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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f



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594 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part four

    • Why do they always seem to assume he “Buried” IT?
      I think it’s okay if we never find out exactly where it was. I don’t think the place would be pristine for long, if everyone went there to see the exact spot. It would be nice, however, to know which state it was in, just to see if a particular hat will be needing some Ketchup?
      I still think it was Montana though…
      All my opinion, or course…

          • Yeah, this rafting guy “Garth” said it came from a bet on rafting to the gulf of Mexico, Yellowstone to the Missouri to missippi to gulf.

      • People often think of hidden treasure (not just this one) as “buried treasure” because of the pop media portrayal of pirates and bandits. Making that assumption in this case when Forrest had already said he would not commit to whether it was buried or not is simply sloppy reporting, which is all too common these days.

        And I think you are right about Montana.

      • Good point Moon! On the flip side, the announcement that has been provided only states that the chest (treasure included, we assume) was found. Look up the definition of the word FOUND. There is no mention of whether it was retrieved or not. There was also no mention as to where the “finder” knows that they are the “finder”. Forrest can easily know that the chest is found, and know that an individual finder would want to remain anonymous via any number of current or prior communication methods. The response I expect to see here is “we should assume that if it was found, then it was retrieved.” Really? Should we assume that about a guy who never said he buried it…but then later admitted that never said he didn’t? Food for thought folks.

      • It’s not critical exactly where it was, except for analysis and appreciation
        of how clever the poem is in directing one. By the way, the chest may
        still be where it’s been for about ten years. All in my opinion, as always.

        • Lots of people sent their solve and planned to go at the same time . That time was monday if Fenn got the right solve and waited till the person sent it could get there he would have waited just as long as he did. I sent my solve 5/16 saying I would leave on monday the first I would have been there Thursday. He announced it found on saturday and was served with suit during that week. Did he end it early based on my solve or someones else’s solve knowing everyone was leaving at the same time. Did he end it based on the expectation that the solver would retrieve it? But the solver was delayed as I was and never went because Fenn reported it found early. He reported it found not retrieved.

        • Hi tall andrew,
          There’s a lot of reasons to think it’s in MT. After all, it’s “he “Treasure State”. I gave a quick rundown of my solution to the poem in the first treasure found thread/page. I think i may have said too much already as far as were my research took me.
          I still haven’t seen another mention of this area by any other searchers. I also had this place locked in before ever joined any chase forums. But what i did say would only get someone so close, if it did turn out to be “the spot”.
          I’m still planning on heading back there in a week or so, I’ve just got some family business I need to take care of in the northern part of MT before I can.
          I don’t think it’s that close to Yellowstone though, that would just be too easy! Just a hunch and IMHO.

          • Well, here’s some fun facts for ya.
            United States Seal = American Eagle.
            New Mexico = The Land of Enchantment.
            New Mexico State Seal = Double Eagle
            Santa Fe = The City Different
            Fenn (Short form Fen) = plural form used by enthusiasts of science fiction, fantasy, and anime, partly from whimsy and partly to distinguish themselves from fans of sport, etc.

            There are many ways to find where the treasure was. 🙂 IMO

      • Reading through all the posts I think many people would like closure on their “Personal Search” for the Treasure. It is wrenching not knowing if your searching was even “close” to where the Treasure was supposedly found. Doesn’t seem like the location is going to be revealed either. I don’t think the “exact location” should be revealed as it would lead to a pilgrimage of people to it and the possibility of damage, etc. I also think that if it was that special a spot for Forrest the finder may be keeping it special to himself as well. Now, here is what I think should be done. Forrest could have the finder sign something that would prevent him from revealing the exact location. Then Forrest should make some type of marker of gold or other valuable metal, and stake it in the ground of the original location. Lo and Behold, the “hunt” is on again!!!

        • Remember there are bells and jars out there some where. I thought Forrest said he wasn’t giving clues for them but, I think that’s because he already did. Think about that for a moment.

          I’m gonna go BOTG to check out my theory, hopefully soon.

          • Nothing to be sorry about: madam-flutterby. Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to the chase. I try to listen and consider all points of view from other searchers, A lot of thought goes into each person’s theories, points of view and conclusions. I also think everyone here has gained something substantial and long-lasting from this treasure hunt. You just can’t go spend it…
            Good luck with your BOTG and stay safe!

          • Madamflutterby , he said that he buried them 3 feet down so they couldn’t be found with metal detector .

    • Dal- i don’t think it will happen, but say something’s been left at Fenn’s spot or, for some strange unforseen reason the chase continues, will you delete “The treasure found” pages with peoples solves so it evens the playing field?

        • Hi Dal let’s start a little contest ,we treasure hunters should try guess the date FF hid the treasure Faron Young from stephenville Newfoundland my guess is August 17, 2009 it Was the 50th anniversary of earthquake lake Landslide

        • That doesn’t seem to level the playing field. People have likely copied posted solutions to word files. People that join the hunt or your page after you delete them would be at a disadvantage. Just a thought.

          • I can understand that. but any one coming new will have a bit of catching up to do anyway. If some ones copied them allready it too late and would be fair game as it would be our own fault for posting them prematurely, but it would still be fairer to those who have posted solves that they would get deleted. Imo.

          • I agree that deleting those postings would not be a good
            idea. I will continue preparing my rake.

        • There no level playing field in deleting them then, so they may as well be left for all for all to see. glad i never posted mine. Lol

      • I wouldn’t worry about what other people think the poem means. Let Forrest tell you.

        So hear me all and listen good,
        Read his book with a sharp ear.

        It might be confusing like a Chinese fire drill and like a Chinese fire drill it all comes together.

        At least, that’s my theory anyway.

    • Check out @theleadsearcher Twitter page for an eventual solve. Did you guys all know that Forrest has his own Mt. Rushmore located in Montana. I’m releasing everything slowly but surely. Can’t wait to explain what the different colour teas mean from Tea With Olga. Also, did you know that there are a few scattered clues? And did you know that Forrest has altered a few thing to make this Chase possible? Also WWWH is shown 3 different ways on the map, and there’s no actual warm or hot water. A few major clues in Catcher in the Rye, include the theme of this hunt. The two biddies play a huge role, and you’ll never believe what Spanish Toy Factory really means! I have enough stuff to blow your mind, including “Me In the Middle” “Lewis and Clark” and “Gypsy Magic”. Eric Sloane plays a huge role as well.

    • Sorry this is so long but I wanted to share a story of a series of unfortunate events. I believe (was imo) at the treasure spot a few times last Sept and again just 3 weeks ago. I had been torn between 2 spots in the same area. After a few unfortunate events, I have yet to recover from, I needed some luck and some assistance. Neither of which I found, so I kept going and coming back hoping to find some. I couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t jump at the chance of a treasure hunt. It’s a once in a life time opportunity to experience as well as life altering. I bet if I had came home with it…lol. Then, a lucky break. Someone was willing to take and help me retrieve the chest. However, after going to the 1st, which should have been the 2nd, location, as well as a misapprehention of what I said, we did not visit the 2nd location. It killed me for sure. The misapprehention I mean. I had referred to what the location was instead of what I had been calling it and they didn’t make the connection. It was less than a 1/4 mile to the left but, we took a right and drove back to Texas. Just as Fenn said in TTOTC, bad luck can always be trusted and it was a very expensive vacation. Cost the expenses and a treasure chest.
      After discovering a couple things in my pictures that slam dunk the exact spot, we were planning my last trip for this weekend. As luck would have it, the very next day word came out that the chest had been found. I too felt like I had fallen back to a place where there was no more back to fall back to. I’m sure you have noticed I wrote some of this message in the style of Fenn but, the similarities don’t stop there. The redneck in Texas who lost his job. I am not a redneck but I do live in Texas and I was laid off a few years ago and am having a difficult time getting back where I was. The woman that if her truck breaks down will he pick her up and take her the rest of the way. Well, my truck is broken and wouldn’t make it to where I needed to go and apparently, there wasn’t any cars going in the direction I needed to go. There are more but, my message is already too long.
      Thinking of Fenn as an absolute genius, I wanted to reveal my/the solve so badly but, after reviewing my pictures even more, I realized why Fenn is probably not going to reveal the solve or the location, and I hope he doesn’t. Another Fenn quote, people haven’t learned to just leave other people alone and take care of our planet. I can’t and won’t be that person but, I will help with 2 things cuz it doesn’t give anything away. I will remind everyone of something else Fenn said, if you don’t know where warm waters halt, you don’t have anything. Sit on that one for a while. I could tell you what every other clue and even word in the poem means and it would not help you in any way unless you know that little tid bit. Just know words can and do mean many things. We all say the same thing in vastly different ways and at vastly different times.
      Who or what is IT and what is not far, but too far to walk?
      IT is Pegman. Pegman lives in the sky and walks along public roads where the law allows. Depending on the circumstances of what he is viewing and the age of the imagery he has a name. In our case, it’s Doc Brown.
      Doc Brown has restrictions when he is walking along the street which prevents him from legally proceeding. When Doc Brown is looking from above, he can only zoom certain distances depending on what he is viewing and this can also affect his name and his appearance. In some areas he can not get closer than 10 miles.
      Finally, at least for me, I know. It all makes complete sense to me now. It’s unfortunate the way the search turned out for me but, I congratulate the person that did find it. I do wonder if he left a couple somethings next to a tree last September. I had found something excavating at the tree, left to get supplies (food and water), and when I returned something new was there. At first I thought it had to have been Fenn. No one knew I was there or what I was doing or maybe even the significance of what was left. At the time I only knew the significance of 1 item. Later, when I learned of the 2nd it was huge. If I had known, I would never have left. After some logical thinking, it probably wasn’t Fenn, but another searcher. Not leaving it there for me but paying tribute to Fenn because it was his Last trip. After he returned home over the next couple months he learned something new that applied specifically to the area that you wouldn’t know was a factor unless your search put you in the area. Maybe, he was communicating his solve with Fenn and that’s why Fenn felt the chest would be found in 2017 and again in 2018 but he was just held up by one snag in the poem and couldn’t make the right connection. Then this year in January Fenn saying his vision tells him it’s just a matter of time before the chest is found. Only time was interfering with the two of them coming together. I was having the same snag and I too had learned something new that was significant. That’s why I tried so hard to get someone to go back with me. Mostly, I was hoping to find what I think most searchers found when they went out with their loved ones and enjoyed what the world had to offer. I didn’t really find that either.
      The downside is I was so close. The upside is I can put this behind me and get to work on changing my luck and finding a new adventure. lol. Another downside is I will definitely have to work for the rest of my life. The upside is that isn’t going to be as long as it was 20, 40 years ago. I always look for the silver lining, especially in the face of bad luck. Even if it’s bad luck, the way I figure it, at least I’m lucky. 😉
      When I think about the chest being found it breaks my heart and fills my eyes with tears for a few reasons. Mainly because I didn’t find the thing I wanted more than anything. Also, I didn’t leave with the prize I was hoping to find for all my hours spent in thought. Lastly, for a lot of families this was a great adventure bringing them closer together and an opportunity to experience things they normally wouldn’t and I hate to see that end. One thing our world needs more of is love. We shouldn’t need a motivator to go experience it or share it.
      One last quote. This time from our friend Rachael Green: NOW THAT’S CLOSURE!!!

      • If there would have been a grizzly around it would have got ya although bears. Don’t run well down hill . May I ask was it the hunger that made you leave or the feeling that something was close…lol
        I bet your luck was better when you was alone huh

      • If there would have been a grizzly around it would have got ya although bears. Don’t run well down hill . May I ask was it the hunger that made you leave or the feeling that something was close…lol
        I bet your luck was better when you was alone huh and a motivator is the hope of a being understood and having a like interest in anything

      • I’ve heard stories of Sasquatch trading people’s “offerings” before. People leaving something on a stump and later returning and something different is left there in trade. Lust sayin’…
        In my humble “hear say” opinion, of course.

    • Some are wanting to know where the spot is, while others are are not. Here’s what I think. I think the blaze was FF’s grave marker “I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attributed to” Here lies Forrest Fenn. If I am wrong, so be it, but, if I am right, then the chase IS STILL ON!!! I for one don’t want to know the solve because I still want to find the spot on my own and if there is such a marker indicating that you have found the spot, then I still want to find it. So, how about we all keep looking and when we find it, we simply take only a photo of the marker and the spot, nothing else and up load it here!? Happy hunting 🙂

      • That would be nice but there are a lot of greedy people out there. Here is a good example expanding on my post above:
        Just take the chest and go in peace.
        Just take the chest = Take the treasure chest you were searching for and leave everything else alone.
        Go in peace = Go with my blessing.

        From reviewing my pictures previously discussed, more than the chest left that spot. I hope I’m wrong but, a picture is worth a thousand words. 🙁

    • Madamflutterby , he said that he buried them 3 feet down so they couldn’t be found with metal detector .

  1. *Cue the Jeopardy theme song*

    And we wait. *Fingers crosses that the box is still out there* Lolol

  2. Where are the pictures and the proof of the date it was found? Someone is playing “dirty pool”!

  3. Unfortunately, if the lawsuit from searcher/lawyer from Chicago draws out; I could see Fenn withholding the solve for a very long time.

    • You would think at least Forrest’s lawyer or finder’s lawyer would make a statement soon.

    • Good point, law suites could cause this to drag out.

      We are still going on our family trip to Yellowstone in a few weeks. If we haven’t heard anything by then I think I’ll still check my spot for the heck of it.

    • If the chest is retrieved by someone not involved in a lawsuit, he/she may choose to reveal the location. Hope is important. As always, IMO.

    • I agree. Any information revealed by the finder and/or FF would only strengthen the frivolous lawsuit claims by giving them actual facts about TTOTC to use in their case, IMHO. For this reason alone I think we won’t hear anything until all such lawsuits have been dealt with.

  4. Howdy, Howdy friends.

    Wait for it…
    Here it comes…
    The weekend.

    Will there be Fennews?

  5. Forrest. Please. Could you show us one close up pitcher of the blaze. You have all our permission to do so. Mine all so. Just don’t so the back east guy. Thanks Dal and Forrest…..

  6. Allan K – Thank you for posting your awesome Eric Sloane video on the previous thread! That pic of the dead tree looks so much like the one in the 1994 edition of “Flywater” (from my memory), where the fly fisherman is standing on a ‘spit of land’, just offshore, on Quake Lake. Maybe I can get my fly fishing librarian friend to take a pic to post that here for everyone?

    Coincidentally, or, not…a guy named Ken S. from New Jersey was headed that direction, and has since deleted his group participation on Jenny’s treasure page. He said he was headed to do a BOTG search at the mouth of the Madison River, where it meets Quake Lake. Is he the Finder?

    • “Unaweep” means “parting of the waters” or “canyon with two mouths,” depending on who you ask. But long ago, the Utes realized the important point, that Unaweep Canyon is the only known canyon in the world with a divide that drains water out each end.

    • Hey Lisa….”Cowboy Ken”(Ken from the East Coast with the toothless cowboy avatar) has not chimed in since Forrest told us the chest was found and the search is over. I think Ken may be the finder. He has been searching from the beginning or close to it; he seemed a deep thinking, logical and genuinely nice person. So far we (think we) know who it wasnt based on recent posts and interviews- so I’m rooting for cowboy Ken. Unless….Dal’s road trip is to give Forrest back his bracelet!!! Which would be awesome as well.

        • Thank you posting the link, Lisa. It was really nice to read the heartfelt messages of thanks. I know I couldn’t thank Mr. Fenn enough.

          • Pdenver,
            Did you notice the beautiful wedding picture of Sacha and Jason Dent at the beginning?
            I had the opportunity to meet with them on my way to BOTG this year. Very nice couple! They actually met thanks to Forrest and went on to get married.
            So many wonderful things happened to be thankful for because of the Chase!

          • Hello Eaglesabound. I had to go back to view again because I missed the very beginning while reaching for my headset. It’s a beautiful picture and the story they will tell draws a smile on my face. I’ve seen beautiful places and challenged myself to something I didn’t think I could do, but did. The things I’ve learned along the way have broadened my mind. There’s always that one thing that comes to mind and will be treasured.

      • Sally Colorado – And as to the rumor of a road trip by Dal…

        Do you think Dal and Cynthia are meeting the Discovery Channel crew at Parade Rest Ranch to do a show about the found treasure? They did go out Grayling Creek together, and Forrest’s cousin lives nearby.

        My latest Conspiracy Theory, Dal.

        Could be…

        • It’s no rumor that Dal is on the road (he posted as much here). And I’ve read the same rumor you have, Lisa: that Josh and the Destination Unknown crew are at the Parade Rest Ranch near West Yellowstone. But I have no proof of the latter, so I’m disinclined to speculate whether Dal’s departure has anything to do with it.

  7. Dal, the situation becomes ridiculous – all searchers need some physical proof that TC was founded. Did Forrest get the bracelet or any other real proof that TC was founded?
    Everybody knows that with modern digital techniques it is possible to generate high-quality photos of TC and its content on the background of recent newspaper. Well, we know that Forrest is old fox i.e. it’s too easy to fool him. He put something in TC that only he knows. Did he get photo with this thing?
    Please, ask him to clarify this situation. All searchers want just one thing – 100% evidence that TC is founded.

    • Honestly I want to know 100% that it hasn’t been found so I can get to my spot to search ASAP lol

    • Not *all* searchers need proof. I feel the only person who is entitled to “proof” is Forrest, since he created the Chase.

      I believe he would not have made any announcement unless he was certain the Find was legitimate. I also believe he will reveal what he can when he can.

      We just need to be patient. (I realize patience is a commodity in short supply in America these days.)

      He said it was found, so it was found. In my opinion.

      And if you don’t believe it was really found, get out there and find it!

    • Pdenver,
      I believe that once the shock of the Chase being over passes, we will all be able to take some kind of a treasure away from it. For me, 8 years of daily devotion to the Chase and its community is hard to replace, at the moment. Im hoping that I will find some closure when Forrest gives us a little more information..
      Its always been a pleasure talking to you, pdenver. I wish you well 🙂

  8. Thought on the alleged Me and Fenn east coast search 7/4/20: if there’s still no resolution to the questions around The Chase by then, it will put a severe damper on the follow-up. Many of the doubters will have a “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” attitude. Whomever is behind stage 2 might better wait until the skeptics on stage 1 have been proved wrong. Of course it’s possible that the public proof for stage 1 will be part of the kick-off announcement for stage 2; that would certainly be a big media boost to it.

  9. I just don’t know what to make of the finder situation. It is hard for me to believe that too many people put together the long version of the poem. Mine was 31 typed pages long. And that was just the very beginning of my solve.

    • “Long version”, “short version”,… What are these? I am only aware of two versions of the poem, the early one where Forrest dies laying on the treasure and the revised one that ended up in TToTC, and those are both the same size, differing by only a few words.

      • My solve involved making a long version of the poem from the book version.

        I would so like to ask Forrest who maintained the clues that were burned into the lush landscape in Yellowstone. They could not have been original from 10 years ago, they would get grown over. Yellowstone could not have known and allowed it. One is a huge Bessie the cow whose head is made from a creek, others are smaller and more intricate. This field of interest is amazingly elaborate and it took some imagination for me to put it together. How many times did Forrest tell us that Imagination is more important than knowledge. Well I would say you needed both to get to that location. Finding them was complicated just as the clue from Cozumel was but without the long version of the poem it would be impossible. These clues were only the beginning of my solve and luckily I figured that out before I went looking there. There were clues in other far out places. And after I had the 9 clues – he changed up every one of them. It was a tangled web. Also had to have the clues in the right order, and then have the next batch of 9 clues in a new order. Even then I was not nearly finished, it went on and on and finally ended with a blueprint that pointed to the exact spot.

        I sure hope Forrest will explain these details so whoever was on the right track will be believed. Hopefully he will give out the location of this field of interest so it can be admired by all before it gets grown over. I will give it out if he does not. At least Bessie’s head will still be there.

        Like so many others, I had just laid the blueprint over the map and then read that someone found the treasure! I almost hope I am wrong, but I cannot imagine him putting together that amazing artwork that most would never see just to throw us off.

          • First I laughed, then I yawned.

            OH! . . . shouldn’t we be talking about the finding of the chest?

            Okay, here’s my 2 sense worth. I find the chest to be still
            elusive (almost like in the elusive flutterby song).

            Can a half-flutterby be wholly (that’s wholly, not holy) understood?

            Here’s another question: Can down really be “nailed”?

        • I sure wish dal had a site for searchers could go and find others who would like to search similar areas or whatever
          Call it who has mad thrills lol wink to the one who coined that one the first time I heard it I almost blushed . And thanks again

  10. Is there a way to direct message people on the site? I think there was an electrical engineer in here I would like to talk to.

    • You might of just got his attention anyway but I only claim to be a service tech

  11. Once a page is closed, is there a way to reply to a posting of someone’s response to your posting? Or do you just have to toss it all into the “active” page (providing enough old info for your reply to a reply to make sense out of context)?

    • Dawn;

      You can “Copy” the old post – Post it as a NEW post, and then direct your response.

      You could say: NAME – on June ___ you posted this:

      Insert copied post >>>

      Post your reply

      Just a suggestion – JDA

      • Hi JDA,
        I’m still waiting for your response about my solution.
        Can you send me short comments via e-mail?

      • JDA,

        I haven’t been keeping up with the postings much…
        I was curious if you have posted your WWsH / solve yet?

        • No I have not. I published my WWWsH location of my “Big Picture” Solve – the place where Warm Spring Creek merges with the Wind River, and that is all I have published.

          I am waiting to see what Forrest, and / or the Finder publish.

          I want to make one last trip to where I think it WAS, and then I will know more about what I should do.

          Hope you are well Seeker – Have not heard from you for a while. JDA

          • Hi JDA,
            I got your e-mail recently (it was in spam folder) and want to thank you for your opinion. Indeed, we all have own solutions for the hoB and other clues and very rarely share them with other searchers. I hope that in the future Dal will do a contest for best solution for who was Brown in Forrest poem. Even if Forrest never publish solution it will be interesting to know all searcher’s solutions for this very important clue.

          • I liked JDA’s wwwh solve. It was the best up to that point, IMO. BUT, and he already knows my thoughts on the whole thing, it goes against an ATF. The thing is he knows, has addressed the issue, and is fine with that. (He even used the word “subtle” in the explanation). But I’m fine with it also. It’s imaginative, and “slightly almost” plausible. IMO, (I still like mine better JDA, :)).
            (since neither one of us found the chest, I guess our bet is forfeit), (believe it or not, I actually found “grapette” to buy, just incase I lost).
            Waiting for some info to come out, I just see some points of the solve that make me think that the chest is still out there, but deep down, think the chase is over.
            Why can’t the finder show a pic of the blaze? or explain wwwh? That wouldn’t give up to much, and would be some sort of questions answered by f to ease the masses. Of course, those pics would have to come from f. Huh, maybe he’s not to confident enough in the finder to give out info just yet. Or maybe we just don’t want this to end so badly, that we just keep pressing on. Just feel bad for people that have lost loved ones, or jobs, or whatever, to only have it end like this.

  12. Wow! Forrest has quite some experience handling flak; but with the barrage we’re witnessing from some…as is certainly the Finder….I wouldn’t expect any details of the solve/final location to come out. Maybe he’ll return the chest to Forrest after a while and we’ll get to see it then, perhaps even catalogued or placed in a museum.

  13. Are we owed anything….yes and no. Ultimately, what I would like to know is the exact date it was found and the correct solution.

    I don’t think anyone would be happy with just a picture. This will cause mass speculation on whether it was ever truly hidden, or if Fenn didn’t send someone to get it. I’m not saying he did that as I believe he is an honest man. Just saying what others might think.

    • I pondered that scenario JC.
      While I believe Mr Fenn to be a man of honor and integrity, what if he sent Shiloh out to retrieve the chest? He has obviously grown weary of the Chase in recent years. And I’ve even worried that another searcher might be hurt or killed if the hunt doesn’t end soon.
      Add to this the mysterious man from “back east” and Fenn’s strange behavior and the lack of any news updates.
      And the line: “It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains” sounds like it was scripted for the alleged finder not Fenn.
      Please note this is not an attack on Mr Fenn, I have trusted his honesty from the start. But it is within the realm of possibility.

      • I’ve been touting dictionary usage for years. I even recently looked up
        “back east”. To a little girl from India who lives in San Francisco, Oakland is “back east”.

        Nobody can fool all the people all the time. As always, IMO.

        • There is a bar/restaurant in Colorado named “Back-East”, maybe the finder is from that area. Or maybe it’s fictional, like an E.Sloane story or something about trees. Or maybe the finder is from back East, :).

  14. I think it’s more that we want closure. A pic of the weather beaten chest is nice but not closure. We don’t give a toss to know who the finder is. We want to know the solve for the nine clues. Then the true roosters will get to crow and we will move on.

  15. I don’t need any proof. If Forrest said it, it is over. Maybe a 360 photo from the spot though, g

  16. I hope the location is never revealed. This summer I plan is to visit my assumed location of ff’s TC and there I will leave a small memento and note so that others that follow will know that someone else agrees with their solution. Hopefully they also will leave a note.

    • this is the kind of thing that will last through time and i think will be something that would be really helpful to the people who go for it throughout the ages!

  17. There is much talk about what Forrest Fenn owes us – if anything.

    I would like to re-frame this. Forrest Fenn and the finder are undoubtedly reeling with current happenings right now. And it would take hours to read all the comments out there now. When things calm down and some of the nut cases are taken care of, I’m hopeful that both will be willing to respond to polite questions.

    Forrest Fenn has spent over a quarter century on this (prep for the hide and active search) and the finder probably spent a great deal of time. This wasn’t because either was owed, or owed, anyone. It was the love of the thrill of the chase. In Forrest Fenn’s case, he took on the role of mentor – sharing that love with thousands. That’s a calling, not a debt. For those of us who responded and either learned or sharpened that love, it’s us who owes the debt: gratitude to Forrest Fenn and to pay it forward. I’ve already done some of that with my kids. Many of us have. For me the same is true of being a Boy Scout leader and hiding geocaches.

    While the solution is obviously important to us, so is (IMHO) the clues in the book and the many things we learned from the books (and questions we formed). These questions go beyond the hunt. I believe that politely asked, and asked when things calm down, we will get answers.

    For example, TTOTC p.11 states “If Robert Redford had ever written anything . . . “. But he did. Is that important to the chase? If so how?

    For example, TTOTC p.45 takes a very emotional tone about a one-room school house with the writing: “He Who Teaches a Child Labors with God in His Workshop.” This seems really detailed and yet nobody ever found it. Why? Is this important to the chase? If so how?

    More remote, I found lay lines from objects that went through the centers of states (the horse leg bone in TFTW p.129 through Colorado, the arrow point in TFTW p.211 through Wyoming and Arizona, the spearhead in TFTW p.130&131 through Oregon and Kansas, etc.). I spend much time pondering these lines – where they cross, what else the line crossed, areas defined by these lines, etc. It seemed to precise to be accident. Was this just a huge coincidence? Where these object positioned just so on maps for a purpose? If so, what was the purpose?

    There are many more examples – exploration of his books. As Forrest Fenn’s creations, he is undoubtedly proud of them. As such, I would expect respectful inquires into his creations will eventually be welcome.

    I politely ask Mr. Fenn for some feedback to my questions when he gets a chance.

    Mr. Fenn, might I suggest you just tell Dal that you are waiting for things to calm down and will get back to us on a given date – perhaps July 15th for example? That would give you a solid breather and tamp down some of the anxiety here.

    • Hello E.C. Waters,

      For your “can of pee” theory, I would add the following reference from Scrapbook 107. The envelope is addressed to Mr. U Puceet.

      You pee you see it.

      What do U C when U P?

      • (At the Top) –

        Puceet is s hint for what to do once you have solved the first 8 clues, which draws a capital J or fish hook onto the map. The hint is to reverse the capital J, like “Puceet” to “teecuP”, which forms a Komi Tje letter, or a Ԏ, with the confirmation coming from Tea With Olga.

        The poem direction to do this is “The answer I already know”. Answer = anser, or auk = awk (the etymology of which is “turned backwards”).

        The pee hint in this scrapbook is “gas”, a humorous spirit, a waste bi-product from the gut.

      • And as for the theory… once you have researched the origin of the word “urine”, and the uses thereof, and then reread stories throughout TTOTC, you will also start to see he peed on everything.

      • Are the stars a reference to ketones? Ketones that are found in some urine with kidney issues, they do look like little stars.

        • Just found this quote. Not sure if it’s relevant, but I like it. Maybe we are reading too much into the Canopy statement?

          “Remember, no matter what time of day it is, the stars are always out. You just can’t see the forest for the trees, or in this case the stars for the sky”.

          —Val Lincoln 2014

        • No. The word “star” in Italian (“stella”) is a homophonic hint for stale, also from the same “urine” origin. Think about this next time you order a Stella Artois. Or the next time you read the word “biddie” since stale means “hen” in Welsh.

          Incidentally, in Forrest’s family tree, a Nancy Staley can be located through his mother’s line.

        • With so many folks thinking like 13-year-olds, the poem is likely soon to again be solved. IMO.

          • I found the location. No seriously. Cry’s second place finish. Not IMO fact 🙂 I can’t tell sorry.

        • Yep –
          Your effort will be worth the cold….
          If you are brave and in the wood….
          I give you title to the gold.
          Urine heaven.

    • E.C. Waters, add me to your short list of “peeple” who were using pee in their solve.

      2 warm waters, Tea and Pee as in Teepee Smoke.

      TTOTC Chapter Important Literature, “I just wanted to look at one and hold it for a while. That’s how us old guys are you know.”

      And obviously the gas tank story.

      • No disrespect at all . Because I think Mr Scary is someone on a higher rung than I .

        But I have to

        “That’s what she said “

  18. You know as I read of information and places that searchers have come across I can see they considered related info and places helping in the nine clues location, that I have come across over the years since Feb 2011 imo. Those who considered the Denver Museum of Science and Nature helpful as Forrest final clue (hint) I believe are one up on all others. This place has close information helping with Forrest’s decisions in the blueprint layout of the straight forward clues imo. The TTOTC book hints relate to above too. You can research Forrest’s “Trail”, it helps too, and also Wyoming helps lead you to Colorado, say what? yes. Which clues do these hints help lead to, I will say my 1st (wwwh) and 3rd & 4th. Of course some scrapbooks and Forrest gets mail comments cast thoughts that can point to the big picture.

    Lance Hendrickson posted:
    “There are about 13 different rental cars, scattered among various lots near Denver International Airport, which, I’d guess, are starting to wonder whether I inflicted all those beatings on them for no good reason at all.”
    Lance, I know those car rentals which I used a few times and I can relate to your statement, but I also used Denver’s train system, and bus system to get to my solve area as something different in my travels. So searchers if you understand my post here, Forrest’s other reason for leaving his car in the parking lot of the DMS&N is also a hint to how close it is to other means of transportation available to get to his his special spot too.

    I have a big portfolio on the Chase, and I would love to share the processes I have chased over the years but it would take to so much time and space to explain. My process like many others have lead to few rabbit holes. but a lot lead to the world around Forrest, his trail through life, his patterns of history, and all the people involved in his life. This has not been easy at all and has occupied a lot of time in my life. sorry wifey. There are a few people here that influenced my thought process on certain subjects too, so thanks to them.

    Now i’m waiting on any info on where Indulgence was hidden, maybe why this spot by Forrest, possibly how this finders solve came to be.

    I will take this opportunity to thank Forrest for giving me a chance to match wits with him, putting me in some wonderful places and meeting some interesting people. I have educated myself on so much more of the past which has lead me on a journey to the present. Again thanks.

    To all searchers, stay safe in life, and enjoy those moments you have seen that most will never.

    • Bur;

      Your first paragraph mentions the Denver Museum of Science and Nature.

      One of the most interesting exhibits, to me, is the North American Indian Cultures exhibit. Full of information and displays that would have interested Forrest – I am sure.

      I also think that the Minerals and Gems, as well as the Prehistoric Journey. All three of these exhibits, to me, fall into Forrest’s love of Geography >>> The study of the land and the people who inhabit it. JMO – JDA

      • They have, or had, a nice collection of pre columbian gold on display, that was made using the lost wax process. I still think that little golden frog was a minor hint.

    • Logistics was something that I always wondered about too. How would ff ditch his car and get to the hiding spot without leaving additional clues that would away the general location. I assumed some kind of bus line that he could walk away from without being noticed.

    • Personally, I think the “hint” there is in the story of the founder. Seems like a person someone like Fenn might look up to. The “Important Literature” is, perhaps, a biography, as that’s the aspect of “Catcher In The Rye” that appealed most to Fenn in TTOTC. There are a few other people like around, who haven’t been mentioned by Fenn by name, but would IMO be role-models or even people he spoke to / worked with on occasion.

    • Apparently we will be seeing a recent picture of Forrest wearing his prized Bracelet shortly..Got this info from way out East..

      • Who knows if the bracelet ever went in the chest? I would speculate that he put something in the chest that only he knew about but again that does not prove anything to us, only him and the finder. I don’t know how he can prove it to all of us, because at one time I thought he had the treasure and only a marker would be found. Just like the virus, we will have to wait and see.

  19. I am sure that F has explored every scenario about this moment over decades (maybe even the blackmail scenario) so I am quite content to wait for what he has up his sleeve next. I do think that there will be a twist or two yet regarding the nature of the solve, the box contents, the autobiography etc. Not everyone will be happy.

  20. Here is my thought s
    The chest itself was actually secure in Fenns vault. The Blaze was a bronze marker to call Fenn for the treasure.
    The finder must pay Fenn $1.00 for the chest, it’s contents and rights to the thrill of the chase and the hidey spot. They are now negotiating those terms with their lawyers. Once settled, (put it in a museum).

    • I have always thought ff separated the chest from the actual treasure. Follow the clues to find the chest, but then there is something inside the box that forces you to come back to ff to actually claim the treasure. That is the only way ff could confidently claim the chest was still out there in the woods unclaimed.

      The only other way to be certain would be to revisit the scene of the crime periodically to see if the chest is still out there. I don’t think ff would do that for fear someone would follow him.

      I think this would also solve all the legal implications of hiding the treasure a federal land. In the end, it’s a gift from ff to the finder.

    • I am going to guess people must be new to the search to not even do basic research on stuff like these less than even slightly thought out themes? especially when ff has said word for word exactly why the actual chest was out there.

      what in the world did you think was going to happen in 100/500/1000 yrs if found then? did that thought that has been discussed a 1000 times before ever cross in the dark of night?

  21. ok, ive read enough wild speculations.
    I believe that the chest was hidden on a old abandoned Montana mining claim.
    This claim was sold for taxes, or negotiated, back in the 80’s and purchased by June/Donnie and eventually given to Forrest. It consists of 2, 20 acre tracts Your effort, for t, or forty acres, will be worth the cold.
    The deed for the property was in the chest, and the finder sent f a picture of the deed. I give you title to the gold.

    The finder has no intention of revealing the location of the property, as 100,000 people would descend of his new possession, and destroy the pristine, beautiful area. So you can forget about him ever revealing the location.

    The disposition of the chest itself will eventually be revealed, and will provide the conformation of discovery everyone so ardently desires.
    IMO of course.

    • @emmette I like it! Summer of 1980 when gold shot up to over 800 an ounce, it’s exactly what I was doing but in Shasta near French Gulch! Back then it was easy to secure a claim.

      Searcher Folks and Lurkers, the chest is real, the finder is real and we just need to be patient. Have some faith!

  22. I still feel numb and kind of frozen place. I don’t think I could do another treasure hunt put out by any one else or anything modern day. I have acquired some pretty good New Mexico maps and have never been. Cool sounding places with hot springs, ice caves, and cliff dwellings. I reckon I may pack up the kids, and go searching for treasures long forgotten. g

  23. Dal,
    Is Forrest ok? Can you share whether you have been in touch with him in the last few days?

    I hear people almost demanding a photo. I dont need a photo. But, Forrest’s lack of words makes me worry about him. The very small announcement that the chase is over, seems un-characteristic of Forrest. I think that even you said you weren’t sure the message you got was really from him until you called him.

    The message of the announcement basically sounded to me like something else. The “man from the east” reminded me of a statement in the story about Eric Sloane which leaves me very concerned for Forrest’s health. I sincerely hope he is ok!

    • This was my concern as well. I initially thought he sent someone to get it because health wise he wasn’t okay. That he wanted to end it because his end was near.

      The “It’s over” and that’s it was extremely strange. I hope to God this is wrong, and his health is okay.

      • He has been asked about what happens to the chest if he goes before its found and he said he couldnt careless and that someone still had a chance to find an awesome chest. Go look in the sources cause i paraphrased

    • Hi, Flutterby!

      Dal posted this in this thread on Weds.:

      From Dal: “I wasn’t sure the note was really from Forrest. I thought maybe someone was spoofing him and the email was a fake. That’s what I was skeptical about. So I contacted Forrest to ask him if the message really came from him. He wrote: ‘Yes, it’s me and the chase is over. Sob. F’”

      • Yes, I saw that. But it just doesnt seem like much of a response. Given that the announcement was a week ago, it doesnt feel like Forrest would leave people without speaking more about it. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy talking about the treasure. It feels very un-characteristic for him to end it without sharing more thoughts.

        Does anyone think he was so bothered by the lawsuits that he just closed the chase? The announcement actually seemed to contain several hints.

        And, what about the finder? It seems like he would have an attorney speak for him at least. A brief statement from an attorney seems logical. Silence does not seem logical.

        • I agree. I think the silence is about the lawsuits. He said on Tuesday to give him a little time. That was only 3 days ago. Seems like forever LOL

  24. Honestly, the surge of suspicions, conspiracy theories, guilt trips, *demands* for information, lawsuits, and everything else is getting downright depressing and heartbreaking. It’s totally expected, but depressing nonetheless. And I realize it isn’t everyone, but it sure is a lot of people.

    Forrest invested a sizeable amount of money, time, passion, and mental effort in creating this Chase, without asking anything from anyone in return except a willingness to go out and experience nature.

    He offered all of us the allure of a Thrilling growth experience and a *chance* at a box of riches. Nothing more than that. Heck, I’d have been willing to do it even without the box as part of it.

    What does he owe the Finder? The box and its contents, which the Finder presumably now has. Promise kept.

    What does he owe everyone else, including me? Nothing but the Thrill of the Chase. For me, that’s another promise kept.

    I got my Thrill, and I discovered some Big Ideas about the world along the way. That’s good enough. Am I disappointed that I didn’t lay my hands on the box first? Sure. But that is not Forrest’s fault in any way, and I am not about to get a bustle in my hedgerow over it. Just give the guy some space and be grateful for whatever information he chooses to release in his own good time. And if we never hear from him again, be thankful for all the memories you made, lessons you learned, and experiences you collected.

    In my opinion, if the Chase hasn’t made you a better person, you completely missed the point of the experience.

      • Hi JDA,
        Never been to Denver Museum of Nature and Science as Dan corrected me, thanks Dan. The museum has a different meaning then the contents. and location is a part of the why.
        JDA, if I’m correct and the chest location is reviled hopefully, and it was where I believe, I might tell why and then it will make sense.

        Union (Train) Station and Geryhound Bus depot are not far but to far to walk lol.

        Thanks for the comment.

          • Thanks for the reply Bur. I guess we will just have to wait. Maybe some day it will all come together. Stay SAFE Bur, and STAY HEALTHY – JDA

    • Ray Henry: You’re absolutely correct, it wasn’t called the trill of the find, it’s all about the chase!
      To have found it, would probably be more of a burden than anything. Especially if you were trying to remain anonymous, like I would have.
      All in my opinion.

    • Owed is a word thats being used and i dont think its the right word to describe whats considered proper, right, fair, responsible, common courtesy, etc. No ones owed anything EVER!! So with that said and considering 10,000’s of people have worked on their solves for 10 years or even 1 year deserve some thoughtfulness of those wanting to want to know the solve for whatever their reasons are. Once the solve is given we all get to look and see and probably be amazed at Forrest and the finders mind or problem solving skills. I respect anonymity but IMHO I couldnt do it with a good heart knowing in my mind that out of respect my fellow searchers deserve to know the solution to the poem. Dont get me wrong..i am sure there is something obviously giving that a snag right now. But I do think it will come in due time. LMAO..”OWED”

    • I like golf AND archery, and think I found the (experience’s) “Point”. It looked a lot better on google earth than BOTG.

      • “Ground control to Tall Andrew…Ground control to Tall Andrew…Come in Tall Andrew! Is all OK up there”?

    • Hear! Hear! Forrest Fenn doesn’t owe any of us ANYTHING! He already gave us an awful lot! What did all these whiners ever do for Forrest??

  25. Hi JBL — per the prior page, the hat-roasting was all in good fun, and I’m hopeful Jake took in the spirit intended: to lighten the mood on the blog. Over 3 years ago, I even deliberately, but subtly hinted at the keyword in one of my replies to Jake, but unfortunately he didn’t pick up on it: “GAstronomic LeATher munchINg”

    I considered going with “gastronomical” to get the second L in there, but feared at the time it would be too obvious. But then again, Forrest’s “gallantly flapping” in TFTW didn’t register with most people, so I shouldn’t have worried.

    • It’s all in fun Zap.
      All of us here are equally distant from the find and I did get your keyword way back when you got pissed about the key shaped Gallatin County when I posted it. Making 1 or 2 trips a year wasn’t going to cut it and I knew that but my job and family are more important.

      I think we were closer than most.

    • It’s all in fun Zap.
      All of us here are equally distant from the find and I did get your keyword way back when you got mad about the key shaped Gallatin County when I posted it. Making 1 or 2 trips a year wasn’t going to cut it and I knew that but my job and family are more important.

      I think we were closer than most by far.

    • Zap, I thought your roasting was meant all in fun. Just making a play on words re cooking and eating a hat.

      • Better not, in Heinz sight, you may need it to ketchup. I know that was bad, just don’t Poupon on my response. Sorry, I’ve has a couple of margaritas.

  26. James,
    I’m more worried that its Peggy…
    If you watch Kpro and Cow, they did a video the night they got the text message from Forrest that the treasure was found and like everyone else he texted Kpro wanted to be sure it was real so she called Forrest to confirm. She said Forrest told her he was both happy and sad that the chase was over. Kpro did say he sounded ok.

      • You can skip or see beyond that….have some patience…lol… It is a beautiful gathering of ‘Thank Yous’….from the community shared in a slideshow format…. and I felt a video was the best way to do it…. I appreciate everyone who helped make it….

        • Jenny, that’s a wonderful message! I can honestly say that if I was the finder, I would strongly consider giving you, Dal, Cynthia, and all the people associated with Forrest’s poem an outstanding prize.

          Now if we could only find out who the finder is and give him this message… Is the finder listening? Hint… hint…!!

    • A very special thanks to Peggy for putting up with The Chase and all of us crazies. Bless her, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

  27. Hello,
    I am here far away from the US and only yesterday did some research on the poem, after I learned about this strange poem and treasure. Probably you will think this is ridiculous, but I was trying to think out of the box, and only spent 8 hours in my research.
    For me warm waters halt at the frontier between Wyoming and Colorado. So lets start in Colorado. Where is the home of Brown? Wel it is in Denver: Mollie Browne’s House, now a kind of museum. She survived the disaster with the Titanic. And the Titanic was a steamboat, which brings us to steamboat springs (shown on the treasure map), but you also have some miles higher the steamboat lake. Connect the location Denver Mollie Browne museum and the Steamboat lake with a straight drawn line. Now hou have in the neighbourhoud of Denver two other interesting places: Golden in the south and Rand (Think about golden South-African rands) in the north. Connect those two places also. The intersection of the two lines brings us at Granby lake and Grand lake. Why drawing lines? Forrest says it in his poem: the end is even drawing nigh…. and two crossing lines form a cross in your mind. So the treasure has not to be far away from this grand Lake. I should probably draw more lines…one starting from Meeker…because Meeker is no place for the Meek…but as rhe treasure has been found, I will not investigate much more. But i am curious to know if my first approach was correct.

    I would like to add that the blaze should be yellow. Reason: if you found the blaze, look quickly the end of the stanza, and there you find the word ‘peace’. And remember that in the Titanic movie, the lady that survived was Rose. Well Peace is a well known yellow rose variety.

    I already posted this in part 3. But now I would like to add:

    Forrest Glenn’s latest book was showing on its cover somebody fishing in a canopy of white stars….. and The White Star line was the owner of the Titanic.
    Therefore I continue to think that the real majour clue of the Poem and the Chase is the Titanic steamboat adventure.

  28. I am here far away from the US and only yesterday did some research on the poem, after I learned about this strange poem and treasure. Probably you will think this is ridiculous, but I was trying to think out of the box, and only spent 8 hours in my research.
    For me warm waters halt at the frontier between Wyoming and Colorado. So lets start in Colorado. Where is the home of Brown? Wel it is in Denver: Mollie Browne’s House, now a kind of museum. She survived the disaster with the Titanic. And the Titanic was a steamboat, which brings us to steamboat springs (shown on the treasure map), but you also have some miles higher the steamboat lake. Connect the location Denver Mollie Browne museum and the Steamboat lake with a straight drawn line. Now hou have in the neighbourhoud of Denver two other interesting places: Golden in the south and Rand (Think about golden South-African rands) in the north. Connect those two places also. The intersection of the two lines brings us at Granby lake and Grand lake. Why drawing lines? Forrest says it in his poem: the end is even drawing nigh…. and two crossing lines form a cross in your mind. So the treasure has not to be far away from this grand Lake. I should probably draw more lines…one starting from Meeker…because Meeker is no place for the Meek…but as rhe treasure has been found, I will not investigate much more. But i am curious to know if my first approach was correct.

    I would like to add that the blaze should be yellow. Reason: if you found the blaze, look quickly the end of the stanza, and there you find the word ‘peace’. And remember that in the Titanic movie, the lady that survived was Rose. Well Peace is a well known yellow rose variety.

    I already posted this in part 3. But now I would like to add:

    Forrest Glenn’s latest book was showing on its cover somebody fishing in a canopy of white stars….. and The White Star line was the owner of the Titanic.
    Therefore I continue to think that the real majour clue of the Poem and the Chase is the Titanic steamboat adventure.

  29. Forrest – Thanks for the adventures! You were also kind enough to sign The Thrill of The Chase (to my then 8 year old son) when I bought it. Dal & Crew – thanks for maintaining these sites. It’s been loads of fun.

    Cris & Jeff – The admins of TarryScant

  30. I found an interesting video on youtube that is relatively new. “Inside Forrest Fenn’s Treasure” posted by Smell the sunshine. Talks about what is in the box and potential value. Posted about three weeks ago.

  31. I’m glad that I sold all 4 of my search books a few weeks back, maybe the buyer was the one that found it.

  32. I just hope whoever owns the chest now can and will put it to some use for themselves and or loved ones. The important thing is not the chest, or the material wealth one might gain from it but the greatest gift of life, of nature we all can share experience and enjoy in our respective exploration of it.

    I don’t want to know where the chest was found. I thought that location was meant to remain secret since this is a special final resting place for Forrest. And if I had been the one to find it, the last thing I would want is for everyone else to know the location for that reason.This whole thing seems strange to me because for me, if I knew of some special place in the wilderness to go and die and let the remains disintegrate naturally, I would have no reason to let anyone else know where that is. Personally I have no interest in tombstones, markers, memorials of any kind. The sooner people forget I even existed the better. But it would not be some special resting place for me since I would hope my ego, my spirit, whatever one might call it would end with the rest of my remains. I would have no interest in having anyone know where my life ended. This is why this whole thing is so strange for me. I was interested in seeing if I could figure out the first two clues and probably, my only sove wasn’t even the right one. But it was fun thinking about it and looking to see if it fit. Maybe in a way all our solves fit, at least for us and maybe that’s the only important part for us, to know we have a start in a journey of each life. We each have our own paths to follow and see where they lead. Good hunting, everyone.

  33. Early on I believe that FF stated that if he every found out that the chest was found, he would announce it. That he has done. I hope that he will reveal the the location, but I’m not sure he every promised that info. Has anyone heard or read differently?

  34. If I were presented with nothing more than a single photo as proof of the find, I’d be willing to cover my backside by announcing the fact of the claim, and the receipt of the photo. After all, it could be real, and this chase has been a dangerous thing for some. Better safe than sued.

    But if I really, genuinely believed in the photo’s authenticity, I’d put the photo out to the public, too. Or, at least I’d come out and say “I know the claim is genuine, because in addition to the photo, I’ve been convinced by verification method X or Y or Z. The finder told me the spot, the photo depicts an item I’ve never discussed, the guy’s in my driveway with the box right now, blah blah.” Whatever the can’t-be-faked method is. Cheap, simple, and very effective in tamping down skepticism. In that case, everybody shuts up, goes home, and has a nice day.

    If, however, I couldn’t manage to get that inarguable proof from the claimant? Well, then, the only responsible thing to do would be to go back to the spot (or, send a trusted agent to the spot) and take a look. Of course, that would take a few days to arrange; and I wouldn’t be able to say “boo” to anybody in the meantime.

    That clearly-speculative possibility is the only good reason I can imagine why there’s no more information coming out. Never mind the finder’s name, never mind the precise location, even. If, in fact, the proof is “bulletproof,” there’s no reason to hide it. But — if the proof might not be quite so “bulletproof?” Then this delay makes some logical sense.

    • Single photo?

      Does anyone read?
      – information and *photos*…

      Lawsuits, paranoid conclusions, conspiracy theories, wild emotions, wine and chest parties, and all the *here’s what the finder and Forrest should do…*
      Holy Crap, this is more dramma than any episode of the Kardashians, or a Trump speech.

      Let them work out the details… sit back and enjoy the fact that the “chase” didn’t end; only the chest that kicked started the “the thrill” has been found.

      • Here’s a thought: how about we “let them” have a little consideration for the estimated 500,000 people who went looking for this thing, only to be told “it’s over” without a lick of proof? This didn’t happen in a vacuum, and people aren’t robots. If — IF — the proof checks out, the right thing to do is to show folks.

        • Lance,
          You keep harping on proof, yet we’re told info and pics will follow soon…
          Ever person who made an attempt to solve this knew up front; there would be a lot of first in last place people.
          We don’t get to dictate what is done from this point on… It’s out of our hands…the checker flag has flown.

        • “If you love it less when you don’t see the proof who now is the fake?”

      • Seeks – i completely agree with your comment above, and considering Forrest had hinted at a ’30 day waiting period’ on Jens site a few years back, i’m surprised and disappointed at how many searchers are shaking their heads and stomping their feet after just 8 days

        ..although, i don’t agree with the Kardashian comment at all – obviously you didn’t watch that dramatic episode where Kim broke a nail whilst opening a large bottle of Veuve Clicquot …. i cryed for days and days!!

    • LANCE,
      When i start my truck,,,
      back out of the driveway,,,
      and then drive a couple of miles in town,,, I am in more danger than 60 years of woods and waters
      ever presented.

    • The photo was of the exact location, as well as info that only FF would know. More info will be provided next week.

  35. Hi Lance: regarding “…. the only responsible thing to do would be to go back to the spot (or, send a trusted agent to the spot) and take a look.” He can’t risk doing this for the very reason that if the claimant has somehow managed to fool him, the Chase would be ruined. Either his agent would know the location, or if Forrest went to investigate himself, he risks being followed to the location. No, all the proof has to come from the finder.

    • I see your point, and I understand that Mr. Fenn can’t go himself for several reasons. Perfectly understandable. But even if we doubt the efficacy of an agent’s non-disclosure agreement (and, hey, it’s just a contract between fallible humans, so they’re not perfect), logically, it could not ruin the chase. I’ll explain.

      Let’s say agent X signs an NDA with Mr. Fenn, obtains the location, loads up the car and goes to the spot. There are only two possibilities: the chest is still there, or it’s gone. No two ways about that.

      So, that leaves the agent with three choices: 1) leave the box in place and report to Mr. Fenn that the find is fake; 2) take the box, falsely report to Mr. Fenn that the find is real, break the NDA, and have a buddy “find” it and sell it off later; or 3) report to Mr. Fenn that the spot is empty, thus verifying the find.

      Choice #1: the chase continues, undamaged (though dented a bit). Choice #2: the chase ends (albeit by way of skulduggery) — nothing is lost, because it’s nominally already over now. Choice #3: again, the chase ends and nothing is lost. But under any of the the possible scenarios, the speculation and uncertainty come to an immediate end. That’s not “ruining” the chase; actually, it’d be saving it.

      • you probably don’t realize it… but your two posts sounds literally like the person who emailed ff trying to scam him years ago… ff was so amused with the letter that he posted his response here on Dal’s blog.

        your choices have zero basis in reality.. people who think things like NDAs some how provide a blanket, will never believe actual proof anyway, not that ff could ever provide that. it is up to the finder… ff would only be a go between at this point and if one were to think it out… it is exactly why it is taking so long.

        might as well wait for the ponderous evidence to line the ducks in a row.
        which is exactly why we wait.

    • I think Forrest would want to eliminate the possibility of the worst case scenario: your #2. That would be a ruined Chase in my opinion.

      • I can see that point, too. Personally, if I absolutely couldn’t get any proof but a single photo from somebody I didn’t know, I’d at least want to be able to tell the world something like “hey, folks, I put an agent under contract, sent him/her up there, and he/she says the box is gone; best I can do, everybody.” Versus, something along the lines of “yeah, some guy sent me one picture, and I’m not showing anybody else, so, that’s it, adios, and y’all can lump it.” Maybe that’s just me, but I don’t feel like my karma could withstand the latter.

  36. I’m very confused about how all of this is unfolding. Everybody who searched for the chest took Forrest at his word that he hid it and we all did. I had a solve and I searched just like everyone else, so when I heard the chest had been discovered I was a little sad but happy for the individual who found it. Now that the chest has been found all we have is Forrest’s word. I know he’s a stand up guy and I believe him but a little bit of proof would sure simmer everything down. In my humble opinion.

    • I agree, he must provide more. It is hard for me to put away a blueprint that the end of my solve produced that points right to the treasure!

      • Lol, Writis,
        I think Writis is calling your bluff Ohio. Yup, I would have to agree with Writis, you’re full of ……….

  37. Thank you Forrest Fenn for all you have done for the search community! A few years ago I gave my wife a necklace that said, “ Love You to the Moon and Back”. She would tell you that I literally took her to the moon and back thanks to the treasure hunt! Memories of a lifetime and pages in the scrapbook.

  38. Here’s my CONTINUE idea. Finder returns chest to ff and recieves a (2?) million dollar reward. This might even help with any nagging legal issues–“Hey, all I did was give it back to it’s original owner ! ”

    ff gives chest to Dal to hide in the Cascade range of CA, OR. WA. Dal’s a great writer, I bet he could craft a crafty poem. 😉

    Or the Olympic mountains–a very special place that everyone (that brought their raincoat) will be stunned by…..worth the trip treasure or no.


    • before you excoriate me….yes ff is out $2MM, for what?
      and yes the Olympics are mostly in Nat’l Park.

      just a fun (desperate) idea

  39. I’m definitely guilty of having too much imagination. But what part do you think is flawed, from a logical perspective?

    • Echoing James Collier’s post above about tone, nothing that follows is meant to be snarky or mean-spirited.

      We don’t really have enough information to poke holes in your logic or your hypothetical scenarios, which I realize is kind of your point. We’re just filling in blanks with imagination right now, so your opinion is as good as the next.

      As far as the timeline from the announcement, how long do you think it would take to sort things out If the TC was located on Federal land? I would say there’s not much value to the finder if it’s going to get confiscated, or the finder arrested, as soon as they try to liquidate it. Perhaps there is some sort of negotiation happening to compensate the finder? Personally, I don’t know how that would work. But that’s why I hid all my treasures on private land.

      I read somewhere that someone in IL is suing (Forrest, I guess?) because they claimed to have solved the poem, and had their computer hacked and the solve stolen, and ultimately the TC ended up with the hacker. It’s likely BS, but for argument sake let’s say the hacker is the one who reached out to Forrest claiming the solve. What kind of gag order would’ve been handed down to all parties until things got sorted out? Personally, I don’t know.

      I guess my point is, if we trusted Forrest enough to dedicate time and resources solving his poem, I think we can trust that there is a compelling reason for him to remain silent at this point.

      Having said that, speculate away! Because, hey, what else are we going to do!

    • ..your assumption that there was no photo.

      Assuming a photo of the actual chest was taken, then it is recovered or at least moved.

      I agree something is up, but it’s clear we aren’t meant to know yet. We need to be more patient and let Forrest finish his business, even if it’s just writing a final scrapbook.

      • If I recall correctly. Forrest has received more than a few photos of people saying the found the chest over these ten years, he knew they were fakes. This time it’s real and he knows it.

    • “But what part do you think is flawed, from a logical perspective?”

      The part where you assume ff has been duped… photo or no photo, that is a very big chasm and flaw in your logic.

      you are assuming things from the only “story” you found on line, which would be well… like believing that if it is said on a website, it must be true, type of logic.

      • The quote I’m referencing is the only quote Fenn gave out in the Sante Fe New Mexican last Sunday which seems to have been re-iterated across every other news service in the world.

        I don’t think Fenn was duped. I think he saw something and heard the correct solve and then something might have gone wrong on the finder’s end of it. Whatever solve or image he saw was compelling enough for him to issue a statement ending the chase. I don’t think the photo is of the chest. I think it’s of something else. If it was of the chest, he could have shared that.

        And again, I had no expectation of more information or photos at all. That expectation arrived in my brain via the Fenn Express when he said they were coming in days. We’re almost a week from when he said days and now we are being told to wait and that he’ll be back (or someone will be because that part is in quotes) and no more information, maybe the state it was in. These are drastic reversals from his own announcement.

        My best guess is this. The finder nailed it but did not recover it. Fenn is going to recover it for him. Restarting the chase would be met with more groans and split level joy and sadness than this community can handle. Someone nailed it. Everything perfect. But something went wrong.

        If Fenn is telling us it’s over and that’s keeping searchers home, I’m on board with the idea that he’s going to get it for the finder. It’s possible something crazy happened, you know, like a huge tree fell on the place where it was. So he’s bringing his grandson and a chainsaw and getting the job done. That’s just a guess. I’m just having fun at this point. Try to have fun with me.

        But something is definitely going on right now.

        • “My best guess is this. The finder nailed it but did not recover it. ”

          so you are guessing… which is fine… you asked for a flaw in your logic, not in your guessing. your guessing although is seriously flawed if you thought through it…

          if you thought like say…. the finder…. would you share the “proof” in what way to where ff would believe you?

          see any flaws yet?

          here I’ll provide a guarantee, ff is not going to respond to ANY solve… including the correct solve… period…

          obviously… or do I need to spell that out? why that would be?

          think it through though… I implore you.

    • I know. But at least I’m not the person contradicting myself in rapid succession like Forrest has done recently. Something is wrong here and most people can intuit as much. I just thought I’d build a rabbit hole we can jump down together. One basic idea. Why did he not congratulate the finder or mention how much work they must have done to nail this thing?

      • I try not to multiply complexities past my load-bearing capacity.

        “Inside a dog it’s too dark to read” is as far as I’m prepared to go right now on what’s happening inside the command compound.

        J K Raven

        • Well, I guess my post got deleted. I guess it was a conspiracy theory. Literally like my second post ever on this forum. No cuss words. No blaming anyone for anything. Just speculation and personal opinion using things like days of the week and what Fenn said.

          I followed the rules and he still axed my post. I don’t know what sort of thing in my post was so bad that it was worth cutting but it hurts my feelings a lot.

          Everyone else on here with their opinions. I didn’t demand any action. I didn’t even posit that it was a hoax.

          I was just trying to account for the gap in time and the changing statements being made from the man himself. Well, this is why I never post on the internet. When I do, I get it deleted? Seriously?

          Good bye everyone. It was almost like I got to participate in a discussion for a few minutes there. Hopefully he’ll delete all my posts and then I will be removed forever from the internet.

          • I don’t think an innocent post was deleted on purpose. The
            blog has been acting kinda “iffy” for a few days, and my
            guess is that it too much traffic (not enough “bandwidth”?). I had the same experience, but am now back. Please don’t give up and be angry. By the way, I am possibly one of the most skeptical, cynical folks here. All part of my opinion.

          • David,
            I thought about replying to your post yesterday but had to get headed for work. I remember you mentioning ‘found vs retrieved’, which is what I wanted to comment on. I believe the reason Forrest said he would know if the chest had been found but didn’t want to reveal how he would know was because the tc was never “actually” at the location the poem leads to. It was our job (IMO) to figure out the riddle and tip him off as to the whereabouts.

            Why else would he say in the 2013 Moby Dickens interview- “Once they find it and have it in their possession, I’m out of the picture.”? Why include- AND have it in their possession? Here are a few more examples that suggest to me this may be the case: using the word “secreted”; meaning “released”(bent context, of course), the wording “somewhere to be found” instead of ‘found somewhere’ on the map in back of tftw, the 2015 Santa Fe New Mexican interview where he said “There have been 4 or 5 people that know *exactly* where the treasure is, but when they go there, the treasure is not there.”, and in the 2017 Moby Dickens interview with Doug Preston, Forrest said “thousands of people have been to the treasure location”, to which Doug P. later said “He gave a big hint but I’m not going to tell you what it is.”- (for the record: I’m paraphrasing on this one because I’m too damn tired to look it up:).

            So, he received a “photograph”, and from that I get “exposure”; and #2 exposure is where it stands… for now.
            Hopefully you get the chance to see this before Dal finds wifi again! 🙂

      • hmmm… someone is seeing more ff posts than anyone else?

        which contradictions do we speak of? again?? seriously? he has put out basically one thought….

        how is he going to contradict himself without a second post with a different thought?

  40. The longer we wait for information from Forrest the more I believe he’s working on something else to place in the same location. A smaller treasure to continue The Thrill of the Chase without the frenzy and problems associated with a multi-million dollar treasure chest.

  41. We didn’t want to fly during Covid, so we’re pulling a “Fenn-family” trip to Montana. Threw a tent and sleeping bags in the suv and started our 1800 mile drive from Texas to Northern Montana.

    Really glad June’s not kicking my shins, and we’re NOT clipping along at Marv’s 35 MPH.

    A better description of “the Great Plains” is vast…not great. We’ve been driving 8 hours
    and we’re STILL in Texas. How did the pioneers walk this far?

    • “We’ve been driving 8 hours and we’re STILL in Texas. How did the pioneers walk this far?”

      I’m not sure any pioneers were foolish enough to walk the 800 miles (nearly) across Texas, were there?

      Lol- done it many times myself, driving that is. Takes forever.

      Enjoy the Big Sky country!

  42. I believe the treasure was found last year and that something was left for the next to arrive. That would be enough reason to not give away the location at this point, let alone the notion of hundreds of thousands of people trampling their way to get to the spot. I hope to make my trip soon to my solve and if it’s “the spot” then I’ll leave a small token for the next to arrive. I would think that everyone would want to figure it out on their own, I know I was jumping up and down when I believe I figured it out only to find out days later that Forrest had announced the end. I will still feel incredible if I find out I solved it, and I may continue to look if I’m wrong. Either way what an amazing thing for someone like Forrest Fenn to do!

    • Billy, that’s the spirit! Keep it alive. I actually went looking again yesterday, just in case, or at least maybe solve the Blaze mystery.

    • Forrest said there were ‘big surprises’ coming out in 2020. This twist would be one of the biggest.

  43. I’m just going to sit here and sob in my half a glass of corona. Here’s to Forrest, the winner and Dale.

      • Haha. I’m drinking bud light with lemon lime salt. Don’t laugh at me. Lol. It was reference to Forrest and his half glass of corona. But I do like Coronas. Still sobbing though.

  44. I know this question has probably been asked and answered, so forgive me and just point me to the right spot. The one thing I can’t rationalize about this whole thing is that Forrest must have had a way to keep eyes on his treasure for the ten years it was out there. I mean, none of this works anyway I can slice it unless he had a way of knowing it had not been found. Has anyone got a thought on this? I personally can’t accept a scenario where he wasn’t able to verify periodically that the chest was still there. Help me out here.

    • scott, over the years there has been alot of disscusion on this subject. there are a few hitech gadgets that could be setup to trigger a signal. but for how long? methnks somehow a solar camera maybe could work, but you couldn’t keep the lens clean for 10 yrs, but if you could you would be able to compare photos…

    • Hi Scotty,
      recently Forrest said that he had used GE (or maybe other map service) to see the hiding place and how it changed with time. But he also said that TC couldn’t be visible by GE. How he keeps eyes on his treasure for the ten years? One time he said that he has this possibility and refused to talk about it. My hypothesis: he put inside of TC some code/password to numbered bank account in Switzerland. TC finder can use the code and take money (by wire). Forrest will get a message from bank that someone withdraw money. This method will work even after Forrest death – his family members will get the notification and then notify all searchers that the chase is over. Potentially finder can be traced but only if Forrest wants it. If there $100,000 nobody will refuse to take it. Other method is some secret e-mail or phone number inside of TC – finder will just send the photo of TC and since only Forrest and finder knows these e-mail it’s a proof that TC was founded. Again finder can be traced via e-mail but only if Forrest wants it.
      I hope that very soon we will know from Forrest why he know 100% that TC was found. Not sure about location – maybe he has some plan for it. He wanted his bones to be there so maybe he still wants his ashes to be scattered over this place. Finder can do it and continue to keep the secret.

    • Yes, Scotty Rushing. I always thought Mr. Fenn had a telescope that he could look through, daily, from a window in his home. He would be able to see for miles without being suspect. IMHO.

    • I think it’s something simple and monetarily substantial. think there is something within the chest which is needs to be exchanged for cash. lets say its a bankcard with 100,000 bucks on it, a deed to a large plot of land…or shares to a major corporation in which the bearer can claim full rights to whatever it is as long as it is “claimed” soon after the chest was located. Whatever was/is in the chest it was worth making the communication.

    • good day all.
      i recall Forrest talking about getting in his plain, turning the transponder off and having 600+ miles to worry about where he was going.
      a treasure chest outside under a canopy of stars could of easily be seen from his cockpit window!
      just a thought.

  45. Possession wins. if its’ still out there he who picks it up keeps it. And the one who picks it up needs to remain silent. Forest said “it” ‘was’ and ‘had not moved’ and the poem led the finder to the precise spot. It sounds like recovery was made. Also I liked how the chest was referred to as ‘it’ throughout the announcement. Just like ‘it’ was in the poem.

    • “It” is a pronoun that refers to the subject in a sentence or paragraph. So, “it” is the logical word to use when talking about the TC.

      However; I believe that another definition of “it” gives us the hint we need to solve the poem.

  46. “Forrest should either have someone he trusts retrieve it ”

    I doubt that can be done unless the chest is in some perfectly logical geologic feature- which is highly unlikely because it would be so easy to find. It is extremely difficult to convey to others where something is far away in the woods, and even with the best of instructions, actually guide them to it. Combine that with finding the right person to trust narrows the possibility even further. And to make two trips if need be. Gosh, it is so hard to locate things and places that are tucked away in the woods, even in the same afternoon.
    So if your theory has merit, I think the only way to retrieve the TC is if Forrest did it himself.

    • I agree. I am reminded of the words “Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” The whole point is that once someone else knows your secret, you no longer have total control over the situation. Even a highly trusted confidante can be induced to turn against your best interest if the right pressure is applied by someone with nefarious intent.

      Unless Forrest has some technological means to check the hiding spot without leaving home and without the risk of getting hacked, the only trustworthy way for him to check it is to go himself. And if he goes himself, he might be followed from the moment he leaves the house. So he would pretty much have to bring it back with him if he goes, which ends the Chase. And if he does *that*, on the trip home he could be potentially putting both the treasure and his own life in the hands of whoever followed him.

      Nope. In my opinion, he can never safely go back to that spot himself if there is even the *tiniest* chance the treasure is still there, and he cannot really trust *anyone* else to do it for him without putting the Chase at risk, either intentionally or accidentally.

  47. I think everyone should just give Forrest a little space. What I know of Forrest he is just taking the time to set the stage to make the final details known. He is 90 years old after all and a week or two is not that much time. I’m sure he will want to frame up the solve, his personal feelings and what made this such a personal place to leave the chest there. This will be important to Forrest to do this right. Depending how much the finder wants to be involved in all this will also determine how he puts all this together. I am as anxious as anybody having trekked many many thousands of miles and dozens of trips searching for this chest. I can wait a few weeks if needed to find out. I have only had very little contact with Forrest, once was when I was out on a search near Yellowstone and my son who was in the Air Force and was traveling cross country on his way back home to Florida got quite ill while traveling through New Mexico. I emailed Forrest to ask him about getting some help to find a good military medical facility nearby for him and he got back to me right away and offered assistance if needed. I do not believe Forrest will play any games as he is an honorable fellow. Just give the man some space. I have gotten so much from his putting this whole thing together in the first place – I’m willing to relax with the confidence that he is doing things the way he thinks is best. It has only been a week.


  48. i keep remembering about an interview or something about 30 days that the finder should sit tight?

    • That was in a “Weekly Words from Forrest Fenn” on Dec 16, 2016:

      “If you find the treasure please keep it in a vault for thirty days while you think. f”

      I took that as a caution against making any rash or sudden decisions right after finding the chest, as people often do when faced with sudden wealth. Just keep it safe, don’t tell anyone right away, think long and hard about how it is going to change your life, and think about what kind of professional advisors you need to bring on board before making any plans. All the same advice that gets given to lottery winners … and that they often ignore, to their detriment.

    • Peggy Rock is about 4 miles BOTG from the nearest paved road.
      Pretty far to be hiking with young children along. IMO.

  49. I am on the road and hope to be able to make it to a spot where I can join The Flip Side with Sean and Dekalb this evening…
    In the mean time I have limited communication with the blog…so don’t start any more conspiracy theories or rumors while I am absent…

    • Make sure you drive a few more miles to Fenn’s place to say Hi, OK…..

      • Lmao I’ve seen a bunch of stuff Poppin up on her lately. Wouldn’t be surprised if she managed that hahahaha.

      • Please tell us more about Carole Baskin. I’m not familiar with that name.

        • You’d have to watch the Netflix series “Tiger King” to really understand. I’m not sure anyone could explain it in a few sentences. Then you’d have to be familiar with pop culture and memes about how she killed her husband decades ago and got away with it.

    • Dal – you sound like a dad telling his kids to stay out of trouble while he’s gone….we all know from first hand experience how that turns out. LOL!

      • Geysergirl – i’m new to your comments ..but i like your style 🙂

        safe journeys Uncle Dal

  50. Is it possible that Forrest’s statement about the “finder” is true and not true at the same time? We know he likes dychotemy. Could we have a finder that was drawn to the area by the “clues” in the poem, without ever having read the poem? In other words, the clues were always there, even before they were placed into the poem. Could the “finder” have purchased the land or altered it in some way to make the chest not retievable (without knowing it) If the ownership of the land changed hands, is it possible that the “finder” was actually led to the area by the clues (that have always been there), yet was unaware of the TC at all and may still not know he “found” it.
    If the land changed hands, then it is possible that if the TC were still hidden, it might not be possible for anyone to claim it, which would in effect end the chase.

    • no offence but you sure have a active imagination, things are much more simple than most think.

      • No offense taken. Im just not coping well with the chase coming to an end. Maybe this site could turn into a support group for those who are not holding the TC. Lol

  51. Oh, no. I hope I didnt start another conspiracy theory! Im sorry Dal! Really, Im just analyzing what FF said and trying to convince myself that I can still go solve the clues. I need this not to end!

    • I believe the hiding spot is still there for us to find, if it’s where I think it is. The only restrictions would be weather or covid related.

          • I don’t want to give up anything that Forrest wouldn’t give at this point. I still need to make my trip, which is not easy in the current state of affairs, sadly.

          • the finder left probably left a dirty pair of underwear- the shock of really finding it. LOL ( sorry I didn’t mean to offend anyone)

  52. The treasure chest and it’s contents were beamed into space by aliens from another galaxy. They took Forrest too. Said they’ll be back in July. Would I kid you?

    • So it was at area 51!!!! Gahhh!!! If it only would’ve got stormed last year. I was too busy searching up in Montana. Uggg. Does that mean he went on beam of light, or did he ride up on the falcon 9?

      • Not area 51, Los Alamos (National research center) Its about 8.25 miles north (And 15 miles west of Santa Fe.)

    • Naw, if he had been beamed up by the aliens, my late wife would have come to me in a dream and told me he was with her people. (She was from Roswell, NM.) 😉

  53. good day all.
    I feel bad that what ever the situation is that is keeping Forrest quiet has taken the place of celebration, exciting revelations, explanations to the solve and the sharing of the joy of found treasure.
    i would suggest he has been advised to remain silent and/or he is unable to comment due to pending legal actions.
    maybe Forrest is just letting the dust settle.
    maybe some third party has hijacked the whole thing and is trying to make it their treasure hunt.
    to those who have put on their law suits, shame on you. Forrest is a senior, a veteran, a good man, a caring man, a man of integrity, a father/grandfather, IMO a legend and by ALL means deserves some gosh darn respect!
    All the searchers should file lawsuits against those who are interfering with the release of the solve and see how they like it!
    to all the searchers and Dal, the search is over but the solve isn’t.
    it would be awesome for all to officially post their solves and when the true location/solve is revealed they could claim they also had it right. (a sweet runner up prize recorded in history, for ever). 🙂
    fret not, Forrest clearly is a maverick and undoubtedly will at some point speak openly about all.
    i’d like to say that what Forrest has done is an awesome thing and lets all keep up the positive happy thoughts for him with hopes that the ending of this reflects all the journeys taken to get there.
    Finally, i can’t help but feel saddened for Forrest (i hope its unfounded) so, if possible, could somebody give Forrest a big hug and a thank you from all our hearts.
    My solve is incomplete however i suggest the poem is an anagram with hidden clues.
    i hope we can all look forward to visiting the Forrest Fenn Museum of Anthropology in the future.
    take care, wash your hands, no kissing.

    • My solve also dealt with the poem being not at all what it seemed. It was too vague and not nearly enough, could have applied to a thousand places.

  54. Dal, can you please drum up the courage to ask Forrest if he plans on giving a solve for the poem? Seems very strange that you have not already asked him and even stranger that he has not already revealed it..
    Just sayin’…
    Very strange way to end this IMO>

    Thank you, Fred Anderson

  55. I have no idea how the woman claiming someone hacked her ever became news.

    Every searcher out there thinks they have solved the puzzle at one point or another.
    Just because someone she got mixed up with texted her taunting texts?
    Makes ZERO sense to anyone with a small fraction of a brain IMO.

    If she supposedly “solved” it she would have it in her hands, period.
    People are so strange, the media will print anything it hears.
    Case will be thrown out as soon as it reaches a judge.
    END of that silly non-STORY.

    She was the lead solver! LOL what a joke! Give me a break!

  56. OK people. This may be possible.. Say a man from the East sent FF. A picture of the Blaze and said I am going back to dig it up this time. It is there I know it is..and gave Forrest GPS cord. Did the finder find it.. I say yes.. And Forrest didn’t want us to spead the virus or risk any more lives…

    • … and spend more money, and risk more lives, and temp more grizzly bears, mountain lions and wolves, and get lost in the wilderness, and get bit by rattlesnakes, and fall off cliffs, and drown in rivers, etc, etc, etc.

    • In my view, it isn’t enough to just “find” it, because it is possible, however unlikely, that multiple people might come up with correct solves at the same time, and some of them may not choose to notify Forrest. And Forrest did say he tried to think of everything.

      To “win” fairly, you also have to actually lay hands on the chest. “First to arrive takes the prize,” is the only way to keep it fair. Otherwise, Forrest gets into the awkward position of potentially “selecting among winners”, which could open him up to all kinds of liability and charges of favoritism. Impartiality would seem to demand that Forrest remain on the sidelines until the chest is confirmed to be actually in the physical possession of the eventual Finder, such as through a photo in which some piece of the treasure is visible that he never mentioned by name and never included in any photo or drawing; something a fraudulent searcher would not know to “fake”.

      I believe he got such a photo in an email, looked at it, saw item X which nobody else in the world knew was in there, and concluded the photo *had* to be genuine on that basis. As a result, he would know with certainty the treasure was properly found, and he *did* promise to announce such an event if he were sure of it, but he would not know anything else except an email address and whatever information the Finder chose to disclose in the email, such as being from “back east”.

      If he got photos that looked legit but did not show item X, he could either press for additional photos or evidence (without mentioning item X), or simply tell everyone, “A cloud has passed between me and the treasure; I can no longer feel if it has moved or not.” That would at least be a statement he could easily withdraw once he felt more sure about the veracity of the supposed finder.

      Things take as long as they take. And if it takes a while for any new information to be forthcoming, it is most likely due to the situation still being in flux in certain respects.

      In my opinion.

      • – – – Oct 3, 2014

        Mr. Fenn, Should the chest, for example, be found today, would you be able to tell searchers that the chest has been found in the same day? ~Johnny Q

        “Well Mr. Q, you present a question that’s hard to answer. There is so much talk on the blogs that whoever finds the treasure may be driven underground and not say anything to anyone.

        If I am convinced it has been found then I will announce it immediately to Dal and three major media outlets. It seems logical, that if someone solves the clues, they will retrieve the treasure immediately. Until they do, no announcement can have teeth. f”

        He wouldn’t have announced it to Dal and the media if he wasn’t convinced it had been retrieved!!!!

        • Lol, Loco, still working those ATF’s. (How do I get thru to theeese kids).

        • That’s not what d said. He said the announcement wouldn’t have teeth. His latest announcement does not have teeth now does it? Nobody is buying it. No one is 100% sure. And that leaves the door open.

          • Mr O (heavy on the Mister!) 🙂

            No matter how ya’ll want to contort his words….you are just trying to avoid the inevitable!!

            Que Sera Sera

          • Not sure of anything said above, but I know one thing for sure… I’m already missing the fresh air of having BOTG.

            Maybe I’ll just live off the land like our ancestors… or go “Me and Bobby McGee” style… singin’ every song I know.

            Hold on and hold me back, in a couple of days I’m hitting the road and throwing away the whole “d”… (thing)

          • Mr O – maybe those bogus legal claims are holding up the works, and given that you guys have such a natural penchant for suing each other at the drop of a hat, it wouldn’t surprise me if another fifty claims mysteriously appear over the next few days

            so i’m guessing we might get a solve sometime in 2042 🙂

    • Very possible. I hope that is the case. THat means we all still have a chance lol

    • Man, it is found. I don’t think Forrest would call off the chase based on a picture of the correct blaze.

      Think about it. They guy who found the chest is pretty smart. The chest would have been photographed with the lid open and atop of that day’s New York Times.

      We need to be patient. Probably none of us would even understand the solution without the context of the search path’s geography and history and that will take time to write up by the finder.

  57. Is anyone else wondering how much money made off of selling his books?
    Not the first book, (collective works supposedly got that money) the following ones?
    They are not cheap.

    • I don’t think that he made any money. All the proceeds from his second and 3rd books go to his grandchildren I believe

    • No. You sound like the sort of person who would co-opt a Disney parade to hurl rocks through shop windows.

  58. Another words ..He gave the correct solve. ..Is this possible…Well . .What do you think….

  59. No offense taken. Im just not coping well with the chase coming to an end. Maybe this site could turn into a support group for those who are not holding the TC. Lol

  60. A plausible scenario IMO is the finder is writing the solve in a book to sell to all of us, if he says where he found it before the book comes out it won’t sell as many. He could take pre-orders for the book too so everybody buys one before anybody can spill the beans after reading it. Lots of money to be made on this story. Maybe he asked Forrest to not say anything except the chest has been found so Forrest is honoring the finders wishes. Why wouldn’t he?

    Forrest said it has been found, that should be enough for now, he probably wants to let the finder tell their side of the story first, and anything more he says just takes away from the suspense of a great book release from the finder. And pics of the found chest are part of the story so maybe the finder wants to keep all the pics for the book too, and the state, and the elevation, and everything, suspense! And if Forrest posted a pic of the found chest that is no more proof than Forrest saying it has been found, if you don’t believe Forrest when he says it has been found why believe him if he posts pics, they could be photoshop pics lol. And maybe the finder didn’t send him pics, Forrest probably put something in the chest that only the finder would know.

    I am sure Forrest wants us all to know the story but it’s the finders story to tell at the moment, they earned it, then Forrest can follow up with stuff if he wants to. If it wasn’t found for 100 years Forrest probably wouldn’t even be around to say anything about it, I say probably because Forrest might live to be 179 or 180 yeas old lol…

    • I do agree with the idea that the story of the Chase became the Finder’s the moment he laid hands on the chest. Forrest can still talk freely about what has gone before from his POV as the Hider, but from the moment of the Find forward, it is the Finder’s story to tell if and how he chooses, and that includes the secret of where he found it. After all, the reveal is the literary payoff in any mystery or suspense thriller. If you already know the answer before you read the story, part of the thrill is lost.

      Perhaps the Finder is writing a book, and when it gets officially announced, Forrest will come along and say, “The answers he already knows. Read his book.”

      Or maybe not. What do I know?

      I do think there is a “fair-to-middlin'” chance we may soon see a sudden flood of ebooks and small “on demand” paper books containing the solves of searchers who are absolutely, positively *convinced* their solve was the correct one but they “didn’t get there in time”. And nearly all of them will end up disproven the moment the actual location becomes public knowledge … if it ever does.

      Heck, if the Finder waits *too* long to say anything, maybe I’ll write one of those things myself. *laugh*

      Or maybe not.

  61. The book would have 20 pgs. 20 photos and sell 20 copies.. There is no money to be made on a book.. imo….

    • If a book by the finder was the only way we were to get answers to the clues, hints, and the method of the final solve IMO it would make thousands, if not millions. One again, IMO.

    • Heck, I could spend 20 pages just on all the things that pointed me to my most recent wwwh. And it would be interesting to see the thought processes that lead the Finder to the chest.

  62. I think I might have solved the poem last year,(not saying I did and any of us might have) but I only got to do one BOTG there. I found every single clue and some possible non clues, with the exception of the blaze on my first trip. Was suppose to go again next month. Wonder if I would find any indication of the blaze if I still went knowing the chest is gone. That’s of course if I’m right (We all know the odds of this lol). Did Forrest ever say if the blaze could be removed? My answers to the poem are pretty simple, maybe too simple. I have noticed over the years that you can marry the map to a million places as well, but this solve was definitely different than all my other solves and BOTG. I hope we find out someday, but if not it was fun anyways.

    • He said it would not be likely to remove the blaze, and given what I know about my solve, that would hold true.

      • Billy, don’t be a hero
        Don’t be a fool with your life
        Billy, don’t be a hero
        Come back and make me your wife

        • Great song, lol! I will definitely be safe. Getting there is more dangerous than walking to the spot.

      • Does your solve take you back to where you started? If so we might have the same one lol.

        • I will say that my solve is just has Forrest has described it. When you solve the poem, you can walk straight to it, relatively.

        • Jeez. Well, it’s nice to know y’all are alive and well enough to
          post stuff like that. It won’t be long now . . . except for COVID delaying the search trip(s). As always, IMO.

      • Awesome thank you so much! I remember seeing this now. Sounds like I’ll take that last final trip after all.

      • One of my solves took me to a place where a great boulder, when viewed from the right angle, took the form of a great owl. It was an amazing sight that sent chills down my spine. It will last forever.

  63. Reading through all the posts I think many people would like closure on their “Personal Search” for the Treasure. That is nigh difficult not knowing if your searching was even “close” to where the Treasure was supposedly found. Doesn’t seem like the location is going to be revealed either. I don’t think the “exact location” should be revealed as it would lead to a pilgrimage of people to it and the possibility of damage, etc. I also think that if it was that special a spot for Forrest the finder may be keeping it special to himself as well. Now, here is what I think should be done. Forrest could have the finder sign something that would prevent him from revealing the exact location. They forest should make some type of marker of gold or other valuable metal, and stake it in the ground of the original location. Lo and Behold, the “hunt” is on again!!!

  64. Alan Seeger 1888–1916

    I HAVE a rendezvous with Death
    At some disputed barricade,
    When Spring comes back with rustling shade
    And apple-blossoms fill the air—
    I have a rendezvous with Death
    When Spring brings back blue days and fair.

    It may be he shall take my hand
    And lead me into his dark land
    And close my eyes and quench my breath—
    It may be I shall pass him still.
    I have a rendezvous with Death
    On some scarred slope of battered hill,
    When Spring comes round again this year
    And the first meadow-flowers appear.

    God knows ’twere better to be deep
    Pillowed in silk and scented down,
    Where love throbs out in blissful sleep,
    Pulse nigh to pulse, and breath to breath,
    Where hushed awakenings are dear…
    But I’ve a rendezvous with Death
    At midnight in some flaming town,
    When Spring trips north again this year,
    And I to my pledged word am true,
    I shall not fail that rendezvous.

  65. I noticed something kind of odd earlier today. I can’t decide if it’s a coincedence or if Forrest did it on purpose. On the bronze bells he made and buried he said on one was inscribed something like, “If you find this bell a thousand years from now, ring this bell so that I will know.” I wonder if he was playing on the word knoll. The dictionary says that it’s an archaic or dialect word for knell. And knell means: the sound made by a bell rung slowly, especially for a death or funeral. Do you think Forrest did that on purpose?

    • There are many kinds of bells that ring for many reasons. Some ring to announce a visitor, some ring for weddings, some ring for funerals, some ring for freedom, some ring to call schoolkids to class, some ring for peace, and some ring for thee. The one that holds the most appeal for the Chase is the one that sounds in time with the clues.

      • That almost would suggest “My Ding-a-ling”, wouldn’t it? Sorry. You
        set me up. IMO.

  66. I expect the next scrapbook to be a doozy. BTW, I really tired of all the entitled, impatient, non-empathic ex-searchers. I love it when people post their ideas. I hate it when they feel the need to say what Forrest should do, could do, or might do. Chill out people. Get a grip. We are lucky he announced what he did. He didn’t need to say anything. Stop thinking the worst and let this play out. And, it will play out. You literally followed his every word for 10 years. Why stop now?

    • Exactly meBigGuy. Just imagine what the reaction would have been if Forrest did not make the statement when he did that the treasure was found…even before the details. He. IMO, was trying to make sure those who had trips planned had options on how they wanted to proceed. Some may have been trips someone really couldn’t afford. If he had let everyone continue on, and they found out it was gone before they started, what kind of reaction do you think that would have caused? Apparently it’s a “no win” situation for Forrest. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  67. For all the searchers I have met:

    “Brave and in the wood” = Totem

    ~ Wisconsin Mike

    • Hey Mike. Brave and in the wood means steel rings imo. Brave can mean steel and rings in a tree. Sort of fits with the colours he mentions. They are the colours of the Olympic rings.

  68. Okay, I’m getting a little weary of the delay and beginning to wonder if some shenanigans are a foot. I was in Yellowstone area 6 days before the announcement looking for the treasure in our “best guess” spot with our whole family. The search was an equal measure along with covid 19 getaway and seeing Yellowstone nearly empty of humans.

    We were on our spot on Tuesday, May 26th 4:30,pm MST. We found what we felt was The Blaze rock,but no treasure above or in the ground. So my 20 yr old daughter took a flyer. She emailed Forrest a pic of our “The Blaze” rock and asked if this was The Blaze. Much to our thrill and surprise Forrest emailed her back. He said, “Send me a Better Picture”. Imagine our excitement with that response. We thought we were on the gold! So she sends another pic. Then nothing from Forrest for 24 hours. Our minds are now racing. Were we on the spot and he now feels like he already said too much? Were we just wrong and he lost interest or it was dinner time at his place.
    So we head back to Kansas with no treasure and more questions than answers. Then, on our drive back my daughter gets another email from Forrest. First he asks if he knows her personally to which she replied we both were/are students at Texas A&M but other than that we are not known to one another. Then she asks about what he thought of the second The Blaze picture? Then he says “Cant Say”. End of emails.

    The funny thing about our The Blaze rock was that someone had carved their initials and a year 2018 into the bottom of it. Was the treasure there then, but not now? Then, a mere 6 days after our emails directly with Forrest regarding a spot he wanted to see a better picture of, the treasure is found. Hummmmm!

    Has Forrest emails been hacked? Was it found in 2018 or did the “Eastcoaster” pull the photo location tag data from my daughter’s phone and go to our spot and find it?

    I’m NOT saying our spot is THE spot. I’m saying it’s time for Forrest to come clean and tell us all where the spot was exactly. no more clues no more games. He probably made more than 2.2 million off of his book sales and overall attention. more power to him, but it’s time to end the quest and eliminate any doubt of impropriety.
    Dennis S.
    If anyone doubts my story I have the emails and pics.

    • Forrest is a master at teasing, not to mention “baiting” someone. Hee hee!

      If you think about how difficult it would be to move or destroy your blaze rock,
      you might get an idea about whether it is the correct blaze. So far, I’m not
      convinced that it is.

      Did Forrest say the finder is an “Eastcoaster”, or was it more vague, like “someone from back east” (which could mean someone in Kansas)?

      You may be totally right, with a good solve. But please don’t under-estimate Fenn. He loves to tease with his words. If you don’t understand what the
      poem means when it says “hear me all and listen good”, please think some
      more. If you don’t know why he recently said “canopy”, please do some more thinking. I am not Fenn or a relative or agent or friend of his. And he doesn’t know me. Good luck to you and your family . . . seriously. All IMO.

      • If I hop on a plane in Denver and keep flying East, eventually I’ll end up crossing the west coast.

        This is yet another case of the magician at work. So IMO the guy could actually be from the nigh coast.


    • I have better emails:

      ““Well Mr. Q, you present a question that’s hard to answer. There is so much talk on the blogs that whoever finds the treasure may be driven underground and not say anything to anyone.

      If I am convinced it has been found then I will announce it immediately to Dal and three major media outlets. It seems logical, that if someone solves the clues, they will retrieve the treasure immediately. Until they do, no announcement can have teeth.” f

      seriously think about it for half a second longer, as I said before there is zero chance that forrest would respond to any solve, not even the correct solve.

      and that should be extremely obvious why that would be…

      he was having fun with you… as he has with anyone he has responded to…

      for gods sake, i’ll just spell it out for you…

      he isn’t going to ever say: “oh you are so close”, and to another searcher “oh you are so far from it”…

      what in the world type of chase did you think that becomes?
      here is a guarantee, If ff emailed you that statement, and I am sure he did, it means you are not even thinking about the blaze correctly… let alone that it looks anything like what you sent him.

      so how is that for some closure that you believe you are owed?

      did you really think you were the first person to email him? or got the first response?

      think of how funny that is… “send a better picture” I thought you were going to continue with how funny that was… and correctly deduced how that was supposed to make you laugh…

      but it appears imagination is somehow earned I guess.

      • Ha. That was a hilarious response from Forrest. Send a better picture means that you were nowhere close. Gotta love Forrest!

    • Cool story.
      you must have been on cloud nine ( so excited) when forest replied.
      more anagram fun
      Send me a Better Picture= mesa bent tree pictured
      Can’t say = ya scant, a scanty

      fret not, Forrest will soon tell all. i am sure.

  69. 300 + emails. It’s getting real hard to stay abreast of all this.


  70. I can do this now because it is hearsay. Unless it’s still there?Here is the solve…….

    1.Begin it where warm waters halt… 2 locations named Los Ojos, The Eyes, fishing, dikes.

    2.Take it in the canyon down…. Both places take you along a stream. Chama and Willow.

    3.Put in below the home of brown… Trout Hatchery one route, Stonehouse for the other way.

    4.From there it’s no place for the meek… Gotta go by a water route from here. Launch El Vado, or fish or float down the Chama.

    5.The end is ever drawing nigh… Paddling term means to pull to the left bank.

    6.There’ll be no paddle up your creek… The left turn will put you in an arroyo called No Agua. Seen it on an old BLM map. NE corner of El Vado lake.

    7.Just heavy loads and water high… Hike the trail from staircase to El Vado and read podium at scenic overlook. Heavy loads carved out Arroyo de no Agua, water high is the dikes, Ojos, impoundments.

    8.If you’ve been wise and found the blaze… Google Earth the Area. You will see in the terrain an “F” is the spillway of Willow Creek. Looks like a paintbrush (blaze) making the “F”. Trail from staircase to El Vado looks like an “F”, running man is the trailhead at staircase. His foot is the parking area, hands are more homes of Brown. There is a bird, a pie, a dog, an arm pointing to below La Puenta, rear view of a fly fisherman in waders, the old woman/indian inkblot, the one room schoolhouse, Yellowstone Cabin, his old house in the bluff above Coopers. There are others…. Every Scrapbook with a “picture”. Pictures very important.

    9.Look quickly down your quest to cease… Last BOTG I was runoff by bad weather. Was literally hours from leaving when I checked here to find it found. Park opened and that was fastest I could be ready to go… Missed it by that much!!

    Check it out and tell me I’m crazy. Almost told Brown Ranger Ford to get it for me for a share in it. Seems I do things in 10 year stints. These past two years I have fought with whether I should get it or not. When Forrest went crazy with the easy clues I figured I would be needed for the bracelet because he was done. Then he told everyone he was fine. Funny how you change when money is no longer the quest in life. Just hope the treasure can be passed on. Finder should put it up for auction so some other “rich” person can hide it and write a book continuing the legend and gleaning a place in history.

    Oh, and I gave Dal clues early on. He has a picture of the “F” carved into the railings at the staircase and the suspended bridge. Forrest even patina’d them to blend in. Dal never posted them. I removed them in 2013 because it was too easy to solve. Many times I asked others to go with me. Many times I wondered about out there alone. Just couldn’t bring myself to finish. Everybody I asked to go never believed I figured it out, well mostly. Some that went with me, I knew I couldn’t trust.

    Thanks Forrest for if it weren’t for you, this punk from the hood (Detroit where we aren’t rioting!) would have never set foot in the Rockies. Quit smoking. Found if you drive more than 100 mph for more than 20 minutes, Hertz stops renting you cars.

    It seemed such a forbidding landscape from an airplane window seat. Now they mean so much more. I hope to someday fish the Chama again and cook a few more trout on my tailgate. Not get “detained” by Brown people any more. Pay 5 dollars each day to experience landscapes and adventures that hopefully will make that flash of your life before your eyes last a bit longer than mosts’.

    Peace Out!

  71. P.S. If you knew where to start you could go right straight to it.

    Dike at Los Ojos on Heron Lake, follow to SE and look for “arrowhead” in the gulley pointing to Chama River. Go straight south to impoundment at arroyo de no agua.

    More than 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe. Yeah, from the extreme NE corner of Santa Fe National Forrest to the hiding spot. Just NW of the end of the landing strip.

  72. I noticed on some forums people were posting their solves for posterity, so I’ll share here unless anyone knows of a better place.

    I thought I had a winner here for a couple reasons that I will explain at the end. The solve begins in Nathrop, Colorado. Hint of riches (Rock Doc Shop – panning and mining equip)

    Begin it WWWH = Where Chalk Creek (warm trout stream) meets Arkansas River (cold water)

    And take it in the canyon down – Brown’s canyon itself is the home of Brown

    Not far, but too far to walk (11 miles)

    Put in below the HOB – below the HOB is Smeltertown (another hint of riches)

    From there its no place for the meek – Ghost Town of Turret

    The end is ever drawing nigh – City of Salida which means exit

    They’ll be no paddle up your creek – CR 175 – The Ute Creek Trail

    Just heavy loads – Federal Quarry – beautiful pink granite

    And water high – Ankele Lake (like the lake in Forrest’s SB it is a dry lake)

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze – Huge yellow square of golden sand in Hell’s Hole Gulch which lies between the heavy loads and waters high

    Look quickly down your quest to cease (look down on the blaze and the chest will appear)

    What I thought was cool about this solve was that the end location – Hell’s Hole – was an answer of sorts to the riddle of No Place for the Meek. Get it, the meek don’t go to Hell.
    Also, cool was the Rainbow Road (Rt. 50) also led to the location, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains could be an umbilical cord of sorts from Forrest’s home in Santa Fe to where the end location of my “solve.”

    In addition, the Federal Quarry pink granite was used to build the Mormon Battalion Monument in Utah which commemorates the longest military march in US history on the Santa Fe Trail. One of the bronzes is called, “Vanishing Race.” So I had a backstory included.

    I though the final clue was the bronze grizzly in the Denver Museum of History and Science parking lot which had tarnished to a blue-green patina. I think this was telling searchers to look for a greenish, not brown, chest.

    • * * * *
      “. . . (warm trout stream) meets Arkansas River (cold water) . . . ”
      * * * *

      You’ve got yer trout-fishin’ temperatures wrong way ’round.

  73. Just a quick reminder of one thing FF said, since people keep using the word “promise:”

    “So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f”

    There is no promise contained in those words. Just an exhortation to “look” and no guarantee that we’ll find. There is also no timescale included: “in the coming days” is an unbounded period.

    My own personal “gut feeling” is that it could be some time (weeks/months) before substantive information is released. But of course that’s just a wild guess. My takeaway is to manage expectations and learn to cope with prolonged uncertainty.

    • Totally agree. Unfortunately, managing expectations and coping with uncertainty are skills that are in rare supply in these modern times of instant messaging, instant coffee, and instant gratification. Back when people traveled by horse and a letter from a friend might take weeks or months to arrive, people really understood about such things.

      Things take as long as they take, and sometimes you don’t get what you want when you want it. Sometimes you even get nothing at all. That’s just life.

      While you wait, just sit back, relax, have a nice big cup of tea and some biscuits, and contemplate what your next adventure is going to be. Or play some canasta.

        • Do you guys mind if I just watch? Canasta sounds way too complicated for me. But I’m a sucker for tea and biscuits, or a nice slice of rich fruitcake!

      • I’ve fallen deep into photography as a side-benefit from the chase. I’ve been messing around with cameras and photo-related stuff (my grandpa had a darkroom) on and off for years, but I never really pursued it. As circumstances have permitted, I’m now sucked in and it’s nice to have something that doesn’t require anyone’s treasure to enjoy. About a third of the time I wanted to do a BOTG, I changed my mind at the last minute and went out to shoot photos instead. I can take as many as I want, and photograph the stuff that I find interesting and try to get better at doing that. I don’t have to interact with people and all the places I go have next-to-nobody around anyways, so it’s well-suited for these times. Anyways, that is my “treasure” that I’ve taken from the chase, and I’m glad to have it.

        It also is helpful to have something like that right now when I’m working on being patient and waiting. It is good to learn how to do those things, I’m not great at it but I think I’m getting better. I got a fishing license last summer that I haven’t used yet (been putting off getting a rod and such because camera stuff took my disposable income for awhile), I may almost have enough patience to do that now… Maybe.

  74. Hey Dal,
    Have you posted any additional comments from Forrest since the 6/6 announcement ? Some other forums are claiming you have but I can’t find them here. Curious the validity of them

  75. So, somebody named Stan replied to my finding coordinates in the puzzle. Comments Part 3 is closed so I couldn’t reply there, but I’d like to reply here. Stan’s comments are pasted at the end.

    First of all, I write puzzles for a living. I solve puzzles for fun. I’ve worked with data all my professional career. I studied probability and statistics and decision analysis in college. One thing that everything I do has in common is – patterns. I wasn’t squinting at squiggles on a postmark and saying “that looks like a 3.” I was approaching the poem as a puzzle solver – if there’s a hidden message in the STRUCTURE of the poem somehow, how would Fenn have hidden it?

    I tried a lot of things. The method I described (counting groups of one syllable words) is the only one that yielded anything. And it yielded ONE latitude coordinate, and ONE longitude coordinate, which, when combined, led to a place of extreme significance to Fenn.

    That’s not arbitrary, that’s astonishing.

    The one valid comment Stan made was that the way I interpreted the numbers 4-5-5-4-3 and 11-0-4-4-2-1 was arbitrary. Because coordinates can be expressed in a number of ways:

    Degrees / Minutes / Seconds
    Degrees / Minutes / Thousandths of Minutes
    Degrees / Decimal Degrees

    So yes, 45 degrees, 5 minutes 43 seconds by 110 degrees 44 minutes 21 seconds was an arbitrary choice. There are other locations in Montana north of Yosemite that could be described by the set of numbers I found. I did map them all out. And looked at them all on a map, and one of them just seemed more likely than the others. But had I gone BOTG I would darn sure have visited them all! They were not that far from each other.

    I did not start with any preconceived idea. I started with – what if Fenn encoded something in the structure of the puzzle. How could he have done it?

    So … I looked at the structure of the poem in every way I could think of, and ONE of the things I looked, the groupings of one syllable words, yielded coordinates.

    Now, why the first and third stanza? Why not the first and second?

    If it was 45 degrees, 5 minutes and 43 seconds, why wasn’t it 4-5-0-5-4-3? I wondered about all of that, and it gave me pause for whether this was accidental.

    So, I wrote a program. a rough and dirty program. Taking some poetry samples of the same length as Fenn’s poem (and also taking the syllable distribution of the total words in Fenn’s poem) then randomizing them … and seeing how many times in 10,000 simulations (or maybe I did 100,000, I forget)… the first numbers you would get from any two pairs of stanzas, would be latitude and longitude degrees ANYWHERE in the Rockies. And 99.5% of the time, no combination of lat/long degrees in the Rockies could be made with any of the numbers from any two stanzas. Which was astonishing to me. even if my program was too rough and dirty and didn’t capture the patterns accurately, we’re still talking about an extremely low probability of any coordinates anywhere in the rockies – let alone just outside Yellowstone!

    Did Fenn intend this? or was it an epic cosmic coincidence? No idea!

    So, Stan, if you’re reading this, I’ll pay you $100 if you can “arbitrarily” find a set of coordinates in the poem, that lead to somewhere in the Rockies, on the condition that (a) you can explain your method to me and (b) it only yields ONE set of coordinates in the entire poem.

      • Hee!

        By the way, I couldn’t find my original “kick the tires” script so I wrote a new one and I think I overstated how unlikely it is to get coordinates anywhere in the rockies. I ran 30,000 simulations, and got coordinates in the Rockies 1985 times. So basically, it’s “only” 93.4% unlikely to have happened randomly.

        That said, I’ve seen lots of outliers happen that don’t mean anything. And even if Fenn did put coordinates in the syllable counts, I don’t think he meant to encode the actual treasure location because … then the hunt would have been over in 30 minutes if somebody tried that … and he had to know people were going to try all sorts of things.

        PLUS, he said he didn’t use codes. Is that a code? I think it is, but who knows whether Fenn would.

        I think at most it was a hint to the lat/long degree quadrant to search in. If it was even that.

        Still, I would *love* for Forrest to say yes or no. But my guess is he (a) hasn’t seen my email about it (b) hasn’t read my comments here or (c) even if he has read my email or my comment, he’s still in radio silence and would not confirm or deny.


        You know, my mom was in Fenn’s generation … and that generation sure knows how to keep secrets!!!!

        • No problem. Do you also want the back up info in the book? The latitude degrees is there. The “seconds” are in the 3rd and 4th lines of the poem. Latitude degrees in the 5th and 6th lines of the poem. The total latitude is in the 11th line of poem. And the longitude degrees and minutes are mentioned in the 23rd line.
          You need to know where to find the alpha/numerics, but they are all there in the end. The coordinates get’s you to the 8th clue. When you take the coordinates and add them together, you get a 4 digit number. Subtract them to get another 4 digit number. Subtract those two numbers to get 2442. Or 66, or FF. All 265 miles from the Bighorn medicine wheel, coins in chest. The chest is 193′ – 194′ area from the trail.
          Getting the coordinates to the blaze is a little more difficult. All in my “not-important” opinion.

      • Alexandra…very interesting. Using an entirely different method, I found nearly the same numbers that you did within the poem. I had a solid longitude and was nearly satisfied with my latitude interpretation. I struggled with the format and had settled on degrees, minutes, seconds. Forrest told us it was a precise location, and hinted that the location could be found at an intersection. What else could it be but lat long? Being a nurse in the time of Covid kinda kept me busy these last few months (understatement of a lifetime) but I’m going to check out my theory, just for fun, in a few weeks. Thanks for a great post.

        • Wow, fascinating! We should trade notes. You can dm me on twitter if you like, I’m (at)AlexandraDixon.

          When did Fenn say it was at an intersection? I don’t recall seeing that little nugget.

          • Alexandra.. i believe Forrest “hinted” at intersections at the book signing for OUAW at Collected Works. I think there may have been a scrapbook or 2 as well.

    • geez Alexandra, I’ve seen about 100 solves on Dal’s blog where people believe they have found coordinates… so you are going to owe a lot of people…

      but one you will not “owe” is ff, who said there is no such thing in the poem…
      if you are a puzzle solver, he literally said there are no “puzzles” like that in the poem… he used those words too…

      so the real question is, why in the world would you not do the basic homework that is out there for all to see, to eliminate the fact that there are no hidden coordinates in the poem?

      there are none, except in people’s imaginations who forgot to do the basic research first, 100’s of them.

      • I agree. No codes, cyphers, number tricks, or anything like that. I observed that Forrest uses a very idiomatic and allusory manner of writing in TToTC, and in many of his later writings and speaking engagements. That is, he says things that are humorous (humerus? 😉 ) or absurd when taken absolutely literally, but that make perfect sense if considered as an idiom or as an oblique reference to something else. And we know he enjoys word play.

        Here’s one for you. In TToTC, (in “Flywater”) he misspells “caddis” as “cadis”. That looks like one of the “abberrations” Forrest talks about. I recall reading on one of these online boards that Forrest once wanted to be a PGA golfer. With that in mind, close your eyes and pronounce “cadis hatch”. Did you think of a certain comedy about golfers at a country club. I did.

        Hmmm … I wonder how far Cadiz is from Toledo. I’ll have to look it up. Anyway….

        And do you recall Forrest and Donnie Joe taking “Babe Ruth” candy bars on their adventure up Red Canyon? A Baby Ruth candy bar gets a starring role in one scene of that golf comedy. In fact, it gets referred to by a slang term that calls to mind the Dude Motel in West Yellowstone, which is also mentioned in TToTC. And I don’t know any teenage boys who wouldn’t burst out laughing during that scene of the movie.

        In my mind, this is the correct way to understanding the poem. Read the words, but let your imagination do the interpreting. Think like a young boy who is fascinated by word play, but who has the knowledge of many decades to play with. And the more ways you can relate something to TToTC, the poem, and a place on a map, the more likely it is that you found something important.

        That’s how I finally found my latest WWWH, and it ties back to practically every page of the book in one way or another.

        I’m almost afraid to find out if I was on the right track or not. *laugh*

      • I think you might want to file your message away Writis in case the day comes when the solution is revealed. You may discover you were quite mistaken.

      • You make good points, and those are all reasons why I was semi-convinced that what I had found was just a huge cosmic coincidence. None of the lat/long interpretations of the number strings I found led to a location I thought could be the treasure site. If they had, I’d have gone BOTG in 2016.

        I literally found these coordinates within an hour or two of looking at the poem for the first time in December of 2015, at the invitation of a couple of guys from Mississippi who thought I might be able to add a new perspective to their team, since I’m a puzzler. At the time I knew nothing about Fenn, and nothing about the poem, only that the location was in the Rockies.

        After that, I bought all three books and did the traditional studying of Fenn. Yes, he said there were no codes hidden in the poem. Which of course is discouraging, because to me, that’s a code. The question is, is that a code to Fenn? Not as clear.

        And then, when I read TTOTC, I see he mentions – for no apparent reason – a dream he had about finding Captain Cook’s treasure on Gardiner Island. GARDINER: the closest location to the coordinates I found in Montana. And then I read more, and I find that Fenn was a pilot in the Vietnam War. Pilots live and die (literally) by navigation via geo coordinates.

        So, there was a lot to intrigue me with what I’d found, but I didn’t go BOTG because I didn’t have enough faith in it. If it meant something, it wasn’t “here are the coordinates to the treasure.” So … I was left with (a) it might not mean anything and (b) if it meant something, what did it mean?

        So, what exactly are you arguing with me about?

        I’m not claiming I had the treasure location. I’m not claiming Fenn encoded geo coordinates in the puzzle.

        What I am stating – and it’s FACT – is that if you count groups of one-syllable words, you get strings from the first and third stanza that can be converted into geo coordinates in southern Montana.

        Wanna argue about that? You’ve already lost that argument.

        And, if you trust my programming skills, there’s a 93.4% chance that this is not random. But in case you don’t, I’ll show my work.

        The distribution of syllables in the puzzle was:

        145 one syllable words
        20 two syllable words
        1 three syllable word

        If you take that “population” of word-syllable-lengths, and you create six strings of words of lengths randomly chosen according to that probability (145/166 times out of 166, it’ll be a one-syllable word, etc) then you build a string of one, two and three syllable words until you can turn the counts of one-syllable words into two or three numbers (for example 98 or 555) … and you create groups of six strings each, and then look at it, how often is there going to be – in any group of six strings – at least one string that starts with a number in the range 36-48 (lat) and at least one string that starts number in the range 104-116 (long)? It’s actually about 20%, so I made the parameters a little more precise. I looked at the lat/long coordinates of the Rockies in all four states and came up with these combinations:

        lat 36 x long 104-108
        lat 37-40 x long 104-109
        lat 41 x long 104-111
        lat 42-44 x long 105-111
        lat 45-48 x long 107-116

        That took it down to only a 6.4% chance that this method would encode a lat/long actually in the Rockies.

        So, what I challenged Stan to do, was back up his statement that he could use some other “arbitrary” decode method with the structure of the poem, explain his work, and come up with ONE set of coordinates that he could extract using his method.

        You can argue with that. Which – pfft. Or you can try to prove me wrong.

        BTW the $100 offer was for Stan, not anybody else 🙂

    • Alexandra, you are on the right track, but use the whole book. Please read what I posted on the first Treasure Found page and apply your pattern finding to what I explained. Once you see it, you’ll be amazed.

      • Darvcus – I read your post on the first Treasure Found page. Fascinating – good work and thank you for sharing. May I ask what your thoughts might be concerning the Friday, June 5 (smudged) postmarks? Curious, are they not?

        • Interesting you ask, Sally. The actual “Gold and More” smudged postmark is Friday 5 June 2009. What do you suppose happened then?

          Match that with the postmark from “Ode to Peggy Jean”, apply Pythagorean’s theorem, draw the line from where warm waters halt (GIS coordinates disclosed in Treasure Found part 2), adjust for magnetic declination, and you’re at the home of Brown.

          Whew! Sounds super wacky, right? If you thought no math would be involved, you’re watching the wrong movie.

          Fast forward 11 years. I don’t think it’s a co-ink-i-dink that FF announced the end of the chase precisely the day after 5 June 2020 which – wow! – also works for the “Gold and More” postmark.

          What do you think will be announced next? If you can answer that correctly, you’re thinking like a puzzle-solver. [wink]

    • did you try anagramming the whole poem, line by line.
      the poem wording seems forced sometimes.
      the fun still hasn’t ended!

    • As the correct “solve” is outstanding, I will note that there are a lot of “coincidences” in the chase. I think it has to do with (and I can’t remember the word for it) the human tendency to find, for instance, patterns in strings of random numbers. There will be patterns and repetitions, and someone who knows the math better than I (not hard to do…) can perhaps cite papers about patterns in truly random strings of digits. But, the digits are still actually random.

      Anyways, my “coincidence”, assuming my best “solve” out of the 300 or so I’ve considered thus far is wrong (I don’t have the chest, so that’s most likely a “yes”) is finding a sculpture-wire “paddle” in a creek at precisely the point where I’ve convinced myself it should be w.r.t. the poem and by BOTG location (it is down the creek, rather than up, where the poem says there isn’t a paddle). It’s about 4 ft tall, it was stuck into the dirt pretty well with most of it above-ground, and based on the corrosion I presume it was there for some time. But I’m not an expert on the corrosion part, so I don’t really know how old it is.

      What are the chances of that sort of coincidence happening? Well, probably about 100% in this case. This is one of the reasons why I tried to work a whole bunch of solves, both on paper and via BOTG, was to “correct” for those sorts of coincidences and to keep myself from being too “married” to any particular solve that I happened to like more than others. I had similar things happen, although nothing quite that literal w.r.t. the poem. And, again, it is most likely (in terms of probability) to be a coincidence and not actually a part of the correct “solve”.

  76. So it’s always been obvious that there is some key to the poem, because reading the poem as is can lead you to almost any place in the four state area. Mr. Fenn did say that the poem would lead you straight to the chest. I tried a bunch of different techniques to try and find the key to the solve. I think the most interesting one for me was the hint of riches new and old. I took that to mean when you came to a word like below or down you would look at the sentence ,word ,or phrase that was below that word same with words associated with up I would look up to the previous sentence. Not far but too far I would look down two sentences below, but I also thought that you either had to use the flutterby technique, which was something that was in ttotc book how butterfly was also flutterby, or you had to remove two letters from the alphabet which is something he also talked about in his book, However that theory only worked if you removed a letter only if it was in a certain position in the word. With that in mind when he said look quickly down just below that was scant and if you removed the t from scant that would be scan. I guess my biggest problem was, I think it was a combination of two of those techniques. I do believe it had something to do with the up or down and the removing of w and t only when removing those letters would create another word like there would be here and where would also be here but I also had trouble figuring out if I should remove any letter from the front or back of any word if you had another word after removing any letter. I also thought that that there was something to do with numbers because of his comment about not ever being very good at math and also saying in an interview that he said something about not going to give you the gps coordinates, which made me think that he actually did if you could break the code how else would the poem lead you straight to the chest. I had so many different ideas that I just couldn’t keep them all straight. Like the one clue he gave that said it was at least 6 point something miles north of Sante Fe. Any way I tried to figure out if his property was 6 point something miles north of the southern city limit boundary of Sante Fe. I couldn’t actually figure that out but it was my assumption that it was pretty close to that distance. So yes I’m one of the idiots that went to his home I walked up the old Sante Fe trail that runs behind his property. On his back gate there was an old combination lock that was froze in place which were of course the numbers I had come up with in the poem I trespassed on his property at night went to his waterfall and saw what I thought was the blaze a pinion tree that was cut down with lots of sap on it . (Tarry) it was laying down on the stump and hanging over his waterfall. I was about to go into the pond where the tree was hanging over the falls and I looked up and saw Forrest in his kitchen I believe. I got scared and left. So the next day I emailed him The next day and told him I had been there the night before and I was on my way back but I was going to be there while it was still light. I did I didn’t try to hide and he was walking around along with I think a guy that worked for him. We talked and I could see how upset he was and it horrified me. I apologized over and over and it was clear to me that the previous people that had trespassed on his property had really scared his wife. I left stopped a few miles down the road wrote him a long email apologizing and told him that the chase was over for me after putting him through that. That was 2015 and I never tried to solve the poem again. However if the chest was on the old Sante Fe trail behind his property in the pile of wood that was there with a strand of Christmas lights on it I will be mildly upset that I didn’t take the time to look because that would be about 200 feet from where he did most of his interviews in his yard. I would also be mildly upset tf it was found around treasure falls at the base of wolf creek pass because that too was a solve that I never checked on after my bone head move.

  77. I’m reminded of the T.S.Eliot quote from Forrest :
    “We shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.”

    This is the main lesson for me during this adventure. A richer perspective of who I am and the utmost importance of living this life with enthusiasm and delight.

  78. That’s so weird, my blaze is on those coordinates, 45 by 110.
    I’ve left out the minutes and seconds because my fellow countryman Paul Paul heeded a warning and without Forrest actually putting out any evidence I think it unwise to give your solves away.
    I’d be really interested to hear more on your methods. Seems to me the probability of getting any kind of coordinates from syllable groupings would be remote let alone getting them to an exact location of a solve. It’s also worth mentioning that my blaze was at 7600ft (5000+10200 / 2). That was a massive clue for me, Forrest would never of put 10200ft if it didn’t need or have to be.

    I was supposed to be going on a trip of a life time in May for my first botg. I had the trip planned with a friend and then the pandemic hit. That’s life I suppose, maybe I will go anyway when my boy grows up and share an adventure together.

    • Tom, very interesting!

      I debated whether to post the syllable idea, but I do believe the hunt is over, and the treasure is not there anymore, so I can’t see how it would hurt anything. Plus it’s 4-1/2 years since I found them, and if by some wild chance Forrest put those coordinates in the poem and announced it later, I wanted to be on record that I had found them!

      If you take those numbers 4-5-5-4-3 and 11-0-4-4-2-1 and try the different ways that you can express them as latitude and longitude, for lat/long in the Rockies you get:

      DMS (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds)
      45 degrees, 5 minutes, 43 seconds
      45 degrees 54 minutes, 3 seconds
      110 degrees, 44 minutes, 21 seconds

      DMM (Degrees and Decimal Minutes)
      45 degrees 5.43 seconds
      45 degrees, 54.3 seconds
      110 degrees 44.21 seconds
      110 degrees 4.421 seconds

      DD (Decimal degrees)
      45.543 degrees
      110.4421 degrees

      There are therefore 7 physical locations you can define by the above methods.

      2 lat x 2 long = 4

      2 lat x 1 long = 2

      1 lat x 1 long = 1

      I plotted them all on a map years ago, we can’t post photos but if you go to my Instagram I just posted it there (I’m “alexandra.dixon” over there).

      I wonder whether he might have been giving us just 45 degrees x 110 degrees, to give us a degree quadrant to search.

      I also really liked the confluence of 45 00 00 and 110 00 00. It is beautiful!

      There’s a nice web site to post photographs of all the degree confluences in the world, and since 45 x -110 is a bit off the beaten track, that’s the only way to see photos. Check out confluence (dot) org. If you go there, you can find 45 x -110 easily, click on “United States” then click on “Wyoming” (even though it’s on the Wyoming/Montana border, I guess it’s considered Wyoming) then click on the red square on the map.

      The instructions say it’s pretty easy to get to!

  79. You know I’ve not given the chase any thought after that day. However after reading my post it makes me again think of all the things I saw that went along with my solve. The combination lock with the the exact numbers I had come up with and it was rusted in place so they couldn’t be moved. No place for the meek walking around a millionaires property was no place for the meek the waterfall the pinion tree that had been cut from the stump why wasn’t the tree removed it was hanging over the edge of the falls the sap which I had worked out was the blaze. I thought the chest was wrapped in a red handkerchief. I also thought how could he give you title to gold unless it was on his property. And just take the chest and go in peace. Now I’m remembering some of what he said to me. When I encountered him I told him I was there for the chest and he said well get it and go, but he looked horrified and the man that was with him said he hid the treasure north of Sante Fe. After thinking back I think my mistake was not being able to articulate my solve and the fact that the day before I had came at night and that is what my solve told me to do because I wasn’t supposed to let his neighbors see me. Now that I think back I told him I was coming the night before so when I saw him in the window he knew I was there but it scared me. He did tell me it wasn’t on his property. I don’t think the property was in his name. If I had to guess my solve was right. I don’t remember the whole solve but it did lead me straight to his waterfall and the things I saw once I arrived matched my solve. I thought I was going to have to break into his property because the gate would be locked and my solve had something to do with The cold feeling you had in your heart because of that, but then after solving a little more it told me that the gate would be unlocked. Or he had given me the combination. I don’t remember if the lock was Locked or if I had to unlock it but either way it was on the exact four numbers my solve told me it would be. So as I look back there was way too many things that lined up with my solve even the fact that he wanted me to tell him I was coming so he could make sure his dog was locked up. And to come at night. I got meek and left when I saw him in the window, and I shouldn’t of. Then I did what he didn’t want which was to come during the day. I remember telling him I was coming back during the day even though my solve told me he didn’t want me too. I think it was there for the taking that is the only way he could give you title to the gold and the only reason you should take the chest and go in peace. I remember telling my wife and kids what my solve was before I left and then telling them what I saw once I got there and every bit of it lined up with my solve. I told them how could all of that be a coincidence. If I was a betting man I think I had it if I would of not been meek. Time hopefully will tell.

  80. I see Forrest and his pet eagle are still taking flak from all 4 sides. Everyone needs to take a chill pill and exercise some deep breathing or something.

    Disappointment I can understand yes, but everyone knew the rules of the game from the outset. We didn’t create this, so we do not own it.

    Have some consideration for Forrest and Peggy. Imagine what they are going through.

    It is in the hands of the spirits now, so learn some acceptance.

    • Well said BigOnus everyone did know the rules of the game ie there were no rules. Nobody had to buy the book or read the poem. Nobody had to start trying to figure out the clues, spend money or time searching for the treasure. Forrest has never laid out any terms and conditions and that once found the solution would be made public. However… this thing grew and grew and people have done all of the above and Forrest is well aware of that. He knows for some it was just the thrill of the chase, for others it was a dream that they could change their lives for what they percieved was for the better. Us Brits are a stoic race by nature, do I want to know the solution? Yes. Can I wait ? Yes. Should we stop badgering Dal to get onto Forrest? Yes. As you say everyone should accept the situation, we all know there is going to be a reason and in due course that will be known.

    • correct BigOnus,

      the people that are saying something like “I am owed” or “we are owed”, one thing or another… need to catch some rather big chill, really.

      if the wanted to be owed, they are in the wrong place chase.

    • BigOnus –
      “Have some consideration for Forrest and Peggy. Imagine what they are going through.” …….Exactly!

      • But let you and I turn the negative into a positive and say, they are going through a beautiful marriage!!! That’s what counts the most.

        • Hear, hear, BigOnus. Today, I’m celebrating 39 years and have been wearing a smile. Mr. and Mrs. Fenn are still exploring together.

          • Thats impressive, pdenver.

            The Mrs and I are in our 4th decade also. We have been together since teenagers, but tied the knot in 2012, after a quarter of a century warm up.

            I joke that she had earned the right, after putting up with me for so long 😉

          • Thank you, BigOnus. Your comment about a quarter of a century warmup gave me the giggles. I’m glad the Mrs. stayed with you for so long. My husband always tells me he can’t figure why I put up with him for so long and haven’t put him to the curb. I tell him I love him. 🙂

          • We had to make sure we were right for each other. Only fools rush in! 🙂

            Love conquers all…!!!

  81. Re – Mark in Taos comment above. I like your idea but better still would he not make big bucks by selling his story and verifying it by showing them the chest and contents to a TV channel or newspaper with the proviso that you would still remain anonymous?
    Would this work?

    • Hi Meredog,

      Yes, I can see a book and movie and maybe a Netflix series lol. Maybe he has Forrest writing a preface/foreward and Douglas Preston putting all his thoughts and stuff into an interesting readable story that will become a movie starring Brad Pitt and Robert Redford ha…

  82. I think it would be extremely unfair if the exact location of the chest was not revealed. After all, many of us have thought about this for years. I only had one solution, because I honestly didn’t feel like I could do better… Near LaMadera, New Mexico. My main problem with really searching the area was due to problems outside of the poem—the inability to tell if the land was private or public. Inquiries got me only vague answers and the distance to that spot limited my time there. I DO wish to know if I was completely wrong or not. So much fit so well that I still find it hard to think more than one spot could be so true to the clues… Anyway, don’t ruin it all by being silent now…

    • One good reason for not sharing the location is that there may be a plan in the works to place a smaller treasure to continue the Thrill of the Chase. Many believe they were close. Some will be confident enough to continue searching for something with much less value.

      • I doubt it. Would you take responsibility for an idiot that dies searching for it?
        Knowing what he knows now, Forrest probably wouldn’t hide the treasure.

    • My search began a couple weeks after the announcement all those years back. I’ve always taken it at face value; Here’s a Poem that will lead to a treasure. It’s mine if I can find it. Otherwise, all bets are off. I’m hoping for a state and how did FF define warm water.

    • Hey Dal,
      Would you pass my email to John.
      Lamadera was my search area two years ago and I spent a week BOTG. I would love to compare notes. I found dozens of book hint tie ins – but of course no gold.

      I also had two loose ends there to tie up this year . . . By plan anyway.

    • My take is this. Life is unfair. It always has been and it always will be.

      Do I want to know the Hide location? Yes. But I am not owed that information. Nobody is. Disappointment is just as much a part of life as gratification. If you focus too much on your destination, you’ll miss out on all the wonderful stuff you passed along the way. And *those* are the things truly worth knowing anyway.

      Take life by the scenic route rather than the Interstate. And if you die before you find out what the end of the road looks like, at least you’ll probably die somewhere beautiful.

      Forrest’s silence cannot ruin anything for me, because I’ve already won, even without ever seeing the chest or knowing where it was. The prize is all around us.

      Just my opinion.

  83. I don’t know if my post were the cause of the two previous posts. But if it was my response is this.
    I did say I would be mildly upset if the chest was here or there, that’s not to say I would be upset with Forrest. I would be upset with myself. But only mildly because I told Forrest that the chase was over for me when I saw the look on his face. And I was true to my word. I never tried to work on the poem after that. Forrest had every right to call the police on me, but he didn’t. When I emailed him and told him how sorry I was and that I would no longer continue the chase he tried to console me and reassure me that it was ok no harm no foul. But for me the expression on his face had a profound effect on me and I could no longer in good conscience continue looking after what I felt was a horrible thing to put him through. I hate the fact that people are suing him, I hate the fact that people are blaming him. Forrest is good decent people and the world would be much better off if there were more people like him on this earth. My son sent me a link that said the treasure had been found and like everyone else I’m curious, but for me I’m not disappointed because I’ve been over it for five years. I just hope it can be resolved because I’m sure that the person who found it wants to keep it without getting Uncle Sam involved and I just pray that that can be achieved while still allowing the people that went on the journey to know the solution without someone else trying to sue someone for this reason or that reason. It’s actually pretty sad that there are people like that out there. So I’m sure Forrest has a lot on his plate and I really wouldn’t blame him if he never uttered another word about it.

  84. John, I would simply ask why there is anything unfair about the situation when we have the information in front of us already – in the poem?

    IMO, nothing is being ruined. We may or may not hear from FF with us much or as little additional information as he deems appropriate, but it sounds like the chase has worked in the way FF intended – that someone should eventually solve the poem and discover the chest. Nothing more was promised IIRC.

    My guess is that there will be more forthcoming, sooner or later, but in the meantime the complaints about unfairness, hoaxes, rights, etc. are self defeating as they only appear to further stoke searchers’ own frustrations. Life is uncertain. This year of all years should tell us that!

  85. When the treasure is found everybody is going to say…why didn’t I think of that… Do you remember that… I do….

  86. But on a interview with kaypro . FF said. Not in a million years would he tell the location .. .

  87. “It was under a canopy of stars…..”

    Reminds me of my Late night drive from Montana back to Denver to catch a flight. It was a moonless night and at one point i noticed there was no artificial light to be seen. I pulled off the road and laid on the hood of the car and watched the Milky Way drift across the sky.

    This is one of the memories I take away from the chase.

  88. Conspiracy Theory:

    Goofy discovered the hidey spot but asked Forrest not to say where the location is just yet. Goofy is waiting on his new Ford 650 4×4, black on black, front and rear air, self parking, self driving, front and rear TVs, with chrome stacks and hydrologic suspension…
    Those special orders take time, ya know!

  89. Sliding Out A Window- in geography
    We are familiar with FF’s story of sliding down the fire escape after slipping out the window. He was the only one who knew that trick. I believe the evidence of the story is in the geography! I believe that the geography of the RMs a a picture of FF’s stories. Would love to come together with others to identify other stories of Forrest that are represented in the landscape.

    Heart Mountain is a Klippe located near Cody Wyoming. A Klippe is a geological feature of a thrust fault. See link. This slide occurred when a large slab of Madison limestone broke away and slid 30 mile. Those who have not studied a Klippe, may find it interesting that the geographical term for the area where the break-away occurred is called a window or a Fenster (remember the statement that if Fenn didnt have his name, he wouldnt have anything). The Klippe that resulted in this geographical slide (gone alone in there) is Heart Mtn where older rock layers are now found atop much younger layers. You probably recall how frequently FF mentioned age.

    It is quite interesting to me that I have found many geographical formations that could be easily explained by various of FF’s stories. The story of sliding out of the window and down the fire escape is the story of how Heart Mtn came to be.

    If Heart Mtn had not slid, it would now be located in Yellowstone National Park. So when FF said he was “In Love With Yellowstone”, I believe he was referring to his heart (Heart Mtn) which has its history in Yellowstone, but does not currently reside there.

    Please consider sharing other geographical features whose stories fit Fenn’s life stories. I believe they come together in the map of the Rocky Mountains! We can put the map together!

  90. keyword?? The word brown was unique because it’s both a name and a color. so I needed a name and a color. Brown is the 4th most common name, smith being the most common ,so I coupled smith with a color. black made some sense, there were more than a few rocky mountain blacksmith associations. I couldn’t narrow it down

  91. Will the book that tells all become a best seller? Won’t that spoil the movie? Decisions, decisions?
    A movie could take forever to make. Searchers want answers now! What should the finder do? OK I’m taking calls now. Wait there’s a caller on the line now. Go ahead caller …

    • Did the book “The DaVinci Code” spoil that movie? Or did the movie increase sales of the book?

      If I wanted to go public by that sort of route, I’d go ahead and do the book first just to get it out there, then adapt it as a screenplay. After all, you’d have to write the story down either way. And book adaptations of movies often don’t do as well as books adapted into movies.

    • First off….Very few want to buy a whole book or go see a whole Movie about the finders back story. To try and squeek out a little more coin for ones story is just “Trashy” and tbh “Scummy” IMO. Sheesh..How much money does one really need? You got a treasure for virtually free (Forrest said you can find it without the book and just the Poem). Other peoples time and money are more interested in the solve rather than the story I imagine. Once that book is written then the solve will be distributed for free on many many sites causing low low book sales. I imagine the whole story could be wrapped up in 3 pages and however many pages more to explain the solve. Caller out and sorry for the collect call Mr.Obvious

      • Maybe they would donate the proceeds to cancer research or something like that, Is it “Trashy” and “Scummy” if they did that? They wouldn’t be the first to do something like that…

        • I def think it would be “Trashy” and “Scummy”. People can do what they want but doesnt mean I have to support it? You could “Maybe” this thing to death. Maybe they want it for greed? Maybe they want it for their ego, maybe they are an aspiring film maker, maybe they want to take the profits and invest it in Cold fussion, maybe aunt sally needs a new car…..tons of maybe my friend

      • I want the movie about Forrest. His early life, the war, the cancer, the hiding of the chest and the chase. I want to see a new actors for his younger years, Brad Pitt for his middle years and Robert Redford for his later years. I want to see Academy Award nominations and I want to see Forrest sitting in the audience.

        • Ohhhh!!!!! Good Idea. I would watch that for sure. Who plays Peggy in the same years?

          • Ohh. New actress for the early years. Amy Adams for the middle years and Meryl Streep for the late years.

        • Can we work Robert Duvall in there somewhere?
          After all he was Boo Radley in “To Kill A Mockingbird”…..

        • I can see Forrest sitting at his desk writing The Thrill of the Chase and the movie starts a flash back of his life from there. It wraps up with him sitting at the same desk reading the email from the finder.

    • I believe the only $$ to be made, in the near term, would be made on whatever is left of the public speaking/talking head circuit. Eventually, a book, sure. And it could be a best seller ripe for adaptation. But at that point, it wouldn’t be about the solve. The human interest elements, where books and movies find purchase, are necessary and yet defined.

  92. The finders identity will ultimately be revealed. Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead. Finder most likely told someone, wife, friend, etc. Someone will talk soon.

  93. “It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.” Does anybody else think that sounds like a legal disclosure?

    Yes, it was supposed to be at the same spot where it was hidden 10 years ago, why would it not? And yes, the poem was supposed to lead someone to the precise spot, that was the promise from the beginning, was it not? Something’s up for sure.

    • You can bet Forest chose every noun in that announcement for a reason. Those words did not just roll off his tongue – he may have spent months on those two sentences.

    • It sounds a lot like “the terms of the Chase have been satisfied in full”. I see no reason to be suspicious of it. I might have said much the same thing in his shoes.

  94. The comments are almost as much fun to read as working on solves were. The different approaches and perspectives of people is truly fascinating and fun to read. “I’d never have thought of that.” happens a lot.

    What I’ve not seen much of are the funny solve stories… I know we all have them, sitting at the kitchen table or comfy chair with the computer or tablet trying to feed the ‘eureka!’ moment you had at work about wwwh or Brown, knowing it has to line up with other clues. The hair on your neck is standing up with excitement, your family knows what you’re up to and know just to leave you alone. They can imagine a neon sign over your head flashing “crazy mode”.

    It’s serious when the printer starts spitting out paper with google maps and drawn lines/circles and information from historical web sites and you silently bolt from your chair to retrieve them, also silently arranging them… other than mumbling to yourself about how well it all lines up.

    Your significant other almost holds a finger up saying “wait for it… wait for it…”
    You then break from your treasure trance long enough to say “Road trip!” Or “How about a vacation?”
    There are discreet smiles, maybe eye rolling or outright chastising. How could they possibly feel this way? There’s millions on the line and you just know, you’ll have the last laugh when you’re separating jewelry from placer nuggets on the table.

    The Poem had been released for about three months before I could make a trip to the Rockies, but man-oh man, I almost felt bad for Forrest and everyone else that it’d be over so soon. My friends and family thought I’d lost my marbles. I flew into DEN and tossed my bags in the rental car. Next stop was at the house of a friend who’d loaned me every manner of gear I’d need to exist in the mountains for several days. He too questioned my sanity. Hey, when I find it, I’ll give you your own gold nugget. More discreet eye rolling but good tidings and an obligatory ‘stay safe’.

    It’s all very anticlimactic, which is where the humor is for me. Excitement and the buildup and the waiting until you can go… and then you arrive to ‘the spot’.
    Your mind kind of glitches as your heart kind of skips a beat… and your stomach has a pit. My first ‘spot’ was based on Brown’s grotto, yah, you know, the privately owned home on a dirt road between you and the river. It couldn’t have been more ‘Brown’, the canyon, the warm water grotto, the cold river. I parked at an area down the road carrying a folder with the poem formatted with check-boxes. Nothing at all lined up, anywhere… until, out of desperation I walked the shore of the river into town. When I had a signal, I called my wife. She would hold her jokes and pokes and console me, reassure me that it was all very sound. Stick with it.

    I’d happened to stop under the bridge to talk and wallow in some self pity… when I looked up at a noise. A semi-truck rumbled over the bridge. Of course I didn’t see the truck, I saw pipes, and one said “water”. “Holy b-jeezes! It’s a bridge! Heavy loads and water high!” Alas, no treasure found.

    I’d stopped at other places along the way of course, Bear Mountain exit, Glenwood springs, and a handful of other ‘possibles’ along the way. As I neared Denver I thought, this is no joke, now I know how to plan, what to look out for. All kinds of reassuring thoughts to carry me through a horribly failed trip. My second trip was nearly planned as I boarded my flight home to Florida.

    • Here’s a funny solve for ya, FloridaDave:

      I’ve been stuck on “Just heavy loads and water high,” since I first stumbled on the Chase in 2015. Coincidentally, I found a “Canyon Street Laundromat and Showers” in West Yellowstone. If WWWH is the airport north of town (last area with plumbing around town), you have to take “Canyon Street down” to get to downtown and the HOB could be a couple things but I made it a parking lot for the laundromat. In my mind, the blaze would have been the hot water heaters providing all that warm water for customers that had “heavy loads” of laundry and/or needed a good bath from those “water high” shower heads.
      Obviously, this was related to a structure so I knew it wasn’t right, but man, when I first started this Chase, I felt an overwhelming sense of urgency with every solve, so it was all I could do to keep myself from driving 10 hours to West Yellowstone over a weekend just to check out a laundromat and quickly try to make it back in time for work on Monday. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed (i.e. my wife) and I decided to wait until we made an actual family vacation out of a long road trip…rumor has it there is more to see in Yellowstone than just a small laundromat and shower!

      Anyway, it was sure funny how well it fit the clues and the solve gave me a good laugh, but it also led me on a multi-year rabbit hole that I never found my way out of in terms of how I interpreted heavy loads and water high…and that is a whole other story in itself!


      • I personally think that Heavy loads and water high refers a train…..steam train to be exact. FF mentions the Katy Railroad in TTOTC ……I think the clue is a steam engine, but he means RR tracks……I think at one point he walked along RR tracks to the hiding place.

        • I thought water high was for Hiawatha the old steam train that turned electric.

          • I had solutions that were related to trains/tracks as well, but I was just recalling one of my first solutions that I found humorous because it was so completely wrong, but managed to fit so well. Add the fact that, had it not been for my wife, I probably would have driven +20 hours within 48 hours to go check out a silly laundromat (of all things) and not leave myself enough time to take in the unique natural beauty of the surrounding Yellowstone area…you know, “just in case.” I might as well have flown to Paris just to check out a bidet!

        • “Heavy loads and water high”…steam related?

          How about a Steamboat? The paddlewheel is steam driven and lifts heavy loads of water high on the paddle…and, “Steamboat” is a very popular brand of Canasta cards!

          ~ Wisconsin Mike

          • Interestingly enough, I found a plaque affixed to a rather sizable boulder that was dedicated to Robin Olds in Steamboat Springs, Colorado a few years ago while on a golf trip with my buddies. I wasn’t expecting that and it got my mind racing for a moment. Thankfully I had learned some Chase impulse control by then, but it was difficult to not just completely abandon the golf outing and start searching every nook and cranny of that place. Instead I opted to do both: play golf and search by “purposely” hitting my ball into the heather (at least that what I told myself). So, despite losing a dozen or so golf balls and not finding Indulgence, it was still the best worst-round I ever played!

    • I wish I had a picture or video of my guys face when I said pack your bags we’re going to Montana in the morning. He had no idea I was even working on the poem. But he was a trooper and stood by my side. Truth be told he knew if he didn’t go I was going alone, nothing was going to stop me. He knew I had a phobia of bears and I still was going. Well of of course we came home empty handed but my phobia of bears is gone.

  95. Bring water if your going to west Yellowstone. There’s some kinda water problem there currently.

  96. JDA,

    In Part 3 you said “Look at the illustration on page 146 of TTOTC – is not that a star studded canopy? Might this illustration be a hint?”

    IMO it’s not a hint, it’s the answer to WWWH. Look to the stars. Why would I say such a preposterous thing?

    Here are the anagrams of star;

    S tar
    T ars
    A rts
    R ats
    T sar

    I have so much than that, but what’s the point.

    Please take care. With much respect.


    • I agree, there is a lot more to that illustration than a star studded sky – JMO – JDA

    • Pina,

      Did that anagram / Star ever take your search south of St Fe?

      Just curious…Belen kept getting in the way of my perfect search area 🙂

    • You got me singing Coldplays Yellow. Look at the stars, look how they shine for youuuu and everything youuu do…

  97. I do believe that the solve comes from a verbal/semantic interpretation of the poem, as F says, “it’s straightforward” (if that in itself is not loaded with meaning!) But there are no doubt meaningful extras in there. I’ve found names, coordinates, messages in suggestive shapes, anagrams, a word that is “key”, as I’m sure most others have. You could attribute most of this to bias and coincidence, of course, but im leaning towards intended meaning for some finds. If nothing else, Fenn could reveal these nuggets if they are not directly part of the solve. (not saying he should)

    eg, From there it’s no place for the meek. I think has a actual solve, but as a crossword puzzle, it gives yellowstone. (“no set( =place)” anagram in front of meek=yellow) and others.

  98. The timeframe of to the find still doesn’t make sense to me. It was found on Saturday and FF announced it on Sunday…..I think it was really fast. If I were to find the chest…I would get my butt back east quick! We are talking about millions. If I lived in the same town as FF I would not have called or emailed him until the chest was home and secure. Even if FF placed contact info in the chest as proof that it was found…. I’m not reaching out until the chest is safe. If the finder was from back east he didn’t fly home with 40 pounds of treasure, so he hit the road with millions…..another reason to stay quite until safe…..everything was really quick to me. We’ll see.

      • That’s possible, Billy, especially if you believe the claims. But they seriously dented their credibility by claiming the treasure had been moved, in direct opposition to FF’s statements. That said, it may have been a decoy maneuver.

        If they did find it, as claimed, in August 2019, they may have been waiting until they had their legal ducks in a row, along with their potential buyer, before contacting FF.

        There were one or two things said on that site that made me sit up and take notice, but who knows?

        It is also just possible that FF delayed his announcement to allow a few more people to complete their solves, but I think that’s unlikely.

        To be honest, one can speculate until the cows come home, but it doesn’t get us anywhere.

        • Forrest purposely stated the chest had not been moved to discredit their claims. Good one Forrest!

        • I should add that, FF stated for an interview that the treasure was found “a few days ago.” That would appear to rule out an earlier find unless the “proof” was only obtained at the later date.

          • Yes, I believe they’ve been intentionally vague due to legal reasons. Plausible deniability and what not. Unless Forrest had a tracker on it, he would never known it had been moved until they contacted him or a second finder found the empty hiding spot.

        • Vox—-

          I went on that site also. I think they may have found it in 8-2019 as they claim. They were giving until 8-2020 for a bid to come in high enough to know it wouldn’t be beaten easily.

          I think that finally came through and they have contacted Forrest. Their reasoning is very interesting. It does make you sit up and take notice as you said.

          I am personally very sad if they really did find it and are pursuing this course of action. I wanted to see a redneck find it and give the bracelet back to Forrest with a big grin on their face. 🙂

          • Sorrow, do you think that the chest was moved from the spot without Forrest knowing, he’s been saying he knows the chest is still where he hid it 10 your ago.

      • What if the hidey spot was found to be empty last year? An empty spot
        can hardly be sold for a substantial sum. I’m not very surprised that some
        folks are (how do I say this politely?) . . . “skeptical” of what we’ve recently been told.

        • If rumors are true, then hopefully there is something there for first loser, lol. Either way, I will leave a small token at the site if all holds true. I don’t even care if I’m 10th loser to the site, I will be happy to know I got there.

  99. Thanks Forest, Thanks Dal! Congrats to the finder. So much much fun. Stretched my brain in many directions and I learned about so many topics I previously knew nothing about. I had so many crazy ideas. Canopies of stars – stick drawings – constellations were just a part of it. The greatest part was having fun with my cousin in some great outdoor adventures in magnificent surroundings. Looks like we all got to experience similar treasures. Best wishes to all.

  100. Lets assume the chest is still out there and Forest wants to help us out in 2020 so he surprises us with a hint on how to help. The hint goes like this: “It is under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. The first takeaway for me is the chest is now referred to as ‘it’. Now apply that back to the poem and see if ‘it’ helps you more than another word.

      • The chest is found, the hunt is over, the deed is done… No one has dibs on the location or a solve anymore…. Blurt away.

      • Knowing that definition of “it” wasn’t needed, although it may have been helpful/conFIRMing.

        The poem has been unlocked for a long time, but BOTG searching was important in finding the specific (small) hidey place.

        For all practical purposes, one adult searcher at a time could enter that
        place, and its capacity was about one when I was last there.

        When I say “last”, it has me thinking about a sandwich. Please don’t get me started talking about “sloppy joe”.

        COVID, COVID, go away.
        Please DON’T come back;
        I’m going to Pray.

        As always, IMO.

  101. Did anyone ever think that where warm waters halt was actually www. Using that as the starting point and figuring out the rest of the address? That’s how I came up with some of my solves.

    • I think I’ve seen multiple solves based on that idea. For a while, there was even a website at that held nothing more than a picture that would change every so often. (The site appears to be down or offline now.)

      Some people thought it was part of the Chase. Others thought it was just somebody messing around and sowing confusion.

      Personally, I never gave the “www.” approach serious consideration. It just doesn’t seem to fit Forrest’s personality.

  102. I also believe that where warm waters halt was an actual clue besides the www. That clue to me was the Colorado, New Mexico border. New Mexico has warm water fisheries, Colorado does not. Then it was whether to go North into Colorado or back south into New Mexico. I had solves for both scenarios.

    • In my solve, the clue was warm waters. In the definition of warm is yellow, and in the definition of waters is the word stone. In the next line is the word “and” which means to connect words. yellow stone

      • That’s a nice approach.

        The word waters (plural and not in the “water high” line) is also seen once more (and only once as far as i can tell) in the poem, if it’s left aligned. So if warm means close by, then wwwh refers to a place in the poem itself. I think that this one is coincidence, but you never know what fun F must have had setting his traps and red herrings!

        • I went down some of the same dead end streets 2 and 3 times. It was so easy to go off track. And I just couldn’t seem to learn.

  103. I was just wondering about everyone’s solves. For the solves that are outside of YNP why do you think your spot was so special to Forrest? And has everyone seen the chest the at Detroit Institute of Arts? They say it’s called a bronze casket. It says it not on display right now but it was a gift from Mr and Mrs John L Booth, John was a wealthy business man from Detroit, he died in 1992. I don’t know how many copies of the same chest where made back then but this the exact same as the one Forrest hid.

    • maybe it’s where he had some sort of epiphany, maybe regarding his rule book. It’s a place that he wanted to be buried at so perhaps it was where he was at his happiest, so you can imagine what might have transpired there if that was the case. Could’ve been a proposal, a first time, or maybe he found something there. Must have been a happy/spiritual event to want to be buried there and give it the sort of reverence that he seldom returned.

      • Thanks J A. I only live a hour from Detroit. If they put that chest/casket on display I’m going to go see it since I will probably never get a chance to see the one Forrest hid.

    • I always thought it had something to do with electricity. Forrest said it was a lightning strike moment for him. I think he had something big to say. The big picture. He talked about peace and protecting earth. War stories and stories about electricity. Fossil fuels are destroying earth. Why did the chest weigh 42 lbs? Did he have to use gold dust to get it to that weight? I believe the chest represented oil. 42 gallons equals one barrel of oil. Of course this is just my opinion and just a theory.

    • He seemed to be very emotional about his dog Rusty who he buried outside the search zone. Might he have buried an earlier pet at the site? Perhaps even the ashes of a friend – some to ride the final trail with as it were? Might he have struck a deal with God there during cancer? He clearly tied it with death from the start. He states that it had to be there, that spot, no other consideration.

      • IMO, you’re onto something here. Does anyone know how many pets he had between 1988 and Tesuque? FF said there were a couple of surprises along with the chest. Urns/ashes may still be there. Finder wouldn’t take those, right? And it could be one of his verifications: what else was there?

    • Why was the spot special to ff? I think that’s part of the story inside the chest, and very personal. Of everything he’s said, among the most important IMO was that he has ‘great respect’ for that place. IMO, that rules out a lot.

  104. WWWH is a mountain pass. Which one…. Forrest told us that there are many WWWH’s… most of them are north of Santa Fe. As child traveling with anticipation from Temple Texas through Cody Wyoming, to West Yellowstone he was intimately and excitedly aware of the Ishawooa trappers legend… when then horses reigns broke, the warm waters of spring had halted, and the passes where clear for travel.

    On many questions… he simply said “I’ll pass”. Not seeing this is an example of folks stomping on ants while the elephant was walking by…

    He also told us to look at the big picture,,, a map of the rockies…. and that there are no short cuts…. you need a mountain pass.

    Dal you are good man. Thank you for all you have done for the Chase.

  105. Dawn this is a response to your question. So I’ve already said that I believe where warm waters halt was the border of New Mexico and Colorado. Below the home of Brown in my solve for New Mexico was the Pueblo Indians. Specifically the Tewa better known as the Brown story tellers. The relation to Forrest is obvious as he bought his own Pueblo ruin. In my Colorado solve the Gome of Brown was the Historic army base In Fort Garland Colorado. Every building there is painted Brown and I believe the old army uniforms were brown in color. There is also a lost treasure story related to that particular base. It was a payroll heist where the gold was pushed off the wagon into A creek and never known to of been found. Forrest spent his life looking for treasures. Once I heard about the type of gold coins in the chest I found that those coins were also the type of coins used back when the payroll was lost. I surmised that Forrest found that treasure. Hint of treasures new and old.

    • I like the Fort Garland solve. Has the provenance of the items in the chest ever been established?

    • I like this idea. He obviously loved pueblos. I can see how special this would be for Forrest.

  106. Everyone is talking about their solves including me, but honestly they are really only partial solves because none of us have the chest. Just saying.

  107. Deano,
    I’m not sure what exactly you mean. But there are stories that individual coins have been found by treasure hunters.

  108. Congratulations to ever found the chest and to forrest who hid the chest that was a really good hidey spot.

  109. Anyone else think that “The home of brown” could of been a river bed? Brown trout live in a river and what below them…A river bed!!! Haha..maybe a clue but it was part of my first solves. I never counted it out

    • Yes I never counted that out either. Same with beavers being home of brown after reading Journal of a Trapper that Forrest said he read a dozen times. The capital B always threw me off. I had beaver for my 1st BOTG solve.

      • You know what cracks me up about giving the many different solves out? Its the fact someone is remembering their BOTG and saw a river bed!!! Missed it by that much \o/! lol maybe…never know!!!

        • There was a creek in my solve that all these little gold flakes that glimmered in the sun. It was just fools gold but it was beautiful.

          • You ever see Diamonds on the lake or river before? Gosh…now I just want to get out and explore and catch those feelings again

        • I don’t know about diamonds but I’ve seen some beautiful river glass. They are just as magnificent as diamonds to me.

  110. One of my many thougths on warm waters actually had me researching a famous writer named Frank waters who died in Arroyo Seco NM near Taos I thought when warm waters halt, it meant the end of life. FF would have had to read books by Frank and maybe he would have been inspired by them. Google him. I thought that where warm waters halt was the end of a life. So I thought it could begin where Franks ashes are. And then I read TTOTC on page 147 he tells you where his Mother & Father are buried, he tells us the row & block …..maybe I wasn’t as crazy as my wife said I was LOL Also, The end is ever drawing Nigh…Gallup NM the long walk mural…google it….sorry we all want this over, but who was close LOL

  111. Up
    out. back

    i was just wondering if this is the way we should have been looking at our compasses all along

  112. I’ve always felt there were 2 sides to Forrest – I won’t go into details, but the “find” statement brings me back to 2 songs that were a part of my …stuff:

    Cold Play – Yellow
    Muse – Take a Bow

  113. UP

    I wonder if this is how we should have been looking at our compasses all along

    • sorry all – I misspelled my user name the first time and thought it didn’t post.. Now it posted twice.

  114. The fact that Fenn said the words: canopy, lush, and stars is closure enough for me…thanks Comanche.!

  115. I’m sure this has been talked about before, but with the amount of comments and pages regarding the find I just don’t want to go through them.

    Not trying to start a conspiracy theory, just asking people’s thoughts. Is there a chance that someone sent him the correct solution to the poem, the exact location of the TC and even said they were heading there to retrieve IT. Sending him a picture of the exact location. FF then let’s everyone it’s over as that person was going there. Now, with no update, is there a possibility the person who might have done this did not go to retrieve it because he said it was found?


    • James,

      Very plausible. I literally discussed this as a possibility with my wife this morning

      • My only issue with this possibility is there was someone on the Santa Fe news article stating she knew the person who found it. We all know how many cooks are out there.

        • James,

          There are more cooks than we can count lol. I’ve seen half a dozen people claim that they know who found it and twice as many claim that they had found it

    • The one who figures out the clues would never listen to Forrest. Just sayin’. He listens to the beat of a different drummer. He didn’t listen when Forrest said stay out of the mountains in the dead of winter. He took a snowmobile and drove it through an avalanche warning zone. He didn’t listen when Forrest said it’s not under water. He took snorkeling gear and a wetsuit and waded across a raging river barefoot. He’s a knife-wielding gun-toting backwoods cowboy that searches by the seat of his pants. He eyeballs Buffalo from 3 feet away, he outruns a pack of hungry wolves through the snow, and he snaps pics of grizzlies from 25 yards away. He’s not your conventional searcher at all. He’s been killed caked off the blogs too many times to count. He didn’t listen to sound advice then and he’s not going to listen to it now. Just my opinion.

    • James,

      Doubtful, for 1 reason.
      1. That would be an unfair advantage. Forrest would never do that.

      Integrity…ya either have it, or ya don’t.


      • I was thinking about the amount of people who email him. Im assuming it’s in the hundreds. It could have been someone who sent it to him months ago and he just read it recently. That’s where my mind was at.

        • I feel sure that he has filters set up to redirect emails from specific persons (such as lawyers, family, close friends, and now the Finder) to one or more separate inboxes for more immediate attention. But it is a good point that even with a catchy subject line, the initial email from the Finder may well have set unread in his inbox for any amount of time before he finally saw it and opened it.

    • totally implausible. What’s with you guys even dreaming up that stuff. Forrest said it is found. Period! Forrest said he will be back. period! Once Forrest, the finder, the lawyers, accountants, publicity agents, etc get it all sorted out we will get what we need. Would you rather he said nothing and you spent thousands on BOTG after it was found? He was gracious enough to announce it was found! Get a Grip. Chill Out. You literally followed his every word for 10 years. Why stop now?

  116. For all the posters of second place solutions: When I was in high school running track, our coach would remind us that the “second place runner was the first to finish last”.
    Next week is Father’s Day. Why not remind Forrest of his blessings and give him pause to celebrate…..because we’re all second place finishers.

    • A friend of mine has a phrase he likes and shirt that reads “second place is First Loser”

    • Your coach sounds like a bully.

      There is no point playing a game if victory is paramount. We play the game and enjoy it and try to be a role model for the kids behind us.

      We were all blessed to find Forrest Fenn and the Chase, I agree.

      • Sounds like you’re from the camp that every T-Baller deserves a trophy. That wouldn’t be the mindset of Forrest’s or even Marvin’s generation. Not every Jack or Jill has their “cream rise to the top”.

    • My track coach always said, “If you can’t win the race, make the guy in front of you break the record.” Don’t know if it applies here, but I think it’s a bit more motivational.

      • It actually does. The second-place Chaser spurred my effort to get in under the wire. More to come (soon, I hope)

    • Second place at least means you had the guts to enter the race, and you didn’t give up. A lot of people never make it out of the grandstands.

      • I’ll borrow the lottery analogy I saw someone else post a thread ago for this one:
        “You can’t win if you don’t play.” Here, the prize is less than Powerball, but the odds are just a bit better. Say half a million chasers and 10 spots for each on average [just one for some, a hundred for others], so maybe 5 million search spots and one right one.

        • Whenever my mother complains that her lottery tickets never win anything, I would tell her “You can’t lose if don’t play.” Then I would tell her that there was much better odds with the Fenn treasure.

    • There is a mechanic shop by my parents house in Arvada, Colorado that I swear Forrest owns. They have this old school sign board where, every few months they rotate out little sayings or “words of wisdom” that so remind me of Forrest. One of my favorites was a Will Rogers quote that said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

      Might not be the case for every searcher that may end up being “close” if/when the location is revealed, but there is a truth to it that would be personally convicting to me if I learn that one of my solves was in the “close” category.

      As it stands, I’m just grateful we were told the treasure was found. There was no guarantee that would even happen and Forrest said as much. Don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t want to spend unnecessary resources looking in vain for something that was no longer there.

      • Hi I grew up in Arvada. What shop is it and where? Just curious.
        And I totally agree regarding not wasting my time searching for nothing. I do get the feeling that something is up but at the very least I’m glad he announced it so I can go on with life. This whole thing has been pretty cool though and I have a few good stories to tell. I’ve always enjoyed listening to Forrest tell his stories. He’s done so much in his life and is one of my everyday hero’s.

        • Right on! Nice to meet a fellow Arvadan! It’s on the northeast corner of Ward Rd. and 52nd (right by where Jolly Rancher used to be). Use Street View in Google Maps to see what I mean.

          I completely agree with all your sentiments regarding Forrest and my own experiences in this Chase. I’m without a doubt a better person because of him and what he created. Not sure if something is up per say, but I’m content knowing I gave it my best shot even though I fell short. Learning the answers as to where we all fell short (save the Finder), is something that was never promised us, so I’ve made peace with the fact that it’s possible we’ll never know.

          Quite honestly, it’s my opinion that the correct solution is possibly worth more than the chest and it’s contents, if handled the right way. I had a plan as to how I would do it so I could leave the treasure intact and within my possession while creating something searchers and non-searchers alike could enjoy. It would have respectfully given all the other searchers the closure they needed for this Chase and then, once the time was right, I was going to hide it again and let the adventure continue! Ugh, it would have been awesome (although probably short-lived as I’m not near as clever as Forrest)! Oh well, such are the plans of mice and men…gang aft a-gley!

  117. I started my mild obsession with this marvelous chase about 2 years ago. Studied the poem, studied the maps, studied some more. All good fun. Finally convinced my brother to join me on a BOTG last spring to NM (May 2019). It was loads of fun and we loved every minute. Like many others here, our solve was based in Cimarron Canyon. My first thought was that it was placed somewhere near the dam at Eagles Nest, that just seemed so straightforward. We actually hiked all around there, right up to the dam’s face, even. Obviously found nothing. I think it was slightly improper for us to be there. Oh well. I got the sense a lot of folks had made the same journey. We had a few more solves in Cimarron Canyon, including hiking up dry creek beds and behind waterfalls. Nothing doing as far as treasure, but what beautiful country, what an excellent time. It was just a long weekend for us (we both live in CA), but we hiked tons and ate well and met genuine people and just enjoyed the hell out of the whole thing. I just wanted to come here and say thank you Forrest, thank you for giving us this thrill, and for bringing my brother and I closer than ever. And thank you Dal, for setting up this site. I bought two of the t-shirts advertised here, one for me one for my brother, so we’ll always have a physical keepsake.

    SO WHERE WAS THE TREASURE???? Like so many, I’m still on pins and needles to find out. Thanks to everyone for sharing here, and thanks to all searchers for your spirit of adventure and fun. This country is going through a very painful period, and it seems no one has anything in common (except for maybe a resentment of the “other side,” a resentment that is manufactured, IMHO), but it gives me solace to know there’s so many people who share my love of adventure, nature, a good mystery, and the Thrill of the Chase! Peace my friends, Forrest you are a hero.

  118. so the “blaze” was located under a “canopy of stars”. I mean did we all just participate in an elaborate 10 year masonic ritual which allowed ff to become a 33 degree freemason?

  119. Over the years there have been a few people on various forums who I thought were hella smart, ones to watch. I even wrote some of the names down in a file in my Forrest Fenn Folder (“peopletowatch.doc”).

    I would say, of all of them, one guy named Jeff Lynch (who I believe was from Raleigh NC) stood out. There was just something about the way he posted on this site and also I think on FB that told me, don’t be surprised if this guy finds it!

    Guess we’ll never know.

    • It’s 1 week now since the announcement of the treasure find, I’m ready for another update

    • more anagram fun
      ” Forrest Fenns Treasure” = fortune ere stars ferns ( ere means before).

  120. How about, “www”. stands for, “wild, wild, west”. You have to start somewhere North of Santa Fe. IMHO.

    • In my view, the first stanza of the poem hints at where to start looking for “wwwh”. At least, it did for me.

        • I agree. For me, the first stanza reveals a state and a locale within that state. My WWWH is nearby.

          • As I = Arizona Island – Jackson Lake
            Have Gone – Half Moon Bay – Jackson Lake
            Alone in There – Hermitage Point – Jackson Lake
            and with my treasures bold – My three (tre) sure bold
            Three bold = Grand Tetons
            I can = Ike Canned = Eisenhower Fired Douglas = Douglas Knob and Fired
            Keep my secret where – Keep mice secret where= Mice are kept secret in a hole.

            The first stanza seems to be indicating the Grand Tetons and the southern parts of Yellowstone and the Firehole river.

  121. good day.
    here is a neat solve i found. google earth – 35.758486, -106.253148
    please note.
    1. the small black square ( 1’x1′ ) on the giant free standing rock shaped like an arrow head (one of forrests prize possession in an arrow head).
    2.this arrow point to sante fe.
    3. a little bit down (100 ft) and to the left is a white patch of rock ( a blaze). name white rock a little ways up the rio grande
    5.this is not on but beside a pueblo indian ruins site in Frijoles rito de los.

  122. I wish Dal wouldr delete all posts that are about theories or accusations of hoax, lies, Forrest cudda done this, Forrest shudda done that, and so on. Get a grip people! Forrest said it was found! Forrest said he will be back! Once Forrest, the finder, the lawyers, accountants, publicity agents and so on get it resolved, we will get everything. You literally followed his every word for 10 years. Why stop now? Settle down. Get your solve on record so you can say how close you were. But stop whining and expressing the worst. It serves no purpose. There is no basis. It’s just conjecture. Dal needs to create a whiners page!

    • meBigGuy—-

      Great idea. I’m not going to put the full solve. But I think it was found very close to Rock Creek near Alder Creek in Montana. I had BOTG at end of 8-2019. The people who claim they found it say they retrieved it in 8-2019. I hope my solve wasn’t stolen out from under me. I hope in a way that I am very far off. We’ll see.

    • @MebigGuy I might have seen 1 or 2 but for the most parts its been fun in here. we looking at the same thing or is bragadocious something u relish in. Bit over the top there Big Guy

      • actually, when I went back and read today’s comments, it seems to have calmed down a lot. Maybe all the entitled got it off their chests. I’ll plead guilty to over-the-top. Also, I’ve been polluted by Reddit, so maybe over reacted here. I’ll stay on the high road from here on out. (up the west fork of the Madison a bit).

  123. Life sure is in the flux….ever changing… day finds you where the day before left you. It has been said that “Life Is Like The Colorado River, Many Death Defying Rapids, But The River Always Smoothes Out Afterwards”.

    First the virus, the treasure found, civil unrest, national financial uncertainty….HOLD ON to your oars…..we are headed to smooth floating on mirrored glass. Soon we will be sipping from half full glasses again.

  124. This is all so strange. Was the Treasure really found or…

    “Excuse me sir, excuse me”. (takes out a very short pencil and wets the end with his tongue, then takes out a small notebook to write on). “What makes you think it hasn’t been found? If you’d be so kind, could you explain that please.”

    “Colombo? Is that you? This is crazy. Nice Basset hound by the way”

    “Oh, thank you sir. He doesn’t say much. But he’s a good friend”. (Puts his hand to his forehead). “Now about that Treasure. I want to promise you sir that I will be looking at this closely.” (writes in his little notebook with the end of a cigar still in his fingers).

    “Thanks Lieutenant, we all want to know if this is for real or not”.
    “You can be sure I’ll find out. (begins to walk away then turns back) “one more thing sir. This Fenn fellow. Have you ever met him?”

    “No I haven’t. But he seems like a very honest man.”

    “Thank you sir” (picks up his dog and walks towards his gray car). “I’ll be in touch”(waves over his head as he walks away).

    • Thank goodness Columbo is over cause i got the gas peddle to the floor and im lookin for some Daisy Dukes!

    • Yes it is strange. IF it is true, they said that the agreement with the buyer is that they cannot reveal the location, which is also strange if they are anonymous and the location wouldn’t matter. However, it wouldn’t prevent Forrest from giving us the solve and location. So who knows. I just hope he gets his bracelet.

    • “crean” Where have I heard that before?
      “Anthony” I have been there before.
      Happy Feast Day of St. Anthony of Padua.

  125. hello all- first time post on any site pertaining to your searches
    have read poem many times but have never had or read book or made trip from california desert to enjoy the beautiful landscapes in all 4 states
    have really enjoyed reading the creative thinking by all to come up with so many places to look!! I found a topo map of area north of chama that shows quite a few waterfalls up a forest service road 121. i figure someone probably looked up there since I have seen Chama mentioned and that road goes past rancho del oso pardo. i am glad that someone solved puzzle and would just like to know if there is snow there thru June? do the falls flow all summer long?
    thank you for any info I have no solve but do think that that chest was not in one state- maybe it was in 2- sitting right next to a survey marker on the colorado/new mexico state line!! appreciate any help planning a summer getaway

  126. I have not read all of the previous posts so please forgive me if this is is redundant. Of the few that I have read, most remind me of the scene in Forest Gump when he stopped running and everyone says “what do we do now”.
    In my opinion, Forrest owes me nothing and if it is never revealed where the chest was found I could live with that.
    I want to thank Forrest and Dal for this wonderful journey and all of the great adventures that my family and I have had in the chase.
    My hat is off to the person that figured out what all of the rest of us were unable to. Best wishes to you and please be careful who you trust.
    On to the next adventure!

    • I strongly disagree. We have only FF’s word for the hide and the find. Had the finder kept his mouth shut we would not be having the Forrest Gump moment. We would all still be out there chasing. FF has been put on the spot, and evidently promised Dal more info. Guessing Dal may be on his way to Santa Fe. Until a reveal this has been as big a hoax as Orsen Wells radio program “War of the Worlds.

    • Well said. This is a “Forrest Gump moment” for the searchers *and* for Forrest himself. (I think the Finder has plenty to keep him busy for a while now. Well, and Forrest, for a little while longer.)

      Forrest is faced with adjusting his life to a world where there is no more need for hints and no more “thrill” of the ongoing Chase. And the searchers are faced with adjusting their lives to a world where there is no Forrest Fenn Treasure to Chase. (Although I still think there are still certain rewards other than gold for trying to solve to the hiding spot, even if you can not be certain if you have found it or not. The adventure is its own reward.)

      The entire world of the Chase is faced with that eternal question, “What next?”

      Forrest said he tried to think of everything. I wonder if the sly fox thought of that. 🙂

  127. Fenn’s own words:
    “Well actually I was a little bit shocked because I hid it in a pretty good place and lots of people over the years couldn’t find it. But this man followed the clues in my poem and they took him right to the treasure and that was what it was all about. Nobody should have risked their lives, but certainly there were some losses, tragic losses, and I’m very sorry for that. It’s been a good thing. A lot of people have really enjoyed the mountains and I get emails from them and they say they’re going to keep coming back . That was one of my motives in hiding the treasure, but it has now been found, so the search is over.”

  128. For those questioning arbitrary solve techniques, I have to tell you, I love anagrams. I use them all the time in my puzzles, usually with a creative twist.

    HOWEVER. When you get to anagramming 30+ letters you can pretty much extract anything you want from a string that long. Anagrams only work in puzzles when the strings are very short. You get above 10 letters and there are just too many possibilities.

    Remember the David Blaine treasure about 16 years ago? That used a lot of anagrams. But they were very short, and when you threw the letters into an anagram solver, the answer phrases were always among the top results.

    Of course … when you’re trying to solve a puzzle, you have to try to get inside the head of the person who created it. Would an inexperienced puzzle writer, someone who didn’t have anybody playtest the poem, create a 30-letter anagram thinking it was solveable? Possibly!

    • maybe its not anagrams. but they sure are fun.
      could be some kind of radix annex deal.
      : )

    • Hear ME all and listen good – another word for me is I. Homonyms of I (besides Forrest) = the letter i and eye. “As i have gone alone in there” brings us to the question of where. One place in the poem is where “warm waters halt”. Add the letter i to warm waters halt and it anagrams to altar-wise warmth. Wedding of the Waters is my WWH. (Symbolic for Peggy.) F also said to merry the clues. Another where is up my creek. As eye have gone alone in there becomes BirdsEYE Creek which overlooks the road mentioned in The Long Ride Home where he and Skippy never fought again. (Symbolic for him being a pilot and Skippy. As i have gone alone in “the blaze”, it becomes Elizabeth. (Symbolic for his pet cow, Bessie). F’s response so someone asking about whether the blaze was a real thing (or something like that) “IN A WORD, yes. I believe he was being literal. From WWH to Elizabeth lode is not far but 24.2 miles.

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