THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part sixteen


SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f

Updated July 22nd, 2020
by Forrest


Many of the searchers for my treasure had solves that seemed to neatly fit the clues in my poem. Then when the finder found and retrieved the treasure, other searchers wondered how close they had been to the right spot. Because I promised the finder I would not reveal who found it or where, I have remained mostly silent.

However, the finder understands how important some closure is for many searchers, so today he agreed that we should reveal that the treasure was found in Wyoming. Until he found the treasure, the treasure had not moved in the 10 years since I left it there on the ground, and walked away.

Perhaps today’s announcement will bring some closure to those whose solves were in New Mexico, Colorado, or Montana.

To all of those who did not find the treasure, we hope that you got some enjoyment from the chase. f







547 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part sixteen

  1. WYOMING – Maybe this can assist those searching in Wyoming.

    How would a down-home Texan pronounce that?

    Something like ‘Yomen’? —> yeomen, a petty officer in the Navy who is basically a clerk. Petty = small = scant.

    …tarry scant… —> scant tarry —> small tarry. A millimeter or one-thousandth of an inch is pretty small and both are abbreviated ‘mil’, right?

    Mil tarry —-> military

    Yomen —> yo men —> yes men —> yes, men
    Yomen —> Nemoy —> Nimoy —> STAR Trek

    Look to the stars.


    • Fenn continues to provide clues….

      When he blocked out the City of Philadelphia with his thumb he was demonstrating how the Blaze could be “invisible” from certain vantage points. Silver Cord Cascade viewed from the North Rim fits. The Blaze is also disguised when you are right next to it because it cannot be seen n its entirety of context.

      • Tom,

        Do you think he may have been saying something about “brotherly love”? I think I read something about a trip back from Yellowstone when Forrest and his brother had a fight. He got out of the car in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming and maybe that was his hitch-hiking thumb he was talking about?

        He may have been telling the scrapbook story about the waterfall in his back yard that is just out of view to give the type of hint you are thinking about.

        Who knows….too many possibilities of what information is an actual hint at the location. LOL

    • Here’s a copy of an email I sent Forrest after the chest was found.


      Looks like somebody found the chest so I won’t bore you with the whole solve I came up with but the location is in the dry creek bed of the East Fork of the South Fork of the Wood River in Wyoming. There is a large rock formation that resembles the shape of a horse facing left. Nigh means the left side of a horse. The blaze is the horses face which is right above the Wood River (in the wood). Starting point was the Sunshine Reservoir. Warm (Sunshine) Waters Halt (Reservoir, catches winter runoff). Put in below the home of Brown is the next creek (below) past Brown Creek on the Wood River. Now your on the East Fork of the Wood River. No place for the meek means the next turn is towards Slaughter Creek and Deadman’s Creek. Now your on the East Fork of the South Fork of the Wood River. Heavy loads means you pass Buckle Creek. Waters high just means the high altitude. If you’ve been wise means nearby Owl Creek (or Owl Creek Road where you might have parked).

      Confirming Clues:

      The location is exactly 10,200 feet in altitude.

      You can see the Horse shaped formation when flying over (you said you did not take a radial from the blaze which is a flying term)

      No man made trails nearby.

      The Publisher’s mark from your book company is a left facing horse.

      The exact coordinates are: 43.785702, -109.131633 (eye of the horse)

      If this isn’t right, it does fit like a book. At least take a look at the horse on Google Earth (I have pictures I can send you if you’d like) and let me know if it even looks like one!

      I never made it out that way but I did send you a couple of emails. Thanks for the chase. It’s been fun.

      Lexington, KY

      • The trouble I see, Hamdog, is there isn’t a tree within 500 feet of that location, nor a water source to provide the “lush” conditions. And how long would it take you to hike to this spot from the nearest place you could park a car?

      • Hamdog,

        I must admit that the feature does in fact look like a horse, however, as Zap just pointed out, how about access getting there?

        More importantly, I’m not exactly sure what your email to Forrest has to do with my post? Can you please clarify how the two are linked?


      • If cattle were driven down into a valley for water, wouldn’t you expect to find a horse there also? Maybe one saddled up for the rider that drove the cattle down?

  2. Hey Dal, since it’s not possible to comment on the older posts anyway anymore, maybe you could convert the “LATEST POST” column into an index of “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!,.. Part one,.. through Part ten”. Then there would be a easy way to get pack to all of the earlier “Part ___” pages to review comments, or just in case I’m having trouble falling asleep. 🙂

    • Wacats-
      One extra click and all those posts are at your fingertips…
      They are under Most Important Info…

      • Thanks Dal! I hadn’t clicked that one in several years,.. maybe that’s why I didn’t find the chest,. LOL 🙂

      • Dal, I’m new here. Thanks so much for doing this. Curious…Anyone ever ask FF about the archetype(s) on the actual tangible chest the gold was apparently in? Anyone ever wonder about the archetypal image of The Fool on the box? The fool climbing ladders….a fool chasing gold? A box of fools gold? Has Forrest Fenn ever clarified publicly that there are 2 answers to The Thrill Of The Chase? I believe there are 2 answers and I believe FF has been leaving clues about the second part since the announcement the chest was found. Mr. Dal, you seem to have a great connection with Mr. Fenn, any chance you can ask him to clarify that there are 2 answers to this riddle? The first solver was wise and found the blaze , looked down, found the chest and went in peace. The second solver was brave in the wood and now has title to the “gold”. I strongly believe there are 2 answers to this riddle. Can Forrest clarify? Remember FF basically told everyone on June 6, 2020, a man from back east found the chest. A wise man found the blaze. So a wise man from back east…seems like there is something left here all. Just my opinion. Any clarity would be helpful. Thanks again everyone!

        • If you are wise and in the know. The collegiate mountain range Colorado.
          Browns Canyon National Monument, Rail Road Gulch first cave on your left.

  3. Maybe the Finder retrieved it for the Solver because of COVID travel restrictions and safety?

    Maybe the Solver doesn’t even know who the Finder is?

    Maybe this will all be revealed in “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part two hundred twelve”?

    • May I ask why you think this is a possibility? I think you might be on to something! Can’t seem to find the thread you were replying to! Thanks again.

  4. Welp I thought finding out the state would bring me closure but alas it does not.

    • I think if we are being honest with ourselves, true closure will only come with knowing the solve/final resting spot. And we have to come to terms that we may never know that. But something tells me it will be released when the time is right. 😉

  5. History class 2080:

    Teacher: Who said “I regret that I have but one Treasure to hide for my country?”

    (Little Indian girl holds up and waves her arm frantically)

    Teacher: “Yes Sejal”?

    Sejal: “Forrest Fenn!!??”

    Teacher: “That’s correct Sejal!”

    • Interesting thing about the indian girl. I would like to ask Forrest if her importance is a spiritual one or something else

  6. Treasure was found in Wyoming, whoopee. What difference does it make if it was found somewhere in a large area. If one had two vectors intersecting in Wyoming that, would be a lot more helpful.l I

    • He’s not trying to tell us where it was found, so I don’t get your point. Unless the finder wants it, we won’t know where it was hidden.

  7. Guess I shoulda stayed searching in Wyoming. I completely gave up on YNP because of the crowds and legal issues but now it looks like YNP.
    My hat doesn’t taste so good.

      • Yes Jake. Hold off on that. Save it for Fennborree where a larger audience can enjoy the festivities and celebrate the noment. I’ll bring my hat too just in case.

        • No Fennboree for me.
          I accept what the finder and Fenn said as to be true.
          Some of you guys are still in denial and it really doesn’t help you one bit.

          The game is over and time to move on. I don’t want to be a lingering lost ghost.

          • @Jake, how’s that old hat tasting! I was sure you were one of the top 20 with a chance to locate the TC, thanks for all your shares over the years! “I’ll see you further up the creek,” (an epitaph from a tombstone in Talkeetna, AK)!

        • Agreed, Jake. As much as I was convinced the treasure was in Montana, I can’t see Forrest fibbing about the hide state when he could just as easily have remained silent. I just wish he hadn’t prefaced this latest statement with the words “he agreed that we should reveal that…” I would have preferred a simple declarative statement: “I hid the treasure in Wyoming.” Period.

          Or for those quibbling over whether the treasure chest, the trove, the bronze box, or the treasure itself are separate things, or even that Wyoming is something other than a state, perhaps expand to: “I hid the 20-lb. antique bronze chest containing 22 lbs. of gold and jewels in 2009 in the U.S. state of Wyoming.”

    • Jake – no-one is eating anyones hat around here if i have any semblance of say in the matter tbh, esp given that you honestly deserve to share the ‘bravest in the woods most dedicated off-track searcher in all chase history’ award, in my humble opinion – so big-respect to you from my hemisphere mate, truth be known

      however.. i’m pretty sure Zaps would welcome something to chew on right about now 🙂

  8. With all the prior talk about MW, E model three seventy three (or whatever that was), and old car parts, it reminds me of this morning and my husband’s old GM Cylinder Head he just threw out. For years it’s been sitting in the doorway to the garage and for years I’ve tried to get him to do something about it.

    FINALLY, he got the message! And I love him all the more!

    Question. Is allowing old junk parts to lay around just part of the DNA of men, or is there some other purpose?

    Just curious. No offense intend to you men out there.

    • Suzy_S – You just described my husband and then some….I think it’s definitely DNA……..LOL!

        • It’s the memories and the dream of what was intended. Like when something gets planned and life sideswipes ya things get derailed but the vision. Is still there and hope that someday it will come to pass is still possible because the physical object is still there waiting to make the dream a reality. It’s the dream that is the hardest to let go and once the physical object gets tossed the dream fades away fast as if the page marker is removed the page gets forgotten sad thing really them are the things that slowly kill a man . Most of my comments on here was a cry out to the ones who knew what I was talking about because I was trying to get back in touch but all I could remember was the events because they had such a huge impact on my life but I could not remember names so did not have enough confidence to seek them out for fear of imbarasing my self . If any of that makes since . And right now I would appreciate some help from them folks before I just assume I unknowingly burn my bridges somehow

          • The important “bridge” is unknown to most searchers, in my
            opinion. Hee hee!

    • Sounds like your husband must’ve found a better cylinder head to hold the door open, or he’s possibly gonna toss the door altogether.
      Don’t worry about today’s junk long, tommorow you get brand new junk.

      • Shhh… Knowing him, he’s probably out there looking for a replacement right now.

        • Suzy. My father-in-law used to manage a scrap metal yard. He periodically brought things home from there. My mother-in-law Never complained, they were decorating the house. Besides being free, they know decorate part of my house.

          Remember! One mans junk is another mans treasures.
          Art” is a beautiful thing.

          What year and engine was that. The right ones are rare and worth a lot.
          IMoo. GP

          • Grasshopper, I feel guilty now. Maybe I should have just told him to move it off to the edge.

            …and you’re right. Maybe it was expensive. If only he would explain things to me, I would listen.

            Sorry to all you guys!

    • Very interesting that you brought up my exchange w Mr. Obvious from page 15 as both of our crypto posts were quickly deleted before the page closed.

      Mr. Obvious put out there “IMWI” (and some other letters that I did not comment upon) which he attributed to “In My Wildest Imagination.” A very reasonable, yet hard to anticipate acronym.

      I, on the other hand, went full crypto on “IMWI”, turning it into “E is E” and a corresponding number set that should be completely meaningless to everyone in the world save myself, yet publication of my thoughts was deemed inappropriate for some reason that is unfathomable to me.

      Perhaps Dal would like to shoot me an email, or a comment here, with a simple explanation why both these posts were deemed unworthy of public review?

      Thanks in advance, Dal. Regards to all.

      • I might be wrong… but I think it’s still there. Either that, or my browser isn’t refreshing – sometimes it’s not.

        • Thanks, Suzy. You are correct. My mistake.

          Sorry, Dal.

          No explanation required.

      • This is a response to your post below. I don’t know why I cant respond to it directly. You mention that knowing the solution is impossible without verification from Mr Fenn. I have to agree as I figure you wouldn’t know if you had the correct WWWH until the chest was in you hands (now not possible). I have to wonder tho if Mr Fenn has been trying to help us all, the whole time. What if, once you have the correct solve, you could then ‘see’ that there is a feed back loop hidden in the scrapbooks and other posts by Mr Fenn? One might never know 100%, unless the solution is published, but it might be compelling evidence that you are on the right track. Has anyone here found a pattern?

        • I found a pattern and all sorts of stuff, nobody believe me though.
          I’m waiting for Forrest or someone to say something to verify my solve, else I will be seen as flying over a cuckoo nest.

          • The cuckoo’s nest it’s a nice spot, my friends recon I flew way past it some time ago. Interesting that you’ve found a pattern. Have you considered a way to verify it?

  9. Today is the day I had planned to get home from Wyoming . I was going to leave June 22 for Meadowlark Lake (Sitting bull park and campground) The home of brown for me is teepee creek down the canyon from the lake. I believe the chest was where teepee creek cuts and falls through the cliff or just below where teepee creek joins tensleep creek. If that didn’t pan out it was between Shoshoni and Casper. Anyone else get this solve?

    • My solve was Undine Falls but really like
      reading HOB solves, as this was the one clue that stuck out as important but too many solves for it….. any more interesting HOB solves out there y’all would like to share ?
      Thanks for sharing ET

      • I started with very complex solves like many users. Then I took his comment about give it to a child seriously. as in the solve can’t be some complicated algorithm or else a kid couldn’t get that. For my solve, I still loved the Trout angle. While most users noted that Brown Trout were first introduced to the Western US in Nez Perce in 1890; they failed to connect that one year earlier in 1889, Loch Leven Trout were introduced in the upper firehole and these are believed to be Brown Trout as well. So, the first Home of Brown was upper Firehole. All Warm waters halt in Firehole from the Grand Prismatic roll off even down to the Firehole Swimming Hole. Put in below is the base of the Firehole Falls for reasons mentioned above. I end my guess at the base of National Park Mountain where the idea came from a night of camping to create the National Parks for the entire US. If there is anything like a blaze that would spark a fire (movement) it would be the exact location where the original idea came up to create the national parks.

    • I was starting to look into the Bomber Mountain. Cloud Peak, Tensleep creek and falls area.. i was forcused on the Teton region but I am now leaning to the Bighorns.

  10. Hellscanyon
    Curious, why in that dry stretch between Shoshone and Casper?? Not exactly Rocky Mnts.

    • Hi Batty,
      The way “F” starts page 56 in ttotc. In Wyoming, between Shoshoni and Casper. It just kind of stuck with me. He also goes on to say it was getting cold and you know the effort will be worth the cold. Pine mountain has some pines (a few) and there’s a small hot spring to the east. It was more of just a place to look if my other solve was wrong by no means my main solve that’s for sure. To far to drive to not have a plan B or C.

      • I had a solve at Castle gardens . in the middle between casper and shoshoni. Very Interesting place I never searched. Petroglyphs are here on the walls. Unique circle petroglyphs. Drawn by the Aborigini. The Brown people.

  11. To Forrest: thank you for a fun spontaneous adventure into imagination with my older (and much surlier) brother – have quietly stored those precious memories under ‘Most Treasured – for hobbit eyes only’ category, for a/every rainy day hence-forth

    To the Finder: you big loveable ROGUE!! ..well done

  12. I would say that both states are both applicable to the hide.

    Additionally. If that ring was already hidden in Wyoming before you left on the trip, I think one could say with certainty that it was also hidden in Colorado as you traveled through it.

    WOOW! What a mind twister!

  13. The ring is hidden at whatever point you place it on the ground and walk away from it. Everything else is prep work, IMO.

  14. I wonder what the clues were in the “book”…… Also, what was the one small detail or thing no searcher had thought of? It would be awesome to hear all about Forrest’s thoughts and how he came to cleverly write the poem over the many years, like an architect as far as hiding the clues within the lines of prose. Learning what the home of Brown is, or if the drawing ever nigh was indeed a picture that was also the blaze would be great info too. If not, what was the blaze?

    It’s hard for me to wait to hear,
    the treasure clues I hold so dear.
    I hope it will not take a year,
    never knowing is a real fear.

    For now I’ll have to wait and see,
    as there are other things for me,
    A treasure hunting I will be,
    the price of gold is calling me.

    • the home of brown is yellowstones bear mgmt. unit A as stated in my solve in part 14 of this blog towards the end of comments right before the site closed. no one has figured that one out. also, the blaze is a small green geyser pool just east of fountain flats drive where you must park your car. it’s all in my solve.

    • Yes, I totally agree!! We should all get to find out how these clues led to the treasure!! I think it’s absurd not to tell everyone where exactly it was found. It’s a bummer to not understand the poem and how it applied!! So disappointing!! I get not revealing who found it but I don’t get not revealing the actual where!! What is the point in that? Not just the state of Wyoming!! It’s all disappointing to me now. Maybe he should hide another one.

  15. Mr. Obvious: I think you and others should stop throwing around that August 4th date like it has any meaning, since it almost certainly does not. It was just another yahoo stirring the pot. Did said yahoo mention anything about a July 22nd reveal of the find state? No, they didn’t. So they obviously don’t have any inside track on what’s going on.

    • I have searched E bay but It’s tough to say. My educated guess is this: you just found a mammoth of a fortune in gold and antiques, right? And the community of people wanting to know who you are is vast and crazy, some anomalies even hostile, right? But still, you wanna ball out for a while. Would you sell online?
      Hell no. I personally know I’d sell at some local gold and silver coin shop type of place and make sure I trust the people there. Also I’d never say two words to the people in the shop about where I got the coin other than “I got an inheritance from family…” or something…. That right there, folks, is my bet

      • Afterthougt: heck, I’d even drive a few cities over to sell the more common St Gaudin’s walking liberty gold eagles!!!!! Spread it out like you would if it was stolen…. Gotta be careful

  16. Hey,

    The chase is over but anyone one looking for something to do. Google the secret treasure hunt. There is a site but no blog. In 1982 a man hide 12 boxes in the US. To date 3 have been found. There are paintings and a poem to each box. Maybe FF got the idea from this person. Take a look….really cool.

    • Thanks, Dal. And thank you for all the hard work, dedication and good energy you’ve put into this website. If I had to put money on it, I’d place the chest along Soda Butte Creek between the Northeast Entrance and Silver Gate. Just south of the border of Montana, (Home of Brown =State Animal is the Grizzly).

    • Great Story Dal, Thanks!
      I wish I went with them, maybe next time!
      I’m gonna read it again right now! 🙂

      Pauley T

    • Dal neitzel was third on Google list today.
      Dal neitzel Forrest Fenn was #1
      Dal neitzel email was #2
      Dal’s famous now!!!

    • Fun story Jim. What I like is anyone who searched can take your search area and substitute it with their own and relate to the exact joy, excitement and sense of adventure you were experiencing! I think that is what ties us all together no matter where you went looking. It was just plain fun!!!!

  17. I’ve never posted here, but Wyoming was my solve. Just never got past what I believed the first clue to be. I don’t remember where or when, but FF once said, look at the bigger picture. The thing that had me grinding was the use of a semicolon after line 10. Use of a semicolon indicates the link of two independent clauses. As such, my “X” was 10 and 14. After hammering out hours and hours of looking at Google Maps Route 14 and Alt 14 in the Bighorns. As I scrolled around the map, I also found what appears to be some type of local/county road “10”. 10 connects to Alt 14 just west of Burgess Junction and connects to 14 south of Burgess Junction. I found it interesting that this also happened to include “Hunt Mountain” and 10 also shows as Hunt Mountain Road on Google Maps.

    I read something that FF said, put an X on the map. I haven’t spent much time reading deep into comments to avoid getting biased on an area, but using a “good map” (an Atlas/Google Maps), I’m assuming the 10/14 mark could be found by anyone, including the little girl in India. I simply could not find WWWH anywhere in the area that would lead me to take the leap and the cost of a trip from the southeast US.

    I put an X on the map, using 10/14 with the semicolon looking at the “bigger picture”. The synonymous “hunt” with chase or the idea of a treasure hunt kept me going back to that area. Forest also said, don’t search in winter and Google Maps indicates Alt 14 in that area is (Closed Winters).

    So that was where my solve started.

  18. Dal, skip Congress and run for President.
    Your ethics & common sense are desperately needed.

  19. Is Forrest still giving us clues? There is the stick and rusty key in the treasure chest photo. Plus Forrest said twice now the chest has not moved in 10 years. Something that has not moved you could say it was stuck. Stuck is the past tense of stick. Maybe the key to solving the poem is the dead tree branch. Deadwood or deadfall.

    • Dave, I have thought the same thing. Stuck is also frozen. To not move is to Stall, Stand, Too far to walk.

      And the rusty scissors. Scissors means Fork.

    • Dave, I like your line of thinking; let’s hope it’s not ff’s version of shtick comedy.

    • Dave, will you help me understand the reasoning behind your Hypothetical scenario?

      You asked, Is forrest still giving clues? Would that mean…
      no guy from back east, no finder, but ff won’t come out and say the chest is still out there to find?? Why would he do that?
      Your scenario ‘keeps it going’ in some minds, but doesn’t make sense to me from FF’s standpoint…Unless he wanted to leave it out there for the ages, but get folks to stop searching. Is that what you’re thinking???

      Note: Dave’s thoughts, not from me/42.

      • 42,

        Sorry about not being clear. I believe Forrest when he said a guy from back east found the treasure and that the treasure was in Wyoming. I also believe that the guy showed Forrest the treasure and then took the treasure back east to his home. What I don’t believe is that Forrest put a stick in the treasure chest. I believe the finder took some of the treasure out of the chest then put the stick and key together as a clue to the treasures location. Then when Forrest said twice the treasure had not moved from the spot where he hid it more than 10 years ago struck me as odd. Made me think of when something has not moved it could be stuck. Past tense of stick. I believe the stick is a clue. Maybe the stick is the “key” to solving the poem. Even though the treasure is gone I believe the finder and Forrest still want others to know the solution to the poem. I know the finder said he didn’t want to reveal the solution but then why put a clue of the stick in the chest photo. I think it would be just cruel to put a clue in the chest photo and to not follow up with the complete solution. So I believe over time Forrest and the finder will reveal more pieces to the poems solution.

        • Idea from:

          “The Moon Willow”

          Whispered song . . .

          Hare, Moon, Willow, and Water . . .

          Bring back the Light . . .

          • Reminds me of a rhyme my grandpa told me years ago when he gave me a couple wooden nickels:

            A nickel tossed to thee.
            Buffalos! Can it be?
            Would ‘n headed key.
            An Indian you can see!

            Kept it all these years in my email…

        • Ok…this will sound crazy and I’m ok with that. I can see this through. I firmly believe the stick (branch) and key in the chest represent one thing; The Branch of Jesse and the Key of David. I firmly believe the chest that was found is a box of fool’s gold, hence the image of the fool on the actual chest, and the real answer to TTOTC is a human being. I believe the man from back east sent a photo of a human to FF and in turn, FF gave him the physical title to the gold. Allegedly a wise man found the blaze in order to look down and take the chest. So a wise man from back east? Like the wise men back east from 2000 years ago? People, I think FF wrote a poem/riddle about the Son of Man. About the Messiah. I am not even that “religious”. I know very little of these things. No religious affiliations here! Just love. But it makes perfect sense. It’s why FF wants his bones to rest with the treasure for all of eternity. Because the answer is eternal. The poem/riddle is about the Messiah. TTOTC is about the Messiah figuring out who he or she is. That’s why the treasure is wet and not associated with a structure. Because the treasure is human. Read the poem/riddle again with the thought that Forrest is the modern day John of Patmos….it’s why FF states at the beginning of one of his books that he hopes he can make it work like it’s supposed to…like I said….sounds crazy….but what if it wasn’t???????

    • I mean it’s possible, but wouldnt you think he would advise Dal not to have everyone post their solves etc?
      I agree the placement of the stick (stick with “it”) is curious and even meaningful. It’s hard to say. I think his hands are tied with these disgusting lawsuits.

    • Probably so I’ll go see if it’s still were I left it lol I might have overcooked this chicken a bit.

        • Kee,

          TTOTC was recipe for disaster for some, manna from heaven for one, but for most, the cake simply wasn’t done.

          Have you seen the T.V. Show “Chopped”?
          Competitors open a basket with really odd ‘surprise’ ingredients they must use making their best guess at preparing a dish to be judged. One dish is picked the winner. The ingredients are unusual ingredients which don’t fit together. It’s a scramble for the finish. Sounds a lot like TTOTC.

        • Kee,

          Can you explain what *recipe* is supposed to be exactly?

          I mean, in the simplest of terms, it just mean having all the ingredients in the correct order.
          Is there a different idea you propose?

    • Forrest said, “Many have given serious thought to the clues in the poem but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key.” The keyword to helping me solve the poem was old. As in Old Faithful. I believe that is the starting point.

  20. Hey, did anyone else ever find that historic letter in the Durango (CO) train museum, off in the corner with the luggage, that references the Frosty King? The letter was referencing one of the steam trains that went regularly to YNP in the early 1900s, although I was never able to find any mention of a train by that name, and no one at the museum knew. Frosty…thought he was a ruler.

    • Lady V – given your astute research skills, an historical ‘train’ reference wouldn’t surprise me at all, in the over-all solve of things

      tbh, always enjoyed reading your depth of comments, and can’t help wondering whether you’re somehow related to cowboy ken..?

      ( ..don’t worry tho – that’s DEF a compliment!! 🙂 )

  21. Geysergirl

    You said correctly that if we’re all honest, then nobody will have “true closure” until we know the solve (I would add specifically Forrest’s solve) in its entirety, as well as the FINAL resting spot; and I would take it a step further up that trail and say many searchers will HAVE to visit the SPOT before they can truly rest; I know I plan to.

    So to you and Jake and all searchers, while we wait, I hope we can chew on positive thoughts of why we wait and what may be coming. Might as well make the best of speculation and possibilities; could help ease the pain for someone until ALL is disclosed.

    WHAT IF…

    The TC was found 500 feet off Nez Perce Tr and Creek
    Or closer to the Firehole or Grand Canyon area if you prefer;
    (Insert your own location for this daydream);
    Forrest’s exit strategy was already prepared for the find;
    Including the NPS with whom he has allies;
    By NPS direction because of Covid, we wait longer than Forrest planned;

    In the meantime, Forrest and the Finder hit it off;
    Forrest, like Tim Allen in “The Santa Clause”, needs a replacement;
    Finder becomes Forrest’s Doppelganger;
    Turns out Forrest was certain about “the spot” since a youth,
    But that doesn’t mean he didn’t have other amazing SPOTS in several states;
    He’s got multiple spots and multiple poems- he did have 25 years!

    Finder signs the “Forrest Clause” contract
    And is handed the stack of spots and poems to choose from;
    He picked the spot he felt connected to and secreted the TC;
    That was done weeks ago and now we wait;

    NPS gives the green light to Forrest whenever,
    Prior hiding spot released with full solve;
    Spot is inundated, BUT RESPECTED and celebrated.
    Hear this again, Spot is RESPECTED and CARED FOR.

    Finder and Forrest write the book and we buy it;
    It includes the new map and new poem;
    We spent the next 10 years happily searching;
    The next Finder takes the “Forrest Suit” from the Famous First Finder,
    Signs the hallowed “Forrest Clause”
    And receives the remaining stack of spots and poems;
    All originally written by Forrest Fenn;
    Second Finder joins the secret-“ing” club
    chooses, secrets, repeats…

    All IMO… more accurately MWI of course…

    • Mr. obvious, if a federal Gov’t employee found it and notified a government agency, the agency would NEVER give it back to forrest for him to browse through at leisure in a conference room. Case in point, New Mexico officials asked ff to call off the Chase and ff wouldn’t. The Bureau of Land Mgt – antiquities officials raided FF’s home looking for contraband in a scandal. How many folks have been rescued or arrested in Yellowstone Park at the expense of tax payers? You really think they would hand it back to him? Not a chance.

    • I think you should have been the finder. This could be a cool thing to do. I wood do this I could. Shoulda, coulda, wooda.

  22. Birdman – You have a pretty good imagination! I guess anything is possible….not probable….but possible. 😉

    I will say you mentioned my area ( and a lot of other peoples, LOL!)
    WHAT IF…The TC was found 500 feet off Nez Perce Tr and Creek….I know that area was searched to death, but there was something of interest there that most probably missed. I found something that was also a possible blaze, but came up empty handed. When I realized what I missed, I was set to go back …but alas….it was too late. Gonna go back sometime and look again just because!

    • Geysergirl

      Part of me hopes you find the indentation of the chest, and part of me doesn’t… No… I FULLY hope you do; what a moment that would be! Even without the chest.

      • Thanks Birdman, agreed on what a moment that would be even without the chest! May you continue to have the same wonderful and rewarding adventures!

  23. Hi Dal/All: three days ago the UK Daily Mail put out another story on the treasure hunt subsequent to the July 22nd update about the treasure having been found in Wyoming. Nothing new w.r.t. the circumstances of the find — same info and photos you’ll find at the top of this page. The story does include some summary info and pictures of five of the people who died searching for the treasure.

    • jeez Zaps – didn’t realise it was suddenly a $3million dollar treasure over-night
      sorta sounds like a severe case of ‘chinese whispers’ to me, so it MUST be true

      wait another week though and i’ll bet my personal FB data that it’ll top $5mil on tomorrows usual sleazy SM channels – R.I.P BBC 🙁

  24. Dal, thank you for this wonderful website! Been working on the poem for quite sometime and watched many FF videos. Travelled to YNP last August in hopes of finding the treasure. I kept it simple. It’s possible my one mistake was not wading through the Firehole River to the word that was key. FF has used the phrase “how deep is a hole” on a few occasions. I figured a hole was deep enough to halt waters. I figured the Firehole River was WWWH. After that realization, following the canyon down was straightforward. Nez Perce Creek seemed like HoB since it was the first place stocked with Trout. So I hung a right on Fountain Freight Road below Nez Perce Creek and headed towards Sentinel Meadows (no place for the meek). In retrospect, I believe no place for the meek meant get in the water (Firehole River). I think “no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high” referred to Sentinel Creek which leads to Queens Laundry (heavy loads and water high). I went up the creek, but think I should have just waded out to the islet, (one definition of the word “key”). The islet is at the mouth of Sentinel Creek. I believe the chest was on that islet since no one, not even fisherman would have a reason to get up on that islet. Anyhoo, that is my solve and I reckon it always will be unless we find out otherwise. Cheers.

  25. Thank you Forrest. My father and I searched for your treasure. Made a trip to New Mexico, from Minnesota with him. Also, spent many nights coming up with solves with my lovely fiancée. Our best : WWWH= Yellow Stone Lake. Halt as in hold. The lake is a giant hand ,with fingers, that hold. Follow the canyon down, interesting, that your canyon flows north there in Yellowstone. Needless to say, I intend to build another treasure trove. I think it is a wonderful idea, for men with plenty, to share the thrill of the chase. Rest well ancient one, you did well, Sir.

  26. I never knew we would not be having the great ENJOYMENT of ending this Chase
    in a Postive light.
    How can anyone feel good about it ending this way. Its a unfinished Bad Dream !!!

    • Musstag

      I totally agree. Blindsided all are we. IF… the ending of this amazing epic adventure was left up to the chance that one person (or one TEAM of persons) could “hold hostage” the ending for countless others, in essence (albeit unintentionally I would hope) extracting a whimsical joyous happy little peg out of ALL of the other’s hearts, and this was truly the END OF THE STORY – PERIOD… THEN… this would be the fatal flaw in a type of Shakespearean Tragedy that started out and lived and breathed and existed as the most daunting dare ever dared, the best movie ever made and the greatest novel ever written. (over-dramatized? Absolutely!) As you say, an unfinished Bad Dream!!!

      But Alas… “Sometimes Principle is reason enough to abandon logic” ff.

      So far, the “END” of the Chase is not logical. There’s a disconnect.

      Therefore, it’s one of two things:
      1) not the END… or
      2) some Principle(s) at work behind the scenes.

      We just don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle… YET.

    • Musstag,

      “Ending” in what way?
      We were showing proof of the find. Told which state the chest laid in wait. We all knew Forrest would honor the finder(s) request about who and where the chest was found.
      Yet, we still don’t know IF the finder is considering a later announcement… Reasons could be ( besides wachos with lawsuits ) …
      The autobiography. (book or books deals)
      Appraisal of the trove.
      Family or personal responsibility to all the above.
      Even.. going out on a limb here… A possible TV documentary about the chase, solve, finder etc.

      It’s been relatively a short time from the announcement… I’d bet a nickel there will be plenty of info to come when and if the finder finalizes things that should be done.

      It could also be… and one thought I had consider… publish the bio with the solve for 350,000 plus to read about, using a different author named. That would hopefully keep the crazies at Bay.

      I highly doubt this it the “end”

      • Seeker I hope your correct. Yes it would be a great story for a movie.
        It was such a Grand idea, a Grand poem,
        they deserve an Grand Ending.

  27. Bear with me here….all this talk about lawyers and land needs vetting
    1. Forrest said he spent a lot of money with lawyers for research etc.
    2. Fenn said he always knew exactly where he was going to hide the chest.
    So the type of land was not a variable.
    3. So what did the lawyers do?
    4. First, they tried to talk Fenn out of it.
    5. Second, they tried to change the spot.
    6. Finally, all they had left to sell, was how to structure the transaction.
    7. I suspect at the very least an entity that has “continuity of life” as a business characteristic was created and the treasure along with Fenn’s bio/story was contributed by the shareholders/members.
    8. Distribution of the treasure to the finder has some formal details and perhaps opportunities for collaborative partnerships, including a joint, fully annotated solve.
    9. This has been business from he very start.

    • Tom-
      Forrest didn’t consult with his attorney about ownership and land types until long after he hid it…
      In fact, several years after the search was in play…
      So his attorney had no input for your points 4 and 5…
      In my opinion his attorney had no input in your point 6 either…

      However the timing of his interest in consulting with his attorney suggests to me that the chest probably was hidden on gov’t land where ownership would likely be contested…otherwise why spend money getting an attorney’s opinion?

      Forrest said he thought of everything but I think there were several events that never crossed his mind when he was planning the treasure hunt. People losing their lives while searching for the chest was one such event. Disputable ownership when found on federal land being another.

      • Dal, please tell us where Forrest said he “thought of everything”.
        I was under the impression that he said he “tried to think of everything.”

      • Dal, thanks….so people losing their lives…or government land…hmmm.

        Forrest’ s very careful language about that the chest was found ‘where he set it on the ground’ would still be a true statement even if the chests contents were changed after attorney consultation/work.

        If I’m a lawyer (and I’m not) with a client (who did a crazy thing that can’t be taken back because it is his legacy) what do I do to protect my client and his other substantial wealth and assets? Darn clients always get to their lawyer or accountant after the fact.

        1. I try to get Fenn to call it off or change the spot which was fruitless because it is Fenn’s legacy and even simply moving it would cast suspicion to the legitimacy of the Chase.
        2. Then the lawyer is down to structuring the transaction to limit the liability and ease the transfer. Creates an LLC or Corp entity to put the Chase into. This would perhaps require notifying the finder via written instructions that needed to be added to the contents of the Chest. It isn’t a perfect solution but it is an attempt at trying to protect the client.

        This is complicated and part of Act III.

      • Dal,

        Sorry to keep asking questions but…..

        In 2011, when asked in an interview if he would know if the chest was found, Fenn admitted that he wouldn’t necessarily know if the finder did not come forward.

        In 2019, Fenn, also in an interview, stated that here was a way to know if the chest had been found even after his death.

        What changed? Did the legal team come up with something to insure that there is a way to know post 2011??

        • Yeah, I kinda am waiting on this one. I ran into All sorts of ideas on this. As of lately I’m a mile deep in the rabbit hole of Alice in wonderland versus wizard of oz. The darkness seems to be infinite, yet somewhat entertaining.

    • Seems like a bit of a mine field. Maybe the ownership of the site or laws changed.

      One never knows.

      • Once again, it looks like Forrest might have stumped us and left us searching for answers. Wouldn’t that be clever.

        Given his ingenuity, we might just be stepping over clues. It’s a wonder that the treasure was ever found! 🙂

  28. Anyone ever think of Geurnsey Wyoming as part of their solve because that was the kind of cow Bessie was or is it just a hint to Wyoming?

      • I did a quick visit to Guernsey. It had all the clues. The Blaze would have been the Sunrise Mine… The chainlink fence, no treaspassing signs and perilous terrain pushed me into the wind and down the road.

  29. All these tough questions make my mind sweat… er, should I say, perspire. Can brains do that?Hopefully someday we’ll know the answers.

  30. Just an interesting thought about hoB.

    Seeker had an idea about a shadow being cast at dawn on Summer Solstice day. The idea that this shadow would point to exactly where Indulgence rested…. At that time in the morning, and the angle of the sun, I would think that the shadow would be a VERY deep or VERY dark brown, and not really black.

    Now, if there were a rock, shaped such that it’s shadow looked like a capital “B” – would not that rock be the “Home” of the Capital “B” or the “Home of Brown?” Home of the VERY dark BROWN shadow???? Just a thought. JDA

    • Whether to attribute those thoughts to you or seeker or someone else, estoy de acuerdo. However, I believe the poem revealed multiple correct answers, so it’s more meaningful than what you’ve described, but perhaps you’re not playing your Ace in the whole? I do think you are on the right track, imo, but who knows? Nice chatting.

    • I like that home of capital B. On the trail we walked, there was a pre YSP structure 3 boards nailed to 2 trees.
      I was hoping is was the home of Mr and Mrs Brown, YSP historians are looking into it for us we sent them pics and location of the structure.
      That’s where we went below to get to access the creek.

  31. Gut punch… I knew it was wyoming.. never had, or worked on, a solve any where else, never even entertained any other state. My solve from the poem said Why one my… Wish it had been some where else to honest. If it comes out that the shoshone river was involved im gonna cry.. Jay

    • I know is late but just got back off holiday and have only just today found out the state had been reveled.

      Zap. Did you see my reply a while ago on treasure found 12 i think it was… told you it was wyoming. I used a similar way as solving the poem as you did but i got the state right.

      • Dont know if any one picked up on scrapbook 247 unmistakable hint…the us flag at the bottom has 44 full stars the others are cut in half. the 44th state is Wyoming. …

  32. Mr. Forrest Fenn has some explaining to do to the many treasure hunters all over the world. He just announced that his treasure has been found but agreed to keep the finder’s indentity and the location secret except that it is in Wyoming. He also posted a letter and shared 3 pictures which he expects will bring closure to all who participated in the quest.

    He does not bring CLOSURE. Only revealing the state in which it was found just provokes curiosity about how the exact location fit the poem and its clues he shared 10 years ago.

    Everyone wants to know if their own solution is anywhere near or far from the spot. Especially those who put in time, effort, and money traveling in search of the treasure can hardly be satisfied with knowing only that it was in Wyoming, that’s it. Fenn’s decision to reveal little else also fans the clamor of those who believe this thing is a hoax and FF just wants attention. Conspiracy theories abound.

    He’s obligated to keep his word. We get that the finder wants to remain anonymous. But what’s in it for the finder in keeping the location a secret? Unless the finder is the same person as the one who hid it…

    Is it a bad bargain or a conspiracy of one?

    Mr. Fenn, you’ve reached celebrity status. Don’t sully your reputation by burying another secret.


    Courtney Capellan

  33. Well guys and gals, it looks like I’ve beat my head and stem bled enough over theses forums. Time to move on and find other avenues of thought. Given the latest news, I’m not sure there’s any further news to consider. Especially when Forrest has told us the treasure has been found. Guess I was hopeful for alternate news.

    In leaving, I’d like to say that if anyone was ever offended by something I said, my intentions were not meant to bring harm. I believe I had learned some valuable hints along the way, and without thinking, I might have said the wrong things while trying to pass that info on to others. With all sincerity, I apologize.

    Additionally, I’d like to say thanks to everyone here, and thank you for being my friend. Though my stay was short, I wouldn’t have traded a single monument for the world!

    God Bless…

    • Suzy – if it’s any consequence, i’m pretty sure it’s perfectly healthy for ones brain to ‘sweat’ due to imagination, from time to time as a human norm

      but if you absolutely desperately need expert advice in that arena.. Better Call Dal 🙂

  34. Perhaps Forrest can tell us why he picked that spot in Wyoming that was special to him, without giving away location clues? I’m interested in knowing why. Family memories? Where he proposed to Peggy? or he and his brother or Donny had a great time or ?

  35. “Forty Years Without The Fears”

    It’s a frigidly bone chilling evening sometime in the month of January in the year 2060. The glow of the dimly oranged light radiating from the fireplace blazed upon the hearth. The tendered warmth filled the room with a degree of conjecture while they all sat around swapping cultured badinage about art and life. Suddenly, the voices frayed while the newscaster on the cornered television set switched his banter from politely talking about the newly appointed first transgendered president of the United States to a developing story exploding over the airwaves.
    An anonymous man, who claims he’s from “Back East” just contacted a world renowned television personality and explained that it is finally time to tell a story he had been harboring for decades. The news has grasped everyone’s attention and halted their gasping conversations with unmitigated speechlessness. The tone reverberated around the world with an immediate acknowledgement that has been laying in wait while the comatosed expressions seemed to spread as fast as a wildly chaotic flare that sparked the horizoned Sky.
    The newscaster informed the public that the complete and entire story involving the determination of a detailed explanation and discovery of the legendary Forrest Fenn Treasure will be broadcast live with limited commercial breaks later that evening.
    Upon hearing this announcement everybody on the planet hurriedly to their local markets for refreshments and goodies a plenty. Not a Frito lay abandoned on a shelf anywheres. Not a splendidly cooled bottle of frost covered rippling soda pop stand proud in a refrigerated environment behind a tempered glass panel capture even the sharpest of eyes.

    With everyone perched upon each other’s discomforts, trying to make room for the unexpected and repeated knock at the door, the sudden realization occurred to each and every person in the final minutes that closed the long awaited wonderment that was issued so long ago, and that is,
    We shoulda got more toilet paper while we were at the market. 🙂

    Plan ahead people! 🙂
    Pauley T

  36. All imo
    The only reason, that gave me pause as to the loc. being in YNP or near, ,, was basically
    when ff alluded that the TC would not be hurt much if another (major) cook off occurred.

    Therefore, I figured a min distance of at least 50 miles in any direction from the present caldera rim, MIGHT provide a somewhat safe distance to keep it from being “dustified”…
    My own suspicion, is that due to the North American plate’s quasi counter clockwise rotation over the plume/chamber ,, is that the next biggie ( or new version of YNP),
    Will happen SE of Helena, long after we are all dustified. …….

  37. Well, now when several alive people know the secret it should be revealed very soon. How many people actually? Forrest, the finder, his family’s members (2-3), attorney(s) – maybe 2 or more, Forrest relatives who bring him to the meeting for TC content checking… At least 6-8 people know the secret. Will they keep it long time? It’s very unlikely.
    The finder can read the book but in this case it will be difficultly to be anonymous. So, maybe a couple of years and we should know exact location in Wyoming.

    • Andy_s and All,
      Some of us may pass on by then. And what if ff passes before
      we hear his meaning to the poem. Bummer.

      • PLEASE, SOMEONE WHO CAN, tell us a Move or tv special is coming Soon. Findef? Forrest….? Please…..

    • In 1989 The Search for the Gokden Horse ended. The Treasure was not found, but two men after the fact supposedly found where it had been buried in Colorado.
      To this day no one really knows if that was true or not. A solution was never given.

      • Sparrow, I can give you a little closure on the Golden Horse. It’s been 40 years so please forgive me if I don’t get everything right. There were two ways to solve the puzzle- a video and a book. I used the video mostly, but I also had the book.
        This puzzle was created by a mathematician who didn’t want it solved too easily. Well it was very very difficult.
        In the middle of the video there is a chapter where an actor says you need a map and a bunch of numbered circles are given. Some how you were supposed to replace letters in for the numbers for the major clue. I got nowhere, but I knew this was important.
        Back then there was a magazine called Treasure, and in an ad in the back was an offer to exchange clues. I wrote a letter to the address and received a phone call from 2 FBI agents in San Francisco. We exchanged minor clues but nothing else.
        Well, after the contest ended I read their story and they had solved the puzzle by finding four hidden words and placing letters from the words into the major clue. One of the words was archaic and no longer used in everyday life. I would never have solved the puzzle in a thousand years.
        When you put the letters in the major clue it says- Hwy 24 Tennessee Pass. This is in Colorado.
        At the beginning of the video there are a bunch of lines with arrows on some of them. This was a shadow of branches from a tree. There is a trail there and if you count the number of steps the girl takes in the video, it is the number of steps you take on the trail to find the tree.
        Then you dig where the shadows of the branches where. When the FBI men got there they saw where the treasure had been removed from the ground. I think an empty wooden box was there also but I’m not sure.
        I visited the site a few years later and could still see the indentation in the Earth.
        Those FBI men were extremely good puzzle solvers. They solved another minor treasure hunt a few years later
        Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt was much better. Everybody had a chance to try and solve the poem. The Golden Horse puzzle was way too difficult .
        If 350,000 people tried to look for Fenn’s treasure and they each spent $500 that would be $ 175,000,000. Ha Ha. Only in America!

  38. For those planning to go to the Labor Day Weekend Fishing Bridge / West Yellowstone event being organized by Cynthia Meachum and KPro (and others?), Cynthia has a video update addressing potential COVID-19 impacts and workarounds. For now, the event is still on:

    • Great to see community and people willing to organize. Really strange and really sad to see anything related to rumors. I guess when we become public, we open up ourselves to having to fend off lunacy. Seems like Finder has the right strategy.

  39. Dal, at one time did Forrest mention you were writing his biography? Is that a current project?

    • I wasn’t sure if his published memoirs took the place of an official biography, Or if you had continued work writing it for him.

      • Dal, you’re a man of mystery. What do you and ff have cooking on the bio-back burner of Ezzy’s tailgate?

        • 42-
          Forrest and I are not cooking up much. I just wait like everyone else for more info from him…hopefully it will be something tasty and nourishing… 🙂

  40. The “stick” is probably from an olive tree. Olive branch = peace, “go in peace.” He put his autobiography in an “olive jar.” Forrest said “I put something in the chest that I’ll know for sure it’s been found.”

  41. The book doesn’t seem to be about Wyoming to me. Every single page of the book is referring to one place, and where ff put Skippy’s ashes. Not sure what their connection to that place is, but I think it was a girl. When you are standing looking at the bookstore girl with the coffee mug 900 feet high right in your face, and to your right is the grapette bottle, not far from the house, and the gypsy wagon, you kind of know your in the right place. And so many other things too long to mention. And that place is not in Wyoming. So, it may be that the book is a ruse, a diversion, and I fell for it, but I don’t think so.

    Originally, originally for my solve based only on the poem, I marched straight to x marks the spot. And there was actually something there, perched on a flat ledge just above a beautiful spring, and right in front of the bookstore girl near the border, were two carefully placed 6 inch kind of flat stones, one red and one white, carefully placed in a shallow depression like eggs in a bird nest. The red stone had a conspicous chip on one end, and the white one had etchings like petroglyphs. The petroglyphs are a 5-point star with what appears to be an eye in the center, and above that what appears to be the greek math symbol 2 pie, but the top of the pie is not quite connected (2 broken pies for five cents). On the side there is an arrow. You can imagine I tore that place apart for four years and 24 trips. I think they were two of the three marbles. But I still didn’t find it. But I do not believe it was actually found in Wyoming, that is for taxes, or to preserve the poem and the solve, for something else to come.

  42. Not new to the search, but new to the forum–although I’ve been following this site for a year and a half. I’m a journalist, so naturally I have some questions. Some for Forrest, but right now for our fellow treasure hunters.

    Question #1: Didn’t you know there was a possibility that the location of the chest might not ever be revealed? I thought Forrest was crystal clear about that possibility from the very start.

    Yes, I understand the disappointment in the search being over — it’s been a fun distraction in my life, too. I also understand the disappointment in facing the fact that we might not EVER know where the chest was found. That’s probably natural to an extent. But none of us should pretend we didn’t anticipate this eventuality, either. Again, Forrest has made that point clear time and time again: It would be up to the finder of the chest. So I don’t understand the bitterness towards Forrest or the conspiracy theories.

    Question #2: Is it possible that you are simply disappointed the search is over?

    There is another way of looking at it that might be helpful. It’s been helpful to me. There were plenty of people who heard about this hunt, who didn’t take action. There were plenty of people who ordered the book, who never read it. Plenty of people who did research who never put a boot on the ground.

    You went out on an adventure while other people sat comfortably on their couch at home watching another episode of Dancing With The Stars. You took it upon yourself to take a chance — one in which you knew was probably improbable — but you did it anyway.

    Final Questions: What has changed? Are you not that person any more? Did you suddenly lose that adventurous spirit now that the game is over?

    I suppose what I really want to know is: If you went out looking for the treasure, what did you learn about yourself along the way? And what is that worth to you?

    • Jim Hunter Miller,
      I will offer some suggestions
      to your journalist questions:
      Our search group was well aware that we might not find it, and also that we might never know where it was found; however, the nine clues are still in the poem, and any searchers who have the desire can still look for that “special place” and possibly find it.

      Many unsolved problems remain:
      Where is MH370?
      What is the solution to Kryptos 4? (And is “BerlinClock” a good hint?)
      Why did the climate change from 2200 BCE to 1900 BCE?
      What is a good process for searching along the Florida Coast for 1715 gold?

      What did we learn along the way?
      Like any good “Character” story, we won’t know that until we write the last chapter of our own autobiography.

      “Have flashlight, will (still) travel”

    • I’ll take a stab at this.

      1. I knew that there was a possibility based on what Forrest had said a few times, but there were also contradictory ideas like “The person who finds this will not be able to keep their mouth shut” (paraphrasing) and “When someone finds it, everyone will say “My God! Why didn’t I think of that?” Those statements seemed to balance if not contradict the idea that we’d never know.

      I’m not upset with Forrest at all. In my opinion, he’s jumped on a grenade to protect this finder fellow. But the behavior of the finder just seems off to me. You won, friend. Can you please let Forrest tell us stories and stuff again? It’s the silence that ultimately makes me feel a little sad. If I had to guess, I’d say 90 percent sad that Forrest has walked off into the sunset and 10 percent wish the finder would man up and let Forrest regale us with one ultimate and jawdropping scrapbook.

      I’ve been still trying to figure out the solution, which shows that there’s still some fun left to be had. But yeah, it’s not so much the treasure as knowing that we might never find out. It just seems unnecessarily cruel. Finding it was the goal, but most of us knew we’d probably never find it. All that we had left was knowing what the answers were at the end of it.

      Question #2.

      Absolutely disappointed the search was over, but I got over that like two weeks after the announcement. I think most people probably did too. But no, that’s not what’s driving the emotional impact of the end of this thing. I don’t know how much time you put into this or how many of your friends came along on the adventure with you. That was awesome and priceless and some of the things I saw… I only got to go three times but I’d never seen the mountains before. Beautiful and scary. I loved it.

      What’s driving my disappointment is how people I don’t know (on the internet) are berating a person (Forrest) who I admire as a writer and human being. And I don’t like it when my friends who came along on my adventures or drove me when I paid for gas now look at it and say “Well it sure looks like a hoax all along!” That hurts my feelings a little bit. Then I have to calmly point out that it doesn’t make any sense that he would create and end a hoax. If untrue, he would have just let us keep going to the mountains forever and having a good time.

      There’s just more to this than probably any of us could have predicted once it ended.

      I have come to peace with it being found. I have come to enjoyment of the adventures it brought me. And I have transcended the finding to still really enjoy working the poem and the first book and reading the others for enjoyment and their surprising wisdoms.

      But it’s still hard when people talk disparagingly about this Forrest guy who I don’t know but from his writings I like him. The fact that the finder is not letting Forrest tell us the solution leads me one step shy of anger and just into the land of extreme disappointment with the character of the finder.

      Because the finder won’t let the solution out, Forrest will probably never post another scrapbook because everyone will think it contains hints or something. But I miss those scrapbooks. Maybe it’s just because Forrest’s words are calming and let some of us know that in an uncertain world things will work out eventually. There aren’t a lot of people telling us that for free on the internet and in charming and sincere ways.

      Final Question. I feel about the same, but improved if I have to be honest. Six foot tall and willing to live as hard as I can for as long as I can keep at it. I went kayaking the other day down some rapids and really had a great time. The amount of information I learned chasing rabbits on this hunt was incredible. I have an intense respect for things I never even considered prior. As far as not being adventurous, the first thing I did to move on a bit and keep chasing was order The Whistle Pig. Now I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned about the Civil War.

      Ultimately, one must approach the universe with a healthy dose of gratitude for things like this and people like Forrest when they just go on out there and do something amazing like the chase. And if the gratitude does feel a bit sad at the end, that’s okay. It’s hard to realize that Forrest is a 1 in however many humans could but have not created something this epic with their energies and their imaginations and their generosity of spirit. That’s the hard part for me. I wasn’t alive when Lou Gherig gave his retirement speech from baseball. But it feels like that to me. That we’ve just watched one of the greatest things happen and now it’s over. Definitely the end of a legendary era, and we’re here together as the curtain drops and the actors shuttle off to their homes to resume their normal lives, with no parts left to play in this production.

      Having emotions is beneficial for humans. It’s how we wrangle them rowdy ones that determines how we cowboy through this one life of ours. Ever been to a round up, where you gotta round a herd up for branding and vaccinations and so on? This is just like that. At a round up, all the more docile cattle get rounded up first. By the end of the few days, you’re left with nothing but the most unsettled cattle you could ever imagine. They self select like that, so when you’re fully exhausted, it’s time to drive the most dangerous animals through the chutes and try not to screw it all up or someone will get hurt badly. We’re at the final stages of this emotional roundup. I’m not surprised that some people are having a tough time. Good news is there’s cold beer in the cooler and Cookie’s making burgers outside the bunk.

      Just gotta manage these last few wilder ones and we’ll all settle in okay and maybe bruised but by no means broken.

      I was looking at the sky two nights ago and laughed to myself. Sure, I said, there’s probably aliens out there. But they don’t have an alien version of Forrest Fenn. That thought made me chuckle. Picturing some alien with a big old bug head writing a poem and book and then hiding whatever “gold” is on his planet in whatever “the mountains north of Santa Fe” means far away from earth.

      And just like that I felt sorry for those aliens for not having a Forrest Fenn on their planet or among their species. Goes to show you, one can experience wobbly emotions about anything on earth, and apparently well beyond it.

      There are times that having an imagination can take some small tolls between where you are where you’re headed. I understand the people who are sad. I pity those who are mean spirited. Mostly, I guess I wish Forrest would walk out onto the field and wave his hat for us and say a few words of farewell. Just like Lou did back then. Lou might have been part of the 27 Yankees, greatest team ever assembled. Forrest is part of the 1930 Americans, and among the greats of that squad. If he never waves his hat or gives his farewell speech, I’ll just imagine it happened that way. Hopefully others will too.

      • I’m one of no doubt 1000’s that echo your very thoughts of Fenn and the greatness of his writing, personality and the quest!! Well put Sir!! Forest Fenn Love, Love !!

      • David, that last one is the best answer I could hope for when I asked the question. Thank you for taking the time. You get it.

        You might also appreciate the story I wrote about the hunt on Northwestern’s magazine.

    • Wow, Aaron. I love that area, too. Just hiked that trail last spring and marvel gazed for hours from that rock outcrop. Calcite Springs is unusual because it’s elevated above the YS river (WH). You sure have had many adventures—Violet Springs looks awesome.

  43. ET,
    fenn ~ “I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.”

    That clears up the “solve the poem’s clues” part…

    The part about when it was actually found is a bit of a conundrum. Forrest has stated many times he would know if it was retrieved… this has been one of those topics of; how he would know? So, I kinda wonder if he knew the chest was actually removed, but never knowing by who, he didn’t want to announce the actual removal until the finder made contact.
    As fenn said; he didn’t know the finder… apparently; no emails? No fennville gatherings? No book signings, Q&A meetups?
    With that said, it seems fenn didn’t know for sure or just didn’t know who the finder was, or he simply wanted the finder to show actual possession before making an announcement… *the chest was found.*
    Jim, the journalist, brought up the point that fenn as stated; its out of his hands now. Would it be any difference if [hypothetically] Forrest passed away five years ago and the chest was found five years later by proof of its present day photos, like the ones above, and sent to dal for an announcement -?- while still not disclosing when and where??
    The chase isn’t over… a certain prize was won by someone… but the chase is all about Elliot’s quote… we shall not cease to explore and in the end of all our exploring we will arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
    New discoveries and their knowledge is “the thrill of the chase” the knew challenge in this case is; to find out where trove was retrieved from. That means someone needs to solve it again…. because we were all supposed to look for / discover/ found the blaze that would reveal the prize… by following the 9 clues in the poem.

    THE LURE was to get the adventure juices flowing once more. it’s sad to see many throwing in the towel just because one prize is now gone…. are there no more to be discovered??
    But just like today’s politic folks want to blame someone else rather than continue the thrill of it all.
    Sad really… that many are wanting something they never had control over, without the correct solution.
    ya’ll are first of last place because of something you did… or didn’t do…period. Let the winner enjoy his prize the way they earned it.
    Wouldn’t it be great for a grandkid to say; lets go look for the spot the trove was at? We have the same information.
    What will you say to him or her? ~ Nope, why bother, we won’t get rich because someone took the gold??

    • First of all WOW you are an excellent writer!! Seriously!! Please forgive the butchering of my reply.

      Honestly I could contradict, or argue most all of your questions and or opinions depends on who you asked; I guess. But we are only left with opinions both yours and mine. (Not a fan of politics)
      I like many in this group have mixed felling’s about how this was and is being handled. See the thing is that FF is still alive and well, this is his story to tell regardless of the wishes of the finder (which is odd in its self) FF spoke about all these magnificent well thought out clues hidden in his words regardless of written , spoken , heck even drawn.
      My goal is to see, read or hear the solve in its entirety. Narrated by the man him self.
      Please don’t mistake my curiosity of the solve with the loss of THE LURE .

      I would never deprive anyone (grandkids included) of pursuing the outdoors and finding the treasures that have drawn me in from a very young age. Hunting, fishing, hiking, yaking, camping, hunting arrow heads, and sheds these are the only reasons BK my good buddy ask me to partake in TC to being with.
      BOTG in Wyoming was one of my greatest trips ever and we came back without TC. Although we discovered many little treasures like Willis Canadian Whisky talk about amazing I ordered 4 bottles when I got back to TX.


    • ET,

      That’s my point… You had a great time!
      Folks act as; if they don’t hear how the poem all comes together it seems they feel it was a waist of time, money, blah blah blah.
      IMO… The poem can still be a solvable adventure because the blaze must still be there.
      “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze…” Seems to imply that we can still locate where it all took place. The problem is; the needed motivation for many is out of the picture.
      So, who’s to blame here, really?
      The finder?
      Forrest Fenn?
      Or the greediness of the lure being the most important factor to many?
      For me this wasn’t about gold as much as the premise behind the action… To get folks out if the house, away from electronic entertainment, and smell the sunshine… maybe even make friends with a chipmunk.

      • Seeker,
        You forgot to include that Forrest’s primary reason and the name of his treasure hunt is
        “The Thrill of the Chase”.
        He said he loved chasing treasure, artwork, arrowheads, ancient amphora in the Mediterranean. He got kicked out of Pompei, Italy extracting artifacts several times.

        My point…It’s simply more of a thrill if there’s something to look for. For me it was the adventure of a lifetime.

        Fenn’s adventure has drawn to a close for me. I don’t care to continue trying to solve the poem…and how will anyone know if they solved it anyway…unless the
        finder / ff put forth the actual solution.

        I’ll return to hiking my favorite mountain meadows, taking photos, looking for perfectly shaped heart rocks – enjoying nature for her beauty. My new thrill of the chase Hobby pays dividends – I discovered I’m pretty good at picking stocks that earn.

        • I get what you’re say, 42, but I don’t think the idea of TTOTC is about *more of a thrill* if you have something to look for.
          I think it’s more about; just getting out there and see what you *can find* with no other reason then to explore.

      • Put your self in either FF or the finders shoes, as a part of this community. What would you do?
        You seem like a fair minded person definitely educated so what’s the right thing to do?

        No blame, no greediness , no treasure, no solve, and soon no will care and will eventually forget the name. I don’t believe that after all the crap FF has been through this is what he deserves…
        I say hell no it’s not… you ask who is to blame? Well I would say the finder. No harm in staying anonymous while reviling the location. Why put Mr. Fenn though more crap? 1 simple thing to vindicate the man. Allow him to tell his story, his clues…

        • If I were the finder, I’d let this thing get wound up tighter then a mainspring, then at the last minute let Forrest and his wife Peggy get the thrill of seeing it go. I can’t quite grasp, but think I can glimpse the time and determination that has been spent on things and Imo it’ll blow everyone’s mind that pays any mind to it. Not to mention it’ll cement the idea into a legacy of its own. Five bucks says there’s gonna be people running outside like there on fire looking for treasure if the solve comes out.

          • I truly hope this is the “finders” Intentions.
            I believe a monument or plaque should be placed at the special location to pay tribute to FF and a modern day treasure hunt.

        • ET,

          What story?
          We know what he did, why he did it, the catalyst that kicked started it…and he left his bio to tell future people what it was like during his life…

          Y’all want it (answers) now now now. But this could had gone on long after everyone here was dead, right?
          What is the rush to all this hypothetical judgement when the likelihood is the bio and solve will be brought out in time. The BS some are throwing at the fan here is not respecful to the finder or Fenn. It is pure selfishness.
          Hell its only been a month since the announcement and lawsuit jumped out of the woodwork like coach roaches (nearly the same day).
          Wouldn’t you as the finder want time to get your head together before blurting things out??

          What really jerks my pistol is the so called fans of FF whom for years acted as if he was the next deity … only to verbally hang him on the blogs JUST because he kept his word.
          He’d leave it up to the finder.
          And AGAIN… There’s a mil plus at hand… An autobiography… Lawsuits still pending… Personal interest of the finder… and more.

          Personally, some of the attitudes of a lot of searchers posting on the blogs is sickening, whining like something is owed to them. Y’all went into this voluntarily, and supposedly for the THRILL.

          So why won’t the little crybabies go out and try to solve where the blaze is? Because they just don’t get it. They wouldn’t know a treasure if it hit them in the face. But a nine year old finding an arrowhead peaking out of the dirt… Knew.

          • Seeker-
            Since were stuck on hypothetically speaking.
            If I were the “finder” I would have put the thing in a safety deposit box for 30 days and slept on it. After letting FF know it was done.
            Then we wouldn’t be having this conversation, I wouldn’t have sold not one part of it for at least 3-5 years, it would be on display and any museum willing to show it and everyone would know when, where, why and how.

            Back to reality.

            You are passionate about this I see, your take again is simply your opinion which I respect.
            You shouldn’t go around eloquently bashing people for theirs.
            What story ?
            The one that last a life time in its most purest of forms.(Truthfulness, Honesty, Integrity) one that had not only a great beginning but an even better ending. The one worth telling.
            Anytime a story becomes speculation, a TRUE story with no factual ending in sight tends to die with time unfortunately.
            Why the rush you say….truth is FF is not getting any younger he is cursed with being human as we all are. Time is of the essence I would say.

          • ET,

            The story you point out as an ending, simply hasn’t happen yet.
            Like you said; you would not say anything for a month, except to tell Forrest…
            What is different at this point in time?

            I get it though… Some folks would hop on U-tube and say they found it hoping for mega hits for the video. Or jump to a media company want $$ for the story.
            lol, then bloggers would probably yell “gold digger” trying to make a more money as quick as possible.
            This seems to be a no win for any at this point.

            Ha! I’m waiting for the day it does come out (the solve) to see how folks will take it.

          • “The community which has neither poverty nor riches will always have the noblest principles.”

            – Plato

            ..and if ‘Mr Back East Paul Paul’ is in-fact the true finder by some miracle, then i’ll happily eat Jakes entire life-time hat collection with a smile – even minus the mustard 🙂

          • Curious Hobbit: if that comes to pass, I’ll join you in that leathery feast. 🙂

    • One Question Seeker;

      Since Indulgence has been removed from it’s spot – Even if a new “Finder” finds the blaze, how will he/she know where Indulgence was? “IYBWAFTB: Look quickly down your quest to cease … etc. Look Quickly down – what distance? What direction? How will the new finder know? How would YOU know? What is so marvelous about the spot that we would not want to stop looking? With Indulgence gone, is the spot still marvelous? etc. etc. Just want your thoughts. JDA

      • I think the spot would be as described by Fenn, somewhere that overwhelms the senses with smells, sounda, and sights. Trees, plants, burds, waterfall, river/stream/Creek/ect, Americana new and old at every facet. The treasure spot is a treasure unto itself.

        • Brian U – that sounds just like Fenn’s back yard in Santa Fe. I’ve been to his house.

      • JDA,

        How may times have we’ve been told… We can’t just go looking for the blaze… if you can find the blaze the distance will be obvious…
        The blaze is what we all needed to seek in the first place, not the gold. The gold was the prize for finding the blaze.
        This means there can be no doubt IF the blaze is found.

        Been wise and found…
        I would love for FF to answer Becky’s question now.

        • Perhaps the blaze needs to be mathematically derived . . . eh, Seeker?

          If so, there would be an untold number of flabbergasted, and potentially angry, searchers to deal with.

          • Lowaengr,

            No matter how the solve plays out… The thing we were looking for was the blaze. My point is… It seems now very few, if any would attempt to find it just because there’s no trove to speak of.

            Heck if they did solve the clues and we’re wise to discover the blaze… I’d have to ponder… If proof of the solve and blaze were sent to fenn would he tell them .. ?
            Isn’t that enough to still attempt the challenge?

            Apparently for some that answer would be, nope.

          • Thanks for the reply, Seeker.

            As for me, I have done exactly what you suggest, and so far, my request for feedback remains unanswered for all solutions submitted for review.

            As a solver, I can say with complete confidence that I can develop many potentially viable solutions to the poem; but absent a validated answer to check work, I’m left confused as to what methodology was actually used by FF. Was it rational or merely imaginative? Was it mathematical, or merely a simple substitution code? Was it linguistic only, or a word grid puzzle? Were anagrams involved, and if so, to what extent?

            Too many paths, and no feedback mechanism possible absent direct feedback from FF, and he’s bunkered in (understandably so).

            I’ll continue to stand by at parade rest while things play out elsewhere. I still expect additional information, but have no idea when or how it will come forth.

          • Agreed Iowaengr, there are many ways to approach solving the poem that wouldn’t give you a blaze that is at the end of Forrest’s rainbow. Those of us who used every line of the poem didn’t see the blaze as the end of the road. If the treasure was a quick look down from the blaze and the blaze was so obvious it just smacked you in the face once you laid eyes on it then Seeker’s point is valid. But those are two assumptions that didn’t fit in with my method, and I’m not taking them as givens until told to by someone who hid or found the chest.

        • Seeker;

          If the blaze is the shadow that you once talked about; the shadow that would be cast at sunrise on Summer Solstice day, I guess we have another 11 months of not knowing. Oh well, 11 months of COVID – 19 isolation, contemplating my navel I guess – HAHA –

          • The blaze in my theory is not a shadow, JDA. It is what the blaze produces to point to the hit. In my theory the blaze was HOB. A physical thing.

            However, the idea was to know what the blaze was (a prior clue) and know what is was for (later used with other clues)
            It would be nice if any of that is correct… But my point to your comment was… We should still be able to solve the poem and what the correct blaze is without the chest being there. We needed the blaze to locate the in the correct solve we should *know* what the blaze is.

            Can the blaze be predetermined in the poem or only in the field?

            If my theory is probable… The blaze is a clue prior to the end of the clues but must be discovered by being on site. The blaze, imo, can’t be recognized on a map. Yet, it can be found on a map.

            Think of it like this… You look on GE and see a square shape rock, but when you are at ground level with that rock it looks completely different.
            The catch 22 here is to know beforehand of this possiblity of it being the blaze and not just a clue to walk pass.
            So can the blaze be predetermined from the poem?
            Yes and know. You might know the blaze is clue 4 but you don’t know where it is at until you find it on site… That (in theory) is why WWsH is a must to have correct and to be at. You can only see the blaze on site from WWsH.

            I’ve said it before and will say it again… I think many have found hoB and walked right past it thinking the blaze has to something later and different and father away.

            So no, the blaze is not a shadow… The blaze produces the shadow… In theory.

          • So Seeker, just wondering, do you then think there are no coordinates? Or, do you think that coordinates cannot be obtained from the poem?
            I would think that there is some kind of numbering system in the poem. At some point, I would think we would need to know how many steps maybe, or some distance. Especially with his 200′ comment, why say it if there is no measurement to be done?
            A number system in the poem brings up the possibility that some clues may never be known. That you will follow the clues on site, but not necessarily know before hand what the clues are. Case in point, if you have coordinates to a spot, and to get to this spot your path has the clues along it, but you don’t recognize the clues for some reason, it wouldn’t matter, you just need to get to that spot, the “x”. The clues are more or less a guide. Since his statement about only needing the last clue.
            There’s not to much out in the forest to really grasp on singular clues. Trees, rocks, landscapes, water ways, whatever, it would seem that to “pin-point” a spot, we need numbers. If that is the case, then not knowing some of the clues would not hurt you. If the blaze is clue 4, then to get to the spot we need to get to, since we have coordinates, the blaze isn’t very important. Or, possibly needed. It could be that the finder doesn’t have many of the answers. He might not know a lot about the clues or the hints and such, but finding the coordinates is what he did. We shouldn’t think that this finder put together a great solve, just the correct one. Whether long or short, enough to get the job done. So, do you think that this finder is able to truly answer all the clues that f intended? Think he knows what the blaze is?
            Until this person comes out, and is verified, there are always going to be questions. Too much is left unanswered to grasp onto anything with certainty, so it is somewhat pleasing to know that no matter what, it’s over.

          • I’m surprised nobody has looked up “Wyoming” in an urban dictionary and hasn’t commented about it. Everything now is just a rabbit hole.

          • Ivy,

            LOL I found a full set with the capital letters in the poem… Unfortunately it placed me on the boundary of the Madison and Gallatin counties between the two lakes.
            At first I thought; huh, I got this nailed. But now one could speculate there might not be any clues outside WY.

            That could be a question Fenn might be able to answer…
            Are all the clues references in the same state the trove was located in?

        • Sorry Seeker, by accident I posted a reply to your thread as new thread way below.

          • Seeker,
            To my knowledge, Forrest never said that all clues are located in a single state. In a hindsight, it makes a perfect sense to spread the solution over multiple states to make it more difficult.

          • Richard,

            That was the point of the question.
            Stating whether all the clues references are in the same state doesn’t seem to break any agreement about handing out a solve.

            Many bloggers have multiple states involved in a solve, while others had one state.

            We now know WY is where the chest laid in wait, but folks still cry about closure. If this information was told… Many would have at least that *closure* or *curiosity* somewhat satisfy without giving away the any part of the solve.

      • Once you solve the puzzle, you will know and there will be no doubt. You don’t need to guess, like most everyone is still doing. There’s a mathematical certainty to the solution, and that is how you can be certain. I have already explained it, but no one was listening.

  44. “The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.”

    What does that mean, if anybody knows or has ideas? I’m guessing that maybe the would-be finder emailed Forrest with his own solve, and since Forrest figured the guy was on it, they had some back and forth communication. But why would Forrest divulge that previous communication with that person anyway, considering how cryptic he (ff) usually is? And what could have been discussed?

    • Mark Miller,

      Good questions.
      If ff communicated with the man in 2018, technically ff did know him. So why add he didn’t know him??unless it’s more CYA to lay the ground work for any future law suits showing that ff didn’t hand the guy clues via email or other communication. It’s likely cover your ass legal speak – if you ask me,

      • Mark, I’m married to an attorney and have done legal document proofing the past 30 yrs.

        If I were trying to avoid more lawsuits by greedy whackos, I would carefully select every word too.

  45. “…. so today he agreed that we should reveal that the treasure was found in Wyoming.”

    Fantastic. Thanks Forrest, you’re the man!

    Now, I’m sure some may think that “agreeing to reveal” might be another spin on words, wording which might not hold up under strict legal scrutiny, like under oath or in a deposition. But as far as the intent of meaning between Forrest and the searchers in common discourse, this is not a word game. Forrest is not lying or misleading us. Thus that treasure chest was indeed hidden for ten solid years and recently found in Wyoming- just as he says!

    Which incidentally answers another puzzle. Those were lodgepole pine needles and cones next to the chest.

  46. Wise words “Seeker”. All we take from this life the Thrill of it. Live it fully.

  47. Glad the blog opened back up. Thanks dal.
    My personal thoughts. This was epic. What could you compare it to.
    Open to all. Families, kids. I didn’t find it. I can see a million on that table.

    I had a few personal thoughts about it. Over all to maybe influence memorable
    vacations in the mountains. Yellowstone a must see, included in the mountains
    North of Santa Fe. I thought YNP as a whole was Forrest fondest memories.

    But just epic. going over lines for weeks what you think they mean but just
    blocked from thought. for myself only. example. No paddle up your creek.
    You can paddle all the way down the creek but not back up because it ends
    at a big water fall. Things like that . What an adventure just learning about
    the four states.
    It was a fun and interesting thing and All were included in it.
    But lean over and pick up that chest and it all changes. I think the
    finder realized that. I had a fun 2 1/2 years working on it.
    It was a surprise to me too. I couldn’t get a long enough vacation this year
    and thought it will be there a few more years. But it probably needed to end.
    I think it would have been to much for me. After 30 years working at a Hospital
    I have had enough. 3 more years and I want to retire. Enjoy life with out a care in
    the world. Hopefully. Like the poem a gift of hope.
    Well, I had felt that it was what the place meant to Forrest and maybe
    that would influence people to get out into the mountains get the kids
    off the couch. I Think that was it.

  48. Brian U
    Here’s my 2 fold opinion-answers to your question:

    1. The fold out map in TTOTC was an interesting book feature reminiscent of collectors books ff enjoys… and The finder might recognize subtle clues on that map. We won’t recognize any clues because none of us nailed down the location.

    2. In “ The thrill of the chase“ the poem was center – justified.

    In “Too Far To Walk” The poem printed on the map is Left-Justified.
    IMO that was a huge clue on HOW TO SOLVE the poem.

    Lines 12 &13 of left justified poem
    (LF) (RT) sit above and below the word justify.

    My theory is that Forrest realized many of us had never solved a similar puzzle and would have a better chance if we justified left and right grid formats.

    • I saw it this morning, it put a big smile on my face. The insect popping by to say hello was magical.

      • Thanks fo that post. That young lady truly touched me with her honest compassion for all and love for nature.
        I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the finder doesn’t watch it with little guilt for the find.
        I though I saw her swatting at the poor little bug. Ok my wife wouldn’t laugh either.
        To the young lady : You are a treasure yourself. Nice job.

  49. The silence continues. Devotion to silence feeds curiosity. In the end, the IRS will demand it’s due as they always do.

    If the finder refuses to step forward, will the IRS hound Fenn for the name so they can collect taxes. The 1 year period before IRS taxes are due started on 6-6-20 when Forrest announced the find. For that reason alone, the ‘finder’ should get his ducks in a row, or have Forrest show him how with Angelo, and Tail end Charlie.

  50. haha, I looked at the picture of the bracelet on Forrest’s wrist and suddenly imagined him putting it on for the first time since it had been hidden and thinking quietly to himself, “Hmm, this doesn’t fit quite as well as I remembered…”

    • @Chris from Colorado,
      Really Great laugh! LMAO
      Kinda like we are doing now buttoning up our jeans during Covid.

  51. CB on July 24, 2020 at 10:02 am said: I had two solves, one up Secret Valley creek in Yellowstone Wyoming.

    CB, please share your resolution of the 9 clues. I had this as one of my WY solves and intended (before the treasure was found) to check it out when I visited a friend in Idaho later this summer. Might still do so and look for a hint that it was the site.

    I used Iron Spring as my HOB and used the Piedmont Glacier for heavy loads and water high (the blaze was a glacial erratic).

  52. My solve is on here with the invisible clues(6/17/2020.) You only find the clues when reading about history and the poem… Where things ‘used to be’ as it were. IMO That solve gets you within 500 ft. or so (Thats almost two football fields, which is pretty big when you’re looking for something in the woods) To get closer, one might have to know where an old water tower was around that MT and WY line…..Anyway…Just sayin!

    • You are incorrect. This is not “IMO” this is what Forrest has said. There is no context outside of the poem itself. This is a simple calculus.

  53. I am guessing Fenn found this large boulder (during his Art Studio years), while flying in his airplane. The distinct shape of the rock caught his attn. Fenn mentioned he tried to land on top of a Karst when he bailed out. In this case the Karst is the Pinnacle Hills adjacent to Brooks lake. There are several beautiful pics accessible on google maps, pics taken from various angles….just wish I could’ve been so lucky.

    The area is in a mountain pass. Brooks Lake is the general location.

    45° correlates to about six different hints, including those small black photo-corner- thingys, back when people filled photo albums.
    45° is the angle which a pile of wood pulp aggregate will slump [Angle of Repose]…Shoshone Nat’l Forest
    45° is represented by the Greek symbol for the men’s room
    ??? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE … The computer in “hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy” answered Forty-two ___close enough!!!

  54. Martin,

    It could be from a different type of tree. I if someone reads the text provided with the pictures and considers the following info…..

    *Caribou-Targhee National Forest: Divide Trail, Box Canyon, Cody Mountain, Indian Creek, Indian Pass, Observation Peak, Big Basin, South Fork Indian Creek, Snake River (Burnt Timber Trail/Cottonwood Creek Separated by Dead Horse Peak)

    Key….Cottonwood Branches have a star shape when you break the branches. Under the canopy of a Cottonwood Tree.

    The Lakota (Sioux) believe cottonwoods embody the “Great Spirit” of Wakan-Tanka, also known as “Great Mystery.” Their star-like qualities and majestic size are honored as the “standing one” who connects the earth with the sky. Every year a sacred cottonwood is chosen for the annual Sun Dance ceremony and placed in the center of a large circle as a time of coming together.

    Use a National Forest map (Mr. Fenn recommends a good map). Look at the locations of the National Forests and Follow them around Wyoming. Some items do not show up on Google.

    Start At Yellowstone and take it in the canyon down/south. Home of Brown. National Parks are colored brown on a National Forest Map.

    Wildcat Peak, Bobcat Ridge, Owl Peak, Mt. Woodring, Rockchuck Peak, Signal Mountain, Fred’s Mountain, Table Mountain, Prospectors Mountain, Observation Peak, Dog Creek…Connections to many scrapbooks.

    John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway/Old Yellowstone Road Hint of Riches New & Old.

    Snake River is ever drawing nigh

    Keyser Creek and Iron Rim Creek are just before the location. Blue Bell Creek is just before the location.

    3 or 4 grouped together (Red Creek, Little Red Creek, Little Cottonwood Creek, and Cottonwood Creek). Placer Creek is across the Snake River.

    No place for the meek. If you get to sheep gulch boat ramp, you went to far.

    The Tetons may be the nicest range, a worthy place to permanently retire.

    I think Kirwin may be the birthplace of Pickles. LOL

    What do you think Martin?

    Your Secret Flame…Forrest Fire Jr.

    • Martin,

      If you look at one of the scrapbooks…..

      There is a picture of Mr. Fenn leading 3 ducks.
      A, B, and Tail End Charlie.

      This location (Cottonwood Creek along the Snake River) is 111 miles from Duck Lake beside West Thumb in Yellowstone. Not far, but too far to walk !
      Mr. Fenn is an orderly man, silverware and all.

      • One interesting thing to note in that SB, 146, is that all creatures mentioned– hummingbird, damselflies, ducks, all fly.

        • Hi Sparrow: he frequently mentions creatures that are found around a fen: dragonflies, damselflies, frogs, ducks, etc. That’s why I always favored fens and forests for Forrest Fenn. “In my reverie I often find myself stealing away to that place and I will always consider it to be mine alone.” (link below) A person with the name “Forrest Fenn” could understandably identify with and playfully claim ownership of such a spot.

          I thought if the treasure was near a fen, it would explain the MW Weekly Words from 11/18/2016: “*You will find no mildew in the treasure chest.” Mildew requires warm, moist air, and prefers slightly acidic conditions. Fens are slightly alkaline, which would inhibit the growth of mildew.

          • Thanks Zap. I did go back and reread 146. He mentions crawdads and Water bugs too so I’m wrong about all creatures mentioned flying. I’ve never seen a flying crawdad except when thrown. :).

  55. OFF TOPIC-
    I get a few emails every week asking what I really do for a living. I thought I’d answer that here so folks don’t have to email me.

    I am retired from a career in storytelling via documentary filmmaking, photography and writing that started 54 years ago when I was 18 and finally devolved into management of other storytellers, reporters and on-air talent. My career never stopped, even after I retired. It has provided me with the wonderful ability to explore and witness events all over the world.

    Since I was a freelancer for much of that time I could also explore other adventures in between jobs…including undersea treasure hunting.

    A collection of recent stories and photos and a sample of my writing from this very blog is available in my folio, here:

    • Enjoyed the link, Dal. What is your most memorable between the photos, storytelling, videos, etc.?

    • Sounds like you are doing what you love in life and making an adventure of it. And that is something we should all aspire to.

    • Hey Dal, I just reread Coyote. I love that story. It’s a personal favorite! Makes me want to go explore New Mexico… sort of!

    • Dal, I’m glad you haven’t clipped your story telling wings, Your adventures with Ezzy are always so enjoyable to read. I hope you’ll consider writing a novel in your spare time.

      Best wishes & thanks for all you’ve done.


    • Dal, Now that the world has Completed Binge watching every series Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime have to offer…twice.

      Well…The conclusion is ever drawing nigh. Our Covid bored world is ripe with anticipation for you to write a Netflix series.


  56. Mr Fenn –
    Brilliantly done! The journey here is the story… amazing what you have pulled together!

    We were in the Rockies (yes in Wyoming) on June 3rd, one stop short of the finish. Had started in Nov 2018 and could not believe it was found 10 years after the start as we closed in on the final location… thought we had it! With no finder or location we finished 2-weeks later.

    Would love to tell the solution, or even be able to talk with friends about it, but have been holding out for the finders reveal. If that drags out too long we may kick in some details to get people at least to the right starting point (before getting too excited, it took us 1 1/2 years from there to final!)

    What we can say is this:
    You may or may not be able to find it without BOTG (boots on the ground)
    In random order, when you are on the right track you will know what these are: PM, MB, and laughter. Won’t help you find it but you can check these off as you progress.

    We hid a small (low value) geocache at the location we were at on June 3rd. Can’t provide clues without getting into Fenn’s path, but you may stumble across it along the way (OK, it’s under a tree!). You will need to know the three items above before you get to it. Have fun, sign the book if you can find it.

    Once again, truly brilliant Mr Fenn! Wonderful trips and journey… right up to when we did not get the treasure! 🙂 One for the history books…

    M & J

    • I am curious as to why the Wyoming location is not squaring up for those searchers who had previously agreed on major hunt themes. Specifically, prior to the announcement of Wyoming, major themes were thought to be:

      3 Teas
      Warm Waters
      Heavy loads
      No place for the meek
      Tarry Scant

      Some solves fitting Wyoming do include one or two of these themes, but shouldn’t a great include all? Am I being unfair?


      • Nobody’s Poet – there are WY solutions that exist (and posted publicly) that incorporate the common themes, and more. Having been an avid searcher in this puzzle game, I don’t recall 51, 64, and 90 having significance, but that’s just my assessment. I definitely could have missed them.

  57. Dal –

    Regarding the “Where in WY” page and the stated goal of determining the most popular guess, what happens next? Are we hoping Forrest and Finder will see it and perhaps narrow it down even further? Just reading through them, it seems YNP and Kirwin are the most popular. And to me this would then make them the most logical to not be the spot considering how many would have searched these areas. Does popularity make a difference?

    • ECW-
      Not at all…it’s just fun…but if you find it something that gives you grief than don’t submit and don’t read and certainly don’t criticize…

    • The fact that the finder has not announced that the treasure was not in YNP makes it seem clear to me that it was in YNP.

      • FF said that he told us it was WY in order to bring closure to a number of searchers. While this eliminates 3 of 4 States, it only appears to eliminate about a third of the searches – especially the more recent searches. Many picked Yellowstone (and some secondary web sites state Yellowstone as fact). Meanwhile, Yellowstone is a very small portion of the whole of WY. If FF had said “It was in WY, but not in Yellowstone” it would have made little difference to the total area to be considered, but a huge difference in the amount of closure granted. In fact, it appears few searchers would have been left wondering about their favorite solve.

        I think this speaks to it actually being Yellowstone (though I discounted this location when the search was real after FF’s apparent “stay on the trails in Yellowstone” comment) .

        • Devin – with apologies, I don’t think it speaks to anything other than it was in WY. I liked Yellowstone for a time, but the legal implications, the limited number of full solutions “that I could conjure”, and the volume of people searching there without finding it gave me doubts early on. Short of saying the exact spot, and in my opinion, It would be further beneficial to narrow it down to a county as this would validate or eliminate certain areas that seem popular on the Where in WY chat, and would likely open a new discussion for creative solutions on Where in (County).

          • For those that have expressed the concern of legal implications or legal questions with the treasure chest being inside a National Park, remember Forrest’s response to CBS correspondent Barry Peters.

            BP: “And the person that finds it has to deal with the legal questions?”

            FF: “Well, if there’s a legal question, yeah…what if there’s not a legal question?”

            I don’t see any authorities raising legal questions because, notionally, no one knows the fact of where it was found, or who found it, other than Forrest Fenn and the finder. Eventually, only the finder will know and that was, and is, intentional.

            The rest of us can provide our educated guesses as to the location to our hearts’ content, and that will have to suffice unless, or until, Fenn or the finder make it known under the discretion of one or both.

            My educated guess put it inside YNP 🙂

        • Hello Devin and E.C. Waters. Don’t forget this possibility:

          Weekly Words, Feb. 19, 2016:

          “Your destination is small, but its location is huge.”

          • Hi pdenver: arguably, the two locations in Wyoming that most would associate with the description “huge” are Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks — in that order.

          • I concur, zaphod. Yet, I think about TTOTC and how much was mentioned of Yellowstone. The family traveled and entered through the East gate to head to West Yellowstone. I could better understand the thought of The Grand Tetons if they had entered the South gate such as my family does when we head to Yellowstone. Both are beautiful, but Yellowstone lives in his heart.

            This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

          • pdenver – thank you for this reminder. I hadn’t noticed before but the word “location” has an interesting French definition of “rental”. And “huge” stems from “mound” or “high”. This is curious to me now.

  58. Batty beer
    Well, only having made 5 simplistic
    searches, and never making it to my
    main areas NW of Mora, NM on
    Alamitos creek. Or W of Browns peak
    near Brushy creek in the Snowy Range of
    WY. ,,,,, I congradulate the finder, for out
    foxing me, practically in my own
    back yard…I must admit, with all of
    the more intense searchers.
    coming up empty, I had my doubts of
    anyone finding it soon..!

  59. Your approach to resolve the mystery is very simplistic Seeker. IMO, the chest at the blaze and the treasure chest are two different things. It turned out that the treasure chest was in Wyoming which is hundreds of miles away from the chest at the blaze. IMO, the chest at the blaze is a partially burried rock that looks like
    the treasure chest and it’s only at the poem’s 4th or 5th clue (depending how you count them).

    • Ok I’ll bite… IF the *chest* is at the blaze but the trove (treasure chest) is hundreds of miles … How does the Q&A fit in about how far away from the blaze is the treasure? If you can find the blaze the distance to the treasure would be obvious comment.

      • Hi Seeker,
        IMO, Forrest calls these two objects (the chest filled with gold, and the stone chest below the Blaze) interchangeably as the treasure chest. When you at the blaze, you can see the stone chest right below you. It’s located maybe 30 feet away, so when you find the blaze it will be obvious how far it is. You will even have to take its direction to go to the next clue.
        I’m not trying to push my solution here and our solution didn’t even lead to Wyoming, but there are some pictures in it that will explain my notion of what I’m talking about. If you are interested and not bored with people’s solutions yet, take a look at:

    • RichardK & Seeker,

      I think it’s just like forrest said, they agreed to say it was found in Wyoming,…but it could have been found elsewhere.

      IMO it was found in New Mexico within a hour of Forrest’s Santa Fe home where he could have gone back for it anytime if he chose to, or gone there to die if chose to.

      WYO/Yellowstone is certainly A treasure to ff, but not necessarily FF’s trove of gold. Just my thoughts, We each are entitled to our own opinions. For all of the legal & tax rules I would have said I found it in Wyoming too.

      • 42,
        IMO, Fenn’s treasure was found in Wyoming, but I’m also convinced that most (if not all) of the clues are located in New Mexico.

        By the way, what does your handle mean? When looking at your handle I always thought that you’re onto something! These are also Forrest’s favourite numbers 242 or 424 are two symmetrical omegas side by side.

        • RichardK, thanks for chiming in. Yours is an interesting viewpoint which could account for my clues proving to New Mexico, but the trove found in Wyoming.

          The one STRONG clue in my grid that’s absolutely irreconcilable with a Wyoming finish would be the word ARRIBA (vertically) directly next to the word KEY & KEYS. Arriba is in New Mexico alone, and is in perfect order Within the poem when the grid is Left Justified.

          With regard to my alias, it was a fun coincidence. My birthdate is 4-2 or April 2nd. Interestingly the word B-I-R-T-H-D-A apppears in the poem.

  60. ETBK solve:
    1. WWWH = Boiling River ( Gardner River )
    2. Take it in the canyon down = Lava Creek Canyon
    3. HOB = one thing I am not completely sold on maybe y’all can fill in this blank. Possibly saying to go down to the creek, which is lower then where the park rangers live on site. Or could be the log structure we seen on the way down, right past it is where you walk off trail down hill??
    4. From here it isn’t for the meek= good hike in on the trail down to the waters edge 30 min. hike. Then another 20 min or so hike to the falls, NO trails in the woods
    5. No paddle up your creek = the creek feed from Undine Falls snow melt which is almost dry 2 months out of the year. Walk up to the falls.
    6. Heavy Loads of water high = Undine Falls
    7. If you’ve been wise and found the Blaze = a really cool naturally formed arrow head pointing down, on the wall of the upper falls which can be seen from the trail side of the falls, opposite the tourist viewing point.
    8. Terry scant = you can walk across the falls when the water is low but do it quickly. It’s freezing water…
    9. Marvel gaze = the view was amazing and who is ever face to face with a water fall, or behind a water fall.


    1. Poem Map is marked with the Holy Spirit FF words when asked if the map company asked him to X the spot, he put a Reddish Cross on the map instead top left corner of Wyoming one the poem map. Corner, first dot then dash, it is closer to the dash. He would draw what people thought was an x on their arms, I would like to see a pic of this..??
    2. His dog on his website at the bottom of every page. This dog is a map to the treasure and was drawn by Eric his best friend and only other person alive at the time that knew the location.
    3. Pay close attention to the collar of the dog shows a man crossing the falls and a odd moon shape purposely placed. When you look at the falls from the opposite side of the tourist viewing spot you will notice a half moon boulder.
    4. This brings me to the with in 500’ and 200’ comment made by FF. The is a tourism attraction and people stop there all the time we measured the treasure location from the parking lot…low and behold it’s 500’ almost exactly.
    5. The Dog also has the Roosevelt Arch on him, and a marker on the trail where once you pass this is where you head down to the waters edge. Marker is a pre YNP built with logs from the site and some old really old nails…
    6. One of my favorite clues is when you super impose an image of Once Upon a While over the blaze the moon rock makes scene, the images need to be flipped and almost line up with all perfectly.
    7. Blaze. FF loved arrow heads says so in his first sentence on his about him page, hell his horse had a white arrow head Blaze on his forehead.
    8. If I were the treasure I would smell Sage, Pinion nuts, I’d be wet, and would see Mountains…..all fit location to a T that area of YNP is known as dessert plains and has an abundance of sage.
    9. We dropped a GO Pro down the side of the falls tied to some cordage and got some great video of the spot behind the moon shaped bolder, as well as behind the falls. Which included a perfectly square shape except hollow or empty I would say.
    10. Lastly I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Fenn twice by phone. First was a day after the announcement as the timing was odd we felt we’d been had, bamboozled, someone heard us taking over our clues blaa bla bla….. first call he couldn’t speak at the time…. understandably so…the second call 2 days later was great basically I asked 2 questions…..Was it found in Wyoming ? ….. FF “I don’t know where it was found” Second Question….I have a picture of the spot behind the moon rock and could see it was there, so when was it found? …….FF “ I don’t know when it was found… I wish I could help you but my hands are tied.

    We put BOTG on 6-1-2020 the day the park opened due to COVID, returned home 6-4-2020, with plans on returning to the spot, as soon as it was safely accessible. Some time around FF B day or shortly after in early Sept we felt that’s when he hid it 10 years prior.
    Without the hunt this is something that I would have never had the opportunity to experience all the magnificent beauty that we had the privilege to see. Did I get the treasure nope but the clues are too damned neat to not share.
    Click the link to see a simple video of the clues and work we did to come to the conclusions we made. Nothing fancy.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxForest Fenn xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    You are a humble man; a man of your word from what I’ve studied more so, a man that chooses his words wisely, with eloquent precision.
    Just a thought you never said you couldn’t say where the treasure wasn’t ??
    You just will not / or could not reveal where it was.
    Q: Would I be correct in saying the treasure WAS NOT in the ETBK solve ? You can’t say yes but a simple NO would be awesome.

    Worth a shot…….

    Thanks FF

    • ET: as I mentioned earlier, that red cross is NOT on my map, and I looked at much higher magnification than the image you provided previously. If you want, I’ll take a picture and post it on THOR so you can compare it to your map.

      • I got the image on line. Thanks for the feed back. Figured the video I posted would help a bit. Must have just been the map online or a glitch lol.

      • zaphod, This is off topic. I was a chemistry, physics, and math teacher. You mentioned previously you worked on some mathematics conjectures. Are you a mathematician? Hope you aren’t offended by my question.

      • Hi Ed: no, not a mathematician by vocation but by hobby. I’m a space scientist / optical systems engineer, so various long-standing math problems present challenging diversions.

    • I hope nobody ever describes me as humble or challenges my integrity.

      I think you are fishing with the wrong bait.

      • Lol worth a shot.. you could be could be right, and no challenge to his integrity.
        Thank you for you humble opinion;)

  61. Forrest can let us know which words and phrases in the poem are clues without causing any legal waves. I still think the last clue is the blaze.

    • i agree. if you found the blaze, you’ve the treasure. everything else in the poem is filler.

  62. some people have suggested that the picture of the dog at the bottom of Fenn’s blog page is a map to the treasure. well, i see an F on top of an F next to a D on the dog. that stands for Fountain Flats Drive IMO.

    • At one I looked at the markings as his dog as cattle brands. There was an E. Fenn in Kemmerer Wyoming that had this sideways stacked omega brand for cattle and sheep that I found in a cattle brand directory book. But I couldn’t get further into the research.

  63. Thank you Forrest Fenn! This does help bring closure to me since my solve was in Montana. But I’m still happy with it, it fit the clues really well so it was a good solve. Just not the right one. Oh, well, thank you again for all the fun.

  64. The Upper Green River Rendevous site looks promising. Did anyone search that area extensively ?

    • Fins; The upper Green along the outlaw trail and also near where the first mountain man Rendevous was staged, was my next Botg.

  65. This is a bit off subject, but google “F-100 one more time”. This was what Forrest flew so I found it to be very interesting.

    • If you were ever in the Chase, you should take a few minutes to watch this video. Forrest spent 20 of the best years of his life as an Air Force pilot, much of it flying sorties in the Vietnam War. It’s who he is. He’s one of these guys. And like the treasure chest, he’s taking that F-100 with him. They say before you go, your whole life flashes before your eyes. When you solve the poem, you’ll see Forrest’s life flash before your eyes. When the correct solve is revealed, the whole world will see it, IMO.

    • Thank you Sparrow for sharing that.
      Brought tears to my eyes – those are just a few of America’s forgotten Heroes.
      Fly high boys, fly home.
      God bless y’all.

    • One heck of an aircraft. I was a jet engine mechanic on them back in the early 70’s. Fun to work on.

    • Sparrow, thanks.

      That was really enjoyable to watch…very brave pilots flying a difficult airplane to maneuver, especially on landing.

      Other than Forrest’s story about flying once with Robin Olds, does anyone remember ff mentioning the names of his trusted wingmen?

  66. Has anyone considered the possibility that the clues in the poem could lead to a “treasure chest” that contains clues to, or the exact location of, the actual treasure? Perhaps the poem leads the searcher to a spot in one of the other states. Once found, the searcher needed to go to another location (Wyoming) to retrieve the treasure.

    • Mike or Jim, or both.

      A few searchers have suggested this… A couple of post above are talking about it right now.

      The problem is the use of “treasures, chest and trove” in the poem can be of three different ideas, or be of the same thing… only to create the poem, Fenn was limited on words for rhyming for sentences.

      We’re are told in the poem to take the chest and go… Followed by… Fenn seemingly saying he left his trove (why is it I must go). Why would they (trove and chest) not be the same?
      So if the distance from the blaze to the chest would be obvious… The only was that could happen if the chest was located in another state…some kinda note / information must be left for the finder at this point. Only we have been told there are no notes, the treasure will be there.

      Now while some hope for possibility the clues could be hundreds of miles apart at some point in the poem (the blaze to the chest being one of them), those folks don’t say how this could be done.
      Fenn said if the blaze can be found the distance to the chest would be obvious. With the lack of something, like a note, at the blaze… how could the information be supplied to a searcher to tell them where the chest is hidden?
      No one seemingly has answered that problem that I can see.

    • Hi Mike & Jim: Seeker mentioned the conflicting ATF, but here’s the relevant quote from Scrapbook 35: “… Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.” Link:

  67. Forrest said the treasure was found under a canopy of stars in the lush forest. However when you look at the treasure chest photo it was taken during the day and what you can see of the ground it does not look lush. So I searched online for drawings by Forrest. I found two drawings which are under a canopy of stars. One Forrest is sitting in a graveyard and the other he is standing in a field of tree stumps. The drawings plus the stick and key in the treasure chest photo I believe are referring to this line in the poem. “Just heavy loads and water high.” I believe it means-

    heavy loads = dead weight
    water high = waterfall

    Put those two ideas together and you get deadfall.

  68. Seeker, just above you mention Fenn was limited on words for rhyming use in sentences.

    I have a different, unique perspective on “HOW” Forrest may have designed his poem as “an architect” would. I’ve not yet seen anyone describe it this way.

    I believe long before Forrest wrote the seemingly generic words of his poem,
    he First wrote out in words…

    1. Wrote the WORDS/NAMES of the state, county, highway, USGS section name, creek, and closest Land mark named on a map, distance from Highway, trail, etc.

    2. Next ff Formed a “MAP of WORDS” in a grid; so that you can ‘word search’ in a grid For named locations.

    3. He left justified the grid (no spaces between words) so that letters line up exactly and form More combinations of possible words. He used a left justified grid for broad mapping – to name the state and county & what to look for in Google earth from a pilot’s view “in plane sight”

    4. Next FF Right justified the entire poem again into a new grid aligned with the right side margin of paper. The letters line up differently than left-justified and create an entirely different map. He used Right side “tight focus” mapping to place exacting locations onto his grid map of words.

    5. FF could have also played with the grids to include alpha-numeric (A=1, B=2) confirming hints.

    6. FF states in several interviews that he worked on the poem for years, like an architect.

    He’s a very creatively bright man who has written detailed books and other poems. What’s on the surface of his ttotc poem would take ff one day to write, not years. So why did it take years? Because it’s a puzzle leading to an exact place in the Rockies.

    7. Finally, ff looked at his MAP of WORDS and reworked the words surrounding his WORD MAP to Tell the simpler story on the surface which makes up the poem.

    Here’s one example of words that emerge in exact order forming an X on FF’s grid map when the poem is mapped using a Right-justified grid format…
    the words ECHO and CANYON directly cross each other on the diagonal.

    ASK YOURSELF…If Forrest didn’t make a grid and Intentionally place those words to form an X… what are the odds of it?

    That’s just one example. There truly is an exact MAP drawn into a puzzle by a masterfully done. Well Done Forrest!

    • One more FUN fact about FF’s grid map

      ECHO – CANYON and YOO.HOO all cross to form X
      (Right-justified grid map)

  69. Hi Dal – was just re-reading Part 13 and your July 3rd entry re: the oldest survivors on this blog. Hey – I’m still here, #18!

  70. I’ve been on kind of a side investigation for a couple of days. Watching videos, etc. I mentioned one above about some old F-100 pilots getting one more chance to fly. Those are real men— I love to listen to those guys talk.

    But something led me back to Scrapbook #50. Much of it is about a 1967 truck. I had never thought of it before, but a 1967 Ford Truck was an F-100. SB 50 ends with 2 Omegas. Kind of interesting I thought.

  71. I went back and read the comments on SB 50 and Diggin Gypsy noticed the 2 F-100’s back in 2017. She linked them to the two Omegas back then. Good work DG!

    • Sparrow, good catch. I was working on this a couple months ago. Interesting both the F 100 super sabre airplane and the F-100 Ford truck had the nickname of Slick.
      Slick means smooth, to glide, to crawl, creep and sneak and to be MUDDY as in a mire or slime. Also a smooth place on the surface of water caused by oil or such. This was interesting to me because I was also working on the dragon and snake which creep or crawl across the ground. And a smooth place on water is where it halts.

  72. In a previous Scrapbook Forrest spoke of his friend J.Evetts Haley
    Author of numerous well written books.
    Specifically Forrest noted Haley’s provocative study of LBJ.
    “A Study in Illegitimate Power – A Texan looks at Lyndon”

    Are any of you history buffs or Texans interested in the book?
    I’m happy to gift/ship it to you free.

    I purchased a copy from Haley’s museum for $7.00 but Amazon sells the exact paperback copy for $37.00) yikes. If anyone wants the book, please post your mailing address here so that I can ship to you.



    Would it be possible for you to consider asking Forrest if he would release just a few of the page numbers that the hints were on that you used to help solve the clues?

    If the other parties agreed, you could even have Forrest give all the page numbers to Dal in one shot and then Dal could release one page number per month for X number of months.

    Thank you. I hope you enjoy the treasure and have a long and happy life. Someone told me that money is useful for some things in life. I hope you find that to be true.


    PS. Even if one of us did figure it out… well, I can properly promise that 95 percent of everyone would disagree with that person’s solution. So, your secret really is safe, either way. Without Forrest himself saying “This is the correct solution” no one will agree on anything, apparently.

    • Look at the website I just posted above. Hints were all over TTOTC. The book was written entirely to support the poem.

      • I’m checking it out now. I don’t go in for the Omega madness though, so I admit my bias on that matter. They are present in his prior books and are most likely simply his brand. I’ll wager you one wheat penny that if the correct solve comes out it will have nothing to do with Omega symbols. Just a hunch. I’ve never seen anyone incorporate them elegantly, but maybe there’s a way that can be done. And I full well admit that Skippy turning Alpha certainly begs for some sort of Omega.

        It’s amazing how people see different chapters so differently. It’s starting to feel like this thing is a Rorshack inkblot thing, where we all see whatever is in our minds.

        Thanks for the link.

        • Thanks BigOnus. When you responded to my earlier post about finding a balloon I thought maybe you were the finder. The line down the bird’s tail in your previous logo was pretty much in the direction from the first omega to the cairn. Is that a banyon tree in this logo?
          Seems my website link has been taken down.

          • XI, even if I had the runs, I wouldn’t be able to find the head if it was teaming in flies.

            I am just enjoying the capers of the Chase and enjoyed reading your solve.

    • I’m pretty certain in my inaginary friends opinion ( info), that forest will release something when he’s ready. Prolly on his birthday maybe, big 90 this year I think I heard somewhere. If not maybe at the fishing bridge picture in yellerstone.

      • If I had any strong feeling that the solution would ever be known, I’d stop working on it. I’m in the other direction right now. I don’t think it’s coming out. I can’t figure out why not and I can’t create a scenario where that should be the case. Heck, I can’t even manifest an adequate character profile of the finder to account for why he’s not letting this solution be known. I create character profiles all the time for fictional work, and this apparent finder is motivationally elusive to me. The motivations behind his actions are confusing as can be.

        I can’t manifest an angle for why he’s behaving as he’s behaving. He’s got the treasure. No one cares about his identity and yet here he is choosing to not have Forrest explain the way through his labyrinth to us. Why? What’s the hold up?

        The theories others have pushed out never hold water. If he was writing a book, his publisher would know that fewer people than who bought Forrest’s book will buy a book about a poem and clues that show you how someone once solved it which lead to gold but now there’s no gold.

        That book won’t sell many copies and by noon on its release date the answers will be all over the internet.

        At the current moment, barring some huge secret that none of us know, it’s not worth a documentary. If it was, that documentary would be 90 percent catching everyone up to speed on what the chase once was and then ten minutes at the end explaining what the clues meant. The problem is that for the casual viewer, who never heard about the search, they have no interest in where warm waters halt.

        That’s the strangest thing about these clues. Since they now lead to zero treasure, their value is zero dollars, except to those of us who just want peace of mind or resolution. I feel bad for the Wyoming loyalists. I was never budging from Gallatin, except for the one solve I built that lead behind Firehole Falls. I was going to check that out on Sunday morning. But Saturday night it was announced found.

        I had this idea in my mind that there was some path or way to slide down to the falls area because I found a photo of fishermen right by the falls, so there must be a secret path down there.

        • If the chest was placed and found on derelict land managed by BLM that could also be reclaimed, perhaps land that meant something to Forrest and his family history, the finder may not want to disclose this location because of the sheer number of lunatics that are involved in the search.

          Another theory is mentioned a few times is that the finder may have augmented or corrected or learned something that was posted by other searchers, and publishing the location of where it was found would just invite more lunacy.

          Occam’s razor suggests avoiding lunacy would be the simplest answer.

        • David,

          I’m surprised for a guy who creates characters you seem to leave out personalities in your thoughts.

          Let’s say a book comes out. You feel the book will drown as soon as the solve is released … I agree to a point of… Somewhat limited sales if that was the case. That type of book that simply slaps the answer on pages will not last.

          However, if the book is told of the events of the searcher and how he deciphered the first couple of clues and possibly additional hints… the book could be open for others to try and solve it all.

          I really think there is much more to the solve that folks have over looked. But a little nudge is something most may go for.
          If the gold / trove was your only desire… *here’s the solve*… that type of person won’t buy the book anyways, they will just wait for spoiler.

          The question is… Will folks want to try again if they are only told what the first clue (s) are?
          Maybe even a little goose egg, to get the gold fever going as well, can be hidden where the chest was?

          There are many ways to make the finder’s story interesting ( even using fictional characters ) and not give away the cow in the process.

          • Maybe. I’ll give you a maybe on that. I’m personally still trying to figure it out. The poem, I mean.

            I can see that if Doug Preston wrote it and included the riddles in one of his stories that it might be awesome, but then again, The Codex wasn’t about someone reading a book and a poem and looking at maps and using the internet for a few years.

            If the Finder fought some old grizzly bear for the treasure, now it’s film worthy!

            Unfortunately, Forrest said his family owns the rights to that autobiography, which means the finder probably can’t publish it without cutting them in. If that’s an entirely new book, I would totally buy that if it contained the solution in the back. I’d read that book and enjoy it and the dessert would be the last few pages where he lays out the solution. That would be a great ending. Too bad no one has said that’s coming down the pike. I’d pre-order the heck out of that book.

          • David,

            I’m aware that Fenn owns the copy right to TTOTC but never heard the bio in the chest had / has a copy right.

            I recall that the solution wasn’t in the bio… So if there is a copy right for the bio, that would make sense.

            Anyways, it’s nearly been a month since the announcement of the find. I’m thinking something might be said soon. Even if it is not about the solution…

          • Hi Seeker — here’s the ATF regarding the 20,000 word autobiography. It’s from Barbara’s “The Fenn Diagrams” — sorry, have lost the link:

            Q1a: “Will the finder of your chest have permission to publish your 20,000 word official autobiography?”

            A1a: “I don’t want my autobiography published because it has not been edited and I want to change some things in it.”

          • Zap,

            Ok… It doesn’t say anything about copyrights.
            However, we do have many comments saying if the chest is found;
            They can have…
            What if there are no legal questions (I would assume that about “ownership”of all the contents) and where it was hidden.
            As well as; “it’s out of my hands now”

            Shoulda, coulda woulda, is now up to the finder. But I would think *while” Forrest is still leaking let living, the new owner would consider fenn’s request to change or add to the bio.

            Question is; doesn’t the finder own everything in the trove-?- (especially if Fenn had past was during the hunt)???

          • Hi Seeker: in that quote, you are right — Forrest doesn’t explicitly mention whether he retains the copyright to the autobiography in the olive jar. But something is sticking in the back of my mind that at some other time Forrest addressed this issue, and that the answer was no — that the finder would NOT have the right to publish it. But that could just be faulty memory on my part, as I cannot find such a quote in my database.

          • Hello zaphod. It seems I recall the same, but not sure where I read/heard it. Not positive if it was mentioned in the Forrest Fenn/Douglas Preston documentary interview. I wish I could remember where. The following may help with the copyright issue:

            In part in regards to TTOTC:

            Mysterious Writings, May 7, 2018.

            “I gave that book to the Collected Works book store, although the copyright belongs to me.”


          • Thot I’d share something with y’all.
            I questioned Mr. Fenn about the lack of copyright of his first book (TTOTC). I noticed it was not there but was on his later ones. (TFTW & OUAW)

            His response to me was:
            “There is an automatic implied copyright on all cultural materials starting when it is produced. That is why you don’t see the copyright symbols anymore. One can go through the copyright process, which gives a little more protection. f”

            Perhaps this will help with the question of “who holds the copyright.” Maybe, maybe not.

          • wwwamerica – maybe it was intentional, maybe not. And coming from a linguistics background, it’s only a courtesy that I point out to you the slang abbreviation of “thought” to “thot” in your usage has changed in recent years. And while all of us understand what you mean in your usage, it nevertheless causes a distracted smile to some. Cheers.

        • Everyone knows how Titanic and Apollo 13 end, but both became huge movie hits . . . .

          • That’s what I’m talking about. The ending is the best part, ESPECIALLY if there’s ever another hunt…

    • IMO….., Forrest hid it within the rush at Rush Lake, inside YNP, south of Madison Junction (WWWH), down Firehole River Canyon (the canyon down) about 10 river miles, or 6.5 miles. The put in spot (parking area) is just south of Nez Perce Creek (the hoB – the place of origin for brown trout in the entand along the Firehole River, just before the Freight Rd bridge (heavy loads).
      When Forrest parked his car there, his walk to Rush Lake was a mere half mile.

  74. XI, I enjoyed your write up. Thanks for your time to include photos, explanations & diagrams which prove your solution for us. Lots of work. I’m curious, did you also research Property Ownership to determine who owns the private ranch you searched through? Does ff own it? It’s difficult for me to imagine why ff would hide it on someone else’s ranch, then the treasure becomes that owner’s property.

    • It seems to be family owned. That is why I believe the treasure was not on their property. I think the first spot the poem leads you to is special to Forrest, but since he didn’t own the land, he couldn’t leave anything valuable there. Instead, he left clues on how to complete the solve and discover the second omega which is just outside the boundary of another parcel of that same company’s land. I believe the treasure was on public land.

        • Xi – ES house was purchased in 2010. nearly 10 years ago. Another land parcel is in Wyoming near Hoback Canyon and River. Do you have similiar thinking. IMO

  75. In my solution, I had figured “no paddle” to represent no waves or no disturbance of the water, or, in other words- still water. Stillwater River.

    I had figured “If you’ve been wise” to be Owl Lake.

    I had not yet figured out what was meant by “water high.” But, I knew if my solve was to remain standing, the link between Stillwater River and Owl Lake had to relate to “water high.”

    The two areas were connected by a creek. The name of the creek? Flood Creek. No confirmation bias involved.

  76. Conspiracy Theory # 56003, What if the chest was truly found in Wyoming, (Wyoming Street, Albquerque NM. – there’s a number of banks there…)

    • A good conspiracy theories normally has no proof one way or another. The theory simply gives pause to a probablity / possibly…This one has not.

      -No safety deposit box..
      -Not associated with a structure..
      -Not under anything man made..
      -Under a canopy of stars..

      But if I was to suggest a conspiracy theory I would explain; that the finder can’t release any information, at this time, until the alien dragon egg is safely removed and unhatched so not to steal the souls of the inoccent.
      Now that’s a conspiracy theory.

      Where’s JayA when you need him?!?

      • I’m a little nervous of the alien dragon possibly. Who said there was only one treasure? Treasures bold…

        • I think you might be reaching toward treasures as a including the chest.

          I think treasures are the contents of the chest, and why *take the chest* was used in place of treasure chest.
          Trove is also used in the poem vs. troves.
          So it begs the question… What other “treasures* would there be that involves a clue?

          • Seeker –

            I assume your question isn’t rhetorical. Apologies if it is, or if it is directed at Patsy Cline to respond.

            Some of us feel “treasures” is a hint to use a “thesaurus”. A very small number of us believe “chest” in the context of the poem may be a hint to a homophone of “ark”, as in my case, “archangel” when followed with “go in peace”.

          • Your question concerning the verse “take the chest” is known only to Mr F and the solver. This leaves me with a sunken feeling that I might never know the final direction, the why and the wherefore, the foundation of his poem. Did you know that if you lookup treasure on it can mean “that which achieves wealrh, respect, or fame.”

          • E.C.W., & Seeker,

            Regarding ‘ark’
            It may be of interest to you that the words ARK/boat, and ARARAT both are in FF’s poem when in a grid format.

            I have no idea why FF may have included these words, but I don’t think it’s random. Ararat is in order vertically with the words Boat & Iran nearby.

            The actual Noah’s Ark was located in the ‘mountains of Ararat’ on the border of Iran and Turkey At the Durupinar site. (Not on top of Mt. Ararat)

          • EC, 42,

            I gotta go with the idea of straightforward, meaning, there’s no need to get too far off the written words.

            Pasty Cline,
            I’m well aware of just about ever meaning of every word and usages in the poem.

            But you didn’t answer my question.
            I’ll rephrase;
            If treasure and treasure chest are one in the same… How can treasureS be anything but the chest?

            It eaSy to say they are not, but there needs to be an explanation to why…

          • Seeker,
            Why don’t you ask yourself how Forrest could hide the ‘chest’ before he finished the poem?

          • Richard,

            There could be a number of reasons for; he followed the clues in his poem… Before the poem was “complete (completed?)

            My main two ideas are:
            He have something to do for one of the clues … An example… Make a Blaze.
            He himself needed to follow his own created clues exactly as the poem is later out. This would mean he had to let the poem lead him to a 10” spot to hide the chest within his special place.

            Simple saying; he knew exactly where he wanted to hide the chest (his special place he cals his own, but not the exact spot untill he lets the clues take him there.

            So what are your thoughts?

          • Seeker,
            Forrest hid the ‘chest’ in the middle of the poem. Therefore the chest was hidden before he finished the poem. The ‘chest’ filled with gold and the ‘chest’ from the poem are 2 different things.

          • Okay, Richard,
            People keep say that… But what exactly is the chest in the middle of the poem if not the treasure chest?

            However, I think we need to be careful here… He said; before the poem was “complete (completed).

            That may not be the same as finished.
            I mean, he was talking about the fact the “he” followed his own created clues, right?

            So, is the comment more about the written word, or about the actual task-?- he needed to do to have the clues “precise” they way he needed them… Or at least one of them?

            Example: did he create a blaze? Kinda like a marker…

            I just want to hear what and why folks have two different chest involved. There’s no need to dance around the subject… Just spit it out.

            Even if another uses the info to find the empty hide… Well it’s empty, right? They get nothing more the the satisfaction of being there. You or any who has a solve (posted) will have the create for being… LOL…the true Number Two, and not something be who’s full of it.

  77. Seeker, were you aware that treasure can also mean rock, or loved one, or stockpile? There are so many to choose from…

    • Crazy has a lot of meanings too:
      Crazy for feeling so lonely
      Crazy for feeling so blue
      Crazy for trying
      Crazy for crying…
      (Note: You can see pictures Fenn’s meaning of treasure at the top of this page).

    • There are several words in the poem that could refer to Fenn’s treasure chest of gold. They are treasures, riches, trove, chest, and gold. I don’t think that any of those words as used in the poem actually refer to Fenn’s treasure chest of gold.

      In his TTOTC book just before the poem, Fenn said, “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure.” The rainbow is HIS rainbow (he is the architect of it) but the treasure is THE treasure, not HIS treasure. Why wouldn’t he say it was his treasure if he said it was his rainbow? Maybe the treasure is something else besides his chest of gold.

      In the poem he refers to treasures, not a treasure. So treasures could mean something other than the singular chest of gold.

      In the poem he refers to a hint of riches, new and old. It’s not the actual riches he’s referring to but just a hint….or something that (possibly indirectly) relates to riches.

      The poem also talks about leaving his trove for all to seek. This is in future tense (or is it present tense?), not past tense when he actually hid the chest of gold. So trove probably doesn’t refer to the chest of gold.

      He says, “Just take the chest and go in peace.” Take what chest? It can’t be the treasure chest because he hasn’t finished giving you all the clues to the TC. It’s not logical to think that there would be two more stanzas of hyperbole if you’ve already arrived at the TC after stanza 4. The chest of stanza 4 must be something else, IMO.

      Then there’s the reference to “gold” at the end of the poem. Is this the gold of the TC? Not necessarily. It may be a description of something near the end of the clues that must be used to finish the solution to the poem.

      Anyway, I think we can only be sure of what Fenn really means when he uses these different words, is when he puts them together to actually describe the “treasure chest of gold.” Used singularly they can mean many other things, especially to Forrest.

  78. Dear Seeker, there comes a point or spot when one is on the trail of a treasure that a person is compelled to delve into the last remaining possibility. Upon arrival a blue ribbon is awarded.

    • It all began with a shoe on the wall. A shoe on the wall shouldn’t be there at all.

  79. randawg,
    You are correct, crazy does have a lot of meanings. One is “the characteristic of being innovative”

  80. Tonight, Monday August 3rd there will be two YouTube live gabfests about Forrest’s treasure hunt.

    The first is hosted by Amy and it will start at 7pm Mountain Time.
    The second is hosted by Cowlazars and Kpro and it will start at 9pm Mountain Time.

  81. Landhigh,
    I’ve believed since the beginning that there was more to the treasure hunt than just the treasure chest.There are “new” riches(the treasure chest and it’s contents)And there are “old”riches (that is what he will give you “title” to)And these old riches are much more valuable than the treasure chest. There are hints through out the stories in TTOTC that lead me to this conclusion. After the fourth stanza, you have found the chest. So why does Forrest continue with two more stanza’s? You already have the chest. You don’t need “title” to it. But to claim the “old”riches, you will need “title” to it. And that is what he is telling us in the last two stanza’s.

    I believe the “autobiography” he included in the olive jar in the chest tells the finder about these “old”riches. The “old” riches are worth 10-15 times what the treasure chest and its contents are worth. That is why Forrest could confidently say that the chest was still where he left it. Greed is an incredibly motivating factor. Once the finder read the “autobiography”, Forrest new they would contact him to get “title” to the real treasure(the trove for all to seek). Forrest would give the finder the “title” to this trove in exchange for the treasure chest. That is why we see the picture of Forrest taking inventory of the treasure chest.

    So the reason Forrest and the Finder can not reveal the location is because the trove is a large amount of gold. It is going to take the finder some time to remove it and secure it. Can’t have a bunch of treasure hunters snooping around that area until the trove is removed.

    I believe I know what this trove is based on what I found in my search area. This all of course is in my opinion. But what I found gives strong credibility to my theory.

    • gcro—

      I think I agree with you. But Ithink the larger “Treasure” is LAND that Forrest will deed over to the finder. New land and old land. An older purchase and a newer purchase. I think the Chest actually leads to the Rainbow—- which is found in verse 5,6 and 1, where it all starts. The Rainbow is a treasured piece of property. This of course is only my opinion.

      • I’ve always suspected the Chase is kind of like the 5 golden tickets from Willy Wonka. The person who found the Treasure had come to know and understand Forrest. You could only find the Treasure by understanding who Forrest is. This was the intention.

        There is a special piece of land Forrest wanted to give to someone who would understand the importance of it, and who who would genuinely “Treasure” it because they had come to “Treasure” Forrest himself even more. I think this piece of land is Forrest’s Rainbow.

        The place was so special to Forrest that he had to buy it. And he wanted to make sure someone would love it as dearly as he had. There is also a secret Forrest intended to share with the finder.

        This “finder” is a very dear person. He has to be. I had hoped to be the person who found it and was heartbroken when I wasn’t. The finder is a very special person indeed. And I wish him all the best with his new property, and new life!

      • I agree. Some land ~ 10.4 miles from Forrest home and the other land in Wyoming near Hoback river. IMO

  82. In the treasure chest photo all the treasure with jewels are missing and only gold coins, mirrors and nuggets are left. Everythings gold. A synonym for gold is yellow. What if that is a clue for the treasure being in Yellowstone Park?

    • Dave, if that’s the case, the treasure “was” in Yellowstone.
      Wherever it was, it most certainly “is gone” now. Right?

  83. Clues not only give solution information they are also used to protect other clues.

    The less vague a clue is, the more dangerous that clue is to the integrity of the entire riddle.

    HoB is the most specific clue imo.

    HoB (and each clue that follows) needs protection.

    How to protect? One way is to give info needed for complete solve before the HoB clue. That way you can’t start at HoB.

    The ultimate protection is a clue to the Blaze before HoB

    The clue to the Blaze is NFBTFTW. Therefore, the Blaze can be seen from a distance.

    • Another theory is that Forrest said the poem could only be solved sequentially, in order, because he couldn’t see any other way. I have proposed a solution where this is also true, in that the first 8 clues must be solved because you need the outcome to inform what to do to get to the 9th clue. Otherwise, anyone could have solved the 9th clue and figured out what to do without solving the first 8. I believe this is what Forrest meant, and what compelled me to follow my path.

      • You ever thought that the one thing that searchers have not considered is that not all the clues can be solved?

        • Echoing E.C.: never once. “The clues will lead you to the treasure and whether it’s buried or not, you can find it if you can find the blaze as a result of starting with the first clue. That’s what you have to do.” (From “The Lure” post-screening Q&A, Q7 on 5/18/2017)

          Couple that with what he said to Richard Eeds on 5/27/2016 starting at around 10:07:

          FF: “Well, there are nine clues in the poem. And if you can follow the clues, uh, one right after the other, they will take you to the treasure chest.”

          Eeds: “IF you can follow the clues.”

          FF: “There’s a … there’s a big IF there. It’s not easy, but it certainly isn’t impossible. People have been within 200 feet that I know for sure, because they tell me where they are.”


          Now, playing Devil’s Advocate, Forrest doesn’t say you ~need~ to solve *all* nine clues to find the treasure chest. He says “if you can follow *the* clues”. But to follow means you have to solve, and “clues” plural means you have to solve at least two. Still, early searchers solved 2 (and up to maybe 4) clues, and that apparently wasn’t sufficient.

          So let me ask you: when you suggest not all of the clues can be solved, how many clues are you suggesting cannot be solved? And are you also implying that you don’t have to solve all of the clues to find the treasure — given that someone DID find it?

          • Are you talking to me Zap? Anyway, if so, I would say that you don’t need to solve every clue because every clue cannot be solved.
            Which one’s do I think? I would say that the first, third, and forth cannot be solved. That’s not to say that you can’t find out what they are, just have no info to solve. And yes, you are right, “follow” is the big word.
            So, let me ask you, do you believe that the finder solved all the clues? From the poem? An answer to a clue would give up nothing, so why not do it? F said that he has not given the answer to WWWH, in a subtle way, so how can you get a solve of that without any info to solve it? You cannot. The finder didn’t know he had the first clue right until he found the chest, how can you be certain of a spot but not certain of the first clue? Think about it. The only way is to solve the whole poem, get your spot, back-track the path to see where you start, that is WWWH. You have to FIND WWWH, you have to LEARN WWWH, you have to find OUT. It’s not a solvable clue in the since of solving it as an independent clue. You can’t get Gallatin from line 5, you can’t get Wyoming from line 5, you can’t get a spot from line 5, line 5 is the first clue, there is no solving what he means as the first clue from line 5.
            To add on, for people to need the first clue to get the second, then the third, etc…, that is just ridiculous. Then how would you get the first clue? (unless you solved the whole thing and that is how you got the first clue).
            I think you guys don’t see coordinates so you must need to solve clues. What if the poem gave you coordinates? Would you need all the clues? Is it possible that you might not even see a clue or know what it is? People got within 200′, think they solved 4,5,6,7, or 8 clues to get there? It was early in the chase. So, the one thing that searchers might not have thought about is the possibility that not all the clues can be solved.
            If he never said there were 9 clues, would you still be looking to solve clues, or would you instead, be thinking about solving the poem?

          • Poisonivey You can Absolutely solve wwwh. In fact that’s the most important one and once you know it will be click.
            I am going to continue to reiterate something essential to the chase: Everyone needs to read the book “50 years at the bright spot”. It will transform your perception of what the chase is about and how it was constructed. Forrest used this book. When you read this book the chase will cease being speculation and start being about following a definitive trail of evidence. It’s what they whisper…

          • poisonivey – I disagree with several assertions based on my interpretations of the poem. Using USGS benchmarks and the names found on them, my solution of clues 1 through 8 when connected with lines create a large J (or fish hook) onto a map. Each of these benchmarks are considered a blaze, specific coordinates on a map, the connecting of which generates a path and creates this image. And in my solution, whether it is correct or incorrect, I could not have understood my 9th clue, also the Russian word for “weak”, if I did not have this image and the poem instructions to mirror the image.

            My first clue, the first benchmark, was “LANDER” based on “where warm waters halt” being “urine” because this word surprisingly comes from “land”, and “er” being a vocal halt in speech. Therefore “land” + “er” is my wwwh.

          • Poisonivey: well, it was a general response to anyone following along, but yes — you were the one who posed the question, so I was just saying that *I* never once considered that one or more of the clues could not be solved.

            “Anyway, if so, I would say that you don’t need to solve every clue because every clue cannot be solved. Which one’s do I think? I would say that the first, third, and forth cannot be solved. That’s not to say that you can’t find out what they are, just have no info to solve. And yes, you are right, “follow” is the big word.”

            Since your opinions on this are presumably derived from your own solution to the poem, and your solution (like mine) put the treasure in Montana, wouldn’t you say poem-solving theories derived from that apparently very faulty solution are themselves likely to be incorrect?

            “So, let me ask you, do you believe that the finder solved all the clues?”

            I have no way to know. I would ~guess~ so, but I suppose it’s conceivable that he solved enough of the clues that he got close enough that perhaps he didn’t absolutely need to solve all 9. I’ve always assumed that Forrest designed the clues so that they couldn’t be solved out of order. The question is, how close does solving only 8 (for instance) get you?

            As for WWWH, I know you have maintained that it can’t be solved. I just happen to disagree, mostly since Forrest stressed over and over the importance of nailing that clue down or don’t bother leaving home. Yes, you won’t *know* it’s right without solving the whole shebang, but it seems to me you better be very confident you’ve got it right or you’re just chasing windmills and confirmation bias “solving” clues beyond that.

            “You can’t get Gallatin from line 5, you can’t get Wyoming from line 5, you can’t get a spot from line 5, line 5 is the first clue, there is no solving what he means as the first clue from line 5.”

            I actually 100% agree with all five of those opinions. But I still think WWWH, in general, is the totality of Yellowstone and its uniqueness in the world for its high density/quantity of geysers. So in that sense, the first clue can be “solved.” But that’s a very broad starting point; you need something beyond line 5 to narrow it down.

            “I think you guys don’t see coordinates so you must need to solve clues. What if the poem gave you coordinates?”

            Ahh, but what if you need BOTH? What if you can’t recognize the correct coordinates from the poem unless you’ve solved a sufficient number of clues? I can pull a thousand different coordinates from the poem, so that’s not a workable standalone system. However, if prior clues have focused your search in a narrow area, that can eliminate most of the incorrect coordinates — ideally it would eliminate all but one possibility.

          • au contraire my fellow So. Cal., In solving the poem, a number system is gained. From there, coordinates. But, there are many possible variations. The solve I chose I really liked. It had everything. But was in the wrong spot. Now, in hindsight, I can also agree on a coordinate, that I’m pretty confident on. The Latitude, 44 degrees, 26 minutes, 24 seconds. That’s the thing with finding the numbers, so I wouldn’t say that my approach was wrong, sorry.
            Trying to solve for clues, IMO, is the big rabbit hole here. It just can’t be done. You know the ATF, answers to WWWH, hoB, blaze are not given in any subtle way. We know two of those are clues. F never made the info available.
            I will tell you this, you are close, but you then leave the poem in your solve, IMO. You went about getting Gallatin in the wrong way, but the idea is there. As soon as you said to replace the word one with “L” because of some font, you lost it. That would give me, As I have gl all in there. Makes no sense, whether before or after. But the idea of breaking down a line is there. Like I told you before, better way is, as I have “g” one, “al” one, “l” one, “a” lone, “in-t” here. Is g-al-l-a-tin. In my opinion, it’s still incorrect, but that’s the idea, to write down as many ways a line can be broken down, throughout the whole poem. Never leaving the poem. That is solving the poem. IMO. If you try it, you will see. You will also see the direction the poem takes you, I wouldn’t be saying it if I couldn’t prove it. The hard part is the “mirror” if you will. One side or the other theme.
            But you have to see that if a solve involves coordinates, then it is dealing with a spot to get to, following the clues comes secondary. So, if a solve has coordinates to a spot, then a searcher may walk right by the blaze and never know it, but still find the chest. The clues are more confidence builders.
            I’ll tell you, my spot was exactly 265 miles from the Bighorn medicine wheel, from the middle, extend a tangent thru the 24th spoke, around Mount Haggin area. You know, the end I sever draw ing “nig/h.
            That’s not how to solve, just some hints that lead to the exact spot I got from the poem.
            So yes, I am implying that the finder did not need to solve all the clues. He may have, but that is secondary. I felt like I did, but it’s not by solving the poem.
            Don’t get me wrong, there are some clues that are in the poem that need solving, for me, the last 4-5 clues, but I felt I knew the end spot before I knew where to start. I think the same with the finder. Again, I really like the latitude, 44,26,24. And that’s without solving any clues.

        • I think that’s highly possible if only because Forrest never identified what the 9 clues are. So essentially we are solving for everything and nothing anyway.. wwwh has a lot more value than another clue so it might make clues less important than others.

  84. India ranks very high in teachings the sciences to their children. What happens when warm water halts? When water gets warm it evaporates and goes up in the clouds. When the droplets become so large they “STOP” being suspended and it rains. Storm Mountain, east of Loveland CO.

      • Okay Patsy, now tell us what it means to F. We weren’t looking for your treasure. Please explain how you know what f is thinking and maybe we will listen.

        • I can’t say what Mr Fenn is thinking. There are many clues floating around in the Fenn-iverse. They all can’t be wrong.

  85. @seeker,
    You asked”Okay, Richard,
    People keep say that… But what exactly is the chest in the middle of the poem if not the treasure chest?”

    Look at the aerial view of the switch back road in Sinks canyon. Do you see the dove with wings? ” Take the chest “as in take the road that is the chest part of the dove. That is clue 6.

  86. You know… I thought I could force myself to stay off this blog and never post again, but it’s like a bad habit impossible to curtail. So as I’m get tired of watching reruns of the flying nun, I figured I’d pop in from time to time to say hi.

    In doing so, I have a question. It’s kind of on the edge and off some of the main topics here, but I’m kind of curious. Does anyone know if Forrest likes Dairy Queen? A friend of mine told me he was once the owner of one with June, his sister. Nonetheless, I didn’t believe him.

    • Dairy Queen has good ice cream. Used to make mushroom and Swiss burgers, not anymore tho. He went into business with his brother, why wouldn’t he have with his sister?

      • I loved them burgers. It’s a shame Dairy Queen went down another path. Maybe that’s the food Forrest suggested when he was calling the shots but got canned after he bailed. Wouldn’t that be funny?

        It’s those little spoken of details that can affect us in a large way.

  87. Here’s my solution to the poem. If someone would like to visit the spot, please contact me for the exact location. Be aware the spot is not in the state of Wyoming!

    This solution will put an “x” on the map. It makes the lines cross. And, you can zoom into where the lines cross and see a Fenn-related blaze.

    “Begin it where warm waters halt”

    The “warm water halts” as thermal springs run into the Firehole River. Mr. Fenn talked about this in one of his books.

    “And take it in the canyon down”

    The “canyon” is directly “down” river. The Firehole Canyon.

    “Not far, but too far to walk”

    1000 feet away from Firehole Canyon is the highway that takes you to the Lamar Ranger Station which I believe is the “home of Brown.” Ranger Gary Brown used to live there. He died in 2010. Maybe Forrest Fenn came to visit or went to the funeral? The “home of Brown” is about 30 miles away as the crow flies. That’s “not far, but too far to walk” so we take the highway to Lamar Ranger Station.

    “Put in below the home of Brown”

    “Below the home of Brown” less than 3000 feet away from Lamar Ranger Station is a place to “put in” a canoe.

    “From there it’s no place for the meek”

    Floating directly downstream, less than 15 miles, is the mouth of Hellroaring Creek. Hellroaring means deafening. Meek means very quiet. Hellroaring is “no place for the meek.” Meek and Hell are biblical words and adds to the poetic vibe of the poem.

    “The end is ever drawing nigh”

    You are now at the mouth of Hellroaring Creek. The end is ever drawing nigh. Draw a line from Hellroaring Creek to Nye, Montana.

    “There’ll be no paddle up your creek”

    We are in Nye, Montana looking for “no paddle.” No paddle means no waves which means still water. The Stillwater River is less than 1500 feet away.

    “Just heavy loads and water high”

    So…you head up Stillwater River. You will go past some heavy metal mines which can be considered heavy lodes (confirmation). You will reach Flood Creek which is “water high.” Then, go “up” Flood Creek and look for “If you’ve been wise.”

    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze”

    Approximately one mile from the beginning of Flood Creek is Owl Lake. Owls are traditionally linked to “wise.”

    Now we are at Owl Lake.

    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze” implies we have already been given enough information to have figured out the location of the blaze. And…we HAVE been given enough information.

    Remember Mr. Fenn repeatedly saying go back to the poem? He didn’t mean the generic poem. He meant the full-blown version that was listed on his website underneath the heading of “The Poem.” It has very valuable clues to finish putting an “x” on the map.

    As we stand at Owl Lake, let’s go back to “The Poem.”…

    “if followed precisely, will lead to the end of his rainbow and the treasure”

    We need to literally and figuratively do this.

    Draw a straight line from Owl Lake to Rainbow Lake and continue until you cross the first line you drew when you drew a line to Nye, Montana.

    Where the lines cross is the blaze. It’s black (tar or “tarry” maybe?), about 4 feet across. (You can see it on Google Maps.) Oh, coincidentally, you will be overlooking (or should I say gazing) at nearby Mirror Lake while you are at the blaze. (Gazing into a mirror was in some of Mr. Fenn’s writings.)

    The altitude just happens to be 50-100 feet below the oddball cap of 10,200 feet.

    When the chase started, Mr. Fenn had not narrowed it down to four states. So, clues to the general area had to be stashed in the poem. I believe one of the clues is…

    “If you are brave and in the wood” = If you are gallant in the forest = Gallatin Forest

    Possibly another…

    “Hear me all and listen good” = Amphitheater Mountain near Gallatin Forest.

    There are others but they are even more speculative.

    There was a point where I believed I had to be on the right track. I had figured “no paddle” to be the Stillwater River. I had figured “wise” to be Owl Lake. But, I hadn’t figured out “water high” which had to be located between Owl Lake and Stillwater River for my solution to continue to stand. Of course, after zooming in on the creek connecting Stillwater River to Owl Creek, the name “Flood Creek” popped up. No confirmation involved.

      • Thanks, Patsy.

        I went in early June of 2018 but was turned back by snow and time. I would love to know what that blaze looks like up close and if it’s made of tar.

    • Larry,

      IF Fenn started at the ranger station and traveled by watercraft down river….how does he make two trips, in one afternoon, by going up stream for 15 miles.
      I mean, even an easy 1-2mph current would take a good portion of the day to battle and wear down even the strongest of searchers to do once, needless to say, twice.
      Forrest may have been in good shape at age 80 but I hardly think he could do that task… 20 – 30 miles paddling up stream.

      As he said; he followed his clues in the poem. If we have to boat… he would of as well, right?

      • Hi seeker,

        I don’t believe Mr. Fenn ever actually said that he made the trip in his poem, did he? It would be very difficult to travel up Flood Creek.

        • , “There are nine clues in the poem, and the clues are in consecutive order. If you want to find the treasure chest – you have my book there – I’ll tell you how to do it. Read the book just normally … the poem and the rest of the book, and then go back and read the poem 6, 8, 10 times – study every line, every word. Then after you do that, read the book again, slowly, with the idea of looking for clues or hints, that are in the book that will help you follow the clues. You can find the chest with just the clues, but there are hints in the book that will help you with the clues.” f

          “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure.” f

          There are more like this Larry, if you only take the time to read them – JDA

          • Thanks, JDA. I know a few more that I suspect are clues. I like the books but I don’t own any.

        • Larry,

          I’m not going to site all the Q&As over the years, but I will highlight some:
          Fenn has been asked if he took a short cut and skip some clues.. He replies to these question with; you need all the ingredients, there’s no other way that he knows of but to follow the clues, and he actually stated he followed the clues when he hid the chest.
          If you add some other comments; he made two trips from his car because of the weight of the chest and contents and did so in one afternoon, walking less than a few miles etc… I see a problem in your solution.
          Fenn or anyone else would have to have a boat to float down river and paddle back to the ranger station (assuming that is where the car is park in your theory) then float back down for the second trip to the hid and back up the river again ( a total of 30 miles for two trips up river)
          So the question is; can you paddle that river upstream twice? Or even once.
          By my calculations you are in the water for a total of 60 miles for both trips. Fenn would have needed to do the same from your ranger station…and half of that milage fighting the flow of the river.
          Even if it was possible to do… Someone would need a travel speed of 15mph on the water, each way, to accomplish just take portion of the task two hours.

          Another problem for me is your hoB being the ranger station. Imo. There is a very good chance that none of the clues are man made, and we do have Cynthia’ post about her hoB being a structure with Fenn seemingly imply/repeating: his comments about no structure being associated….

          I’m not downing your thoughts and/or solve… I’m simply attempting a check and balance using ATF statements from fenn for plausibly and possibly.

          • Hi Seeker,

            In my mind, I think of my solution as being related to Mr. Fenn’s string story/illustration that takes you from point to point. You reach one point and follow it to a logical conclusion or until instructed otherwise in the poem. I don’t intend for my solve to double back except where the lines cross.

            I believe you have to follow the poem, but only in your mind or on a map.

            My actual treasure location was not associated with a man-made structure.

            You have a great point about the Lamar Ranger Station not being around for a lot of years to come. I can’t answer that one unless the station is actually there because of a land feature.

            No offense taken to your questions 🙂

          • Hi Seeker,
            In your reply to Larry you said:

            ‘Fenn has been asked if he took a short cut and skip some clues.. He replies to these question with; you need all the ingredients, there’s no other way that he knows of but to follow the clues, and he actually stated he followed the clues when he hid the chest.’

            IMO, Forrest is talking here about the ‘stone chest’ (a partially buried rock that looks like a chest) that he hid in his poem. He hid it in the poem, therefore he had to follow all of the clues and therefore, there were not shortcuts possible.

            Then you said:
            ‘If you add some other comments; he made two trips from his car because of the weight of the chest and contents and did so in one afternoon, walking less than a few miles etc…’

            IMO, he’s talking here about the real bronze box filled with gold (about 42lbs in weight). It was too heavy to carry it in one load so he had to make 2 trips.

            These two different objects are located hundreds of miles apart. You are taking Fenn’s comments literally, IMO there is a lot more to his comments than the literal meanings.

  88. Last line should read “no confirmation bias involved.”

    The solution I posted was my theory. Maybe I’m wrong.

  89. I would love someone to create a Gofundme page for the finder and I will donate a percentage of what I would have spent searching for it this year.
    I think the finder deserves more than just Fenn giving. Let’s make this a landslide for the finder after all the legal fees.
    I’m in!

    • Jake, that’s a generous thought, but the finder should be flush with riches, and will likely never step forward.

      Personally, I would rather give Dal a gift for generously hosting the past 10 years. I plan to send Dal an Amazon gift card – directly to his email.

      (Don’t need to set up a go fund account).

    • I might even give him 50 dollars if he would permit Forrest to talk more about the solve. Perhaps he wants to and can’t. But that might be a frigid day in hell and wishful thinking.

  90. What so important about the word “TITLE” in Fenn’s poem?

    What are the 3 basic elements of a contract?
    wikipedia….”The three most important contractual elements are offer, acceptance and consideration, and they all must be present whether the contract is oral or written in nature”

    ACCEPTANCE, yeah that could pertain to a lot of things.

    • I think the word title means HEADING. A title is also known as a heading on a page. The title is a heading or location or coordinates. He gives us the coordinates to the gold. I think the last stanza has coordinates to draw an X in the final location right to the spot. So Y is it I must go. Y is cancer. Brave is Leo. You can make an X using the 32 degree angle of Cancer and the Ecliptic line to Leo. The final location has a Y formation and Leo is beside it. The spot that Leo would be is wooded. 32 degrees is cold. Cancer sits at a 32 degree angle.

  91. I’d like to submit my solve for consideration:
    To summarize it:
    – Wood is the word that is key as the finder pointed us to in the chest photograph.
    – From this we are lead to discover Holt’s New Map of Wyoming from 1885, the hint of new and old.
    – On that map there are two Brown’s: Ft Washakie and a point on the Sweetwater.
    – WWH is The Sinks.
    – We then use survey markers called VABMs on TOPO maps to follow the poem and build an equilateral triangle survey blaze that leads us down to the Sweetwater and the Oregon Trail.
    – There the poem helps us build a second survey blaze which uses the British form of these blazes to nail down the first omega.
    – There Forrest likely left only hints. I discovered hints left there while BOTG, but we can also use hints from the book that point us to explore an area SE of the first omega.
    – In that area we discover a cairn, not visible on GE, that l’m guessing Forrest built.
    – We build another blaze to confirm the location of this cairn which gives the instruction to look for an arrow between the cairn and the canyon.
    – The arrow we build starts at The Sinks, goes right through the mid point of the side of the triangle blaze we built before and hits a final survey blaze junction at a point just east of the Chimney Creek/Spring Creek intersection, right below the second Brown we saw on the Holt Map.
    There are many hints in TTOTC that point us to this area and point out that survey markers are important for the solve. I detail many of those on the site.

    • Very good use of the book, the scrapbooks, hints, and clues! Forrest must have had a lot of fun creating the poem. Apparently he spent much time in that vicinity too over the years, bathing in the river and wallowing in the historical traces all around.

    • If this isn’t the actual solve, it should be. Incredible. So much lines up though that it’s hard to image it’s wrong by much. Good job!

  92. After the announcement of the treasures discovery my promise to myself (and my family) was to move on and find a new challenge. However the Wyoming announcement was an irritant, as it didn’t fit with any of my workings, so I did a little digging….
    The chase is clearly a quest. The historical term for the object of a quest is a MacGuffin.
    The wiki page for this term discusses many of the well known quests in history, their creators, and the objects of the quests.
    In the chase ff referred to the chest as Indulgence, an anagram for Ending Clue. The answer to the ending clue is The 39 Steps (the last object ff put in the chest was the fetish necklace with the 39 objects attached). The 39 Steps in the book by John Buchan is a well known MacGuffin.
    Read further down the wiki page and it references a MacGuffin in the book 54. The author of the book……Wu Ming…in my view, an oblique reference to Wyoming.

    • Pearl,

      Interesting interpretation. I saw some of those connections and the anagram, but just looked up MacGuffin.

      Alfred Hitchcock explained the term as.. It might be a Scottish name, taken from a story about two men on a train. One man says, ‘What’s that package up there in the baggage rack?’ And the other answers, ‘Oh, that’s a MacGuffin’. The first one asks, ‘What’s a MacGuffin?’ ‘Well,’ the other man says, ‘it’s an apparatus for trapping lions in the Scottish Highlands.’ The first man says, ‘But there are no lions in the Scottish Highlands,’ and the other one answers, ‘Well then, that’s no MacGuffin!’ So you see that a MacGuffin is actually nothing at all.

      Are you thinking that the beads are a clue (Shoshone Tribe/Shoshone Forest), or the treasure is actually nothing at all, or Peggy Lake at the Highland Park Lakes, or something else?

      Keep Digging….you will eventually work out a solution that fits, if you want to. If you get low on fuel, just be sure to stop by a Maverick gas station before you run out!

  93. August 4th has come and gone and I don’t see any big announcements! Not that I really expected any. Have a great time being outdoors and be careful.
    Thanks Dal, Forrest and everyone for a great adventure even though I didn’t find Indulgence.

  94. It appears that the veterans designed t-shirt page is open still!They have all sorts of stuff including notebooks, in case anyone wants one.
    Not sure if I can say anything about it, but whatever, they sent me a shirt in june’ish and I like it and I’ll probably order some more stuff when my secretary wakes up from hibernation.
    Is anyone else bored with the ending so far? I don’t think it’s over for one second!!!, But I wonder if the director walked off the set we something. Maybe finder messed up and went somewhere with a lockdown?

  95. Take a second look at the concept of WWWH as when water in the cloud “stop” being suspended and fall as rain. Storm Mountain, West of Loveland CO. Fenn talked about Bessie the cow, a part of your soul remained undiscovered if you’ve never loved (Loveland) a cow. Greeley , just east of Loveland is famous for the stockyards. Also the saying his father loved , ” He who teaches a child, labors in God’s workshop” is hanging in the historic school in Greeley CO.

  96. Xi I think you’ve nailed it, and provided excellent pictures, photos, descriptions and a point by point tour! Thanks for all your hard work. There is definitely a Canopy of stars at that location! I love the explanations for the Blaze, WWWH, and every clue in the poem being used twice. I’m still studying the details.

  97. NearIndianaJones, in what SB did that drawing come out in. What was the context of that discussion.

  98. *Storm Mountain* Do you remember any references to raining in the book, TOTC? What about ducks? The town of Drake is right there. What about the phrase ” running away from home”. The town of Haven is upriver on the North Fork of the Big Thompson…. Take a third look…Ok, Ok… I’m done.

  99. @ Cynthia Mecham – THANKS!
    it’s generous of you to serve up the Coronas & quarantinis on the bridge to recovery for all of us coping with a 2nd place finish and the end of TTOTC.

    I wish I could be there. Thanks for all you’ve done!

    Best to you,


  100. Nearindianajones —-Is that drawing by your own hand? When compared to all of the others in this contest, it and the photo have professional written all over them. My hat is off to you!!!

  101. Dal,

    I am convinced that the Lost Creek Solve is correct. I came to that conclusion recently independent of your solve.

    WWWH is the border of the Yellowstone Caldera. It is clear from a map of Yellowstone
    Canyon Down is Yellowstone Canyon. It is only canyon at WWWH.
    HOB is the ranger station, below Beaver Lodge.
    No place for the meek is the Petrified Tree, below the ranger station.
    No paddle is Lost Creek, but you don’t travel up it, you cross it.
    Wise is the sage field.

    It is too perfect. I came to the solve just looking at a map of Yellowstone.

    • That is a beautiful hike, and feels as though you’re miles and miles from anywhere. We saw no one else there last late May.

  102. I would like to first thank Dal and all the participants here on this blog who have made me feel immediately welcome with my crazy thoughts. I’ve been treated terribly elsewhere. So it is a relief to find people who will actually hear you out without fear. Thank you all for your graciousness and great ideas! So here goes…

    I believe I know the solver and the finder of TTOTC and I believe they are 2 different people.

    I believe the solver of TTOTC to be a whistleblower to the federal government through a legitimate whistleblower program. I believe the finder is a former high level official (a household name) for the US federal government who came into contact with the whistleblower during the course of their work together. The whistleblower solved the FF riddle, The Thrill of the Chase, 5 years ago but waited in secret in order to ensure that ALL THE REVELATIONS of Forrest Fenn’s riddle were met with proper legal investigation and predication before the solver and finder could come forward. That time is now.

    On June 5, 2020 the solver contacted the finder and compelled him to do something they both knew possible. So he did.

    And now the person I believe to be the solver has given permission to introduce a few clues.

    First. The poem/riddle is circular. Once you solve it, you start back over from the top. So yes, there are different locations one must go to pick up one clue to the next.

    The solver believes there are 2 starting points for Where Warm Waters halt. The 100th meridian line is one. The 100th meridian line is literally where the warm waters of the Gulf Stream from the Gulf of Mexico halt. The 100th meridian delineates the humid East from the arid West. It is literally a scientific definition of where warm waters halt.

    The second place is more tricky and will require photos. But it’s easy to speak of…it was a special edition album in 2015 that caught the eye of the solver. The vinyl album was titled….Warm Waters. The solver was looking at all the online theories for Forrest Fenn’s Warm Waters when a thumbnail image of the vinyl album Warm Waters popped up. He or she clicked on it and boom.

    It was a special edition copy on eBay that the seller only had ONE COPY of. The solver purchased it at the end of March 2015 and received it from an entity/seller called “Not Your Average CD”, the first week of April 2015.

    The solver figured they could play the album backwards from where it ended or halted to get another clue. While there was no message hidden in the vinyl in playing it backwards, there was an after-the-fact message and a distinct symbol etched into the vinyl of the album that was NOT the Matrix code for the album. There were 2 distinct messages and 1 distinct symbol at the end of the special edition Warm Waters vinyl album where it halted.

    The message indicated that 2 tracks in particular were of significant interest. The tracks were How Sweet and Rusty Toy.

    Rusty Toy gave an address of 42nd and Broadway. Looking up 42nd and Broadway one learns that it is the starting point for the Lincoln Highway across the United States.

    Because the “solver” grow up traveling across the country their whole life, they immediately knew the Lincoln Highway in Colorado was Highway 50.

    Looking at the 100th meridian, you see the the line crosses through the Arkansas River in Oklahoma. The solver once lived near highway 50 along the Arkansas River in Colorado. The solver worked the Arkansas River for years as a photographer.

    Begin it where warm waters halt put the solver on Highway 50, in Colorado, just below Brown’s Canyon on the Arkansas River.

    Not too far from the 100th meridian line in Oklahoma to Brown’s Canyon, but certainly too far to walk!

    Any way to post pictures on this site?

    The person I believe to be the solver is happy to start posting some pictures here or elsewhere to help people understand the process.

    Otherwise the solver has assured me that they will figure out a way to get their solve published online for people to freely access.

    I’ll be back in the next day or 2 to continue with the clues and process per the wishes of the person I believe to be the solver.

    Thanks all…

  103. Outrageous Pseudo Book Seller

    The mom of a recent searcher sent me a note to make me aware of a bogus on-line bookseller offering TTOTC.
    Paper White Books is offering Forrest’s book for $48.

    I guess anyone can buy the book from Collected Works and resell it at a mark-up…so other than ripping buyers off…it seems legal.
    What does not seem legal is that they never sent the book…
    Mom-of-Searcher bought the book before the finding was announced…so that was two months ago…no book was ever delivered.
    Then, after the buyer complained…no response…

    I received the note from Mom-of-Searcher yesterday. I had never heard of Paper White Books so I went looking. Found them. They have a very limited selection of books. All of them, as far as I can tell at mark-up prices…
    Also, their English is slightly off…which certainly raises more red flags…

    What I also ran into was text about the book and the chase stolen directly, word for word, from the home page of this blog and claimed by them as written by the owner of the bookstore. That’s irritating.

    So their business plan is apparently to rip people off…

    To avoid being ripped off I suggest everyone avoid Paper White Books.

    • If you’ve been ripped off by Paper White Books or any other vendor selling on Amazon, here is how & where to:

      Report a violation of selling policies – Amazon Seller Central

      How do I report a fake seller on Amazon?

      At AMAZON Go to Contact Us.
      Select Report a violation.
      Select your language of preference from the Please select a language from the drop-down menu.
      To facilitate an investigation, be sure to include the following information in the Please describe your issue field, as applicable…

      • AMAZON is getting better at shutting down bogus vendors, but it takes YOU to REPORT the violation in order to start the process.

    • Dal,
      You may or may not know…

      It is not legal at all. Copyrights not only prevent someone claiming the written word of another (book or otherwise) as their own (which doesn’t seem to be the case here.) It also prevents publication if not authorized by the original publishing co. In this case.. One Horse and Cattle co. (Self publishing)

      When it comes to your site… You are still the author of those words on the home page. As the author you automatically have copyright to those words in that form / message etc. The problem is; you can’t attempt to sue for copyrights infringement unless you filed for a copyright. Basically saying the court won’t hear your case without one. I suggest you fill one out, pay the small fee asp, if you want to get the responsible party for stealing.
      Or, those who are involved could possibly file themselves as the author and legally call them their own.

      I know… Seem completely illegal, but can happen.

      • Dal, as Seeker mentioned, filing a copyright is important if you plan to sue for infringement. US Copyrights are a simple process but takes several months for the approval to be returned from the US Copyright office.

        However, to protect your personal stories, and photos, at a minimum you can place the © symbol on the website now with your name and the date adjacent the symbol. That is considered a legal copyright even without filing.

        © Dal Neitzel 2020

        (Note to bloggers,
        “Ideas” – like our solutions to the poem are not copyright material.)

  104. Dal,

    I am certain that the treasure was at Lost Creek. I recently arrived at the solve independent of yours by looking at a map of Yellowstone.

    WWWH is the perimeter of the Yellowstone Caldera
    Canyon is Yellowstone Canyon, the only canyon at WWWH
    HOB is the ranger station below Beaver Lodge
    Meek is the Petrified Tree
    Creek is Lost Creek, which as you indicated cannot be traversed so you cross it.
    Wise is the sage field

    It fits perfectly, is simple, and can be determined by looking at a map

    • Can it be determined by only using the poem? Not too certain if you are just using a map.

      • Ivy,

        There have been a few comments that have me pondering a thought about “maps”
        -A map is a map… if you have the right map.
        -fenn was surprised about how many were looking at map.
        -The poem is a map.
        – take your map with you.

        Just to give a few examples. I never understood why anyone would be surprised by folks going straight to maps right at the get go. It seems the most logical thing to do. Also, the idea of the right map seemingly deals with the right details. And lastly, it seems obvious to bring that correct detailed map with you, right?

        Here’s the kicker; Fenn say the poem was *design, written by a architect*
        So the question is; is the poem structurally design not only with clues for deciphering what the represent, but also design with am actual map/mapping with in?

        A silly but simple example might be; turning the poem on it side and seeing how the stanzas have ups and downs movements. Or maybe follow all the letter A in the poem by contacting them with lines.

        Regardless of how…are we being told the poem is an actual map-?-and not just directions/instructions in written form?
        Think about it. “All the information to find the treasure is in the poem”

        But then again we have that one Q&A asking about; no background info. and just using the “words” in the poem, can the chest be found.
        I always found that NOPE Q&A strange because the question asked only about the “words” in the poem.. kinda leaving out the idea the poem can have structure/design of a map within.

        So the question is; are we being told to “get back in the box,” to be, the poem as an actual map?

        • That’s an interesting thought Seeker. I’ve tried graphs and such with the words and letters, but never thought of an “actual” map. I think I will look into this for a spell.
          As far as starting of with a map, yes, we all I believe have started this way. It’s just now, in hindsight, I see that as being taken away from the poem. The poem and only the poem can be put in front of you and a solve gained. That’s what I believe is the case. I, in no way saying to just use the poem, use everything at you’re disposal, but in policing a solve, the only thing that is needed is the poem, IMO. I did need a little help when complete to find where the coordinates where, but that was after the solve was complete. But I like to tinker, and the thought of an actual looking map, lol, crazy but who knows? Maybe the finder.

      • I think you can. Check out Dal’s video. My HOB and WWH are different, but I think it was across the creek near the sage field. As Dal found there was no paddle up that creek.

        Dal didn’t find the treasure, but it may have been gone by the time he visited. The terrain is similar to what F described.

        • The picture of Lost Creek Falls also fits the description of water high and heavy loads perfectly.

    • Inigo: “You keep using that word. (perfectly), I do not think it means what you think it means.”..

    • Will,

      The caldera is one of a kind (well, there are actually three in YSP depending on how far back in time you go).. but that’s my point… How do you get around the comment; there are many WWH in the RMs and nearly all are N of SF.?

  105. May God bless the innocent men, women, and especially the children, who died this day in Hiroshima, Japan.

    Hiroshima —> hiros him a —> hero hims a —> him’s a HERO, a star.

    Look to the stars and you might find who you seek.


    • Appreciate your thoughtful remembrance.
      What is the cost of war when it is paid for in human lives?
      Sad day for all.

  106. All of FF clues pointed to Wyoming. Bird-Meadow Lark .Flower-Paintbrush. Mammal-Bison. Tree-Cottonwood. Fish- Cutthroat ( LOL). etc.
    He loved his mother dearly, and his cow. The most loving and precious gift a mother gives her baby is milk. So I picked Titsworth Wyoming. There is plenty of pies to look into right off the road, below heavy loads and water high.

    • Hence that old and often misheard saying “colder than sandwiches in Titsworth near a bronze brazier”?

  107. The BF Meek Fly Reel #44 is considered one of the best fly reels of the early 1900’s and is also one of the most sought after fly reels of collectors.

    Where is “no place for the meek”? The No Fishing zone running upstream 250 yards from 7 Mile Bridge.

    In the canyon down… The Madison River is often compared to the chalk creeks of Europe that run through their downs. Take it “in” the canyon down…follow the Madison into the “canyon down…rolling hills” heading up river from WWWH.

    Just before you get to 7 mile bridge there is a sign that say Pull Out (opposite is Put In) that is the last Pull Out below the Madison River. There is also a set of stairs at this pull out for people to get into the Madison River, a put in.

    Begin it (the Madison River) WWWH (Lake Hebgen) and take it in the canyon down (into the rolling hills of the canyon).

    Next marker is the put in which is below the home of brown. Every October the Brown Trout head up into this portion of the Madison River, returning home to spawn.

    From there your next marker is no place for your Meek fly reel (the no fishing area who’s end ((the bridge)) is ever drawing nigh).

    If I tell you the rest I take all of the fun out of it.

  108. A synonym for key is first. What if the stick and key in the treasure chest photo are referring to the first clue in the poem. “Begin it where warm waters halt”

    The stick has a protrusion in the middle of it like a pointer, pointing to the upper right corner of the chest. The chest has the same rectangular shape as the state of Wyoming. If you line up the longer right side of the chest with the north border of Wyoming you could say the stick is pointing to the NW corner of Wyoming.

    All the treasure in the chest photo is gold. The color of gold is yellow. Maybe the answer to where warm waters halt was Yellowstone National Park.

    • My guess is that the stick could actually be a fishing pole attached (at top left) to the fishing line seen zig-zagging through the chest.

  109. Okay, someone has to do this…
    Here are Exact anagrams for:

    And the winner is…
    “A guy from back east” = Aye, Fort Megabucks

    Runners up bracket:
    1. faker scumbag toys
    2. sabotage muck fry

    • 42,

      Since Forrest’s mom was Lillie GAY my two favorites are:

      ‘Ma Gay a buck Forest’ – and Forrest was a Buck Sergeant in the AF just before becoming a pilot.

      ‘Ma Gay bake crust of’ – I immediately think PIE since we all know how much Forrest loves fried pineapple pie and HI, the place of beautifully clearwater and bikinis land.


      • Pinatubocharlie,

        Excellent anagrams for “a guy from back east”

        Thanks for the laughs, and your ever positive attitude.


  110. I won’t be satisfied until the longitude & latitude of where the chest was hidden are published.

    • The latitude/longitude numbers were hidden in two illustrations in TTOTC – the bush on pg 99 has “82” and the cloud in Tea With Olga has “56” clearly seen.
      The actual cooridinates are 44.561765/-110.826101.
      Note that .56 and .82 are the first two numbers after each decimal.
      This location is inside YNP, at Rush Lake.
      My solve has always been there.
      Madison Junction(WWWH), Firehole River Canyon Dr(canyon down, but too far to walk) , park below Nez Perce Creek (hoB), no need to go up the river(there’ll be no paddle up your creek), just walk toward Freight Rd bridge (heavy loads). Water high is the bend in the Firehole River where the water turns cobalt blue because it is a deep spot. The Blaze is here at the river bank and can only be seen from Google Earth – a white thermal area in the shape of a triangle with a pine tree at dead center. It matches the Benchmark Maps symbol perfectly. Follow the southeast corner down to Rush Lake (look quickly down). The hills surrounding Rush Lake form the shape of an Omega, clearly seen from a terrain map view on Google Earth (your quest to cease).
      From the parking area between Fountain Flat Dr and Freight Dr (the end is ever drawing nigh because each road ends there), Forrest only had to walk a mere half mile to Rush Lake.
      What I didn’t figure out until it was too late was that he actually hid the chest IN the rush, slightly out beyond the edge of the lake. This is why he said the chest was wet. It also alludes to The Catcher In the Rye, as rye is also comprised of tall, grass-like extensions, like rush. Remember also that Moses was hidden in the Nile River among the reeds(rush) in a basket made of straw and tar (tarry scant). Moses means “drawn from the water.”

  111. Seeker & Ivy,
    May I join your conversation about possible ways Forrest could have constructed a map in the poem using words as his “Building Blocks” ?

    **See my photos by clicking the link.**

    I have presented poem grids justified both left and right showing one location in Rio Arriba County NM
    at Echo Canyon’s natural theater.

    • 42,
      I have a very simple way of going about the poem. I just do what the instruction words say. Examples:
      on, in, here, with, as, can, keep, take, etc…etc…etc… Also, instruction letters:
      b,c,r. Also, abbreviations like alt for alternate. And I just try to solve each line, as many different ways that are possible. Example:
      As I have gone alone in there. As I have= no change or instructions.
      gone( the word “on” is an instruction), alone( again, on is the instruction),
      in(this is an instruction of where the two E’s are) the word “there”.
      So, you have the letter “g” on the first “e”. The letters “al” on the second “E”, (in), there, or, the “g” r “al” e. It’s read: As I have the grale.
      The letter “r” is an instruction, “g” are “a”= ale, As I have the ale.
      Ale spelled wrong for ail, which is what he had when he started the chase, it’s the intro into the story, As I sit here with cancer, if you will. But, there are other ways to break down the line. If you’ve seen me and zap going back and forth, the word “g-al-l-a-tin” can also work. The thing is to write down all the ways each line can be broken down. That is how I see using just the poem. Following instruction words, words within words, letters, abbreviations, wrong spellings, all play a role. After a few passes of the poem, a pattern is obvious, he has given letters a numerical value. After solving all the letter values, when reading the poem, coordinates stick out. Those coordinates can also be interpreted differently. I could argue Montana just as well as I could argue Wyoming. (I just liked the Montana solve a lot better).
      I think that when explaining a solve, once that person directs the reader to get a map, understand a history, anything except the poem, that the solve is leaving the poem and probably incorrect. I look at it this way, what if someone didn’t have a computer, or a map, or knowledge, just the poem and a car. That person is suppose to have the same chance as anybody, it could be done that way. That is solving the poem, to me.

  112. Does anyone believe that Eric Sloane’s house that is about 10.4 miles north of Santa Fe has anything to do with finding the TreasureS and taking title to the gold. Just a few interesting things I have found and of course are IMO
    – Eric Sloane’s house exchanged hands in 2010 around potential timing
    – A river runs thru it – there is an underwater river that runs thru the property and owner of this parcel has water rights based on this
    – Some pictures of objects in the house and on property have links to scrapbooks IMO
    – There is a canyon down IMO
    – There is a dry creek bed IMO
    – There is a water high IMO
    – getting there is not to far, but to far to walk for Forrest (whether meaning from his place to ES House)
    – Forrest could have easily made the 2 trips in one afternoon.
    – There is an art studio on premises which is effectively a Kiva build into the side of a hill – IMO
    – There is a heavy load IMO

    Also the house changed hands right at the end of the year – under contract in December and closed in February I believe. To a smart man with roots from back east in another area with some mountains.

    Other connections I have not listed here.

    Can you all shoot bullets in this? Any thoughts?

    Obviously I am of the opinion there are TreasureS and that a final clue at ES house would lead to another property in Wyoming.


      • Thanks Matt. I see you posted earlier about an important piece of literature – was this your later reference to the book “50 years at the bright spot” or possibly a book that Eric Sloane (Ghost Wrote) about a Hysterical journey?

        • No it’s a reference to something else that’s closer- but the bright spot will point you in a direction and open the flood gates.
          Which Sloane book is hysterical? I’ve only read two of his and really liked his writing but they didn’t click. I imagine one of his books is most important but there are many and some are pricey.
          But I like the way you think with regards to literature..

          • It is a book about an important park that he wrote under a pseudoname when he was younger. His initials are exactly in the middle of the book. I am pretty sure he did some of the doodling that is in the book also along with the other identified illustrator.

          • Up until just recently we only found 2 copies of this book. we got 1 of them online and book has Cody, Wyoming hand written on the inside cover….. For weeks and months we would do a daily search for the book online under the pseudoname – never was present. Then we found it a second time and bought it. Kept monitoring Mysteriously the book becomes present end of last year and into Q1……shows up on loan at several university book collections when doing the online search……Timing seems very interesting for me. Was planning BOTG trip this late summer, fall when the announcement came out.

    • my favorite painting by Eric Sloane depicts a covered bridge, a boy and his dog at their favorite fishing whole. I wonder if Forest remembers that painting?

  113. In my attempt to use ONLY THE POEM’s WORDS as building blocks to solve to one Wyoming location, I Recently arrived at Devils’s Gate Wyoming on the Oregon Trail…a true “forested fen” with cold sweet water on the Sweet Water River.

    (If you plan to visit Devils Gate, BEWARE of rattlesnakes. The V-shaped draw/gorge sits in the Rattlesnake Mountain‘s with warning signs.)

    This could be it.
    and if so, Second place finishes are the pits.

    The proof is in the Words of the poem.

    • Hello 42. I had considered a location in your general area. Mine was Split Rock. Definitely rattlesnakes there. Husband nearly stepped on one, but luckily he moved quickly when he heard the rattle. Another reason this area was considered was his comments of “middle”. To get to the middle, it seems it must be “split” in half.

      • Pdenver, at least you were in this Wyoming area. I never considered it until forrest announced the chest was in his possession after being found in Wyoming.

        My method of solving from the grid has been the same for 6 years, but Previously I solved to locations I felt met connections in ff’s his memoirs – in Southwestern Montana and Echo amphitheater, NM 64 miles north of Forrest’s home.

        Now, I’m simply trying to look at what’s in the poem’s words (alone) and arrive at a resolution I can live with – to move on with my life.

        I feel very fortunate that I am alive and not one of the five unfortunate men who died trying to find the chest.

        Time to move on to new adventures, right pdenver?

        • New adventures are a little challenging at this time. Yet every day can be an adventure, depending on how one looks at it. I’ve found myself wondering about the poem and where exactly “was” the special spot Mr. Fenn had considered to rest in peace. I truly wish I knew where, just because it was.

          • Pdenver,
            I’m right there with you:-)

            Because of The silence of the finder and the way FF worded his last response… I’m Beginning to believe we will never know the True location of where the chest with hidden.

            I keep checking in here, but as the silence continues we all grow weary.

    • rattlesnakes. ouch . sounds dangerous to me. Fenn said the treasure was’nt in a dangerous area especially if he wanted families with kids out looking for it.

      • JohnnyKim,
        I couldn’t agree with you more. I would rather face down a grizzly bear walk through the field with rattlesnakes.

        That said all four states the chest could have been hidden in all have a wide distribution of Rattlesnakes, including Yellowstone park.

        • Dang, 42! You got me thinking of which I would rather deal with…facing down a grizzly or walking through a field of rattlers. I HATE snakes, but think I would rather walk through the field because I would always be looking down and around to see if I see any. Now, if the grizzly was hundreds of yards away and we were looking eye-to-eye, well, that might be a different story. 🙂

    • The link below will take you to the summary of the library where it suddenly started showing up in collections at the various institutions. As mentioned, the timing of when this started showing up in the daily internet search monitoring results was interesting…..

      I still cannot find a book currently available to purchase anymore.

      Do you live out west?

      Let me know your thoughts.

      • Obscure and unavailable. How did you connect the dots with Sloane? I’ll try to track it down. Bright Spot is more in the realm of Direct soft plagerism.

        • Some time back we read somewhere that Eric Sloane ghost wrote some books in his younger days and also that Eric Sloane sometimes would put his initials in the middle of a book. Some kin ran across this book, it looked interesting and we ordered it. Exactly half way thru this book on page 63 there is the word land (ES) scape.

      • I’m excited to find it thanks for the heads up.
        Some other folks on here take stabs in the dark, chase their tails. But bright spot (and a few others) will melt your face.

        • As you may know Eric wrote about and painted many landscapes over the years…… Matt where are you geographically located – are you close to Yellowstone area? Thanks

  114. “So the search is over.” (according to Forrest . . . see section of this thread near the very top)

    It’s over for those who quit.

    It’s not over for those who are still not yet convinced that the “original, real” trove has been
    recently found.

    Good luck to all folks continuing to work on a successful solve.
    Good luck to all folks planning to search.
    Good luck to all new solvers and searchers.

    To all the folks that have quit (given up on) this hunt, I hope your adventures and experiences related thereto provided benefit and enjoyment and fond memories of the hunt.

    To Forrest, thank you for all your effort(s) and guidance, advice, wisdom, etc. that you have
    provided since the beginning of this treasure hunt. And thank you in advance for the trove.

    As always, all part of my opinion.

    • Nicely said, Tall Andrew.

      Came across a strange article today about a new apparent treasure chest hunt, 10 chests, $1 million each, hidden in 10 states across the US, called ‘Blackbeard.’ I remembered some foreshadowing to something like this posted by someone in, I think, early June. It made me wonder if it might have a connection to the chase. Interesting timing, IMO. And the pirate theme.., that’s a lot of loot!

  115. I like to think outside the YNP. I see 15 clues in the poem after reading his 3 books.
    Gone alone in there: Tommy James Basin- song I think were alone now. FF singing to his treasure.
    WWWH-Titsworth (Gap) That can halt water
    Canyon down-McCort
    Not far-easier by bike
    Brown-Oil black gold ,Texas tea. (we think of tea as brown)
    Meek-BLM Land
    Drawing nigh-2 pumps drawing
    Paddle down-Don’t get caught
    Heavy Loads- Look up toward lush plush Laney
    Wise blaze- Walk right into the broken pie (Y)
    Tarry scant-Only one way in ,your cornered like a rabbit so get out now !
    So hear me-Telephone Canyon is near
    The cold-like a bologna sandwich. LOL
    Wood- Aspen Title-Not black gold (Texas Tea) He gives real GOLD Do I get a Booby Prize ?

  116. Gang,

    Dal posted my story about the hunt a couple of weeks ago. Thought I post it again for those who might have missed it — hopefully you can relate to the thrills of adventure while chasing the treasure.

    This story has been tracking well apparently. First it wasn’t even on the Northwestern Magazine homepage. Next week they moved it to the top of that page. Now it’s at the top of the homepage of the university itself.

    Enjoy your weekend!


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