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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f

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    • Get em Dal,

      Sound principles to base this fine place to socialize in.
      Those of us that have been here since the early days invested a lot of time in the pursuit of indulgence. Dal, your tireless efforts have kept us all on track.

      Those that try to detract from or derail searches failed because of your efforts.
      Thank you so much!


      • we have a amen to that.This is just a request to Forrest or the Finder
        Can You Give us WWWH so we can stay busy rapping our heads around how this was solved 19th letter have something to do with it? Please’ssss. IT still puzzles me Thanks Dal and Forrest may Good days always find you.

      • we have a amen to that.This is just a request to Forrest or the Finder
        Can You Give us WWWH so we can stay busy rapping our heads around how this was solved 19th letter have something to do with it? Please. IT still puzzles me Thanks Dal and Forrest may Good days always find you.

        • sorry that loaded twice but hey i got to say please a couple more times good day all. we need to have a sit down

    • i was in total agreement with all of Dal’s rules above, until i read “the child comments automatically go” comment

      ..darn it!! 🙁

    • Congratulations to the Finder and many thanks to Forrest for the thrill of a lifetime! Don’t be hateful to the finder for staying quiet… none of know his situation. As many stories over the years of attempted break-ins at Mr Fenn’s home, death-threats, destruction of property at National Parks – give the guy a break! It’s been ONLY almost 2 weeks! He could have small kids or a situation where he needs time to work out his safety first. Stop treating it like fast food (gotta know it now!) If it took him YEARS to figure out, then we aren’t entitled to know instantly. (Or at all!) Just saying, relax. Enjoy it was found & Forrest got his bracelet back. I doubt the finder will ever tell us anything if he’s reading some of the nasty comments. Congrats to all who joined in the chase! We all share the joy of exploring!

      • 2nd comment to consider: The photos took about 10 days …. I doubt the Finder flew to NM with the chest – so, by car (depending on where “back East” he started from, thats appropriate driving time. I personally am not disappointed. Let him/them work it out.

    • I would like to mention one more thing about Me. Fenn’s treasure; it looks like to me that if someone did find it they might have sent back to Fenn and said you can have the dang treasure back, it ain’t worth millions of dollars. Heck, I am having ❤️ surgery done later this month to replace the Aortic valve and my surgeon makes more money in one year than that entire box was worth.

    • Well said and thanks Dal. I still feel like I just buried my dog again :.^{


      The Dark Tower by: Stephen King

      Also related: The BATTLE OF JERICHO HILL, a comic book by Stephen King.

      If you read The Dark Tower, you’ll discover the book ends where it begins, near Brown’s Hut, the HOB. Except in the end the hero has the horn of Eld he left on Jericho Hill (WWWH – Blood is warm and mostly made of water) Jericho Hill is only mentioned in passing in The Dark Tower book, but it’s very significant because Roeland is the lone survivor of that battle, the last Gunslinger. “What if” Childe Roeland had retrived the horn of Eld before he reached the Dark Tower to complete his quest? Would he then have entered the Tower and found eternal peace? The Tower had beams attached to it. A beam is a synonym for blaze. A Tower is a Keep….the secret where. Jericho Hill is on the outer arc near the Land of Endless Snows where it’s “cold”. I found a couple of good Dark Tower maps on Google and matched an area that looks like the vicinity of Jericho Hill with a real location on a real map in the Rocky Mountains. I planned to go there back in April but the damn Rona virus lockdown delayed my travel plans. My next trip was planned for July to give things time to open and be safe for travel again. I believe some intrepid searcher also solved the riddle and beat me there to claim the prize. ☹ I refuse to say the physical location to respect the finders wishes, and the details of why Forrest chose that spot are personal. Only someone with a real connection to Forrest will understand why he picked this theme and location to hide his treasure. The finder found the treasure mostly with his imagination, just like Forrest said. It wasn’t in a dangerous location. We all watch/read action adventure/horror movies on TV and books all the time. Do those movies portray action and danger? Yes, of course they do! Is there any real danger? NO! My TTOTC final solve….. The Gunslinger relentlessly chased the Man in black across the desert. See? Perfectly harmless! A fun family vacation to get people off the couch into the beautiful Rocky Mountain countryside, just like Forrest promised us. He never misled anyone! To that Barbara Anderson lady who says she had the winning solve that got hacked…. Sadly, I believe if (only IF) anyone’s solve got ‘hacked’ then it was mine, but I’m being biased. I also choose to believe the finder solved the poem on his own, like I did, but he got there first. Forrest deserves his peace, and anyone with an ounce of respect for him will agree. He gave us all a gift, an opportunity to find a real treasure. There’s a saying I learned growing up…. “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. I never figured out what that means, but if you are wise you won’t do it. To anyone seeking to sue Forrest, I’m asking you kindly to leave the man alone. Also, whoever the finder is, leave him alone too, and drop your lawsuits, please! Thank you!


      P.S. I’m disappointed the chase is over too, but if Forrest and his family are happy that’s all that matters.

    • Forrest, I hope your sitting on your laurels right now! You did what you set out to do! You sparked the imagination of so many of us, led us down the road of history, in search of a treasure!
      The treasure was multi-faceted. It was uncovering history, self discovery, family reconnection, and so much more!
      Thank your for your service, protecting us, that made my heart stop and bleed at the same time.
      Don’t fret about what anyone says. Your genuine. It’s up to the finder.
      to disclose the location.

  2. Congratulations to whoever found the chest.And thank you for returning the bracelet to Forrest which he really wanted returned. I trust this is both a joyful and upsetting time for Forrest because the chase, which took up so much of his waking time, is now over. He always said it might be found in 100 years time, but it was found ten times sooner than that. I remember when one treasure hunter came within five hundred feet of the treasure (according to Forrest). In any rate, at least Forrest had a chance to see his beloved “hide” once more. Thanks, Forrest, for enriching so many lives and making so many people FEEL alive. I’m sad, too. I loved writing about it and now the story is finished.

    • Dal,
      Why do you think that Forrest Fenn is in possession of the treasure? Doesn’t that seem a bit odd so soon after it was found? The chest and its contents would certainly be worth well over a million dollars…potentially several million.
      If I had found the treasure I would have waited at least a month before I figured out my game plan. Feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you.

      • Steeler-
        First of all, I don’t know that Forrest is in “possession” of it. I see him with it. It appears to me that he is examining it.
        The room he is in is not familiar to me and it does not appear to be a room in Forrest’s home.

        I think there is more than one scenario that would put Forrest in close proximity to the chest.

        I have said for years that if I were to find the chest I would put it in Ezy, toss a blanket over it and drive to Santa Fe so Forrest could tell me about all the pieces in that chest. I am curious like that. I’d like to know where, how, and when Forrest got the pieces. Knowing the history of the items increases their value. I could see publishing a book with glorious full color photos of the items and a paragraph or two about the history…how it came to be Forrest’s.

        So in my case, I would have brought it to Forrest and filmed the opening and the discussion about the items. But, I don’t think that’s the case we have here. The photos do not appear to have been taken in Forrest’s home.

        Another logical scenario is that the finder, who Forrest admits he did not know, called or emailed Forrest with the news that the chest was found. There is some back and forth as Forrest verifies that the “finding” is authentic. Perhaps the finder wants to sell the treasure. Perhaps the finder wants to remain anonymous. Maybe the finder wants cash more than gold. Maybe the finder does not want the burden of disposing of the treasure nor does he want to pay taxes nor does he want to deal with the legalities of removing it from wherever Forrest hid it. So the finder offers to sell it to Forrest. Forrest agrees in principle to purchase it at market value…but what is market value? Forrest isn’t a fool so he wants to examine the condition of the items (they’ve been laying outside for nearly ten years) and have everything appraised.

        Maybe they agree to this..If I were Forrest I would not want to meet the finder at my home, particularly not in the age of coronavirus with he and Peggy both being over 80 years old. But I might agree to meet in an attorney’s office where there is a guarantee of attorney-client privilege and secrets will be kept secret and papers can be drawn up. Another possible meeting place would be at a neutral appraisers office. A third place might be a bank with a private meeting room where privacy and security can be implemented.

        The meeting is arranged. Forrest examines the contents. An appraiser might be called in…or maybe Forrest simply makes a cash offer and that offer is accepted by the finder.

        Or, maybe Forrest isn’t interested in buying the treasure but agrees to help the finder sell.

        Or maybe the finder wants to get the treasure insured for the long drive home to the east coast from Santa Fe and Forrest agrees to examine the contents and appraise the value for the agent.

        There are all kinds of possibilities that would lead up to the information we now have and the photos we have all seen.

        In my opinion we will get more info as the process unfolds. It will not unfold quickly. The more cautious the finder is, the more time it will take.

        I can tell you this. There are dozens and dozens of scenarios that would bring the chest and Forrest back together again and it would be foolish to jump to conclusions based on the small amount of information we have right now,

        • Hi Dal,
          is there any word on if something mite come out late or is this the last word on it?

        • Yes, so many possibilities. The thing that seems most unlikely is that anyone flew a plane into New Mexico. They are still required to quarantine for 14 days, no more than 5 people in a room at a time, no non-essential travel, etc.!

          • lady-
            Didn’t have to fly. The finder could have driven to their search area like the rest of us. Hundreds…maybe thousands…maybe tens of thousands of searchers have driven from the east to their search area.

            After the finder located the chest he contacted Forrest, tossed it in the car and drove to Santa Fe…

            No quarantine required…

        • Dal,

          I really like the part where you say “Forrest isn’t a fool” as that brings to mind his business practice (I believe it was a business practice) to buy back a painting at the sales price even if it sold was a year or two earlier because it most likely would have appreciated in value over that time.

          Your comment is basically that exact same scenario.

          Great comment Dal!


        • Dal – One scenario:

          Maybe Forrest and a Smithsonian Museum approved appraiser are evaluating the bronze chest and its contents for the museum to buy and place the treasure and associated supporting materials from The Chase on display for FREE public view? Wouldn’t that satisfy everyone’s inner needs? Didn’t Forrest hope that’s where the treasure would end up?

          That would seem like ‘poetic justice’ for this story, to me. What do you think, Douglas Preston?

          • Lisa,

            I would like to believe if Mr. Fenn were to display the chest and trove, it would be in a way that folks could touch it. Maybe make castings and clones to touch with the originals under glass nearby? From what we know of him and his art shop I would guess it would be along these lines.

          • Swwot;

            Consider the value. One cant just put 2M dollars worth of gold, precious ancient artifacts and jewels lying around in a museum with the hope that no one puts a coin or jewel or two in their pocket as a memento. JDA

        • That’s spot on Dal! We can’t make a conclusion from the information provided, but lots more will be revealed in due time – which may (at that point) allow us to make a conclusion.

  3. Amen! thank you again, Dal. I understand keeping this website up costs you time and money. How do I best support that? Through buying a t-shirt or…?

  4. Please take a few minutes to read my solve on the chest has been found part 7. And tell me what you think. The few people that have commented think I may have “found” the solution except for one guy who said it’s complicated.

    The chest was on the southern bank in or at the base of a tree on the Sweetwater River in Wyoming on the line between Tar Springs (near Lander), and Marvel Colorado.

    • gave it a looks see on google maps, does the spot appear to you to be a place FF could have gotten to ( at his seniority) twice in one afternoon…I may be looking at a slightly different location…do you have coordinates?

      • CC – It’s 42 degrees 22’50” and -108 degrees 46’06”

        I think thats right. Don’t have it right in front of me so i had to estimate using iphone google earth app. There a 2 track trail from the highway that goes with about 1800 feet of the treasure.

          • well its as solid as solve as Ive heard! Im liking the method for sure….For sanity purposes I hope you are right. My last two solves landed me in the Mastiff Geyser at Yellowstone and in the Blanco River Falls north of Pagosa Springs CO. The Silver Star mine at Bull of the Woods was a bust, but it sure was pretty…

          • Thanks CC. Yes I had a couple of beautiful trips too before I completed this solve last July. But for my sanity, I am praying to be wrong and not right. I would love for someone to tear it apart logically and not just say “it’s too complicated “. Most of my posts are ignoreD by the cool kids, though. I don’t have the blog cred to get much interaction like the big names. Sad face.

    • warlock, I think I have all the pins except cold springs. What GNIS coordinates did you use for cold springs? Can’t seem to find that anywhere. I really hope someone can check out your solve soooooon. Hopefully if it was correct and the finder did leave something, the person who checks your solve will send you it.

      • David – Cold Springs is 42.6759110 and -108.7778576 ( in decimal degrees). Its near Wolf Trail i know because I drove down Wolf Trail in 2016! I almost had this solved 4 years ago. I found the blaze in 2016!

        Forrest told a woman many years ago that if she sent him the correct solution he would retrieve the chest for her. She had a disability which I don’t. But isn’t that precedent? I sent what I believe is the correct complete solve in July 2019. Forrest was saying that he would accept a complete EMAIL solve to be the solution. Good enough that he would consider this woman to be the rightful owner without her having to go retrieve it.

        • You ever think it could be the creek to the north? Pine creek….
          Wood is the key… get it your car and go!

        • You ever think it could be the creek to the north? Pine creek…. Wood is the key… get it your car and go!

        • i thought Fenn revealed in interviews that the treasure was near Pine needles? whats youre take on that regarding your solve?

        • Warlock…you have plenty of blog cred and your solution is very interesting. H
          I have always enjoyed your thoughts and comments. I’m not seeing “contiguous” in the manner I would expect but my expectations usually lead to erroneous assumptions. You certainly have “precision”, which Forrest emphasized as being essential. I think we will learn soon enough if you get the silver medal in this chase (and if Jake has to eat his hat). PS I’m no botanist either but the cones in picture certainly appear to be Pinyon. I am camped right now on the west side of the Colorado Sange de Cristos at the transition zone between the Pinyon and Aspen forest and the debris on the forest floor, coloration of soils etc appear similar to pictures provided by Forrest.

          • Sally – Thank you for your comments. And I guess I should stop whining. I’m an egomaniac with low self esteem! So no pinyons at the Sweetwater River? And also someone pointed out that there don’t appear to be pinyon or pine trees/needles along my stretch of the Sweetwater. So that may rule it out if you can’t smell pine needles? What do you think?

      • i mean… i thought the poem would get you to the location and then the following clues would direct you within 500 feet from the start… does this fit your solve?

    • for us novices … can you post a picture or a google map with the pins and explanation, all the points??? cant you have someone go out there now close to this area and check it out?

      • Huben – as we speak I believe columbiagorge is heading out this weekend to check it out. I want to throw together a website to show my findings. I believe Dal is done(And deservedly so) with posting solves. Is someone out there good at creating websites or whatever to post my solve and pictures? Email me at

  5. Thanks for clearing this up! I deleted all the Facebook accounts that I was part of as they take up a lot of time and are often not worth reading. Your blog is the only one I’m keeping for now. I love the mountains and the new discoveries I made while on this chase. Thanks Dal, and especially thanks to Forrest

    • I wonder if the finder was one of the searchers that Forrest mentions in several interviews that was within 200 foot of the treasure?

      • I believe Forrest mentioned a “she” when talking about 200′ and “he” for the finder.

      • There’s a highway ~200 feet away from the general area in my solve. I believe that would cover many searchers that drove by.

  6. I feel like I went through a bad breakup. There is a hole in my heart where The Chase lived. What an experience this has been and I wish I could give the same experience to others. Rest assured that if I ever win the lottery I will make sure I host many hunts in a similar fashion for others to enjoy as well. But we all know what my chances are at the lottery lol.

    • Same here Robert. I feel like a long meaningful relationship just ended. Have even started ‘rebound’ looking for more treasure hunts. ‘Fandango’ ends in November but there is another one some where in England. May give them a go. Closer to home.

  7. And thank you, Dal, for your thousands and thousands of hours of editing this site and maintaining it and filming Forrest and being such a GREAT moderator/leader/ cheerleader. All great things come to an end.

    • I leave next Monday. Got some other things to take care of along the way, so i won’t get to my “area” until Thursday.

  8. Forrest and his treasure hunt have been VINDICATED and VALIDATED!

    Thank you, Forrest, for the adventure of a lifetime!
    And thanks, Dal, for being an example of loyalty and true friendship toward Forrest.

    -Joe Monday

    • I couldn’t agree more Joe.

      Thank you Forrest and Dal for everything!

      And I can’t wait for your hunt Joe!

      • Thanks, Robert!
        The Appalachian Mountains are indeed calling to us……


  9. If your solve doesn’t factor in National Lazy Day, you never got past the 4th clue, IMO.

    Blaze => b + laze => be lazy => National Lazy Day

    It too is tied to a clue associated with magnetic declination. It’s one of the places where the lines cross. Forrest has mentioned that he is lazy. I doubt it’s true, nevertheless he said it … not me. Here’s the thing, there were as many blazes as there are clues. They are all different. But all designed to get your attention. IMO of course.

    • August 10 is National Lazy Day. Relax and kick back. Now think about it, how many times did f say to relax? Ha! Told ya.

  10. Great hunt and really appreciated , but not revealing even the remote location of where it was found is a bitter pill for those who spent years pondering the clues and the resources to follow their solves. A very sad end. Genuinely happy for the finder; congratulations! But more consideration for the ‘also rans’ was the least we could have hoped for, I feel.

    • Agreed. We’ve made many trips to the mountains and would just like a piece of mind by knowing if we were even close or not.
      With that being said, it is still early and I’m sure more information will come out at a later date.
      Thanks for the hunt Forrest, a lot of great family time with sons, cousins, and Uncles were had looking for the treasure and even though we didn’t find it we’ve made memories of a lifetime and seen country we’d never have seen if it wasn’t for this treasure hunt.
      Congratulations to the winner, now take your chest and go in peace the title of the gold is now yours!

  11. Hi Dal,

    My boyfriend and I recently ordered T-shirts from the link on this page (maybe 10 days ago). We still haven’t received a confirmation email saying the order has been processed and/or shipped. I have an order number, but no contact info. Can you help? Thanks.

    • Ashton Kellog,

      I’m pretty sure it said it could take up to 10 days for the order to be processed, or something like that. It’s been 6 or so days for me and I expect they’re busy si it might take the full 10ish that I read. It should happen soon for ya!


  12. In the imagery behind the treasure map one of the images was a golf ball sitting on a tee. Fore! IMO.
    Look I know you have no idea what I’m talking about now, but you will someday.

  13. … wait!! Are those two discs in the treasure chest 10 kilo gold coins? They are worth $100K a piece by weight alone aren’t they? Whoa.

    • doubt it. the top one has at least 3 holes in it, and there is no “relief”. Plus they look thin and wavy. Looks like a golden pissa crust, but probably some sort of cymbal or such.

    • 10 kg = 22 lb. If one objected accounted for the entire weight of the contents of the box, everything else inside would need to be literally weightless.

  14. Perhaps we can all pitch in and get Dal a new rod, fishing line and/or a nice reel to draw in the big ones. And I am sure Forrest can loan you some of his best lures.
    Take a break Dal, you deserve it.

  15. 42,

    I agree with your comment Regarding Forrest inspecting the treasure, but is it possible he’s also doing an inventory in preparation to purchase it?


    • Very good point. He looks to be inventorying it for some reason. Could be for legal documentation as well.

      • Yes, I’m thinking it’s so he can give it a “Certificate of Authenticity”. Maxium value!

      • Particularly if the chest is sold piecemeal. IMHO, that would be the best way to monetize it.

        That would also allow us diehards to have another chance at (a small part) of the treasure.


        • I don’t get why the finder would take the whole chest to F. How is it that f has the chest to do the inventory? Or is it a pre chase photo? I thought a picture was sent to him? This finder wants to be totally silent, so why take the chest to f? Just mail his bracelet and include some pics. The question will still remain, did f really hide a chest?
          Maybe f is at the finder’s bank or something, I guess I’m just really disappointed in the finder not giving the community any info. I see it as total disrespect to all who were involved. (if there was really a finder).
          Big O, where’s the conspiracy theories? lol, I think all of us would throw a bone to the community, except this one particular finder? Come on, but, I except that the chase is over, however the true outcome, it was fun…

  16. @zaphod73491
    Regarding Tepee Creek, you do know there is another Tepee Creek off 191 at Greyling Creek? (goes up to Tepee Basin)

    You never commented on the “many places” ATF and your WWWH.

    • I can take a stab at your question to Zap (as I have the same WWWH as he does), though he may answer better than I. Again, until the solution is revealed this is my opinion

      You can’t solve WWWH without first solving the “word that is key”, which can be found in the first two lines of the first stanza.

      As I have [G]one [AL]one [I]n [T]here
      [AN]d with [M]y [T]reasures bold,

      Spells “GALITAN, MT” – with Forrest’s penchant for spelling creatively, this points to a specific area. The border of Yellowstone National Park ends on the Gallatin River right where Gallatin Canyon begins. That is your “Canyon Down”.

      Now, the “Many Places” problem is simply Yellowstone National Park. There are hundreds of Warm Waters in Yellowstone, and they are part of YNP – which ends at it’s border.

      Combining the border of YNP with the keyword Gallatin gives you a precise starting point right where a canyon begins. “take *it* in the canyon down”

      • I agree!!!

        Where the gallatin starts into the canyon is/was my WWWH. Take it is take the 191 south down the canyon. Forrest said it’s where the lines cross right there the Montana and Wyoming lines cross. The last warm waters on the 191 is Greyling then you ha e the divide the caldera rim you have divide lake and then you have the pullout for Bighorn pass. That is right where the Gallatin starts into the canyon. I firmly believe that is begin “IT” where warm waters halt!

          • Here is another thought. I’m sure that can prove where the chest was hidden. A searcher who might have thought the chest was hidden or if they can find the blaze and locate the spot where the chest rested and to me it looked like it had been placed in the ground to the rim of the lid. If that is the case and the chest was indeed in the ground. Soil samples should be taken and tested for bronze leaching. If the chest was wet bronze won’t deteriorate but it will leach into the soil. This could show/prove the hide spot.

      • One addition as a point of clarification – there are hundreds of places WWWH in YNP, but they are all part of YNP, and they all halt at the border 😉 that addresses the Many Places ATF

        • OK where to start is key, so I would say that begin it and take it, The word it refers to the same thing the Madison river, look how he phrased the sentences normally I believe one would say begin were warm water halts, But Fenn didn’t say that he said begin it where warm waters halt, so here you go if you can hear this the firehole River and the Gibbon river end at the same place the start of the Madison River those two rivers ended in their names and the Madison River began that is the Madison Junction that is where to start…… Think about it if you read the book and listen to him at all this is really the only logical starting place even though it seems that so many places could be described like that , I believe he intended the clue by the way he wrote it to only describe one place…..if you are interested we can talk about the other clues …..

      • I have a solve that I have been working on that indicates that the Home of Brown is House Rock on the Gallatin River. The Governor’s mansion in California was originally built by Albert Gallatin (different one) and it was home to two Governor Browns (father and son). It is called the Gallatin Mansion. So one could think that a House (rock) of the Gallatin could reasonably called the Home of Brown.


    • Imajin did a good job explaining it. The ATF meBigGuy is objecting to is from a Mysterious Writings Featured Question on (8/12/2014): “Someone unfamiliar with your poem receives a message that says ‘meet me where warm waters halt, somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe’. Would they be able to work out where to go? If they can’t, would they need the whole poem, another stanza, or just a line or word to help them on their way? ~Phil Bayman”

      FF: “There are a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure, Phil, but it is risky to discount any of them. You over simplify the clues. There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts. f”

      I ~believe~ meBigGuy’s objection is similar to that made by others in years past: that whatever WWWH is, there must be an analog to it that *isn’t* north of Santa Fe. That is one narrow interpretation, but the wrong one in my opinion. I think all Forrest is saying is that of all the potential WWWH’s that searchers could dream up, most of them are going to be north of Santa Fe. That’s just a simple consequence of the fact that 99% of the Rockies are north of Santa Fe.

      There are thousands of things that WWWH ~could~ be (just look at all the solutions searchers have posted over the years), and that poem line 5 in isolation won’t tell you which is the one Forrest has in mind. I have offered a lock-and-key approach that specifies a unique WWWH based solely on the poem and general knowledge of the existence of Yellowstone and its geysers.

      • no, but I have wanted to talk to you since you posted about grizzlys, and “where the water came out of the ground”

        • Copy that, Your a pretty smart dude. I think it was there. I was working two spots in the area. I was kinda taking my time, too much so. I wish I had pushed harder. g

          • I believe as many do, the poem followed a continuous stream of water from start to finish. One of the streams with a name that matched part of the poem so well, I never did go to the source. I saw a profile that pulled me from the existing water and I started following old beds. I was about to get back in the draws when the news broke. g

          • It looks like it was not lodgepole pine, though. I was thinking maybe it was below the lake (no paddle UP your creek, so go down. There are a few pictures on my link. Did you think HoB was Grahams Place? And, did you meet grizzlys in the Valley?

          • Yes, and no bears in that valley, but in my other spot a mile or two north west my search partner when we got separated a bit heard a loud branch snap and thought to himself, g’s not over there. He looked up and saw mama coming to hammer me. Hey bear, hey I see a bear. I hit the deck, I couldn’t see her. He was giving me play by play. I yelled is it a griz? Do they look like big teddy bears he said? Yes I replied with my head spinning, not again, She’s standing up, oh she’s got cubs he said. I could kinda see her now 50 feet away but was too scared to take a good look. There we were, four corners of a square, My buddy, myself, the bear and the cubs. She thought for a moment, realizing I was not alone and started back to her cubs as I crawled on my belly towards the sound of my buddys voice. When I got to him he was laying on the ground behind a rock. I turned to look back and the three bears were heading into thick woods on a little hill. What do you think i asked my friend. Im staying right here he said. We thought for a moment and decided to stand up and walk right past them like we owned the place on acount she had the high ground and we didn’t want to meet them again on the way out. She would probably not give us another free pass. End of search day. Is this the bear story i had mentioned before? I can’t remember. I got another one that was more nerve racking because I was by myself and got myself into deeper trouble than just the bear. A bad decision on a cliff face. I think she’s dead now if its the same. A self defence shot by a guy last fall, after a few other attacks. Problem is it may be a different bear and or her cubs saw the way she conducted herself. g

          • Oh yes, I forgot this part. It is kinda funny and true. Through all the panic and crawling, when we got up and started walking out past them I looked at my hand and I had been carrying the whole time an open Dr. Pepper with a only a sip or two gone, apparently never spilled a drop. I thought to myself is this what she really wanted, the 23 flavors? g

          • My guy says this, he is absolutely an expert. The different colors are different subspecies, yours is the green one, Pinus contorta ssp. latifolia. g

          • Is your guy saying the trees in that valley were lodgepole (from my picture). What was your HoB. I first found that valley by starting at the West Side Swimming Hole (79 degree warm spring).

          • Grahams. He identified treasure picture pine cone this way. How do I see your pictures?

          • Oh, I found them. nice. Don’t know if trees are same. We also don’t know how long or far from hiding spot the chest picture was taken. Probably not too far, looks organized. Finders picture looks dry prob no rain that day. g

          • You can look at the blue sky and clouds reflected in the plastic bags in the treasure chest. Some people say they see a person, but I disagree.

        • just click on my name. It is a link to my wordpress stuff. My email is there also (replace at and dot with @ and .) You will recognize the crossing, of course. It’s right at the campsite with the toilet. There is a trail up the valley, but I now favor below the lake.

          We agree on the pine cones and needles in the treasure picture. But I think the trees in that valley were fir. And the grey soil is not like it was there. But I could be wrong. That soil fits more like Taylor Creek off the Gallatin.

          • I see what you mean about the light soil on front chest edge. I may agree. I don’t remember that in the valley. but other areas just outside the valley and very near has loads of it, even strange mounds of it in places. Some spotty, could still be patches in the valley. g

          • Im humored by the amount of people who really think they might narrow down the TC hidey spot by a photo of soil. Sorry, but the idea is absurd.

          • I think that is pretty amazing detective work mebigguy, to narrow it down to a single creek.

            When Forrest and his eagle decide to come clean we will know if you are right. I suspect it will not be for a while though and most of us are comfortable with that.

  17. Now I know why there were no reply buttons in part 7…. its hard to keep up

  18. The pictures speak volumes, FF got his bracelet back and the finder gets the booty.
    All is well that ends well. Boy I sure wood like to know the spot. Come on finder gives us a hint.

  19. It has been a long time since I posted here, but thanks Dal for running such a well organized platform for followers of this great search. Thank you Forrest! My wife said you can have her “chapeau” if you still want it! 🙂
    – TxTH

  20. Since my link was broken, I am re-posting.
    My Treasure move – the adventure of a lifetime

    My solve starts at Los Ojos, NM because of many reasons but one important one is that TTOTC is clearly pointing us to tears as the metaphorical answer to WWWH (in Stout Hearted Men and Totem Cafe Caper for example) . WHERE warm waters halt is therefore “The Eyes” – Los Ojos. Los Ojos was actually named after the many cold water springs that flow into Rio Chama – where warm water halts, and Los Ojos has a state trout hatchery – where warm water “halts” the trout, which does happen occasionally. The use of the term “waters” is also key being a reference to fish/trout and warm vs trout waters. From there we proceed exactly 212 degrees (where warm water halts or evaporates) to El Vado, the home of Brown.

    In addition to revealing my nine clues and why, the movie attempts to answer some of the chase’s biggest questions:
    What is the significance of page 15 in TTOTC?
    What does fishing and being a pilot have to do with the Chase?
    What is the secret of Forrest’s map?
    When did Forrest tell us what the blaze was?
    What is the big twist in the poem that has made the search so difficult?
    What is the word that is key, or actually what are the key words?
    Who I discovered was the 200 foot searcher.
    Why the Denver Museum is actually important to the last clue.

  21. Okay, so how did you arrive to Gallatin? Why use the first letter in “gone” and then use the first 2 letters in “alone”, and then the first letter twice, then the first 2 in “and”?
    I can see where a misspelling would work, but the just picking and choosing of letters doesn’t seem to work.
    Also, I can see you trying to use the poem, which I like a lot better then just saying some spot because it has warm waters stopping, or whatever, but, but just picking any letters to spell a word I don’t believe is the way to a winning solve, unless the poem tells you to do so.
    Sorry to say, but if this is how you found some word that is key, and applied it to a start point, I just don’t see it.
    I could see possibly Gallatin from “gone alone in there”, as:
    g “one”
    al “one”
    l “one”
    a “lone”
    int “here” (t in front)=
    That way you use the poem and what the poem is saying. Still a stretch, but not picking and choosing so much.
    Again, sorry, can’t see this as the way to go. Like JDA’s a little better, even though I don’t agree with that one.
    Like BigGuy is saying, there are too many warm water halts out there for there to just be a guess. The poem, and only the poem should tell you. And getting “Gallatin as you have is a stretch. Of course, IMO.

    • Would it blow your mind to know that Gallatin or GALATIN (in that exact form) is found in every stanza in the poem? 🙂

      • @imajin…
        “Gala-tin” or “happy trails tin can”could be the name ff gave his camp trailer or his parents airstream trailer.
        He may have pulled the trailer with treasure inside to the hiding place…
        “I’ve done it tired” = driven

    • poisonivey: imajin missed the “one” in alone as the second L of Gallitan (sic). It’s just an acrostic variant in five consecutive words utilizing both visual (one=l) and auditory (Gallitan/Gallatin) homophones. It’s right at the beginning of the poem, and Gallatin County is even shaped like a key. And the first two clues are precisely contiguous: Gallatin Canyon formally begins right at the point where the river exits the Park.

      • Like I said, I can see that as determining better then he originally posted. So, since that would be the architecture of the poem in solving, do you stick with it for the whole poem?
        imajin, would it blow your mind if every line can be broken down this way?
        Anyway, so the first line gives you your start point, Gallatin, how does lines 2,3, and 4 get you to WWWH in line 5 to be the first clue?
        Don’t get me wrong guys, I had that as part of a solve a long time ago, Gallatin, but it didn’t jive to line 5 being the first clue. If line one tells you where to start, that would be a clue. It gets you closer to the chest, and gives you an area to start. That’s a clue.
        I, at least, if you did a write up, would get passed the first clue, a lot of write ups don’t do that, but I question your clue placements.
        In keeping with the “breaking down of a line” if you will, what did you get for line 5? Because there are many ways that line is broken down. Example:
        Begin (itw) here = Begin wit
        warm waters (the letter h) alt (alternate)= h warm water salt
        = Begin with warm water salt
        Is this what you get? Or, have you found an entire different way to go about solving the poem since 3 lines ago?
        imajin, would it blow you’re mind to know that line 6 breaks down to “And city”?
        Begin with warm water salt and city.
        I would still say that you are picking and choosing for your solve to fit, force-fitting, that’s all. I in no way am saying you are wrong, just makes no sense.

        • Hi poisonivey: “So, since that would be the architecture of the poem in solving, do you stick with it for the whole poem?”

          No. I don’t think Forrest is a one-trick pony. I think my proposed solution to NF, BTFTW demonstrates that.

          “Anyway, so the first line gives you your start point, Gallatin…”

          Actually, I wouldn’t say that it does. It just provides one keyword (or possibly the keyphrase Gallatin W. MT). Having that word/phrase doesn’t give you a starting point. The river? The National Forest?

          Likewise, “where warm waters halt” doesn’t give you a starting point, but instead a very long border. It is only together that the pair yield a precise starting point.

          • I considered that the keyword would be a word that would be echoed everywhere in the physical solve: Gallatin River, Gallatin Canyon, Gallatin Gateway, Gallatin County, Albert Gallatin (SECRETary of the Treasury), etc. And the word ‘gallant’ – so similar – also meaning ‘bold’ in the very next line, with a castle down the canyon, no less… Also reading that line again and again, you can hear it, IMO.

            Also consider the remaining letters in that first line:


            remove the 111 (longitude, IMO):


            Maybe he went for a shave there 🙂

        • I would say the opposite – I am using the Poem and a Map as Forrest said. It gave me the locations. I only solved up through WWWH. If I wasn’t absolutely confident in a solution to NF,BTFTW purely from the Poem and a Map only, I didn’t trust it.

          I didn’t rearrange any letters, not create any new words, so your example is irrelevant, though I don’t mean that in a mean way. The letters are in order, and it was too big of a clue to ignore. It took me about 30 seconds to figure out what I believe WWWH to be based on the keyword. I think the first stanza and line 5 are the first clue. Forrest never said the first clue was only one line. Otherwise, the first stanza is *useless* and frankly, that is just not how it works when it takes a guy 10 years to create the poem.

          When you look at the myriad of other armchair treasure hunts, they have all done similar things. I may be entirely wrong about what I believe to be WWWH, but I would wager a crisp benji that I am right 🙂

          • I didn’t say it was wrong, just can’t get on board with it. Simple explanation, the ATF about the answer to wwwh, blaze, hoB, in a subtle way in the book. (sorry, don’t have the quote in front of me).
            But simple enough, has f given the answer to any of the above in a subtle way in the book. Zap, you know the ATF. It’s hard to get around that ATF, while giving the answer in a subtle way.
            It’s just the answers were never given, subtle or otherwise. You need to learn the answers. That’s one reason I ditched the thought of Gallatin, even though that was the word I found. Plus, it didn’t match up with the ATF’s. But of course, IMO.

    • But, the ATF says approximately “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. ” So, what are several possible WWH that fit your logic that are south of Santa Fe

  22. Comments are closed on page 7, so I’ll reply here. Thank you, Brett. I flew to Montana thrice looking for the thing at Hidden Lake, but wasn’t successful. My “look quickly down” was different each time.

    R-B, my IT was simply the hunt. Begin the hunt where warm waters halt…people were making this way too hard.

    Annie, like many others, I think the other stanzas had some legal intentions. I don’t believe they had any clues in them (except perhaps “in the wood”, which could have also meant “in the bullseye”) They were there to formally attest Forrest’s intention to create a treasure hunt and reward the finder ownership of the treasure and that he did this cognizantly, deliberately, and without coercion. Also, my username is Marv not Mary…Marv Elgaze…it’s a pun.

    • Flying, like Forrest, would be a really fun way to solve. I was relegated to the poorman’s airplane, google earth. 🙂

    • OK where to start is key, so I would say that begin it and take it, The word it refers to the same thing the Madison river, look how he phrased the sentences normally I believe one would say begin were warm water halts, But Fenn didn’t say that he said begin it where warm waters halt, so here you go if you can hear this the firehole River and the Gibbon river end at the same place the start of the Madison River those two rivers ended in their names and the Madison River began that is the Madison Junction that is where to start…… Think about it if you read the book and listen to him at all this is really the only logical starting place even though it seems that so many places could be described like that , I believe he intended the clue by the way he wrote it to only describe one place…..if you are interested we can talk about the other clues …..

        • Ok on with it so Home of Brown, we all noticed the capital B is in my opinion Hebgen lake , why?
          Because his love of fishing and the great impact madison river had on his young life. That lake is home
          Of the largest brown trout in the world supposedly.hence The respectful Capital B

        • So Mark let me share this with you , this is a reply I already made to someone else…..
          Jan R , having searched this area a few times and running into other people also searching there I believe this is where the treasure was hidden, interesting to finally hear from someone that your solve brought you to this location, so to summarize begin it where warm waters halt,
          It refers to the Madison River at the Madison Junction where Fenn spent much of his young life in the summer times, this is where the Gibbon River and the Firehole river,2 warm water rivers end and from there the Madison River begins. This is in my opinion the beginning point of the search then take it in the canyon down the Madison Canyon put in below the home of brown with a B, that is Hebgen lake
          This is where supposedly the largest brown trout in the world exist.
          So put in below the lake is to take ghost Village Road down along the Madison river, you reach a parking lot and the end is every nigh.
          No paddle up your creek that is Beaver Creek about a mile or so walk from parking lot.Heavy loads and water hi. The Madison river now turns into earthquake lake at the corner of Beaver Creek and the lake many many years ago a glacier came down Beaver Creek And damed the Madison river at that spot. A glacier carry heavy loads of material earth in boulders and frozen water which is called water high. Also the end of the glacier there is called a terminal Moraine. That is the end no paddle of the creek so not up the creek the only place you could be is that area where the creek meets the lake the madison river. In my opinion you must be on the ground and that is the place to search.
          Let me know what you think …..

          • Wow, that’s very perceptive! Heck, if this TC gets hidden all over again, that’s where I’m headin! 🙂

            You know, looking at the vague plastic zip lock bag reflections, I think I can make out some ridge lines and trees, which looks a lot like Madison Valley. Maybe that kind of topography exists farther down to your solve area too.

            Thanks. MM

          • Mark it does look like there is mud on the chest so it may have been in or near the water which fits with that area and also I think what you see outside the chest there Is typical terrain of the area. This is very exciting I’ve been at this for years and only recently discovered something about the very end that made me see that I was searching not quite in the right spot now that I’ve noticed that and revised the ending I was getting ready to go back over there and that is when I heard about the finding of the treasure so why not share my opinion about it all.

    • Hi Marv (Mary lol),

      I also think “in the wood” could have meant “in the bullseye”. My family and I were in Eagles Nest searching for the treasure, we were at a cute little local museum and out in the back one of the museum employees was teaching tourists how to throw a hatchet at a huge wood stump target thing, my wife was hitting the stump every time with the hatchet and I said wow my wife is good with that hatchet (it actually worried me a bit, now when we argue I won’t let her bring a hatchet to our gun fight lol), the guy who was giving hatchet throwing lessons said “yes, she is in the wood every time” and I was like WHAT, “in the wood”, does that mean hitting the target, and he said yes that is what that means…

    • Marvel Gaze ah. Oh. So sorry Marv Elgaze. My eyes are so bad on black background. My stupid.
      Did i say before But tarry scant with. Is an anagram for TRIBUTARY?

      The quest IMO doesn’t end with “look quickly down “ I don’t think this is a literal meaning, but saying the reader has to look down the stanza to find letters RSR that are required for a word that means THE BLAZE. For their search of letters to end. (Cease) ALL which is connected to clue No Five.

      If you are brave and in the wood. To me says.
      If you are = UR
      Brave = bold
      And in the wood = ELDER

      I am working on putting all my search together but it will take a while to write out coherently.
      The general solve throughout IMO has to do with part anagrams and play on words and phrases.
      My solve has a lot to do with FISH. Especially CUTTHROAT.
      Thanks for replying to my post again.

  23. I still think that the home of Brown was referring to the Mollie Browne house in Denver. She survived the Titanic that was a ship of the White Star line.
    Referring to the FF memory « Once about a while » cover, that puts emphasis on white stars, and the announcement about the finding of the chest mentioned again a lot of stars in « a canopy op stars… »..I believe that the white star line refers to a starting point that could be « Steamboat springs » (Titanic was a steamboat ) and the warm water halts there before going into the Yampa river. Furthermore a canopy of stars is formed in the waterdrops around a waterfall in bright sunlight. Also a small rainbow is formed around a waterfall ..and did FF not say the chest was there where the rainbow ended?
    I do not have a complete solution, i can only say that when I connect Mollie Browne’s museum with Steamboat springs or Steamboat lake and if i also connect the cities Golden and Gould (it was all going about gold) : The intersection is somewhere near grand lake and shadow mountain lake. And then look at the cover of FF’s second memory…which shows us a big shadow. So for me the TC was somewhere there up in the mountains, very close to a waterfall.
    It is only a very partial solve, but it was a pleasure to use my imagination.

    • I think you are correct in thinking of Mollie Brown, but not in Denver. Mollie was from Leadville, at least she and her husband struck it rich there, hence Leadville is home of Brown. WWH is the highest point in Colorado that you can drive to. Take it in the Canyon down puts you in the Arkansas River, right around Granite. Check Google earth at the railroad bridge over the Arkansas just above Granite. Lots of heavy loads and a visible blaze.

  24. Instead of connecting Golden with Gould, it should be Golden with Rand. The last one refers to the Krugerrand, a well known popular golden coin.

  25. When I look at these photos I see a kind old gentleman that some folks are beating up on. Forrest should be our leader! I love the man! He’s a beautiful guy! He’s given us so much to hope for. My brother and I, had we found that chest and after looking at these pictures decided immediately that we would insist he takes it all back for his family. He’s done so much for us all. If he wouldn’t take it back I’d hide it like nobodies business and give you all a run for your money. He’s a good man. Hand it over to him.

  26. I was considering going back to my spot, but then I noticed grass in the photo. No grass at my spot. So relieved I was wrong, haha.

  27. Regarding people and searchers within 500′ & 200′ of the treasure . . . FF once said that he knows because people tell him where they have searched (just as I have BTW). But what is the mechanics of this? I think that the 500′ boundary is to a trail or even a named road. It has to be a named thing. The 200′ boundary has to be to something that is named but is only rarely accessed or is defined by named things.

    For example, someone could write FF and say I took road 123 to the lookout tower (which tells FF that they passed within 500′) and then I took the trail to a old ranger’s cabin ruins (which told FF they were within 200′) . I would put bets on the blaze and/or its immediate surroundings not being named and not being the only way between two points (recalling that it isn’t near an actual trail). It could be a shortcut between two points that are named. But then it has to be obvious that one would follow a specific route in that case (like I followed the cliff base between the xyz campground and lake abc).

    To my way of thinking, this greatly limits where the treasure was hidden. It had to be near named things at particular distances or within a specific distance of a named route without being a trail that was clearly defined and also not be where any named thing was (and at least 200′ from a path).

    My next planned BOTG was to be to such a spot (it was the verification after following the clues and ending up in that spot) . Did other searcher’s end points meet these criteria? And if not, how do you explain FF’s ability to ID that searchers by description were these specific distances from your solution?

    • Very logical thinking, but let’s just say it’s 200′ from a river and no one knows which of us have been within 200′. That’s still a tremendous search area to look 200′ to either side of a river. You’re spot on, though, as to how Forrest would know the distances. 🙂

      • You are right when you note that 200′ from a river that someone told FF they walked the bank of would represent a wide strip of land, but keep in mind it’s not 175′ or 225′ it’s basically a line parallel to the river (and probably two lines – one on each side of the river). The river has to be named. And more importantly, some point on those two lines needs to be 500′ from another named feature (again, not 450′ or 550′). So basically a road (many finders might have named to FF) crossing a named creek (one or two finders named to FF) creates 4 points of interest (two 500′ upstream of the road crossing, two 500′ downstream of the road crossing – each 200′ from the creek).

        Basically a similar geometry exists for many named points, features, etc. If the poem led you to general location (or even a specific point), the geometry should greatly narrow the search or verify the feasibility of that specific point.

        • I always thought that the searchers went 200 feet above it. Like a bridge or a hillslope. Another thought of mine was that many flew (500 feet) over it. That the treasure is located near an airport and it was his favourite place because he was lying on top of that mountain and he was watching the planes flying right past him.

          Just some random thoughts 😉

          • This is what is great about a site like this – ideas. A search by air (I recall reading about one by helicopter in Yellowstone for example) could be a solution to the distances assuming a careful grid, or an assured air corridor (like an airport approach). FF would still need to know where the searchers were (and then in this case their elevation).

            I considered a cliff in the past. One has to speculate how FF would measure distance: map, map + elevation, direct line (even if through ground), etc. I assume map unless significant vertical distance is involved. In premise, one measurement could be all vertical and the other all horizontal (like a spring at a cliff base 200′ from the chest also located at the cliff base with another searcher at the 500′ cliff top at a named location – like abc lookout point that is directly over the treasure).

  28. IMHO,…. Canopy of stars, an open space without obstruction to view the big picture. Such as, an elevated cliff stage, not steep but sloping at 45 degree. From there you can see the canopy of stars,180 degrees, and down just below the center of the stage, look down, TSWMG, the spot! Chest taken from this spot and placed to take pictures to keep the spot secret.

    IMO,….Finder leaves a jar with a casino Treasure Island 10$ chip and a mini Jack Daniels for the second finder. Semi-buried under the gray shell that covered the TC.

    • Man-
      I am impressed with your very specific description of the TC’s location and the events that may have transpired, without actually revealing anything. I have had a theory for about 6 months that you are actually Fenn. As time passed and the location of the TC had not been discovered, it makes sense that Fenn would try to coach the search community. But, my tendency is that Fenn has never given another hint or clue as to the TC’s location other than the poem itself. No scrapbook, communication, or ff alias on HoD has ever revealed a hint to the TC’s location. Even those non-clues, like the TC is located 5000-10000 ft in altitude, were not really clues. I hope I am correct about Fenn in this respect, because it adds to the allure to the man who secreted a chest 10 years prior after 15 years of planning. It’s the stuff of legend! So, now that it is over and the chest’s location is not likely to be divulged, is ManOwar Forrest Fenn?

  29. I believe the blaze looked like a black pie with a piece missing. It looked like a black pacman. I found it four years ago by looking at Google Map where my lines crossed.

    Where and how did I make the lines cross? Here’s the first installment…

    1. Where did warm waters halt? Mr. Fenn wrote

    “. From there it was about a mile down that road to the Firehole River. Just before the river, there on the right, was a green geyser pool which spilled and spewed a small streamlet of boiling water that ran downhill for about fifty feet and into the cold river. My secret bathing spot – where the hot water tumbled into the stream”

    Also…Firehole River is doublespeak for warm waters. Firehole equals warm and river equals waters.

    2. What is canyon down? Of course, a canyon is lower in elevation than the surrounding area. But, I believe “down” means down river. Does going down river from the warm waters give a reasonable result for canyon down? Well…we reach Firehole Canyon, so, yeah, that’s reasonable.

    3. I am now in Firehole Canyon and needing to go to the home of Brown. I am also near a highway. So, it’s reasonable to think it’s time to drive to the home of Brown. What is the home of Brown? The Lamar Ranger Station. Ranger Gary Brown used to live here. Gary Brown died in 2010. Maybe Mr. Fenn went to the funeral or visited him while he was ill? I don’t know. Lamar Ranger Station is about 40 miles away- not far but too far to walk. Let’s take the highway to Lamar Ranger Station.

    4. There’s a good chance we are in the right place as there is a river a short walk down from us to put in our canoe. We are now floating down the Yellowstone River looking for a place that meek doesn’t need to visit.

    5. After floating for less than 20 miles or so, we reach the mouth of Hellroaring Creek. Meek is quiet. Hellroaring is deafening. Hellroaring is no place for the meek. Also, this is very poetic as meek is a biblical word and hell is a biblical word.

    6. I’m going to take a break here. Some major things are about to happen in this explanation. Major things but not crazy things. Perfectly logical things.

    If I see any interest in this solution, I will add to it.

    Tune in later…

    • This is a Reply I have already made here but rather than writing it again here it is OK where to start is key, so I would say that begin it and take it, The word it refers to the same thing the Madison river, look how he phrased the sentences , normally I believe one would say begin were warm water halts, But Fenn didn’t say that he said begin it where warm waters halt, so here you go if you can hear this in my take on things the firehole River and the Gibbon river end at the same place the start of the Madison River those two rivers ended in their names and the Madison River began that is the Madison Junction that is where to start…… Think about it if you read the book and listen to him at all this is really the only logical starting place even though it seems that so many places could be described like that , I believe he intended the clue by the way he wrote it to only describe one place…..if you are interested we can talk about the other clues …..

      • Thanks for the reply, Rick. I think my solve wrecks yours and your solve wrecks mine and we probably can’t get past that.

    • Why did you hop from the Firehole Canyon area and that edge of the park all the way up to the northern Lamar Ranger Station? The only thing to suggest that seems to be that you can get there by road. You are in two different drainages. Given that loose of a rule, why not Cody . . . you can get there by road too and it’s yet a different drainage?

      • I was in Firehole Canyon. From there it’s about 35 miles as the crow flies to Lamar Ranger Station. Not far but too far to walk to the home of Brown, so I will drive. And, Firehole Canyon is only about 2500 feet from the highway that takes you to Lamar Ranger Station.

  30. Did anyone have a solve that begins at Big Sky Montana (imagery for WWWH – warm water evaporates in the sky) and end at Left Deadhorse Creek (the end is ever drawing nigh? Interestingly, the google map of this area has a large road pattern in the shape of a horse. It’s rather uncanny!

    • Evan,

      I had a solve that started at Big Sky Montana (WWWH) but ended near Tepee Creek. My guess is many people had the same solve. What is your Home of Brown?

      • HOB is in the area called “The Blowout“ south of Cinnamon. The imagery here is “Blowout meaning Below”.

          • It’s a more plausible solve than mine I believe. My wife and I did 3 BOTG. Had great adventures. I never thought I would actually find the treasure but it sure was fun trying.

          • Kurt, it’s all about having fun at the end of the day!!

            I believe the TC was found where the road forms a horse by Left Fork Deadhorse Creek. Lots of imagery here!

            Hopefully someday we will get the true solve from the finder.

  31. Thanks Dal! I appreciate all you have done to support our fun! Best wishes to you!

    I’m sad about how things ended. I’ve learned to make my own adventures rather than chase after someone else’s. At this point I’m glad I can move on to more meaningful endeavors!

    Over and out.

  32. Such bittersweet emotions. As much as I want to know if I had been close, the exact location should not be divulged. We all know why. Maybe the state and a river? I’ll be spending time in nature closer to home now. Thanks again to Mr. Fenn and everyone on this site.

  33. There is a book written by Frederick Webb Hodge in 1907 titled “Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico”. This is a must for any collector looking for rare native american indian artifacts and a reference I am sure Forrest used.

    In the book there is a specific reference to “Aguas Caliente (span: ‘warm waters’). A province with 3 towns visited by Coronado in 1541; identified by J.H. Simpson with the Jemez ruins at Jemen Hot Springs, near the head of the Jemez river.”

    Notice the plural form of Aguas. The Jemez rivers halts when it meets up with San Antonio Creek right next to Battleship Rock. This is where you are to begin.

    I have more insight into all of the next clues. All subsequent clues require feet on the ground. Clue #3 means nothing unless you understand the meaning on Clue #2 and henceforth.

    Forrest only intended the first clue to be something that could be ascertained in a cerebral manner – else it would be virtually impossible to find the treasure without freak luck. Hence his statements – do not try to skip the clues and if you do not have the first clue then you have nothing.

    Forrest also mentioned that the treasure is more than 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe. After realizing the attention he was getting he needed to get people out of his hair. Unfortunately he had hidden it too close and could not make a statement like it is 100’s of miles north of Santa Fe. So he had to provide a very precise distance.

    The 4 road also runs along the route to the treasure which is within 500 ft of the location. Within 200 ft of the treasure is an unmarked trail. Within 100 ft of the treasure if a bent tree. Pretty sure it served as a marker/blaze for the Indians who were settled there years ago.

    Your welcome.

    • Interesting items, especially the Coronado reference. I went to the North side of the rock. The Battleship leaning toward the road “putting in to shore” being south of “Rincon” which is a good fishing site which the local DNR site calls “San Antonio creek is the home of Brown Trout” My solve is on Page One of these and the longer version would include a BOTG find I had in an area straight from Forrest’s story “My War for Me.” None of my 9 clues had to be shoe horned in with a hammer in any way. They all fit simple and perfect. I imagined Forrest having a slow fishing day at Rincon and deciding to go up toward the canyon wall to see if there were any Indian sites with arrow heads. What he finds instead though is a smiling face in a magical place that invokes memories of his past. Even if it is proven that this was not “The Spot” I would go back again.

  34. I believe it was in Bridger-Teton National Forest, Lincoln County, Wyoming.

    – Tri-Basin Divide
    – Estella Brown Grave
    – LaBarge Creek aka Battle Creek (no paddle up your creek) Joseph Labarge Sr, Fur Trader known for his birch-bark canoe for travel

    I will leave it at that

    • Dal – I like that the CNN story included a link to your ‘treasure found page – part seven’. Your blog has always been so impressive to me; such an asset for all of us searchers. Thank you and Chris for all you have done to create and maintain it.

  35. Dal,

    Thank you for all of your effort and supporting the chase.  It is appreciated much.  I hope to return the favor some day.


    Thank you very much for the chase.  It is complex, challenging and a lot of fun.  I hope to repay you some day as well.  Looks like you might need some ca$h now 🙂  


    Kudos to you and excellent job.  I hope finding the chest was better and more rewarding than we all imagine.

    Dal and Community,

    I would like to propose that we take things into our own hands, stop waiting for answers and continue honing our solve(s), while respecting Forrest and the Finder’s request to be silent.  I don’t have all the answers but I’ll try to explain my line of thinking, what i can offer/contribute and possible next steps. 

    What I’m thinking about is this searcher that I ran into in December at a steak house near a Hilton in Wyoming. He was a silver haired gentleman from back east, his daughter was going to school in Colorado and when he visited her he took side trips.  One of those trips was to Kinikinik and Rustic Colorado, which are places I’ve also visited.  What I’m thinking is… he and I live worlds apart, but both of us ended up following the same clues to the same places… even at the same time in this instance.  What if we can multiply that by thousands?  Stop working against or competing against each other?  Searcher…if you are reading this… I would like to collaborate and share notes.  You were asking me about the local water “spots” and sources.  IMO you were on the right trail.

    What I can offer/contributeis proof that IMO those water spots and that general area are related to the chase. Over the years, I’ve found dozens of things from the books, scrapbooks, stories, etc. that I can locate and/or marry to various spots on maps.  For example, here is a small list of the things I’ve found over the last 9 plus years:

    * #9 – Multiple times

    * Alligator

    * Axe

    * BIP

    * Bird

    * Broken Moses

    * Camera – “dropped by Forrest”

    * Canyon Street in West Yellowstone

    * Cowgirl Wearing Gaucho (two legged skirt)

    * Chief on Horseback

    * Crescent Moon

    * Eric Sloane’s Drawing of Mrs. Fenn’s Hiney

    * Douglas McArthur’s Tie In

    * Fishing Reel

    * Fishing Net

    * Fishing Lure – Custom Made Wooly Booger

    * Fuses

    * Gas Station

    * Guest Quarters

    * Gun – “dropped by Forrest”

    * Hat

    * Olga’s Bathroom

    * Maps; multiple maps in addition to the one I’ll explain shortly

    * Michael Douglas / King of California Tie In

    * Michael Jordan Tie In – his grandchild goofing on Forrest

    * Middle Tie In (maybe the middle Forrest wanted to be in?)

    * Mr. Jones – Not indiana, but a real life Jones that ties in.

    * Post Office

    * Red Ryder

    * Riddle; physical riddle “box” which ties into page 120 of TTOTC

    * Rough Country from the quote – If you are going into rough country it is probably best to leave your pets at home.

    * Rubber Tired Wagon

    * Schoolhouse

    * Soda Can Collection

    * Thumb/Thumb Nail

    * Totem Cafe (not the one in West Yellowstone)

    * Trains; Multiple times.

    * Weir (the secret weir?)

    Some of these items can been seen from above, some of them require you to be within close proximity, others require you be inside a building, and others require reading a book on local history.  What becomes convincing is that some of these things are clustered together in a way that would not happen without intent.  I know that sounds fantastical and/or unbelievable but I believe Forrest takes us to dozens of places he enjoyed over his lifetime and that is why there are dozens of correct solutions, but only one that “ties it all in”.  One where these things cluster together more than other places and bring focus.

    In good faith, I’ll describe one the of the additional maps and my third successful solve that sent me down this 9+ year path.  I have taken several breaks from the chase and up to a year off at a time from the blog – so if any of this information is a repeat I apologize.  I’ve tried to keep up but this group of compassionate folks is very prolific – which has made this fun for me when I had the time to try and keep pace so Thank all of you for that. 

    What I have to offer: The third successful (IMO) solve I had starts at the museum in West Yellowstone.  The condensed version is…being it where the steam trains (warm waters) halted in the day, you take it in the canyon down (Canyon Street down hill/towards Bozeman), put in below the home of Brown (now…don’t crucify me here as I’m going old school with a definition of Gypsy…Forrest mentions gypsies lived in covered wagons with rubber tires back in his day…and back in his day they were traditionally described as dark skinned peoples) so the home of Brown is the Covered Wagon Ranch (the wagon out front has actual rubber tires as described in the book) or conversely you can consider the river at the location to be the home of Brown (Brown trout).  I mention both homes of brown as it is a lesson learned from the king of double entrendes and the king of pounding things into my head (IMO). Travelling down that road (the road south of the ranch/river) you will come to the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch or 9 Partial Circle Ranch, which ties into pages 18 and 19 of TTOTC book which contains 9 partial circles.  One of the things that you’ll find at 9 Quarter Circle Ranch is a landing strip for small planes.  I have gone back and forth on whether I’m suppose to get in the plane and take off or continue down the trail.  I have done both.  What I found is… if you look at pages 122 and 123 in the TTOTC book there is a map (inset picture, with 2 sets of fish coming down and merging into 1 fish; then on the left there is a fishing net).  If you look beyond the fish there are shed horns and rocks.  From the 9 QC Ranch looking west…you are looking towards the Shed Horn Mountain and if you have some imagination you’ll find Dead Horse Creek where it merges with the Left Fork and a land feature that resembles a fishing net to the left.  The fishing net land feature is flanked by Cache Creek.  The bottom of that “fishing net” is a marshy fen area that constantly trickles water from up high – down the left/south side of it and into Cache Creek.  I searched that area multiple times and concluded that I was supposed to learn something (have something pounded into my head) about that area and use it later, which I did.  Having the wagon, 9 Partial Circles and the map (picture) in the same area was not coincidental IMO.  Also, there are other clues along the way I’m leaving out to keep this as brief as possible, but I wanted to demonstrate how I “found” the map.

    Next Steps: I’m proposing that searchers who were on the same trail – like the searcher I met in Wyoming – get with me and we collaborate on our solution.  Like many others… I do believe I was on the right trail and I may have visited the correct “final area” on several occassions.  I would be willing to share the additional maps and clues i uncovered along the way. If I’m on the right trail it really is amazing how many things Fenn tied into the chase – in all states – including Arizona and NAU.


    • Coincidence. I grew up spending my summers on the Poudre River. My grandfather would take us up and we would camp near Kinnikinnik. (Our old campsite is now blocked to camping, only day use allowed.) He taught me to flyfish up and down that entire canyon. Those were my stomping grounds the way West Yellowstone was Forrest’s.

      • Thanks for the reply. I grew up in Colorado so I have memories from the Poudre, but more around Red Feathers north of there (also mentioned in one of Forrest’s stories or posts btw…some birds with red feathers). Spent time up by Hanholtz Lakes on the way to Wyoming from the Poudre and that part of the border area with Wyoming. Uncle had a cabin near there. Great memories and good times. I have taken my family there over the years.

  36. I have had and read at least a hundred solves but have yet to see anybody use the sewage treatment plant at madison campground for there “home of brown”, just sayin!

    • If you want to drop your line there, be my guest. Just don’t invite me over for dinner. 😉

  37. Well, since it’s official (it’s been found) I guess I will add my final solve. I see many ended up in Montana, that was my guess. Forrest never spoke about one major thing and that was the earthquake of 1959 near West Yellowstone that resulted in Quake Lake. This area was known to be beautiful and was a section of the Madison river that FF and his father would have known before it was a lake. I wondered about that because to me it would have been a huge shock for him at first to see the river become a lake and I thought it would be something to add somewhere in his stories. I also knew that the Madison river exiting Yellowstone was warm (you can check the temps via some websites). When looking up ‘halt’ in the dictionary I found another meaning to be “stilled”…warm waters being stilled would be Hebgen lake. Hebgen has also been called the home of Brown as the Brown trout are known to travel up river from there into the park to spawn but return and live in the waters of Hebgen. A nice canyon is below the lake, not far but too far to walk. And, for the Gallatin lovers this lies in Gallatin county. The old highway was covered by Quake lake in 59 but still goes down into the water and is used now as a place to put in drift boats. A nice put in below the home of Brown. This put in actually sits in what I would call sort of an alluvial fan, or area down from a stream. The creek is hard to see, it’s across the highway and up a hillside. When you are hiking to the water (the creek disappears up high so most of the hike is dry) you go through beautiful white skinned aspen trees and we have seen FF with trees of similar type. The views are amazing. I always hoped to find a blaze (mark on a rock or ?) but never did. I went twice to this area and a ton of other spots around Hebgen but obviously did not hit the mark. I know people had similar ideas (met people from Georgia around there) and saw videos people had made on Beaver Creek and Cabin creek in the area. Also looked on the south side of Hebgen (below might not be as in down river but maybe south) and found an amazing camp site where Trapper Creek flows into Hebgen which I was sure was the solve also. The problem for me was a pinpoint. I realized real soon that if you didn’t know exactly where to go you could walk by the spot and never know. Searching aimlessly was futile.
    I wish FF could elaborate on the blaze now, maybe it could be told without concluding where (a trail, a rock, his initials on a tree, Orions Belt, a lightening strike, the face on Mars?). The blaze seems to be the mystery box and for me was the elusive animal. Just this one breadcrumb solved might be what we all need no matter where we are looking to know if we were “right on”.

    • Ditto; below Hebgen and South side of Hebgen were also where I would have looked if Steamboat Geyser hadn’t become active and stole my attention away

    • Jan R , having searched this area a few times and running into other people also searching there I believe this is where the treasure was hidden, interesting to finally hear from someone that your solve brought you to this location, so to summarize begin it where warm waters halt,
      It refers to the Madison River at the Madison Junction where Fenn spent much of his young life in the summer times, this is where the Gibbon River and the Firehole river,2 warm water rivers end and from there the Madison River begins. This is in my opinion the beginning point of the search then take it in the canyon down the Madison Canyon put in below the home of brown with a B, that is Hebgen lake
      This is where supposedly the largest brown trout in the world exist.
      So put in below the lake is to take ghost Village Road down along the Madison river, you reach a parking lot and the end is every nigh.
      No paddle up your creek that is Beaver Creek about a mile or so walk from parking lot.Heavy loads and water hi. The Madison river now turns into earthquake lake at the corner of Beaver Creek and the lake many many years ago a glacier came down Beaver Creek And damed the Madison river at that spot. A glacier carry heavy loads of material earth in boulders and frozen water which is called water high. Also the end of the glacier there is called a terminal Moraine. That is the end no paddle of the creek so not up the creek the only place you could be is that area where the creek meets the lake the madison river. In my opinion you must be on the ground and that is the place to search.

  38. Does anyone know for sure if the commonly quoted 42 pounds is net treasure weight, gold only weight. or the total weight of everything (gold, other treasure, and bronze chest)?

      • Dal,
        Haven’t been keeping up with the latest events.
        Has Forrest said that he is definitely not revealing the location of where the TC was hidden? If not, do you know when he might give us the location?

        • Tar-
          Forrest has said in a couple of places…the Moby Dickens book signing being one place, that when the chest is found he is out of it and that the finder will make the call about revealing the finder and the location. So it is not Forrest’s call. It is the finder’s.
          Forrest repeated that statement in the line under the last photo.

          There are no later events to disclose. We all hope that more info is forthcoming.

      • Thanks Dal.

        That means more or less he carried the chest in on one trip of roughly 20 pounds and the treasure on the second trip of roughly 20 pounds (and could juggle some treasure to make the load even if he needed to).

        I pretty sure I’ve seen it written that there was over 40 pounds of gold, but that must be a misquote and/or media propagated error.

        • Reread TTOTC and FF states over 20 troy pounds of gold. I assume that somewhere along the line the total weight of 42 pounds got smeared into “over 42 pounds of gold”.

  39. I like Forrest Fenn in many ways, but it is Endlessly Unsatisfying, at the conclusion of a Big, 10 year long treasure hunt, not to know where the thing was hidden! It sucks as a matter of fact! Do we now have to wait till the finder on his deathbed whispers the location to somebody? Yippeee! What a great ending! I cannot help feeling disappointed – a treasure hunt without closure! What was the point, then, for the other 350 000 people that didn´t find the chest? Roaming in the wilderness? No, it was the gold that motivated us, so we want to know where it was!

        • Has anyone considered that the lead searcher got so close, they had all winter to dial in the last clue and messaged f and then he got paranoid it would have been def found. And then it was called off. But yet the chest hadn’t been recovered at that moment. I think Tony Dokoupil with CBS and Inside Wdition need to be brought up to speed with what reall has happened. Oh TRL pictures and Forest Ranger testimony might change the outcome… Just saying

          Screenshot Just Incase this is removed.

          • I think that if you believe that, then you would have to believe that Fenn is a dishonest man.

            And if you believe Fenn is a dishonest man, then why would you ever start looking?

            I think it’s important to keep lines of thought moving forward and the first thing anyone should have considered is whether or not they believed the man.

            And if you chose to do so, then I don’t think you could argue that anything that’s happened since the inception of the Chase proves Fenn dishonest.

          • I believed in f until all the questionable evidence, timelines and hard evidence. I guess those that have this know and those that have the wool pulled over their eyes are different. I for one am extremely skeptical of what he is claiming. And as far as a lead searcher Forrest knows who and why and the exact where and it will very soon be revealed, then we see how many quit believing in him. The ending to this is shameful

          • I believe it has been said, by Fenn and many others, that no one could know that they are the lead searcher because there is no way for a person to know how close everyone else is.

            Which is obviously true.

            But what is also true, is that if one could know how far along everyone is, then it stands to reason that some would be farther along than others. And one could be determined to be in the lead if the definition of lead could be defined adequately.

            So the concept of a lead search is sound. Which means it is not wrong to reference a lead searcher in hypothetical situations.

          • Travis,

            I think you may be losing sight of objective reality. You may have questions about what you are seeing, but that might only be because you don’t yet have enough information to make a value judgement.

            So how is it fair to say the recent evidence is questionable?

            Do you not see any clues in the vagueness? How can anyone even say The Chase is over at this point in time?

            I’m still here. You’re still here. What’s over? Why care about the gold? It was always only for one person. Let’s focus on the puzzle before that’s gone too.

          • AkB
            To me it’s not about the Gold!
            That is not the case for any of us anymore it’s about the truth.

            The truth. How can that be proven it can only be proven with evidence that only a person that knows more than others. Maybe let’s just say maybe there is that one person that one single person that could prove and have evidence to prove it.

            And AkB the line you used to keep things moving forward is honestly what I think they are hoping, everyone will accept it and move on. Well I for one have more to prove. I won’t rest in that it’s over till the true finder comes forward and has a solve that the poem led him to the exact spot f left the chest laying on the ground 10 years ago.

            I think f could have written a better ending than he gave. I say he is crying wolf. Just like the last page of OAAW. A wolf chewing his foot off to get out a trap. Only the wolf can put himself there!

    • It was told a couple times over the years; Fenn would take into consideration the searchers wishes on this matter.
      Many searchers have posted they wouldn’t tell, or wait to tell anything.
      Knowing this before hand… Why did you bother to continue if you didn’t like the idea the finder had the choice to tell or not?

      The closure for the challenge is the pics and notification the hunt is done… The “chase” is about something altogether different. Many never learned that part because the lure blinded them.

      But be honest… Would ya have gotten your tush of the sofa if the lure was a box of hand made marbles?

      • My lure was that someone would leave something in such a fashion as I read in a magazine article, and B. That it hadn’t been solved by so many people, ego took over from there.

      • I am trying to figure out what happened to that big ball of string now lol…

  40. i might be naturally discombobulated, but i’m still curious about the ‘reverse-bicycle’ conundrum and whether that idea pertains to the key-word, or which State to begin ones search
    ..effectively starting at the bottom of the poem for that first potential clue rather than the top

    and although i’ve enjoyed reading numerous ‘water-tight’ solves over the years, i’ve infrequently seen ideas, interpretations or key-word theories relating to the correct State ..maybe that’s what Forrest meant re: “It’s not what they say on the blogs that may be significant, it’s what they whisper”..?

    and what if someone else finds the correct ‘hidey-spot’ in the future ..would that 2nd finder be free to publish the correct (and verified by Forrest) solve to the rest of the chase community?

    • Why does anyone need to have Forrest’s permission to publish a book? Baffled. It seems the correct solve could stand on its own merit. But nice if Forrest endorses it. But now how would a searcher know they found the correct spot if the treasure chest is absent? A pic of a hole in the ground just won’t cut it I’m afraid. It would be nice if Forrest emailed searchers with the correct solve and let them know they were right on target.

      • If you want to use more than a snippet of the poem, or if you want to use images or substantial portions of the stories in his books, then copyright gets involved and you need to get permission. Otherwise you open yourself to a potential “intellectual property” lawsuit.

        Solves on boards like this one generally fall under the “Fair Use” doctrine of copyright law, but that goes out the window once you start making a profit from what you write, because that makes it “commercial use”.

        • I’m not sure about that. When I wrote my masters thesis I referenced all kinds of material from other books. As long as I provided credit to the source it was OK. Sounds like I need to do some research or get some legal advice. Or like you said get Forrest’s permission. Thanks that’s good advice.

        • It seems that the material from The Chase is now in the public domain and so long as sources are cited plagiarism is probably not an issue.

    • To answer your reverse bicycle view of the keyword, did you know that some words in the dictionary have meanings that are not bi-directional. And that is how Forrest made the elusive keyword so effective. You know you’re a muppet don’t you Hobbs?

    • Here’s another problem with publishing the solve. It’s duplicate info. Forrest already has the solve. Yet another problem is the solve might be too large to publish as a book. How do you pack 10 pounds of solve into a 1 pound can? But if it could be done and Forrest agrees not to publish then yea, that could work.

    • I believe that anyone is free to publish their solution, after all it is theirs and i achieve it with their effort and dedication, so what i do with it is only their own business and nobody else´s, for that there is freedom of expression. Each person is free to a express their opinions and beliefs.

    • @CH – “Until someone finds the treasure they will not know for sure that they have discovered the first clue” ( ). Assuming that “finds the treasure” is in reference to the chest, which is now gone from the site, I have to ask, sans the chest, how can anyone be confident that they have solved the poem correctly to even claim that second place finish?

      I asked this before to Zap a page or two ago and he opined that there would be circumstantial evidence (similar flora/fauna in the area, footprints from the finder, evidence of the chest having been sepulchered—or things of this nature and however fleeting such may be) that would allow him to be satisfied that his solve is correct, but any of us remaining searchers could claim that for the end spot of our assorted solves as well and who could say if we were right or wrong? Some among the search community may be okay with just being satisfied by circumstantial evidence at the fruition of their own solve, but in reading the blogs, it appears that many will not be satisfied until they know the solve for certain. How can we honestly discount any of the assorted solves that have already been surfacing after confirmation of the chest having been found and removed, or any of the ones yet to be revealed by searchers? If history is any indicator, one needs to look “know” (pun of NO intended for profundity of meaning) further than the numerous claims throughout the years prior to that fateful date of June 6th, 2020 to find evidence of seemingly satisfactory solves where the searcher missed out on the chest by that much as an indication of how many more such unverifiable claims are yet to come.

      I’m on the fence as to how I feel about the end result. I’d like to know, but I’d also like to figure it out on my own—the only problem with that is I seemingly won’t have any way to verify that I have derived a correct solve so why bother?

      Lastly, to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment, and paraphrased from the caption of the 3rd photograph above, FF told us that the finder wants him to remain silent on two calls—who and where—well, that certainly seems to me like FF can speak of WHAT, WHEN, WHY, and HOW of TTOTC and thereby provide the search community with some other type of confirmation of a correct solve while keeping his word to the finder.

      All IMHO.

      • Bowmarc
        I understand the conundrum here. However if all of the clues or at least one to eight are solved CORRECTLY (not just by map names or images). Then i think the answers should themselves prove that the location is correct with no shadow of a doubt. IMO and my solve the map places come from the poems words.
        Even if the final clue cannot be ‘found’ because maybe there is a number nine in the chest somewhere.
        Thoughts ? Thanks A x

        • Hello Annie. Based upon the ATF I provided above, the singular thing that would prove a correct solve is the chest which is no longer there. As stated, there have been many solves offered up through the years that seemingly checked off all of the 9 clues yet came up empty handed, as is seemingly the fate of any posted/BOTG solves subsequent to the chest being removed. IMO

          • At least now when people say they solved it and went to the spot but the treasure had already been taken we can think maybe they are right as opposed to thinking they are just nuts like I always thought before when people said that lol…

      • Hi Bowmarc: if there is no wink-wink “calling card” left by the finder, then I agree that even a correct solution will probably only be satisfying to the second solver. The searcher community won’t be convinced — a few of them are already claiming the in situ (or near situ) image was staged and/or Photoshopped. No evidence will ever convince such people. For instance, if the second solver were to show a picture of a shallow, 11″ x 11″ pit with a flagstone set to the side and forest litter, soil and grass matching that in the first picture above, naysayers would just claim they created the pit themselves.

        If the finder chooses not to reveal his solution, it’s difficult to construct a scenario in which the searcher community would collectively agree that a solution was correct unless confirmation came from Forrest himself — and Forrest isn’t going to do that.

        • That’s true, we may never know of the location or what the clues mean unless the finder comes forward.

          Honestly, I think the finder would probably do just as well or better financially if he put it back in the same spot, or at least a good portion of it, and wrote his own book with new clues to the same location. FF could verify that this person is in fact the finder, thereby legitimizing his claim. He would need to be okay with living the same kind of life that FF has led the past 10 years.

          • Whatever happened to the claim: “If everyone just worked together we could solve this thing in a month!”

            The treasure is off the table, what’s stopping people from doing just that?

  41. I have been reading other searchers solved and the one thing I see missing in nearly all of them is Fenn’s personal connection to that spot. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You need to start at a place you just know Fenn would hold dear. IMO. As I stated many times before, you probably don’t even need the poem or the books to find the treasure site.

    • Mr Obvious, do you think my solve contains the missing ingredients?

      Custer Gallatin National Forest Area (I believe Mr. Fenn spent time there when he was younger)

      *Begin it where warm waters Halt…..
      I begin where Stillwater River Starts. If you look at a map to the west is Mt. Abundance, Lake Abundance and Woodbine Trailhead. I believe Forest “initially called the Treasure Abundance”. It is where Goose Creek intersects Stillwater River. Notice the stick carved into a goose neck & head on top in the treasure chest. Goose Creek flows into Goose Lake. “12,649-foot Mount Wood, located near the head of the Fishtail Creek drainage, is the second-highest peak in the Beartooths. It was named after A.B. Wood, a friend of surveyor James P. Kimball, who named the mountain in 1898. According to Turiano, Wood climbed the peak with photographer Anders Wilse on Sept. 11, 1898, after crossing from Goose Lake. During his peak-bagging adventures, Fagg found a small metal frog and the name Salo in a cache atop a 12,000-foot peak.”

      *And take it in the canyon down…
      *Not far but too far to walk…
      Continue to follow Stillwater River through the canyon toward Nye. As you travel down the River, through the canyon, Wildcat Mountain is on the Left. Forest’s cat posts may have been referencing Wildcat Mountain.

      *Put in below the home of Brown…
      Sioux Charlie would be the Home of Brown. He could have been joking about the name “Charlie Brown”. Sioux Charley is a white man adopted by the Sioux Indians as a small child built a cabin at the lake where he lived for several years. Sioux Charley was also reportedly in charge of a mail route and wagon road up the Stillwater drainage to Cooke City. There is a put in along Stillwater River. The put in is the Old Nye Picnic Area and Fishing Access.

      *From there it is no place for the meek…
      I believe Forrest is referring to Buffalo Jump

      *The end is ever drawing nigh…
      Continue toward Nye Montana along 419. Just past Nye Creek to the right and we are very close now. The road begins to curve in this area.

      *There’ll be no paddle up your creek…
      *Just Heavy Loads and Water High…
      Initially, I went to Beehive. In Beehive, you will find Bad Canyon Creek. You weren’t bad, so you won’t get the paddle! There are many draws along Bad Canyon Creek (Long, Rusel, Lundy, Winge, Trail, Oliver, Griffin). But I believe Forrest Stated that solvers were close and went right past the Indulgence. I also think that Forrest provided another hint with his clove story. He stated that cloves sting and he would advise staying away. I believe the creek Forrest is talking about is Burnt Creek, part of the blaze. You would not be able to paddle up this creek and it runs high up into the mountains where there are many large heavy boulders.
      *If you’ve been wise and found the blaze…
      I think the blaze is Burnt Creek and the mountain canyon it runs through.

      *Look quickly down, you quest to cease…
      If you look south along Burnt Creek, you will see it flows through two nice mountains that resemble double omegas ΩΩ. There appear to be canopies of rock that can be seen from google earth. But I am from PA and haven’t been to the area. Are there stars carved into these canopies or on the mountain side?

      *But tarry scant with marvel gaze…
      What is East of Burnt Creek? Black Butte is East of Burnt Creek. Also, the photo of the chest posted above makes the ground look burnt also.

      *If you are brave and in the wood…
      This mountain range is either close to or part of Mount Wood/Mount Wood East.

      *Hint of riches new and old…
      I read about another treasure in this area. It contained a gold frog and involved crossing Goose Lake (see above). I believe Forrest had a gold frog in his chest. Was this a hint? Forrest also included a stick that was carved into a goose head and neck. Was this the item that would make you smile when you open the chest? I smiled and was in awe when I saw the photograph and feel that it reinforces my solve for his poem.

      • The solve is Intriguing but is this an obvious sentimental spot for Forrest? I dunno. But it is missing precise coordinates. Without precise coordinates how the heck do you expect to find a 10”x10”x5” box in the wide expanse of the Rocky Mountains? You might want to rethink how can I extract latitude and longitude out of the poem. How can I convert words to numbers. Just a suggestion.

        • The problem is to find the blaze, not a little chest. That does not require coordinates, just an area small enough to look for the off-trail blaze. One you find the blaze, the chest is obvious. I think Forrest made it clear nothing was encoded in the poem or book. I know you disagree, so we can leave it at that.

          • You might not understand what f meant by that comment. Although there is no encryption, I think conversion from words to numbers can be done at a simple level.

        • oops, I posted a possible sentimental spot down below a bit. Go look at Lake Creek Valley and Jason’s pictures on GE. Here we have a spring creek flowing through a beautiful meadow reminiscent of the description in TTOTC. Look carefully on GE. The spot is really tucked away.

        • I think you could probably follow the clues and then look at a map.

          Then you could have found a 10″x10″x5″ box in the Rockies and gotten the precise coordinates after the fact. Or at the same time if you bring the map with you.

      • Begin it where warm waters halt, after reading the book and listening to Fenn talk and searching The yellow stone area,It’s hard for me to imagine that the beginning place wouldn’t be Madison Junction even though this clue Seems to fit in so many different places but you have to realize his heart is on the Madison River in Yellowstone. The Gibbons river and the fire hole river converge at Madison Junction to form the Madison River that is those 2 warm (waters) rivers end in name (halt) and become the madison river that’s why he said begin it, it is the Madison River then he said take it in the canyon down that is follow the Madison river down stream and so from there the fun begins,
        That of course is my opinion and just putting it out there if you care to consider it ,thank you.

        • Rick, I agree.

          My diversion from there was, wondering where was more of a special place, below Hebgen, or on the south side where he fished for Browns where the creeks dumped in.

    • Mr Obvious, someone posted a time line of Mr. Fenn’s life. They listed “Journal of a Trapper: Gallatin National Forest” some time between 1940 & 1950.

      • If I were you I’d get that book and read it. I did. And it helped to formulate and validate my solve.

        • Lake creek valley below (north) of wade lake on the West Fork of the Madison is near where his parents lived and mother died. (west fork campground). You can put in below Graham’s place (HoB) and head up the creek (the draw on the left). It’s totally feasible that Forest and parents accessed the Valley from Wade Lake. Lake Creek is actually a spring that comes out of the avalanche that formed Wade Lake. It is the only Wade Lake outlet. I don’t think it was up by the spring, though it could have been. If you click on my name there are a couple of pictures.

          In scrapbook 223 he says “If the log building in the background were to disappear you might see the West Fork of the Madison River confluencing with the Madison River. That’s where it is.”

          • The Madison does not match the magnetic declination nation hinted at in stanza one. Ignoring stanza one seems to be the biggest mistake searchers are making, IMO.

          • I was shocked when sb 223 came out and gasped in horror. It was Halloween night, very clever Mr. Fenn. g

        • Mr Obvious, I am not saying that you have a bad solve. There are many good solves, that is the beauty of Mr. Fenn’s poem! It is vague enough to allow numerous good solves, yet specific enough to lead to the exact location of the Treasure!

          I had many other good solves. One solve, which may be the solve that Jake Faulker was referencing on the previous blog page involved Yellowstone, “aftershocks to the devastating earthquake”, Ice Lake, Norris Geyser Basin, Joe Meek, Iron Spring, the formation of a double omega shape in the Gibbon River just before the Madison River which can be found a couple hundred feet below Secret Valley Hot Springs.

          I feel that the evidence presented through the pictures provided by Mr. Fenn are enough for me to feel confident that the starting point I have listed above is part of the correct solve to the poem. But what do I know? I do not know Mr. Fenn. I have never been to New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, or Montana. I deduced this location from the poem, other information that Mr. Fenn has provided to the public, Dal’s wonderful web site, many great opinions offered by others through this blog, google searches and google map investigations.

        • Mr Obvious
          But the only thing ps you need to solve the riddle is the poem. And. Good Map.
          A x

          • Are there any maps in Journal of a Trapper?

            If there are, how do you judge whether or not they are any good?

    • Mr obviously, I like your train of thought, wanna go treasure hunting some time let me know. I prefer just hopping in the truck to go see what’s up on the trail.

      • Well Brian –
        You just might want to hitch your wagon to a horse that gets out of the starting gate a little faster. My opinion.

    • Mr Obvious – I find this statement quite bizarre – “you probably don’t even need the poem or the books to find the treasure site”.

      Without the poem or the book and Mr Fenn’s references to them, how on earth would you know you were starting anything from anyplace?

    • Mr Obvious i agree that is the key element and also I believe people are overthinking it. Feen is more logical than that and his clues are very straightforward in my opinion. So here is the reply I have already posted here. I will just copy and paste some of it here.
      so to summarize begin it where warm waters halt,
      It refers to the Madison River at the Madison Junction where Fenn spent much of his young life in the summer times, this is where the Gibbon River and the Firehole river,2 warm water rivers end and from there the Madison River begins. This is in my opinion the beginning point of the search then take it in the canyon down the Madison Canyon put in below the home of brown with a B, that is Hebgen lake
      This is where supposedly the largest brown trout in the world exist.
      So put in below the lake is to take ghost Village Road down along the Madison river, you reach a parking lot and the end is every nigh.
      No paddle up your creek that is Beaver Creek about a mile or so walk from parking lot.Heavy loads and water hi. The Madison river now turns into earthquake lake at the corner of Beaver Creek and the lake many many years ago a glacier came down Beaver Creek And damed the Madison river at that spot. A glacier carry heavy loads of material earth in boulders and frozen water which is called water high. Also the end of the glacier there is called a terminal Moraine. That is the end no paddle of the creek so not up the creek the only place you could be is that area where the creek meets the lake the madison river. In my opinion you must be on the ground and that is the place to search.
      Let me know what you think …..

      • A lot of people looked high and low around that solve scenario unsuccessfully but it was probably a valiant effort. I ruled out the west side of Yellowstone due to the PH levels. “You will find no mildew in the chest.” The PH levels on the east side would prevent mildew. Not so on the highly acidic west side.

        • Mr Obvious,
          Let’s assume, when Forrest is saying ‘take the chest and go in peace’, he’s talking about a large stone that looks like the treasure chest. Basically, you’re standing on the blaze and and have to go in the direction of this stone chest.

          Obviously Forrest should be able to say about this stone chest – “You will find no mildew in the chest.”?

      • Fens are not acidic, they’re neutral or slightly alkaline (natural mildew resistance). They can be found in and around all sides of Yellowstone, and probably in all four states.

    • I’d agree with that completely.

      But I bet one couldn’t find the treasure in the treasure site without the book and the poem.

  42. Dal, if the rules are to remove all posts not proven to be true of backed by evidence, part 8 could get reduced back to part 1.

  43. Dal, if the rules are to remove all posts not proven to be true or backed by evidence, part 8 could get reduced back to part 1. If someone is presenting a solve, it should start with IMO. There is a lot of misinformation for sure.

  44. My idea (had I been the finder) was to leave a tin box with a sign-in sheet and my contact info.
    I was going to give the second place finder $10,000 cash.
    If the finder didn’t leave something behind, how would future searchers know if they were in the right place?

    • randawg – perhaps in the same way Forrest knew that a searcher was 200ft away

      i certainly respect that Forrest is staying true to his word re: Who and Where.. but i also strongly suspect he would enjoy ‘spilling the beans’ to all chase participants too, were he able 🙂

      • Ho! Can I get a “double u” here? And don’t forget why, why? Because it’s a mad, madden, maddening conclusion! :))

  45. The blaze was removed by the finder. The key was rusted as it was part of the (exposed) blaze. The blaze was the scissors. IMO.

    • Interesting about the scissors being the blaze. If indeed they were outside of the chest, I guess you could say “cut to the chase”? Someone posted about the rusted key saying it was in the chest as evidenced by the gold coin it had been resting on. The gold and the iron were interacting, leaving the rust stain on the gold coin.

      • I was thinking, would it take a certain ph level in moisture to get that reaction? humidity, rain, river lake ph opposed to say a mineral spring. g

    • The scissors seem like they would be able to be moved or removed too easily.

      I believe the blaze would be more of a permanent thing, which is why I think it’s still in the same spot it’s been for the last 10 or more years.

      • That’s what I think.
        FF stated that it is not impossible to remove the blaze but not feasible. It seems contradicting if the blaze are those pair scissors.
        FF had stated that hunters walked by the chest and did not find it. And I believe he stated somewhere that if you don’t know what you looking for you would not find it.
        A pair of scissors in the wild is so outstanding that any treasure hunter would consider this an object that is worth further investigation.

        • This suggests to me that blaze was (err, is) something like a large boulder, mountain top, cliff face, etc. that can’t be moved for any practical purposes. But it must be mundane enough that nobody would take much notice of it and certainly wouldn’t poke around it just because.

          • Devin
            Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean you can’t move it.
            A x

    • Concur, Moody C. There is nothing “infeasible” or difficult about removing a pair of scissors, nor is a pair of scissors likely to recognizably survive in the wild for centuries or millennia.

  46. I’m wondering about the gold mirror(s) that were in the chest. In one photo — mirror(s) in the
    chest, the diameter(s) of the mirror(s) appears to be about 5-6 inches, in my opinion.

    In the photo that shows the tabletop with the mirror(s) outside the chest, the diameter(s) seems noticeably larger, in my opinion. I’d appreciate any comments about this. Thanks in advance.

    • tall andrew
      I noticed the same thing ? Forest talked about once that i found, were precolumbian 5 inch mirrors and were one of the last things he put in before he closed the lid for good. but it looks like you could just slide one over in front of chest and would cover side to side. hmm?

  47. What I see most in the solves being shared is the lack ofconfidence factor. Does anyone else have a solve that gives an explicit named place and gets you within say a few yards? I believe this is what is necessary to walk straight to it. Also does anyone else think the chest on the ground is a different color than the one on the table in front of Forrest? Could it be because it was camouflaged to look like it’s surroundings? I know it had been hidden for ten years but it kind of looks like camouflage to me. Thoughts?

    • The most surefire way to find the treasure is to extract the precise coordinates from the poem, latitude, longitude (and even optionally elevation). I won’t say it is easy, but it’s possible.

      • Quick example of how this can be done.

        quic KLYD own:

        Cue you eye see

        K =11
        L = 12
        Y = 25
        D =4


        Lat: 42.52111
        Long: 111.2254

        Palindrome answer.
        Incorrect, but an illustrative point, just for kicks.

        Keep up the good work, Mr. Obvious. I like your style.

      • ace340
        A tent is a CANOPY
        Didn’t Forrest Fenn Say it was found under a canopy?
        A x

    • Stickswitch
      Yes i think the chest was camouflaged. With an ADOBE mixture (Pubelo homes/bricks) were made from this. It ties in with put in below the home of Brown. (One meaning of this stand alone sentence).
      ADOBE =ABODE = home
      IMO some of the sentences have more than one meaning. The location and the final location.

      • Thank you Annie, I agree. The color of the chest on the ground seems to match my theory. I think this is the fox dressed as a hound, and why it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s who they think you are.

  48. Why didn’t Fenn put the iron key in one of those plastic bags to help prevent rust?

      • I have watched all available interviews many of them over and over, Forrest tried to stay accurate on his weights but several times in interviews I believe his mind slipped and he mistakenly mis quoted, one interview. He even said it is 2 pounds gold.

    • You don’t need anything more than being exposed to the elements (moist environment) and placing two sufficiently dissimilar metals in physical contact.

  49. Thank you Dal for keeping this site honest. I have been with the chase from early on. I remember Jennie Kile and her photos and BOTG. while I did not post often, I have always been around. I started Treasure hunting with a book called Treasure Trove. Where you would have to find clues to find where a Gem was hidden. that Hunt is over, but like this, it is in the journey that so much is learned and exciting places to venture, and sometimes by taking a wrong turn, you find a whole different treasure spot that you go back to every year. I am involved with a few other hunts. So my friends while this hunt is over, there are many more out there. In the stillness is the dancing! Be well and Peace always, Helen D.

  50. It’s interesting that we don’t see more solves that include the backward bicycle ‘Fenn-speak’ type words that may exist in TOTC and the poem. The first sentence in TOTC says ‘Well I’m almost eighty, and I think that’s so funny’. With a little imagination, ‘sofunny’ means – 79. Another example – thehomeofBrown could be interpreted to mean : (something) they owe me before Bureau own. Also, wondering why we don’t see solves involving poem sentences strung together creating more words (i.e; thecanyondownbuttary could mean a ‘the scenic 91 window boundary’. We know clues are strings, like the ‘big ball of string’. Just throwing some old ideas out there. If I’m crazy , I apologize. Thoughts ?

    • My solve follows the backward bicycle analogy to identify the keyword. But I’m not tellin’ more about that just yet.

    • Drewman
      I understand what you mean. My solve i think involves this type of arrangement.
      And take it in the canyon down = INCANDESCENT
      Annie x

      • Drewman the time difference because i am in Scotland
        UK. it is 1508 afternoon time here.
        Almost coffee time.
        You are not crazy. Forrest said imagination would be an advantage.
        Annie x

        • Thanks Lisa
          I feel like quite alone here in Scotland.
          I read a news article today that another person from a small town in Perthshire had been ‘searching’ for a while. Not sure when he went over to look though.
          I didn’t get in touch.
          A x

    • I didn’t know Cynthia was Desturbed? The best cover ever for the sounds of silence.
      Nice little tribute as well.
      No More… willl the … Best ones Lie.

      A tip of the hat, Cynthia.

    • A beautiful tribute. Cynthia is definitely on my must-meet-someday list. 🙂

    • Thank you Cynthia, awesome video, a lot of warm feelings. Through the few years I followed the chase I have always thought you are one one those special souls who deserves to find the treasure, hopefully you sent a man to retrieve it ☺️

    • Dal – Great video, Cynthia!

      Did anyone share this great video by Smell the Sunshine, about those pics Forrest posted, here on your site, on June 16th? Great analysis of the bronze chest and treasure contents:

      Looking for that pic on your site of the branch segment Forrest kept from the tree that fell…the one the fly got tangled in, from his back cast on the Madison River. Per that video, maybe that fly with the fishing line still attached, was in the chest? And maybe that twig was from the branch the fly got snagged on? Pretty unique identifier.

      And doing a Google search for that probably bronze sculpture, reflected on the table. Looks like the top of a stylized Sagauro Cactus to me. Found one that would match the bright blue rug…

  51. Scissors as a blaze, IMO, had two purposes….one was that they were hung on a tree by a single nail that was placed through one on the handles. Hang pair of scissors that way and X marks the spot. Second purpose was to indicate “cut through the BS”

    Key was NOT in TC. Key was nailed on tree at bottom of X marked by scissors and was exposed to the elements for 10 years, hence the rust. You need the key to open chest, no?

    Now, if I could know where WWWH, lol

    • The photographic evidence seems quite clear that the key was sitting atop that 1903 Liberty Head $20 gold coin. The coin will be fine; the key … not so much.

      • I think key was placed inside of chest after discovery. It doesn’t take long for iron to oxidize the gold coin. IMO

      • DB: Iron or bronze will not oxidize gold via galvanic corrosion. You have it reversed. That gold coin will be fine and can easily be cleaned off.

      • I agree. The key was laying on the coin. I think the scissors were outside of the chest. If they were used to make an x in an open position, one would think they would be rusted in that position. You would think they would not be able to close without falling apart.

    • Not sure if I agree with opinions that scissors were associated with the blaze. FF one time responded to a question as to whether it would be possible to remove the blaze….he stated that it could be possible, BUT, not feasible. IMO it would be quite “feasible” to remove a pair of scissors hanging up and exposed in some way.
      I beleive the blaze was something more substantial that could not be easily removed from the site.
      Just a couople thoughts on my part…

      • Oops. Sorry for thr duplication on my part…I see this was also stated in a prior comment. I tend to read these comments from newest to oldest. Should read all first prior to comment. 🙁

  52. Imho I hope Forrest or Preston bought the chest and or the book, tv, and movie rights.
    I can almost see a great to be cont. part 1 and part 2 movie. Or, Yes, what about a movie with 2 or may 3 different endings, still leaving us with thougnts, which end was the real one lol. Maybe 3 or 4 groups each searching different states….. you Never know

  53. I still think the TC was found near Left Fork Deadhorse Creek in Montana at the point where creek passes through the road (fs137) which forms the shape of a horse that is easily visible on google earth.

    • Have you married that area (Dead Horse) to the picture in TTOTC? I have searched there as well because I found a match between a picture with shed horns and fish in TTOTC with Shed Horn Mountain and the Dead Horse Creeks. I have a post with the info in it earlier today. Cheers.

  54. Someone earlier (May have been Iron Will) said he wears his heart on his sleeve. I do too. I’m one of those people who doesn’t really stop and think things through. I have a tendency to allow my emotions to lead me rather than logic, and cooler thinking.

    I hope you read this Forrest. I have sent e-mails to you but I am sure you have been inundated with them. Have you ever had an argument with a dear friend or brother, said things, and then yearned to patch things up but weren’t really sure how to?

    I feel terrible for even inferring any dishonesty concerning you Forrest. I really wanted to solve the thing. And when I heard we might not ever learn where the chest had been hidden I was saddened and angry. I hadn’t even given you any time at all and I was already part of the posse’ running you out of town.

    You have given all of us so much hope and inspiration. You have stayed very close during the Chase with many Scrapbooks and personal thoughts. And even at times replied to some of us through e-mails. You didn’t have to do any of this.

    Forrest, you are going to surprise us somehow in all of this. You are a good and honest man. I am convinced of that. I threw a little”fit” in my disappointment, but I haven’t lost faith in you at all. Thank you for the Chase, I truly have learned many many things I would not have without digging into the poem and running down rabbit holes.

    I want to apologize for casting any doubt about your character, and will wait to hear from you if you have any more to share with us. Thanks to Dal for this blog. Sincerely. Thank you for posting some of my stuff even though I’m sure you thought it was pure hogwash. You are a very patient man, and thanks for being one of those people we refer to when we say “cooler heads prevail”. You have put up with a lot of crap in ten years.

    I’ve never met you Forrest but consider you a friend. I hope the person who found it is a truly nice person and sincere at heart. All the best to you dear sir. -Sparrow-

    • Sparrow,

      It’s like ya sit here squirming in your chair, your heart ready to burst with joy, and all ya get is a palm-shot to the forehead! I never doubted Forrest for a moment. I’d take him on my team in a heartbeat! I’m not afraid to voice my opinion. But at the same time, it’s water over the dam.

      I’ve enjoyed your input and humor, Sparrow.


    • Wow! That is an amazing post, Sparrow. Looks like I am not the only fool wandering around dazed and confused right now. Thanks for posting this so that I could subscribe, too.

      Deepest regards, and Cheerio.

    • Congratulations Sparrow. Sounds like you did a little post find searching and found some real treasure of your own.

      If it does no good or doesn’t bring you joy, then it ain’t worth the effort.

      Its good you are back in the happy club.

    • If Forrest failed to plan for anything, it was how insanely stupid and selfish people can be. Maybe he knew this and is just taking it in stride. I certainly couldnt deal with all these crazy people!.

        • Kerwin? In my mind’s eye it’s not the korrect Kerwin.

          Flush them out Forrest! Greed. He’s our idol, but we’s agonna soo ya!

          Chaos? Nope. Just simple human nature. 14 days down…I’m pretty sure Forrest has backup if he needs it. What a yummy ending.

          • lol “He’s our idol, but we’s agonna soo ya!”

            That’s like beating ya horse with a stick, while voicing ya love for it.

          • Kerwin is not the correct solve! Those bozos are wasting their money on lawyers. They aren’t gonna win anything. They should back down before they go bankrupt.

    • Made me sweat reading this. I had to switch the ceiling fan back on and go open a window again.

      Whats a cartographer dal? Do they measure the behaviour of cartoons?

      I think the finder should come forward to take the heat away from Forrest. Maybe even reveal the state to eliminate some of those cases, but that is up to Forrest to make the call. We can only sit here, waiting for answers.

    • The number of people which claimed that they have solved the poem has always been amazingly high. But since the chase is over, it seems to me that this number increases faster than ever.
      Some of those poem solvers show such an irrational, unsolidaristic, selfish behavior, which is characterized by greed, self-righteousness, denial of reality and hypocrisy that frightens me.
      Is it really so difficult to see that you just werent smart enough to find the right solution? I wasnt smart enough either, but who cares?

    • IMO it only makes sense if someone comes forward with the real solve publically ! It the only way to stop the harrassment from all the supposed “Finders” ! I’ll have to admit , I’m guilty of a little pestering . But as sure as I am , the only words I left for Forrest were Thank you even if it’s not me ! I couldn’t imagine sueing someone for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime!

      • Carlos
        I kind of agree. If a very legitimate and detailed correct solve was published maybe ultimately it would take some pressure off New Mexico area.

    • dal
      Thanks for that link. It must be horrendous being hounded like that from so many sides.
      It is strange though how people can spend SO MUCH MONEY on their searches, without realising everything they need is in THE POEM and a GOOD MAP.
      I wouldn’t even consider travelling (from Scotland). Until i felt my solve was complete.
      If I post my solve on here will it be kept or traced back even when the site is finished?
      Thanks A x

    • Sorry Fenn is dealing with low lifes.
      I write this in the spirit of pointing out absurdity.

      Suppose 5,000 people solved the riddle and 10,000 more will solve the riddle next week. If the poem is interpreted as a delivery contract as Erskine claims, who does the “gold” get delivered to? Is it split 15,000 ways? I don’t see the alleged “contract” favoring one who spent the most on supplies. It doesn’t specify that the first to guess within 500′ or 200′ or 12′ is close enough. For that matter generous interpretations of the alleged “contract” may not require accuracy at all, but merely being brave and in the wood making billions of people eligible.

    • It brings me great sadness to think of Forrest having to deal with people like this.

  55. Forrest, I immersed myself into your books, and the poetry such as TS Elliott and others. Who but you would get me to read poetry. I really enjoyed the scrapbooks which really got me kick started on where to initially start my search. I would be interested to know at some point in time if you could tell us what Scrapbook #107 was trying to get us to focus on. Was I right or wrong? The letter address with Teecup written backwards led me to Teacup Mountain, in Foard County, TX, the two soldiers statues in Crowell, and of coarse looking on the map north of there is little town, Quanah. Isn’t it funny it leads directly to a certain mountain The angles led me to the ridges, the slides/landslides on the 7.5 minute quad map. Can you believe it, I’ve become a Maphead. It sure would be fun to know the other little hints from the other scrapbooks and how they related to the clues. The pairs, the twins, the twos, the broken bowl… In my mind I’ve found your cathedral’s doorstep, the picket fence in the high country, that arc. I know i was close. I don’t care if someone found the treasure. Yes, I’m going back someday and explore the canyons and creeks again. John Muir called it right, “Between every two pine trees is a doorway to a new world”. Thanks again Forrest and thank you Dal for this wonderful website.

    • I believe I know what scrapbook 107 was trying to tell us. It was hinting of a n ancient basin or “teacup” in geography which is turned upside down. In other words, the geopgraphy is an unconformity. Backwards to what one would expect to find.

      • If you look at the marker and the $5 bill in SB 107 you will note they are in the shape of a swan. I believe this is a hint that the treasure is near the Swan Range in Montana. Hadn’t shared this before but the thing is found now so what the heck. lol.

  56. My book – man hears of poem in 2010. Reads and thinks to self “who would ever figure this out”? Puts no more thought into it. Man diagnosed with brain tumor in 2015. Fights to recover until 2019. Late 2019, hears tc is still out there. Looks up poem and uses it as a tool to exercise brain. Lives in Montana so looked at Montana solves. Knows Yellowstone well. Decides wwwh is where boiling river flows into the Gardner river (ff said others at start but oblivious to poem – people soak in boiling river). Take it down Gardner Canyon about 1.7 miles (too far to walk with tc). At end of Canyon is rescue creek trailhead (put in under home of Brown – home of Brown is Jardine, MT which looks down on rescue creek trailhead. Brown was a prospector that lived in Jardine). At that point, botg. Girl from India can’t get any closer since can’t get botg. From trailhead, go over bridge but instead of taking the trail, turn to the right and go off trail (not meek, no paddle up your creek). Know that end is near since Canyon was 1.7 miles and too far to walk with tc so probably only need to walk a total of 1 mile upstream which would be a quarter of a mile since ff did it 4 times. Realized that folks that “just went on by” probably didn’t know to stop at rescue creek. From both road and parking area over river to a wooded area was 200 – 500 feet. Seem to remember from 10 years ago that ff said he could see car from hiding spot. Easiest way to walk 1/4 mile was in edge of river (the cold) due to vegetation. Started to look for blaze. Saw big tree part way up the hill (and animals, trees, pine cones). Then, saw a wooden arrow on the tree (very weathered and hard to see). Looked down. Saw big hollow area at the base (in the wood). I could have crawled in (5’10”, 175 lbs) but just stuck my head in (I worked in national parks for many years so I respect the “leave only footprints”). TC definitely could have been in there and ff could fit in there. This was last November with some snow on ground (could get in any weather if know spot). Child likely to find as they would explore the hollow tree. Flashlight definitely would help. It could have been found last fall. Who knows? All I know is that my book is missing the last chapter. For the 6 months I was in the hunt, it was fun! Be well!

  57. Forgot to say – please don’t go to this location. There is nothing to see. It is just a wooded area along the river. We’ve all seen hollow trees before, this is just like any other. Just follow the story using GE. By the way, look above the area described using GE. You should see a black triangle. Probably from piecing together pictures but it’s funny it points to the area I described.

  58. I guess everyone has their own level of thought process. Some happy, sad, angry, bewildered, lost, hurt…just to name a few.

    I am tickled to no end Indulgence has been found. Never doubted Forrest for a second. We all worked diligently and did our best. I believe Forrest has really created something special, something historic, in nature and with nature.

    We all waited patiently(few) for something from our hero, Forrest. I for one couldn’t wait for everyone to be blown away(myself included) with the hard work that went into Forrest doing whatever it took to maki sure it happened(paraphrasing).

    I guess we’ve all seen and experienced the same thing but on different levels. ..time spent, relationships, money, botg joys and sorrows, near misses, and what was I thinking!

    For myself, I believe there’s so much to be seen by others with their children. It’s a creation beyond your wildest imagination. It’s a creation that makes you pause in awe.

    Now the poem led the finder to the chest. I’m guessing there’s quite possibly more than one way to solve this conundrum of a poem. From my experience there is, IMO.

    I believe there’s much more to this story and I honestly hope you all get a chance to experience it. It’s one for the record books. I believe Forrest is holding his cards close to his chest still. Not showing his hand. Hopefully in the end, you’ll see, he wasn’t bluffing.

    The man said it’s up to the finder. The finder said no thank you. I guess if it doesn’t matter to you then it shouldn’t matter to me/us.

    But one thing is for sure, I’m taking my daughter and a few others back out there to take some pictures. I just know she’ll have to take some with one of the members of the band! That’ll be a fan favorite for sure! So many places to visit, like the saloon! It’s a crock! Some old guy just rolling in the dough while all the others work like dogs! Some bouncer at the door checking ID’s too! It looks like he smokes a lot!

    Other than that, enjoy the show people…when it’s time. Hard work pays off. And that gloomy picture of the dog.. How on earth did you move him that far? We salute you Forrest! Should be a great movie!


  59. I just want to say Congatulations to the finder. We were newbies, just started looking this year. Made two trips within a month and was planning a third. Had an absolute blast looking. I hope whoever found it eventually tells us how and where and i hope he doesn’t get discouraged by all the negativity. I completely understand his wish to remain anonymous. I would too but I sure hope he understands the need for us all to know the solve.
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for a good time . Wish it were me.

  60. I’m gutted that I didn’t find it, but happy that I went out and looked for it. Thank you, Forrest, for the adventure of a lifetime. Here’s my solve, or as far as I got. I’ve been working on the Chase for about 4 years. It’s my hope to one day secret a much smaller but still valuable cache in the Rocky Mountains.

    1) Begin it where warm waters halt– For me, this is Madison Junction. “River Bathing is Best” is what turned my attention to the area, but there’s another video on this very site where Forrest mentions preferring to fish the Gibbon, because the waters are cooler there. I truly believe the man has been dropping hints for years.

    2) And take it in the canyon down– Let me just say that I believe “it” is the Madison River. You’ll take “it” down Madison Canyon.

    3) Not far, but too far to walk– This is a confirmatory clue, in my opinion. Look at the photographs in TTOTC. In particular, look at the photographs of the fishing holes that the Fenns used to frequent. “Not far, but too far to walk” refers to Nine Mile Hole, IMO. Also, how about that intro in Too Far to Walk?

    4) Put in below the home of Brown– this line drove me crazy for years. Until one day, again, on this very site, one of the posters mentioned that Baker’s Hole was formerly known as Brown’s Camp, complete with a linked map from the early 20th century referring to it as such. Surely, in Forrest’s time, there were still old timer’s who referred to Baker’s Hole by its original name

    5) From there, it’s no place for the meek– The meek will inherit the earth? Well, we’re not ready for earth quite yet. At this point, our path is not through earth, but through water. I firmly believe that “meek” has a double meaning, and Joseph Meek’s story should be considered here.

    6) The end is ever drawing nigh- “It,” or the Madison River, is drawing into Hebgen. The Madison Arm would be on the left, or “nigh” side of the Horse Butte Peninsula.

    7) There’ll be no paddle up your creek- This tells us that once we are on Hebgen Lake, we are looking for a certain creek. But which one? The following clue tells us…

    8) Just heavy loads and water high– this clue took me the longest to figure out. What could it mean? And then, after doing a bit of research, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Rock Creek was the site of a massive landslide in 1959, or “the night the mountain fell.” 50 million cubic yards of rock and debris fell in this area, and the “water high” would’ve been the surge that caused the lake to rise 8 feet in certain areas, and for Hebgen Dam to become completely inundated.

    9) If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down your quest to cease– I believe that this is the final clue, and that it could only be identified in person along the Rock Creek area. My gut tells me that one would be better served substituting the word “wise” with the word “sage.”

    I was planning on taking my final BOTG next month. Maybe I still will.

    Cheers, everyone.

  61. I don’t blame Ff or the finder a damn bit for concealing the details. That is their right to do so. What I am absolutely appalled about is so many back stabbing, traders making foul comments and accusations about Ff.
    . The man simply put his gold, coins & jewels in a box (he could have cashed in or kept to himself) he tried to put some adventures in others boaring lives with an offer or opportunity to find a large reward at his expense if you were wise.
    How many other humans have been so selfless to give up their treasure for others to find??? Then to show him such disrespect, call it a hoax, a liar or file a law suit !! It is absolutely ridiculous and complete greed and imo a big slap right in the face to Ff that people claim he owes them a thing! Ff owes not a single person a damn thing he didnt force or threaten anyone to go Botg, he isn’t required to be responsible for each searchers safety or choices nor was he required to give warning to every grown ass person that there is danger risks in the Rocky Mountains.
    That isn’t his duty he was offering this nation an adventure with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to whom ever figured out his clues and finds it 1st
    In return for opportunity he made open to anyone interested he was stalked, house broken into, his grandchild was effected, he had legal fees because of others greed & denial, his privacy was completely gone,

    His entire life, family, friends, and friends lives were researched and talked about on social media.,
    He was morals and reasons were questioned, he was called a fraud, blamed for others misfortune and now people are pissed THEY chose to search for years & how much money they spent looking and the miles driven??
    Wtf is wrong with this ungrateful world we live in?
    He is not responsible for any other adult or their choices..He is not to blame that tragic things happened to others. As an adult you know everything you do in life has risks and only you can choose to take those risks..getting in a car each time is a risk you take and except. If you had a car accident will you blame F for that ? Well no different than knowing the rocky mountains have many risks and dangers in them and wild animals that become defensive in their territory it is not a secret and no one is required to remind you of each risk or danger you may face..although any and all lifes that are lost are a horrible and painful tragedy to so many people but in no way should F be blamed for their decision to except those risks..He isn’t our keeper or protector yet he is who is blamed. F offered this adventure and treasure to anyone that wanted to be apart of the chase. He didnt demand it or force anyone or make threats to people . Every single person that spent any time searching traveling moving to take part of the chase did it by choice and no one knew or had proof the treasure was really out there to find but we all took F word trusted him and excepted that risk of it not being out there or someone finding it before we do and yet now that someone has found it, people are mad and claiming it is hoax and F wasnt who he claimed to be and demand details to prove it was real..F doesnt owe anyone any answers in fact he didnt even have to inform us it had been found but he did. He could have kept it a secret and we would all be searching still not knowing there is nothing to find and we would have just kept on taking that risk or not finding it.
    This isn’t the blame game all of us take risks vy our own personal choices.
    Be thankful someone offered is a adventure with rewards and someone found it before you.
    Keep the memories the knowledge and move on to your next adventure or hunt…this one is no longer available…
    I have only been a searcher for a little over a year and live in Oklahoma. We took 3 trips to go Botg , it was OUR choice to do so and I would do it again!! In fact while doing our 100’s of hours research and tons of reading over the past 16months , we found so many beautiful places we still plan to go see ,with or with out a treasure.
    .I learned more during my time dedicated to the chase and looking for this treasure, than I ever did in school or college.
    I found things interesting that I didnt even know could interest me & the best part for me is the fact that my boyfriend and I took more trips and made more amazing memories over the past 16mon than we had in 10yrs.
    I can give that credit to FF for giving us the chase and a reason for us to spend that extra time together researching and traveling for BOLG.
    I can only thank him and would give anything to get just 10min of his time to hear him tell one of his life adventure stories!
    He is a fascinating man that did a kind thoughtful thing giving so many people a challenge and a interest in their life that included an amazing reward!!!
    He wasnt forced to do this or required to offer our nation this treasure hunt,.
    He did it because that is who he is and a part of him he wanted to share with the world.
    He wanted others to experience the Joy’s he felt & the places he visited while searching for his own treasures,. ( that is how I interpreted his reason.)
    I honestly think if I had done the same for a nation of strangers & for my efforts I was put through & dealt with all the crazy asses he did for 10yrs, while getting all the foul headlines and lawsuit’s and doubt with every little detail he gave to us..
    People complain and think it would be harmless for just announce the state it was in, but if he released that detail just as many would complain that wasnt enough & expressing they think they are owed more ???
    It is very clear that nothing he shares or reveals will be goos enough or provide them with the info they think they are owed!!
    then even more legal claims get filed with every detail or pic he has provided to us so far making it clear to them IMO they cant win in this situation no matter what choice they make.
    I myself would have pulled the plug ended the chase years ago. I would have retrieved my treasure & ended it all , why should I offer my box or treasures to people so greedy and disrespectfull.

    I cant help but notice all those that have found some way to profit for personal gain and get views, likes and subscribers on their channel by using his story and the treasure.
    I see others selling coins, games and more, using Ff story and the Chase again for profit and personal gain.
    I have yet to hear or read a single word about F throwing a fit, posting foul or I’ll comments nor did I see a single lawsuit filed by him for any of those situations out there involving the chase!!
    I dont think it really matters nor do I care if he went and retrieved or it was found by a man
    (I dont blame him I myself would have went and got it too with all the BS people were claiming)
    Why would they tell anyone the solve or location? No matter what details they share or keep private, people will not be happy with any details they tell us.
    The brutal facts are that if FF was to announce the location or solve I cant think of a single positive thing that could come of it…not one good thing .
    If you learn you were only 1000 feet from it do you think that is something that will be satisfying to u or make you feel sick knowing you were in feet of an estimate 2million treasure & u missed it.
    , if it was 15000 miles from your solve that you spend 1000’s traveling to go BOTG & you had zero clues figured out all that time and money spent on the incorrect location and solve. Is that going to be details that give you closure or fill you with joy?
    I bet not and for the few that may have been in the correct state searching, is knowing the state it was in gonna change the simple fact it is no longer waiting to be found!!
    Their choise is smart and they are clearly doing what they think is best for their situation.
    Really, can blame them or be mad about that?

    Would it just be impossible for everyone to be happy for them and let them live their life in piece?
    So searchers try to just appreciate the opportunity he gave us to look for it…I won’t deny or try pretend I wanted so bad to be the one that found it nor will I deny that I’m jealous someone else found it because I’m human and what human wouldn’t want to find a treasure worth millions.
    Ff make it clear and simple and annouced the chase was over, found, gone and now belongs to the one that was wise!!
    It’s just this simple, no matter how it happened it is no longer out there to find end of story!!
    I hope that a large relief to Ff and his family and friends that it’s over .
    So cant we just LEAVE THE POOR MAN ALONE alone and not find any and every tiny reason to be pissed or complain because you shouldn’t blame him for your disappointment in not finding it.
    My gosh he hasn’t had privacy or someone analyzing his every word for 10yrs…He owes no body nothing instead we all owe that man the up most respect and a big thank you for his kindness & leaving his fortune for a lucky person to find….
    I feel horrible reading all the hate comments and negative headlines it just sets me ablaze!!! So I would like to simply say to FF ;
    ****THANK YOU for being you and bringing adventure, knowledge, wisdom, memories, the thrill , the disappointment ,the dream and desire into our lives. I thank you for opening my eyes to other places, history and the treasures of them all. My personal favorite thing about it all was reading and hearing your stories of adventure & wisdom, fear and laughter you shared with us along the way.
    I have never just picked up a book to read in all my life (with out being forced or required) and I have read and laughed and reread your book many times and enjoyed it every time. to my . You have made a positive impact on so many people and we are so blessed for that..I want to thank you for your services to our country, your bravery and my favorite your wit about it all
    Finally I want to thank you for being you and sharing your life adventurers. I only wish I had the honor to shake your hand and thank you in person. It would be an honor to meet you.
    It is time to let this man enjoy his final years with his family & friends and not have to look over his shoulders or get court hearings every month…The chase is over find another adventure & feel blessed you in someway got got to be a part of this history in the making and you can now tell the story to your grandkids & great grandkids for them to share with their kids…what ever you choose Just let the man enjoy the final years!! Thanks again Ff

    • Well said Melody! Any person who read any of Mr. Fenn’s books could not help but have their lives enriched by his humor and the “knowlege” contained within them! Every “armchair” dreamer who spent time trying to solve the clues hidden in the poem at least had their brain exercised! Every searcher who made even one BOTG trip to anywhere in the Rocky Mountains could not help but be richer for the experience! Thank you again Mr. Forrest Fenn for the challenge of “The Chase”, the joys and “Thrills” that participating in it provided, and for all that you have so unselfishly shared with us!

    • Agree! Stop the greed and self interest. Adult decisions and choices were made by all individuals that became part of the chase…based on free will. Mr. Fenn made no guarantees of outcome and in no way coerced ANYONE to become part of the hunt. It’s time for everyone to look inward and to place the burden on themselves for any loss they feel as a participant in the search…and not place blame on Mr. Fenn. Please just return to values of respect, compassion, understanding, and patience. Let’s be positive and not dwell on the negative.
      Please understand that this is not meant to belittle the understandable grief of those that lost loved ones as part of the chase. But, I would hope those that lost someone would also come to the realization that their loved one really, really, wanted to be a part of the hunt…and were influenced by their own desire to find treasures…monetary and/or natural. I feel for anyone that has experienced loss and extend my sympathy to them.
      Take care everyone!

  62. I think the hardest part of this whole thing and even now is, except for a few exceptional search partners some closest to me never really believed I had a chance. You know, “the look.” It was probably one of the driving forces that kept me charging forward so. g

    • ace340,
      Those closest to me believed I had an excellent chance of finding the treasure…but never really believed it was attainable. Two people whom I love and trust their judgment listened to a few Fenn interviews and arrived at the opinion the treasure sat on FF’s own property (where he could safely keep it to take with him when he dies, & where he could return within 30 minutes to collect it).

      The driving force for me was to prove to people close to me that the treasure really was attainable and not simply a legend builder for Fenn. Now those naysayers are somewhat presumed correct in their eyes without a published solution, State, finder, or even a broad statement from Fenn of whereabouts.
      I’ve given up on trying to convince anyone. I loved every minute of BOG searches and puzzle solving from the kitchen counter. I continue to be thankful to Forrest for the greatest adventure of my life.

  63. If the finder ain’t tellin who he is and where he found it, and f ain’t tellin who found it and where it was hidden, we have a conundrum. Some third party is gonna have to produce a solve that is so compelling that it is undeniable. I imagine that could be the one thing that is a controversy and a mystery for a very long time. I think a third party can and will produce such a solve. I hope it’s a best seller. I know I would read it.

    • Well I’m hoping someone with the correct solve will find the spot where the TC was located and take some pics that will convince us it was the actual location! This would bring closure for me because I don’t think we are going get the final solution (or even the state) any other way!

        • Lol I hear ya! I guess I was referring to someone actually going BOTG and finding the spot where the TC was retrieved as opposed to coming up with a compelling solve.

      • Evan
        WHAT IF :
        The finder goes ‘live’ in a few weeks, and says –
        he has left a valuable token at the place he discovered the TC and wants everyone to continue their search?

    • I think you are right but first we must wait a reasonable time to see what happens. If this person thinks of making a book whit the solution, I think he do it some before someone else reveals de locations and unravels the mistery. Although we wont´t have the evidence that it was there.

      • Annie,

        Please help me understand what copyright infringement issues there might be? I’m not versed in this area so I’m very curious to gain some understanding. Many thanks!

        • Just for clarification, I’m referring to the finder publishing a book and not someone else who correctly solves the poem and finds the spot where the TC was retrieved.

          Perhaps the copyright issues you are referring would be if someone other than the finder publishes the solve?

          • Evan
            Yes -i mean if anyone other than the finder back east decides to publish their “solve”

    • I’m absolutely certain that someone can. They are probably waiting to share what they have out of respect to the finder so they don’t steal their thunder.

      • Hi Matt: exactly. When (not if!) a second solver goes to their spot, there will be evidence that the chest had been where it no longer is. Doesn’t even have to be an item deliberately left behind by the finder. Think about Forrest’s F-100 in Laos: similar situation. The plane is gone, but bits and pieces of evidence remained.

        And anyone who has been clever enough and persistent enough to solve the poem will have respect for the finder who did likewise.

        • Zaph- yep. however There is a time limit to everything (as we have learned) and the other person may not have the means or interest to make the trip if they already lost plane tickets this year. I think the finder should probably not delay Too long in taking some sort of minor action..

          • Matt,

            Explain; limited time.

            Are you talking about the site itself?
            I have said before; we were not looking for the chest ( that was the prize) we have always been looking for the blaze.

            Would it still be possible to find the blaze and actually know it for what it was meant for… Without the chest being there?

          • Hi Seeker: in my opinion, the blaze will continue to exist long after our great-great-great grandchildren have turned to dust. It cannot be removed or destroyed in the *physical* sense.

            Unfortunately, I do not believe it is also self-confirming.

          • Seeker I was alluding to a possibility with the chase that it expired on that date somehow but was not my main point of the post

          • Seeker also
            I think the only way to find it is to know wwwh is then it becomes self evident. And when someone realizes what it is they would not second guess the site.
            But you won’t know for absolute certainty.

            BUT – The key to wwwh (first clue) is the page number number of the poem in ttotc imo

          • Matt – Is that a fact or an opinion about the page number? – Just askin’ – JDA

        • JDA no problem. I’ve done the same. But if you, zaphod, or seeker want to hear why I think that I give Dal permission to give you my email.

    • Already done, the correct solve may have been published seveal years ago and the finder used this solve or most of it to get to the final spot where the treasure was hidden. Look at the Books By Searchers section on this blog and you will find several good solves that makes for a compelling solve. In particular one that is almost undeniable with a complete solution with pictures. Take a look at these books by searchers. -mow

    • Mr Obvious
      So when is that coming out then ?? Have you started it yet ?

      Only kidding
      A x

      • July at the earliest for the first book. I’ve been working on it on and off for a very long time. But I did not have the last clue nailed down until late fall of 2019. I have to wait and see what transpires in the next few weeks before I jump back in and finish it. The title of the book is “The Yellowstone Conjecture”. But I might just focus on WWWH only in the first book. Not sure yet.

  64. The finder can sell the solve anonymous, without any risk and make a lot of additional money.

    He can also sell the story how he did find the chest with solving all clues anonymously.

    There is no reason not to do it and if either FF or the finder does not do or announce that in the next months, i ll have to conclude that this is a hoax or better scam, since quite a lot of people paid money and bought the book after they were baited into this hunt with the poem. FF is a quite good fisherman.

    • I can assure you that the solution is in the poem. Mr. Fenn is a honest man. Sure.

    • You clearly didnt learn much about Forrest in your reading, did you! You missed grtting to know an honest, honorable man!

  65. So here is my only question for Dal. If the Chase is over, what happens to your website? Who pays for you to maintain it? When will you be shutting it down? Is there a revenue stream to keep it going? Thanks

  66. In photo #3, has anyone noticed the partial face on the edge of the table to the left of the treasure chest and above the soda cup? It looks like a man looking to the left (which would be his right) showing his eye and part of his moustache and maybe part of his nostril. Strange…

      • Hi Mark,

        The left edge of the table is light brown or tan with brown facial features. The eye (with an eyebrow) is left of the chest just below the hinge area. I wish I could send you a photo with the elements labeled. I will try to upload it somewhere and send you the link.


        • Thanks, still don’t see it, but I’e sure, just like one of those puzzles, it will come to me. Inverted reflection, correct?

    • Sorry, I don’t see a person. Since you brought it up, it looks like part of a plant or sculpture. Combine the two table images from the camera’s perspective. The table reflections show something. Finder, you need to be more careful when publishing photos to maintain your anonymity! Anyone else notice the odd photo crop line along the left hand side of the chest image in the outdoors?

  67. Mill Stone Theory

    Hi all, I started searching in 2010 and I barfed up my “solve” back on page 5. As I re-read it, I realized how incoherent it was and I hope you’ll allow me a second chance. I’m doing this for two reasons; first, my ego won’t allow me to keep it quiet. Second, my ego understands I couldn’t complete it. So maybe I can help someone and they can help me. Anyone is free to email me at

    Here’s my mill stone theory up front, and then I will explain. Forrest hid the chest under a mill stone which had rolled away from an old mill. Mill stones often had two open spaces under them in which weights were placed to balance the stone. Those weights were of similar size to the chest and were used to keep the stone in balance. I believe there was a storm or fire at the mill which caused the stone to be thrown from the mill and that his grandfather, C.K. Simpson, worked there. (Why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek = Why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all, to CK… Placing a comma after “all” changes the meaning of the sentence).

    I believe many of us have “correct” routes. I also believe you must complete several of them to start seeing similarities in them. I am confident that Warm Water Halts at A Hole in the Wall. The Outlaw trail route starts here. The Pink Floyd route starts here. The Titanic route starts here. The Ketchum to Haley Idaho route starts here. The Stephen King “IT” route starts here, The Knothole Gang (baseball) route starts here (It started in my hometown of St. Louis at Sportsman Park with kids wanting to watch the St. Louis Browns play at Sportsman Park), The REM, Culture Club and Indigo Girl routes start here, the Shawshank Redemption, My Cousin Vinney and Thelma and Louise routes start here, etc. In Scotland, a Gang is a river or creek. The first thing a miller needs to do to start his mill is to create a dam, or a Weir across a gang. They then open a hole in that weir to control the flow of water into the mill.

    The more routes I found, the more similarities I discovered. I started finding the following clues:

    Patience and Timing in the pocket of the green monster. (the weight created the proper timing of the millstones and millstones often become covered with moss if left dormant.) Look up “monster millstones” in your browser. You’ll see they are often called monsters.

    A well-dressed midnight rider next to a colorful woman. (Millstones are considered male and female with the top stone, or Rider stone, the male and the bottom stone, the female. The top stone is a bit convex and the bottom stone a bit concave. The center is the “eye”). As eye have gone alone in there and with my treasures bowled. Millstones were also often painted different colors (colorful women) and buried in pits as a ritual. The theme of a Bottomless Pit, or in Brad’s case in Thelma and Louise… a bottomless Pitt!

    The separation of twins. See the Empire Strikes back route (Luke and Leah), the outlaw trail route (Twin Mountain Train unhooked), Twin Towers route, etc. Millstones are called twin stones because they come in pairs.

    In the shadow cast of the flat iron maiden. (Fly fishing route, Football offensive schemes route) The damsel was either made of wood or iron.

    In the upper room of the flat. Millstones were always placed in the upper room of the mill.

    Chatterton’s compound. Found in the Jack Johnson (boxer) route, and well as the St. Mary Radcliffe and Temple School in Bristol route and the Governor Chatterton and Willie Nickle story route. (Chatter Ton’s Compound). The damsel of the mill chatters while it is working and becomes silent when it stops.

    Matchless. I found Matchless Silver Queen (Baby Doe Tabor route), Matchless Chatterton (St. Mary Radcliffe route) Matchless Dulcinae (Don Quixote route), Matchless Chief (Amplifier route). A matchless stone would be one which no longer has a partner. This is a good time to tell you my favorite route… The band Queen (Freddy Mercury = Matchless Silver Queen) and their song Fat Bottom Girls. The millstones were kept in a casing called a Phats… Phat Bottom Girls!

    The bottom line is, I continuously found the theme of a Harlequin Romance (Look up Harlequin’s Blaze series), a Rough Wooing (The Henry the 8th route and the brave Eure family.) Quarreling lovers, To be with the mad woman in the cabin (WB Yeats and Maude Gonne route, Archie and Edith Bunker route, My Cousin Vinney route, Elzy Lay / Outlaw Trail route, etc. This tumultuous relationship theme fits perfectly with the symbolism of millstone pairs as male and female and their quest to work in harmony.

    As I said up top, I’m hoping this might help some of you and some of you may be willing to help me with what you know. Here’s a few other main phrases that came up time and time again. I won’t continue to relate them to millstones, but here they are in case they mean something to you…

    William’s Dreamland (Theater/Stage Fire) Midsummer Night’s Dream route, Coney Island fire route, William Butler Yeats and Maud Gonne route, Outlaw Trail (William “Elzy” Lay) route, Black Wall Street Riots in Tulsa (Greenwood, OK).

    O’ Come to the Greenwood Shade (Poem Alexander McGlaughlin “Oh to be an Indian in the Wood”.

    Orange Men (Oren Lyons Faith Keeper Lacrosse route, Don Quixote route (Oran Lions Stagecoach driver) REM route, Wizard of Oz route, Yeats/Gonne route

    Sword of Light

    George… Pigeon Holed, the Jerk, The Cross, The Arm of George

    Frank’s Rock

    St. Mary’s Tower

    Buck shot / Boiler Room Shot

    The Little Bird / The beautiful Whore

    Rebuild a Church

    There’s just too many to name and I couldn’t coherently mesh them together enough to find a location. But I looked long and hard at the Polaris Mill in Montana, St. Mary’s Mill in Stephensville, Montana, Frank Church’s Mill in Colorado, Crystal Mill (Sheep’s Mill) near Colorado Springs, and the numerous mills (and famous red light district near Blackhawk, Colorado. I JUST. COULDN’T. FIND. IT.

    In closing, the best nine clues I could find were phrases that came up again and again with numbers in them. I believe the key was for me to fit the above information into the nine clues. But again, I was unable. So here’s my nine “clues” / phrases, with and without the numbers included.

    Descendent of the great ONE.
    Number TWO under the cross.
    THREE Marys at the tomb.
    FOURTH of July.
    Boiler Room number FIVE.
    SIX sided tower.
    SEVEN sisters.
    Pieces of EIGHT.
    NINE Ding(bats).

    Without the numbers… Descendent of the great/grate, under the cross marries at the tomb of july (Jew Lie / Ju Lie) boiler room side tower sister’s pieces of dings.

    Forrest, thanks for a decade of learning, thinking and adventure. My trips to Redcliff, CO, and Haley Idaho were amazing. Taking the tour of the Matchless Mine during the day and sneaking back into it in the dead of night to find the boiler that exploded was amazing… and scary! Sleeping in the same room as Jessie Woodson James in the St. James Hotel was a dream come true, and jumping the fence at Philmont Scout ranch to hike up to Blackjack Ketchum’s cave in Cimarron was the trip of a lifetime.

    Dal, thanks for everything you’ve done! I don’t know you but I know the whirlwind of just one searcher keeping up with this for ten years. The work you’ve put it into this for the rest of us is incredible.

    Peace from St. Louis – Mark

    • Mark,
      Goto Dave Calvi you tube channel. He’s having people come on to talk about their solves.

  68. The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.

  69. This is a cleaned up re-post from earlier. Even I thought my earlier post was made by some madman with bad grammar and incoherent thoughts. In my defense , I was getting ready for my morning bike ride and still on my first cup of coffee….

    In the beginning…I had an OPINION…please enjoy it below.

    The drawings are the most important part in my turns the poem into the map.
    Drawing nigh = draw i which yields “ I love w y and a pooping bull “ The tail of the bull points at the word CHESt. Many people have seen this and commented on it.

    The answer I already know =42. I counted every forty second letter Which yielded , once descrambled…BN railway Gillette WY. I found a map on line of the BN railway which looked almost EXACTLY like the bull in my poem drawing the point of the tail on the railroad map was pointing to POLSON, MONTANA.

    This is Warm Waters Halt and the Answer. Not an arbitrary starting point but a starting point located by following the instruction to “draw i” , locating the answer to everything as 42, grabbing every forty second letter and locating a matching external railroad map to the “draw i” result.

    Forrest stated that the treasure was 42 lbs and if you google the answer to everything….42 comes up as defined by the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. The fact that I found a railroad map that matched my Bull drawing was good enough for me!

    So hear me…and listen… this yields list E …a vertical list of e’s can be found on the left side of poem near the words LEAVE ANSWER ON IT . This means, leave Polson on a boat.

    If you had connected the o’s together , using the perimeter O’s found in the poem…assuming you put the poem in an excel spreadsheet…you would have found the outline of Wild Horse Island. An amazing simularity to the online map of the island. On the inside of the island drawing, you will find a box with an open lid also drawn with o’s. The location of the box can be plotted on the island using the lat longs of the London Underground train stations. What fun.
    Down and Halt plus heavy loads was my clue…how low can a train go? Underground….Fenn once mentioned the number of acres each person owns of government land….it was the size of the island.

    So here is a shout out to someone who had posted a video showing how to move the lines of the poem in a spreadsheet to read …if I remember correctly…
    Treasures at the end of the lines read vertically.

    This person uncovered something like “try the wheel”
    And what looked like a wheel of fortune game with missing letters. I later surmised that “try the wheel” might refer to the London Circle …and one of the wheel of fortune puzzles was “Lid to Blaze”the puzzle looked like this
    – – d to – – – – – This is why I thought it was important to plot the chest on the island.

    Lat longs should be 47.12….. and 114.50…
    The last part of the Lat Longs are provided by the London Underground train stations…
    warm waters halt = bay waters (train STOP is a halt)
    and = HollAND Park
    Take it in the Canyon Down = Camden town .
    Not far, = Notting hill
    Wise = Swiss
    And = HollAND Park
    Found = Farm

    (Just= draw right)
    Heavy loads = Hammersmith
    and = HollAND Park
    Waters High = Sloane…..river was piped over head
    Lots more to have fun with.

    The poem lines often have more than one use and meaning in this solve.(as many others have noticed)

    References to Star Trek , bold,quest(voyager) the words lat num, Fenns reference to some searchers finding the first two clues and walking past the rest = 7 of nine. I know it’s corny but….
    This yields the Ferengi rules of acquisition . Also, using word equivalent or similar word substitution in the first stanza yields “follow the RULES precisely”.

    I took a closer look at the Ferengi rules of acquisition when I found the words lat num in the poem columns.
    A Ferengi RULE
    1) EXPLOITATION begins at HOME. (Please chant)
    EXPLOITATION begins at HOME.
    EXPLOITATION begins at HOME.
    This is an instruction.
    Insert exploitation into the poem where HOME appears and suddenly there is an X in the poem on a diagonal to an F. Lots more going on here but moving on.

    Drawing a diagonal line between the F and X will take you to the vertical word HORN.
    When lining up exploitation and Home of Brown a simple letter substitution yields B=T.
    When looking at the poem in a spreadsheet, focus on the letters that surround the B’s in a T formation…the T may be on its side. I found
    Horse, Wild, Flat . I found ILAND using ? (Can’t remember-notes are gone)

    The four corners of the poem yield IDEA(many have commented on this) which comes from your HEAD…. = Flathead, Wild Horse Island.

    Once I found this in the poem words it all seemed so simple and obvious that I could not unsee it and choose a different solve. Up until this point I
    had tried many different solves and many different methods but now it just screams at me WILD HORSE ILAND. It’s a very rude poem with all that screaming.

    Next Ferengi RULE
    2) A Wise man(Brave) Can Hear Profit(Lat num or gold or treasures or riches)
    In The Wind…the WoodWind.

    This is a description of the final location.

    This “rule” links several of the poem lines together very nicely.

    Every word or equivalent in this rule is found in the poem except Wind. I connected them but not sure that was useful…instead..I believe it was meant to associate wood with wind to describe the final location.
    The woodwind is a HORN. If you find the F X you should find the HORN easy.

    If you are brave and in the wood….wood is also another name for woodwind when referencing a musical instrument. The chest is located inside the wood(wind instrument.)

    Skipping ahead a bit, on the island there is a rock formation on top of the spine closest to the east side of the island that looks like a big SAXAPHONE which is a WOODWIND instrument or HORN…in front of this rock formation there is a large F X in the vertical Rock face…which can be seen on google earth.

    There is more, but this is getting lengthy so I will get on with the Blaze.
    Blaze is a word…..L E T.

    Fenn said..”In a word” ….yes

    The BLAZE is on the HORN and is also visible on google earth.

    If you are wise and found the blaze …wise is the upper left hand corner of the drawn chest …AND. Is the upper right hand corner of the drawn chest..FOUND is the right side of the lid top(warm waters halt is the left side top of lid) the blaze is on the horn(lid to blaze)

    I give you tit LE To the gold. The word LET is found on the top of the HORN as a crevice. It very big and hard to miss.

    The first line of the poem tells you I have gone …(on e a L in T) here. Reversing the entire poem yields a vertical “in a gap Here”

    You can also squish the poem so the “Secret” is under the “hat” which sits over the poem word LET…. remember all of the hat discussions. Well, Fenn could keep his SECRET under his Hat….an old expression.

    it’s also very easy to squish the poem so the words…”The Chest is Wet” shows up…also over the poem word LET. So much time was spent on Fenns hat and the wet chest…I considered that many people had to see this too.

    Squishing the poem is merely hiding rows and columns in the spreadsheet until the words you are looking for appear.

    So here is the condensed version.

    Begin it where warm waters halt…..leave Polson Montana on a boat
    And take it in the Canyon down… over the Flathead lake which covers a deep canyon. It’s also very very cold.

    Not Far, but too far to walk….it’s about nine miles
    Put in below the home of Brown….the Island is located below Brown Street but…
    Home of Brown refers to the GIANT F X …putting in below would be the East Landing.

    The B=T Ferengi Rule identifies the island as Wild Horse.
    Go in Peace= the East Landing…No Place for the Meek..the North or Osprey landing is too steep.

    Notice the Giant F X in the rock face as you Make your way to the rock formation (700 yards from East public landing. There is no trail).
    The rock formation looks like a giant horn /SAXAPHONE. Look into the crevice T marked by the word LET for a gap that holds the chest. You will probably be face down to do this.

    As a footnote:
    Off to the left of the giant F and X there is another flat area with what appears to be eyes(big stones with holes in the center) that are looking in the direction of the FX rock face. For the longest time I thought that was central to the solve…with look quickly down .

    The first drawing I made linked the Burnt Mountains as blazes ,
    In the shape of a plane fuselage,together across multiple states which pointed to Leadville, Colorado. I travelled west on the map a short ways and found a property refered to as a castle (KEEP) which was known for its fireplace KEYSTONE ..also known as a BALDARCH. ( Carey Grant fans for Tarry Scant should be happy that his original name was Archibald) BaldArch is the word I used for my Lewis and Clark cypher…the word LET shows up multiple times and on the last line of the poem it reads RED HOT next to LET. The first part of the cypher reads “0ff road quest”. Toward the end of the cypher were instructions to use the web and send word to Forrest if I found the treasure…which of course…I never did.

    I found the cypher idea interesting and tried several different key words I made up as a guess…many things showed up, LET was very common.

    Use the line “ There’ll be no paddle up your creek “ when hiding columns and rows to show “Open padlock” which yields the KEY …the poem words actually says Kee or Key.
    The word ART will appear if the rows and columns are set correctly….
    which is why I relied on the drawings. What was neat was the few lines it took to display this actually looked like a long key with two prongs. There are really a lot of neat things in the poem.

    From there it’s no place for the meek = forth e . I’m pretty sure the word
    meek is in the poem to keep the e count straight…but I also found a “hilly open grassland” definition for it.
    Some words in the poem are there to make sure the drawings are correct or there are the proper number of e’s for example. All of the words support the architecture….I never could have come up with something so complex and elegant.

    I want Forrest to know that I found his ART and I appreciated it. Very very clever!
    I also want to say that the poem did reveal that there is a “red herring” (red twill) in there…somewhere…I wonder if it was the drawing that seemed to reference “sitting bull” and Wyoming ,was it the railroad map to Polson, Montana or something else?

    I’m in delete mode now and had already tossed hand written notes several months ago, so some of my detail here may be off a bit. I still plan to go back to Montana and visit the island to hike to the Horn. I also want to hike the Highland trail in Glacier Park so I’m working on my fitness. Every second of life counts and that’s what I’m chasing!

    Thank you Dal, you have done a great job here.

    David j

    • {Bevis & Butthead voice}
      Uhhh, what??

      Just kidding but I’m not sure how a redneck from TX could figure that out! I know Forrest is a smart dude, but I’m not sure he’s that smart!

      If the poem is indeed a cipher most people never had a chance. I still think the key was to “simplify.”

  70. Some of these solves are way more than than the correct solve. Haha. Wow! 😉

    • Just a quick question, all in fun, but Mr Obvious, how certain are you that you know the correct solve? It just seems that most of your posts have a high degree of certainty to them.


      • That’s correct caller. Forrest said there is no subterfuge. I believe that. No deception. So if you have so many have nots pointing to one spot then you have a statistical significance. That means it didn’t just happen by chance. Forrest built in validation for the correct solve. The Chase is self-validating by design. That’s why he said the searcher will go straight to it with confidence.

          • Mr Obvious
            HINTS = Hidden In Treasure State?
            Does your solve have each clue with a
            Number or No ?

          • Annie you’ll have to rephrase your question. I really don’t understand your question.

          • Mr Obvious
            I was meaning are you thinking
            HINTS is from the line
            And hint of riches new and old
            The letters Could mean Hunt In Treasure State ?

          • No Annie I was not referring to the word “hints” in the poem. I was referring to “hints” generically. Each clue comes with numerous hints. The last clue comes with a powerful set of hints. All hints that align with a clue provides validation. Content from books and scrapbooks validated clues always nag the way.

          • Annie – by highest level I mean there are powerful hints that make the final clue more sure than is required. It was overwhelming. However the final clue is a precise location that is nailed down by latitude, longitude and elevation.

          • Mr Obvious

            Do you mean the ‘highest level, as in
            The height Is clue No Nine.
            Does it tell us what height the TC is hidden at ?
            I have the elevation as clue No Eight.


          • Mr. Obvious and anyone else who wants to weigh in- what are your thoughts on the keyword? IMO it’s peace. Which is what all of us need to come to with the treasure being found but is also as equally important to the final solve-again IMO but I’ve been wrong before

    • I think that as the search went on year after year, we had a tendency to make the the solve more elaborate. If it was so obscure, than how did Searchers come within 200 feet back in 2014?

  71. Folks still cant let it rest….ITS BEEN FOUND and we have pics now……
    someday we will know the location after all the Lawyers and IRS get their fair share

  72. I’ve never posted before but the thrill is gone so I am sharing my thoughts for some closure. I am A guy back East but not THE guy back EAST. I’ve been in the Chase from the beginning.

    I think I solved WWWH, HOB, the BLAZE, “in the wood” and the word that is KEY however it still wasn’t enough for me to get the goodies.

    First of all, IMO, the word that is KEY is “gold”. Gold is the last word of the poem (omega) and gold is “it” as in “take it in the canyon down”. Gold can be applied to all the stanzas.

    WWWH can’t be a specific location. To pick a spot like Old Faithful or Hebron Lake or Pagosa Springs or the snowcap on Taos Mt is like throwing a dart at a map. FF said to look at the big picture… IMO… WWWH is a glacier. A glacier is the “I” as in “As I have gone alone in there…” and “Why must I go and leave my trove behind…“ as the glacier recedes (i.e. now I’m weak) and deposits gold.

    I think the poem must provide the NAME of a starting point, then provide a DIRECTION and hopefully a DISTANCE.

    If you read the second stanza as “gold is deposited by glaciers and taken down canyons in streams and deposited in cracks of bedrock… i.e. put in below brown trout” then it describes a “Placer Creek” as a NAME of a location and accounts for HOB. The name could also be some other derivative like “Glacier Gorge” or “Gold River” or other description that is a physical location.

    FF referred to the nuggets in the chest not as gold nuggets but as placer nuggets. Gold left behind as the glacier recedes is “old and new”. Gold is old when deposited and new when found.

    Third stanza = Waterfalls. Look up Placer Creek Falls in NM (near Hopewll Lake on Rt 64) if you have not already. It’s no place for the meek. It’s in the Carson National Forest, in a zone of pinyon pines and sage. (I made an overlay map) It’s very rocky terrain. The falls are within 500 ft from the service road. The rocky ridge above the falls is between 10,000 and 10,200 ft. (Why did FF say below 10,200… why no round off to 10,000?). From the top of the ridge if you look southeast is Burned Mountain (tarry scant) and if you look directly east (on google earth) you can see the top of the Molly mine (which is the first meaning of BLAZE and Questa below it for “quest to cease”).

    There is also a Placer Creek in Red River that comes off Gold Mountain. I couldn’t spend enough time at either location… a few quick trips out West drained all my savings (I’m in Pennsylvania).

    I think the fourth stanza is DIRECTION. “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze… the BLAZE is also the star that led the wise men carrying gold to the Christ child. Go or look EAST. The wise men found their treasure by looking straight (quickly) down from the star. I believe “go in peace” in that stanza is used in the end of a Christian benediction which supports the religious interpretation of that stanza.

    I never figured out DISTANCE or heavy loads (other than gold is heavy), but “in the wood” I think refers to playing darts… the old dart boards were made of cork except they had a piece of hardwood for the bullseye. So “in the wood” is a bullseye.

    I’m trying not to be bummed out about the treasure being found. I was planning another trip. Maybe in a few years I’ll get over it.

    • Why can’t WWWH be a specific location?
      If you can’t find WWWH you can’t solve any other clues.
      They have to be solved “in order” to find the treasure. WWWH is the first clue according to Forrest. IMHO
      Just sayin’

      • There are too many locations that WWWH could be if it is a specific place. Like I said it is a throw of a dart. By using a general term like glacier and applying it then stanza 2 it then describes a placer creek. Just a different approach.

        • Hi Peter From PA,
          How about a road name or where 2 rivers turn into 1?
          Say: Warn Springs Creek Road?
          I don’t remember Forrest saying it wasn’t the name of a road, trail, or stream. Just that it’s “Not a Dam” if I remember correctly.
          You need the correct starting point in order to proceed to the next clue. If the clues stop lining up, you’re in the wrong spot, time to eliminate (or confirm) the next possibility.
          Food for thought and in my humble opinion.

  73. Doesn’t all that dirt make it seem like it was buried? Also, I wonder what condition the key was in before it sat for 10 years. It’s sad to see the stuff not as nice and pristine as it originally was but short of sitting in a dry cave–I guess that’s to be expected.

  74. Hi Folks, I have tried to publish my solve here before but I think I broke a rule around swear words. I am an armchair searcher up here in Canada. So here it is, and I should also mention, just for added fun, that my search partner who recently moved from New York to Santa Fe, was going to check out my solve around May 3rd and since then he has been pretty cagey in replying to me…anyway, here goes:

    IMO, the WWWH refers to the skating rink at Los Alamos, NM. Forrest once said, if I have this right, that there were many places in the Rockies WWWH, and most of them were North of Santa Fe. I figured the “Halt” bit referred to a rather severe stopping of warm water – freezing. The rink there is at the head of the road that goes down Los Alamos Canyon to the famous Omega Site (they closed the road to cars a few years ago (<10 years) so you have to walk down it now). Just before you get to that site, there is the site of an old building that housed nuclear weapons researches for years, one of the more prominent being a certain Dr. Brown. The building that still exists there is interesting as well but not w.r.t. my solve. There is a place to park just below the building site. There is a relatively dry creek bed right across the road that goes up the side of the canyon; about halfway up there is a deep crevice that I suspect has a small spring. I also suspect there are native paintings there. I figure Forrest first noticed the site flying out of Los Alamos airport, which is just a few hundred metres away from the site as the crow flies. I have no useful theories about what the blaze is.

    I have to say that, aside from a moment of doubt after the treasure was found and no further information was forthcoming, I have quite enjoyed this whole treasure hunt and thank Dal and all the others for enabling commentary on such a fun adventure.

  75. If anyone is following that Paul Paul dude on YouTube I noticed all his content was removed overnight.

    • I’ve been following Paul Paul and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. He is either the true finder or someone doing a fairly convincing job of pretending to be!

        • Sounds like a cease and desist letter was mailed. I’d wager the immediate removal of all content is a pretty good indication that his content isn’t worth investigating.

  76. Connect the dots…

    “there is one important thing that no one has thought about”

    “look at the big picture”

    Connect the clue locations and you will see the Blaze.

    • Connect the dots is a favorite of thinking children.

      This helps one “move with confidence”.

      • Connect the dots played a major role in my solve. Maybe that’s why he said give it to your kids. Kids love puzzles.

  77. Geydelkon,

    Whether painted by Sharpe or not, that’s a beautiful painting I’d love to have hanging in my living room. Thank you for sharing.

    And I sure hope Storm Clouds are brewing up on the Forrest Fenn horizon.


  78. I think now I’d like to put my best solve out and see if everyone thinks I’m nuts. Joe Meek was my one solid. I got him from the trapper’s book that that Forrest read. His biggest close call was south of the devil’s slide. I backtracked to Yellowstone Lake, upper and lower falls (canyon down) home of brown Gardiner sewer plant (also the clue in the second book, outhouse mural). If you look in TTOTC, right before he writes out the poem he states you’ll find the treasure and the end of my rainbow. Then right after the poem he stated he dreamed he was Captain Kidd and went to Gardiner’s island looking for his treasure. As Landslide Creek is fed from Rainbow lake and there’s an island across from it that’s right below the Gardiner airport, That,s my spot. The blaze, when he was lost, he said he applied mountain man wisdom, the sun rises in the east. That’s also why you must look quickly down, can;t look at the sun. The spot eerily matched the signed illustration in the book, so I was looking for the base of a tree stump, which I found. Nothing. Made several trips back, also looked farther south in case he meant winter sun.

  79. Many searchers here have posted a desire for the finder to leave a plaque or something behind so we can continue our searches and Endeavor to find the hidey place.

    IMO it would have to be something of substantial value because, just like the people trying to sue, there’s another kind of weirdo that loves to play practical jokes of the cruelest kind. So I envision a whole bunch of fake placements just to get folks excited they found the spot, but it’s only a ruse. In fact, I’m reasonably sure some will try and profit from it some way.

    Sorry for raining on the parade (caddie? – sorry again. Can’t let it go). I want closure just like all the other hard-working searchers, just be careful what you ask for.

    And like others here and not to be too cliche, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Something’s up. Doesn’t smell right kind of thing.


  80. There are two simple points in the book that I am certain of their meaning.

    1) When he talked of his schoolmate John Charles something and the olive jar he was waving around – I am quite certain he was referring to John Charles Fremont as his trips to California, Sacramento in particular, and the city of Fremont were large olive growing areas. Also a Hotel he owned in Southern California was on Olive Street.
    2) The story he told of losing his job selling papers in West Yellowstone. He said that he was upset and went outside and the sun went behind a cloud. He then said “It Killed me for sure”. I am quite certain he was indicating Chief Red Cloud and the Red Cloud Wars. Two significant people died in these wars, William J Fettermen and Capt. Frederick Brown. Fort Brown near Lander, Wy. was named after him.
    3) Another story that Forrest wrote about was his competition regarding placing a 100 dollar bill on the tree and shooting at it. The winner shot right through it. Well one of the most famous battles of Red Cloud’s Wars was the Fettermen Massacre also known as the Battle of the 100 in the hands.
    I truly believe somehow the winning solve had these things connected in some way.


    • From the book I liked, But it takes mettle enough to strike the trail, and enough confidence in a maverick to know that the treasure is really there for the taking. g

    • A $100 dollar bill is a C note. You could convert all the Cs of the poem into the number 100.

      Can = C => $100 bill => 100

      Just one example out of many thousands for turning words into numbers.

  81. I will keep it simple. Get a National Geographic YNP map. Look at South Boundary Entrance. Bridger Teton NF. You will see the outline of Washington’s face towards 191. Clue 1-warm waters – Arizona trail. 2 canyon down- Bailey Meadows. 3 walk -Bailey Creek. 4 Brown- Browns Meadows. 5 Meek- Wildcat Ridge 6 nigh- Wildcat Peak. 7 creek- Arizona Creek.8 high- Tetons
    9 The Blaze- Look for those Sheffield knives or scissors. He sure Bluffed me. I just caught on to the TTOTC. The king is in the counting room counting all his money again. He has heirs. I precisely did not read between the lines. No wonder he does not like to look in the mirror. I feel like I was switched !

    • Cathy, that was one of my first solves. Never did BOTG, though, but watched a video of two guys backpacking there. They took 2 days. It’s a hard hike, vertically speaking. Lots of grizzlies around there. But the grave of Brown is in the meadow. And it’s beautiful!

  82. Maybe Dal ought to take this website onto other treasures still lost? In Montana, there’s the lost steamboat gold. Wyoming has a lost mine. Colorado, lost coin shipment. New Mexico, I’m sure I remember hearing about a large sum of gold hidden there prior to the USA banning people from owning large amounts of gold.

    • I always felt that this Chase was different than any other treasure hunt. The poem & the memoires were as important to me as the idea of treasure.

  83. Its late for this but did any of you pick up on the huge clue Forrest left in the PBS interview at 10:38? On the old sane fe trading co site very bottom video. Pay attention how he emphasizes “WALK”.

    • Walk was my word that is key. In my solve Not far= A mile, but too far to walk=2 walks. Mile to walkee. Milwaukee Road.

  84. Has anyone come up with an estimated value of the treasure based on the photos? Before it was found I was seeing values of anywhere from $1M – $5M!

    I know it’s not just about the value of the treasure but I was just curious!

    • Evan: I recommend watching “Smell the Sunshine’s” YouTube video on his tallying of the chest’s contents and estimating the value. He recently did a follow-up estimate on just the gold based on the most recent three photos.

  85. finder could publish ff’s autobio (would he need ff’s ok?)
    that would be cool and profitable

    • Forrest owns the rights to that autobiography, so yes — the finder would have to get his permission to publish it.

  86. Has anyone had any thoughts about the buried brass bells/containers? I don’t believe that they have been found at this time?

    • But it took me to the right treasure site. It was a lure I think to get searchers there. I went for the bait.

    • I have found a bell that I believe is associated with the chase. I will give the entire solve some day. I tried to start that conversation (in another post) recently, but everybody is going a million miles an hour right now and there are lots of posts. It is an approach I haven’t read about before and I have located a lot of things. I am not saying I am any more correct or wrong than the next person. It is the only original post I have made so you can read it if you want. Warning…it is long… and choppy because I tried to keep some things brief.

        • Thank you for the positive comment. The bell is clustered with other things referenced by Forrest so I’m confident it is tied to the chase.. it would be too coincidental to be random IMO. I believe there are dozens of successful solves that build upon each other across each state so I’m not saying it is the final location. But, like West Yellowstone, I think it’s is a place he enjoyed and it is one of the last things in the book and one of my last successful solves where I found something related.

  87. Although it doesn’t matter, I still have a problem with the photos. I’m not saying things didn’t happen like what was said by f, but the answers we are getting just don’t fit the bill. And, lucky for the finder, and congrats, but he is pretty disrespectful if you ask me. I guess we were all afraid if some “tool” found the chest, and it seems as one has. But back to the photos, what about his autobiography? You might say it’s right there in the photo of f inspecting the contents, but wait.
    The autobiography is suppose to be 20,000 words, written very small. In comparison, the entire 148 pages of the book has 28,800 words. Now written tiny or not, you won’t fit 20,000 words on what looks like 4-5 pieces of paper. If anything, you would need maybe 10-20 pages, folded up into a jar would take a lot of room. It looks like that jar would not be able to hold a 20,000 word project.
    Granted the book has pics, but I just use that as a comparison of how many pages would need to be used and folded into a small jar. The pics just still leave open the possibility that it was never hidden. That f had it all along, and that there is no finder because there was nothing to find. I hate that idea, but it does come into play when given the info we have been given.
    Now having faith in f, or just believing him is not the point. It’s just the explanation we have been given, and the supplied pics, just leaves a bitter taste.
    I know one thing, that jar in the pic does not contain a 20,000 word autobiography. Unless it’s a joke and the 20,000 words are just the letter “i”, lol, maybe then that jar would hold the 20,000 words. iiiiiiiiiiii………….. Still, would need to be very tiny writing just to do that. If there are actual words, no chance they are in that pic. Sorry f, I’m not buying that you put a 20,000 word auto within that jar, folded, with what is in the pic.
    I am wondering, there was a statement made by you at one time that nothing of significate value was left around the chest area. With all the hints looking to a bell possibly being buried by the chest, was this bell found? Was there a bell buried? Did you bury bells like you said you did? Your secret plan was to bury bells and jars, you could put your secret where, (line 3 of poem), If one of your treasures was your secret, then was it also found?
    I see we won’t get more info that we need, to validate 10 years of work, I would think a finder would know this, and want some answers if someone else found the chest, if it was hidden. This whole thing lacks validity, which puts a cloud over the chase that I just don’t want to believe, but is there. Too bad, luckily, most of the community is filled with good people, that’s what made the chase fun. Had I found, I know for a fact, everyone would know everything. I could care less about paying taxes, it’s free money anyway. No need for greed, But I can positively say, that answers would have been supplied. Pics of the blaze, how to find wwwh, was hoB a clue, pics of the area, pics of me at the area with the chest, and sharing of some of the booty with some of the searchers. I think most would be thinking in this way. But just so happens that the few that don’t think that way may have been the victors. Too bad for us, depressing how this is unfolding, IMO.

    • Dear Finder: pay no attention to the disgruntled who rudely refer to you as a “tool,” or selfish or disrespectful. You have every right to privacy (especially given the 7%-ers), and every right to maximize your reward by revealing your solution (if you so choose) on your own timetable and in your own way. You didn’t have to share photos at all, let alone less than 2 weeks after the Chase conclusion, and now you see the thanks some are giving you for doing so.

      I would have done exactly as you have done so far: kept anonymous, informed Forrest, provided him the necessary proof, and returned the gobstopper bracelet. Though I don’t know that I would have risked transporting the chest and contents to Santa Fe … unless there was some compelling reason to do so based on instructions within the chest. 🙂

      • Agree 100%. I’ve would have done exactly the same.

        I have the theory on how the chest ended up back with Forrest.
        IMO, the mysterious item in the chest, was generous enough to compel the finder to return the treasure back to Forrest.

      • A sensible approach. I also wouldn’t have transported the treasure to Santa Fe unless it was hidden near Santa Fe and I had to drive through there to get to the main interstates. Another great argument against it being in Montana or Wyoming. That was your intent wasn’t it? 🙂

    • Or Google Israel worlds smallest Bible. Just to give an idea of how small people really can write. 20,000 words WOULD fit in an olive jar easily.

    • Hi poisonivey,
      You said “It looks like that jar would not be able to hold a 20,000 word project.”
      I think it could, if their’s a flash-drive rolled up inside that paper.
      Just a thought, and IMHO.

  88. To flutterby, you’re probably right. This captivated me more than anything else. I would like to thank FF, if I ever get the chance. He is quite a remarkable man. Look at his accomplishments. It gave me a new purpose for quite a few years. Forrest said God added to one’s years the time spent fishing. Wonder what he does with the time spent treasure hunting? I know I’m in better shape for all this.

  89. Hi everyone, this is my first comment on your blog.
    I’m from Back East but not the finder.
    I first heard about this treasure when I listened to Josh Gates Unknown Expedition here in Montreal may 5th 2020. After a quick look at FF history, I’ve tried to put myself as a 80 yo sick man who want to hide a treasure. Would a hide it far from my house….no, not too far to be able to check frequently whitout being spied by treasure hunters.
    So, F was a pilot in US Airforce, is a Veteran, An accomplished and respected Art dealer.
    The solution is maybe easier than it looks.
    1)First clue: As I have gone alone in there…
    He was saying when he was going to flight from Santa Fe Airport he was always alone.
    Just beside the Country Club, where Rich new and old are going to play golf.
    2)WWWH… where warm water finished, the cold water begin. Right in front of the Airport, there’s Agua Fria St starting at the red light.
    3)Agua Fria is also a canyon……take it down, (downtown). Alway thru the end of this street is the Home of Brown. Sanctuary de Guadalupe. Franciscan monk mission were all in Brown.
    4)From there it’s no place to meek. The end is ever drawing nigh.
    The National Veteran Cemetary, where he probably want to rest in peace.
    5)There’s no paddle up your creek.
    That mean take The Arroyo de Rosario , this creek is almost all the time dry. Except when….
    6)Just heavy load and high water.
    When the snow melt from mountains or when flash flood coming after rain.
    7)The BLAZE
    Look at the path in the Veteran cemetary, there’s flaming torch shape. Here’s the famous blaze.
    8)Look quickly down your quest to cease.
    Just look under, it’s the arroyo de Rosario, it’s a public place and there’s wood.
    9)But Tarry scant with marvel gaze.
    But be aware of the gas….there’s a pipeline of natural gas. (Look in google street view at the corner of Griffin St and Rio Grande St, below St-Catharine Indian school. There’s a yellow pipeline warning sign.
    The chest was probably in that wood near the rock wall.
    On Google street view, looks like theres Stars engraved in Rocks of the wall.
    Distance from corner of airport road and Agua Fria St thru the “possible” spot: 8.3miles.
    Distance from FF house: 2.4miles.
    Easy to verified if the treasure has been found from is car.
    Because during daytime, there’s a lot of residents that walked with their dogs, its better to go there and take the chest when its cold….during nightime or under a canopy of stars.
    Thanks if you read this thru the end.

  90. Hi Dal,

    This is my first time posting I hope I it did this right.

    Will Forrest tell us all where the chest was located? A lot of people spent hundreds of hours, traveled many miles, and spent thousands of dollars trying to find the chest. And five people died. We should all have closer as to the location where the chest was and our efforts.

    I had planned to take my second trip to the Montana earthquake lake last week June 9, 2020. I thought the chest was located along the lakeside of the road on the north end of the lake just past the Put-in. There is a vista for parking cars. From the vista, I would have walked back towards the put-in 200 feet along the road. At that location, is where you first can see the blaze on the south end of the lake by the visitor’s center. Also at that point on the road, there is a steep drop down about 30ft. “Past the put-in when you see the blaze look down”. This location on the road is also just down the canyon from the best location in the country for fishing brown trout. “home of the brown”.

    Thanks, Dal
    Ray Upton
    San Diego

  91. For those who did not find the treasure, f gave you the know how to become successful. He showed you how to do it. Hard work, logical thinking and a little imagination. People skills are important. I applaud those who started web sites, businesses etc and monetized their efforts. You took what you learned and benefited from it. And you had fun doing it too. He’s a good teacher.

  92. Here is my solve:
    Where warm waters halt: (you must find this clue to find the chest!)
    In the TTOTC there is a story about a friend and drinking tea (ff said to look for something that didn’t quite fit in the TTOTC in NM library interview, if you want to find the chest). Oddly, they discuss drinking tea, then drinking tea, then drinking tea again. TTT is an international (aeronautical) sign for hurricanes, or typhoons. ff flew in Vietnam, and he would have been very familiar with this warning.
    What makes warm waters halt? Well, if the warm waters are a hurricane, then what makes a hurricane halt? There is one answer: an iceberg. When the surface temperature of the ocean heats up it creates an environment to grow hurricanes, and the only thing that stops it is colder water. Many scientists have proposed dragging an iceberg to cool the water. Iceberg lake in Glacier National Park fits with Apikuni Falls downstream. I injured my hand or I would type the whole solve out. I would have checked it out 2 weeks after it was found.

    • Hi TaylorAz,
      If you’re going to search in Glacier Park, take a look at the Avalanche Lake area.
      It’s fairly close to Lake McDonald (Big lake near West Glacier).
      It sit’s just below Brown Mountain and if you get up to the lake there’s Monument Falls towards the upper end of the Valley.
      I was working this as a solve before I landed a “better Target” in southern MT.
      Worth a look though IMHO, I just haven’t gotten up their yet.

  93. The word that is key is “drawing”. That was the last big clue too. The following clues were on a smaller scale, narrowing down the specific area – not the specific physical resting place of the box though. The first clues referred to large references but then worked they’re way smaller the closer you would’ve gotten to the end.

    • When I was working on my solve and came up what I thought to be the location, the only road to get u there was named long drawing rd , that takes u to poudre pass lake colorado.

      • Other things will take you down or up the Poudre Canyon. Forrest mentions Kinnikinnik in a book or story which is in the Canyon. Forrest also mentions Jax Beer and Jax is a store in Fort Collins. One of those stores is on highway 287 and if you link it with other clues coming up from Denver… it will take you to Highway 14 (Poudre highway). Forrest also mentions Red Feathers if you are familiar with the area…not saying you are right or wrong…but I understand how you could get to that area. I think it is tied into the chase and you are supposed to go there as part of the chase. I went there.

        • Forgot to mention… other folks have mentioned ending up or travelling there as well. You aren’t alone. I do think you are supposed to go there and Forrest is taking you to many places he enjoyed. The Poudre is world class fly fishing for one…especially back when he would have been a young man. The question might be – to me it is – what are we supposed to see/learn in the places like that… to add to our journey and help us get over the next hurdle.

  94. Of course, you’re right, Mr. Obvious. TTOTC. I’m nervous, though. They say bad things always come in threes. First, I didn’t find the treasure. Then, my wife didn’t leave me for spending all that money looking for it. I’m afraid FFis going to hunt me down and beat me up for sending him those nasty Emails after I came back empty handed. I also liked that island below Gardiner airport because there was an old coup there, hood floating around the island and the body grown into the trees. Always saw bison there. Quake lake was another good solve. As for the gentleman who found it, at first I was angry, then I decided he was better at this than me.

    • Well brace yourself Nels. I don’t think the surprises stop here. Stay tooned.

  95. Given those pictures, the chest must have been in a pretty wet environment for the wood inside to age like that. Guess my solve was wrong, Funny, though, I don’t see the entire contents of the chest on the table… there are many things missing. I suppose they must be off to the side and out of the picture.

    But what’s up with that old spiritual necklace? Never knew something like that was included in the chest. Did Forrest ever mention it?

    Could this crazy triangle of things oddly point toward a ringing bell? It just seems too impractical for these things to add up and fit with anything at the beginning. I’m probably wrong, because the possibility of having faith beyond this point is nearly mute and toneless. And if this ain’t the end, where is it?

    Oh well, I guess as they say, “C’est (Se) La Vie” (C. Berry)… Besides, my piggy bank and reserve kitty are notoriously empty (lol).

    • Suzy_S: Forrest mentioned the necklace: pretty sure that’s the Tairona and Sinu Indian necklace.

  96. After viewing the photos, a few things are obvious,IMO, there are pine needles on the ground and a dried stick that looks like it could be cedar (juniper). It will be interesting to find out if the picture was taken where it was found, or moved some distance.
    Most important, is FF comments “Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.” Very defiantly not buried.

  97. A friend told me that the shirt ff has on has Santa Fe Blazing Star Flowers on it. Growes
    In the Jemez mountains nw of Santa Fe. So maybe, imho he is giving us a hint
    Of the state…..

  98. I tried to solve the treasure hunt by figuring out the two hints that Fenn talked about and that many people thought would lead to warm waters halt. People have been trying to figure the solve by reading the poem and matching words from the poem to a location. I tried to figure it out what Fenn would have to do to direct someone to a certain place on a map. The first thing I thought he would need was a map, I also noticed that trails had unique numbers associated with them. A hint is an indirect clue so it points to something that points to the final destination. I realized that in this case Fenn controlled what was in the treasure chest and the format of the map that the poem sat on. He did say the key was in the chest and that there was a key word. The first stanza mentioned treasure bold, on the map that the poem was on the only bold letters that ran across all 4 states, was Rocky Mountains. The bold, “T” for treasure, in Rocky Mountains is closer to Glenwood Springs than any other place. A hint of riches new and old, I think the key word is old. I understand the oldest gold eagle coin in the box was 1847, Jesse weaver trail or noname trail is trail number 1847 which is in Glenwood Springs. Fenn said when people were too close he sent them down the wrong path and the grizzlies would get them, no name trail has a path to grizzly creek. One more thing that could point to Glenwood, Fenn said to pay attention to definitions and one definition of hint is component like a hint of cinnamon in something. A hint of riches new and old the letters that make up new and old are all found in Glenwood. Obviously warm water halts is the water processing plant and its door seems to go into the earth which many people could take as home of Brown, which is within the famous 500 feet range of my treasure solve. Fenn said that many people have been within 500 feet of the treasure and that no one has found the home of brown. He also said some had gone right past it and were within 200 feet of the treasure. A short distance down I found a cave, 200 feet of my treasure solve, that I know a few people must have picked as the home of brown, so the real home of brown must be before it. A little bit north of the cave, I saw a kind of a brown curved Rock that kind of formed a little hut. Between the curved rock and the cave way up high was a cave. Either the high cave or curved rock could be the home of brown. Below my new home of brown, I saw water leaking through all those big boulders, it was an underground creek that ran up a surface creek up high, it reminded me of the poem there be no paddle up this Creek just high waters and heavy load and that Fenn said a knowledge of the location’s terrain would help. So I decided to go to no place for the meek and climb up to the pit in front of the climbs war on peace, honor, and bravery. That pit was a wreck with lots of boulders that had come down there was no water running through it, I think it had been a victim of Glenwood’s recent mud slides. At this point it you want to see the pit with running water, what I thought was the blaze and treasure chest, I found an online picture of what that pit looked like in 2017 at You will have to enlarge the bottom left side to see anything. On the very left side of that picture on one side of the creek I saw a striped Rock, that could be the blaze and on the other side of the creek I saw kind of a square rock that could have been the treasure chest, I made this observation in the fall of 2018. They are on bottom left side of the picture on both sides of the creek, you have to stretch the picture real big to see them. This picture was created in 2017 which may be why in the six questions of 2018 he said he though it would be found that summer. My blaze and chest were just around the corner and would be hidden from you if you came in from the south. Of course you wouldn’t know which side of the creek a person would end up on. If he is on the west side he would be in the wooded part up against the climb bravery and could see the treasure but would have to cross the cold water to get it. Another way to say that, quoting the poem is “Your effort will be worth the cold If you are brave and in the wood I give you title to the gold”. If you are on the east side of the creek about the time you would see the blaze you could then look down and probably see the corner of the chest. I’m guessing this is what he meant by the statement “if you’ve been wise and found the blaze, Look quickly down, your quest to cease, But tarry scant with marvel gaze, Just take the chest and go in peace”. I figure going peace means leave to the South because that’s the direction of the climb “war on peace”. The thing that looks like a chest bottom is below the high-water mark I remember Fenn would say the chest is wet and that it wasn’t submerged in water. That pit was so buried in wreckage I couldn’t find anything that look like the blaze or that thing that looks like the chest. I wonder if the creek started running again and cleared the mud out. The picture was from 2017 and Fenn said that he thought the treasure would be found at the beginning of 2018, I wonder if that is when he said he knew the treasure was still there. Fenn mentioned that the treasure was waiting for the sound of boots, Bravery is a climb and climbers do not wear boots. Do you think he was going to Glenwood Spring for cancer treatment, many famous people died in Glenwood because they were going there for the hot springs as a treatment. I had go back home I was suffering extreme altitude sickness, the next day felt like I had recent been under anesthesia. I made it the hundred plus feet from the pit to the trail by stopping to rest several times, the altitude was killing me and my afib might have been acting up. That happened on Sep 21, 2019, when I got to a lower altitude, I did email my solution to Fenn, I hope that was not a mistake. I bought a small shovel on Amazon and head back out in early November, but the rocky slope was covered in snow and did not want to risk the climb. Between the virus and getting a cardiac ablation, I was not been able to get out this Spring. I have traveled out there about 6 times. Being I was unfamiliar with nature, I had trouble crossing the creek. Once while trying to cross, I was on a rock, the size of a patio, I slipped and hit back first. It knocked the wind out of me and I started to slide into the creek, if I had hit my head, I could had gone down the creek. Once I got the right shoes and walking sticks it was easy. I am hoping my solve is wrong, if I was right it is really going to hurt. If anyone is out in Glenwood Springs they might check to see if the area looks like it has been dug or disturbed. No matter what happens, Thank You Forrest Fenn, it was fun !!!

  99. Begin Where Warm Waters Halt – Firehole River and Forrest’s bathing spot. Clearly mentioned in his blog “River Bathing is Best”. A common solution among searchers.

    Take it in the Canyon Down – Being in the river, take it down to Firehole Canyon (possibly Madison Valley).

    Not Far, but Too Far to Walk – Forrest mentions riding his bicycle from West Yellowstone to the bathing spot. It’s too far to walk – Forrest bicycled. Take the river to West Yellowstone.

    Put in below the Home of Brown – While in the Madison River “put in” at Baker’s Hole. There’s even a small dock to “put in” at. Dal you mentioned in a blog an old map that listed Baker’s Hole as Brown’s Camp. You were right on the spot.

    From There It’s No Place for the Meek – Fir Ridge Cemetery. Forrest mentions in The Thrill of the Chase, how brave he felt sneaking into a graveyard and sitting on headstones. Fir Ridge Cemetery is just north of Baker’s Hole.

    The End is Ever Drawing Nigh-reference to the cemetery (death always getting closer or drawing nigh), but also when you turn into the cemetary off Hwy 191, the cemetary is on the right, and a parking loop is on the left (nigh).

    There Will Be No Paddle Up Your Creek – Gneiss Creek Trail starts on the parking loop. Gneiss is pronounced like “nice”. No paddle refers to the phrase up the creek without a paddle, which means a bad situation, but Gneiss Creek is “nice”. Also, the trail actually doesn’t lead to water for a long time (about 5 miles before the first creek crossing I think), so despite the name, there’s no need for a paddle. Double meanings that Forrest enjoys.

    Just Heavy Loads and Water High-I think this referenced an article about Mother’s Day where Fenn was quoted as saying his mom carried a heavy load. Originally, I believe Forrest meant this as a clue that you would have to push on with a heavy load and through “hell or high water”. Your search would be difficult and require perseverance. However, on Google Maps someone placed a “Real Close Dam” near the beginning of Gneiss Creek Trail. I think Fenn did this as a hint for this clue since it was a difficult clue to solve. Many people guessed this clue referenced a dam, which Forrest knew was wrong, so he threw us a bone with “Real Close Dam”. Also, Gneiss Creek Trail is very long, 14 miles or so; heavy loads and water high might simply have referenced this distance and the multiple creek crossings.

    If You’ve Been Wise and Found the Blaze – There is a trail marker near the beginning of Gneiss Creek Trail that lists the distances to various creek crossings. I have a picture of it, but I won’t attach it right now. This trail marker is also right on the border between Forest Service lands and National Park lands (Yellowstone). This becomes important regarding the legality of claiming the treasure. If the treasure was on National Park Service lands, it couldn’t be easily claimed. On Forest Service lands, the treasure would yours.

    Look Quickly Down Your Quest to Cease-The most misunderstood, but vital clue. Almost everyone thinks this means to literally look down, or dig down, or flip something over. From the previously mentioned sign (blaze) you need a direction to travel. The definition of “duck” as a verb is “lower the head or the body quickly to avoid a blow or so as not to be seen”. Just south of the sign (blaze) is Duck Creek. Of course, everyone who reads Duck Creek, thinks of the bird/waterfowl. No one thinks of the verb. “Look quickly down” means to head south toward Duck Creek. Genius on the part of Fenn.

    If you proceed south there is a thin strip of Forest Service land. To the west of it is private land; I don’t think the treasure wouldn’t be on private land for obvious reasons (although the private land is owned by a “Opcen LLC” which is very suspicious. I followed the public records and Opcen LLC is under an agent Michael Schrage, president of Centier Bank in Indiana. I found a possible connection to Fenn in a 2004 donors list for the Buffalo Bill Center of the West that listed a Mike Schrage and Fenn as donors. Perhaps they met once and years later Fenn used Schrage to purchase the land and hide his treasure. Also Opcen stands for Operations Center; we all know Fenn was in the Air Force. Queue the dramatic conspiracy music lol.) However, I don’t think the treasure was on private land.

    To the east of the Forest Service land is National Park Service land (Yellowstone). I don’t think the treasure is here either since the NPS is the stuck up, by the book, cousin of public lands. Claiming a treasure on NPS lands would be very difficult. Thus, the treasure is on the strip of Forest Service land around Duck Creek, an area about 0.2 square miles. See attached picture outlining the area. On my previous trips, I was in this area, but I never ventured south toward Duck Creek. If I had, I would have proceeded along a slight decline, through a forested area, and emerged out of the forest with a beautiful scene of a valley with Duck Creek to the south, Hebgen Lake to the west, and Yellowstone to the east. I once went to Sandy Butte which is close by and overlooks the same area; it is indeed a very beautiful valley.

    I have several other clues that seem to confirm Duck Creek, but I won’t mention them all. Here’s a general one: in The Thrill of the Chase Forest mentions by name Grayling Creek, Watson Creek, and Hebgen Lake. Basically, Forrest was saying he fished around Hebgen, which leaves only a few other creeks unmentioned – such as Cougar and Duck Creeks. Forrest would never have directly named the area he would have left the treasure, such as Grayling Creek, since it would be far too obvious and increase the odds of someone randomly finding the treasure without having solved the poem. Take yourself back to Forrest’s life as a child in West Yellowstone. Forrest mentions how the West Yellowstone entrance was gated off, how he floated in a raft down the Madison even though it was illegal, and about the time he was denied a permit to drive his dying friend to Grebe Lake. Forrest, as a child, would probably have fished less in Yellowstone due to the annoying rangers. Instead, he could freely fish all around Hebgen lake, which was closer to his home, and freely accessible. Also, in the chapter Fly Water, Forrest mentions how popular fishing areas are over occupied by other fisherman. Duck Creek is overlooked, beautiful, and has great fishing. Just the kind of secluded place Forrest would consider his alone. Duck Creek “fits the bill” lol.

    And that is my solution.

    Joe Sacramento

  100. I think there are really two correct solves both leading to the same spot. The first solve was designed for the genius. The second solve was d signed for the red neck from Texas. Why? To be fair. To create a treasure for ALL to seek. My opinion of course.

  101. I thought the best Colorado solve was going to be around Snowmass. They were digging a reservoir and found animal remains from the ice age. In Forrest’s final book, the guy that wrote the forward had said FF was originally going to leave his car at the Denver museum of science and nature, and that was to be the first clue. They have a display about that find. Man, I hope the people suing FF don’t sue me for having better solves than them!!!

  102. I doubt that the treasure site will remain a secret for long. If it’s in a park, to avoid visitors destruction of the natural environment the park service should consider a walkway and dedicate the site to Forrest Fenn and the Thrill of the Chase. My opinion.

  103. Joe, my first solve started out like yours. FF swimming hole, float trip he took in forward of TFTW, his dad catching the trophy brown out of Hebgen, Joe Meek, Rock Creek campground getting half covered and half flooded in ’59 earthquake ( heavy loads and water high). Then I saw FF had said there were no clues in that book save the map and one put in by accident. Wished I’d seen that before I bought the boat.

    • Nels I don’t think your statement is accurate. You should go back and listen again to the statement from Forrest. I think he said there are a couple good hints. That doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands of other useful hints.

      • 🙂
        i predict that forest is casting his fly line towards the treasure in a picture from “flywater”.
        its seems like something Forrest might do.
        the biggest hint of the search!
        could be wrong.

  104. You got me, Mr Obvious. Well, how about this, then. If that was his final clue, and he didn’t back track, maybe I was too far north?

  105. Hey Dal,

    Have you ever searched in NM ? I have seen a few YouTube interviews with FF, and in one he is talking about the dangers of the search, and he says that he made comments about shutting down the search in MT, WY & northern CO…..I was wondering why he would say that. My thought is that it’s too dangerous, if so, would he have been able to go there? The other interview was one the he said…..people spent too much time looking in MT, WY and northern CO and overlook NM… solve has never left MM and puts me in the Taos area. Just was curious if you have searched NM.

    If anyone would like to YouTube them they are:

    1. The Forrest……Douglas clip
    2. The Forrest Fenn interview clip 1-6

  106. I would love to explain that one but the final clue is golden. No can do. You weren’t too far north. I can say that.

  107. You got me again, Mr. Obvious. I know I had a bad habit of reading what a third person had said was a FF statement. Should have always tracked down what was said by FF himself.

  108. Hey Mr. Obvious. Do you think The Chase is over because the chest is no longer in play?

    Is it possible that Fenn might still be giving us clues?

    • The possibilities are endless. There’s no telling what might happen next. And are there hints in Forrest’s last announcement? Oh heck yea. I think he may have another ace up his sleeve. He has a good poker face if you ask me. All one can do is wait and see. I think big surprises are yet to come.

  109. Forrest Fenn IS the treasure. He’s witty, kind, and darn right hilarious at times. Who cares about the gold? I want Forrest to come back. I hope he finishes writing that one last book. I hope he lives out the rest of his years in peace and harmony. He never stops teaching us, even when we think he’s done. Good game Forrest Fenn. We all won.

    • Yay looks like it’s gonna be a ball! I’m coming, who doesn’t want to drink a beer with Forrest?

      • Forrest is BUYING the beer… not joining us to drink it! Unless that’s another one of his BIG SURPRISES for 2020!

      • We don’t know if Forrest will be there….He really cannot leave Peggy alone for very long. I am not expecting him to show up…
        But there is always the possibility…

    • Oh, man. I wish it weren’t a holiday weekend, and the last if summer. WYS and YNP are going to be packed. Glad there’s something, though!

    • Shoot! I’ll be missing it by 8 days. Sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

    • The Wife and I would like to be there-See if we can get across the 49Th parallel ..Covid 19 is a real Party Pooper..

  110. I want to introduce the writing concept of the ticking clock.

    What if there is more information coming? Do you really want to be merely told the answers? What if all we have is 30 days from the date Fenn said the Chase was over? Or less, because the 4th is a major American holiday.

    Is it not possible for us to band together, and use the incredible resources of the people of this blog, to follow the clues and find the spot before we are told where it is?

    Wouldn’t that validate a lot of people’s efforts and years of research?

    • In my opinion, these are the most exciting moments of The Chase thus far.

      Let’s not waste them. Let’s live them.

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