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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f



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621 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part three

    • Hey Dal,
      Has the promise of the Real Solution this week been rescinded or is it fair to still expect it at some point? I know Forrest asked for some time but also heard this promise had been pulled back? Just curious as to what to expect.

      • surf-
        We are all waiting together for what will happen next. Forrest wrote the text on the top of this page. He has not made any additional public comments. So we all wait…

        • Dal,

          Forrest says “So the search is over”… what about the retrieval?? Lolol I’m just messing around. We all patiently wait. Well most of us are patient

        • Thanks Dal, I was referring to your note on the last solve page, it sounded like Forrest indicated he was providing the solution soon ….”until the REAL solution is announced by Forrest …which we expect in a few days”

      • A lady filed a lawsuit saying that the “finder” stole her solution. It might be wise to wait until after she “shows her cards”, that is, declares how she supposedly solved the poem. At that point she is locked in to a particular solution. If FF were to give the solution right now that lady could in theory adjust her “stolen solution” to better match the right one.

        • The fear is understandable, but she will have to do more than just give her solve, as many people could then make the same claim against both of them; she would have to have (pay for) an investigation into her ISP’s logs, (IP address routing, times and dates), proof of breach of her PC… to be succinct, her claim is all over the board (she claims he hacked her, and the claimed he followed her -? If he had it, why would he follow her?) – her published claim is already fishy. Anyway, my opinion is that the guy is safe.
          Sadly, I figured something like this would happen – just look at the guy that tried to sue Forrest by claiming to ‘know’ where the chest was, and so expected its monetary equivalent in reward. Some people are just… insert your own words of disgust here.

          • Yeah it baffles me that she could make up that someone that doesn’t know her would for some reason hack into her computer. Unless she shared part of her solve online what would persuade anyone to take an interest. If she had shared stuff then she’s given her ideas away. If the 200ft, so called lead searcher was known then that would make sense to try and hack them but no one knew who that was. I don’t think she has a chance in hell

        • The “solve” should be irrelevant. The legalities surrounding a supposed “hack” would merely require some computational forensics. All the evidence necessary to identify if there was malicious code on her machine could be found by any specialist. I don’t think most people understand how “hacking” works and they just use it as a catch-all excuse as to how something was stolen from them.

          • Just a minor correction… Code would not have to exist on her machine. It could instead be an account breach of a searcher or of Forrest’s email account. If the “back east” person also works at Google with access, and perhaps has suggested to a relative or friend to go to a location and they’ll split it… well, you can see how a conspiracy theory can start to form.

          • This is to E.C. Waters, it would take longer than the life of the universe to brute force someone’s email and Google does not just store passwords and emails in plain text, everything is encrypted. As a Google employee, I could not just go looking into other people’s emails. If social engineering had been used to ascertain possible passwords then that code was run on her machine maliciously and thus could be evidenced by forensics. If something was hacked, the evidence is there to prove it without knowing what her apparent “solution” was.

    • Surf,

      No hurry over here. I want to know the location but I’d rather Forrest come out and say he was duped and the chest is still out there.

      Either way if we don’t get a solution soon I’m putting boots on the ground lol

      • thats about what my question was-so far Mr, Fenn shown only a few photo, for $50,000 with all the photos of his treasure chest ,some could make a chest
        to look like the one he hind.

        • fenn previously stated there were 4 photos of the chest taken. one is on back cover of ttotc, one is in ttotc at the beginning of gold and more, one was published here on this site i think in 2016. i believe the 4th photo was of fenn holding the chest and it was included in the chest. all the jokes fenn made about people saying they found the treasure but couldn’t send him a photo was a clue. only the finder would be able to produce the correct photo that fenn could confirm without question. just my humble opinion.

        • Hi Norman: there is one item in the chest that Forrest has never mentioned, other than that he was saving that for the finder. That’s the only item the finder who have to specify or photograph for Forrest to have confidence that the treasure was found. No need to worry about Forrest being punked by a Photoshopped exterior shot of the chest.

      • Or some dumb ….like myself that has shared a computer with someone that I don’t trust anyway . Due to current situation. Got Snoopy and opened email to find out screen name and read all emails exchanged between Fenn which there was only two responses from him . I should have made like a tree along time ago . I am not claiming to be the mysterious person of topic. So to make it clear ya maybe I have been trying to subtlety ask someone if they would like to go search but I might have to dust off the walking stick and roll solo peace y’all

        Oh and my phone forced me to do an update the other day and the computer notification said it was being remotely operated so I pulled the plug on it and might leave the phone as a farewell gift to the ditch . Probably next to the wedding band that’s already there .

        Back to riding the edges

        • Not sure that makes much sense Shadow. Forrest says the chase is over and most of us are on full travel restriction.

          And you say you have been hacked?

    • It’s strange, I want to be right and wrong all at the same time…Wonder how many of us are in the same boat.

      • Freddie, my sentiments exactly. I want to believe that I grasped the architecture of the solve but that my starting points were a total miss.

        And I still want to believe that “Brown” was Henry Brockmire/Brockmeyer aka Bible Back Brown, but I’ve resigned myself to believing they’re just trout.

      • I’m in the same boat. This poem made my brain do strange things. My latest brain fart was to put the home of Brown in below…. where that wierd semi colon is.

    • Thank you Dal. I want to thank you for all of your hard work on this blog. I have not participated at all in any conversation. This is because I only got involved because of my brother. It was he who turned me on to the TTOTC. I will say this, we journeyed with his solve. I still believe it > We had the best time of our lives. We hiked 10 miles in the snow. We learned a lot about our spirit. But most important I think for us, is that Forrest reminds us of our father and grandfather, their principles, their courage and all the values that they taught us. And our spirit moves with the courage of our fathers. Through the love of the earth and all its magic. Love you FF

    • Forrest, thanks for putting us on a path of new experiences and adventure. Many people forget the thrill is in the chase. Even with the treasure being found, I find myself drawn to where my warm waters halt. I plan on taking my kids and enjoying the deep green colors of the Rockies. The search was arduous and well worth it. Thanks again.

    • We always looked off 550 between Silverton and Ouray. My late brother in law may have spoken w FF about the best fly fishing spots in the area over 10 years ago.

      We found an old map that showed Browns cabin and found a natural hot tub pool nearby. Always thought a ‘Halt’ was a train watering station.

      Our plan if successful was to have a non profit museum near the train station.
      I will be driving up thru Sante Fe in late June. Would offer the museum site to the owner.

      • Nothing really. I have my own ideas where it was hidden and I certainly don’t let rational thinking, logic or brilliance get in my way…

    • I agree with the writer that the same photographic evidence (if it exists) that confirms the find also can discredit the false claims. Putting any information out until the lawsuits are thrown out is probably best so no one can taylor their claims …. Mr Fenn gave everyone the opportunity to explore. Judging by the so many disgruntled people, its probably best to never disclose the location. I doubt many would respect it enough for others to enjoy. Protect & preserve is my opinion. Thank you Dal for keeping everyone updated. This experience was great fun!

    • Dal,

      An article recently updated (link below) claims that FF stated the location will remain a secret… This can’t be true- can it? I’ve been a long time lurker on your site (7 years) and finally now deciding to post because I feel heartbroken at the thought that no closure will come. I, like so many others, have have poured my heart, soul, time, and money into the search. Through life’s darkest times the thrill of the chase was always a pleasant escape- a reprieve if you will. I’m so happy for the individual who found the chest (lucky dog, you), but can’t deny that it feels a little disappointing to think that the hunt is over and so many of us will never know the answer to those 9 clues.

      I’ve read through the comments proposing that the delay of location disclosure possibly involves the recent legal claims (ridiculous, right? Let the man enjoy his hard earned winnings!). I’ve also read your statements that the search might possibly continue in some manner, but we all know FF’s thoughts on two people being able to keep a secret…

      Anyway, I’m not here to complain or whine; Just wanted to hear your thoughts. I’m sure your being inundated with the same questions and statements over and over so I want to say sorry in advance. Hope to hear back!

      Link to Article referenced above:

      • I dunno McKenna. I wasn’t on that phone call. I assume he actually said that because the reporter says so…
        According to that story and the message from Forrest quoted at the top of this page, more info is coming.
        So be patient and lets see what happens next…

        • I listened to the recent podcast with you in it, Dal. I think the last 10% of the interview with you (post-announcement) demonstrates that you’re a fair-minded advocate on behalf of searchers. Dunno what comes next, but it was nice to hear you echo my own thoughts.

    • Every location in the book could be a “treasure” but I don’t trust the idea the chest was found because I’m sure someone would claim the 15 minutes of fame associated with solving a 10 year old chase…

    • I booked a flight to Yellowstone on Sunday Morning..then the announcement came Sunday Night!! LOL. My theory was Mammoth Springs was WWWH, because a) the water surfaces and becomes a solid b) view MAMMOTH upside Down and get W∀WWO┴H. My Home of Brown was Beaver Ponds where you put into Montana. Beaver means Brown. I was going to go down the Old Gardiner Road on a bike (done it tired) to Slide Lake and go up the creek to Beaver Ponds. Beaver’s have a paddle tail. Maybe I will anyway!!

    • Dal,
      While I want to believe with all my heart that the chase has ended with an anonymous searcher finding Indulgence and confirming it with photographs,
      I find myself struggling with the lack of information Forrest is sharing. I understand the searchers wish to remain anonymous, but I do not see any reason to keep the solve a secret now. When forrest is gone his secret will die with him and there willl forever be a tarnish on the validity and honesty of the chase.
      The finder does not have to declare the location but I feel like Forrest should share the location and let searchers interpret the clues as they will. At least give us the solution to the first clue!!

      • MichaelD.

        What is the difference between the finder disclosing the location, and his solve, or Forrest disclosing the location and solve.

        Neither the finder nor Forrest owe us anything. We started the Chase with a poem, a book, and a dream. We still have all three. My personal opinion is that you and others that scream out for a solve are just being selfish.

        The finder and Forrest have the RIGHT to disclose, or keep secret, as much information as each desires.

        If Forrest has an opinion, I am sure that he has shared it with the finder, and I am sure that the finder will honor whatever requests Forrest has made.

        It is time to take off our packs, take a deep breath and be happy with the treasures that we each have found in this Chase. JMO

        I salute whatever decisions Forrest and the Finder make – OOH RAH – JDA

    • Hey Dal,

      Thanks for all of your help! Don’t give up until the evidence comes out. I”m still in search mode LOL….I just don’t know why FF would say that it was found under a canopy of stars in lush vegetation, and then stay quiet. He also said on Sunday that it was found a few days ago, and then changed to Saturday…if it was found on Saturday, could the person get in touch with FF that quick? He also said that the poem is what lead the finder to the chest. So he probably talked to the finder….also a really fast timeframe. You know him and might not to reach him so fast.

      • You’re asking the wrong guy. But I know that there were searchers that Forrest kept an eye on. Even when he wasn’t looking at all his email there were certain searchers that he watched because they were closer than others…I know that because he told me that…but I have no idea who those searchers were and I am sure the list changed as some folks drifted far away another’s got closer.

        If the finder was one of those persons Forrest was watching communication between them would have been quick.

        • Dal—
          Thanks for sharing that. It’s nice to know Forrest had his eye on a few people. It’s nice to know he was so personally involved in the chase. He’s a good man.

    • One more thing. I am doing my BOTG next week. I’ll see for myself if it’s there or not.Thanks

    • Carson National Forrest, New Mexico!. I’m sure you’ve went through at least 2 clues.

    • I wouldn’t be opposed to some “teasers” on the talk show circuit either, ala 2013… maybe describe one of the nine clues per week. That would be great entertainment (and agonizing at the same time).

      However, I suspect the delay might be legal and/or tax concerns… or POSSIBLY, that the location might become an instant tourist destination, possibly spoiling the scenery.

  1. Just read the outside story. I feel sorry that Forrest has to go through all of this. People emailing, calling, now lawyers are involved.

    • Mark,

      I agree. It’s sad to read those articles. I believe the treasure is real and because of the chase I would love to get out in the mountains again. While I may not have the chest, some of the best memories I have made were looking for it.

      • I agree. I had always had to spend a lot of my time working. I was able to put aside a few days here and there, schedule an extended layover etc to make the few BOTG trips that I did. Absolutely loved it. I don’t have the chest, but I have the memories.

        I often wondered if I would have kept it secret if I found the chest. Now, I know what I would have done.

  2. In response to JDE on previous page,
    How about FFs comment when asked how he felt about the chest being found. “Halfway kind of glad and halfway kind of sad”. Sounds poetic to me! And he didnt say half sad and half glad. He used HALFWAY twice!

  3. Methinks we’ll never see photos of the chest “in situ” unless it’s in court as evidence in one of those cases. Sad.

  4. As with any internationally-relevant high-dollar story, we’ve seen all kinds of kooks, three frivolous lawsuits (so far) and conspiracy theories out the wazoo over these few days since the announcement. And who needs that malarkey, right?

    Were I Mr. Fenn, and were I convinced that the find was genuine, I’d seek to cork up that nonsense as quickly as possible. (I used to be a politician, but Mr. Fenn now knows as well as , or better than, I do, that the kook-balls in the population can flash up and get really dangerous from time to time.)

    So. I have to wonder: why hasn’t he come out and said “here’s the location, the chest is gone to Mr. X, thanks so much everybody, good try, all, and adios, I’m done.” Why leave the wound festering for so many potential (or, with three new lawsuits pending, actual) kook-balls?

  5. Like most of you Fenn’s announcement hit me just like a punch to the gut.

    During all my research and contemplation I never imagined a scenario where someone else would find the chest.
    So now my dreams of a new house, world travel, and financial independence are all gone.
    And deciding whether to order my new Corvette in Long Beach red, or Sebring orange is no longer an issue.

    I imagined casting a great actor like Jon Voight to play Forrest in my movie, and doing a silly victory dance with Ellen on TV.
    I planned to help my family and friends who are struggling financially. And I wanted to contribute to help feed and house the needy in my town
    …and I had this crazy notion of going to Africa to save the rhino’s.
    I will miss sparring over ideas with the colorful cast of characters I’ve met on this site and others.

    I want to thank Mr Forrest Fenn for his Chase and for igniting the spirit of adventure in me.
    And for all the sights and experiences I would have otherwise never had I am forever grateful.
    So what’s next? There are other treasures in the world waiting to be found. I don’t want to give too much away,
    but I’m fairly certain that I’ve stumbled onto the ‘general’ location where Captain Kidd hid his pirate booty!
    I’ll keep you posted…..

    (And thank you Mr Dal Neitzel for giving me a nice place to vent)

    • I hope Robert Redford plays Forrest. I had similar dreams also Randawg. Buying my parents a retirement home, paying my daughters student loans off, buying myself a modest home in the woods, traveling the world. I admire the searchers that say they would give the chest to a museum or leave it hidden but I also imagine they are financially set already.

    • Randawg,

      Basing future happiness on successfully finding the chest is a recipe for disappointment. The recipe for happiness as many have found is to base it on getting to experience to beauty and grandeur of nature in all its glory. That’s what it’s been for me, and trips through WY and MT with my brother that I wouldn’t have got to do otherwise.

      We each get to choose how we use our time and focus.

      If you have “dreams of a new house, world travel, and financial independence” make it happen. If you want it bad enough and are willing to do what it ethically takes to make it happen, which is usually to provide enough value to others, anything is possible. You can get whatever you want in life if you help enough people get what they want in life.

      This can be the end for you, or the beginning of the best part of your life.

    • Hey randawg keep me posted on that booty. Speaking of booty, we got some good ole booty in SC to be found. Anyone want to do some treasure hunting?

    • Good one (his Chase). If you want to know my thoughts about a few other (according to stories/legends) lost treasures, you could bring up the subject on other forums that have been following the FF treasure hunt. As always, IMO.

  6. despair, grief….I was well aware of how deeply I felt about the chase as a hunter. I knew how much it meant to me and knew when it was found it would effect others but I mostly concentrated on solving the poem.
    What I didnt know is how deeply it would hurt. I have read of those who compare it to a death or loss of a good friend. What will I do now? Every waking moment and thousands of hours….now I feel the darkness first hand….and imagine Forrest feels both some of ours and some of his own.

    • Hold fast Cap’n, hold fast. It is painful, even when we smile, it still hurts. Have hope, hopefully the finder has a heart, it is fully conscious of what it has done. The true burden was not the tc, but the heart in his chest, nearly unbearable I imagine. How confusing it must be, wether to be joyous, or depressed, even the middle is a struggle. Well this only applies if he’s not an a-hole.

    • hey cap, are you referring to an earlier post of mine? I really did lose a dear friend, not referring to the treasure. he died on the same day as I received news that the treasure has been found. it was a double punch for me. it was a greater loss to me than the TC. but i know he is joyful right now, because he was truly a saint among us. it’s just that his absence will leave a big hole. Forrest asks “how deep is a hole?” only as deep as I allow this to be.

      • Sorry bird dog, I had missed your post. I was actually thinking of how I feel and also an interview that Cynthia Meachum did…..I cursed the next day when I woke up alive and have sobbed on more than one occasion….as I told another dedicated searcher….it is impossible for others to know how invested we were in this…it was with me every waking moment…..

        • Cap’n and Bird dog,
          Yes it is impossible to let everyone know how deep we have been in this. Like posting on the blog with your phone. Words are subject to the individuals intent and readers interpretation. Coupled with auto correct changing context, unnoticed until to late, and fat thumbs. Does make for a real challenge in sharing our struggles and pain. I want to encourage you, I don’t think the finder is an A-hole but pray good man. I know Bird dog that may not bring you much comfort with the lose of your friend, but when this finder becomes known, if he does. Maybe you will see something of your old friend in him. Lol, the finder may create a tv show, and you will personally feel connected to the chase again, like he did it just for you.
          I hope people find a way to be at peace with the chase. Never doubt ones ability to do what others think is impossible, if you believe your in an impossible situation, and something can’t be done, then you didn’t ask the right person.

      • Fill it in. Remember the good times, and get on with your life. I’ve been
        dealing with similar issues lately, and am optimistic for you.

    • I understand your feelings! I don’t know if Forrest has contemplated how important the chase has become for some. Without being too dramatic, the search has kept me going. It’s not the most important thing in my life, but it might be the most interesting part of my life. Without closure, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole experience.

    • Yes and then you add in the personal reasons each and every one of us “needed” this escape at this particular time in our lives. I’ll start with myself. I have a son who is bipolar sitting upstairs in his room right now amidst a manic episode. He has 2 loving parents, 2 siblings, is 21 yrs. old and refuses to take meds. He has all the love in the world around him but feels miserable. When I stumbled on this hunt I was not a treasure hunter. I was a mom in distress looking for a happy outlet, an escape. I read TTOTC and never looked back. Now that it’s gone I will need to replace it with some other healthy activity. Now think about all of the people not only dealing with mental illness in their family or with themselves, but going through divorces, cancer, job losses, death etc. This is what we are all mourning. We are now faced with this new reality in our own lives. That’s not a bad thing and we will find replacement pleasures. All of the lawsuits, whining and anger may be directed at the finder or that Forrest and/or the finder isn’t moving fast enough to give us closure. Our emotions are misdirected. It’s time each one of us looked within. What can we do each day to make our lives a better place. This isn’t about Forrest or the finder, this is about finding a new way to cope with whatever we have going on in our lives. One door closes, another opens. It will be ok. Forrest deserves his end days to be full of love and peace. Let’s focus on the positives and give Forrest and the finder our support at this time.

  7. My guess: the treasure was found in Basalt, Colorado on Sloane Peak, NE of the VA BENCHMARK (Topography map of Sloane shows the VABM triangle symbol) (also, the triangle benchmark on Fenn’s map) THE BLAZE is stamped: SLOANE PEAK 1953 in a boulder (the same year Fenn was married) To arrive there, a pack trail must be followed… The azimuth/heading was VAGNEUR (Frenchman) AZIMUTH 1953, found on Vagneur’s Farm
    KL0663’1 1953.

    SLOANE PK NO 2 1953.



    Type in Sloane Peak and scroll to choose Colorado

  8. Conspiracy theory just for fun: hypothetically… “back east” is Forrest-speak for the finder is Russian, and that maybe there is too much of a coincidence for the situation, and perhaps something is being investigated before coming out with the final info.

    “Back” suggests “spine”, or a “nail”, meaning a “clou”. “East” in Greek is “Anatoly” … a somewhat common Russian male name. In my solution, Russian was needed to interpret the 9th clue, and was achieved using the word “answer” to “auk” to “awk” to derive a backwards J, a Komi Tje, with confirmation bias coming from Tea With Olga. I posted my solution on if anyone is curious.

    The word “lush” also means a drunkard. The etymology of my last name irl is the same. If I had truly cracked Forrest’s code, and he was reaching announcing more in code, perhaps this is something to consider if you are a conspiracy theorist. I am not, so…

      • According to one Chicago real-estate attorney, Russian or otherwise. Let’s see if her claim grows legs, which is strongly doubtful to me.

    • You still make it fun E.C.
      Or am I making fun of you?

      Been a lot of new folks on here spilling their guts with some pretty good ideas but the “correct solve” hasn’t been revealed.

      I would hope the “poem clues” are revealed without the location 1st except for wwwh.
      My hat is still intact!

      My final location was up Taylor Creek, along Eldridge Creek or just an elder (older,Wise) ridge.

      Where’s Kettle Corn?

      • Jake: since the finder ain’t talkin’, and neither is Forrest (at least in the near term), your hat is safe from consumption. 😉

      • ..never say never Zaps – i strongly suspect that Jake’s hat is feeling a tad nervous right about now 🙂

      • Good point, Mr. Hobbit. A lot of things have to go right for the hat to be in the clear:

        “Hma, If the treasure is found within 2 miles of a paved road, I will eat my hat.”

        “Zap, This is a man of nature we are talking about here. I can’t see how he would take his sedan & park it on asphalt where there is a lot more traffic than a dirt/gravel road. I’ll crap on my hat & eat it if the treasure was hidden by F within a mile of a paved asphalt road.
        Hows that, I’ll provide the seasoning.”

        “Zap, I have just added you to my list of searchers that will not find the treasure.
        If the blaze is not the last clue, I will eat my hat & puke it up & eat it again. Will never see that day.”

        “I will eat my hat curious hobbit if you can see the blaze from GE without putting BOTG.
        Wise may pertain to all the clues as you said but I think it’s all about the most important clue. The last one. The blaze as I see it.”

        “I’m going to say what I believe 100%. All the 9 clues are at or between “Begin” & “Blaze” in the poem. I will eat my hat if they are not.
        As Zap stated I have eaten my hat & of course he is wrong because no one has fond the treasure & proved me wrong.
        I think everything else are hints.
        1. – How could F not be deceitful if you don’t begin it where he says?
        2. – He has stated he was not deceptive with the poem.
        3. – He stated at least 3 times that the poem is straight forward.
        I’m getting hungry again. Can anyone make me eat that smelly stinky hat?”

        I think Jake (and the hat) are safe with these next three:

        6/24/2017: “If it was not hidden in The Treasure State, I will eat my hat.”

        6/26/2017: “I will eat my hat if it was hidden on private or tribal land.”

        6/28/2017: “SL, You have a lot to offer with your internet research & posting links for possibles. If water has nothing to do with the poem or WWWH I will eat my hat. Be a student of yourself & not others.”

        His 8/19/2018 post is too long to repeat here, but in essence he says he will eat his hat if WWWH is not in the area of Ojo Caliente. The hat is cowering on that one. 🙂

        • immaculate research as per usual Mr Zaps – and unless i’m sorely mistaken, that’s at least 10 hats and counting…

          if ya run out of hats Jake, i’m sure someone has a few spare ten gallon hats to donate 🙂


          • i loves ya Jake.. but to be fair, i can’t honestly lend something that may possibly be returned ‘post-digested’..

            ..but i’m happy to send a great vinegar/peppercorn marinade recipe and a gallon of mustard if that helps (?)

            good to see you again mate ..and relax, we ALL got our own hats to eat here, potentially – yours just looks the least appetising ’tis all 🙂

        • Nice Zap,
          Seeing there is no “Correct solve” yet by the only one, my hat is doing a lot better than everyone else’s “general solave”.

          Curious hobbit, can you lend me a few chocolate flavored hats?

        • Zap, that roast was so epic, I think it singed Jake’s hat! Love your research abilities!

  9. The Forbes article is the best. Well done.

    Run, finder, run like all those little stickmen Forrest drew. Then rest and begin again on your new adventures.

    Stay crazy my friend, stay crazy.

    These were the best of times and the worst of times that have paved the way for the most interesting times yet to come.

    Thank you. I hope to get the privilege of seeing the chest in the Denver Museum someday. But if not, that’s ok too.

    Please, out of respect, give each other the peace. Forrest needs peace. And the finder does too.

  10. Man, it’s hard to stay up with all this chatter, but it’s worth it.


    • Indeed it is. I was supposed to be BOTG right now like many others. I find myself off of work for a week trying not to go crazy

      • My next BOTG was next month. Sigh. I’m gonna try to find Blackbeard’s booty hahaha.

    • I was going to be BOTG June 26 through July 12. Just got approved for my vacation time last week. Sigh.

  11. 10 years ago.
    10 years ago period
    Ten years ago period
    Halt brag poem’s over
    Thanks Forrest for the fun!!

  12. On another site people were exchanging emails they had gotten from Forrest over the years. I shared that I had sent him a joke one time, and he replied:

    “Jeremy, I love your email. Can I put it on Dal’s blog using your name? f”

    … but I guess he never got around to it because I didn’t see it posted. On his behalf, here’s the joke he forgot to share …


    Sally was so excited to have found Forrest Fenn’s treasure that she invited all her friends over to her house to view its contents and share in her happiness. As they marveled over the collection of splendid antiquities, Sally’s friend noticed some beautiful gold beads adorned with fanciful designs.

    “Look at this!” the friend said, holding the beads up to the light. “These must be really old. Do you know anything about them? How old do you think they are?”

    Sally replies, “They’re three thousand, seven years, and six months old.”

    “Wow, that’s an awfully exact number,” says the friend. “How do you know their age so precisely?”

    Sally answers, “Well, Forrest said they were three thousand years old when he hid them, and I’ve been looking for them for seven and a half years!”

      • Thanks! That was one of the highlights of my time with you all. I have really enjoyed it 🙂

    • Har!
      I got two E-mail responses from Mr Fenn.
      Once I sent him a story about the herd of buffalo living on Catalina island.
      He replied:
      “Remarkable story Randy. I love the buffalo. Thanks, f”

      And when I sent him a link about the F100’s history and service in the Air Force.
      I asked him if he ever flew supersonic and if he ever had to do inflight refueling.
      He replied:
      “I flew 274 combat missions in the F-100C/D and F models and air refueled on about 25% of those missions. I was shot down twice in Vietnam. Thanks for the link. f”

      • Hoping now that people aren’t worried about secret clues being buried in them, maybe more people will share their words of wisdom from him.

        I wrote to him saying that I admired that he had completely reinvented himself around the age of 40 — retiring from the military, moving to a new state, and starting an entirely different life as a successful entrepreneur in the art world, and asked him if he had any advice for me (it was my birthday at the time). He was kind enough to respond with:

        “Sure, I can help you. When you tell yourself you can’t do it, just go do it anyway. f”

        That was super inspiring for me.

    • You know, you don’t get a treasure from the guy, but nare one us can say we didn’t get *anything* from him. He really is the Catcher in the Rye.

      • Awe Jeremy that’s awesome. I must admit Forrest made me a stronger woman. I have faced a lot fears, did things I never thought I could do and I will be forever grateful to Forrest for showing me the way.

    • Jeremy P.: Forrest gave you the blaze in his reply. Save it for posterity. 🙂

      • Haha, interestingly, you wrote Jeremy P.: emphasis on .:

        That actually was my blaze…

        I was working the angle that he used braille in the book. There’s only a few ways to make that pattern in braille.

        There’s A B ⠁⠃

        There’s M ⠍

        There’s U ⠥

        I was also working the J F which is ⠚⠋ (flipped F)

        Basically I was working the ⠁⠃pattern flipped and rotated.

        I sincerely believe that when he repeatedly dropped “mud aware” in the Weekly Words, he was speaking in braille.

        ⠍ ⠥ ⠙

        Again, hammering home the A B pattern ⠁⠃and signing with a flipped F

        • J F and D are all flipped, rotated, inverted versions of each other in braille…


          • There is certainly a flip side to what you are saying Jeremy P. Thats for sure.

          • The same chapter that really, really, really, almost clearly says “it’s braille”… Teachers With Ropes… also has that line about the George Washington painting being flipped on the dollar bill, so I was flipping that pattern every way possible 🙂

  13. Thanks Forrest! I have many fond memories of going out into the woods searching for the treasure chest & then passing out drunk in a bubbling creek meadow. Cheers!

  14. I feel like something fishy is going on, a person solves the clues and doesn’t want to brag about it, that is just strange to me and every searcher I have ever talked to. The money would be great, but the bragging rights is priceless !!!!! And to hold out on where it was found seems like total BS at this point, why would the location need to be kept secret!!

    • Ron; If you won the lottery would you want everyone to know ? I wouldn’t ! The only thing I truly would like though, Is the Location. Just to know if my reasoning was correct & how close I came. Stopped mostly by old age and a bad back. Thanks Forrest for some very wonderful times.

    • To protect the beautiful hidey place from sightseers, IMO. I think that would be
      a bit of a blow to his spiritual nature.

    • He has to get the movie and book deals done before he can announce it. An exclusive world wide reveal in a TV or Movie would be worth a lot IMO. Has to wade through the deals to get the best one. Probably worth as much as the gold.

  15. all I’ve read is Mr. Fenn seen a few photos of a Treasure chest, he never looked ,felt,the chest in person? Some one for $50,000 -$100,000 could make a Treasure chest, and make millions, from writing a book, movie etc. I was hoping there was something in his chest that wasn’t photographed, so only he can verified that it was real. and was hoping to tell Mr. Fenn to beware
    and first check it out, someone should call him.With this idea.

    • Hi Norman,
      I already posted such theory: false finder did precise copy of TC and several recognizable things in TC (silver turquoise bracelet, gold nuggets etc.). Then he did good quality photo of TC in his hands and send it with minimum comments to Forrest. And we know that Forrest several times mentioned some surprise in TC that he put specially for finder. False finder could omit this subject in photo or just say “thank for the surprise”. He can ask Forrest his mail address to send silver bracelet. We know that Forrest is the old fox but even old foxes sometimes can be catch in a trap.
      Maybe now he is waiting for the bracelet and when he get he will say final word. Also finder should say exact place where he found it. But again he could omit it because doesn’t want to be catch (if it was e-mail with photo it can be used as a proof).
      Too many crazy theories… Forrest should stop them ASAP.

      • thanks for the info, yes it will be nice for Mr Fenn to touch the found chest to verified its the someone he put out there.

    • I believe FF knows what he is doing, and won’t be easily fooled by someone
      who hasn’t really found the TC. I think some unscrupulous person is trying to
      perpetrate a fraud or other crime.

      If FF wants to contact me by PM on another forum, he could look for the partial joke — about flying — whose punchline is “We don’t call it that anymore.”

      As always, IMO.

    • people keep saying that they think forrest got duped, They need to sit back for a moment and think that idea out….

      it is as bad as the people who thought the treasure was fake… it is the same sort of insult, really.

      • My first concern is that Forrest Fenn is okay. Has anyone actually *seen* Mr Fenn.

  16. How y’all holding up?

    I just went to read the poem, perhaps for the last time…and couldn’t finish it.

    Now if that’s a metaphor for anything – it’s a metaphor for needing closure…and that’s closure from afar. No BOTG, just a learnt awe of how mind-boggling beautiful the rockies are and a passion for this puzzle and a respect for the community created here.

    I do hope that we learn ‘the solve’ – when so many other things were solved by y’all.



  17. Conspiracy theory. Got a new one. Here goes.

    “The treasure has been found”

    Found => make (an article) by melting and mounding metal

    From the beginning I never thought Forrest hid the real chest and contents. I always believed he made a fake, a forgery, and placed in it only the silver bracelet and whatever. I expected he would keep the real treasure chest and it’s contents in an environmentally controlled safe like maybe one he still might have the key to in the Cody museum for example. That way he could hide the proxy in Yellowstone and sidestep the Feds that might want to lay claim to the treasure. Forrest is smart like that. Well wouldn’t that be a surprise?

      • Hmm. He did do that scrapbook about hiding a chest in New Mexico for kids to find. He asked for ideas about keeping the contents and chest safe from the elements. A lot of people said to use a proxy.

    • oh I see what you means he would have hind a basically an empty box, but didn’t he say he seen pictures from the finder, with all the gold the photo???

  18. Has anybody else , just curious.
    Thought the blaze was a yellow stone?.
    Was a fun thought to go with.

    Thank You Forest!.

    • K,
      Check out my blaze in Dal’s ” Book of Blazes”. I had to desaturate the color at the time because I thought I might be giving too much away if I left it in color. the oval is…you guessed it…yellow.
      That’s an old Yellowstone Trail blaze. It has been up there since the 30’s. It may be the oldest original YS Trail marker still to be found. Probably not THE blaze, but very compelling.

  19. Dal, thanks for the web site. I never contributed because, well, two people can keep a secret if… well, you know.

    I think it was a June, 2015 TV interview that discussed the legal issues of placing the treasure “out there”. Fenn stated what I think most of us considered to be the obvious: not on private land, not on tribal land, and more or less ambiguous about public lands. National Parks might be iffy; national forest and BLM lands seemed more liberal… and there’s the interesting Montana law concerning public use between river banks — essentially, the spaces are fair game for “normal recreational activities”… such as, oh, why not leave a treasure as a recreational pursuit.

    But in that same interview, he went so far as to say that he had legal counsel BEFORE hiding the treasure. Throughout this chase, I contemplated those seemingly obvious ramifications, but I sniffed a little bit of — please pardon me, I feel certain the treasure is real… but… I sniffed a little BS. I’m not so certain that FF sought legal counsel before hiding the treasure, and he might have done so after-the-fact based on a lot of questions and feedback he was hammered with. I read a lot of threads (on this site and otherwise) that questioned the ownership and tax implications of finding the treasure. It’s possible that FF miscalculated (I hope I’m wrong for both he and finder), but because of that, a delayed response to the “solve” might be inevitable. (The court filings might also be a hindrance).

    It’s like a new riddle already… I hope we have clarity sooner than later… 10 years was quite the wait.

  20. No one can scoop up and walk away with the Rockies. For many the Chase was their first introduction to what has been called the backbone of America The Beautiful.

    From its majestic snow clad peaks to its rushing white water filled with trout to the alpine clear lakes to the evergreen conifers and the crisp fresh air, there is no place like it. It is the real treasure. Nobody, I mean nobody can take this treasure from us. And you know what….IT BELONGS TO EVERYONE OF US!

  21. I would love even one certainty. What was the home of Brown??!!!! But seriously, this was a fantastic experience. I came into the Chase super late and was momentarily devastated by the news, but so happy I tried.

  22. All of this talk about the need to see a picture made me search the expression ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ because, yes a few pics will be fantastic but I’m sure it took more than a few pics for the finder to get Forrest’s attention! The finder probably had to say what state, county, township and range as well as the drainage, name of the area and GPS coordinates! Right?

    Litigants go away, you’re ruining the end of a very fun adventure for hundreds of thousand of fans!

    • Hear! Hear!

      If the litigants were not prepared to lose the chase, they never should have entered.

    • Everybody agrees with “litigants go away.” So many nut-bags out there these days, hey? It’s a box. There were clues. You found it yourself, or you didn’t. End of story. Ain’t no judge going to take the box out of somebody else’s hands and give it to you, just because you put a bunch of words on paper and paid a filing fee.

      That said, I’m not so sure “it took more than a few pics for the finder to get Forrest’s attention.” From the clips, I gather Mr. Fenn has seen one. And the rest of us haven’t seen any. It was easier to make the announcement than to wait for publicly-available irrefutable evidence, because what if searcher X died in the interim? And one can always say “oops, it was a fake, hunt’s back on,” right?

      The way to end all the hand-wringing would be to make the evidence public. Not the name or whatever; just the proof. Easy-peasy. Everybody gets closure, and the kook-balls either drop their lawsuits, or get sanctioned and pay the winners’ lawyers. Simple.

      But this far in, we’re not seeing the easy solution. I do wonder why.

      • There could be some legal things in progress that have to occur, such as a transfer of ownership of property or some such thing. There could be an injunction against Forrest and the finder pending an investigation into any laws that could have been broken in the process of hiding, finding, or hacking into his or other accounts. And/or he could be just respecting the finder’s wishes to remain anonymous because of the sheer volume of venomous nut sacs out here.

        • Right on Aaron. And I hope Forrest and the Backeast winner file countersuits.

        • I’d recommend sanctions and/or disbarment for that piece of junk lawsuit. Illinois may yet agree, once the outcome’s settled.

          As for “legal things in progress,” I see the concern, but, nah, that’s not the reason (or, at least I don’t see how it could be). You’ll recall that Mr. Fenn had legal advice before he stashed the chest and published the poem. I’ve only had a license to practice for 26 years or so — what do I know, right? — and I don’t see a single legal issue with dropping off a treasure someplace non-private and telling the world that it’s “finder’s keepers” from then on out.

          Nah, I’ll speculate that if Mr. Fenn were really 100% convinced by one photo, there’d be no reason not to give up the location (which, let’s recall, he carefully picked out, with advice, in the first place). My guess-without-facts remains: he ain’t too sure yet. And, so, frankly, neither am I, because the easy thing to do would be to end all the nut-baggery by using facts.

          • “what do I know, right?” A quick check suggests you know quite a it about the law and how to write. 🙂

            Hypothetically, if the location was derelict land in Wyoming now managed by BLM, where Forrest has the deed from an ancestor or acquisition with the last name “Smiley”, perhaps purchased during a time when this section of Wyoming was owned by the Republic of Texas… hypothetically could it be reclaimed by the finder with a payment in back taxes?

  23. Another interesting batch of stories and a podcast added to the media links at the top of this page.

  24. My HOB is the Willey Lumber Camp (in the wood) which is a few miles down from Cameron Pass heading west to Gould, CO on US 14. I was researching Dal’s sight to find a reason my solve didn’t work when I saw the pic of Willie in SB 249. Holy crap…that cheeky poker face had been trolling us since 2017: He eponymously named his then new dog after the HOB. That was the third aha moment and cinched it for me.

    The first was that many clues in the poem have double meanings. I had always thought the Continental Divide (another’s conjecture) was WWWH; and I’d focused all my solves around that starting point. But then I saw on Jenny’s MW forum the idea of clues with double meanings and it clicked. When it’s never summer there are never warm waters. Thus, WWWH, had two reference points: The Never Summer Range at the Continental Divide.

    Short version is take the Michigan River in the Michigan Ditch to the Willey Lumber Camp. Get in the river at the small bridge just below and downstream of HOB. Turn left up Agnes Creek which is fed from Agnes Lake where paddle craft are not allowed. The blaze is in the small rocky outcropping (under a canopy of stars) on top of the wooded hill between the creek (always up and to the left) and the trail to the Nokhu cabin. The drainage is lush and forested when not buried under 6’ of snow.

    The second aha was recognizing that the cirque above Agnes Lake formed by the Cloud Peaks (water high), Static Peak (heavy loads), Mt Richthofen (named after Baron von Richthofen – title ), Mt Mahler (listen good) and the southern terminus of the Medicine Bow Range formed a semi-circle: an unnaturally uniform one. And when your zooming through GE @ 30,000’ it catches the eye. Spin that area a bit in GE and watch how the topography of this unique meeting of the mountains forms a peace sign. Just take the chest and go in peace. Get the big picture, indeed.

    FF said to study the maps and marry the clues in the poem to geography. That’s what I did. I had planned BOTG June 19. I emailed this solve to Fenn in early January 2020.

    The blaze is still there; and the box will have left a mark. Someone’s solve is right and there’s still time to prove it.

    First time poster.


    • And when you trace the path to Indulgence in GE, from 30,000’, it looks like a smiley face.

      For me, the preservation of hope provided by the chase was the most meaningful gift. I love you for that, ff.

  25. No good deed goes unpunished: “I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attributed to.” -TTotC

    Maybe we’re all getting to experience the “thrill”; look it up. 🙂 <-; m t box

    • Dal, I have to ask: in one of the articles I read it said that you were at first skeptical that f’s email to you that the treasure had been found was legit. Was that coming from a place of disbelief, disappointment, or somewhere else?

      • Klayer-
        I wasn’t sure the note was really from Forrest. I thought maybe someone was spoofing him and the email was a fake. That’s what I was skeptical about. So I contacted Forrest to ask him if the message really came from him. He wrote:
        “Yes, it’s me and the chase is over. Sob. f”

        • i just want to thank Forrest and Dal i wasn’t aware of people suing because they couldn’t find it or what ever other lame excuse our
          friend Forrest Fenn created a opportunity for all of us i would of ended it too as to the finder congrats this quest saved my life
          as for us all we look at things a little deeper now don’t we you are keeping the site running for a bit or are you shutting it down dal

          • I hope Dal will see fit to keep the site going for as long as searchers still want to keep coming here. We are like some sort of family now, and this site is like an eternal family reunion. But of course, it does place a certain amount of time and resource demands on Dal and his tech support, so I will not question whatever he decides to do.

            And we can all still go out and explore new solves, reporting back stories of our journeys. Even if we never know for certain which solve is the “correct” one, that doesn’t mean we can’t still get out there and have a good time.

            Dal, thanks for all you have done here over the last many years. It’s been a great ride.

          • Probably Dal might consider keeping it up. Donations would help with server costs.

        • Curious: If you originally thought spoofing was a possibility, why would a message in the impersonal form of text satisfy you? Has any who knows Mr Fenn actually *seen* or *heard* him speak freely?

          Journalism is dead and so is no tool for getting facts within an environment where misdirection, concealment, pseudonyms & etc. are commonplace among searchers-profiteers. A text from a phone is not always authored by the owner of that phone.

    • Yep. Says it right in the headline, “[…] Hidden In New Mexico […]”, and the article says absolutely *nothing* to support the idea other than repeatedly emphasizing that Forrest lives there.

      Sadly, that kind of “journalism” seem to be getting more and more common these days. My own local TV news station posts Facebook articles practically every single day with headlines that are not supported in any way by the body text.

      I know there are still good journalists out there, but I remember a time when the news media as a whole took pride in their work. I miss that. *sigh*

    • I believe that headline was written by a lazy reporter and they just pasted the original New Mexican story under it?
      Isn’t that plagiarism?

    • Most of them say that the Buried treasured has been found. How do they know that it was buried? They don’t! Assuming journalist! Most don’t know a thing about TTOTC.

        • Ss, the chest is/was hidden in the RMs, it could be buried or not. The press certainly has no idea of which. -mow

  26. Just a few other quick thought(s) regarding pics and proof and I will shut up for the rest of the day! I’m willing to bet that only Forrest and the finder are the only people who know what the ‘olive jar’ looks like and what’s in side of it!!! As far as I know no one had ever seen the olive jar. Also, by now I’m sure more than a few people know the answers! The truth will come out soon enough!

    • I don’t know just what you mean, But I thought that waving that olive jar in his face is what a fly fisherman does to a trout, with repeated cast he waves an ‘Olive Drake ‘ fishing Fly to get the trout to rise and take the fly.

    • I thought his autobiography was in the olive jar? I have to agree with you something was in the chest only Fenn and the Finder knew about.

      • @PickMeThis,

        Sorry I should have been a little more specific, yes, other than his bio and a hair for DNA we generally don’t know what else is inside the jar. I mostly meant that to my uncertain knowledge most of us have never seen the jar. We have seen pics of the bracelet and other things, the jar would be the eye catcher in a pic! IMO, I said I wouldn’t post any more today! lol. FOMO!

        • Yes that’s very true it would definitely stand out. Now I want to see the jar lol

        • Cholly,

          IMO the olive jar is a HUGE hint and once Forrest publishes proof the chest has actually been discovered, I’ll be more than glad to elaborate.

          Please remind me when the time comes.


  27. Anyone else find themselves thinking about the poem more this week than last? Call me what you will, but the clues I see in it are really impressive and I’m not up to nine. I hope the solve isn’t published any time soon. I love that lightning bulb feeling of figuring out the meaning of a thing. Just because I won’t be the finder doesn’t mean I can’t be a solver.

    • That’s a great point, eveningdawn8. I may not be the finder, but I can be a solver. That’s a huge part of this, the thrill of the CHASE. Trying to solve the mystery has been so much fun, and putting ideas to the test has been an adventure!

  28. Someone asked about a place…… Yes I was going to check out 24 Sundance Bench Rd that runs along side the Madison this summer.

  29. What did I miss? I dont see anything changed. It seems like FF suggested the finder might not want to come forward. That seems to be the case, at least til legal stuff gets sorted out. What am I overlooking?

    • Didn’t they wait a while to announce? What date was it actually found? Did he just find out when he announced it or was it before then and he wasn’t convinced?

  30. Five years ago a couple of guys in Mississippi came across me on Twitter, saw that I am a puzzle solver (and had won a national treasure hunt sponsored by Forbes Magazine!) and invited me to join their TTOTC team. I looked at the poem, and found some very specific geographic coordinates in it. Like, the first day. I said “does Gardiner Montana just outside Yellowstone National Park” mean anything to Forrest Fenn? And they said, well he spent all his summers as a boy near Yellowstone!

    So … I found these coordinates by counting groups of one syllable words. The counts in the first and third stanza were:


    I turned that into coordinates thusly:

    45 degrees, 5 minutes 43 seconds North

    110 degrees, 42 minutes, 21 seconds West

    And that is a couple of miles north of Gardiner Montana.

    I got excited for a hot minute, but that exact location just didn’t seem promising for the location. It was a bit too far to walk from a car twice in an afternoon. It didn’t really match the clues in the poem as far as I could tell.

    So, I decided it was a cosmic coincidence. I shared the info with my two teammates in Mississippi but said I wasn’t going to continue.

    I did run a computer simulation to see how often the count of group of one syllable words would yield degrees of latitude and longitude *anywhere* in the Rockies, in ANY stanza, and the odds were only about 5 in a thousand. So that made me really wonder if it wasn’t deliberate.

    But I also felt that Fenn wouldn’t just stick the geo coordinates in the poem for someone like me to find in 20 minutes!

    Even though, for all he comes across as a folksy yarn spinner, when he was shot down over Vietnam, I guarantee he radioed his exact coordinates to his rescue team, none of this “take it in the canyon down” stuff. So, there are two Fenns, the poetic Fenn and the pilot Fenn. The pilot Fenn might have put coordinates in the poem.

    Five years went by and I always wondered whether I had found something and just not done the right thing with it.

    Was it maybe just the degrees I was supposed to get? 45N by 110W?

    Anyway, I always felt that the treasure was somewhere near Yellowstone National Park. Not *in* the park, but somewhere outside. And Osborne Russell’s “Journal of a Trapper” sang to me … a siren song of “come hither.” I thought maybe Fenn and his buddy had found “the spot” during their weeklong adventure in the Gallatin National Forest, maybe they had looked for a spot Russell had described in his journal.

    So… the lure of that area was very very strong with me. I never really considered anything BUT the Yellowstone area.

    I sure would like it if Fenn would tell me “nah, that was just a huge coincidence.”

    Because at this point, I’d rather be wrong, than find out I was right but … didn’t follow through!

    • I found an interesting area near Yellowstone that I thought was a good solve possibility but never got BOTG there. My main search areas were in Colorado.

      • What if the coordinates of where he was shot down in Vietnam mirror the coordinates of the final location?

        I know nothing about coordinates. I think perhaps the final poem solve is for folks who are far more travel savvy than I.

        How simple was it really I wonder? Will we ever know?

        • That would make a lot of sense really. I was always convinced it had to do with the Air Force. I actually found a large bolder with peace on it but I figured someone must have done that cause it was definitely too far to walk.

    • I ruled out YNP itself fairly early on in my search as being too obvious (and too dangerous in some respects), but I have repeatedly been drawn back to the area *around* the park, mainly in Montana.

      The Paradise Valley stretch from Gardiner to Livingston has been pretty exhaustively searched. I had several solves there myself that didn’t pan out. But generally I think the mountains north or northwest of YNP in Montana are not an unreasonable solve area.

      And I agree that it is not wise to underestimate Forrest. His memoirs make a big story of his struggles with school and his acquisition of street smarts in place of book larnin’, but he is a smart cookie. Smart enough to master the kind of math you need to be a pilot in the military and as a civilian, smart enough to be *very* well read, smart enough to run a very successful gallery, and smart enough to compose a poem/map that baffled seasoned treasure hunters and amateurs alike for over a decade.

      The chest may not be out there anymore, but nothing says you can’t explore your solve anyway, just to see what’s out there and take some pictures. There are wonderful treasures scattered across all parts of the Rockies, and most of them are not made of bronze and gold. You just need to be open to the experience.

      • I saw a LARGE rock that said go in peace on Google maps in an area that I though was too far to walk outside of Yellowstone lmao

    • So this is weird I went back to the large rock and some of your coordinates fit.. Hmmm.

    • I had attempted similar techniques early on, but one phrase F uttered turned me off of a simple pattern based solution. He said that the treasure was not hidden to be found, it was hidden to be searched for. This made it apparent to me that simple tricks were not employed in construction of the clues, the solver was going to have to work much harder to figure it out.

      – DocTex

    • Tthat’s seriously convoluted. You are just arbitrarily deciding when to end the groups so that it fits your end result. There are many many ways to group the words. It is arbitrary to chose when and where to end them, it is also arbitrary to use one syllable words, it is arbitrary to chose stanzas and not lines or groups of lines, or letters as codes, or number of letters as codes, etc. And why 45 54 3 and not 45 5 43? Why not decimal degrees?

      When you start with a premise (finding a numerical code) and work backwards, the odds of finding such code are NOT 5 in 1000, they are exactly 1 in 1.

      Give me a few hours and I could find several alternate numerical locations pulled out of all the possibilities in the words. But I won’t bother, cause I seriously doubt they are intentional.

  31. All this really tells me is that he didn’t plan to announce unless he was certain it really had been found, and that he would tell Dal and three media outlets.

    That sounds like exactly what Forrest did.

    If the Finder had taken it and said nothing, Forrest would have nothing to report.

    The only other thing I see there is a caution against trying to retrieve it during the winter. In many parts of the Rockies, winter can turn areas that are normally quite safe into risky propositions. And if the snow is heavy on the ground, you might be standing right on top of the thing and never even know it. Wiser to wait until the spring thaw. Which is apparently exactly what the Finder did.

  32. Exciting times..congrats to the finder..I’m looking forward to where FF hid the treasure and see how far off I was even though I never went searching..I always believed it was between Bakers Hole and Barnes Hole on the other side of the Madison River near a Grove of Quaker Aspen trees..I believed the blaze was the leaves (fall time)..when FF said some were within 200 meters I believed it was because they were only searching on the banks of the Madison River and did not walk 200 meters into the woods..Fish On..

  33. In my opinion, this is my solve and I’m pretty certain that I was on the right track. There are just too many points for it to be coincidence.
    I apologize in advance because it’s so long!!

    The poem follows Zebulon Pike’s Journey in Colorado. Here is a link to the actual journal to read for yourself. Start on page 480…

    Pike left Canon City and followed the Arkansas River Northwest looking for the headwaters. He then crossed country and believed he was on the Red River. He followed it southeast and through the Royal Gorge. He soon realized he was back at Canon City and he was never on the Red River. This is where warm waters halts.

    Take it in the canyon down was when he and his crew left on foot and followed Grape Creek through Temple Canyon all the way to the Wet Mountain Valley.

    Not far, but too far to walk was because they followed the winding Grape Creek instead of a straight line. It’s mentioned in the footnotes on page 484 that the mileage doesn’t add up. He walked farther than he needed to.

    Put in below the home of Brown… Brown was a man in the expedition and after they crossed the Wet Mountain Valley and through Grape Creek, they made camp, which is higher in elevation than the creek. They ‘put in’ the creek when they crossed it. The home of Brown is the camp location. On page 485, Pike wrote that he didn’t want to go ‘home’ after not finding food while hunting. This is the only place in the book that he calls a camp ‘home’ that I can find.

    Also, remember Forrest said to take a flashlight and sandwich? Pike and Dr Robinson stayed out all night starving in the dark. A flashlight and sandwich would have really helped.

    From there it’s no place for the meek… Meek was another man in the expedition. They were freezing and starving for 4 days.

    The end is ever drawing nigh… at every turn they were flirting with death. Meek men would have succumbed and died.

    There’s no paddle up your creek is mentioned on page 487. They left 2 men at the previous camp and marched south and camped on a ‘little creek’.

    Just heavy loads and water high… is the loads they were burdened with and the water high is the deep snow they were trudging through.

    Now this is where I had trouble… I figured the blaze was Medano Pass. The blaze is the trail across the Sangre De Cristo mountains (page 490)
    Look quickly down your quest to cease is page 490 when they cross the pass and look down and see a creek flowing west. He writes ‘we hailed with the fervency as the Red River.” Which is marvel gaze.

    Take the chest and go in peace… peace in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, which means ‘Blood of Christ’. They knew they were safe and would survive.

    Remember Forrest said you needed a good map? Pike drew a map of the entire trip.

    Remember Forrest said there was an X on the map in spirit? Every camp on Pike’s map is marked with an X.

    Remember the altitudes? Medano Pass is 10,200 feet in elevation.

    Forrest said never cease to explore… and he praised the folks like Lewis and Clark. Pike is a forgotten explorer.

    Remember Forrest said to look at the big picture? There are signs all along the route of Pike’s journey to commemorate the trip. They are ‘big pictures’ to mark the path.

    Finally, the last stanza… hear me all and listen good, your effort is worth the cold (a reference to the cold Pike and crew felt)

    If you are brave and in the wood… brave on the midst of trees, quaking Aspens to be exact. If you’re brave, you’re not quaking, right?

    Remember Forrest carved figures in trees in an early SB? Those trees were quaking Aspens. Those aspens grow in very wet conditions.. if the chest lay in a hole it would certainly be wet too.

    Also there were a few questions from searchers about the blaze… Forrest responded to each of them by saying ‘I’ll pass’ is that a reference to Medano Pass?

    Remember Forrest said the treasure was at the end of the rainbow? There is a trail called the Rainbow Trail that ends right near Medano Pass.

    What is on the west side of the Sangre De Cristo mountains? The great sand dunes national park… which he mentioned in one of his last SB’s. He also mentioned his alligator in a SB and “he had gone way past the point of no return” the Sand Dunes road has a ‘point of no return” sign because that portion of road is deep sand and only 4×4’s can drive on it. You can still get to Medano Pass from the east side, though.

    Anyway, that’s my solution. I apologize that this post is so long. I was trying to explain it. Please read Pike’s journal for yourself. I can’t believe it’s all coincidence!! Now I just have to see if I was close.

    Of course, this is all IMO


    • Very interesting and sounds like a good solve. My main solve, that I was convinced the chest resided was in Colorado. I’m going to have to wait and see, but it was a pretty solid solve (biased). I missed something when I did BOTG last year. Had planned to go again in July. Sighs. On one hand I want it to have been where I was, and on the other hand I hope it’s in the only state I had no solve at all. Montana.

    • One more tidbit.

      On page 491 Pike mentions ‘hieroglyphics’ carved in trees by Native Americans…. just like in forrest’s SB. That area of the Great Sand Dunes Park was mentioned as a ‘treasure trove’ for indian artifacts in an article I found.


    • Pretty sure we determined there was no statement about a sandwich. Hammered it to bits for years and found no evidence of the sandwich comment. Didnt we?

  34. I just want to share where I believed the treasure was hidden.
    I honestly believe the treasure was hidden somewhere around Lake Como area near Blanca Peak in southern Colorado. Notable words and features I or near this area: “As” (translated “Como” in spanish), chokecherry, Holbrook, Kevin Haynea memorial marker (nick named “Blaze”), stripes, Tobin creek, ford, found (as in foundry), Blanca is white, Little Bear Peak, Ellingwood peak (Albert Russel Ellingwood was known as the Human Fly and his initials are ARE as in “if you are brave”…), Alamosa is near and is home to Adams State University and their mascot is the Grizzly (I would see Grizzlies on me searched often), the trail is maintained by a group called the Leap Frogs, there is an Alligator farm nearby, the town of Alamosa is full of rainbow references, Rainbow trail ends at Blanca, Mount Lindsey is near (a Lindsey is the type of hat worn by bighead in the Archies comic book), a well known route to climb Little Bear is found to start at the Black Hand, there is a beautifully waterfall and tall grass which feeds the Blue Lakes from the left, Blanca is the North Arrow Mountain, Blanca is where Native Americans arrived upon this Earth in some Diné Bahané creation stories, there is a lake in the shape of Minerva (wise) just below Crater Lake and below that a lake which has the shape of an arrowhead with a broken tip, this area is too far to walk and the vehicle you would want to use would have to twist like a snake, during a rescue/recovery SARs mission a helicopter crashed, Zapata (shoes) falls is near, Columbine was one of the mining towns on the Como route as was Commadore (another mining community), the route is a combination of two canyons the second of which is the canyon down (over yonder), there is a Bear (Bruin or Brown) cave above Como Lake, there are many “kids” that roam the country side (you should see their horns, wow), etc.
    I can go on and on. I had to have been close.

    • I spent about 6 years living in the SLV (pre-Chase), so that whole area is familiar stomping ground to me. I remember many nighttime excursions to the Sand Dunes back before its status was upgraded. And I always thought Zapata Falls was a great hidey hole.

      I’ve been down that way several times since those days, but if the chest was hidden anywhere in that area, it was beyond my ability to find. I’ll really be kicking myself if I find out I walked over the top of it without knowing. LOL

  35. I’m surprised in a way that reading these posts makes me feel a bit better. I know that I’m not alone in having this emotional empty feeling about the chase being done. I’m also thinking that this was once in a lifetime event and I’m glad ,like the rest of you , we got to be part of it . Any future treasure hunts like this one would would bring about additional unfortunate deaths. People, no matter how instructed to be safe, loses objectivity when it comes to possible riches. Thanks again to Forrest, Dal , and all my fellow searchers

  36. Long story short, my solve took me to the Blanca Peak area. I searched near Lake Como, the Blue Lakes, Crater Lake, and, early on, Little Bear Lake which is Tobin Creek. I was planning on going on my next search in July.

  37. You don’t need me to show the way, love
    Why do I always have to say, love
    Come on (come on), come on (come on)
    Come on (come on), come on (come on)
    Please, please me, whoa yeah, like I please you

    A question of sustainability? Or merely mutual support?

    Ignore me, I’m just an old square!

    • I am still going BOTG. To my Spot. To see if there is any changes . l have my pictures to compare. Who knows.

    • voxpops – you may be a self-confessed old-beatles-fan-square, but by golly you certainly look good in a flotation suit!! 🙂

      • Oh no, CH, don’t bring that up again! You’ll ruin my street cred!!

        Good to see you back, old friend. I envy your virus-free status. Never thought I’d be saying that the hobbits of the Antipodes seem more sane than the rest of us. Everything’s upside down!

      • ditto vox – you and ya fun attitude are welcome over here every day of the week bruv ..just promise you’ll not drink all our emergency beer stocks

        however, pertaining to your photos as a secret flotation-suit fashion model.. i’m DEF splashing those pics all over next months cover of Vogue magazine

        – fact 🙂

  38. Upthread, Joel Belmont wrote: “Basing future happiness on successfully finding the chest is a recipe for disappointment”.

    Oh how true that is.

    But searchers were, and still are, so absolutely sure that their solution was correct. The worst of the bunch are the Yellowstone searchers who never for a minute think the chest could have been anywhere else. They’re going to force the chest to be at Yellowstone, regardless of some potentially different reality.

    This Part 3 of “Chest Has Been Found” thread seems, so far, more sedate than the previous two parts.

    Parts 1 and 2 were an extraordinary outpouring of convulsive emotions, including gratitude, distrust, suspicion, confusion, regret, anger, melancholy, delusion, admiration, congratulations, conceit, disappointment, and the usual hero worship of Forrest Fenn.

    This was supposed to be “the THRILL of the chase. Clearly, some searchers overestimated their abilities to solve the poem, and the “THRILL” of the adventure meant less to them than finding the loot.

    As Joel Belmont points out above, and as countless philosophers have advised in past generations, the higher you aim, the greater you fall when expectations far surpass eventual reality.

    Ken (in Texas)

    • Forgive me but I think you are wrong. I think everyone is sad that the THRILL of the adventure is over. At least this particular one. No more Forrest Fenn SB, no more looking for the “loot”, no more community for the search soon, etc. I think this is a very negative way to put things. Who’s basing future happiness on the chest? All IMO.

      • To a lot of searchers the “thrill” was the expectation that they would find a chest full of gold, to maximize their “future happiness”.

        A reader can easily see this expectation in many of the comments in Parts 1 and 2. One can see it in all the threads devoted to solving the poem. One continues to see it in comments subsequent to my response here, searching, searching, searching not for any “thrill” of the chase but searching specific places for a box full of gold.

        Maximizing future happiness was the goal; finding the chest was the means to that end.

        That means is now gone. To claim the sadness stems from some other reason is, in my opinion, denial, a denial wrought by expectations that were unrealistically high.

        There is nothing “negative” about being realistic. We live in the world of physical reality, not some world of mental expectations.

        • Well for one this was a treasure hunt. Everyone including yourself if you’re “involved” was looking for a treasure chest. The whole purpose wasn’t just to get people off of their couch. It was to give them “hope”, you know the world being in turmoil and all. That’s what encouraged Forrest to write the book. Everyone was “hoping” for the gold at the end of the rainbow. What’s wrong with that exactly, when that was the major part of searching? All of the extra good stuff was just a bonus of seeking a treasure.

    • Ken (in Texas).

      I have the same sentiments regarding the Yellowstone searchers, though admittedly, that’s where I also started and spent my first 18 months focusing my efforts there. I moved on BUT, I am of the opinion now that a case could be made that the popular landmarks and the name itself are hints to the where the treasure was hidden.


  39. What if? I considered this area carefully. What if the TC was found in an unincorporated community? Would it be bound by local laws regarding ownership of the TC ? Do we have any lawyers here?

    I bring this up because I was interested in Freedom, Wyoming. Remember that FF told us early on that the TC was in the RM, but he ruled out Idaho. Did anyone wonder why? The unincorporated community of Freedom is in Wyoming & Idaho. If you did wonder, were you aware that Stump Creek flows out of Idaho into Wyoming. Can you picture the sketch of the man with the ax and all the stumps but no cut trees lying on the ground. Now consider that this is near Soda Springs. Remember the statement that it took Fenn so long to hide the chest because “making plans is antagonistic to Freedom”

    Did anyone else search this area?

  40. Congrats to whomever found it. I hope one day it may be known where it was. For my sanity I hope it was anywhere but 14.2 miles SW of Kremmling, CO. If I was right, he knew Gore canyon was to harsh for most so he encouraged us to avoid it. At the base of the canyon the very last rapid is Toilet bowl rapid(home of Brown), right after that there’s the first spot to launch a raft(Put in). Heavy loads and water high is a railroad on one side of the canyon and a spring that rises up through a crack in the rock named Warm springs. Tired and weak is Red eye canyon. Brave and in the wood is Lone Tree. Woods equal multiple tree, Wood is just one tree a Fenn twist of words. I could go on forever about how this spot fit so well. I estimated the trip from Lubbock to Yosemite took 4 days with as slow as the drive was. The first stop was Santa Fe, Second was the spot i mention, third was around Lander and the fourth day they made it to Yosemite. This is the BLM map i used that can no longer be found.

  41. Congrats to the guy who found the treasure. He deserves the rewards of his endeavours….

    Even in his reveal announcement FF was giving out clues as to how the chest was hidden. Under a canopy of stars ie you need to go at night. In lUsh Vegetation, you need to have a UV flashlight to identify the site. The key to finding this aspect in the chase is Sir John LUBBOCK, the man who discovered ants navigate at night using UV vision. In the poem, “ant with marvel gaze” gives us this direction. Sir John was the baronet of Avebury.
    YOU (are) BRAVE = O AVEBURY. This is the reason you needed to take a sandwich and flashlight to find the treasure.

    By the way, the treasure was just north of Ouray up the 14A.

  42. -…the THRILL is the dream of finding the treasure and this DREAM is over. This broke alot of hearts.

    We have to beg FF to make another hunt, because he has a lot of skill and experience in that. And we can crowdfund the money. Lets just do this.

  43. curious hobbit – How about?:


    I suggest a line-up of the following 3 performing music icons to start:

    – David Crosby
    – Carlos Santana
    – Arlo Guthrie

    Hopefully, we will no longer have to wear masks and maintain the required 6′ of social distance by Summer of 2021. Because that would be really difficult to do on the Sound Tower:

    And Nine Quarter Circle Ranch out Taylor Canyon for the venue. They have a private airstrip, so Shiloh can fly Forrest in to join us. So I can meet Shiloh.

    Show me the money, Finder!

    • Winner!!!
      I think you nailed the name Lisa!
      If someone can get something like this organized and scheduled; I’ll be there for sure!

      • Spallies on a footnote and out of respect, you may want to light a candle.

    • Can I ask for Eddie Vedder to be there? Curious Hobbit posted a song from the Into the Wild soundtrack and I became obsessed with the music and the movie. I loved/hated that movie because of the emotion it evoked in me.

    • haha – that’s a great name for a Fenn-festival Lisa, and including a slot for Eddie Vedder would def get my vote of approval

      ..albeit, i imagine those stage climbers (linked) might just give Dal and few more heart-attacks than he’d appreciate 🙂

  44. Sounds great. Pencil me in, Lisa.

    I think the safe distance at the moment should be 9 clues apart.

    Dont forget the pool tournament. Prize being Mr Fenns bracelet. I wouldnt want to miss that one.

    Forrest is a sly old bird, teaching Shiloh to fly. Keeping his wings, even in retirement. Always the man with a plan. I am sure he will be happy to honor his grampa.

    • BigOnus – My favorite suggestion by curious hobbit for this epic idea was Orienteering. We did that here, out Greenhorn Gulch, with about 100 people competing to find hidden ‘blazes’ out in nature. I paid close attention to how that was organized and judge. What a workout!

      But what I still want to do is win Norman Rockwell’s “Marbles Champion” in a Ringer battle with Forrest. I will ask Bob Iger of Disney to get George Lucas to put up the stakes. Because it’s all about the story, right, Douglas Preston? And it is time for Forrest to be ‘schooled’ as to who the REAL ‘Marbles Champion’ is. And I want Forrest’s handmade bag of Madison River ‘Aggies’, also.

  45. One thing that seems to get lost in many of the posts here and elsewhere is FF’s reasoning. We all know that searchers want closure (some more aggressively than others), but if we try to think about it from FF’s point of view a different picture might emerge.

    We know that there was something “significant” in the chest along with his autobiography. It may be far more important to Forrest to ensure that information is eventually released in the right way. Our part has been played. We have pitted our wits against the poem, enjoyed our treks, dreamed our dreams, and exercised both mentally and physically. One person has achieved the goal – probably the particular type of person that FF suspected would succeed all along. If he had a deeper purpose than simply to get people out in the mountain air, it might not suit him to just give a wrap-up speech and bid us all farewell. There may still be loose ends to tie. Don’t forget that the virus caused him to rethink the Chase. This hiatus and suspense may be related to that rethinking.

    • Maybe FF planted the seeds of a second part to TTOTC as his secret item and the finder plays a role in kick-starting TTOTC Part 2. Fingers crossed! 🙂

    • The date stamp on page 126 over the chest image is a bizarre coincidence. Not only is it stamped June 5, it’s also stamped Friday which could only be 2015 or 2020.

      • It’s not a coincidence. The chest was hidden on Friday June 5, 2009. He never disclosed the hiding date because it was a clue. IMO, the chest was hidden on June 5, 2009 in Carson National Forrest, New Mexico.
        Beginning of June the Northern States are still covered in snow.

        • Very often the mountains/roads in Carson National Forest are still covered in snow in early June. I found that out the hard way. I also think that was the location but believe a hide date in August or September much more plausible.


          • Nope,
            I was there at the end of April.
            The snow might be only in the area where meek doesn’t want to go: “From there it’s no place for the meek”.
            Forrest hid the chest on June 9th, 2009!!

      • The solver knew that. Very well could have been on purpose that he chose that day to go.

    • Vox pops. I think. I will come up with all the answers. That. Everybody will want to know it’s just a matter of time..

    • ” You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. ”
      C.S. Lewis

      Slam the Door and start a new quest

  46. Only Forrest knows for definite the solution to the 9 clues, the finder may know the same or maybe got lucky on one or two which led them to the same end point. I don’t see how the solution belongs to the finder, the treasure does because that’s what Forrest said ” I give you title to the gold”. I believe the originator of the puzzle will always retain the right to publish the solution, it is after all their work. No where have I read that this right would be relinquished and given to the finder. Now if Forrest wants to, that’s his choice, nobody else can force him otherwise. Personally I believe Forrest will give the full solution to this fantastic treasure hunt. He knows how much it has touched people all around the world. It’s a shame if there are some that are trying to complicate matters in an effort to make gain of some sort.
    I for one wish only the best to Forrest and his family who may all be feeling the pressure of this situation. Everyone should take a step back, breathe and enjoy life to the full.

    • The finder has been anything but lucky, imo. I’ve watched the chase for years. The finder has been tied to a horse and drug about the ground for years on blogs and vlogs. They have been humiluated, threatened, stalked, trespassed and now folks are lining up for lawsuits? It’s no wonder they probably have pad locks on there doors. No kidding. Wouldn’t you?

      I don’t know, I woke up this morning having a hard time breathing – not because of covid, but because of deep anxiety. The chase pushed my to a breakdown. It wasn’t a gentle push, it was a violent intentional one. Even today, I continue to experience trouble with my phone, internet and TV service. My TV boxes keep establishing port connections to my computer which should not happen. My phone records show extremely disturbing spoofing. I just replaced all my equipment and you know what my router sign on was set to…”gradualsanitysumindigo”. That caused me to chew 3 anxiety pills and lie on the ground for hours. None of this aspect related to the chase has been fun or funny. And daring to speak if it yields the bashing and dismissal as being crazy. Lucky indeed if the fibder has been thru 10% of what I have.

      If the finder has been put through anything like I have been…they deserve closure now. Nothing could be more urgent. I’m sure they feel very threatened and scared amid relief the chase us over as they have been chased for long enough.

      Run, finder, run. Stay hidden and hypervigilent. Protect yourself by every means available. Nothibg can become positive truly until this leg of the journey is 100% done.

  47. Thoughts, maybe Forrest is buying the chest from the finder so he can then have the rights and give the solve. The finder gets to stay anonymous!

    • He then can donate to Denver museum and we can then visit and see the chest. He gets his bracelet back.

      • Yeah, it would be awesome if the finder did his own treasure hunt and left the clues to it in Forrest’s hiding spot. That way, you’d have to solve Forrest’s poem before starting the new hunt.

  48. The Fenn treasure chest and it’s content belongs in a museum for all to see. The precious artifacts Forrest has collected and written about will be on display. The brilliant and elaborate solve will cover the walls of a huge gallery. And that’s how this will all end. IMO.

    • Such a fitting end – and Toy Story will be playing in the Lil Theater for the kiddies to watch while the “grown-ups” browse the museum.
      You thinkin free admission?

    • Yes, that’s where it all comes together nicely. The finder denounces his title to the gold, so it still belongs to Forrest. No tax to pay and Mr Fenn does as he wishes with it.

      If the finder wishes to reward any charities, he should refuse the finders fee, but accept a loan, to be paid back before the year 3009.

    • IMO, based on the contents of some scrapbooks and his statements, Forrest intended the chest to end up in a museum. The additional mystery award in the chest was supposed to entice the finder to donate the chest to a museum. The problem Forrest might be facing now is that the chest is currently worth way more than the award was endorsed for. If the finder is greedy, it might take a while to resolve the issue.

      • The current value of that chest and contents are not as valuable yet as people think. Its needs some history, more fame and appeal. ff knows this.

        Without Forrests intervention via scrapbooks, interviews and answered questions, the finder might have never located it. Its f’s game, f’s chest, f’s play. Let him do as he sees fit is all I say.

        I cannot speak for others, but I personally do not care about the money. Maybe the finder has the same mindset, because without Forrest Fenn he would have nothing anyway.

  49. It’s taken me a little time to process…this announcement was such a big surprise, but we all know it had to come some day….I’m totally speechless.

    Had a trip planned this summer. My first impulse was to cancel, but instead I’m still going and will simply enjoy a wonderful, relaxing vacation!

    Thanks Forrest!!!

  50. I suspect that this tale has another twist in it yet, whether it be the nature of the solution, the contents of the box, the autobiography, and so on. Aside from that possibility, there are still a thousand questions to think about.

  51. I think the finder would just give the chest back and walk away if the promise was to put the chest in Denver Museum, keep their anonymity, and extract all the chase aspects from their home and family and life. I’d image feeling safe can’t be bought.

  52. Is there an easier way to check for follow up posts? Can you search somehow? Is the only way to sign up for the email notifications?

    • Hey TMac.
      One search method that is common…and, maybe you’ve tried and it doesn’t work for you…but, for search purposes, if you’re looking for a certain word or someone that has commented on the site and you are using your computer to review, press down and hold the control (CTRL) button and then press the “F” key. A search box should pop up on your computer’s window. Enter the word or letters you want to search for (e.g., TMac) and the search window will indicate how many results match your entry. Then, use the up and down arrows to go to each highlighted result. Using the “F” key may be a bit ironic, eh. 🙂 Hope this helps you.

        • One other thing…you’ll have to be on the page you want to search. So, you would have to open each Part, of the, now, three Parts of comments and search on each one idependently if you want to find something across all comments for “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND…”

  53. And the finder will write a poem to identify in spirit the nine clues and it will also be displayed in the museum for all to see, dated 25 December, 2019.

  54. My brother introduced me to this thrilling chase just a few years ago. But as a mom with little kids, I was only a very casual couch searcher. Now that the chest has been found, it’s bringing a different and new excitement. I never had the time to make a complete solve, but I’m curious if there were other solvers who thought the clues literally made an “x” on a map, and that was the blaze. Or was that already proved wrong? Too simple?

  55. And last but not least perhaps a corner reserved for the naysayers, litigants and malcontents. It’s all part of the greatest treasure hunt in history, The Thrill of the Chase. MO.

  56. None of this is a surprise to Forrest…

    Not the media circus,
    not the announcement date,
    not leaving the chase crowd clamoring for more,
    not the future…

    FF has everything planned to the detail. He is a master marketer and salesman extraordinaire.

    IMO watch for an announcement that he’s struck a deal with the finder.

    • IMO, the only thing that “may have” surprised Mr. Fenn, is that someone figured out a heck of a lot more from his poem than he expected. He stated in an interview that there are mysteries hidden within). About what?About his past and other’s past histories.

      • Mystery resolves to “mister” and “sirr” in Fenn-code. I believe he was referring to the “title”. “The Thrill of the Chase” is part of the last clue in my solution, “Holler Draw” (a hollow is a thrill, a draw is a chase).

        • E.C. Waters,
          I believe there are additional mysteries inside the poem, including the provenance of the bronze box…which would surprise folks if it’s revealed. I spent a good amount of time figuring out who owned the box and where it had been for centuries before Forrest acquired it. (All MY opinion…would you be surprised to learn that before ff purchased the chest at a “paddle-up” sale (auction) in LaHavre, France that the chest may have been Nazi looted treasure hidden in Neuschwanstein Castle with a hoard of other looted treasure? This is a possibility. IMO

          • when I was out in the fields in the last 5 years’ just looked at the maps and books to try and find the treasure, he said a few times keep it simple and I did just that, but now im into reading everybody’s ideas, it was way more hidden in double means ,numbers, stories outside the books. I’d never would have found, it the way I was looking.

    • 42 – I agree.

      Forrest understands human behavior which is why he could sell the need for a golden gate Bridge in the desert. He knew that the only oerson who could solve the poem and fibd the treasure was a person that would not be searching for monetary reasons. That may have been the lure, but the only person capable of truly solving this and more….was the one who would be able to 100% prove the location of the treasure, prove that the treasure had actually been to the location by leaving a marker for others to see if they ever solved it, understand the bigger picture, have the wisdom not to keep the treasure, insist it would be placed in Denver Museum, insist they remain invisible and are no longer terrorized and threatened by this insane community, and become part if a great legend any mystery in doing so.

      The press, positive or negative, is perfect…the more controversy the more headlines. People love thus stuff…why do you think the GOT show took the world by storm and left folks clamoring for more? Forrest used this and told stories a creating negative press to create positive outcomes.

      This is why Forrest knew it would be the right finder…duh. Scare the l8vibg crap out of them to ensure it plays out this way? Perhaps.

      imo…chaos and embroidery are one person. And that one person is the finder. And the finder is forrest twin, who is also chaos and embroidery. So there are four of them really in a sense. Bur there is another too, and that makes six. And Eric makes eight. And Doug Preston makes ten.

      Game over.

      The best way to keep the legend alive…keep em hanging.

      We are all whining about four days without closure. Can you image the anxiety of the finder if they solved this a few years ago as some speculate but were road blocked and terrorized to walk away for years?

      The ending if an anonymous finder does keep this all legendary…and for that I am so happy for Forrest and the forever anonymous finder.

      Closing time please!!!!!!!

      • This is the end of the titanic movie. Rose stands on the rail and drops the treasure back into the ocean as she covers the experience and memories and could give a ctao less about the money value of the “heart of the ocean” diamond that others spent millions to find.

        Ugh. Please, I want of this ride now….. Ugh. So fun – so not fun.

      • Siriuslyfolks and 42 – I agree!

        Someone posted that when you cut the trunk of a Cottonwood tree, crosswise, the core forms a star. I posted the image of the Nicolai Fechin painting on the previous treasure found thread of Twining Canyon. I think that’s a big ol’ Cottonwood tree in the foreground. Still waiting for Allen Kelley to post that image of the gnarled tree Eric Sloane painted with the caption about gold and treasure…

        And speaking of Forrest’s use of ‘canopy’ in HS treasure found announcement, I think it refers to the top layer of the forest, as well as a blanket of stars in the night sky:–EAjxl/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

        Did you know that Forrest’s beloved dachshund’s name, Tesuque, means ‘narrow canyon of Cottonwood trees’?

        Is Douglas Preston ever going to explain why he was in Twining Canyon on June 5, 2020, and posted that beautiful ‘no trail’ picture there to his Instagram account?

        • Siriuslyfolks – Right. The Dog Star. In the mouth of Orion the Hunter. The brightest ‘blaze’ of all. Driving women crazy in the Dog Days of Summer.

          Did you ever see the movie, “The Game” with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn? I was on set at Filoli Mansion in Woodside, during the filming. When the actor playing their father falls off the roof of their ostentatious family home. So many aspects of that movie resemble my 7+ years on The Chase. It’s all about learning the meaning of life vs. making money, IMO.

          • James Collier – No! Could you elaborate?

            Coincidentally, or, not, I have spent many an hour reading in the shade, parked under the canopy of a stand of Cottonwood trees, near the Big Wood River here in Sun Valley. There are no coincidences…

            What a great link you shared! Thank you! I think Northwest Indian tribes ate the layer below the bark of the Cottonwood trees, in Winter. And, when they were starving. Just in case you get lost, while pondering the treasure location. There is only so much Elk thistle to boil in the YNP thermal features, right?

      • I think you are on to something in reference to human behavior. I think a searcher that was chasing the chest for the wrong reasons would be unlikely to find it for the simple reason that their mind would not be in the right state to think of the correct interpretations of the clues. I think the poem was written for a specific *type* of person, someone whose personal values would be at least somewhat similar to Forrest’s. Anyone else (such as someone motivated purely by greed or ego) would just be chasing their own hopes and fears.

        I also think the true treasure is the place itself and the lessons learned in finding it. The box of gold was just an earthly reward for getting there.

  57. And a wall especially for searchers and bloggers and their posted solves. Even the wrong paths were part of the Chase. It shows how effective the poem was. We might finally know who the 200 ft and 500 ft searchers were. Though it may bring them little comfort. Still their names will become part of the history of the Chase. I can’t wait to see it!

  58. Any body up to Fennboree at the spot after it is announced? Bring lots of kleenexs, crying out loud!!

    As for his knowing it was legit, FF said he put a special surprise for the finder in the bow and never mentioned what it was. If he saw it he would know it was real.

  59. A quick note on how Forrest would know that the chest has been found, a built-in financial incentive:

    Forrest included a document in the chest which authorized the bearer of the document to turn in the document, along with other certain information included only in the chest, to a designated party, in exchange for an additional and substantial “treasure.”

    • and which “Party” would that be in 1000 yrs? 500 yrs? 100yrs?

      what good is it, except for the time while ff is alive? to retrieve said note that does not have anyone to reply to in 500yrs?

      that is why he took out the note and any paper that he said he had first included. this isn’t like it is a big secret that he did it. and then took it out.

      a much simpler thing to verify, is to simply include something that he has not mentioned or photographed…

      which is exactly what he said he did. again, this isn’t like it is a big secret that he did it?

      not too hard either.

      plus about a dozen other ways of knowing if someone did contacted him when he was still around to be contacted. very simple questions that only ff knows.

      • 100%! I dont understand the people with “Beacon, cameras, notes, deals, etc” when it was a chest that would last 1000 years or 100 years. Same as the people that said “Carvings on trees” or anything else that wouldnt last many many years beyond his or our own fates. guess we are going to find out….or NOT!

      • On the nosey! The simplest explanation is that the Finder sent Forrest one or more photos, Forrest saw one or more things in the photos that he never made public in his words, drawings, or photos, and concluded that the Find was legitimate because no faker would have known to include that/those item(s) in the photos. Something as simple as a capsuled Babe Ruth baseball card would be sufficient, or even a small baggie of Grapette bottle caps or small ball of twine, as long as nobody knew it was in the chest.

        If he hadn’t seen the special item(s), he would not be sure the Find was real, so would not announce anything until he got further evidence.

        Pretty reliable indicator, and does not involve any third parties.

        It’s what I would do.

  60. Depending on where the chest was located, we may never get a straight answer on the true location. Imagine government agencies, etc. getting involved if it is found to have been located in, say, Yellowstone Nat’l Park.

    Would still be interested in learning the interpretation of the clues, without actually giving location away.

    • People will be so surprised to know that there was no home of Brown. It was used for the definition of brown with a small b….of dark or tanned complexion.

      This was so much more elaborate than most are thinking. You will be shocked and awed…or shocked and mad that you would not have had a chance if all the twists and turns are revealed.

      • geez, the one thing we thought we would finally be rid of, is “searchers” telling us how they’ve figured out the poem and telling us how “shocked” we’d be by the “true” answers… just paste it so you the searcher, or as we can say: “the true shockie” can bath in the light of shock.

        • This is a real shocker… of the final nine clues came from Cozumel.

          • OhioTreasureHunter,
            Do you mean
            Quintana Roo, Cozumel where Skippy drowned under water high while scuba diving?

          • Cozumel in general is all I will say for now…unbelievably complex, confusing and tangled.

          • so you believe ff came up with the fantastic “shocking” clue/answers…

            but you then must be contending ff can’t tell if the chest has actually been found or not? that ff is easily duped by somebody ‘back east’? so we must keep our masterful solution hidden? seriously?

            I am waiting for the first “searcher” who says : ‘oh that is exactly like my solve’… (after) the finder comes forward with the solution.

            probably will be one of many after that… good percent of people are more than a little strange it seems.

            one must have to love to watch the show I guess.

            Lets keep a running tally everyone… when some does that, we’ll respond with just a number, like this:


            and that is it… for the tally of people who do it. it will be fun to see what they make of replies like that.

            who’s in?

          • I’ll be happy to share my email to Forrest from last year, as well as this year on March 12th letting him know my solve location if it ended up I was beat by 6 days.

          • Under 90 feet of water, and the water off Cozumel is warm. Easy correlation to spot. Doesn’t shock me at all. The trick is in marrying that to a location on a map of the Rockies.

  61. The following includes my research based upon the poem at what I believe is the HISTORY or provenance of FF’s bronze Romanesque Chest:

    ALL my opinion, and guesswork. Only Forrest could confirm. But perhaps others will be interested in my effort to find the provenance. My background is art history, humanities.

    For anyone interested (All my opinion)
    This would need to be confirmed by Forrest.

    The following is what I believe is the bronze box’s provenance or history of ownership:

    the “H” on the chest is attributed to Henry II of England. Henry Plantagenet

    1. Henry Plantagenet (Henry II of England, Brittany, Normandy)
    Commissions French bronze artisans to make the Romanesque bronze casque/box to hold a precious book for his new bride, Eleanor Of Aquitaine.
    Circa 1152 A.D.

    As Eleanor is Catholic and also from ‘the courts of love” of her father… the box may have held an illuminated book of days, prayers, or romantic saga.

    Romanesque box and book given as a Wedding gift at
    Poitiers, France
    Henry & Eleanor’s story is legendary. Henry storms the Keep/castle to rescue E.A. from other suitors and acquires vast riches in the marriage.

    2. Eleanor of Aquitaine (Queen of France) Keeps priceless book(s) in the cask as she travels her realm and possibly takes it on her crusade to the Holy Land. Books were hand scribed and hand illuminated for Royalty at the time.

    3. Upon her death, Eleanor handed chest down to a daughter. I believe it remained in France with family members, rather than in England where she also ruled.

    4. (Centuries of untraceable history) from my perspective. Forrest may know who retained the chest.

    6. WWII Nazi occupation of Europe, especially France. The chest was taken by the Nazi E.R.R. Responsible for stealing/Looting art and treasure to start Hitler’s museum. It makes sense that Hitler would have coveted a treasure with a huge “H” on the lid.

    IMPT NOTE: This is an incredibly horrific time in human history. I have very close Jewish friends. May Hitler and his regime rot in hell.

    7. WWII over. Post War “Monument Men” make an attempt at returning stolen/looted treasures & art to rightful owners, which is near impossible since most of them have been killed.

    8. The Chest lands in LaHaver, France at a Museum. Why? It’s unclear to me, other than treasure and art was placed at various locations in France when original owners were untraceable.

    9. Forrest purchases the Romanesque bronze box in LaHavre, France at an auction or “paddle-up” sale. (Auction numbers are called paddles).

    Again, all the following is offered simply as my opinion. It would be interesting to hear what forrest knows about the provenance of his Romanesque Chest.


      • Hi JDA,
        just want ask you a favour – I want to share personally with you my Brown point so can you send me your e-mail. I know that you are honest man and will not disclose this location without my permission. I remember that you are a sculptor so your evaluation of my solution for Brown will be valuable for me.
        Thanks in advance!

    • That weaves a wonderful story, 42! If only part of that were true, it’d add so much to the overall legend.

      • Many times, there is a hidden note of ownership, perhaps “in the wood” or beneath the wooden insert of the box was a note that gave forrest a more complete history.
        I would love to know what he knows about the provenance. Perhaps he will tell us.

        • 42 – Just WOW! Awesome research! I have so enjoyed reading your ideas and perspectives, here on The Chase!

          There is a scene in “The Tudors” where King Henry VIII plays the part of a Knight storming the Castle of Love, and expresses his desire to Ann Bolelyn, one of the Damsels on the castle wall. Made me giggle, because of the Tudor/Plantagenet battle over centuries for the English Throne.

          The Chase has been quite the history lesson for me, also.

          • Hi Lisa, my fellow history lover.
            I’ve enjoyed your excellent posts over the past years and really enjoyed interacting With you on ttotc website un-checked:-) before it was terminated.

            Henry II and Eleanor were the original father/mother of the Plantagenet dynasty 400 years before Henry the 8th. All present kings & queens of England descended from E.A. and HII.
            I.D.E.A = Eleanor Aquitaine (IMO)

          • 42 – Wow. Awesome way to tie in all the cornerstones of Forrest’s poem? A ‘cornerstone’ is a ‘secret where’s, placed in the foundation of a structure. Like a Plantagenet Dynasty.

            The actor, Jonathan Rhys Myers, who played Henry VIII in “The Tudors”, was hired by that series creator to play a Warrior Bishop in the “Vikings” series. That character was purported to be the forerunner for what became the Knights Templar. See also: Heughes de Payens, the first Grand Master. And then we move from the Dark Ages to the Medieval period of the Bronze chest.

            There are no coincidences…

    • and while that is all creates a good story…

      what did happen that we know, is that a bronze box from some time ago, was copied between a dozen to several dozen times by modern bronze casters from 200, 100, and 10s of years ago… (some so recent that you can watch a youtube video of it being cast) and then sold off to collectors..

      when ff said he overpaid for it.. he was not joking, while it is probably one of the copies, the owner still can enjoy the beauty of such a copy, if it is well made.

      • Writis. Yes there are modern copies, and a good forger with ferric nitrate can duplicate patina to look authentic. That said, an original patina and years of travel and human contact with the chest make it completely unique and very difficult to duplicate. As a bronze finisher/artist Forrest knows exactly what to look for. It’s my opinion that the bronze box in the photo TTOTC presents a 12th Century bronze box and not a duplicate.

        It’s also my belief that ff had at least one copy made. IMO he’s taking the original with him to his grave with favorite items and left a really good copy out there for us to find. Just an opinion. The poem and books give evidence of “TWINS”.

    • I forgot to add to the provenance…
      I believe there is evidence for the chest being sent by the Nazi E.R.R to Neuschwantstein castle, Bavaria Germany where it was stored with vast looted artwork/treasures.

      This is where the Monument Men would have found the Romanesque box.

  62. I feel like I’m in an alternate universe.. is this really happening?

    I can hardly wait to see how things unfold…!!

    It’s like a mystery novel where you have to wait until the next book is released to know the ending!

    • agree – and although i’m fearful of seeing the final truth revealed, i just can’t not look’s a classic ‘Darth Vader removes helmet’ moment imho 🙂

      • Hey Hobbs! How’s it hangin’ dude? Hey guess what? The word “hobbit” was a major hint. Just sayin’.

    • For me, those two verses meant there would not be any punishment (paddle) when you go up your creek, just Indulgence (as Heavy Loads) and WWWH (as Water’s High). Makes sense the way it is worded that you would be rewarded with both Indulgence and FF’s secret where location when you went up the correct creek instead of being paddled (punished).

      I think FF’s use of wording is close enough to the old adage of “Up a creek without a paddle” to hide the possible true intent of line as I just described it above—after all, that adage means you are in a predicament.

    • Sometimes I wish I would have found the chest . All of the time I wish I could get lost and found and live happily ever after . But my luck I’d get lost for the first time and nobody would find me laying under the stars just like Forrest did when he watched the gypsies dance

  63. New prediction: someone else was within 12 feet of the chest before the finder and did not realize it.

    • I am sure one of those persons is me. My solve was near the Firehole River in Yellowstone. As I walked around the blaze I felt a strange sensation that the TC was very near, but I could not see it. I have never had such a feeling before or since.

    • camperguy…
      A quarter of the folks commenting on this blog feel they were within a short distance of the chest…another quarter feel their solution was correct and would have taken them to the chest but the Covid Spring kept them home and they missed out…

      I’ll bet I have more than 200 emails from folks saying their solution was correct and they sent it to Forrest just before the announcement that the chest was found….
      So obviously the guy that found it hacked Forrest’s email and stole their solution and went to get the chest…

      That’s a lot of self confidence and also a lot of self-centric folks trying to turn the story into THEIR story…

      • I have one you would love Dal. You would probably laugh for hours. I still think it could be correct, but most likely it’s not

      • I agree Dal! Why are people so anxious & angry about finding out for the answers when they have been trying all theses years to figure it out shabbily? This searcher probably had more than several sleepless nights trying to decode the map in the poem, and i would let him a little bit of space and time to rest on his trove. This was an architectural poem created by a genius, and imo, it needed a far remote bent person to solve it! Pbee

      • Dal,

        If it had been revealed as “treasure found at X,” nobody who couldn’t prove they’d been near there or hadn’t previously and publicly mentioned that precise location would have anything to whine about (and far less reason to post). We’d (hopefully) all be talking about the real solution instead of everyone’s best guesses. With not knowing, people are able to hang onto their self-belief a while longer. When or if the spot is revealed, I’d also bet far more people will claim to have been close than really were; I might be better off withdrawing that prediction.

        I’ve observed over the years that the vast majority of “solutions” here (including my early ones) fail to test their theories against both the poem _and_ Forrest’s additional clues and hints. They have something they think fits the poem, but their blaze is way too big or vague or faces a particular direction, there’s no way someone could have made clear to Forrest they were within 200 or 500 feet with an email or photo, the site is too far for him to have carried the chest, etc. How many people deliberately didn’t search for a while because they’d stress-tested their theories and found them wanting?

        I suspect there’s a lot of frustration out there with no clear solve to provide closure, and people are filling the void with this material while we wait for “the story” to have an ending. Nature abhors a vacuum, especially given how much time so many people have put into this. Once the truth comes out, most of this should disappear quickly; you could always ask that it stop now if you want.

        I’m interested in knowing what wrong theories the finder tried before they got it right and how their thought process evolved over time to get to the correct answer. If they’re “back east,” how many times were they able to make the trip out west to search? Did they come west just to search, or did they do a significant amount of sightseeing while making the trip(s)? Which resources did they use? Yours? Jenny’s? One of those “collections of things Forrest said” references? Google Earth? A list of hot springs in the four states?

        Maybe even if the person doesn’t want to reveal the right answer, they could post some of their more interesting wrong answers? Just a thought. We still don’t even know if it’s someone who read or posted on this board.

        Hope we’re not annoying you too much with all this chatter while we wait. I know a lot of us were planning to cut you in for something if we found it for all the good work you’ve done here. I hope the actual finder does so if he used your site.

        As a few others have wondered, how long do you plan to keep this site going if we don’t find out the solution?

        • camperguy-

          I haven’t spent time considering that…but I think I’ll know when the only two people rattling around in here are me and Seeker…it’s time to go…

      • Dal I agree, why are people so self-centric? I guess we all are to some degree but this story is all about Mr. Fenn. He was the mastermind, he should get the credit. I know you, and many others, have put in more than most and possibly more than the finder. It will really twist my gills if he thinks he did it without support.
        And if he’s smart he should slip that find back to Mr. Fenn and have him donate it to a really good cause, or whatever, so the IRS doesn’t get over fed. The finder could write his little book. And you could write your “Encyclopedia” while traipsing around the Rockies in your new little trailer. I know I’m just shootin the breeze here, being a little heart broken and on the heal and all. I know it will be over soon and we can all start over again. And would you look at that…now I’m starting to sound all self-centric. Whoops, here comes the Sun, best get a little shut eye before it’s too late.

  64. We will also need a wall to display all the scrapbooks. And security displays fir the treasure chest. Plus big electronic photo displays that change over time with pics from the Rockies. Pics from Forrest’s albums. Kids will love it.

  65. so I thought New Mexico was on a quarantine for outsiders coming into state to be on quarantine for 2 weeks due to pandemic That’s what I was told That’s why we didn’t Head down there to search so if the treasure was found in New Mexico and it was from someone out east then they broke quarantine

    • There’s no telling when it was actually found. Although, probably more recently than not, I’d say.

    • get a lawyer, (apparently the only living form who actually listen to such arm waving) we’ll get the popcorn.

      (you can also change your mind to another state, since all of them had lock downs, the one you chose is not correct, imo)

      but of course none of that matters because I believe most if not all/ opened on June 1st. which is a horrible coincidence and will cause much consternation of lawyer rubbing their palms together…

  66. Now that I’m calmed down from the shock of the treasure being found 6 days before my BOTG trip. I wanted to take the time to personally thank Dal for this blog. I don’t think anyone one of us could thank you enough for the time and effort you put in.

    I’m hoping, by the .0001% chance, ff comes out and says “my bad, it wasn’t found.” If it was found, I’m hoping the person who found it does good for others, and returns the bracelet.

    Maybe, someone will start another chase. To keep the excitement and thrill of it all going for generations to come.

    • James,

      I think we are all are keeping our fingers crossed for that .0001% chance. I know I certainly am.

      I was supposed to be BOTG this week as well

      • Dang! I’m hoping I was way off base and not even in the ballpark. If I was correct on the place I was going, I might be sick as I should have went on June 1st.

    • As I sit and wonder what dinosaurs would have tasted like if I would have lived way back in yonder years and the men who overcame there fears and hunted dinos like we hunt deer . To be a cave man would be a heavy load I just wanted to be the kissed toad that lives on a gravel road . Now where is that princess . My lost twin was wondering

    • I like that one,

      but why has there been so little mentioned about “heavy loads and waters high” as being “spring time” which is exactly how one would and actual does describe spring time streams..

      so much so I constantly had second thoughts on it, since it seemed too obvious.
      but I decided that since a fresh water “spring” is a good juxtaposition of the wording, that it was plausible in the end.

        • I posted my full notes on the first thread, but for another “just”

          “just take the chest… ”

          This line, which I believe most people wrote off, I had an elaborate confirmation bias that was so amusing that I left it in.

          the “Takings clause” and “just compensation” is in the 5th amendment…

          Then another word for peace is “armistice” which happened at 11am on 11/11 for WWI,

          making the number pair (5,11)

          ok well not that amusing out of context I guess … look up what the number pair (5,11) is in math context.

          one of those “holy cr*p” moments (this ‘just take the chest..’ line was just confirmation bias that I so desperately wanted to confirm in some way the original ‘holy cr*p’ moment)

          the ‘answer’ literally was for the source of the number pair, which I was trying to decide how (trail #120) critical in this solution to somehow relate to the poem,

          imagine doing research.. then the look on one’s face, confused by how #120 could possible be related to the poem… when one looks up that number and reading what it says.. (math context)

          oh well, fickle is fate.

  67. REPOST with addition:

    The following includes my research based upon the poem at what I believe is the HISTORY or PROVENANCE of FF’s bronze Romanesque Chest:

    ALL my opinion, and guesswork. Only Forrest could confirm. But perhaps others will be interested in my effort to find the provenance. My background is art history, humanities.

    For anyone interested.
    The following is what I believe is the bronze box’s provenance or history of ownership:

    the “H” on the chest is attributed to Henry II of England. Henry Plantagenet

    1. Henry Plantagenet (Henry II of England, Brittany, Normandy)
    Commissions French bronze artisans to make the Romanesque bronze casque/box to hold a precious book for his new bride, Eleanor Of Aquitaine.
    Circa 1152 A.D.

    As Eleanor is Catholic and also from ‘the courts of love” of her father… the box may have held an illuminated book of days, prayers, or romantic saga.

    Romanesque box and book given as a Wedding gift at
    Poitiers, France
    Henry & Eleanor’s story is legendary. Henry storms the Keep/castle to rescue E.A. from other suitors and acquires vast riches in the marriage.

    2. Eleanor of Aquitaine (Queen of France) Keeps priceless book(s) in the cask as she travels her realm and possibly takes it on her crusade to the Holy Land. Books were hand scribed and hand illuminated for Royalty at the time.

    3. Upon her death, Eleanor handed chest down to a daughter. I believe it remained in France with family members, rather than in England where she also ruled.

    4. (Centuries of untraceable history) from my perspective. Forrest may know who retained the chest.

    5. WWII Nazi occupation of Europe, especially France. The chest was taken by the Nazi E.R.R. Responsible for stealing/Looting art and treasure to start Hitler’s museum. It makes sense that Hitler would have coveted a treasure with a huge “H” on the lid.

    6. Nazi E.R.R. Stores the Romanesque chest at Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria Germany with a hoard of looted art & treasure.

    IMPT NOTE: This is an incredibly horrific time in human history. I have very close Jewish friends. May Hitler and his regime rot in hell.

    7. WWII over. Post War “Monument Men” make an attempt at returning stolen/looted treasures & art to rightful owners, which is near impossible since most of them have been killed.

    8. The Chest lands in LaHaver, France at a Museum. Why? It’s unclear to me, other than treasure and art was placed at various locations in France when original owners were untraceable.

    9. Forrest purchases the Romanesque bronze box in LaHavre, France at an auction or “paddle-up” sale. (Auction numbers are called paddles).

    P.S. replica Bronze boxes have been ‘forged’ and a good patina artist with ferric nitrate can duplicate finish to look authentic. Forrest himself is a master craftsman at finishing bronze art. He knew what to look for in determining authenticity. While color can dupe original, its near impossible to replicate 1,000 years of natural wear and human interaction.
    IMO the TTOTC photo presents an authentic circa 1152 bronze box. However, its possible that ff is taking this one with him ‘when he goes’ and left a very nice replica filled with riches for the finder. IMO

    Again, all the following is offered simply as my opinion. It would be interesting to hear what forrest knows about the provenance of his Romanesque Chest.

  68. How I interpreted the poem

    Go alone by oneself is to Lead. A leader or to have a leading role is a star.
    Miss Ford was a leader. Ford is a shoal or shallow Cross and an edge of shore. Also shoal means School of fish. So follow her to the exact spot like Forrest says in the story of the librarian who is a leader or guide on page 9 of TTOTC. Forrest followed the guide/Leader/ librarian to the exact spot.

    With my treasure. With is to join.

    Keep my secrets where. What is a person who keeps Secrets called? A Secretary / clerk/guide/leader.

    Hint of Riches new and old Riches means wealthy, plenty, growth. New growth.

    So the Secretary is James Madison. He is the Secretary of State. Madison River.

    Begin it where WWH. Halt is to Maim, cut short, little. Also means harmless, injured, Disarmed. Now use the above stanza to join at the Secretary Madison where new growth, Madison is formed from old rivers or far from their well spring that is Gibbon and Firehole. So at Madison Junction.

    Take it in Madison Canyon Down. Down means South- more in that later.

    Not far but too far to walk. Helps understand bonding or confluence of TFTW. Forrest likes number 66 , chest was also announced found on 6/6. 66 feet is a chain.

    Put in below the home of Brown. Camp Brown or Bakers hole .

    From there no place for meek. You are past Yellowstone area. Yellow means coward.

    Now I put in at Madison Arm of Hebgen Lake. Why ? Because it’s below Browns camp and it’s no place for meek.

    Arm means weapons, power, leader. Notice above at WWH is to Maim or disarm. Then need to arm at no place of meek. And Forrest loved to reference armed. Arm is weapons like Sabre sword. His plane the Silver Sabre, The wagon in his back yard was a Ammunition wagon. The cover of TFTW the arm is Maimed. The car the Bullet. Pepper is to pepper with lead or bullets. Armor is arm such as the porcupine has armor. I could go on and on just some examples.

    So put in at Madison Arm then end is drawing nigh. To the left side of the animal is nigh. The Madison arm to the right is horse butte so turn left or draw is South Fork Arm of Madison river. Draw is to use a pencil or drawing. And also a draw is a trench , abridge, ditch. To cut short.

    There will be no paddle up your creek. South Arm to South Fork of Madison. River. Here I first thought well a river is not a creek. But I saw a question and answer from a searcher to Forrest and the searcher asked Forrest “ what is a creek because I’m country and a creek is a crick and means many things”. Forrest replied “ a creek is a small river country or not.”
    So South Fork of Madison River must be the area in my solve.

    Just heavy loads- lead from first line of poem
    Water high – My assumption was the Lead. Leader, High rank. Water that is the leader or star. Plays the leading role. Secretary Madison became President.
    Even in Forrest response to the chest being found he said Stars- Lead, poem led him. Lead is lead. And drawn which is a pencil pusher Secretary. That in my mind is why all the drawings in TTOTC and the draw or trench which is end area or Precise spot. Precise means to cut short, cut trench , ditch . Ditch is to leave or abandon.
    Now the Secretary I believed was the light The star, like his Mom shining the car light on the dump where grizzlies are at west Yellowstone. Car means Short. The short stubby arm is South Fork. South Means Sun. The sun shining on the ditch. Forrest made many references to light and I believed it was a center radiating out like a Sun. I never got a chance to check the area around the South Fork Arm of Madison River.

    Look quickly down your quest to cease. And quest a knight reference. Knight- armour. Armour. Arm.

    But tarry scant, scant is short or brief. Tarry is black like Lead.
    Just take the chest and go in peace. Peace is Armistice . Arm.

    Go and leave my trove for all to seek. Lead.
    Answers I already know I’ve done it tired and weak. Wimpy, soft weak is smelting of Lead. Like lead oxide which is how you make mirrors.

    Cold was freeze or frozen , scared and humble as maimed and poor disarmed. Effort is work leader .
    Brave is warrior. War – Arms. War for me.
    In the wood. Forested- means outside the park and concentrated.

    Just my long interpretation, thanks for letting me into your life for a moment.

    I was not wise enough to get there and identify the blaze before the finder if my solve is even remotely the precise one. But what a chase for me.
    I had the great opportunity to meet some wonderful people in the blogs. And I am forever great full for my experience Forrest and Dal, Thank you. It was a heck of a chase.

    • pmt – Great solve in my general search area for 2019-2020!

      Adding that Howard Back, in his classic 1938 fly fishing book (which I would be surprised if Forrest does not own) called out the South Fork of the Madison River (in Montana, the Treasure State) as one of four recommended epic fly fishing destination. I have imagined that William Marvin Fenn referred to that book.

      We never got there, either, on our two BOTG/BITW trips on Memorial Day Weekend and late August of 2019. We were planning to do that next week.

        • pmt – You are most welcome!

          Craig Matthews, the former owner of Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, released a new edition of that book in 2000, I think. He wrote the forward. And Dan Callaghan took the pics. Enjoy! I read it at our local library. Found by my fly fishing librarian friend. There are no coincidences…

  69. Dear Dal and Forrest, I was shocked and crestfallen, like all the other serious searchers, when we heard the news days ago… but I just had a great idea and two more things to say:
    1. Please gently suggest to the winner he can make more money than he will pay in his fair share of finder’s taxes by writing a book, by promoting his find, etc. Plus, as the windfall finder the patriotic thing to do is pay your taxes. This thing has always been about the thrill of the chase and the glory of success.
    2. If forrest wants to keep this going –and he has said he his halfway sad it is over– DON’T reveal the poem solution, and promise the second finder a suitable reward, (monetary or something else?). I for one would gladly keep contemplating the poem and keep searching.
    Best ,

  70. Thoughts… a contingency in the transfer of title is that the finder must spread FF’s ashes at the location when he passes away. This is in parallel with the transfer of Olga’s property to F in return for spreading her ashes at Taos mountain. Only then will the finder reveal the location.

    – DocTex

  71. Forrest Fenn’s 90th birthday is coming up in August. I think it would be a great idea to have a virtual party for him (in consideration of COVID-19). My first thought is a web site where searchers could submit a photo of themselves with a birthday wish to him. A gallery of all the searchers photos (100s, 1000s ?) would be quite a statement IMHO. But I’m more of a “hey you kids get off my lawn” kind of guy when it comes to web site development. Anyone with the right skills think this is a good idea?

    • Dal,
      While I want to believe with all my heart that the chase has ended with an anonymous searcher finding Indulgence and confirming it with photographs,
      I find myself struggling with the lack of information Forrest is sharing. I understand the searchers wish to remain anonymous, but I do not see any reason to keep the solve a secret now. When forrest is gone his secret will die with him and there willl forever be a tarnish on the validity and honesty of the chase.
      The finder does not have to declare the location but I feel like Forrest should share the location and let searchers interpret the clues as they will. At least give us the solution to the first clue!!

  72. Can anybody give me an answer to wether or not fenn a has a Gmail, email adress or not?

    • It’s printed inside TToTC on the publisher information page right below the ISBN.

  73. Dal, regarding the book cover of the shadow of the fisherman, didn’t ff give you the spot to take that picture or am i crazy? Where was it taken?

    • you are not crazy, it was on madison, and has nothing to do with the poem, as ff described where he wanted the picture taken.

      so obviously he is not going to “describe” the answer to some clue while trying to get a picture for the cover of his book.

  74. For you conspiracy theorists.

    Book: Blue Pete’s Vendetta
    One character’s name: Brown Tepee (Home of Brown?)
    Page 175: “What I do I must do alone.”

  75. Hi Dal, how are you holding up?

    What I would like to know is there have been some quotes from you in the articles.
    Stating something like – Forrest has said that he’s not going to talk, ever. Lol

    Then I come here and see that we are all waiting for Forrest to say something.

    Are the quotes in the articles untrue?

    Hope you and your wife are doing great, this site was a great thing that you did. Bringing everyone together like this. That’s what life is about, there is a Oneness to it that most miss.

    Sincerely, Brooke from Tx

  76. The TC finally woke up to the only searcher with a heavy clomp of a boot! i hope FF will get his Underwood typewriter out to tell us where It was!
    I’ll go grab a beer at the pub and raise it to the winner! Congrats!

  77. Well, I can honestly say that I don’t think the fallout from the announcement of the treasure being found was quite as well planned out as the hiding of the chest. It would seem to me that the announcement would have been made after sitting down and thinking through all of the answers to the most common questions that everyone would be asking and have a reply that would suffice. There is a site that I found that sounded kind of hokey and still does to an extent but anyone wanting to check it out it is forrestfenntreasuredotcom. They represented as someone trying to auction off the coordinates of the hiding place for the chest. I don’t really know what to make of it all at this point.

    • And to follow up… If the treasure has indeed been located then I extend a hearty congratulations to the finder for being smarter than the at least 300,000 other searchers that couldn’t figure out the clues including myself. But for now, I have a whole bunch of unanswered questions.

    • certainly is something of a coincidence re that auction site. I tried wayback archive to verify the time of the posts but go no joy there. We’ll see I suppose (or maybe not!)

      • Yeah, just some of the ways that things were phrased raised some red flags for me. I could be wrong though.

  78. TexasGold,

    In Part 2 you said “owning property would be public records. To easy to find that out. Forrest wouldnt have done that imho.”

    For what it’s worth, I would like to point out that if memory serves, TTOTC was self-published by Forrest and the name of the publishing company is One Horse LAND & Cattle Co..

    One thing I was going to do was checked ownership records in my search area but hadn’t gotten around to it yet and then this happened and I kind of lost interest. Maybe I’ll pursue it later on after my mourning period is over as I’m still in denial the Chase has really ended.


    • My solve was in the Toltec gorge. The specific area has a few private lands along forest road 494’ i was really excited when I found through property records that the owner of the last piece of private land was Trucha LLC (trout). I was even more excited to learn the people who formed Truca LLC are from
      Santa Fe and lived just down the road from Forest on Old Santa Fe Trail and are about the same age and support the community. I figured Forest knew them and he would’ve been able to drive his Jeep right up to the Toltec gorge if that was his spot.

  79. Congrats to the finder! With so many searchers, 10 years was a pretty good run. Thanks to Dal for giving us searchers a place to discuss all aspects of the hunt. And Lastly, thanks to Forrest for reminding us about the great outdoors.
    I had many theories about where the chest was. The only two I had that lead to a final spot was Little Firehole Canyon by Flaming Gorge and Name Creek on the middle fork of the Wood River in Shoshone National Forest. So those will be my final two guesses.
    If you want another treasure to hunt, check out The Secret by Byron Preiss (name may not be spelled right). It seems to be pretty intricate. You have to read the story and match the story to one of the drawings in the book. And somehow figure out a location where the various caques are buried. I think there are 12 of them all together, but only 2 have been found. It’s been going on since the 80’s, so they are quite difficult to solve.

    • I worked on several of these before getting fully absorbed in the Fenn hunt. There are 12 pictures matched to 12 poems that have all pretty much been figured out. The problems are that the author (who is now dead) intended them to be found in weeks or months and used many landmarks to zero in on the exact spot that had no staying power (trees, etc.). They are in fairly public areas and are actually buried (which requires you to slyly dig a hole in a public area – not a good idea post 9/11) . One of the finds was in Cleveland, not far from my home in Pittsburgh area. Several are in areas hit by storms and the like. And at least one is at the site of major construction.

  80. Forgive me Doc, but the past few days are a blur Chase wise, so I have to respectfully ask, has it been confirmed the treasure chest was actually found on the postmark date in TTOTC being discussed?

    By the way, I watched both Problem 6 videos and enjoyed them very much. I was on the right track regarding rote substitution of integers to get the detective part of the brain working and might have (that’s a BIG might) even gotten to the second set, but the worm hole concept (I think that’s the term used) lost me, though as a fisherman I love worms.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot about sci-fi worm holes as I am a big Trekkie fan and ……we’ll you know what I mean. You’re not Bones are you? Just kidding, couldn’t resist.

    Take care………..Pinatubocharlie

    • so are we asking about rumors to confirm rumors and ending with rumors now?

      here is the answer: no rumors are true, despite how many one hears, why even ask? wait till ff posts.

      or are you asking about the fact that ff said that the treasure has been found? I am confused by you mixing in a rumor with a fact…

      which is exactly how conspiracy theories detangle and mangle.

      the postmarks were made up by the designers of the book,

      let us know how that conversation went in your mind, when ff expressed an “interest” in changing one of the numbers 🙂

      think about that for a moment… really?

      • Writis,

        Doc said “The only thing I found interesting was that it was found on the date of the postmark on the TC picture.”

        I simply asked him to CONFIRM it was actually found on that date. Why are you accusing me of starting a rumor?


        • I have read a lot of people saying June 5th, which is also one of the dates in the book. It was announced on the 7th and Forrest did say a few days so it does make some sense. None of us know the date it was found though, but I’m sure we will find out eventually. All IMO. Writis did sound a bit triggered, not sure what that’s about.

          • Now that there are lawsuits involved, I doubt the location will be revealed for quite some time, if at all. Because anybody could come out of the woodwork and claim it was their solve 5 years ago or whatever once it’s revealed.

      • I don’t think it inappropriate for him to ask for clarification on whether there was confirmation of a date or not. For all I know it was found earlier in the year and stuff was being hashed out in the meantime. I simply stated in an earlier post that I found it ironic that the announcement was the day after the postmark on that page. I also said I thought it was just a coincidence, but I just found it novel.

    • If you know Ol’ bones you know! Have not been to see him in awhile I always wondered who he used to be it didn’t feel right to take something from him without knowing . That was my quest was to find out I always hoped Forrest would know or be able to assist in finding out but I was never in the right place on his time so I may never know. I prayed that I would meet him at the spot I ran into him once before but Manitou has not made that come to pass

    • Howdy Pinatubocharlie, I cannot be 100% certain of the June 5th being the actual day as Forrest has not confirmed the actual day himself. There was a fair amount of circumstantial evidence that had me suspect it was Friday the 5th however… I’m glad you liked the videos! I fell in love with math as it is essentially the pursuit of the ultimate problem solving toolkit. The class of problem that number 6 deals with is not my wheelhouse, I’m more differential geometry but I do have a buddy I work with who is an applied mathematician and his dissertation was on a similar type of proofing. The issue with this problem is that we don’t have all the degrees of freedom we need to see how elegant and beautiful the solution really is. It’s like if I had 2 dimensional beings that exist on a sheet of paper (call it flatland) that only has 2 dimensions, There is no meaning to the question “where is up”. Up is not a thing, only left and right. So I as a 3 dimensional being can put my finger into flatland and all the flatlanders see is a 2 dimensional cross-section of my finger, approximately a circle. As far as they are concerned that is all that exists and nothing more. What they need is another degree of freedom. If we do that, they all of the sudden get to see the whole me, not just my cross-section. This also applies in higher dimensions. If I want to do math in 4 or 5 dimensions… it appears hard as I am limited to 3 dimensions. HOWEVER, If I study the nature of the cross-sections I see in my 3 dimensional world, I can essentially logically deduce the state space of the higher dimensional function. So what these freaking teenagers figured out was that this problem had this 3 dimensional state space that held all solutions and presto, a proof they all conformed to the axioms in the problem. This is not a perfect explanation in any way, I have tried to distill it down to its barest bones to make it consumable on a treasure chat forum but I hope that helps you understand the “wormhole” concept a bit more.

  81. I see somebody registered ForrestFennTreasureFound dot com and FennTreasureFound dot com on April 29th 2020, no site up but interesting timing…

    • do you mean interesting timing mixed in with the dozens of others randomly registered over the years by searchers?

      type in any combination… you won’t find only those two…

      • Yea and they also were not registered right before the chest was found lol. I would say that is pretty interesting timing. Now it could have been anyone who thought they would find it this year but it is interesting none the less.

      • I just thought it was interesting timing is all Writis. And yes I know about all the Fenn related domains that get registered. FennsTreasureFound dot com was registered in 2018 so that one is not part of my conspiracy theory lol…

        16 domains registered with ForrestFenn in the domain
        5 domains registered with FennTreasure in the domain
        9 domains registered with FennsTreasure in the domain

  82. I’m on the ground next 4’days working my solve. I’m not worried it may have been found if I’m right I’ll know it’s been found. For me it’s the thrill of following the clues. Last night at the place I’m staying I ran into
    3 other searchers. I say keep on searching until it’s proven one way or another. It’s sure helps to pass time and not watch all the crap on TV

  83. I believe alot of people think they solved the puzzle, so maybe some statements like if you’re not sure of the state you didn’t solve the clues or if one of your clues didn’t lead you to a mountain etc. Vague but in some way let’s people know they were wrong. Knowing the state doesn’t help imo cause you could search one state forever if you don’t know what the clues actually are or how they work. Thanks Forrest and Dall for 8 years . I have a big hole in me now but it changed my life. I actually moved to NM as a result and love it.

  84. At least until the coming Weekend i expect the complete information, means solution, from FF. Everything else would be an afront to all the serious searchers. I think we all have fairly the right to get the solve! Thank you FF… for the last 10 years of the treasure hunt… absolutely a highlight… and thank you for the complete information…

  85. Prepare to be affronted! As for rights, might be best to consult a constitutional lawyer.

  86. Has anyone seen the video that Paul Paul put on youtube June 9 , said he is the finder . just wondering what everybody thinks .

  87. I’ve been reading a lot of solves on this site, but most of them identify locations that appear to match the clues, but do not identify why that place must be the precise location. In my opinion, the question we should all have been asking is “how did Forrest identify the location such that a searcher did not need to be lucky to find the treasure and only required a little imagination? What was his methodology for hiding the solution? In my opinion, it was the misuse of words, as described below.

    The function of the “word that is key” was to name the location as unambiguously as possible. And I think that the hint of greatest importance was that Forrest misuses words, which he mentioned in TTOTC and in his interviews. Based on that analysis, I identified a key word that led me to one location, although I did not find the treasure, so I must have been mistaken in some way. What other key words did any of you have that led them to a specific location?

    For reference, here was my solve, which was based mainly on the imaginative misuse of words.

    My key word was “keep” as in “I can keep my secret where.” His use of the word “keep” is a misuse of a noun that refers to the central tower of a castle. I checked every possible location with the word “tower” or “castle” but my key word led me only to Tower Junction in Yellowstone National Park. This makes sense to me since Osborne Russell wrote eloquently about the part of the Lamar Valley near Tower Junction (although that was not a clue or hint).

    My “warm waters halt” location was the confluence of the Yellowstone and Lamar Rivers, where the Lamar and all of its tributaries end (warm as in comfortable or pleasant) and the turbulent Yellowstone begins.

    My canyon down was the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone (where the word “down” as in “take it in the canyon down” is a creative use of a word that can be synonymous with black).

    Not far but too far to walk simply clarifies that the Black Canyon is too far away to walk, so you are not actually going there.

    My “home of Brown” was the Lamar Valley, home of the Buffalo, the iconic brown animal of the West, and also Forrest’s favorite animal. The capitalization is a misuse of grammar because he wanted to emphasize its importance. So, below the home of Brown is one foot below the end of the Lamar River, where it enters the Yellowstone River.

    No place for the meek is a humorous reference to the Yellowstone River as no place for the cowardly or yellow (synonyms for meek)!

    The end is ever drawing nigh means to turn left (South) and walk along the East bank of the Yellowstone River. I also checked the West bank just in case, although the Yellowstone is generally too deep and swift to wade across. I even checked the North bank of the Lamar up the “draws” (dry creek beds) to the water high (glacial pools).

    Along the shore of the Yellowstone, I was looking for an inlet or a narrow winding passage (an old use of the word “creek”) where there were also large rocks (heavy loads) above the high-water mark (water high) and some kind of blaze. I did not find anything there to match these final clues.

    I created a video with what I believed to be Forrest’s best hints, so I just posted it even though it is too late. If you have nothing better to do, take a look:

    • Did you see any remnants of the Baronette Bridge while exploring the east bank of the Yellowstone (200 yards) upstream of the confluence with the Lamar? I always wanted to go look for it, but never did; my mind was on other things.

  88. Here are a few examples of the blazes I’ve found in my journey. And though not in the RM’s the the mother of all arrowheads was pointing to a place I once lived on the west coast.

    Sure hope the links work because this is the first time I’ve used DropBox.

    But there’s one more, a true wild card I’m holding close to the vest for now.


    • That “arrow” looked truly huge to me. How does it relate to your solve?

  89. If it turns out that the find was a hoax, there will be an explosion of BOTG of legendary proportions.

    • Forrest always said he would not announce it until he was sure it was found. He’s a very smart man so I’m 100% sure it is over and the chest was found.

  90. other than the fact the caller said it was found what evidence does forrest have of proof? I believe someone would say that it was found but phish for information as to actual location. Once you have a chance to find out for certain I would feel better. For now I think the person called him to get information. The details seem sketchy. Unless ff had put a code phrase in the box and a non- published phone number to call to say it was found. I am always afraid of those trying to scam him.

    • Forrest put something in the chest that only the finder would know was there. I’m sure this is how he knew it was definitely found. I’m sure he also sent someone out to verify it was gone after the fact. Forrest is a very intelligent man he would not announce it was over unless he was 100% sure. I was wondering about the delayed announcement and thought maybe it was to make sure it was found. Then again we don’t know the exact details of the days found versus the announcement. It was a few days according to Forrest. We don’t know if he waited those few days or if the finder did. Not much details on that part, but I’m sure Forrest knows that it was found. All IMO of course. No one knows for sure but Forrest and the finder.

  91. Forrest Fenn is a legend. He literally created the best treasure hunt ever. I am so happy that I got to be a part of it. His story made this treasure hunt so unique and interesting. The fact that he did this to bring hope to people is such a kind and Noble thing to do. It’s sad it’s over just because there will never be another treasure hunt as amazing as this one was. I just want to say thank you to Forrest Fenn. You created something unique and beautiful and you will always be a legend in my book! You’re the best and ignore the haters. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life and telling us your story.

  92. Sally Colorado let me know that our friend Tony Dokoupil surfaced a few days ago, doubting (via his Twitter feed) that the treasure has been found, but not giving any cogent explanation or evidence for why he believes that.

    • One wild idea I have why the treasure may not have been found is that perhaps FF figured ten years was up- enough basically. Maybe he’s worried about more lawsuits, or any wealth he can pass on to the family. Maybe he’s thinking that he will end the chase, stop people from looking, and then go retrieve the TC when the coast is clear.

      And if so, I think he would go himself for a couple of reasons. Who could you trust for instance to go get it, that is decently qualified for such outdoor settings, and who could actually find it with specific instructions?

      Plus it can be really difficult to give anybody exact instructions and be sure they will find it considering how variegated and complex the landscape is.

      Only Forrest knows exactly, so I suspect if this wild theory has any merit, he plans on going to get it himself. I doubt the TC is very far off some dirt road somewhere, so it still might not present a challenge for an 89 year old in pretty good shape anyway. But wait a few more years, and he might not have the physical ability- which he might be thinking.

      After saying all this, it is amazing how much the mind can wonder with this ingenious Fenn adventure, even after the fact in theory!

      • What I mean by “enough”, assuming he orchestrated the ending, is that from his perspective, at 89 years old, he might be getting tired of all the fanfare, the questions, emails, the media attention, the hounding and so forth. Or the finder himself fortuitously provided the closure he probably desires. Whatever, I suspect the man needs respect and peace of mind now.

    • Zap – the article in Outside Magazine that Dal has posted a link to on this page contained the link to Tony Dokoupil’s Twitter Feed (where he discusses his thoughts on the state of the Chase). Most of you are probably aware that Tony is an avid searcher. Oddly enough, it was the article in Outside Magazine nearly 5 years ago that sparked my imagination and launched me into the adventure of a lifetime.

  93. Paul Paul just put out another video 45 min ago , titled , looking for the forrest fenn treasure , I don’t usually jump in the front seat of a rollercoaster but this guy Paul has me wondering things.

    • He is just wasting oxygen.

      Like Forrest has said, the shy guy wants to remain anonymous.

  94. I would love to share a two pictures I took with everyone but not sure how. Is that possible on here?
    Thanks B

    • Birdie-
      Post your pics for free on a public photo posting site and add the links to the photo in a comment on the blog.

    • Birdie, I’m not great with computers. I use Flickr—it’s pretty easy, at least for someone like me!

    • No because Forrest said that the clue will last for a 100 years or a 1000. Dont see how a historic Hotel could last through Forrest scrutiny of time for the hunt

  95. In my solve I use paired words in alphabetical order. are brave (a,b)was couple with canyon down (c,d). using the first and last letters hinted by the I-D-E-A clue gave me
    ArE BravE
    CanyoN DowN

    which results in cane bend. I could’t find the river though.

    • you are thinking right!
      I deciphered a few words with this method;
      But ff has many more methods and layers of interpreting words!
      Try to look at a phonetic way to spell words, and u will find a few answers…
      especially the first line of the poem…

    • Doc Coffee – you are a barista of words: I think that’s how you locate Carmen San Diego: as opposed to FF TC….just IMO….

    • I think FF is dealing with a lot he didn’t necessarily anticipate. Attorneys. Media. I bet he is trying to get his ducks in a row.

    • There could be genuine reasons for it to take a while. But it depends on who you are, some are non suspicious people who may think its just the process. Other are more suspicious and it could be shady, very shady indeed time will tell. Imo

  96. It is tragic that Mr.Fenn’s generosity and nobility caused so many problems for him. It is very understandable for me why the winner would chose to remain anonymous. Everybody hates a sore loser. If it weren’t for those, possibly others would have followed in Mr.Fenn’s footsteps. After all, there are many more of us who have enjoyed the thrill of the chase and appreciate all he did to make it possible. It was a success! It got my teenage son from in front of his video games and out for a road trip and hiking through our beautiful lands. Throughout the entire thing, his imagination went crazy and he went on and on about what he would do with the treasure. I also hope Mr.Fenn concludes this with the location of where it’s found. Yet I realize this was in a location he loves and where he had planned to go and die when he believed he had terminal cancer. If everyone were to know where that place was it would be destroyed by people tromping through there. If it is where I believe it to have been, due to the overgrowth it was difficult to look for the box especially with the thorny scrub brush. We were careful not to destroy anything, but I could imagine others tearing everything out in their search for a million-dollar treasure as they would if they were to venture to the spot to see where it had been hidden.

    Although you may not have a map, the thrill of the chase continues as the world is full of treasures…….

  97. So I’m gonna call BS on every community member any blog or vlog that posts or streams under a “handle” or in a costume that feigns sadness or disappointment that the finder will remain a mystery.

    Let the unveiling of hypocrisy begin….

    This is for all blogger here or on any other form complaining about the finder remaining annonymous:

    1. Please provide your real name (first and last) address of all residences, date of birth, all living relatives, license plate number, and blood type.
    2. Please confirm which residence/address you’d like lawsuits and subpoenas and search warrants sent to because the will be coming.

    Who’s first at casting the stone?

    Don’t rush to line up with replies and please remember to practice social distancing.

    Leave Mr. Finder and Fenn alone! No soup for you! You been here for howers … no more all you can eat buffet for you…

    But for the love of everything holy…I’m chewing anxiety like skittles, just make an update or no updates coming or somerhing Dal. (P.S. TY Dal, this isn’t easy I know).

    • There is a lot of idiots claiming to have found it, so just pick one of those if it makes life easier, Siruslyfolks 😉

      I suspect they are keeping silent while scoping out the legal landscape. A lawyers immediate advice when claims are attempted is to stay quiet and do nothing. Thus, not give the claimants any ammunition.

      Makes sense to me.

  98. I recall Forrest suggesting that when the chest is found, the finder should wait 30 days before doing anything. Perhaps that is actually happening now, and maybe Forrest is following his own suggestion.

  99. I have to say, that confirmation picture of the chest or some definitive words from FF, on what the plan is going forward, would sure make the weekend pass a whole lot better.

  100. When I wondered about why FF wasnt saying much, I certainly was not suggesting a conspiracy or anything. I simply would love to hear his feelings and thoughts at this time.

    Personally I hope the hidey place is not divulged and it is marked in some way so we can continue our quest.

    Just would like to connect with FF by ready his thoughts and feelings on the matter.

  101. Hello,
    I am in Belgium and yesterday did some research on the poem, after I learned about this strange poem and treasure. Probably you will think this is ridiculous, but I was trying to think out of the box, and only spent 8 hours in my research.
    For me warm waters halt at the frontier between Wyoming and Colorado. So lets start in Colorado. Where is the home of Brown? Wel it is in Denver: Mollie Browne’s House, now a kind of museum. She survived the disaster with the Titanic. And the Titanic was a steamboat, which brings us to steamboat springs (shown on the treasure map), but you also have some miles higher the steamboat lake. Connect the location Denver Mollie Browne museum and the Steamboat lake wirh a straight drawn line. Now hou have in the neighbourhoud of Denver two other interesting places: Golden in the south and Rand (Think about golden South-African rands) in the north. Connect those two places also. The intersection of the two lines brings us at Granby lake and Grand lake. Why drawing lines? Forrest says it in his poem: the end is even drawing nigh…. so the treasure has not been for away from this grand Lake. I should probably draw more lines…one starting from Meeker…because Meeker is no place for the Meek…but as rhe treasure has been found, I will not investigate more. But i am curious to know if my first approach was correct,

      • I would like to add that the blaze should be yellow. Reason: if you found the blaze, look quickly the end of the stanza, and you you find the word ‘peace’. And remember that in the Titanic movie, the lady that survived was Rose. Well Peace is a well known yellow rose variety.

  102. Maybe Forrest went in vacation to Montana, and subsequently found the hiding spot, but in his old age forgot he hid it there. So maybe now he’s trying to figure how he hid it and what the chase rules are about.!

    • 😉

      Maybe he came across the chest in the trunk of the long-unused sedan, and is now frantically trying to reverse engineer that Rip van Winkle afternoon nap 10 years ago.

  103. Wouldn’t it be crazy if the finder had to enter some sort of non-disclosure contract where he was tasked with buring Forrest with his gold? I watched those videos from Paul Paul on YouTube. He seems pretty convincing. He made a video a couple of hours ago telling people not to give up their solves because they may need it again one day. He also said he found the chest but not the treasure. I don’t know Paul Paul. Does anyone else think he’s legit?

    • The chest is part of the path to get to the treasure chest with the goodies.I would call it clue # 6. IMO

      • No, I wasn’t arguing. I was just saying that would be an interesting twist. Someone had brought up the YouTube guy in an earlier post is why I mentioned him.

      • Why do my post keep disappearing im not saying anything wrong. Just my opinion which is as valid as any other ones opinions.

    • I dont think hes legit. Fenn said the treasure and chest where there waiting for the one with the correct solve. So how could some one find the chest but not the gold? This is my opinion. 2nd time posting this. Last time disapeared for some/no reason.

      • Sorry dal. Felt like i was being censored. As per your request i will no longer comment on youtube related question..

  104. After a decade of dribbling hints, it seems like ff would dribble some of the information about the real solve.

    Perhaps, the state (Colorado), so that 95% of all searchers could swallow hard and move on knowing that they were never close.

    Or maybe the earliest date it could have been recovered (Dec. 2019) or whatever he believes.

    Come on f, nobody made you wait in the jungle any longer than necessary. Those little dribbles of confirmation and/or crushed dreams will help the healing process;))

  105. Dal,
    Is Forrest going to make sure the finder did not hack, or cheat in another way?
    I Strongly believe my daughter and I solved this puzzle. The area where we believe it was located Forrest could easily reclaim his bounty by law. Due to current covid conditions the person who has the treasure could easily be identified. I can solve all nine clues now. I could last year and weather prevented claiming the prize. He beat me and my daughter by 2 weeks, as long as it was fair i’m ok with it.

  106. I was reading a interview about the female litigant. Sorry not sure source. But she said she moved from Chicago to New Mexico. She sounded like she was living in her car or camping. Anyway she made it sound like the finder ran ahead of her to get to the treasure. Some how they where communicating?
    Can someone lead me to this interview? May have been posted here?
    So I was thinking that it sounds like the treasure was maybe found in New Mexico.
    What do you think? Maybe it was just a bit more that 8.5 miles from santa Santa fe?
    Maybe that’s why Forrest said we would be surprised where it is!
    Also. New Mexico was the one state I never searched, but I considered that it might be close to Santa Fe.
    Weather it’s there or not, I’m kicking myself for not making it down there. I had plenty of opportunity but was so caught up with my life.
    I’m still going sometime. I love that area.
    I searched but never shared my locations.
    I enjoyed everything about the Chase!
    It saved me in times of disparity. Gave me hope and I enjoyed dreaming about the treasure!
    Carry On!
    Lou Lee Belle

  107. … maybe the Feds grew weary of Fenn treasure hunters, found it with aerial surveillance using LIIDAR and asked Forrest to call off the search. I could have told them where it was if they gave me the financial reward. They refused. Maybe they will try to claim the treasure. Maybe Forrest is in negotiations with the men back east. Maybe Forrest is under a gag order and can’t speak about it. Just another possibility for those fascinated by conspiracy theories. The Las Vegas oddsmakers tout this theory as the most likely scenario (ok that’s purely speculative). Me? I don’t have a clue.

    • You sure got a great imagination there Mr!! But you failed to include 1 thing abd its a riddle…”How do you keep a 6 year old in suspence”?

    • That’s a little un fair if they would use tax payers money to take advantage of the opportunity with that type of resources it steals the only hope some redneck may have to get out of the trailer

  108. Hey Dal- I tried to thank you for all of your efforts on the part one thread. The server was jacked up that day so it didn’t go through! I guess your work will never be done. Anyway, I appreciate you man!

  109. If I had to guess if the winner had ever posted here on home of dal, my guess would be RJ Sharp. I just had this feeling the he had it all figured out.

  110. I just want to spill my guts all over this board, but won’t. Congrats on a game well crafted and played. Though I’m not sure why I’m keeping the cat in the bag when the turkey’s already basted. Maybe it’s a respect thing. I just want to talk to people who can understand I may be crazy like a fox instead of a loon. I guess what’s a few more weeks or months at this point?

  111. And Jake (sorry to call you out but l’ve been lurking for years so I know you can take it), you may want to get that seasoning ready. We’re having chili tonight if you want to come over.

  112. I new the spot back in 2015. I went there and while I was searching park rangers came by twice while I was looking. It was hidden under a juniper bush but I was afraid to dig it up and get arrested for destroying park property. It must have died since. Don’t worry I’m not going to sue the finder for stealing my solve I posted here back then.
    That’s my story and I sticking to it, at least until the real hiding spot is identified other wise.

    On a more serious note, have fun and keep going out into the woods, just watch out for bears and other wildlife. I just bought a new lens for my camera so I can get some better wildlife shots at a safe distance. Climbing Mt Washburn in in my bucket list, might be the last thing I do. I did make it up Clingman’s dome in the smokey mountain last year, got the shirt to prove it. Maybe next year on YSNP.

    Be safe and stay healthy,

    • Well crap I guess I’m not the only one who knew So if we both didn’t get it then who did .

  113. I came to find out about this search after the CBS Sunday Morning show sometime in 2017. I travel for work, which allowed me to search in 2017 not too far from Santa Fe. During this search I went to the Collected Works Bookstore and purchased TTOTC, TFTW and OUAW. I poured through these books for clues and aberrations, then reread the poem about 10,000 times trying to match them to the poem. In 2018 I was close to Yellowstone, so I made another search this time in the park and around West Yellowstone, where Forrest spent many summers as a child. Both of these searches were a bust, though the clues matched my solve perfectly (in my opinion). I spent the next year going through the books and looking at Google Earth and Maps. On Father’s Day last year, I took my teenage daughter for a spontaneous trip and we made another search near Yellowstone. I feel truly blessed to have embarked on this treasure hunt because the treasure I found was being in the mountains among beautiful scenery. Who on this earth could not be in love with Yellowstone Park? The best gift was sharing this with my family. We are now considering a move to Montana or Wyoming in the near future because of its beauty and peacefulness.

    I think the search has been a fun hobby, and I have not allowed myself to get sucked in by spending thousands of dollars. This does not take away from the fact that I feel sad the thrill of the chase is now over, or is it? I have my own personal thoughts about the end of the chase, but I will not share them on here. One question I’d like to pose is this: What if this were an elaborate ruse to encourage most of the people in the hunt to reveal their solves and stop looking? I am certain that whenever the finder settles any legal protections, they will divulge the location and provide photographic proof to the world. Personally, I do not think I’d have closure on the matter until those things happened. I would also like to hear a some excerpts from his autobiography included inside the chest. This has been very exciting, Thank you very much Forrest Fenn for inspiring us to get off our butts and out into the mountains!

  114. Oh, I think Forrest’s statement ending the Chase might actually yield more clues, albeit belatedly.

    “It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago.”
    So it was found more than ten years ago, thus some time before about June 5, 2010. It was out in the open probably, not buried, not under some ledge, not under water, not in some crevice or small cave, not in the desert areas, and I think probably sitting on the ground in the grasses between a cluster of trees. The blaze might be aspens?

    • Hmmm…”It”! He sure used that word alot in that explanation and in the the poem!

        • Flutterby–Thats what I have been saying for the past 3 years, But I wished I could have gone down this year to finish my solve and incorporate my IT a little more effectively..

  115. Life must be amazing if one can say they found the treaure and yet not have it! I wanna live in THAT world cause I bet theres a bunch of other cool stuff going on

  116. It seem it will be some time before facts and proof will be shown for all to see.
    I think we should challenge the folks filing lawsuits to tell their solves… As well as… All the knowitalls who claimed they had the correct solve as well.
    Maybe Paul Paul can kick start it…or the very least show a picture of the chest at its home for the past 10 years.
    Let’s try and keep the solutions to the size of a sticky note.
    Who would like be the first to explain just the clues references, where they are and where the chest had laid in wait?
    – PS. I volunteer to be a jury member if needed.

    • As said in another post Seeker, a revelation of the solve and location could bring new cases and force old ones to change theirs to fit.

      That crazy guy Paul says he has just claimed ownership, but does not have the chest.

      • Remember Forrest’s response to the prisoner? If he can pinpoint exactly where it is, he can claim it.

        • True. I was responding to Seeker saying, “or the very least show a picture of the chest at its home for the past 10 years”

        • I never saw that statement about the prisoner! I would have sent in a solve to claim it if I had known that. Is it too late?

  117. You’re right Texas Gold, What part of texas are you, Im about 50 miles south of Dallas.

    • Austin/Central Texas areas. Currently in the Shi&^%le state of Florida currently

  118. The photo wasn’t of the treasure chest at all. It was a photo of notes that listed the precise GPS coordinates of the treasure chest. GPS is only accurate within 12 feet. If you get within 12 feet it will be … obvious. I can’t imagine anyone getting within 12 feet of the treasure and not finding it. Just a wild guess.

  119. I wanted to share a couple of things. I often wondered whether Forrest could have hidden the Chest on his first trip in, and then hidden the Treasure in a different place (maybe also in the same general area. So there were actually (2) things to find. I know it sounds strange, but listen for a minute.

    If you were to “find” the chest and found it to be empty (or perhaps with only the bracelet in it what would you think? Would you think that maybe someone found the Treasure, took the contents and left only a little behind?

    Note that stanza 4 ends with “just take the chest and go in peace”. Then note that verses 5 and 6 mention a “trove” that needs to be looked for. Is there MORE to be found after stanza 4?

    “Save your best smile until after you raise the lid”. Forrest posted that on Mysterious Writings. But what if it is actually a sarcastic statement, knowing that when you raise the lid there will be almost nothing inside? You will have saved your best smile but it will turn into a frown. Horrible trick to play on someone? OR is it one last diversion at the end?

    I throw this out there because look above. It says THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!! But then the first sentence says “The Treasure has been found”(with no period at the end of the sentence). Is it possible the Chest has been found, but not the Treasure? LOL. I know I am just being hopeful, but it’s fun to keep the Chase going isn’t it?

    I did want to share that one of the things I dreamed of often (although I did dream of paying everything off, and helping my family) was that if I found the Chest and Treasure that I would quietly visit Forrest under the pretense that I was in New Mexico and could I please met him?

    After talking with Forrest for a while about the Chase and different things I would get up to leave. Now, have you ever watched “Colombo”? If you have then you will laugh at this.

    I would walk towards the front door and then turn around, put my hand to my forehead and say “Just one more thing Fenn, could you use this?” And I would hold out the bracelet.

    I swear that would have been one of the greatest moments in the world.

    Thanks for everything Forrest. It’s been SO much fun!!

    • So, Sparrow, it seems like we all don’t want to wake up from our dreams of finding the chest. I love the Colombo idea, and I bet Forrest would “get it” immediately. Do you think Colombo could interrogate the Queen to see if Prince Phillip had taken a vacation to the states? He is, after all, from back East…

  120. You should all look up the meaning of the word “Taos”, now find a picture of the red willows in winter, your effort will be worth the cold and you will find the blaze!!!

  121. Need a way to find a fix for treasure hunting.
    Solve the LUE treasure map. 110 million in lost gold by Nazi in the U.S. 80 year old mystery that our government gave up on .
    Stay safe

  122. Like everyone here, I’m wondering how close one of my solutions came to being correct. At first ff’s use of the word “lush” to describe the chest’s location threw me off a bit. We all assume he meant dense, green, forested…but he could have meant any one of the following definitions including “pleasing to the senses” which describes many types of landscapes.

    from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

    Having or characterized by luxuriant vegetation.

    Abundant; plentiful. synonym: profuse.

    Extravagant or luxurious, as in ornamentation.

    adjective Extremely pleasing to the senses.

    adjective Voluptuous or sensual.

  123. It’s great getting to read everyone’s thoughts and comments. Forrest is too smart to be duped. I’m sure his conversation with the finder had a lot of questions that needed to be answered before FF conformed it had been found for the world.

    One area that still haunts me is the Gallatin (gallant …brave…bold) Petrified Forest. There were so many clues that worked there and I got close to Ramshorn Lake assuming that might be the spot but I could never get all the clues to work. There’s a Trail Creek that leads up to the lake (no paddle up creek) There’s petrified wood here (brave…in the wood), the entrance to one of the paths has a bronze plaque with the word “Treasure” at the top talking about all the natural stone and jewels found there (treasures new and old). Ramshorn is a horn for sending messages (hear me…listen good). Then I found this article that talks about this beautiful, huge upright petrified tree and I was sure it was the blaze overlooking everything. I just never could find it. One thing I loved in the article…it says the height of Ramshorn Peak was 10,200 feet…that’s the exact ceiling for height Forrest gave. I still want to go find this tree.

    Treasures Plaque:

    Petrified Tree in Gallatin:

    Amazing how many possibilities there were with this poem.

  124. 5 days and still no promised “more information and photos” from Mr Fenn.
    Does anyone else think it’s a bit odd that the finder has not contacted Dal or the media yet?
    Out of all the overconfident and boisterous searchers on the blogs and Youtube screaming “look at me, I figured it out” a quiet guy from “back east” who nobody knows seems to want no recognition at all?
    I fully understand the guy wants to remain anonymous. If he writes a book I’ll buy it; if they make a movie I’ll watch it. Put the chest on display for $5 a peek. A smart person could keep all the treasure and make a fortune on searcher curiosity alone if he wanted to.
    It’s not Mr Fenn’s place to tell us the details. Only the finder can do that. Only the finder Should do that. All I want is to see a pic of the find. You can crop out Mr “back east” completely if you like.

    • ran- What I’m hoping for is disclosure of the location so I can know how close I was and so I can spend a little pleasurable time figuring out where the clues are and how the poem pointed to them.

      • I would love that too. I just meant that as long as the finder’s story and end location have monetary value, we may have to wait awhile for the finder to disclose that. (Until “The price is right”). But there’s a lot of details he could share without giving away the farm if he chose to.

        • Examples:

          When did you hear about Forrest and his Chase?
          How long did you search?
          How many BOTG trips did it take?
          How many clues did you solve from home?
          Did you fly or drive to the location?
          Did you find it alone or with others?
          Did you use a metal detector?
          Did you find any important hints in TTotC?
          Could you (or did you) find the chest without the book?
          Have you spoken to or met Mr Fenn since the find?
          Do you intend to return Fenn’s bracelet?
          What do you plan to do with the chest?
          Can you disclose which State you live in?
          Was there an IOU or other “secret item” in the chest?
          Were you confident that you would find it that day?
          Did you leave anything at the hiding spot?
          Did you use any tools or just gloves as Fenn said?
          Was it found with your first solve, or second, or?
          Have you ever posted comments on a blog or on Youtube?
          Did you ever attend a book signing or Fennboree?
          Did you carry the chest and contents out in one trip?
          Did a friend or family member help you decipher the poem?
          Did you E-mail pics to Mr Fenn before leaving the search state?
          What “verification” questions did Fenn ask you?
          Can you tell us the exact date the chest was found?
          Did you video the find or did you just take still shots?
          When will you release your search story and the find location?
          Do you plan on remaining anonymous?
          Would you consider doing a phone interview?
          Do you have any kids and/or a pickup truck?

    • Fenngsui-
      Forrest hid all of those so they cannot be found. They are scattered all over the mountains.They are resting more than three feet deep so that a detector won’t help…Even Forrest said that he probably couldn’t refind where he buried them.

      What’s the purpose of that you ask? So that in a few thousand years when some archeologist finds one she will scratch her head in wonder and admire the beauty and since he signed and dated each one the archeologist will be able to say his name…

      Forrest who helped more than a few 500-600 year old pots see the sunlight again admired both the pot and the crafter, but regretted that he did not know the name of the artisan.

      “So long as they speak your name, you shall never die.” Dan Brown…author

      • Speaking of Dan Brown…I just bought his book “Orgiin.” Have you read it Dal?

      • Bronze jars, and also bronze bells with copper clappers. We must never forget the bells. And if you find one, ring it loudly so he can hear.

  125. I keep imagining a lottery, where something like 350,000 – 500,000 people bought at least one ticket. Then a day comes, and the lottery director cuts a short press release: “Lottery’s over, everybody. Some guy from back east won, I’ve seen a picture of his ticket, so that’s that.”

    Probably everybody: “Well, what were the winning numbers?”
    Director: “I’m not telling. Or, maybe I’ll tell you some numbers, someday. Maybe.”
    A few people here and there: “Well, who won?”
    Director: “He’s asked me not to say.”
    A fair chunk of ticket buyers: “Never mind the name, and never mind the actual ticket — can we see the picture of the ticket?”

      • What I know for sure is that my lottery tickets all said stuff like “boarding pass” and “baggage claim” and “$2.95/gallon” on them.

        My point is, obviously, that at a bare minimum, it’d be pain-free, easy, quick, fair to all, and basically the right thing to do, just to strip out identifying information and make the (I gather, single) evidence photo public. Try as I might, I cannot see any harm coming from that — and yet, it’s not happening.

        There are about 13 different rental cars, scattered among various lots near Denver International Airport, which, I’d guess, are starting to wonder whether I inflicted all those beatings on them for no good reason at all. Poor things. I’d at least like them to know why their rims and oil pans will never be the same again…

      • now its on, to the next treasure, Forrest is A man of his word if he tells you your anonymous that’s what you are lets leave it at that and say thank you for the opportunity to get there first we its our fault if we
        didn’t i say it was my pleasure to meet the man and be apart of it all
        Jeff Burch Ranee Mom and Titan

        • Nobody needs (or, I’d guess, especially wants) the name.

          But I think everybody deserves to be able to know that the claim is genuine. The “proof” picture can be released without any effect on the putative finder’s anonymity or interests. It should be. Otherwise, we’re all stopping our searches based not on Mr. Fenn’s word alone (which we’ve all accepted, having searched), but on the word (to wit: the “proof” photo) of the putative finder.

          I don’t mind trusting Mr. Fenn. I do mind trusting some anonymous person who, we’re told, has transmitted only one photo. Really? One? Minimally, we should at least see it.

    • Or the finder did a two-fer and hit the lotto himself the prior week, so he has no worries about the taxes and need not tell anybody but Forrest about it ever. “Lotta” digits in the odds on that one.

    • I keep thinking about the stars on the book. Thought about that alot. What are the stars? He is fishing for them.
      Means something but what?
      It’s still a mystery for now.

      • I had a solve idea that you stood under a rock ledge (know ledge)(lean-to/canopy) and looked up ( if you’ve been wise) wise man looks up and a star was there (the blaze) on the underside of the ledge. you stand directly under it and look quickly down as in under your feet. You dug there and found the chest. What do you think?

        • Jason;

          Look at the illustration on page 146 of TTOTC – is not that a star studded canopy? Might this illustration be a hint? JDA

          • Hi JDA,
            did you get my e-mail with solution for Brown? Forrest mentioned some Big Picture – maybe he talked about this place?

      • Yes Flutterby, I
        Explored Star Valley Wyo Because the poem has a reference to “ Newswander” Wyo. the Salt River has a covered bridge over the River at Double LL Ranch which looks like the covered bridge Forrest and a Eric Sloane wanted to purchase.

        In the end it’s my opinion the Newswander reference in poem’s grid format takes you to the chest’s history of it being stored at Newswanstein castle during WWII

    • It means at night. Too many people around during the day. Hence ” I did it tired”

  126. For the legal experts watching, are there any lawsuits that revealing the location wouldn’t wipe away?

    • No — except, perhaps, the one from the lady with the “hacker stole my solve and beat me to it” case. Mr. Fenn would be let out of that one (to the extent that it’s not already going to be dismissed as garbage), but “lady vs. hacker” might be able to stagger on.

      But, see, this is why I wonder whether somebody smells a whiff of “potential rat.” If the claim/photo turns out to be bogus, but Mr. Fenn never revealed the location, well, then, little harm/no foul — somebody announces “do over!” and the chase is back on.

      • This lawsuit makes no sense. My guess is the rat is trying to DOX the finder for some evil reason.

    • camperguy – A revelation of the solve and location could bring new cases and force old ones to change theirs to fit.

      Just think of all the thousands who would just copy the revealed solve and start a lawsuit. Only after one day there were tens of shy guy, anonymous “finders” requesting TV interviews.

      We live in a crazy world full of nut jobs. Forrest has his head screwed on properly, so lets just give him time and let he and his lawyers figure it out.

      It might seem punishing to some in the short term, but I imagine it will end as beautiful as it begun. The pain is only in the mind of the holder. Free yourself, sir.

    • You should all look up the meaning of the word “Taos”, now find a picture of the red willows in winter, your effort will be worth the cold and you will find the blaze!!!

  127. Several years ago I watched an interview with FF..What surprised me is in the background hanging on his wall were two separate maps that treasure hunters had developed and sent him on their solution..I took a picture of both maps and studied them..I asked myself why would FF hang up those two maps when he receives many solutions..I knew then it was because they both were close to the treasure but something was missing..When you compared the two maps there was an area that was not covered..that area was one of FF favorite’s the area between the Barnes Holes & Nine Mile Hole on the Madison River where there are lush meadows, pine trees, gorgeous mountain peaks, Quaken Aspens and lots of animals..the elevation for home of Brown is around 6,700 feet..Wow I can’t believe it.. I should have kept my mouth quiet and went BOTG before I left to patient Perry Mason is at work..

  128. I’ve had this solve regarding HOB. Has anyone looked at Home of Brown and the Pueblo Indian story tellers who lived in the Sante Fe area? They were called Brown

  129. Dont ya just think its great that f in Gypsy Magic was hidden under a nomadic tribe train carriage. Covered by a tarp canopy, probably green.

    Hidden under a canopy.

    I suppose that one hint/clue in the book we are all allowed to know now.

    • No. Canopy is Fenn code for can of pee. Wwwh is Lander because of urine. Lookup the origin of the word urine and remember that Forrest had kidney cancer.

      Er is a vocal pause, therefore a halt.

    • Also, “My War For Me,” he viewed the waterfall through his canopy. His promise to return.

        • My question to Forrest would be….Who maintained the clues that were burned into the lush landscape in Yellowstone? They could not have been original from 10 years ago, they would get grown over. Yellowstone could not have known and allowed it.

  130. The chest had to wait ten years to be found, I don’t think we will have to wait that long to know where. Please give them time to get the legal stuff settled before the real reveal. Nothing happens fast in the legal system. I know waiting to find out is as hard as finding the chest LOL.
    Thanks Forrest and Dal and all the other hunters out there for sharing the Thrill.

  131. I am thinking there is going to be another spin. Should we get ready to Dizzy (Dean)?

  132. I bet the big reveal will happen in July. So don’t be holding your breath. Patience.

  133. Our solution led us to Sheep Creek Falls in Montana just north of Yellowstone. The altitude is correct and the clues seem to match. Where warm waters halt, below the home of Brown (a well known person of the area), no paddle up this creek (too much debris for that), heavy loads and water high (the falls themselves), when you’ve found the blaze (there is damage from the fire years ago), brave and in the wood (Grizzly bears killed some people not a half mile from there near Soda Creek), the water was ice cold so that matches yet another clue. There is no human trail to the falls and we hiked the right side of the creek and couldnt make it to the falls. We left in fear of bears and planned to return to hike the left side of the creek. If the treasure was there I will have bruises from kicking my own ass.

  134. I’ve never posted here before, but I feel compelled to now that the chest has been found. I would like to share my own theory as to the interpretation of the clues and the location of the treasure. I had gone boots on the ground on five separate occasions, three excursions from my home in Pennsylvania, to no avail. I have always believed, though, that my particular “solve” was the best one I had ever heard and that my inability to find the treasure lay in my error in interpreting “look quickly down”.

    First, I want to share my understanding of the keyword. I believe there was one, like Forrest said. I believe that keyword was “waters”, and if there was a key phrase, it was “warm waters”. Most searchers seemed to be looking for warm, flowing liquid water, but this isn’t how I took it. Water refers to a molecule, H2O, consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. If you get a bunch of these together, they don’t necessarily have to be in liquid form. They can be in three very common forms depending on the energy in them. If water is very cold, it turns to ice. If it’s hot it can become steam. It doesn’t cease to be water in either case. If ice is cold water, and steam is hot water, what is liquid water? It is in-between cold and hot–warm. So, if you interpret the first clue with this in mind, you could read it, “Begin it where liquid waters halt”. Where does all liquid water stop moving around so much? It occurs at the freezing point of water. We were looking for a location that somehow referred to the freezing point of water. There’s a lookout on Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park called Crystal Point. The poem describes a geographic dot-to-dot. You aren’t meant to follow it literally. You are meant to follow it with your finger on a map.

    Clue 1: Begin it where warm waters halt–Crystal Point

    Clue 2: And take it in the canyon down, Not far, but too far to walk.–proceed down Going-to-the-Sun Road into the canyon

    Clue 3: Put in below the home of Brown.–Avalanche Campground at the base of Mt. Brown

    Clue 4: From there it’s no place for the meek,–follow Avalanche Creek (avalanches aren’t for the meek)

    Clue 5: The end is ever drawing nigh;–the point where Hidden Creek meets Avalanche Creek on the left as you are following it upstream

    Clue 6: There’ll be no paddle up your creek, Just heavy loads and water high.–go up Hidden Creek until it becomes a waterfall

    Clue 7: If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,–ultimately, you arrive at the point where Hidden Creek falls into the valley below, the creek is formed by a string of rapids that look like a white stripe from above

    Clue 8: Look quickly down, your quest to cease,–search the area to the south of Hidden Creek (most likely 200 feet to the south, based on certain statements from Forrest)

    Clue 9: But tarry scant with marvel gaze, Just take the chest and go in peace.–look for a spot with a blackened flat stone marker

    Forrest indicated that many had been 500 feet from the treasure, and searchers had been within 200 feet. If you take Hidden Lake trail down to the lake, like many hikers do, you would be around 500 feet from the location. And if you continued to follow the trail down to the end of the falls, at some point you would be 200 feet from it. Again, I’m not sure that I have the end exactly right, but I think this interpretation would have gotten you awfully close. The hike down to Hidden Lake from Logan Pass is exactly as Forrest always described his hike…a few miles, it’s not bad. He could have done it twice in a day no problem. Check out Scrapbook 126 with the name of the mountain that sits next to Hidden Lake in mind, Bearhat, and his hat kind of looks like it, too. 126 is also the page number in the book that the chapter Gold and More starts on. Also, I remember that there was a certain photograph at some point on the internet called “The Teeth of the Rockies”, a phrase used by Forrest in one of his responses to a question posed to him on Mysterious Writings, posted by Forrest Shaw. I can no longer find the photo, but it depicted a location in Glacier National Park. Shaw is defined by as a small wood or thicket.

    It seems like, if this is the solution, it probably wasn’t found a few days ago. Going-to-the-Sun Road hasn’t been opened yet. Getting to Hidden Lake would have required a many miles hike up the road. It would make more sense if it had been found sometime before the closing of the road last year.

  135. I guess it’s common knowledge that Eric Sloane worked with the U.S. Air Force… He was demonstrating how much quicker it is for pilots to look at an image and know a lengthy procedure instead of reading the text and going off of their own memory. Didn’t Forrest ask how he was supposed to remember his ejection sequence in a short amount of time? IDK, seems important. LOL!!

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