Where in WY?…

JULY 2020
by dal


Where in Wyoming do you think the chest was hidden?


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Don’t get into the weeds here. Keep your response simple. The goal is to determine which part of WY is the most popular guess for where the chest was located…

Simple answers on this page are best…no solutions…no details…just a simple geographic description of the neighborhood…

For instance, you might say:

Near the Madison River in Yellowstone Nat’l Park
Along the Green River south of Rock Springs
Near Moose outside of Teton Nat’l Park


Please don’t use locations outside WY.






209 thoughts on “Where in WY?…

  1. In a natural fen inside the Fitzpatrick Wilderness Area near the border between Sections 31 – 32, and just north of Moon Creek.

  2. Near Tower Falls, “quickly down” from the blaze on Arrowhead Rock the home of ‘brown’ Moran’s comment on the picture.

  3. Below the Bighorn Medicine Wheel where the Summer solstice light intersects with horse trail 140 ( old hwy 14). Then follow the solstice line back East towards the Wheel 200 to 500 ft.

  4. About 20 miles East of Fort Washakie,
    near the end of Trout Creek Road.
    There is a high mountain lake there,
    the “blaze” a large rocky peak, sits just on the far side.

  5. Brooks Lake area. The address of Brooks Lake Lodge (‘a lone inn’ there) is Dubois (which means “in the wood” in French)

  6. Just below the medicine wheel on the border of the Bighorn National Forest at 5 Springs Campgroud (upper camp) a few hundred feet from the end of the trail at the water falls.

  7. Porcupine Creek in the Bighorns. Take 14A past the Medicine Wheel, turn left on Devil’s Canyon Rd. In map box 12, along the D2/E2 line (U.S. Forest Service map).

  8. Near south bank of the Madison in YNP a short walk back from Seven Mile Bridge…of course the next place I was going to look!

  9. South of the Wood River, about 1/2 mile upstream from Brown Mountain Campground (HOB). Shoshone National Forest.

  10. The lookout point that sits in a small patch of BLM land that hovers above WARM Spring CREEK, just west of DUBOIS. Not in the canyon, but “up on top.”

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