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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f



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596 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part five

  1. Hey Dal, rumor has it you’re headed to Montana to film at final location with Discovery Channel 🙂 I saw you say you’re not going to Santa Fe, so maybe this is true destination?

    • surf-
      I had two goals…nothing to do with chest or location or filming…
      1. Look at a small used trailer (1969 Aristocrat Land Commander) for Ezy to pull around
      2. Visit Yellowstone in summer without crowds
      But then throttle on Ezy stuck and after a screaming and lurching ride we managed to get things kinda/sorta under control and headed for home rather than continue on…
      We bought the trailer and it is now sitting proudly next to the house.
      I need a name for Ezy’s new companion…

      • Hey Dal, sorry to hear you had to head back – sounds like you’re in same boat as us, biding time while awaiting more news.

        Name for new companion – that’s easy, Peasy! 🙂

      • Dal…amazing how much trouble and conspiracy you stirred up by just leaving the house…perhaps we should assign some paparazzi to track your every move and report back.

        • My name is similar in thought to yours, Bob. I was thinking of the name “Honey,” as in “Come on, Honey!” 🙂

      • Hi ya Dal,
        off the top of my head how about Chase cargo?
        Slogen, Have cargo will travel 🙂

      • Dal,

        Like naming a boat, I like it…

        Two thoughts.

        You can name it “AfterYou”
        Then you can always say to Esmeralda, “I named it after you!”
        Or you can tell your wife, “I named it after you!”


        You can name it “AfterEzy”
        Then you can tell everyone else that you named it “AfterEzy”

        It’s been great hanging with you at Fennborees. Maybe we can get together at the “Fennboree Legacy” campfire next year.


          • Also, if you put the name on the back of your trailer, when you are chugging up a hill doing 50 in a 75 zone everyone behind you will know they can pass if they want….


          • In Don Quixote, his “horse’s” name was Rocinante; It’s what Steinbeck named his trailer in “Travel’s with Charlie”. I was going to use it if I could ever afford one.

        • Thats a good one, TimberWolf.

          I once named my dog Deefa. Everyone would ask, “Deefa?”.

          Id say, “Yes, D for dog”.

          • I knew two dogs with funny names:

            One I alway assumed was Italian because his name was “Diogi” but the owner finally told me the dog’s name was actually D O G (spell it out loud).

            The other was “Pita.” I asked “after pita bread?” and the owner said “No, after Pain In The Ass.”

      • I would name it Toad as it is towed. So you’d have Ezy and Toad – nice ring to it.

      • Dal – I think ‘Hunchback’ would be perfect. Since the Hunchback of Notre Dame loved Esmeralda. And, he famously said to her:

        “She gave me water.”

        You could chance the last word to ‘waters’ and emblazon him with those words.

        Did you name Esmeralda after that ship off the South American coast?

        I know you didn’t go to California to get your trailer, but seeing a pic might help us to name it:

        Kinda like the Sioux Indians in “Dances with Wolves” named John Dunbar, after watching him do that. Did you know the author, Michael Blake, wrote a sequel to that book, called, “Into the Stars”?

      • Peggy – as a tribute. Keeps you warm, safe, wont let you drive fast and hitched for the entire journey.

        • I was actually thinking “Hubby” or “The Mr.”

          Since Ezy has a strong personality, it only makes sense that whoever she gets “hitched” to, they would have to be the type that don’t mind getting dragged around everywhere!

        • Katballou: I like that one! The “Rider” suggestion was good, too. “Doesit” or “Goesit” were the first to pop into my head. I’m reminded of humorous boat names, like “Unsinkable II” (Roman numerals)

      • Hi Dal: great to hear that Ezy has a new friend to pal around with! You now have a lot more flexibility to explore distant places, and for extended durations now supported by that greater self-sufficiency. Congrats!

      • Earlier I said you should call your new trailer Toad as it is towed. You could also call it Anaxyrus or Anaxy for short as Anaxyrus is an American Toad.

      • Dal – thankfully you didn’t crash, or you’d have name it “Eggs ..over Ezy” 🙂

      • ” Frollo ” should follow Ezy
        They. were meant for each other, Frollo will love Ezy , not just for her body.

      • The name, “Walkabout” or “Going Walkabout”

        something (such as a journey) similar to a walkabout

      • Esmeralda is Spanish and means Emerald in English.
        Since that ole trailer will be your back up, why not call it “GreenBack.”
        Sounds like Ezy didn’t liked to be hitched up too much….

        • Nice Dal. The wife and I have been in the market for something similar

        • That’s a nice one Dal. My wife and I have been wanting one of the shasta spam cans for a long time. Easy to tow and just enough space and ammenities for us on the road.

        • Very cool and sweet vintage camper! Hey wait…the colors and cool and sweet just made me think of a Creamsicle! LOL!

        • Dal – Beautiful! Enjoy your adventures!

          Did you figure out the stuck throttle thing on Ezy??? Does that generally happen, when a van pulls a good sized trailer? Do you need some modification to make that work?

        • Sweet trailer Dal!

          The very first trailer, and new at that, my folks bought when I was a young teen was an Aristocrat Lo-Liner. We took that little thing everywhere, the Seattle World’s Fair, Yosemite, Death Valley, Mexico, the Redwoods, etc.. That little trailer is what really spawned my interest in the great outdoors.

          A lot of memories were created in that little thing.


        • Great camper, Dal. I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fun and adventure. My husband and I started out camping in tents in our earlier years and felt every stone under our sleeping bags, then moved on to an old Stury and then a Coleman when the kids were at home. As we got older, setting up the pullout beds and setting the frames became challenging on our backs so we purchased a 19′ Nash three years ago. We love it. We continue to have a lot of fun traveling to Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain National Park.

        • Oh Dal – another thot on the name….
          How ’bout “BUCK.” ?
          That way when you are slowing up the traffic behind you, you can wave at em to go on around.
          How’s that for “passing the Buck.”

          (But I do like Peaches.)

          • I’m moving again. But this time you won’t know where.

            FCC for phone and computer is what I understand. As needed per the silence. Happy to report it all and truly move on. I can’t take the anxiety anymore.

            I hope it results in good winning over hate. That is my prayer.

        • Hope to see it at “Fennboree Legacy” in Hyde Park next year!!

          Can’t wait to hear all the solves around the campfire!


      • Camp poor. Ezy. Rider. Tag a long. Wait up . Last place . Chester .little blaze . Night zel. Skweaky catchup .Sleepy. Just got hitched. Zig zag.

      • You could call it Cinatit ….
        That is the inverse op Titanic. So it becomes unsinkable

      • It has to be Peaches . He named it already and don’t know it . Dal said its peach not pink . Unless he paints it .

        • After seeing the picture, it has to be “Peaches” (That happens to be the name i gave our sheep dog, case she “clings” to me) . LOL, Lots of travel fun for the future!

  2. I feel sorry for the people of Santa Fe. Their economy Just took another HUGE hit. It’s been reported that up to 40% of Santa Fe’s revenues were generated from folks coming into town in search of the treasure. First COVID-19, and now the treasure has been found…

    • * * * * * *
      “It’s been reported that up to 40% of Santa Fe’s revenues were generated from folks coming into town in search of the treasure.”
      * * * * * *

      Maybe (never seen any such claim myself).

      Clearly not. Even if just counting revenue from tourist traffic alone, that would mean 800,000 treasure searchers visit Santa Fe every year.

  3. Dal,

    Has atone physically checked in on the Fenn’s to see if they are alright?

  4. I was thinking about the finder of the chest and that if he wanted total anonymity why did he contact Forrest to inform him that he had found it? He could have just kept quiet and eventually sold off the chest and contents or other means of disposal. Maybe there was a note in the chest with maybe a large digital number and that if he contacted Forrest giving the correct number Forrest would know for certain that he was the finder and had the chest. The “reward” for doing so would be a large cheque in the post thus giving Forrest said finders name and address.
    OR then again maybe not!

    • If someone else was killed while searching after the finder found the chest but kept quiet, that would be on his shoulders.

    • My view, too. Had I found it, I was planning on mailing f a letter and asking to meet him in one of his favorites restaurants, saying I had some news about a silver bracelet with turquoise stones.

      I’d offer the bracelet to him in the one condition that he not say the treasure had been found.

      Easier to dispose of large nuggets and old coins if revenuers aren’t alerted to be looking for them. 😉

    Go get your TTOTC BOOK I am about to show you Where the WHERE is.
    Look at the dust cover you see three pictures ok turn the book clockwise or
    to the right a quarter turn.Ok now look at the top two pictures the top of the
    pictures make a BIG M or W Ok now go to google earth go N of
    West Yellowstone to 287 and 191 junction put this junction at bottom
    of your screen now look up you should be able to see Kirkwood Ridge and
    Redstreak Peak theses two mountain tops are the points on the M or the W
    Now turn it to the right a quarter turn the M will appear ok now turn it another
    quarter turn to the right you will have Hebgen Lake at the top of your screen and the corner of Wyoming at bottom middle of your screen you should be
    able to see the back of Comanchero Jose Tafoya page 88 ,89 OUAW
    First stanza of the poem treasures Bold by now I should have your Attention
    If you want more email Ooh Ra
    Semper. Fi Clint phone 231-878-2226 IMO

  6. I have been searching for the treasure since 2010 and up until now have resisted posting my “solve”. But it appears the search is over, one way or another, so I think it’s time. Many of you understand it’s impossible to fit ten years of research into one post, so I’ll do my best to consolidate. The first route I discovered for the poem, about two months into the search in 2010, was the Outlaw Trail. Specifically, Elzy Lay, who had a daughter named Marvel and who stared at her while she and her mother stood on the porch of their cabin after he was released from prison. His wife wouldn’t take him back and he was forced to leave their home. WWWH was Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon, at Hole in the Wall. HOB was Robbers Roost in Utah (Where the outlaw Cap Brown used to live – that’s why Brown was capitalized.) Take it to Brown’s Hole in Colorado (No place for the meek) and finally, Turkey Creek in Red Cliff, Colorado. These are all names of hideouts along the Outlaw Trail, even though some are not the actual locations. In Red Cliff, I found the Water Street & High Street, along the railroad tracks in Red Cliff. “Heavy loads and Water, High.” During this time, I also discovered a poem by Andrew McGlaughlin with a section entitled “O’ Cum to the Greenwood Shade.” The cemetery in Red Cliff is called Greenwood Cemetery. I made three trips there early on looking for additional clues. Fast forward a year and I found a second route between Sun Lodge, Ketchum and Haley Idaho (The home of Architect John Marvel, who used to live in Santa Fe and was now knee deep in water rights controversaries.) I made three trips there, as well, before Fenn said it wasn’t in Idaho. I also hiked to Blackjack Ketchum’s Cave on Turkey Creek in Philmont and slept in the same room as Jesse James in St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NW. I was convinced the poem referred to many routes like this, many of them not in the Rocky Mountains. I found the Pink Floyd route (Warm Waters = Friendly Roger Waters = “Ass Hole in The Wall” = A Hole in the Wall”), The love story between Ethel Waters and Lena Horne, the love story between W.B. Yeats and Maude Gonne, the Titanic, The band REM, The Wise River in Montana, The Cross of Snow in Colorado, The Empire Strikes Back, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Magdalen and Jesus, Don Quixote, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Oren Lyons, the Coney Island fire Native American Vision Quests, Twin Peaks, the death of a Samurai, the assassinations of JFK, Lord of the Flies, Frankenstein, Cheers, Seinfeld… too many to name, but I started to find similarities. Most of these had two men, a “harry man” / Harriman, and a one woman. These were my clues, Little bird in the pocket waters of the green monster, To Kill the Deer, George pigeon-holed, The cross of George, George the jerk, George in Drag, The path of Martin, Port of Armes/Arms, a short, well-dressed midnight rider next to a tall, colorful woman, St. Mary’s Tower, Frank’s rock, Mad woman in the Cabin, Baby Doe Tabor, Frank’s grotto in the sky, Sword of Light, The eye of Horace, Orange men, In the upper room of the flat, The separation of Twins, In the shadow of the Iron Maiden… again, too many to name. But with the clues, I had two working theories to put them in order, the first was the colors of the rainbow. I had Red Cliff, Orange Men, Yellow Brick Road, Green Monster, Blue Lake, Indigo Girls, Purple Heart, Pink Floyd, etc. The second was a numerical scheme which I started to find in many of the “routes”. Descendent of the great ONE. #2 under the cross, THREE Marys, July 4th, Boiler Room #FIVE, SIX sided tower, SEVEN sisters, Pieces of EIGHT, and NINE Dingbats. For many years I was convinced these related to two a Stormy Romance, a Rough Wooing, a Harlequin Romance, quarrelling lovers… you get the picture. I found a strong connection with Mill Stones and tried to find connections with many old mills in the Rockies. My specific solves: Right or wrong, I was looking at an old place called Church’s Mill which used to sit on Turkey Creek somewhere in Southwest Colorado. I could never find the specific location. I also looked at the area of Lyon’s Colorado. During the past six months or so, I found strong connections to the Pigeon Forge and Cades Cove area of the Smoky Mountains and within the past three months, was focused on constellations, specifically, Orien and the Moon in Gemini (The twins), and the Pleaides. After doing seven trips in the first two years, three to Red Cliff, Three to Idaho, and one to Cimarron, I realized how complicated It was and kept my boots back home in St. Louis, MO. I loved doing the research. I emailed Fenn a few times and told him the knowledge and education I found doing the search was far more than anything I ever learned in school. I’m ok with the search being over. It started as an obsession but gradually became a hobby. I’ll miss it dearly, but it’s time for me to move on to a new adventure. If the hidey spot is revealed, I will visit it, alone, and smile at the simplicity and complexity of it all.

    • Interesting to see some (A lot actually) research overlap! You and I would get along just fine…if you’re ever in Ut, hit me up for a beer and a chat!

    • Wow Mark. Curious if the drawings played into anything? Like Children with Ropes resembling The Tetons (milking Bessie)? Matching geography to the character.

  7. Hi All
    I hope Dal don’t Ax me for the above post.Have fun and think of this as a big
    combination lock turn it to left or right magnify demagnify.


  8. Some ‘bold’ predictions in my now humble opinion :
    Was the chest found in my state of Colorado? Nope
    Was it found in New Mexico? Nope
    Was it found in Wyoming or Montana? Yep
    Which one? You have to go ‘ find the adges’
    Did East Coast Ken find the chest? Yep
    Why him? Because guys with toothless avatars sometimes talk about ‘sequential water’ when making coffee.
    Will he give the solve before the movie? Nope
    Will he give one clue so everyone can check their solve? Yep
    Which clue should he give? Not far but to far to walk.
    Why is that the safest clue to give? Because everyone can work their solve and eliminate or verify without giving up the location.
    Is to far to walk about 3 miles? Yep
    Did at least 1/3 of all searchers drive by it? Yep
    Did Forrest laugh about this? Probably

    • Hi Wendell: I won’t rule out that it could be cowboy ken (due to his silence here), but if so, then of all the clues that he might give, it ain’t gonna be “Not far, but too far to walk.”

    • AFAIK, cowboy ken (lower case) has been silent here the month of June, which is a little atypical for a searcher who has been very intellectually invested in the Chase since its earliest days. While I don’t recall where he hailed from (or even if he ever said), I never would have labeled him “shy” based on the content and frequency of his posts.

      One thing I can say is that if ken ~was~ the solver/finder, then my solution is 100% wrong because not even my WWWH could be correct. The reason for reaching that conclusion is that ken made the following post here in August of last year in response to my mentioning past armchair treasure hunts like Kit Williams’ Masquerade:

      “Zap… I don’t believe this Chase is based on or similar to any of the armchair hunts.”

      Ken is informed enough to know the underlying solution to Masquerade, and so he would not have made that statement if he believed “Gallatin” or “Gallatin W MT” was Forrest’s intended keyword/keyphrase in the poem. The method of extraction of that key would clearly be an acrostic variant of Kit Williams’ solution. (Note that I’m not claiming that Forrest knew anything about Masquerade at the time he wrote the poem. In fact, there is one quote from Forrest that strongly suggests he did not.)

      No, what I’m claiming is that ken couldn’t have been using Gallatin as a keyword based on that August 2019 reply, and if that’s true then his solution and mine cannot possibly be the same.

      • I do believe ken is as good as a suspect as any. I always thought he was a front runner, and it very conspicuous that we haven’t seen him post. I haven’t read all of the posts since the finding mind you.

      • Hi Rudy: you and the others that like that area will appreciate that “canopy of stars” can anagram to “up a Red Canyon.” (Full disclosure: I believe it is nothing but an amusing coincidence, and I have never been drawn to that area.)

        • I don’t believe in anagrams since they’re naturally occurring, but alternatively “under a canopy of stars” anagrams exactly to “far out pass Red Canyon.” The treasure was found within the Red Canyon Creek watershed.

  9. Caller: “Hello Mr Obvious? First time caller, long time listener. Hey Mr Obvious, honestly what do you make of all the Chase chatter. I just heard that Forrest made another statement that the treasure was found and the search is over. All true?”

    Mr Obvious: “Well of course it’s true. Mr Fenn tells no lies. He only tells the truth. Of course there are just a few problems with that. First of all, Forrest sometimes doesn’t tell the whole truth. And sometimes when he does tell the truth, people don’t properly interpret his words. He sometimes uses obscure meanings of words when we assume the regular meaning.

    Caller: “Sooo … there’s still a chance that I can find the treasure?”

    Mr Obvious: “You? No. Not a chance. Zero. Nada. None. Zilch. But hey look at bright side, the sun is still shining, you’re healthy, good lookin’, intelligent and it’s another beautiful day. Right? And well you’re still breathin’ ain’t you?”

    Caller: “Yes, yes I am. Thanks Mr Obvious. You’re the best!”

    • Mr Obvious, I keep hearing these stories of pilates and how it may have played into the solve. What do you think of all this?

      • Pirates definitely. A pirate found the treasure. Kids love pirates. Everybody loves pirates. It was a pirate.

        • Chips Ahoy, Mate.
          I will bring the shovel and you bring the map.
          Oh – and don’t forget the milk.

      • Not sure. I think a pirate would get lost in all of this. Especially if he was one eye blind.

  10. You know if the solve is complicated a person could write a whole book just explaining the answer to WWWH. That would be interesting. One book per clue released over time. Let searchers try to think ahead to the next clue. Opinions?

    • That means the title of the first book release of the solve could be …

      “Where Warm Waters Halt” by
      Back East

      Geez I like that idea.

      • … and it is complicated. It took Forrest 15 years to create. It took at least 5 years for some genius working at warp speed to figure it out. The solve could be bigger than the Encyvlopedia Britannica using 8 point fonts. Maybe that’s what Forrest meant by big surprises.

    • Speaking of short stories – How about this one:

      “As the last man in the world sat at his desk, there came a knocking at his door.” End of book. 🙂 JDA

        • Lisa –
          I love “cliffhangers” – mystery and suspense.
          Keeps you on the edge of your seat – biting your nails.
          My hair has turned gray (or rather silver) from all the suspense in this wild and crazy Chase.
          Gosh – what’s your prediction for what’s gonna happen next?
          A real who-dunnit.

  11. Some thoughts why the treasure chest and the quest is not a hoax.
    First, Forrest is a Texan! Not that all Texans are particularly honest, heaven no!, but if you’d ever been to some of the small towns across Texas, particularly in the parts Fenn was from, (at least in years past from my experience), and you talk to some of the folks, especially older gentlemen of Fenn’s era, and earlier, you meat some really genuine folks. They are friendly, wise, generous, will talk for hours, and are honest as the day is long.

    Though FF lives elsewhere in later years, this is what struck me to have enough confidence in him- he is a Texan at heart. Plus, the creative sense exists within those folks to actually think outside the box, to set aside all the nonsense of the modern world, and simply apply the fundamentals to reason and philosophy of life.

    So it just makes plain sense that his kind of personality, background and life experiences, and so forth, would invent some crazy idea to hide a treasure. The fact that he laughed to himself as he left the TC adds even more credibility. It all makes sense that this Texan did something so wild, and he knows it.

    Furthermore, all financial scams work on a fundamental principle. First, there are all the believers, all those who are blinded by dreams of riches so as to lose all reason. The cons work on this principle, but there is one huge element missing- the financial payoff for the con artist!

    Fenn gains nothing financially from all this, maybe even a loss from litigation, not to mention the heart ache and troubles, especially at his time in life. His only pay-off is his desire to see more and more people to dream, get outdoors and enjoy the world. It was his last hoorah in life, to make a statement, to make people think and escape from the constant lunacy of the modern media that plagues us. And to leave a unique legacy to the world.

    Another aspect on this is that if the whole thing was a hoax, why would he suddenly end it? Just think, his desires were to get people outdoors, to dream, to be active, to be hopeful, positive, meet others, etc etc- all good stuff. Who knows how many years this Texan-at-heart has left in him (hopefully he lives until at least 110!), but the inevitable will come. So if were to all be a hoax, why end it? Leave it alone, and the mystery of the chase goes on forever. People centuries from now could be outdoors looking for that ‘stupid’ bronze box full of gold. While participating in the world, and dreaming.

    The mystery of it all will remain forever, that’s for sure!

    • Plus there are red flags with all con jobs and none to be found with the TOC I can see.

      There is always something amiss with a scam, something is not quite right. Careful, sharp and reasoned individuals should always be able to pick out details that don’t quite match the facts. Even the best scams ever will at least reveal something.

      Let’s just say Fenn’s story, at least to me, appears to be clean as a whistle.

    • Someone got to close !!! And it wasn’t the way he envisioned it to end so it ended with a twist. If it went down the way you say then there wouldn’t be this controversy. Suspicious!! 10yrs 100yrs 1000yrs he said I am ambiguous he said. Then why on the dates posted in his book it ended. Suspicious… that’s what got everyone in arms…

    • So, a week now to ponder and compose my thoughts. Being a Texas girl the beach/coast has always been where my church is. However, since coming across The Chase 3 years ago, the mountains now beckon me. We almost bought an RV! Never had a BOTG trip, because I never really nailed down the starting point although I’ve seen my ideas mentioned in a few of the solves. Even if we do not receive any more info, why not keep searching for this spot? FF has described it as a very secret, very special, dear private place. And now we know it’s under a canopy of stars with lush forested vegetation. I bet this place is SPECTACULAR considering all FF has seen in his lifetime for this to be his special place. If I still have to figure it out on my own, so be it. Treasure or no treasure, I’m still being beckoned. Thank you FF for putting a yearning for the mountains in this city girls heart. And thank you Dal for moderating an awesome website.

  12. is one trying to convince themselves? or the choir? neither should need convincing..

    all one has to do is simply watch and listen to a video of the person talking about the full concept for all of a couple of mins.

    oh and possibly one would need a good handle on character and reality to do all the convincing one needs.

  13. I am still going to my Spot. Only after the campgrounds are re opened.. To finish looking under the blaze.. And to see if any thing has moved…who knows ..Thanks FF. And Dal and Vox pops.. I had to thank vox. For FGM 23.. Vox amazed me with his comments and his imagination..

  14. Well, seeing as how it will be behind Ezy, “Future” would be a perfect name imo.

  15. I think the tension arising after Fenn announced that the treasure was found is unfortunate, but Fenn created that monster himself. I spent over eight years trying to make sense of that vague poem and could hardly believe that his announcement was another useless bit of vague language: “It was under a canopy of stars…” What the %$#$ is that?? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and guess that he was not prepared for anyone to find it, and as a result he did not have a detailed solution prepared for publication. However, he could have given up much more information than he did without risking the finder’s identity. Which state was it in? What is the blaze? Where do warm waters halt? How about a photo of the chest as it was hidden? These things could have been easily revealed.

    I keep hearing people say that Fenn does not owe the search community anything, but I feel that he does owe us a decent explanation of the solution. The search community has invested so much time, money, and blood into his game. Does he really get to walk away from it clean and say “it’s up to the searcher” with no further explanation?

    • Hi Nick: since Forrest seemed to enjoy dropping cryptic hints, I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the flowery language of the treasure-found post. For instance, “Under a canopy of stars” could just be a poetic way of saying below or south of Big Sky.

    • Canopy of stars…haha…I had convinced myself that the gold nuggets on the map page photo in the book are in the shape of the constellations Hercules & Lyra. With Lyra residing in the spot on a map that would be where the “key” would be (something about a good map).

      (another belief was that Forrest’s stick drawing in Scrapbook 180 is of the constellations Perseus and Cassiopeia)

      As for the comment: “…A few photos were cropped and some were enlarged, but that’s about it, except for the collage on page 133, which was her idea. f”…in this sentence, I believe the “which was her idea” refers to the cropped and enlarged and not the collage. He sometimes likes to confuse matters with the way he words things (like the time he mentioned his friends fish, with which he took his photo or something like that).

      From there I took the key word Lyra and started totally messing with the poem. Sliding lines back and forth as if it was going to reveal secrets if I got the lines to cross in the right places. yada yada yada ….no treasure chest.

  16. Gosh. Part 5 already and I haven’t even gotten thru the Part 4 posts yet.


  17. Where’s all the prover searchers, gonna prove where it was ect,ect ? Don’t they corroborate the lawsuit people, for validation. It is the summer of 2020 by all means.

    • Questions part 2.

      Has anyone given thought to a robot? Yes a robot, the kind that can think for themselves, the A.I. version. I have one solve where I used the movie “war games”, Fenn got trapped in a game with his puter, in an attempt to trick the robot, he reverted to his writing skills and published a book. Only it didn’t work, the chase exploded outta new Mexico, then he had to publish subsequent books. The ending is June because the a.i. is busy trying to understand to logic of modern America and has been going through system failure in the process. Ram and rim boards lighting on fire, lasers malfunctioning ect. Well with all that going on and Fenn finally getting the edge he issues a coded statement to the robot. Only us humans think it’s about the end of the treasure hunt, yet it’s only the begining of the next beginning.

        • Lisa you have the biggest Imagination of all of us. I have enjoyed reading some more than half of your thoughts. Well done you deserve an applause… seriously you have contributed an immense amount of history and research to the table .. thank you

          • Travis Brown – Thank you! I am always having fun…really, always! Can’t help it.

            What?! Only ‘some more than half’ of my thoughts??!! Not, ALL of them? I didn’t read more than one of Douglas Preston’s books, either. Both Jenny Kile and I agreed that “Lost City of the Monkey God” was awesome. Hey, Doug…can you get that guy with the Lidar plane to help me find the next treasure location in The Appalachians, after July 4th? I am not partial to mosquitoes, like you are not partial to virulent Sand Fleas in the Nicaraguan Jungle, Doug.


        • Lisa, your solve with baker hole was like mine, for what it’s worth, i allways thought YOU were the 200 to 500 ft. woman that forrest said would “faint” if she knew. Thank You for all the clues and hints, you are a fountain of information, with a great sense of humor. p.s. you just live down the street, i bet you can fish too!!

    • I am and will openly invite a meeting to my search area and provide a detailed layout of all the details and clues and geographic formations Scrapbook clues and have a final search where I think the chest was before it was picked up after the fact of claimed found date.

      • Travis Brown – Awesome! But what if Forrest holds to his promise not to reveal the Finder or the treasure location. Ever. What, then? Will you share, anyway? Like, now?

        How about a Zoom meeting? I can’t afford the gas money.

        • Did Forrest promise that? Sorry, I haven’t been able to keep up with all the posts of late.

      • Are you the T. Brown with the blog who said you found an empty hole sometime back in 2015??

  18. Well, I do believe the chase is over. IMO however, I get a strange feeling it wasn’t because someone found it. I believe Forrest is sending someone on his behalf to retrieve it. Why do I believe this is the case? Well, if you have read in recent days about the goof who had to be rescued by the park rangers while trying some dumb move to get to a place where there was no chance in he double hockey sticks for it to be and add to that the snowmobiler whom died from exposure, I believe that may well have been enough for Mr. Fenn to say enough. All this comes on the hills of those facts, and that is before the search season was considered officially underway. I don’t believe Mr. Fenn is a man with no feelings, and I believe his feelings finally said “enough is enough.” And I couldn’t or wouldn’t fault him for that under any circumstances!

  19. I would never think the treasure was a hoax. Way too much effort and no return for a hoax. What I’m questioning is the find. I can’t believe the finder would let Forrest be hung out to dry like this and not come forward. He’s got lawsuits, media, and all of us on him like a pack of wolves. Not how I’d want to spend my golden years. Maybe he’s just tired of it all. Maybe the treasure is still out there. If it did get found and the guy won’t come forth, maybe Forrest should publish and sell the solve, take the profits and create a new hidden treasure, put it someplace really dangerous this time, and go into seclusion. Yellowrock

    • Just read the poem again and listen good…really listen…there is a reason why the finder and FF haven’t given out more ‘information’. Come on stretch your imaginations out a bit further. You can hear it if you listen good.

      Bye the way, Thank you Santa Fe ‘Clause’. Hmmm DNA in chest, why?.? sounds to me like something needs to take place still before the finder can keep everything, but what? If you are brave .. Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead…. Big choice to make.. whose move is it?
      Life is like a game of poker, happiness is the pot, fate deals you four cards and a joker, and you play whether you like it or not. (sounds to me like if you don’t play by the rules ‘clause’ you might not get the pot.)

      I can hear it now, but officer
      I didn’t do it.
      Officer: then why do you have his DNA all over you..

      Run Forrest Run!!!!!

      And please everyone look up at the blaze! Dancing with the stars…

      Nuff said, not to little, not too much.

      It seems logical to me that a deep thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure. Is someone doing that now and I don’t know it? It’s not what they say on the blogs that may be significant, it’s what they whisper. f

  20. Greetings to all,
    Like many, I am still trying to wrap my head around the finding of the chest.
    My questions and comments about the less than scrupulous folks out for a fast buck aside.
    I hope that in some positive manner some of my posts served to inspire searchers.
    A few years back I came to the realization that I would not be able to put boots on the ground in a search for the chest. So I posted what I believed to be thought-provoking statements.
    Would I pursue claims that I was instrumental in the finding of the chest if I was?
    Nah, too old for shenanigans of such a nature. My energy will best be spent going to my placer mine here in Idaho.

    One question has come to mind, and I can not help but post it.
    Forrest, have you received the bracelet yet? Drop us a photo showing you wearing it proudly, please.

    Congrats to the searcher that found the chest, well done. We all look forward to seeing the movie. ” The chase and I”. with panoramic views of the Rockies, the wildlife. And of course The hit and misses along the way.

    Best wishes to all

    • HDD,

      I hope that Forrest gets his bracelet back as well and I hope that if there is a move it does the Chase justice.


      Robert Szelinski

  21. Did Forrest leave a clue to where it was found in his posted statement about being found??? I say yes/maybe! More on the “maybe” side but kinda! Well maybe more on the potentially somewhat! Ok Ok….IMHO! Whew!!!!! I am in the clear now

  22. “Don’t let your ego take you beyond your limit.” f

    Did f exceed his limit?

    • It’s sound advice for anyone I think. A ego can be a hot air balloon with balls with chains as ballast.

  23. Zap, from previous thread, imo, there are only 3 ways to create precision enough to find a 10″ box in the rockies that I can think of, (which probably means there are 4 ways at least).

    imo, ff eliminated the use of GPS coordinates by his statements, but of course that is .. as you say.. something we will have to see.

    I had gone with one way to do it, but realized it was not precise enough… I never considered GPS, because I felt ff made it fairly obvious that GPS coord. were not involved.

    the 3rd way is the only geographical feature that is small enough to create precision.. and that is a fresh water spring.

    which also makes the “heavy loads and water high” fairly obvious to what it means.

    • also it could not be a named/labeled spring, as this means someone else was there before, making it not that special for ff.

      so it would need to be an unknown/unlabeled spring. imo.

    • Writis – couldn’t being in the right spot to see the blaze from a distance be enough? So you know what the blaze is (been wise) and while off trail you use that as your northstar to put you in the right spot. Maybe this is what makes the final spot so special, this remote view of the blaze?

      That’s why you can’t just go off and find the blaze. You could but it wouldn’t be near the treasure. You have to take the 9 steps to get to the final place to see it, so no shortcuts.

      Could also be why Forrest said the distance from the blaze would be obvious at treasure location but he didn’t take a measurement. Not because it was so close but because it was so far away in the distance that he couldn’t but he didn’t want to give that as a hint.

      There may very well be part of a coordinate hidden somewhere, but suspect it can only be used as a confirming hint you’re in the right place. There are no shortcuts.

      • I just have a hard time believing forrest would do anykind of co-ordinates and turn this into a Geo cache search. I have a few reasons why. I hope we see the solve soon

      • ” – couldn’t being in the right spot to see the blaze from a distance be enough? ”

        yes, but that can be eliminated too.. as ff said that the blaze would not be easy to remove… anything small is easy to destroy or remove, yet the person only 200′ away did not recognize it as a blaze… meaning it could not provide precision as 200′ is not nearly the precision we are looking for…

        and imo the “blaze” is the actual trail anyway… not in the sense of the path that we take… it is the actual trail on a map.

        • Writis,

          IMO there’s a common thread between a submarine, a hustler, a special balloon, STS, and Apollo.

          Figure out where those lines intersect and you’ll know what kind of blaze to look for.


          • Pin — you do know the chest has been found? no one is going to look us any different for our inaccurate answers anymore…

            why are you doing what searchers did with the annoying “my solve is so special” “ff is such a genius” type of blather?

            it is now after the fact, we don’t have to hide… heck my entire solution/notes are on the first thread… labeled as confirmation bias where I thought it as such, not after the fact, but while I wrote the solution/notes… full notes I had up to the day before… I could care less that I am wrong… heck half the interesting thing is to find out how wrong I was…

            there is no reason to hide… why do so now?

            fear of being wrong is not a way to move through the thicket…

      • I agree with you about the blaze and this is why I believe Rudy Greene’s Red Canyon solve in Montana is the right one!

        • Thank you!

          Technically, the blaze is just the red bluffs by themselves, but there’s only a small area several feet wide where that viewshed intersects with the view south of Hebgen Lake/Rainbow Point. From there, you can see both up-canyon and down-canyon simultaneously. It’s actually a pretty cool effect that unfortunately just didn’t capture as well in the video I posted because of the wide lens.

    • There *are* GPS coordinates in the poem, in the Degrees/Minutes/Seconds format. Half of the 6 are within the word treasures itself. Which is why FF used the word bold – to point us at the word treasures.



        • No. But I have figured out much of the poem – yet I just couldn’t seal the deal.


      • ff used the words directly: “Knowing about ….. charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, ….” ff

        fairly obvious he did not put GPS coordinates in the poem…
        ciphers by anyone’s definition is there in “bold”… so you’d have to basically not believe ff to come away with thinking there are GPS coordinates ciphered away into the poem…

        he would not of made such a statement if he did. that is more than a little obvious.

        but Alexandra, do you see what I mean that there are 100s of people on Dal’s blog alone that have found ‘hidden’ coordinates in the poem…

        • @Writis – Did you just send me a secret anagram of a GPS that i must cypher? You ole dirty Bas&#$d

        • Or is my are the treasure precise coordinates in the poem, the coordinates of the entire treasuremapare in the poem. With extra coordinates for other notable imagery. Just my opinion. You know what that’s worth at this point in time.

  24. Jmeils,

    In Part 4 you asked about my anagram of star. Actually, I only discovered that about a month ago and it confirmed a few poem lines for me. But to answer your question, if you’re referring to the 32nd parallel, yes, that came into play in more way than one. And the 32nd parallel also lead me to a very specific place we all know, which in turn helped me figure out, along with Forrest’s SB’s what HoB is IMO.


  25. I have a strange feeling there’s more to this than meets the eye…. maybe the I’ve been sucked in to the vortex. But…… something coming im 90% convinced of it..

    • Yes I believe that too, but I do strongly believe there are no codes, coordonites, anagrams etc. involved. It is more likely something more-straighforward, like drawing lines on a map. That being said I am convinced that yes indeed, there is more to it than the clues just hinting at locations and then following them one after the other. FF said it’s crucial clue #1 (wwwh) must be solved, otherwise you never get to any others. And drawing on a map, IMO, would go with that.

  26. Judging from an email that a searcher got on I think May 26th from ff, it was fairly obvious that ff still had not been contacted by the finder, then the June 6th date…

    most likely chest was found about June 1st or 2nd… the day several gates were opened by forest service, (not just Yellowstone)

    this makes the likely state Montana, followed by Wyoming. imo

    I thought someone was a little too happy as I passed them on the trail… (just kidding)

    (the moose was not happy at all to see me though)

    • To Writis – I can’t wait for the solve to come out! I just cant believe Forrest would put it on any kind of Govt land. State, county, local, federal, BLM land, etc. He has been harrassed by the feds a few times in his life with them going through his stuff just trying to find anything to charge him on and the ole coyote beats them at their own game everytime. Also if a normal person does get it and runs into trouble with the Feds then forrest obviously knows they going to have to get a lawyer and cant touch the gold to pay for such a infringing lawsuit. There been plenty of talk of all this so I am not trying to do anything except IMHO this a bit. Its been talked to death but my instinct says Forrest thought of everything including law and land/property laws etc. He is well versed in them by now. But the ole Coyote did talk about that Dr. Pepper can sooooo to me it was always on public land and guarded by one mean Moose

      • Yeah, I’ve considered that too, Ken. Maybe he purchased some land or property in secret and hid it there.

        • Yeah..i thought that too but in some way shape or form it leaves a trail back and he says he’s the only one that knows where the treasure secreted. When that kind of Money for land or anything else gets in the mix its starts to become traceable. Real estate collectors, tax people etc would have such an unfair advantage to find that information that forrest had to of known NOTHING can be traced to him. Even his gas receipts(If there were any) to burry the treasure were thought of way ahead of time…lol…the ole coyote might have worn a fake Vaudville mustache to pump his gas knowing theres cameras or peoples recollection! Hahahhaa..I hope we hear the story from Forrest soon. I bet there alot to it and probably some funny moments

        • If it’s within a waterway is that technically off the grid, not within the territory if the park?

        • NoName6, remember the “place” was special to ff before the treasure was ever a thought, if it was purchasable, he would of done that, and no reason to hide the fact that he purchased it.

          the treasure only became part of the story after ff became sick…

          so it is sort of a chicken before the egg story…

          if he then purchased it in secret, that would be far to easy for even minor detectives to trace.

          the only thing then that makes sense is public land of some sort, I doubt national park, but it is feasible to run through the rules and end up with the treasure… after I think it is 90 days… just not pleasant process, and not something I think the finder would want to go through…

          again, it does not matter what we speculate, because the place was special and ff was in his own words: going to make it work…

          so the only thing we can do is “how” we speculate it could work.

          to try and speculate/make private land work, he would of had to purchase one way or the other, before, or after, both of which are a big problem… as he had no reason to hide the purchase of land before… and little way of hiding the purchase after….

          yes I know about trusts and such. but one has to be naive to believe they can not be traced effectively in the USA.

          (other countries, far different matter… )

          • Writis, it’s funny you mention the word “how.” I think that might be the solution to the first clue. If you assume the word trove means a collection, what does Forrest like to collect? It seems he likes to collect Native American artifacts. I think each clue relates to Native Americans somehow. For WWWH, I think he’s referring to warm as a nice greeting like a warm welcome. What is a stereotypical greeting from an Indian? How. More specifically, Howe. Then you can take the W in Howe and turn it upside down to make it an M, giving you the word Home. You think that could be HOB? The word home in brown font. HOB. I think the keyword is Trove though because it narrows down the options to only things related to Native Americans.

        • Noname6,

          One time I was driving around my search area and noticed a house of unusual design on a plot of land. It looked exactly like the cross-section of an airplane wing but more akin to the angular wing of a stealth airplane.

          Man, the wheels started turning in my mind and so when I got home I checked it out online at the county tax assessor’s office And discovered the owner’s name was Noland…..NO land! An airplane wing house design and the owner is Noland. Holy cow.

          Then it hits me. ‘Land on’ is an anagram of Noland. But wait, it gets better. Land on = Landon, as in Michael Landon of BONANZA fame and the address was equally enticing.

          It never panned out though, but what a rush.


      • Suppose he hid the chest in a location of indeterminate or conflicting jurisdiction? Then either the authorities would stay well away in order to avoid a legal quagmire, or Forrest could sit back with a Grapette and some popcorn and enjoy the hilarity as various jurisdictions beat each other up over who really has the right to handle “that Forrest Fenn Treasure matter”. The court cases alone could outlive both Forrest and the Finder.

        I don’t think this is actually the case, but I can see where it would be quite amusing to someone who feels jaded about the institutions that purport to “represent The People”. Heck, I find the thought hilarious.

  27. Man, I have a good idea about WWWH and how the clues all relate. If we take the word “trove” to mean a collection of objects, what kinds of things, broadly, does Forrest like to collect?

    • What does Forrest like to collect?

      Lots of different things, some with historical value, and some that just appeal to his aesthetics or sense of humor. It makes me think of a museum that holds a variety of exhibits. Everything from large paintings of local history, to dioramas, to records of historical one-room schoolhouses, to shaving mugs and more. Someplace a little bit crazy, but very educational.

          • Okay, so if a trove is a collection, and Forrest’s favorite thing to collect is Native American things, then it wouldn’t be too far a jump to say that that’s what the clues have in common, they all somehow relate to Native Americans. So WWWH, if you take warm to mean a greeting like a warm welcome. A stereotypical greeting for Indians is, “how” or more specifically “howe”. Then take the W in Howe and turn it upside down to make the word Home. I think that’s HOB. The word Home in brown font.

  28. I’m torn because my solve (which is likely wrong) ends in a place where he would never disclose the location no matter what. I would think anyone (the finder) who isn’t an ego maniac wanting all the money they can get would agree not to disclose it. That all being said………not sure whether to be anxious or ignore it. I say that because now that I think of it……..even if I’m wrong, I am sure there are other situations and completely different solves you wouldn’t want to disclose. I never really thought about it in that way until now where everyone is waiting to hear the solution.


      • Good to know.. A bit more central WY here.. If ff or the finder disclose the state, it would turn the dial especially eliminating NM.

        • Hi Steve,

          This proves my hypothesis ( at least from the 30,000 ft view). If you are central WY…….there is 100% certainty (duh ….. lol) that our solves are completely different. I say that as my “end” is very specific. That being said, if you, me, and X other people have different solves that are not disclosable, I wonder if the actual solve (whatever it may be) is in fact, something we will never find out…….

          One thing that REALLY destroys my theory…… that if you don’t know the “what” on the front end…….the map and clues are essentially worthless. Or, it would be inexplicably unlikely that you could come to a solution. I just got onto this train about 12 months ago…….but I think i have heard a lot about how FF says that geography is much more important than history, and that the clues themselves will lead you there.

  29. Tall Andrew,

    Sorry for not responding sooner.

    On 11 June you Asked about the photo of a giant arrowhead I posted. I discovered while looking to the stars for inspiration. Following the direction it was pointing as best I could, I was very surprised when I saw Santa Maria, CA show up in the Google Earth image where I lived while working on construction of the nigh coast Space Shuttle launch complex In the early – mid 80’s.

    Purely coincidental I’m sure that I lived there, but fun and intriguing at the same as got more involved in my last solve that I based my last 4 searches on.

    Take care………..Pinatubocharlie

  30. Writis,

    It’s not that I don’t believe Forrest, but until I see proof, just like others here are waiting for, I WILL NOT post my solution. I have already dropped what I believe to be nice hints, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go right now.

    That being said, I have no intention of blurting out where I think it is because of what I said the other day. It’s the journey he’s taking us on that unfolds the treasures he wants us to find. I believe I have found most, if not all of them, but I respond to you empty handed. No chest full of gold here in my domain. Except for errands to the supermarket or Costco, my wife and I have been here at home in WA since 8 March as we are high risk and only parts of the state are in Phase 2.

    So, in my way of thinking Forrest may not actually divulge the spot or general area for the reason stated above. It’s the journey. All I need is a photo of the chest and the contents taken inside a bank vault or someplace similiar along with a hard copy of the latest edition of Time Magazine, etc.

    Hope this response satisfies you, but for some reason I don’t think it will.


    • so the translation is that you believe Forrest, but you don’t believe him…

      ok, it makes some sort of sense to a few people it seems that Forrest was duped,

      sort of takes away from the cleverness of the poem/solution that ff is easily duped though.. but one can hold that hope I guess.

    • LOL..Forrest himself said and I quote….”The treasure has been found

      It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.
      I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries.
      So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f” <————-Signed by Forrest and confirmed on many sources and current interviews… but you think ur smarter, more qualified, what? LMAO..thats insane to me!!! But hey man..YOU DO YOU!!!!

  31. My thoughts. WWWH is a mountain pass. Which one…. The finder knows. Forrest told us that there are many WWWH’s… most of them are north of Santa Fe. As child traveling with anticipation from Temple Texas through Cody Wyoming to West Yellowstone he was intimately and excitedly aware of the Cody Ishawooa trappers legend (and used this concept to describe his beginning point). … when horses reigns broke, the warm waters of spring had halted, and the passes were clear for travel.

    Over the years on some questions… he simply said “I’ll pass”. This to me was classic Forrest word play and an example of folks stomping on ants while the elephant was walking by…

    In regards to WWWH, he also told us “to look at the big picture” … a map of the rockies…. and that “there are no short cuts” … you need a mountain pass to get there.

    Warmest regards to f and dal and the Chase family.

  32. the only reason I can think why people are still doing the “my solve is so special” dance, is so that when the solution is disclosed, they can say it is exactly like their solution… (with some minor twist that kept them from getting it)

    god I hope I am proven wrong… very very very hopeful I am wrong on that …

    what do you think the odds are that we get posts like that 🙂

    I guess we just have to pull up the popcorn and watch the show of humanity.

    • Or maybe the finder left something special for the next person to find the spot?

    • Absolutely. And I’m hoping it was mine that was close. It’s something to tell my friends so they know I wasn’t crazy that whole time.

      Plus I already wrote the story and nobody will read it unless they know that it ends at the correct spot.

      • You and me both. Since we were basically searching the same area give or take a couple thousand feet.

        • Yes. But the water must have been way too high to get there and it still is too high.

          Maybe the photo of the chest was from a drone..

          • Nope I did not have my drone this time….. But my first BOTG I did place 4 strategic trail cameras. Just to see if you were on my heels. Or Jake? Or the man in the Black SUV that kept circling the parking lot! Yes the water was definitely unsafe.

          • I’m the man in the black SUV.
            I saw a couple of your cameras from behind the trees.
            Good to see you didn’t get into any wrecks this time around.
            Sorry about the treasure being found though….

    • @Writis – To me it doesnt matter what they say about the solve cause they dont have it. Weather someones solve is good or bad and just plain dumb i could careless cause it wasnt the right one. Anyone coming in here saying that it was moved, or they solved it and couldnt get out there are probably mentally unstable at best. All I got to do is point to the score board baby…And there is only 1 persons point on the board. Finder 1 win and 0 loses…Me, you, everyone else 0 wins and a million loses. But for the true-ist of coarse it was about the gold…but the chase too!!! I will take this loss as a reward! Best feeling of being a loser i ever had tbh

    • Does anyone know if Forrest has any aliases on here ? Like is he dropping hints along the way ? It just seems like a long time to wait ! I’m curious of the Find !

      • Carlos-
        Forrest only used one alias on this blog. It was very early in the chase, for a short period of time and he let everyone know it was him that was using “forrest fire”.

        • Dal,

          You might interested to know that ‘forest fire’ was the nickname of the USS Forrestal, CV-59, the world’s first supercarrier.


      • It may be a long time to wait but had he waited until whatever is being sorted out was done, searchers would’ve spent more time and money BOTG for a chest that had already been found. He wanted to get the word out as quickly as possible to be fair to all and save searchers from seeking the unattainable.

  33. Dear Iowaengr—-

    So what are you going to do with all the loot? I remember you had one of the most outlandish, far-flung and ridiculous solves, ending with your numbering system taking the shape of a male reproductive organ.

    Your solve was so “way out there” — far stranger than even one of MY solves (lol), that you have to be the guy. Congratulations my friend and all the best. 🙂

    • My gosh! A shout-out from Queen Elizabeth herself. An unexpected tribute, indeed.

      And here I was thinking that the loot had to be in AkB Treasure Hunters safety deposit box, instead.

      Crazy world out here in the hinterlands; one never knows what kind of foolishness might spew forth from my phone. Lol.

      • Iowa—

        Thanks for the post. I’m kind of disappointed if it wasn’t you. Your solve WAS “way out there”, but so were my own. lol. But I liked your coding/numbering system. Some one posted that they would like to talk to an “engineer” they had read on the blog. And it made me think of you. Well, at least now I’m pretty sure you weren’t the one who found it. Take care and all the best to you!

  34. Hi Writis,

    I agree. I am probably going to hold back b/c my solve is so situationally specific. Not only will I know (which is all that matters) that I was headed in the right direction, but I can prove just via time stamps of research that I didn’t think of it on June 8th after everyone became active 🙂 Again, this is assuming my solve is correct, which is statistically very unlikely. I would like to think I’m the smartest guy in the room…….but in reality……there have been a lot of solves that people were “certain” on, that ended up being a dead end.

    Doesn’t really matter. I do believe it was found (not necessarily my solve, though…..just based on FFs word) and I am guessing they are hashing out logistics and legal back and forth on how to best bring it to the masses. That, or these is another really big surprise in the works…………

  35. I would love to talk with Forrest and listen to any thoughts and desires he has concerning the happenings of this treasure. I don’t want to gather any information for my benefit but would want to be a someone that he could trust all the way.

    • One other downside of not being the finder for all of us is access to Forrest. Thousands of people would surely love to have a semi-private chat with him, but he hasn’t the time for everyone. I’ll bet a lot of us were counting on being the finder in order to earn that access.

      • Hi Wayne: you might have had better luck hanging out at Collected Works. Just ribbing you. 😉

        • I meant collective works, I bought a few books that Forrest signed for me and then they were sent to me. I’m a Pennsylvania Dutch from back East in Lancaster County

        • Hi Zap, sorry about the odd placement but wasn’t sure where else to post.

          Speaking of wanting to know more of the story, did you and the Mrs. get a pup last year, or since?

          I was going to ask if it was a golden retriever, but that might have been going too far : ))

        • Hi SeeN: thanks for asking — yes we did: a mini Aussie. Picked her up in northern California last summer after spending some time at Mammoth/Devil’s Postpile, Mono Lake and Yosemite. We named her after the answer to one of the poem’s clues. Seemed only appropriate. 🙂

          • I was thinking about naming our next dog Kiwi. Key we. Get it? And this just hit me. ‘We’. Is that key word. Forrest and Miss Peggy? Maybe Kelly and Zoe too?

            And before I forget, thank you so much for all your insightful posts. I really mean that. You were near the top of my Oscar’s list of ‘I have to thank …….’ If I…….oh never mind.

            Of course Mr. F was at THE top, and Dal was next. JDA was there too because he was the first to welcome me to the HoD. But alas, it wasn’t to be.

            Nevertheless, I Thank all of you for a great time…….even Seeker. Did he get paid by the word somehow?


    • He said one time that when it is found he doesn’t want to tell the finder what he should do with it and that he will be out of the picture.

  36. It’s ironic it took 10 years to find the treasure considering 10 miles is too far to walk. It seems searching for 10 years required a lot of walking. My guess is because the search was overly complicated. I’m curious if I am correct as well as everyone else in my solve. I’m also curious if in my attempt to keep it simple if anyone else found a couple things in the poem and if so what did it do for them. For instance:
    Did anyone take a pencil and draw a line threw Stanza #2 & #3 of the poem following Fenn’s directions and see it created a mirror image?

    Or look at the word blaze and see that it is a mark that would stand out, like the only mark in the poem “?”? Then look up the word question mark and see that it relates to one of the last things he discusses in the book? Why does the blaze have to be huge or up high? In My War For Me he trips over a stone MARKER & then he turns it over to reveal a treasure that stuck with him for years. He said there was a clue in TFTW if you could recognize it. It couldn’t have been too far to walk being 10 miles, that clue is one of the original 9 and it’s definition is defined in My War For Me story. Also, to recognize something would be to see something that you’ve seen before. To see a picture in the book that looks like something you saw in a place while you were searching. Plus calling it a clue means it is something that directly points to the treasures location, unlike a hint. In TTOTC there is only 1 picture I see his bones resting and his arm in on something not up high or even huge.
    Or find the head of a cowboy wearing a cowboy hat with a rope around his neck on the map?
    Did anyone else think the key word was “me” as in Fenn? He said it was a word that would help more than any other word. What has been more helpful in finding the treasure than Fenn himself?
    Did anyone else feel like the hunt was based off of mirror images of his stories? Like the big debate over the double omega, isn’t a double omega just the mirror image of a single omega? Just as Fenn said Catcher in the Rye was his very own storyline but the names, places, etc were different. Then the solve wouldn’t be in the places he wrote about but be reflected in the place he put the chest.
    And lastly, when someone poses a theory of something, why is everyone else so quick to dog what is being said? In an interview an interviewer ask about the debate over what the words in the poem mean and Fenn responded something like, and they are all right. As with what he said in My War For Me, many have said the same thing but in vastly different ways… To me that means while there is one solve all of the meanings of the word can be true as long as they come together in the same place. Like a Chinese fire drill.
    Or am I just crazy!!! Guess I don’t have closure yet. lol

    • The omega”s to me are,, one omega which means the end, he added the second to mean the beginning is the end. IMO, to arrive back where you started to see it for the first time. That’s all

    • “Ask a child” what do the double omegas resemble. Look up the look up just omega. Now ask yourself why you may not have given the Tetons enough attention.

  37. I can think of a couple of reasons why Forrest wouldn’t post the location. One, he’s getting taken to court and if he posts the actual solve it could be used to bolster their case against him. Two, a network might have purchased the solve and is going to make a show about it. What I find strange about all this is one, the time of year. Mountain streams are raging rivers this time of year. Two, why did he need to send a picture to Forrest for proof? All you would need to do is tell him where it was. Another strange observation I made through all this was those jars and bells, they all represented something in the treasure. He said he’d buried them three foot deep, but when he did the Josh Gates interview, they were sitting on his desk. My best solve, everything had to come from the book and be in the poem. I had made several trips to my spot and always came back empty-handed. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, returned to the correct tree stump, and a huge slide had covered everything. This is not to say I was correct, but Forrest could have found out a natural event had occurred that made it impossible to retrieve. Lots of what ifs. I think give it time and see what develops, but you might sit on your best solve.

    • Or maybe it’s because the finder tore up the area looking for it. Just take the chest and go in peace. Don’t mess with anything else, just take what you were looking for and you have my blessing. Maybe that’s how his vision told him it was a matter of time before it was found. I hope not but, if so, how disappointing for Fenn. Then consider if and what would happen if everyone knew where it was? Could be why he didn’t say much after that comment came out in January.

  38. Yesterday I made a comment that I think heavy loads and water high is referring to a steam engine…..I got that idea while out driving. I was along RR tracks and looked up at a water tower with the towns name on it….we have all seen them. Then I remembered that in school we learned about steam engines and how back then the trains required large amounts of water. Which is why about every 7- 10 miles was a water stop ( water tower ) So I thought heavy loads and water high……we have all seen a car overheat, and the incredible load that steam can produce. So I added that to my bucket of solve…..As I said yesterday I do believe that FF was referring to RR tracks that steam trains once used. So when I seen that he mentioned steam engines on page 42 in TTOTC…..I felt good.. The fact that he talked about it in a 147 page memoir, told me that it meant something to him and was a clue.

    • MJR – i really enjoy your analogy re: “heavy loads and water high is referring to a steam engine” ..and during the course my research efforts a few years back, i was pleasantly surprised to discover that a “halt” also refers to a small, unmanned railway stop

      “A halt, in railway parlance in the Commonwealth of Nations and Republic of Ireland, is a small station, usually unstaffed or with very few staff, and with few or no facilities.”

      • Thank you sir, I just read the link and learned someting new. We shall see if we’re correct. I believe FF spent 5 plus years working on this poem. To me he wrote it wanting us to think that it was a fast moving body of water, dam or waterfall. He already said that it was not a dam …..the other two are too easy to me. He as told us to look up the meaning of words and research as much as possible.

        • MJR – Forrest spent 15 years – off and on – writing the poem – NOT 5 years – JDA

          • Hi JDA,

            just wanted to ask your opinion about too long silence that Forrest keeps after the finding event. I’m sure that he was well prepared to this event (morally and physiologically) and had some “good response” for each scenario. But now we see him hiding his face, asking more time for coming back, sobbing etc. It’s not response of old maverick that hide TC in Rockies and was laughing when returning to his car. Something is wrong in his reaction. Any hypothesis is welcome (even conspiracy ones).

          • Andy S.

            Anything that I might say would be a guess – For that reason, I will abstain from guessing. Guessing did not work in finding Indulgence (probably) so guessing now seems kinda foolish – JMO – JDA

        • MJR,

          When you say it that way and considering Forrest’s background, I say it sounds like a fighter pilot. A VERY fast moving body of water.


      • Want to know what else halts…a horse. Check out Modina to Yellowstone Stage Coach Line.

  39. This is a holler out to Slingloader. I missed answering you on the other page. You don’t go unnoticed, despite my reply being somewhat delayed and you being too skinny to see.

    Yes, we are on the same channel.

    Hope that makes things clear.

  40. Thought that just popped through my head. FF stated if you were where the Treasure Chest was located you would know. In his story “My War For Me,” he was shot down and caught in the trees. He had to cut himself out. What if “It was under a canopy of stars” meant in the forest was a parachute covered in stars. Looking down after looking up at the chute showed you chest location.

    • And that’s why when someone asked if you could see the chest via google earth, his response was Something along the lines of “no because you can’t see all the way to the ground.” You could see the canopy, but not under it.

      Just thinking….

      • I believe the phrase was “Google Earth doesn’t go down that far”.

        That could refer to ground elevation, image resolution, areas obscured in deep shadow due to something extremely tall nearby (like a canyon wall), the spot being covered by something that obstructs GE’s view, or….

        Heck, it’s possible it was laying under a tarp or other covering in the bed of a long-abandoned pickup truck out in the middle of nowhere. GE would only “go down” as far as the tarp. Or it could have been right out in the open, but only shows up as one or two pixels in GE, which would make it unidentifiable (not see-able) by that method unless you *already* knew what those two pixels were.

        As he usually does, he provided an honest answer that can be interpreted many ways when you stop and really think about his answer.

        On the few occasions when he flat out refused to give an answer to a question, I believe it was because he could not think of an honest answer to give that would not reveal the whole shebang. And I think it cuts against his ethical grain to give a deliberately false answer.

        • on several occasions forrest was put off by GE questions.
          the quoted fenn comment above is kinda a forked answer because GE CAN zoom down that far/close.
          you can see 1’x1′ objects you just can’t see detail.

          i think looking down from his plane is how he checks on the location.

          check out my solve below for a great example.

  41. One thing to consider is that if there is an eventual auction for the chest, then including the poem solution and the location as part of the bidding might significantly improve the final result for the finder. From that perspective (assuming we have the finder’s best interests at heart, of course), it would make sense not to release that information until after such an auction.

    • Strategically That would be smart! But to me its kinda slimey too! Geez the guy just got a free treasure(assuming here of coarse) and wants to squeez the last drops from this? At the end of the day its onviously his and he is free to do what he wants or at least I hope he is free to do what he wants or he should be free to do whatever he wants. For some reason I have a feeling that Forrest is having to fight for this mans treasure! If thats the case I dont see how I could elevate such a man I admire more than forrest…that would be the short glass ceiling in 2020 with how people have become. I am rooting for both forrest and the finder!!! You go BOYS!!!

  42. Good point, and the lack of communication does seem a bit oddly uncharacteristic. That being said, if any of us had been the finder I’m sure we’d be hoping that the rational parts of the community would support us, and not deliberately do anything that might dent the value of the find.
    Personally, I’m hoping for an auction because that means the treasure will be kept intact rather than sold off piecemeal. That would be a disappointing end for such an iconic object.

    • If it does go up for auction intact, I hope I win the Powerball first, because I would bid the heck out of that auction. (kidding, but not kidding)

      I’d pay my taxes on it like a good little citizen and then look for a museum that would like to take it on indefinite loan and put it on display to the public, perhaps with copies of Forrest’s books for sale in their gift shop.

      And of course, if he hasn’t already gotten it back from the Finder, I’d see to it Forrest’s bracelet found its way back to him.

    • I happen to believe that part of the delay is in trying to find a way to maximize the auction value of the intact treasure chest. They may be trying to negotiate with media companies through an agent for the real life story (paid) of the successful searcher. A quickly produced special of some sorts. You’d have to watch the show for the solution. That’s what I would do anyways. Just another speculation of course. It would be another week or two before something is announced given the time it takes to develop a treatment for a show and get it approved.

  43. Feb 23, 2016 – “Read the blogs for entertainment.”

    Thank You, Forrest!!!!

    Next to the Chase, this is some of the best entertainment I’ve had in years!! 🙂

    • Loco I completely agree – the blogs have been wildly entertaining over the years.

      A big thank you to Dal (as well as Jenny, Kristi, Harry, Stephanie on other blogs/ forums) for all your work making your blog such an entertaining, informative, and essential part of the Chase

  44. Here’s to hoping all the heavily invested searchers can work through their grief and arrive at a place of acceptance. Maybe someday the identity of the finder and the find location will be revealed, maybe not. It may seem like knowing those things could ease the pain of those who didn’t win (i. e. all but one person!), but in reality it wouldn’t. Only way to get peace now is to accept what happened, be thankful for the experience, and move on.

    • Yes, I accept any outcome. But it would be nice to not have to ask myself everyday of my life, “Where the heck do warm waters halt!”

      • In my opinion, the cadis hatch can lead you to where warm waters halt. It’s a big hint, but you’ll have to listen good or you’ll miss it.

  45. Forrest said “If I am convinced it has been found then I will announce it immediately to Dal and three major media outlets.” He did that.

    He also said “If you find the treasure please keep it in a vault for thirty days while you think.” So maybe we need to wait at least 30 days to hear more from the finder, maybe he is thinking.

    Not much of a conspiracy theory there IMO but maybe? Mostly I am a little irritated because I want to know how wrong I was and I want to know NOW lol…

    • I think you’re right. He seems like a pretty simple guy even keeping the announcement simple. Bet the solve turns out to be pretty simple too.

      I think under a canopy of stars is under the cover of darkness. 🙂

      • I really find it interesting that he said “If you find the treasure please keep it in a vault for thirty days while you think.” – he said please do this, he didn’t say I think you should do this, or this is what I recommend, or this would be a good idea, he is asking the finder to please do this, so that is possibly what the finder is doing and it seems as if Forrest might have had a reason to say this since it seems to me he usually really thinks before he speaks…

        Any thoughts on this?

        • finders keepers laws? look up the word seek. a definition is the operation of navigating a stream. New Mexico constitution states any natural watercourse, perennial or torrential, is public access as long as you do not cross private property to get to it. so no paddle up your creek, in my opinion, means you won’t get in trouble. maybe. interesting thought anyway.

      • Light or dark shouldn’t matter, in my opinion. The solve IS simple, but not
        easy. As always, IMO.

  46. In my humble opinion, the trove was found:
    Imo, the finder had to solve the Ethical Dilemma…
    Imo, the trove was found In Colorado…
    Imo, prior to Dec. 2019…
    ALL in MY (humble) opinion!

  47. Toas Mark. You are close to where the chest was .it was with in a mile of the Chama River…..

  48. good day all.
    i have GPS and google maps info below for a cool place that could be the solve.
    i found it following the clues.

    35.758486, -106.253147 or google maps link —-,-106.2527946,158a,35y,329.29h,21.23t/data=!3m1!1e3

    there is a …..
    *giant free standing arrow shaped rock facing sante fe with what appears to be a small black 1’x1′ box?
    *its a really cool formation.
    *there’s a white patch of rock (blaze) along a ridge line of around 100′ away (down and to the left) from giant arrow head ( town of White Rock is likely name after this.)
    *the top of arrow can only be seen from above (look quickly down).
    *standing on the arrow would be and awesome vista of the rio grand, sante fe, and the distant horison. however “tary scant” because you are standing on the edge of a very step cliff.
    please take the time to view this location i think its really cool even its not the solve.

    nearby sites
    -town of white rock
    -Frijoles rito de los
    -Bandelier National Monument- Pueblo Indian ruins.
    35.758486, -106.253147 or google maps link —-,-106.2527946,158a,35y,329.29h,21.23t/data=!3m1!1e3

    any comments would be welcome.
    can’t wait for the big reveal. wash your hands, no kissing.

      • it appears climbable. google earth distorts it a little.
        i have never been there, just found it online searching.
        if its the spot then its accessible if its not the spot then it doesn’t matter if Forrest could climb it.
        its likely not the spot, however it fits the poem and is kinda neat.

    • According to the man himself, ff, it is not near the Rio Grande.
      This is not a forest area.
      Not a safe place for most people.

      Visit for the views only.

  49. Wonder if the finder from the “East” was that Russian fellow who swore he knew where it was, but needed money to get to the US to go get it.

  50. Not a searcher but a long time follower of this forum. Has anyone on here looked at “Campbell fine art” website. He has his solve and pictures posted showing where he believes the treasure was found along with items left behind by the finder. It’s in an are that I believe many of you have searched or at least searched nearby. Just curious as I too hope to find out more info at some point.

    • Russ – Just go ahead and post the direct link to the solve and pictures. That way, no one one will have to spend time browsing the site looking for them. Thanks! Winking Smiley Face.

    • is this the location he is referring to?
      large rock with a hole- 44.850448, -111.356504

      between this rock and the river is a large white rock. blaze?
      large white rock -44.851953, -111.356232

      could this rock be used back in the day to crush rice/grains?

      • the pic from Flywater 1994 of Forrest casting almost looks like his fishing line is pointing to the location.

    • I believe this is the answer!

      Interesting to note that the website is for a fine art seller and that Mr. Campbell appears to be from back East (from what I could decipher on a quick Google research anyway).

      “…no place for the meek” would like to add that you take Ghost Village Rd. to get down to the river after the dam.

      “…no paddle up your creek” would like to add that it may just be saying to not go up Beaver Creek, stop here. Or just a hint that you are in the correct place as you are unable to paddle up the Madison here because of the dam.

      “…marvel gaze” would like to add that any searcher who were to look directly down and into the rock and see the shimmering bronze chest submerged in clear melt/rain water would certainly marvel.

      “…in the wood” would like to add that there are numerous fallen trees all about this location both in the river as well as the shore.

      I am 100% satisfied that this is it. There are absolutely no problems that I can think of with it. Beyond the poem clues remember that Fenn once said something along the lines of ‘knowing it was wet’. I’m also confident that I’ve found the rock on Google Earth and the hole is definitely visible. I have a feeling that it may be either the finder or Fenn who had this posted on the art website to give us the solve without having an official or formal announcement. As discussed previously on this forum, the weird silence is likely due to legal matters.

      One thing that would be neat if this is indeed the spot is that the hole in the rock acts as a marker for others to view in the future. It was the home of the treasure for 10 years, so no need for a plaque or anything of that nature. Just take a photo or selfie and call it good. Fishermen are gonna hate this I suspect…

      • All this talk of campers. I think I need to return and get a tractor manual and see if I too can buy a camper . Probably better since the couch is making me have daydreams about night things in the middle of the afternoon .

    • Russ, for some reason, the solve details are no longer on the website.

      • Steven and NoName – There is no solve there. They are just trying to get people to browse the merchandise.

        • Hmmm… but, if you run a google search for “campbell fine art forrest fenn” or “peter campbell forrest fenn” (campbell is the owner), it seems that the search engines indexed pages that are no longer available.

          • Warlock, they did pull it down.
            it was an awesome solve.
            it was there with great explanations and pics.
            the actual location was captured by me before they took it down.
            they are above.
            there’s a pic of Forrest casting a line towards the spot, from ” flywater 1994″…..

          • peter campbell is a real searcher.
            search PC FF and it comes up in the searchs.
            he told the same store in a sante fe new paper covering the story about certain legal actions recently taken.
            he is in the comment section telling his story.
            here is his comments.

            “Peter Campbell May 7, 2020 12:38pm

            (name removed by me). You are correct. The one word is “it” . What does it represent. It refers to the Madison river. I have a solve and went to the location on Monday. I found an abandoned raft, and took it across the Madison to the blaze where the rock with the hole in it was. A yogurt container was left there and a stick in the deep hole that was full of water. A pair of gloves were left behind the rock hiding the person who found it as they opened the treasure. I got there second. My website has my whole solve.

            his story is no longer on the site!

  51. I’ve been looking in Tom Miner Basin, just north of Yellowstone Park. Brave and In the Woods = a petrified forest. The blaze = the geologic red of Devil”s Slide. Put in below the HOB = put in the Yellowstone river below the Gardiner High School , Home of the Bruins.
    A week before the announcement, an elk horn hunter, and friend of mine, met a guy from Indiana looking for the treasure in Tom Miner Basin. He called to tell me about it. He may be the one that found it.

    • You went Too far. Putin is the Joe Brown boat launch. It used to say putin on google. If this doesn’t seem to work as a noun just change it to gas station below the home of Brown or any noun. It is below the Home of Joe Brown it used to say this on google but not any more. Stand on the putin and look up and across the highway. People live there but that’s it. Joseph Meek entered Yellow Stone here. Look across the road and you will see a gate with a gap on the left side. Fence on left is Brown property. There is a road there it’s only been there after 3/15/19 when the property became wild life management property. The road takes you to waters high. My solve is on here looking for it now. Heavy loads is what he carried. marvel gaze is what you do when you open tc. Just look where these lines are in the poem.

    • For whatever reason, its been taken off his website.

      It does look an exciting solve and area, but surely searched a million times?

  52. If this is the only thread still open on this blog, then here we’re only to talk about things closely related to the finding of the chest, right?

    I’d like to know the date on which FF first was provided with convincing-to-him evidence that the TC has been found at — and retrieved from — its most recent hidey place under a canopy of stars.

    I’d also like to know how long, after that finding of the TC, that FF was first notified of this

    • Tall Andrew,

      I would love to know the same things. Hopefully we will get answers soon

  53. “Please folks, give me a little time. I’ll be back.” f

    To an ants a mudpuddle of time seems an eternity in the ocean of human existance.

    In the big picture, we are the ants, the elephants hold 4 cards and the joker.

    Can I get an Amen?

  54. Madam flutterby
    I’m pretty sure you are 100 percent right about the canopy of darkness.
    As I said before in 2015 I went to the Fenn residence. My solve told me to go there, too let him know I was coming so he could put his dog up.part of my solve talked about the cold feeling I would have in my heart because of not wanting to trespass on a millionaires property. No place for the meek. But as I continued the solve told me about his back gate with a combination lock on it. And the four one digit numbers of the combination. Which as I remember now those 4 numbers were the numbers in my solve. Can’t remember if it told me it would be unlocked or if I had to unlock it. I do remember that when I left I couldn’t get the lock relocated because the lock was old and rusted. I went there and and went straight to his waterfall behind the waterfall there was a small pinion tree that had been cut down the bottom of the tree was still on the stump with the tip of the tree just hanging over the top of the waterfall and the tree was covered in pitch. (Tarry)
    I started around to the waterfall to go into the water. My solve told me the chest was wrapped in a red handkerchief and that I would have to remove a rock in the wall of the falls to get to the chest. The rock was marked I believe but I never figured out what mark I was too look for, but I thought any mark would of told me which rock to move. As I remember it now it seems like I would of had to remove more than one rock like they were locked in place by the previous rock. Just as I was about to go into the water I saw Forrest standing in his kitchen I believe, looking out the window toward the waterfall. I got scared and left. I had been up for close to three days straight because once I started the solve I couldn’t stop because it was fascinating me.i started to drive back to Colorado but got tired and went to sleep. I decided to try again during daylight hours. Told Forrest that I was coming and he and another gentleman came up to me as I was walking toward the waterfall. I told him I was there for the chest and he told me to get it and go, but he was clearly upset that I was there. He told me the chest was not at his home or on his property so I left. I emailed him again after I left and told him the chase was over for me because of the horrified look on his face. He tried to console me told me no harm no foul. But I never gave the chase another thought after that. I never could reconcile how everything in my solve was there. I mean no where in the poem is a red handkerchief mentioned. No where in the poem is a combination lock mentioned with a four digit combination. No where in the poem does it tell you to come at night, as to not worry his neighbors, no where in the poem does it tell you about the cold feeling you will have in your heart because of the thought of trespassing only to tell you later about the back gate and lock. What the poem does tell you is that I give you title to the gold. And to just take the chest and go in peace. He also tells you over and over in interviews that the chest is not in a dangerous place. There is danger of some kind any where in the wilderness. He said the chest was at least 6 point something miles north of Sante Fe I never could figure out the distance from the southern city limits of Sante Fe to his property I’m not real good with computers. But I surmised that it was close to that by checking my mileage from the interstate to his address. So I felt that was a good clue while everybody else thought it meant nothing. North of Sante Fe southern most city limit. Now you say well he told you it wasn’t at his home, he didn’t lie it’s not his home it’s his publishing company One horse land and cattle company. I would be shocked if my solve is not correct and I had it 5 years ago. But got meek. The only reason he was upset the next day was because I came during the day.

    • James
      Curios to know how u got the combination lock part from the poem. Did it lead you to gate then discovered the lock? Or did u know there would be a lock ahead of time?

      • I don’t remember for sure I just remember my solve saying something about a cold feeling in your heart and then later that he would leave the gate unlocked or something to that effect so to me that took the cold feeling out of my heart because I knew I wouldn’t have to climb a fence or something. I actually don’t remember the exact way I came up with the solve because of the way I was having to go up and down based a words that related to up down stop and I know that I was even using the words like I or I’ve or you and your you’ve. So basically past and present tense. Not sure if I actually ended up using those words or not to determine up or down it’s been 5 years and I told Forrest after that day that my chase was over and I threw away all my work sheets and really haven’t given it any serious thought since then. I was going to take my metal detector up to treasure falls this summer not because of any solve just a hunch I mean where else would you hide a treasure if not at treasure falls. A waterfall that is about the same height as the one mentioned in his book that had such a profound effect on him. Plus there is supposed to be a lost gold mine there as well.

    • I had almost that exact same dream except it was Walter Matthau’s house and when I opened the refrigerator his head was in there on a platter.

      And it said “Hello, I’m Walter Matthau” and I woke up.

    • Are you the dude they had to call the police on? How on earth did the poem tell you to do all these things?

  55. What happened to the original statement from ff that talked about the guy from back east? It’s not there now.

  56. Forrest said some time ago, that if the finder wanted to keep it quiet he would honor that wish. The finder obviously has to let Forrest know right away because if something happens to another Searcher while the chest is in your possession… Well you wouldn’t want that on your conscience. There is a simple fix to all of these searchers filing lawsuits and saying they solved it, and they were tricked somehow. The finder needs to give his name and ask these obvious questions… Really what did you find? How did you find it? Where were you searching? Oh its a secret? Let’s start with the state! Oh you helped me find it? When? How did you communicate with me? What did you tell me about it? Where is your proof?
    Forrest is just staying true to his word.

    • I suspect there are some gag orders going on right now with all these lawsuits. It may be years before it gets sorted out.

    • Yeah, I don’t really understand this. Did someone not claim the chest? It would be really easy to determine the owner then. It’s the one in possesion of it. I find it hard to believe Forrest would confirm or deny a solve sent to him by email without the person actually having possesion of the chest. As for the lady that was “hacked,” how did the hacker know she had a solve to hack anyway? If she’s a lawyer, she should be smart enough to keep her files secure. She should also be smart enough to realize that things not going her way is not necessarily a crime. Also, what does she need another 3 mil to invest in stock? Lawyers are paid pretty handsomly aren’t they? I think there’s an even bigger pandemic in the US besides CV-19 and it starts with a G and ends with D.

  57. Just out of curiosity, did anyone else think TTOTC book cover was the map to the treasure? After all the cover is brown so it needs to be capitalized and the title is printed in gold (I give you title to the gold). Put in below the home of Brown would imply that you need to use a memoir to unravel the secret place. Not all of the information you need yet, but it does reveal a specific location within a few yards at the end. I haven’t ever seen this particular approach or I just missed seeing it. Anyone else with a similar solve?

    • I’ve seen people try to relate the three photos and the pile of coins to the four search states. It’s not part of my solve though.

    • At one time I did. I thought the 4 pictures might represent the 4 states the chest could be in. I couldn’t advance it though, so I gave up on it.

  58. While the world waits to see where the TC was found, which appears not likely to be anytime soon, I am glad that my experience has had little to do with the finding of the TC. That was never what I was after. I was after the solve to the poem and a better understanding of the stories within Forrest Fenn’s stories

    Thanks to Seeker, who a couple of days ago encouraged me to just go ahead and blurt out what I believe is the key to the poem. I started writing, and now I have been writing more than 8 hours. The key to the poem, in my opinion is woven into the stories that Forrest tells. Quite literally it is woven into every single story, very subtely in some cases. If only it had been like the neon sign that brought people to the Dude motel. But, it is much more subtle than that.

    The key to the poem lies very simply in one definiton of the word IT. But, to see how and why, it takes some study. It is straight forward. My fingers are tired of typing today. So, when I finish up my writing on the key to the poem, I look forward to sharing.

    Wishing all the best to Forrest. I hope these nutty people battling over the TC don’t ruin the joy he felt the day he hid it and walked away.

    I also hope beyond hope that the annoucement that it has been found is a way for him to walk away, while leaving the TC still secreted in its special place still waiting to be found.

    • Hi Flutterby,
      IT also features highly in my solve. It is the best selling book by Stephen King, with the clown PennyWISE, and the glowing eyes that stare back out of the darkness. King’s books are a central theme throughout the hunt.

      You also mention The Dude, from the Big Ledowski, featuring Jeff Bridges. His back catalogue of movies is probably the largest central thread to the chase. True Grit (hear me all and listen good), Arlington Rd, The Door in the Floor, the list goes on.

      Also of interest, the derivation of your name Flutterby, a nod to Butterfields Lullaby, the lyrics to Taps (drawing nigh). This leads you to the true blaze, Michael Blassie, the original Unknown Soldier

      • The IT for me was the I was the trail and the T was the posts that held the old electric train wires.

      • Considering moving out that way and looking for more information on the state from an insider. Can you get my sheets from Dal.

        • You needed to find the chest first before being able to afford a house here. Seriously, it’s ridiculous.

          • Yep. I got my house pretty cheap, but that was before growth exploded in my area, as it has in all the urbanized parts of the state. Now my house is worth four times my original mortgage balance in 1998, and my monthly cost of ownership is roughly one fourth of the prevailing rents here for anything similar. There is no way I could afford to rent in this town today.

            People love moving here, and with good reason, but that is also driving up the cost of living.

        • Thanks for clarifying and I will contact Dal. TMac is right though, cost of living is pretty insane now all along the Front Range (e.g. Ft. Collins down through Denver and into Colorado Springs). I wouldn’t say it’s completely hopeless, there’s just a lot of factors you have to consider. Anyway, I’ll reach out as soon as I can once I’ve got your “sheets!”

          • Went all over Colorado beautiful part of the country. So pretty high everywhere? How’s land prices out there right now?

  59. Oh the suspense. Good thing my favorite movie genre is mystery/suspense. All this drama, action and science fiction makes me realize I need some comedy in my life or a good documentary.

    • I’d recommend, Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles. It’s a documentary, and it has mystery. So two of the three things you mentioned.

  60. Can we please just be told where it was so we can know how close (or far away) we all were? I don’t even care who found it or what was in it, I just want to know where it was.

    • There is a reason he isn’t saying anything he’s not even saying which state it was in. Hold tight folks I honestly think this is one of the BIG SURPRISES he mentioned. I am getting the suspicion it’s not over.

  61. For those who searched in YNP or Teton areas, here’s some good news… the famous Grizzly 399 lives! She is 24, and many were worried she had died over the winter. But, no, she has 4 cubs! = treasure found! Over the years, she’s often been seen near the roads, so you’ve likely seen her.

    • @Lady V – I’ve been seeing 309 and her cubs on Facebook this spring. Love the mama bear with 4 cubs!

      • I saw a video of her with those cubs down by the water the other day. Play fighting they were.

    • Lady V – yes, i happened across a news article re: 399+4 this very morning, and was also happy to learn that Jane Goodall is one of her biggest fans

      – go the bears!! 🙂

      • Hobbit, I am one of your quiet fans, and was happy to see you back here. I saw 399 with 3 cubs a few years ago. She was too close for comfort, right off the String Lake trail. But so majestic!

  62. Adam
    My solve had you going up and down and then using the flutterby technique. I really haven’t thought about it for five years so I don’t remember the exact solve just pieces of it, but I knew the lock was there and if I remember my solve said it would be unlocked when I left I tried to relock it but I couldn’t get it to lock I looked at the numbers on the lock and they were the numbers my solve had come up with but it seems like one number was in between two numbers I believe three and four but really can’t say for sure I got rid of all my notes 5 years ago seems like it was one one three three but can’t remember for sure

  63. Hey Dal. I’ve a question. I’ve been silent for 6-7 years while searching but this has been my primary place to visit. I’ll start by saying that I love Forrest. I bought 3 copies of his book because people would borrow it and some would not return it. haha. I still can’t get any of the the 3 copies returned to me. Here’s my question:

    What if someone like me found the location? What would you do if you were the 2nd to locate it? Do you feel the 2nd person should reveal the location or hold off or tell Forrest privately or something like that? I’m interested in your thoughts. Probably the only thing might be to just keep it inside. Not sure folks would believe me anyway even with pictures.

    • I believe the answer is obvious. Just keep it inside and not share it. No one’s going to believe it anyway unless I tell Forrest privately. He’ll know the location of course. It’s emotional though. I feel like after watching all these video’s with Forrest and reading his books, I got to know about him and it’s very much like my own Dad. He’s become a father and yet I never saw him in person. Very painful because he’s going away. Couldn’t have been a nicer man to have conducted a very fine journey for so many. What a jewel he is. The treasure is Forrest. Thanks for your web site Dal.

      • only what I felt was conslusive but without a comparative image of the Finders initial approach to the chest, that seems next to impossible. I’ve never seen the underside of the chest so I wouldn’t know for certain. It’s too bad there’s not a Finders site that allows the Finder to comment without revealing their identity that Forrest can validate for us which would allow the finder to see an image and say “Yes, you found it but a day late and a dollar short!” lol. I don’t want the bragging rights however just the closure.

    • I’m not Dal, but personally, I think posting a “second place solve” right now *might* entitle you to bragging rights for at least being able to match wits with Forrest *if* the location is ever revealed and is the same as the hide location in your solve. And until that announcement is made, there is really no way of knowing if your solve is correct or not. For now, it would just be one more searcher solve among many.

      If you wait and post your solve *after* the real location is revealed, there is no point because nobody will ever believe that was *really* your solve before the reveal, and you’ll have no way to prove that it was.

      So I guess the question really boils down to, what do you hope to gain by posting a solve? There is no money in it, and the “social credit” of being right is going to vary depending on who you are talking to. Some will be impressed, some will not care in the least.

      I went ahead and posted just a few significant points from my solve on the first page of this thread so if I decide to do a more detailed discussion of it at a later date, I have something with a “pre-reveal” date stamp on it to point to, but I don’t really care much about bragging rights. (I also sent it to Forrest as part of an email, but I don’t expect I will ever hear back from him about it, and I’m okay with that. If he reads it, maybe it will at least give him a chuckle or two.)

      I’m either right or wrong, and it doesn’t much matter to me if anyone else ever knows which. It’s the puzzle itself that really interests me. And I *would* like to read the Finder’s solution, if he ever decides to write that book. He must have a mind as fascinating as Forrest’s.

      • I wouldn’t assume anybody in particular has a mind as fascinating as

    • I have been thinking about what I would do if my solve is correct and it sure fits all the requirements. I may post a picture of the site, but without giving away its location?

      • Great idea. Maybe you should place a cardboard box the size of the TC
        where you think it was hidden, and include this in the photo. I’d like to
        see that.

        I also thought about doing this, but my search area is about a thousand miles away from my home. I can’t justify the trip just for the photo op.
        As always, IMO.

  64. One things for sure if my solve was right Forrest doesn’t have to worry about me suing. The only reason if I was right that I didn’t come home with the chest was because I got scared that night, and because the next day I didn’t follow what the solve told me to do. No fault but mine. Like I said he had every reason to call the police on me but he didn’t. And out of the kindness of his heart he tried to encourage me when I emailed him after. I als remember emailing him before I came up that night telling him part of my solve but that I couldn’t figure out the rest of it. I remember him emailing me back and as I think back his email was non descriptive but if you used the flutterby technique it said something to the effect yes you can

  65. Just for the record – my solve was the Yellowstone back-country via a water shuttle – Eagle Bay, Yellowstone Lake.

  66. Forrest was a pilot in Vietnam. I always hoped some of his wealth would return to Vietnam, where so much destruction was done for no reason.

    • Yeah, the United States leadership really dropped the ball on that one. Nothing but a senseless quagmire of wanton death and destruction. Ugly.

  67. I approached the solve differently than most. Since I’ll not need it now, I’d like to share some of my solve just for laughs.

    As I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where and hint of riches new and old

    -In the same way he went alone in there (in the air) and with the treasures bold (The treasures shown on page 133 overlaying the map of NM).

    -There are nine cities that FF mentions (Boston, Hartford, Providence, NY, Baltimore, etc) as he flew all alone. The poem can be solved by finding important historical places in each of those cities and relating them to places in the search states.

    Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk.

    Tea with Olga is important here. There are two places that must be connected. FF used to have tea parties with Olga, but she was ill and it was too far for her to walk to Fenn’s place. Boston also had a tea party where the warm waters (tea) was halted and taken/thrown into the canyon down (the river bottom). If you use Google Earth to draw a line between Boston Tea party ship “Eleanor”, which is painted black, red, and green, to Olga’s front door, that line passes directly over the finish line of the Boston Marathon, which is too far to walk in the time allotted for the race. Using the latitude of Boston and the longitude of Olga’s house, a GPS coordinate is marked on the map.

    Put in below the home of Brown

    The next city in Fenn’s flight was Providence RI, home of Brown University. “Put in below” has two meanings. The first is “foundation” and the second is “South Gate”. So, at the first building built at Brown (the foundation or start=University Hall) there is a set of gates on the south side of the block. The entry gate has the number 1905 on it, which is the same date on the coin in FF’s treasures bold. IT is also Eric slowne’s real birth year as described in the book. I only found one point for this one, but it is connects later in a very interesting way and makes me think I was on the right track.

    From there its no place for the meek the end is ever drawing nigh
    New York City (No place for the meek) New Year’s Eve Ball drop (the end of the year is always drawing near) AND. Artist (ever drawing) point (end) in Yellowstone. Again, use the coordinates from the two locations and hash out a new set of coordinates. Mark the map.

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek just heavy loads and water high-refers to Norfolk VA. Heavy loads = trains and Water high=deep water port). I couldn’t find the precise location that made sense but I went back and forth around city hall or USS Wisconsin. The western clue is Earthquake lake memorial. Admittedly, this connection is weak, but the next one is pretty solid.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze look quickly down your quest to cease,

    The first blaze is the Zozobra platform in Santa Fe. Will Shuster was described as being wise when he created the Zozobra celebration. People gather yearly to watch Zozobra quickly burn to the ground, your quest is to cease bad vibes.

    but tarry scant with marvel gaze just take the chest and go in peace.
    Refers to the Harford Barnum and Bailey circus fire. The tarry paraffin coated big top tent at the circus (marvel gaze) fell down burning and killing people. Just take the chest (the company’s profits) and go in peace (a settlement)

    Here’s the most interesting thing. If you draw a line between Zozobra’s perch and the Circus fire memorial, and continue extending the line, it will pass PRECISELY over the Brown University gate I previously mentioned.

    As these points and the preceding ones are solved and resolved into resultant coordinates, these coordinates are used like “connect the dots” and the final image (A giant cursive F) reveals the location of the treasure with precise coordinates.

  68. THE BIG HOAX? I have been a follower of Finn’s TTOTC since 2010. I have met Forest, more than once. My Dad was an artist (Texas) and met with him many times. He never liked him nor his lack of knowledge concerning art and art history. I can tell you he is a trickster and he loves, craves attention. I for one am willing to suspend disbelief and think the treasure is real but … many in my family are not.

    1. It’s been more than a week.
    2. We have NO Proof that it was found … just Forest’s words.
    3. The answers to the clues in the poem have not been divulged.
    4. Forest was under a lot of heat to call the whole thing off due to several deaths.
    5. Forest is 90 and wants to exit as a dot over the letter i (as in i/ego) “The treasure was found”

    So i know that i am going to draw the wrath of many devoted TTOTC believers and follows and those with tremendous zeal. A zeal btw that i understand and share.

    BUT – one week later (“days to come” another Forest, milk it, teaser?) well … One week later, WHERE’S THE BEEF?

    Ha, now i am even seriously beginning to listen to my family saying, “mark my words, i told you so”. What a legacy, “He duped almost everyone” well you can’t fool all of them all the time? OK – one more time. Is this FF’s true legacy, i.e., WHERE’S THE BEEF?

    • We also have to consider that Forrest Fenn had no choice in how the spot would be found. There were all kinds of scenarios – and it looks like one of the worst came true. E.g. it would be a nightmare for Forrest Fenn if a person sends him photos from the exact spot – showing and telling absolutely nothing about the treasure. What to do? Send congratulations to a “winner” who has just found some grass and wood in the Rocky Mountains? or thinking the person was so stupid to overlook the chest? Was the chest found or not? Stop the hunt or not? If stopping, how to proof? Just speculation, but it might be that the actual end brought a bunch of problems to Forrest Fenn.

      • Come on people, give him a break.
        He’s probably up to his eyeballs in legal issues!!. These things take time to resolve.

    • who the heck is Finn?? …nope, never heard of her – hang up and dial again JP

    • Here’s some Beef for you! I have no problem with you saying this was a hoax. I do have a problem with you coming on here and saying your father didn’t like Forrest. Well boo hoo, not everyone is someones cup of tea. Maybe Forrest didn’t like your daddy’s art and that offended him. Maybe your daddy was jealous of military men because he wasn’t brave enough to join himself. Regardless of your daddy’s reasons Forrest Fenn fought for this country and he deserves some respect.

      • He has respect. For example, I respect (and admire) him.

        Regardless of that, people don’t like being jerked around. Has Forrest announced what is shown in the photo(s) purportedly demonstrating that the TC has been found? And what’s so difficult about sharing the photo(s), anyway?

        I wish good luck to Forrest, but also to a LOT of frustrated searchers.

    • Why did you choose the old man from Pet Sematary as your profile pic?
      I don’t understand why everyone’s in such a rush to get the solve. The time to rush for the solve would have been BEFORE it was found. You may as well just keep working on your solve because it will probably be months before any info comes out about the solve. Legal stuff proceeds like molasses in the winter. And who knows how many more people will file suits.

    • I think you need to let off some steam mate. It appears you are paddling up the wrong creek.

    • Say this to your family:

      Where or when did Forrest ever say he would divulge any clues or the chest location? He said he would take the knowledge of where the treasure is to the grave with him. He did his part. He wrote the book and the poem and hid the treasure. He dared us to go look for it. The rest is up to the finder, not Forrest. Prove me wrong and I might listen…

      • He did tell a treasure hunter that he would explain the poem once it was found and people would be surprised how easy it was. I read that on another site the other day.

    • relax JP …we’re just kiddin’

      tbh, you look a decent, honest, pleasant, generous fellow, ..and once i reread “A zeal btw that i understand and share” i realised that you’re one of us too ..deep down
      so.. welcome to the HoD family mate, happy to meet you, hope you’re enjoying the show, as i’m sure many will welcome you with open arms also

      btw.. given the talented, generous, creative and artistic tenor that flows through your family heritage.. maybe you can find it in your generous heart to make a small(ish) donation to our highly popular poetry page …?

      and don’t worry about the $1000 minimum ..anything above $800 is absolutely fine

      thanks mate – you’re awesome 🙂

        • lol, I have a white buffalo for sale. Well, saying its white, it is till it rains. Comes with a spare tin of paint though.

    • They say you can tell a lie from the truth, because the truth always has plenty of meat on the bone.

      You can tell, cant you willie?

    • Forrest has a heart of gold. Period. His generosity distinguishes a mark that, not only should make others jealous, but which others should learn to follow.

      If nothing else, he has taught people how beautiful nature is, the purpose for respecting it, and the importance of keeping it pristine. That, in and of itself, is worth all the gold bricks in Fort Knox.

      I’ve enjoyed nature’s beauty so much that I’m leaving again tomorrow. Even though my budget is stretched to the negative, that echo calls me forward, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

      As Forrest says, “Under a canopy of stars”… Listen to the spirit of nature’s song and you will definitely hear the angels sing.

    • To all that thinks this guy is NOT a scumbag troll please right click this trolls picture and do a search. The image is common and this person is just a troll trying to stir things up. This person probably has some serious mental issues and lets just be all glad we are not in his/her shoes.

    • John Paul,

      You look like a lawyer, but that’s debatable! HeHe

      Okay, if you please, I have a few questions for you. And this is me thinking independently, non-judgemental, and with an open mind.

      Most importantly, Forrest s all-in when it comes to family, correct? So, if that is in the affirmative then here goes.

      1– Why on God’s green earth would he create a hoax that would kick up a hornet’s nest of 350K+? And that only includes estimated SEARCHERS.

      Does anybody(Once again) ON GOD’ GREEN EARTH truly believe, even for 1 millisecond, that Major Forrest(Bubba)Burke Fenn would jeopardize putting ANY of his FAMILY through the verbal abuse and hate and lifelong HELL that Forrest and every returning VIETNAM SOLDIER endured? (Don’t get me started). Think about it! Keep the faith John…you’re a smart kookie!

      Ok, Phase 2…I believe Forrest is a trickster at it’s highest level. I would be thrilled, as well as the MASSES, I’m sure, if you could share a story or two with us about Forrest”s trickery? We’ve heard about the fable, please?

      Lastly, Forrest has supposedly has thought of everything. What if Forrest KNEW that the lawsuits would come out in full force once HE announced the finding? What if someone sent him pictures of the chest confirming their find and he now can begin flushing out the aforementioned law suits?

      Makes me wonder why he said “found” rather than “retrieved”. Sure there would be some collateral damage with this process but the process would far outweigh the damage. Would FENN-NATION want this to be tied up in COURTS for years? Or, would WE like to know before we die?

      Maybe this is the process, maybe not? Simple conjecture on my part. I personally can wait 30 days or less to find out.

      Someone very easily could already have it and thid is how it’s going to play out? Beats me. Don’t much care either. I have my popcorn and remote at the ready!

      John, if ya ever happens ta see the Forrest, please give him a high 5 and a pat on da butt for me/us… But give it 30 days, just for shitz n giggles.

      I look fforward to your reply, thoughts, and story(s). You’re a smart


  69. ….Hoax? This description would be too polite.

    But yes, we have learnt a lot about treasure hunting.

    A hunt that ended before it even begun. The unknown finder is FF himself, who found the treasure in his house. Can happen with all the stuff lying around.

  70. I don’t think the TTOTC was a hoax but I do think something is not right here. I wouldn’t count on getting any details about the location of the TC or the solution to the poem!

    • I agree, he has known this could be coming for 10 years and had everything else planned so precisely. Some people have quit their jobs and spent their life savings or like me put in a million hours. Of course no one forced us but on the other hand it is just the nice thing to do to put more details out there. It is just hard to move on otherwise as this blog demonstrates. I’m sure he knows this.

    • Hi Evan,
      strange but I also have same feeling about this “finding event”. I will not publish here my version because I know that Dal will delete my post as another “conspiracy theory”.
      Just one fact: strange reaction of Forrest. It’s definitely no Maverick’s reaction. Maverick will say something like this (and not by phone, but in video interview): “Guys, the chase is over and I got my bracelet back. The bracelet is genuine thing because it has some marks inside that I did more than 10 years ago. The finder is smart guy but he wants be anonymous. I don’t want to release the solution now because I know that it will a crowd of searchers there in my special pristine place. The finder also promised to keep it in secret. Good buy!”
      What we instead: just short phrases by phone, no one video, no one direct statement… It looks like that Forrest hide his shame about this event i.e. he doesn’t want video interview because everybody will see that he lost his face.
      10 days after event and he is still feed searchers with some abstract phrases like “it was under canopy of stars”.
      All I need to see it’s Forrest hand with genuine silver bracelet on it. It was a single condition for finder – he/she got TC in exchange for the bracelet (looks like legal condition, because TC can be claimed as lost item and finder must return it to owner).

  71. Forrest I know your trying to say something but you just can’t. Forrest quote “I’m a Maverick aren’t I”
    Your a Rascal! Forrest says ; “that’s a compliment!

  72. Dal. you are correct that the trailer is not Pink. IMO it is not peach either. I think it is Salmon and a fitting name would be “Lunker”.

    There exists a group of artistic, wild, and opinionated women that take these cool vintage trailers and make customized works of art. The are called Sisters On The Fly. They camp all over America and caravan together raising money for causes they deem worthy.

    You can view their works of art on line.


  73. Hoax or no hoax, I believe the latter.
    Here’s the rest of the story. Anyone who spent any amount of time trying to solve the poem or find the chest is much more knowledgeable today than he or she was 10 years ago. That’s an undeniable fact. I know more about the Pueblo Indians than I ever would have and I live 9 miles from Mesa verde. I know more about lost treasures and gold mines and the history of the Santa Fe trail, the struggles that the old pioneers had the struggle that the Indians had with the Spaniards. The history of old outlaw gangs and their hideouts. I’m so thankful for all this history as we today watch these idiots trying to tear down and erase our history over a phantom cry of systemic racism. Be thankful for your journeys and your adventures share them with your friends and families and folks you met along the way because some day those memories may too be erased.

    • Yes. Sometime last year I sent FF an email that included this line:

      “And I suppose a good degree would have cost about the same – and I think I’ve had at least the equivalent level of education.”

    • this solve is not that bad I do not think it is the wright one because

      – the blaze melts away in summer.

      – the stone could have been checked by accident, i think the hiding place is to vulnerable to random people who explore the area

      – I have an other solve that is in my opinion much closer to the poem after HOB

      • I think the blaze is still prominent without snow seeing as it is devoid of mature trees and therefore a swath of different color than its surroundings.

        I read that the rock is about 5 feet high which means that someone would have to deliberately climb upon it in order to see inside. I don’t think it’s an overly busy place, on the far bank and then a little ways from the river too.

        I don’t know, but to me it’s far and away the best solve I’ve seen. I actually think either the finder or Fenn may be behind this being posted on that art website as a way to give the answer without an official announcement (due to possible legal matters?).

        • I think the solve is quite good until HOB even though I have an other HOB and I am pretty sure that the blaze cannot be seen with google earth.

        • Creek, redelvis,
          I believe,…re the blaze… its not the snow but….
          there is a large white rock between the rock with a hole and the madison river.
          if you were walking in the river you’d see the white rock on your left 50-100′ from shore.
          follow it straight towards the “wood”s and there’s the rock!

          ****** is this the location he is referring to?
          large rock with a hole- 44.850448, -111.356504

          ***** between this rock and the river is a large white rock. blaze?
          large white rock -44.851953, -111.356232

          pic of forrest casting a fly from “flywater 1994” looks like he’s casting towards the spot.
          this pic was in the solve stating its the exact same spot the searcher was.

          its a shame it has been taken down its an awesome solve.
          right or wrong.
          GE street view shows a few pics of the area.

          • second possible rock w/hole site 44.851374, -111.356687.
            about 250′ fro the white rock blaze.

          • * this is also a very rare special location for fishing browns.
            its like a salmon run but for trout.
            incredible fishing in spring and fall.

        • i have seen the pics of the rock. from a standing position you could just reach in and take it.

    • this solve is not that bad but I do not think it is the right one because

      – the blaze melts away in summer.

      – the stone could have been checked by accident, i think the hiding place is to vulnerable to random people who explore the area

      – I have an other solve that is in my opinion much closer to the poem after HOB

      – FF or the finder would not leave anything there…why?

  74. Good morning all,

    I am going to miss the fellowship we have here on this blog.
    Our only hope is that some billionaire will decide he can afford to toss a couple million into
    ( object of choice ) and hide it someplace within the U.S. Hint: This blog would be a perfect place to post it.

    ” The Thrill of the Chase” Part part two
    By ( Insert name )

    Question is would Forrest and Dal be in favor of this?
    And where would we find a fun-loving Billionaire?
    Forrest, I wish there were more people like you.
    I loved reading TToTc and about your adventures.
    I will treasure my book until the day I die and hopefully, someone else will find it as entertaining as I did. Oh wait a second, there is still bells hidden out there.
    Wooooo, does the chase continue?

    Not ready to play “The Thrill is gone” yet

  75. Hey Dal , I noticed this morning some of the words in forrests release have been changed on here and on ttotc resource page . Any Idea why ” The man is from Back East and did not want to be identified ” was removed ? A few other words as well ? Thanks for your help Dal !

    • That crazy guy paul paul, who claims to be the shy guy from the east, has put a new video out. Mentions f’s housekeeper answering the phone, so must be calling and pestering. He is convinced his email last week stopped the chase.

      Kpro rattled on about him a little last night. Might be worth f dropping kpro a quick message to shout out dal, to stop the deluded harassment.

      • @BigOnus…I got a post deleted by a mod or Dal about that guy and i wasnt even mean about it…just factual. I dont think i have ever had a post deleted in the 7-8 years i been here. So i am not sure whats going on…lol!!!

        • My posts were also deleted about Back East guy…I assumed it was because we are not allowed to speculate who finder is although I see a lot of other speculative posts so I don’t really get it….

      • @bigOnus Its up must have been delayed by 15 minutes…False alert! Just a slow web site posting

      • My main issue is he mentions an NDA that was “automatically” signed on opening the chest (this was on Reddit, a post since removed by the Moderators). I’m not aware of anything like that, legally speaking, although I’m not a lawyer. Nevertheless, having signed a few I’m somewhat familiar with how that works, and there’s no way that is part of it. What would have happened if Forrest wasn’t around when someone found the chest? Even if the party requesting the NDA was some sort of corporation, most NDAs aren’t actually enforcable anyways.

        He left some hints in that Reddit thread, said basically you had to go on a certain day, or a certain day of the week. This was based on something about a “curse” and Native American religion. Based on what he was saying, I think he was getting at Eagle’s Nest, NM — — this describes what “brave and in the wood” might mean, perhaps. I spent some time trying to piece his hints together last night, and it’s possibly this or something related to the New Year in various Native American calendars and the winter Solstice.

        Anyways, I’m extremely skeptical at this point that the “solve” that is correct is based on something like this. And the NDA business is, IMO, a huge red flag.

          • It’s hard to tell, frankly, the difference between a charlatan and a satirist if both are playing the same game. I kind of got that vibe, but at the same time… There were several of those that popped up yesterday. Sometimes Onion headlines are a bit too close to true as well.

    • The back east comment was in the first interview Forrest gave, wasn’t it? (also his comment about the photo). I didn’t think it was part of Forrest’s original release statement posted here, was it? Maybe I am wrong?

  76. Redelvis…that solve is wrong for one simple reason. FF said the places in his book were not put there deliberately to aid the searchers. But this solves relies not only on places but photos of places. I am convinced that the winning solve has nothing to do with reading the poem literally. If that was the case, why would FF write a bunch of memoirs that are fictional stories? Think about it…

    • Doesn’t have to be a deliberate choice to aid anyone. Also, the photo wouldn’t be necessary at all but it is a hell of a good indicator that the place is special to Fenn. In my opinion the “no place for the meek” line could actually be referring to Ghost Village Rd. which takes you down to the river from the highway. Plus Fenn once said something like “I know the treasure is wet”. Can’t you just imagine looking into that hole and seeing the chest shining through the collected rain water it was submerged in?… a “marvel gaze” indeed!

      It’s a damn near bullet proof solve to me as I don’t think we’re meant to be too fancy in solving it counting syllables to find coordinates and such. Perhaps those types things can be helpful if true, but I think Fenn allowed it to be solvable by your average Joe.

    • I think you are incorrect in your interpretation of what Forrest said about hint/clue placement in TTOC. As I have posted before:

      So many say there are not intentional hints in TTOC because Forrest said the hints were not deliberately placed. But, that is a total misinterpretation of what he meant by not deliberately placed. When he said “not deliberate” he was responding to a specific question asking whether there was “at least one clue in each chapter”. He said (adding words in [ ] ) no, they were not deliberately placed [one in each chapter] to aid the seeker.
      Here is the actual Q&A:
      “Dear Mr. Fenn, We are a group of avid elderly bridge players in San Diego who after reading your book hope to find your treasure. We are not into poetry as much as the memoir. We realize the clues are in the poem, but were wondering if there isn’t at least one clue in each chapter. Thank you for a great book.
      Sincerely, Emily.”
      “Emily, All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem. The chapters in my book have very subtle hints but are not deliberately placed to aid the seeker. Good luck in the search. F”

      That means the hints were not placed in a pattern that would aid the seeker in finding the hints (as in “one in each chapter”) but rather are just were they happen to be intentionally placed. (sprinkled?)

  77. People saying hoax or mad no info on the solve …qno wonder you couldn’t find chest. It’s obvious forrest and finder are bound by a contract with discovery Channel to stay hush hush….

    • Please keep us posted of all the scam artists saying they found it. My guess will be 15 nut jobs (Saying they solved the poem but dont have the treasure for whatever reason they come up with or true scam artists). 15 will be my guess

    • Sign me up to be all fifteen nut jobs. Imma break bad one of these days and thro down six hundred bucks for a new one. I don’t even need ten grand, I could just donate the rest to kids we something. But definitely want a new one!!!! If it interest kellyco, sardine cans typically found on the trail up north don’t descrimnate different then wore and barbed wire. Not to mention bronze wire goes off at three feet away(what’s up with that).

    • That’s great! I bought the Kelly GMT goldmaster several years ago to prospect for nuggets, before I heard about TC. I have used that metal detector a bunch. The problem is the metal garbage that is out there contaminating the landscape just below the surface is all over the place. Nails, bullets, cascings, aluminum cans and tabs, wire, you name it. I’ve even found live bullets, plus there are a lot of mineralized rocks that will make that thing “Zip, zip”. But it’s great for searching inside shrubs and bushes where you don’t really want to put your hands for fear of snakes. The GMT has an iron discriminator which is great most of the time, but an old rusty tin can will buzz so hard you think you might have found the treasure. Up 28 cents now in my explorations, though I spotted the coins with the naked eye while using the $700 metal detector . I buzzed it over just to get that zip zip sound anyway. BEP is just $699.72 to go. 🙂

  78. I wanted to tell you thank you, for putting up with all of us crazies on your site. I wish I got to meet you. Anyways, I think you should name your new trailer Camel. Why? Because you Tow it! Lol. Get it ? Camel Toe. I thought it was funny.

    • The key word IMO opinion is IT. I started writing up my reasoning for this yesterday and wrote for 8 hours. I’m still working on it today. I know I am correct. Eventually I will finish my writeup and link it to this page.

      • not the far side of the moon, the near side, head east, the back of the blue moon tavern cameron mt faces the gravely mountains, you need to go in the direction east to the metclaf preserve, now you are close

    • I think it’s “trove.” If you take the definition of trove to mean a collection. That to me hints that all the clues have something in relation to one another. And why I think it’s the keyword is because it narrows down your options quite a bit.

    • I think it was “golf”.

      I used that word as a context for double entendre anagrams of each line of the poem.

      For example: as I have gone alone in there = heaven is a great hole in one.

      The golf context of the anagram is obvious. The second context I found in the TTOTC book “.. God subtracts from the allotted time of man, those hours spent fishing.”

      So that anagram tells me that the treasure was hidden at a fishing hole.

      Use the key word “golf” to make another 23 anagrams, one for each line, and follow them to the treasure. See poetry page XX for the rest of the anagrams I made.

      Thing is, I don’t believe anybody else in America could have made the same 24 anagrams as me; although, I do believe I made the same 24 anagrams that Forrest took 15 years to create. That’s a bias, I know.

  79. I don’t think where it was at or state or solve.everyone had same chance of finding chest.people need to leave mr.forrest and family alone,he will be 90 in August. Just let the man rest and enjoy the life he’s got left sitting by the pond with willie.

  80. My solve came to me 2 days before the “found” announcement. I’m convinced it is 100% correct (imagine that) so here it is.

    Start at Coffin Creek Mt and work the clues backwards. All of the clues / places are mentioned in the TTOC book.

  81. Hi Sally: meant to respond to your post back in Part 3: “Zap – our cowboy friend is clearly AWOL. Pretty much everyone else has checked in.”

    I wonder if Goofy is still out there? Have any of these folks checked in since the find? (Apologies in advance for anyone I’ve left off from the early days of HOD!) Germanguy, stephan (the Pants-less Pirate), Twingem, Bonnie, lillian327, LitterateOne, Margie Goldsmith, Susan Miller, Babylon Slim, captpappy, CJinCA, dt, Markrdreyer, MEH (Michael), Mr.D and Heather, VGBOSS, Wildbirder, Reiteri, Road Hawk, Ronnie the Scot, Sally2fleming, Samsmith, 1trailblazer, Afana, Argillite, Aric Hall (Blaze of Glory), At the Top, Bob Miller, Caboose, Chad, Chance, Copperhead, Desertphile, Doc, DPT, Dr. Coffee, Fred Y., Geoff Idaho, Iceman, JCM, KG, Meadowlark, Morecowbell, or Onecorgi…?

    Sally: ” I think we should have a Montana meet up this winter, bring our tall tales (and skis of course). We can hand out consolation prizes under a canopy of stars (Big Sky). And hopefully Jake won’t have to eat his hat!”

    I second the motion! I’ve never skied Big Sky so I could finally check that box. 🙂

    • I’m still around zap. Caught me off guard a little bit but I had my chances I guess lol. Holding my solve until the dust settles.

      • still going to hang out at my spot throughout the summer until reality beats it through my thick skull that the treasure is in fact gone lol.

    • Hi Zaph, no treasure chest here.
      I have been obsessing about the stars thing.
      Was there a picture of the Big Bang on the title page of “OUAW”? I seem to recall it got revised but I can’t recall the details. I do remember thinking that stickmen looked like constellations, what do ya think?

    • Hi Zaph, no treasure chest here.
      I have been obsessing about the stars thing.
      Was there a picture of the Big Bang on the title page of “OUAW”? I seem to recall it got revised but I can’t recall the details. I do remember thinking that stickmen looked like constellations, what do ya think?

      (had some trouble typing there)

    • Hi Zaph,
      Thanks for checking!
      Apparently, TC was not “several steps” from the Idaho border.
      Best wishes to all searchers, and especially to the finder!
      And remember, “Don’t Panic!”
      “Have flashlight, will (still) travel”

    • I wonder what happened to the sherif and his deputy?
      Dodo Bob thinks it was found in Cody.
      You can eliminate “Chance” as that was me.

  82. If it is a hoax, why should FF say someone found the treasure? Why should he end the hunt? Is there any good reason to stop it?


    • Why? Well, it depends. There are different kinds of “hoaxes.” If we’re dealing with a hoax (who knows?), but assuming the chest was placed in the Rockes, then what I’ll call the “type 1 hoax” (i.e. a claimant-perpetrated hoax) might be “the claimant’s picture was fake, and the find wasn’t real.” With this type, Mr. Fenn might have a very good incentive to make an announcement: at least five people have been killed on this chase, others rescued & arrested & whatnot. It’s dangerous, or at least prone to attract mishaps. A prompt announcement stopping it would be a prudent decision, pending investigation. And it’s basically a free shot: if the claim turns out to be a hoax, Mr. Fenn could always say something to the effect of “oops — do over! The photo was fake, so game’s back on!” No harm, no foul. A prudent decision with a low potential down-side is usually the advisable way to go.

      On the other hand, if we’re dealing with what I’ll call a “type 2 hoax,” such as “there never was a chest placement,” or “the placement has been rescinded,” well, then, there’s always the incentive discussed above. But, also, “guilt” could be an incentive. “Hassle” could, too, inasmuch as the chase has caused Mr. Fenn several instances of trouble-from-wackos. With most pranks, eventually the fun runs out, or the harm (or inconvenience) begins to outweigh the entertainment. (How many times can one play “ding dong ditch” at the same door, right?)

      In short, there would be reasons to make an announcement, if, in fact, we’re dealing with whichever kind of hoax. Then again, I do not really see a good reason to make an announcement based on one photo, then keep the photo secret, then promise more information, and then do nothing for a week (or, forever). From my perspective, that approach would be pretty weak.

  83. Hi Creek,

    Consider this, there is movie rights attached to the finding of the chest. Possible book deals on the table. And a slew of other possibilities. We have been patient for ten years, so what is another few weeks or so to get the lo-down on the finding of the chest?


  84. fenn included an autobiography in the chest. he gave the finder ‘title’ to the gold. maybe title goes a bit further… maybe title is the rights to the book. movie deal. bit of a stretch but what if forrest owned the land too, and gave deed (or title) to the land as well.

    id love a complete breakdown of the poem by forrest, tho i doubt that will ever happen. id also love the finder’s story… was it his first botg, how long has he been at this… how did he figure it out? the latter i could see happening someday, but not soon.

    • Drew, you and I see this alike, the rights to the story for Forrest and the finder are each ones automatically Copyrighted, but if Forrest Fenn agreed to assign his right for publication to the finder, or someone else, it would potentially be worth a whole lot, perhaps more than the TC.

      However, if Forrest and or the finder are not careful to divulge whether there was a solve stolen and make a deal, things are not as clear cut as they might hope.

      Forrest would be wise to allow a secret group of leaders, not naming leaders, but searchers and media the location and a trip to verify it is not still in the mountains.


  85. All kidding aside, I suspect that someone in the Federal government found the treasure before searchers did. I believe Forrest is under a gag order. If my gut feeling is correct, the search really is over. It would probably be best to move on.

    • Why would you “believe” that? What facts do you have? Or… did you just make it up yourself, and decide that it’s true?

    • It’s probably more likely that aliens found the treasure, and now the government has clamped down with secrecy until it figures out how to handle tax issues and social distancing. Hopefully this all gets deleted. It adds nothing to spout these weird off the wall fantasies. All I can say is WHY?

  86. I think Forrest Fenn is now negotiating with film &TV studios about the rights to produce a movie about his Thrill of the Chase. They probably will pay more as the value of the Treasure. So finally he will make huge benefits on this story. Well done!!!!

    • Forrest is 90 years old. What in the blazes does one do with more money at that point in ones life? Are you really that dense?

      • Totally on the same page with you on that one, Mr. Obvious. People think that you should always want more money. There’s no point in earning any more once you reach a certain amount to where you couldn’t spend it all in 10 lifetimes. That’s why the rich keep getting richer. They accumulate a vast sum and pass it down through their families. I’ve heard it reffered to as “Empirical Wealth.”

    • Well if that is the case, why not just come out and say it? That would calm things down and quell all the suspicion and speculation.

  87. Now that the thing’s been found, ideas keep flooding me. Tell me if this is a stretch. It seems like the first 3 lines in the 2nd stanza go together to try and get you to come up with Forrest’s name. If you take warm to mean near or close, he’s telling you they are near him. The canyon down, I’m not sure. This may apply to a later line in the poem. But not far (because it’s FOR), but too far to walk. (REST).

    • NoName6- Wow! I’m not sure how that helps figure out the poem, but it’s an interesting idea!! Great perspective!

      • Yeah, moody. It seems like a piece of the puzzle at least. I just had another idea. The poem only names 2 geological formations in the whole thing, canyon and creek. So what if you combine those two to make it Canyon Creek? Then you use the other lines to determine where along Canyon Creek the chest is.

  88. So now the question is, if big brother is watching, what’s his alias on the blog?

  89. Ok Dal , here is my pick for the name of your trailer , it is a COMBO , Ezy come – Ezy go !!!

  90. … and more importantly did the Feds cheat to find the treasure? It’s unlikely they were smarter than the best searchers. Did they listen in on solves presented to f in emails? Did they use a plane loaded with the latest LIDAR gear? Did they take note of searchers flocking to a certain area? Where they tailing the lead searcher? Bug his iPhone? Wow the possibilities are endless. But, makes for a great book or movie.

    • That would be super screwed if that happened. I’ve always asked what would stop someone from hacking forrests emails and combining ideas.

      It’s like the person who cheated the betting site. He checked what everyone was betting and took those players to make the perfect lineup. If you knew where everyone was searching, and did a think tank of combining ideas…I’m sure you could figure it out. 10 years is a long time to accomplish this goal.

      Not saying this happened. Just chatting.

      • In todays world…WHO KNOWS!!!! They have satellites that detect large oil deposites, mineral, underground aquaducts! LOL…Maybe it was “Timmy” working at a satellite gold scanning company and he was scaning the earth from a satellite to detect gold cause he was only paid to do night watch fly overs and that job gets real real boring sometimes and you know what? He doesnt like the $13.99 an hour he is getting always wondered why it said “He has an active imagination” on my report card in elementary school

      • You’re not thinking this through. You’ve seen the solve dumps here. Were someone to hack Forrest’s email, how in the world would they recognize the correct solve out of hundreds of thousands of bad ones?

        • That made me chuckle Zap.

          I doubt anyone smart enough to solve the puzzle would send anything electronically, especially before collecting of the chest.

        • * * * * * *
          ” If you knew where everyone was searching, and did a think tank of combining ideas…I’m sure you could figure it out.”
          * * * * * *

          Yeah . . . no.

          Breaking into a cache of solves just gets you a cache of solves.

          What you’d need to break it down would be some sort of feedback mechanism. In the cache stash, everything’s simultaneously wrong till it’s right and right till it’s wrong.

          J K Raven

          • I agree JK. A feedback mechanism is necessary to help people give serious consideration to solves that aren’t theirs.

  91. After 1000 hours of musing, and a trip to YNP… I want answers, please f, let us all celebrate the end to this adventure together. Don’t leave us hanging…

  92. For Pete’s sake Dal, just name the trailer “The Thrill of the Chase” and be done with it. That should be obvious!

    • And this part of the movie is called “The Thrill of Waiting”!! muahahahaa

      • hey dal.
        couple things.
        thanks for hosting such an awesome web site, good for you.
        100 years from now when they tell Forrests story most certainly this site and you should be included.
        i suggest looking into an internet archive site/service that can retain all you sites wealth of knowledge etc… for many years to come.
        just a thought.
        regarding you camper, name it the boob!
        3 cheers for Dal.

        • If I was the finder I’d buy your website and connect PCs in the museum to access its content. If the price is right?

  93. Considering legalities, anonymity, and getting your act together for an official announcement, my opinion is that it would risk nothing to have stated, as a minimum, the correct state at the time of the finding announcement. It is ridiculous to allow this amount of time to pass which can only create conspiracy theories and ill will towards the chase.

    The only justification, if it has truly been found, is that a book deal is in the process of being solidified. By revealing any details prior to the signing of the deal, it may jeopardize sales and possibly control of the story.

    If Fenn were to break even or come out ahead of his “loss” of his investment into the treasure hunt, a book deal about the chase would be the ticket to do so. If that be the case, then we as searchers were PAWNS in creating value of a book deal.

    It is absolutely absurd that tens of thousands invested time, money, and energy into this chase and there was no immediate disclosure of facts at the finding of the chest. It may be Fenn’s chase and his rules, but there is common sense decency and morality involved here considering the human cost.

    I am quickly souring.

    • Not true. If f mentions the state, the state government would be all over it. Their attorneys will jump at the chance to obtain the treasure and make a name for themselves. IMO of course. All this conjecture is my opinion. Not fact, opinion.

    • Princess Bride quote which can be used here:

      Inigo Montoya: Who are you/where was the treasure found?
      Westley: No one of consequence/I cannot say.
      Inigo Montoya: I must know.
      Westley: Get used to disappointment.
      Inigo Montoya: Kay.

      Inigo Montoya: I hate waiting.

      • Morecowbell … another of my favorite bloggers. Pointed me to the best SNL moment is n history. You certainly deserve an Oscar too. Best supporting Fenn blogger in a comedy role. Well played MCB!

        • Thanks Mr. Obvious lol. It was a great. entertaining ride with you all while it lasted. I won’t recover from my disappointment for quite a while. I failed Forrest as the LS lol.

    • Firstly Mr. Langdon, I loved you in The Da Vinci Code. Secondly, at the minimum, we do not even need a state, just a statement of why no statement. He could say, “Hang in there, statement forthcoming.” Something, anything, is better than nothing. For me it’s not so much souring as a deepening concern.

      • I think he already did that Goldie.

        This is from Dal on 9 June

        “Just got this from Forrest at 1:45PST this afternoon.

        Dal, will you post this for me please

        “Please folks, give me a little time. I’ll be back.” f

  94. Who thinks the items chosen for the chest were random? Who thinks the satellite back ground pictures on TTOTC pages were random?

  95. I don’t care what anybody says … the silence makes this Chase high drama. I’m lovin’ It!

    • Hey, Mr. Obvious, can you have me on the show? I think I really figured the poem out. This has to be right. Do this for me Mr. Obvious, go to natural atlas website and do a search for Canyon Creek, Colorado. Look how many variations there are and how they fit the lines in the poem. The only two definite locations the poem gives you is Canyon and Creek, combine them to make Canyon Creek.. So that’s what the trove is. It’s a collection of Canyon Creeks. Look at some of these names. South Canyon Creek. (Take it in the canyon down.) Fourmile Canyon Creek. (Not far, but too far to walk.) Happy Canyon Creek, Lost Canyon Creek, Big Canyon Creek, and many more. That’s gotta be it right?

      • Well caller I see in the midst a creek labels NoName Creek. So it looks like maybe you found yourself there. Good one. But it just doesn’t strike me as a place that Forrest holds dear. It’s just my opinion but I think you may be barking up the wrong creek.

        • But, Mr. Obvious, given your name, I thought you could recognize a good solve when you see it. He only names 2 geological formations in the whole poem, canyon and creek. That’s what all the clues have in common. They all have Canyon Creek in their names’. That’s the “trove” he speaks of in the poem, Mr. Obvious. I think now it’s only a matter of finding all the right Canyon Creeks that are described in the rest of the poem. I haven’t really looked at them in great detail yet. Would it be okay if I called the show back tomorrow night with more info?

          • Is there even a road in walking distance? I don’t see one. That could be a problem.

          • Well, Mr. Obvious, I won’t lie. I have looked in that area before. And you’re right, I did get my name from NoName creek. But I didn’t have the Canyon Creek info back then. There were 2 really compelling things at the end of NoName Creek, Mr. Obvious. The first is Peak 6. Think about that name. It’s like saying, “look quickly down.” A peek is a quick look. The word quickly serves two purposes though. Quickly is a generic measurement of time. How do you measure time? With a clock, of course. And what is “down” on a clock? The number 6. Look quickly down, Peak 6. The other interesting thing is just off Name Creek. Its a small mountain lake, which are called tarns. But as much as I’ve looked, I cannot find a name for it. It really looks like a perfect spot. It’s covered in snow at certain times of the year. I can send you a google earth link if you want to see it. Anyways, I hope I didn’t go over into your next segment, Mr. Obvious. Thank you for having me on the show.

  96. I settled on areas in and around West Yellowstone for my solves, The Rockies are just too large to try to search them all, plus my overall takeaway from TTOTC was it has to begin at/near the Park… I guess I have that in common with many other here. I figure i’ll share my thoughts here so if any turn out to be close to the truth, i’ll have evidence of my brilliance:) Much of this is not original, ideas borrowed from others here and there that rang true to me…

    1. WWWH Yellowstone Lake, take Yellowstone river downstream (pass home of brown (Fishing bridge of Fish hatchery) TTTW means must follow waterway… towards Yellowstone canyon and waterfalls (end drawing nigh), before falls turn and follow Otter creek (No paddle) about 3 miles up to where there is a small waterfall and a cave. Search for Blaze.

    2. Lamar Valley, Lamar River Home of Ranger Brown, downstream in the canyon where the river is whitewater, near the shoreline, my wife found a lightning struck, burned out tree with a wooden stake nailed to it, tip pointing downward. (found the blaze, look quickly down). That had us thrilled for a spell..

    3. Firehole River, Old faithful WWWH, down canyon, turn off onto Nez Perce Creek (Brave and in the wood) looked for the blaze, no luck.

    4. WWWH Hebgen lake dam. Up a canyon near earthquake lake. We ran out of time, but if the treasure wasn’t already found, i’d focus there.

    Not sure I correctly deciphered the nine clues, but i felt pretty good about WWWH, Yellowstone. Too far to walk meant take a boat (you can walk around the world, but you cannot walk on water) Blaze in my mind had to be some sort of man made marker, not geologic formation… X marks the Spot, double Omegas, something of that nature.

    Sorry it’s all over, I’m tempted to try crowdfunding this community to put together another treasure and hide it to keep the Thrill ongoing… Perhaps Dal would be our Fenn, I don’t think I’m crafty enough. And Dal, thanks for your Geocache neat town, my kids loved actually finding something, and leaving something else in return. All the Best –Beekeeper 1X searcher, lifetime dreamer

  97. Just wondering and maybe this is question for Jenny Kile or some of you who were active in other hunts. What was the outcome of some other treasure hunts? Did they release the solve immediately? Where there legal issues? Or is it just Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt?

    • Hi Dawn: so far, I wouldn’t say the Chase is particularly out of the ordinary in how it ended. Quest for the Golden Hare (Masquerade) ended in controversy. “Secrets of the Alchemist Dar” ended prematurely with no solution and no prizes awarded. Breakfast Tea and Bourbon ended with successful solution, prize awarded, and full solution revealed.

      • Thanks Zap. So I guess we are somewhere in the middle now. Hehe. Pun intended.

  98. Wouldn’t y’all think that it might be the right thyme for another Scrapbook from Forrest?
    I s’pose that I’m just p’ing in the wind tho.
    Just ignore my silly suggestion, Mr. Fenn.

  99. Oh wait. I have another conspiracy theory. What if … f deliberately injected just a few incorrect bits of information into the Chase to make it difficult. What if he actually told a few fibs to throw searchers off balance? The world is full of disinformation and maybe it’s the searchers job to identify and counter such disinformation. What information might have thrown everyone off from the get-go? Interesting concept I think.

    • i think some of the things he has said seem to throw people for a loop but if you look at other possible meanings of what he said it points directly to the area. I’ve been able to apply just abut everything he has said to my area. For instance, he said it was a place people didn’t often go. to me that means people go there just not often. like once a year but, you could have easily took it as it’s not a place people often go. to me that would mean hardly anyone goes there, ever. i don’t know if that made since. it’s almost like hearing what he is whispering in stead of shouting. hidden meanings maybe. idk

    • Mr Obvious, Scrapbook 78 ff said “Fifth, I have never consciously misled any searcher or privately given a hint or clue I thought would help someone find the treasure.”

      I think in a court of law the word “consciously” could bite someone?


  100. I believe you can use the items in the chest to verify your solve. Out of all the items in the chest, he picked specific ones to discuss. If you can tie them to your solve you should be able to verify your spot. It worked for me, well, as long as I have the right solve. lol

    I know I’ve mentioned this before but it’s the easiest one to get. American eagle and double eagle coins being New Mexico, US. The US seal is an American Eagle and the state seal for New Mexico is a double eagle. Both of which are the third item mentioned so they would match up with not far, but too far to walk.

    Just something to consider.

    • I do think the correct solve is very tightly bound to the number of different items in the chest. My solve is. No joke here.

    • Forrest actually clearly stated somewhere that the itrms in the chest or not related to the solve

      • can you blame him? look at the folks that showed up at fenn’s house and the threats he got. i wouldn’t say anything either. sad but true

      • If it were me I would have at least posted a pic of the find and done a phone interview by now.

    • I always wonder about the journey the tc has to take. It once lay hidden and could have been there for centuries, sleeping. Now it is on an adventure of its own that will outlive us all.

      Forrest will get back to us with some more information, soon enough, when he is ready. I foresee the end being as beautiful and poetic as it begun. He wont let us down.

    • The only thing that may never be known is the identity of the finder and the chests full itemized contents imo. The correct solve will eventually be released.

      • That’s reassuring to hear cowbells. Confirming the correct solve would certainly be a bright spot.

  101. The more I think about it the more I think that the key word was “cold”.

    I long pondered this part of the poem. Was its proper English meaning simply “The rewards of your efforts will be worth you getting cold?”

    Otherwise, what’s the worth of cold? Refrigeration? Preservation? Breaking a fever? You need to put in effort to preserve something? I never got something that made any sense.

    Ok, then assume it just means you are going to get cold. Why? The two theories seem to be you have to get wet or you have to be there at night. The simple answer is you are going to get wet. But I think Forrest Fenn’s “It was under a canopy of stars . . . “ is strong evidence for you have to be there at night. Why?

    In that light (pardon the reverse pun), I think that Elbert Ainstein on June 8, 2020 at 11:41 pm has the answer: “The blaze was a glow-in-the-dark marker which absorbs sunlight during the day and is then visible at night until the energy gained in the sunlight dissipates.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised that the chest is in a very accessible location that can easily be access and many searchers were near. All one needed to do was be there at night with their eyes well adjusted to the dark.

    If all BOTG searchers returned to there favorite solves and waited until nightfall, I wouldn’t be surprised that one of us finds a glow-in-the-dark blaze right where it always was.

      • OK, cold is not warm, but what is the worth and how is it tied to effort? And why would it matter to you? Cold is way down the poem, so why mention later it if you started a wwwh?

        • The poem begins and ends and ostensibly never leaves the canyon where warm waters halt (Freezes) IMO

  102. Time for yet another conspiracy theory. Probably not true, but it may still entertain some of you. Chest is found in choose-your-National-Park-Service-property (need not be Yellowstone) and was “not in close proximity to any human trail” as per Forrest’s hint. Finder turns it in to whichever park director. Director realizes that if word gets out of the location, it will be swamped by curiosity seekers. Since it’s “off trail,” he doesn’t want thousands of people all trampling around the currently-pristine location. He could declare it “off limits,” but that would require fencing or some other deterrent and would also be bad PR for the park – – “Here’s a spot you all want to see, but we won’t let you see it.” Forrest technically shouldn’t have hidden it there either, per park rules. So director cuts a deal with finder and Forrest that if neither tells where it was found, he won’t prosecute Forrest and he’ll smooth the custody transition for the finder. Director himself may or may not have been told the precise location, perhaps just enough to know he doesn’t want people to find out.

    Personally, I’m rooting for it having been found off a trail at the end of a long unpaved road on BLM or forest service property. Even if known, the road and remoteness would keep the visitor count down a bit, plus BLM and forest service land is a bit less sensitive on average than park service land.

    • It was not in a NP. Forrest put it in a place where it was legal to put it.

  103. Did Forrest say someone solved the poem? Seems like all he said is someone found the chest.
    What if the reason he knew someone was as close as 200 yds was that it was hidden 200 yds off a trail. It kinda reminds me of the Robert Frost poem. Maybe,
    Two trails diverged in a yellow wood
    and the finder took the one less traveled by,
    stoped to rest and thats how they found the chest.

  104. What would you do if you had found the treasure Mr. Fenn hid????? Would you do the wise thing he recommended of securing the chest and thinking about (researching) what to do with your new found riches for 30 days or go to the media, shout about what you had just found and how it will benefit you. The ramifications of finding the chest and making it public are huge! No different than winning the lottery. The people posting on this site who are saying it was all a scam and throwing stones at Mr. Forrest Fenn and the finder should be ashamed of themselves. Why are you even on this site if you doubt that a treasure was hidden in the beautiful Rocky Mountains?

    • It was not a scam, he did place it, it was recovered, Lake Cameron Montana
      in the 300′ wide grass field,
      his and Donnie’s special spot across from the 50 mile riffle in the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge, Cedar mountain
      below the waterfall at Cedar Lake that he and his helicopter friend could not land near, so they landed in the lower field with the rivulet the horses had entered and were found in next morning.

      BTW Lake Cameron has no fish, Cedar lake does.

  105. Hey Dal I agree with the person that said
    Name your trailer toe paint it red and call it blaze!

    • If you think any word in the poem has a single meaning, you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle. IMO.

      • I didn’t say it only has one meaning. I’m saying that with this particular meaning applied, the poem is very straightforward. I have not solved the last two clues and therefore am not holding the TC. But I believe the poem doesn’t have random unconnected clues. They must connect together and with this definition of IT, they do.

      • And; since apparently the chase is over (though I’m still looking), we are likely past competion. I thought I would share my real thoughts in hopes that someone can add to them and we could, with a team effort, arrive at the hidey spot which probably no longer holds the TC. I still want to solve the poem!

        • Flutterby, I believe the clues are connected too. Isn’t it weird that the poem is supposed to lead you to a precise spot, but it only names 2 geological names in the entire poem? (canyon and creek)

        • Yeah , me too , even if it takes me 10 years , the satisfaction of knowing that I solved the poem is very important to me .

  106. Pretty sure he’s at least a little Taoist…

    I know there is some frustration in how Forrest Fenn takes his time on everything, and I’m not saying that frustration isn’t justified.

    However, to put things in context, I wanted to introduce you to some Taoist concepts if you aren’t familiar with them, in the hopes that it might explain some things. I have no direct knowledge of Forrest Fenn’s philosophical views, but I’m certain that he’s at least a little Taoist.

    Lao Tzu wrote, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” This is very close to Donnie Joe’s words in “Looking for Lewis and Clark”.

    Forrest has written, “Stay in your job only if you love it. Get out in the mountains and turn a log over to see what’s there. Avoid those things that distract you from your self esteem. The key word is contentment. If you can find it, everything else has already fallen in place.”

    This is very similar to Lao Tzu’s, “Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy.”

    Contentment is Taoism, and it comes from letting go.

    I think the most relevant Taoist concept for what we are seeing in this limbo state of the treasure hunt is the concept of Wu Wei, or non-action, or the idea that problems kind of sort themselves out in due time, and that action often makes them worse.

    I think this is one of Forrest’s ways of dealing with things, one that we have seen in his past reactions to difficult situations.

    Things kind of sort themselves out in due time.

    • I think the Taos story relates to June and Donnie, they were married at one time and they are the only ones that have unknown gravesites

      He wanted us to look into his family history by looking up his dad on the internet

      I think June and Donnie remains are scattered in the 300′ wide tall grass field

      the French and English did not get along ,
      Why would a Frenchmans gravestone be written in English?

      The 300′ field at Lake Cameron is the only one that fits all clues in poem and book.

      Making this spot special to him and wanting it unknown, once you figure out the far
      (the one word) clue #3 you can run there

        • cover the rest of the poem
          and focus on only on lines 5 to 13
          figure out far its the toughest clue

          when you do
          you will run there

          too late now though

          • What is the point of cryptic posts at this point. If people honestly spill out the things they believe they know, we might put this together.

  107. I woke up days ago and I felt like the chase was still going…I still want to go see all these beautiful places I dreamed the treasure was.
    I still feel like there are treasures out there!
    I just know it. Hehehe
    Ok so I may be wrong and I’m willing to wait
    But I think the treasure was in New Mexico.
    And if it is not….than the treasure that is in New Mexico is Forrest Fenn!

  108. If you believe he hid it, without proof…
    Then why need proof it’s been found?
    He said he hid it. He said it’s been found.
    Forrest has given us more than words can say thanks for, he owes us nothing more.

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