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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f



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268 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part six

  1. I guess we have to just Get out and find more treasures of our own I suppose. It’s always been about a search. Any search like our road treasures. Live life. Be adventurous.
    Congrats to the finder, thanks Mr Fenn for giving us all a great deal of fun and thanks to dal and everyone for the platform to share our adventures.

  2. Reminiscing old BOTG trips today. Man I had a ton of fun on this adventure

    • I wish I had known about this challenge before the treasure was found. I think of all the morels, Chantrelles, porcini, Black trumpets and oysters I could have found while hunting for it…. you guys all need to just start mushroom hunting now!

      • This whole situation is starting to feel like a divorce: I keep waiting for it to go through, I’m not sure who was right but I’m pretty sure it was me, I’m both happy and sad it’s over, and I have no idea what I’m going to do now that it’s final.

        • BigOnus – That’s not what the video said. They were talking about the ‘treasure’ the second searcher found, in the outdoors, because of Forrest’s treasure hunt. They clearly state that Forrest doesn’t intend to release the Finder or treasure location info. That video title was good, though. To get everyone to watch it. Nice to meet Amy Sweitzer!

          • Ah, thanks for pointing that out Lisa! It was sent in an email.

            I should think before posting at times.

        • Just saw that they say it was found in Colorado and immediately say Fenn won’t say where it was found.

      • Dal,
        if i email you my solve, will you share with Forrest? Is Forrest willing to acknowledge a correct solution to the poem. Why aren’t we submitting our solves in some sort of competition for $$$ or charity, something? Just don’t want the chase to end. ill bet on my solution!

  3. Why is there no word???
    I absolutely disagree with people who say FF owes us nothing.
    So many have put their hearts & souls & savings into this Chase. People have even died for it. It’s now been over a week, and all of us searchers with our various solves have been waiting with baited breath, just to find out the state that it was found in. Or something. Just…ANYTHING.
    Please, Mr. Fenn. Talk to us. Throw us a bone. Give us some information. Or merely an explanation for why you can’t talk openly.

        • Why are there so many with victim mentality? This was a test of skill and someone beat us to the chest, get over it.

          • JB,
            Your response was to Robert who was agreeing with me. My post said FORREST OWES US NOTHING! That is not victim mentality. That is in support of Forrest!

          • Sorry, I was responding to the post above it, just hit the wrong reply button.

      • He made a promise that he hid the treasure and is selling books with clues to this treasure. The bookselling in fact, is only legal, if there really was a treasure hidden.

        So, I do not think it is that easy to say „he ows us nothing

        he should clear things up and he will. At least bring some evidence that it was found. I do not even want to know the location.

        • This word ows, is so demanding. Some are suggesting or requesting which seems OK, but to demand by using this word owe seems so not right. IMO, with some time and a little bit of patience we will all Know what we need. g

        • Hi creek,
          you have said: “The bookselling in fact, is only legal, if there really was a treasure hidden”. Did you suggested an idea that all buyers of TTOTC and TFTW books should sue Forrest for losses i.e. ask to return money that they spend buying these books?
          Indeed, all buyers were hoping to solve the poem and found TC. Now when Forrest notified them that TC is found but refused to public a solution for the poem, both TTOTC and TFTW cost zero. It will be different story if the solution is published by Forrest – buyers will keep the books with inserted solution text and show these books to their kids and relatives with proud comments like: “well, I had some solution for the poem and I was enough close to the site” or “my solution was in the same state” etc.
          Simple conclusion: if Forrest not publish the solution and the finder never revealed himself during next 6 months Forrest will get a new wave of litigations from searchers that will ask a judge to force Forrest to publish the solution.
          BTW, current litigation about “hacked solution file” can be also very serious for Forrest. Plaintiff will reveal any solution and say that it’s correct one. To prove that it’s not correct solution Forrest should say what was the correct one. If he refused the judge can say that the refusal is the evidence that plaintiff had correct solution and Forrest should pay a compensation to plaintiff for stolen TC. To avoid it Forrest should present 100% evidence that TC was in the place that was coded with 9 clues in poem.

          • All Forrest has to do through his Atty and get the computer in question and have forensics done on it. If it was truly hacked there will be traces of the hacker on the HD.
            The second thing that comes to mind is can she name the correct state the treasure was hidden in and the county.
            states and God only know’s the number of counties.
            Game over.

      • Okay he owes you nothing. When I go to the store. I pay I get my change. I leave. If he owes you nothing the deal is complete. Why don’t you leave the store there is no reason for you to be here. I’ts not over for everyone but it should be over for you and everyone else that expects nothing else.

        • We’ve all paid for our cup of coffee and now we’re all hanging around the tables sippin and chattin and about the guy that was the millionth customer and wishing perhaps it was us. Then there’s a few that claim it should have been them if it we’re for whatever crazy reasons they come up with.

          We may have paid, but we’re still enjoying each others company.

    • Why do you think that Forrest owes you something? Nobody owes anyone anything – Forest set forth a great challenge, we took him up on that, and most of us had a spectacular adventure, and that’s the end of it. As for burning with curiosity to know the location – patience. If the finder wishes to write a book, for example, you won’t be seeing anything until the New Year at the earliest. Don’t expect anything before Fall, not even a hint. Of course Forrest can’t talk openly about it. Be respectful and stop pushing. It may be delayed gratification, but someday you will likely hear the whole story. But today, tomorrow, this month, next month? Too early. Let it go for now….

      • If it was the 1980s, then fine – we wait months or a year for the book or movie to come out. But in this day and age of blogs, social media, and ease of communication, people should not have to wait an absurdly long time for some word from Forrest, especially when he specifically said that in the coming days there would be more info & pics coming. It would be so easy for him to sit down at the computer for a few minutes and put out another small statement just explaining where things stand right now. Because at the moment, people are completely in the dark.

        • How quickly you forget that this is FF. “Coming days” could mean 1000 years as those certainly qualify as days yet to come.

          Any information he gives out beyond that it has been found could only hurt him in the long run as it would give everyone who has a lawsuit filed against him actual facts about the who/what/where/when/why/how of TTOTC that could be used against him to strenghten thier case. IMHO we won’t hear much until all the cases have been dealt with so we should all relax.

      • Well said. “Nobody owes anyone anything.” If there is no one how can they owe something? That’s a lot like Forrest speak. He takes GHT you well.

    • I don’t understand people who think Forrest doesn’t owe the world the solution to his poem. The treasure hunt was his brilliant idea. Forrest started this world wide sensation by writing he poem, hiding the treasure, and doing dozens of interviews over the past decade. He has received countless emails related to the search. Hundreds of thousands of people have played his game and ventured out into the woods. Now that the search is over, it is only human nature to want the answer. It’s like reading a great mystery novel only to have the last page ripped out of the book.

      If Forrest never shares his solution with the world, I am afraid he will be remembered as a hoaxer instead of the creature of the greatest scavenger hunt of all times. I would really hate to see it all end this way.

      • YSREBOB, Do you realize that Forrest designed this chase to last for “as long as time has to go” (FF) There was no promise of a spectacular movie script ending! We were only promised that the person who could solve the clues in the poem, could locate the treasure. That is it! Anybody that wants more than that didn’t learn the lesson that adventure doesnt come in front of the TV or a video game. It is outdoors.

    • I can put your mind at easy a little, ff has always said it is out of his hands now…
      long before the treasure is found… he has said he is not going to disclose the solve, even after the find, and it was up to the finder… (before it was found)

      it is truly up to the finder now…

      just imagine it this way, if it still bothers you, what if ff had passed on… what exactly did he owe you then?

      ff can only act as a go between now. (and that is if he wishes to do that even)

      the spot, the solve, and the treasure is in the finder’s hands…
      and that is who to look to… but I wouldn’t hold the breath as I am sure he senses money to be made…

      • Writis, very well said. I believe Forrest is a man of integrity and that shouldn’t change because some people get their feelings hurt. Anyone who chose to participate in this Chase got the thrill of trying to solve it. That is all anyone was offered and should be content with it. IMO everyone had their chance at finding it but only one succeeded. Game over, I didn’t win. Congrats to the winner. Thanks Forrest for a good game.

      • 10-4 I always was scared of the things that made me happy any way seems like God always took it away so I tried to be humble . It led me down a dead end road and looks like I burnt every bridge as I crossed .
        Slingloader I still have not been back and I might not since apparently it’s not there no more . The chase was fun but it sucks not being on the run .

        I will always wonder what the tittle was to that man in the campers poem . How did I know it was a poem ….lucky guess probably.

        Name the camper exception

    • I can understand Forrest keeping the exact location of the treasure undisclosed. It could very easily become a pilgrimage for who knows how many, and the location could be damaged and lose it’s special meaning to Forrest and the finder. It remains to be seen if the discoverer of the Treasure ultimately does reveal it, or if something has been legally signed preventing that. Nobody knows if there was some unmentioned legal document in there to be signed by the Finder. As the location was secret, so may be other things. I am one who thinks Forrest should at least give us the state or something, for many of us who do need a “bone” to chew on. Most of us trust Forrest without question. There is an old saying however… “Never invest in any scheme that is based on a metaphor”.

  4. I was responding to someone in the last thread who said their solve involved a place that nobody visits, but that thread was shut. This is why I think that idea is not correct.

    Fenn said this:

    “But then when I went to hide the treasure, I was lucky that nobody was around there, nobody any place.” at time 19:37

    Which, taken with his previous comments, suggests that the location of the chest is _near_ a place that people visit often. There’s lots of ways that could work, in my pet solve it works because the land is adjacent to places that people visit, usually in the spring/summer. But, it’s not part of the attraction, so you could literally have the treasure next to the boundary, but nobody would be going back there unless they had a specific reason to be there. It’s fenced off from adjacent pacels too, and you can’t get to it without crossing fences, but it’s public land. That’s why nobody would go there for a picnic — how many times have you gone someplace to have a picnic and crossed a barbed-wire fence in the process? Such a barrier would also present issues to kids, such that they’d need adult help to cross them.

    Anyways, that’s my theory on how this particular bit works, but at this point it’s just a theory as I don’t have the chest. This parcel is one of many like that, and I’ve searched a few others that are similarly situated.

    • I believe he’s referring to where he parked the car. Where he walked off to would be the not too often part.

        • Search12345 There is no indication of that being any thing other than a guess. it could be 10 ft but up to a few miles, FF stated that he made two trips from his car to the hiding place in one afternoon,
          FF has also stated ‘If you can’t make two trips from your car to your solve in several hours, then don’t go”
          .IMO the no one was around where he parked the car, which is probably used more often.

          • My reply was specifically to the person above, that _if_ the place where Forrest parked the car had lots/more people, _then_ the chest was not more than 500 ft from that general location. Fenn has said that many people have been within 500 ft of the chest, and not all of them searchers. Hence I’m of the opinion that if the chest itself is in a place where nobody goes, it’s 500′ or less from some sort of tourist attraction/recreation spot/etc.

        • Forrest has said that he walked less than a few miles, which would definitely fit your 500 ft. However, it looks to be about 1.5 miles from where I’m looking, depending on where you park. 🙂

    • yes but no fence, just a few branches, then easy walk where its no place for the meek

      • In the solve I was working before the announcement, the fence came at “the end is ever drawing nigh” and before the creek.

  5. Carpe Diem! Seize Life Today!

    The hunt changed my whole outlook on life! I hope it did the same for you all!

  6. I don’t know if anyone will find it as funny as I do, but for several days now I’ve been imagining Forrest trying to crack his own poem. Reading his books for clues and etc. I mean, he wrote it 25 years ago. That’s a long time. It is unfair to expect anyone to crack this riddle in nine days. LOL. All just for laughs, because it’s pretty funny imagining Forrest in the perspective of a searcher: “What on earth is warm waters halt? I know that’s the first clue. What did I tell searchers to do? Read the book once normally and then the poem over and over and then go back through.” This would be the ultimate twist if this were a movie.

    • Important to understand all of the lines of the poem together. I have always believed that you have to see the whole picture.

    • I hope I didn’t offend Kee I was trying to compliment her and her suggestion . I meant no disrespect .

  7. I always thought the treasure was in line with the first line of the poem, i.e. move your finger to the right of the first line of the poem
    ‘The clues go in order (consecutive)
    The clues give you a starting-location
    The clues guide you from the starting-location to the hiding place’

  8. IMO, there is no logical reason for Fenn’s silence. The idea of a gag order is preposterous. If he wants to avoid some legal issue, I could understand that, but tell us that then. He could say, due to pending or potential legal action I cannot comment any further. We would all support him. Honoring a request to keep someone’s name out of the news is fine, but still not a reason to keep the solve from the people who enjoyed his game and hung on his every word. Some might think he has to verify the find, but again, I’m sure he had a method for doing that and wouldn’t have said the chest was found before stringent verification. And it is beyond silly to think that he didn’t have a plan in place for how things would be handled at the end. The only logical conclusion is that his plans changed or something happened that he hadn’t prepared for, and I would be fine with that too if he were to say so. Maybe he just wants his treasures back. Maybe he just wants to be done with the whole thing. Maybe he is being blackmailed. Maybe he feels sorry for setting us off on this chase. Or maybe this was his plan all along and the guy from back east is someone we know from the Bible and he wants to follow through with his original plans; I sure hope not!

    I am not upset with him, but rather dumbfounded by those who have elevated him so. He is just a human being like the rest of us. I only want closure so I can move on from this. Whatever is troubling him, I wish him well and hope the truth will set him free! Godspeed Forrest!

    • I don’t see any logical reason for complete radio silence, either. But in this day of deep-fakes, I can imagine one speculative possibility: maybe he’s not so convinced from just one photo, after all?

      One way or another, 350,000+ searchers deserve a better explanation than “I got a photo from somebody I don’t know, so that’s it, g’night and drive safely.”

    • If his lawyer won’t let him talk let the lawyer make a statement. This is what happens every time people are waiting for news.

  9. Up above someone posted a link to an interview with FF. In the interview, FF said his advise to the finder would be to “put it under your bed and think about it for 30 days” (before doing anything).

    It hasn’t been 30 days yet. Or at least since FF’s post stating that it was found, hasn’t been 30 days.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m thinking that the 30-day mark will be when we hear something new.

  10. You do not need to hear from f to know where the treasure was hidden. You just need to solve the puzzle. You need to convert the poem to a map. All the clues are self-validating. Fenn made it so.
    He put a lot of work into the Chase. He wrote a magnificent poem. Every letter, every syllable, every word, every phrase, every stanza was carefully though out. It took him 15 years to get it right. He wrote three books. He crafted hundreds of short stories. He created dozens of videos. He appeared on n numerous TV and radio broadcasts. How much effort did you put Into solving it? Stop your whining and work out the solve. It’s there for the taking. Statistical significance will tell you if your solve is correct. When you solve the puzzle you will know it beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have found the treasure. You don’t even need to make the trip to know it’s there.

    • lol. This may be one of the silliest posts I’ve read on here, especially at this point when the Chase is officially over.

      Yes, you absolutely DO need to hear it from F (or the Finder) to know where the treasure was hidden. Clearly 350,000 searchers have tried their best – and failed – to solve it themselves, including you, Mr. Obvious.

    • How do you know if your solve is correct if someone else got there first? I belive, like many others that I know the general area where the chest was, or is, located, but as Fenn himself said, only by going there will the clues lead you to the chest. As we all know, the clues will fit hundreds, maybe thousands, of locations. They are just not specific enough to lead you to the right location without actually being there.

      • Forrest has said that the person that solves the poem can walk straight to the chest. I recently completed such a solve and I will visit it shortly and expect to see an obvious hiding spot under a canopy of start with possibly something left by the previous finder. That would seem pretty convincing to me. 🙂

      • “As we all know, the clues will fit hundreds, maybe thousands, of locations. They are just not specific enough to lead you to the right location without actually being there.”

        That, Sir, is an assumption that most are prone to make. It is also false, if the clues are taken in the correct context. It is possible to get to the blaze from home base. After that, BOTG is required.

        When the time comes, it will be shown how the hints/clues are to be recognized. Interpretation of the hints is an exercise left to the student.

        Alas, for all involved, the time is not yet right.

  11. Start at Aqua Fria (cold water). Go down Rio Grande to Brown House at Socorro. “Put in” meaning go with or on. Go south to Alto (meaning high) waters and loads of snow high. Go to actual location of Blazers mill at Mascalero and quickly look down the highway to the Apache Mission. The Body of Christ is there. “Go in peace” are in the last words in the Catholic Mass. Go down to the brave meaning Apache gravel road next to the church. The road is gravel and “tired” meaning driven over then “listen good”. List means turn, good means right. Turn right on to Rainbow road to Forrest treasure the Rainbow trout at the Mascalero fish hatchery. The Mascalero’s stock the reservoir at Nambe. Start the poem over following the same general system. Leading down below the water fall to “Gardiner’s Island” full of wild cherry like bushes and Rio Nambe the “brave” in the woods. You will find the Omegas and Seek-no-further that Forrest planted. The poem ends with the last of four passes through the poem and a dead tree which was Sloane’s treasure from his Almanac book. Sorry to go on and on. I am trying to mentally let go of the treasure hunt, but not Nambe and Mascalero…They were too beautiful to stay away from.

  12. Hi Argellite: good to see you’re still around monitoring the goings on.
    “I have been obsessing about the stars thing. Was there a picture of the Big Bang on the title page of “OUAW”?”

    Sort of, if you mean the “POW” on page 1 (Table of Contents) with a couple stickmen flying (presumably Skippy and Leroy).

    “I seem to recall it got revised but I can’t recall the details. I do remember thinking that stickmen looked like constellations, what do ya think?”

    The cover stars were subtly altered in the revised version of OUAW — most notably the addition of a star to the right of Forrest’s name. I suppose the stickmen do look a little bit like connect-the-dots constellations, though I don’t recognize either of them.

    • Ya still lurking about. Very interested to see whether I was 3 states away the whole time.

      I had convinced myself that the gold nuggets on the map page photo in the book are in the shape of the constellations Hercules & Lyra. With Lyra residing in the spot on a map that would be where the “key” would be (something about a good map). When I looked at the “big picture” I saw a stringed instrument (not a lyre mind you).

      (another belief was that Forrest’s stick drawing in Scrapbook 180 is of the constellations Perseus and Cassiopeia)

      Just more crazy ideas that never quite worked out. Still tons of fun though! Hope you are doing well.

      • Just noticed that the spelling of your handle keeps changing. Years ago it was Argillite; then earlier today Argellite, and now Argilliite with three i’s. If you change it to Argallito you’ll have an anagram of alligator. 😉

    • I’ve always been under the impression, and quite possibly way off base…that the two stars next to each other, that the fishing line landed on represented Alpha Centauri. The “twins” of the galaxy. Hence why his brother was the Alpha and FF’s repeated use of the word Alpha.

      • I also was always under the impression that the item not mentioned in the chest was the #1 copy of the wax model wolf he copied in bronze. He “kept it but doesn’t remember why.”

      • When I overlaid the cover to OUAW on GE, the “hooked” star landed at the same place to poem took me. Initially, “Graciella” confirmed it.

    • From part 5…I respectively disagree about which clue the finder or Fenn himself could reveal and still keep it a secret. nfbTFTW is the only absolute hint that you would only know if you found the chest. He could give an approximate range “1 to 4 miles ” would do just fine. Any other clue and these Searchers will squeeze it into their solve like a frustrated puzzle player with a razor blade. That being said, which clue do you think they should reveal and why.

      • Disagree, Wendell, because IMO that is not a clue for a distance. It is specifically naming a geographic feature.

        • Really? Wow… Interesting! I’ll stick with approximately 3 miles AND put in (Get out of your car) below (South on a map) the HOB.
          Just sayin.

        • Hi Writis: full solution under wraps — yes for now. My first two clues have been public for a long time — my WWWH is where the Gallatin River exits the northwest corner of YNP. In other words on “the edge.” “Important Literature” suggested a border was involved, given the Border’s (sic), Borders and “borderline biddies” all in the space of a few pages. Gallatin Canyon formally begins right at that point.

          I initially thought I was the first to come up with this WWWH in 2016, but at some point I went digging in the hoD archives and discovered one other searcher had done so at least as far back as October 2015: TxTH. His reasoning for WWWH in the broad sense was essentially the same as mine: the totality of Yellowstone with its highest concentration of geysers in the world, and that collection of “warm waters” geographically halts at Yellowstone’s border. Here’s how he described his thinking:

          “If you are going to start you have to pick something from all of your beliefs and go with it so I picked the boundary of Yellowstone National Park because it just made the most sense to me at the time. Surely the boundary marked a definite end to the warm waters of Yellowstone as the government would certainly not let any actually exist outside of the park boundaries.”

          I thought that was a pretty humorous way of putting it. 😉 From his BOTG trip report he gave no indication that he had discovered “Gallitan, W. MT” hidden in the first two lines of the poem (or Gal, MT repeated later on). Instead, it was simply the more promising of two choices in his mind:

          “My second clue – ‘take it in the canyon down’ meant I had two major choices from the Yellowstone boundary, the Madison River or the Gallatin River. I chose the north canyon (Gallatin River) over the west canyon (Madison River) because of its access to some of the geographic names to the north and of course the Gallatin NF. The fact that Forrest’s sister had lived in Bozeman also helped me to pick the north canyon.”

          I note that he didn’t mention Gardiner Canyon or Lewis Canyon, each of which crosses the park boundary, but I still think his intuition steered him right.

          • Interesting, I had assumed you went with the west yellowstone area…

            I went back and forth with wwwh… between two, they both ended the same way, one being Boiling River hot spring,

            I still believe that it is NOT where waters halt, it is where you the visitor halts, to enjoy the waters… so in that theme, the Park county boundary goes right though the parking lot of Boiling River… get it… Park as in Halt… doubly reinforced with the Parking lot…

            so using that one, then my canyon down would also be Gardiner Canyon… but needs to continue to the Yankee Jim Canyon, which I had a big problem with, as this is really two canyons… so too much of a disconnect…

            I assume I know what you used then for put in below the home of Brown.. as I liked that also for that situation, but I could not find answers beyond that unless I used both canyons…. but my ultimate “home of Brown” was so much cooler that I had to go with it.

            it seemed perfect, but as I researched it, I realized Forrest would of had to be some sort of either Math genius, or he did one hell of a lot of research… to of used it as “home of Brown” (I went with it because that was cool too, that Forrest would put him self down like that in School subjects… notice he never mentioned math ) I thought… well played Forrest, well played…

            hey I had to justify my confirmation bias in some way.

            (full solution is on first thread)

          • Hi Writis: you might have lost me here as immediately previously you were talking about Yankee Jim Canyon:

            “I assume I know what you used then for put in below the home of Brown.. as I liked that also for that situation, but I could not find answers beyond that unless I used both canyons….”

            There is only one canyon in my solution, but if you are indeed talking about what I used for my “Put in below the home of Brown,” I think that would be jumping the gun a bit. NF, BTFTW should be solved first.

          • In tea with olga, they share oreos and black tea. If oreos are actually dark brown (controversial) then the resistor code for brown-white-brown is 191 (NIGH), which goes right by black butte. One of my many rabbit holes. (actually, 191 goes by another black butte in wyoming)

            As for your solution, the whole thing hinges on your HoB. (I don’t think it is the ranch). Is it up Sage Creek (wise)? Or wapiti off taylor creek?? I spent a lot of time trying to get that area to fit (and driving around Taylor Creek). Just couldn’t get anything to fit solidly. Taylor Creek certainly fits for heavy loads (it’s always silty, even in late fall).

          • I think below brown. Lower than brown. Deeper than brown is black. If brown comes from black then the home of brown is black. Brown is via Black. From there it’s no place for the meek. From there. Blacktail Viaduct Bridge is my home of Brown. Or Chicago Cubs and Bears since the bridge is owned or was owned by the Chicago Railroad.

  13. Dear Fellow Searchers,
    My sister and I have been quiet on the boards, but after much thought, we’ve decided to go public with our final solve that was sent to Forrest in May. It takes us to Colorado, our home state, and the beautiful scenery around St. Elmo. The final location was absolutely gorgeous – a lush canopy of trees alongside a hidden fishing spot. Forrest has a special place in our heart. We were in tears writing this. We thought it would have ended differently . . . maybe it still can.

    OVERVIEW: Each paragraph is a clue. You must loop back up to the top and repeat paragraphs 1-3 to make the total 9 clues. This is critical because you end where you begin and vice versa. For this reason, there are also two blazes, (because Forrest was shot down twice – they’re symbolic). Forrest is a writer, so the best online dictionary often affiliated with writers is We used this for our word definitions and married it to the map, (Satellite Google Map or Google Earth). You must remain in map perspective, ie. hold the map with north at the top and south at the bottom. Punctuation is also critical to see what words he links. Verb tense is also critical – especially the present past tense usage in paragraph 1 and 3.

    CLUE 1: Warm waters halt at Colorado’s Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort where it meets Chalk Creek. The KEY word Forrest talks about is “WALK” – it rhymes with “Chalk” and guides you the rest of the way. “Chalk” is also mentioned in TTOTC on page 125. “Take it in the canyon down” is in map perspective, so you’ll notice the road and Chalk Creek gradually goes “down” the canyon. Your put-in is at the Grizzly Gulch Trailhead parking lot. In map perspective, this is right below the historic Home of Brown in St. Elmo, Colorado.

    CLUE 2: MEEK = spiritless, so “no place for the meek” is the ghost town of St. Elmo where the road on the map is “ever drawing nigh”. NIGH = left. The road goes left until it meets with another road called Hancock. Hancock = a signature or a DRAWING. Right before the road you’re on meets Hancock Road, it loops around and changes direction. So, in relation to Chalk Creek (because it’s all about the creek), you were paddling up creek but when the curve hits you switch to down creek. This is why “they’ll be no paddle up your creek”. At that point, there are abandoned mining railroad cars that carried HEAVY LOADS. The “water high” is Chalk Creek above you in map perspective.

    CLUE 3: The first blaze is the white Town Hall building in St. Elmo. It was rebuilt by the Wisdom Keepers after a lightning strike burnt it down. Look quickly down is “quickly” because the first road or path down in map perspective is a no-name trail that runs parallel to another trail called Iron Chest Trail. Since you can’t see this no-name trail on Google Maps, Forrest had to reference something that was distinguishable on the map. The “tarry scant with marvel gaze” is a mining spot at the beginning of Iron Chest Trail. This is why he says, “Take the CHEST (ie. Iron Chest Trail) and go in peace”.

    CLUE 4: Forrest re-emphasizes the no-name trail when he says “So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek”. TROVE is another word for chest and he wants to make sure you are on the no-name trail as opposed to the Iron Chest Trail. “The answer I already know, I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak” – ANSWER = field, KNOW = ahead. TIRED = “ready to drop” and WEAK = “buckling under pressure”. Follow the trail, ( which parallels Iron Chest Trail), down until you see an open area/avalanche gully – both a field that’s ahead and where snow buckles under pressure.

    CLUE 5: Proper word usage in “So hear me all and listen good” would be “so hear me all and listen WELL.” If you link WELL and COLD from “your effort will be worth the cold” you get COLD WELL. Google “COLD WELL” and you’ll see a ton of “Coldwell Banker” hits. This line signifies BANK. Next line, “brave and in the wood” – BRAVE = Native American, WOOD = timber. The Battle of Fallen Timbers occurred in Toledo (a sly nod to this clue mentioned publicly by Forrest outside of the poem). Another definition of bank can also be a row. Follow this row of fallen timbers which you can see from the map going west.

    CLUE 6: Loop back up to the top of the poem and start at “As I have gone alone in there . . . “. ALONE = “out on a limb” which you are when you’re following those fallen timbers. TREASURES = reservoirs, which there are two small pools of water right at the end of that line of timbers. The next sentence tells you to keep on the line of the logs until you hit Chalk Creek again. The last line in the paragraph references that: NEW = current, and OLD = “having become slower in flow and less vigorous in action – used of a river”.

    CLUE 7: So, you “begin it where warm waters halt” again. Where do warm waters halt? – CHALK CREEK. You take Chalk Creek in the canyon down (via map perspective) again. You put in below the 2nd home of brown which is the bunk house/mining building off Road 294. The put-in is the sandy shore seen on the map.

    CLUE 8: Meek = boneless. Forrest is leading you to his resting spot so don’t go without his bones. “The end is every drawing nigh” points to a small channel or streamlet on your left (via map perspective). DRAW = channel or streamlet and NIGH = left. “They’ll be no paddle up your creek” because the direction you are walking is up which is down creek in comparison to Chalk Creek. To further verify your put-in, Forrest references “heavy loads” and “water high” which are both in this area by means of large boulders and deep water as well as Chalk Creek which extends directly above you in map perspective.

    CLUE 9: The 2nd blaze is the giant boulder, (a heavy load), that sits up on top of the hill across from your put-in. WISE = something you look up to. When you “look quickly down” you look down from the boulder. QUICK = rapid which is what you see in Chalk Creek. “Your quest to cease” points you back to the end because CEASE = end. Where is the end? “The end is ever drawing nigh” from Clue 8. This streamlet joins Chalk Creek right in the forest where the water tarries there mysteriously. At that spot a beautiful pine tree and its roots dip into Chalk Creek. The chest was there by that tree and roots in Chalk Creek. TAKE = take root, and CHEST = trunk.

    We believe it’s on Forrest’s private property and a key is needed to open the chest.

      • Thanks, Dal – you’re absolutely correct …. but we didn’t say it was underwater. Thanks for your post and your website and dedication to sharing the truth about the hunt.

        • A&A

          My two daughters and I searched that area back in 2013-14, of course we didn’t find the treasure. My grandmonther was born in St Elmo Colo but when she was a few years older they moved over the mountain side to TinCup CO. BTW- there is a lot of Topaz/smoky quartz, azurite, malachite and many more minerals in that area so its a great place if you’re a rockhound. Watch out for the people who own the mineral rights in that area, they are very defensive and usually carry some firearms.

          Have a good day.

          • That’s amazing that your grandmother was born in St. Elmo – what a great story and history! Thanks for sharing, Dayton 🙂 Have a wonderful day as well.

    • Why would you (he) assume that Coldwell Banker would exist in the near, much less far, future? One of the enduring attributes of his puzzle is the care that he planned for it to potentially last 100s of years. That seems to be the flaw in many a solve.

      • Simply because Coldwell Banker has existed for over 100 years. Regardless, even if the company went belly-up, it would still be a part of history . . . just like the mining town. Coldwell Banker is also a prominent real estate company – something Forrest has dabbled in. Regarding “the care that he planned for it to potentially last 100s of years” – we agree, Forrest took great care in crafting this poem. Dal’s cheat sheet mentions this question answered by Forrest:
        Q: Did the same 9 clues exist when you were a kid and to your estimation will they still exist in 100 years and 1000 years?
        “The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did. I think they might still exist in 100 years but the geography probably will change before we reach the next millennia.”
        Another note about the word “bank”, Forrest gave a clue (also found on Dal’s Cheat Sheet) that oddly refers to items you would find in a bank: “Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched.
        Just our reasoning.

    • The map in the book too far to walk ruled out private property. It specifically states the treasure is to be found in the highlighted regions on the map. Then there is a color key of the highlighted regions. That key is called Public Lands. Below it are the highlighted colors for each type of land managed by the Dept of Interior. If you look around cities on the map, you will notice they are not highlighted because those are densities of private property. A small clue, but a useful one for people who couldn’t fathom from his previous conflicting statements that it was never going to be on private property.

      • The “highlighted” region discussed in TFTW is the Rocky Mountains shown on that page. Public lands are referenced on the map, but this would not exclude private property. On a related note, if you were to hide this treasure, would you trust public lands? Hiding it on your own property is the only way to guarantee its safety as well as give “title” to the gold. A property tax on the land would be much lower than a tax on the treasure found on public land – that is, if the government lets you keep it…not to mention if the government would even allow someone to be buried there.

  14. Possible Gag order. ?? Came across something on Treasures Galore site, dont know if its valid or been discussed here, I dont follow all these comments and solves….. if valid, may be that there won’t be info forth-coming for quite a while.

    Bradley Adam posted a comment & a link to the lawsuit filed by the attorney who said the finder hacked her computer, or Fenn’s, and stole the solve comments she emailed to FF. ( I think she said there were over 200…… poor Mr. Fenn, all the harassment he let himself in for.) Anyhow, Fenn is named in the lawsuit. That may put a gag order on him. or require him to preserve all his computer comments. It looks like a valid filed legal doc. but I dont know about these things. and it may be a total hoax. A fashion of the times.

    Barbara Anderson Plaintiff v Forrest Fenn, & Unknown Defendant …. In US District Court of NM. June 8, 2020

    If my post gets deleted, I understand. I have no intention of pursuing any discussion of it.

      • That’s starting to sound like the Russia investigation… unknown co conspirator to steal the presidency… some unknown defendant how would the defendant defend himself/herself in court without being named?

        • Its an interesting read, 39 pages, most copies of tweets between Anderson & the unnamed defendant, most taunting her to catch him, a few threatening.

  15. Hello Everyone,

    I hope you all are staying safe. I just wanted to say that I do have concerns of what could or may happen if the unknown finder and the location of where it was hidden is revealed. It is pointless to give his solution because it will revel the location. Think about that.

    We have seen the unjustifiable harassment and we have seen the destruction of property. I can’t imagine that the place that is dear to a mans heart, be marked with less than respect.

    I personally would not like for the unknown finder to ever be revealed or it’s hidden location as well. That is my enduring feelings and my opinion.

    Perhaps we will get to see the treasure chest someday, in a place for all to see and not be sold to some collector who thinks of it as only his or her treasure and placed in some dark and lonely room.

    The treasure chest has glory, direction and purpose. The honorable thing for the unknown finder to do, is go in peace. I am sure we can understand that is the right thing to do.

    Thank you all for your time. And to all those that I have crossed paths with, I will keep the great memories close and hopefully we can continue to build more.

    From me and to all, live each day with courage and be kind.

    Eugene Telles

  16. what’s the over under on Fenn communicating with us again before we’re on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!! … part one hundred?”

    • I’ll take the under. I think we’ll find out around the 4th of July. I would think the finder is fielding media offers for a show of some sorts and maybe a book. Forrest advised to wait 30 days before doing anything and that’s about how long it would take for everything to come in and make a decision. I would also think a show with the solution wouldn’t be on until this fall. They always try to build up a cliffhanger for better ratings. I hope they buy me off to not disclose my solution, ha ha.

  17. Great point Eugene,

    Everyone believes they have the correct solve and that’s the beauty in the hunt. For those who have been fortunate to travel to their solve, it is now a special place for them. Honestly, I’ve been to my solve a double handful of times and I will always hold it in a special place, near my heart.

    • Everyone believes they have the correct solve and that’s the beauty in the hunt.
      I find it interesting that most thought they would be the finder. Like another commented, I gave thought to how others might feel when the chest was found by another but never considered I would be amongst them. The question that begs to be answered is, what was it that Mr. Fenn said or did that was cause for so many to move with such confidence. Was it simply those words, the finder will have moved with confidence, or was it something more? Man, if all parents and school teachers could harness this kind of magic, most of our children would have what they need. Confidence and hope. g

      • It must also be that he was able to strike a chord with so many like minded thinkers, which all of us searches are, no matter our opinions. We felt the chase to a degree that others not willing to accept the possibilities could ever completely understand. For me I think it was always there, i just needed to hear the call. g

  18. Hey, I started to look last year. Grandkids and I
    had a plan to find the chest at the end of July: Here is what I was going to do:

    First drink some red tea and eat an Oreo.
    Then get alone in the air.
    Then observe where waters Freeze,
    A heading of 32 degrees
    Flying with a treasure bold.
    over top a mountain cold
    To where Red tea leaves turn to Green
    A hint of treasure for my theme.
    From there go down the canyon in a car
    Because to walk would be too far.
    Have some super fun in a brown field
    Be careful walking past the mouth of the Bear
    Then head up under weighty lines
    De fibrulater paddles signs
    ‘Found’ some Goldworthy Art.
    Like burnt twigs or something smart.
    Look! There is Questa.
    I just had to get this off my chesta.

    We may still go camping under Columbines net .
    And find a square where bronze chest sat.

    Ha! Have some fun.

    • You are giving Focused a run for his money! Has anybody heard from Focused? I have not seen his name but I have not had a chance to even come close to reading all of the posts this past week! Have a great day!

  19. Under a canopy of stars

    Sounds like a Planetarium – hmmm Big Horn Mountains Medicine Wheel?

    Airplanes have canopies as well – and the Air Force airplanes have stars on them.

    • Hi Dan,

      I certainly tried to make a solve or two fit to the medicine wheel. As I recall I was considering WWW as the East and West Dipping Vat Coulees – MT (cool-ees, haha) due to the mention of scalding water pots on P37 & P48 accompanied by horrible smells (Rotten Grass Creek) and the road running past being “Good Luck Road” (thinking that was a nod that we are at the right starting point).

      Never quite made it but it is certainly on my list of places I have to get to. The Big Horns look like an amazing place to visit.

  20. Somewhat bold predictions #2 In my humble opinion
    Were there over 4 directional turns on the route to the chest? Nope
    Was the blaze the actual trail that you made following the end of the poem (Instead of some “attention getting’ object that someone could easily stumble upon?) Yep

    • I agree…the blaze was the culmination of following all of the clues to find the chest, hence the past tense. Reach the end of the clues, then LQD somehow to find the chest.

  21. There is a spot in Journal of a trapper where he spent time wading in water he thought was not so cold, but after a long day was indeed very cold and said he put his feet in snow to warm them. This is an interesting part of the book. I had noticed throughout the book he did not give an account of what they caught in the traps. This part towards the end did. WWWH? Worth the cold? g

  22. Here’s my guess about the length of time we’ve waited for news. The finder lives in a distant part of the country, or even Canada. When he found the chest, he secured it and drove home, Four days or so. He then contacted Forrest, who has arrangements with local professionals to set up trusts funds, wills, corporations, investments, etc.
    Now the finder is totally wrung out from finding the chest, getting it home, talking to Forrest, laying plans, etc. So next he needs to get back to Santa Fe to deal with a ton of legal stuff. But there’s a pandemic going on, so he doesn’t want to fly. He also wants the other half along, and it takes another day or two until she can arrange to get off work. Of course, the kids aren’t traveling along, so now the grandmother has to drive up from Florida. Their car wasn’t running too well when he got home, so they had to buy something more dependable, but the family finances are a bit thin, and buying another dependable car takes another couple days. Finally Finder and Mrs. Finder are on their way, Having just made their lives terrific, they are in no mood to speed or spend too much time on the road each day. Whenever they arrive in Santa Fe, the financial meetings begin, punctuated by nightly celebrations at One Horse Land and Cattle.
    So, count the days for all that, and maybe news will come soon.

    If you are patient, I’ll tell you about the giant clue on Forrest’s website. Maybe tell you approximately how far the labyrinth is from the chest, along with the home of Brown. Tell about Forrest using a nom de plume to give a hint about the blaze. Remind me to fill you in on the TIME magazine clue, and where warm waters REALLY halt. Oh yeah, how Robert Redford figures, and why the end is ever drawing nigh.
    Maybe not ALL of those. I don’t want to be a spoiler…

    “Finishing Second”

  23. Hey there Dal, Great work you have put in over the years running this website and many thanks for your efforts. It would be a great shame if it finally comes to an end. At this late stage it is still very entertaining and unpredictable.
    Forrest Fenn put up the goods in the first place and all his profits from the sale of his books were generously donated too Cancer Research so people need to stop doubting the man and give him some time and space. Every faith in Forrest Fenn to sort it out.
    Your classic caravan needs a bit of TLC but will look F A B hitched up to Esmeralda.
    It looks like a “Barn Find” so I offer up the name “Bessie” for her. “Essie AND Bessie”
    During the war years the Fenn family had a lovely cow in their barn named Bessie.
    Live and Let Live AND Peace to All.

  24. These past four years searching have brought wonderful adventure to my life, reconnecting me with the great outdoors, and have inspired me to reach for the stars. I was on site beginning my 7th BOTG when the news broke but still had a fantastic time.

    My story, the documentary film ‘Finding Forrest Fenn’, will be submitted to the Santa Fe Film Festival in October. It will be enjoyable to watch. Hopefully by October, I can include something about the outcome but understand things will play out in their own time.

    You can learn more at:

    Thanks Dal for this amazing blog and to all of you that have so generously shared your ideas and experiences.

    In peace,
    Michael and Ivan Raymond
    Oshkosh, Wisconsin

  25. There certainly has been plenty of constructive thoughts and ideas shared since the announcement of the chest being found. I have a few thoughts, as irrelevant as it is now, what if we weren’t thinking of words like “warm”, “down” and “up” in the same context as ff did? Paraphrasing here but “who decides what’s a weed or whats a flower?” Warm can still be cold (warming snow melting)…down can still be up ( maybe the blaze is a mountaintop, now look quickly down to the top of the trees)…another thought..”a word that is key”..did he say there was only 1 word in the whole poem that is key? What if there was 1 word per line or sentence that is key? Anyway, just food for thought at this point, sorry if I quoted anything wrong. I understand if this post gets shot down.

  26. Imo, the finder had to solve the Ethical Dilemma…
    Imo, the trove was found In Colorado…
    In my humble opinion, the trove was found prior to Dec. 2019…
    Imo, it was less than 3-miles from the 1st Clue to the last…
    Imo, the double omegas were within that 3-mile stretch…

  27. I know it may not have a hint of sanity but i believe in my latest solve so much i may have to go for a two day drive to see the kicked over log and empty hole for myself.

    • Smoky, you can preserve your sanity by watching the “St. Patrick’s Day” episode of “Bonanza”… nothing in the log but a little green man! 🙂

  28. Hi everyone , I believe that everything about this hunt is worth $ especially the secret spot .
    We might have to wait for the movie to come out .

  29. When leaving west Yellowstone airport in a plane , you are looking at the home of brown (BUFFALO) and fairy (FALLS) over your left wing !
    The book walks you through the poem , starting at hebgen lake , he said don’t mess with the poem and keep it simply , “a child can do it “

      • Ha, I agree. My solve was horrendously complicated and confusing and went on and on and on. A child would have lost interest in an hour.

    • I think the child comment was supposed to point you to Forrest thinking in a graveyard. This ties in nicely to the canopy of stars in his “found” release to Dal. So many references to night, starts, and observing. My gut tells me this was critical to the find – probably at the very end where more than one searcher was but didn’t quite get it right.

  30. If you ask me, something bad has happened. There is something wrong here. Kidnapping, blackmailing, illness or the finder has only sent one photo of the exact location and ignores every communication attempt. I wonder how this ends up.

  31. Just ponder…. while I’m drinking my coffee and reading some of these post;

    WhatIF there are no legal questions…
    It’s out of my hands…
    The solution can fit on a sticky-note…
    Whoever finds it can keep it…
    Why didn’t I think of that? / What took me so long?…

    Indecision is the key to flexibility.
    But apparently drama and speculation and conspiracy theories is the key to the egotestical personalities.

    • “egotestical”???

      I’ve heard it’s very difficult to sex a chicken… 😉

      • Having just finished a nice mug of tea (hot with a dash of milk), I’d like to say that I agree with you, Seeker. But I’d also like to indulge in a spot of speculation. If “it’s out of my hands” we may be waiting around here for a long time, listening to the ricocheting echo of our own voices. Holding our collective breath may just result in a lot of bright red faces.

    • Seeker,

      Agree. If the finder were to reveal the location, I believe they would face legal ownership questions in court. Not to mention, revelation would likely make the finder the new target of the more fervid members of the search community :). I believe Forrest always intended to leave the decision up to the finder. The finder appears to have chosen to remain silent on the location.

      If it were me, I too would remain silent.

      Forrest thinks “…it will eventually come out,” because he knows that, even if it has not already happened, people within the finder’s sphere will eventually come to know some of the facts, and those facts will, eventually, leak and spread. It’s just a matter of time.

      • Does anyone else find strange what is going on since the treasure was found.
        I thought Mr. Fenn would decipher the clips for us and maybe show a photo of where the chess was hidden.
        I find his behavior now very strange. It makes me wonder.

    • Forrest said it took him what, ten years, or was it fourteen? I can believe it, when you see how he knitted everything together. It’s just amazing! For example, he talked about Hemingway quite a bit. Hemingway wrote a novel called “Across the river an into the trees”.
      That’s exactly what one must do to reach the area where the chest was. Luckily, there’s a very suitable bridge, a somewhat unique one at that.

      Then there’s the Time Magazine in the trash. I suppose everyone used the date clue (Salinger’s death) to check out the magazine for hints. But the Time in the trash was not the current issue, but the previous one of course, with a very interesting hint, or confirmation of a clue, right on the cover.

      As Forrest said, many of his clues were more like assurances that you were on the right track.

      • Finishing Second, What did you find at the spot when you got there?


        Finishing Third?

        • Lol, I found a Hawaiian Dog Tag in the mud that said ❤️ Eric.

          Unfortunately I got chased off by a cop and three dogs. It was probably one of the officer dogs‍♂️

          Anyways I made it too my car was close by. Probably wasn’t the right spot, but it was fun none the less.

        • Unfortunately, there was no “spot” per se. It was an area to search, and in many visits there I did not find the chest. If there was a clue as to exactly where to find it, I overlooked it. I thought that unlikely, since I was able to follow the poem all the way to that area, but it’s possible. I even looked in the labyrinth, which is anearby, but nothing turned up there either.

  32. The poem took me to a field of interest in Yellowstone. It is elaborate, massive and intricate.
    44.881353, – 110.779113 What first caught my eye was the dark airplane. A fish is just in front of it. You will have to look closely because NOTHING was easy. Zoom out to see a huge Bessie the cow with the head made out of Indian Creek. The airplane becomes the cow’s tail. There are other things large and small.

    This area was the foundation of my build. The poem was written by an architect. There are more clues not far but too far to walk that I had to identify and add in the proper order to the construction – nine clues that built a totem pole.

    This got even more complicated and confusing, went on and on with twists and turns but finally ended with a blueprint to be put over the map that pointed to the treasure.

    How long did all this artwork take and who maintained it? It could not be from 10 years ago, it would get grown over. Yellowstone could not have known and allowed it. Would he go to all this trouble for a hoax? Maybe he will talk when the vandalism grows over.

  33. Something came to my mind this morning.

    “Until somebody actually finds the treasure, you won’t know if you got the first clue right.” Or something to that effect.

    So the treasure has been found. Technically you now know WWWH. It must be in Fenn’s announcement … if you can find it! And I think it’s there! The answer to the question has been staring you in the face all along. 🙂

      • Yes, I agree, the announcement probably said a lot, I wrote on page two: “under a conopy let me feel that the treasure was at a steep wall of rock, letting only half of the stars visible as the ‘conopy’. Some moisture around and lush grass, trees too, but trees in sloping terrain: no one would find the stars impressive to look up out of a forest. Pure rock towering against the sky – lit by the moon – like a … blaze …”
        Others mentioned “canopy” could also be a reference to “big sky country” Montana. But regarding WWWH I really don’t see any hint in the announcement, not a wisp of an allusion.

      • You van also find a canopy of stars in The White Star Line, Titanic to end in Rose’s garden with Peace Roses. But these do not grow in your Rose Creek ….

  34. I’ve just been reading the solve of one of the people suing FF. I hope it isn’t right in anyway, because god it is boring.

    This line is odd ” ..had not moved from the spot…” given how confident he has always been about knowing if it gets found. I am beginning to think that something about the chase has backfired, or not gone to plan. I’ve always thought that there will be a twist regarding the solve or whole setup – a legitimate twist, not necessarily a underhand one. But now I think it may be unraveling. Does anybody think that its all going to plan or is it becoming something of a farce?

    • Deano,
      Forrest said that if nobody found the chest, it would have to lie there for “as long as time has to go”. I literally dont think that would have been possible if there was some kind of twist. I think it was as simple as walking up to the place and then collecting the TC.

      What is sad is the lawsuits! What is wrong with these people!!! The attorney lady claiming someone hacked her or hacked Fenn, has to be the stupidest person on the planet! I assumed very long ago that communicating about suspected clues with Forrest via Email was not going to be safe. Everything I have sent Forrest has gone via Fedex with signature required. Even then, I only shared briefly with the hope of putting a smile on his face. I would not have shared a step by step solve. It was obvious that there was no way to ensure a message wouldnt get intercepted.

      I wonder if this entire situation leaves Fenn questioning why he ever thought it was a good idea to set up the chase in the first place. If he failed to plan for any part of it, it was the part where stupid people would be involved.

      • it is sad that there are people this stupid, maybe something forrest didn’t figure. i am sure he would asume most searchers would have a clue!!

      • Flutterby – How did you send a Fedex to Forrest? I wasn’t aware that he provided a mailing address and solicited snail mail correspondence. I would think he would have preferred getting the 200 emails a day he mentioned, as opposed to answering the door 6000 times a month to sign for something he most likely never read anyway. He said he only reads the short ones.

        • Gotta send pictures instead of letters. And 6000 a day!!! The treasure has been found, and maybe another hunt!! Gotta bump up those numbers. The community could easily send 60,000 a day, especially if there locked down with covid.

        • Warlock,
          Its been a while so I had to look it up to see where I sent it. It was sent overnight express via USPS. So, not Fedex. I sent requiring a signature. He signed for it, so I assume he recieved it..

  35. I thought it was:
    WWWH…confluence of the Firehole and Gibbon.
    Canyon Down…down the Madison.
    Not Far/Too Far…he said 10 miles is too far, being a wordsmith, so is 8 or 12 or even 2 for an 80 year old man.
    Below HOB…Brown trout/Madison…”below” = south…south of the Madison.
    Heavy loads…a river with a heavy load is one with a large amount of rocks, sediment.
    Water high…you need to wade across. Matches his need for Dal to provide a picture of the river which he superimposed his shadow with a walking stick…which you’ll need in order to cross.
    No paddle…nope not up, but across the river.
    Found your blaze…there is a large meadow with a lone pine tree smack dab in the middle of it south of the Madison…quite a blaze for me.
    Quickly down…at the base of that tree.
    Worth the cold…cold river.
    In to the wood…I suppose that tree.

    44.638735, -110.897152

  36. Two Survey Questions regarding the claim of hacking a computer for the find.

    I’ve filled up a bunch of directories with information, partial solves, and full solves that needed BOTG. My preferred medium is WORD so that I can use text, insert photos, print out portions easily, etc. This translates to hundreds of document with thoughts, hints, solve logic trees, place names, foreign word translations, etc. IF (all caps) the real solve is among my data it would be harder for an outsider to decode from my files than to figure it out from the poem.

    (1) Did anyone write down their solve for their next BOTG trip, basically title the file “Forrest Fenn Solve in Detail” and then clearly lay out the whole solve and the final location? FYI – I didn’t.

    (2) Does anyone think that Forrest Fenn did all that? I can’t imagine why he would.

    • I’ll answer your question #2 first: no. And in fact, I think Forrest has even stated the solution is not written down anywhere — including within his computer.

      For #1: I have one master file like that on my computer, and it’s encrypted. Eliminates the hacking threat, not that anyone has a chance of hacking me. That’s what makes these lawsuits so absurd on their face: anyone sloppy enough to get hacked is unlikely to have the organizational skills and clear thinking to have solved the puzzle.

      • This hacking story is just ridiculous. How would they know specifically who had the correct solve. If they knew that they would already have it themselves. Just which one of the solves on this blog would you randomly choose to be correct. Waste of time lawsuit that will get laughed out of court.

        • They’d have to read thousands of emails and would still have to make subjective decisions as a normal searcher would, focusing on what appears to the hacker to be a “good” solve. They’d end up making anagrams out of words like mildew and kayaking through ice floes on Christmas day. Easier to solve the clues yourself than to hack the correct solve.

        • Lawsuits like these are fueled by the ego of the searcher. They are so narcissistic or histrionic and they feel that their dogs*** solve is so valuble, people would hack in to uncover their dazzling intellect. I mean… Who wouldn’t!… Sorry I can’t stop laughing.

    • I think the only reason someone would want to hack sad lady in where ever the heck she is from, or hack Forrest’s computer, is for a good laugh…

      heck his email is filled with the most ridiculous solutions known to man, (and if I had emailed him, mine included)

      seriously what is there to gain, we absolutely know the solve is not in the emails, because the absurd solution was then followed up by an absurd search, by an absurd searcher….

      were you under the impression that the finder emailed ff a year ago? and decided to have a good nap before going?

      forrest has said the actual solution is not written down anywhere… obviously….. as the real problem of “hacking” is physical access… and members of his own family wanted the search over with….

      so there you go… no actual solution on anyone’s computer…. if the finder “emailed” forrest it was as he was heading out the door… or soon after….

      a real hacker probably would of known this, a hacker actually doing it would of done it for the amusement of doing it, and the good laugh of reading the 100’s of thousands of absurd and I mean truly absurd solutions…

      • the Solution must fit like a OJ glove, shrink wrapped and bloody….

        I’m sure sad lady’s solution is so absurd that it would wilt under a good cough, being the first thing she thought of was a lawyer rather than a proper solution.

        an imaginary hacker would of said: what am I supposed to do with this wet noodle? place it at the bottom of the stack of emails I just hacked from Forrest’s computer?

        • Ford is offering a new edition of the bronco on his birthday this year. Hopefully it comes in white with tan leather.

  37. I’m very new to the hunt that just ended. I don’t understand why everyone thinks Forrest has to prove the treasure was found and where. It’s not his anymore. It’s up to the finder, it’s their story now.

  38. There’s been a couple of thoughts that I haven’t been able to shake ever since I first learned about TTOTC… and this is whether the treasure and the gold are the same thing, and whether the poem leads to two places (one where the treasure is, and one where the gold is). I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • The first pass to the poem leads to Forrest’s treasure which are the “Bold
      colored Rainbow Trout at the end of Rainbow Rd in Mascalero at the fish hatchery from their you follow to truck to Nambe where they stock the fish.
      The chest was later after three more passes through the poem and one pass from Sloane.
      Started at Aqua Fria (cold water). Go down Rio Grande to Brown House at Socorro. “Put in” meaning go with or on. Go south to Alto (meaning high) waters and loads of snow high. Go to actual location of Blazers mill at Mascalero and quickly look down the highway to the Apache Mission. The Body of Christ is there. “Go in peace” are in the last words in the Catholic Mass. Go down to the brave meaning Apache gravel road next to the church. The road is gravel and “tired” meaning driven over then “listen good”. List means turn, good means right. Turn right on to Rainbow road to Forrest treasure the Rainbow trout at the Mascalero fish hatchery. The Mascalero’s stock the reservoir at Nambe. Start the poem over for three more passes then to Sloane’s contribution.

    • Good thought, Matt. For me, FF tells us in Stanza #1 that he is going to be talking about new and old riches which collectively make up treasures. Old riches are the natural surroundings of where he hid the treasure, which he uses to both hide the chest/his secret where spot, then hints about them to help lead us there. New riches are the chest and it’s contents, which he specifically placed there in that secret where spot. The kicker is he warned us in stanza #1 that he was going to hint about both of those things (new and old riches) and it obviously wasn’t so easy deciding if things talked about in the poem were natural treasures (which would lead us to the chest and thus were clues) or if what he was talking about was new treasures (which would be the chest and its contents which could not lead us to the chest since it is the chest/contents, therefore such information was only a hint to help with the clues).
      HOB = could have been the chest
      Trove = could have been the secret where spot + the chest
      Heavy Loads = could have been the chest
      Wood = could have been the inside of the chest

      Looking at those 4 things as places / people instead of hints about the chest can lead one down a lot of rabbit holes.


      • Bowmarc pretty spot on. The heavy loads was absolutely the chest. I found this phrase referenced in a different hidden gold scenario.

        • Love hearing all the theories. It amazes me how many there are. I think heavy loads depending on the treasure vs the gold theory could be heavy loads as in a fly fishing reference (which the poem is littered with) as you follow that to FF treasured fishing spot, and then lots of other potential applications that might apply to where the gold is. Fun to think about what sly subtleties Forrest may have incorporated into all this.

    • For me I have always considered “no place for the meek” to sound very similar to the chapter “no place for biddies”. Where was no place for biddies? Well they were at “the big church social”. Where is church for Forrest? “My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play”. So I guess that being said I’ve always assume one path goes to a river bottom (maybe his treasured fishing spot) and one to the mountains (where I think the gold is). I dunno, but the chase was fun and whether or not the truth is revealed I still enjoyed it.

      • What could be also « no place for the meek » is « Meeker » because it is « more meek » as « meek » can ever be. Furthermore Joseph Meek (a trapper) once upon a time had his camp in a fort at the confluence of Cherry creek with its Mouth river in Denver. Just draw the lines between confluence oark in Denver and Meeker.

  39. Here are some fun things I think I solved.

    “Where warm waters halt” means the shore or bank of the water that is warm as in getting warmer or closer to the desired location. The water at Nambe is Reclamation water so no ownership by any one community. The first pass through the poem does refer to temperature of the water at Aqua Fria.

    “Too far to walk” means that you have gone too far to turn back now as in walking off a job. The first two passes through the poem do refer to distance and too far to walk from Aqua Fria to Mascalero and too far down to walk from the Nambe reservoir to the area below the water fall.

    “Secret where” refers to the Secret which is the prayer said by a priest before the bread and wine during the Catholic Mass. The Sangre de Cristo mountains means the Blood of Christ which is the wine after consecration, and Nambe is at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

    “four cards and a joker” on the dedication page refers Forrest as the card and Sloane as the joker, so four passes through the poem and one solve from Sloane’s books lead to the location where the chest was located.

    It has been a lot of fun hunting for the treasure and the chest.

  40. Time, money, emotions, hopes, dreams, (some lost the lives of their loved ones) are some of the things that people had invested in searching for this treasure. Now it has been found and there is a feeling of loss, and like any other loss (of course I know some losses are more severe) people go through a grieving process and seek some type of closure. With this, the main question most have is “where was it found”? as that answer may give closure. Mr. Fenn gained the support of the public who purchased his book (which I’m guessing many bought for possible clues and would not have bought otherwise), took an interest and followed his life, searched years for the treasure, supported his cause of getting people out in nature, etc. As a person who chooses to put themselves in the public spotlight (which he did) I feel it unfair to now leave all “fans” and supporters (financial or otherwise) without closure.

  41. Lets all give FF a little RESPECT. He did as he said and announced that the chest has been found so that we would not continue searching for something that is not there anymore.
    Many possible reason for his silence. Maybe he is respecting the person who found it, and letting them get all the legal stuff taken care off. Tha might take some time, tv deals interviews etc. If it were me I would want to view all of my options before committing to the first deal to come along. Such as this from Leyyco, with the ” exclusive” for a year. Pretty limited as to what you can do and say, IMO.

    This offer for $10,000 is good for six months after the date of Fenn’s Treasure discovery. This offer expires Tuesday, December 8, 2020. The story must remain exclusive to Kellyco Metal Detectors for a full calendar year, 365 days, after publish date. Offer is subject to change at any time.

    • Where is the harm in Forrest saying exactly what you just said – he is respecting the person who found it and their wishes…he is taking care of the legal side of things…he is ironing out some details with the finder…he has personal matters to tend to which come first…there is a question about who the legal finder is and he needs more time…he is not ready to disclose any information at this time etc. etc.

  42. I am a sometimes reader and occasional poster on this site, which is by far the best and most sane Chase site there is. Thank Dal.

    The lack of further communication from Forrest is quite puzzling to me. I’m an attorney and I fully understand that there could be compelling legal reasons to not reveal the site, or possibly even pictures, at this time. What I don’t understand is the lack of any further comments.

    If Forrest had started the hunt, done a few interviews, and then removed himself from the discussion his silence would make sense to me. However, he has been heavily involved with the searcher community the entire time. This makes the silence unusual. If there are legal reasons for the wait, why not simply state this? There has been frequent communication for years– why stop now?

    For those who claim its because the Chase was a hoax, this doesn’t make sense to me. If it’s a hoax, why say the treasure was found? There’s no real upside considering all of the potential issues.

    One possibility is that Forrest is upset about the negative comments that came out after the announcement and is not saying anything because he is mad. I hope that isn’t the case as it would seem very petty to me especially after all of the positive attention he received over the years.

    Perhaps there is another reason I haven’t thought of. Perhaps the nature of the finding is so unusual that it threw everything off. Again, if its legal issues why not say? I’m not saying we are owed an explanation, but after years of frequent communication every day of silence that goes by without anything further becomes more and more glaring.

  43. Now that it is done (though without closure, as yet) people have been showing their cards, their favorite solutions to the nine clues. I gave my two favorites – the syllable count as well as “cease” in Spanish (details given previously).

    Haven’t seen (could have missed it) talk recently about the two lines that do not rhyme. That is, all lines are paired in rhyme except the two best known lines – WWWH and “too far to walk”.
    So why don’t the words “halt” and “walk” rhyme?

    To rhyme, the T-sound must become a K-sound, or visa versa. I took this as a hint on how
    to set up the Cesar (cease in Spanish) Cipher encryption table. T must encrypt or decrypt to K.


    What happens if you make halt and walk rhyme? That is, change a letter.

    There is an obsolete word that Chaucer used in Canterbury Tales, it is

    halk n. “nook, recess, hiding place,”

    Now that is interesting, don’t you think?

    This led me to spend a lot of time considering Sinks Canyon State Park near Lander, Wy.

    Lots of people, I understand, looked there as well. I would guess the attraction was the line:
    “And took it in the *canyon down”.
    Canyon Down :: Sinks Canyon
    Makes good sense.

    Back to Halk…
    As you may know, the river at Sinks Canyon disappears for a couple of hours after seeping through multiple cracks and crevices (halk) in a limestone wall. The river reappears 2000 feet away (a quick trip for a normal river) two hours later and and and
    warmed up.

    The warmed up water makes it’s reappearance in a pool of well fed Rainbow Trout (not Brown Trout, unfortunately). The pool is named “The Rise” .

    Third possibility for Halk : “nook, recess, hiding place,” It could be describing how the chest was hidden from people wandering nearby, hidden even from close inspection. Not buried, but within a nook or recess.

    Perhaps FF intended all three possibilities.

    • Levi Tate,
      I really like the word you suggest, HALK. I have always believed we are looking for a place that has a nook/recess/hiding place in rock. As I was reading your post, it occurrd to me that if you are right about halk, then isnt it interesting that FF liked recess best at school? That is when he played marbles.

      BTW- I looked at the Sinks area very carefully. I do not think the chest was hidden in that area. But, I like the way you analyze words!

  44. I just want to say thanks to Dal for the website, even though I never commented on the site I read it and used the resources from it, so thank you again Dal for the effort you put into the site. I also want to thank FF for the adventure, after reading and searching I feel like I kind of know you in a way. It would be great to know the general location of the find just to know if we were in the correct vicinity. I hope the exact location is not revealed because you will have some that will try to stir up some controversy over it, but a general location would be great. Once again FF thanks for the adventure and the fun.

  45. Dal – For some here, WAIT is a four letter word. So, here is something to share, we can all enjoy:

    Reading Volumes I-II of “The Yellowstone Story” by Aubrey Haines, who, sadly, passed in 2000. He is the best at getting ALL the details down and relayed correctly. With great maps and footnotes. Like he did in the version of “Journal of a Trapper” he edited. The footnote about the confused reports of the Burnt Hole location (actually being in the ‘Upper Madison Valley”, where Hebgen Lake is now) is included in Volume 1 of “The Yellowstone Story”. Aubrey included a great 1870 map by engineer and expedition leader, Doan, to show that correct ‘Upper Madison Valley’ location, and the original river course of the Madison, back then.

  46. Just wondering……..I think way back when I first began my journey with Fenn. Forest had listed the contents of the chest. He also quoted the value of the chest. Using that information; has anyone calculated the estimated value from 10 years back to present day value? Is it much higher than the day Forest placed it where he did? I’d love to know the answer to that.

    • At first there were rumors that it was worth $ 3,000,000 dollars. But there is about 20 pounds of gold in the chest which would be about $ 400,000. The dragon bracelet and other jewels in the chest are difficult to place a value on. And some of the artistic pre-Columbian pieces are also difficult to value. He also apparently placed something else of value in the chest for the discoverer. So it’s very difficult to know the final value of everything.

      • And then there is the extra premium price an entertainment venue would pay for The Chest with complete contents. Would make an interesting draw for tourists. I would go.

      • large gold nuggets have value beyond the price of gold.
        the larger, the more premium can be charged.
        1 large 5,000.00 nugget could be worth 10-200% more.
        add the providence of Forrest and the sky is the limit.
        1 small 1 gram nugget is about 50.00 usd.
        sold as a FF treasure nugget $100-200 easy.
        i’d say easily double or triple the gold value +++.

        • gold was over 30% cheaper 10 years ago.
          2010 1125.00 per oz.
          2020 1725.00 per oz

          • That means the 20lb of gold in weight value is $525,000.
            Now take the rich folks that want to boast about owning a piece out of Fenn’s treasure,that value goes way up. I won’t be surprised if we see some big movie stars wearing some of that jewelry and believe me they are going to pay way more then market value. There will be bidding wars if each piece goes to auction. I can see Lady GaGa wearing that dragon bracelet or the fetish necklace at the next Grammy’s. If there is going to be a movie and it ends up being a huge blockbuster hit the finder might want to wait to start selling pieces off.

      • Seems ripe pickins for a collector willing to pay a premium. I’m sure FF has had offers from collectors for when it was found. Maybe that’s part of the hold up?

        • Agree with “offers from collectors” or as I mentioned above, “an entertainment venue”.

          If they had contacted FF over the years then FF could very well have passed on the contact info to the Finder.

          These contacts wouldn’t appreciate a paparazzi-atmosphere during negotiations so that is another reason for Finder wanting anonymity, *for now* at least.

          I am hoping FF is working with – someone in thread 5 mentioned the Discovery Channel – a channel that I have access to. And they, FF included, are currently working on a show that takes us to the treasure site and walks us through all nine clues. Stay tuned.

          • If Finder wanted ti be unknown to Forrest and other people he will never use e-mail communication with Forrest. All e-mails are traceable so Forrest can potentially ask someone to know who send this e-mail. Most likely that Forrest just got usual mail envelope with photo of TC and some additional evidence on the background (like newspaper). He is still waiting for bracelet but it’s very unlikely that he ever get it – the parcels are also easy traceable. One possible scenario – the finder will disappeared and never contact with Forrest again; after some waiting time Forrest will publish a solution. Another one – the finder will contact with press, reveal his identity and bring the bracelet to Forrest at the presence of press (TV, radio etc.). Then they together say the solution.
            Worst case scenario for all searchers: the finder disappears forever and Forrest keeps silence before his death and not publish the solution even in his will.

    • Not sure why people think the chest will outperform common sense. People who have money dont buy gold for twice its price and thats why they still have money. Put that on the open market right now and it will fetch peanuts. It needs to run the circuit for few years.

      That reminds me of a little saying – If you leave a room with a dollar more than when you entered, its a win.

      Who cares what its worth.

      Now, don’t wake that baby up banging away on your calculators.

      • A beautiful black leather purse is about 100.00. The same black purse with a Louis Vuitton logo on it is 2500.00. If comes out of the Fenn treasure it’s going to fetch a hefty sum. Intrinsic value makes a huge difference.

    • $10,000.000+ if complete with the bracelet and nothing pilfered. Chest and contents worth 10x more if complete and not piecemealed. Provenance is everything. Get the contents certified. Higher if auctioned privately. I would not sell for a penny less.


  47. At this point, most of the search community waits for Scrapbook 254. That thing will probably write itself.

  48. I see a lot of backwards looking here, and I see a lot of forward speculation going on to. Seems everybody loves a mystery. Forrest has lead us from one mystery to another. Problem is the latest mystery has even fewer clues to follow. Forrest has asked for more time, and I for one am willing to give him all the time he needs. It was never about the value of the treasure for me, I love a mystery. It does not matter to me who, or where it was found or solved. I know many here disagree with that statement, but remember I am talking only about my own perspective here, and recognize every body’s right to have their own. My family has been known for over two thousand years to be loyal to the n th, degree to their friends. Forrest is my friend and as such I give him my loyalty. What ever Forrest does, he does for a purpose, I trust him and what ever decisions he makes. It was after all his creation. We all bought into this dream of our own accord. Forrest neither asked us or no forced us to participate. Forrest never promised you would like the outcome unless you found the chest. We all had the same clues and hints to work from available to us, it was up to us to do the rest. Forrest taught us to dream by suppling a reason. Now it is time for us to create our own dreams. Time for us to leave the nest and explore on our own. Thank Forrest for his teachings, and let him finish out his dream own his own terms. Now go and create new dreams, new adventures. They are there if you only look.

  49. The Hoosier Sisters Here! (Tammy and Cindy) Just wanted to briefly post our favorite solve:
    In New Mexico
    Eagle Nest Lake (wwwh because it is ice cold, not because it is a dam! You could tip your toe in it)
    Below the lake in the Cimarron Canyon is the home of Brown for a few of reasons – Brown Trout, Lignite and the lake is known as the “Home of the Browns”!
    The grave of Jessie Phllips 15 years old in the Cimarron Canyon – No place for the meek.
    A few dry creek beds that lead up to an old logging road – Heavy loads and water high
    Tammy arrived for another search on the very day Forrest posted the Chase was over!
    It was a great adventure! Thank you Forrest!

    • Made a BOTG there. Beautiful area and plan on going back just to take in the scenery. If you ever look at the parking lot of Cimmarron Canyon State Park campgrounds from google maps, it looks like an owl (if you’ve been wise).

    • This is sort of what I came up with, but I also can’t exclude it goes downwards South from Eagle Lake. (Instead of East).

      Then the veteran’s memorial/cemetery would be “no place for the meek”, and Angel Fire, or some landmark there the blaze. So or so, I “feel” like Eagles Nest Lake is key.

  50. I just know you want to hear another conspiracy theory so here goes.

    Mrs Fenn told Mr Fenn the Chase is over.
    End of story. 🙂

  51. Maybe this is the final test – to see who has the most integrity, patience, loyalty, endurance, class, and most of all morality.

    Lest anyone forgot the the ending of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mr. Wonka seemingly goes back on his word of rewarding Charlie and Grandpa Joe the lifetime supply of chocolate only to learn that they in fact passed the morality test.

    • Perhaps you are right about the theory of a “final exam”. I wonder if the finder passed the test. Maybe he already suspected it was a test. See if he’s good under adverse circumstances and pressure. Like f in the Laos jungle. Like f at when he found out he had cancer and a 20% chance of living 3 years. I always think about f’s suggestion. Don’t make the alligator mad before you’ve crossed the river. It was probably good advice.

    • That’s a good idea. My solve is all in my head, so good luck hacking that! I also have no notes in my TTOTC in case that went missing.

    • I’ve buried mine where no-one will find it in a thousand years or so. I did it blind folded so if ever I got kidnapped I wouldn’t be able to tell them where it is.

  52. Imo, the finder had to solve the Ethical Dilemma…
    Imo, the trove was found In Colorado…
    In my humble opinion, the trove was found prior to Dec. 2019…
    Imo, it was less than 3-miles from the 1st Clue to the last…
    Imo, the double omegas were within that 3-mile stretch…
    Imo, the running man stick figure was within that 3-mile stretch…
    Imo, the poem told the finder WWWH, making it beyond any doubt…

  53. Has anyone read the actual court filing by this Chicago woman, it’s unsupported nonsense.

    Come on FF, spill.

    I’m still convinced it’s up around the Beaver Creek area (or it was at least), that solve really seemed perfect. I’ll be there in a few weeks, maybe I’ll take another stroll for old times sake.

  54. I can’t wait to go back to my spot again just to see if it has changed in any significant way! And to get that feeling of returning again to a place seemingly special, but apparently only to me! What fun this search has been! Thinking of ways to pay it forward “f style”!

  55. Ok this is officially stupid at this point… no news? there’s a photo where’s the photo? at least the photo.. hey maybe even crop the photo to leave out important details and or scrub the photo of personal info and or GPS details and then release it. maybe even a state…

    As far as the lawsuit, A smart thing for both finder and plaintiff and hell even Forrest, send your slef the solution certified mail, specify that the addressee is the only party that can sign for the letter.. don’t open it and bring it with you to court. send a second letter, same format but a day or too later to an attorney with instructions that they not break the seal and do not open it… then compare the solves in front of a judge in court.. problem with this is if it was found in yellowstone then lol you incriminate yourself?

  56. Greetings all! I’m a Minnesota armchair hunter who gave this some passing thought a few years back, and the only thing I came up with then was that “HOB” might mean “orange” because I’ve read that scientifically, there is no color brown, any shade of brown is just a more saturated orange. And that “blaze” could refer to a llama based on some Spanish translations. So I googled anything to do with llamas, both literal and figurative (like llama-shaped rivers or lakes) and gave up after a few days. I heard of the treasure being found and have been so interested to read all of the possible solves that people are posting! I have to say, after reading every single post and reply for the past several evenings, I’m only on Part 2 of this “found” series, but there’s one potential solve that seems to fit every clue: the one posted by tk1232 on June 9, 2020 at 8:00 am (in Montana, near Freezeout Ridge where Wisdom Peak and the Trail Creek are). My brain says that all makes sense. But the place my gut thinks it was found is near, on, or in Quake Lake, based on all of the supporting evidence regarding the Hebgen Lake area; or in the secret fishing/swimming hole in the Firehole River in Wyoming. OK, going to put my reading glasses on and keep going! I’m so intrigued with all of these theories. I sure hope that a general area of the solve will be published (and I’m only a few days deep into the mystery, I truly can’t imagine how all of you who have been invested in this chase for years must feel!) – Jennifer in Central MN

  57. Went bog last year but did not get to the location due to unforeseen issues.
    Was planning on going this year until COVID hit…oh well.

    A lot of people are concerned they will never find out the location and at this point…that seems plausible.

    I determined that the key word was – art – by using the poem in a spreadsheet.

    If you look at the o’s in the spreadsheet you will notice a square box with an open lid in the center and the word CHEST running thru it.

    Begin it where warm waters halt…begin the drawing (of the chest) at your previously determined search area. Warm waters halt on a beach And in Bay Waters…the underground train system in London…AND is also a station which I keep forgetting without my notes..but take it in the canyon down is Station Camden Town. And so forth. I plotted the stations and created the chest drawing at my location complete with open lid.
    For those of you who Know that east is west and that I can’t plot them directly…you would be correct. A different clue , gave me the first long and lat numbers while the London trains gave me the (.) rest of the lat long address. A Lewis and Clark cypher gave me “ if zero add 30” which worked out perfectly.
    The key word for the Cypher was also determined by a drawing of a plane fuselage pointing to a specific city.

    I don’t know if my solve is correct, But it it does go down to a very specific location.
    Best to everyone and thank you Forrest. Because of this chase I got to see parts of the country I would never have thought of going to.
    David j

  58. If it’s Treasure and wild adventure you’re searching for I think you should spend a week on Kim Fischer’s boat in Florida looking for booty from the Atocha and Santa Margarita. Join the crew and they let you keep some of what you find. Better than crying over spilt milk.

  59. I will bet it was found below Santa Barbara Canyon.
    That it.

  60. Hello all,

    We all want this over. Is it possible that in ” I give you title to the gold ” that there really is a title of ownership that needs to be transferred to the finder to be official? We all know that FF is a smart man and would of had to think every detail through. Would he hide it on private or government property knowing that either will get half? I think that we all know that he owns land other than his residence. So can it be some kind of issue with transferring the title to the finder to make it official? Maybe laws have changed in ten years. I know nothing about how land trust or transfers go. I assume that he was really excited when he released what information we already have. And then nothing?? My other thoughts are that FF was sent a picture of the area and was sure it would be found but ten years of growth made it hard…..possible big trees are now covering the find…or the treasure was already gone. If it was on government/private property they would not be “wise” to report it. I like the title part and that FF thought that he would not see this day and it’s not moving fast enough fo him. If it was land I would guess that it would be in a family member’s name in case he was not here. And maybe that is an issue..

    One other remark on a comment that I made yesterday. I said that the poem was written 5 plus years ago. And someone was quick to let me know that it was NOT 5 but 15 years ago. Well someone did not see the plus part of the comment….sorry someone but FF has me choosing my words and numbers wisely…..I knew that I would be held to a number so the FF training said 5 plus……15 …leaves you locked in, so 14 or 16 makes you wrong….LOL I hope this brings a smile to everyone & I hope that we get answers in 1 plus days. PEACE.

  61. Since we all know that Fenn is uniquely blessed to spin a tale that clues where a treasure is hid — AND can keep a secret… why don’t we all send him $1000 to put together another quest? Who else has proven they can be trusted with all the i’s dotted & t’s crossed? Lemme know when, I will send Fenn $1000. If a thousand of us do it…. think of the possibilities.

  62. I’m betting this delay could have something to do with having to turn in found property in Yellowstone. When found in Yellowstone the finder either needs to not talk about the location or turn it in for 30 days. If it is not claimed then they can keep it. We’ll see.

    • Maybe that’s it. I have been watching interviews on YouTube and in them all he is joking and smiling and eager to answer questions in his typical one or two word responses.

    • Anyone who’s smart enough to of found the chest is smart enough to have driven right pass the ranger station. You’d be a complete idiot to do that. Plus Forrest said to tarry scant. I’d be shocked if it was inside a national park. To add something to your argument, if it was found in a national park we will probably never be told the solution.

  63. This is my first post here after about a year of visiting. I stopped checking on a regular basis after I came up with 2 solves that made sense and wanted to try them out. Sadly life and COVID got in the way before BOTG.

    I wanted to say to f if he ever reads this “Thank You”. You gave my 10 year old daughter and I something fun to talk about on long drives. I also learned so much history, geography, etc researching. It was so worth it. Dal, thanks to you as well for your hard work.

    I figure since everyone else is sharing their solves I might as well share mine. I am going to leave out a lot of details as they are not needed now that the chase is over. Finding the actual chest location would require BOTG.

    My 2 solves actually start from the same place. But, they go in opposite directions for different reasons. The first is based on the fact that f was a pilot. His statement about the end of the chase makes me think I might have been on the right track. Canopy ie the cockpit of a plane. So many of his stories revolve around flight in one way or another. Skippy stealing a plane, the flight down the east coast blotting out the cities with his thumb, scattering the ashes, etc. He was also shot down in Laos and would have been familiar with the Bat-21 rescue. What better way for him to hide his clues than as fishing references instead of golf?

    So where do you start? f once said to use “a good map”. I know I probably read more into it than I should but something hit me. Could he have said a Goode map? as in the Mercator Projection which is used as the basis for certain maps such as flight charts? (a flight chart is the background of some of the pages of the later book) So I bought a few flight maps. But where do you begin? How about the clouds tops where warm water stops rising? Or does it have double meaning? As many have theorized – Ojo Caliente? Go to Yellowstone and zoom in. A flight route labeled T-331 passes right over it. Now think like you are flying a plane and follow the path. Its a straight line but looking out the window of a plane you would see a number of the clues. Take it in the Canyon down (Grand Canyon of Yellowstone)? Home of Brown (Lamar Valley)? No home for the meek (Colter Pass) etc. To far to walk? (the beaten path trail) What is important is what is at the nigh end? Mystic Lake. f mentioned Mystic Lake and visiting it with Peggy. But was he talking about the one on the west side near Hebgen Lake. The difference is that this one has a dam. Which often casts a rainbow when the water is overtopping it. Makes for a great double omega. Heavy loads and water high? The service train and penstock high above the valley floor. f mentioned that only the phantom knows. One of the trails in the area is Phantom Creek Trail which leads to “froze to death” plateau. From there I think that BOTG is required. Check out some of the photos and reports on the fishing. I never had a chance to see if it was in Flywater. I never could find a copy of that book. 🙂

    f said somewhere to look to the edge or outside the box. Mystic Lake is right at the edge but still in the Rocky Mountain range shown in the highlighted area. It is outside the Yellowstone boundary but inside of other public lands.

    The second solve is just as weird as the first. But f said to think like a kid. So I did and ran it past my daughter a few times. I am not going to focus as much on the actual clues from the poem but point out something I found. f said “you could say that I am umbilicaly connected to the location”. What is always at his belly button? The belt buckle. If you look at the belt buckle it is mostly greenish blue turquoise and one piece of agate. A Lone Star. f was from Texas, the Lone Star state. I then noticed the cover of Once Upon a While that the stick figure is wearing his belt. The figure has also caught a star. But its not the only star and it is not the largest. Which I found kind of odd. It lead me to believe that looking in the area around the Lone Star geyser would be a good location.

    Now why else would you think like a kid? If you start with Ojo Caliente and head south on the firehole you come to biscuit basin. f said he did not like gravy. Which seemed like a weird comment until I thought about biscuits and gravy. Then I spotted what looked like a stick figure on Google Earth. The head is the trail around Sapphire Pool. The body heads due west with the feet ending before Mystic Falls. Put N as in North below the home of brown (the firehole river) and rotate the map counter clockwise. See it better now? The arms reach up holding a fishing pole (hwy 89/287) and the line (firehole river or one of the trails) leads to the Lone Star Geyser. Just like the stick figure. My daughter was entranced when I showed it to her. She agreed we should go check it out.

    Yes, my solves are just weird but I like them and so wanted one day soon to have gone and looked.

    I could care less about the money. My enjoyment has been about the chase. Having spent a few weeks in the Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Kimmerer, Cody areas I so want to go back. Treasure chest or not, these places are a treasure as are the entire Rocky Moutain range. I have found many places thanks to f where I want to go visit before my grand chase is done.

  64. Greetings to all,

    Ya all are probably going to tar and feather me and run me out of this blog for this one.

    In consideration of the searcher that found the treasure, I can understand his or her”s desire to keep things under wraps. Think along these lines: What if I had found the treasure?
    What would I do? In this day and age, there are too many people that would try their best to horn in on the $ value of the chest. A good example is the those that have made themselves known.

    Imho there are just too many scammers out there that would make use of any information provided by Forrest or the searcher. This is why I await a photo of Forrest wearing the bracelet. The bottom line for me is anyone could have the correct solution, only one is holding the chest. Possession is 99% of the law.
    Maybe a trip to the coffee shop to pick up that package is in order ummm Forrest?

    So we chill and see what comes of this. In the back of my mind, a voice says something interesting is afoot.


    • I too would stay anonymous just because I wouldn’t want any one to know about the gold . It’s pretty easy to get rid of coins and gold without having to declare anything that would leave you open to Uncle Sam, but as long as I’m anonymous I could care less if the solve to the poem is revealed because that fact would not put my identity at risk, only I could do that.

    • Then there is the argument that we’ll maybe he is looking for a book deal, movie deal, documentary or whatever. That just opens you up to the same crap people are putting Forrest through, and any number of problems and legal fees you could face based on where it was found. I think for me I wouldn’t need or welcome any of that. At today’s gold prices I believe the treasure is worth north of 2 million. That’s not only plenty for me and my lady, but would also help all three of our children and our grandson. That would be a blessing instead of a nightmare.

  65. When I was a boy visiting my Father and Grandmother in upstate n New York for the summer. I was bored and my Uncle Renny drew a map and showed it to me. He said it lead to a cave deep in the woods where the old road to town used to be. Sense those days the new road replaced it and followed a different path to town. I took the map and headed out thinking I would kill a couple hours and be done with it. Well, it took me all summer! I searched and searched and would always get stuck at the same location on the old road which was nothing more than a wagon trail. I was about to give up one day , and as I turned and stared in frustration. I noticed, faint depressions in the ground going through a stand of trees. The woods had grown in the road hiding the trail! I went through to the other side of the trees and the road went left and through an old stone wall leading to town. I ran through the opening in the road and off to my left , there it was! I scurried into it and just like my uncle said. There was frying pan and a fire pit where they cooked a chicken they would steal from the farmer down the road. Turns out, where I would get stuck looking was right on top of where the cave was, I tell you this because I haven’t felt that excited sense then till I took up the chase. While I would have loved being the finder, I still would love to know how close I was. Was I standing on that cave again?!!

  66. Google earth shows
    Brown , meek and blaze being mtn tops around Yellowstone . Could this be a tenth clue or maybe one of the nine ?

    • FF said .
      ” read the poem over and over
      study maps of the rockys
      Try to marry the two
      Make all the lines cross in the right spot “

  67. My guess is that Josh Gates has the exclusive for an episode of Expedition Unknown. That’s why it’s taking so long. Probably made a deal with F while filming last time. Still the suspense is killing me!!!!

  68. Congrats to the Finder!
    Respect, you have guts. Reminds me on tea with Olga (was fearful of flying): “I explained that no one should ever fear crashing because it is only the last inch that counted.”

    Thank you Mr Fenn for this great puzzle!
    You shared a lot of interesting storys, mails and scrapbooks with us. I am sure this gave us all a little bit more “knowlege” and a lot of entertainment. The hunt was meant to get people outside and explore nature – yes, it worked.

    Thank you Dal for this platform and thanks to all of the community here sharing their thoughts and adventures.

  69. WWWH- Madison river @ firehole
    Canyon down- Madison through canyon along 191
    NFBTFTW- 28 miles as the crow flies, but longer by road
    Below home of brown- below Hebgen
    No place for the meek- that part of the river is rough
    Ever drawing nigh- river makes a left horseshoe just below hebgen
    No paddle up creek- continue past cabin creek
    Heavy loads and water high- you’re at the top of quake lake

    Can get there by ghost village drive, other side of the river, below chevrons on hillside.

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