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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f

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529 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part ten

    • great video Cynthia you caught Titan smiling,good stuff and great times Ty Forrest for the adventure, sorry for the few bad apples that treated you with disrespect

    • Hey Dal, do you recall Forrest’s quote, “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”. Watch the movie trailer for (2004) Stephen King’s “A Good Marriage.” That’s where he borrowed that quote. IMHO, his poem is based on the Stephen King book The Dark Tower, and the Stephen King comic The Battle of Jericho Hill. Brown’s Hut in the Dark Tower is the HOB. The hero Roeland left the horn of Eld of Jericho Hill. IMO, the finder found the fictional location of Jericho Hill and that’s where the treasure was. Did you or anyone consider matching up the map of a fictional place like the Dark Tower map with a real map location in the Rocky Mountains to complete a hero’s quest? I had the place for Jericho Hill nailed down but the Coronavirus lockdown hindered my travel plans until July. I think the finder found Jericho Hill before I could make the trip . The treasure was in Colorado. All in my honest opinion of course. Imagination is the key, right?

      – Lori

        • Oops! Sorry, the book “A Good Marriage” came out in 2010, but the movie didn’t come out until 2014. Stephen King has so many books and movies!

      • “Only two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” ― Sara Shepard 2006

        and in the song The Pierces – Secret 2007

        • Thanks B1. Do those authors reference any Brown’s? Stephen King references a couple of Browns that I know of. Farmer Brown’s hut in the Dark Tower, and also in The Mist there’s a Brown who owns that grocery store, the movie where the people stacked bags of dog food at the windows to keep the monsters from seeing inside the store. Remember Forrest’s scrapbook with the pictures of the dog food? It reminded me of a scene in the movie The Mist by Stephen King. Ironically, many of Stephen King’s movies have tragic themes about being too late….and that’s exactly how I feel. I couldn’t get to Jericho Hill on time because of the damn coronavirus! I was too late, unfortunately

      • Lori-
        That is an old and well used saying…used in books, on tombstones, from the mouths of stage and screen actors and more. It would be impossible to say any one utterance was the one that inspired Forrest…
        He borrowed a lot from many sources while writing his stories…
        I think that’s an inefficient effort to go hunting for a source and choose the one that best fits your solution..

    • Replying to Thomas Conrad from post 2- if you’re still reading as I noticed you’ve gone dark. Yours was the closest solve to the place I was thinking. Did you ever get BOTG there? It looks and sounds like a beautiful/appropriate place.

    • I thought the poem had a link with the story of Johnny Blaze, a character from Marvel’s Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage (National Treasure) who made a deal with the devil to save his father who was dying from cancer. His famous line was “Look into my eyes.” The only other place I ever saw tarry scantily was in an F Scott Fitzgerald novel.

    • I had a felling that we would have page #10 show up tonight. I know hope we will get a peak on who is the finder. It took me a little thinking, and now I am good with that.

    • I agree he could tell us a few things that would not impact the buyer. Sounds like someone wants book or movie or both deal.

  1. I have never posted a solve, and never mentioned my search area or search State.
    Why not? The search is over so who cares?
    While I did not locate the chest, I am still certain (like so many others) that I was searching in the right area.
    It’s weird to be involved in a 10 year odyssey with thousands of other people most of whom we will never meet. Only to have it end this way with no resolution or closure.
    Sit tight kiddies. We may not find out the hiding spot for several months or even years. Or at all for that matter.
    But if/when that info becomes known wouldn’t it be great if someone had the hindsight to have documented searcher’s solves so that we can actually know someday who really was the closest?    
    Someone who is trusted by the search community needs to create a “solve” database.
    Not for posting complete solves, or coordinates. Just your name, E-mail address, and closest Zip code to your solve. When the actual hiding place is revealed, then the finalists can submit their solves to determine the winner.  
    I hope I’m wrong and that the actual spot is hundreds of miles away from my search area.
    But it would be nice to know. ..Wouldn’t it?
    Who cares?
    A lot of us. Especially me! 

  2. Cynthia, that was such a great video! Made my heart warm… We all had a really great time didn’t we? Thank you Forrest! And Dal…. your site was a big catalyst for a lot of good times!!!

  3. I’m sure I’ll get some serious lashing for this but, I think I might be loser #1. Either way I am interested in any thoughts you want to share.

    benchmark – Noun
    A surveyor’s mark made on some stationary object and shown on a map; used as a reference point.
    take note of the first picture
    we all know benchmark maps custom designed Fenns’ map.
    my solve lead me to this rock that sits next to an island in a small lake. btw, I took this picture.

    • My first post (timing is everything…!). I don’t have a solve and don’t live in the US so kinda difficult to go looking even if I wanted to. However, I note people talking about the ‘it’ as being key. One thought (that others surely have) is the ‘it’ is a mark on a map-a pencil if you like. So you begin with a map and identify WWWH, then draw a line directly south (down) through the canyon. The line ‘not far but too far to walk’ simply means it isn’t far on a map (obviously) but it is far on the ground. Just my tuppence-worth.

      Another thought I had is the first two lines reference one place- a waterfall. the line ‘and take it in the canyon down’ isn’t about an actual canyon but admiring a view (‘taking it in’ = good view = Buena Vista?). The ‘canyon down’ refers to a cascade waterfall ‘canyoning’ down. It is poetic and keeps in line with FF approach to language.

      Feel free to pick holes now!

  4. Temple, TX is a good place to start. Then follow your nose.


  5. Lisa,

    In case you were still looking for my thoughts on the Simpson info I just wanted to let you know I was awaiting clarification of context as I have not had a chance to read through the gazillion posts on this thread! Looking forward to hearing from you soon


      • Hi Lisa,
        This is out of context but you posted recently if people really understood what this blog was all about? So it’s about searching the searchers? It’s written in the preface of this blog, no? Yes?
        Just curious, if you can answer, are you paid to search us? It’s a big joke Yes? Anyway, I like your research and appreciate your input. Just so many coincidences makes me question things. Colleen

      • Lisa,

        Sorry for the delayed reply. Again I haven’t been getting notifications of new posts. Must be all the traffic. I probably don’t know enough about all of the connections to comment adequately, but I will say that they are interesting. In terms of the Chase, I don’t think I’d put too much into the connections, at least not unless there is something in the book to suggest such usages.

        If you are wondering if the Simpson family may be the sort of “What’s in a name?” reference we have discussed previously, then I can definitely say no. Buffalo Bill was the correct name. I wonder if the finder ran off and found my WWWH and HOB through following our previous discussion! I hope to find out when the correct solve is made known..

        I also imagine FF discovered the history of his own family over the course of time as his experience in Laos may have prompted. And in so doing, it is likely he would have been drawn to parts of that history he could most relate to or draw himself nearer to. So while the connections may appear novel to us, they would likely be second nature to FF and the life he has lived.

        Sort of like finding out your best friend actually has six toes on their left foot. It is surprising to you who didn’t know this information previously and never really knew someone with six toes on one foot. Whereas, to your friend, they have lived their entire lives with it and are likely at a point where they don’t even think of it much since it has so clearly become more natural to them over the course of time.

        I love your unceasing quest for knowledge though and admire your dedication to discovering it and sharing it. Have you ever figured out my WWWH or HOB?

        All IMO of course.


    • Thanks for sharing that, great sculpture and lessons in life. That’s the kind of stuff that made me appreciate the Thrill of the Chase.

    • Thanks for the comments. I discovered this special place in 2016. I have been back there every year since. It never moves, but the message it sends will be heard.

      Now go back to SB 50
      That is the only SB with the double omegas. Also the 2 vehicles are positioned just like the sculpture. And the rooster, John Wayne coined the phrase “A man’s got to have a code, a creed to live by, no matter his job.”
      The quote by Forrest ” What took me So Long” Well the quote represents to the handshake, until we meet again. I have a lot more, just give me time.

      • I thought I will toss you all just a few more.
        How can one not be within 12 feet and not find this treasure? Well the sculpture has 12 feet.

        The treasure is wet. Mike was a green horn. He was wet behind the ears.

    • Geydelkon, I clicked a like on your video. I’m sorry about your friend Mike. The bronze sculpture is really beautiful. I copied down the quotes to live by as I listened to the music. Made me shed a tear. It was quite the coincidence that one of your ‘show more’ links had these initials. When I was up at my secret location searching for the first time this last May, I saw a grave marker along a forest road, an iron cross that had the initials torched out ‘CFM’, which was very close to a formation named the Greenhorn. Maybe I was near the treasure, but close only counts in horseshoes. 🙂

  6. AkB…….
    I also wanted to point out that if you are going through my solve, in order, you would be driving around a right hand corner when you need to look quickly down. The road should be in a super-elevation and slope to the right. So technically, up would be to the left and down would be to the right because you would be on a sloped surface, sloping to the right.

    • Ok, everybody doesn’t get iIT and I really mean IIT. This is how you, solve IT. The key word is IT ! Our job was to figure out what IT was. Here is an example. IT could be Eighty, or IT could be, one tablespoon. IT can be many things so figure it out! Oh, that is only one of many ways to solve the poem! I am guessing the poem can be solved 8 different ways. Good luck everyone , IT is over so Ta Ta!

      • 1 more thing, after you solve It , you will know that the chest was found in New Mexico

        • You don´t even have to solve the poem to know that. Only whit some clues that Mr. Fenn said and a little deduction is enough, but that was the first step, from there finding the beginning is not difficult. The rest is a little more complicated, but it only requires a little research , maps , not being literal in the traslations and as Mr. Fenn said , some imagination.

        • I don’t think the keyword was IT but, I like the way you think. I so curious from what you said where in NM you were looking. Does your area have anything to do with the outlaw hidden on the map?

        • Hahaha. That’s it then… Such an obvious joke and it still made me chuckle.

      • Kee– I think the poem interprets IT in stanza 5 You can message me for more details if you wish..I have been saying this for over 5 years no chest though..

    • I’ve been taking a gander at a lot of peoples solves. They all seem like they were crafted with care and intensity.

      Especially that last one. David’s and the Radar Finder

      I gotta say, reading them is making me feel real good. Lighter or something.

      I can tell that everyone has put everything they had into this and when I first jumped back into the blog, I did so because I felt like everyone was quitting and it didn’t sit well with me.

      But I can’t remember what made me think that anymore and I want to change my previous answer about what I think is going on right now.

      I think we’re all just in a little mandatory holding pattern because I can feel myself decompressing. When you’re in the middle of something like this and pushing your mind and your body as hard as we all did, somebody somewhere has to force you to slow down.

      I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff in my day and the tunnel vision gets extreme sometimes. But I’m slowly coming around to seeing how necessary all this mystery and vagueness actually is.

      I think I needed this and I just didn’t know it.

      • David,

        If you’re still reading these things, I like your solve a lot. Your adventure sounds like a great one. I dreamt about it last night.

        If you ever decide to make your own and build a device that sends out a signal like you described, then I will do my best to build a machine to find it. No promises that I can pull it off though. I can follow the logic, but I’ve never tried anything like that before.

        • Thanks. It’s clearly not the correct solve, since I don’t have the treasure. But I am pretty sure I got a lot of those hints correct. To create that solve, I started with a basic premise and an idea.

          I envisioned that the treasure was found two weeks ago (and now it’s funny that it was) and that the solve was released and it would have to make perfect sense to everyone.

          This made me walk a very careful line. No getting too crazy or removing myself into the real world to find more hints. Just the books and his writing and the poem. The poem had to be answered by what was in the book, and subsequent books.

          I figured it like this. He writes the first book and veers toward making it very, very hard because he doesn’t want it found in one year.

          After a few years, he realizes that he made it very hard and so he releases a second book with more hints and clues.

          By the time the third book is released, he’s been dropping hints for more than half a decade and no one is on his wavelength.

          The general tendency of most solutions end in one of two ways.

          For the most part, they are completely out there and would not make sense to anyone and don’t really point to any of the hints in the book. Or the other one, people just grabbed a map and started guessing and end up with zero precision at the final stages. Left with some idea of hunting and pecking around home of Brown or going left because “nigh.” Since those ideas have been attempted, I figured “Probably not the correct way to solve the poem.”

          I had those same problems early on, until I sat back and imagined it was already found and all I had to do was create a solution that everyone would understand.

          The irony now is that it has been found and there’s no solution for everyone to understand, which is not lost on me.

          When you go through those books trying to break through the subliminal nature of it. You’ll see that there are entirely too many radios. And he even alters Amelia Earhart’s last radio transmission. And then he alters Gen MacArthur’s famous retirement speech from West Point. He changes MacArthur’s words “then listen” to “vainly listen.” Why? Why is he changing these words and why do both of them involve listening?

          He’s also doing something strange with lists of ten. (listen?)

          In TTOTC, June is listening to the top ten hits on the radio at 6 pm.

          In too far to walk, the men sync their watches (ten men) and go out at exactly 7pm to pee in The Peanut’s gas tank.

          By the time we get to Once Upon A While, Fenn straight up has a chapter called “Well… Here’s Moses.” Moses of course had the most famous list of ten in human history. On top of that, he was the meekest man alive at this time. He was easily led and listened to God.

          So if “no place for the meek” means we aren’t easily led, but we are drawn, how could something not be calling us in to it?

          I think I’d just really appreciate one last scrapbook. About anything really. For a man of one million words, the silence is strangely unsettling. Pretty much everyone can feel it in their bones that something more is to come, in some form or another. Maybe the finder just needs to figure out the secret to thought, like Frosty.

          I comprehend that we’re not owed anything, but he created this huge community of funny and crazy people and he fostered communication and kept at it for ten years.

          The idea that the finder can remain anonymous is perfectly fine and legitimate. But the finder’s anonymity should not muzzle Forrest from talking to us about other things in life.

          In a way, letting go of the treasure as a concept has been interesting and allowed me to enjoy the books more. But, boy oh boy, some sort of better ending surely must be just around the corner.

          Surely, Forrest had a plan for this moment. If the plan is we just decompress, then I guess that’s all we can try to do for the moment.

          I think the words we would all like to see are something like “Congratulations to the person who found it. Now that they have the treasure, I wish them wisdom in what they do with it.”

          Because “found,” “located,” and “discovered” simply aren’t the same as “retrieved” or “in possession of the finder.” Fenn uses his words very carefully. I got deep enough into his books to see how he plays around subliminally and hides things right on the surface for people to go skipping by without even noticing what he’s said.

          After a few thousand hours of reading and re-reading and slowing down and saying it outloud (I think I read his stories outloud at least a hundred times each). Hearing how the words work, makes them a little different.

          At least to me. But what do I know? For a while I was sure the treasure was hiding in a fire pit. I used the map of the kids faces and matched it to the campsites right by Watkins Creek.

          At that campsite, you will also (when viewed on GE), see three Ts coming off the main turn off. All right in a row.

          At that time, I figured that wise and found the blaze meant that you founded it (like a Founding Father). So the blaze didn’t exist until you started.

          At this point, the clues make more sense in terms of timing. Because “There (will) be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high” is implying something in the future.

          While the blaze is past tense “been was and found.”

          This made the your effort worth the cold line work out because your effort was the heavy loads (water to carry from the creek to put out the fire) and you wanted to put that fire out and be cold.

          Because the next step is being brave and in the (wet fire) wood.

          That solve too came up a bust for me. But I was getting closer to an elegant solution before this whole adventure abruptly ended.

          • I can see it in your writing David.

            You Chase like I Chase.

            It’s all passion and intensity. I love it.

          • I think faith plays a role. I haven’t seen anything from Fenn that leads me to believe that he would just have us all wander back into the world lost.

          • Hello David,

            I am new here, but I really appreciate and like your way of writing and how you get to the point.
            Your writing style is also very comfortable to read. Further on, I was impressed by your beacon finder search description. I can imagine you were blown, when you suddenly got that signal at that specific time.
            I also like your way of unconventional thinking and how to approach a solve.
            Too bad I discovered the treasure chase and this site here as well so late.

            Greetings from Germany

  7. Last week, my mom and I hiked to a field of boulders above Lamar Valley in Yellowstone and believe we found where the treasure once sat. After hundreds of hours of research, I discovered deliberate hints that would narrow the search area and ultimately lead to the final solution. After diving down many rabbit holes, I eventually used the vague poem as guardrails that could only be clarified by aligning geographic references and GPS coordinates found in Forrest’s books and other content. There may be other ways, and no doubt I missed more hints than I found, but the references below led me and my mom to the end of Forrest’s rainbow (44° 51′ 57″ N, 110° 08′ 48″ W). Forrest has yet to reveal the location, but I have extensive corroborating evidence that demonstrates the validity of this location, IMHO. Yeah, I know, heard that one before! Down the road I may publish detailed information.

    1) “Begin it where warm waters halt”
    1. Start at Ice Box Canyon, NE corner of Yellowstone National Park
    2) “And take it in the canyon down,”
    1. Drive down highway 212 along Soda Butte Creek
    3) “Not far, but too far to walk.”
    1. Continue driving a few miles
    4) “Put in below the home of Brown.”
    1. Park and cross Soda Butte Creek on foot at the Lamar Bridge
    2. This location was identified via geographic references, not by the meaning of Brown
    3. Home of Brown could refer to the Lamar Valley Ranger station once occupied by Ranger Brown, the Buffalo Ranch, Bison of Lamar, Brown Trout, Brown Bear, Moose, basically anything big and brown in the area.
    5) “From there it’s no place for the meek,”
    1. Hike off trail into the wilderness angling (pun intended) toward the left end of the big cliffs near the bridge
    6) “The end is ever drawing nigh;”
    1. Hike toward a narrow draw between the hills at the left end of the cliffs (the location was determined by analyzing drawings, photos, and paintings)
    7) “There’ll be no paddle up your creek,”
    1. Hike uphill alongside the stream, avoiding steep switchback areas, forging through downed trees, dense forest, and rocky areas (right side)
    8) “Just heavy loads and water high.”
    1. Look for the large boulders on the right upstream
    9) “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, Look quickly down, your quest to cease,”
    1. If you found GPS coordinates (44° 51′ 57″ N, 110° 08′ 48″ W), you will find a small shelf below a boulder with an overhanging ledge where the chest once sat.
    10) “But tarry scant with marvel gaze, Just take the chest and go in peace.”
    1. Don’t stand there marveling, enjoy the thrill of finding the location the chest once occupied, then make a lot of noise before a bear sneaks up on you!
    2. Seriously, do not make this trek without being fully prepared to encounter wildlife.

    Dal, thank you for maintaining this site and the SB, I mean Scrapbooks, I mean Soda Butte 😉 Forrest, thanks for a wild adventure and many great memories!

    – Mike K.

    • I think your solve is the most plausible one I have read on so far… Not super complex and checks most boxes. Id love more info! I also had a question for you where id like to send you an image i saw/found

      • Begin at Yellowstone Lake, follow Yellowstone River down Yellowstone canyon to Tower Fall, put in below Bannock Ford, go off trail, left at the Narrows and up Tower Fall Creek, to base of Tower Fall, look for rainbow, follow down to ground.

    • Wow, form the beginning clues, like WWWH this sounds like the most convincing solve for me, I ever read. Really.

      Greetings from Germany

    • questions : can an 80 year do this trek, twice? do you feel this would be a location to choose as a final resting place? can you post pics of the location or trek? “geographic references and GPS coordinates found in Forrest’s books and other content” – can you post supporting evidence for our knowledge, how you came to it?

    • The blaze to me is the GPS coordinates, which are challenging to piece together, but I am confident in my solution. The distance from the bridge is maybe a mile, but rugged after reaching the draw. We could have done it twice in one afternoon, but wouldn’t recommend it. Fenn drove to Yellowstone with his parents many times, so no problem there.

      My mom and I put together a web page with a bit more information and a couple hints how we found it.

  8. Hey, guys……what do you think of Olgas little lavabo?

    Did you dip your toe in it Forrest?

  9. Like Forrest said about the broken mirror on his Jeep. It’s my car isn’t it? And I get to make the decisions don’t I? This is his Chase and he makes the rules. So we wait.

    • Reminds me of … “waiting, waiting, we’ll never get out of here”.

      • Champ – I’ve done me one of those nuclear physicist solve equations you were talking about.

        1+1 x (O N Z) + E = 22L

        What do you think? I bet it works a treat if I can find the right state. I tried it the other way round, but found myself a tiny short sighted.

        Back on track now though, thanks to your wisdom!

        • I’m not sure you have the winning solve there but isn’t BigO a math notation that suggests the growth rate over time? Did you know the Fenn puzzle grows with every iteration and requires you restart new each time? That’s why the puzzle was so diabolical. There was no shortcut. Forrest knew it couldn’t be solved quickly. But he really didn’t know exactly how long it would take the smartest guy in the room to solve. Yep, the more you learn the bigger the puzzle gets. It’s no wonder he was laughing out loud.

          • Mr. O,

            If that is the case, then how would a redneck from Texas solve it?

            I’m a Kansan and I don’t think I could have solved a puzzle like that.

          • Forrest is a fair man and wanted to give everyone a chance. But … you’ll need about a dozen kids to help you find it.

            Genius == redneck + 12 kids

            … for those of you who are math challenged this should be simple enough for all to understand. IMO that is.

          • I’m math challenged Mr. O… But I like to learn.

            I don’t understand. Give me some more.

          • Champ – big onus just means heavy load(s).

            I was having a think what you said and thought I would have a go at equating my simple solve into something atomic! I tried shrinking the font, but couldn’t.

      • Let’s see … physics. Ok got it.

        Paddle => DD => Ds => Darmstadtium => atomic number 110 => 110

        “I prayed for Ds but nobody listened.”

        … discovered by Sigurd Hoffman is 1944.

        If math ain’t your thing BigO maybe you should focus on history.

        • I left school age 14, so no, maths just ain’t my game.

          Im good at counting money though!

          Not too good at history either. I spend too much effort looking for the future.

        • Perhaps the use of MGRS is in play, Mr. Obvious? Could explain the D’s as well.

        • Thank you for letting that innocuous comment through Moderation. I was beginning to think that I’d lost my voice entirely. Comforting to know that humor is still appreciated down in Santa Fe.

  10. “As I have gone alone In THERE”
    In There = in th air (Phonetic spelling)
    In the air = ff flew his plane to destination
    FF said that he had a sedan, but in his
    Aviation world it’s a Aeronca Sedan, which
    Is a light plane!
    There are few more techniques like this which
    Used to hide many more hints to help us, and the
    First Stanza has some of them, and the best one is
    WHERE!!! This is where i found the state where he landed and where he then got his car! Genius Sir!

  11. Responding to zaphod73491 on part 9 of The Chest Has Been Found — The Q & A’s with Forrest were done during the summer of 2014. Thanks.

  12. Good Morning All;

    One of the saddest things about “The Chase” ending is the fact that we may never be able to read a new poem by James Bynum – better known to us searchers as FOCUSED.

    FOCUSED is a gentleman who has been posting his poems on Dal’s blog site since February, 2015. His poems have FOCUSED on the chase, one or two about the trials of having a heart attack, but the majority have FOCUSED on Native American culture and heritage. He has been able to paint pictures in our minds so vivid that we can feel the heat of a camp fire on our cheeks, or feel the wind rushing over an eagle’s wing soaring high above a mountain canyon.

    For years, we searchers have asked FOCUSED to publish a book of his poems. At long last, FOCUSED has agreed to publish about 350 of his poems.. Publishing a book is not an inexpensive endeavor though. Editing and page lay-out alone will cost about $1500.00. After that, publishing the hardcover collection of his poems will cost thousands – dependent on the number of books published.

    James (Focused) insists that he wants to make NO money off of the “Chase.” James has assured me that any profits from the sale of his book will go towards future publishing costs, or will be given to a variety of charitable organizations that will either help Native Americans, or organizations such as the American Heart Association.

    We all would love to have all of James’ (FOCUSED’s) poems brought together in a single hard cover book. In order to make this possible, we will need to open our wallets, just as wide as FOCUSED has opened his heart when he creates one of his beautifully vivid poems. THANKS for your help.

    Please click on the link below if you can help – Every little bit will help:
    Thanks for your donations

    JDA and Focused

    • P.S. our total now stands at $2900.00 – Thanks to the generous donations of you Guys and Gals out there. Focused and I both appreciate every donation – JDA and Focused

      • Hi Guys and Gals – We are now over $2900.00 – 2932 to be exact. Thanks, again, to all who have donated – Focused and I appreciate it GREATLY – Focused and JDA

        • You keep saying you don’t do team sports JDA but then you keep doing good deeds and rallying the team.

          I’m just saying… you’re an enigma marine.

  13. The photo of the found treasure chest sure has been teasing my thoughts. I keep looking at the dirt on the edge of the treasure chest and it looks like it might have some kind of sand and/or volcanic composite to it.

      • Hello Ronin. I think it depends upon how “recent” is recent. I was under the assumption that it took the undergrowth, such as grass, at least a couple years to grow as much as the blades of grass shown in the photo. Also, another thought about a “recent” fire would suggest the treasure chest went through such a fire within the ten years or so. Could it survive, so to speak, such an event? Again, how recent is recent?

        • agreed. The box was almost certainly in a semi-alpine bog, or fenn ; )

          The ground moisture would have protected the box and surrounding pine trees.

          Many are saying the pine cones are Lodgepole, which rules out New Mexico.

          I am not convinced that the cone is not a Ponderosa, which is found in NM.

          • Hello Ronin. I believe it may be a Lodgepole area, in particular, the dead tree lying beside the treasure chest in the found photo looks narrow such as one.

          • Besides, Ponderosa pines have much longer needles. Which narrows it down to lodgepole, pinyon or even whitebark pine, I think.

        • I would think a forest fire would have produced enough heat to melt the plastic bags but, I have no idea. Forest fire inexperienced!

      • I think you might be onto something re the fire and ash maybe. Because – IMO – Forrest created “Forrest Fire’ on this blog ‘around a time’ when there was an actual Forrest Fire ‘near’ the final search area.

        • In the later years…Forrest was providing scrapbooks and other things that pushed people closer to that final place. The hints were much easier to ‘see’ in those posts. For example, with Mike Hall and stating that’s where it is… he was communicating with ‘everybody’ but some people were in that ‘area’ already. There are no less than 6 things in that story…that refine the search area and reinforce it IMO. When you go boots on the ground there…you will find no less than a dozen things there. I know. Sounds fantastical. Think of it like those crazy necklaces he made towards the end. All that stuff makes no sense on its own. Together it tells his story.

        • Glad you posted that information here for “eternity” or “bragging rights” if/when the final solution is revealed. I must be in the same area as you, or one of us is wrong or we are both sadly wrong…or we are on a trail that ends with “No Joy”. Which…there are several of those IMO… trails that are “correct” but not “it”. Places that Forrest wants us to visit because he enjoyed them… but not the “one”. I’ll add this for eternity… my uncle’s cabin was burned up in the fire i’m referencing and that location showed up in the chase – a post from another searcher. Who knows… i could be completely “wet”.

        • Are you willing to divulge anything else you found in that area or why you are so set on ash? More curious than anything since the chase is over.

          • Not right now. I’ve set my solve aside for the time being. I don’t need any more bragging rights. I’ve done a lot.

          • The adventuring community isn’t that big. I bet I bump into you on the next one.

          • Yea…if we are talking about the same area… we have undoubtedly stayed in, ate at, parked in and searched the same places. As for the “next one”… i haven’t attended any gatherings in the past and don’t plan on attending the one in Yellowstone. I’ve been to Yellowstone around 9 or 10 times (6 as part of the chase) and would enjoy going, but the COVID situation is bizarre.

    • Could be at a campsite, where a nearby campfire might explain that ‘ashy’ look. Thus a variety of sticks are brought in from different places. Could that possibly be part of a small antler at the bottom?

      • The campfire aspect is part of why we were optimistic when we found that fire ring up Rock Creek. We’d had the usual clue answers for the first part, e.g. swimming area near the 45th parallel we’d used years ago, Yellowstone River canyon, Joe Brown trailhead, whitewater area in the river below that (not for the meek), Rock Creek Road to the left or west (nigh), creek itself too shallow for paddling. Then on the trail, the big slab of petrified wood I’ve mentioned here before (heavy load), and the little-used trail to the left at the meadow that goes towards Steamboat Mountain (steam for water high). The “blaze” was the fire ring we found, which “is just one thing” (and even fits Forrest’s sort of hedging when he answered that, since the fire ring is one thing composed of smaller things), it “doesn’t face any particular direction”, and it “could be removed but it wouldn’t be feasible to try”. We were “in the wood” in addition to being “in the woods” (amidst petrified wood, some of which is in the meadow, not just along the trail; we thought maybe his use of “wood” vs. “woods” might be the word that is key), and we were “brave” (not petrified ourselves). Other aspects in favor were that very few people take even the main trail, and as some here who have been to the trailhead at road’s end have observed, it’s not unusual to be the only person there on a given day. So there’s little problem in hiding something without being seen; odds are, yours is the only vehicle. The meadow is a beautiful spot, so it could certainly be his special place. And the kicker was, the fire ring is about 500 feet from the main trail and 200 feet from the Steamboat Mountain trail. So if someone told Forrest they’d taken the main trail at least as far as the meadow, he’d know they’d been within 500 feet, and for the few that mentioned the spur trail, he’d know they’d been within 200 feet. They could also have taken a picture in the meadow that he would recognize and know how close they’d been. It all tied together so well, but the chest was apparently somewhere else. That’s part of why many of us are curious to know where it really was – – to see how the real solution was superior to our own and marvel at it fitting the clues even better than our solves. For the curious, GPS is roughly 45.2025 by 111.064; the huge piece of petrified wood is on the right about 5-10 minutes along the trail not far after the trail bends to the right away from the creek. Please leave the petrified wood alone, you can only collect small pieces here, and need a permit for that – – just marvel-gaze at it and the meadow, since there’s no treasure to marvel-gaze at.

  14. On Solution Methods:
    My Asymmetric List of Attempts

    Anagrams: for words, phrases, lines and stanzas.
    Outcome unsuccessful. I realized quite quickly that I could talk to myself, thus the method had to be incorrect.

    Single word to location correlation.
    Outcome unsuccessful. Although I found many very interesting possibilities and took several solves all the way to BOTG trips, I quickly realized that I could never find the chest without more specificity than my mind could conceive using this technique. I consider this method to be irrational.

    Base 9 simple math across, “To be:”
    Outcome unsuccessful. The pinnacle of my efforts with this technique can be viewed on this site by calling up the solution, “Not At 40.41025N 105.555W Black Canyon, CO.” This solution was so strange that I simply had to see what was there. Well, a landslide area was there. Incorrect again.

    Base 8 math across, “To Be.”
    Outcome unsuccessful. I developed a solve for Trout Creek, MT. But that trip was a flop.

    Base 10 math across, “To Be.”
    Outcome unsuccessful. I never developed a completely righteous solve using only math.

    Declaration of war:
    Outcome loss. Yes, I not only thought of the crazy idea that this contest might really be about trying to teach participants about the nature of war, I forced myself to live the experience fully for over a week. I pushed myself to the ultimate limit of physical and mental endurance. Records of my war with Fenn exist both publicly and privately. In retrospect, I am deeply ashamed of myself for having tried this method, but it was a new idea, and I was desperate.

    A Trojan Horse gift:
    Outcome unsuccessful. Once at war, an offer of peace must be made by someone. So I wrote a document, part poem, part skit, part heartfelt, part Trojan. And I sent this document to Forrest by mail. By not sending it back, he accepted my surrender, but I did not win the game.

    Literal paths through the poem:
    Identify possible start points in word grid. Follow directions. Create coded alphabet strings. Substitute values and read coordinates directly. Self validation only achieved by BOTG review.
    Outcomes unsuccessful. Fantastic solutions available, but not the correct method of solution, I think.

    Fluid math, Base 10.
    My best work. The absolute pinnacle of my search efforts.
    Outcome unsuccessful BOTG.

    That’s it.
    That’s my list.
    One nameless Searcher’s brief summation and extremely concise accounting of my encounter with true addiction. I, for one, am glad that the game has reached a new phase. My mind is healing slowly, and it feels great!

    Deepest regards to all.

  15. Hi Everyone,
    I couldn’t summarize my solve into a paragraph here, so I made a website, like Dal suggested.
    I think it’s a solid solve, not perfect, but maybe with a few extra eyes, we could refine it.
    I talk about how IMO the backwards bike refers to the blaze, and work my way across a Forest Service map to create an “X marks the spot” location.
    There’s a feedback form on the About page, and an email icon at the bottom of the Nine Clues page. I tried to cite sources and use quotes, and tried to keep the information from being speculative.
    Let me know what you think!

    • Erika really lovely little compilation. You are very creative.
      And. Very well explained.

      • Thanks Annie. I realized Scrapbook 32 was missing, and that helped me think WWWH =32. When I used the phone pad to convert the first letter of each clue answer into numbers, and it made an the X on the map, I was certain I’d come home with the chest.
        It’s so hard when you’re out there, and the wilderness is abundant.
        What about you? Did you get to check out your solve spot?

        • Hi Erika
          Unfortunately no. I live in UK Scotland. My search area was The Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness. Along West Rosebud Creek. I think i posted in one of the earlier pages. Would really love to go there some day. It seems so vast compared with the few hills we have here.

          • Erika BTW. Did u post the you tube link to the Hitler Fenn solved video on the MW forum?
            If so it was absolutely hilarious. I know it is old but really made my day.

          • Hi Annie, No that wasn’t me. I have never posted on the forums until recently. I’ve thought of making a Youtube video of my solve, but need to do some research on how to edit.
            The chase has been beyond amazing, and I’m so sad it’s over 🙁
            Hearing Forrest’s stories, trying to solve the clues, and having two amazing trips to the Bighorns with one of my best friends, it’s all been great.
            Now, I just need to brainstorm about how to keep the adventures coming…

  16. ‘The Smoking Gun’…if you look at page 51 of TTOTC you will see a person pointing a ‘finger gun’ at their temple. Try to do that and have your fingers point out like that person. You can’t. It is reversed. I have found the gun. It is at a place where Forrest ‘rested’ with his family and friends. There is more to that ‘picture’. Just sharing some things as the chase winds down. If you have found the gun and know what I’m talking about. You are not far from the final ‘resting place’ IMO. Gun=9-10=11. If those ring a ‘bell’ take a closer look.

  17. The intellectual property that it took to find the chest is more valuable that the chest itself. The intrinsic value of the chest might be worth more, we’ll have to wait and see.

  18. Here’s my solve in case anyone is interested:

    Near the mouth of Canada de Potrero along the Rio Chama in NM.
    GPS coordinates are (36.3187, -106.6028)

    The Blaze: The Chama River. Chama means blaze in Portuguese.
    It: The Chama River. It is supposed to take you to the treasure.
    Keyword: riches, as in ri(rio)ch(chama)es(SE). I thought this hinted at where to look for WWWH and SE is the direction of canyon down. I thought the word “new” hinted at both New Mexico and Nutrias.
    WWWH: Fishing regulations in NM. The line between warm waters and trout waters. This is below El Vado reservoir near where the Rio Nutrias comes into the Chama. Vado means Ford (Miss Ford). See p 8 of the NM Fishing brochure
    HoB: The Monastery. When visualizing a monastery most people think of monks in brown robes. I also thought it could be the Abbey Brewery known for its Brown Ale. The brewery was next to the monastery at the time Forrest hid the chest and wrote the poem. Although it has since moved to Moriarty, they still grow the hops in the Monastery garden.
    Put in Below the HoB: the raft put-in downriver from the Monastery at Chavez Canyon. This was clearly marked on older versions of GE. Since the clues weren’t supposed to be associated with a structure, I took the put-in to be the clue and the HoB to be a hint.
    NPFTM: Canada de la Fuertes just past Skull Bridge. I found several translations for Fuertes including fort and bold. Since bold is the opposite of meek that makes it no place for the meek. There’s an island at the mouth of Fuertes that’s shaped just like a human eye. I thought that might be what all the “I” words were hinting at.
    TEIEDN: Past Fuertes the river bends like a horseshoe or an omega. The land shape inside the bend looks like a boot. The word drawing hints at a draw or slot canyon coming into the Chama. The first slot canyon after Fuertes is Potrero on river right. There’s also an unnamed slot canyon just past Potrero on river left. I was never sure if I should take nigh to be left or just near. I did a pretty thorough search of the area near the slot canyon on river left.
    TBNPUYC: Potrero means paddock. I thought “no paddle” sounded a little like “no paddock”. I was able to anagram this line to get either potrero or paddock. There were a lot of hints about pottery and other words that sound a little like potrero.
    JHLAWH: Just upriver from Potrero the river is the deepest (water high). There are some large boulders that washed down into the Chama from Potrero (heavy loads).
    IYBWAFTB: This line is past tense. I thought I’d found the blaze when I found the Chama River.
    LQDYQTC: I suspected that “Look quickly down” meant to look down river for a couple reasons. I thought that “quickly” meant “rapidly” as in rapids, and the rapids start at the mouth of Potrero. I thought “canyon down” meant downriver (that’s when the word “down” was first defined in the poem) and “up your creek” meant upriver. I thought “secret where” might be “secret weir” referring to a fishing spot.

    I played around with anagramming the poem or using the periodic table to get numbers but I was never able to come up with something that worked.

    The draw on river left comes down through a rusty culvert under FR151. It reminded me of the fire escape in TTOTC. North of FR151 there’s a row of hoodoos that look like teeth with red gums. On river right there’s a cathedral/temple shape that’s part of Mesa Prieta. Since Prieta means brown, I called this “the dome of Brown”. River left is part of Mesa Viejos and Viejos means the old ones.

    There’s a parking area/pull-off about a mile downriver from Skull Bridge with a huge deadwood at the entrance. The deadwood looks like a dinosaur skeleton. I took that to be the parking lot of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science since there are dinosaur skeletons in the museum parking lot.

    There is an old cemetery about a half-mile SSE of the mouth of Fuertes. Whenever I clicked near my search area with GE, instead of getting Rio Arriba County I got a weird address of 2323 Diamond Drive Los Alamos (I thought Dizzy Dean might be a hint for Diamond Drive). This address turns out to be a church. So the monastery, the church in Los Alamos and the cemetery all seemed to fit with “go in peace”. There’s even a sign at the entrance/exit to the monastery grounds that says “Peace”.

    This area has a unique mix of vegetation including pinyon, sage, alligator juniper, ponderosa, oak, willows, and a variety of cacti.

  19. Day 17 of crying myself to sleep. Trying to fill the void in my heart that used to hold the Thrill of the Chase lol. Thank you Forrest for the amazing experience that you have given us and I hate that it ended with half a dozen deaths and probably just as many lawsuits if not more. I hope your family finds peace with the chase being over.


    Robert Szelinski

    • Robert, :’(.

      Here’s a (((hug)) from me.

      I hope the finder has empathy, and will find a way to make a pilgrimage spot. This chase changed so many lives. People naturally want the spot to honor that, and to be able to visit and connect with the place, what the journey meant, and each other.

  20. Hi everybody.
    Unfortunately I discovered the chase about Forrest Fenn‘s treasure too late. It was during Corona lockdown, about 5 weeks ago, that gave me a lot of time to dig into the internet and this way I found out about this treasure and its riddle.
    It makes me really sad, that I got to know so late, as solving riddles is one of my favourite and although the chest seems to be found now, I am still into it,also to the big possibility, that we might never be told the solution.

    I also never thought about BOTG, because I am living in Germany (yes, I am German) and I would never have spend so much money for a flight and trip and hotel etc. for a vague idea of a solution. Anyways, Corona made everything even more difficult now. So I was just trying to solve as much as possible, without the need of BOTG. I was even about to order the book TTOTC, but no I think it’s obsolete.

    Still, I want to publish my thoughts here (as I already have in part 8 and part 9 of this thread), to share them, to contribute to the community, to maybe get together a final solution.

    I am aware, that there is a website with some people (they speak of „we“) who claim to have found the chest and they offer a deal to bidders with a minimum bid of $2 million, to give the highest bidder the location of the chest, as it is supposed to be still near the blaze. They say, nobody just needs to trust and be afraid, they would run away with the money, before you got the chest- they say, the bidder should hand out the money, after they accepted the bid, to a third party like an attorney or trust account bank, and they only could claim the money, after you gave the ok, that you own the chest. Sounds quite reasonable, without any danger to me. They state, they want to it do that way, because they fear legal issues due to removing something worthy out of (public/private/state/nationalpark) ground, and might face legal charges.
    On the other hand, stating that the chest is still out there, is in contradiction to the pictures, published by FF, where he does an overview at apparently a bank office or similar. So I really don’t know, what to believe now.

    Still, that doesn’t change the fact, that we might not get the solution. So for my own satisfaction, I need to know WWWH. Who doesn’t?

    Like I stated already above (part 9), I still think WWWH can be solved without BOTG, as FF said, unless you haven’t solved the first two clues, you can also stay home and play Canasta. This is strong evidence for me, that there IS a solution, which can be and should be verified before BOTG. Otherwise he wouldn’t have said so.

    So now, I share my further thoughts only to find with you together the strongest and most convincing evidents for a solve of the first two clues.
    I also have to admit, that many of my thoughts might be bullscrap, but I share them anyways, because one can have a good idea, just moving towards the wrong direction and another one might pick up the first thought, but finds a solve in the other direction. So working together is most promising.

    Of course, like many of you have done for a decade already here, I am also sometimes just brainstorming and sometimes a single thought, which I follow might be really just bullsheep or for someone else, it can be potentially the bullseye. But what do I know? 😉 (please remember- I just found out about FF 5 weeks ago, but I did a lot of reading during Corona)

    Ok, let’s get started:
    First I also have to say, what triggers me a bit, is that FF says, we should not mess with his poem, but on the other side he says, he tends to bend words in a while, wether it’s the flutterby or a day that’s yellowing. So after a decade of maybe half a million people trying to solve WWWH and 99.999 percent didn’t succeed obviously solving the fist two clues, we apparently have been way off and we didn’t use FF‘s imagination.

    Bending words: I (although I am not a native English speaker, what makes it more difficult for me, as some of the words in the poem I never heard before, I do have a translation app and Thesaurus, which helps a lot. So also please forgive me my maybe bad English style or strange selection of words)
    So FF likes to alter or bend words in an uncommon style. I also liked to do that (in German though) when I was a kid. And I think, FF is lucky to be able to keep this ability, thinking or looking at things, like a kid. I also do that still sometimes, when I smell tar on a warm wooden fence in the summer sun, or when I feel flowers or some wild wheats in the feels. I think it is a wonderful gift, not to forget this ability. Kids enjoy and appreciate and cherish the miracles of the universe more sometimes, than we do. So I think, we all should try to stay a child in our mind sometimes to have this innocent look at this wonderful world.

    Sorry, I am always digress too much.

    So I tried to bend and change words in the poem, like FF likes to do, or like a kid would do.

    Bold, can be also bald or bolt

    [I can keep my secret where] – where could be a weir, or a mystic weir. A weir is also mabye made by beavers, or even Nutria, which sou know as Coypu, or beaver rat. Nutria is also a color shade, kind of brownish.

    [And hint of riches new and old] ridges?

    [Begin it where warm waters halt] Begging it, weir warm waters, waiters..?
    Halt is most intriguing, because it doesn’t rhyme to walk. So either we look for something that rhymes to walk, like hawk. We all know a hawk, but as a verb it also means to peddle, to offer for sale, to hound down, to push to squeeze, to press, or to hawk one’s voice.
    Or balk, which would have a similar meaning like halt, barrier, barricade, to stop to shy away, to inhibit), but why FF didn’t use it then? I think here is the big clue.

    Or we take a bending word for halt, like hauled, which means like to drag or to tow, or like to grind, polish or raze.
    Where do warm waters grind or polish or raze something? A river grinding a canyon into the rock or a steam engine powered mill, to cut wood? Steamboat mountain, Mills creek? Just contributing brainstorming thoughts.

    Worm waters? War waters?

    Besides- put in below the home of brown, I interpret differently: Like in school, multiple choice answers, put in below/ fill in (next stanzas) the word for home of brown. So we should add something to a word like to creek. Now is the question m what is the home of brown. (Sorry for my next abstract thought, haha) Home of brown could also be my butt, so maybe we have to look for a butt creek, or a Butte creek. Trout creek? But that’s not a home though.
    Also, sorry for that, I even thought of home of brown, even a little, ehm without political correctness, as Uncle Tom‘s cabin, as there is an uncle tom‘s trailhead and lookout point.

    Further on, I was intrigued a bit by the first letters of the first four lines:
    A A I A, which is in numbers
    1 1 9 1
    I thought, FF is a pilot, a good pilot I guess. What if it is a frequency?
    119.1 for example, the only nearby find I had, is Pueblo Memorial Airport in Colorado and 119.1 is the tower of that airport (runway 26 directing into the mountains), but I didn’t see any further possible connection there.
    Is there any NDB (Non-directional-beacon)with that frequency in the Rockies?
    Tower? Can you hear me? Listen good?

    So, enough for today. Did you like my thoughts? Shall I continue?

    Greetings from Germany

    • Juggliar,
      I really enjoyed your thoughts on the poem and it’s words!! What are your thoughts on ‘war waters’? Very interesting!!

  21. Follow up to my previous on solution methods.

    Things I did not try:

    Reading any of Forrest’s books.

    Converting any of his published art to maps.

    Picking multiple real physical places as clue solutions such that a map yielding a new point to search could be determined independently.

    None of my BOTG efforts for exact coordinate solves went much beyond looking at the exact position of interest. In those cases, I figured the job was to solve the poem and the BOTG was supposed to be a simple retrieval effort. This may have been a major miscalculation.

    I did not use the website to glean useful information until very late in the game. Mostly, I ignored it to my own detriment.

    Although I tried to collaborate with a couple of other Searchers, my attempts at teamwork largely failed. While I had good intentions, the subject matter simply was inconducive to groupthink.

    I could clarify more, but really, what’s the point?

    Putting myself completely out there for posterity and future psychiatric study?

    Well, why not? I might turn out to be a high-interest target somewhere down the road . . . Or maybe not . . .

    Either way, I am good. C’est la vie.

  22. Has the blog for The Thrill of the Chase turned into a to group therapy session? If so it’s probably good medicine. Keep it going Dal. You are no doubt saving lives. 🙂

    • It feels like Fenn shoved a giant mirror in my face and held it there until he was satisfied that I studied the reflection.

      • And what do you see in that mirror, AkB? I would really appreciate an answer. Publicly, or privately. You know how to reach me and I’ll be here until the end, so whenever you’re ready to expound.

        And if, perchance, you refuse to respond, I’ll be okay.

        Outcome, either way,
        C’est la vie.

  23. I am going to start telling you where the chest was and why there is only one place it could be.
    1. In the 4 states that remain I will narrow it down. Warm Waters Halt. ….
    If you know halt means a train stop then you take that information and combine it with the story about Borders. Now we look to see where a train stop is on a border , but not just any train A steam train , and because Waters is plural it is where 2 steam trains stop and meet.on a border. Now if you look there is only 1 place in those 4 states that that happens. This is where warm waters halt
    Do you want further proof ? Just ask

      • Ok here we go ….
        1. Indiana Jones was filmed here.
        2. Mud Aware – Mud Tunnel
        3. Only Phantom knows – Phantom Curve
        4. Bessie and Fly swatted – Shoe Fly
        5. Hang a man with a new rope.- Hangman’s Trestle
        I can keep going if you want.

        • There’s a bunch of Indiana Jones movies. I like The Last Crusade.

          Which one do you mean?

          If it’s Crystal Skull I’m out. I like to pretend that one never happened.

          • The one with Sean Connery and River Phoenix. The beginning of the movie there is the chase on a train. This is the train stop that I speak of.

          • Yeah! That’s The Last Crusade.

            Good choice.

            I don’t know much about trains but I got to work on the fuel pump of a narrow gauge once when it died when I was riding it.

            I told them I was an engineer, which is true, I’m just not that kind of engineer. But how could I pass up on an opportunity to climb inside a train?

        • I’m sure your solve is as good as many others, hopefully we’ll get the true solve someday!

  24. I just have to laugh how all of a sudden lots of searchers know the solution to the clues, where the chest was, how there were so many different ways to solve it. There was one solution and one person (or team) solved it. All these posts that ‘hint’ at some secret knowledge and give a vague clue that they knew the location all along and if you think about XYZ are just fantasy. If any of the searchers on this board knew they would have collected the treasure long ago…

    • I don’t know David. I’m starting to think that maybe there were multiple paths to find the treasure location and we all chose which one was the only one.

      Maybe the way we chose to solve it tells us more about ourselves than we could have guessed.

      • I wouldn’t disagree that it tells us a lot about the searcher, good point well made. I do respectfully disagree on the idea that there are multiple different solutions to the poem. Sure it could take you to thousands of different locations but there were 9 clues each with its own unique solution therefore only one overall solution imo. David

        • I’ve read a bunch now and I still believe in my own.

          That’s about as much sense as I can make out of anything right now.

          Glad we agree on stuff.

  25. 36 22 22 22 N. 106 40 19 30 W. Is the solve…From there on Google earth pro his flight home confirmed in TFTW. 647 miles to his home in Temple Texas witch is the number of his plane drawn by John Mollison.. And in TTOTC he ejected at 5.55 pm.. Witch is 55.5 knotical miles to his home where he lives now. That is the confirmation..the solve is his birthday…What do you think… Dal…

  26. My solve
    WWWH—Cimarron State Park
    Too far to walk—follow the river down about 10 miles to Turkey Creek Trail
    Put in below the home of brown—Ute
    No paddle up your creek— it’s nota creek, it’s a trail
    No place for the meek— it’s on private property Boy Scout Ranch
    Nigh—go left up Turkey Creek Trail
    Heavy Loads and water high—About one mile up the trail the trail makes a horse shoe
    A creek coming down the hill is full of huge boulders
    Water high—There are two high water marks on that hill. It’s at the top mark
    At both high water marks, there is an alcove where someone has made a fire. The blaze.
    The chess was buried in the highest alcove.

  27. I’m trying to do the Lemon Juice thing. Got some lemon juice and a heat gun.

    I tried it on the dust jacket… It got wet and then it got dry. And that’s about it.

    Does anyone know what the specific theory was?

    • I’ve only got about two hours to try this and then I gotta clean up before my wife gets home and I have to explain what I’m doing.

      It’s embarrassing enough trying to explain it to you guys.

    • Lemons are best used to make lemonade, AkB. You might try doing that, instead. Lol.

        • Final result:

          I made a mess, I feel dumb, and I got lemon juice in my eye.

          But I don’t have to wonder what if anymore. So, totally worth it.

          Side not to anyone who may try after me:

          A blanket does a good job at absorbing spilled lemon juice, but if you put a hot heat gun on it… it will melt…

    • Others tried it thinking the photos in the pages, in particular, the map with the gold pieces on it, would show some kind of hidden messages. None were to be found.

    • Omg. I love your humor. I guess if there was some sort of litmus paper used the acid in the lemons could make it change color. You would need some of these science guys and gals to chime in on this one.

  28. No nothing happened. That is a rabbit hole. I just started telling you how to solve it. By the way, even though there are multiple ways to solve it , they all lead to the same ending.

    • Well Kee, lot’s of people have told me how to solve it, including me.

      I just like to see for myself.

      I got the same result on the map page though.

      The paper got wet, and then it got dry.

      • I realize that. My question is … do lots of people have all the facts like I posted above?
        Here are some more.
        1. When you arrive at Sublette the conductor tells you that it is “population 0
        2. Inside of Mudd Tunnel has the words painted old and new inside
        3. The trains elevation on the tracks goes from 5000 ft up to exactly 10, 200 ft
        4. On the train, you will pass what looks to be a banana tree.
        5. Ttotc – is the Toltec

        • Yes, Kee.

          Lots of people have all the facts like you’ve posted above.

          And from where I am sitting, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

          For example, you couldn’t remember the title of a well known movie, one of my favorite childhood movies in fact, and you claimed to have researched thoroughly.

          Can you see why it’s hard for me to take what you are posting seriously?

          I’m not saying your wrong, I’m saying I can’t understand. Maybe you should organize your thoughts and give it another go.

          • No I have never seen anyone list anything I have posted. It just listed 10 reasons that all happen to be in my area. I challenge anyone to take tgose 10 things I posted and show me how those things apply to anyone else’s area. How anyone thinks Forrest hid it in a National Park like Yellowstone and then said it was up to the finder to reveal the location. Reallky. ? So the finder says that he found it there ? So now he gets the chest taken away from both of them ? I don’t think Forrest would take that chance. You can’t take anything out of a national park people!

          • Kee-
            Not while anyone is looking you can’t. Maybe that’s why Forrest wrote that the finder should tarry scant…

          • This isn’t the only treasure hunting website dedicated to finding Forrest Fenn’s treasure. It’s just the best one.

            But to be more specific. You lost me at:

            “If you know halt means a train stop…”

            That’s an unsubstantiated assumption. You are trying to prove it with the rest of your solve which means you are making the poem fit where you want it to.

            It’s know that you have to nail down WWWH to have anything to go on. Which means, IMO, that you need to have ample evidence to support your claim wherever you think Warm Water Halts. Multiple sources, multiple reasons.

            I think I could draw a random WWWH out of thin air, right outside my front door, and make the poem fit if I chose to do so. I know, because I’ve done it on several jogs around the neighborhood.

        • Kee, someone…I think it was Stephanie, mentioned Many years ago that she mentioned going on the Cumbria-Toltec to ff and either he or Peggy (sorry, can’t remember which) asked her if she’d looked up in the tree. FWIW.

        • Kee, I have also looked in that area several times, but always came up empty handed. A few more things I found that may interest you or other searchers in this area –
          Osier is a type of willow. Native Americans used red, green and black willows to make their baskets (Canasta means baskets).
          The two Cumbres & Toltec Scenic (CATS) trains depart from Chama and Antonito each morning, and meet in the middle at Osier. The passengers are treated to lunch so it’s important that they get there about the same time. Passengers wishing to go back to their original points of departure have to ‘switch’ trains.
          The trains are pulled by original 2-8-2 Mikado steam engines (leftovers from history). (2-4-2 Columbians were once used down around Alamogordo, but not on the D&RGW lines.) The steam trains were used to haul heavy loads of drill pipe and casing to the San Juan Basin, as well as loads of coal, iron ore, gold and silver from Durango and Silverton to Pueblo and Denver. Each station, or stop, has an elevated water tank where the engines can refill, and some have coal docks, where they can reload the tenders.
          But that’s just the beginning. Besides the 10 things you listed along the track, you also follow the Rio de Los Pinos canyon down, there’s the monument, the old wreckage, the slide areas where the Treasure Mountain Tuff is broken off by geologic forces, the old dynamite bunker (vault), the rock pits and rusty old iron things along the track south of Sublette, Otoniel Gallegos’ crudely made stone grave marker made from a sandstone slab that has his name written in blue print (he died at age 13), trust me – it’s hard to find, and there’s the Big Horn Bell that was used to signal the dispatcher in Alamosa (the home of the Grizzlies) that a train was passing.
          And of course Big Horn and the Big Horn wye has a few interesting tidbits, like the old telephone booth clear down at the end of the siding, the 3 strings of old wires still laying on the ground, the ‘dead men’ are still next to the old telegraph poles, the old ‘frogs’ from the unused siding are still there, the wye track itself is missing the switch paddle and why is the ‘End of Track’ sign at the tail end of the wye turned around backwards? You have to turn around and look if you want to read it. The name Big Horn itself implies so much history, like the 7th Cavalry, Sioux Indians, Custer, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and Two Moons. And at night, you can see the flashing red light on the top of the comm tower down in Antonito (the flashing light, the ‘sky light’, the ‘beacon’, “hear me all and listen good”), (is that why all the numbers in TTOTC are in High Tower font?) Oh, and did I mention that all the cows wandering around there have an Omega brand on their hip?
          But the part that is most interesting to me is the CO/NM ‘borderline’ fence that runs through this area. Brief history: the border between CO and NM was supposed to be at the 37th parallel but was incorrectly surveyed 2000′ too far to the south in 1868. Law suits went back and forth between the states but finally the Supreme Court ruled in 1926 to leave the border as originally surveyed rather than adjust the fence line. So this ‘enclave’, or ‘key’ area should technically all be in New Mexico, not Colorado. (IMO, the ‘key’ word is therefor the word ‘key’ itself. Fenn even tells you that.)
          There is a survey post, or marker post, located every mile directly under the fence (where a hunter won’t trip over it). (butterfly / flutterby = post mark / marker post) So maybe if Fenn couldn’t decide whether Colorado or New Mexico would become his final resting place, then how about right down the middle (me in the middle). The posts are a round brass plate, set in concrete, with the information stamped in bold arcing letters. There is a fine for disturbing them, so don’t mess with them (‘don’t touch’, ‘watch out for the post man’). In this search area, the mile post markers are numbered from 170 to 182. If I knew exactly which one to go to, then I could walk right to it. But that’s the part I could never figure out.
          Anyway, I have since moved on to a different area, but still think of Osier and the CATS train every once in a while. If the finder ever reveals the location, it would not surprise me that it was around there somewhere and I have no regrets at all.

  29. I think we should all stop for a minute and think about what Forrest really wanted from the Chase. He wanted people to get out and enjoy the nature and beauty of the mountains. Forrest real legacy will be that we took our families out and maybe gave them a hope of returning to enjoy the mountains as Forrest did, and to find the peace that floating a fly down a stream and hoping a trout takes it. That’s the beauty Forrest wanted us to see. The Chest was just an incentive for starting, the rest is up to us.

    • I agree. The hard part is when it was found. Very hard, and impossible for many, to get to the mountains now, with COVID. To say nothing of how depression is spiking incredibly the past 3 months.

      • I agree as well. I need this distraction in my life more than any time in the past 10 years so I’m posting for the first time…. partially… because it is a great break from the reality of COVID. Especially in AZ. We are “enjoying” a significant spike, lots of unknowns, and uncertainty. At least with the uncertainty of the Chase…I could choose to engage it or ignore at my leisure.

  30. Dal, why are folks here ‘waiting’ on more info from forrest?

    I thought I read ff stated he had always said that it was up to the finder to say who and where.

    Just curious if you’ve been in contact with Forrest and know if he plans to make any further statements.

    Thanks Dal.

    • 42,

      I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m just waiting for the magic of The Chase to wear off.

      My guess is July 4th, either Forrest Fenn or the Finder will speak up or I will fade back into the real world. I’m thinking I’ll try more carpentry. I get bored just thinking about it though.

  31. 42, I think it’s because of the silence. It’s like a death. Which throws people into mourning, and re-experiencing all of their ungrieved prior losses. Yeah, I’m actually a shrink, BTW! 😉

    • DABDA sure seems to apply from what I’m reading. People are all over the map right now and I’m inching towards that second A.

    • Lady V,
      You’re right. May I add ‘relevance’ to your psychoanalysis?
      We all want to remain connected to the chase community which is coming to a halt, and especially to Forrest in some way after adopting his TTOTC treasure hunt as our passion these past years.

      I’m pursuing other interests I enjoy, hoping to land on another hobby I’m passionate about – to fill the void.

      My reflection on the past 8 years is one of gratitude to ff, but especially to myself for embracing Fenn’s challenge, meeting it with tenacity, excellence, and with abandon as I traipsed through the great outdoors.

      These have been best 8 years of my life…because I made it so.

      Time to apply the same thrill of the chase, and love for the outdoors that we pursued to new endeavors. Those who can adapt, or spin off new threads from TTOTC will be happier than those who can’t.

  32. The definition of halt is a train stop. Now Forrest talks about going to Borders, but let’s say you didn’t have the book and didn’t know that. All you have is the poem. The poem needs to give you a starting place or it has to give you exact coordinates in order to know where to start. If you know halt means a train stop that tells you , warm waters halt must be a steam train. Why because of the definition of the word halt meaning a train stop and warm meaning steam. So now we have to look where a steam train halts. Wait it says waters not water. What does that mean ? It means it is plural for more than one. So , where in the 4 states does 2 steam trains halt? There is only one place and what do you know. It happens to be on the border. Guess what else , yes New Mexico considers its waters warm. Colorado does not. Why would Forrest use the word halt when it didn’t rhyme? He could of used the word stop but that still could make that sentence mean multiple locations. The word halt and warm and waters lead you to the only location that happens in the 4!states. Oh and once again it’s on the border. Coincidence.i don’t think so.

    • I thought the Border’s/Borders hint was supposed to be tied to John Charles whatever and his jar of green olives. I had that as John Charles Fremont, the Idaho border that Skippy crossed over to get the plane. I had the olive as a hint to the Forest Service uniform colors.

    • Where did you get the idea that halt can only mean a train stop? I just looked at half a dozen online dictionaries, at the definitions for ‘halt’, and none of them had any mention of a train, although they did mention other types of vehicles (cars, busses, etc). Plus other things like work or progress that can be halted. I’m just wondering where your definition came from, and why you think that’s the only definition.

    • I like that thinking Kee, and it is so beautiful up there. I am not sure why I have never taken that train ride but maybe I will this summer when Chama opens up again. I am really close and have driven by it many times on my way to Pagosa Springs and some other trips to Colorado…

    • Hi Kee, I was on the train solve also. My solve was based around the old route of the Olympian Hiawatha steam turned electric train. I learned a lot about the League of 5 Nations.

    • Kee,

      Forrest said “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe.”

      I don’t know of any steam trains south of Santa Fe AND in the Rocky Mountains.

      Thus where warm waters halt could not be associated to a steam train.


      I do agree, that train ride is worth every penny!


      • TW,

        What does the JMW2C stand for? I’ve never seen this before. The ame of an Engine/Line?

        Just curious, thanks.


    • Kee, yes, halt is a train station, but what about a train station that now has turned into a hardware store. Maybe that’s where you need to buy “nails” to nail down the first clue. How about Warm Spring Creek, which runs by this halt. What if Veteran’s memorial highway ran through the town at that spot. What if the guy that built this halt’s last name was nickel? What if this place was in Deer Lodge, a place dear to him to rest his bones? What if this place was 265 miles (coins in chest) away from the Bighorn Medicine Wheel, sitting in the middle, follow the 24th spoke, (which happens to be at a 22 degree angle, just like Rainbow Halos in the mountains), which follows an arrow on the wheel if you use Dr. Eddy’s diagram, dancing with the stars, to a place whose coordinates, when you add and subtract them, gives you 2442, or 66, or ff. And, at 66 years old, would be the year ’97, which is what marvel gaze looks like, in connection with Andrew Marvell. Right at 8008 ft. elevation.
      I think that all sounds better on a guess about steam locomotives, don’t you?
      There are too many possible WWWH,

  33. Great to see how many people are convinced they are on “the” correct trail. That means Forrest did his job. He got thousands of people excited, visiting places he loves, out in the wild, into museums, reading new books, discovering new things, etc. etc.

    In the end… we are all on the right trail because it is one we believe in and had fun figuring it all out. Mad genius that Forrest Fenn.

    • I posted how I believed it is solvable. I gave more reasons and showed more facts as to where to start than I have ever seen anyone else do. All those facts just was supporting WWWH. I never even showed a solve yet. I was told that I needed to post what I just did. Anyone can take it or leave it. If you think I didn’t support WWWH good enough, by all means tell me your wwwh and support it with at least 10 facts as to why we are starting there. After someone does that, we will continue on to the actual solve and go thru the poem using the 9 clues. If your WWWH can’t be supported by at least 10 facts then it’s the wrong wwwh. Go ahead and give it a try.

      • Sorry. My post was not a reply to your solve. I did not read your solve, try to see if it fit my area or try to see if it fits the poem. I am reading a lot of posts (including mine) where we are all highly confident in our solves. I’m in no way passing judgment on your post or your proposed solve or you as a person. I know how personal that “thing” is to you and I wouldn’t attack it for many reasons. For one, I was posting a new post not a reply to you. Second, I don’t know any better than Forrest or the Finder where the “correct” solve takes you. Third, I wasn’t smart enough to end up with the chest in my lap (this has been humbling in that way). Last, but not least… I’m sincerely happy that you and a lot of other folks – like myself – have bought into the chase this much, we believe that much, we own our solves that much, etc. The fact you are “defending your solve”… is proof that Forrest did what he started out to do…and that is get people involved, passionate, etc. I applaud you for having the courage to post your solve and the conviction to stand by it. I get it… it was a lot of work to create it. I am not calling your baby ugly.

      • ‘Halt m’ is an unmanned train stop to the person asking about the definition of the word. I think it’s a great solve! My first solve was the Durango-Silverton train, up Cascade Canyon a little, similar reasoning. Multiple trains a day, halting LOL. Also found an old YNP ad in the Durango train museum which refers to the Frosty King.

      • WWWH
        Horseshoe Creek at Stillwater River in Custer National Forest. Hint references-
        The story referring to having a horseshoe made and being richer for it. The comment about if you don’t have the first clue “nailed down” you might as well stay home and play Canasta. You nail down horseshoes.
        What do you train a horse to do ? Halt.
        The scrapbook comment about trying to teach Willie what stay means.
        The picture in TTOTC of him and Donnie on horseback. “I knew to be “still ” and watch the trees.

  34. This is a quick summery of my solve! Tell me what you think.

    Fairground – Think about it, Gypsies.

    wwwh is the bathroom on entrance. This is where kids piddle (not paddle), before their adventure. Forrest likes peeing.

    Canyon down – I believe its a stairway with steep sides entering the park at the beginning.

    NFBTFTW – Trampoline

    No place for the meek is the blaster that shoots you high.

    Heavy loads is the Ghost train, because you need steelies are bricking it.

    Waters high is the splash slide

    Wise blaze = BBQ – Forrests long dog, hot dog bar. Mustard = Mus tarde (must go at night) (mus is also a rat, that only comes out at night)

    No paddle needed on rapids water ride.

    We have to go now…….but why mom……because its late (answer we already know!)

    By the end of the day you are tired and weak. You are also back near the entrance, where you started. Bathroom again before heading home. Come full circle.

    Title to gold is the medal for putting up with them squawking kids all day. You are a legend!

    Bracelet given to you on entry is given back.

    Dark now, see the stars?

    All makes sense.

    Redneck, kids, Leave your search buddy in the car (because no dogs allowed), catching ducks on hooks 22, tea cup ride, horse shoe toilet seat, etc.

    • Haha Best solve I ever read. At least the most funniest and the same way as I feel

      • A lot of people wont see it as a joke, Juggliar, that’s the funny part. They will just shake their heads calling me stupid and then offer something even more bizarre lol.

    • … and that is exactly the kind of surprise I’m afraid of. Well done BigO.

  35. If I were a location, what if I looked like the following? Did I choose it or did it choose me? Would this location be in the search area at the correct elevation? Did the clues get to this search area? Would the search area be limited by road closures to compress the time-frame it could be found?

    When you are looking at the picture;
    What if the instructions from Scrapbook 107 that used the term “My location” for the “write way’ told you to turn the map a specific way to look at it and “in the wood’ only became obvious when you did that? Would you have used “In the Forrest” in that line in the poem to make it more obvious?

    What if you could only see the distinct images when you had historical view for Google Earth set to 2009? Would that indicate it was literally and figuratively hidden in 2009?

    What if the sideways facing profile of a man was wearing a floating hat that resembled mildew with a hole?
    What if an eye (I give you) was looking at a T formed by a grouping of trees in a nearby location?
    What if that T represented the end of a rainbow of T’s (Tea with Olga, Black Red, Green)?
    What if there was also a shape of a Teapot in the same location?
    What if moving backwards in the address on the envelope in Scrapboox 107 was the number of feet to the ‘teecup’ or Teapot?
    What if there was an arch shape over the top of the Green T?
    What if an image of an asterisk presented itself on the map in the area next to the T?

    Without knowing how the clues got you there, would it hold any water or make any sense? Would you completely throw it away as a possibility? Would it have been more complicated than you have thought if you had to leverage not only BOTG but also overhead views?

    What if you also turned the location linked 180 on the map and it possibly matched the other elements of the envelope in Scrapbook 107? Do you question why there is a 5 dollar bill with a folded corner that looks like an arrow? Is that possibly an instruction to face the map a specific way to see the “wrong” way? Would a child see Lincoln in this image?

    Just a lot of speculation and what ifs.

  36. A Personal Take On The Chase:

    While we’re waiting, I would like to converse with other searchers for a bit. As a conversation starter, I’ll offer the following opinion. Feel free to agree, or disagree as you see fit.

    I ran across Mr. Fenn’s poem several years ago this month. My immediate reaction was, “Wow! That’s cool! I wonder if I could ever win that contest?” And just like that, lickety-split, I was hooked. And I immediately started putting together ridiculously stupid solves, like it’s gotta be near the confluence of Secret Valley Hot Springs and the Gibbon River in Yellowstone. I mean, Jesus, which of us has not had that experience? And then, after running off to search some pristine patch of forest somewhere in the Rockies, only to find another stretch of untamed nature, sans gold mind you . . . followed by a long car ride home; the trek of ignominy and despair, temporary as it was; I had to gird my loins and return to my workstation for another go simply because I was now thoroughly caught up in the Chase.

    Anybody else experienced this rinse and repeat cycle? If so, you had only two viable choices, statistically speaking: quit or hope somebody else wins fast!

    Well, for the most part, the people left here now are the stalwarts, the strongest, the bravest, and/or the most invested, which means that I’d like to hear your stories of initial excitement and eventual steady-state activity.

    For my part, I think the Chase exists because Fenn is a Fisherman who tired of catching minnows in rivers. Methinks he decided to trawl the depths of humanity to see what he might discover . . . A morality, character and intelligence test of the highest order that he could devise. But, sadly, I don’t think he understood what his idea could do to some of us out here in the hinterlands. And that, perhaps, might be involved to some degree in where things stand today. But that is wild speculation on my part, so no more on that.

    Thoughts and personal comments more than welcomed.

    Regards to all.

    • Hi Lowaengr, I know that feeling all to well. Driving 26 hours straight with no sleep, trying to figure in longer weekends off from work. Working overtime to save money to travel. Getting to your spot then feeling all turned around from lack of sleep. But I loved every minute of it.

      • Thanks for sharing. And I’m glad that you enjoyed the Chase unreservedly.

        I, however, was in it to win it. For me, there could only be two outcomes, with one almost a statistical certainty.

        In retrospect, this is clearly an insane position to play from, and yet, I did it anyway.

        I would welcome any thoughts you might have on this subject, as well.


    • My first BOTG was to Wahb Springs in Lamar, first day in YNP and totally unprepared for the elevation. My husband and I made it 3/4 of the way, were exhausted, and then – wham! – purple skies majesty, the thunderstorm hit! We were dressed for it, but lightning started striking, and we headed back. Near the road was a huge bison herd, snorting to protect their young. We took a lonnnng detour around them.

      I realized there are many places in the Rockies that WWWH, was shaken, and wouldn’t go again until I was clearer. I spent a couple of years doing horrific disaster response volunteering, and in the ‘decompression’ between times. Spent thousands of hours pouring over the poem. Also went BOTG twice more to different places, still not all that clear. Loved the ‘aha!’ moments, followed by the uhhhh…maybe not.

      I ended up with a general location, which may well be wrong, and loads of new knowledge and passion for the mountains. But it’s been a near daily hobby for me, and I miss the particular form of thinking, the locations and landscape, the art of it. Even the disappointment.

      You can only fail if you’ve tried.

      • I can definitely relate to your first BOTG story, so thanks for sharing.

        My first BOTG took me to the Lemonade Creek entry point to the Solfatara Trail in YNP. I wanted to look around Lake of the Wood, but never got there. First attempt got diverted by an impromptu decision to investigate an area adjacent to the creek. Had an incredible adventure in an old Indian encampment area and then had to hoof it through a thicket of downed trees back to the car. Never been so glad to see my car as I was at that moment.

        But that elation didn’t last long because I decided to try for the lake again from the Campground side.

        Once again, I got diverted and crossed the field Solfatara Creek bisects. On the far side, out of range of help, I postholed my leg up to the knee in mud.

        Immediately, I was in a life-threatening situation. Fortunately for me I kept my cool and devised a way to extract myself from the mud.

        I made it back to the Campground just before dark.

        I learned some lessons about wilderness safety that day, let me tell you. And, fortunately, I have not come close to duplicating that level of idiocy since.


        • OMG. Wow! I have always wanted to go up that way, too! Old Indian ruins? Now I will have to…when the mud dries?! I’m glad you made it out safely!

  37. Here’s another idea, what if you had to use the pictures in the book to find certain things. Kind of like an I spy book. What if you could find where the chest was if you could actually find the hidden chest somewhere in the book?

  38. I told you guys that there probably is more than one way to solve it, but what do I know? This is too funny , kinda fun but really funny

    • Hey everyone. Maybe only one person got the chest but everyone needs to admit we all won! Getting out and looking for it gave me some of the best times of my life. I know most of you will agree. Good luck to everyone.
      This community of searchers is really special. We all didn’t agree on things but I will say this. If someday the world falls apart and everyone is out for themselves. Let’s all meet at Osier Station. Together, this group of people would be just fine!

      There would be no other group of people I would trust more or rather be with! Thanks everyone !

      • Kee, please see my response from earlier if we meet, but I promise to share my steps-by-steps solve as to why Osier Station plays into my botg (and possibly your solve. I usually stay in Mogote, Co.. Anyway., Keith

  39. “ I always thought I deserved a throne”

    Here is my find

    Read the intro
    This is where warm waters halt
    Bionding, bending, twisting proteins, it prevents
    The weakening of proteins

    Why was Forrest’s ID picture in his book younger
    Than the date. You needed to find A picture of Forrest about 15yrs earlier than the book was published. Why was he always wearing a hat,
    The picture I found was of just Forrest’s eyes and
    Part of his face. Look at profiles in this site, type in Holotrono, his description is “gruen”, isn’t that
    The color of forests. Why am I the owner of the group profile, because that is the only way to prove I found it. I believe, just like many of you do
    that my find is correct. I had posted this picture
    At another site and a few days later came the comment, “Yes, it was me”. Please do not try to figure out who I am, that’s not what this hunt is about. Forrest asked “Give me time, I’ll be back”
    You get points for time running these programs. Join the group Holotrono
    Let’s together get Forrest back on top of the ranking, this will be his legacy. And I will give the group back to Forrest once we’re back on top.
    I work 50-60 hours a week, I don’t have access to
    A computer, I only have an old Apple 6, I phone which can not handle the downloads. I’m sure a lot of you are well equipped to handle this. Forget about the treasure, I always wanted the solve, I’
    May have found it, but join me to solve it and get
    Forrest back on top. There are plenty of gold coins to go around. Like I asked, if by chance you already know who I am, please for the love of God keep it to yourself. It’s not about me, it’s about Forrest.

  40. I’m simultaneously amused and annoyed by the regular posts here from individuals claiming to have definitively solved the poem’s clues. There have been hundreds of brazen claims over the years, searchers who were positive they cracked the code. I’m not sure what the motive is for such arrogance, but IMHO, only one person at most has done that to date. (It is possible that the finder stumbled onto the chest by accident. I hope that is not the case, but it is a possibility). Until we know what the correct 9 clues were, we are all just postulating.

    • Try not to be annoyed, because they could all be correct solves according to the “poem”…the poem is intentionally vague and can be applied to many places. For example, lots of folks go to the 9 Quarter Circle Ranch area and have different solves/search areas near there. I was one of those folks. Forrest almost puts a circle around that place in his story about Donnie and the lost stirrup. Too many “things” there and too many people going there to consider it “wrong” IMO. Does it hold “the solve”…I’m not arguing yay or nay.. on whether the chest was discovered there. I am arguing those people are correct ending up there though so I see what I can learn from them and enjoy their ride. I also lean towards thinking he wants you to visit there because he crafted the book after 9 QC Ranch, Taylor Creek, Covered Wagon Ranch, etc. were all well established. He could have put anything he wanted in his books, but he singled out things like a covered wagon with rubber tires for example…which sits in front of the ranch and rubber tire wagons aren’t necessarily the most common type. IMO… any solves that tie in things from Forrest’s stories and experiences are winning solves in a way as that is what he wanted. Sharing his experience and enjoying what he did…including the museums in Yellowstone, etc. Just my opinion. But don’t let it ____ you off. Not worth the effort it takes to be ____ off.

    • BeeKeeper,

      In my book, if the finder stumbled upon it then something had to have taken him there. Observation and problem solving were probably needed. Logic and luck.

      He figured enough out to get himself to the so that’s good enough for me. 30 days is now less than two weeks.


      • I wonder if someone followed the Redneck path to the treasure avoiding clues 3-9? Just stumbling on it after 2-3 clues.

      • ByeGeorge, I find it kinda ironic we’ve been indulgent for 10 pages now while waiting for the payoff, and yet no discussion of choosing “Indulgence” for the name of the chest.

        Yes- “30 days is now less than two weeks”… after that I’ll be adjusting my thrill to waiting for my tax return! 🙂

  41. I have come to accept that the search is over, and now hope that the finder is preparing a means to share his adventure with our searcher community. I would be thrilled at the prospect of watching a documentary that takes the viewer on the finder’s journey, ending in the big reveal, the location where the treasure was hidden. Someday I would love to retrace his or her steps and re-live their adventure. Plus, I want to appreciate first-hand what makes the location special to ff. Unfortunately, for this reason, the location may have to remain a secret…

  42. The pages should in the books are purposefully made heavy duty for using a highlighter. Use it and highlight words that catch your attention. Look for duplicate words. That will help you find the treasure site.

  43. Nearly every attraction in the greater Yellowstone area is either mentioned directly or indirectly via subtle hints. That is intentional IMO.

  44. If you get a road map of the US and highlight every city mentioned in the books you will see a route to Yellowstone appear from every direction in the country.

      • Interesting observation… I’m with you… there are multiple trails he “crafts” and that is why so many solves are “winning”. They go to places he wants you to go to, visits places he wants you to enjoy, etc. so everybody is convinced they have “the one” and you have to chase a lot of them or get really lucky with finding the right one first (IMO).

  45. You can especially see the route f took from Texas to Yellowstone. So why are you looking in New Mexico? 🙂

      • metaphorically speaking, he took the Flywater book and moved it to a shelf closer to his view. maybe so!

      • Never. He said it was in the Rocky Mountains and did not rule out any areas (Including Yellowstone) directly or indirectly. It’s important to … “ hear me all and listen good.” I don’t mean to be critical at all but some searchers aren’t listening closely enough to Forrest’s words, IMO.

        • Mr O,

          It was typical Fennspeak.
          Too many chasers don’t understand Fennspeak.

          He said it was not in close proximity to any human trail.
          He also said that Yellowstone was one place where you should always stay on the trails. That rules it out in my book.

          He also said it was not in a dangerous place. Anyplace where griz are accustomed to humans and their garbage, is dangerous. But I could be wrong.

          But what do I know… I have only dealing with Fennspeak for 8.5 years…

          Just sayin’…. no one has to listen.


          • I believe it to be in NM but Fenn does define close proximity as follows;
            Mysterious Writings – SIX QUESTIONS WITH FENN 2013
            2Q) You mention one of your most cherished items in your collection is the first arrowhead
            you ever found. Over the years, what are some other relics you were most thrilled to
            discover? And why?
            ⦁ In the Saharan desert of Libya I discovered thousands of war relics left over from the tank battles of WW-II: burned out tanks and shell casings were everywhere. And in close proximity were stone projectiles and crudely made hand axes that could have been 30,000 years old. I was looking at conflicts piled on top of conflicts. Who can imagine how many…
            so to me that says close proximity means not on a trail but, it could be very close to one. that’s my interpretation anyway.

          • Mr. O

            My solve?

            It’s not in Yellowstone. Nor is it in Griz country.

            I’ve been in the Griz back-country. Was in a few NPs where you couldn’t carry. Walked miles following fresh Griz tracks and scat. It was a great and fun time, but definitely not for children or greenies. Fenn said a child could go and get the chest. So Griz country is out. I don’t even like it much when I can carry. And you can’t carry in NPs. Nuff said.

            I can deal with black bears all day long and I don’t mind rattlers. I hate Griz, kitty cats, and peccary’s. Don’t ask why. Been all over the back-country in the west for over 40 years. My favorite areas in the Rockies are CO and NM. I also think they are the safest. Yes there are dangerous critters but if you are wise, CO and NM critters are easier to avoid.

            Watch for, and give, peccary’s and black bears a wide path, you can smell when you are in a kitties’ territory, and rattlers will be in the shade and warn you… except at night and early morning. Then they don’t usually rattle.

            Yes, Yellowstone is beautiful. But don’t go into the back country unless you really know what you are doing.



          • what about game trails?
            you gotta be pretty brave to walk a grizzly’s trail, especially if it is in the wood s.

          • Relative to artifacts stacked on top of each other. That was a more cryptic hint than what he provided later. Later on in the chase he became more obvious with his stories and messages. IMO the necklaces he debuted later say the same thing. The artifacts are clues/hints/things from the books, stories, etc. strung together (in very close proximity at times) via ‘your trail’. That trail can be a hiking trail, a highway or Forrest road from my experience. I have found clusters of no less than a dozen items this way. They are strung together like his crazy necklaces and make no sense except he references them in a book, story, etc. the closer you get to the final solve… the more clusters you will find and the more items clustered at a “spot” the more important it is…also…the closer to the end of the book…the closer to the end of the chase IMO. I have found things from the last picture in the book. So I believe I was in the final area…but couldn’t solve the last piece. The solutions get more difficult as you go necklaces/trails are simple early…like Finding the 9 QC ranch area….easy…one or two things here and there as you follow that trail. Later…up to 20 things at one location.

          • But, Timberwolf, regarding Fennspeak, Confucius says, that you can not relate one Fenn quote to another Fenn quote because it takes the latter Fenn quote out of context and is now viewed solely in the context of the former Fenn quote.

            I blacked out there for a second… what just happened?

          • furheaddy,

            Fenn only mentioned a human trail. Game trails are not included. Besides, I can assure you, that the griz (and many other critters) will take the human trails. They take what ever is the easiest and shortest path to their destination.

            I walked a beautiful 50+ mile trail in the North Cascades and saw griz tracks and scat the entire way. Many were extremely fresh. This trail went through some of the darkest daytime woods and through some brightest lit meadows (with lots of blueberries, blackberry, and raspberries all around) I have ever seen. Yes, it was a bit unnerving so one must be observant and aware at all times.


        • to me Fennspeak means listen to what he is whispering, not what he is yelling. example:
          line in poem …, and now I’m weak.
          to find that answer in the book you have to look when he was weak. the one that sticks out to me is in My War For Me in TTOTC when he is in shock and laying on the ground with his feet up until he gains his STRENGTH back. that was a whisper about weak. but that is just MHO.

  46. Kee! Osier station would be awesome! I hope your post gets lots of response. I’d travel from socal in a heartbeat for a meet-up. Hell, one more train ride for the road, right?

  47. I hope Forrest finishes and puts out his book Closet Stories Of Taos now…

    • And, as you likely know, Mark, plenty of lodgepole pine just east of Taos. I’m not the one who found the chest, but if I were a stargazer, I’d take my telescope to some gated ranch across from a certain ski resort near there.

  48. They say never put your success in someone else’s pocket . I say it was then and damn sure is now the safest place . I always said I would be back . 10 plus years Is a long time true why so long I don’t know . It damn sure hasn’t been fun . I tried to roll out yesterday had a blow out . Set me back but didn’t change my mind. The why is what always mattered to me more than the what. I didn’t give a damn what a person does as long as the why was understandable . I may have run out of time but wouldn’t be the first time (metaphorically) I don’t try to test peoples patience I spin my wheels as fast as they will go most of the time but I have been stuck in the mud a bit lately. The kindest old man pulled up in his little Dotson truck but I was too deep I guess and he looked like he was in a hurry . I probably should have known better but the fact is I’ll get out or they will call me the kamikaze mud monkey .

    • Life is like the water of a mountain river, Shadow. A turbulent journey, but eventually we reach those calmer waters, where all rivers become one.

      There we wait for the clouds to take us for futures new.

  49. Oh my word! I love the clever architecture of Fenn’s poem. At first I chuckled when the first 2 clues nailed down an area, but the imagery of one of the stanza’s made me laugh and laugh as its own treat while also doubly/triply confirming/refining some clues and a meta-clue.

    Then again, I believe Kansas’ song Portrait (He knew) is about Galileo and not who the credited artist claimed it was.

  50. I know a lot of searchers feel that Yellowstone is just TOO obvious, and they may be right. But I also felt that that would be right up Forrest’s alley. Putting it right in front of us for all to just keep looking beyond because surely it has to be more difficult then that…..not seeing the “Forrest” thru the trees. 🙂

    But IMO, in addition to the first stanza, there are several hints in TTOTC that point to Yellowstone as a “starting” place. That does not mean that the treasure is in the park, just that we start there. Of course the most popular place is Madison junction, but where the Gardiner river meets the Yellowstone river is another option. And there are several other places in the park that can fit that clue.

    But the thing that made me feel fairly confident with starting in Yellowstone were these 3, what I perceived to be, hints that wouldn’t take too much imagination. I realize the hints are all up for interpretation, and this is mine.

    The Totem Cafe/West Yellowstone Chapter
    Hot Springs?:
    Each dish and pan had to rewashed by hand, dipped in SCALDING WATER and dried. Whew! My hands turned WHITE AND HAD DEEP CANYONS IN THEM.

    Mud Pots?:
    What I really hated to wash were the GIANT KETTLES USED FOR MAKING BROWN GRAVY. THE SMELL TRUELY ASSAULTED MY SENSITIVITIES and that’s why I don’t eat brown gravy any more.


    What’s interesting about these “possible” hints is that Yellowstone is the only area in the rocky mountains to have all three geothermal features. Was this my only reason to focus on Yellowstone as a starting point? Not really. But it was a strong contender.

    I don’t claim to know where the TC was. Just throwing this out as more food for thought.

    Oh and Zap, fire away at me if I got this wrong! LOL! But that was the conclusion to my research on geothermal areas in the rockies.

    • I agree. Kettles are also geographical dips in the ground where glacial water melted.

      3rd stanza, 1st letters of lines = 6 20 20 10. To me, that’s a date. Zap said it’s too late for ff to have hidden the chest then, and I listen when he ‘speaks’ here.

      But, in any case, 6/20 was the day YNP opened every year when ff was growing up.

      • Thanks for sharing 6 20 20 10. It could be a way to write 11. A number that comes up often and IMO is the ‘address’ to a place he spent time at. I have been there a few times and I’m not highly confident in this part…but I am looking at Once Upon A While…as it hides another way to write 11 (once is Spanish for 11) and is crafted to give another clue if I’m correct. I just haven’t applied that clue. It was on my to do list and I won’t return there for a while. If ever.

      • Believe me, Lady V, I wanted my Father’s Day/Sunday/End-of-spring (Spring Break) theory to be correct on that. But Forrest killed that idea by refuted it twice this year, on both occasions saying the chest was where he hid it *over* ten years ago. So that means August or September 2009. I’d still be curious to know the last time Doug Preston saw the treasure. Or better yet, I’d like to know the last person to see the treasure in Forrest’s vault.

        • I am not sayin you are right or wrong… but Forrest is crafty and can say things without saying them. Did he ever say he took two trips to bury the chest specifically? Or chest and treasure? I always read he said treasure which in his world could mean the contents of the chest. He uses the words chest and treasure in the poem and they are different (separate things) in the poem and the solves I’ve worked. There are some stories or something where he mentions ‘testing his site’…as in… he could have put the chest there first and checked it over the years to see if it had been tampered with before committing to it. I don’t recall where I came across that line of thinking but it seems reasonable as he had 25 years to plan it. Also, It was many years ago when I read that theory and the dates and numbers didn’t intrigue me until later in the chase. But IMO If he only says he hid the treasure…that leaves open the possibility he took the treasure only(contents) of the chest. So you could be right. He may have hid the chest on your date, but that is off the top of my head. I have not researched this today to verify what he said each time re what he carried on two trips.

          • Guys! Havent you think yet that two trips means two locations!!!!!
            Two is the most important word that FF uses!!! Look at everything he said before in book, comments, interviews….and in the tc!

          • As a side note..l I think that also means…a different state as a New Mexico plate doesn’t stand out in New Mexico. Otherwise… no need to switch cars unless the treasure is in Santa Fe where people could tell his ‘Jeep’ from others. Just my opinion.

          • Pbee…yes, that could be in play for sure IMO. That is the type of complexity he built in to the chase as he mentions the middle a lot as well. Exiting out back. Milk run (circular run), Etc. he could mean 2 paths but same spot. Hard to tell without the treasure there any more.

          • I had a theory at one time…his trip back to the car was his lunch break from fishing. It could be a lot of things. Hence…10 years to crack the code. He can say 2 trips to hide the treasure and he meant in his mind…to put his DVR pepper and lunch box in the water to,keep,it cool,while he fished. Crafty s o b.

          • Two very different places! He flew to
            The area, then took a car (no rental) to one place, then another trip…

          • a post disappeared… to clarify… i made mistake above… i think it is possible the chest was hid on one date and the treasure was added later… so you could be correct zap if i’m reading your stuff correctly.

          • Pbee: no, I have never thought that. Your theory would seem to be disproved by Forrest’s answer to one of the Six Questions in 2013:

            “One thing is certain, when a person discovers that beautiful bronze chest and opens it for the first time and sees the bracelet with hundreds of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, and the 265 gold coins and hundreds of placer nuggets, he will be in awe. It is easy for me to predict the expression on his their face.”


          • I found that reference to two trips, canasta, – and more- in a memoir based at a location that one of the ttotc chapters takes place in.

        • One other observation I haven’t read in a post. Forrest only confirms 1 and 2 trips were taken. He never says 3, 4, or 5 or more were not taken so I never got hung up on 2 trips. So if he says two trips for the contents of the chest (treasure)..he could have taken a third or more for the chest, the blaze, a rock to put on the chest, his fishing chair, etc. Maybe 3 or more is a clue like the Rosetta Stone…same ‘story’ 3 times.

          • And on that same note, he also never said there were ONLY 9 clues in the poem. There were at least 15 in my opinion. I tend to believe he said 9 because of where it fell on the map in TFTW.

          • Gus;

            In the introduction to the poem in TTOTC Forrest says:

            “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure.”

            If following the nine clues precisely will lead to the treasure, isn’t he saying that there are only nine (That matter)? YOU may think that there are more, but that does not make it so. YOUR solve may include more than nine, but that is just because you count the clues differently than Forrest … and most of us. Fact – Forrest has repeatedly said there are nine. Why would he say nine if there are more? What would he be gaining? JMO – JDA

          • Well i cannot tell u more because your jaw would drop on the ground!!!i am past wwwh and believe me it is f$&@&&g hard to get there, still looking for hob!

          • Gus and JDA… I think you are both correct from different points of view. In short, the 9 clues change over time… there are more than one WWWH for example… and they start to repeat numbers…which might tie into the “precision” forrest keeps talking about. I couldn’t get GPS coordinate to work… or the ones i put together didn’t look good so i didn’t pursue them. So… there could be a lot of clues that are repeats of the 9 and or pointed to by the 9. That is my opinion…as that is what i have found. I first noticed this when i had solves that daisy chained together successfully… in other words… the “chest” to find wasn’t the actual chest…but something you needed to learn/see and add to your chest of knowledge. Like the rosetta stone…imo… Forreset repeats the story and there are 3 main versions of the story – 1 based out of West Yellowstone – 2 based out of Santa Fe and 3 – based out of a location “in the middle” of the first two. but… i don’t have the treasure so it is all supposition at this point.

          • i believe his reference to the Rosetta Stone was that stone is written in 3 languages; hieroglyphics, egyptian demotic script and greek. if i remember correctly, the greek text was instrumental in deciphering the hieroglyphics. personally i think he set ttotc up the same way. there are many ways to interpret what he wrote, while all definitions are true only one will match the picture. that should help you cut through the confusion. maybe, just mho

        • i wouldn’t give up on 6 20 20 10 zap…if you are a believer in it… it is a way of writing 11. 11 is an important number and an “address to a place” that i’m confident Forrest spent time at, with his family, friends and alone while fishing. I have looked at 6 20 20 10…today and just a cursory look…it fits that spot if you read it this way… when you are at 11, look at your six and you will see (20/20) 10. Without BOTG i can’t investigate the rest of it, but it fits nicely. Do you have other numbers you are convinced about?

          • i don’t want to lead you with “answers”… but have you come across Maestro (NW on a compass rose), NW, Northwest, North West or some other NW and numbers? or anything that ties into Mike Hall, Paul Dyck, Eric’s picture of “horses asses”, or the BIP… and numbers in those?

          • Zap..another thing Forrest could do to turn things around on you… is use thee terms,..”same day”. The way he works…that same day could be Sunday, or Father’s Day, or the summer solstice. He is very crafty at not allowing folllow up questions sometimes and or questions that are crafted to take the wiggle room out. I can tell you… I went to church 3000 times on the same day and that is not a lie.

          • DW24: I see no way to twist Forrest’s words to suit a multi-day hiding scenario:

            “I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f”

            And, even more clearly in the Ripley’s Believe It or Notcast at the 23:40 mark:

            “Well, I’ve said many times that … don’t look for the treasure someplace where a 79- or 80-year-old man couldn’t go twice in one afternoon. I mean, I took … the gold in one time, and then I came back to my car, I got the treasure chest, and I took it in. I didn’t want to carry 42 pounds at one time, and the gold was about half the weight of the chest, so it worked out really good. And I went to where I hid that chest – I did it twice in one afternoon from my car.”

          • Zap…thanks for the reply and the detail. That Ripleys is pretty clear. I didn’t recall hearing him use both the chest and treasure in the same conversation before so I figured it was worth throwing out there for you. Hope it didn’t take much digging or you didn’t waste much time. My bad.

          • dw24: no worries, and no — it takes no time at all. I’ve got all of these quotes and links in a searchable Word document.

          • I wonder if the finder made 2 trips back to his sedan in one afternoon….

    • geysergirl, IMO, “IT” is the Firehole River, and if you take it to the Midway Geyser Basin, look at the Big Picture, as Mr. Fenn suggested, and use your imagination

    • Hey Geyser,

      I think Yellowstone is a place where Fenn spent a lot of time as a kid, you know, because he said so. And I’d bet by the time he got a little more grown it got a little boring and he started viewing the boundaries of the park as a restriction

      In that case, Yellowstone would become sort of a safe space and the surrounding areas would become the wild.

      And when he was a child he did childish things, but when he became a man he put away childish things and started doing man-sized childish things.

      I don’t think that’s how the saying goes, I’m just paraphrasing. I think you get what I’m saying though.

      • Hey AkB! Where u b all this time! I was in Yellowstone for a few days and just finished catching up.

        And yes, I get exactly what you mean. It will be interesting to see just how the finder decides to ultimately play his cards. I would love to know all the answers we seek, but I’m also OK it he chooses to stay silent. It’s just been one H%^! of a ride that’s been lots of fun!

        • I’ve been around Geyser, reading and thinking, and opening my mouth a little too much.

          Sometimes Dal decides to close it for me. Can’t blame him for that.

          • LOL! Well I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Glad to see you’re behaving yourself enough to not get the Dal Ax……. 😉

  51. Nice. I see your line of thinking. I have a solve that starts at Madison and ends at the Museum in West Yellowstone. IMO…my first successful solve because it was…obvious in some ways (as you mention) and simple. It was the beginning of my learning curve…like “Following Forrest 101” so to speak. Lots of things helped me make that connection…pictures from pages 122/123 included which were in plain sight. That set the hook and I kept going for another 9 years. lol…. and i’m still going in some way. What i would say is…IMO it is daisy chained with other solves…which is one lesson i learned. Forrest had to pound some things into our heads to get us to think like him… “Canyon Hands” being an idea…or “Home of Brown” being his mom’s oven.

  52. What did where warm waters halt mean…
    Probably not what most people thought.
    We know warm waters can be considered
    a creek. A river is considered cold water.
    So what made the correct wwwh identifiable. Remember the story about the
    horseshoe in TTOTC….He mentioned having a horseshoe made for him and being richer for it. Remember the comment about if you don’t have the first clue “nailed” down you might as well stay home and play canasta. What do you train a horse to do ? Halt. Horseshoe Creek,
    “Halts” at the Stillwater River in Nye Montana.

    • i think it meant 6 different things and they are all correct from one location. especially since it plural. i also believe not all the definitions have to do with liquid. example; orange river road, santa fe lake, santa fe river, orange river cemetary, etc. all meeting at the same location and for one reason or another they halt either temp or perm. at least that’s how my WWWH works out.

  53. So that’s it then? No more Scrapbooks, No more Vignettes? Just flip the switch to OFF and let them deal?

    • a rock,

      That sounds like a personal problem for some. For myself It’s a relief. The rollercoaster ride took me to places that has left a lasting impression beyond my wildest imagination.

      It was fun. Hands down the most fun EVER!!! It’s a win win for me. But I’m not 100% convinced it’s over.

      Time will tell? Does Forrest have us frozen in time right now? Does the Shepherd leave his flock? Or was this needed to complete the Royal Flush? Or is Forrest going to go down in HisStory as the greatest Trickster /SLASH/ Genius EVER! And maybe the haters have tricked themselves which makes this even better.

      Could be wrong but Forrest does everything for a reason. Look in the mirror and you’ll see.

      And hey everybody, don’t forget that JDA has set up a GoFundMe page for a book of poems by our good friend Focused. Every little bit is appreciated.


    • Why does everyone think silence is the end? It is just a chapter in the story in my eyes.

      Chapters begin with a word and end with the same. All those words in the middle just blend. The amount of words or time it takes to read them is irrelevant. The knowledge and wisdom derived from what is written is the important part. All we need is patience.

      Enjoy the chapter. Lets await the last word. Then, excitedly, we turn the page and begin a new…

      • BigO,

        Begin a new…place of residence? Did you move? Duel citizenship? I had to chuckle.


        • …magic, ByGeorge.

          A navy SEAL never reveals,
          the skills he used to right.
          Slips ashore, then conceals,
          for honor worth twice the fight.

          • Wow! That’s beautiful, Big Onus.

            Would love to get your thoughts on the honor code found amongst pirates, rustlers and thieves. Good chance that out of necessity the Finder fancies himself to be one of those types, instead.

          • But the Army is the bestest,
            Better than the restest,
            The world will always testus,

            Man, poetry is hard.

  54. “(Yellowstone) … I absolutely love that place”, he said. So why did he make it so obvious? Here’s why I think he did that. That’s the easy part. He gave that away because the remainder of the puzzle is so difficult and takes so darn long to complete. If you don’t get the first clue you don’t have anything. First one’s easy. After that you pay dearly for progress. It’s like a high school football game in the mud. You have to fight and struggle for every inch. That I think is a fitting analogy to the Chase.

  55. I believe the chest was hidden in CO at Mt. KIA/MIA, specifically at the Shirley Townsite along Silver Creek.

    IMO, the 2nd stanza tells us to begin below the home of brown where the warm waters halt, and then take the water south through the canyon.

    If you begin at Poncha Springs and follow Poncha Creek south toward Poncha Pass, you’re actually going up in elevation and up the creek. That’s because the creek flows north instead of south. Poncha Pass is different than most mountain passes in that the mountain runs east/west and the road runs north/south. Think backward bicycle.

    If you follow Poncha Creek about 5 miles south, it turns west at Mears Junction. If you continue to follow it, you’ll turn right onto CR200 toward Marshall Pass, and to the Shirley Townsite where you’ll see a way marker on the left, and a directional sign on the right pointing to Marshall Pass and O’Haver Lake. The way marker tells you about an aerial ore tram that used to run from Bonanza 8 miles to the south, over the mountains and stopping at Shirley where the ore would be loaded onto the train. Heavy loads and water high is the aerial tram and O’Haver Lake. And they’re both high.

    If you’ve been wise and stopped and read the way marker, you would know that the blaze is the aerial tram trails that can still be seen coming across the mountain. The way marker tells you that the only thing left of Shirley is the tram trails and the concrete footings. Remember Forrest’s childhood home in TX that burned and the only thing left is the concrete steps?

    When you arrive at Shirley, you’ll also see a sign for Gray’s Creek. Remember his grandmother who he described has having a gray personality and always wearing gray? Not far past Gray’s Creek is Milk Creek, Box Creek, Beaver Creek, Starvation Creek (bring a sandwich?). Nelson Creek is on the other side of Marshall Pass. Remember the guy named Nelson who sent him the jacket? The Phantom of Marshall Pass is an old legend about a ghost train and a conductor named Nelson.

    Overlooking Shirley Townsite is Devil’s Armchair which sits atop Mt. Ouray. Remember when he said quit armchairing that thing to death? And get back in the box? It’s all there at Shirley. Also above Shirley is Murphy’s Hole. Just how deep is a hole, anyway?

    If you continue through Shirley to the left (nigh) along Silver Creek, you’ll see the concrete footings and eventually the tram trails. When the trails start coming into view, there’s a pullout spot on the left. It’s the only pullout spot there is, except for a dispersed camping site.

    If you stop at the pullout (marvel gaze) and look quickly down, you’ll see a sign that reads “The White House Christmas Tree for Peace, John F. Kennedy, President 1962, the first White House Christmas Tree from Colorado.” As you’re standing there looking down, directly behind you is Mt. KIA/MIA. Forrest himself was MIA for at least 12 hours when he was shot down in Vietnam. He walked through his door in TX on Christmas Eve.

    KIA/MIA was officially named in 2006. The man responsible for it was Bruce Salisbury, a military pilot from NM who served in Korea. I’m betting Forrest knew him. His first attempt at getting it named was denied because the name didn’t fit with the names of the surrounding peaks. So he hired an expert in the Ute language who determined that the sound phrase keeyah meeyah in the Ute language means a place where people are at peace or walking around laughing. Didn’t Forrest say he started laughing when he walked back to his car?

    And further down the road, past some summer homes is a feature called The Gate (portal) which sits across from the Rainbow Trail.

    Of everything in the chest, the only thing Silver was the bracelet, which is the only thing he wanted back. Remember in the Indiana Jones movie where he had to choose chalice, and instead of choosing the ornate gold ones, he knew to choose the lowly wooden one because Jesus was a carpenter? Well, the Indiana Jones in me says if you want to find the gold, you need to look for the silver. If you’re standing at the overlook spot, Silver Creek is about 50 ft below you. If you listen good you can hear it, and if you’re willing to cross it and get cold, your effort would be worth it. There is a bridge further down the road, but you can’t see it from that spot.

    If you are brave (like a soldier?) and in the wood…. you know he rest.

    If you look on Google Earth and find the tram trails, you’ll see that one of them gets a little broken up as it comes into Shirley. That’s because there’s a clearing in some spots, but if you draw an imaginary line (use your imagination), you’ll see where it ends. And although the trails are not impossible to remove, it isn’t feasible to try.

    If you do some research on Mt. KIA/MIA, you’ll see that Royce Raven and his son climbed to the summit with all the military flags for a dedication ceremony. Remember the poem written in The Raven style and signed by the Phantom? The KIA/MIA logo has a lightning bolt (remember the horse named Lightning), and also a dove with an olive branch or laurel branch in its mouth. He left a branch in the chest. Coincidence?

    Bruce Salisbury’s wife Dottie was always searching for a bell to ring at military funerals. Forrest sure did mention bells a lot. Bruce died in fall of 2017 and his tribute told about how he never gave up getting KIA/MIA named. I believe it was his death and consequent tribute/memorial that may have given Forrest his gut feeling that someone would figure it out that following search season. I also believe Bruce may have been the 200 ft searcher, if there ever was one. Keep in mind, it’s CR200 that runs into Shirley.

    This particular area is at the edge of a dispersed campsite and has very lush vegetation in the summer. Tall grass, yellow and purple flowers, berries and mushrooms. And no human trail in very close proximity. The road that was cleared in 1962 to get the Christmas tree out is used as a horse trail. Right in front of the sign is a hole in the ground that is covered with a flat disc stone that marks the spot where the tree was. Remember the hole in San Lazaro covered by a disc where he found the food storage container. Coincidence? And didn’t he say “The tree grows slowly but the earth is patient”?

    When I first arrived there, I found what at first glance appeared to be a doggie grave. There was a cross (the oldest known symbol for treasure) and a circle of rocks with one in the center, like a bullseye ( a symbol for gold). The center rock has what appears to be a map painted on it. Nothing related to dogs or pets of any kind. Believe me when I tell you there was nothing buried there. Nothing but dirt.

    The map led to a golden currant bush. (Title to the gold?) Did you know that golden currants have yellow flowers that turn to purple? Of course it only blooms in late spring and summer. Did you also know that they have a sweet fragrance that smells like cloves? Remember the spice drawer? And didn’t Forest always say wait until summer?

    Although I couldn’t find the chest, I firmly believe I found the location.

    I’ve probably left some stuff out, but I encourage you to do your own research on this. Everything I’ve mentioned here ties in to things Forrest has mentioned in his books and scrapbooks. I bet you can look back through all his stories and comments and find many more connections. Hints at JFK, hints at Shirley (Temple), hints at Colorado. They’re everywhere.

    Of course this is all in my opinion.

    • I forgot to add that the cross and the bullseye represents the hint of riches new and old. It’s the hints that are new and old, not the riches. Cross = old hint, and bullseye = new hint.

      The first stanza of the poem tells us that he’s going to leave hints at the location. “I can keep my secret where AND hint of riches new and old.” I also believe that stanza tells us the chest was buried. San Lazaro’s secrets have been buried for hundreds of years, and he’s been excavating them for some time. He even wrote a book about it entitled The SECRETS of San Lazaro. I believe his use of the word “secret” in the poem is telling us he buried it.

      All my opinion.

    • Hey Gus… you are right IMO.. I found multiple crosses (or cross shaped things) during the chase that were blazes and each one had something I was supposed to find nearby, learn from it and move on. For example, a cross on the bottom of a water tower.

  56. O-mer-ta’ (the code of silence) will be broken with the premiere of the blockbuster movie coming to the big screen near you.

    Imagine the soundtrack of Americana music and spectacular HD images of the Rocky Mountains in all four search states. Now while we are fantisizing it might be apprapo to envision Harrison Ford playing Forrest Fenn.Subplots could showcase the history of the First Nations, The Mountain Men, The Gold Rushes, The entire flick could be the SOLVING of each of the nine clues.At the end we would be shown the treasure and it’s contents splashed across the silver screen. I’ll see you at the concession. Make mine a bucket of popcorn and I’ll take one of those boxes of Milk Duds and throw in one of those All Day Suckers.

    • Yes, yes, yes.
      There’s just no limit to it.
      Gonna definitely need an intermission – kinda like a seventh inning stretch.
      You can have the popcorn, I’ll take some skiddles and a rainbow lollipop.
      Maybe some cotton candy too.
      Hark – I hear a bell ringing.

      • Yup, seventh innings……..crack that ball from the east……toward the stand……..through the church window……into the wind.

      • Skiddles . . .
        Very interesting . . .

        Skittles . . .
        Remove T, replace with D

        Platte . . .
        Remove T, replace with D . . .
        Rearrange slightly . . .

        Voila: Paddle!

        Yep, I searched a few coordinates along the South Platte River, too. Nada.

        I probably suck at orienteering.


  57. a question for the well versed. ( hehe)
    it’s to my understanding that the location of the treasure was special to Forrest prior to the creation of the treasure hunt.

    do you think he mentions it anywhere in his pre and/or post treasure hunt writings?
    thanks for your thoughts.

    • My Solve: Slightly cleaned up but not quite ready to publish.

      Custer Gallatin National Forest Area, Beartooth (I believe Mr. Fenn spent time there when he was younger)

      *As I have gone alone in there
      *And with my treasures bold,
      Mr. Fenn’s treasures b-old. It is his lifetime collection of items that he was going to take to the grave. The finder must technically enter a different area: into the mountain range canyon/blaze & into Custer Gallatin National Forest.

      *I can keep my secret where,
      *Hint of riches new and old
      This hint gives the searcher a starting point. Look for areas where other treasures have been found. I read about another treasure in this area. One possibility that I found is at 12,649-foot Mount Wood, located near the head of the Fishtail Creek drainage, the second-highest peak in the Beartooths. It was named after A.B. Wood, a friend of surveyor James P. Kimball, who named the mountain in 1898. According to Turiano, Wood climbed the peak with photographer Anders Wilse on Sept. 11, 1898, after crossing from Goose Lake. During his peak-bagging adventures, Fagg found a small metal frog and the name Salo in a cache atop a 12,000-foot peak. I believe Forrest had a gold frog in his chest. Was this a hint? Forrest also included a stick that was carved into a goose head and neck. Was this the item that would make you smile when you open the chest? I smiled and was in awe when I saw the photograph and feel that it reinforces my solve for his poem. Someone posted a time line of Mr. Fenn’s life. They listed “Journal of a Trapper: Gallatin National Forest” between 1940 & 1950.

      *Begin it where warm waters halt
      I begin where Stillwater River Starts. If you look at a map to the west is Mt. Abundance, Lake Abundance and Woodbine Trailhead. I believe Forrest initially called the treasure “Abundance”. It is where Goose Creek intersects Stillwater River. Notice the stick carved into a goose neck & head on top in the treasure chest. Goose Creek flows into Goose Lake. The waters aren’t really halting if they are flowing down a canyon, so he must not be stating it in a literal fashion. This River warms up during the day. Mr. Fenn is an avid fisherman. The solution should surely contain great fishing waters, but not obvious waters that are over fished. The “hoot owl” restrictions mean that anglers may not fish between 2 p.m. and midnight each day. The restrictions are triggered when water temperatures in reach at least 73 degrees for three consecutive days. This location has had such restrictions placed on it.

      *And take it in the canyon down
      *Not far but too far to walk
      Continue to follow Stillwater River through the canyon toward Nye. As you travel down the River, through the canyon, Wildcat Mountain is on the Left. Forest’s cat posts may have been referencing Wildcat Mountain. From the beginning to the end is too far to walk.

      *Put in below the home of Brown
      There is a put in along Stillwater River. The put in is the Old Nye Picnic Area and Fishing Access. Sioux Charley’s is the Home of Brown. He could have been joking about the name “Charlie Brown”. Reference Mr. Fenn’s scrapbook about comics and his statement that during his late pre-teen years he was really into reading funny books. Sioux Charley is a white man adopted by the Sioux Indians as a small child built a cabin at the lake where he lived for several years. Sioux Charley was also reportedly in charge of a mail route and wagon road up the Stillwater drainage to Cooke City, so Sioux Charley knew the Area well and it could be considered his home. Me and Mummy Joe scrap book about giving a name to the mummy also supports this location for Home of Brown. What is Sioux Charley’s last Name?

      *From there it is no place for the meek
      I believe Forrest is referring to Buffalo Jump. Forgotten Memories scrapbook… George Dabich…Buffalo Skulls…Nuff said.

      * The end is drawing ever nigh…
      Continue toward Nye Montana along 419 (Nye Road). Just past Nye Creek to the right and we are very close now. The road begins to curve in this area. To get to this location, you turn off NF419 onto Nye Cemetery Road, then Buffalo Jump, then Pishkun, then Sioux Trail. From here you will have to walk. This is a relatively easy location for a 70 year old man to reach. Nye Cemetery Road….the end is every drawing nigh.
      *There’ll be no paddle up your creek
      *Just Heavy Loads and Water High
      Initially, I went to Beehive. In Beehive, you will find Bad Canyon Creek. You weren’t bad, so you won’t get the paddle! There are many draws along Bad Canyon Creek (Long, Rusel, Lundy, Winge, Trail, Oliver, Griffin). But I believe Forrest Stated that solvers were close and went right past the Indulgence. I also think that Forrest provided another hint with his clove story. He stated that cloves sting and he would advise staying away. While this is not part of the correct location, it is an area that is referenced in Mr. Fenn’s writings. I believe the creek Forrest is talking about is Burnt Creek (part of the blaze). You would not be able to paddle up this creek and it runs high up into the mountains where there are many large heavy boulders and spurs. The heavy loads are the spurs hanging like large canopies. He is telling us what to look for because we are travelling around a corner and someone could miss these details and go to Bad Canyon Creek and Beehive.
      *If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
      *Look quickly down, you quest to cease
      I think the blaze is Burnt Creek and the mountain canyon it runs through. Look and travel clock wise. Technically you will be looking south which can be considered down. Also since you are travelling around a right hand corner, the road will be sloping to the right, so you will be sloping to the right and down will be to the right based on your immediate location. This matters because the elevation of what you are looking at is higher on both the right and left side at a distance from the present location. If you look south along Burnt Creek, you will see it flows through two nice mountain peaks that resemble double omegas ΩΩ. There appear to be canopies of rock that can be seen from google earth. A spur is a lateral ridge or tongue of land descending from a hill, mountain or main crest of a ridge. This area has many spurs. Spurs are star shaped. Under a canopy of spurs (stars).

      *But tarry scant with marvel gaze
      What is East (to the left of) of Burnt Creek? Black Butte is East of Burnt Creek. Travel to Nye Cemetery Road to get close to the blaze and you will be in line with Black Butte if looking south.

      * So why is it that I must go
      *And leave my trove for all to seek
      *The answers I already know
      *I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.
      To get to the blaze, take Nye Cemetery Road, Buffalo Jump Road, Pishkun Road, and at the Y take Sioux Trail. From this point you need to get out of your vehicle and walk to the hiding spot that a 70 year old man could easily walk in an afternoon (3,000 ft). I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak may reference being burned out….Burnt Creek. Answers are in the name Indulgence. In the Roman Catholic Church, a grant by the Pope of remission of the temporal punishment in purgatory still due for sins after absolution. Very possible that the final resting spot has Native American ties and Mr. Fenn is giving back for having made a fortune from selling/trading Native American artifacts.

      *So hear me all and listen good,
      *Your effort will be worth the cold.
      This solve area should produce echoes in the canyon. When his spurs are jingling we should pay attention. A spur is a lateral ridge or tongue of land descending from a hill, mountain or main crest of a ridge. This area has many spurs. Spurs are star shaped. Looking under a canopy of spurs (stars) within the blaze area to find the treasure will be worth the cold. We know what we are looking for and it should not be difficult to find. Are there stars carved into these canopies/spurs or on the mountain side?

      *If you are brave and in the wood
      *I give you title to the gold.
      This mountain range is Mount Wood/Mount Wood East. Woodbine is also in this area. This location is a National Forest Boundary and you must technically enter the National Forest. He is giving the finder permission to take his treasure that he left in this location.

      A Few Side Notes:
      • Mr. Fenn is a clever man and was a pilot. In my opinion there has to be a couple pieces of the solve that reflect these things. He is not going to just tell you where to go and take his treasure. I believe that 2 of these clever items are “Home of Brown” and “Look Quickly Down”. Why not use a last name that no one can verify! Clever indeed! When you need to look quickly down there area elevation issues that can be justified, but these are common issues that a pilot would have to be able to deal with.
      • The name of Mr. Fenn’s Treasure is a huge clue. One definition of Indulgence is a grant by the Pope of remission of the temporal punishment in purgatory still due for sins after absolution. Very possible that the final resting spot has Native American ties. Mr. Fenn has made a fortune selling or trading Native American items.
      • This solve passes Rainbow Ranch Road…..Have we found Mr. Fenn’s Rainbow?
      • A spur is a lateral ridge or tongue of land descending from a hill, mountain or main crest of a ridge. It can also be defined as another hill or mountain range which projects in a lateral direction from a main hill or mountain range.
      • Mr. Fenn stated that it is a place where a 70 year old man can go. This place is sort of hidden, but easy for a 70 year old man to get to.
      • Did anyone ever notice the bear’s head under the boulder above the water sign on p. 122? Or the face of a man to the left of the boulder? Any thoughts on how they fit into the solution? I believe this solution answers these questions.
      • Stillwater County resident Jim Annin set down his memory of the legend behind the river in his book “Eighty Years of Memories on the Banks of the Yellowstone.” He originally published the recollection in 1916 in a collection of writings titled “They Gazed Upon the Beartooths.” This may have inspired Mr. Fenn’s Once Upon a While book title.
      • Arrowhead Bible College is in the vicinity of this solve. Some of Mr. Fenn’s most valued possessions, but I do not think that this college gave him an honorary degree. If I was such an authority I would give him an honorary degree!
      • The photo provided that shows a stick carved into a goose/swan/duck is what Mr. Fenn said would put a smile on the finder’s face. It made me smile and say “Holy SH_T!” when I saw the photo! This simple item matters and is a key element to solving the location of the treasure.
      • Happy Birthday June Gay Fenn! I am sorry for your loss Mr. Fenn! I hope this solve puts a smile on your face today.

      • I spent a day searching around Woodbine Falls. As I did not have a coordinate in hand, my search there failed. But I completely agree with your thoughts on why this could have been a very suitable, yet irrational, search solution.

        Great thoughts! I really enjoyed reading your detailed review!

      • You have some things correct IMO.
        I agree that Sioux Charley Lake is the Home of Brown.
        Remeber the story about John Charles whatever waiving the olive jar….

    • IMO, Mr Fenn has tried to help everyone get to the place that is special to him. It is plausible that he has mentioned this place prior to IT being found. Likely an indirect reference; you’d have to know where to look to pick it up.

  58. i figured home of brown was where the brown word was in the poem which was Colorado draw a .the poem is written right by the map line under brown across on the map .

  59. In retrospect, this ending of Chase doesn’t surprise me that much. In fact I was wrestling with this type of outcome before it occurred. Here is the problem I was having: Fenn mentions in his book TTOC that he put an old chest in the Rocky mountains, a museum piece, a chest dating back centuries. Think about that for a moment. Would it be ethical to put such an artifact in any place it would be damaged? And what about contents such as pre-Columbian artifacts? Fenn the collector putting into a place they can be damaged, the elements, valuable artifacts? That’s unethical, and inconsistent with the better nature of Fenn as portrayed throughout the Chase.

    But here’s the shocking part: To the best of my knowledge I have not read a single post by anyone on any site associated with the Chase who mentions this inconsistency; not a single post questioning the ethics of putting an artifact in a place, the elements, where it can be damaged. I concluded before even end of Chase that Fenn did not put such a chest into the Rocky mountains but something else. After the Chase concluded, I realized either: A chest was not put into the Rocky mountains or it was put in a very safe place or it had to be really protected somehow or something else was actually placed in the wilderness.

    Continuing, a second big problem is the potential location of chest. The more beautiful, special the place the less a person can reveal it because of potential harm done to the place by the usual people on pilgrimage to places which acquire an aura. And the reverse is true as well: The less beautiful, rare the place, say a piece of desert ground where you can erect a burning man statue or have a car rally or motorcycle race the more you can reveal the location because of no fear of damage to the place.

    It’s a catch-22: The more valuable and capable of being damaged by the elements the objective, the treasure, the more you question the ethics about engaging in the Chase, in fact whether it’s on the level: Who would trust someone who actually puts museum pieces into places where they can be damaged? But the less valuable the objective, say a token such as a painted rock that can be redeemed for a reward, the more this ethical quandary is eliminated. Also, again, the less capable of being damaged the location of “treasure” the more you can talk about it at end of treasure hunt.

    So Fenn’s hunt suffers from these two problems: Supposedly something valuable and capable of being damaged put into a location which cannot be revealed because it’s a special place and might be damaged by those making pilgrimage. We have seen photos of supposedly a damaged museum worthy chest. Do we want to see photos next of the damaged location by searchers flocking to the place?

    I don’t know how to answer any of these questions. The Chase is not just a complex intellectual problem, it’s terribly difficult to answer from the ethical standpoint. But I will say this: Somehow I still trust Fenn. Even if he made mistakes in design of Chase I still trust he tried to do right. I can sense in pattern of TTOC rightness of intention.

    • FF knew the risks of exposure. brass and gold do not deteriorate in the outdoors. That is why he used sealing wax to seal the jar with his life story on paper. He only put things in the chest that would stand up to nature for a long time. The rusted key is probably something he overlooked.
      As to why he used something so valuable was to make more people search for it.

  60. geysergirl, what if “IT” was Firehole River, and all of the other hints and clues led you to Midway Geyser Basin, look at the big picture?

  61. If the treasure chest took ten years to find when it was sitting out in the open in the Rocky Mountains, imagine how difficult it might be to find that spot now that it is gone. The next finder better be really good. Better. Sherlock Holmes maybe. No worries. It’s The Thrill of the Chase. We have the best treasure searchers in the world on it even now. These guys are good!

    Don’t go away. Stay tooned. We’ll be back …

    • It was hidden more than ten years ago, yes, but the length of time it took to be found is dependant on when the finder first read the poem.


      • BigO,

        Very true! He might have read the poem last year for the first time. And that’s nice looking Betterfly. It looks much butter!


  62. What if this were the final location?

    What if someone was trying to give you the solution and when you saw it, you were disappointed? Were you disappointed it because you didn’t figure it out or because it was not what you expected? Does that make it any less important to the architect? What if you glanced at it and immediately dismissed it? How many times did that person try to provide the solution?

    What if a person didn’t want to make anyone feel stupid but also wanted to see how much faith was out there that what a picture is showing you can’t be wrong regardless of how the clues got you there?

    Why is it that after 8+ years everyone assumed that warm waters was unequivocally associated with a body of water? Would you think that after all that time someone would have identified it? What if it wasn’t a body of water but rather something to do with how it makes it (or not makes it) warm. Would you be disappointed again? Would it be more brilliant than you expected? Would it explain why nobody would have found it unless they started asking “What if?”? What if the architect provided the starting place all along and, again, you dismissed it as illogical or something that Forrest would never have done.

    Is it possible nobody knows him as well as you think? It is possible nobody knows him at all? The final question to ask is if you think he would have ever written about the place that he chose (or chose him) don’t you believe you would be wrong? If a place was that special, and special is a matter of perspective to the person finding it, why would you ever explicitly mention it. You wouldn’t.

    Perhaps the value of the journey is that there is a special place like this out there for all of us. That is the real story he has not told yet. The why. Is there one out there for me, for you? When you ask that question and look at the image, perhaps you will realize that was the question that was not asked from the beginning the correct way.

    You should also ask yourself if the website that claims they found it is correct. I am in no way affiliated with it but there are so many factors in play here. Ask yourself what despicable human beings would find a treasure and wait months to report it only to let someone else die. What type of altruism is that. What searcher doesn’t empathize with others and know that the community deserves to know the solution and how brilliant it really was?

    You should also ask yourself if the person posting this message tried to collaborate with people only to find that the definition of the word is so skewed that people can’t find a way to see past their own beliefs. Important people in the chase that declined the actual location because they didn’t want to support the families of the people that died. People that believed so much that they were correct that they would have nothing to do with someone that, for two years, knew the location but had a higher priority that life brought to him. How would you feel? Would you feel sorry for that person or belittle like most people would? Is there a corollary to the state of the world? When people need to have their own voice, do they mute the voices of others? Do we really not know how to work together to solve problems?

    What if all the answers were out there and you simply needed to piece them together logically? There is a lot of irony in play.

    Again. Just more speculation and what ifs.

  63. Chest location- Nye, Montana

    First stanza describes chest location
    Bold= Bowled
    Begin it where warm waters halt-
    Horseshoe Creek enters the Stillwater River. Note: Horses are trained to halt. Hint reference: The story about having a horseshoe made and him being richer for it.
    At this point imagine being on horseback.
    Not far but too far to walk.

    Put in below the home of Brown.
    Home of Brown- Sioux Charlie lake.
    Off horseback now getting ready to launch you boat at the put in.
    Hint reference- Marry the poem to a place on a map. John Charles whatever waiving the olive jar. Charlie Brown.
    Imagine putting your boat in below Sioux Charlie lake. Very calm water.

    No place for the meek- canyon gorge after Sioux Charlie. Very rough Rapids. Meek equals gentle. These Rapids are NOT GENTLE

    The end is ever drawing nigh.
    Nigh= Nye and turn left
    No paddle up your creek just heavy loads and water high. Woodbine creek on your right. Woodbine Falls= water high. Heavy loads= RVs
    No paddle= Get out of boat and on the road in your vehicle. Hint reference- my turn at the paddle when speaking about getting ready for bed.
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze- turn left before Stillwater mine
    where the road y’s (wise).
    The blaze is the actual road Horseman flat Rd. which turns into NF-846. Zoom out on google earth
    and it looks like a drawing of fire very similar to the parrot doodle Forrest drew in his scrapbook.
    Hint reference- Sooner or later I was gonna get mine. I was out of there like a cannon ball on fire.

    Look quickly down down your quest to cease= look quickly down the road to your west (quest). Note: You’re at the peak of the blaze near the top of mountain road. Follow road west down the mountain.

    Tarry scant with marvel gaze just take the chest and go in peace = Don’t stay around looking at the view. Take the chest and go end piece. Forrest is referring to himself on the journey to get to hide the chest.
    Go to the end piece of service road
    2846. This road ends at Initial Creek Campground.

    So why is it that I must go = head South where Initial Creek y’s into the service road. Note: Initial Creek is not a running creek. It’s an old roadway to the Jack Nye mining claim although it is grown up now and not drive able. Also the letters S O are a military abbreviation for South.

    And leave my trove for all to seek, the answers I already know I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak.= you walk from here. He’s done it tired ( in a car with tires) and now he’s weak. That’s why he’s leaving the chest.
    Follow Initial Creek to a rainwater catch tank.
    (So here )me all and listen good = go south here.
    Approximately 1850 ft due south is a deep lush green opening where the water tank drains to. It is a deep bowl impression in the ground. Hint reference-
    You will find the chest and the end of my rainbow (rainbowl).
    The thing nobody thought of he referred to was him signing everything with f. His initials. Initial Creek. The hint Preston was referring to was “The chase will keep going until something ends it.” Aka f.
    Walking distance was a little over a mile. Hint reference – I hope my treasure story stirs your spirit ( bowl impression) or atleast brings a s|mile in your dreams. ( Walk atleast a mile)
    The last part of the solve brave and in the wood could not be determined until at the location.

    There is so much more information. I just don’t have time to type it all out.

    • Great thoughts with Initial Creek! I am not following when you say to go south. South seems to be up hill. Do you mean toward Iron Creek & Cathedral Creek?

      • Initial Creeks turns exactly south off the forest service road. The directions in the poem are precise. So why is it that I must go. = South y is it that I must go.

      • Yes it is indeed going up in elevation but not s steep incline. Initial creek was used as an old service road to the Jack Nye mining claim there. Follow Initial creek up to the water tank that is visible from google earth. From that water tank go exactly south from the tank approximately 1850 ft. There is an opening there where the holding tank use to drain into that deep impression. Very tall green grass. Looks like a big bowl in the ground. Alone in there with my treasures
        bold ” bowled”.
        You’ll find the chest and the end of my rainbow “rainbowl”.
        Being from Texas some of our words sound the same as we don’t annunciate everything. Example. In peace and end piece sound the same when we say it. Rainbow and rainbowl also sound very similar.

        • Thanks.
          I thought maybe the rusty key represented Iron Creek and the to cease was Cathedral Creek.
          Did you visit the sight?

      • There’s also a hint in TTOTC about what state to search in. I don’t have the book in front of me so I can’t quote it verbatim but remember the story about the cafe he worked at ? He said 16 hours later my SHIFT was over and I was 8 bucks richer. 16 hours North from Santa Fe puts you in Montana. Anything said about being rich or can you believe that ? Or can you imagine that ? , draw attention as hints. The story about Borders and it raining that day draws attention to a hint as well. He mentions rain twice. The second time he mentions it was STILL raining. Another hint to the river it started at. Stillwater River. Yet another hint was given in one of his scrapbooks. I can’t recall which one but it said “It’s on the West Fork, that’s where it’s at. Initial Creek is on the West Fork Stillwater River.

      • This is the only solution I know of that leads to an exact spot and follows precise directions in the poem. Everything in the poem and book is exact. Anything forced will lead down a rabbit hole. I feel like Forrest wanted the chase to end with the flood of scrapbooks and extreme hints given over the winter. Anyone close would have deciphered the final location with all the hints given. I was surprised by the boldness in the information given over the winter.

  64. Forrest won’t reveal unless the finder tells him too. Fenn is a man of his word. If you don’t believe that, why have you been searching for a chest that was never hidden? As for me I’m believe it WAS hidden and WAS found by the un-named person. When he get all of his chicks ($$$$) in a row we will know.
    I agree that his family knows, and probably some of his closest friends and his lawyer and accountants and body guards and ……

  65. I’m curious… the picture of Forrest and the treasure has an image at the lower left edge between the Starbucks cup and the chest. Does anyone have a thought as to what that image is?

    • I don’t know why it matters, but people are curious by nature I guess.
      The small round object you might be talking about is a soft plastic spacer used with glass toppers to avoid slippage of the glass to the wood, and lowers vibration of object set on the glass….

      But, if we’re really investigating everything… I’d be looking for a bank (vault) in NM (SF) with a Starbucks next door or same block. Then we can check their cameras for about one week ahead of the notification, and match it to the banks in the location cameras and see who brought in a Starbucks cawffee the day Forrest was there.
      By the way… We’re looking for someone who enjoys ice-cawffee. Nobody drinks hot cawffee through a straw.
      Then again, it could be sweet tea. In which case we’re screwed… Everyone in Dixieland (even tourist) drinks sweet tea.

      Hope this help in the new thrill of the chase… Finding the Finder.

        • LOL… Inside the shadow of the lid or outside?
          You said between the cup and the chest…

          • Seeker,
            This is starting to sound like ” whats on first”….
            So, the image is between the chest and the cup, but its far left…at the edge of the table.
            Some think its coming from the ceiling..

        • Although now you have me curious.
          They seem to be wall hangings… Yet… Whom ever took the picture either made sure not to get any other clues object in the frame (including reflection) or cropped the pic before sending it.

          Reason being; the items from the chest on the right side of the pick are not fully shown.

          Ok. My point is… The person who found the chest seems very interested in not showing his hand.

        • Just checked this out of curiosity. In a shopping center, there are 3 starbucks locations surrounded by a U.S. Bank, A Wells Fargo, and a B of A. Cerillos and Zafarano

      • IDK, I think I would start my search at 490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM. Just a few blocks from a Starbucks.

    • It looks to me like half a skinny girl in a blue bikini top and a black thong and a belly chain, but I only see what I want to see which is why I didn’t find the treasure lol…

    • Hello Eaglesabound. If I have what you’re trying to point out to be correct, what you see is a spacer between the table and the tabletop (glass/acrylic). You can see another in the same photo where Mr. Fenn is going through the treasure chest under his left knuckles. To get an even better view, look at the photo of Mr. Fenn wearing the bracelet and look under/beside the plastic bag.

      • Looks like you’re looking at the shadows. I would guess it’s the reflection from the chest. Only the Shadow knows! 🙂

          • I think you might be referring to those dark patches on the white plastic bin in the pic of him with the bracelet. It’s right next to the table.

          • In the pic of the bracelet on ff’s wrist, just below his hands is what I thought was a white bin that the ziplock baggie, scissors, and gold frog are in. I guess it could be an optical illusion thing, with the ‘bin’ being a flat table, but to me it looks like an open-topped container, like you see in a safety deposit room when you have something big. Or an evidence room in the movies 🙂

  66. IMO, those are the reflections of the ceiling above, the opened box, and ff’s sleeve. I tried to find something in that area to away location, but to no avail.

  67. Someone in a previous post made mention of an odd looking left hand on one of the drawings on page 51. The person pointing to hid temple has a “backward” left hand. I have found similar backward left hands on pages 33, 37, and 41 of TTOTC.

    I wonder if Left Hand Creek or Canyon near Boulder, CO is the starting point.

  68. David – Forrest would not tell a living soul, because there is too much to lose and nothing to gain. This is same for the finder IMO.

    If one of your family or friends told you something in confidence, would you tell your “trusted circle of family and friends”? Do you think doctors, lawyers, holy people, counselors etc just go home and chat about things to a “trusted circle of family and friends”?

    It is not difficult to keep a secret. You just shut your mouth and nothing comes out. There happens to be a lot of self respect gained from power of purity.

    People with little self confidence have to promote themselves by mouth, yes, but I suspect the finder went with confidence.

    Anyway, remind me never to tell you anything in confidence. 😉

  69. Could it be this simple?
    IT CAN!!! Im kicking myself.

    Ive previously explored salt due to numerous “hints” in the books and the fact that salt rhymes with halt. I just couldnt sort it out until a simple solution popped into my head this morning. Could it be this simple? Yes!!!

    WWH where a body of salt water meets a body of fresh water. Where they meet, a “salt front” is formed. Not necessary to know what it is called. Only necessary to understand that initially, the fresh water doesnt flow into the salt water. The heavier salt water sinks beneath the fresh water and the fresh water flows over the top. Over time, it will eventually merge with the salt water, but at first, the salt water halts while fresh water flows above it.

    HOB= fresh water!!!

    Brown trout live in fresh water. So where WWH, a salt front forms where salt water meets fresh water and initially stops its forward movement. The HOB (fresh water) flows over the top of the salt front. In other words WWH is now BELOW THE HOB!

    I had a mapped worked out two years ago with the Salt River. But, I had the wrong HOB I think because although I was pretty sure I had the clues worked out, I couldnt get to the hidey spot.

    No place for the meek, is no place for the Pacific.

    One definition of Salt is used to describe a horse that is resistant to disease by having survived it!

    Another deginition of Salt is “keep”. “I can keep my secrets where”

    This fits my map perfectly in every way.

    Feedback Please!

    • Hey Flutterby,

      My feedback is that if you want to nail down an idea like WWWH then you have to use multiple sources and have a large volume of corroborating circumstantial evidence.

      I think that’s simple enough to do, but it takes a while and when you view it as a whole it seems impossible that it could have been done.

      • I did not post all of my evidence here. I have volumes of information that contribute to this theory, but just failed to see the HOB (IMO). I will have to post all my contributing information later, but here are a few interesting tidbits from the map I had long ago put together but had the HOB wrong. But, FF did say the poem contained all we need so I do think it is possible that WWH where salt water meets fresh water. The fresh water flows over the top of the heavier salt water, making it “below the HOB”

        Just a few interesting tidbits from the map I worked on two years ago. More info coming.

        The Salt River in WY -The Salt River is an 84-mile-long (135 km)[2] river draining a valley in Lincoln County in western Wyoming. It is named for several exposed beds of salt and briny salt springs of up 60% pure salt in Idaho that drains into the Salt River via STUMP CREEK (remember that Skippy disappeared into Idaho for a few days; also remember the drawing in TTOTC showing the man standing in a field of stumps)

        It is interesting to note that among the creeks that drain into the Salt River, are Twin Creek and Chicken Creek. Remember that FF said his grandmother talked about “chasing chickens” And, FF’s mother was a twin. On the page he talks about her being a twin, he specifically says that it was only necessary to show one of the twins photo because they were the same. Kind of an interesting little comment. The twin creek that drains into the Salt River happens to be a single Twin Creek. There is only one of them on the map, just like there is only one pic of Forrest’s mother without her twin.

        Salt River also gets water from Bridger Creek. FF told us that Jim Bridger lived only a few years before FF was born. They almost “could have been friends”. So it is interesting that the Bridger Creek “lived” before Salt River.

        The Salt River flows toward the Snake River. Remember that Forrest talked about Snake School training in the military.

        The Salt River flows past the Sublette Mtns. Forrest talked about the home where his family had lived when he was younger, being “rented” out (sublette)

        The Salt River “collects” water from “Packstring Creek” (think string collection; also think Donny’s saddle string breaking)

        The Salt River flows to Cokeville (think bottle caps)

        The “hints” in the book go on and on and on. . .

        I long ago thought that the Salt River area might hold the answers, but just didn’t understand that HOB could be fresh water.

        Will try to share more later when I get more time.

      • Just realized that I failed to note that Salt River flows through the Star Valley and into a place called the Narrows. Remember that Forrest told us that when he was lost with Donny, they came to a place were nothing could get through but water.

      • Agreed. Lots of things confirm it…things he tossed into different publications so you know it isn’t just hot water.

        • I have to ask D-dubs,

          Are you using a common phrase, don’t think the firehole or a geyser comes into play, or D) all of the above?

          I’m hoping for D) because it’s a great use of language.

  70. Is there a thread where we can post JUST our solves before the true solve comes out?
    Anywhere, here was my solve:
    Begin IT where warm waters halt
    –Warm water halted at the sink. Tub baths were cold for forrest which is why he would go down to the springs. They HALT at Sinks Canyon. It literally stops abruptly. IT is the Loop Road.
    Take IT in the Canyon Down
    –Take IT (Sinks Canyon Road) in the Canyon (into Sinks Canyon) down
    Not far, but too far to walk
    –Not far but too far would also be “fair to middling” if you were telling people
    directions before GPS
    –to walk=gait aka gate
    –fair to middle gate which happens to be the next markers along the journey,
    gates to the trail for middle fork falls and the fair trail along the Loop Road
    Put in below the home of Brown
    –When giving directions you say put in when you want someone to turn or go
    in a direction
    –The Brown is Bruces picnic area (named after a Forest Ranger, and you put in south of that (turn onto the Loop Road proper) going into the Shoshone

    From there, it’s no place for the meek–no place for the meek is WAR
    The end is ever drawing nigh– “The end” combines=then(d) and there is no comma between these two lines so you get WARTHEN–the next clue is Warthen aka Worthen meadow (it was called both)–The end is ever drawing nigh is the loop road (a loops end is ever drawing closer)
    There will be no paddle up your creek–he noted if they dilly dallied they would get a paddling in his book. At the end of a stretch of the Loop Road is Fiddlers Lake. There will no paddle up your creek means that’s farther than you will go.
    Just heavy loads and water high–Atlantic Creek (heavy loads) and Popo Agie (which, contrary to popular belief, actually means high water)

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze –if you turned (wise) and found the blaze (the Old Blue Ridge Fire Lookout–upon which there is a Benchmark)
    So with this part of my solve I’ve gotten you to the blaze (the Fire Lookout, the benchmark, the double entendre that it’s a blaze but fire lookout….)
    The rest we will leave in case the guy who found it chooses never to reveal the solve. Although that would suck if he didn’t because of the number of people that died looking for it!
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease.
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze
    Just take the chest and go in peace. (think peace as in piece–part of a whole/hole)

  71. Valcaner dirt, wonder if it’s possible to superimpose on the picture. Maybe NASA caneasure the color it gives off, kinda like with stellar light and objects, and tell us the origins of the Fenn dirt.
    Is it gritty dirt, or really fine? What kinda valcano would be important too. Yellowstone, or maybe older one like down in Colorado?

    • Ultimately probably could just wait for an announcement, but what in the Fenn kinda funn would that be.

    • Lol, just like f said, I can’t believe it. And here I’m looking in Arizona, underwater. (all the clues matched up, hmmm).

  72. The idea that a diverse and informed large group could use synergy to do what we all failed to do individually is intriguing. It seems to me that two important things need to be determined by the group to start off such an effort: 1) What exactly is the first clue? and 2) what is the solution space to that clue? If you can’t get past that, then the overall effort seems doomed.

    So FF is a bit vague on the first clue of nine. He tells us to begin WWWH. But is that the first clue (the four words)? Or, does the following “and take in the canyon down” belong as part of the first clue. Does not far . . . belong, or is it part of the next clue? Is there any consensus on this?

    Regarding WWWH (be that the whole first clue or just a part), FF said “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe.” This seems to me to be a golden logic filter. The category must have many north of Santa Fe, at least one south of Santa Fe, and far more north than south of Santa Fe. To be honest, most solves fail this simple logic. I threw out many a solve when I applied this requirement. And did you notice that it’s specifically a “place” (sorry metaphysical thinkers)?

    While Highway 212 in Yellowstone is a great WWWH solution, there aren’t many Highways 212. A unique feature like Sinks Canyon is out. Places where creeks/lakes flow both ways from the Continental Divide are likewise out. I failed to find a glacier south of Santa Fe. If true, then glaciers are out. Hot Springs seem to be in the pool of possible WWWH. So are mountain passes. How about rivers of different temperatures joining to become a new named river? What do all of you think? What else might qualify for this pool of possible WWWH?

    So who can convince the group that their solution to the first clue (which at least includes WWWH) is viable? If it’s viable, what evidence/proof have you dug up to say that it’s likely? From what I’ve read so far, few solutions can get past even this point.

    P.S. Please be polite and kind when shooting down others. The idea is to come to a solution without being mean. The bottom line is that we all have to be humble since the chest and its gold isn’t sitting on our Kitchen table.

    • As I have gone alone in there
      And with my treasures bold,
      I can keep my secret where,
      And hint of riches new and old.

      To me, key words in this stanza are “my treasures bold” and “riches new and old”…. and they will tell you WWWH.

      As I have gone alone in there
      And with mY treAsURes bOld, = OURAY
      I CAn KEeP my secRet where, = ICE PARK
      And hint Of RiChes new AnD OLD. = COLORADO

      Waters is plural. Uncompahgre River flows through the Box Canyon just beneath Ouray Ice Park. Uncompahgre translates in Ute to, “Warm Water Sitting”.

      Water #1.) Uncompahgre River
      Water #2.) Ouray Ice Park formation (man made from Weehawken Creek runoff)

      That’s my WWWH…. any thoughts?

      • Why choose those specific letters for anagram? Looks like random selection to me.

        Ever consider Kendall Warm Springs, WY?

        Multiple sources of warm water, 85 F yearround, where a unique fish, Kendall Dace, lives. Only place in the world where those fish exist, so an exact spot specified without resorting to randomization.

        Sorry, but I don’t like your idea very well. Mine, either, for that matter.

      • So, is your item for the pool “ice parks”? If so, does this violate the “not near any structure”?

        • Devin, my item for WWWH is Ouray Ice Park and the Uncompahgre River…. it may violate the “not near any structure” phrase but I think F may have meant the chest location isn’t near any structure. So to answer your question, yes, my item for the “pool” is the Ice Formation at the Ouray Ice Park.


    • If we are doing a group-think, I’ll throw out some thoughts:

      IMO, the place is mostly likely NM or Wyoming, he has history in these states much more than CO or MT.

      He could drive north in NM or fly to WY in be back to SF in a day, but seems flying much less likely, esp for 2 trips.

      The treasure seems likely to have been in a fen (bog) in a forest, in a place Forrest has said he could imagine being buried at. ‘canopy of stars’ could be a reference to the stars on a US flag, draped over a casket. So, IMO, this rules out Yellowstone. The Feds are not going to legally allow him to the buried there. So, this leaves private land, perhaps a deal has been made for his eventual passing?

      As for WWWH, I’m at a loss. This is so so many possible places. And while I have lived an hour from Santa Fe to 25 years, I haven’t done a BOTG for this reason. I go to the Jemez quite a bit, but it isn’t really a part fo the rockies, and again, I can’t see him being buried there without some sort of clandestine deal for Forest Service or Indian land that we are unaware of.

      • If you die in Yellowstone, I think you can be buried there. I read that years ago.

      • I think you are right, Ronin. I came to my solve believing that Forrest will want his remains to be placed there. I could never get beyond the fact that his service in Vietnam has a deeper role to play than just solving a puzzle. Ask any veteran of a war, and he or she will tell you — the war does not end for its veterans, even in old age.

        The War Memorial near Angel Fire, New Mexico (if anyone ever gets the chance, please visit it in honor of those who served our country), I know that they are trying to invest part of the land just to the south of the memorial to make it a National Cemetery.

        I have tried to post my exact coordinates on this site, but they never appear publicly like others who post their coordinates. As far as I know, the coordinates are not part of the War Memorial. However, if someone owning the land, where I believe the chest was placed, offered to donate that land as a National Cemetery, and being in perfect view from a slight distance away and “above” the memorial, I can see why my coordinates never get posted.

        And, wow, what a location to have a National Cemetery, where I believe the chest was. I can vision it, looking just to the southwest of the Vietnam War Memorial, with our nation’s bold and beautiful colors flying high, and many of our nation’s bold and brave soldiers resting there, in peace. I hope it to be so.

    • Okay, I’ll play. There is no individual answer to WWWH. It cannot be solved because f never gave an answer to it, per ATF. To get WWWH, you need to solve the whole poem. That will get you an end spot, an “x” on a map. To get to that “x” you would reverse the path until you come to where you would start. That start point is WWWH. There will be hints to why this would be WWWH. Things within his stories will also be referenced into this place. It has nothing to do with temperature, water, halting, or halts, etc… but may contain some or all those things. What it does have is where you BEGIN. Example, I will give you mine. Anaconda Montana, there is nowhere that gives me that answer except solving the poem gave me coordinates to a spot. To get to that spot, seeing my path, I begin in Anaconda Montana. That is my WWWH. The hints that support are:
      Deer Lodge- a place dear to him to rest his bones
      Warm Spring Creek
      Veteran’s Memorial Highway
      Train station that is now a hardware store- where you would buy “nails”
      Largest Copper producer-nickels, architect of halt named nickel
      Salt city- from lines 5-6 of the poem, IMO
      Old works golf course- hole 4 needs 7 iron, par 3
      area is part of the Yellowstone Geyser system- currently dormant
      Evergreen street- church at start of canyon
      Anaconda= anac “on” da- anagram for Canada.
      Also recognizable landscapes of the area.
      That’s one way of finding WWWH, when there is no answer given from f. It’s impossible to try to guess at it as a singular clue. Nothing pops out and says what it is and it cannot be found in the book in any subtle way. Basically, no answer for it. Even if you find a WWWH within the poem, it will be wrong because of the ATF and f saying the answer is not given in a subtle way within the book. So, you will know the end spot before you know the beginning. From what I’ve found, there is no other way to find WWWH except for reverse engineering your path to get you’re starting point. Any other way would involve, guessing, or going against f’s ATF’s. Even using the poem to find it in a subtle way goes against f’s ATF.
      To see how this can be done, a different way of reading the poem is needed. You don’t try to solve clues, we don’t know what the clues are, you try to solve the poem. For me, in breaking down each line, a pattern comes forefront, a letter/number pattern. When you solve for all the letters, you then can continue to solve the poem. Which yields coordinates. And yes, you even get a value for “x”. The tough part is the many ways some lines are broken down. But in the end, it all flows. Is this what the finder did, I don’t know, but it leads to a pretty good solve, and a lot of questions answered.

    • I agree on this, I think where warm waters halt is a steam locomotive train station. Fenn mentions one south of Santa Fe in TTOTC (the Katy railroad that ran near his childhood home in Texas), and the train allusions are, IMO, too numerous to discount. That being said, I have no idea, but at least that WWWH makes sense w.r.t. to this logic.

      • Here are all the reasons I thought Nevada City, Montana was “the” solve. I never found another with such a wide-ranging sprawl of concurrences with the poem, TTOTC, and various Scrapbooks:

        1.) Present-day Nevada City was built on the location by Charles and Sue Ford Bovey. The Boveys were amateur historians and collectors (Charles was an heir to the General Mills family fortune, but decided to go into ranching and other pursuits). The Denver Museum of Nature and Science was started when a group of folks bought the collection of an amateur who assembled a vast trove of natural specimens. Fenn, of course, has done the same thing essentially with San Lorenzo Pueblo and his own efforts collecting Indian artifacts.

        2.) Nevada City is at the lower end of the Alder Gulch short-line railroad. The engine is fashioned after a steam locomotive engine. People joked at the time it was built that, apparently, Nevada City was “too far to walk” from Virigina City, about a mile away to the East up the canyon.

        3.) Nevada City is the location of one of the greatest placer gold findings in the U.S. It was, as a result, a magnet for lawless types and the vigilantes who hunted them. Many of these vigilantes are buried in the Nevada City cemetary (“no place for the meek”). Those executed by the vigilantes are buried in Virginia City. Fenn writes about wanting to be a lawman and hanging bad guys in TTOTC (most of the vigilantes were executed by public hanging). Also, Fenn talks about hanging out in a graveyard in TTOTC.

        4.) Aside from being the site of a saddle shop frequented by Charlie Russel, Nevada City has one of the largest collections of vintage organs and music-making machines in America. It also has a large collection of wagons, including several with rubber tires. Many connections here to the TTOTC story about Fenn sneaking out to watch the Gypsies.

        5.) Mary Sue Bovey’s maiden name is Mary Sue Ford, alluded to perhaps by the many references to “Ford” in TTOTC.

        6.) Nevada City has at least one solve that fits like a glove. I found a “paddle” in the seasonal creekbed near the fence around the cemetary. There is one road in/out of the cemetary. When you enter the cemetary, the creek in question (and the location of the “paddle”) is near the rear-left corner (“the end is ever drawing nigh”). HOWEVER, I don’t recall seeing Lodgepole pines in the area. I there are some further to the North, and possibly across the street up Brown’s Gulch (“home of Brown”). The picture of the chest in situ doesn’t really match with my recollection of the terrain on the hill around the cemetary.

        This is the full “solve” as I developed it, step-by-step:

        BIWWWH = the Alder Gulch short line rail stop in Virginia City.
        TIITCD = Ride the train down the canyon (or drive, or walk). “It” in the poem is the train.
        NFBTFTW = reference to Nevada City being “too far to walk” (according to the locals) from Virginia City.
        PIBTHOB = Brown’s Gulch is West of the terminus of the Alder Gulch short line in Nevada City. “Below” in this case means across the street and up into the Nevada City cemetary.
        FTINPFTM = A cemetary is no place for the meek. Forrest said he felt brave sneaking into the graveyard to sit on headstones. Also, vigilantes are among the dead buried in Nevada City’s cemetary.
        TEIEDN = Go to the “end” of the cemetary to the north. Nigh (on the left) is where you want to cross over the fence (which has been crossed before in this location). The “draw” you find there contains a seasonal creek.
        TBNPUYC = There is a “paddle”, but it’s not up the creek. Also, the creek is seasonal and dries out by late spring/early summer. The paddle is, instead, just outside the fence down in the creekbed. Or, at least it was until I took it home 🙂
        JHLAWH = Up the creek there is a.) A reservoir (note “water high” is singular), and b.) two sets of power lines (note “heavy loads” is plural).

        So, IMO that’s pretty solid and there’s no trickery or subterfuge, no codes, just a “solve” that uses all of the words of the poem. Or, at least, that was my thinking… Once I found the “paddle”, I wasn’t entirely sure how to interpret it. At first I thought it might be fashioned after a tree in the area (it was sticking straight up out of the ground next to a similar-looking dead shrub). then, upon examining it further, it looked to me like it was a “map” of the draw that’s on the East side of the cemetary. The paddle is a wire sculpture, about 4 ft tall, and was deliberately made and placed in this location by _someone_. It uses sculpture wire (at least that’s what I think it is), and there’s no wire on the ground in the area that’s close to it in terms of composition. It’s definitely not the same kind of wire used to make barbed wire. This is what it looks like:

        I found the smaller sculpture in the same spot. I don’t know if it was a previous attempt, or if it was meant to be used in conjunction with the first sculpture (my thought was that somehow these help the finder to be “wise” and find the “blaze”), or if some random person planted a wire sculpture in the ground exactly where the poem said it should be. As crazy as that sounds, that’s probably what happened (at least as near as I can tell). My latest interpretation of these was that the “blaze” was the area just North of the Nevada City boundaries, directly above “Wood Street” in Nevada City proper (gotta have wood to build a blaze…). However, I did not find the chest in my last BOTG around the middle of May. I dumped this solve, with pictures and such, on Reddit on May 27th, here —

        And, like everyone else who’s posted a “solve” in the last couple of months, I suppose mine is in the running as a “source” that the actual finder might have used to find the chest. However, I make no such claims nor do I begrudge anyone who found it using this solve or any of the other solves I’ve put out there. I have my own reasons for posting my solves, usually if I hit a dead-end I’d post them in case someone else saw something that I missed. So, it was/is fair game for anyone to use/abuse/hate on/etc. Words on the internet are never forgotten, so I only post stuff that I mean to share freely with the universe.

        At this point, I’d really like to know who made that wire sculpture and put it down in the draw. There is a geocache up in the cemetary, in that I found a logbook with entries from groups of schoolkids who visited the cemetary in the past. Perhaps it was one of them?

  73. Begin it where warm waters halt

    Big in knit wear warm waters salt or halt.

    Whats big and in wool or Sweater = a Woolly Mammoth perhaps (Mammoth Hot Springs) – or a Big Horn Sheep
    or a Halt by a Sweater/ Sweetwater – Where Sweetwater river ends in Pathfinder reservoir where J.C Fremont Halted.
    And take it in the canyon down
    And take Kit in the Canyon Down – Fremont canyon is down below the water of Pathfinder reservoir now – Both J.C. Fremont and Kit Carson Traveled down this canyon – Fremont took a raft – not far = Raft On – But too far to walk – Klaw foot tub = Take a bath
    Fremont’s raft tipped over and they all took a bath. They also put a large hole in the raft = Put in below = Blow it up – The raft blew up and is also inflatable.

    Some interesting ideas.

  74. IMO, the 1st clue has a double meaning. One needs two points of reference in order to get to the correct wwwh.

    1st reference point comes from his statement that almost all places wwwh are north of Santa Fe…means to me the waters that flow east from the Divide and empty into the Gulf.

    2nd reference point must tell you where on the Divide…I have inferred that to be the Never Summer Range. No warm waters when it’s never summer.

    WWWH: The Continental Divide in the Never Summer Range just above the American Lakes which are the headwaters of the Michigan River.

    • Bruce I think WWWH is the Continental Divide also. To be warm is to be content. Begin it could be the table of contents in a book, TTOTC has none. Forrest talks about the great banquet table of history. All water halts at the Continental Divide. The birth, the beginning of the Rockie Mountains started from the Batholith. Warm water halts in a bath tub. The Batholith is only about 70 square miles from Helena, MT to Butte, MT. The Continental Divide makes a horseshoe around Butte, MT. The divide is halted at highway 2 next to Pipestone Pass. Take it in= to pipe in. Not far= a mile, but too far to walk, 2 walkies Milwaukee Trail. I’ve already posted the rest. I just wanted to agree that I believe WWWH could be the Continental Divide.

      • To be technical, there are three Continental Divides and all of them are north of Santa Fe (i.e., none south). I suppose you could count creeks that end at the (a) Continental Divide. Due to the overall length, there are undoubtedly more of those north than south of Santa Fe.

        • Forrest said you have to go back to the beginning. Look at the big picture. I’m only saying the birth of the Rockies started with the Batholith. That batholith is in Montana. The batholith is only about 70 square miles. That’s why I chose the Continental Divide in those square miles. And it makes a horseshoe there.

    • This is also near the headwaters of the Colorado River. It appeared to me that this lake might drain to both sides of the divide. The Colorado River is named for being red (and I think the state is named for the river). Brown is considered by many sources to be a shade of red. I tried to call the Colorado River Valley the HOB (the home of the river). The problem is that the best “no meek” I found was the wilderness area to the west and that quickly exceeds 10,200′. However, a canal high up on that side of the valley was a suggestive “water high”.

  75. Hi Devon, If you look north west of Hebgen Lake you will see many mountain peaks.Pretend you’re a warm water droplet from the Pacific. Those peaks halt that warm water droplet and it falls as rain and snow. Then take the water droplet down the canyon. It combines with other droplets to form Beaver Creek. The Beaver Creek Canyon is about 6 or 7 miles. Too far to walk. Guess what? Beaver Creek flows into the Madison beneath Hebgen Lake ” the home of Brown”. As you go further down the Madison you go through Earhquake Lake and class 2 and 3 rapids. ” no place for the meek”. The Madison loops back on itself. When you make a turn it looks like ” the end is nigh” but when you get there you have to make another 180 degree turn. Now you have to pick a creek off the Madison” with heavy loads and water high”. I got stuck here. There is a Papoose Creek where Indian ladies may have carried their babies and the Creek starts high, but there is a path there and Forrest said no path is close to the treasure.

    • So your WWWH category is mountain peaks? Why those peaks? You seem to tie your start to Heben Lake as the Home of Brown and work backwards. Would this be because of Brown Trout? FF said that the HOB wasn’t related to Brown Trout.

        • There is a location already along the John D Rockefeller Memorial Highway where you can see mountains, animals (lots of Buffalo, Elk, Antelope, etc), sage, pines, river, lake and willow. The vegetation is lush and green. The Tetons are in the background. Talk about marvel gaze.

  76. IMHO this is one the most interesting print screens having to do with the chase. It captures only 8 of some very interesting geographical features from above. Being that he was shot down twice = 2 shots? When he was 8 he shot a scissor tail. maybe so

  77. Mike,

    I remember hearing an announcement last year that the treasure was found and a network was going to pick up a television pilot last year. There was even a post on this web site that lead to the article. I have not heard anyone talk about that recently. Do you know any thing else about that?

  78. Just curios but did anybody else happen to notice on the cover of TFTW the purple blotch representing the dogs mouth? Maybe there’s something up with the color purple? Purple ❤…Bravery?


    • I had a solve at Secret Valley in Yellowstone that involved the Purple Mountain. I dismissed that solve when I saw the photos of the chest after it was found. The clues led me to another solve.

        • The stick carved into a Goose, the key, Mr. Fenn stating in the last photo “It is darker than it was ten years ago when I LEFT it on the ground and walked away”. To me the Goose verified the starting point and Darker to the left verified Black Butte.

          I had several solves in each of the states (New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana). But when I saw the goose I smiled and knew (or at least I think I know).

          • I posted the solve that I think applies.
            Actually I posted it a couple times.

            I have notes in Word files, on sticky tabs, in spiral notebooks, on random pieces of paper and in my head. I posted it above this morning. It doesn’t read particularly well, but it will lead you to the location where I think it was. I may spend some time scouring my notes and cleaning it up more some day, but I don’t want to be a Blog Bully and keep posting the same thing. There are some other good ideas out there.

    • ByGeorge,
      Bravery isn’t a bad idea either. I saw Brave Dog, Browning, Star, Black Tail, Nyack, Hidden Lake, Freeze-out Lake, Ear Mountain and even a Peg Mountain or Lake in Northwest Montana. I just didn’t find a nice way to connect everything together and some locations were not easy for a 70 year old man to get to. I would have to get out some old notes I had for that area to discuss it any further.

  79. I think it was hidden in the Big Horn Mtns. Anyone else thinking along these lines?

  80. How many of you can flind your real initials in the phrase “back east” via three letter anagram? I did. What are the odds? Then there’s this also …

    Back east => aka BEST

    “Thanks Mr Obvious you’re the best.”
    What does one make of that?

    … now I’m back from my BOTG and there is no new revelations. No impression from the chest at my spot. Nothing I can see.

    • Ugh… if I was conspiratorial…and I’m not..l would read that as somebody was really close (Best) and Forrest retrieved it so people didn’t go out in COVID Zombie Land and increase the ‘death’ count. Lol. But I can’t think that way or I’d have to put my tinfoil hat on. No offense if you have one on, a tinfoil hat that is…it makes your eyes sparkle.

      • I had to look up “tin foil hat”. Haha. Funny. I’m not paranoid. Just filling in the time with my imagination. The little ne’er this goes on the more outlandish my conspiracy theories will probably get. A new wild theory doesn’t cost me as much as BOTG either.

        • Mr. O… lol… glad you found it funny as it wasn’t a shot at you or calling you paranoid. Not my style. But… yea… it is hard to fight off those conspiracy theories in this vacuum of leadership and that is where my mind goes if I let it. At the end of the day… Occams Razor will most likely prevail. If you aren’t familiar with that… it’s a theory that the simpler solution is usually correct. In other words, Forrest actually deferred to the Finder and the Finder is choosing to remain silent. The End. I hope not. I would at least like to know a general area. But…I am good with it…if that is the case. I was never guaranteed anything.

  81. This post is for the finder of the tc before I divulge what I believe to be the correct solve. If you plan to release your story and solve soon, please notify me and I will slow roll my plans.

    I think the search community deserves answers about the correct solve (sooner than later) which I plan to provide with proof/correlation from the TToTC, scrapbooks and BOTG pics.

    • I’d bet the finder is fine with it and not many people are going to believe your solve to be the correct.

      But I’m sure curious.

      • AkB I was writing almost the same thing you did and deleted it except I’m not curious…pressuring the finder to come clean is a waste of time. You think he doesn’t realize someone could come up with the correct solve and out it before he does? I don’t think the finder’s that concerned.

        • Ya, I think he’s fishing but I don’t think he’s using the right bait.

          I hear the finder likes gold though. Someone should try that.

          • Gold and Franklin’s, and shiny rocks. He’s probably busy out finding stuff maybe. Maybe he was like ehhh, it’s the Fenn treasure, and went on finding? Maybe Fenn chased him off in a shootout, two can keep a secret!!!

          • Not fishing AFB. Just a friendly notification. Forrest knows the truth. Ever wonder why he published toe to toe?

          • That’s like this time when my wife, back when she was my girlfriend, made me meet her ex.

            He kept messing up my name too. I think he was doing it on purpose though.

            I still think you should go for it.

          • AkB – That’s funny AkB. You guys have no idea lol what ff did for this chase. It’s sad to let his effort go to waste.

          • At this rate I’ll be waiting for you to speak up longer than I’ll be waiting for him.

          • AfB – I will post my solve on a platform where I can present pictures since it requires several pictures to explain/prove the solve correct.

            I don’t care to know who the finder is but I do care that other searchers know the correct solve. There’s much more to the story than meets the eye.

          • I think you did it on purpose that time. Now I like you a little more than I did a few minutes ago.

            Good luck to you.

  82. Anything is possible IMO. We have no idea what has been agreed to or not… maybe… the Finder ‘knows Dal’ from this blog, appreciates him, and they entered into or created an NDA. I am not saying that is the case… just that anything is possible. I mean….if we all believe (which I do) that the treasure was actually out there…some ‘crazy guy’ left big $s in gold for somebody to find…then anything is possible as I wouldn’t have thought that was possible 20 years ago. Maybe Dal is pointing to a map and Forrest is rolling his eyes and pointing with his elbows. 😉

  83. “Where it was found you can see mountains, trees” ff

    “It was found under a canopy of stars” ff

    Montana means land of mountains.

    Big Sky could be the canopy of stars.

    Just a thought as I doze off to sleep….

  84. David, I agree that those closest to Forrest will understand the winning solve once they read it. I’ll be happy if I find out my solve is correct. Then I can look at my Dad and my all my doubting friends and say, “”I told you so!. It’s too bad y’all turned down being my search partner to do more important things, or maybe we could’ve found it in time.”” You don’t know how many times my Dad told me to knock it off with the Stephen King refrences and get my head in the poem…., and all the hints Forrest gave us to King’s themes like that time he gave us the advice to: Buy his book TTOTC. Read it from cover to cover. Then study his poem for clues. So, I read “IT” from cover to cover and found some pretty good ideas that led me to other Stephen King titles, until I found what I thought was the winning tittle (The Dark Tower/Jericho Hill). I tried out the “Silver Bullet” and “Riding the Bullet” too. I’ll bet I drove Forrest nuts with my email insisting that the item in the chest for the finder was a button that says “I rode the Bullet at Thrill Village”. I kept going back to Jericho Hill as the theme that resonated most with Forrest though, for personal reasons. So then I imagined the special item in the chest to be the horn of Eld. Oh well, what’s fun is fun and done is done! I don’t feel entitled to a damn dime if I’m right. I just hope those nasty lawsuits go away soon so Forrest and his family will now have the peace they deserve. That’s all I want. These hunts were the best times of my life! – Lori 🙂

  85. This seems like a logical a teen Forrest puts his initials FF on the Tetons then hides the treasure just below. He’s a prankster. I’m sold.

  86. OK new theory. So what if somebody got the solve right on the button, then after BOTG conveyed to Forrest that the treasure wasn’t there? Then what?

      • No. I mean the treasure was overrun by plant growth to the point it was for all practical
        purposes lost for good.

        • I don’t think that’s likely. If I thought I knew where the treasure was I’d dig a whole so big that you could park a car in it.

      • That’s good news for me Mr. Obvious because I’m not done reading yet.

          • It’s just my initials. Adam Kristopher Brashears. My friends call me Bear.

            Or Fristopher if you believe Cowbell over there.

          • I believe everything cowbell says. And that Saturday Night Live skit … the best.

          • I’d consider changing my handle… but I was named after Abraham Whistler and that guy is pretty cool.

            Plus, I already had the business cards printed.

  87. Good here’s another. Somebody told Forrest the correct solve and when they were traveling. He got upset that the hunt would be over. So he went and got it himself. By not divulging the finder or the location, the legend lives on forever.

  88. Here’s my least favorite. Someone really did find it. There prefer to remain anonymous. The end.

    • Another possibility, but who could live with that kind of guilt. Could you?

      I really just think it’s a decompression period. The Chase has been a large part of my life for many years. I can’t even bring myself to type it without the capitol letters.

      But it’s just a game. And it’s super intense. Anyone that’s tried it knows and immediately falls in love. You have to ease out of something like this.

      If you have any soldier friends you trust, ask one. Or just believe me.

      • The searchers at large are looking for closure. More info is needed for that to happen.

        • email me AkB and I will run some of my solve/pics past you if you promise to keep it to yourself.

          • Thanks for the offer Cowbell, but if it’s alright with you, I’m just going to wait.

            I may change my mind after the 4th though so I’ll write it down.

        • The prevailing theory is that we all just need to wait the recommended 30 days. I’m betting July 4th is the day it all comes out because that’s the 4th of July.

          I think people can handle it until then. You’d be surprised what you can deal with when you don’t get a choice.

          I suggest you try and sell your story before then. Get it in writing.

          • I have my own theories, one of which is the solve will never be published. I’ll take it under advisement.

          • It just so happens Cowbell, that I am a betting man.

            Care to wager?

            Not money, because I don’t have any. But a little gentlemen’s bet.

          • AkB – I’m a gambler through and through lol. I’ll gladly make a bet.

          • 4th July would be a perfect day for some fireworks.

            Maybe Forrest will feed us chickens some seed while we wait!

  89. I was reading SB #220 and it really kind of explains a lot about how the Treasure was found. It’s IMO of course, but I think Forrest May have been revealing a little of what was going on behind the scenes at that time. Again, just my opinion. But a very interesting scrapbook just the same.

    • I don’t remember that one specifically, but I’m inclined to agree with you.

      I’ve also heard that the huge scrapbook dump he laid on us was a shoutout to a bunch of searchers.

      I’m still trying to figure out what to believe myself.

      • They were meant to push searchers to the exact spot lol. He wanted it ended last year (all imo).

        • Have you ever wondered why SB 225 was posted lol? There’s a specific reason for it.

          • I’m sure I did at the time, but who can keep track of so many things?

        • Agreed. He was putting on the push and wanted it over IMO. If you were in the area it was obvious. IMO I was in the area…but I couldn’t close the deal first. It is very complex if I am correct. A lot of solves originating from the same spot…picture it as a fisherman… casting in all directions. You go to one spot, then come back….hence… The BIP entered late in the game. Paul Dyck and Mike Hall stories describe something you are looking for to a T. You just can’t miss it if you have been there. The story about the church in NM too…with the cross up high. Forget the name of it.

  90. I wanted to say goodbye to all tonight. This is my last post here at a perfect moment. So Long and be kind.

    An Indian Scout and A Saint

    • See you in the funny papers. I like the videos, hope you keep posting them.

  91. Ok Cowbell, let’s discuss terms:

    I bet that we get a more definitive answer to The Chase on or around July 6th because that is 30 days from when Fenn posted that the chest had been found. But secretly, I believe it will happen on July 4th.

    If I win, you have to post on the blog for all to see:

    AkB is the smartest most handsomest man I have ever almost met on the internet. They say he has a face for radio, but if he were here right now, I’d kiss him.

    • Lol. I’ll take that bet 100% every day (with the caveat that you’re not the finder incognito).

    • How about whether or not there are lucrative movie, TV series or documentary rights to be had?

      1. TV series? My opinion won’t be popular. But I’d take the no side of a bet. Because the content being sold can’t be controlled by a TV series…like Oak Island. Too many people with solves that are on the trail, close to the end, etc. that they would have spoilers popping up every week. With 350k brains working on it and all that content…they can’t get them all under control. ROI just wouldn’t be there in my opinion. Too many possible spoilers that take away the flash.

      2.TV documentary – 1 time show – I’m on the fence as it could all be done under wraps – one time shot. With NDAs and things in play until editing is done. Most people could not or would not publish their spoiler with confidence prior to the showing. However, I am not sure how exciting they can make it. Not sure what the teaser or trailer would look like. Haggard traveler sitting in the Hilton reading a poem? Old fat guy (like me) huffing and puffing down a hiking trail? Digging 6 inches and…like John candy…smoking a cigarette and sitting on a beer cooler in the raquetball court (heart beating like a f___ rabbit, he says as he sits on the cooler). Hard to dress that up without mixing in the love story, antagonist and protagonist.

      3. Movie – I’m a hard no. Take that bet all day long unless Forrest bank rolls it. They had a hard time making the movie adaptation and it wasn’t about a bunch of people hiking trails and reading books. Lots if Indiana Jones stuff and that doesn’t fit the chase unless the Finder was hanging out of his Colorado rental car and shooting at other wanna be finders.

      • I think we’ve been told as much as we’re ever going to know. That’s my gut feeling.

          • Just trying to have some fun with it. But there are potentially serious legal ramifications, etc as well. Unwanted attention. Stalkers. Etc. That come into play.

  92. i am new to following the blog and i must say the amount of knowledge and info attached to searchers solves is awesome.

    right or wrong most solves are full of real locations, history, people and endless Fennisms.
    there are so many things Forrest has written or said or done and places that are feasibly connected to the treasure.
    it’s almost like an interactive autobiography of Forrest’s life.

    i have to say i do believe Forrest has created a very intricate and wonderful web of information that has caught a lot of people.
    that’s a pretty cool thing.

    IMO the poem is both an incredibly thoughtful collection of words that can clearly lead searchers on many many journeys and also a set of simple, although vague, instructions on how to get to his special spot from one particular location.

    the treasure is found yet the fun still continues.

    a haiku for you.
    Forrest has gone there.
    A guy from back east as well.
    You all found treasure.

    • PS
      Fishing the Madison river/ visiting Yellowstone in now on this Canadians bucket list.

  93. I think it’s funny how so many say they know the place but the Coronavirus kept them from finding the treasure will be awesome watching as the finder reveals each will be like each one of us is BOTG identifying each clue to find the treasure chest..of course we will all find the treasure chest at the end of the Rainbow..don’t be surprised if more than one solution is revealed too keep the suspense on the exact location..Producers have a way of keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

    I agree on implementing a database on every searchers can give the producers material available to make the movie more intense and exciting.

    Now what will it be called?

    Forrest Fenn Treasure?
    Thrill of the Chase?

    What characters?
    Forrest Finn?
    Finder..hehehehe., of course “nickname”
    Searchers only 200 meters away?
    Scenes of families/friends searching.?

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