THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part fifteen


SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f

Updated July 22nd, 2020
by Forrest


Many of the searchers for my treasure had solves that seemed to neatly fit the clues in my poem. Then when the finder found and retrieved the treasure, other searchers wondered how close they had been to the right spot. Because I promised the finder I would not reveal who found it or where, I have remained mostly silent.

However, the finder understands how important some closure is for many searchers, so today he agreed that we should reveal that the treasure was found in Wyoming. Until he found the treasure, the treasure had not moved in the 10 years since I left it there on the ground, and walked away.

Perhaps today’s announcement will bring some closure to those whose solves were in New Mexico, Colorado, or Montana.

To all of those who did not find the treasure, we hope that you got some enjoyment from the chase. f







541 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part fifteen

      • I can rest easier as well–my best solve was above “Flutter by” falls in NM

        • Kevin R,

          I searched there a couple of times as well. But it was just a little bit too far south. So I gave up on the area.


    • Mr f I’m sure you know the OBrien family is in mourning tonight. We will second guess our effort and keep saying if only Dad ccx wasnt crippled.You have our dolvecand the story of our great adventure.Thank You for some wonderful memories.

      • Sunshine reservoir
        follow the wood river down to Brown Mountain Campground
        put in there. I think its about 22 miles. too far to walk.
        There’s no paddle up your creek because your going down the river. Heavy loads water Hight is the water fall.
        Brave the cold and cross the wood river to the woods
        If its there your standing in the woods in the Wood river.
        I imagine the blaze is a flat rock on the ground. Perhaps a rock lined hole with a flat rock on top.
        I also like this area because Amelia Earhart’s cabin is in this area. Mr. Fenn talks about Amelia Earhart but doesn’t mention that she was to have a cabin built in the Rockies. Almost every article about Amelia Earhart talks about it. Sometimes its what you don’t say.
        Anyway that’s my simplest solve. Nothing had to be tweaked or connected to the cousin of an explorer who had an friend named brown……… I never got the chance to search the area. I only found out about the treasure last winter. I envy those that actually got to experience the “Thrill of the Chase”. I did learn a lot about the Rocky Mountains and I think you Mr. Fenn for that.

        • You go upstream at HOB…about 1/2 mile or so. There is an overlook from a FS road that leads to an overlook. The blaze is the snow capped Chief Mountain that you will see as you round the bend in the Wood River. This is where I was going to look, August 2020…but, not now. No place for the meek, its grizzly country and you are walking upstream. Forrest always said he likes to walk uphill and look back down. This meadow area is about 1/2 mile upstream from HOB.

      • The Cody solve was correct. It was my first solve but then I switched to Montana.

    • Cool! I wonder if it was my scratch map I posted that got him there. Hehehehehehehe if so, fellow, can I have a few minutes with the chest?

    • Thank YOU Forrest and Dal!
      I found other treasures during my search (in the wrong state) and I still have no regrets for looking where I looked.
      One must first endeavor before they can persevere!
      Stay Safe ALL!

    • Glad to hear the news. Very exciting. I was so hoping the finder would leave a plaque or stone as a marker so that the rest of us could still look. The thrill of the chase could still be enjoyed. Or leave some type of container like geocaching which we all could leave our names and still enjoy as well.

      Congrats to the finder. 🙂

    • Forrest, Your treasure hunt led me to new ways of thinking and adventure. I discovered a love for so many things I never allowed myself to stop and enjoy before. Including bells. Thank you. – Kelly and Family. You are a gift to us all.

    • Mine was in Wyoming. Directly North of Santa Fe and directly west of Toledo. Taking the exact coordinates puts you below browns peak in the snowy range mountains (braving the cold snowys) near Laramie Wyoming. Close by this peak is Saratoga hot springs. I went there a year ago, but the summer had been cold, and my location was covered in snow. My second location was near Kerby Wyoming. Where the wood river runs.

    • I think it was in the green river lakes of pinedale where there is stargazing. There is also the square topped mountain that looks earily similar to a remote viewing I saw of it

      • I believe it was there also! I’m curious if you ended up there based on the same reasons I did.

    • I believe it was under the canopy of “steep cone” in Yellowstone. Take a look at that area on google earth and compare it to the image on the Gold Medallion

    • I had at least 2 “solves” in WY… the popular fire hole river area but one that intrigued me even though I wasn’t close enough to be able to check it since I learned of the treasure was north of Shoshoni near the Lower Wind River campground at Gold Creek and that little canyon between the tunnels. Started in my head with either Thermopolis or Hot Springs County being where warm waters halted… not so sure about the “in the woods” bit though there’s some scrub in there. But I haven’t been there since I read the poem so no way to be sure if stuff would seem to match up when walking the area. That area (very broadly speaking) seemed a meaningful to Forrest from his chapter about the “long ride home” with his brother when they had their last fight and Forrest got out along between shoshone and Casper (not a lot of good landmarks to be hiding something in a lot of that area though) and he talked about being “a detriment to myself” and considering his “lot in lave and if anything was left of my future”. That sort of language would apply to a cancer patient too… with the long road home and your body having become a detriment to you… wondering how much time was left to you. He then discusses his brother’s death. So again… seemed meaningful and some of that you can see or read from a map fits but without being there it’d be hard to know if there were enough trees to be “in the wood” (even though there’s are geographic features named for trees nearby)…. but it’s definitely somewhere he could’ve walked 2x in an afternoon. Oh, as for the “cold” well there’s the tunnels and the shaded area under the cliffs. Who knows. I can’t check now…. wish I’d known about the treasure when I was there in 2010 with my dad… we stopped right in the campground there for pics.

  1. Thank you, Forrest, for advocating that some information should be revealed. Such as the state. Will look forward to more details, should the finder wish to unload.

    Thank you, Dal, for all your work on this site. Most appreciated.


  2. I will be so glad when the actual solve is revealed and It has nothing to do with post marks, drawings, GPS, cyphers, codes, letter counting and hidden clues in scrapbooks.
    FF is a brilliant person, he picks his words carefully, but speaks (imo) redneck Texan, (no offense Mr Fenn). He wrote the poem straight forward. IMO the poem tells a simple story, the only thing making it hard is knowing the right starting point and following the clues one after the other. The one thing that is (was) key is figuring out what the blaze is. FF traveled all around YSNP when he was a kid, I bet there are a lot of special places to him. What makes the hiding place extra special only ff knows. Hopefully we will find out soon.

    • Not Obsessed – I have always felt the same as you from day one. I still believe inside or just outside of YSNP. I hope we get the opportunity somewhere down the road to know for sure. But for now, I’ll take WY!

      • Geysergirl, YSNP was my first and main spot. I would have considered West Yellowstone are but that is in Montana, so I dare say YSNP, I still like FIrehole river and Firehole falls, I searched that area quickly in a couple of hours. I will need CPR if I was one of the two hundred feeters. LOL.

  3. What can I say now!!! I received a new Aortic valve on the 6th of July and though I am tired most of the time, I hold on to my treasure . One day soon I will be able to get out under God’s heavens.

    • Know how you feel. I received two stent on two seperate occasions after returning from THE CHASE. My wife received 1.

  4. Thanks Forrest! I’ve learned I need to start grabbing those bananas. That train only comes around 1 time as you know. I’d also like you to know you have inspired me to acquire an antique bronze chest of my own and I’ve started filling that son of a gun with gold and silver. I stop once or twice a week at the local coin shop and my wallet hates me for it. Once I feel the contents of the chest will be search worthy I plan on secreting it among some elderly oaks or possibly even some young maples. Havent fine tuned my details quite yet. I’m going to need some years and some blisters, but I can only hope to make a treasure hunt even half of what yours was. Take care my friend! – Dave Denn

    • DD Did you acquire it in WY by chance, laying on tghe ground???? Good luck and keep us informed.

      • Maybe by a gate that lead to a old cabin that has a waterfall in the back but hell it was just expensive folly and a nice vacation any way . Dal you can start moderating my boo hooing anytime I went to talk to the fence post but it acquired a private property sign

  5. Thank you so much Forrest for all you’ve done for us! Love you to the moon and back! Now we need just a little bit more information. Let us know what some of the clues were in the book and Scrapbooks. You don’t have to explain them just point some of them out to us. Can you tell us anything about the Blaze??

  6. Gosh, I never even thought to look in Wyoming? Thanks for the update it does give me some closure… Ten years is a really long time… Enjoyment check mark… Thanks Forrest and Mr. Finder . Hope at some point you can share more…:)

    • im glad to see that forrest has posted the area! and glad to see my state was the one…~!~.
      wwh..mad river meets firehole and gibbion
      canyon down..firehole river canyon
      not to far …2 miles
      put in below home of brown. firehole river..strangest fishing on earth.and madison river…cold…better for fishing.
      home of brown..brown trout…follow wyoming game and fishing regulations .
      no place for the meek. earthquake lake…and the earthquake that the cliff came down into…that formed hebgen lake.
      there be no paddle up yur creek….beaver creek by earthquake lake.
      after the big earthquake the madison river was blocked.
      heavy loads and water high. madison river and earthquake lake. heavy loads. and water high…blocked by the quake. as ff said. that fishy place isnt there
      anymore….!!!! the water high marks from where the water used to be.
      end is ever drawing nigh…left side of the creek. where the y meets.
      if yur wise and found the blaze…( saving this one)
      look quickly down your quest to cease.
      but tary scant and marvel gaze. dont sit to long starring at it.
      just take the chest and go in peace…grab the chest and get out of there…
      possible border line of private land but close to private
      fishing area…the best fishing is private land…ff said…only one fishermen
      could fish in this spot…!!!!!!
      so hear me all and listen good.
      yur efforts will be worth the cold… walk cold water of beaver creek …
      walking left side of creek…
      if yur brave and in the woods….yur already in the woods….at beaver
      i give you the title to the gold………..!

  7. Makes sense.

    WY is It…that I must go? WY it is…I mean WAS.

    I shoulda gone. 🙁


    Thanks for the Memories, Forrest and Dal.

    • JC1117 – We posted that ‘WY = Why’ connection to the Poem line at the same moment. Great to see you posting here! Thanks for everything, here on Dal’s and on Mike’s blog, over these many years.

      • Hi Lisa.

        Great minds think alike…I suppose. 🙂

        It’s been a long while hasn’t It?

        I have to be honest. It brought little peace to me to learn that Forrest’s Treasure was in Wyoming. I’ve always felt that the Treasure was/is in New Mexico.

        Gut instinct…I reckon…and It won’t go away…even now that It’s all over…except the cryin’.

        Thanks to you, also, Lisa…and to Many Others who post here and other places.

  8. 1. Two Ocean’s Plateau – WWWH
    2. Brown Meadows – hOB
    3. Pilgrim Creek – NPFTM
    4. Whetstone Creek – NPUYC
    5. Big Game Ridge HL
    6. Plateau Creek -WH
    7. Fox Park – wise
    8. Mariposa Lake – blaze
    9. Plateau Falls – quicky down

  9. Wyoming, eh? Well, better that than knowing I just missed it by a foot, but it is still hard to believe that my so-called solve was so far off… So much fit so well. Amazing. Now to wait around for the next hidden treasure chest. Thanks for some true fun and excitement.

  10. Decide to check in just like old times to see if there were any new updates! Glad I did….WY! Thanks f and finder and Dal!

  11. Thank you Forrest it does add closure. I was only close in my mind but my new journey continues.

  12. My first solve was Riddle Lake/Solution Creek but I started to doubt it as too obvious. After going there the area was so large I knew we need more information – or simply needed to walk further up Solution creek. After getting back home I got lost in the poem‘s rabbit holes. I am still finding things in the poem. It’s something I’ll perhaps work on for years to come just for the genius of it. I hoped to hear the chase would continue in some way but I’ve been steered on a course I’m coming to peace with. Forrest has changed my life in so many unexpected ways. I read books with the fervor I had in my college years. I’m learning about the history of the United States, it’s parks and the yin and yang of it all. I’m learning more about Native Americans than I ever knew before. I’m learning about geology, science, space, environmetal issues. Math even! All because of you, Forrest Fenn. If a commitment to lifelong learning is the consolation prize I leave with, that not so bad! Thank you again, Forrest.
    ps – I must admit I’m still trying to crack the poem.

  13. To Everyone, we had a great time with this.
    And we all had a great solve to this poem.
    At least we gave it our best shot.
    I can honestly say it was a Thrill.

    Thanks for the fun Forrest, Dal, and Jenny. ❤️
    Y’all did an amazing job .

  14. If this will post…

    Thank you to the finder and Forrest for providing that information, which I think the whole community was desperate to hear.

    For the record, my solve was in Red Canyon, south of Lander, 4.2 miles from the confluence of Red Canyon Creek and the Little Popo Agie River, at specific coordinates that are redundant now!

    As for the rest, I still don’t understand the “aberrations” in the photos, but that’s water under the bridge. I had assumed (ha!) there must be a “twin” chest, but Forrest’s words above are pretty unequivocal.

    It is very difficult for long-time searchers to “come down” from their chase thought patterns. Certainly it will be easier for those with solves outside Wyoming, but the rest of us can at least take comfort from knowing that we ran a good race.

  15. Thanks dal, Mr. Fenn and congratulations to the lucky finder,
    Years of great memories to last a lifetime. A friend of mine once told me that he had met many treasure hunters over the years, but not one that had ever found a treasure. I guess its all how you look at it.

  16. [ts not titled 80 its titled the solve I would read it would you/? the one can write it, peace and love the two things that are important. always.

  17. Thank you, Star-Dreamer, you are a beautiful man!

    Wyoming is all alone, now the other states have been released back to the wild!

  18. Thank you a thousand times over for this generous information, Mr. Fenn. Yes, it does bring great closure to me, since I was a Colorado hunter. Please tell the finder that it helped and was sincerely appreciated. Now I can sleep peacefully for the first time in 10 years. 😉

  19. To the finder… Finding a Treasure is very special indeed…. Thanks again for sharing…. Now where was the chest? Lol 🙂

  20. Skippy knew it all along! On page 54 of TTOTC Skippys hands and fingers say it all. Turn the photo upside down to reveal the W and Y for Wyoming.

    I wonder if page 46 has something to do with it also? 🙂

    Pauley T

  21. Well, if this were a high stakes poker game (and it kinda is), Forrest just turned over one card, and three (3) out of every four (4) players at the table have folded. But the room is still packed with spectators. I wonder what’s gonna happen next? If you are a WY searcher, might I suggest dark sunglasses. 🙂

    • Interesting idea, Mr. Obvious. What move might a willing player out here in the hinterlands make, if any? Suggestions welcomed, because I feel like I’ve already played my hand fully. It’s face up on the table where FF can see it, but so far there’s no acknowledgement that it even exists, let alone might be worth anything tangible, mind you. Yet, that possibility remains theoretically viable, so here I am waiting it out just in case there’s a surprise in the offing for someone.

      • Hinterlands. I had to look that word up. Or did you mean hinter lands? I dunno.
        Anywho … I think you should stay in. Look at your cards. Figure out which ones to throw away and draw some new ones. Play the game to the end. Try to figure out where it is. Adjust so to speak. And wait for Forrest to turn over another card. August 4 isn’t that far off and maybe another surprise is coming. Me? I plan to be proactive. I’m getting some dark sunglasses.

        • Interesting advice, Mr. Obvious. But I only have one potentially relevant card that relates to WY, and I played it in 2018 . . .
          however, no one other than the website insiders have seen it because publication of the full solution (as submitted) was denied.

          Perhaps Forrest will declare that solution relevant at some point down the road, but I have no way to force anything to happen right now . . . so I’m taking your advice and waiting patiently for the next play. Hopefully it comes soon. Lol.

    • Dark sunglasses? Maybe a movie star?

      I’m buying my popcorn now… while it’s still affordable!

      • Haha. Funny. Seriously though I made a mistake thinking the movie was going to be about the Chase. I think it needs to be about Forrest’s life. The Chase (and the Solver) is just the icing on the cake. Here that Hobbs? There’s gonna be cake.

        • Can we invite Mickey Mouse to the party. He may be “all ears” but he’s a lot of fun (lol)!

    • Speaking of shocked, I can’t resist, that reminds me …

      “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here”.

      “Your winnings, sir”.

      “Oh, thank you very much”.


      • Whitehouse! Of course a quarter of me is thinking this is some kind of cover. Surely it wouldn’t be some type of stall for those horses, would it?

  22. Forrest – whether or not my area holds the secret location does not matter to me. The last few searches it was always about the journey and the chase – I discovered an awe inspiring spot with an amazingly rich history that made me remember all those things I truly love, It really won’t end for me ever, the chase continues today as It should for everyone. No one should need an excuse to explore, or allow others to tether them and prevent them from truly feeling free. I think adventure is worthwhile in itself,

  23. My money is on Bighorn National Forest around the Meadowlark Lake and Sitting Bull Park area. Forrest consistently talked about Meadowlarks and Sitting Bull so it just makes sense to me.

    I’m so excited, I feel like a little kid again! It’s kinda like The Chase is back on! I’m so happy! Can’t wait for more info! Thanks Forrest and Dal! XOXO! 🙂

    Pauley T

  24. Anyone who says “glad I wasn’t close” is full of it..everyone, even though empty handed minus 1, would like to know they matched wits with the man..sorta like a consolation prize if you will…with that said (and because I picked the right state for my solve) here’s my consolation prize..Marry the poem to places on the map…how? You draw a line under each line all the way across the map and that gives you intersections.
    The first line is not biwwwh, it’s aihgait..that line gives you the area the treasure was hidden. Did you look in the Teton range?
    “Forrest never mentions the Tetons”…so? So do you think just because he never mentions it he never went there? The most majestic mountain range in the country?
    So my solve is vague..Forrest flew to Jackson Hole airport, rented a car, drove to the Jenny Lake ranger station parking lot took the shuttle across Jenny Lake (because that’s where warm waters halt and to hike instead of taking the shuttle would be too far to walk) he took it in the canyon Down. Cascade (down) Canyon. The distance Forrest walked was less than 3/4 mile from the shuttle drop off. Home of Brown? Forrest has said some clues cannot be found with google earth..this is one of them..hoB refers to a cave (bears..grizzlies)
    No place for the meek (flatlanders) eiedn, no paddle up your creek (Cascade Creek), again, some play with the “up” and “down” references, jhlawh..heavy loads (boulders left behind by the glaciers) water high..not necessarily waterfalls but snowmelt trickling down the mountains.
    Forrest told us that the treasure wasn’t hidden in close proximity to a human trail, but he didn’t say it wasn’t hidden near a horse trail..
    So what is the blaze? The blaze you can determine by the underlines on the map..that intersection is in Aspen Co…no, not the treasure, the intersection..what’s the keyword of the line? Blaze. Aspen blaze. Aspen trees are the blaze.
    Title to the gold..also an intersection..that title is/was in Santa Fe .

    • Interesting idea, but I find it hard to believe that Forrest would have flown a commercial plane anywhere with all that gold. (Private plane maybe, I suppose?). Imagine the metal detectors buzzing like madness, the baggage checks finding all those coins. There’d be a “Hmm, what’s this guy up to, transporting all that gold, kind of fishy?”, whereupon f would be questioned and stir up a lot of commotion.

  25. I’m speechless. I suspect Diggin Gypsy, Muset, Jake, 9equals9, Clint, Curious Hobbit, 42, HearMeAll, Iron Will, Lugnutz, Lurker, NearIndianaJones, Ramona, Spoon, Surfthesky, Tlo and a dozen others are equally shell-shocked.

    • Well… yes…

      Here‘s my question… if something „should be revealed“ is it being revealed? Or are we playing more wordgames here?

      • I believe he’s playing more word games. Just because the finder agreed to tell people it was in WY, doesn’t mean it was actually in WY. And notice how ff himself doesn’t say he hid it in WY, only that the finder agreed to say that’s where it was. I’m not convinced at all, not that it matters any.

        • Dal, you should get like buttons on these posts. I agree with this 100%. Bold is a synonym for colorful and Colorado is the only Rocky Mountain state with that motto. Bold also means a rooster crowing or to blow one’s horn. The poem had many layers like the Dark Tower multiverse in my solve. But whatever…. I think someone has a secret too dark to share and it’s probably not Forrest, IMHO, since he expected it to be found by someone who couldn’t keep quiet. We can only hope the truth will be revealed in full, all in due time. The most important thing is for Forrest and his family to be hassle free, and for the lawsuits to disappear.

        • Very wise Gus to “listen good”. Just like when Mr. Fenn states he did not communicate with the man from back East “since 2018”. What does that really mean? It doesn’t mean he did communicate with the Finder in 2018, or 17, or 16, or 15 , etc… Or at all ever for that matter.
          And maybe the man from back East was just an
          E-male-R .

          So since Mr. Fenn has made this play on my Number and on a Windsday, I will offer some thoughts for the matter.

          First off for Mr. Obvious, the book states that Mr. Fenn was willing to significantly over-pay a price for the Chest because it was “perfect”. How was it so perfect? Just a 10x10x5 box with ladders on it. If your solve did not have a perfect fit for that box, keep seeking.

          Yes, Mr. Fenn the finder states the Chest was found in Wyoming, but that is not the whole truth as Mr. Fenn likes to say. It was also found in Montana, Colorado, and In a part of New Mexico. Oh and while we are at it, you can also prospect the find of the Chest today in the Smithsonian and it was ultimately located in a trough above the North Col in the Yellow Band of the death zone on Mount Ever-rest. But you have to climb a Salmon ladder to get there.

          So use your I-Magi-Nation to find truth in the
          Advent-Sure and make all the pieces of this post ring true and I believe you will find the
          Hidey S_pot.

          • @Windsurfer,
            How many days until Ski season?

            I may have to hike to the Blaze this summer, strap on the boards and enjoy a mid summer run.
            Haven’t done that since college days at MSU. LOL, Who am I kidding? But it’s fun to dream.

    • I’m shocked as well! The thought of Wyoming being the solve state barely entered my mind.

      Heck, with this tidal wave of strange news, I’m wondering if the next weird news to hit the headlines will be that they’re gonna restock the Madison with plagues of frogs, alligators, lizards, or some other bizarre creature.

      This isn’t the month of April, is it?

    • I thought you might be Zap. While in YS I walked within 200 feet of where I thought it might have been, thinking I would check it on the way back. Ultimately we chose a different route on the way back. Still not sure if I could have been right, or if I would even know if I was if I did venture to the spot. I may make a short video detailing the solve.

      Still no word from ken huh?

      • Hi Aaron: even though there are exploitable “lawyerly” loopholes in Forrest’s July 22nd update, I accept that the treasure was hidden by Forrest in Wyoming. To entertain otherwise would require a searcher to believe that Forrest was being deliberately cruel.

        I find it intellectually hard to fathom that there were so many things mentioned by Forrest that were mirrored by geographic features in or around Gallatin Canyon:

        Sunshine Point: “smell the sunshine”
        Tepee Creek: endless pictures and mentions of tepees
        Buffalo Horn Creek: ditto
        Flints Creek: flint arrowheads and Flint Fyke in TFTW pg. 25
        Wilson Draw: Wilson Hurley, Valerie Plame Wilson, Ronald Wilson Reagan — Wilson Hurley in particular since he’s an artist and “draws”!
        Taylor Fork: Dr. Taylor Floyd (Forrest’s cancer surgeon), the Birch & Taylor token in SB 54, Taylor Swift in SB 103, Taylor Clark in SB 163, and Mount Taylor in TFTW pg. 238
        Covered Wagon Ranch (with a rubber-wheeled covered wagon out front): the rubber-wheeled wagon in Gypsy Magic
        Cinnamon Creek and Sage Creek: SB 49 spices
        Marble Point: the kids literally pointing at marbles in the TTOTC illustration
        Pulpit Rock: old picture of Mummy Cave excavation with a pole, a pit and a big rock, or the picture of the pole in the center of the rock-lined circular pit at San Lazaro
        Middle Basin: “me in the middle”

        It just goes to show that given the high volume of material that Forrest has provided over the last decade, it’s apparently not that hard to find matches to every named geographic feature in a small area.

        • It’s true, I’ve found many hints isolated in many other areas. Not nearly as many as you. You really did put in lots of research in that area.

        • @zap Been thinking that for years and became obvious when so many people were so positive they had all these confirmations. Forrest set up this poem to allow for maximum matches by maximum range of seeker intelligence. The goal was to get them out into the mountains. That won’t happen with a difficult or seemingly impossible challenge; it had to appear easy with many ways that the seeker’s imagination can confirm it.

          • Do you think that’s why he was always so emphatic when someone said he buried it? I thought maybe to avoid any kind of legal trouble, he could just say he lost it or forgot it. It can’t be a crime to lose something can it? I thought maybe if he said he buried it it would imply that he knows where it is.

    • I’m not saying I don’t believe it, BUT if there is something odd going on behind the scenes due to lawsuits and such and Forrest/finder truly didn’t want there to be any chance of a second place or the location being revealed, then it makes sense that they would give the wrong state. That way in future even if correct location in Montana is found, it would never be believed because the official statement said Wyoming. I have no idea, and I’ve always felt Forrest aimed to be honest, but anything is possible.

      • Surfthesky, I was wondering when we’d hear from you. What do you think of Three Senses Nature Trail as a solve? I think he hid it under that arc shaped boardwalk around Firehole Lake.

        • Hi NoName, I don’t know anything about that solve. Can you provide more details?

          42, never in a million years would I ever imagine that I’d even hint at some kind of conspiracy theory and maybe it’s just the humbling experience of the Montana puzzle pieces in my head taking extra long to reorganize themselves into Wyoming puzzle pieces. But without the final solve, and if they didn’t ever want anyone to know where it was hidden, for various reasons, then giving the wrong state would actually be brilliant obfuscation that would muddy the waters forever.

          There were some things that I obviously felt unambiguously pointed towards a certain area of Montana. Now, I have made peace with not knowing where the treasure was and with also being wrong about the state. I have read some interesting solves in Wyoming over the last few days and hope someone goes out and lays claim to second place. Either way, it’s about time to start the next adventure.


          • Surf…

            1. I agree with you. It’s time to find or create new adventures for ourselves.

            What plans do you have?

            2. Why would anyone lay claim to 2nd place? Unless they are suing ff or the finder in another erroneous lawsuit doomed to fail.
            IMO, no one wants to hear someone saying they found it too, just late. It will bring on a barrage of naysayers and sarcastic ‘oh rights’

          • Yeah, surfthesky. I’d love to let you in my brain for a moment. Forrest made a comment on the German Playboy interview. He said, “Everyone was stepping on the ants while the elephants run by.” To me, that meant that there is something else in the poem we should notice. If you read through the poem, he only refrences 3 of the 5 senses, and there happens to be 9 words that reference senses. I’ll list them.
            1. Warm (touch)
            2. Brown (sight)
            3. Found (sight)
            4. Look (sight)
            5. Gaze (sight)
            6. Seek (sight)
            7. Listen (sound)
            8. Hear (sound)
            9. Cold (touch)
            If you look at the boardwalk at Three Senses Nature Trail, it goes in an arc around Firehole Lake. I think he hid it under that boardwalk at the end. I think I read it was only 0.1 miles. So not far, but too far to walk because I’m sure you’re not supposed to go off the boardwalk with all the super heated water and such. So if you’re brave and in the wood, (the boardwalk) you will have the gold. I tried to find a picture with a clear view under the boardwalk, but haven’t been able to find one.

        • NoName6, the area where the boardwalk is is very special.

          The thing about the TC being under the boardwalk is, those boardwalks in the thermal areas are all being changed from wood to a heat-resistant material, because the wooden posts that originally went into the ground in the thermal areas got so hot and blackened and weakened over time. You could put your hand on the rails and feel the heat! The thermal areas in YNP are constantly shifting, so even if that spot under the boardwalk was reasonably cool when ff hid the TC, it would likely become hot, possibly boiling hot at some point, or spout a geyser or a hot spring.

          • That’s a good point, Lady V. But didn’t they say the chest was made of bronze? Bronze’s melting point is over 1,700 F. The highest water temp they’ve recorded in yellowstone was 459 F I think. While those temperatures will most definitely would kill or seriously injure a person, I think bronze would hold up fine. But he said that it didn’t have anything to do with a man-made structure so I could be wrong. There are some woods nearby the end of the boardwalk. Maybe he put it in there somewhere. The rust on the key is pretty thick though, so the chest had to be submerged at least a good part of the year.

  26. Sharing the state where the treasure was hidden is very much appreciated. Thank you for that information, Forrest (and the finder). Although I know my ‘armchair’ solve was incorrect now, it led me to a beautiful spot in NM, that I hope one day to still be able to visit and see in person.

  27. Niice closure, Forrest, and sorely needed for your thousands of searchers who must be really sad now that they can no longer search. But look what pleasure you gave them — and for so long. And great work, Dal — for keeping this blog going in such a democratic, generous way.

  28. Well, heck! I will admit when I am wrong and boy was I wrong. Thanks Forrest, for creating the best, most fun Chase anyone could participate in.

  29. Hey Shadow Runner, follow up from your previous blog post concerning page 28. Are you saying Forrest went “Alone in there” with Bessie, or that he was “in the Middle” with Bessie?

    The best I can make of your statement is that Bessie was involved somehow. But these things are sometimes confusing unless you are willing to expose all your thoughts. Don’t worry, you can tell me. I can keep a secret.

    • Lol Sally “Bessie was involved somehow”. Now how would she get to Wyoming?

        • Sally_S
          I’m not really in the mood to give anyone the satisfaction of A laugh at my cost today! And it’s not my secret to share so you might have better luck pissing in the wind .

          Nothing personal

          • Shadow, I can empathize with your lack of laughter due to Forrest’s latest news. It has hit many of us below the belt (and maybe above it too). But there’s little we can do about t it. So, que sera.

            Your latter statement doesn’t quite work the same for us Sallys… we only have to be on our guard for men standing close by in high winds. And those high winds are raging in my neck of the woulds today.

            So in totality, nothing personal is taken.

          • Just got an idea! Maybe if we jimmy the lock, we can open the can of worms! Do you think they’ll divulge their information if we are persistent?

  30. Dal, you were the 200 ft searcher. You were also a 500 ft searcher. I’ll send the solve if you’d like.
    The treasure was in Yellowstone. Here’s a hint : it was up your favorite Creek

  31. Thanks a lot Forrest! This is very improved me as I had 3 solves in Wyoming, 4 in New Mexico, 1 in Colorado, and 1 in Montana!

  32. Thanks a lot Forrest! This is very important me as I had 3 solves in Wyoming, 4 in New Mexico, 1 in Colorado, and 1 in Montana! Ps. No Wyoming solve was in Yellowstone, one was close to the Popo River, another in the wind river canyon area, and the other one around Mummy cave

  33. At least some closure for those like myself, who had Montana.
    Not sure about it being in Yellowstone though, too risky.
    Good luck with those still continuing their Wyoming quest.
    A x

  34. Thank you Forrest and Finder for sharing. So grateful for this piece of news. This is the closure I was looking for. Not because it was my state, but because it is finally a definitive fact. Congrats to all of you Wyoming searchers!

  35. Yes, I was focused in WY. Neatly fit but most probable I was nowhere near. Hope to know someday the real solution so that I may also relax.

    • EC I think I remember you were searching in Platte/Albany county? I believe it was in Albany.

      • Matt – my 9th clue area was Carbon County, near what was formerly known as Dad, WY. The first 8 were in Fremont County, around Lander. I was using benchmarks as the 9 “clous”. I had a neatly fitting solution, but if it was Albany County, then yeah, I wasn’t close.

          • Yes, there was a time when I thought Warm Springs just SE of Guernsey was a viable start, then crossing WY. Over the past few months and after rewatching Forrest’s book signing video for TFTW, I altered my approach to focus on Lander. It was in this youtube video where he called out Lander directly, and (whether correctly or incorrectly) I linked in my brain the Dr. Pepper reference with his granddaughter, Piper. Happy to post more of this type of thinking related to benchmarks around Lander if interested, but I doubt anyone is in this community. lol

          • Thanks, EC. I’ve certainly thought about this for a long time. I’m trying to find a picture with a clear view under that boardwalk.

        • EC. I would be open to hearing it . Is there a better community?
          Yeah those guernsey “ruts” caught my attention for a while.

          • Ok, but you asked. lol

            I tried to “simplify” the poem by reducing words to their etymons to look for hints. I used benchmarks as blazes to create a path on a map. The first 8 benchmarks, when “strung” together consecutively and contiguously, create a J image (or a fish hook) on a map.

            1 – Lander – 42°45’27.63″N 108°44’13.19″W
            Warm waters is urine. Forrest had kidney cancer, so it seems relevant. The words “land” and “urine” are related. And what people in history did with it is gross. The word “lant” gave me a gag reflex, and not the linguistics kind. People also made gunpowder (bullet) and saltpeter with it, and according to Forrest, someone put that in his food. Yuck. The word “er” is a speech hesitation, like “ummmm” while thinking during talking. It’s an annoying halt in the middle of unprepared speaking. Sinks Canyon is why so many people passed this place but didn’t have enough of an idea why they were there. Incidentally, “pee” is “funny”, rather “humorous”. Look up “humors”. So is “indulge”, like “humor me”. So every time posters talked about wanting and searching for “Indulgence”, they were wanting pee, and not the Jolly Green Giant can of peas kind (nor a “canopy”).

            2 – Table – 42°44’48.75″N 108°45’18.55″W
            It’s both not far and too far to have to walk when walking the plank (or a board). Cue the pirate references. Search wiktionary for “table” and you’ll see what I mean.

            3 – Moses – 42°41’43.47″N 108°44’14.24″W
            Well, he was put into a basket and abandoned down the Nile at Cairo, which is downstream from the home of mummy brown, Saqqara.

            4 – Popo – 42°45’26.90″N 108°38’9.13″W
            Up shite creek without a paddle was one of the first idioms searchers discussed. It’s an awkward situation. Remember “awkward” for later.

            5 – Wise – 42°57’51.79″N 108°38’20.84″W
            It’s right there in your face. A blaze is a marker, like all of these benchmarks. TFTW book contains a “Benchmark” map. Oops. But not the right kind of benchmarks. Not like Father on the Banco (another word for “bench”).

            6 – Nose – 43° 0’34.93″N 108°37’50.12″W
            This one is also literally right there in your face. Look quickly down it, your quest to seas, or CC. Pick one, it matters not. I like Coco (Keeling) Islands TLD because of references to Ovaltine, hot cocoa, and the environment. There are others for you to look up if you wanna annotate. For example, coco also means “grinning face” (like the holes on a coconut), and that one word for “rooster” on a weathervane. But it can also be a cuesta, a slope down the nose, where cuesta is a doublet with coast (seas). We’ll find an appropriate slope around the Great Divide later. Anyway… moving on.

            7 – Kew 1 – 43° 0’10.33″N 108°30’14.42″W
            Don’t stand around queuing in line, nor with a dumb look of fascination on your face. Get the hell out of there. Google what sciency people call a partridge, and pheasant-under-glass, but after you wiktionary what a kew is.

            8 – St. Michael – 43° 0’29.90″N 108°44’48.99″W
            Take the archangel option (an ark is a chest), and be blessed. Forget the mic mic.

            Right, so… if you use a topo map around the clewed clous, you’ll find all of those other hint words in between. You’ll see places like Lyons Valley (no place for then meek), Deadman Gulch (the end on the left), an artesian well (water high), etc. But don’t forget to look up the etymon of Lyons (lug) — heavy.

            That brings us to “So why is it that I must go”. The last two stanzas seem to me to contain references to the 9th clue, but seem to be here to help us figure out the poem and what Forrest is wanting us to do with it. Forrest likes Grapette. Must is like Welch’s grape juice. The Welsh word “go” is “mynd”, or “mind”, related to the words “memory”, and “mimmer”, which means “to dote”. But also, we leave this collection of 8 bronzes and go to Southern WY, specifically the road to Rawlins from Lander. Lots of fun keywords of stuff in between, like the Agate Flats, Ice Slough, Muddy Gap, and Chief Washakie Trail to help feed one’s confirmation bias. You can look these places up if you want to.

            The word “answer” has been mentioned a lot to be “anser”, and it is in my solution. But most importantly, it’s the “auk” version. Not goose, not duck, not swan. It’s “auk”, because of the meaning of “awk”. The original meaning of “awk” is “turned backwards”. So, we need to mirror the J formation we’ve stringed together from the first 8 benchmarks. It then seems related to Tea with Olga, a different version of Russian Te, this Komi letter: Ԏ. But this hint is only good because of the word “weak”. Yeah, he’s done it tired as in driving his car, but the Russian word “weak” is “slabyy”. Kind of like “slon” is elephant. Keep this word, “slon”, also running in your background for a minute.

            9 – Slab – 41°29’38.36″N 107°42’56.47″W
            It’s not a scant for our purposes, but it is found in the Doty Mountain quadrangle (doughty means brave and stout), and Slab is on an interesting slope. Plus “slab” is the crust of a felled timber (timbre is the sound of a bell) that gets shaved off while making boards and planks. And if you look out on the fringes of TTOTC, you’ll find Addison Doty, the photographer of the treasure.

            The last stanza suggests, maybe, that we should heed (“head”)… or set a heading toward Fort Fred Steele (F Fort worth the cold) while standing at Slab. But it also tells us we’re in the right place of Holler (“hollow”) Draw, the title of the book, The Thrill of the Chase (you can look up those words if you want). Oh, there’s a blank tombstone-looking rock next to the meall on the heading line. No way to really know about this stone or the mound unless you’re botg, and heading to “listen good” (“list goud” converts to “border woad” from etymons, hence Blue Gap quad border).

            Now, back to the first stanza to tell us what we are to do.

            It seems to me we are to set an azimuth, an angle in a circle, pointing at the Solon (alone in, missing only one letter is “slon”) benchmark at 41°44’10.61″N 107°25’5.66”W, from the N/S pipeline road next to Slab. This gives us a 45° angle from N, or 50 gons. This translates loosely from “azimuth pipe have gon solo-n there”. The line from Slab to Solon intersects with the pipeline road at the faux tombstone rock.

            We know treasures are a thesaurus. An etymon of “bury” (“burgijaną“) is “to keep”. He never said it was buried, but actually he does in the poem. And if he hints (“hents”) of (hex 0F = 15) riches (“ruler” —> “foot”, “12 inches”) new (“nu” or south) and “old” (“eld —> “ell”), perhaps we are to subtract 15” (arc minutes) south from the location of the tombstone (41°14’40.20″N 107°42’51.62”W) and dig a hole about an elbow deep (or 3.5 feet, like a canne keep).

            “What took us so long (Solon)?”

          • EC this is awesome and much more in depth than mine. I’ll take some time to got over this on my maps.
            Did you end up using any special map layers on Gaia? This might take a while to go through..

            I never could find a wwwh into that area although I tried a little a while ago.

          • Wow, EC. That is a very elaborate solve. I can tell you went to a lot of effort on that one.
            I personally think Forrest was trying to get us to appreciate something that most of us overlook and take for granted. How do you experience anything in this world? It’s done through your senses. He only represents 3 senses in the poem though; touch (warm and cold) sight (Brown, look quickly down) sound (listen and hear)
            There is a place in Yelllowstone called Three Senses Nature trail. It looks to be just a boardwalk in a big arc. I think he hid it under that boardwalk at the end. The end of his rainbow.

          • Matt – I used a topo map layer for Google Earth, and I downloaded geo-referenced USGS Wyoming benchmarks from NOAA and imported them with their names as pushpins.

        • EC did you read “Footprints on The Frontier “ when you were looking at warm Springs?

          • Matt – No. I had thought this area was alluded by Skippy’s washing machine story.

            I did purchase other books that were related to rock inscriptions across WY. My thinking here was that perhaps the clues were pointing to names and dates inscribed (or “chased”) into rocks, however I couldn’t connect with how to “finish” if this was the puzzle strategy. So I abandoned it.

  36. I had moved on, but I still do wonder about the one place in Wyoming I had a solve for, but didn’t get to (tall grass, bear concerns, crossing the water, etc.) Closest I got was about 400 feet NW.

    44 degrees, 08′ 12” N
    110 degrees, 55′ 57” W

    I assume the whiter parts are rocks, but it seems an odd place for rocks given the environment – definitely something that stands out.

  37. Wyoming

    But do I feel better? Not sure, yet.
    I spent “99 and 44/100%” of my time studying Wyoming.

    Glad I looked elsewhere as well as my bucket list is now overflowing.

  38. I’m glad we’re getting to the bottom of it. Bridge is a safer game compared to poker…

  39. Well at least I was in the right state! That makes me feel a little bit better….I think. Thank you finder, Forrest, and Dal. We all needed, at the very least, just a little hint to where.

    Hi everybody! I miss you guys! 🙂

  40. Yellowstoners rejoice.

    I still like Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge.

    I was in last in MT so I folded.

    Good to get the state and hopefully limit the hoax threads a bit.

  41. Thank you sooo much Forrest and new parent of Indulgence!!! I really appreciate y’alls generosity!!!
    And of course, thank you Dal and Jenny for your sites.

  42. Thanks Forrest, Dal and finder!, not to mention all the searchers posting on here. It’s been a blast.
    Closure? I don’t know about you folks but I have a poem to solve.
    Time to put on my dancing shoes and line-dance my way through. A four-wall could be a good place to start.

  43. Hmmm? When I get retired in a year or two I will have to put some search time in Wyoming. I was Colorado all the way. I just love the mountains anywhere!

  44. In a parallel universe Forrest Fenn hid the treasure chest in New Mexico. If you ever happen to find yourself in that reality, be sure to look that version of me up. I’ll let you know exactly where it was! 🙂

    • (So now that some of the secrecy is lifted, maybe we can get some non-treasure hunt related Scrapbooks and other tales from the life of Forrest Fenn? I think most of us would say we enjoyed them even if they don’t contain hints or clues to a treasure chest. I’d like to hear more about the art world of Santa Fe and Taos.)

    • It’s hard for me to accept too JP.
      “..people make a big deal out of Montana ad Wyoming and northern Colorado, but they are kinda overlooking New Mexico…”
      But why would Mr Fenn lie about the state?
      I don’t believe he would tarnish his legacy by ending his treasure hunt with a lie.

      • It was the truth. NM is the 47th state. The number 47 is associated with GPS coordinates of a ridge at the treasure site. IMO.

        • Hey Mr. Obvious, this is the second time I’ve called the show.
          Can you explain to the listeners what they have that allows them to experience a thrill?

          • I’m just going to guess here. All the senses play a roll in experiencing a thrill. Sight, hearing, touch, smell, etc.

          • Great Job, Mr Obvious! You only missed sound. Of the five senses, how many does the poem alude to?

  45. Kanye West building a mansion in Cody and running for president….. coincidence?!

  46. Well, Not sure whether to be happy or sad As you all know, Wyoming was my state from almost day one.

    My WWWsH was where the Warm Spring Creek (About 6 miles north of town) converges with the Wind River – and take it in the canyon down – follow the Wind river southeast through, and past the town of Dubois, WY to my hoB – My first hoB was the fish hatchery, and then Forrest told Cynthia it was not associated with a structure. I then changed my hoB to be the “Badlands” south of the town, There is an old “Buffalo Jump” associated with the Badlands – Think about the story of Cody and this makes sense, Turn right on FR 411 (Remember the SB where the little boy called the lady at “Information” for things like a cut finger? – Information used to be 411). My No place for the meek is Whisky creek, Whiskey mountain and Whiskey peak – Whiskey is not meant for the meek.

    TIIEDN = 8 cattle guard crossings. An END is a boundary – EVER = more than one thus cross 8 boundaries to get closer to Indulgence. The 8 cattle guards are the boundaries between the Wildlife Habitat Management Area and private ranch lands. This is home to the largest herd of Rocky Mountain Sheep (sheep = meek) in the world.

    TBNPUYC – We are following Torrey Creek up the mountain. There is Kayaking from a Conservation Camp down stream to the Wind river – NO paddling upstream – too many rapids.

    JHLAWH = Torrey Creek Falls,

    IYBWAFTB = The Shape of Upper Torrey Creek Falls looks like an arrow – including the point and shaft – remember the blaze on Lightnings forehead and the arrow on the illustration on page 99 of TTOTC.

    LQDYQTS = Look below Upper Torrey Falls near the pine tree area (Quickly = strong aroma or scent)

    BTSWMG = There is a big flat sided black rock on the wall near Lower Torrey Creek Falls.

    JTTCAGIP = It is here, or near here that you will find Indulgence… or so I thought

    My search team and I spent quite some time here – Never found it. I used the rest of the poem as a guide for where to look, but alas, no Indulgence.

    This is my “Big Picture Solve. I modified it several times, searching in this general area – Each time thinking that I was getting closer. I was in the right area, and someone beat me to it, or I was in the wrong area. I guess I will never know.

    It is an absolutely beautiful area. I can see why Forrest might have wanted to die here – I know I would. It has towering pines, like one pictures when thinking of the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone, and yet has sagebrush covered hills like New Mexico has. It has wildlife galore. I have seen over 100 Rocky Mountain Sheep in one herd at different times.

    Congrats to the Finder. If it was found in “MY” search area – YEA to the finder for finding what I could not. If it was found somewhere else in Wyoming – YEA to the Finder, but it SHOULD have been found in “MY” area – TOO many things match. I guess I will never know. 🙁

    And as Paul Harvey used to say …”And now you know the rest of the story.” 🙂 JDA

    • Well glad somebody got it done my map too was used as a fire started the same night I had to relocated my tent three times I thought God caused it cause I ended up at the only spot that had a power outlet but then a ol timer pulled in and said that was his spot from his camper . Hell congrats on the find Forrest is a great man and has solid friends . His story is inspirational his generosity is above anyone . Ive been chasing a ghost as long as I can remember and now I’m tired and weak. So it all over but the crying
      Some things I have learnt sometimes the hardest tree in the woods isn’t the safest to run to during high winds.
      When it’s cold don’t let the kid warm up in the truck when they run out of warm waters especially if cables are involved . Appreciate the ones who take time to teach because when there gone your on your own . Don’t matter how old you are either and never think because someone is young they have not had there share of hard times because you don’t know what they have seen through there eyes as well as the eyes of others having seen they are cursed to carry the load with them wherever they go .

      • In college I was told “the only thing that noone can take from you is your education
        And shy guys don’t get laid” .
        Mark you were right buddy and I’m still shy

        • That’s close JDA. This is something that’s given at birth. On rare ocassions some are born with less than others. He’s trying to get you to appreciate something we all take for granted. It’s a beautiful thought.

          • From your hint – eyesight is all that comes to mind – JDA

            P.S. I hate guessing games. Got something to say … say it – 🙂 JDA

          • Senses. Imagine how miserable life would be without any of your senses. How many senses are hinted at in the poem?

          • I count 4 out of the five. Not sure I can find a line that relates to taste, except ossibly – I give you title to the gold – you would “Taste” the sweet taste of victory – So, maybe all five. JMO – JDA

          • I only counted 3, JDA. What did you get for smell? It’s important that there’s only 3.

          • That small lake was a Native American sacred spot and bathing place… spent hours there watching a badger.

          • NoName6;

            Look quickly – An old archaic definition of quickly means – Having a strong aroma – Like pine needles. – Look quickly down could mean to look in the nearby grove of pines. –
            Didn’t Forrest talk about being Scented in – and tall pines? JDA

          • “And when my tackle box is closed at last and the cadis hatch is gone, I will rest through all of time and space, pillowed down and scented in , with a smile that comes with remembering the special things that brought me to that (this) final place…” f

            , “If I was standing where the treasure chest is, I’d see trees, I’d see mountains, I’d see animals. I’d smell wonderful smells of pine needles, or pinyon nuts, sagebrush—and I know the treasure chest is wet. Well you’ve asked me a lot of questions and some of them—most of them I answered, a few I haven’t, but I’ve got to tell you—there’s one thing I told you I wish I had not.” f

            Definition of quick:

            See #7
            1 : acting or capable of acting with speed: such as
            a(1) : fast in development or occurrence a quick succession of events
            (2) : done or taking place with rapidity gave them a quick look
            b(1) : fast in understanding, thinking, or learning : mentally agile a quick wit quick thinking
            (2) : reacting to stimuli with speed and keen sensitivity
            (3) : aroused immediately and intensely quick tempers
            c : marked by speed, readiness, or promptness of physical movement walked with quick steps
            d : inclined to hastiness (as in action or response) quick to criticize
            e : capable of being easily and speedily prepared a quick and tasty dinner
            2 : having a sharp angle a quick turn in the road
            3 : not dead : living, alive
            4a : moving, shifting quick mud
            b archaic : not stagnant : running, flowing
            5 archaic : fiery, glowing
            6 archaic : pregnant
            7 obsolete
            a : pungent
            b : caustic


        • JDA, I didn’t know that about the word quickly. If he means fast, the poem only alludes to 3 senses. Check out Three Senses Nature Trail in Wyoming. Note the shape of the boardwalk. It’s just a big arc sort of like a rainbow. I think he hid it under that boardwalk. It’s only 0.1 miles I think. So not far, but too far to walk.

    • Thanks for sharing this JDA. In a strange way, I was almost as curious what your solve was as the right solve! Well, certainly wondering at the least. We had the WWWH right; I stillI believe. I also believe time will tell. Cheers.

  47. Thank you Forrest! 25 of our 27 BOTG searches were in Wyoming (2 in MT ) . So once again, Thank you Forrest.. . Heres to a little more tossing and turning!

  48. Thanks Forrest for a Great time!

    I was hoping you would be able to use your charm on the finder.

    Knowing this is a big relief, probably for all of us that were not in WY.

    Your Chase has made my life much more interesting, thrilling and rewarding!

    Thanks Dal, your role was indispensable and also enriched my days.

    Wishing you both many more blessings!

  49. Levi Tate,

    Appreciate the link to TI you posted yesterday but the one I’m thinking about is not in the RMs.


    • Thank you so much Forrest for the announcement.

      I was in the wrong state and even though I didn’t find the treasure chest, I found Snoopy, a remarkable blaze if you ask me. And I have never been able to find any mention of that curious landmark anywhere on the internet.

      Best wishes to you, Peggy, and all your family.

      And thank you too Dal for hosting such great blog. My days will soon be empty as this was such an important part of my life these past 4 years.


      • Pinatubocharlie, I wholeheartedly agree with you!

        Once again, Thank You Forrest, Peggy, Dal, and everyone else who played a part!

      • Your days are not empty but rather free and available to do something else you enjoy.

        • Hi Goldilocks.

          From a chase related intellectual perspective my new found time will be hard to fill. The educational aspects of The Chase were/are phenomenal, not to mention the historically remarkable curiosities discovered along the way. I’ll be happy to share a few if folks are interested.

          I suspect I will remain in a period of pathetic denial and continue to put together the pieces of an imaginary puzzle that will never complete the picture the way Forrest intended and I’m okay with that. It was FUN and not a minute of my time was wasted.

          Thank you for opening my eyes Forrest. I mean that sincerely.

          That said, I have found another ‘hobby’ to fill the void. Though it can be very exciting, there is little to no intellectual value at all, but it’s been working fairly well for me. Since the big reveal on 6 June I’ve become a day-trader (sometimes a few days long) and I’m up a nice 16% with 2 open positions at this time.

          Have a great day and please take care.


          • Day trading is a great hobby as long as you don’t overextend yourself. It also requires research, maybe not as exciting as looking for a treasure but definitely has intellectual value. The Chase definitely dusted off my brain as well. I could get lost on tangents for hours, learning new things every step of the way. Definitely what I will miss the most as well.

    • My pleasure, Pinatubocharlie.

      I happened to be focusing on the Belcher River, and not only Treasure Island – TI – when my wife told me, sadly, of the headline: “the Treasure has been found”.

      My wife was very supportive of my Covid-19 hobby. I thank her here. And not only because she really really wanted the ring 🙂 I had started *in earnest* on the poem when “sheltering-in-place” began in March this year.

      At any rate, after the sad announcement I kind of lost focus on the Belcher River
      area. I still worked on the poem, just not dedicated to it, and not on Belcher River. When you mentioned Treasure Island yesterday I remembered where I had left off earlier.

      There are hot springs along the Belcher River and numerous wonderful waterfalls. Treasure Island itself is interesting in that the river *weaves* there. Weave (and it’s multiple connotations) is a key word for me as relates to a solve, but that would be a lengthy post indeed and I have written up some of it already in previous posts.

      Thanks again for giving me a nudge and bringing up Treasure Island, Wyoming.

  50. Wyoming was my solve. Searched there three times and had another trip planned for this weekend.

  51. In hindisight, there were many hints in the books and scrapbooks for the state of Wyoming.

    State Fish => cutthroat trout
    State Animal => bison
    State Flower => Indian paintbrush
    State Plant => western wheatgrass
    State Motto => equal rights (women’s libbers)
    State Insect => … butterfly
    State Tree => cottonwood

    So why is it that I must go …
    Why => WY => Wyoming

    So the lesson to be learned from this is that if Forrest was very generous with hints and validation with regard to the state, then surely you can expect to find plenty of hints and validation to solve all nine clues. And at this point in the me you can see that abbreviations, homonyms and anagrams are certainly in play. See how you learn the “Fenn Rules”? Very slowly by trial and error. Experience. You’re learning! But there’s a lot more like that to come. IMO of course.

  52. Why must I go…

    WY Wyoming. Y Yellowstone.

    Did warm waters halt at Old Faithful…

    Ojo Caliente Firehole River…

    Madison Junction…

    Grebe Lake…

    All the Fenn Family fishing holes in Yellowstone Park County Wyoming before Madison River flows downstream into Montana….

    I’m left with so many questions.

    Please finder write a book under a Penn Name with Forrest Fenn and Douglas Preston.

    Please tell us how you broke the solve, all 9 clues and the hints from all Forrest Fenn’s memoirs.

    Please let us celebrate and understand your great treasure hunt and great find…

    Please…. Be generous with the truth and facts.

    Thank you for your time and consideration Mr. Finder…

      • That’s a great one, Aaron. Hiked over on the ridge across the YS River last summer and looked across/down at Calcite Springs. One of the most incredible sights I’ve ever seen…and not another person in sight the entire afternoon.

  53. Ummm, turns head to left, then to right, uhhh.
    Nooo, turns head back and forth again….they really are taking it….yup it went under,…..omg…can’t stop watching now!

  54. If my SPARROW’S SPECULATIONS 3 was close Im going to kick myself!! Wyoming was the original state I was searching in. I shared that solve in the Specuations 3. Right outside of Crow Reservation and Dubois territory north on East Fork Road. I never went and searched. Then I got pulled to Montana as the spot.

    Geez. My friend Bilky Bart was RIGHT the whole time as far as the state goes. I should have listened to the little fellow!! Oh well.

    • Sparrow – Is that the Wyoming Crow reservation, where the J.H. Sharp Cabin used to be??? Forrest moved that to the Cody Museum property, where he said the treasure was not.

    • I was convinced it was located in Wyoming and have been searching there many times. After reading Sparrow’s solve I was on a similar path with Thermopolis as a starting point. The difference I had was that I continued up the Wind River pass. I was pretty sure that the mountain Pilot Knob was the blaze on the way up the Togwatee pass.
      If you = FU= Screw
      Been= Ben = Clock
      Wise = Wise
      and Found = to found something= to Start
      the Blaze = the fire
      Look quickly = blink or flash
      Sounds like a pilot light or knob to light a pilot –

  55. Mr. Fenn, I appreciate the efforts to provide “closure” and I accept the treasure was found in Wyoming, but I wonder, why so much ambiguity at the end of the game? Why agree to reveal that the treasure was “found” in Wyoming, rather than plainly state that you “hid” the treasure in Wyoming?

    Perhaps in some solves, the location is found in one place while the treasure is hidden in another. No closure has been provided for those.

    Many searchers have spent years trying to interpret your words as they rarely seem straightforward. These latest words are no exception and appear to very carefully avoid saying “I hid my treasure chest full of gold and jewels in Wyoming.”

    • In my opinion, he did state it was found where he hid it.

      “Until he found the treasure, the treasure had not moved in the 10 years since I left it there on the ground, and walked away.”

      Game, set, match.

      Understandably, some folks are still floating down that big river in Egypt.

      • Hey Sparrow,
        I remember your solve. I also saw that PL289 said that he was searching the same area. Have we heard from him lately? I hope he didn’t steal your solve…..
        I had researched around there several years ago and then moved up near Kirwin with BOTG there. Then Forrest said to look at the big picture so I moved back down towards YNP and Bakers Hole. Forrest said that his mind stays at about the age of thirteen so I took that as a hint that would be when he found his special spot. It had to be close enough for him to ride his bike from West Yellowstone to that spot.
        Knowing the state provides closure for those not looking in WY but not for those who were already looking in WY. Lol. We always want more, right?

        • Kdd–

          Thanks. I always thought maybe,Gerry Spences law school might be close when I made the Wyoming solve. His school is very close to my original location.

          One note: Forrest’s letter about Wyoming begins and ends with the caps MT. LOL.

  56. I was way off. I can rest easy now.
    Thank you for the Thrills, Forrest. Congratulations to Mr. Treasure Finder.
    Thank you Dal for your wonderful website which I have enjoyed.
    Wash up,Mask up and be safe,everyone.

  57. Now that sent a chill up my spine.
    Many thanks to you Forrest, Dal, and the Finder.


  58. Okay Dal and Forrest now the whole thing is even more fishy. We were in contact with Forrest via email while know our search spot in WYOMING. Our daughter showed you a pic of what we believed to be the BLAZE rock. You then asked her to send you a better pic. We did. Then you went silent for 24 hours. We did not find the treasure there. Just a carving on a rock next to the blaze rock with initials and the date May 2018. Then a mere 6 days later the treasure is found. Huh!? If it was found in 2018 people should have known. If our spot is not THE SPOT then tell all of us where the actual spot was or this whole last two years of searching by everyone are in doubt.

    • The last blaze is probably a rock, but not that one. Forrest was trying to tell you he’d need a better look to confirm the rock. In all fairness to Forrest, a lot of rocks look alike in the Rocky Mountains.

      • IMO. I can’t answer for Forrest. Heck I can’t even answer for myself sometimes.

  59. Well, if it was Wyoming, I’m not surprised since much of the Jellystone National Park is in Wisconsin. Winks. My epiphany was the Conundrum Hot Springs, thinking even though the altitude is higher than the Treasures of Sierra Madre, it could still be a viable Start. But there is no nearby canyon, so I was stuck. Colorado was my first hunch before at all studying the search, but I was never all that serious in the search, but would have loved to have had boots on the ground. With me There too. Colorado has many fascinating natural wonders, but the wilderness anywhere is fascinating. The wilderness of the mind is especially wonderful and the least explored.

  60. I find it very curious he chose today, the 22nd, to post his announcement. Why would he be hinting NOW that the bracelet beads really do relate to a solar day? Why not wait for a day where there is no direct correlation to the poem or the chest contents?


      • Suzy_S,

        A solar day is simply a normal day, 24 hours.

        This link will take you to page of solar symbols and one of them looks identical to the beads on the bracelet, a circle with a dot in the middle. So I’m saying IMO there’s a link between those beads and days, 22 of them.

        And then the Wyoming announcement was made on 22 July.

        Hope that helps.


  61. Thanks, I can feel better knowing that the treasure was found in Wyoming.


    • TT you were
      Onto something with your “Winter Thoughts” but the wrong state. Scope “Toltec”

  62. Welp, that means my most recent solve was off, I was looking just outside YNP in Montana. But now I’m wondering if my other solves were close, they were all in the park.

    So now do people think it actually was inside YNP? Or out the east entrance towards Cody?

    One thing I wondered about when I saw the pictures of FF looking through the chest, NM had/has a 14-day quarantine in place. I suspected that the treasure was found in NM based on the date of the find and the date of the picture (not enough time to quarantine for two weeks). But now, I wonder if FF travelled to the finder or if the finder ignored the quarantine (which would be surprising that FF would meet with someone under those conditions).

    Regardless, nice to know I was in the right general area but that my most recent solve was wrong.

    I’ve always thought it HAD to be YNP area, it shaped the man that FF is today.

    • Sensory perception. having a soul, being alive not dead, but a soul is separate from the body so I’d say having a soul is the key to enjoying a good thrill.

      • You got it. It’s your senses. Imagine how miserable life would be without your senses. Now go back through the poem and look for the senses he’s alluding to. Most people have 5, taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. How many of the 5 does he hint to in the poem?

          • 42, I don’t think it does really. Intuition is direct perception of truth independant of any reasoning process. When you use senses, you can’t help but reason. For example, when you look at something, you can tell what color it is, what the texture is.

  63. Wyoming was my focus spot. In TTOTC book, my guess was that the picture on page 33 is a map. The shape of Idaho can clearly be seen under one of the boy’s arm. The finger pointing from the left are the Uintah-Wasatch mountains. The finger pointing diagonally down is the Wind River Range. Everything is aligned proportionally. The bottom-center of the map is Wyoming and the Wyoming basin.
    My guess was that the TC was in or near Jules Bowl in Wyoming (‘jewels’ bowl… or ‘treasures bowled’) next to Brooks Lake (next to the “lone inn there”, Brooks Lake Lodge, or ‘alone in there’). And the Brooks Lake Lodge address is DuBois — which means “in the wood” in French.
    The drive (too far too walk) on the road to Jules Bowl on Togwotee Pass (‘Togwotee’ means “exactly there”… or “in there” … as in “as I have gone a lone in there…”
    ‘Warm waters halt’ is Jackson Lake, where a lot of warm spring waters from Yellowstone flow into and ‘halt’. From there take Togwotee Pass, which after the summit, goes down the canyon.
    Take “it” (Togwotee Pass) which was “put in” (built) as a road after 1873, one year after ‘the home of Brown'(Yellowstone) was established. Its location is “below” Yellowstone NP—the Home of Brown bears, brown trout, brown buffalo, and so on.
    From there it’s no place for the meek > after going down past Togwotee summit, turn north onto the unpaved road up toward Brooks Lake (the Continental Divide)
    The end is ever drawing nigh > the unpaved road ends up past Brooks Lake
    No paddle up your creek > hike on the trail parallel to the creek.
    There’s more to my solve, but I’ll end here. I searched twice in Jule’s Bowl, mostly around the hidden waterfall. But no TC for me. Congratulations to the guy who found it.

  64. Thank you Forrest and to Dal for providing this wonderful platform.
    I knew it had to be in Wyoming or Montana.

  65. It’s great that I now know that the treasure was in Wyoming, that’s where I expected it, but now it’s a mystery where exactly, maybe when we’ll find out, thank you all for the communication!

  66. I have been holding on to this solve since BOTG on June 22nd. Yes, after it was found.

    Jump Start the Learning Curve. Forrest’s arms form a W and legs are the Y. Pg 25

    And I will take it one step farther and say it was in Yellowstone. Pg 51. The flying machine is an abstract representation of YNP. The straight line is the ID/WY border The square at the end is West Yellowstone. The exhaust is Shoshone Lake, the 3 puffs of smoke Upper Middle and Lower Geyser basins. The blades are Yellowstone Lake.

    The other 13 pictures will lead you to the exact location in Lower Geyser Basin (Canyon Down) Forrest always said look for anything abstract that jumps out at you. Yes both the HOB and the Blaze are in one of the pictures. You can even find the Alligator, The Banana Tree, the Banana, the Elephant, India and the Little Girl in India all in the LGB.

    I can e-mail the entire write-up to Dal, with pictures of the spot 1200 feet from the nearest trail with a finger impression in the dirt where the Chest as lifted from it’s resting spot. Just over a 5000 foot one way hike from the put in and just under 10,200 feet round trip at elevation.

    All of course IMO.

  67. All the YNP believers are still in the hunt for “you were close”. Still fits with the date found, too, since most of the rest of WY at elevations in play was accessible a few weeks prior. Favors those YNP-ers whose solutions were locations in the park that weren’t open until 6/1. The “swimming spot” on the Firehole River is still the possible WWWH, too.

  68. Three locations in Wyoming i was looking at:

    LaBarge Creek near the Tri Basin Divide. This is the one I was leaning on the most . I have not gone out to check my solve.

    Silver City/South Pass. My initial search area that I put aside for LaBarge Creek. I feel the school house discussed in his book was a clue to this area.

    Bomber Mountain/ Cloud Peak-Big horns. Just started to investigate this the past few months and its very intriguing. So much history in that area.

    I will post more details on each area later tonight.

    • If you look at the picture on page 33 of TTOTC, I think that’s a map. The outline of Idaho is under the guy’s arm. And the fingers pointing align proportionately with the Wind River Range and the Uintah-Wasatch Range. (see a satellite birds-eye view) Idaho fits exactly where it should as a reference point. The Wyoming Basin is the circle where the marbles lie. To me, this “map” screams “Wyoming”. In my opinion, your 3 Wyoming solves are in the general vicinity.
      My solve is described above—Jules Bowl, just off of the Togwotee Pass.

    • This is what I had for the Tri Basin Divide area:

      1. Tri Basin Divide-where a drop of water may flow into 3 watershed basins- WWWH
      2. Estella Brown grave- HOB
      3. Elizabeth Paul grave – NPFTM
      4. LaBarge Creek aka Battle Creek- named after Joseph Marie LaBarge a French Canadian fur trader known for his birch-bark canoe travels- NPUYC
      5. JHLAWH
       Heavy loads= horse pack
       Water high = head waters

      About a mile up from Elizabeth Paul’s grave along LaBarge creek is the start of a pack trail @ Little Coral Creek.
      Follow the creek up to its head waters. Poker Creek meets up on the opposite end. 2 pack trails intersect at the head waters. X marks the spot. Look for the blaze…possibly a trail marker

      • I spent 6 days BOTG in this area, but always on Commissary Ridge a little north of your X. No joy. But I did find an old Goodyear Silvertown tire near Crystal Creek where it crosses the Lander Cutoff section of Oregon Trail. As far as poem to map interpretations go, I liked this area quite well.


  69. I may still go to my spot this summer. It’s only a two hour drive from where I live. The chest won’t be there but maybe I’ll be able to discern what the Blaze was. There is no prize for second place but it will satisfy my curiosity. Wyoming was my state.

  70. Hey Forrest, thanks for talking the finder into releasing the state… Now that you know him and the finder is your friend could you ask him to pass along some more details on the solve and location? 🙂 Just having some trouble understanding why your friend the finder (or you) can’t share more information… TIA 🙂

  71. @zaphod, E. JC1117, et al.
    I’m not shell-shocked. Remember, my hubby & I did a lot of legal research and tax law research over the past 10 years. Saying it was found in wyoming makes the best TAX sense. It may or may not have been in Wyoming.

    Consider…The treasure could have been found anywhere, but ff and finder…
    “agreed that we should reveal that the treasure was found in Wyoming.” He never says it was found in WY. He says, we “agreed we should reveal’ it was found in Wyoming.

    IMPT – Wyoming is the only state of the 4 with specific tax sheltering laws protecting assets for 1000 yrs.

    Whether it was actually in Wyoming or elsewhere, the finder is very smart to declare it was found in wyoming. The finder will be able to keep a larger percentage of the take. Forrest spent time with an expensive lawyer. He would know all about tax laws as they apply to himself and to the finder.

    Some things don’t add up…forrest stated he wanted to go out into the dessert and die with the chest., yet He says the chest was found in a ‘lush’ forest. Most of Wyoming would not be considered lush. And then there’s Forrest’s own 85/15% truth/lies rule. You decide when he applies it.

    In the end, I wish the finder huge success. I would have done the same…save the details for a book/movie deal. If you reveal too much, its old news and not worth as much. Keep your identity hidden so that the greedy crazies aren’t at your door. Well Done Finder!

    Finally, My treasure has always been the great outdoors. It’s still there waiting for me. I encourage others here to Always hike somewhere you love; and put your sharp brains to work. 18 months ago I applied the same tenacity I’d used solving Fenn’s poem to looking for a market investment. The dividends paid off.

    • Interesting post. Couldn’t he avoid any legal troubles by saying he lost or forgot the chest?
      I’m pretty sure it was in YNP. What does a person need in order to feel a thrill?

      • 42, I see through the B.S. as well, but Forrest and his family have suffered enough trauma over the past 10 years to convince me that if he’d known all the burdens it would cause him he never would’ve hid a treasure to begin with. There’s too much evil in the world to enjoy a fun family adventure involving money. I won’t say my thoughts about whye all the secrecy, but it’s better to let Forrest and his family have the peace they deserve. If I found the treasure I’d have those lawsuits and hoax accusations gone for Forrest in no time. My conscious wouldn’t allow me to be silent because the theme of my solve has a lesson that’s too important to be silent about. But that’s up to Forrest now. So far all I’m hearing when I listen good is the sound of silence, but hopefully that will change over time.

        • Lori, you must have missed my Numerous posts stating how Concerned I was about Forrest’s family being stalked by greedy crazies. Frankly, I’m shocked Forrest didn’t call off the whole thing years ago. The minute my granddaughter had been stalked, I would’ve changed to Plan B.

          • 42, my first thought when he announced it found was the times we’re in with covid-19 and the riots…. people were already taking foolish enough risks. I just assumed he called off the hunt, but I believe him when he says he didn’t.

          • Or he could have just asked someone to be her bodyguard .

            Offers on the table lol

      • That’s actually a good point……but I still believe that Forrest and the finder have come forward in good faith with accurate information because in reality they could have continued to remain silent.

        • The only thing I find strange is the repeating of the phrase, “the treasure had not moved in the 10 years since I left it there on the ground, and walked away”. I’m not sure why ff feels the need to repeat this.

  72. The real solve is finding wwwh and figuring out what that is. He tells us how he hid it in Important Literature- in books. Once that is solved the state had to be Wyoming.

    • It would appear as to say he abandoned it which could be the case but what if someone found it but left it there to continue the chase as said . Would it still be considered abandoned or just forgotten to go back and get it . Just throwing spitballs lol

  73. This chase has taught me a lot about how conspiracy theories work.

    The brain is an amazing thing. You can take bits and pieces of information, and INVENT solutions quite easily. Just as so many were certain of their solves, 100X more people believe in their conspiracy theories because they made it fit. Just food for thought, certainly a life lesson learned on my part.

  74. Speaking of legal terms.

    So whyis it that I must go
    and leave my trove “forall” to seek.

    The word “foral” is an old Latin legal term. It’s meaning applied nicely New Mexico’s land grants by the Spanish king.
    A newly founded town would need the king’s approval through a Foral, in order to be considered one.

    Foral in Wyoming could perhaps be loosely be applied as …

    Land grant’s by US govt.

    1. Land grant was the method the federal government used to encourage construction of the Union Pacific Railroad. In return for building a rail line across Wyoming, the government, starting in 1862, gave the rail company every other 640-acre section for 10 miles on either side of the track.

    2. Timber grants by US govt . FF was a logger, and the word tree is contained in his poem many times when in a grid format.

    3. Homestead acts.

    • 42-Just wanted to say, I’ve been a lurker here, mostly, but have really appreciated your input. This last post here is no exception, as it’s new to me and further bolsters my Dubois/Warm Springs Creek solve. The log chute in the canyon (heavy loads water high) was the initial draw to that particular area for me. Thank you for all of the insight you’ve contributed over the years.

      • Good morning Kauziamos,
        Thanks for your kind words.
        There are many really nice people who have contributed excellent content over the years.

        My guess is we have all formed unique solutions by borrowing bits of wisdom from others.

  75. Why Wyoming???

    Count the ways…$$$….$$$

    1. Wyoming as Tax Shelter – No Estate or Inheritance Taxes

    In response to changes in federal law that phased out the “pick up” tax in 2005, some states chose to enact laws that allow the state to collect a state estate tax. Wyoming did not enact this law and, therefore, does not collect a state estate tax, which was and still is the case in Wyoming. The chart below illustrates a comparison of other states’ estate or inheritance tax rates.

    2. Wyoming’s Rule Against Perpetuities – Advantages of a Trust in Wyoming

    Wealth that can avoid estate tax levy will grow more than wealth that is subject to estate tax in every generation. The Dynasty Trust allows individuals an alternative to giving their wealth to their heirs directly. In a “dynasty trust,” wealth can benefit many generations of a family without being subject to estate tax at each generation.

    Dynasty trusts are an excellent opportunity for wealth preservation. With multi-generational planning, you can give your family generations of tax-protected, creditor-protected, failed marriage protected wealth. This allows the family— rather than the state—to dictate how long a trust can last.

    3. Wyoming Offers Important Creditor Protection

    An LLC in Wyoming offers favorable creditor protection legislation. The 2010 Wyoming Limited Liability Company Act provides excellent asset protection by mandating that, even in the case of a single-member LLC, a charging order is the sole remedy available to the creditors of members of a limited liability company. This LLC Act allows Wyoming to offer limited liability owners more significant protection against personal creditors than most other states in the US.

    Creditor protection is one of the reasons clients create statutory entities for their businesses in Wyoming.

    4. Tax Benefits of Land Conservation

    Through a conservation easement, property owners place permanent restrictions on the amount of future development on all or some of their property. This will protect an identified use, such as scenic, wildlife, and/or ranching resources. The restrictions usually limit the number of future homesites and other purposes. Conservation easements allow landowners to continue to own and use their land.

    The donation of a conservation easement to an organization such as the Jackson Hole Land Trust permanently protects conservation values that are beneficial to the public and can often qualify as a tax-deductible charitable donation.

    In many ways, Jackson, Wyoming really does have it all …incredible scenery within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, unmatched outdoor recreational opportunities, a vibrant cultural scene and an attractive tax climate. For further information on the tax benefits of Wyoming, please contact a Jackson Hole based tax advisor.

  76. And finally, Wyoming has no state income tax.
    Wyoming Has No Income Tax

    In fact, state income tax is constitutionally prohibited. As one of only seven states in the United States that does not levy a personal income tax, tax advantages of real estate ownership in Wyoming become even more compelling.

    The chart below summarizes personal income tax rates for Wyoming and the other Rocky Mountain States for 2020. Numerical rankings are tabulated by excluding states with no personal income tax (as well as New Hampshire and Tennessee, which charge income tax only on dividends and interest) and are based on the highest possible tax rate for which an individual might be liable.

    • Ah yes, the perfect state for freeloaders….but Forrest was thinking in centennial terms, a 100 years down the road long after he was gone. Do you think Wyoming will have the same tax laws then as now?

      • Lori…Yes. Wyoming prides itself on being a tax haven. Some of their laws won’t expire for 1000 yrs.

        Let’s be honest Forrest planned for 100 years, that time was shortened by nine decades.

  77. Well, from beginning to end, its been a fun day. The wife keeps asking what I am smiling at, but I cannot tell her. If I mention treasure hunting she tells me I need to grow up, and that ain’t never gonna happen.

  78. Wonder if the “Finder” was a good sport and left a small “token” where the chest sat? Maybe one of the $20 gold coins, or at least a note…. “I was here first”…. nah nah nah nah

    • My solve was in Wyoming all along… it just makes sense …. with all of Forests ties to the greater Yellowstone area…. his love of the outdoors and fishing…. However now that we know the chest was located in Wyoming…. We don’t know “When” it was located …. Forest said at one time it would be hard to find in winter…. I also find the timing of the chest being found to be peculiar during the time of a pandemic and Lockdowns….. also after keeping up with all updates ….. the chest being found does Not mean the chest was kept ….. I could definitely see a deal worked out for the chest to remain

  79. So xi what is your thoughts on balloon the ball is kinda in your court now

      • Well then it at least went the way it was intended . Thank you for your honesty . That spot was one of my childhood favorites I was goin to pass it on but my plans were objected that day . I think that may have been the start of my imaginary treasure hunt lol

  80. If Forrest was telling the truth In his taped interview…he would smell pinion pine at the treasure site…Pinion pines are rare in Wyoming only growing in the extreme southern portion of Wyoming.

    That would exclude ALL of Yellowstone Park as the spot. But Maybe he didn’t really smell pinion pines, and fudged that truth 15% or so. What do ya’ll think?

    • The things he smells at the spot aren’t what’s important. The act of smelling is the hint.

      • He said he could smell pinyon. That’s either the truth or a lie. So it is important to searchers.

        • I remember him saying that. I just didn’t realize the important part of it until yesterday. The smelling is the hint, not what he’s smelling.


      Forrest Fire
      on February 5, 2015 at 11:22 am said:

      Halogetter, I just watched that New Mexico Tourism video again and must say that I didn’t say what I was thinking. You cannot smell a pinon nut, but those who pick them know that in doing so you get pine pitch all over your hands, and pine pitch smells about the same no matter what kind of pine tree you are talking about. Looking back I think I wanted to say I could smell pine needles, not pinon nuts. Sorry I kicked a hornet’s nest with that comment. There is no clue there. Incidentally, when I get pine pitch on my hands I rub butter on the spots and that solves the problem. Of course then I have trouble getting the butter off. f

      • Pdenver,
        Was “Forrest fire” actually Forrest Fenn? I thought there was great debate over that?

        • 42
          I have the answer you are looking for…Yes! Forrest Fenn used the name Forrest Fire on this blog a few times in the beginning…then changed his screen name to his real name. He was never “incognito” again as a commenter on this blog.

          • Dal,
            Thanks. It’s Been impossible for many of us to keep up with 1,000’s of posts on multiple sites.

          • JDA-
            Not exactly…
            There is a third property involved in IDing a device..called its IP address. Every device that connects to a network is assigned a unique IP address…and there are billions of devices used around the world at any one time…like your desktop computer that is connected to your broadband provider or your cell phone that is connected to your cell tower or your laptop connected to your home wifi router.

            So when you leave a comment on the blog our server registers your email address and your screen name and also your device’s IP. I can see all those things when you leave a comment…
            You can change your screen name and your email address but most of us cannot change our devices IP…

            So when Forrest leaves a comment on the blog he always uses the same computer that lives on his desk. He doesn’t use a cell phone. He does have an iPad but he doesn’t use it….and he is always at home. Therefore his IP is always the same…He can change his screen name and he can change his email to anything he wants but he cannot change his IP without changing his device…and he never uses any other device…So, I can easily do a search using his IP through all the comments on the blog and see all the comments made from that IP. I can also see what screen name he used and what email he used…

            When I search Forrest’s computer’s IP on the blog I can see that he has only commented using Forrest Fire, Forrest Fenn and once as Forrest.

            And it works in reverse to…if someone comes on the blog pretending to be Forrest I can see right away that they are not using Forrest’s IP and are therefore an imposter…in order to really fake us out they would have to know Forrest’s IP and also know how to make the comment look like it was coming from Forrest’s IP. That’s possible but it takes a higher level of hacking ability than most of us have.

            I rarely look at IP’s except when I am suspicious of the authenticity of a commenter…for instance, some searchers try to use different names on the blog and actually have conversations with their various personalities. I might not notice they are doing this but if I was suspicious I could check their IP and see how many different names they are using on the blog. Generally, if I do notice someone doing that I either ask them to stop using multiple names or if it seems really obnoxious I just toss them into moderation or ban them.

            The reason I care about someone using multiple screen names is because I feel it’s valuable to know reliably who you are conversing with on the blog…JDA must always be JDA not JDA sometimes and GHK sometimes and Fred sometimes…
            Folks do that to “spoof” other commenters…and I don’t approve…

            There are a few ways to make it harder for me to dig these “spoofers” out…
            I won’t explain that because if I do a bunch of folks will try it just to see if they can get past me…and they probably will…

            I can also see from an IP where your device is located…
            It is not an exact science…in some cases it will get me an exact location but most times it just puts me in the neighborhood. For instance, if I track my own computer’s IP it identifies my location about a mile from where it really is located. I assume law enforcement and those Mission Impossible folks can be much more accurate than I can…
            Maybe they have more sophisticated software than Google…

            So lets search on your IP JDA and look at your history on the blog…
            You have been using the same IP since June 15th, 2020. You have left 110 comments using that IP…

            On June 14th you used a different device for 3 comments

            On June 13th you used an IP that you used for over 9,000 comments starting right after Christmas in 2015.
            Maybe that’s when you first commented.

            There are several reasons your IP would change…
            if you changed broadband providers you will sometimes get a new IP…
            If you started using a different device…
            If you joined the CIA and they wanted your IP to change…

            For much of that time you were JD and not JDA…
            I remember when someone showed up on the blog and swiped your name…They went away after awhile…but you remained JDA

            You never used to comment on the blog that I can see.

            So..bottom line is I can tell Forrest’s computer by it’s IP address…
            No matter what name or email he uses…
            He has never tried to impersonate anyone else on the blog…
            He was Forrest Fire just because he thought it would be fun to have a blog-like name…but he wasn’t trying to be someone else. Everyone on the blog knew that Forrest Fire was Forrest Fenn…

          • Dal-
            Your argument that Forrest is not using aliases on the blog comes as a big shock to me. If those guys weren’t Forrest, who in the blazes were they. I’m completely baffled. What the heck is going on? Are you sure Forrest hasn’t figured how to spoof you? He has resources you know.

          • Ahhhh Haaaa!
            Then JDA IS Thunderose!
            Got it!

            I think, wait, I’m confused……… 🙂

            Pauley T

          • Dal,
            Question for you regarding blog aliases…

            If Forrest owns property somewhere else in Santa Fe with a separate computer or device, and uses an alias name from that location, would you know it was forrest?

          • 42-
            No…but I do know that Forrest does not use any computer but his own…so that conspiracy theory is unlikely to unfathomable…
            He could much more easily just use his iPad or a different computer in his own house…but there is no other computer and he dislikes the iPad.

          • WOW Dal – THANKS for the very long explanation. I appreciate it. Nice history you have on me. Not sure what or when those three posts were made on a different computer. I MAY have posted something while at my daughter-in-laws house once – I can’t remember. Oh well.

            Again, thanks for the long explanation. I was just curious and askin’ a dumb question. – JDA

          • Maybe like minded people often think that each other are Forrest. It gives me chuckles to think that everyone is chatting amongst themselves and giving each other clues that lead off in all directions. One has to realise that because we are all on common ground and read similar that our brains will often process the info the same, so as we are thinking something, somebody else will make a like minded comment and then those two think each other are Forrest lol. Others see and think alike, so they too think its Forrest. Probably why noone could find the treasure lol.

            You gotta love the Chase, its unique!

            I have been accused of being Forrest and Dal on other blogs, when defending people. Its comical really.

          • Dal,

            Forest Fire was also a nickname given to the USS Forrestal due to numerous fires that occurred and one horrible fire they had in the Gulf of Tonkin caused by a missile accidentally launched on the flight deck by an F-4 Phantom resulting from a power surge when switching from external to internal power.


          • I remember that incident Pina-
            It resulted in improved firefighting training for shipboard personnel…
            But when all holy hell happens on your ship at sea you are literally fighting for your life.
            There is no place to run…
            The Navy made a documentary about that horrible incident:

        • With all this talk of incognito, the one I haven’t figured out is whether Dal is Forrest, or vise versa. Talk about confusing.

          P.S. Who ever you are, I’m on your side!

  81. The court room ball has bounced pretty good this time, not many people are willing to ask a girl for a dance at an hour like this. However, in 9-10 days that 11 o’clock hour might just be here. We can only pray for rain, hope that the shadows are high, and search for the sun as it rests good upon the horizon.

    Is Curious around? He could probably tell us.

    • Hi Suzy_S,
      I am wondering about your 9-10 days because I see a story in the three photographs Mr. Fenn has shared. People should know by now that he does not do anything happenstance. Everything is meticulous. Here is the hour you are searching for.
      In the first photo take a look at the bright Liberty head coin facing you in the Chest. The date is 1900. Think 1900 hours.
      There are exactly 1900 hours from the date Mr. Fenn announced the find until his Birthday. In the last photo, Mr. Fenn is simply taking it A-Par-T. So I say we get ready for the Party at 1900 hours (7 pm) on August 22.

      • Are you saying I’ll get a ballroom invitation? 🙂

        Ok, you don’t have to tell me. I already know the answer. 🙁

        Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? 😉

    • Here’s an example of someone using more than one screen name. This person is usually “arock” on the blog.
      But tonight decided to be “crestfallen loon’…
      ordinarily if I had seen this I would have just tossed it…
      But I’ll leave it up as an example…

      • Do I need to state the other names I’ve used along with my posts? I’ll add a note saying who I really am next time. I know it comes off as sarcasm, but I’m just saying I’ll do whatever you want me to in order for my posts to be allowed here. I know I may have rubbed you the wrong way, but I’m really not the kind of person that goes around poking bears for no reason. Bless You Dal. You’re one of a kind.

  82. Fellow chasers,

    We’re not dead yet,
    But It’s beginning to sound like
    the graveyard of ambition here.

    Please chisel my epitaph…

    Don’t weep for 42
    She’s not here.
    She’s living to do
    The things
    She was attributed to.

      • NoName,
        Just guessing the arc of the epitaph followed the arc of a head stone?

        Do you have a different idea?

        • Yeah, check out the boardwalk for Three Senses Nature Trail in Yellowstone. I think he hid it under the boardwalk at the end. If you have questions about what led me there feel free to ask.

          • I’d love to hear it, NoName06. I like the 3 senses in the poem = 3 senses nature trail, and the history of that area. Wasn’t one of the old early YNP hotels right near there (trash)?

          • Nah. A boardwalk would very much be a human trail, something man made, and a structure.
            Impossible based on atf.

    • 42

      The chase will never be over because FF will never tell the whole truth imo. If u have researched it deeply, there are not only one location but two! The first trip leads u to a 10th clue which leads you to the Second trip to the tc hideout (now we know in WY) . The first 9 clues are not in WY, because i know where he flew to his starting destination ! So, yes, the chase is not over for any of us whose want to discover the wilderness of

  83. “Well folks. If you’ve been on the blog for a while you know I kept telling him “It’s in Wyoming”. But NO. Sparrow has to change his search from where I told him it was to Montana instead!

    “I KNEW it was in Wyoming from the beginning, when he first came here in August 2016. I told him to pretend he’s flying an airplane and look just East of Eden and you will see a man with a hat and a walking stick, just like the shadow on the cover of the book. That’s the BLAZE. (IMO)”

    “Forrest actually put the Blaze on the cover of one of his books. Not THE BLAZE but a shadow shaped like it. ‘East of Eden’— pretty funny. Funny pinyon trees only grow in southern Wyoming right where Eden and it’s environs are located.”

    “I would bet my bottom dollar the chest was found near there. It might even have been hidden in an area shaped like a white duck. I would almost guarantee it. But I’m just a ghost so don’t take my word for it. Go look in Montana like Sparrow did. Where is he by the way? I’m going to go kick him in the shins one more time. It WAS Wyoming you idiot!”

    —the ghost of Billy Barty.

    • Are you talking about the Routt (trout) Nat’l Forest, BB/S? Harder to see on satellite than, say, terrain or flat view, but… it’s always been really compelling to me. Does look almost exactly like the shadow (which, as we know, along with the Phantom, always knows!).

      I love that Putt Creek is there (PIBTHOB), and Slater/S’later (TEIEDN). Along with all the outlaw history. Never got there to check it all out, though.

  84. Thank you Forrest! For letting us know the state!
    Wyoming was my search state! Why must I go?
    I am still going back there to research an area. I wonder if the finder covered up things or if all the clues are still there!
    Thank you dal for all you have done! Best regards to all my fellow searchers! And especially to foreest and Peggy!
    Lou Lee Belle

  85. Thanks so much, Forrest and Dal ! My solve was never in Wyoming. That takes a load off my mind, and knowing that is the best thing that happened to me today. It’s been a long hot Summer here in Central Texas. Thanks for stirring my imagination for the past 10 years.

  86. F tells us right where to look in his book on page 56 –
    In Wyoming, between Shoshoni and Casper. So like in the pine mountain area might be my solve

  87. Hey Matty! I found you. Did you know you were the only one that liked my Bold predictions on 6-14 st 5:55 am! Congratulations! A reminder it read :Was the chest in Montana or Wyoming? Yes but which one? You have to go and find the edges. You know, that area South of Bakers Hole that you can walk back and forth between MT and WY and there are these little signs that read ‘Entering Wyoming’ I think you replied something about a ‘tackle box?’ The solve is on 6-17-20.

    • Hey Wendell I don’t recall exactly what I replied but I do know that area.
      Could very well be on the “”Border”. Not sure about a tackle box.

        • Wendell my search partner and I were looking on the south side of the Madison to find a place where he would have stowed some tackle in an alcove. Came up empty.

          • No Wendelll neither. We couldn’t make that area work well for us. the mosquitos were also so horrendous as well.

  88. Forrest gave us an update on July 22nd, 2020.

    In part he wrote:

    Until he found the treasure,
    the treasure had not moved
    in the 10 years since I left it there
    on the ground, and walked away.

    Is it me? Do I over analyze or, for our benefit, is Forrest still hinting?

    Forrest could have simply said, “The treasure was right where I had left it.”

    Instead he used lots of words, “Until he found the treasure,
    the treasure had not moved”.

    That raised a question(s) with me. Like, is he suggesting that it was vulnerable to physically moving?
    Had this been a possibility?

    A different take.
    People are “moved” by music or poetry
    or the sight of gold. No one had been “moved” by the treasure.
    “Until he found the treasure, the treasure had not moved.”

    Is this a hint about the locale, a marvel to behold?
    Or something about the name of the location?

    “The treasure was right where I had left it in the 10 years
    since I left it *There*” [full stop]

    *There*, he left it *There* [full stop]. We sure would like to know where *There* is.

    Then after the full stop he gives two phrases that sure sound like pilot’s lingo,
    “on the ground” and
    “walked away”.
    Might take a maverick to properly interpret those.

    “They always say any landing you walk away from is a good one,”

    Until he found the treasure,
    the treasure had not moved
    in the 10 years since I left it there
    on the ground, and walked away.

    • Levi Tate,
      If what you say holds warm water, perhaps he’s leaving questions in searcher minds to perpetuate his legendary chase and mention of his name into the future.

      • And why not?

        By the way, is your handle – 42 – from Hitchhiker’s Guide
        or “too far”?

    • Where is there in the poem, the place he goes alone and the place he keeps his secret. The place where you begin. And if you were to travel “from there” what you’d encounter.

      • Thinking out loud…
        Which way does the runway at Lander, Wy airport (Hunt Field)
        point? Or more like, where does it point?

        • Used Google Earth to look at Hunt Field.

          Hunt Field is bordered by a golf course. This morning I chanced upon a comment about scrapbook 191. The comment says that Forrest appeared to hint about golf (“putt putt”) in TOTC.

          Hunt Field is very close (very) to the Middle Popo Agie River, a river which has just exited from Sinks Canyon State Park.

          Don’t know if anyone can use this in a solve. Or maybe you just want to golf in a picturesque location.

          There is also a Great Blue Heron Hatchery right there which caught my eye. Why they would put birds right next to an airport is…well…

  89. I think Dal ought to be hired to do the filming for the “REVELING THE REAL SOLVE” documentary for the Discovery Channel’s (or any other) videos. What do you think DAL? Would be be willing to do it?

    • Who does the casting?

      I nominate Michael Richards the actor to play my role 🙂

  90. I love that the Treasure was found in the tenth year. I believe it’s appropriate.
    Ten or 10 or X just seems like a splendid amount of time to spend on this wonderful journey. I only wish I had more than 3 years in and wish I was able to make at least 1 boots on the ground in the Rocky Mountain territory, unfortunately I wasn’t able to venture “Out West” and fulfill my life long dream of galavanting from one western town to the next and had the pleasure of going to a very secret special place that I believed the treasure was hidden with an X that marked the spot on a map to boot.
    I strongly believe there is an X that marks the spot on a map somewhere.
    The fact that there isn’t an X in Forrest’s poem kinda makes me believe that there is an X on a map somewhere. I believe the search for the long lost missing X and discovery of it may have been something uniquely exquisite. Let’s just say there was an X on a map to amuse ourselves and for giggles.

    So, this “Back East fella found the treasure right? I wonder if he got to the PRECISE location with the help of an X. Will we ever know? Is there an X on a map someplace? Can it be found? Is it still on, let’s say, an internet map? And if it was on an internet map is it still there or has it been removed?

    I wonder if there is and/or was an X on a map somewhere. That surely woulda made The Chase really special in my opinion. Guess we gotta wait awhile or maybe we’ll never know. I’m gonna search for an X in Wyoming, I’ll let y’all know if I find something!

    Pauley T

    • I’ll help you out. Go to google maps and look up directions to Culex Basin. X doesn’t mark the spot , but it’s a reference point for reverse engineering the poem.

      • Thx for a foray into that area.

        I find it very curious that the word “quarry” gives no results in DuckDuckGo when investigating Yellowstone. Because of a clue I thought I saw in the poem I had searched high and low for a quarry in Yellowstone via the internet and came up with nothing. I’ll bet that quarries are all over the place in Yellowstone.

        At any rate, for something interesting, I went to Culex Basin via You tube. The hiker’s video (the hikers themselves are annoying, and not only because they pestered a porcupine) shows Culex Basin AND
        a quarry. So there it was finally – a quarry.

        By the way, no big surprise at all, but some close ups of the ground in the video were reminiscent of the photos of the chest provided by the finder Back East.

        The 13 minute and 43 second video is the first offering if you go to You Tube and enter only:
        Culex Basin

        • thelastsearcher and Levi Tate – You two are talking about one of my first search areas. I found something interesting as a blaze, but it looked to difficult to approach. However, when I returned home and studied it a bit more on google maps, I realized there was another safer way to get to it. My husband and I were headed there on June 21…..but that ended up being too late! LOL! Planning to go back and just take a peak at the spot sometime soon just for fun.

          • I just used Google Earth and I cannot locate the quarry the video I mentioned shows. If you come across it I would appreciate knowing where it is on a map. Thx !

    • Well, I can tell you with 100% certainty there is indeed a place where an X marks a spot; two in fact: The bombs on page 99 in TTOTC
      Do they mark THE spot? Quien sabe?
      My X theory is that they point out the alpha and omega of the Chase, the beginning and end. Cheers.

  91. I wish the finder would put the Treasure right back where he found it and call Forrest and tell him to turn The Chase back on again,……….
    Is that too much to ask? 🙂

    Pauley T

  92. So, having a good think and processing everything, one realises the reduction of states really does strip the meat from the bone. Its a challenge, knowing the revealed location, yet turning a solve into gravy without the old confirmatory baggage.

    Like a skinny, hungry stick man with no keyword soup to his name!

  93. Someone had posted a link to their solve in Lovell beginning at the Big Horn Medicine Wheel which was quite compelling and I am now convinced he was the finder. I recall the HOB was Buster Brown where the landscape formed the shape of a shoe and the Blaze was a rock formation in the shape of an owl.

  94. the Site is still going and Forrest continues to release clues!

    so Exciting!

    • I believe so. It’s evident there are still treasure hunters searching for answers. In amongst the bunch, there are those that dip there toes in, but won’t admit it.

      Additionally, there are those that refuse to admit anything more is happening, so we have the woulds, and the would nots. In my opinion, the woulds are the mushrooming head of the key. 😉

      My only hope is that the beans are spilled and honey pours out soon.

      • Interesting, I’ve heard about putting a can of beans in the campfire, but haven’t pondered honey.

        • Really? BEARS LOVE “HOT HONEY”!

          Works good for when you’re out camping because bears are out looking for food and you can distract them with honey. You just have to place a pot of it far enough away from camp so they’ll follow the honey’s scent and then they’ll leave your camp alone.

          Works especially good if there’s no natural foods in the area, like fish or blueberries and it gives them something to aim towards. Foods like raspberries and mushrooms are a different story though, they seem to find them regardless. They can even eat mushrooms that are toxic to humans.

          Pooh Bear’s honey pot is no myth! Wild bees and their hives have no chance with bears around!

          There. If that ain’t textbook, nothing is! (lol)

    • Indeed and think about that for just a sec. When it was first announced that the treasure was found, most were quite saddened that it was “over” and that we did not immediately have the answers to all our questions including the complete solve. Now what fun would that have been?

      Here we are still enjoying the TOTC in a completely different way. It has morphed into an entirely different beast that continues to keep us entertained and on on toes. We (the search community) are still out there enjoying our adventures even WITHOUT the chest as a final “prize.”

      IMO, Forrest is brilliant and the Chase is playing out exactly as he planned. What was that he said? Something like, “I tried to think of everything.” I believe he accomplished that and more!

      • It think it kind of shows that if you’re still around, you were in it just as much for the thrill (the actual botg and the mental rabbit hole adventures) as you were for the loot. Perhaps even more so. When that outage happened on this site a couple weeks ago I felt like I had been watching the Truman Show, and it was just truly, and suddenly, the END. Glad to see this is not the case.

  95. Perhaps the treasure was found by the retired Sherrif Longmire somewhere in the Absaroka Range. He was on hiatus from his other covert chase of the Irish Mob…”back east” in Boston. 😉

    • Wow! You’ve covered a lot of secret rabbit holes in that one Cubby. It’s no doubt that Sheriff Longmire would be a lucky man. Maybe with finding the treasure, and end of the rainbow, he could host a game with the leprechauns he found also.

      If I was invited to that card game, and leprechauns were sitting in, I definitely wouldn’t refuse. Could you imagine? I’ll bet you those li’l fellas play with gold bars that are worth a sealed fortune. Besides, if you had someone like an official Sheriff sitting in, who in their right mind would crow about it and call the cops?

  96. Perhaps the finder will be kind enough to allow Forrest to reveal the closest city or town in Wyoming to the chest location 🙂

    • Perhaps. And, what if that town is yet another connection to Longmire…the town of Buffalo in Johnson County, WY just east of the Bighorn range. As a Longmire fan, I get a kick out of the fact that the series, set in WY, had some treasure hunt references…and now…there you go…the treasure was in WY. A coincidental art imitates life. Kuddos to the writers on the series. Maybe one of them was the finder. 🙂

  97. all of these ideas and solutions to the poem are interesting, but only one solution is correct—- my solution— On July 22 i posted my solution in part 14 of this blog near the end of comments right before the site closed. Whats very interesting is that i posted my solution in the morning and later that day Fenn posted his announcement about where the treasure was.Maybe it’s a coincidence but it’s very very interesting to me and has renewed my interest in the whole thing. I am so confident that my solution is correct, i might still go to that spot to see the imprint of the chest in the dried mud before the rain and snow washes it away.

    • I like your solve, and I can see how someone could easily get within 500 feet, or even 200 feet. But is it possible that some individuals got even closer? Maybe within 100 feet?

    • Johnny- Here’s why I used to love your solve: My brother in law and I crossed over into that area 9 times. Did I run into bears? Yep. Did we run into a wolf? Yep. Did I send the solve to Forrest? Yep! in 2017 Ask me anything about it!

  98. Mr Obvious

    I believe you are correct. No one should fold the hand their holding and walk away from the table. This game is not over, IMO. There is much more to come. Yes, Forrest played a card on 07/22/20.

    IMO, there is simply NO possible way that he would ever allow something as special as the Chase which he engineered to be inclusive to every person, to end with giving one person the power to exclude all others and walk away.

  99. Well, I was sure the treasure was in either Wyoming or Montana.
    I had two solves, one up Secret Valley creek in Yellowstone Wyoming. The other was a few miles north in Montana Sphinx creek.
    I wonder if I’ll ever know.
    Anyway, thank you so much Forrest for leading us to an amazing perusal and to Dal for providing this terrific platform for discussion.
    All the best,

  100. Well, all I can say is when the movie comes out, I sure hope they include the lady that wore the banana suit! Oh my God, what a crack up!

    • I think the movie will need a comedic thread to it. A banana suit seems appropriate for this venue, IMO.

      • I think that’s Barbara. She’s the lady that’s doing the lawsuit. I’ve talked to her a few times on YouTube. She seems like a nice lady, but her friendship with Forrest was making her see things that weren’t there.

        • Yes this is obviously why Forrest keeps saying that the chest stayed in the same spot for 10 years. I’m sure these people think that their s*** solves are so great, that they can’t be wrong. They think Forrest must have went in there and move the treasure to some other spot so somebody else can find it. I mean… How could they possibly be wrong? They’ve dazzled me with their intellect for years! Wow!

      • If anyone out there can top the banana suit lady, we need to hear from you now!

    • Odds are there won’t be any theatrical release; there’s no market for it. Yes, a release-to-video for the searcher community would sell enough to be worth doing, but the general public isn’t into “real” treasure hunts, just the sensationalized kind with deadly danger at every turn. In addition, getting rich is no longer a “socially desirable” goal, unless you’re an athlete, entertainment celebrity or tech geek, in which cases you can price-gouge people all day and nobody cares.

      If they did an “America’s Funniest Videos”-type movie of all the failed attempts, that might get some traction; make everyone feel better by showing people like themselves who didn’t get rich, but had some fun and did some goofy stuff while trying.

  101. Well then Birdman how exactly does the finder INCLUDE all others? And what do you mean by ALL others? My search team, my family, the search community, the world? It all sounds like a tall order to me. Or is that Forrest’s department? I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for your input.

      • The publication of the solve is worthless without participation from Fenn. The only thing that will satisfy the community will be a fully annotated solve by both Fenn and the finder with a complete explanation of the poem’s meaning and structural elements.

        • Tom, excellent point.
          Without Forrest’s endorsement no one will believe it’s legit.

          • In undergraduate studies, students are more likely to believe only what professors teach them. In graduate schoool, they teach you to learn in your own. No authority figure spoon feeding you. Which kind of learner are you if you need Forrest Fenn’s endorsement?

          • Mr obvious, With respect to the topic,
            you missed the point.

            So let’s think and reason it out…

            Factual evidence proving one has the correct solution can only come from two sources
            1. Fenn who hid it.
            2. Photos of broader location including the chest & finder.

            Anything short of those sources is simply here say or opinion.

    • Mr Obvious

      I’d like to put in at the end of your questions and answer in reverse order:

      3) It IS Forrest’s dept. He is the mastermind who holds the complete winning hand and every single card that matters in their ENTIRETY as they pertain to each word and detail of that amazing poem and the geography it represents.

      2) ALL others is every person anywhere on planet earth who chose to be a part of the chase in any way- blogs, books, botg, etc. From Forrest’s perspective, “all others” includes the finder. From the finder’s perspective, it’s “all others” except himself and Forrest.

      1) The finder INCLUDES all others by releasing his solve. Period. He could let Forrest do it for him. This keeps his identity hidden… and…. more importantly… it triggers the removal of the gag order from the man who is ready, willing, and desperately wanting to give ALL others the wonderful details of everything – except the “who” of course. I would venture to say that Forrest has probably not told the finder the half of it yet, but is waiting for the finder to make the right decision to release his solve.

      I view Forrest as the Executive; and he’s got privilege. I believe it’s just a matter of time before he exercises his right to disclose. He’s a gentleman. He’s patiently waiting out of respect. But I think there’s a date coming when Forrest will reveal if the finder won’t. All IMO of course.

      • I think the finder is smart and is just marvel gazing at everything that’s going on, so he’s like, ehhh what’s on the magic box today, oh look days of our solves, this week’s episode Wyoming.

      • That you for those answers Birdman. I would think the finder would probably concur with those conditions. No surprises there. It seems like Forrest has the correct solve in great detail. The finder probably has the same info although not in perfect condition. Just good enough to find the treasure, but probably not good enough for prime time publishing. Forrest has had 25 years to work on this. Maybe the finder has some solve and BOTG verbiage, photos and drawings that could supplement Forrest’s publication. They could be merged together with a little bit of editing. But my n ct question might be about General Solve vs Correct (complete) Solve. And how to publish? Free post? Book? Movie? It could get complicated figuring out how to release what? Any ideas there Birdman?

        • Mr Obvious

          You bring up great points on the way to your brainstorming questions. All accurate, and I believe every one will have an influence on what gets generated, in what order, and whether it’s a single united front of close teamwork, or two men doing their own thing and hiking their own path of production. It could be a little crossover of both due to their connection. Of course this is assuming the finder comes forward and wants to be known.

          It would definitely be more complicated in that scenario. But if the finder wants to keep hidden, then I believe with all of Forrest’s skills we would see a mixture of some IF NOT ALL AND MORE of what you bring up. And somehow he would just figure out just the right mixture and have us all shaking and marveling at this man.

          Here’s the key:

          EVERY BIT of what we’re talking about depends on the relationship that has formed between these 2 men.

          I’m sure in most of our minds if we were the finder we think would have become instant fast friends- “family” actually -with Forrest. That may be very true for many of us, but certainly NOT for all of us.

          We don’t know the condition of their relationship. If it’s good and fun and respectful and goes both ways, then the Sky’s the Limit! If they don’t gee haw; if it more resembles oil and water than peas and carrots, then my money’s on Forrest Fenn generating great stuff that will last the test of time; and the finder still doing ok on his own.

          I’m sure Forrest took measures regarding his “exit strategy” if these days were upon him.

          I want to hear from both of them, in detail. I hope one day we will.

          Relationship is the KEY. Time will tell.

      • Birdman, I agree Forrest needs to be the one to say “yes” this is the legitimate solve. Otherwise how are we supposed to know if people coming forward saying that they were the finder are legit or not? Forrest would be the only one who can tell us for sure.

  102. What surprises me a little is that after narrowing the search down from four (4) states to one (1) state. Wyoming, searchers seem to be more confused than ever. And worse yet, they’re not satisfied with the information they asked for. They still want more. In other words, the Chase continues, it isn’t over. And now it’s not the treasure that’s being chased after, Forrest and the Finder are the ones being chased. It’s a bit ironic.

    • There’s a very easy, one sentence way to solve that and be done with it forever. I secretly think they enjoy dragging it out or something is amiss

  103. Hey gang, just touching base again to see what’s new. I’m probably not alone in this thought/way of thinking – but I wish I had done a boots on the ground search of my initial area in Wyoming. Ugh! Basically, “I talked myself out of it” because of time and expense. Mostly, I came to a point of non-commitment, as I have shared here in numerous posts, that until I knew for certain where to start, I would work on my solves at home. But my interest is now more than piqued, as I may have been fairly close right from the get-go and if I had “gotten the lead out” I might be the one who first found Indulgence. Or, that I missed it by “more than a mile” – none of us will know that until the final resting place is revealed so we can compare notes with what we have written down for prosperity’s sake. Closing with “Inquiring minds want to know…”

  104. Wyoming is currently the only state that some loony isn’t suing Forrest from, so it would be easy for him to choose this state to run off current crazies with a pending lawsuit. I’ve been a little skeptic all along this journey, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have the time of my life exploring. I’ll take you on my journey if you’re interested. My explanation is difficult without being able to share my photos, but I’ll give this my best go. Dal has seen my photos. If you read “see photos” just ignore. I’m not removing these as it’s a reference to me and anyone I email.
    This ALL takes place in the town of West Yellowstone, Montana, so if by chance I leave that detail out, I want to be clear upfront. W. Yellowstone was a very special place to Forrest. This is where many years of his childhood memories took place which should not go unnoticed.
    Forrest said “the first clue is where warm waters halt.” If you cannot figure out where warm waters halt, you have nothing.” He also said “all you need is a good map.” Lets begin with a good map (see photo map of W. Yellowstone 2019-2020). Since I can’t posts photos you’ll have to Google Earth this.

    1. Warm Waters Halt – Madison Ave ( W. Yellowstone). 
    2. Take it in the Canyon down- Canyon St. (W. Yellowstone) (down below Yellowstone Ave to Grizzly Ave.)
    3. “Put in below the home of Brown”- Three Bear Lodge (W. Yellowstone), located on Yellowstone Ave. The Lodge dates back to 1932 and is still open to this day. (Reminds me of Goldie Locks and the three bears) Grizzly Bears- home of Brown – Brown bears aka Grizzlies. (If it has been there since 1932 and is still there now, I suspect it will be there as long as the test of time). Of note, you don’t turn on to Yellowstone Ave- see #4 (the next step). “You PUT IN BELOW THE HOME OF BROWN.” Proceed to Grizzly Ave.
    4. “No place for the meek / No paddle up your creek” – Grizzly Ave (no place for the meek. (W. Yellowstone), this is below “the home of Brown.” (You won’t be up a creek without a paddle because it’s just a street name, not an actual Grizzly. (There is also a similar reference “hint” in The Thrill of the Chase page 62. (“If we don’t change course soon we’ll end up where we’re going.” Said a delicious Donny heading up a fast running stream.)
    5. “Heavy loads”- (crossing over Electric St.) See definition of “heavy loads,” Merriam-Webster Ex: power output (as of a power plant) or power consumption (as by a device): a device to which power is delivered). From there continue on Grizzly St. to Faithful St. (W. Yellowstone. **(of note, Forrest Fenn stated in an interview, “all of the nouns I looked up (talking about the book) because I wanted to know exactly what these words mean.” He admitted his perception was not always what the dictionary said it was – quote from Forrest Fenn Douglas Preston Clips posted by Cowlazars (on YTube) dated Jan 18, 2020, record Nov 4, 2019.
    6. “Waters High”- turn up Faithful St. (until you come to a “Y” in the road). If you are “wise” aka “Y”. (W. Yellowstone). This is also easy to see with google earth.
    7. “If you’ve been wise”- 1st “Y” at intersections of Faithful St. and Firehole Ave. then take a left to the 2nd “Y” at the intersection of Iris St. and Hwy 20. (W. Yellowstone). The best way to see the “Y’s” are via Google earth. Forrest referenced multiple times that google earth might help with the map, but will not help to finding the blaze.
    8. “And found the blaze”- at the VERY end of Iris St. over the intersection of Hwy 20, (at your 2nd “Y” there is a trail marker, the blaze- called Frontier Trail. (W. Yellowstone) – Frontier definition from Merriam Dictionary- a. region that forms the margin of settled or developed territory. b. the farthermost limits of knowledge or achievement in a particular subject. c. : a new field for exploitative or developmental activity. Iris in the Merriam Dictionary means “RAINBOW”. You will NOT find this on Google Earth. You have to physically be there “boots on the ground” to find this trail marker.
    9. “Look quickly down”- don’t go all the way down the trail, just a short distance (Tarry scant with marval gaze) this is the on the Frontier trail. (W. Yellowstone) – see photos of the trail marker and trail. Don’t stay on the trail. You have to go off the trail. To the “south side” as mentioned multiple times in the book “too far to walk.” Take a left where the trail “bends.” Forrest said, “I bend a little.”
    Those are the 9 clues (in my opinion). The rest of the poem is fluff to SOLVE, but there are other words that still have meaning.
    1. My solve clues are subjective, and not objective. Makes a difference to me. Example: “Too far to walk” is subjective- what might be too far to walk for a 70 year old man, might not be the case for a middle aged person. 
    2. I looked up a lot of words in the Merriam- Webster dictionary becomes Forrest said “I had to look up every noun in the dictionary.” So I did, as well as his other words. He’s a sly fox who has said I “embellish” at times.
    3. Iris means rainbow. Forrest said in his book “You will find the treasure at the end of my RAINBOW.” The VERY end of Iris St is where the Frontier Trail marker (the blaze) is located. You have to pass over the intersection (the second “Y”) to get to the very end. I know some of this is repetitive, but hearing it more than once it seems to stick better, for me anyway. Iris St and Madison Ave start the poem.
    4. The Frontier trail marker was “approximately” 200 ft to an arrow in the ground and bench I found. Additionally, there is a Jeep trail that runs around the parimeter of the start of the trail and can go in several directions. (Google earth will show you the Jeep trail (brown outline of a square/ a box). The line that you see (square also represent “think inside the box,” “that’s a good clue” said by Forrest in that same interview with Dal and Cynthia (ABC interview?). Anyone could have been within 200 ft and not have known it. 1) it’s a Jeep trail (mud), whether they were looking for treasure or not, someone was within 200 ft. So it would be easy for Forrest to say “someone has been within 200 ft and didn’t know it.” 
    More hints by Forrest- 
    1. All you need is a good map.
    2. Think inside the box- that’s good advice- FF quote ABC interview. 
    3. Grizzly Bears alone are something to think about- FF quote ABC interview. 
    4. “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and treasure.” (pg 132 in the The Thrill of the Chase)- He doesn’t say treasure chest, just the treasure. Iris= Rainbow. (You got it!) Forrest often times wore the same purple sweater in his online interviews. Purple Iris is symbolic of royalty and wisdom. – Remember, Iris Street intersects the 2nd “y”- Wise” = wisdom. The blaze (Frontier trail) is at the very end of Iris St. (the rainbow). Are you still with me?
    5. “Your effort will be worth the Cold” is a reference he uses for the Bronz, the treasure chest ~TTOTC: touch the bronz.
    The following is my opinion. I have included a rune that sits on my desk at work as reference to the following. Coincidentally, I also have a fortune that says “imagination is more important than knowledge.”
    1. Odal Rune (also known as Othala Rune is Greek and means heritage or inheritance, inherited estate. If you follow the lines on my map, starting at Madison Ave. down Canyon, over Grizzly and up Faithful, all the way up to the first “y” intersection of Faithful St, the line creates the symbol of the Oldal/ Othala rune up to the Firehole Ave before turning left towards Hwy 20 / Iris St. Just turn the rune until it fits the direction you proceed on Madison. It works.
    2. Forrest’s first find was an arrowhead when he was a child. Instead of placing an arrowhead in the ground (too hard to find) maybe he put that “gold tip” arrow in the ground similar to the photo in his book (golden arrow). The arrow I found “gold tip arrow” planted firmly in the ground was rusted and weathered as though it had been there for many years.. Possibly 10.. (See photo of tennis racket with the “golden arrow.”) That photo came from his book “too far to walk” and it is one of the last photos in that book. (260-261). Golden arrow = Gold Tip was the closest thing he could find to an actual “Golden Arrow.”
    3. The dust jacket on the second book “too far to walk” IS the Madison River. Forrest made that known. That’s where warm waters halt (in my opinion).
    4. The bench “Banco” was no more than 4-7 ft from where the arrow was stuck in the ground. I didn’t measure, but not further than that. 
    5. The Tee-pee (see both photos. One I took and one from his book “too far to walk”) is on the Frontier trail except the tee-pee on the east side of the trail. Forrest referenced the “south” side in multiple chapters of TFTW. I’ve also included a photo of a compass point which is at the end of the first portion of Frontier trail (except you really don’t have to go that far. I explored all over the “south” side of the trail. That’s where I found the bench and the arrow.
    6. The bench “Banco” I discovered off the south side of the Frontier trail/Jeep trail. It is a quiet peaceful place surrounded by weathered branches and downed limbs from trees. Someone neatly placed them surrounding the parimeter in a circle. Forrest said the location of the treasure is his “final resting place.” There lied a bent tree at the head of the bench. “I bend a little.” Forrest dedicated an entire page titled- Father On The Banco. (Pg 119). Banco – Merriam-Dictionary: French, from Italian, total sum offered by the banker in a gambling game, from banco bank, bench. ** 2 things to mention here 1) next to the Preface in The Thrill of the Chase, he quote: “Life is a game of poker, Happiness is the pot. Fate deals you four cards and a joker, And you play whether you like to or not.” 2) The very LAST photo in “too far to walk” is a photo of Forrest fathers grandparents (great grandfather (left) great grandmother (right). The photo on right is a picture of his great-grandmother sitting on a log or “Banco?” **
    7. That unique bent tree (see photo) next to the bench -Forrest said in “too far to walk” “I bend easily.” Native Americans did that as a symbol to lead other from their tribe to food and water. I question whether Forrest learned how to do this when he was younger and did it to this tree. Hard to see in the photo, but it appeared to be man-made. I could be wrong.
    8. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Forrest referenced this quote in his book and in his interviews- he made it a point to do so. The map in TFTW, on the back the verse reads: “I warned that the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.” You have to go off course (off the trail) a little, not far to find the bench.
    9. I removed that ARROW and hid it. Forrest knows I removed it. If it happened to be an identifier, could that be a game changer…?
    10. Everyone knows his most prized possessions are his Native American artifacts.
    11. TFTW quote: Oh, tell me sir, Where are the treasures? And the wise man replied, “Wherever you find them.” Does this mean there was no chest? I don’t know. Maybe some day we’ll find out. I’m not sure we’ll ever know.
    12. TFTW “south side” quotes. a. Picture of front porch “the front porch still stands in front of where my house use to be- one block SOUTH of where my parents and my brother are buried.” Picture of the model airplane and metal gun “I scraped through the dirt on the SOUTH SIDE of the porch.” b. “Jackson Park was about halfway and I sat on a BENCH to rest.” c. “Once cute brunette staked claim you a corner spot under the SOUTH window. d. “So we built a sixteen-room motel on the SOUTH corner of Boundary and Madison and named it The Dude.” e. I’ll happily share my national forests with you.” See photos from the book -“TFTW” pages with illustrations: front porch/ metal airplane and metal gun, a house at the top (left of the page) and girl sleeping under window, guy stepping on creates to climb into window with guy looking out window. See photo that I took myself of the sign that says “Boundary Line, leaving National Forest. (That sign is in direct line of where the bench and arrow took me to.)
    13. Forrest always called himself a maverick and quoted in his book, “But it takes mettle enough to strike the trail, and enough confidence in a maverick to know that the treasure is really there for the taking.” The Merriam Dictionary- : an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party. (Maybe someone like me who wandered off the trail?)
    14. There’s a picture of a typewriter in “TFTW.” It’s on old Underwood typewriter. Forrest replied to a question Q: Are there any other comments you’d like to share? A: (lengthy answer, about getting the kids out into the wild) then he says “they need to turn over rotting logs to see what’s under it.” If the treasure chest was hidden, I suspect it was “under wood.” I turned over may logs in the area and no treasure. It’s important to say, Forrest mentioned a few times in interviews “buried it.” But he always went back to correct himself saying I never said it was buried, I never said it wasn’t. ** I buried MY shovel underneath that bench. I buried it under the bench as homage to his “his final resting place.” – pretty neat huh?
    15. Somewhere along the way I remember hearing him say “I didn’t cross the boundary line. I cannot seem to find the quote, but I took a photo of the sign “Boundary Line, Leaving the National Forest.” It would have been wise for Forrest to hide the treasure on National Forest land as this is the only land that would cause the least amount of headache of someone were to retrieve a treasure chest. If you start walking down the Jeep trail you’ll see the sign on the left. Immediately turn right into the open forest (no more than 200-250 ft from the “blaze” the Frontier trail marker) which will lead you directly to the bench. You don’t cross the boundary line to find the bench. There was nobody around in that area. A few passerby’s on ATV’s on the Jeep trail, but not OFF the trail. People seem to stick to the trail! Why not go off the beaten path- The Road Never Taken- Robert Frost (back East Poet from Massachusetts)
    16. Another thing I mentioned earlier, if you turn left off the path (photo of trail where it “bends) that too will lead you to the bench. Just another reminder. Screenshots of Google Earth (of the forest) show how far from the trail marker to the bench and the bench to the Jeep trail. No more than 200-250 ft.
    17. I recall reading somewhere that a broken arrow or arrow pointing down means “peace,” I can’t prove or disprove. It’s hard to break a carbon fiber arrow. If he wanted to use a wooden arrow, it wouldn’t have said “gold tip” relating to “golden arrow.” Sticking it in the ground was the next best option. The angle of the arrow was so close to the ground, you would have had to be at close range to shoot the arrow to get the arrow to stick (or strike) at that angle. Or someone placed it like that intentionally.
    18. I think it’s important to note the last few photos in TFTW are similar to the photos I have taken.
    19. I feel like there’s some significance to to the photo of Fenns great grandmother sitting on a log, a bench “Banco” that ends this journey. Whether it be my journey, Forrest’s journey or your next journey. I recommend giving it a go if you think you can find it. It’s pretty cool.
    Forrest knows all these details. I sent them to him back in September/ October of 2019.
    Anyway, if you have made it this far congrats! Don’t forget, I left my shovel underneath that bench “Banco” exactly where the poem leads you to.
    Lastly, I just want to thank Dal for hosting the website. He deserves so much gratitude for his time and patience.

    • I would be interested in seeing the pictures please. My brother passed away after six years of looking for this treasure. It is what kept him alive till the end. He had my husband and i in wyo looking for it lol. I’m grateful to have those memories with my brother. He was too weak to climb towards the end of his life so we were his legs and muscle. I am grateful for having the adventure with him and his dying request was that we take him back to wyo, where we grew up for awhile, and spread his ashes there. I haven’t done this yet for i was in hopes to take him to the treasure but i think he would be pleased to at least be close to where he wanted to be. My email is pbrommel at gmail dot com. I miss my brother every day but know he was excited to see the treasure found. He talked about it daily and his plans of turning it back to Forrest. Jerry was a simple man who just wanted the find more than the treasure. He was a very kind soul.
      Thank you
      Jerrys forever sister Patricia Brommel

      • Patricia, It was a great thing your helping your brother on his quest. The Chase was the sparkle in the eye of so many that needed it. Kindred souls all. I will send you my email. Us searchers should stick together. g

    • Last one to the bench / shovel is a rotten egg!, But maybe folks who find the shovel should it behind? I left the shovel for Forrest. If you dig it up, please burry it again. The treasure hunt will continue…

  105. I was at work today and received a text from my wife notifying me that the chest was found in Wyoming. What a great surprise on a Friday. My wife and I often disagreed on the State, so we traveled them all. Our adventures countless. In a way the chase saved my life, as well as others I shared the chase with. The stories and life that Forrest shared, made me stop and look at my life, how I was living my only life. I quit my executive job, took a 6 month vacation, met an amazing woman, moved to another State and went back to building things with my skills and hands. Can you call opening someone’s eyes, saving their life? I would say “for sure”.

    • Interesting that if your find is correct, Forrest hid it relatively close to town.

      • Hi Stephen, I think your reply was meant to me? If so, the answer to your question is “precisely.”

        • Hi Maiara, yes it was. I am sure if is the spot, Forrest must have been chuckling to himself over the years about everyone running all over the different states looking for it. But then again, that was his intention for people to get out and about..

  106. For me, having the release of the state shows me something important. The finder from back East is someone who is invested enough to allow some info to come out because he agreed it was a good thing to do. It’s a gesture that goes a long way. And whether it was the man from back East or perhaps the person Forrest sees in the mirror while he brushes his teeth- it was a benevolent gesture and signals to me that more pieces will be revealed in time.

  107. Just sharing notes now that the hunt is over. I have some amazing images if Dal would like to share I would be more than happy to supply.

    1. WWWH = Boiling River ( Gardner River )
    2. Take it in the canyon down = Lava Creek Canyon
    3. The home of Brown = one thing I am not completely sold on maybe y’all can fill in this blank.
    4. From here it isn’t for the meek= good hike in on the trail down to the waters edge. 30 min. hike into bear country.
    5. No paddle up your creek = the creek feed from Undine Falls snow melt which is almost dry 2 months out for the year.
    6. Blaze = a really cool naturally formed arrow head pointing down, on the wall of the upper falls which can be seen from the trail side of the falls.
    7. Terry scant = you can walk across the falls when the water is low but do it quickly.
    8. Marvel gaze = the view was amazing and who is ever face to face with a water fall


    1. Poem Map is marked with the Holy Ghost FF words when asked if the map company asked him to X the spot, he put a Red Cross on the map instead top left corner of Wyoming one the poem map.
    2. His dog on his website at the bottom of every page. This dog is a map to the treasure and was drawn by Eric his best friend and only other person alive at the time that knew the location.
    3. Pay close attention to the collar of the dog shows a man crossing the falls and a odd moon shape purposely placed. When you look at the falls from the opposite side of the tourist viewing spot you will notice a half moon boulder.
    4. This brings me to the with in 500’ and 200’ comment made by FF. The is a tourism attraction and people stop there all the time we measured the treasure location from the parking lot low and behold it’s 500’ almost exactly.
    5. The Dog also has the Roosevelt Arch on him, and a marker on the trail where once you pass this is where you head down to the waters edge.
    6. One of my favorite clues is when you super impose an image of Once Upon a While over the blaze the moon rock makes scene, the images need to be flipped and almost line up with all perfectly.

    In short we put BOTG on 6-1-2020 the day the park opened due to COVID, returned home 6-4-2020.
    Without the hunt this is something that I would have never had the opportunity to experience all the magnificent beauty that we had the privilege to see.

    Thanks FF

  108. My solve – where a river is born (new) and takes its riches down a canyon nfbtftw. My river started not on top of a mountain but @ 10,000 feet wwwh (the snow is melting) A river brings riches to the people and animals.
    Why is it that I must go – tired and weak This is where the river is old called the mouth of the river Where it ends (hear me all and listen good) and it’s ever drawing nigh to where it ends.
    You don’t go to the end of the river to find rest of clues. You find the right tributary of the river which is the blaze. (If you’ve been wise) A river also has a area called the trunk which is the widest part of the river and deep (cold and in the wood). This was my pea brain solve. Plus a few backup solves!
    Thank you very much Forrest Fenn had so much fun
    I have a favorite spot on the Fire Hole River to sit and listen to it
    But not my river solve

  109. Another possible solution.

    And hint of riches new and old. – hint here is old

    Begin it where warm waters halt – Old Faithful
    And take it in the canyon down, – highway 191
    Not far, but too far to walk . – drive 10 miles
    Put in below the home of Brown. – turn into Nez Perce picnic area

    The starting point I believe is the exit to Old Faithful on highway 191 in Yellowstone Park. Take highway 191 down the canyon or in the direction the elevation decreases. In this case drive north on highway 191. Turn left onto Fountain Flat Drive. Go across the bridge and turn right into the Nez Perce picnic area and park. This works out to almost exactly 10 miles from the Old Faithful exit. You are now just below the Nez Perce Creek the original home of Yellowstones brown trout.

    From there it’s no place for the meek, – Get out of car and walk to the end
    The end is ever drawing nigh; – where Firehole and Nez Perce meet
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek, – wade across Nez Perce Creek
    Just heavy loads and water high. – dead weight + waterfall = deadfall

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, – look for mark on fallen tree

    If you walk to where the Nez Perce Creek and the Firehole River meet the poem tells you not to paddle up the creek. You are at the end of the creek where it empties into the Firehole River so the only option is to wade across the Nez Perce. A heavy load could be dead weight and water high, a waterfall. Combine those two ideas and you get deadfall – a mass of fallen dead trees and bushes. So on the other side of the Nez Perce Creek, on one of the fallen dead trees, should be a mark indicating where the treasure chest was hidden.

  110. Quick question: Can anyone confirm that plans are still in place for searchers to meet near West Yellowstone on September 5 (if I got the time and place correct)?
    And, by the way, Dal, your blog has been both enjoyable and technically well run!
    “Have flashlight, will (still) travel”

  111. Wasn’t it Thomas the Apostle who said “Except I see a detailed solve that leads directly to the Treasure, I will not believe it was hidden in Wyoming”? OK, he didn’t really say that, but Thomas always gets a bad rap for not believing. That’s why he’s called “doubting Thomas”.

    I’m a lot like Thomas I guess. 🙂

    • Sparrow

      Yes he said something almost exactly like that. We all have that touch of doubt in the human side of our souls. We can have hope together that just like Thomas we will also get to TOUCH and SEE, and be fully believing.

    • Sparrow! What a coincidence! My husband’s name is Thomas! I usually just call him Tom… that is, unless he’s being a real jerk. Then I’ll use the last half.

      Makes it sound more official and important that way! You know, when you call someone by their formal name… Anywho, I think you get it. (pun intended)

    • Sparrow, You brought up the Biblical account of Thomas doubting, and without a doubt Christ cared deeply about all people, even the doubters, as He provided proof for Thomas to feel the nail holes in Christ’s hands.

      With that train of thought, I don’t view doubt as a betrayal of Forrest, but rather organized, inquiring minds trying to put the known details in one column and balance against the unsaid details. Forrest is very bright and orderly, he understands some of us are simply trying to reconcile the Deficit ending.

      • 42, I hope you’re talking about a defective branch in our thought process and NOT that we loose our minds to the solve. If you’re not, I’m hopping off that ship that’s headed on a collision coarse toward Crazyville!

  112. So WHY ( WY) is it that I must go. Pieces are falling together.As a hot west wind blows tumble weeds across the trail and sand blinds my eyes I am turning this pony around and headed back to the good grass of the Kansas Flint Hills. Saddle Pals it’s been one heck-of-a-ride. I’ve spent all my wooden nickels, ate all the beans and jerkie I cared to, and swapped spit with the best of them. Yes sir, time to hang my hat back in Star Thirty Four.
    There’s No Place Like Home…..Theres No Place Like Home.

      • Sparrow

        I know this may sound a little different or off subject in response, but you made me think of the 85% 15%; and how sometimes for the greater good (that those outside of the know CANNOT understand) is used to steer something on a just coarse; an exciting course; an adventurous course; like an architect might do. That always meant to me- not lies of deception with bad intentions; but fully knowing a situation, properly planning behind the scenes, and then executing a plan THAT DISCLOSES the 15% in its proper time.

        I’m not saying I’m doubting WY; am saying I am a bit intimidated with matching wit and mind with Mr Forrest. So who knows. I believe Forrest is a man of integrity who isn’t trying to deceive anyone; but wants everyone to use their minds and imagination and look at things in different ways. Variety is the spice of life. And riddles and word play are missing in most of our daily communication, thoughts, and activities.

        Example: Forrest “promised” the finder not to disclose the “who or where”; simple statement; but do we really know all of the behind the scenes details to that statement- how long might the duration of that “promise” be? Maybe the 15% could not just be “artistic license”, in a general sense, but also include omissions that are disclosed later, in a more specific sense. Just all IMO as food for thought.

        What’s in the fine print? Or what’s out of print in a man’s good word and a handshake.

        • Just to be clear. It may have been found in Wyoming, but hidden in Montana. Catch my drift?


          • Sounds like a “rocky” tip!
            UU-y-o, WY-o;/ming- don’t bother asking me to explain… my brain went on strike at 8:01pm, June 6th.

            To D (elete) or not 2 D (elite)? 🙂

          • Sparrow

            I’m trying to catch your drift, but I must admit that my head is spinning too fast these days to be as smart as I once was… or at least thought I was.

          • Yup. That’s what I was thinking. Kinda like the stories about crazy woman Creek, you don’t have to go to Wyoming or back on time for that one.
            Disclaimer: this was a joke and it is a real place, and they still exist.

          • Wow! I knew there was some long legged ventures in finding the treasure, but I never realized the treasure itself had legs.

            I wonder if Mr. Fenn put some Russet potatoes close to the box prior to hiding it in order to help keep it well nourished on its extraneous travels?

            After thinking about it, maybe that’s how and where the finder found the treasure… inside some giant spud! 🙂

            LOL I’m surprised it didn’t make it to Idaho…

        • I don’t think Forrest would lead us down the wrong coarse ever. I merely think we misinterpret his little nibbles of information. In my opinion, missed information drifts south if we stay on the correct heading.

        • WWWH: “If you don’t have integrity, you have nothing.” – Henry Kravis

  113. Thanks for the USS Forrestal video Dal.

    As you said, a shipboard fire is the worst thing imaginable and every seaman in the world takes them seriously. Shortly after graduating from college I had the privilege to watch sailors in action at the Navy Fire Fighting Training School at NAVSTA San Diego, or whatever joint base it is being called now. I was standing at least 100’ away and the heat was still so intense. They uses the water as a heat shield to allow them to get close enough to start attacking it and the tactic worked.

    Another nickname bestowed to it was Zippo, which immediately brought to mind Forrest’s story about the Strike-A-Lite. Did you know you can still buy those?


  114. Wake up folks!!! You know Forrest AND how he words things……… I see a few of you question the Wyoming solve……. you are correct in doing that.
    1. He promised NOT to tell the where or who
    2. They AGREED to SAY it was found in Wyoming NOT that it WAS found in

    In My Opinion, for what it is worth, and for my knowledge that is solid ….. he did not lie in that statement …. just did his Fenn “let them assume” speak ……. just like when he said “ it is above 5,000 feet but below 10,200 feet” ….. When you get to the right area SOUTH is BELOW (NOT elevation below) AND it is HGHER in elevation up to 10,050 feet!!!!
    So, for me, it WAS FOUND in New Mexico!!! Maybe we will know if all is released.
    I have considered releasing my solve but with respect for both Forrest and the Finder have kept quiet (except for the above) because I’m not sure what Forrest really wants me to do?

    Best Regards,

    Your Friend,

    The Lone Aspen

    • Yep, I caught that specific and deliberate choice of words by Forrest as well but tried not to read too much into it. Now I don’t know what to think about that announcement!

    • OK, I’ll bite. What location in NM are you referring to, specifically, Lone Aspen?

      You clearly have a specific place, or coordinates, in mind, so I’d appreciate any additional details that you’d be willing to share. Thanks in advance.

  115. Wyoming words just goes to show that you can’t relieve everything you read on the innernets. This is exactly why everyone involved Should go the the fishing bridge September party to find out some answers on what’s going on in hear.

  116. It’s time to expose the true conspiracy theory behind the Chase. In parallel with KRYPTOS, an encryption developed by Jim Sanborn, and displayed as a sculpture at CIA headquarters, the Fenn poem is actually an Top secret search for the worlds brightest crypto genius. Forrest is secretly fronting the effort on behalf of the CIA. I know what you’re thinking. No encryption is needed. Poppycock. It might not be a traditional encryption, but it is far from a plaintext message. IMWI … WHOATPWNBTD.

  117. “That Treasure is right where I left it ten years ago. In that airplane on the ground, in the freight area in the back. It hasn’t moved since I put it there”.

    “Yes, but the plane itself has been in all 48 states since then”

    “All I said is that the Treasure hasn’t moved from where I put it—and it didn’t for ten years, until the guy found the plane”. I’m not gonna tell you what state the plane was in when I hid the treasure though. It happened to be in Wyoming when the guy found the plane. The plane was on the ground ten years ago when I put the Treasure in it and walked away”


  118. Mr Obvious,
    What the heck??!!! Now I’m spinning in circles, where does this Merri-go-around end? I’m still laughing and thinking.

    • I think you will get all questions answered eventually. But unwinding a puzzle that Forrest worked on for fifteen years is quite a challenge. And … it’s BIG. How big? VERY BIG! Oh … you mean the CIA conspiracy theory thing?
      IMWI … WHOATPWNBTD. That old thing? It means “in my wildest imagination … while hanging out at the pool with nothing better to do.”
      Haha. Funny. I still have more conspiracy theories. Even better than that one. Some could get me in a lot of trouble with you know who. I’m saving those for more desperate times.

      • Dang.

        I thought IMWI might be E is E or 3733. Clearly my crypto skills are inadequate for this chat room. Lol.

  119. An airplane canopy!! “Under a canopy of stars”. Forrest hid the Treasure inside an airplane in the Rocky Mountains under a “canopy” with stars on it. It makes sense. He was/is a pilot— what better place to hide a treasure.

    IT won’t move, but the airplane will. You are not looking for a state—- you are looking for an airplane. LOL. Ingenious. 🙂

    • No, a helicopter. He lifted off from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

    • How about under a canopy of Hollywood stars? Tom Cruise as Maverick in Top Gun? Under a canopy of the F15 fighter jet? Huh? How about a work of masterpiece artwork entitled “Stars” also used as a map to locate the treasure? What about that? Doesn’t the phrase “canopy of stars” refer to Yellowstone. Try Googling “canopy of stars Yellowstone” and you will see what I mean. Yep, that’s what I’m talking about!

      • To me, canopy of stars refers to the constellation of Cancer, and more specifically to the Beehive Cluster within it. But my wavelength is really quite out there, so it’s probably incorrect.

      • LOL I considered that too, Mr Obvious. Stars as in celebrities. I couldn’t think of any location though, just the walk of fame. There’s a Lone Star geyser. Maybe it has something to do with that.

      • Mr.O
        Way early in my chase involvement, before I was aware of the map narrowing the Rocky Mountains (note capital letters) down to four states, I had a solve that led me to the HOLLYWOOD sign in california. It is in (the) rocky mountains (no caps). Coincidently enough there is a wisdom tree or tree of wisdom on that mountain. Using GPS coordinates for Santa fe and hollywood california as whole
        numbers, the 66000 links north also jived. The 8.25 miles north of santa fe was, for the most part, contrived by the search community. Many other perhaps coincidences also confirmed this location. The best of which HOLLY= a brave tribe from the Ohio region and WOOD=no explanation needed. Brave and in the wood, hollywood is a title.
        Atf that also supported this was forrests statement that has yet to be explained…(when asked, why did you start the chase?)…”I have two daughters….something age…that dont know who Clark gable is..”
        Then theres “Carey grant with marvin Gaye
        Also, its uncanny how many of the “assumed” nine clues in the poem can be found on the hollywood walk of stars.
        “Put one foot down and stepped on it to get to the next foot. That’s how I did IT.”
        Although I had to abandon the hollywood sign for obvious reasons, I still think that the chase is as much, if not more,HOLLYWOOD as it is driftwood.

  120. FF always said don’t over complicate , or over think it… I don’t believe he was word smithing that…he said it, pretty straight forward. The man wanted to lay to rest on the treasure. So why in a plan, middle of the woods, public property…. etc. these are questions I always asked my self…. the whole premise of it was to die there and have his bones found with the treasure 100 years later.

    He knew the day he found the spot, likely when he was a teen is when he first laid his eyes on the Blaze and knew right then this was his special place.

    First sentence on his about FF page his most cherished item is his arrow head, even bought a horse with a beautiful arrow head “Blaze” on the center of his head.


    • ET
      You said that ‘Forrest knew the day he found the spot, likely when he was a teen‘. Yep, likely when he was ‘thirteen’ which is where his mind stays. I still think it was within bike riding distance since he was not driving yet.

  121. * I put it on the ground, and walked away”. Those are pilot’s words.. Forrest also said he was surprised no one had thought of something that could be very important. You know what? I think I thought of it today.

    • Nice observation, Sparrow! I think he was trying to get us to appreciate our senses. He only hints at 3 of the 5 though, but there are 9 words that hint to your senses. There’s a place in Yellowstone called Three Senses Nature Trail. It’s a 0.1 mile boardwalk that is arced around Firehole Lake. I think he hid it under that boardwalk.

      • NoName06 – But wouldn’t that negate Forrest’s statement about the treasure not being associated with any structure? I’m paraphrasing of course.

      • NoName6;

        For me:
        Begin it where WARM waters halt = Touch
        Your effort will be worth the COLD = Touch
        And TAKE IT IN = Sight – to view
        If You’ve … and Found the blaze = Sight in order to find
        LOOK quickly = Sight
        With marvel GAZE = Sight
        Look QUICKLY = Smell – Pungent odor
        So HEAR me all and listen good = Sound or Hearing
        I GIVE YOU TITLE TO THE GOLD = Sweet Taste of victory

        To me, all five senses are referenced – JMO – JDA

        • JDA, there is a Five Senses something, but it’s in Colorado. We interpret the senses almost the same. I considered “take it in” as one of them, but went with Brown instead because it’s one word. My thinking is if you were born blind, how could you even know what brown is? But you could easily switch the two out, take it in instead of Brown. So for me it’s 5-sight
          That’s awesome that he considers his senses as gifts, if I’m right that is.

    • Sparrow,
      You’re saying that he put his plane down where no one can find it and walked away?

      • Kdd—- “Until he found the Treasure, the Treasure had not moved in the ten years since I left it there on the ground, and walked away”.

        I find it interesting that Forrest repeats the words “the Treasure” instead of just saying “until he found the Treasure it had not moved….”. But he says “until he found the Treasure, the Treasure had not moved…”

        Now, what if you hid the Treasure in an airplane, and “it” refers to the plane, not the Treasure? The Treasure is in the airplane, and he left “it” (the airplane) “on the ground and walked away”.

        “Until he found the Treasure, the Treasure had not moved in ten years since I left “it” (the airplane) on the ground, and walked away”.

        Again, he is emphasizing the Treasure has not moved, not what it might be hidden in. I know this is a bit of a stretch— but it truly has me thinking.

        Could he have put the Treasure inside “it”, flew to a location, then left “it” (maybe in plain sight at a small airport) and “walked away”—leaving the Treasure under the “airplane canopy” with stars on it? (“Under a canopy of stars”).

        Everyone was always curious as to what “it” was, remember?

        Hey, a lot of this is “tongue in cheek” but I’m beginning to believe myself. LOL.

        • Your overlooking the obvious. It was in a helicopter , Sparrow. He lifted off from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

          • Dave— I thought of a chopper. But an airplane seems more like Forrest’s style. How long can you leave a plane at an airport if you are paying rental fees for the spot? Say a tiny out in the boondocks kind of airport? lol

        • Sparrow, this is all very logical except for the canopy of an airplane.
          Forrest said it wasnt under anything man made. What is something naturally occurring that has the appearance of a canopy of stars? Or a covering with spots. Or a shell with pinholes of light shining through.. or shining from within.

  122. Started to think about some more questions that could be answered without giving away too much info on the exact location. For example, telling us where warm waters halted may give away too much, but asking question number 3 probably would not. Just some things that have been highly debated on the blogs about the Chase in general. I’m sure there are tons more I’m just not thinking of.

    1. What are the precise 9 clues?
    2. What are some of the “hints” in the book(s)?
    3. Does warm waters actually refer to water temperature?
    4. Are there actual hints in the scrapbooks?
    5. Was the blaze a natural formation or made by Forrest?

    • I. If one solves the puzzle, could the location still be identified today? Could it be made identifiable?
      II. Would you have comments to those who may consider publishing solutions that “crack” the story line?
      III. Did the finder solve all the clues the way you meant them, or did the finder devise other effective means of finalizing the location, such as deduction, fortunate equivalences in the poem, or hard work?
      IV. There appears to have been a recanted Pinyon slip-up. Were there other statements outside the poem, aside from jokes/playfulness, that you wish weren’t out there?
      V. What advice would you give to others who may wish to make a significant treasure hunt?
      VI. Overall, are you happy about this amazing event in history? I hope so.
      VII. Is there anything you’d wish from your followers in terms of gratitude? Thank you
      VIII. Can your followers offer assistance that would help with legal matters?

      • Norm DePlume – I like your number III. When Forrest stated he felt like an architect creating that poem, I always wondered if it took so long because he built in “many” ways to decipher it. In other words, I am not an anagram fan, so I took a different route to the solve, but that doesn’t have to mean you could not solve it with anagrams, or coordinates, or many other ways others approached it.

  123. Sparrow,

    if you’re going with an airplane conspiracy…

    Here’s your tie-in to the post marks.

    See this Google Earth Photo of the
    Santa Fe regional airport where ff kept his private plane.

    Old “POSTAL” bldg. I wonder if Fenn owns it?
    I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned before now.

    Link to photo:

    • Can’t get to the photo. But thanks. My imagination has taken flight into airplane conspiracies. It’s so uplifting. Too bad I have to return to the runway of reality.

  124. The finders treasure might have been in Wyoming but our treasure is in Tererro, NM.

  125. One more thing I wanted to share and then I’ll shut up (I’ve been posting too much today).

    Above you’ll note that Forrest says the bracelet was “wet” when found. I had always suspected the bracelet was not inside the chest due to one thing on Jenny’s site:

    (I’m paraphrasing). A woman asks Forrest “Are there any Bronze Animals In The chest ?”

    Forrest responds (again, paraphrasing) “No there is nothing bronze in the chest, not even silver. There Is A Gold frog in the chest”.

    If there is nothing silver in the chest then it must have been outside the chest. This explains why it was wet and blackened. It will be interesting to find out if the bracelet was a type of marker or blaze? Could the bracelet be the Blaze? When you see it you look quickly down and then find the chest? SO many questions. lol.

  126. That stick in the chest is a Willow Branch which is the name of a creek which flows into Brandywine Creek which runs across … get this … Arrowhead Golf Course in Hancock County, east of Indianapolis. The solver lives just minutes away from that location. He’s a regular at that course, IMWI. Arrowhead, what a coincidence! And those car parts are junk. There is a junkyard right close by. Fields Auto Parts it is.

          • Weak sauce, Mr. Obvious. I have overestimated your insider connections a tad, it seems. My mistake.

          • Even though I find this prediction a very low odds proposition, I must applaud your early and vociferous call regarding Wyoming being the place. So far, you are 1 for 1 . . . Keep up the good work!


  127. Mr Obvious, Your interpretations are a bit on the murky side. Maybe you could shed some light on the situation. Why stop at a 12 foot destination, let’s just take it to a 12 x 12 inch spot. -call me crazy-

    • Get your Map app open. Then look for Willow Branch. The app will take you there. To Brandywine Creek. To Arrowhead. It’s there. So is the junkyard. Coincidence? I don’t think so. BTW, nothing personal Patsy, but I am not a fan of country music. Do you know any Van Halen?

      • I think Forrest and the solvers iron will skunked all of us. Their all around defensive strategy is working; I’m still not convenience the treasure wasn’t found Montana.

    • Why stop? That should be obvious. The treasure seems to have grown legs. I’m hoping we will cross paths someday … soon.

  128. Mr Obvious, Sounds like a nice area, with exception of the junk yard. They attract skunks. How can you not love an artist like Patsy Cline? Her Greatest Hits album which was released after her untimely death, stayed in the charts for 722 weeks! The icing on the cake is that during that time that album was #1 for nearly 5 YEARS!!!!! PS. I like Van Halen too…. 😉

  129. This should put the lawsuit to rest from the woman from Illinois who claims her solve was hacked. Pretty sure she was searching in New Mexico.

  130. My solve was near Pilgrim Creek, on the east side of Jackson Lake.
    I had decided on 2 different areas for my search. One was to the north of Pilgrim Creek
    (before it splits into two different creeks, East Pilgrim and Middle Pilgrim) where a double Omega is clearly visible on Google Earth and the other was the area around Grand View Point (Marvel Gaze).
    These two areas are in very close proximity to each other.
    Was planning to make the trip in August. Someone saved me a long drive.

  131. i don’t think the airplane ideas work because Fenn said on Expedition Unknown that”the treasure was’nt associated with anything man-made”, but yet the chest and some of the contents are man-made. interesting.

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