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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f



Santa Fe New Mexican story about the find is HERE

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The story on BILD in Germany is HERE

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748 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part two

  1. The thrill of the chase is forever embedded in me and likely all of us here. Thank you Forrest for a wonderful journey. Your inspiration is contagious and will inspire until Sol is no more.


    • Well said prospector from one prospector to another.

      I’m Sad to see the chase end.

      If Forrest and Dal want to put the naysayers to rest why don’t they release the text and pictures of the emails received from the finder.

      In the past Forrest gets mail they always showed the original text message before the response, why change that now. If the email(s) contained all the proof you needed; then it is all the proof they need for a little closure.

      • Forest Fenn gave every adventure seeker and coach potato a reason to get outside and explore the wilderness and participate in the natural beauty that is around us. Forest Fenn wrote a number of books, one of them containing a poem that provided nine clues to the location of a treasure that Mr. Fenn had hidden. I have enjoyed listening to other people’s solutions to the riddles and have made a number of attempts to find the treasure myself. On June 6, 2020, it was confirmed by Mr. Fenn that after 10 years of searching the treasure had been found. I congratulate the person who unraveled the riddles and found the gold however I must admit I’m somewhat disappointed, not that I was not the one who found it, but I am disappointed that something that has given me so much joy over the last half a dozen years is now at an end.
        But I decided that it does not need to stop here. I have started this GOFUNDME in the hopes that there are people out there who will miss the hunt as much as missing the prize. Mr. Fenn has always said, and he has demonstrated to me, that the real prize is the search, getting out in the natural beauty and just looking.
        I don’t want the hunt to end.
        I am asking for $1,100,000.
        1. $1,500,000 will be the prize money and will be held in trust until someone claims it.
        2. A box containing instructions on how to collect the prize will be hidden in the same search area that Mr. Fenn hid his treasure (Rockies – North of Sante Fe up to the Canadian Border)
        3. An additional $100,000 is being collected in order to pay for items such as:
        a. an honorarium to someone who will hide the box and write a poem similar to Mr. Fenn’s that will start the next adventure (it is my hope that Mr. Fenn will do the honour of writing a poem and hiding the box, only divulging the location of the box to the lawyer in whom holds the prize in trust)
        b. an honorarium to pay for a board of trustees to help manage the search and make sure that that prize money is paid out to the successful searcher. The Board of Trustees obviously will not know where the box is located, only the author of the poem would know where the box is located. It is my hope that some of the people who have been on the forefront of the search such as Dal Neitzal, Toby Younis and Shelley Carney could be possible members of the board who would ensure the treasure hunt continues for generations to come.
        c. An amount to pay a lawyer to hold the prize money in trust and manage that trust for a period of 15 years.
        Anyone who has enjoyed searching for Forest Fenn’s treasure should ensure that this adventure continues by donating to this fund.
        Over the coming months we will add rewards for anyone who donates and no matter the donation amount the awards will be the same. We are not going to offer special clues to those who donate but we are hoping to offer items such as memberships to YouTube channels that will support the hunt and set up a website dedicated to the hunt. People can exchange solutions, thoughts and ideas and ready hearings. Basically, no matter the contribution, your contribution will give you membership to a website that will help connect all searchers as well as hold different items for the search such as maps, photographs etc.
        I believe that one of the reasons Forest Fenn began this in the first place is so that he could be immortalized in literature the same way his boyhood heroes were. We should pay back forest Fenn for the gift he has given us by continuing this legacy and give forest Fenn the same immortalization that his boyhood heroes have.
        In a nutshell, we want to replicate the tremendous gift that Mr. Fenn gave to all adventure seekers and keep the hunt going and your donation will help us do it.
        We will set up a group of interested parties that will help maintain this hunt, if you are interested in being part of that please contact the organizer of this fund.

        I have no relationship with Forest Fenn, Dal Neitzal, Toby Younis and Shelley Carney. I only mention their names as I consider them in public domain. I have never contacted the above people except for Mr. Fenn when I purchased the books. If this fund starts to take off, it is my intention to be contacting those people and invite them to help me and my group in establishing a multigenerational hunt. When the treasures found, we will just begin a new one so that this legacy will continue.

        • I was thinking of the same idea!!! Please send the link of your go fund me!!! I’m in!

          • Same here, I literally just wrote Dal an email describing this exact thing. What is the link to your GOFUNDME!?

      • I’m just shaken my head reading all this. Does no one see the irony in so many posts and vlogs?

        The puzzle is still there to solve. Nothing has been lost or found by anyone but Forrest and the finder on this aspect.

        The joy of adventures and getting into nature and all the lovey-dovey mush is still there. The spiritual quest is still there too. Zero has changed on this aspect.

        True friendships will not end as a result of a box no longer being in the woods, and fake friendships were a waste of precious energy. Zero has changed on this aspect.

        Two things have changed.
        1. Dal and Forrest and Jenny can rest now. The finder too if the community puts on their big boy and girl pants – paise the universe!
        2. Your efforts to solve the poem, puzzle, riddle will not result in owning Fenn’s treasure and lining of pockets and banks for the added bonus of never-ending lawsuits, staking, and hatred from the community.

        If people need money to get out there, ok, maybe the finder will leave the hugely valuable coins up to and Mike put out if forrest asks the finder to. Or better yet, go buy a scratch off lottery ticket, take it on your hike and see if you win the jackpot at your solve location. Your odds are better doing that actually.

        The only folks that have earned closure are Forrest and the finder because their lives have actually changed as a result of the find. None of your lives have changed a drop. Your mind needs to adjust until you grant yourself closure. The stress and torment by the community is the closure Forrest and the finder need imo. That will happen when the community moves on. Forrest has said it’s over. So it’s over. Just closure for Fenn and the finder are required to keep things from becoming litigious. I’m sure fenn and the finder dont need help to conclude their feat in private.

        Create your own dreams folks. Use your imagination. Keep searching forever. But unless you are the finder or Fenn, you don’t get the luxury of closure unless you do the work yourself. And when you solve it all after doing the work, I pray you get the earned closure and are left alone by this community. Folks talking about suing… I’d imagine the finder could sue most of the community at this point. Maybe he will. I hope that doesn’t become the only path for peace.

        Now pull up your boot strings and go on an adventure hike. Stop add-ons stress…there is to much stress and anger and devastation in the world right now for this community to keep dumping on Fenn and finder. I hope the finder disappears and nothing is known but perhaps the state. And even that would be a huge gift that none of you earned in the same way the finder did. No one has stolen anything from any of you. But you are all stealing joy from the finder. this I know.

        I cannot be happier for the gent that found the treasure. He earned it. My only wounds and continued pain, anxiety, and deep sadness are from witnessing and experiencing this community that continues threats toward other searchers and commits horrific violations of fellow human beings. That makes me cry. But it does mirror our world reality, so there you have it.

        • I agree with pretty much everything except “And even that would be a huge gift that none of you earned in the same way the finder did.” That is way too harsh to me. I personally haven’t, but some people have spent several years working on figuring this out, and it is for those people that I think something about the location should be given, the state at the very least. You speak of closure, giving thousands of people something other than “it’s over” would go a long way towards that.

          • I respect your opinion. Bit just like mine, it doesn’t matter because this is between the finder and Fenn now.

            Again, it’s not impossible to solve as proven by the find, so if you want to know about the location, solve the poem. It’s all there and perhaps without community interference, more people would solve it and understand the location.

            No one other than fenn and finder were guaranteed closure or answers for playing.

          • And I agree, state would be nice parting gift for closure. But that remains to be seen, like so much.

        • I really would like something permanently marking the location of the TC so that those of us who were in it to solve the poem could keep solving. It was never about treasure for me. Always about the poem.

    • I hunted in Yellowstone for a few hours a couple of summers. Here is my solve:
      Warm water halts when it is spewed upward in a geyser, at the top of the spray it halts then progresses downward. Old Faithful
      Take it down to Yellowstone canyon.
      Home of Brown is where Grafton Brown painted his picture of Lower Yellowstone Falls. His painting is famous and in the Smithsonian. Spent time trying to find where exactly Brown stood as he painted the falls.
      From there, down a few dry creek beds and large boulders towards the canyon, sketchy.
      From there, a look toward the falls, the Blaze. A horses blaze is a wide white swath along the nose. The falls are a wide white blaze as well.
      Looking down, no treasure but

      I wonder if I was close

  2. I’m sad to hear that the chase has come to an end. My brother and I were considering going out one last time (we’ve only been out twice before, but that was over five years ago). Here’s our final solve:

    It’s hidden just north of Romy Lake in Montana, deep inside the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest.

    I’ll spell it out here, but I’ve created a Google Earth path that allows you to follow along with details of each geographical feature. Let me know if the link doesn’t work. You’ll need either the Google Earth app or view by desktop in a browser.

    Google Earth Version of our solve:

    Begin it where warm waters halt -> Junction of Warm Springs Creek and Ruby River (near Reeders Place, MT)

    And take it in the canyon down, Not Far but too far to walk -> Head north just under two miles before turning up NF-8325 (a national forest road that leads to Romy Lake)

    Put in below the home of Brown -> The turn off from NF-100 to NF-8325 is your “Put in below”. The home of Brown is Romy Lake. We believe Romy Lake to be the home of Brown because it is the home of Brown Bear Creek (the main tributary that feeds into the lake).

    From there its no place for the meek, The end is ever drawing nigh -> Get out of the car and face the two creeks that contribute to Romy Lake: Brown Bear Creek and White Bear Creek. “The end is ever drawing nigh” draws upon the secondary definition of “nigh” (which means ‘on the left’). As we’ve arrived at the home of Brown, we can expect a directional clue to point us in the direction of where to continue. If the clue is “ever drawing to the left”, White Bear Creek is the left creek that we are to follow.

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek -> Follow along the creek as your guide.

    Just heavy loads and water high -> There’s no way of knowing what this refers to unless you’re physically there. But I would guess its referring to large rocks that have rolled down the side of Sheep Mountain for “heavy loads” and the source of White Bear Creek lies inside this small canyon so I suspect it’s a small cascade of water pouring into the creek.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down your quest to cease -> The blaze is the only man-made clue you’ll find in this journey. It was left by Forrest as a trail blaze to notify you that you’d reached your destination. I suspect it’s a mark of his initials on a tree or rock. Directly below the blaze lies the treasure.

    I should also note two interesting facts about this solve: 1) You’ll arrive at Warm Waters Halt if you follow Osbourne Russell’s route that Forrest refers to in The Thrill of the Case. After going up the Madison, Forrest tells us that Russell was attacked by Blackfoot Indians and escaped with his life by heading west toward Stinking Creek (more commonly known today as Ruby River) and headed north toward Jefferson Fork. If you follow this route, you’ll pass right by mouth of Warm Springs Creek where it’s feed into the river. I believe this to be the hint that Forrest provided in his book to help with the clues. And 2) “Hint of Riches New and Old” always stumped me. However, Romy Lake is rumored to be home to the infamous Plummer Gang Loot. Google “Romy Lake Loot” and read for yourself.

    Before we discovered our final solve of Romy Lake, we analyzed each clue from beginning to end. You can read that analysis here:

    We then decided that “warm waters halt”, “canyon down” and “home of Brown” must be geographical features. So we downloaded all registered geographical features across NM, CO, WY, and MT, filtered for the following: 1) All springs or streams with the “hot” or “warm” in the name, 2) all canyons, and 3) any geographical feature that included the name “Brown”.

    We uploaded these into Google Earth (there were thousands) and began going down the list marking anywhere we could find these three features in close proximity to each other. We then applied a checklist of statements from Forrest to further clean up the list (such as the elevation range, no dams for WWWH, no man-made structures, etc.). At the end, we only had one result — our Romy Lake solve. Please, Forrest. Please tell me we’re wrong. I’m so hoping we’re wrong. Otherwise, we missed the treasure by only a few weeks (the road to Romy Lake opens on July 1).

    • Austin,

      That strikes me as a very nice solve indeed, especially the way you methodically solved it. HOB and “ever drawing night” is a satisfying solution.

      In turns I hope you are both right and wrong!



    • Go to Yelliowstone on Google Maps, Indian Creek area. Type 44.881442, – 110.779152 in the search box. You will find the first 5 clues in this area. Below the mark is an airplane, and fish. Farther down is a thunderbird and farther down from that is a BIG cow with it’s head made from the creek. Above the mark there is a heart. The remaining clues are in another area not too far from this spot.

        • I almost went there but luckily I figured out that I was to keep this in my mind and proceed to more clues that were not far but too far to walk. This was only the very beginning. It went on forever, just when you would think it was time to go look there would be more work to do.

      • In my opinion ff did not use images found on google maps to hide or as clues to hid his treasure. Besides maps today are much different from maps of more than 10 years ago.

    • I believe the end is ever drawing neigh was the most important clue. It involved the Sun ever heading west in the sky and at a certain time of day it would highlight the blaze which I thought if you were standing at Beaver Creek at Earth Quake lake you would see. That solve fit every clue, plus the one Forrest answered to the school kid when he asked if the clues existed when Forrest was a kid. Forrest responded..the clues didn’t but MOST of the places the clues refer to did. So I was looking for some place that was not there when Forrest was a kid. Earth Quake lake was formed in 1959 when Forrest was 29. That was my solve.

    • No place for the Meek, Forest says the place where Meek got attacked was near the present day location of Hebgen Dam.

      • Here is my solution that I was planning to check this summer:

        Clue 1. “As I have gone alone in there…..” This indicates the warm water to start with. I believe he is referring to Firehole River that he bathed in as a kid. Other references are indicating that he went alone in there naked and near Old Faithful.

        Clue 2. “Begin it where warm waters halt……” This refers to Madison Lake near the Continental Divide. Firehole River begins near the continental divide and halts at Madison Lake then continues on through Yellowstone.

        Clue 3. “Take the canyon down….” Near Madison Lake is a canyon to the Southwest. The Bechler River Trail goes down the canyon located in southwest Yellowstone.

        Clue 4. “Put in below the home of Brown…” The Bechler trail down the canyon leads to the Bechler Ranger Station. The station is brown and has always been brown. It was also the home of the Army that patrolled the area in the early 1900s. At this time, the Army’s color was brown. Putting in below, indicating to put in south of the home of brown at the creek. This area is very remote wilderness and is definitely no place for the meek.

        Clue 5. “No paddle up your creek…” The key clue is “your creek.” Near the home of brown is Wyoming Creek (and this is in Wyoming). The road to the Ranger station crosses Wyoming Creek. The creek is very shallow and requires no paddle. You should go up the creek.

        Clue 6. “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze…” This is difficult because there are three creeks called Wyoming Creek that later merge into one. But if you tend to go clockwise you go toward Bechler Falls, which I believe is the blaze.

        Clue 7. “Look quickly down, your quest to cease… and tarry scant…” Indicating to go to Bechler Falls and look down. The bottom of the creek has some tar-like material from Pitchstone Plateau above.

        Clue 8. “Your effort will be worth the cold…” Indicating to cross the river below Bechler Falls.

        Clue 9. “If you are brave and in the wood…” Below Bechler Falls and across the river is a wooded area with many trees, rocks, and dead wood I intended to look in this area for the treasure.

  3. Dal you ran a perfect blog.
    Thank u Forrest for the adventure
    The Thrill of a Chase I guess I wasn’t fast enough or smart enough. ❤️ I truly gave it 100 percent.
    To all my search friends it was nice to meet and visit with u all. This will always be a great memory.

  4. I wonder how much interest in a book, film, series, etc. there will actually be? Apart from those of us, I mean? And if the finder signs those deals… how will his identity remain private? Seems impossible.

    The news cycle is now only 3 days long.

    • Will it fade into the sunset? Eventually….
      We have a bit more of this story to come.
      Could get interesting……….

    • I made my final college film about the treasure. I went to NM to film with super 8 and even met Forrest on accident. It was magical. He signed my book. It was my first time there and I felt like an outsider but I loved it and what do ya know now I’m moving there next month. Here’s a link to the film if anyone is interested.

      Here’s to the magic

      • Thanks, great video. Now that it’s been found, maybe a film addendum for all things found in the chase.

    • Re your comments on museums in the prior thread, our plan was to auction off the treasure with a portion of the proceeds going to charity and with one of the conditions of sale being that the chest and its contents be displayed in an appropriate public museum for a minimum of 10 years. The chest and its contents would have to be well spread out to make each item easy to appreciate. We wanted to ensure that all the people who searched for it all these years had an opportunity to see everything before the buyer did whatever they chose with it longer term.

  5. Knock Knock…..
    Who’s There?
    Arrya who?
    Are ya freakin kiddin me that the treasures been found!!!! 🙂

    I’m devastated! Oh well, that’s life I guess. Semper Avanti.
    Wonder what’s on Netflix tonight.

    Peace and Love to All.
    Be Happy! 🙂
    Pauley T

  6. In the previous thread, Mr. Obvious wrote: “How on earth is the finder going to sell the treasure without giving out his identity?

    He can go through an auction house and remain anonymous. He’ll still have to pay taxes to IRS, but what’s left over will leave the finder with a bundle of loot.

    And there is no law that requires the finder to reveal WHERE they found the treasure chest, thus avoiding other potential problems.

    If the finder is smart, he’ll keep his mouth shut.

    • They don’t have to reveal the exact, nor even approximate location. But if it was in a state with state income tax, they have to tell to the state’s tax bureau and pay state tax. Of course they could pretend it was found in Wyoming even if it wasn’t, but if they were ever found out, that would clearly be tax evasion and not worth the risk.

  7. I find it interesting that FF said it was found in
    ” lush, forested vegetation”….Lush…
    Well, it did rain a lot lately. I had stated that my search area was Lush.
    Anyway, It was interesting to see the different stories in the links.
    The German one made me chuckle.

    • Michael Hendrickson – I thought Forrest was making a tacit ‘lush’ reference to Old Fritz, who liked to go drinking into the night in West Yellowstone, then get into his waders to cross the Madison River to his super secret fishing hole at the base of the ‘S’-turn at Baker’S Hole.

      All roads lead to Lisa’s Baker’S Hole solve. And in my mind and heart, they always will, BigOnus!

      • Lisa wrote …

        “… into the night in West Yellowstone, then get into his waders to cross the Madison River to his super secret fishing hole at the base of the ‘S’-turn at Baker’S Hole.”

        Lisa … Is it even remotely possible for you to go 3 consecutive days without talking about locations in or near Yellowstone? Apparently not …

        Your messages have become increasingly tiresome.

        • Ken – Oh, contraire! I have been proposing that Doug Preston was at the treasure location with the Finder on June 4-5, at Twinning Canyon in New Mexico. See: Doug’s Instagram post, and the Nicolai Fechin “Twinning Canyon” painting I posted, which matches Doug’s pic.

          I have always supported and tried to add connections and intellectual value to the brilliant solves other searchers post. That particular post about the meaning of ‘lush’ was in jest.

          Some here appreciate what I have done here, over the past 7+ years of having a blast sharing every thought and idea I have ever had. Some do not. That honestly doesn’t matter to me. Just skip over my posts, but, in future, I kinda hope you regret doing that. Like when we begin a new, thrilling Chase on the Appalachian Trail, hosted by the Finder.

          Wink 😉

          • Hello Lisa, you certainly do add a wealth of information to the search which I do appreciate. I have to read all of your posts because I always learn something. I especially like a post that I read recently about across the street from the museum. I don’t know where you get all your stuff. Like Forrest, you are a walking encyclopedia, a master of trivia. I wish I had the time to do the research and photography that you do. I’ve seen your beautiful pictures at your link. Once upon a time before everything turned digital, I was into photography and did darkroom work too…won a few ribbons at a local fair. You have inspired me to get out there again and take up digital.

            I do have a question about your comment. How do you know that the new Chase on the Appalachian Trail is hosted by the Finder? It seems to me that a treasure hunt is something that takes a lot of time and planning. Can the Finder do that is such a short period of time? The Friday, June 5 timestamp on the image of the Chest which was published in 2010(?) and the end of the Chase 10 years later on Friday June 5, announced the next day is either a very huge coincidence or some very intense planning IMO. How do you know that the new Chase is hosted by the Finder? How do you know that Doug Preston was with the Finder in retrieving the Chest? PLEASE tap me into your sources!

      • Lisa – I imagine by now you will be a great cook. We should meet there someday for a feast and after filling our bellies you can walk me through your belief.

        I might then take you to where all the dreams and fantasies come alive for me.

        I love reading your super energetic posts (despite suffering the odd enjoyable dizzy spell lol). You are a gem of the search community.

        • BigOnus – Thank you for your kind words and appreciation! We can either meet at Baker’S Hole, or we can go find a Viking hoard in your neck of the woods. Just finished watching Season 5 of “Vikings”. And I want to meet Sparrow, aka QE2. Maybe he can join us for a fly fishing adventure on a Chalk Stream?

          Still thrilled, Forrest…

      • Yes Lisa a bakers hole is an….oven, lol. it’s been a hoot and have had good conversations with all, and now we go in peace. :). 🙂

      • Dal – Ok. What about “Twining Canyon” by Nicolai Fechin?:

        Do you think that’s where Doug Preston went, in that Instagram post, four days ago, on June 5th? Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down here? Was Douglas Preston with the Finder, when he retrieved the bronze chest? Does Doug know the Finder? And is the Finder also from Massachusetts?

        Well. Maybe that new Appalachian Trail treasure hunt, scheduled to begin on July 4th, 2020 is for real! Is the Finder going to re-hide the bronze chest ‘back East’?

        That was for you, MeBigGuy!

        • LOL…good conspiracy theory Lisa…
          I’m afraid my wee bit brain just can’t comprehend what your big, multi-shelved, library brain can index.
          It all seems too complex to hold together under pressure…
          But if you want to get to the root of it, you could send Cynthia to Doug’s house to ask him where he was on the night of June 5th.

          • Dal and Forrest,

            I owe each of you a debt of gratitude which can never be repaid.

            Dal, thank you for hosting and maintaining a website which connected many searchers and provided the outlet for Forrest to give interesting stories and subtle hints. Your travels, interviews with Forrest and updates were invaluable. You should write a book about your experience and role in this adventure.

            Forrest, thank you for giving us a dream……not of riches, but one of finding something which needed a correct solution before we could find it. Who doesn’t like a good puzzle?…all the pieces had to fit in place. My wife and I will never forget the places we had visited. Without your motivation, we would have never enjoyed the natural landscape of the west and southwest which were part of our solutions.

            Over the years, both of you have answered my emails and have been extremely patient with all the searchers attitudes, second guessing, doubting, misinformation, etc. I’m sure listening to all of this was not easy…but the two of you stayed the course and it has a happy ending.

            I am proud to be a part of this endeavor, search, wild goose chase or whatever one wants to call it. I would do it all over again without hesitation.

            Once again, many thanks to both of you for giving my wife and me, as well as, thousands of searchers the opportunity of a lifetime.

          • Dal – And you wrote:

            “It all seems too complex to hold together under pressure…”

            Remember when things slowed down on The Chase, and you said we needed an ‘explosion’ to keep it going? That’s when I tried to get the Director of the Smithsonian to agree to buy the bronze chest and treasure contents, to display as a Social Artifact in their Museum of Natural History. His assistant replied that they thought it belonged in the American History Museum, but that it was up to that curator to decide and then contact me. Never heard back. But, they could certainly purchase the treasure and associated info. from the Finder now. Or, the Finder could just hand it over, after 30 days, and maybe avoid paying any taxes? The Smithsonian is a non-profit. And Forrest hoped the treasure would end up at the Smithsonian.

          • DAL – Please go to Yellowstone, Indian Creek area and type 44.881442, – 110.779152 into the search box. You will find clues. You will see an airplane and small fish. Farther down there is a BIG cow with its head made from the creek.

        • Did Forrest just move the goal posts? Or is it all brand new, starting over fresh? I don’t like goal posts being moved. But, then again, starting over brand new means we’ve lost years of work. Did I say…I don’t like goal posts being moved?

        • Dal – That new Appalachian Trail treasure hunt video does say it begins on July 4th, 2020, which happens to be, maybe, exactly 30 days from the day the treasure was found. Didn’t Forrest suggest that the Finder wait 30 days? That would also jive with what Forrest said about waiting 30 days, if the treasure was found in a National Park; to give it to the Park Superintendent for that time period, then the ‘lost item’ would belong to the Finder. I like that idea, if it was found in YNP, or, especially if it was found in Mesa Verde, for the Richard Wetherill connection to the turquoise bracelet. Someone posted a fuzzy pic of a webcam view of where he thought the bronze chest was there. He asked for assistance at Jenny’s from photography savvy searchers to get higher resolution on his image. Could be….

          Hey, my close friend and Chase buddy is a fly fishing librarian, right?


          • I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that any “Appalachian” treasure would be hidden in the area bounded by US50, I79, US19, I64 and I81. Why? A longer search season than New England, somewhat central location, has lower population density and less private land around than in most other sections. That’s about 10,000 square miles, less than 2% of the total range area, about three times the size of Yellowstone park. Unless the initial clues indicate otherwise, that’s going to be my first “filter” to gaze through. If it’s off, I’d edge outward from that polygon. Consider it free advice to use or ignore as you see fit; if I’m right and it helped you, you could cut me in for 2%, ho-ho.

            BTW, the National Park finder’s wait is 60 days per the federal regulations.

          • Hi Lisa, how can I find that movie about the Appalachian treasure hunt ?

    • i hope as many of us do, that the finder will tell us how he solved it one more hope
      that he gives fenns bracelet back Ty again MR Fenn

      • I believe the book and poem walk you through his bike ride to his secret swimming spot a little further and put in at fairy falls .

    • I do belive it was in Colorado , my wwh was Pacific Ocean , Grand Canyon, home of Brown being source of Colorado river ect …. . Congratulations to the finder well deserved . Thank you Forrest you are a true legend all ready. Thank u Dal great blog, I was twice BTG and I really enjoyed my trip to Racky mountains Colorado , Good luck to everyone that was in Chase I’m sure we have some smart guys here to find something else so we can keep this blog going .

  8. I was talking to my husband for the first time last week about how I thought the treasure might have been hidden next to where we were boat camping too far to walk since it was only accessible by boat (in The Gates of the Mountains beside a cold creek in lush forested vegetation below an abandoned brown log home next to where there was a forest fire). We looked Inside the missing windows under the brown log home with headlamps, but he didn’t want to waste time searching for a treasure he thought was a hoax. I did read it wasn’t under a structure, but think it may have been next to the creek. One week later and I’m wondering if the person back East worked for iPhone and followed all of my clues to it! I don’t know Forrest Fenn’s e-mail address and hate to bother him, but will be really upset if I solved it and didn’t get the chance to look for it!

    • “Throw the cow over the fence some hay.” – “I was talking to my husband for the first time last week…” 🙂

  9. As a searcher for 3.5 years. I look up to the stars and ask for peace . Knowing the State is all im hoping for. For closure. A 1 in 4 chance i had that figured out. Thank you Forrest Fenn and Congratulations to the finder.

  10. The Blaze is Odin!! 100% sure. Odin falls is the most likely candidate for me although Valhalla Canyon in the Tetons is a close second!! Can’t wait to find out!

  11. Hopefully Forrest will at least let us know approx where it was so we can at least know if we were close. A state would be good.

    Thank you Forrest, this has been great fun, kept me going through some dark times. I’ll always be grateful for this search.

  12. Dal – my hat is permanently tipped to you (& Goofy) mate

    you guys provided the online heart & soul of this chase, and in doing so created an atmosphere that attracted the most weirdest and the most wonderfulest people from all over the planet
    ..not a bad effort for a grumpy Earl of Skallaham imho 🙂

    but if ya feel a bit bummed Dal, think Fennborree International Hiking Festival 2021!!! – re: guided day-hikes spanning the four state RM’s, people of all walks camping, laughing, exploring, learning, discovering, maybe even live bands & dancing’ll be fun!!

    ..sorta like Woodstock minus the memory loss 🙂

    • Oh boy all is good in the world again.. We found our lost Hobbit. Hello Sir! We missed you 🙂

    • Hi, CH! It’s good to hear from you! Kinda feels like a family reunion here on Dal’s. I love your idea! I think that would make you a wandering wondering hobbit (WWH). ‍♀️

    • sheesh.. no sooner is Woodstock mentioned and who pops up??
      (Hi Spallies & JBL ..missed you guys too)

      yeah, an annual hiking festival would be a great way to continue TTOTC legacy imho, my brother and i hiked into Carnelian creek and up Tower creek (YSP) and loved every mile – plus it will keep Dal’s organisational abilities sharp in his retirement

      but what we really need here is some wise level-headed advice on the subject (pdenver) and a great inspirational poem to help kick things off (Nikan)
      ..oh, and an informative promo piece of no less than 10000 words (Seeker)

      • curious hobbit – Love your idea! I am in!

        Yeah. Hey. Where is Seeker? He never went BOTG, right? Is Doug Preston enlisting his help to write the book about this 10 year treasure journey? That’s gonna be a really thick book!

      • Hello curious hobbit. Long time, no see, my friend! I love the idea of getting the Fenn Chase family together in some way or another. We’ve become a family and don’t want to say goodbye just because the treasure chest was found.

    • “you guys provided the online heart & soul of this chase, and in doing so created an atmosphere that attracted the most weirdest and the most wonderfulest people from all over the planet” – I couldn’t agree more. I would love to mingle with you all in 2021 at some sort of “Forrest Stock”.

    • well, if we all annoy Dal enough he might just organise a festival just to shut us up

      Spallies signs a hiking festival petition -tick
      JBL signs a hiking festival petition – tick
      i sign a petition on Focused’s behalf – tick
      Lisa donates $10000 toward hiking festival – tick
      swwot signs a hiking festival petition – tick

      thanks heaps Lisa – you’re awesome!! 🙂

      • CH-
        You mean a festival like Woodstock?
        We have to come up with a catchy name first…
        Fennstock? Williestock? Tickstock?
        What do you guys suggest?

        • I like Fennstock, Dal. Maybe Forrest Festival (FF), or In The Wood Festival since hiking is suggested as part of an activity.

          • Fennstock, yes that is what Forrest deserves for this 10 years of madness. I have the perfect location for it. Who’s idea was Fennstock anyways? What a great idea, the person who thought of that idea is a genius! Let’s have a costume contest and everyone comes looking like Forrest.

          • Kee – it’s Dal’s genius idea, he’s full of surprises and obviously still possesses that great spirit of adventure which got him marooned on a mast in Rio de La Plata
            (out of mild curiosity, which “perfect location” did you mean?)

            pdenver – Rockystock!? …nope, just kidding 🙂

      • well, not really ‘like’ Woodstock per se ..more a day focused family hiking festival. re: guided hikes staggered on multiple tracks. free camping. cheap family cabins, big marque with kitchen/stage/bean-bags. free healthy food. no/low alcohol theme. security. regular bus routes to tracks/town/parking. low key live music. buskers/entertainers. orienteering courses. compulsory water-balloon fights. for maybe three weeks in all four states

        and don’t worry about money Dal, just send the bill to Lisa 🙂

        • Hello curious hobbit. I like the idea of involving camping and hiking. I’d like to see the possibility of fishing, BBQ/picnics, and as you suggested, low key live music.

        • curious hobbit – I’m a few years new to this and I don’t remember many posts from you…..but I like your style! LOL!

    • Iron Will – That’s the new treasure hunt video, on the Appalachian Trail. Above. It’s awesome!

      Nice to hear from you here.

      • I also saw this video a day or so ago but let’s face it, if its true, all though it may be fun, it could never live up to this one. Many things made this unique. Mainly the size of and the type of prize this was. Amongst other things. When fenn hid his, it was probably a few hundred grand but with the way gold prices shot up and the special things he added, plus the back story, made it all the more worth while. You’d have to be mega rich now to offer a prize like his one.

        • Jason – Or, I could go visit BigOnus in England and unearth a Viking hoard, and not tell anyone where I found it. And then bring it back, across the Atlantic Ocean, on a private yaught, and then hide it precisely where Forrest hid his treasure! Which I am working on, to determine the location.

          And then we just keep going! Only the prize changes. I will need a great lawyer, though. :/

          • Lisa- if you come to England looking for a viking hoard, ill help you look, I’m british too. Problem is, if we hid it in Fenns place, that secret searcher is going to go back and nab that one too, lol.

  13. Please remember that this was about more than just finding gold. This was meant to bring people together, to get families out into the sunshine, to explore the unknown and inspire new stories to be told. The Chase was about learning and leaving our own footprints in the sands of time so that one day, someone with a little imagination, will follow us down our own rabbit holes and enjoy their own adventures. This was about character and kindness, please remember this-especially IN THIS MOMENT. Fenn’s hunt might be over, but his stories and name will continue to inspire for generations to come. ❤️

    • Nicely said. It it hard to get over the loss of a “good friend” in the Chase, but with time, we will begin to reminisce with huge smiles and be thankful for the wonderful experiences we would not have had otherwise.

    • Chacing Indy, will you look up Glaciers mummy and it’s big toe. I will give you the solution. Ending at The trail # 328 Great Bear in flathead national forest. How many missions did Fenn do?

  14. I have always felt that the blaze was:

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze look quickly down

    FU=Screw Been= Ben or clock wise and found= start the blaze=fire look quickly= blink or flash down.

    Soo – screw clock wise and light the fire = Sounds like a Pilot Light or an Airway Beacon or Pilot Knob in the Wind River Range. Anxious to find out!!

  15. Thanks Dal for all your hard work. And for your genuine respect for Forrest Fenn. Its not often in life we can touch the soul of a person, to see there kindness and to feel their love for there fellow humans, Forrest has given so many the experience and the Thrill. As for me a heartfelt thanks to Forrest, and yourself for your unselfish loyalty. God Bless Both of you……

  16. Anyone else thought about the picture under the cover of TToTC? The ID that shows the picture of Forrest as being too young for the stated age on the ID and the strip of a postage stamp with a small face looking into the corner of the stamp? There is also a small horse head above the picture of Forrest on the ID. The picture of the jet that Forrest crashed also has two arrow points photoshopped onto the side of the cockpit. Also two small twin figures towards the front of the jet. I’ve always thought that the ID meant: ID too young to be 17 or I died to young B17. I was thinking it may have referenced a crashed B17 of which there are many in Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. Of particular interest for me was the B17 that crashed just south of West Yellowstone or near Bomber Falls in the Wind River Range or the Shaherazad Bomber that Crashed on Bomber Mountain in the Bighorn Range.

    • Dan… the little piece of the stamp on the ID card was a clue to the “Date Stamps” being a key player in the game. Remember he told a story of Eric who changed his age/date and how he “FF” wished he could be that smart. He was.

    • Dan, the purple section of the stamp looks a lot like a rifle.

      “Where War-arm halt.” Forrest spent his AirForce career aiming and shooting guns, or training others to become highly skilled at shooting. TTOTC weaves a story about ff being a crack shot at an early age.

  17. This comes very bitter sweet or me , and it’s a hard pill to swallow for many of us. It has been such an adventure to be a part of this Chase. I have had so many amazing adventures with different family members, my son especially, and this year my husband got to experience it with us. He suffers from PTSD , blood clots and lupus hasn’t been out of the state of Texas for a very long time. We searched this year Together in Montana, in the snow and it was amazing. It was an undescribable feeling to watch his face as we drove through the breathtaking Tetons and finally into my beloved Montana. He said the mountains healed him and I believe it.His anxiety was gone and replaced by wonderment of our surroundings, like a kid at Christmas… We may have not found the chest, but I watched the veil of pain lifted from my husband as he took in the Rockies and was able to breathe in the sunshine. That was truly priceless. I will never be able to thank Mr Fenn enough for this adventure. It has meant so much and I’m sad to see it end, but eternally grateful that it happened.
    Thank you, Forrest. From the bottom of my heart ❤️
    -Veronica, Chris and Izzy

  18. I still hope to go out west again. Not to look for the treasure, obviously, but because I found a place I like to visit.

  19. I believe I had solved 6 of the 9 clues, but going through a divorce proceeding while running his own business keeps a man from solving the final 3 clues.

    I believe it was found in the Dummy Bottom area where the (G)ates (O)f (L)o(D)ore within Dinosaur National Monument abuts Browns Park. Dummy Bottom was near and dear to FF’s heart because first and foremost, he was a dummy, and also he always got his bottom paddled when he stepped out of line. The first clue was about colors…Vermillion Creek was warm waters because vermillion is a shade of red, and red is warm. Those waters halt because they flow into the Green River, and green is a cold color. You had to read Catcher in the Rye and A Farewell To Arms and The Great Gatsby…”Important Reads”…Dummy Bottom has a cliff, tall grasses, a ditch, a put-in, a muddy creek with heavy loads, and a barbed wire fence separating Dinosaur from Browns Park. I just couldn’t put in hours day after day to complete the solve. As an aside, the terrain is marsh land adjacent to a desert and is difficult to search because it is covered with a thicket…unless you know exactly where you are going, and I did not have the remaining 3 clues. Oh well, I do hope I am wrong, but I would be willing to wager that’s the spot that will eventually be revealed.

    Cheers! And thank you, Mr. Fenn…you are a gentleman and a scholar!

    • I believe you ….I also think that because I tried to be ethical and waited on a certain date for something to open I may have lost out on the treasure……it is a wetland and due to migratory birds it’s not open to explore until july 31st.. I feel foolish now.

  20. So many mixed emotions. I either want it to be close to where I looked or thought it might be so I’ll feel cool, or somewhere I never considered so I don’t start having “I shuddas” . The hardest part is the part that feels like you just got to the end of the best 1000 page book ever and know there won’t be more. The best part is we will finally find out JDA’s solves!! I’ve enjoyed the sense of community here and have read most of what all of you have written (except for seeker — I only read the first half, and lisa — I stop at 4 degrees of separation). Lot’s of crazy, imaginative people shared their ideas here. I wish the sharing could go on. Here’s to a good ride! It was real!


    • mBG – liked & subbed

      ..albeit Seeker may temporarily feign mild astonishment upon reading 🙂

    • Hi MBG, I once called Seeker – Verbal (from The Usual Suspects). He hadn’t seen the movie, so he thought I was insulting him rather than complementing him.

    • mBG – “I’ve enjoyed the sense of community here and have read most of what all of you have written (except for seeker — I only read the first half, and lisa — I stop at 4 degrees of separation).”

      You made me smile as I respect both these two but sometimes they left my head spinning! lol! Lisa I think you should be awarded the most enthusiastic “sharer” on hoD! And where the heck is Seeker?

  21. I saw a comment earlier about freed up space on someone’s computer. There’s probably many terabytes being deleted this week around the country. That will free up space for each of us to download travel information about new places we all have yet to see.

    • Whereas I never throw anything away. Someday, I will need to get a bigger house. LOL

  22. – If you are looking in the right place, something you probably did not think of should become obvious to you.
    – Bring a sandwich and a flashlight.
    – It took guts to go in there when it was dark with no moon.
    – A kid really has time to think in a graveyard.

    The blaze was a glow-in-the-dark marker which absorbs sunlight during the day and is then visible at night until the energy gained in the sunlight dissipates. The best chance to find the chest was being in the right spot at nightfall. Something nearly all searchers did their absolute best to avoid. Thus the decade long search.

    Beavers are nocturnal and like to work alone.

    • Searching at night in Montana would be pretty foolhardy (though entertaining for Mr. Grizz). And if the treasure was indeed in the Treasure State (where else?), the finder’s timing was excellent: got in right after Montana opened up to out-of-staters on June 1st, and got out before today’s snow dumping.

      • Brave and in the wood. Forrest said there was some “significant” attribute the finder would possess. Fear of the dark, especially while in the mountains, is a powerful force to overcome. Should anyone expect that it required less?

      • – There is one word that will help you more than some of the others.


      • I agree with you on the timing zaphod……And BTW, you were one of my hopefuls in the running. And on that subject, I hope whoever found it is someone from this “community.” But my gut tells me otherwise.

      • Zap – I think Forrest fished at his favorite holes, with a fly fishing flashlight,.under the stars, with a New Moon, and camped at my hidey spot, overnight, on his last leg of that river walk with his dinghy in the preface of TFTW. And I would not be surprised if it comes out later that the treasure was found and retrieved there.

        Sorry, Ken. But, what if?

      • Beavers build lodges that have “skylights”. They have transparent eyelids that they can close without loss of vision. Their lodges have a separate rooms, one for drying off and one for sleeping. They have built-in paddles that they prefer to use when it’s too far to walk. The spend a lot of time grooming their hair with a special toe/claw. A cross section of a lodge sure does look like a Walmart logo.

        You certainly had to be Brave to cross that cold stream in the dark to retrieve the chest. But with that shining beacon guiding your way it was surely worth the cold.

        • Elbert Einstein – And Beavers enjoy working after dark. Saw that in a Columbine Trail hike video, in the vicinity of Twinning Canyon, where Douglas Preston took a pic of a no-trail area, in his June 5th Instagram post I shared above.


          • Elbert Einstein – Holy Ghost Creek was also mentioned in Douglas Preston’s Instagram post. That might explain the Dove nesting on the Waning Crescent Moon in the Axe Man pic in TTOTC. Looks like a great fly fishing location.

            Here’s that Columbine-Twinning Trails video:


            The Twinning Campground with only 4 spots is 19.7 miles North of Taos. What did Forrest say about sharing his National Forests with us, but asking us to ‘stay at least 20 miles away’? That’s in the Carson National Forest. Maybe Forrest camped there?

          • Lisa, Do an up close and personal view on Google Maps of where the Holy Ghost Creek meets the Pecos and look at the circles. Match that to the table scratches in OUAW. Look at where the two roads meet. The 63 and 122. Relate them to Pages 63 and 122 of TFTW. Two important aspects of Forrest’s life. Then again on 122 of TTOTC. This is in Tererro, which in mining is heavy loads. You can reach this point from Macho Creek, just down the road. Certainly would be no place for the meek.

    • Cool idea.

      Does anyone know if there’s a marker that would last decades or centuries, yet still invisible in the daylight? Even radium paint would have to be protected from weathering and would decay over time. Anything in the direct sun would take a beating in just a couple years.

      • I considered the limited life of the marker as well. There is probably something in nature serving as a blaze as well. But I suspect the idea here was to identify someone who was both highly intelligent … and brave. It may also be why Forrest has been giving so many hints in recent years … knowing the markers brightness was weakening. I’m sure most folks who read this dismiss the idea. Yet Forrest has spoken of being brave in darkness in several chapters of TTOTC. All the hints on beavers relate to it also. I suspect it’s one of the metaphors in the poem as well, with darkness being represented as death. Not afraid of the dark. Not afraid of death. A son who still wants to follow the example of his father. BRAVE

    • @Blueinred, if this person were any sort of professional attorney why allow yourself to get hacked and if they really knew anything about the search they’d know that no tools are required, waste of time using a medal detector! I’m sure there’s going to be other frivolous suits as time goes on. You lost out lady, tuff luck, get back to your day job!

    • Howdy Dal…
      Long time.
      Is Forrest considering hiding another? I figure that the quest raised a little money? In any event, with this one behind us perhaps the question might be raised?
      Naturally I’m interested in the spot and how the poem led them to that spot. I’ll be patient.
      Stay well…

    • Howdy Dal…
      Long time.
      Is Forrest considering hiding another? I figure that the quest raised a little money? In any event, with this one behind us perhaps the question might be raised?
      Naturally in any details you may share?
      Stay well…

      • He is much too old for another treasure hunt. This was more complicated than I can even explain. I am surprised he did it in 15 years.

    • A bizarre, but entertaining read.

      I imagine Forrest and the finder will tell her politely to load up and sling her hook. She is probably not even in the correct state.

    • I also read about this dispute this morning…
      It looks like there will be a long court battle over the chest. Possession is 9/10 of the law supposedly. But the winner is the first one that can gain physical possession of the prize IMHO. i don’t think the chest can legally be claimed by someone sitting in Chicago while it rested Rockies.
      The location will come out eventually, but it may be a while…

      • calling that a “dispute” is like saying a worm pooped in our yard and we have a dispute with the worm.

        • Worm poop is beneficial to anyone’s yard.
          Legal battles over who rightfully owns the chest aren’t beneficial to any of us or Forrest and his original intent of the Chase.
          It was “Just take the chest and go in Piece” and “i give you title to the Gold” if my memory serves me correctly.
          It just sucks that it will come down to what a judge rules.
          All in my humble opinion, of course.

    • I’m now wondering if the reason Forrest said we will be surprised is cause it’s so darn close to Santa Fe
      And maybe this searcher did lose the treasure to a hacker, etc?
      Could be? We dont know.
      With that maybe the treasure was just north of Santa Fe all along.
      I’m kinda betting on that.

    • Blue in red, How sad.

      Greed and a sense of entitlement have no bounds.

      I will most definitely keep Forrest and family in my prayers.

  23. Now its over. Big respect and congratulations to the finder.
    Is it just a coincidence that the chest was found just a few days after the YSNP has opened its north entrances? Maybe it is, but I have a strong gut feeling that its not.
    I ask myself if the finder will sell the items of the chest. I mean if he is just interested in money, he could make much more if he doesnt stays anonymous. The Forrest Fenn treasure is in the meanwhile famous around the world. He could sell his story and earn much more money than the treasure chest is worth. Additionally he would earn the glory for solving this hard riddle.
    I hope Forrest tells us at least the solution of the first few clues. Otherwise this treasure hunt will end with a very bitter aftertaste.
    A big thank you to Dal Neitzel who has put so much work into his great blog. And of course to Forrest Fenn for this nice pastime.

    • it is not a coincidence, (if the finder solved over the winter season)

      however not in the way you have implied.. there were lots of places that opened exactly on June 1st… all along that area close to YS…

      west yellowstone area was accessible way before june 1st, so not too close to there either…

      so the take away is that most likely it was in montana/and or places bordering YS in wyoming…. it is possible it was in YSNP but I doubt that still…

      The person had to wait until a particular gate was opened, imo.

      as the snow retreated far quicker this year than most.. so places without gates were accessible sooner than usual, however the FS still schedules gates to be opened, no matter the snow melt, (they will however delay openings if there was too much snow, but that is not the case this year)..

      • Chris & Dal, thanks for your hard work on the website. It’s working great today.

      • Chris Eckman and Dal – Thank you!!! The blog isn’t ‘jammies’ anymore, Dal. And I believe your timing is perfect. Waiting with excited anticipation of what is coming next on The Chase…

        Posting that NY Times article, where Jenny Kile is quoted and her blog site is linked, might be timely as well. I sent the article link to your email in our previous discussion thread, Dal. It mentions the taxes for the Finder issue.

    • Good job! I was wondering if maybe the traffic was dying down already, but that didn’t seem likely.

  24. Hey I just wanted to say this before it’s all over . I would love to catch up with some old friends and do a couple searches for some things . I am one of those who drive off thinking dang she looked familiar then the oh snap ….. There she goes ..

  25. I hope it all comes out eventually, down to a square mile or a stones throw. I’ve just got to Know, one way or another. Pretty close or not so. g

  26. My solve was just East downstream of Fairy Falls (Yellowstone), in the wooded area in/around Fairy Creek. (Walked the entire creek summer 2019 with kids from Ojo Springs swimming hole, to just short of this spot.)

  27. An even putting my own pride to the side. I would like to learn the relation of things and unravel this ball of strings. g

  28. Hey, so what are we gonna do now!?? 😀

    Congrats to the finder, well done!

    Thanks to Forrest, Dal and others for all the fun.

    • Hi Chipmunck,

      I’ve been wanting to speak with you for some time. I think if we ever learn of the chest location….. you were the hunter within 200’ of the chest. I would love to speak to you sometime about it if you’re interested?

      • Hi Billy

        It would be fun if you’re right, but I am pretty sure that my published solution was not close. The hike is just too long.

        It would be interesting to hear your thoughts, though. Now that the chase is over, would you like to share them here?

        • Thanks for responding Chip. I sure will. I have a question first. Did you check Odin Falls?

          • No, that was never in my mind. The terrain in that area is very, very rough. I suppose ropes/climbing equipment is required to visit those falls. I think solutions involving any of the falls in that side canyon would have to end up on the plateau. The canyon itself would be a dangerous place to look for the treasure.

  29. Hey all,
    It seems a lot of you, like me, are anxious to hear the solve. Perhaps I can help with that. I feel I came pretty darn close, maybe you’ll agree. If I was right, I’m hoping some of you guys out there that are way smarter than me can chase it to the end, the precise location. Here goes.
    To start, I deduced that it would be on BLM land. No risk, no controversy
    This started me looking around Yellowstone, specifically for a “warm” “creek”
    Didn’t take long to find Warm Springs Creek, near Dubois, (means “Wood” btw) Wyoming (why is it that I must go)
    Where the creek hits the Wind River, this is where you begin it. The bomb on page 99 of TTOTC is aimed right at it.
    Take it in the canyon down. Problem: the little patch of BLM in which lies the HOB is surrounded by private and National land.
    Solution: Not far but to far to walk: not 4 but 2 4=4×4
    A 3 or so mile detour by 4×4 gets you in there, alone or not. Drive to the lookout point that gets you down into warm springs canyon.
    Put in below the home of Brown. Uncertain. I think this is when/where the chest is hidden. Home of Brown possibly meaning the home of the chest and also the clifftop, the home (hone,edge) of brown (the color of the lines on a topo map). This lookout happens to be at appx 7,600 ft. (10,200-2,600/5,000+2600) and about 500 feet up from the creek below.
    From there it’s no place for the meek: the canyon below is wild, the cliff a steep drop
    The end is drawing ever nigh: getting close to the cliffs edge/Saddle Horse Draw
    There be no paddle up your creek (because your looking up top, not in the canyon)
    Just heavy loads and water high: As you look down into the magnificent canyon you’ll see remnants of the historic log chute from the building of the railroads. Imagine that!
    When standing at the cliffs edge, you’d be wise to note the the climbing belays bolted into the rock face. Key word: Beleys, belays, BLAZE (see teachers with ropes).
    Look quickly down your quest to cease ? I flipped every damn rock up top there looking for the double omega.
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze: but aires cant: one can’t help but marvel, sing out at the view of Ramshorn Peak (incidentally, not far off is also Two Oceans/2 seas/ to cease?). I believe the chest was entombed in a tarred up dynamite box or some such to protect it from the elements. Buried in a two foot deep hole.
    I know there’s so much more to it, so many hints, double and triple entendres it will make your head spin. Don’t even get me started on the acrostics!
    Anyways, thanks for reading, and thank you Forrest for one hell of a thrill! Peace and love to all.

    • Kauziamos,

      We were thinking alike on a few points; BLM land, NPFTM – a high cliff…however, my solve was in Colorado (DNM – Echo Canyon – Mitten Park)

      ~ Wisconsin Mike

      • Yeah, I think a lot of people were on the right track, as far as thought process goes. I’ve read sooooo many solves where I was like, hmmm, that works too. I ultimately I went with my gut, wings, and prayers. I coulda shoulda woulda tried a bit harder, but, you know, life.

  30. Forrest – I would like to thank you for all we have learned from your wisdom. Keeping your heart open allowed endless access to something much greater than any of us will probably ever understand.

    You are a chosen messenger. Without your eyes and years we would all be so much poorer. I applaud you and promise to take your lessons of life and pass them on to others. Using the same standards and principal.

    The walking of those wings has created a global flutterby effect. You and your family should be very proud.

    This song is very dear to me. It holds childhood/father memories. Reminds me of you too now.

    I salute you, Sir!

  31. Um, yep. Struggling with all of this. I don’t have regrets for the way I proceed on all my searches. The only one that bothers me is one I was about to make, of course. If I knew that one more solid and complete search of my two areas (up a couple streams) would not have not produced my mind could concede these, I should have thoughts, and be at peace. Knowing I had done it just about as good as I could have done. g

  32. In the previous thread, knopfler wrote:

    “It is not in the finder’s best interests to disclose the location, nor is it in Forrest’s best interests to disclose leaving personal riches on someone else’s land for the sake of running his own treasure hunt”.

    Yes knopfler, I completely agree. I don’t think searchers will ever know precisely where the chest was hidden. And that’s as it should be.

    To those who disagree, let me quote a wise one who once said … “the greatest mysteries in life are those that are never solved.”

    Think of the location as a great mystery, a place you know is out there, somewhere, an attitude tantamount to cosmic wonderment.

    And of course you always have the option to pursue the poem further, and discover the location for yourself.

    I would say the biggest error that searchers made was their focus on a few words and phrases (blaze, halt, Brown, “put in”, “heavy loads”, “warm waters”)… to the exclusion of the rest of the poem.

    Ken (in Texas) 🙂

    • Nice, That is the question I would ask. Is the spot recognizable as the spot without the chest in it? If so I would continue this chase again some day. I was kind of hoping The treasure hunt would still be there for me when my kids have left home, leaving me alone. g

  33. Dal, Thank you for all of your amazing input over the years. I envy your friendship with Forrest, he seams like an amazing man.

    I believe most people over looked the simplicity that Forrest spoke of. My journey led me to the Cody, WY area, I think I had one last good search left in me and, now we will direct it into something new, just not sure what yet!

  34. Well, I’m one that knew nothing about the treasure until it was found. However, I’m just as intrigued as those who have been hunting for years.
    Great fun, Forrest!
    Thanks Dal, for a fabulous website!
    I’ll be one of those that try’s my own hand at following the clues, and once the location is revealed and says..”well, you know…. that makes perfect sense!”
    Great job! Well done!

  35. I believe the chest was found around Harlequin lake which was known as secret lake .
    This is where the poem clues take me.

    King M

  36. Hi All
    The key word is Bold.The 9 Clues are Geographically places ,most of them
    are just N of Hebgen Lake.start by turning the contrast up on you computer
    to alittle more than half go to the map on page 133 in TTOTC
    just above the gold nuggets you can see a face tilled to the right now go
    to google earth bring up Montana put 287 and 191 at the bottom of your
    screen and have Redstreak Peak and Red Mountain at the top you
    should be able to see the face now.Think of this place as a combination lock
    and start turning it from left to right magnify ,all of the answer are here .
    Redstreak Peak is wwwsh nail it down ,follow the mountain down,it looks
    like a big nail.Snow on the mountain is WWWH,look up how weather gets
    up and over the mountains.Have Fun and see where you and up next
    try to find the HOB,you will have a hard time with this one good luck

  37. I took some interest in this search a while back. Unfortunately was never able to go out there. My solve was near the base of Gibbon Falls. I went by some of the comments he made of knowing people had been close to the treasure. How did he know that? Because there is a road nearby and people visit all the time.

    It’s kind of a populated area though so figured it would have been easily found there.

  38. A mystery to solve with the promise of treasure at the end…and the opportunity to explore the beauty of the Rockies. What a wonderful experience to share with everyone who has participated in the chase. I do believe some questions can still be answered without giving any of the solve away…like what object was the blaze, and why “look quickly down”? Answers to questions like this wouldn’t disclose a location or anything about the finder, but would give the searchers a little bit more closure, and insight even, to the mystery behind the words. Although the treasure has been found, the poem’s words remain unsolved, and I would love to hear from Forrest exactly what he meant in some of the stanzas. I think there are still more stories to be told.
    I wish Forrest, his family, and everyone in the search community all the best…and maybe we will find another mystery we can solve together in the future! Keep safe and well.

    • I always felt where warm waters halt was ‘Isa Lake’ a man went missing there years ago his car was found but he never was. As I have gone… backwards is Isa

  39. I’m still in complete disbelief but so happy that Forrest had the opportunity to see how the ending unfolded. Imagine how Forrest feels considering how we all feel. Surely bittersweet. Thank you Dal for your forum, congratulations to the finder and thank you all for the challenge.

  40. We want to thank Forrest for a great treasure hunt. We traveled to New Mexico five times over the years and had a lot of adventures. Those memories will stay with us our entire lives. We, like everyone else, believed we were near the hiding spot. We want to share a few thoughts about some of our clues.

    We believed that Forrest Fenn used his initials (FF) as the basis for many of his clues. They represent the sixth letter of the alphabet (66). For us, this meant 66 miles to a certain landmark and we were pretty certain that the chest was hidden at an elevation of 6600 feet. And page 99 (an inverted 66) was filled with relevant clues that served as a map to the hiding place.

    The blaze was in front of us all the time – on page 43 – the campfire with the Gypsies dancing and their wagons surrounding them – and on page 71 the military school students were singing around the campfire, which is a stylized version of a Norman Rockwell illustration from the sheet music “Over There.” The treasure was “over there.” From the campground, we “looked quickly down” in a southerly direction and that’s where we searched.

    The Rockwell illustrations that were used were not as important as the artist’s name. From our point of view, the chest was hidden in a rock well – formed by rocks on top of one another.

    We had many dozens of clues that supported our belief that it was hidden in northern New Mexico. And we still think we were close…just like everyone else.

    Thanks for the memories, Forrest.

    Mike and Jim

  41. dear mr fenn…even though i could not search but could research out area;s of interest and know i was very close…
    it was the adventure….in it…..
    im glad someone found it it proves to the non believers it was out there!@

    if you ever wish to go fishing come look me up would love to take you to
    my secret fishing spots in centeral wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I’ll tell you- in the past few years i’ve seen some of the most beautiful places through some of the pictures folks have shared. So many great solves i’m reading here too.

    I always thought ‘end is ever drawing’ and ‘water high’ was talking about a waterfall. I thought the blaze had to be something like a rock – something permanent- since vegetation like a tree could get destroyed in a fire. I thought the waterfall up rippling creek in colorado down from gates of ladore was the spot. But- doesn’t seem right, the blaze would be too far to walk (no pun) from the starting point.

    If it were me, i think i’d get a lawyer and write a book with the solve under an alias. I’d really love to have a complete breakdown of the poem by the architect himself for closure.

    The thrill of the chase is gone.

  43. The correct solve will be identiable by statistical significance. That means there will be an undeniable number of hints pointing to the treasure’s precise GPS location. If you don’t have that you’re in the wrong place. Clues are in chronological order. The first few clues and the last clue are by far the most important. The snow had just melted at the treasure site on the day it was found. My opinion.

    • If the finder and f decide not to release the solve I can do it in a book this fall … The Yellowstone Conjecture. Look for it.

    • I agree. If you have the correct solve, it will be obvious because of the sheer mind-blowing number of seemingly unrelated hints in TToTC and Forrest’s other writings/interviews that *all* support the solve. It will be a veritable hurricane of evidence. But more than that, I think some of the locations along the path may hold evidence of their own that points back at Forrest. You’ll never see that kind of evidence unless you *are* on the right path.

      That is how you can proceed with confidence. If you have just a few supporting hints for a clue, that’s a weak solve, but if you can see your solve on nearly every page of the book, you are on the right track. For this reason, I believe the correct hiding place can be identified even without the chest. The spot will just be so perfect that it couldn’t *possibly* have been anywhere else, like tracking someone by DNA. And I believe there is an underlying theme that unites the entire Chase. Identify that theme and you have won the Chase in an idiomatic sense even if you didn’t find the box of gold.

      I also think that solving the first clue is 90% of solving the whole thing. There is simply no way forward without solving WWWH. All the other clues become a knotted string of inevitability. And the ending will be glorious.

      But you have to be eternally vigilant against confirmation bias.

      All my opinion only, of course.

      • Here here. In other words, if you have the correct solve … it will be Obvious.

      • As a Marine would say – OOH Rah!!! I agree 100% Ray.

        Call it bias, call it denial, call it what you will – “It ALL fits” in my solve. One last trip will prove that it is (was) there or not. IF it WAS there I can say – You did it – Just a day late and a dollar short. If it wasn’t there I can put it to rest and say that I gave it my best. Just how I see it Ray – JDA


  44. If 200,000 searchers give the finder $20 maybe he will hide it again and the search can go on.

    At least that was my plan if I found it.

  45. I think the intellectual property it took to find the chest might surpass the intrinsic value of the treasure. People want to know (My friends/family are asking me whee was it found) . Searchers want to know.
    We wrote down highlights after each of our 27 trips to the West Yellowstone area.. Some are SCARY (I Ran into a bear one September morning across the Firehole River at Fountain Flats). Some are hilarious (My brother in law accidentally sprayed ihimself in the crotch with Bear Spray and tried to blame me) Some are really sad, we were heading back up to West Yellowstone when I got word that my friend Paris Wallace’s body was found down in New Mexico (Thank you again Michael Henderson for your efforts to find him…And lifesablaze too)
    I’m sure the finder has incredible stories…HE HAS TO! I for one would love know how he did it… Not only the story behind his success, but also the stories of his thought process after his failures. I think It might be awhile before we all know!

    • I agree. I know I could write an entire book just about my WWWH. When you consider all the possibilities for books, interviews, TV shows, media tie-ins, merchandising, and everything else, the income potential of being the finder is staggering, and could easily surpass the auction value of the chest and its contents.

      On the other hand, fame can be a heavy burden. Bogus lawsuits alone can eat up your time and money. It is entirely possible the finder doesn’t want those headaches. In that case, we may never know anything about the location or the finder until the chest shows up at an auction or museum somewhere, donated by “Anonymous”.

  46. Guy M, you said,
    in part I: “The title must first be signed and then possibly notarized. There may be wait period due to COVID-19. We will all be sitting on edge waiting to hear the one and only true solve. I’ll bet hard cash a new book on the solve will hit the New York Times list not to far into the future. Maybe a court battle on the horizon as to where it was found ( State,Federal, or Public Lands).”

    The comment holds some truth IMHO except that Covid is not a factor, but if a Wise man from the East has put this poem together in a unique way, we, the searchers will learn for our obsession if so of our focus was on the correct line of thought or totally out in left field, my sense of direction is seldom wrong and when a poem takes us within a few steps of the TC without special knowlege of Navigation, as in Longitude and Latitude, it seems a stretch after 10 years of due diligence in the community here, Forrest may not be guilty of intentional-ly miss leading anyone, let us not make a judgement call until the “Big Picture” is revealed, NEWS at 10 …


    • Because of the pandemic many courthouses have been closed or limited in operation. This could effect the speed and efficiency of procuring legal matters. We are still at half-mast here in Sunny Kansas. I once had a recuse dog named Manfred who was a real wonder dog…..he wondered who was FRIEND or FOE.

      • Guy, have you ever seen Crabby Appelton, the genius who stole all the trees in the park near Tom’s House? Manfred the Wonder Dog helped Tom Terrific change into a Calendar and turn back time, so that they caught Crabby in the act of cutting them down, Tom Terrific was onto something and it will come out soon…


  47. I am new to this forum, but wanted to congratulate everyone here on being good human beings. I have never visited a forum where everyone shows true respect to each other as I have seen in this one. It is very refreshing.

    I heard about this years ago, and honestly, forgot about it as I was busy with a job, etc. But obviously in recent days it appeared in my local social media and I was quickly drawn to it for obvious reasons. What a cool idea and the way it played out even the more fascinating.

    I have nothing invested in this, while so many on here are truly invested. My only hope is that FF reveals more to his loyal followers so that they can also get some pure bliss out of this. So many on here genuinely just want to know if they were close or not.

    What a great thing this was. I hope everyone here has a great day!

  48. Forrest, at least tell us the answer to WWWH, so that we all can get on with our lives.
    Thanks ahead of time.

      • Ok. I will tell you. The spot WWWH is west of Antonio, Colorado. There….Road B meets HWY 443. RIGHT AT THE STATE LINE. (warm waters in New Mexico fishing rules.)

        Take the phrase “Begin it.” Remove the B, and then translate “egin it” into Morse Code. That gives you 4 dashes, 4 dots, 3 more dashes. B/HWY 443 right at the state line.

        HWY 443 goes down into a canyon towards San Miguel.

        But, as I can attest, knowing the answers to the 9 clues still means ya gotta find the chest. I failed.


    • 44.6422, -110.8670

      This is the precise point where warm waters halt. Read my post on the first Treasure Found thread – this point is established with mathematical certainty using the postmark dates. This is the 0,0 point of the grid, and the point from which all other vector points (the stars in the “Blaze” constellation) are calculated.

      Waiting patiently for Forrest to confirm…

  49. Some more clues I thought were there. In TTOTC he had mentioned water numerous times. On the cover of TTOTC he is standing by a water source with the wooden sign next to it which reads WATER. in TFTW and OUAW he mentions it again, and even shows a picture of a water well.

    The story about him taking a train lead me to the Modina & Yellowstone Stage Company. I believe Forrest published an article under a pseudonym in 2009 which gave the exact location of the treasure. It talked about a secret fishing hole where the fall run fish parked under an embankment…the remnants of a steam well that took water from the Madison up to the stage coach horse barns. This location was between Barnes and Highway 191. Secret Where in the poem was actually Secret Weir which is a low level dam taking water from low to high…the same way a steam well would have.

    This location entrance was near the old Christmas tree park which entrance began right outside the hotel Forrest and his brother built. Following this trail would take you down to the Madison and fishing hole #4, the off the map secret fishing hole where he and his father fished.

    Ironically the article I found, which I thought he authored, said the author was from Texas and was a teacher.

    Secret Where: WEIR
    WWWH: Madison Junction
    Canyon Down, NFBTFTW, HOB: Madison Canyon, 9 mile, Bakers Hole.
    Meek: Wade the water
    Nigh: On the left
    No Paddle: Because you’re walking and in a part where no boats are allowed.
    Heavy Loads Water High: OHMs are what drove the steam well to allow the water to go from low ground to high ground. Steam well remnant was exact spot of treasure location.

    Ironically I can no longer find the article referencing the secret fishing hole.

    • I came across that same Weir by Windfall Creek area in MT and it was actually my final location. Actually found an article about Weirs and how people can drown in them quite easily…

  50. Montana – For those who never figured out the “Big Picture” it was an overlay confirming the location of the Blaze. I downloaded the picture on Fenn’s homepage of him holding a pot it was entitled pic large with paintings photo-shopped in, one of Tepees, the other a Butte. The image has since been cropped and you can only see the tepees. If you place/scale the tepees over Tepee basin and the butte over Black Butte you get Red Hill/Lake as the blaze. The treasure was south of there and visible by satellite – Google earth on a slope. A box with a sword on a 6 legged stand beside it, just too late. South Y is it that I must go and left my trove for all to seek. The answer I already know (south Y of what is the q) I’ve done it tired (drove down Ruby River) now I’m week (walking down Ruby creek)…I’ll keep the rest until it plays out. It’s in the Beaverhead – Dear Lodge NF (riches new and old) west of Yellowstone. Dal, I can email the two pics for posting.

  51. Thank you Dal for your very informative page.
    I can’t believe some of the posts I see, even some people filing law suits. For goodness sake people relax. Finding the a 2 million $$ plus treasure chest is a big deal, it takes a lot of planning and more so during a pandemic. Lawyers have to be contacted, people like Forrest , Dal, Jenny and others that helped with spreading the word have to make plans, maybe even a party/event. Not sure if it will happen but I would even contact Expedition Unknown, only because I would love to meet Josh Gates 🙂 It all takes time so people chill, don’t think Forrest Fenn will leave us all hanging for to long.
    Thank you Mr Fenn I’m happy to have taken part of your treasure hunt. Congrats and best of luck to the finder, lucky dog. You have a lot of people wishing to be in your shoes.

    • In my opinion, the kind of person who would think to sue Forrest and/or the Finder over this is exactly the kind of person who would not truly appreciate the completion of the Chase in the first place. They want something they have not earned and are willing to resort to bullying in order to get it. Very disappointing.

      I would love to know if my final solve was correct. But if the location is never revealed, I’m fine with that also. I didn’t get there first, and I see no point in trying to sue anyone over it. I’m just going to sit here on my bench, drink a nice cup of tea, and wait to see if there is a baseball season this year or not.

      Life is too short to be angry all the time.

  52. Dal,
    I wanted to send you a great big THANKS and tell you of my profound appreciation and respect for your tireless, consistent, thoughtful, talented, dedicated, tolerant, selfless, extraordinarily helpful effort you have made on your website that has helped to inspire so many of us who have been captivated by FF’s treasure hunt. Surely it has been at times a challenging undertaking but you have risen to the occasion each and every time. Yes, Forrest hid the chest, but you my friend created a community. Bravo and may you find all the treasures you seek.

  53. Why is everyone outing their solutions? Shouldn’t you wait for the all clear, a solid visual or evidence of some kind? I know Forrest’s word should be enough but somehow in the back of my mind I am reminded that this is a mystery that has gone on for years – it wouldn’t feel right if it didn’t end with some sort of twist…that’s what my fantastical mind is hoping for anyway – a plot twist! What if the finder announces he has left the treasure in it’s place for the next finder…maybe the thrill was enough for him and he wasn’t interested in the chest. You just never know…

    • Consider how many solves are being posted. They can’t possibly *all* be right or there would have to be dozens or hundreds of chests hidden in the Rockies. And each person seems to have strong faith that their *own* solve was the most likely one.

      If it was announced tomorrow that the chest was back in play at its original spot, we still would not know which proposed solve is the correct one. Some people might abandon their solve in favor of another one they like better, and some people might decide to just start following other people’s solves in the hopes of getting lucky, but the same could have been said before the find was announced. I think most searchers would just run out to their own preferred solves in the hopes of getting there “before someone else steals their solve and the chest”.

      At this point, I think posting a solve you like has a pretty low risk. Plus, if you do have the right (or very close) solve and you post it now while the true location is still unknown, you may eventually get “brownie points” from the community for getting so close. But if you wait and post it *after* the location is announced (if that happens), people may doubt the sincerity of your solve. And who doesn’t like to be proven right about solving (or almost solving) a particularly difficult puzzle? Brownies are tasty. Especially with a soda fountain malt.

      It’s a “bragging rights” thang.

    • Goldilocks,
      I would think it IMPOSSIBLE that a searcher could either leave the treasure or put it back. Regarding outing their solves, perhaps it gives the least bit of satisfaction if after the location is revealed, those posting a similar solve can feel all their efforts vindicated(?). [I would]

      ~ Wisconsin Mike

  54. So the chase is finally over, as the sun goes slowly down, am i happy? not really, there’s tears in my eyes and my smiles been replaced by a frown.

    A shadow was cast by the finder, though we knew there could only be one. Some found treasures and friends and stories to tell, The thrill of the chase will live on.

    As we look back an wonder in sorrow, for us, were did it all go so wrong? The lessons we learnt and good times we’ve had, will live in our hearts for so long.

    So with thanks and love to dear forrest, for an adventure we’ll never forget. We must always remember the journey, because the sun always rises once set.

    Although sad at the prospects of what now, as we throw our solves in the sack. The sun is down but a moment, and like the sun, our smiles, will come back.

    Now i return to my family and my own life, to Forrest my gratitude i send, because although ive never met you in person, ill always consider you, as a friend.

    Thanks you Forrest Fenn.

    • Jason, you focused on the essence of the Chase with your words.
      Yes, I agree – the sun will come up tomorrow.
      Thank you for sharing.

    • Beautifully stated, Jason! Although I’ve never met Forrest or any of the other searchers ‘in person’, this has been a beautiful family to have been even a small virtual part of.

      • Armanda.
        Thank you and i hole heartedly agree with you. Great community or as you stated “a beatiful family”

  55. In reality, considering the immense wonder and excitement this quest generated over the last decade, we all found treasure. Enthusiasm, wonder, new friends and adventure, far away from electronic gadgetry, inspired us to be outdoors and make new discoveries. It was indeed an era that motivated our spirits and bodies for which we all should be grateful.

    The genius of Forrest Fenn enriched us all. In his own words, “Imagination also can be a treasure.” And who here didn’t imagine? Or have fond memories?

    Besides what good would an old bronze box full of gold nuggets, gold coins and gemstones do for you anyway? The brightness of all that gold might strain the eyes, or just carrying the weight of that darn thing around could easily cause a back injury. 🙂 MM

    • Besides, I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of how to go about leasing a vault. LOL

  56. Hi All , first time on the blog. Just wanted to say Thank you to Forrest for saving my sanity as I spent the last three years dealing with a family member who has an
    iffy medical condition. On the tough days this Chase has given me something entertaining to focus on. It’s been a real blessing. Always a lurker, seeing if anyone else was on the same idea as me. My word that is key was title as in The Thrill of the Chase. My WWWH was TTOTC. My HOB was TTOTC (the book cover is brown). My put in was a memoir as you need it for an anagram. You also needed Forrest’s missing D added and inverted to give you the letter p which is what mirrors and looking up or down from the middle means. Also why the Kismet quote mattered. Too many references to keep explaining, but it put me at Echo Ampitheater in NM. The chest would have been camouflaged to look like a rock. Basically hidden in plain sight, hence the fox dressing like the hound and it doesn’t matter who you are, it matters who they think you are. Also the blaze was the big brown marks on the ampitheater wall that looks like an F. Almost like a moving finger wrote it for Fenn. Anyway the leftover letters gave more specifics but it is useless now. I really hope it was found in Yellowstone so I don’t feel like I really had a chance but ran out of time. Thanks everyone for all the years of entertainment. I feel like I know all of you and hope s new adventure can reunite us in the future. Congrats to the finder, love and respect to Forrest, Dal and all here.

  57. So the guy doesn’t want to be identified and according to Good Morning America they say Mr Fenn said “it’s up to the finder to reveal Location because it now (His) secret“.

    True. So I guess we may never know the location and how close we all were or not.

    • I think that’s wrong. This whole thing has been fun but that would leave it on a terrible note and totally piss me off to the point I might just believe the whole thing was BS all along.

      • Bryan,

        Had I been the lucky guy to find the treasure it would be a real struggle for me to reveal the location, or not. I say that because IMO it really is the journey he’s created for us and the treasures you find along the way.

        There are many forms of treasure, a beautiful wife & kids, memories, a warm smile, art, ancient, love, and the list goes on. The journey the poem takes us on is one that each searcher must experience in order to appreciate the reward when found.

        The finder could easily provide an address or coordinates where it was hidden for all to see, but that would be a shortcut and you’d miss the most important part of the hunt. The journey. Learn what’s it’s really all about.

        It’s very possible the finder has a similiar view and doesn’t want to spoil the end of the movie because you missed the best part.

        Hope that makes sense.


        • Very well said. I may never find out if my solve was the “correct” one, but I feel good about where the Chase has lead me.

          I am at peace with it all.

  58. Well I posted over on Mysterious Writings that my solution is 707 (704 on Montana Cadastral) N Electric St property in West Yellowstone as my spot I’ve been so sure of. Hopefully those interested will atleast read my reasoning before tearing it apart 🙁

    • Iron Will!
      So good to see your post. I’m sorry we couldn’t attend the last Fennboree, reacquaint ourselves and enjoy your delicious sweets! Hope you have Bourne up well during these trying times.

      All the Best!

      ~Wisconsin Mike

  59. Have any of the (I believe the number is 8) bells been found that Forest also left to be found?

    • I was wondering when they would be brought up, something even harder to find. Still, the thrill for me has been in the chase…

  60. One thought why the treasure was found last week. And that is because at the beginning of June in the Rockies, the grass is still low. By summer’s end and fall, the grass is tall and hides everything really well (including rattle snakes), whereas after that in late fall, winter and much of the spring, there’s snow to deal with. So my guess is whoever found took advantage of the short grass and lack of snow this time of year.

    • A great point. In much of the Rocky mountains, there is only a small window of time in the year when you can really see everything. Also, from FF’s statement, it sounds like it may have been discovered at night “beneath a canopy of stars.”

      Just a guess.

  61. When I hear it was someone from back east, it makes me wonder if it was a ‘Sloane solve.’ Perhaps someone in the New England area was better able to glean a different understanding from the poem.

    Good luck to all. I guess now I should probably do some of those household chores I’ve been putting off for the past five years…

  62. I always thought that the key word was “it” being the madison river. Begin “it”” the madison where warm waters halt (firehole ends) take “it”” the madison down, madison canyon, not far but too far to walk, follow the madison to hebgen lake(hob) below the home of brown, below hebgen(hob) “it” the madison is no place for the meek, madison interupted by earthquake causing earthquake lake
    (Earthquake =heavy loads now water high=lake), no paddle up your creek, tarry scant marvel gaze ( view of slide from creek) beaver or eagle creek. Done it tired now week, i believed forrest went to this secret spot the night of the quake , (tired). Returned to hide treasure as an old man (weak). I have other ideas that put me here 3 times in the last 5 years
    I am saddened the search is over but thankful that a book and and idea got myself and freinds out of the city to such a beautiful place.. thanks f

  63. 1) WWWH – Clark Fork River at Missoula valley – the city of Missoula was named after this valley, which translates to “place of cold/chilling water” in Salish. Also, “warm slough” is located along the Clark Fork river in this area which is a second possibility for WWWH.

    2) Canyon down/TFTW – Follow the Clark Fork river downstream through Ninemile

    3) Put in/HOB – HOB is Alberton, Montana which started as the homestead of Henry and Catherine Brown, and used to be called “Browntown” prior to changing the name to Alberton. This is also the start point (“put in”) of a popular rafting run through Alberton Gorge.

    4) No place for the meek – From Alberton Gorge, after putting in you would continue down the Clark Fork river through class 2/3 rapids (but Fenn expected us to drive rather than raft it).

    5) End is drawing nigh – Grave creek mountain range is continuously on your left as you go down the river.

    6) no paddle creek/water high – get out of the “raft” at Trout creek, and journey up the creek, where you will pass Cement creek (heavy loads) and Deep Creek/Deep Lake (water high).

    7) wise/blaze – Trail creek is located near the source of Trout Creek, and just across the border in Idaho is Wisdom creek/Wisdom peak. The blaze would be located somewhere along Trail creek (blaze = a trail marker).

    8) worth the cold – the area is close to Freezeout pass, near the end of the journey. I expect the chest might be located near water/waterfall maybe hidden in an area where fallen wood collects.


    An interesting concept to say the least. Over the last few days I have been conflicted about the treasure being found. Every night I have read the poem. Countless nights I have fallen asleep with “The Thrill of The Chase” on my chest. After years of searching and many deleted posts on this sub because I was convinced I “found” it, I finally gave up. I hadn’t thought about the treasure for 6 months or more. But yesterday an urge hit me and I googled “Forrest Fenn” only to see the news. It was surreal. Like some kind of twisted fate. After 13 BOTG expeditions, every time as certain as the last I would find it I finally had enough. Kudos to the finder. Hope to see the full solve soon. Although that doesn’t look likely.

  65. Across from Skippy’s Rock at the Yellowstone River Upper falls . Under the boulder with an owl on it.

  66. Wanna throw my hat in the ring and say I support Fenn and the finder and I hope that we can collectively put some positive juju out into the universe. Heaven knows we could use more of that right now.

  67. Though I have rarely posted – My wife and I have have been avid “Chasers” now since about 2012. The Chase has taken us from the Canadian border, Red Blanket Butte, Through Montana, Yellowstone, Horse Butte, Gallatin River, Gardiner, Tom Miner Basin, the Star Valley, Kirwin, Wind River Range, the Emigrant Trail even down through New Mexico, Padernal etc. I’ve seen some wonderful things, gone places and learned things I would never have had it not been for this quest. So many trips, so many memories. Our kids thought we were nuts, perhaps we were!! Am I sad, yes a little. Am I going to quit exploring, no way!! Being off the beaten path and finding places that few have gone to becomes somewhat addicting. My goal now is to find an arrow point, somewhere, lost to time that will whisper to me an intoxicating tale of how it found its way to my hands. Thanks Forrest!! Quite a gift I have received from you!!!! Dan and Barb

  68. Thank you Dal for running a great site through this entire treasure hunt. You did a fabulous thing for everyone. So wonderful of you! Thanks for everything throughout this entire chase. I stepped back this last year, sure wish I wouldn’t of done that now! I believe I was very close the entire time. Rocking Chair Ranch and Tubing Fork Ranch were my solve, right outside of Philipsburg MT. That’s the place I wanted to share with you, and you wouldn’t allow me too. I know I was soooo close. I just couldn’t get out of my head I guess. I didn’t have any support from my family nor couldn’t open to any friends. These searches had to be done by me, solo, and my dreams that kept telling me more. I got so stressed out bc of all of it!! In my mind, God was helping me tremendously but I was missing something. Not sure really, and I had a fabulous time the entire trip!!! Wouldn’t change a thing!
    Mr Fenn,
    This was one of the strangest, wildest and funnest times of my life! Thank you so much for your great complex mind and putting this together for the masses. It did so much for me.

    Iknow why you were tired and weak, holding onto that leprechauns legs! Now, you are free to let him go! I bet that will free up your time lol.

    I will post my solve on Facebook soon bc I would rather be able to put some pictures.

    I loved this and will never forget y’all

    Brooke from Texas

  69. Oh Man. I gotta say it was a lot of fun looking for it and dreaming of finding it. I can convinced it was in Yellowstone. Thanks for the wonderful website filled with possible clues and the spirit of a treasure hunt! I’m sad it wasn’t me who found it but I send congratulations to the one who did!

  70. My guess is it was somewhere near Sunlight Creek and Specimen Ridge in near Gardiner, Montana.

  71. Even if we do not get the full solution it would be great to know just the answer to the first clue WWWH at least that way we could negate all our incorrect theories and could give the canasta a rest!

  72. Forrest should have Dal hide a clue in each part of this so that by the time we get to “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part nine” we have the complete solution 🙂

  73. I was thinking, “jeez, what’s so wrong with just telling people the general location, so they can have a little closure?”

    And then I thought, “well, what if this ‘find’ claim turned out to be a well-engineered scam? Photoshop is pretty darned good these days, and that’d be one heck of a way to get Mr. Fenn to reveal the location.”

    But, then, why would Mr. Fenn make this announcement? Well, we’re already seeing lawsuits; what if Mr. Fenn got an e-mailed photo/claim on day X, made no announcement, and then some searcher fell off a cliff and died on (later) day Y? There’d be a garbage theory of liability there, but it’d be an arguable theory. Who needs more litigation?

    Long post short, I’m not yet convinced that Mr. Fenn is 100% sure of the claim’s veracity. I hope we’ll all see some real proof very soon, because it strikes me as a bit cruel to leave so many people without closure.

    • I believe at one time I read that FF made a statement (paraphrasing here) That there is “something” specific inside the chest that is so very unique that it couldn’t ever be known unless you actually found it. Maybe not necessarily treasurer but a note, trinket, code, etc. Again, just going off memoriy…..might be off here……..

      • I can not find where this came from – I think on Jenny’s site in one of the Q & A’s – Dal will get upset that I posted a quote without a reference – Sorry Dal:

        In a question and answer interview, this exchange occurred:
        “Are there any objects placed in the Bronze Chest that are connected, or have meaning to the place the chest is hidden? ~ Mike
        “No Mike, everything in the chest is straight forward and visual, except my autobiography, which some might find dull. Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it.” f

        Hope this is what you remembered – JDA

  74. After blazing 5 BOTG trips with my family, I have finally come to realize the correct and final solve:

    The word that is key = “title” = “the thrill of the chase”

    So hear me all and listen good
    [speaking to everyone, telling us something important]
    Your effort will be worth the cold
    [All of your efforts will be worth the cold streak of not finding it]
    If you are brave and in the wood
    [If you are BOTG]
    I give you title to the gold
    [I give you ‘The Thrill of the Chase’ to the gold]

    Forrest quite literally gave us “the thrill of the chase.” If you have any doubts, simply read the comments to see it firsthand.

    Earlier in the poem:
    “blaze” represents blazing your own trail.
    “look quickly down” is referring to looking down to the last stanza in the poem.
    In short, if you have blazed your own trail, your quest to cease, because you have already found the treasure.

    TFTW opening Fenn quote:
    Oh, tell me wise sir, where are the treasures? And the wise man replied, ‘Wherever you find them.’

    Thank you Forrest, job well done!

  75. I will be bummed out if the location and clues are forever kept a secret. On a positive note I guess two people can keep a secret and nobody has to die lol…

      • My solution:
        WWWH – Madison and firehole junction.
        Canyon down – south down firehole canyon.
        Below home of brown – south of Nez Perce Creek and Firehole junction.
        No place for meek – Boulder Spring on Fairly Creek.
        End is nigh- near Boulder springs on left side of bank.
        Heavy loads/water high – Fairy falls.

  76. Well, usually I don’t like conspiracy theories but in recent facts and updates I see some suspicious details.
    Question: how to fool Forrest Fenn and persuade him to release notification that TC was found? Or even better – to release him a location of TC?
    Experienced forger will do several simple and not very expensive things: 1) create precise copy of Forrest bronze TC and make it old with special techniques; 2) make precise copy of Forrest silver/turquoise bracelet (thanks to numerous published high-resolution photos it’s not a big problem); 3) in addition he can make several copies of objects that are placed in TC (with modern 3D printing technologies it is possible).
    In next step this guy will create website forrestfenntreasureDOTcom (March 2020), notify all that TC was founded last year August and start the auction with $2M start bid.
    After some bidder won the guy notified all that TC will be transferred to new owner (May 5, 2020).
    Then he sent Forrest high-quality photo of opened TC in his hands and his hand with silver/turquoise bracelet and ask Forrest what the address he can send the bracelet.
    What Forrest will do in this situation? He will notify all searchers that TC was founded by some unknown searcher and that he send him a photo of opened TC. Then Forrest will wait for promised silver/turquoise bracelet.
    What the purpose of this hoax? Very simple: to persuade Forrest and all searchers that TC is founded, and the chase is over.
    False finder will ask Fenn not disclosure TC location and poem solution (just maybe state) and then disappear. Many searcher will publish their solutions and he will use them.
    Again, I don’t like conspiracy theories but all facts look very suspicious. Dal, please don’t delete my post – it’s just my speculations. If Forrest says that he get silver/turquoise bracelet and it’s original one everybody will sure 100% that the chase is over. But Forrest also know that sometimes it’s practically impossible to see the difference between original thing and forgery.

    • Andy S – There is most likely something in the chest that only the finder would know to give Forrest his verification. IMO

      • I hope that’s so – like a special phone number to call, or e-mail address to use, or something similar. It would end a lot of speculation if Mr. Fenn were to say “I know the claim is true because the finder used verification X.”

      • Hi Geysergirl,
        the finder wants to be anonymous so he will be an idiot if he sent a photo by e-mail. E-mails are 100% traceable. Most likely he send photos by usual mail (not traceable).
        About unique thing in TC – he can say that he doesn’t want to show/talk about it because he wants to sell entire chest to next buyers (like Smithsonian etc.).
        You can check the website and see how smart these guys – they never reveal any real facts. Even when I ask to publish the weight of gold nugget with blue inclusions and verify it with Forrest.
        Forrest is just waiting for something now. Maybe bracelet has some specific marks inside and only Forrest know it.

    • Andy S: I’m working my way through the stages of grief. I’m sitting on the banks of “De-Nile River” today. So any comment sparks my interest: if that comment: gives me hope to believe the chest is still out there (denial).

      However, I believe FF is too smart to be fooled – FF is the trickiest person I know. I don’t think anyone can trick FF. (But I’d be SO HAPPY if: someone announced that the chest is still out there . . . I wish your theory was correct.)

    • You can’t fake the surprise Forrest put in the box. The theory doesn’t hold water.

  77. Dear fellow searchers, thank you for your thoughts about the solve, although, IMHO, Forrest Fenn’s message seems to rule out at least 95 percent of them. Look, under a “conopy” let me feel that the treasure was at a steep wall of rock, letting only half of the stars visible as the “conopy”. Some moisture around and lush grass, trees too, but trees in sloping terrain: no one would find the stars impressive to look up out of a forest. Pure rock towering against the sky – lit by the moon – like a … blaze …

  78. Took my family on two trips to find the treasure and returned with some wonderful memories that we all cherish. Thanks FF

  79. I’m glad it’s over! I’ve been on this since 2013. One time B.O.T.G. (Dinosaur National monument) And one trip canceled due to covid. It has been fun, now I need a new hobby! Lol .

    Thanks FF for a great adventure and to Dal for this great site. I only fear that People are going to haste Forrest for a long time if he doesn’t disclose answers to at least a couple of the first clues and at least the state the TC was in.

  80. I have to say I was lucky enough to go on my last search on Friday May 29th. I found a pile of surveyor rocks right on my calculated tangent from the blaze and thought I had it solved. No joy. A lot of family and friends knew I was going and then the announcement of the find a week later. I am still trying to convince them all that it wasn’t me. Good job finder. Thanks ff- it was fun. My solve was in Dinosaur National Monument.

    • Bezel,
      Great location, eh? Did you know DNM/Echo Park was scheduled to become a reservoir? The battle over the damming led to the formation of the Sierra Club. There are several surveyor markers still extant…

      ~ Wisconsin Mike

    • I was there June 5th.! Probably within hours of the finder. My heart is still in my stomach..
      Let’s get together with Wisconsin Mike and talk about Echo Park..

  81. Like many searchers, I feel I got really close to figuring it out, but never was able to see the final clue that needed to be solved onsite.
    I want to post my full solve, but have wondered, have any of you ever searched Porcupine Falls, WY? I’m curious if any of the long term searchers have been out there and could have been within 200 or 500 ft.?

  82. Could the finder possibly be East Coast Ken with the toothless Cowboy avatar? I don’t think we’ve heard from him…Ken, if it was you I am absolutely thrilled. You’ve been in my top 5 or so potential finder candidates for a long time.

    • My theory is we can see who is not posting these days and narrow down a list of possible folks

      • So now, I’m trying to delete all my recent posts, so you all put ME on the list of: “people who might have been smart enough to find the chest (& people who aren’t posting now)”.

        I think Sally Colorado might have found it; & is trying to confuse us. (Just kidding: I’m saying that because she’s my friend).

      • How far East is Back East? I’m thinking of shy Paul Paul from the UK. I’d be very happy if Paul Paul found it.

        • I just saw Wymustigo’s video. If in fact Paul Paul did find it, it couldn’t go to a better person and we all need to back off and give them space. He is absolutely chest worthy (Seinfeld reference for any Seinfeld fans).

  83. Since everyone else is giving their solve I thought I would do the same. Since ‘RED’ is a nice warm color I chose to search in the Red River canyon in New Mexico. South of Questa, NM. Warm waters halt at the Rio Grand. The lower end of that canyon is in between and ‘Below’ two homes of ‘Brown. Just a short walk down the canyon from the Fish hatchery is a sign pointing up a long and steep trail to The home of Brown. The easiest way down the Canyon is to wade or float the river. Down river, on the Right side, and a short way up the canyon wall is a spot that lava had once flowed from the wall. It is shaped like a giant “Owl’s head”. We all know Owl’s are ‘Wise’. This I took to be the Blaze. Just ‘Down’ river from there is a set of rapids and the Canyon wall on the right side of the river is too steep to follow the river, therefore, you must cross to the left side to continue down river. On the left side (nigh) of the river there is a triangle shaped section of wooded land. That Is where I figured the Treasure was located. I only got out there Twice to search and was stopped both times at the rapids due to extremely high water, and in my Springtime trip the water was frigid from snow melt. So much for my missed opportunity ! I hope my solve was wrong, else I will hate myself forever for not forcing myself across the river ! I will be waiting For Forrest to give us all the exact location. Sincerely; Doug Hill.

    • Here is my solve:
      Chama means blaze in spanish.
      From the top of Cumbres pass on NM 17 north of Chama NM 3 blazes are visible.
      The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad is steam powered and runs north from Chama to Antonito Co. Water tanks and heavy loads.
      There is a legendary black bear that lives near a brown house along NM 17. In NM black bears are cinamon (brown) colored. Not black. So house of brown has a double meaning,

  84. Dal;

    Thanks SOOOOO much for increasing the CPU throughput. One heck of a difference from yesterday – THANKS for all that your site has given us searchers – JDA

  85. There is a great group of analytical minds and creative thinkers here…hey maybe for our next hobby, we can solve the conspiracy of who really killed JFK And how many shots were fired.

    Just joking. I need something new to engage my brain.

    • I was thinking we could try and figure out the clues in the poem and then we would know where the treasure was found lol…

      • Start with looking up the mummy of Glacier national Park and his big toe, clue 1- Heart Butte cut off road a mile down the road from East Glacier, the song for Heart Butte said it’s waters run through the vains of Heart Butte. Warm blood. Clue 2-The Marius Pass known as The Canyon, you enter the canyon to Summit, before going down. Do you want more? His poem ends down by Nyack across the road at The Great Bear trail #328 flathead Forrest. Look up Skiumha, there will be no paddle, .

        • Thomas Conrad,
          We spend summers on the west side of Glacier, hike, fly-fish/float the middle fork of the Flathead.
          What a majestic and pristine place. It’s my favorite place.

          One of my solutions landed Forrest and Skippy on top of Chief Mountain setting the BM Summit Seal for the US. (When they were young, ff was certainly a peak bagger.)
          Chief Mountain or “Ninastaki” in Blackfoot means “Stands Alone” Mountain. It’s the only mountain on the Crown of the Continent that is in Montana, rather than in GNP. The trail head starts on the Blackfoot Reservation, but summit of Chief Mtn is barely on the border of MT.

          No way ff could have hiked it at 80, but I wonder if he & Skippy once summited and left the bison skull and horse shoe at the tribute on top.

          • 42, not in Glacier just look up trail # 328 the great bear , the same amount of missions Fenn did. Skiumha Creek , up your Creek , look up and then talk to me.

          • Thomas, I don’t believe ff put the chest in Glacier or Yellowstone Park.

            My two best solutions were
            1. Echo Amphitheater, NM
            2. SW Montana not far from Hebgen Lake

            However, I would be curious to know if FF and Skippy did spend time together hiking the Belly River Valley of GNP, and did summit Chief Mountain. Just curious due content in poem.

      • Mark in Taos, Glacier’s mummy, dip your toe. GNP is the home of Brown Mt. Straight down from there is a put- in on Hwy. 2, from there across the road is Rescue Creek ,no place for the meek , the end is ever drawing Nyack. Do you want more?

      • Mark,

        I had exactly that same thought last night but couldn’t get thru to post it. It could be a group solve, but contributors would have to open, honest, and sincere.


      • Mark in Taos – OK. Sharing an observation from another searcher about “bad luck can always be trusted” in Forrest’s “Looking for Lewis and Clark” story in TTOTC. I think it may be related to the ‘blaze’ and Forrest’s blog handle ‘Forrest Fire’. I give you Bad Luck Creek:–/article_bba9a350-1dd0-52e9-8eb0-e96c3edb26bf.amp.html

        Still curious why Forrest didn’t title that story on his blog. Says: “From my memoir The Thrill of the Chase”.

        • Or it was in reference to the CCC fire in Yellowstone back in the day. Guess what creek was at the base of the 10,200 ft summit….June Creek…who never got paddled.

        • Mark in Taos – I remember a searcher hypothesizing that one of the undeveloped properties in the Sun Ranch development might be owned by Forrest. The property border was up against forested public land. Which I heard was a great area for fly fishing. Did you know there is a fish hatchery on Sun Ranch land? And that Westslope Cutthroat trout restoration happens from there? There was, oddly, also a place where ‘Crean’ cars went to die, closer to the Madison River.


          Oh! And Stanford University was studying a Medicine Wheel, located on Sun Ranch.

          I wasn’t always obsessed with my Baker’S Hole solve, Ken.

  86. I am content knowing that I gave it my all and never gave up. I wish you all nothing but the best. Good Luck to you all in your future endeavors.

    May we all be known forever by the tracks we left behind.

    love y’all

  87. My find is the Madison River below Earthquake Lake in Montana. The blaze is where the river was dug out (Blazed) as result of the earthquake. Forest parents were in the area at the time of the earthquake but he was not. If you look down from the mouth the river widens out and is used by wading fishermen. I went to look in the spring a couple years ago and felt the treasure was on the opposite shore from the road or one of the island in the river but the spring runoff was too strong and I would have been another statistic if I tried. Congrats to the finder and hope that someday one (or more) of us searchers is validated the we were on the right track. Thank you Forest for getting me off the couch and out looking and Dal for maintaining a terrific website for all of the searchers !

  88. So Dal, what’s this rumor I’m hearing of a second chest in the Appalachians?
    If anybody knows about it, it would be you.

    • I only know of Jenny Kiles gold medallions contest. She was hiding place holders in the Appalachian Valley and providing a puzzle that, when correctly solved, would take you to the place holder. You could exchange information on the placeholder for a gold medallion from Jenny. We also did that contest with one medallion in the Cascades…here is an example of one of the already solved puzzle pages..

      • Thanks Dal, BTW my family and I missed you by just one day at the Bakers Hole campground last year on one of our BOTG adventures. Talking to that campground host was a treat, though I didn’t tell him why we were there. I wasn’t able to get to where I thought the chest was but still had a great time in and around Yellowstone. Maybe we’ll catch you on another adventure. 🙂

  89. I can’t believe nobody realizes what happened. There is no guy back east that found the chest. Forrest ended it! He pulled the chest after 10 years. That’s why he said there were going to be surprises this year. The date of June 5 in the book next to the treasure was a clue. Maybe this will help. The key word was IT. He used IT many ways. It was your job to figure out IT. The first way he used it was Eighty. This year he was turning 90 so the IT no longer would work for the poem. It was his plan to go get it if it wasn’t found in 10 years. He told us if the Treasure ever got to be 10 million he would go back and get it. The latest estimate I heard was the treasure was worth was 10 million. Forrest is taking it with him.

    • Kee–
      You may be right. There was no official date set as an “end” date to find the Treasure. But perhaps Forrest had his own date set. Ending it on D-Day may point to this. He may have gone and retrieved it himself. Very interesting post. Thanks!

      • Yes, On June 5 there was a Lunar Eclipse. He picked that day because of the Lunar Eclipse, and it was also 10 years.

        • Thats weird i had a solve involving john colter and a lunar eclipse. Sent it to fenn before just before igot hacked. A lunar eclipse happened the year john colter died. The date of it was aug 22, fenns birthday. Strange……

    • Kee, I think there’s a good chance you could be right…
      ff has always said, “If I can’t take it with me then I’m not going.” He is going, (as we all die at some time), therefore Perhaps he is taking it with him.

      However, I don’t think this was a ruse. Forrest may have been worried about his family dealing with the greedy ones and crazy ones who have threatened his family and could have retrieved it for the sake of his family not to have to deal with the crazy’s when he’s gone.

      • If ff retrieved it, then It must have been in NM or southern CO. He hasn’t been traveling on a plane during Covid.

        I also find the date of his safety message interesting. “Let’s wait until June 1st”

    • That would actually be a little easier to swallow if he went back himself. Plus technically Temple, TX is east of Santa Fe and the Rocky Mountains for that matter. He doesn’t know the man who found it because he stays 13…. Just speculating here. Who knows. It’s FF’s treasure hunt and he makes the rules. Also, you could drive there or have someone drive you there during the lockdown. I never saw any check points between states.
      Like everyone else, I’d like to know the details, especially after all the time and effort we’ve put in. The bottom line is FF or the finder doesn’t owe us anything. It’s hard to swallow but it’s true. We had our chance to find it.
      The end is certainly not happening the way I had envisioned it in my mind, in fact, it seems almost dull. Inadequate in a way.

      • TMac,

        That’s an understatement. I’m confused at best. Not really sure why the anticlimactic feelings to this but there has to be something coming from Forrest or the finder. This is HUGE!

        Now that the Chase has ended, I honestly would like to hear how Peggy is doing? And I’d love to hear her thoughts and memories throughout the Chase!

        I sure hope all is well with those two lovebirds!

        There’s more to come people. Forrest created a wonderland for the whole world to see. Wait until you see it! It’s not over by a long shot…there’s a ton that can be revealed by either party that would not disclose the final resting spot, which I believe will make you all smile in awondermazement ….IMO Only.

        There’s ZERO% chance this doesn’t go down in history as the most creative, imaginative, assbusting processes ever! This doesn’t happen by happenstance. I can’t wait for the behind the scenes Fennaggling to get wrapped up so y’all get a glimpse into the hard work that went into it. Someone did an AMAZING job making this work. It’s coming peeps…because if it isn’t, then I’ve been hot on someone else’s Chase, and it was AMAZING! Einstein would be proud of Major Fennstein, no?

        Zero% chance…IMO

        Pssst, hey Peggy, congratulations, I think ya found a keeper…


        • I hope so ByGeorge. That would more fit the FF we all know, not personally, but in spirit.

    • Keep, the problem with all that is the fact that f cannot go back and retrieve the chest. He can’t walk 50 feet without needing to rest. And he has said as much. He can’t get it now.
      But, there is an air of confusion within the claim.
      We want some answers, and f could answer some. Like the hiding spot. Even if the supposed finder doesn’t want to say anything, f could say where he hid. He needs to, if not, this leads to the whole thing possibly being a hoax. Also, the finder could be someone that stole the spot from a hardworking searcher. Knowing the spot could alert others to who the finder was.
      To know 5 people died and the chase was not ended, to only end it now would be lawsuit city. So f has to come out with more specific info on the find and the finder. Or,
      The chest is still out there. E.Sloane was back East, I think Conn. Is where his fan club is along with his site, not sure from my phone, but in f’s mind, the trees of the forest may hold. The forest holds the chest and it’s still with the forest. With everything opening up, and Summer starting, the forest has again found the chest.
      But why trick searchers? Why leave the possibility of saying it was all b.s.? What would that say for his legacy?
      F needs to come out with more info, period. If not, it tarnishes the chase, puts him in question, and leaves his family with a negative legacy of what was thought of as a good man.
      He said more info to come, so we will see. Right now, this whole thing looks bad in his camp. If it was not actually found, looks bad for him and his joking ways. If it was actually found, he needs to answer questions the community would have, for confirmation of the whole ride. If not, looks bad for his character. Either way, right now, looks bad on him. He needs to say more, and he said he would, so we should just leave it at that. Keep your selves, but don’t plan any trips. There could be hints in this story, or some facts, like everything Fenn, we just don’t know yet. I for one think it has been found, but that’s a guess, f has more explaining to do.

  90. I can’t wait to find out where it was… I went to look for it last year in Glacier National Park, just West of Browning, MT, between Two Medicine Lake and Lower Two Medicine Lake, near Running Eagle Natural Falls… (TOO far to WALK). It’s a beautiful waterfall, where Running Eagle was said to have went on a vision quest and the sign said her bones were buried in a tree near the falls. I could have sworn this was the place, but when I went it was still covered in snow (May 2019), which I thought was part of the solve “heavy loads and water high”. The waterfall is known at Trick Falls because during the winter it only comes out of the side of the mountain, but when the snow melts, the stream above falls over it and hides it… I’m half hoping it wasn’t there, but also would like it to be so that I actually figured it out… we shall see, hopefully! Either way it was a great trip and a great place to visit.

    • Nick, I also was drawn to Running Eagle Falls in Glacier after I learned that Running Eagle was the name of honor bestowed on a Blackfoot woman for her courage and skills in war. Before that she went by the name of Brown Weasel Woman. My solve took me to a spot near the falls, which is located in a beautiful canyon next to a peak with a lake at the top named Sky Lake (high water). My wife and I went two years ago and searched the area. It was such a beautiful area…I could see why ff called it a special place. We had a great time and we still talk about going back.

    • I searched this area a lot. Beautiful – I even climbed to the top of Red Blanket Butte. A very spiritual place to the Blackfeet.

  91. Awww man I am just a bit teary-eyed to say the least. What a fun time I have had trying to solve the poem and look for the treasure (7 years). My heart and solve will always be in Colorado!

    Seems like the searching community has gone just a bit crazy over the news with all of the comments! Not that I blame anyone. I don’t want to give this up just yet either.

    Thanks Forrest for TTOTC and thanks Dal for this blog!!

  92. Well we only started on the Chase 3 months ago and never ever got boots on the ground due to covid-19
    The whole researching and looking at maps and reading the book took me away during this time I felt like a little kid sometimes it was very exciting to discuss and watch all the blogs videos etc interviews I wish we would have had one opportunity but that’s life congratulations to the person who found it and thank you Mr Fenn I’ve still plan to buy your second book… Stay safe!

    • Terri – Even thought the chase has ended, do buy TFTW….you will not be disappointed. 😉

      • All his books are excellent even without the Chase. I have several in my collection.

  93. By the way Dal; I would like to thank you Very Much for running this post all these years. You did a fantastic job, and made the hunt all that much more interesting. To Mr. Fenn; Thanks for a fantastic treasure hunt. Even though I didn’t find it, I truly did enjoy the puzzling poem and the trips into some great outdoors. I used to live in Rio Rancho, and worked in NM for 7 years. One of the Companies I did a lot of work for was Kit Carson Electric, out of Taos. Most of my work took me around the ‘Enchanted Circle’ from Taos to Angle Fire, Eagles Nest, Red River, Questa, and back to Taos. That’s how I became very knowledgeable of the area. Beautiful country and I really did enjoy getting back out there. Thanks again Mr. Fenn !

  94. I only believe it, that the treasure is found, if FF or the finder tells us in detail the correct solution and all the geographical places and the final, secret place of the treasure! Otherwise there would be for ever a few critical questions…

    • Lisa,

      I just hope if it was found in one of our spots, by your or my words here in the blogs, a little shoutout of “Thank You” would happen. Wish in one hand and you know what they say about the rest.

      Hoping we were way off and it was somewhere in NM or Colorado. I’d be sick if I missed by a week.

      • James Collier – I wouldn’t. Because I was going to drive that treasure back to Forrest, if I found it. Saved me time and lots of gas money. And being attacked by searchers for honoring Forrest’s wish to have a free display of the treasure and surrounding story items at the Smithsonian. The Golddiggers would have hated that. But, Doug Preston would have loved to finish his script that way.

        Oh, and there would have been an awesome Chase Victory Party at Baker’S Hole or Nine Quarter Circle Ranch out Taylor Canyon. We could all practice Social Distancing at either location. And Forrest and Shiloh could fly in to the private airstrip at the later.

        Still excited to see how this plays out…

        • Same here! Just sick that I was so close and could personally return it. I don’t care about the money. More money, more problems as they say. Just the ability to say I met him, returned it to him, and thanked him for an amazing journey.

        • Definitely a movie script playing out before our eyes. If I was the finder I would’ve created a pilgrimage trail similar to The Camino in Spain and called it The Rainbow Trail, winding from New Mexico to Montana (full of off-the-beaten-path scenic overlooks and beautiful sites) leading to a shrine of sorts dedicated to Forrest and his life and of course the treasure chest on display. Alas, it is not to be…

        • Perhaps a celebratory Fennboree is in order once all this pandemic stuff is out of the way. It could be one heck of a party! 🙂

  95. Thanks Dal for all you have done for the search community. It has been a educational journey for everyone who has sought out the treasures hidden spot. I have been at a place that is special to me and it has changed my life. IT WAS IMPORTANT FOR ME, TO FOLLOW THE CLUES PRECISELY. Perhaps Forrest can see that this unknown searcher can also provide him on how he walked the clues from point to point and will earn it after he recovers the chest.
    I also want to thank Toby Younis and all the other You-tubers that gave the searcher community the opportunity to shed their own light on what they have found. I enjoyed his member vault and I had voiced my opinion and shared images on what the answer to THE POEM was.
    I am now on a journey to share my wonderful experience to those who are in need to be comfortable and for them to move with a confidence to change the world.

    Thank you Forrest for the adventure of a life time.

    Take care all and be kind.

    Eugene Telles
    Code of the West Foundation

  96. The poem was filled with hints and clues.. hint of riches new and old-Everards last name was hinrichs so I started to look at paintings from Everard newer drawing and older.. hints.
    Begin it WWW halt to me was The glacier Tetons
    Take it in the canyon down was A road
    Not far but too far to walk.. I thought it was odd he place 2 to-tools so close together so 22 was a clue..highway 22 was the road down the canyon from Tetons
    It also has a hint.. Not far is Raft on backwards
    Put in below the hob .. off highway 22 heading to Jackson hole was a raft on Put in on the snake river.. the home of brown I thought was a beaver lodge that was down the snake river.. very popular and Eric Sloan loved wood working and nobody is better at wood then a as a hint Eric drew a man driving a car that was titled – it twists n turns like a snake – newer Everard drawing From the hinrichs new and old.. and the story of coulter running from the black feet Indians,he hid in a beaver lodge to save his live.. all hints.. Fenn also mentioned that he bought a pair of shoes made out of a tired from a POW hint Blackfeet.. a stretch I know ..
    From there it’s no place for the meek.. joe meek hunted beaver on the snake river and went to the rendezvous To trade and Fenn had the word rendezvous in his book. After his last rendezvous someone mentioned to meek that the Rocky Mountains was no place for him,so he head west..
    The End is EVER drawing nigh.. I took ever and dra off of drawing so it read everARD wing nigh..I looked up old hinrichs drawing and found a drawing of a plane called lady peace with the number 13700 on its wing on the left side of his drawing..those numbers matched the height of the grand Teton in ft.. in fenns book he had a chapter titled Me in the middle which I thought was a hint from the grand Teton..
    Ther will be not paddle up your creek I thought was a hint that the beavers..would be down the snake river and referred to the tails of the beavers as a paddle.
    Just heavy loads and waters high.. in Shwabachers landing on the snake river were a lot of beaver dams.. heavy loads being trees the beavers chewed down and carried to dam the river and waters high was the water after being stopped was higher than the river
    Now I’m at shwabachers landing near Jackson hole ..
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze.. I thought was the reflection of the Tetons on the beaver ponds since it’s known for being amazing for pictures and very popular..tarry scant..marvel I assumed the blaze was beautiful as the reflection was..
    You also had to look down to see the reflection.. in his book there was a drawing of a circle with 3 marbles ..the circle I though was the pond and the three marbles were the Tetons.. he mentioned also on the page he was the Grand marble champion hints The grand Teton.. I assumed the treasure was where the Grand Teton reflection was in the pond.. double omega the beginning is the end..Grand Teton was the beginning and it’s reflection was the end.. IT wasn’t there..
    It may not make much sense to most but tooo me it all fit.. what’s next?

    The grand Teton was recently changed to 13,750 ft

  97. It’s amazing how the Chase has evolved. I was going back through all the emails I received from Forrest since 2013. I love his sense of humor, it always put a smile on my face.

  98. Thanks to Dal and Jenny for the wonderful websites and a GREAT big thank you to Forrest for encouraging all of us to explore a beautiful area of our country. This is my first posting to this site even though I intended to before now. My wife and I were planning our 6th trip out west when we heard the news that the Treasure had been found. We are both happy and sad, happy for the one who found the Treasure and sad the Quest is over. Our search area was in CO in Dinosaur National Monument. We had gone last year but I was stricken with E. Coli while searching and spent a week recovering. Our search area had all the clues/hints lined up and we felt we were on to something. We are hoping that another Hunt is on the horizon.

  99. Its funny to see us on this site and others sites and i wonder sometimes…Could 50 of us solved this together as a group? LOL! If we had 50 people with a common purpose of finding this treasure. Putting aside all our differences, stubborness, lack of trust and a miriad of other issues…could we have solved this? Part of me says that we could have if all 50 put in the time and trust issues aside etc. The other part of me says no way cause people are just that…PEOPLE!

  100. Thank you Mr. Fenn,
    It has been a pleasure. The ups, downs and all-arounds were all worth the free admission. Not at all what I expected which made it all the better. You put your heart and soul on the line in a most unselfish way. I only hope people can come together peacefully and enjoy the big picture. You left all of us with memories that will last a lifetime. If there’s ever anything I can do to reciprocate and show my gratitude please don’t hesitate to ask. And to the finder, congratulations, you did it. Now do what’s best, not just for yourself but for Mr. Fenn, his family, your family, the search community as a whole and, of course, America the Beautiful. I have no idea what that could be but do have confidence in your problem solving abilities, lol. Now if we could all just get along I think, no I know Mr. Fenn would appreciate a peaceful outcome. Thank you to all who have shared a positive voice, those are the ones that have brought me to this special place and the ones I will never forget. And a very special thanks to a poem, a poem I will never let go.

    • There has always been wisdom in your words, Strawshadow.
      Wonderfully said, hopefully we listen.
      Thank you,

  101. Thank you Mr. Fenn the Thrill of the chase was awesome, you did a great deed getting many people out into the wilderness, it was exciting trying to decipher the poem, many, many pages of notes, I picked Battleship Rock, I somehow fit your story and decipher the poem to fit this area, has a rock formation one may liken to Yellowstone, there’s a graveyard in the area, something mentioned in Mr. Fenn’s life story, there’s two warm water springs in the canyon, there’s a fishery for Brown trout just north and higher in elevation than where I believed one would ” put in “, now at this spot below Battleship Rock, I figured a connection to his military service. Now where we “put in” there was a trail to the left, not to difficult, I know other searchers went this way, on the right, wheelchair access, but in the middle and we know Mr. Fenn is a middle child and liked it, so only choice over the edge, its a bit steep and would not be for “the meek” and huh leads to a couple of creeks and the one the one you couldn’t get an inner tube up has no name, so “your creek” maybe, now this creek leads to a waterfall which I believed was the blaze, I got that from page 7, in the preface, Mr. Fenn writes “occasionally its wise for the fox to dress like the hound” and as anyone who read The thrill of the chase, knows his experience at the waterfall was a pinnacle moment, so for me it seemed to add up, the covid thing prevented another search, wanted to go early this year so as not to fight with the underbrush, oh and ha found a brand new metal detector, working, a pointer, can’t wait to find out just how wrong or right I may have been.

      • Has anyone but Forrest seen the picture of the chest that the finder sent to him? I noticed this was an old pic but cannot locate a new picture anywhere on the interwebs… maybe a polaroid dropped into the mail without a name attached?

    • John-
      Feel free to guess…but no gambling on the blog…I think gambling is a “site terminated” transgression.

  102. For 7 years and many BOTG adventures with my wife we are sad to see this end. I struggled at times watching people profit from the chase only to realize people are living their dreams because of it. I have found peace in the mountains and have a few spots to call my own now. I congratulate the finder who owes us nothing and thank Forrest for everything.
    The chase was a masterpiece and a thrill indeed.
    Thanks for everything
    -Cujo & Lolo

  103. Let me just state Im by no means calling FF a liar. Sitting here thinking about the whole “find,” some things just don’t add up.

    1. He had stated there were going to be surprises this year
    2. Warned everyone not to go until first of June.
    3. Said it was found by someone “back East” who was “shy.”

    It’s just all a little weird. Too coincidental that he did not want people to go searching until June. I don’t care if he comes out and says exact location, but to give nothing is just plain odd. Not “Someone back East found it who wishes to remain anonymous. It was hidden in Colorado. Or Montana.”

    But to leave all of us with nothing. No evidence. No picture with the person cropped out. No state location. Just makes it seem like this isn’t over. It’s all part of a plan.


    • Like I said above. There is no guy who found it. Forrest ended the chase after 10 years on the night of a lunar eclipse. June 5 was the date in the book next to the chest. Forrest is taking it with him after he sends someone to pick it up. If you knew what IT was then you would realize it’s over because Forrest ended it.

        • Last time june 5th was a friday was 2015.
          May mean nothing but let me ask everyone…..
          Are the postmarks a hint or just decoration in the book?

          • I believe everything was done for a reason. A well thought out reason. No other reason for them to be in there. IMO

          • Hi Lou Lee: I believe the postmark stamps themselves are not hints. Not the dates, not the erroneous days of the week. These were a Susan Caldwell creation. However, I believe some of the vertical words (portions of which intersect those stamps) contain important hints. Forrest had complete control over those.

          • Like James, I also believe every detail was purposeful including the postmarks.

            With a jewelers loop, you can see T, R with numbers. Township and Range numbers.

            I also believe ff is a Mason, perhaps a 32 or 33 degree mason. The June 5 postmark looks like back to back 3-3 in the fine details.

            Personally, every solve I worked started with a township section 32/33.

          • Zap – Thank you! Would you like to elaborate about those words now in the postmark stamps, and their relevance, since the treasure has been found?

          • Hi Lisa: one thing at a time, and in the proper order. IMO, those are associated with the penultimate clue.

          • I don’t believe the stamps have any information in them, with the exception of the 5th of June. Forrest hid the treasure chest on June 5, 2009. This is also most likely the reason why the announcement was made on June 6th (hidden for more than 11 years). Forrest didn’t want to disclose the date when he hid the chest because it is a clue. Most of Montana and Wyoming Rockies are still blanketed by snow in the beginning of June. The chest was hidden in New Mexico!

          • RichardK: slight problem with your June 5, 2009 date: Forrest was 78 then, not “79 or 80.” So that hiding date is out of the question.

          • Zap,
            On June 5, 2009 Forrest was 78 years and 10 months old. IMO, this is close enough to round it up to 79. This rounding up is the same as his summers, which extended for the whole months of June.

      • What is “it” Kee? Very interesting perspective. This whole thing has had a mystical aura since it started.

    • Yes, rather than going on blind faith, issuing forth some concrete verification would certainly bolster his reputation as one of good-hearted trustworthiness, and as well secure a favorable legacy for him years to come.

    • Maybe it’s as simple as not wanting this isolated place with lush forested vegetation trampled by 100,000 people. g

      • and on that note, If the location or solution is revealed, and if it is personal closer so many of us seemingly and surprisingly are thirsting for. IMO, IE, its a personal journey and perhaps should be made alone, each one, in their own time. Or even just in the mind. g

    • I believe him. Wish I had a million bucks or more to hide. I’m working on it but right now I’m basically a poor, overworked father of 2. But I’d like to be the next person where I would hide 10 million. I’m certain I could give all of you a poem and a prize that would drive everyone insane. I’ve considered a solution to prove it’s hidden before the chase begins beyond any doubt and validated every week so everyone would know it’s there. The age of computers makes things possible that weren’t possible before now. Unfortunately, I don’t have Fenn’s resume to make it as interesting a read; only a poem in my mind. I need more life experiences to write stories like his.

      When I searched for this chest, there were days I returned to the car exhausted. I’d drive home for hours upon hours. Wait a few months, do it again if I could with limited finances and time from work. I slept in my car countless times and also took my family sometimes in a tent. My searches were sometimes completely insane – people would not believe what took place and I came out alive from 3 grizzly experiences and one just on the south side of Quake Lake and the Madison River (no where to run) 3 years ago that stopped my heart as he huffed and puffed at me and my brother. My brother had a herd of buffalo come up along side him one day on Fishing Bridge while he was busy staring down at spawning trout in Yellowstone River and there was nothing he could do but hold absolutely still until they passed while his little boy hid between his legs. He didn’t even know they were there until it was too late to run for it. Why keep going? Because there’s a certain bit of hope you need to have when it’s the real thing. And there were the golden moments. Sitting with my little girl and wife while talking on a lava rock shoreline, pants rolled up at Yellowstone Lake with our feet in the water in black peppered gravelly sand between our toes looking out over the view. Unbelievable beyond any Kodak moment.

      Although I can’t prove it, I’m confident it’s real. John Wayne is quoted as saying: “Life is hard, it’s even harder when you’re stupid.” I guess it all depends on what your gut, instinct, belief or inspiration is telling you when it comes down to it. Or, I am stupid some might say. I believe so I hope and that leads to inspiration which brings success. Believing is the most powerful word in the universe and has brought me all these memories that are real.

  104. The darn quote thing didn’t post (because I used brackets). Again, and recall this is Jan 6, 2020:

    FF: “My vision tells me that it is only a matter of time until someone finds the treasure.”
    JK “I imagine many in the search community interpret this to mean, the treasure is close to being found… there is a lead searcher… it will be found in 2020!”

  105. It was in a wadi next to Gujae Pines Cemetery Los Alamos N.M.

    35.906667n 106.31988w On google maps search

    do the numbers 6667 and 1988 ring a bell?

  106. The real treasure is Forrest Fenn. I suspect there will be people who pay their due respect at his graveside. Same with Forrest’s family, Dal and so many who supported this. Gave me hope for the last 10 years with all the difficulties in life. Especially with all the haters out there. One day they’ll find out Forrest is legit.

  107. May I make a suggestion to the Finder or Mr. Fenn about going forward with the Chase for those who would wish to still solve the clues. Obviously, there is some fear that Mr. Fenn’s special location would be trampled by the mecca that is sure to follow the location’s reveal. So, what if it doesn’t get revealed and what if those who solve the poem and take a photo of themselves at the correct location, perhaps with the help of a physical confirmation in the place that the chest once sat, and sent it in to Mr. Fenn and/or the Finder, to have an opportunity to get their confirmation and the peace of mind that comes with solving the puzzle that obviously means so much to so many dedicated people. Then, eventually, a very small bonded group would be formed over the years as more searchers solve the clues. The people who are still in it for the puzzle will remain in the Chase, and those who were in it for the chest will likely lose interest. I, admittedly am posting on this website for the first time, but I am still a part of this community, and have been proud to call myself a Searcher for many years. I, like all of you, have fallen in love with the romantic ideology and childlike excitement that this Chase has represented in our lives. The whole point has been about experiencing the richness in life that is available to us if we choose to seek it out. If we make the time, it is all out there waiting for us. Let the Chase culture continue, keep the passion alive.

    Thank you Mr. Fenn, your encouraging words have been heard by all of those who have chosen to listen. And in my honest opinion, it seems to be a pretty great group of people.

  108. well, now we know that
    “Fenn said by phone Monday morning he was not “going to talk about it anymore.” And he refused to show the photo that prove that TC was founded.
    Before he said: “Look for more information and photos in the coming days.”
    It’s worst case scenario for all searcher community – we will never know solution for the poem. If finder never revealed himself (during next 3-5 years) I will have only one explanation for such final: Forrest relatives had persuaded him to return TC to family (children, grandchildren etc). He agreed and released information that TC was founded. Someone from family will retrieve TC later when all noise will gone.
    IMO and speculations but I can’t accept any other explanations like:
    “This place was a special place for him, and maybe he won’t want hundreds or thousands of searchers descending to get a look at the resting place of this treasure chest that has eluded us for so long.”
    “In fact, if the location was released, I would get in my car first thing in the morning and go there,” Meachum said. “And I’m sure I would be joined by hundreds of other treasure hunters.”
    The reason of non-acceptance is simple: if there is finder Forrest should know that the information about location is already known at least to 1 or even more people (finder’s family). Also they have Forrest biography and at some point they could publish some book about search and/or make movie. Forrest already gave them >$1M so why he should worry about their potential possibility to have more money in the future?
    Any other explanations of hiding information about TC location?
    In one early version of poem he said:
    “just take the chest and leave my bones”
    But there are now any bones in this place. Why not allow some searchers to visit this place? He can exclude me – I’ll just use GE to fly over this place.

    • Fly over 44.881442, – 110.779152 in Yellowstone near Indian Creek. You will see clues burned into the lush vegetation. An airplane, a small fish, and farther down is a BIG cow with its head made from the creek.

    • Andy S.

      I can think of 3 or 4 reasons why Forrest would not want the location known – at least if I let my imagination run wild.

      1) There is an endangered species of frog (Forrest’s books are filled with FROG stuff) at the location and lots of people waltzing around their limited habitat might kill off these poor creatures.

      2) Same as above, but a unique purple or yellow endangered flower.

      3) Archaeological site – Forrest’s love of Native American history

      4) It is near a Native American ceremonial site

      Maybe there are more, but these are the 4 that popped into my mind.

      Just a thought – JDA

      • JDA, thanks for your response – I’m really appreciate it.
        I agreed with your arguments that the place might somehow sacred for Forrest. But now at least 2 people know about this place and it’s very unlikely that they can keep it in secret for long time.
        BTW, will you ever reveal your search area?
        I’m still not sure about my – need to visit it and see some details closer.
        However, if Forrest not reveal the solution it will be very sad situation for all searchers. Maybe some of us were very close to the spot and other were in other states. I had BOTG in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana and never even tried New Mexico. But if I know that it was in NM I’ll not become crazy. And if I know that last time I was within 1-2 miles from the site I also will not become mad.
        During long time I’m solver at InnoCentiveDOTcom and many years was Top Solver. They also have strong rules there: if your solution win an award you should never release it to public (in simple words you just sell your idea for award money). So, when I see that some anonymous solver won the award but I’m not I also want to know his/her solution just because I want to compare it with my. But rules are rules and all solvers sign non-disclosure agreement. But Forrest never signed any agreement and he can disclosure the location any time. TC is now finder’s problem but not Forrest problem.
        Well, I see Dal published some promising news from Forrest:
        “Please folks, give me a little time. I’ll be back.” f
        Let’s see what he will say us.

        • Andy S.

          Yesterday I disclosed that my WWWsH was the spot where Warm Spring Creek joins the Wind River about 6 miles north (kinda) of Dubois, Wyoming. Dubois is a French word that means “Of the wood.” From there, one should (with a wee bit of difficulty) figure out most of the clues. This is for my “Big Picture” solve.

          For now, until I see what Forrest and/or the finder publish – I am keeping my “Small Area Visual Search” solve information a secret.

          I MAY disclose more about my “Big Picture Solve” as time goes by – I am not sure yet – STAY SAFE ALL – JDA

          • Hey JDA,
            I feel like I’ve read something from you before and thought you and I were close…where did you write your solve yesterday? Mine, incomplete as it is, is written above around 2 am

          • Thanks, JDA!
            It’s good place for search. But not even close to my Big Area of interest. Right now I can’t disclose even my Big Area – will wait before Forrest says his final word about the chase. I have gut feeling that Forrest will say only the state of finding. Maybe he wants his ashes to be be scattered over this place. TC finder definitely will agree to deliver it there and do the same thing as Forrest did with Olga ashes (IMO and speculations).
            Anyway, I still have in my schedule the visit to this place.

          • Kauziamos;

            I have not posted a complete “Big Picture” solve – All I have posted is what you see above – my WWsH location – JDA

          • JDA-Gotcha. Well, for what it’s worth, and for obvious reasons, I think you are correct. K

  109. Just got this from Forrest at 1:45PST this afternoon.

    Dal, will you post this for me please

    “Please folks, give me a little time. I’ll be back.” f

    • I suspect Forrest is inundated with requests for more info from the media and from searchers. He said he will get back to us with more…I believe he will…let’s give him some breathing room…

      • Thanks Dal….never doubted for one miisecond that Forrest WILL get back to us. I don’t think people understand how complex this entire process could be. We’ve waited for 10 years…..what’s a few more days! LOL!

        • Well said. More than waiting, we have literally followed his every word for 10 years. This is a life changing moment for the finder and Forrest. They are navigating new waters. I am astounded by the impatience, selfishness and lack of empathy displayed by so many whiners!.

      • Thank you for the post, Dal. I’ll bet he wishes he could unplug everything at about now. Time to give Willie another walk in the back yard, Mr. Fenn.

      • Dal,

        I wonder if he is trying to verify the authenticity of the picture sent before coming out with info. Without 100% knowing, the Chase would be ruined. He might be sending someone to that location to verify if it has been retrieved.

        • James-
          There is much more than just photos that serve as proof of the find. Forrest has been dealing with counterfeiters his entire trading life. Remember his story about the counterfeit Clovis points? There are many ways to insure the integrity of the finder and verify that the real chest is in his possession. Forrest has already marched through those steps. I am certain he has confidence in the find and he had that confidence well before he announced the find to the world. He ain’t no fool..and he ain’t no pushover.

          • Please folks, give me a little time. I’ll be back.” f

            THANKS FORREST!
            Glad to know you’ll be back…although
            Those words sound like the Terminator.

      • Hey Dal, thanks for sharing Forrest’s message. I was ok with him doing whatever was best for himself, his family, the finder, and his special spot, but I’m sure after seeing this message everyone can just be patient and give him the time and space he needs!

      • Ok. Thank you Dal. I don’t mind if it takes a little bit just want him to get back with us eventually.

    • I find it helps to ignore phone sometimes if that helps! Thanks for being awesome.

    • He’ll get no pressure from me. He has given so much already that a bit of patience seems like so very little for him to ask. And I’m sure he truly does have a LOT on his plate right now. 🙂

    • Take your time Forrest! We’ve been patient for the last 10 years, we can wait a little.

      Robert Szelinski

    • Thank you very much Mr. Fenn. Take all the time you need. Thank you to Dal as well for keeping us in the loop.

    • you gave us 10 years Forrest, I believe we can give you as much time as you need.
      Thank you for being part of my life for 8 years and thank you for the chase!

    • Thanx for the update Dal. Like you, I suspect that Mr. Fenn had long thought out the end game long before it would occur, so that he could be confident in letting everyone else know that the chest had been found.

    • Forrest did say that when the treasure was found and the solve was revealed, people will say why didn’t I think of that. I believe Forrest has a good heart and he will give closure to the searchers.

      • Another thing I thought of was If the treasure is still out there and this headline is fake, it was to bring national attention for the next generation to get involved in the chase. With covid-19, the downfall of the economy and the new revolution of protests, it would be a good plot. I could see Forrest doing something like that.

        • Dawn- WRONG that is not FF’s style. If anything he would have hidden another in the Appalachians.

        • I just cannot see Forrest faking the “find”, regardless of reason. He seems like more of a straight shooter than that. (And he knows exactly how much to adjust for his bent sight. 😉 )

          If he really wanted to “up the ante”, I would think he would take a different tack, like hiding a second treasure somewhere else that echos the same theme as the original treasure, but with a different poem and different clues.

          But that’s just my opinion.

          • I think Fenn is up to another treasure hunt or something. I’m not gonna say much of what I think though.
            On another note, u wonder if Dal still edits now that treasure is found, or if typing dissapears, ?

  110. This was about so much more than the short version of the poem. It went way off in various directions with many twists and turns, but it started with the images burned into the lush vegetation at 44.881442, – 110.779152 near Indian Creek in Yellowstone. The airplane is most prominent, with a small fish right beside it. Farther down is a BIG cow with it’s head made from the creek. There are other clues not far, but too far to walk and they are even harder to make out. This was more elaborate than you could ever imagine. I can see why it took him 15 years to put together, it was very complicated and he said it was nearly impossible. Clues devised from the short version of the poem were minimally helpful. Even the clues from the lush vegetation were changed up and taken way off course. I can hardly explain all the ups and downs – there were so many.

    • Sorry to sound dumb, but how do you enter coordinates in google maps? I tried to copy and paste to no luck. However, i did zoom down in on those coordinates down to within like 50′ , skipping around until I zeroed in on it, and I did not see an airplane.

      • You are not dumb, I barely knew how to do it. Enter it in the search box, upper left.

        • The airplane is right near the coordinates and you really have to look closely, he did not make ANYTHING easy.

    • Hi I am a new searcher only started 3 months ago what images burned into the lush are you referring to? I answered the coordinates and I do see the plane

      • If it still mattered I would advise you to ONLY use TTOTC book and the POEM especially at the beginning of the search. Don’t put too much faith on the blogs.
        Everyone on here is 100% positive (OK 98%)that they have it all figured out. The only thing that is 100% in reality is the number of empty hands.

    • “[…] short version of the poem.” Huh? Maybe I missed something, but the only two versions of the poem I knew about are the one in TToTC and the earlier draft of it from when Forrest planned on dying with his body laying across the treasure, but I don’t think that earlier draft was ever released as part of the Chase. What is this “short version of the poem” you speak of?

  111. My guess is that the treasure had been in the area of Clear Creek Reservoir in Colorado….between Leadville and Buena Vista!

    • That sounds like one of my possible solves. I never made it back to that area. Had been twice to the river though.

  112. Thanks. I got it to work on my phone, had trouble on my desktop. On both though, I could not zoom in enough to see a plane. But I believe you.

    • Ha. This is such a good example of this whole ordeal…I am telling you where it is and you still can’t see it! How did I ever find it with no help? In another location there is a tiny hummingbird that I almost missed. It was truly a needle in a haystack. And then after I finally found it, he changed it altogether to another word that was one of the final 9 clues.

  113. Searchers:
    Well, it’s happened. I knew this day would come and I was pretty well prepared for it. But still. Congratulations to the finder. And a long time thank you to Dal and of course, to Forrest Fenn himself. But a big challenge remains: to learn of the solve and ultimate location of the TC. At that time, the challenge will be to learn of the finder’s clues, physical points of interest, geographic locations and how they relate to the clues in the book and the poem. Obviously, discussions on these subjects for the past ten years have covered the entire western United States, and more recently, the identified four Rocky Mountain states. I am hoping that Fenn’s continued and persistent instructions to “follow the poem” and the use of a good map will be validated. However, I am expecting that some different “points-of-view” will surface regarding the physical clues and these differing opinions will be the basis for why some of us never got close and others may have been on top of it or just walked by. These differences of opinion or logical thinking will be the reason the finder was successful and the rest of us, well. More importantly, will be to see how the poem clues relate to the physical landmark locations identified and used by the finder. I am hopeful there will be little head-scratching as to the successful logic of the finder. Hopeful that all the provided clues will fit together so that all of us can whisper, “why didn’t I think of that”. Still, there may be those who are critical of the original clues and how they barely relate to the finders path. All to mull over as the days pass with no Thrill of the Chase to look forward to.

  114. Thanks Dal. I never expected any response from either Forrest or the finder. I am grateful to Forrest if he does provide any additional information. This has been fun and I’m thrilled for the searcher who found it.

  115. I suspect someone on behalf of Fenn is visiting the site to confirm the discovery and photograph the spot before it is torn apart by the next wave of verifiers.

    • Risky, JP, unless Fenn is already absolutely certain that the treasure was retrieved. But if he *is* that certain, there is no reason to check.

    • JP – Could that have been why Doug Preston took a pic of a lush, forested area, with ‘no trail, out Twinning Canyon, on June 5th and posted it to Instagram?

      Love my conspiracy theory, Dal!

          • interesting stuff. I just noticed something about paintings and if there are any art folks around could you explain something to me. I reversed a painting image, fechins portrait of a lady. There are two, it is the one with the blue dress. Reversed it looks totally different, not right, even awkward. How can this be? Is it only because my mind saw it the original way first? I don’t get it. The two look so different to me, and I feel this should not be so much so. g

          • Interesting, Lisa. I always thought the ball of string was a clew to both Twinning AND tea, but had difficulty nailing down geographic locations in the Chase.

            Nice painting of Rosalind Russell by Fechin. She is beautiful and has an interesting history. Flipping the image does look awkward. It seems somewhat off balance. Place both images side by side as in a mirror and it will look balanced.

        • It’s right by a private road with an old pond and very near Enchanted Forest ski area

          • “Brave and in the wood” is a reference to Bull of the Woods IMO. “Effort will be worth the cold” is referring to Snowshoe Rd. Most of the roads at Twining/Taos match scrapbooks Rio Hondo = Rhondo, Thunderbird Rd, Kachina Rd, Whitefeather Rd(the Native American artist). The postmarks seem to match the dates in a “walking tour of Taos”

          • Eric D – Yes! Thank you! I see all your excellent connections for your solve!

            I have always wanted to learn more about the artists in the Taos School, and someday I will ski Taos. I hope Forrest’s treasure was found in that ‘no trail’ lush setting in Doug’s Instagram pic. That would be good to boost the economy of Taos.

  116. Dal. Thank you for being the wise go between to Mr Fenn.

    My guess is that the person was trying to get information from Mr Fenn and then would go get the treasure. My guess is Forrest would catch on and. not reveal. But expect the person to tell the exact spot. In one posted phone calls Forrest sounded like my husband talking on the phone getting about 50% correct. It sounded like Peggy in the back ground asking who is it what do they want. He might be advised to let things die down and if he did not get the person’s name that is a clue

  117. O.K.,,, If one uses the poem that is written with all the starting lines even, draw a prisise line down conecting the end of each line makeing kind of a wavey line on the right side of the poem. Now flip it upside down. The poem is a map. g

      • i did as you suggested. i still didnt get it. i did notice many of the letters that end the sentence are the same.

        • Connect the dots, the last letter or punctuation in each line. It is the profile of a Native American looking to our left, his right. They are always looking to their right.

  118. Some of my friends would like to offer thanks to Forrest, Jenny and Dal. Goofy not so much.
    In no particular order here are the culprits. Perhaps you remember some of them.

    – Iceman
    – Maverick
    – Easy Peazy
    – Cornfield Cowboy
    – Road Runner
    – Deputy Dawg
    – Lucky Guy
    – Rocketman
    – Captain Jack

    I will miss you all. Adios Amigos.

    • I recognize most of them and they have influenced my chase more than you can imagine.
      Lucky Guy and Maverick were actually a big reason I stayed in the chase even after I had found my spot.

      Thanks Mr Obvious. You’re the best!

  119. Dal, now that the treasure has been found, is the correct “solve” going to be published? As someone who was not smart enough to solve the clues, I am very interested to know the correct solve.
    BTW – The only mini-hunt I correctly solved was the one on the way to Concrete, WA. And that’s because I have been there and recognized the clues. However, by the time I saw the hints it had already been clamed.
    Please publish the correct solve!


      • I’d settle for the nature of what wwh actually was. Over nearly a decade, like everyone else, I came up with a lot of warm waters. Was it a hot spring, grotto, trout stream or something historical like sadness (crying) or steam powered machinery? I tried not to rule out any source of warm waters. I’d be content just to have that answered.

      • Dal, thanks for your blog, it was a good place to trade ideas. What are you going to do to entertain yourself now?

        • Freddie-
          I am trying to find a small trailer Esmerelda can tug around so Kathy and I can travel the mountains for a few summers and explore some of the mesmerizingly beautiful nooks and crannies searchers have tempted me with in glorious photos… And of course tease the fish here and there… 🙂

      • At least they said what we’re not getting…


        That’s not nothing though. We could have gone on forever not knowing it was found.

  120. I think a better alternative to sitting here glued to the screen waiting to hear about the location would be to keep following our own solutions. I’ll bet if someone else is finds the spot they’d be able to see a large “box-shaped” area where it was recovered! Maybe even a note from the finder…

    • Hi Steve: if I was 100% certain of that, I would have kept with my original plan to leave today for Montana. But now that the chest is gone, there’s just no way of knowing (at least yet) whether there is any evidence at the find site for a “second solver” to confirm their solution. For mine there ~should~ be, but that’s a long way to go just for peace of mind and closure.

      • Agreed – there may be no indication at the site. But as a way to continue the adventure, for some it may be worth it. And with nothing to lose, a second finder would be able to post all kinds of photos of the location foir others to make their own judgement.
        That being said I’m of the opinion that more details are coming soon so I’m fine waiting.

  121. Note to FF
    What does FF and the finder owe us? Nothing really. If anyone got involved in the chase knowing that there would be some type of closure at some point then they were naive. We are owed nothing and may never get anything.

    That being said, there are many of us that put lots of time, money, and effort into this. Some of us have come up with perfect solutions and drove out the same day half way across the country while leaving our family at home. The treasure stopped being Fenn’s 10 years ago. It may belong to the recent finder now. But the Chase has belonged to all of us in the search community. It has so for 10 years. We as a whole have owned it. Our families have owned it.

    Forrest gave us the Chase but still he doesn’t owe us any answers. I do believe that Forrest is the type of person that wouldn’t give this to us, let us live it, then just let it end without closure for us.

    My wife, and others think it was all a scam. I find myself unable to give any fact based argument otherwise. I do believe it was real though. I do believe Forrest will give us the proper ending to the Chase that he gave us 10 years ago. I hope that I’m right. Not just for me, but for all involved in the Chase.

    • If it was all just a scam, perhaps for some twisted joke, then why end it? He could just go on saying nobody has found it yet and take the truth to his grave, laughing all the way. Nobody would be able to prove him wrong. By announcing that it has been found, he has called down additional scrutiny on himself that is bound to make his life more difficult.

      No, I believe him when he says the treasure is real, that it was out there for anyone to find, and that it has been found by someone he does not personally know. By applying Occam’s Razor, I find that to be the most direct explanation.

  122. What I believe that will be announced when Forrest returns is that the MAN back East was in fact the Federal Govt. Most of us know that Forrest doesn’t have any friends with the FBI, and after 5 or 6 deaths they’ve tired of the hunt for treasure on what has to be Public Lands. All in my humble opinion.

    • This is a real possibility. The government can use LIDAR and fly it over public lands. If they had the first couple clues figured out from the poem they could find it easily. Now the question is are they going to keep it or give it back to Fenn. If they give it back, will Fenn give it to the lead searcher. Who would that be? ….
      Or some old guy from New England really found it and ain’t tellin’.

      You pick. Don’t you just love conspiracy theories? They go well with the Chase. More intrigue. More suspense. Really you can’t make this stuff up. But even if you did, IMAGINATION is part of the game.

  123. Forrest seems to have taken the role of spokesperson for the finder. I’m not sure I’d want to put Forrest in that position if I was the finder. I would’ve hired a neutral publicist so as not to burden Forrest with the circus to come (media and otherwise) but I’m sure there is a reason for this.

    • As the one who hid the chest and wrote the poem, I think Forrest would be facing a circus even if the Finder went completely public about everything. And if he really did “try to think of everything”, that certainly had to be one of the possibilities he thought of. I think it is more a case of Forrest and the Finder trying to get all their ducks in a row before either of them reveals anything.

      Give it time. Forrest will share whatever information he feels it is appropriate to share. As to the Finder, the story is in his hands now, quite literally.

  124. Dear Mr. Fenn:

    I finished that project we talked about and my teacher seemed to like it. I got an A. Thanks for the encouragement along the way. I’m waiting right now for final grades. I don’t know if I’ll have to take the final or not, but I’ll know sometime soon I think. My last slide was a picture and the class liked it a lot. Maybe I’ll have to travel to see it for real one day?

    Thank you sir,
    Ben Castillo

  125. Did anyone else think the
    Poem was an address
    Twenty four Sundance
    Bench road

    • Hey Val MT,
      In 2014, I came up with a private address along the Madison River that ff “may have” owned just off Sundance Bench Road on Trumpeter Swan Rd…near the big bend of the Madison River…But could never confirm from Cadastral records that it had been FF’s.
      His family definitely fished that area near $3 bridge, but there is NO LUSH vegetation there, only sage brush bluffs.

      That area of the Madison has been largely placed into public trusts.

  126. You know, after seeing the nastiness and angry accusations on Facebook groups, plus hearing of lawsuits being filed already, it sure is nice to come back here and find everyone discussing theories and solves and even frustrations in a rational and friendly way—and being much more respectful to Forrest. I’m sorry that I got into the Chase so late, and was shy about posting here for the most part. I’m also sad that I didn’t get the chance to go to Fennboree this summer like I’d hoped to do. I would have liked to get to know some of you. As a person who has mobility issues and can’t travel as much as I’d like or be very active, being a treasure hunter, even mostly an armchair one, was a lot of fun. If anyone ever decides to have a searcher’s meetup in Colorado ( where I live) I hope you’ll post it somewhere, so maybe my search partners and I could come say Hi. It would be fun to swap stories and talk with people who understand feeling kind of lost right now.

  127. I am owed nothing from Forrest or the finder. If any information comes forth it is a gift. I got exactly what was offered, the thrill of the Chase. I am grateful for all Forrest has put into this crazy hunt. I have made friends along the way and have learned so much. I have jumped up and down with excitement at a discovery I thought was the missing clue. I have treasures that can’t be spent or stolen and knowledge that will stay with me forever. I believed Forrest when he said he hid the chest and I believe him that someone found it. I don’t question his integrity. I am sad that I no longer have the same dream of being the one finder, but I have a new part of myself that I like. I can’t wait to see what my next adventure will be. Thanks to everyone who helped grow the Chase into a rewarding thrill.

    • Stickwitch, Thats a great sentiment. Healthy and strong, objectively aware, gratitude, no whining .

      Fate dealt us 4 cards and a joker, and we played.

      • That’s right OS2

        I feel privileged to have sat in on the poker game. It was an 8 year run for me. Loved every minute!

      • Hey Strawshadow (aka Snakecharmer) and Golden Retrievers…we had some good times searching together a time or two, didnt we? Oh how I will miss Fennborree, late nights talking Fenn around the campfire and drinking truth serum aka margaritas at the Sagebrush in Taos. We searched 4 states, and I for one lost count of my many solutions and BOTG adventures a long time ago. No rabbit hole was too small for me to jump head first into! 45K search miles on my Xterra (tent in a can) and she’s still running strong. Cynthia was the glue and inspiration that tied us all together. That woman is a searching machine and a true treasure hunter. Oh, the fun we had on this marvelous magical mystery tour chasing treasure and adventure. Shout out to Jeremy Parnell and the synchronicities we experienced in the chase as well… that was too much fun to run into you in Cimarron Canyon (sorry I tried to steal your campsite LOL). Thanks Dal for the best blog ever, and thank you Forrest for your generosity of spirit. You gave me good advice when my life was falling apart and I’ll treasure our friendship forever. Thanks to everyone else whose path crossed mine on this journey of a lifetime. It has been a blast and sadly I feel like I lost my best friend.

        • Sally – Always enjoyed reading your posts. I wish I had had the chance to “meet” you earlier. You sound like a blast and I would have loved to join you on some of your adventures! You have my email and the offer still stands that if you are ever in my neck of the woods, we’ll get together and go explore some of the places Norman Maclean fished along the Blackfoot! 🙂

    • Stickwitch – “I am sad that I no longer have the same dream of being the one finder, but I have a new part of myself that I like.”

      What a bold and powerful statement! I love it! You didn’t find the treasure, but it sounds like you found something much more rewarding. Keep that thought!

      • Thanks Geysergirl. I found that with perseverance and hope you can get through anything. OS2, to me the joker was a wild card to use on the poem. Gives the player better odds. Feels like the Chase is closing the lid on it’s caddis for the last time and it is surreal to me. I will probably think in Fenn terms for quite a bit . It has been such a blast and I am so glad I found it when I needed it.

  128. Thanks Mr Fenn i have learned so much about history, art, native Americans and more. You have been a wonderful teacher,
    I’ll be listening Good… take care

    P.S. imo not far but too far to walk is a clue for scooting down or crawling.

  129. I will miss playing poker with Forrest Fenn. I will miss the mind games. I will miss the competition. I will miss his invitation to join him at his favorite childhood places. I will miss his wit and his genius. As much as I wanted to be the one to find the treasure I value his friendship and acceptance more. I’m glad I had the chance to attend the Fennborree three years ago and meet him in person. I doubt he will ever be forgotten.

  130. I’ve often wondered if the path to the treasure led through his older books somehow. I hope we find out.

    • I toyed with Teepee Smoke as WWWH as in Tea and Pee, so the first clue is smoke

  131. FF has no doubt that the find is authentic. He has mentioned several times that he put something special in the box for the finder, but never has told anybody any thing about what is. When he can see that item he knows that it is not a fake.

    • Totally agree. It would only take one prominent item that was never mentioned and never shown in any pre-hide photo. A faker would not know about it, so would not know to fake that part of any photo. So if the item is visible, the photo has to be real. And by making it a prominent part of the treasure, the Finder would almost certainly want it to be in the “evidence photo”.

  132. Hi Forrest…I hope you are doing very well.
    I’m happy for you to have gotten to experience the find, and now you know that all your hard work on the poem worked. j

  133. “Dal, will you post this for me please
    ‘Please folks, give me a little time. I’ll be back.’ f”

    Yes, he has a lot of legal stuff to deal with, certainly.

    But when Shiloh said in the interview on Sunday that obviously ff “wouldn’t be saying anything today,” I felt very sad. Every loss replays every other ungrieved loss in our lives, and no one can fully grieve a loss, let’s face it. Think of how many losses ff has had, just in the last 10 years we’ve “known” him! If the spot has memorial connections to one or more of his family members, and is certainly evocative to him of his own death, imagine how he feels now. The overwhelming feelings, the grief, the richness and the just… immensity… of having shared it with even one person, and it all ending, now.

    Remember how ff wrote in TTOTC about Eric Sloane not dating his letters or paintings so as to delay aging? Maybe the find is kind of like a huge date having been stamped on the painting of his life. It’s a lot to take in.

    I doubt he’s reading these (also a lot to take in!!), but just in case, Forrest, take your time, it’s really only an imaginary box to us with nice stuff in it and mostly, really, a symbol of what we long for, who “owns” “it,” whether or not we can still get it. And of course we can. We can wait.

    “The best way out is always through”–Frost
    “If you’re going through hell, keep going” –Churchill
    “In a gentle way, you can shake the world” –Gandhi

    Thanks for shaking the world.

  134. Well, much Gratitude to you, sir. Mr Fenn: I took two adult friends to trips out to find it in the Rockies and in Yellowstone & bonded in ways that can’t be undone, then had a hundred amazing conversations, and then got both my kids engaged like no one’s business with the Imagination of it all – I now have no doubt, should they grow up and find massive success, that they’ll fully copy your lead and all ya all’s grandchildren will hear about those crazy SOB’s who hid another treasure chest out there in the Rockies.
    I won’t dare bemoan that it wasn’t me that found it – it was indeed, as you foretold, the thrill of the chase. Take care, much love to you and yours, …and I hope you got that bracelet back.

    For others:
    The kids and I have 2 solid solves, both of which were equally valid, and one of which I think included exactly all the clues on that page of the book – I kinda hope that the location ISN’T announced so that that ‘perfect solve’ stays just as perfect as it truly is. 😉
    However, I understand the pull of wanting to post here, and later confirm how “right” one was…. so I’ll just be as subtle as Mr Fenn might be, and say:

    I tried to reach your pot of gold but the key to that twin’s path was closed for years, keeping me away from that cliffhanger – I guess you could blame my waning mettle and cold resolve …even though everything else a lucky irish lad would expect was still beautifully available.
    We found indeed what we were sure was a rare clue on Google earth, but not such as you’d likely link the things together. However, it did make the “flashlight and sandwich” note make all the sense in the world. Hiding in plain sight is no easy task, but of COURSE that was where the trail of breadcrumbs terminated. Of course what you chose to do. Love that sense of humor.

    – The thing that made the most sense was the parking lot, followed by the two trips of indeterminate mode.
    – The thing that glared most like a blaze was a little math-flavored and that was a shock since I presumed at first read it was purely a one step thing, just a visual. It was thinking ahead far more steps than that… (WAY too far to walk, once. And again, now, in this new, yet parallel place).
    – The thing that was the most vexing, or mystical, was that you seemingly said “there’s no secret code”, and yet if this solve is correct, there was indeed a code. I cannot fathom for very long that it was happenstance, because It seems too perfectly like it’s an old Poet’s trick, one used even by the greatest Bard’s, …hidden in your clues. I shan’t use it here, that’s too on the head.
    – The thing I doubt you intended was the biography showed through in all your writing. I’m much more curious about your tiny handwritten bio than any of the ‘treasures’ in your box; rather, I think it may be the secrets in your chest that I think are the most sacred gold in all this.

    The fact you chose a poem rather than a list or map was always of note to me. Words, and Art, hold power. Stories are gold – Especially those of amazing daring. This chase proves it. Well done, sir. Hat off to you.

  135. The only thing I can think of is that the finder didnt want to be associated with its findy spot for some reason? Maybe to hide their tracks from Big Brother? I believe forrest when he said he thought of everything but it seems odd to not give the poem solve out and understandably not the persons name. Am I owed anything? I’d say NO but at the same time it just doesnt make sense to me not to disclose the poem solve…just imho. Maybe something really weird happened

    • Tex-
      I can think of a couple of good reasons…the best excuse is one that has been mentioned by generous searchers on this blog for many years…

      When many searchers were asked what they would do with the chest when they found it some replied that they would take something but leave some for the next person so the chase could continue…

      If that is what the finder has done then he would definitely not want the location or his solution divulged and this chase would just keep going…

      I certainly don’t know that this is the case…I’m just saying that’s one possible reason that we won’t be told the location or the solution…just yet…

      • Good point Dal! Always heard that and had the tendency to believe it was “All feel good fluff”. Guess we will see. Be cool if it continued! Almost inspirational in and of Itself!!! Ohhh no…now the wheels are turning again!!

      • From your lips to the Finder’s (and Forrest’s ears). It would allow all of us to continue to search for the elusive spot if we felt what remained justified the effort.

      • My thoughts too, Dal!
        That would a great and generous offer I’ve contemplated myself.
        But then again, reality will surely set in to the finder: “How much wealth is enough or too much?”
        Need seems to be infinite.

        • A wise man once said, ” Anyone who dies with more than $50 dollars is a failure.” 😉

        • As with string, bottle caps, and gravy, too much of something can leave you unsatisfied. There is no thrill to be had in pursuing what you can find all around you.

          Enough is better than too much.

  136. Things that I found that seem to be important to the solve:
    Dogs – pictures hidden with dogs
    Horses – found many pictures with horse heads in them – look at the fish in Skippy’s mouth – they are really horses.
    Big Horn
    John C Fremont (John Charles)
    An IV – sticky
    Red Cloud – I went outside and the sun went behind a cloud – It killed me for sure -Brown was killed in Red Cloud War
    Guernsey, Wy.
    B-17 Bomber
    the name Douglas
    Togwatee – Go to tea with Olga – Go to Olga and have tea
    Young Men and Fire – Mann Gulch – Norman McLean
    The Fettermen Massacre – Brown was killed – Red Cloud
    100 Men killed – Red Cloud war – He shot the 100 dollar bill
    A pilot beacon or Airway Beacon or a place called Pilot Knob
    A rabbit or hare
    Dog Creek – picture of dogs head sticking out of the sidewalk – Dogcrete
    A hog- on the back of a dog – Hoback? Hogback?

    So Many more!!

  137. The chase is done, thank you Forrest for the entertainment.
    I hope the rest works out well for everyone.

    Just one thought, the 200 and 500 footers?
    Do you think Forrest kept track of them for future reference?
    Do you think when the chest location is made public, that they will they be able to identify it with their search?

  138. I believe the chest was at the top of Reese creek around cache lake. I believe joe meek went up there trying to figure out where he was going and that maybe inspired Forrest to go up. I also thought when he said “ from there” in the poem, he was referring to the spot where the chest was

  139. Congratulations to Forrest, the finder, and the real fans of the thrill of the Chase!

    One question for Forrest:

    If we keep searching for your special spot, will we know if we are in the right spot even if the chest isn’t there anymore?

    Thanks again,

    ~Allen K.

    • Allen K – Glad you posted! Could you reply here with that pic and caption of that awesome, gnarled tree that Eric Sloane posted? It involved a potential location for GOLD, if I remember correctly. Do you think that tree was out Twining Canyon in the Taos Ski Resort area?

  140. correction i think WETHERILL is an anagram for THE THRILL of the chase

  141. ¡Qué genial leer todo lo publicado esta semana!
    WWWH – Arroyo Seco, NM
    y luego tomas el camino del cañón – El Salto del Agua Cañoncito Trail
    y ustedes saben el resto … es solo material de relleno, y todo que tiene que ver con el agua son las cascadas que se encuentran por ahí.
    y el blaze – tiene que ver con las cuevas de Lucero Peak 😉
    escuchen el Taos Hum esta noche cuando duerman. Buenas noches.

  142. Convert ” of Brown” to numbers with b=1 c=2. Then add the coordinates for the south end or Durango Colorado

    of Brown
    145 117142213


    There is a line of coordinates that add up to those numbers it goes thru just south of Durango and thru about the corner of Nebraska Wyoming and Colorado. Guess what’s just south of Durango at the correct coordinates? Lake nightthorse (the end is ever drawing nigh). Is at the south end of Durango. Pinkerton hot springs is about 10 miles north (too far to walk) Has something unique-the water goes back into the ground. Does not flow to the river. One other thing they were searching for Native American sites and found a doozy where there was a massacre where lake nighthorse now is. That was discovered a few years before he hid his chest. And there is an airport right by the dam of lake nighthorse. Also have uranium superfund site (heavy loads)

  143. Perhaps looking for Lewis and Clark is meriWETHER lewis and wILLiam clark WETHERILL MESA

  144. Treasure Found. Arrg! The *very day* I finally got my boots on the ground to work on my solve they made the announcement. I had an amazing time over the years researching and planning, and a great (yet exausting) time the other day searching below the heavy loads and water high. Thank you Forrest!

  145. Life simply won’t be as rich without the thrill that Forrest gave us. It was the event of a lifetime, something so rare I doubt it can be repeated. I was in it for four years, but I wish it had been at least 15. Hey Forrest I didn’t get my full 15. But thanks for the four that will truly be unforgettable and cannot be duplicated. You will always be a hero to me in many ways for so many things you have done.

  146. Thank you Forrest for all the great memories!
    Your poem, your chase will always be embedded in
    my mind. I wrote this for you, for this is the image
    you left me with on every page of your books,
    through every turn on the highways, trails, streams and
    lakes, every sunset and starry night. It all boiled
    down to one beautiful dream.

    Thank you Forrest Fenn!!

    Dedicated to Forrest Fenn: who was The Thrill of the Chase

    I wanted to build a love castle
    in the furthest corner of the universe,
    somewhere close to God..
    With walls made of light ,
    and the roof little tiny pieces of the sun.
    Somewhere where the children
    slide down rainbows,
    and frolic in the clouds.
    With the moon made of sparkles
    and the man – great bursts of laughter.
    And the nights illuminated with a vast
    array of stars – shimmering
    in the dead of night.
    With sea horses riding on alabaster waves
    lead by distant sounds of music
    that echo on the shores.

    I wanted to build a love castle
    in the furthest corner of the universe,
    somewhere close to God..
    With emerald green forests
    cascading over the mountain tops,
    in search of a life long dream
    to hide beneath her wings.
    With raindrops encircled
    with mother-of-pearl, dancing-
    on rose petals in the early morning light.
    And an hour glass filled
    with fluorescent waves, crashing against
    crystal panes, and never ending days.

    Now I know I’ve only built
    sandcastles in the sky.

  147. I’ll start a new search right here and now.

    For myself The Chase began in earnest when we all went into lock-down from Covid-19. I wish that I had started much much much earlier and when FF reveals (he is going to, right?!) where the chest was hidden perhaps I will *really* wish that I had had more time to close in. (Part of me hopes that I wasn’t even close at all, and thus can just shrug my shoulders and move on.)

    As for the aforementioned new search, I picked up a book – two actually – that had been neglected while I tried to finish my Chase and was given a vision. Not that kind of Vision, but a vivid scene, complete with sound effects and the holding of one’s breath, that books and the inner imagination can gift one.

    So here is my search – yours actually – where did a B-17F intentionally fit itself, by rolling at 60 degrees, between a city hall building and a court house? This actually happened in real life. And the pilot did it just because the opportunity and thrill was there. Can’t you just hear those four engines knocking copious squirrels from trees, rattling windows and teeth and bouncing coffee cups across tables , not to mention lighting up switchboards all over the place with panicked W.T.H. calls.

    This was the storied “Memphis Bell” and took place in the home of Morgan.

  148. Here’s my solve-evidently I didn’t search it well enough.

    Warm waters halt=Porcelain Basin in Yellowstone (get it?)
    Canyon down=Yellowstone River Canyon
    Home of Brown=Yellowstone Park Headquarters @ Mammoth Hot Springs
    (Capt. Oscar J. Brown, acting superintendent 1899-1900)
    Below the Home of Brown=Gardiner MT
    No Place for the meek=Zipline over Gallatin River, operated by one of
    the white water rafting outfits in Gardiner
    Blaze=Fire tower on Garnet Peak, seen from zipline
    (Remember those posts made by Forrest Fire??)
    Look quickly down=see the brass survey marker, stamped POL
    “Quest to cease” translates”West to East”
    “Tarry scant” = TS, or Township, horizontal boundaries of land Sections

    This all leads to the southern boundary of the zipline property
    on the Gallatin.

    I searched there for the last six years, eight trips, but was unable
    to find the hiding place.

    I was going back this fall, but now I’m not…

  149. I’m still reeling from the news. I can’t fully accept yet that it’s over. What a run! Truly a thrill to have been part of. I really hope that we get a chance to purchase part of the treasure. And, of course I (like us all) want to know if I was even close to the correct solve.

    I have three solves that are my prime considerations. The first two where part of BOTG trips from Pennsylvania. The third was to be this year’s first stop. If it faltered, we were going to spend the rest of our time finishing the BOTG of the first two solutions.

    1. Two years ago my best friend, recently graduated from college daughter, and I searched north of Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs (our WWWH was the headwaters of the Rio Ojo Caliente [Hot Waters River]). This led us in a horseshoe path to Valle Grande Peak [our marvel gaze] west of Ancones, NM (and west northwest of La Madera, NM) [timber in Spanish] by passing through Valle de los Caballos [Valley of the Horses in Spanish]. We didn’t explore Valle Grande Peak to our satisfaction due to running out of time.

    Did anyone else discover that the horse leg bone picture in the story involving a Spanish Horse near Meeteetse, WY lies on a map and a line through that leg bone goes exactly through Meeteetse on an extension of that map? That caused us to focus on horse in Spanish. Furthermore, the shape of Valle de los Caballos is remarkably similar to Gardiner’s Island of Captain Kidd’s treasure. And of course, horses have blazes – along their noses. My full solve involves 9 assumed clues.

    2. Last Year, my best friend and I ran out of time exploring Cabresto [halter in Spanish] Lake surrounded by Latir Wilderness Area. My God that’s a beautiful mountain valley. I focused that year on Wilderness Areas. Where else can you be confident that the land won’t be developed over decades or even centuries? Even National Parks have a disturbing amount of development (roads, trails, etc.) over the years. Again, my full solve involves 9 assumed clues.

    3. July 11 of this year my best friend and I have vacation scheduled to go to Elizabethtown, NM between Red River, NM and Eagle Nest, New Mexico. To the east of Elizabethtown between Humbug Gulch and Grouse Gulch is a mining claim named Galena. I translated “look quickly” into “glance” (take a brief or hurried look). Galena (lead ore) is also called “lead glance”. Down I took as being south. Remember when Forrest said that whoever finds his treasure will move with Confidence? Confidence is a mining claim directly south of the Galena claim (just north of Anniseta Gulch and Anniseta Road). I believe that “title to my gold” could be referring to a mining claim that transfers to the treasure finder and would simply the legal issues of ownership. Again, my full solve involves 9 assumed clues.

    I really doubt that the treasure is in Yellowstone. But I have a solve there from years ago (never BOTG). My HOB is Iron Spring above Gibbon Falls. Go up Secret Valley to the west. At the end of Secret Valley, you will be looking across the Madison River to the Firehole River. Ought to be a marvelous view. My thought was that “heavy loads and water high” referred to a glacial erratic that was carried to the area by an ancient glacier (the Fremont Glacier . . . truly water high).

    Thank you Mr. Forrest Fenn. It’s hard to overstate what you have done and what it ha meant to all of us.

    • Forrest once said something along the lines of there’s many places WWWH & noted that most were north of Santa Fe. It’s my belief that you had to decide what a warm water halt meant (glacier, Continental Divide, mountain pass, hot spring runoff reaching cold water, etc.) and then verify it with other information. Is there a canyon down (canyon to the south, running south, going downhill, a road in the bottom of it, etc.)? If so, is there some reason it’s too far to walk (distance, elevation, you would need to wade/swim, etc.)? Ok, then does it lead to a HOB (brown building, valley of the Brown Creek, an iron mine, base of Brown Mountain, home of a brown animal, etc.)? With such a filtering process thousands of say mountain passes are systematically reduced until only a few, or better yet one, remains. Then it’s BOTG. I always got uncomfortable when I found too many clues apparently working out – that goes back to Forrest Fenn’s “girl in China” quote. To me the best solution was rock solid for 4-5 assumed clues and then went totally cold but with a vision that you could imagine “in person” directions that wouldn’t be visible on satellite photos or listed on the web.

      My biggest problem was counting clues. Was the “canyon down” part of clue 1 or clue 2. Was “too far to walk” clue 2, 3, or 4? Was everything before HOB clue 1?

  150. I’m equally empty handed, but I have to wonder where some of these solves come from??? WTH. Where is your supporting evidence from the book? No wonder it took 10 years to find! If FF didn’t end it himself that is. He probably lost hope that anyone would find it!

  151. Although I’ve only posted once or twice over the years, I have been a regular “lurker” at this and Jenny’s site and a dedicated searcher for the past 5 years. This includes 6 BOTG week to two week searches all in the same place, at a cost of more than $20K in just airfare and vehicle rentals. I had many incredible “wilderness experiences” in spectacular scenery and with native wildlife, and I wish to thank Forrest for giving me the “excuse” that was needed to make those search visits. Thanks also to Dal for the years of maintaining this wonderful website, which kept me informed and entertained in the long months between search trips.

    On each of my 6 trips I discovered a new confirmation that I was on the proper path to complete the “correct solve” and I had planned to make my final trip to pick up “Indulgence” in early May of this year. Of necessity, that trip was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, which brings me to the conspiracy that I have just become aware of ! (I heard about this from a reliable source on Monday evening,.. I think it was FOX News, but I’m not sure as I had been drinking a number of Bourbon shots (note capital “B”) to numb the pain of learning that the treasure chest had been recovered).

    Anyway, it turns out that the finder is named “Ronald” and is the “love-child” of Lee Harvey Oswald and his Chinese laundry service maid. She was originally from Wuhan, China. When Ronald grew up, he attended MIT and got his PhD in virology. Last fall he finally solved the 9 clues in TTOTC poem (apparently about the same time I did), but it was too late to go recover the treasure chest until spring. However, he did get the opportunity to visit his mother’s ancestral home in China and was invited to tour the Level 4 Wuhan virology research lab. He realized his unique chance that by stealing a vial of the “weaponized” Sars Covid-2 virus and releasing it, he could cause a world pandemic that would immobilize air travel, lock-down states, close National Parks, and give him the opportunity to retrieve the treasure chest in spring without any competition!

    So there you have it! The chest was effectively stolen from those of us that were searching in northwestern Colorado,.. not to mention the hundreds of thousands of innocent people who have suffered and died, just because of one searcher’s determination to get to the treasure chest without any competition! Oh well, I suppose we all want to “out-do”our fathers in some manner.

    So to help bring closure to the many other suffering former searchers out there, I would post my entire “correct solve” if I could figure out how to include the documentary photos,.. but instead maybe these “tidbits” will suffice: State (as mentioned) = Colorado
    WWWH = Warm Springs Rapids (on the Yampa River)
    NPFTM = “The Outlaw Trail”
    the “word” that is “key” = “end” (as in “end of my rainbow” & “The end is ever drawing nigh”)
    Heavy Loads/Water High = Iron Springs Wash Pool Creek
    Hear Me All = Echo Park
    Listen Good = Whispering Cave
    and I’ll let you cogitate on the rest. All in IMHO of course

  152. 8 6 7 8 8 8 7 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

    Look familiar?

    It is the exceptions that stand out.
    Why are they there?
    There are twenty-four digits in the sequence above.
    One for each line of the poem (*four* lines per stanza).

    Those are the count of syllables in each line of the poem.
    Consistently 8 syllables but with three standout exceptions.
    Forrest made twenty-one lines with 8 syllables – very consistent.
    He could have been 100% consistent.

    The exceptions are a sore thumb and a shout-out.

    Here they are:
    8678 8878 – gathers up all the exceptions in order.
    Four lines per stanza throughout the poem.
    Look familiar yet?

    There is a GPS easting portion (8678) and the northing portion (8878).
    These digits are not enough for a complete GPS coordinate.
    But the leading digits are irrelevant once you have found your way to the vicinity.
    The leading digits get you to a rectangular area the size of a state, then the next digits narrow it down to the size of, say, a county and from there the next digits get you to the right ballpark. In other words…

    As FF told you, follow each clue in order. They narrow your search down and down until you
    are in the ballpark. Then you use the ending GPS digits 8678 8878 to get to the right hot dog stand of that ballpark.

    I expect that FF could have intended for 86788878 to be divided out like dealing cards from a deck. One card (digit) for the easting portion and then one for the northing, etc which gives:
    8787 6888 rather than 8678 8878.

  153. I wonder why people post their solves. Seems to make no sense.

    Mine is guarded like the crown jewels, even after the event. It is not on my computer, never transmitted by email or mentioned on the phone. I dont even speak about it to my wife in front of a device, just in case there is an open mic.

    The only person who would ever hear my interpretation of the poem and location is Forrest himself, in person.

    Paranoia = Intelligent form of common sense!

    • Paranoia = thinking and feeling as if you are under threat even though there is no evidence that you are.
      I guess a lot of searchers are very confident that the search is over and therefore the solves they held close to their hearts are now either plain wrong and therefore of no use to anyone, or their solves were on the right track and they want others to see how close they got before the final solve is revealed. A lot of time,effort, money has been expended on this quest and it will affect people in different ways. My advice for what it’s worth do what makes you happy. Put your solve out there if you wish, keep it secret if you wish.

      • But what if the finder chooses to keep the puzzle alive with a hefty cash prize? Giving way for second place.

        One never knows what the future holds.

        • BigOnus – I believe that when it comes to he Chase….anything is possible. But I have accepted that at this place in time as we know it, it is over. That said, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming and speculating! It helps us process things in a positive way. And that’s all good! I hope you are correct, but at the same time I will be ready for what ever closing statements Forrest presents us in the days ahead. You are fun! 🙂

          • Yes, its in the hands of the spirits now, Geysergirl.

            Just bouncing my thoughts.

      • Just to bounce a quick thought – Transforms into an armchair search. Global. Book sale profits are now more evenly distributed to a charity fund.

        Searchers are safer. Those who could never get to the Rockies are involved, so wider audience.

        The longer it lives on the more people will benefit and.

        Its a Fenntastic idea in my book.

        • BigO, even with armchair searches, people will find reason to feel cheated and file lawsuits.

          Maybe include a disclaimer upfront which states that anyone who participates does so of their own will, and where participation is solely the responsibility of any participant. Additionally, by joining into the search, any and all lawsuits filed will be considered to be ineffective, irresponsible, and invalid. Only with acceptance of these terms would participation be allowed.

          There always seems to be loopholes in the law, but maybe these would help fill the holes of the retaliatory type.

          • I know, Suzy_S, they are like flies. Just buy a bigger swatter.

            Sell the books under North Pole law or something, with an agreement, stating it is the whole agreement and purchasing the book is binding in contract and only a book buyer may enter. Sold by a company with no assets. Or something, or including, or without. 😉

            Lawyers should be banned 😉

          • I believe anyone able to solve the whole thing, to follow the clues precisely to the spot, and has the intelligence to do it. Probably has the ability to take the valuable lessons of the success and failures of the chase, to make a Thrill of The Chase 2.0
            You are right SuzyQ, people are going to rejoice and or complain either way this goes. We just have to hope this guy has what it takes to make the best decision that benefits the majority, and support him, knowing there will be nay Sayers.
            Right now we all need closure.
            If it was me, I would give my solution away up to the last two or three clues, and say solve it from here if you can.
            He may have done that already.
            That way people know the area, and are given the ability to complete it for themselves.
            I would also us my experience from working on multiple types of puzzles, build a new, fun, and adventurous treasure hunt.
            All in my opinion.

          • Suzy_S – Just to add, talking lightly. Some countries, including my own have a law that stops big companies crushing little ones. If a company has no cash or assets, because its money has been funnelled immediately to charities, then the person or company bringing the lawsuit has to provide legal assistance to the target company. At their own cost. The smaller company can just just drag the attacker through a lengthy and costly legal process, without costing anything, or/and fold at will and reboot in another name the same day. Impossible to claim from without the attacker becoming a wounded loser when set up correctly.

            NearIndianaJones – Giving out the first clue will set off the chain reaction and the poem will be solved extremely quickly. It would have to stay a whole puzzle. IMO, of course.

          • BigO and NIJ, too bad the whole world doesn’t hold the aspirations of young children. In growing up we learn to cheat, hate, and be vindictive toward others… even when a giving hand of friendship and generosity is offered.

            It’s truly sad to look at the present state of the world. Maybe someday we can change it.

            BigO – North Pole = Worth the Cold (good one)

            NIJ – Closure would be nice. BTW, I like the Q thing added to my name… reminds me of a CCR song.

          • Suzy_S – People can be strange. I have helped a lot in my time and often regretted doing so. But, one has to be strong and keep faith in mankind, for the benefit of the good ones.

          • BigO and NIJ, both of you have sweet things to say, but how can anyone really know if ones feelings are true. Even with close friends, a person can sometimes have a hard time discerning one’s true intentions.

          • P.S.

            As I exit Suzy_S….My intention, even today, was always to hand the tc to ff, allow him to sell it on my behalf and he give the money away.

            A gifting heart holds much more value.

            Adios my friend!

          • You are correct SuzyQ, stress,coupled with not knowing who to trust or not, and especially if you have been around so many people who have exploited you personally, does create problems. It is hard to trust our instincts. When we only remember our past hurts, it is hard to remember those who did not use and or hurt you. People come to think the world is only full of bad people because that is all they see. I believe it has more good people than bad. We only see bad people because they make all the trouble and problems, they are the stories we hear about 90% of the time on the news, everyday and almost every hour. The good people are busy being good, not making a fuss, not trying to force their friendship, but hopes they can be, and respectful of you as a person.
            We could be friends, if you can punch a hole through my shyness and that I may think I am not worthy to be your friend, it is hard for me.

          • BigO
            I agree on giving have of the solve away and it would not last long.
            Brainstorming requires putting a lot of ideas on the table, break them down, take the best parts, generate more ideas, rinse and repeat until you have one that does not break apart so easily. Sounds so simple, but in reality you would agree it is not. What made the Thrill of the Chase so successful was that it did last so long. If the finder was to turn another treasure hunt out to quickly, then the odds are it would be solved quickly. Imagine everyone anxiously waited six months, bought the book on release day, and having it solved the week after.
            The outcry would dwarf the first chase.
            So I hope the finder doesn’t do that, even though he wants to help bring closure as soon as possible.
            There is the possibility, that while Forrest was working on the chase, he created alternate sites, and a new chase could be started much sooner with people not having to change gears so much.
            But, I would like to see the finder put his flare into it as well.
            That could be the reason the finder and Forrest are not saying much about the solve, to give it away you in effect give the second hunt away.
            Who knows, a lot to be considered I am sure.

          • NIJ – I will accept friendship from anyone who is willing to be my friend, so yours is whole-heartedly welcome.

            The problem is, sometimes I, in and of myself, lack the ability to do the right thing. Right now, I have a friend that I know I need to go see, but they are a tedious “2 day drive” away and I’m not sure that I want to take the time… and it’s not because I don’t care about the person, but it’s mostly due to the age difference and wondering if they would want to see me.

            In not knowing how it will turn out, I’m overly hesitant. Not to mention, cash is low. Maybe just excuses.

          • BigOnus, If you want to ban lawyers… You first need to eradicate greed, entitlement, and liars from mankind.

      • I agree David. I posted enough of the solution I’ve been working on to get somebody close if it is right. I don’t care about second place prizes. In fact I e-mailed Forrest early Saturday evening and told him I was putting the chase down as I needed to work on more important things. But if I was close I’ll take a little credit. I thought that Dal said that Forrest was going to post the solution?

    • “I wonder why people post their solves. Seems to make no sense.”

      Some people like to fish, like FF, and that is enough. Some people that fish like to share fish stories, even of the “one that got away” – those, inevitably, are the biggest fish *ever*. And become bigger with each telling!

      To some they never had the fish on the line if they didn’t share the telling of it.

      • I’m in agreement with you Levi, I think a big one slipped my hook on my last fishing trip. It’s hard to get back in the water when you have something like that happen. On the flip side, telling the story of a lost fish can never be as good as having one mounted above the fireplace.

  154. A lot of people are hoping that at least the state will be released soon. I was thinking that one other thing that can be released that would give A LOT of people closure, more closure, perhaps than just the state, would be the elevation.

    You’ve got x, y, and z. If x and y are too much info, just say the z.

    State and elevation would give many searchers closure to where they can then tell themselves they were never in the right ballpark.

    • Yes except that it’s not up to Forrest, it’s up to the finder. Finder owns the treasure (and the solution IMO). Forrest has to respect finder’s wishes. What if finder has a plan for the spot? Forrest gave up the rights to that special spot the day he hid it and walked away.

      • As I just mentioned above.

        The finder may well become the gate keeper. No more clues given out by him or Forrest. It has been solved once, so there is enough info out there for a second prize winner to succeed.

        Relight the juniper fire.


        • I’m pretty sure junipers changed the chase for the finder and fenn in ways that devastated the outcome for them both. Just my opinion. Page 15 was key.

          I grow deeper in despair reading the posts on hint of riches that dismiss the end if any life no matter the reason. Greed and money and the need to control others is screaming so loud that every community member has grown deaf it seems.

          Forrest and Mr. Finder, I hope you can make a final statement today. You’ve earned it. No one should want anything if they ever considered themselves a friend to Fenn. Read the posts about Heatherdawn and the gross entitlement posts of so many community members positioning themselves to gain from this at the expense of others… I remember two different chase celebraties saying very similar things that made me sick. “We are going to have to take the treasure from Forrest…KO” and “It’s us against other searchers and against Forrest..CM” I realized right then they had no clue or chance of ever being the finder.

          Mr. Finder…I encourage you to leave something at the spot if you so desire – a marker of some type – that will let others know if they too solve it. Maybe you too will have a way of your own to know when others do. I love the idea of putting the chest in a museum for the world to see – and I believe the museum was chosen in the preface of OUAW…the Denver Museum. Maybe that foreshadowed the the state the treasure was in…..

          I feel extremely confident Mr. Finder does not give a rats ass about money. I am very, very confident the treasure has helped the finder understand why taking ones life or that of another is not an option. They couldn’t have solved it without that understanding imo.

          I’m also confident the Finder has been horrified by this community and its reactions. And as a result, they have the wisdom to go chase their dreams elsewhere now. Maybe someday they will tell their story and the story of the solve. But that it up to them. Deal with it. I’m sure the finder had many years invested in find. I’m sure they have grown weary of the hatred directed at them for so many years but most of the community. Hatred that probably stole things from them they will never get back. I’m sure they will use it as fuel to make the world a safe, kind, and loving place – one heart and mind at a time if need be. But I’m sure they feel ok flipping the bird as they walk away with nothing in or on their hands.

          Please extract every tentacle from fenn and the finder and go try to make this world a better place. Please stop the disgusting display of the worst of humanity. We have a sitting US President doing that for our nation already. Turn on the news and watch the riots and see the death toll mother nature is extracting. Then get off the couch and do something about it, no matter how small. Even if it is just shifting your perspective.

          It’s over. And new things will grow.

          “To an ant, a mud puddle is an ocean.” Which of these 3 things are you? Disrupt for needed change – but don’t kill others or knowingly harm.

          Just my opinion, and it really matters not I know. But maybe one person will hear me. And that’s enough.

          • Siruslyfolks – Yes, it is awful to see how people behave. I do not follow the other blogs, just this one and Jenny’s fb page.

            You are right, those constrained by self indulgence were always going to suffer difficulty in locating the treasure, or true treasure.

      • If it is on public land it is public land. We all have the rights to it: the finder, Forrest, me, you, everybody.

    • My honest opinion, no body owes anyone anything, but also this treasure hunt is way bigger than any one person.

      You can say it’s up to the finder. You can say it’s up to Forrest.

      Truth is that the Great American Treasure Hunt captured the heart and minds of millions of people and its sort of up to everyone.

      • By everyone, do you mean all searchers or just some of the noisy ones who moan and demand?

        I am sure if they were told the race was back on with a hefty second prize that most searchers will be very happy. The new searchers it brings in will be happy. The charities it supports will be happy.

        Forrest built a great foundation that could easily one day become a skyscraper. Keep building.

        Just my opinion.

        • I mean that everyone has agency…

          If some are satisfied, they move on.

          If some are curious, they won’t give up until they find what they are looking for.

          It was never just one person, we, you, me, all of us, made this into what it is and when the history of it is written it’ll be a story about all the things that all of us did.

          • Yes, I agree that a story was created and that is what this is all about.

            That is volume 1

            It does not have to end here, so few can have closure. There is a greater good and wider world out there.

            My vote is for a better future.

        • “Did you say second prize? Oh do keep me informed won’t you. That would be lovely”

          –Queen Elizabeth

      • And knowing it is solvable and not a hoax lends it much credibility the next time around.

      • Jeremy,
        That is a very endearing sentiment and of course we would all like to be a part of the decision making process but at some point we have to accept whatever we are given and move forward. Like I said somewhere else, there are stages of grief for a reason. The thing is, we all don’t hit those stages at the same time so while some might be angry or depressed, others may have reached acceptance and all those feelings are all valid. Let’s wait and see how this plays out before we critique how it ended.

        • The potential to build on this is limitless Goldilocks.

          We just have to dream big.

        • I’ll share a quote I’ve got for just this sort of thing…

          “Look, making you happy is out of the question, but I can give you a compelling narrative for your misery.” – Mankoff


          • Misery? Not sure what that means. Its not in my vocabulary. I must have missed that lesson at school. 😉

            I am sure it might exist somewhere, but if it means what i think it means, then lets rewrite and fix it.

            In my happy opinion, regardless of the negative magnitude of any situation.

            Love and peace to y’all!

  155. Hi all,

    Last year I emailed Forrest to thank him for creating such a fun adventure. I was thrilled that he replied and wished me luck. I was not able to get my “boots on the ground,” but here is my untested armchair solution using Google Earth:

    Begin it where warm waters halt: Begin at BLT Warm Springs (Boat Launch), MT. This is a boat launch area on Hot Springs Creek and Madison River. (Warm water halting at hot water.)

    Take it in the Canyon Down/Too far to walk: This is clever. You could take a boat in Madison River, or drive using the Beartrap S. Canyon Road to the Beartrap Canyon Access Road.

    Put in (a boating reference) below the Home of Brown: In my opinion, Brown refers to Brown Bears. On foot, you begin walking at (Brown) Bear Trap Canyon National Trail.

    The end is drawing nigh/No paddle up your creek: Walk along the trail, but stop (end) before you reach Bear Trap Creek (which is why there is no paddle up your creek).

    Heavy loads/water/High/ Blaze: If you look at this area on Google Earth and click on street view, there is no street view of course, but there is a 360 degree photo circle from a person’s camping trip. Click on that circle and look around. You’ll see large rocks, a steep hill/cliff, and a view of the snow on Blaze Mountain in the distance.

    My (untested) opinion is that the treasure was in that area, probably about 300 feet or so higher, based on the elevation mark in the photo.

  156. I would be satisfied to just know the correct wwwh. Home of Brown would be even better.
    I assumed it was around quake lake, but i guess we wait and see if it is ever revealed.
    What a fun ride its been. Thanks again FF.

  157. Fenn was a pilot and his trip to hide the treasure had to be a short probably 8 hours or less trip because his wife didn’t know he had done it. The distance from Santa Fe to Yellowstone, even with a plane would have taken too long. But a plane ride into Telluride and a short drive to Ouray, Colorado would have been possible. So lets take a look at the poem. Begin it where warm waters halt. At the northern entrance to Ouray there were hot springs. The town turned them into swimming pools which halted the natural springs. Take it in the canyon down. Ouray is situated inside of a canyon. There is one way in and one way out. If you look at the map you will be going south or down to go into the town. Not far but too far to walk. This means you would get to this place by driving, not just walking. Put in below the home of brown. What is a home, it is a roof over your head. This is where it gets interesting. Not far from Ouray is Brown mountain. Get on google maps and bring up the street veiw. As you pass the hot springs heading into town you will see the top of Brown mountain in the distance. Continue driving down the main road into town and the farther you go the less of the mountain you see until you can’t see it anymore. This is telling you to turn before the mountain can no longer be seen. I stopped at 8th Ave. The end is ever drawing nigh means to turn left. At the end of 8th ave. is the lower Cascade park. Home of a waterfall. There will be no paddle up your creek. If you look at the creek coming from the falls you will see there is no way to paddle a boat here. Just heavy loads and water high. You will see the large heavy boulders and rocks all over the bottom of a really high water fall. Above the lower falls is an upper falls and an old mine. When mining you look for the mother load in rocks. The hidden place had to be a place where a 70 year old man could go. There are many walking trails in this park. I took the one that went up the mountain to a spot overlooking the falls. This trail was to the left, ever nigh, of the falls and it looked way down. I got to a point where the trail was about 2.5 feet wide and there was a huge drop down the canyon on my right and rock wall on my left. No rail to stop you from falling. This was no place for the meek. I decided to push through and keep going and when I got passed this area it opened up into a really nice open area. As I walked into this area there were a few different wooden platform type steps to help the hiker along his way. There was a small hill and as I got towards the top of the hill I saw it. If you are wise is important because you had to be there in the fall to see the blaze. I was there in October. Many people were looking for signs carved into trees but the fall colors of a patch of trees is also considered a blaze. At the top of the hill you see a patch of trees with the colors of fall right ahead of you. And if you look down you see the wooden steps. You effort will be worth the cold confirms that you need to be there in the cold part of the year. If you are brave and in the wood. You had to be the kind of person that would tear apart part of a hiking trail to get the box. I didn’t have any tools with me and the thought of tearing up part of a beautiful park like that didn’t really set well with me. I looked around and looked at the view and I took pictures to remember my adventure. I stood there for a while happy with my quest and taking in the view. I didn’t really go there for the money, my path is going a different way. It was really for the adventure of figuring out the poem. I spent the whole morning in the park with my family but snuck away to do this. I walked back down the path and rejoined my family and they were so happy to be there and that they also went on this adventure with me. I would like to thank Mr. Fenn for giving us this adventure. It may not have been there but I as far as I’m concerned I was standing right on top of it.

  158. HOME OF BROWN…definition of brown – of dark or tanned complexion. Hint from the book – picture of Forrest with Pygmies. Forrest said home of Brown had nothing to do with a structure or trout. ANSWER – Indian Creek.

    This helped with the general location but was not one of the 9 clues. The 9 clues were what was AT the location.

  159. The correct solution…
    to the treasures hiding place…

    It may be among these posts.

    If I were that guy from back East, the first thing I would do is check in here at Dals with 1,000’s of other disheartened searchers in “second place” and post my solution with an air or disappointment.

    (I’m a Montana Gal).

    • For that matter, he could post his solution here on Dal’s site and openly say it is the right solution. If he asked Forrest to say nothing about the post, who here would believe he was the real Finder? Talk about hiding in plain sight! *LOL*

      (I do not believe that is actually the case, but the thought amuses me.)

      • Ray, it amuses me as well…
        And somehow assuages having to read the 5 MOST ANNOYING WORDS EVER…
        The chest has been found.

  160. Here’s a thought to let the adventure continue for the thousands of people who have followed this over the last decade and need a sense of closure for the many many days and nights spent following this adventure. How about a geocache container placed in the spot with a signable scroll type registry inside? Thos way people can continue their adventure and follow their solves to completion.

  161. What an adventure! My feelings of course are very mixed, and I am still working through many of them. I wanted to thank Dal and the entire chase community for years of thoughtful entertainment and a place to feel welcome and encouraged to follow my dreams. I give a heartfelt thank you to Forrest for his wild and wonderful adventure that gave me new places to explore, peacefulness, joy, wonder, and a challenge like no other. I feel like a part of a community that only Forrest was able to bring together and for that, I express eternal gratitude. I’m going to miss the chase a lot, but I will continue to find treasure where ever I look.
    There is so much I wish to say, yet words may not express….
    For what it’s worth, here are parts of my solve that I thought we’re possibly correct
    State: Colorado
    WWWH: Hot springs, I first thought it was Avalanche Ranch hot springs then moved up to Glenwood hot springs.
    Canyon: Glenwood canyon
    HOB: Carbondale Colorado. In particular, the Colorado Rocky Mnt School where a man named Malcolm Brown lived and worked.
    NFBTFTW: start at the end of the canyon and bike up to the Grizzly Creek Trailhead (this is directly below the HOB on a map.) I also considered No Name as a possible place to head up the creek…
    No paddle up your creek: head up the creek on the nigh side.
    The rest of the poem was a mystery to me. I had several ideas that never worked out.
    Over 80 trips total in 7-8 years.
    Now I will need a new hobby, maybe another lost treasure. Looks like are several still lost in Colorado. May the research begin!
    Again, my deepest gratitude for the whirlwind of fun and adventure.
    The Chase will be deeply missed!
    Your pal,

    • close but wrong, land dead name changed 6/3/2020 I know the finders name? But I’m going to said it sucks being the wrong toe AND I’m going to be a man about it and respect Forrest Fenn and the finder wishes good luck to them.

  162. Yesterday I went BOTG and I have to say it was the best treasure hunting trip I’ve taken to date.

    It’s been difficult the last couple days dealing with the end of the chase. I’ve been distracting myself with work, listening to the fenn-tubers express their opinions, coming on Dal’s site a few times a day so I can be reminding in big annoying yellow letters that “the chest has been found.” But it wasn’t until yesterday that I really felt at peace with the end of the chase and I highly recommend anyone who has an unfinished solve, go out there and search!

    A BOTG trip, post 6/6/20, has several benefits:

    1. There’s no expectation of finding the treasure so you avoid the disappointing walk back to your car.
    2. You can proof your solve and get a good idea if you still think your solve is correct.
    3. You get a reality check that finding a 10″ box in the mountains is not an easy task
    4. You can finish the chase on your own terms. The treasure hunt ended suddenly, out of our control, with a message from Forrest. Why not end it with your own BOTG.

    I’m sharing this because I think it help other people on this blog. One final thing I’d like to say is that I’m proud of everyone who accepted the challenge and adventure of searching for the Forrrest Fenn Treasure. You guys gave 100% of your ability into solving a poem and searching the Rocky Mountains for a treasure. You should feel proud that you gave it your best effort. The real failures are the people that heard about the chase and just let it pass them by.

    “That I succeed in this endeavor is not as important as it is for me to make a solid try. For if the try is sincere I have succeeded in whatever failure resulted …. So now, at least for me I know. And if no one should ever think of me when I have passed this vale, it will be of no consequence, for I have finally found my way and am at peace with it all.” f

    • KG – I couldn’t agree more. When I told my husband it was found, he wanted to know if we were still going to Yellowstone next week. H@#! yah! I’m probably so wrong about YS, but it’s not far from me and I love that place so much, I think I just secretly used the treasure hunt as a way to keep going back! Lol! I plan on still hiking to the top of a spot I had picked out and just sit there and enjoy…. 🙂

    • Yep KG, My trip is still happening 6/20 – 6/29.
      I’ve found some kind of “Treasure” every time I’ve gone looking. you should see the walking stick i made from the things I’ve picked up along the way. And all the memories I’ve made with my family are priceless.
      Tore my bicep looking last year too. I did get surgery but it’s still not quite the same as it was. I wear all my scars like badges of honor though i wouldn’t change a thing… I won’t be one of those “Pretty” corpses when i finally go!
      Too much livin’ to be done!

  163. Congrats to the finder I got ahold of this while still living in Santa Fe in 2011. It drove me nuts lol
    I would like to know if Forrest got his bracelet back? Did the finder even know of his request? And the State, was I ever even close?
    Many happy adventures to you all, may you be blessed and find a treasure in wherever you go

  164. Another day here at the watering hole waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is the ernest hopes of the masses that the correct WWWH will at last be revealed. A good divergence for thumb twirling would be to watch some Indiana Jones flicks, do some birdwatching, or try your hand at baking an apple pie. Some have been waiting ten years….whats A few more days or weeks.

    Somewhere in the past someone said “An idle mind is the devil’s playground”.

    • Guy Michael, I had decided many longs ago… what WWWH meant and was and will forever be AKA, those words came from humble New Mexico fish and game definitions and locations along rivers and bodies of water where the spices change from cold water to warm water regulations, but in a clever re-purpose ff made it into a spiritual metaphor, it is IMHO the Cruces Wilderness Basin at the southern end of the San Juan range, near the Colorado NM borders…

      How fitting, a “Wise man from the East, under a canopy of stars” Biblical, ff most revered person was his father, was he not a conforming practicing man of faith? TT

      • WHERE WARM WATERS HALT was a general area clue – Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone. But that was not even needed because you first had to get to Yellowstone which was is WARM WATERS definition. In the definition of warm is “yellow” and in the definition of waters is “stone”, and in the definition of And is “connect words”…yellowstone. After getting to Yellowstone, the most important word was “home”. In the definition of home is “base of operations/headquarters” (north entrance), “move toward a signal or landmark” which meant in the direction of Old Faithful. Also in the definition of home was “return to one’s native place of birth” which meant Indian Creek. This is how difficult the ENTIRE ordeal was. It would hard to explain it as most people would be lost after this little bit of information and it went ON and ON.

        This was so much more complicated than most seem to realize…that if you had the first clue you would get to the treasure….not a chance. There were a million twists and turns and you had to read between the lines all along the way.


        Imagination….the largest of all nations with only subjects and no rulers and only laws you make up yourself.

  165. The finder is using the advise Forrest told to all the searchers should they find the treasure. Store it in a secure place and think about what you should do with it for 30 days before doing anything.

  166. Anyway, catch you all around sometime!

    You are superstar host Dal. I have put you on my Christmas gift list.

    Have fun……see yah!

    …..pooof…(puff of smoke)


  167. I am a mathematician, and thus love reconciling difficult problems. I’m sad to say that I was only privy to the chase for about 6 months prior to its conclusion, but I had great fun with it and want to point out some things I think were interesting about this riddle. In my opinion, and in contrast to some statements Forrest made indicating that there was no “code” or secret message, the solution could not have been one that simply links a straightforward clue to a geographic location that can be plainly interpreted. If you give a million monkeys typewriters, eventually you will get a Shakespearean sonnet. If you have simple clues that map to geographic locations you will not have a durable riddle, the million monkeys will produce a solution very quickly. In consideration of this, I believe that there was some degree of obfuscation. Thus all the solutions that say “warm waters halt is boiling river and take it in yankee jim canyon” I think are not viable. I think that when you identify the obfuscation and work backwards the clues will become self-evident and give the solver a clear message that they are on the right path. This is not to say that the solution involves encryption. I think the poem is more of a riddle in that the solution is quite simple but the nature of the problem hides the simplicity of the answer. An example of a problem like this is the infamous question 6 from the math olympiad of 1988. The solution was self-evident and right in the face of the solver, but the nature of the problem hid the solution in a cloud of solver-induced confusion and subterfuge. Link:

    Let me know what ya’ll think.

    – DocTex

    • I agree (to a degree) with “I think that when you identify the obfuscation and work backwards the clues will become self-evident and give the solver a clear message that they are on the right path.”
      I personally found (what I believe) the “Blaze” part of my solve before anything else… then all other fell into place and pieces started fitting together… I ended with 30 different things from all aspects of this chase that lead me to the same creek bed

      • My only fear with that would be that Fenn has made it clear this is a one-way solution. In most instances of one-way solutions, it is almost infinitely difficult to work from the back to the front. Usually the prerequisite for finding the subsequent part of a solution, is the solution of the prior clues. I think that you have to know the answer to the prior 8 or so clues in order to know what the blaze clue represents.

    • Hi DocTex,

      may you please to calculate the probability of event that TC was found: 1) exactly 10 years after publishing TTOTC book; 2) several months after Forrest promised big surprise in 2020; 3) in March 2020 someone created website forrestfenntreasureDOTcom and claimed that TC was founded in August 2019 and short auction was sold to highest bidder (May 15, 2020). Add here that Forrest refused to show any evidences of this event: no photo, no bracelet on his hand, no info about surprise things in TC that was known only to him.
      Searcher community is still very skeptical about this event: too many strange facts. Even if Forrest wants to keep the site in secret it was enough to print own photo with silver/turquoises bracelet on his hand. Does he has it or not?
      Worst case scenario will be: Forrest will do both i.e. never publish solution for poem and never show the bracelet. Everybody will start think that there is some hoax pattern. Maybe he just decided (under pressure of family members) to stop the search and return TC in family active?

      • It may on the surface seem like all of these coincidences add up to something meaningful, but it was just as likely to turn out the way that it did as with any other possible dates, time-frames, etc… The only thing I found interesting was that it was found on the date of the postmark on the TC picture. However when I think about it critically, there was no year on the postmark so that would give a 1/365 possibility that it was the same date, but it also has the day of the week so that would probably put it in the 1/few thousands chance, BUT it also doesn’t account for the fact that winter months could be all but excluded so it ends up not being terribly consequential. With the whole “big surprise” situation, I think it came about because searchers were emailing him their solutions and someone identified to him the correct solution and thus he knew it was only a matter of time before it was executed upon. I am not saying there cannot be something fishy going on but I don’t think we have meaningful enough evidence to support that conjecture.

    • Another thing that I think is interesting is the line “your effort will be worth the cold”. That is a really odd statement. What does that even mean? “I will be able to endure the cold because of my effort”. That’s a really odd statement. I could have seen “the treasure will be worth the cold” or “my secret will be worth the cold”. What do you guys make of the oddness of that line?

      • Hi DocTex: watch the “Smell the Sunshine” video on that specific line of the poem. I think Matt does a good job of dissecting it.

  168. Dear Finder,

    For the love of God please either disclose the solve or keep the hunt alive by leaving a bronze plaque where you found it. Asking future solvers to leave something small but special indicating that they too have solved the greatest treasure hut I’ve ever experienced.

    A Chaser

    • A bronze plaque. I like that idea. Take along a piece of paper and chalk on your solve to make a tracing of the plaque as a memento when you find it.

      Except I’m sure there are some unsavory sorts who might be temped to take the plaque itself. Not anyone *here*, of course, but there are some real wackos in the world, sadly.

      • I like that idea of getting a rub of the plaque, After thinking about it since I posted …. Just end it! LOL The last treasure hut I got this involved with was the Alchemist DAR and that ended in a lawsuit and all my time wasted with no solve.
        I’ve thought about this treasure for nearly 10 years… maybe its time to give back to this community with a solve. We deserve it and i will disagree that it is the finders privilege to keep it a secrete. If they don’t continue it, I think its the finders obligation to share with all of us to help us cope and validate all the time spent. Just my opinion and yes a little salty that I may never know. Again Congratulations to the finder! Job Well done! SO PLEASE SHARE the SOLVE!

    • He may not only keep the hunt alive but may leave the chest right where it is to keep the hunt going. And for all of you who put your solves out there…delete your posts and keep your dream alive.

  169. Maybe a veiwing spot could get out at the two hundred door spot (so the road doesn’t get ruined by the Subarus and 4x4s). Kinda like the sightseeing telescopes at monuments. People could pull over and put in a quarter and see. The. The quarters could get spent for conservation of the area around the t.c. spot.? There’s a gate fee at Yellowstone and they don’t let roads get ruined. Although they also grown on going off trail towards the grizzly (what about survival of the fittest? Hugh glass one a fight once!)

      • Hey WWW. Que pasa. I came up with a distraction from the Chase. Hit the links yesterday with my compadres. Shot 78. Won a whole 6 dollars. What a victory. And only checked my cell phone for Fenn Treasure Hunt updates about 18 times give or take a few. You know what a few means don’t you?

  170. If the treasure location is ever revealed, there are going to be a lot of people kicking themselves saying “why didn’t I think of that”. I like the idea of keeping it a mystery. If a Thrill of the Chase movie is ever made, three possibilities should be presented. But never nailed down to one hiding spot. Leave ‘em guessing. Like it? What do you think Spielberg ole buddy. Are you in?

  171. Dear Mr. Fenn, Mr. Neitzal, and all who have searched and chased,

    I only came to the Chase in 2017 and even for a life-long outdoors man like myself, you have motivated me to venture away from the familiar roads, trails, forests, rivers, mountains and meadows I’ve become accustomed to. I enjoyed your humor, wisdom, stories and the thrills.

    Here is where my chase took me.

    I began my quest at the cold liquid heart of YNP, Yellowstone Lake, where the surrounding warm springs and the underwater geysers empty into its cold waters and eventually drain into the Yellowstone River.

    I then took it down the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone for approximately 20 miles (not far but too far to walk) and put in below the home of brown bears, bison, elk and wolves – the Lamar Valley, aka the Brown Valley, the Secluded Valley, America’s Serengeti.

    Just above the confluence of the Lamar and Yellowstone Rivers, I put in and ventured across. It is not a place for the meek, nor for a coward of the cold, nor for a stay-to-the trail type. To be safe and smart, one must not enter in the months of May, June and July – the water is high and swift. But in August and September an old fisherman can certainly wade to the other side.

    Upon fording the river, I walked up and along a beautiful meandering, nameless creek. Its gentle banks were covered in tall green grass, white clover, and a myriad of wildflowers, all outlined by silver sagebrush. The small stream of water gurgled beneath the shade of the surrounding foliage.

    Scattered upon the small hills and embedded along the stream lay large ancient boulders – glacial erratics. These heavy loads, once carried and deposited thousands of years ago by glaciers, whispered stories of long ago.

    A short time and distance later, I gazed upon the nestled, unnamed lake. It glistened and shimmered, and reflected the sky and mountains that surrounded it. It is a beautiful place – hidden from view from below, surrounded by grasses and cattails, sage and pine, rocks and hills.

    On my first of two visits, I was greeted with a grunt and snort from a lone, old bison and lectured to by an ever circling red-tailed hawk. I walked between the lake and the trees, into small alcoves in the hill, and to the summit of the rocky hilltop where I marveled at the view of the Absarokas, the Lamar Valley, Mt. Washburn, and the Gallatins; I stood on large boulders and crawled in the grass; I found elk sheds, bison bones, and wolf tracks; I ate raspberries from a bush, turned over a log or two, and sat under a pine tree to watch ducks paddle upon a reflected sky.

    This August I had hoped to make my third trip to this spot to make a more focused search for a blaze, and to again marvel at the wildlife, the views and the peacefulness. It is a spot that I believe Osbourne Russell may have specifically visited, or at least I know he passed a mere 500 feet below it as he and his party passed along the Lamar River to its confluence with the Yellowstone River.

    This description from “Journal of a Trapper” describes this place perfectly:

    “We stopped at this place and for my own part I almost wished I could spend the remainder of my days in a place like this, where happiness and contentment seemed to reign in wild, romantic splendor, surrounded by majestic battlements which seemed to support the heavens and shut out all hostile intruders.” Osbourne Russell, 30 July 1834

    I wish you all good fortune, thrills, and the hope you all find something to chase.


  172. Our dour little purse-lipped self-described researcher/writer friend, the dubious Ms. Delbert, has produced another piece for Popular Mechanics. A piece of what? Oh, I dunno. It’s got some good one-liners in it.

  173. What a great show for PBS or the Discovery Channel. Forest explaining the poem and leading the audience , step by step through every line. It would be so interesting to watch it laid out visually on screen.
    As with many of you, I am somewhat deflated in knowing my annual trip out west is ended. I just cancelled my tickets and room reservations. What an awful year! First the virus, then the unrest in the Nation. Now the chest and the quest is no longer in my life. I guess things do come in threes!!!

  174. I did mean to say:

    Thanks for the great adventures, Forest Fenn. I enjoyed the hunt.

  175. I know one partial solve that frustrated many was the one that starts WWWH = Firehole swimming spot, down canyon = Firehole and Madison rivers, HoB = Brown’s Hole north of West Y., meek reference = the cemetery north of town off rt 191, nigh = either the trailhead for Gneiss Creek left of that in the parking area or else somewhere on the west (left) side of 191 just north of that. Sounds decent so far, right? The problem is nothing fit well after that; Gneiss Creek goes downhill, not up. Ditto Grayling Creek across the road. The lone forest service road on the west side does not go along a creek, nor does it lead to a “water high”; the closest creek to that road doesn’t lead to a water high either. And there are no clear “heavy loads” for any of these; there’s downed trees, but those are all over the region. As for continuing north along Grayling Creek, the clues would require your next marker to be “heavy loads” which has no good fit. The closest might be “Specimen” Creek, but then there’s no water high along that either, just the shallow creek itself. We searched all of those anyway but to no avail. Nearby Johnson Lake, which backs up to the east side of Forrest’s Red Canyon trip, is too strenuous a hike to have done with the chest. Did anyone figure out a path that starts this way that fits the latter clues better?

    • I think heavy loads was in reference to electrical, water high was in reference to the same. OHMs for a Hydraulic Ram which used to exist in the Modina to Yellowstone stage coach era. It was fishing hole #4 along the Madison. Deep fishing hole where the fall run fish parked under an embankment. Between Bakers hole and Highway 191. All of this IMO

  176. I’ve always thought that states who seek tourist should follow Forrest Fenn’s hunt. Here in PA we spent millions on a campaign to promote tourism that led to little but some slick info fold outs at tourist centers and a couple of cute slogans and web sites. Millions. See wild PA. Go. Go. Go.

    For a fraction of that cost a hidden treasure could bring untold hunters from around the country . . . or even world. Many of us could use our “did not find but what a cool area/solution” to hide such a treasure. I’ve got some great ones that require just a tweak to solidly place you in some of the coolest country you’ve ever seen. I know many of you are in the same boat with the same skills. Yet states will spend millions to get little back once the red tape winds down. We need a Forrest Fenn inspired tourist program.

    • Forested means outside the park. Takes all of the solved ending in the park or Yellowstone off the table but also shows that possibly the chest was not far outside the park.

      • Mr Obvious: Pmt’s evidence is scant, but his conclusion is actually correct in my opinion.

        • Stick to the dictionary definition. Forrest only used google definitions in his puzzle. This was done purposefully for consistency.

          • Look up the etymology of Forest. It means outside and specifically outside the park. That’s a fact. Look it up.

  177. Back East => someone that’s been here before and gone back east, wife told him if he goes to the Rocky Mountains one more time, he should build a shack and stay there for good, thinks the guy is obsessed with finding the Fenn treasure, puts up big stink every time it’s mentioned … etc, etc, etc.

  178. LOL I think I have pent more time her in the last 4 days than in the last 4 months. Can’t wait ti her where it was found.
    Thanks Dal and FF and everyone.

  179. I just cannot fathom the greediness of people ! I have seen several articles referring to people that have filed legal claims that they are OWED something because they looked for Forrest’s treasure. In my opinion, NO ONE that failed to solve the clues and find the Treasure is Owed one copper Cent ! No One, that I know/heard of was ever forced to search for FF’s Treasure.

  180. DITTOS Doug,
    They need to put on
    thier Big Boy pants and stop crying in their
    beer. sheeeesh
    BESIDES, there is always the

  181. I cannot say this enough. This was a million times more complicated than anyone is thinking. You will be disappointed to know that WWWH and home of brown were not at all what you think they were. WWWH was really only useful for the definitions of warm and waters. Home of Brown was also used for the definition of home and brown (brown with a small b) which means – of dark or tanned complexion.

    • Are you trying to convince yourself on how smart you are? You are not the finder, we do not care. Give it a much needed rest already.

    • Kirwin – The name Kirwin is a Celtic Baby Names baby name. In Celtic Baby Names the meaning of the name Kirwin is: Dark skinned.
      Take it in = Take Kit in- Black footed Ferret – Also known as little Thief – Take it
      Home of Brown – Hob – The black-footed ferret is the only ferret species native to North America. Female ferrets are called “jills,” males are “hobs” and young are “kits – The Black Footed Ferret was re-discovered (thought extinct)on the Pitchfork ranch near Meeteetse and Kirwin. Home OF Brown – OF= Otto Franc used to own much of the land around Kirwin and Meeteetse. Brown Mountain and Campground also there. Tempting eh…

  182. I wonder if F would consider placing some kind of marker in the location, or having a trusted friend do it, just so the search can go on.

  183. But most of all,

    Thanks to Forrest Fenn for the Chase.
    I learned a lot about the land and history.
    Had a sweet short-term dream and I look forward to seeing first hand more of that Big Sky.



  184. I fear for Forrest Fenn’s legacy. I think he should really consider the negative consequences of silence henceforth because at this point all we have is blind faith.

    It’s all been wonderful over the last ten years of course, a fantastic concept of his, the journey, the connections, the wonder, the dreams, and so forth- no problem there. And I do trust Fenn, and thus have put some decent effort into the quest. All for good.

    Yet, getting feedback from friends and acquaintances, or looking at various message Yahoo news boards (not here), there is a general consensus of “Hoax” among the public, like I and many others were duped. Nobody likes to be conned.

    History does judge people. I wish that Forrest Fenn’s historical legacy is favorable and that the man and what he did will be admired and appreciated for generations to come.

    On the other hand, I fear there’s possibility his legacy could turn negative. Could those who died have been searching in vain for a non-existent treasure chest? We all know the scorn of notorious figures like say the con artist Bernie Madoff. Or the admiration we have for real positive historical figures like say, Wyatt Earp, which stick favorably in our minds forever. It could go either way for Fenn, I fear.

    “Trust but verify” is the key to his legacy. Thus I think it would be wise for him historically and the Fenn name, that he issue forth some kind of concrete proof. It does not have to divulge the name of the finder, or anything that would compromise whatever ongoing lawsuits there are, or future puzzles, or invade anyone’s privacy.

    Just something that says, “Yep, here’s indisputable proof for the non-believers”. A picture of the finder (face blocked off) and the chest, a tv presentation of the chest by a third party, some details about the poem, and the discovery, or whatever. He might have to coordinate with the finder. Otherwise, we are all left in the dark with the risk of perpetual skepticism.

    History will judge the Fenn name very favorably if he acts accordingly.

    • Blah blah blah…
      Did you happen to read; info and pictures will becoming soon?
      I’m so sick and tired of the whining about folks who “willingly” set out to search, did stupid things that causes their own death, cry about money and family duties, and attempt to call out some conspiracy / hoax BS just because things are not going as they want them to.
      It’s post like this that, more or less, force the finder and/or Forrest to be extra cautious in releasing any information about the find / solution.

      Boo friggin woo, if ya don’t like the way it’s playing out.

      • Seeker, search around the internet and read the messages on any of the news articles. They are not good at all. That was the purpose of my post.

        I do not want future historians to conclude it was a con job and a hoax for all of eternity. Yes, I happened to read that info and pictures will be coming soon, GREAT! But I also read that FF might just remain silent.

        Maybe you don’t care if FF’s legacy turns sour, maybe FF doesn’t care either (I doubt), but I for one will stand behind the man. And I did put serious effort into the search. I just want verification henceforth. And I see nothing wrong with that.

        BTW, how about showing a little respect for fellow searchers? Is that not the whole idea? This is no place for insults and argument, and the “blah, blah, blah” nonsense, please.

        • Amen, Mark, I read your latest response after I posted mine! We aren’t naysayers, we just want this whole magnificent journey to be untarnished, It’s cautionary, that is all.

      • huh…I think you totally missed his point, Seeker. He aint whining. He seems more concerned about Forrest than some jerks shouting ‘liar’ or threatening lawsuits. The OP isn’t threatening anything, his concern is that this whole beautiful, brilliant idea (no doubt!) will be unfortunately tarnished without proof that it was real. He’s right. The only sympathy I have with your response is that you are correct that Fenn should be given plenty of time to come out on his own terms with that proof. So chill out,

    • I don’t think Forrest is too worried about how the doubters see him. Does he seem like the kind of person that will placate the doubters for “his legacy”? He does what he wants, when he wants.

    • Although I understand your sentiments, what I think this ignore is that FF appears to be totally comfortable in his own skin and so unconcerned about what others might think of him. It is us searchers who often seem unable to cope with a period of uncertainty.

      Either one trusts or one doesn’t. Surely trust doesn’t depend on verification – whereas distrust requires it. Suppose for a moment that this was indeed a hoax. What would be the difference between not finding it because it wasn’t real and not finding it because we couldn’t solve the poem? In either scenario we were all just chasing a dream. If we were injured or died, lost our life savings or our marriage pursuing this dream, it would simply mean that we had lost sight of our own priorities (as I have done in the past). Does validity depend only on a bronze box full of metal and stones?

      • As an armchair searcher (my original solve was pilar NM area) who never seriously went out to look (too many possibilities!) I agree with Mark. Unless FF comes out with details, the search will be forever tarnished. But I’m certainly willing to give him plenty of time to do so, no big rush!

        You are simply wrong, trust is built upon verification. Validity *is* based upon evidence! Respect is not implied, it is earned. I personally believe FF, but his responsibility (and no doubt, he undertook a responsibility with this search!) is not with the finder, it is with the 10s of thousands who believed him and made sacrifices in the hunt. How many would have done so if FF had initially said “there is a 50/50 chance that none of this is true”?

        What would be the difference between the two ‘not-finding’ it scenarios??
        The difference would be that one is based on a hoax and the other isn’t. Maybe it makes no difference to you, but it does to me and many many others who value truth over falsities. Here’s hoping that this whole dream was based in reality!

  185. Thank you Forrest for the Chase. Yours was truly a wonderful idea that benefited thousands of people.

    I always hoped once the treasure was found that you would explain the clues. Now I think that would be a bad idea. The treasure site and approach would be overwhelmed with people and cars. Can it survive or would the beauty be lost? As an alternative another chest could be placed at the same place with a register for people to sign. Many people may want to continue the chase.

    • I like the idea of a Finder’s register, similar to those left at the top of significant mountain peaks. A place to log the names and thoughts of the (very slowly?) growing list of intrepid searchers who finally put all the pieces together. Sort of a Code-of-the-West Fenn Solvers Club.

    • Yes, but there’s no telling when someone who found the register wouldn’t release the solution anyway and you’re right back at the problem of having people flood the spot.

      • Personally, I say, let them flood the spot once and for all. Where ever that is, now it would take 2 rangers or police vice the multitudes it has taken when people were searching. I honestly think MOST, out of respect for Forrest, the forest and nature, would simply pose for photos, maybe sit down for a bit and have it all sink in. Eventually, the urge to revisit will fade for most, and over a year I think it will be back to “normal”. In my opinion, I think less than a thousand would truly go to the spot. For some they may simply say, it’s closure, but for others, they may say there is nothing in it for them.
        One of the reasons beside not having a complete solve, was the cost to go out there. Its absurd. I took a nine day trip to Spain and that would be less than a trip out there staying in a hotel, plane fair, vehicle rental, food and all that jazz.
        People have hit the nail on the head about the legal ramifications it could have IF the location was revealed. Question is, if something of value is placed on the ground and left there, but clues and hints are given to people who “buy” a book to aid in looking for this treasure – in some shoddy law persons terms, could both be liable for taxes in some weird way?
        If the searcher discloses the location several months or years down the road either via a book, movie, exclusive interview or otherwise, THEN Forrest may turn around and offer some more information. But as of right now, Come on people…..its been like FIVE Days. IF you would have found it, I am sure you would not be jumping up and down on TV saying I FOUND IT ! There is a reason why the suggestion was put it under your bed for thirty days and think about it. Hummmm I wonder if there will be any sneaky small notices in some of the newspapers wanting to hear from the people who think they may be able to lay claim to this “lost and found” treasure.
        In my opinion, the finder could have revealed in the past that they were pretty confident they knew where the treasure was and in the past revealed to Forrest the spot they were going to go to in 2020. With that said, I am not sure what the big news Forrest was going to reveal in 2020, but nothing seems bigger than this.
        Secrecy is only as secret as the mind will let it be. The Feds have had a run in with Forrest in the past. If they wanted top, they could serve him a warrant, saying the finder contacted Forrest and the finder owes taxes paid within 30 days. They could go through his phone calls, emails and any postal mail he may have received recently. Unless the person on the other end used a throw away email, from a common location like a coffee shop on a device that could be tossed, or spoofed, then there is a chance that the finder could be tracked down. Hopefully the finder has a plan, a lawyer and ties with an auction house, museum or other place to stem off the potentially negative wave of unwanted publicity and summons that they may encounter. Although the gold may tally close to 750,000 one has to wonder if it is all worth it.

  186. Lawsuits on this are and have been getting thrown out by judges left and right. Anyone can get a lawyer but no one can make a judge see a case unless a judge finds it somewhat worthy to explore! Go Team Fenn!!!

    • Exactly, not one of those lawsuits has a chance in the home of Brown of surviving. Complete nonsense. The justice system is not that far gone. Hopefully, sanctions will defray other unbalanced persons from the same idea.

  187. OK look, if I was Forrest Fenn I would want to see the chest in person. And I would want to have a conversation with the finder. Ask some questions. Show your work. How did you solve the puzzle. Make certain that the finder was indeed the solver. Some planning would also be be in order. What would be expected by both the gifter and the recipient. I might want to buy it back to put in a museum. There is a lot to talk about. If it was found on public land it would need to be routed through their process. Bypassing this process could devalue the property by putter no it’s ownership in limbo. I would have to identify and claim the property. Then I would need to give it to the finder. All this takes time. When all this stuff happens everybody gets a briefing. It’s too early to say what information will come out. Don’t let your panties get into a bunch.

    • I love automatic spell corrections. It’s just like a box of chocolates. You just never know what your going to get.

    • Mr Obvious, you said basically that Mr. Fenn should “ask some questions” “Show your work. How did you solve the puzzle.” yes…”Make certain that the finder was indeed the solver.”

      If I were the finder ( alas I am NOT ) I would be willing and ready to tell my solve and give the detailed reasons as to how the clues were arrived at. That’s the “TTOTC” … the Prize YES… but the thrill of the solve is undeniably an intricate part

      There have been hundreds of thousands of people searching, some for up to 10 years its been out there. that means there’s a lot of Data floating around and someone NOT worthy of the Treasure shouldn’t have it.

      IMO obviously

  188. I always though that Forrest being a pilot and all, had made it a triangulation between Mt. Brown, Mt. Blaze, and the resulting point/answer. Was always going to work on it, too late now.
    I think it only fair that the location be revealed and proof of the treasure being found. Who knows, maybe it was a non-interested hiker who stumbled upon it accidently while hiking. Or maybe it is all al ruse, which needs to be addressed as well.

  189. I’m sure Mr Fenn is tired of some ppl spreading things that he doesn’t say. I know I am.
    There are some that have very close connections with him, I am not included. However, I know some who are. Just let it be for now. Trust that he will get back when the time is right.

  190. Forum frequency leads to questionable speculation
    Said speculation clouds purposeful intention
    Take the literal, don’t read with invention
    The clues were clear, but curiosity ruined your intention.

  191. Perhaps the Finder in from Scotland-Way Back East.He is laying low because of the people that feel they are Entitled in some way and the finder has a duty to accommodate them. They are even willing to drag this through the legal process…Sour Grapes is an ugly look..

    • No one is entitled to the treasure except the finder. You may have the correct wwwh, hob and blaze but if you didn’t find the TC then you are not entitled to it. You may get credit for the correct clues but you are not entitled to the treasure, even if you told someone all or part of your solution to the clues and then they find it, too bad, it’s your fault. It’s another thing if somehow they stole your solve and you can prove it in a court of law. -mow

  192. I just wanted to meet Forrest. I live in Great Falls, MT. I work for Coca Cola High Country. I have kidney problems. My wife has lupus. I have 2 special needs boys age 31 and 30. I really wanted to find the treasure so I could meet him in person. I wanted my wife to be able to open the chest and have a thrill of a lifetime. I wanted to be able to get my youngest son Joshua Hargett on the Ellen DeGeneres show because he is and I mean he is her greatest fan. Nothing against the finder. Im sure he had just as much trouble as anyone else and I am very happy for him.
    “As I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold.” First 2 letters in gone and alone spell out Olga.
    “Begin it where warm waters halt.” Tears for Olga Little and getting a mountain named after her just recently and halt is a german word. She is German.
    “And take it in the canyon down.” Down the canyon leads to her home where she was a mule packer.
    “Not far but too far to walk”. She saved 17 men from the Neglected mine in a terrible blizzard single handed by them holding on to all her pack mules tails.
    “Put in below the home of Brown.” Little Brown and Co. published The Catcher In The Rye by JD Salinger. She also has a school house next to her property with a bell that is used as a summer home by someone and she also was a fly-fishing guide and sold Indian artifacts from her home and bording house.
    “From there its no place for the meek.” The Meek family owns the meek marble mine in the vicinity and Olga was a rockhound.
    “The end is ever drawing nigh.” Her pack mules.
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek.” She packed supplies up the mountains and ore down the mountains from the mines. Paddle = ore. Also yule creek is where meek mine is in.
    “Just heavy loads and water high.” Mule packing in the snow.
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze.” German dictionary blaze is spelled blase and means bubble or rock.
    “But tarry scant with marvel gaze.” Tarry means loiter and scant means make gone. The town of Marvel Colorado is very close by meaning which direction to be standing. Also sundance kid grew up 2 towns over towards the four corners states area from Mayday.
    “If you are brave and in the wood.” A single property with trees is a wood. Got to be brave and loiter a little.
    I hope a new treasure hunt is on its way Dal. Thank you. I just wanted my son to be on the Ellen show. Thank you Forrest for a wonderful treasure hunt. Paul Hargett

  193. Re the “delay”, it will take the finder several days to _get_ “back east” assuming he didn’t put the chest in luggage on a plane, which would be insane. That’s assuming they aren’t or haven’t already started driving to Santa Fe instead for that in-person visit first. Any TV news trucks staking out Forrest’s place? What’s that car/RV/? from VA/MD/NC/PA etc. doing here?

  194. THE LEGEND of Forrest Fenn

    What follows is a truncated version of the methodology I was using to decipher/read the poem. I call this methodology THE LEGEND (TL for short) and I invite you all to apply TL to the poem to see if you can make some of the same conclusions I have while we await the real solution to be posted.

    TL is derived from reading the first stanza in such a manner as to literally make it a Legend to follow when trying to decipher the rest of the poem. To me, this made stanza #1 the most important stanza of all, and here is I how I understand/define its wording:

    The opening statement of the poem tells us that someone has gone alone in there, meaning someplace specific. After that fact, while in that specific place, that someone is then using (“and with”) their treasures bold (“my treasures bold”) in some manner. After that statement we are presented with “I can keep my secret where,” followed by “and hint of riches new and old.” Both of those clauses point back to what that someone has just said they are doing, that being using their treasures bold in some manner to satisfy the remaining clauses of the sentence. Thought of this way, and using the conspicuous to the eye definition of bold, the author is telling us that he has gone alone into a specific place and is using what he considers treasures that are conspicuous to the eye to do two things:

    1) Keep his secret where (hidden)

    2) Hint of riches new and old

    Since FF is the author of the poem, and the hider of the chest, and wants us to look for the chest in his defined search area (the RM’s), it is probably a safe bet that the poem embodies lots of his personality traits/personal beliefs. It is a well-known fact that nature is very much a part of what FF loves about this world we live in and IMHO it is safe to say the great outdoors is a treasure to him—the whole point of TTOTC is to get us out into the great outside!

    The word “treasures” is plural, however, meaning it must be referring to more than one thing. If treasures is represented in part by nature, and bold represents conspicuous to the eye, what is it that makes treasures plural then? The answer is that the chest is what makes treasures plural because by virtue of its inclusion within FF’s secret spot, the chest also becomes part of the treasure that is conspicuous to his eye, thus making nature and the chest the combined definition of treasures plural.

    Additionally, since we have now established that nature is helping keep both the chest and FF’s secret spot hidden, and since FF brought the chest into the secret where spot, and nature was already there, collectively they (the chest and nature) make up the “riches new and old” that he states he will be hinting about.

    By making such a statement in the opening stanza of the poem, FF has introduced the poem, the quest, and provided us with THE LEGEND to refer to when trying to read and interpret his poem to correctly solve how to go retrieve the chest. He is describing his treasures which are conspicuous to his eye when he is in his secret place. Treasures is plural, and FF mentions riches new and old, so he must be describing both the natural treasures he sees (what he infers is a creek, a canyon, etc. within the poem) as well as his hidden chest which, by virtue of him hiding it there, is also now conspicuous to his eye within the secret where place. Our job from this point on is to figure out when he is describing the natural treasures and when he is describing the chest. The complexity of FF’s simplicity is that it is not easy to differentiate when he is talking about his natural treasures and when he is talking about the chest. When he is writing about the natural treasures, such words/word phrases are clues and will serve to guide us to the chest just like FF has said; when he is describing the chest, I feel he is doing so to make the solve difficult but not impossible and only as hints since clues about the chest itself can’t lead us to it.

    Treasures, to me, is the word that is key because it permeates the rest of the poem as information about either the chest (HINTS to help with the clues by eliminating themselves as clues) or the great outdoors (CLUES to lead us to the secret where/chest location).

    I hope some of you enjoy trying to apply TL to the poem, and I am obviously open to discussing how I applied TL to the entirety of the poem.

  195. I just read some woman in Illinois is suing the guy that found it she is the solver and claims that he followed her and cheated and took her solve

  196. I keep hearing thing like , lets keep it going and he may leave the chest there and this and that and blahhhh. Face it people the magics gone now. The treasure was the real magic. The elusive unicorn. An experice was part of it, yes! but you can all get experiences with out this continuing. The finder did what we all tried to do, he spent time and effort finding it because the truth is, we all wanted that feeling of opening the box knowing it was a life changing amount of cash, and to be able to say i was the one to figure it out. Any thing he would leave behind would be pitiful in comparison. I ve herd people say fenn should buy it and put it back..why? The finder would just send his friend or family to retrieve it again. They should just show us the pictures, give us the answers and fade away.. we lost people its time to move on.. its sad, but its true

    • I wonder why the news always try to make it sound like the roof has fallen in. Full of negative speculation.

      There is a bit of choppy water, but nothing that cannot be navigated. IMO

  197. First off let me start by saying congratulations to the finder of the treasure. Big congratulations! I’m super happy that Forrest will hopefully reunite with the bracelet, and that he got to see the day his chest was found.

    I also want to say, why are people being so hard on those wanting to know the location of the treasure chest!? I don’t understand why people keep saying no one is “owed” anything. I don’t think it’s anyone’s intention to sound like they are “owed” something.

    All treasure searches and finds in history, the location of the find is shared. This was a public hunt so I believe the solve should be public information not only for the searchers but from a history stand point as well.

    Maybe all do not agree with me, and that’s okay. I personally believe it should be public knowledge. At the very least city and state. I don’t think this compromises the finders identity and their concerns for remaining anonymous. I think that’s obviously a smart idea for the time being.

    I also want to say all of the lawsuits are absolutely ridiculous and I’m sure we all agree on that. I’ve had so much fun looking for this treasure and I’m sure that’s something we can all agree on too. I am fine with being patient and giving Forrest time with more information, but I would be very upset if the approximate location that the treasure was found at was never revealed. All IMO.

  198. I’m guessing a lot of posters are well hydrated on coffee or beer & working from home .

    Dal, Will you be sending us an email notice when Forrest speaks?

    • OS2-
      When Forrest tells us something BIG, all blog subscribers will get an email about it…
      Because I will create a new page for it…and all subscribers receive automatic notifications from WordPress when a new page is published.

      • Dal,

        The only thing bigger than announcing the treasure has been found is if Forrest were to say “Oops, it’s still out there someone go find it”

        One can hope right?



        Robert Szelinski

  199. My treasures have always been…

    Peace in my heart
    the love of family & friends
    Enjoying the great outdoors
    the hope of life after death

    I plan to continue cherishing those treasures
    which cannot be purchased with gold.

    Thanks Forrest for being the catalyst that propelled me back into the great outdoors as I recovered from stage III cancer.. I’m thankful to be alive and have participated in your chase.

    Blessings to you all,
    Valerie aka “42”

    • Gosh 42 I never knew… So glad you beat that dreaded disease… I’ve always enjoyed your posts! Stay strong

    • The problem for all of them is that none of them have the correct solve. I’m guessing the respective judges will dismiss these suits in short order.

    • I thought I was having a blog rest and then I peep in and see crazy again.

      3 same suits for different and wrong locations. It begs belief.

      The woman being followed by Eastern shadows clearly needs a doctor.

      The guy who thinks “title” would be admissible in court as proof of ownership, even if he was solve correct, is just nuts. All contracts come with word definitions. In this case, title is not defined, so cannot be relied upon.

      Shaking my head in amusement. If they had solved the puzzle, they would have just drove to the location, wandered off and come back to the car with the tc. IMO.

    • Wow…!! There ain’t no wonder the finder would want to stay quiet… they’re being forced to.

      Honestly, it’s gonna cost more in lawyer fees than the chest is worth! Greed, greed, and more greed!

      • Forrest knows what he is doing. If he didn’t, then his own advice lawyers would be negligible, which is not likely.

        I am enjoying the show though.

    • Good grief! I wonder how many would stick around if they heard the word “countersue”. This shouldn’t be happening. Hang in there finder and Mr. Fenn.

  200. Thanks, Forrest. I just wish my bother had lived to see the day when you announced the end of the search.

  201. I am really glad Forrest is out from under this. He seems good for ninety. I know
    if I make it that far I will be in sad shape probably. It is there for the person who solves it.
    And we had what we had when it ended. That’s about All. It was well intended. Took a
    few years to long as it was. How can this person get threw the problems.
    Lawyers at door, Judge not in his favor. People wanting to much now.
    it is over and here I am trying to put my opinion in. I am fine if I am not given any
    information. Forrest will do what he can. It is OK if he can not do anything too.
    Glad for the FENN family. I would probably go fishing.
    Thanks For Everything Forrest.

  202. So the chest has been found. And the finder is reluctant to disclose the location. I didn’t retrieve the chest but I can hardly fault the finder for not disclosing the location, because the more involved I got in the chase and the more I settled in on a place the more I realized it was probably best for a variety of reasons to not disclose the location ever.

    And I am aware of the ethical dilemma of not disclosing the location, leaving everybody in the lurch.

    Let me try to be clear and explain why I became involved in the Chase. It was the mystical, literary, spiritual aspect of it, the strangeness of the War for Me chapter, the subliminal gene, and the works of literature Fenn mentioned. And I tried to overlook all the other unsavory aspects, everything from Fenn being friends with Watergate people to saying art really means nothing to him, it’s only business.

    I hoped in the best aspects of the Fenn story, but it seems at end I was not only unequal to the intellectual challenge I have no idea how I would resolve not telling people about the location with the need of people to know, to have some sort of closure.

    In short, the ethical dimension of the chase is just as baffling as the intellectual and perhaps even more so.

    Heck, I’m reluctant to disclose my solve even if I’m wrong. I just don’t want people tearing the place up, and I’ve seen people behave in less than ethical manner somewhat near the place not to mention seen the way people treat the wilderness and sites in general which acquire an aura of the sacred and special.

    So I’m just going to try to make peace even if the ending of the chase has no closure. The only thing that leaves me somewhat upset is whether the finder really deserved the win. But here we go back into the complexity of the ethical dimension of it: Fenn simply hid the chest, put out books and there is nothing in there about rules, regulations, methodology, the legal and illegal, so it’s difficult to get angry about injustice in a game where rules have really not been set.

    I don’t know, I’m as perplexed as everybody. I think we can all agree though that we learned some things about ourselves that we never learned any other way. And of course we each had private adventures, saw and experienced some things we would not have seen and experienced otherwise.

  203. Last night, someone in Arizona won $410 Million in the Mega Millions Lottery. Wondering how many lawsuits will the Mega Million and winner receive against them?

  204. I just want to share where I believed the treasure was hidden. I honestly believe the treasure was hidden somewhere around Lake Como area near Blanca Peak in southern Colorado. Notable words and features: As (translated Como in spanish), chokecherry, Holbrook, Kevin Hayne (nicke named Blaze), stripes, Tobin creek, ford, found (as in foundry), Blanca is white, Little Bear Peak, Ellingwood peak (Albert Russel Ellingwood was known as the human Fly and his initials are ARE as in “if you are brave”…), Alamos is near and is home to Adams State University and the mascot is the Grizzly (I would see Grizzlies on me searched often), the trail is maintained be a group called the Leap Frogs, there is an Alligator farm nearbye, the town of Alamosa is full of rainbow references, Rainbow trail ends at Blanca, Mount Lindsey is near (a Lindsey is the type of hat worn by bighead in the Archies comic book), a well known route to climb Little Bear is found to start at the Black Hand, there is a beautifully waterfall and tall grass which feeds the Blue Lakes from the left, Blanca is the North Arrow Mountain, Blanca is where Native Americans arrived upon this Earth, there is a lake in the shape of Minerva (wise) just below Crater Lake and below that a lake which has the shape of an arrowhead with a broken tip, this area is too far to walk and the vehicle you would want to use would have to twist like a snake, during a rescue/recovery mission a helicopter crashed, the helicopter was part of a group called the Three H**kers, Zapata falls is near, Columbine was one of the towns in the Como route, the route is a combination of two canyons the second of which is the canyon down (over yonder), there is a Bear (Bruin or Brown) cave above Como Lake, there are many “kids” that roam the country side (you should see their horns, wow), etc.
    I can go on and on. I had to have been close.

    • My best friend and I were in Alamosa last year. As a “it’s small world” example: while I live currently in PA, my Mom and Dad both got their Master Degrees at Adams State. We were there because there’s a historical marker related to Amelia Mary Earhart just a mile north of town. I got on the Amelia Earhart kick when I found that her car is housed near the Denver Museum that Forrest Fenn said he planed to leave his car at. She was from Kansas which is where I grew up and went to school. So I knew a good deal about her before this treasure hunt. The historical marker has a nice piece of petrified wood in it. I was hoping BOTG would inspire me. Didn’t happen – LOL. Never found a good canyon to go down.

      There are a lot of local lost treasure stories in that valley and the ring of mountains that form it. One involves Blanca. Many involve the Spanish. Fun area, but more sage than lush vegetation. Another involves lost gold from the fort at the base of the Mountain (and the end of La Veta Pass) – Fort Garland.

      The alligator farm is a developed hot spring. One of the state’s largest iron mines is NE of there near another hot spring. You drive by yet another hot springs (apparently man-made via drilling) on the way there). We found an obsidian arrowhead and a chert scraper/knife in the area; but no gold.

  205. If the Illinoise woman knew the solve she should have spilled the beans on the solve to have any credibilty and a fighting chance for it. I seriously doubt a judge would even look at entertaining her story. Filing a lawsuit anyone can do and do it about anything. Weather it sees the light of day in court is another.

    • So a guy who needs to beg for money is going to hide it where no-one can find it and doesn’t want it himself? Despite him trying to find the Chase money?

    • Gofundmes and lawsuits have this in common: anybody can initiate one for darn near any reason. That doesn’t mean either one will stand the test of time, or survive in the court of public opinion.

      One of the attractions (to me) of Forrest’s Chase is that he didn’t ask anyone for anything before starting it. He just had an idea, and he went out and did it. It was bold. It was daring. It was fresh. Even with his memoirs, he donated the proceeds. (And honestly, I think each of his stories as a treasure in itself, completely aside from the Chase.) He didn’t collect a single penny from others in connection with his Chase (to the best of my knowledge). He basically sacrificed a portion of his own financial net worth in the name of a High Purpose, and he was the only one who was poised to take a loss if the idea failed.

      If this person wants to try to start a new chase this way, I suppose there is nothing to stop him, but by asking for others to provide the funding he is setting himself up to look like a crook, even if his intentions are pure. All it will take is one unhappy searcher who accuses him in court of keeping the money he received from others and not hiding anything for people to find, which would be fraud at best. At that point, he could be forced by the court to reveal the solution prematurely just to prove he isn’t a thief. In Forrest’s case, there can be no theft or fraud (my opinion, not a lawyer though) because it was all his own money to begin with, he did not personally benefit from the Chase, and he made no promises except that whoever finds the chest first can keep it. He may as well have set it on a street corner with a sign saying “Free to good home.”

      Also, as we should all know by now, two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead. If he has anyone else involved, there is always the risk that one of those supporting folk might decide to leverage whatever they know for personal gain, thus compromising that chase. Even some very honest people have been known to succumb to the lure of easy money in the face of an unexpected financial squeeze (or when faced with blackmail).

      I think this new chase fund is a rash idea, not well thought out. Also, coming so soon after the Find, it feels a bit like trying to ride Forrest’s coattails, whether that is the actual intent or not.

      If I wanted to start a new chase, assuming I had the funds on hand to do it, I would not be doing anything public right now. Let Forrest and the Finder do what they need to do and have their moments in the sun. Let them bask in the glory of the solved Chase and mourn the end of the Thrill. I would perhaps start working on the puzzle portion, but say nothing about it publicly. Wait a few years. (It’ll take a *lot* of time and deep thought to do it properly anyway.) Let people’s memories of this Chase get warm and fuzzy like pictures in a beloved scrapbook. Only *then* do a hide and announce.

      At any rate, if his intent is sincere and pure then I wish him luck and success, but I think he needs to hit the brakes for a bit and give some truly deep thought to the ins and outs of the risks and how to mitigate them. Enthusiasm is a good thing, but recklessness can lead to sudden doom.

      But that is all just this one hick’s opinion. 🙂

  206. I can’t fault the finder. If it was me, I’d do exactly the same thing. If you want to know the location of the treasure, figure it out or wait for the movie to come out. In the mean time, leading up to the movie release, I might eliminate one state at a time. Yep that’s what I’d do. Like it?

    • Forrest made the puzzle self-validating. When you are on the right track, you will know, especially when you arrive at the end. My opinion of course.

    • Hear, Here, Mr. Obvious. I’m with you. If people want to know the location, let them solve IT themselves. If they say they enjoyed the Chase, they would continue with it, treasure or no treasure. I, for one, would like to see if I can figure it out. I’m considering another BOTG sometime to see what I can find, if anything. If nothing more than to enjoy the great outdoors. Lord knows we need that these days after being cooped up for months.

      • Just finding Forrests’ special spot would be a treasure in and of itself. So Chase on.

  207. First, thank you Forrest for a journey of a lifetime, and congratulations to the finder. Second, I have never posted to any of the blogs regarding the search, but feel this is good time to do so.

    I have been studying the poem and reading and re-reading TTOTC for roughly 5 years. I’ve also been to the Rockies many times during that timeframe, but never to a place where I thought the chest was.
    That said, I had a trip planned for next week to a place where my solve pointed to. So, needless to say, the news I saw on Sunday stating the chest had been found, gutted me..

    That said, my trip is still planned. We all cherish the outdoors, and that in and of itself is a HUGE treasure. I will still go to the place where I thought the poem was associated with, but with the understanding that it may or may not have been there.

    As we know, and as some of these posts reference, there are hundreds or thousands of solves people have that feel correct to them.
    So….. at the place where I thought the chest would have been, I am going to “secret” something of value (albeit nowhere near the monetary value of the chest and contents Forrest hid).

    What do you think?

    Long live the chase!!!

  208. That someone would find the treasure in 2020 is not a surprise. I’m still waiting for the big surprise.

  209. I hope you are returning soon Mr Fenn. I can only keep up this schtick for so long. I’m running out of material. I might need to call in a backup. Help?

  210. A logical thinker could find the treasure site without the poem.

    My slightly biased yet humble opinion.

    • Now there’s an intriguing idea. Add up all of the non-poem clues, hints, interview quotes, etc. and is there enough to find the site? Just might be so. I’ve seen some solves on here that could still have been arrived at if you subtracted out the poem parts, so the real one might also fit that.

      What kind of extra material do you need? I’ve got a bolt of some highly fabricated cloth lying around here somewhere ….

    • I just might have to find it with logic, because I sure as heck can’t solve the poem. (except maybe 2 or 3 clues, and certainly not in order)

  211. Larry Brant should be disbarred for giving out bad legal advice.

    Th finder pays no taxes on the gift from Forrest. The giver would file a gift tax exclusion.

    The final stanza if the poem provides for the establishment of the contents of the chest as gift.

    Further, if the chest also contains the title to the land the TC was located on there is no question who is the owner.

    That’s some garbage in place of an article.

    • owning property would be public records. To easy to find that out. Forrest wouldnt have done that imho

    • Hey Lugnutz, I think you are spot on. I always thought the treasure was on private land owned by Forrest through a shell corporation. The Chase is like a scavenger hunt, finding clues along the way, one of which would give title to the land and allow the searcher on the private land to retrieve the chest. Forrest is a sly fox, outwitting all of those money grubbing gubment people.

  212. Hi All – I’ve been on the chase for 8 years – maybe only posted twice – I guess I’m a lurker- haha. – I really thought I was on to something – I’m sure now, however, like most – I was not. I had probably 50 solves and probably took over 30 trips to the rockies. Here is my best solution – just curious if others had this same solution or used the same anagrams –

    If you take the first letter of the first word in each line and the first letter of the last word in each line you get the following:

    AH KID

    My imagination made me feel as though the poem was talking about a train – with the references to halt, heavy loads, water high, and Y- I won’t go into detail as these references have all been discussed here many times.
    So – I thought WWWH was where a train would pass over the continental divide – and with the above clues – it lead me to the I-80 near Sherman – the location of the first transcontinental railroad – well anyway – At the time, – I was searching I hadn’t put together that you could spell Bjttjs with some of the extra letters – so I think I only looked near the bridges and the monument that is in the area.

    The other part of the poem that I believe might be part of the solution – is – if you take every line in order of how they rhyme you get the following:

    There where bold old halt walk down brown meek creek near high blaze gaze – so – I think it would have been located near the Buttes on the original route there down by the creek bed – I quit looking along I-80 when Forrest said – if your solve is in the desert – get a new solve – haha. So I’m sure this was probably all wrong – lol!

    -well anyway – I sure enjoyed the thrill of the chase and am very sad it’s over. I’d love to hear from anyone that had a similar solve 🙂 And I am sure hoping the treasure was in New Mexico b/c I barely looked there.

    Cheers –

  213. Hoping the finder (or FF) will mark the hidey place so that those who want to continue can search and find it! Dal, any word on whether FF has considered that?
    Could you ask him?

    Also; While the finder may have solved the clues to the poem, I wonder if he realizes that all of FF’s stories literally exist in map form in the RMs. In other words, each story he told was a dot on the map which led to the final destination. I would love to know if anyone else mapped it out and would be interested in collaborating on putting it into print. Again; Im not interested
    In making money. For me, it has always been about the Chase. I would love to share the map of FF’s life events into print and possibly donate proceeds to a good cause. But I could only work with someone who has already discovered the map; not the map from the poem; the map from the memoirs. If anyone is interested, Dal may give out my Email address.
    (The address that begins with leq)

    Third; Dal, can you send me a link to make a donation to your website? I dont need a Tshirt or anything. Just want to send you a thank you!

    • That’s an interesting thought Flutterby. That’s another map I need to discover.

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