THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part thirteen


SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f

Santa Fe New Mexican story about the find is HERE

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663 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part thirteen

  1. On July 4th this page will close to new comments.
    The blog will remain viewable but comments will no longer be allowed.

    If Forrest makes a new announcement I will publish the announcement on the blog. Other than that, the blog will be available only as an archive and not as a place for discussion.

    I just want to thank all the fine folks that contributed to this blog over it’s nearly nine year run. There have been fun times, heartbreaks and immense growth here.

    The chase was a great deal of fun for me. I met many new friends while searching and I explored wonderful new (to me) places in the mountains north of Santa Fe.

    Most of all, I want to thank Forrest for making the last ten years meaningful, exciting and joyful.

    The folks on this blog not only took…but also gave and did great work over the years. In 2013 we raised $28,124 to help Renelle pay for her cancer treatments:

    In 2017 we raised $7,624 for the Santa Fe Children’s Museum by raffling a bag of chewed up money that Forrest donated:

    In 2018 the search community raised over $58,000 for Jdiggins when she lost her home in the California fires.

    As I write this the search community is helping Focused get the funds needed to publish a book of his beautiful poetry.

    Speaking of Focused…I want to thank him for bringing so much poetry to this blog. He not only wrote about a third of the 6,000 or so poems that appear here but he inspired hundreds of others to contribute. Forrest started this chase with a poem and a book and it is fitting that Focused will continue Forrest’s good-will effort with a book of beautiful poetry.

    We have held contests to name cats, make hats, tell stories, create shadows and have fun…cuz that’s what life is about.

    Forrest once sent out a piece of honest-to-god mastodon tusk to anyone on the blog who sent him a self addressed envelope. I mean where in the hell else are you going to find a buddy who can give you a piece of mastodon???

    I will, til my dying day, revel in the memories of Fennboree. Seeing Forrest embraced, admired and loved by the company of those he inspired to find his chest and play in the mountains.

    I loved my time with Forrest, sitting in his big room surrounded by his adventures and filming his wonderful stories. It was great fun watching him share his fly tying expertise and share in his unbridled enthusiasm for pottery shards. He once said to me that we ought to head up to Yellowstone and fish the Madison…I regret that we never got to do that. I would have loved that experience.

    In spite of the fact that it was not me who found the chest, I applaud the finder for his wisdom and luck.

    I wish Goofy good tidings and fair weather.

    I thank Chris for stepping up to keep this blog standing when the attack was relentless.

    To all those wanna-be poachers, trolls, spammers and woofers…I say “fuck you”. We made it work in spite of you.

    It is now a bitter, bitter end to witness greed in the shape of pernicious litigation and malevolent spite that has accumulated against Forrest. I know that most humans are wonderful people but I have also learned that some are despicable and have no more function in the world than to spread hatred and create a malicious environment in a place that was intended to be joyful and playful. I don’t know what makes them tick and I don’t care.

    I wish Peggy and Forrest the very very best. I know that the good which Forrest has inspired in the form of honor, trust, adventure and exploration will continue for generations and I hope he is proud of the joy and honor the chase has brought so many of us. My admiration is bottomless…

    Thanks to all of you…good luck and stay healthy…

    • If you are ever my way Dal, please feel free to look me up and we can get a bite.

      • To all, including Forrest,

        If you ever get to Naples, FL, I would love to have lunch and finally get to talk about where I thought it was, and no, I don’t have it, nor have I ever seen it, but I would like to think I was close.


    • Boom. That’s a fourth of july, independence day, awesome write-up. Thank you dal, and thank you for keeping the sight readable.

      • Thank you Dal for your tremendous contributions to the Chase and for your loyalty to Forrest. Godspeed and Good Luck to you in whatever endeavor you decide to ”chase” going forward.

    • Dal,

      Well said. I’ve been lurking this blog over the years and only started commenting sometime last year. Thank you for all that you’ve don’t to help keep the chase alive and I hope to have a beer with you some day at a “Fennboree” or something of the like. Hell, I hope to have a beer with ALL of you one day lol.

      And to Forrest, thank you for the experience and the memories.


      Robert Szelinski

    • Thank you for all that you have done for the search community over the years, Dal. You have given us a place to voice our thoughts and keep us informed without misinformation and with respect as well as maintaining integrity. You even took the time to answer some of my ridiculous emails over the years even though you didn’t have to. I hope you continue your adventures and you and your family stay safe and healthy in these turbulent times that we live in. Again, thank you for everything, Dal!

    • Dal, you are to be commended for all the effort you put into this. The Chase would not have been half as enjoyable without your blog. You have much to be proud of. I have no idea what a woofer is, but as my father used to tell me, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” Positive memories of the Chase will surround Forrest Fenn for all fair-minded folk, but they will also be associated with Dal Neitzel. You took on this thankless job for what appears to me to be no personal benefit whatsoever. You never self-promoted and kept your cool while often dealing with malcontents. In this life you can never please everyone, but you helped bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. Well done, good and faithful servant.

    • Hats off to you, Dal. You brought so much to this adventure. I only wish I had jumped in sooner. Thank you, Forrest. And thank you, Dal.

    • I’ll still bugggg you thru email you can’t get rid of me lol thank you for all you done it definitely was a Thrill Dal . You and the ole coot made life enjoyable for a lot of years and the ole coot did a lot for us all even took the time to answer my emails thru the good bad and the worst of times lol luv ya both to infinity and beyond

      • I feel blessed that I got to see and hold those boots in Dal’s little cache before I ever got to know their owner! Diggin Gypsy: you were a major inspiration for my adventures and persistence, and I knew from the start I could never match your BOTG tenacity nor the boldness of your adventures! You, Dal, Cynthia and so many others helped make “Home of Dal” such a comfortable fireplace around which to share our mutual triumphs and failures, and give comfort and spur motivation for another day.

        In all my decades online I have made countless friends, but the Chase — and Dal’s blog in particular — connected me with a virtual family of kindred spirits without equal, all focused on a challenge leveled by one remarkable man. I want to thank Forrest for exposing me, through his storytelling, to the scores of interesting people he has encountered in his long life. Those folks will be remembered that much longer thanks to his heartfelt words.

        Finally to searchers: I wish only the best for all of you, and hope to meet many of you on the trail someday … somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe!

        • And thanks to you Zap for your endless wealth of resources! It was always appreciated.

    • Amen to that dal. Bittersweet, I will truly miss you all. Thank you all so much for your friendship and kinship and support in my time of need.
      Thank you dal for all you’ve done, and
      Thank you forrest, it was wonderful beyond words.

    • Dal–
      What a great post. You really are an excellent writer. I hope you write a book about your Chase experiences.. I would definitely buy it.

      This has been a great blog. Thanks so much for creating it, and all the best to you!

    • Thank you Dal for such a kind comment about my poetry, but let’s get the record straight, if it were not this blog, the poetry page and all the great people who visited here over the years that pushed me to continue, my words would never have been heard.
      Thank you for giving us a place to express our thoughts in a positive and meaningful way!!!!

      Below is what I posted on the poetry page and thought I’d share it here…..
      Hello my friends,
      Most of you guys know me by “Focused” here on the blog, it’s kinda hard for me to go by anything else here. I feel someday this blog will be gone and our contact with each other will zilch to none. That’s why I’m writing this now. My real name is James Bynum (aka-Focused), so anyone wishing to get a book when the time arises can search the information below to find it later on, or just email me and in the subject box type “ Book and your screen name” and I will let you know when it’s ready. Otherwise you can search Amazon books, Barnes&Noble etc. for the keywords listed below. I want each and everyone who wants a book to get one and not be lost in cyber space once this blog vanishes. Thank you all for years of enjoyment and the support along the way and thank you for the donations to make it happen… you guys are a great bunch of people that I will cherish forever….

      Author Name: James Bynum
      Screen Name: Focused
      Author Email:
      Book Title: The Quill of the Chase
      Donation link:

      Even though we may lose this contact, we can still stay in touch. Email anytime, my inbox is always open… especially for you guys!!!
      I hope everyone has a great day today and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it….. until next time….see ya my friends…

      James Bynum (Focused)

    • Thank you to you, to Forrest and everyone who wrote on your blog. I enjoyed reading it all. I
      am especially happytotell Forrest, if it wasn’t for The Thrill of he Chase, I probably would never have visited, Santa Fe , Yellowstone or Hebgen Lake area.

    • dal, I hope you are still wearing pants when describing “admiration is bottomless…” !!!

      • Warlock62, I like your thinking. Also, you did a great job on the website, easy to look through and pictures to support your clue answers.
        IMO whatever the correct solve was, it involved making an X on the map. Great work!

      • No pine trees anywhere nearby, and certainly not in a “lush, forested vegetation” part of the Rocky Mountains. I can appreciate the intensity you have for your solve, but it’s quite a lot of reaching IMO. The clues were consecutive, allowing for people to figure out the first two clues, and not get the remaining seven; allowing searchers to be within 500′ or 200′ of the chest’s location. A girl in India wouldn’t have been able to get past the second clue with an armchair approach. I’m sorry, but you asked for people to “prove you wrong”, which I’m not trying to do. Just pointing out flaws that don’t correlate to comments Forrest has made, and answers he has given.

    • Thank you so much for all you did to make information available to all of us. I enjoyed reading everything. You had many adventures that I myself would of loved to have done. (I shall though lol) We lived vicariously through these stories and they brought us all together as a family. As all families…….. some just are down right mean and hateful. Let’s hope they settle down and realize what truly is important in life. Thanks again for all you do…… <3

    • Thank you Dal for all you have done and brought to this community ❤️ We all applaud you sir for giving us all a place to meet, greet, and discuss the Chase! You too should be proud!
      There are always going to be wolves dressed as black sheep…we shouldn’t give them another thought!
      Peace and Happiness to you Dal
      And as Forrest would say “Never Stop Searching” ❤️✌️

    • Thanks Dal for always updating this blog. I will miss everyone even though I didn’t add too much here and on the forums. I gave my honest opinion at one point and was bombarded with comments. Geesh! So, after that I didn’t express myself. Anyway, I really enjoyed most of the community. Stay safe Dal! Forrest thanks so much for the thrill of the chase. I enjoyed it immensely. Take good care of yourself and Peggy. I hope all these lawsuits are over for you quickly. God Bless you FF and everyone on here!❤

    • Dal just looks to mean for a poem,
      so here’s a pirates legend! Arrr!

      Throughout the seven seas is the tale,
      Of a fearsome pirate who ever did sail,
      And seafarers paled at the name of Dal,
      Aboard his ship Ezy he faced many gals.

      A tight ship, hard and stern was he,
      Follow the rules or walk the plank ye,
      The scallawags run and they flee,
      From the full broadside of HOD.

      Captains Ahab, Blackbeard, knows he,
      Dal is a friend of the deep blue sea,
      Upon Ezy he searched for chest and key,
      With a barrel of rum, motley crew indeed!

      Long remembered will his deeds be told,
      A pirates, pirate, cunning and bold,
      And with many a pirate shared their gold,
      All the stories, the new and the old.

      • You are hitting nails and clues on their heads.
        Forrest Fenn would not do better.
        I also tried to write a Poem:

        A tale of Roses

        Thinking long but not too long time,
        Brought me to the point where I’am
        With my Friend Arnold, working in my garden
        Helping me without a pardon
        Pruning roses with my gloves worn,
        For not being pricked by a thorn
        Roses are diamonds in the sky of our globe
        Like stars in heaven and in my frontal lobe
        I’m resting now and sitting down
        My gloves are empty now and on the lawn
        I’am eating now a piece of pie
        It is the truth and not a lie

    • Now what the hell are we going to do now!!!!!! We the lookers need a CHASE!

    • Hear, hear ! Well said Dal !

      Thanks a lot again to everybody who made this so much fun for me and my search buddies over the years.

    • Dal, thank you. Thank you for the closure that I have been looking for. Your strength and positivity gives me that little push I needed to move on to the next adventure. Very touching reading everyone’s thoughts. Thank you most of all to Forrest for the challenge of a lifetime.
      Be well.

    • Good blessings to Dal and to everyone who helped make The Chase a grand experience. There are so many excellent “solves,” I can’t help but to feel like I was way off. I enjoyed it, though. I wish to each and to all.

      Signing off here from OH.
      Stay safe, everyone!

    • Well said Dal.
      I Freakin Love You Man!
      Ride hard and shoot your guns whenever you can!
      And always take the path in between the trails.
      Pauley T

    • Thanks Dal , you are a good person , its been fun . EVERYTHING comes to an END .

    • Sorry to see that Dal’s site will be closed to future comments after the 4th of July. All here are welcome to join us in discussing the Forrest Fenn Chase (and other treasure hunts) on the Facebook Group, TREASURES GALORE. See you soon!

    • Never read your blog but enjoyed your last post which was put o n the chase fb page. Happy trails

    • Yes people think of and thank Forrest in regards to the chase. The next person in line though is Dal. The blog you worked on really turned the chase into a community, and we all appreciate it.

    • Thanks for everything Forrest Fenn! Check out The Thrill of the Secrets group on Facebook for our new upcoming treasure hunts u inspired us to do. We got the whole treasure hunt all set up and ready to start July 7th…hope u watch it happen! Thanks again Forrest Fenn and Dal Neitzel.!!

      • Do you need help setting up a site? Many people for security reasons are not allowed to use Facebook, at least not in a traditional format.

        • But them are also the ones that don’t leave there perch when bird watching or listening …just saying lol or really important

    • I have enjoyed reading the blogs over the years and have loved the stories that Dal and Forrest have wrote about their days. Thank you. If you ever make it to Cheyenne, wyoming. Look me up and i will be happy to have lunch or a drink at the cafe with either of you. Im still researching the way Forrest took his trips to Yellowstone every year and would love to travel 1940s style to imagine what his family would have experienced. So if anyone has access to that info i would it. Best of wishes to Fenn, Peggy and his family. I feel like i know you. KHcheyennewy

    • I bought Forrest’s first book on 4/20/2013 and I’ve read each article the day they appeared on this blog ever since. You and all of the wonderful contributors inspired me to make four Quests into the heart of the Rockies, dragged my family along for two of those trips, and even had one published here in these pages.

      It has been magical watching this unfold in real time with you. When we went a little crazy (some more than others!) having your site to ground us back to reality was invaluable.

      Thank you, Dal, for all your hard work over the years in bringing Searchers together and helping us try to make sense of it all.

      wishing you well,

      • Warren,
        Right? A reasonable request in my opinion.

        “The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f”

        Apparently the wants of one individual somehow outweighs the wants of an entire community of staggering size.

        A word to the finder…good job on crushing the expectations of the search community. Get on with your selfish self.

    • Very well said Dal – thank you. I only was involved for a little over a year and sad to see it over (but it’s really not over yet is it?) I believe that the poem is like one of those black and white pictures that have an image that may not be clear at first – but then Eureka! There it is! I haven’t had my eureka moment – yet. Trying to figure it out was a wonderful and pleasant distraction from the craziness of today’s world. There are many more adventures beyond TOTC to experience – both large and small – for someone whose spirit is alive.

    • Dal – If you ever find yourself dragging that camper in Western Colorado, email me. On one of our 27 trips to the West Yellowstone area we found something with our make shift metal detectors that we want you to have. It’s pretty cool!
      Anyway, we all appreciate you man!

    • Dal –

      Well said! I just wanted to give you my thanks and appreciation for the great job you did running this blog. You were a tremendous part of what made the Chase fun. Happy Trails!


    • Dear Dal,

      Thank you for sharing who you are with all of us.

      Right alongside Forrest your candid and kind personality

      filled my own experience with substance and warmth.

      I positively relished reading your own stories and tales of adventure.

      You are a very gifted writer and your depth of character is reflected beautifully in all your endeavors.

      With great gratitude and admiration I wish you all the best!

    • Thank you, Dal! Wonderful words! And – shame on those trying to litigate! Karma will get them in the end. xoxo

    • Thank you, Dal, for enduring the mispronunciation of your name over and over and over again, LOL! I enjoyed meeting you at the various Fennborees, and spending hours and hours here in House of Dal, visiting the numerous ideas of everyone who became obsessed with solving this Chase. You have been a gracious host. The darkness of lawsuits will surely pass, just like the storm clouds in the mountains. I send love to all the fellow travelers I’ve met here. You are each such incredible individuals, there was certainly no such thing as an archetypal Searcher, except for the telltale sign of 3am posts from searchers who have gotten a whiff of a new solve to pursue. Connie (Smartblonde)

    • Thank you Dal ! Forrest you will forever be in my heart! I won the necklace for the most funniest treasure hunt….it will be passed on for generations in my family! What a wonderful 10 years…..

    • Dal –

      “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze…”

      Your awesome blog. Which was the path that led all of us to the wisdom of Forrest Fenn, and “The Thrill of the Chase”. My gratitude, to you, Forrest and all the Chasers here, is bottomless. Even when I was frequently and appropriately moderated off of this forum. Thanks for welcoming me back, eventually. Giggles.


      Lisa Cesari (aka E*)

    • Well said Dal! I have only been on the site for a short time but it was amazing. So thank you for everything. If you ever are in NJ you have a place to stay. Mike,Colleen & family.

    • Thank you for all of the stories, history, hope, and creativity you have shared Dal… And a thank you to Forrest Fenn for making the search and adventure possible. You bring so much of history out in a way that makes a person feel like they are living in the old west for just for a moment. Take care everyone…

      • So… at the end (stanza six) your work requires you to go 11 more miles to a garage? How do you reconcile that additional movement with people getting the first two clues right and being within 200 feet of the chest?

        It’s pretty clear from the writing and the math that you’re a bright person.
        When Forrest made the no cyphers comment, I trusted him on that. I also believed that for the simple reason that there are brilliant math and cypher people at huge universities who probably took a crack at this in 50 different ways and all came up empty handed over the years.

        Was it a particularly leaky garage with a skylight on top? I’m trying to figure out how it was wet/under a canopy of stars/ in the lush forest, while also being in a garage of some kind 11 miles from a woodshed.

        I have not read the Harmon book you mention, but the idea of people living in the early part of the 1900s getting spanked doesn’t seem that odd to me. Were there any adventures in that book that directly parallel those in TTOTC? Being spanked is something all of us on here over 35 probably experienced, unless we did everything right.

        • The ‘treasure’ is the Mystic Lake area. There are no ciphers in my solution, as I noted. There is a difference between a ‘cipher’ and steganographically hidden clues.

          I never could figure out why the finder would need the “title to the gold” if he or she already found the bronze chest out in the woods.

          Thank you for your response, David.

    • Best wishes to you, Dal. Your blog was a great place to meet fellow searchers and share ideas over many years. To Mr Fenn, I wish him and his family the best while dealing with the greed seekers. He encouraged all to seek the beauty of the outdoors – mission accomplished for all who got off of their couches! Time to move on to find new treasures of the wilderness and outdoors! Best to All

    • Thank you DAL!

      May we meet again. Maybe at a “Fennboree Legacy” get together somewhere in the mountains North of Santa Fe.

      Hopefully late May or Early June 2021

      We will try to make a pilgrimage to Hyde Park each year.

      I am close to a cache from the time of the Pueblo Revolt. Not too far from Santa Fe. There are many other secrets in Northern NM. I hope to keep going there once a year for a search…

      Take care my Friend. I would treasure hearing more of your chase stories around the campfire…

      –TW, LittleStar, and Suzy Q

    • Dal – always a beer for you and a table setting at my place…good night and good luck.

    • Thank You for creating, Maintaining & civilizing a place that is as close as so many got and so much more. Stay well, stay frosty Dal —
      Peace Brother…

      Babylon Slim

  2. Gods speed Dal, in whatever adventure comes next, may you continue to facilitate, encourage, and create a home for good people, to come together to share their life stories. It has always been a fond memory of when I first met you. May the grass and flowers of your fields, grow without the weeds of discontent.

  3. Thank YOU Dal. It was with your help we raised almost $3000 for St. Judes. Thank you for letting me advertise my art on your page. This isn’t a goodbye. It’s just Until Next Time. God Bless.

  4. Dal,
    Thank you so much for this blog and your guidance through the years.
    Your heartfelt message says it all.. I hope you enjoy your retirement and Ezy holds up to the new trailer..
    God Bless everyone here , I wish you all the best..I especially pray that Forrest and Peggy find the peace they deserve..
    Take care everyone and stay well 🙂

  5. Dal thank you for you time, kindness and humility. In this ever challenging world we need more people like you and Forrest. I guarantee all of us will get a chuckle, here and there, thinking of the times spent we spent with you…. And for some odd reason, I don’t think the journey is over; we are just beginning a new chapter.

    Lastly, I hope all of us have been taught a valuable lesson, that the most important, is this wonderful life! Don’t let it pass!

    Love to all! And good luck on your next journey!

  6. Dal,
    You are a star!. Loved your final message, especially the FU. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing this quality place to discuss the chase. It has provided me many years of reading entertainment.

  7. No one could have written a better goodbye to the story of the chase and praise of Forrest . Hats off to you Dal and with my utmost admiration of all that you have accomplished re the web, the blog, and all the other ways that you have given the rest of us enjoyment over these past 7 years. I’m only sorry that we didn’t meet up at the Diggens raffle. Besides Fenn, you were the one person that I admired the most in this story.

    Take care and all the best in years to come, Ron

  8. The treasure for me: It put me to sleep! Now that’s a treasure. Once I memorized the poem I would become so distracted by trying to solve the riddles that I would drift to sleep.

  9. Perfectly said dal. May the future bring you and yours all the luck in the world.. Thanks for a great experience ive had using this site, that you created. As i have wrote before its kept me company though dark times with anxietys and depression. You, forrest and the majority of the search community are wonderful people and the world is a better place just for having all of them in it. As you said “fuck you” to the others.
    Stay safe, stay well and thank you again,. I hope one day if i make it across to the us that im lucky enough to bump in to a few of you, in the mountains, some where north of santa fe.
    Respect and love to all.

  10. Well said Dal! I was also helped when the hurricane hit and many searchers donated to help me get back on my feet and it was a great help and I truly appreciate it!!! I’m not as outgoing as my sister diggin Gypsy but I think I can speak for her n saying we both appreciate your HARD work on the blog and kindness as well as Forrest friendship and the all the time he put into making the search fun for everyone. It’s been a hell of a ride! Thank you both!

  11. If 2020 is a reminder of nothing else, please know that people are stupid (especially those who would malign or slander Forrest and his family). I have no patience for crap like that. He was the author/creator of one of the greatest adventures in American history. Bar none. His stories resonate with millions, and motivated thousands. And, for awhile anyway, he attempted to answer emails from every single searcher. He is my personal hero, though I never met him face to face. In his honor, I am continuing the Chase. Stay tuned by way of Website is under construction. Details will follow later this summer.

    • “The end is just the beginning” – T.S. Eliot


      Coming soon:
      Registration Opens August 2020
      First Clue September 2020

  12. Regarding the lawsuits,etc. Sometimes you just can’t be reasonable with an unreasonable person. Poor people,

  13. Thank you Dal,

    I am so glad you are keeping your blog up. I was so sad and a little upset when I heard you were taking it down. Thanks for all your hard work keeping it going for so long. All the best to you and your new adventures.

  14. Dal,
    THANK YOU…that was emotionally inspiring and also heartbreaking. You did make it work, you and all the good people who participated. The good memories far out weigh the bad. Mr. Fenn, his family and friends are what help make this country great and life worth living. So many lives changed for the better. I refuse to waste my time on those people who don’t matter, the dead ends, besides you said it best. So much more to say which I will save for later.

  15. Dal- All I can say is thank you for everything you’ve done to keep up with your blog and helping with other peoples inspiration to get out of the house and head to remote locations. Although I’ve only posted on here a few times I have read thru 90% of the stories/poems/ideas. I’m originally from Wyoming but have been living in Boulder CO for 25 years now. Remote areas are my favorite, I too have secret fishing holes and solitude corners where I like to escape, I just hope that if we ever find out where the treasure was hidden, it wasn’t in one of my search areas or fishing hole.

    Take care and I wish you (and of course Forrest) the best.

  16. Gosh, Dal, every now and then, even you write something to lift my eyebrows… and make me smile! It’s like a few of those words spewed right from MY mouth!! See ya in West Labor Day weekend … and on the bridge 9/05/2020! Be there! (with a face mask, most likely!)

    • Cythia- hi, ive never spoke to you before but seeing as this is all coming to an end, just wanted to say hi, thank you and all the best for the future. You been a big part of my chase experience along with Dal and of course Mr Forrest Fenn. And just wantes to show my appreciation. Take care and god bless you.
      Jay from the uk.

    • @Cynthia: Oh how I wish I could join! Make sure your borders are open by August/September!

      @Dal: I enjoyed your site for quite a while and I found real search buddies here. I even met a handful of them on my travels. So thank you for letting me in and being a part of this Opus Bellum you created! This site is your treasure!

      @community: I always enjoyed reading everything you guys contributed and I have a feeling that there’s an invisible band connecting our searcher souls! Knowing that most of us (definitely more than 93%!) are kind and peaceful souls makes it harder for me to see this site close ist doors! I’ll miss you all and the Chase! Thank you for that experience!!!

      I will still have a job to do and I will always stay a mountain guy for the rest of my life! This is Forrest’s achievement! Thank you, Forrest!!!

    • It was great sitting beside you at the Denver meet-up last year. I’ll never forget the laughter we all shared because of the unruly “bad boy” Jdiggins bit into and landed on you. That whole evening was a blast! 🙂

  17. A beautiful, heartfelt message, Dal. It got me a bit choked up reading it. I feared the day coming when the words from my dear friends would grow silent. I love you all dearly and I thank you so much for the happiness you’ve given me throughout the years. All the very best to you. You’ll never know how much you’re going to be missed.

    • Thanks Forrest…
      You brought together a wonderful community of people…
      You inspired a few hundred thousand to get off their derrière and into the wood…
      I admire you greatly…

      I hope this all turns out good for you…

      • Thank you, Forrest, for the chase I enjoyed it, good luck
        to you and your family.
        Dal, thank you for all the hard work you put in to keep this
        blog going, it helped me a lot, I appreciate it, thanks, and
        good luck to you and your family also.

      • thanks again Forrest and dal…
        the internet and social media could learn a lot from your stewardship of this page, dal.

    • Thank you Mr Forrest Fenn, you saved my life in a way you’ll never truely know. What you did for the world was a wonderful thing.
      I wish you, peggy and your family, peace and happiness and nothing but good things forever and a day. Take care sir. Thank you once more.
      Jay curran.

    • Thank you Forrest And Dal
      By the way Forrest how many people
      Do you think that brown trout would feed if it was for real ?

    • As I have gone alone in there
      And with my ego bold,
      I can keep my secrets where,
      And relish in memories never told.

      Thank You Forrest!
      God Bless!

    • Bless Forrest, Peggy and Dal, along with everyone else involved in the Chase (even the haters) along with the rest of our great Nation. in the name of the Father, the Son and of the HOLY GHOST.

    • Yes! Thank you Mr. Fenn! It’s been a joy!
      Dal…being a shy guy from the midwest, prior to the announcement of the end, I never felt a need to contribute my thoughts and opinions on your site. But, when it appeared that the end was truly at hand, I finally felt a desire, a need, to say something as public evidence that, I too, was a part of this wonderful community. I also wanted to publically profess the love I had with the TTOTC and my belief in all that is good with Mr. Fenn and this hunt. It’s been great!
      Thanks ever so much to the both you!
      Take care and may TTOTC forever remain in your hearts and spirit.

    • Good blessings to you, Forrest. Thank you for all these adventures. It was a life-changing experience for me. Therapeutic on so many levels.

      Wishing you all happiness, peace, and joy. You are loved.

    • Thank you Dale and Forrest. And now this chapter closes. I hope you both enjoy the rest of your retirement. On to new adventures for all of us. Tears.

    • Thank you Forrest

      It ain’t over cause the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. LOL!

      Yes, there will be a “Fennboree Legacy” get together next year. Even if I am the only one there.

      You are, of course, officially invited to join us for a much needed and very well burnt hot dog! Carbonized dogs rule!

      Take care Forrest. Live long and prosper!

      -TW, LittleStar, and Suzy Q

  18. Well said Dal. I second everything you said. I will not forget yall and I love you and Forrest to the moon and back. I too will continue to email you when I think of you and Forrest too. I have already planned Forrest’s birthday present. Shipping it of course. Stay safe and let the adventures continue!

  19. Thank you for your time and effort! I know from day-job experience what it takes to make something like this run on the internet. I will keep looking for the spot where the chest was found, and take photos and such. May life treat you well.

  20. Dal, thank you for your generosity of time, patience and spirit! Sincerely wishing you the very best in all your future endeavors. Kindly.

    • Two good men through thick and thin. All-stars in any good book. You both end up with a win. And all it took was a friendly look. How do we thank guys like that? My guess is with friendship. Thanks guys!

    • Forrest, i never did get an email reply but i. Cool with that.
      My girl friend just agreed with me that when we have children my first son will be called Forrest after you. God bless you Sir.

    • Forest, Two things………….

      Adirondack Bob……

    • Forrest, thank you for the “thrill”. What a ride! I’m so sad to see it come to an end. Please take care!

      Dal, thank you for all your work on this great site that brought us all together as a community. I’m gonna miss it! Happy trails!

      -WY Girl

  21. Thank you for your blog and all the work you have put into it over the years. It has been immeasurable for the thrill of the chase. ✌

  22. Thanks for a comfortable place to get the poop, the whole poop, and nothing but the poop ( I think that’s a quote from Radar on M*A*S*H)
    Best to all the good hearted souls out there.

  23. I, too, would like to join the parade of well-wishers and grateful. I, unlike many now posting, put you into some extremely complicated editorial decisions, and to my eyes, your wisdom and discretion are truly exceptional. Believe me when I tell you that I carry many regrets regarding my single-purpose mindset, and some of the posts and emails that I penned as the contest progressed. Hopefully we can both call my foibles water under the bridge and, perhaps, one day we can sit down over a pitcher of lemonade and chew the fat for a while as veterans are wont to do once the war is over and a little peace time has passed? I’d like to hope that you’d like to do that, and you have an open invitation to look me up the next time you’re in Iowa. Thank you, and deepest respect to you for a job exceptionally done!

  24. Thanks, Dal…for providing the best forum and resource, without a doubt, in all of Chasedom.
    This has been a challenge that has exposed the gamut (one might say a full-spectrum rainbow) of human emotions and foibles. Who would have thought a poem-embedded puzzle and tantalizing prize could lead to such sublime heights and murky depths of the psyche? I personally, learned an incredible amount of American history I never would have explored had it not been for Forrest’s well cast lure. Religious, spiritual, call it what you will—it has been an epic adventure.
    Thanks, Forrest!

  25. Dal Thanks for a fabulous web site and all of your great stories. Few people would have done all the work and put up with all the gripes you have dealt with over the years. Without your site I dare say many fewer people would have been out searching, it has been a joy to be part of it with all the other searchers.

    Have you picked out a name for your trailer? I hope ezy doesn’t get jealous of you not sleeping with her now.

    God bless you and yours.

  26. Thank you, Dal!

    I stumbled upon this blog a few months ago and my only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner.

    Well done, Sir.

  27. Dal, it has been a real pleasure getting to know you. It has also been a pleasure getting to know f through you. Your photography could compete with the best, btw, and I always expected for you to arrive at Lone Pine Mesa, at the end of the Hermit Peak Trail. #223. Enjoy life, 5Girls and Deeepthnkr.

  28. Thanks Dal! World is filled with good and bad, dark and light. Keep your light shining..

  29. Dal –
    Thanks for your tireless effort to support the Chase. No one had a chance of finding the chest without you (and Jenny). Whoever the finder is owes you both a portion of the proceeds, IMO. It was great fun. And thanks for kicking me off the blogs and deleting my posts only a few (see Forrest for the meaning of “few”) times.
    -Mr Obvious and the boys

    Gentlemen, take a bow please …

    -Road Runner
    -Deputy Dawg
    -Easy Peasy
    -Cornfield Cowboy
    -Captain Jack

        • … and another oversight on my part, last but certainly not least …
          -Lucky Guy

      • Oh … almost forgot … and thanks to our Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Forrest B. Fenn, fisherman, decorated US Air Force fighter pilot, art dealer, sculptor, poet, writer, artist and teacher for putting together the most extraordinary treasure hunt. You achieved your goal. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Now … where did you say you hid the treasure chest?

        • How can we raise some clams and trade them, for a Life-size Bronze FF sitting on a Bench (barefoot), at the Collective Works Bookstore ? I`d pledge a K

          Mission Impossible Accomplished … Bravo Mr. Fenn.

          plop plop … fizz fizz… oh what a relief it is

    • Ahhh the moniker confessions…
      Putt putt
      Inohury (the first)
      And others way early on…

    • Thanks to Mindy at Fennborree 2017 (I think) for keeping my identity a secret. 😉

  30. Thanks Dal,

    May the road rise up to meet.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warmth upon your face.
    The rains fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

  31. Thank you, Dal. Especially for using a word that would have gotten any of our posts deleted, but that expressly needed to be said and entered into the record here on your site, because we’re all thinking it right now.

    Maybe once the pending suits are dead the finder will issue something to us through Forrest. Even just which pages held hints would be fantastic from my perspective. “Any part of some is better than no part of any.” Or however that quote goes.

  32. Nevermind bittersweet, it’s just plain tear jerking…
    I will miss you all so.
    I never blogged before this. 6 years 3 months and one day, I actively pursued solving this poem and along the way made great friends. I will greatly miss you all, and the thrill of this chase.
    Thank you forrest…. Much love to all…

  33. Dal, thank you for all the support you provided to the search community. IMHO, You and your contributions to maintain this site will always be remembered as the lifeline to keep searchers connected to Forrest and The Thrill of The Chase. Take care.

  34. Thank you Dal. Thank you Forrest. It has been a thrill for myself and my children. A thrill to participate in the blog. A thrill to attend Fennboree. A thrill to meet Forrest. A thrill to meet other searchers. A thrill to see the excitement in my children’s eyes as we headed out west to our adventure. A thrill to explore. A thrill to camp and spend family time in the great outdoors. A thrill to learn so much more about our American West.

    Thank you – Thank you!

    ~ Wisconsin Mike

  35. Thank you dal for all your efforts in keeping the pace of the Chase hopping and poppin over the years. I remember even the very first cut at your blog way back in the very beginning before it became such a polished masterpiece. I would lovingly refer to your blog as “The Masquerade” in my emails sent from time to time to Mr. Fenn. My wish is for you to provide the list of all the Players and who they Masqueraded AS throughout the years. Even the Players played an important roll so a shout-out to them as well. Without the playbill, I always just assumed that every poster on the Masquerade was Mr. Fenn so I tried to listen real good.

    Grace and peace to you dal and enjoy your new found freedom.

    • Wind-
      I never knew about most of them…I caught a few but not many…no hard feelings if anyone wants to divulge their many handles over the life of the blog…I’ll just laugh about it like everyone else…

      I see a couple have already started a list…

  36. Dear Dal & all your helpers. Glad thoughts to your futures. May God bless you with health, adventures, & old age. Its been joy & will miss you all.
    Wildbirder & Hubby

  37. Thanks Dal for dedicating your talents to the Thrill of possibly being able to find the Holy Grail in this, a spiritual quest that makes us all know that God lives in the Rockies and also in the hearts and minds of those fortunate ones of us who heard the call and found the majestic splendor of exploring. I know where the treasure is, was and will forever be …

  38. Dal, this site has been a resource for so many that have never ever posted. i am one of that silent ones that visited this forum for several years and just took for granted that it would always be here. I know that there are numbers that estimate how many people have searched and worked to solve this mystery. if they all communicated on this site, it would be staggering. your efforts were truly a work of love and i thank you.

    Forrest, The chase has provided me with two of the most exhilarating trips of my life. i can truly say that i have never had an adrenal rush like i did when i approached my solves…..only to leave there scratching my head questioning what i had missed. one constant thought that continues to go thru my mind is what a gift you gave to so many when you decided to construct the poem, and selflessly pack the treasures into that amazing chest. You asked for nothing, and gave so so many of us (not just the posters on this site) our own stories and adventures that will last for our lifetimes.

    Gentlemen, my best wishes to you both.
    With love and respect,

  39. Thank you Dal for all the time you gave to this blog. Thank you Forrest for the Chase. As for the idiots out there that can’t appreciate and see what a gift has been given to you, F@#k you as Dal said, and may Karma take full effect on you.

  40. Thanks for everything, Dal. I’ll nominate you for honorary “Den Mother of the Mountains north of Santa Fe.” I’m sure most of the time this was a true labor of love, though once in a while it perhaps seemed like herding cats. You did everyone here proud. Safe travels; hope to bump into you somewhere scenic one day.

  41. Thank you Dal for all the years of effort you placed on this wonderful chase. It was truly an adventure I will never forget. And thank you Forrest for the opportunity to chase a dream and to learn imagination is more important than knowledge.

  42. Thank you Dal and all the positive, appreciative, and adventurous people in this group. And especially to sooo-generous Forrest Fenn and his vision and his accomplishments. Please keep me in your e-mail group. Dal, I am in Boise, ID, and if you are coming through, please give me a head’s up and stop for a visit. I am on Facebook and am the Eileen Peterson in front of the pyramid; however, the photo is 20 years old. Blessings and happy treasure-hunting to all of you!

  43. Thank you Dal for all your time and effort running this blog. It was an excellent platform for us searchers to get Chase information and make comments.

  44. Dal… WOW. That must have been pretty easy to write, because while reading it, you could tell it was strait from the heart. (It’s great to know that you can also speak like a well educated sailor) I only wish I had learned of the Chase, sooner. Four years was just not enough.
    Like fellow searchers, we can not thank Forrest enough, but I would also like to send you a heart felt thank you, to you as well. You have a pretty good life story as well, as far as I can see. You poured your heart and soul into this blog and went out of your way to answer (sometimes odd) questions, not only from myself, but hundreds of people. For this I say thank you Dal. You are truly a man’s man.
    Keep on livin, lovin and learnin.
    David McGillis

    A good friend will always bail you out of jail. But a true friend will be sittin right next to ya sayin… Damn that shit was fun!

  45. Thanks to both Forest and Dal for the ability to exercise both the brain and the body. This was an awesome resource for everyone involved in the chase. Hats off to Forest for getting us all outside into such a beautiful part of this world.

  46. Thanks Dal and Forrest for all the thrills. Y’alls water sure does run deep.

    Best wishes,
    Matthew S. Emery

  47. Thanks to all especially Forrest and Dal.

    Closure and peace mixed with memories of the things that might have been and thoughts of things that are yet to be.

    Maybe someday “The Rest of The Story”.

  48. Well Howdy Dooty you and Buffaloe Bob sure kept us thrilled for a very long time.

    I myself and thousands of others who tuned in want to THANK YOU for running a tip top production that not only entertained but taught us a history, art, humor, kindness, and gobs and gobs about human nature. The name DAL NEITZEL will always be a part and parcel of the legend.

    Now as the tube goes to a Big Chief test pattern and they play the National Anthem it does not mean the end, no sir, it means new beginnings.

    Forrest & Dal THANK YOU EVER-SO-MUCH

  49. Thanks Dal for providing this website to find a solution for “The Thrill of the Chase” . It has been a challenge to solve the poem. With the many ideas people developed no one was successful. We all will continue with our lives wherever that path leads us to. Some will even continue to search for the actually hidey site. Who knows, maybe a person who was on this site will be successful.

    Dal, best of luck in your next challenge.

  50. THREE CHEERS TO Forrest Fenn!!!!!

    Thank you for creating one of the greatest adventures ever! Forget B.C. and A.D. – from now on, it’s B.F. and A.F.!! From 2016 A.F. on….what a wild ride!!! And Dal, I salute you.

  51. For anyone who reads through our SOLVE one time, I would at least expect you to enjoy the profile of Lincoln made by mother nature.So here it is!!

    About us : We’ve been working on the poem for more than 6 years. Our first 3 clues have been the same since the very beginning.
    Our approach to the solve:
    After studying the poem ( and Forrest Fenn) for a period of time we developed several theories.
    1. f would not have us following a man made object such as a road. It would probably be a creek/river going down the canyon
    2. Fish would be an important part of the solve
    3. If we tried to solve to poem like everyone else, we would never be successful
    4. If we tried to list every WWWH then search each area around them ,we would die of old age before we found anything. And in the slight chance we did get off on the right foot, we would still be behind thousands of others, sooooo not an option.
    5. We would need to let the poem lead us, trying to figure out later parts of the poem is a waste of time ,too many variables involved.
    6. We believed the poem would work like a treasure map A to B to C and so on.
    7. If we could somehow (miraculously) figure out HOB, we should be able to follow a creek/river up the canyon and potentially find WWWH. Seemed logical to us.

    So that was our plan, figure out HOB. After giving that some more thought, we developed theories about it:
    1. f likes a challenge. What better challenge then to tell everyone about your life long love of fishing and then dangle a clue about it, right in front of a million faces and potentially no one figure it out. It couldn’t be too complicated, solvable by most searches. But it would need to have a certain “twist” so that it would be not solved in the first few weeks. And yet, after knowing the answer to HOB ,a person would easily say ,”Yep, that makes sense and is true, and correct”.I believe that’s the challenge he presented to himself, and succeeded.

    We began to research Brown trout, we weren’t looking for a “direct” link to a location, such as where they are found, etc. We were looking for information that we could potentially” link” to a location, to us this ” link” would be our key to HOB. At that moment I couldn’t give you an example of what I mean , but I knew I would know it when I saw it. We spent all morning reading and researching. We were virtually done when I came across exactly the kind of potential link I was looking for. It stated that brown trout lay their eggs in the gravel and the baby fish live in the gravel for protection from predators until they are large enough to go out and not be eaten. I immediately wondered if a place existed called Gravel creek. Searched Gravel creek and not only is there a Gravel creek in Wyoming, it connects to Pacific Creek. My interest was peeked, cold waters of Pacific/warm waters of Atlantic ( key being, waters in poem, not water)
    So if HOB is where Gravel creeks ends at Pacific creek then we should be able to follow Pacific creek up the canyon and find WWWH. Of course at that point we had no idea what was up there. But of course we find that Two oceans pass is where Pacific creek leads you. So if you are at Two oceans pass( at the very fork of two oceans creek ) and you step into Pacific creek, then you are at WWWH. A synonym for halt is discontinue, the water that will become the warm waters of the Atlantic have discontinued, the water you are standing in (in Pacific creek) it will never go back up hill and end up in the Atlantic.

    Clue 1 WWWH- beginning of Pacific creek at Two oceans pass ( remember, got to have that one nailed down , there is a sign nailed to the tree right there at the fork, check photos on line)
    Clue 2 Canyon down/ tftw – following Pacific creek down the canyon to Gravel creek. Remember the unintended clue in preface of TFTW. It’s in print for all to see. TFTW is…………..about 10 miles( I measure 10.41 miles from clue 1 to clue 3)
    Clue 3 HOB = Gravel creek ( baby trout live in the Gravel until they are older, isn’t the place we grow up usually considered our home? )

    The poem tells us to “put in below HOB”, so following Pacific creek down the canyon ,just past Gravel creek you would walk out into Pacific creek. Which would be us putting in below HOB, clues 1-3 competed. We hiked there and did just that. In late summer it’s easy to walk all the way across , it’s just a creek at that point. So we’re standing there looking around, wondering how can this be “from there it’s no place for the meek” (4th clue)? Many months pasted before we began to put it together. It’s easy to see how Pacific creek changes right at Gravel creek. Above Gravel creek, Pacific creek averages about 60-80 foot wide and maybe 4′ deep channel. Below Gravel creek, Pacific creek is about 500′ + wide due to the channel being filled with rocks and gravel (from Gravel creek runoff)for a thousand years, which of course causes the water to be more spread out and very shallow from that point forward. Soooooo why is standing in a shallow/wide Pacific creek= “from there no place for the meek”. HE’S TALKING ABOUT THE FISH! Only the strongest fish that start at the Snake river and swim up Pacific creek will make it to Gravel creek . The Meek will never make it, too many shallow trickles they would need to navigate. So by “putting us in” ( we need to be where the fish would be) “below “(geography changes right below Gravel Creek), he put us in the exact spot for the 4th clue to fit precisely. The 4th clue not only confirms our other clues to that point but also tells us to follow Pacific creek downward. Because downward continues to be no place for the meek(not strong fish).

    Clue 4 FTNPFTM= You are in Pacific creek and you head downward towards Snake river.

    For about a year we didn’t go far enough( researching on google earth) because we felt there was no way it could be so close to where there was lots of activity (people) . Then finally decided ” what if” ? So one day without a map available, just thinking, if nigh meant left, and the end meant all the way to the end of Pacific creek, then it would mean we go to the very end ( while being in the middle of P.C. because previous clue put us there), stand there facing Snake river, there would need to be a main channel (of Pacific creek) that never runs dry to our left. Which would mean it is always ending on the left. So we ran to a map and that’s exactly what we saw.

    Clue 5 TEIEDN = at the end of Pacific creek at Snake river, there’s a deep channel on the left (if you are coming from up Pacific creek, which the poem brought us that way) that never runs dry, it is the only channel when the water is low. We been to the location many times, it’s also very easy to see on google earth.

    So we’re standing at the end of Pacific creek facing the Snake River. Next clue TNPUYC, I ask that you don’t get hung up on river/creek difference. f said many times to look words up, creek is a synonym for river and the snake river in late summer early fall could easily be called a creek. We rafted down it and needed to drag our raft across rocks several times because it was so shallow. In researching the Snake river we discovered paddle steam boats could not navigate up the Snake because it was too steep of an incline, they could only travel the Snake a short distance nears its very end in Washington state.

    Clue 6 NPUYC (Your creek is) the Snake River ( no paddle boats ,too steep)

    What is up YOUR CREEK? just (1st) heavy loads and (2nd)water high. So if you look up the Snake river from there, the first thing you get to is Oxbow Bend. Research what an Oxbow is and you’ll see it connects 2 Oxen for the times you have a very heavy load to pull. If you look in the right place it’ll actually say , used for “heavy loads”.

    Look further up the Snake and you’ll find Jackson Lake Dam . Which is Water High.

    So before I go any further, what are the odds our solve, that could have put us anywhere, but puts us at the end of Pacific creek(after 5 precisely fit clues), with only one choice for NPUYC (Snake river no paddle boats)and it fits precisely. Then gives us 2 hints,in the correct direction(had to be up creek) and in the correct order( Oxbow then JLD) that also fit precisely. Big coincidence ?

    4th Stanza

    If you are in Pacific creek, back up near Gravel creek, and look down creek towards the tetons, you will see something strange. You are basically surrounded by what is mostly big hills (not really mountains),green trees, and yet, there filling the sky are the TETONS. It’s as if God has dropped the Swiss alps into the middle of the Smokey mountains, THEY DON”T BELONG there. It will definitely catch your attention. That’s our blaze ( definition can be something that just doesn’t belong). Because we previously seen them while further up Pacific creek and you cannot see them at all from the end of Pacific creek ( because of a small mountain directly across Snake river at the end of Pacific creek, found the blaze is past tense for this reason.
    Look quickly down, well, we are standing at the edge of the Snake river what do we see if we look quickly down ….. FISH! Fish are surely a treasure to f. Then he says don’t just stand there and stare , take the chest and go in peace. With a lot of thinking we finally realized if the fish is the treasure(at least one of the treasures), then what HOLDS that treasure??????? Of course , the river holds that treasure, obviously. So he’s saying the river is the chest. So take the chest and go in peace must mean take the Snake river (imagine yourself floating downstream)and go somewhere that could be considered “in peace”. So we looked down the Snake river(on google earth) looking for what could be “in peace”.
    About 3000′ down the Snake, the main channel divides into 3 channels( one of the channels are actually in flow), so all you have to do is add the outer circle and you have a very nice Peace sign. Google earth 43 50 22 N 110 30 55 W will put you in the center of the peace sign.

    Clue 7 = Go to middle of Peace sign in Snake river( of course with google earth not physically)

    We have come up with clue’s 8 & 9, but determined our theories were wrong or unlikely. I do have a good theory for both clues, but unable to piece things together for a complete solve.

    A few more things you may find intriguing:
    – After we sent f our first email ( with clues 1-5 from above)the next SB to come out was scrapbook 169, “Bingo” . That was also when the SB’s began coming out at a much faster pace. We labeled that email “Pacific Creek” to get his attention………..he responded in about 15 minutes, it was a Sunday morning.
    – When we felt we knew ( in our opinion) the location of the photo SB 124, we emailed the answer (the end of Pacific creek where it meets Snake river) in March of 2017. The next SB that came out was SB 171. Read the last line. We believe he fulfilled his promise, at the same time, was fair to everyone by telling us and everyone else simultaneously.
    – Lots of references over the years to Lincoln : Go to 43 48 39 N, 110 32 32 W, that will put you on the tip of lincoln’s nose. It’s his profile, mouth open ,talking, and he even has a top hat, it’s on the other side of the Snake river. Remember the JK FQ , where f said “like a faucet has been turned on in my mind” . I don’t believe mother nature could make a better Lincoln than this one.
    – lots of Question marks references : Go to 43 49 00 N, 110 33 00 W, puts you in the top middle of a pretty good Question mark ,made by mother nature.
    – references to old movies : The road that ends right near the question mark is RKO road. RKO was a old movie studio.
    – lots of golf references: go to 40 50 04 N, 110 31 14 W, this area resembles an aerial view of a golf course.

    There are more “interesting tidbits” but those are all that comes to mind at the moment (it’s been a long time).

    Logic for believing:

    – It’s easy to see how people could figure out the first 2 clues and look (go) right past the others ( difficult to figure out Gravel Creek is HOB just by seeing it on a map) you will not have a chance of figuring out the others).
    – You have to “put in BELOW” because that’s where the geography changes.
    – If he doesn’t put you “IN” clues 4 and 5 would not work precisely.
    – Odds that NPUYC, only HL and WH, fit so precisely after following 5 clues (that also fit perfectly) that put us in a very precise spot (at the end of Pacific creek) ,are astronomically low that it’s all just a fluke.
    – After 6 clues fitting precisely and you take the chest (the Snake river) and can easily find a peace sign (made by mother nature ) about 1/2 mile downstream( and yes it would need to be downstream in order to fit).
    – Any one clue/hint is easily disputed, but stringing together a fit means having less options to force a fit, as you go further. We fill the fit of these clues are precise, logical, geography and fishing oriented. It even cleverly includes , peacefully floating downstream (of course, actually physically doing it is not necessary). We also feel it’s difficult but solvable for most searchers.

    So there it is!!!

  52. I was just on the phone with a fellow searcher. Told him that this feels like a divorce. You may still love the person, but you just can’t seem to agree on anything anymore, and it is best to part ways. You will still remember the good times, but there will still be the ones that leave a bad taste in your mouth. Kinda how I feel right now.

    I will cherish the good times, but there is still that bad taste in my mouth that I can’t quite seem to git rid of at the moment. Just how I am feeling’

    I sure will miss you guys and gals once the blog shuts down. Wish we were not facing this Covid thing – Sure would like to meet some of you folks, but afraid of what I might catch if I did go to the meet-up – Add missing the meet-up to my list of regrets – Love you guys – JDA

    • I don’t want to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

      I have loved the Chase. I love Forrest and all of the joy that he has brought into my life, and the lives of my family members.

      I have nothing but admiration to all of the hard work that Dal has put in keeping this Blog, one of the only two that I felt was worth posting on. Dal, you were fair handed in your management of the Blog, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      To all of you searchers out there that have participated as either posters, or as “Lurkers”. You have all become a part of my extended family. I have never made friends easily, and yet I can honestly call a few of you out there “My Friend.” THANKS for letting me in this very special “Family.”

      All of us felt that we had the “Correct Solve.” (I still do – haha), but only one of us did. I salute you “Mr. Finder”. You did what none of us could do – Congrats.

      One final Salute to Forrest. Sir, I salute you, and still say -“Your Ever-Grateful Friend and FENN-atic” JDA

      • FENN-atic lol. I was thinking of creating a site on my domain that I registered years ago (lol) where us fennatics that just want to keep talking about this for a while longer (like therapy) and can keep the conspiracies going, I am kidding about the conspiracies I think, maybe not. Mostly I would make it where searchers can create their own posts and post their solves and stories and adventures with pictures and people can comment etc, for those that never posted them here. And we can talk about the solve if it is ever known. Is that something folks here would be interested in or am I just beating a dead horse? I hate to think the end is drawing nigh even though I know it is lol…

        • Sounds like a GREAT idea Mark. Count me in. email me at SculptorJDA at aol dot com if I can be of any help – JDA

        • Mark-
          That sounds like a great idea. I think a lot of us are not ready to let go yet. We are a community that started here and we are still awaiting the ending that we seek…thanks

        • Go idea, Do it! Do it! I think that the people who thinks it’s over was only in it for the money and doesn’t care about figuring out, THE POEM that will lead to a place that only dreams and fairy tales go to play. This is large then anyone could imagine, it’s more than just a beautiful spot, IMO. Forrest after finding this place seen something with his own two eyes nobody had seen. His treasures were bold, everywhere like a kid in a candy store I can imagine. The chest was just a little teaser to get us to the BIG PICTURE, larger than one man could handle. I also believe if you have the right solve, you won’t need the chest to verify you are right.

        • I forgot our friends in Canada and Larry S
          May you be blessed
          And keep your head up
          And your sense of humor

  53. Thanks Dal for the updates and information all these years. When one journey ends, a new one begins. Blessings to all in the adventures of life that lie ahead. Angela Svoboda Rush

  54. Thank you Forrest and Dal for everything. JP

    “My hope and prayer is that everyone know and love our country for what she really is and what she stands for.”
    ― John Wayne

  55. Dal,
    Happy I was able to have a discussion with you at Hebgen Lake several years ago. Even though this blog is wrapping up I believe it will be quite a while before it is forgotten. It’s my belief many very good memories that happened would have not, had this spot on the World Wide Web not existed. It’s been a wonderful ride!
    I will be continuing my explorations around West Yellowstone as there are always a rock or log or two too turn over and a fish to be caught.
    Safe travels in your camper! Cheers! mg

  56. Thank you Dal. Your words hold truth, memories, and thoughtfulness. Your site was a treasure trove of information. While I never met Forrest, you or many of the other “famous” searches. Everyone played an important part in the outcome of what the chase was for many. While one day I too hope to know where it was found, it shows how admirable Forrest is for allowing the finder to make that call. The chase gave me an escape for many years, and the amount of gained knowledge of history and people was better than any school book. Wishing everyone the best.

  57. You can’t be three places at once.

    I grew up in the same boring town as Douglas Preston.
    Believe I even kayaked past his house when the early-Spring
    snow melt overflowed the peace and quiet of that sleepy
    town. And a teen took an opportunity to eek out [Sic]
    a bit of adventure – such that it was – and chanced to paddle
    past the tween home of Preston.

    Paths cross and recross for better or for …
    sometimes even better.

    I always felt that I was supposed to have been born
    somewhere else – California for sure. Someone up There
    had pulled the wrong lever and down the wrong chute
    I had gone.

    Now I wish that that chute had dropped me somewhere near

    Maybe next time.

    Perhaps our paths will cross again, Chasers.

    My bucket list is way-overflowing thanks to the education
    this Chase gave me. And if you chance to be crossing the
    James Brown Soul Center of the Universe Bridge one day and
    you see someone wearing the psychedeliest shirt that they could
    ever dare wear for the occasion – please, tip your hat,
    and I’ll know that our paths have crossed again.

    • If you happen to be there today you might hear me coming ! My tire is being sent from Minnesota be friday before I set off on my farewell journey I pray that somethings are as they were to be when I left I pray for the 1133 . If the good Lord will approve Ill be seeing some of the most important and missed people that became part of my life either by chance or destiny .
      P.S I once said I read it in the book the language of ideas…….I have that book now … I couldn’t tell you the why then if you will allow me the time I would love to try now .

  58. A great big thank you attached to a hug and a congratulations to Peggy, Kelly, Zoe, Shiloh, Mica, Piper, the whole fenn family for enduring us all these years. God bless all of you.

  59. Thank you Forrest, Dal, Cynthia, Jenny, and all the rest who made this the greatest treasure hunt ever. It’s been a real pleasure and a once in a lifetime experience!

    I presume there will be something beyond, but the secrets I cannot tell…

  60. Dal, you’re a bit of a poet too: “I will, til my dying, day revel in the memories of Fennboree.”
    Makes me want to attend one of them if it works out.

    You deserve a lot of thanks. Heck, I was thinking if I had found that TC, I’d first bring it by to show you and maybe let you grab a bit to keep for yourself. You deserve it. (The amount would depend upon how stingy I felt that particular day- like maybe what you can grab between the tips of the thumb and index finger while blindfolded- something like that. Gold fever does strange things to the mind, you know. Still better than nothing. 🙂 lol )

    But, why’s everybody acting like this is the end? End of what? How about looking at this a beginning a new frame of mind and body. Head outdoors, camp, hike, get in good physical condition, breathe the fresh air, explore this amazing world, get way from the ongoing nonsense that bogs us down, and feel alive. That was the whole idea, right?

    Let the Chase go on!

    • As I wrote that above, fond memories of my father are on my mind. He got me interested in the West, the Rockies, it’s history, and injected some “gold fever” into my system with stories of the past. Santa Fe was by far his favorite destination. Just loved it there.

      Today, July 1st would be his one-hundredth birthday.

  61. Thanks to Forrest for the awesome Chase. Thanks to Dal for this awesome labor of love.
    Dal, if you find yourself in T-town, stop by USGS for a free map of Lummi Island (totally legal, I give them out often, part of my job).

  62. Dal, you should become a writer. ❤️
    It’s been a Thrill of 8 years, time sure does fly when your treasure hunting.
    To all my searcher buddies it has been fun and it has been real.
    I just know I was close. Ha ha ❤️

    Love all of you!!! ❤️

  63. Thank you again Forrest Fenn for enriching so many lives with dreams of adventure. What a gift! Wishing all happiness to you and your family in the years ahead. And thank you Dal for this wonderful resource for searchers and all the dedication put forth, may it come back in treasures worth more than the chest we all sought. Best of luck to you!

  64. Dal,
    I gotta tell ya, my favorite blog post ever was yours early on…you cam on as we were all talking cryptic, and posted that you felt like papa bear in the underground or something like that. It was hilarious!

    • You were the only one I ever saw who posted the correct wwwh. You just didn’t understand it.

      • Hi Creek Walker! Well you got to tell me now I’m curious! Yahoo me at JJ Diggin

  65. Thank you Forrest for the adventure!
    Thank you Dal for the awesome blog that I’ve been reading since 2014!
    It’s been fun to hop on and look for your favorite bloggers on here to see what they are up to.
    Hopefully we will be buying the “solve” book soon!
    Take care and God bless.

  66. Wow! All the kind words of appreciation, admiration, respect, fellowship…
    THANK YOU DAL, FORREST and everyone who participated in this once in a lifetime marvelous adventure call the Chase. I will remember all the positive things I experienced and learned from participating. Dal you are the man. Your message was spot on, Your dedication to this site and the joy we gained from this will stay with all of us. I feel I am drifting on the ocean seeking something I will never find again, well maybe someday…
    I wish everyone well and as for the folks that only brought negative things to this adventure…Well I couldn’t say it better then Dal did.
    Dal I have an extra E-Bike if you ever come down to Florida, and we can wet a line catch a few Trout ad Reds. You are welcome anytime.
    Thank You, Thank You….
    Till we all meet again…..Gary

  67. Thank you Forrest and Dal for this most life-altering forever ingrained experience * Yes Sir! To life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Amen!

    T.S. And to everyone’s health and contentment in these most difficult times!

  68. Thank you, Dal! Great job!
    Thank you, Forrest! You have my admiration and appreciation!
    Thanks everyone for competing against me in the chase!
    I wish I could say I found the chest.
    I do think I know where it was hidden, but so do most of you.
    At least I had a great time trying.
    Hopefully someday we’ll all find out wwwh.

  69. Thank you all.
    This Chase has been all that I could think about for 3 1/2 years.
    Many sleepless nights…
    Notes written to people I’d love to meet
    Fenboree’s come and gone, and always saying…the next one I’m going for sure…
    For the people and cause’s I’ve donated to
    All the books purchased
    The never ending books on my “to-get” list
    The wonder
    The ending no one anticipated
    The doubts
    The trips planed…but just too far away
    The dreams lived vicariously through others stories…
    I thank you all

    by John Denver

    He was born in the summer of his 27th year
    Coming home to a place he’d never been before
    He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again
    You might say he found a key for every door
    When he first came to the mountains his life was far away
    On the road and hanging by a song
    But the string’s already broken and he doesn’t really care
    It keeps changing fast and it don’t last for long
    But the Colorado rocky mountain high
    I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
    The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullabye
    Rocky mountain high (Colorado)
    He climbed cathedral mountains, he saw silver clouds below
    He saw everything as far as you can see
    And they say that he got crazy once and he tried to touch the sun
    And he lost a friend but kept his memory

    • He climbed cathedral mountains, he saw silver clouds below
      He saw everything as far as you can see
      And they say that he got crazy once and he tried to touch the sun
      And he lost a friend but kept his memory

  71. Thank you Dal. Your site was the best! I spent most of my 8 years lurking instead of posting, but it was always a pleasure reading everyone’s posts and brought a smile every time I did. Just like Mr. Fenn, I am 1/2 happy, 1/2 sad that it’s over. I hope the finder is someone from your site and they share something someday. God bless you in your retirement.

  72. A sound just creased my ears, it is the turning of another page in life.
    Sadly I was unable to meet any of the wonderful people here.

    Thank you Forrest, you created more than a mere treasure hunt.
    This mixed community of intellectuals, dreamers, adventures, and those with a case of wanderlust. Is clear evidence of what can be done be good people.

    Thank you, Dal, for your tireless efforts to keep this blog a civil place to share ideas and dreams. 2 thumbs up on the fu to the haters.

    And to all of the wonderful people that tolerated my mental meanderings and corrected me when needed. And to the one special person that reached out to me in my battle against Ostio arthritis Thank you, Nat.

    So often as I sat in my recliner I felt as if I were sitting around a campfire.
    As I read the wonderful tails of adventure. In the end, I found a treasure greater in value than gold.
    Thank you all and may God watch over each and every one of you.
    I will miss the stories of adventure so many have shared here.

    My Name is Charles Lowe
    My email is:
    If anyone cares to drop by while driving up 178 through Trona Ca.
    Drop me a line and I will share my addy and a cold soda.

    High Desert Drifter Signing off.

  73. Thank you, Dal!

    Your site was invaluable to me on the hunt, a source of information and community and a truly benevolent home for each of us to come back to time and again. Please keep the site up as a record of all these great experiences. Again, thank you from one searcher to another, both for your efforts here and for being a strong advocate for the chase in other media.


  74. Adieu, Forrest, Adieu
    And had we met in person, we’d have been kindred spirits — That I know!
    I’m so happy that I could share with you my few humble beachcombed treasures. Where their final resting place will be –That I’ll never know.
    We’ll all be somewhere along the way in this great universe.

  75. “What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?”
    ― George Eliot

    Thank you, Dal and Forrest. I can see how much it gave and how much it cost, too. Much love to you both for making life less difficult for us.

    You introduced me to the mountains, and now we’re in love.

  76. Thanks Dal, Thanks Forrest, thanks to all who have posted on this site, when something ends and all you have are memories, the memories become a treasure. So we all win!!!

  77. Thanks, Dal, and thank you Forrest!

    I am ever grateful for this experience. I did not post much. Started the Chase in March, 2014 and all told I spent about 19 days BOTG in about 7 different trips. Nothing compared to some. But the poem was never out of my mind. Sometimes I dreamed answers to lines.

    I would check this blog and always enjoyed the scrapbooks and posts. I participated in a couple of writing contests a few times, but my contributions tapered off after about 2015. Now I wish I had done more and written more. I should have gotten a chunk of that mammoth tusk. I think what Forrest did has to be one of the greatest things done by any American. As time goes by, it may sink in more and more how truly remarkable this was. Reading everyone’s heartfelt responses starts to give me a sense of how big this was.

    The treasure was out there. We felt it. We lived it. It brought us peace knowing it was there. A national treasure in the glorious Rockies.

    Could it be that through our searches we have added value and imparted treasure to the Rockies? We know we found treasure there. Through our stories and experiences we have discovered treasure and added treasure to the land. 200 years from now people will walk in the Rockies and know that searchers searched there for Fenn’s treasure. I feel that the area I searched is special to me. That area will forever have the personality and allure of the Chase. I know many must feel that way.

    Finally, I wish I could write up my adventures and hide my own treasure of gold. I wish this did not have to end. I could not find it and I wonder if the next best thing would be to add my own treasure to the Rockies? Problem is that it would be small…. a small bit of gold…. maybe 4 double eagles purchased with money that should pay for my own retirement. Should I bother? Is this selfish? Can I afford to hide more? Would I get sued? Am I just copying Forrest (The Great One). Should my book be anonymous? Would anyone care or bother for such a small amount of gold?

    Thanks Forrest. Thanks Dal. It was worth it to me to do this. I would not change a thing and I would still do what I did (the best I could) to try to find the treasure. I would still spend the $$ on those trips and still believe I have the solution. (I really still believe I have the solution, even though this makes no sense, and it looks like we all feel that way). How great is that?

    Forrest is a true American hero and even though he does not know me and I have never met him, I love him. Congrats to the finder! I wish Dal could have found it though, or Cynthia, or that darling Jenny Kyle – even though I don’t know them – it would have been awesome if they had found it.

  78. Dal, a big thank you for providing this blog. I’m sure your blog helped facilitate to the final solve.
    Of course, thank you FF for these past years of AHA moments, so exciting.
    My AHA moment was around the end of August 2019, the one that I was so confident that I made airplane tickets and got my daughter to go hunt with me to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
    I had numerous “find solvels” over those 7 years but none that brought it home as last year’s trip. I was certain that BEAVER Dick, a well known trapper and guide in the Grand Tetons was the key. He had married an Indian “Jenny” and they had 5 children. All were lost to measles? “Heavy Loads”
    Researching found String Lake, between Jenny Lake an Lake Leigh . I was sure the ball of string FF talked about was this String Lake.
    My first thought to this area was due to watching Grit TV and all the replays. I only have antenna TV so I ‘ve had to watch shows repeatedly. Lol. So the 3rd time that Cattle King came on with Robert Taylor, I thought, geez, don’t want to watch this again. And as I was about to change the channel, Robert Taylor said something to the effect, “I’ll take 265 ? Up to the Tetons and fight for ‘his’ right to say what he wants..etc. Well, that 265 stopped me from changing channels and writing down and researching everything about the Tetons..
    So this was It! The Tetons are called the “Crown Jewels” of the Rocky Mtns. Where else to hide a treasure? They are most beautiful and so glad we made the trip!
    Long story longer…I felt Wwwhalt was where FF said, Madison River campground where his Mom passed, then fly from there over Tetons past where a church group slammed into one of the Mtns there, No place for the meek? Ever going Nigh is the flight path taken when approaching an airport, left, left, left from Mt Moran.( HOB) Moran means brown. Land at Jackson Hole Airport.
    When we first parked at String Lake parking lot and walked the short distance to the Lake, I really thought this was the “Marvel Gaze”… Lol it was so beautiful with it’s pristine glass-like water that I thought I must have just passed the chest bc this is the Marvel Gaze
    Anyhoo, we hiked everywhere there..Leigh Lake, Jenny Lake, etc. I came home with exact spots to check out in May this year but couldn’t due to Covid etc.
    Two weeks after our Oct. Trip I happened upon Dal’s older story of his trip to Taggert Lake. (Once called BEAVER Dick Lake)? I wish I had read his story before going there but it was/is a great story! Doug the bear, great writing etc.
    I think this is where Dal was probably super close to the chest and didn’t know it.
    So in closing, I’ve had so many coincidences come along since then that it’s really perplexing to me but that’s another story.
    Thanks Dal and Forrest for a Thrill of a lifetime.
    I’m sure I’ll go back soon. I wish I could attend the West get-together on Labor Day. Unfortunately I have a big skin cancer surgery on my face no less..ugh. can’t attend. Love you guys, and a shout out to Cynthia..I never laughed so hard as I did at your YouTube video of the search at Hyde Park.. So hilarious!

    • Forgot to tie in the “Tag, You’re It” post I made a couple days ago.
      TAG=Taggert Lake..Duh

  79. Thanks, Dal, for all you did for the chase. It was definitely a thrill. Do you think we will ever hear the finder’s story? Or that maybe Forrest would tell the rest of his side of the story? I hope once the litigation is over, this will happen, as I’m sure we all do. It would be wonderful to hear the rest of the story, what the clues meant, and where the treasure was found. I hope the finder will be so kind as to do this. I wish you many blessings for the future and some well-earned rest, too! Take care, Dal.

      • maybe his story, including hiding spot for the chest, is in his autobiography he put in the jars. guess if we wanna know that we’ll have to keep chasing the promise of other discoveries! 😉

  80. Well to everyone who has ever dreamed of great adventures, this was one of the greats. Keep everything you have acquired throughout this long journey. Your solves are works of art, deserving a place in a Thrill of the Chase museum. Pass the botg stories to your friends and loved ones. Express to everyone you meet how much you have grown to love FF and his greatest game.

    • The home page at It will either have the announcement or a link to the page that has the announcement…
      That page now has the link to this page…but if there is a new announcement I’ll probably start a new page …

      • The Chase isn’t entirely over. Forrest sent Toby a sealed envelope to go in his treasure chest! What’s in that envelope?!

        • Maybe what was in the first one that didn’t get seen
          As long as it not Toby’s divorce papers be like pearl harbor

  81. Thank you dal for the effort you put into this site you kept good company . Forrest thank you too for being you which was good enough . This chase both pulled me from a bad spot and put me in a worse one on my own accord. I set the bridge on fire and didn’t get across before it started to collapse . Unfortunately Ill be ok just wet cold and kicking rocks looking for my place.
    I would go back in a heart beat and tried to grab ahold of some of the lost friendships of what now feels like the distant past since the past ten years has reached it’s end . So at the end of this chase which for me started more than 10 years ago I walk away from another section of time and wasted effort. This time for different reasons. I wonder why I walked away scared of messing up what looking back was the best times of my life and get locked into a havoc for 10 years . I was stupid and now I’m L8 have a abundance of desire for what I never probably deserved and just enough wisdom to know I won’t ever have another chance to make it happen. I have been saving money for a tire as to leave this place there is a lot of wood where I was planning on going but by time I make it it will be to late . God bless this chase and God bless all of you this is a sterling group I had some friends back in the day that meant a lot to me and I truely trusted them even till this day I trust theM . If I knew were they ended up I would put it on my priority list to visit them

    Towards the horizon the bells tolled
    For every button that was torn
    A tarry moments of last second calculation
    Decided upon the body language translation
    Time marched on
    I have not returned to that place since the night I woke with snow on my face up from the well and by A Man of his word true and true
    did I fall asleep next to someone I once new
    The sight was as of the sky’s the beer cans tossed around looked like stars laid down and forgotten in a bed of snow that looked like the clouds when they lay low in the bottoms
    Then came the night chill from the late night air when I Noticed she wasn’t there

    I think it’s time for me to go find my roots
    Right after I dust off these old boots
    Start at the beginning and go from there
    Hell even though I lost that double dog dare
    My heart on my sleeve feels kinda bare
    Kinda like when I don’t were underwear
    Ha well would ya look e there that guy fishing
    Is letting his butt glare I could make some of that deer chili if you would join me
    I would love to have some tea but I need to find the Kee Tree past the scant fence
    The view of the river was one of my dearest endeavours for miles we could see the greatest thing I had seen that my eyes ever seen was sitting right next to me you said this is it but you was gone in just a short little bit
    Up on the hill did we watch floaters below like a crowd of clowns having fun in the sun
    Across the stream was lines of heavy loads
    That was the spot I said you helped me a lot
    I would go back and tell the stories of how them were the best memories and they meant a lot to me and so did the home run next to that botanical lot . Oh how I wish I could pee on a tree.why does it feel like a body of see was put before you and me
    Yes I get confused when this search didn’t lead me to you or you or who as if I runned away which wasn’t really clever I sure wish I could go back and the tickle you with a feather lol There was the one day that the weather couldn’t have been better !when I really wanted to stay now the chase is over and I will have to dance alone naked in clover until I get ran over by a green landrover thing then I will sing Mary had a little lamb that lost its way and you don’t have nothing to say not even a hey by the way . Heres some of my memoirs cryptic and congested I hope that you get the message I regret the day I forgot the way back . Now that I’m getting back on track I am probably at the back of the pack . Hell I guess maybe someday you see me looking over the ponds with a six pack looking for oil .

    • Shadow Runner, This is perfect.

      To Dal, thank you for this blog. Also thank you for letting Forrest communicate with the community where we all could find his words.

      To Forrest, thank you for creating such an amazing challenge! I only really learned about the treasure hunt last summer, but I was instantly “all-in”. I went on 5 BOTG trips from June to October. The truth is I needed something to pursue as a distraction and to find myself in the process. The journey this past year has been more than I could have ever imagined. Beyond my wildest dreams is an understatement. I admire you for creating this and inviting anyone to join.
      I never posted much but I came to rely on reading what others have posted. I will miss that. I will miss seeing Forrest’s posts and I hope he is considering a blog of his own to continue telling stories about his life. In fact, I would volunteer to help run the site and moderate the comments. Hmm, perhaps I’ll email Forrest about this idea.
      *ANYWAY* thank you again for sharing your life, your thoughts and your amazing, imaginative and clever stories with all of us.

  82. Thanks Dal for all your hard work in keeping this blog real, and fun. I think we both thought that the box might have been hidden near Ojo Caliente Spring on the Firehole River. I liked Boulder Spring just up Fairy Creek from there. I spent too much time in Sentinel Meadow and didn’t get a chance to search Boulder on a one day try in that area. Oh well, FF got me and my wife to get up to Yellowstone, which we would never have done without the treasure.
    Thanks again.

    • Jack, Boulder Spring (formerly Buffalo Spring) is one of my favorite places. I was nearly hit by lightning there last summer, after a warm day turned suddenly dark and cold, began to hail, then the thunder and lightning. There’s a hole near the top of the hill you can look through. If I was ever going to hide something, that’s where I’d pick. A truly magical spot. Many, many have searched there, though–there was a shovel left there last year.

  83. Humble pie is kinda dry . Just saying . I’ll be headed down to cuncur soon.

  84. I’m thankful that I found out about the chase before it was found. I love the excitement that it gave me. It pulled something out of me that I haven’t felt in forever. I still plan to go explore the great outdoors. It’s about the thrill of the chase not the thrill of the chest and I’m still chasing that feeling regardless if the chest has been found! Mr. Fenn, thank you for inspiring my imagination. Peace be with you all!

  85. I am proud to say that I was a part of this treasure hunt since 2014. My family and I made the journey from Texas 4 times to search our solve areas. What great memories we made! And even though I never posted to this blog before now, I always appreciated knowing that there were other searchers out there as invested as I was!

  86. Hey Dal. Thanks for publishing my story about Litter 81. You took on a heavy load with this site and it is appreciated. Wish you the best.

  87. Thank you Dal and Forrest for the wonderful adventure and dedication to the community! My family and I have all become avid hikers!

    Rob Kittinger

  88. The Stick and the Key……

    ‘Only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key’.

    ‘that is key : …thatiskey…..keystik,….stickey, 60, 66, 68, ….

  89. A toast to the hosts. Thank you so much Dal and to you Forrest. And especially Peggy for allowing Forrest to live his dream.

    It’s been fun.

    Fair winds and following seas.


  90. I assume there’s going to be some kind of movie or monetizable way to tell the story of the finder. If not, I just want to know what the key word was.

  91. Thank you Dal! Thank you Forrest and thanks to all of you guys that contributed to this blog.

  92. After reading your words, Dal
    something very strange happened –
    I turned from green to blue. Imagine that!
    You’re a prince of a guy, Mr. Neitzel
    and If you were here, I would ask for a kiss.
    To all of you, I say – don’t ever quit believin in fairy tales
    cuz then you gotta grow up.
    And to Mr. Fenn, I say…..
    Blessings and safe travels –
    but remember you can only check ONE bag.
    Love to y’all.
    www (aka, Froggy)

    PS – Don’t forget to donate to Focused’s book at the GoFundMe page.
    (BigOnus told me he would match you doller for doller.)

  93. Thank you Dal for putting up the time and energy to run this site. Even though I was more of a lurker, I did enjoy reading everyone’s posts.
    I wish you the same kindness and support that you’ve given. If it weren’t for Mr Fenn, the. We wouldn’t have met
    I enjoyed meeting the ones that I met, and hopefully soon, we can all get back together.

    Loved the ride Mr Fenn, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  94. For me it all started May 6th 2016 and ended 4 years and 1 month later with Fenn’s announcement on June 6th 2020.
    I made my 22nd and final BOTG trip on May 6th. 2020.
    I often thought that even though I wanted to find the chest, I never wanted the Chase to end.
    Thank you to Mr Fenn and Mr Neitzel and to all my fellow searchers.

  95. One of the few times Goofy banned me was after forrest posted a picture of his feet. I responded saying what i really wanted was a picture of forrest in his underwear. And wammo
    Banned. I wrote forrest saying sorry sorry can you help me get back on. And he did…. he also emailed me telling me he thought it was very funny! And not to tell goofy cause he might ban him! ( sorry forrest) its just one of those funny stories.
    Anywho, forrest and dal and a few others saved my life with this hunt during some rough times for me!
    The chase helped many people and took some bank accounts to new lows.
    We all wanted to find that gold chest. We all where dreaming and I still need to know where! Don’t care about who just where!
    GOOD Bye all ! See you in Yellowstone!
    Lou Lee Belle chased by bears in jellystone park
    And lived to tell.

  96. Thank you Dal for a great blog. The stories you wrote about your searches and travels were the best. Let us know if you’re going to continue posting your adventures somewhere.

  97. DAL
    Thank you oh so very much & ff. as well.
    3 or 4 years ago,
    Your incredible work, and the virtual
    communications from a very special ,intense.
    Searcher gal., sure. made. certain that. I did. Not
    step. Back into the dark. HELL That I had finally climbed
    Out of. .. Self made due to my wife’s passing in 2014.

    This encing of the TOC. does not seem. right
    Maybe it is not an ending just a morphing.
    BATTY. Joe Jarrett. Pueblo. Co.

  98. And the Lord said unto John,
    “Come forth and you will receive
    eternal life.”
    But John came fifth….
    and won a toaster.

    (Y’all invited to breakfast at my house – BYOJ)

  99. Forrest, thanks a million for the adventures in finding the chest.

    Dal, thanks for developing this site..I enjoyed reading everyone’s adventures and was amazed on individuals solutions to the poem. only one solved the mystery to each clue which led them to the chest.

    Begin it where warm Waters halt..Yellowstone is a beautiful place.

  100. Forrest, you beat my brain up so good I will love you forever! I am only ever happy when I am challenged. Learn, adapt and overcome. We win, we see new challenges and we beat them too.

    Us true Fenn soldiers do not care too much about you and the finder keeping quiet. We know there are perfectly legitimate reasons. Only fools rush in, so always best to scope the landscape first, we get that. I am sure the info will surface soon and patience is all those looking for answers needed. I for one have your back covered 110%, both physically, and mentally. Just because we cannot see it, does not mean its not there, x 3 in fact, its a choice we make in friendship.

    Dont be worrying and stressing about those lawsuit crazies. I am sure you have come across these type of animals before, so know through experience they do not have a leg to stand on. They cannot get past first base and if they did then I imagine the water will get deep very fast for them. I know through experience that my own lawyers would just destroy them, like a date with Frank Castle!!!

    Anyway, my grandfather always told me that life is a blank canvas. We paint our own story and fate will sign it. You painted a beautiful one, so continue and paint that perfect end my friend as I am more than sure that fate will lend its signature pen.

    Your hollow friend


  101. So long and thanks for all the adventures, Dal. It’s been a thrill!

    May we all meet at Forrest’s great banquet table of history, again, someday.

  102. Thank you, Dal; thank you Forrest, and thanks to all. To JDA and everyone else, particularly those who’ve been around for years, please don’t let it leave a bad taste; the “experiment” may be over but the “magic” is still there. From one crazy spirit to many others, goodbye and good luck!

  103. It’s been fun.
    As I have flow alone in the air and with Mayan treasures bold. I can keep my secret ware (secret stoneware) and hint of Witches new and old.

  104. Who knows? Maybe it’s not over ’till it’s over. Maybe Fenn will let someone challenge him to flip his buffalo nickel to see who gets the break in a game of a pool for the silver bracelet. He won it that way, maybe he’ll give someone else a chance. If he feels he’s getting too old for the table maybe he can have Shiloh stand in, in fact it might make for an entertaining end of chase if he allows, say Kpro a chance to win the bracelet in a game of pool against Shiloh. She might be kind of bull headed but she’s good hearted so far as I can tell, so why not give her a chance? Or maybe Fenn can give all the people who have been running the major Fenn sites a chance, kpro, Dal, even the critics on the chase chat site.

    The Chase was difficult, no need for people to be sore about it. To me, among other things, lessons learned, the Chase was a journey to that rarified area that elite fighter pilots, poker players, business men, spies,–analysts of all types–know about where you have to seriously consider whether a hint, suggestion, opportunity you discern is indeed an opportunity to act and you will be rewarded or if you are being bluffed, suckered, taken in, and are about to become somebody else’s dinner. How do you tell that you are genuinely sensing a pattern and that you are on the right track? How do you know that the pattern you think you are seeing is a delusion of your mind or an intricate network set up to snare you, leave you the fool? It’s something of a high level total systems chess match and it’s no wonder people have compared it to a labyrinth or the film the matrix.

    I’ve learned a lot of profound lessons from the Chase. In fact it’s made me seriously reconsider Darwin, evolution, trajectory of life development period (on earth, extraterrestrial). Darwin is often associated with survival of the fittest, and that is often taken to be the strong survive, but now I wonder if to be supremely fit is to be a creature all but invisible to others, capable of outwitting, deceiving, out camouflaging other creatures. Who knows, maybe humans are not even the most intelligent creatures on earth if evolution favors life which simultaneously is difficult to locate, track down but can extract energy for its needs from what lies around it. Maybe there is no evidence of extraterrestrial life because the life that survives is that which has learned to be as invisible, deceptive as possible. And the future course of human evolution is in something of this direction.

    Certainly the Chase leads us to consider more than what exists before the eye.

  105. My grown son found the poem and search just as COVID shut down the area his solve lead him and just weeks before the chest was found. I hope we can make the trek west from Alabama some day regardless of knowing there will be no pot of gold at the end of our journey. Thanks to Forrest for taking his phone call and listening to his thoughts.

    Congratulations to all who enjoyed the mental and physical challenge.

  106. Dear Dal:

    Thank you for your tireless dedication to the Chase. I have a short list of unmet friends and I have you on it. I hope that’s ok. 🙂

    I thought about all the arrowheads and points we’ve all seen pictures of over the years. It reminded me that they only reached their destinations because each was fortunate enough to be bound to a strong, straight arrow. I believe you are the Chase’s straight arrow. 🙂 A seminal moment for sure.

    Thank you and perhaps our paths will cross one day! Take care,

    • Well there you are! I thought for sure you were the finder. And maybe you are. I enjoyed reading your Dear Forrest posts. Hope you enjoy your future adventures. On to the next turn at the plate. Farewell, your friend, Dawn

  107. There is so many emotions connected to the Chase, through the years we have personally touched each string of those emotions, as if playing a tune, and here we have brought our melodies together, a great symphony of the chase.
    I want to believe the finder knows how special the chase was, to all of us, and not just the ones who blogged, lurked, or casually looked, but all who experienced the thrill. I wonder if the finder knows how precious, the information he holds is? How so many of us want to know where, so we may finally end the madness the poem has inflicted upon our brains, and know peace for ourselves. If it was me, I would be very tempted to give out the solution as soon as possible, to ease the pain. However, I know myself, and I have made many mistakes, more than I care to remember, and sometimes, a quick fix can lead to catastrophic failure later. No, if it was me, I would probably be stressed out, a little depressed even, because if there was ever a time in my life I got one thing right, it would be how to end the chase that would honor ALL of the searchers. I imagine it hurts to read how people have turned negative, and demand answers. Well to give the right answer, he would need to know the right question, and that requires the right information, no doubts, but straight forward. I hope he reads this, I hope he is a good man.

    • NIJ and everyone else for that mater. Indulgence had to wait tens years to be rescued, I don’t think that we will have to wait that long to find out where, IMO .
      My first boss always said “hurry up and screw up”. I’m sure the finder is anxious to let everyone know but has to get things right before he does.

      • Not Obsessed, I’ve been down the same road with bosses who are exactly like that. Never get enough pay either.

        LOL… just kidding Mr. Burck, sir.

        BTW, I’m not late, your clock is off! It’s not like I was born ten years ago. I mean really!

    • It is more than likely that the care of thought needed to bring about the end game lends itself to a very special person, with good intent. A clear minded and methodical thinker. Not a selfish clouded type, IMO.

      Teaching others to sail yachts I have had to be very observant, so studied people a lot over time. It is a whole different ball game when other peoples lives are in your hands, so I know his mindset will be in that kind of place and suspect he knows he has a to act responsibly and not damage folks.


      • Especially if the finder thought they were brilliant and actually had found the chest earlier than Spring 2020….I can think of several reasons why a finder would have simply “gone in peace”, never to speak of their discovery. Greed, could definitely have played a role just as much as fear, and legal repercussion. Unintended consequences is a gold mine for certain types of people and I can’t see how we ever get back to a world that doesn’t seek to gain financially, at the expense of one another, regardless if their intentions were for good or not. Honesty is also lacking in spades, it is sad indeed. Do you really think that the finder will ever come out? I am not so confident, though it would be helpful for many people to bring a conclusion to a project that seems unfinished.

        • I cannot speak for the finder, only myself. I see the culmination of a 90 year old war veteran’s life work. An astounding journey of a selfless man.

          Salute and protect him with my life is what I would do. He deserves no less.

          Money shouldn’t even come into it. If you read the book, and listened to him, you will realise that’s part of his message. Those blinded by gold never got close to the tc.

          • I think most of the those that contributed to this site and engaged in the Chase and actually read the book understand, that it was about much more than solving a puzzle and winning a prize. I would compare much of it to building a relationship with a friend, a mentor, a grandfather, a guide, etc…

            I have a concern however, that the possibility, that a second party finder might have discovered the treasure….this might have been an individual that never read the book, never understood the poem, never came to learn about Forrest, until perhaps after the fact.

            Isn’t life like that sometimes?

            Fate isn’t always fair, and when in history has man (modern era), not ever been tempted to hoard riches for themselves?

            What if a second party searcher, just so happened upon the chest as a tag-along-searcher. Imagine that for a moment, and consider the possibility that we might never learn anything more about the conclusion….that thought is difficult for me to digest and it sounds likely so for many others that dedicated time and effort ….I hoping that those folks, know, they’re not alone, and, the reality that we might never know the answer.

          • f told us the finder was led by the poem and then, as seen in the photos, he took possession of the chest.

            I doubt skulduggery is in play.

          • Do you know for a fact that those blinded by gold never got close to the TC?

            Ideally, that would be the case, that all ends well for the good guys, that there’s a happy ending or a silver lining, only those pure of heart receive the reward, that hard work and good intentions are always rewarded etc….that isn’t the way life works in this world, at least not what I have had the pleasure to observe and experience. Second place I think is much more difficult position than is 3rd.

            Like you mention, I think folks should now shift focus on the deeper meanings around the poem and the chase, and
            focus on the various messages that Fenn seems to be able to convey with ease about relationships and understanding of the world via random life stories; An enduring treasure, for sure.

          • I believe (IMOO) that the path which led to the tc was one of much deeper understanding about life, values and everything else.

            Do I think crooked thoughts would have got there? Nah!

            When f picked up that arrowhead from the dirt many years ago, something very special transferred into him. Thousands of years of untainted purity. He became the arrowhead and eventually passed on that which he had taken charge of when he was a boy. He placed that chest on the ground and something sacred became part of it. Whatever that thing is would never let greed prevail. It is too powerful.

            Call me crazy, but that is my belief.

          • Hello BigOnus. I believe the reason/reasons Mr. Fenn hid the treasure held more worth than the treasure itself. Listen and feel the comments searchers have posted most recently. Their hearts sing with the delight the Chase gave them throughout their time they were involved with it.

          • A quick poem for you pdenver.

            Forrest is a shining star,
            his wisdom is being told.
            People listen from afar,
            about his heart of gold.
            It all began a Texas kid,
            finding arrows in the sand
            The spirits then just hid,
            transferred by his small hand.
            He then grew into a man,
            became an arrow of might.
            To deliver a message so great,
            It will forever be in flight!

          • I enjoyed your poem about Mr. Fenn, BigOnus. I hope we’ve listened well.

          • I agree with everyone on the totality of what’s involved to solve Forrest’s riddle… I’m not sure I’d want to where that hat though.

            I mean, I’ve done some pretty strange things in the wilds when no-one else is around, but who’d want to dress like that? Then again, I guess nobody could ever say you didn’t come prepared!

          • Intelligence isnt bend on a great character. Someone on this blog mentioned once that imagination is bend to it, but I am skeptical about that.
            I wouldnt exclude that also a greedy person, who only cares about his own concerns, could have found the chest.
            IMO, time will tell which kind of person has found it.
            Nearly all people I know, and which havent been involved in this chase, assume now it was all a hoax and they are getting an iffy opinion about Forrest Fenn.
            And if there will never be a finder, the solution or the final spot revealed, probably this whole great treasure chase goes down to history as a hoax.
            Considering this, if I would be the finder, I would give a piece of shit on the gold and instead, give Forrest Fenn back the honor he earns.
            Dont get me wrong, this is not a personal thing. Of course, I would be happy to know the right solution too.
            But although it wasnt easy for me to accept that maybe I will never know the right solution, now I am fine with this. There are so many things out there I would love to know, but I will never know.

          • Who is this 90 year old war veteran? You don’t have to be
            talking “fuzzy” with us these days. By the way, no man
            should need others to toot his horn; it looks like the owner
            of the horn is doing the tooting.

  108. The key word is TWO,

    But u may say “ff said its in the poem”
    It is, but just phonetically different, TO
    And TOO!

    Two is the most important word to understand
    Everything. FF used it everywhere.

    • You’re right Pbee, but there are a lot “toos (tos)” in the poem. Seems funny because they’re such simple words and so easy to miss. But conclusions like these always seem to come out eventually “as too” many people find out about them! (sorry about the pun)

      Same as with the Chase. I think it will be impossible for the finder to keep his identity a secret. But the good side of this might be, that as with all explosions, when the dust and debris finally settle, it’s much more tolerable to walk in the mine field. (again, sorry for the pun)

  109. Happy Trails to everyone!

    I’m working on a Chase related poem which will be a song titled “The Rambling Liar” Open to musical collaboration (song writing/producing and guitar help needed), find me on KPRO site THOR. I’ll have time in August to collaborate. Song can be a birthday gift to Forrest and the Chase community. Let’s weave our Chase stories into a song!

      • Check out the concept at THOR, it is certainly not anything negative. Forrest supports artists and creativity.

        • Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
          How I wonder what you are!
          Up above the world so high,
          Like a diamond in the sky.

          How about a Hollywood Star for Forrest Fenn… is there a Star Walk in Santa Fe ?

  110. Caller: “Hello Mr Obvious? Hey thanks for taking my call. Could you answer the BIG question please? Where was the treasure chest hidden? Or for crying out loud can you at least tell us ‘Where Warm Waters Halt.’”

    Mr Obvious: “Oh yea. Sure thing caller. Well. Hmm. There were always four (4) correct answers that I can think of to WWWH, IMO.
    1: Yellowstone National Park, WY
    2: Old Faithful, YNP, WY
    3: Fishing Bridge, YNP, WY

    … and one other thing.”

    Caller: “Wow! That’s profound. How can that be? And if I may be so bold, what other thing?”

    Mr Obvious: “Not to worry caller. They all lead to the same spot. But now the other thing is really just a place. I’d tell ya but … I don’t wanna spoil the movie. You figure it out from there.”

    Caller: “Figure it out? How do I do that?”

    Mr Obvious: “Well Caller, you could start by going back to the beginning. And remember you’re looking for a 10” x 10” x 5” box in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. You didn’t have a chance in million years of finding it without precise coordinates.”

    Caller: “Thanks Mr Obvious. You’re the best.”

        • TToTC. I solved this last year but my thunder was stolen. Nobody seems interested in the correct solve lol (all imo).

          • It’s not that easy on this forum Mr. O. You’re asking me to paint a Da Vinci on a piece of scrap paper.

            Pg. 99 holds the key when you figure out the blaze (all imo). Anyone who wants to discuss email me.


          • Even after the treasure’s found and some one’s sat at home polishing the gold, were still getting post like this…. its the one thing i won’t miss about this chase. . Either put it out there for all to see or just stay quiet your flogging a dead horse and it’s tiresome…

        • nope. I can prove the solve by the book (TToTC) but as I said above the correct solve could be served into people’s laps and they will not believe it (all imo).

          • How about Scrapbook 124? Why did it exist? He wanted people to look at the pic on TToTC pg 124 (starting spot/HoB). Forrest was begging people to think lol (all imo).

          • Sorry. It’s not Saturday Night, and probably don’t really need more cowbell.

          • I have to give a shout out to Diggin Gypsy. You cracked the code on pg 99 and didn’t realize it (tight focus=magnify). About long/lat was brilliant attention to detail and was right under everyone’s noses for 10 years. That coupled with the coordinate from the blaze would lead one to the correct spot (all imo).

          • Oh and the numbers Diggin found on pg 99 needed to be read in both directions to get both coordinate numbers. The blaze had a number on it to clarify the correct 2 c’s (all imo).

        • LatLon in the poem.

          3 of the coordinates are in the word treasures and form the lateral beam of a cross.

          The other 3 form the vertical beam of a cross.

          Most fitting, as it turns out.


  111. What if the actual finder has posted his “solve” here and we just don’t know, wouldn’t that be a good one on everybody???? Lots of different solves have been thrown out in the last few weeks, some seem way off but any of them are possible I guess. Won’t know for a while.

    Thanks Dal Forrest and everyone. It has been an interesting 5 years for me.

    • You wouldn’t believe it Not Obsessed (at least that is my experience). Even if the correct solved was served up into your lap. You will always wonder what the correct solve was because all chase related things will end with this blog (imo). I believe the “finder”, his solve and his good fortune in having the chase end in such a timely manner will never be known.

      • Still waitin’ on that DaVinci … cowbell. The coordinates could fit on a Post It note. Cough it up already. Or are you bluffing?

      • Personally I expect the final solve to be very simple. It will probably be a common theme we have all seen, but the finder looked in a slightly different spot at the end (found the blaze). I don’t expect any of the anagram, coordinate, syllable manipulation stuff will be in play. Possibly a metaphorical reference or simple wordplay. I have yet to see one like that since the find. All the solutions are too tricky. If you see a dirt simple one I missed, let me know. Either here or the email in my link.

        • It took Forrest 15 years to get the poem right. It took 5 years to find someone who could crack the poem. It took 5 more years for him to decipher it. And you want a dirt simple solution? Sorry big guy but it just ain’t addin’ up. I think the complexity of the solve is gonna be the next big surprise, IMO. Although … there might be a simple shortcut to the end … if you can find it.

          • yeah yeah yeah. You are way up there on the “overcomplicated solutions” list. IMO the finder went off trail at the right wise place. Forrest said he hid it so it would be difficult, but not impossible and that no one would happen on it by chance. He has said over and over it is simple. I think maybe a play on words or metaphoric, but that’s it. Look at his words in the 2012 email to stephanie I posted. “You will be surprised how easy they were”. My prediction is that it will be an area many searched.

  112. Thank you to Forrest for this amazing creation, Dal for the blog and everyone who has been searching and contributing.

    I live in the UK and the first I heard about Forrest Fenn and his treasure was when it was discovered a few weeks back. Since then, infused with the lock-down, it has fascinated me, obsessed me, consumed so much of my time. Why oh why can I not let it go – it’s found already!

    So in trying to free myself from this mental torture, I’m posting my attempt to solve before the closure and updating from there.

    It involves LIBERTY, LINCOLN and the NORTH STAR as keys. I would love to hear your thoughts, good or bad.

    • Reminds me of me so much that I thought I had better give you advice and
      see if I can’t follow it myself.

      Don’t do crossword puzzles, as you might see the solution for the poem in there.

      “The treasure is out there waiting for the person who can make all the lines cross in the right spot” – Forrest Fenn

      Go in Peace

    • I think your on the right track to the solve and those elements were included in my final conclusion as well. I doubt we will ever learn of the full, truthful story, however, because of the reality of the legal world we have to live in these days. I cant help but think about “Liberty” this weekend, and how quickly greed, corruption, and deceit, can tarnish it and pervert it.

  113. Shout out to AkB – (even though I technically won)

    AkB is the smartest most handsomest man I have ever almost met on the internets. They say he has a face for radio, but if the were here right now, I might just have my proxy kiss him.

    • Ooooh… (skrunkled face)! I’m gonna have dreams about that now! Erase vision, Erase!

      Proxy kisses, really? Where’s the justice in the world…?

  114. My most sincere thank you and my deepest appreciation go out to Dal and Forrest at this time. Best of health and wishes to you and yours. What a thrill this had been. I’m not sure it is over for me. What to do with all I have figured out? Confirmed by f’s well prepared statement on June 6th. If that statement didn’t radiate with you, IMO you were in the wrong spot, or you just didn’t see the big picture as f says. I am a shy anonymous guy from back east, and I do not have the treasure.

    Dal, when will we be seeing the biography of Forrest Fenn? And what exactly is his involvement with Freemasonry? I see the ball of string as a metaphor for Freemasonry, with each new piece of string a new brother, mostly white, tied with a square knot, lead along by a cable tow rope, George Washington a Mason, then f became a Past Master as the string was gone and his mother looked out the window for the Post Master aka mailman.

  115. The news came just five days before I was to set out on my final search. Five. Like everyone else, I wonder if I’ll ever know.

    First, the treasure chest was taken from us, and now this community. It’s a sad thing, like being fired from a job you love.

    July 4th will mark two years since I read this blog for the first time. Checking the blog became a daily ritual, and eventually, an addiction. Though I never posted a comment (and I now regret that), never communicated with anyone here, never met any of you, I feel like I know you all.

    Thanks, Dal. Thanks, f. Thanks, all.

  116. “As I….alone” – Line 1

    Water freezes at 32° F.

    32° N latitude —> New Mexico/Mexico border & Isa (As I), Japan —> Nagasaki —> Ω

    ALONE Enola [Gay] —> Hiroshima —> Ω

    “If you don’t know where warm water halts (sic), you don’t have anything” —> zero

    He placed the chest on the GROUND —> ground zero

    The very first ground zero was the Trinity Site in NM —> mushrooms anyone? —> Ω = 24 = W in the Greek & English alphabets respectively

    Ω + 2Ω = 3Ω = 3W = WWW

    Your mileage may vary


    GONE ALONE is pretty cool too

    • It is not “warm water halts” but “warm waters halt”. How the poem sounds to the ear is almost certainly important and likely here.

    • Pina…
      I’m pretty sure omega is the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet, ie the end of the trail and opposite alpha. But W is the 23rd letter in the English alphabet, the 24th letter for us is X, as in “X” marks the spot.

      • How embarrassing. I can’t believe I made such a foolish, rookie type error as that. I’m Like so flustered with Dal’s site shutting down.

        Thank you Homebrew and I always like a great beer.


    • Trinity Site —> Alamogordo —> Jornada Del Muerto, Day of the Dead. And HOLLOWman AFB is nearby. Sounds like a stick man to me.

      Alamo gordo – the Alamo was a MISSION, the battle ending 6 MARCH. Gordo – Gordon Cooper, Mercury 9, Gemini 5 (22 orbits) and born on 6 MARCH. During Gemini 5 Gordo witnessed 22 sunrises , 22 ☉, just like the beads on Forrest’s cherished bracelet.



  117. Looks like all of our ducks have lined up. Thanks Dal and Forrest and best wishes to y’all.

  118. Here is a brain teaser for you.
    Remember the bronze chest has girls throwing spices down on men climbing ladders….
    Remember the chapter about spices in Fenn’s book…
    This may make you think about Spice Girls, the British pop group.
    Well, were did the Spice Girls start out together?
    They did so in Maidenhead, England.

    Turns out there is a grid location system called Maidenhead, through which you can pinpoint any location on the planet.
    Where can you find a web site that will help you do that?
    Turns out this one:

    Now, the astonishing thing is that KarhuKoti is Finnish, and it literally means BearHome. Or Home of Brown.

    Could this be true?
    Or is it just my brain that is on fire?

    Thanks Dal!
    Thanks Forrest!

  119. Although I read more than wrote on this blog, I was here for the long haul. Thanks for the blog Dal, and everybody stay safe. There is always the possibility the finder understands the searchers want for resolution, and divulges the location after the statute of limitations has passed. Even then, he/she could remain anonymous, and Forrest or his family (if pre-arrainged by Forrest) could verify it is correct.

  120. Steve,

    Anyone who has Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn can confirm this.

    “One thing Fenn will say is that most people are missing the most important clue; “begin it where warm waters halt”. When you solved this clue, he shared, and the others will fall into place. “If you don’t know ‘where warm water halts,’ Fenn said, “you don’t have anything.”


    Unfortunately, the link doesn’t take you to the Santa Fe Travelers article.

    Take care…….pinatubocharlie

    • Thanks pinatubocharlie,
      Apologies, I didn’t realise until after hitting post that you were quoting Fenn. It’s interesting Fenn said that, maybe it just doesn’t matter. Dang – it did in my solve attempt.
      I just hope the solution is published. Being close, or just having the right idea, or being a million miles off, all would be as acceptable as each other and give closure….. the thought of never knowing doesn’t bear thinking about….

      • No worries Steve. I should have referenced the quote.

        Since Dal is now closing down the site to new posts in a few days, I’d like to share something else with folks.

        Pineapple —> Hawaii —> 808 —> HOH —> H2O —> 32° N latitude?



          • I like it a lot Mr. O because it reminds me of a great old movie about dogs. And another very special dog too.


    • Pinatubocharlie ,

      What are your thoughts? Do you think Forrest might wish to return to his special spot now that the Chase is over?

      • Suzy_S,

        That’s a tough question. Considering Peggy’s frailty I don’t see him leaving Santa Fe anytime in the near future.

        That said, he can return to his special anytime he wishes…by simply thinking about it, just like he did when writing his memoirs.


  121. I am thankful for all the useful info on here Dal ! Goodluck in your coming adventures ! You know I never made it past the Mississippi growing up , I was sure about to days before the annoucment had been made ! I was Sure of my solve and I’m still pretty convinced I was in the right spot ! If You Google Folsom falls New Mexico you can see a hole right below a white slash water line between the two falls ! The Dry Cimmeron Scenic Byway falls in line with the poem to a tee ! I’m not sure but I think the Pupose was to Eventually make it a National Park . To preserve some of the oldest and rarest site in our country . Hint of Riches new and old I believe refers to the Folsom Man , and dinosaur tracks and even the Mammoth Tusks n such that Forrest had said he gathered from stream beds in NE Newmexico ! Idk but it was the only time it all lined up ! Maybe worth the trip for someone who lives a little closer , and would like some closure on the whole thing ! The chest isn’t there , I’m sure of that , f. Sent me an email that said no need to look sir , it has already been retrieved ! Thank you all for the pleasure of your Journeys and a Special thanks to Forrest who made it all Possible !

  122. Thank you for everything. To all of you, what a strange and wonderful journey it has been. Don’t ever stop searching, you’ll never know what you might find.

  123. Thanks Forrest enjoyed the adventure.

    My wwwh was –

    Yes it halts in a “bath”, and Cody made this one famous “ Stone Bath House” at Glenwood Hot Springs. Cody one of Forrest’s hero’s through his life. Forrest bathroom scrapbook, Susanne Sommers bathtub outside scrapbook, and other scattered hints here at hoD, and TTOTC book has hints of Cody too – pic of the buffalo, horseshoe -7th Calvary- Cody joined. So much more.

    To all fellow searchers, enjoy the life and always keep that adventurous heart.


      • Can you imagine Forrest flying in to Glenwood Airport and staying in the Molly Brown suite and healing his body in the bath spa at the hot springs. I can.

        • I stayed there last summer. Really enjoy Glenwood Springs. Nice springs, very evocative cemetery with Doc Holliday…

      • The Molly Brown’s home in Denver (which is a museum and not a hotel) was the starting point of my Solution. Look at my previous posts since the beginning of those « after find » pages. I offered a complete solution for the poem. Of course we will have to wait to see if it was correct.

        • Jan_v52,

          Denver Museum of Nature and Science – not far to Molly’s house and also Cody’s sister house where he died. Coincidence, I don’t think so.

          Haven’t seen your posts.


          • You will have to go through the 13 pages of this Blog and certainly 10 to 12. I explained nearly all my (possible wrong) ideas, with even coordinates of where the Chest once could have been.

  124. I congratulate the finder of the chest. I wish that person well. I look forward to his solution to the poem.

    My solution never panned out but I would like to share my WWWsH with all of you.

    The poem was designed to find the end of Forrest Rainbow. From the start at WWWsH to the treasure chest the ‘route’ was ‘IT’ to follow.

    I thought of the Waters as the territorial waters of the RM. The Mountains were the Hot region, the plains were Cold. The in-between was the warm waters region.

    The route began at the edge of the plains where Warm Waters halt. The Canyon resided in this warm waters region for the route and the warm waters flowed (take) into the canyon down at its end.

    I deduce from study that the plains began at an elevation of 6000 feet which is my halt limit.

    I search all four states areas for a public canyon that fit my requirements. I found several but only one with a unique HOB and below a trail head where I put into the route. I searched the area four times with the poem and the map of the area giving my hope. I did not find that Paddle sign on the blaze which I was lead to. Maybe on my next trip. :} I did find a wonderful place to call special as many other searchers did in other areas far away.

    Oh, my search area found was in Colorado. So no worries for most of the searchers.

    I wish I had found the treasure but at least I and my family had a great time venturing into the RM and enjoying the sights that we found before and discovered anew as always.

    I wish Forrest well and with my respect for him and gratitude of his generosity, I pay Homage to him and appreciate him greatly with a salute.

    As a fellow Texan and Aggie I smile at all his memories.

    Thanks to Dal greatly for this site that was this center of discovery.


  125. For what it’s worth, I always thought that the word that was key in the poem was “home”. There are many references in TTOTC (and other two books & scrapbooks) to home….casita, cabin, housekeepers, the places he and Peggy lived, etc… Temple was his home, West Yellowstone was his home, Lubbock was his home, Santa Fe is his home. Architects build homes (and treasure poems). This idea struck a chord with me years ago and seemed to make sense.

      • “Treasures bold” anagrams to:

        Rustlers Adobe
        Rustlers Abode

        As I have gone alone in there . . .

        Remove “Her” from “There” and insert “As” . . .

        Four letters remain:

        TASE . . .

        Anagrams to:


        Location indicated:

        Rustlers Gulch on East River, north of Crested Butte, CO.

        I was going to check this out in 2020, and I still might. On that, time will tell.

        At any rate, I like your Adobe/Abode idea. Well done.

        • Iowaengr Thank you. Many of my solves were anagrams (or part anagram). My fav. Was tarry scant with marvel gaze (tributary with gravel maze).
          There’ll be no paddle up your creek (Huckleberry Creek) no paddle = fin.
          They all tie in with my search area (posted somewhere around page 7).
          But i guess it doesn’t matter any more.
          A. X

    • I like that, Annie. One of my favorite anagrams for BTSWMG/JTTCAGIP lines in the poem, using all the letters:

      “But stargazer can just take telescope, navigate the width my ranch”

      He’s inviting you to his canopy of stars on his land, his “home,” his ranch, wherever that may be, but only with telescope. It was somewhat of an obsession, making anagrams. But, even after many pages of making them, finding the right ones (if ever they are there as anagrams), it was too soupy to have all of that and to be eating with a fork.

      The poem speaks in a voice which incinerates me when I try to compass it. Good blessings to the one who made it through the flames. Please show us how you navigated.

    • On a side note, considering the line …”no place for the meek”

      This was a crucial part to my solve, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. If it’s read directly, I think most people would read that you cannot be meek where you are to go next. Other people might read that you have to meek at this certain point. If there were a crossroad of sort, do I go left to the more dangerous place, or do I go right to a less dangerous place, for example.

      Is being meek here a bad thing or a good thing? The decision at this point makes all the difference.

      • Nathan -I like your thinking about telescope (need to be in tight focus with one word- telescope focus?)
        My anagram solve for ‘from there it’s no place for the meek = Phantom Creek… and from that =NOT HERE.

  126. Mr. Fenn , thank you for making me see past my nose , I have flown in a plane over the Rockies many times but have never had the WANT in me to go there , untill now that is , I am not a young man anymore but the thrill of YOUR chase has got me wanting to see the places that are so special to you . In 3 1/2 years of looking for this chest I never went BOTG . but because of you and your love of places in the Rockies , I am going sometime someway to what i think would be MY special place , YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK . Thank you again Mr. Fenn .

  127. If you would walk west from Gardiner
    And I would walk north from Flagstaff
    Our footprints would cross
    But too far to walk

  128. Dal, you have all the right words for closure. I find myself wishing that I had more time. This is my once upon a time and I’m grateful for the years I spent with my family out searching. I also lean toward archeology and this search gave me ample opportunities to research 4 states. I have an ache in my heart about not talking to you and Forrest more. I realize I am only one of thousands and this is how it played out. I appreciate all of the key players! Have a wonder filled rest of your lives. Over and out.

  129. Hello everybody,
    I absolutely love riddles and this poem is certainly one of the hardest I have ever seen.
    Although I was fascinated from this poem, my searching efforts have been modest.
    However, I have seen the great Yellowstone NP which without the poem, I certainly wouldn’t have seen.
    From time to time I still read through this blog, which is always enjoyable.
    Dal’s blog is the jar, but all the post and comments are the water, and without it, the jar would have stayed empty.
    Thank you Mr. Dal Neitzel for your efforts and for providing this jar, and thanks to all who filled it up.
    And of course, thank you Mr. Forrest Fenn for creating such an exciting adventure.
    Congratulations to the finder for cracking this tough nut. You must be a very bright and humble person.
    I wish all of you a great future with upcoming adventures just like The Thrill of the Chase,

  130. Hey Gang,
    Me and Fang wish everyone the best. Might see some of you around “West” in August. Until then, keep your head(s) on a swivel.
    Our Final Prediction: the one and only Yankee Jim Canyon.
    Thanks, Dal.
    Happy Hunting and Pleasant Dreams,
    DZ and Fang

      • Brian,
        Yup. Most folks miss it and truck on by.

        Reasons for YJC?
        1. Not in Yellowstone Park (too many hassles). The Park, in it’s entirety, IS Warm Waters.
        2. Close to “The Park”, but too far to walk. 13 miles up HWY 89 from Gardiner.
        3. It’s a CANYON!
        4. Joe Brown boat ramp (local lingo), where you can “put in” (river guide lingo). Hmmm… Do we know anyone that used to guide?
        5. The river in YJC is no place for… you guessed it.
        6. Sphinx Creek.
        7. The old Northern Pacific water tower. The foundation still exists (and Forrest could throw a bike in there).
        8. The Yellowstone Trail blaze. I have seen other searcher’s blazes on this very site. Have NOT seen a better blaze.

        None of those address WHY it might be special to Forrest. I have a theory. Do you?

        • Yankee Jim drank fire water and stopped people to pay a toll. #1
          Fish travel upstream to spawn and yjc is a bottleneck of deeper water.
          #3 the native Americans used to travel through there to get obsidian and Yankee Jim is a archeological dig location.
          #4 people used to be able to car camp there without hassle.
          #5 it very near locations traveled by early trappers heading into the area, as they followed the water.
          #6 sphinx Creek, what’s a sphinx and what’s Forrest notorious for.

          • And lastly,…, umbilical attachment, has anyone ever spent the night there…it’s flipping awesome and should be the mainstay for anyone heading into the park, right after Chico’s of course. They got ice cream in the pool yo.

  131. Before it closes…..thank you Dal, and all other good folks that were a part of the chase. Your parting words are perfect and I wish you all the best.

  132. A large THANK YOU, Dal. Friend for life I haven’t met.

    I had many wonderful enjoyed hours here hunting.
    Indeed chasing thrills. And collective-we are one.

    We caught thrill and so chased our tales.

  133. Thank you Forrest for the thrill of the chase and the inspiration to dream for more beyond the mundane. Your my hero.

    Thank you Dal for acting as a bridge between both searchers and Forrest. Your as talented a story teller as Focused is a poet and I hope to one day sit down to a book of your adventures.

    Focused, this is still my favorite poem of yours:

    Though this one is also one of my favorites:

    I am really glad your book is to be published.

    JDA, I think your artwork is amazing.

    Zap, I will miss your database like mind. Did you ever know Professor Harry Houpis by chance?

    Deano Bravo, I will miss your warm presence on this blog.

    Jenny, your site is like a second home and I loved both of the books of yours I bought. I still would love to get a Willie the Pirate coin though even though I don’t think Forrest would ever want that to see the light of day again.

    Cynthia, if you ever need a hug I’d be happy to give another one. I would also recommend a second photo spot, outside room 4’s window at The Dude in West Yellowstone. I am sure the hotel wouldn’t have a problem with a large group of people standing outside one of their rooms. I would also recommend bringing a full-size photo board of Forrest Fenn to help him be there in spirit.

    Mike and Kristy, it was really nice meeting you all and I really enjoyed the Function at the Junction last year.

    TLo, it was really nice meeting you. I have never been to the spot in your photo but maybe one day.

    SpecialK, I didn’t really know you but your passing still saddens me. You were also a positive light on this blog.

    I suppose I could go on an on but I mostly just wanted to say goodbye to those who understood the thrill of the chase. It will forever be an important chapter of my life. If I use my imagination, Desertphile is out there right now licking the treasure chest. If the finder see’s this, please make that happen.

  134. Dal, thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this blog. You may not realize it, but you played a HUGE part in making the Thrill of the Chase the enthralling, captivating adventure that it is for so many of us.

    I am going to miss seeing new posts from JDA, Seeker, Zaphod, Dal, Jdiggins, Focused, Jeremy, Diggin Gypsy, Cynthia, pdenver, Mark, Heidini, Allen K, and the like – people I don’t know, yet somehow over time seem like friends or kindred spirits.

    • I’ll miss you too Stonerolledaway! Meeting you at bree was great! I enjoyed talking with you!

      • Tomorrow is last day of camp.
        I will truly miss you all and the chase. Forever in my heart. Thanks for the memories…

  135. I also like to thank Dal again and I regret that I visited this site only since the treasure was returned to its owner first week of June. If I see this site, it is a kind of a monument. How many hours has he spend in this fantastic communication platform? My sincere felicitations. We did not always agree, because since the very beginning all my contributions where placed “under moderation” because I did apparently not respect the rules. So you could read my input only after release…when he had the time for this…1 to 5 hours later. However I have no bad feelings and a great admiration for the work DAL realised here. And for me it was nothing more as an intellectual challenge for trying to find a solution for the poem. And I have no clue if I was close but not close enough…or to far away. Wait and see, but maybe we will see nothing at all in the coming days. But my intuition says that something is coming up. Could be wrong also.

    • Once upon a while I started observing all the States (Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico) in the maps going together with FF’s poem. And there were only two cities in all those states that received a star in a circle: Santa Fe and Denver. And a star in a circle is also the icon of the USA fighter pilots. And FF was a fighter pilot. Therefore Denver was an important starting point for me.
      Many must have seen this.

  136. Hi all, wanted to put this out there to see what anyone thinks about it. I’m so curious if anyone did or saw the same thing.

    Well, Fenn said all you need is the poem, some logic, a little resole and some imagination. My first attempt to solve the poem lead me to Colorado. After returning, I did some thinking and I realized I did what Forrest said so many have done. In Questions With Fenn on Mysterious Writings 2013 he was surprised how many people got on Google Earth looking for their favorite spots. He said the stories won’t take you to the treasure but, they will tell you what the clues mean. So, rethinking and trying to listen to what he was telling me, this is how I feel I solved the poem.

    There are 9 clues in the poem and being it would be dangerous to disregard any word the rest of the info must be hints to finding the answers. The resolve.

    1 Begin it where warm waters halt
    As I have gone alone in there
    So why is it that I must go
    2 And take the canyon down,
    And with my treasures bold,
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    3 Not far, 4 but too far to walk.
    I can keep my secret where,
    The answers I already know,
    5 Put in below the home of Brown.
    And hint of riches new and old.
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.
    6 From there it’s no place for the meek,
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    So hear me all and listen good,
    7 The end is ever drawing nigh;
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    8 There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    If you are brave and in the wood
    9 Just heavy loads and water high.
    Just take the chest and go in peace.
    I give you title to the gold.

    You’d be surprised how well that works and clears things up. Also, IMO:

    Something searchers haven’t taken into consideration – The home of Brown is where warm waters halt. The first half of the poem is about Forrest hiding the chest (his turn) and the 2nd half is about you finding the chest (taking your turn). We all play our part and if you don’t find yourself in the right spot then you deserve another turn (try again).

    A word that is key – “ME” = Fenn, fen , fin. He said it was a word that would help more than any other. The most help we got was from Fenn himself. Notice above clue 6’s answer should give you the blaze and “me” is the one that gave it. Fin in French means “The End”. You can even realize tight focus = I which = me = Fenn. Fen means enchanting.

    That’s as short as I can make it without filling in all the blanks.

    P.S. The best clue of all is the “unintended clue” in TFTW if you can recognize it. It’s the outlaw w/ a rope around his neck hidden in the Enchanted Circle on the map in the back of the book. Best viewed from your own scan of the map and in negative view. I had never noticed it from the map I downloaded from the internet.

    That’s my theory anyway! Peace

    • Fen, in Spanish, can be translated as Cieneguilla, too, if I spelled that correctly. Methinks you might have a treasure. Or, at least the solve. IMO

  137. Thank you Dal for the countless hours you put in for the benefit and betterment of others. Common courtesy, kindness, and compassion are traits that have become evident in your words and actions while never compromising a strong hand and granite backbone. Would to God we all learn from you how to better treat others around us. You and Mr Finn are obviously cut from similar cloth.
    Thank you Forrest Finn for giving complete and total strangers so much of yourself. A friend of mine was talking to a Vietnam Vet – a warrior – this week and thanked him for his service. This soldier didn’t hesitate a second before replying, “you were worth it.” That’s the way I feel about you, Mr Fenn. That you would think that I was worth it; that all of us were worth it. Your honorable service first and foremost; and then the thrill of this chase. Thank you Sir, for both. Godspeed. Jack aka Birdman

  138. Thank you Forrest and Dal.
    Waiting now for all my internal and external wounds to heal.
    Looking for my next thrill…maybe I’ll go to Mars…or the Moon.

    • Maybe he will…I note that the email does not say when or how long after it is found…
      The world has not ended yet so maybe he still will…

      • maybe he needs to be reminded he said that? I agree the world has not ended yet. I’m still a believer. He probably won’t open an email from me.

      • Hi Dal, and others. This will sound ridiculous, i know, so i have yet to speak up. Of course, everyone believes their spot is the right spot, i get that for sure. I am confident i know the correct spot, though…i believe i walked right past it on a prior trip. I was flying back out on June 10th after nailing the precise location, but read the news on June 7th and was devastated! I was so certain, i actually wrote a short book on the solve, for it is ingenious when you see all the confirmations from the scrapbooks and other sources. I probably won’t publish it, as i find it difficult to imagine someone reading the solve from an author who did not find the chest himself! It took a while to decipher, but the poem truly will guide a person to the location. The poem is a work of art filled with double meanings, but looking back, one will wonder why it did not make sense prior.

        I sent Forrest my entire solve earlier in the year as i awaited warmer weather, so he can confirm if i am accurate or not. In the chance i’m mistaken, which i cannot fathom, i will gladly run around my block in the nude. Everything makes sense now, even the omega symbol. I hesitate giving out the solve just yet, out of respect, as i don’t want to steal the finder’s thunder and appear a jerk in doing so. I’ll gladly share it later, once he or Forrest have had the opportunity to do so themselves, if they wish. I simply write to offer hope in an explanation of the solve, that it will eventually come out, i merely want to wait for the finder or Forrest to do so first.

        I know i sound like i am either making this up, or am delusional in believing my solve is correct, and i don’t blame anyone for thinking so. I would too. But once it is given, the plethora of precise confirmations are amazing. A person really can go in complete confidence, as Forrest stated, and the location will be a shock to everyone, as it was for me.

        I know this doesn’t answer any questions, so i’ll shut up now. I look forward to sharing more one day, if the solution fails to materialize. Thank you Dal for all of your hard work on this site, and of course Forrest, for extending everyone this opportunity.

        • Certainly intriguing! As this blog is going to be locked tomorrow, can you provide some basics like the State and WWWH?

          • I hesitate to give too much out just yet, but when Forrest said a person is not going to find it on Spring Break, or something like that, he wasn’t kidding. One would not just happen upon it. After taking three trips there, two in 2018, and one in 2019, i finally realized what i was missing and had walked right by it on my second trip. I literally thought i might die on my second trip for rookie reasons (i went alone), and my wife and i had to be rescued on the third trip, as we took a different route to reach the area and ran into a tight spot…humbling, but the nicest team of guys in the world. That said, it’s NOT in a dangerous spot!

          • Ok I understand thank you. Hopefully someday we’ll get the location and solve!

          • Evan, you may not of read many of the blog pages here, if you had, you’d notice someone writing something close to that on about every sixth page…. (some times two at a time) as a matter of fact when I started reading it and quickly stopped as I thought I accidentally had gone to an old page, because I thought it was word for word for maybe 10 of about 200 or more posts that are so close they look like they were written by same person, describing how ‘confident’ they were..

            The one dead give away that a solution of this sort has no merit, is the mention of “confirmation from scrapbooks”, which is the part that is word for word… If the person had been reading a 1950’s comic book they can find ‘confirmation’ of their solve… given enough comic books.

          • Writis, i respect what you said completely. It’s healthy to possess a level of skepticism in the absence of proof. Everyone has confirmation bias, and can marry most things to their solves. I totally agree. But this one is different…WAY different. And that’s exactly what everyone would say, i know! But the things i’ve seen within the poem are astonishing when you discover the right place. One does not need the scrapbooks, but there are literally hundreds of hints within them to confirm the correct solve. I realize this does not help with any merit…hopefully one day.

      • Dal, Thanks again for everything. Is it okay to squeeze in one more possible solve?

        Forrest was right. I just had to let it go.

        The Xcel Power lines is not the “blaze” it’s the “IT”
        IT Runs from the Cabin Creek Hydro Power Plant to the Lookout Mt Substaion. The Cabin Creek facility uses water to store power.
        Recycle the water, recycle the power.
        Power descends down the power lines as it is generated by water flowing from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir. But power is sent back up so that water can be pumped back up to the upper reservoir for future use. Very kewl> Knowing the place for the first time….

        Three big pictures.

        One is a satellite view(like a pilot) seeing IT, the physical lines and cleared path evidence on the ground.
        Easy to see the course of the powerlines as the shortest contiguous path. They almost always are.

        The other is an almost metaphysical view. That in this age we take for granted that we can turn “water high” into power and pass huge amounts of energy almost by Magic across the world.

        Another big picture is a path from an American small town to a Cabin in the mountains… with a very significant stop in Golden.

        The path is longer than the quest. The “traihead” starts at “1” and the search ends at “9”.

        1) Indian Hot Springs

        2) Clear Creek Canyon

        \\\) Take the Roads that parallel the IT.

        3) Buffalo Herd Preserve

        IT moves through Mt Vernon and Club

        4) Lariat Loop (40 to Look Out!!! Mtn Rd.)
        Pass by Rockland Cem. and find Bill’s Gravesite (two of the ‘end is nighs’)
        Death and Heights need bravery to face; not meekness.

        5) Skip Beaver Creek and Trail, its on past Golden Reservoir ( AKA Beaver Creek Res) and Power/Telecommunication Installations that all over LOOKOUT Mountain very near Buffalo Bill’s Grave-site.

        6) If you’ve been wise and Stayed with the actual Power Lines
        you will Descend Lookout Mountain to the North End of a Special geological Feature.
        (Dead Man’s Gulch parallels this path too), this a third time the theme of the “End is EVER drawing nigh” is echoed.

        There is another kewl and key point. As I must still use roads to follow the Power Lines I will continue on the Lariat Loop. On my left the famous white “M” is em – Blazened on Mt Zion. There is a tradition of School of Mines students replenishing the STONES of this landmark.

        Now this is the really kewl part. The “M” is adjacent to a very active launch point for PARA=Sailing. Brave and Not Meek people Thrill to use a parachute to sail through the cool, clear air above Golden. Their target is in a field owned by the School of Mines.
        It is easy to imagine the flight of these adventurers as human dart and the “X” marked target is a bullseye landing, In the cork,”In The Wood”. Finally…. BOTG again. This park is also memorialized as the entrance to The LOokout Mountain Denver Park.

        It is a short walk from this park and field to where the Powerlines from Buffalo Bill’s grave are anchored by another power tower. This tower is set atop a very special geographic feature.

        7) And therein is Found the Blaze; a long exposed wall of white mineral deposit, likely the result of a quarry drawing out a key mineral for manufacturing fire brick? Yes, these are the bricks which would line a forge.
        This aberrational formation has the Quarry(quest) on the South End. You may walk into this quarry from
        the south end of the formation. It is a “Draw” that splits the formation. Upon entering the draw
        on the Left (nigh) side is where the blaze is located. The blaze is plainly visible from many directions
        including the street view on Google Maps.

        8) Look down and find the “bowls” proceeding up the draw, and enter into…

        9) The diamond-shaped Acquest Property , Which again continues with the quickly down direction in both
        a flat map sense (south from the Tower’s location) and also in a topographic sense as there are a clear series
        of bowl/hole like depressions.

        Notably, this property has the same shape as is seen in a very interesting SB. In that doodle it is labeled,”Top Secret”

        For any with more interest, I believe there are many other hints/secrets which tie Forrest to Golden. Chase a little longer and tie this possible solve to other ATF comments and SB’s.

        God Bless All

        >>originally posted on the poetry page xx<<

    • Just remember that 2012 was a few national monuments and acts of congress ago. I wouldn’t expect him to any more with so many opportunistic lawyers looking for their big payout. I fully believe if it was 2012 he would have.

  139. mBG,
    Thanks for reminding Dal of this correspondence between Forrest and Stephanie. Legit question.

  140. What if…

    “Where warm waters halt,” is not a precise place?
    What if, it were a concept? All around the Rocky Mtn. search area, in all 4 states, are plains that contain, “warm water” fishing areas. At a certain elevation, they become “cold water” fishing areas, notably for trout. I have come to believe, 5000 ft of elevation is a very general point of “transition.”

    So, maybe, that is the “outer ring” of a bulls-eye forming, all around, the Rocky Mtns. A point of beginning… what’s the next step? The canyon, down. But, because we know the TC was above 5000 ft, I believe you would venture up into the mountains, though down, in the canyon.

    Which canyon? Pick one. Does it lead “not far” to a “home of Brown”? Yes? Does it then lead to a “no place for the meek? No? Oops… back — to “where warm waters halt”… follow around, to the next canyon. Ask the questions. Each yes, is another ring closer to “your quest to cease.” Follow the steps, in order.

    Instead of, a blind shot in the dark, at a starting point, you’ve, now, created a searchable process of elimination.
    There are no secret codes.
    There are no astrological charts.
    There are no mathematical deconstructions of the poem.
    You don’t have to fold the map into origami.

    What do you know about the canyon? “Not far, but too far to walk.” So, you’d probably need a mode of transportation… Airplane? Train? Bicycle? Donkey? Inner-tube (up river)? Car? Hmm… (what would Fenn have done?) I was thinking THE canyon probably had a road, that follows the river/creek.

    So, generally, that’s been my modus operandi for the last six months, from when I really started to “seriously” look into the search.

    I think, it would have been interesting, if I had a little more time. As of now, I’d rather the solution not be revealed… and Mr. Fenn erect a self-cast bell at the site with the poem engraved on it, as definite sign, of quest completion. This way, there is a photo-op, and physical means of celebration, for both, the searcher, and Mr. Fenn… the ringing, of the bell. Of course, it would have to be heavy enough not to be carried off.

  141. Dal, thank you for this excellent blog! It would have been very difficult to keep all this info organized and stay up to date! I’m moving to Washington maybe we can meet up someday.

    Mr Fenn, thank you for The Thrill of this Chase! I visited many places I didn’t know existed! Over 7 years I was challenge both physically and emotionally. Someday I hope our trails can cross and we can review what I discovered! Take care Mr Fenn.

  142. This sorta makes me. Feel like in the movie
    Folks. milling about at the base of an iconic
    Monolith… OE. SAYING. LET ME. IN
    “”DAL”” LOL

  143. I would like to share where I was when Google decided to take a photo for Google Earth. I had mentioned to f that I was going to go pick up the chest at a certain date and time. It was during that day and give or take an hour when I was captured in the image. It is my shadow that pops out most. This is fact to be me… Look around and you’ll have an idea why I was in the area. Two weeks later f said that he did it all in one afternoon, that’s when I knew I was wrong in where I was. Wow, talk about too far to walk!
    37°33’40″N 105°30’19″W
    After that search, I started focusing in Chokecherry Canyon leading to Blanca Peak. That is the area I settled into. I even bought a highly modified “sedan” to get me up and down the mountain. You can find video of my beast by searching on YouTube for “Toby on area BFE w/roll over” and Toby is whom I purchased the beast from sometime after that video. I’ve done that trail several times in my beast of a crawler. I towed it on a flat bed trailer. Now, maybe some of my earlier posts will make sense to some of you. On a side note, I didn’t even have a chance to put my new tires to the trail before the treasure find was announced. They were roughly $3,000 for the set of four 43″ Super Swamper extra super stickies IROK’s. The beast sure put smiles upon my face. Ah, GOOD TIMES thanks to The Thrill of the Chase! Oh yeah, thanks to f and Dal. He’s a genious. f not Dal. Ha ha ha. Please, someone tell me they took the time to find me on Google Earth. That would make me smile happy tears once more.

  144. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and WISE.

    So, if you’ve been WISE and found the blaze….

  145. Here’s something to ponder Fennatics. What if … since the beginning, there was a photo posted somewhere on the internet that captured the treasure chest sitting in a hollow log in the background. A head of an owl perched above a body of juniper. Visible if you zoomed in. What if in the vicinity the treasure chest, set upon the rocks were brass jars and bells in plain sight. What if Forrest used that photo to bait searchers. What if it was just a photo-shopped lure to get you to the right spot. Wouldn’t you have taken the bait? Yep, hook, line and sinker I expect.

    • Like this?
      Take note of the different images in Fenns studio window. The last pic is of a small clearing I saw from a mile away. When I got there it was not so small. It is exactly 300ft wide just as is the small clearing in his story.

      • it’s not the treasure location, but it is another mirror image from my solve area. i do like the bell hanging there! it’s like he is saying does this ring a bell? lol

        • There are many mirrored photos of the solve area. You just got to look long enough and use that imagination.

  146. Thanks, Forrest, for an incredible adventure!
    And thanks, Dal, for a terrific blog!
    As we celebrate this weekend, thanks to all who serve! Never forget!

    I decided to post my “sticky note” in case anyone is interested.
    I call this site Zulu Sierra Tango:

    TC was not found here, but it might be close by.
    “Have flashlight, will travel (still)”

  147. Holy cow, Dal! Now that’s how to give ’em “what for” as you head out the door! Unfortunately, I am inept at “social media” and had never participated on a blog before yours. And although I didn’t contribute much during my time here (but hay, Y wood I… it was a treasure hunt, people!:), I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all your effort and admire you keeping things shipshape for us. I hope you enjoy ‘your’ approaching independence day… and beyond!
    By the way, were you gesturing to let them know they were number 1… while they sAt and spUn?! ; ) -that’s gold, Jerry! Gold! 🙂

    And to Mr. Forrest Fenn, my first experience in the Rocky Mountains centered around our family camping in Gallatin Canyon in “72”, and once more in 1974. YNP was the obvious destination but we also visited Virginia City, our first time there. Then, it wasn’t until my 40th birthday, June 6th, 2009 that I felt a calling and returned to the area for the first time in 35 years. Those treasured memories of camping in the canyon and Yellowstone came rushing back, albeit through older eyes. But I’d completely forgotten about going to V.C.and didn’t realize we’d been there until 9 years later. My dad reminded me when I was discussing it as a possible location for the treasure chest(we had already made several trips to a few different(State)locations beginning in 2013). Anyway, in 2018, 46 years since passed, my dad and I headed out for V.C. to look for the gold. Yep, that’s where “it” was! I may have only been 3 years old the last time there…but I distinctly remembered images as a kid upon arriving in town. We’ve been back numerous times since, and even though I remain chestless, you sent me back in time and rejuvenated my “youthened” sight/site! That my friend is where *I found* the treasure(s) of your poem. And so now with >hindsight< to guide me; its a most perfect day to say… I thank you so very much!
    Take Care,

    To ALL searchers out there… whomever you may be, I really enjoyed reading all of your thoughts and posts over the years!

  148. I have not posted here before but read many threads. I am not as smart as many here. For some reason I have thought there is only one place “where warm waters halt” could be – in absolute meaning. Warm is subjective and not absolute. Except in body temperature. Which means blood. Which means when blood halts = death. So I always thought that first clue had to do with death. In the name of the starting place or some other way. Unfortunately I couldn’t put it together after that. I have enjoyed immensely sitting at home trying to figure out the puzzle. Took one trip out to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone with the pretense of looking for Indulgence but really just a way to get my wife away from the beaches and into the mountains. One of the best trips I have ever had. I thank Forrest for the adventure and Dal for this site. Like many I would like to see the solve. If nothing else just the answer to the first clue lol. Mr Forrest Fenn I think you are a unique individual and the epitome of a true American. Served your country as called upon – Wondered if what you did was right or wrong – Made your way the best you could – Treated all with respect, honesty, and dignity. Lesser men would have broken and revolted at the negativity at times. I am not special but, after reading TTOC , I believed that you were a man of your word, and the treasure was there. So the more I think I know the more I realize I know nothing. (Not about you ff but about the solve lol). Heck, at one time I even thought “heavy loads and water high” pertained to “ninety feet of water with his weights on”. So many subtle ways things can mean different things.
    Sorry for the rambling. When I saw it was over I was like many, disappointed for the end but excited to hear the solve. For some reason I feel like I should congratulate Mr O. Perhaps I am wrong on that too! Touch as much treasure as yo can.

  149. If you remember the Carol Burnette show, I’m so glad we had this time together, just to have a laugh or sing a song, seems we just get started and before you know it comes the time we have to say so long! (Ear tug). Goodnight everybody!

  150. Hey Dal time for page 14, lets not end on 13 . And with that I am NOT a superstitious person. LOL but a lot of searchers are.

    • Definitely a brown-out going on right now…..
      Everything around here is runnin bassackwards.

    • Me too. Its good to know someone finally got that chest in hand and Forrest got that bracelet back on his wrist.

      It might need altering a few.

  151. Well dal, based on your words to the ‘wise’ above, I think you’d make a pretty good redneck….that’s a compliment in my book. You pretty well summed up the feelings of lots of folks.

    Looks like everybody already used up all the words describing my feeling towards you, Forrest and every one on here, so I won’t embarrass myself trying to out do. (damn, where you at Goofy, it wouldn’t hurt nuthin’ if ya’d set us straight for old times sake!! 🙂 )

    Adios mis Amigos…..Vaya con Dios.

    this goes out to all the ‘rakes’ in the Chase(including Fenn) 🙂

    (sniff, sniff….sumthin’ in my eye)

    • Hi Loco: we’re runnin’ outta track on this here ride. It’s been a pleasure exchanging ideas with you for the last 5 years. Any prognostications on our Cowboy ken friend — will he slip in a farewell message here in the 11th hour?

      • The cowboy from ‘back east’ rarely, if ever shot from the hip. He always had a knack for identifying the words and most opportune time to take his shot. As did JCM…… Yes, Seeker and Colo finally made their marks for posterity; I’m now awaiting Ken, Goofy, JCM, Halogetter, Astree and a few others. (I don’t think they will disappoint 🙂 )

        • Loco, you’ve always been my go to, and I thank you for that. Your posts have always been read even through thousands, I’d skim for yours among a few others, same as you!

    • Yeah, looks like the this train is grinding to a final Halt and time for a last post. Thanks Forrest and Dal….it was a fun ride. Miss all you old timers and slightly deeper (or at least unique) thinkers (Loco, Seeker, Ken, Goofy, JCM, and others). And taking money from a few eager Newbees back in the day…(JDA) LOL

      But I can’t help feeling like I just read most of a great book and someone tore out the last chapter. Hopefully when all the legal dust settles, we will get some answers. Like a few others have noted, I don’t know why F can’t provide at least a few answers without giving out the whole solution regardless of any finder agreement/NDA. What was that he said, “any part of some is better than no part of any”.

      And Dal, why are you closing this blog? Where will I get my daily fix of rationalizations, pareidolia, self-delusion, false ‘confirmations’ and irrational justifications. Goin to be a terrible withdrawal. ha, ha

      Sorry Zap, can’t resist one final shot. What is up with this partial solve you posted? If that’s not ‘messing with the poem’ nothing is. Certainly doesn’t pass the “slap-yourself-in-the-head and say why didn’t I think of that” test to me. LOL

      Good luck to everyone in all in your future Chases.

      • Hi Colokid: I think of anagramming as undeniable poem-messing and a formula for self-delusion. Since acrostics don’t reorder anything, they have far fewer degrees of freedom for that pesky confirmation bias. I get that you don’t like how I extracted Gallatin from the poem, and that’s fine — you’re not alone. But is a common steganographic technique in puzzles — including Masquerade. But you don’t even need the acrostic hint. There are only four canyons out of Yellowstone that intersect the park boundary; of those, only Gallatin Canyon begins precisely at the park boundary. So you can arrive at the WWWH without acrostics — and many others did, including TxTH.

        I’m surprised you aren’t at least a little suspicious of the BTFTW concurrence between the poem, the first six creeks in Gallatin Canyon, the Hemingway title, the “through the dumb barbed wire fence” line that ends page 70 of TTOTC, and even the last six words of the center photo caption above.

        As for “Why didn’t I think of that?” — that is not the reaction to the starting point. It’s the reaction to the ending. My solution may not be Forrest’s solution (and probability certainly says that it isn’t), but it does at least elicit that “Well, duh!” response. I’ll finally get around to checking it out in a month or so (figured there was no hurry once the chest was retrieved). If my solution was right, it’ll be easy to prove it photographically. And if it was wrong, I’ll report that as well on one of the other blogs. Take care!

    • Dal,
      I’ll keep this short n sweet (I know, big shocker, right?)
      Just adding my thanks to you…
      to Forrest Fenn for a heck ride and his civility along the way.
      I’ll add to loco and Colokid and others thoughts… I have had a great time chatting with a lot of folks and catching the chill of the thrill.

      Hope all is well with you and yours in the near and far future.

      End of Commentary…

      • wow, I just read a Seeker post TWICE!
        Seriously, Seeker, I kid about your long posts, but you have been a serious contributor and have added many intelligent and original ideas to the chase. It’s sad that this invigorating intellectual exercise and outdoor motivator is coming to an end. There’s never been anything like it, and probably won’t be again. I don’t regret a moment of the effort. Definitely leaving an empty spot that will take time to fill.


  152. One last huge thanks to you Dal for creating this space…What an incredible journey this has been for so many people. I’m so glad to have been one of them.

  153. Hey Loco…I believe any and all “deathbed confessions” will be pardoned here at the 11th hour. C’mon – I think you can share with us the true nature and identity of the nuke meister. Are you and Goofy one and the same? Asking for a friend.

    • OMG, Sally, I am most certainly not the Goofy_Old_Guy!!! He, like dal, has a command of words that eludes me most times. I really enjoyed attempting to twist his tail when I could.

      He might even weigh in and Nuke ya for even suggesting such an outrage??

      Good Luck to All……..loco

    • Well, Loco – it’s no wonder I couldn’t find the chest. I’ve been secretly convinced, (yet another of my many rabbit holes) ever since Goofy mysteriously disappeared, that you and GOG were the same person. AND I was kinda hoping you, alias GOG, were the finder. But, I still think our old friend, “Cowboy” Ken may have been the one to return Forrest’s bracelet to him. Abernomination!! If that word doesn’t bring Ken out, then nothing will. Sally AKA Sandy AKA Sandy B. (P.S. – somehow, and it’s kind of a point of pride, I never managed to get nuked; got that going for me if nothing else).

    • Last guy out turn the lights off we been blinded by the blaze it was in front of us all the time we were looking to far done the canyon !!!!!

  154. As it is the last day of this blog, I wish also to thank Mr. Forrest Fenn for this incredible initiative, The challenge he offered gave me a lot of fun trying to find a solution for his cryptic poem.
    Thank you, Mr. Fenn for everything!

  155. Sometimes I thought that take it in the canyon down referred to Earthquake Lake. The landslide (slide) travelled down the south flank of Sheep Mountain.
    A seiche crested over Hebgen Lake (water high). Heavy loads. No place for the meek. Sheep Mountain.
    Then thinking about these things put me to sleep. My treasure zzZ

  156. Will miss you, Dal.
    Your home here was wonderful and thanks for welcoming so many.

    Appreciate your upstanding character and integrity.

    Love your messages and the fact that you are not looking toward outdoing or replicating the Chase. That is so respectful to Forrest. That is a friend and you both seem to always respect each other.

    Wishing you well and may the good memories form good intentions now and throughout your future adventures.


  157. My solution was by eagles nest dam. At the base of the dam I found an obscure staircase made out of concrete with Forrest Fenn and his father’s initials in it as well as a few others. If that had nothing to do with the treasure I’d still like to know what the other initials mean! And I still wonder if there’s not more to this than just the treasure hunt.

  158. Curtain call?
    This blog closes after today.

    Where would *you* have hid the chest?

    I would have copied Professor Marvel and put it behind a curtain.
    A waterfall provides a curtain of water. But be careful as
    the end of a waterfall is ever drawing near. Toss a stick near
    the base of one and see.

    • and if you toss that stick in instead 50 or 100 years from now, you will be standing maybe a mile from where you were when you did it today… depending on the geology…

      not a great place to put something to be found later… as nothing will remain but scattered broken pieces.

      • Heck…till the last roundup the wheels keep wanting to analyze words.

        If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
        Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
        But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
        Just take the chest and go in peace.

        This paragraph fits the video/scene well of Dorothy and
        Marvel gazing. However, Dorothy, beelines it (tarry scant) out of the wagon with a ***basket*** and not a chest.

        “A basket and not a chest”…(the wheels turn)…hmm…
        what is Spanish for basket?

        FF gave the answer: “If you don’t know where that is (WWH)
        then you may as well stay home and play…

        Canasta !”

      • My earlier post was deleted because, unknowingly, I broke Rule # 11 of this blog:

        Don’t post YouTube links to music or movies.

        I will make an approximate reconstruction of my post without any links whatsoever.

        It *preceded* my 9:42 am post.



        Point taken. I would – thx – choose the rock/geology for my waterfall wisely.

        This morning I was amused when I watched a three minute clip of Professor Marvel.

        It began with Dorothy setting out on her quest for her Rainbow.
        In a gulch beside a slow creek Professor Marvel had set his wagon.
        On the side of the wagon in bold letters it said:


        Let Him In His
        Read Your PAST – PRESENT and FUTURE Crystal

        Also Juggling and Sleight of Hand

        Dorothy approached the wagon and was invited in by Marvel.

        Dorothy and Marvel gaze (the actual word the Professor used)
        down into the crystal. He has a vision of Auntie Em which scares
        Dorothy into ceasing her quest. It was all very brief, after being scared she beelined it (tarry scant) out of the wagon and left for home.

  159. Thank you searchers, one and all. Especially you hard core hunters who want to refuse to believe what we are probably going to hear in a matter of hours now. Those of us who are in a state of denial at worst, or eternal optimism at best…

    WHAT IF…

    Forrest spoke to the family member of a friend back in 2018,
    Sent him a package and a copy of the map with correct WWWH listed,
    Asked him to solve from there and retrieve the TC,
    And leave the contents of the package in its place.
    Challenge accepted, completed whenever, and announced 6/6/20.
    30 day wait begins and human nature shares solves,
    In turn the community helps the community,
    Forrest infuses TC with more indulgence,
    And secrets it in a new 20 (location),
    2020 then becomes the year we get our answers.
    Original Secret Spot is found for the 2nd time this year,
    Poem and solve is explained to all of us;
    Finders and Forrest announce new poem that he’s crafted for 10 years,
    2020 becomes the year of two 20’s,
    Poem and map made available to all (gladly buying another book of course),
    Dal suddenly gets a gust of wind in his sails and continues the blog,
    We cry tears of joy as Phase 2 of TTOTC begins.

    The end was the beginning.

    Yes, I’m in denial and an eternal optimist.

    And there’s always hope.

    Hope to see many of you out there in the Rockies.

    Hike on and Take Care! Birdman out!

    • Nope. From WWWH to the treasure spot would take a minimum m of two years to solve. And that’s maybe if you’re genius with a powerful work ethic. But maybe you’re right to expect the unexpected.

      • Agreed. But that communication occurred in 2018; and he could have given the guy more info or the solve itself if his intention was to retrieve the TC in 2020; and have an ally/asset to complete the plan. It’s all just food for thought anyway. A long shot; but it’s always exciting when one of those hits.

      • I’m just here for the party. I’m goin’ whichever direction the wind blows.

        • And a party it’s been iam just sorry that I did not get involved sooner but
          Unintoxication seemed to always get in the way

  160. Somehow I only thinks there’s a inner mission, I suspect. How could this many people just end sumthin. Last but not least, doesn’t anyone remember bugs bunny, the end is never the end if you sit thru the credits……….
    P.s. thank you for the t-shirt site Dal, my new treasure hunting veteran shirt will come in handy.

  161. Forrest! How can I even begin to thank you? Anything I write, say, or do will fall far short of expressing the depth of my gratitude.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for waking me, thank you for challenging me, thank you for helping me discover that I do have a bit of grit, thank you for taking me (and my children!) to places I never would have gone, thank you for everything.

    As I paint my rainbow, I’ll always remember you and the riches you’ve shared to help find the end of your rainbow…which must be the beginning end, as you’re certainly not done yet!!!

    I’ll be seeing you down the road.

  162. I guess I should get my last comment on here before it’s all closed up.

    Thanks for everything on the site Dal. Thanks for the effort as a central communication point for Forrest.

    What a thrill it’s all been, we’ll never see anything like this again. Thanks Forrest.

    Thanks to everyone for the friendship.

    Catch you later

    Brit Chaser

  163. he was also at and contemplated N 42° 37.834′ W 108° 52.102′ for the spot but ended up going with N 42° 37.034′ W 108° 52.102′ (imo).

      • fun fact Mr. O but not really of consequence. notice these areas are a short distance off of Forest Service Rd 300. Shiloh wore the number 300 in scrapbook 199. Fenn joked about the chest being 300 miles west of Toledo. Just sayin….(shout out to JDA).

        • You lost me at Lander … Mr Cow. 🙂
          But now that I know you were out in the Rockies looking for the treasure, I am gonna be way more careful where I am stepping.

          • Lol. Well Mr. O. don’t say I never tried to help you. For some reason the horse keeps nipping me when I try to feed it a big juicy apple lol. Where are you Forrest?

  164. Mees too want to thank Mr. Dal Neitzel for this most excellent resource. It has provided great context to the search community. I believe I chatted with you at a couple of fennborrees but you always seemed a little pre-occupied. I will never forget 2016. It was a great year in the chase.

  165. We failed the test, it was the money (chest) we wanted all along and not the adventure of discovering a place only seen by a select few. “We quit,”, and now we want Forrest to tell us where only fairy tales and dream go to play. In my opinion, if you have a solve.that you know is the one, but you need someone to tell you ( The Solve). Then your’s was wrong, and you didn’t know”. It’s the Thrill of the Chase right? No one is going to publicly give up the real solve, I bet what ever is in there is worth 100×”s more than the chest.

  166. Hey TMac,
    Was waiting to hear more from you. I hope you’ve managed to go from sour to sweet…or, at least, semi-sweet…since the anouncement of the find. Hope you have a good holiday weekend and continue to enjoy the great outdoors. Take care and thank you for being kind enough to respond to some of my earlier comments.
    This weekend, especially in the shadow of Covid, let’s all reflect on what it’s like to enjoy our independence and freedom to wander this great country…whether it be on July 4th, or, any day we wake up in this country and see the sunrise on our choice of the beautiful areas found in these USofA!
    Be well all!

  167. I’m sure gonna miss this place! Had to step out of the game for while but I’ve been back just lurking in the shadows for awhile now. Loved this game and wish it didn’t have to be over. But I guess all good things must eventually come to an end.

    Just have to figure out what the next grand adventure is going to be☺️

  168. Posts deleted on the last day.

    You can do that, it’s your blog.

    Kinda leaves a bad taste going out the door, though.

  169. Thank you Dal for running a terrific site for this community for the better part of a decade. Outstanding job. You should be proud. If you are ever in or near Idaho Falls, let me know and I will treat you to the best dinner and drinks we can find.

  170. Loved the time spent Chasing. Will miss this but at the same time I’m glad it’s over, especially since Forrest lived to see the chest recovered.

    Thank you Forrest and Dal for the Thrill…

  171. The earliest screen names on this blog…some are still here…
    Irene Rawlings
    Susan Miller
    John Lucero
    Lifesmy treasure
    Benjamin Freedman
    Chad Claude
    Ricky Lee Farmer
    T Kurt Jaros
    David Labay
    Ronald Planes
    Kip Harward
    Forrest Fenn
    Michael P
    Original wild child
    Brent t
    Rick Nowak
    Bonnie Kasper
    Meredith McQuagge
    John Goad
    Ken Marshall
    Rebecca Lou Mudd
    Jj Debarros
    Anone Mouse
    Judy Piercy
    Jamie Nicewander
    Don Moore
    Ralph vaughn
    Erico Cardelli
    Nicholas Ryan Scaglione
    Adam The Adventurer
    Mary Ann Gengler
    Dynamic Fiction
    Karen Borrelli
    The Alex
    HWL Craigie
    Marina O
    Louie Oviedo
    Colette Kossow Lucky
    Andrew Walton
    Russ S.
    Paul Postlmayr
    Ronald Planesi
    Hank Chinaski
    Ryan reading
    Lynette Manzanares
    Barbara Galambos
    William Puckett
    Tony Whaley
    Steph M
    Wayne klotz
    David P Trujillo
    Davin in VA
    John Carter
    J Freeman
    Patricia Gibson-Williams
    Jimmy blea
    Joe M. Ray
    Liz Gunderson
    John Paul

    • Hi,

      Respect is silence
      without any sound,
      Trust already exists
      without questions,
      Love is faith
      without deceptions,
      No doubt
      sometimes is
      all ways.
      And sometimes is
      And Time is
      just It is.

      To The Others
      “Some are still here”
      Ciynthia, … … …
      … … …
      “especially Dal Neitzel”
      Whole family of FF
      ” especially PEGGY”
      all this magic world
      which are created by Forrest Burke Fenn
      who is
      -sure logiCally-

      (This formula,
      “For those who hadn’t and/or could have known yet” JIMO)

      Thanks, for everything.

  172. Imo, the finder had to solve the Ethical Dilemma…
    Imo, the trove was found In Colorado…
    In my humble opinion, the trove was found prior to Dec. 2019…
    Imo, it was less than 3-miles from the 1st Clue to the last…
    Imo, the double omegas were within that 3-mile stretch…
    Imo, the running man stick figure was within that 3-mile stretch…
    Imo, the poem told the finder WWWH, making it beyond any doubt…
    Imo, a portion of that 3-miles mol was spent driving…
    Imo, “put in” actually meant “to park”…
    Imo, it was only a few hundred feet (paths vary) to the hidey spot…
    Imo, the poem told the finder that the trove was NOT on public land…
    Imo, the finder did not realize what HOB was, because it was not essential…
    Imo, the finder did not HAVE to concern himself with “meek”…
    Imo, the finder never considered using a paddle…
    Imo, the blaze was actually ignored for a few years before viewed as a clue…
    Imo, there was actually an X in reasonably close proximity to Indulgence…
    Imo, there was nothing special about the “hidey spot” to the average person…
    Imo, ff would not say the trove was buried, because that is a matter of opinion
    (plus he did not want to encourage excessive digging)…
    Imo, the treasure was in a clearing “in the woods”, thus starry and wooded…
    Imo, nobody would ever have found the treasure without ff inviting them to look via the book/poem…
    Imo, the finder is a man from “back East” who should not hide his final solve…
    Imo, a final solve should be given in respect to families of those who lost lives by, “reaching too far”
    Imo, it is the responsibility of ff to lay out the rest of the story…

    • Ethical Dilemma: I score your 23 points as follows:

      Correct: 8
      Wrong: 12
      Depends: 2
      Partially right: 1

      You can decide how to distribute the scoring. 😉 Best of luck in your future endeavors!

  173. People can now get back to thier lives and start a new chapter! Find a new hobbie!, look up old friends, visit relatives before they pass, find a new treasure. Put those books away and me i have boxes of notes! Out with the old and in with the new!
    Peace to you all!

  174. Don’t think for a minute that I have any idea what’s going to happen after today. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  175. Dear Forrest:

    Thanks for an incredible journey! I’m so glad I had an opportunity to participate. I learned so much through this process, not only about the Rocky Mountains, but much, much more. For someone who claims not to have been a good student, you sure are a great teacher! I bet your dad would be proud.

    And don’t forget what I told you — laughter is the key to life. So here’s hoping you and Peggy laugh for many years to come.

    Special thanks to Dal for giving us a place to congregate and share ideas, and for giving you a venue to speak to us all.

    And finally, congratulations to Mystery Man from back east. He earned it.

    • Are you really the finder? Because if you are, boy do I wanna talk to you! LOL!

      • You got some splainin’ to do! Like how you found the precise spot. I’m not talking about solving the poem and finding the general location. I’m talking about the 10”x10” spot. Care to share?


    ALONE —> alONE—> Ali [Mohammed] —> butterfly —> sting —> bee. Who’s he sting? A challenger.

    Though an old term, ‘file 86’ or ‘86 it’ meant throw it in the trash. Time Magazine —> 86 —> Feb 1986 cover —> STS-51-L Challenger disaster – 28 Jan ‘86

    * 1 Feb ‘03 – STS-107 Columbia disaster – just over 17 years later.

    * Apollo 1 fire – 27 Jan 1967 – almost 19 years to the day before Challenger

    Apollo 1 – 3 killed
    Challenger – 7 killed
    Columbia – 7 killed

    3+7+7 = 17 killed to date. 17 years, 17,000,000 board feet of lumber, $17/sq. in. A HINT to the space program?

    STS-51-L = STS 51 (+) 50 —> STS 101 ====> STS is the airport code for Santa Rosa, CA, aka Charles M. Schultz – Sonoma County Airport and located just off Highway 101. The area code is 707 and I think Boeing and the water, ops, I mean Evergreen (lush?) State. I see 101 and Schultz and I think dogs.

    ‘Marrying’ 101 & 707 = 808 = HOH, just like I told you about yesterday I think it was. Did I mention that the HOH is a famous salmon and steelhead river here in the PAC NW?

    Launch complexes 39A & 39B were used for Apollo & STS launches at KENNEDY Space Center. Remember Forrest’s favorite Red Ryder BB gun?

    When I marry 39 and H20 what do I get? A historical and literally monumental BB gun by the name of the USS Arizona, BB-39. Plus, 3+9 = 12 = Mark Twain, another water reference.

    Remember the SB about him & the guys peeing in the gas tank? They were taking a leak in the tank. The Arizona’s fuel tank has never stopped leaking and the oil slicks are know as the ‘Tears of the Arizona’. And you may recall his Captain Kidd story in TTOTC. RADM Kidd was on the bridge of the Arizona and killed during the Pearl Harbor attack.

    Begin —> BG in —> BeeGee in —> Gibb in —> GI BB in ✅

    This is just a small taste of my journey Chasing the Treasure and I’m pretty sure I have found it. Not the chest, but the meaning. Our national treasure, our spirit, desire for perfection, our explorers, our military, teachers, firemen, and now grocery store clerks and truck drivers.

    I wish I had time to share even more but the HoD is coming to it’s Ω tomorrow. Thank you so much Dal and an even greater thank you to Forrest Fenn. I’ll miss all you guys.

    LOOK TO THE STARS and think of them on the 4th. I see Forrest. He’s already there!


    And just for giggles, what’s the most used character in the poem?

    • pin……. ,When JD Salinger died, and ff threw catcher in the rye in trash can on top
      Of time magazjne the cover on current time mag was about the Haiti EarthQuake.

      • Yes it’s time to sign out.
        Get me at my ‘user name’ and Yahoo com
        8 miles south of I-10 ext 38 (Alabama ) War Eagle!!!

      • There was also an article in that Time magazine issue about Harrison Ford and his effort to get support to fight some kind of fairly rare disease that effected children I believe. I think it was called Pompe Syndrome or something similar.

    • Charles schultz airport in santa rosa ca is off the 101, and….wait for it….the exit is also SHILOH rd.

    • 86 isn’t an old term, restaurants still use it when an item on menu is no longer available.

    • Pinotubocharlie, you mentioned Gib-b, he was going to be my search partner. I sent him a solve for Montana. And tried to get in touch with him on my Wy trip.
      One of my first solves was Big Belt and little Belt springs in Montana. Thought it was obvious due to FF saying he liked to fly “radio silent” for 700 miles and I tied that to his big belt that he wears everyday. Who knows at this point.

  177. To Dal and Forrest, thanks for the adventure of a lifetime. Kia Kaha. John R signing out.

  178. under highway 220 and spur road where they cross sweetwater river at independence rocky, wyo.

  179. I still have this habit at bedtime of reciting the poem in my head LOL.

  180. Hey, does anyone want to make an online repository where we can all upload/share our work? For example, spreadsheets, google map layers we made, etc?

    MAYBE, the search isn’t over. MAYBE, if we ALL work together, we can actually solve this thing?

    Most of us have gone it alone, but since it’s found, there is no reason not to “share it all”. Seems to me there may still be a reward out there…solving the damn poem. There will be no closure until we know the answer.

    Just an idea.

    • I think this poem is solvable. People just need to stick to the poem, shut out the outside noise, and let the poem do the leading. We might want to use a slide rule or a hammer or chemistry to solve it, but that’s leading, not following.

  181. So why is it that I must go….as the Legend and Legacy of Forrest Fenn continues for eternity….thanks for the extended play CO and congrats to NY on bringing this adventure to The End; the final 12 feet must have been amazing; thankfully no one appears to have got caught in the wood! My sympathy goes out to the families of those who lost their lives along the journey.

  182. In a perfect world we’d be roasting weenies tonight at bree…and campfires and smores and stories galore!

  183. Dal will be shutting down for comments but that doesn’t mean the conversation can’t continue over on Jenny’s MW. Jenny…I hope you don’t mind!

      • Prob don’t remember me,Goldie
        but we had some nice conversations back when.
        I was the little mouse who never gave up,
        amongst other things.

        • Swaying too far from the topic being discussed or talking too cryptically could be why…you could always ask.

  184. The clues led me to Elizabethtown, NM. I posted in Part Nine why I thought WWWH was Mt. Walter in the Taos Mountains. When the waters warm up on Mt. Walter it gets taken down the Rio Hondo to the west and Red River to the east, both of these end up in the Rio Grand. I checked extensively into both of these but got nowhere other than to some beautiful places.

    One day when my family and I were looking around where the Rio Hondo meets the Rio Grande and I just couldn’t make things fit a Gold Lady Bug landed on my daughters hand (see pic links below) and for some strange reason at that exact moment I had an epiphany, I remembered reading a story about a thing called The Big Ditch that stole the headwaters of the Red River and took it over to Mt. Baldy and dropped it in the Moreno Valley at Elizabethtown so the miners could get the gold. So the warm waters of Red River halted and got sent elsewhere for 30 years until they stopped using the Big Ditch in about 1900 and the Red River got it’s warm waters back.

    I got very excited realizing that the warm waters of Mt. Walter went somewhere I had not considered before so I started looking into that. The waters first go into Horseshoe Lake right under the east side of Mt. Walter, it is beautiful. The Big ditch tapped the headwaters of the Red River at three lakes: Horseshoe Lake, Lost Lake and Middle Fork Lake. Approximately 8 miles of flume connected these lakes with the Big Ditch, this allowed the warm waters to halt so they could control the amount and pressure of waters going to the Big Ditch.

    After traveling 42 miles to the side of Mt. Baldy the waters would drop down the creeks that went to Elizabethtown and had placer mines and a lode mine and lots of gold, the first creek the waters got put in was Mills Creek that dropped in right below Moreno Ranch (besides a ranch that is no longer called that it is actually a place listed on old maps, so it is a place not a structure). I considered this the home of Brown (Moreno = Brown? and a Ranch = home?). The Big Ditch never brought as much waters as was hoped for because much of it leaked and evaporated on the 42 mile journey but it was still used for about 30 years starting in 1869 (incidentally a rainbow is 42 degrees and water, I thought maybe the end of the rainbow was the end of the Big Ditch’s 42 mile journey to the gold). The waters were only taken 11 miles as a crow flies but it took 42 miles of aqueducts and flumes and blasted bedrock to get it there. Every spring the miners and townspeople would walk the ditch to clean it out before releasing the warm waters from Horseshoe Lake, it was a tradition that marked the start of warm waters getting gold again after long cold winters. The longest aqueduct spanned 2376 ft. across a canyon near Red River Pass at an elevation of 79 ft. above the creek bed and is now long gone so it is not far but too far (in the past and literally) to walk now.

    From there it’s no place for the meek told me to head south down Moreno Creek to Elizabethtown from Moreno Ranch rather than heading north. Elizabethtown was no place for the meek for sure.

    The end is ever drawing nigh, the end of the trail is drawing near also the the Big Ditch water is always drawing from the left when following Moreno Creek through E-Town (aka Elizabethtown), multiple gulches and creeks coming down from Mt. Baldy used the Big Ditch water for placer and lode mines. They also used mercury (periodic table element 80) to get gold (periodic table element 79).

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek had a semi-colon before it which I interpreted as the end is always drawing water from the left; (BUT) there’ll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high. The last creek using the Big Ditch water is Grouse Gulch/Creek but you don’t go up there, the water comes down to you, but up there is heavy loads of gold including the Red Bandana lode mine, and the water high which is the Big Ditch that drops the water into the creeks and gulches from a mile and a half up on Mt. Baldy. My end of the trail is under the Red Bandana.

    Elizabethtown has an incredible history, it completely burned down in a huge blaze in 1903 and never fully recovered. The cover of TTOTC has water and Elizabeth and gold, I think this was a hint, water II Elizabeth gold. I also anagramed the blaze line to “You’ve been wise and found Elizabeth, f”. I had much more which includes The Eleanor Dredge that got lots of gold there and was owned by the Oro Dredging Company, the Oro mining claim is still a patented claim (managed by a trustee) and was right at the end of the trail, I kind of thought getting title to the gold was title to the Oro mining claim (oro is gold in Spanish, and Of Riches Old is ORO acrostic) , it’s right below the Red Bandana mine which was the last mine using the Big Ditch water.

    So if you’ve been wise and found the blaze I interpreted as you’ve been wise and found the trail which is the whole Big Ditch journey of waters from Mt. Walter and Horseshoe Lake to Elizabethtown gold, I found The End Of The Trail Ranch right there at the Oro mining claim and it’s where the Eleanor sank into Moreno Creek and is no longer visible (see pic links below, it was still there in the 1940’s but when WW2 started they took all the metal that was still above ground and the rest sank in the ground, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Fenn’s drove by this, like a scenic drive on one of their summer trips to YNP and Forrest climbed on that thing like it was a jungle jim and slid down the rusty rails). I believe that is why the blaze is past tense because you have been finding it the whole way, before and now, from beginning to end, from past to present. Also Elizabethtown is the destination and it is now a ghost town, basically it is no place anymore, and it was never a place for the meek if you read it’s history, it only exists in the past now. Ironically it burned down in 1903 and the pic of the found treasure has a big rusty blaze looking mark from the key on the 1903 coin. I believe Elizabeth was the word that is key. Also ELIZABETH is a great Edgar Allen Poe acrostic for whatever that is worth.

    So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek? Because my whole life I have been blazing trails tirelessly and now I am weak and have reached the end of the trail.

    The Oro mining claim and the Eleanor and The End Of The Trail ranch are all on old dirt road B22. Not far, but too far to walk I thought maybe not far meant take away the word far and you have but too to walk, B 22, also the bracelet that always stood out and he made it stand out by saying he wanted it back in the Gold and More chapter had 22 beads (B 22?).

    When I started getting crazy and confirmation bias with all this I anagramed As I have gone alone in there and with my treasure bold into Ash Olga Svoboda there and in an ENE line with my treasure (as I wrote in my WWWH in Part Nine here). I drew a line from Mt. Walter to Mt. Baldy and it was an exact ENE line (about 67 degrees) and it went right through Horseshoe Lake and the Oro mining claim where the Eleanor and The End Of The Trial Ranch are. It also went right through the center of a small kidney shaped pond that based on Google Earth was made sometime between 1997 and 2005 and also right through this huge cross I found on Moreno Creek, all on this same property (see pic links below).

    I thought perhaps I can keep my secret where anagramed to see where I kept my cancer (crazy I know) but his cancer was kept in his kidney. When I put together pics of Horseshoe Lake (the beginning) and the kidney shaped pond (the end) they made a circle, I didn’t change the angles of them, they line up like this (see pic links below). Also the kidney shaped pond at the Oro mining claim was exactly 66,000 links (8.25 miles) from Mt. Walter, my WWWH. So from beginning to end is 8.25 miles, what a coincidence I thought. If you find Mt. Walter on GE and draw a line at 67 (ENE) degrees at 8.25 miles you will see the kidney shaped pond and everywhere else I am writing about is there.

    The Horseshoe Lake and kidney pond (see pic links below) seemed to me like the two omegas, the beginning and the end, also the two omegas were the colophon in the book and colophon comes from the Greek meaning for ‘Summit, Peak’ (thanks Jenny) and all this is in the valley between Mt. Walter and Mt. Baldy, two summit peaks.

    Anyway there it is, a brief summary of what I found. I had to write this all quick because the end is nigh and I wanted to get it on here, but there was so much more interesting stuff I found. I am thinking of writing a book about the history of Elizabethtown, it’s history is better than Deadwood IMO. Charles Kennedy the serial killer, they put his head on a fence post outside the bar lol. Notorious gunmen such as Black Jack Ketchum, Clay Allison and others. It truly was the epitome of the Wild Wild West. And I am sure Forrest knows all about it, he was a charter member of the Llano Estacado Corral an Association of Western history enthusiasts, organized in 1959 in Lubbock, Texas, their territory covered eastern New Mexico.

    Here are some links to pictures and more:

    WESTERN WATERS: NEW MEXICO’S BIG DITCH: Technology, Law, and Profit in the Waters of Territorial New Mexico. “The Big Ditch was a marvel of ambition. It was designed to carry more than a million gallons of water daily over a distance of nearly forty-two miles”:;sequence=1

    The Big Ditch:

    The Big Ditch Maps and Markers:

    The Gold Lady Bug:

    The Eleanor:

    Horseshoe Lake and Kidney Pond – The Beginning and The End – Two Omegas?:

    The Cross on Moreno Creek:

    The End Of The Trail Ranch:

    • Mark in Taos
      A remarkable search. I loved your train of thought, your own story and most interesting links.
      Elizabeth of course anagram IS THE BLAZE..
      Amazing how much history searchers have delved into on this search.
      A x

    • MiT,

      Rainbow is … 42 degrees …interesting, didn’t know that…thx
      Been thinking about Rainbows today.

      Lots of good hard work. Kudos.

      May you have lots of adventures ahead.

  185. I would really have to think through a good plan. To pop something off my head would probably not be a good idea. I went from 0 worth to 3 million in 20 years and I spend a lot of time thinking out my next move.
    I would love to help with a plan , but not on this blog.

  186. Sweetpea McGee…

    Another Dreamer like me.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

  187. Mr Fenn, if you’re listening, thanks for doing this in my lifetime. It’s completely my kind of thing. Best wishes going forward. I want you to know that the architecture of your poem wasn’t wasted as it might appear from the loud ideas. I restricted myself to the poem, as presented in the book, the map, imagination and a dictionary. Congratulations on making that gnarly poem done in a way that was fair-play and safe to such a broad audience – – that is, if we just stuck to it fior 207 refining reads until we *allowed* things to click. The journey in our minds was spectacularly done when followed precisely. The confirmations of place were cute, fun, clear, and sometimes thought provoking. What a great use for that special chest. I feel I want to make a video to honor the elegance, especially after the butchery it went through by those trying to get at it by assault, so to speak. On the otherhand…well. Anyway, respect. Well done.

  188. Mine eye hath been witness to the blaze! As I arrived upon it I glimpst a shodowy figure vanish into the underbrush with what appeared to be an ocre colored packet tucked under one arm. The figure seemed to labor some, as if the parcel had some heft. As I stood stunned at my predicament, and marveling at what was transpiring, the unknown and unidentifiable figure was ereased from the scene. It was then that it all came raining down on my shoulders, the weight of the situation that engulfed me, I was at the blaze, but empty handed was I.

    • I take that back. Location is plain but must be special to fenn for some reason. If what im figuring out now from the poem using red canyon creek, then it really is a, “why didn’t i think off that moment” and totally genius poem wise. Forrest your a complete and utter legend. So simple that its makes it difficult.

  189. That’s good news, so staying quiet just for now then? Will you post the solve one day? Obviously you were on the right trail. Congratulations!

    • So Mr Obvious, I know Mr E-man, so who are you?
      Thanks for all your fun posts. It’s been real.

  190. Check youtube its there… rudy greene.. i did it tired and now im weak… what do you do when tired? Go to bed or as an old saying in england, up the hill.

    • I saw Rudy Greene’s Red Canyon solve. It was pretty good until it got to the HOB with the whole Rhode Island thing.

      • I know right… but his other video convinced me when He was digging under the tree.. looked box size imo

      • Road island would explain why people didn’t get further than the first two clues though. Plus in the reflection in the olive jar on the released photo the man has a hat on like that rudy guy and when your tired you go to bed, an old saying in england is going up the hill and when your old (weak) your over the hill, so im 95% convinced but hoping im wrong lol.

        • The more i think about it the more im starting to. Things are starting to fall into place. It kind of makes sense. I think he may have found it but doesn’t quite understand all the answers. just enuff of them for him to have gotten lucky. Road island is genius in away if it is true.Imo

      • Here is a bit of an odd curiosity about Rhode Island that I discovered about 6 years ago that could relate to the Chease.

        Rhode Island – Home of Brown University
        Wyoming is a village and census-designated place[2] on the Wood River in southern Rhode Island,

        Wood River!!!!

        • Rhoad (road) island would be a simple yet complicated, thing to figure out and makes more sense than a Brown bear or Brown trout when you think about it. He does talk about universities in ttotc.

  191. In the art of metalworking “chasing” is one of the techniques used to help make a beautiful piece of work.
    Mr. Fenn thank you for designing a wonderful, one of a kind, unique art work that will be remembered forever.
    The Thrill of the Chase is a masterpiece!
    Well done!

  192. Dal,
    Thank you ( and all those who worked with you)
    Your blog will go down in history along side with Mr Fenn and TTOTC.
    Best Regards
    David Here

  193. To the finder congratulations. To forrest, if the red canyon creek solve is the answer, then the answers wasn’t as good as they could have been, shameful really. And to the searchers feel proud of yourselfs because what some of us came up with was far better then the actual solve was(if red canyon is the right one). Who knows take care till next time, stay safe. Love ro all. Elvis has left the building.

    • *to all not ro, lol.

      Forgot to say thanks Dal, and thank you forrest, its been a thrill.
      Goonies for life.

  194. Time to say farewell.
    Time to say it’s never really goodbye.
    Time for new adventures.
    Time to make new memories.
    Time to make new friends,
    and with new friends, it’s
    Time to make Moonshine,


  195. Its past midnight here now, so off to dream. Blog might be closed when I wake up. I am not on any other blogs, so I shall wish you all the best for the future. You are a wonderful bunch and I adore you all. The smiles I borrowed from you all are worth their weight in gold! (yes, you can measure a smile, with imagination). Anyone wants to contact me = Sensible applicants please do not apply!

    Dal, you are a superstar. Forrest, you are cosmic. Thanks to both and all.

    I will leave you with something a wise man told me when I was a teen, which helped me me climb. “If it does not scare you, then you ain’t dreaming big enough!”.

    Dream BIG guys,

  196. Come on Robert Redford. Produce this movie. The Thrill of The Chase. The life of Forrest Fenn. The early years, the military years, the Chase years. All of of searchers can be PA’s and extras. New actor for Forrest for early years, Brad Pitt for middle years, Robert Redford or Robert Duvall for layer years. New actress for Peggy early years, Amy Adams or Rachel McAdams for middle years, Meryl Streep for later years.

      • Well let’s see …
        Bill Murray, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Costner, Tom Cruise, … OK I dunno. But definitely not Brad Pitt. Let me think on that a while.

        • Maybe the finder can play the part himself. Go rouge. Become a Hollywood sensation. Let’s think about who his leading lady might be. Concentrate on that.

        • No. Now pay attention WWW, the finder is not the star. The solver is the star. The solver is a guy. And he is looking for suggestions for a leading lady. Are you following? Now ideas. Don’t make me explain that again.

          • I’m thinkin’ …
            Scarlett Johansson,
            Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron. Or maybe some new young thing. 🙂

      • The finder/solver doesn’t need to be part of the movie. Just a write up at the end. Or if he comes forward, a cameo at the end. The real story is Forrest and his life. The adventurous early years, the war, the cancer, writing the chase and the reason he hid his treasure. The big picture.

        • May be the end of the chase but the story has not ended. More to come….Stay tuned.

  197. Hey Dal, thanks for all the years of running this blog man! Glad to have been able to post my search teams solve one this page (Jonny’s Wyoming Adventure) and share what a great time we had on our searches up around Beaver Creek. I Never thought searching for Forrest’s little bronze box filled with gold (and maybe) jewels would have reality tv shows reach out to me. Gonna guess that’s a first and last. What an amazing adventure we all had! And speaking of pottery shards, when we met Forrest in Santa Fe a few years ago he warned us of the “shard huggers” if we went out to look for some. Haha! It was amazing getting to talk to him about our mutual obsession of arrowhead collecting and his acquisition of the “Fenn Cache”. His story of buying a guy a new truck in a small town in Wyoming for his dads “Cody” arrowhead collection and so forth. Thank you Forrest for the search. The adventures that you had in life is what made the hunt appealing to people, that maybe we could glean some of that adventure in hunting for indulgence. Happy further hunting to everyone!

      • That’s interesting about your mutual interest in artifact/arrowhead collecting, and getting a chance to chat with Forrest about relic hunting. I bet he has some nice folsom types. I’ve been fortunate to hunt for relics a few times out west, and found pottery shards, some broken arrowheads, and a scraper. Nothing too rare, or, significant but was a lot of fun. I did find out it’s really easy to loose your sense of direction when you’re finding pottery shards, and hyper focused!

        Here where I live in the Midwest; I primarily hunt plowed fields. A lot of beautiful relics in my area such as banner stones, and other artifacts made out of green banded slate. Nice colorful flint in my area too; some beautiful chalcedony.

        Happy hunting!

  198. From Kanafire: To all searchers,
    May peace be with you! And as Spock would say” live long and prosper”.

    Oh yea, I don’t believe the poster going by “ fin der” is the actual finder of Fenn’s treasure, for the simple reason; to be able to post a comment on this site, you have to give Dal information that would enable him to find out who you are!

    To one jarhead(Dal) and one flyboy (FF) from a former green beret, thanks for the ride!



    • Clint,

      HEY!!!!!! OVER HERE!!!!!

      I ran into Forrest in an intersection the other day. Nobody was hurt…but t was a Major FENNder BENDER!

      Good luck to ya and thanks for chiming in…it was fun!

      ByGeorge ….OR
      Deano Bravo….Ifya Namaste

  199. Dal and searchers here ..first ‘sorry’ i i kind of gate crashed your site! Like most searchers who discovered the news. Thanks to everyone who gave time to reply to my posts. It was hard being across the pond in the search. In Scotland – I did however feel i got CLOSER than the first Two clues.
    Thanks to Dal, from this site you sound like a remarkable person. I wish i could have met you.. good team..
    Annie X

  200. Hello and Goodbye. Thank you Forrest and Dal, and thank you to all the people who post on this site. I have been in the chase since the winter of 2013, I haven’t posted much but I have enjoyed being a small part of it all. There are a lot of wonderful, kind and amazing people that post here and I will miss you. That being said here is a solution to the poem, which may or may not be correct. I was a few weeks from going to the spot when the find was announced.
    This solution is so simple it took me 7 years to see it, lol. I believe the entire poem describes one location and takes you directly to the chest. It all takes place in the northwest corner of Colorado, in Browns National Wildlife Refuge (Browns Hole)and Dinosaur National Monument. The warm waters are the calm stretch of the green river that flows through Brown’s Hole, they halt when they take it in the canyon down at the Gates Of Lodore. This is where we begin and also where we will end. As you reach the Gates of Lodore you cross the border from Browns Hole into Dinosaur National Monument. There is a parking area, campground, hiking trail and a Put In! This is the put in below the home of Brown, literally! If you take the trail (which is 3/4 mile one way) it leads to a look out of the Gates of Lodore. Between you and the canyon gate lies a wooded area below, where there is sage, juniper and pinyon pine. This is where you leave the trail, from there its no place for the meek, and head into the wood below, directly toward the Gates of Lodore, the end is ever drawing nigh. There’ll be no paddle up your creek is telling us we never actually had to enter the canyon, which is only possible by boat. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, the blaze is the Gates of Lodore, look quickly down your quest to cease, as you near the Gates of Lodore look down and you will find the chest. The area is not too big to search and it is a dead end, only one way to it, plus I’m sure he would have left some tiny marker to aid the searcher if needed. The ninth clue is I give you title to the Gold, the title to the Gates Of LoDore, it is a confirmation clue that gives the searcher confidence before they get BOTG.
    Here are some other fun things about this solve: *there is a poem called the cataract of Lodore that’s about a father describing a waterfall to his children.
    *In many ways the poem describes both ends of the canyon of Lodore, like a mirror image, or the candle burning at both ends. (I actually went BOTG to the south end of the canyon for an Echo Park solve a few years back, oops, wrong end)
    * the Outlaw trail goes right through the area, connection to Robert Redford’s book.
    *Butch Cassidy and Sundance frequented the area, connection to Hopalong cassidy, Mavericks, etc.
    * Fur trappers were commom in the area, hinted about with Osborne Russell and there was a trading post called fort Davy Crockett, hinted about by his coonskin cap in TTOTC.
    * For anyone who thought there might be a Fenn cache connection, some of the cache consisted of Green River chert.
    *The area is steeped in Native American history
    *There are many native artifacts in the area as well as rumors of an old silver cache left by Cassidy himself, hint of riches new and old.
    *There was an old school house in Browns park
    *There is an omega shape made by the river at each end of the canyon
    There are many more connections to lines in the poem as well. Things like your effort will be worth the cold, that area was used by natives, trappers and outlaws as a place to stay through the winters. But I can’t list them all right now as I am hoping to get this post up before the site goes down.
    Thanks for reading this I hope it was at least a little entertaining. Again thank you Forrest its been really fun and thank you Dal, it was a great site.
    Remember there are still treasures waiting to be found, cheers to new journeys and the next adventure. Love to all.

    • This is a nice solve, Dulcinea. I’ve always wanted to go there. You are fortunate to have looked there.

    • There is also a water wheel (present day version and not far away is the original ruins of one) at Browns Hole.

      Early on in my search (way back in March 2020, seems so long ago) I dedicated a lot of time considering Browns Hole. Unfortunately, FF had said that no human structures were involved so I moved on.

      These lines suggested water wheel (it had large buckets) to me:

      The end is ever *drawing* nigh;
      There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
      Just heavy bucket loads and water high.

      Hope you had a chance to look about the historical water wheel remnants

  201. I’ve been following this blog for 8 yrs. now and have had BOTG once in 2013. I spent weeks studying the poem and doing research, I was convinced it had to be at this secret spot and traveled there in the Spring (as soon as the snow was gone) only to find out after 3 days of searching that it was a lot more complicated that I originally thought. Thank goodness I took my fly rod with me and ended up salvaging the trip with some great Spring fishing for browns.

    I want to thank Dal for this blog and Forrest for the adventure, I don’t know how many boring nights watching TV, that I have switched over to this site and spent hours reading everyone’s comments and Ideas. I wish I would have contributed more to this site for I surely got more out of it than I gave, sorry for that.

    My next comment is directed to the finder: It is a shame the chase has to come to an end with only one person knowing for sure where the chest was found. We all have our ideas where the chest might have been (including me) and would like to finish this search knowing we have solved it. I propose the finder put the scissors back with a small waterproof container so we can all sign our name when we find the spot . He could provide a written Oath that had to be recited after the find “that we would never divulge the chests hiding spot” It would be like a small club of finders that would know each other by the names on the list.

    Anyway, that is my thoughts on it, I hope you all well maybe we can continue in some way.

    • If anyone needs clarification of the right solve, then your solve is wrong.

  202. Im sure you missed a few answers but got enuff to find the chest. Well done. If you dont want a “paddle up your creek” go to bed on time. The book said so… so dont go up the creek go up the hill. Genius forrest fenn so smart. I love it.

  203. Thank you Dal for letting me in your blog at such a late date and for answering my emails. Thanks Mr. Fenn for the magnificent fun I’ve had. Thanks to all the members here that wrote to me and allowed me to share my information and thoughts with them. I still feel that my solve is solid. And, CONGRATULATIONS to the finder. One last time…. 45.05.03N/110.47.45W , Aldridge Road , Montana. THANKS !!!

  204. Thanks for running the blog, Dal. I never posted until this month, but would come to your site often, in anticipation of new Scrapbooks, and to see the adventures and thoughts of other searchers.
    Thank you, Forrest. Words cannot express my gratitude for The Chase. It changed my life, and is now part of my story forever. I hope I go on to have many more adventures.
    Much love to all the hardworking searches out there, and of course, the Finder. Congratulations! You earned it 🙂
    Goodnight and farewell,

  205. Wow. What a wonderful bouquet of comments from so many varied and different personalities. Even though everyone has said something a little bit different, the message was still the same…..a deep respect, love and admiration for Forrest, Dal, and all the other searchers who contributed to the entire experience of the Chase.

    I wish the best for all and hope to finally have a face-to-face (or is that mask-to-mask!) meeting with some of you at Cynthia’s gathering in Yellowstone.

    Thank you Forrest and thank you Dal for all the great memories I shall never forget!

  206. I didn’t want to leave without a thanks to you too Dal; before this blog closes.

    Thank you for carrying the torch for so many, while providing a place where the imagination could wander, explore, and share.

    What an impressive tribute to the chase. Godspeed.

  207. (pets her Yorkie on the head, takes a sip of tea, adjusts her tiara and begins to write):

    46.455391, -113.76812.

    Where Cougar Creek empties into Rock Creek in Montana. Just below QUIGG PEAK, a naturally formed, beautiful hawk’s head, definitely drawn by God Himself.

    Why Montana? An acrostic X in stanza one spells YEW TREES. Again, later in the poem it says Your Effort Will.. which again spells YEW. Pacific Yew trees are only found in Montana, not in the other 3 states. So Montana IS the state.

    Begin it where warm waters halt. Waters salt = water salt = tears. Where do tears begin? The EYE. Montana’s west side is shaped like a face. The EYE is Missoula. If the eye cries where do the tears halt. On the cheek. If a tear starts at Missoula and stops on a cheek it stops in an area we can zero in on.

    Take it in the canyon down. If we go through Hell’s Gate and follow highway 90 east we come to a town called Clinton. Just after that is the entrance to Road 102 south (Rock Creek Road). But why 102? Hints tell us. How many doodles were there? 102. What is on an old Dr. Pepper bottle? 10 2 4. Who stole Forrest’s fishing spot when he forgot where it was? JB —-J= 10, B= 2. 102.

    If we take 102 south we pass Solomon Mountain (WISE PERSON). If you look just west of 102 you see an EYE in a triangular shaped area. (use satellite view on google and get clearest view—global).

    Continue south and we come to Quigley. Should we continue south. “Look quickly down”—- look Quigley down. Yes. Keep going. Just north of Quigley you will notice we passed a small road called Island Road. If we turn right there is an F shaped area consisting of Island road, Dolly Varden court, and Rainbow Court. The house on Rainbow Court has blue roof, just like the Judge in the Court had a blue robe in the scrapbook. The F shape of the area is intriguing.

    Remember the SB about spices? What spice that is ALWAYS in the racks is missing? Cinnamon. In fact he only mentions cinnamon once at the very end of the SB. There is a bear called a Cinnamon bear that is actually a black bear, but it’s Brown. On 102 as we continue south we see Cinnamon Bear Trailhead. Is this the “home of Brown”? Forrest NOT mentioning cinnamon is very intriguing.

    Now, as we continue south we come to Cougar Creek. “Look quickly down, your quest to cease”. “Look Quigley down, your quest two C’s”? Cougar Creek?

    Please take a moment to go to 46.4553, -113.7681 to that spot at Cougar Creek, and then widen the screen so you see QUIGG PEAK. IT’S BEAUTIFUL!! QUIGG PEAK—-QUICK PEEK. what’s Tarry Scant? Quickly. What is a Marvel Gaze made quickly? A QUICK PEEK. QUIGG PEAK.

    So the sentence But Tarry Scant With Marvel Gaze is TELLING US what the Blaze is. When you look quickly down in the poem below that is the sentence But Tarry scant with Marvel Gaze isn’t it?

    But not only is the sentence telling us what the Blaze is, it’s telling you WHERE it is:

    But Tarry Scant With Marvel Gaze. Remember the backwards bicycle. Gaze Marvel With Scant Tarry But. Now— make each word a NUMBER by counting the letters: Gaze= 4, Marvel= 6, With= 4, Scant = 5, Tarry= 5, But = 3.
    464553= 46.4553. Isn’t it amazing that 464553 combined with the hints that we’ve just seen lead to QUIGG PEAK?

    Now, here is where I may have made my error. Because Cougar Creek at Rock Creek puts us at 46.4553 (But Tarry scant with Marvel gaze backwards) we need a minus coordinate. I noticed that at Cougar Creek spot the minus was -113. So I began looking fo a combination of A and M (113). I found one in the sentences that follow, but I also found one in the same sentence that tells you WHAT and WHERE the Blaze is. Look at the sentence again:

    But Tarry Scant With Marvel Gaze. Is there an M? YES. Right next to an A. In MArvel. It would be the letters WITHMA. But again, to get the 113 we have to go backwards: A=1 M=13, H=8, T=20, I=9, W=23. Because 0 is not a number I arrived at -11382923. 113.82923. Was the treasure buried at:

    46.4553, -113.82923? Where does 46.4553, -113.82923 put us? It puts us off of a small creek west of Rock Creek called Alder Creek. The coordinates put us in a small boot shaped “wood” in a very quiet and beautiful area.

    Do you remember the photos of Chaos? It showed a BOOT just on top of a chest. Was this where it was? Or did I get the coordinates (minus) wrong and it was actually right near 102? This would explain someone being 200 feet from the treasure. If they drove on 102 right past it, it would be only 200 feet away. Is this the place?

    I think it is because of QUIGG PEAK. I could just see Forrest flying over that beautiful bird’s head God made and saying “that is perfect for a marker, a blaze”. And perhaps it was close to a special area he enjoyed as a boy. A special place.

    QUIGG PEAK= QUICK PEEK= Tarry Scant (quick) with Marvel Gaze (peek). 46.4553, -113.82923. ?? Maybe.

    (takes another sip of tea, and pets her Yorkie once again, and smiles)

    • Hi Sparrow, that all sounds good — but unfortunately WHERE WARM WATERS HALT…. was always just a “can o’ pee” . It is amazing where our minds take us however. Cheers,

      • I’d be interested to hear where you have arrived at the conclusion that “where warm waters halt” is a “can-o-pee”? You seem so sure about that. You think the poem was all bathroom humor? You wouldn’t happen to be from Flushing, NY, would you?

  208. Thank you, Dal. You are an amazing, and rare, human being! I have read every inch of this website over the years, and while I never actively participated I still felt part of this community. It’s been a big part of my life, which I will sorely miss. Thank you, also, to all the other searchers for creating a space of commeraderie and convivial support. As for Mr. Fenn, I want to do more than just thank him here. I first moved to Santa Fe in 1999, and immediately fell in love with this wild west town chock full of colorful characters and magical landscapes, so much so that I spent many hours studying the rich history, culture and geology of northern New Mexico; however, it took me 15 years and this treasure hunt to learn about Forrest Fenn. How was that possible? This man is an icon. I can say that now that I know so much more about him (I mentioned already that I viewed every passage, letter, story, article, interview, on this website, and also on the Old Santa Fe Trading Company, and read all three books, etc.). I have no doubt that he and his family’s presence and influence put Santa Fe on the map (no less than Georgia O’keeffe!), and I am convinced now that my memorable discovery of this town was surely due largely in part to their contributions. I have had the great pleasure of meeting some of the people in his stories (or their descendents) and I even got to spend a night in the guest house at Nedra Mateucci Gallery fantasizing about the days it belonged to Forrest and Peggy (if those walls could have talked!). I am quite sure that Santa Fe would be a very different place today if Forrest and Peggy Fenn had not moved here and cultivated their dreams (which became my reality). The Fenn’s have inspired millions without their even knowing it. But now I know, and I will be forever grateful. Mr. Fenn, your life and legacy is the real treasure, and I am richer for the understanding. Perhaps a petition is in order to Mayor Alan Webber making August 22, 2020, Forrest Fenn Day in Santa Fe, NM! So few citizens have left a bigger ‘X’. Much love to all you beautfiul searchers. Peace out!

  209. I also have been at the Chase for 8+ years and have complicated feelings about all of this. I will say thank you to Dal for the encouragement and stimulation this sites gave and dealing with all wackiness over the years.

    As for the ending…. I’m sorry to say that I had dreams that the Poem would unfurl like a grand Escher puzzle, connecting and cascading in magnificent spirals once the key was unlocked. Instead the puzzle was much more down to earth — “Can o’ pee” turned out to be “Where Warm Waters Halt” and yes, Fenn’s mind truly stayed around thirteen. The key word was “pee” taken from “peek” and IT ALL went downhill from there. I could go on and on but I’m sure many have figured out much of the Poem by now. I can laugh at it now. But for a minute it seemed unfair Fenn’s many hints verged on red herrings. However those obscure hints are also the reason the Chase lasted so long… So you have to take the mixed bag, accept that as life and bask in it.

    Farewell to community, and remember: the community, the memories and aspirations are the true treasure.


    • Forrest can I pull the 1133 card don’t know when it’s posted but it’s 1133

  210. Hey Dal, thanks for the ride! Remarkable job managing this site with all your patience and sensibilities. Safe travels, Keith

  211. To Forrest, Dal, and every searcher who posted here, I love and respect you guys and wish you the very best life can give you. I am sad that the chase is over, but I also realize I did find a treasure in this hunt. The real treasure is indeed the thrill of the Chase but more so it is getting to know each and every one of you even if it was only thru this blog. May God’s face shine upon you and may we meet again. Thank you all so much. (Insert tears here).

    • Well said Stickwitch. Many will have solemn somber sleep this evening; but the Sun WILL rise on all of us tomorrow.

  212. A big thanks you to Dal, a big thank you to Forrest and a big thank you to everybody who made TTOTC what it has been, the best treasure chase I can imagine. Thank you and good by.

  213. I would like to thank Forrest, Dal and the entire community for making the chase what it has become. The greatest online adventure of my lifetime. I am richer for knowing you and don’t regret a moment of time researching, or a mile of the trail searching. It saddens me to have to say goodbye to all of the friends I never met.

  214. Howdy Forrest, I know you’ve given moore than enough “hints” already, so I’m sorry…but I’m calling your BLUF! It wasn’t even necessary to open the book… was it!?

    And I doubt the finder has shared that with you either. I B double dog darin’ ya to Say It Isn’t So!

    “Corona” be damned! Let freedom ring… KaBoom!

  215. Good night searchers, Forrest and Dal…..may all of your dreams come true.

    Thank you, all -MOW

  216. “I still think the darn thing was hidden in Wyoming”

    —the ghost of Billy Barty

  217. I have already given thanks to Dal and Forrest. But before this whole thing shuts down I wanted to say that this blog has been loads of fun, besides being a great place to learn and share camaraderie.

    I am so glad I found the blog, and want to thank Dal one last time for his great patience, and for all the time he put into this endeavor. And thanks so much to Forrest Fenn for hiding the treasure in the first place. What an absolutely wonderful thing to do. You sir have earned all the respect that you so deeply deserve. When I think of this Chase really being over warm waters are falling, not halting. I am really going to miss it.

    Thank you so much. -Sparrow-

  218. Took a final trip up to the Aspens just north of Santa Fe today to say goodbye. The Chase played a huge role in moving to the area (a little town south of SF) and I’ve had a blast creeping around here this last 8 years or so. My wife and I had made an offer on a house back East, and it was accepted June 6th, shortly after I read the news about the TC. These mountain lost a little bit of their sparkle that day, even going up there today, the Aspens seemed just a little less vibrant. I’ve always felt the chest was up there somewhere, and I will appreciate every second of daydreaming over my hundreds of hikes through those woods. I’ve experienced so many beautiful hikes because of The Chase. Thanks Dal, Forrest, and y’all for a wild ride.

  219. Dal,
    Thanks for the awesome place to hang out. You are a gem.
    Bye all you purists…lol…jk…c ya on the other pages!

  220. Dal,
    I can only echo every positive accolade anyone has given you the past few days. If we don’t get the chance to meet on this side, I will for sure look you up on the other. I will add that I am sure Forrest will reveal his incredible puzzle when he’s ready. The world needs this treasure, now more than ever. You have to get into the mind of a mischievous, brilliant, fun young man that later had a life changing experience to understand the motivation for his masterpiece. I believe Forrest is a straight up guy and I have faith everything will work for good. It has been a welcome distraction from “busy life” reading the thoughts from everyone, and working my burning gears mind trying to figure out the next stump. It was fun and rewarding and can’t wait to see what’s next.

  221. Here is my solve, in full. I give you all title to it.

    I was thwarted by barbed wire and ethical scruples in not wanting to trespass on my first attempt to retrieve the chest in September of 2019. My second trip, which solved that ethical dilemma, was booked and planned for Early May 2020 but was thwarted by the current state of our cancelled culture due to the great societal and world panic of COVID-19.

    Begin the quest where all warm waters of New Mexico Fishing Regulations halt at the Border with Colorado. Not far, relatively speaking, but you won’t be walking—you’ll be driving—take a Canyon down (South) from the NM — CO border.
    The correct Canyon leads you to the Moreno (Brown) Valley, home of Eagle Nest (formerly known as “Therma”). The Vietnam War Memorial, with sculptures by Glenna Goodacre, is also there.
    Now draw a line due South, below Molly Brown’s Summer Home, affectionately called, “Avoca” by the Browns—more on that later—which intersects with a line drawn East/West from the ever drawing substation node at the end of high voltage (heavy loads) transmission lines that cross over the mountains from Rayado. These same lines which are nigh along the 6 mile long, winding dirt access road, point you due East, past the Angel Fire Community Center (teachers with ropes), up into the high mountains of Angel Fire to Garcia Park. In Garcia Park you’ll find Agua Fria Lake and Agua Fria Creek. Driving the six miles of narrow, winding, mountain dirt roads to get there is certainly not for the meek. If you’ve been wise—meaning if “you’ve been that way” or “in that direction,” you’re close to being “in the wood.”
    Agua Fria Lake is known to have good sized Brown trout in it.
    The intersection of the N/S Home of Brown line, and the E/W drawing nigh line, puts you in the ballpark (Garcia Park) for finding the Blaze.
    Now start over with the poem.
    Begin it WWWH—now Agua Fria Lake—also now the home of Brown, and take in, view, the canyon down from the dam end of the lake. Water is ever drawing from the end of the reservoir as seepage below the dam which feeds into the creek, which is not deep enough for a paddle. Follow along Agua Fria Creek as it runs down that canyon. Not far, but too far to walk with heavy treasure, down that creek you will find the Blaze.

    “My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.” TTOTC pg 4)
    This is the exact coordinates of the Blaze:

    36°23’09″N 105°09’45″W

    The key word in the poem, after all, is “Wood,” for which we know Forrest and his good friend Everard Heinrichs, had great reverence.

    The ethical dilemma is solved by renting one of two UU Bar Express Ranch cabins close by Garcia Park in the Sangre De Christo Mountains of Northern New Mexico, and making good use of your temporarily leased “back yard,” as you retrieve the treasure.

    In Google Earth satellite view, there are many pareidolia images in the vicinity that can be made out of the Forrest vegetation and topology, which are elements of the chase or from the drawings in TTOTC, such as the ubiquitous “Rabbit Hole,” the dancing Gypsy’s boot, the nesting dove, and Sitting Bull’s Peace Pipe.

    The legal and ethical way to the treasure came in from the Eastern approach, heading up and West into the UUBar Express Ranch via a nine mile dirt road just North of the intersection of Highway 21 and Alona Creek (as I have gone alone in there).


    Margaret “Molly” and J. J. Brown were inspired to name their Summer retreat “Avoca,” by a poem, “The Meeting of the Waters,” written by Irish poet Thomas Moore, who grew up in Avoca. The poem is a beautiful expression of friendship and contentment felt in the “Sweet vale of Avoca.”

    The Meeting of the Waters

    By Thomas Moore

    THERE is not in the wide world a valley so sweet
    As that vale in whose bosom the bright waters meet;
    Oh! the last rays of feeling and life must depart,
    Ere the bloom of that valley shall fade from my heart.
    Yet it was not that nature had shed o’er the scene
    Her purest of crystal and brightest of green;
    ’Twas not her soft magic of streamlet or hill,
    Oh! no—it was something more exquisite still.
    ’Twas that friends, the beloved of my bosom, were near,
    Who made every dear scene of enchantment more dear,
    And who felt how the best charms of nature improve,
    When we see them reflected from looks that we love.
    Sweet vale of Avoca! how calm could I rest
    In thy bosom of shade, with the friends I love best,
    Where the storms that we feel in this cold world should cease,
    And our hearts, like thy waters, be mingled in peace.


    I can have no regrets in not making it there in time. It was not in the cards for me.
    If this does not turn out to be the story presented (if ever) by “the finder,”—it should be, because all of the pieces fit so well.

    RLO ~ RonnyLee

  222. As our final game of Jamanji ends,
    I agree with Grandpa when he said –
    “alot of good memories here.”
    Till next time, my friends.

    • I know, you will say it’s “Jumanji”
      but hey what’s in a name?
      Call it as you see it.

  223. At the end of this, there can only be one correct solution. After about four weeks, incredibly, no one else has seen the light on any website.

    I am going to steal someone’s thunder and tell you how to solve the puzzle. I realize this is just another voice in the wilderness, but some day you will understand.

    For me, it has always been about the Puzzle. I would gladly pay the taxes and suffer the consequences of notoriety to know that I solved the Puzzle.

    Let’s imagine that you want to hide a treasure chest in the mountains, and you wanted to show someone how to find it. What’s the easiest way? GIS coordinates, of course.

    Let’s say that you wanted to make a puzzle of the search. You could construct a puzzle that reveals the GIS coordinates as the solution. Too easy.

    How to make it more challenging? Place the chest on an imaginary grid. Build a puzzle to construct the grid. Clues to reveal the location of the chest on the grid. Clues to show where to place the grid on the planet. Solve this puzzle, place the grid correctly, go right to the chest.

    Imagine that I’m going to hide a treasure chest in your back yard that is 50′ by 50′. I have created an imaginary 10’x10′ grid that I will place somewhere in your back yard. X axis on the bottom, Y axis on the left side. The bottom left of the grid is 0,0 and the top right is 10,10. Each point on the X and Y axes is 1 foot.

    I would need to give you three clues to solve this puzzle: (1) where 0,0 point goes, (2) where 10,10 point goes, to orient the grid correctly in your yard, and (3) the point where the chest is buried.

    I hide the chest at the 6,7 point on the grid (X=6, Y=7). I show, through clever clues, that the 0,0 point is at the base of your apple tree, the 10,10 point is that frickin’ rabbit hole that you sprained your ankle in last summer, and then the 6,7 point. Now go to the 6,7 point, dig, and there is the treasure!

    This is how to solve Forrest Fenn’s puzzle. Forrest built an imaginary grid and placed the chest at a point on the grid. The clues reveal where to place the grid, where the 0,0 point is located, where the upper right corner of the grid is located, and where the chest is placed on the grid.

    The key word: Postmarks.

    The dates on the Postmarks correspond to the important events and people in Forrest’s life. The Postmark at the beginning of most chapters are used to establish the vector points on Forest’s imaginary grid.

    The 0,0 point is “where warm waters halt.” The upper right point is the location of the “put in below the home of Brown.” Get these two points correct on the grid and all the rest of the vector points fall into place.

    I have already revealed, in other posts, the 0,0 point, how to place the grid on the map of the rocky mountains, and the GIS coordinates of each.

    You might park in the Terrace Spring parking lot. The rest is up to you.

  224. There’s no place like home…of Dal that is. This feels like the last scene in the Mary Tyler Moore show when, in a large group hug, they all moved toward the exit and I think it was Mary who reached back & turned out the light. After 9 years, Dal you’ve sure earned a rest from running this blog. I’m thankful you’re going to archive the information here, but it’s going to feel a little like an empty newsroom. Hopefully, Forrest will still occasionally share stories of his life that you can post. And I hope you share stories of your adventures, Dal. You’re a great writer/photographer & I’d love reading about your travels.

    Here’s one final share. Our WWWH was the continental divide, eastern side for warm waters. Forrest said look at the big picture & I think that’s the largest feature to run throughout the search states. From there it’s like a funnel narrowing down the possibilities. At least that’s what it was for us. And I think the key word was seek. That’s the first of our solve I’ve ever shared. Still protective of solve & spot for some reason, but I’ve admired all the ideas put forth here. Wishing you all great adventures! Maybe we’ll see you in West Yellowstone.

  225. Good ride Forrest and Dal thanks for the lessons

    I might go see Art next weekend

  226. Hi Forrest,
    I would like to return my book for a refund.
    I think it is broken, I read the stories but
    I couldn’t get the book to work.
    It was suppose to lead me to a treasure.
    No, I don’t want to exchange it.
    I will just take the money
    I don’t have a receipt, but I hear they are selling on eBay for $2000
    Cash will be fine, or you can credit my card.
    Thank you, Mr Fenn
    It was nice doing business with you.
    Take Care.

  227. Shape

    Whenever hailstones thrash a painted wooden porch
    Or a wounded alpha wolf howls deep in the vale or the
    Glass shatters

    When a wretched thought sends shudders through nerves
    And you wake up with a start and question existence and your
    Eyes focus

    A chrome hubcap rolls on concrete off a twisting wheel
    A blistering meteorite strikes way down deep and the
    Soil flies

    Whenever a giant squid pirouettes in frigid darkness
    Or a loon sounds out roundly across still waters and the
    Wheat sways

    When warm tears blaze cold-edged trails on cheekbones
    And vintage lace rips apart in soft staccato and your
    Children scream

    An old matriarch elephant lays down but once to die
    The handmade love letter finally arrives home as the
    Sirens wail

    Whenever a solitary roving robot halts on Martian soils
    Or hardcover books are snapped shut! by hands and your
    Stomach churns

    When frantic salmon spawn above shallow gravel redds
    And a diesel locomotive rumbles the whole town and the
    Moon beams

    An able person is soundly crushed by tragic tidings
    The rust is pervasive and ever unrelenting as the
    Vessel sinks

    Whenever a child asks you “why do the stars float?”
    Or a mass murderer begs for your forgiveness as the
    Feathers fly

    When the brawl spills out onto sweltering city streets
    And a kestrel egg is split open from within and the
    Gold melts

    A story told is retold and once again is different
    A dying twin lifts a baby picture of her twin when
    Glaciers creep

    Whenever galaxies collide unseen and silent
    Or a honey bee describes a path to blooms or the
    Uranium decays

    When human weight tightens a thick vertical rope
    And crashing waves impel salty mist for bows for the
    Light arrives

    A sentence receives its needed exclamation mark
    An ancient gut harp string snaps at a moment as all the
    Planets fall

    All of this
    All of this, anything and everything else
    With God present or absent or
    Truant, forsaking the call
    Inside or outside from
    Here to anywhere out there
    Within and without
    Of materials and minds
    Is just the universe changing Shape

    au revoir

  228. I was contemplating making a site to keep all these conversations going at Then I figured I was just beating a dead horse and should let it go but today my daughter and wife convinced me that I should make a site and keep the conversation going. So in the next week or so I am going to try and make a site that works something like this one. If I get it together it will be at so check in next week and see if I actually do it, I am a little rusty, I used to run a popular blog but it has been a while so give me a while to think…

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