THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part fourteen


SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f

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441 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part fourteen

  1. Sorry for the outage.
    It was caused by Bluehost…they operate the server space we rent for the blog.
    On Sunday evening there was scheduled maintenance on our server by the Bluehost techs.
    This usually takes less than an hour…but when they finished the blog did not come back up…
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    OK..but things looked peculiar…

    Kris over at Thor asked me about the blog at that time and I passed on the info that I had from Bluehost..
    That “maintenance was still in progress and it would be another hour.”

    Another few hours pass and still no blog…server still seems dead…
    I call tech support at Bluehost again…

    I am told that the techs are aware of the problem and are working on it and will have it resolved in two to three days…

    WHAT! 2 to 3 days…?????????

    So the next day, Monday,…still no blog…I contact tech support again…
    Still don’t get a straight answer about what the problem is…just that they are working on it…

    I am pretty annoyed…
    Next day, Tuesday…still no blog
    I call again…still no answers about what the problem is…just that “the techs are working on it”…

    Chris and I discuss moving the blog to a new host…dump Bluehost…
    We give them one more day…
    Wednesday the blog is still down…
    Wed night about 10:45pm my time I contact the Bluehost techs again…

    Somebody who can get things done starts working on the problem…in about fifteen minutes the server is up and the blog is running…

    Here is what they told me the issue was…
    “The root cause for the issue was that the cPanel memory which was set by default in the server during the sign up was not meeting the requirements of memory from the sites hosted in the server and need more space allocated which is the reason , I have checked and increased the memory.”

    Jeese…It took them three days to allocate more memory to the server…

    Anyway…we are back…and I have received a couple hundred queries over the past three days from folks wondering if the blog was finally gone…

    It is not gone…

    So I decided to open a new page for chatting…
    And I apologize for the outage…
    It came at a strange time…and looked like something fishy was going on…
    But the timing was actually coincidence and it was caused by human failure at Bluehost…


    • Dal, Sorry you have to sweat over all of this. You are a AWESOME caretaker! They should have given you 10% of the chest for all your trouble.

    • Dal,
      Welcome back! Your site was the second best part of the Chase.

      My attempt at a solve revolves in and around Golden, Colorado.

      My key insight was to use the power-lines as the IT which defined which roads to follow. My interpretation is that tftw meant to use the roads
      As Forrest repeated get in a car<

      1. wwh: Indian Hot Springs

      2. canyon down: Clear Creek Canyon

      3. hob: Buffalo preserve of Route 70
      Put in below: Get off 70 and get on historic 40, also part of a
      tourist route called the Lariat Loop.

      4. No place for the meek:
      is interpreted as the MANY aspects found on this road. The LL has breathtaking turns and views.
      Another feature which is no place for the meek is a para-sailing
      launching point, located adjacent to the School of Mines white 'M'.

      No paddle up your creek is only guidance. The important Beaver Creek and Beaver Creek Trail is passed over by the Power-Lines, but do not follow those.

      5. The EIEDN:

      The LL also has 2 noteworthy graves. First the Old Rockland Cemetary
      and next The anchor site of this themed route,
      the Buffalo Bill grave and Museum.So this part of the poem is speaking to THE END IS EVER DRAWING NIGH theme begins here and is EVER echoed again later.

      This road is also labeled as LOOKOUT Mountain Rd. on many maps.

      6. HLWH:

      Golden Reservoir and the many, many Communication Towers and High Voltage Power Towers and Transmission are very prominent.

      7. If You HAVE BEEN Wise:

      This means that the crucial wisdom is solving that the Power-Lines are
      the "IT" which we are chasing.

      8. The Blaze is right down hill from the HLWH :

      Follow (visually) power-lines down to where a Power Line Tower
      is anchored to the Top and northern-most point of a very interesting and
      easily seen outcropping. Similar to many such aberrational geologic formations found frequently in the foothills along the Morrison-Golden formation.

      Another echo of TEIEDN is that Dead Mans Gulch shadows the course of these power lines and actually runs alongside this feature.

      9. Once you reach the BLAZE you continue looking quickly down.

      South from the PL tower and lower than its topside exists a 'draw' that is like a box canyon.

      I think this is a defunct (dead) asbestos mining site.

      If you enter this draw from the south end you will have to navigate several mounds separating the draw into several compartments. These compartments look like they hold water, lush foliage and Trees (Wood).

      It seems like an island oasis in the midst of a drier and rockier setting.

      The white minerals on the walls of this site are visible from Historic Route 6 and also from GE.

      There are so many ATF and SB references that come to light here, but returning to the POEM, which is what we have used to get here, I can appreciate the meaning of the final stanzas.

      If you are Brave, this is might be a somewhat environmentally dangerous place.
      Only guessing but it might be posted and/or fenced in.

      If there is some asbestos still present, I would surely tarry scant and go in peace being careful not to stir any dust up.

      In the wood, you have made through the barriers and terrain to reach this secluded patch of woods.

      Researching the tax records for this private parcel surrounded by municipal park land makes me suspect there also could be something interesting about title work in play.

      This spot is titled in the name "ACQUEST Corporation"

      I kid you not.

      God Bless All.

      I couldn't make my BOTG this season but I hope these details may refresh
      some spirits and renew confidence that Forrest really is a great man!

      • Yeah . . . hike through a big zone of asbestos, as if FF encouraged families to do? I don’t tink so. I suggest you instead (instead of hiking there) go back to the poem. Good luck.

        • Yes, I certainly take your point. And this is why I was so explicit about the situation.

          But this is a naturally occurring deposit and I hope not extremely dangerous as this is a very residential park but used as pasture land.

          All the nine clues are directly from the poem. So I don’t know how to go back to the poem as this solve is all poem as it stands.

          There are many solves that seem to me to rely very heavily on ATFs and SBs , this is not the case here.

          The ATFs and SBs only buttress the central points within the Poem.

          The route and location of this solve is simply jam-packed with places tailor made for a family vacation. Many, many
          historic, cultural, recreational destinations. Maybe begin by checking out the very nearby defunct Magic Mountain theme park which is adjacent to one of the most important archaeological treasure troves in the US. And there are other archaeological places and museums in these Front Range Foothills.

          Bathe in Hot Springs, go rafting, go para-sailing, museum sight seeing, old west exhibits , modern water parks, golfing at FOSSIL TRACE GOLF CLUB and other courses, the Denver Mint, The Denver Museum, The Coors Tour, panning for gold, The School of Mines Museum, Railroad Museums, fishing, the Bear Creek Recreation and campgrounds, many more campground abound for all styles of camping, Fishing Camps and fishing in general are just some of the great adventures adults and families could enjoy in and around GOLDEN and Silver Springs.

          I’ll bet that Forrest was hoping many would find some of these fine opportunities for recreation prior to THE END IS EVER DRAWING NIGH.

          Remember this was a place to die in solitude; a sepulchre.

          In the big picture many can find happiness beside The One
          who is given title to the Gold.

          Have fun, be safe.

    • oh.. so that email you sent me about tripping over the server power-cord and spilling half a bottle of rum on your computer was just a hoax then or…?

      wait a minute, i get it now – ok i’ll just roll with the ‘Bluehost story’ then too, if that makes you feel better Dal

      i mean.. what drunken party??

  2. Congrats for your persistence and patience, Dal, in dealing with your Bluehost techies. It has been fun watching some searchers spin their conspiracy wheels on the other blogs… 😉

  3. Thank you very much Dal.
    I sorta understand,
    My old droid crapped out, and the new one
    Lasted 4 days. This one is ok, but
    Recovery of pics and old emails was frightening.

  4. Hi Dal,

    Thanks for keeping up with us, but there isn’t new info about the end of the chase, unless the chase Isn’t really over! In my opinion, and also because i found crucial info in the poem, i dont see how ff will release the actual place where the tc was dropped! Way too many thousands of unlucky searchers would gather to the spot, and i doubt that is what ff wants at its door! As there are two trips and two Places, i can see him releasing little by little (and probably via a few books which are probably waiting to be printed!) the solutions of the clues one by one to the first place in the wilderness. People will probably react that i am crazy wrong but i am sure not to be. I
    I have two hopes, that the truth will see the light one day, or at least 85% of it, and that i will be able to see the Meadow one day.

  5. Most of the times when you have serious informatic problems, there are 3 reasons:
    – hardware
    – software
    – human operator errors
    Most of the time, when my computer hangs, it is due to a wrong action or input I made by myself. But in your case Dal, it was a hardware failure, I am happy you are back.

  6. I guess I don’t get it.
    WHY is the seemingly rampant thought
    That thousands of searchers would visit
    the loc where the. TC was placed by ff?
    Would not a few pics and an articulate description be satisfactory.??

    • Hi All! Great we can comment Dal.
      Dal can you explain more or qoute the email you recieved
      About Aug. 4th?
      Who do you think sent it?
      Why do you believe it to be legitimate?
      Thanks again

      • LL-
        I NEVER said I thought it was legitimate…I don’t even know what you mean by that…
        It was a note from an email address I have never seen before. It simply said that an important announcement would be made on August 4th.
        By the way, I also received anonymous email that important announcements would be made on July 2nd and July 11th…neither of which ever materialized…

        This hunt has been riddled with hoaxers and near-do-well-braggarts since it’s inception and I place no more value in the August 4th announcement than any other email “announcements” from anonymous sources that I have received…

        What person with actual knowledge would write me and tell me they had something to say on August 4th? Why send a note like that? In my opinion there is no point in advertising an important message unless you were watching the blogs to see how hyped up you could get everybody…

        I believe the person who sent it is just sitting back and enjoying all the attention her/his announcement is getting…
        and having fun building everyone up and will take even more joy on the 5th of August when everyone expresses their disappointment that nothing happened…

        • Dal, I thought I saw you mention it on the segment with Expedition Unknown.
          I just thought if you brought it up especially there…that maybe you thought it might be legitimate. Because you usually don’t bring stuff like this up.
          Im doughtful but hopeful for some news of the tresure location.
          Best Regards, Lou Lee

          • LL-
            Here are my words about August 4th with Josh on Expedition Unknown:

            “I got one strange message on the blog, today actually. The message was:
            ‘Wait till you close it down until August 4th. I have something very important to reveal on August 4th.”
            Could it be from the finder. I don’t know.”

            As I mentioned further up on this page…I have been sent similar messages, apparently from other folks, that had the same idea but for different dates…

            I’m not expecting anything important on the 4th of August…and if you are…well I think the odds are good that you’ll be disappointed.

            Since the world saw that interview I expect I will get a few hundred notes from people pretending to be important…and pretending to hand out important information…on August 4th.
            But I think every one of those notes will be lies…from liars and know-nothings who hope to get your blood pressure up…

        • I agree. A lot of Hoaxers, Bandits, and other Ne’er Do Wells, have hit the forums, and utube, since the find was announced. Hopefully FF can get a chuckle from that nonsense. I’m curious as what’s to become of the treasure. I havent seen it turn up on any auction sites yet.

    • Batty-
      No, just a few pics and description would not be enough. Maybe for some that dabbled , but not for those of us who have spent years of our life looking, researching, hunting botg many trips. Once the solve is revealed, I want to go there, have a drink and a toast to Forrest. I don’t know for sure how others feel but this would give closure and finish MY chase.

  7. Glad to see your website is back up, Dal. Nice job to the representative who knew how to fix the problem.

  8. Back in 2017 when my Windows Vista PC finally ceased, I started to convert my TTOTC ideas to paper. When I finally gave in and saved up for a new PC, getting reconnected to your graciously hosted web site, Mr. Neitzel, elevated my enthusiasm for the exchange of human innovative thinking your “warm waters” pool has inspired.

    I was contemplating starting to save up for a couple million US Postal Stamps to give you so that you could convert this haven to a direct mail outreach. Imagine the added joy of seeing the postal worker delivering several new envelopes from you every delivery day.

    Your generosity of time and spirit has created one of public life’s greatest pleasures.

  9. The prospect of a Dal site has eliminated a number of rabbit hole excursions I had for iotg. Gonna have to theorize about this. Thanks Dal!

  10. I actually received several posts from the blog under ” architecture of the poem” …. that’s weird..

  11. Thx Dal…it seems like the puddle us fish are still swimming in gets smaller and smaller and muddier and muddier.
    Appreciate your effort to maintain….

  12. Hi Guys,

    Thanks Dal for your persistence in getting things up and running again.

    Just curious I thought Dal that you were not allowing anymore comments to be posted here?


  13. Glad the blog is back. ALL I want is to simply know the STATE where the tc was found. I don’t think that’s too much to ask and would let hundreds of searchers know if they were even remotely close. Then they could either let it go in their minds, or slap themselves on the forehead. :-\ Please, f?

      • Care to get any more specific than that?

        I would appreciate your best guess. Thanks in advance.

        • Of course. Why not. It seems obvious anyway. No surprise at all.


          “I absolutely love that place”.

          • Iowa-
            What’s wrong with “obvious”?
            Of course Yellowstone is obvious…
            The “devil is in the details”. It’s still a monumental task to narrow down where in that obvious several million plus acres of land Forrest hid a 10″ by 10″ chest?
            That part is not so obvious…at least not to most of us…
            There has to be some way to narrow down the location that starts with all of the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe…
            Maybe a few well chosen and obvious words from Forrest is the logical and/or intended way to begin narrowing the location down.

          • Darn! I was hoping that you’d say, “in a fen near the boundary line between sections 31 and 32, north of Moon Creek in the Fitzpatrick Wildernes Area.”

            Oh, well. C’est la vie.

            Thanks for responding, though!

          • Some people wouldn’t recognize the spot if you smacked them in the face with a fresh trout.

          • Thank you, Mr. Obvious!

            May I have another smack, Sir?

            I love feeling your fat “Yellowstone” cutthroat on my cheek early in the morning. Lol.

  14. WordPress blogs can go down any time there’s a plug-in upgrade. The memory cache excuse from Bluehost sounds plausible, and having an unresolvable issue until you get to the right techie is par for the technology course. Job security is one of the perks of working in tech with specialized knowledge.
    If you’ve changed your mind about open comments, why not keep the poetry page open, too?

  15. Thanks Dal, for all of your efforts, and THANKS for opening up a page for us to chat. I, for one, appreciate it very much. An Ever-Grateful Friend and FENN-atic – JDA

    • Yes, that MI treasure series looks terribly UNfriendly. $50+ to “register” to get clues to find something worth $4200-$7000. If he lets 100-150 people in each time, he makes a profit, way more if he takes a higher number. He’s made no promises regarding how many questers he’ll take for each hunt. And you have to join the Facebook group for your hunt to get the clues, too, meaning you’re subject to all of the privacy abuse and potential harassment that comes with fb.

      Oh, “NO clue sharing or posting on social media or any other means.” You’re DQed and barred from future hunts, and even subject to legal action if you find and keep the treasure. So no friendly forum like here, and no way for anyone the expose him if his clues are absurd or misleading without disqualifying themselves from that and all other hunts.

      Even though I’d like to participate and potentially cash in, I have NO desire to support this MI guy. Give me a real benevolent hider like Forrest: no fine print, no fb requirement, no registration (so he has a list of all “eligible” searchers) and who doesn’t take money from searchers (Forrest donated his book profits).

      Maybe someone(s) can shame him into turning his hunts into “fair games.” I hope so.

    • I’m not sure why you said “but”.
      You could have said Forrest Fenn copy cat — trying to make money.
      All in my opinion. I don’t yet believe FF has lost all interest in making money.

  16. DAL, Glad to see its back. I thought you had cashed in on gold and skipped the to the Caribbean LOL

  17. Glad to know you’re okay. And the blog, too. How’s Ezzy? Even tho the chest is found, my kids are somewhere in th mountains north of Santa Fe.

  18. I really thought the site was down for the count and I’m real happy to see it’s up and running again Dal.


  19. Dal – Awesome! Still checking your blog regularly for an impending announcement from Forrest. Someday. I have a strong gut feeling about the Smithsonian.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Before the chest was found, I was actively searching in one of the areas that you had previously searched in, that is, the Gallatin Gateway. Would you be interested in comparing notes sometime?

      • Hi Precious – Are you Sauron’s gold ring, which Gollum is always searching for???

        I never actually searched the Gallatin Gateway. The farthest I drove up Highway 191 into the Gallatin Canyon was a quick drive into the town of Big Sky, MT. I just enjoyed sharing all my ideas to support others’ solves My “A River Runs Through It” solve involved Storm Castle Peak and the place on the Gallatin River where the final scene of that movie was filmed.

        Coincidentally, or not, I am studying my fly fishing librarian friend’s Montana guide this week, which includes the Gallatin River. I was just staring at the Gallatin Gateway again today.

      • Hi Lisa: the Gallatin is a better choice than the Madison, in my opinion, and Gallatin Canyon in particular (not least for the fact that it is a stand-in for the Blackfoot River in Redford’s “A River Runs Through It” coupled with Forrest’s odd remark about Redford having never written a book and his “Movies lie to you” bullet point following his misadventures with Donnie in the Gallatins. Add in Forrest’s 91-mile walk from West Yellowstone to Bozeman (which includes all of Gallatin Canyon). Side note: Albert Einstein and Albert Gallatin — both Swiss; Albert Gallatin also Secretary of the Treasury under Jefferson and Madison — 3 mighty rivers in that triplet.

      • wait a minute!! ..did someone say ‘my precious’ or..??

        coincidentally.. i was just wondering about Jake too Lisa

    • A reference was made at the end of Josh Gate’s cable channel show last week about the treasure find that went something like “I guess we will just have to wait ’till Aug. 4 to see if new info is released”.

  20. Thank YOU Dal!
    13 was a bad number to let it end on anyway!
    I Missed You ALL!

    • Interesting, Putting in a gps tracker to see if had been found, but finder is supposed to leave it there? Hardly makes sense.
      Doesn’t matter me, I’m not going to MI to look.

  21. Hello everybody.. i got nothing to say really but just wanted to post for old times sake. Weird thing is i’ve missed reading these post’s and commenting, more that ive missed the actual chase. Its been nice not thinking about fenn or that damn poem 24-7. To be 100% honest i hope it doesn’t continue because the way things have gone since discovery, has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth and has taken the shine off it. Oh would you look at that, i did have some thing to say after all. Lol. Welcome back dal.

  22. If you were in Dorothy’s shoes (or should we say slippers?), the name the Wizard of Oz would sound magical. Who is this grand Wizard of Oz? He must be amazing, right?

    Well, it turns out the Wizard of Oz isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. When Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow all find the Wizard, they hear a loud voice booming all around them, telling them to come back another time. It almost sounds as if the Wizard of Oz is some kind of god, sending his message down from the clouds.

    But then Toe Toe, Dorothy’s dog, discovers that the Wizard is no god. In fact, he’s just a guy operating a bunch of controls behind a green curtain. When Toto rips the curtain to the side, the Wizard of Oz realizes he’s been found out, and tries to cover it up by shouting over his loudspeaker, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

    TALL ANDREW, CLUESFROMPHILLY as FORREST FENN, I thank you Dal and Goofy for your continuous contributions to the blogs.

    I await the drawing of the final curtain near the canyon

    • Now I know what toe nails are
      Good for pulling back green
      Curtains like in the wizard of


    I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, but there appears to be metal and rubber pieces in the top right corner of the found treasure image? It could be a tie rod end/ball joint or some other car part with a boot. And then there is another two metal plates with rubber between them with a bolt hole. I thought I was seeing things but it’s quite distinct. That means that the treasure had to be next to/under an old car or piece or machinery. That explains the weird cropping of the photo. If it was just left on the ground or just by a tree zooming out a little wouldn’t have made much of a difference in identifying the spot, but does if there is a piece of machinery behind it. That would mean people can actually confirm/negate their final spots!

      • Wow…been in automotive for a while now. Almost looks like egr valve or something to that matter. It is most definitely mechanical! Hmmmm looks familiar.

        • No….not egr…still to small. But definetely metal,grease and rubber. Odd. My area had this too!

          • I think an egr valve is too modern, but keep the ideas flowing! Not in my current area, but I did stumble on an old 20-30’s Cadillac along the way that was on the top of a very steep cliff (400 feet up) where it didn’t belong and couldn’t have driven to, that must have been used either to pump water into the mine up there or to run the cables carting the oar, whoops, ore, from the top to the bottom of the cliff.

    • Trout, I believe you’re right! Depending on one’s viewpoint, those items can either spell the agony of defeat, or stick a bit of stardom in someone’s solve!

      Hope to hear more from the finder!

    • I made note of that also a few pages back but I was thinking sprinkler head or regulator, but thanks!!!! Love it!

      • Glad I’m not crazy and seeing things!! Sorry to have missed your post!
        It’s frustrating because I know that someone who has worked on this type of old vehicle or is up on their mining equipment knowledge could potentially look at it and know exactly what it is.

        I see two pieces. Higher up I see what I think are two thin metal plates (the picture shows mostly the left plate) that would be bolted together with what looks like rubber in the middle. The second part below it is what I am currently calling a tie-rod end or ball-joint.

        Looks like there is an oval-ish flange of sorts around the ball-joint looking part, surrounding the inner round darker piece. Then there looks like there is a little handle/loop of sorts protruding from it towards the foreground in line with how the chest is oriented. I thought ball joint/tie rod because the bit coming out of it off to the right looks like it could be a tap on a re-greasable bearing. Maybe that little loop coming off the flange towards the foreground is where it would have slotted into the top part and got secured by the bolt? But that doesn’t make as much sense for a tie-rod/ball-joint.

        I sent a close up to a friend and they thought I was sending them a picture of something on my older truck, so I took that was nice confirmation. I definitely think it is some old rusted car/mining equipment. The end of my solve puts me in an area where I’ve found old cars that were retrofitted to be mining equipment, so knowing exactly what I was looking for would be helpful. For now I’m scouring pictures of old Model A Ford parts, assuming this is ‘Skippy’s car’. If you figure anything out please post it!

        It’s a relief to know that there has to be some kind of rusty machinery to confirm the end of the right solve. I thought I was stuck looking for a horseshoe nailed to a tree!

        • I’m not ASSUMING that this picture was taken before the TC was moved from its hidey spot (I said “spot”).

          Of course, I’m not authorized to speak for others.

          Geez. No wonder the poem wasn’t solved earlier than 2019. As always, IMO.

    • Trout——

      Google “Detroit riprap” just for fun. Many of these are along the Big Horn River. I looked there for a time as the hiding place. 🙂

      • Hi Sparrow,
        it sort of reminds me
        of a dust/grease cover of of a wheel of a trailer, complete with a grease zerk.

    • Looks like something the finder picked up off the ground in a junkyard. It’s as out of place as that Willow Branch. Let the conspiracy theories begin. I have one, but I’d rather not talk about it. Maybe later.

        • The first picture of this blog post, with the chest covered in dirt amidst pine needles that was taken by the finder. You have to zoom in to the top right corner to see what we are talking about.

          • I wish I could post a picture, but if you zoom in at the top right of the found treasure picture to the left of the large piece of dried decaying wood on the ground, right behind the corner where the lid meets the base of the chest you should see some parts that are clearly not wood or grass.

          • I noticed that area but, to me, it’s not defined enough to say for sure it’s anything different than the surroundings. IMHO of course.

          • IMO there is no equipment. The thing at the very top right corner next to the lid – if you look at it from a different perspective I am convinced it is the tip end of another piece of deadwood similar to the one next to the chest. And the other thing is some dead brown grass bent over in a semi circle with the broad side facing up.

      • I think it’s funny that “willow” is getting so much attention. For several reasons, I’m not convinced that the twig in the photo is willow. Maybe someone assigned it that . . . let’s use a fancy word here . . . “provenance” in order to boost its perceived importance. Yeah, that’s probably the case. Not a biggie, though. Not worth weeping about. Hee hee! As always, in my oPInion.

      • What if the finder has a very weird sense of humor and added the stick for his own amusement to watch people guess why Forrest would put a stick in the chest?

    • Seems like we’re gettin’ down to the nitty gritty folks. I have no idea what that might lead to. Are we talking parts of a jet engine? The crash into a mountain? An F-100 fighter jet. Wow. Sounds exciting to me! So if your solve led you to the remnants of an F-100 fighter jet, you’re the guy from “back east”. Your that lucky guy? Well OK, who is it? Fess up people. Who dat?

      • If the picture with the TC on the ground was taken at the hidden spot, does it then mean that part of the fighter jet was near or with the Treasure Chest location or at Forrest’s place. So many questions.
        Can’t be both.

    • The photo of the chest was “taken not long after it was discovered.” It may simply have been moved and shot near the finder’s equipment.

    • Top right looks like a bundle of wires with the outer insulation removed.zMy electric poles on the ranch have this kind of wire used to stabilize the poles,not as a current carrier.

  24. Hi, All.

    I’ve still been working away at the poem and the book. Prize might be gone, but I’m still chasing the answers two already know. I know that comments will probably close again soon, but the other forums are really scary places to be wandering around on so I’ll just post this and then probably try to avoid other forums for a while.

    I have too much to report but obviously no mind blowingly new solution. I think I might have found one the hints toward the correct state.

    I do wonder if his mention of shooting meadowlarks for supper on Saturday night, immediately after the paragraph where he said they only ate meat on Sundays after church, is a clue. Here’s why I say that. Well, beyond him contradicting himself from one paragraph to the other.

    First, meadowlarks weigh 3 ounces. Once you pluck the feathers and the guts, you’d be luck to have a few grams of meat before cooking. They are tiny.

    The other bid he mentions shooting and tracking through the cooking process so he didn’t have to eat it is the scissortail. Scissortails weight 1.5 ounces, so less meat than even the tiny meadowlark.

    Oddly the meadowlark is the state bird of both Montana and Wyoming. So maybe good on you, WY/MT searchers, if this is indeed a hint.

    I know people have eaten and do still eat pigeon, but there’s enough meat on a pigeon to justify the effort. Not so with birds that weigh 1.5-3 ounces.

    Colorado State bird is the Lark Bunting (close but not Meadowlark).

    New Mexico State bird is the Road Runner.

  25. Hi Dal and everyone!
    The longer the finder stays silent, the more the conspiracy theories will grow.

    (I’m glad you didn’t stop at “part thirteen”).

    • Hi randawg – what conspiracy theories?

      are you bravely suggesting that drinking chlorine DOESN’T cure Cov19? ..that Tom Hanks is NOT actually imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay for eating babies? ..or that the world DIDN’T actually end armageddically in 1999?

      i mean.. ya got any proof there mister?!

      • I have never believed in a government UFO cover-up, I’m sure Oswald acted alone, and I believe the moon landings were real.
        But what if the finder never comes forward?, Or what if the chest is never offered for sale?
        One can only suspend disbelief for so long.

      • i agree randawg, and understand a fair request re: will the solve be known?

        being agnostic though, i also have faith the true solve will become evident in time, just as i had faith that Forrest planted that monster in first instance, so be patient awhile longer my friend ..that’s all i’m askin’

        re: who’s stain was that on Monica’s dress?

        well.. wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was Cowboy Ken’s tbh!!
        ..and that’s all i’m sayin’ 🙂

    • Haha! The Grizzly heard Dal’s clomp of his boots! He was very hungry and decide to wait for a fish & chips type of searcher!

      Always meant to ask you if 42 is your lucky number?

  26. Dal,

    Good job this didn’t happen during active search time.
    Prolly would have had a revolt on your hands.

    Thanks for getting the blog up and running
    You done an amazing job ova the years

    David here

  27. Super excited to see this back up today, thanks for keeping on. I make most of my living via a self hosted e-commerce site, and I hold my breath every time I need to do updates. Even with backups, it’s a huge pain when something goes wrong.

      • Shadow, you mean the aspens? I love nearby, so a few times a week for the past several years. They’re my happy place.

        • Nice place and awesome view . I hiked up the ridge the other day but it got dark before I made it all the way. Plus it’s been so long I didn’t know if it was still ok for me to be there lol.

  28. I think in due time, the real finder, the guy from “back east”, the guy with the correct solve will talk. As a matter of fact, you probably will not be able to shut him up no matter what you do. And the correct solve will speak for itself. It matters not if f validates it at all. You’ll know it when you see it, IMO.

    • Hi Mr. Obvious, long time lurker first time poster…how does the guy from back east share his solve, keep his anonymity, keep the spot secret, avoid the crazies and lawsuits, and protect the treasure at the same time?

      • Yikes there caller. I’m an amateur treasure hunter and part-time comedian, not a magician. So it might take a couple iterations and failed attempts to get this right. But here goes.

        -The solver must post his solve anonymously.
        -The post must be limited to a general solve That does not include the final resting spot.
        -There must be multiple posts from various sources pointing to the same general location.
        -The post must reveal that the hidden treasure chest was in fact a proxy, a fake, a forgery, that contained only the silver bracelet and other pertinent nformation.
        -The post must reveal that the original treasurechest was stored in a vault to keep it from becoming the property of undeserving predators.
        -The solver needs to install an effective home security and surveillance system.
        -Have Dal and Jenny sign a non-disclosure agreement for reasonable compensation for keeping quiet:).

        How’s that for my first time?

        • LOL Mr Obvious, your always good for a laugh! Thank you, your comments light my day!

        • Top right looks like a bundle of wires with the outer insulation removed.zMy electric poles on the ranch have this kind of wire used to stabilize the poles,not as a Whata you ghb gonna do if I dont post all that?current carrier.

  29. Hi Dal, can you confirm the time of the email you received from Forrest on the morning of 6-June that you spoke of on the Flip Side when he informed you of the find? Thanks!

    • OK Redneck-

      I just checked and I have to straighten something out.
      I was mixing up emails from Forrest…this will straighten it out…

      There was no morning message on the 6th. I’ll explain that in a sec.
      The first message I received from Forrest was sent to both Jenny and me.
      It arrived June 6th at 7:12pm.
      Subject: The treasure has been found.
      The note reads:
      “Please post this item on your blog. I will send you photos later. f”
      There was a Word attachment and the attachment is what we posted on our blogs.
      It reads:
      “The treasure has been found
      It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.
      I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries.
      So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f”

      I was not looking at email when the note arrived. I finally saw it at about 7:45pm my time.
      At 7:55pm I sent Forrest a note asking if he had really sent that email.

      At 7:55pm Forrest responded by writing:
      “Yes, it’s me and the chase is over. Sob. f”

      So, around 8pm that night I posted that announcement.

      The next day, June 7th sometime in the morning the blog went down due to heavy traffic. There were tens of thousands of people checking the blog for information.

      At 10:57am Forrest sent me a note about the blog. It read:
      “Everyone is complaining that you are down. You’d better fix it fast or you will start getting death threats. f”

      I had it back up by about 11:15. But it was shaky. Traffic had not let up.

      Then on June 9th at 1:36pm Forrest sent me this to post:
      “Please folks, give me a little time. I’ll be back.” f

      He was obviously getting a ton of emails from folks who wanted more info.

      Then on June 16th at 8:10am Forrest sent a note saying he was going to send me something to post later that morning.

      I sent Forrest a note letting him know that I was taking Ezy to the shop and wouldn’t be back til early evening.

      On June 16th at 5:48pm I sent Forrest a note letting him know that I was back home.

      Then on June 16th at 7:33pm Forrest sent the three photos along with the following statement and captions for the photos:

      “The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018. ”

      Photo and caption:
      “Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered. ”

      Photo and caption:
      “The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black. ”

      Photo and caption:
      “Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away. f”

      So, in previous recountings of those events I messed up on the precise chronology and on which event Forrest told me that more info would be coming later…

      This version is correct. I used my email record to verify the times and content of the messages.

      • Wow that sounds intents, did he mean sob like crying or the other way like he’s was mad at you. Good thing you don’t delete stuff. I use the no records record keep just in case I find some treasure that way it’s covert, except the. I don’t gotta record for rememberin.

      • Dal,
        Forrest said a couple more things following that exchange, if I recall. He said something about the finder being from back east and was shy. Also, about his last statement was something like “please tell everyone that I won’t be responding”.
        Can you confirm that?

  30. Sure wish i knew what state it was in. But with the legal ramifications we may never know.

    • Hi Tony and everyone.
      I would like to offer a few solutions that may help you in your search for which state the Treasure was located in. In fact, I have around 100 solves that I will be showing on a Youtube Channel I started. All of the clues that I have solved pointed to Montana.

      Check it out here.
      Yukon Cornelius Channel on Youtube.

  31. Looking closer at the found treasure picture, could there be an old can of Dr Pepper just above what looks like an old car part? I see a “D”. It’s at the very top. It looks like an old can. I zoomed in but can’t attach a photo.

  32. I copied the image and zoomed in, the tie end looking part is less than an inch across, too small to be car parts, looks like half of a nut shell to me.
    Black and white lines that look like metal and rubber looks like a rotted out piece of wood just my guess. But I don’t think anywhere near a junkyard or scrapped out car.
    FF loves nature and I think a junkyard wouldn’t be very special to him. An old antique car out in a pasture/woods, possibly, but not very probable.. all IMO

    • Both the willow branch and the junk yard parts are out of place. They are aberrations. I suspect they have a story behind them. Their implications might be paramount.

      • The willow branch in the box
        Tells me I was right about
        My KEY word and the place
        Where the chest was hidden
        Under a canopy of stars in the LUSH green forest

          • Mr Obivous
            Forrest has always said if you don’t have the first clue nail down stay home and play canasta
            The Spanish word for canasta is basket Indians made baskets from willows there will be no paddle up your creek
            Forrest said he looked up words
            Synonyms paddle
            Equal willow noun
            Indulgence first name Tarzan we associate Tarzan with jungle
            Jungle equal green
            green equal willow
            Under a canopy of stars canopy equal
            Cover stars equal embers Imo the chest layer in an old campfire covered by old embers in the willows along side a creek the list goes on and on
            One more stick Forrest draws stick people stick equal willows

          • That’s very enlightening there … Mr Montana. It sounds like logic really is your thing. I would def have trouble competing with you in that area. You must be one of those psychology professors or something.

  33. Hello Dal. When it gets closer to time, will you offer a page so we may send birthday wishes to Mr. Fenn, please?

      • that’s a lovely idea pdenver – maybe another stick-figure cartoon contest (?)

        ..coincidentally, it’s my birthday this month too.. so if you decide to send me a super-cool gift, i’ll be celebrating my official birthday on the 19th, the 21st, the 24th and 25th, twice on the 27th and again on the 29th, 30th and 31st consecutively 🙂

        • Happy birthday on the 19th, 21st, 24th, 25th, twice on the 27th, and again on the 29th, 30th and 31st, consecutively, my curious hobbit friend. 🙂

        • thanks pdenver – oh goodie, can’t wait!! 🙂

          [note to self: send an extra-large wheel-barrow for all the presents]

    • BigOnus
      There are a handful of names on here that speak volumes like lavender wind and Slingloader. Or ByGeorge. Doc Tex . Ed Shepard. Kee . Them are the ones on my mind a lot
      And some of them go hand in hand some literally and some locationally such as Delaugio Graves and ancient thunder I apologize if I misspelled any of them .

      But the one I’m trying to figure out is BigOnus I’m assuming it means big on us well not us as searchers but big on you and yours or it means Big Onus which dont ring any of the bells I’m associated with which don’t mean anything since I seem to be in the dark anymore .

      • Shadow, is there a location that goes along with my name?? That’s been an alter ego of mine since 2004 or so.

          • To bad there is not as many people who claim to run out of gas that have interesting locations they want to go to visit out and about anymore or I’m just not driving bong around the right roads anymore lol

      • No depth in my name Shadow, its just down to interpretation.

        Big On Us = The importance or WE or USA
        Big O N’ Us = Large ring and us.
        Big Onus = Heavy Loads
        Big Onus = Giant toilet giving hOle
        Big O nus(sun reversed) Corona circling the sun, reverse bicycle style.
        Or just O in the middle, so one could sit in the O, spin the rest of the letters and end up with something that looks like my avatar.

        • Shadow,
          Not that I’ve run out of gas for my location, I’ll always love the aspens. Packing up from NM and heading to another part of the country, there’s still some gold out there to find.

          • Familiar voice at willow thought maybe someone run out of gas lol maybe I should introduce myself before I drive off

        • Perhaps not.
          But much depth in what you say.
          But much in what you show .
          I am having to unstow many memories some of which are causing me to make some serious changes in my life .

      • Shadow Runner;

        My bet is Big on U.S. as in United Stated – He just loves America – JMO – JDA

      • Shadow – HE needed to blow up your tire in order for you to travel that far. I know my centre cloth was keeping the prop-shaft pin and gold warm, but the guy I bought it from originally pulled the pin on a grenade and watched me run down that valley. That is why I had a spare quilt. There is a beginning and an end to every rainbow. Your telepathy skills are lacking again.

        Darn your funny hehe

          • Apologies runner, I do tend to exhaust people. Here is a simple one for you.

            Lets turn the table one turn, then head toward the lemon, knowing – It Dies Red if challenged.

            When you get there, just square off, looking for the Environmentalists and little red riding hood can be seen in the far distance. Look the other way and a short distance away sits the Ceylon, near where I like to sit.

      • I think my favorite Fenn quote is “It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.”. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – L. da Vinci

        • More than physics tell me it got pretty dark toward the end of the chase. Bronze tarnishes when soaked in a 7% solution.

          • As with many of Fenn’s statements, there are always two sides to a coin. Some may think he was talking about the chest, I think he was talking about something much bigger.

        • The clouds darken when the storm is upon us. It is futile to run, because its tail will just keep whipping us. Best course of action is to turn and head NW toward the wind and push through that squall. The crowds await us on the quayside, clapping and cheering, with pride and in awe.

          • Landing with the rubies, emeralds and Ceylon sapphires, of course, why wouldn’t they admire us?

          • I meant NW from cap mans ear ache, to save confusion.

            That has nothing to do with the ruby red 2-11 intersection. At the intersection, take a compass bearing, using the short star chaser number (same as Sixty-four) and that would give one of many confirmations.

            Alt would be same as the green felt serendipity.

  34. [note for the moderator:
    I know my post is odd and seems like noise, but it isn’t.
    I’m trying to connect with another searcher who’s identity I don’t know.
    They will know what my message means.
    I don’t know any other way to make this contact. I ask your indulgence on this.
    I promise I will not make any other posts. If you would like me to modify it, pleas email me.]

    Did anyone lose a balloon? I was out wandering and found a balloon, thought it might belong to the borderline biddies I passed on the way down, but just checking.

    • Hmm…I found a mylar balloon, tied to a juniper tree branch. Who knew so many balloons would be out in the middle of nowhere.

    • Amber’s baby Yoda just fell over in his baby elder chair . Yes was the balloon held down . Bday balloon with others near been there a few years

      • Surprising number of balloons out there. I was hoping for a more discrete, specific response. I have posted the same question at Mysterious Writings Forum.

  35. Looks like the ads came back after the server crash. Any idea how this happened? Just wanted to let you know, the ads may be slowing the site down. Thanks for opening the comments back up!

    • Dan-
      The ads have been here for years. They are not more an issue than anything else posted on here…and they pay for tech time AND…the blog is not running slow…

      • Hi Dal, thanks for your response. Why did you decide to open the comment section back up and include ads in this post (part 14) instead of parts 1-13 which were ad less? I only ask because we all thought (and you said) the blog was closed and will only serve as an archive. Are you expecting new information from the finder or Forrest to appear here sometime in the future? I suppose this would warrant “tech time” cash (and the influx of heavy traffic) as a site with an inactive comments wouldn’t. Do you predict high maintenance fees for a comment only website? Thank you, I only ask because I hope we get some big news soon!

        • Dan-
          When I made this page I thought I cloned the settings on the previous page.
          Apparently I did not.
          The ads snuck back in.
          I’ll remove them again…and the T-shirt ad will go away too…
          Chris is done with t-shirts…

          Yes…I opened the blog back up to comments on this page only…
          I missed you guys…

          • Thank you Dal….Going Cold Turkey makes the withdrawals more painful….

  36. Hi Dal and all. After some consideration and allowing the finder some time, i decided to publish a short book revealing what i am confident is the precise location of the chest. I explain how i unraveled the poem and how i am unable to personally take credit. I understand the skepticism, as countless solves meet each searcher’s bias, but i assure you, this one is unique and eye-opening. I believe i walked right past the chest on a prior search, and it’s an area i’ve yet to hear of anyone searching, which surprised me all the more when someone beat me back to the spot literally one week prior to returning.

    I hope it extends some manner of closure to many, in knowing Forrest’s special spot and in a better understanding of his poem. The book is offered on amazon as an ebook initially, and is titled THE ELUSIVE TREASURE OF FORREST FENN. I think everyone will be shocked at the location and surrounding geography correlating to the clues, and I’d love to hear any feedback one might offer. Kind regards to everyone, to Dal, and to Forrest…aaron brown

    • “Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”

      ― Lao Tsu, Tao Teh Ching

      • “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.” ~ Mark Twain
        No pressure whatsoever to read. Just thought some may want answers. Cheers…ab

        • “There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things.
          The first group is less crowded.”

          – Mark Twain

          • Take what you can, file the rest for the future, that’s why you get a new pair of glasses. Some anonymous guy.

        • It becomes personal either way. But a person who can’t read doesn’t make them illiterate . I learnt that from someone I admire and appreciate very much . I also seen it sometime after here on dals blog .
          I would rather trust in someone rather than paper . Not talking about scripture either .

    • Books don’t sell at the best of times. Your audience is limited. The “solves” on youtube that happen to be free and easy barely get any viewings.

      You will be prized if you sell 50 and lucky if you sell 10. If someone buys it and its jaw dropping, it will be online for free within a day.

      You clearly havn’t thought your money making scheme through. Oh…its so people can have answers and not about money, that’s why you will be charging for it.

      • Lol! No money making scheme, i assure you. The value of the treasure was not even my primary goal…i explain that in the book, too. I have another book i’ve been selling in my cafe where i lose about one dollar for every book sold! Not about the money, my friend.

          • BigOnus ,
            You have me scratching my head . Much more scratching I’m gonna have a BigO sore on my head . Your profile pics says many things .

          • No. And i will show you the omega symbol, what he means by peace, the key word being “why”, and the shadow figure on Forrest’s book cover. Way too much to show here. You will be surprised once you see it all come together. That is, if anyone will take the chance to trust me. Ha! HAGN.

          • Annie – agree Montana

            Texan – if ‘cold/woods’ ain’t a subtle State clue, then i’ll happily slap Jake with a large ham sandwich/super-size side of mustard!!

            [note to self: immediately order a 12lb side of ham and 4gallons of mustard!!]

  37. I think it should be at Forrest discretion because of what it’s intended use would have been. If it’s somewhere he wanted his ashes spread for example, and possibly where other ashes have been spread, why not. I felt that disclosure is overrated, it was about the thrill of these chase, and ultimately about the solve to find the magic box. The finder gets to enjoy knowing the facts of the chase having chased!! The importance of the location can and still should be up to forest. He gave title to the gold, not to the location. It’s a combination of public and private land with easement to water and electric. By law the treasure is retrievable in the treasure state,or high water law, but it’s also up to the leaver(Fenn) because he’s still alive. No it’s now in a national Park blah blah blah, but you bet your biscuits that’s important, imo it’s one of the treasure in addition to the things named in the poem. The history is treasure, today is a treasure, and if treasure is not kept there won’t be no e for the future I think is the next principles for the hunt. I do think books are good tho, people think I’m cray looking for treasure and the more the merrier, especially when I get pulled over trying to explain what a treasure hunters truck looks like and why it may resemble a serial killers

  38. The real solution to FF riddle has to be found within it. Everyone I have read or seen so far have done a “guess & check”

    I am going to take you on a journey. Step by step, to the real solve. Follow me and consider every word. Yes this is going to take awhile.
    First. I did a lot of background study. The poem, his book, and even writings from his friend, Erik Sloan. I looked at his old family home on satellite google maps. Considered where he would have seen the gypsies dance. Did you know he would have had to run thru a grave yard to get there? Curious.

    I took into consideration the 600 mile range of his airplane, and figured he probably did not land to refuel on his trip to hide the gold, so best guess is somewhere inside that limit.

    And I figured that someone who wrote, suggesting that each clue may be used more than once, meaning something different in each new context, was probably on to it, and just did not know how to work that into a solution.

    All these things came into play….

    Now let’s solve Clue #1.

    First word. BEGIN. It is ALWAYS best to start at the beginning.
    So, it reads, Begin it where warm waters halt.

    The first mistake everyone was making is reading clue #1 as if there is a period after that phrase. There isn’t one… it continues on into the next two lines of the poem before you find a period.

    Begin it.. It, what is the vague reference (IT) ? What is IT? It is the poem itself.

    Begin it (the poem) where warm waters HALT. The only warm waters here are what’s mentioned in this sentence, ergo Begin the poem where this sentence HALTS… right after the period. That’s clue number 1.

    But it isn’t finished because there is more to it…

    1B.. And take it in the canyon down.
    it, the poem, taken in a canyon… or column going down… Meaning rewrite the poem vertically instead of horizontally. But how far do we go down the page? How many rows should there be?

    Here FF tried to be super clever..

    Not far but too far to walk. Has 21 letters. But that is not the answer.

    Clue #2 “Put in below the home of Brown.”

    When you are out in a boat, and you say, Put in over there… you mean, that is where we end this boat trip. So this line gives us both the place to start rewriting the poem and the measure… but note, it said Put in BELOW…. meaning you have to go just past it.
    This line has 24 letters, Add 1 to Go Below it, makes 25.

    So armed with this, you rewrite everything.

    and what you find, is directly under the word BLAZE is four words:


    There are four “Fort something’s in the state of WY. Only one is set next to a Lake Ray. Fort Washakie, WY

    It just happens to be the final resting place of Sacagawea. Famous for helping the Lewis and Clark expedition…. which are mentioned in his book. Curious.

    More latter if anyone is interested.

      • Yes, thanks. I have been sitting on all this info for so long I had lost track of my references.

        “The Cracker Barrel” by Eric Sloane is a good read and was probably the book FF molded his book on. FF writing style is similar and both are a collection of antidotal memoirs.

        It was clear to me, as I’m sure it is to most everyone, that visiting Yellowstone every year with his family in a treasured memory for FF. Has anyone considered the route they would have driven? Wyoming Highway 287 is the only direct route. It goes right through Fort Washakie. This is a place he would have know about.

        But once you get to the Town… where do you start?!

        This is where clue number 2 plays its second roll. The town is named after the Chief Washakie. History may have forgotten him but the local tribes people have not. His grave is just a short drive from the highway, follow the sign. In that same cemetery, on an indian reservation is a curious thing, a grave for a Mr. Brown whose wife is buried there and his spot reserved, but he was never buried in his reserved place. Hello to the home of Brown.

        A second clue out of the first now plays an interesting role. That phrase, Not far, but too far to walk. We skipped it before, but let’s consider it more here. Other than the obvious… Forest was in a car… drive from here, don’t think you can get out and walk, yet. There are two words which could be numerals… Not far, but 2 far 2 walk. 22. Incidentally it is right at 22 miles from this point where you will need to get out and walk.

        So Put in, as in put your boat in the water and begin your journey from here, the Home of Brown, and the Chief Washakie.

    • Is there a way to upload photos?

      I have pictures that will be of value here.

  39. P. R. E. H. R. R. U. N. S. K. H. M. W. I. L. W. E. U.
    U. O. E. T. E. H. N. Y. C. E. Y. Y. E. R. L. I. B. T.
    T. M. K. H. E. I. D. O. A. T. I. T. R. E. A. L. R. I.
    I. T. T. E. K. G. T. U. N. H. S. R. I. D. N. L. A. T.
    N. H. H. R. J. H. H. R. T. E. I. O. A. A. D. B. V. L.
    B. E. E. E. U. I. E. Q. W. C. T. V. L. N. L. E. E. E.
    E. R. E. L. S. F. B. U. I. H. T. E. R. D. I. W. A. T.
    L. E. N. L. T. Y. L. E. T. E. H. F. E. N. S. O. N. O.
    O. I. D. B. H. O. A. S. H. S. A. O. A. O. T. R. D. T.
    W. T. I. E. E. U. Z. T. M. T. T. R. D. W. E. T. I. H.
    T. S. S. N. A. V. E. T. A. A. I. A. Y. I. N. H. N. E.
    H. N. E. O. V. E. L. O. R. N. M. L. K. M. G. T. T. G.

    So on and so forth… you finish it and you’ll see it too!

  40. Dal, you said that this blog is now closed for comments. What’s the big rush? If you need
    donations, you could ask for them the way that wikipedia does.

    Please, don’t be fickle. We’re already frustrated. Thanks for everything you’ve done here.



    I am not from back east and I’ve never gone BOTG etc…I am not the finder. Just got interested when Fenn announced it had been armchair solve is here..people made this way more complicated that it really was (but I readily admit I had the advantage of all the info developed by other searchers and posted online)…hence Forrest’s comments about simplify and show the poem to a child. Additionally, Fenn wanted the Chase to be accessible to everyone so it will not be a big esoteric solve that you need genius level smarts to figure out. Frankly, it wasn’t really that hard if this is right. That’s one thing Fenn told the truth about. Some of the solves i have seen are ridiculous.

    It helps to keep the Blaze in mind from the beginning since it is the most important landmark. I have thought of the analogy of a Highway 66 fictional road trip from a Santa Monica home residence to a friend’s house in Chicago. The Blaze is represented by the city of Chicago which the general but not your ultimate specific destination within the city. For example, if you follow Route 66 you’ll need to know how to get to Chicago first and then to your friend’s house specifically. So to get to Chicago you did need to know that you needed to go east. Therefore, the Blaze, which is the general location of the chest, needs to be known early in the Chase but one needs a little more direction later (neighborhood, street address etc.) to actually find it. (Fenn quote: Your destination is small but it’s location is huge.).

    When Fenn comments that he was like an architect when crafting the poem, he is telling us to look at the poem’s structure and how it was constructed. This made me think of the poem and how its structure related to everyday life to try and get insight. My little brain came up with the Route 66 road trip described above.

    Fenn also has said look at the big picture. This solve contains many “Big” (well known ) landmarks. This solve includes the biggest Lake and Canyon as well as the tallest waterfall in the biggest National Park.

    I believe the chest is in a fairly family friendly place, after all it was hidden by an 80 year old man. It is not way deep in the wilderness.

    I also realized that although the clues should be solved chronologically in order, it doesn’t necessarily mean the locations are chronologically contiguous.


    Before the individual clues I think it is helpful to understand the author’s goal for each stanza.

    Stanza #1 – FF has a plan, a bold one! But there is a secret. The hunt may have dual purpose of old riches (treasure, gold, booty) and new opportunities for riches (selling the story of the hunt and the story of FF biography).

    This is Fenn’s purpose. It is business to him. Just like the art he sold to get rich.

    FF, although he feels he has to disclose his dual agency legally, he does not want the reader realize or dwell upon this red flag. Deflect by saying the 1st clue is in the second stanza. Unfortunately the deflection makes the poem harder to solve.

    Stanza #2 – Contains clues only with no confirmations because it is early in the solve.
    Stanza #3 – Contains clues with confirmations.

    Stanza #4 – Clues with even more confirmations.

    Stanza #5 – This was an account of how he felt when he got back to his car after hiding the treasure. Kind of like, “Wow, I really did it after all these years of planning!” A mixture of elation, satisfaction, a bit of doubt and wondering what is next. It is the feeling of getting to an important milestone. Definitely told from his own POV.

    Stanza #6 – Contains clues/confirmations/hints. The author orders the reader to not only hear but listen to the sounds of the words (Rhyming couplets). Doing this will be so worth it because I am telling you something very important.


    1. WWWH is Yellowstone Lake…Rivers with geothermal hot water drain into the lake and…

    From the NPS web site:
    Underwater geysers, hot springs, and fumaroles were found at West Thumb and Mary and Sedge Bays. The hottest spot in the lake was found at Mary Bay where the temperature was recorded at 252°F (122°C).

    Despite this…
    “Yellowstone Lake remains cold year-round, with an average water temperature of 41°F (5°C).”

    Yellowstone Lake – Yellowstone National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

    Yellowstone Lake – Yellowstone National Park (U.S. National Park Service)
    Yellowstone Lake

    Additionally the word “Hint” is used in the first stanza. An alternate definition of hint is “tilt’. Yellowstone Lake is believed to be tilting.
    Fenn had said….if you don’t have where warm waters halt, you have nothing. In other words you need to know the starting location (think of this as home in Santa Monica for the Route 66 road trip).

    2. Take it in the Canyon down is GC of the Yellowstone. The Yellowstone River drains from Yellowstone Lake. To get to the GC, you are going downstream. (note: this solve does not get anywhere close to the dangerous waters of the Yellowstone River in the Canyon, the solve takes place around the rim. Do not go near the water of the Yellowstone River)

    This second clue actually helps you solve WWWH. Fenn said “I would advise new searchers to look for the clues in my poem and try to marry them to a place on a map.”

    Spouses have last names in common. In this case, ‘Yellowstone.”

    3. Not far but too far to walk indicates to me you can see the Blaze from a distance (from the North Rim – the canyon is about .25 to .75 miles wide – not far but you can’t walk to it) but you can’t walk to it. Not far as the crow flies. The Blaze is Silver Cord Cascade. This is the key clue to identify the Blaze, which is the general direction/location (like Chicago in the Route 66 example) to go. No other clue does and Forrest has been kind of evasive about what the Blaze is. The Blaze can only be identified from a distance where it can be seen in its entirety and in context (Fenn quote: Your destination is small but its location is huge.). That’s why the clue for the Blaze is early in the poem. And since it is not far (width of the Canyon is .25 to .75 miles) but too far to walk, Fenn got in his sedan (rental car confirmation?) and drove in the direction of the Blaze to the location for the next clue.

    This clue to the Blaze made it impossible for the little girl in India to proceed forward with just the poem and google maps. She would need to be able to see the Blaze and know this was its clue by seeing it in context of the Canyon. However, I do not think BOTG is needed to find the Blaze because, although I had been to Yellowstone about 50 years ago, I have done this solve with only the internet, the poem and maps.

    Now, if one relies on boots on the ground how do you know how to get to a place where you can see the Blaze (Silver Cord Cascade) from the North Rim? Looking at the structure of the poem and the rhyming couplets, there is only one instance where a word ending that is used more than once (oops, there is a second one with meek/creek/seek/weak but there is still value with this thought). Bold / Old in the first stanza and Cold / Gold in the sixth and final. This is a stretch but there is a large glacial boulder right at the trail head that leads to the Silver Cord Cascade Overlook.. This is a bit of a stretch with confirmation bias that an OLD COLD BOLD(er) marks the trail you need to take to see the Blaze (SCC) in a recognizable context to get the GOLD. Forrest has said he felt like an architect when he was composing the poem. These rhyming couplets are part of the structure of the poem. When describing the Blaze Forrest says, “It is something that stands out.” Could this also refer to the structure of the poem? The rhyming couplets stood at for me. It could be a ton of confirmation bias too.
    Going down the hole further and looking at other couplets I noticed meek / creek and seek / weak. Could SEEK/MEEK/CREEK refer to Surface Creek (a very small creek) that forms the SCC, the Blaze?

    Fenn had said many have solved the first two clues but nobody has solved the first four clues. I believe they miss this clue number 3 of NFBTFTW that refers to the Blaze.

    Finally, Forrest Fenn has said, “I am almost umbilically attached to the spot.” Silver CORD Cascade is sure a big coincidence.

    4. HOB – Artist’s Point on South Rim – Artist Grafton Tyler Brown painted iconic view of Yellowstone Lower Falls. Remember HOB is NOT a structure. Forrest is an art dealer and probably familiar with the work. This gives Fenn (narcissist) a chance to show off his knowledge. Forrest has also said that if he gave away the HOB, one would go directly to the treasure. This solve reflects that hint of omission because the directions are pretty straightforward from this point. From the HOB to the brink of the Blaze is about 3.4 miles roundtrip with little elevation change. Is this doable for Forrest? It is two round trips (about 7 miles in total) but I think so.
    There is some irony in how Artist’s point was named….was named because it was thought Thomas Moran painted from here but his spot was on the North Rim. Artist’s point was formerly named Hayden Point where Brown painted from. I can see Fenn telling this story when trying to sell a painting.

    Forrest had said some folks have gotten the correct HOB but walked right by the treasure. I believe this is because no one has recognized that clue #3 reveals what the Blaze is. The Blaze is “invisible” when you are right next to it because it is massive. When you are right next to it, it is a small stream of water.

    5. No place for the meek – Trail towards Sublime Point has very high cliffs with vertical drops…there are warnings posted…you can’t be scared of heights. Forrest wants to tell you this is the right way. This is a confirmation clue that this is the way to the Blaze.
    Note that it is a relatively uncrowded area per the trail description, perfect for what Forrest did…maybe too perfect. It was an opportunity to view the Canyon away from the crowds.

    6. The end is drawing nigh. Canyon is to the left and trail ends at Sublime Point. Forrest is again confirming you are still on the right track. Also telling you to keep left at the trail junction for Ribbon Lake.

    7. No paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high (waterfall). Indicates overland trek (not a human trail) to Surface Creek (flows out of Ribbon Lake towards canyon) which is the small (too small for a boat or canoe) creek that makes Silver Cord Cascade, ie. the Blaze. Explains why the chest was wet (and not surprising to Forrest) since there is spray from this horsetail type of waterfall.

    SEEK/MEEK/CREEK rhyming couplet refers to Surface Creek (a very small creek) that forms the SCC, the Blaze.

    8. If you’ve been wise and found the Blaze (early and already) look quickly down your quest to cease and Marvel gaze (note past tense indicating you should already know what the Blaze is from earlier clue #3). Forrest is telling you that you need to know what the Blaze is in order to stay on the right track (you need to solve “Not far but too far to walk as being a clue related to the Blaze). He is also telling you that you have to be at its top of the Blaze so you are in position to look down. Check out the view from the top of the cascade. Also indicates direction for the final clue as down rather than on a promontory point where you can see the cascade. This is the key to understand the 500 ft and 200 ft. interview comments by Forrest about searchers who were close by the hiding spot.

    At this point it is impossible to identify the Blaze because it is too big in its entirety with no context. You are way to close to see it from here. The Blaze essentially “disappears”!?! A case of you can’t see the forest for the trees. I’m sure “Forrest” was pretty proud of this riddle.
    Important to realize that “to cease” indicates something in the future and that this is not the final clue. You still need some directions to get to the specific hiding spot (not unlike the street address of your ultimate destination in Chicago).

    9. If you are brave and in the Wood…tells you to carefully climb down (from clue 8) a bit to the brink (where I believe there is a hidden ledge) of the falls to the edge of the forest…and there it was …you can see the Canopy of stars over the Canyon Rim! This dovetails with Forrest’s “12 foot comment.” Additionally, I picture the 24’ radius as a private place, almost like a favorite room or chapel to RIP?!?

    From TTOTC “My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.”

    The hike from the HOB is described in the link below. The prose reads as almost a step by step confirmation of the way to the treasure after putting in at the HOB. This web site has been around since 1994.

    From that web site:
    The brink of the cascade may be viewed by carefully climbing down the stream to the edge of the forest, where the waters disappear over a chute of slippery, mossy rocks.

    I have noticed that Forrest often uses quotes and he neglects attribution. Most writers steal from others. I can see Forrest looking at the American southwest’s web site’s description of the hike to craft/copy clues 4 thru 8. Additionally the commercialization of art is filled with “copies”. To play fast and loose with rules is part of Fenn’s values (Art dealer culture, pueblo exploitation, the FBI investigation etc.). describes the hike and the area.

    • Excellent, by jove you got it in my opinion. Another possibility of WWWH, may be the Forest Springs area which is filled with hot springs, mud pots and warm pools . It is located near Ribbon Lake which would be where the WWWH. Surface Creek then flows out of Ribbon Lake to the Silver Cord Cascade. I can just imagine a young Forrest exploring the top of Silver Cord Cascade and finding a dream spot. The finder is from the East, how far East? I remember reading about someone from Russia I believe it was, that swore he knew where the treasure was. He even stated it was near a waterfall in the Yellowstone Grand Canyon. He needed money to get to the US and go look for it and was willing to share the treasure with whomever would help with money to get him to the US. Just wondering. But, I believe you nailed it Tom.

  42. Dal,

    My 2 arrived last week and I’m more than happy with the quality. A real nice softness to them, quite pleasant…in case anybody was wondering.


  43. Ended up in Tesuque, NM. Frequented there, dog’s name, (Tesuque). held lecture, on first book, TTOTC ,(Tesuque Room). Pronunciation of “Tesuque”, Te-su-key. It’s in a word. (key). Could be, 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe. IMHO,

  44. Here’s a ‘Twist’ to the outcome of ‘The Thrill of the Chase’….

    With a few exceptions, many fellow former searchers of Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest have expressed the desire to know the State and/or WWWH…..raise your hand if you are one of them….Spoiler Alert: Both of those details, in my opinion, will be provided ‘gratis’ to pique your curiosity, so if you don’t wish to know the State & WWWH, read no further!

    Many of you spent months/years of your life, time, effort and hard-earned money searching, so to be fair, I believe you should have some idea of where to begin. Do I have all the answers, absolutely not; are my answers the right ones? Perhaps not precisely, nevertheless they led me to the location of the chest in the end!

    Here’s a challenge; try to identify the final location of the chest WITHOUT collaborating with other searchers; use your own skills to work out the clues; you need to discard preconceived ideas and start anew. To guide you along, this information provides each former searcher with a level playing field and one last journey, even if it is only a paper journey. Should you successfully figure out the location on your own, and are compelled to travel there to see for yourself, I ask that you respect the location, i.e., leave it as you found it and leave nothing but your footprints. Also, out of respect and consideration, allow your fellow searchers to make the discovery on their own without posting the actual location on a blog or other social media.

    To help with the challenge, if you haven’t done so already, suggest you make a table consisting of two-columns with individual rows across both columns; for the left column, enter each line of The Poem on a separate row; for the right column, start with a clean slate and enter your answers/thoughts as to the meaning of each line; this was the method I used which helped me see the big picture; like a road map from point A to point B.

    I would like to make it clear; I am NOT the finder of the chest, but merely a locater of the final destination and where the chest ‘used’ to be hidden. In my opinion, there are several others who know the final location besides Forrest, the first finder and last finder – yes, you heard right – there were at least two separate finders of the chest! Based on their respective blog posts, I believe both finders did not go in there ‘alone’ to locate the chest, but were most likely accompanied by at least one female family member assisting; whereas we all know Forrest actually went to the location alone. The first finder obviously left the chest in place for the treasure hunt to continue, so we (the searcher community) should all be grateful for his generosity! I doubt even Forrest knows the extent of how many others know where his secret hiding place was/is. As for the final finder, congratulations and thank you for returning the chest and its contents (including the precious silver bracelet) back to Forrest; he looked pleased in the photos.

    It was because of the first finder’s subtle ‘hints’ on blogs as to where to ‘begin’ and where to ‘end’ that I was able to deduce the location in 2019, combined with a couple of Forrest Fenn’s hints and of course The Poem; so if I listened good, others are likely to have also. Ironically, I’ve never been to the location nor the state for that matter and I’m not compelled to go there. As a novice treasure hunter, I did a BOTG trip several years back to a different state, but quickly learned that was not the method to use…instead I found the location using Google Earth & Google Earth Street view which was very useful (especially at WWWH), confirming ‘some’ of the clues along the way; I didn’t get them all!

    The first finder subtly hinted he had located the treasure chest and the way he did it, but not many took much notice of what he said. The final finder used a methodology which made my eyes glaze over, but in the end, it led him to his goal. Each of the finders have used a ‘key’ word in their blog posts identifying the location that they assumed only Forrest Fenn and themselves knew…..this ‘key’ word was the giveaway as to the location for me. If you find the location, you too will be able to use the ‘key’ word by including it in a post on a blog; inconspicuously of course.

    No doubt some nay sayers will express their opinion that this person is blowing smoke, but only time will tell the truth….so why not give it a go? Have an open mind, and don’t get hung up with prior theories. If successful, you will have satisfaction and fulfilment at having solved the mystery of the location of the chest. Who knows, one day Forrest (or one of the finders) may even come forward with the true facts everyone is eager to hear. Forrest is a Legend in his own time.

    So here are your first two table entries to get you started:

    Entry 1 – The State:
    Column 1 (The Poem) Column 2 (Your Answer/Opinion as to the meaning(s))
    So why is it that I must go Answer: ‘why’ stands for Wyoming; the US Postal Service official abbreviation for Wyoming is ‘WY’ (phonetically as in ‘why’ or the letter ‘Y’).

    Conclusion: Wyoming is the state you must go to find the treasure and start your search.

    Entry 2 – WWWH:
    Column 1 Column 2
    Begin it where warm waters halt Answer: See major clue below

    Major clue: ‘Begin it’ at Thermopolis, Wyoming, where Arapahoe Road and Warm Springs Road converge; pay particular attention to the beginning of Warm Springs Road, as this is WWWH; remember what I said about using Google Earth Street View, as it should become evident as to why the waters halt at this point!!! Remember, this is only the beginning point, do NOT proceed down Warm Springs Road, but turnaround from this point and ‘Begin it’ (i.e., your journey).

    When you eventually reach your final destination, you will need to let your imagination play a significant role; especially at The End……remember what Forrest said about 200 feet and 12 feet, as these two references will guide you to the treasure location – use the Google Earth (Icon: Add Path) line ‘drawing’ features for point to point measurements in feet.

    Bonus Hint: Heavy loads should become evident once you are nearing the final location…listen to the Beverly Hillbillies theme song for insight into heavy loads.

    Once you believe you have all (or even some) of the pieces/clues/hints, compare them to the poem; remember to use your imagination when it comes to ‘WWWH’ and ‘If you are brave and in the wood’.

    Will I write a book? Possibly in the future with the proceeds going to charity.

    I do not intend to follow-up on this post or to respond to questions that may be raised, so no need asking for additional info. Good luck to all, if you are successful in theoretically locating the final hiding place (without having to go to the location), I sincerely hope you will be content having completed ‘The Thrill of the Chase’, just without the prize at the end.

    The objective of providing this info is/was to give some closure to former searchers. Perhaps one day the chest and its contents will be loaned/donated to a State of Wyoming museum for all to see (or placed in the Smithsonian Institution as Forrest wanted), and maybe (as a few searchers suggested) even a bronze statue placed atop the blaze of Forrest Fenn either standing or kneeling ‘looking down quickly’ accompanied by a memorial nearby to those who lost their lives in their quest.

    Best of Luck,

    Drawing Nigh

    P.S. Extra Major Bonus Clue (purportedly from Forrest Fenn himself) to further level the playing field. In June 2020, a blog post was made by a former searcher indicating that at the Fennboree held in 2019, Forrest drew an “X” on Cynthia’s arm and everyone laughed it off but he then put that same “X” on people and books the whole weekend and told them it was a clue; the “X” Forrest claimed was a “Major Clue!.” Although similar posts may have occurred after the 2019 Fennboree, this was the first I had heard of this clue, and I can only assume the majority of searchers who were obviously not present at the Fennboree, were not aware of it either. However, when I read the post, I immediately recognized the significance of the clue; it refers to something that can be found on a Facebook page….but that’s all I’m going to say about that. Lastly, be careful not to get caught in the wood!

  45. “It’s not who you are, it’s who they think you are”.
    Omega means an ending. So, double omega means…

  46. Submitted for a friend of a friend …

    Dear Mr. Finn,
    My name is Katie. I am a kid and I think that’s plenty old enough to solve your poem because you said so. Here’s what I think it means.

    “It” must be I-20 because that’s the road that goes through Yellowstone where you like to go fishing and also “t” is the 20th letter in the alphabet. I know my alphabet.

    “WWWH” is Yellowstone because it has all the geysers and so you can fish while you hid the treasure. That is so cool and so smart.

    “CANYON DOWN” must be Canyon Road. It goes down the river on the map.

    LeHardy Rapids is there. It’s not far but I would get a ride from my dad before I ever walked that far so I think maybe you hid in the bushes or under a rock someplace.

    You are a crafty one Mr. Finn.

    My dad typed this but I told him the words and he is smart too just like you.

  47. I will offer a solid reason why the finder may not disclose the location. I’m confident i’ve been to the correct location two times, and one must get there by helicopter (and remember, Forrest was a helicopter pilot). He made it difficult, but not impossible, as he says. That is why you must “put in” below the home of Brown, and also why one would never find it on a spring break with the family (“there is a right way to do something” Fenn says in a SB…a WRIGHT way). This is not a frequented spot at all. Also, why Forrest loves dragonflies and hummingbirds (only bird able to hover and fly in ANY direction). You can get there without a chopper, but one would need to cut through one or more chain-locked gates and trespass for about 5 miles. The spot is on public land that is COMPLETELY inaccessible due to surrounding private land, and boasts great fishing, hunting, and a rich Indian history. IF the finder trespassed, instead of using a chopper, he may want to keep that quiet.

    The key word is “why”, btw, for two reasons…Wyoming and a giant Y carved within a 1000 foot ridge. When inverted, this Y almost exactly resembles the shadow figure on Fenn’s book cover. One must hike into the “base right leg” Fenn spoke of in one of the scrapbooks (you can’t enter the left leg, btw). The “tired and weak” also means something completely different than what you are thinking. The omega is there, the number 3, a frog, a resemblance to Mount Rushmore at the spot, and two separate animated cartoons are hinted at within the poem, one of which is Winnie-the-Pooh, certainly nostalgic with Fenn as a lad…The Wood in the Pooh series was taken from England, an area of public land completely surrounded by private land…check it out.

    WWWH also means something completely different (i saw one person get this right a year or two ago, but few seemed to notice). It is worth the cold makes perfect sense, too. Tarry scant with marvel gaze also means something completely different. A marvell (2 l’s) is a sundial, which is present at the location, in the form of a giant rock that shadows the spot as the sun goes past daily. This is the blaze which faces UP (remember SB 107…Mr U Puceet, as in Up You See It. A cab took Forrest home, too (C.A.B., or Civil Aeronautics Board…he may no longer fly due to his age). Forrest rightly said the blaze does not face west, east, north, or south). Tarry scant is a vertically cut rock there…he is saying to go in peace (the Y, or peace sign, or bunny ears in a scrapbook), and remain there to find the chest.

    The other poem Forrest wrote about the Phantom shadow is referring to the figure shadow at this location…he wanders by curiously in the poem because that is where the chest is! There is SOOO much more, which is why i wrote a short ebook on it (“The Elusive Treasure of Forrest Fenn”)…no pressure to buy it! I assure you, all of the scrapbooks will finally make sense! But i’ll shut up now. 🙂

    • Ok, last thing about the helicopter. Fenn speaks about a bell tower in his back yard and a bell tower somewhere else (hinting at a Bell helicopter). He also speaks of a northeast chinook in a SB (northeast hinting at the location and chinook hinting at a Boeing Chinook, also a helicopter.

      • dal will be upset with me if crack the joke of it being a bell end of a solve 😉 , so I will just wish you luck on your sales and hope you are carried through the streets on the shoulders of thankful searchers.

        • Not sure why you are so mean-spirited, BigOnus. Everyone wants to know the solve. I’m not sure the finder will ever relay it, so i waited to give him to, and now i’m offering what i am confident is the correct one. I was heading there again on June 10th, but obviously cancelled once it ended. There is so much to the solve and confirmations, and i wanted to share my personal adventures there and personal story (3 trips, only 2 with a chopper). I’m not forcing anyone to read it…simiply an offer for closure. People are willing to spend thousands of dollars on trips…i’m simply offering answers to this chase for a whopping 5.99. It’s in a book format because there is so much information and story. Why so antagonistic? You might do some self-reflection and ponder a bit. Kind regards…ab

          • It was just a light joke my friend. I do not have a mean bone in my body.

            5.99 is quite the deal sir, but if your sole focus was helping others, then you would just post it online for free.

            I tell you what, seeing as I am feeling charitable, why dont I do you the favor of buying the book and posting it online for everyone. Lets get your message out there and save all those souls you care so much about. The sooner the better is what you imply, so lets make it happen, yes?

          • BigOnus, you are touching on a bit of truth, unbeknownst to you. The book does have a spiritual God slant, as that actually has been my main draw for this entire chase and understanding the poem (i explain how in it). I realize you are mocking, but it truly is about souls that interests me more than anything else. That said, i could merely give the solve away, but it would lack the inspiration/message that coincides with the entire chase. That probably sounds confusing, i realize.

          • I will just wait for Forrest to wave his magic want my friend. Only he can wake my soul.

            I wish you luck on your book launch.

          • Texan- Big O is not being mean- just expressing that MANY have their own solves and we all think that we had the right one or at least close. Many have been laid out for free everywhere. I LOVE reading other’s solves but I would only buy the book from the TRUE finder.

    • It is possible when Forrest mentioned “northeast chinook ” he was referring to the Chinook Winds which come through during the winter months in Montana.

  48. My opinion,
    The chest was hidden at Madison Junction, under the “dedication rock” with the bronze plaque commemorating Stephen Mather – Founder and First Director of the National Park Service.This is the BLAZE.

    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,

    By looking quickly down on the plaque, you can read the dedication.
    STEPHEN TYNG MATHER, JULY.4.1867 JAN.22.1930

    The first part of the dedication to Mr. Stephen Mather states his “…quest…” and then further down is the word “..end..” which means “ cease”. With these words in the dedication, cements the feeling that this is the Blaze we are looking for.

    Jeff C

    • Ummm
      Jeff…why would Forrest end his life at Madison Junction in front of a few thousand tourists without becoming a horror scene for the kids and families visiting there?
      Do you really think that was his “special” place…??

      I suspect his “special”place was a bit more isolated since he intended to end his life in that spot.
      It wouldn’t have been much of a treasure hunt for his chest if every ranger in the park and every visitor who watched him end his life and every reporter who told the story knew exactly where Forrest and the chest were located…

  49. Hello Mr. Dal. What would you do if you knew the solution to the poem, even if you didn´t have the chest? Would you have gone to see if the chest could have been there? Would you have written a book with the solution or maybe you had published it on the blog?…….

    • JA
      So far it’s impossible to know if you or I have the right solution.
      You might think you have it…
      You might believe you have it…
      You might wish you have it…
      You might pretend you have it…

      But you don’t know you have it unless you are the finder or Forrest…
      Having the chest in your possession is the only way to prove you have the correct solution…so far…
      Nothing else counts..
      Therefore I have no idea if my solutions (any of the 90 of them) were correct.
      I would be an arrogant fool to claim I had the correct solution unless I had found the chest…

      So my answer is…I could never know until Forrest or the finder tells me…
      and I certainly would not pretend I did have the correct solution by doing any of the things you mention…
      And if anyone else claimed to know the correct solution without having the chest in their possession, I wouldn’t pay any attention to their claim…
      I certainly wouldn’t buy anything from them…

      • Using the true sense of the word “know,” Dal is exactly right. Forrest knows, and the finder knows, and that’s it. However, thanks to the finder’s BOTG picture above, it *may* (heavy emphasis on *may*) be possible to discover exactly where that picture was taken.

        Just as Forrest used photographic evidence of Sitting Bull with his peace pipe to establish the provenance of the pipe in his possession, the dead wood at upper right in the first picture could be used as very compelling evidence that a searcher had successfully found the place where the finder took that picture.

        That still wouldn’t prove your own clues would have led you all the way to the chest since we don’t know how far the finder moved the chest before taking that picture. But you have to admit, if you *DID* find that exact piece of wood, then it would only be because the finder hadn’t moved the chest very far at all before snapping that shot. After all, there are nine clues to lead you to where the chest once was; there are no such clues to lead you to the finder’s picture spot.

        • All I got outta all of it is , believe. Believe , and don’t let other people tell you your wrong, or that your not write on the right track.
          As far as finding the finder, good luck, that’d be one heck of a hunt.

        • Ok Zap I was looking at that wood too, but we all know people’s bias will tell them what kind of wood that is, just like it told them what those pine cones are. So what kind of wood is it? The striations look unique to me. Some will think Juniper, but that almost looks like an old fence post to me. If so, then that is Western Red cedar, which only exists in a small part of the Fenn defined search area. Not near Yellowstone, but more around the Idaho/Mt border and up around Glacier (worth the cold)/Waterton (Water high (Canadian border – heavy loads (ton).

          Not many would like to hear that, but might explain why it would be easy to find but took so long since not many searcher up in that area.

          • Hi 9=9: hmm, maybe you misunderstand what I was suggesting. I wasn’t speaking of what ~type~ of wood that might be in the picture. I literally meant, find THAT exact piece of wood. That the shape and grain of the wood — like Sitting Bull’s pipe — would be proof you were at the same spot.

          • Sure if you can find the piece, but you have to know where that wood exists, assuming it is in its natural location. Knowing the type of wood can help, more importantly it can eliminate geographical areas.

          • I would counter that you don’t have to know anything about where that type of wood exists — provided you solve the clues just as the finder did. That was the only point I was trying to make: that you might still be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have solved most if not all of the clues — even though the chest is gone. No one will accept footprints and a 10″ x 10″ hole as evidence of anything, but finding that piece of wood would be pretty convincing.

          • 9=9 I agree on the fence post, I live in Texas and it looks just like the “cedar” fence post here.
            I’m no expert on the exact type of cedar, but most have similar texture. I believe that I read somewhere that there are over 60 types of junipers.
            The point is that IF you have the right solve and the picture WAS from where the chest was hidden, and you could match all the grains of the wood in the picture then you could know you had the right solve.
            Know what type of wood doesn’t help in the solve.

          • lol Zap, we are right back to where we started then, solving 9 clues, yet there is so much information that helps eliminate areas to look. ie you need a place where lodge pole pines exist, darker soil, wood type etc.

            If the finder was smart enough to solve the poem, he is smart enough to take all those goodies in that picture with him as souvenirs. He knows that one picture makes things valuable. That wood is now famous and he knows it. Likely hanging above his mantel right now. Lot easier to observe and enjoy than a chest locked in a vault.

            Well that was my plan anyway if I found the chest. Take a picture in a place where i can take items surrounding it. Don’t you think that twig is now worth something?

      • The real name of the area wwwh ties in with the clue that relates to cold, being brave and in the wood, and also having the correct Title to begin your quest. I’d say IMO but I’m quite sure it’s a fact.

  50. The most common reason folks claim they have the “correct” solutions because their solution makes sense…It takes you to all nine clues… and it matches a few scrapbooks of has something to do with an old west historical figure that Forrest mentioned in one of his books..

    These folks have obviously not made the effort to read a few of the 170 solutions wriiiten by searchers and posted on this blog…
    They are here:

    There are another hundred or so solutions posted as comments on various pages of this blog…
    Some of them make a lot of sense…some others are outlandish…most make perfect sense to the persons that devised them.

    Of the ones that make perfect sense…are logical and take into consideration all that Forrest has given us…apparently none of them were the correct solution…they did not lead to the chest…

    My point is that there are plenty of solutions to the poem…maybe tens of thousands…
    Some of them are even going to make sense and be logical…
    However, only one will be the “correct”solution..
    and of all the searchers and all the solutions that have come and gone over the past nine years…only one solution was the correct one.
    Only one person was able to figure out precisely what Forrest was talking about…

    So stop sending me emails claiming you have the “correct” solution…
    I don’t even read them.
    I know of only one person who has the correct solution…the finder…

    • I don’t like what you said, I love it!
      Including your comment above.
      Stop the BS!

    • Dal, I agree to a certain extent about it being impossible to know if you have the correct complete solution without being the finder or having the chest.

      But I do think you can know at least the first 4 clues with a certain amount of confidence, as they seem to have a bit of self confirmation. At the very least, one can know the general area with a fairly high level of confidence – if you are in tight focus.

      It’s all there in the poem to see. Most people are just too stuck in their head.


      • I submit this idea, if one has to consult a map to guess and check a solve, you are way off. Use the poem, and the poem alone to point you to a spot on the map, now you have something. I have just such a solve.

      • The anonymity and secrecy benefit both the finder AND Fenn. Especially if there are legitimacy question about the ending.

    • I agree Dal. Although there is solid evidence hidden in books that can point the searcher to a particular mountain range and wwwh.

    • ……or the finder, the person he stole the winning solve from, and Forrest. Now the wait for answers I may or may not already know. Maybe that’s why Forrest advised me to keep the exact details of my solve private from the blog. I’m prepared to be wrong and also prepared to be right. I just want closure like everyone else.

        • Hi Matt, sure…. I was replying to Dal’s comment about only the finder and Forrest knowing the winning solve to the treasure’s location. After the find was announced I emailed Forrest to ask if I could post my solve on Dal’s blog minus the precise location details that I gave him or anything too personal. He responded and gave me the green light. So I posted my final solve on the blog, the one I believe is the winning Title….. Stephen King’s The Dark Tower/ Jericho Hill (the Gunslinger) and a few general details. Then I emailed Forrest with what I posted here, asking him if I should give the full details of my solve location and the clues. Forrest responded back telling me he thought I should keep those details private. So now I’m in limbo. I know the Barbara Andersen case is still going about some “Joe” guy who admitted to hacking her telling her she would have to find his real name to do anything about it. Leaves me wondering if Barbara’s solve wasn’t the one he hacked and stole for the win, IF he’s the same man who found the treasure. Those answers I’d really like to know. Is the theme of ttotc “The Gunslinger relentlessly pursued the man in black across the desert”? And is the answer to the riddle in Forrest’s poem retrieving the dropped horn on Jericho Hill? Am I the second place searcher? Or if I find out my solve got hacked by a villian then I want the treasure to go back to Forrest by default. That’s the kind and right thing to do. I’m prepared to be right or wrong. I just want closure like everyone else.

          • Lori
            It was the lady from Chicago who introduced hacking into the conversation and the creep played along with it. He did not contact her, claiming he hacked her. It seems by the texts that he is someone she knows and probably had a previous dispute with. She is just silly and has not been hacked.

          • Big Onus…. okay but consider this. Forrest doesn’t respond to very many emails but he responded to mine occasionally. Maybe IF there is a hacker then he’s at least smart enough to narrow down the seachers to those who Forrest responds to the most. It sucks that technology has advanced to the point where nothing online or on your cell phone (tracing) is guaranteed private anymore. I miss the old school days when life was much simpler.

        • Big Onus, then he shouldn’t have said what he did. And being an old school gal, his comment about being “so far advanced” than her really offended me. Forrest said imagination is more important than knowledge not knowledge is more important than imagination in TTOTC. Forrest wanted to get people away from electronics. So I’m just waiting for the “what ifs” that may or may not be true.

          • He is an abuser, if he actually exists. That is all.

            Whatever the beef is between the two, it has nothing to do with the chase. She just made it so. In my opinion.

            Forrest told her in person last year that she was searching the wrong area, so how on earth could he have taken the treasure from her?

            There is no hacker Lori.

        • Big Onus, I never said I thought she had the winning solve, only that his texts seem to indicate he admits to hacking her. If my solve is correct then the treasure was found in Colorado not New Mexico. I suspect my email account and cell was hacked back in 2016, and all my travel info to my search state is in my cell phone…. I haven’t been able to delete it because I suck at electronics and computers. I have an A+ imagination though. What hacker could resist messing with me. IF there’s a hacker. Just a hunch.

          • 100’s of thousands of solves and ten years. The chances of yours being correct is low. The odds of a hacker picking correct solver is even more unlikely.

        • Big Onus, If “Joe” is not the finder then you may be right. I just want to know if I made the right connection with Forrest and his poem. Isn’t that what we all want to know?

        • BigOnus, You know what…. I’ve been thinking about this and you’re probably right. I prefer to think the finder isn’t that “Joe” guy and has nothing whatsoever to do with knowing him. Just a big coincidence is all. That’s up to Barbara to find out whoever her harraser is. My imagination goes overboard sometimes. You can probably tell that by my solve!
          I’d feel much better if the ending wasn’t so up in the air and mysterious though. I’d like to know if I’m right about the poem’s theme or at least how close I was. Wouldn’t we all? Lol..

  51. One thing I learned from the Chase was the value of words. Forrest is a “wordsmith” for sure. He is careful what words he uses and sometimes spells words incorrectly on purpose to see if anyone notices, or just for fun. This actually led to this little story I made up, with the inspiration of Forrest Fenn. You may have seen or heard about the “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem. It is an ancient wall left from the days of the Temple before it was destroyed a couple of thousand years ago.

    Many devout Jews and others go there to insert small notes into cracks in the wall. These are “prayers” to God. There are thousands of these tiny notes in the walls. One misled person from Scandinavia brought a harpoon with him to the wall. The Israeli guards had to explain to him that this was the “Wailing Wall” not the “Whaling Wall”. But that is another story where spelling also played a big roll.

    The story I am sharing has to do with two people who were going to visit the Wall, and went to their Rabbi to ask what “prayer” they should leave it the form of a note in the wall for God to answer.

    The first person was a woman with a son who just refused to listen to her advice. She was at the end of her rope and was going to the wall to plead with God to help her. The second person was a doctor, whose business was failing. He had hoped for success, but his office was empty most of the time, and he had come close to quitting his practice. He too was going to visit the wall and plead with God for help.

    Both of them approached their Rabbi and explained the situation. The Rabbi listened intently and then stated he would write the prayers for each of them on small pieces of paper. They were to take the little notes and insert them in the wall. The Rabbi asked that they just insert the notes in the wall without opening them first to read, and that God would answer.

    To the woman with the rebellious son he gave a small note that said “Lord, give me patience”. To the doctor with the failing practice he gave a small note that said “Lord, give me patients”.

    The two people traveled to the wall and left their notes. A few months later the woman found she was able to deal with her son, and the doctor’s practice began to flourish also. And the Rabbi without realizing it, was a real testament to how important it is to learn how to spell. Next time I will go into more detail about what happened to that guy with the harpoon.

    • Words mean things.
      Spelling them correctly is a very good practice when you rely on the written words to convey your meaning to a reader.
      In the Preface of TTOTC, FF says, I tend to use some words that aren’t in the dictionary, and others that are, I bend a little.
      This is important to bear in mind. The meaning behind his words may not be what you were thinking.

      • DHS—

        Nice solve. Love the photos too. I thought I was close too 🙂 Coincidence is a truly amazing thing. All the best to you!!

  52. Like many other searchers that are certain they have been on the right path to a correct solve, I have kept many of my thoughts about the poem and where I think Forrest has led us close to the vest, for fear of “giving it away”. But now since the treasure has been found, I feel comfortable sharing my solve, even if it is after the fact. Thank you Forrest Fenn for an absolutely amazing adventure!

    Begin it where warm waters halt — Madison Junction
    (The place where two warm water rivers, the Firehole and the Gibbon, end / halt, and the Madison River begins)

    And take it in the canyon down — Firehole Canyon
    (Immediately south of Madison Junction along the Firehole River is Firehole Canyon)

    Not far, but too far to walk — ~21 mile route that Forrest often took on his bicycle during his Yellowstone summers.

    Put in below the home of Brown. — home of Brown = Nez Perce Creek. In 1890 brown trout introduced into Nez Perce Creek, introducing brown trout to the American west.
    — Spend time below Nez Perce Creek at Forrest’s secret bathing spot at Ojo Caliente Spring.

    From there it’s no place for the meek — Mary Mountain Trail
    (Popular area to view wildlife – bison, grizzly bears, wolves)

    The end is ever drawing nigh; — Grand Prismatic Spring
    (Grand Loop Rd takes sweeping left turn at Grand Prismatic Spring)

    There”ll be no paddle up your creek — Iron Springs Creek
    (Near Biscuit Basin, Grand Loop Rd follows Iron Spring Creek instead of Firehole River)

    Just heavy loads and water high. — Old Faithful Geyser
    (Can shoot 8400 gallons of boiling water to height of 185 feet)

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze — Old Faithful Geyser
    (blaze meaning “conspicuous display”)

    Look quickly down your quest to cease. — Rainbow within water spray of Old Faithful
    Begin it where warm waters halt — Hot Springs at Posi Ouinge/ Ojo Caliente, NM
    (Tewa Indians used these hot springs for washing and bathing)

    And take it in the canyon down not far, but too far to walk — Comanche Canyon

    Put in below the home of Brown — Rio Vallecitos
    (Near Lemadera, where Rio Vallecitos joins Rio Ojo Caliente, it forms a natural barrier keeping brown trout in the colder waters of the upper Rio Vallecitos)

    From there it’s no place for the meek — Section of Hwy 111 becomes narrow with big drop off

    The end is ever drawing nigh; — Come to a fork in the road, go left

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek — Road crosses over a dry creek/ arroyo that runs along road

    Just heavy loads and water high — Chili Line narrow gauge railroad and old wooden water tower

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
    — Pueblo Peak and Wheeler Peak viewed from middle rock formation in Tres Piedras

    Look quickly down your quest to cease
    — At sunset of Winter Solstice, shadow cast by sun along 62 degree Azimuth line

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze just take the chest and go in peace
    — small group of pine trees on east side of Hwy 285 along the 62 degree line, representing the Tewa place of emergence in Tres Piedras

    Begin it where warm waters halt — Manby Hot Springs / Stagecoach Hot Springs
    (Taos Indians used these hot springs as place for washing and bathing for centuries)

    And take it in the canyon down — Rio Grande Gorge (take in the view)

    Not far, but too far to walk — Travel east ~12 miles to Taos Pueblo

    Put in below the home of Brown — Taos Pueblo
    (Pueblo is primarily composed of adobe. Home of Francis Brown, founding member and president of Medicine Wheel Coalition for Sacred Sites of North America)

    From there it’s no place for the meek
    (Travel off road by horse up to Blue Lake following the Rio Pueblo / Red Willow Creek)

    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    (Following Red Willow Creek, when it comes to a Y in the river, take the left fork)

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek
    (You are not in the water but following the path of the Red Willow Creek to Blue Lake)

    Just heavy loads and water high
    (Pass through steep rocky walls just prior to arriving to Blue Lake)

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
    (View at first light, sunrise of Summer Solstice, from Blue Lake along the 62 degree Azimuth line, which points to a clearing with trees in the center of the clearing forming a “Y”. A large downed tree points to the intersection of the Y)

    Look quickly down your quest to cease
    (Look beneath the fallen log – “underwood” typewriter and “turn over a log and see what’s there”)

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    (Blue Lake that lies below the sipapu / lake roof hole in the south kiva in Taos Pueblo)

    And take it in the canyon down — The place of the dead. Taos ancestors reside in Blue Lake

    Not far, but too far to walk — You can’t get there by walking

    Put in below the home of Brown — Kiva at Taos Pueblo
    (Mother Earth is associated with the color “brown” and the direction “below.” The kiva is symbolic of the Emergence story: Kiva represents Earth Mother, sipapu represents the womb and the ladder leading through the roof represents the umbilical cord. So, kiva is home of Mother Earth or home of Brown)

    From there it’s no place for the meek — Kiva
    (A place for the brave – religious ceremonies for male tribe members. It’s no situation for the meek – one must be brave to enter the kiva. If from there is no place for the meek, then THERE is a place for the meek, the reverent)

    The end is ever drawing nigh; — The end is coming together, all lines connecting at the Kiva

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek — Red Willow Creek running through center of Pueblo
    (Also insinuating that you are in a difficult situation – the decision whether or not to enter the kiva)

    Just heavy loads and water high
    — Multiple wooden sticks around the roof entrance of the kiva, and Blue Lake. (Heavy loads as another way to describe home of Brown, and water high as another way to describe where warm waters halt)

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze — Ladder leading through the kiva roof
    (the ladder directs you where to go – down into the underground kiva, and up to Heaven. The blaze is something that “stands out”)

    Look quickly down your quest to cease — Look underground inside the kiva

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze Just take the chest and go in peace
    — You can’t linger too long inside. Take it in with reverence and leave knowing you found the treasure.

    This journey has not yet included the starting point or the ending point. For I believe that this is very much a spiritual journey, and a path that has led to peace and contentment. I interpreted “Begin it where warm waters halt” as “Enter it where blood / life stops temporarily.” I believe the starting point is Jesus’ tomb, the place where death was temporary. The final location, also a place that makes death temporary, and where Mr. Fenn is planning to spend eternity, is Heaven.


    • Every one of those is a “Guess and Check”
      Given the vagueness of FF clues, there could be 10,000 such “solutions”. All ending in failure.
      Has anyone figured out a starting point by solving the riddle of the poem itself and then going where IT sends you?
      WWWH isn’t necessarily a real body of water…………!

      • Pastor Torch, yes unlike most here I believe the starting point can be unambiguously figured out using the word that is key from the poem. That is the entire point of it, to give you a starting point, an area to start narrowing down the clues. Forrest was actually incredibly specific with his word that is key. And it is repeated in the poem, so you can mostly eliminate confirmation bias.

        I know this will be scoffed at, but I think it’s absurd to expect to not know you have solved a clue correctly without having the chest in hand. I believe more than a few people are in tight focus with at least the first few clues. At the very least, the correct WWWH is knowable with a certain level of confidence.


        • Hi Surf,
          You realize the chest has been retrieved… why not just say the word that is key and or wwwh?

  53. “Two nuggets weigh more than a troy pound each, and hundreds of smaller ones. There are two Ceylon sapphires, hundreds of rubles, 8 emeralds and lots of diamonds.”

    Sparrow already touched on “Where are the jewels” (TCHBF…part seven) and the consensus was that the gems are all set in the jewelry. I envisioned a bunch of loose gemstones in the chest. Am I alone on this?

    • Randawg,
      I believe at some point Forrest removed the larger gems. Watch ” Smell the Sunshine” video, he explains it a little better. He will tell you that Forrest said he removed the larger gems to add more gold..

      • Where oh where is the 17th century Spanish Emerald ring ff repeatedly spoke about being a prize in the chest?? Seems like that would’ve been worthy of inclusion in the photo.

        I appreciate all Forrest did to get the masses Back into the great outdoors, but the whole ending seems staged by Forrest. For instance, He mentioned there would be surprises come search season. Then He picks the date 6-6-2020 to Announce its been found. Everything is murky, no follow up photos, no word of the finder, just ff looking through his treasures.

        The Forrest quote is: “There are a lot of big surprises coming out next year.” (Since he said this in 2019, he obviously means 2020.)
        Cynthia Mechanicsville interview.

        This will likely be deleted quickly, but it’s a plausible opinion. I think Forrest’s family was worn thin by greedy weirdos at their doorsteps and lawsuits. In my opinion Forrest retrieved his own treasure to save his family from harm. If that’s the case I applaud him for doing so. Which one of us would not rescue our kids and grandkids from greedy stalkers?

        Again… It’s an opinion, just like everyone else states theirs on this blog.

        • Agreed 42,
          Some things don’t seem right at all. And some things are highly suspect.
          But I trust Forrest will give us the explanation at some point.
          It sure doesn’t feel like the ending he envisioned for his legacy..just my opinion

        • 42 … I find listening to Eddy Arnold, while taking a drive up Benedict Canyon is relaxing. Sometimes I can really put the Boot to the mettle, in the straightaways.

    • No I also believe there should have been
      Gem stones like the quote where’s
      The beef so where’s the stones?

  54. Since, I have the opportunity, due to the “temporary reopening” of this blog, I’d like to ask, if- I may, and this is no insult to Dal, or his admirable blog and tireless work behind the scenes, if the other members could post the address(s) to where everyone is settling, in, to chat about the Fenn treasure chest… post discovery. I only ask because, this blog, I’m sure, will be closing, down, again, at the end of this page, and so, I don’t believe it’s in poor taste to “advertise” another location, seeing it won’t be competing. When, this blog closed, previously, it seemed a void was created, and everyone scattered, leaving no central point of congregation. So…wher’d ev’body go? ~Thanks

    • Gaddz – i certainly wouldn’t recommend a ‘hang-over’ on any given sunday, but if ya absolutely HAVE to ‘after-party’ one way or another.. then i’d highly recommend a ‘Dal-over’ ever day o’ the week

      i mean.. if it isn’t already illegal, it def SHOULD BE!!

      hope this helps 🙂

  55. Err… just, one more thing… There have been a couple mentions about Mr. Fenn marking an “X” on the arm of several people, and saying, that it was an important clue. Does anyone have a picture of an -actual- “Fenn X” on their arm, not a reproduction, and could they -please- post it? Or, -please- post a link to a picture of it? ~Thanks

    • Wow, is this true? If true then Madison south arm or Madison arm at Hebgen is an important area indeed. My bet is on Madison South arm then. South means Sun or Sun side. And on a compass South is down.

          • … get ready for the “Fenn Equations”. Coming soon to a theatre near you! Soon being a relative term.

          • Mr Obivious
            X equal 24
            There are 24 lines in the poem Why I ask myself must be a reason what do you do when you read a poem or
            literature?Answer you address it so are we looking for an address ? If so how do we use the poem to find it?
            Second stanza tells us
            Begin it where warm waters halt
            Warm =SUN
            And take it in the canyon down
            Down= DANCE
            Not far but too far
            to walk
            Walk = BENCH
            Put in below home of Brown
            As Forrest said your destination is small but it’s location is huge
            Destination= last stop or death like in your number is up are we looking for a small number?the only
            Small number in the poem is 24 lines that stand out
            Why 24lines?
            The answer I believe I already know
            24 Sundance bench road aka
            West Fork Cabin and Camp in the Madison valley in Montana where his mother passed in
            Number 4camping spot
            Where warm waters halt
            Warm waters =TEARS

          • Well Val cause .24 minutes 40 seconds and we’re talking GPS coordinates which “hopefully” will be there in 1,000 or 10,000 years from now.

  56. I wonder if any commercial filming requests have been filed for Yellowstone since indulgence was found???? Documentary anyone?

    • Probably not in Yellowstone or anywhere.

      If the guy were willing to share his story, I think he would wisely be collaborating with Forrest. It seems to me that is not happening, but I don’t know for sure.

      • Tarzan and Indulgence along with a host of other words such as Canasta for example, are hints to the final clue. Find out what they all have in common and you will know what it is. Problem is, without the first 8 clues, you still got nuthin. 🙂

      • Consideration

        So maybe the solver has rules, that FF just wont break. Maybe the story to the solve took so long that it can’t be told or explain in just a few sentences or paragraphs.
        What if the solver spent years accumulating thousand + notes about the solve, working endless hours days and nights to finish his search. And simplifying it does it no justice.
        I am sure it was not done without some believe and personal Faith along his journey.
        Who has said that the 9 clues are short and sweet. FF has given hints-clues for the past 10 years in everything he has written or spoke or drawn. It’s been under our noses all along, just to be seen.
        I am confident that the solver will find a way to reveal himself in due time, if it is to be.

        Please respect him and one another and his wishes. I can only imagine what this is doing to him. Besides his loved ones.

        Today I am just a messenger with one personal note.

        The beginning is a picture as is the end.
        I have to say just my thoughts.
        Hope you can hang in there for a while Dal.
        Thank you for all you’ve done here. I know I am at risk of being banned.
        Sincerely. GH

        End of commentary.
        There must be “Angels” looking over Mr. Fenn

        • Beyond all the joy in my life from all this (sarcasm clearly), I’m staring down the barrel of a potential cancer diagnoses right now. Time is never guaranteed. I strongly encourage Forrest to secure his legacy while those who can help are still here. I can help.

          • Tinman, in all sincerity, I hope all is good and the results come back negative. I’ve stared down the face of death myself and can honestly agree that tomorrow is not always guaranteed. Friends, along with a vision of hope is sometimes all we have. I give you my friendship and wish you the very best.

          • Well today there is a x placed on my life road map. I was told today I’m rediculusly stupid and pathetic and that if there was a treasure out there it has already been found and that I won’t find anything. That I chose to invest time into the chase was a waste of time.

            I kinda took that as an insult .

            It did make me think
            what would Forrest

            I’m not giving up on the chase.

            I apparently have made it out of the plane and the chute is deployed . What a ride that was . Little banged up and sore but still alive to fight another day !

            Probably no extraction to look forward too so I suppose I’ll try to make it across the line


    Proverb: it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. It is better to act decisively and apologize for it later than to seek approval to act and risk delay, objections, etc.

    Loco, what the heck are you doing now??

    Well, lotsa books being promoted on various and sundry blogs/forums, so I thought I’d give it a try. Since Dal has tolerated me over the years, I thought I’d push the envelope one more time? The link above is to a book that was written by a searcher….no silly, not me….I hate to type.

    The book is not Chase related, but I found it to be very interesting and well written. It will make you pause to consider our perception of ‘reality’…. in the sense we normally attribute to it!! Some searchers are probably aware of it already, but I’m throwing it out there for others who enjoy reading…..give it a try!!

    Oh, I added the proverb above because I have neither Dal’s permission, nor the author’s, to do this!!! (here’s hopin’ I don’t get nuked, or shot!! 🙂 )

    Thanks again to Forrest, Dal, and everyone else for the experience of the last eight years. I hope you all live long and prosper!!!

  58. I give you title to the gold.
    Title two the gold.
    Title #1 =Tarzan
    Title #2= Indulgence
    Indulgence anagrams to ending clue
    I give you ending clue.
    “The final clue he said would be where they found his car, in the parking lot of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science”
    Well, was it?

    • Jdiggins, what do you make of the name Tarzan?
      I thought the Tarzan reference may be a hint at Sioux Charley or Gibbon River.
      Tarzan was a small orphan who was raised by great apes.
      Sioux Charley is a white man adopted and raised by the Sioux Indians as a small child. A gibbon is a small, slender tree-dwelling ape with long powerful arms and loud hooting calls, native to the forests of Southeast Asia.
      Do you see Tarzan as a clue, or was Mr. Fenn just monkeying around?

      • CD from PA,
        I do see Tarzan as a clue otherwise why did we need to know its former name?
        Two things off the top of my head is a place name that relates as well as a statement I read recently of a hero of forrests who felt like Tarzan and could walk out of the jungle..HIGHLY PARAPHRASED sorry.

        • Do you have any ideas about the meaning of the humming bird nest that was in his scrapbook story and appears to be in the plastic bag under the carved stick and the key?

          • CD,
            I guess not because I cant believe I dont even recall the scrapbook you speak of. Darn!

          • Hello CD from PA. I’m not sure if I see a hummingbird nest in the treasure chest inside a plastic bag. As for a possible meaning to the nest in the scrapbook, perhaps it might suggest something deserted, or no longer needed. The photo could be just what it is, a photo.

          • Twitter logo, not Facebook slogan. Too many social bird nests in the world. Some day it will make sense.

    • I think the Denver Museum was a hint to what Fenn might understand a museum to be; a place where everything is frozen exactly the way it was the first day he encountered it.

      • Duh. It’s the date it was renamed. That’s the final clue. Sheesh. Well, now everyone knows.

        • Mr Obvious. It’s a hint at -what- wwh is in my opinion.
          What was the date? I wouldn’t be concerned with everyone knowing for many reasons. Most are too fixated on the Madison.

          • I just pointed you in the right direction. You will need to do the work. The answers are on the www.

          • Mr obvious no point in being vague at this point. Im not sure I need your help thanks.

    • Tarzan

      T.I. —> Treasure Island – Robert Lewis Stevenson


      • That’s interesting, Pinatubocharlie. I had considered Frank Island at one time or another. Being “straightforward” is also being frank. Different thoughts that would catch my attention during the chase. Certainly explains why I was far from finding the treasure chest.

          • Hi Jdiggins — it was in an early “Forrest Gets Mail”:

            Forrest Gets Mail #3 (2/11/2013): “I can’t believe you swim there too!!! I am from Bozeman, and my parents used to take us to the boiling river and the firehole all the time when we were kids!! Now that we are older I go there with friends in the summer to relax and hang out in the sun. It makes me so happy that you are telling other people how beautiful Montana and Yellowstone are, I don’t think very many people realize how amazing it is!”

            FF: “Thanks for reading my blog and enjoying what it said. I have fond memories of Bozeman. One time a friend and I walked from West Yellowstone to Bozeman, 91 miles. It was maybe the best trip I ever made. We were walking along the Gallatin River with our bedrolls and candy bars on our backs when a mother black bear swam across the river with her two small cubs. She ran across the highway just 30’ in front of us, and climbed up a steep bank. Then her cubs ran across the road shaking water off their backs. But they couldn’t get up the steep bank. So my friend and I picked them up and threw them about six feet up on top. I’m sure the mother was thankful. It was fun walking on the outskirts of danger. f”

            This Forrest Gets Mail was later referenced in a Q&A on Mysterious Writings “Talking in Circles” (10/13/2014):

            “You once said you walked the 92 miles from West Yellowstone to Bozeman to just experience it. Obviously you were much younger than you were when you hid the treasure. Too far to walk means different things at different ages so I was wondering if you would be so bold as to give an estimate of how far you walked to hide the treasure after leaving your car: was it > 10miles, between 5 and 10 miles, between 1 and 5 miles, or less than 1 mile? ~Thanks, Ron”

            FF: “Ron, your question sounds like a travelogue, but I’ll answer it. No, I don’t want to be that bold. But I will say that I walked less than a few miles if that will help. I just looked “few” up and one definition is “scant.” Why do I sound like I’m talking in circles? f”

      • fyi,

        There is a Treasure Island on the Bechler River not far from Yellowstone.

  59. I found my first Arrowhead when Iwent alone into a cave in a National Park in Oregon. Then when I went to Mammoth Hot Springs I saw another Arrowhead on a Park Ranger. eXactly like mine .

    I’m on Second base I thought, how do I get to the third Arrowhead and make it to Homeplate.

    Then I thought about Dorothy and the Cyclone and how she wasn’t in Kansas anymore, she was in ARKANSAS soaking her feet on Bath Row in Hot Springs… Another Arrowhead was there as it was over 40 years ahead of that Yellowstone Road as a National Park.
    Arrowheads lead to the treasures of rich and old.

    Hey Whats the biggest National Park in Texas ?

    Thats where I found the Southeast Keyhole, A Keyhole, so I took the key out of the hole and went back to Mammoth in Yellowstone Park . I stayed a while and then, wanted to cool off .

    Then I remembered Frosty the Snowman and that discarded hat he found in the trash. I decided to cool-off over by Freezeout Mountain.

    There is no place like home after a long long trip.

    Kinda Bogus eh ?

    • jeez Suzy, can i please have wot you’re on?? ..don’t worry, it’s my birthday today 🙂

      ( ..but def don’t tell pdenver!! – ‘shock/horror’ anticipated 🙁 )

      • jeez Suzy, a ‘lack of sanity’ sounds rather serious tbh – is it contagious??

        now that i think about it.. i’m pretty sure Dal has caught that too
        ..i mean, have you seen those photos of his new caravan lately?

        quickly, someone call the medics!!

        • Curious… you’re not really Dal in disguise, are you? …trying to trick me into saying something I should? Shame on you!

          Just to let you know, I believe those photos have been Photoshopped… just so you would make those outlandish comments!

          • Mask anangrims ask’m. Although I highly doubt that would be the case, like seriously, who’d think people were online not being themselves simply by changing there names and stuff. Abraham Lincoln talked about internet security at the signing of the constitution and he didn’t mention anything about centrifuge.

        • Hey there Hobbs …
          I’ve been giving out advice for a long time. But you look like the undisputable Einstein of Dal’s blog to me. Tell me. You n your opinion, how many unique solves will take you precisely to the treasure. Thanks ahead of time for your brilliant insight. Asking for a friend.

    • Hi curious, Happy Birthday! I here you celebrate quite often. Tell you what, I’ll let you know what I got when I figure it out myself. You’re warned though, lack of sanity runs quite frequent in my family. If you were wise, you’d be running alongside them.

      I’m laying my cards on the table just so you know.

      P.S. The secret is not the Twizzlers, it’s what you mix in with the Twizzlers that’s good. The difficult part is getting in there!
      …if you know what I mean (lol). 🙂

      All in good humor (or bad humor), Your choice…

  60. I like that idea Matt. It reminds me of the TS Elliot quote “we shall not cease from exploration and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”.

  61. A favorite puzzle for kids is connect-the-dots. It’s also embedded in the Chase. My opinion. Did you find it?

    • Under a canopy of stars in the home of Braun . There are 88 constellations in our sky. Take the kids and look up to Auriga, and find Capella, Alnath, Aur E, Aur N, Aur Z, etc. Find the stars in Google Sky and drop them on Earth then connect to find confirmed locations .
      Don`t Mesopotamia with his poem.
      3 Arrowheads and 1 arrow shaft ( Indulgence ) spelled in first stanza.
      National Parks logo is the Arrowhead , the first was used in Oregon Caves NP.
      Yellowstone was 2nd to use the Arrowhead Patch and then National use.
      FF found his 1st Arrowhead in teXas.
      Now unravel the Ball of String found in Kansas near the Center of the USA by Lebanon and then find Wellington, Kansas near Witchita where the Cyclone took Dorthy for a ride to the Hot Springs in ARKansas ( actual 1st NP )

      Want more carrots to Button it up ?

      • Larry, more carrots? Button? I already have a problem with not knowing when to stop eating!

        Now thats an arrow pointing towards Texas.

        (P.S. This is fun in reverse)

  62. At the last clue you need to apply the word “indulgence.” Indulgence can be read as “indulge ants.” To solve the last clue you must find the location of certain ant hills to use as guides in lining up the directions for the final clue.

    • And an ant hill will still be at the same spot 1,000 or 10,000 years from now? HUMMM – I wonder – JMO – JDA

      • An ant hill could be there in 1,000 years. Ant colonies build in the most favorable spots for them. The same ants wouldn’t be there in 1,000 years but their “descend ants” might very well be there.

        But who says the ant hills have to be there in 1,000 years or even 100 years? Not Forrest. He only said that “most” of the clues would probably still be there in 100 or 1,000 years. Everyone always misinterpretes his statements.

        The poem says, “…the answer(s) (ants ears) I already know.” Could the key word be “answers”? You must be in tight focus to find the necessary ant hills from GE, but it can be done.

        • So why is it that I must go and leave my Trove for all to seek? The answers I already know…..
          Start with the word seek and use the words question mark instead of the symbol.
          …seek question mark the answers….

    • Landhigh – given that gambling is highly detested on HoD, i’ll quietly and discreetly gamble my left testicle that Atom Ant is def your biggest fan right about now..

      Go the Vegans!! 🙂

  63. Mr Obivious
    I’ve never use GPS coordinates
    I just put in home and Iam
    off I have my water and a
    Sandwich in all my hunting years
    I’ve only been disoriented once
    That means I walk out the front
    Door and go hunting not long ago when
    I was out I found a Sandel a korbel black berry
    Brandy bottle and a forest service badge
    Underwood of course in the same area
    Below MY home of Brown those that
    Stay home will never have any

    • Val –
      You are looking for a 10x10x5 inch box in thousands of square miles in the Rocky Mountains across 4 states. Good luck if you don’t have GPS and the precise coordinates. Yikes! Even then, GPS is only accurate to within 12 feet. Then if it’s on a slope the inaccuracy is even greater. You would have been “wise” to take GPS with you. Without it, you are unlikely to get past the 3rd clue. IMO.

      • Geography and GPS are tied at he hip. Forrest said you might need a comprehensive understanding of geography. Right?

      • While I agree that a GPS unit is a good idea from a safety perspective, I’m not 100% sure it would have been a necessity for finding the chest. Forrest on EIS Radio (8/8/2013) @ 47:54: “I still have about, uh, something like 4,000 arrowheads. And I tell people I’m saving those, because after the next war, I’m going to make a fortune selling my arrowheads to different armies around the world. Einstein had said, ‘I don’t know what we’ll fight World War III with, but World War IV is going to be fought with sticks.’ And the technology is changing so fast. I mean, if your computer is two years old, it’s archaic today. Technology is not going to help you find that treasure. But your mind and your body and your attitude changes as things change.”


        That ~seems~ to suggest that neither a metal detector nor a GPS unit (technology) would have been required.

        • Not required but helpful. Airplanes, autos not required either. You could always hoof it.

      • Mr Obivious
        The poem and ttotc took me to
        My area I didn’t find what I found
        by not understanding
        The poem and reading ttotc
        The sandal,korbel brandy bottle,
        and a Forrest service badge.
        They’re listed in tftw I found
        them before I bought the book
        The poem will take you to a very
        Small area thanks for the hunt
        I mean thrill Forrest

  64. Pilots, especially those with FF’s experience, would be knowledgeable in
    Celestial Navigation (CN).

    I started to study CN the other day and then asked myself, “Why? I am moving on…right?”


    Still think about the poem from time to time, especially while shaving. What is it about shaving that makes the mind go into muse-mode? There is a particularly interesting story FF told one time about stopping for gas in Meeteetse, Wyoming when a pickup truck pulled in with
    a conquistador and more in the back. The conquistador had been found protruding from an arroyo (Where Warm Waters Halt).

    Couldn’t help but muse and wonder what thoughts that incident had given Fenn.

    There were so many questions about the conquistador that would probably go unanswered forever.

    If only the conquistador had been carrying his life story written out with him think about how much richer would the find have been. Did FF have this thought?

    • Found this in a thread found above:

      FF: “Ron, your question sounds like a travelogue, but I’ll answer it. No, I don’t want to be that bold. But I will say that I walked less than a few miles if that will help. I just looked “few” up and one definition is “scant.” Why do I sound like I’m talking in circles? f”

      There it is *again*! – Celestial Navigation.

      FF: “Why do I sound like I’m talking in ****circles****?”

      And *again*: “tarry scant” — starry cant
      One definition of **cant** relates to angular deviation or inclination.

      And again? FF: “I just looked few ***up***”

      FF was chuckling inside when he said the above, me thinks.

      • That circle is the Bull’s Eye (the heart of the Bull’s Eye is the 8th clue). The treasure chest was located at one (1) of four (4) notable spots along the edge of the circle. All right of these coordinates (and more) are deeply embedded in the poem. IMO of course. Don’t forget to understand that just yet. Just going on record here.

      • If indeed Professor Marvel was THE “marvel” in the poem (or should I say one of the correct uses) I had wondered how to use “gaze into the infinite”.

        (back up a bit) There is a scene in Wise of Oz where Dorothy has just begun her quest and comes upon Professor Marvel who has parked his wagon down next to a slow creek. Marvel invites Dorothy to search in his Crystal for her answers. They both look quickly down and her quest ceases when Marvel tells her she must take her basket (canasta in Spanish) and go home (FF: “you may as well stay home and play canasta”). Dorothy splits in a hurry – tarry scant – ceasing her quest and goes home with her woven basket (basket not Chest).

        Marvel tells Dorothy to gaze (that is the word he uses). He said they were connecting with the infinite. Before I had considered Celestial Navigation I did not find a connect with Marvel gazing into the infinite and the poem. Celestial Navigation makes it clearer.

        • If you go to You tube
          and enter
          Professor Marvel
          in the search box you will find a 3 minutes and 53 second video.
          This is the relevant scene.

          • Funny how animals can win a person over… I forgot about the scene where Dorthy’s dog steals the hot dog. Hence, the dog steals the show so to speak. The horse didn’t get much attention, though. Probably because more people prefer dogs.

            Marvel Gaze is still in the big picture. It’s amazing to see it!

            Thanks for the memories Levi!
            Enjoyed every bit.

          • Suzy_s,

            Super Super trivia question:

            What was the name of Professor Marvel’s horse?


            Thx and get out there and adventure!

          • Sylvester Fenn !

            Just kidding. The horse’s name was Silvester / Sylvester

            “From a Roman name meaning “of the forest” from Latin silva “wood, forest”.”

            Guess what? Now you are guaranteed to remember the answer to the trivia question.

          • Levi,

            Sorry, I missed your question. I guess it doesn’t matter because I would have gotten the answer wrong anyways.

            I really appreciate your info though …and your right, I’m much better prepared now. The best part is the horse has a name, and I love horses!

            High O Silver!

  65. For 10 years everyone asked…
    what “it” was in Fenn’s poem.
    Completely Irrelevant now.
    The new “it” is Covid19

  66. @Pebee,
    You asked if 42 is my lucky number.
    It’s my birthdate 4-2; and was a nice tie-in with the 42 lb. weight of ff’s chest of gold.

    • June 6, 2010 and June 6, 2020.

      6-6-2010 = 6+6+20+10 = 42. The TC weight and a key distance.

      6-6-2020 = 6+6+20+20 = 52. The distance between two key ant hills. (Also hinted at in the Scrapbook about the broken pot that was stapled, making 52 holes in the pot.)

  67. Something has been bothering me since June 6th. It’s about the “Back East” fella and the request to remain anonymous.

    If someone wants to remain anonymous then would’nt any and all information about that person be kept confidential?

    If so, then why the “Back East” comment? Why say “WHERE” (generally) the finder was from?

    It makes absolutely no sense what so ever to disclose that information.
    It simply just does not matter. The finder could be from “Down South” or
    “Up North” or “From the West”. What difference does it make?
    Why mention it? Seams strange. The Strange needs to be Cleared.

    Anyways, that’s just a thought I’ve been having. Maybe August 4th will have some answers for us. I hope.

    Pauley T

      • To “Be Wise” means you must come out of the East (the Blaze is East of WWWH). So here, Forrest is just continuing with that thyme; anyone who finds that TC must be from ‘Back East”

        • There are nine (9) clues. There are nine (9) blazes. IMO.

          Ergo … If it doesn’t take you closer to the treasure chest, it ain’t a clue.

          A hint on the other hand is some tidbit of information that helps you solve a clue.

      • Back east:
        Backseat (the place where we all are)
        A setback (likewise)
        Take cabs (to the Rockies?)
        Bat cakes (the cause of COVID-19?)
        Bake cats (not in my oven you don’t!)
        Bake scat (ditto)
        A.B.C. (already been chewed) steak (I’ll pass)
        Beat sack
        Stab cake (what Curious Hobbit is doing about now, and what Forrest will be doing in exactly a month!)

        • Zap,

          Sorry to disagree, but I especially like ‘bake scat‘ and I assure you, Forrest would agree. And to keep me on Dal’s good side may I add IMO.

          There are a few other interesting ones but folks have to dig a little deeper to find them.


    • Hello Pauley T. I believe the mention of back East was just part of the conversation when mentioning the treasure chest was found. I would be nearly impossible to locate the person unless they began to mention personal information themselves or to begin doing things with the chest and contents. I believe it would/should be a confidential matter if/when doing so. I believe it was just part of a simple conversation/statement from Mr. Fenn.

      This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

      • Hey there pdenver.

        I have a little different spin on the guy from from back east. Perhaps he is of Asian heritage or lives/lived in that part of the world.

        So Forrest would be telling the truth using the term back east, just not telling the whole truth. That he was actually from the Far East. Hope that makes sense.


        • Hello Pinatubocharlie. It is a possibility of back East to suggest the other side of the world, but more times than not, when someone says they’re from back East, they speak of the eastern U.S. states.

    • although ‘back east’ usually refers to the eastern US, it could also mean back back east – UK and Europe

      if one was from back back east, one would not have to pay US taxes on the find

    • I’d like to make a correction,
      It should be “Out West” instead of “From the West”

      Pauley T

    • Thanks Mr. O,

      Forrest is definitely a Leo, as his Birthday falls under the 5th Zodiac sign. A Lion, courageous and righteous.

      This is where it must have all began. Or was it the end? That infinity symbol has me running loops. I guess its just a catch 22 and we will never know.

      Tell him Happy Birth Day and that I let him a gift, wrapped with a bow bow waiting for him.


    • happy birthday Sir it matters not how it ended its that it started for all of us and we are grateful for you you have a good day always Jeff Burch and family

  68. Zap, thx. Couldn’t reply upthread.
    Interesting about the 92 miles from West Yellowstone to Bozeman, that is exactly a 2.42 degree walk. Also 92 miles is the tithe of it.

    • JDiggins: you’ve lost me on the 2.42 degrees being equivalent to 92 miles? When traveling south to north, 92 miles is about 1.33 degrees of latitude. (The precise number of miles per degree depends on your latitude.)

  69. “I give you title to the gold” seems like a contract limiter and says nothing about story or bio rights. What if Fenn copyrighted the detailed solve at the same time he copyrighted the TTOC? Seems like that would keep those rights in Fenn’s control and implies this was a business deal from the beginning. Fenn’s wants to contol the narrative and his legacy.

    • That’s what I’m saying, not to mention why shouldn’t he? He’s had ten years on thinking how ta make this thing more better than ever! Not to mention ideas of time, having passed, ten years would set the stage for the second act. Imo. I don’t know about rights or anything like that, but I think this ending actually is like the best beginning ever, not to mention I don’t think anyone is notice cing that.

      • Just the beginning of something new? Can’t we take a breather? I’m not even close to being done with the old one yet.

    • As the chest has been found we should be happy to receive a
      gold Omega (ahem!, Omega) Constellation watch.

      • Omega watches have double-omega on them.

        There is the omega symbol and then the word “Omega”.

        Omega Omega

        Who owns a Omega Constellation watch?

    • Tom, in the realm of Copyright and the Constitution of the United States, the right or first right is always held by any creator of a document, work of art etc. However any creator/owner can assign, sell limit or distribute their work in any manner they see fit as long as it is not in violation of the laws of said state or jurisdiction or is seditious or compelling violence or the overthrow of lawful, established governance.

      So if Forrest Fenn decided to sell, assign his rightful creation he can do so. What we are seeing may well be just that process, it is worthless if kept secret …So I expect News at a later date along with the solution or correct solution as a joint effort from FF and Wise Man from the East…Does anyone have a better answer?


  70. It will have to be Forrest confirming anything. He can only confirm the correct solve.
    But We are forgetting something.. An Autobiography. Where does that stand.
    I don’t think the finder has the rights to it . but I am not sure.
    Will there be a Book from it. Very Interesting. There should be input from
    Forrest to publish it. Will wait and see.. What can this finder do with that.
    Where the exact copies in the jars. Time will tell I guess. I covered my Bench Mark
    map with a poster of Vivian Leigh. Just like the chest.. Gone With Wind.
    Red dress and all…

  71. well,here goes another solution to fenns poem. in march 2020 i spent 2 weeks solving it using the poem,satellite maps,and clues from fenns story River Bathing Is Best.i used RBIB for clues because if they werent ligit, fenn would have given exact directions to his special and secret spot. instead,he only gave vague directions on the Firehole River. i was going to search for the treasure but then came the big announcement in june it was found. so, here we go: ” as i have gone alone in there and with my treasure bold” — obviously,to me, this is yellowstone where fenn would enter from west yellowstone. “begin it WWWH and take it in the canyon down”– i read this as one sentence . it’s on hwy. 191 where the Firehole River meets the Madison River and flows down the canyon. “not far, but too far to walk”–go approx. 6 miles south until you come to Fountain Flats Drive and then turn right. fenn said when he went to his secret spot he turned right off the main road.”put in below the home of Brown”.— as you “put in” or turn into FFD and cross the Nez Perce river you then come to the northern border of Yellowstones bear mgmt. unit A. the “home of brown”. you are then at the lowest elevation of the mgmt. unit. as you go south into the mgmt. unit you go up in elevation. technically, your below the mgmt. unit because your at the lowest elevation at that northern border. remember, fenn once did survey work and i think this is how he would view it.”no place for the meek”— not many people will go into a bear mgmt. unit because of the high bear densities .”the end is ever drawing nigh”— it’s about a mile down FFD where then you must park your car and walk using a hike and bike trail.”there’ll be no paddle up your creek”—- at times, the Firehole River comes right next to the road and as you drive in, your travelling upstream of the river.”just heavy loads and water high” — heavy loads refers to the hike and bike trail which is still called “the old freight trail” where heavy loads of goods were hauled in the past. “water high” refers to water in the air. a fountain puts water in the air thus,FFD. geysers put water in the air. fountain is another word for geyser. now, from here i used one of fenns clues from River Bathing Is Best and a satellite map. fenn mentions his secret spot was near a small green geyser pool that spewed water and ran into the river. on the satellite map there is only one small green geyser pool near there. it’s approx. 700 to 800 ft. east of the old freight trail about 400 ft. before you hit the river. also, that green geyser pool is approx. 200 ft.north of the Firehole River. that’s why fenn said people came within 200 ft. of the treasure. when they were walking up and down the river they wre that close. fenn also said many people came within 500 ft.. that would be when they were on the old freight trail north of the river.”if you’ve been wise and found the blaze”— other words for blaze is boil,eruption,spurt, or upsurge. you don’t need the rest of the poem because you’ve found it. and when fenn said “take the chest and go in peace he was’nt kidding. seeing as this is Yellowstone N.P. you would’nt want anybody to know about it, especially the govt. personally, i think fenn retrieved the chest so that people would’nt get covid and get sick or die. i don’t blame him. i think fenn said enough is enough.—— concerning the photo’s of the chest, look at how weatherd and warn the sidewalls are inside the chest. then, in the photo with fenn the chest is positioned so we can’t see the inside of it. also, the gold plates are smaller in the outdoor photo than the ones in the photo with fenn. so, that’s it for me.sorry for such a long post but seeing as i did’nt get the chance to go looking myself, i had to say something. like other people, i feel my solution is correct and fits the poem like a glove. i really feel that this is how fenn was thinking when he wrote the poem. thank you.

  72. I have a vision for Fennborree this fall. Everyone must where a badge with their real name and their alias(es) on the blogs. That goes for ALL participants, no exceptions.

    • I’ll betcha there ain’t enough room on their body for some individuals.

      Anyone care to go first?

      I’l just start with a drive by…

        • Most of the time I miss the put boot in my mouth put in and float down with out a paddle till there’s no paddling back up the creek to where nothing but heavy loads and water higher than the kohonu don’t flow just sayin

      • Val, I believe we have one of two choices. Either make the badges so small that microscopes are needed, or tell everyone to bring a change of clothes for the second and third rounds.

        I think the best thing to do is face reality and realize that some things are best left “alone”. Hey, Forrest went in there, let’s ask him!

    • Well ya see
      I dont know if there is a shirt that will support that badge it might look like a book pinned to my pocket . It’s a bit of a long story . But it could be one that Fenn could add to his legacy of the many lives he has inspired and saved for no reason other than Forrest being who he is a damn good man. There is a backstory that leads to the intoductory where Peggy is the main character and what imo might have inspired the rest of the story where Forrest becomes a mysterious mentor and inspiration to a young dirt road dairy farm boy. Many story’s are written but few are lived . Thank you Forrest and everyone that is and has been part of it. It’s been one hell of a off road ride . Hopefully Its worth reading someday right now I’m still riding the parachute down behind enemy lines lol

  73. NM searchers:
    Drop a Line from Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to The Bell in FF Backyard.
    Stop 20 miles off route go thru The St. LOUIS Gateway Arch and see The Spirit of St. Louis. Eric Slone might be hanging on the walls too.

    You could also see Dorothy in Witchata near the Cyclone that swept her house away.

    Don’t forget to stop in KEYS and get um.
    A few choices not far, Duck-Billed Dinosaur Tracks near Clayton or Capulan Volcano where you could see 5 states from one place.
    When you get over TERRERO ( Spanish: earthly, low flying, low-stepping, heap, terrace, target,mark )
    15 miles to go, ring the bells .

    Oh , before you get to Terrero you could stop and see El Cielo Mountain.

    Take another path,
    Earth, teXas to 4 Corners Monument

    Just for fun cuz now , it’s too late

    • Go to JFK Birthplace in Brookline and go to Fenns house with a line about 1917 miles.
      That line will cross the John Brown Bell , 2nd most important to Liberty Bell .

      John Brown of Harper’s Ferry is buried under a rock.

  74. Me in the Middle…

    Me (ff) traveled along the “Middle”

    It took me a while to find it, but it was when i knew where all of this started!

    Don’t ask me why, because i am still a little more than half way there.

    • Surfthesky: Yep. Gallatin (keyword), northwest corner of YNP where Gallatin exits (WWWH), Gallatin Canyon (canyon down), Sage Creek (NF, BTFTW), Tepee Creek (HoB), the water put-in after 191 crosses the river (put in below the home of Brown), park and cross the highway (no place for the meek), and go back up river (no paddle up your creek). Those are my first 6 clues — all of which are in Middle Basin (“me in the middle”). Possible unintended clue in TFTW: Gallatin River was left off the map!

  75. I always thought that “Me” in the middle, was a reference to New Mexico. All you typists out there, if you wanted to center a word including spaces, wouldn’t “Me”, be in the middle? Just a guess but it works for me.

  76. I wonder if anyone else completed the poem. I wonder if anyone else answered the question in the poem. The answers I already know.

    Why is it that I must go … ?

    “The mountains are calling and I must go, and I will work on while I can, studying incessantly.”
    -John Muir

    “Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere. Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born.”
    -John Wesley Work, Jr.

    “Go West young man.”
    -Horace Greeley

    I needed those words to solve the puzzle, and score twenty-one (21) or higher on all my “poker hands”. I guess f made it a personal challenge to score twenty-one (21) validations on all critical conjectures (converting words to numbers). Yea I know. You have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s OK. No worries. It’s just for the record.

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