THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part twelve


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SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f

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458 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part twelve

  1. With my extra time from the chase I think I am going to start writing. Lord knows I have plenty of extra time now lol.

      • Great idea!

        You know what would be nice though…if the finder or forrest would simply upload a picture of the chest on google maps at the closest location to where they could to where the chest was found. That way someone would find it and everyone would know and the person would still be annonomys and if it were found in a place that could cause dilemma (i.e national Forrest) it’s not a true admittance. Everyone wins. Just IMO

        • Not to create a bunch of additional conspiracy thoughts or drama, but, I have been wondering that if a two party search was conducted and one of the two party team that eyed , or found, the chest first kept that knowledge from the second searcher. That second searcher would obviously suspect the second party member as perhaps not being completely honest or upholding whatever the part of the bargain might have been. In addition, imagine if the party member that actually made the discovery was basically along for the ride, had not invested in understanding why they were even in the vicinity, let alone whatever state they were visiting. Very difficult for a lot of folks to find closure with the open ending, especially those that believed it was real, and it was much more than a collection of valuables to be redeemed or auctioned to the highest bidder. The intangible value of being the successful finder after having put in dedication effort and time, I would wager, holds nearly an equal value. Some folks that searched for it, ended up paying a very high price. Currently, there might only truly be two people that truly know, and as all things of this world we know, cycle into the next. It’s speculative, but quite possible, not everyone that partook in the Chase was pure of heart, honest, or a caring individual.

          • Like Fenn said, you can keep a secret between 2 people, if one of them is dead.
            BTW, been back to Leadville lately?

  2. I want forrest to know I understand why we haven’t heard more and I feel like he’s going to figure out how to safely give out more answers when the time is right .also day 7 for my wife and I with covid19 we live in boise ID. Be safe out there

    • That’s terrible, I’m very sorry to hear that; hoping your cases are mild and you make full recoveries.

        • Good luck with your situation, Ryan. God Bless and hopefully you and yours will be fine.


    • I’m sorry to hear that Ryan. I hope y’all recover soon. Stay safe brother

    • Sorry to see this. I hope you all recover quickly. Sending good vibes and thoughts from georgia!

  3. Well it is just a matter of time before either the Discovery Channel or the History Channel start advertising a three part series called Treasure in the Rockies. This adventure cannot end without closure. Had the finder kept his mouth shut and maybe left the chest and a few trinkets behind all would be right with the world. Just sayin.

  4. Robert S.,
    There does seem to be a whole lot of extra time!
    I hope we will hear something from Forrest soon 🙂

  5. @ace 340
    In response to your reply in #11:
    My HoB for my Lake Creek solve was Graham’s Place pure and simple. I considered all those others at different times but personally I never liked any fish or animal references.

    I’m a fisherman. Salmon, steelhead, trout, sturgeon, bank fish, drift fish, fly fish, troll, bait fish, you name it. Have a 19′ Alumaweld 351 V8 Jetboat. Best day of salmon fishing was bobber fishing in tidewater, nailed 99 pounds of chinook (a 54 and a 45). My favorite trout fishing spot in the country is the Madison just above Quake lake, where I can drift worms in the fast water (there is a picture in my link). I’ve caught cutthroat, rainbow, and browns (one was 21″) It’s one of my special spots. Breakfast at Campfire Lodge, fish just above the turn above Quake lake, then head off for Sunset in the Park or somewhere. So happy the chase took me there again.

    • Nice, about fished it all. Me too. Another thing that may be in the valley or on the west madison is a trapper – indian battle site. In journal of a trapper the trappers were surrounded by fire when the indians tried to burn them out. Osborne Russell was there. he was very accurate with his locations and distances. I do not believe trapper Joseph Meek was involved in this skirmish. g

      • I’m still going to find that spot one day. Metal detectors for musket balls. They rained down on the trappers for a good long while. g

      • ace340 – Three miles up the forest service road, from the West Fork Campground. Beyond Secret Lakes. Per a cook I met, from the Grizzly Bar & Cafe, while eating breakfast at Campfire Lodge in 2013. Drive about 3 miles up.

        I was too scared to go alone in there, because of the Grizzes. My fly fishing librarian friend was just staying in the forest service campgrounds at the West Fork of the Madison River, for 6 days, until this past Sunday morning. The weather and the fishing were epic.

          • meBigGuy – I dropped a pin for you at Secret Lakes:


            Keep going up that forest service road that leads to them,. The cook said it is a total of three miles, from the start of that road on the West Fork of the Madison. That’s from an Osborne Russell obsessed local. He is also a twenty something hiker, who goes everywhere without bear spray. I wished he had the time to escort me out Cabin Creek, to investigate my 2013 solve out there.

          • I know exactly where secret lakes is and how to get there. It’s 7 miles from the campground. If you look, the road splits at 1.26 miles from the campground. If you stay on the west fork, 3 miles from the campground takes you to the place we are talking about. Is it possible he said “a secret lake” since smith lake is in a fairly secret valley. Unless you look carefully (even on google earth), it’s hard to even see there is a valley there. It’s a beauty! (check the pictures in my link and the link above)

          • meBigGuy – OK. I will check it out. I will look for your Smith Lake link. Like I said, I didn’t dare to drive that forest service road.

            Is Harrison Brown your ‘home of Brown’ reference at Graham’s Place on the Sundance Bench Road?:

            Do a ‘find in page’ for Harrison Brown. The ‘Solomon’s Bar’ is what the cook I met in Summer of 2013 from the Grizzly Bar & Cafe, across the Madison River, called the ‘Grizzly Bar’. It’s that gravel bar, where grizzlies, and fly fishermen, are often standing in the river. The restaurant is named after it.

            And, do you know that Ennis and Sawtelle built that road wagon road, in consecutive segments, from Virgina City to the Geyser Basin on the Firehole, via Raynold’s Pass and Targhee Pass, in 1863 and 1873, respectively?

        • Nice Lisa, I could see both spots as possibilities. Lisas spot would have the battle in the gully of Gazelle Creek. 3 miles as the crows fly, straight up it. I think the book described steep bluffs on the east side aspen hills on the west. The books description can fit also starting at campground and heading up west fork or Lake creek. I think it said 3 miles in or up from their main camp on the Madison. Good stuff. g

          • I once entered Gazelle from way above at where its source should have been. It was dry. It could have been wise to follow that down all the way. Or at least up from the bottom 500 feet or so. Anyone out there been up gazelle? Was there water after runoff? g

          • I still find it pretty amazing that without my ever giving the location, only a few descriptions, you knew I had been there. G

        • Now I can’t remember if this balze battle was the one some of Bridgers men coming from Henrys Lake had just met up with Osborns party. Where is that book? Gazelle seems less likely of a meet spot for the two parties though can fit the battle site description. g

          • Chapter 7. They went up a small branch about 3 miles. Sure sounds like the west fork. 3 miles puts you in the middle of smith lake. But it is more likely they were on the west fork itself where the east banks gets steep. The book is a pdf online. Just google journalatrapper00yorkgoog

          • meBigGuy and ace340 – I was having wifi technical difficulties, while you two were on the same track as I was. As the crow flies, Secret Lakes (the source?) is 3.63km from the mouth of Gazelle Creek. That was probably 3 creek miles, for the Blackfeet or Osborne Russell’s party. Always fight fire with fire. Was that?:

            – no paddle up your creek
            – the blaze
            – secret where

            Did you know that A. Graham was a Blacksmith? That would go with Smith Lake. And I have always loved that Freezeout Mountain is above Graham’s Place. Could that be?:

            – worth the cold

            My fly fishing librarian friend was standing at the mouth of Gazelle Creek, this past Saturday night. She called it, ‘Grizelle Creek’. Is that?:

            – no place for the meek
            – home of Brown

            I don’t think Joe Meek was in that battle. I will post the book link, and read it again.

          • meBigGuy and ace340 – Don’t think Joe Meek was there…he was with the Bridger party, right? Do a ‘find in page’ for ‘high bluffs’ and read on down the online link.

            That’s ‘Wade Lake’, as in?:

            – no paddle up your creek

            Did either of you paddle out to the water access only rope swing on Cliff Lake?

          • meBigGuy and ace340 – And don’t forget about the Sir Thomas Brown (actually, Browne) on that cover page. Is our online reading search?:

            – put in below the home of Brown


          • Secret lakes does not match the east-west site description. Think about what you would do in those days? Follow the west fork or go up a little creek? And the west fork just past lake creek valley entrance fits the east-west description and looks like a great rendezvous spot.

          • Did either of you paddle out to the water access only rope swing on Cliff Lake? Man I missed a rope swing, I love those things. I’ve snorkeled most of Wade through. There is still some huge fish in there. For this blaze Battle I’m feeling West Fork. Those bluffs are pretty high, would put the indian muskets out of range for accuracy, except those poor horses. Lake creek for a directional match. Heck maybe it’s an already known site and I just haven’t come across it. Lisa How is it your hiker friend feels its by secret lake? It would take a lot more than burnt wood as the area is full of it. And, a couple musketballs does not a battle make. I’m thinking at least a whole handful of those marbles. Nice work you two, Good stuff. g

    • My best Rainbow, 27 inches. Best Brown, 27 inches. Best Cutthroat, 27 inches, Best Lake trout, 42 inches. A future goal of mine is to break that 27 in any of the three. g

      • I haven’t gotten trout that big unless you count Steelhead. Then, it’s in pounds. 5-6 lbs is average, 20 is really good. Don’t even know what my biggest weighed. Funny I never measured their length. Never have fished for Lake Trout. My biggest sturgeon was ~8 ft.

        Metal detectors for musket balls – sounds like fun. Is that battle detailed in his book?

        • Yes, Journal of a Trapper- Osborne Russell. Awesome read once you get used to the journal style. The book version has lots of maps. Also, The River of The West, The Adventures Of Joe Meek. Those guys covered a lot of ground and were all over that area. g

          • In some maps I see profiles of faces in the paths of the lines. Like a pilot might imagine from above. g

    • MeBigGuy – My fly fishing librarian friend just posted a pic from the Ghost Village Road, this past Saturday. The view toward the mouth of the Cabin Creek Trailhead drainage. She caught a biggun’ just for you. I miss that spot. I had a 5′ flat boulder on the shoreline, there, I called, “Lisa’s Scant”.

      • I made a cairn for Heather Dawn there. A few minutes later, we spotted a mountain goat up on a boulder.

  6. Imo, the finder had to solve the Ethical Dilemma…
    Imo, the trove was found In Colorado…
    In my humble opinion, the trove was found prior to Dec. 2019…
    Imo, it was less than 3-miles from the 1st Clue to the last…
    Imo, the double omegas were within that 3-mile stretch…
    Imo, the running man stick figure was within that 3-mile stretch…
    Imo, the poem told the finder WWWH, making it beyond any doubt…
    Imo, a portion of that 3-miles mol was spent driving…
    Imo, “put in” actually meant “to park”…
    Imo, it was only a few hundred feet (paths vary) to the hidey spot…
    Imo, the poem told the finder that the trove was NOT on public land…
    Imo, the finder did not realize what HOB was, because it was not essential…
    Imo, the finder did not HAVE to concern himself with “meek”…
    Imo, the finder never considered using a paddle…

      • I’m with MWB. I’m hooked right in the jaw. Which is near the floor.

        • I’m not willing to say that I see what I think I see just yet… because it’s ridiculous.

          But I’m going to write it down and seal it in an envelope until Independence Day just so I can read it and realize how foolish I really am. No matter what happens with that post.

          • I know right now it feels like that moment when the canopy is clear but seat didn’t release .Well I’m unbuckled and dropping altitude fast. Feeling for the moment to climb out and take the beating from the empennage . I swear its not procrastination this time.

          • It’s like that moment when you feel the air is different, but you can’t make out why you feel weightless. You never even heard the blast, so why is the truck coming apart?

          • AkB if it’s on the plastic bag , I seen it ! Right under that twig ! I don’t get y I can’t see it being an accident !

    • ” the running man stick figure”

      Am a relative “newbie”, I keep reading about FF’s stick figures, or how he seems to be gesturing in a particular way in a photograph. Have those been collected together somewhere online? Just curious.

      Anyone familiar with Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Kt
      Dancing Men Cipher

  7. Just got back from Pinedale this eve…went fishing, although at one time I thought the Cora turnoff (up toward GRL) might be a place of interest…still could be….really like the Dollar Lake area …caught 18 Rainbow yesterday morning….good times!

  8. Journal of a trapper? 34 to 43?

    Happy rendezvous!

    June 6th?

    Probably go back up around Sept 20th to see more of that devilish area.

    • JMEILS,,

      OOOOOH, I’m greener
      (with envy) than the Green River Rendezvous.. July 9-12th.

      The lower lakes and streams there have been my 2week stomping grounds every 2 yrs since 75…. often sans Rendezvous…
      ALWAYS Sooooo much water,, soo little time.

      IF you are sneaker than a cat, you might try little DUCK Crk a short run . right out of town.
      BUT CRAWL UP TO IT.!!!

      There is so much water,, base around Pinedale, be mobile.

      I have to work this year Sooo can’t make Rendezvous. but maybe Sept. but but but keep an eye on the weather that time of year.

      • Batty,

        Indeed…sooo much great water up there! I’ve been playing up there almost annually since I was 8.

        Soda & Little Soda are amazing fisheries …nothing like a Soda Lake Brown and Brookies.

        Last weekend we had a lot of success at Dollar & the Boulder Lake outlet…too much fun! Speaking of weather, I’m pretty sure it snowed Sat night up a GRL.

        Cat like – I like it! 19 lives.

  9. I got in this chase a bit over 3 years ago, I got very involved and was to Montana on one hunt in the vicinity of Bakers Hole, also I hunted between Idaho Springs and Denver, Colorado. The last several times I hunted several places in New Mexico. I have spent hundreds of hours documenting interviews that Forrest had with TV and radio. I was to Collective Works book store twice and hung around Santa Fe leaving them with my phone number for several days to call me if Forrest shows up as I really wanted to meet him!
    The girl at the register even recognized me the second visit we both came from Pennsylvania.
    Thanks Forrest for this thrill of the chase!
    I really want to find a chase like this again,
    So many chases out there but this was the only one that I believed to be legitimate. Thanks

    • The whole thing was just a masterpiece, the way everything worked. The perfect poem, the stories and books. All the subjects studied. How Mr. Fenn was around and involved. Making himself available and giving us want we wanted. More, more more. Although it is probably not what we needed for a good simple solve. The website here and over at mysterious writings. The Rockies for the search area. All these like minded searchers. Stuff about fish. All of it and more. Hard to beat. g

  10. bad news guys – it’s been wrongly suggested that certain mischievous mice will inevitably play on HoD while the cat is away enjoying a terracotta-striped (wrong-on-so-many-levels) art-deco-caravan holiday, somewhere north of Sant Fe

    Well.. ‘mice’ are people too guys ..just like cats!!

    so i’ve started a Mice Lives Matter Too petition, and got all the big hollywood names to sign:
    – Mickey
    – Minnie
    – Danger
    – Mighty
    – Itchy
    – Speedy Gonzales
    – Alvin
    – Simon
    – Theodore
    – Randawg
    – and my fav mouse of all.. Snoopy

    Go The Crustaceans!! 🙂

    • sorry Zaps, but The Brain is too busy working for Rocket Lab at the mo..

      and Pinky was last seen making low budget adult movies in Pittsburgh re: “Pinky does Pennsylvania”

      but i’ll def sign Remy the Rat from Ratatouille ..if that’ll keep Lisa happy

      • curious hobbit – Willard is Sooooo happy! He mentioned Remy as an example. Remy can feed the WORLD! And he can do it with style.

        Charlotte the Spider is NOT an ‘insect’, FYI:

        “We all just need to get along…” – Charlotte

      • i resent that implication randawg [crunch crunch] ..i would NEVER consider eating a nationally protected insect tbh [slurp chew crunch] ..nope, not in a million years [swallow gag re-swallow] ..and that’s a FACT mister!!

        ( ..anyone got a spare toothpick?)

  11. So I went out to the mountains north of Santa Fe yesterday. Today I went to the mountains south of Santa Fe.
    We can still get out and enjoy nature.
    Good times.

    • Right, I’ve been getting out almost every day since those five words. None of us will ever forget where we were. Feels different being out there without the obsesion, kinda relaxing. My mind wanders different than before. g

      • I’m writing this for my deceased brother Jerry who for seven years chased this dream. We got to be part of his adventure and it became a family obsession. Our brother took his life due to COPD and suffocation but this hunt is what kept him going for seven years and i am so grateful to have gotten to share his dreams and purpose to keep going with his health. I know he smiled upon the person who found the treasure with the words of “well done”. I miss him and this connection with this link will always be my link to Jerry. Just wanted to share his story. Thank you. Jerrys sister who misses him everyday.

  12. These threads prove Dale’s website has been the best resource for the chase all along. And he did it all AD FREE! Thanks Dale!

    • Dan…we didn’t do it ad free…there are no ads on these pages except for the T-shirts by the veteran group…But we have ads on all the other pages for a couple of years…Pays for the technical assistance from Chris…

      • Thank you for the military ad. Being that both my husband and i are retired from the AF we appreciate all recognization and support for the freedom we are privileged with. Especially in these times of uncertainty. Again thank you.

  13. Well my learning curve is in need of catching up to speed, where I think that the chest was discovered just an hour drive north of santa fe, along a stretch of highway 68 at a place called Pilar hill, down the canyon from Taos .

    • Should have gone to bed long ago (EST) but your compelling solve
      was…well, compelling !

      You do not say specifically here in the comments at dalneitzel
      that you are The Finder of The Chest. Could you do that ?

      However, your Solve ppt says in Large font: “The exact place….”

      “The exact place” tells us that you Are The Finder — Congrats !!
      Stupendous ! Congrats !!

      The alternative would be unfortunate (and a loss of sleep on my part).
      I don’t want to be a doubter. Could you please tell us here in the
      comments that you are indeed The Finder?

      The person that “came within 200 ft” should have brought me along, as
      I would have looked in that crevice for sure. I have long had an
      image in mind to search for that looks very much like the photo you provide
      of “The exact place….”.

      The image I hold is said to be The Rock of Ages

      Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me

      4 While I draw this fleeting breath,
      when mine eyes shall close in death,
      when I soar to worlds unknown,
      see thee on thy judgment throne,
      Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
      let me hide myself in thee.

      Then there is a poem by Yeats that makes me think of Forrest Fenn going
      into his chosen resting place. There are words in the Yeats poem
      that are common to The Chase poem.

      The Man And The Echo
      Poem by William Butler Yeats


      IN a cleft that’s christened Alt
      Under broken stone I halt
      At the bottom of a pit
      That broad noon has never lit,
      And shout a secret to the stone.
      All that I have said and done,
      Now that I am old and ill,
      Turns into a question till
      I lie awake night after night
      And never get the answers right.

      (Alt is a hill in Ireland, supposedly a burial ground for Celtics)

      Again, Congratulations !!

      • I’m just wondering…

        Cause it all seems crazy now.

        Was there anything out there at all to find?

        • That is close to poetic.

          I am just wondering still
          cause it all seems crazy now
          was there anything ever
          for us to find at all

          • I am just wondering still
            cause it all seems crazy now
            was there anything ever
            for us to find yesterday

      • You are a very erudite person, AkB.

        Very few people have ever heard of Levente.

        His is an interesting tale.

        I suggest anyone who is unfamiliar with it, let Google do the research for you. It will only take a minute, and it might help to clarify why AkB is bringing him up here . . .

        Or not . . .

        It might only make sense to the two of us . . .

        Either way . . .

        Regards to all.

      • AkB, you and Paul Paul seem to be in agreement that we will know more July 4th. Since fireworks are cancelled and the Boston Pops will sadly be televised, I could use some replacement entertainment.

        • No news of celebration on the prairie either (frowny face). The weather lady said the jet stream is making a omega block tho!!

    • Okay, let’s start at you’re explanation of WWWH.
      Why does he use the phrase warm waters? It would be one of two results.
      How is it you know there is only two results? Couldn’t another result be a name of a waterway? Or, maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with temp. or water.
      Right out of the gate, we have you guessing at an answer. So right out of the gate, I say you’re full of it. But, let’s move onto your medicine wheel results.
      First off, someone else figured you’re solution, so we can say you don’t really understand how to read the poem.
      But, you only use certain aspects of the wheel to fit what you are trying to say. Did you ever follow the lines of the solstice? From star to star, or better yet, from cairn to star. Look at the “F” cairn, positioned at the 25th spoke. If you are there, and look thru the “A” cairn, the one near spoke 1, you will get Aldebarron rising to start us off. Looking at the “B” cairn, around the 8th spoke we get Rigel, The “C” cairn gives the dog star, and the “D” cairn gives you Formalhaut. So, now on the wheel, you get a point of an arrow at the “F” cairn, With the whole arrow overlapping the wheel. Pointing Northwest, following a vector from the middle of the wheel, thru the 24th spoke, and extended. This is all info outside the poem, along with the solstices and any other info the wheel gives. The poem does not, like you have said, point to the medicine wheel, so again, you are guessing. (Actually, the poem does have a way to point to the wheel, but you are not using it, so it is mute).
      So, moving on reluctantly, Google Earth, again, another outside the poem source. And no, the first line says nothing to the point of Google Earth, so again we get a “guess”.
      And you’re solve gets worse as you go, back to the med wheel for some reason, and doing things that you say are so obvious. Lol, please, if you will, don’t wait the week. Take it down now. IMO, this isn’t a solve but more of how one person cannot only not know how to read the poem, but try to convince other searchers that there “guessing” game was the right approach. If we wanted, we could rip you’re solve to shreds starting from the word “The” at the top of the page. Telling us how we all missed this or that and how much of a genius you are for figuring it out, is comical in the scope of you’re foolish solve. You would do better to talk to everyone like they are just as smart if not smarter then you. You’re aloof arrogance doesn’t hide the fact that you’re solve is trash. To think that the link will be left up for one more day is gut wrenching, let alone another week.
      (lol, I like you’re not far but too far explanation. It’s the funniest yet). Reminds me of a South Park episode. Which presidential candidate are you? Lol…. Or maybe you’re psychic. The biggest _____ of the Universe, congrats…

      • I’ll ask a few questions and stop posting forever. How much ridicule did you experience when you presented a concept about the wheel? I never admitted to coming up with the starting place. I admit to using it differently. Why do I want to post this? To experience the same ridicule as you? No. Do I want any form of respect, accolades or praise? I don’t need nor want it. Not from a stranger and not from anyone that would be disingenuous at best. I get that from one place, and one place alone. The voice and eyes of my son.

        For the rest. If you read the last slide, it was never about me. I never did this for me. I tried to give the solution to 4 top people in the chase before I did anything else. I’m being congenial, respectful and caring. How you want to perceive that is up to you. I won’t argue with you in a public form but I will defend what I did until I go to my grave.

        I appreciate your responses. You are either on one side of passion or the other. That’s really what it is about. Finding your journey and purpose.

        Seeing what the end result was is important to you? Out of fear of being wrong, out of jealousy, out of pure anger it’s all relevant. I am more upset than anyone. ANYONE. Think about the millions of dollars spent, think about the lives lost, thank about jobs lost because dedication was applied elsewhere. How does anyone’s definition of WE ever fit those criteria? Did you consider that? If WE worked together this would have been over long ago. Now think about your solve again. If you are correct, were the rules of the game ever conveyed to you properly? Are you mad that they weren’t? Perhaps you are not assigning your blame in the correct direction. Maybe I went too far? Too far to… (my bad attempt at humor and to break up a tense situation)

        First, second, third, fourth place is all a matter of perspective. I never cared if I won or lost.

        Enjoy your holiday and thank you again for the words of passion. That is not sarcasm. It’s all honesty. I will tell my son the 4H’s. To be happy, be honest, be humble and be helpful. I own four of those and happiness is not one of them.

          • Regarding your moniker . . .

            Wondering if you realize that it can anagram to:

            BLACK TIES
            I BLACKEST
            C BALKIEST

            and many other possibilities, as well?

            Clearly, I have too much time on my hands right now, so I thought you might enjoy a little humor this morning.


    • If the poem is based on GE 2009 paredolia I won’t eat my hat, but I’ll be disappointed that Forrest couldn’t do better in 10 years. Also impressed that he had all that imagery in his head since he said:
      ” I knew all along where I wanted to hide the treasure so I didn’t need a map or any information to write the poem. Everything was in my head. ”

      I could go on, but you won’t hear me, and I doubt your solution will make it another day, much less a week. Hope you get to read this!


      • ” I knew all along where I wanted to hide the treasure so I didn’t need a map or any information to write the poem. Everything was in my head. ”

        I completely agree with you and I’m going to absolve myself saying it was my final post. this will be it.

        The idea this was said, is what made me even more irate. What was he trying to literally say and obfuscate at the same time? Does a map = Google Earth, does any information = images? Would you consider that a truth or a lie? I won’t post his quotes here as they will make no difference but in many places including six questions he talks about how he uses words carefully. I hate to present information that infuriates people but believe me, I’m more upset than you might ever be.

        Having the solution persist or perpetuate is not a concern to me. Perhaps one day that concern will change.

        Take care and thanks for at least reading it.

    • I have read your solution and there are some interesting aspects, which I like. However, this is not about you!

      Me + Me + Me (+Him) = WE. The only U I C is in US. That is why I am so Big On US. Anything less just will not work!

  14. What area was it found in.? That’s all I’d like to know; then I can rest in peace.

  15. Temple [TX] ==> forehead ==> four head[s] ==> Mt. Rushmore ==> Lincoln ==> pinE ==> home of Brown


  16. “When somebody finds that chest, everybody’s going to say ‘My God! Why didn’t I think of that?'”

    Forrest Fenn, 2015, The California Sunday Magazine

    Maybe if we all just say those words out loud the reason we would say that to ourselves will magically appear?

    Okay, I said it a few times just now. I got nothing new to report. Since I’m not “somebody” in this current situation, I’m either nobody or part of everybody.

    That quote hung on the doorway to my office for almost two years. It reminded me that the solution was going to be obvious to everyone once it was revealed and that it would not require strange cyphers or alphabets turning into coordinates.

    I really like that quote and hope one day soon to say “My God! Why didn’t I think of that?”

    • I think there might be something that I did think of, then wrote off as ludicrous, and now it’s back.

      • Almost like mission impossible
        But different
        To hide himself
        He looks like Johnathan banks in breaking bad
        But once he is approached by a searcher he then pulls his disguise off and flips his Fenn switch back on and rolls out mission accomplished
        What’s after that well that’s the question

      • That can’t be right… can it? I’m starting to wonder how much of my solve was just me making the story as I went along and how much was really out there…

        I think I might need some sleep.

      • It takes a unique personality to take interest and pursue something that they can’t see. It takes someone with multipotentialIty and faith to think it is even possible to find it .
        But I would agree with your second stanza !

      • Those are mind bending questions, AkB.

        I wish that I could help you out because I know that you are a kind and honorable man, but on this subject each of us must formulate our own independent conclusions.

    • I like your approach, KISS! In this chase I suspect it was important to always ask yourself, “Are you over complicating it?”

    • I believe it came down to his ‘What if’ question . What if every clue is invisible now and the only way to discover them is through history by ‘doing a little research.’
      You would not happen upon the chest, ever if you were just South of Bakers Hole.

    • “My God Why didn’t I think of that?”

      Genesis 2:2-3 uses the number 7 three times leaving us with 777. God’s number? That number might be part of the correct solve. The final clue maybe? Is the purpose of the Chase to evangelize the world? That would be a surprise.

      • I’m => I am => God => 777

        In case you are not versed in the Bible, “I Am” is referenced in the Bible more than 300 times.


    Hey Forrest

    I’ve been thinking of you and want to thank you for an adventure of a life time.
    When I started I had no idea where it would take me. Looking back it was mostly
    studying the human condition that fascinated me the most. So many people coming
    together for a single purpose. You are truly a fisher of men. While I am no
    richer than when I started I can accept that someone more deserving has solved
    your poem. I congratulate the Finder and wish him all the best.

    Like everyone else I thought for sure it was going to be me that found the chest.
    Alas it was not meant to be, I can live with that. While I was looking up definitions
    and refining my solve someone else found the true path and went straight to it. I am
    a little disappointed in the way it ended with all the negativity in the search
    community. Can you believe these are the same people who thought highly of you just
    a few weeks ago. Now that they have no chance of profiting from the chase they
    turn to hate to cope with lack of understanding. Even those who I thought were
    close to you were starting to question your motives and this did not sit well in
    my heart.

    I had envisioned you and the finder going over the chase and the solve but I don’t
    think that is possible with current state were in with covid 19 and all. Maybe
    someday we will hear the back and forth but that to may be too special to share.
    If people had controlled their emotions and behaved like adults who knows what
    would have happened. The Finder obviously knew what was coming. People seemed to
    assume the worst, why is that? They question the legalities the taxes and shout
    fraud and demand answers from Forrest and the Finder. I even seen one post that
    seemed to think the Finder should defend his solve and prove it was not stolen.

    Personally I don’t think we are owed anything. When I bought my book and spent
    the time chasing a dream I knew it was just a dream.

    What if the unthinkable happened.
    The Finder did what he knew to be right and just gave the
    chest back to the rightful owner.
    Are there still men of honor out there?

    May you and Peggy be blessed with
    kindness and health.

    I once knew a man who played the lotto.
    He played the same numbers every week.
    One time he missed buying his ticket
    because he was helping a friend.
    The draw for 10 million came and went.
    His numbers were drawn.
    I could not believe how he shrugged it off
    when I asked if it bother him.
    Yes it bothers me but it was the one time
    I did not have the money for the ticket.
    I said if it were me I would be devastated.
    He simply said but you are not me.

    Something Beautiful.

    My reason for the quest for Forrest Fenn’s treasure.

  18. I will add my solve to this thread, just in case I was right.( I doubt I was.)
    I believe the chest was found near Little Dog Mountain in Glacier National Park, Montana. Three Bears Lake is situated at the bottom of the mountain. This lake was used as a dam from the 1900’s till the 1950’s, to supply water to the Marias Pass steam trains. There is an old well at the northern end of the lake. The trains running on this line are the orange BNSF trains. Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Nearby, the line does a loop, used to park the trains.
    The other thing about the mountain is that the valley in it looks like the shape made by the shadow on the cover of TFTW.
    Heres hoping the location is revealed some time soon.

    • John (kiwi?) R – i like your humble logic mate..but why Montana?

      ..and if you’re right about MT, then i might maybe just know someone highly anonymous whom i won’t name (JAKE) ..somebody in fact who may not be eating his hat an undisclosed amount of times that i’ll never mention either (TWELVE) with a mild mustard condiment of strictly unspecified quantity (FIVE GALLONS) as a sympathetic flavour additive to an otherwise arduous task

      but ssshh ..mum’s the word!!

      • Another hint from TTOTC telling us what state to look in is from the story about him working at the cafe as a young man.
        “Sixteen hours later, my SHIFT was over and I was 8 bucks richer. ” 16hrs North of Santa Fe puts you in Montana.

      • Hi Mr Hobbit., fellow Kiwi. Well, Montana is the Treasure State. But my solution led me to Little Dog Mountain in Montana. Remember the Pepsi tagline, 10, 2, 4? Convert that to 24 hour time and you get 15.50. If you then change that to roman numerals you get:
        M = 1000
        D = 500
        L = 50
        LDM. Little Dog Mountain. One of many things that led me to that location.

  19. Begin it where warm waters halt!

    I am still on that trip, that we have to pinpoint nail down this one for sure, before continuing with anything else. FF stated very clearly, that if one didn’t figure out the first (two) clue(s), they could also stay at home. So there MUST be a possibility to nail that down BEFORE getting BOTG.

    I read thousands of potential solves, but for a decade, no one of the hundreds of thousands of people found the chest. Until now one did. What is it good for, to read about solutions, which start at one of the hundred thousands possible spots in the Rockies, which just have something to do with „warm waters“? Lone geyser, steamboat mountain, hot springs (thousands), warm creeks kr rivers, boiling rivers, … … whatsoever. But all of them were not specificly nailed down. Of course the water in a geyser halts for a while (up to 90 minutes or more, before eruption), of course when a boiling river flows into a cold river, it kind of halts, of course the water in a hot spring basin halts. But does this mean anything was nailed down for sure? Negative. If it was nailed down, why didn’t you find the treasure?

    So again- there MUST be a way to certify the correct solution!

    Fenn is know for changing words, leaving out letters or taking words which sound similar, but different in spelling.

    Over est. 350.000 people searching a decade, means we all were on the wrong road. Completely.

    So I think we need to try alterations of WWWH which DO FIT with the first stanza (otherwise without further hints, we really are left alone.

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    As this is the starting point, it was not supposed to be solved easily and quickly. I think there are most of the aberrations and „misspelling“ used in the whole poem. How to mess with the poem, like a kid would, when it’s been told „Don’t mess with that one…!“ Every (nearly) kid would do mess around.

    1) Beggin‘ it weir warm water salt
    2) Begin it weir warm waters hauled
    3) Begin it where warm waters holed

    1) the waters „s“ could possibly drawn to the right, so salt appears. Warm salinas, salina fields, where warm, salty water evaporates and leaves salt crystallised.
    2) where could by the way also be a weir, build up by brown beavers, where an amount of warm waters balk. But „hauled“ sounds almost the same like halt and would fit into Fenn‘s passion to play with words. What is a haul?
    It can be the catch of fish, (by the way, sorry for my English, but I am not a native speaker, I am German, living in Germany), to haul can also mean to drag to tow, to lug, to trail, to hump, to draw, to pull out, to raise, to carry, to transport, to convey, to move, to deliver. To haul can also mean to carve, to sand, to grind, to sharpen, to polish, to raze…. raze the blaze
    „He hauled his bike out of the shed…“
    Over a million of years a river can haul a canyon into the limestone, no?
    „The train was hauling a cargo of precious metals…“

    I think „hauled“ gives us a new bunch of possibilities, if we all try together.
    To haul also means to draw…. ever drawing nigh? Does something PULL you to the left? Gravitation, because the canyon is left of you and it pulls you downwards?

    3) Begin it weir warm waters holed – halt doesn’t rhyme anyways to walk, same with holed, but sounds similar to halt.
    To hole means, to putt, to pot, to lock up (behind bars), to sink, to scuttle, to countersink, to recess, to scupper, to lower, to make a hole into something.
    Sink Canyon would fit nicely to this one. Also holed rhymes wonderful to gold and bold.

    So for us, longing to know the solution, we FIRST need to nail that one down.
    Please join brainstorming with me on these ones.

    • This also includes dealing and considering absurdities like:

      Beggin‘ it weir worm waters holed….

    • WWWH = where Horseshoe Creek enters the Stillwater River. Nye , Montana
      Creeks are classified as warm waters. Horses are trained to halt. You nail down a horseshoe. Forrest told the story in TTOTC about having a horseshoe made for him and being richer for it.

      • Rip W.,

        I’ll agree, Montana was part of my solve. Ties in perfectly with the beginning. Why else would he be alone?

    • I agree with you. It is utterly useless to start the chase with the second clue if you have not solved the first one. FF had stated that over and over again.

      He had also stated that there are many places where warm waters halt north of Santa Fe. There must be a way to precisely determine the correct starting point.
      At least he stated that the line WWWH and the information north of Santa Fe is not enough to locate the correct spot.
      So the poem must contain additional information on the location besides that line.

      FF once said ‘warm’ means comfortable to him. He also had stated, that the first clue could be solved with a map and the poem from a rocking chair. (“Rocking chair ideas can lead one to the first few clues”). Nothing else required. So it should be totally doable.

    • I can tell you exactly where warm waters halt, M & S: warM waterS “Begin IT where warm waters halt: MSIT.

    • FF NEVER makes mistake…and if he does, it’s ALWAYS intentional to deviate from the truth or from what you see…
      What he sees is NEVER what you see…do not forget that!

      for example, if ff would says “the sky is blue”…Well, you better look outside to confirm it…because it may be gray. His comment IS correct, the sky IS really blue, but if it’s cloudy, or rainy the color will change. FF didn’t tell you anything about the weather!!!

      That is why i ALWAYS said that FF made two trips in “two different locations”. You really have to analyse his comments and IMAGINE what he Could mean by that! that is why he always said that you need imagination. I cannot tell you everything i found to 100% confirm that his made two trips in two locations because i spent a year to find every elements to prove it, and it would take me too long to write it.

      Your jaw will drop to the ground when u will “eventually” know the truth but IMO we won’t totally know the real truth! FF is too smart for us!

      • pbee, FF said he made two trips from his car to the hiding place. One with the chest, the second with the contents, The two trips were to the SAME place., other wise there would not be a treasure in the chest.

  20. Actually I believe FF said it was 66,000 links north of Santa Fe which converts to 8.25 miles.

  21. Interesting that if you treat Dalneitzel as an anagram you get Dzil Natlee. Sounds like Navajo.
    Dzil = Mountain
    Natlee sounds like Nadleeh = Changing

    So “Changing Mountain”: Sheep mountain in Montana certainly changed after the landslide triggered by the Hebgen Lake Earthquake. All my solves are in this area.

    Also interesting that the Fenboree III map replace the key with a single symbol. I am certain that Forrest was telling us the treasure was hidden on USFS land.

    Any comments anybody?

  22. Honestly, your solution and posts are really confusing to me.

    If you are the Finder, Congratulations!

    If you are the Solver, but not the Finder, Congratulations!

    If you had any hand at all in bringing the Chase to an end, Thank You!

    But for some reason, your final comments do not logically flow from the information you presented. Rather, it feels like you might be trying to lay the groundwork for a train running on different rails.

    I have no proof to offer for this conclusion, so I will not try. Anything that I might say would be completely inappropriate and potentially hurtful, so I’m going to leave this one open-ended

    All the best to you and your son, BKCALIEST. I hope you continue to succeed in all your endeavors.

  23. This whole chatter reminds me of no place for the Biddies! We need to be kind and respectful, nothing is owed to any of us. The solve is in the poem and map, it will always be there, for ALL to seek.

    The chase isn’t over, it’s just a new chapter and there will always be treasures; this is the reason why the solution will never be released. Take these remaining days to focus on other ALL of the other treasures around, if you look around will find them. Shakespeare said it best:

    “Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes: Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange.”

    Think about that and take a look around, we are ALL, Everything, is here for the enjoyment of others.

    I’ve got to tarry my dogs are barking at me they are getting hungry, lol.

  24. Once the treasure was found, I lost interest in the chase. The only thing I am curious about is if any of my hunches regarding the clues were at all accurate. But at this point it’s just ego genuflecting. I’m not interested in puzzles just to solve them. Puzzles are far more interesting until they are solved. It takes great courage to ask a question, especially the right question; whatever that is, without the desire to know the answer, but instead to enquire with great attention totally unselfishly. To be completely humble, innocent is the real quest, not for material gain. Then and only then can one be completely, compassionate, at one with nature.

  25. Hi All;

    Well, I made one last BOTG over the week-end. I just needed some final closure. I had to prove to myself that it was NOT where I thought it might have been, and that it never was there. I now know that my solve was wrong, and that is Okay – I gave it my all, and have found treasures galore, just not Indulgence.

    What a fabulous trip. We even saw a Grizzly bear along the side of a main road on the way to my spot.

    Like all of you, I hope to hear more – at least the state, if nothing more.

    How can I thank Forrest, and all of you for all of the great experiences I have had over these last fifty-four months? All I can say is THANKS – in capital letters.

    I have written a “Book” that contains all of my various solves, and thought processes over these 54 months. Hope to find a way to post it here on the blog, but since it is so long, that MAY not be possible.

    Thanks again to all who have put up with me these past 54 months.


    • Hi JDA, sounds like you had a fun, and worthwhile trip. Just curious how you are sure that the chest wasn’t in or near your spot?

      I was thinking of checking my spot too, since I will be in Yellowstone later this week anyway. There may have been indications of someone there for a bit after the chest was found, but not sure if there would be now.

      • Hi Aaron;

        The ground had not been disturbed, and I could not find any of the “Markers” that I was looking for. Since Forrest had said that “It is wet” I should have seen either a bit of water, or evidence that there had been water at the site once upon a “while”. (Time). Thanks for askin’ –
        – 🙂 JDA

        • True, evidence of water is important. At least you have some closure. There is no doubt that there is water at my spot, but not sure how long footprints would last.

      • Hi Aaron: I’m confident there will be evidence, even if the footprints have faded. If your location (or somewhere very close to it on the way back to your car) does not have the same type of forest litter (cones, needles, dead wood, grass/sedges) and soil type as that pictured above, then it’s probably the wrong spot. If it *does* have all those things, it may still be wrong, so I would make a determined effort to find that exact piece of deadwood next to the grass/sedges and replicate the picture above (sans chest, of course). To me that would be proof positive you had the correct solution, as there is no way you would arrive at the finder’s spot unless the poem had led you there.

        • Good point Zap, if I do check it I’ll have the picture on the ready. I would hope the finder left something behind for others.

        • Its possible the finder moved the chest and then photographed it, so as not to give away clues to the actual find site.

          I am not saying other site photos wont exists. These might be released sometime in the future, showing the finder on site, but one cannot definitively use this as reference to the special spot.

          Its just a photo.

    • JDA – Glad to hear you we’re able to go and check out your last solve. I did the same last week and there was something liberating about doing just that. When I made it too the top of my search area, I just sat on a rock and smiled.

      It’s been fun reading your take on a lot of things but what sticks out most for me about you is how you always managed to jump in the conversation especially to “defend’ either Forrest or Dal’s site when someone was misinformed or out of line! LOL!

      I still have a few more spots I need to visit….just because. But I still recite that dang poem over and over in my head trying to figure out what I was/am missing. It goes to show that people like us on this blog truly were in it more for the adventure and mind game then the treasure. Otherwise why are we all still here? 😉

      Back at ya on staying safe and healthy!

      • Hi Geysergirl;

        Glad that you too got to sit on that rock and smile. What happy memories. My rock overlooked a lovely lake that had one big boat on it, as well as a kayak and a canoe – How lovely. The smell of sage and pines filled the air. A lovely mule deer quietly munched on grass – serene to say the least. What lovely memories.

        Glad you have liked my posts over time – 🙂 JDA

    • Hi JDA: I’ve always envied your comparative closeness to your favored search area over the years. Makes it easier to do just what you did this past weekend: achieve some closure in a day trip. And you even got to see Mr. or Mrs. Grizz — I haven’t seen one since I saw several in Glacier National Park a couple decades ago. That said, I’ve been happy NOT to encounter one while hiking on one of my many Montana trips over the last 5 years. Unfortunately, I’ve accumulated quite a few bear spray canisters as a result, but I know Diggin Gypsy has spent even more on them. 😉

      JDA: I look forward to meeting you one day — perhaps at the Fishing Bridge for the group shot over Labor Day weekend!

      • YUP – YUP I feel mighty proud to have met Mr. or Mrs. Griz. He/she was beautiful. Wish I could post one or two of the pictures we took.

        YUP – Would be nice to put a face on a few of the friends I have met these last 4.5 years on the Blog – Including yours 🙂 I will try to make it to the get-together on Labor Day. Am pretty afraid of Covid though. I am of an age that if I were to become infected, I probably would become a statistic on the “dead” column, and that is not on my bucket list. 🙂 JDA

    • JDA , even though we do not know each other , you said things that helped me understand the chase more clearly , if this is your last post , THANKS and Goodbye my silent friend .

      • JPE;

        Probably not my last post, but nearing the end. Thanks for your kind words. Have a GREAT day – and STAY SAFE – STAY HEALTHY – JDA

        • JDA – Haven’t we made a world of friends during the Chase?
          Old friends will not be forgotten – that’s a sure thing.
          Shall we drink to that?

    • JDA Glad that you got to on a botg. It must have felt good to check it off your list. I hope there are no hard feelings on our interactions from a couple weeks ago. Good luck if you do more searches over the summer.

  26. “The end is just the beginning” – T.S. Eliot

    “This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning” – Sir Winston Churchill


    Coming soon:
    Registration Opens August 2020
    First Clue September 2020

    • Wow. I’m pretty surprised that nobody noticed this. The Chase is being continued, but not a single soul commented. To be clear, a new treasure hunt starting summer 2020. Pay attention folks…

    • You have my attention, so please elaborate with additional details, Ancient Thunder. Whatever you can share comfortably while not giving away the farm . . .

      My initial questions:

      Continuation of Chase 1, or a completely new event?



      Search area details?

      Limitations, if any?

      What improvements, if any, might this contest have compared to Chase 1?

      Any limited time contests with smaller prizes in play? (These could be used to enlarge the searcher pool and to keep veteran searchers engaged while they work on the main contest itself.)

      This website, or different but similar one, involved?

      I’m no lawyer, but what legal guardrails have you got to protect against the foolishness going on in courts around the nation right now?

      So many questions; so few answers . . .

      Looking forward to your response . . .

      Regards to all.

      • All will be revealed in coming weeks. In regard to your legal questions, a “hold harmless” clause will be signed by all who choose to participate

  27. I *think* I am done, though I will check back in after July 4th
    for sure as people seem to think that that could be a significant
    date for The Chase.

    Going to post one more thought, just to get it off my chest.

    If I were stashing something I would make note of landmarks, obviously.

    To get back there I would remember:

    1) which town I was in
    2) what roads I took
    3) what farmhouses and bridges I passed
    etc, closer and closer, etc

    At some point – not as step #1, certainly, or even step #5,
    as I got closer to X-marks-the-spot
    I would align myself to the neighboring peaks and spires,
    as I remembered them.

    Is it possible (naturally so) that there is a profile of peaks and/or spires
    that could be clue #6 or clue #7. And that that profile matches
    the poem?

    That is, if you turn the poem sideways each line is of different
    physical length and presents you with a profile like those of distant
    peaks and spires.

    One line is marked Begin (where you should be standing as you hold the
    poem) and one line is marked The End.

    Have a great July 4th everybody, and everybody else.

    The End?

    • This is similar to one of my thoughts. Landmarks are potentially key to identifying the precise spot. Not sure though about turning the poem sideways, but I like your imagination.

    • Nice, I followed this idea for one of my solves, but I turned it upside down. Like the Gypsy, magic image. g

  28. So many hanging their hats on a single photo that lacks any definitively explanatory caption. Suppose I found the chest, hastily crammed it in my backpack, hoofed it to my vehicle, and drove two-or-three-hundred miles towards home before I pulled off The highway and down a forest service road to a secluded spot where I could ogle and gloat while I snapped a few photos?
    Would that possibly change your imagination regarding cones and sedges and flutterbys and things?
    How deep of a hole is “not long after it was found?”

    • LOL, I just posted the same at the exact time you did.

      It might have been collected in March and there was snow on the ground. Finder decided to play, just in case he continued the game.

      Keeping his options open. We just never know.

    • Hi RonnyLee: the scenario you describe sounds like something only someone set on subterfuge would bother with. Such extra work (for what other purpose?) also sounds at least a little bit risky.

      I assume you would agree that if anyone found *that* particular piece of deadwood next to those sedges with that pine litter, it could only be because they were at the find site.

      • If it were found somewhere where time was of the essence—meaning no time to dawdle, but only time to tarry scant and get the hell out of there—there needn’t be any supposition of subterfuge. A good, long drive, with time to think and get clear of potential observers and interlopers, would be reasonable and prudent.

    • If the TC had been moved much at all, like putting in a backpack, or transported any distances, there would have been more disarray inside imho. The spiderwebs would not be intact, and it looks to me like only the key and one of the double eagles (with the rust) were slightly moved. You can see where that double eagle had been on top of the plastic bag near the latch- thus my interpretation, is the lid was opened, the rusty key picked up and then the double eagle from under the key was moved to the side. Even the dirt on the TC edges and the connective dirt to the inside, seems undisturbed. I think the TC was moved a bit (because of how it was placed on those sticks and other objects underneath (whatever they are?), ie no clear ground below), but I doubt the chest was moved much from the original discovery spot. Looks like it was carefully picked up, carried a bit in both arms in front, and carefully set down somewhere else close by. Maybe to a nearby campsite?

      • Hi Mark: that was my reading, too. Too many fragile arrangements in/on the chest for it to have been moved far. I think it was extracted from its hiding place (probably mostly below ground, with the top of the chest at or slightly below ground level. The finder probably took pictures of it before they extracted it (for posterity), but they might not have been able to open the chest while it was in its hole/depression/vault. For a “money shot,” they would want to show it with the lid open of course. I think that took place no more than a couple meters from where it was hidden.

        • Just a couple of meters is a good point.
          I’m going with not entirely buried (if not resting completely on the surface), mainly because the chest would have filled up with water- and probably stayed filled if the lid was below ground level. Small amounts of melting snow (and wind) probably pushed bits of the dirt and moisture inside- which along with humidity caused the rust.
          The fact there is still visible moisture on the plastic bag and one of the coins suggests to me recent moisture, like the last snow melt. Which kind of makes sense for the early June timing of the discovery. So the TC was either at high enough elevation where there would still be melting snow in late May, or there had been a recent late, snow fall that just melted off.
          Plus the spider web’s presence suggests not buried, but resting on the ground, or half buried at most. It is curious that a spider could have wiggled in that narrow seal. And then to go to work expecting to catch flies and mosquitoes that happen to get in there also. Like what was he thinking!! 🙂

      • I agree, but it’s hard to look at the pictures, and given what f has not said to think conspiracies. If the chest pic was taken right after, what is the discolored strip along the left side of the pic. That key is so rusted out, but no damage to the “wood” inside the chest.
        And then there is the pic of the inventory. Why doesn’t f have a mask on? thinking that the finder is there, and with f always saying be safe, where’s the masks? I would think that an elderly man would at least have one.
        I wonder if the finder just went straight to f after finding, or, did he have a round-way-ticket, fly back home, then with the chest, fly to see f? Maybe he drove all those miles, since he’s from back East, figure over 2,000-2,500 miles. Thru quarantine states, to a state where you are suppose to quarantine yourself for 14 days first, find the chest and hit the road to f where you don’t have to worry about being safe. lol, a lot to swallow on just faith. IDK, maybe it’s just me, but some outsiders come to my home, especially from back East, who have crossed many state lines, and not have virus security in place, seems to be asking for it. (insert “Joker” skit with Maury here). I don’t know f, all those words about safety in the mountains, how about at you’re own home? Unless, there was no finder, and you have no reason to not feel safe, lol…..

        • It was found in 8-2019 that’s why there are no masks. It was found by a corn thief. This is all IMO of course.

        • I already explained the key: galvanic corrosion due to being in physical contact with the 1907 gold coin. 10 years of moisture alone wouldn’t have done that.

          • Right you are! Should have doubled-checked the picture rather than trust my memory.

          • 100% on the galvanic corrosion. This is the same reason jewelry rings made with combinations of noble with non-noble metals formed in Moku-gane wood grain patterns will eventually corrode, especially when in the presence of moisture from skin. The key was in presence of condensation moisture on a daily basis for ten years.

  29. Greetings to all,

    Each time I look at the picture of the chest and its contents I can
    not help but wonder what some of the stories are behind some of the items I see.
    Take for instance; the round disks. Beyond the fact they are made of gold, what was their purpose? Are they embossed with symbols or petroglyphs?

    As an amateur coin collector, I have never seen anything like them.
    I would like to toss this idea out there. What if the finder of the chest could share some pictures With the seeker community. And Forrest share some background info regarding the item?

    Ahh, maybe that is a little premature, considering that there are still opportunities on the table for the finder. Imho it is not an easy thing to wade through the legalities of this situation.

    My hopes and prayers go up for you and your family Ryan.
    Currently, I am residing in Boise with my companion. Boise is where she grew up and after 30 some odd years she retired and returned to her childhood home. I spend my days doing the odd jobs she needs have done and mowing the lawn.

    Looking forward to anything that will shade more light into this shaded part of TToTC.


    • The two gold round discs or mirrors of that what you are referencing where used for astrology in archaic times. For example the Aztecs would put water in a gold bowl or over a disc to form a mirror to star gaze.

  30. So why would Forrest be “counting” his own treasure? The finder didn’t want to deal with taxes, auctions, being compelled to reveal what state it was in, etc. He returns the chest to Forrest. Forrest may, or may not, have paid the person a finder’s fee. If there was one, it would be in the state of New Mexico, where Forrest is, so the issue of where the chest was found would not arise. The finder would merely owe taxes on whatever Forrest paid him if it was more than the maximum allowable “gift” figure. The value of the treasure would never have to be determined. As to why Forrest is counting, that’s to verify that 100% of the treasure had in fact been returned; anything less could lead to a question of the difference being income to the finder. There could have been some arrangement where the finder kept an item or two, but it’s easier to assign a value in that case.

    Why would the finder do that? Let’s check some boxes. The finder gets to remain anonymous. While a finder’s fee might not have been the millions the chest might auction for, it might be all the finder wanted or cared for. The finder got to meet Forrest and have a long chat. The finder has the personal satisfaction of having solved the puzzle. The finder did a good deed in returning Forrest’s bracelet to him. And the finder now shares a secret and special with Forrest. That adds up to plenty of reward in my book.

    • There are many scenarios that would fit the narrative. I doubt we will ever learn the truth, because looking at the timing there may have been rules broken with travel restrictions etc. A loud mouth might get into trouble, hence the guy keeping quiet. Its possible he did some proper ninja stuff, for a prize worth the effort. Maybe he even came from the Acores by boat, so could not take the gold back and left it with f. We just do not know the details and probably never will.

      The story might surface in book or something later, when the hunger of the government to pursue and persecute subsides. The situation is raw at the moment and the knives are out. They will eventually go back to sleep and have something else to focus on.

    • After all, I doubt that Fenn dude would pass up the opportunity to write another book about the finders adventures. How he overcame all odds to cross the finish line. I bet it would make good reading.

      Maybe that’s why those two sly foxes are keeping their heads down.

  31. Dear Dal
    If i would be you, i would close this famous Homepage; save it anywhere but no longer for FF and public purpose. The Thrill of the Chase is over and because FF doesn’t think it necessary to give all the searchers the correct solution, why should you and we spend time for FF and TTOTC?! There was such a good, interesting and exciting time for exactly 10 years… and now… nothing; only the short and nebulous information, that the treasure is found by someone from the back East… oh, excuse me, and some photos, which could have shot at every time. I am very disappointed and i’m sure a lot of other searchers think the same way. I was ever sure, that the treasure was real, but now i have really hard doubts. In my view, there is no reason why FF cannot communicate the solution! The only thing i can imagine is, that have ever been problems with the law. However, it’s sad. Dear FF, this way it’s very very sad…!!!

    • As treasure hunters shouldn’t we be keen to understand and investigate this kind of subterfuge?

    • Marco, If you have been researching Forrest Fenn, The Poem, The Books, The Stories, ask yourself this. Why wouldn’t it be real? Forrest needs that money? I don’t think so. He probably could turn that kind of profit selling a painting or two. I is logical that it was hid, and found. g

        • It was absolutely hidden and found. I think Marco is like a lot of us who just want to know the answers now.

          Forrest has a good heart and he would not create a giant hoax like this. If it was a lie, he could have just let it go on forever. You don’t end a hoax. You call the search off when someone finds it.

          I’ll go down swinging against anyone who says it’s a hoax, and I’m not a big guy. I can spot a hoax when I see one. This isn’t a hoax. It was hidden and it was found.

          Whatever I don’t know is fine, but I know those two things happened.

          • David, thumbs up! Though I tried, I also see no red flags whatsoever.

            Mr. Fenn engineered one of the greatest treasure hunts ever.
            The thrill, the mystery and the mystique of the Chase will endure forever.

            The ‘journey’ is as much external (outdoor adventure) as it is internal (the mind). One for the history books- it rivals them all! We all should be proud and honored to be part of it. And not some far away island or under the sea treasure to dream about, but right under our feet!

            Keep us guessing, keep us wondering- even after the fact. Forrest brilliantly planned it that way. Thank you, sir! Pure genius!

    • Marco,

      Why is it that you folks are being so impatient and not wanting to wait for what may come.
      IF “title to the gold” means ownership… Then Fenn is filling his obligation to the finder. It is now up to that person to handle things the way they feel is in their best interest.
      If you had, at least, three law suits pending and probably more idiots who want to jump on that bandwagon, possibly a book deal coming out, having the trove valued, not to mention that there can be others (family) involved who have a say…or maybe the finder (s) would like a more public release on a television presentation?…
      Personally I think the finder needs time….
      What would you do?

      Close the site?
      Blame Fenn for something we all known for years?… He would leave it up to the finder.
      This whining river many are traveling is getting pretty muddy.

      • Beginning at the start of the Chase, or any place in between, when did Forrest ever, EVER say it was the finder’s choise to disclose particulars.

        • Keith-
          We’ve already had that discussion. Please look up the answers rather than expect folks to answer them anew just because you demand it…

      • Kieth,

        It has been posted over the years many times… As well as on these recent threads… Just look… Posted with links.

  32. This is honestly starting to feel like a worse ending than Masquerade had. For me it had a double worse ending personally, because my dad gave that book to me when I was 11 and I worked it until I was 17. Then the internet came along to my nearest rural library one day and I found out it had already been found shortly after I had been born! I was so miffed. My dad said “Yeah, but it kept you out of trouble, didn’t it?” Sure did. It also made me the weird kid with the puzzle book in the corner.

    At the time, I did not think that was funny at all, but my father thought it was a hoot as I threw that book into the burn barrel on the farm. I then made him promise me to never do that again. He agreed and he was surprised how long I worked on it. The quest for answers runs deep in humans, I think.

    I worked very hard on that Masquerade puzzle book. I found the hares and knew the colors meant something, but I was never going to solve that thing, at least not with my kid brain. But at least people, including me once the internet arrived, got to know the answers to Masquerade, even if the person who got it had cheated somehow.

    The well-puzzled public was still provided the correct solution once it was over.

    I’ll just stand here in the corner and stare at my puzzle book for another few weeks, because the answers have got to be in here somewhere. Curiousity might have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.

    I’ve become the weird kid with the puzzle book, working an already solved puzzle, again.

    Here’s what one of the people in the know wrote about what happened after the Golden Hare had been found:

    “Tens of thousands of letters from Masqueraders have convinced me that the human mind has an equal capacity for pattern-matching and self-deception. While some addicts were busy cooking the riddle, others were more single-mindedly continuing their own pursuit of the hare quite regardless of the news that it had been found. Their own theories had come to seem so convincing that no exterior evidence could refute them. These most determined of Masqueraders may grudgingly have accepted that a hare of some sort was dug up at Ampthill, but they believed there would be another hare, or a better solution, awaiting them at their favourite spot. Kit would expect them to continue undismayed by the much publicised diversion at Ampthill and would be looking forward to the day when he would greet them as the real discoverers of the real puzzle of Masquerade. Optimistic expeditions were still setting out, with shovels and maps, throughout the summer of 1982.”

    At least those Masqueraders were give a solution and had free will to deny it as the true solution. What a relief that must have been for the ones who, like me, just wanted to know the answers to “the problem we all live with.” (That’s the name of the painting Ruby Bridges was taken out of and placed in the sketch in “Teachers with Ropes.”)

  33. Pine needles in treasure chest photo are only found in Colorado and New Mexico IMO..

  34. First comment here; although I have frequented this site from time to time. About 4 years ago I caught wind of FF treasure quest. I can’t really recall where, or, how I stumbled across the opportunity to take part; yet, I was immediately drawn like so many others here.

    I spent a good portion of that first winter looking at google maps, and also purchased TTOTC book. It was an interesting, fun read, and time to slip away into the possibilities of finding something unique. I enjoy artifact hunting in fields during the spring, and other hobbies where “the thrill of the chase” certainly applies.

    I guess now that hindsight is 2020; perhaps it was just meant to be that, “thrill of the chase,” and just that? I hope not; yet, it could end with that solution for whatever reason.

    Here is my solution:

    I always believed that the treasure was west of Saguache, Colorado, starting along the North Branch of the Spanish Trail, at the base of Trickle Mountain; where warm waters halt. That Mountain is below Sargent’s Mesa, and is why, warm waters halt? Further down, not far, but too far to walk is a creek called Houselog, which has a branch forming Browns Creek. The way the two creeks branch off it looks like the top of a house, and where; Put in below the home of Brown. The word meek stands out to me too, as those two creeks are next to Mt. Lion; From there it’s no place for the meek. I always thought if you followed Brown’s creek you’d find the Blaze where the treasure was located.

    Fingers crossed on solution. Never had the chance to head west to discover if correct. My business, and obligations kept me rooted.

    I can’t imagine the storms you’ve been through Mr. Fenn since the start of this journey…thank you.

  35. In spite of everything that’s been said, it’s altogether possible that the solver has no certainty that he has the correct solve.

    • Well, that statement rules you out of the running then champ. Here’s me thinking you were living on the edge.

      • Well I’ve been sittin’ here for twenty minutes trying to think of a brilliant rebuttal but I am at a loss for words. I got nothin’. But, if I am not the solver, then it must be the most necand only world’s greatest treasure hunter. It must be … (drumroll please) …,

        • I meant, how would the solver not know they solved it, if they solved it? If you declare that the case, then if you are claiming to be the solver, then you are saying you have not solved it.

    • If the solver did not have the correct solve, how in the world did he find it and retrieve it.

      Just curious.

      • I’ve not seen Forrest say specifically the finder retrieved it. I’ve seen “located,” “found,” and “discovered.” He’s a very smart man and I’m watching for what he’s saying and not saying at the moment, because what else is there to do chase related since it’s over?

        • I’ll agree, there’s a huge difference between “finding” the chest and “taking” it with you… that’s a big jump. Forrest’s use of words could be tricky and clever too. Kind of like those jokers in horse competitions. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll get tripped up… possibly even lose the competition.

  36. Allie hosts a podcast called The Curiosity Cast. She interviewed me… before Forrest announced the finding of his chest…about Forrest and the chase and other things…
    If you can stand listening to me blather on about treasure hunting feel free to give it a listen:

    Also Jenny is adding her six questions with various searchers since the chest has been found…over at Mysterious Writings…
    You can see what Cynthia had to say after Forrest announced that the chest had been found:

    • Great back story Dal on how you got involved in all this treasure hunting. My favorite words from you: “You take opportunities and you try not to say no too often.” Sounds like you have been doing just that for some time now.. That, to me, is what it’s all about! 🙂

  37. It’s Fate, fairy tale. Happy ending.

    Imagination is definitely more important than knowledge. Fate is in the stars.

    • In my opinion of course. But I started putting things together. And then realizing most of Forrest’s story telling in the scrapbooks had happy endings and in many of the scrapbooks he even says it. Like, don’t you just love a happy ending like that. SB 99 is an example and SB 118 he talks about fairy tales.
      Imagination is more important than knowledge.

        • Can someone please tell me if my latest link (above) is working? they both worked for me when I click them, but ace 340 informed me that my first link was not working.
          Most of these are a picture solve, at least the first several clues.

          • Link works. Looks like you really covered some ground and had a great time while doing it. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

          • Thanks Iowaengr!
            Some of it is from last year. The place was magical! Some of my ashes will end up there after I’m gone, My sons know what to do.

  38. Did anyone have anything for all the pie in the book? There’s literally pie everywhere. Part of me used to joke when I’d read those sections “Here comes the thrill of the pie!” Or “This should be called ‘My Pie for Me'”

    I mean no disrespect, but it was literally so much pie. Plus, I saw that image online of Forrest writing in the front of some unknown book and he literally writes “My Book for Me!” So I think I can play with that phrase without dishonoring that story in any way.

    He even has two different old ladies giving him pie, one in Temple on First and French and one in West Yellowstone. And all the pine-apple upside down cake. Fried pine-apple pie. That is way too much pi/pie. I can’t remember how many instances I counted of pie in that book, but it’s over a dozen. In one paragraph alone, I recall at least 7 or 8 mentions of pie/pi. All told, we’re probably at or around 20 mentions of pi/pie in that book.

    This is all I could think to do with it. I figured he’s pinging Pi to get us to think of circles, which is what Skippy draws in his plane, a bunch of circles around Hebgen, and then we’ve got the marble kids pointing to the center of a circle.

    And then remember how he talks about George Washington getting reversed in the mirror. Pi is 3.141. His home address is 1413 North Main.

    Anyone have anything rational and sensible and not too far out there to add to the discussion of pi/pie in the book?

    I feel like pie/pi is going to be an integral part of the solution in some elegant and obvious way. If it’s not circles or his address, what else could it be trying to get us to think through?

    Thanks for any sensible thoughts you can contribute to this idea.

  39. I suggest that we all try to relax a bit about this treasure hunt. We have interesting (if not
    very pleasant) memories of the experience, and can tell our stories of this to whoever is willing to listen. And there may even be some valuable lesson(s) learned by one’s indulgence (sorry!) in the hunt.

    It’s been quite an unforgettable experience for me so far. I’m not going to go onandonandon
    right now about what the future may hold for any of us searchers, but I do wish for good luck, health, and happiness (or at least a moderate amount of contentment) for everyone.

    Thank y’all for your participation in the forums. Please be COVID aware and careful.

    Best regards to all. As always, this message is part of my oPInion.

  40. One question to Forrest and if he answers it, it could eliminate 95 % of searcher solves. It wouldn’t give away the hidey spot or even the state in which it was hidden. It wouldn’t spoil it for the finder or Forrest but it could give relief and comfort to many searchers. That question is at what altitude was the TC hidden? Forrest answer that question for all the searchers. Thank you. -MOW

    • 9640′


      9 clues
      6 stanzas
      4 lines per stanza
      Base 10 methodology required to solve location

      Obviously, myriad other possibilities exist.

      Regards to all.

    • I always assumed when he said between 10200’ and 5000’ he was referring to 7600’

      • My son also. He is one of those real smart kids. When I started the chase I showed him my notes from months of work, a lot of stuff. He was about 10 yrs old. I waited patiently for the boy genius to speak. When he finish and put the stack down. I asked him well, what do you think? He replied, the best place to search is 7,600 feet. Nice I said, what else? That’s it, he concluded. g

      • Matt,

        I always assumed that when he said it was between 5,000 and 10,200 that he meant is was the difference between the two. 5,200ft.

    • 8912′


      D = 8
      O = 9
      N = 1
      E = 2

      I’ve DONE it tired . . .

      But myriad other possibilities exist, so I’m confident that this is almost certainly incorrect.

    • About that relief and comfort you mention, I have something to contribute that may cure what ales us all.

      Howdy folks have found what I believe is the hidey spot, hole and all. I have posted a link over at chasechat, and I thought I’d come here and try and post a link here too. Please give it a perusal and see what you think. It might be something, maybe, I don’t know…but it is what I have to contribute. Thank you -trueyeti

      Link to the Bisti Solution pdf:

  41. Wow!! Wow!!! If it is him, I request the first searcher to searcher chat over a cup of tea. Have car, will travel. I think I believe him. At first impression he seems intelligent and honest. g

        • Lol too funny, and yes not “even” a tiny bit. A simple trinket from the TC or a picture of him with it would have convinced me. He already mentioned his name so why not show proof? But I really do hope I’m wrong!

    • I’m not so sure. Click on the little treasure picture icon below video next to Forrest Fenn Finder. The video starts again but with a still picture of him driving to or from somewhere seemingly very happy and content. g

      • IDK either.

        He said he “solved” the poem (as some on here have also confidently claimed to have done I might add) – he didn’t say he found or retrieved the TC.

        Maybe it is legit, but I am not sold just yet.

  42. This is the text he posted with the video.

    It’s been real! For media inquiries, please contact: Hill, Hall & DeCiancio, PLC 3131 E. Clarendon Avenue Suite 107 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Phone: 602-795-7665

    • I had checked that and it shows the law firms practice being focused on Insurance, Litigation, and Wrongful Death. Nothing about Media!

        • One of the comments says they enjoyed his solve and that being dinosaur monument or something.

  43. Forrest, two questions:

    Do you still have the Bracelet?
    Is the picture of the chest the still in actual place it was hidden?

    That wouldn’t spoil any secrets for the finder to revel later in his movies.
    Thanks for giving us all the thrill of the chase. It has been fun and I have learned a lot about many different things in my searching.
    God Bless you and your family, my your life be long and happy.

    • Ha! Not Obsessed,
      Just two questions?… LOL… You’re being kind.

      One question I’d like to know the answer to is Becky’s question: is the blaze predetermined in the poem or “only” in the field?

      Another would be; can hoB actually be “known” before WWsH deciphered? (reverse engineering Q&A).

      But I agree with you that there are some curiosities Forrest could answer that wouldn’t interrupt what the finder’s plans might be.

      • It is an arrow or an apple or a bow. Attributes of the brave in the wood: Robin Hood

        • And the blaze could be removed but not in an easy way, Forrest said. So it had to be a landmark in the rocks or something like it. But probably, as always, there must be two blazes. One from a distant view (Rock formation) and one near the chest… and that second one was IMOthe Blaze scissors hanging up in a tree at the small branche you see on top of the recovered chest. And maybe you could also find some Omega formed rock formations not far from the first blaze.

        • Robin Hood’s grave is only 5 miles from my house. He fired an arrow into the air and where it landed is where he was buried. He could have almost fired that from my garden. He would have needed a bigger bow though.

          • The epitaph reads;

            Hear underneath dis laitl stean
            Laz robert earl of Huntingtun
            Ne’er arcir ver as hie sa geud
            An pipl kauld im robin heud
            Sick utlawz as he an iz men
            Vil england nivr si agen
            Obiit 24 kal: Dekembris, 1247.
            Translated it could be understood as:

            Here underneath this little stone
            Lies Robert Earl of Huntingdon
            Never archer was as he so good
            And people called him Robin Hood
            Such outlaws as he and his men
            Will England never see again

  44. Just out of curiosity, (not sure if others have mentioned this prior).
    I have scanned over the photos above noticing the lack of certain items… Sure, I get that some items are still within the chest at the time Forrest was taking them out… But I don’t see any presious stones, (hundreds of them?) unlike the pictures we have seen prior. I find that a bit odd, especially the pic of the open chest on site.

    The item that I was hoping to possibly see in these pics (or at least hoping to figure out) is the one “she” was going to be happy about.

    Yep, very very curious… the lack of jewels… in finders very first picture of the trove.

    • Hi Seeker: I never saw a statement from Forrest that definitively indicated separate stones in the chest. He mentions taking OUT the large jewels that were pictured in that earlier treasure configuration. But it always seemed to me that when he tallied the list of jewels, they could all be accounted for by the dragon coat bracelet: certainly the rubies and diamonds could.

      • Also, he mentioned two Ceylon sapphires, which I think would be the dragon’s eyes in that same bracelet. In the picture with Forrest and the open chest on the table in front of him, the bracelet is off to the right of the picture. I think I also see two rings among various nuggets and coins in the middle on the table. He spoke of a Spanish emerald ring, and in the older picture of the chest, with the big gems and two repeater watches, there is what appears to be a solitaire ?diamond? ring – which he didn’t say he also removed when he told of what he took out (don’t have the reference to hand, sorry). Though he could have and just didn’t say that. IMO, all of the above.

        • Montana has sapphire minin. Might mean something for the treasure hunt. Not sure but simple enuf to make cents to me.

  45. I wonder if Forrest is willing to answer if he gained any additional super powers or magical abilities once he wore the bracelet again. And if he did, which ones, laser hands? X-ray vision? Time travel?

    • It looks like there may be cob webs in the box… maybe these were shot off Forrest’s hand before he took the bracelet off 10 years ago.

      Spiderman also had the ability to sense danger before it was about to occur. Maybe that’s how he came up with a perfect hiding place, he knew where people might be searching. Talk about Super Powers!

      Forrest, can we call you Spidey for short?

      All in good fun!

  46. “Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it ON THE GROUND and walked away.”

    I apologize if this has already been mentioned but it’s very hard keeping track of every comment made since 5 June. Not buried, “on the ground”.

    What I find curious is that he didn’t say anything about putting the loot in it before walking away.

    “It was heavy enough that I made two trips to hide it. I took the gold in one time, and then I took the treasure chest in the second time.” Richard Eeds Show – 5/29/15


    • The loot was probably from the tree where the Blaze scissors were hanging. The finder placed it above the gold in the chest IMO. And Indeed FF said it was not burried. IMO the chest was partly under the ground, but with the cover and 2” above the ground (So, not burried completely) and then covered with pineneedles and other rubish from the site, but the scissors were straight above the chest, so you could not miss the chest.

    • Except that 2000 year old thing, he took another look at it before he lowered it into the chest, (paraphrasing). Along with filling it with, etc….
      The thing is Charlie, why does he need to take an inventory and show us. Take the inventory, fine, but we have an idea what was in the chest, who cares. Show us a pic of the blaze or something. The way this has ended is depressing. Almost as much depressing as the fun the chase has brought. Almost feels like we got hustled.

      • Poisonivey,

        I commented early on that it looked like he was doing an inventory, but maybe it’s an ‘innocent’ inspection to see how the treasure’s condition changed over just a 10 year period. And as I have also said, the very last thing I’d be doing if I was the finder is haul the chest all over the place. It would be put into a safe deposit box vault ASAP and only then would I go to Santa Fe to return the bracelet. Why risk taking the chest all that way?

        I’m convinced he wanted to end it last fall when the flurry of SB’s came out and the purpose was get us pointed in the right direction so we could the ground running this search season. But then come Covid and it screws up his plan to end it. And Peggy’s apparent failing health adds further motivation to end it…….this year. And then we have the Chase related deaths that must weigh on him. That aspect alone would weigh heavily on me.

        Ending sporting events due to extremely bad weather or unsafe conditions and then calling the winner is not unusual. Is that what’s going on here? I have no idea, but if he is conducting an inventory, then that infers to me the Chase may not be over.

        Another thing that strikes me as odd are his hearing aides. I have a close friend who’s been hard of hearing as long as I have known him, almost 29 years now. Technology is available and the best is expensive, something Forrest can certainly afford, where the hearing aides are very well camouflaged. So why is Forrest advertising his poor hearing by wearing a collar type with old-fashioned wires hanging out?

        Having said all that, like others have mentioned, I’m kind of waiting for that happy ending part of the story.

        Please take care and try to stay optimistic.


  47. If Forrest urged him to come forward, that would violate Forrest’s own statement about respecting the finder’s anonymity. No one even wants to know the identity of the finder. Just the solution, so clearly this announcement is just the 54th person claiming to have found it.

    If Forrest wished to say something, he could do so without revealing the finder.

  48. Did I miss anything new? I’m on vacation in northern Michigan this was supposed to be my 2 week hunt for the treasure in Montana before it was found.

  49. Why the title of the third Memory was “Once upon a while” in combination with my solve Steamboat Springs- Robin Olds- Robin Hood is to find in Wikipedia:

    “Roland is a minor supporting character on Once Upon a Time. He is the son of Robin Hood and Marian, as well as the youngest member of his father’s band of thieves known as the Merry Men.“

  50. Can we not learn at least in what STATE the treasure was found??? That seems only fair to let the thousands who searched for it know if they were even “warm” or not.

    • I believe on page 10 there was some discussion about the line- so ‘why’ is it that I ‘must’ go “and leave” (to get to) my trove(=treasure= “state”) for all to seek?
      Upon leaving Santa Fe, or Temple for that matter… if he ‘went'(WY) and ‘left’, there’s only one place he should be unless he turned around and came up empty handed in reaching his destination.

      I’m pretty sure there’s a hint as to which US state remains if you mUSt know where WhY *EnD*s.

      Then look up the whole word; and if you SHOULD happen to think about it, take a second look! 🙂

  51. In the first photo, when you zoom in, it appears to me that there is a dead mouse just under the stick. What kind of animal is that? It looks to me like a field mouse.

    And, also when you zoom in on that same area in the photo, it looks like that there is an old photograph inside the bag. It appears to be at least two men in flight suits, but I may be seeing things.

    • Concerning the meek little fellow, he wasn’t in there for long. Or, was he? Schrodinger’s cat wasn’t there. Yet he was. Alone in there.

      “Deep in the Rockies” looking more – gee, OH, logic ALL

      • Nothing strange about the stick laying down, is there? Pointing toward ????Hmmm…

  52. For me the bigger mystery is not “where was the treasure was found” but “why does Dal delete posts”. Cause I have no idea. I even said IMHO. And yet they just magically disapear. If someone can make sense of Dal’s logic, surely they can find the tresasure site.

    • Early in the “post-treasure found postings” I had some of my replies go AWOL and asked why. Dale said that when he deletes a given posting, all the children replies get deleted too. I’ve kept track since then and found that answer to be 100% accurate as to whether my replies stick around or disappear.

      For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure my reply isn’t why the chain got knocked out – that fault belongs to the original post. Dal seems to be very open as to why he deletes postings.

  53. I am whipping my brain like a racehorse on the final stretch on that key and that stick positioned as they are a top the chest in the photograph. Is that a rebus puzzle?

    I wonder if it’s saying rust+stick. Ruststick.


    Or stick-key? As in it’s a sticky situation?

    I just can’t imagine that someone put that stick in there for no reason, or that the photo was taken and the finder didn’t notice the stick that magically fell into the chest like that.

    That strikes me as a staged photo, with items removed. The key has been moved from where it was rusting on that coin.

    It is clear from the images that the random top two items that are important to the story have been removed. Because there’s nothing there that we don’t already know about, except the stick, which would have rotted to dust in ten years, given the state of the key.

    In that photograph, the stick is literally the top item in a box filled with treasure? Randomness factor off the charts.

    Chest opened. Top two items removed. Key moved. Stick inserted. Photo taken. Rebus puzzle created?

      • A staged photo could be a photo of the Wells Fargo Stagecoach, I’m guessing. It’s an old west kind of town with a horse drawn coach. Fun place for cowpokes and treasure hunters.

      • Two items missing? Maybe the stagecoach has been robbed? That’s it! Call the sheriff! This is highway robbery! Somebody notify Judge Roy Bean! There’s gonna be a hangin’!

        • Toying with the Story… Stinky Pete is the prime subject! Ride like the wind Bullseye!

        • “You gotta respect a varmint that steals the top two items from the Fenn treasure chest”, says the judge. “Bring me a new rope. Hang ‘em.”

          • I expect the judge to rename the treasure from “Indulgence” to … “Lilly Langtry”. Think that name will stick?

          • Lol, Val, Vigilante code ehhh? Montana state police wear it on their sleeves. Plus, it equals 24.

      • Stick around. We’ll be right back after this important message from our sponsor.

          • imo, simply an on the spot decision made by the finder. meaning, the chest was close to the type of tree the stick is from.
            a cheeky location hint attempt maybe.
            or, maybe the wind was blowing the plastic bag around and his camera couldn’t focus for the pic.

          • Or maybe he realized his reflected image was showing in the shiny surface of the ziploc bag so he covered the reflection with the stick?

    • I think that stick is a fishing pole. Maybe when he was a kid. That loop on top of the stick, and with fishing line being in the chest, I wouldn’t doubt it’s something to do with when he was a kid, fishing. The key rusted is a whole other thing. To think that the outside elements got in so much as to damage that key, but not damage the wood inside is puzzling. (Along with that discolored strip on the left side of the pic, I thought the pic was done shortly after the find?). No sense on dwelling on it though, if f says it’s over, if f went into a court of law and said that someone did find and it’s over, (or actually gave his statement), then it’s over. Whether it has been found or not, whether it was ever hidden or not, whether it was real but sat with f all this time, whatever the facts are, IT’S OVER. So, even though the explanations we have received are trash at best, and the pics make no sense, and most feel like they’ve been played, doesn’t matter, it’s over. No going out to you’re spot thinking that the chest may be there, or whatever, it’s over.

      • Hey scratch I mean poisonivey yes 3-7-77 equal 24,24 lines in the poem what do you do when
        You read a poem you address it
        So we need an address Robert
        Redford Sundance so we have
        24 Sundance bench road
        west fork cabin and camp
        Forrest mother died there in spot number four camp site where
        Warm waters halt

    • i can imagine the finder…
      1st seeing the chest,
      2nd approaching the chest,
      3rd opening the chest with marvel gaze and like Forrest says they would be blown away.
      and imo,
      4th thinks hmmm, whats this rusty thing and picks it up puts it back down.
      the stuff inside looks undisturbed. the large uncovered coins appear to be balancing on each other and have small pieces of dirt on them from, imo, the lid being opened.
      if the box was jostled those coins would for sure settle and not remain balanced on each other.

      5th the finder put the stick in as a cheeky location hint, then took the picture and tarry scanted.

      it would be just as fun if the finder used a rock/stone.
      ” rock key” rockys. or key stone.

      • Maybe the stick just fell in there when the chest was opened and the finder was too lazy (or tired) to take it out after that grueling 2 hour hike to the top of the mountain.

      • Except that the chest was not on the top of any mountain. Forrest confirmed that.

    • Nice.

      Your clue #1 was my clue #6 (There’ll be no paddle up your creek) because the white water rafters cannot start their ride from inside the park.

      I thoroughly searched the entire stretch from that entrance all the way to the bottom of Taylor Fork. I even climbed up the bluffs to look in the crevices. It was fun, but then Taylor Fork itself was much prettier.

    • Thanks for reading, Muset. I know you, Jake, Travis Brown/Randy Johnson and others have been focused on areas up Taylor Fork for at least as long as I’ve remained in Gallatin Canyon. I’ve used that particular put-in for all my searches the last couple years, and have simply been jiggering the ending.

        • I think the chapter My War For Me alludes to the Sky Line trail along the YNP border behind Crown Butte very subtly with the words “Sky” “Line” and “Crown” when the helicopter picked him up.

          Then I think no more chapter hints until Flywater: “Yellowstone” “Days started to yellow” “south” “river” “marked our passage” “exclude the intrusion”

          In my 24 anagrams from Mammoth to trail 17 up Taylor, it is actually the line “So hear me all and listen good=Nationals shed loomed large”. Crown Butte divides the watersheds of Teepee and Daily Ck, and also the National Park and National Forest.

          I think the next line “Your effort will be worth the cold=who feels old October white flurry” is a reference to the Snowflake Springs exclosure. If you read the sign, it was constructed in October of 1948.

          The second last line “If you are brave and in the wood=way ahead on fire bound over it” I think references “The Blowout” up Taylor Fork, so there is the turn.

        • The window bird still has his wings tied like a straight jacket . I hope to someday express my feelings as Psalms 30

        • Hey.. no repeat words; although often common 2-letter words are allowed in longer anagrams like “As I have gone alone in there=Heaven is a great hole in one”

          Golf and fishing. The anagrams should be about golf but the poem is about fishing, I believe.

        • Well, I don’t think anagrams play a role in solving any of the clues. They might provide some hints, but nothing critical that isn’t repeated in some other fashion.

    • Knowing how you are with negative feedback, I will stay mute. I’m just surprised on what you have went with. But who’s to say. All I will say is “guessing” and “outside information”, you can see where I would go from there.

      • I will pose this question:
        Could you solve the poem/find the spot by just using the poem and only the poem? I’m saying, explain how to get to the spot with just the poem only? You can answer this yourself, that is why I’m surprised at you’re first four. It doesn’t work.

      • I’m fine with negative feedback, provided it’s substantive and testable. There was no “guessing” with my solution, IMO. I thought I provided a logical, completely original solution to the NF, BTFTW conundrum, which gives a decent explanation for why the early 2-clue solvers were stuck there for years. To your question:

        “Could you solve the poem/find the spot by just using the poem and only the poem?”

        Of course. To within a few footsteps of the treasure’s location. No guesswork. There is no clue solving in the field, IMO. It’s not dependent upon the books, Scrapbooks, Vignettes, Speed Bumps, Q&A’s. Those are all helpful for bolstering confidence, but not necessary.

        My blaze is every bit as original as the NF, BTFTW solution. Better, in fact, because it’s provided ten different times in the poem.

    • Zap- Hi, just read your solve, i liked it. Kind of mirrors mine with process, but with different outcomes. To me “in there” means an entrance. And to me IN was the key word throughout the poem, meaning east. (Mountain man wisdom) I too used yellowstone boundaries as a wwh. If water was boiling, hot, warm, cold and freezing, then warm would be ‘in the middle’ so east entrance, middle creek.
      Also “in there” i used to mean in the words.
      As i have gone alone in there, so i took the “I” and what goes alone in “gone and alone” ONE and gal but ill use thr process i followed, so i had “I ONE” and with MY so i had “I ONE MY” then stanza 5 so WHY is it that I must go, giving me WHY ONE MY . I also saw the gallitin route but went the other way lol. If that makes sense. Sorry writing on phone.. Jay

  54. A last add for today. In the my solve area, you have nearby a Rainbow ski piste and also a road called « Why Not »….If FF says in its poem « why had I to go….. » the answer is simple: « why Not »…..
    Would that not be typical voor FF?

  55. Pay attention, because I’m only going to do this once. The poem is a map visa vie waterways.

    Warm waters halt at Boiling into Yellowstone
    Canyon down is obvious there
    Home of Brown is the actual Brown Put In
    No Place for the Meek is Mouth if Tom Miner
    Nigh / No paddle up your creek is telling you that the next Turn is to the left, but it is not one of the two that lead to Steamboat Mtn (paddle of a steamboat)
    Heavy loads is Big Creek
    Waters High is Hyalite creek

    If you’ve been wise/blaze – people couldn’t find the blaze because it’s huge. It has no “direction” because it’s a series of hills and creeks that form a campfire shape when seen from overhead, like google maps or a plane. The bottom left of it is where Mill Fork meets hyalite. Not the famous hyalite, but the other one to the southeast of the famous one (follow my directions). Look quickly down once you’re there, meaning immediately where this blaze begins.

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze a – let’s rewrite that:

    Butt “tarry, scant,” with “marvel gaze”

    Almost abut tarry (to mill, or here, Mill Fork) with “marvel gaze” of hyalite (or highlight – also try googling hyalite opal and opals in mysticism – it’s the stone used for gazing).

    Head a few feet up Mill Fork. It was there on the Mill fork side of the confluence, below the high water line, so technically on public property in a public waterway according to the law.

    Brave and in the wood – Gallatin
    Word that’s key – Kotke

    Congrats to retriever. He was not the finder. You know him on this board. He knows me because I gave him the answer. Hoping he will do what he is supposed to do. I have pics of some stuff if anyone is interested.

    • Oh and that poor girl who went up Hyalite but didn’t know how to find the blaze or that she needed to abut Mill Fork and make the last turn…probably closer to 100 feet away.

      • Sorry to multipost- I almost forgot why he hid it there.

        Reread Lewis and Clark. It was how he got out. Mill fork was impossible to get through with a horse. Back up, go around, come down hyalite. It’s the spot where they knew they would be ok, because they found their way back to the place they couldn’t reach. All hope was lost and then they got out. They knew they had survived their adventure when they got to that point.

      • Same here.

        I traced all the above on google maps and it was fun to find that very spot. Interesting to note there is a gravel road that leads to within a few hundred yards of there. FF could have parked and walked there twice in one day from the way it looks on google earth.

        • One person has to stay in the car because the gravel road area was purchased, along with the acreage, by Arthur Blank after FF hid it. You can still get there via hyalite creek, but much better to wait until nobody is around, park, and hike the 1/2 mile. You go in waders since the slope on the sides is too steep, especially for an older gentleman. Remember when he said he wouldn’t clarify that he only “walked?”

          He didn’t want anyone to split hairs between wading and walking.

          Did you see the blaze?

          One of the pics I sent to Dal outlines the campfire. I hope he posts it.

        • Hwy 89 to big creek road, several miles to Hyalite creek road, then a left on to a gravel road that takes you darn close to the spot described above.

  56. I don’t really know a gentle way to say this, but most of the things Forrest has you chasing after are imaginary, IMHO. 🙂

    • The poem is more than a map. It’s a piece of art. In fact, it’s a masterpiece, IMO.

      • To me and the retriever, the poem is a map. The instructions are above.

        FF has always been honest -sneaky, but honest. He is incorrect about a couple of the items he maintains in the “it’s been found” Message.

        • mutt, you know just about as much as everyone else. You’re attempt at a solve leaves one to not even get past WWWH. You can keep telling yourself how smart you are, but if you’re going to try to convince us, please try something a little more serious.

        • His turn of phrase and flutterby/butterfly goodness was truly masterful. Kids had an advantage because they like to play with words, especially in an auditory sense.

          Butt tarry scant, indeed. Brave and in the wood.

          I wonder how many times he flew over that area and reminisced about his childhood adventures.

          The area is really cool, by the way. I don’t know how to describe the exact spot other than to say it’s like the type of place at which you would dream about being able to play as a child. Killer games of cowboys and Indians or pirates. Two sort of islands in a large creek.

  57. Releasing info on 4th of July could very well be significant. In TTOTC he explains to the kids about the 4th of July, he is always smelling freedom, the freedom plane takes him home, making plans is…etc.

    4th of July Canyon in New Mexico? The terrain and roads just from Google Maps create a lot of interesting mirror images from most of his stories. BOTG gives a lot of mirror images from TFTW. It was crazy the things I saw.

    I do hope we get something. I’m sure curious

  58. I wish there was a way to post the pic. Use google earth and search kotke Montana. Use the bright green, barren field in kotke as the base of the flame . Arising from it is a 3-part campfire.

    • I maintain that no solve can be based on google earth Pareidolia based on this ATF:
      ” I knew all along where I wanted to hide the treasure so I didn’t need a map or any information to write the poem. Everything was in my head. ”

      Also, IMO there is no way Fenn crossed 191 in searching for lewis and clark.
      They didn’t even make it to Taylor Creek Rd. Do you even know where they put in and where the lightning picture was taken? They got stuck north of Sage Mountain and couldn’t make it down Canyon Creek (is my guess). Bit it could be that Fenn exaggerated and they didn’t even get that far from the 205 trail.

      Many other things are weak in your solve, and nothing special about that spot.


    • Funny story. Yep.

      I took pics of all my search areas – like everyone else. When I finished my solve, I went to my spot. No joy. I left after a while, completely discouraged. I went home and combed through my info again, hoping that I had missed something.

      I had taken a pic of the chest and hadn’t realized it until a while later.

      When I reached out to FF with the pic, I expected radio silence. It was in the winter, and I was going to go back, despite the weather. To my surprise, he responded – he instructed me to wait until summer. I shared the solve with someone who posts here somewhat regularly. Chest is then found.

      Was he just trying to keep a searcher safe? Maybe. He’s a cool cat like that. But I’ll gladly share the pic I took.

      So call it hubris etc. – but I do believe that I’m the finder, and I do believe that the retriever is the person in whom I confided.

      I’ll take that tinfoil hat, now.

      • don’t worry if you are right about the “retriever” i am sure he will hook you up when all is revealed.
        i am sure everyone wants to see the pic of the chest.
        in all seriousness and good fun a pic is worth a thousand words.

        • Thank you! I hope Dal posts the pics. All in good fun, for sure. I don’t really have realistic expectation of a payoff, but if I was right and played a part in this story, I’d love confirmation of that.

          • Wow that is good story and I do hope the retriever shares the honors with you. Can you post a link to the pic of the chest? Btw, are you friends with the retriever?

          • dynamutt,

            You can post a link to the photos which is what I had done once before. I’m very interested to see your photos, particularly the one of the TC.

      • i’m not knocking anything you said. just note he has told everyone to wait until summer. imo he “set” the search season based on summer conditions that apply at the same time for all four states. that keeps it safe, simple and doesn’t give anything away.

    • Evan – The guys say his keyword is Kotke

      I think its more likely peyote in this case.

      Entertaining though.

      • BigOnus,

        His solve seems pretty good (I like the blaze) and his story seems believable. Am I being fooled here?

        • Seriously deluded IMO

          I only glanced through it, so cannot comment on details.

          • I was hoping he would share the pic of the TC he saw in the snow last winter. I guess that would provide confirmation if he truly is the finder. Without that, it’s back to the waiting game,,,,,

  59. There was a recent telephone call made:

    “Hello. Good morning Mr. President! Very nice to hear from you. This is quite the surprise!”

    “Good morning your Highness. I don’t have much time. Any word yet?”

    “Any word on WHAT Donald?”(pets her Yorkie)

    “OK cut the crap. The treasure. Your people have any idea yet where it was hid? Listen, the FBI are worthless. You know something. I’ll bet you had Scotland Yard on top of this the minute Fenn made the announcement”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about” (covers the mouthpiece of phone and giggles) “Im just as much in the dark as you are” (sips on tea and stifles a laugh).

    “Well, if you do hear anything let me know. Its my number one priority at the moment”.

    “I will be sure to inform you the minute I receive word” (smirks and smiles). “Good day sir”.

    • I think Forrest received a phone call from the guy. They met at some random place. The guy threw the chest into the back of f’s car and said, “listen mate, take your box of tat back, it looks nothing like the photos in the advert!”. He then drove off, leaving the silver fox bewildered.

      That’s why Forrest is sat counting it alone. Sulking!

      • That made me laugh. Still would have loved to find it though. But it did look like a load of old tat. The first picture of the chest before it was hid was what i expected and would have kept it all. The final chest that was found, not so much, would have definately sold the lot.

  60. Dynamutt is getting a tough time on here for sharing their solve, but honestly, after looking all through it, I’m not sure why it is being dismissed so quickly…

    WWWH – there is a change of water temperature in this solve (the famous yellowstone geysers changing back to just normal waters).

    There is a Brown put-in to the Yellowstone River just down the Canyon….Not far, but too far to walk to it.

    If you keep on going down the river (north actually) the huge field clearing in the landscape near Kotke – from above (and we all know FF loved to fly) – does resemble a campfire blaze.

    The word mill (as in mill fork off of Hyalite creek) can be a synonym for tarry. Hyalite is somewhat of a stretch in this solve, but i can still see it being interpreted as “high-light” as in marvel gaze.

    One last thing is Dynamutt’s knowledge of Arthur Blank owning the land. That would have to be something you would have had to have known as you searched that area, whose land you were on. Or why else would you care who owned that land?

    Anyway, I am fairly new to all of this, and just purely enjoy zeroing in on locations – just for fun on google maps – when people post specific directions to where they thought it was hidden.

    One thing I keep going back to is that I believe the poem was simpler than a lot of folks made it out to be. Why would FF make it so ridiculously hard to solve that it could never be solved? There would have to be at least SOME simplicity – and straightforwardness – involved I would think.

    Just my .02

      • I noticed some of the discussion was deleted but on subject/kind of off subject…did you know that the term redneck while seen as derogatory in some parts of the country is also basically a comment in others. It’s a term that stemmed from the mine wars in West Virginia. When the call miners rose up their families and them wore red bandanas around their necks (hints the term). Makes me think how FF said something (and I’m paraphrasing this) about words that use to mean something else now mean something bad. Always thought it was interesting that he himself used the term when discussing who he wanted to find the chest (again paraphrasing). He doesn’t seem like the type to use a term that could be taken as derogatory to some without intention. Makes ya wonder huh? IMO of course

        • Coal miners not call miners…sorry my fingers can’t seem to catch up with my brain.

        • Playing golf results in a redneck. Yard work results in a redneck. Hiking in the mountains … redneck. Proud of it.

          • That’s the great thing about words…they’re all reliant upon perspective. I like yours!

          • Meaning? My intent with this thread was to highlight another time where FF may have said one thing but was referencing another.

          • MWB,
            Forrest comes from a time when shaking a man’s hand meant something. When a person did something so obviously good for his fellow man he didn’t get sued for it.. A time when Forrest could call a man a redneck and no one got offended…

    • Well said Brett, I agree. I thought the solve was a good one and I particularly liked the blaze.

      I’m just hoping dynamutt will provide a link to the pics he mentioned so we can get some confirmation!

    • True.I think I get what you mean. It could be that or it could be another clue. I hope one day we find out.

    • Yes and No. one solution for the genius. Another for … everybody else. One complex. One simple. That’s my opinion. And I think Forrest did that, in as much as possible, to create a level playing field.

      • But then the genius would have worked out the simple solution straight way. Or is he too clever for that? or too stupid?

        Im confused

  61. I hear ya. I saw earlier you mentioned there could be 2 solves (I believe it was you), or maybe 2 diff locations, and I found that fascinating.

    • Three correct answers to WWWH that can take you to the same treasure site. I said that. I also said maybe there are two treasure chests. One Romanesque. One Fennesque. Well that’s what I implied.

  62. Level playing field? Are you saying he hid it on a football pitch? or putting green?

  63. I think Dynamutt has something. The Arthur Blank land ownership is interesting. One of my major assumptions from the onset was that the TC was located on Public Land (not privately held land). This only makes sense as I am fairly certain ff would not knowingly encourage trespassing. I note that Arthur Blanfkpurchased the large tract of land from a private owner, but there is a small portion of BLM land included that was under a lease agreement. Hmmmm….

  64. So my turn! The key to solving the poem is in finding the key word. The phrase is ” There’ll be no paddle up your creek”. The oddity is the word “your”, why your creek. Well if the creek belonged to you, it would be yours. It would probably be a prized possession. If someone tried to take the creek from you , you would pull it back and say”mine”! AH “mine creek”. The poem is now solved, there is only one mine creek within the given parameters. Look at the area of Ravalli County , Montana. WWWH = Quartsite Mountain….. TIITCD = Taylor Canyon , NFBTFTW = at the end of Taylor Canyon turn left (NF) take a right turn at the next available road (TFTW). PIBTHOB which is where you are when you make said right turn. HOB = aerial view of , Brown trout (spawning) , Frog (croaking), and bear (sleeping) all verbs denoting that they are at home. Continue south on Mine Creek Road and you will come to Two U-turns (horse shoes) and from there to the Montana / Idaho border the road forms a women’s face looking west and she has a Marvel Gaze. Don’t believe me go and look on Google earth, if you are at too high an altitude you will have to ” look quickly down”. But “Tarry scant” because the chest is not here!

    Now we have the playing field outlined. If you draw a line from WWWH south down Taylor Canyon , make a left turn and curve down to Mine Creek Road and follow this road to the continental divide(Montana/Idaho border) you will have the body of a woman with her head falling toward the ground but currently at hip height (the first blaze). So this is now a story. The classic story of Medusa at the exact moment her head has been loped off! Now as we know Perseus cut off her head so he must be here also. Yes, if you look east of mine creek road just south of hughes creek past the Forest Fen you will see Perseus( facing west) crouched down behind his mirrored shield ( the second blaze).
    So if you put in below (lower in elevation)the home of brown and face east you will be looking directly into Perseus’s mirrored shield. You want to walk east into the forest fen , but if you do it looks like you are walking away (in the mirror). So you must walk away ,south west west so that you appear to be walking into the fen ( in the mirror shield), while actually walking away (in reality} About 1000 feet along is where the chest would be, Some of these “pictures will require a small amount of imagination . At the junction of Hughes Creek Road and Mine Creek road there used to be a “illegal/private” roadblock (NPFTM). So Forrest would have to of parked and walked from there, or road a bike. The roadblock was removed in 2017 , I think. This is my solve , I went and looked once before I solved the whole thing and so looked in the wrong place. After solving I thought it should be safe for another few years and I would wait til I retired, Oh well, it was fun anyway!

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