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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f


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670 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part seven

    • Wow!!! What a find! Congrats to the finder and to you Forrest, for ten years of successful concealment. Time to buck up and be a good sport 🙂 The blog and scrapbooks are fun Dal, thank you. I love it all.

    • Thank you Dal for all that you have done. Also to you Forrest, you seem to always amaze me. Well, I got a real job to go do now, that needs to be done.

      • now that’s a bounty I’m grateful your wearing your bracelet again. Ty for the thinking lessons always a believer Jeff Burch and crew.

        • Jeff,
          A strong call to the finder continues to permeate and is falling on deaf ears. Perhaps he should listen and reconsider in providing his identity but not where the treasure chest was hidden. I wonder what Forrest would of done. All he has left is courage.

    • Thanks Forrest and Dal for the adventure of a life time . It was Nice to feel like a 13 year old kid again .

    • dear forrest….thankyou for the chase…it has brought my thoughts to an end…and made all the non believers…realise you were not lieing…the entire time….
      if your ever near centeral wisc id love to take you fishing to our fav fishing holes…..!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Congrats! Will miss all the fun! I loved reading all the ideas of where it might be! I just got to finally move out west. Loving it here in the Rockies at 8,000 feet! I have been on alot of wild adventures out here over the last 30 years and more to go! What an unforgetable chase! Love that box, very cool! Peace and love, Margaret’s sister.

    • I believe the chest was on the bank of the Sweetwater River south of South Pass City Wyoming. There is an old schoolhouse in South Pass City almost exactly 50 miles roundtrip from the highway. If you draw a line from the GNIS coordinates of Tar Springs near Lander to Marvel Colorado it passes through the Sweetwater directly into a tree overhanging the southern bank. Up(north) the Sweetwater not too far from that tree are several Flumes(they are listed on the topo maps). Flumes have water up high which carry heavy loads.

      I have 4 lines which all intersect on pinpoints and I will post pics later. Wise is a VABM near Lander which connects to Quaker VABM(imagination is more important than knowledge- Look “Q”uickly down your “Q”uest). Then Tar Springs(tarry scant) and Marvel CO intersect with the continuation of that line in Shoshone Forrest. Worth (Worthen Meadows) and Cold Springs(the cold) intersect on the pinpoint with Quaker VABM thus confirming the Wise/Quaker line. Brave(Brave Dog Mountain in Montana) is the only Brave in the GNIS database in the treasure search area) and it intersects with Dinwoody Ridge(anDINtheWOOD) and when continued passes through the pinpoint created by the Wise/Quaker and Tar Springs/Marvel intersection, thus confirming that all 4 lines are correct. Tarry scant with marvel gaze just take the chest. I completed this solve in July 2019 and emailed Forrest and sent another pic in October and emailed Forrest but I haven’t been able to search the area yet. I told him I would tarry scant with Marvel gaze at the Sweetwater River hopefully in 2020.

      Dal – Sorry to be a pain but how do I sent a complete solve with pics?

      Ps. Wise and Quaker are both vertical Ascent benchmarks(AIR). Tar Springs and Marvel CO (settled based on oil discovery) represent FIRE (for the oil). Worthen Meadows and Cold Springs are WATER and Brave Dog Mountain and Dinwoody Ridge are EARTH. Please feel free to ridicule and nitpick. Also ps. My name is John and when I sent a close up pic Forrest starting putting the name John all over his next few scrapbooks. Several people drew attention to this. In my email I described my “relentless pursuit” and 2 scrapbooks later the scrapbook was titled “Relentless Pursuit” I pray that my solve is wrong, otherwise ouch. Missed it by that much. Please prove me wrong.

      • Warlock62;

        You have taken a number of individual words in the poem, and connected them to spots on a map, and they intersected – Sounds like a possible “Correct” solve to me. Good work. – JDA

        • Thank you JDA. When you plot them out, they intersect exactly. All of the lines fall on their respective pin points. I’m a computer programmer and my reasoning tells me the odds of these exact intersections being coincidental is statistically impossible, given how they match the wording of the poem.

          It’s not a force fit solve and I do not use confirmation bias. I cannot use confirmation bias in the work I do. I must be exact at all times or my programs fail. Thank you for reading. Can you urge others to read it? People like you and they ignore me! Smiley face.

          • Warlock62;

            As I said, it is a very interesting solve, and I do think that others should read it. It does match up various words in the poem with places on a map, and as Warlock has said, the odds of these lines intersecting exactly is a near impossibility – He just might have worked his way through a correct solve – JDA

          • According to Mr. Fenn that is way too complicated a solve and he would never use those mi de of clues.

      • WWWH is The Sinks at Sinks Canyon. The waters literally warm and halt for 2 hours before reappearing at the Rise. Home of Brown is Lander, formerly Camp Brown. No place for the meek is fossil hill. Go down(south; not in elevation) from the Sinks and drive up the steep hill. Fielding Bradford Meek was a renowned fossil discoverer. When you put in below Lander after driving up the switchback hill the first thing on the map is Fossil Hill. You don’t stop there because it IS for the meek. The end is ever drawing nigh is Tige Alder Draw. I have photos from 2016 from when my wife and I went there. We’ve been “close” for 4 years. A tige alder is an everlasting plant. Look it up. Tige Alder Draw is nigh or on the left as you pass Fossil Hill and the word draw speaks for itself.

        The end means you are at the end of phase 1 or the end of Shoshone Forrest on the map. At the end(Tige Alder Draw) the only thing you see on the map near it is Quaker VABM. Just at this point the poem mentions wise and looking quickly down your quest. There’ll be no paddle is future tense because Sweetwater River(creek) is the final clue. Solution compete.

        • Epic, I hope you were wrong just cause my “solve” is nowhere near there lol. Just kidding though, I really think you might have been on to something!

        • Warlock,

          So you were a proponent of the Sinks all along huh? 🙂 I always said it was the epitome of what halt likely means. I will have to check out the rest of your solve from there. I struggled with a HOB there but hadn’t traveled as far as Lander from the Sinks. Separately, I had considered Camp Brown as HOB. Ironic if the two were intended to be contiguous!


        • Hey Warlock62,

          How far is Lander from South Pass City?

          I’ll be going through that area this weekend and if you point me to it exactly I’ll swing by and let you know what I see. email me

          Also, my solve uses Sinks Canyon for the same reason but my HOB is Dallas Dome Oil Field (tarry scant too). Forrest mentions Cowboys (football) and Ft Worth but never mentioned Dallas. I used the drawings to get me there. Look up Prospect Peak and look at the prospector in the marble drawing…each of those characters is a place. Including the shadows as bodies of water. What I find notable about those pics were the pin cones. That’s telling….

          • Columbiagorge – I will email you tonight with more info. I would love for someone to share and post my findings. Others let me know if you want more info and please tell me your email. Thanks!

      • woah,

        I just ran your lines on google earth. Verrryyyyy compelling. Your solve is the most complete I have ever seen. WWWH – in the air. duh.

        I hope you were right. kudos

        • Thanks David. I’m praying I’m wrong. But look how Brave Dog Mountain – the only “brave” in the rockies runs through Dinwoody ridge and nails the pervious “X” on the pin.

          Too complicated Jim? Put in the pins on Google Earth. It’s not at all complicated. A six year old could put pins on a topographical map and connect the dots to make lines. It’s very easy. Where’s the complicated part?

          • I agree. Took me about an hour to run the lines. Most time was spent trying to find the right vertical ascent markers and locations. After that the lines all match up. I didn’t get a tight cross, but I imagine with closer tolerances and more exact placement one can get the grouping pretty tight. Hopefully you can get the pictures posted. Would love to see your work! Maybe you are the secret finder being modest!

      • My Solve was a railroad…. I tried the Durango Silverton railroad. Found an old T-shirt being held down along the High Line. T-shirt said Old Glory. Found an X on a rock near by. WWWH was the station in Durango (train runs on steam so when it stops WWH)…. Below the Home of Brown was beyond the route… Charlie Browns Pumpkin patch. Figured he might have been on this train with his grand kids and maybe even his dad as a kid. Then to Rockwood station and a hike along the tracks from. the parking lot to the area of the highline. There was a beautiful spot to the right looking down towards the river. Really thought that that was it. Sure was an adventure searching.

        • Dal is not posting any more solves. I will email Columbia George with more info. I would love for someone to post my solve somewhere but this is the only site I’m familiar with. My email is my real name so I don’t want to post it. If you post your email or send it to Columbia George, if that’s ok with him, since he just posted his email, l will forward you pics and coordinates and more. I solved this last July! Ughh!

        • Hi HubenHunter,
          1.Begin it where warm waters halt (Durango Station or Silverton Station)
          2.And take it in the canyon down, (the word (It) is SOMETHING I think the train tracks)
          3.Not far, but too far to walk. (It would be a long walk on the tracks to the location unless you drove to the parking lot at Rockwood Station)
          4.Put in below the home of Brown (Silverton is the Home of Brown (family) and if from Durango, below the Charlie Brown pumpkin patch stop)
          5.From there it’s no place for the meek (Have yo seen the High Line?) If you walked out there you would know its no place for the meek)
          6.The end is ever drawing nigh; (The train is always coming to the next stop and then to the end) Also the tracks curve to the left after Highline) This is where I found the t-shirt and then an X on a boulder along the tracks.
          7. There’ll be no paddle up your creek, (the creek is down below in the canyon, no need to paddle because its not in the creek)
          8.Just heavy loads and water high. (The train up on the Highline is water high (water in the train for the steam and heavy loads of people).
          9.If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, (thought this might be blaze your own game of golf because I found 3 old drivers and a rusty bucket of golf balls hidden in the rocks in that place)
          10.Look quickly down, your quest to cease, (I looked down and all around but nothing)
          11.But tarry scant with marvel gaze, ( Figured this was admire the view and then grab the chest and get out of there before the train comes back).
          I have pictures of the place, shirt, golf clubs but not sure how to post here…

    • I find it the most selfish thing that the finder doesn’t want the location revealed. At least for crying out loud provide some closure for those of us who searched for a decade. To not reveal the location is the epitome of selfishness and leaves many people frustrated. I’d like to at least know how the clues added up to the solution. After losing sleep and having health problems trying to sleuth out the location, I gave up and all this does is open up old wounds. I’m truly happy for the guy who is now burdened with how to hide 2 million dollars from the government, but revealing the location would bring so much closure to those of us whose hopes have been dashed.

      • I doubt that it’s the finder who doesn’t want to place revealed. I would imagine that it’s for us to doesn’t want to place reveal because it is a very special place to him.
        If that place is revealed there will be millions of people trompibg all over the spot and making it a vary “un-special” spot.

        • Unless it’s on private property and you’re not supposed to be there, then really it should be shared. Many neat finds by people in the past are now state and federal parks and have provided a wonderful few to thousands upon thousands of people. If it’s that special of a place, then why did he leave it up to the person who found it to decide whether to reveal or not? He certainly took a risk. For everyone’s sake, I hope he never pulls this stunt again. It reminds me of Smegle from Lord of the Rings obsessing about the “precious.”

      • I agree. If I had found the chest I had planned to remain anonymous but tell the general area—Indian Creek area in Yellowstone.—Because I thought that it would be cruel to leave people still guessing and although it is not the exact spot it would have ruled out most solves.

      • Not selfish at all not to share the location! I think some people were so blinded by the idea of finding treasure, that they failed to understand Forrest Fenn. The location is special to him. I would not like to see it over run by stampedes of people coming to gawk at it. It would ruin the spirit of the chase. May it forever remain Forrest’s secret! (I believe Im on clue 7-but will not disclose the location when I find it)

    • Will we ever know where the chest was? I mean… I would be ok with someone marking the spot for others to go on the adventure to find.

      • Since Forrest and the finder are the only folks that know the hidey place and since Forrest won’t reveal the location I assume we will only know if the finder decides to reveal the location. That may happen in a book or documentary but only if the finder wants to reveal it..

    • Questions piling up with aplomb?
      I know he said who and where were off the table but can we get a confirmation on when (as In fairly recent) to get this auction and other nonsense straightened out

      • Smile-
        The only person who can tell us “when” is the finder. Forrest was not at the location when it was found. So the only way we will know is if the finder reveals “when”. Maybe the finder will be publishing a book. If so many answers could come forward.

    • 36 40 33 – 36 40 33.6 (33.5)
      105 39 59

      Calling my shot before the location is revealed :). These are the gps coordinates for my solve. I kind of hope I’m wrong because I was there the day before and the day it was announced that it was found :/. But either way, huge congrats to the one who was victorious! And big thanks to Forrest for introducing me to The Thrill of the Chase. Forrest’s treasure chest was found but The Thrill of the Chase goes on to new discoveries. I wish you all the best.

    • I think Linda Bilyeu should sit down and shut up. Now she’s the one trying to get as much attention as possible drawn to herself. Dear God, no wonder Randy divorced her.

    • My heart is so full. Congrats to the finder and thank you Forrest for keeping me highly entertained for 6 years and out in Colorado and New Mexico searching. Even this weekend I’m heading up to do some camping with the family at a place I’d have not found if I’d not been looking for the treasure.

      This has been a ride. Tough to close the book and admit it wasn’t me, curious of my latest solve was in the right place just like everyone else…but it was such a good run and great adventure. Peace out all. Thanks for the ride. <3

    • I bet that rusted key was the “blaze”. It looks like it had been hanging from that stick above the chest in the rain and snow for 10 years.

    • Someone hide something else quick…..I’m going nuts and need a new adventure. I even bought a magnet fishing kit in hopes to find treasures in lakes. Need something else to get our minds off covid and other crap… So strange I could feel that chest in my hands (in my mind that is)…

    • Dal,

      Thank you for all of your effort and supporting the chase.  It is appreciated much.  I hope to return the favor some day.


      Thank you very much for the chase.  It is complex, challenging and a lot of fun.  I hope to repay you some day as well.  Looks like you might need some ca$h now 🙂  


      Kudos to you and excellent job.  I hope finding the chest was better and more rewarding than we all imagine.

      Dal and Community,


      Dal and Community,

      I would like to propose that we take things into our own hands, stop waiting for answers and continue honing our solve(s), while respecting Forrest and the Finder’s request to be silent.  

      I don’t have all the answers but I’ll try to explain my line of thinking, what i can offer/contribute and possible next steps.  What I’m thinking about is this searcher that I ran into in December at a steak house near a Hilton in Wyoming. He was a silver haired gentleman from back east, his daughter was going to school in Colorado and when he visited her he took side trips.  One of those trips was to Kinikinik and Rustic Colorado, which are places I’ve also visited.  What I’m thinking is… he and I live worlds apart, but both of us ended up following the same clues to the same places… even at the same time in this instance.  What if we can multiply that by thousands?  Stop working against or competing against each other?  Searcher…if you are reading this… I would like to collaborate and share notes.  You were asking me about the local water “spots” and sources.  IMO you were on the right trail.

      What I can offer/contribute is proof that IMO those water spots and that general area are related to the chase. Over the years, I’ve found dozens of things from the books, scrapbooks, stories, etc. that I can locate and/or marry to various spots on maps.  For example, here is a small list of the things I’ve found over the last 9 plus years:

      * #9 – Multiple times

      * Alligator

      * Axe

      * BIP

      * Bird

      * Broken Moses

      * Camera – “dropped by Forrest”

      * Canyon Street in West Yellowstone

      * Cowgirl Wearing Gaucho (two legged skirt)

      * Chief on Horseback

      * Crescent Moon

      * Eric Sloane’s Drawing of Mrs. Fenn’s Hiney

      * Douglas McArthur’s Tie In

      * Fishing Reel

      * Fishing Net

      * Fishing Lure – Custom Made Wooly Booger

      * Fuses

      * Gas Station

      * Guest Quarters

      * Gun – “dropped by Forrest”

      * Hat

      * Olga’s Bathroom

      * Maps; Multiple maps

      * Michael Douglas / King of California Tie In

      * Michael Jordan Tie In – his grandchild goofing on Forrest

      * Middle Tie In (maybe the middle?)

      * Mr. Jones – Not indiana, but a real life Jones that ties in.

      * Post Office

      * Red Ryder

      * Riddle which Includes a Map

      * Rough Country from the quote – If you are going into rough country it is probably best to leave your pets at home.

      * Rubber Tired Wagon

      * Schoolhouse

      * Soda Can Collection

      * Thumb/Thumb Nail

      * Totem Cafe (not the one in West Yellowstone)

      * Trains; Multiple times.

      * Weir (the secret weir?)

      Some of these items can been seen from above, some of them require you to be within close proximity, others require you be inside a building, and others require reading a book on local history.  What becomes convincing is that some of these things are clustered together in a way that would not happen without intent.  I know that sounds fantastical and/or unbelievable but I believe Forrest takes us to dozens of places he enjoyed over his lifetime and that is why there are dozens of correct solutions, but only one that “ties it all in”.

      In good faith, I’ll describe one the of the additional maps and my third successful solve that sent me down this 9+ year path.  I have taken several breaks from the chase and up to a year off at a time – so if any of this information is a repeat I apologize.  I’ve tried to keep up but this group of compassionate folks is very prolific – which has made this fun for me when I had the time to try and keep pace so Thank all of you for that. 

      What I have to offer: The third successful solve I had starts at the museum in West Yellowstone… where the steam trains (warm waters) halted in the day, you take it in the canyon down (Canyon Street down hill/towards Bozeman), put in below the home of Brown (now…don’t crucify me here as I’m going old school with a definition of Gypsy…Forrest mentions gypsies lived in covered wagons with rubber tires back in his day…and back in his day they were traditionally described as dark skinned peoples) so the home of Brown is the Covered Wagon Ranch (the wagon out front has actual rubber tires as described in the book) or conversely you can consider the river at the location to be the home of Brown (Brown trout).  I mention both homes of brown as it is a lesson learned from the king of double entrendes and the king of pounding things into my head (IMO). Travelling down that road (south of the ranch/river) you will come to the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch or 9 Partial Circle Ranch, which ties into pages 18 and 19 of TTOTC book which contains 9 partial circles.  One of the things that you’ll find at 9 Quarter Circle Ranch is a landing strip for small planes.  I have gone back and forth on whether I’m suppose to get in the plane and take off or continue down the trail.  I have done both.  What I found is… if you look at pages 122 and 123 in the TTOTC book there is a map (inset picture, with 2 sets of fish coming down and merging; with a fishing net on the left).  If you look beyond the fish there are shed horns and rocks.  From the 9 QC Ranch looking west…you are looking towards the Shed Horn Mountain and if you have some imagination you’ll find two branches of Dead Horse Creek that merge into one and a land feature that resembles a fishing net to the left.  The fishing net land feature is flanked by Cache Creek.  The bottom of that “net” is a marshy fen area that constantly trickles water from up high – down the left side of it and into Cache Creek.  I searched that area multiple times and concluded that I was supposed to learn something (have something pounded into my head) about that area and use it later, which I did.  Having 9 Partial Circles and the map (picture) in the same area was not coincidental IMO.  Also, there are other clues along the way I’m leaving out to keep this brief.

      Next Steps: I’m proposing that searchers who were on the same trail – like the searcher I met in Wyoming – get with me and we collaborate on our solution.  Like many others… I do believe I was on the right trail and I may have visited the correct “final area” on several occassions.  I would be willing to share the additional maps and clues i uncovered along the way.  If I’m on the right trail it really is amazing how many things Fenn tied into the chase – in all states – including Arizona and NAU.

    • Hi,
      I’m french. I was looking for the treasure since two years ago.
      My “spot” was : a little pond somewhere near from the “Star Group mine” really near Fearview in Colorado.
      I had some indications : “Old Colorado”, Nuclear Sign, Gardner Highway, Snyder Draw, Groundhog Day, Gen. Ann. E Dunwoody, Turkish flag and many overs…
      May be we will speak about it in few time…
      I’m really enjoy to participate. Congratulations for the winner ! Sébastien PILLEVESSE, Normandie FRANCE

    • I will say this much, upon close examination of the pine cone pictured, it has the scales characteristics shape of a lodgepole pine and if you notice the pine needles on the ground they appear in 2 needles from the base which lodgepole pine have cause ponderosa pine are 3 cluster needles from base. Just a thought it’s possible this pic was taken where lodgepole pine trees are.

    • Dal,

      Thank you for all of your effort and supporting the chase.  It is appreciated much.  I hope to return the favor some day.


      Thank you very much for the chase.  It is complex, challenging and a lot of fun.  I hope to repay you some day as well.  Looks like you might need some ca$h now 🙂  


      Kudos to you and excellent job.  I hope finding the chest was better and more rewarding than we all imagine.

      Dal and Community,

      I would like to propose that we take things into our own hands, stop waiting for answers and continue honing our solve(s), while respecting Forrest and the Finder’s request to be silent.  I don’t have all the answers but I’ll try to explain my line of thinking, what i can offer/contribute and possible next steps. 

      What I’m thinking about is this searcher that I ran into in December at a steak house near a Hilton in Wyoming. He was a silver haired gentleman from back east, his daughter was going to school in Colorado and when he visited her he took side trips.  One of those trips was to Kinikinik and Rustic Colorado, which are places I’ve also visited.  What I’m thinking is… he and I live worlds apart, but both of us ended up following the same clues to the same places… even at the same time in this instance.  What if we can multiply that by thousands?  Stop working against or competing against each other?  Searcher…if you are reading this… I would like to collaborate and share notes.  You were asking me about the local water “spots” and sources.  IMO you were on the right trail.

      What I can offer/contribute is proof that IMO those water spots and that general area are related to the chase. Over the years, I’ve found dozens of things from the books, scrapbooks, stories, etc. that I can locate and/or marry to various spots on maps.  For example, here is a small list of the things I’ve found over the last 9 plus years:

      * #9 – Multiple times

      * Alligator

      * Axe

      * BIP

      * Bird

      * Broken Moses

      * Camera – “dropped by Forrest”

      * Canyon Street in West Yellowstone

      * Cowgirl Wearing Gaucho (two legged skirt)

      * Chief on Horseback

      * Crescent Moon

      * Eric Sloane’s Drawing of Mrs. Fenn’s Hiney

      * Douglas McArthur’s Tie In

      * Fishing Reel

      * Fishing Net

      * Fishing Lure – Custom Made Wooly Booger

      * Fuses

      * Gas Station

      * Guest Quarters

      * Gun – “dropped by Forrest”

      * Hat

      * Olga’s Bathroom

      * Maps; Multiple maps

      * Michael Douglas / King of California Tie In

      * Michael Jordan Tie In – his grandchild goofing on Forrest

      * Middle Tie In (maybe the middle?)

      * Mr. Jones – Not indiana, but a real life Jones that ties in.

      * Post Office

      * Red Ryder

      * Riddle which Includes a Map

      * Rough Country from the quote – If you are going into rough country it is probably best to leave your pets at home.

      * Rubber Tired Wagon

      * Schoolhouse

      * Soda Can Collection

      * Thumb/Thumb Nail

      * Totem Cafe (not the one in West Yellowstone)

      * Trains; Multiple times.

      * Weir (the secret weir?)

      Some of these items can been seen from above, some of them require you to be within close proximity, others require you be inside a building, and others require reading a book on local history.  What becomes convincing is that some of these things are clustered together in a way that would not happen without intent.  I know that sounds fantastical and/or unbelievable but I believe Forrest takes us to dozens of places he enjoyed over his lifetime and that is why there are dozens of correct solutions, but only one that “ties it all in”.

      In good faith, I’ll describe one the of the additional maps and my third successful solve that sent me down this 9+ year path.  I have taken several breaks from the chase and up to a year off at a time from the blog – so if any of this information is a repeat I apologize.  I’ve tried to keep up but this group of compassionate folks is very prolific – which has made this fun for me when I had the time to try and keep pace so Thank all of you for that. 

      What I have to offer: The third successful (IMO) solve I had starts at the museum in West Yellowstone… where the steam trains (warm waters) halted in the day, you take it in the canyon down (Canyon Street down hill/towards Bozeman), put in below the home of Brown (now…don’t crucify me here as I’m going old school with a definition of Gypsy…Forrest mentions gypsies lived in covered wagons with rubber tires back in his day…and back in his day they were traditionally described as dark skinned peoples) so the home of Brown is the Covered Wagon Ranch (the wagon out front has actual rubber tires as described in the book) or conversely you can consider the river at the location to be the home of Brown (Brown trout).  I mention both homes of brown as it is a lesson learned from the king of double entrendes and the king of pounding things into my head (IMO). Travelling down that road (the road south of the ranch/river) you will come to the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch or 9 Partial Circle Ranch, which ties into pages 18 and 19 of TTOTC book which contains 9 partial circles.  One of the things that you’ll find at 9 Quarter Circle Ranch is a landing strip for small planes.  I have gone back and forth on whether I’m suppose to get in the plane and take off or continue down the trail.  I have done both.  What I found is… if you look at pages 122 and 123 in the TTOTC book there is a map (inset picture, with 2 sets of fish coming down and merging into 1 fish; then on the left there is a fishing net).  If you look beyond the fish there are shed horns and rocks.  From the 9 QC Ranch looking west…you are looking towards the Shed Horn Mountain and if you have some imagination you’ll find Dead Horse Creek where it merges with the Left Fork and a land feature that resembles a fishing net to the left.  The fishing net land feature is flanked by Cache Creek.  The bottom of that “fishing net” is a marshy fen area that constantly trickles water from up high – down the left/south side of it and into Cache Creek.  I searched that area multiple times and concluded that I was supposed to learn something (have something pounded into my head) about that area and use it later, which I did.  Having the wagon, 9 Partial Circles and the map (picture) in the same area was not coincidental IMO.  Also, there are other clues along the way I’m leaving out to keep this brief.

      Next Steps: I’m proposing that searchers who were on the same trail – like the searcher I met in Wyoming – get with me and we collaborate on our solution.  Like many others… I do believe I was on the right trail and I may have visited the correct “final area” on several occassions.  I would be willing to share the additional maps and clues i uncovered along the way. If I’m on the right trail it really is amazing how many things Fenn tied into the chase – in all states – including Arizona and NAU.


  1. Thank you, Forrest, for the gift of this treasure hunt. Like so many, I was captivated by the riddle. The poem is a most complex creation.

    And thank you, Dal, for running this website. The work you must have put in!!


  2. Wow, that’s amazing!! Another huge congrats to the finder. I truly hope it brings you happiness.

  3. Wow!!!!

    amazing. Love the pics.

    I don’t care if I ever learn who the finder is but please tell us the location ff.

    Anyone know how the rusty key plays into all this????

      • I wonder if the key was quite that rusted 10 years ago. I expect not! Even the Wetherill bracelet tarnished considerably in that time. Very cool to see the treasure after it spent so much time by its lonesome in the Rockies!

        • Zap, I’m a little surprised by your question considering your astuteness. I suspect the picture on page 126 of ttotc should confirm that it wasn’t. I do find it curious it appears to be made of steel instead of say, brass?? Also surprised it’s THAT rusted being it was inside the chest, looks more like it was actually buried in the ground. Any thoughts?

        • The guy returned the bracelet wet?
          How cheesy. I would have dipped it in Tarn-X and cleaned it up first.
          I actually bought a small Victorian wood-lined trinket box and a vintage turquoise scarf to return it in style had I found it.

          • I was ready to let him have the bracelet back if he could work out the precise spot from a poem i wrote.
            Either in England Ireland Scotland or Wales.

    • Congratulations ff for getting that bracelet back!! Huge congratulations to the finder!

  4. I guess it’s official. Time was of the essence. Thanks for the journey, Forrest.

  5. Awesome!! Sure glad to see that bracelet back on your wrist! Thank you for giving us all the Thrill of the Chase sir.

  6. Wow! The thoughts and feeling Forrest must have had as he looked through the chest! Just, WOW!

  7. What are the rusty scissors doing there in the first photograph, just under the plastic bag? Guess the finder paid Forrest a visit, or there is no finder…haha.

    • I spotted those too, Maybe they were just a bizarre item Forrest put in the chest that was a verifier that the chest was found if they didn’t provide pics. Weird bonus item either way.

  8. Mr.forrest so glad you got your bracelet back .I was so heartbroken when I heard it was found I felt like I had lost a part of me and you.but seeing you again with the chest you hid 10 years ago makes me so happy. God bless you and family mr. Forrest
    Keep in touch with us,so we know your ok please.thanks dal.

  9. Wow, I wish I was sitting at that table, LOL, Stacking gold coins. That’s great!

    I am so glad Fenn got his bracelet back on his wrist, what a great picture.

    The key left in the chest did get a little rusty. Still, I would like to hear a least what state it was found but as FF said, he is leaving it up to finder. Congrats Mr. Finder of the trove.


  10. The key locks/unlocks the box. But Forrest said he left it unlocked to avoid opening issues or harm to chest. Key was found in the box. Looks like water damage. Soil under box tells me my solve was way way off. Pine needles, decaying wood , grass says a well used trail.

  11. Could the guy leave at least a single sing at that place even somthing not valuable?

  12. I’m glad to see you finally reunited with your bracelet.
    Mission accomplished and promises kept!
    I hope you can get some well deserved peace and quiet now.
    Well Played Sir!

  13. I’m so happy and sad at the same time…
    Almost like a birth and death on the same day!
    I’ve been searching for 5 years, been to 2 Fennborees, met Forrest ,searched drone footage for Randy, thrived and loved all the adventures. Learned a lot about the terrain, weather and history!
    Love love love that turquoise crinoid bracelet! That’s how we know for a fact it’s come back around to Forrest.
    Now if I only knew knew the story or at least the state!
    Thanks for the thrill so it’s now time to chill.
    Just for a bit though as I’m off to chase in a different place.

    Thank you oh so much…
    Paleface Grace

  14. I am an everlasting skeptic I guess. These photos are great, no doubt that the chest has been out in the weather. Forrest states he did not know the finder but had communicated with him in 2018? Hmm, what does that mean, wonder if it was ever posted somewhere. Maybe Forrest had a time time limit on the chest, like 10yrs. in which to be found. No finder, bring it home, could be said it was found. So, the photos are the fanfare and the location still a secret. The finder is a silent one so far, will see what happens. Not easy to just shrug and walk away never knowing how close you may have been.

  15. So cool to see this. What a thrill it must have been to see the chest sitting there when the finder arrived!

  16. To the finder… AWESOME find! I can’t even imagine what that must have felt like! Be smart, maximize every $ of your find (even if the haters disagree) and look out for the rest of the community when you can on more details! Congrats!


  17. Congrats to all who had fun just by participating! Thanks Forrest, Thanks Dal!

    • Yes, this hunt was magnificent, a marvelous bouquet of glorious ideas, all melted together into this one fantastic hunt!

  18. HUGE SMILES!!! WOW! How awesomely awesome! Great pics! I’m tickled pink! Congratulations to the finder and to you as well Forrest! Well done!!! How cool is that!!

  19. Where are all the jewels? I see a lot of gold, but I don’t see jewels. Or am I not seeing correctly. Especially the photo right after it was found. Just curious is all.

    • I think most of the jewels were in the dragon bracelet, which I can see behind the jar. I want to open the jar and read the autobiography. That’s totally awesome! It must have been thrilling for the finder and also for Forrest to get his treasure back. Best wishes to you both!

      I’m curious about the rusted scissors too. Why was that in the chest?

  20. Ahhhhhh, Yes. Amen, Forrest. Well done.

    Glad to see the treasure and your turquoise bracelet in your hands. A beautiful thing. And glad to hear you are keeping the Finder’s identity and the treasure location a secret. As promised. Now that’s integrity.

    Thank you for your patience with all those who were impatient!

  21. Thank you Mr Fenn!
    Since he said “when I left it on the ground” should we assume the chest was not buried?
    The chest seems to have a lot of dirt stuck to the sides for an object that was just sitting on the ground. Anyone know why there’s a stick on the top? Interesting to see Mr Fenn inventorying the contents. It looks like they are at a hotel or library(?)

    • That chair and table look like the ones at my bank in the safety deposit vault area. 😉

      • FYI, The Washington ave branch downtown is the Only public library currently open in Santa Fe. The upstairs galleries and meeting rooms have bright blue carpeting.

      • Zap, does that gray soil color fit with your area? I think so. It rules out a lot of places, though, IMO.

    • I believe that stick is a goose. It is related to a key piece of the solve (in my opinion).

      • Yes CD from PA I agree the stick like image is a silver? Insect you can make out the sets of legs lower down. And he has gold lips.
        I think the treasure chest was covered / concealed with ADOBE coating.

      • To me, it looks like a stick from a dead tree – period. The “Lips are the edges of two gold coins – NOT part of the twig – 🙂 JDA

        • Yes. You are correct – now i see the coin edges.
          Maybe i will design a long silver twig that looks like a goose or a serpent with gold lips side legs and cast it in bronze.

  22. I just graduated from the school of meteorology. There were so many times I walked away from an exam and spent the next 1-2 weeks trying to figure out the solutions to certain questions. It would drive me insane until I finally had the answers. Although I understand the need and want to stay silent, I have a feeling FFs poem, and the solution to it, will haunt me forever. So much worse than not having the solutions to my exams haha. With that being said, seeing a picture of the chest where it was found is almost too fascinating to stop looking at. Thanks for the photos!

  23. Seeing the chest and the treasure within brings an end to the chase. We have searched in the darkness of night, saying each word of the poem over and over, trying to do what Forest advised us to do, simplify. For me I would be content with the poems solution, to quiet my ceaseless searching mind, to come back full circle back to where we all started.
    Thank you Forest for this wonderful riddle.

  24. I had hoped, after many years of this consuming my thought, that at least I would have closure in the end by knowing the correct solve. I guess I’ll have to just try to forget it, otherwise I still try to endlessly work it out and find the right solve even though the treasure isn’t there.

    • Feeling likewise… but I suspect that for those still interested, we might get some piecemeal bits of information in the weeks or months to come. Before the announcement of the recovery of the TC, I had never actually thought about secreting the location… only the discoverer and Fenn would know. It makes sense now: an old expression… if you want to spoil a piece of land, declare it a national park. FF’s secret spot evidently should remain secret to all but those that want to continue to discover it. Frustrating as that might be.

      • cheer up. technically the location is still there to search for!
        maybe there’s a runner up prize!
        i’d leave one.

    • No, rotate the photo and increase the size.. It is a piece of wood with one end carved to resemble a serpent. Looks like the mouth is gold rimmed. I am sure Forrest put it in there, maybe some kind of protective old carving from who knows where.

    • Forrest said that he left something in the TC that would be a surprise to the finder and bring a smile to their face.

  25. Well doubters and hater’s what now? there it is… Awesome Forrest…Awesome.

    I just hope that someday the story behind the poem and the final solve will come out because I think the story behind this will warm a lot of harts and show the poem for the actual ingeniously designed piece of artwork that it is…

  26. Congrats to finder and I’m so glad Mr. Fenn got the bracelet back! I’m sure he’ll get it shining back to beauty!
    I just wanted to say that I never ONCE doubted the Chase, nor Mr. Fenn and did ALOT of boxing in his corner!
    Just one question, Mr. Fenn… Will it be hid again or that’s it?
    My heart hopes that it goes to the Smithsonian instead of private auction. After creating so many children’s museums and making donations of artifacts around the country, Mr. Fenn DESERVES a whole wing devoted to his legacy!
    Thanks for everything you’ve done for the world.
    With love and admiration,
    Donna Franklin-McChesney. (Donna M.)

  27. Looks like he carried it sideways or something. It’s scattered all around and not “arranged”. I would have expected to see the bracelet on top since it was the last thing in. I guess he had to tarry scant, and he did!
    Well, who else wants to meet at the bridge at midnight for a jump?

    • Well, the finder would have had to turn it sidewise to get it in a backpack for the hike back out. Otherwise he’d be carrying it in his hands and hoping he didn’t meet anyone on the way back to his car.

  28. Thank you Dal for everything you have done for the Chase Community. I know you have put everything you possibly could into your site just for us.

    Thank you Forrest for showing us what it means to truly believe. We will never forget.

    The Thrill Chases On in each one of US. We are All Stars in the most Chaotic Constellation. This has truly been ONE for the Books.

  29. Fantastic!!!

    My guess: TC was likely transported to ff in that plastic bin before being put on the table. Rusty scissors were in the box, as was the golden frog. Found in a National Park, turned in as required, NPS contacted Mr. Fenn, as it is his property. Someone fetched it from the official office for him and took it to SF (or he travelled there, though that’s less likely IMO—hard to do right now with COVID). Someone whose been at ff’s house can say if that room looks familiar, but it doesn’t really matter.

    Could also be that someone sent him indisputable directions or coordinates of the TC, couldn’t get to it due to COVID. And ff in these times, not wanting anyone else to become ill or hurt, sent someone to retrieve it for the finder. Perhaps the finder asked ff to leave something at the site.

    • Lady V.

      I like your second paragraph guess at what happened. We will never know, but nice to keep trying to figure out the last pieces of the puzzle – JDA

  30. Congratulations to all. How I wish I was in the room when Forrest went through those pieces of treasure and told the stories of how he came about them. I hope this isn’t the last we hear from you, Forrest Fenn!

  31. Got to hand it to Forrest for the greatest treasure hunt ever! The solution would be nice.

    Dal, excellent web site… Thanks for the dedicated work!

  32. ding ding ding, round two..!!!

    C’mon flat earthers, whats your new conspiracy theory, now that there actually was a buried treasure?

    What a handsome sight! The chest doesn’t look half bad either Forrest!

    • Buried?
      He said: “I left it on the ground and walked away.”.
      But It is really cool to finally see IT!
      I ordered myself a metal detector to bring on all my future adventures, Just in case it is buried next time.

  33. lol this is beautiful man.. Forrest gets to handle the stuff again and get his bracelet back…this is straight love here man.. makes for a happy heart. nice…

  34. Good on you, Forrest. Glad you’ve been reunited with your bracelet. It must be a very precious touchstone for you, one that gives you connection & deep empathy to a very complex past of our place here.

    I wonder what you must make of current events, relative to Native issues. I bet your thoughts could be helpful during these times. Please keep talking to us. The voice of our elders has never been more important.

    Thank you for the Thrill, Forrest. Thank you for this community, Dal. It has been a bright light of hopes and dreams. Time for us all to find new dreams – Crack on!!!

  35. Mr.forrest, seeing you looking at that chest and getting your bracelet back is like something coming home. At first I was hurt,I felt like i Iost a part of me And you. But you look so pleased, I am happy .god bless.thanks dal

  36. Finally the bracelet back where it belongs!

    Keep searching for Nature‘s Gold folks 😉

    Found a pair of Eagles tonight while kayaking. What a sight it was.

  37. This is the closure I needed to move on.
    *sigh… thank you for the opportunity to dream Forrest, thank you Dal for the platform to talk about it , and to the finder, Congratulations sir! You earned it!

  38. After so many hours spent on it, would sure be nice to know how the poem was constructed. Hopefully they’re going to monetize it in some way so we can at least find out at some point

  39. Oh Forrest, these photos make me so happy! You got your bracelet back! Thanks for the cherished memories.

    1. In my research, I read a story about a fisherman finding an ancient hearth along the Yellowstone which led to a Clovis Discovery. I was wondering if that was you or your Dad?
    2. Did you (or Dal) ever talk about your nephews being the youngest licensed plumbers in America!? So cool!
    3. Are Peggy and Irene cousins?
    4. I wonder what the special thing was for the finder? What is the stick or bone that is on top of the chest in the picture?

    Thanks again and Happy Trails!!

  40. Perfect exit. Pics with a twig on top and the two important items missing. Never figured Ziploc bags into the marvel gaze, but what do I know? Sandwich baggies are for drug dealers and lunches and apparently treasures!

    I loved this game. Thanks to Dal for having great facial hair and running this blog and to everyone else for playing this game that had our spouses and friends looking at us sideways most of the times we mentioned it in passing.

    Congratulations to the finder and to Forrest on a wild and lovely adventure. I’d pay far more for less fun that this has been. Remember that when you get sad about not finding it. If you don’t know how much fun you’ve had just dial back in time and talk to you five months ago. This was legit fun.

    Fenn knows how to throw a party where everyone is welcomed in with open arms. The guy is brilliant. I can’t wait for the finder to cough it up. Some day in the future.


  41. Wow, Forrest.
    I can see the excitement in your face. That look you might have had when you found your first arrowhead. The thrill of the find.
    Thank you for the adventures inspired by you.

  42. Forrest, I just have two questions, having searched the area six or seven times. First, was it hidden down near the red marker in the thicker trees, or further east in that more open area, or was it even further up yet, nearer the umm, large structure?? Please don’t tell me it was in the labyrinth! That place was terribly overgrown last time I was there.

    Secondly, was there a final hint that narrowed down the location of the hidey hole, that SOMEHOW I overlooked? If so, PLEASE divulge and end my misery…

    My wife is ecstatic it’s over…

    Anyway, thanks so much for the adventure. It was great fun matching wits with you! Your trail of hints/clues was amazingly constructed, no wonder it took as long as it did to write!

    • Some have said that the scissors seen in one of the pictures was the blaze (blaze scissors), possibly left in a “X marks the spot” sort of way.

      sounds good but who knows.

      What area are you convinced it was in?

  43. Looks like a natural “twig” stick to me,.. but maybe you have a better imagination or sharper eyes 🙂 There are three gold coins on edge underneath the left end of the stick,.. is that the “gold rimmed mouth” that you are seeing? LOL

  44. I see it. Looks like the info so many were looking for. I for one, am surprised to find myself smiling. This was what I needed, and apparently enough. It is over and my mind can rest, till I find my next new thing. Great fun. Thank You, g

  45. Maybe someone was recording the event , both the find and meeting up with Forrest going through the chest. Just can’t believe there isn’t more pomp and ceremony to such an event. The finder can still remain undisclosed. If he had a cell phone I am sure he did some video recording of the find just for his own keeping. I don’t know, either there is more coming for all of us, or the climax of the find is a bit of a dud to me anyway.

  46. So we just sat through 10 years of Seinfeld watching every episode and the producers decided they just didn’t feel like airing the finale..

  47. From those pics I would like to see someone narrow down area by pine cones and trees if those are pinion then its not in yellowstone!! Also looks like it was burried judging by all the dirt

  48. Amazing, I feel in this moment that I am no longer the person I was before the chase, nor during. I am someone new, somehow different, or as it were – I have arrived far from where I had started and Know myself for the first time. g

  49. I love the way the finder put the rusty key to show that the chest was “wet ” and a piece of wood on top to show that the treasure was “under the wood”. I wish him a good trip back East. Cheers!

  50. Is the finder saying with the stick and the key, wood is the word that was key?

  51. What should we do with these three Pictures?! Because FF did not know the finder, how did he bought back the treasure? It must be, that he had met the finder (without getting personal details about the finder) and gave him a check or cash for buying back the chest. I can not imagine that FF made a wire-transfer from bank to bank.
    The second picture with the braclet on his arm… is this arm from a 90 year old man? Probably, but for me everything is a little bit curious. Why does FF not comunicate, that he bought back the treasure? Why does he not comunicate facts, in which all the searchers are interested in? In his first information from June 6th, he wrote: “More information and photos in a few days”. Dear FF: “Look the word ‘few’ up in the Dictionary (as you said in the TOTC) and you will see, that you are very late with further information.
    If FF would also actually have style… and i am sure he has… why does he not close the TOTC with a last action, for example with a final document with all information and photos about the solve and the final place?! If until now everything was correct, why is he not able to finalize it in a correct and fair manor?!

    Dear FF, disclose the final place and the solution… and make this place in your and our sense to a memorial place (Fenn-Memorial); a little mark, blaze or statue, or later on a grave marker would be absolutely enough. Make a rainbow over you and this final place. All the searches would like to have with respect the solution, so that it was a real TOTC! Thank you for that and everything before.
    If we don’t get the solution, there will ever be a big doubt, that the TOTC was not a kind of fake. For me it wasn’t, but from day to day i also get in trouble.
    Best regards to all

    • Marco you can’t even get a quote correct so check your facts before diminishing your argument.

      • he literally just falsified a direct quote, we shouldn’t expect that he even have the aptitude to make an argument to be diminished…

    • you can say that you don’t know someone, even if you have meet him or if you know his name, because you don’t really know who he is or you dont know him personally!. You can also said that you haven’t communicated with someone even if you have receive an email or letter from someone else, because you haven’t responded to the person! U need to understand how FF communicated to people, because he says thing without saying it, and because he says thing that you cannot understand! Listen good Marco!

  52. Dear Forrest,
    I’m glad you got your bracelet back. I hope you can get some peace and quiet now. You deserve it. Thank you for such a great opportunity. You have changed us all for the better. What a great example of how to live.


  53. Some images I never thought I’d see, it literally brings it all home. Thank you Forrest for a great adventure – and Dal for hosting this site with much patience and diligence. On to adventures new (but waiting for the Netflix special).


    • If anyone is interested in doing soil/vegetation/deadfall comparisons by crowd sourcing photos that might match, I started a thread here:

      We have literally hundreds of thousands of photos from searchers, collectively, over a 10 year time span. We may not be able to narrow it down conclusively, but stranger things have happened (someone found a friggin’ treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains!).

      C’mon armchair solvers. Let’s do this thing.

      • Jeremy, I checked the pic you posted. It’s all very similar, but the thing I noticed was the pine needles are in clusters of 3 as opposed to clusters of 2 in the chest pic.

        I’m willing to bet the pines in Cimarron Canyon were Ponderosa Pines (3 needles clusters) whereas my guess for the needles and cone in the chest pic are Lodgepole (2 needle clusters). Great idea to start up a comparison site.

        • I’m going to say, definite possibility. It’s not 100% conclusive (not a lot of full needles on display, maybe the third is behind another, etc.) but I agree, they do look like they are in bunches of two.

      • There is no guarantee that photo was taken where the chest was found. It could have been taken after the finder left the area. I wouldnt have stood there snapping photos.

        Its hard to imagine that people cant just be happy for Forrest. Did you not read his books? Do you not understand how sacred this spot was for him? Just be happy and enjoy the happy ending for Forrest. We owe him that!

        • You might have misunderstood. I’m happy for Forrest. Who wouldn’t be?

          I’m also a passionate searcher on a voyage of discovery, as he wanted me to be. Why would I not continue trying to figure out where the treasure was?

          The only thing I owe Forrest Fenn is a passionate pursuit in the thrill of the chase, and that was always only partly about gold.

          You do you, I’ll do me 🙂

          • Jeremy, aren’t those pine needles lodgepoles? They have a specific range, I believe.

          • @Lady V, definitely maybe. Hard to say but if you say yes, you are probably right 🙂

      • I’ve switched to the Lodgepole pine camp. The pine needles, if you look closely with an unbiased eye, are short and in clusters of two.

        Lodgepole pines do not grow in New Mexico.

        New Mexico searchers, you’ve got your work cut out for you. I wish you all the luck!

        Peace out, everyone!

    • Hi Jeremy and everyone else in the great outdoors. Check out “iNaturalist”. load it up. A great tool for the identification of anything.

  54. One more thing I wanted to mention
    I was in Yellowstone recently and tried to get to the OJO CALIENTE on the Firehole River but jthe area was closed due to the “bears emerging from hibernation”I was gonna get in and send you a photo

  55. Indulgence finally found its way home. What a long strange trip it’s been! Congratulations to the finder and to Forrest. Reunited at last.

  56. Thank you Forrest for the pictures and the closure.
    Much appreciated. I’m so happy that your bracelet found its way back home..
    I’m sorry we never got to meet one another, but know that I tried my hardest.
    A million thanks for the thrill of the chase 🙂

  57. REALLY!! Not even what state!! So, we never know the solve …….we as a treasure hunt community are left with nothing….10 years, numerous trips, countless hours of studying the poem …..and the FINDER just leaves with the prize (congrats) you all are very gracious but I’m going to be honest I’m MAD ……so, that’s the end, never knowing ……..all I got is WOW!! So, disappointed !! 3 pictures everyone move on it’s been found!! (Please dont give me I have the memories) ……..

    • Patience grasshopper.. we don’t know what the finder has in mind.
      A book?
      A separate challenge?
      A media announcement?
      Or maybe nothing but having accomplished what 350,000 couldn’t.
      Let them do as they please.

      Although, it wouldn’t hurt to know what warm waters halt (out of the many) actually refers to. Especially if there are some / more than one each in remaining states.

    • I don’t see anything said that says the finder does not have something in the works for us. People should be nicer to him. Congrats finder, good game. g

  58. Satisfying! I can finally tidy up my paper-strewn office.

    Looks like Forrest is sporting the “canopy of stars”.

    Now… how about a cool 10k for figuring out SB 124 (Lost My Spot:)?

    • Hi Miafarmerfriend: I expected to replicate that SB 124 background on my way to the treasure last week. 🙂

      • Hi Zap,
        SB124 is not the site were the treasure was hidden.
        SB124 was correctly solved by Seattle Sullivan, and as Forrest promised he gave a hint about the location of the chest. The next scrapbook (SB 126) ‘O so close’ gave a hint to Seattle Sullivan in the form of Forrest’s hat.
        Check out 36°33’48.92″N, 106° 1’14.38″W. Seattle Sullivan was searching in this area.

      • RichardK: I see no water at those coordinates. That is the middle of nowhere, New Mexico. SB 124 is taken next to a river or stream.

        • Zap,
          I didn’t say the chest was in this location, but the location is is within clue 9.
          Here’s how I see it:
          At the end of SB124 Fenn said:
          “Well, that’s the sad story, and I really don’t know what else to say, except that if anybody can tell me where I caught that beautiful rainbow trout, I’ll tell them a secret that I haven’t revealed to anyone – ever”.
          Seattle Sullivan replied “In the mouth”. Fenn released SB126, Personality Galore with a strange hat and a bear behind. Seattle Sullivan correctly figured out that the bear meant ‘Oso close’ and that the SB was for him, he was searching in the correct area.
          The whole area is within clue 9. If you look at the geographical features of this area, around Forrest Road 222, it does look like a hat! What’s more Seattle, should have known that the area is surrounded by barb wire.

        • Hi RichardK: what I’m disagreeing with is that you wrote: “SB124 was correctly solved by Seattle Sullivan.” That implies that Seattle Sullivan *solved* the location that picture was taken. You then provided some coordinates, which I naturally assumed were of that spot, or near it. They aren’t. So in my opinion, Seattle Sullivan has no idea where Forrest’s picture with that rainbow trout was taken.

          I will say the “Oso close” play on words is excellent, but I think it’s a stretch to say that has anything to do with SB 124.

          • Zap,
            I agree. Nobody will ever know where the picture was taken and that wasn’t Forrest’s point.
            He asked ‘where I caught that beautiful rainbow trout…” pointing his finger towards fish’s mouth. In his reply Seattle correctly replied “In the mouth”.

            I’ll give you one more nugget here.
            Forrest statement : “After reading HOD I am prompted to ask, have you considered the what ifs?” Read it as wHAT ifs, which also points to this scrapbook.
            For SB124, by coincidence Dal selected Stella Lake with mount Wheeler (the one from Nevada), but it turned out to be so close to Mt Wheeler in NM, where the chest was hidden.

            I know you want to solve it on your own, but I’m sure the solution won’t lead you to Montana.
            If by any chance you’ll give up, check our solution at:

          • Hi RichardK:
            “Nobody will ever know where the picture was taken and that wasn’t Forrest’s point.”

            Well, I have a decent guess where it was taken. Perhaps I’ll be able to confirm it this summer. I do get the humor about pointing at the fish’s mouth as “where he caught it,” but I think Forrest was fibbing when he said he didn’t know where that picture was taken. He knows.

  59. Well at least for me, TTOTC is rather anti climatic if we are not being told the actual location of the find. I don’t care about knowing the solution to the poem and I certainly respect the finders wish to remain anonymous but not knowing the location of the TC (or even the State) dilutes the excitement for me!

  60. Aww Forrest, glad to see you got your bracelet back. Congratulations to the finder. What’s up with the scissors. Thoughts anyone.

      • The scissors are very rusty and do not look like they were in the TC so I’m thinking that was the blaze! 🙂

        • And maybe they were hanging on the tree in an open position (like an X for X marks the spot)! Just a thought!

          • Scissors = a Pair (Two) of Sharp Edges. those are words that FF used very often in his books and comments! and it makes a Cross when open…It was probably on top of the exact location of the TC! Rusty because it was wet around (the key was rusty too)!

  61. It certainly is “darker than it was ten years ago.”

    I trust that everything is unfolding as intended.

  62. How poetic! We have arrived back where we started and it’s like we are seeing the treasure for the first time. Forrest looks happy and that is the best consolation prize I could ever ask for. Thanks for ten awesome years of a thrilling chase everyone. Huge respect for the finder.

  63. Yep, just how I thought it would look like when found after all these years. Looks like a nice necklace for the “she” finder Forrest mention at one time. Was that the something he put in the chest that nobody knew about?

    Well anyway it’s good to see it. I sure would like to know the state “Tarzan” was located in, but guess it might never be reviled.

    Well for me it’s time to put down all my thoughts of my last search area and move on to more productive things.
    Wishing everyone “happy trails to you” as Roy Rogers would sing.

    Thanks Forrest and Dal.


  64. I am so happy to see the finder gave you back your bracelet, Mr. Fenn. It looks good on you. The photos of the chest and contents are great to see. I know many of us would have loved to have known where your special spot was, but you are a man of your word and that is very important and honorable to me.

    Thank you so much for the Thrill of the Chase, Mr. Fenn. The places I’ve been and things I’ve seen are fantastic. Never in a million years would I have thought I would have been involved in a treasure hunt and now my children and grandkids can have stories they can hand down to their growing families. If you should ever see me in the woods, stop by and say hello.

    Thank you so much for your blog, Dal. It’s been a pleasure chatting with everyone. Although the treasure chest was found, I’d still love to hear stories from Mr. Fenn. I’m sure he has a lot more he could tell.

    To the finder, thank you for giving Mr. Fenn his bracelet back. The best of luck with your future plans. Congratulations.

  65. Was the scissors the blaze?!?

    We see a scissors on the table. There is a high end expensive type of scissors called “Blaze”. Google it, from what I can make out of the pair on the table with the chests contents, it looks to be similar in style. There are also “blaze” rings. We also see a couple rings on the table. The one thing that seems oddly out of place in the photo of the chest in the wilderness soon after being located is the broken branch. There is no other debris in the photo and the branch looks almost like it is placed there on purpose. Could the scissors (or ring) have hung from the branch, marking the final location / or pointing directly down to your feet and the boxes location?

    • No, no, no. Forrest said that it wouldn’t be feasible to remove the blaze. Why does no one remember this?

      • Did you look at the blaze photo I posted. It meets all of the conditions set forth by Forrest.


      • Look up the definition of feasible. It means easy or convenient. If the scissors was simply inconvenient to remove then he would have been correct.

  66. Forrest or finder, please tell us the location or the answers to some of the clues or the state. Thank you

  67. It looks good on you Forrest. Did that bracelet feel as good as you ‘imagined? ‘

  68. I’ll say good as I have several hundred hours in documenting, research, and hunting for this treasure. In my research and sorting through embellishments I found this; Forrest hid the treasure in early 2000, it was in New Mexico and within 59 miles of Taos NM, and close to a water fall, also I have lots more

  69. Thanks for posting pictures Forrest and congratulations to the finder!!

  70. Dear Mr Fenn –
    I must say I am speechless that someone else was able to decipher your poem. The real treasure was not the box of gold and jewels. The real treasure was the poem, the map, the puzzle, the solve. The world will be studying it in great detail for many years to come. The solve will be published by someone. Congratulations on such a successful treasure hunt. It was the best.
    With the highest regard to you sir. Well done.
    – Mr Obvious

    PS I wrote a poem about the nine clues prior to sending it to you last Christmas. Should I post it here? Let me know. What about the rest of you? Wanna here it?

    • No, I would only ever want to hear the solution from f or his eagle. Even if it was close.

      Let mystery prevail.

    • I love the poem and those 9 clues can be applied to almost any place that has mountains. Thats what is so great about it. It pointed to one place but it could be used to point out many other places. I live in the Appalachians on the East Coast and we have several places here even I could apply the clues to.

    • I was ecstatic when I came up with the solve, but alas it had already been found. Still very exciting to have solved it.

  71. Mary, mother of Jesus, I just realised it was real gold! Sorry to bring our lady’s name up.

    I bet that took some humping if it was wet! The wood lining will have been wet too, I suppose. The hunt is on for a strong dude with a torn backpack.

  72. This chase was epic and imo has been robbed of the ending it absolutely deserved. Shame on you finder..
    Happy to see the chest but it doesn’t quite live up to my expectations. where’s all the jewels?? no real WOW factor. The pictures of the chest released before the chase looked much better.. That’s how I expected it to be. Definitely feels anticlimactic. It’s a shame really.

    Thanks Forrest and thank you Dal for this site its kept me company on many a lonely night through anxiety and depression..
    Take care all.
    And never stop chasing those dream’s.
    Goonies for life.

  73. The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f
    Is that it?
    Dal, if it is you may as well close this website down. You did a great job thank you. Unless…
    two calls who and where…but not HOW!!

  74. FINDER….don’t be greedy at the expense of the whole community….share the solve! We will still all buy your book to hear the step by step process of your search over the years and the days leading up to your find regardless if we know the final resting place already.

  75. I did an analysis of the dirt and pine needles in the photos—and I can say with 85% accuracy that it was likely hidden in the mountains north of Santa Fe.

    • I am literally looking at pine cone pictures for the same reason! My boyfriend laughed at me haha

  76. Dear Forrest,
    I understand that you don’t want to state where the chest was (as promised). But maybe it’s an opportunity to state where it was not? At least the three ‘wrong’ states?

    Thanks for the hunt. Last year four of us treasure-hunters came from Switzerland to New Mexico. Unfortunately we were not lucky with the treasure – but we had definitly a great time.

    Best wishes, Apfeltourer

  77. Are all of you guys and gals for real?? People changed their lives in pursuit of this treasure, and they sacrificed up to 9 years of their life obsessing over that poem and the location of the treasure! I’m okay with not knowing who, but we are told we cannot find out WHERE it was? The correct solution to the poem!?? The fact that this “supposed” finder doesn’t want us to know, makes me despise him….not congratulate his efforts. I think of Dal Neitzel, Cynthia Meachum, Sacha Dent, Stephanie Thirtyacre, and countless others who gave so much of their time to Forrest and his treasure hunt. Heck, I spent over 5 years myself throwing everything I mentally had at this poem. I gave the Fenn community everything. From cooking everyone pies every year, and making Forrest a birthday video and framed drawing….never once asking for anything in return but kindness and respect. And this is my endgame? To never know how close I was?
    Well I’m done. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I can truly say I no longer want anything to with Forrest Fenn, the finder(what an unrespectful human being), the treasure, and anything related! This has just “tainted” the end of the Chase that I can honestly say I never saw culminating as it has. This is my goodbye – IW

    • I totally agree with you Iron. What a terrible thing to do to ALL of search community. What a slap in the face to all of us.

    • I’m right there with you. IMO this has turned into a circus. A sham. If it is 100% certain that it was found and auctioned to the highest bidder, with Forrest being the highest bidder…then I want nothing to do with the location and correct solve. Who cares. To me, that’s a slap in the face to the people and families who lost their lives. The people who dedicated 10 years to find the place and solve the poem.

      All we get is three pictures that don’t tell us anything? Hell, I could hide a treasure, make a poem, capitalize off of the media attention, then say “you know what, let me go get it, take some pictures showing you it was real, then go about my day.” Not telling you where it was, and neither is the finder.

      I try not to believe conspiracy theories, but this lack of information is comical at the minimum.

      • Iron Will and James Collier,
        Perhaps you should try for a moment placing yourself in the shoes of the finder. If the TC was on private land owned by Forrest through a shell corporation or land trust and the title of the land was given to you, what would you do? Think for a moment…. We know that Forrest’s life has been threatened and he has had to call the police more than once during this treasure hunt. We’ve seen just recently throughout this country what malcontents can and will do with rioting, looting, arson, violence, and bodily harm. We see lawsuits already filed against Forrest and the finder. Do you really think that everyone out there would be respectful of you, your family and your newly acquired property? Would you want thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people trespassing on your property? Tearing your property up? Or even some malcontent who thinks the treasure should have been theirs burning everything around? Or even worse? Suddenly all of those people demanding to know the location of the treasure seem a bit selfish only for themselves and not care for your safety and the safety of your family and property. When you started this treasure hunt, you should have known that there was a possibility that you would never know the answer to the poem. And no one twisted your arm to pursue this treasure. The time you spent on it was your own choice. It was your own decision to obsess over it. Please give Forrest and the finder some respect and some room to breathe.

    • And I agree as well!

      My only consolation is I am now convinced those rusty scissors found at the TC site are “Blaze Scissors” and are in fact, the Blaze. They were likely on the tree directly above where the treasure was “buried”. And I am guessing they were in an open “X” position as a marker.

      • Except that Forrest said that it would not be feasible to remove the blaze, so scissors aren’t it.

        • I think I have the correct answer for the scissors!!!

          Behind the map in TTOTC, ff wrote: »i declined their invitation to put an X on the map, but i will admit that it is there in Spirit »

          Spirit is a type of Scissors,

          When u open a Pair of scissors, it ressemble an X, and i think that the scissors were place on top of the chest, and that is why they were rusty!
          I believe i am right ion this!!!

          Also, Scissors is a Pair (Two) of Sharp Edges, which are three words FF used a lot in his commenta and ttotc !

          • Pbee, you have your right eye on this? Forrest could have used any number of things to place an X on the chest. But why place an X on the chest (or in the chest)? And why scissors? Why 2 sharp edges with the chest? This is another conundrum for us to figure out.

            Bee Pee…is that anything like Moth Pee? Forrest pee’d in a gas tank. For all you brainiacs out there who haven’t figured it out yet…Gee, urine must be a hint….and woolly worm too. Urine was used for fulling.

            “Fulling (also known as tucking or walking (Scots: waukin, hence often spelled waulking in Scottish English)) [as in too far to walk, maybe], is a step in woollen clothmaking which involves the cleansing of cloth (particularly wool) to eliminate oils, dirt, and other impurities, and to make it thicker. The practice died out with the modernisation of the industrial revolution.”

            “Waulking songs (Scots Gaelic: Òrain Luaidh) are Scottish folk songs, traditionally sung in the Gaelic language by women while fulling (waulking) cloth.”

            Now go out there and solve the poem if you want to know the location where the treasure was found.

      • I was the first one to post this here and on Reddit and no one seemed to be on board with this idea at first. Now, it’s good to see some others have agreed. He did say after a pause once that it was possible but not feasible to remove the blaze. This is what some have argued to me. Feasible means “easy” or “convenient”. Simply meaning if the scissors wasn’t easy to remove from the tree / timber, etc. then he was correct in stating it wasn’t feasible. By in no way does “not feasible” mean it can’t be removed. He could have nailed it down or attached by some other means and if it wasn’t easy to remove then he was being truthful in that statement.

    • Gimmie – gimmie – gimmie – Iron Will, to me, you sound like a petulant two year old. ME, ME, ME – is all I hear.

      Forrest NEVER made any promises about divulging the “Answer” to a correct solve, nor where it would be found.

      Just my worthless two cents – JDA

      • Let me rephrase. The only way I don’t want to know the location of the treasure is if it is private land, belonging to Forrest, which he intends to pass down to family members in his will.

        Anything else is an epic let down.

      • JDA you seem like a good guy. But feeling betrayed And hurt are totally valid emotions given the circumstance and he has every right to express them.

          • Nice Solve Warlock62!

            I also had several nice solves.

            What do you think about this one???

            Custer Gallatin National Forest Area (I believe Fenn spent time there when he was younger)

            Begin it where warm waters Halt…..
            I begin where Stillwater River Starts. If you look at a map to the west is Mt. Abundance, Lake Abundance and Woodbine Trailhead. I believe Forest “initially called the Treasure Abundance”.

            And take it in the canyon down….
            Continue to follow Stillwater River toward Nye. As you travel down the River, through the canyon, Wildcat mountain is on the Left. I wonder if this inspired forests cat posts?

            Put in below the home of Brown…
            Sioux Charlie Trail Head

            The end is ever drawing nigh…
            Continue toward Nye Montana
            In Nye, take Stillwatwater River North Toward Beehve, is what I though initially. I now believe that this statement means you are fairly close at Sioux Charlie and Woodbine Falls.

            There’ll be no paddle up your creek…
            Just Heavy Loads and Water High…
            In BEEhive, you will find Bad Canyon Creek. You weren’t bad, so you won’t get the paddle! There are many draws along Bad Canyon Creek (Long, Rusel, Lundy, Winge,Trail, Oliver, Griffin). But I believe Forest Stated that solvers were close and went right past the Indulgence. So I would go back to Woodbine Falls for Heavy Loads and Water High.

            If you’ve been wise and Found the blaze…
            I think the blaze is Burnt Creek.

            Look quickly down, you quest to cease.
            If you look South along burnt creek, you will see it flows through two nice mountains that resemble double omegas. ΩΩ There appear to be canopies of rock that can be seen from google earth. But I am from PA and haven’t been to the area.

            But Tarry Scant with marvel Gaze…
            What is East of Burnt Creek? Black Butte is East of Burnt Creek. The photo of the chest posted above makes the ground look burnt.

            Brave and in the Wood…..
            This mountain range is either close to or part of Mt. Wood East.

            Hint of riches new and old…
            I think that I read about another treasure in this area. It contained a gold frog. I believe Forrest had a gold frog in his chest. Was this a hint?

            I believe that Sitting Bull, Buffalo Jump, Sioux Tribe all have meaning to Mr. Fenn and that makes me like this area even more.

            What do you think Warlock62?
            A good search spot?
            I have several others good spots if you don’t like this one.

            I am just tired of typing tonight! LOL

          • Warlock62…..

            I just went through some old notes…

            As a follow up to my other post…..

            12,649-foot Mount Wood, located near the head of the Fishtail Creek drainage… It was named after A.B. Wood, a friend of surveyor James P. Kimball, who named the mountain in 1898. According to Turiano, Wood climbed the peak with photographer Anders Wilse on Sept. 11, 1898, after crossing from Goose Lake. During his peak-bagging adventures, Fagg found a small metal frog and the name Salo in a cache atop a 12,000-foot peak. Sioux Charley Lake (Stillwater drainage): A white man adopted by the Sioux Indians as a small child built a cabin at the lake where he lived for several years.

            Is the duck in the chest actually a goose? It has a long neck!

    • I also think it would be the right thing to do to let us know the answer to the riddle. As you said, people dedicated their lives to this, and to leave them with no answer is just mean.

      Sure, I know, the site “might get flooded with visitors.” Not sure how to handle that side of it, but I still think people should get an answer to the poem.

    • I agree! At least give us WWWH so we can all finish our long journey that we have put so much time and effort into. We need closure. We would all be so grateful if you could at least give us this. You are still keeping your word by not revealing the exact location! Or ask the finder if you can at least give out WWWH. Please!!

      • Hi, Kdd, just had a thought reading through comments here and waiting for butter to melt for making banana nut bread (the only bananas I’m grabbing today are the overripe ones on my counter, lol).

        I understand people are disappointed, shocked, angry, feeling cheated somehow, and thinking they are owed the solutions to the clues in the poem so they know ‘where’ – but it occurs to me that ‘warm’ water is halting right here and right now.

        And I still don’t understand why so many think they deserve to have all the answers, reasoning behind each step or whatever just laid out for them. In a horse-race only ONE horse crosses the finish line first… and the other trainers don’t really have a ‘right’ to get all the info about “how did you train, what did you feed, what tack did you use?” etc. etc.

        The guy here and I both remember Mr. Fenn saying WWWH was the first clue, and if you don’t have that you don’t have anything (sorry don’t have the exact quote to hand or the location). So what you would be asking for is, in effect, pretty much the whole solution, isn’t it?

        The search is over, the chase is over, he’s got his bracelet (somehow I don’t think he’ll polish it all up, considering his disappointment at first when he had the beads set in that bracelet and the crafter polished them like new). And maybe he’s got the right to end it however he pleases, abrupt though it might seem.

        Me, I kinda feel sad and bad for everyone’s high hopes crashing, but life’s like that a lot of times. And please excuse me while I dust m’ own butt off and limp off (bum knee) to the kitchen to bake that bread, lol!

        (No offense to anyone was intended, and no animals were harmed in the writing of this post.)


      • I did, my heart is just not in it anymore. None of our solves matter now. 🙁

        • Exactly right Iron Will!
          Congratulations to the person who found the chest and thanks to Mr. Fenn!!!

          • The three exclamation points are for the three jars of cloves Forrest found while his wife was out….They sting…Yuck…He recommends staying away. LOL

    • Iron Will-
      I think a lot of people here feel the same anguish although they may not be stating their thoughts. It is only reasonable to feel this way.

      Forrest, please give us the starting point wwwh.
      You would still be keeping your word by not revealing the location . Just give us the starting point and let us go from there. We would still be too far to walk from the exact location and some might still walk right by it. Just give us a chance.

      • If he gave the starting point we would know where the treasure was hidden. Due to the nature of the object/ And its proximity to the ‘trail’ or path of the creek as it were.
        I also remember Forrest saying something like – “what surprises me a little is that no one to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important thing relating to the solve”
        That would be the fact that we may never be able to find out the location, even when it is found.

          • We won’t find out the location because legally the winner doesn’t have to divulge it.
            If Forrest or anyone lets on where the first CLUE actually is, we will (with a bit of research and good dictionary or thesaurus) be able eventually to find the
            Answers to all of the clues. Or most of them.

    • Dear Iron Will – I’ve always had great respect for you as a searcher posting on this site. I share your disappointment at least in respect of the solution not being revealed. If it is never revealed, that would be quite unfair to the entire search community and, in my opinion, to Forrest Fenn and his legacy.
      Some time ago I considered reaching out to you to engage in a private discussion. Would you be open to that now?

      • I don’t see why it matters now, given present circumstances… but sure.

    • I feel your pain IW but how will you feel if the finder is waiting for the gold dust to settle and is formulating a strategy on how to reveal info. Maybe we will hear more. If he decides to re-hide the chest or put something in it’s place in the same special location I will not continue that Chase. We are not entitled to answers…it would be nice but it’s not for us to decide. For a lot of searchers the emotional investment was far more costly than the financial one and I think that’s what hurts the most.

    • Ya’ll jumped into this … Everyone of ya.

      No one force you to play fennville’s cook. No one made you spend money or give your time in the attempt. No one made hold another to such high standards, like some deity, praising and sending gifts.
      All you have done throughout the blogs, IW, was whine about anything that didn’t go your expected way…
      And you have the balls to call another “an unrespectful human being” simply because, again, you can have it your way?
      Grow up little man…. your river is overflowing.

      Ya’ll chose to get into the challenge… no promises, everyone had the same opportunity. Nobody owes you anything.
      The sad part is… Ya’ll have no idea what the finder might have in mind… talk about being disrespectful.

      End of commentary.

      • Hi Seeker,
        If you are still the ultimate jury in Fenn’s chase solutions, check out this:

        Don’t get bored with the start (i.e. the first 2 clues), they were solved by many searchers in the early stages of the chase.

        The solution will also resolve your perpetual conundrum, how the early searchers managed to pass the remaining 7 clues.

      • LOL!! Seeker, and JDA. ya’ll are so perceptive! Your posts pretty well sums up my opinion also.

        Here’s something for all of the ‘deserving’ and ‘entitled’ individuals (snowflakes & buttercups) who are coming forth:


        Now that you showed me your real colors i wish i can paint you in the colors I thought you were,
        Your colors were always bright so beautiful,
        But I guess I got your colors wrong,
        My hardest time in life revealed your true colors,
        Dark ugly horrible colors,

        But thank you…. because now that I know you showed me who you really are you have showed me what I never want to become

        If only I knew who you were really were in the beginning

        Written by lisette cielos

    • Iron Will: it’s not like the poem has been destroyed. The solution is still there for everyone, and you all now have the advantage of knowing that it actually was solvable. Just solve it.

    • You know how Mr. Fenn operates. Is it not possible that big enough hints to some of the answers you seek are in the few pictures and words at the top of this page? g

    • Iron Will, I believe the finder is trying to protect himself from danger. Think about it for a minute—there are some threatening, unstable people everywhere, and many of them have posted elsewhere in the last 1.5 weeks. If the find included a deed to property, revealing the location would be the same as publishing one’s address. Plus, because we don’t know the location, we may be blind to its true significance. That is, we, too, may feel it’s important not to have thousands of people tromping around, picking up handfuls of dirt or tree bark as souvenirs…

      At the same time, it would be great to know the state. Big state, tiny box. I will likely still try to solve the poem. I do believe the finder will reveal more in a book or film.

      • Great points, Lady V. Can you explain what you mean about property deeds and revealing the location would be the same as publishing one’s address?

        • Hi, Spoon. One possibility for the secret item in the chest has been discussed as being a deed to the property the chest was on, solving the problem of who owns the treasure and preserving the site—particularly if the site was in a conservation easement. So if the finder revealed the location, he’d be letting everyone know where his own land is. Just a hypothesis, though.

      • Well Lady V, I understand that…but I look at all scenarios. There is one that no one has even entertained yet. What if this finder “stole” the treasure from a family member, friend, or coworker? I know I’ve told a couple family members and a few coworkers that I was dead set where the treasure was with reasoning and clue explanations. I’m sure a lot of searchers did this, as it’s sort of therapeutic to have someone not directly in the Chase hear and weigh in on their ideas. Well what if one of those “friendly ears” took one of that searcher’s information and went out west amidst a pandemic lockdown? They indeed find it and then to keep that person from knowing they “stole” their dreams… they wish to remain anonymous. That would work except for one thing… revealing the found location.
        Once that is out in the open, that searcher can put 2 and 2 together that it was a man from “back east” and it was found at your location. This gives that searcher enough information to find out that his/her friend, family member, or coworker just took “everything” from them that they had worked so hard for. This “thief”, realizing that…simply tells Forrest to keep quiet about it. Now that searcher has NO INFORMATION, and will never know that he or she was ripped off.

        That scenario is just as plausible as the finder protecting himself from legal problems.

    • Wow that is harsh. If the chest was in a national park and the finder did not turn it in to park officials, (what I think probably happened) revealing the location would put the finder in a tough legal position. This is all on the finder and not Forrest Fenn. If anything, this whole deal makes me like Forrest just that much more.

    • Nobody is owed anything. Everyone had up to 10 years to find it. It was also supposed to be fun. I thought I was getting obsessed the last few months, but it’s nothing compared to some of you. Part of being the winner is you get to know where it was. I am so glad the finder wasn’t one of the “lead” searchers. LOL.

    • Iron Will please don’t sulk over the finder and FF not disclosing the correct solve/location. No one owes you or any of us anything. They just don’t.. You talk about how much you gave and didn’t get anything in return. You got plenty in return – for example, you have an entire community of thousands of people who like you and appreciate your words. I hate to hear that after all this time your generosity was only given with strings attached. And don’t forget you didn’t write the rules and it’s not your game. It is Forrests. He never said he would disclose his secret and if the finder doesn’t ever want to share it, it’s the finders prerogative. Sure, it doesn’t give us closure right now but you can’t project your assumptions on their why’s. Nor does it do any good to make up a bunch of what ifs. Forrest did this for his reasons and to give back. He accomplished that over and over again for those of us that get it. It was about the game, yes. But it was also about going into the mountains and discovering their treasures and finding in that moment that being rich doesn’t necessarily mean having gold. (THANK YOU FORREST!!!) Dal also has spent a ton of time and effort and has “nothing” (your words) to show for it – yet with grace and class he shares the information he has and he pays to keep this website up so you can whine on it. (THANK YOU DAL! – my words) Good grief, Iron Will! Did you never play a sport? Did no one ever teach you not to be a sore loser? It’s perfectly normal to mourn after all this time but don’t stomp off like this! Please be better than that for those of us that always thought you were.

  78. so we get wild conspiracy rumors of how Forrest was duped, which never flew… and now the crowd starts right in on wild conspiracy rumors on when it was found, and even a buyer…? if it was said on the web, it must be true…

  79. Thanks Forrest for the Thrill of the Chase!
    I wish I would have been in from the beginning.
    I was involved for 4 years, I collected 5 books, I was to Santa Fe twice, had 8 boots on the ground searches., 1 in Montana 2 in Wyoming and 5 in New Mexico, I probably never will see another search Lothar even comes close to this one!

  80. How many other treasure hunts keep the location of the treasure a secret after it was found. Why do you think that this is an acceptable end to this? This is disrespectful to all the searchers that dedicated YEARS of their lives, and a lot of money. This is simply WRONG.

    • Sweetpea: the solution is intellectual property and has considerable value. You would have the finder be magnanimous and simply give it away?

      You all will have the solution eventually — either when the solver/finder wants to cash on their story, or when a subsequent poem solver does so.

      • That is presuming that any subsequent solver has some type of confirmation at the spot now that Indulgence has been removed. Have I missed information stating there is something there as a place-marker?

      • Also, anyone who does solve the poem may choose to keep the solution to themselves, especially if revealing the location could cause difficulties for F or the finder. Maybe even just to make sure that the finder gets maximum value from their achievement. Fairly certain that most of us searchers, had they been the successful one, would have preferred that anyone else solving the poem after the fact would keep their peace until the finder completed capitalizing on their triumph.

      • Hi Bowmarc: I think there will be circumstantial evidence at the find site, even if the finder left no calling card. I do not believe the chest was just sitting on the ground — I think it was sepulchered. So there should be a pit of appropriate dimensions remaining. And at least in the near term, there will also be footprints. If the second solver discovers these things, that will probably be sufficiently satisfying.

        I would be content with just finding footprints to/from, coupled with the appropriate flora litter, because there is no earthly reason a person would go to my spot unless the poem had directed them there.

        • Zaphod
          i believe it was concealed in some way. A natural coating a brown mix of materials. And something to do with A BOULDER.

    • He never asked people to dedicate years of their lives and all that money to it. That was on you all. It was supposed to be fun.

    • End? Did Forrest tell us its the end? I must have missed the credits going up.

      Oh well, I suppose that’s it then.

      Thanks for letting us know Sweetpea Mcgee. Yous are very kind.

      • BigO,

        I wrote Forrest a few nights ago. I was a bit frustrated. Sat for hours, just thinking…

        After waking up I was washing a few dishes and for some reason I thought wait a second, if my thinking was correct, there’s 2 of everything. Kinda like the light and dark, opposites.

        So maybe this represents the darker ending and the good ending is what we shall still seek?

        Because this ending is for the birds! So let the credits roll. Maybe you’re right? Forrest, like dog in the heat man, throw us a bone!


  81. Congratulations, again, to the Finder.

    Congratulations to Forrest on getting his bracelet back and congratulations to Forrest for having created something that brought thousands and thousands of people closer to nature, and closer to each other and a mountain of happiness. Thanks for the mental challenges that the “Chase” brought to us all. We are all SOOO much wiser and smarter than when we first read Forrest’s poem.

    My personal wish is that Indulgence now find a home in the Smithsonian Museum, or some other renowned museum.. I would love to go see it in all of it’s glory.

    I also hope that, somehow, this blog can manage to survive for a while longer. We all have stories to tell, and friends that we want to hear from.

    Once I go to my site one last time, I MAY have a story to tell, and a solve (or two) to share. Love to all my “Friends” here on the Blog.

    Thanks Dal – Keep the blog open, at least for a while – OK?


    • Great idea about a museum for the final home JDA. This is one of the coolest things a human has done in a long time (thanks again Forrest). Everything has a price, I wonder if a crowd fund for that purpose would garner support? I know I’d love to visit the chest and it is certainly a story that deserves to live on. If not the Smithsonian then perhaps the The Buffalo Bill Center of the West?

      • The Buffalo Bill Center if the West is affiliated with the Smithsonian. That is where the Fenn treasure belongs. I think that’s what Forrest had in mind all along. Right?

    • Once this covid and travel restrictions are over, I will also make one last trip. Maybe my hidey spot will pan out without the chest. With you luck JDA.

    • Hi JDA,
      I’ve always appreciated who you are and all you’ve done for this site.
      And I too hope that Dal can find a way to keep this site up and it’s on-line community together.
      I’m thinking we may be able to create a club to pool our collective resources (maybe $20.00 each?) to create a fund to buy “prizes” and have giant game of: treasure hide and seek. Maybe make it so the last “finder’ has to go hide the next prize (and give clues to all members until it’s found) and becomes ineligible as a seeker, until their prize has been found.
      The longest successful hide wins.
      Just a thought… I guess I’m just sad to see the end of “the chase”.
      Stay safe & healthy OUR friend!

    • If not the Smithsonian will the Detroit Museum work so it can be with its twin? LOL

  82. Thanks FF for the experience, education and the dream, but really think we should know where the treasure had been hid.

  83. According to hamsters, chalk taste like carrots… but I have not yet read that on the web, so it is not yet true… I have high hopes that some day it will be proven true, by it’s mention on a website.

  84. Mr. Fenn,
    Happy to see you reunited with your bracelet! Must have been fun to look over all those treasures you have not seen in 10 years…and thought you might never see again once you walked away from them at that special place you have been umbilically tied to for life. You got to experience yet another thrill from the chase and those treasures found!

    …and, you might consider being a spokesman for Ziploc bags. Your storage bag of choice for hidden treasure! 🙂

    • That’s funny (ziploc bags} But also his lips are ziploc and I can respect that about him.

      • Yup. I respect that, too. That is one person that knows how to keep a secret and that you could trust to keep a secret.

  85. Dang. I’ve been involved in two Treasure hunts now and they both ended the same way. All that time and we’ll never know where or how it was found. I….

    “Excuse me sir, excuse me..” (pulls little notebook from pocket and tiny pencil).

    Columbo? You’re back. This is crazy. Where’s your dog?

    “He’s taking a nap sir. Now what was this about the Treasure?” (Puts tip of pencil to his mouth)

    Oh, I’ve put years into two Treasure hunts. One ended telling the location, but never explaining how to find it, and now this one, with it found, but not knowing who, where or how it was found. It’s so frustrating.

    “OH, I wouldn’t worry about it sir. The same person who hid it also retrieved it, or had someone get it for him sir.”

    What? Columbo, what are you saying?

    ” Oh, you heard me sir. Think of the announcement date. There was a time frame set. Not by searchers but by the person who hid it. When the time was up it was time for retrieval. Quite simple actually sir. You would only be given title to the gold. Not the jewels and other things anyway sir. A payout, but not as big as reported.”

    Do you think we’ll ever know how or where it was found Columbo?

    “No, you won’t sir. And the man had ten years to plan for that, knowing how important that would be to them”.

    (He begins to walk away but turns back:

    “One last thing sir. Did I ask you if you had ever met this Fenn fellow?”

    Yes. And I said he seemed like an honest man.

    (Grins). “Didn’t he once say ‘It’s not who you are, it’s who they THINK you are” sir? (Walks towards his car) “All the best to you sir”(waves over his head)

    Thanks Columbo. I think.

    • Et tu sparrow?
      So falleth fenn.

      (for comedic value only)

      I’ll maintain a positive mindset until we hear the proverbial fat lady

  86. Thank you for this amazing historical and generous treasure hunt, Mr Fenn. Well done. You have many allies with good will. I’d love to read the book of Dos and Don’ts of Treasure Hunts from your historical insider’s perspective. I bet there were many types of unforeseen twists.

    Dal Neitzel, thanks for what seemed to be a location for a seemingly fair starting point with decent cautions regarding deceptions from others.

    Happy non-finder #325,001

    • Oops, I didn’t mean to suggest that that there is such a book, but it probably should be written. Who knows how many other generous hunts this event will seed. I know of a couple of minor attempts to mimic already.
      I bet its difficult to not leak both information and misunderstanding in conversations. I’m thinking of the 200 & 500 foot comment and pinion comments. Perhaps the anonymous finder worked on a tidbit he/she received in 2018 whether it was meant to be meaningful or not.

  87. Dal,

    Thanks for all you’ve done to help people during this search. I’m sure you were disappointed and surprised as we all were when the chest was found. With your background you could hide a chest and start another search. 🙂 Congratulations to the finder as well. Thanks Forrest for a fun treasure hunt while it lasted. Dal, do you think there will be any further information coming out from Forrest regarding the location or is this all there is?

  88. After seeing the treasure spread out it sure looks way short of 1 million much less 2.2 million the larger gold hunk will be significantly less weight if/when processed. it will take nearly 600 oz. of gold in the box to top one million. I’m no art or artifact dealer but I I sure didn’t see any priceless museum pieces on the table. Still a lot better than a kick in the teeth and I wish it was my problem to have to figure out, but the real money will come from book, TV, and movie deals. National Treasure III.

  89. So I figure it’s safe to share our selves now at least !! I made my solve or at least was sure of my solve on 5/31/2020 . When the announcement came out I didn’t know what to think ! My stomach sank …. I think I’ve emailed Forrest 5 times since the announcement ! Lol Hes probably thinking I’m a nut Lol ! I knew I never went to get it , but I also knew the only time in years of searching did everything line up ! Hoping and praying with today’s technology I may have stumbled upon a picture or website that was embedded so Forrest knew when the Riddle had been solved !
    So here is my Solve ….. My Begin Where Warm Waters Halt Was Raton NM

    It said Take It In… The Canyon Down !
    Which would put me on the Dry Cimmeron Scenic Byway ! Hence the take it in part !

    Not to far but to far to walk , to me was just a guide to let you know to stay on route 72 and not to get off at any of the attractions along the way .

    Put in Below the Home of Brown ……..

    I think is as simple as where you turn off or turn in off of 456 Shorlty past the Brown Ranch !

    From here it’s no place for the meek ……. either a reference to the dry Cimmeron River since in Sante fe trail times it was known to be dry at times for 60 mls , or a reference to fort union rd which is the turn in past the Home of brown !

    The End is Ever drawing nigh ………. Absolutley a referance to the Dry cimmeron river , which is also at times known as the Disappearing River !
    There be no paddle up your creek just heavy loads and water high ! I’ve always thought waterfall was the meaning here ! So Folsom Falls also labeled Corrumpa Falls in a Dougscottart picture is our destination ! Corrumpa means Wild or Isolated in local native language! He stressed the word Isolated !

    So now it’s just the blaze ….. clueless as to what a blaze was until watching a show on native Americans and the Blaze the trail ! The actual Blaze is a Marker , a big slash , usually on a tree ! My Blaze was on the Rocks of the falls ! A white water line with a big hole under it ! I was certain ! I’m still not sure I’m wrong ! It would not been under water , but behind the waterfall at certain times of the years . Would explain the key being wet and that he knew it would be wet !

    So that’s it ! It all lines up , it can fit on a sticky note , a child could have figured it out , why didn’t I think of that …… But it’s over now so I’ll never get to see the battleship or the wedding cake ! That’s actually what I kinda though made it special for him , I’ve never read his books so I don’t know how right I am . But I figure it was not only a special spot because of the fishing hole , or all the cool artifacts I’m sure forrest gathered from the area ! I figure it was something that him and peggy enjoyed ! I don’t know if they ever went to the top of wedding cake butte but I assume they did !

    Thank you Forrest and Dal ! I am thankful the chest is found even if it wasn’t me ! I’d love to know more and I’m sure in time you’ll let us in a little more !

  90. Congratulations Finder! Finding it gives a whole new meaning to his phrase brave and in the wood. I’m sorry people are not always nice . Good luck to you and be proud you solved it.

  91. I’m calling Yellowstone as the find location. I think the finder skipped the step of turning it in to park rangers, and this is why we may not get the final solve for a long time. My guess is somewhere around Gem, or mirror pool

  92. Fantastic! Thank you Forrest1

    Say, maybe somebody could answer. Am I to assume the finder took it to Forrest probably in Santa Fe so they could look it over and talk about it?
    My initial impression some guy out east found it, and let Forrest know with a picture, which this one I guess? Then instead of going home, he drove to Santa Fe instead?

    Just curious.

  93. First off, thanks to Forrest for the coolest treasure hunt most of us have ever been a part of, and thanks to Dal for running this site for everyone to gather.

    I think most of us knew the treasure was found, but now we have photographic evidence. Of course there are those that still think mankind hasn’t set foot on the moon, so this may not be enough for some people.

    What would you have him do? Give away the location, so hundreds of thousands of people can go trample through? Maybe you want to submit your solve and see if you’re correct? I’ll tell you that if you solve the poem, you won’t need any verification other than to walk straight to where the poem takes you.

    The poem is still there for the solving, and the place it was hidden is still there. Just solve the poem and you’ll have your answer.

    • In total agreement with you Billy, but it would be nice if a boulder or a ‘scant’ (a gravestone type slab) could be laid on the place where the TC was found, and be engraved with FF’s epitaph. Something of no great value & too heavy to lug away as a souvineer, but a marker for those who want to still test their search skills. And maybe an old rusty fishing box with a notebook and pencil inside for finders to add their name and date…. as is sometimes atop mountains for mountain climbers to sign.

      Thanks to FF & Dal, and Congrats to all enjoyed this journey, I hope it gave salvation and contentment to those who needed it. OS2

    • Silly, of course man (or women) hasn’t set foot on the moon. Without boots, a foot would freeze or cook in an instant. The closest to a foot on the moon was moon dust and foot in the lunar lander.

      There’s always some way to twist an issue into confusion with exacting details. IMHO, FF was an expert of that. Part of the fun of all this will be learning eventually of the treasure and hint interpretations and seeing why what FF said is correct – in a detailed context – but lead most astray

  94. I didn’t get the treasure, but I did get my wish……that Forrest would be here to get his bracelet back and know the ending to his once-in-a-lifetime incredible Chase! Mission accomplished sir! As they say, all good things must come to an end, and so this Chapter has. And I don’t know if it’s a subconscious denial, wishful thinking or just plain what if, but something tells me it may not be the last Chapter to this story. But even if I’m wrong, I think I’ll keep that thought. It makes me smile. 🙂

  95. Thumbnail sketch of analysis based on input from others and such:

    Lodgepole pine habitat. Possibly exposed to fire semi-recently. There appears to be a decent amount of light, but no direct sun and no hard shadows, so probably an east-facing location. This would align with shadow direction as well. Since there is light, but not direct, picture was probably taken early-evening. The sky appears to be clear and blue in all the reflections. It appears to me that the wood in the upper-right of the photo is cut for a fencepost or some other purpose. Dirt is grey/black, so brown/green/red contributions are out (rules out, for instance, this being in an area around redrock, in the desert, etc). Due to Lodgepole, not in New Mexico or Southern Colordao. Colorado Lodgepole only exists between 8,000 and 10,000 ft elevation (this is not true in the other states where lodgepole is prevalent). Some grass, but not a “grassy” area. Photo appears to be taken in an area that isn’t densely forested, as no trees in any of the reflections (the chest could have been moved to a clearing for the photo). The chest has caked mud on the front, right over the lip and there’s dirt in the front of the chest. At some point it was probably edge-down in the dirt, and/or dirt got into it, but not all of it. From the rust on the key, I’d judge that the key was submerged in water, but at the same time I don’t see water damage on the wood liner of the chest… It definitely isn’t as “pretty” as it was when previous photos were taken. I suspect, but don’t know (obviously) that some of the jewels might have escaped from the chest. Although, it looks like most of those sort of items were put in ziplock bags. It seems from the caked mud that it was open and inclined, and considering the rust on the key I’d suspect it was lying outside of the chest. This is totally speculation, but it’s odd to me that there’s that much dirt in the chest, and that much rust on the key, but the wood in the chest doesn’t seem to have much water damage.

    Then again… I see dirt under the edges of some of the ziplock bags. I think the only way it could really get in there is via water. I don’t think the chest was “placed” in the orientation it was found, and has moved since it was left by Fenn. I doubt he would intentionally leave the chest open at the front like that. It wasn’t open much, as there’s a clear indentation in the mud on the front of the chest from the stud/peg/whatever it’s called on the lid that would slide down into the locking mechanism. The key still has water on it in the picture, but the chest itself appears to be dry inside.

    Based on these things, I think the finder may return to the location to find any items that aren’t in the chest. This may be why Forrest is going through the contents and doing an inventory. It would also be a solid reason to not reveal the “solve”.

    • …Adding, now that I look closer, I’m pretty sure water got into the ziplock bag on the top at least, and possibly into some of the other bags. I suspect at least some of these were found physically outside of the chest.

    • Another thing, the mud in the chest looks splattered, like it was “thrown” by something into the chest. Especially on the right-hand side, like it splashed into the chest. Some of the coins and other things are also partially wet. Hmmm…

    • Interesting…
      Agree that the appearance of needles and cones found in the picture are consistent with lodgepole pine. But, of course, that opinion is biased as it would fit with my solve. 🙂 Without a better view, not 100% sure. Arm chair botanists…can you confirm?

      I’m thinking the rust on the one gold coin is rust as deposited from contact with the rusted key.

    • Some interesting analysis of the photo, but I think that the water damage and mud could easily be the result of ten seasons of “spring snowmelt flood” seeping in and gradually mostly drying out. That bronze lid is too heavy to have let anything “escape”, but was not a “tight seal” that would have prevented entry of water and a bit of wet soil. Also, the key was clearly in the box as it left a rust stain on that gold “double eagle” that it was resting partially on. All IMHO.

    • srch, i would say the key was in a ziploc,and condensaition in bags for 10 yrs creates alot of moisture. i think the dirt around opening is from being under snow and melting year after year.

  96. Thanks for the epic treasure hunt Forrest, I really had a great time searching for this treasure. You said two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead, since you and the finder are alive maybe you can confirm this is true and tell us the secrets lol.

    I also really want to thank Dal for this website, Thank You Dal. I think you should start a solve page where people could post their solves or whatever they are called since they didn’t solve it completly. It would be fun to see people finally reveal their secrets. Unless we think the finder is going to keep something going that involves figuring out the location, I wish we knew, I am thinking that will not be the case though, but maybe?

    And I also think we should start a GoFundMe for Dal for hosting and maintaining this site, especially if he keeps it going for a while with no hope of finding the found treasure. I am not sure how to create a GoFundMe but I suppose if nobody else does it I can figure it out, or some way to get Dal something for his dedication to giving us all a great site for all these years, I would like to chip in something to show my appreciation. I was going to give Dal a nice bonus if I found the chest but it looks like that won’t be happening now lol. Or Dal could just give those of us that appreciate what he has done as much as I do his PayPal and we can send a few bucks his way through PayPal. Thanks again Dal…

  97. WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW. I have enjoyed The Thrill of the Chase, I relate to Forrest Fenn’s writings, his books are hard for me to put down without reading all the way thru at one sitting even though I have read them before. The Chase and his books have brought me happiness, was BOTG one time last year, am from “back east”, drove over 5,000 miles, it was a trip I will never forget. I have nothing but respect for Forrest Fenn. His integrity is beyond reproach. Thank You, Forrest Fenn and all of your friends who have been a part of this.

    • Hey, wait a minute. You might be the guy from “Back East” who found it! No wonder the trip brought you happiness that you will never forget. 🙂

  98. The spider web is intact, over the tops of coins, so the chest hasn’t been “jostled” too much in this photo. I suspect it was lifted in this orientation and moved before the photo was taken. [Look in the lower left-hand corner to see the web. There is also mud suspended in remnants of past spider web near the front of the chest]

  99. I wish I could share in the joy and enthusiasm a lot of you are expressing I was part of another hunt called “Treasure: In search of the Golden Horse”. A solution was never shared, leaving many sad and frustrated.

    I though this search would be different, I really did. And now that I see we most likely will never know where or how it was found I am deeply saddened.

    OI am being very sarcastic above in the Columbo post, so forgive me if it offends anyone. Congrats to the finder, though I’ll probably always wonder if he was from New Mexico.

  100. It’s been Fun! One thing we know….. if the finder has tole even one other person who is living……. we will all know in a few months! Ha!

  101. Just throwing this out there as a possibility… even if this wasn’t the location I sure want to visit this and other sites I’ve discovered over the course of the adventure. And for that I thank Forrest and all the participants who shared their discoveries.

    Glacier Gorge (CO) -> Bear Lake -> Nymph Lake -> Tyndall Creek

    (Tyndall Creek… Tyndall AFB)

    • Hi 2L84Au,
      Wow! It was exactly my solution for Colorado!
      Did you found the blaze and check what is under the blaze?
      Just send me your e-mail so I can share with my photos from this amazing trip.

  102. I wonder why you guys give out your solves. There is still a chance that the finder starts a new chase on exact the same location. A lot can happen in the next few months, and this is only one of them. We also do not know if the got now, are real:) I know quite u likely a fake but still the ice is thin.

    Of course the finder will market the story very well since he solved the poem, he cannot be an idiot.

    • Well, I wouldn’t assume that last part. Forrest often said not to over-complicate the solve. With all of the complex solutions that I’ve seen posted just on this site alone, maybe all that was needed was to look at the poem through the eyes of an idiot.

      I’m just hoping he’s not greedy and selfish. A lot of people put a lot of time and money into solving this. While I agree that the Finder doesn’t owe anybody anything at all, it would be rather selfish, and a bit cruel, to announce the find an disappear. There are may ways to remain anonymous. At least publish a book so people could have answers to the riddle and be done with it. You know, to have some closure.

    • What if the real reason we don’t see the precious stones and jewelries is (get ready!) the finder left it in ff’s special place to continue the chase?

  103. Speaking of jobs , I need one. My resume is pretty sad. Tried my hand at professional poker player, but busted out. Tried to become a cook but couldn’t follow the recipe. Knows a little about Disney movies but not enough. Might be good at becoming a professional horseshoe player because, at least getting close matters in horseshoes. Ugg. Maybe, it’s time to try and get my children’s book published. If anyone can help me with that please email me. Forrest read it and loved it. He even said “ very talented” , if you can believe that ?
    I guess it’s time to go face everyone and admit they were right all along. He never was talking to me. Ugg

    • Your bio and resume are to be cherished! Professional poker player, seriously? A neat and fun notion, but the really serious players study and practice 24/7. They’re so good, they are like machines! It’d be far much easier to find a treasure chest 🙂

      Children’s book- that’s cool too.

  104. i will miss the chase but this end is a bit of an anti-climax. while i appreciate the mystery surrounding the legend, the problem is, even if a book comes out- a movie- there is no way to validate the story actually came from the finder. i’ve read a few dozen solves here from people who are very convincing and very convinced they were on the right track. ive also seen scams from people who are willing to share part of the solution.

  105. Ummmm, pardon me for a moment while I relish this moment.

    Oh, tis in this moment I sit with marvel gaze. Truly a sight to behold.
    Now all of the naysayers can rest, your failed attempts to convince others that the treasure did not exist are proven Wrong!

    Forrest thank you for submitting these photos.
    Dal Thank you for providing such a wonderful place to indulge in a past time that provided many avenues for people to travel.
    Please set the conspiracy theories aside folks and patiently await the next chapter.
    Something tells me it ain’t over till it’s over.

    Yes, I have made some observations concerning the chest. But I am not going to share them at this time. My observations have confirmed something I long held as a resting place for the chest is all I will say. I love the photos! Congrats to Forrest for one hell of a thrill and congrats to the finder, you now have one of the best bedtime stories to tell your offsprings.


  106. Perhaps Forrest needs to induce the Finder to come forward so that his position improves. Right now this feels like a hoax to me. Let’s be honest, your stalemate concept is a best case description of where this stands right now.

    Just my opinion.

  107. The TC picture shows evidence of Pinyon Pine cones and needles. You can tell cone size given the TC size. And the dried needles show two-needles per clump, thus “2-needle pine” is Pinyon. That kind of rules out a lot of Montana and much of Wyoming. I don’t think that’s grass, it looks like Sedge (“sedges have edges”). The old wood to the top looks like Cottonwood given it’s rot pattern. So I’d say it was very likely in NM or Colorado, in or adjacent to a wetland or moist area, where Pinyon would grow near Cottonwoods and Sedge. I’m an ecologist and study Spotted Owls in the desert southwest, but am based in Montana. The habitat clues look pretty straight forward IMHO.

    • You are spot on in your analysis. Given the pinyon pine habitat, somewhere in NM or CO between 10,200′ and 5,000′ is our target range.

      • Bruce, thanks for the validation. It’s definitely Pinyon (I can see two small cones, one still closed) and lots of two-needle bundles on the ground. New Mexico really speaks to me, as it’s the home of Pinyon. And I think Fenn felt bad, and retracted a statement about smelling pinyon pines at the site. Also recall him saying NM was getting “neglected” compared to Montana.

        • Given the cone size in the TC pic, and the scale features, and opening patterns, I still think Pinyon Zaphod. The needles in groups of two are also quite definitive, as well as needle length in comparison to TC. Still, I’m an owl biologist, not a botanist, and will consider other interps for sure Amigo.

    • I am not an expert, but Lodgpole pines have two needles too and the pine cone in lower left looks more like Lodgepole pine cone than a Pinyon pine doesn’t it? If it is a lodgepole pine then that eliminates NM and if it is a Pinyon it eliminates Wyoming and Montana. So that would be interesting if we could get someone to say for sure.

        • I like your reasoning, Jim, Pinyon or it’s Lodgepole. Lodgepole could easily have sedge in understory and nearby cottonwood especially if near a stream. I’ll see if I can get my Botanist colleague to give us a judgement. Good stuff!

          • Whale Poop, my botanist colleague thinks it’s more likely Lodgepole Pine: needles are just a bit too long for Pinyon; Cone opening pattern matches lodgepole better, and scales on cone look more like Lodgepole (but close to Pinyon as well). His key evidence is that there’s an orange “male cone” (staminate cone with pollen) in the very bottom right corner of the pic near a nice needle. That male cone sure looks like it is Lodgepole Pine (Pinyon would be more elongate, and twice as long). So Montana is back in it. Apologies for my rush to identify the cones LOL. I think I wanted it to be outside of Montana so my solve hadn’t been swooped on. I better stick to things with Feathers Compadres. And get back out there in my search area and have some adventures!

    • Interesting you say a wetland or moist area… aka, a forest fen! I’ve been reading about forest fens. A number of articles explain them as being “lush”.

      • Those sedges in the pic, and the cottonwood, seem to indicate a lush place for sure, Tiff.

    • Well shoot, just yesterday I found a bona fide lodgepole pine near my solve in MT, and picked a 2 inch double needle cluster, which is sitting in front of me at my desk at this very moment. Couldn’t that old wood pattern also be from juniper or even some large sagebrush?

      • LOL – “Well Shoot” – nice one, Mark (vs. Whale Poop). I’m sticking with Lodgepole pine cones and needles, sedge and grass mix, and I do think it’s a Cottonwood log (which looks kind of like an Alligator head, right). Juniper or sage wood have a twisted grain, and so does lodgepole ( = Pinus contorta). The area seems shaded, with some blue sky reflecting in the baggies. So maybe a partial tree canopy overhead. I think there are a few old aspen leaves too. The soil is interesting, quite gray, and the fine stuff on the box rim reminds me of Till (glacial soil). Sure fits some of the search areas in YNP and to the north and west of the park.

  108. I love the poem and those 9 clues can be applied to almost any place that has mountains. Thats what is so great about it. It pointed to one place but it could be used to point out many other places. I live in the Appalachians on the East Coast and we have several places here even I could apply the clues to.

    • I’m thinking it would be really interesting if the alleged upcoming Appalachian hunt uses exactly the same clues!

    • It’s what mathematicians call an “underspecified” problem: one for which there is no unique solution. In the Chase case, there are hundreds if not thousands of solves that fit the clues . Only one such solution fit the clues as Forrest the words. That was the challenge, figuring out what his use of them meant as opposed to the many other meanings people could apply to them. The books were no doubt partially intended to give hints as to what his meanings might be versus the ones the readers may have had when they first read the poem.

  109. I am glad to see that the search is finally over. I do hope that the new owner will please share what state it was found in at least . Write a book whatever , just let us all have some closure that feels like a real ending. Congratulations , be sure and share more photos of all the treasure. Thank You everyone who made the chase a success, especially Dal and Forrest.

  110. I know FF doesn’t want to give out the final resting place, but a State or WWWH, would go a long way to satisfy a bunch of people. To just know you may have been close, or how far off you were. But I guess in the grand scheme, it doesn’t really matter. It will not change the outcome. Go and explore for the fun of it, and make your own memories.

  111. Iwho ever found the treasure I’m happy for you . But I would not of let it all go down like this . By reading everyone’s great search stories over the years everyone deserves a few answers We all rattled our brain and wore out our boots and mileage on our vehicles I would of gave everyone answers because we all worked hard , hopefully the ole coot in time will share something to ease our punch to the gut .



  113. Well, well, well – looks like it was found Some Where West Of Toledo, after all. (Not that I doubted the first news release a couple of weekends ago.) Obviously the finder had to get some ducks in a row for a meet up with Forrest so he could at least put the bracelet on for a little while. (I don’t see it mentioned that Forrest was able to keep the bracelet, and I for one, do not want to jump to that conclusion.)

    Anyone that has ever wandered through a junk yard knows that anything left on or near the ground will rust up faster than something just a foot off of the ground. It’s just basic physics and chemistry at work. And water – don’t get me started – it’ll end up in places you never dreamed it would through the evaporative cycle and condensation. Those molecules are really tiny.

    I tip my hat to the finder, and again say thank-you to Mr. Fenn for a wonderful and inspirational chase for Indulgence.

  114. Thanks Dal, Mr. Fenn and all those who gave it their best,

    You all helped make the world a better place. It was found under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains. The Thrill of the Chase, now I ask you, how could it get any better than that.

  115. The last dance is over. The saw dust will be swept up and discarded as if no one ever waltzed across the floor. The music will play no more. Only the empty sounds of silence will echo where once voices clamoured and laughter rang. In time the autographs that deck the Hall walls will fade and become indistinguishable one from another.Lights out, lock the door behind you. The party is over and we shall not pass this way again.
    -guy michael-

  116. Can anyone show me where Forrest said the finder gets to make the call on who and where before yesterday?

  117. I noticed something really interesting, literally almost. There seems to be a connection with line 1 stanza 1 with the whole 2nd stanza. As I have gone alone IN ThER. You get the word inter, which means to place in a grave or tomb. I think he’s talking about his grave, not the hidey spot. Now look at the second stanza with that knowledge. BegIN iT whERe warm waters halt. The thing that stands out the most to me in this line is the 3 W’s in a row. So maybe that’s what we’re supposed to notice. We got INTER from the first line. What if we put a W in front of it to make WINTER. WWH at Winter.
    And take it IN ThE canyon down, not faR, we see the word in the second and first part of the third line. He gives us another word in the third line. Not far (because it’s FOR) but too far to walk (REST) Then combine those to get FORREST. Then in the last line we get the word Inter yet again.
    Put IN below ThE home of bRown. So the two words we got from the second stanza is INTER and FORREST. Then you could actually combine those two to make the word INTEREST. So I definitely found something, “interesting” 😉

    • Under a canopy of stars was a line in a book written in 1931 by Samuel Sloane about his recollections of that area he considered magic.. Was a story about his time by Three forks Montana. If one goes there….. there is a large field grave site…Its big!!! Its where the Madison, jefferson, and gallatin split from the missouri/ Go east of the Missouri headwaters State park. Forrest fished all those rivers and that is where they all began. Dunno but interesting to think about. I always thought a cemetary would go against what my understanding was…but ya never know! DO we?

      • Yeah, it might not have anything to do with a cemetary because that’s only the first stanza. You might have to combine INTEREST with the solve for the next stanza to come up with a new word. But if the pattern holds, you should find 3 more clues in stanza 3 and 3 in stanza 4 to make 9.

  118. My thanks to Forrest, his ever patient wife Peggy and family, Dal of HoD, and everyone else. It’s been a heck of a ride! The bracelet looks happy to be home.

    Congrats to you, Mr. Finder. Enjoy your success.

    And Forrest, if you ever decide to do something like this again, I’ll buy the book. LOL

  119. Dal,

    Will ff respond to personal queries as long they are not related to who or where?

    Q: F, did you name Willie (eponymously) after a physical place?

  120. If I could ask Forrest a few questions right now that didn’t spoil the obvious question of where it was. What would you ask?
    1 What the heck is up with those scissors?
    2 Did the finder give you the complete solve in the email of 2018?
    3 Did you respond at all to them in 2018?
    3 Now that it’s over did anyone else ever hit on all the clues and or key words?

  121. I wonder if the scissors were on the outside of the chest, and used to cut a rope that may have been for securing the chest lid ?

    • I think the scissors are the Blaze! I had posted this earlier. Blaze scissors are a specific type of scissors and are very popular with hair stylists. The fact that were so rusty means they were not inside the chest. I believe they were attached to the tree as a marker, perhaps in an open position forming an “X”.

        • Thank you for the link!

          I was thinking perhaps that saying it isn’t feasible to try and remove the Blaze may mean that if they were removed, the treasure would never be found! Perhaps that was the use of the word, “feasible” since he didn’t say impossible. Just a thought!

      • The scissors were used to cut the red wire, if he had cut the black wire or white wire the finder would still be in Yellowstone buried under pine debris…

      • Maybe they are not scissors at all maybe they are a fishing tool used to tie a fly or remove a hook from a fishes mouth.

  122. I’ve been claiming for several years now that it’s the 3rd clue that tripped up all the early two-clue solvers. Now that the treasure has unambiguously been retrieved, I’m okay with publicly sharing my solution to that clue, and I welcome community feedback (positive and negative).

    I already shared my reasoning behind WWWH being the northwest border of YNP at the point where the Gallatin River exits the park for good. And my canyon down is Gallatin Canyon which begins right at that point. (Most of you probably know that the Gallatin stood in for the Blackfoot River in Robert Redford’s “A River Runs Through It,” possibly prompting Forrest’s mention of Redford and the line “Movies lie to you.”) So you have a starting location that you can reference on a map. As a reminder, all that follows is just MY opinion. I was not the finder, therefore I make no claims to its accuracy. But I was satisfied enough with its precision to have been using it for the last four years.

    The trick to “Not far, but too far to walk” is that it’s a geographic logic puzzle. First, recall Forrest’s mention of Hemingway’s novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls” in TTOTC. Continuing on the acrostic theme of Gallatin (in the first two lines of the poem), compare the initial five letters of the novel with “but too far to walk.” It’s an interesting coincidence: same letters, but in a different order. Now take a look at the first six creeks that drain into the Gallatin as you head downstream through Gallatin Canyon:

    Tepee Creek, Sage Creek, Taylor Fork, Wilson Draw, Flints Creek, and Buffalo Horn Creek

    Now do a little word re-ordering:

    But Too Far To Walk

    Bell Tolls For The Whom

    Buffalo, Taylor, Flints, Tepee, Wilson

    Now, recall Scrapbook 61:

    “It seems logical to me that a deep thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure.”

    The basic logic operators are AND, OR and NOT, and line 7 starts with one of them. So I think this logic puzzle is actually a clue of *exclusion*. Just as the Hemingway storyline that Forrest described in TTOTC is NOT from “For Whom the Bell Tolls” (it’s “A Farewell to Arms”), what the poem line is saying is that it’s:

    NOT: Far But Too Far To Walk
    NOT: Flints, Buffalo, Taylor Fork, Tepee, Wilson

    It’s the creek of omission: Sage!

    Does the poem provide some confirmation? I think so:

    “If you’ve been *wise*…” (past tense)

    Now, go back to the first four words of the poem and look at every 3rd letter, starting with the second:


    There’s admittedly opportunity for confirmation bias in here, but the triple alignment of the poem words, erroneous book title, and first six creeks intersecting Gallatin Canyon should at least raise an eyebrow. Having the solution be a specific geographic feature instead of some vague down-canyon distance would be a good explanation for why the early two-clue solvers got flummoxed: they were looking for a home of Brown. Prematurely.

    A couple final notes: this beginning section of Gallatin Canyon that includes all of these creeks is called Middle Basin — “Me in the Middle.” And to close for now, look at the last six words in Forrest’s caption for the middle picture above:

    … “when found. The silver tarnished black.”

    WFTSTB — this time, Sage got included. 😉

    • Zaphod, I think you are spot on about exclusion. It fits into my latest find. I think 1 line in each stanza will be different than the other 3. Like I got the word Inter (bury or entombe) in 3 of the 4 lines of the 2nd stanza. So check it out. I think the 1st line goes with the 2nd stanza. As I have gone alone IN ThERe.
      BegIN iT whERe warm waters halt.
      And take it IN ThE canyon down,
      Not faR, but too far to walk.
      Put IN below ThE home of bRown. You said that not meant to exclude. Well, the line that starts with not is the only line that doesn’t have INTER in it. Now check out that line.
      Not far (because its FOR) but too far to walk. (REST) combine the two to get FORREST. So now you got INTER and FOREST. Combine those two to make the word INTEREST.

      I bet the rest works out the same way. Find a keyword in the 4 lines of the first stanza. Then match the keyword to one of the stanzas. But one of the lines in the first stanza won’t help. That’s why he said 9 clues. 3 per stanza. Probably stanza 2, 3, and 4.

    • I really hope that he poem is solved by the logic you used. I absolutely like your solve of the 3rd clue and there is only a handful solves I read, that are nearly as good as this one. 99,9% of the solves are just random, but what you got follows logic and is pretty spedific. Even if it’s not the right solve, well done!

      • Thanks, imajin, Gravity, Aaron and others! I meant to include one more of my favorite pieces of supporting evidence for my NF, BTFTW solution. The last sentence of page 70 of TTOTC is: “I remember falling twice while trying to get through the dumb barbed wire fence.” Look at those last six words:

        (T)hrough (T)he (dumb) (B)arbed (W)ire (F)ence

        vs. Tepee, Taylor, Buffalo, Wilson, Flints

        So: not those 5 creeks *and* not “dumb”: Sage. 🙂

        • Hi imajin: as John Nash would tell you, it’s a gift … and a curse. 😉 I’ll toss out one more “Nash pattern” from TTOTC. It’s from the “Tea with Olga” chapter:

          “… her white bone fragments flittered through the small…”

          First, I think some will agree that the phrase seems a bit ~manufactured~ and shares perhaps uncomfortable wording beyond the more pedestrian “I scattered her ashes.” I was also drawn to his word “flittered” which is sort of a blended word of flitted and fluttered (just as meld is a blend of melt and weld).

          Whatever the reason, the anomaly caught up in my brain, and I then noticed those eight consecutive words sharing the starting letters of:

          Buffalo Horn, Tepee, Taylor Fork, Flints, Wilson and Sage.

    • Nice thinking Zap, I like it. I hope someday we find out the real answer and find out who else was close.

      • Geez. That gets my brain flipping around like trying to ride a backwards bicycle!!!

    • I posted this before, but maybe you missed it:

      In tea with olga, they share oreos and black tea. If oreos are actually dark brown (controversial) then the resistor code for brown-white-brown is 191 (NIGH), which goes right by black butte. One of my many rabbit holes. (actually, 191 goes by another black butte in wyoming)

      As for your solution, the whole thing hinges on your HoB. (I don’t think it is the ranch). Is it up Sage Creek (wise)? Or wapiti off taylor creek?? I spent a lot of time trying to get that area to fit (and driving around Taylor Creek). Just couldn’t get anything to fit solidly. Taylor Creek certainly fits for heavy loads (it’s always silty, even in late fall).

      • Actually, I wouldn’t say the solution to NF, BTFTW hinges on hoB at all — that’s putting the cart before the horse. I think the clue #3 solution should stand on its own, and I think I’ve provided some decent support that it does.

        My hoB is certainly not the ranch. None of my clues depend on anything manmade nor anything that won’t last for centuries. For instance, long ago I pondered using Cinnamon Lodge for home of Brown, since it literally is a home, and Cinnamon is a brown color. But that lodge has changed names multiple times since it was built, not to mention burned down not that long ago, so it would be a rather ephemeral choice for hoB. Besides, I take the hard stance that I believe Cynthia does: that none of the clues can be associated with structures.

        I will probably divulge my hoB in the coming days — or more importantly my clue #4, since hoB is not the full clue as far as I’m concerned.

        • As I said, I like that area, but can’t get a fit. As I think a bit more, your WWWH violates the “many places where” ATF. (I’ve used it also in my attempts, but finally gave up). I still like the area due to Searching for Lewis and Clark. They could have come out Sage Creek (though most think Taylor Creek). I ‘ve always been a proponent of “basin” as a place where WWH. So, Sage Basin, Sunshine Basin, etc also get you into that area (except you can’t really physically start at them)

        • Hi MBG: yes, you guessed it — Tepee Creek. Covers both Brown and home, and I know I’m far from the first to have considered it. For instance, I know Diggin Gypsy has been all up and down Tepee Creek, so I’m guessing she was using it as her hoB. But as I posted previously, “home of Brown” isn’t the clue, at least in my opinion. (As an aside, if you go in the other direction from my WWWH you’ll encounter Wickiup Creek, which I considered for a millisecond, but it’s not in Gallatin Canyon, and the Sage clue is too good.)

  123. I am a bit amazed at the lack of patience some seem to have here. The amount of time from announcement to pictures was less than 2 weeks. Given all the potential legal, travel, and life reasons for that “delay”… I’d say it was pretty quick. As someone with kids I know I can barely plan something 3 months out let alone a couple of weeks out. Seeing as we all don’t know anything about the finder and their situation, I know that I’m okay being patient here. Also I honestly don’t know if we’ll ever get the answers of who, when, where, or how, but so far I see no reason not to still be optimistic.

    In regards to the finder there are two types of people, those who are going to go public with their name and want that fame and those who want to remain anonymous. Both are perfectly okay in my book, and I find it difficult to believe that anyone on this blog hasn’t thought through how’d they would handle all this; so I’m sure the finder is no different. For all we know the finder had some preconceived notions of how they wanted to do things, but after talking to the lawyers and/or Forrest they got a reality check and it was deemed not to be the best way to proceed. I also admire that despite any pressure that Forrest has received that he is respecting this finder’s wishes of not saying anything. I think it shows a lot of character on his part. I think for all we know, a proper reveal for this takes some time to put together so that when it finally is revealed, it does right by the chase.

    That being said, if I’m the finder I think the classy (albeit not required) thing to do would be to have a statement ready (perhaps for Forrest to share) that sets expectations for all the fellow searchers… and who knows, maybe that’s still in the works. It just seems that it would go a long way to say in a press release of sorts that the answers will be revealed in the coming months. Would it be tough to wait, sure, but knowing an answer would eventually surface would probably put many at ease vs having to face the uncertainty and unknown. People don’t seem to handle the unknown very well, which is kind of odd when you consider that so much about the chase was unknown; but regardless I think the finder would likely benefit by setting positive expectations for the search community instead of letting everyone’s mind run rampant. At a minimum I’d think that a positive perception certainly would help sell more books… if that’s the eventual plan here.

    Also, let’s be honest, the finder is doing what needs to be done. 1) Taking care of themselves (legally and financially speaking). 2) Taking care of Forrest; (which seems evident by the pictures) – because for those who were not in the hoax camp, those pictures certainly should alleviate any small doubt in your mind about the treasure’s existence, and hopefully also let you breathe a sigh of relief that it helped exonerate Forrest’s reputation. Now the only question lingering is whether the finder will 3) take care of the search community. I think in time that will be revealed. Personally, if I had to speculate, I think we’ll see a book or tv special release that times out well with an auction for the treasure. Now prior to the auction I could also see the treasure going on display somewhere for a short while to allow other searchers the chance to see it – which would be nice for those of us who want to. Again if the plan is to auction it off, the finder will want to drum up a lot of interest beforehand to fetch the best price. My guess is doing anything remotely like that and doing well takes time… probably more than 2 weeks.

    I guess ultimately in my opinion things are unfolding as they should be and in a timely manner, albeit as I’ve said I believe that better communication would certainly be welcomed by the search community. And let’s be real, we’re probably not high up on the finder’s or the lawyer’s list of things that need to be taken care of first. If the person who found the treasure is going to reveal the location, I think that answer will come in due time; just as soon as all the “I”s are dotted and the “T”s are crossed. While I won’t pretend to think that the search community is “owed” anything; I do however certainly think it would be a classy move for the finder to recognize all that everyone went through and allow us, and the chase to have the closure it deserves. I guess in time we’ll find out.

    Many thanks to Dal for having this site, and to Forrest Fenn for orchestrating such an amazing chase. The path forward from here may feel daunting to many, but all one has to do is look back at the path they’ve blazed to see all that they are capable of accomplishing. The chase has impacted so many of us and one can only hope that the spirit of the chase will live on. So while this chase may be over, I hope we all continue to find and enjoy all that comes from the thrill of the chase elsewhere in our lives.

    That’s all I’ve got. I think I am finally ready to mentally walk away from it for now, but I’ll leave one last thought for you all…

    I’ve always believed that the double omegas represented a double life. Only Forrest knows the answer to that, but seeing how he also seems to have an affinity for frogs and dragonflies it only reinforces my belief in its meaning. You see for an amphibian like an axolotl or a frog they spend their first life in water and second life able to also walk upon the land. In fact the word “amphibian” comes from the Greek word “amphibios”, which means “to live a double life.” Similarly dragonflies spend their first life in the water and the second part in the air. Now without having the opportunity to ask Forrest I can’t know for certain if I am right, but for him I can only speculate that his second life started when against all the odds he survived cancer and has enjoyed many more trips around the sun as a result. That’s just my opinion of course.

  124. I am so happy Fenn released these photos. I can rest easy the Chase is over. And I know the ID of the Finder and the Location will both come out sooner or later. Surely friends of the Finder or someone connected to him will spill the beans. Regardless he is one smart guy to figure it out!

  125. Kudos to all searchers and the many beautiful solves.
    To the finder, a hearty handshake with a “Well Done” shout out.

    my guess below, not over-cooked, but perhaps too simpleton:

    YS – Spring Creek at Firehole River

    WWWH = Upper Geyser Basin, Old Faithful
    canyon down = “191” road down few miles (too far to walk) to Kepler Cascades, Lone Star Trailhead
    (hoB = Old Faithful Inn)
    put in = Lone Star Trailhead parking lot
    no place for the meek = Lone Star Trail along Firehole River (can walk or take bike)
    end drawing nigh = Spring Creek intersection, ~1.6 miles on left
    no paddle (pedal) up your creek = Spring Creek (cannot take canoe or bike), SE corner area after crossing over river, then over creek
    Blazes x3 – Tree arrows = end of trail, campfire ring with painted rock = area to look quickly down

    Attached pics:

    heavy loads, water high **Spring Creek was named by members of the 1885 USGS Hague Survey for the large amount of water coming out from beneath the rhyolite rock found on the south side of the creek. The trail, which crosses back and forth across the small creek numerous times, follows an old 1891 stagecoach road. The road was later moved north to follow the current highway, and this trail was used by horse parties and later by hikers.

    TTOTC, My War for Me, pg 102. “Why do the yellow and purple flowers flourish where no one is there to see? The answer is at last obvious to me. No one has to see what is there. The grass sees, and the trees and rushing waters of the spring creek also see. What has made me think that I had to see the beauty that is there in order to confirm its existence?”

    God Bless All …and keep moving forward

  126. I was born in the morning, but it wasn’t today.
    I think it’s time for a refill on my cokcola an more popcorn…

    • It’s kinda like the magician that disappeared the statue of liberty, except way more people.

    • Well, the finder got more than $2M and I’m not sure that want some $10k or even $200k additional from TV or National geographic. We should accept just one thing: we will never know the solution for the TTOTC poem. I had and will have this experience many time in my life at – when my solution for the challenge is not awarded I have only one question – what is correct solution, why they rejected my? I got the answer very rarely – only several solvers answered my questions and I got the answer why I’m failed.
      Well, I still have one solution for Forrest and will send it to him directly (never send him e-mail before). I shared my solution (the hoB part) with JDA and he assured me that I’m not crazy about this. My next BOTG will to HLs and WH that are exactly below of the hoB.

  127. More details on my solution:
    My “I” in the first stanza is the Yellowstone River.

    The Yellowstone River becomes one river just before entering the park. It goes alone in there (YNP). There are lots of treasures along the river, the lake, the falls, the Grand Canyon, and a number of warm water features. I wont go line by line but he “I” in stanza’s 5 and 6 all relate to the Yellowstone River. Yes it spills into the Missouri, but done it tired and weak refer to it’s waters long journey before entering the ocean.

    “I” becomes it after “Begin it”. All warm water features halt along the Yellowstone River at Calcite Springs. That’s the last of them, and is also the end of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Take “it”, the yellowstone river, in the canyon down. Everything is related to the river. Home of Brown needs to be too. So what causes something Brown in the Yellowstone River? Downstream the Lamar River enters the Yellowstone River. Many times that it rains it dumps mud into the Yellowstone River it turns it brown. This is not easy to find online but is find-able. I have witnessed this myself too. There is a parking area just south of the Lamar Confluence and just north of Calcite Springs. I believe the chest is along the river near there. I hadn’t determined whether below home of Brown was south of HoB or downstream from it. But it would be a bit of a walk to get to downstream of it. I planned to search along there in areas that are NPFTM. There are areas along the river that are off trail and the water is rushing pretty hard and any of these could be no place for the meek. There are a few spots on the river that could be considered heavy loads, and water high, I believe would refer to deep water. I think it would be pretty simple to walk out and find these remaining clues following HoB.

    There are lots of animals in this area. There are mountains.

    I had planned to search there next month, one month too late.

    • Aaron, we’re kind of on the same page about how the poem works. Please look at my previous post. Found something cool in the poem.

  128. I originally submitted this solve to Dal the day after the finding of the chest but he declined to post it stating that he was waiting for the “real Solve” from Forrest and was not posting any more searcher solves. Now that the the solve is not forthcoming (at least any time soon). I submit my solve for the search community to scrutinize.

    Begin it where warm waters halt-Madison Junction,
    and take it in the canyon down-follow the Madison Canyon Downstream,
    Not Far, but to far to walk-I believed this to be a metaphor for a place in time that could not be returned to, and that place was four and a half miles downstream at Nine Mile Hole. A place Forrest spent fishing with his father, a cherished place.
    Put in below the home of Brown- to me this simply meant getting into the Madison River at Nine Mile Hole. You are in the river so you are literally below the home of Brown (Brown Trout).
    The third stanza involved one fluid movement, the fording of the Madison River. Here’s how I interpreted it.
    From there it’s no place for the meek-you have to have a little moxie to cross that river,
    The end is ever drawing nigh-the end of the chase is getting closer,
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek-this took me a while to figure out but I believed it was a metaphor for your path across the Madison River,
    Just heavy loads and water high-the large boulders at Nine Mile Hole and the river being deeper at that part of the river. He is describing what your experiencing as you ford the river.
    The interesting part was the semi-colon which linked all four of these clues into one fluid movement.
    So, eight of the clues had brought me to the south side of the Madison River at Nine Mile Hole…now what?
    The last clue I believed was “if you’ve been wise and found the blaze look quickly down your quest to cease”. That’s where I was in the summer of 2019. I had crossed the Madison River several times but was not sure where to look after that. I know the area had been searched several times before me but I didn’t believe that anyone had solved eight of the nine clues.

    So I decided I would spend the off season trying to figure out the last clue.
    Since part of the last clue was past tense as in…”if you’ve been wise and found the blaze” I figured there must be a way to figure out the location of the “blaze” in the poem.

    I set about searching on the internet and found another searcher was at Nine Mile Hole during the summer of 2013 and that Forrest had referenced her in Scrapbook 50.
    The most interesting part of the Scrapbook was that he ended it with a Double Omega. Why?
    To my knowledge he had not ended any other Scrapbook with a Double Omega but had included it at the end of his books THOTC and TFTW. This piqued my interest.
    When I scrolled through the comments from Scrapbook 50 Dal said that he had asked Forrest about the Double Omega and Forrest responded, “the relevance of the Double Omega will go to the grave with the person who wrote the poem”.
    Why? Forrest loves to tell stories so why wouldn’t he tell the story of the Double Omegas?
    He also said the location of the treasure would “go to the grave with him so the Double Omega had to have something to do with the treasure.
    So why did he end Scrapbook 50 with the Double Omega? Because the searcher he referenced in that Scrapbook was one of the 200 ft. searchers,
    So I was looking at satellite imagery on Google Earth about 500 ft. from the south side of the river and there was an anomaly in the shape of an Omega.
    My theory was that the first Omega was the location of the blaze and the second Omega was the blaze itself.
    I was planning to test that theory this summer but someone had already found the treasure.

    Who knows, either I’m completely wrong or someone beat me to it.

    • Of all of the solves I have read in the last week, this one makes the most sense to me.

      I especially like your interpretation of “no paddle up the creek” – go straight across it, don’t paddle in either direction.

      I also like your interpretation of waters high. Meaning deep water. Never really thought about it like that.

      I also like your interpretation of the end is drawing nigh – a hint that you are close to the TC.

      Anyway, I have never had botg out there, just love reading the many solves. This one makes sense to me as it needs a little thought, but not so much so that it starts stretching connections. Some of these solves are SO ridiculously far-fetched I cannot possibly think they would be correct.

    • Michael Flanagan,

      I agree with you. The solve you described is also the solve I had been using since 2014. The problem I ran into is that I am not skilled in the water. I attempted to cross there in 2015, made it just beyond half way when it suddenly got much deeper and I realized I was in deeper than my skill level. Had to turn around and go back. Went back a few times hoping for a low water year. Always went in August or early September when the water should be lowest. Never made it across. In retrospect I think I should have moved downstream and maybe found a better crossing point. I do believe it was in the woods back there somewhere. IMO I think it was not found sooner because the other people who looked in that area looked AT the HOB instead of BELOW the HOB. Makes sense how he said there is only one way in — no other way to get to that spot except to ford that river. Also makes sense how he said some people were that close. It was always a very elegant and simple solve, which makes me believe it was correct.

      You made it further and got closer than me since you made it across the river and multiple times at that. I know other people have been able to cross there, so I was very frustrated to know that it was possible to do it but my skill level wasn’t sufficient for that particular action. I do believe it was back in those woods somewhere.

      All IMO

      • Hey Tim, it all made sense to me with the 200 ad 500 ft. searchers. I was trying to be as objective as I could in crossing the river. I waited until August when the flow and height was lower. I crossed at the rock that Forrest’s Dad was standing at in TTOTC, I got to about half way across the river and the water was halfway up to my chest and I kept going and the river bottom raised significantly. The reason Nine Mile Hole is a popular fishing spot is because there is a volcanic trough there that was left from the last eruption and that’s where the Brown Trout congregate. I went later on in October and I saw fly fisherman crossing about 50 feet down and the water was only about knee deep. I felt a little foolish, even though I managed to cross at the deep section there was clearly a safer place to cross. Now I knew that Forrest would have been able to cross that river at the age of 80 and probably had done so many times as a youth. People in 2013 and 2014 had the right location they just were not positive because they had not solved the clues. That’s why so many people were within 200 and 500 ft. Diggin’ Gypsy was one of them because she searched Nine Mile Hole four times in the summer of 2013 but had not solved the poem. That’s why Forrest referenced her in Scrapbook 50 because he ended the Scrapbook with the Double Omega because she was close.

  129. Zap – I really respect you and everything you have contributed here on hoD. You have helped keep me out of some very deep rabbit holes along the way. Some of them though, I had a hard time getting out of. LOL!

    I really like your solve, but I can’t help but feel (like so many other solves here ) it’s just too intricate. It seems, IMO, that the answer(s) will be much more “simple” and direct. But maybe that’s simply who I am as a person and why I never really had a chance.LOL! As much as I am at peace with the way the end is unfolding, it sure would be nice to know the answers sometime down the road.

    • Hi Geysergirl: thank you for the feedback! This puzzle seemed pretty simple to me (once solved, lol), but then I’ve been using it for so long that I don’t even think about it any more. That’s why it’s good to get feedback from others whose thinking hasn’t been polluted by long exposure. 😉

      The reason I like this whole area is that over the years Forrest seems to have hinted at every nearby geographic feature:

      Endless pictures and mentions of teepees: Tepee Creek
      Endless pictures and mentions of buffalos and buffalo horns: Buffalo Horn Creek
      Flint arrowhead and Flint Fyke in TFTW page 25: Flints Creek
      Wilson Hurley, Valerie Plame Wilson, Ronald Wilson Reagan: Wilson Draw (or more literally Wilson Draw-ings)
      Dr. Taylor Floyd (Forrest’s surgeon), SB 54 Birch & Taylor token, SB 103 Taylor Swfit, SB 163: Taylor Clark, TFTW pg. 238 Mount Taylor: Taylor Fork
      SB 49 about spices: Cinnamon Creek and Sage Creek
      “Smell the sunshine”: Sunshine Point
      The ammunition wagon on Forrest’s property and the wagon in Gypsy Magic: the wagon outside Covered Wagon Ranch
      The kids pointing at marbles in TTOTC: Marble Point

      Reasonable hints can also be constructed for Pulpit Rock, Crown Butte and others, but perhaps with these examples you can appreciate why I’ve been so confident this is the right area.

      • Well I must say, that is all very compelling! You may be point on Zaphod…..As I mentioned above, I hope someday we all know and you get to do your happy dance!……if you have one. 😉

      • Zap, I really like what you have said here. After I saw the rusty scissors in the picture above I looked up scissors. Means to cut and Fork. A Taylor. I looked at Scrapbook 99 again. 99 Scrapbook to me means end spot. And the Dogs name was Tucker who got a hair cut. I looked up Tucker and it means Taylor. I believe Taylor Fork could be of interest there in my opinion. Also another interesting tidbit I connected. A person who keeps secrets is a Secretary. Gallatin was the Secretary of treasury. And Look up who Albert Gallatin Brown . I did not find the chest, only put this together very easily after I saw the scissors. Also reminded me of the scissor tail birds in TTOTC.

    • Don’t go my friend! lol

      I know you didn’t go, I am not stupid. There is a nice warm blanket here. Get comfy and put your feet up!

  130. It said that just the poem in the book was used. Sheesh.
    Wonder why everyone is disecting the pine cones and needles. It’s thinks it is clearly the cones and needles of a Christmas tree.

    • That is truly all you need, but It would have taken me a lot longer to solve without the hints in the book.

  131. The poem starts with stanza 1 which tells you how Fenn went to WWWH. From Cody to the East Gate of YNP is the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway, otherwise known as Interstate14/16/20.
    “It” was “I-20” with “T” being the 20th letter of the alphabet. Cody means “riches”. The magnetic declination played a role in nails no this down too.

    Gone alone => one + one => 11 (degrees)
    Treasures bold => weight => 42 (minutes)
    Alone => Noel => 100th Anniversary Christmas in Yelllowstone => August 24
    The Thrill of the Chase => 2010
    Too Far to Walk => 2013

    On this dates the magnetic declination passes through Cody and the East Gate of YNP

      • If you visit Cody you should stop in “old town” where you can see a nice collection of Indian arrowheads.

    • Great solve. The Gone Alone = 11 was what I used for Pipestone Pass, the pass is tunnel eleven and it was my take it in the canyon down. To take in= to pipe in for my solve.

      • Thank you for your kind comment Dawn. It seems we both looked for aberrations and found the first one. Of all the words in the English language, why did f chose two words with “ one” nested in them within the first four words of the poem. Why did the map’s magnetic decline nation lines get drawn through the poem? TO GET YOUR ATTENTION!!!!

    • … and guess what? If you use the year of the 109th anniversary and 44 lbs which f mentioned as well then you end up in Fishing Bridge.

      • BTW the year of the 100th annniversary of YNP is 2016 or 2017 depending on your perspective. I’m not looking at my solve at the moment and my memory is not that good.

        • In case you are wondering my solve was completed before the end of 2019. And I write a poem that vaguely identifies all of the answers to the nine clues. I’ll have to post it eventually.

          • I sent it to f in a Christmas card, then later had it mounted on a plaque. It’s for display in the museum. But I kept a copy for myself too. It’s not quite one of a kind.

      • If you take the first few letter of the first two lines of stanza 1 you get “Asian”. The magnetic declination cuts right through the Asian restaurant area in Cody.

  132. Thanks, Dal. Wonder if Forrest has bought the chest from the finder? Also, I wish the finder would tell us he was going to tell us his story anonymously in the near future. It just seems so mean not to find out where it was hidden or what the clues were after all these years. It also seems that Forrest should be allowed to tell his side of the story. Maybe in time the story will come out – if the lawsuits ever end. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted, although somewhat of a big letdown at the end – not knowing where it was found or any of the backstory.

  133. I think I have the correct answer for the scissors!!!

    Behind the map in TTOTC, ff wrote: »i declined their invitation to put an X on the map, but i will admit that it is there in Spirit »

    Spirit is a type of Scissors,

    When u open a Pair of scissors, it ressemble an X, and i think that the scissors were place on top of the chest, and that is why they were rusty!
    I believe i am right on this!!!

    Also, Scissors is a Pair (Two) of Sharp Edges, which are three words FF have used a lot in his comments and ttotc !

  134. Fenn is an “old school” outdoorsman and fisherman. Fishing-related references are probably key to solving this.

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    This clue is used to establish elevation… the dividing line between warm water and cold water fisheries. In general, cold water fisheries are defined as being alpine lakes, rivers and streams

    And take it in the canyon down,
    Take this clue literally… you need to head downhill to get to a canyon.

    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Again… take this clue literally as well… you’re not walking downhill to get to the canyon. You’re probably driving there.

    Put in below the home of Brown.
    This is the keystone to solving Fenn’s puzzle. Sticking to the fishing theme, I made the assumption that “the home of Brown” refers to a fish hatchery where brown trout are (or were) raised. At this point, I had several pieces of information to try and locate this fish hatchery:

    In an alpine location
    Located in or around a canyon
    A downhill drive is necessary to reach said canyon / fish hatchery
    Brown trout are (or were) raised at this hatchery

    A simple internet search will reveal all of the fish hatcheries located in and around the Rocky Mountains and… there is only ONE hatchery that precisely fits all of these conditions:

    Red River Fish Hatchery near Questa, New Mexico… it’s probably just a coincidence.

    what about the “Put in below” portion of the clue?
    To “put in below” something means to move to a ‘downstream’ location in relation to a feature such as waterfall or a dam. The public parking lot at the Red River Fish Hatchery is on the downstream side of the facility… just another coincidence, I’m sure.

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    Time to go it on foot… not on an established trail… a footpath maybe.

    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    Getting close to the treasure and to the end of the Red River

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    A boat of canoe is not required… time to head downstream… not “up the creek”

    Just heavy loads and water high.
    “heavy loads” probably refers to something called bedload… the material that makes up a river or stream bed. A heavy bedload consists of cobbles, rocks and boulders… the Red River fits this description quite nicely

    “high water”… not sure about this one…high seasonal runoff… a small waterfall or two perhaps?

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    “the blaze”… what the blazes is “the blaze”?
    To figure this one out, you need to consider the nature of the author of this puzzle.
    Forrest Fenn is an “old school” outdoorsman. In the “old school” outdoors world,
    a blaze was a means of marking a trail. An axe was often used to remove a small portion
    of bark from a tree hence the expression, “blazing a trail”.

    In this specific instance, I think that ‘the blaze” might be something more specific.
    I think that a young Forrest Fenn may have carved his initials into a tree along the
    banks of the Red River – a place where he was known to have fished as a boy.

    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    Find the blaze, find where the treasure was located.

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,

    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

  135. Here is the solved that I emailed to forrest on 6-10-20
    begin it where warm Waters halt is the place where Forrest took showers for a nickel and always ran out of warm water in West Yellowstone (The border of West Yellowstone also works since it’s right by the place he spent his money) and canyon st is West, so it works either way.
    take it in the canyon down :you take a right on Canyon Street. Go Down in elevation
    Not far but too far to walk is about 3 miles
    put in below the home of brown. Get out of your car (South which is ‘below’ when looking at a map) of Bakers Hole, used to be named Browns camp.
    no place for the meek and the end is drawing nigh (Near and left) you’re taking a left under the power lines into the forest…Going EAST towards the Wyoming /Montana state line… It’s scary
    they’ll be no paddle up your creek ( This is not a creek, it’s the imaginary Creek in the saying ‘up s*** creek without a paddle) Follow the power lines they turn South. it’s your only’ help’
    The word ‘Just’ (Your only help) is the key word: heavy loads (Power lines the turn South) and water high (High water table)
    The blaze is the trail you make when you take a
    A left and look for a slightly elevated Island where our young Fenn could keep an eye on his fishing hole, which is that distributary that comes out of the Madison.
    I am 78% sure that it’s on slightly elevated Island( Or 200 feet away from those power lines.)
    Imagination is key! Thanks Forrest!


    Bye everyone nice knowing you! My solve! Enjoy!

    And the winner is…… COLORADO!

    Begin it where warm waters halt Heart Lake, CO

    And take it in the canyon down Down into the canyon, elevation dropping

    Not far, but too far to walk You park and come into the canyon from the opposite end. Only one way in.

    Put in below the home of Brown James Peak aka James Brown

    From there it’s no place for the meek Your in the woods don’t get spooked

    The end is ever drawing nigh Keep pulling yourself along the creek, the blaze is coming

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek = You are on the trail following the creek up

    Just heavy loads and water high South Boulder Creek, water high up above

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze Wise owl from above, blaze large rock face

    Look quickly down, your quest to cease You can go right and straight down to it. Only a couple feet.

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze Shock and amazement. Sculpture, bones, and everything in between

    Just take the chest and go in peace I’m out of here

    So hear me all and list good Santa – you’re right next to Winter Park

    Your effort will be worth the cold Winter

    If you are brave and in the wood Be brave watch out for the bones and lift the wood

    I give you title to the gold


    Crown sculpture triangle board wrapped in a flag leaning like a canopy over the treasure chest, which was on the backside. “Canopy under the stars” in the lush Forrest.

    The poem starts at Forrest Fenn’s heart and takes you to the end of his rainbow. His rainbows are at Arapahoe creek. The entire start to finish is his rainbow.

    On to the double omegas. You can read the poem two ways. You read it from wwwh on Google maps to get to the treasure, and you read the poem walking to the treasure from the other side of the canyon.

  137. On Closure:

    I realize now that the Chase is over; the Thrill is gone.

    For the record, I am not sad, upset, or in mourning about my second place finish at all. Hell, everyone still posting here today finished second, too. Couldn’t ask for better company than We, the Chasers! Our efforts have been monumental, and I salute all participants equally.

    Rather I am grateful for having had the opportunity to challenge myself against the poem itself. Thank you, Forrest, for putting the challenge out there for me to find.

    I also want to thank Dal and the incredible team behind this website. It was awesome!

    My only regret from this exercise is that I did not get to meet Forrest. I really wanted to palaver over a pitcher of lemonade and swap life stories. I think that would have been a blast.

    But woulda, shoulda, coulda guys often fail to satisfy their ambitions.

    Alas and Avast, Mateys. Idiot Out Wandering Around bids you adieu!

    Regards to All.

  138. I hope the finder does release the solve. But we realize that if the finder does choose to write a book that everyone here is the primary target audience right? So this person would be essentially monetizing the solve and then exploiting the search community as his commodity. You’re gonna pay for the book, movie ticket, etc as will I. Maybe it’s a cliffhanger with a sequel and you can pay twice? He will make money off of you in addition to the fortune he just made. It’s his right but that does not make it decent in my book. And it’s only his take which would be incredibly incomplete. You’re not getting a first hand account of the clues and more than likely a fictionalized version.
    I guess hopefully this guy does release it, or doesn’t die before he is able to.

    • I was trying to think of ways to provide the solve for those who want it without seeming exploitative, while preserving the hunt. The best I could come up with was the following, which I know is likely full of holes:

      – Quietly go back and place a small permanent marker of some kind where the chest was hidden so others would know if they found the right spot.
      – Start some sort of charity organization with some of the treasure.
      – Provide the solve for those who want it, contingent upon a donation not less than X amount to the charity, and the signing of an NDA prohibiting disclosure of the location.

      I understand that NDA’s aren’t exactly bullet proof, a properly constructed one in conjunction with a sizable donation might be enough to discourage those with bad intentions of trying to obtain the solve and spoiling it for those who still want to participate. I think most of the people that engaged in the hunt would honor the NDA if they decided to give up on the hunt and pay for the solve.

      • Cornelius;

        Had I found it – I would have left a lunch pail. Inside would have been a gift from me to “Finder #2.” I would have put a note in- side saying “Congratulations to you – Finder #2.” I would ask that they keep the location a secret so that “Finder #3” would have a chance of solving all of the clues, and finding it again. I would encourage “Finder #2” to leave something of value (If only a few dollars) and leave the location EXACTLY as they found it.

        This way the “Chase” can go on. It took “Finder #1” almost ten years to unravel the ball of string. How long would it have taken the next finder? A year or two more? Or even longer?

        I would NOT have published a book or made TV appearances etc. I would have remained anonymous – Just as it appears this finder is doing. JMO – JDA

        • P.S. I would not have felt that I owed the search community anything more than the chance that I had – To find Indulgence using the poem, the books, a good map and comments left on the blog by Forrest and others. JMO – JDA

          • If I found the treasure, I would want to tell people, so they could know. I guess that’s just me, thinking of other people.

  139. Yes these all sound plausible. But i think Forrest would have to come up with something better designed if he spent 15 years constructing the poem. There is a lot of WORD exploration. And meanings of words are very important.
    I used a thesaurus every day of the six years i enjoyed trying to solve it. My solve i still maintain is a good one. And it starts in Montana.
    My belief is that each clue is numbered. And the starting point is the beginning of the poem. The beginning as in As I have gone alone in there…
    It is interesting to hear everyone thoughts now the chest has been found.
    I understand the finder not wanting publicity, as this can ruin a person.
    He was clever to work out The clues, i imagine he thinks they are quite simple now.

  140. Nice work to the wise one. For myself I have gained vast knowlege from the great adventure. Left my job of almost 20 years, started looking for that boy that got lost long ago. Forrest your positive impact on so many lives will never be forgotten. I’ll miss this chase. It’s been a great 10 years.

  141. People still posting solves. Mine is highly unlikely to ever see the light of day. Only on the request of ff, but thats not likely either, because why would he want to know my nonsense when he already knows 100%.

    My wife thinks I’m an idiot the best of times and zones out at the mention of treasure hunting. Not told anyone else I was even looking, except for a family member who lives in the same search state.

    My solution is all alone in there (he says, tapping his temple with finger).

  142. The answer to why the key is so rusted-out is actually revealed in the first picture: galvanic action. The key was in physical contact with the gold coin. Had the key only been in contact with one of the plastic bags, it would have fared much better, even in the perpetually moist environment in which the treasure was placed.

    The anodic index of gold is 0.00V. I don’t know what material the key was made of, but here are some possibilities and their anodic indices:

    Copper, low brass or low bronze: -0.35V
    Medium brass or bronze: -0.40V
    High brass or bronze: -0.45V
    High-chromium steel: -0.50V

    Whatever the key was made of, it had an anodic difference from gold of over 0.35 volts. Outdoors, in a wet environment, anything over 0.15 volts guarantees galvanic corrosion.

    • Good point about the key. Yah, it was pretty eaten up, more so than just the normal process inside a closed damp environment. But then again, how old is the chest & key? I forget. Hard to say what kind of iron compound was used to make the key, some rust faster than others for sure.

    • Hi Stephen: it apparently had survived well enough for over a century — 8+ centuries if we accept the 12th century estimate Forrest reported. Shows you what 10 years in contact with gold in a moist environment will do!

    • In my home I have high copper content in my water. I never could nail down. I believe electricity , copper in pipes, and hardness (PH) of water coming in al have to do with the corrosion- leaching issues. g

  143. Dal my friend. All I have to say after all of this is, if you and Kathy ever find yourselves in the wilds of central Pa be sure and give us a shout. The Walker B&B is always open to you!
    Hopefully our paths will cross again some day but if they never do just remember that Coreda and I sure did enjoy the times spent with you.
    This chase certainly has been the adventure of a life time.
    Take care,
    Tom and Coreda

  144. Mr. Fenn, Thank you so very much for a fantastic Treasure hunt. I always believed that you had left instructions with the Chest for the finder to follow. I will always believe that my solve was correct, even though I didn’t find the chest. I’m pretty sure that I was within 100 feet of it. Just at the wrong time. TOO much High Water. Also, Forrest, Thank You for your service Sir, and welcome Home Brother. I’m a US Army Vet myself.
    A very Big Thank You to Dal for all the work he done over the years on this Site. I had hoped that if I didn’t find the treasure YOU would be the finder. You truly deserved it. One question for you Dal ; Did anyone ever ask or mention the Magnetic grid lines that overlaid the early picture and Poem ?? That was a big part of my solve. Along with Forrest’s comment about the Treasure being ” More than 8 1/4 miles North of Santa Fe. Thanks again Dal for all you did for all the searchers.
    Thanks again Forrest for a Wonderful Treasure Hunt ! Loved it !!

    • Forrest gave a long list of things that won’t help you find the treasure at one point. I believe that magnetic declination was on that list.

  145. sincere congrats to the finder for deciphering the poem
    hat’s off to Forrest especially, for giving us all such a wild ride
    big respect also to those many searchers for returning home safely
    and rest in peace to those who unfortunately did not

    but the bravest here recently would have to be Dal imho
    for buying a caravan that looks like a giant failed origami experiment
    hence giving a whole new meaning to ‘brave and in the woods’

    • That’s it CH, now I’m steamed…Pretty snarky for a character out of a fairy tale book… 🙂

      I’m actually pretty happy you contributed to this blog over the years…Your humor is greatly appreciated..

      • CH is really a Gollum in disguise. He is just jealous that your ‘precious’ is bigger than his!!! 😉

  146. It took 15 years to get the poem right! You can’t expect to explain the whole thing on one piece of paper. It will take more than that to explain the solve for the first clue alone. It might even take an entire book. Even if someone told you the solve you wouldn’t believe it anyway.

  147. The detritus on the ground around Indulgence appears to be lodgepole pine. That says to me Montana or Colorado.

    • Or Wyoming. I think it rules out New Mexico. The soil doesn’t look like New Mexico either.

  148. I never told anyone about my search either except my husband and some close family. Most just raised their eyes to the ceiling.
    But i had fun. I was on an important mission. And i still think it is Montana. And all the clues are No One. Number two. No three. No foar. Etc Not sure if i want to post my solve yet.
    Not Here. The important thing is that you enjoyed it and rediscovered ones youth.

  149. Mr. Dal, i would like to ask you a question. It seems that the person who found it does not want to give the solution to the poem, but i wonder , do you know what Mr. Fenn wants to do about it?.

    • It looks to me like Forrest wants to do what he has said he would do all along. Let the finder make the call…

      • Do not ask this because you need to know the solution, where it was is something i already know. It really didn´t take long to find out, but i started this chase too late, earlier this year to be more precise and i haven´t had a chance to made a single trip. Anyway my current situation and Covid advised against doing anything about it ( I´m Spanish and i am currently in Romania).I just asked this because Mr. Fenn seems like a very honest person and will respect the desire of the person who found it but what about lord Fenn´s wishes.It is not that the searchers have the right to anything but that Mr. Fenn has the reconigtion he really deserves for coming up whit such a wonderful way to hide something in a poem. Obviusly the treasure is the property of the person who found it but the solution is not, it is there for all those who want to find it. Although the chest has been found, I invite you to read the poem again and have fun. Minimize the search area. Don´t be literal in traslations.Be wise and research and read.Use maps or a browser and finally use your eyes and your imagination. The same image can be described in many ways depending on the eye which it is viewed.

        Sorry if my english is not perfect and thank you for your reply Mr. Dal,

  150. Please forgive me if someone else has already posted something like this, as I haven’t been able to keep up with all of the posts and responses. I will suggest another possible reason that could explain the photograph of the inventorying of the contents of the treasure chest in that somewhat “sterile” looking room and why Mr. Fenn is perhaps unable to be more forthcoming about the “correct solve” and the “find location”. If the treasure chest was hidden in a National Park and was found by the unknown “man from back East” (i.e. the government), NPS regulations require that any “found items” be immediately turned into the Superintendent of the particular National Park in which they are found. The “found items” are to be held for 30 days while the NPS attempts to locate their owner. If the owner cannot be located and no one claims the lost property as theirs, then it can be given to the finder that turned it in, if requested. However, NPS regulations prohibit any Park Ranger or other government employee from keeping or claiming any “found” property,.. so a honest NPS employee would have to turn in the treasure chest without any hope of being able to claim it.

    So, if an NPS employee found it and turned it in to the Park Superintendent, he or she would have contacted Mr. Fenn in order to arrange the return. Given the ten years of “TTOTC” related incidents in National Parks, no Park Superintendent would want the “find location” or the “correct solve” that would lead to it to be made public, for fear that thousands of tourist/searchers would descend upon the secret spot and turn it into a “Fenn Shrine”. Since it was an NPS violation to have left or “abandoned” personal property in the National Park, it seems possible that a “deal” may have been cut with Mr. Fenn,.. a la ‘you can have your “lost” treasure chest back and we won’t prosecute you for the violation, if you promise never to do this again in a National Park, and promise never to divulge the “find location”, “clues to the poem solve”, or why you can’t talk about it further.’

    Or it could also just be that neither Mr. Fenn or the finder wish to see their “special spot” pounded into oblivion by a pilgrimage of tourist/searchers over the next decade. Selfishly, I would like to “know how close I was” (or wasn’t) and have more “closure” as many other searchers have voiced,.. but I am just thankful to have had the opportunity provided by Mr. Fenn to be a participant in this ‘grand adventure’ in the Rocky Mountains! Thank you to Dal & crew also for providing this wonderful forum! Walter Ward (aka: Wacata)

    • I agree with you 100% on this. The only thing is that this would be a big deal within the Park Service and someone will talk.

  151. I guess I’m stumped as to why the finder wouldn’t reveal the state. Makes no sense.

  152. There is a person that already posted here that said their botanist friend said it was lodge pole. They said none of the cones were pinyon.

    • I”m no botanist, but the shape of a pinyon cone and its petals (if that’s the right word) is so unlike all the other pines, which is why I couldn’t understand how some folks were going with pinyon.

      • I think the dried leaves look like dried quaking aspen leaves. Any info on the branch or log.

        • A pinion tree would deteriorate like that one laying beside chest, also looks like smaller pinion cones. Pinion mostly grow only in New Mexico, on first interviews Forrest said that you will smell pinion when you find the chest !

  153. I think the finder will reveal just about everything when he can.
    It’s going to be a while, maybe month(s) or a year, but it will happen eventually.
    Beeeeeeeeeee paaaaatient………………..
    There will be more big aftershocks to the devastating earthquake.

    These pages close quickly……

  154. FF would be the first to admit that everyone (press, media, searchers, etc) over-valued the contents of the chest from the onset of the chase. From the photos, it appears the actual weight value of the gold and gems is maybe a few hundred thousand at the most. I’ve always thought that the book deal, outlining your solve, would be the big payoff.

    • I agree about the payoff selling the unlocked clues and location, but why post an unflattering picture of the chest. If it was “as found” I would understand, but it has obviously been gone though. If I were wanting a payout on the unlocked clues and location, I would’ve arranged the contents to make the chest more awe inspiring. The stick on top may have something to do with that though.

      I’m not seeing any gems, unless they’re all on that necklace.

  155. Depends. There are multiple correct paths to the treasure. But they all lead to the same place. It also depends on howcyou chose to number each clue.

  156. So to keep it simple I’d say I have one solve. One indisputable precise location for Indulgence.

  157. Did anyone every think that Forrest said he wanted the bracelet back because of the Fred Harvey link? The Harvey House restaurants were located all along the railroad routes, he also had indians selling turquoise jewelry along these routes, they call it Fred Harvey jewelry. Maybe it was a hint.

  158. After years of diggin’ deep into the clues behind the Chase, I uncovered a solution that seems sure to win the race.

    Drawn to riches, rise at dawn the 28th of May;
    Road runnin’ circles past the lake, no fishin’ there they say.

    (To be continued)

    • One for rabid walks impressed you did it in one day; Two is for the blaze ye’ left for me to find me way.

    • Three where ole wood sets the stage; Four a star be born.

      Five a strikin’ Christmas tree; Six olive pit forlorn.

      Seven looks up at the cross; Eight fires yer port side rocket.

      Nine a starb’rd launch confirms Indulgence in me pocket.

      The voyage wasn’t easy, tough lessons aye, have learned.

      From poker’s field of corn I got the pirates life I yearned.

      Just showin’ all me cards and I just hope that it’s alright. But only I’ll be certain when I’ve sailed t’ within’ sight.

      So bid ye harry handshakes to the Man who wrote the poem; lookin’ forward t’ the meet return the bracelet that I owe’em.

      -Cap’n Jack

      … almost forgot to give it a title. Here we go …

      The Luck of the Draw

      … posted for a friend.

  159. I was watching “Expedition Unknown” just now and was surprised when Josh put out a teaser that a second program might be devoted to the Chase. Forrest definitely needs the Finder to come forward for that teaser to become satisfying to all! Standby fellow searchers, this party is not finished. Not by a long shot. It can’t be!

    I, for one, will be planted in front of my TV when that episode is aired!

    Congratulations to both Fenn and Finder for pulling off a really satisfying finish, date TBD.

  160. “I prayed for Ds but nobody listened.”

    Ds => DS => Darmstadtiun => Atomic Number 110 => 110 (degrees longitude)

    Loads => Ds => … => 110
    Paddle => DD => Ds => … => 100

  161. Did the finder leave a mark where he found it so we will know we solved it but a bit late lol.

    • My new solve is where I love to fish. I can relax and just hunt for the $20,000 army payroll west of rock crossing by the last big rocks lost treasure.

      • There are 2 ppl that know where the chase ends. One of them can leave a sign of where this ends. I am not done with this, tell I have solved it.

        • Travis-
          I honestly don’t remember all the media folks who have contacted me.I have cooperated with the easy ones. But I am not interested in racing out to where ever at my expense to be on camera…Did that already several times over the past nine years…
          Additionally I haven’t had a decent haircut for a few months, so I look funnier than normal <:-)

          • I guess the next 30 days wife shall all see what happens. These are all trying times with what is beings said and done. I think discovery channel needs to hear from all different avenues and voices, images, videos. Trail pictures, and hearing different parts of a story.

      • Dal as nice as it would have been to find this first. Solving the poem is about finishing the riddle.

  162. Hi Dal,
    I was wondering if you could tell me if the TC ‘find picture’ is exactly how Mr Fenn sent it to you? The reason I ask is I wonder if the original had been cropped, or if this is the complete uncropped original? Thanks.

    • MM-
      All three of those photos are unchanged from the way they came to me from Forrest. I did not crop them. I did not change the size of them. I didn’t do anything to them except post them on the blog.

      • Thanks a bunch. Like so many others, there seems to be as much excitement analyzing the photos for location clues as the chase itself!

  163. I still need to solve the dam poem. It sucks that there is no gold waiting for me now. But I am still going to chase it.

  164. Pretty sure it was in Yellowstone Park, hense the problem with everyone knowing where it was. More specifically on top of Junction Butte. This was triangulated from the mouth of Slough Creek, Buffalo Crossing on The Lamar River and a rock shown in a drawing in his first book. Set of three rocks in a triangle, like the frogs head set on top of the Butte. The blaze was the blaze star, which on specific dates , shown in postmarks was directly due west of Slough Creek. Many other confirming clues in the book and in his scrapbooks etc. I would like to have gone in June when the park opened but the US/Canada border was closed. Oh well, no point in finding it second, congrats to the first. It sure was fun.

  165. Then there is the story of the lost gold cross from Forty Years Among the Indians. Published in 1890 to chase after.

    • That is a story that I have to read.
      Hits close to home…..
      Seems like we are always looking for something.
      Anybody seen my car keys?

      • I hide your keys north of Santa Fe New Mexico, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. I wrote a poem that will lead you directly to them!

  166. If you are still here there is so much more to find and chase. Forest just tried to open your eyes to what is out there.

  167. 34°52’1.93″N
    What will you find here? It’s just one of a few thousand places that you should find..

  168. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am having a good time with all the speculation, reading so many solves, and putting a few things out there myself. Here is one for ya, maybe the location is being kept secret, because Forrest would like it to be his final resting spot someday. I might be wrong, but wasn’t something said in regards to that? Obviously, it is a very special place to Forrest. Maybe, just thinkin.

  169. Dal, like so many others here, I also would like to thank you for your dedication, graphic talent, and professionalism in providing this Web site full of information for the past decade.

  170. 44 degrees, 26 minutes North, 110 degrees, 42 minutes, 2 seconds West

    Key word = pADDle (add up)

    SB 107 – “homophones”

    Begin it…
    Not far but TO far TO walk = 4
    From there it’s no place FOR the meek = 4
    Look quickly down, your quest TO cease = 2
    And leave my trove FOR all TO seek = 6

    I’ve dONE it tired and now I’m weak = 1
    So hear me all and lisTEN good = 10
    Your efFORt will be worth the cold = 4
    I give you title TO the gold = 2
    As I have gONE alONE in there = 2

    9 clues. In order. Begin with Begin. Precise location.

    Forrest said it was “strEIGHT FORward with no SUBTR(action)fuege in site”

    Don’t believe? Look at the inside book jacket

    “FORrest said that if he were younger he’d go back and get it himself. FORrest Fenn, the author… wants others TO share in the thrill of the chase…. and maybe a SIX-pack”

    More later.

  171. I concur it is Lodgepole Pine in the chest picture. The Gray soil is a clue also. For example, it is the color of the silt in Taylor Creek. I always like silt-filled Taylor Creek for Heavy Loads – turns the whole Gallatin gray. Not sure how to search for growths of Lodgepole in Gray Soil Areas. Unfortunately, my solve area (Lake Creek Valley, with Grahams Place as Home of Brown) seems to be Fir. (I know Ace 340 searched that valley too).

    • I’ve hiked in all four states…
      that photo could be in Any of them, save possibly nearly the entirety of New Mexico,

      where it would be the same is in the mountains higher up than most of the rest of that state.

      I can go half a block and take a photo and it would look exactly like the ground there, I can’t think of any place that wouldn’t look like that in the Rockies below tree line, and above about 5280′ depending on the season… my shoes were exactly that color when I came back from hiking on June 2nd.

      (another reason I think the find was in those two days) the correct season, for this year, but in other years, they would be wet and a light brown mud color… but this season was dry by june 2nd.

    • Interesting. The solve I have been lead to with the rusty scissors takes me to Taylor’s Fork creek. Scissors means fork and I believe it was the special item placed in the chest for the finder. A Taylor uses the scissors also.

  172. Clue #0 :
    Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway, I-14/16/20

    Clue #1:
    Fishing Bridge, YNP, Wyomng

    Clue #2:
    Not telling just yet. 🙂

    • Perhaps Mr Fenn wants his ashes spread in the Yellowstone River, I’m guessing. The spot where he was baptized? The spot where his father taught him how to fly fish? Yea, I got nothin’.

  173. Now that Indulgence has been found, and that Mr. Fenn has provided proof/evidence of it being found, here’s what I suspect/expect will happen (in no certain order).
    1. As many have stated here along these lines, “If I had found it, I would have left something in the original spot for others to find.” I’m betting the finder did just that. Go get it. Yes, you’ll be #2, but everyone else still has to get in line behind you. Do it for the thrill, not the gold.
    2. Indulgence seems to have been left “out in the open”. This seems to jive with Mr. Fenn’s early statements of being able to see the flora about the place, as well as enjoying the aromas in the nearby vicinity.
    3. The finder is “being wise” in keeping quiet. It is my opinion that we need to allow them the space they need to get their house in order, as their lives are going to be turned upside down once they do reveal their identity. (Addendum – I suspect this is going to take some time, as anyone they know that they have talked about the chase with, has to be made aware of their find, so that the media does not “get to these folks” to get a scoop. Basically, they need a united front against the rest of the world, much like Mr. Fenn has had all these so many years.)
    4. It truly is my hope that the finder does NOT tell us the answer to the riddle/poem, or exactly where they picked up Indulgence. Rather, I hope the forthcoming book/news release/TV show interview/whatever they decide to do, is merely about them and their journey – the thrill of their chase. I hope they share lots of pictures, especially of Indulgence in situ, but cropped close so that folks cannot make out the spot by the surroundings.
    5. I, for one, still hope to find the spot where Indulgence laid, using the poem as a guide, to better understand the man Forrest Fenn. Kith and kin, and all that.
    6. Another hope I have is that Dal and this community can “soldier on”, to continue sharing, deliberating, and encouraging one another to also find the spot where Indulgence laid.

    That’s all I have for now. Happy chasing to all!

  174. Ok, the dream over. But it scares me so badly that I don’t know whether I was close or not.

  175. The drawings are the most important part in my turns the poem into the map.
    Drawing nigh = draw i which yields I love w y and a pooping bull. The tail of the bull points at the word CHESt.

    The answer I already know =42. I counted every 42 second letter Which yielded once descrambled…BN railway Gillette WY. I found a map on line of the BN railway which looked looked like the bull…the point of the tail pointing to Polson, Montana. This is Warm Waters Halt and the Answer.

    So hear me…and listen… this yields list E …a vertical list of e’s can be found on the left side of poem near the words Leave Answer On It. This means, leave Polson on a boat.

    If you had connected the o’s together in a drawing, you would have found the outline of Wild Horse Island. On the inside of the island, you will find a box with an open lid also drawn with o’s. The location of the box can be drawn on the island using the lat longs of the London Underground train stations.
    If you had used a www markup on the poem , the line Put in below the home of brown would have yielded the word PUNJAB.

    PUNJAB is a city in India whose location provides the first numbers of the lat longs while the second half is provided by bay waters, and(Forgot this one but it forms the upper right hand corner), Camden town etc.

    References to Star Trek , bold,quest(voyager) the words lat nun, Fenns reference to some searchers finding the first two clues and walking past the rest = 7 of nine. This yields the rules of acquisition
    1) exploitation begins as HOME. Insert exploitation into the poem where HOME appears and suddenly there is an X in the poem on a diagonal to an F.
    Drawing a line between these to take you to the vertical word HORN.
    When lining up exploitation and Home of Brown a simple letter substitution yields B=T. When looking at the poem in a spreadsheet, focus on the letters that surround the B’s in a T formation…the T may be on its side. I found
    Horse, Wild, Flat . I found Island using W=T. The for corners of the poem yield IDEA which comes from your HEAD….with = Flathead, Wild Horse Island.

    2) A Wise man(Brave) Can Hear Profit(Lat num) In The Wind…the WoodWind. Which is a HORN. Skipping ahead a bit, on the island there is a rock formation on top of the spine closest to the east side that looks like a big saxophone …in front of this rock formation there is a large F X in the Rock face…which can be seen on google earth.

    There is more, but this is getting lengthy so I will end with the Blaze.
    Blaze is a word…..L E T.
    I give you tit LE To the gold. LET is found on the top of the HORN as a crevice.
    The first line of the poem tells you I have gone a L in T here. Reversing the entire poem yields…in a gap Here.

    The first drawing I made linked the Burnt Mountains together across multiple states which pointed to Leadville, Colorado. I travelled west and found castle (KEEP) which was known for its fireplace KEYSTONE ..also known as a BALDARCH. This is the word I used for my Lewis and Clark cypher…the world LET shows up multiple times and on the last line of the poem it reads RED HOT next to LET.

    There’ll be no paddle up you creek when hiding columns to show Open padlock yields the KEY
    ART…which is why I relied on the drawings.

    From there it’s no place for the meek = forth e

    Just my opinions
    David j

  176. I get why the details of the solve are being left tot he finder, but it would be nice to at least know what State it was found in. Would give some closure to those that have searched for many, many years.

    • Ronin, I don’t wish to step on the finder’s toes but I believe that answer can be found by the hand of Mr. Fenn himself, right here on Dal’s blog. Go to “Treasures Bold” and check out “Gold Nuggets”; there’s your “Big Picture” right there! But use your head, otherwise you’ll end upside down at Potrillo Marr in southern N.M. like i did the first time around. If you zoom out, the picturesque landscape just above the highway should also provide the answer Y I felt I was hot on his tracks. What can I say… sometimes i get a little froggy! 🙂

  177. Dal;

    Not sure what thread it was on, but didn’t you buy a trailer, and needed a name?

    Isn’t your vehicle named Ezy? How about Pzy for the trailer – Ezy-Pzy??? JDA

    P.S. Just a thought I had upon waking up this AM – I could be wrong about the name of your vehicle 🙂 JDA

    • JDA, I was thinking along the lines of ‘Shorty’: because when Dal heads out camping, and while traveling the wondrous mountain passes in his neck of the woods, every time he looks in the rear-view mirror he’ll be thrilled to see he’s still… “got Shorty”! 🙂

  178. In the main photo of the chest on the ground, the person taking the photo is reflected in part of a bag (the dark bit, just above the first notch down from the head of the ‘snake’ wooden stick). It would take some serious image manipulation to get anything from it, but if I were forced to come up with something and sound confident about it, by saving the image and zooming in, I’d say, male, right handed (or is that left?), using fold-out phone, wearing a kind of Indiana Jones type hat. I was hoping the background to his right might give some terrain or tree-line or something; is it another person? This is such a waste of time, but fun!

    • I don’t see the Indiana Jones guy. Is the “first notch” the knot above the gold coin and plastic above (A), or is the one with the little branch extending outward. (B). Could you elaborate on that a bit?

      I think I might see kind of a silhouette of the guy against the blue sky on (A), with sunglasses, mustache that extends around to the chin, and holding out what looks more like a walkie-talkie with a little antenna, but no hat. I think I also found a mountainous ridgeline with conifer trees, blue sky above. Kind of looks like Madison Valley in YNP.

      Then again, reflections and imagination can pull a lot of tricks on the mind. All part of the fun, as you say!

      • Hi Mark
        It sounds like you found it and you may be more accurate in terms of what you see.
        From the left hand end of the wooden stick, one knuckle to the right, then immediately above it (behind it) on the dark bit of that plastic, the whole reflection is tiny. I zoomed in to 800% on my pc (my mobile phone too small) and Im pretty certain you can make out a pair of hands and not so clear, a face. Are the hands holding a phone? Is the right hand (left as we look) holding something else, something straight and about 10″ long? Does he have sunglasses in the other hand? There is a quite straight line, which I thought was the hat rim, but like you say maybe not. And the background, over his right shoulder (on left), is that an overhang, or a cloud, or a person standing with an arm up?

  179. Dal has had this site for how long? The news comes out that the chest has been found, don’t you think that he would have stayed home and be ready for the biggest news sense he started this site? But he goes into Montana, first it was so he could have a good signal to be on YouTube with the flipside , but then I hear he was getting a camper, but then I hear he wanted to see Yellowstone while it wasn’t busy. Dal pulled the chest for Forrest in my opinion, in of story.

  180. Wow, congratulations to the finder! I never posted much on here but I want to thank Dal for this wonderful site. I competed in a couple contests and commented a dozen times over the years. I gave myself the name ‘need-to-focus’ years ago because my mind was always drifting to the poem and I also needed to focus on work! I am a great procrastinator.

    What an adventure. I completed 7 BOTG trips over 7 years. I have to laugh at myself. I felt so special and figured I would be the finder eventually ; ) All I can say is the true finder must be one smart fellow. This is a humbling experience and I am continuing to learn something about myself. Maybe that is what this was about? I’m eating lots of humble pie and laughing a lot at myself.

    I guess I overcooked everything. Many of my solves were centered around a solstice viewing location through a bizarre human-constructed rock structure (it seemed ancient) in a very remote area. It was in the middle of nowhere and it looked like a tall spear with a barbed point when viewed from the side. It was a large scant (rock slab). A second pillar-shaped rock was adjacent to it. I figured this was a Native American solstice calculator. I spent times viewing it on or close to summer solstice sunrise. As the sun came up over distant mountain horizon the the sun pierced the small aperture through the rock. My viewing distances varied from 100′ up to 1800′ feet. I viewed winter sunset. I viewed thanksgiving sunrise. Finally I viewed winter solstice sunrise. I only traveled there in the summer (except discovery trip in early spring), but calculated positions using computer program and google earth. I figured the viewing of the sunrise or sunset through the aperture or slit created by the rocks constituted the blaze, and to look quickly down was to avoid being blinded. When viewed at the correct angle and position, I expected to look quickly down and be standing on the spot of the chest.

    My overactive imagination saw in google earth imagery – the buffalo (struggling to pull on a rope – actually a large fault scarp crossing the flank of a large mountain). I saw Ora Mae smoking, I saw Frosty – with his pipe, the alligator, the old biddies, a kind, smiling woman who reminded me of grandma, a huge brown trout jumping out of the water (7.5″ USGS quadrangle map), and a large pie – maybe a pineapple pie. Within this vast region I discovered the rock structure.

    My final solve abandoned the solstice idea and the rock structure. It started where the ‘water surface’ intersected the trout leaping to get a mayfly dun. This was my ‘Where warm waters halt’. It also was inside the locked jaws of an alligator. My canyon down followed down the mouth of the large, leaping brown trout. The solve ended in a willow tree that was near the bridge of the nose of the beautiful smiling woman (‘smiling down on me’). When I arrived at the willow tree I found it to contain a large bee hive!

    It was loud and it was chaos. I got within 12 feet but was not brave enough or prepared to go into the dense wood understory and check it out. The base of the tree contained a lot of wood (‘brave and in the wood’). I figured that ‘common sense in the mountains was good savvy’, and my instinct for self-preservation outweighed my belief in the validity of my solve.

    I had to go back home to think about this over the winter. Everything seemed to match up just too well. I figured that finding the blaze was finding a bee smoker to calm the bees. I had to figure out how to become a beekeeper (‘I can keep my secret where’). Well, fortunately the true finder found the chest in the true location and saved me from having to go and carefully check this place out and be humbled yet again.

    Finally, I used the sum of syllables and words (‘any part of something is better than no part of any’) to get parts of latitude and longitude coordinates (the clues). They all ended up at the willow tree and the clues matched up in decimal degrees, degrees, minutes, seconds, and degrees and decimal minutes. I even got a match with UTM coordinates. They all ended up centered at/on the willow tree! My clues were the latitude and longitude but also referred to imagery in the landscape. The coordinates were always in regard to the poem referring inward to itself. Key words for latitude for example were ‘no’, ‘so’, ‘up’, ‘high’, ‘down’, ‘low’, etc. The word ‘just’ was important for keying in on longitude, as were the words ‘home’ and ‘place’. In regard to latitude and longitude, the poem was only referring to words or syllables within itself. Simultaneously, the poem was referring to external landmarks and imagery. I felt Forest had to be a genius to construct this. I know Forest is a true genius (along with the finder). In regard to my own adventure –my whole 7 years — nothing but confirmation bias! LOL!

    Our entire reality is subjective! Thanks, Forrest for the adventures and congratulations to the finder!!! Peace to all.

  181. My treasure movie has answers. Well of course, they are MY answers and I don’t expect you to watch, but I tried to make it entertaining if you do. I just needed closure and I hope this is it for me. It was the adventure of a lifetime.

    In addition to revealing my nine clues and why, the movie attempts to answer some of the chase’s biggest questions:
    What is the significance of page 15 in TTOTC?
    What does fishing and being a pilot have to do with the Chase?
    What is the secret of Forrest’s map?
    When did Forrest tell us what the blaze was?
    What is the big twist in the poem that has made the search so difficult?
    What is the word that is key, or actually what are the key words?
    Who I discovered was the 200 foot searcher.
    Why the Denver Museum is actually important to the last clue.…

  182. Dal has had this site for how long? The news comes out that the chest has been found, don’t you think that he would have stayed home and be ready for the biggest news sense he started this site? But he goes into Montana, first it was so he could have a good signal to be on YouTube with the flipside , but then I hear he was getting a camper, but then I hear he wanted to see Yellowstone while it wasn’t busy. Dal pulled the chest for Forrest in my opinion, in of story.

  183. “Tom Conrad huh?” (puts pencil tip to mouth and writes in little notebook). “Smart man:”

    Walks to gray car, gets in, and drives away.

    • Not me, the smart man would take it off your mind of what is going on by having everyone think of a name for his camper.

  184. No emerald ring in the photos of the recently opened chest or with ff?
    No photo of a handshake with the anonymous finder? Just ff looking through his gold. Is ff inspecting to purchase it back? What’s up?

    • Let me guess what’s next….

      Forrest will donate the chest to a museum on behalf of the “finder”
      whom ff cashed out.

      • Donation to the museum is a great idea.

        If I were the finder I would only accept $1 for the chest and ask ff do donate a small amount to some people that need it.

        To me that is a win. And a great story, isn’t it just?

  185. There’s always a route to pursue and I’ll find another one soon. The last year and a half has been one hell of a heart ripping, mind exploding experience for me. It will take time to recover. I learned a lot though about what’s important and what matters very little, including people that aren’t really all that. I’ll just have to forge my own Thrill of the Chase. All we really have is ourselves to account for. Peace out.

  186. I’ll make a prediction just so it is on record. If we are ever told where the Treasure was it will be Montana.

    The key to the location of the Treasure is in one sentence. The sentence not only tells you exactly what the blaze is, but within the very words also tells you exactly where the treasure is:


    It’s amazing that Forrest was able to do this, but he really did. You may laugh and say “here’s another guy who claims to know where it was”. I did know, but took too long to retrieve it. I will GUARANTEE you that what I have written above is true. The Treasure was in SW Montana. I want this on record and should a couple of months go by without a reveal, and this site is still up I will explain why that sentence contains 3 things all at once that point directly to the Treasure.

    I discovered this last year in 8-2019, went on BOTG, but could not get to the treasure. I planned to go back this summer but someone beat me to it. I only hope that the info was not leaked to someone else by my own error.

    Again, you may laugh. That’s fine. I have been on the Chase for 4 years. Those who have seen my posts and solves know that I have delved deeply into the poem. So this is no joke. Forrest also knows it is no joke.

    I will wait a couple of months and check back in. If nothing about the location has been revealed then I will post once again and share. I still hope to go to where I know it was hidden this summer. Maybe the finder left something behind. Take care all– it’s been great fun!!

    • Sparrowand on
      i agree. My solve too is in Montana. I believe that But tarry scant with marvel gaze is part of Number Five clue. And is a tributary with gravel maze. BUTT TARRY SCANT
      and the “i “from with.
      It is only part of No Five clue. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze. Is a real big clue and not one you can see easily on all maps.
      Do you too believe all the clues give numbers within the text?

  187. I’ll try to post this again. The first time it was rejected for some reason. If it isn’t posted again, I’ll assume it’s correct?

    I’ve never posted here before, but I feel compelled to now that the chest has been found. I would like to share my own theory as to the interpretation of the clues and the location of the treasure. I had gone boots on the ground on five separate occasions, three excursions from my home in Pennsylvania, to no avail. I have always believed, though, that my particular “solve” was the best one I had ever heard and that my inability to find the treasure lay in my error in interpreting “look quickly down”.

    First, I want to share my understanding of the keyword. I believe there was one, like Forrest said. I believe that keyword was “waters”, and if there was a key phrase, it was “warm waters”. Most searchers seemed to be looking for warm, flowing liquid water, but this isn’t how I took it. Water refers to a molecule, H2O, consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. If you get a bunch of these together, they don’t necessarily have to be in liquid form. They can be in three very common forms depending on the energy in them. If water is very cold, it turns to ice. If it’s hot it can become steam. It doesn’t cease to be water in either case. If ice is cold water, and steam is hot water, what is liquid water? It is in-between cold and hot–warm. So, if you interpret the first clue with this in mind, you could read it, “Begin it where liquid waters halt”. Where does all liquid water stop moving around so much? It occurs at the freezing point of water. We were looking for a location that somehow referred to the freezing point of water. There’s a lookout on Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park called Crystal Point. The poem describes a geographic dot-to-dot. You aren’t meant to follow it literally. You are meant to follow it with your finger on a map.

    Clue 1: Begin it where warm waters halt–Crystal Point

    Clue 2: And take it in the canyon down, Not far, but too far to walk.–proceed down Going-to-the-Sun Road into the canyon

    Clue 3: Put in below the home of Brown.–Avalanche Campground at the base of Mt. Brown

    Clue 4: From there it’s no place for the meek,–follow Avalanche Creek (avalanches aren’t for the meek)

    Clue 5: The end is ever drawing nigh;–the point where Hidden Creek meets Avalanche Creek on the left as you are following it upstream

    Clue 6: There’ll be no paddle up your creek, Just heavy loads and water high.–go up Hidden Creek until it becomes a waterfall

    Clue 7: If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,–ultimately, you arrive at the point where Hidden Creek falls into the valley below, the creek is formed by a string of rapids that look like a white stripe from above

    Clue 8: Look quickly down, your quest to cease,–search the area to the south of Hidden Creek (most likely 200 feet to the south, based on certain statements from Forrest)

    Clue 9: But tarry scant with marvel gaze, Just take the chest and go in peace.–look for a spot with a blackened flat stone marker

    Forrest indicated that many had been 500 feet from the treasure, and searchers had been within 200 feet. If you take Hidden Lake trail down to the lake, like many hikers do, you would be around 500 feet from the location. And if you continued to follow the trail down to the end of the falls, at some point you would be 200 feet from it. Again, I’m not sure that I have the end exactly right, but I think this interpretation would have gotten you awfully close. The hike down to Hidden Lake from Logan Pass is exactly as Forrest always described his hike…a few miles, it’s not bad. He could have done it twice in a day no problem. Check out Scrapbook 126 with the name of the mountain that sits next to Hidden Lake in mind, Bearhat, and his hat kind of looks like it, too. 126 is also the page number in the book that the chapter Gold and More starts on. Also, I remember that there was a certain photograph at some point on the internet called “The Teeth of the Rockies”, a phrase used by Forrest in one of his responses to a question posed to him on Mysterious Writings, posted by Forrest Shaw. I can no longer find the photo, but it depicted a location in Glacier National Park. Shaw is defined by as a small wood or thicket.

    It seems like, if this is the solution, it probably wasn’t found a few days ago. Going-to-the-Sun Road hasn’t been opened yet. Getting to Hidden Lake would have required a many miles hike up the road. It would make more sense if it had been found sometime before the closing of the road last year.

    • Sorry, it had been posted, but I was looking in the wrong part and time because of the time difference.

      • Great solve!

        I had the same idea (liquid turns into ice/snow) but different angles/starting points.

        I would love a solution like this to be the winning solve!

      • Mary that is a good straightforward solve but i think there are more anagrams to be found.
        Even some that i think have missing letters that come from other word meanings.
        In my solve the tarry scant is a Tributary and gravel maze. A tributary that is dry part of the year from snow melt.
        BUTT – Tarry scant butted together with a little bit of the word with – just the i from with. Gives you a tributary. Does anyone follow where my thinking is.?
        I believe it is part of clue number five.

          • Definitely some anagrams. But ones that need EXTRA letters.
            The numbers are also important. Especially when you come to No six.

    • Mary. What about the last two stanzas of the poem? That’s an awful lot of words he thought out not to say anything.

    • Wow, I posted above that I really liked someone’s solve as my favorite…..until I read this one.

      The area where avalanche creek meets hidden creek is absolutely beautiful!

      Plus, think of the name “hidden”…its almost too simple! Which I think was part of FF’s plan – don’t overthink things!

      Brown in the poem is upper-case, so a mountain with a proper name, Brown, works, as well.

      Finally, yes, this area could be walked to twice in a day.

      If this isn’t the correct solve, it sure is a great guess!

    • This all sounds Great–But can you please tell me-What is your IT as in Begin IT and Take IT, the correct interpretation of IT gets you the correct WWWH..Just an opinion from someone who never found the CHEST

  188. Now that the the chase is over…
    It’s possible that Forrest is taking the trove of his favorite things with him to his grave, just as he stated he would do (If he Purchased back from finder).

  189. Did some comments get lost somewhere? I asked yesterday if anyone thought it was odd that in a treasure designed to last 1000 years there were items like the key that were very rusted and looking unlikely to last even another 10. When I checked late last night my comment was there. Today, I can’t find it to see if anyone had any thoughts on this question.

    • You are not the only one with missing comments. I think it has something to do with heavy data load and some database caching, once a while some entries are getting lost. The traffic peak might be over now, things will get more stable I guess.

    • Definitely the best rabbit holes. Today I’m rooting for Soviet era space alien treasure hunters from the past/future.

  190. Another hmmm… from

    “At this time we feel it is still our spot too and who knows that might never change. We left something so if you find the spot you will know. And by the way it will cover your expenses if that is what you thought. Leave us a note as we will be around. No need to make extra arrangements. “

    • And I love this one too…

      “However in the context of the FF treasure and how the transaction was specifically designed US tax law certainly doesn’t apply. Architects are not exclusively found among poets.”

    • Also, this is interesting about that site. If you go all the way to the bottom, there are four pictures. I think they are meant to represent the four search states. The picture that represents Montana is a picture of Bearhat Mountain at Hidden Lake, which is exactly where my theory took me as I explained above.

      • I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Colorado is represented in those four photos.

  191. MUST BE MONTANA… think about it… the treasure was found a few days after Montana lifted the COVID 14 day isolation period…. he’s from the east coast and would have had to fly in. National guard was questioning everyone flying in. So guessing he had to wait. I didn’t… I snuck into Montana by driving to check out rock creek on earthquake lake was my solve. The quake slide is no place for the meek. Heavy loads water high… bottom of rock creek has petrified ghost trees in flooded glacier water….. how awesome do those go with it????!!! Hebgen lake is home if brown trout, Madison junction wwwh…. I spent 7 hours on that creek 2 weeks before it was found…. please just confirm a state for us!!!!! Not fair on us searchers…. I’m depressed and went back to the lotto 🙁 grrrrrrr

  192. The pictures should convinced everyone that the treasure has been found. We can assume that the finder made a trip to Santa Fe to let Forrest see it one last time and hopefully let him keep the bracelet.
    Forrest made it clear that it is up to the finder to disclose any other information. I’m sure that it will come out, just takes time to work out the movie and book deals.
    Thanks for sharing the photos Forrest.
    Thanks Dal for all your hard work through the years.
    Now wait in peace.
    Let Forrest set back and admire the bracelet in peace, he doesn’t own us anything more.
    So much to discover out there. Go out and have fun exploring the great outdoors.

  193. I curious what anyone thinks about there pictures, especially the 3rd one. is it Fenn’s storyline or too much imagination?

    Also, in TTOTC in the Preface – Occasionally it’s wise for the fox to dress like the hound.
    I think Forrest Fenn the fox was Lucky Love the hound. He has a page here
    as well as a YouTube channel here

    Any thoughts?

    • Sorry madam, IMO, the reason most people did not solve the poem is that they were looking at the landscape horitontally. You have to see the layers of rock vertically. Remember how FF could always guess the top ten songs on the radio starting at the bottom? Did you ever figure out why, when Forrest got in trouble in school, “a window in Mississippi was about to break”. Mississippi a layer of rock from the Mississippi period of time. You have to look at the layers of rock vertically.

  194. Go read info found on
    sounds possible, explains a lot if true also states something was left behind at the site

  195. If I were a location, what if I looked like the following? Did I choose it or did it choose me? Would this location be in the search area at the correct elevation? Did the clues get to this search area?

    When you are looking at the picture;
    What if the instructions from Scrapbook 107 that used the term “My location” for the “write way’ told you to turn the map a specific way to look at it and “in the wood’ only became obvious when you did that? Would you have used “In the Forrest” in that line in the poem to make it more obvious?

    What if you could only see the distinct images when you had historical view for Google Earth set to 2009? Would that indicate it was literally and figuratively hidden in 2009?

    What if the sideways facing profile of a man was wearing a floating hat that resembled mildew with a hole?
    What if an eye (I give you) was looking at a T formed by a grouping of trees in a nearby location?
    What if that T represented the end of a rainbow of T’s (Tea with Olga, Black Red, Green)?
    What if there was also a shape of a Teapot in the same location?
    What if moving backwards in the address on the envelope in Scrapboox 107 was the number of feet to the ‘teecup’ or Teapot?
    What if there was an arch shape over the top of the Green T?
    What if an image of an asterisk presented itself on the map in the area next to the T?

    Without knowing how the clues got you there, would it hold any water or make any sense? Would you completely throw it away as a possibility? Would it have been more complicated than you have thought if you had to leverage not only BOTG but also overhead views?

    What if you also turned the location linked 180 on the map and it possibly matched the other elements of the envelope in Scrapbook 107? Do you question why there is a 5 dollar bill with a folded corner that looks like an arrow? Is that possibly an instruction to face the map a specific way to see the “wrong” way? Would a child see Lincoln in this image?

    Just a lot of speculation and what ifs.

  196. I believe the chest was in the immediate proximity of the 8th clue with coordinates:

    Lat: 45 02 20
    Long: 110 36 23

    The location is in Section 22 of the Ash Mountain topographical map.

    Not convinced?

    The spot is exactly 7.0 miles, (a perfect number indeed), from the end of the runway at the Gardiner, Montana airstrip where there is large 10 marking on the North-west end of the strip (100 degree heading, and visible on Google Earth). Forrest mentioned he could read the poem and “go right to it”. Indeed so! Take a 96 degree compass heading using the ruler in GE (due East is 90 degrees, so you are making a “right” turn from runway end). You will find yourself 7 miles (exactly, not 6.95 or 7.05) later at the treasure location!

    Still not convinced?

    Forrest found he accidentally added a clue in TTOTC. He also reiterated this clue in a comment on here in 2014, under name: ForrestFire: The additional clue is his Post Office Box Address: 8174 He was able to cleverly select this number at the post office at some point prior to the Chase, as this number is dear to him.

    8174 is the PRECISE elevation where you will arrive at clue #8 after flying 7.0 miles on that heading. Too “simplify” is great, to simplyfly is better. However, most of us will do it tired, drive closer to 9 miles through a number of switchbacks and intersections.

    These are all ancillary confirmations, provided by Forrest, but please consider these bits of evidence carefully. Of course, the final proof is in The Poem!

    Here is a bit more detail about the treasure site:
    This location is on a patented historical mining claim (riches old), above the town of Gardiner, Montana, that is now run as a mountain lodge with rental cabins. I stayed there last week. Formerly, this site was an outfitter for back-country horseback trips for hunters and exploration. The views from this location are unparalleled by any residence East and South are of Yellowstone, without a single sign of human activity for what seems a hundred miles. To the West where the treasure observation point is, there is a vies of the most spectacular mountain in the area – Electric Peak. Yes, the location is on private property – and very, very near these three boundaries: Yellowstone Park, Gallatin National Forrest, and Absoroka Beartooth Wilderness. There are gates and there is ancient barbed wired surrounding much of the property.

    On September 3rd, 2019, I sent Forrest a photo of an earlier clue that I believe resulted in the flurry of Scrapbooks. This began a few days later with SB 205, and the final sentence: “It is fun seeing some of my old memories come back home”.

    I continued to update him with my progress through early November when the snow was too deep. I resolved the 8th clue on Nov. 4th. I expected to return ASAP, however winter and virus delayed that. I did return last Wed., June 10th, 2020 – a trip that I tried to plan for early mid-May, but the snow then remained 23′ deep, I had to postpone. I tried for May 30th, still 12″, finally decided upon June 10th, however a heat wave that come through would have allowed me to go earlier, as it did the finder. The discovery was announced 4 days before my departure, but I had already booked a flight, car, and lodging, and I wanted to see the final spot, verify and photograph it. I needed to confirm the chest was gone, I needed to put this chase to rest.

    I can go on and on with hints and confirmation provided by Forrest in his writings and interviews. Now I very much wish to present the my entire solution to this incredible poem, step by step, show the key word, HoB, show the blaze(s), but I have not yet determined how to best present this information.

    The finder is “shy”, it was said. Shy of a solution to the poem? Did the finder accidentally discover it, was the location stolen or hacked, or was it legitimately worked out?

    I think anyone who solved this tour-de-force of a treasure hunt deserves due recognition. And those who have participated over the years deserve to share in the beauty of the solution.

    Lastly, I believe Forrest would like everyone to see the solution too, even if the finder does not. He says, “It is darker than it was ten years ago…”, Forrest I mean, but I am not certain of his intended meaning by that phrase. Forrest will respect the finders wishes, but why should I? I have no reason to not disclose the answers, and I think if Forrest were in my position, it would be exactly his maverick nature to disclose the information as well. The world wants to know, searchers want to know, and perhaps revealing the location and solution will help quickly settle some of the wacko law suits being filed against Forrest.

    Bottom line: The Poem is a masterpiece that deserves exhibition.

  197. I wonder if FF will ever release the biography he had sealed in the chest. Maybe give some insights to why the spot was so special…hell maybe he can tell us how we are supposed to go about finding all the bells his hidden… any thoughts…sorry Im bored to death now that this thing is found, may have to adjust the ADD meds…

  198. The picture of the treasure chest looks very much rearranged. Maybe rearranged within minutes, hours, weeks, or months – could have been found even years earlier then 2020. A lot looks repacked. The condition on the photo looks to me like this: Most of the content was stored protected for a long time. On the other hand, the box probably was buried in the ground for a while, or at least a substantial amount of wet dirt applied to it. Thin layer of mud on a few coins and partially on the disc are looking deliberately applied. Maybe the intention was not only to keep secret WHERE it was found and WHO found it, but also WHEN it was found. By repacking, a photo was created that shows the chest looking like out in the wood for ten years – to timeshift the WHEN to 2020. Only speculation, but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of things repacked here, that isn’t really the spatial constellation right after the moment of the first discovery.

  199. I have a sailboat and know a good deal about the materials that hold up to nautical environments. Teak holds up really well. Redwood is too soft for many uses, but hold up well to weather and insects. Etc. Did FF ever specify the wood type lining the chest? As others have noted, it seems to have held up really well while other things suffered water damage.

  200. My solve led me to Forrest Fenns waterfall. My solve also told me to come at night. My solve also told me to let him know I was coming so as not to worry his neighbors and so he could put up his dog. My solve told me the chest would be wrapped in a red handkerchief. Now this is also fact. I went there at night, I told him I was coming. I got scared when I saw Forrest in his home and left. It is also fact that he did not try and stop me that night even though I told him I was coming. It is fact that I went back the next day during the day. It is fact that I once again told him I was coming. It is fact that when I came the next day that he was outside with another gentleman and they confronted me. They did not confront me the night before because I came at night like the solve told me too. Then we go to his statement from a couple of days ago where he said it was found under a canopy of stars. Sounds to me like that refers to night. If you were searching during the day you would not find the chest under a canopy of stars, that’s a fact. Who in there right mind would be looking for a treasure at night unless the solve told you too. He said repeatedly that the chest was not in a dangerous place. Any place in the wilderness has the potential of being a dangerous place. He said in an interview it’s not like he would give you the gps coordinates. But if you go to one horse land and cattle company the gps coordinates are right their for everyone to see. I took a screen shot just in case that too disappears. He has said many times it was not on his property, that is not a lie because one horse land and cattle company is a corporation of some type and is located at that address. Now I’m sure he is concerned that one of the people that trespassed at that address will sue him if they find out the chest was found there, but those suits would be baseless because they did not have a solve that told them to come at night. And every previous person trespassed during the day, so the solve alone would be the cause to throw out any suit. I didn’t come home that night with the chest because of me getting scared, that’s on me period. For those that say well he said it was at least what ever the distance was north of Santa Fe, I implore someone one to figure out the distance from the southern most city limit of Santa Fe to 1021 old Santa Fe trl. That was one thing I couldn’t figure out how to do. Every time some one said they found the chest Forrest came out and said it was still where he hid it. No gps tracker or any other device that would tell him it had been moved would stay active for ten years no google earth would allow him to see that close of a picture.

  201. Forrest said he wouldn’t reveal the location where it was hidden, but never said he wouldn’t say where it *wasn’t* hidden. If it was in one of four states, then it wasn’t in the other three. Couldn’t he at least throw a bone, and reveal ONE of the states where it wasn’t? Something like “I’m not saying where it was, but it WASN’T in New Mexico (CO, WY, MT)”. Certainly that would be better than no information whatsoever, and doesn’t even come close to revealing the precise spot. It would certainly put *some* minds at ease, right? What harm could there be in identifying one of the three states where it wasn’t hidden?

  202. The is an off shore account, probably not bound by US laws. They are playing to everyone’s emotions, and trying to score a payday on selling the chest location.
    If legit they should be able to provide any and all evidence to support there claim without legal worries. Anybody willing to believe their hype, probably sent their bank account information already to the mysteriously rich prince in the Sudan, who happens to have your email address, and wants to deposit millions of dollars into your bank account to hold on too, until he wants it back.
    They are trying to sell the location for $2 Million dollars, because we all know they don’t have the chest, so they are trying to sell the location because it has not been released, that is their ploy.
    Asking them for their routing number of their bank, they can give that, it will be an overseas account.

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    Bottom line is that we are a community and respect for each other and for Forrest are important to the base of this community.

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  204. Synonyms, anagrams, homonyms, foreign language translations, Roman numerals, numerology, abbreviations, states, presidents, etc,etc, all were used in combination in accordance with the Fenn rules to convert the poem to a map. The last seven clues were locations specified by latitude and longitude. The final clue also included the altitude. It was precise.

  205. Final zone : I hope the treasure had been hidden near Fairview – Colorado – between Gobblers Knobb and Bishop Castle : Star Group mine or somewhere near.
    The Frenchie

  206. Using the numbers extracted from the poem assemble a drawing using imagery from the poem/books such as fishing hook, anchor, treasure chest (isometric view), church with steeple, fighter jet, teepee, Appalachian Trail logo, football field, arrowhead, etc, etc. utilize mirroring to assist in drawing objects. Simplify. Then identify points in the drawing that represent the last seven clues, in order. The last clue is obviously Indulgence. It stands out like a sore thumb.

  207. Consider this:

    If the finder and the searcher are different ppl. Why would the searcher limit the financial gain from holding a public auction? Southerbyes comes to mind. They have a reputation for getting a high dollar for interesting things.
    As for those sites, it sounds like someone is trying to position themselves to gain from selling a web site name. Happens every day. Come on folks think through things.


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