THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part eleven


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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f

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  1. I am on the road for a few days so admin checks will be less frequent than usual. Just exploring for more lovely treasures, enjoying local foods and sleeping in my little trailer…
    The life of Riley…

      • The original was from Willie Nelson. By the way you seem to like winning horses and their trainers…

    • Dal,

      Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to introduce the new peeps to Goofy?

      Where is that big lovable guy? I sure have missed him…..would like to pet him one more time for old times sake!!! 🙂

      Safe travels my friend………loco

      • Loco-
        Goofy said he was moving to TX and then disappeared off the blog. Have not heard from him or anyone that knows him…

    • If you’re in Montana go check Initial Creek in Nye.
      You may find a 10×10 hole in the ground.

    • Hola Dal, soy David d La Paz bcs, espero y disfrutes tus tesoros naturales, solo una pregunta respecto a lo del sr. Fenn, el hombre que encontró el tesoro, se lo regresó a Forrest?, preguntó esto por que en la segunda foto donde enseña el brazalete, veo en la mesa las tijeras oxidadas y la bolsa de plastico amarillenta, simple curiosidad, o mando a aguien conocido, que se lo regresará?

      • Hi David-
        We don’t know the answer to those questions. Lots of speculation but no one knows except the finder and Forrest the details about how, why and when the chest got back to Forrest.

    • i see people are not moving on with this.. i am…to me its over its been is to short and other adventures to seek…in life and to enjoy life….!
      sorry just is how i feel….!

  2. Devin Ross Sorry hope you don’t mind me posting but where did Forrest say Home of Brown wasn’t t Brown Trout? I don’t recall hearing that.

    • I believe the home of brown to be tenderfoot mountain.
      Joe e brown 1932, the tenderfoot.
      I know forrest has been there. Who else would do this:
      38 31′ 37″n
      106 54′ 29″w

      • Yup. Right by the W IN STONE there is a CHURCH on the HILL just east.
        Who wants to see something undeniable about poem as a map and its connection to tomichi creek?
        And the marvel gaze…

    • Annie, I just googled that. On Mysterious Writings 3/5/20 Forrest answered one question.
      Dear Forrest, searchers are saying that you said Brown trout have nothing to do with home of Brown. Is that correct? – Sue
      Sue, I did not say that. And the treasure is still where I hid it more than ten years ago. f

      Maybe in the past he said nothing to do with trout. So he didn’t actually say Brown trout. So that question would be false. You know how Forrest plays with words. But he said more than 10 years ago as of 3/5/20.

      • On Mysterious Writings January 6th 2020 Forrest said it’s been nearly ten years since I hid the treasure then March 5th 2020 he said more than ten years since I hid the treasure. So it was hid some day from January 7th 2010 to March 4th 2010.

        • Thanks Dawn for researching that. So it could still be that BROWN LAKE is the home of Brown Trout. IMO of course.

          • Hi Dawn: Erica Jorre (5/16/2016): “… did you visit (your secret) in the winter? In the summertime? I guess what I’m asking is do you know what happens to your ‘secret’ during the season changes?”
            FF: “Good question. I’ve only been there during the summer.”

            Forrest Gets Mail from a Middle Class School (2/8/2017): Q: “Could you also tell was (sic) time of year you hid the treasure?”

            FF: “Yes, it was summer.”

            And later, “What time of year did you hid (sic) the treasure?”

            Answer: “Summer”.

        • That could be very, very significant, implying that he may have
          used a snowmobile to transport the goodies to a place very close
          to the actual (small) hidey spot. I said “spot”. Hee hee! All IMO.

        • The answer to your mystery is that 10 is the second set of numbers in the longitude.

      • You know, I have wondered about Forrest’s answer to the question in Mysterious Writings that you quoted above. IMO, the question happened to be worded in a way that allowed Forrest to be both honest and tricky in the way he answered it. Suppose that the place he calls Home of Brown In the poem is named that for some reason other than brown trout—maybe named after a person or something else. But at the same time, the mention of the canyon implies that there is likely a river or stream in the area, and that river or stream does happen to be one where you find brown trout. So in all honesty, he couldn’t say the HOB “has nothing to do with” brown trout since there are some in the area. So he just honestly answers “I didn’t say that,” but he also doesn’t actually give any important hints about what or where HOB really is. It fit my solve, anyway. In my solve “ Home of Brown” is called that for a more obvious reason, but when I googled the nearby river I found that it also is home for several kinds of trout including brown trout. Likely not important to the poem though, IMO. But it looks like I’ll never know for sure.

    • I had to really dig back to find this reference.

      I have “HOB not a trout” post from

      The Dec 5, 2018 #1 post starts off: “The fact that Fenn said HOB was not a trout has been public knowledge since 2015. The real mystery is how the information came to be made public. People accusing Cynthia of getting insider info . . . .”

      The given quote is “Told him the WWWH could be the Rio dropping into gorge at NM/CO state line, and the home of Brown being brown trout – – he said no, brown trout have nothing to do with the home of Brown.”

      There is later the suggestion that Digging Gypsy was the original source.

      Frankly, I don’t know what the whole controversy was about with the individual seekers, but I added notes that I found another site that verifies that HOB isn’t where brown trout live. I also check marked it (my system for finding another reference that also agreed).

      This was all before I found http://www.tarryscant and verifying info was much harder.

      I remember it being on a “bullet” summary list at a web site too.

      Can anyone help me with more details on this? I’m continuing to thumb through my 15 feet of notes, file folders, books, etc.

      • Devin Ross Thanks so much that is a huge amount of research detail. You are a Star.
        I guess no one will know where H O B was- until the big reveal, if there ever is one.
        I am sad now. My H O B was Brown Lake.

      • This may not relate or help, but brown trout, a non-native species of fish,
        live in Yellowstone National Park. I don’t capitalize the word “brown” in
        this context. All in my opinion, don’tcha know.

        • Thanks tall andrew, you must know much about fish. Ii have read about those cutthroat trouts – natives , and of CUTTBOW trout that have become kind of hybrid with rainbows?

      • Akb when you thinking about starting that adventure I was thinking since the chest is found I would like to pursue that same thing .

        • I’m not sure yet. I think I need to do some more research on what to expect when I get there.

          I heard the site isn’t easily seen as Egyptian anymore. Why that is depends on which theory you read and I don’t know what to make of that yet.

  3. I cant figure out for the life of me why the lid on the olive jar appears to be intact….

    • It’s worth far more if you intend to sell the chest and contents as a package deal if that jar is still sealed.

      • But why would you need written instructions when the man who wrote them is standing right in front of you?

    • PS: I sincerely doubt that ff would be in close proximity to a finder during COVID in any indoor space.

    • Maybe the finder was dragging his feet and sent him a little too much info, so Fenn decided to take matters into his own hands.

    • ..maybe the word “danger” is inscribed in the wax of that lid..

      I would not have opened that jar without Forrest’s permission either.

        • You sure? Did you put it in there?

          Curiosity is important and I wouldn’t let a piece of glass stop mine. I’d just buy a new jar and a candle and pretend it never happened.

  4. Won’t be long and I will be a free spirit too Dal.

    Now can we at least have what state the chest was found, someone – Forrest or the finder. Just wondering how close I might have been.
    Curious minds want to know?????

    If there is a movie finder, can I play the role of Bur?


      • Nice try brother, but that’s an average book solve. It was definitely found on Montana. Yellowstone has always been used as a scapegoat to distract people from the real spot.

    • How do you justify Forrests statements on Mysterious Writings? January 6th 2020 nearly 10 years then March 5th 2020 more than 10 years.

      • There are many examples of Forrest making contradictory statements. Im going based on the ONLY postmark on the right side page In TTOTC..
        Friday June the 5th only occurs certain years. 2009, 2015, 2020. Coincidence?

        • I don’t think FF ever tries to lie, but some times his stories don’t add up. You can’t take every word literally. He is very deceptive at times, like when the woman asked if he had to take an airplane to get to the hiding place and he said no. He later commented that he didn’t “have to” not that he didn’t, nor that he did either.
          One interview he said he hid the chest 15 years after getting cancer, which would have been 2003, then he said he hid it when he was 79-80, 2009, 2010. So which is right???? Just don’t get tied down to every single word. All IMO/

        • What’s your take on it being “found” on that date? It’s incredibly coincidental..

          • Actually, I’m still considering that..
            It does seem incredibly suspicious…

      • Hi Dawn: the “nearly 10 years” was in Jenny’s *question*, not Forrest’s answer. Jenny made that assumption; I don’t think we should read anything into Forrest’s failure to correct her.

    • FF said that he hid the trove during the summer. (possibly paraphrased.) IMO.

  5. Hi Dal, you said:

    That is an old and well used saying…used in books, on tombstones, from the mouths of stage and screen actors and more. It would be impossible to say any one utterance was the one that inspired Forrest…
    He borrowed a lot from many sources while writing his stories…
    I think that’s an inefficient effort to go hunting for a source and choose the one that best fits your solution..”” – end quote.

    Okay Dal, but what about when when the theme you’re following locks in with the bigger picture you’ve already found, and other clues in the poem? Some clues represent the fictional journey and other clues describe a real location? What if you figure out the symbolic place Forrest identifies with and then “take it” with you to a real location,… in the canyon down, a real place that displays more features that the words in the poem relate too. Have you ever considered that all the clues in his poem fit together with the bigger picture to give you the “Title”….the Title to Forrest’s symbolic journey….a book title, movie title, could even be a song title…..then whoever the hero is in that Title (we’ll say Roeland in the Dark Tower) has to fulfill a quest, and you have to figure out how to fulfill your hero’s quest for to the end to make it cease. Every time Roeland reaches the Tower he finds out he’s been there before even though he thinks he’s discovered it for the first time. And every time he visits the tower his journey is thrown back to the beginning to relive the same journey again, starting at Brown’s Hut with the echo of the horn of Eld ringing in his ears, the horn he left on Jericho Hill. His journey is a loop that ends where it began. What if Roeland fetches that horn before going to the Dark Tower…..will he then find peace? I found an area in the Rocky Mountains that’s very similar to the fictional Dark Tower map area where Jericho Hill is located and also a fictional place nearby in the same vicinity called “Tree” (wood). All located near “the canyon down”. If you understand why Forrest’s journey relates to Roeland’s then it’s definitely worth the effort, IMHO. I will ask this again….Has anyone else thought of matching up a fictional location map, like the Dark Tower map, with a real geographical map in the Rockies to solve a hero’s quest that Forrest went in the role of that character….and relating the clues both literally, and symbolically in the fictional location too? Anyone? Something to thing about while we wait for the answer. 🙂 – Lori

      • Lori,
        The bigger picture may be something along the lines of his name and who he is.

        A nice post was David’s post a few blog pages ago. There were some great pieces of information in his post.

        1413 is important. “But what we really need from that ID is his address. 1413”. 1414 is the road number after Nye Cemetery Road in my solve.

        “June is about to demonstrate how to do everything right before disappearing completely from the book. June is listening to the radio at six pm on Saturday…..I have to be clear. She doesn’t disappear completely from the book. She disappears completely from the text of the book after doing everything right on a Saturday night. There’s one more image of her in the book, and she’s riding in a car with Donnie. No mention of his best buddy Donnie marrying his kid sister? No mention of her death? Nope. Because she has to do everything right and it would get muddy if she did too many things.”

        A fen is a a low and marshy or frequently flooded area of land.
        A Fenn (with 2 N’s)…would include Forrest, June, etc.

        A fag is a a tiring or unwelcome task. It has more recently taken on a derogatory meaning.

        A Fagg (with 2 G’s)…Would include Harrison Fagg.

        Gay use to mean happy, lighthearted and carefree as the primary definition. This definition is now considered dated.

        At some point in time, the primary definition became (of a person) homosexual.

        “The secret to marrying two metals together is to keep the iron from oxidizing. ff 6/23/15”

        2 F’s as in Plural.

        • Hi CD,

          Did you know that 1408 and 1922 are names of Stephen King movies/novel Titles? Are there any anagrams or ways to fit those numbers in to your solution? Also, one of the names for the Dark Tower villain is Randall Flagg aka John Farson aka the man in black . Remember the FF hat contest when Forest wore his hat with the horns and a fierce expression on his face? The man in black wears a hat with horns similar to that in the Dark Tower/Battle of Jericho Hill comic. That comic was released between 2009 and 2010. I wish I could post a picture of the man in blacks hat vs. Forrest hat with the horns in his hat contest. He was giving us a subtle hint, IMHO. – Lori

          • Hi Lori,

            I briefly played with anagrams but stopped. I saw the quote below…The She in the statement below makes me think I should have Stressed June’s Name and who June is just as much as Mr. Fenn and who he is. How would he know if a male or female would find the chest? Mr. Fenn has stated “don’t mess with the poem”….So I didn’t mess with the poem and abandoned anagrams.

            “No Mike, everything in the chest is *straight forward* and visual, except my autobiography, which some might find dull. Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f”

          • CD….. I can’t find a way to post it here but if you Google “the dark tower the battle of Jericho Hill the man in black” , then look under images. That might work. You’ll see the man in black villian wearing a horned hat. Then compare it to FF hat from this blog. I hope that helps!

          • I don’t think there is a villain.
            I think that Mr. Fenn left the decision to the finder and the finder did not want Mr. Fenn to release who or where. He could have told us when, but chose not to divulge that information specifically. Since he advised to keep it in a safe deposit box for 30 days, it was probably found at least 30 days before the post. I would guess that it was not long between discovery and the post based on the photo caption, but it could have been last year when there was an announcement and there was to be a television pilot.

            Are you thinking of me as a villain because you are waiting to hear these details through some type of surprise announcement from Mr. Fenn, even though he stated that he is not going to provide who or where?

          • Lori,

            There are still many possibilities.
            Joe Sacramento’s Duck Creek solve is a good possibility.
            David pointed out from the book that June and Donnie in the car is shown in a drawing after the writing about June is finished.
            Mr. Fenn’s friend Richard having all 9 garage bays nicely aligned.
            The stories about Bullet.
            Mr. Fenn’s court story about dodging a bullet with impressive form.

          • Hi CD……

            A couple of my past solves involved bullets. One involved two bullets, one main bullet, another scant bullet, and the man with the smoking gun that shot them. Actually, it was Forrest’s mention of his car called the bullet that drew me to my past solves, including the Stephen King Title “Riding the Bullet”. There is plenty of water involved in Forrest’s big picture….
            Nature is a wonderful artist, IMHO., and Forrest is an amazing architect that used the landscape to construct his treasure hunt in Colorado. …again, all IMHO. – Lori

        • Lori,

          Everything I am saying is IMO also.
          I am no authority when it comes to Mr. Fenn’s stories or the facts of his life.

          Have you read his books?

  6. In response to:
    Joseph Pindler on June 24, 2020 at 5:30 pm said:
    I think it was hidden in the Big Horn Mtns. Anyone else thinking along these lines?

    Yes! You are the only other Bighorn Mtns. solve I’ve seen.

    WWWH = Lovell, water freezes at 32F and WY Hwy 32 begins in Lovell (because WY is it that I must go)
    Take it in the canyon down = Bighorn Canyon

    My strategy: find answers to the nine clues, take the first letter from each answer, and convert those letters to numbers using a phone key pad (a decoding device that we ALL have). This gave me a line that crossed through Porcupine Creek, making an X.

    Check out the rest of my solve. Is it near you location?

    Also, I think about the people that emailed Forrest with what they think is the exact location, who then claim he did something based on this information, and I wonder what their response is to this quote from Six Questions with Forrest 2018:

    “Rocking chair ideas can lead one to the first few clues, but a physical presence is needed to complete the solve. Google Earth cannot help with the last clue.”
    Quote taken from:

    I believe I was close, but it is the wilderness, and it is vast. The latest revision of my solve, which I didn’t get to test out, had the blaze as an L or lb
    Using the backwards bike analogy:
    blaze/ezalb = ez a L b (easy a L be), or ez a lb (easy a lb)

    So if you ever go out there and see an L or a #, email me a pic!

    • Erika and Joseph,

      I was also used part of my solve but started in the Big Horn Mtns. and went down to the Big horn Canyon and up into The Pryor Mtns. Was there in both Oct Dec of last year and am pretty sure was right but will never know The last 100′ were from where my solve was was just too slippery from a light fresh snow and being alone aired on the side of caution and my return never happened in time.

      It is a location/area I think that simulates much of what Forrest has spoke in his books and scrapbooks. Covid saw I couldn’t and can’t cross the border yest as I am in Canada. Only Forrest and the searcher know the true location but it is nice for all of us searchers to think our solves were “the right one”.

      I have no regrets and plan on seeing more of that wonderful part of Wyoming and Montana as well as some other spots that I just want to visit in Col and NM just because of their wonder and beauty. Forrest succeeded in opening many of our eyes to not only a sense of hope but also of time past and the outdoors.

      Thank you once again Forrest! Rastros Felices!!!

      • i’ve always wondered if his map with an X on it was a map of the stars. there is a constellation Cygnus lying on the plane of the Milky Way. Cygnus is Greek for swan. in it is an asterism called the Northern Cross and of course it’s also an X. Cygnus also lies on the plane of the Milky Way. There are 5 major stars in the northern cross:
        1. Deneb (Arabic for tail) – one of the vertices of the asterism known as The Summer Triangle and the “head” of the Northern Cross.
        2. Gienah (Arabic for the wing)
        3. Delta Cygni (Arabic for the riders)
        4. Sadr (Arabic for the chest) – forms the intersection of the 5 stars.
        5. Albireo (some confusion in its meaning)

        The Summer Triangle – walk out of your home and walk a straight mile…..

        i tried a few times to try and figure out how to use the stars to navigate and to simply place the night sky over the Earth but, seemed like I was forcing it to my area, which it does fit. But I gave up cuz I had know idea if I was even close to right. It’s an interesting thought.

        • kinda reminds me of his row bracelet – a silver band with 22 turquoise beads all set in a row.

          The term Milky Way is a translation of the Latin via lactea, from the Greek γαλαξίας κύκλος (galaxías kýklos, “milky circle”). From Earth, the Milky Way appears as a band because its disk-shaped structure is viewed from within.

  7. Ah, yes! The Life of Riley.
    Simple times. Like Mr. Fenn said…you SHOULD simplify. Maybe enjoy some days like the simple carefree days of your childhood. And…don’t forget…on that adventure, remember that you can always find your way if you get back in the box. The box that contains the key(s) to your way…the legend on your map.
    Enjoy Dal! You deserve a break after monitoring this site for so many years and, especially, for the days that have followed since the find of the treasure.

    • Probably delivered a very convincing cease and desist letter crafted by a sage attorney working for f.

  8. Holy moly I can’t keep up with all of the postings!! Have a great trip Dal!

  9. Good Morning All;

    Just a quick update. We are now over %$3000.00 – Now at $3066. Focused and I both want to thank everyone who has donated, We both know that these are hard times, and we know how tight things are for many – That is why we are so very thankful for every penny we have been able to raise,

    For those that might want to donate – please go to this link:

    Your Grateful Friends – Focused and JDA …”Until next time

  10. Mr Forrest Finn cares deeply for people, and he knows how important the outdoors is to good health and purpose in life. I believe he would agree with John Muir who said, “In God’s wildness lies the hope of the world…” Forrest launched the chase coming out of a recession to help his fellow man. Now there is a pandemic and cultural events, which may have Forrest recalibrating the chase to help his fellow man again. Mere speculation, but I believe the chase is not over. Could there be a phase 2 that is forthcoming? Could the same special spot still be used again in phase 2? The same treasure with more added or a new treasure? There may be loads of going’s on’s behind the scenes right now between Forrest and the mystery finder. Who knows, but those two. And it would be “oh so Forrest” to have it continue with a twist that no-one saw coming to take the chase to a new level, touching more people than ever. I’m holding on to my solves with hope that I’ll still be able to go to those special spots one day. We’re all part of this history; and I pray it continues on. Hike on and stay safe. Birdman out!

  11. Title – is a key word. The successful solves you have..defining successful as the solves start and stop with things Forrest put out there (but not the chest of gold) will ‘give you the title to the poem’. You have to find those things on the trail and then ‘found’ the title (build/construct/piece it together). The title then makes perfect sense, gives you the name of the ‘spot’ and ties into the opening stanza. As he can go in there alone, with his family or his friends. It also ties into The number 11… like Once… Spanish for 11. You will find dozens of things there if you find it.

    • That is how it worked for me… I have read people describe things without going BOTG that can help you get there too so the architect put in a lot of various ‘signals’. For example, I have no idea how Dal’s friend pulled NW95 from listening to the poem. Can’t wrap my head around that type of solve.

  12. Canasta is associated with 1940.
    Indulgence (art) is associated with 1940 and 1948.
    The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is associated with 1940.

    1940 => ‘40 => 40

    What does 40 do for you? Is it the last coordinate of the treasure location? Or …

    And what about 48?

    More to come on this when I get home to my notes. Lots more!

    • Hey O… i don’t have a tie to 40 or those other numbers that i recall over the years…but i do have several ties to the Denver Museum… namely a very important number there… i toured it… it has a game Forrest employed where you look for the “wee little fellow” in different parts of the museum. Basically…a scavenger hunt…which is what I stumbled onto on my trail so he reinforced that IMO. It is a fun scavenger hunt if you’ve never done it. I did find some land features and a number repeated there that i think is important. It is another “address” that he keeps taking you to over and over and over. Pounding it into your head.

  13. I would like to thank Mr. Obvious, AfB…uh I mean AkB, and morecowbell for the entertainment at the end of Part 10. And I believe we will have our answers “eventually” even if it does not come from the finder himself. You’re not going to tell me the finder did not tell someone other than Forrest. If he didn’t, he’s a much better person then I. How can one person contain such awe inspiring news? And I do believe there are some who are trustworthy enough to share a very important “secret” such as this, but IMO, they are far and few between.

    If I had a dime for every time I had a friend say, ” Don’t tell anybody, it’s a secret but………”

    • I believe the location will have to come out voluntary or involuntary. With all the lawsuits pending, the only way the finder can defend himself from even a frivolous lawsuit is to divulge the location and that would negate any claims that he stole someone’s solve if the persons bringing suit could not produce that information of chest location. BUT, that would open possible claims from state and federal positions on ownership rights of that property. Location of the chest can’t be avoided forever. Just delayed. I guess Forrest was right about Pandora’s box being opened. If he didn’t want to go public and reveal anything, he should have taken the chest, went home, and remained silent about even finding it to Forrest. The finder has gotten himself in a pickle.

      • Agreed. There is one solution though that i haven’t read on this blog…purchase the spot. It was for sale over the past 10 years so you never know.

        • Set up a a”monument” to Forrest…which i wonder sometimes if that is what he wants…and bring the people in. Existing owner makes out, new owners make out, state has no say, feds have no say, everybody is happy… all of us can go there on vacation. Bask in the genius that is Forrest Fenn. Forrest gets long term recognition… like he mentions all human beings wanting…to be remembered.

          • My spot was at Initial Creek mining claim in Montana off the West Fork Stillwater River. Records show the claim has been inactive for many years with only lease maintenance upkeep to retain lease ownership. Coincidently there is a 30 day period for transfer of new lease ownership upon discovery of site and staking each corner. I’m guessing this is similar to Austrslias mining claim process of staking corners upon expiration of leased mining grounds. It is unclear what the process is in transferring currently owned mining leases to a new owner. What’s more interesting is that the Initial Creek mine is marked as Platinum. Maybe he wouldn’t need to transfer at all if just giving title to the gold.

          • Thanks for the reply and info. I was not onto those places. I can see the line of thinking on a mining claim and title. Not closing my mind to any possibility. I hope you are right.

        • That is possible. My spot was on a mining lease. It could be possible that Forrest owned the rights to that mining lease and transferred title to the finder upon discovery. Hence “title to the gold”.

          • Yea, agreed. Even if my spot is wrong and yours…others have found similar places like 9 QC Ranch, other ranches in that area, etc. The list of private property places referenced is large IMO. I also came a cross a mining lease… hmmm… wondering if that is one and the same.

          • I have to ask…is your mining claim near or do you recognize VVV or 555? If not…there are a few other recognizable things there…if you are willing to provide a hint.

      • Lawsuits against whom? The finder can remain unfound forever, much longer than the treasure.

    • Anything is possible…and i would like to know too. IMO the places the chase took me to are not any more awe inspiring than Yellowstone when it comes to natural beauty. For me, so far, the awe inspiring thing is how he crafted in things like the movie King of California, Michael Douglas, Douglas McCarthur, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Thread Bare Carpet, etc. IMO… he hand built things and left them on the trail… if he didn’t build them… he figured out how to tie them in. The level of detail goes on and on…. he even helped maker sure things were “protected” so they couldn’t be changed,…like moving the “hut” to the Cody Museum. The guy had the means and the time to build a very elaborate trail.

      • I love that movie!,.. especially when Michael Douglas does his “obsessed” wild eye ‘look.” Of course, my wife and a few of my friends have said that I look like that when I start talking about TTOTC 🙂

        • Lol… I can relate..i think we all get that excited which was part of the addiction. The possibility you are right and will find the ‘next thing’. Thanks for sharing. IMO opinion it is related, no coincidence multiple Douglas are referenced in the chase, no coincidence there is a picture with his wife and Michael Douglas… it also ties into the number 1150 he uses in the book. That may never come out if the solve is never delivered/provided…but the crafty architect took 25 years to tie in all kinds of stuff before this thing started…and more after it started.

    • That would way too many dimes indeed Geyser. Nobody’s pockets are that deep. They just don’t make pants like they used too. It’s all skinny jeans now.

    • geysergirl, take a look at eXcelsior runoff into firehole river BANK, next to the old wooden bridge, and tell me what you see?

  14. It goes without saying that FF played with words and so “buyer beware” when taking FF literally.

    When FF says that “there are nine clues” did he really mean that “nine is the clue”?

    Or are both meanings (and a hidden third?) true?

    • I trust Forrest to tell the truth, but I don’t trust myself to understand what he said. 🙂

      • It’s time to cut the cord Mr. O. If you don’t have faith in yourself then you’ll never be able to tell when Fenn makes a mistake. And he’s just a man.

    • It just occurred to me… (and I don’t want to send anyone down the wrong path)

      Numerology is based upon 9 (verify this yourself).

      A = 1
      B = 2
      C = 3

      H = 8
      I = 9
      J = 1
      K = 2

      Z = 8 (26th letter, 2 + 6 = 8)

      So, for example, covert all of the letters to their numbers and
      then total them up.

      forrest fenn
      6699512 6555

      forrest = 38
      fenn = 16

      38 + 16 = 54

      5 + 4 = 9

      Forrest Fenn is a nine

      Didn’t see that coming.

  15. If I were the finder, I think that I would publish my solve, using fictitious locations, but publish my logic as to how I found Indulgence, and then sit back and laugh as people here on the blog tore it apart. THAT would be fun 🙂 Just how I would do it – JDA

    • Ha, just start in the middle. 200ft getting warm,500ft getting warmer, 50 ft now your ice cold.

        • I knew you had a wicked side to you JDA. 🙂
          I think that a correct solve, if posted, would be ignored since very few people seem to be interested in ways of thinking that don’t agree with their own.

          • One definition of wicked is “Extremely unpleasant.” I try not to be, but every once in a while ……… 😉 JDA

      • Sorry, that was meant to go under Rip W. above- “The finder has gotten himself in a pickle.”

    • JDA – Have you ever considered that maybe Forrest has a valuable life lesson he’s learned over the years that’s associated with his symbolic/special place that maybe he’s a little shy about sharing because …..? Maybe it’s a lesson that can help others if he chooses to share whatever this is., but sometimes it’s easier to hide than to tell the truth. In the end, that decision will ultimately be up to Forrest and not the finder. I hope he writes a new memior explaining the truth about this lesson to the world. If there’s no life lesson that we could all benefit from hearing about then perhaps it wouldn’t matter what the winning solve is. Either way, I support Forrest’s decision. – Lori

      • Lori;

        I am sure that there is a valuable lesson to be learned. I think that that lesson will relate to the “Place” itself. Forrest has always loved and been engrossed with Archaeology, Geography and Native American lore.

        I somehow feel that Forrest’s “Special Place” will have touched upon these three realms, and that the lessons learned will be about the indigenous peoples who once lived in this “Special Place”. I could be completely wrong, that is just what I believe. JMHO – JDA

        • P.S. – Keep in mind that we may never know. I also believe that whatever Forrest wants or wishes, has been relayed to the Finder, and I believe that the “Finder” will honor those wished – JMO – JDA

        • I think the way to find the treasure was to put yourself in Forrest Fenn’s shoes and imagination nevhis earliest impressions of Yellowstone. Back to Fishing Bridge. A kid fly fishing with his whole family. You need to see more than nature. You need to see his brother Skippy, his sister June, his mother and father standing alone the river bank. The boys probably explored the area while his father fished. That area was their playground. And the closest fly fishing spot to Fishing Bridge would be …
          The Yellowstone River at …
          LeHardy’s Rapids.

          • Hardy => bold, brave, Marvel (hero), “Here me all and listen + up” – John Wayne => gritty

          • Note that looking up the words “bold” and “brave” to not point you to “hardy”. Thus the backward bicycle analogy. That’s why it was hard to find. No pun intended.

          • If you Google “Roeland meaning” you’ll find that Roeland is also a synonym for “brave”. We shall soon see… at least, I hope! 🙂

          • A major fault like be runs from Old Faithful to LeHardy’s Rapids. The Elephant Back Fault Zone.

          • Rapid(s) <= quickly, tarry scant, heavy loads and water high, where warm waters (lake fish) halt

          • LeHardy’s Rapids is downstream from the visitor center at Fishing Bridge. Rangers are warmly tefrrred to as Browns. Their uniforms are brown colored.

          • Good catch Dal. Luckily I had multiple connection for HoB. South of painter Brown at Canyon. Lower elevation than Bear Mgt Area to the North, downstream from Yellowstone Lake with brown trout, and best of all, just west of the Outhouse at LHR.

          • Without a bridge the Indians would most likely have crossed the Yelllowstone River at what is today Nez Perc Ford, just south of LeHardy’s Rapids. This area is mentioned in Jornal of a Trapper if I’m not mistaken.

          • That is a good point. I can’t go by someone else’s timeline. Looking back at notes I can find that they explored Red Canyon. I do not have any verification of previous visits to the site. Thank you for your editing help! Much Appreciated.

        • His special place is special because he spent many formative years there with his family (people he loves and misses) and he has returned there often to reminisce (all imo). Btw – I know where his special spot is.

  16. Dal,
    May your travels be filled with:
    Wonders to behold, awe-inspiring views.
    Pleasant people, good food
    And smooth roads.


  17. Ann – Thank you for your perfect answer on the previous thread. What’s in a name?: Buffalo Bill. Get out there and enjoy Summer

    Colleen – Nope! Just having fun, as I am wont to do. Thanks for the nice compliment!

    Dal – Finally! Getting on the road! Enjoy!

  18. I wish I could’ve taken part in this before it came to an end. I’d still like to take a trip or two to see if I can find where it was hidden. My two top spots to look were Grey Copper falls in Ironton, CO, Fit the bill to a lot of the riddle including being at the base of Mt. Brown. The other was kind a ironic spot. Since it was always talked about “the final solution to the riddle” I thought it would be funny if he hid it up Solution creek at Riddle lake just below yellowstone lake in the park. Yes its a real place.

  19. Anyone, first picture, top middle of the photo, back part of the chest, on the outside, what is that? Is that a sprinkler head?

    • Hello Jdiggins. To me, it looks like part of the fallen dead tree and a blade or two of brown grass.

    • I saw that too Jdiggins, I am not sure what it is, it looks man made to me but???

    • Saw that too. Looks like a fishing reel or possibly a connector to the old wood we are seeing-train track?

      • I’m curious! About so much with this chase. For instance, what’s with the constant references to Ovaltine? Lol But I think the only thing that could be taken at face value from FF was that he hid a treasure, wrote a poem that gave instructions on how to find it and whoever found it had rights to it. Other than that I don’t know what’s real and what is fiction. The ball that didn’t fit through the doorway for example, how many of us believed that story lol. I think that there were small truths to everything he said and posted mixed with some exagerration and I believe hints, but my guess is as good as anyone’s. I read the book back to front and there were so many different avenues to follow-same with the poem. Curious is good though and curious is a logical response to this, but unfortunately we may never know what was real and what wasn’t. I hope we do one day but I wouldn’t put money on it. With the lawsuits and all Im sure the finder is hesitant to come out or release any information.

    • Wow. Don’t know. Missed it! Looks like a round metal object, for sure. But, to me, it looks like its on its side.

      • anyone notice the bottom left corner appears to be free of debris.
        almost like its on the edge of a trail or path.

        • ff has said it was not in close proximity to a human trail, never said anything about not being near an animal trail?????????

    • Looks to me like a small burl. Exact same shade as the wood. Like the one to the right of it in the piece of wood, but isolated.

    • Thanks to all who commented. It does appear to be on its side, it looks like a pressure regular, baffle, sprinkler head…something…

  20. I am wondering if forrest is where he is in the photographs handling the treasure to take inventory and possibly buy back the treasure from the finder who offered to sell it back. If you think about it, it would be pretty hard for the finder to stay anonymous trying to sell what was in the box and much much easier if he sold it back to forrest. Maybe forrest would consider re-hiding it. Hes had ten years to think of another poem and another spot. One can only hope

    • That’s a good possibility. Forrest is probably calculating a deal at that meeting. But heck, maybe he could just re-hide the whole shebang again in the same place (assuming the finder is honest). No new poem, we just keep searching. Deja vu all over again!

  21. The only thing is…you need piping for sprinklers.
    Why would there be pipes in the wilderness ?

    • He never said it was in the wilderness. 🙂 ‘Sprinkler’ is not a bad WWWH, some natural sprinkler…and he called his shower head a sprinkler in the bathroom scrapbook, where he was talking about the creatures in the marble tiles, I believe.

  22. ByGeorge to respond from previous page. It sure seemed to me he wore a purple sweater in quite a few interviews!!!

  23. Hi everyone. I just found out my sister is in intensive care. If you read this, any positive thoughts you can send, I feel can help her Thank you.

    • Kee is this the sister that used to camp with you near the lot were the dog tags hung

    • Here is wishing you, your sister and all your loved ones the very best kee. I hope everything turns out OK.

    • My thoughts and prayers to your sister and the entire family. Hang in there. You have the Chase community behind you.

    • I wish the sady state passed over in a short time,
      and patience to you, success to the medical team too.

    • Lots of positive thoughts for your sister being sent your way! Hope she is up and out of the IC as quickly as possible.

    • We’re sending thoughts, prayers, and gentle hugs, Kee. Please let your sister know that we want to “hear” from her sometime when she’s feeling better, okay?

  24. I thought Dal was going to shut this site down? Does any one know when? I hope not but I understand. People want to move forward, but its hard because we don’t have closer for all our wonderings about the poem. We may wonder all our lives what the home of Brown was. Its like losing someone but never finding out what happened to them. It became so much of so many of our lives.
    Hope to see many of you in Yellowstone.
    Dal made the hunt or chase extra fun! With all the contests and thongs. I enjoyed entering many of them! Thanks Dal. I got some treasures too! I got a arrowed head sent to me from forrest and a little note too. Also on jennys or was it dals? I have two nice pieces of pottery from the San Lorenzo site! I super treasure these and the special notes I recieved. So fun!
    Thanks everyone, best wishes and keep on treasure hunting!
    Love and Respect!
    Lou Lee Belle

    • Hey Lou Lee,

      I don’t know about anyone else, but all my eggs are in the July 4th basket. I bet that’s when we get more info. If you don’t believe me, ask Cowbell. He’ll tell you.

      But Fenn has been saying to wait for 30 days after for a long time.

      And when a good man asks for time, you just give it to him. You don’t need to know why. Have a little faith, I’ll even give you some of mine.

      • Independence day, exactly. There was a movie about this, had pilots and jets and aliens too.

        • I heard that rumor too but I don’t remember it going down that way. Good thing I got it in writing.

      • An Independence Day release of information would mesh pretty well thematically with my solve, actually. Gonna kick myself if I was on the right track and just didn’t act quickly enough. LOL

        • Well spread the word Ray. I think there are some people out there that need help believing.

    • Hello Lou Lee. The following are a couple posts from Dal from previous “Found” pages:

      on June 21, 2020 at 10:48 am said:

      not “soon”…over months…


      on June 21, 2020 at 2:14 pm said:

      Seems that I was not clear about “closing the blog down”.
      What I mean by that is that I will be closing it down to comments…and archiving it….
      The blog itself and all the pages will remain for quite a while so that future PhD candidates can use it in their research on “The Psychology of Treasure Hunters in the early 21st Century”

      I am also considering packaging up Forrest’s Scrapbooks and his other writings on this blog into a digital book…

  25. In my opinion Important Literature let the reader know that he literally used literature in the chase as clues. He used 3 primarily, and out of the 3, one survived the waste basket after his -second trip- to Borders. I also believe that he didn’t literally mean the classics listed and rather used these titles as euphemisms for other books that will help the searcher to find wwh and identify what that is. I also think that Time Magazine shows that he used periodicals and journals as well. All you need is the poem and the map to find the treasure but he placed breadcrumbs in literature to help us find the beginning.

    I’ve brought up a specific book previously Here the other day “50 Years At The Bright Spot” . This book is an immense clue. Read it and see. It takes place “halfway between Shoshoni and Casper” just like The ttotc chapter “The Long Ride Home”. Literally, this book points the searcher directly to a road outside of Laramie. The plot of this chapter is replicated in a section of this book. There are many details from his chapter in this book. In addition: staying home and playing canasta, And two trips to a schoolhouse are in here. In the “The Long Ride Home” also note the use of “50” twice.

    This book is obscure and you might not ordinarily read it which is why it was easy for ff to use. The plot is irrelevant to the chase and a little boring however he used it to point the searcher. If you live in Wyoming it’s at your library or if not it’s on Abebooks. Read “The Long Ride Home” right before you start.

    Plenty of people have looked for the one room schoolhouse in “Gold and More”. If finding this is of any interest to you just google the book “Cow Belles Ring School Bells” and explore the imagery of the cover. This book is the reference for every rural school in Albany County Wyoming up until the mid 70’s.
    Note the cover art: two horseshoes/ omegas are clearly visible as the horse approaches a brown house. Also the title itself should ring some belles/bells. The back yard of this scene also resembles the imagery of the backyard of Fenns house in a scrapbook with him and skippy playing as children with their car. The schoolhouse is in this book; the name of the schoolhouse translates to the word “Ford” and also as a “moon crater”.

    Also if you would like to read further mirrored stories that reassemble Fenns, read “Ranch on The Laramie: A Memoir of American Boyhood” (actually a wonderful read).There are many overlaps in this book including a blatant description of what “meek” is and what it is associated with. There is even a childhood pretend horse named “lightning” in one scene as well as a little fly fishing section near the end right out of the opening of tftw- and prolific use to the number 50.

    You see the number “50” employed by Fenn repeatedly. It’s a code that you can see in these books and in journal titles. Google “Holden at 50” a New Yorker article from 2001 about JD Salinger and see if it rings any bells- especially why ff would want to leave his car at a history museum and in turn WHAT wwh means and what it’s temperature might be.

    Then if you want to find WHERE WWH read the chapter “50 Years” in the “Annals of Wyoming” (TIME). You can google it for free. Note the section describing beads being unearthed from the ground. Pull up your Gaia maps on this location and scan around a few mile radius and see if a small named creek with its own named canyon pops out. See what it flows into and in turn what flows into that.

    I’m sharing this because I was unable to visit this place in time this year and so I don’t see the use in keeping it a secret. I suspect 1-2 others are aware of this place on here and these books from things whispered. Maybe others know of additional books too they would like to share?

    • The schoolhouse was at the time called the normal something or other. It was a teachers college in gunnison that became cwsu.
      The mention of bells was in reference to the savage bells, also of gunnison.
      I think.

      • No Badger the quote he claimed was on the schoolHouse can be found On a college in Colorado. Although I believe the quote on the schoolhouse nor the story is historical fact. The one room schoolhouse was 50 miles off the beaten path on the way to yellow -stone

    • It sounds that we have taken several similar paths – One of my favorite Long-Shot search areas is near Encampment, Wy. Going over Battle Pass there is an interesting place called “Hidden Treasure Gulch” . I kept remembering Forrest saying that when the location of the chest was known, people would say,”Why didn’t I think of that”. LOL


    • Matt–will you say any more about the significance of 50?
      Also, you mention the location half-way between Casper & Shoshoni, but then also refer to a schoolhouse in Albany County. Are you getting at a kind of triangulation between different points, or a single location?

      • @kate sure. He uses 50 many times in the book and also when he speaks in interviews. The amount it was used seemed conspicuous . I found it to be a pattern in literature in my search area as well- especially in years.
        The “Bright Spot” book takes place at a roadside cafe halfway between shoshoni and Casper as does the ttotc chapter which is what enticed me to read it. But the scene in Bright Spot with being stranded outside of the car and left on the side of the road, then picked up again takes place on a road outside of Laramie. The coincidence of the identical locations and also the similar plots was significant.

      • I had found the wwwh and the schoolhouse first. Then I read everything associated with the area , so this book didn’t lead me to schoolhouse however like others, it helped me to confirm location .

        • Thanks! I’m gonna go look there on Sunday when I’m off work. I don’t know what I’m looking for, but I bet I’ll find something!

          • Matt–Don’t know yet–I’m still scanning the area I think you are referring to (where WWH) and nothing is “popping” out yet.
            I wasted a lot of time last night looking through every digitized Annals of Wyoming volume (about 70 years’ worth) for a “chapter” entitled “50 Years”, before finding the book you were actually talking about. On the bright side–those are really fascinating and I look forward to reading them thoroughly this coming winter. I really wish I had had more confidence in one of my early ideas that put me in that area last year, but having never found anything that clicked as a poem interpretation I lost that early faith that it might actually be in Wyoming,

          • Kate I found additional places near there that I looked into including Palmer Canyon Rd, the truss bridge at Bosler which is nearly identical to the one in Temple and From what I can the last remaining In Wyoming. There is also the Rainbows End Fishing Camp and a one Room Schoolhouse by the same name. Also the Cassa Treasure nearer to the Platte. All of these are equal possibilities. What did you look into there? I decided on Thirty Two Creek as my primary wwwh from hints gleaned from ttotc. There is also a piece of property under the name Secret Fishing Hole of The Green Mountain there on the North Laramie. And more. I’d be interested to hear what you find.

        • Matt–I don’t really remember what I was thinking (I’m was a disorganized searcher, always hoping for a spark of inspiration). I was pretty certain that a pin-point location had to be decipherable from the poem, so I had a large area marked out that started up around Moneta and extended down into Albany County, with points of interest that I thought might yield a place where “all the lines crossed.”
          It turns out I have to take someone to the doctor on Monday, so I won’t be able to spend the two days I was hoping for, but there’s a lot of summer left and I’m not too far from that area. If somewhere specific comes up that you want a photograph of, let me know. Otherwise I’ll try to visit the places you mentioned already.

  26. I am doing extensive studies on pine cones, and here are my findings; on the bottom right part of the first chest photo there are several pine cones. The one against the chest that was partly crushed when the chest got moved is possibly a Pinyon, the one that is on top of triangle against the extreme right edge is quite possibly a Pinyon, and to one in the middle of the triangle on the bottom right of the photo that resembles a upside down dried echeveria succulent and doesn’t look like a pine cone is almost definitely a pinyon pine cone!
    So Pinyons grow mostly in New Mexico and a few In Colorado, and one small pocket in Wyoming, and never in Montana! WKS

    • I respect your extensive studies Wayne, but a botanist disagrees with you, and says they are lodgepole pine cones. Just sayin’ – JDA

    • Wayne,

      That’s good detective work! Although my solve is in Montana, it’s seem it may have likely been found in NM!

      I hope we get some info soon but I’m not holding my breath as the finder has no incentive or obligation to come forward with anything and I’m thinking he will likely not!


      • Please be patient. I am confident that Fenn has some nice surprise(s)
        in store for patient searchers.

    • Kee I sent my prayers for your sister .
      Dal safe travels
      To the rest of the community it’s been an interesting time I always s thought to be humble was the key .
      And if anyone wants to hang out I’ll be around been stuck here playing Russian roulette like the deer hunter movie good luck all follow your dreams don’t be to pridefull to correct failures and don’t waste time chasing the things or ones who mean the most to you because one day they may not be around to chase
      Shadow runner signing off
      Sorry slingloader but I finally feel beat down and my shots don’t seem to hit there mark much any more

      • Shadow runner, if you were serious about Russian roulette, please talk
        to people . . . reasonable ones who care. The end of this hunt is not the
        end of everything. There are many challenges and joys that await us all;
        please keep finding them, okay? Thank you in advance for doing this.

        • Mainly expressing the scene towards the end just when he starts to remember and things are about to get straightened out boom over .

          • Shadow – We are all tacking into the wind together, you just don’t recognize it.

            What appears to be a crash is just control. The wind will pick up very quickly and then we are away.

            You are the captain of the ship. People one day might ask to see how it was handled. Preempt the weather is what we do best.

      • Shadow – did you not free yourself from the mud? I thought that was your aim and not your temple.

        Your shots may always be on target, but maybe you are just reading the score card wrong.

        Stay safe, my friend.

    • According to an ecologist on pg 3 or 4 fo this thread, those are Colorado pinyon pine needles in the lower left and amongst the pinyon pine cones. Also, that’s desiccated eastern cottonwood in the upper right corner and the green chutes are sedge grasses. Eastern Cottonwood does not grow in NM, southern CO, or western CO. Sedge grasses grow upland of wetlands or riparian areas. By process of elimination, assuming photo isn’t staged/shopped, it was found in north half of CO around a river drainage.

      • You have not factored in tornadoes and other stuff that can throw things into the atmosphere. Those could have come from anywhere.

        Its rained fish and frogs in the past. Google it.

          • I suppose, also, that they could be flying fish, fluttering by. A tornado could even make butter fly.

            “Sighed note”: I was born in 1950. When I was about 13 years old and thinking like a typical 13-year-old in 1963, there was a riddle that went something like this . . .
            Q: Why did Laura Scudder?
            A: Granny Goosed her.

            I hope this doesn’t cause any unacceptable hooha.

            As always, this entire message is part of my opinion.

      • The Never Summer Range in the SE corner of the “big bullpen” is one area of overlap. The range sits on the Continental Divide and serves as the headwaters for both the Colorado River and the N Platte River. Warm waters halt on the side of the Divide that serves the Gulf of Mexico, IMO. And given the photograph, I would say that photo was taken near the banks of the Michigan River close to the bridge serving as access to the Agnes Lake trailhead. The Michigan River drains into the N Platte and has its headwaters at the American Lakes below Mt Richthofen on the Divide. Begin “it” wwwh = Michigan River.

        • HOB = Willey Lumber Camp, IMO. It sits just above the Michigan River at the bridge crossing where the photo was taken, by my deduction.

          • I heard that if you float down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon then you will come to a place where an archeologist from way back claimed to find Egyptian ruins.

            I want that to be my next adventure.

      • There is a regular diamond pattern to the arrangement of the woody scales of a lodgepole pine (and Ponderosa, and many other pines). Pinyon is one of the few that does not have that spiral diamond pattern.

        • Not that it matters any more since the chase is over…but I agree. The problem is with the caption… not long after it was discovered. If it was at a place where you didn’t want attention… it could have been transported some distance. Forrest’s version of near and far… not long and short… leave a lot of wiggle room. Maybe the chest was popped open and the pic was snapped almost immediately. But not long indicates something went down between the aha moment and pic. Maybe the bottle of cognac was on top and it was consumed first. Who knows. Typical Forrest…leaving more to ponder.

    • In that first photo, why does the left side of the photo have a very thin, discolored strip? You can see it better if you use magnifier. It’s like the photo was copy and pasted on top of another photo. And, moving you’re cursor over the pic, a black frame goes around the pic, but that strip remains. So, is it part of the photo? It’s part of the photo of what has been submitted, but why would it be there if the photo was taken shortly after the find?
      It’s not part of the landscape, but part of the pic?

      • Yep, I noticed it too. It looks like it was pasted on top of another pic and then followed by a poor cropping job in a photo editor like ms paint or photoshop. It seems odd that they wouldn’t just crop it how they wanted it with their phone, unless there is something nearby that might give away more details, and they were trying to be careful.

      • What it looks like to me is that a different shot of the chest on the forest litter was displayed on the screen, and then the shot we’re all familiar with was placed atop it — imperfectly — allowing four columns of pixels from the underlying shot to still be visible. The operator then took a screen shot and imperfectly cropped it, leaving a 4-column x168-row rectangle of the underlying image in the upper left corner. The border of that image is in rows 169-181, and then a *third* image is in rows 182-1664.

  27. I believe he found it as a child. It was s stop off en route to Yellowstone. It became significant to him throughout his life. He and skippy climbed tenderfoot mtn up to the w as kids where they watched planes take off. Later he caught that 28lb rainbow in tomichi creek. The location also reminded him of the place he was shot down in Vietnam and of the open field with waterfall to which he made many promises to visit in mwfm. It may even be the place that healed him when he had cancer and it appealed to him from the sky as well whenever he flew over it.

  28. Hello,
    First time posting here. I am a Searcher from Back East but not “the” Finder from Back East. I will attempt to share a picture of the Blaze I found on my first BOTG. The “I Wuz Herc” and down arrow on the blaze ticked many boxes to me. First, there is a painting of braves in the wood by Harvey “Bud” Johnson, a friend of Forrest’s, titled “They Wuz By Here.” Hence the “title” mentioned in the poem. The word HERE misspelled HERC also seems Forrest-esque. It was a Herculean task to carry a total of 42 lbs. into the wood. Take a look at the lettering, tell me what you think. Sadly, I did not find the gold, but I enjoyed my time in the wilderness searching. And if I was THAT close to finding the gold, I can only blame the altitude for my lack of being able to find something that may have been within 12 feet of me. Congratulations to the Finder for crossing the finish line! Well done!

    • Per FF, it wouldn’t be (paraphrasing) feasible to destroy or move the blaze. I’m not sure “your blaze” meets that qualification for durability. As always, IMO.

    • Where’s “back east” for you?

      BTW, I keep checking the boxes at the bottom (save my name . . . , notify me . . . , etc.) but haven’t ever gotten an email. Should I have?

      • Devin,

        After checking the boxes and submitting your comment you should receive an email from WordPress where there’s a button marked ‘confirm’. Push that button and it will take you to WordPress. You can then close that page and should start receiving all posts submitted after you made the confirmation.

        Hope that helps.


          • WordPress is a website that provides the avatars on this blog, and allows you to replace the avatar with a picture you provide – They offer other services, but not sure what – JDA

  29. Dal, there is an ole ditty that a group called Girders In The Sky used to perform. I can see you in my minds eye sitting around a camp fire outside of your “Salmon” two tone trailer as the stars begin to peek out in a buttermilk sky.






  30. The question everyone needs to ask in explaining your solve is this … why on earth is this special to Forrest Fenn. If you can’t answer ithat question, I think you may be barking up the wrong tree, IMO.

    • … but keep posting. The blogs are for entertainment purposes only. Well mostly.

          • Forrest mentioned French people.
            You mentioned family.
            Family contains “ami”, which in French means “friend”.

            Carry on. Please don’t get me started about friend’s hip, or friend’s hips, or friends’ hips. *Well*, maybe I already got started. All in my opinion.

    • I think it’s because after being close to death several times, he did a lot of
      thinking about life. The hidey spot’s location relates visually to a lot of symbolism relating to life, philosophy, identity, and — gasp! — spirituality for Forrest.

      As always, this entire message is part of my opinion.

      I was apparently just a little late finding the hidey spot, BOTG. Yeah, I said spot.

    • Mr. Obvious, I agree with you. I never threw in much about that aspect and possible connections to the Sun Dance scrapbook. It is not easy gathering a couple years worth of scattered notes and compiling them and I appreciate your help.

      My Solve: A little more cleaned-up

      Custer Gallatin National Forest Area, Beartooth

      *As I have gone alone in there
      *And with my treasures bold,
      The finder must technically enter a different area, such as into the mountain range canyon/blaze & into Custer Gallatin National Forest as Mr. Fenn did. Mr. Fenn went in there alone,” No one else was around, when I hid the chest”. His bold treasure is a lifetime collection of items that he was going to take to the grave.

      *I can keep my secret where,
      *Hint of riches new and old.
      This hint gives the searcher a starting point. Look for areas where other treasures have been found. I read about another treasure in this area. One possibility that I found is at “Mount Wood, located near the head of the Fishtail Creek drainage, the second-highest peak in the Beartooths. According to Turiano, Wood climbed the peak with photographer Anders Wilse on Sept. 11, 1898, after crossing from Goose Lake. During his peak-bagging adventures, Harrison Fagg found a small metal frog and the name Salo in a cache atop a 12,000-foot peak”. I believe MR. Fenn had a gold frog in his chest. This was a hint. Forrest also included a stick that was carved into a goose head and neck. This was one of the items that would make you smile when you open the chest. I smiled and was in awe when I saw the photograph and feel that it supports this location.

      *Begin it where warm waters halt
      I begin where Stillwater River Starts. If you look at a map, to the west is Mt. Abundance, Lake Abundance and Woodbine Trailhead. I believe MR. Fenn once referred to the treasure Abundance. It is where Goose Creek intersects Stillwater River. Notice the stick carved into a goose neck & head on top in the treasure chest. Goose Creek flows into Goose Lake. The waters aren’t really halting if they are flowing down a canyon, so he must not be stating it in a literal fashion. This River warms up during the day. Mr. Fenn is an avid fisherman. The solution should surely contain great fishing waters, but not obvious waters that are over fished. The “hoot owl” restrictions mean that anglers may not fish between 2 p.m. and midnight. The restrictions are triggered when water temperatures reach at least 73 degrees for three consecutive days. This location has had such restrictions placed on it.

      *And take it in the canyon down,
      *Not far, but too far to walk.
      Continue to follow Stillwater River through the canyon toward Nye. As you travel down the River, through the canyon, Wildcat Mountain is on the left. Mr. Fenn’s cat posts may have been referencing Wildcat Mountain. Bobby McGee (his pet cat) was part wildcat according to Mr. Fenn’s story. From the beginning to the end is not far, but it is too far to walk.

      *Put in below the home of Brown.
      There is a put in along Stillwater River. The put in is the Old Nye Picnic Area and Fishing Access. Sioux Charley’s is the Home of Brown. He could have been joking about the name “Charlie Brown”. Reference Mr. Fenn’s scrapbook about comics and his statement that during his late pre-teen years he was really into reading funny books. Sioux Charley is a white man adopted by the Sioux Indians as a small child who built a cabin at the lake where he lived for several years. Sioux Charley was also reportedly in charge of a mail route and wagon road up the Stillwater drainage to Cooke City, so Sioux Charley knew the area well and it could be considered his home. Me and Mummy Joe scrap book about giving a name to the mummy reminds me of this location. The Sun Dance scrapbook and the white men and location of this clue may also be a hint. What is Sioux Charley’s last Name?

      *From there it is no place for the meek,
      I believe Forrest is referring to Buffalo Jump. Forgotten Memories scrapbook about George Dabich and buffalo skulls. While I did not see a reference to this particular area, I imagine that a person from the Yellowstone area looking for buffalo bones would definitely visit this spot since it is close.

      * The end is drawing ever nigh;
      Continue along 419 (Nye Road). The road has a couple curves in this area, “draws”. To get to the blaze by vehicle, take Nye Cemetery Road, Buffalo Jump Road, Pishkun Road, and at the Y take Sioux Trail as far as you can drive. From this point you need to get out of your vehicle and walk (Approximately 3,000 Feet)

      *There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
      *Just Heavy Loads and Water High.
      I believe the creek Mr. Fenn is talking about is Burnt Creek (part of the blaze). You would not be able to paddle up this creek and it runs high up into the mountains. The Heavy loads are the many large heavy boulders and spurs that hang like large canopies.

      *If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
      *Look quickly down, you quest to cease,
      I think the blaze is Burnt Creek where it flows through and exits two nice mountain peaks that resemble double omegas ΩΩ. This can be seen on Google Earth. If you view google Earth 3D and follow Burnt Creek South from Stillwater River, you will be able to see the area well. We have been wise because we followed Mr. Fenn’s instructions and the path from the starting point to the blaze and went straight –right to it, meaning straight and then turn clockwise and wrap back toward the direction we came from. Look quickly down under a rock canopy. The treasure should be hidden under a rock canopy. I would expect the canopy just to the left of Burnt Creek as can be seen from Google Earth. Mr. Fenn Stated that Google doesn’t go that low, so we can’t expect to see under the rock canopy to verify.

      *But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
      *Just take the chest and go in peace.
      Black Butte is east of Burnt Creek. It may be a little dark under the rock ledge and a flashlight may be needed. In addition this is National Forest property, so Mr. Fenn instructs the finder to just take the chest and go in peace. There may be wildlife or Rangers.

      * So why is it that I must go
      *And leave my trove for all to seek?
      *The answers I already know,
      *I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.
      Answers are in the name of the treasure, “Indulgence”. In the Roman Catholic Church, a grant by the Pope of remission of the temporal punishment in purgatory still due for sins after absolution. Very possible that the final resting spot has Native American ties and one possibility is that Mr. Fenn is giving back for having made a fortune from buying/selling/trading Native American artifacts. Another possibility is that Mr. Fenn is offering his treasure for the souls of loved ones. “When the White man cannot find what he needs in his own religion, he come to us”. I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak may reference being tired and burned out….Burnt Creek.

      *So hear me all and listen good,
      *Your effort will be worth the cold.
      This solve area should produce echoes in the canyon. Spurs that are worn make a distinctive sound. And a mountain spur that comes crashing to the ground will make a very loud sound, so you must listen good to make sure nothing comes crashing down on top of you. Looking under a canopy of spurs (stars) within the blaze area to find the treasure will be worth the cold. We know what we are looking for and it should not be difficult to find. Are there stars or other carvings in these canopies/spurs or on the mountain side?

      *If you are brave and in the wood
      *I give you title to the gold.
      You need to be brave because this is not your property, there could be wildlife such as bears, and a mountain spur could fall on you. This location is at National Forest Boundary and you must technically enter the National Forest, where you will be in the woods. He is giving the finder permission and title to take his treasure that he left in this location.

      A Few Helpful Side Notes:

      •Mr. Fenn is a clever man and was a pilot. In my opinion there has to be a couple pieces of the solve that reflect these things. He is not going to just tell you where to go and easily take his treasure. I believe that 2 of these clever items are “Home of Brown” and “Look Quickly Down”. Why not use a last name that no one can verify! Clever indeed! Quickly down can be a description of the blaze or instructions of what to do.

      •A spur is a lateral ridge or tongue of land descending from a hill, mountain or main crest of a ridge. It can also be defined as another hill or mountain range which projects in a lateral direction from a main hill or mountain range. Spurs that are worn are shaped like stars. The treasure was located under a canopy of stars.

      •Mr. Fenn stated that it is a place where a 70 year old man can go. This place is sort of hidden, should receive very little traffic, and be easy for a 70 year old man to get to.

      •Someone asked “Did anyone ever notice the bear’s head under the boulder above the water sign on p. 122? Or the face of a man to the left of the boulder? Any thoughts on how they fit into the solution?” I believe this solution should answer these questions.

      •Stillwater County resident Jim Anion set down his memory of the legend behind the river in his book “Eighty Years of Memories on the Banks of the Yellowstone.” He originally published the recollection in 1916 in a collection of writings titled “They Gazed Upon the Beartooths.” This may have inspired Mr. Fenn’s Once Upon a While book title.

      •Arrowhead Bible College is in the vicinity of this solve. Some of Mr. Fenn’s most valued possessions are arrow heads. Mr. Fenn joked about not receiving an honorary degree in a post.

      •The photo provided that shows a stick carved into a goose/swan/duck is what Mr. Fenn said would put a smile on the finder’s face. It made me smile and say “Holy SH_T!” when I saw the photo! This simple item matters and is a key element to solving the location of the treasure. The key also gives explanation. “The secret to marrying two metals together is to keep the iron from oxidizing. ff 6/23/15”

      •He said to bring a flashlight and a sandwich. It is dark under the canopy/spur. The canopy/spur looks like a rock sandwich, similar to the stack of dishes in his story.

      •The blaze will make the location of the chest obvious and this solve does.

      •Mr. Fenn’s ID address is 1413. 1414 is the road number after Nye Cemetery Road in my solve. (David pointed out this information from the book)

      •David pointed out that “June is about to demonstrate how to do everything right before disappearing completely from the book. June is listening to the radio at six pm on Saturday…..I have to be clear. She doesn’t disappear completely from the book. She disappears completely from the text of the book after doing everything right on a Saturday night. There’s one more image of her in the book, and she’s riding in a car with Donnie. No mention of his best buddy Donnie marrying his kid sister? No mention of her death? Nope.”

      •*You will like the top two treasures in the chest”. f (Posted September, 30th, 2016)

      •Mr. Fenn posted the following story. “The two acres surrounding our home are covered with beautiful bluish-purple flowers. My wife says they’re weeds, and I don’t understand why. Who gets to decide what’s a weed and what’s a flower? Some things that seem simple to me can be so complicated for others. I think we should take another look at our definitions. If it’s pretty, why would anyone call it a weed? That’s a derogatory term.

      •A fen is a low and marshy or frequently flooded area of land.
      A Fenn (with 2 N’s)…would include Forrest, June, etc.
      A fag is a tiring or unwelcome task. It has more recently taken on a derogatory meaning.
      A Fagg (with 2 G’s)…Would include Harrison Fagg.
      Gay use to mean happy, lighthearted and carefree as the primary definition. This definition is now considered dated.
      At some point in time, the primary definition became (of a person) homosexual.

      •“The secret to marrying two metals together is to keep the iron from oxidizing. ff 6/23/15”

      •2 f’s were used for this signature in this post

    • MO,
      Good question. Don’t know, but this is what I’ve been using:
      I started my snipe hunt on March 1st, 2013. I was living in Bozeman. My interpretation of the poem (and -truthfully- my locaIe) led me to Yankee Jim Canyon. Hey, who’s driving to N.M. when you’re 90 minutes from The Park, either direction. I knew Hwy 89 down to Gardiner quite well, so that’s where I gravitated. Everyone should love their own clues, and I damn sure love mine. That’s another story.

      I found the Kipling story in mid-March, just about the same time my TOTC book came in the mail. Most of us feel that there is lots of ambiguous storytelling in TOTC. I certainly feel that way. I also believe that’s the way it ought to be. After all, it’s a puzzle book.

      Before us, we have a story by an author of “Important Literature” He’s a Nobel Prize recipient! His most famous tales are youth oriented adventures, the stuff Forrest says he liked to read as a kid. This story has “Flywater” written all over it (Ha!). FLYFISHING in YJC with a legendary western character, Ol’ Yankee Jim himself!
      Then we actually are treated to a tale of a couple of “Old Biddies” from around the way. Good stuff.

      Here’s my Operating Theory: Despite struggling as a student, we know that Forrest is well read and loves the books. I figure he got ahold of this story at around 14 years of age. I figure he made a point to go there and cast his fly in the footsteps of legends. Maybe he had a real nice day with his Dad. Maybe he remembered that.
      Maybe a special place.

      That’s a whole ton of “confirmation bias” to handle in one shot. Thanks for hanging in there.

  31. In no way am I blaming or criticizing Forrest Fenn, just that this has all been a mix of emotions from fun and adventurous to disappointment and despair. Bare with me, if it ended with a finder or was just closed down it doesn’t matter, after all there could only be one finder of the treasure chest. On the other hand we can all continue to solve the poem puzzle if we desire. If Forrest would just put something like a stone or metal marker at the end spot where the TC did lie, we can still enjoy the chase.

    My thoughts regarding The Thrill of the Chase, and the end of the chase.

    I think Forrest Fenn has been honest when he said he hid a treasure chest full of gold and jewels somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe, NM, but the end of the hunt is suspect.

    For one, there is no evidence of where the TC was hidden, not even a State in which it laid.

    Second, the person who supposedly found it won’t or can’t come forward according to Forrest.

    Third, there is no evidence of when it was found or removed, it could have been removed at anytime since it was hidden. Forrest has said on a few occasions early on that he would only know if the TC was found if the finder told him or the news. Later he said he would know otherwise, but there is no proof that he knew before the finder sent him a picture. And in this case, he only new when the supposedly finder sent him a picture. He didn’t know before hand like he said he would know.

    Fourth, how and why did Forrest end up with the TC? If the finder was to shy to speak out and didn’t want to be known why did he even contact Forrest? He had to at the very least meet Forrest at this place where Forrest is going through the items in the chest. Would you let that treasure out of your sight even for a moment? I don’t think so. If he gave it back or sold it to Forrest that would be the only reason for this picture. Otherwise it looks suspicious. Why would the finder show up to this place if he wanted to remain unanimous.

    Fifth, the camera that was used to take the photo of the chest at or near the TC spot appears to have also been used for the other pictures. The same resolution and appearance etc, etc.. It would be helpful to see the details on these pictures. Will Forrest disclose this information? If not why?

    Sixth, look at the picture where the TC is opened on the ground. Look very closely at the front of the chest where there is the hole for the lid, about one inch straight up and over one quarter inch is a clump of dirt on the edge of the plastic bag, magnify this area as much as you can, look just above this clump of dirt and you will see an image of an old man wearing a T shirt and a wide brim hat. This is a reflection of the person taking the picture. Who does this appear to be? Thin neck, small shoulders and what appears to be white hair on the sides of his head and white eye brows. Maybe it’s just a mirage, right?

    Seventh, Forrest appears to be very fragile in that picture where he inspecting the contents of the TC. Could it be that he is worried about his family if something happens to him. Would some crazy treasure hunter still go after them for information about the TC. Wouldn’t you be concerned? They have already tried many times. Peggy and his family has probably told him to end it so they won’t have to worry if something does happen to him. And, with all the pressure coming at him, left and right, to end it so others won’t get hurt or lost and maybe even dye looking for it. Other reasons, i. e., lawsuits and charges of favoritism, and just being able to detach himself from it all and rest peacefully knowing that his family will be okay. Contentment at last. Who could blame him?

    Eighth, He has given us 10 years to find the TC. He probably saw that no one else has been even close to it except the one or two people early on in the chase and they have either lost interest or for some reason couldn’t continue in the chase. He just couldn’t leave it to continue this way, endangering his beloved family. I’m sure he would have loved to, but for the family. He also got the notoriety, publicity, and legacy he wanted. He will always be a legend to us all.

    Ninth, If there is a real finder, congratulations! The finder should at least give the search community a word as what he intends to do or when he might disclose any information or none at all. This way no one will be hanging unnecessarily waiting for no reason.

    Tenth, With this, we can all have “Contentment at Last.” Thank you, Forrest Fenn.


    • I think the problem is you just weren’t given enough information to know what is happening and that feels uncomfortable to you. I think it’s cool that you came out and said it.

      But that’s what faith is about. Right? You don’t know and you are presented with a choice. You are choosing to look at all the bad things. I bet you could come up with just as many reasons as to why everything is going to be okay.

      I think you should try to do just that. And post it so I can read it. It’ll make us both feel better.

      • The good things are that Forrest has his bracelet back and the finder is unanimous and the chase is over, that is if you want it to be. You have a choice. Right? You can choose good, bad or in-between. Free will to choose as you please, and when you make choices you need to own up to them, take responsibility and not blame others for your choice.

        Yes, everything will be okay. Life goes on. It’s been fun. -MOW

      • I was asked to go on a float trip today and I had to decline. I once Declined when asked if I wanted to take a hike in a certain park . Some places I won’t return unless it was to continue a story vs comparing the two .
        The sticky mud of Faith and the brutality of empathy when applied to every decision has a action in turn has a reaction producing a result good and/or bad .
        Like Forrest said it out of his hands now ?

    • Manowar I agree with a lot of what you said and I also respect ff decision whatever that was. I think it’s likely a confluence of extreme factors could have forced him to end things early, or in fact possible someone found it. I would not have lasted nearly this long if I were him. I think the chase drew thousands of people who had a high aptitude for Investigative skills and applied those skills to the chase separating fact from fiction- myself included.

      Personally I still approach the ending with the same amount of vigor as I did before it was found so for something to pass the smell test it has to meet certain criteria.
      The ending is almost as vague as the poem itself and prompts its own need to be solved. Maybe this was by design, and in which case, I will continue to fill in the blanks with the conclusions that feel most likely- not most most convenient.

  32. Recently returned from an area close to what I still believe is my area.
    GE does not compute well in 3D mode. The actual reality was mind blowing.
    First thoughts were, no way an 80 year old man… but if not there, where exactly?

    I gave a quick run through back on page one, & also sent emails to a few veterans but never got even a reply back, but here is my complete dump, and likely my last post here as it is indeed time to move on from this.

    flutterby – pass by – butterfly – monarch – throne – royalty
    old & new – monarch pass – old monarch pass – old old monarch pass
    tesuque, nm which is 8.25m N of SF. 240 miles up highway 285 & over US 50.
    the curve of US50 from Maysville to Monarch sits at angle of 240 degrees.
    WWWH – the continental divide, trickling run off is porphyry creek
    Not far – NF – National Forest road 237 – stephen king room 237
    2.4 miles from turn off to NF-237, another 2.4 miles to where the powerline road turn off is.
    HOB – brown refers to any color between red & yellow… Monarch Ski Mountain
    elation – toenail – elation ridge… many ski trails with coincidental words.
    NPF the meek – major creek
    The End IEDN – Dead Mans Gulch
    No PU Your Creek – No Name Creek
    ^All 3 run at 240 degrees North of Porphyry Creek <the Blaze
    *(poor fury) Sabre variant
    there's a clearing in the woods shaped like orion.
    there's a boulder shaped like a toenail downstream.
    total walk is about 1.5 miles – according to GE…

    other observations: Go read William Somervile's The Chase.
    The valley west of there on CR888 is Crossbar Ranch
    previous & current owner is Michael O'Connor & Everett Alvarez Jr.

    Also worth mentioning is another Porphyry Creek north of Kremmling CO near Matheson Reservoir. Troublesome Creek is a hotspot for anglers. Their package also includes access to Hidden Valley Lake… which I cannot locate, but might be the reservoir.

    Sidenote: last September I was looking in the Monarch Spur RV Campground. The battery in my truck died. Got it jumped & drove to walmart in salida to get new one. Google Frank Gimlett. Interesting history. Before that I was near Methodist mountain, which resulted in walking up on some biddies up to no good.

    Interesting thing… after I was there, Methodist Mountain burned, Maysville mother missing, & treasure was found.

    Regardless of misfortune, I always treasure the fleeting moments Colorado offers to me.

  33. I have been hung up on the TOFTC tea with Olga and the tea ritual. Was Forrest alluding to the Oglala-Teton Sioux Indians? Chief Red Cloud? Smudging when he mentions “ever present aromas of sage and juniper” ?

    Wakan Tanka and the 7 rituals they must perform? Does this tie into earlier chapters?

    Just thought I would throw this out there for discussion

    • I have little doubt that Chief Red Cloud and the Red Cloud Wars have a part to play. As I said previously a hint in TTOTC, in the story about him being fired from his job selling papers – he was upset and went outside. The sun went behind a cloud. It killed me for sure. – Seems like a reference to being killed by Red Cloud. The Fettermen fight – killed there was Capt. Frederick Brown. Ft Brown near Lander was named after Capt. Frederick Brown. Capt. Brown is buried not far From the Little Big Horn battlefield I believe.

  34. From LurkerMike’s FF timeline:

    – 1987, Feb 8 ….(56): Father William Marvin Fenn, Sr. (aged 83) rides west into the sunset
    – 1987 …………….(57): Begins excavations of San Lazaro Pueblo
    – 1987 …………….(57): Purchases/restores T-28B Trojan Bureau #138310 C/N 200-381 (N393W)

    Does anyone know the answer to the question? Can it be ascertained from his books?
    Question: where was Forrest Fenn on Feb 19, 1987 ?

    That date seems to be embedded in the poem.

    • Tongue in cheek comments don’t work so well out of context, do they? Seeing how incompetent I am at getting my replies to show up under the post I’m addressing, I’ve probably been hitting Reply All when sending my solutions to Forrest. 🙂

    • Yes. As I said in an earlier post, I believe it was hidden at Mt. KIA/MIA, and I believe the canopy of stars was referring to all those who were KIA/MIA. Forrest said if we didn’t do anything else, at least read “My War For Me.” And he himself was MIA for at least 12 hours. I get the impression he suffers from survivor’s guilt.

    • Very good J, I like it. Maybe a hint to Veterans Memorial Highway, it is a pretty long road. Maybe a flag was left at the site, over the chest. I would think they would show a pic of that though. But a cool thought. He was asked once if he left anything else of significate value there and his reply was, not of significate value. Makes you think that something else was left within the chest area. (maybe that is what that stick is). But I like your thought.

    • Hi JDiggins. Recently a customer of mine, who is a Marine and disabled from “foriegn wars”, drove up on his 3 wheeled Harley Davidson motorcycle. He had a flag on the back and said he lost another flag from there. Anyway. I had the thought that he was literally “under a canopy of stars”. Being a military vet etc.
      I had asked him to go BOTG with my daughter and I back in Oct to Wyoming. ( my Dad was not happy that I was going on a trip with just my daughter. He insisted that I have”) He’s a retired Major in the Marine Corps too.
      Anyway, my Marine Corps friend couldn’t make that trip but when he found out that FF’s treasure had been found he told me of another treasure that is of an owl and involves a Home plate.
      Interesting info since I found Home plate in this search, (Chicago) and the owl..for me.
      Putting so much together, I’ve concluded that this search is finding ones-self. Being the true treasure if only we could see it. It being oneself.’re It. Lol

  35. Here’s another attempt of posting the exact coordinates of my solve, which I was hoping to get to try once more this summer. Every time I posted the coordinates in the past, they never made a final appearance on the site. I am not the one who found the chest, but my “solve” is posted in length (without the coordinates) in THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND Part Nine.

    Location of the treasure in Angel Fire, New Mexico according to my solve of Forrest Fenn’s poem:

    The stump with the table stone: 36 degrees 21.11N/105 degrees 19.41W
    The chest is 200 feet from the table stone walking directly toward the Vietnam War Memorial, which is the blaze: 36 degrees 21.13N/105 degrees 19.41W
    *If one were to measure a length of rope 200 feet and attach one end of the rope to the table stone, then walk a circle around the table stone with the other end of the rope, the chest would be within that perimeter (125,600 square feet). Although I feel that the chest is 200 feet directly below the table stone, walking from it directly toward the Vietnam War Memorial, it may be elsewhere within that perimeter.

  36. Off Topic:
    Folks have been asking me about the search Crayton Fenn and I worked on for the WWII Japanese submarine I-52 in the middle of the Atlantic.
    I mentioned the David Jourdan book that just came out. It’s available on Amazon but it’s expensive.
    However the original National Geographic documentary is available for free on YouTube. Peter Coyote is the Narrator…

    • Thanks Dal for the link. I love stuff like this. I think I want to come back in my next life as an explorer or archeologist. Always going after that Aha moment!

    • I love Peter Coyote’s work — he’s a great narrator. When he was younger I thought he looked and sounded a bit like Kevin Costner. I look forward to checking out the documentary!

      • Thanks much for the generous offer 42. Since I was a source and am quoted a few times in the book, David sent me a copy. He spins a good tale…But I have to tell you…that was one crazy trip…

        You expect these kinds of operations to be riddled with eccentric personalities and that one certainly was not the exception…A crew of Soviet era Russian spies, A “wacko” project leader, a Soviet spy ship, some very specialized characters from the USA, Canada and Russia spliced together for the first time on a joint mission.

        Oh…and did I mention that the Russians failed to bring enough food…and we ran out when we got on location in the middle of the Atlantic. Which was not really a bad thing because I was getting sick of Borsht for every meal anyway. We may have run out of food but we never ran short of Booze…

        So now we have a boatful of inebriated operators and crazies on a mission to find a lost Japanese submarine carrying TONS of gold…

        Oh…and did I mention that sinking this submarine was a priority mission carried out by a U.S. Aircraft Carrier Group in total secret and came within a cat’s whisker of failing????

        Did we find it?
        Did we survive?
        Next on Submarine I-52……lol…

        • Wow! Adventure plus.

          BTW. Flew over Lummi recently. Waved. Young Intrepid will be ferrying for 4 days to reach Bellingham with her life’s possessions in her car, because Canada is closed. Life is still an adventure, even without the Chase.
          Take care and safe travels. New meaning in the era of masks and quarantines.

  37. Faith in people is hard, especially with strangers, because people are fallible. They make mistakes, they hurt each other, they kill each other…

    Choosing to have faith in people isn’t a one and done kind of thing. You have to keep choosing it, all the time, over and over again otherwise it doesn’t work.

    Forrest Fenn has a computer, he get’s emails, he reads the blogs, he even comments sometimes. I know because I’ve seen him do it.

    And the finder just took away a dream, and a truck load of hope, that belonged to over 300,000 people from all over the world. Imagine for a second what that must feel like. I don’t even know if I could have done it even if I knew the exact spot of the treasure. I probably would have had to think about it for years first before I ever even went anywhere near that treasure.

    I say we cut them some slack, not a lot, just 30 days worth. Let’s throw them a life line, just a few yards of rope, and see what they do with it.

    I promise you, both of them know exactly what all of this means to every single one of us.

    • If your dream was only to find a treasure box full of gold and jewels then yes, it’s over for you. But, if your dream was to enjoy solving the poem and understanding what is behind it all then you can continue on, the finder has not taken away your dream. And, hope is always abound. – MOW

    • Lack of faith can leave a person wanting, as is the case now, needing answers. Patience is the test here, IMO.

      We do not know why, if or when, but whatever happens we must take the positives and learn from it. Better ourselves.

      I suspect Mr Fenn and the finder have learned many lessons in the 3 weeks since recovery. A lot of people certainly showed their true colors.

      One thing I am sure of is there has to be a good reason.

      • That’s pretty much the way I see it as well.

        I was relieved and giddy to no end…because now everyone can relax and enjoy the show AND my wife would finally get off my back after collecting a side-bet with her.

        Now my buttered popcorn is stale. But whom doesn’t love stale buttered popcorn? And 30 days is still 30 days in my book.

        New math?
        E = MC2
        E = MCHammer
        E = MCDonalds
        E = MCNow!!!

        I certainly hope Doofass comes to his senses, and the finder too!

        Man this was a blast. Ya just can’t make this stuff up, ya know?

        Thanks Forrest. Thanks Dal. It was fun.


        • The Chase was the greatest thing I’ve ever been a small part of.
          Just don’t tell my wife I said that.

      • Showed their true colors?
        What is more likely? Their almost daily comment demeanor and gradual revelation of self to others over a long period of time are their true colors.
        Or a spontaneous mixed emotional response to something they hold dear defines who they are.
        I would argue that true colors is an illusionary term used to judge or label others that show a humanistic deviance from their usual behavior.

    • I agree AkB Treasure hunter, i know if it was me, i would be absolutely terrified of the consequences of revealing the location, or myself, until i had formulated a good plan and taken much importance advice.
      Though didn’t Forrest once say that – the finder would be someone who couldn’t keep quiet for very long? Or words like that.

      • He did say that. I think that would be reason enough for me to drag things on a little longer than they should be.

    • AkB –
      “I promise you, both of them know exactly what all of this means to every single one of us.”

      Exactly. Everyone who “played” is as big a part of this find as the finder is. The finder and Forrest have LOTS to sort out. So as BigOnus pointed out….patience. But let us all not forget that even after being patient, we may not end up with whatever it is each of us is “waiting” for. Which brings us back to remembering and appreciating what we gained from all our research, adventures and friendships by taking part in such a wonderful journey!

  38. I suspect that the popular old country song “Don’t Fence Me In” might relate to this treasure hunt, in a “rather loose” way.

  39. Here’s a serious question, believe it or not:

    In any way, shape, or form, could a snowmobile technically be correctly construed as being
    a sedan?

    I tediously used an online dictionary, and believe that a snowmobile could qualify as a sedan. I looked up “sedan”, “car”, “automobile”, and other words. And I found some
    unexpected information. For instance, a sedan can be a certain kind of boat.

    But I invite discussion on this, if you disagree. One of my ideas relating to the treasure hunt
    is that FF may have used a snowmobile to transport the goodies more than a mile, and leaving them close to — or in — the hidey place. This would likely have been in January, February, or March. I’m not concerned about what year; I’m just trying to create a plausible scenario that doesn’t specifically necessarily contradict anything I’ve seen, in his writing(s), that he said. I mean printed words, not spoken (audible) words. Yes, I am still taking this hunt seriously. All IMO.

  40. There is a difference between taking and winning. The finder is a winner and has bested all (300,000) of us. If it was our hopes and dreams to be the one, to solve the poem and get rich, it’s been done. Forrest laid out the possibilities a long time ago. True hope is something that is in you always. It cannot be taken away, only given up. Dream forward. g

    • Beautifully said, ace 340.

      We all just need to understand how much more wealthier we are from this.

    • The funny thing is that those that searched and put all the time and effort into the chase have gained something far more valuable than the finder. It showed everyone how far you can push yourself to attain something you desire. Many people ,if not most people ,would go on cruise control if they found a million dollar treasure. I’m not convinced it was a million dollar treasure. Forrest never said that. The media blew up the dollar amount although it was definitely a good payday. My point is that most people would loose their desire to achieve greater things in life after finding it and loose their drive, thinking they had arrived at their final destination. Everyone here can achieve far greater things than finding a box of gold if you put that same drive and effort in achieving your dreams. Things are not always what they seem. Not finding the chest could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Keep pushing…better things are to come.

  41. In one of the scrapbooks, Forrest is sat on the floor with a can of drink in his hand. He is back against a wall with his arm outstretched to the right.

    Can anyone tell me the date Forrest building that wall was ended? My brother was asking, is all.

    • BigO-
      Forrest wasn’t building that wall. That photo was taken at San Lazaro pueblo where Forrest was conducting an archaeological dig. He was cooling off in the shade of that wall. The wall itself is prehistoric and althoughI cannot tell you when it was built, Forrest’s book about his project there will certainly tell you that…

  42. The first line of the poem is:
    As I have gone alone in there

    Looking at the first letter of each word in that first line:

    A is the first letter of the alphabet
    I is the ninth
    H is the eighth
    G is the seventh
    That gives 1987 the year Forrest Fenn’s father passed away.

    • Levi Tate,

      That’s good! Where were you earlier, when I needed you? LOL

      Forrest has so much going on in that poem…I only worked on it a few times but what I came up with was interesting to me. I give.

      I think Forrest has included many of his family and friends into this Chase, in one way or another. I’m guessing your breakdown is spot on! You people amaze me…HONESTLY!!!


      • Glad to see someone was interested enough to continue from where I left off.

        Let’s sleep on that one.

  43. Well said Ace. I suggest we all begin to leave our own mark just as FF has. Leave a leaf signed in an old book, make a treasure hunt for your kids and watch their faces light up as they use their imagination, explore and leave a piece of your story wherever you go, write your own memoir. We may not have a million dollars worth of gold to hide in the rocky mountains, but that doesn’t make our stories or mark on this world any less meaningful. No matter how small your story may feel it deserves to be told and one day it may just help someone in the future. Isn’t that why history is so important? And look at some of the most famous artists and people throughout history. Many did not become famous until after they past because of the meaningful marks that they left. The treasure may be gone but that doesn’t mean the story is over. I for one am fascinated by the solves everyone has come up with and find your stories just as equally as important as the poem and FFs books.The treasure hunt is over for me but the adventure is not. I wish the same for all of you!

  44. Forrest said it wad difficult (hard) but not impossible (impassable). The Harding Way known as highway 2 Butte,Mt, Pipestone Pass tunnel 11 is known as the tunnel that forgot the Continental Divide existed. The interpretive sign says a Railroad runs through it ( A River runs through it scrapbook). Milwaukee trail ( Old Milwaukee Beer) William Berry was suppose to be Beery, Forrests half of glasses of corona, Mz Fashion Maven and her shopping cart full of beer, Forrest pouring beer on a stone to keep its color and other talks about beer.

  45. Did anyone else see hints at JFK in the books and scrapbooks? I mean aside from the Jackie Kennedy story.

    Here’s are some that I noticed:

    1) The missile in the cactus — Cuban missile crisis
    2) pigs for pets — Bay of Pigs
    3) going off the bridge in the middle of the night — Ted Kennedy going off the bridge
    4) Mr. Attorney — Robert Kennedy
    5) Elton John — candle in the wind song about Marilyn Monroe
    6) John Connolly — in the car when JFK was shot
    7) Stewart Udall — JFK’s secretary of Interior
    8) Lucky Luciano — Robert Kennedy tried to take down the mafia
    9) the bird on the moon — JFK started the space program to send man to the moon
    10) the Greek wall at his gallery — Jackie’s 2nd husband Ari Onassis was a Greek tycoon

    These are the ones I can remember at the moment.

    • And the car named bullet because Peggy said it was shot

      And the $100 dollar bill on the tree where it was shot right between the eyes — shot in the head.

      And hints at a coverup — the clerk at Borders covering her face with a coffee mug and ff covering Philly with his thumb

        • That reminds me…
          Perhaps the memoirs paint a rosier picture than the autobiography. Maybe the memoirs were crafted for the Chase, and the autobiography will tell it like it is. After all why write it at all if it just recanted the memoirs. Anybody else wonderin’ about that?

    • Oh My God!
      No solve to this yet, but Mt. Kennedy, Colorado is a Canyon below called Chicago basin, when you go down the canyon to Animas river, left side lies the crazy woman gulch, then comes left side the tank creek (are warm waters stored in a tank?)
      Further down the Canyon comes sawmill canyon, Takoma Powerplant, followed by Bell canyon, Pinkerton Hot Springs, the treasure pass and baldy mountain in sight.
      These are many names, which ring me a bell. And also the Electra lake is nearby. Too many coincidences?

    • I was shocked to hear that in his Scrapbook’s he was directly communicating with her too, I thought it was just me lol…

    • Oh, my goodness. I wonder just how many searchers have found bones during their searches. I for one have. It looked like it may have been used for a Native American ceremony. The bones were placed in a spiral pattern.

    • Gosh I sure wish Forrest had followed my outline for the solve. It would have squashed these lawsuits and put those “posers” in There place with one fell swoop.

  46. She should change her name to Sanderson so her initials would be BS!


  47. The Purloined Letter by Edgar Allan Poe.

    In the story by Poe the detectives assumed the secret (the letter)
    was hidden by an elaborate method or in an elaborate hiding place.
    The hider of the secret thwarts the detectives by hiding
    it in plain sight.

    When I started working on FF’s poem beginning in March I
    eschewed some of the simpler methods (the one’s in plain sight)
    but, still, was nagged by them.

    For example, Forrest’s father’s middle name was Marvin.
    One can see the beginning letters of Marvin in “marvel gaze”.
    One need only substitute el in marvel with in.
    And if you look at the poem itself the letters “el” sit right on top
    of “in”.
    marvel gaze
    …go in peace.
    Marvin go in peace.

    Is this the tip of an iceberg showing – a way to unjumble the puzzle?
    Or is it just one methodology of many that are acceptable and each
    is only useful on a limited basis?

    FF even says to look down

    Look quickly down…
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,

    Could not help but notice that quickly and tarry
    gives quarry by the same method.

    But quarry scan t’with marvel gaze,

    • Marvin’s grave references Proverb 31:10-31 which in the original Hebrew is acrostic.

      “An acrostic is a poem (or other form of writing) in which the first letter (or syllable, or word) of each line (or paragraph, or other recurring feature in the text) spells out a word, message or the alphabet” -Wikipedia

      • If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
        Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
        But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
        Just take the chest and go in peace.

        This stanza, by the way, contains every letter of the alphabet (a rather unusual happenstance).
        Except for X ….our favorite, as X-marks the spot 🙂

        • For newcomers: the pangram minus X of the fourth stanza was noticed by searchers in the earliest days of the Chase. (It has also been noted that it is a double pangram with the exception of J, M, P and X.)

          • Any idea how somebody like dal’s friend pulled north wash 95 out of the poem by hearing it? I think NW90 (maybe it is technically 95) plays. Anybody ever say how he literally heard that in the poem? More curious than anything. But you seem to be the keeper of knowledge over the years… thanks in advance Zap… I’m in no rush, but appreciate any feedback.

          • Thanks zaphod,

            For the new Scrabble word! (pangram)

            Really, really wish that I was not a “newcomer”.
            When I started, the chest was probably already in the possession of The Finder 🙁
            (I started in earnest during lock-down for Covid-19,
            prior to that I was an occasional “tourist” and maybe – a guess – logged about six (?) hours in total over the years.
            Hard to say, time gets so distorted when working at the computer, as you know. I did come up with Brown Trout on my own some years ago – “Not far”, admittedly, “Not far” at all.)

            I did the letter assessment (pangram) when I had discovered that “cease” in that same stanza translates to “cesar” in Spanish.

            Caesar and cease are spelled the same in Spanish.
            César cesar

            But that was also likely noticed “in the earliest days of the Chase”, too, so no one, I guess, needs to explain the Cesar Cipher to you.

            I thought I was done with The Chase but out of curiosity I just dropped in to see what people were talking about yesterday. Then I was spurred to mention “there are
            nine-clues” (rather than “nine clues”). And then the wheels started up again…should get out for a hike!

            p.s. I just checked and pangram is an Official Scrabble Word. And I like your handle.

          • DW24: I don’t have any answers to your questions about north wash 95 / NW90. I vaguely recall that story from Dal, but never made any connections between it and the poem. Maybe locolobo can provide more context?

          • Thanks zap… people have posted and published things that are right over the years (IMO)…some of them i found physically on the trail…and I can’t wrap my head around how they are doing that. The odds that they are guesses is impossible IMO…they are too specific and unique in some instances. Like the gray Fs. They exist. We will probably never know how they did that. But it happened… and who knows how many times.

        • The only thing I see Levi is that the poem did not tell you to scramble or unscramble letters like that. So this would be considered messing with the poem. If the poem somehow could tell you something along the lines of doing this, I could see it maybe needing more looking into. An example: the second line of the poem starts out ” and with my ……”, if from that you get “And my”, then I could see that. The poem is telling you to put the word “and” with the word “my”, so that is not messing with the poem. But, since the poem isn’t telling you to do what you are doing, as creative as it may be, and coincidental, it’s still messing with the poem.
          That line does have the word “with” in it, so that being an instruction, if you put tarry scant or just scant with marvel or marvel gaze, then I could see that as plausible.
          If you are curious, look at the poem, every line, and see words and letters as instructions and do what instructed to do. Words like:
          in, as, with, on, here, can, keep, take, own, no, put, etc… within words also. And letters: b,c r. Abbreviations: alt, nd, ti, etc…
          Those things are all the poem telling you to do something. That way you are solving the poem by following it’s instructions.

          • Thx poisonivey,

            Wasn’t aware that FF had warned people off from “messing with the poem”. Wish I had known that 3 months ago.
            Could you kindly provide a link to where FF says “not to mess with the poem”. He is known to clever with words and taking him literally is done at ones own risk.

          • Here you go, Levi — it’s from The Poem Part 2 (1/9/2014) on this site where the following was posted by Dal:

            “By the way. A couple of years ago I had a discussion with Forrest about ‘halt’ not rhyming with ‘walk’. I was suggesting that one of those words might not be the right word and once the real word was put in place… and rhymed… that things became much clearer…

            “Forrest listened to me for a little bit and then jumped in and told me very directly, ‘Don’t mess with my poem.’ So I have not tried to change his poem in any way since then… dal…”


          • Here’s the way I look at that statement…
            Don’t mess with my poem…

            If you tell a kid that same thing, he’ll turn right around and do it while you’re not looking! Just my take on it.

            And Zap, he can’t tell you if you’re onto something. That would be an unfair advantage…thus Forrest answered it with his quote, effectively leaving you to figure it out.

            Again just how I could see it as well.

          • Zaphod (June 26, 2020 at 1:18 pm),

            Thanks for the link (for multiple reasons).

            I had never come across the syllable count from anyone else before. I did the count weeks ago myself, and came up with the same count as dal by the way. Never came across anyone mentioning the count except for myself and got no reaction from anyone when I did. Guess that explains it – 2014 – people had been all over the syllable count years ago! (Don’t know, though, whether anyone else put a GPS interpretation to it as I did)
            (I got the same count as dal except I don’t waver, Dal said one line is either 8 or 9 syllables). I used an online syllable counter:


            (other online counters I tried were not reliable)

            All lines are 8 syllables! Except for three exceptions. And exceptions should make one sit up and notice (more…). That same link mentioned rhyming “halt” and “walk” which I think is another important exception – all lines are paired in rhyme except for the two best known lines (ending in halt and walk). (I found a rhyme for them in Canterbury Tales)

            As far as “not messing with the poem” here is what your link says:

            Forrest listened to me for a little bit and then jumped in and told me very directly, “Don’t mess with my poem.”

            So I have not tried to change his poem in any way since then…


            Dal “talked for a bit” so we cannot know for sure when FF interjected. Did dal give FF a convenient opening so that he, FF, could deflect from what dal thought was the central point – rhyming “halt” and “walk”? That is, did FF deflect when dal was speaking of a lateral point?

            That interjection from FF to dal probably had **huge** ramifications down the years! Wow! Probably a snowball becoming an avalanche! Hope dal, for his sake, understood FF correctly and was not misdirected !


            (by the way)
            Perhaps rhyming was less of a priority to FF, when he was composing the poem, than having common middle letters.


            For what purpose? Well, only The Finder and FF may ever know.

          • He also mentions “messing with my poem” in Scrapbook 114 and knowlege without the d:


            “I put lots of eyes on my poppers to make them look threatening. Bass will usually attack when they feel frightened. That twist of knowlege always gave me an edge.

            The fact is I never fished with any of my hand-painted poppers, and that’s the truth. There was no way a slippery sided smallmouth black bass was going to scratch the paint on my special, sculptural artforms. That’d be tantamount to messing with my poem. f”

          • I had the craziest, most vivid dream one night a few years ago, I woke up and frantically typed this (I did some editing and actual quotes to make it more coherent). I never posted it because it’s a bit crazy and it’s just a dream? Also I didn’t want to give anything away just in case lol. Sorry Dal, you were in my dream ha…

            I had found the treasure and was with Forrest and we were having a lengthy deep discussion about it and I said but I had to mess with the letters and words in the poem to figure it out even though you said don’t mess with my poem, what gives? He said “I knew the person that figured it out would be like a kid that is willing to touch something even though the sign says ‘do not touch’, if there was no ‘do not touch’ sign they might not even think to touch it, but if you put up that “do not touch” sign they will have to touch it when nobody is looking, that is what I would do, that is what you did and that is why you figured it out and found the treasure, that is why I always said show it to a kid because kids still like to break the rules. ‘It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.’ Metaphorically speaking kids still question where the ledge is, grown ups think they know already so they don’t even get close, that is why I say imagination is more important than knowlege, that is also why I left the letter D out in the word knowledge, to bring attention to messing with the letters and words and to hint that if I can, so can you, that if I did, so should you, but I couldn’t come out and say that, I put up the “do not touch” sign instead and wrote a story about what that sign means to me, you got it and touched it, Dal didn’t, maybe he’s too grown up ha, not me I’m still 13, I was just “messing” with Dal, he should have asked me what “mess with” even means. The fish that catches my popper is going to have to break some rules, like when I wasn’t supposed to but I used some of my sister’s fingernail polish and that added to the excitement for me. Ha, she never found out, and a salvo of discouragements would’ve blistered my ears if she’d known.

            I was hinting that you do have to mess with the letters and words, like a kid would even if they were told not to. I ended my book with ‘one should not let knowing a little bit be a substitute for learning more. The aspirations of youth grow weak where they languish on the shelves (ledges) of patience, and some of the things I’ve enjoyed the most in my life have come from the smallest voices. That a butterfly is really a “flutterby” is one example’, and that was a huge example, it was how I ended the book, it was the moral of the story, it was the huge hint that you need to mess with things to figure things out, ‘and that’s why I think youth should always be wasted on the young’.”

            I didn’t find the treasure chest but I had some great dreams and adventures searching…

          • Mark in Taos (June 26, 2020 at 3:55 pm ),

            Thanks for sharing your dream. Luv dreams.

            You made me remember that FF has said more than once that it would be a Maverick that solves his poem.

            (Wonder what The Finder is actually like.)

            And you made me think again about “mess with”, thanks again. At this late night moment (east of the Mississippi) I can’t remember the context but FF used the word “straight” (as in straight line) about connecting his nine clues.(?) “Go straight from one of my clues to the next” (?) Wish I could remember the context, but what I am driving at is the opposite of “mess” could be a straight organized line or lines like in acrostic puzzles – you know, those word search puzzles.

            Thanks again for sharing your dream. I’ll be in that state myself in a few minutes, hope I have one worth remembering.

    • This is really interesting take on it.

      Combining the two concepts mentioned, of (1) dropping letters in and (2) following actual instructions in the poem, how about
      Marvin would also occur if you follow out the instruction…

      “put ‘in’ below the home of Brown”

      … just not sure of any relationship between Brown and Marvel? Perhaps it should be dropped in somewhere else. Could it be that all instructions are on the poem itself?

      I need a vacation.

      • “I need a vacation” – I’ll second that.

        I actually live in a vacation destination (with mountain views).

        “Could it be that all instructions are on the poem itself?”

        I just had another quick look and the more you look the more they seem to be there. Is it “confirmation bias”?

        first line: “alone in there” There is more than one ‘there’ in the poem and even a *there’ll* in the poem. And is FF instructing us to somehow combine the letters of ‘there’ with ‘alone’ or could he be (more likely) saying that the **location** name he is hinting at (the there) contains the letters ‘alone’ in it or even the Spanish letters for the translation of alone – sola or solo?

        second line:

        (haven’t had my coffee yet, gotta break)

        I need a vacation from vacation land.

        ps. I like what you are doing with “put ‘in’ below” but will just digress to a side note. “Put in below” – Can almost hear it when you say it and the letters are all there – Pueblo. Pueblo

        As instead of saying *insert* the ‘in’ somewhere he is saying to trashcan ‘in’. “Put in below” If you Drop the ‘in’ it just leaves “Put below”

        And as we all know in 1987 FF
        began excavations of San Lazaro Pueblo
        and wrote a whole book dedicated to it.

        Another instruction I just took note of:

        “So hear me all and listen good”

  48. Just a small remark:

    « If you are brave and in the wood »……who are you then?
    You must be Robin Hood, the only brave in the wood I know…

  49. Anyone else notice that the term “with marvel” has the words viw thermal (view thermal) contained in the letters.

  50. Searcher 12345: just curious if your feet were set upon the path of ending your solve in Nevada City, MT. because of the tourist info “marker” stating “Nicholas Carey walked (there) from Denver”?

  51. probably mentioned in the very beginning– but the photo with the key on the bag and the stick above it.

    was that inadvertent, or was it suggesting that ‘wood’ was the word that is ‘key’?

  52. Does anybody know if FF has done any live interviews since the chest was found? If so, does he have the bracelet on?

    AS far as the picture, I don’t see some grass that looks like a sprinkler head, but nothing that doesn’t look organic. I like the what looks lichens on the edge of the chest, been out there for a while for sure. One video the host said it wad mud, but I don’t think so.

    • What the heck is wad mud?
      I have alot of mud daubers around my house – they make such a mess.
      They stash spiders in there and then leigh their eggs – they hatch out with an instant buffet.

  53. And think about « Hints for riches new and old….. »
    Zo « Old » can be a hint or clue. Think about Robin Olds, a fighter pilot of the same generation as FF and several times mentioned by FF. this Robin Olds died at Steamboat Springs in 2007. He certainly was brave and was honoured many times.

    As I have mentioned before IMO Steamboat Springs (and Lake) are keys in the poem.

    For the home of Brown it is also simple IMO. It refers to the House of Mollie Browne in Denver (now a museum). She survived the Titanic disaster. The clue here is IMO that the Titanic was a Steamboat. So the indirect clue refers also to Steamboat Springs.

    Never a clue gives a direct indication, there is always something behind.

    The treasure was found under a canopy of stars….stars, stars everywhere stars…look at the cover of « once upon a while ». The fisher has a star on the hook….Think about the owner of the Titanic: the white star line….IMO a new indirect clue referring to the Titanic and Steamboat Springs (and/or Lake).

    I posted before some ideas about the environment of Steamboat, but I now add the idea of a clue referring to Robin Olds.

    • And speaking of Robin Olds, didn’t ff say that guy was a legend? I-25 that runs through CO is dubbed the Highway of Legends. I always took that as one of his “aberrations.”

    • I didn’t know of Robin Olds, but you got my attention when you mentioned Steamboat Springs. I put a lot of time studying Steamboat Springs and found my favorite fun and memorable clue there. For fun you should read about the bridge that they have there and how it was come to be named:

      “The James Brown Soul Center of The Universe Bridge”

    • I think the chapter about Robin Olds has only one simple meaning.
      Old War Bird
      The ID Card on the inside cover of TTOTC – has a similar meaning – Forrest is too young in the photo and the date indicates he should be 17. It is an ID. I died too young to B17. Again a reference to an old war bird bomber. A crash site??

      The large Stars on the cover of Once Upon a While are in a cross formation similar to the configuration of an airplane with the fishing line going to the cockpit or nose of the plane. Seems like a reference to a Star Plane or an Air Force plane as they have stars on them.

      The picture of Peggy in the large dress standing next to the DC3 aircraft labeled Ft. Clark on the inside cover of TTOTC. I think this has a simple meaning – Flying Fort Dress – Flying Fortress known as a B17 Bomber. There is no Fort Clark in the US, the only Fort Clark is in the Philippines. Not sure if Peggy ever went there or not.

      The picture of Forrest and his classmates with his father standing in front of the school – There are four circles around his friends. A large arrow is pointing to Forrest. Edard is not circled. I think this is saying – Arrow Four Circle of School friends. Air Force Circle of friends – one is missing. Edard is Edward – missing the W maybe referring to war.

      Just some thoughts


      • One other Bomber reference. Inside OUAW there is a chapter about the comic books. There are two pictures of Captain America. The pictures are inside the shape of a head and in each picture there is a large Asterisk. One of the Asterisks is centered on a bomber aircraft. The other is empty but centered on the back of the head shape. I think the reference is to a military aircraft and the Asterisk being on the back of the head is indicating that something is always in the back of his mind.

  54. Canopy of Stars = Cottonwood Trees … google a picture of a cottonwood tree branch when snapped in half, the tree where he ate a pie in TTOTC (is not a pine tree) and the final resting area is lined with Cottonwoods IMO. A place key to the chase IMO… is a place where he rested And hung out…with family and friends (treasures)… you can get pie, fishing gear, alcohol, fuses (they are there…and you will know by what you find above them), etc. there… shoot pool, tell fishing stories at the bar and other “activities he spells out in the chase”. If you find that place… there are dozens of things there he references and many local fishing spots with Cottonwoods all around. In turn, the photo taken “not long after discovery” was not taken at the exact spot or was modified as many folks are suggesting. I am not saying it was altered or not… just that it wasn’t at the exact location. Why? That area is private land and that creates problems potentially. Also, maybe, somebody is trying to buy it…it has been for sale over the last 10 years. But like many places in that area…it just isn’t as popular as it has been…as the “trout waters” aren’t what they were when Forrest was a kid…and you can travel right past it without even taking a lot of notice where it was a main stay for travelers in the past.

    • I know some people know what I’m talking about… as some posts in the last few days have explained it and/or the area. It exists and i can’t emphasize how many things you’ll find there if you have an ice cream or piece of pie and look around/explore. You will find dozens of things at that one spot…except the bell, axe and a few other things… you will find something there that points you towards those spots though. It is a lot of fun to follow that trail if you can pick it up. You’ll find the hat, the bell, the axe, etc… please note…those are all at the “end of the chase”. Those things will help you understand the stumps and their relevance as well.

      • Sorry…the things at the end are the axe, bird, bell, crescent moon, etc… things in the “stump” picture are at the end of the book…that is why i believe they are near the final spot.. i say “near”a because the travel does “reverse” at times… so I’m not sure (as i didn’t find the chest) if you are supposed to back up a little…as in…a place “before the bell” because they come after the other places on this “necklace”… he built the necklaces with clues in the book and they are “strung” together by different “trails”.

    • DW24, I think you’re on to something here. Forrest said pillowed down and scented in.

      • My first reply dropped off. Thanks for the reply. Short story is….i found the place six years ago.. i have other posts about how i found (built) the title to the poem… but that title ties in… you can go alone, with treasures (friends, family, big fish, etc.). Even though i landed there six years ago… i didn’t find the chest (obviously) because that place has so many trails (necklaces) connected to it. I have other posts on necklaces and my opinion on it for more detail if you are interested. I’m trying to be vague because i had so much fun finding all of the trails and “discovering” every thing… for example… Forrest references something as “unimportant” as fuses…but you can find those there…and you will know they are the “fuses” because what is above them and slightly to the right.

  55. Very bummed I never had the chance to actually go look. I first heard about the chest a few years ago but my first kid was born shortly after and I never had a chance to travel to where i thought it would be. My theory was that it was somewhere just off of Tower Creek in Yellowstone. I suspected the starting point where warm waters halt was Yellowstone Lake, you would follow yellowstone river down through the canyon past the lower falls (the home of Brown referencing Grafton Tyler Brown’s painting of the lower falls) until Devil’s Den (no place for the meek), and then follow the creek where there is “water high” meaning “tower creek”. In my mind, if you looked carefully you’d find something to catch your eye (blaze) along the creek with where to break off and find the treasure, just far enough away that it wouldn’t be flooded and washed away. Anybody ever look in this area?

  56. Has anyone seen the solve from BKCALIEST on this page posted at 7:42 pm last night? He provides a link outlining the details of his solve. It’s quite compelling and he certainly has me convinced!!

    • I could not open it, Evan. Can you give a synopsis: his state and WWWH for instance?

      • His WWWH is the Bighorn Medicine Wheel. I don’t know how he got it, but, actually the wheel does come into play. So I give him that. It’s just he doesn’t explain why. I think his state is Wyoming, but it is not a good solve. A lot of using what he thinks the landscape looks like, and coincidences.
        Evan, if you know this person, maybe hint at using Dr. Eddy’s diagram for the medicine wheel. At least there, you have a dancing with the stars, me in the middle, kind of thing with an arrow pointing the way, as the “F” cairn is the point of the arrow. But even that is just playing with hints, outside the poem. (But a vector following the arrow, extended thru the 24th spoke, which happens to be at 22 degrees, which is what a “rainbow halo” in the mountains is at, might lead to something far better then the guess work he has put in).

    • Ah — never mind; I was firewalled on one computer, but not on another. I disagree with many of his premises on the very first page, but I know many searchers have factored the Bighorn Medicine Wheel into their solutions. Just skimming through his images, it’s clear he places tremendous importance on aerial pareidolia, which is a deal-killer for me.

      • Agreed, but the wheel is confirming of hints, don’t see it as clues. (pretty good answers for a lot of the hints, though). I’ve put a lot of time in that wheel, and could only put a slight reference to it from info from the poem. Namely, parts of the poem solved could lead to book pages, that in turn could lead to the idea of referencing the wheel. Or, a reference to 137, which leads to dancing with the stars and bells, which leads to the wheel, which leads to Dr. Eddy’s diagrams, which leads to an arrow overlapped on the wheel pointing to a certain direction, the end of his rainbow. (coins in the chest miles leads to Montana, W. Yellowstone, Anaconda area).
        But, the wheel does offer answers to the word that is key, reference to the word “few”, some ATF’s, namely the year 12016, and a couple other little tidbits of confirming, outside the poem, info. It’s definitely worth the research that someone would put into it if they so chose.

      • Thank you both for the feedback. I really liked his WWWH (even if only superficially explained) and particularly his HOB being the shoe impression (Buster Brown). He/She has some convincing arguments, and I actually appreciated the solve being primarily from the air or GE to truly catch the imagery.

        Ok I’m over it now, thank you both!

  57. Super cool link DAL. So many hunts out there I need to make it my job.

    This is a bit off toic but I found this one late last night. Looks brand new, modern twist to a treasure, and if it took off it would be super valuable. I signed up just cause it was only an email.

  58. You can cross the Million Dollar Highway area between Silverton and Ouray off of the actual solve list:

    Paragraphs 15 and 16, in full:

    15. In early June 2020, I personally verified that the Chest was found by a searcher, who has requested to remain anonymous. Since the Chest was discovered, I have personally seen the Chest and its contents. I also met the person who found the Chest adn confirmed that he discovered it in the location I left it about ten years ago. I also confirmed that he had used the clues in the poem and hints in the Memoir to locate and find the Chest.

    16. The Chest was not found anywhere near the location Mr. Erskine asserts that the poem leads, namely a location next to the so-called Million Dollar Highway between [next page] Ouray and Silverton, Colorado (the “Erskine Site”). Indeed, I have never been to nor seen the ERskine Site, and I was not even aware that the Erskine Site existed until Mr. Erskine attempt [SIC] to intervene in the Hanson Case. The clues in the poem and the hints in the Memoir do not have anything to do with the Erskine Site.

    • I would hope this would also end all the conspiracy theories about Mr. Fenn going out to collect the chest or about having someone else retrieve it for him… as the deposition states:
      “I did not move the Chest from its original hiding place, nor did I ever direct anyone else to do so.”
      It would be so nice if everyone would just settle down and try to work through the loss they feel from the end of this chase without a need to somehow discredit the integrity of Mr. Fenn, or, a need to extract from him some sort of personal gain other than being the actual finder of the chest. We all freely chose to enter the chase and should have understood that there was no guarantee of outcome. We played the game and lost. Time to be good losers and move on to the next game.

    • No good deed goes unpunished.

      Tell the truth, just not all the truth. Nothing was said regarding the disposition of the chest contents.

      Thank you for posting Searcher.

      • Disposition per deposition:
        “Since the chest was discovered, I have personally seen the Chest and its contents”
        Per this site, photographic evidence of the chest, its contents and the review of its contents as provided by Mr. Fenn.
        I guess that’s enough for me. But, obviously, not everyone. I guess, for me, it’s just that all the negative hype saddens me more than the end of the hunt and the lack of “knowlege” of the location. For now, I say, let’s just “Let it Be” and “Imagine”…better days ahead for us.

        • Cubby,

          I wasn’t being negative and I believe you misunderstood what I was saying. Sure, Forrest said he saw the contents. That’s a given. The photos show that.

          What his deposition didn’t say is that the finder took the chest and all the contents with him back East.

          I just find that curious.


          • Ahhhh. Understand now. Thanks for the reply. Yes, Mr. Fenn has had a lot of practice in saying only as much as what is needed at the time. I beleive he is still doing what he can to protect the wishes of the finder…while still protecting himself from frivolous lawsuits. My thought is that we’ll, eventually, have all the answers to our questions. It’ll just take time. Take care Pinatubocharlie!

  59. Someone might find this useful.

    It is gives each syllable in the poem separated by what-cha-ma-call-its

    All lines have a count of 8 syllables except where noted.

    |And|with|my|treas|ures|bold,| 6
    |I|can|keep|my|se|cret|where,| 7
    |Not|far,|but|too|far|to|walk.| 7

    For posterity.

  60. Sorry to hear Peggy is in poor health. My prayers are with her and Forrest.
    The treasure IMO was in Yellowstone…the HOB is the Gibbon River, that is a General Solve. General John Gibbon.
    WWWH is Norris geyser basin. IMO Thor = Norse = Norris.
    You have your WWWH = Tantalus Creek, start there and you will find the location. Good luck everyone.

    • I’m going to post my entire solve on July 1st. Miss Ford was the 7 mile bridge built in 1903. In the chapter ” My Spanish Toy Factory” Forrest mentions that Miss Ford is about 40 years old. He was 13 in 1943. Miss Ford represents the old 7 mile bridge in lower Gibbon Canyon. Miss Ford = Missing Bridge.. get it?
      The old canyon road is gone, the treasures New and Old. Tanker Turn just before the bridge is No Place for the Meek. It’s where a big truck overturned. The plunge pool at the old bridge is Forrest favorite fishing spot. His father and mother brought him to that location early on. The photos taken of his mother and June are taken on the Gibbon. I have the complete solve.
      It is the solve IMO, so listen up, you should post this.. more to come from JBB

  61. I have to say it really saddened to me to read that deposition. This man has done so much to bring excitement and adventure to thousands of people. For him to have to provide a deposition so he wouldn’t have to travel to Arizona and leave his wife to defend against a frivolous lawsuit was sickening!

  62. This is so disheartening. Why can’t people just let it go? It’s always the few that ruin it for the majority. If you’re one of those people who feels entitled to the chest in some way-news flash! You’re not…FF owes none of us anything and even if your solve was right if you are not the one currently in possession of the chest then you lost. Point blank and simple. Leave this poor man alone. Share your stories with him, tell him of all of the adventures you had while searching because at his age I’m sure hearing them means a lot and will gives him a sense of purpose but for the love of everything if you didn’t find it it isn’t yours! Let him be in peace now. If anyone is owed anything we all owe him that for giving us the opportunity to be apart of something like this. Ok I’m off my soap box now. This is all IMO of course but if you’re one of those people who falls into this category of feeling entitled then IMO you’re what’s wrong with this world!

    • I don’t think it works that way MWB. I think people have to waffle for awhile. It’s good for the soul.

      You don’t go 60mph to 0 at the drop of a dime.

      I don’t have Forrest Fenn’s chest. I will likely never see Forrest Fenn’s chest. I may never know where Forrest Fenn’s chest was hidden. Those are facts and I am good with that.

      But I spent a lot of time looking. And I too, felt like I was getting real close. And there is a lot of mystery surrounding all of this and I’m not ready to let it go yet.

      So in my mind, I’ll waffle for 30 days. I’ll believe both things. And when the 30 days are up, I’ll let it go. And that will make it all easier to get used to.

      That’s how things like this work in my experience. And I’ll believe or disbelieve with anyone on here whose mind works the same way.

      But no matter what happens. Everything is going to be okay. We can all live with answers, without answers, with the hope for more to come, and with the knowledge that this is just simply the end. And there is nothing wrong with however anyone decides to deal with it. It will eventually simply just become a thing that happened.

      • I understand what you are saying that people are going to need time to process…I myself am still visiting these boards aren’t i? Lol. Process it, be sad, be mad, share your stories, but the lawsuits and the entitlement to something that was never truly given to any of us I just can’t wrap my mind around. We were all given a chance at it. That’s it. That’s all FF ever promised anyone was a chance at finding it. For people to try and take him to court over it I just don’t understand and I never will. I love seeing the solves and hearing the theories…maybe I used “let it go” to loosely. I’m not saying let go of the curiousity or the thrill or the theories…I’m saying let it go in reference to those who feel they are owed the treasure. I hope that FF or the finder releases the location or something additional that will help people to find resolve, but really if they don’t thats a decision that is entirely theirs to make. They don’t owe us anything. maybe I come from a backwards way of thinking, but to me to truly have title to anything you have to work for it and you have to finish the task. Only one of us did both and that’s the man from back east (whoever he may be). I’m not saying that nobody else put in the work, I see it in the solves and the creativity with everyone’s trains of thoughts…I mean look at Dal who dedicated so much of his time to it running this blog and the chase. But in the end we didnt find it. Do anything that you need to to deal with this in a way that doesn’t effect someone else’s life. Once you do that IMO you’ve gone further than “dealing with it”. But you are right no matter what happens next it is going to be ok. I completely agree 100% with that sentiment but I can’t get behind that no matter how anyone deals with it is ok. Some things are just wrong.

  63. As one of those “out there in left field searchers”, for some reason I feel compelled to clarify my point.

    The Chase for me was an escape. I just wanted a reason to go out and get lost in the woods by myself for a little while so I could think without the distractions of the world.

    I sent Forrest Fenn a bunch of emails and I asked him not to read them. I honestly hope he put me in his spam folder because I was mostly just playing. I like to think I was on the right track, but I know with 100% certainty that very well may not be the case. And now I’ve found that I may never get an answer.

    I know I’m not alone because I read the solves, I talk to people, I post stuff that insinuates that I too may be the finder.

    But if Fenn says a guy dug it up and he wants to stay anonymous, then I’m willing to believe it. But if it’s going to go down in this way, then I need 30 more days to play. And I’m going to take advantage of those 30 days because I played as hard as I could. I learned things about myself and some of those things I like, and some I don’t. And that’s just the way it happened.

    If Dal doesn’t like it he will ban me. If Fenn doesn’t like it, he will speak up. And the same is true for everyone else on here. But don’t look down on everyone else just because you chose a different path to acceptance. This was a big deal, to a lot of people, and it affected everyone differently.

    • I hope even though it may be over that you still find reason to go out and get lost in the woods (safely of course) and find a distraction. It’s nice to wander every now and again to escape the daily grind. And I hope you write about it and share your adventures because there are people who want to hear them. I don’t know if this was in reference to what I posted before and if it is I hope no one took offense (other than those it was directed at which are those who are trying to sue or believe that the treasure is theirs by some unknown right). Take the time you need by all means. I know my opinion with saying that may not hold much weight but it’s there if you need it. I don’t think dal will ban you either, honestly the comments back and forth are what still make this thing great. There are so many things people can’t have civil conversations about anymore in this country…it’s nice to have one about something that stems from left field (the chase). I mean come on…does anyone not get excited thinking about how they’ll get to tell their kids about this one day. Whether it comes out it was all a hoax or that your (or my) solve was right or wrong or it never comes out this has been one heck of a ride. And the rides only over if you let it be. That is the great part of this. We all have a choice. If the mark is one that would have no reason to be moved then the chase isn’t really over is it? There may not be a pot of gold at the end but that doesn’t mean there’s still now a rainbow. The blaze seems like it would be something that when you see you it you just know it’s right. Maybe that blaze is different for all of us so we all may see something different, but that doesn’t mean it will mean any less to you if you find it. Best of luck AKB.

      • Sorry MWB,

        I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I made the mistake of putting my email on a social media website awhile back and sometimes people trick me into getting angry.

        My fault. Not yours. I’m sure I’ll get better at seeing the reality through the fiction.

        • Im at a loss because I think I don’t have all the context to the above, but whatever the case…don’t be sorry. You corrected me because I used a term very loosely that could have been taken in a way I didn’t intend and I appreciate that!

    • I can see why you feel the way you do. There were thousands of different paths people took in this search and it was a thrill each time you put together another piece of the puzzle in your solve. Some searchers have years and countless hours tied up in their chase. Some even uprooted their lives and moved to their search state. Others lost their life. I can totally understand wanting to know what the correct solution was and if you were close. I think it would leave a lot of searchers a little jaded if the chase ends this way. Is Forrest obligated to give more information, no, not at all. It just seems to me as close and as personal as this was to Forrest he won’t end it on this note. I also feel that Forrest himself is disappointed things ended this way. After all , his whole reason behind hiding the chest was to take something with him when he passes on. He wanted to influence the future after he is gone. Who knows what he has planned…..I think there is more to come.

      • I hope. And I also believe that whether there is or isn’t anything more that he did influence the future in some way. The chase really changed the way I look at a lot of things now and I know I can’t be the only one. I do feel remorse for the families that have loss someone (especially), the searchers themselves who have lost their lives and for those whos finances/lives were effected etc. If the families tried to file suit that I could be more simpathetic tto because they had no stake in the game but the rest of us had a choice in this and we never had ownership to it (referencing the current lawsuits) The finder and FF now have their own choice. I hope it’s one that we all can be happy with but with the lawsuits it may be a choice that brings no resolve. Which is disheartening on so many levels. My ideal happy ending? It was found on private property owned by FF. He legally gifts it to the finder, takes care of the taxes, but whatever he paid in taxes the finder donates to the families who lost someone. They release the solve. All those who tried to find it collaborate and take FF idea and make their own hidden treasure (with everyone putting in something) then they write a book and the chase continues for the next generation. Or the finder never releases the solve-takes a portion for himself and donates some to the families and he rehides the remainder and the chase starts again. Or FF reclaimed the treasure or had someone do it for him and he released it because he didn’t want people looking for a bit, went back up there and is dying in peace the way he intended in the spot he intended. Then 30 days or so from now his lawyer releases that the chase is still on. There’s so many good ways this can go….i hope it’s one of those and not the one where we never get a solve and the chase is completely done. Im a sucker for happy endings though. Whatever the next move is even if it’s no move- I wish you all the best!

        • In my opinion, the Thrill Of The Chase could never be known as the greatest treasure hunt in history unless all the “behind the scenes” info was released (SBs, videos, collecting, etc.). Besides, I’m sure Forrest’s “special place” would preferred to be known by anyone who participated in the Chase. In my opinion, the purpose of the Chase would be completely in vain if that legacy did not live on to reveal the depth of Forrest’s work.

          Forrest’s devotion has been truly incredible! My hope is that everyone involved could express a word of thanks to him for that.

          • Suzy_S,

            As I’ve said before, IMO it’s the journey that’s important to arrive at his special place and then searches, the dedicated ones, will understand why they are there.

            If the finder were say it was found in West Yellowstone Town Park, I’m sure there’d be a lot of ‘I told you so’s’ out there. But what was the path and why?

            I’ve got a post mostly written that I’ve been on the fence whether to post it or not. It IS NOT a solve. It’s simply my analysis of the first few words of the poem that take you to specific and very important places in history.

            Take care………..Pinatubocharlie

          • Pinatubocharlie, I can just about guess what you’re referring to, but I’ll hold my tongue and reserve my opinion because… well, it’s just my opinion.

            I do, however, wish more people could find the serenity of that same special place I envision as the poem’s core and what I think Forrest was referring to. That real treasure is found there and has been nearly completely disregarded by mankind time and again throughout the course of history. Maybe some day we’ll all be able to gain the wisdom to recognize it and find the peace within it.

            Wish you the best! Suzy

          • Suzy,

            I think you may have found the same place I found and I hope the finder talks about it.

            I think it’s important. I think it scares people to talk about it. But it’s necessary.

          • AkB,

            If we’re right, the finder should have no doubts as to whether he has found Forrest’s special place. IMO, the message of the man is embedded in the poem without refute.

            We can only hope the finder will give this message someday and hope that the location draws tons of people!

          • I hope you are right.

            I think I found that place in 2016 and I stayed away because I don’t think I am the right spokesman for that job.

            And I will not hijack something that does not belong to me simply for the temptation of gold.

            But I will fight for anyone who chooses to be that spokesperson simply because it’s the right thing to do.

            I think Freedom, Choice, and Truth are worth fighting for no matter what anyone wants to believe.

          • And if the finder is reading what we are writing, and he understands what we are saying, then I want him to know:

            All I would need is for him to say that he believes, say that he is scared to talk about it, and then ask for help. And I will volunteer to be that person.

            That’s what American Soldiers do.

          • AkB,

            Even though I might be female, I’m still part rebel… that and crazy stubbornness are the main things that got me this far.

            So fly the flag high because you can count me in on that excursion, just allow me a bit of freedom concerning imagination.

          • Haha Suzy. You’re my kind of girl.

            Unfortunately I went to college and those kids kept burning the flag. So I paid a guy to draw one on my arm.

            Come get this one kids.

        • Hey MWB,

          I think the message behind The Chase is important. I want to believe that I found what that message was intended to be, and if it is, given the current climate of the county, it has never been more important. It’s almost as if Forrest Fenn came so close to the end that he was able to see what would happen in the future, didn’t like it, and decided to do something about it.

          But I don’t have all the information either, and it makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

          I think there are some other people out there, who have nothing to do with The Thrill of the Chase, that found the message to. Except they didn’t like it, and decided to fight it. And those people are doing everything in their power to make the benevolence of all of this, look malevolent.

          And that makes me even more uncomfortable because I can’t understand why they would choose to do that. And I’m trying to figure it out, but now that this thing is coming to a close, they are increasing their efforts.

          And I want to fight it. Because that’s all I know how to do. But it’s starting to get really hard to see the good from the bad.

          Luckily I was trained by the greatest army, in the greatest country, the world has ever known. And I’ve seen things like this before.

          And I choose to hang onto the good.

          • I sort of got the feeling that Forrest suffers survivor’s guilt from the war and this is his way of making peace with it. Kind of like Pvt. Ryan from the move “Saving Private Ryan” where he was an old man visiting the grave sites of the men who saved him. He asked his wife if he was worth it, and had he lived a good enough life to be worthy of so many lives lost just to save him.

            I get the sense that Forrest, too, is wondering if he’d lived a good enough life to be worthy of having paid such a small price in Vietnam. He saw is buddies being killed or captured, yet he was fortunate enough to be saved. I’m sure it weighs heavy on him.

            I also believe that’s why he said he was ALMOST umbilically attached to his special spot. I don’t think it was because of his biological family, but rather his military family — his brothers in arms, his band of brothers.

            Just my thoughts on the matter.

          • I know that this statement after you’ve heard it before many times sometimes can feel like it’s loosing it’s weight and sincerity but from a fellow vet and with the utmost respect-thank you for your service. I think the message is important also and I hope one day it’s shared. I’m a sucker for happy endings as I’ve said before and am also a hopeless romantic (insert my husband’s eye roll here). I think there were multiple messages folded into this chase. The longer it went on the more messages FF added. And I think many of them like you said are important to what we are seeing today. But ultimately my solve landed me with the assumption that in some way this chase was dedicated to Peggy and also to the things we lose as we grow older…like our sense of wonder and imagination. But again I’m a romantic so I’m probably mixing fiction with reality lol. I hope one day we’ll get to see how close we were or how far off we were so we can all sit back and chuckle to ourselves under a canopy of stars. I tell you what though I’m so grateful to have learned what I have while researching. I’ve learned about so many fascinating people and so many places that I hope to one day visit. I kinda wonder if that’s part of it too. The chase kind of requires you to look into so many different faucets and variables. If nothing else I think it made us all a little more in touch with many of the things most of us have forgotten or let go of throughout the years. Ok now I’m just letting my thoughts wander again lol. Thanks for chatting with me AKB. I like reading your take on things!

          • Gus, I like that thought a lot also. I think many of us can relate to that. Not necessarily survivors guilt but guilt in general. Interesting and deep take!

          • I can’t speak for Forrest. I fought in a different war, in a different age, and I did a different job.

            But that was a long time ago. I like to think I left most of that anger on the battlefield. But people say I didn’t and who am I to argue.

            The war out there isn’t my focus. It’s the spoofed emails, and the fake accounts, and what seems to be a disinformation campaign that is aimed at the people who enjoyed the thrill. It makes it hard to know what is happening and what is nonsense.

            But the more information that comes out, and the more time that passes, it gets a little easier to see the deceit. I don’t think I’m the only one that receives it and I think that’s why a lot of people are angry and some are suing.

            So I’ll just throw out there that it happens to me to. That way people don’t start believing they are crazy.

          • AKB-deceit? Like people making fake emails and acting like someone else? I’m not sure I’m following. I don’t mean this in any way other than I am confused. I started the chase in 2018, did one BOTG and kept up with the research for a bit then kind of let go of it for personal reasons until it was released that it was found. I’ve emailed FF my solves (Dal one too way back when) to an email I hoped was right lol. Is this what you’re talking about? Fake email accounts for FF or are you talking about FF being deceitful with his responses? Trying to understand.

  64. My Slough Creek solution:

    I decided to go ahead and post the solution that I have been with for the last two years. I am interested in any thoughts that you may have about it. My first trip to Slough Creek was in 2016, back then I thought worth the cold meant getting wet so I looked on the north side of the creek after crossing it, and I had many ideas for a blaze. I went back in 2017 thinking it was in the creek near a small waterfall. In 2018 and 2019 I focused on Little Butte in the 1st meadow. In 2018 I thought that the sunrise would illuminate a blaze then in 2019 I decided the sunrise was the blaze.
    So here you go:

    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    “in there” simply refers to in the wilderness, and “riches new and old” refers to the Fenn hidden gold, and the gold found in Slough Creek around 150 years ago by prospectors during the Rocky Mountain gold rush era.

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    WWWH refers to Yellowstone Lake, the multiple warm waters from surrounding thermals flow into the lake where they “halt” until eventually flowing again into Yellowstone River. “take it in the canyon down” refers to taking the chase into the Yellowstone Canyon going north (downstream), also down in elevation. “Not far but too far to walk” in my estimation would be 10mi – 30mi give or take. “Put in below the home of Brown” refers to the BOTG starting point and is at a lower elevation than the Lamar Ranger Station – Brown being a proper noun for Ranger Gary Brown whom FF would have likely crossed paths with back in his youth. And if you don’t like the Lamar Ranger Station there is Buffalo Plateau or Bison Peak and Slough Creek is in between them and below them both in elevation.

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    “no place for the meek, no paddle up your creek” refers to the hike awaiting you upstream on Slough Creek, a favorite fishing spot of Forrest from his teen years, when he likely fell in love with his special place. This would have been much more remote back around 1943 than it is today, a true adventure. A paddle will do you no good as the creek is too small and rocky for a boat. “the end is ever drawing nigh” means that you are getting closer as you go upstream, and if you listen, “listen good”, to this line then nigh can become Nye. So you are getting ever closer to Nye. “heavy loads and water high” describes the steep boulder covered climb up the creek between the main campground and the 1st meadow.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    “been wise and found the blaze” = getting in position to see the blaze, being at the western edge of first meadow standing by the creek at sunrise. This means you have started hiking in the dark, early to rise makes you healthy wealthy and wise, it is cold (worth the cold), you are brave “brave and in the wood”, that first wooded section to hike in the dark is home for wolves, bears, and mountain lions. “look quickly down your quest to cease” = look down below the sunrise before the sun moves too far away – you are looking east, and you see where the hiding place is below the sun, which is Little Butte in 1st meadow ( a 2 acre natural stone monument in the meadow with scattered pines on it). “but tarry scant with marvel gaze” = there is a marvelous view in all directions from the top of Little Butte, but don’t stay once you have the chest or you might lose it to someone else, like a park ranger. And I like the alternate version posted by several searchers that “tarry scant” could mean a dark rock, maybe used for concealment. “Go in peace” = keep your mouth shut, you just left with Park property.

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know,
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

    This stanza was the tough one for me, and I think for most searchers since it is seldom discussed. FF changes to a present tense and I don’t know why other than to fit in the rhyming word “trove”. So I decided maybe he really wanted to use the word cache, as in Fenn Clovis Cache, but cache might be too direct. So I started looking for cache. And I found Cache Mountain in YNP. I drew a line from “trove” – Cache Mountain peak to “wise” – Wisdom MT , and it passed through Little Butte. Then I drew another line from Nye MT to Mount Washburn peak, “no place for the meek” ( as in Joseph Meek escaping attack, the description of his southeasterly retreat seems to put him at Mount Washburn looking SE into Yellowstone River and S into the steaming geothermal in YNP). So I liked my solve before finding this X and liked it even more with the X. “I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak”= what it says, at 79 years old this trek would be tiresome but two trips in one afternoon is still reasonable, I am 59 and was lapped on the trail a couple of times by much older hikers.

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

    The “so hear me all and listen good” was rarely discussed by searchers, but it was key for me to use the word nigh in a different way as Nye. There may other opportunities in the poem like this that I did not recognize. “your effort will be worth the cold” for two years I thought this meant getting wet, but finally decided it meant getting started before daylight and there was usually frost on the ground even in summer. “brave and in the wood” as I mentioned already describes going through the wooded home of dangerous animals before sunrise.

    So there you have it. All of the ATF quotes seems to work with it. When Diggin Gypsy wrote about the numbers in the cloud illustration I got out my book and took a look, but it seemed more like 27356 rather than her 22356. I looked on the map and longitude line 110.27356 went through Little Butte so now I had a third line. Then Cynthia posted the pictures of her book that FF had added doodles to and the doodle on the dropped bombs illustration had the stick figure with a line to an X. Now it suddenly looked like the first view you get of Slough Creek if you follow the hiking trail from its trailhead rather than hiking up the creek. You get a view of 1st meadow and the creek makes a big S curve up against Little Butte right where the doodle X was. And with the slightest imagination an aerial view shows you old oxbow cutoffs of the creek, Little Butte is at the end of one “end of my rainbow” and the other can be a bookend omega. But everyone seems to find these kinds of confirmations so take it with a grain of salt. I also once used the elevation that FF mentioned was the difference between Santa Fe NM and Temple TX, I believe it was 6281. That was the elevation of the waterfall I was interested in just east of the main campground. And it is on a USGS marker near the Slough Creek turn off. I had other confirmations, but it seems they are too easy to find and probably no good.

    My plan was to go one final time in August and spend enough time on that 2 acres to turn every rock and every leaf “leave my trove”.

    Meadowlark signing off, it has been a wonderful adventure. I can’t thank Forrest and Dal enough.

  65. There’s a real problem too for the search community as it regards ever knowing the correct solution. If the finder isn’t go to do it now and go through Fenn himself, the clock is literally ticking on us ever hearing the correct solution.

    Right now, I would trust a post from Forrest where he says “Hey, guys. This is what the finder wanted to share with you as it regards the solution.” And then the text from the finder is posted below. This is how the finder can remain anonymous and we can know that Fenn stamps his approval on this being the correct solution.

    Right now, Fenn is among the only people on earth who know who the finder is. Fenn can protect Finder’s anonymity and reveal the solution. These two things are not mutually exclusive.

    What is exclusive is that the finder will have to use a whole pile of attorneys to maintain his anonymity if he wants to reveal it in the future. And to be honest, by then, whenever that might be. Who will still care? And how are we to even trust the finder that this is the correct solution? It gets very problematic if Forrest can’t act as mediator between finder and search community and say “Yes, this is it. This is the solution.”

    The window of interest is sliding down rapidly every day that passes. I’m not going to sit through a five episode Netflix special. I’ve given this thing too much time for that already. I’d just wait for someone to post the summary online after they watch it.

    I’m very, very curious about the nature of the finder and Forrest’s reactions post find. Completely understand remaining anonymous. Completely don’t understand why the finder is being so tactical as to somehow have attained the power to muzzle Fenn into silence on the matter of the solution.

    I don’t remember any quotes where the finder could make all the shots after finding it. I remember other quotes though, about us being shocked and wondering “Why didn’t I think of that?” You folks remember those quotes too? There was a definite underlying message that we would all have the solution one day and then react to it in our own ways.

    Now, we’re just on ice, chilling in some brand new phase of the chase where suddenly Fenn disappears into silence and the Finder ain’t talking. Really strange new phase.

    Maybe now is when I re-read that part in the book about always telling the truth but not the whole truth.

    All other realities aside, I can’t be the only one thinking “Sure would be nice to have Forrest say goodbye to us all or something in a scrapbook.” I really liked reading his stories.

    I’d welcome even an account from Forrest’s perspective on what it was like knowing someone cracked this thing and solved it. That would be an interesting read. Don’t even need to know the clues or hints. Just what it felt like to watch someone successfully deconstruct then and piece together this massive puzzle into something simple and elegant: the one true solve.

    Since it seems we’ll never know which pieces of string were the correct ones to tie together, it might be a consolation prize to know what it felt like for the creator of the puzzle to watch someone put the pieces together correctly.

    I also felt it strange that Fenn was a little happy and a little sad. He worked so hard to give us hints over the years that it seems he wanted it solved. Why isn’t he happy? I could see being sad if he released just one book and went radio silent from the start, but he’s been pushing us along like lost sheep for ten years.

    3 books.
    253 scrapbooks.
    Dozens of interviews.
    Dozens of emails answered publicly.

    This ending, so far, feels inconclusive and abstract.

    I’m about 80 percent certain that Saturday nights in June were very important to the correct solution. The chase is called off on the first Saturday night in June. How did the finder locate the treasure before the first Saturday night in June and why then did Fenn wait until Saturday night to announce it found if the man found it “a few days” ago (on Sunday morning those were his words).

    If I found this thing, the last thing I would want (thinking about it now) is several thousand disgruntled searchers still lurking around waiting for the correct solution. I’d have said to Forrest “Cover my tracks for me and give the hounds the raw meat clues while I duck out the back door.”

    We’d all sit back and say “I’d never have thought of that!” and then have a good laugh. Instead of enduring an unknown duration in limbo.

    • David… echo the sentiments of many. Some things are more perplexing than where to find morels each spring. I am of the “hurry up and wait school”. I may be plowing in the wrong field but I think we will get some satisfaction not too many days hence ( after 30 days). I think the 30 day time period has some legal ramifications and then the lips will be unzipped. It may have to do with the land it was found on.

    • In my mind, the most likely scenario is that the finder is fielding offers to sell his real-life story of the find including his solution to the clues in the poem. Leaving a cliffhanger for the search community to tune in is valuable in terms of ratings. I happen to believe we’ll hear about some sort of production in the works within 60 days or so.

      I have a partial solution that involves the four-star general in Vietnam that gave his blessing when Forrest asked for one final mission after being shot down over Laos who said, “but keep him in South Vietnam.” hint: he would have had to keep his plane below the 17th parallel to stay in South Vietnam. My location for the home of Brown isn’t even in the Rocky Mountains. In fact, it’s 700 miles East of my solution for the canyon which is definitely too far to walk in a day. That location includes something significant related to Forrest’s second career as an art dealer and other facts about Forrest. It also sets up a 19th century or early 20th century theme when horses were the common mode of transportation.

      • I don’t know Dave…

        Who needs that much? Sounds like a headache to deal with Hollywood people to me. I think I’d rather show you myself on a camera phone then try and work out a deal with a producer.

  66. This was my favorite solve. I don’t think it is where the chest was found since the chest was found (photographed) in lodge pole and gray volcanic soil. You can see pictures in my link.

    My solve is based on Grahams Place on the West Fork of the Madison as HoB. I won’t explain the obvious play on words and capitalization. There are multiple ways to get there. Two simple ones are:

    WWWH – West Fork Swimming Hole on the West Fork of the Madison is a 79 degree hot spring.
    WWWH2 – Earthquake Lake could be a metaphorical WWWH for various reasons.
    TIITCD – From the swimming hole, head down the West Fork (weak as a canyon)
    From Earthquake lake, head down the outlet canyon
    NFBTFTW – From either place to Graham’s Place or the West Fork/Madison junction
    PIBTHOB – put in to the west fork below home of Brown (Graham’s Place)
    FTINPFTM – Going on foot where Lake Creek meets the West Fork is NPFTM (a bit weak). You have to cross the West Fork to get into the Valley.
    TEIEDN – The entry to Lake creek valley is into a draw on the left side.
    TBNPUYC – 2 possibilities: Either you can’t paddle up Lake Creek, or you shouldn’t paddle up lake creek (is the chest located above or below Smith Lake) Hard to say which is correct, but you are in the valley at this point.
    JHLAWH – heavy loads and water high could refer to Wade lake (this is a bit weak too) or just the fact that Lake Creek flows out of the hill (water comes out of the ground in a small waterfall/rapids). Wade Lake was formed by an avalanche, much like Earthquake Lake.

    Anyway, I went BOTG there once, but didn’t search as much as would have liked (thunderstorms). It’s an absolutely beautiful, pristine valley tucked in under Wade Lake. Lake Creek is totally spring fed and is the only known outlet for Wade Lake.

    What make me like the answer more is the proximity to where Forrest’s parents lived when his mother died. (see SB223) It’s easy to imagine Forrest and his parents fishing Wade Lake, Smith Lake (such as it is) Lake Creek, or the West Fork, or picnicking in the valley.

    It also can fit the 200/500 foot ATF’s in a variety of ways.

    I was totally taken aback when, In scrapbook 223, Forrest says “That’s where it is”.

    It also sort of fits the text in TTOTC “Why do the yellow and purple flowers flourish where no one is there to see? The answer is at last obvious to me. No one has to see what is there. The grass sees and the trees and rushing waters of the spring creek also see. What has made me think that I had to see the beauty that is there in order to confirm its existence?”

    If you travel in that area, Lake Creek Valley is an off the beaten path must see. There wasn’t a treasure chest there, but it’s a treasure. You can rent a boat at Wade Lake and get there from the top, or drive up the road to the toilet and cross there.

    It was the best I could come up with. I’m of the belief that the real solution is that simple. I never got a solution where everything fit to a T. There were always loose ends.

    The main reason I’m writing this is to bring attention to the beautiful valley. And to illustrate how simple I believe the final solve will be.


  67. The last of my bold predictions :
    So here me all and listen good (Keep your ears open and listen for a little waterfall… Not even a foot tall) I saw them from time to time in those marshy areas near West Yellowstone.
    Your effort will be worth the cold (Use gloves because the water and mud are cold.)
    That’s it for my predictions folks… On my ‘solve’ about 3 miles North of West Yellowstone….For some reason I feel more at peace when I write it down.

  68. I think that either the History Channel or the Discovery Channel is already been working on the story. And if I am correct in this theory, Dal is playing a part in the production. Just sayin.
    This story cannot just end, too many souls have worked too hard to let it die, and the story is too rich to be left untold.

    • I would like to see a movie, with four teams searching, one in each search state, following REAL searcher solves… Then make an ending that …… ?

      • At same time, like a zoom meeting all four teams drop to there knees, raking away leaves, and then the top of the chest is shown on one large screen, then it’s opened, …then…then… Screen goes black…..
        Minutes pass, nothing on screen, no credits, nothing… Then….. ? the true Solved is shown…

  69. Hello Dal, If you plan to visit Calif. please be aware of the covid 19 issue.. The number of new cases has gone up nearly 60,000 positive in 2 weeks. Have a great trip.

  70. I have 1 thing to say “Quemado lake NM. “. Where does warm waters halt? Warm waters halt in Cold Water That’s right Cold water. Otherwise known as Agua Fria Mountain begin where the warm water halts. Armijo Springs in Agua Fria Mountain “Forest said not to put too much into it but you have to use your brain. Think “. The sur name Armijo were a family of thinkers. So Our starting point is Armijo springs in the cold water mountain range of agua fria mountain Now if you look up Armijo Springs camp ground which by the way is a free camping site. The advertisement says that Armijo Springs is NOt too far from Quemdo Lake what you don’t realize until you are there in that area is it is not to far but definitely too far to walk 18 miles in the canyon down once you get there you realize that the home of brown is the Apache National Forest. Off of Forest Rd if you are wise and find the blaze. Look quickly down your Quest to cease The blaze is an out crop of rock that looks like an Indian face with a white strip across the eyes the blaze. “Forest gave us clues he said he can see water smell juniper trees and piñon nuts and see meadows etc. well there is 2 camp grounds just 2 min up the road walking distance from the lake. The names of the camp grounds are Juniper camp grounds and pinion Camp grounds. I happened to have been there at the same time the treasure was found in fact it took me two days of searching in armijo springs to realize that Armijo springs was merely a point of beginning. That there had to be a canyon down near by. That’s when I remembered the advertisement for armijo springs saying that Armijo springs was not to far from quemado lake and being there I realized that it wasn’t too far but definitely too far to walk when we got to the blaze someone had just beat us too it that’s when we heard the chest had just been found “RATZ”. Lol. Thank you Mr Fenn for a wonderful adventure. You wanted people to experience the beauty of the mountains. Well I left my beautiful Crestline in the San Bernardino National Forest mountains with huge cedars and oak trees and very large and beautiful pine trees and steep cliffs to go to New Mexico And experience the Forest There. Both are beautiful. Love you Mr Fenn you are an awesome man. Thank you once again for this great adventure. I missed it by a few days. Oh well maybe next time. 🙂

    • There is also water high every where in the cold water mountain range in the form of water tanks Agua fria mountain range Canyon down Quemado Lake Home of brown The Apache National Forest the blaze an out crop of rocks that look like an Indian face with a white stripe across the eyes
      Bla bla creek meadows water pinion nuts and the smell of juniper trees. Secluded area but people are within 500 hundred feet of it at any given time. Not searching for the treasure but fishing at the lake

  71. Hey, is there any reason *not* to publish an adventurously cute interpretation to the poem’s journey, which might be right?

    I think it’d be a shame to have the legacy of Fenn’s poem be the masses of intentionally-misleading suggestions, the brute-force ideas, or even the seemingly-plausible ideas that weren’t really derived from the sequential how-to wording in the poem (along with a map and some imagination).

    • My thought is that it’s a good idea to post your solve on this site. before the solve is released to the general public. Give it the ‘Dal’ time stamp. The finder is waiting to announce their solve for at least one obvious reason. The minute the true solve is released, 1 million searchers will post ‘I knew it was there.’

      • Wendell,

        I don’t know what this says about me… but I think I’m going to do it.

        As soon as the final solve comes out I’m going to post, ‘I knew it was there’ just to see what happens. Join me?

  72. I was hoping to give my solve one last try later this summer. Even if I was wrong about the location the whole time, at least the chase made life more exciting, just knowing the chest was still “out there.” There was always that chance, I could be the one, as so many of us hoped. The chase was good therapy for me, for my condition. When I was BOTG, it was like I was someone else. I married myself to nature, and that was enough. I was meek and brave at times, bold and cold at other times. Survived a couple of lightning storms while out in the woods with nowhere to go. It brought me to life. Got me out of my hermit hole.

    It makes me feel a little more sad, too, to know that this community on Dal’s site was here the entire time. And, even though I visited on a few occasions, I never really participated. That was my loss, as I never had the “extra” information and support provided here. With no disrespect to anyone, whenever I did visit this site, I felt more confused after reading through some threads. Actually, it made me feel like I was way off the mark reading through the threads. There were too many choices to make, and no one was really in the same general area as I was, or so it seemed. I had no idea of scrapbooks and memoirs from this site. All I had was the poem, a compass, and Google Earth, and I worked from that.

    It’s only been the past few days that I’ve been reading this site and posting some, just waiting for the real solve to come out. My first two BOTG I didn’t even have the “cheat sheet.” I spent all that time above 11,000 feet and didn’t even know the chest was not above the elevation of 10,200 feet. It would have been nice to know that. But, it would have been best just to know ya’ll, to have some friends here, to share some stories. Maybe even to work together with some. There are many excellent solves I’ve seen the past couple of days. I’m trying to let it go like everyone else. I know it ain’t easy, and I share the disappointment of not having closure yet. It’ll be OK I think. I wish everyone peace and good blessings.

    And, thank you Dal for keeping this site.

  73. Consider the following:
    Bath vs Bathe Dilemma

    Suppose for a moment that both Fenn and the Finder developed rational solutions that were identical right down to the final decimal place for one of two requisite answers. But in my hypothetical exa, the Longitude component was written as BATH by Fenn, but interpreted as BATHE by Finder. Could the chest have been found fairly in the field? Who might be at fault for such a disconnect? Could both answers be considered correct? What kind of Ethical Dilemma is posed by this situation, and upon whom is the Dilemma foisted?

    This type of Dilemma cannot be applied to an irrational solve, IMO, but easily might happen if a completely validatable solve were to be in play.

    Food for thought on a fine Saturday morning.

    Regards to all.

  74. Unless Forrest comes out and tells us what some of the hints and aberrations from the book and scrapbooks are, all we can do is give it our best guess. Here are some of my guesses.

    1) praying to Thor — Garden of the Gods, Colorado

    2) Dizzy Dean and Babe Ruth, pro baseball players; Michael Jordan pro basketball; and he mentions the super bowl in the story about meeting Mz. Fashion Maven — I took all of these to be hints to CO because it’s the only search state with pro sports

    3) all the talk of college — Collegiate Peaks in CO

    4) buffaloes — University of Colorado

    5) French soldiers headstones — Soldierstone in CO

    6) Robin Olds, the legend — Highway of Legends in CO

    7) the crystal radio — Krystal 93 FM radio station — CO

    8) the chapter about peeing in the sergeant’s gas tank — Sargents, CO

    9) all the talk of beer — Coors in CO

    10) step on a crack, break your mother’s back — Hwy 50 in CO known as the backbone of America because it runs coast to coast. It’s also the Rainbow Highway

    11) alligators — alligator farm in CO

    12) grab every banana — Banana Mtn in CO

    13) butterfly — Monarch Mtn in CO

    14) no place for biddies — I always thought that to be referring to a poultry processing plant. The only one I could find in 2009/2010 was in CO

    15) all the JFK hints — JFK Memorial Highway

    16) Tea with Olga — International Tea Festival in CO

    17) Olga’s little casita with the 3 ft tub — Casita is a brand of camper. He talks a lot about camping in the book, so I guessed the treasure was near a camping site.

    18) the university parking lot in Arizona is located in Flagstaff — I took that as a hint to Flagstaff Mtn in CO

    19) his sheepskin slippers — CO has at least 30 peaks named Sheep Mtn.

    20) Grapette and Walmart are both headquartered in Arkansas — the Arkansas River begins in CO and doesn’t run through any of the other search states

    21) the twins (his mom and her sister) — Twin Lakes in CO

    22) mirrors — I took that as hinting to silver

    23) he had said that if his cancer came back, he was going to take some pills and walk out in the desert someplace — I took that as a hint to the Great Sand Dunes. Although he later changed it and said he was going out into the mountains

    24) “Four cards and a joker” and the rooster — both of these are insignias or patches for fighter squadrons. Nail and Canasta were call signs for pilots, like Litter 81 was for Forrest

    25) Skippy holding up a rock — seemed to me he was hinting at a boulder, as in Boulder, Colorado

    Looks like I was partial to Colorado. I’m sure everyone else has just as many reasons why it was in another state. Anyone care to share?

    • Regarding 23 (desert) . . . . A lot of the Rockies qualifies as desert – very dry, better bring water, dry Arroyo, etc. Given this quote about heading off into the desert, how does the Yellowstone crowd resolve this? Yellowstone is quite the opposite of desert.

    • Also, I only found two monuments to Amelia Earhart in the Rockies – one is in Alamosa, CO.

  75. Pontificate
    Self deprecate
    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  76. Part of my favorite line in the poem = But tarry scant with marvel gaze. Every word in the poem is important= I,it, so, not, but, far, to : have special meaning in my solve. Interpretation= But- turn around, tarry scant- Steamboat Rock, with marvel gaze- look at the view. This was my clinching clue for Dinosaur National. After I found the blaze, this clue fit perfectly from where I was standing. I hope the treasure wasn’t in Dinosaur or I’ll always wonder if I just didn’t see the box while looking. Good job finder in putting it all together.

  77. I think what I’m trying to say is, when I left for the war people used to talk to each other. You could look them in the eye and see for yourself if they were be truthful or not. But when I got home the world was different.

    People don’t talk to each other anymore and it doesn’t seem like anyone trusts anyone simply because they are strangers.

    Social media could be used for good, but people frequently choose not to use it that way. That’s why I try to stay off of it. But if you choose to stay out of it there are not may people that are willing to talk to you anymore.

    And asking people to have faith is a big ask. But I hear talking about it helps. So I’ll stay on here until Independence day and talk to anybody about it that wants to talk. If it happens to me then it most likely happening to someone out there too. And I just want you to know that you are not alone in it, you are not crazy, and in the absence of clear information, you get to choose what to believe. I just hope you choose to see the all the good that came from The Thrill of the Chase and not focus on the bad.

    • AKB-disreguard my last post. I think I may be understanding what you mean. It is a shame that face to face interaction has lost its importance. Hopefully one day people will get to basics in many ways. Until then like you I hope they try and see the good in not only the chase but everything also. On one hand it’s kind of good to see who actually cares enough to reach out after the social media platforms are deleted. Shows you who really had your back in the first place. My dad always told me that the quantity of people in your life is not what’s important. The quality is.

      • I want it to be known that I believe Forrest Fenn is a good man and he did a good thing.

        There are many people out there who disagree, and now there are many many more.

        Yes. I believe some people pretend to be Forrest Fenn. Some of those people are technologically savvy. And some of those people go to Fenn “hotspots” just to play the fool and see how far they can push people. And sometimes it works.

        I’ve read a lot of accounts over the years and a lot of people have had some of the same experiences that I have had. I don’t think that is Forrest Fenn’s fault, or the fault of the searcher. It’s just human nature.

        • But it leaves people wondering about themselves. They start to lose faith in themselves. And they start to question their own sanity.

          Some of those people quit and walk away. Some of those people choose to fight back. I’m the kind of guy that likes to fight.

          But on Independence, no matter the result, I’m walking away. I’m going to leave all the fight on this battlefield and I’m only taking the good memories with me.

          Because I get to choose.

          • As for the people who are suing, or who are angry, try not to give them such a hard time.

            Tell them what you think, get it out, it’s good for everyone involved.

            But they are only standing up for themselves. They are fighting for what they believe in. And the only fault that I can find in them is that they could be wrong.

            But I don’t know what they know, or think they know, and they could have some really good reasons to believe what they believe. They just simply don’t tell me.

          • Yes you do. And I think you are choosing right….to see the good. I’m sorry that there are people out there who try and taint it.

          • And I get what you’re saying. Comes back the whole he who is not guilty cast the first stone methodology in a sense. I will try.

  78. IMO, Mr. Fenn probably hid the chest on the 22nd of Aug, his birthday, because he was 79 or 80 on that day.

  79. SB107 led me to a spot in this way:

    • Mr. U Puceet –> Up u cee it –> Florence, CO waypoint… a ‘wright’ way to do it.
    • Head 192.1 from Florence and you hit waypoint Double Eagle, exactly.
    • But the pen points in the reciprocal direction 12.1 –> Hits USAFA.

    Mr. Fenn is eligible to be buried at the USAFA — near his hero Olds — which is a rare honor. What’s at the USAFA on a map?

    • Glenna Goodacre of several SB’s made the statue of General Hap Arnold, the founder of the USAFA. “a general solve.”
    • The statue is exactly 8.25 miles south of Sante Fe — trailhead. 66k links was posted by Forrwst Fenn –> w for e. North for South.
    • It is 300 miles east of Toledo… the gold mine, not Ohio.
    • Sam Snead and Jimmy Demeret played a golf match at the Eisenhower GC at the USAFA… the only such match televised from there. It is a short walk from the cemetery. Binoculars Guy may look a lot like the cemetery roads layout.
    • Gardiner’s Island is mentioned in TTOTC. Dr. Charles Gardiner’s sanitarium was funded by the Woodmen of America. Their logo is a dove, axe, and stump. The south gate of the USAFA is on Woodman Rd. The USAFA property is Gardiner’s island.
    • The non-integer SB’s plot to be the big dipper and the north star. The big dipper (ursa major — large bear just like the SB pic) is not a constellation it is an asterism *. It points at Polaris.
    • Polaris is the ‘north star’ of the USAFA as well and features in many mentions on property.
    • A Polaris tops the Carillon Bells at the USAFA cemetery. A gift of the class of 1967. It plays a song mentioned by Dal taken from the words of Binyon “For the Fallen” (google on this site)…and named We Will Remember Them. It is literally a bell tower at ff’s home ‘a hundred years from now’. Carillon was moved in 2002 and dedicated in 2012… those are nice dates for this puzzle. On the Fall solstice it lines up perfectly east / west with the sun exactly. The bells were made by the Verdin company… also mentioned on this site.
    • Esmerelda was a gypsy who was the girlfriend of the bell tower keep. Gypsy music.
    • Pinion Road at USAFA.
    • Parade Loop Road at USAFA
    • Falcon Stadium (football) and Falcon Trail (not a human trail) at USAFA.
    • Deadman’s Creek just north of the cemetery (no paddle up your creek you are DOA).
    • Doolittle Hall at USAFA. (Doolittle SB)
    • 411 Drive at USAFA (information please SB).
    • Stanley Canyon at USAFA (Stanley SB)
    • JBB Enterprises recorded JFK’s speech at USAFA (Joe Billy Bob SB, JBB for short)
    • Crean is a hard word to find (MW Questions) –> Crean largest carillon in US.
    • SB 172 — “my bell tower invites little more than a curious glance.” Re-read that last line.
    • Form 515a is the Discharge papers of the USAFA hospital (skippy discharged fireworks, 515 words)
    • “I learned enough that a small college in colorado should have given me an honorary PhD… but they didn’t.”
    • Barry Goldwater visitor center at USAFA. SB4.

    I posit that the blaze is the bell tower. This can be found in the poem by mirroring the letters –> E, 3, M, W for example. 3 mirrors in his bathroom SB. No place for Biddies — no place for b’s d’s –> b, d, p, q. Also three t’s (tea with olga). Etc.

    Then read phonetically.

    Now… I never completely solved the poem obviously and I’m not the finder, sadly. But I haven’t seen any other ‘solve’ with half this many matches to a map that is also a special place for Mr. Fenn, that also will hold his bones nearby.

    Quite an indulgence to be serenaded forever by this wonderful monument to our men and women of the USAF. Mr. Fenn constructed a wonderful puzzle… and with patience we will learn the answer. If the USAFA is not part of the solution, I’ll eat Mildew (which, btw, is also neatly mirrored in the poem).

    • nkown,

      Suggest you check your facts regarding eligibility requirements to be buried/interred at the Academy. Forrest does not qualify.

      1. Did you find the aardvark, an anteater?
      2. Where’s your brave and in the wood and why? Hint – there are 2 places that fit. Actually 3 places now that I think more about it.
      3. I don’t believe you mentioned it, but do you know why the number 21 is important to the Academy?
      4. Did you know that Forrest’s call sign Comanche yields ‘mach once’ and do you know what that might be referring to? The hint, IMO, is in OUAW.
      5. You seem to have found many connections so what about riches old?

      Regardless, if the treasure was actually there, then it would have had to been recovered months ago because the Academy has been closed to non-essential personnel since the end of March according to my big Bro, a retired A-7 pilot who flew for both the AF and also the Navy Reserves and uses the exchange and commissary there regularly, until Covid hit.


  80. Forrest Fenn- isn’t that the perfect name for the guru of a Rocky mtn. treasure hunt? Seriously, its akin to an art teacher named Mrs. Albright.

    Wondering if “lush” describes a forest fen. I believe one day we will know. I also think the 30 day wait period is legit. We shall see. IMO.


    • And I’m glad you said it.

      Some of this stuff gets crazy and it’s hard to know what to believe. That’s why I call Forrest Fenn my Imaginary Fenn, because I carry him with me but I also have to protect myself.

      I do not know Forrest Fenn, I have never met Forrest Fenn, and I do not know anyone who has ever met Forrest Fenn. I’ve just read his stories and I may as well have made him up.

        • I agree that it is weird, Americana.

          But The Chase was an impossible task, and impossible tasks require incredible and unprecedented actions to complete.

          I know because I’ve done impossible things before and it always happens the same way:

          First they say you are crazy.
          Then they say, well maybe.
          And then they realize that it couldn’t have happened any other way.

          • Not impossible but highly complex. For example, the key to the final resting place contains no less than 2 dozen “tie ins” to the chase. I have been going there for 6 years. Took me 4 to find. Yes…6 years…because he made it tie into everything he holds dear and referenced in the books, stories, etc. I explained in another quote how i found the title to the poem…that is how I arrived there…but i think you can get there in other ways because other hints over the years take you there and if you apply them…you find clusters.

          • I do not expect anyone to believe me. I’m not even sure that what I did is real. I do not have enough information.

            But I know what I tried to do, and I know what I saw.

            And Faith in a stranger is a very tall order.

            But if you’ll have faith in me, then I’ll have faith in you.

            And I can’t see any other way that something like that could work.

          • DW,

            If what I know to be true is true then the only way to find the treasure is to take a leap of faith.

            But it’s not my story to tell and I won’t tell it to anyone unless either Forrest Fenn or the Finder want me to.

          • AkB… thanks for the reply. You definitely have my attention as that would tie into an Indiana Jones movie. I have found multiple tie-ins to the King of California that are amazing. I have also found things during the chase that can make somebody look like they are walking on water…from the right perspective. So I do not doubt you. For example, a weir (secret where) that you can walk across will make it look like you are walking on water. Hmmmmm… very nice.

          • It’s strange and it’s exciting DW.

            And that’s why I love it.

            And that’s why I can’t stop talking about it. But I set a date in my mind and after the 4th The Chase is over for me.

            I hope we get answers, but I don’t expect any. Until then I think of it as akin to Schrodinger’s Box.

            It’s over and it’s not at the same time. I think that’s pretty cool.

          • Hey DW, that secret weir you can walk on…Do you mean the one in Pike National Forest Colorado? 😉

          • AkB… I completely understand and that is how I see it. Are you going to post your ‘leap of faith’ on July 5th? If so, I will look for it. I have posted a lot of hints on my final area and info on how I found it but I think I’ll stop, see what happens, and if we learn nothing… I will just let it go. The religious tie in is undeniable and is part of the end…you have to found the blaze tho…he only gives you half.

          • Hi Lori…thanks for the reply. I didn’t make it that far during the chase…I was not far south of there and not far north at times…but you are onto something I didn’t see.

          • I don’t think I will DW. Just in case I’m right.

            If the finder wants to be anonymous and doesn’t want to share the location, I think those are the rules.

            It’s his story now and it’s his right to do so. I’m not going to mess with that. It would feel too wrong.

          • DW, my very first solve was in that secret weir and I planned on going back there again if my current solve didn’t work out. That’s part of Forrest’s big picture, IMHO.

          • AkB… I can’t argue with your scruples. I think we have heard the last of it…unless they are buying the private property that is key…or working out some agreement with the owners. The owners listed it within the last 10 years so it is in play IMO if that is the end game. You could…mayme…increase traffic to the location with a Forrest Fenn tour or something. But that is a definite mayme.

          • Lori… I agree and applaud you for pursuing it. IMO there are a lot of correct solves that don’t end with the ‘gold’ in hand. Part of Forrest’s master plan…take people to his ‘treasured places’. I was convinced in year 3 i was onto the final place and then found something that moved me 600 miles over night and the trail started anew. So anything is possible. Any solve could be the one. I hope you have fun.

    • nuttallthere,

      After some consideration, I’m truly believing you’re right and that names may have a strong relevance to a person’s fate.

      My only regret is that I wasn’t born with the name Chester Cheeta… then maybe I could have been the finder and “cheated” my way to finding the “chester”! LOL

  81. Late yesterday evening I was exchanging comments with “Mark in Taos” and
    the memorable quote from Forrest Fenn came up.
    FF said that it would be a maverick that solves The Chase.

    This morning when I woke up I was immediately determined to
    research the Dallas Texas Mavericks basketball team.

    Was maverick a hint from FF or not?

    As it turns out, the owner/founder of the Mavericks team has
    several close parallels to Forrest Fenn.

    Both are Texans, they were born 3 years apart, the owner
    joined the US Air Force in 1952 and FF joined in 1950,
    both had limited options when they left the USAF but both
    did extremely well financially thereafter; the Maverick
    owner’s trademark was his hat.

    The owner, Don Carter, bears a good resemblance to Forrest Fenn.
    You can see the hat and Don Carter here:

    So, Don Carter, a well known maverick with parallels to Forrest Fenn,
    is he part of a hint from FF or not?

    FF: “It would be a maverick that solves The Chase.” – Don Carter founder of the Dallas Mavericks?

    So where on the map can we find a “Carter”?

    Carter Mountain is between Cody, WY and Yellowstone
    but a bit south. A bit south of Carter Mountain is Brown Mountain.

    Both mountains have peaks higher than the 10,200 ft – FF put a
    limit of 10,200 ft on the search. So the search area would be limited
    to the base areas where the rivers are. Brown Mountain is closer to
    Wood River but Carter Mountain is closer to Meeteetse River
    and Meeteetse, Wy.

    Today I had put my antennas up looking for a Rocky Mountains location
    with a strong “meee” sound in it and what do you know…Meeteetse.

    (“Meeteetse is an Indian name and means “nearby””)

    Excellent website with lots and lots of linked photos, a beautiful
    area that makes you want to add it to your bucket list:

    FF: “It would be a maverick that solves The Chase.”

    “So hear meeeee all and listen good”

    Meeteetse, Wy


    “So hear meeeee all and listen good”

  82. Hope you don’t mind if I do my post in parts. Some auto-feature appears to have placed my comment in Review status I think because of it’s length.

    Hope you don’t mind.

    • Late yesterday evening I was exchanging comments with “Mark in Taos” and
      the memorable quote from Forrest Fenn came up.
      FF said that it would be a maverick that solves The Chase.

      This morning when I woke up I was immediately determined to
      research the Dallas Texas Mavericks basketball team.

      Was maverick a hint from FF or not?

      As it turns out, the owner/founder of the Mavericks team has
      several close parallels to Forrest Fenn.

      Both are Texans, they were born 3 years apart, the owner
      joined the US Air Force in 1952 and FF joined in 1950,
      both had limited options when they left the USAF but both
      did extremely well financially thereafter; the Maverick
      owner’s trademark was his hat.

      The owner, Don Carter, bears a good resemblance to Forrest Fenn.
      You can see the hat and Don Carter here:

      So, Don Carter, a well known maverick with parallels to Forrest Fenn,
      is he part of a hint from FF or not?

      FF: “It would be a maverick that solves The Chase.”

      What geographical location is named Carter?

      • (part 2)

        What geographical location is named Carter?

        Carter Mountain is between Cody, WY and Yellowstone
        but a bit south. A bit south of Carter Mountain is Brown Mountain.

        Both mountains have peaks higher than the 10,200 ft, FF put a
        limit of 10,200 ft on the search. So the search area would be limited
        to the base areas where the rivers are. Brown Mountain is closer to
        Wood River but Carter Mountain is closer to Meeteetse River
        and Meeteetse, Wy.

        Today I had put my antennas up looking for a Rocky Mountains location
        with a strong “meee” sound in it and what do you know…Meeteetse.

        (“Meeteetse is an Indian name and means “nearby””)

        Excellent website with lots and lots of linked photos, a beautiful
        area that makes you want to add it to your bucket list:

        FF: “It would be a maverick that solves The Chase.”

        “So hear meeeee all and listen good”

        Meeteetse, Wy


        “So hear meeeee all and listen good”

        • According to this other website Meeteetse means:

          “Meeteetse is an old Native American word that’s been roughly translated to mean “where chiefs meet” (that’s the town’s slogan) or “meeting place.””

          According to one of the locals the correct pronunciation is
          Ma-tee-see (assuming the reporter heard her right).

          Guess I’ll give them a phone call myself.

          Where chiefs meet – Meeteetse

          “If you are brave and in the wood”

        • I had a solve on Carter Mountain . . .

          Never went there.

          Discarded it as “marvel gaze” only.

          It would be very ironic if this were to be correct. Lol.

          • Thanks, Levi.

            That one was generated using a Base 10 letter wheel with “Listen” as key word.

            Palindrome coordinate using capital letters from Lines 5-9.

            B = 10
            A = 9
            N = 2
            F = 4
            P = 4

            Truly simple, back of the envelope stuff.

            My friend and I discarded it because we thought the hike unrealistic for either Fenn or ourselves.

            Fenn once said that if you think your answer is incorrect, you’re probably right. So I’ll stand by my call on this one without regrets. Lol.

            Best to you, Levi.

  83. Time for me to go after another treasure as well! Best of luck to you all.

    I still believe she was found in or near Owl Creek along the Northern border of the Wind River Reservation.

  84. Meditation on logic, the bracelet being wet, and the nature of the finder

    This is like Schroedinger’s treasure. It exists and was found and yet where it exists and where it was found cannot be observed? We can observe the treasure in Fenn’s hands, but we cannot observe the correct solution to how that treasure got into Fenn’s hands? Hmm.

    This reminds me of some heavy philosophical books I read once that had my mind spinning. I get into stuff like that just so I can realize how stupid I really am, and in realizing my stupidity I can write stupid posts like this one, which is mostly for entertainment purposes, which is what Forrest says about blogs in general, right?

    I feel like some benign elements are a little bit off right now but will be corrected in the near future.

    I figure the following and I double checked my fancy philosophy books that hurt my brain to be sure that I was figuring somewhat properly.

    These are our set of “givens” to work with:

    1. (Given) that the treasure has been found.
    2. (Given) neither Fenn nor the Finder will reveal the location.

    So I think we need to write it out like this. If the treasure has been found, and if neither Fenn nor the Finder will reveal the location, then _____________________.

    If X, and if Y, then Z.

    We need to use these givens to create something that makes sense, despite all the chaos surrounding the conclusion of the chase.

    Here, let’s try this one.

    If the treasure has been found, and if neither Fenn nor the Finder will reveal the location, then Fenn cannot reveal the location because the Finder doesn’t know who they are and this might give them a heart attack.

    Every other hypothetical that I have seen on the internet goes way too far out of logical realms of probability.

    Take this idea that the finder is going to monetize the solution somehow. Doesn’t add up. It’s not worth a movie and it’s not worth a long show on a network. All we need are to see which hints work with which clues and how they work properly together. That’s an internet post or a youtube video. It’s not a book or movie deal.

    The idea that we buy TTOTC and then to find out the answers have to buy another book after the chase is over has me scratching my head. That hypothetical book will sell ten copies and be summarized on the internet in 1,000 words and a one hour segment where some funny youtubers hash out the nuance and laugh about how dumb we all have been.

    The idea that the finder would be identified by giving out the location or clues also halts no warm water in my bucket. The timeline around when it was located/discovered/found is already blurry.

    It’s announced Saturday night that it has been found, but Sunday morning Fenn is throwing back to an image he saw in his email “a few days ago”? What was the delay in announcing when he saw proof of any kind, if not to throw the correct day it was found into question?

    Next thing we know, Forrest needs some time because he has to go somewhere. 7 days later the images of the chest in his possession and one with an image of a stick on top of the contents are revealed.

    In the caption to the image of his bracelet, Forrest says the bracelet was wet when the chest was found, but anyone with eyes can look at that chest and see that the dirt is dry and the plastic bags are dry. You know what else is dry? That rusty key is dry. Rust retains moisture longer than silver. If the bracelet was wet, that key should have been wet too. That bracelet was among the very last items to go into the chest, according to Fenn:

    “Months later, when the chest was almost full, I added… [list of final items placed into chest] and my revered turquoise row bracelet. Then I closed the lid and that was that.” (Scrapbook 158).

    How did a wet bracelet come out of a dry treasure chest top interior? I could see that being true if the top of the chest showed any moisture whatsoever, or if he said the bracelet was on the bottom. I can’t verify from the images that there’s no moisture at all on the bottom. But there’s none on top. That can be verified using just our eyes.

    It was absolutely pouring rain in a few of the search areas that Saturday night when Forrest called game over. I didn’t check everywhere, but I can verify that West Yellowstone was getting hammered with rain that evening Forrest declared it found.

    Here’s the other thing I know about human beings. The person who found that chest is not greedy enough to leave us all hanging like this. They were one of us. If the finder had possession of that chest right now, they would be yammering away like the happiest monkey in all of the jungle. They would not be delaying like this. There are a million ways to remain anonymous on the internet. But most importantly, and this is important, they could have Forrest share their solution to Dal anonymously.

    There is no finder in their right mind that would not take advantage of the opportunity to remain anonymous by going through Forrest to give us the solution. What’s this hypothetical finder’s motivation? Whip things into a confusing frenzy for a while just for kicks and then appear in a ten minute segment with his face blacked out and his voice distorted on 60 Minutes some Sunday night?

    I’m throwing a flag on this play. There’s no finder on the field. Fifteen yard penalty.

    Maybe it takes a while to transfer title to the gold? Or maybe it should not be transferred during pending litigation?

    The only other option is that the finder might kind of be a jerky-type of person. But then Fenn tells us that he, the finder, is shy. I have never met a shy jerk in my life. Have any of you?
    A hypothetical shy jerk doesn’t work out for me when I parse it this way and that.

    A shy finder would use the protection Forrest can provide him to release the correct solution on behalf of the finder. A shy finder would not behave like a jerk randomly or seek to prolong frustration in the search community any longer than absolutely necessary.

    Forrest probably won’t like this post. But it is what it is. I can crack very complicated cases using a dash of logic and a lot of imagination.

    The finder is not a jerk. The finder is shy. The finder has not been publicly congratulated for a job well done. The finder sent Forrest an image of something the week prior to the announcement, but that wasn’t enough for Forrest to call the chase over then. Forrest had to wait until something happened on Saturday.

    The initial “treasure has been found” has a time stamp of 8pm on Saturday night. 8pm is when the kids get spanked when the radio turns off and they have to go to bed.

    In all probabilities that I have chased down, the most glaring one is that the finder should have used the protection Forrest via Dal’s blog can provide him and issued the correct solution already. Everyone would have moved on much more quickly than this scenario is now playing out.

    Something is indeed rotten in Denmark.

    A hypothetical shy-jerk finder? Wet bracelets emerging from dry treasure chests? And magical sticks appearing on top of world famous treasures for no reason whatsoever? Just, perhaps, throw a stick in there for no reason? To re-purpose Forrest’s own words, as he repurposed those of other writers, Nope, nope.

    There’s another donut hole inside this donut!

    I was born on a Saturday in June, but it wasn’t last Saturday. Even the most shy finder on the planet would have shared already. I’m checking for means, motive, and opportunity. The finder has means to share (he’s already found the treasure), motive to share (he’s one of us and should take a bow in the spotlight even if doing so anonymously), and he has opportunity to share (and share safely via Forrest sharing anonymous text with Dal on this blog).

    There’s no solid motives not to share (frivolous lawsuits pointing to the wrong state don’t matter). There’s no lack of means for sharing. And there’s no lack of opportunity on this forum or a dozen others for the finder not to emerge anonymously with the correct solution.

    Okay, I’m off to the Private Investigator testing facility to take my entrance exam. I’m going to fail, but that’s good too. When I fail, I apparently fail tremendously.

    • You make good points, but I see a hole in your case.

      If Fenn’s lawsuit deposition is literally correct, then the chest was found by an independent 3rd party, currently anonymous. All searchers other than this person have no say in things irregardless of motives regarding lack of disclosure/nondisclosure by Fenn and Finder.

      While I am rooting for additional information to come forth, I have no idea what to expect at this time. My crystal ball is opaque.

      Wish it were not so, as I truly want the game to end with a fairy tale ending for someone deserving . . .

      I am beginning to wonder whether that is what’s in the cards, though.

      Guess we’ll all find out in the fullness of time.

      Regards to all.

      • You used the nonsense word “irregardless.” At that point, I nearly tuned out. Regardless means the exact same thing as irregardless, except irredgardless is a word you used.

        I’m telling you it literally means GARD channel. Some absurdities with nonsense words are bizarre to me.

        Turn to page 121. Then turn the page. 121.7.

        Why people continue with nonsense hurts my heat. If you had no frequency and zero knowledge of the time it went off, what on earth were people lookng for?

        Irregardless? Seriously? Fake words? We should just jettison all meaning of words? Come on. Wrong. Just hit the bell as wrong, because this irregardless nonsense is wrong.

        • I apologize, David, I did not mean to hurt your “heat” . . . Or your head for that matter.

          Please consider me duly chastened . . .

          Irregardless or regardless of my actual state of mind on this matter that is.


    • That’s a lot David. I think my mind might work in the same way as yours. But I don’t have the patience to type it all out. I just think it then turn it into something simple to remember.

      It’s over and it’s not over until you get more info or you stop waiting.

    • Z = Forrest is keeping his word that the who and where belong to the finder and the finder won’t speak because he wants to honor Forrest’s special place.

      What’s illogical about that?

      • A response on the nature of special places

        First of all, I am of the somewhat informed opinion that his special place is massive. Call it–plus or minus–all of the Gallatin National Forest.

        Folks maybe went a little overboard on thinking of his special place as the place he was going to throw his bones and then they extrapolated the place into a much smaller place, like body sized vs an entire region where he had tons of best adventures in life.

        Within that space, he chose one place to hide the treasure chest that has significance of some kind, but seriously, he said he took out the reason for why it was special from his autobiography for personal reasons, which either means something negative or something people would judge him about or change the way they think of him in some way.

        You don’t remove the reason it’s special unless that reason would change the way people viewed you in a potentially negative way. If it’s where you got engaged, or where you caught a huge fish or whatever, there’s no reason to pull that out for personal reasons.

        This entire chase has been a subliminal adventure. I’m pretty sure that anyone into the text and puzzle deep enough to potentially solve it already knows why that place is special to him or what may or may not have happened there. I’m pretty sure I know and others must as well, but I’ll fold the cards on that hand because it’s not my story to tell.

        It appears that even in opening up about his life, Forrest was not confident enough to fully reveal his secrets and that explains why the little autobiography jar in the photograph appears to have not been opened.

        Anyone capable of finding this treasure would have torn that wax off ten minutes after getting back into their car with the treasure. More of his stories or whatever mystery is in there is exactly what interested me most.

        Far more than the gold, which I believe to be secondary and more or less a lure which ultimately leads one to the contents of that autobiography.

        As for the argument that other people knowing about the location of the place would somehow diminish its importance, please read the “Flywater” chapter again, because Forrest expresses quite clearly that places move on and new people arrive. He knows that the mountains and their special places do not belong to him. He belongs to the mountains.

        There is nothing that anyone could do to diminish the importance of his “special place.” Even if loggers felled every last tree for ten miles around, the trees would return. Time is a very long vision to comprehend.

        I would suppose that there may be one significant reason to keep the spot unnamed for now, but it has nothing to do with searchers damaging it.

        Even the idea of searchers damaging the mountains seems absurd when you think about it. The mountains are not fragile flowers that we hold in our hands. The mountains are not a newborn baby. They are The Ancients. They do not stare at humans and feel awe. We stare at them and feel awe.

        All just IMO. Any justification for not revealing the clues or hints at this time is a much more complicated endeavor than keeping a place special.

        I think the best way to end speculation might be to release the solution. I’m waiting patiently, but in the meantime I am going to squeeze every last bit of juice out of this adventure, even if what I’m saying makes no sense to anyone but me.

        Now back to fixing this tractor. Fuel is leaking out of a small rusty hole in the side of the carburetor. I’ve whittled a small cork down to fit that hole. Should do the trick. It’s a Ford 8N. It’s almost as old as Forrest. He’s 9 years older than this little tractor.

        Yesterday I gently tapped on the side of the tractor with my wedding band and I heard the metal in the tractor whisper to me, “I could have been an airplane and fought in World War 2.” I whispered back, “But then you might be rusting on the bottom of the ocean instead of up here in the sunshine with me today.”

        The metal didn’t whisper anything else after that. It’s probably all for the best because it made me feel funny when that happened.

        • David,
          You make sense to me!
          I loved reading your written solve (which is on this blog at the end of part 10). I was blown away by your radio beacon discoveries! Why didn’t I think of that? Even though our final spots are miles apart, we shared many similar subliminal observations. The importance Forrest’s family members, My War for Me, the biddies and many other tidbits from SB’s played a huge part in the geography of my solve too. Very nice job!

          • Thanks, RW.

            I’ve been thinking really hard about some of the pieces of string, the ones I could never figure out what to do with. Since it’s all over now, maybe we can have some fun?

            Docks. Docked. Docking.

            Skippy landed right in front of the dock. And then a few pages later in Totem Cafe Caper Frosty says he is going to dock Fenn’s pay.

            Then he goes off in SB 253 with the kids on the dock throwing heads of lettuce at each other and then getting their pay docked. Two more uses of dock.

            I tried to work those in but I wasn’t sure how to do so, nothing in the poem seemed to work out for me with those.

            I also wondered a lot about Spanish Class and Miss Ford/Redford/Skippy’s Ford. I’m guessing someone had to ford a creek?

            Did you have any solution for the docks or do you think they were one of thousands of rabbit holes intentionally or unintentionally built into this thing?

            I just definitely started picking up clusters of words as I moved through it over and over again. Docks and Ford were one of the things I couldn’t put down or make work properly when I tried tying the knots together.

            Also, did you make anything of the numbers in the people’s ears in the sketches? Bessie has a 3. Kid in the cemetery has a 3 in his air. I think there’s a 2 in Frosty’s ear. Some others too but since I don’t have my book anymore I can’t check.

            Also, the face of the large buffalo sketch always creeped me out. If you look at the eye looking back you will see another eye looking forward. It’s a super strange hidden image thing.

            This creates an image of like a cross eyed monkey or something. Not sure what that’s all about. But once you find the second eye, move left just slightly and you’ll find a third eye. Then there’s like an Alfred Hitchcock fishermen standing on that third eye and the other eyes turn into fish or some nonsense like that.

            My parts I struggled the most with were that crazy buffalo sketch and “Important Literature.” I just couldn’t stand that Fenn was aping Holden Caufield so much. Or why he doesn’t mention the narrator by name. I wondered if that was a clue if you say the name slowly “holed in cow field.”

            Ultimately, I worked really hard on this, and I had some adventures, but it’s a terrible ending to not know the answers three weeks later. The whole thing just seems murky and even more odd than before it was found.

            I’m still working it in my mind just because I didn’t listen to my dad when he told me to become an attorney. My brain goes off on stuff like this while I’m doing humdrum stuff.

            If “wise” had nothing to do with time, I’m going to be disappointed slightly. I don’t think I overcooked this thing. I used the book and the poem to work together. Obviously missed something important along the way. It’d sure be nice if Forrest would write a scrapbook or something. I’m starting to feel strange about this all.

            I thought we were going out for ice cream, but instead I’m all alone and the only grandfatherly figure in my life just ran away and left me by this broken down amusement park with some riddle I will never solve.

            I know that sounds odd, but I think it aptly describes the strange emotional space I’m in right now.

            I was watching a standup comedy special with my wife last night. It’s the old Richard Pryor one. Half way through it my wife turned it off and said to me “Why aren’t you laughing?” I didn’t realize I’d been working the poem and the book through my mind for almost 40 minutes and completely ignoring my favorite stand up comedy. No hiding the fact I wasn’t laughing from my wife. I thought I could get away with it. I apologized to her and went out into the yard to stare at the canopy of stars and wonder about it all.

            Then the words from Bruce Springsteen’s song ran through my mind “Now those memories come back to haunt me. They haunt me like a curse. Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true, or is it something worse that sends me down to the river…”

            I’ve never liked gambling, but it appears I gambled a lot of time and headspace on this chase. I’m fine with holding a losing hand, but it’s really hard for the dealer to declare “blackjack” on us all and walking away from the table without showing the dealer’s hand.

            It seems so out of character for Forrest for this to be the outcome. Then again, perhaps I completely misread his poker face. This could have been a known outcome all along, if only I’d seen a definitive tell somewhere during the dealing and wagering.

            My new goal is to read all of the great books in the Western Canon. This critic from Harvard made a list and apparently it’s all the best books in literature. My friend gave me that list and I’m more than halfway there. I might make it before I die. If I do finish that list (while reading other books I find randomly along the way), I think I’ll be among a small group of people to do so. Then on my grave they can write “Dyed frum reeding two menny buks.” And I want it spelled just like that.

          • She’s doing great. But I did call the junkyard and ordered a used carburetor because what happened was the gas just wicked through the cork and started a slower drip. Between the carburetor from the yard and a rebuild kit, I’m only out 37 bucks. That’s a good loss for the day in farming.

          • You aren’t alone David. There’s only six more days to Independence Day and I don’t know why, but I think we’ll all have our minds back to ourselves after that.

            I don’t think there is a searcher out there who wouldn’t freely give their solve away at this point, I bet the finder is just trying to figure how he wants to do it.

          • I tried to reply to your post David, but for some reason there was no”Reply” box under your last post.

            I noticed the repeated use of “dock” too. In my solve I can only reconcile the word “dock” to mean the beach on my lake. ie. the dock is my put in BTHB. Not sure what to make of the twos and threes in the ears either. 23 =W , could be a reference to the secret W-here. but I think I see a six in an ear on another picture. I had thought that the ear (or hear) numbers correlated with the 9 clues…but that doesn’t quite work in my solve!

            Cody creeps me out too. For me, Cody is another lake that’s shaped like a cow/buffalo in my area (kind of like Fenn’s buffalo sculpture with the stubby legs that he showed us in one of his other scrapbooks. “Holed in cow field” (Catcher) would definitely work for my solve as my final spot is not far from my Cody :).

            Ford to me, is the first biddy in my valley. Also I think I do need to ford Skippy (who is a river in my solve). Seriously, typing this out makes me smile…any regular person would have me committed! Isn’t subliminal advertising illegal? I think Fenn intentionally, or unintentionally, has managed to send many of us nuts!

            I’m not sure what to make of the Chase ending this way or Forrest’s statements regarding the finder. A guy back east is critical in my solve in finding the chest. Also, Forrest’s statements about being kind of halfway sad, halfway glad makes me think there may be more to this. I think a lot of us have had a thrill trying to solve this, but it certainly would be nice to get some kind of definitive closure.

          • Hi AkB: you opined: “I don’t think there is a searcher out there who wouldn’t freely give their solve away at this point…” You can count be as a dissenter. 😉 I went public with my first 3 1/2 clues in the last week or so, and will extend that to 4 later today, but out of respect for the finder and Forrest, I won’t post the whole thing in the unlikely event it is correct, or mostly correct. I plan to check out my spot this summer so I can either drive a stake through it, or replicate the finder’s photo. 😉

          • I didn’t know I could do that Zaph, not until you pointed it out.

            But I meant that if you were the finder. If you were the finder I think you’d be itching to tell.

    • If it is not under a man made object… it can be below a man made object. If it is not in a grave yard…it can be near it. If it is not associated (part) of a structure…the structure can be associated with it. If it isn’t under an old out could be near it.

    • You could just post it here. I’ve, as have others, laid all my cards on the table. You can do the same. If there’s anything brilliant in it, we’ll all see it for brilliant. The treasure’s gone. No need to be sharing anything privately. Let the world gawk at us for posterity right here on this site.

      I’m confident enough in only one thing at the moment. If your solution doesn’t have a sense change in it of some clear and definitive kind, it is most likely incorrect. IMO.

  85. Geeezuusss…

    If you act now, not only will you get a solution but the person who kick all our A$$E$$… Don’t wait, this is a limited time offer. A chance of a life time… Be one of the in crowd right now. Again, time is almost gone for you to be one of the few to have this special knowledge.

    THATs how you sell milk to the cows.
    Moooving on….

      • I’m just another searcher like everyone else that had what I believe to be a chance encounter with the person who found the treasure. What I found really may change your minds and could just be the correct solve. Or, it could help someone else here solve the poem. I’m only giving you what I believe to be honest information.

  86. I hope you understood what I was saying, flamethrower. Amid confusion, I think that’s what you were looking for.

    Its on you to open the cage and release the bird or it will just sit there staring. Those parrots are too well behaved.

  87. Thanks for the emails! Actually, this solve is pretty good in that the final spot is in the right “kind” of place where you’d find the chest. It takes some imagination, but not more than I’d consider within the bounds of reason. With ScareCrow’s permission, I can post a summary of the solve. If I were planning a trip out in the next little while to that area, I’d probably check it out myself.

  88. When I say right “kind” of place, here are some specifics:

    1.) The light there would be very similar to what’s seen in the photo of the chest.
    2.) The color of the ground is right
    3.) It’s in Lodgepole pine habitat, and you can see them in Google Satellite View.
    4.) The “understory” in the area looks to me like it might match (inasmuch as I can tell, I’ll probably do some internet searching to check some stuff).

    If this is the right spot (and I’m curious enough that I think I’ll go past there on one of my photographing excursions in the next little while), then I should be able to find exactly where the photo was taken. As in, _exactly_. That’s the way you can know.

    I’ll say this — I was recently in a Lodgepole area, and one thing I noticed was a lots of grass/sedge/whatever (I’m still not clear on the differences there, I need to read up more on that and check things out in the forest) and wildflowers. The chest was photographed in an area that was kind of barren, without lots of tress overhead, and there’s a place just like that which is visible in Satellite View.

    I’m not saying this is the solve, but there’s enough “there” there to warrant further checking, even BOTG, at least from my perspective.

    • By permission, here is the basic idea of the solve. This road in the Google Satellite View I’m linking (which I’ve verified has been there for long enough) essentially outlines a thumb in front of a “face”:,+Gardiner,+MT+59030/@45.08274,-110.7939883,945m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x534fd999b9c06bcd:0x1f5ce604ace3338!2m2!1d-110.7958156!2d45.0830564

      I’ve tried to drop the marker and link it, but just to the right of the marker is the tip of the “thumb”. The idea here is that the road as it snakes around to the south in this view forms a face. By following where the “eye” is looking, past the tip of the “thumb”, you essentially land right about here:,-110.7951629/@45.083911,-110.7949683,318m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e0

      The idea is based on Fenn’s story about flying over Philadelphia in TTOTC, and then he covers up Philadelphia with his thumb. The neat thing about this approach is that it does point to a rather specific spot on the map.

      The original poster shared photos of the site, and his story of encountering someone who was carrying a heavy backpack out of this area and who was talking about Fenn and the chase. This was around 10 AM in the morning, and based on the pictures taken by the original poster, the light and such would have approximated what’s in the picture of where the chest was found. In a bit (maybe tonight, but probably tomorrow morning sometime) I’ll post up some of the pictures. The ground does seem to match, the wood on the ground in the area is also a decent match, and there are several other things that make this worth a look IMO to find the location where the picture of the chest was taken.

      I can post more details about the solve itself (i.e. how it fits with the poem) at that time too. I recall others posting about this general area in Montana, so I think there are other solves near here too.

      • And you think those roads will be there in the same position in a thousand years?

        This seems to be just like many other solves. Just making the area fit to certain parts of the chase and ignoring others important bits.

        Big thumbs down from me.

        • The road doesn’t just exist on satellite view that way, the US Topo Map layer shows it like that too. It’s shaped that way due to the topography of the location.

      • The guy with the heavy backpack is just fiction to make you believe in the solve IMO

      • 1.) I have only said it warrants, IMO (note that bit) a BOTG excursion to see if the actual location of the photo of the chest is there

        2.) It’s a plausible solve, and it ends up in a location where the chest could have been sitting in the photo that the finder took in situ.

        Photos from original poster coming shortly.

        • Photo #1:

          This was shared via email by the original poster, I uploaded it to imgbb. The main thing here is the color of the ground. The ground litter is a bit different because this is next to a sage bush (sage should, IMO, be present at the solve location). The wood in the picture is different from the wood in the chest pic, I think the grain is tighter and such, but there’s a lot of different kinds of wood on the ground in the area based on the pictures sent by the original poster. The other thing is the grass/sedge — here there is just a bit in the pic, this shows that the ground isn’t carpeted with the stuff everywhere in this location.

          Photo #2:

          This picture is all about the grass/sedge. Perhaps someone can confirm if this is the same kind of grass/sedge that’s in the picture of the chest taken by the finder.

          Both of these will resize well, so you can open them and zoom 2x or so and not lose too much detail. The original poster sent along more pictures, I may post those as well, but this I think establishes “reasonableness” in considering this are as a _possible_ location where the chest was found. In the emails to me, the original poster does not present this as _the_ solve either, just as a possibility. I think it’s solid enough that I’ll swing by there and check it out in the near-ish future.

          If you’ll forgive some all-caps, I want to emphasize THAT THIS IS PROVISIONAL AND NOT A FINAL SOLVE NOR DOES IT CLAIM TO BE. It is, in my opinion, plausible and nothing more at this point.

  89. Ok, I am going to give my solution thus far.

    In my posts above I spoke of Forrest Fenn’s hint and quote about “The Chase being solved by a Maverick” and I pointed out that FF had a strong life parallel with the founder of the Mavericks, a Texas basketball team, a parallel not limited to the USAF and Texas and age and appearance and trademark hat. The founders name was Don Carter.
    (please refer to my posts above for details).

    There is a mountain in Wyoming named Carter Mountain found between Yellowstone and Cody, Wy. Carter Mountain is not far (about 20 miles) from Brown Mt and Wood River and where Canyon Creek meets the Wood River along the Kirwin Trail. Carter Mt is located in Meetseetse, Wyoming. Meetseetse is an Indian word meaning “where chiefs meet” or “meeting place”. “Where chiefs meet” is the town’s slogan.

    “From there it’s no place for the meek”
    The antithesis of meek is brave as has been pointed out many times.
    “If you are brave and in the wood”
    So it is no place for the meek but rather the brave.

    The words “halt” and “walk” have been discussed for years. Keeping it simple, as FF would say, the pair of words hint at T being substituted for K.

    Well what happens when you try it? Applying it just to the words at the end of lines, the one’s that rhyme, meek becomes meet and seek becomes seet.


    “From there it’s no place for the meek”. Again, it is a place for something and substituting K with T it is a “place for the meet” a place for the brave to meet.

    Meetseetse, translates to “meeting place” or “where chiefs meet”.

    “So hear meeee all and listen good”
    rhymes with the line
    “If you are brave and in the wood”

    Listen good, and hear meeee.
    Meetseetse, Wy a place where the braves meet

    • I can’t dig through the above posts. Can you tell me your warm waters halt?

      I’m a bit suspect of random outside things like hats that sports franchise owners wear. Is there a wealthy (or poor) Texan who doesn’t wear a hat?

      I’m pretty sure that Forrest would not build a puzzle that requires us to know an owner of the Dallas Mavericks. What in the book takes you to Dallas, for example? I’m just trying to see the connection.

      I’m cool with flipping letters around, because I went through that phase too and yours isn’t bad. I just don’t see how you get there, one foot in front of the other, or how the Mavericks matter at all.

      Solves that veer too far from the book and the poem and start grabbing things outside of either always seem a bit flawed in my eyes. But what do I know? Maybe the whole thing was solved by someone who realized that his mom is staring out the window waiting for the postman and that the Marvellette’s sang “Dear Mr Postman” and someone that all makes sense. But I tended to veer away when my mind attempted those postures of thought.

      Why? Because how can I make it apply to a place in the real world? That question almost kept me sane when I was working through it.

      • It is unfortunate that “you can’t be bothered” why would anyone have an urge to respond? But I will just say this, there was no “requirement” whatsoever to know of the Mavericks. Forrest Fenn gave a verbal hint outside of the poem – take it or leave it. Carter – the mountain – is in Meetseetse, Wyoming

        • Because I’m on a cellphone and this website makes things impossible to find because text gets narrower and narrower.

          You’re posting something and in good spirits I am responding what is your wwwh? I don’t care about Meetseetse in a solve if I can’t see how wwwh and canyon down and so on get you there. It’s a basic first step.

          What is your wwwh? At this point, I’m just playing along collegially (I can’t spell that word) because it’s been found, but I would like to see how you used the book to solve the clues in the poem.

          Hats and Mavericks are cool and all, but I’m of the opinion that the solution should be based entirely on the poem and the book’s hints to solve those clues. I can recall zero Maverick mentions in the book. FWIW

          • David, I wouldn’t waste time responding to postings that
            appear totally bogus or stupid. Life’s too short for that, IMO.

    • Nope.

      Apparent stalemate between Fenn and Finder ostensibly remains ongoing.

      My personal take is that the ball is in Fenn’s court.

      I say that because he’s the one getting sued, making depositions, getting blasted from all angles and to degrees of intensity that none of us out here in the safety of anonymity can fathom.

      Maybe the logjam breaks at some point; maybe it doesn’t.

      We little people will find out in due time . . .

      Or, we won’t . . .

      C’est la vie.

  90. So, we know Forrest has left it up to the finder to decide if, when and where. But I wonder what Forrest himself wants. It is something he has never actually made clear.

    Maybe the outcome might actually be decided by Mr Fenn expressing his desire.

    • I hope you’re right but when I read that statement from FF that said,

      “The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f“,

      I’m thinking it’s unlikely we will get any information at all!

      • I know the promise to the finder and the action taken, I just wondered the will.

        Forrest has never been clear in what he would want and how best he would want it to play out.

        Maybe there is a confliction.

        • Perhaps the finder will give Forrest permission to release the location of the TC and the solve to the poem. I think this will be our best hope for any information.

          • That sounds good to me.

            I do recall Forrest stating that he may give out the state, so might suggest to the finder that he wants to keep the exact location a secret.

  91. Did Sleeping Beauty have a horse?

    I think she fell asleep with a rose on her chest…the Eagle and star. And cute little rainbow plane on the left. Looks like a rainbow necklace. So many birds. Doves. But sleeping beauty and a horse? And maybe the Quantum physics/Leap year time travel was scheduled for 11/11 @ 1:11 pm? Someone was spot on with those SB-107 photos and so much more to see there. Someone sniffed out FF! Unreal.

    Does anyone happen to know if Forrest is dyslexic?


    • Nice, I once tied in The Wizard Of Oz. It’s no place for the meek. Dorothy introduces herself to the Wizard as Dorothy the small and meek. When it snows in the film they are pillowed down in a field of flowers. It’s snow place for the meek. g

    • By George,

      I’m not sure how to address your statements, but since you talked about sleeping beauty, I will follow your example.

      Most people would prefer a comfortable pillow with the least amount of resistance to sleep on, and, in practicality, we should be able to measure the ohm resistance of bird-feathered downing to find the most comfortable one suited to our needs. So in desiring to achieve the proper sleep, many of us would over indulge and spend more money than we should… after all, who wouldn’t?

      But acquiring a comfortable pillow can be difficult, especially when an individual has little money to spend and those feathers are encased in a pillow nearly too expensive to purchase. It may be an incredible offer that’s impossible to turn down, and where an individual would have to be crazy not to accept. Yet, absent of the money to spend, that perfect pillow sits there on the “table”, extremely tempting, but slightly out of reach.

      If we have truly made the decision to go all out and purchase that pillow, we still have to weigh the alternatives and cautiously approach it with a little thought. Mostly because we know our spouse is going to want one of those pillows too, and we have to be sure our choices match. If we don’t agree, even just due to visual aesthetics, we might have mistakenly made the wrong decision.

      Not sure about Forrest, but I can guarantee you that I suffer from dyslexia. Quantum physics may also come into play… what was your point again?

      • Get out of my head Suzy. You have to ask first.

        I tried physics too…. Charm and Strange? What’s that about?

        • Wow… wwww!! I was trying to get a bargain! Remind me not to hire you as my curator! LOL

          • Oh please…….
            give me a chance.
            I can bring a lot to your table –
            Including pillows for EVERYONE.

          • That would take a lot of down www! Can you really supply that many birds? I might just be sitting at the same table as you… come Christmas!?

          • Normally I would shoot crows (and some meadowlarks) – throw in a few ducks and geese but for CHRISTMAS, we gotta have partridges. What will you be bringing?

          • Would 5 golden rings suite you?

            Remember, we’re playing poker here! So just to raise the anti, I’ll make one of those rings a double. It’s a one-of-a-kind mirror of perfection. If that ain’t enough, I’ll let you whisper “Suzy”…

            in my husband’s ear.

          • Sounds like quite the Party –
            so we better line up some dancing girls.
            You call em.

    • I think Dal was hinting toward a couple of possible story ties.
      The story of Mr. Fenn being brave and asking for permission to fly Lieutenant Spicer’s plane. Mr. Fenn said that this was the thrill of his life. Lieutenant Spicer told Mr. Fenn not to break his plane (FU-666). But in the spice story Mr. Fenn stated he scratched the surface of the table (the plane). This leads me to believe that the chest may have been hidden just inside the plane of Custer Gallatin National Forest. But the moral of the story is to not be meek, take chances, and you may get what you want.

  92. Being a good welder does put food on the table, but knowing when to serve dinner is a different pan of fish. Those kids say they are hungry one minute, the next they are not, or so it seems.

    Feels like watching a movie through steamed up glasses. Just have to wait for the heating to kick in to clear the mist. I keep tapping the control, but I must be pressing the wrong buttons.

    Oh well….I go back to being patient, awaiting the lunch bell ringing!

  93. I have come to the conclusion that there will be no more information from Forrest Fenn. It is (in my opinion) a sad way to end what was a great adventure for a lot of people around the world. Is it how Forrest wanted it to end ? Most of us will never know, only those close to him will. Do I blame the finder ? Not at all, he achieved what none of us could, he found the chest. He has no obligation to reveal anything. Is there any point to all the ‘wonderful solves’ being posted here? For me no, the only solution I am interested in would be from Forrest himself. I understand for others it maybe carthartic letting out all your thoughts and emotions, fair enough, do what works for you. The site that Dal has been kind enough to provide should remain (archived as a resource) but not open for much longer for future comments that only will in my opinion become more and more ridiculous in their content. I will check back in six months or so just to satisfy my curiousity but other than that life is out there for living. Bon voyage to you all may your adventures contine and your dreams come true. David

  94. The tombstone section, very cool. Great picture of that family. It makes me smile and puts me right back there. I’ve been thinking of that dirt on front of chest. Panning the river yesterday it struck me that lightest soil that washes off first is also usually the lightest in color. The heavier the material the darker the color. All that on chest chest could have been splashed up by raindrops or deposited by wind, even with the chest sitting on darker soil. I can’t remember big patches of light color soil in there but I remember thick lichen of that color on tree rock in Smith. Lodgepole? I’ll ask the pro and let you Know. g

    • meBigGuy, did you ever have HOB referencing the state record Brown trout caught above the area in Wade? Or, did you tie HOB to spawning? I always thought the reason I didn’t hear much chatter about this area from searchers or Mr. Fenn, is because this is a fishy solve and most fisherman Know to keep their spot secret. meBigGuy, are you a fisherman?

  95. Hello, found out 3 weeks ago today that the chest had been found. I had a lot of the same reactions everyone had; sad it was over, happy Forrest would get his bracelet back, wondered if we were close. Before it’s all said and done I wanted to offer some thoughts as well.

    First, thanks Forrest for The Thrill of the Chase! It has been a fun, adventurous, head-scratching joy. We’ve never participated in anything like this and probably never will again. The whole experience is a precious keepsake for life. And thanks Dal for this blog and the way you manage it! When I think of the Chase it’s Forrest, then you next. Also, congratulations to the Finder! I can only imagine what that moment was like when you discovered the chest & opened it for the first time. Well done!

    We found out about the chase in July, 2015 & made our first BOTG trip that September. We’ve made a total of 7 trips, and found a spot we’ll never forget! We are searchers from PA and with limited time chose to search and never made it to Fennboree. We wish we had been able to attend to meet Forrest & other searchers.

    Even though I’ve never met anyone else involved in the chase I’ll miss you all. Such great people & characters here. PDenver, you are a great researcher; JDiggins, dealing with devastating fires, then graciously hosting Fennborree to thank people for their help; Cynthia, who hosted many events and shared her searches(the Blair Witch video from several years ago was hilarious); Seeker the super analyst; Geyser Girl; Jeremy; Curious Hobbit; JDA; so many people who have shared what the chase has meant to them. I hope Dal will keep this blog going for quite awhile.

    Like everyone we’re hoping we can learn more sometime in the future about the location or the answer to some of the clues. But, whether or not that ever happens we’ll never regret jumping into this great adventure!

  96. Dal,

    Thanks for all your efforts. Wow !

    Hope you are enjoying your sabbatical.

    Monitoring your blog from afar must be tough. “The mice will play while the cats away.”
    Seems though that everyone – nearly – is being polite and respectful.

  97. I know that many in this community are waiting and hoping for information to be revealed about the TC after the 30-period is up, which presumably is based on a statement by Forrest in 2016 that the finder should “keep the treasure in a vault for 30 days while you think”.

    The 30-day period is up on July 7 and I personally believe the finder is going to continue to want to remain anonymous (and I don’t blame him) and keep the location of the TC a secret as well as the solve for the poem.

    So at this point I would be content if Forrest is allowed to reveal the state where the TC was found. I think I could find solace in that and move on.

    • Evan,

      I think I’d be shocked if anyone could get Forrest to do something he didn’t want to do, or the other way around too.

      • I agree AkB!

        I guess I was implying that the finder would inform Forrest that he could reveal the state but nothing more. If this happens, I don’t see why Forrest would refuse to do so.

        • Mr Fenn can release the state and precise elevation as far as I’m concerned. That would tell searchers if they are correct or not without giving away the location at all.

          • Although givingcawYvtoo much might spoil a book and/or movie. Who wants to watch a movie where you know how it ends? I’m on the fence on this one. Decisions, decisions. How about … just give away the elevation only?

        • I think that info is already on here. You just have to find it and confirm it.

  98. I agree with the fact that a solve must be simple and correlate with everything Forrest said. I won’t go into a complete solve but I will go over WWWH.
    We know that FORREST’S wwwh had to be unique and have certain requirements that went with it. EVERY word in the poem was important. Getting to the point, my WWWH was Horseshoe Creek in Nye, Montana. What is it called when a horse stops? It halts. Here are the hint references that led me to this.
    1. The story about having a horseshoe made for him and being richer for it.
    2. The picture in TTOTC of Donnie on horseback and FF stating after seeing that photo he knew to be STILL and watch the trees.
    3.The comment about if you don’t have the first clue NAILED down you might as well stay home and play canasta. You nail down a horseshoe.
    4. The scrapbook comment about teaching Willie what STAY means.
    5. Horseshoe Creek has ALL the requirements for the correct WWWH without forcing anything to fit.
    6. It defines warm water, which is a creek in this case.
    7. It defines a way for that warm water to “halt ”
    8. It has a canyon immediately there where the creek stops and flows into Stillwater River.
    9. It has contiguous visible landmark clues after WWWH that correlate with everything Forrest and the TTOTC said.

    • RIP W.,

      I am in the same general area as you.
      Is Horseshoe creek classified as a warm water or does it get warm enough to halt fishing? Is there something that makes it warm?

      I still think the the actual warm waters are Stillwater River, but that is my opinion.

      I think the the starting point may be the intersection of Horseshoe Creek and Stillwater River.

      I had Goose Creek and Stillwater River, because of Abundance Lake and Creek and Goose Creek. But I think Mr. Fenn stated that he changed it (From Abundance to Indulgence), so maybe he simply moved the starting point 4.8 miles downstream in an attempt to further confuse and create doubt.

      1, 2, and 3 are good points!

      • Warm water is considered to be smaller volume moving streams and creeks or large bodies of water that don’t flow such as lakes. Cold water is considered faster moving rivers with more volume. There are numerous fishing and forestry guides and articles that cover this information. Most people mistook warm water as having to be physically warm to the touch. I don’t know of any water in the Rocky Mountains that isn’t cold to the touch other hot springs or thermal areas. There are numerous hot springs though so this rules out the possibility of that being the correct WWWH as it needed to be something unique and only one spot that could define it.

      • CD You are correct. The starting point is Horseshoe Creek and the Stillwater River. That is WWWH.

        • Rip W.,

          Where did you read the horse shoe story?
          With just a map and a the poem, I can figure the beginning of Stillwater River. With some publicly accessible internet information I can get Abundance and Goose. Is the Horseshoe story in a scrapbook, interview, or one of his actual books?


          • The horseshoe story is in TTOTC book. It talks about a friend of his making a horseshoe for him and him being richer for it. I can give chapter reference when I get home if need.

          • Thanks Rip W.
            Mr. Fenn was kind enough to shave some miles off the journey for those who purchased the book! Seems reasonable to me.
            I did not purchase any of his books yet.

      • I would be game to do a zoom meeting with you and any others searchers in here interested to discuss the complete solution from start to finish. It makes it so much easier looking at physical evidence on google earth that gives you that “AH HA ” moment.

    • The only thing, it doesn’t tell you that in the poem. So it’s just a guess, and worth nothing. Sorry…

      • Poisenivey. Why doesn’t it tell us that ? The poem tells us to begin it where warm waters halt. Forrest told us to use logic, resolve, and a little imagination. This uses all three. You have warms waters, a way for it to halt, and a canyon. TTOTC was meant to help us decipher the clues in the poem according to Forrest. Everyone has their own ideas and I’m good with that. I haven’t seen another starting point that doesn’t share similar possibilities with thousands of other locations. WWWH has to be unique. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and explain why it’s wrong. I’m open to all ideas. Change my mind. A few short weeks ago I wouldn’t have shared this information with anyone. All my cards are on the table now. I think most of us feel that way. Nothing to loose now. I’m willing to bet if the finder posted the correct solve here without the community knowing who it was, it would be picked apart as why it was wrong. Things aren’t always what they seem.

        • FF told us there are many places WWWH. The opposite of unique. He also said you’ll only know for sure you got the right one when you find the chest at the other end of the poem.

  99. I did some more research on Steamboat.
    “Not far but too far to walk” could refer to the Woolery ranch, where the wife af the farmer died at Steamboat, and he and his children could not participate at the funeral ceremony, because it was spring and there were “waters high and heavy loads”. Therefore the ceremony took place at the other border of the river. That was not too far the see what happened, but too far too walk through the swollen river. The only actual remain of the Woolery Ranch is the Woolery ditch that still exists.
    Furthermore there was in the past a South acces to Steamboat, via a little bridge, on the place where since 60 years you now have the iconic “rabbit’s ears motel”. With such ears of coarse you can “(h)ear me all and listen good”.

    More about Robin Olds. Every year he organized a meeting of US fighter pilots. It seems logic to me that Forrest Fenn participated at those meetings. When he died a part of his ashes were spread out in the wind near the ski resort Robin helped to develop. His daughter called this point Robin’s Rest.

    • I recall he said that he removed the reason it was special to him from his autobiography “for personal reasons.” So assuming the finder is not Forrest, the finder probably does not know. If Forrest wanted them to know, he likely would have not cut it out of his autobiography.

      Almost two weeks after it was found, in the image above, the autobiography appears still unopened. Maybe it was opened but we just can’t tell from the image provided?

      I can’t think of a searcher who would not have opened that jar. I’d have put the valuables in a safety deposit box and taken the jar home with me to read several times.

      But I’m standing by my assessment that the special place has always been a very large region. People made it into a small place in their minds because of the “leave my bones” idea. I believe it was always a large place and from there Forrest figured where inside that special region to hide it.
      Working it the other way around, with the idea that he always had a small place in mind, it would be nearly impossible for him to craft the clues and the poem. I tried it both ways. It’s incredibly hard if you have a pre-determined location in mind before you begin crafting.

      He looked at a map of the region and started to narrow it down that way. No one has just one special place in the mountains, where if you walk 100 feet left or right you are no longer in that special place. Scope of vision doesn’t really work that way.

      Your mileage may vary, but I think when he mentioned special place that he wanted us to find a place that would be special to him, a large region where he had a lot of his best adventures as a child, young adult. From there, find wwwh. But he couldn’t just come out and say “Look for a region where I’m having my adventures.” He’d have had us all bumping into one another around Hebgen if he had said that. There’d have been a shoot out at the treasure’s location!

      • Hello David. What you said may be possible. I had just returned from a camping trip this weekend and I thought about what could have been his special place. It made me recall the wonderful times my family and I spent in Yellowstone over the years, as well as, my husband’s memories when he was young and spent time in Yellowstone at Fishing Bridge campground. There was a rock somewhere there that was important to him, and we’ve tried to locate it. There were a couple times he did, but other times we couldn’t. With this, it made me wonder if Fishing Bridge campground could have been a/Mr. Fenn’s special spot because of the memories he has of it.

      • One definition of “baptize” is “title”. Perhaps Forrest was baptized at this spot? His father was a Baptist. Just a hunch.

  100. The treasure is still out there it’s just officially over after ten years and Forrest is stepping out of the spotlight. Imo.

    • How do you reconcile the images of Forrest with the treasure with the idea that it is still out there? Just curious.

      • Good question David. I’ll be curious to see the response.

        That said, you know Forrest lives contests, right?

        Maybe the granddaddy of all contests is in the back room getting all dressed up.


        • The idea that it is simultaneously found and not found is what’s fostering this havoc in my brain. So I had to commit and to go with “totally found in some way and the chase is over.”

          There’s clearly something/nothing left to happen with this chase. This unknown duality creates uncertainties in my thought processes which stack uncomfortably in my head.

          What are you going to do if nothing more is released after the 4th of July? I think most of the people still hanging in for that date and more information will hit a hard wall if nothing more is known. I think I am going to shrug and or cry. I didn’t used to think that date was important to more knowledge, but I now do.

          We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. Freedom. Independence Day!

          • That’s the point David. It’s always been an important day and things get easier with time and practice.

  101. My final thinkings about Steamboat:

    Read this text in a text about Robin Olds:
    “ to most people, Christina kept a handful of her father’s ashes in his worn golf glove. Seven months later, at the fighter pilots’ 2008 meeting, she and daughter Jenny skied alone into the trees and buried a small bit of them deep in the snow. Then, at the big curve on Broadway, they joined Robin’s fellow pilots for a toast to “the old man,” and Christina walked to the cliff’s edge where she emptied the last of the glove’s contents. 
    They’ve named that spot “Robin’s Rest,” which overlooks the valley that was his home and touches the clouds where he and his pilots still soar.“

    This explains why this place was so important for the fighter pilot Forrest Fenn. From this point you would have to see iMO something…an arrow an apple…off Robin Hood, the brave in the wood. Could be something else…but comprehensible for people who know why this place was important for FF.
    I think I can link all my clues in Steamboat Springs to the poem.
    I still had a problem with sequence of the clues. But I think the poem leads you near to the chest, (Impossible to see) and only from the end point (could be Robins Rest) looking down in the valley (Tarry scant and marvel gaze) you will see a kind of blaze and you will have to return from where you came to find the chest.

    This is also why in one of his memories he refers to a poem that says that the solution of you search will bevome clear at the end point. So you have to go back from where you came.

    A small remark: at the official funeral service in 2007 where hundreds of (retired ) fighter pilots were present, there was also Charllie Mayfield who’s life once was saved by Robin Olds and Marvin Crawford when he landed under his grassmower at a golfcircuit (now Rollingstone golfcourse). OK Charlie?

    • The first sentence had to be:

      Unbeknownst to most people, Christina kept a handful……

      • I would add that the clue “take the chest and go in peace” could be referring to the fact that you are quitting a place where Robin Old’s ashes are “resting in peace”

        Really every word in FF’s poem has a deeper meaning, but always indirect and not therefore a real clue.

        • A last add. I verified on google earth and maps where exactly the Broadway drive is situated, and to my surprise it brings me near to Priest Creek. So you have to get high enough to see a blaze lower near the current of Priest Creek. I think that the creek in the poem refers to Priest Creek.
          I mentioned this already in a previous page of this blog. At that time I was convinced that the clue “and go in peace” referred to what a priest says at the end of a ceremony…Therefore Priest Creek. But now IMO FF gave it a double significance. The words of a priest and the place where the ashes of Robin Olds rest in peace.

  102. We have entered a perilous new stage in the game. Has Forrest completely violated his own mantra: “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”?

    We’re in the “two apparently can keep a secret stage.” Maybe this is yet another reason it feels unsettled.

    We’ve been reminded many times that two people cannot keep a secret, and yet here we are with two men, one from the east and one from the west, both keeping the same secret.

    This is not supposed to work, but it’s apparently working just fine three weeks later.

  103. I don’t think there is any conspiracy going on here. The finder wants to remain anonymous and keep the place he found the treasure a secret. It’s a no win scenario for him so I can see why he would want things to remain confidential. Forrest is simply honoring that wish as he said he would. Unfortunately this means we may never get any info about the location of the TC or the solve for poem!

    • Aside from the idea of two men keeping a secret literally fitting the exact description of a conspiracy to silence, I sort of agree.

      But the thing about it is that the solution exists independent of the finder himself. Forrest created the solution and the problem. The finder can remain completely anonymous. I would wish for that myself.

      But the solution is one that Forrest himself built. To hand it over completely to the finder at the end of the game just feels sad. More questions and zero answers? Is that what normally happens when a chase has ended?

      I’m trying not to be so crazy about this. If I had the correct solution, then I could bang my head on the table and say “Why didn’t I think of that?” That’s kind of the emotional release to all this pent up thinking that everyone would be happy with.

      I originally thought, back when I figured I could find this, that the solution should be sold along with the treasure. But now I think that’s a truly selfish and non-community centered thought that I had, an easy revelation because I’m on the other side of the coin now.

      The finder can remain anonymous and reveal the solution. That’s the part that makes little sense to me. Is the finder going to make little pilgrimages to where he found the treasure and want to sit there in silence with no concern for others stopping by to say hello? I just don’t understand the keep the place a secret line of reasoning from the finder’s perspective.

      It’s okay. You get title to the gold. But can the rest of us have the solution please? How about a few hints pointed out just for fun so we can keep working closer to it ourselves?

      There are miles between complete silence and a little bit of continued fun for the search community. The finder could release one hint a month or something and we could all have fun. And if we can’t figure it out with the hints, then at least we’d have some hints. What is impeding one of the dozens of other ways this could have come to a more interesting conclusion for everyone?

      • I completely agree, it is sad that we may never get the one true solve from Forrest himself. And with all the lawsuits going on, the finder may be unwilling to release any info in fear of exposing himself to lawsuits from people claiming he stole their solve, etc. etc.

        I think perhaps the best we can hope for is the finder giving Forrest the go ahead to release information about the location of the treasure and possibly his solve. It’s frustrating for sure and a bit anticlimactic so I just hope it doesn’t end this way. Time will tell!

        • What’s a law suit?
          Maybe a robe?
          Anyone we know wear a robe?
          Just thinkin…..

        • You can go down that road if you like, it’s there, but I don’t think you’ll like it.

          Thinking more than one thing at a time isn’t hard to do, it just takes practice.

          Remember, this is important, but it’s just a game. You have the opportunity to deal with something difficult in a safe environment. Take advantage of it.

          No matter what happens, most of our lives our not going to change one bit after the fourth. Why is that so bad?

      • Ever considered that the Finder might have gotten barred from adding commentary here?

      • I don’t have enough information to know who the finder is, and I’ll admit that I haven’t been looking very hard to find out, but if I was the finder, I might say:

        Lot’s of people were very rude over the years and you can wait 30 days. We are all adults.

        And if we never know then we never know and that’s okay too.

    • Maybe the reason this feels so unfinished for so many is that a solve reveal could potentially answer not just a few questions, but maybe hundreds bouncing around in our heads. I wonder if now that people are not so cryptic and are sharing information that we still together could not come up with the solve the finder used to go right to it? It would probably be more difficult for us with all the noise. The Poem, The Book… g

      • I will attempt to give you a solve starter. Doubt you will see this, though.

        Listen . . . L=10
        Warm . . . W ar(e) M where W=M=1

        Pretty sure you will hate it, too., thus proving in a small way why the subject matter here is inconducive to groupthink.


      • I heard a lot of bold talk for a very long time but I still don’t see much happening.

        I think maybe people were just wrong about that and it wasn’t ever in the cards.

  104. I noticed each stanza has a set of consecutive letters either forward or backwards..
    stanza 6 has Are Brave
    stanza 2 has Canyon Down
    stanza 3 has Ever Drawing (reverse)
    stanza 5 has Leave My
    stanza 1 has Have Gone(reverse)
    stanza 4 has Tarry Scant( reverse)
    Could it be part of a map, or something?

  105. I remember SB#191 had a little bit of drama to it. Dal had apparently photo-shopped the crashed aircraft’s tail # and got busted by one of the regulars on the blog. The actual tail number was N7265K. I had to check it out even though Dal said it was an innocent change, you know, unrelated. The owner of the craft turned out to be Two Golf Tango LLC. For reference website: , but i couldn’t determine the phonetic code. The closest I got was Golf 2 Tango 4, the story of an American GI (Vietnam). What I was thinking at the time was that the G stood for green. There were so many references in the scrapbooks to Green. Could it be Section 2 on a topo map or maybe section 24. I didn’t get any closure on this. Dead end. dangit#. Yes, perhaps I was over-cooking it.
    Then back to SB191 for more hints. George Montgomery’s wife, Dinah Shore. In grade school the joke about her name being a play on words, she was a ‘Dinosaur’. The state park petroglyph’s there next to the two airports took me to its twin site in Utah to the Green River, at Nine Mile Creek, then 12 miles to the west of their convergence, I think Folsom people petroglyphs. You see the mummy, the cowboy bench, maverick canyon, rock creek; etc;. Luckily this area was saved, even though it sustained some damage from oil industry drilling an road dust. This same type of gas well drilling activity was mitigated by some very wise environmental folks in NM in my search area. Anyway, another dead end that I couldn’t link back to my treasure search area. I guess I should have read the poem/book over and over and quit reading those addictive blogs. Okay, George (MG?) was born in 1916. That hint led me to forest road, FR1916, which suddenly ends, like the story about Forrest going to Suzanne Somers where the road stops prior to goin up to the house. Please tell me I’m not the only one that thought out these scrapbooks this way. I just couldn’t link them all together with the poem.

    • I was in there too, but not on the possible hints you were looking at.

      I was all over the little radios and people listening secretly and so on. I had a sense change to auditory in the poem after hoB. “From there…” is where I thought it all changed over. But clearly I’m a darned fool because I don’t have the treasure.

      I just have way too much of a “it can’t be a coincidence” that he numbered scrapbooks 121.5 and 121.7 and those are two very specific beacon frequencies. But who knows how many red herrings he strung into these things to mess with our little searcher brains.

  106. Didn’t FF once say something about the solution being simplier than most people thought and when the solution was reveal everyone would kick themselves for not having figured it out themselves much earlier (highly paraphrased)?
    Doesn’t that imply that at that time he expected the solve tb be public once the treasure was found?

    • Yes. In a highly paraphrased way, he said several things very much implying we would know the solution once it was solved and have a strange reaction to it “Why didn’t I think of that?” I’m pretty sure that’s a direct quote.

        • That is not the correct context of what he said at all, Goldilocks.

          7/5/2015 from the California Sunday story. All caps mine for emphasis.

          “When SOMEBODY finds that chest, EVERYBODY is going to say ‘My God! Why didn’t I think of that.”

          I think we are part of the everybody he spoke of. Or else we are nobodies.


    • I thought he said that whoever finds it is going to say “What took me so long?”

      I kinda took that as a hint that it was hidden under a bush….as in someone took so long because they were just beating around the bush.

  107. Haha no!, I have plenty of relatives that will do it! In all seriousness, I went ahead and posted my ‘solve’ and then did a screen shot as proof. Plus I sent an email to Forrest on June 10.

  108. Part 11 is the longest of the 11 blogs , time for part 112 with a little more news!

    • Think Dal is on the road, so he will probably go to 12 upon his return.

  109. I think the first clue and the last clue are nearly identical. But one is a magnetic declination and the other a time on an imaginary clock. But what do I know. I’m not the finder. Don’t ask me to explain. Don’t blame me. Don’t shoot me. I’m just the messenger.

  110. As a follow up of my Steamboat springs solve. The blaze is indeed an arrow formed by rocks. Visible from the bend in the Broadway route (dust drive: not for the meek), the position of the arrow is visible in Google Earth and point to a Priest Creek border at the position.
    40°26’32”N 106°46’18” W.

    In summertime the creek will be dry, so no paddle up your creek.

  111. Here is the movie plot: A down and out young man named Russ from the East decides to devote one year to finding Forrest Fenn’s Treasure. He decides to start in Montana in May and work south to the other states. He comes to Montana in an old pickup and camping gear. But he has come too early , and a vicious blizzard has him trapped in his tent. He is harassed by wolves all night long. He tries to escape, but his pickup won’t start. No phone service either.
    The blizzard declines and he decides to walk. It could be a fatal mistake. Frozen and near death he stumbles upon a cabin. He pounds on the door and a young woman helps him in. She is a real beauty and her name is Jolene. She nurses Russ back to life.
    Jolene is an environmental scientist doing research on lichens. Russ tells her why he came to the Rocky Mountains, and she says she may know where the treasure lies.
    The next day Frank, Jolene’s boss, arrives. They tell him about their treasure hunt, and he tells them they must turn the treasure in to him so the owner of the treasure can be contacted. Also, he says the whole thing is probably illegal. He also says he thinks Jolene’s work is ridiculous. He leaves to go shoot some troublesome animals. He is corrupt.
    Russ and Jolene go to where she thinks the treasure is, and they find it! But as they leave in their truck they realize that Frank has followed them and is right behind them.
    A wild truck chase ensues, but Jolene and Russ get away , and take the treasure to Forrest who buys it for $ 2,000,000.
    When they leave Forrest’s home Frank has a gun and wants the treasure. Suddenly a large mountain lion jumps on Frank and injures him severely. But he will live.
    Jolene and Russ get married and move to Colorado. The End

    P.S. Somehow we need to get a grizzly attack in the story

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