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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f

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732 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part nine

    • Dal,

      Excellent video by Cynthia so thanks to her. Quite a decade of rich history of community and comradery. Thank you for making the video available. The get together sounds like a wonderful idea. Such an interesting story all of this has been.


        • Hey Lisa,

          Do you happen to know where I can find it? I ran into some trouble accessing the site for some time. I would be happy to share my thoughts. I will try searching the term ‘Simpson.”


        • Lisa,

          So I just found the Simpson reference and read through the link you included. Unfortunately, my lack of access to the site also as not had me receiving notifications of posts. So, if you could clarify the context of the Simpson reference for me I would gladly share my two cents. I have not been able to read any of the pages on this thread until yesterday. There are so many posts I am not sure I can even catch up at this point! I recall you and I speaking about family a short while back. Let me know what the question is so I can give an ample reply. Thank you and great to hear from you!


        • Lisa,

          So I just found the Simpson reference and read through the link you included. Unfortunately, my lack of access to the site also as not had me receiving notifications of posts. So, if you could clarify the context of the Simpson reference for me I would gladly share my two cents. I have not been able to read any of the pages on this thread until yesterday. There are so many posts I am not sure I can even catch up at this point! I recall you and I speaking about family a short while back. Let me know what the question is so I can give an ample reply. Thank you and great to hear from you!


    • I cried at the end of Cynthias tribute video! Thanks Forrest for this thrill, I want it to continue!

      • Why on earth would you lay that burden on Forrest. Create your own darn thrills. Geez.

        Let the man rest woukd ya?

          • I’m happy to share

            I gots pink ones and yellow ones and purple ones and green ones and invisible ones that really work the magic.

            Love that hairbo commercial. Makes life seem less…less, well, less fatal really. I mean, their is no way out but thru, so eat candy!!!!!

            Lighten up. Use a flashlight!

    • I wish they could have found quieter location for the meet-up.
      The last time I went to Yellowstone, it was a circus and that wasn’t even a Holiday weekend. IMO

    • Dal, what is Cynthia talking about where you counted 261 coins. Is this true.

        • Gahhh. Serial, I went down this rabbit hole already for the thrill, thought it was going somewhere.
          There goes my 261 theory.

    • I would love to be there, but I do not think I will be able to make it. Maybe next time! If there is a next time of course…

    • Dal,

      Unfortunately for us, Yellowstone “…is far, but too far to drive.”

      My wife and I would like to see a “Fennboree Legacy” meetup in the original Fennboree location state of New Mexico. We can discuss our Fenn solves, search stories, and just remembering the fun times. But I think this meetup could also go on for years if we also focus on other treasure stories.

      It’s amazing on how many “lost” treasure and mine stories are in the southwest and are still waiting to be “found”. Many are worth as much or a lot more than Indulgence. Campfire discussions could be treasure stories, searches, legalities of treasures and provenance. It would be a great excuse to meet with old friends and gain new ones.

      I would suggest Hyde Park because it is a good location (especially for longer term campers because it is close to showers and provisions). People might be surprised if they knew how many lost/hidden treasures are in northern NM alone.

      My wife and I are going to attempt a trip to Hyde Park around early or middle September. August may be too soon. It all depends on if the virus thing eases up a bit. If not, we plan to start a yearly trip, maybe around mid May.

      This is not the end of the chase, if you ask me… only this particular one. There are many other chases out there…. lets go get em!

      What say ye?


        • Sure, NM is has a few. Look at this one!

          Leon Trabuco’s Gold
          During the Great Depression, Leon and some of his business partners decided to hide 16 tonnes of gold in the New Mexico desert. They preempted that amidst the Great Depression the price of gold will explode. Thus, they decided to hold on to as much gold as they possibly could. Unfortunately for them, they held on to their treasure a little too long, because after the depression, private ownership of gold became illegal. Within a few months after the Gold Act was passed, Trabuco and his partners were found dead. However, the gold in the desert remains untouched.


          • Or this one !

            The Victorio Peak Treasure in New Mexico
            During a cold morning in the year 1937, Doc Noss went searching for some fresh water near the Hembrillo Basin in New Mexico. On his search he discovered a tunnel sort of a thing, which had a ladder that was leading down below. He decided to inspect it. On reaching the bottom of the pit he found over 200 gold bars. However, greed got the better of him and so when he decided to explore the land to make the entry bigger and hoping to find more gold, the impact of the explosion made the shaft collapse on itself making it impossible to reach the treasure. Many have attempted to find the hidden treasure but to no avail.

            – MI

          • And one for Dal = )

            The $200 Million of The Coast in Key West
            In 1622, many cargo ships perished as they were caught amidst a raging hurricane. However, these were no ordinary cargo ships since they were carrying approximately $700 million worth of gold and silver. In 1985, treasure hunter Mel Fisher found $500 million of the buried treasure less than 160 kilometers off the coast of Key West. Experts believe there is still plenty of treasure to find.

            Source: Diver Wire

          • lot of sand in that there desert but once a treasure hunter there’s nothing better.

      • I am not sure I can get to Yellowstone over Labor Day weekend either. I live in Colorado but can’t drive that far by myself and I don’t think my husband would want to go. But our daughter and family will be moving to New Mexico in August so I am sure I could talk him into going that direction! Don’t know if Forrest would go to any more meetups after Cynthia’s “finale”, which is sad for me because I want to meet him so badly. But I’d love just to get together and chat with other searchers and swap stories, so if you are able to organize something down New Mexico way, please post something here as soon as you can!

        • Forgot to say, I would love the discussions of other lost or hidden treasure stories as well. As a library lady, I’d be happy to research treasure tales of my own state, Colorado. I know there are quite a few!

          • Hi Library Lady,

            As a library lady, do you think you could get your hands on a copy of Journal of a Trapper?

            One of the ones with Osbourne Russell’s hand drawn maps?

        • Frank-
          I don’t understand why folks think they have any chance in finding one of Forrest’s bells or jars…
          He said that even he could not find where he buried them. They are buried at least three feet down…so you’d probably need ground penetrating radar to locate them and Forrest never said that it was his intent for folks to look for them. He claimed that he hid them to be found by accident hundreds of years from now…just as he found many of the incredible, hundreds of years old artifacts, he discovered.

          There are no hints or clues to their whereabouts and if you think there are you are probably mistaken.

          I know someone who helped Forrest hide some of those bells and jars and even he claimed he could’t relocate the spots…and he dug the holes…

          Perhaps you should look for something a bit less challenging…maybe the Ark of the Covenant… 🙂

        • He did not bury the bells..they are on his desk. It’s a hint towards the bell you are supposed to find IMO. Read San Lazaro…describes the bell you are looking for in more detail IMO.

        • He did not bury the bells..they are on his desk. It’s a hint towards the bell you are supposed to find IMO. Read San Lazaro…describes the bell you are looking for in more detail IMO.

        • I am not. I think TW is referring to my history with Forrest’s nephew, Crayton, in shipwreck treasure hunting and salvage.

    • That sounds like a lot of fun. Just need to convince the USA and the New Zealand government it is essential travel. Maybe Curious Hobbit and I could submit a joint petition.

      • BCP – great idea!! …i’ll swing by and pick you up in Lisa’s private jet 🙂

        • interestingly, that is how covid was introduced to the very center of the “Rockies”, someone flying into Aspen from Australia…

          thanks Australia. They limited flying a week too late or so.

    • Thank you Dal for running this site. I’m a new commenter but have always-even after giving up on the chase-kept up with your writings. while my “hunting” was short lived for my own reasons I never could not read up on what was happening with it all. It’s blogs and communities like this that really made this chase special. And thank you to Forrest for the adventure and for all of the stories. I’m glad you were able to write a children’s book finally too. It’s incredible how meaningful a child’s first book can be. Mine was Good Night Moon. That book is home to me. My Dad use to read it to me every night and now I read it to my kids. My hope is that when they are older they do the same. Maybe your children’s book, while it was intended more to fulfill your own personal goal, will have the same legacy. If not then the thrill of the chase most definitely will. For all the people who have searched who weren’t as lucky as you hoped (like me)…I hope you all at least took something from this just as I have and I wish you all luck in future adventures. And to the lucky person who did find it-congratulations, you truly earned it.

    • Dal, you’re blog and patience through out this has been stellar. I will provide many elbow pumps should we ever meet one day. Back in April, I sent Jenny a few questions but I never got a response. I figured these questions would be point blank , almost “pinning” Forrest to give a straight answer vice his “I take your questions literally” That quote is here

      These questions I did not submit any earlier because I wanted to see what the community overall was trying to get from Forrest. I will hold my opinions on that, since now, it really does not matter.

      Rather than stuff this site with text, here is the link to the questions.

      • That was where my first search was near Wind River Where the water goes the wrong way.

        • And Forrest did say to try and marry the words and clues in the poem to locations on the map.

    • You think it’ll end when we get to the bottom or do you think there will be extra innings?

  1. Travis,

    I saw that wolf too. And I’d argue that the wolf at the end of OAAW did not put himself in the trap. He was tricked into that trap by a trapper who had knowledge of wolf activities. And the only crime that wolf committed was the crime of acting like a wolf, which, at times, can run counter to the desires of trappers. Who’s right and who’s wrong is a decision that is left up to the individual that views the statue.

    But the point of it is, that wolf is in a perilous predicament. He can chew off his leg, or he can wait for death at either the hands of the trapper or the elements of nature.

    So like I said, we all get a choice.

    I choose to keep searching. And I believe we should all do so with earnest because we do not know how much time we have left to do so.

    Cry if you have to, be mad if you need to be mad, scream at the night, howl at the moon, but let’s not lose sight of why we are all here. It was the puzzle, not the gold.

    And the Chase is still alive. We’re limping, but there is still time.

    Not making a decision is a BIG decision right now. So everyone must choose quickly.

    • AkB let’s see if this gets removed deleted or disappear off the blog..

      This what I am posting now will indeed speak volumes about this chase. And if you don’t believe it go to scrapbook #2 and marry it with this……. this is and will prove the love for the place that f grew fondly of. And will show how some of his stories came to be and how “educating ardi” his last book got is story line.

      Let’s just see how long this stays on the blog

      Find and read the book


      BY Julius Butler

      • I’ve got a long line of books to read Travis and that one doesn’t make the list.

        Speak your mind or don’t.

        I’m not going to chase geese on the recommendation of a stranger from the Internet.

    • AKB – on that note, the wolf has returned (organically ) to northern Colorado. Myth, legend, and history tells us much regarding the role of the wolf and its relationship to humans. Long live the wolf!

    • AkB so your going BOTG? I still have a shred of hope as well but it’s very faint. Are you thinking that the chest is still out there?

      Robert Szelinski

      • Hey Robert, I am not going BOTG. I am poor and the AC went out. I’ve got to take care of the wife and kids first. BUT I’d be willing to wager that we could collaborate on a solve that could entice someone who lives in the search area to go botg on our behalf.

        The chest is not still out there, I believe Fenn. But adventure is out there because we don’t yet no definitively where it was.

  2. I want to introduce the writing concept of the ticking clock.

    What if there is more information coming? Do you really want to be merely told the answers? What if all we have is 30 days from the date Fenn said the Chase was over? Or less, because the 4th is a major American holiday.

    Is it not possible for us to band together, and use the incredible resources of the people of this blog, to follow the clues and find the spot before we are told where it is?

    Wouldn’t that validate a lot of people’s efforts and years of research?

    • In my opinion, these are the most exciting moments of The Chase thus far.

      Let’s not waste them. Let’s live them.

      • the problem with trying to find the actual place is that when you get there the chest is gone, how will you know it is the actual spot? At this point of time, everyone’s solves are correct LOL. They are correct because that is where it was found. Its not “here” but it is where it was found could be true until the “actual finder” announces it. IMO there will be a big “reveal” story on the history channel, major network of something like it. As much to be made off of interviews and stories as in the chest, ALL IMO.
        But i do agree that there are still a lot of adventures out there even if you aren’t looking for gold.

        • The finder could be awesome or the worst treasure hunter there ever was or both. And he will probably be judged as all three if you take in the collective interpretation of the 3oo,ooo strong who participated in this great experiment.

          So to me, that means, with the absence of clear information, we get to choose what the truth is.

          And I say the chest was and always will be nothing more than a crutch. It’s not needed. There is more to find out there than gold.

          And my proof is Fenn himself. I don’t think a guy like that would let the gold be the only proof that trail exists.

          It’s true simply because it’s one of the many possibilities and I choose to believe it.

        • I don’t think I agree NO.

          I don’t think we need a finder to reveal anything.

          It has been said many times, and I believe it too, that Fenn has thought long and hard about how he wants The Chase to go. And he said that he wants it to bring smiles to people’s faces for 1,ooo years.

          But with only one pot of gold, how could it?

          With the absence of clear proof, we all get to choose what the truth is. And I choose to believe that there is much more out there to be found. The gold was, and always will be, nothing more than a crutch, IMO.

          • AKB I won’t deny that there an many treasures to be found, and yes, we don’t have to know where Indulgence was hidden and found. That is what I was trying to say. With out that knowledge we can all be right in our own solves.
            But it is pretty much a fact that there is only one place that the chest was left on the ground, but there could be different paths to get there.
            No mater where you go or where it was hidden, we can all find our own treasures when we spend time outdoors in God’s world, So many wondrous places and things to see, both God made and some man made. When we look back and find peace in our lives, then we have found THE treasure.

          • no, NO, no.

            What I am trying to say is that the GOLD may not be the only trail marker. Maybe it is possible that there are other ways to confirm you are on the right path. Clear and undeniable ways for us to know that the chase was here and that we found it.

            I’m not speaking cryptically and I am no philosopher. I mean maybe there are THINGS out there. How can we know if we do not look for them?

    • I would love to do this, but I always wanted to keep mine private.
      That way, if I was ever beaten to the spot I could reveal the same and walk around like a matador pulling those weird faces, nodding my head, demanding people acknowledge my wisdom!

      It was only ever about the chase, not the money, for me. Others had not solved it, so that was my challenge.

      If the Forrest and the finder never reveal the location, then it will die with me.

      Anyway, who knows……there may even be a second prize!

      • That’s cool Big O. You don’t need to reveal your solve. But if we get enough people working on this you might just find your solve changes, and if that starts to happen, you might be able to contribute an idea that turns Our solve into the Correct solve.

        • Mine only needs polishing, rather than changing. It is unique and something I would like to keep to myself.

          People have been bouncing off each other for 10 years, including thousands who could not wait to tell everyone all the right answers. I doubt it will be any different now, especially without the incentive.

          Why don’t you throw yourself out there and be an example of what you preach.

        • There are too many long winded posts, about the only ones I read are these short ones,

        • I read Eric Sloane’s spirit of 76 today. Good book, not sure about insight into the chase, says somethin about trees growing twice in the last chapter.

      • Whoo hoo. That is fantastic! I’m just exercising and perusing the 500 emails I got overnight, then I’m with you.
        Thanks, Dawn. You’re a pioneer.

    • Ok , to me that means agreeing on a starting point for
      Begin it where warm waters halt, Fenn has said that many people got this clue, he also said the most important clue is the last one ,ha
      He took a long time to write and refine his writing of the poem, so
      His wording is important. For example he didn’t say begin where warm water halts …….. to me the key word here is ‘ it ‘ Because in the next line he says take ‘ it ‘ in the Canyon down. I will leave it here for further discussion and will add my take on it and why later…..

      • I will piggy back off your idea Rick. The keyword is it and all we have to do is figure out what we are looking for so we know what it could be. WWWH seems like a great jumping off point and I would like to add that the first stanza may help us understand how to proceed.

        Texas gold had a great idea regarding “a canopy of stars”. Something about 1931 and Sam Sloane which is pretty convincing.

        Adding to that, I’ll say that when I look at the map in TFTW I see that the Madison is way up north by Helena. But I lived in Bozeman for a spell and I’m pretty sure the Might Missouri flows past there, not the Madison. Which would make that an error on that map, but I wouldn’t call it a mistake.

          • Nothing is for sure. Not that I can see. But I think it looks like common ground so I will roll with it. (see what I did there?)

          • I do. I think WWWH is the home of Brown. As Fenn stated they halt in MANY places and MOST of them are north of Santa Fe. Indecision is key to flexibility.
            Indecision – The inability to decide on a course of action, especially if two or more possibilities exist.
            Rule #26 – When you don’t know where to search, know that all the paths lead there.

            The poem can be worked many times but it should lead to a place where all of the meanings of the words are true. Maybe. Something to think about for sure.

          • I think one of the meanings of IT is Pegman. AKA Doc. Brown. 🙂

            Just an example of what I’m saying.

        • First of all I believe we all have to assume that Fenn made this whole hunt about a place near and dear to his heart and as we know one of the most obvious places is Yellowstone and his love for fly fishing and exploring the Madison River area So following that reasoning begin it where warm waters halt in my opinion is the Madison Junction. The Gibbon river and the Firehole river converge there and turn into the Madison River so begin it that is the start of the Madison River begins at that point because two other warm rivers converged to form it and halted in there names in other words those two rivers ended to start the Madison river.
          Take it in the canyon down take what the Madison river follow it down stream.

          • doesn’t that seem a little too obvious. I don’t think he just put it out there like that. I do think yellowstone is a hint. What are people doing when they are going there? They are on family vacation (probably). Goes along with people don’t go there often. Maybe once in a life time, once a year, but not often. That’s different from people don’t often go there. lol. I do believe it has to do with a family vacation type of place but, not one so far from his home and not one he mentioned in his book. But, who knows.

          • I think that if you work alone, then it may be possible to put the cart before the horse and make them both run. But, when collaborating you have to move slow and purposeful as to not leave anyone behind.

            I think the final location is the place that is nearest to Forrest’s heart, and maybe it can be guessed, but there is a lot of sleuthing between the beginning and the end.

          • have you by any chance solved the poem using the items in the chest Fenn discusses in his book, in the order he mentions them and tie them to your solve? i’m just curious. I keep wondering if i’m the only one doing these foolish things. lol

          • My email address is posted everywhere. But no one needs it because we have Dal. And Dal is a good man and he will let you speak your mind so long as you do not infringe on the rights of others.

            So, Madam, feel free to say whatever it is you’d like to say right here.

          • oh, i just wanted to see what you thought on my theory of continuing to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries and where they might be from quotes in TTOTC. thanks for the offfer but, i’ll just hang on to those thoughts for now.

          • Sorry Madam, I’m a simple minded one track kind of guy.

            And I’m not yet done discovering the secrets of The Chase.

            But after, I’d love to hear from you.

    • I’ve been a proponent of a team solve for years, but it is not as easy as one would think. People get to caught up on their own ideas, as do I, and it’s hard to look at others ideas objectively.

      Nothing to lose at this point though. Give it a shot!

      • Me too but, it’s hard to find folks open to other possibilities other than what they have become married to. My first solve was in Colorado but, I after I bought the TTOTC book and listened only to Fenn’s interviews I changed to NM. Just like in National Treasure, the secret lies with Charlotte. His first interview was conducted by Mary-Charlotte. Is a good place to start anyway.

        • Madam of course we all see things the way we do
          Madison Junction solve be it correct or not still fits
          With begin it where warm waters halt being that 2 warm water rivers end and merge to start The Madison River.
          So whether this is the meaning of the clue or not it’s still fits whereas what you say about the word it and brown or whatever else doesn’t seem to make sense within the clue itself to me . Just speculation and guess work.
          but who knows because it’s going to take a curious mind also……..I do enjoy everyones input.

          • What about the other end of the Madison Rick?

            What about where the Madison meets the Gallatin and the Jefferson?

            What about the Missouri?

        • If it wasn’t hard then everyone would do it. And if everyone did it then I would not be interested because it wouldn’t be hard to do.

          Everything worth doing is hard.

          • AkB Fenn took years to complete the poem
            and worded it in a very meaningful way ….
            Once again begin it where warm waters halt
            Is an interesting way of wording that phrase the word it kind of stands out Especially when he uses it again in take it in the canyon down… Take what in the canyon down?

          • Hey Rick,

            I don’t think we should talk about the canyon down until we nail down WWWH.

            But since you brought it up.

            Find Three Forks on a map. Find the place where all those rivers meet.

            And then pick one and start swimming up stream.

            I’d say no matter which way you went, you can’t go wrong.

          • AkB all of your questions about the Madison and such are good Questions I am basing all of my pursuit in listening to Fenn in reading his book.
            His experiences in Yellowstone and on the Madison river in his youth seem to be some of the most memorable times of his life so I think that in itself is a clue to where he might’ve hidden the treasure , some may say that’s obvious and it is. That’s the point fenn seems to be a Logical person I just think it’s too easy to overthink all of this. Open to input ……

          • Rick I agree with you. I don’t know where our disconnect is.

            But my intent is to find some like minded individuals who are intent on solving the Chase before the 4th of July.

            Because the 4th is some low hanging fruit and I think after that there will be no mysteries left to solve.

          • Not meaning to jump ahead about the canyon stuff just interesting about the word it in those two phrases still think that that was completely deliberate and has a certain meaning

          • I believe you Rick.

            In fact, I’d say it would have to be deliberate to be effective.

            As a hider, Fenn was limited by his need for secrecy, the natural terrain, and his desire to make his hunt solvable.

            So that means if we just follow one constant logical thread of thought, then we can not help but find the secret spot.

            So help a guy out. What do you think about Three Forks, MT as a candidate for WWWH?

          • AkB;

            Solving it before the 4th of July? Are you insane? It has been almost ten years since Forrest secreted Indulgence. Upwards of 350,000 people have tried to find it, and you want to pull together a group of guys and gals who probably will not be able to agree on a state, much less a WWWsH, and do it by the 4th of July? Happy fireworks!

            Just my biased opinion of “Group Thinks” – JDA

          • That is exactly what I want to do JDA. And it would be a whole heck of a lot easier if you would help me.

            Someone has already done it! One person. Some unknown anonymous fool who may have done it on his own with limited resources and only one imagination.

            What is that compared to all of us?

          • AkB just looked at three Forks and I have to say my very first impression is he said it was buried above 5000 feet I believe in three Forks is below that so I think that alone might rule it out also I don’t believe these are warm waters like the ones in Yellowstone that’s just my initial take on the whole thing…

          • AkB: “Some unknown anonymous fool”.
            It takes a fool to not know one’s great achievements.

          • AkB yes one common thread of logical thought
            Clue by clue step by step I agree……

          • AkB logic can be built on a false premise, so
            Kinda important to get the starting point right…
            But as I have been on the Madison river in the area I thought to be the spot more than once other people were also there and talking to them their clues before reaching that spot we’re all different than mine and yet We ended up In the same place….. It seems to me we were all stumbling on the last couple clues just wanted to share that with you, not trying to jump too far ahead….

          • It might become fun again once the disposition of the chest is announced (like in museum). It won’t be fun for the 10 year folks, but it will be fun for the families and kids (not tainted by the 10 year folks) who discover the entire story with fresh and childlike eyes and imagination by seeing the chest in all its glory surrounded by all the books, maps, and clips (haha), and the lure (Museum should include “The Lure” movie as part of exhibit) of accepting the challenge to see if you too could figure out the poem as the mystery finder did in 2020…. Who knows…maybe a trinket awaits…

            That is the future imo. Don’t be stuck in the past. No good can come from that.

            Let the future legacy be born now so forrest can enjoy creating what others will experience for 1000 years to cone as they learn of him and his hunt.

          • You are Sheriff Billy on HOR site. Why not own your identity here too Billy? Because you were banned here so flying under radar?

          • Rick,

            If we are talking about Three Forks being WWWH then the elevation does not yet come into play because the elevation clue was a hint to the final location and WWWH is the first clue.

      • Hi Aaron,
        That’s a cool thing you do with the Rock Hiding website.
        I’ve never been to Southern Cali believe it or not, I’ve lived in WA my whole life and have spent most of my summer leaser time in MT. But that gives me another reason to want to visit So-Cal in the winter.
        What do you think of: 43°33’57.7″N 109°48’55.8″W, for a WWWH?
        I’ve been through this area (Dubois, WY) couple of times and i find it very interesting. IMHO

        • Something else just came to me, for HL & WH: looking over the area I just pointed out, If you look at: 43°27’45.8″N 109°45’05.3″W, It’s called Moon Lake “Under a canopy of stars”
          “the weight of the moon” and it looks like the shape of an F.

        • Hi Moon, So-Cal is a great spot to be in the winter.

          I suspected that the are you are referring to may be JDA’s spot. It doesn’t fit with what I was thinking but who knows. We are second place finishers at this point.

    • Personally. I would like to know just one thing.
      Where the warm waters halt.
      Just to know how many are starting in the right place

      • The only thing I want to know, and haven’t seen anything on it in these thousands of posts…

        How, and why, does Forrest have the chest? I understand him getting the bracelet back, I would have done that too. But if I was “some guy from back east” the chest would be “back east” and not in NM.

        Did FF buy it back? Does anyone know?



      • TheRealEveready – Maybe warm waters never halt and that’s what everyone is missing.

      • Ok here’s a possibility to consider, Fenn said that he was very Deliberate in each word of the poem ,it took him years to complete because he worded it so very carefully and I believe That ‘ begin it where warm waters halt ‘
        Simply slipped by most people because of the interesting nature of the way he wrote that, for example he didn’t say begin where warm water halts, which would seem more normal of a thing to say so, take this for what it’s worth just my opinion after years of involvement in the search, he also said that a number of people got the first clue , So to me the word ‘it’ is very interesting ,what do you think that word means in this context most people thought it meant begin the journey but if that was true why would he say take it in the canyon down once again that word it and the other word it mean the same thing the Madison River, why? Because the warm waters of the gibbon river and the Firehole river converge to form the Madison River at the Madison Junction these two rivers halt in their names and turn into the Madison River which begins at that place ‘ begin it ‘ , I believe he meant it to mean madison river
        So begin the Madison River where warm waters halt and take it the Madison River in the canyon down that is down stream,
        This is why even though that place seems that it describes 1000 different places because of the way he wrote that sentence it really only describes one if you read his book and listen to what he has said you can see that his heart is in Yellowstone on the Madison River why would he hide it anywhere else, i’m just offering this out of the blue , thanks for reading And happy trails to all ,,,,!!,,,,

  3. It’s The top of the ninth…Who needs baseball? Actually I do! Anyway, Fenns quote (Paraphrasing) ‘Nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed a an important possibility to the winning solve.
    I believe that to be his unfettered 13 year old imagination. Every clue (Except for maybe 2) Were in his imagination. The clues were invisible to the naked eye. Imagination was the key.

    • IMHO the HOB is a place and thing so only a little imagination on that one for a person, it’s his favorite fishing hole location, it is also a description of the geological formation/dirt. If you want to add a persons name to the brown trout that resides there, then you have your imaginary person, place and thing.. How Noun Brown Cow… Yes, imagination is key and all the elements are in the surrounding area, including the fire escape. Thanks for your post.

    • Yea your right Wendell. I think the entire poem describes a single area where warm waters happen to halt.

      • Thanks Matt. I posted a solve on June 17 3:15 pm… Check it out.. I didn’t, . I just drove right on by!

        • Wendell I checked out your solve and it looks like a great place. I often thought a tackle stash spot was a good bet for the Hidey spot.
          My search partner and I search some of the area south of the Madison especially near Dry Canyon.

          • Yep, I think you might be right. That picture of the chest sure looks like it could be that marshy delta area south of Bakers Hole.

      • (((Final Jeopardy Theme Music Playing)))

        Get out the umbrellas!!!Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious…and something about atrocious and ferocious?

        Hey Rocky, wanna see me pull a rabbit out of my hat?

    • At the core of the poem solve was a recreation of his Laos mission when he got shot down. It was to be flown by the Forward Air Controller in the skies over S.E. Asia in 1968 that were no place for the meek. Those skies were placed over present day northern New Mexico. You just had to use your imagination as a child would.

        • Scarecrow
          How can you show a photo of something that you can’t physically see?

        • By July 4th. I think I am wrong but here’s it in a nutshell

          Wwwh Madison Junction
          Canyon. Madison Canon to the west
          Hob Baker Hole (the lake trout go to Bh to span
          Meek. Ghost village
          End nye earthquakes end the world
          No paddle. Not beaver creek
          Loads water hi Rock creek got covered by 90 foot rock slide
          And water
          Been wise. Read about it at interpretive center
          Blaze. Flowers (Santa fe Blazing Star Flowers


      • 1968 – The year I was born. Maybe I was reincarnated from one of those lost souls.

        The answer we may never know!

    • That’s right , but you didn’t imagine in the right spot. Imagination is key and I can show you all

  4. Zap, from previous page, you don’t need to speak for me. If you have a problem with me, address me. Just saying what some are thinking is not making ill will to anybody. And yes, in my opinion, he is being a “tool”. Doesn’t mean that opinion cannot change. Get over yourself Zaps. Remind me of that Anthony Jelsinik skit, “Don’t forgets about me, my thoughts and prayers to you, but don’t forgets about me”. Pathetic Zap.

    • Charlie: if you wish to risk moderation by insulting the finder for acting in his own best interests (to include his personal safety), who am I to stop you? I prefer to empathize with the finder’s stressful predicament.

    • What is the urgency poisonivey? How would you or others benefit from answers today, rather than later? I cannot see the difference.

      Now boot on the other foot, I can see many reasons why f and his tool (who proved to be better than the rest of us, including you) might want to delay the release of information.

      From day one Forrest told us this was about getting off the sofa and finding ourselves. The lucky pot was just an incentive. A lot of people found treasure, but only one found the tc. You need to look inside yourself for the answers you really need. We are not owed anything.

    • Please forgive my poor linking abilities. I’m referring to a post on the previous page and I’m a console gamer, not PC.

      • For me it was the thrill of the chase in finding the treasure chest not just solving the puzzle. That feeling of being the one to look quickly down and see Indulgence, The thrill of lifting the lid and seeing the treasure for real for the first time. The chase is now over…don’t get me wrong I want to know how close I got but I can wait. If a book is published with the solve I will buy it and if the person who publishes makes a some more on top of the treasure good luck to them. I see little point in devoting anyore time trying to solve it myself because I live in the UK and I am convinced that the final few clues require botg. Now with the chance of actually finding the treasure that was doable. Now when I visit the USA I will be there to enjoy a holiday/vacation only. I would like to have met Forrest and I was in Sante Fe back in 2015 (part of a route 66 trip with diversions) but I was aware of the chase then. Good luck to all that are continuing to try and solve the puzzle… for me it’s time to move on and have a cold beer.

          • Hey David,

            Greetings in the UK! One of my favorite movies is Green Street Hooligans, the ideas from which came from your neck of the woods. Ideas can cross oceans faster than planes and we have plenty of boots here in the US. Don’t count yourself out yet. Part of some is better than all of nothing.

        • David OMG another UK searcher and i never realised. Did you ever go to USA to search for the treasure?

    • Forrest does not need another solution to the poem, AkB. He has thousands of them in hand already. Rather he needs a White Knight to save his bacon, because the current situation is a cock-up.

      Last fall you were so confident, so brash, that you asked for a pirate crew. I, dumbly, volunteered to play along with you, and in the process I inadvertently stumbled into a bewildering thicket of idiocy that drove me to the brink of insanity.

      So count me out of this caper, AkB. Your ticking clock concept is a sure-fire loser.

      • Like I said buddy, I think you should watch this one from the sidelines. I’m not trying to be rude, just an observation made by a friend.

      • Hi guys no one on here knows me, i have never posted anything except , “ummmm i do”, in. Response of wanting to hear a poem someone wrote. I am terrible on the internet and have a special needs 4 yr old and can’t set and stare at my phone all day. So i may be slow in response, but after i just read someone wanting to start a group search in order to solve the quest behind the story of a man we all respect and admire…i am in 100%! I recently did a botg. When i got home and recouped from the heat stroke i nearly had i realized i was missing one important thing….maybe 2 or 3. Probably more. We all know how it feels to feel so certain we are looking in the right place after searching google earth until your eyeballs hurt and staying up all night doing research while hoping someday the big pay day will come, and your family will struggle no more. Everyone here that cares has put in time and effort weather it was for 10 years or 1. Why cant we spread the wealth of knowledge with one another while admiring a man that gave us all our dream and hope. Anyways long story short…if anyone knows how to join this group chase for a solve please fill me in immediately. There is never too much knowledge, joy, and friendship. People plz stop hating on mr. Fenn. It just makes me want to cry . I can only imagine how it makes him feel.!!!!! Lets all be smart and play a part in the end of this wonderful once in a lifetime story! Who knows what can happen! I for one cannot wait to find out!!! We love you mr. Fenn. And thank peggy and your family for putting up with all of our crazy butts over the years! They could use some peace and quiet as well.!! As for commenting on this…if you are not kind, you are not worth the time. Hope you are all doing well and continued success in your future endeavors! . Now play ball!

        • PICKLES AND DrP
          That was a really lovely considerate post. You are brave to post on a public website.
          It is expected that people will be angry just now. Some have invested much time and resources in this search and not finding the treasure is a big blow, and not having any answers even worse.
          Can you understand why the organiser of a hunt cannot or will not divulge the final location of this treasure?
          What would YOU expect at the end of a ten year hunt to solve a poem?


    I believe this solve is unique because it looks at places in time. Forrest Fenn devoted a whole chapter in TTOTC to Important Literature. Why? I believe it is because he wants us to see the story that can be found in the Rocky Mountains. Think of rock layers as the pages of ancient books. In some areas, the books are very easy to read (if you know what to look for). In other areas, the surface of the earth (geography) is all jumbled up from movements of rock over millions of years. I believe that when Forrest told us he used “words in the dictionary” and “some that aren’t”, he is talking about the words that that are metaphorically written in stone, which tell the history of the earth going back millions of years. I think Forrest Fenn’s special place is found by following the stories written in stone in the Rocky Mountains. When Forrest talks about not using commas and periods, I think he is actually referring to his special place where some of the “pages” of the books written in stone, which represent periods in time, are out of order. We need a place where there is an uncomformity. There are a number of them, but it isn’t like they are everywhere. Here is the post-it note version of my solution.

    WWWH= Pleistocene Era (Ice Age) represented in geography

    HOB= Eocene Era ( the time when Brown trout began to evolve) represented in geography

    No Place For The Meek= meek means Pacific. The water is not headed to the Pacific

    End Ever Drawing Nigh= think of the quote from Forrest, “the moving finger writess; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit. Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, . . ” Time moves on. The end is always drawing nigh but we never reach the end because there is no end of time.

    No Paddle Up Your Creek= this ancient creekbed cannot be paddled. It is filled with the fossilized remnants of the ancestors of the Brown trout.

    Heavy Loads and water high= These layers of rock in a non-conformity, are visible from the side of a mountain or ravine, but they lie beneath today’s landscape on the surface. Hence, there are heavy loads of layer upon layer of rock, “heavy loads” with the running water only on the surface.

    If You’ve Been Wise and Found the Blaze= The blaze is the place where the rocks of the Pleistocene Era lie unconforably below the rocks of the Eocene Era.

    I would welcome someone to take a look at this. I am certain that this is the backwards bicycle concept that Forrest was trying to teach us. I also feel certain that this solution can be resolved with or without a TC. I was never in it for the TC. I was always in it for the poem.

  6. Yes, the Chase was thrilling. The find is anticlimactic. The treasure is the adventure. And THAT is still out there. Put down the electronic devices and head out with boots on the ground .

    • And what of the ticking clock Michael?

      Do you deny it’s existence? IF answers come, will there still be adventure?

      I’ve never found much adventure in a guided tour. Fun? Yes. Adventure? No

      • I don’t know what you mean by a ticking clock.
        I am saying that getting out as and seeking adventure, or a special place, is a treasure. Figuratively speaking.

        • By ticking clock I mean to say that I believe answers are coming.

          And adventure lies in the unknown.

    • I agree, Michael.

      Just because the chest has been found I do not see why people have not
      taken a moment to ponder what made the place special to Forrest and now the person that found the chest. Personally, imho it has less to do with the chest than the views?? Only they know for sure, So maybe there is still a quest to pursue??


  7. It’s gone real quiet in here all of the sudden so maybe I’ll just say this:

    In my opinion,

    In all treasure hunts:
    The What and the Why belongs to the hider.
    The Who and the How belongs to the finder.
    But the Where and the When belong in a museum.

  8. Dal, what a big surprise, at last one lucky person. Have my best regards,
    Sergio from Uruguay.

    • Sergio-
      My treasure hunting buddy from Uruguay. How are you? Where are you?
      email me at:
      dal at lummifilm dot com

  9. End of Part 1. There will now be a brief intermission…

    I agree with those who suggest this is not the end of the story. Some of the answers lie in the pictures above, IMO. I don’t wish to spell it out as most dedicated searchers can work it out for themselves. Just remember that we have been told the truth, but not the whole truth.

  10. May I ask why Vox?

    What is the point in secrets now?

    Wouldn’t it be much more fun to forget about My solve, Your solve, His solve, Her solve and start building Our solve?

    If we do a good job then maybe there is someone out there willing to get their boots dirty for the collective good.

    • I think your objective is noble, AkB, but I don’t believe that will fit the Fenn narrative. If you recall, FF has stated that he’s not playing games. What appears as a fun pastime has a very serious objective, IMO. It has been planned in intricate detail and with an astounding degree of foresight. I believe the end is designed to play out in a particular way, predicated in part on human nature, and in part on human potential. The box of gold is a symbol, not an objective(s). Solves are in the past. The search is over.

      • Well then it stands to reason that he would have thought of a guy like me while making his plans, therefore, whatever I decide to do must also be a part of those intricacies.

        And if the search is over, then shouldn’t we all already have the answers?

        I’m willing to keep going if you are. And if Fenn doesn’t like it, he can try and stop me. But I’ll bet you a dollar I won’t listen.

        I may not know Fenn, but I know myself pretty well.

        • You say: “if the search is over, then shouldn’t we all already have the answers?”

          That depends how you interpret the word “search.” FF has not said that the story is concluded or even the final chapter written. Only that the search is over. That may be Forrest’s search as much as our search for the secret spot. What happens after that will presumably unfold in due course.

          I’m sure that your independent streak is admired and understood by FF, and no one will stop you trying to unravel what’s going on. I have my own ideas, but judge that it’s not the right time to be mouthing off.

          • Well I think we agree on some things but the arguments frame keeps changing.

            My intent is to find some like minded individuals, who want to unravel the secrets of the Chase before they are revealed.

            All I’m trying to say is that this plan does not include Forrest Fenn or his plans on how he thinks the next couple weeks should play out. And I’d love it if you joined in on the fun.

        • I appreciate the offer, AkB. It actually gives me the chance to think about whether or not to sever my own “umbilical cord.”

          • Thank You Vox! Thank You.

            Think about it. I’m going to grab a few hours of sleep. If you decide to go for it you will not be alone.

          • AkB, I’m done searching, but I will say this: look very carefully at the bracelet on FF’s wrist and read the caption very carefully. That is just one small part of the story those pictures tell.

      • Very perceptive of you to notice voxpops.

        I see the wisdom in your words. Glad I am not alone in there.

        While all the naysayers are squawking, Forrest is leisurely straightening his tuxedo.

          • Suzy, don’t most good stories have a moment when you think the end is nigh, but then go on to climax in a grand finale?

        • I see your point! The end is always worth the wait… it’s like a major archeological event where you find Forrest’s fingerprints on that one-of-a-kind arrowhead… the alpha and the omega of his DNA all looped into one!

          Who could ever say that living in the future doesn’t have any advantages?

    • I agree. Why wait for answers. I have a post with one of my first successful (IMO) solves – only original post I’ve added. I say successful because the WWWH took me to some things referenced in the chase along the way and at the end. The post is long and choppy (because I cut some steps out) but I share one of the additional maps I ‘found’. It is long tho so fair warning if you want to read it but it was my first attempt at sharing my trail. Which includes several successful solves across all states, which IMO was Forrests intent. Take you to places he enjoyed, but challenge you to learn along the way… as… in my experience the solves get more complex and build on each other. At least mine have.

      • Let me explain the learn part a little more… my first 3 successful solves all had the same ‘thing’. It didn’t jump out at me at first… but some wily coyote was pounding something into my head. For example, an island can be in a kitchen, in a lake, around gas station pumps, a piece of land set apart by the county, a median in a street, and more.

        • Damn…. I forgot… an island can be a key. I am not saying that is the key word necessarily… but I think it can be in certain solves. At least, it was for me.

  11. I would really love to go to the grand finale. It would be great to meet Cynthia and Kpro.

  12. Cynthia,

    Love the video. Great job putting it together!! Would love to be there to see everyone. I am from back east, south Jersey…..20 mins from Philly & 20 mins from DE, so it is a long trip….too far to walk LOL…cross my fingers and hope to make the trip.

  13. To all those, who keep saying, they don’t mind, if the solution is never revealed:
    I want to see them playing the lottery and spending money to win something and also growing hope, but when it comes to the end and it is only announced a winner, who won millions of Dollars, but they don’t reveal the numbers drawn, then I want to see their faces.

    Some people also spent not only time, but also a lot of money for the trips, flights, gasoline, housing, hotel, whatever. And last but not least not knowing how close or how far away he or she was, is a massive source of disappointment.
    Like in a lottery, I want to know the numbers/solution for sure.

    WWWH is so nebulous and refers to tens of thousands of possible places, all over the Rockies, like all other clues.

    And to all who give their solutions- what are they worth, when the first two clues are not solved right?

    Unfortunately I just discovered the treasure chase just 4 weeks ago and I was immediately fascinated by trying to solve the riddle. But WWWH can be millions of places. Beginning with all geysers, where warm water halts, to warm and hot springs, which flow into another river, or into a lake, or natural hot spring tubs. I even tried to abstract like, my bladder is where water halts, so I looked for bladder creeks, bladder mountains, bladder rivers and so on.
    Any bathtub halts warm waters or any sink, like also sink canyon. The great divide also could it be, or the Yellowstone caldera. Millions of possibilities.
    How to continue, when you don’t even know this solution?
    I looked up all synonyms for each word, like bold= gallant=fire-eating, or secret=mystic and so on. So I was looking for warm rivers, hot springs or thermal tubs near bold mountains, or even Bald mountain.
    Even HOB can be a thousand places. For me it could have been any river, creek or lake, where the brown trout is found, or like Fort Washakie, which was formerly Fort Brown. Or even Uncle Tom‘s Trail or cabin. I even here tried to abstract wildly like, I said the home of brown could refer to my butt (sorry, haha) so I looked for any Butte city or peak. I know FF was also in Germany as a soldier, so butt in German is Popo, so I thought the Popo agie river or area could be meant. Of course I also know the boat put-in of Brown. Or I thought, FF means to put in any of those solutions concerning the home of brown below into the poem and add it to creek or something.
    But none of those solutions would fit perfectly, just too many possible combinations. So I felt really, really stupid.
    My two favourite solutions would have been
    From mammoth hot springs down to Sheepeater Canyon, left side the sheepeater cliffs and the blaze I thought could be the rainbow in the spray from the osprey falls. No paddle up your creek could also mean, not just a few drops of water in your butt creek, but loads of loads of water in the back of your pants, when you bend over to get the chest from the cave behind the osprey waterfalls. The other one was sink canyon, where the water goes under the rocks and pops up later warmed up. In Lander is even a Goodrich park and boulder flats (bold) nearby.
    It’s just a shame, not to know, which of those ten million possible combinations is the right one and I would love to hit my forehead and think like „Why was I so stupid“. Not knowing the solution will leave me emptyhearted, as I never had the chance to BOTG, because too far away. So I think, I just need to cut this thrill out of my mind

    • Juggliar
      I like your story. I think you will like my solve when it or if it goes through moderation.

    • I very much agree and this is why it has not been solved for so long.
      FF had always stated that it is most important to find the correct place of WWWH. But I believe he had also stated you would not know the correctness of your solves until you had found the chest.
      Tricky, huh?

    • Oh and even more FF was aware of the number or possible WWWHs.
      He stated: “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe”

      But he believed it can be solved and it was.

      • Helldo, Fenn said that he was very Deliberate in each word of the poem it took him years to complete because he worded it so very carefully and I believe That ‘ begin it where warm waters halt ‘
        Simply slipped by most people because of the interesting nature of the way he wrote that, for example he didn’t say begin where warm water halts, which would seem more normal of a thing to say so, take this for what it’s worth just my opinion after years of involvement in the search, he also said that a number of people got the first clue so, So to me the word it is very interesting what do you think that word means in this context most people thought it meant begin the journey but if that was true why would he say take it in the canyon down once again that word it and the other word it mean the same thing the Madison River, why? Because the warm waters of the gibbon river and the Firehole river converge to form the Madison River at the Madison Junction these two rivers halt in their names and turn into the Madison River which begins at that place begin it , I believe he meant it to mean madison river
        So begin the Madison River where warm waters halt and take it the Madison River in the canyon down that is down stream,
        This is why even though that place seems that it describes 1000 different places because of the way he wrote that sentence it really only describes one if you read his book and listen to what he has said you can see that his heart is in Yellowstone on the Madison River why would he hide it anywhere else, i’m just offering this out of the blue not going to post it again thanks for reading And happy trails to all ,,,,!!,,,,

        • Hi Rick – Posted something on this wayyyy down below but saw your post here and thought I would let you know. No matter what others write, or where, my belief is that somewhere on the Madison was the spot. Glad to see someone agrees!

          • Jan R I guess great minds think a like, ha
            As to the Madison River I would like others to point out how it’s possible that that’s not the most likely spot. Whereas when I hear their selves there are lots of reasons why they aren’t the most likely spot but not the Madison River Yellowstone and the Madison river where where his heart is so for that reason alone you have to really explore that’s solve imo…..Once again Madison junction in my opinion I not only fits the clue precisely, it also fits all he’s been talking about and the book. Thanks for replying Jan R

          • Jan R l will look for your post further down.
            I believe all the clues fit nicely and bring you to the parking lot of ghost village and from there to the corner of beaver creek and quake lake which is the madison river . I was on my way back over there after finally refining my final clues as I have been there before a couple of times just couldn’t get the very ending right but believe this is the spot I do have solves for all the clues if you wish to discuss that meanwhile Happy Trails …..

      • I don’t doubt there is a single solution for WWWH, otherwise FF wouldn’t have stated, if you haven’t solved the first two clues, you could also stay at home and play Canasta. That is pretty direct. So before BOTG you HAVE to solve the first two clues, otherwise you just waste time on the other ten thousand semi-possibilities.
        That means, there must be a possibility to surely certify the correctness of the one solve.

        BUT: officially estimated over 300.000 people (I guess even more, because many might not have been in social media communities, nor actively sharing thoughts or information) searched 10 years for the right solution of WWWH.

        Some of them have been reported by FF to have been at the right location.
        Now is the question: Did they really SOLVE the riddle of WWWH for sure with absolute evidence, or were they just accidentally on one of the ten thousand possible places, just like a lottery, where someone just statistically would hit the right numbers?

        „If you haven’t solved the first two clues, otherwise you can stay home and play Canasta“ is strong evidence for me, there MUST be a logical possibility of confirmation one‘s solution is right.

        But when hundreds of thousands of people didn’t manage to conclude this in ten years, means also, we all had been way off. Why? Maybe we all just took everything too literally.

        Sometimes I wonder if and Have a complete different meaning.

        FF spent more than a decade on the specific words of his poem and he also used Thesaurus and could have easily found „balk“ instead of halt, which doesn’t rhyme at all to „walk“. For me, that tells me, that „halt“ does not belong to the clue.

        So when we reduce WWWH by the „H“ only WWW is left.
        IT is „Information Technology“ and WWW is World Wide Web. Maybe we were supposed with other keywords to find a hidden webpage, which gives another clue?
        Like a „secret“ webpage (just an example but maybe some similar)

        Maybe also this thought is way off, maybe I just think too much, because of my strong need to find out more…

        • Juggliar some real good points there first of all Fenn was very careful the way he worded everything as you state begin it were warm waters halt I I explain that about I just think the people have a tendency to not listen very well he said every word counts and the way he worded that was special so I would say back to you here’s the question to ask how is it possible that the Madison Junction is not the place to start when it fits so perfectly with begin it , Begin what? It The Madison river it begins at the Madison Junction where 2 warm water rivers converge to form it Then Take it in the canyon down , take what ? The Madison River down through the Madison Canyon Just seems like the most likely place if you consider all that he has talked about in the book and his heart being in Yellowstone fishing on that river not to mention that the clues that follow that fit together very nicely of course that is just my opinion.
          I don’t think it’s unusual That so many people are in so many other places just human nature follow your own instincts is what I think , I wouldn’t overthink it Or under think it just get a sense of what fenn is like , For one thing he seems very logical, What’s the most likely way a person like him would put the clues together , Just some random thoughts happy trails….

  14. @PI – Just a quick comment about your 20k words/olive jar scenario from the previous page. It looks to me like the paper is rolled up and held in place by a rubber band. That roll takes up over half of the circumference of the jar itself and once unraveled would be quite long so I see no reason to doubt FF’s description that it contains his handwritten 20k word biography.

  15. IMO. Maybe Forrest is trying to use TTOTC to teach everyone something very valuable. I think the key word he always talked about was
    Faith=If I Teach
    If you take it down to the thought process of someone staring at death eye to eye, the fear, the unknown, the absolute loss of control. I would think that if it were I, I would start some serious soul searching. He had everything a person could want yet he wasn’t in control. It wasn’t up to him. I think through his war for him he realized that there are things you can do to change your plight, there is a higher power. He reached out and connected to that higher power and was spared. With that added time he learned discipline=disciipling would be a way to repay for that additional quality time. I think most are too caught up on the perceived value of the “treasure”, they are missing the most important and valuable “treasure”. I have a solve that I’m confident shows Forrest’s heart and real reason for hiding a treasure. I have struggled on whether I should reveal but I have determined it’s the right thing to do and I have faith it will work for good. I will be giving the eulogy for one of the most incredible, difficult, fun, comical, deep, and spiritual solves in the coming days. Pray for me.

    • Treader i agree that maybe Forrest was trying to teach us maybe glaciers melting too fast, affect the spawning grounds of Cutthroat Trout who use the cold waters.
      They are becoming endangered species and Forrest was maybe hinting at preservation of their habitats, via Wilderness areas.

  16. Clue #2 Put in below Home of Brown

    From Boiling River, (did anyone brew tea?), we drifted down the Gardiner River past the intersection with the Yellowstone river (a favorite for rafting), and the town of Gardiner (an island in the wilderness), and we now put-in at:

    The riverside Gardiner Park County Water & Sewer treatment ponds – (oh, that 13 yr. old mind!). Located below Hwy 89 AND just below the Gardiner, Montana Airport – Park County.

    Forrest references the word “park” often, and our solution lies in Park County.

    We started at the Boiling River parking lot (See Clue #1 post). Now after traveling down Gardiner Canyon, we shall “Put in” just below the Airport and the Home of Brown (water).

    Google Earth and Google Maps show the large ponds above the Yellowstone River, and below the airport runway. You are using information technology (IT), correct?…ce!8m2!3d45.04 57098!4d-110.7387512?hl=en

    Now where to?

    A short walk up to the Gardiner Airport and we arrive at “no place for the meek, (as they shall inherit the earth). Therefore – the sky, and being brave, we now plan to simplyfly!

    The airport utilizes RUNWAY 10 – 28, (The marking 10 indicates a compass heading of 100 degrees – runway numbers are determined by rounding the compass bearing of one runway end to the nearest 10 degrees and truncating the last digit, meaning runways are numbered from 1 to 36), the numbers are visible on G.E.

    Recall that Forrest placed a $100 bill on a a tree and the winner shot right through it? Pin that dime!

    Runway departures usually involve a left turn to depart the traffic pattern.

    Stay tuned!

    • Bruce – In Aubrey Haines’s awesome book, “The Yellowstone Story”, the Boiling River section of the Gardener River was called, ‘Warm Springs River’, and had a little settlement, called, ‘Chestnutville’, next to the healing waters.

      I wish everyone, who participated on The Chase, would realize how much we all learned, and are still learning, about nature, history, mountain man wisdom…

      Thank you, Forrest Fenn. 🙂

    • There is a secondary Home of Brown nearby that works nearly as well – Buffalo Mountain (Forrest does like to reference horns!).

      • Bruce – Forrest said the Buffalo is his favorite animal. Oh, give me a home, where the Buffalo roam…rings true for ‘home of Brown’.

        RIP Cody. Who became hamburgers. I would boycott that West Yellowstone hotel, also.

        • Lisa,

          I got the worst food poisoning of my life in Gardiner last Fall, after eating a severely under-cooked buffalo burger. Never again.

  17. I was so confident in my most recent solve that I began to collect items to create gifts for searchers who were close and for those who contributed greatly to the community. My backup plan if I was wrong was to sell those gifts to recover my costs. Obviously I was wrong, so if anyone is interested in purchasing a large or small framed memento of the search focused on Yellowstone, please let me know. You can buy them on Etsy at the following link, but I have only built the first one large and three small frames, so additional frames will be built to order.

    My Forrest Fenn shop on Etsy:

    The large frame includes the following:
    – A 16″ x 20″ Thrill of the Chase map from Benchmark Maps
    – Three bronze Yellowstone medallions from the 1972 National Parks Centennial series designed by Frank Hagel and sold by Roche Jaune, Inc. (Keystone, Colter Explores the Yellowstone, and George Catlin)
    – Two 1930 Buffalo nickels (the year of Forrest’s birth, his favorite animal, and symbolic of Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley, my “home of Brown”)
    – Seven vintage Yellowstone postcards from the early 20th century, depicting the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River and the area downstream to Tower Fall, Tower Junction and the Lamar Valley
    – A vintage bronze/brass skeleton key (symbolic of the poem’s “word that is key”)
    – An arrowhead purchased in West Yellowstone (symbolic of Forrest Fenn’s Thrill of the Chase)
    – A scanned copy of an 1835 quote about the Lamar Valley near Tower Junction from the handwritten 1914 manuscript of Russell Osborne’s book “Journal of a Trapper”
    – Framed in a knotty Pine wood frame from Montana, acid free conservation quality mats, and a 99% UV filtering, non-glare, acrylic panel

    The small frame has the following:
    – Two bronze Yellowstone medallions from the 1972 National Parks Centennial series designed by Frank Hagel and sold by Roche Jaune, Inc. (Keystone, and Colter Explores the Yellowstone)
    – Two 1930 Buffalo nickels (the year of Forrest’s birth, his favorite animal, and symbolic of Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley, my “home of Brown”)
    – Two vintage Yellowstone postcards from the early 20th century, depicting the iconic Buffalo (American Bison) and area around the Lamar Valley
    – A vintage bronze/brass skeleton key (symbolic of the poem’s “word that is key”)
    – A scanned copy of an 1835 quote about the Lamar Valley near Tower Junction from the handwritten 1914 manuscript of Russell Osborne’s book “Journal of a Trapper”
    – Framed in a knotty Pine wood frame from Montana, acid free conservation quality mats, and a 99% UV filtering, non-glare, acrylic panel

    The postcards are mounted using photo corners, so they can be easily removed and replaced with other postcards if desired. I have a large collection of other Yellowstone postcards in addition to the ones I used, so I could make substitutions if you want something that is a better reminder of your visit to Yellowstone. Email me at if you are interested in having one built to order or visit my Etsy shop. Except for the first ones, which are ready to ship, I still need to buy the maps and wood frames and assemble them all. A custom frame shop gave me a quote of $1200 just for framing the large version, not including the collectibles, so I decided to buy the materials and frame them myself for much less. It is expensive to ship the large frame, but I’ve included it in the cost.

    For your reference, here is the Osborne Russell quote from “Journal of a Trapper”:
    “We stopped at this place and for my own part I almost wished I could spend the remainder of my days in a place like this where happiness and contentment seemed to reign in wild romantic splendor surrounded by majestic battlements which seemed to support the heavens and shut out all hostile intruders.”
    (30 July 1835, describing the Lamar Valley near Tower Junction, Yellowstone National Park)

  18. The type of person that finds the chest is the type of person that can’t keep their mouth shut.

  19. Hi All;
    As most of you know, I started a “Go Fund Me” account to help Focused have all of his poems published. Here is part of what you will find on the Go Fund Me link:
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    Dreams, Hopes & Wishes
    One of the saddest things about “The Chase” ending is the fact that we may never be able to read a new poem by James Bynum – better known to us searchers as FOCUSED.

    FOCUSED is a gentleman who has been posting his poems here on Dal’s blog site since February, 2015. His poems have FOCUSED on the chase, one or two about the trials of having a heart attack, but the majority have FOCUSED on Native American culture and heritage. He has been able to paint pictures in our minds so vivid that we can feel the heat of a camp fire on our cheeks, or feel the wind rushing over an eagle’s wing soaring high above a mountain canyon.

    For years, we searchers have asked FOCUSED to publish a book of his poems. At long last, FOCUSED has agreed to publish about 350 of his poems.. Publishing a book is not an inexpensive endeavor though. Editing and page lay-out alone will cost about $1500.00. After that, publishing the hardcover collection of his poems will cost thousands – dependent on the number of books published.

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      FOCUSED’s poems are SOOOO beautiful.

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        • Thanks SOOOOO much Dawn – Focused and I really appreciate it. Have a GREAT day. Focused and JDA

          • We all worked so hard on the Chase, it’s the least we can do is all pitch something in. I plan to buy the book as well. It would nice of the winner to pay it forward to Focused and pitch in the remaining balance.

          • That would be nice, but it might also cause him to reveal who he is, and he wants to stay behind the curtain – so to speak. – Nice thought though – JDA

      • Thanks for your help Mark. No thanks needed on my part – Focused deserves it. We have loved reading his poems for about 5 years now. I will LOVE reading the 350 poems he has written once it is in book form, as I am sure many of you will – Thanks again to you and all of the others that have donated – JDA

    • Hello Everybody,

      I know times are tough for many, myself included. If just 2,000 searchers gave the $5.00 minimum we could reach our goal. Why did I say “WE”? Because we are all in the Forrest Fenn Family. Out of 350,000 people, surely there are 2,000 of us that can afford $5.00 to be part of history.

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      I have now included my daughter in part of history. I have a picture of the donation and when the book of poems gets here, I can now include this screenshot of her donation with her copy of “The Quill of the Chase” so her kids and grandkids have something to reflect upon, and know that they were a part of HISTORY.

      Just be creative with it and be a positive part of history. I see a lot of BIG names consistently posting in here that I don’t see on the donation page as well. Zap, Seeker, Ken’s, Lugnutz, Bomarc, OS2, JDiggins, Diggin Gypsy, and a ton of others. It sure would be nice to see some familiar names on that list supporting JDA’s efforts.

      This Chase, IMO, is not over. Just $5.00 from what, 1/2 of a percent of searchers? .00571428571 = .57% of the Fenn Collection is all we need @ $5.00 each. That’s literally less than 1% of the Fenn family.

      Make it creative, make it fun, be a part of history, and please donate what you can. Keep it simple, God Bless, and THANK YOU!


      • Thank you ByGeorge. Focused and I appreciate your effort to get a small percentage of the searchers to donate. THANKS = JDA and Focused

      • Maybe Forrest would ask Jenny to put it on her fb page. Jenny does not have fund pages as a rule, but this should be an exception.


      • PLEASE folks – Just Give What You Can. A $5.00 or $10.00 donation is as important as a $100.00 donation. Do not be embarrassed if 5 or 10 is all that you can give. ALL donations are appreciated. Giving does the heart good. Just go to : and make your heart feel good – 🙂 THANKS – Focused and JDA

        • You should use Kindle Direct Publishing Amazon CreateSpace to print and publish your book(s). It’s very cheap but high quality on demand service where you wont get stuck with a lot of inventory and you probably wouldn’t have to beg for money.

          I’ve witnessed a couple of friends who got stuck with thousands of books that never sold. Good luck.

          • I agree with you Jake. Amazon makes it painless and free, and you get a free ISBN number. The cost for printing and Amazons cut is taken during the sale of each book, or ebook, and the price is fair. They give you exact templates to work from for a real book, and ebook. The graphics can be accomplished using Gimp, a free Photoshop clone, and the text using LibreWriter, a free Word document writer. You add the talent. The poems are done already, so just a cover needed – take a photo!

          • I agree, it is very easy. I’ve written a book myself and easily published it this way. Save your money for marketing it.

      • $2495 – Thw numbers just keep climbing – THANKS to all who have donated – Focused and I appreciate it MUCHLY – Focused and JDA

      • By George…. be careful with your attributions. I have lived to do the things to which I was Not attributed to. I am neither a “BIG name,” and, I was one of the first ‘anonymous’ donors.

    • THANKS to you all – We are now at $2475. Y E A Y E A Y E A
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    • Happy Father’s Day to all of you Fathers out there.

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    • JDA & Focussed,

      I’ve enjoyed the poetry of Focussed and others! Thanks for publishing. I contributed for 2 people but left 42’s real name off the donor list for privacy reasons.

      Note: As you solicit donations, please keep in mind many people have lost their jobs and their businesses due to Covid19 and may not have extra funds to help publish the book. That’s a harder sell, than when we all pitched in for Jdiggins after the fire took her home.

      • A very good reminder 42. Focused and I are both very happy about the amount we have received. James (Focused) already has enough to get the poems edited. We are well on our way to get page lay-out done. We are now at #2535 – Y E A . THANKS
        SOOOO much all. We know that these are hard times, and you guys have gone above and beyond. THANKS AGAIN – JDA and Focused

        • W O W folks, I woke up this morning and went to the GFM site, and what did I discover? I discovered that we are at $2856.00 W O W that is fantastic.

          Focused and I are ever SOOOO grateful to all of you guys and gals out there. T H A N K S – From the bottom of our hearts – Love Ya’ – 🙂 🙂 🙂 Focused and JDA

      • Tom and scarecrow,
        Goto Dave Calvi youtube channel. He’s talking about searcher solves.
        He wants to listen to you..

        • I agree with Eaglesabound. Dave Calvi is providing the platform for people to be listened to. I look forward to seeing who he has on there.

  20. For those who must have the answers, here is the one-picture solution:
    First you had to find the “right” triangle as shown on the front cover of Too Far to Walk. This was found by drawing lines on Google Maps between the 4 map points given in the poem: Waters Canyon, CO; Marvel, CO; Angel Fire, NM, and Casa Marron (home of Brown), NM.
    Second, you cut out the poem and placed it as directed in Stanza 2 of the poem, with top right corner placed (“Begin it) on the CO/NM border, and the poem body then turned toward the Rio Grande Canyon (“canyon down”), then the lower left corner of the poem put in below Casa Marron.
    The blaze is located at coordinates 36.6355, -106.2105
    The chest was in New Mexico in the Carson National Forest. Two of the important clues are in Colorado, one clue location is on the CO/NM border, and three clues are in New Mexico. The remaining 3 clues are not really needed but serve as fillers and padding to make the poem the right length. It was important to keep the poem the same size and shape as the original, so the poem could be used as a map. The clue locations ON LAND in the real world are not close together, are not consecutive, not contiguous, and not chronological.
    You really did not have to find where warm waters (Waters because Waters Canyon was named after Mrs. Waters who lived there in the early days) halt first. That turned out to be misleading, because if you started with home of Brown, you could use the poem-as-map and the edge of the right triangle to reverse-engineer and determine where warm waters halted. The blaze was not visible with Google Maps until 2016, when the resolution increased enough to see it. You can still see it today at 36.6355, -106,2105. – – – –

    • Doing a high-res matching, the top of the “L” in blaze does indeed end exactly at the coordinates. (never mind The Triangle shadow in the photo does not match the supposed triangle of way points, and neither are technically a “right triangle” as the lower angle is not 90 degrees. The empty space of the “a” also lands right on the triangle’s line as well, so the “map” had a lot of leeway in it. (especially given there is a lot of leeway on where you can plot the point for “Angel Falls” and “Water Canyon”. You can pretty much only line up the clues accurately if you know where the treasure was in the first place.

      I am going to guess it was found by a wandering guest at Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center, which is only 1/3 of a mile away.

  21. As people are now posting failed solves, I will attempt to add one to the trash heap. It will be interesting to see whether this post passes Moderator review. No reason it shouldn’t, IMO, but I’ve been wrong before.

    Two part solution. Part 1 completed 2018, second part discarded without final BOTG investigation due to natural circumstances out of my control.

    Part 1 yielded a parking spot at the base of the old Cleve Mine against the north shore of Sappington Creek. Did not have a coordinate worked out for the chest at that time.

    I spent several days BOTG and got a good feel for the area. I thought it had potential, and later in fall of 2019 I dusted this one off and gave it a fresh review. I realized that a permutation was present and I had discounted it by oversight. Additional effort provided a chest location point near Trapper Creek, Beaverhead Deerlodge NF.

    I cannot say whether Forrest intended to provide this two-part solution or not. I can only say that I found it, and I hope that my efforts to protect my work from predatory posters, though ultimately ineffective, are more understandable now in hindsight.

    Regards to all.

  22. My solve of the poem contained in the book The Thrill of the Chase by Forrest Fenn, is as follows:

    No One (alone)

    Follow the path of WEST ROSEBUD down the canyon.. (with my treasures bold)..

    No Two. (No number two)
    Put in below the BROWN LAKE (seen on a good map) home of Brown trout.

    No Three /. Not here.
    No place.
    From there it’s PHANTOM CREEK (an anagram of no place for the meek)
    The end is ever drawing nigh; (ENGRAVED SIGN to) Near, End and Grave PHANTOM CREEK TRAIL 17

    No Four/ No F ‘ in oar!

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek.
    HUCKLEBERRY CREEK (anagram leaving – no paddle) Finn, is a paddle, PELTON is a turbine in hydro electricity power plants.
    HYDROELECTRIC STATION (heavy loads and water high)

    No Five/ On Fire (a blaze)

    THE WILDERNESS BOUNDARY (a line on a good map)
    Look down to the end/cease
    to see AQUEDUCT
    But tarry scant with (anagram)
    TRIBUTARY with gravel maze.
    “Just take the chest and go in peace” (anagram)
    ENDANGERED SPECIES CUTTHROAT (look at it from google earth) see the fish?

    No six/IS ON X

    How high is it that I must go?
    QUESTION MARK and MARK on quest.

    Marker No seven/ Mark E Vonseggern (MEMORIAL PLAQUE)

    No eight/Know height
    (answers i already know) KNOW LEDGE
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak

    If you are brave and in the wood -IF UR and BOLD, wood =ELDER. = BOULDER FIELD

    No nine/
    I give you title VIEW inherit/heir in here

    Need BOTG to see it.

    Put in below the home of Brown.. covered with an ‘ADOBE’ = Pubelo coating.
    ABODE =
    From my work above (that’s only a glimpse of the analysis that I’ve done over the past 5 years!), my best estimate for the location of the Chest is somewhere in the first few hundred feet, as you go up Fish Creek, from Mystic Lake – see map below
    If we ever do find out the location where the chest was found, then I’ll know if I was close.
    Hope you all enjoyed the Thrill of the Chase.
    Annie Langstaff

    The Start point is near Brown Lake to the West of Mystic Lake – Google map refs for the key places
    Star Lake –
    Brown Lake –
    Fish Creek –

  23. Dal, in Cynthia’s video she said you counted the coins and there is 4 missing. Is this true?

  24. I posted all the info I was collecting digitally here:

    I used several publicly-available databases (.csv files, really) to gather as much information as I could, then used proximity (generally < 20 miles or so, I determined proximity using geo coordinates) to "group" them together. I also filtered based on altitude. There were a larger number of "solves" using this method in Colorado than in the other states. Wyoming and Montana were about even. I may go through this again at some point (I still have the sql database I made from the data) and see if I can find coordinates for lodge pole pine habitat, as that would further winnow the list.

    Of course this only works if the "solve" uses a name of something that's available in the data sources I could scrounge together. There were a couple of solves that I was working on that aren't on this list; one near Little Bighorn, using the numerous lakes as "where warm waters halt". There's also an area like that just north of Yellowstone on the Wyoming-Montana border and on the road that loops out of the park and back into it (I don't know if/when that road was opened). Another area with lots of lakes is near the headwaters for the Green river in Wyoming. Based on the photo of the chest presumably close to the location where it was found (and I personally believe that photo was taken pretty close to its actual location), I'm thinking the right "solve" is in Wyoming or southern Montana.

  25. Added a couple of new media stories from this morning..
    One is from the Today show another is from Inside Edition…with know-it-all Tony

    They are posted with other story links at the top of this page.

    • Thanks Dal – And thanks for letting me post FOCUSED’s GFM page – We appreciate it – JDA and Focused

    • Dal,

      That InsideEdition one is something else. While I’m sure we all wish the chest is still out there (I can guarantee that I wish it was more than anyone else lol), we can confidently say that it is not. Thanks for keeping us updated

      Robert Szelinski

    • Dal – Looks like you, Cynthia and Gadi…three if my favorite searchers, made that great Today Show video piece. Awesome. Really NOT going to give Tony D. any of my energy or attention. I have never considered him to be a credible source on The Chase.

      Thank you for keeping us ‘posted’ on all these news stories, Dal!

      And looking forward to finally meeting you, Cynthia and Smell the Sunshine (Matt) at the Fishing Bridge in YNP on September 5th at Noon for The Chase Group Photo! So epic. So appropriate.

    • It should be obvious even to a news journalist that the treasure is real and has actually been retrieved.
      The thing that casts a dark shadow for me is no statement or interviews from the finder. He could easily send Dal a statement (through Forrest), or do a phone interview with Margie Goldsmith or Gadi Schwartz and still remain anonymous.
      What about when the finder decides to sell the chest? Or write a book? His identity will eventually be known.

  26. IMO Yellowstone and many of the special places there are hints, but not clues.


  27. I sent the first part of this directly to Forrest via e-mail. I highlight my words in green in my conversation with Jeanie, and she had the courage to do a search on my “solve.” This is our conversation with my sentiments to Forrest written below. Then, what is written after is more of my conversation with Jeanie from another platform, which Forrest has not seen. I have omitted personal information for obvious reasons:

    >>> On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 1:59 AM, Nathan wrote:
    >>> Hi Jeanie:
    >>> I will briefly show how I came to my conclusion of where Forrest Fenn hid his treasure. My quest began in the summer of 2015. My mother watches a show called “CBS This Morning,” and at 9 A.M. on Sunday mornings, the show is called “CBS Sunday Morning With Charles Osgood.” (Charles has since retired, and now the show is hosted by Jane Pauley). I live my parents, and they had taken a vacation in the month of June, when the original broadcast which interviewed Forrest Fenn and the treasure he hid in 2010 was first aired. My mother recorded the shows, and about halfway through the month of July 2015, she sat down to watch the shows she had recorded, and I happened to be present while she watched. So, my interest dawned when I saw that five minute long interview. I have a difficult time remembering things, but I do remember how that interview caused an interest, I would say instinctively, because his “clues” to finding the treasure are in a poem that he wrote for the purpose of locating the treasure. I am very adept at reading poetry and discovering hidden meaning in poetry, so I went online to Forrest Fenn’s personal website to read the poem. When I first read the poem, nothing meaningful jumped out at me, and I just ignored it and forgot about it.
    >>> Later that day, Spirit was calling me to read it again, and this time to read it while looking at Google Earth. I just followed my intuition. First, it would be best for you to see the interview he did for CBS Sunday Morning. I don’t know exactly where you can find it. Maybe Youtube has this particular interview. If not Youtube, then possibly in the archives of CBS programs available online. Then, if you’d like to read the poem itself, it is posted, and you can find it by googling “Forrest Fenn treasure chest poem.” I don’t remember the name of his website. My quest didn’t involve looking at websites. I simply trusted my instincts in reading the poem and my intuition in observing Google Earth. Just briefly, what I recall from the interview he did with CBS, he had served in Vietnam as a pilot, and he was shot down twice during the war. He became an eccentric millionaire, collecting all kinds of coins and relics, and establishing himself as the holder of numerous rare and valuable things. In the 1980’s, he was diagnosed with cancer, and believing himself soon to die, he prepared a small chest of coins worth at least one million dollars to hide in his “secret where,” a special place which he frequented during his life. He planned to die in that place (actually, he was going to commit suicide, as the poem reveals to me), and to take the treasure with him, hoping it would remain as a legacy for those who would seek to find it. He had written the original poem, which is unknown to the public, in the 1980’s, when he planned to die in his “secret where.” The current poem is not the same that he wrote in the 80’s. He overcame his cancer and is still alive at the present, at the age of 83 (?). In his old age, and being as eccentric as he is, he went ahead in the late summer of 2010 and hid the treasure chest in the place where he was going to lay down and die over twenty years earlier.
    >>> Now, going on with my quest, I read the poem again while observing Google Earth. Fenn lives in Santa Fe, and that’s where I focused my search. He said that he had left Santa Fe, hid the treasure, and returned home in the same day. Looking at Google Earth, the words of the poem became magnets to the general location. The first two lines read: “As I went alone in there/ with my treasures bold” is saying that he went into a place while he was dressed in his Airforce attire, with all of his medals pinned on him (the medals being his “treasures bold”). I believe the first stanza is still the same as the original. He was preparing to commit suicide, and when high-ranking military commit suicide, they dress in their military attire. So, where was it that he went alone? My eyes found the Vietnam War Memorial in the Moreno Valley of New Mexico. It isn’t just any war memorial. It was the first official Vietnam War Memorial in the US. The memorial has a chapel, and the architecture of the memorial is as a sail. The chapel goes downward to an altar. The artistic design of the sail shines in the brightness of the sun. Fenn went down alone to the altar and said his prayer. The next two lines read: “I can tell of my secret where/ and hint of riches new and old.” (I am trying to recall the poem by memory, so I might have some mistakes in the poem). What I glean from these two lines is that his “secret where” is within view of the Vietnam War Memorial and that the sail, which from a distance looks like a flame when the sun shines, could be the blaze. He did say that people must first find the blaze. I don’t think they expected the poem to reveal the blaze in the first stanza, but he did.
    >>> The next stanza is one of direction. He leaves the war memorial and: “Begin it where warm water halts/ and take the canyon down.” The next thing my eyes are drawn to is a small ghost town (no longer there) called Agua Fria (of course, Spanish for cold water). Agua Fria is located at the junction of US 64 and the road which leads into the city of Angel Fire. It is just south of the war memorial, so we are now heading south. As one drives south, the stream which flows through the valley (we are heading upstream now, even though we are going south) meets the stream called Agua Fria. Taking the canyon down means we are going south, though upstream. So, metaphorically, warm waters halt where Agua Fria is located; and to remain southward is to head toward Angel Fire. The next two lines: “Not too far, but too far to walk/ put in below the Home of Brown.” The distance between Angel Fire and the Vietnam Memorial is a few miles, if I remember correctly. He’s just saying that you want to be in a vehicle at this point. The “Home of Brown” is obvious. It is the Moreno Valley itself (Moreno is Spanish for brown). That he uses the phrase “Put in” is also a reference to the architecture of the war memorial — a metaphor for sailing.
    >>> The third stanza is also one of direction. The first two lines read: “From here it is no place for the meek/ the end is ever drawing nigh.” At this point, we have driven southward into Angel Fire. Angel Fire is a small resort community, offering skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. At the heart of Angel Fire is the crossroad. Here, Fenn is telling us not to go to the left, where the skiing and mountain biking are, on top of Agua Fria Mountain. When I first trraveled to Angel Fire, I confused the line “no place for the meek” as a direction to turn left, but I was wrong. If we read the line more closely, it actually says do NOT go toward the ski lifts. Instead, make a right turn at the crossroad. The next two lines of the poem read: “There’ll be no paddle up your stream/ just heavy loads and water high.” In conjuction with the second line of the poem, we are now heading upward on the well-maintained roads, and also keeping “nigh,” which means leftward. We are now heading toward a road called Brazos, and when we reach Brazos, we follow it until we reach a road called Via Maria. Via Maria takes us to “an end.” However, it is not the end YET. At the end of Via Maria is a cul-de-sac, but an old logging road goes a little bit farther. This logging road has a closed white gate, almost like the pearly gates of Heaven; and, on this gate are two “symbols.” I am unable to recreate the symbols, but they indicate where the treasure is in that area. The phrase “heavy loads and water high” I believe references the underground powerlines and water lines which follow the road, but it is also metaphorical for how Fenn was feeling at the time — downtrodden with a heavy heart, and the weight of the sadness bringing tears to his eyes (we can’t forget that he was going there to die). The line “no paddle up your creek” is actually saying to go during the time of the year when the snows above have melted and the streambeds mainly dry, otherwise the chest would be underneath snow atop the ridge.
    >>> At this point, we are close to 10,000 feet in elevation. And, now we have to take note of the symbols on the pearly gates, and we have to walk the remaining distance upward, following the path which leads us to the fence that separates Angel Fire and Carson National Forest. The next two lines read: “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze/ look quickly down your quest to cease.” Standing at the fence, you can go left or right. Left takes us higher in elevation, so now we want to go down along the length of the fence, which is go right, northward toward “the blaze,” which is the memorial. The next two lines read: “But tarry scant with marvel gaze/ just take the chest and go in peace.” It’s a strange line. How I decipher this is: there is a place which had been logged in the late 1990’s, so it is without trees (tarry scant = a clearing in the woods) and provides one of the most spectacular views I have ever seen (the marvel gaze). It is a million-dollar view, and if I were going to choose a place to die, it would be there. You have a clear view of the whole of the Moreno Valley, the Vietnam War Memorial shining in the sunlight like a flame, the tallest mountain peaks in New Mexico, and also a clear view of Pueblo Mountain, which is a rare sight for anyone who does not belong to the Native American tribe, the Taos Indians, who hold that mountain as sacred. It is in the northwest part of this logged area where we find the stump with the table stone, at an elevation of 10,015 feet, in a perfect location where one would choose to die. When I first saw the stump with the table stone, I thought it was a pointer of where to go next. Instead of realizing that the chest could be in or under the stump, I looked at the stone. I was not “in the wood” as Fenn tells us later in the poem. The symbols on the gate clearly show that the chest is under the “T” (the table stone), as there is a backwards “c” under the “T” in the symbol on the gate; however, I did not correctly decipher the symbol until I had gotten home. I used the table stone as a marker as to where to go next. If it is a marker, then it is the exact location where Fenn was going to die, and the chest would be within 200 feet of the marker.
    >>> The final stanza reads: “So, hear me all and listen good/ your effort will be worth the cold/ if you are brave and in the wood/ I give you title to the gold.” This stanza is VERY important. Fenn is telling us (listen good) that he owns the land where the chest is. Indeed, it is cold up there, and extremely windy. The air is fresh, aromatic with the smell of sage and pinion coming up from the Taos Valley to the west. Instead of him using the plural of wood, he is using the singular — meaning, get into that stump, or under it. That he closes with the line “I give you title to the gold” indicates that it is on HIS property (that he owns that small section of land in Angel Fire), because technically it is still his gold since it is on his land. The treasure chest MUST be on private property; otherwise, no one could legally claim it. If it were on any public land whatsoever, absolutely no one could claim it — whether it’s a national park, national forest, state gameland, any stream, any local park, etc. It MUST be on privately owned land for Fenn to “give title to the gold,” and it MUST be HIS property or someone from in his family. I do not understand why people who search do not realize this essential fact.
    >>> Well, I am done for now, Jeanie. I will provide any more information you need to know. I’m starting to get a little groggy, and my brain a little foggy LOL! Like I wrote, if you download Google Earth, there is a feature which allows you to go back in time for some locations. If you zoom in on the area where Via Maria “ends” in Angel Fire, you can see images of the location as they were years ago. In one particular case (and for reasons I don’t understand entirely), you can go back to early September 2010 and see how it was, then the next image is late October 2010, and you can clearly see the changes in the landscape (Fenn hid the treasure in the late summer of 2010).
    >>> I must say goodnight for now. You and your family deserve the wealth!! Know that you are loved, and that you are worthy!! From my heart, blessings of love to you
    >>> — Nathan

    >>> Hi Nathan,
    >>> Thank you so much for putting this together for me to understand. I will get the Google Earth app you mentioned and search the things you suggested.
    >>> I will be in touch 🙂
    >>> Blessings of love to you too,
    >>> Jeanie

    >> On ‎Sunday‎, ‎April‎ ‎29‎, ‎2018‎ ‎10‎:‎37‎:‎14‎ ‎AM, Jeanie wrote:
    >> Thank you Nathan
    >> Did you see any “Private Property no trespassing” signs? Right now that is my main concern.
    >> I appreciated the long email. My mind likes to understand, so thank you. I used to make treasure hunts for my siblings when I was a kid and have always enjoyed the challenge of figuring out a mystery.
    >> I am curious, how did you came to choose me to share this information with?
    >> From my side I had prayed to the Divine with the request of a way being provided to support me financially in comfort so that I could do healing sessions with people, (something I feel is my hearts calling) and not have to charge people or rely on income from that holy work. You contacted me the next day.
    >> If we don’t find the treasure, we will absolutely have fun looking. I love the earth and being out in her beauty, especially with some of my children, will bring me joy. So no matter how this turns out, thank you you’ve brought some fun into what has been a stressful time for me and I am grateful.
    >> Joy and Blessings delivered in the Love and Light of the Divine!
    >> Jeanie

    >> On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 6:01 PM, Nathan wrote:
    >> Hi, Jeanie:
    >> Please don’t feel obligated that you have to go to New Mexico. The last thing I want is for you to feel obligated, because this is quite an adventure. And, presently, there are wildfires burning fairly close to the area. I am trying to convince my mother to let me go again, but that is a difficult thing to do. I find that when I do get to travel to different places, I feel more at ease, if that makes any sense — like it is a healing thing that happens when I go someplace like the Taos area. But, my income is very little, , although I understand. Please let me know if you decide NOT to go, so that I may make other arrangements. If you do decide to go, you don’t have to tell me when. Just say, “Don’t worry about it!” LOL

    >> On ‎Monday‎, ‎June‎ ‎4‎, ‎2018‎ ‎07‎:‎36‎:‎41‎ ‎PM, Jeanie wrote:
    >> Hi Nathan,
    >> I am planning on going hopefully this month. I will let you know when I know the date for sure.
    >> I will let you know the plan as soon as I have it!
    >> Bright Blessings,
    >> Jeanie

    > On Jun 4, 2018, at 11:03 PM, Nathan wrote:
    >>I was hoping you’d say that, because I probably won’t be able to go this year due to my financial situation, and I trust your intuitive abilities when you are where you need to be, you will know what to do. Please take into account the wildfires in New Mexico when you make your plan. Presently, the Ute Park Fire in northern New Mexico has closed part of U.S. 64, which is the way into the Moreno Valley from the East, through the beautiful Cimarron Canyon (it breaks my heart to know that such a precious park and canyon is or has been on fire). Much love to you

    > On Saturday, June 23, 2018, 6:05:35 PM EDT, Jeanie wrote:
    > Hey Nathan,
    > So I am heading out on a trip. I had hoped to check the “location” on the way but I’m not sure that will be possible so I will probably be checking on the way back home. That will put me looking around the 2nd or 3rd of July. I’ll update you closer to that time
    > Much Love and Blessings
    > Jeanie

    > Hi Jeanie,
    > If you go to the mountain today, could you please take two photos — one of the white gate at the end of Via De Maria. You will see two symbols on the gate — it’s the one which has the symbol of T over a backwards “c”. If you find the stump with the table rock on top, could you please take a photo of that also. It’s just to be sure that you were in the right location. The stump should be able to be lifted from the ground, and I think that the chest is underneath it. However, the chest might be inside the stump itself, and hopefully you will be able to find out how if it is inside the stump. It really shouldn’t take more than half an hour. When you walk past the gate and straight up to the “fence” at the top, the path will curve to the left and continue up. It’s at the fence where you want to go right and follow it. It leads you directly to the stump with the table rock.
    > My heart is with you and your family. Whether it’s today or tomorrow, don’t worry about anything. I know that you know Divine is with you (in you) always.
    > My love to you and to your family, with a grateful heart <3 Thank you, Jeanie!

    The correspondence between Jeanie and I continues in a Facebook conversation where she did go to the exact site and took photographs. The photograph of the Table stone, where I now realize it is where you sipped tea and ate oreos with Olga, since Taos Mountain is a good view from there, there was something different about the "stump." She said that someone was working up there to help prevent fires from spreading into that area, so it is my thinking that the artificial stump on which the rock rested was temporarily moved because of extreme fire conditions (was the artificial stump flammable?). If the chest was in the stump or under it, then she missed that opportunity because of the fires in the area.

    Later, I began to think that, when you said people had been within 200 feet of the chest, that they probably sent photos of that stump which you could correctly verify. Within the past several months, I had been hoping that I could get to go there one more time, to check the stump, and to check within 200 feet of the stump (as I conclude now that you were saying the chest is within 200 feet of the stump). The line in your poem "Look quickly down, your quest to cease" also indicates the 200 feet toward the Vietnam War Memorial from the stump (if "to cease" indicates 2 C's, of course the Roman Numeral for C being 100 feet).
    It makes me kind of sad now that the chest has been found. You gave a lot of excitement for many people, including me, over the past decade. I wish you all blessings of happiness, love, and joy! Thank you for your service in the military (my dad was wounded and almost died in the jungles of Vietnam). And, thank you for the thrill of the chase. It has made such a sublime difference in difficult times. It brings a tear or two to know it is done now. God bless the one who deciphered the poem, because like me, he or she HAD to read the poem not just as a "puzzle solver," but knowing in heart how intense and profound the words of the poem are TO YOU — the one with "heavy loads and water high," to know the desperation of that time when you were ill.



    The rest of my conversation with Jeanie, from Facebook:

    Nathan: It would require a trip to Angel Fire, New Mexico, which is just east of Taos. I have all the information you need, down to the exact coordinates. It would require at least two other people with you who are able to lift a relatively small "table rock" from the top of a stump. The treasure is either IN the stump, or it is underneath the stump. I had been there before, but I used this particular table rock as a marker as to where I was to go next. I did not realize it was actually in or under the stump I just mentioned. I did not realize until after I had gotten home that a symbol indicated the exact location as the stump. Now, I won't be able to return.

    Jeanie: I’d like to read more about this so I know a little more of what I’m doing. Do you have a link or something to the information?

    *She made the trip in early July 2018, while fires were burning in the area.

    Jeanie: Found the gate and the rock table but there’s a guy up here on a tractor clearing the trees and stuff. I took some photos and when the guy was outta site we tipped the rock off and I also dug around the base. No treasure but plenty of rocks lol Sadly the whole mountain was pretty much closed. I was only able to find a campsite 3 hours away. While the treasure wasn’t there I do think it very well could be up there in that area. Unfortunately I have to head home today. Got a 10 hour drive ahead of me. I’ll email you when I get home. Bright Blessings!

    Nathan: Wow! So, the trunk was real? I mean, it had roots in the ground? That's strange, because it is the trunk of a tree that would not be able to grow in that spot, with all of the wind rushing up the Taos canyon over the top of that ridge. I must say, Jeanie, that you did an awesome job. I am amazed by you!! Thank you so much for doing what you did. I hope I can repay you someday. If the chest is not in that particular spot, then the table rock must have been some kind of marker, IMO. And, I think the land there is owned by FF's family and that they are "in on it." It's just my opinion, but all the clues lead up to that area. The symbols on the gate are not easy to decipher. I'll write more about how I explored that location. I thought for sure that the the T over the backwards "c" meant that the chest was under that stump. I hope you and your family had a great time exploring. The scenery up there is something else.

    Jeanie: It was a real stump. I stupidly forgot gloves and a shovel. I was sorta hiding under the table digging and moving rocks with my hands and then when my hands sorta started to get cut up I used another rock to dig. I tried to dig around the root part to see if it extended further into the ground but rotted would came up in the dirt. The stump was overcome with red ant, black ants and I think termites. It was very connected to the ground cause I couldn’t move it. Under it on the one side was flat bedrock layers. I thought maybe there might be something under the rock like it might be a rock box or something but when I broke the top rock there was just more rock beneath. I think that might be why the tree died. Lol. Rooting through rock is difficult. There was another stump further out in the field but I couldn’t get to it without being seen by the cowboy on the tractor in the edge of the woods. I thought maybe the table was pointing to the other stump but I’m not sure now.

    Nathan: The photo of the stump is different than the one I saw. The one I saw was dark and thin and had no visible roots. And, the rock on top overshadowed the immediate area.

    Nathan: Yeah. I can't find any other options. Over the past couple of years, I've searched diligently for other locations. I found only one other option in Colorado, but I could not pinpoint the location to a specific spot. I could give you the details about that one in Colorado, but I really don't think it is the right one (though it may be). Every clue takes me to Angel Fire. If the location of the chest is not in that area beyond the white gate, then it is somewhere else within the Angel Fire limits, on land that FF owns (or someone owns who is "in on the secret," and who will protect that land for generations to come — meaning, the secret will passed down from generation to generation). That one symbol on the gate, I think the big "C" means the whole circumference of the area around the cul-de-sac at the end of Via Maria. The "o" within the big "C" is a specific location within the circumference. The "x" within the "o" says to follow the southwest to the northeast line of that axis, since it is BOLD over the other axis. In the next symbol, I thought that the "T" indicated the stump with the table stone, and that if the seeker were standing at the stump looking down upon it, he or she would see the backwards "c" as a normal "c", which would be the chest. That second symbol has me confused now. It may mean something else entirely. Like you said, the stump will decay very soon, and it wouldn't make any sense. However, when I first saw the stump, it didn't look like the stump which is in your photographs. I saw several different "stumps" and searched them; but, the stump with the table stone on top appeared to be artificial. It was a "perfect" stump, standing straight and with no visible roots. It was about three feet tall (tall enough for me to get my shoulder underneath the stone and to lift it slightly) and I shined my flashlight looking for signs. I did not think that the chest was in there, because it looked so obviously "fake" that I couldn't believe it would be that obvious. To me, while I was there, it was a marker or an indicator as to where I was to go next. And, I searched all around without any success. It wasn't until I got home that I realized, the chest was IN or underneath that "stump." Judging from your photographs, I do recall a stump looking like the one in your photographs, and I searched it. I remember the stones around it. But, the stump in your photos was not the same one I saw. I am sure of it. It seems that, the stone was moved from the artificial stump to the decaying one (for whatever reason, I do not know). Maybe the extreme fire situation in the area prompted FF and his colleague(s) to move the artificial stump until the fire danger was gone. If you google "artificial stumps" and look at the images, there are a few which look exactly like the one I saw. Some are made from a durable kind of "foam." Some are made from porcelain. They are used primarily for lawn decor. I did not touch the stump, so I don't know what kind of material it was made from. If it was prone to fire, I can see why they chose to move it, as critical as the fire danger was while you were there. If I am able to get down there again, I do remember that the ground around the stump was intentionally "leveled" to keep it upright. If the stump has not been set back in place when I am there next, then I will see about the ground where it was. The chest might be "buried" in that spot, though if it is, it would not be deeply buried. In fact, it might just be a matter of moving a small layer of dirt from the top, where the ground was "leveled."

    Jeanie: The fire danger is super high there. The feeling of the mountain was ominous. I was asked to leave a picnic table where I was eating a salad alongside the road by a mountain fire marshal.

    Nathan: So, the chest may probably be inside the "fake" stump, and it was removed from the mountain until the fire danger is over (just guessing). By the way, the cowboy on the tractor — where was he exactly? If he was working on the land in that specific area, he might be one of the people "in on the secret." Just a hunch.

    Jeanie: The guy on the tractor was driving in and through all the trees within the gated area. It was kind of sad. He was clearing out the area. He pushed all the dead wood to the edges of the clearing but also was tearing out some of the beautiful new young pines. The for sale sign had been taken down and was all bent up near the gate. It felt like they were both clearing in case the fire came that far and also to possibly build a house. I wanted it to be there…. but when I pushed my wanting aside it didn’t feel like it was there. While a perfect spot it felt like it was more the other side of the valley near the ski resort. I did notice there was a heavier forest at the bottom of the runs. Especially to the left when looking at them head on. I wish I had the time to go over there and look for a trail. Next time I’m out there (whenever that will be lol) I will. I also felt like if he did hide it on private property that there might be private property signs but not the kind that say “no trespassing” there were no trespassing signs all over there up by the stump/table. I don’t think Forrest would have no trespassing signs. At least, I wouldn’t if I was offering a treasure. The place I hid it would be legally accessible. But that’s me.

    Nathan: There is a trail in the area that you are referring to. It is called "Oesta," and there was a second word to the name which I don't remember. If you go to the site alltrails .com and zoom in on Angel Fire, it appears on the map. It's certainly worth a look. That's what I was missing while I was there — just allowing my heart to gravitate to what I was seeking. The "mind" took over, and I was trying too much to figure things out rather than to feel things out. Another possibility is that the line in the poem "Look quickly down your quest to cease," is referring to the ski area, like you wrote previously. The two hump-back mountain peaks as you're entering the Angel Fire area are called the "Cieneguilla(?)" peaks — and the word "cease" in the poem can be translated as a phonetic pronunciation of the letter "c" plural (c's). On the other side of the ski area, the ski slopes facing northward are the "c" slopes. I mean, each ski run has a name, but they are sub-labeled 2c, 3c, 4c, and 5c. I did ride the Chile Express to the top of the mountain, and I explored up there. The farthest ski run to the East is simply called 5c. Those slopes begin at 11,000 feet; but, they "quickly" drop to around 10,000 feet. And, the actual Agua Fria Creek begins in that area, and funnels down around the Cieneguilla peaks. It would be one exhausting adventure, though, to hike down in that area. It looks easier if a person drove Back Basin Road to where it meets the stream. Sorry for these long posts. I could go on and on LOL! I think your intuition is something to be followed. If you feel drawn to a specific point from the heart, I'd just step back and follow you.

    Jeanie: That Agua Fria is that translated as “wet” and “cold”? That keeps popping out too. I’ll look at what you mentioned.

    Nathan: Agua Fria = cold water

    *After treasure found:

    Jeanie: I really want to know where it was and how close we were. Hopefully they will show where it was.

    Nathan: I think many people who have been obsessing over the location will want to know where it was and what the poem meant. I haven't heard anything yet except that the details will be presented in the coming days. CBS Sunday Morning will likely have interviews, because CBS kind of got the ball rolling for a lot of people, including me.

    • the treasure was wet enough to rust a key.

      In new Mexico, that means a fair bit of constant humidity.

      • The melting of the snows during Spring makes that section of Angel Fire extremely muddy until early June. In certain areas of that section, the chest would be buried underneath snow through the Winter. It endured ten years of snow and melt; and the Moreno Valley is notorious for thunderstorms through the Summer due to its elevation. The elevation of the base of Moreno Valley is over 8,000 feet. To people like me who live east of the Mississippi, the highest elevations barely exceed 6,000 feet. So, the Moreno Valley is a remarkable place simply given its elevation, and geologically, it is even more remarkable given all of the different mountain ranges which can be viewed.

  28. DW24,

    In Part 8 you mentioned finding a bell and we’re pretty sure it was part of the chase. I’m curious if it looks like the ones pictured in TTOTC?


    • Hi Pinatubocharlie… the bell is much larger and clustered with other clues given by Forrest. I found it by following additional maps I discovered during the chase. If you read the only original post I have made…in part 8…I explain how I found one of those additional maps I am referencing. I also outline some of the things I’ve found and located. The bell is clustered with several of those things. It is not far from the axe and very close to the bird. They are on the same trail/path…. or thread/necklace if you will… like the ones Forrest posted in his stories. All these things mashed together that don’t make sense by themselves, but having 6 or more together removes coincidence IMO. He built the stories, etc around things he knew existed so the clusters are non-sensical,or eclectic otherwise. You have to be ‘looking’ for them. IMO.

      • I am still willing to divulge all my solves some day including the one with the bell. Things just got weird on here…and rumors of a reboot of the chase abound. Regardless of that… I would work with like minded people if there is a reboot. I would enjoy helping people discover what I have found and lean in their strengthens where I have blind spots. For example, I have found many numbers that repeat….I have tried but could not get a GPS coordinate that made sense.

        • Check out the Dave Calvi youtube channel. He’s having people share their solves on his show.

          • Thanks for the heads up. I have over a dozen successful solves that build on each other from state to state. I have asked a few people…about some solves like the additional map I reference in TTOTC… And to the best of my knowledge nobody has referenced them. In turn…for the fun of it and extending the chase for me… I’m leaning towards putting together my own video(s). Going through all my memories, etc. it has been therapeutic. Also… i want a little more concrete answer on ‘what’s next’.

      • Thank you DW24. I just had a ‘duh’ moment after realizing what you were saying.


        • Since you are interested and Dal is shutting this place down soon. What convinces me of the connection to the chase is…The bell is partially buried and clustered together with Eric Sloane’s picture of Mrs Fenn cleaning (her Hiney)…along with other things from the chase. But I will explain the thumb and hiney. I originally found this spot because I found the thumb after finding other things on this thread/necklace/path/trail. It is easier so see and you can find those in nature…like where a bend in a road makes a thumb for example. So that by itself is inconclusive. However…look at mrs fenn’s hiney. It is a thumb with bottoms of feet. My thumb has that type of foot/shoe bottom so you can see both. Both, The thumb and her hiney/feet/shoes. I hope that makes sense. That same spot includes at least a dozen things from the chase so I am convinced Forrest wants you to go there. This will sound fantastical…but I mention other maps I discovered in my other posts. This area is also referenced by a ‘map’ in the TTOTC and referenced by ‘address’ or ‘specific number’. If I say more… I might divulge too much if/when the chase is revived. Cheers.

  29. Begin it where?

    I read the poem for the first time and was not sure what to think, lines like “I can keep my secret where” and phrases like “tarry scant” and “marvel gaze” and “drawing nigh” just confused me upon first read. So I thought out of all this craziness the one thing I can do now is when he says “So hear me all and listen good”, I can do that, it’s simple enough, hear and listen (my wife would disagree lol), I am not sure how to “tarry scant with marvel gaze” just yet but I can hear and listen good, so I started with that.

    With that in mind I read the poem again, it is a poem so I thought I am listening for a few things a laymen like myself believes are poetry related, syllables are important in poetry, like Haiku, so I listened to the syllable counts, rhymes are important in poetry, so I listened to the rhymes, alliterations are important in poetry, so I listened for alliterations (an alliteration is the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words, ie: Peter Piper Picked a Pack of Pickled Peppers).

    Of the six stanzas in the poem the first has 8,6,7,8 syllables, the second has 8,8,7,8 syllables, the other four have 8,8,8,8 syllables. So the first and second stanza stand out when I am hearing and listening to the syllable count. Next was rhymes, everything seemed to rhyme perfectly except halt and walk in the second stanza, so the second stanza stands out again when I hear and listen good to the rhymes in the poem. Then there is alliterations, I love alliterations and I was sure hearing one in this poem when I was listening, Where Warm Waters is an alliteration, with this the second stanza stands out again. So I started trying to figure out what all this might mean.

    Going back to the paragraph “So hear me all and listen good, Your effort will be worth the cold”, the “will be worth” sounded a bit like an alliteration also, with W’s no doubt, so it really made me think there was something important to be heard in the WWWH line, and “cold” and “warm” are related words and warm is in the WWWH line, so I thought these were connected and that WWWH was probably the first clue that I needed to figure out.

    So this made me think warm waters halt when it gets cold or hot, no rocket science needed there, that seems obvious enough, cold water is 32°F (0°C), that is when it freezes, hot water is 212°F (100°C), that is when it turns to steam, warm water is everything in between when it is liquid. I realize these are absolutes and arguably if I got in a river that was 33°F, I, nor most people, would consider it warm, but that is subjective and I was looking for absolutes. To a glacier 33°F is warm, so I deduced that warm waters halt when it freezes or turns to steam, and since I felt this line was related to the word “cold” in the hear and listen good sentence I felt warm waters halt when it freezes and stops halting when it melts again. But that would be every peak in the Rockies so?

    I was thinking that halt and walk don’t rhyme for a reason, and is it just a coincidence that walk starts with a W? I didn’t think so, I thought it was significant. I believe Dal asked about this and Forrest said don’t mess with the poem. I also know many have said it just doesn’t rhyme because it just doesn’t rhyme, nothing there, Forrest couldn’t come up with a rhyme here some say. I didn’t subscribe to that line of thinking, he said he spent 15 years on this poem, certainly he could have made these words rhyme better if he wanted to, after all everything else rhymes perfectly, so I felt there was something there. Maybe it is something I need to hear and I don’t have to mess with the poem.

    If I hear something in the poem that isn’t necessarily there am I messing with it? Maybe. But regardless I couldn’t help but think there was something significant about this and it was related to a W. I also really felt there was something there that would tell me more specifically “where” warm waters halt, as opposed to just checking every hot spring and glacier and peak in the Rockies, like Forrest said “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe”. I was sure there was something in the alliteration and rhyme anomaly that would specify which of these many places was the place he was referring to.

    So I started thinking of words like hawk and halk and wok (lol) and Walt, I liked Walt, it rhymes perfectly with halt and starts with a W, so what could Walt have to do with it? I looked into Walt Whitman poems, I didn’t find anything there. I looked into Walt Disney but I had a hard time integrating Tinker Bell and Captain Hook into my theory, I considered it though and read a few interesting theories other searchers had that involved Disney movies, stories and characters, but I wasn’t crazy about that either so I kept thinking and looking for something else that was Walt related and more in line with what I was looking for.

    Since there is no comma in “Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down”, I looked at this as one related action, warm waters halt (freeze) and then get taken down in the canyon when it warms up again, and it’s only something that happens when the waters are warm or liquid. I will also add that I was considering the definition of halt as “a suspension of movement or activity, typically a temporary one” as opposed to something that stops forever.

    So I am thinking I am looking for a place where warm waters halt and turn to ice or snow temporarily and then warm up again (melt) and go down in a canyon as opposed to the more seemingly obvious interpretation that hot springs run into a cold river. A breakthrough? Not really, like Forrest said “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt…” and this includes many places where waters turn to snow and ice in the Rockies, which is every peak in the Rockies, so there must be something to distinguish which peak.

    I decided to go back and read the “Gold And More” chapter in TTOTC again and something jumped out at me this time, the line “But nature can be lenient at times, like with Olga”, I thought it was interesting that if you had not read the Olga chapter yet it just left you hanging and implied to go read about Olga to know what he is talking about, and also interesting that he mentions it in this chapter “Gold And More”, also the “Gold And More” and “Tea With Olga” chapters were both on his website so even if you didn’t have the book you could read these online. I thought maybe there was something there, and this paragraph really stood out:

    “My first view of the great mountain brought a shock. The top was covered with snow that I should have known would remain most of the summer. It looked cold and foreboding as I circled, trying to decide what Olga really had wanted. She said ‘on top of Taos Mountain.’ That desire seemed unlikely under the circumstances and somewhat aloof from any sober voice of reason. The bitterness of cold remains long after the sweetness of a sentimental moment is forgotten.”

    Hmmm. “The top was covered with snow that I should have known would remain most of the summer. It looked cold and foreboding as I circled. The bitterness of cold remains long after the sweetness of a sentimental moment is forgotten.” Lots of cold references, and an actual place, Taos Mountains.

    Also AS I Have GOne ALone in there I see I ash Olga in there? I have more from this first stanza but that comes in later. Hint: Olga Svoboda ash there and in an ENE line with my treasure – that is my anagram. That came to me later so more on that later.

    So based on all this I was looking for somewhere cold, where warm waters freeze and then warm up again, somewhere related to a W or Walt maybe, perhaps somewhere in the Taos Mountains. I live in Taos and am somewhat familiar with the geography. Most people around these parts know about Wheeler Peak, the highest point in the Taos Mountains and the highest peak in New Mexico, but few know about Mt. Walter, the second highest peak in the Taos Mountains and New Mexico. And now Wheeler and Walter and Taos Mountains and the W’s really got me thinking.

    The story behind Mt. Walter, Wheeler Peak and elevation is an interesting one. Up until 1948 the Truchas Peaks, located south of Taos Mountains, were officially designated the highest point in New Mexico, but a self taught photographer and nature lover by the name of Harold D. Walter believed Taos Mountains were higher, so in 1948 he packed up his altimeter and conducted a survey which confirmed Wheeler Peak in the Taos Mountains was the highest point in the State, a small sub-peak just north of Wheeler was determined to be the second highest peak, since Wheeler was already named after U.S. Army Major George M. Wheeler who surveyed much of New Mexico in the late 1870’s, Harold named the second highest peak right next to it Mt. Walter after himself (after his death in 1958 the USGS formalized the name), Mt. Walter is about 20 feet lower than Wheeler and has only about 53 feet of topographic prominence so it doesn’t get brought up much and the reason most people even get to Mt. Walter is because it is along the Bull of the Woods Trail which leads to Wheeler Peak.

    In the ‘90’s Harold’s wife Mae gifted hundreds of his prints and slides which are now at the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe. Harold Walter photographed most of the original negatives of Smokey the Bear.

    A few other things, the Mt. Walter sign on the peak of the mountain lists it’s elevation at 13,141. Forrest said “many people think that warm waters halt at a dam, WWWH is not related with any dam”, so if it’s not a dam maybe it’s a dam backwards lol, that would be MADA, M=13, A=1, D=4, A=1, and that is 13141. Also I thought it was strange how Forrest told somebody it was not a dam and then felt he should make it public since he told somebody that, that stood out to me.

    So I think Forrest made halt and walk not rhyme on purpose, to make it stand out, to have extra meaning, but he also said don’t mess with the poem, so what might they mean? The WWWH sentence is 3 lines, the first line ends in “halt”, the second line ends in “down”, the 3rd line ends in “walk”, the first letter of these words are HDW:


    H. D. Walter’s initials. The sign at the top of Mt. Walter says “Named for H. D. Walter Who Loved These Mountains.” And a side note “waters halt” anagrams to “at H Walter’s”. “Warm waters halt” anagrams to “war ash Mt Walter”. Not sure what the war has to do with it but maybe piloting a mission? To sprinkle Olga’s ashes.

    And this is a bit of a stretch perhaps but lining up the letters of the last words in the 3rd stanza like the HDW in the 2nd:

    Meek – M=13
    Nigh – N=14
    cReek – R=18
    High – H=8

    13141 again and 88 is the year he had cancer and thought to start this whole thing. Like I said that might be a bit of a stretch but I couldn’t help but notice it. I figured in ’88 he was thinking about where he might want his ashes scattered or where he wanted his body to rest and he was reminiscing about where he left Olga’s ashes after she passed from cancer. It sounds like he went alone in there when he spread her ashes too, he made a point to mention that “I asked her to fly the ninety miles with me and take one last look. She was fearful of flying and said she would never undertake such an ‘outrageous adventure.'”

    So in my mind the second stanza has a purposeful alliteration which is what I need to hear and listen to, it has a rhyme anomaly which I need to hear and listen to, and it has a syllable anomaly.

    Another thing it is only when I hear and listen good do I come to the conclusion that it is Mt. Walter. Of course I might just be hearing things lol but one of my favorite treasure stories is The Gold Bug by Edgar Allen Poe, in that story Legrand was trying to find Captain Kidd’s hidden treasure, he had deciphered the code but knew he could not proceed without figuring out what that first clue the code spelled out meant, where it starts (sound familiar), the clue was “A good glass in the bishop’s hostel”, he searched and searched for a Bishops Hostel or a Bishops Hotel with no luck, finally a local elder women told him of something called Bessop’s Castle, which was not a Castle or a Hotel at all but a high rock. So the first clue was only found by realizing that it just sounded like Bishops Hostel and it was a rock not a Hostel. My first clue waters halt sounds like H Walter’s to me and it too is a high rock. And like in The Gold Bug, Forrest always said you must figure out that first clue first if you want to proceed.

    So there it is, my interpretation of the first clue, I think Where Warm Waters Halt is at Mt. Walter in the Taos Mountains. Now let’s see where it takes these warm waters…

    • W O W Mark in Taos;

      Quite the write-up.

      Lots of ponderin; and Listenin’ – Thanks for sharin’ – JDA

      • Yea JDA lol, too much thinkin’ and seein’ things that are only there when observed in a certain light and from a certain angle ha…

        • What do you think Mark?

          Do you think Three Forks, Mt could make for a viable WWWH?

          • Maybe.

            What do you think AKB?

            Do you think Mt. Walter could make for a viable WWWH?


      • Mark in Taos,
        Agree with JDA, good post with a lot of interesting ideas. I am aware of Wheeler Peak but hadn’t heard of Harold Walter or Mt. Walter. Interesting how you found Mt Walter elevation to match with MADA. I never would have caught something like that, but it makes you think.

  30. Anybody that wants to email me for information on the solve, which I believe to be correct, and the person that found the treasure, which I believe to be correct, send your inquiries to . This is ScareCrow on Dal’s blog but I can’t navigate on there good for some reason. It may be because I’m using my I-phone. I don’t know, and I apologize for the inconvenience. You are more than welcome to post our conversations on Dal’s blog if you like. Thanks, ScareCrow

      • IMO, the following foreign languages factored into the solve …
        Spanish, Latin, French, German, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi, Canadian slang (haha), Laotian, Greek, Old English, … well that’s just from the top of my head. I think there are more. They are used to convert words in the poem to numbers 1-10.

        … why?

        Halt => LAT=> Latin
        Halt => LAT => Latino => Spanish
        Effort > FRE => French
        End => DE => Deutsch => Germa
        I’ve => VIE > Vietnamese
        Riches > CHI => Chinese
        Hint => HIN => Hindi
        Can => CAN => Canadian (slang)
        Loads => LAO => Laotian
        Alone => LE => Greek
        Old + Gone => Old + ENG => Old English

        • it’s just as i suspected MrO – that the finder would HAVE to be a fluent latin/spanish/french/german/vietnamese speaking chinaman, with a university degree in hindi/laotian/greek and old english linguistics

          ..but is “Canadian” even a language?

  31. I find it very ominous that we still have not heard from cowboy ken.

    ken, if you did not find the treasure please post. If you don’t post I’m just going to assume that you found it, lol.

    • If it was a poster here. I think it was RJ Sharp. The guy that would start his posts with “Dear Forrest” he did not engage in conversation but once or twice. I just always got a good vibe from him.

      • I’ve never met him, but have always worried about him. He seems to be pretty intelligent, and had some really good thoughts on the chase. Now that he hasn’t posted I feel like it is a good chance that it was him. He doesn’t seem like the type to just not say a single word post find.

        • That’s makes sense. But I’ve noticed several people have not posted who I’ve seen regularly over the years including one of my favorites- Woody Bog

          • One of my favorites too.

            Woody Bog, along with Diggin’ Gypsy , Iron Will, Lurker Mike and Cowlazars earn first team “all name team” in the Chase

    • Many. I was one of them. I always believed it should go back to Forrest. But I also plan to leave something in the hidey spot for the next person

  32. Texas Gold Posted – Under a canopy of stars was a line in a book written in 1931 by Samuel Sloane about his recollections of that area he considered magic. A story about his time in Three Forks, Montana.

    I’m looking at the map in TFTW and it appears to me that the Madison is placed near Helena but on the map I got in a Montana rest stop, the river near Helena is the Mighty Missouri.

    When I flip through TTotC, while wondering what I am looking for, my book tells me I am looking for Lewis and Clark.

    I would argue Lewis and Clark’s expedition began in Three Forks, Montana because that is the moment they left the known and entered the unknown, which was their purpose.

    When I read, Looking for Lewis and Clark, I see three stories converging into one area. The tale of Fenn and Donnie Joe, the travels of Osbourne Russel, and the adventure of Lewis and Clark.

    At Three Forks, three rivers, the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallitan, create the Missouri.

    Forrest also mentions a story that Osbourne Russel tells in Journal of a Trapper where he was chased off by about 80 Blackfeet Indian. If you find the right book, you can see a map Russel drew of that escape and it goes right through that area.

    I’ve seen more than one scrapbook that reference three’s and forks.

    I would argue that warm waters halts at Three Forks, Montana.

    Has anyone else seen anything that would lead them to the same conclusion?

    • As I have gone alone in there,
      Where Fenn? Where did yo go?

      And with my treasure bold,
      Your treasure is bold? There are multiple definitions of bold and treasure!

      I can keep my secret where,
      Oh okay. Your secret is WHERE. Where to look and where to research. I’m gonna find that secret.

      And hint of riches new and old.
      Thanks for the hint buddy. I’m going to look for things that are both old and new.

      Like a new map with old information that may have a new error based on old established fact based in objective reality.

      I’m in your brain now Fenn. I’m coming for your gold. I can hear it singing.

      Come and get me, come and get me, come and get me, come and get me.

  33. I always believed it was an accidental give away when Forrest stated it was “more than 300 miles West of Toledo.” I discovered early on that there was an actual “Toledo” in Montana that would put the 300+ miles in the Yellowstone area. I found that the USGS has a survey monument at the site of Toledo, which was an small old pioneer town just east of Harve, MT. Was easy to plot the 300 + miles in a southwesterly to get a general idea of the area Forrest might have been alluding to in Montana. Was a good start. I also believed that the “blaze” was Mt. Blaze, and home of the Brown, Mt. Brown. Forrest being a pilot and all, I figured it was some sort of triangulation problem that once solved would pinpoint the treasure. Alas, I fooled around and never went any further.

  34. I was not going to post anymore when the treasure was found to make you all think I was the finder back east as “ken” is doing now.
    If my memory serves me well, I can remember “ken” didn’t have any plans to search this year in May or June.

    I hope he is well.

      • I already did here:
        It is public….. You just can’t comment on it now that the treasure was found.

        I would hope when the dust settles, we will be able to comment on some of the old posts again or create another post/page where only solves are posted, otherwise you would have to email it to Dal to post and I’m not sure he is still doing that.

        I suppose, when most of the trolls get back in their holes we may reach our goals.

        • I’m not talking about Your solve or My solve. I’m talking about creating Our solve.

          Right here. Right Now. Where everyone can throw in their two-bits.

          • 2 cents worth only . . .

            Start with the concept of a safe with a 6 wheel combination entry requirement.

            First task is not to decipher where warm waters halt, but to correctly determine what the combination wheels even look like.

            Methinks you are not even in the right galaxy, my friend. So I will take your advice and sit on the sidelines henceforth. Lol.

        • Jake-
          Correct. I am no longer adding posts to this blog. So if folks have a lovely, photo enhanced solution they want to share they will have to post it on another website…or…post the photos on a public photo site and then submit the text as a comment with links to the photos, on this site.

          I will continue to add “CHEST FOUND!” pages for awhile but I am slowly closing this blog down. It will remain here as an archive for awhile but new comments will not be allowed.

          If, after this blog is archived…Forrest or the finder make an announcement of significance we will post it and open up comments at that time.

          I will probably also post a new page if Cynthia’s Final Fennboree event happens at Yellowstone…

          • Hi Dal,

            You suggest the Yellowstone gathering that Cynthia introduced including attendance by Mr. Fenn is still an “if” it happens. Can you please comment on the uncertainty level of this gathering. It sounds wonderful.

          • By “if” I am simply referring to the chance that covid might get worse and the park could close again or folks just may not feel comfortable meeting up. It’s a crummy year and it’s hard to make plans…

          • Hallelujah!
            Fenn, you, Goofy, Chris and others have put enough time into this for us.
            Sometimes you gotta slam the door shut.

          • Thanks for continuing with the “Treasure Found” pages for a while. I find them very fun to read. But again, thanks, Uruguay we can all count on. (Had to end with a pun).

          • That will be another sad day for me Dal. I’m already starting to get withdrawals just thinking about it.

            Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Dal.

            Happy Father’s Day to you and all the searcher father’s here at the great Home of Dal.


          • Seems that I was not clear about “closing the blog down”.
            What I mean by that is that I will be closing it down to comments…and archiving it….
            The blog itself and all the pages will remain for quite a while so that future PhD candidates can use it in their research on “The Psychology of Treasure Hunters in the early 21st Century”

            I am also considering packaging up Forrest’s Scrapbooks and his other writings on this blog into a digital book…

  35. JDA,

    Are you uninterested as well? Can I not borrow your mind for a few minutes?

    • What if I pull the Brothers in Arms card?

      I’m asking, as an Army grunt to a Marine.

      What do you think of Three Forks as WWWH?

      • I know your question was for JDA but I think your analysis of Three Forks, MT as WWWH is quite clever! And it’s only about 65 miles north of my WWWH being Big Sky, MT! Maybe both starting points will end at the same place!

        • Evan I love you. If I ever said a bad word about you I apologize profusely.

          Have you come across any supporting information for that claim in your travels?

          Would you like to look for some?

          • Thank you AKB, as soon as I saw your analysis I jumped to the map to see how far Three Forks is from Big Sky! My interpretation is strictly imagery and symbolism. I like Big Sky because in the end all warm waters end as evaporation in the Sky! My solve ends at Left Fork Deadhorse Creek where the road (fs137) forms the shape of a horse.

    • AkB;

      Sorry, I have always been bad at “Team Sports”. Several people have tried to put together “Group Think” projects, and I have always shied away from them. Thanks for the offer though – 🙂 JDA

      • Hey JDA,
        Just curious, did you ever post your full solve? Or read mine? Considering we’re in the same place…

        • Kauziamos;

          Q1 – Nope. Waiting to see what Forrest and the Finder do
          Q2 – Don’t think that I did.
          Q3 – So, you searched the Warm Spring Creek area above Dubois?


          • JDA,
            Very much so. I believe it was at the top, not in the canyon. The belays along the cliff. Say belays three times.

          • JDA,
            I should say, rather, the anchor bolts from which to tie your belay or to belay from.

          • JDA,
            See teachers with ropes. Also, every other sketch. Page 99, not so much a map but a drawing of the point.

          • JDA,
            Have you searched around Moon Lake? 43°27’45.8″N 109°45’05.3″W
            The Moon is “under a canopy of stars”. It looks like a backwards F on Google Earth.

          • Kauziamos;

            Who knows? You just might have something there – Maybe (if ever the solve is published) we will both find out we were in the correct “Big Picture” area – 🙂 JDA

          • Moon-Shawn;

            Nope, never have searched that area. I agree that the illustration on page 146 has a number of hints, but they never sent me in your direction – JDA

          • JDA,
            Here’s how I went from wwwh to hob: I’ve done it tired, try the wheel. Not 4 but 4×4 to walk. I tried to listen good, but I don’t think I heard everything Forrest said. lol

  36. Hello to everyone,

    “Chest has been found.”
    And a happy touch from FF.

    First of all I am very glad for Forrest Fenn.
    He gave a lot to everyone. And finally he will get rid of a heavy load.
    I hope that he will enjoy much more.

    At the same time I am also sad.

    We all live the farewell of excitement together.

    And there is also the subject of lawsuits and claims.
    Regarding this, I wish that people should not leave it’s angels alone.

    Another unpleasant topic is also made me sad.
    The claim that somebody planned and succeeded in
    unjustly acquiring other’s works.
    “A person whose contribution to the world is just “stealing”
    can only lie to someone else but never to yourself.”
    Everyone and his solution are special, unique and valuable.
    And his effort is respectable.

    I’m hopeful, that we have a group which are smart and sensitive
    with richness of producing and creating. Etc. Poetry pages 1-XX and all solutions.
    I hope every farewell is the first step of new beginnings and meetings.

    Other Seekers and Cynthia, Jenny, Sacha, Toby, Shelley, Kpro, ……….. and nodoubt expecially Dal made somethings valuable for this beautiful setting. Admirable actions.

    And in this new process, I believe that Forrest Fen will be decisive and active
    as the architect of this event, and all of the chase family will contribute him voluntarily.

    Thank you Forrest Fenn .

    Thanks everyone.

    • By the way,
      Sorry about my English and or error.

      Your Angels are in You. AllWays.
      All Colors and Flowers for Unforgettable (Mams and Dads)s.

  37. When I think of “canopy” I think of the Goose ejecting from the F-14 Tomcat in the film Top Gun and the “stars” being Maverick and Iceman.

      • Good one, Obvious!

        I think of the Beehive Cluster, but significant research is needed to understand why. Thus, I must be “Lost In Space” as specialized knowledge is quite forbidden around here. Lol.

        • Interesting. My solve last summer with BOTG led me to a beehive. It was shocking to go to precise coordinates and find it. I was not prepared to deal with it and look, as the cluster of dense wood was below it. It was a loud busy scene. I had to leave and was not able to return. Thought about it all winter and became more and more sure. Was planning to go out this summer prepared but then announcement came. It is interesting that the Beehive Cluster is shaped like a canopy on a fighter jet. How did you think of this?

          • I didn’t think of it. Decryption of the poem eventually led me to search the skies for answers, and the constellation of Cancer seemed to be the obvious place to look first. I tried hundreds of solutions, so I’m just spitballing here.

  38. A wild idea. Look at the cover of « Once upon a while » , available on this site as a hd scan. Turn it 90° counter clockwise. Increase brightness and contrast. Then create the negative image. You will see a background that is looking like a topographic map, where dark parts are high and low parts are lighter to white. If you imagine the big star to be Denver, then the smaller hooked star is Golden. You can also clearly see the horizontal valley higher on the map. This valley corresponds with the road 381 on a real map. What could be interesting also is to look at the location where the white wire of the fishing rod is intersecting with the horizontal line at the feet of the angler, to form a cross.

    Just an idea, but it was a surprise for me to discover a hidden background in cover of this memorie book.

  39. Another wild idea relating to my previous contributions which gave an important role to Steamboat Springd in this story.
    A possible source of imagination to the « not far but to farcto walk » is found in the old stories of steamboat. A story that drops a shadow (like on the cover of the second memorie book) on the Steamboat history:

    The Woolery Ditch is not a significant Routt County landmark.

    Stanko said the Woolery brothers were early homesteaders in the Steamboat Springs area, and once they were here, they split up, one brother staking a claim on the north side of the Yampa River and the other on the south.

    The brother who ended up on the south had trouble one winter when his wife became ill. There was better medical treatment available across the river in Steamboat, so she traveled there and stayed with the in-laws.

    Still, the trip didn’t help, and when spring came, she died, just as the Yampa River was nearing its peak for the season.

    There was no way for her husband and children on the south side of the river to attend the funeral, so instead, it took place on the banks of the roaring river, the family close enough to see what was happening, but too far for a proper goodbye.

    Today, the Woolery ranch south of town is long split up, but the name lives on and not with a mountain peak, an important road or even a ski trail.

    It lives on with one irrigation ditch along Stanko’s farm southwest of town and with his story about the family that gave the ditch its name.

  40. Good grief…….. Here are what I believe to be the correct coordinates…. 45.05.03N /110.47.46W Start below Aldridge, Montana

  41. The coordinates are UNDER THE CANOPY OF STARS on page 41 in TTOTC . They ARE the stars !!!

  42. I’m guessing the pair of scissors may have been a way for Forrest to identify whether the finder had the actual chest. Simple but smart.

    • I believe that it was the small wooden snake (which will make the finder smile).

    • maybe it represents the simplest solve to finding the treasure which cuts through the chase. lol

    • The rusty key and scissors and twig with a golden mouth are hysterical imo. The bag-e’s and grass too. The twig kinda looks like that insurance lizard… I was glad to see revenge in the firm of the bracelet on Forrests wrist per his weekly words way back when.

      There was a story in TFTW about a pup Forrest adopted named Rusty. He mentioned how loyal rusty was and that he wondered what rusty would have been like if he had raised him from puppyhood. Indeed, interesting to ponder for all of us.

      Also reminds me of that song….tin roof rusted!

      Hey Dal, might you ask Forrest if he still plans on putting out his song?

      There is always tomorrow as long as we have hope.

  43. A third wild idea: « take the chest and go in peace ». Go in peace is what every priest will say at the end of a ceremony.
    Did FF when he was diagnosed with cancer made a promise to himself if he would survive? Is this what he means with « Why is it that I must go (he made a promise) ,and leave my trove for all to seek (the treasure of real believe) the answer I already know (he survived), I’ve done it tired (when he was ill) and now I’m weak (after all the chemotherapy). Does anybody knows if FF went on a cure in Steamboat or Sulfur Springs, with beneficial effects on his cancer? Does he anywhere refer to those locations? Because Warm water could maybe also have halted his cancer, and therefore those locations could be so important for him.

    In Steamboat we have a Priest Creek (nothing to do with a Priest, but with the family name of an original settler), but symbolic for « go in peace ». Take the road 40 to the south of Steamboat, then take left to the meadows drive rd, stop at an altitude of 7120 ft. From there (no human trail available) you can walk on a nearly flat way to the Priest Creek. At that point the Priest creek has a split, with another branch coming in with a waterfall. That could be a crucial point for the place to be. It seems to me a very isolated location with nearly no visitors.

    Looking at different ideas I posted…I have also the impression that I interpreted sometimes in a wrong way that the clues should be followed in consequence. FF never said it was in consequence for going to the TC or for returning from it. I have a feeling that the clues should be followed in reverse order.

  44. 1) WWWH-Madison junction
    2) Canyon down– Firehole canyon
    3) NFTFTW –The drive from wwwh to biscuit basin
    4) Home of Brown– The right side of the looped parking lot at Biscuit Basin is Home of Brown. *HInts*- Rusty geyser leaves a big brown mark above the parking lot like the fire escape did to Forrest’ pants ( imagination). The rust spot on Skippy’ radiator in Buffalo cowboys is a.confirmer where to park ( imagination) . Maybe Skippy hit the home of Brown on a past adventure, lol.
    5)No place for the meek– Vulnerable spring.. This points the correct way to leave the parking lot. The opposite way is for the brave. If you go that way you’re going the wrong way. ( backwards brain bicycle).
    6) No paddle up your creek–you cross highway 20 to Artemius trailhead. Road not creek. If you hit a creek you went the wrong way.
    7&8)Heavy loads and water high- Cauliflower geyser
    9) The blaze– Mirror pool or a pair of scissors.
    I believe the chest was hidden 200 ft behind Mirror pool, in the wood. Looks like a good spot….Check out Biscuit Basin parking lot on google earth and follow the clues.
    –I like this solve because it’s safe, anyone could figure it out with the right thoughts, it’s tricky, clever,and the spot is perfect to hide and extract a treasure chest. And best of all, it is super easy to overlook this little gem.. And there you have it folks 🙂

    • Forrest said it was “While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze it isn’t feasible to try”
      That doesn’t sound like a pair of scissors.

      • I added the scissors as a blaze because ppl were speculating that they may have been the blaze. God chance I dont have the blaze correct.

      • 9equals9
        I always thought the blaze wasn’t something you could see BOTG But rather a line on a good map.

    • Fins up good solve. Like your thinking. I go with
      1 Borderline STILLWATER AND PARK
      2 BROWN LAKE
      5 THE WILDERNESS BOUNDARY (the blaze)
      6 BENCH MARK
      8 THE HEIGHT
      9 THE CHEST

    • This solve is mostly based on wordplay.
      “It” ,is the Firehole.
      BIWWWH-Madison Junction. The warm water halts, but you dont. Keep following the warm water to Firehole Canyon.
      The Canyon is up , we are going upstream, but we are driving down down canyon road. Take it all in for the next two miles. We turn right on 91 and now we are at NFBTFTW.
      Take 91 to the Biscuit basin parking lot,and now we are at home of Brown. Rusty Geyser leaves a huge Brown spot running completely down one whole side of the parking lot. Put your car in here. We are now below the home of Brown. That capital B threw everyone off. Poem purists were dead. If I’m correct that was a nice play Forrest. Masterstroke.
      We exit the car and head towards, No place for the meek. Vulnerable spring.
      More wordplay here. “No place” for the meek. Dont go the other way.
      Quest is ever drawing nigh- we cross the road to the artemius trailhead.
      No paddle up your creek.- No creek on this side of road, so perfect for that clue.
      Heavy loads and water high- Cauliflower Geyser.
      Here is where it all falls apart. Mirror pool is the destination, but I cant find a blaze here. I’m wondering if there wasn’t one hidden anagram somewhere in the book or poem that clarifies the final step on where to look, that wouldnt make sense to anyone unless you were this far into the solve?

      This is all imo. The Chase was great. Thank you Forrest… I’m satisfied that this solve was darn close to the winning solve so I dont need confirmation from Forrest… I’m posting it so all the whiners will leave Forrest alone lol. You all now have the solve up until the final bier. Go find the spot 🙂

      • In this solve the 12 kids in the back of the truck were all singing, Big rock candy mountain and pirate songs (PG version) , on the way to the treasure site. With some of the solves I have seen, you would have needed to be riding shotgun with Elon Musk to figure it out. And you better be quiet to let Elon think. 🙂

  45. Thanks to Mr Fenn for the challenge, and Mr. Neitzel for this blog, and for keeping it real. As well, congratulations to the finder, and the blog posters with their imaginative and constructive ideas.
    I tried to keep my solve as simple as possible. Relying mainly on the poem’s word meanings and geography of the Rockies. My WWWH stems from Forrest’s love of fly fishing. I chose the Red River NM. due to its winter fishing. As well as red being a warm color. I then looked along the river to find a spot where it halts, (temporarily). The only spot I found was Eagle Rock Lake in Questa NM, at the beginning of Old Red River Road. From there to put in below the HOB, which is below the Red River, home of the Brown trout. A ten mile drive, NFBTFTW from Eagle Rock Lake to Put in (park) at the entrance to the SAN Cristobal Canyon trail, which follows SAN Cristobal Creek. Ever drawing nigh to me simply meant continue walkIng left up the creek trail until you reach the end of your quest, and until you reach heavy loads, a boulder field next to a very large rock formation, (as seen on google earth) located just before you make the switchbacks up toward the meadows and eventually Lobo Peak. Heavy loads (creek boulders) are left off the trail and part of SAN Cristobal Creek. As you are standing in the boulder field, the next clue water high would direct my gaze upward to the large rock, which looks accessible from one end, and the few trees atop it. To me water high indicated water making its way up the rocks fissures to feed these trees, as well as condensation within the fissures and crevices. My solve had the quest (treasure) under one of these trees (brave and in the wood) atop this rock, in a crevice (alone in there). The blaze I thought would never be known until you were in the right spot.
    My key word was halt, temporarily.
    While I never made BOTG I still would like to visit the Taos area in the future.

  46. Google Earth the Devils Slide and look just a little bit south of there to Aldridge Road and Spring Creek. Follow Aldridge Road up from Old Yellowstone Road. Pan out so you can see the silhouette of the arm , thumb and hand, then the nose pass the eye socket to the forehead as you follow the road up. Draw a line from where the eye would be straight through the tip of the thumb over to 45.05.03N/110.47.46W. Fenn told us about Spring Creek on page 102 at the bottom and told us also it was under a canopy of stars. On page 41 the stars are arranged cleverly as numbers. It’s the coordinates above believe it or not. The coordinates where the silhouette is looking.

  47. Thanks MR. FENN it has been fun!
    Seriously, to do that with words and maps over and over….
    I dare anybody to pull off a feat that GREAT and it took over 10 years TO SOLVE!
    It only had 9 simple CLUES!

    Dal, TY for keeping this blog going, I know it took much time and effort.

    WOW! Is the end really here….
    YEP! The pictures proved it!
    I’m so glad the winner came forward and shared with Mr. Fenn!

    Congratulations, man from the East!

  48. Well… me and my buddy did our BOTG this weekend and we couldn’t make it to the hiding spot. Born and raised in a desert, I was not familiar with “peak flow”, lol. Needless to say, the water levels were too high to go up the creek and the terrain was just too rugged along the sides make it all the way while being safe. So here’s to replanning for when the water levels go down. 🙂

    • I’m not shocked that many of you still search for what has been found.
      It’s great to still get out there and enjoy what nature has to offer.

        • We all know that the Chest has been found and shown by the pictures but it would also be wonderful to actually find the location where the chest was hidden.

  49. I am still stumped by the pictures and descriptions. Why was the chest photo staged in such a way that conveniently gives us clues as to where it was found on the ground. Pine cones, needles, wood and a few blades of grass on the ground and some material on the edge of the box. Doesn’t exactly look like mud or dirt that made its way there naturally. Was there a mud-like material caked to the lid that we’re not being shown. My question in ff fashion would be ‘if you dig a hole and place a box in it, cover it, is it on the ground? He said he placed the box on the ground. The biggest tell I looked for was f laughed pretty hard and I mean really hard after completing the task 10 years ago. I am not seeing anything funny now except a serious and solemn look in the inventory photo. No telling on bracelet photo, no pun intended. He should be sharing a laugh with us now and maybe… a beer.

  50. Since “summer” kicks off my WWWH it seemed an appropriate time to open up and share it- Hollow Top Mt (I think:). Hopefully I’ll know where it ends, by the time “iT” ends.

  51. Hi Dal, I hope this post is ok for you to publish.

    With deep respect and a warm hello, Hi Dal,

    The photo with the bracelet on Forrest’s wrist is interesting. Look at the floor, cabinet, and table. The photo with Forrest examining the treasure chest contents is also interesting. Look at the table, chairs, and wall. The room does not look like a lawyer’s office. It looks more like the office of a government agency. Could it be in a sheriff’s office, a state attorney general’s office, or an FBI office?

    The expression on Forrest’s face does not look like he is happy looking at his found treasure. He looks more like he has been compelled to review the evidence in a possible legal case against him that he was a party to.

    The way the treasure chest contents are laid out on the table looks more like an evidence evaluation and value review. The photo of the bracelet on Forrest’s wrist looks like an evidence photo not a photo with Forrest smiling with his cherished bracelet back on his wrist.

    Why is Forrest the only person sitting in front of the open chest and laying out its contents?

    If there was a man that found the chest that brought the treasure chest to this office to review in front of Forrest and a lawyer and/or appraiser witness, it seems like the searcher-finder would have opened the chest and laid out the contents. Then Forrest would have just sat in for a proud smiling photo.

    The setting seems very odd for this type of event at the end of a ten-year treasure hunt.

    Is it possible that after the fifth man died just two months ago on March 21, 2020 (looking for the treasure chest) that a government law enforcement agency sent representatives to Forrest Finn’s home? Is it possible that Forrest was told that he has been indirectly responsible for the deaths of five people and had indirectly endangered the lives of several other people that had to be rescued?

    Is it also possible that Forrest was told that it was time for him to put an end to the chase or he would be charged with the indirect deaths of five people and endangering the lives of others as well as damage to federal government property? Is it possible that Forrest was compelled to tell the government law enforcement agency representatives the location of the treasure chest and that they had it retrieved?

    Could it be that Forrest was offered a deal to immediately tell the press the treasure had been found so no one else would die or get hurt? If Forrest complied there would be no legal charges against him. Did the government law enforcement agency representatives tell Forrest that what he told the press was up to him as long as the hunt for the treasure chest would end?

    Is it possible that at the same time Forrest was talking with the press the government law enforcement agency had a local team go to the treasure chest location and retrieve it? Is it then possible that the treasure chest was delivered by law enforcement agents to a government law enforcement agency office closest to Forrest Finn’s home? Was Forrest then invited to his local government law enforcement agency’s office to review and inspect the treasure chest and its contents to confirm that it was the treasure chest that he had hidden?

    Is it possible that on this date June 20, 2020, that a government law enforcement agency is retaining control of the treasure chest as direct evidence that the hunt and chase were real and over? And is it also possible that the state attorney general or federal department of justice will use the value of the treasure chest and its contents to compensate the families of the people that died looking for it?

    Or is there a second scenario and possibility to the entire end?

    Today in real-time Forrest is currently confronted with several lawsuits filed against him by treasure searchers and mounting pressure from law enforcement to put an end to the search.

    Is it possible that Forrest himself had the treasure chest retrieved maybe by his daughter? Forrest himself then staged the photos to provide proof that the treasure chest was no longer out there under a canopy of stars.

    Is Forrest hoping that this will put an end to the mounting legal problems that the chase has been causing him and his family? Is it also possible Forrest felt that ending the chase this way would bring him less backlash from the thousands of searchers? Is it possible that Forrest felt that saying that someone has found the treasure chest rather than it looking like Forrest himself a strong proud man with ego has caved to the outside world of others?

    If a searcher did find the treasure chest and wants to remain unknown that is ok. But then, for now, only Forrest can prove and tell everyone how and why this search came to an end.

    We are currently dealing with a book or movie with no end, the last page or last scene is missing.

    There is no reason at all that Forrest cannot tell the world the location where the treasure chest was located. There is no logic or purpose for that. To leave the location of the treasure chest in the hands of the possible finder makes no rational sense. There are hundreds of searchers that want to visit the location and even put a plaque there with Forrest’s name and image on it.

    Forrest owes the families of the five people that died as well as the people that had to be rescued closure by revealing the secret location where he hid the treasure chest. He also owes everyone a joint live-video and written statement with his legal representative that they met with and that there really is a real-live-person that found the treasure chest.

    My solve location is on the northeast end of the earthquake lake. It was along the road on the put-in side of the car vista about 200ft from the parking area. The location on Google Maps is 44°51’19.10″ N 111°23’35.86″ W.

    Again thank you Dal for all the work you have done on behalf of Forrest and the searchers.

    With deep respect and a warm thank you, sincerely,
    Ray Upton
    San Diego

    • Hi Ray..look up tragedies in the National Parks. Thousands of people who have had to be rescued due to stupid things. Some women wearing high heels to hike in etc.
      Your Thanks and “Deep respect” is a bunch of Shi#..thank you very much. Just calling it as I see it.
      Yes, Yes..and the horse you rode in on..Colleen

    • Really Ray? Your theory is that Forrest was offered some sort of deal to end the chase and not be charged with a crime? You cant be serious! Forrest has committed no crime!

      It is my guess that Forrest paid the finder for the value of the chest. Its just a guess. But I suspect he was just doing inventory on the contents of the chest when the pic was taken.

      Im happy that Forrest was reunited with the chest, at least for a photo.

      • Well, state official law enforcement employees often might not think as logical, as the normal population would. That refers to any country. State officials sometimes look at things really in a strange way.
        Also might be considered, IMO that an area free in 2010 could have changed its status over the last decade, maybe into private property or into a state/ national park area. Both or even other similar alterations could have changed the plot dramatically.
        I don’t see any fault at FF, but legal changes and somehow different to public thinking of official state workers might be a possibility. We will know one day.

    • When was the last time you saw an FBI raid where the target was asked to count his own money that was seized? lol.

      Or a drug bust in which he was asked to weigh out his own stash? lol.

      That photo simply looks like someone was taking an inventory of the contents before paying for it. In a conference room. He is looking down, because that is where the gold is.

      Ray Utpon – If you had put as much creativity into finding it, then it might have been you there counting the glory.

      • If Forrest bought the treasure back, maybe the finder will come forward, tell where he found it? There would be no reason why he then can’t. Also, what is that black thing that Forrest has on his neck in the photo? A hearing aide? Or a listening device to an i phone etc? I’m not very technical as you can see!

        • Cathy-
          That’s his hearing aid…and by the way he has only had that type of hearing aid for a couple of years. If you look at earlier photos of Forrest you may not notice his hearing aids. They were a different style and practically invisible.

          Look at the 2012 set of interviews in “Forrest Speaks” on the right hand side of this page, at the top.. In the footage of any of those interviews. you will have to look hard to see his hearing aids…but there is one in each ear.

          He continues with that style in all the other interviews up until the 2019 interviews where he is wearing that black style. I assume his hearing deteriorated between 2017 and 2019 to the point where he needed a stronger device…
          I’m sure his reasoning went something like this-
          Forget about the hearing aid not being noticeable…it’s more important to hear than to try and hide the devices.

        • If Forrest “bought the treasure back,” it would need to be structured as a “finder’s fee” rather than a purchase after a transfer of title. If the title actually transferred, then the finder owes taxes on the “fair market value” of the chest – – which is considerably more than the original or even current value of the contents. Lots of people other than Forrest would pay a premium price for the chest. If Forrest “bought it back” for just the content value, or even a million dollars, the IRS could rule that the finder would still owe taxes on the multiple-millions the chest could bring at auction (and there could “gift tax” for the difference between what he paid and fair market value!). I’m sure Forrest would have thought of this in advance, if that’s the route this went, and would have made the appropriate arrangements to have this be in some form that avoids the market value issue.

          • Finder returns the chest to Forrest, who is the lawful owner. He then gives the finder a $12 tax free loan to buy a Starbucks.

            No argument over ownership and no taxes to pay.

      • That’s exactly what it looks like. I collect new silver coins from all over the world. When I inventory the stash this is the type of room the bank provides to inspect the goods stored in your safe deposit box.

      • I agree it looks like a bank, and ff is signaling to the world that this is not being stored at his home- a safety measure.

    • Ray, what you have put forth is very plausible and sad if true. No one knows for sure of course. It is very easy to conclude however, that one or more of the 5 grief stricken families may have filed a wrongful death suit, or even some sort of class action suit. It is possible so much pressure was being put on agencies dealing with searchers, that they had enough, and demanded an end to it. If for no other reason than safety, and their having to deal with searchers. Nobody knows of course, and maybe we will never know, and then again maybe everything is as it should be.

  52. Didn’t f mention it’s darker now than it was 10 years ago. There’s that darned double entendre again. KISS. keep it simple stupid.

    • BRC,

      Double it up!!! Double entendres all Chase long. Big surprises…or was it a big surprise?

    • There are two choices too. The lure of material riches might lead us a certain way, but for what we really seek, we need to leave that path.

  53. Hi Ray: a few counter-opinions:

    “Look at the table, chairs, and wall. The room does not look like a lawyer’s office. It looks more like the office of a government agency. Could it be in a sheriff’s office, a state attorney general’s office, or an FBI office?”

    Or it could just be a bank.

    “The expression on Forrest’s face does not look like he is happy looking at his found treasure.”

    I concur with Smell the Sunshine: I think he looks like a kid in a candy store.

    “Why is Forrest the only person sitting in front of the open chest and laying out its contents?”

    Clearly he’s not alone. Someone took the picture. If others had been shown, they would have been recognized by someone, and then hounded just like Forrest.

    “Is it possible that after the fifth man died just two months ago on March 21, 2020 (looking for the treasure chest) that a government law enforcement agency sent representatives to Forrest Finn’s (sic) home?”

    Your count is off, but closer to being accurate then almost every news story since the treasure was found. Randy Bilyeu, Eric Ashby, Jeff Murphy, Mike Peterson, Paris Wallace, and most recently 58-year-old Michael Sexton. All of these tragedies were avoidable.

    I think your line of questioning/hypothesizing is highly speculative and premature, and IMO fails the Occam’s Razor test. (And I might point out your credibility/seriousness is somewhat hindered by your misspelling of Forrest’s last name twice.)

    “There is no reason at all that Forrest cannot tell the world the location where the treasure chest was located.”

    I can think of plenty of reasons, the simplest of which is respect for the finder. Why is this so hard for some people to comprehend? The finder knows something that up until just two weeks ago only Forrest knew. Judging from the parade of tortured souls here, that knowledge is worth something.

    “My solve location is on the northeast end of the earthquake lake. It was along the road on the put-in side of the car vista about 200ft from the parking area. The location on Google Maps is 44°51’19.10″ N 111°23’35.86″ W.”

    Then go there. Prove to yourself that the chest had once been there. And if you see no evidence of that, or that anyone else had been there recently, you’ll have your answer.

  54. HEAR me all and LISTEN good
    Or how to ride a bicycle with reverse handlebars

    I became involved in the search for Forrest Fenn’s treasure first as an interested bystander, then morphing into a full blown BOTG participant but always a “lurker” on the websites that other searchers went to express, profess, and contest that their solutions (solves) were the only possible ones or that they “knew” what a certain clue was or how to interpret it. I followed these pronouncements and the debates around their accuracy and realized I was pursuing this quest in the very same manner as most of the more reasonable theories put forth: I was postulating what WWWH or HOB meant, and looking for any named location on every map I had, be it town, river, or mountain with an obscure historical connection or contemporary one to any possible interpretation of WWWH or HOB or “no place for the meek”. After another of several failed searches, one day at lunch at Tomasita’s Restaurant in Santa Fe with a friend and fellow searcher, I frustratedly asked “what the hell have we, and apparently everyone else, been doing wrong”? So from then on I stopped looking at maps and started on a different tack for solving the mystery of the riddle of the vagueness of the poem’s clues.
    To make a long story of a longer process short, I started substituting words that meant the same or almost the same as the original words of the poem. Why? Because of the example of the bicycle with the reverse handlebars. I took that video as a parable, it demonstrated the very well known ability of riding a bicycle wasn’t so easy if you didn’t pay attention to or couldn’t process the visual data received by the rider as the handlebars were turned. I thought it demonstrated that the riders tried accomplishing steering the bike the same way they had learned even when the facts were undeniably clear that the old way wasn’t going to get them very far.
    The first two “aha” moments I decided proved I was on the right track was my assumption that the word wood as “…in the wood” could be COPSE, and that “…heavy loads…” could be WASHINGTON (pun intended). Then I spent months and eventually years working my process. I followed Fenn’s admonition to “not mess with the poem”, I substituted every word in the poem with another.
    Well, you ask, so what? What did that give me except a pile of jumbled words that were even less likely to lead me to the chest? Those new words, as had become my theory about the original words of the poem, WOULD NEVER be able to lead a person to a 10x10x6 bronze chest in the wilderness. But the part of my process that I believed would lead me to the chest was I saw in the word “copse” the name PECOS, as in Pecos Wilderness. As I said earlier, to keep a very long story short, I deciphered, interpreted, anagrammed my substitute words into directions to the chest, using EVERY SINGLE LETTER of the substitute words.The Pecos Wilderness assumption led me to the Santa Fe Ski parking lot, elevation 10,200ft. From there on I added, subtracted, altered, amended, and cursed a lot of my interpretations as I made many BOTG trips to verify my conclusions and after each trip failed to produce the treasure.
    Why didn’t I find the chest? One of two reasons: since I wasn’t able to verify my last interpretation of the final resting spot (my clue #9) due to the Covid-19 lockdown someone beat me to it or I was wildly off base with my method and it was never going to be there.
    Following my solution I have posted a few of the substantiating/supportive assumptions/conclusions I used to satisfy my pursuit.

    Here’s my final substitutions:

    [As] [I have gone] [alone] [in there]
    (allowing) (left) (by oneself) (amid the woods). {Note: As I have gone also means “I” is missing}
    [And] [with] [my] [treasures] [bold],
    (and) (carrying) (not your) (artifacts in the reliquary) (very courageous)

    [I can] [keep] [my secret where],
    (allowed) (to retain) (my hiding location there) {Note: As I have gone also means “I” is missing}

    [And] [hint of] [riches] [new and old].
    (and) (to wink at) (gold fortunes) (neoteric and ancient)

    “[[Begin IT] [where] [warM waterS] [halt]]”
    (crop up it) (where) (the tropics) (cease to march) “[[msIT]]” = WWWH is “m & s”

[And] [take it in] [the canyon] [down]
    (and) (receive it in) (down below) (warm bird feathers)

    (Not far), (but) (too far) (to walk).
    [a stone’s throw away] [although] [over a hundred miles] [walks] [[Note: to walk means 2 = walks]]

    [Put in] [below] [the home of Brown].
    (deposit) (beneath) (Denver the Mile High City USA)

    [From there it’s] [no place for the meek],
    (absent there it’s) (to be cast into Hades)

    [The end] [is ever] [drawing nigh];
    (the last word) (is perpetually) (forthcoming about)

    [There’ll be] [no paddle] [up your creek],
    (there’ll be) (oarless) (above not my creek)

    [Just] [heavy loads] [and] [water high].
    (narrowly) (Washingtons) (and) (rain drops)

    [If] [you’ve] [been wise] [and] [found the blaze],
    (suppose) (not Ive) (were smart) (and) (caught fire)

    [Look quickly] [down], [your] [quest] [to cease],
    (glance up at) (under) (not my) (the holy grail) (to quit)

    [But] [tarry] [scant] [with marvel gaze],
    (wait up) (to hesitate) (two or so) (wide eyed wonder)

    [Just] [take] [the chest] [and] [go] [in peace].
    (rightly) (snatch up) (the chest) (and) (get on down the road) (with amnesty)

    [So] [why is it] [that] [I must go]
    (thus) (explain the reasons) (that) (chased from here) {Note: “I must go” also means “I” is missing}

    [And] [leave[ (my trove] [for all] [to seek]
    (and) (surrender) (not your cache) (four all) (seeks) {Note: “for” = 4; “to seek” =seeks}

    [The answers] [ I ] [already know],
    (the knowlege) (not you) (have learnt). {Note: “knowledge” without the “D”}

    {(I’ve done it tired), (and now I’m weak)}.
    (outlasted cancer) {Ive one it tire, an now Im weak} (to become frail)
    {Note: “answers already know” is phonetically interpreted “answers all read “D” no}

    [So] [hear me all] [and] [listen good],
    (furthermore) (hear FORREST FENN all) (and) (listen good)

    [Your] [effort] [will be worth] [the cold].
    (not my) (f dash for dash t, i.e. F-FOR-T) (shall be of benefit) (the head congestion ailment)

    [If] [you are] [brave] [and] [in the wood]
    (let’s assume) (not I exist) (heroic) (and) (engulfed by the copse)

    [ I ] [give] [you] [title to the gold].
    (not you) (bestow) (not me) (the first place gold medal prize)
    Here’s my final solve:

    [N 35 47′ 38″ W 105 48’ 21”]


    [N 35 47′ 32″ W 105 48′ 26”]

    [N 35 47’ 32” W 105 48’ 26”]

    [N 35 47’ 33” W 105 48’ 25”]

    [N 35 47′ 34″ W 105 48′ 25”]


    [N 35 47′ 34″ W 105 48′ 24”]





    I came to some of these conclusions heeding Fenn’s advice: he always tell the truth but not always tells all the truth (paraphrased)

    I used “all” the poem, no alteration or “messing”
    I devised/described precise and consecutive directions
    These directions developed a map, a special one according to Forrest
    Santa Fe Ski parking lot is 10,200ft in elevation, the search area is ~9800ft
    The search area is less than 1/4mi from Santa Fe Ski parking lot
    Searchers within 500 & 200 ft: any Fennboree attendee that walked the Winsor Trail was within 500ft at the junction of that trail and the 163 Trail (Rio En Medio). Any searcher that walked the 163 Trail was within 200ft.
    The area reminded me of the description of the small waterfall Fenn described in his Viet Nam story
    Fenn easily could have hidden the chest there in one afternoon and never have been missed
    I’m 67 years old and made multiple trips up and down the 163 Trail so I assumed a healthy 80 year old could make 2.
    Santa Fe Ski and the search area are more than 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe, even farther northeast
    163 Trail was formed by water runoff, not a “human” [manmade] trail
    Most of the “clues” existed when he was a child (the boulders, the creek, etc) but the trails and Santa Fe Ski did not
    Clues 1 & 2 were identified early in the search: I thought that possibly meant New Mexico and the Pecos Wilderness
    Fenn’s statement that if you don’t know where to start stay at home: I knew precisely where to start and then followed the clues consecutively
    Hints in the book/ATF:
    Fenn mentioned that he missed his family and wanted to have them with him right in the middle, i.e. Rio En Medio = Middle River;
    the small waterfall described in the Viet Nam story = the several small waterfalls in my search area;
    his confession that after Viet Nam he found peace in Santa Fe = this area could have been discovered after he moved to Santa Fe;
    His story of Donny and he wandering around the wilderness and winding up in a small, narrow creek bed plus his repeated pronouncements he loved wandering up and down creeks and rivers
    Fenn’s statement about winding up back where you started = my solution does a large loop from the human shaped boulder, down to a creek, down that creek, back to the Rio En Medio, up the Rio, across the Rio, and back down the Rio

    Could his body have lain undetected long enough to decompose at this location? Recognizing “confirmation bias”, I believe it could have. Even with the closeness of civilization it was very surprising to me the seclusion of the majority of this are. So the next time anyone of you Fenners are in the Santa Fe area, I invite you to visit my search area. See if my final interpretation for clue #9 was accurate.

    Randy Collis
    Austin TX

    ps I lived in Albuquerque for over 20 years. I don’t now but I was very familiar with the general area.

    • This is how I think the poem relates to my location:

      WWWH means the snow at the ski basin = water “halts” to become snow

      Take it..canyon down is the Winsor Trail, and going down it drops in elevation

      Not far, but too far to walk = that fellow searcher I mentioned earlier gave me this explanation: Fenn is trickily saying it is not too far to walk by saying “not FAR, but I mean not TOO FAR to walk”

      HOB is Denver: the GPS longitude coordinate for it and the junction of the Winsor Trail and the 163 Trail are almost exactly the same (close enough for me to be “below the home of Brown”)

      From there it’s no place for the meek = the 163 Trail is VERY steep and rocky

      End ever drawing nigh = meaning the quest is nearing its completion

      No paddle up your creek = I believed the chest was upstream at the Rio En Medio

      Heavy loads = the two “loads” (trips) the chest took to get it there

      Water high = the miniature waterfalls and the fact I went upstream

      The blaze = what I think I missed: an arrowhead shaped rock/boulder

      As I stated earlier, I thought the vagueness of the poem as written was NEVER going to lead anyone to the chest. I guess I was wrong.

      • A most innovative and classy solution. One of the best irrational solves I’ve ever seen posted to date. Kudos to you, Sir!

        It takes a lot to develop a truly novel way to solve the poem. I know because I’ve done it multiple times, already.

        Deepest Regards.

    • Congratulations. Randy, on coming up with a new and novel way to solve the poem. While it clearly violates Fenn’s vaunted ATF’s, I personally like your creativity, perseverance, and imagination. Kudos to you, Sir!

      I have a theory that the correct solution will ultimately be one that the Search Community hates. Reason: I think there might have been some false flag solutions deliberately written into the poem such that certain types of searchers might be automatically disqualified from ever winning the contest. In fact, I think I may have found 3 such false flag solutions personally, one in CO, one in MT and one in either WY or NM.

      False flag CO was published here years ago. So it is obviously wrong.

      False flag, Sappington/Trapper Creek, MT, has also been published here, although only partially.

      I have discussed my WY solution obliquely, and you might be able to figure out what I’m talking about if you’ve been following my comments over the years.

      But I have a new solution in NM, developed via a stripped down version of the intricate work used to nail down MT that might have been the place where Finder actually recovered the chest. But about that, we will never know unless Finder decides to come out of the closet.

      Your thoughts on this stream of consciousness would be appreciated.

      • It is my opinion that there is no subterfuge or misleading information or planned obfuscation in the poem. I struggled the same as everyone who has written on this website about their interpretations of clues or the meanings of all the Fennerisms. I came to my unique approach simply out of frustration and anger of not being able to find ANY of my MANY “WWWH” or “HOB” or other clues on a map that eventually would lead me to the chest. So instead of doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results (sound familiar?) I “luckily” came to the conclusion that the poem as written WOULD NOT lead a person to the chest because (IMO) it contained nondescript information that fit too many locations. I don’t believe Fenn’s intent was that the finder would either be lucky in their choices of clue interpretations and find the chest or that through a massive process of elimination the chest would be found. He flatly said the solution would lead a person directly to the treasure and I believed him then as I do now. That encouraged me to follow my process for years.

        I will believe my process/solution was correct (to my clue #9) until the true one is revealed. Thank goodness we live in a country that allows fools like me to be a fool.

        • I am anxiously waiting to find out if one 1854 $20 Double Eagle coin (New Orleans “O” mint) is part of the treasure or the actual location of the hiding spot. Then maybe I can stop chewing my fingernails and kicking myself. Just knowing the state won’t help.

  55. There is every reason to not provide any info. Weigh the pros and cons. More negative comes from revealing the location or solve. Everyone would go to every location involved, dig holes, party, leave trash. We can’t have nice things. People would suck. Forrest does’t owe you anything. Thrill of the chase wasn’t enough for most people.

    • Listen – Silence! How peaceful!

      My father Stephen told me, “son, I once red, if the bell ain’t ringing, then the ship ain’t leavin’…take a pew and be patient”

  56. Isn’t it altogether possible that the finder has already identified himself and posted much of the solve on this blog right before your eyes? But we didn’t recognize it cause that’s not my name and not my solve? That would surely be a surprise.

  57. An idea about the double omega
    Cynthia mentioned 6 years ago in her san antonio creek trip a quote of FF:

    We shall not cease from our exploration
    And at the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.”

    The double Omega …normally you go from Alpha to Omega…from the beginning to the end. So in double Omega the beginning is also the end. This could mean that you can see the blaze only, on your way back. For example the scissors could have been attached at the backside a tree trunk, out of sight when go one direction, but visible when you return.

    FF maybe emphasized this by omitting one Omega on the last page of his third memorie, in fact saying that you should even pay more attention on hour way back.

    • No, again, Forrest stated that it would not be feasible to remove the blaze. It is not scissors.

    • I did not know it was fathers day in the US today, pdenver.

      Happy fathers day to all you guys! You deserve it!

      I big one to you too Forrest!

    • thanks pdenver – Fathers Day is Sept 6th over here, but i’ll happily convince my son that (in fact) several Fathers Day gifts should be received every year

      he might get slightly suspicious though, given the nine birthday presents he’s already gifted to me so far this year …but sshhh 🙂

  58. Not a conspiracy type of guy here, but the way FF says “The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f” It’s almost as if he is pleading the 5th amendment right to not self incriminate. (remain silent) There are so many other ways to phrase this statement… Now if he said 1 call (like when you get arrested) then the place would go wild haha. I do however feel the chase is over without question.

  59. Did anyone ever notice the bear’s head under the boulder above the water sign on p. 122? Or the face of a man to the left of the boulder? Any thoughts on how they fit into the solution?

    • I posted a response below. Sorry. Didn’t attach it to right post. It is just a couple down.

    • Do you mind editing the picture or in some way calling/pointing out what you see? I believe most photos, drawings, etc. Forrest put out has some kind of hint in it (maybe even a map as i’ve found). Also, the captions supporting them usually help indicate what he is saying. Like the photo of the two horses (lollipop being one), Forrest at 9,500 ft and his shoe bottom (footprint). They are all in close proximity to each other and in close proximity at 9500 ft. Your bear and face might be in that same general area on the same trail. In this case… the trail is a forest service road and all of these things are on it…like the necklaces Forrest created with ecclectic pieces of stuff strung together. The things by themselves mean nothing…but strung together they tell a story.

      • Here is how your necklace reads if they do come together…. from where forrest rested at 9500 ft, take it in the canyon down, at lollipop go left, at the HOB (a water feature in this case) go left, next is the bear and it makes the top of the head (profile of a person…when looking at it). The face is looking to the right….after that are things on the necklace i’d like to keep to myself at this point.

        • sorry…i know that is very cryptic… the bear and face are
          “markers” on the trail and i’ve been aware of them for a long time. What I didn’t know is they are highlighted or singled out in that picture/photo until you mentioned it. The fact that they are “highlighted” by Forrest and they are part of a photo that contains a water feature… makes me… as Forrest would say… suspicious. Prior to this… i didn’t “suspect anything” relative to the bear or face other than a normal trail marker. What i’m wondering now is… if the direction the face is looking makes a difference or adds to the chase so i’d like to see exactly what you are seeing on the photo. There is also a face superimposed by skippy in the photo of skippy “holding a rock”. It is to the lower left. Almost looks like swamp thing or george washington.…is one that is an enigma to me other than finding that face. Maybe the face you’ve pointed to ties into it. Hard to tell with out BOTG.

  60. That page is ‘full‘ of ‘maps’ so anything is possible. I have a post where i discuss the inset picture on pg 122/123. It is a map imo. You can look up that post if interested. It is the only original post I’ve made. There are other maps referenced in the chase as well…imo…and they tie into numbers as well … like 9 and 11… over and over.

    • Could you explain what you are intending to say or not to say please.
      But of course you can find everywhere correspondencies with our imagination of what the clues really mean. For example: Weird Al Yancovic in 1999 released a song « Albuquerque » on an album with the title « Running with scissors ». Waw, Albuquerque is only a 1.5 hour drive away from Sante Fe. And the region around Albuquerquehas a lot of hot springs where warm water halts.
      In this way we can fin thousands of (probably wrong) coïncidences with the poem and with what we learned later after the discovery of the TC.
      FF was also running or walking with scissors in the neighbourhood of desolated waterfalls in hot spring regions. But even that is not sure. So I fully understand that Dal will gradually let disappear this very interesting blog. As long as nor the finder, nor FF will give more information, all our posts are pure speculation

    • Maybe Forrest and finder can’t give solve away because of covid lockdown restrictions. Isn’t it like 14 days After travel for restrictions? Ex: 14 days restricted x 5 days botg =70 days at home!! If finder went to n.m. that’d add up to extra days, it might not be til 2022 before we here somethin

  61. Clue #3 Electric Peak

    Did you pin Boiling River on G.E. and draw a line to Runway 10 marking and pin that dime? Good!

    Now, we are ready to take off and make a hard left turn and fly to the summit of Electric Peak, you will find a small mountain icon and the name on Google Earth.

    This mountain is a heavy load indeed physically and static electrically!

    Electric Peak also lies almost on the 45th Parallel as did the little box G.E. icon at Boiling River.

    This is regarded as the most spectacular mountain in the area, and is the tallest and most rugged mountain in the Gallatin Range.

    Pin this peak and try to determine where next to fly to Clue #4.

  62. Hi ALL, I thought i would share a couple of images of my blaze, along with an overlay of one of Forrest’s doodles: The Doodle has a pretty undeniable likeness to my search area IMHO.
    I have a theory that “look quickly down” had something to do with the lake near the where bird’s eye is. Here’s a few more Photos of my BOTG in this area last year:
    I hope the links work!

    • I think that « look quickly down » simply means that the blaze was pending in a three above the head of the finder. That was stated before by more experienced researchers then I am: the blaze scissors where probly hanging in a tree, but iI woeld like to add that probably the tree had also a mark: this permitted FF to say that « in one word » the blaze was one object, quite difficult to remove, but not imposdible. You could take the scissors out of the tree but not the marked tree. That at least is my humble opinion.

  63. I forgot to mention IN MY OPINION of my Wild Horse Island solve what the “fourth e” in no place for the meek drawing was.

    Create the Drawing by using every 4th e
    The drawing is the constellation ORION. The hunter…..complete with bow.

    Orion’s Belt lands on the “e” in the word trove…which also happens to be the bottom CENTER of the box I showed you how to plot with the underground trains in London so this location can be found.

    The big Y found with “draw i” represents the BULL…”bulls eye “
    The right eye ….of The bull “Y” …. is on the line…”waters high”. (Ooh that rhymes)
    I stated in the my previous write up that this is SLOANE station on the underground trains….so you know that location too.

    The W found with “draw i” cuts down the center of the box with open lid and crosses the lid

    Have a great day!
    David j

  64. …in my opinion…using the locations you already know

    Draw the bow and shoot an arrow

    David j

  65. Just curious, has anyone looked in the area near Nine Quarter Circle Ranch in Gallatin, MT?

    • Evan, yes, we searched the Taylor Fork public areas – camp grounds, cliffs, near Eldridge Cabin, and some of the lightening creek basin.

      9qtr circle and the air strip is a private dude ranch.

      • Ah ok very nice, the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch is very close to my spot which is in the area at the western end of Left Fork Deadhorse Creek and I’m planning to go in August to check it out BOTG unless the finder comes forward with the solve which I’m not anticipating.

    • Here!
      Taylor Creek, from Taylor Falls all the way to Eldridge Cabin.
      Deadhorse overlook and parts of the creek.
      A bit of Lightning and Tumbledown thrown in.
      My next trip was going to be Eldridge Creek area looking for an elder (wise) ridge. POOF!

    • I searched near 9QC quite a lot. Next trip was going to go up trail 17 half way to the falls between Lightning and Tumbledown Cks to find a fishing hole and a tree.

      I’ve been up Deadhorse also. It’s fun to hike around the Taylor Fork basin.

      • Muset, Did you happen to search near Left Fork Deadhorse creek? Particularly where the road (fs137) forms an uncanny shape of a horse?

        • No, I didn’t get that high. The road is pretty rough on a sedan and there is nothing particularly pretty up there. Its name is derived from its reputation.

          Gary Carter painted a scene from where I think is up there entitled “Rocky Mountain Air Corp. [sic]”. A grizzly is feasting on a dead horse and scares off the rancher who is looking for it. The original hangs in the 320 Ranch dining hall but you can find images of prints online.

      • I have searched Taylor Fork extensively. I have searched in the area mike has between lightning creek and tumbledown. I have found the fishing hole and I have found the tree with the X carved on it with the little stream at its base. I have searched the whole lower 1/4 section of section 19 I think the chest was closer the the Middle East center of section 19

          • Jake Faulker I think you Michael Muset, and my self need to meet at the 320 ranch very very soon. Sure I’ll bring the drone!

          • It’s a two-day drive with an expensive ferry ride and I’m not even allowed to cross the border until late July– so far.

            I really liked staying at the 320 ranch, though. And Big Sky has great restaurants.

    • Yes, if interested… i have a post on “part 8″… where I married a “map” (picture) in the TTOTC to that area and land features (e.g. Shed Horn Mountain)… IMO Forrest definitely wants people to visit there. He made it “relatively easy” to find as he referenced the rubber tired Covered Wagon (sitting in front of the ranch), the wagon sits on the only highway between West Yelloestone and Bozeman (both of which he talks about) and that highway turns into Canyon Street in West Yellowstone. He also points to that general area when he was lost with Donnie so it is “relatively easy” to end up there IMO… not saying it is any more wrong or right than any other place… but lots of people have made that connection over the years.

      • Did you also see the log bench in the Sage Ck parking lot at the foot of Taylor Fork with the omega brands (upside-down horse shoe brands) on each of the two log legs?

        • No. I got side tracked and spent all my time searching the ‘fish net’ off cache creek. Target fixation I guess. Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it. I will go back there and relax some day so I will check it out. Would like to enjoy that area versus ‘being on the hunt’. It is beautiful.

  66. Now I haven’t changed the poem. I’m merely writing what I think the lines mean.
    As I have gone first into the new state
    And with my treasures unfurled,
    I can keep my secret place,
    And hint of states/stars new and old.

    Begin it at Union Station in Chicago
    And take the American train south into the mountain pass,
    Not far, but too far to walk
    Put in to the station below the home of the Brave (at the place of the meek – Raton).

    From there It is now the home of the Brave,
    The flag is ever waving oar; ( I mean o’er not oar)
    There’ll be no paddle above meek creek, (Raton Creek)
    Just a ton and a stream flowing high.

    If you’ve been wise and found my flagstaff,
    Search directly below it, your quest will end,
    Adjacent to sandstone boundary stone slab with divine eye,
    Just get the chest and leave out from under where I once flew.

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my secret place for all to seek?
    The answers I already know,
    I’ve done it worn, and now I am less than the Union. (there are 50 states now not 47)

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your diligence will be worth the end,
    If you honor me by standing before my blaze and in its wood
    I give you the arrow to the divine eye.

  67. This is possibly how the Chase ends. No finder identied. No precise location nailed down. But hey this might just be Intermission. Go get some popcorn. Have a picnic. Swim at the pool. Play some golf. Then check back later. There’s nothin’ new happenin’ here … yet.

  68. Gone alone – like Henry David Thoreau – who made his 3rd and final trip into the NORTH Woods…

  69. It would be nice if Forrest would tell his many, many followers what county and state the chest was found in.

    • I would be happy with just the state from Forrest, then the finder can give us the rest.

  70. Here is your Baby Ruth,. footprints in the sand
    heading that way as it
    leads away it leaves a

    a tale of pain a tale of sorrow
    a tale of hurt a tale to be told
    whispir in my ear a tale of a
    new generation
    a generation of determination
    where love is an everyday thing
    and not as rare as a blue moon

    so foot prints in the sand
    your tale was heard as it hit
    the nation pure like solid gold
    so though your mist wash away
    your tale live on till today

    by Robert Roberts

    • Forrest said the pic was taken shortly after it was found so it’s a pretty good bet that New Mexico can be ruled out.

    • I am leaning NM because pinyon pines have no discernible “prickles” – needle like extensions from the scales of the cones- whereas the lodgepole pines do have those. So unless I don’t see them in the picture, or these particular cones lost the prickles, they appear to me to be pinyon pines. Thoughts?

      Plus the shape of the two larger cones seem to match pinyons. The needles come in pairs in both species, and are typically the length we see in the photo – 1 1/2 to 2 inches or so.

      • Wait, nevermind! I made a point of finding some lodgepole pines this afternoon. I looked carefully at the cones on the ground and none of them had the prickles! Well, one looked like it had a remnant from over the winter. Thus I think the ID for them off is when they are fresh, not weathered over the winter.

      • Don’t you think the some of the debris around the ground look like lodgepole seed shells? And I’ve noticed some webs in the chest so I don’t think it was buried. Maybe camouflaged with pine debris.

    • Ponderosa pines are in also in NM, especially at higher elevations with more snowpack/water

  71. Sorry, copied and pasted the wrong one HERE is your Baby Ruth,. Ruth Roberts; Acorns into mighty oaks. By; Ruth Roberts;. When I leave this world, I hope I leave a better place. Where deeds I’ve done and paths I’ve trod ,. have helped the human race. This poem in my opinion is Forrest check list, it goes on to say, leaving a footprint in Sand , leaving a mark upon the earth. Or he felt like he missed his turn. Look it up. It’s a check list he filled too.

    • Thanks fo sharing. I have found the ‘footprints’ and they are near lollipop… from his scrapbook where he shows the 2 horses @ 9500 feet.

  72. Happy Father’s Day to Mr. Fenn!
    I hope he has a peaceful day without the distractions that, I’m sure, at times, have weighed heavily on his mind since the annoucement of the find. I would like him to have a day in which he can relax and can concentrate on a celebration of what we all treasure…feeling and receiving the love of those near and dear to us.
    I hope all of you have a good day and can take the time to recall some special memories you’ve had with any of your loved ones…be it Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, Uncle, Aunt, Brother, Sister, any family member or a best friend…and send along the good feelings that come from those memories to someone in your life today. Really make this Father’s Day…or, actually, any day to come, a special day for you and for those that share in your life. Then, there will be more of us that can say “Thanks for the memories”. Take care!

  73. Sorry if this was mentioned before…. Did the finder Tarry Scant?

    Do we have any assurance that the photo of th chest on the ground, was taken where the chest was actually found?

  74. Dal , I know you mentioned anything is possible at this point . I was wandering if you thought Covid 19 changed the rules any along the way .

  75. I’ll post my incomplete findings, for whatever it is worth. I was only privy to the chase for a short period of time, but here is where I got in that short time. Most propositions I have seen on here only pay attention to the clues and disregard the other parts of the poem, and I believe this is foolish. I think the first stanza contains the blaze, and the word that is key. I believe that the key word is “where”. The reason for this is simple substitution. If I let butterfly be a flutterby, I can also let a where be a weir. I can keep my secret weir is the result. I think this is also the blaze, it is the blaze you are supposed to be “wise” enough to have seen as hinted to in the last stanza. This is what is so clever about the poem, the first and last stanza actually become the most important, giving the context and a finishing place. The clues are now there to direct you to HIS secret weir (the weir is what constructs Forrest’s secret fishing hole). Hinting of riches new and old is a clever bit of word play pertaining to the treasure which is going to be a “new” treasure for the finder, while in fact being an old treasure to many people at the banquet table of history, including Forrest. This also relates to the double omegas. Everything has a beginning and an end, but is it really a beginning or an end? It really is always both. Just because the thrill of this chase may be over, is it really? No there are many other chases, this is the end of a story as well as the beginning of a new one. Now if I do substitution in the second stanza in the first clue, we get “begin it weir, warm waters halt”. This means our starting point is a weir as well. If we go to the firehole river, at the old faithful village, there is a weir that is used to divert water to the village. This is “where/weir, warm waters halt”. The weir is temporarily diverting warm waters to old faithful village. I think all can guess what the canyon is at this point. It is important that I think the context of “not far, but too far to walk” is important. It has now set up the path we are following, we are following the river, but at this stage the way the river goes is too long for you to walk the path so you must take the road following the river i.e. your pathway. Now where I haven’t figured it out, I did not get a good solve for HoB. But what is important is that now we have gone far enough we can “put in” to our path, meaning you’re getting wet. You have to be bold and get into the river and just start walking. You are assured with “the end is ever drawing nigh”, that you will not be walking too far, so don’t worry too much. It also is doubly reassuring that you have to get in the darn river by stating you will not be getting into too much trouble on your way “no paddle”, which has a double meaning also hinting this is not a place you will be paddling to (clever, clever word play). Some distance into the canyon, if you have been brave getting into the river like a kook, getting cold and wet in the process, you will happen upon a weir that was constructed in the canyon. I do not know if Forrest constructed this secret weir; or whether it was constructed by old players at the banquet table of history, such as Native Americans or pioneers I don’t think it matters either way. If you have been wise and found the blaze i.e. weir, your treasure will be a part of it. Somewhere in the weir, you will find the chest. If you are brave and “in the wood” meaning on the mark, you get the title. Let me know what you think.

    – DocTex

    • It’s important to note this is why the contents were mainly gold. Gold is a fairly stable material, even in the presence of a moisture and oxygen rich environment. The only items that would have posed real problems were kept in baggies to stave off oxidation, besides the key and maybe the scissors. As for the scissors, I believe that those are the special item that would make the finder smile. I think it was very kind for Forrest to include those in the pictures. I believe those to be the scissors that either he, or his compatriot used to tie new constructed lures at the spot. I think we are seeing one of his prized fishing implements.

  76. Where warm waters halt – Los Alamos ice rink.
    Take it in the canyon down – east, as Los Alamos canyon descends.
    Not far, too far to walk – drive to the end of Omega road.
    Put in below the home of Brown – under DP Mesa, where Franklin Brown lived in his step-grandmother’s cabin after his original home was sold by his father to the boy’s school.
    No place for the meek – middle of a nuclear research property.
    End is ever drawing nigh – Omega reactor site.
    No paddle up your creek – Non-navigable creek in Los Alamos canyon.
    Heavy loads – Very high voltage power lines crossing the canyon.
    Waters deep – Los Alamos reservoir.

    The area is on National Laboratory property but was open to the general public in 2010 when he placed the box. The area was closed off after 2011 due to the risk of forest fire to nearby installations so nobody really had a crack at discovery after that unless they were willing to risk trespass on nuclear research property. The box was likely retrieved by a National Laboratory employee and Mr. Fenn advised to tell the public to call off the search.

  77. What if this is part of the poem and we are at (So why is it that we must go and leave our solve for all to seek, the answer he already knows. Because it’s who we are as people, we can’t keep our mouths shut. So hear him all and listen good, our efforts will be worth the cold. Well if we wasn’t warm or hot even, I would say this is the end, everyone but one was cold.

  78. I love this blog, but as Dal stated before: everybody is posting his own solves and theories. But there are quite few feed backs on those individual posts. I made the same mistake.
    Of course you can find everywhere correspondencies with your imagination of what the clues really mean. For example: Weird Al Yancovic in 1999 released a song « Albuquerque » on an album with the title « Running with scissors ». Waw, Albuquerque is only a 1.5 hour drive away from Sante Fe. And the region around Albuquerque has a lot of hot springs where warm water halts.
    In this way we can fin thousands of (probably wrong) coïncidences with the poem and with what we learned later after the discovery of the TC. But most of them will be wrong, such as the example I just suggested.
    But you can argue thatvFF was also running or walking with his Blaze scissors in the neighbourhood of desolated waterfalls in hot spring regions. But even that is not sure. So I fully understand that Dal will gradually let disappear this very interesting blog. As long as nor the finder, nor FF will give more information, all our posts are pure speculation and finally of no use. Probably this is a consequence of the fact that most of treasure hunters are individualists and fixed on their own ideas. I have to say « mea culpa «  also.

    • Your post has less meaning than any of the personal “solves” people are posting constantly. People are accepting the fact that their efforts weren’t enough, and thus are offering up where they were. There is no harm in that.

      • In my case I thought it might offer some closure to the people who were still floundering around trying to use anagrams and atomic numbers to figure out a fairly simple, straightforward puzzle. But, I think now they like the social aspect of doing it their way.

  79. I left out a pretty large part of my general solve besides the anagrams. The treasure path was threaded in the book from the preface to the epilogue, IMO. The following list has words or phrases in the chapters, the page number, and where on the ground:

    “Flat above the shower” 6 Travertine Terraces at Mammoth
    “borderline biddies” 11 hotspring on the border
    “Check-out guy” 12 Exiting YNP
    “School” 17 Gardiner
    “Big Church” 20 Royal Teton
    “slip” “slide” “brown” 26 Old Joe Brown Ranch at Slip and Slide ck and Joe Brown Ck
    “dry sardine” 33 Jardine (chapter out of order)
    “Coke” “stoves” 33 Horr (chapter out of order)
    “Bluff” “turn at the paddle” “right” “switched” “switching again” 40 Miner
    “one-room schoolhouse” 45 Tom Miner Schoolhouse
    “Babe Ruth candy bars” 59 B-Bar Ranch
    “Gallatin National Forest” 60 Tom Miner Campground
    “Buffalo” “Horn” 65 Buffalo Horn Pass
    “sky” “line” “crown” 90 Sky Line Trail near Crown Butte
    “Yellowstone” “Days started to yellow” 121 Daly Pass
    “cutting in” 121 Cut-Off Trail Jct.
    “River” 121 Gallatin River
    “marked our passage” 121 Exiting YNP
    “exclude the intrusion” 125 Snowflake Exclosure
    “Taylor” 141 creek
    The picture of the logger looking up. That would be Walter Cooper’s Eldridge tie camp.
    “Cash” 145 Cache Ck
    “mumble” “down” “lighting” 146 Tumbledown Ck and Lightning Ck

    End of Story. So between those creeks was the fishing hole and the treasure, IMO.

    • Wow. Well done, Muset! I’ve always appreciated your posts and thought process.

  80. Dal,

    I have a suggestion to wrap this up.

    In lieu of all the lawsuits this would also help.

    I wouldn’t even try emailing Forrest so I want to ask you as a proxy in the hope that you would ask him if you like the idea.

    Someone like me can create a database that allows people to enter their GPS co-ordinates along with their solves. It could also be administered by law enforcement or even the FBI. Everyone will be given one last chance over the period of 30-60 days to enter up to 3 locations along with their poem solves for each location. All of it would remain secure.

    At the end of 30 days, YouTube will broadcast using a live camera crew along with Forrest or a representative of Forrest to begin a journey from Santa Fe, New Mexico by whatever means necessary to reach the chest (based on Forrest’s actual poem interpretation; not the finder). I don’t want the finders interpretation, I have reason to believe that person didn’t get it perfectly right but it was good enough to find the chest. I and a million others want to hear the poem read and solved by Fenn himself as the video progresses.

    Within 24 hours, the camera crew and Forrest (or his proxy) will reach the location and reveal the exact location. Once the reveal takes place, everyone within 1,000 feet of the location will be revealed also if they agree to having this done. This should first throw out a pile of these crazy lawsuits who don’t have a clue where the treasure really is. They would be required to enter their solves before the journey takes place. Everyone is required to enter the poem solves and not just their co-ordinates. Secondly it would make a grand ending to the story.

    It could even include a huge lottery where everyone tosses in some loose cash. Based on the amount you toss in and if you’re within 1,000 feet you get a percentage of the lottery.

    Only one problem. I don’t think the finder is shy at all. I think he’s simply nervous about threats to himself. No reason to expose himself but what if he enters the lottery under an alias and win once more? Not really fair.

    But Dal, this would be a fantastic way to spend a weekend watching Forrest or his proxy journey from Santa Fe to the chest’s location and have the chest sitting at the location waiting to be seen in it’s original location as though we were all seeing it ourselves as though it was happening for each one of us.

    VERY EXCITING ending for everyone.

    • Being within 200 foot and solving the poem can mean two different things.

      FBI? You think they will get involved in the Chase, handing out coins at some hot dog van?

      Not sure why people would need 3 entries, when Forrest has suggested that once you knew the location you could go with confidence to collect it. That would suggest that if you need to go check a spot then you really would not know where it was.

      Your ideas are fanciful, but it seems very clear that someone found the tc and probably already sold it back to ff.

      We all have to move on and take whatever good we can from the experience.

  81. Dal,

    My genuine belief is that some folks had more accurate solves but didn’t know it or may not have been able to leave our homes for many reasons. Please ask Forrest. I believe this would settle it for everyone.

    It can be explained to people who have lawsuits that they have no claim to pursue this further if they’re not even within a mile of the location and unless they provide a correct solve which includes GPS coordinates.

    I believe there are people out there that have a better exact match for the poem than what the finder had but simply couldn’t leave their homes and search.

    Worth a million bucks just for the viewership on YouTube.

    Imagination the millions of people going online to follow the journey to the chest. It would probably be the most watched feed ever done on the internet.

  82. breaking news guys!! – ‘cowboy ken’ could NOT possibly be the finder after all

    apparently he was spotted several days ago on holiday in TAHITI, dancing joyfully on a beach in his Armani suit, sipping expensive cocktails and throwing gold coins to a gathering crowd, so..

    oh wait!! 🙁

  83. Dal,

    If Forrest will do this, everyone’s solve needs to be removed immediately off your site please. Especially if this were all handled our of Vegas for the lottery portion of the venture. People need their own solves and not copy other folks who shouldn’t have posted their solves.

  84. Dal, thank you for your effort in maintaining this site. Over the years your stories and photographs have always brought a smile to my face as other posts have.
    My solve was perhaps too simple. I did not rely on google earth or the capability to generate instant coordinates because I do not believe this existed when the poem was constructed.
    Warm water halt = Cloud City = Leadville, CO warm water condenses in clouds (Eric Slone)
    Home of Brown = Leadville, CO Molly Brown’s husband made his fortune here (Ibex Mine).
    Canyon down = Arkansas River flowing south of out Leadville.
    No paddle up you’r creek = Flume Creek south of the lakes of Twin Lakes above the old site of the Interlaken Hotel/Resort (site restored).
    Blaze = the Aspen trees turn colors in the fall adjacent to Flume Creek.
    Water High and heavy loads = water in the flume that runs across the side of the mountain, heavy loads, the gold mining. This flume ran across the north facing side of Quail Mountain to bring water over to mine operations. Portions of the flume and the scar are still visible.
    Hint of riches new and old = new; the chest and its contents, old; riches from past mining.
    In the wood = wooden flume.
    No place for the meek = miners were not considered meek.
    Twin Lakes = double omega
    Well that’s it, thank you all, take care.

    • Not my search area but one of my favorite places to hike! My great great grandfather was a miner in Leadville and that is where he met and married my great great grandmother.

      • Homecoming 76…Have you read “Angle of Repose” by Wallace Stegnar?? You might be interested – part of the story is of the very early days in Leadville. Those miners, engineers, and their families experienced incredible hardships and joys as well. Fascinating.

        Both my dad and uncle worked at Climax in the early 50s. My dad met my Aunt while skiing in Aspen (he was sleeping in the parking lot and she took pity on the young ski bum and offered shelter) and he in turn introduced her to my uncle. A long and happy marriage resulted.

        • I have not read that particular book but will definitely put it on my “to read” list. I am moving back to my home in Hayden and will be able to take up where I left off with organizing my family history stuff. After Leadville my family moved to north of Steamboat Springs and homesteaded there. That’s where I grew up. How about you? Do you live in CO or is that just your search area?

          • I live in Durango, Colorado. My search moniker is taken from the character in Doug Preston’s book. I’ve searched all 4 states although I would love it if the treasure was found here. I have an affinity for the northern Sangres and San Juan’s.

  85. One thing I learned from The Chase was the history in the mountain states of boom and bust towns. These towns are not unlike the Chase. Grew to large numbers of people almost over night. Then, when the gold or silver panned out the places turned to ghost towns. Keeping stories of these places alive have made them places of interest to revisit. At some point TUMBLE WEEDS will start rolling right down what was once Main Street. I hope that when place gets boarded up we can look back at the heyday with smiles on our faces and Twinkies in our eyes.

  86. It seems strange to me that Forrest would not have protected his silver/turquoise bracelet
    from tarnishing (especially if he expected it to be there for possibly thousands of years).
    The plot thickens! All in my opinion.

  87. At the moment, my favorite (only) conspiracy theory (as suggested by MrO) is that the finder has posted his solve somewhere and is laughing at the comments.

  88. Just some more senseless thoughts:

    When we take „IT“ as „Information Technology“ and WWW(H) as World Wide Web (H does not belong to the clue because, „halt“ does not rhyme with „walk“ and FF could easily also have taken „balk“ instead which rhymes and means the same….

    When I take the first letters of each line, then I get following:
    AAIA= Association on American Indian Affairs
    BANP= is a protein/ gene which includes the genes BEND2 to 7 and is a tumor suppressor
    FTTJ= N’Djamena International Airport In Chad
    ILBJ= Instituto Luciano Barreto Junior
    SATI= is Sanskrit and means real, true, good, righteous; a good, virtuous, faithful wife, but also the widow funeral burning, when the husband died
    SYII= hmmm, found some names or posters on facebook or twitter instagram with this name, maybe not right….

    Maybe this also just means anything, I am just brainstormin…. to think off the way

    • Someone asked Forrest about the “www” as referring to the internet and he said he never even thought of that.

    • caddisfliesandshinsplints on March 8, 2013 at 3:20 pm said:
      “has anyone ever thought of- Where Warm Waters halt….. http://www.”

      Reply from Doc on March 8, 2013 at 3:57 pm:
      “Here are Forrest’s own words on that, in reply to the question from me: ‘…sometimes you can overcook a solution by thinking too much. I am a simple man and www never entered my mind.’

      “I’d say that’s pretty straightforward. I was hooked on that angle for a while, but I hope that by posting it here, he’ll get less email about it. Lord knows the man gets enough email…”


  89. Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead =
    In my solve there is a memorial plaque to a scout who lost his life on the trail ?
    I thought it was maybe important.

    Anyone else have a similar location.

      • Oh my! Matt. There was also a stone grave marker or site on one of my earlier searches i think it was near Rafton.
        May have been Elizabeth Brown. At the time i was researching everything Brown names. Even Barnam Brown the dinosaur man!
        Did you research the hunters grave much?

        • Yea his name was Dutch George Ware and he dies in the Laramie. But I couldn’t track the location.

          • Thanks Matt. It is amazing how much we have all learned since starting the hunt. Things i would never have considered looking at = like the dinosaurs, i reckon i could probably get a masters degree in some areas!

    • IMO, this is a hint to two different time periods. WWWH=Pleistocene Era. HOB=Eocene Era. The hidey spot is where the geography has moved the rocks out of their natural order, leaving Pleistocene rock below Eocene rock. Halocene Era is happening now. It is the “person” that is living. Eocene is the “person that is dead”.

  90. the word that is key, and the key that is a word is obviously “Brown”, knowing that, you could reverse engineer WWWH, and you would be within a few miles of the location, so obviously that is the key word, whether ff thought it was or not, (imo that is the word he meant anyway)

    the concept: “Brown” also happens to be a key… which is: (5,11) the answer to the (5,11) key is “120”

    while ff exclaimed in great detail how bad he was in school subjects, notice he never mentioned math. which is strange, since the first thing people mention when describing how bad they are in a school subject… is math.

    The one helpful hint that people failed to look for in TTOTC is to look for the negative space, the things that were not mentioned, that you would only think about if someone pointed out that something was missing in a sentence or paragraph, or story, or book.

    Write is as right does.

    • Brown was my original word that is key. I equated it to the chest itself, therefore HOB was literally poetic for the exact spot where Indulgence waited to be found and qulaified as the one “place” that didn’t exist when FF was a kid.

      I later changed my word that is key to treasures because it encapsulated my idea for Brown and carried that concept thoughout the rest of the poem, hence was a better word that is key. Stanza #1 is what told me this and was the most important stanza of them all because it told me exactly what FF was doing in the rest of his poem. Even with stanza #1 acting as a legend, solving the poem is still difficult and something I haven’t completed with any degree of certianity other than it is a promising methodlogy (using the legend from stanza #1 a-la everyhting you need to solve the poem is in the poem).


  91. Writis… I’m bad at math l but understand, sort of, the concept of brown numbers. What I don’t understand is how 5,11 is extrapolated to 120? If you could explain i would appreciate it. Sorry if I have missed comments as I have been afield in the Rockies with limited service. Thank you.

    • 120 is the answer to that Brown number pair:
      5 factored = 120, 11 squared is 121,

      written as an equation: 5! = (11^2) – 1;

      that is the “Brown Number” pair equation for 120, there are only 3 such equations…

      another answer is 24, which is the number of lines in the poem…
      plato spoke of the 3rd, although he didn’t know it… which is: 5040

      (plato being mentioned in the book too)

      #120 is a trail number, trail #120.

      interestingly, the way you found “Brown numbers”, was by doing a quick google search… back in 2010, none of those search “hits” existed…

      not a single mention of “Brown numbers” with “120” in the same search, would of produced a search result, although “Brown numbers” as a concept existed for decades before…

      meaning either ff was a connoisseur of math, or he had some well healed books and actually read them.

      • I think you mean factorial. 5 is a prime and thus can only be factored by 1 and itself.

      • Hi Writis: there are many esoteric subjects in math, and I’ve spent decades working some of them (perfect cuboid, Brocard’s problem, various Diophantine equations, the Goldbach Conjecture, Mersenne primes, etc.) “Brown numbers” would certainly qualify as “specialized knowledge” (just as would “tarry points,” which is another Fenn solution rabbit hole that pops up from time to time). I just can’t see how any of these concepts could play an essential role in solving a 24-line poem puzzle without violating some of Forrest’s ATFs.

  92. I just can’t resist conspiracy theories because they are so juicy. Well here goes. So Forrest stated that if the value of the treasures reaches $10M he will go back and get it hisself. Then … he also mentions in the finder announcement 10 years in hiding for the treasure. So … what I’m thinking is that … with a bit of math here … that Forrest had an unwritten undisclosed formula for buying back the goods. What formula you ask? $1M for every year that it’s out there. It maxes out at $10M. The treasure is worth $10M to the finder. Liquidating that much in stock market investments could take … 30 days. Is that enough imagination? Cause there’s a lot more where that came from. Thots?

    • Champ – Making it about money will only dilute your thinking. Lets break free and hear your atomic solution.

      I have been waiting and I am running out of popcorn.

      • Nothing much on the atomic front. Just another methid of extracting numbers from words in the poem. Start with a word. Anagram to an atomic number abbreviation. Convert the abbreviation to an element. Convert the element to a number. Simple.

        • Tell us more. I know you are bursting! I can see the stitches stretching!

          Give us the state at least! See if you are the man when (or if) his grace decides to enlighten us.

    • The time stamp with day of the week in ttotc on the image of the chest seems to add a little credence that the chase had an expiration date or sorts . Although there could be another explanation or a coincidence. But that date only occurs on a Friday in 2009, 2015, and 2020.

  93. Hey BigO …
    Did I mention that there’s a really simple solution. No need to go the genius route at all. The simple solution is a nine word sentence that takes you to the precise location. That however is top super duper secret. But it gives the redneck from Texas type a fighting chance to find the treasure. Did not even try to get me to spill the beans in that one. It’s not happening. But feel free to look for it cause… we’ll if I’m right, it’s real. IMHO of course.

    • Great posts on the other blog Mr. Obvious!

      I am a civilian.
      No need to salute me.
      My call sign is not Charlie, Maverick, Ice-Man or Goose.
      I do not have time for interviews or scrapbooks.
      But if you hear my spurs a jingle, it would be wise to “listen all and listen good”.

      High Ho Silver Away!

  94. At first that narrow, vertical band at the very left of the TC Find photo might seem a bit suspicious. That can happen when working with layers in Photoshop when you merge and the lower layers are not properly aligned, or if you fail to completely crop, so that a remnant remains.

    However, it has been pointed out that very same effect can occur with a screen shot. The purpose of the screen shot can be to eliminate all file info, metadata, or any information that would reveal the photographer’s name, location, camera data, etc- all perfectly erased.

    That’s smart and makes a lot of sense! I suspect there were a few images taken, who wouldn’t in the excitement, and they were all on a screen. Whoever it was, probably found the right one to share, and as it was on top of the other photos, he or she took the screen shot, but did not eliminate that edge completely since it is hard to do perfectly, especially on a small screen- which also shows a tad bit of background dirt and sticks probably taken from a different angle.

    What one might also wonder is why the vertical picture for the TC find photo? That is, most of us naturally take horizontal pictures most of the time. You know, in all the excitement who is thinking “Ah, a tight, vertically composed photo is so much better”. No, you’re just blasting away horizontals, and worry about the details later. So, one might think it was originally a horizontal that was later cropped vertically to eliminate other information the photo might reveal, which would be all fine anyway.

    But then I noticed the image size of that photo using my PhotoShop, and oddly enough it matches nearly the exact same natural proportions of a photo I take with my iphone 7! After accounting for that vertical band, it is a near, or perhaps perfect match proportionally. It was probably emailed to Forrest from a cell phone, and that also explains why it is a PNG file unlike the others (jpegs) in the office. Conclusions: The original image was not cropped, it was vertical, nor was there PS manipulation.

    Some of the other stuff in the image that might seem odd to the scrutinizing eye can probably be attributed to reflections, lens distortion, or perhaps digital artifacts that result from slight image adjustments on the cell phone such as contrast, brightness and mild sharpening (halos)- capability which the iphone has, and I assume other brands.

    Below the key in that photo, there is a reflected patch of blue sky. Within it, It kind of looks like an inverted mountain ridgeline, with some trees on the left. Reflection oddities, or perhaps something revealing for location possibilities? Thoughts anybody?

  95. Clue #4 Boiling River – Again!!!

    From Electric Peak we turned left and fly back to Boiling River (waters high – temp), where we began. As if we had ridden a backward bicycle back up the canyon road from the airport.

    As Forrest noted of T.S. Elliot: We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

    We are truly now: “more than halfway there.”

    Well, we have not ceased our exploration yet, but we did round a few bases and drew another line in our blaze. We have a nice triangle now, and we are back in the box on Google Earth!

    That Forrest is a clever guy, he took us around a few bases, but why? There must be some rhyme in his reason. You betcha, there sure is! Can you figure it out?

    Where, all, do we fly next as we form the big picture?

    Solving the riddle in the poem should be necessary, however, I must confess, with the advantage of 20/20 hindsight, I already gave you a big edge here with the precsion of location of Clue #2.

  96. I’m rooting for the fire water gate guard. Unfortunately my emojis don’t work.

  97. NG to the site. Can’t wait to here all the solves at the roundup. Been lurking awhile and just now getting time to be involved.

  98. ” I have never been more at peace in my life than crossing the Pacific Ocean single hand to Hawaii in the late eighties.”

    Ed Gillet?!

  99. Rick – I started up in Yellowstone Park where the Madison and Gibbon come together. I figured “below” could be south so followed the Mad down to 7 mile bridge which is the first place you can park and be south of the river itself. In 1988 the fires of Yellowstone burned in this area so I loved it as a blaze. I also knew that heavy loads was a fly fishing term.. For using wet flies in river corners usually, and the Mad there is slow and very S curvy. Had a good time with my daughter but couldn’t pull the clues together. When I came up with a thought that halt could be stilled I moved further down to Hebgen. The Mad is warm above Hebgen, maybe not warm to us humans but fish warm. Below the dam is freezing. Forest always said it wasn’t a dam so I was OK with wwwh being the lake. I ended up once around the Madison bridge just up from the lake. I knew there was an old stage stop there, a place where a stage trail came down the deep sandy sides and up again heading to Yellowstone. Years ago there used to be a wooden trough down in the willows to the left on the west side of the highway, North side of the river there. I figured Fenn may have gone there as a kid. I found it but Forest Service had been in there downing trees so I ruled it out.

    Craig was asking you about crossing the river. This also was a thought of mine. I just couldn’t decide if that could be possible. Below the dam guys are in the water fishing all the time so it’s not dangerous to cross there in places but for a kid might be and spring can be very high water. Forrest said it wasn’t dangerous.. I could not make up my mind if that may be it.

    • Jan R I replied to your post way above,I’ve been to Yellowstone in the Madison searching the number of times I’ve been at this for years and slowly built the clues so they made sense I was looking all over also.
      When I finally decided to solve one clue at a time and let it lead me to the spot. I only recently finally believe I got the last couple of clues and then I heard the treasury has been found, here’s the summary without the explanation Start at Madison Junction Take it down stream through the Madison Canyon put in below the home of Brown Which is Hebgen lake because that is the home of the largest brown trout in the world supposedly right below the dam is a road that leads to ghost Village Road which leads to a parking lot at ghost village no place for
      The meek out of your car walk to Beaver Creek right there where Beavercreek meets the water that to me is the search area . All of this course is my take on it after years of studying and searching so if any of this makes sense or is helpful to you there You go Happy Trails.
      This blog is coming to an end and I will probably not be revisiting here….

  100. I know I read somewhere to simplify it . But I also read that all you need is the poem and a good map . He said knowledge of codes , GPS, ect. Was not going to give anyone an advantage , yet most of the solves I see use one or all of the things Forrest said wouldn’t help ! I guess only time will tell or at least hopefully it will come out ! 14 days of speculation is all we have for now!

    • People are twisting what he says Carlos. Too much focus on the scissors and not what is the real issue.

    • I don’t think we will ever find out the true location of the TC or the solution to the poem so all we can do is speculate. Very anticlimactic unfortunately!

      • I think we will eventually learn the location. It just may take a little time. I would hate to think that Forrest OR the finder would do that to us. So many of us that have spent so many years and time, thought, money etc of our lives to be a part of this and then not to have an answer.

        • I totally agree but since FF has left it all up to the finder I think we’re screwed! I don’t think the finder will ever reveal his identity or the location of the TC or solution to the poem and to be honest, I don’t blame him. It could end badly by opening him up to frivolous lawsuits, harassment, etc….

          • True Evan, but they wouldn’t have to reveal themselves if they simply told Forrest that it was fine with them to reveal the location. I think we will know in time…

  101. I have not seen it mentioned here, and a quick google search seems to find the same. I believe the home of Brown is near Montrose, Colorado. Robert Brown is widely credited for providing the first evidence of atoms. He was born in Montrose, Scotland. Montrose, Colorado is right in the thick of many seekers solves.

  102. Wow! Lots to catch up on! I took my trip out to Yellowstone ANYWAY and as always, was not disappointed! Such a great place. I only skimmed the blog but did catch the Final Fenn Get Together for Labor Day weekend. Sounds like fun and unless something doesn’t work out, I am sooooooo there! LOL! Looking forward to meeting a lot of fellow searchers!

    Now back to work and catching up! 🙂

  103. The pace of activity here is slowing down. I think I’ll have a lunchbox and a bag of kettle corn (no extra butter) while I wait for new posts.

    For those out there who might be unfamiliar with a “lunchbox” here’s my recipe:

    6 oz. Beer (I prefer Michelob Ultra)
    6 oz Orange Juice (no pulp, no added calcium)
    1 shot Amaretto
    Swizzle and enjoy

    While this is an unconventional recipe, I encourage you to try one.

    Feedback on my drink welcomed; positive, or negative does not matter.

    Either way, I’m good. C’est la vie.

  104. If the “finder”, didn’t originally understand the poem, or perhaps, even the blaze, yet stumbled upon both the blaze, (and therefore the chest),…. because they were originally a, safety tag along, while adventuring into unknown woods,…..and, that person kept the knowledge from the second person in the party….they’d probably continue to remain a deceiving, undeserving, selfish coward….if that were the case.

    Simply eliminating one state, out of the four searchable, could provide an enormous amount of closure for those that dedicated much of their time to the “Chase”. Its been quite an educational experience so far.

  105. BigO,
    That would be a great book and I’m sure it would be lengthy to explain all of the hints and all of the scrapbooks and what they symbolize at each step. I hope that maybe he’s actually been working on it for the last ten years and now it can go to printing!!!

    • I think two books.

      The scrapbook chronicles, with interview wizardry, the art of subterfuge, if there was any of course. That could be a book of its own.

      Ohhh……the suspense of the wait! I will pre order mine!

      Maybe both books have one Willy Wonker style ticket in for a smashing prize!

      • Ha BigO. That would be great. I think if he had planned for the 10 yr expiration date all along and has been writing the last book for 10 years would be genius with the proceeds from last book going to his grandchildren. Would have been a genius long term plan.

        • I do not think there was a deliberate expiry date. It is possible the book had been written and was awaiting publishing, even if it was 50 years from now.

          I guess he can add a couple of chapters now.

  106. This post was lost for some reason so trying again…..

    I just watched a video on YouTube entitled, Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, as seen on “Great Western Guest Ranches”. The ranch is located in Gallatin Gateway, Montana and is only a couple of miles from my solve point. At the very beginning Of the video there is mention of “disconnecting from your digital lifestyle” and at about 22:15 he mention, “under a canopy of a billion stars”.

    Anyway, as I said this place is only a couple of miles from my solve located by Left Fork Deadhorse Creek! I must go BOTG and see for myself if the TC was there, unless we get the location from the finder before then!

  107. Giving the location away would totally spoil the book or the movie. Better to give away the methodology and let searchers work out a solution themselves. By the time the book or movie comes out, you may already have the location nailed down. The point is you’ll get all the answers when the time is right, I’m guessing.

    • There must be an optimal solution to let the cat out of the bag without spoiling the idea of the book or movie or both. I have faith it will be better than anyone is expecting.

      • I’d be happy just knowing the state and that certainly wouldn’t spoil any book or film/documentary!

        • Every single other treasure search has had a known an adjudicator or lawyer as a witness to the entire process. For providence and legal rights in case of a situation exactly like this.

        • I already said it was hidden in Wyoming. Why does no one believe me?

          Why => WY => Wyoming

          Simple. Straightforward.

          The state of Wyoming was a pioneer for women’s rights. Forrest’s books mention quite a few women’s libbers.

          That’s just for starters.

          • Mr Obvious: if that’s your opening volley of evidence, I would say it weak and ambiguous. You could just as easily have written:

            Why ==> WY ==> West Yellowstone

            Just as “clean” and straightforward, and it has the added strength of being a place that actually has direct relevance to Forrest.

          • You missed my post regarding the use of magnetic declination and book publish dates to find the starting location.

          • West Yrllowstone was always TOO obvious. The treasure is on the path between Sante Fe and West Yellowstone. That is the only relevance of West Yellowstone in the solve.

          • Champ – I knew you couldn’t keep it in for long! I bet you have been pacing up and down all day! Its OK now, you can sit down…

          • Canyon => Y => why => WY => Wyoming

            Heavy => Y => why=> WY => Wyoming

            Why => Y => why => WY => Wyoming

            Already => Y => why => WY => Wyoming

          • APRIL 2014
            Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.f

          • Couldn’t go, gone, leave mean left? To go left. Just could mean go right. To be just is to be right.

          • You should, ff uses that book to direct the searcher to a specific mountain range in Wyoming

          • No Matt the answers are ALL in the poem. Validation however can be found in the books, videos, scrapbooks, etc.

          • Mr. Obvious,

            If all the answers are in the poem, then where is the answer to WWWH? I don’t see it in the poem, but I think I might see it literally everywhere else.

          • You know what I like about you Mr. Obvious. We can agree on all the same things as important clues, collect all the same facts, and then come to drastically different conclusions about what it all means.

            I think you should be promoted to Captain.

  108. I wonder if forrest will consider making the location a geocache spot. Put an empty box for finders of the location to place a plastic baggie with their name and anything they wish to say on the paper in there so that its a collection of finders names for other finder to see. I believe there are many willing to continue the search just to be able to say they solved the puzzle. Especially with all the time and effort we have put forth, it would seem sad to be left hanging, not ever knowing the answer.

    • I would continue to search. They could use the original chest as it is probably empty by now.

  109. I don’t blame Ff or the finder a damn bit for concealing the details. That is their right to do so. What I am absolutely appalled about is so many ungreatful, inconsiderate, greedy fools making foul comments and accusations about Ff.
    The man simply put his gold, coins & jewels in a box (he could have cashed in or kept to himself) he tried to put some adventures in whom ever willing to get off the couch & with an offer or opportunity to find a large reward at his expense, if you were wise.
    How many other humans have been so selfless to give up their treasure for others to find??? Then to show him such disrespect, call it a hoax, a liar or file a law suit it just absolutely ridiculous greedy and imo a big slap right in the face to Ff. Ff owes not a single person a damn thing he didnt force or threaten anyone to go Botg he isn’t required to warn grown ass people that their is dangers in the Rocky Mountains that isn’t his duty.
    He was offering this nation an adventure with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to the 1 that got there 1st and in return he was stalked, house broken into, his grandchild was effected, he had legal fees because of others greed & denial, his privacy was completely gone his entire life family and friends were researched, he was questions called a fraud blamed for others misfortune and now people are pissed they waisted years & money looking???
    He never said spend your saving or go broke looking! Wtf is wrong with this ungrateful world we live in?
    I have only been a searcher for a little over a year and live in Oklahoma. We took 3 trips to go Botg it was our choice to do so and I would do it again in fact while doing research and tons of reading over the past 16months we found so many beautiful places we still plan to go see with or with out a treasure..I learned more looking for this treasure that I ever did in school or college.
    I found things interesting that I didnt even know could interest me & the best part my boyfriend and I made more amazing memories over the past 16mon than we had in 10yrs and I can give that credit to FF for giving us the chase!
    I can only thank him and would give anything to get just 10min of his time to hear him tell one of his life adventure stories! He is a fascinating man that did a kind thoughtful thing giving so many people a challenge and a interest and a reward just because he could and he wanted others to experience the Joy’s he felt while searching for his own treasures. I honestly think if I had done this for the millions of strangers and I went through & dealt with all the crazy ass self centered nut jobs that him and his family has put up with 10yrs. I would have pulled the plug years ago and retrieved my treasure and said the hell with all you people!
    Others made so much money off of the Chase You Tube channels, games, selling THE CHASE items but you never heard Ff complain or file lawsuits.
    People screaming they wont proof of the treasure being found screaming hoax but those people went on the search with only his word and no proof it was real. It is just ridiculous! I dont care if he went and retrieved it, if it was found, I just appreciate the opportunity he gave us to look for it…
    I cant say I dont wish I had found it or that I’m not jealous someone else found it because I’m human and I wouldn’t have looked if I didnt want to find it but it’s over now so move on.
    It is just this simple no matter how it happened it is no longer out there to find end of story!! I would only guess that it is a HUGE relief to Ff and his family and friends that it’s over so LEAVE THE POOR MAN ALONE!! My gosh he hasn’t had privacy or someone analyzing his every word for 10yrs…He owes no body nothing but everyone owes that man at minimum the up most respect and a big thank you for his kindness & leaving his fortune for a lucky person to find….I feel horrible reading all the hate comments and negative headlines it just sets me ablaze!!!
    So I would like to simply say :
    to FF THANK YOU for being you and bring adventure, knowledge, wisdom, memories, the thrill the disappointment the dream into our lives. I thank you to opening our eyes to other places, history and the rewards.. and for me my favorite thing if it all is reading and hearing your stories I have never just picked up a book to read in all my life with out being forced and I have read and laughed and reread your book many times and enjoyed every time. You have made a positive impact on so many people and we are so blessed for that..I want to thank you for your service and bravery. Finally I want to thank you for being you and sharing your life adventurers. I only wish I had the honor to shake your hand and thank you..
    It is time to let this man enjoy his final years with his family & friends and not have to look over his shoulders or get court hearings every month…The chase is over find another adventure & feel blessed you in someway got got to be a part of this history in the making and you can now tell the story to your grandkids & great grandkids for them to share with their kids…what ever you choose .
    Find someone else to piggy back and make your profits from or find a job. The people taking their final reaches to make as much on Fenn’s treasure , just stop you”ve made enough off this man and I dont know how you sleep at night..find another name or person to use to make your money this chase is over and I vote the man gets left alone.Just let the man enjoy the final years!! Thanks again Ff for all you did for this nation you are a true Maverick
    Your fan for ever,

  110. 45.865285°N 112.457437°W • 1.84 km
    This spot on google earth looks like the cover of TFTW. And it looks like he is holding a dachshund by the tail.

  111. If anyone is interested, Paul Paul just released a video on YouTube where divulges the spot where the treasure was placed!

      • Hi Clint, I don’t think Paul Paul had previously said it was in Montana but he is saying it was found in NM. The location sounds quite strange to me.

        I had said I think it was found Montana and still do!

          • Yeah it seems so ridiculous!!

            I only wanted to make reference to his latest video because others had mentioned his name before as claiming to be the finder!

    • He has now closed his youtube account. I saw the one where he revealed the keyword to be eye/I. Was there one released after that?

      • It was just a photoshopped picture of a key on the rust stained gold coin.

        It was done so poorly that my eyes went cross-eyed trying to look at it.

        • Yes: he “conveniently” cropped the frame so you couldn’t see the plastic bag where the key ended up, but he failed to delete the reflection of the key in the portion of the plastic bag he did show. That there is no parallax whatsover between his video shot and the #1 picture above is all the proof you need that he’s a poseur.

          • It’s rude and it’s mean and he shouldn’t do it… I know.

            But c’mon Zaph. You gotta admit that it’s creative. I wouldn’t even know how to begin to try to fake something like that so, although I wouldn’t admit it in public, I’m a little impressed.

      • Lady V,
        The last one I saw was put out this afternoon where he revealed that the treasure was in a well in Forrest’s back yard garden. Crazy.

        • Well that just sounds dangerous…

          Did he use sound logic to come to that untrue conclusion or was it all nonsense?

          Just curious.

  112. I think maybe the home of Brown is the last clue. Forrest never said the clues in the poem were in the correct order did he? Yea that could really throw a wrench into a few solves. Of course it’s just my opinion.

    • He said they were in consequative order I believe (I think it might be on dals cheer sheet)

      • I’ve always been a terrible speller and typer (typist?). Now when I misspell something or mistype it I just smile…thanks FF

      • Well … Its kinda like that Willy Wonka place someone mentioned today. It’s where the PA high school state golf championship is held. I just know this isn’t going over very well. Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

    • How could the HOB be the last clue?

      The poem reads Put in below the home of Brown.

      Does that not imply that you must first find the home of Brown before you can identify the put in.

      Would that not naturally conclude that the put in comes after the home of Brown in the natural order of events rendering the HOB as the second to last clue at best? and not even that if you keep reading?

      • Then you are really not gonna like the idea that HoB isn’t even in the Rocky Mountains are you? More like the Appalachains if I got it right. Don’t ask me to explain. It’s … complicated.

          • It is definitely your opinion Mr. Obvious and you can have it, own it, and put it wherever you like and I won’t be mad at you for it.

            But… I don’t agree. It most certainly could be made up.

          • Sioux Charlie’s is the Home of Brown. He could have been joking about the name “Charlie Brown”. Reference Mr. Fenn’s scrapbook about comics. Sioux Charley is a white man adopted by the Sioux Indians as a small child built a cabin at the lake where he lived for several years. Sioux Charley was also reportedly in charge of a mail route and wagon road up the Stillwater drainage to Cooke City. The mummy scrap book about giving a name to the mummy also supports this location for Home of Brown. I was not able to find Sioux Charlie’s last name…..Does anyone know?

            This is in my opinion. I have had this solve for a year or two, but I am not the person who found the chest. I have never been to New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, or Montana.

          • I’m not trying to persuade. Just presenting bits of a solve that should come out in the end. I understand skepticism. But when all is revealed it will make perfect sense. We aren’t there yet.

          • Are you set in those ways Mr. Obvious? Or can you put them aside for awhile and consider alternatives?

  113. Fenn said writing the poem he felt like an architect and that each word was deliberate.
    He also mentioned that a little girl in India could not get closer than the first two clues.
    He never said she couldn’t solve the other clues, but she just couldn’t get closer.
    He has a way with words, doesn’t he? Doesn’t tell the whole truth, and deliberately holds a few things back.

    If you could know the things not worth knowing, like say playing with words like children do, would you have solved the clues? Kids don’t have extended military knowledge or precise map reading and computational abilities to redirect due to degrees.
    So the person who solved the clues used the poem, and only the poem and a good map to do so. Forrest said to get yourself a good map. No double omegas, no conspiracies, no deep dives into books. Just words and pictures.
    What am I getting at? Who found the treasure knew to study the words and play with them.
    I know I was wrong in many of my solves and physical searches. But one person knew the right way. And they studied just the poem, because as Forrest said, all you had to do was use the poem and it would lead you right to the treasure.

    • Jeff,

      I like the way you think. Why don’t you take the first stanza, and the first clue, and give it a go right here, right now.

      I did not too high up ago on the scroll. It felt good.

  114. Hi All, I just wanted to share my solve before this blog shuts down. If you don’t believe anagrams play a role, stop here.
    WWWH- your shower or bathtub. Warm is different for each of us. Forrest mentions his shower and Olga’s bathtub. So my WWWH is TTOTC.
    Too far to walk- also speculative and also talked about in TTOTC.
    Put-in- you need to literally put in the words below the home of Brown.
    Home of Brown- TTOTC. The cover is brown and this explains the capitalization
    No place for the meek- TTOTC
    End is ever drawing nigh- TTOTC
    Anyway all my clues translate to the book itself. The last line says I give you title to the gold. The title is printed in gold.
    So if you anagram the title and put in below means include the words a memoir, you are one letter short of a popular tourist attraction near Santa Fe. I think this is where imagination comes in. You have four cards and a joker and a joker can be anything you need. So I needed a letter P. Also, Forrest’s misspelled words were an aberation and I think this is why. I won’t give you all of the solution because I think this is enough to figure it out. Not a place I would have thought about as the resting place until I googled it and saw the brown mineral stains I believe is the blaze. Also the history and lore can tie in nicely. At least this approach gives you an area where you can go right straight to it. The reason I looked at it this way is because of the Playboy interview where Forrest said”‘people don’t see what’s laying right in front of them.” It also matches up with arriving back where we started and knowing it for the first time (TTOTC). Feel free to anagram it yourself and agree or rip it apart. It’s been fun and a sanity saving distraction for the last several years. Best wishes to all the searchers. Thanks so much Dal for this venue and all it has provided over the years.

  115. I decided to put my solve up again – I never did pick a spot at all

    Please read this before the solve – thanks. Download link near bottom.

    Forrest’s poem when arranged as shown, (still readable), revealed between 600 and 700 new hidden words, and sentences too. This poem was undeniably written this way to contain all of these hidden words. Probably why it took so long to write. If anyone believes the same thing can be done with any other text, try it and see. NO OTHER RANDOM TEXT WOULD YIELD SIMILAR RESULTS, ask an expert. Many of the new words were not used, and Forrest had said he changed the poem many times to make it harder. Well it certainly was, trying to figure out the whole thing.

    Begin in Idaho, abbreviated seven times in the poem, and where Skippy got the plane from. Begin it where warm waters SORE OR (Oregon) – the scab lands. How were they formed? By Great Lake Missoula, times sixty or so drainings when the ice dam broke repeatedly, near Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho. Where did the water come from? The Clark Fork River, via the canyon which runs from Montana to Idaho. The Runt Yew – out of the four states grows in west Montana only. Take the Clark Fork Canyon and down to Fort Owen – no place for the meek – and ‘effort’ could be the word which is key. Fort Owen was not a real fort, there were no soldiers stationed there. It was purchased by a man, last name Owen, who named it Fort Owen. It’s still there. It was actually the beginning of Montana. It was a church, trading post, school, and totally unprotected. Every once in a while the Indians would attack and either kill or run off everybody. They weren’t nice like the fort Forrest’s grandma lived in. Certainly no place for the meek. Fort Owen is in the poem, and it’s below the National Bison Range – HOB, like Cody. The small Mill Creek at Fort Owen cannot be paddled up, it’s origin is Burnt Fork Bitteroot River, which flows exactly from the NE-NE-NE of Burnt Fork Lake. Along the way is Gold Creek where heavy loads AU-AU-AU were mined. And the Palisade Trail, ADE-ADE-ADE, is up along Burnt Fork Lake, and at 7400 feet, is water high. At the back of the lake, not far but to far, TOR-TOR-TOR. So why is it TO AND ON that TOR I must go. This is all in the poem, and I never picked a spot. The musical reference I’m not sure about, but you don’t need it. TREES E THE GEO is plain to see, and puts you very close. The red circle shows the area which was found using the poem. If you really study this solve, and realize it is all there in the poem, you may see it in a new light.

    Like Forrest had said, I failed in the execution of my solve. Oh well, I accept it. Please respect the fact that I don’t want to debate my solve, at this time it’s a moot point. Thanks, Pete.


    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. –Arthur Schopenhauer– Copied from Anna Graham on Hint Of Riches Forum.

  116. this will be my last comment on the treasure hunt. I still think it was hidden in alire nm , I think and its just my opinion that the reason . why they wont say where they found it, is because they had to go in to private property and jump the no trespassing signs to get to it that’s my opinion. I would like to sat thanks to every one that replayed to my comments . I in joyed everyone good or bad I am still I hope your friend .—thank you all for the good times ——Frank

    • It has been a pleasure reading your comments and chatting with you, frank. Good luck in all that you do. Hope you’ll continue to find yourself in the woods.

      • thank you Pdenver , you were one I enjoyed commenting to, good luck to you too and may you , continue to be a good person that you are —-frank

    • It is sad to see people, like yourself, dropping off of the Blog. Good luck in all that you do from now forward – Thanks for your past posts – JDA

      • JDA- we had our days and no matter what, I enjoyed them . good luck and take care your friend frank

      • Thomas,

        If Mr. Obvious said he was the finder, would you take him at his word?

      • Honestly I don’t know. But I have reasons to believe I might be. I have to wait and see like everyone else. I’ve got 5 years invested in the Chase, made 17 trips, flown enough air miles to circle the globe, shelled out over $25K, developed a solve of well over 1,000 pages and have so much validation at every clue that I should say I’m 110% confident. But there’s that little voice that tells me that Forrest might just outsmart me again. I’m a patient man. I’ll wait for Forrest to make his move. But in the mean time I have a move of my own to execute. Does that answer your question?

        • I think that is an incredibly honest, real answer, Mr. Obvious.

          And if it helps, I do not see anything in the recent developments of the Chase that lead me to believe exclusively that the finder has any idea that he is the finder.

          • AkB and Mr obvious
            Can you help me to better understand what you mean or think is going to happen? Or why you think it may not be over?

          • Sure Matt,

            I have no idea what happens next. I can only guess, and that excites me which is why I can’t shut up about it.

            But what I think is happening now is, we have received a warning order from a former officer. Answers are coming, hurry up and wait.

            Which presents us with opportunity and choice. You can stop, be happy with what you have done and wait for further.
            We can see what we can do without the distraction of the gold.

            For years I’ve heard people say how easy this would all be if the gold wasn’t in play and how fast it would be solved if we worked together.

            Well, the gold is gone and nothing is happening. So, I guess what’s happening now is that we are being proved wrong and put in our place.

            It seems to me that all the claims of, “the chest doesn’t matter”, have been proven unfounded.

          • As I have said before the possibilities are many. I prefer to wait and see rather than invent another conspiracy theory. But if you read beteeen the lines, it’s entirely possible that the finder really doesn’t know who he is. That’s the bottom line. And it could be anybody.

          • Ok I can definitely see that. What kind of action do you think the finder should take in that scenario?

          • I’m with you Mr. Obvious. I just disagree a little.

            It could be anybody, but it has to be somebody. And for better or worse, we are on the same team.

            I just don’t think we should wait because it feels like quitting to me. I don’t like that feeling, it makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

          • Matt,

            I think anyone who believes that they could be the finder should hold onto that belief, but also set it aside and feel what it feels like to not find Forrest Fenn’s treasure.

            That way, when they find out they are the finder, they will understand how everyone else is feeling when the truth comes out.

            Then that person just needs to do the best they can with the information at hand.

          • Well you could put that smartphone down and have a look see. Couldn’t you?

          • Mr. Obvious,

            The blog is the only course of action I have left. My next BOTG was scheduled for July 5th and the AC man comes tomorrow with a 5k bill in his pocket.

            So here I am.

          • Yea, the Chase is a little like air combat as called out in the film Top Gun. There are no points for second place. It is what it is.

          • I agree Matt, I mean, I had to google what that word meant, but now I agree.

        • After all curiosity is a sign of intelligence. And isn’t the Chase just a fancy highly unique IQ test. Are we searching for a treasure chest of gold … or is Forrest lookin’ for the smartest guy in the room?

          • I read once that: “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”

            Which sounds like treasure hunting all over to me.

            I’m going to find it – I’m not going to find it.

        • What are your thoughts on the Duck Creek solve by Joe Sacramento? I really like this solve also. This place is almost umbilical to Mr. Fenn. I like the idea of Duck for “look quickly down”. The scrap book about the Bullet coming home after 65 years….”Richard Blake, who is a serious car nut and has 9 garages all in a row”. This could mean the intersection of Duck Creek & Richard Creek. Bullets twin Brother. Are the double omegas 2 Bullets? Seems like a possibility to me.

          • I don’t know that solve CD.

            But every time I’ve ducked out of the way of a bullet I never looked down. I was always looking up and wondering who in their right mind was shooting at me.

          • It was a blog or two ago.
            Pretty good. Worth the read in my opinion.

            Scarecrow had a solve for Spring Creek in Aldridge. He said that the book provided the coordinates to this Creek. He said he ran into the person who found the treasure, then went to the location and saw a hole and a shovel.

          • AkB I haven’t read this one either. But I must confess AkB everytime I read your posts I picture you as the Chaos doll from Fenn’s scrapbook. All eccentric like Willy Wonka. I enjoy watching you do your thing. At least you keep things interesting and amusing.

          • Here’s a funny tid bit you didn’t know about me.

            I named my youngest son Dean Wilder after Dean Martin and Gene Wilder who was, of course, Willy Wonka.

          • I hear what you are saying AKB.
            But we are Americans. We read from top to bottom.
            I look at a peak and then pan down.
            Would south be down if looking at a 2D Map?

          • I guess it depends on how you’re holding the map.

            And I’ve read a few poems that read up, down, and diagonal.

            I am 100% American though.

  117. Going out on a “limb”. — Is that twig a place holder for Sitting Bull’s Peace Pipe?

    Also, it looks to me like he’s in the small kind of room you get to use when you want to open your safe deposit box in the basement at a bank. The finder is sipping pop from a fast food drive through. Not a big spender, eh? Not yet anyway.

    Also, I’m thinking WWWH was the beach. Look at all that sand.

    Can’t wait to find out what the clues actually referred to. I mean, I hope we find out . . . sometime . . . Once Upon a While maybe.

    Barbara aka WaterHigh @ The Fenn Diagrams
    East of the Rockies and West of Toledo.

    Thanks again, Dal, for being such a good host!

    • Hey Barbara,

      That twig looks like a crutch to me. For me it symbolizes that he has removed it.

      But I like what you are saying.

    • I’m not sure that is sand. It looks like frass. I think the cup is Starbucks. What is that long, gray, thin, rubber/plastic looking thing on the left side. I thought it might be veneer pealing, it kind of looks like weather stripping. Rock, paper, scissors.

      • I think the twig might imply the chest was under the wood. The pulp is in the wood, the pulp makes the paper, paper covers rock. where are the scissors?

        • I borrowed them to cut my book apart looking for more clues.

          Didn’t everybody?

          • AkB that is great. Did you spray lemon juice on it too? I can’t lie, I thougjt about those things as well. But then I thought the printing people would know about those things so I didn’t mess with the book.

          • I did not try the lemon juice thing. To be honest, I forgot that was a thing.

            But next time I go to the store I’ll buy some lemons and give it a go. The printing people can come talk to me about it if they get angry.

            You just spray the juice on and heat up the paper, right?

          • Wait, don’t tell me. I just found my copy of National Treasure and I’m gonna watch it. It’s been just long enough for me to forget what happens. No spoilers.

        • Hi Dawn: we have rock (gold), paper (the autobiography) and scissors. All we need is lizard and Spock.

          • Hmm. I didn’t know that was a thing. I had to google it. I learn something new everyday in the Chase.

          • Maybe there is a lizard on the fetish necklace. Wait.. Isn’t a dragon a lizard? But I have nothing for Spock.

    • Hi Barbara/waterhigh: great to see a post from you! Perhaps you can answer a question for me that I couldn’t discern from your website a few years back. I wanted to attach a date (even a rough one) to your six Q&A’s with Forrest. It was well prior to December 2017 — probably by years — but best I could narrow it down was pre-Dec 2017 but after May 2013.

      On a side note, in my opinion he dropped the same subtle hint in his answers to your last two questions — one was about the coat bracelet, the other was in response to your question about whether he started with the first clue when he wrote the poem, or the ninth.

    • Hey Goldi, been a minute.

      You ever cut that cord in Fenn’s book and watch it fall apart?

  118. I’d like to know why the golden mirrors in the picture with FF examining the treasure piece by piece (they are sitting on the table next to him) these are SIGNIFICANTLY LARGER in diameter than the mirrors pictured in the “found chest”. It looks like there’s only 2 on the table, but could be there were more mirrors and are hidden under the larger ones on the table????

    By the way….. My solve was in Ironton, Colorado….. if anyone is interested in my solve, I will gladly post, but not going to post it if everyone is just going to scroll by it 😉

  119. To AkB …
    I am set in my solve like concrete. I am not open to alternatives. I am either absolutely right or I am dead wrong. There are no compromises for me. That should probably answer your question.

    • It’s as obvious as your name Cpt.

      If it’s alright with you, I’m still going to comment on the stuff you write when the mood strikes.

  120. “New Mexico The Thrill of the Chase gives Au to you.
    For(r)est Fenn” The e_.d

  121. Here’s my totally ludicrous solve. I didn’t guess at anything. I used the poem and the book and a map. I don’t have the treasure so clearly, I am not the finder. I was out there the night it was announced found, but I did not find it.

    The first stanza has a hint in it. “I can keep my secret where,”. So I went looking for places in the book where anyone is keeping a secret. I found several of them, but the one I went with was “Skippy never would say of course.” (About how he got the plane off of Hebgen when it could not take off.)

    Fenn got the elevation of the lake wrong by 500 feet, and planes have been landing and taking off there for a very long time. Check the Gallatin County Ordinances in the 1930s. There’s also almost no where in Idaho that Skippy could have taken off at that is not almost the exact same elevation but shorter in runway distance. Oh, that reminds me “As I have gone alone in there….” Skippy goes alone into Idaho. But not before Forrest lists his attributes of character, his treasures.

    You can find a lot of things telling you to look at Skippy, in pictures, in the text, in sketches. Here’s some from the text. I don’t have my book handy, but by now I think I could perform a one man staged performance of the entire book.

    “Skippy was above such nonsense.”
    “I always looked up to him (Skippy).”
    “Maybe he was turning Alpha.”

    Next thing you know, Skippy is circling Lake Hebgen “for maximum effect and to everyone’s bewilderment.” “His big grin told us nothing and everything.”

    So poor Skippy can’t get the plane airborne again. His plan has been halted. But we can literally read this thing nine different ways to get Hebgen as wwwh. Here are a few that don’t require the book. The Madison flows into Hebgen and the reservoir literally reserves water. It holds it up. That lake is literally called the Hebgen Basin District. If you needed a Basin, there it is. A reservoir is not a dam. It is a place that reserves water and slows it’s natural flow to conserve it in place and control it.

    But, and I can hear the doubters, watch this. Remember that Rommberg song from “Stout-Hearted Men”?

    “… there’s nothing in the world that can halt or mar a plan.”

    Curious that he would quote an obscure film that includes the word halt, said me to me and the pines out my window.

    On page 1, Fenn tells us he is going to bend some words. But what if all we needed to do was connect the halts together. “Begin it where warm waters halt or mar a plan.”

    Skippy’s plan is surely halted.

    But what if we bend that word plan into plAn or plane?

    Now, let’s go to Spanish class for a second. Mar=sea. Sea plane. see plane? Who knows. Let’s keep going. You could also have gotten this by playing marbles with the kids in the sketch. Place your thumb over the marbles and match your index finger with your thumb on the back of that page? What are you staring at now? What is your index finger pointing at? Yep, “Lake Hebgen.”

    Fenn didn’t put an X on it, except, well, he did. Go to the spread on page 122-123. You see that X in the Hebgen photo of the two fly rods? He placed an X on it and he circled it when he had Skippy circle it in the plane. It’s strange in a story about a pilot that we don’t have his first experience in a plane. Oooh. We do. It’s on Hebgen with Skippy. He just doesn’t draw attention to it.

    Moving on.

    “And take it in the canyon down,
    not far but too far to walk.”

    Easy peasy. Take a look at that first sketch in “No Place for Biddies.” Any time you see words from the poem popping up in the text. It’s a good idea to pay very close attention to what happens around those words. That biddy on the right, her arm is the bend of the Madison south of Hebgen.

    Remember how the biddies lived in brick houses? No place for biddies is a wooden house, because they live in brick houses.

    Now, home of Brown is very important. What’s the only capitalized Brown in that book? It’s on his ID. “Hair: Br.” Look very closely at that ID. For one thing, the images is swapped out and instead of seeing a 17 year old Fenn, we see a little kid. Abberation indeed.

    But what we really need from that ID is his address. 1413 North. If you’ve got a Forest Service map of the Gallatin National Forest (“which would come in handy later on”). Look at the area just north by Cabin Creek. Those squares are descending left to right. 14, 13 and they are north of wwwh and in the canyon down.

    Fenn will proceed to hammer his childhood home address three times in TTOTC. And several more times, even making it the only caption to a photo in red ink in too far to walk, the book.
    The home (“my childhood home” x like 9 once you add up all the references in all three books).

    So that 1413 is important. You know what else is important? Switching senses. Because the entire game changes at home of Brown. Which is a cabin, which is no place for biddies who live in brick houses. Oh, wait, I almost forgot this one important part. I’m probably going to screw this sentence up because it’s so odd.

    Remember in “The Totem Cafe Caper” when Fenn gets fired from his paper route? He felt “like I had fallen back to a place where there was no place left to fall back to.” Again, not one but two references to place. Place is important. “No place” even more so to the proper solution.

    But, what if we read this “no place left to fall back to” as an instruction to fall back (a military term to back up) two pages? If you do so, if you back up two pages, you’ll be staring at his “one room cabin in paradise.”

    At this point, we’re sitting there at home of Brown. Then we can remember that strange line in no place for biddies “Cars were whizzing every which way, weren’t they?” Yep. That’s 287 for ya, especially right at that bend.

    If you want to use scrapbooks, go find the one where Fenn is talking about silverware being disorganized and the phone cord, etc. (can’t remember the number off hand) Scroll down to the picture of the envelope with the pen and the stamp at an angle. Now look at the five dollar bill. The upside down serial number reads 287. Lincoln is the log cabin president. But even better, look at the angles that pen makes with the line of the envelope. Look at the angle of the stamp. That there is a darned outline of a home. 287. Cabin. Home.

    Moving on. There is a sense change involved that people are not going to see coming. When I posted about this elsewhere I quickly deleted it because it was overwhelming. Remember in “Teachers with Ropes” how Fenn mentions “Humans posses five senses: (and then lists them).” He then goes on to mention that by touching the painting the students could experience something not available to the eyes alone.

    But to reaffirm that he is not talking about touching. Twice in that chapter we encounter the only red ink in the book: “DO NOT TOUCH.” So it’s not touch he’s talking about. What’s left? “Hear me all and listen good.” Two commands to listen. I will get back to this in a second, but I want to cough up some other hints.

    By the time Fenn releases Once Upon a While, he literally spends an entire chapter tasting spices and describing them. Even better, he stamps every single chapter in that book in red ink and all caps: “MY TWO SENSE.” Should be “cents” as in pennies, but he’s been trying to trigger us to use another sense for a very long time. By the time he just says to heck with it and stamps every single chapter in there with it.

    So, we all know about the sketches in TTOTC being a large part re-appropriated Norman Rockwell images from The Saturday Evening Post. Bessie the cow sketch is. Stout-Hearted Men sketch is. The biddies are a paraphrase of “The Gossip.” The sketch of his father talking to him is “The Facts of Life.” The image of Skippy staring back at his flying machine… those kids are from the Norman Rockwell image where the kids are running away from the swimming hole. I’m sure I’m forgetting some.

    Oh, right, Ruby Bridges. She’s taken from another Norman Rockwell. You’ll find her second from the left in the “Teachers with Ropes” sketch. For a long time I thought she was asking the question “R U by Bridges?” But she was not. She was looking straight ahead while everyone else looks at the car.

    What is she staring so intently at? The pattern on the dress of the girl in front of her. Look at the smaller version of that sketch that starts the chapter. There is no pattern on that little girl that Ruby Bridges is looking at. But, and here’s where it’s going to kick you. That is the exact same pattern as the “Biddy” on the right in “No place for Biddies.” The one whose arm there is the bend in the Madison.

    Let me do one more quick one of these sketches, because it’s fun, and arguably very hard. I think I was stuck staring at this one sketch for like seven hours.

    The second sketch in the “No Place for Biddies” chapter is not a Norman Rockwell at all. At least not that I could find. So it’s an original. No hint to The Saturday Evening Post in this sketch at all.

    But look at young Fenn’s right arm (our left). “I told my parents my elbow needed room…. Donnie Joe was quick to take the hint.” Okay, so there’s an arm and an elbow. Right. Now follow that arm back to the man in the far left in the small crowd in the background of the sketch. You’ll soon realize that those people are mirrored. The guy in the back left has the same exact arm as Fenn in the foreground.

    So now I got a little confused. The guy with Fenn’s shrunken arm is wearing a hat. But his mirrored image is not wearing a hat. “Guy wearing a hat?” “Guy not wearing a hat?” Oh boy. What is going on here? Surely something is happening. You don’t create a mirror image and move arms around if nothing is going on in that sketch.

    If only there was some way to make sense out of a guy wearing a hat and a guy not wearing a hat. Back up. Fenn tees this one up for us. He mentions Manhattan twice in previous chapters.

    That guy wearing a hat is “Man. Hat. On.” The guy not wearing a hat is “Man. Hat. Off.” Ignore the pictures of the biddies in the middle. They are a distraction, as is the man with his back to us, the viewer. Who is left? The girl. The girl wearing the hat. She is “Gal. Hat. On.”

    Fenn will proceed to go absolutely bonkers with women wearing hats in book two. By book three you will see that in the original black and white photo of Forrest and Peggy by a painting in their gallery in TTOTC, he has replicated that photo. But the painting in that photo is now in full color and a completely different painting. It’s a black and white photograph in which the central image of a painting has been swapped around on us and is in full color. The girl in the painting frame in TTOTC is wearing a hat. The one in Once Upon A While is not wearing a hat.

    But really, you can find these hats and no hats everywhere. He even writes above one sketch of a woman wearing a hat “She was always with hat.” Lots of gals with lots of hats.

    So as much as Man hat on means “Manhattan,” Gal hat on means “Gallatin.”

    Where are we? Oh, right. We need to understand something important. Fenn will not let go of The Saturday Evening Post. In TTOTC, he’s using images from it. He hires an artist and has them replicate and hide images from The Saturday Evening Post inside those sketches.

    By the second book, in “The Brian Joyce Affair” Fenn is going to key up Norman Rockwell once more, saying of Brian who had gotten beaten up in jail “He had a face that would not fit in a Norman Rockwell frame.” He’s also going to quote from the song “Sunday Kind of Love” the following line “I want a love that lasts passed Saturday night.”

    By Book three, Fenn is straight up just writing about The Saturday Evening Post in one of his “MY TWO SENSE” commentaries on the story he just told us.

    By now, most everyone either stopped reading or has already realized that this chase ended with a post Fenn stamped 8pm on a Saturday evening. This chase ended literally with a Saturday Evening Post, here on Dal’s site.

    I will get back to the poem in a second. But here’s where we are. We’re at Cabin Creek Scarp area. We know Saturday Evening is important. And we know full well that there’s a sense change involved. It happens at “From there…” Everything changes at “From there…”

    Now, here’s the deal. We’re now aware that Saturday Evening matters. Let’s go back into the book and see what’s happening on Saturday Evenings. Why, would you look at this?

    “June never got switched and probably because she did everything right.” June does everything right. In the very next paragraph after Fenn goes on a tear about kicking and switching (senses), we see young June.

    June is about to demonstrate how to do everything right before disappearing completely from the book. June is listening to the radio at six pm on Saturday. June is not just the day of the week hint “weak.” But she is literally the month of June. “June, July and August seemed to…”

    (I have to be clear. She doesn’t disappear completely from the book. She disappears completely from the text of the book after doing everything right on a Saturday night. There’s one more image of her in the book, and she’s riding in a car with Donnie. No mention of his best buddy Donnie marrying his kid sister? No mention of her death? Nope. Because she has to do everything right and it would get muddy if she did too many things.

    List of things (from memory) that June does in that book:

    1. Is photographed a few times.
    2. Helps Forrest do dishes.
    3. Runs off to bed and is immediately asleep at 8pm when the radio goes off and the boys get switched.
    4. Kicks Forrest in the shin, which triggers the rampage of kicking and switching which inevitably leads to the bizarre conclusion: “Sometimes principle is reason enough to abandon logic.”
    5. Listens to the top ten hits on the radio at 6 pm on Saturday night. Forrest describes this as very suspenseful for them, ostensibly his mother and sister, but he’s talking about the finder.

    After this, and I may have forgotten one or two, June disappears. She will not reappear in any of the subsequent books either. She has done everything right. June does everything right.

    By now, you’re probably way ahead of me, because I’m slow at this sort of stuff apparently. It was hard work and I didn’t win the prize, but hopefully some of this will give some of you some insight into the level of puzzle we may have been dealing with here. I may have gotten some of this wrong, and that’s a fact. But here we go. If you’re still reading, thanks for playing along on.

    We don’t have all that many radios in TTOTC, but we’re going to get barraged with them in later books and in scrapbooks too. We have June listening to a radio, the kids getting spanked when the radio shuts off at 8pm, and a Public Radio Reporter breaking to commercial (aberration since Public Radio doesn’t have commercials) and disappearing out the side door.

    But we do have beacons. In the first published version of what was to become “Looking for Lewis and Clark,” the last lines of that story in the paper ended “The mountains continue to beacon me. They always will.” Something very close to that. The focus is that in TTOTC, he has changed “beacon” to “beckon” in that story. But now you, or I, or the finder, go looking for beacons in the book. You will find two of them, both in “My War for Me.”

    “I could feel the dangerous air of the north beaconing me, and I embraced the idea.”
    “My beacon should have gone off automatically, and I knew my friends were listening for it.”

    Okay, now, if you were really into this like I was, you’ve probably read the other versions of “my war for me” available on the internet. There’s no mention of beacons in those at all. There’s also no mention of Radar Mechanics School, something Fenn will hit at least once but sometimes twice in subsequent books.

    Watch how far apart this cluster of words is, and then realize what Fenn meant by tying the string together. On like page 7 if I recall, his father is “doing something important” when he turns to Fenn and asks “Who would you rather have fixing your car a guy who just graduated from four years of mechanics school or a guy who has been fixing cars for four years.” Okay, huge aberration here.

    There are no four year mechanics schools. That’s a technical trade and is usually two years in duration. Anyone who spent four years in mechanics school is either an idiot or a genius at that point. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you balance this phrase in your mind for the next like 60 some pages: “mechanics school.” Got it? Hold it right there.

    First sentence of “My War for Me.” “…and I was sent to Radar Mechanics School…” There’s your mechanics school. So far apart from one another those clusters were almost impossible to detect the first 30 times I read that book.

    Now, if you google “Radar Mechanics School Air Force 1950” you’ll soon be reading about the frequency 121.5 which was created then for an emergency beacon frequency. In 2009, 121.5 was replaced by satellite frequency 406. But there’s a problem for Fenn, and he knows it. 121.5 is known as GARD (a GARD would stand at a post, but let’s dial that back for a second). 121.5 is still monitored by many small aircraft and would trigger a search and rescue if it was detected anywhere in the mountains.

    Is there some other frequency that Fenn could use? Absolutely. That frequency is 121.7. Which is a practice frequency for GARD, so no one is monitoring it. It’s just used for practicing with gear. So after reading about that I wondered to myself? “There’s no way you can wander the mountains and find a tiny chest. It has to call you into it.” Cue: “The end is ever drawing nigh.” Drawing. Pulling. It’s pulling you to it.

    So I went into the book to answer one basic question. Can I reliably find 121.7 anywhere in that book? First thing I did. Turn to page 121. No sevens there. But when you turn the page… yep. Seven photographs. 121.7.

    Since you’re here at Dal’s blog. You can, for yourself, look at the scrapbook numbering sequence and watch it all go bonkers. You will find not just 121.5 but 121.7. Then it all calms down and normal sequencing resumes.

    So now is when I confess to perhaps screwing up the entire chase for everyone, including myself.

    On the Saturday it was announced found. On that very Saturday evening, having sent Forrest a photo of what is known as a Radio Directional Finder (literally, these things are called “finders.”)
    I’m out there chasing a beacon signal that will not settle down for me. I’m spinning in circles. It did not exist at 5 or 5:30 or 5:48 or 5:59. But my finder went absolutely wild at a few seconds after 6pm on a Saturday Evening in June.

    I messaged Dal about this and he thought it sounded ludicrous. I agree. But this is what happened to me. I could not pinpoint the location. It kept spinning and lighting and turning the other way. I was losing my mind out there. And then the thurnderstorm rolled in out of nowhere to further complicate things. Lightning triggers those things.

    Long story short. I had what is known as a vertical polarity Radio Directional Finder. It can pick up Horizontal polarity beacons but cannot locate the source of the beacon. If only I had paid more attention when Fenn questioned Frosty’s polarity. And then looked at Frosty’s arm in the sketch. He’s pointing horizontally.

    So that’s my beacon theory. It went off from 6 to 8 pm on Saturdays in June. The blaze, of course, was the correct frequency. You look down in your hand at the “finder.” And this accounts for the instructions to “hurry up.” Because you have not found the chest yet. You have only found the blaze.

    From the first moment I thought about it, I realized that you can’t hunt and peck your way to a small treasure hidden in the mountains. But whoever the person who found it is, wow, would I like to read that solve.

    Because how on earth did this thing end the first Saturday evening in June at exactly 8pm with a Saturday Evening post?

    Oh, one more aberration for the road. I’ve got like 40 more hints but this is too long already and I have a lot of work to do tomorrow. Fenn mentions that they only ever ate meat on Sundays after church. Next paragraph, it’s Saturday and he’s shooting meadowlarks for supper.

    Either it’s this or something very like this… or it’s some of the other way over the top thinking I’ve seen along the way.

    I’m not buying that someone solved it and found it sooner than that first Saturday in June. Otherwise, June doesn’t do everything right. When Forrest spoke about the top two items being important to the finder… and they are not shown in the box… that’s the solve folks. The finder was and always was a radio directional finder.

    All in my opinion only. Maybe there’s a better solve out there. Maybe the Gallatin Canyon is the correct canyon and while I’m over north of the dam at 1413, there’s someone else on the same night doing the same thing on the Gallatin Canyon. It’s possible I screwed up the correct canyon, but Fenn literally mentions that area and if you read Journal of a Trapper, you’d find that the Blackfeet set a fire to drive Osborne Russell and the others out of that area.

    1413 N. Childhood home. Canyon Down.

    Oh, and one more thing. When Fenn pings Captain Kidd, Skippy is literally a kid captain in that story.

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