal, and search community, it has been wonderful. I will miss the chase. Congratulations to the finder, it is truly a blessing.

  172. I was going to look up Chaos Creek in Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park next month.
    WWWH = Gannett Peak (BeGin it), Mt Woodrow Wilson, Mt Warren, Mt Helen on Continental Divide in WY
    Take it in the canyon down = Mistake Lake, Lake Titcomb in canyon below aforementioned peaks
    Not far but TFTW = near continental divide but not in WY
    There are MANY HOB mountain peaks in the Rockies, but only one with a complimentary NPFTM
    HOB = Hallett Peak (Forrest’s Foot and ax are resting on the top of this mountain in TTOTC), Otis Peak, Battle Mtn on Continental divide in CO in RMNP
    NPFTM = Notchtop Mtn, Ptarmigan Pt, Flattop Mtn, Taylor Peak, McHenry Peak also on continental divide in RMNP further validation of the search area.
    Ever Drawing Nigh = Emerald Lake, Dream Lake, Nymph Lake Flowage from Hallett Peak
    No paddle up your creek just heavy loads and water high. Chaos def : a situation with no easy solution (i.e. No paddle..) and Chaos Creek flows through boulder-surrounded Lake Haiyahah (water high) at 10,200′
    Searcher would have to go off trail (founder of blaze) to find it in the 1/2 mile of Chaos Creek that isn’t near vertical or over 10,200′
    Congrats to the finder – I’m a month late and a million dollars short.
    Thank you so much to Forrest – my BOTG and related experiences with my family were treasures in and of themselves.
    I bet the ranger station had a heck of a thrill when they saw that abandoned property.
    Thanks to Dal and Jenny for providing the conduits to the chase.

  173. *which we could still find’ = at least those of us who are hard-core searchers LOL…would be lovely to be able to pay respects, but probably should remain private.

    love to everyone! congrats to finder! THANK YOU, Mr. Fenn…

  174. Since the actual location hasn’t yet been found, here’s my Dome Mountain Montana solve in a nutshell:
    WWWH: LaDuke Hot Spring/Corwin Springs, bear Gardiner, Montana
    HoB: the put-in near Joe Brown Trail (Joe Brown Boat Launch)
    FTINPFTM: Yankee Jim Canyon
    TEIEDN: lower end of Yankee Jim Canyon
    TBNPUYC: Tom Miner Creek Road
    JHLAWH: turn right to electric transformer and look up to what is high above the water (Dome Mountain)
    IYHBWAFTB—“ been wise”=looked up (as in Wise men looked up and saw…
    The Blaze : a huge natural arrow-shaped blaze halfway up Dome Mountain (take a look on Dome Mountain, it’s pretty cool)
    In one corner of triangle part of the arrrow is a huge boulder, with the shape of a star naturally made on top—cracks/fissures I think. Looks like star with something in center, resembles Silver Star medal given for bravery—“If You’ve Been. Brave”.
    The rock has an overhang, underneath it was the treasure. “In the wood” refers to chest being cached mountain man style in a hole that was dug and lined with wood pieces. The 5th stanza refers to the way he got there—took private road from Dome Mountain Ranch (I think he stayed there) to “Y” intersection to another dirt road/set of tire tracks “Tired”, which leads up the mtn to the old radio tower and then down other side of mountain to where the tracks grow fainter “weak”, and that’s where he parked the car, making two very walkable round trips to hide the treasure under the boulder. So I’m anxious to see if I was right! Anyway, it’s been fun!

  175. What an awesome story. I thought it was across the Firehole River. Immediately across from the USGS gaging station (Home of Brown) as that is literally the only place you could cross the Firehole in the canyon. If it were in lush vegetation, I wonder if it was in the field? It truly matched everything in the poem to a T. I hope it wasn’t there, for my sanity!

  176. I believe that it was located in Cruces Basin, NM. For eight trips, it’s been my only search area. July would have been lucky number nine.
    Congratulations to the smart CRICKET fan!

    • Concur that it was in Cruces Basin Wilderness. Cross is a major theme in the poem (Especially in acrostic form).

      Beaver Creek was my search area. I have a spot there that I began calling Fenn Point last year. To whomever the searcher is – I hope we can honor Forrest by naming THE location after him.


      • Nailed it Nobody! . “A word that that was in tight focus”. Think about looking through a rifle scope or microscope and what do you see? crosses.

  177. Well, the Sun came up this morning and I know you all helped make it happen the way it was supposed to be. So, I feel better already. Like many, I think my refined theory would take me there and I was going to go pick up the chest on Saturday. Oh well, a week late and a million dollars short.

    Thank you to all who made the journey an awesome experience: my family, Dal, Toby, Shelley, Tarry Scant, Cow, KPro, Sacha, Jason, Jenny, Fenny, MEH, Sunshine, Davio, the Mammoth, and all of you. It was a most excellent adventure. I am happy to have been a member of our great search community.

    Congratulations to the finder. Enjoy it. You earned it.

    Thank you, Forrest Fenn, for your generosity, ingenuity, and inspiration. You have achieved your greater purpose. This was a wonderful family outdoor adventure for our family. We love New Mexico! Peace to all.

  178. I believe that it was located in Cruces Basin, NM. For eight trips, it’s been my only search area. July would have been lucky number nine.
    Congratulations to the smart CRICKET fan who put order to the poem!

  179. Congratulations to the finder! I was driving out to search when I heard the new last night, soI wanted to share my solve before the correct solve in announced.

    Begin it where warm waters halt – silverton train station

    And take it in the canyon down – ride the train south

    Not far but to far to walk – the rapids in this are named “ten mile IV”, the train ride is not far but isn’t a bout a 12 mile hike to get there.

    Put in below the home of brown – Put in at the Needleton train stop which is below Elk Park. Elk are referred to as Browns. Also the song “Home On The Range” where the deer and the antelope play, Elk were referred to as antelope so where they play is Elk Park.

    From there it’s not place for the meek – this means to stay on the west side of the Animas river and across from Needle Creek

    The end is ever drawing nigh – reference to Needle Creek, needles draw blood or liquids.

    There will be no paddle up your creek – Needle Creek because when your knitting or sewing you done use a paddle like one that you would use in weaving.

    Just heavy loads and water high- heavy loads is taking about Lode Stones which is people use to magnetize needles. Water high is a reference to needles meaning a pointed or rocky peak, so the water is high because it’s from the top of the peak or amongst water it is the high peak.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze – Hunt Slide, to be wise in a hunt means that it was a successful hunt. Blaze meaning the avalanche slide, it’s white and is a scar in the mountain side.

    Look quickly down your quest to cease – quickly down because it’s an avalanche/snow slide. Quest to cease meaning end of you hunt, so another reference to Hunt Slide.

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze – Tarry scant is a reference to the narrow gauge railroad track. And marvel gaze is a reference to a hunters gazes which is known to be extremely good.

    Just take the chest and go in peace – this line is more literal but I believe the chest was located either somewhere near the base of Hunt Slide or at the island in the animas river below Hunt Slide or some where in between the 2.

    So why is it I must go
    With my trove for all to seek
    The answer I already know
    I’ve done it tired now I’m weak – I believe this is referencing the Summary of the Hunt or possibly a reference to his dream of being captain kidd and his buried, which could mean the chest was located at the small island below Hunt Slide.

    So hear me all and listen good
    You effort will be worth the cold.
    If you brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold – Hunt Slide is named after A.C Hunt who worked on the railroad.

    Thank you again Forrest it’s need a lot of fun!

    • The finder definitely earned it but now he has to go back East and it might take a while! I am glad its over! I found quite a bit in that poem but not enough to move on passed the wwwh place! Anyway he is the only one who worked days and nights to decipher it and you need to has an extremely flexible brain to figure it out! He is not the average Joe for sure! No one would have found it! Congrats to the britlliant finder!

  180. Under my canopy of rain clouds, I sit on my back porch here in Montana contemplating this journey that I have traveled. I can look back to what lead me to this point. There were some similar situations that I thought I had in common with the Forrest. I’m processing it all. I hope who found it walk on cloud nine as long as possible. Many thanks go out to the Saint and Saintlette aka Peggy and the girls, his family and a man who came from Temple Texas named Forrest Fenn. It was my pleasure being a part of the story.

  181. Thank you Forrest for providing an incredible adventure for many to follow, search for and dream about. And many thanks to Dal for putting this wonderful blog together so people could follow along and find updates and clues.
    It will be very interesting to learn the actual location. I have always felt it was in Montana just a little north of the Yellowstone Park boarder off the Yellowstone River.
    Forrest did once say when discussing the danger involved; “Grizzlies alone are something to think about.” There are no more Grizzlies in New Mexico or Colorado so that left only Wyoming and Montana to my thinking.
    I’m down in Florida and just now gathered enough savings to make the trip soon. I never did manage to manage to go search the mountains for the treasure. However, I will be looking forward to a new adventure now.
    Again, Thank you so much Forrest for fantastic dreams to look forward to.

  182. I’ve been hiding my clues for years now. Kinda relieved to let them out.

    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    Begin it where warm waters halt (Yellowstone geysers)

    And take it in the canyon down, (Lewis river canyon near south gate)

    Not far, but too far to walk. (Geysers to south gate is too far to walk)

    Put in below the home of Brown. (Wikipedia Mount Brown, it’s in the Lewis Range)

    From there it’s no place for the meek, (Snakes are scary, Snake River)

    The end is ever drawing nigh;

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek, (Forest Creek, “it’s not YOUR creek, it’s Forrest’s creek”)

    Just heavy loads and water high.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, (The Yellowstone fires of 1988 burnt right up to Forest Creek, I’ve been looking again for the map, haven’t found it yet. But there is a finger of burnt area, coming from the West that stops at Forest Creek. Also, 1988 is the year he was diagnosed. That date is mentioned on the cover of his book)

    Look quickly down, your quest to cease, (thought quickly down referred to a water fall. Took 8 of my extended family to search for the treasure. Camped at the junctions of the Snake River and Forest Creek. Spend 3 days looking. The first day, we hiked up Forest Creek till we were block by a large waterfall. There was a perch on the side of canyon wall, looked like a perfect place for one person to sleep, with a mini cave to put our feet in. Search that puppy hard, but nothing found. The back tracked and where the fire of 1988 met the creek, there was a large bolder field and small forested delta. Again we searched every nook and cranny. Came up empty. On last day, we looked back from Forest Creek, and on the other side of the Snake river was a white thermal feature. We tried to visit it on the hike out, but got disorientated. My son walked into a hornet’s nest, and we hiked out.)

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know,
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

  183. I just screamed at the top of my lungs, “OMG, it’s been found!!” My husband quietly responds, “Are we still going to Yellowstone?”

    I can not even begin to imagine what it felt like to know YOU were the one to correctly decipher the poem, match your wit with Forrest, and take your journey to the exact location of the chest! How quickly your heart must have beat when you realized there it was, in all it’s glory waiting for you! THAT was the reason I wanted to discover the chest…not the contents (well maybe a little, lol)…but to FEEL that feeling of flutterbys in the pit of my stomach…like Christmas day when I was a kid!

    So kudos to you sir and congratulations on a job well done, and definitely well deserved! But I must say I would be lying if I said I wasn’t bit sad, not just for me, but all the rest of the search community that has also worked so hard and shared so much. We didn’t all always agree, but that’s what made it fun and interesting. But I am also happy that Forrest has had the chance to see how much good the Chase has created and that he will finaly have the opportunity to meet the finder.

    Thank you Forrest and Dal for ALL that you have done over these past 10 years. I look forward to seeing the photos and hearing as much of the story as we are privy to know. If the location is reveled, and it’s not in or around YNP, I’ll finally know how much egg I have lingering on my sad and pathetic face! LOL! It’s been fun!!! 🙂

  184. Well, i always thought that it was at Madison Junction on top of National Park Mountain overlooking Madison Junction. You had to make a circle to get up there. The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.

  185. Echo Park, CO area. Probably in the cliffs directly surrounding the park. The “cold” is the air conditioned cave. “If you are brave” refers to Native American braves which refers to the petroglyphs. The “wood” refers to Pool Creek spelling out WOO and the road next to it has a little half circle that makes the D. The O’s are also the omegas. “I give you title…” refers to the title of the poem. “Thrill” is a cliff/cliffhanger and “Chase” is a gully, or as they are called in that area, a draw. I think the most likely location was one of the gullies that drained into the ravine carved out by Pool Creek. I have personally checked two of the four large ones, and the other two were next on my list. It could have also just been along the cliffside, which I have also partially searched.

    • Matt,
      We have also checked out DNM – Echo Park. We have made three trips and checked each if the draws. Our final solve attept was to be this summer: “Your effort will be worth the cold” – Mitten Park! Alas, it was not meant to be…

      ~ Wisconsin Mike

  186. As tears drop upon the lapels of my old trappers coat and I stumble to a hollowed log to sit a spell and ponder the event that is now being shouted upon the rooftops. I reach into my pockets and pull out and cast away my flashlight and a sandwich. Both have been my good luck charms low this many years as I trodded up and down, back and forth across the Rockies. My heart is heavy laden with a deep sadness knowing that “the thrill is gone”.

    I will wear the garments of mourning until some day in the future when the glitter of some other elusive flutterby catches my attention and leads me on to another castle made of sand.

    My hours were not wasted but spent in reflection on things I would have never known if I had not passed this way. Because of this I am richer than any earthly treasure by far. There is a secret doorway within the Rockies that when you pass into it you shall never be the same again. It is not hard to find….you only need to look for it.


  187. There’s still hope. There is no period after the word “found” in the first sentence. LOL. I do want to congratulate the finder. It’s going to be fantastic to see where it was hidden.

    I would put my “all in” on Montana though. There is something in the poem that made me conclude that. I kept finding the word YEW in acrostics. And “Your Effort Will..” spells YEW.

    If you look up Pacific Yew you will note that it ONLY grows in one of the 4 states: Montana. It does not grow in the others. “If you are brave and IN the wood”. Are you looking where YEW trees grow? Check it out you’ll be surprised.

    I think the Treasure was hidden near Rock Creek, off the 102 road that meanders by that creek. Remember, 102 doodles? Also, Dr. Pepper has 10 2 4 on it. I hope Forrest shares the solve with us. I do think it was definitely in Montana.

    Kind of interesting. Forrest makes the announcement on 6-6 =
    FF. LOL.

    All the best to everyone! Thank you Dal from the bottom of my heart for the blog. I truly do hope the person who found it gives you the biggest Gold Nugget in the chest!! You are a great person Dal. I’ve never met you, but I love you man.


    • Sparrow. Something a lot more important happened on 6-6 and IMO made up a huge part of the Chase and that’s why Forrest chose yesterday to make the announcement.


        • well, i think the trove was found a while ago, and he definitely chose 6/6 to announce it. no one else would have found it! this lad has way more imagination that we do!

        • 6/6 = D-Day. Treasure probably found on June 5th or 4th based on the articles I’ve read.

      • Pina— Oh I agree. D-Day. But 6-6 is also F-F. I found that to be interesting. 🙂

  188. Here is my solve
    I was there this week but found my mistake if I am right I was about 2000 feet from this location bummer.

    Begin it where warm waters halt = Ennis Lake
    Its a warm lake due to being shallow
    Halt as it completely freezes during the winter
    Halt was also a military term
    Ennis was a Captain the Army

    And take it in the canyon down
    Along the madison river

    Not far but too far to walk = 23 miles

    Put in below the home of Brown
    The Smiling Moose Lodge
    Brown had a capital letter much like Osborne Russell’s book where all animals had capital letters.

    From there it’s no place for the meek
    September 9th 1835 , in Osborne Russell’s book he relates a tale of a battle between 14 men and 80 Blackfeet indians
    Joe Meek was among those men.
    A Blaze was set by the Blackfeet and the men thought they were going to die
    But quick thinking saved them.

    The end is ever drawing nigh
    Also a horse term for being on the left side

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek
    The creek at this point is Horse Creek you had to stay on let side of creek.

    Just heavy loads and water high
    About 2 miles down creek from madison river
    Is a small lake = water high meaning at the same level of the lake
    Heavy loads = as you start to climb the small hill (branch) with bluffs on each side

    If you’ve been wise and found the Blaze
    The Blaze had two meanings
    The Blaze location of September 1835
    And the rock formation in a crescent form at the top of this hill

    Look quickly down your quest to cease
    The tale of September 1835 said it ended when the Blackfeet indian Chief gave a sign to cease.
    Below the cresent blaze was a cavity
    I believe the chest was there.

    John M

    • I agree with you on this. I was there this week too, was heading back wednesday…

      • Yes its a bummer
        The two bridges were closed so I had to walk a major detour
        About 12 miles
        If I am right I was on the right side of Horse creek Instead of left
        Only picked up my mistake back at the hotel
        Although I knew about the Sept 1835 Blaze.
        If I am right I am going to kick myself.

  189. Congratulations to the finder! 7+ years of constant research and I was far off. Looked to Colorado too but, dang! Now what am I gonna do with my life? Thanks for the Chase FF and Dal. Love you guys and all the search party crew. Colleen

  190. such a hard day for all of us ,ill have one margerita for everyone ,all i wanna know is who was close and where it was and if 99 was a map then ill go in peace without kicking and screaming lol we all had alot of fun no matter what the ole coot gave us some of the best times of our lives ,i dont think i would have ever been to montana if it wasnt for him , i would of never gotten chase by moose snakes and foxes porcupines and bears if not for him ,i would have never had so many great memories with my family , i would have never experianced what it was llike to be in a blizzard where birds fly frozen backwards , we found so much cool stuff dead bodies in erns ok ashes of poor Doc . lots of earthquake remnants artifacts by the handfuls . we never left empty handed .it was never about the money to me i always just wanted to solve it to know the rest of the story . i hope who ever found it is worthy i hope they hiked and enjoyed nature as much as all of us i hope they crawled in sage brush and jjunipers and crawled up hillsides and slid back down hillsides i hope they bought thousands of bear sprays just to have lost them in the woods or have them taken away at airport , i hope they put thousands of miles on there truckdid they go thru 50 pairs of bootsn lol the ole coot said the one who finds it will have had to work for it i wanna know did they work for it ???? did they search in all seasons did they deal with bugs in there face and snow matted in there hair i wanna know there story cheers everyone keep on being adventourouse we still have arrowheads to find happy trails yall diggin gypsy

    • Hard day for us, but imagine how hard he worked on it days and nights! He really deserve it all.! to solve this puzzle, you cannot be the average Joe, as you brain is twisted in all direction with his multilayered poem! i solve up to wwwh, but i got lost afterward…i spend 6 months on the first stanza to partially discover what it means…and especially where he started!…i believe FF will publish a book on some of the clues…but not all imo. who knows! congrats to the one searchers who got all the clues Right!!!

    • Diggin –
      I always thought you were within 200 feee but didn’t know it. Still think so.

      • Mr. Obvious: me too, though with all the places Diggin Gypsy and her sisters went in Montana, there probably aren’t too many places left that she didn’t come within 200 feet of, lol!

  191. Congrats to the finder, though I always wondered if I would feel kind of bad if I found it, because I knew how others would feel upon hearing the news.
    I had Yellowstone as WWWH, Cameron (in the Madison River Valley) as HOB bc Brownsville is in Cameron County Texas. “Put in” meant boat to me. Heavy loads = Jack Creek, water high = Cedar Lake Falls. Hiking along Jack Creek trail leads you to the Blaze (Hammond Creek, for first Human Torch character, Jim Hammond). Look quickly down = when you come to Hammond Creek, look quickly down (i.e. Bow), and you see Jack Creek). Jack flag in a bow means a navy ship in port. Port is left side of bow. Quest to seize means vision ends, and “go/leave” = green and red. This brings you back to NM because of green/red chile. Red is port navigation light so checked Red River. Brought me to Sawmill Creek because his vision = saw military. Problem was where on Sawmill, so I was looking for numerical (elevation) clue. End of poem says “title.” TOTC inlcudes Chase, and Salmon Chase (former Chief SCt Chief Justice) is on $10,000 bill. Went to Sawmill, but determined after climbing off-trail to neary 10,000 feet that this would have been too difficult for 79 year old to make two trips. p.s. I spent most of my searching in Madison and Gallitan Mountains in MT.

  192. It wasn’t solve was on the west side of Jenny Lake in the Tetons..anywho..I’m gonna be a grandpa for the first time by this time next treasure!!

  193. and you grammer checkers shut up and justdeal with my writing read between the lines

    • DG, a guy Peter Campbell in the ” New Mexico link” in this posting near top for “more info” SEZ he found stuff, left behind , gloves bailing can. It was past end of Hegben damn across narrow part of Madison River, where bank was steep with white cliffs and big bolders, one had a hole on top, he thinks chest was in that hole. This is not 100% what he said, it’s kinda the way I think he said some what.

      • If you do a street view of that parking spot, you can see whitest cliff s across river. I ‘ve been there, but never noticed a holy boulder…. lol

  194. wwwh – Jacks Creek special trout waters
    (Tea with Olga solves WWWH. Find “halt” scratched in plane’s windshield. Also “Jacks” is in small letters in the sketch.)
    Canyon Down – Cowles overlook to view Winsor Creek canyon
    not far, but too far to walk –> anagram: on raft, raft about two klo (to Cowles)
    HoB – Cowles ponds
    No place for the meek – Wilderness Gateway Inn
    The end is ever drawing nigh – cemetery seen on Cowles topo map (or Mora Campground with drawn campers)
    No paddle up your creek – Tererro, where Holy Ghost Creek meets the Pecos River
    Heavy loads (Trail 283) and water high (Doctor Creek) intersect where there’s a campground map. Find the blaze on that map.

  195. For the sake of my ego if I had a correct solve, this is where my solution put me: Colorado, Dinosaur National Monument, Hardings Hole, At the top of the cliff’s edge looking out to Signature Cave. If my site is correct, then I will give the details of my solve. For the sake of feeling really bad, I hope I am incorrect, very incorrect.

    • Interesting! Possibly this is what FF meant when he said “My name is in it” maybe his name is written in Signature Cave? Hmm

  196. Holy cow! I just got in from a weekend of camping and just read the news! Congratulations to the finder! I look forward to the additional news!

  197. Well,

    Glad someone recovered. I figured it was only a matter of time. Someone else recently almost solved the puzzle and it was posted here. They just hadn’t put all the pieces together.
    Calida(Translates to warm in Spanish) Spring at Yellowstone…milk cauldron(put in below the home of brown) hello?
    The site fits to an absolute “T” even the drawing matches the site. Ultimately the chest would have been very near Calida.


  198. Mountains North of Hebgen Lake” halt” the moisture from the West. That moisture eventually flows down a canyon as the Beaver Creek. Flows into the Madison River below Hebgen Lake. 2nd and third degree rapids in Madison River make the trip not for the “meek”. River has many bends which always makes the end of the river to be “nigh”. Ruby Creek has a talc mine where trucks remove heavy loads. Forest service road has digits 324 which match digits in the last chapter of “The Thrill of the Chase.”( The lumberjack 4 and 23 stumps.) Went to this area 22 times but could not find the Blaze. I must have been wrong. Congratulations to the finder! Lots of fun!

  199. The measurements of the chest 10X10 is the size of a ice fishing hole.
    42 to 44 lbs is the # of passengers of the boat tour..
    Hi way 50 passes by a zig zag road that takes you to the parking lot.
    It’s all down from Roaring Judy.
    That’s my idea.
    It was in the Black Canyon I believe

  200. It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World! Great Adventure Mr. Fenn! Thank You! I’m guessing it was
    under the giant “W”? When I got there it was covered in snow and Ice, was just about to head back!

  201. JBL said it best, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
    Thank you, Forrest, for getting us into the great outdoors that is the Rocky Mountains. There’s at least one more trip I’d like to make — and as soon I as know where it was, I’ll make a trek there one of these days. There will probably be a monument or plaque there someday. Best regards all.

    • People (including me) are hoping their solve was the correct one (to the extant that they had a solve) and want to get it posted before the actual location is officially revealed. Call it a consolation prize to be able to say “I had 90% of the solve; I just wasn’t quite quick enough!” LOL

  202. You ever been mad and happy at the same time? These feeling on the chest being found reminded me of the time my dog ran away. I searched long and hard, rode my bike everywhere calling his name, talked to the neighbors I had never talked to before, seen part of that neighborhood where if i were a dog on the loose where would i go? Cried on the phone to my family and friends trying to sort out of all the possiblities of where he could have gone while keeping away the bad thoughts and worrysome ways. Anyways I found that little Dirt bag, flea infested, slobber licker and was soooooooo mad…I was happy!!!!! Good one on whoever found it. Part of my solve in the early days was Brown canyon for obvious reasons then moved onto an X outside yosemite but as i got better (IMHO) at solves and checks and balances I came up with some possibilities. The 3 W’s in WWWH was either 3 peaks or 5 (W in the middle of the letter looks like the peak of a mountain). But I also thought that maybe.. the first W(here) was Wyoming, the second was W(est)Arm like the arm of a lake or mountain range, waters was just that..water then stop right there. Had one that I worked on that WWWH was a www. web site to go to. Anyways…interesting to hear and discuss the chase here on Dals site. Tyank you Dal for your efforts, thank you chat for ur craziness, and thank you Fenn!!!

  203. Thank you, Dal, for a place for us all to enjoy the hunt together! You made the journey that much better.

    Can’t wait to hear where it was!

  204. I have 2 solves. One New Mexico. One Montana.

    My NEW MEXICO solution:

    1. Justify poem Left for broad directions…then justify right side for tight focus
    To yield 2 different maps. 1 left justified. 2. Right justified The poem tells you to justify R and L.

    2. The first words of LINES 1&2 give you “HI-Wa HD” (stacked).
    H=8, D=4 OR HIGHWAY 84

    3. “Hear me all…AND…Listen” = an ECHO

    4. I.D.E.A: Identify E. & A. = Echo Amphitheater

    5. ARRIBA is can be found in the poem 4 times; Echo Amphitheater is in Rio ARRIBA county, NM (Justified left in a grid, word search)

    6. Echo Amphitheater is also Echo Canyon, and a basin. LOOK for YOO-WOO, and WooHoo in the poem numerous times.

    7. “In Love with Yellowstone” the Yellowstone of New Mexico is a “Buttary colored stone. At Echo Amphitheater, there is a Huge butter colored Butte. This plateau is the Piedra “Lumbre” Or light stone, but Lumber=wood.

    8. E.A. Sits on the Border of township sections 32-33 right where Warm Water Halts and becomes ice.

    9. Look at an Arial View of Echo Amphitheater.
    Echo Amphitheater Looks like a Giant E-F Fort or a stone pirates sword.

    10. “No place for the meek” Echo Amphitheater is known for its lore of ghosts of the dead who were killed and thrown over the cliff wall in the late 1800’s.

    10. “Ive done it tired” rows of Erosion tires hold down sandy soil on the hillside near E.A.’s birds nest observation deck. (E.A. Is roughly 64 miles north west of Forrest’s Santa Fe home.) Echo A. Trail #46. Distance from parking lot to wall is .242 miles

    An small island that looks like a can-of-peas.
    Wondering If the guy from back east beat me to it.

  205. Forrest,

    Thanks for giving me the adventure of a lifetime with my father. Although a small part of me is saying “what if?” We were planning on going back to our search spot one more time. Maybe we still will. Here’s our solve:

    1) Begin it Where Warm Waters Halt— the confluence of the Firehole, Gibbon, and Madison
    2) And take in the canyon down— down Madison Canyon
    3) Not far but too far to walk— this part of the river is Nine Mile Hole
    4) Put in below the home of Brown— Baker’s Hole, formerly known as Brown’s Camp
    5) From there it’s no place for the meek, the end is ever drawing nigh— head toward Hebgen, you will pass to the left of Horse Butte on the way
    6) there’ll be no paddle up your creek— choose a creek, but choose carefully
    7) just heavy loads and water high— this tells us which creek to choose. It’s Rock Creek, and “heavy loads and water high” refers to the landslide in the area, where thousands of tons of rock slid down the mountain, and the water levels rose the night the mountain fell.

    That’s as far as we got.

  206. Now we just need to know who the “finder” is. Maybe the “Lead Searcher” can find out who he is. 🙂

    • Oh Sparrow, could you be so kind and ask the queen if she knows who the finder is?

  207. I believe it was near the Colorado Border. San Juan Mountains.

    Tom Terrific

    • I agree Tom that it could have been “FOUND” near here. The post doesn’t state that the treasure was retrieved though???? My plans haven’t changed since I’m locked into travel reservations that I cannot change. Looking forward to another visit to the Rockies regardless of how this plays out; but just dropping a line into the incredible waters of the Los Pinos!

  208. So now that the treasure has been found I guess we can share our solves. I never got interested in it until last year after reading an article about someone dying and another being rescued. I was thinking to myself why would anybody go to an area that an 80 year old man couldn’t make two trips to in an afternoon? So I got interested. I read a little about Fenn but that was it. I didn’t want to read other opinions on the solve and fall down rabbit holes. So over the next 12 hours after getting interested in it I put this solve together. The last 7 months I have read everything I could trying to disprove my solve. I couldn’t! I just convinced myself more and more and couldn’t wait to put BOTG this summer. My solve:
    1) WWWH – confluence of Madison & Firehole
    2) Canyon down – south down Firehole canyon
    3) Not fare – 6-8 miles
    4) Home of Brown – Sentinal Basin bear area “A”
    5) Up your creek – Sentinal Creek
    6) Heavy Loads – the old freight road
    7) High water – Steep-Cone geyser, 20’ high pool
    8) Blaze – Steep-Cone geyser itself
    9) Look down – obviously

    44.566669N / 110.863246W

    Congrats to the one who found it. I wish I would have got in the game sooner.

    • I’ve searched up Sentinal Creek a little further than the OG1 campsite. Didn’t go as far as the spot you’re talking about.

  209. Wow! I’m happy for the finder and thankful to Mr. Fenn for sending us all on our his journey. Now, besides wondering about the details, I wonder how I can shut the poem off in my head, it’s been replaying for years. :). Thank you again Mr. Fenn. I’ve learned so much about… well, everything under the sun, and it’s due to you. Thank you Dal for the forum, you did a great job!

  210. Either Galena Creek , where the Beaver hits the Wood, where the Middle Fork of Wood crosses Hot Springs County Line or the mountain Above the Double D Ranch. All near Kirwin, Wy.

  211. What an adventure it has been…especially for the genius who finally came up with the winning solve! Congratulations to him and a great big thanks to the man who made it all possible! Eagerly waiting for all of the details and the full story and film!!!! I sincerely hope that I was never anywhere near the actual location of indulgence to ease the pain of not finding it myself!

  212. Treasure chest or no treasure chest, I will still go the 1600 miles to enjoy some of that homemade corned beef hash from the Virginian restaurant in Jackson WY..might even go in my ‘66 ChevyII.

  213. The Steak Salad and the people at the Elk Horn in Meeteetse Wy are worth the trip also. Thank you Forrest.

  214. My solve put me at hunters creek just west of Estes park. Was going to head out there shortly. Now I really need to know if I was right

  215. Thanks Forrest for a wonderful adventure! We had a lot of fun solving and searching. We gave it our best shot, but someone else was a little better. But I’m still keeping the rock and cross.

    A big congrats to the finder. I can’t imagine how he must’ve felt when he first saw that chest.

    Take care Forrest
    Gus (aka Deb and Art)

  216. Thank you Forrest.
    It has been a great adventure.

    Thank you Dal, all the best to you.

  217. Congratulations to the Finder!

    Yep, the news hit me like a sledgehammer this morning too. I was planning to do my first BOTG of the season next weekend. I am disappointed that I wasn’t the finder, but there could only be one and those are pretty steep odds.

    On the upside, I’m glad that Forrest got to witness the conclusion to the Chase that he started. I’m also glad that I can get back to hiking in Rockies for the sake of enjoying that alone. This Chase did take up a good amount of time, but I’ve learned a lot about some very interesting things that I would not have otherwise. I’ve also found a good number of beautiful secret spots in the Rockies along the way that I would not otherwise have found (which I will keep to myself!).

    Time to get on with our lives now, I suppose. But for those of us who actually did a BOTG trip and experienced that Thrill firsthand, it was a truly wonderful experience. And it’s fun to think that for a few years I could actually say that I was a treasure hunter!

    It’s been fun kicking around ideas with everyone on this blog. Wherever your paths take you from here, take care!

    • FWIW, I was always working on the idea that the solve area would have some significance related to environment/wilderness conservation of some type, since Forrest touched on the importance of that topic to him several times in his books and other writings. It would have given a further significance to revelation of the hidey spot, with sort of a universal “moral to the story” that everyone could appreciate in the end.

      For that reason, my latest WWWH were the headwaters of the White River in Western Colorado, in which the river forks into two branches that go their separate ways, but then marvelously meet one another again just a short distance apart on opposite sides of the same saddle.

      My home of Brown was Trapper’s Lake, which has a wonderful story related to a man named Arthur Carhart and the foundation of modern wilderness preservation policies in the U.S, especially as related to the U.S. Forest Service. “Brown” being the color of the now ubiquitous road signs that lead automotive outdoor enthusiasts to the Great Outdoors in National Parks, National Forests, Wilderness Areas, etc. Forest’s whole life had been filled with road trips to the Great Outdoors, so I really liked that theme.

      I believe that the snows were still too deep for the finder to have found the treasure where I was planning to search, so I must have been way out in left field. Ah well.

  218. The blaze is either a snow pack on Galena Creek or the the side of spawning Cuttroat Trout.

  219. Yay! How exciting! Congratulations to the finder! I must say, I was mostly excited to find out if my favorite solve was anywhere close :)…

    1. WWWH confluence of Madison, Firehole, Gibbon
    2. Down not far, but too far to walk thru Gallatin Canyon
    3. Home of Brown trout at House Rock in Gallatin River
    4. Up Hell Roaring Creek, just across the roadway
    5. Heavy loads up the steep hiking trail
    6. High water to the first creek crossing
    7. Look up at the first view of Blaze Mountain ( we never could never agree which one was Blaze Mountain—haha)
    8. Because of thatWe were never able to discover where to look down 🙂

    Forrest, you are a treasure! I’ve so loved the adventures, the stories and the love of the chase that you have so generously given us. You’ve given us *all* a little bit of the treasure. How I wish we could do it all over again. Much love to you and yours ❤️

    Laura B from Bozeman

  220. Mixed emotions today but still very happy it has been found and hope the solution is revealed.

    I guess the last hurrah is to post our solves and see who was close and who was far.

    I had this solve in 2017 and made a couple trips to try and explore it. I was always plagued by a bit of bad luck with the weather and getting friends to go with me. My goal was just to explore the spot enough to say I was satisfied it was at the wrong spot and be done with it, but I never got there enough to do that.

    As a bonus, I was so excited when at Fennboree 2019 the “X” Forrest claimed was a “Major CLue!.” He drew an X on Cynthia’s arm and everyone laughed it off but he then put that same “X” on people and books the whole weekend and told them it was a clue. I think he was serious and it really was a clue and referred to the “X” in the word New Mexico on the map in the book. I believe too it was the only “X” I could find on the map and that had me thinking. He had mentioned that they had to move the state name when they published the book to make it all fit right. He moved and put it there and this was the inadvertant clue he mentioned on a few occasions.

    So the X on the map is over the Jemez mountains of NM and very near the spot I searched a couple times

    My place is a peaceful bowl area at the top of a draw with a large waterfall and a very unusual rock formation that looks like a face “winking at a homely girl” and the whole place is a reference to the story “My War for Me”

    So here was my solve.

    1. WWWH the two hot srings with pools that are notoriously “only warm water” San Antonio hot Springs, Spence Hot springs
    2 canyon down San Diego Canyon
    3 “Put in” you park at Battleship Rock — it’s a huge boat putting to shore.
    4 “home of Brown” between the springs and Battleship rock is Rincon Fishing Area Bends
    or corners are where Brown Trout live
    5 no place for the meek: Going bushwhacking off any trails in the canyon area “the meek
    follow the rules and stick to the trails”
    6 End is drawing Nigh: The end location is up a nearby “draw” to your left, north of
    Battleship Rock
    7 No paddle up your creek: Creek running down the draw is full of waterfalls and large
    boulders making it impossible to get up it so you have to loop around a bit to climb to the
    top of it
    8 wise and spot the Blaze: Giant face relief with a smiling face a wink on the canyon wall
    and maybe an owl in his eye. This always screamed I was on to something.
    9 Look quickly down: In the area below the Face relief at the top of the creek. when you
    look down from the canyon wall you see there is a spring “treasure is wet” and a fallen log

    This is all in good fun so no need to pick this apart. Just post your own solve and we’ll see who was close.

  221. I wonder if that’s the reason Forrest asked us to wait until June before doing a BOTG. I’m curious if the finder sent him the exact location in an email, and he was trying to spare people from making a trip.

    Here was my solve I was visiting this week…
    WWWH: Madison Junction
    Canyon Down: Madison Canyon
    Home of Brown: Bakers Hole
    Heavy Loads Water High: Old Remnant of a stream well from the stagecoach era. Was a place where the fall run fish parked under an embankment.

    • Word that was key: WHERE
      Not as in where…but WEIR. There is a weir on the Madison between bakers hole and highway 191 bridge.

      Interested to see if I was correct…or wrong again.

      • James Collier – Thanks for sharing! Especially the ‘secret weir’ part. I was wondering if you were the Finder! Didn’t know if you were from Back East, or not. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

        And, who knows? Maybe the Finder did find that treasure at my Baker’S Hole hidey spot…stranger things have happened.

        • Lisa, if it was there, I was beat by 6 days. I was heading there Thursday.

          I am from back East. South Carolina. Living in Washington State now outside Seattle. Wasn’t me! Unfortunately.

  222. HoB relates to the chapter “Bessie and Me.” HoB is Cowles Ponds where there’s brown trout. There’s a duck pond in the chapter photo. Chapter ends stating sometimes teachers just don’t understand — they don’t understand because they’re cow-less…. Cowles.

  223. Congratualations to the winner in this great adventure. I hope we get all the details to compare notes.
    Here’s my solve. Just as a last hurrah to see if any of us were close.

    1 warm waters Halt: San Antonio hot Springs, Spence Hot springs
    2 canyon down San Diego Canyon
    3 Put in Battleship Rock
    4 home of Brown Rincon Fishing Area Bends or corners where Brown Trout live
    5 no place for the meek Going bushwhacking off any trails in the canyon hills
    6 End is drawing Nigh: The end location is up a nearby draw to the north of battleship rock
    7 No paddle up your creek: Creek running down the draw is full of waterfalls and large boulders making it hard to get up it
    8 wise and spot the Blaze: Giant face relief with a smiling face a wink and maybe an owl in his eye
    9 look quickly down In the area at the top of the creek where there is a spring and a fallen log

  224. FF is probably going to give the finder have a chance to set up movie rights-book deals before he reveals any details. it would only be fair for the finder to be the one to reveal how/where they found the chest.

  225. “Oh bloody hell no!!! I will not congratulate the finder!” (takes a sip of tea from her cup and scowls). “This has put rather a damper on my day”(looks down). “ I thought surely I would be the finder. I have made such good offers here. Apparently this gentleman saw fit to turn them down. Now I shan’t bask in the glory as I had so often dreamt”.

    “So he is from ‘back east’ is he? Good Lord, he surely isn’t from Toledo is he?” (sets down her tea cup and frowns). “Well, it appears I must move on to other aspirations now. I so looked forward to burying my royal hands into all of that gold. It looks like I shall not have that chance now.”

    “Unless of course this ‘finder’ would like to contact me. We could make a trade of sorts. I would reward you handsomely. Of course if you will not then you are a very shoddy person I will have to disassociate myself from you for good.” Cheers!”

    —-Queen Elizabeth

    • Love it! I commented on your post above before I got to this one!! Take care, Sparrow!

      • Thanks JBL. It really has been fun hasn’t it? I hate to think it’s over.

        • It has been fun! I’m definitely feeling the blues – wanting the solution/location. I think we need to hear from Curious Hobbit. Maybe he could help with this hangover from the 10 year party!

  226. Such an exciting thrill. Congratulations to the finder. I hope you will at least give the general area. Even the state to satisfy our searcher curiosity. Mr Fenn thanks to you. We have a lot of fun looking. Best wishes to all and hope everyone finds a treasure of their own.

  227. “No paddle up your creek” is Tererro General Store where in 2010 they rented horses. So you wouldn’t paddle up Holy Ghost Creek, you’d ride a horse.

  228. The hexagonal campfire area at Holy Ghost Campground (the blaze) resembles the hexagon on the sketch of Forrest’s military cap in “My War for Me.” There’s also a small hexagon on a gold nugget right after the poem.
    Connect the corners of a hexagon to form an asterisk.
    “listen good” means listen to the crackling of the campfire
    “in the wood” means dig into the charcoal and ashes of the campfire.

    “Looking for Lewis and Clark” is the chapter that relates to “wise” in the poem. Lewis has adjacent letters for “wise.” The boys were wise to use the map to make a crackling campfire. The campground map at Holy Ghost shows the hexagonal campfire area.

  229. What a thrill the hunt has been. Congratulations to the finder. I hope at some point you publish the general area to satisfy our searcher curiosity. To Mr. Fenn, thank you for a lifetime of memories and experiences. To all, I hope we all find our own treasures. Best to all
    Di Petry

  230. Thanks Forrest,& thank you Dal for the web site; Best wishes too all !!!

  231. I was just out searching this week, so dang! Anyway, here was my solution.

    My key word was “keep” as in “I can keep my secret where.” His use of the word keep is a misuse of a noun that refers to the central tower of a castle. I checked every possible location with the word “tower” but my key word led me only to Tower Junction in Yellowstone National Park. My “warm waters” location was the confluence of the Yellowstone and Lamar Rivers (warm as in comfortable). My canyon down was the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone (“down” being a misuse of a word that is synonymous with black). My “home of Brown” was the Lamar Valley, home of the Buffalo, the iconic animal of the West, so below the home of Brown is one foot below the end of the Lamar River, where it enters the Yellowstone River. No place for the meek is a humorous reference to the Yellowstone River (no place for the cowardly or yellow!). The end is ever drawing nigh means to turn left (South) and walk along the East (or possibly West) bank of the Yellowstone River. I went a few days ago and did not find anything there. I hope the finder eventually shares the location with us.

    I’ve been working on a video with hints and clues, so I just posted it. If you have nothing better to do, take a look:

    • I was so confident in my solve, that I began to collect items to create gifts for searchers who were close and for those who contributed greatly to the community, such as Dal and Cynthia Meachum. My backup plan if I was wrong was to sell those gifts, so if anyone is interested in a 32″ x 25″ or a 16″ x 13″ (large and small versions) memento of the search focused on Yellowstone, let me know. The large frame includes the 16″ x 20″ Thrill of the Chase map, 3 bronze Yellowstone medallions from the 1972 National Parks Centennial celebration, 2 1930 Buffalo nickels, 7 vintage Yellowstone postcards representing my search area, a bronze/brass skeleton key (representing the key word), a scanned copy of a quote from the handwritten manuscript of Russell Osborne’s Journal of a Trapper, some pieces of sagebrush, all in Pine wood frame from Montana and an acrylic panel. The small version has 2 medallions, 2 Buffalo nickels, 2 postcards, and the Russell Osborne quote. Email me at if you are interested. I still need to buy the wood frames and put them all together, and plan to keep one for myself.

  232. If A=1, B=2,…F=6 then Forrest Fenn Waited a few day to announce the find on an F-F, B-B…Forrest Fenn, BuBBa kind of day. Ha! Good one ff.

  233. WWWH is associated with “Tea with Olga” because that’s where the warm water (tea water) stops flowing. In small letters in the sketch you can make out JACKS if you look really good. Also “halt” is in the windshield. This chapter “frames the task ahead.” Her bathtub was only 36 long, which hints at route 63 which takes you from Pecos up to Cowles and Jacks Creek area.
    “take it in the canyon down” is Cowles overlook to see Winsor Creek valley.
    “Not far, but too far to walk” is anagram for “On raft, raft about two klo.” That’s exactly how far it is to get from Jack’s Creek special trout waters to Cowles.
    “HoB” is Cowles Ponds with brown trout.
    “No place for the meek” is a sign along 63 just south of Cowles for Wilderness Gateway Inn and Admaco Lodge. The chapter for this poem line is “Stout Hearted Men” which ties into the line, clearly. Chapter takes place at A and M College. Admaco Lodge –> A AD M COLODGE. And clearly a Wilderness Gateway is no place for the meek. Then keep heading south down 63.
    “The end is ever drawing nigh” is Mora Campground because campers are drawn there by trucks, and just south of that is a cemetery seen on Cowles topo which also fits this clue as “the end” is death.
    “No paddle up your creek” Tererro General Store which is where Holy Ghost Creek meets Pecos River.
    “Heavy loads and water high” is where Doctor Creek and Trail 283 meet and there’s a campground map sign. The hexagonal campfire area is on that sign. Go to it and dig into the ashes.

    Use the old biddies’ ages, 30, like you were making a horeshoe. Double and add an inch. 61. Double it for two of them and you get 122. Forest Service Road takes you up to the final spot along Holy Ghost Creek.

    “No human trail in close proximaty” because it’s HOLY GHOST Trail. Ha ha.

  234. Congratulations to the finder! This was a blast Mr Fenn and you helped me come out of isolating! I loved every moment and will love to do it again at anytime!
    I would like to share my solve. This is the first place and last place I looked. Since Jan of 2015.
    The land that has Rocking Chair Ranch and Tuning Fork Ranch in Montana.
    In case he found it there, I do hope that he shares the location!!!

  235. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Fenn. What a journey!

    Thanks for the best site for the search, Dal. I really enjoy the banter and hope it can continue if you’re up to it, Dal. Tons yet to discuss and much camaraderie yet to enjoy.

    I’m wondering if perhaps the finder is pondering letting the game continue. (We’re still allowed to dream, aren’t we?) Forrest didn’t indicate the finder took the chest, just that it was found. (I know Forrest said the search is over). It would be so cool if he took part of it and then left some for the next finder.

    Keep hope alive!

    How about at least the state, Mr. Fenn, when you feel it’s appropriate?

    Thanks, again, to all!

  236. U wont see any pics except when ff gets his tc back! Its too precious to him, and i think he will pay to have it back imo! I would do the same!

  237. It was under Bald Mountain along Palmer Creek in Montana. The first stanza located mountains that put an X on Mammoth Hot Springs. Bald Mountain is the blaze as in Google Earth you can see the area makes a giant horse head and Bald Mountain is the mark on the horses forehead.

  238. Warm Waters Halt – Hot springs County Line
    Warm Waters Halt – Ice at the top of Brown Mountain

    Canyon Down – Canyon Creek
    Canyon Down – Middle for of the Wood River going down from where Hot springs County and Park County meet
    Canyon Down – Sunshine reservoir

    Home of Brown – Brown Campground
    Home of Brown – Brown Mountain
    Home of Brown – Brown Creek
    All near Kirwin Wy

    No place for the Meek – Kirwin (it’s a ghost town)
    No place for the meek – anywhere in Shoshone National Park

    No paddle up your creek – Beaver Creek (Beaver makes paddles)
    Cascade Creek
    Any creek in Shoshone
    Heavy loads and water high – Cascade has mines and a water fall
    – Beaver Creek or Wood River(spawning trout headed up stream.

    The end is ever drawing nigh. – a circle
    – Old trout dying
    – ALL the spots go to the same place
    – water being drown off the glaciers
    If you been wise – Ys, where mountains meet, where streams run together or smart
    Seen the blaze – snow pack on the mountain side of Galena Creek
    The side of spawning cuttroat trout
    The mark on the side of Sniffle mountain that you see at the top of Cascade Falls.
    The mountain that you see when you stand where Cascade Creek hits the Wood River
    Tarry Scant with marvel gaze – Coal Chute Pass
    – The box covered in tar.
    Hear me all – ALL the clues need to be seen from the spot.
    It is worth your effort for the cold. – Either as it says or Sniffle mountain
    if you are brave – Either as it says or Chief Mountain
    and in the wood – Either as it says or in the Wood River

    Title to the gold – Either the treasure or Gold mines.
    I personally think either ALL is the key or Fenn was talking about spawning trout.
    He either wants to have a grand view, be fed back to the trout he so loves or he wants to oversee the reserection of the Wood River, which has been destroyed by mining over the years.

    I have many thought on this. The Wood River Valley is a beautiful spot and need our help.

    • I also think Kirwin.

      Couple of other important Kirwin clues:

      Spar Mountain and Spar Creek are also right there. A spar is the main support beam of an aircraft wing that carries the heavy load of the aircraft. I’ve never seen this mentioned in any Kirwin solve but I believe it to be the best answer to ‘heavy loads’ out there.

      Meek is very often mistakenly defined as weak when in fact it means subservient. No place for the meek is Chief Mountain.

      Right across from Spar mountain is Mount Sniffle. You get the sniffles when you get a cold.

      Other (admittedly) less strong clues:

      One mine claim at the base of Mt Sniffle is named ‘Rainbow’. ( … lead you to the rainbow and the gold …)

      Right in between Spar Mountain and Mount sniffle is a draw with Cascade Creek actually cascading down it in water falls. This draw happens to be right on a mine claim named ‘Black Bear’ which I interpret as answer to “tarry scant”. Scant means few (his words). Bare means few. Bare = bear. Tarry = black.

  239. I forgot the word WHERE. He tells you that in the second stanza. Where Warm Waters Halt. If you are trying to find out where it was hidden on the Middle Fork of the Wood River. I haven’t made it there, (it was on my list for this summer) but I bet Cuttroat spawn there. I bet they spawn on the Beaver, too.

  240. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to announce the last chance to get any of the shirts from our online store ( Thank you for anyone that’s purchased them in the past, the money raised has helped offset the costs of running this website. We’ll be selling the shirts until June 21, 2020, so if you’re interested in getting a shirt before then make sure you pick one up. Thanks! – Chris Eckman

    • There seems to be a typo either here or on the shirt sales site. There it says “Sale prices as marked. Ends 6/12/20 at 5 PM CT.” Note the ‘6/12’ there vs the ‘6/21’ here.

      • Hi Sammat, thank you, just to clarify, there is currently a sale with discounted prices until the 12th. We’ll stop selling and printing shirts on the 21st. Also, there’s free shipping on orders over $45 if you use the coupon code of: FREESHIP62056cfd4

        • I didn’t realize you had coffee cups and mugs! Got mine and the shirt I’ve been meaning to buy forever!!! Thanks

  241. My solve: 66,000 links from the northwestern-most boundary of Santa Fe and 66,000 links north of the northern-most point of Glorieta pass. They intersect on this rock. 35°42’32.2″N 105°48’13.8″W

  242. the finder wants to keep the location secret thats bullcrap i would have never done that if ii found it i would pay the taxes and be fair to all the searchers

    • I’m with you on that Diggin. I think everyone who has been involved deserves to know how it was solved and where it was found. I better add IMO. lol

      • I think Forrest will tells us the solution. It’s his hunt, his poem and location!
        Can’t wait! I couldn’t sleep last night wondering. I’m sure it was a sleepless night for many.
        Hurry Forrest, We are all waiting!

        • TC finder can’t be anonymous for long time if he starts to sell TC content. IMO but it looks like that Forrest is still waiting for some physical evidence of TC finding (like bracelet). Only after getting the bracelet and checking that it is original Forrest will release the solution. Photos of TC are not evidence – it can product of modern imaging programs.

    • I would hope the finder would share the location,But he owes nothing to nobody and if he decides to not share, that’s his choice..It would be nice just to know how close I was and if I even had one thing right, in particular what the IT was as in begin IT WWWH ..That IT was the cornerstone of my solve..Cheers to all,especially to the one who solved IT all..

    • I wonder if maybe he is going to re-hide part of it, so doesn’t want location revealed.

      • Lady V – I don’t know about re-hiding part of the treasure, but I did think that it might be cool if “something” even a rock that said “You found the spot!” was left behind as many searchers were not interested so much in the treasure as they were in solving the poem. But even at that, I have to admit it’s been so long that many of us would just like to know the solve so we can see how close or far off we really were.

  243. Last week I believed I had solved the poem and I was jumping up and down. I was planning on head to the spot next week, but then woke to the news this morning of it being found. I kind of hope I’m wrong, but it fit perfectly with everything the poem was saying. I needed TTOTC to help me figure out the first three clues, but after that the solution was simple. The blaze and what I think is the hiding spot are both visible from google earth. It would be about a 1.5 mile walk from where you could park a car, but off the beaten path so as not to stumble upon it accidentally. Forrest was not kidding when he said once you solve the poem, you can walk straight to it. I almost was to go anyways just to visit the site.

    • Sounds like my story also. *grin* A few weeks back, I think I finally cracked it when I found a WWWH that fit so perfectly it made my head spin. Practically every page of TToTC is sprinkled with hints that seem to confirm it. Then other clues started falling into place like dominoes. I didn’t have the last couple clues figured out yet, but my confidence was high enough that I was planning a trip from Colorado to Montana for a BOTG. And as with you, I had it down to an area small enough for a walking search.

      Again as with you, even if I was nowhere close I may make the trip anyway someday. Big Timber (my WWWH) sounds like a wonderful little town, especially the Crazy Mountain Museum. Of course, a stop at Lander, WY on the way would be almost obligatory.

  244. Dear chase community,

    I have been a searcher since 2013 and generally been pretty quiet when it comes to posting.
    I too have mixed feelings about the find. Relief, excitement, and some anxiety that it is over. I really do hope that we get some idea of location of the find, I think.

    Below is some of my solve with possible hints Or abberations:

    In short, Echo Park in Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado, was my final destination to get actual botg. It also parallels John Wesley Powell’s expedition down the Green River in a way.

    WWWH = where warm water”salt” if read that way and literally formed where warm waters halted = green river formation with world’s largest trona (aka nitrona salts, natural sodium carbonate, processed into bicarbonate of soda, aka baking soda) deposits around 56 to 55 million years ago of the end of the time period when the Rocky Mountains were formed; also being the PaleoEocene period (paleo = old and eocene = new, so maybe hint of riches new and old) and during a warming period known as the Paleoeocene Thermal Maximum which was a warming period that gave rise to flora and fauna including some of the first primates.

    For fun, some aberrations may include FF reference to the “old bat” or maybe his alligators at the gallery, where the earliest known bats and fossilized alligators/crocodiles have been found from Lake Gosiute formed around 53 MYA to 50 MYA within the Green River Formation as well as the fossils of Presbyornis which was a type goose/bird that was mistaken as a flamingo. Maybe salt was the missing “ingredient” FF had mentioned, seems like salt is used in about everything? When I think of FF talking about Armand Hammer, interestingly enough, I too think of Arm and Hammer baking soda.

    Take it in the canyon down led me through the only outlet down for Lake Gosiute during a”fill and spill” period leading to the “down cutting” of the mountains to form river drainage basins. To me, this meant south and into and through Brown’s Park or Brown’s Hole which has long history of outlaws, furtrappers, Native Americans and known as the site of Fort DavyCrockett or Fort Misery.
    Abberations include Joseph Meek for “no place for the meek” when Meek decided to leave. But the abberation I can’t help but mention is about Baptiste Brown who lived in Brown’s Hole area. Aka Jean-Baptiste Chalifoux or depending on where he travelled, changed his name to variations of Jean Chalifoux not dissimilar to “John Charles whatever.” Also from TOTC, “Ora Mae” and smoking cigarettes with “no name” drew my attention to Powell’s expedition in which Oramel Howland was in charge of one of the boats called the No Name. He wrecked the No Name on what they called “Disaster Falls” and washed up on “Disaster Island” or Howland’s Island? Trying not to go too far off on a tangent, but I likened it to Amelia Earhart and when she was lost searching for Howland Island.

    Not far but too far to walk simply put me at a long distance travel so far to Brown’s Park and then a place not for the meek due to the impressive or intimidating Gates of Lodore and the potentially disastrous rapids that follow. The Gates of Lodore begins at approximately Green River mile 242 where you would have to put in below the home of Brown (Brown’s Park) to continue. So, phonetically, “242” is “too far to” walk.

    The end is ever drawing nigh, to me, alludes to continuation until one can find an end or exit which is the confluence of the Green and Yampa Rivers at which you draw yourself to the left at Echo Park adjacent to Steamboat Rock or aka, in Powell’s period, “Echo Rock.” This confluence could be considered a divide or dissever, which to me the en’d is ever’ drawing nigh with the Green and Yampa so I continue draw stroking, figuratively, up the Yampa in a hook alignment still within Echo Park area and then move up a creek with no paddle following a series of plunge pools. Over time, this series of plunge pools had been formed by rain melt and water action with sediment and rocks or heavy loads, grinding these perfect little to very large plunge pools over time. A plunge pool might even function like a bath tub in a sense. There are only game trails to follow here. I would like to elaborate further at some point as I found interesting formations in rock including what I believed to be the blaze in the form of a military medallion grave marker flag that was etched naturally into a large rock face with a round knot shaped hole, vertical crack, and topped with a F-shaped flag. To me, I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak alludes to being flagged or tired and now at my eternal resting spot. This is where my blaze was found and now I only need to figure out where I missed the continuation beyond having “found” the blaze.

    I have many more abberations or allusions I could discuss, Mitten Park Fault looking like a rainbow that can be seen on both sides of Steamboat Rock, the echo off of the east face at the confluence, it goes on. Even from aerial view, Steamboat Rock looks like the head of Thoth or an Ibis, like FF’s wooden figurine.

    To no avail, I did not find the chest. At home, for the last several years, I pondered that maybe quickly down was literally moving in the “lee” or downwind direction hastefully to my point to cease. Lee being the direction the flag or blaze was pointing similar to a wind sock. Phonetically, I think “to cease” meant two C’s, or two-hundred feet.

    I had an amazing time researching and searching with family although sometimes it was arduous. Ultimately, I have enjoyed learning so much more about the great things out there to explore and visit.

    Thank you all and thank you Forrest. We have all been participating in something amazing.


  245. Thanks for 7 years of fun and adventure searching for the treasure.

  246. Forrest, I love what you’ve fone.

    Dal, if finder got clues here now you deserve a share. The most valuable part is probably the book rights.

    Everyone, keep the network of relations grown here in tact. Suggestions on what this blog might have that you would return to check on and participate ? How ’bout Commemorative Fennboree organization?

    And, To the Finder: I knew all along you would win. I was with you every step in your logic. You are undoubtedly majorly brilliant, good-looking, wise and wonderful. Most deserving of your rightful success and Forrest’s approval. Did I mention how blazingly brainy you are, old pal old buddy?

  247. Anyone heard from Allen K ? Did he drop the TC on his toe nail while carrying it out. And where’s Seeker?

  248. My solve was in Butte MT, Thompson Park, Milwaukee road, the abandoned train trail. I thought Forrest possibly flew into Bert Mooney airport, especially after the Fly me to the moon scrapbook. I thought the several horse pictures from scrapbooks and horseshoe reference from TTOTC was because highway 2 looks like a horse head on maps. Begin it where warm waters halt I thought was the continental divide trail where it halts at highway 2, to be warm = to be content, also this area was part of the batholith. The take it in the canyon down was Pipestone pass trail, to take in= to pipe in. Not far but too far to walk was the Milwaukee trail, not far= a mile, but too (two) 2 walks = Milwaukee so I thought 2 miles on the Milwaukee trail. Put in below the home of Brown I thought was entering the Blacktail viaduct bridge. From there =Via from the blacktail viaduct bridge it’s no place for the meek entering the train tunnel. The end is ever drawing nigh= the only light is the light you see at the end of the tunnel. There’ll be no paddle up your creek I thought was Orman camp trail like oarman, but I thought I should stay on the Milwaukee trail since it said No paddle and Just heavy loads and water high. I thought “just” meant stay to the right. Heavy loads and water high were for the old electric train that ran on the Milwaukee rd The Hiawatha Heavyweight. Hiawatha was High-a-waters= waters high. If you’ve been wise I thought was Sagebrush flats. Wise= Sage. Look quickly = to brush, quickly down= to go flat, Your quest to cease = two C’s, roman numeral C=100, so 200 feet to the blaze. But tarry scant with marvel gaze, marvel gaze= X-ray vision. Tarry scant= pause and look for the X. I thought the hearing the train in TTOTC was a sprinkled hint. The Wallace Beery scrapbook was for Old Milwaukee beer. There were so many hints from the books to the scrapbooks I thought I saw. To many to list. I just could never figure out what might have made it special to Forrest.

    • And the blacktail creek that runs through the area was originally called Belle creek.

    • I thought the keyword was Milwaukeeeeeee. Since it was the main trail in my solve.

  249. Well, this is gonna free up a lot of space on my computer.

    But I sure would like to know if any of my reasoning or research matches any of the task Forrest set for us.

  250. It was a fun ride while it lasted. Congrats to the finder and thanks to Forrest. I hope I was nowhere close when I went BOTG.

    My favorite spot was Lake Creek Valley either above or below Smith Lake (below (N) wade lake).

    • meBigGuy – Hey! What a great idea! Could Dal create a thread, while we are waiting for the found treasure pics, called, “Favorite Spots Found on The Chase”?

      That would be a great resource for all of us.

      And thank you to Dal, Jenny and, especially, to Forrest for this thrill ride of a lifetime over the past 7+ years! That is my treasure to keep. And it is priceless. Bravo!

      • That’s such a great idea! Always looking for lovely or wondrous or quirky or otherwise unique spots in the Rockies!

      • Actually, that was my favorite solve with Graham’s Place as Home of Brown. My favorite spot is hard to pin down. Depends on whether talking Wildlife viewing, Fishing, Spectacular landscapes, or Tranquil Isolation.

  251. I woke up this morning and started getting ready for work, pondering where the poem will lead me today. I never thought it would take me to work and back again and have me divulge my “general” solve. Like everyone else… this stinks. Congratulations to the finder and we wish you the best. God be with you and your family. My family and I have been in this for 4 and a half years, always dreaming of finding it and changing our lives. We have 7 children, two are autistic and we are currently homeless. I often pondered other people’s lives to find peace in mine. Well we think it was in RMNP and now you can all read why. For us, our word that was key, was “park” and all of the clues were features inside places or parks. So grab a map and follow along. Each clue for us was each sentence of the poem. At first, the first stanza was a beautiful introduction to the chase.
    Begin it where warm waters halt (1. Yellowstone NP, the warm waters are the thermal features and the where is the park itself.) and take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk. Put in below the home of Brown (2. Lodore canyon inside of Dinosaur NM, just below Browns Park). The canyon was put in below the home of Brown.
    From there it’s no place for the meek, the end is ever drawing nigh;
    At this point we have 3 potential candidates on the map, Colorado Monument, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and RMNP.
    There will be no paddle up your Creek, just heavy loads and water high. (3. RMNP. The other places have a big river as the main attraction. Only RMNP has heavy loads of snow and rock and high alpine lakes with no major Creek to paddle). If you’ve been wise and found the blaze (all three locations combined, it is the 4th clue but only part of the fourth clue), look quickly down your quest to cease (Sand dunes NP), but tarry scant (to stay in or at a place short of a stated measure) with marvel gaze, just take the chest and go in peace. So the 4th clue, is the blaze and path to the 5th clue. The chest is the boundary of Florissant NM. A chest is “typically” made of wood, but not always, and they contain valuables. Florissant NM.
    is the place of the 5th clue, now we need the feature. So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek? (5. Lake Florissant is the feature that “had” to leave and it left behind a “trove” of fossils), and it was caused by … The answers I already know, I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak (6. 39 mile volcanic field in South Park). So hear me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold (7. Lead mountain in North Park). We got there because of “effort” and because “worth” means; equal or equivalent to the total sum of… So we went north, to North Park, the Never Summer mountains and to Lead mountain. From Lead mountain, the poem trail continues into RMNP. If you are brave and in the wood (from Lead mountain you take Sawmill Creek inside Skeleton gulch), I give you title (the name of) to the gold, which leads us to clue 8. Little Yellowstone inside RMNP.
    For us we felt that we were right on top of it but could not nail down the 9th and final clue. For us, the first stanza was the 9th clue. We had 3 possibilities. Our favorite, which we just hiked went like this… As I have gone alone in there (Either Forrest canyon or Fenn is simply saying here at RMNP and not over there, or over there etc.), and with my treasures bold (either Arrowhead lake inside Forest canyon or Fenn is describing how he hid it; in the open, viewable from 12 feet. I can keep my secret where ( Hidden Valley Creek connects to Forest canyon or if you already know what you are looking for you could end up here) and hint of riches new and old (Horseshoe park and Little Horseshoe park). We thought it was on Hidden Valley Creek in-between the two Horseshoe parks. This was our favorite and last week we learned it wasn’t right. Our second solution goes the same way but since he said he could “keep’ his secret where and hint, we thought he was pointing out that we are still looking for a feature in a park but he was holding onto his secret where which is Hidden Valley Creek in-between the parks, and we still needed another feature in a park that would be our riches new and old. Our third and final conclusion was; As I have gone alone in there (Shipler park, Joseph Shipler lived here alone for YEARS) and with my treasures bold (Shipler had several features named in his honor),. I can keep my secret where and hint of riches new and old (Yeah, we got nothing either).

    Again congrats to the finder. With much love for all the searchers that I secretly befriended while I lurked here. Thank you Mr. Fenn for the chase and thank you Dal for “here”. Take care JDA and Seeker.

  252. Keyword: Postmarks

    The clues in the poem are answered by passages in chapters and pictures in the “scrapbook” inside the front cover. The answers in the chapters and scrapbook tie to the postmark dates associated with the chapters and pictures. The smudged postmarks (can’t read the year) and legible postmarks (can read the year) are used to create the X and Y lines, respectively, of a basic grid. Use the postmarks corresponding to the clue answers / chapters / pictures to create vector points on the grid. The dates on the postmarks line up to create X-Y vector points. The dual timelines of the X and Y axis represent the timeline of events from Forrest’s life stories. You draw the map using this system.

    The 0,0 point of the grid is the postmark date for “Father on the Banco,” the earliest postmark date. The furthest point out on the grid corresponds to the postmarks from the chapters “Ode to Peggy Jean” and “Gold and More.” Each day on the X and Y timelines = one foot of actual distance.

    This mapping system is accurate down to the foot. After tilting the grid from true north about 11 degrees to adjust for magnetic declination (see orange writing on map in TFTW), draw a line from the first clue to the second clue. The line connecting WWWH and put in below the home of Brown is precisely 7.5 miles. This line runs directly through the Madison Visitor Center, crosses the Purple Mountain trail, then runs just north of Terrace Spring across the tuff line at the caldera of the volcano.

    WWWH = precise point where Madison River leaves Madison Junction

    Home of Brown = Chocolate Pots.
    “Put in below home of Brown” = turn off Grand Loop Road just south of the Chocolate Pots. Distance of this line is 7.5 miles.

    Remaining clues map out vector points on the grid, clustered roughly in the vicinity of Terrace Spring and Tuff Cliff.

    Where to park: Terrace Spring parking lot

    Blaze: The remaining vector points create a picture which tells you precisely where to go. The “Blaze” is the constellation of stars (vector points) which are mapped on the grid using this system.

    “It was under a canopy of stars…” – this is the “Blaze” created by the vector points. Forrest continues with confirming hints even now.

    You walk to the hiding place from the parking lot. If you drove by Terrace Spring and Tuff Cliff, you went right by the remaining clues and the Blaze. At a certain point on the Grand Loop Road, you were within 500 feet, along with millions of other visitors.

    Or maybe I just dreamt all this up…

    • The clues in the poem are not walking instructions. That was the biggest red herring of this entire endeavor.

      The clues refer mostly to things in embedded within the stories. “I’ve done it tired” refers to stories where Forrest discussed automobiles. “No place for the meek” refers to chapters where Forrest discussed not being scared. “No paddle up your creek” was a reference to sister June not getting spanked. “ Heavy load and water high” is a reference to Skippy and his unfortunate passing. ”Brave and in the wood” is the clue for Indians in the barnyard. Forrest’s “marvel gaze” is the big picture of Peggy inside the front cover.

      You needed to think like a child to make the connection between the poem clues and the passages and pictures throughout the book.

      The postmark on the treasure chest picture inside the cover, which is a smudge postmark (can’t read the date), is actually his wedding date. Very important when you plot the vector points!

      The postmarks corresponding to these answers in the chapters and pictures are assembled on the grid in the order in which they are referenced in the poem. The clues in the poem are solved by tying the references in chapters to the postmark dates. The postmarks are used to create the map on the grid through the X and Y timelines of the grid.

      The chapter “Father on the Banco” is the 0,0 mark on the grid, and Forrest signaled this by the lack of connection between the story and the postmark date. It’s the only chapter where the postmark date (1930) has no correspondence to when the story in the chapter occurred – the biggest aberration.

      Now let’s see what Forrest discloses…

    • And it wasn’t all postmark dates on the X and Y timelines. “Tarry scant” is the clue for the date that he visited the waterfall. “But tarry scant with marvel gaze “ = date of waterfall visit matched with postmark date of Peggy’s “marvel gaze” picture inside the front cover to plot a vector point (a star in the “Blaze” constellation).

  253. Congratulations to the lucky searcher! This news saddens me and closes a chapter as I have spent 5 years looking for the treasure! My family and I have enjoyed our time and trips across Colorado to search for this chest! I have held my solve close but can share as the discovery is now out. This is my solve and my opinion based on the information I was able to gather. I will be as concise and accurate as possible. Please excuse me if I am not 100% correct on quotes and other published information.

    (BIWWWH) I start in Colorado at Poncha Hot Springs off of HWY 285. There is a bath house that is burned down along with several other structures. The springs were capped with concrete in the early 1900’s and the water was piped to local Salida for their hot springs. There are several springs that still flow down the hill into Poncha creek.

    (ATIITCD) There are two roads that leave the hot springs to HWY 285. The South CR115 road goes into Poncha Canyon and down in elevation until it hits HWY 285. Less than 1/2 mile and can not be traveled by vehicle (within the last 5 years).

    (NFBTFTW) At this point you are at the bottom of CR115 looking at highway 285 and have the option to go right(N) or left(S). This is where people have been (IMO) (first two clues) with no direction from here. A searcher needs to know the Home of Brown at this point in order to chose a direction. The HOB is North from this point so I turned right and went North approximately 1/2 mile.

    (PIBTHOB) In the 1930’s a Brown family left Iowa and rented a house in Poncha Springs (1930-1940 Census). Charles, Walter and Carl Brown along with the mom and a daughter. In the early 30’s & 40’s they homesteaded an area West of HWY 285 and North of Mud Springs Road. It is currently a farm with home and owned by another family. It is the E 1/2 SE 1/4 of SEC 9 T49N R8E and W 1/2 SW 1/4 SEC 10 T49N R8E in Chaffee County. You turn left off HWY 285 onto Mud Springs Road which is due South of the homesteaded farm. Once you have turned off HWY 285 you have a choice, left or right.

    (FTINPFTM) & (TEIEDN) The searcher options are right to private property where a couple homes and land sit back off HWY 285 or left up a hill to the Poncha Springs Cemetery. I chose left since is was not private property and meek worked with a cemetery as well as Nigh also works with left.

    (TBNPUYC) & (JHLAWH) Going left on CR206 or Cemetery Road takes you up a fairly steep hill that is heavy in rocks and dry with ruts. The road is fairly steep and difficult to drive up. It tops out at the Lower Poncha Springs Cemetery and the road continues back down the hill to an additional road that leads to the upper cemetery and private property. I stopped at the top since it told me to go UP from where I put in BTHOB, and not down.

    (IYBWAFTB) So here I stand looking at a Cemetery (no church attached – Graveyard) full of markers/blazes and unmarked burial sites. When you pull the old maps of this cemetery it is hand drawn and contains 6-sections or blocks (A-F). Some blocks have rows, others are random and make no sense. Some graves are occupied and others just contain the headstone. I admit, I struggled with this as Forrest said not in a graveyard, however technically a graveyard has a church attached to it. Just to note the elevation of this cemetery is 7,608′ (halfway between 10,200′ and 5,000′) and sits below the upper Cemetery on the side of a hill with beautiful views of Mt. Princeton. It is approximately 500′ from HWY 285 if searchers were driving by. It is in the pinyons, cedars and sage with views of farms and surrounding mountain ranges. Very old and peaceful. You have to be a resident of Poncha Springs to be buried in the lower or upper cemetery. The lower section is closed and not taking any additional residents. New burials go to the top of the hill in the upper section. I am embarrassed to say this but I have spent three years looking, respectfully, in the lower section for a sign… something! No luck but several leads. I actually put it on the back burner several times for other solves and always ended back at the cemetery. How are you wise and find a blaze? Once you go up your creek and look for the blaze it dead ends, something has to define the blaze… to the tee, right on the money, the big “X”! Right? Well, Forrest said to marry the poem to a map so that’s what I did. Last fall I matched the poem to the old hand drawn map generated by Alice Wood (huh?) If you follow the poem in order and stop at Blaze you can then marry that to the cemetery map. You are in stanza 4, row 1, at the end of the row. Going to the map to match the section/Block you are in “D”, row 1 at the end. Who is buried there? Maud & Mort Gould. You need to read the definition and pronunciation of Gould. So was I going to dig in a cemetery? Hell no, I would have been another dead searcher that was shot by a family member I was excavating. I could not do it. I sat this winter wondering how to verify if it was the spot without digging. In the preface of TFTW he talks about climbing over a wall in a 2,000 year old back yard with gloves digging through volcanic cinders. My only option was to purchase or rent a high end metal detector and hope for a hit. Well here we are, did I miss out? Maybe, but I loved the search and every trip I took.

    (LQDYQTC) Once you find the blaze, you look straight down. In my solve the headstone with flat mountainous ground is directly below it.

    (BTSWMG) My thought is he wants you to linger and enjoy the view the cemetery has to offer of the surrounding mountain ranges.

    (JTTCAGIP) I believe it was in a secondary box buried at the grave site. He wanted you to leave the box and take ONLY the chest. This will not disturb the ground and create a depression as though something was removed.

    Stanza 5 – In my opinion was a filler to create block/section 5 of the 6 Forrest needed to correctly map the cemetery blocks/sections.

    Stanza 6 – IMO to summarize; It would take a cold person to go digging in a cemetery, you would have to be brave and a little crazy (in the wood). If you are you get title to the gold!

    Thank you FF and the entire search community.

  254. My solution put it in CO at Mt. KIA/MIA at the Shirley Townsite, along Silver Creek. WWWH is Poncha Springs, canyon down is south on 285 to Mears Junction, which is going up in elevation. Right on CR200 toward Marshall Pass. (200 ft searcher anyone?) No place for the Meek is Mt. KIA/MIA. No paddle up your creek is Poncha Creek which flows north (backwards bicycle). Heavy loads and water high — the aerial tram trail and O’Haver Lake (both high). At Shirley there’s a waymarker that tells you about the tram trails (the blaze). When you get to the spot where you can see the trails in the distance, there’s a pullout spot (marvel gaze). When you look down the embankment, that’s where the treasure was, IMO. There’s a sign there that says “The White House Christmas Tree For Peace, John F Kennedy, President 1962. The first White House Christmas Tree from Colorado.” It’s right at the base of Mt. KIA/MIA which was named in 2006 by Bruce Salisbury, a Korean War pilot from NM. If you research all around Shirley and Marshall Pass along Mt Ouray, you’ll see that everything Forrest has said makes sense. Devil’s Armchair, Grays Creek, Box Creek, Milk Creek, Beaver Creek, Nelson Creek, Starvation Creek (bring a sandwich?). Down along Silver Creek is a feature known as The Gate (portal) and it’s at the Rainbow Trailhead. There’s nothing about this solve that doesn’t fit or make sense. It all falls into place. I’ve searched it many times unsuccessfully since 2018, but I believe wholeheartedly the treasure was hidden there. At the base of the Christmas Tree sign there is a stump hole with a flat stone marker over it, much like the image in the book with the seeds found in the hole in San Lazaro. “The tree grows slowly but the earth is patient.”

  255. Fenn said the person that will find it just needs a map and the poem and is then able to map the clues to a place on the map. I believe that’s 90% of it, but it’s Imagination that takes you the whole way there. My solve puts the treasure just north of Crowin Springs, MT. The poem says begin it where warm waters halt which is the boiling river, you then take the Gardner canyon over 10 miles (too far to walk) to the Joe Brown’s Boat Ramp (Put in beneath the home of Brown). No place for the meek is the mountains (forest said his church is in the river bottoms and mountains and the biddies in book in the chapter “no place for old biddies” were at the big church social) the end is ever drawing near is Sliding Mountain West. It’s literally drawing left (west). No paddle up your creek is the unnamed dry creek west of Slip N Slide, and heavy loads = red mountain (iron) and waters high are the water near High Mountain. If you’re wise you’ve found the blaze… look quickly down which you do because you’re looking from above as in a plane. The blaze is the letter “F”
    (There was a question asked once: Is the blaze a singular object? FF: “In a word yes.”) A letter is a singular object in a word, and I believe it’s the letter “F”. And it’s one of two Fs that both are found next to one another. It’s either a white traditional F from stone SW below sliding mountain west which you see if you rotate from true north on a map and the treasure is an oval wood to the west in the wood relative to the dot in the F like in Forest’s signature. This F is pretty close to a trail so it’s my second pick, the first is or if you look back down from the top of sliding mountain west there is an F exactly like Forests F in his signature which places the treasure like the dot in his signature in the slopey rocky area on the west side of High Mountain. It takes only a little imagination to see the F, but once you see it, you can’t not see it. Forest loved to climb hills and look back down and I think this fits. I was so sure I was all booked for the weekend of May 30 but had to cancel due to Coronavirus and not having anyone to watch my kids. If it turns out I am right and the treasure was there and I would have been there before the person who found it did
    … that’s going to be tough. My solve fits too well for me and at this point I hope I am wrong cause that will be much wast to live with.

    • I only needed the poem and google earth, technically, but TTOTC definitely helped me figure out the first three clues. If only I solved it a month earlier. The blaze is, “in a word”, a singular object, although the blaze technically has 2 parts to it.

  256. I wish had a gotten a chance to look (I live in Canada and the border is closed. Was hoping to get out there for the first time this summer).

    Here are the three places I was going to look (no point giving full-detailed solves):

    1) In Flathead National Forest, south-east of Nimrod. In the areas of the Tranquil Lakes and Devil’s Creek.

    2) The north part of Yellowstone Park, near Gardiner. Just north of the Beaver Ponds.

    3) South-east of Clinton, down in the Rock Creek area.

    • I as well am from Canada..Was hoping to go on the 20th of June this month.I have been on 3 other BOTG was hoping for a 4th.Where are you from? I am from Kamloops B.C. We might go when the location is made known just to see how close or how far I was Cheers Rick

      • Cool! I’m from Vancouver Island, but living in Vancouver. I wish I got one crack at it … but what can you do! I think it has inspired me to make a trip to see the sites anyways … what an adventure it could be, even without the gold.

        I wish you safe travels. You never know … maybe we’ll run into each other!

        (Part of me hopes the finder left the chest with a small piece of the treasure in it to keep this thing going!)

        • We are going to go down south as soon as it is safe and allowed just to see how close we were.One question-In your solve, What was your IT defined as It meaning Begin It where warm waters halt? That to me was the defining point to get you to the correct WWWH Perhaps we just might run into each other , Cheers and stay safe..

  257. Hi all,

    Wow, what a ride hey? Thank you Forrest and to Dan and to y’all.

    Congratulations to the finder and commiserations to the end now being past nigh.

    Looking forward to knowing ‘where’.

    kind regards to y’all from Australia.

  258. Like a lot of people today (and as also stated by Mr. Fenn), I feel a sense of mixed emotions with the news of the find. I would’ve liked the opportunity to actually search, but, alas, I’m too late to stake a claim.
    I have been following news of this treasure hunt for years, but, held off any serious attempt to come up with a solve until this year. I just recently retired and, with stay at home orders due to Covid, I became obsessed with trying to come up with a place to search this summer for my first BOTG. After reviewing many of Mr. Fenn’s interviews, buying and reading TTOTC for the fisrt time this year and reviewing maps and history of the Yellowstone area…I convinced myself that the treasure had to be near West Yellowstone and YNP. A place where many of Mr. Fenn’s early adventures certainly provided him experiences that formed strong memories and an everlasting bond with the Rocky Mountains.

    With the find, I now feel a need to comment for the first time on this website as a way of showing that I, too, have been a part of this grand experience. My comment relates to my thoughts on a solve:

    As with many others, I thought WWWH was Madison Junction. Where the Gibbon and Firehole Rivers end and combine to become the Madison.

    Then, I looked to the rest of the clues as a road map to the treasure site. I thought “take it” meant to drive the road from the junction as the distance was “too far to walk”.
    So, take Highway 20 down the canyon, out of the park, past West Yellowstone, to Denny Creek Rd (which was mentioned in Mr. Fenn’s Logging Interview).

    In my mind, Denny Creek Rd fit as part of the solve. It leads the searcher into the earthquake zone around Hebgen and Earthquake Lakes, so, it’s no place for the meek. It’s a road where you put in below (south/under on map) “hoB” which I believed to be Hebgen Lake’s brown trout population, it carries heavy loads (logging trucks coming down from Forest Service lands), and has water high (again, Hebgen Lake to the north/above on map or the lake too high to land in on a plane like Skippy) and, there is no paddle up your creek as you drive up the road…with the name of a creek. It also leads you to the road I associate with ever drawing nigh, Contour Rd. I thought this clue was a nod to Mr. Fenn’s friend Mr. Sloane, to Mr. Fenn’s own drawings, and the drawings in his book. If you look up “contour drawing” you might understand why I came up with this thought. This road goes off to the left…one definition of nigh and also eventually leads you to the end of the search.

    This route is “contiguous”…one road to the next. They also fit, in my mind, with the color of Olga’s teas…as displayed on a topo map…red to black to green. But, that was probably just me trying to fortify my solve. 🙂 The roads take you towards the place of Mr. Fenn’s logging experience and gives you a view of many of the places and landmarks that were a part of his adventures in the Yellowstone area…and that will remain forever in his spirit. They also overlook lands and trails associated with Mr. Fenn’s interest in Native American history…the Nez Perce Trail of Tears and The Old Bannock Trail passed through the Madison Valley not far from these present day roads.

    From there, I still had to reslove the blaze and the remainder of the search. This, I thought could only be done with BOTG along Contour Rd. Of course I had many thoughts on that, but, couldn’t confirm without a “physical presence”. Which, unfortunately, I couldn’t attempt until later this summer.

    So, I’ve said my piece…now, I can now go in peace.

    Congrats to the finder!

    My best to you ” ff “and thanks for bringing some childhood excitement to my aging heart.

    Take care all…and, please, continue to take care of all the natural wonders that you have come to know and experience as part of this chase…and…have yet to experience on your next adventure.

    • Did a botg on Contour rd to the point where it crosses Rumbaugh Cr. Bushes converged on the one lane mountain road making the last 2 miles difficult with very few opportunities to turn around. Interesting area, but I don’t think that’s it. Lots of good primitive camp spots along Denny Rd. I might return again, my dog loves the area. The bears move out and up by July.

      • Thanks for your response John. I know many solves seem plausible until you can actually explore an area. You can’t tell what an area is really like just from a look on Google Earth. You need the physical interaction with the site to confirm and to get a “feel” for the land. Something I wish I could’ve done myself. Based on your response, it may not have been the spot I envisioned in my mind. I’m happy you had a chance to explore the area and thought it was a place you could enjoy again. I still might give it a go myself some day. With fate as it goes…maybe we’ll cross paths in the future. Happy Trails to you and your dog!

    • If it gives you some comfort to know, Contour road is blocked off and you can’t drive it. It would be a seriously long walk to get anywhere from where you park. Close to Denny Creek Rd. and 167…

      • That does give me comfort. I don’t want to always think that I may have had a chance at the chest if I only would’ve gone to the site of a potential solve. Thanks TMac!

        • I will say the area you speak about is/was VERY important. I’m just not ready to divulge my info and years of working on this just yet. The sweet taste I’ve had in my mouth for four years has gone sour.

    • The far north end of West Denny Creek Road, where it becomes ATV / hiking / horseback only, was both a promising area clue-wise and one that fits the “splendid view yet remote” criteria. When we explored it, there was literally nobody else around (it’s a rough road, keeps most people out except mid-summer), and the views of the Hebgen Lake area were stunning.

      • Hey camperguy! I thought that both Contour and Denny Creek would provide some stunnimg views. From what I could play around with on Google Earth, it looked like you could get views of the White Peaks off to the east in the park, Sage (wise… 😉 Peak to the north, and Coffin Mountain to the west, All of which I thought could come into play with a solve. Mr. Fenn sure seemed to like the area when he had his summer of being a lumberjack. I guess I WILL have to check that area out some day. Just for the joy of it!

  259. My solve had the treasure up at Silver Jack Reservoir. I was up there searching a week and half ago and hope I was not too close, that would make me cry. I found a Blaze on an Aspen with some markings and a large X, my cousin was going to re-search the area after my brother told me what he thought the markings were.

    I did run into a guy in Silverton from
    Virginia who told me he was up there looking for Forrest Fenn’s treasure…. Guess I will have to wait to see if it was him or the area.

    • I thought it was somewhere along the Animas river via the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Somewhere around a water tank. What better way for an elderly man to transport his treasure than on the train.

      I remember that Forrest had once indicated that he wanted his body to lay next to the treasure back when he thought he was going to die. I always wondered how he planned to do that logistically without leaving any clues.

      • That was my first solve. Even checked to see, but the train is not running due to COVID. You can hike there, but it’s a hard go. Also, ff said ‘that’s the only way,’ referring to one way to the treasure. But I love the idea of it. So much fits. ‘Look quickly down’ made me think of the old ‘watch your step’ signs. And all those windows, grab the banana, etc.

  260. Ok, searchers, this is way more complicated than Forrest intended.

    It was a simple solve. I was trying to put the last piece together on Tuesday and Wednesday when 3 other search teams showed up. Of course they were just looking in the grass and things way off the trail acting like they weren’t looking for anything.

    So, here goes
    1) As I have gone alone in there — North entrance of Yellowstone National Park has a wonderful gateway to take your picture at.
    2) Begin where warm waters hault —- Boiling point is a pace you can bath in hot water on your back and ice cold water on your front. Really hot water meets the icy cold Gardner river waters there and the park put large rocks for people to sit on in the river.
    3) Put in below the home of Brown — The Mammoth Hotel is 4 floors, so if you put in for the night on floor 1, Mr Brown would have 3 other floors to choose from and you will be below the home of Brown.
    4) No place for the meek — Have you driven from Mammoth South along the Western route? It is sooooo steep and no shoulder so as to make your passenger as for you to please move over just as my wife kept doing.
    5) Heavy loads— soon after you leave the steep edges, you will see Silver Gate. It has the most beautiful white large boulders that sit higher than you and your vehicle.
    6) Water high— next is the Golden Gate with a very nice curved bridge and then there it is— Rustic Falls on your left.
    7) No paddle up your creek—- What feeds Rustic Falls is Glen Creek from the West. It is very shallow and can be walked across, therefore, no boat or paddle.
    8) Wise and found the blaze—Just South of Rustic Falls is the parking area for those hiking up to Bunsen Peak. Wise—- only those who took a science class in school know what a bunsen burner is. It is a burner/torch which students use to hook up to a natural gas port and heat their experiment with a nice blue flame.
    9) Look quickly down—this is where it got tricky for me. I went up to the top of Bunsen Peak two years ago and searched many places down from there. Ever since I kept saying Bunsen Peak had to be the blaze but looking down was hard. On the North face of Burnsen Peak there are 3 red dirt clay slides like the one Forrest use to slide down in school. Last summer I searched the base of those. This past Tuesday and Wednesday I kept searching the lower meadows open areas. It wasn’t until I heard the treasure was found that I realized the final solve. Look Quickly down was the very next pullout for cars just a little South of the parking for the trails of Bunsen Peak. It is a single pullout on the left side of the road. It is very grassy and is a low area that would remain damp. I realized Forrest would be bold enough to walk out there and place it in the grasses when no one was looking.

    So, you would have to be brave and in the wood to go out there and search for it and take it home in front of everyone.

    So, why am I listing my solve….. I feel I am a kindred spirit of Forrest Fenn.
    Also, maybe there is something for a second place runner.

    We will see if I am right.

    Thanks for reading.

    • You left out one important word–Begin IT where warm waters halt.Take IT in the canyon down..I think the IT needs to be defined and IT is defined in the poem to get you to the right WWWH..We shall see when Forrest releases the solve..One guys opinion..

  261. Congrats! I just wonder if “hims” a redneck… lol:)
    Much thanks to Mr. Fenn, Dal, and Jenny also!

  262. My favorite clue is ” Title to the Gold”
    Has anyone else discovered this one? It translates to “Pierce the Tunnel” or “Enter the passage”

  263. I guess I can’t get in trouble for posting my solve now…

    My wife and I searched the bottom of the Firehole River on Sunday, May 24. We had a GoPro rigged up to a long pole, and my solve for “the blaze” was either his warm swimming spot, or the clumps of grass growing in the water. He once said finding the blaze “requires a physical presence.” I always thought that meant feeling his favorite warm water.

    My “too far to walk” solve meant we had to get in the water and wade or swim. I always read the Fenn poem as an invitation to his favorite swimming hole:

    In there alone.
    Treasures bold (he was naked).
    Canyon down (river bank).
    Too far to walk (swim at this point).
    The blaze (his hot swimming spot or grassy clumps).
    No place for the meek (must be adventurous to dive in a river in a National Park!).

    Anyway, we had our baby with us, so my wife got bored of me trolling the river bottom after 15 minutes or so, and the water was very high, which made the process difficult. I planned to go back later in the summer when water was lower, but, that’s no longer necessary.

    Congrats to the finder!!!! I can’t wait to hear where it was found!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I wasn’t far off from you. I used that water area as WWWH and then went down to the Canyon Drive (can’t walk a road, need to drive it) to the cascades which are below the upper Firehole where Loch Leven Brown Trout were first introduced in 1889

  264. Brave and in the wood. Petrified wood. Gallatin Petrified Forest.
    I just returned home this Thursday night June 4th. My 4th trip over seven years.
    My boots are still muddy, my car is still trashed.

    Across the Yellowstone bridge at Miner..
    I’ve searched all through Tom Miner but my real gut feeling spot was up Rock Creek instead.
    From the bridge instead of going left up Tom Miner Creek I went right and then west all the way up Rock Creek Road to the world’s best campsite at South Rock Creek Trailhead #178.
    40 minutes up the trail there is a 10 acre meadow down to the left.

    If the treasure was found at 45′ 12′ 09″ N, 111′ 04′ 00″ W I’ll be sick.
    There was exactly one set of human footprints with a dog.
    I was the second person to go there this year.

    • We’ve been up there twice; there were flowers in the meadow in June and even some petrified wood visible on the surface in the area, also signs of semi-regular use of that fire ring under the trees at the southeast end of the meadow. One time there was one other person, the other time nobody else was at the trailhead all day. Camped there one time, too. The perimeter of the pond tucked back in the woods on the opposite (north) side of the trail just past the fork for the meadow also had nice flowers one year.

      Did you happen to notice the HUGE piece of petrified wood just right of the trail at about 45.208543 by -111.048149? It must weigh a several hundred pounds. It’s big enough to see as a fuzzy blob on google earth.

      Glad you enjoyed the hike.

    • I was up Tom Miner a few times several years ago. Beautiful valley and hiking.

      It remains a part of my general solve that starts near Mammoth. Mine goes up Tom Miner and over Buffalo Horn Pass and back down to the Gallatin River via Dailey Creek in YNP; then exit YNP along hwy 191 and go up Taylor Fork.

  265. The finder is a truly shy genius. Chapó!
    I really want to hear his story. It must be facinating as well.

  266. Down from Brower’s Spring on the divide WTWWH but you don’t go that way, you go up Hell Roaring Creek to Lillian Lake or on the way to the lake. I couldn’t figure out the exact spot but can’t wait to see if we were close at least.
    Congrats to whoever did solve it!

  267. Interesting to see all these complex solves. I wonder what most people now think about Forrest’s comments to give it to a child to look at. Also, one thing I found in the poem but never made any matches of it. 12 words in from the beginning and 12 from the end are “bold” and “brave” to synonyms. Anyone else ever use that for a solve?

    • I used bold and boldly for my solve. Boldly more specifically as I remembered the poem spoken in the John Wayne movie by James Caan. I discovered the poem was written my Edgar Allen Poe and was called El Dorado. I searched El Dorado and found the state park in Colorado. Reading Mr. Fenn’s and Poe’s poem it seemed that Fenn was even copying the style of Poe’s. I have written out my solve further down and how the versus seemed to match very well with El Dorado Canyon state park.


  268. Hey,
    maybe Forrest is in the process of buying back the treasure so he can re-hide it and start a new chase.

    • I just realized tonight that there is still much to be gained by completing the Chase even though the box of earthly delights has been found. There is, in a way, a spiritual component to this Chase that is well worth exploring. It will not fatten your wallet or bring you fame, but it will make you rich in a higher sense if you put in the effort to follow the clues to the end.

    • Yeah great idea! Buy it from the finder, Re-hide it in the same spot! He could let his grandkids help. Wishful thinking I know.

  269. Well I Feel conflicted, glad its over and also like a huge emptiness has opened inside me. I tip my hat to the finder and the hider. To Forrest Fenn, thank you for the best treasure hunt of my lifetime. Dal, thank you for the platform we have all come to know so well. To the victor, congratulations you have earned it just as Forrest hoped the winner would. The past five years have been a wonderful and magical journey. I have treasures that will last a lifetime. Now on to the next chase…

  270. One thing I hope we find out is the word that was key. I always suspected it could be the word WITH. Knowing that Forrest often engages in wordplay and punctuates when he feels like it, the sentence could read:

    “Few are in tight focus. With—a word that is key”. I know that sounds strange but there are only two “withs” in the poem—-
    “with my treasures bold” and “tarry scant with marvel gaze”.

    I believed “with” may have been part of the coordinates that marked where the Treasure was.

    Kind of interesting seeing everyone’s ideas after the fact isn’t it? I’m really going to miss the Chase. It was so much fun.

    • “Blaze” ended up being key for my solve, in a word. It verified my solve once I had it. If only I had figured out sooner. Kudos to the finder! I am deciding whether it’s worth the money to go to the site now.

  271. I do believe there’s enough material here to create a fantastic
    The places we’ve been, both BOTG and in our armchairs, is mindboggling.
    I can only imagine the treasures y’all have found along the way.

    It’s been fun, Mr. Fenn.

      • An education indeed. And even tonight, it is still educating me in ways I had not anticipated.

        Forrest is one heck of a teacher.

        • Its like a circus out there, with all acts playing at once in the same arena, while the ring master rests.

          It will all be fine, come feeding time. Slowly feed, tame and control.

  272. My solve was along Eagle Creek, a tributary up from Bear Creek, near Gardiner, MT mainly because several years ago I saw an elderly man that looked a lot like Forrest mysteriously carrying something into the woods there. I was hiking and he had no idea I was there. I thought it was 2012, but I could have been off on the years, as they kind of blend together after the fact. The memory stuck in my head when I first learned about the treasure. It all made since- down from Boiling River (last of the warm waters), to Gardiner (too far to walk), then up the Yellowstone a bit, light in at Bear Creek (where Brown discovered gold) and follow it up along Eagle Creek (no paddling). The Blaze? Never could figure that out what a blaze was after several trips in there- a blaze of aspen maybe? The cold was the water of the creek, being brave is bears and other wild animals.

    Congrats to whoever found it. Looking forward to the details. Please tell me it was in another state! Thanks Forrest for all the fun. Maybe do it all over again? Ha!

    • Mark, I think you were close but went too far down the canyon, and that might have been him! Several other clues right there are simple and spot on to the poem that I haven’t seen anyone else mention.

      Hope we find out soon!!

  273. Thank you for the journey Forrest! It was a pleasure looking and finding my treasure in Colorado in Section 36 near BM 5385 in ’18.

    Truly an amazing find stored in my memory forever. Hoy puedo volver a la escuela para aprender a dibujar.

  274. Base of Burnt mountain/willow creek. I couldn’t get without crossing an area of private land, so I didn’t go.

  275. Leo Butler ..Not speachless but I think it may be time to shift up a gear ….think you can keep up lol …..wink wink

  276. Water high. Like up on a shelf.
    Shelf Lake is at the top of Specimen Creek. Also accessible from Tom Miner basin.

    Yellowstone was still closed last week so the trails along Highway 191 north from Hebgen Lake were off limits ( Specimen Creek trail, Daly Creek trail, and Black Butte trail).

    I continued north and just outside the park boundary the next available turn off was Tepee Creek trail.
    A couple miles up Tepee Creek you can turn east and enter Yellowstone through a pass over into Daly Creek spur trail.

    Yellowstone National Park. All to myself. During a pandemic.
    It was the most intense solitude I have ever experienced.
    Thank you Forrest.

    • Yup, also high lake could work with water high. Ah, I will miss the cat and mouse of the chase.

  277. Congratulations to the finder! Even though its over Im going to get closure by just visiting my solve area sometime. I never got a botg but this is after all about the chase and not the quarry.

    Thank you Dal for everything and than you Forrest for this wonderful experience!

    Take care everyone and be well 🙂

  278. Remember there are two omegas! There is nothing keeping you from taking the lessons learned from this adventure to help you have great success in your own adventure called life. Thanks Forrest for the lessons taught and congratulations everyone!

  279. Hint from the book
    Me in the middle
    New( Me)xico
    I just hadn’t put a complete solve together to make the trip.
    Congrats to the lucky bast%/\rd who figured it out
    A big shout out to Dal for this blog.
    And thank you Mr Fenn
    My part was truly an unforgettable journey that I will

  280. I am seeing a lot of devastation in the search community. They need some healing.

    Not sure I understand the angry people though.

    • A lot of people have made a significant emotional investment in the Chase, and we all handle loss differently. Losing the Chase can be like losing a best friend. Some become despondent or depressed, others become angry or lash out.

      People just need some time to adjust.

      • All searchers are winners, but sadly, most fail to identify the prize they won.

        Maybe the finder has a big heart, like Forrest and he intends for the Chase to continue. Hence not revealing the location. I imagine he will be a patient type and in no rush to satisfy short lived hunger.

        We all need to keep positive.

        Love to everyone!


  281. Where colorado river starts , that was my home of the Brown .thank u Forrest , thank you Dal , good luck to the finder .

  282. A restless spirit wanders the East Brush seeking relief at the desolate Caliente Spring.

    “Come quickly now, you rich [who lack true faith and hoard and misuse your resources], weep and howl over the miseries [the woes, the judgments] that are coming upon you. Your wealth has rotted and is ruined and your [fine] clothes have become moth-eaten. Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will consume your flesh like fire. You have stored up your treasure in the last days when it will do you no good. Look! The wages that you have fraudulently withheld from the laborers who have mowed your fields are crying out against you for vengeance; and the cries of the harvesters have come to the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. On the earth you have lived luxuriously and abandoned yourselves to soft living and led a life of wanton pleasure [self-indulgence, self-gratification]; you have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter. You have condemned and have put to death the righteous man; he offers you no resistance.” James‬ ‭5:1-6‬ ‭AMP‬‬

  283. For seven years I have clicked on this site first thing in the morning. Yesterday was kind of a shock. I wasn’t expecting it to be over. Every one of us searchers has a story to tell. What memories this chase has created.
    I can’t wait to hear the final solve. I want all the details. I will be very disappointed if we only get a vague description and the finder remains anonymous.
    Thanks again to Dal for this site.
    Thank you Forrest.

  284. “I don’t know, I feel halfway kind of glad, halfway kind of sad because the chase is over.”
    I believe that quote to be a hint. I also think I came in second place, ouch.

  285. I have searched every day for awhile now and think that I will continue to search, only for other treasures. I’m grateful for the chase, and hope that there’s still a meet-up this year between the searcher, forrest, and the searcher community.
    If anyone has plans for Gardiner Montana or Yellowstone area check out flying pig rafting, there’s a nice float down the river towards devil’s slide.

  286. I remember reading about this long ago and was interested as I lived in the Rockies at the time. Killed a few hours reading this and that online. Thought it sounded like an amazing thing but assumed it wasn’t real. Today I found out that it (probably) was real. Sweet!

    I’m trapped under lockdown in India so I thought I’d waste a few of my unlimited hours seeing if I can come up with a solve of my own. Had to follow the clues of others found online obviously.

    My solve: YNP due south of the Lamar Ranger Station between Rose Creek and the Lamar River. (I worked in YNP for 4 summers and spent much of my adult life living in ID, MT, and WY. It is true that I actually WANT it to be in the park so I made sure that’s how I interpreted the clues. Ha!)

    Hopefully the finder will be so impressed with my quick last moment detective work that he will offer to pay off my remaining student loans which would have been my priority number 1 🙂

  287. Congratulations to whoever found it, and I hope this quest is not dirtied up by a host of bad losers. Like many, I have thought “my” solution fit like a glove, but evidently there were holes in it. I look forward to the details. Not sure if I will feel better knowing I was close in my solution, or not… Thanks for a great quest!

  288. “Fenn also says the person does not want to publicly divulge the location where he found the treasure. That will remain a secret. Although, Fenn said during the phone call Sunday that he may say at a later date which of the four states it was hidden in.” from this news article:

    I don’t have any problem with the finder and ‘new owner’ of the chest remaining anonymous but for Pete’s sake let’s hear the location and overall general solution!

    • If the location is within any NP, it presents a whole host of legal ramifications for both Fenn and the finder.

      Technically, it is a Federal offense to remove any property or “artifacts” from a National Park. It is also illegal to leave any outside items within them.

      If I was the finder, and removed it from an NP, there’s no way I’d want anyone to know.

      Yes. I’d tel the IRS and I’d pay my taxes on it. But I wouldn’t want to risk the Feds seizing it as their own. Which they certainly could.

    • There were a lot of people who thought this whole search was a hoax. If Forrest or the person who found the treasure does not share the details, then I am afraid people are going to assume the worst.

      • I think we will see photos of the treasure that will show signs of wear and deterioration due to rain/water/wind/exposure, etc.

        But given the fact that it was very likely located within an NP, I doubt we’ll ever know its exact location.

        I think Forrest is a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of guy, and acted as his 13-year-old-self when he hid it. I can picture him dunking into the Firehole, letting go of the treasure chest, walking back to his car, and laughing his giddy head off at what he’d just done.

        Only later when he reviewed NP rules and legal ramifications, and realized people were dying due to his search, did he comprehend the full scope of the problems he had created. This kind of acting before thinking is very much a teenagers mindset, and Forrest has always said he’s never felt that he’s aged beyond his teens.

        I for one think The Chase was real. But I understand why full details may never be known.

        Still looking forward to seeing photos of that worn and weathered treasure chest!

        • Honestly – if I was the finder, I wouldn’t announce the location if I had found it anywhere within a National Park, National Monument, National Forest, or any other Federally managed or BLM lands.

          You’re simply inviting Federal entanglements, which are never worth the headaches… or the costs.

    • Yes! To the victor goes the spoils. But let us in on how they solved his extraordinary puzzle that led the Finder to the precise locatioin, just as Fenn described it in that wonderful poem.

    • Well, state of finding will be good enough for me. I hope TC owner put some note or maybe one thing from TC in this hide place. So, don’t publish your solutions too soon – maybe the chase for the place will be continued.

  289. Truth be told, I’m in denial.
    Happy for the finder, truly! Congratulations!
    But I’m just so sad it’s over. So sad, I just cant believe it!

    • JDiggens, I totally know how you feel. I get by knowing I can see the special spot now and knowing what the clues mean soon. Looking forward to that. It helps.

    • I hear you a 100%. I can’t recall which one of you gals back in the day posted what would ultimately become my solve area. Someone made a post and brushed it off since nothing seemed to fit. I didn’t realize at the time how close they were. I posted about it somewhere here. My WWWH was Calida spring. It does not flow. It halts. Calida is Spanish for warm.
      HOB. Milk cauldron. Think about putting in below the home of brown. The milk cow was the key.
      TFTW. Crossing the open expanse to the trees. Can’t just walk across that leisurely.
      As you get closer you approach Witches cauldron. Have to be brave.
      Essentially you end where you start at Calida.
      Heavy loads and water high is heading back towards old faithful. Heavy loads would be people.
      I’m sure you can connect the dots if my solve was correct. But there’s only one winner and I’m not it. I thought I would have more time to retrieve. Hopefully for my own piece of mind my solve is wrong or I’ll beat myself up for awhile. Lol. I’d almost like it to remain a secret.


  290. I hope Mr. Fenn at least tells us WWWH. He certainly doesn’t owe it to us. Neither does the finder. But it sure would bring some resolution to a lot of faithful, trusting and loyal searchers that have dedicated much of their own blood and treasure to the thrill of the chase. We would all like at least a little taste of the thrill of the solve. But if he doesn’t he still has my respect and gratefulness for the great adventure he gave us all for the past ten years. My hats off to Forrest Fenn.

  291. Lead.

    Forrest comment gives the winning solve I believe. Canopy of Stars. To play the star role is the Lead. Forrest said the poem led him. Led sticks out in the sentence. Led means Lead.

    I researched Lead for about 10 minutes last night and it fit the poem like a glove.

    Lead means to go forth by oneself.

    Lead is to plummet, go forth. Forrest said he wanted to throw himself into water high paraphrasing.

    Lead I means to start, begin.

    Lead is to play a hand in cards. Life gives you 4 cards and a joker and you play whether you like it or not. To play a card is to lead a card.

    Lead is a guide, Forrest was a guide at age 13.

    Page 9 of TTOTC, the Librarian guides you to the exact spot. To Lead.

    Lead is smelted. Smelt is to melt and Forrest says on page 99 he melded his two spots from Vietnam and the Rockies- paraphrasing. Smelt is to make the lead soft. Soft is calm and comfortable.

    I could go on and on it’s all came together for me. So if I am right and Forrest gave us the key to the solve on 6/6 then a lot of us can put our minds at ease by researching Lead a little.

    Oh yeah and the drawings in the books all relate to pencil and lead and graphy or graphite. And any kid knows what a number 2 pencil . Lead also means Lad.

    Oh and Forrest told us on 6/6.

    That’s a big number for Forrest. In a mirror or upside down image 6 is 9 and 66 is 99. 66 feet is a chain. And Lead is what is used to make Mirrors.

    I could go on and on. Research for yourself- answers a lot.

  292. Congrats to the finder and I hope that the finder tells us all where it was located.

    Thanks to Forrest for the Chase and to Dal for this site.

    Time for somebody to Eat a HAT……lol

  293. THANK YOU Forrest! So MANY wonderful memories. CONGRATS Finder. Look forward to hearing the rest of the story. VIVA Telluride rock! You were elusive and worth the cold.

  294. We will probably never know the location, for a couple of reasons:

    1) We all need to be aware of the very real legal issues of removing any items of “cultural” or “historical” significance from a National Park. It is a Federal crime. And if the Feds found out it was on their property, and decided Fenn’s treasure was a “cultural artifact,” they would have justification for seizing it. And then Fenn and the finder would also have their own legal issues to deal with.

    2) If it was legitimately found underwater in the Firehole, the Madison, or some other body of water, then Fenn himself could face legal scrutiny for previously telling searchers the treasure “is not under water.” Yes, I think many of us figured out this was just one of Fenn’s covers to keep irresponsible searchers out of rapids and water, and to avoid legal liability for any injuries/deaths that resulted from The Chase, but he could be in even more hot water (no pun intended) for having intentionally lied to the search community.

    The treasure is found. And we probably won’t ever know the exact location. That’s just the way it is.

    Congrats again to the finder!

    • Hi Knopfler: given the small percentage of area in the four-state search zone represented by National Parks, why assume Forrest hid the treasure within one? The geographic odds are that he didn’t. And the legal hassles for doing so would also have been a deterrent.

      I also don’t understand speculation over the chest having been hidden underwater — if a searcher believes Forrest lied about that, then where would he/she draw the line on other “prevarications”? Besides, if he cared enough to go to the trouble of sealing the olive jar with wax to keep moisture from ruining the autobiography within, it’s not likely he would then submerge the whole kit and caboodle. Time and water are enemies.

      I have no doubt that we will learn the precise location eventually. Perhaps not from the first finder, but it’s not like the poem is unavailable for the rest to solve. In fact, there are probably 100 searchers here who think they’ve already done so.

      • Forget water, and forget National Parks – just focus on the basics…

        If you remove property from any Federal, State, public, or other private land, the landowner (whether it’s a government entity or a private citizen) very likely has legal ownership rights to your find.

        Ever see the documentary ‘Dinosaur 13’? Why bother with the risk of the lawsuits?

        It is not in the finder’s best interests to disclose the location, nor is it in Forrest’s best interests to disclose leaving personal riches on someone else’s land for the sake of running his own treasure hunt.

        Forrest knows this. The finder knows this. And as such, the location will probably never be known.

  295. So here’s a thought. Why couldn’t Forrest give out more specific hints to help the rest of us dummies solve it? Just keep it going? Yes the gold isn’t there anymore but that wasn’t really the point was it? All of us didn’t want the riches, we just wanted the journey. So keep those hints coming Forrest.

  296. Dal. Thank you and please leave this blog going. I could spend days reading about other’s adventure and years physically looking at their solves. I have met a lot of good adventurous people with same love of the search over the years and hope to see some of them in the future.


  297. South wye is it that 1000 go
    And left 95
    The answers 450 North
    495 west and now 1000 west
    South here Me all (there are 10 me my I in the poem) so south here 10 and list ten good=x
    Your ff fort will be worth 3050
    After every me my or I in the last two stanzas there’s a series ofRoman numerals hidden in the words. Also directions… means south nigh means left or west and know is North. the total distance is 3050 which = cold

  298. Thanks Forrest,

    Feels like the end of an era and somewhat bitter sweet for me.

    I always felt that there was a story within his story ….TTOTC book. The story of ‘Me’ , a fish that went alongside with Forrest thru his life experiences. Laced into his stories ‘ME’ traveled with him through his life adventures. I think that’s why Forrest was very selective of his use of commas throughout his writings….he had to in order to address Me properly. Forrest narrates the life of Me and himself thru his book. Just my thoughts but Who knows.

    ME ALL=10

  300. Well, congrats to person who found the heavy load. For the record, like everyone else, here is where i was targeting. I was thinking the Conejos valley and river. Using water stop water halt for WWWH from the Cumbres & Toltec train. not far but too far to walk, putting you in the beautiful Conjejos valley of the San Juan’s. Then a step up from there is a road called paddle creek. I saw somebody suggest further over by Mesa Verde as well. That seemed to fit with all things Forest. Nice to know the San Juan target was correct. Thanks for the thrill, Forest!

  301. Congratulations to the clever sleuth. You have outsmarted us all. I am looking forward to see a follow up story about your adventure.

    I can’t wait for Forrest to post the answers to the clues and reveal his hiding place. After all these years, I think Forrest owes it to all the searchers.

  302. Dear Dal and Forrest
    I am from Switzerland and the Thrill of the chase was an absolutely highlight within the last few years. The first solution of me and three Friends had been in NM, near the Rio de las Vacas and we have been there for one week; great Adventure and a very Beautiful city Santa Fe. The last solution was in the Region of Quak- and Ennis-Lake. WWH for me was a Spring Creek, Maybe the World’s largest at Madison River. But let’s forget the solutions.
    Thank you Forrest for this long during Highlight. I learned a lot about the Rocky Mountains and about you. For me, you are a great Person and all the stories in the book TTOTC are very kind and written by you as a great character. I did the search not because of the treasure-value, but mostly because of the challenge, means “the Thrill”. I am very sad, that all the search is over, but i will never forget all the books i’ve bought and read, the whole search activities and i will never forget you as a great Person. Thanks a lot.

    I hope, that all the searchers will get the detailed solution from you within the next few days. We want to know, which thoughts about the clues and all the solve had been correct and which one’s had been wrong. My wish would be, that at your Special place will be placed a Statue and finally, at the earliest in 10 years, there will also be your grave. I would go over there definitively when i am in the United States next time and think at you from my heart.

    A big thank you also to Dal for his great work all over the years. Without you Dal and your Website, the Thrill of the Chase would not have been this great way. Thank you.
    Best regards from Switzerland

  303. My HOB was Big river outrigger whitewater navigation in Pilar New Mexico. Paddle and saddle adventure fit all the clues but I never got to check it out. Congrats to finder

  304. Dal, thank you for putting this website together and sharing your adventures with all of us. You are a wonderful writer which really helped spark my interest in the beginning.

  305. I will share THIS photo that I had emailed to Forrest Fenn last year. It is an incredible place where I picked it up. It was wedged between two stones far beneath the waters. I sent him another photo, but I will share that one at a later time. I named this golf ball “Aberration”, giggle. Forrest has stated that he will be releasing more info and photos in the coming days, so I’ll let him go first in the telling of the tale. I was not that much interested in the actual monetary value of the treasure, but in the honor of the man who placed it there, and to fulfill a promise I made to my own father to go retrieve it. I just re-read my emails that I had sent to Forrest Fenn in the past two years and they read the same way as I tell you now. My interest was in the frog in the box, mostly because I am from Michigan and it reminds me of the cartoon frog, Michigan J. Frog, that I watched as a child. Still love the “One Froggy Evening” video that is on youtube somewhere. My main interest in the Forrest Fenn treasure box was to prove it exists. So many people had called him a fraud and hoaxer. It was important to me to prove it true. In the email I sent to Forrest, I told him that if I could prove that the treasure was indeed REAL, it might lend validity to my knowledge of the beverage. So, I do not have the treasure box, but I have all of the photos I took of the location of the treasure box when I was there standing there next to it…… More importantly is an unexpected revelation that Dad and I shared together when we traveled out west two years ago. It is about a stone. I have photos that I will share at some point with that very stone. What a wonderful and Blessed Journey.
    #TheFeatherandtheStone #TheBenjaminStables
    Apparently, no photos can be added to posts in these comments. So, here is a link to my own personal facebook page where the photo is. My post of the photo is public, so anyone can view it:

  306. Keeping the finder anonymous and the exact location is fine for obvious reasons. But for peace of mind, it sure would be nice if Mr. Fenn or the finder(s) at least divulged to us some general details. Like what state? What on earth the blaze was? Buried or not? Under water? How far off the road? Could we see the picture of the found treasure?

  307. My money is on New Mexico in Chavez Canyon off the Rio Chama River. The Blaze will be a large Brown rock with a small green spot on it. Thanks Forrest and Dal.

  308. I believe Forrest gave hints to the winning solution in his last post here.

    Canopy of stars. Star is a LEADING role.
    poem LED him there.

    Led is Lead. Read that sentence again, Led sticks out.

    I researched LEAD for 10 minutes and WOW!

    Lead means to go by oneself. As I go alone.

    Lead is a heavy metal, used for drawings. Means to go forth, travel. Like gypsies, vagabonds and hobos. So many stories connect with Lead and all the stars.

    Research yourself, it will put your mind at ease.

    Oh and by the way a person who keeps secrets is a Secretary or Clerk, a pencil pusher.

    And in closing well done to the finder!

  309. I was off by a few years on my guess as to when. Turns out I should have rounded to the nearest decade.
    As to the where, I thought it was up Gold Creek (~Birdseye Mountain) and am itching to know how close my (armchair) guess got. Core to my guess is that there is only one major river that flows south to north in the US.

    I was wondering if we should make some type of heat map to commemorate all the searchers’ efforts showing everyone’s guesses and search efforts. I expect the result will be the highlighting of a lot of beautiful places. I don’t have time right now to set it up though- maybe I’ll start a spreadsheet soon.
    Regardless, this has been a great experience.

    -neither green nor blue

  310. Even though I did not find the chest, I still think that I was in the right area.

    After almost a week in the West Yellowstone area in 2018, my selection bias controlled everything I looked into, heard, and/or read. If the chest was anywhere outside of the West Yellowstone area, I would never have found it because I was overly convinced it was within five miles of West Yellowstone MT. All of the possible solves, clues and hints from FF, just end up convincing me further.

    Since my first and only trip with BOTG, I have read TTOTC two more times and one item that stuck out to me was where Forrest wrote on page 14, in reference to some of the books he read and their authors,

    “The more I thought about JD the more I liked him. The only thing was, he left out some really important stuff about when I was a kid and found different stuff.”

    I have always wondered about the minimal amount of stories about Forrest, when he was between the ages of eight, thru thirteen. So I went through the books again to check, and although there are no stories, there are “the pictures”. So I started looking at all of them, with my selection bias locked in with me.

    Pictures showing a boy named Forrest, with his sister and brother using their imagination on a floating log, or playing Billy the Kid… in the West Yellowstone area.

    That imagination, tied to a kid named Forrest, living out his summers in the wild, wild, West Yellowstone… Where a train came smoking down the small canyon of the South Fork of the Madison River, having just crossed over the continental Divide at Reese Pass… Every year after the snow melts. Over big bridges and small bridges, all the while winding through the pines and low hills covered with sage… Once a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, along the same ice cold river (the headwaters actually flow outta the ground and cliffs just five miles outta W. Yellowstone, MT.)… until it takes a slow right turn for two miles and stops…
    It stops right smack dab in the middle of West Yellowstone Montana… 14-miles from where the Fire Hole River and the Gibbon River, form the Madison River (WWWH). Not far, but too far to walk.

    If Hebgen Lake was the HOB, below the HOB could very well have been to the south and not down stream to the north.

    So if WWWH is where many thunk it was, and you follow it to West Yellowstone and jump on the rail line, that happens to pass under many power lines and the actual flight line into the West Yellowstone Airport… You would slowly wind to the left, into the S. Madison River Valley where it’s no place for the meek… but is absolutely beautiful.

    Bringing you to my where my final solve was. GPS grid 44°38’59.1″N 111°08’49.3″W

    • You have the same spot as my very first solve location I searched in 2017. I camped right beside the gate on the road and searched that entire hillside from the foot bridge all the way to the power lines.

      • Rudy, did you go further up stream along the old rail bed? That would have been my next direction.

  311. I find it interesting that ‘shy’ Seeker hasn’t chimed in….! Could it be, nah!

    If the finder left something (a bracelet or) and wants to keep the location a secret and the chase going that’s okay but for me the Thrill is gone!

  312. I’m thinking the solve comes from S.B. 223. The TC was under the old pine tree at the West Fork Cabin Camp that FF referred to. Also, FF’s single sentence is “That’s where it is”.

    S.B. 223 was at the end of the search season and WFCC did not open until recently.

    As always, IMHO.

  313. So I think it’s fair to say that as searchers, most of us are all feeling similar emotions about the Chase being “over.” But we all knew this day would eventually come, and that even though we all had hope in finding the chest, the reality was, only one person would. And after all, the real “treasure” Forrest hoped we would find was found over and over by us all… in the many wonderful people and places we got to experience along the way. So why is this so painful?

    For me, I can sum it up in two words…Forrest Fenn.

    HE is what made this hunt so unique. No other person hid a treasure in the way he did and stayed, coached, and had fun with the searchers all the way to the end. He dedicated and shared 10 years of his life with us in a very unselfish and giving way…. well beyond what anyone could ever have expected or imagined.

    HE is who made ALL of us feel special. Even though most of us never met Forrest personally, his persona and spirit reached out to each and every one of us and touched our souls in a deep and loving way. He made sure we all felt we were a big part of this chase by giving us all hope thru his incredible stories in his scrapbooks and his continuing encouragement to not give up.

    And HE is who stole all our hearts with his kindness, generosity, and just plain “being Forrest.” I can’t think of anyone who has poured so much of himself into something that has given so much joy to so many.

    There are other treasure hunts out there if that is what you seek. But IMO, none will ever come close to this experience simply because Forrest is not a part of them. Thank you Forrest for being who you are and showing us all what really matters in life…the people we love, and you sir most certainly are one of them.

    • Coolest thing I’ve ever participated in, and that’s a grave understatement.

    • Beautifully stated Geysergirl. You put into words what so many of us are feeling, yet were unable to express. THANKS – JDA

    • This is exactly how I feel but couldn’t put into words. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • You are beautiful Geysergirl.

      Forrest is a champ for sure. A gift to everyone.

      Peggy needs him now though. We have to repay the sacrifice they both gave.

    • Nicely said, Geysergirl. I was reminded of this Forrest Fenn quote in the July 2014 edition of ‘Western Art Collector’ magazine, p 57: “Imagination also can be a treasure.” in reference to his favorite art piece, Cigar Store Indian, carved wood circa 1840.

      Full quote: “This 48-inch woman was whittled about 1840 by an unknown artist. Her original colors have melded and matured through the years, and the split down her tunic may serve as a metaphor for the struggles of her culture. Her dress of green tobacco leaves identifies her for who she is: a cigar store Indian. Perhaps she stood in silent repose by a smoke shop door in St. Louis or some other frontier town as an announcement fo the product being sold just inside. Art is where you find it.

      I have selected this wooden lady as my favorite piece of art because she was given to me by my good friend Eric Sloane, and because of the way she touches me personally. When I look at her, silence responds. But her knowing eyes and angelic face speak in ways that are not misunderstood. To me, she’s more than just an antique wood carving, she is also the embodiment of an era. Imagination also can be a treasure.”

      Metaphors and mystery, Fenn has a way with words!

    • Thanks everyone and it will be interesting to see how much information is actually shared in the next few days…heck weeks or longer for that matter. We are all anxious to know if we were even in the correct playing field, but fact of the matter is, we may never know. It is truly up to the finder and he may have very valid reasons to hold off that we are just not privy to.

      And BigOnus, I couldn’t agree more with your last statement, “Peggy needs him now though. We have to repay the sacrifice they both gave.” Amen to that.

  314. My bet is Stafford Gulch up Railroad Gulch on the East side of the Arkansas River. There is a warm spring that “halts” flowing in the dry part of the year at the campgrounds (Home of..) in Brown’s Canyon. Go down the river a couple hundred yards and cross at the relatively calm waters in front of Railroad Gulch where a water tower had been standing in old photos. Stafford Gulch is the blaze. I searched there last year – unique place – completely secluded and devoid of people. Easy walk from brown trout fishing in the river to a narrow gorge (Stafford Gulch) that looks like an Old West outlaw hideout. It’s something that you go “in” but not a cave or mine.

  315. I have not posted here before but have spent time in the armchair working on the poem. I too congratulate the finder and thank Mr. Fenn for the many hours of enjoyment while stuck on a drilling rig working and living for two weeks at a time. Now that the treasure is found I will give my thoughts and how I came to these conclusions. Also a special thanks to Dal for providing this website…Great job!

    My guess was El Dorado Canyon State Park in Colorado

    I took “and with my treasure bold” and connected it to Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “El Dorado” from the line “the knight so bold” & “ride, boldly ride”. I also thought Fenn’s line “And hints of treasure new and old” seemed to tie the two poems together. Also the poems are rather similar in how they are written as if Mr. Fenn had the poem in mind.

    “begin it where warm waters halt” referenced the springs just outside the park.

    “Put in below the home of Brown” referenced the Brown bat population of the park. These bats are listed within the parks literature so deemed it a worthy clue.

    “From there it’s no place for the meek” The park is a famous hangout for the cliff climbers. More specifically there is a short trail right below a sheer cliff that looks ripe for falling rocks.

    “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” The creek is non-navigable due to falls and boulders

    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze” many natural occurring blazes in the park.

    There are more details that I had worked out but thought only solvable if I was able to visit the park. Also as a side note I thought the park being somewhat near to where Mr. Fenn lived was significant also. Please feel free to comment on my thoughts and where I may have gone wrong.


    • The poem by Poe led me there when I first stumbled upon the search several years ago. My family and I lightly searched there a couple of times…not easy with little one’s in tow! It’s a beautiful place, and we fell in love with the area, but I felt I was force-fitting clues too much, so I gave up on it. There actually used to be a hotel way up on one of the mountainsides with a tramway to transport guests, but it burned down in the early part of the 1900’s (if it weren’t for it being a structure I thought it could serve as the blaze). Lots of pottery remnants still litter the ground and a portion of the hearth still stands, it’s pretty cool! Eldorado is worth visiting if your travels ever bring you out to Colorado, even though there’s no longer a bronze chest to add to the allure. Nonetheless, it’s just one of many places that I took for granted as a Colorado native until the Chase opened my eyes and gave me a new appreciation for this beautiful place I call home.

  316. Thank you Forrest – for the memories. And thank you Dal for this website.

    I’ve debated with myself whether to post this or not, but I think that since the chest has been retrieved, maybe the area where it was found can remain untrammeled.

    I’ve gone BOTG five times since May 2018. I’m not the finder, but I believe that this is the solution, although not the entire solution. This is only Phase 1 of the solution. This solution still leaves a relatively large area to search. I’ll post my phase 2 solution next.

    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    (below El Vado Dam, at Cooper’s ranch, the Jicarilla Res. southern boundary extends over both sides of Rio Chama – private property/reservation excluded from “trout waters”, therefore the Rio Chama flowing through that portion of the Jicarilla Res. = “warm waters” per NM fishing regulations – Cooper’s ranch has boat launch)

    And take it in the canyon down,
    (travel down Chama River Canyon)

    Not far, but too far to walk.
    (from Cooper’s Ranch boat launch to Chavez Canyon boat launch = 22.3 river miles; add on the distance from the Cooper’s Ranch boat launch to the Jicarilla Res. (~ 0.5 miles) and the distance from the Chavez Canyon boat launch to the 6600 ft. elevation in Chavez Canyon (~ 1.0 to 1.5 miles) and we’re getting pretty close to 24.2 miles – one person thought “too far to” = 24.2 miles

    Put in below the home of Brown.
    (Father Brown, see, e.g., “Elusive Fr Brown: Life of Monsignor John O’Connor,” educated by the Benedictines”; also, but probably not key, the Benedictine monks brew Monks’ Ale, e.g., a brown ale, at brewery that is just upstream of the Chavez Canyon boat launch; a “brown adobe chapel” shaped in the form of a cross, rises perhaps three stories … = “brown adobe” = brown abode? = home of Brown?

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    (not meek = wild; Chavez Canyon is in the Chama River Wilderness Area)

    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    (Chavez Canyon is on the left)

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    (Chavez Canyon is a slot canyon, which interestingly is listed as a perennial “Outstanding National Resource Water”)

    Just heavy loads and water high.
    (Slot canyons periodically flash flood (high water) with fast current (heavy loads))

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    (Wise = owl?, owl-like rock formation = blaze? A beautiful, sweeping, white owl-like formation forms the upper edge of the south side of Chavez canyon when seen from air – FF is a pilot – look on Google maps at about 13000 ft. elevation. Note: from the ground, it is not recognizable as an owl-like formation)

    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    (Why “look quickly down” and not “look down quickly”? – maybe, look/go down a steep descent, i.e., a quickly down?; “to cease” = two C’s = 200 feet below; also, two C’s = Chavez Canyon?)

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    (“tarry scant” =? maybe the rectangular structure/platform that can be seen on Google maps that is at the base of the owl’s beak; this structure is at ~6800 ft. elevation; could it be formed of creosote-soaked timbers, i.e., tarry scantling? Note: after BOTG, this structure is neither tarry nor scantling, and I tend to believe that it was not there when Forrest hid his treasure.)

    So – this leads to two possible solutions:
    (1) if we are at the “tarry scant” when we are instructed to “look quickly down,” then the chest is 200 feet below the “tarry scant.” This would place us at 6600 ft. elevation (which could tie into FF’s rather odd use of “66,000 links” and also with FF’s hint that the chest is wet, because water seems to spring out of the canyon at this 6600 foot level) OR
    (2) if we are standing on top of the “owl’s” head (~7000 foot elevation) when we “look quickly down” 2C’s, then the chest is at the same elevation as the “tarry scant”)

    Just take the chest and go in peace.
    (“Peace” is first word on the entrance sign to the Benedictine Abbey)

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know,
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.
    (“tired” = by vehicle; Forest Rd. 151 is right there – open year round (it’s the route to the monastery/brewery), therefore Chavez Canyon is accessible at any time of year – important if that’s where you want to rest eternal; Aside: “Mesa de Los Viejos” = mesa of the old men)

    So hear me all and listen good,
    (Proper English would be “listen well,” so using “good” so as to rhyme with “wood” was important to FF)
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    (Cold water? High elevation?)
    If you are brave and in the wood
    (“in the wood” = in the forest; CRWA lies in the Santa Fe and Carson National Forests; what about “brave”? not meek, therefore “wild”? defiant? of US forest service rules?)
    I give you title to the gold.

  317. Huge thank you to Forrest and Dale.

    When I told my 6 yr old son this morning the tears started pouring out and of course mine were not too far behind. I told him that we will discover another dream for us to CHASE.

    Oh and I almost forgot, Congratulation to the finder…. well deserved I’m sure.
    God Bless

  318. the end of an era. i’m a little speechless. best trips of my lifetime.

    i don’t know what i’ll do instead for the next 8 years… sincere congrats the person who solved the poem. but i’m dying to know how/where…

    thank you forest. thank you to the search community. you’re my best strangers in the world.

  319. Thank you for a wonderful Chase Forrest. My wife and I had some great adventures and more planned despite the treasure being found.

  320. An so the law suits start…. How sad. No wonder the finder doesn’t want his name out.,

  321. Time for clue dumps? People have likely been holding their favorite clue(s) solutions close to their *chest*.
    How many translated “cease” in the poem to the Spanish – Cesar? As in the most famous of ciphers – the Caesar Cipher. That same stanza contained every letter in the alphabet except for
    X. One line of that stanza contained every vowel, and in a curious order Yes -Yes! –
    oui yea.
    But my favorite clue solution by far was the syllable count. Each of the 24 lines contained exactly 8 syllables, with three important exceptions. Thus the beginning sequence count is 86788878. This I speculated would be divided out alternately between the easting portion and northing portion of a “close in” GPS coordinate (8787) (6888) That is, you would find your way to the correct park or river with previous clues and then the close-in coordinates would give you the final square meters location.
    I started working in earnest on the FF poem when the world, you, and I went into Covid-19 lock down. It has been educational and interesting. Did you know (probably 1000s already knew this before I found it on my own?) that the first signer of the Wyoming Constitution was Melville C. Brown? He was also the first mayor of Laramie, Wy (until the job got too hot, with all the gunslingers). Very interesting constitution. Signed in 1890 it gave women the right to vote and to hold office thirty years ahead of the rest of the country!

    Most fun lead:
    Read this article for amusement (we all need a smile right about now. Right?)

    It tells the story of the
    James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge !

  322. Congrats to the finder.

    According to the most recent article I’ve read, the finder doesn’t intend on revealing their identity or the location, which I’m fine with. But, and I hate to say it, I’m going to be pretty upset if ff never tells us the location. In my opinion, that would be unnecessarily insensitive.

    • I agree it would be insensitive. Some people undertook the Chase for the outdoor experience; some for the adventure; some for the money; and some for the puzzle aspect. The puzzle aspect people in particular are being cheated. It’s like giving everybody an F (Failed to find the chest) and nobody can get any intellectual satisfaction or positive feedback or “partial credit” for having some portion of the solution. We all get zeroes; even the folks who were within 500 or 200 feet. I think they deserve better; their achievement in getting that close is worthy of recognition.

  323. how long do we have to twittle our thumbs im gonna need anxiety meds soon lol

    • Now we are all waiting for Fenn’s prompts, then we will think how we came close or not.

    • DG-
      Forrest may have changed his mind about additional info…
      Seems to me that if Forrest or the finder do not release info it is for a very limited set of reasons:
      1. It was hidden on National Park Property…but he could still give us the solution…let the rangers ponder the rest
      2. The finder wants to publish a book or film about his solution and the finding and Forrest has agreed to remain silent.
      3. Maybe there is some (pending) lawsuit forbidding him from disclosing that info right now.
      4. His attorney advised him not to say anything…which is what attorneys always advise their clients

      • Dal,

        That is completely understandable. As I sit here and look at my plane tickets I wish I would have went a few weeks sooner.

      • If the solution isn’t released I will be extremely disappointed in FF. How will you feel if he keeps it a secret Dal?

      • Hi Dal: based on this, I have my doubts that Forrest would confirm that a second searcher had the “correct solve.” That’ll be tough on those seeking closure, since the chest is no longer there to provide that confirmation.

        I can’t see Forrest confirming correct solutions via email — his Inbox would explode. Unless there is something physical at the find location that unambiguously confirms it was Fenn’s spot, the second solver may never get the satisfaction of knowing they had solved it.

        • “the second solver may never get the satisfaction of knowing they had solved it.”

          That’s the other reason leaving this unfinished is insensitive.

          • Hi Robert: there ~could~ be one even now, but I was speaking more of the eventuality that there will be a second solver, a third, and so on.

          • Personally, I trust Forrest’s judgement in this. I’m sure he is well aware of how the searchers feel about the Chase and how the public is likely to perceive the possible courses of action he and the finder face. If they choose to withhold the solution, I’m prepared to accept that they have their reasons. I shall go my way in peace.

      • Dal, all of those reasons are viable, and FF’s statement that the poem in his book led to the precise spot sounds exactly like ‘legalspeak’ what an attorney would advise to keep the new lawsuits at bay, after just settling one regarding clue info from ff.

        What I am surprised about…forrest could easily show a photo of his returned bracelet and hasn’t yet.

        I had 15 friends text me today asking if it was all a hoax since it’s just FF’s word. No photos, no bracelet, no proof. I hate answering those questions, and I doubt ff will leave the public asking the same questions for long.

        • Good Golly, the finder better give him his bracelet back at least they could do that… Is there a bitter stage of mourning??? I think I’m in it 🙂

      • If we can somehow identify the place. I would like to again suggest that someone get a petition going to re-name the place in honor of the REAL treasure: Forrest Fenn!
        Fenn Forrest?

      • Dal is right, there could be varied reasons for none disclosure at this point.

        On the legal front, Lawyers always advise keeping everything to a minimum, concise and accurate. They advise against saying anything unless required, especially when facing potential challengers. I am sure there will be caution here.

        I believe the search community will get answers eventually.

      • Would seem that he would be able to release information on at least the state that it was in.

      • If the property it was found upon is now the finder’s, we will never know where it is. “I give you title…” etc.

      • If the property it was found upon is now the finder’s, we will never know where it is. “I give you title…” etc. He did say yesterday to Fox News that he “may” release the state in the future.

      • If the property it was found upon is now the finder’s, we will never know where it is. “I give you title…” etc. He did say yesterday to Fox News that he “may” release the state in the future. I am fervently hoping, though, that the finder is going to leave something there for future searchers. Not sure how long it would be after the 2nd or 3rd searcher found it that the location wouldn’t leak out, though.

  324. Congratulations to the finder! My family and I had a real adventure and met some wonderful people along the way. We met Joe Blazer, a wonderful real Mascalero and her grandmother. They have us a wonderful book and a very treasured necklace. We got to the Apache Mission, and I talked with Sister Robert. We got to the Rainbow trout fish hatchery in Mascalero at the end of Rainbow Rd. We found Forrest’s “treasure” which was the end of the first pass through the poem which was card #1. We followed the fish truck route to Nambe were we cycled through the poem multiple times which we think were the other “cards”. We then got to a very out of place apple tree that looked just like “Seek-no-further” from “A Reverence of Wood” by Eric Sloane who we think was the “Joker”. We were sure that we had found the spot where the treasure was in Nambe’s reclamation water in Rio Nambe, but we only found a hole that was indeed right by the place we had started just hours before, but from across the Rio Nambe.
    We also had fun matching up Forrest scrapbook posts and Eric Sloan’s drawings with Google maps of Nambe. Forrest’s old had overlaid perfectly with the Google 3D view of the water fall at Name.
    I cannot begin to explain just how much Forrest Fenn gave to my family. We helped my dad up the overlook trail at Nambe, and I swear that 20 years dropped from my dad on the spot. He felt like he could do anything, so we had him go through the lower trail to the falls. It was one of our best vacations ever.
    Thank you Forrest!

  325. I’m sure I tripped over the chest in the vicinity of the crossroads of a very long trail and a NM stream……which simply means I was enjoying the day and the area, thanks to FF……

  326. I too feel like I just lost my best friend and many old friends well to be completely honest about the only thing that I looked forward too each day was this chase. For some they may choose to be satisfied with what they have and they will focus on that , but for me I have made up my mind that life is to short to be unhappy and that a person should not lower there standards to fit in and not be lonely.

    Slingloader it’s been one hell of a ride . So long Ol’ friend …they seem to be ringing the bells for me now so if we don’t cross paths again thank you Mr.Fenn

    Gold is good
    But accuracy saves lives

  327. I too feel like I just lost my best friend and many old friends well to be completely honest about the only thing that I looked forward too each day was this chase. For some they may choose to be satisfied with what they have and they will focus on that , but for me I have made up my mind that life is to short to be unhappy and that a person should not lower there standards to fit in and not be lonely.

    Slingloader it’s been one hell of a ride . So long Ol’ friend …they seem to be ringing the bells for me now so if we don’t cross paths again thank you Mr.Fenn

    Gold is good
    And accuracy is nice too

  328. For reasons stated in my June 7 post (2:39 p.m.), I think the word “Jack” is part of the solve. I went to Jacks Creek campground in the Pecos NM, and looked around an arrow-shaped rockslide a little to the north. I only looked at the tip of the arrowhead (tip of the spear, “brave”), but did not look at the other end, where it would connect to the wood (“shaft”) if one visualized a complete arrow. This would make great place to hide the treasure bc Forrest started his collecting career when he found an arrowhead as a child. I hope this was not the spot bc I will forever regret not checking it out.

  329. Thank you, Forrest for the challenge and adventure.

    For the record, my main two guesses/searches were:

    In Jules Bowl near Brooks Lake, Wyoming
    43.762579, -109.965119


    In the col under Fusillade Mountain in the in Glacier National Park, Montana
    48.648242, -113.718319

    I hope I was really, really wrong so I don’t live the rest of my life in painful regret for not finding it.

  330. I totally understand that the finder, chest location, etc. is kept secret until the movie, book, etc. rights is all worked out. However, after that a clean full disclosure of when, where and by who the chest was found it’s a must. Several people died and thousands of us spent tons of time and money on this. We deserve that; oherwise lots of questions will arise.
    If the finder is so shy and wants to remain anonymous then why did he contact Fenn to begin with? If I were the finder and would want to stay anonymous I would keep the chest and say no word, ever.

    • I am glad the finder notified Forrest, otherwise we’d probably all be searching in vain for eternity.

  331. Congratulations to the finder, hope the chest brings your dreams home.
    God bless each and every one of you.
    May we all find our own peace.
    Thank you Forrest, I pray you find peace, and keep your mind busy looking for the next rainbow.

  332. My solve seemed so logical, but who knows.
    Well tread upon ground it appears down along the Rio Chama.
    Warm waters halt for me is the boundary line for NM “warm waters” map line at the northern most intersection of Rio Chama above El Vado.
    This was also near the continental divide. Home of Brown seemed logical to be the place where the largest NM Brown Trout was stuffed and stored at El Vado lodge and where you can “put in” your canoe or kayak to go “down the canyon” or directly south.
    Too far to walk but not too far to kayak.
    Then when you get to the “Screaming Left hand Turn Rapids” on the Rio Chama below the monastery you have all elements for the middle poem of no place for the meek, and ever drawing nigh (or left), and waters high and heavy loads are how rapids are typically described.
    Been wise and found the blaze meant to me the blaze or trail of the continental divide trail over Skull Bridge which the logo for the Continental Divide Trail group and sign makers look like a blaze, similar to the Arizona flag, only white.
    Then look quickly down means “south” or towards the area where an old unmarked graveyard with 9 posts mark an area in the Burns Ranch just directly south of the blaze trail over Skull Bridge. Like his book there is barbed wire, a tree to act as a “threshold” and an old Viet graveyard (just no waterfall). Alternatively, at the very end of where Rio Chama goes “left” or nigh and before it turns right or south towards Abiquiu. At the end of that left line of the Rio Chama is a triangular rock that looks like a blaze but there is no treasure there. Lots of food for thought and a great quest, but now it is left for the stars and ages to ponder. Good luck all!

  333. And they think it will make their lives easier
    But the doorway before them is barred
    And the game never ends when your whole world depends
    On the turn of a friendly card

  334. Begin it = BEG in it
    BEG = Airport 3 letter designator for Belgrade Serbia = Belgrade MT.
    Where warm waters halt – contains – her ewe arm ate = Sheepeaters – also Bozeman Hot Springs – formerly Bozeman Warm Springs
    And take it in the Canyon down. – Take it = contains Kite or = Flight = Belgrade Airport
    and take flight in.
    Take it = also = A River Runs through it – Filmed on the Gallatin
    Take it in – The Gallatin Canyon takes in – narrows down
    Not Far = Raft On
    But too far to walk = Klaw foot tub = take a bath = get wet = Rafting on the Gallatin
    Put in below – Put in = rafting = also contains – blow it up – blow up the raft and big blowout nearby on the way to Big Sky Montana
    The Home of Brown = Edmund Brown/ Jerry Brown = California Governors lived in the Gallatin Mansion so it refers to House Rock on the Gallatin River – so House Rock or House of the Gallatin is also the Home of Brown.
    From there it’s no place for the meek = Foam Here or Snow place – White Water – big white water rafting area at this point of the Gallatin

    More to come I have to take care of something.

  335. I understand the finder not wanting the end location published for legal reasons. The legal issues though can be avoided if they were to just say wwwh. This might technically give you the end location without committing to a particular ending place.

  336. I am thankful for the chase! My money was near the OTO dude ranch in Montana or Reese Creek near the Yellowstone river. (You have to know where the boundaries are) I thought I’d solved to the blaze (a small yellow painted rock on the side of a cliff). I first thought about the old Karst ranch near West Yellowstone, but the OTO history of being a robbers roost back in Dick Randall’s days and its surrounding land being the winter range for Yellowstone’s elk herd (Home of Brown). Finding the OTO as I was leaving the valley, Wanting to climb to the top of a hill before leaving the valley and overlook the area I had just been ala Russell’s romantic end of his trapping journey when he left the Yellowstone valley. Other places I wanted to see it found was somewhere near the West Fork of the Shoshone river where the artists and cowboys would rendezvous or near the Crow Agency, Montana where Joseph Henry Sharps cabin used to sit before Fenn moved it to Cody. I entertained the idea of it being found between the two Buttes just west of Great Falls (Charlie Russell country) after watching “Lust in the Dust” with Tab Hunter. I never would have watched that movie if it wasn’t for the chase. And of course, there’s the Boiling River Hot Springs was formerly known as “Chestnutville” after Col. Chestnut from Bozeman (another Home of Brown I worked on – Eric Sloane ref). If you step into the Boiling River and take the nigh side (left side when looking upstream as did the trappers – opposite of today’s thinking, but explained by Aubrey Haines in the footnotes of JOAT), turning Left at the Yellowstone, but continuing to measure the upstream facing nigh side, 8.25 miles takes you to the mouth of Reese Creek which is fed by Yellowstone’s Cache Lake. I met a lady with a gun on Reese Creek who told me that 8.25 miles from the mouth of the Gardner on the Yellowstone was Corwin Springs. Oh the rabbit holes! Then the postmarks and corresponding them to the actual days of the week and the Russell years from JOAT (I have a spreadsheet). My hand edited copy of Roughnecks and Gentlemen where Harold McCracken corrected a typo on the size of the fish in the photo. Finding a love for Carl Tolpo Art. I’m happy to have autographed copies of Forrest’s books and I got a doodle! I’ve been searching since 2013. “Anonymous” from Dal’s Independence Day album. For 5 years, I’ve been a full time caregiver of my 90 year old grandmother so fewer and fewer BOTG trips could be planned. She loved the books too and knew who Dizzy Dean was and thought the chest was somewhere near Forrest’s old family cabin. Prior to COVID, I worked as an ER nurse over 15 years (“My War for Me” ). I’m glad that searchers don’t have to take further risks during this Pandemic. Kind of sad it’s over though. I’ve had so many fun adventures and inspiration from this search. No I did not find the chest, but found many greater treasures. Congrats to the finder!

    Happy Trails Forrest and Thank You Dal!

  337. I am wondering how close to Blaze mountain in Montana it was found.
    If you’ve been wise and found the Blaze?
    Spanish Creek?

    What a thrilling chase!!

  338. I don’t know why I still am reluctant to share my solve. If I’m right I planned my trip 2 weeks too late. But here goes ya all…… This fits EVERYTHING.

    I give you title to the gold: Forrest names everything. He gives things cute names. The chest was named Indulgence BEFORE he got it, but he named it Brown – the beauty of understatement, and why if you find the home of Brown you’d know exactly where the treasure was, and why you can’t just start there or people would surely give you gas money for their part of the take.

    Begin it WWWH and take it in the canyon down. You are taking a bath. Where? In the canyon down (like Watership Down) which is a noun and not a dangling preposition which he’s told us so many times is a no-no. He references baths, tubs, showers, and bathrooms all the time without ever using the phrase “take a bath.” Which canyon meadow – the one that’s not far but to far to walk and was always worth the effort to go to. Ojo Caliente. This is where he left his footprints in the sand which he describes in War for Me.

    Put in below the HOB – he is giving you a reference point for where the chest is from your bathing place. Either above you upstream or in elevation.

    From there it’s no place… he describes the surroundings, no present tense verbs telling you to do anything – there’ll be no paddle up your creek – so stay put, it’s not upstream after all- wait patiently, and listen good.

    Theres a sound you can hear there that rumbles through the mountains, but only about every half hour or so. It is the sound of the mountains that beckons to him and is ever drawing nigh (nigh means the left bank of a river if facing downstream) It is The Call of Distant Places, the beat of the drum and the Whoop of the Dance, the Little Big Horn bugling, The sound of the 7th Calvary in the 7th century with the fumes of the forge surrounding you as you are sitting in that giant horsehoe on the Firehole River, and most importantly For Whom the Bell Tolls. It is calling out his tribute constantly from now to eternity like the General and reverie. And you have to cross the river and cross the vale to find it – on the near horizon – common metaphorical themes about death, but literal here too. This is why the poem will lead you to the treasure and it’s straight forward. You listen and move accordingly. Mostly I just sat and listened – another common theme.

    When you have found this place, you look down at the wonderful view that probably encompasses Grand Prismatic Springs (his rainbow) and Excelsior Geyser since Excelsior was the sign off phrase for Marvel comics, marvel gaze, and you go in peace, because the mountain will be quiet for another 20 minutes or so. That’s also why it’s unlikely that whoever finds the treasure will be quiet about it – a pun of sorts.

    Scrapbook 107 is a map of this area with the pen separating out the horseshoe, and the 5 on the dollar bill clearly visible on google earth across the river with the upturned corner of the bill the triangular shape of twin Butte which sticks up right there. The Old Glory stamp is right over there near Fairy Falls and he says a few scrapbooks before that “Glory is where you find it” on the football fields of his youth. There’s even some fireworks going off, and it coincides with all of his references to things being volcanic.

    The answer I already know. This is stated very clearly in My War for Me. He says now he at last knows the answer – you don’t have to SEE it….. a clear reference to the tree in the forest falling and if it makes a noise if noone is there to hear it. He closes his eyes and uses his imagination – No Miss Ford, I only had my eyelids closed. The blaze is A noise. His last series of videos he banged on the bells – it was all about sounds. He couldn’t go back and get the treasure now…. he’s going deaf – and a physical presence is needed for the correct solve.

    There is so much more…. but you get the drift. I was there and heard the rumbling of the mountain beckoning, but it was fickle and did not repeat itself quickly enough and we had a plane to catch. Now I am in a state of mourning about it all and wondering what to do with myself and why I didn’t get back there sooner. I’m hoping against hope that I am wrong about all of this, but again, I could give you countess more examples of how everything else fits, but nobody would read it because it would be too long.

      • That is the place I have always been drawn to, even before I knew anything about the chase. It is truly special. You can hear the sound of geysers from there.

  339. “And just like that, my running days was over.” Wow, it’s really hard to believe the chase has ended!
    Like so many others though, I can’t wait to find out if my searches were anywhere close. My main solve was along the CO/NM borderline, from Osier to Big Horn in the Cruces Mountains. Very nice country and so many clues lined up with the old railroad going through there I was sure it had to be around there someplace. Just never found it though. If you’ve never ridden on the CATS railroad, it’s well worth the trip.
    Been a pleasure and maybe will see some of you on the next trip. I’m not done, hell I’m just getting started!

  340. My deepest sympathy goes to the other searcher that had it all figured out and his wife insisted he wait another week or two to go. Wait for the snow to melt and the mud to dry. That must really hurt. He’ll have nightmares and regrets for the rest of his life. Since the puzzle is self-confirming, he knows he got it right beyond a shadow of a doubt. Yes folks the shadow knows, you know IMO.

  341. Okay, I have gone through the stages of grief and now have acceptance.
    But,I still want to go to the hiding place if I haven’t already. I want to find the peace that FF had found there.
    …and on something else…
    Didn’t FF hide some jars full off things also? What about searching for those?

  342. As many of the posters above, I was planning to go out in a week or 2, with shutdowns getting more lenient and snow melting away. My solve was Mann Gulch, Montana. I’m beyond curious to figure out if I was right.

  343. Thank you Dal and all of you. I’ve never posted and these post pages get so long it takes too long to read thru but it is the blazing spot for all things fenn. I started writing a book this winter to address the things people weren’t talking about that I could find.

    My holy sheep day came when following a online map north up from YNP along hellroaring creek. I have been long drawn to Chrome mtn as the only real US PLG source (platinum group metals) and realized I was getting close to Nye where I had long ago looked for real estate. Feeling like I found a (not the) key word I stumbled on a tea for olga moment. Someone commented on the numbers that trail off disguised as clouds which then appeared to me on the map. I’m not a puzzle solver but geography, exploring and getting stuck in MT snow eyes wide open (way before the treasure) are my strong points. Look at all the names below that you can marry to the poem and other hints.

    key word- IT is just my guess and “in there” to me depicts a cave/bear den or something you can actually go in.
    I also believe in the poem being 3D. As a singer/songwriter I am not happy without multiple interpretations to what I write and ff had a long time to ponder special meanings. Thank you Wolff for pointing out the intelligence part of ff that gets hidden in his simple writing. It is the “why hasn’t a local mtn enthusiast easily solved this map” that makes me a believer that the HoB is a tricky solve not obvious. E.g. Brown university moved from Warren to Providence. Warren MT is just a little too east of my favorite area but parts of Mt Warren are in the both the Wisdom and Wise River ranger districts. I wanted this to be more romantic like Brown’s park and despite wanting to be more clever here is my “obvious” solve.

    From big picture funneling down:
    begin it where YNP halts
    take it in yellowstone canyon down
    not far but use a car or better yet jeep
    put in below yankee Jim/ Joe Brown on Miner Creek Rd, possibly Boulder Rd
    thinking Trapper’s Journal was essential reading Joe Meek left the blackfeet attack east from the Gardner, across the YS before coming into N YNP for which the hellish landscape was better than blackfeet. We are now moving in a direction of no place for the meek with the end drawing directional to Nye and the stillwater river area.
    For the rest of the poem I intended to read “slowly TTOTC another time for more clues. But in addition to Nye, and a formation that matches a chapter scribble, look at the following locations I believe to be far and away the hottest hot spot. Middle ridge at the hellroaring head and lightning creek were among favorites:
    Elephant Mtn, Pine Creek Lake, Elbow Lake, Mill Creek, Horse Creek, Hellroaring Mtn and Creek (Middle Fork especially), Middle Ridge, Iron Mtn’s (2), Buffalo Plateau, Hidden Lake, Horseshoe Lake and Mtn, Mirror Lake, Breakneck Mtn, Chrome Mtn (PGM’s), Limestone (“quick”lime), Limestone Butte, Bad Canyon Creek, Stillwater River and forks, Horseman Flats, Buffalo Jump, Nye, Midnight Creek, Rosebud Isle and Creek with its forks, Cathedral Peak, Woodbine Creek, Stillwater Plateau, Mt Wood, West Rosebud Lake, Mystic Lake, Froze-To-Death Mtn, creek and Lake, Mount “Hole in the Wall” for a Redford reference, Hellroaring Creek of the Rosebud, Grasshopper Glacier x2, Iceberg Peak, Glacier Peak Fossil Lake, Bald Knob, Rainbow Lake, Mt Rosebud, Sundance Mtn, Lonesome Mtn, Hellroaring Plateau, Burnt Mtn, Mt Wilse, Sundance Glacier, Emerald Lake, Chicken Creek, Clark’s Creek, Lewis Creek, Owl Lake, Independence peak, Burnt Gulch Lake, Lightning Lake and Creek, Forge Creek, Upsidedown Creek, Independence ghost town with a “Hidden treasure” mining claim iirc, and more.

    I like Kirwin, a WY bridge over the Green and my first poem read was duh, it’s go across the arkansas at hecla junction (seidel’s suckhole is no place for the meek-I’ve run it in a ducky) and there are a few hotspots west of my main solve that I was also working on but the buffalo/hellroaring/stillwater plateaus kept calling me back.

    My detail oriented brain really appreciated EC Waters on here and there are a few of the fairer sex on here that are more than fairly smart. Any man would be lucky to have partners as brilliant.

    My goal was to solve this map this year whether first to the chest or not and since ownership rights and state taxes might prevent the location from being released there is no more a reason not to pool the incredible intelligence of this community to DIY.

    Here are unresolved clues that I couldn’t find anyone commenting on:
    Living on the edge of postmarks: it’s hard not to notice 39 and while I would love to associate it with a forest road or trail page 67 in “the Catcher in the Rye” may be the answer with a movie called 39 steps. Is this 39 paces from another clue? Is it about macguffins? Do you need to see the movie to follow the hints? There is also a postmark for Gypsy Magic that is the STS-58 Columbia launch date. The pre-Columbian frogs got me thinking there is something there but I like what Darvcus has done with the PM’s and maybe there are red herrings all over the place posing as distracting ants.

    In a 3D solve I submit that the poem is likely to be solved in multiple different ways and the right piece may fit a dimensional solve you didn’t know you were working on, not even requiring you to solve it each way to find the end of the rainbow.

    Like many I think family is key and your ef (of) Fort will be Worth- I think this may be an Ari reference.

    Holy Toledos batman- I couldn’t find anyone willing to spell it out but how can this not be the holy grail of sabres and swordsmithery for which Kings around the world lined up to purchase the elite Spanish workmanship? It was a well hidden timeless secret.

    I got A’s and B’s with little ef fort. I skipped one day a week at least and didn’t like hw but I did what most kids didn’t- I listened good, took notes and did as much hw as possible in class and on the bus. I had a dog, a motorcycle, a wood and was too busy trying to be a boy. I’ve watched the ant stomping but tried to listen good for the elephants.

    Sorry for the long post.
    Let’s solve this thing.

  344. Forrest said he put a surprise in the chest just for the lucky finder. I’m sure the winner must have revealed the surprise to Forrest. That’s how he knows it is the real chest. Not just from pictures. I wonder what note said. Or what the sealed biography in the olive jar said. Wouldn’t you just have loved to be able to read that?

    • I’ve wondered if the surprise is legal title to the land the chest was hidden on. It could have been owned in trust which can be done to hide ownership. That would resolve the legal issues of ownership right then and there.

      • Meininthemidfle…wouldn’t the guy have been trespassing on private land, held in trust? Or are you referring to a public trust land?

  345. How on earth is the finder going to sell the treasure without giving out his identity? That will not be easy. How will he sell it if he doesn’t say where he got it? If he found it in Yellowstone the feds are going to want it all. This guy might be in court for years. Yikes.

    • Unless he/she heeds Fenns warning and “{takes} the chest, and go in peace”. I’ve been thinking about this a few days now. Had I found it, I think I would’ve told Fenn and asked him not to disclose my identity. Then I would’ve lawyered up….

    • Quite perceptive. Furthermore, unless the finder is wealthy enough to have the better part of a million dollars in liquid assets, he may be forced to sell the treasure in order to pay the federal income taxes on it (like people who win house raffles often do). Taxable income amount would be what it’s worth on the open market, which given the provenance of the Chase is well over the item-by-item sum of the contents. He could stay anonymous via certain auction houses, finding a private buyer on his own, or through a deal that Forrest arranged in advance. I can see one of Forrest’s rich friends saying to him years ago, “when someone finds the chest, tell them I’ll give them $X for it, no questions asked, all private if they want it that way.” That might be the safest route to go. If so, I’m sure Forrest passed the idea along to the finder.

      • My fantasy is that ff or someone else buys it and loans it to a museum. Good for taxes, too. And we all get to see it!

  346. “Oh, tell me wise sir,
    Where are the treasures?
    And the wise man replied,
    Wherever you find them”

    Keep looking everyone. This one may have been found but there are many other treasures patiently waiting.

    Sincere congrats to the Finder and thank you Mr. Fenn! Bravo!

  347. Hello Dal; 06/08/2020

    As you know there are published reports that the brass box has been recovered. I for one am glad and I seek no fame or fortune by writing to you. But I hope that your friend Forrest Fenn will somehow be made aware of my thanks and admiration for what he has done for all of us. About a year ago I headed to Montana but failed to get there because I was involved in a car accident and that not serious injury to my back sent me back home to wait for another year. Except for that I would probably be the one who is making news right now.
    I say probably because unless and until Mr. Fenn releases the solution to the poem I will not know if I was mistaken. So here is my solution for your amusement and I hope that you will share it with Mr. Fenn.
    To begin with line 9 of the poem yields the numbers; 4 5 3 2 5 3 3 4 that I interpreted to be the correct latitude for the location of the treasure. Then if you will look at Mr. Fenn’s favorite swimming hole (Firehole river) you can use the longitude of 110 51 38 24. This is where warm water halts.
    The poem says travel down river which is north. One of Mr. Fenn’s stories relates to his traveling 91 miles in 13 days which I believe is a clue.
    To get to these coordinates you end up traveling next to Yellowstone river than you bear left (nigh) on Trail Creek road, and then you bear left on Newman rd. Newman rd. becomes fs245a which ends very close to the gps location. Along the way on fs245a you will pass an old abandoned saw mill and cabin which Mr. Dupuy, who owns the property that you are now traveling on, indicated to me at one time belonged to a Mr. “Joe” Brown a famous geologist, I can’t remember his first name right now.
    Two years ago I followed these directions. From there you walk north a little bit to get around a small ridge and as you approach the coordinates you come to a clearing on a small hill which overlooks the crystal and bear lakes. In the clearing there is neatly piled firewood, hence the term “in the wood”. Directly above the firewood is a manmade structure. It is a triangle about 30 feet overhead. This I would interpret to be the “Blaze”.
    This time the solution did not occur to me instead I went to the exact location indicated by the gps coordinates and found evidence that someone had been there before me digging holes, probably the guy from back east, and at that time I felt he had already found it. Since I know he was only one day ahead of me at this location I went home to await the news that he had found it.
    So I am not bitter or upset. I would hope that Mr. Fenn is not suffering from dementia at his age 88. I am lucky at my age to be of good health and happy to share my story with you and Mr. Fenn. BTW I turned 75 on the day that this good news was related to the country. And in a spiritual way I believe that is a relative coincidence as far as I am concerned.
    Warren Gary Peterson

  348. It took me a couple of days to soak this in. I’m slow like that. First and foremost, Congratulations to the Finder. You did your time and research and adjusted along the way. Awesome job.

    Thank You Forrest, for this Incredible hunt, I’m a better person for have being involved.

    That being said, I still have my flight reservations and my housing reservations. I’m gonna have a nice Vacation. And keep my appointments. And see everything I missed and see all the sights I wanted to see. And take in some of the local cuisine. Isn’t that what this was all about in the beginning? So Thank You Forrest.

    I guess I just have to say goodbye to my location and depart to find another hobby.

    Thank You Forrest, and Congratulations Finder!

    I’ll see you guy’s somewhere in the Mountains North of Santa Fe.

  349. Hey Dal,
    You are the most popular guy on the Internet today. I had to get in line and take a number, wait an hour trying to sign in over & over. Now that I’m in your door, I’m camping out here.

    I guess we are all in denial that this is ending.
    and hoping to hear news that Forrest has purchased back with chest and is drafting a new poem…right everyone?

  350. I’m sad to hear that the chase has come to an end. My brother and I were considering going out one last time (we’ve only been out twice before, but that was over five years ago). Here’s our final solve:

    It’s hidden just north of Romy Lake in Montana, deep inside the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest.

    I’ll spell it out here, but I’ve created a Google Earth path that allows you to follow along with details of each geographical feature.

    Let me know if the link doesn’t work:

    Begin it where warm waters halt -> Junction of Warm Springs Creek and Ruby River (near Reeders Place, MT)

    And take it in the canyon down, Not Far but too far to walk -> Head north just under two miles before turning up NF-8325 (a national forest road that leads to Romy Lake)

    Put in below the home of Brown -> The turn off from NF-100 to NF-8325 is your “Put in below”. The home of Brown is Romy Lake. We believe Romy Lake to be the home of Brown because it is the home of Brown Bear Creek (the main tributary that feeds into the lake).

    From there its no place for the meek, The end is ever drawing nigh -> Get out of the car and face the two creek that contribute to Romy Lake: Brown Bear Creek and White Bear Creek. “The end is ever drawing nigh” draws upon the secondary definition of “nigh” (which means ‘on the left’). As we’ve arrived at the home of Brown, we can expect a directional clue to point us in the direction of where to continue. If the clue is “ever drawing to the left”, White Bear Creek is the left creek that we are to follow.

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek -> Follow along the creek as your guide.

    Just heavy loads and water high -> There’s no way of knowing what this refers to unless you’re physically there. But I would guess its referring to large rocks that have rolled down the side of Sheep Mountain for “heavy loads” and the source of White Bear Creek lies inside this small canyon so I suspect it’s a small cascade of water pouring into the creek.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down your quest to cease -> The blaze is the only mad-made clue you’ll find in this journey. It was left by Forrest as a trail blaze to notify you that you’d reached your destination. I suspect it’s a mark of his initials on a tree or rock. Directly below the blaze lies the treasure.

    I should also note two interesting facts about this solve: 1) You’ll arrive at Warm Waters Halt if you follow Osbourne Russell’s route that Forrest refers to in The Thrill of the Case. After going up the Madison, Forrest tells us that Russell was attacked by Blackfoot Indians and escaped with his life by heading west toward Sticking Creek (more commonly known today as Ruby River) and headed north toward Jefferson Fork. If you follow this route, you’ll pass right by mouth of Warm Springs Creek where it’s feed into the river. I believe this to be the hint that Forrest provided in his book to help with the clues. And 2) “Hint of Riches New and Old” always stumped me. However, Romy Lake is rumored to be home to the infamous Plummer Gang Loot. Google “Romy Lake Loot” and read for yourself.

    Before we discovered our final solve of Romy Lake, we analyzed each clue from beginning to end. You can read that analysis here:

    We then decided that “warm waters halt”, “canyon down” and “home of Brown” must be geographical features. So we downloaded all registered geographical features across NM, CO, WY, and MT, filtered for the following: 1) All springs or streams with the “hot” or “warm” in the name, 2) all canyons, and 3) any geographical feature that included the name “Brown”.

    We uploaded these into Google Earth (there were thousands) and began going down the list marking anywhere we could find these three features in close proximity to each other. We then applied a checklist of statements from Forrest to further clean up the list (such as the elevation range, no dams for WWWH, no man-made structures, etc.). At the end, we only had one result — our Romy Lake solve. Please, Forrest. Please tell me I’m wrong. I’m so hoping I’m wrong. Otherwise, I missed the treasure by only a few weeks (the road to Romy Lake opens on July 1).

    • Need to correct some typos:
      1) “…the two creeks** that contribute to Romy Lake”.
      2) man*-made
      3) “…by heading west toward Stinking** Creek.”

  351. Hey Gang,
    Me and Fang (the D-animator) wish to congratulate the detective that found this body. Would also like to thank Dal for keeping it classy over here. Of course, our thanks and hats-off to Major Forrest Fenn. We had some good, clean fun thanks to him.

    It was always Yankee Jim Canyon for us. About a half-mile below the Joe Brown boat ramp, across the Yellowstone from Hwy 89. That’s the old Yellowstone trail over there with a very nice blaze. Check it out someday if you get in there. Won’t bore anyone beyond that. Good luck and best to all.

  352. The end is ever drawing nigh with heavy loads and water high. Old uranium superfund site and level with the lake water level. I am pretty sure it is by lake nighthorse where they found ancient Native American massacres when the we’re getting the dam started and too far to walk up the canyon ther is the Pinkerton hot spring that they moved across the road about 10 years ago. And the water does not go downstream It halt and seeps back into the ground.

    • One more thing start with b =1 ,c=2, etc, and add of + brown (Home of Brown- notice the cap B). And you will get the lat long coordinates of a line just south of Durango to nebr Wyoming Colorado’s border.

  353. Curious if anyone here ever searched the campfire spot where Hayden and the group camped and concocted the idea to create a national park system in the US by National Park Mountain near Madison Junction? A dork begets a blaze and that would have been one hell of a blaze spot setting this concept into place.

  354. Congrats. Hopefully the location is revealed. My solve was: WWWH=Nathrop CO, enter Browns Canyon, TFTW=Hecla Junction, cross Arkansas river, hike up Railroad Gulch to old BLM boundary. Lots of rafting in the area (Hecla is a “put in”, paddle, etc). Railroad Gulch had heavy loads and was flooded. Some white rocks in the area could be a blaze, but nothing ever stood out. Plus, Fenn mentioned pinions, which grow there. And of course, great trout fishing and an old Native American presence.

  355. Hey Just wanted to leave a quick note that I’l going to do an quick upgrade to the server to add some additional horsepower to get the server to stop being so slow under the amount of traffic we’re getting right now.

  356. I saw a reference to the find being in Colorado. Is that true or just something a journalist added on?

  357. Kit Carson was known as the nester and the boy scouts were first known as the woodcraft Indians . Among a lot of other things put me near there. What were u guys take on the drawings in the book? Overlay the 2 drawings of FF he is the trail blazer.

  358. Congrats to the finder and thank you Forrest for all the good times! Surely he will put up the solve so we can all follow the correct clues to the hidey spot and enjoy the bittersweet moment of closure once we get there. I was always hoping to run into Lisa at Bakers Hole which was my search area for a couple of years. But when Forrest said to look at the big picture, I changed Bakers Hole from my search area to being my WWWH. From there towards Campfire Lodge/Ghost village area. My money was on (if not me) Lisa, JDA (also searching MT) or Randawg for lead searchers. Will miss lurking here at everyone’s posts. Stay safe.

  359. Until the final condition that was in the chest is completed, no one will disclose where it was found. Something may have to be signed and witnessed, or could it be a copyright issue?


  360. Firehole river meets Madison river (where warm water halts) take it in the canyon down(hwy 191) put in below the home of brown (Gallitin bear preserve) Fawn pass fan creek. next creek down terminal creek ( the end is drawing near ) heavy loads (trucks parked at fawn pass) go up fan creek to horseshoe (visible on google maps) draw a line from blaze on blaze mt to center of horse shoe. follow line to top of hill small pond in woods (waters high) you can see treasure marker at end of pond with bear standing next to it. if you were flying on this line look quickly down!

  361. It won’t be kept a secret too long.
    Many people close to the finder will leak out info.
    Stay tuned…..

    • I agree. If not people finder knows, then lawyers, legal assistants and admins, title companies, and if chest is sold, everyone involved in that, all the way down. Whomever leaks the info will probably get a hefty sum for it, sadly.

  362. I’ve got the server upgrades scheduled for tonight, so if the site goes down, it’ll be back up within 30 mins to an hour.

  363. Congrats to the person who found it. I can’t wait to learn more. Here’s my solve:

    Where warm water halts: Aguas calientes creek (translates to warm waters) meets the rio grande in Pilar NM.

    Take it in the canyon down: the park road follows the rio grande river along the bottom of the canyon.

    Not too far but to far to walk: it’s a few miles down the park road before you get to a campground with parking

    Put in below the home of brown: rio Pueblo de taos (translated to community of the taos Indians) is just up the road.

    There will be no paddle up your creek just heavy loads & water high: arroyo hondo creek (translates to High river) is a dry creek and leads to the arroyo hondo area. Just before the put in to the dry creek is a flood gauge (heavy loads). The views looking into the canyon are incredible.

    Other Interesting points: the two parking areas are “rio bravo” (brave) and lone juniper (in the wood?)

    I definitely thought I was onto something….

  364. The title must first be signed and then possibly notarized. There may be wait period due to COVID-19. We will all be sitting on edge waiting to hear the one and only true solve. I’ll bet hard cash a new book on the solve will hit the New York Times list not to far into the future. Maybe a court battle on the horizon as to where it was found ( State,Federal, or Public Lands).
    I would sure like to go sit in front of a big screen and watch a full length movie of the life and times of Forrest Fenn.something along the lines of Jeremiah Johnson with beautiful scenery and maybe some harmonica and banjo music. Maybe some of the real life searchers could become actors. and Dal could be a location director. There are all kinds of future possibilities.
    The finder could become a spokesperson what whatever state the treasure was found with their Dept. Of Tourism. Hey Finder, you could make a bundle. on endorsements for bear spray, camping gear, four wheel drive vehicles, fishing tackle, and a host of other products. Don’t forget footwear and walking sticks.

    What if for some legal reason we will not be allowed to know where the treasure was found?
    Boy HOWDY, this is like waiting on your first child to be delivered.

  365. Uh oh, I’m regretting not following the power lines at Bakers Hole (Formerly Browns)….’Just’ was my key word for help, when you’re up a creek. Heavy Loads of electricity. I’m cautious. Did anyone in here walk those lines? Anyone? Jake F?
    Thanks, Wendell

  366. Someone help me out here. What Scrapbook was the painting “the Corn Thief” in? I remember seeing that but can’t remember which one? It had to do with my Solve.

  367. Fenns bathing spot WWWH
    Nez Pearce Creek where brown trout were first introduced to the area 1890’s HOB
    Firehole Canyon canyon down,
    no paddle up you creek, no place for the meek.
    Fierhole falls water high
    Treasure heavy loads
    under a juniper bush brave and in the wood.
    Been there done that, I will need an ambulance if the is where it was found.

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