THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part seventeen


SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f

Updated July 22nd, 2020
by Forrest


Many of the searchers for my treasure had solves that seemed to neatly fit the clues in my poem. Then when the finder found and retrieved the treasure, other searchers wondered how close they had been to the right spot. Because I promised the finder I would not reveal who found it or where, I have remained mostly silent.

However, the finder understands how important some closure is for many searchers, so today he agreed that we should reveal that the treasure was found in Wyoming. Until he found the treasure, the treasure had not moved in the 10 years since I left it there on the ground, and walked away.

Perhaps today’s announcement will bring some closure to those whose solves were in New Mexico, Colorado, or Montana.

To all of those who did not find the treasure, we hope that you got some enjoyment from the chase. f







617 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part seventeen

    • May I request, with serious concern, to not involve Forrest in the Labor Day festivities? He’s a national treasure, and more importantly, he’s “our” treasure. Let’s keep him safe and social-distanced at home. Maybe the attendees can broadcast their love and thanks to him via a live broadcast.

      Peace & love,
      Daniel Marsden.

      • It’s going to be a very busy tourist-filled weekend at Yellowstone. I’m honestly worried about a lot of you on here. Please be safe!

      • Forrest never intended to attend. He doesn’t leave his compound during the pandemic, unless it’s to peruse items in a treasure chest.

      • Daniel, I think you misinterpreted the agenda “Bullwinkle’s Bar (the Friday night event where Forrest is buying a round of drinks!)” means that everybody gets a free drink and the bill goes to Santa Fe

        • Indeed, thanks for clearing this up! Reading “the Friday night event where Forrest is buying a round of drinks!” is misleading.

        • What about the 300,000 searchers that cannot get there? Fair is fair in my world. Cannot feed the lamb and leave out the ham.

          • There’s a bunch of camera picture taking people.aybe they’ll film it or something. For one of the YouTube shows so people can watch you know?

    • Cynthia, how early will you be arriving (date) for this event? I’ll be leaving on the 28th. Couldn’t attend due to husband having to work on holidays.

    • My son will be starting new school year the very next day. I’ll be too busy assisting with his education to be attending anything such as this. I do hope all the retirees enjoy their special time if they are able to attend. Best of Luck to you all. Stay Alive and Wear A Mask.

    • If for some reason you find yourself searching for a backup location, Forrest’s favorite restaurant is a little burger joint located in Hiland, Wyoming in the center of the state. Great outdoor seating and ice cold beverages.

  1. CYNTHIA aka Chaos,,,
    I luv you gal,,,, but the mental pic.
    of being in a N.P.,,, on a major holiday,,,,
    masks,, distancing, ALL WHILE IN THE WOODS,,, seems beyond odd.

  2. I can understand promising not to reveal the finder, but promising the finder not to reveal where he found it is rather curious. So, then the finder who is controlling the location situation, decides to reveal the state? To me, it is finders keepers, good job, your done, treasure your treasure, why own the location?

    • I share your pain Stephan. I couldn’t care less WHO found it. I kinda don’t even need to know exactly where it was found. I just want to know 3 things: a) where is WWH, b) what is HOB and c) what in blazes was the blaze? I suppose the answers would lead right to the exact spot, but that doesn’t matter anymore (except that I’m just curious where FF would’ve liked to spend eternity). All that’s left for us former poem solvers is to understand the riddles. I feel like we’ve earned that. Without it, it feels sorta hollow inside.

  3. Hope they don’t shut down the park before labor day!
    Everyone who can make it, ENJOY 🙂

    • Its not going to shut down. There is already Covid among the park employees. Nobody is the least bit concerned. People are following mask and social distancing guidelines as best they can. We have not run into anyone in Yellowstone, Teton or surrounding areas who is stressed about Covid. People just want to enjoy the outdoors.

      • There is no social distancing happening at Old Faithful or the Grand Prismatic–I was there 2 days ago and both places were a zoo, with only about 2/3rds wearing masks.

        • Thank you for the heads up, Zaphod. I’ve been watching the webcams and noticed the same thing. When I spoke with a park ranger in RMNP, I was told his daughter went to West Yellowstone about two weeks or so ago, and it was very crowded, no social distancing and no masks, so she left to Big Sky. My family and I are leaving on the 21st to Yellowstone and will need to take extra precautions. If nothing else, we’ll do a lot of sight-seeing from our vehicle.

        • Hi pdenver: if no one has mentioned it here, the road from Canyon Village to Tower/Roosevelt is closed for road construction. They are also close to finishing up the new elevated bridge east of Fishing Bridge to replace the old existing earthen bridge. It’s not a problem other than traffic is a little slower there for a mile or so due to it being a gravel road.

          We finally saw our first grizzlies in Yellowstone (and this was about my 10th or 11th trip to the park). It was a mom and youngster just west of Tower-Roosevelt. There was another mom/cub pair at the Lake Butte Overlook, but they were hiding/sleeping in the trees and invisible. We only knew they were there because the ranger had coned off the area and there were a half-dozen photographers with spotting scopes waiting for them to re-emerge.

          Restaurants in West Yellowstone were fairly busy — even on a Sunday night. The town of Jackson is PACKED, and I saw “no vacancy” signs everywhere.

          • We were in Jackson this weekend. Wonder if we crossed paths. However, we were not in Yellowstone. Just located what I believe was the hidey spot outside of Yellowstone and then hiked 30 miles in Tetons.

          • Thank you for the information, zaphod. I didn’t know about the closure from Canyon to Tower, but was aware of Fishing Bridge. It’ll be interesting to see how far they got from last year when I was there. Congratulations in seeing your first grizzlies.

          • Hi Flutterby: I was in Jackson Thursday-Wednesday, but on Saturday I was float-fishing on the Salt River all day and Sunday-Monday we were up in Yellowstone, so our paths probably didn’t quite cross. You might have come closer to running across my wife and our friends who hiked around Jenny Lake Saturday while I was fishing. Beautiful weather the whole time we were there, and great Perseid meteor and satellite watching at night.

  4. There’s (potentially) a lot more money to be made (than the treasure and chest are actually worth) in a combination of publishing a book, having a movie made, TV interviews, magazine articles, etc. The tension created around the poem interpretation and location (and not revealing either) is a good marketing strategy since tension always seeks resolution i.e. buy the book / watch the movie to get the reveals. There’s also the reality of finding/hiring an attorney versed in ‘finders keepers,’ and tax implications, because we all know…other people and the government are going to go after this guy/gal in one way or another. Sad, but true.

  5. Cynthia, Dal, EaglesAbound

    YNP is not currently planning to close road traffic Before Labor Day due to covid. However,

    If in the event YNP closes early, the NORTH ENTRANCE at GARDNER remains open all year. While not as scenic as Fishing Bridge, the Roosevelt Arch is a great photo opp with new signage geared for a photo of 50 people around the sign. there are services and parking in Gardner. That entrance is gained from the road from Livingston, MT to Gardiner at the North YNP entrance.

  6. Suzy_S
    so you’re not trying to buffalo us.
    I looked it up

    We’re all bored.

    I wonder what Forrest does all day…now that he doesn’t need 3 computer screens going to watch the blogs?

    • LOL! I have a hard enough time trying to figure out just one of those Buffaloes in a sentence!

  7. Yoo Hoo,

    What are you up to these days friend?

    Inquiring chasers want to know;-)


    • Wow, I just looked at the date! Over 2 weeks without hearing form Forrest!
      I wonder if he even know there’s still a few of us diehards waiting for further news?

      • SuzyS –

        Maybe ff is tired of the whole gig after 10 years. It was fun for a good while, then the crazies harassed his family and…well, the fun was used up.

        • You’re probably right 42. In a way, I guess we’re part of the in-crowd of crazies still climbing his fence.

        • i agree. i can’t imagine doing this at his age. if i am lucky enough to live as long as Forrest i certainly would’nt want to be doing this at that age. it gets me tired now!

      • pdenver,

        I think 17 might be related to the 3 bottles of Cloves in SB 49, Sweet Fragrances, possibly spiders too.


        • 17 was the address of the cabin I believed the treasure to be hidden at the border of its property.

  8. I believe I found the hidey place today,. I lbelieve it was in a little “pocket”. Im satisfied.

  9. Hmmm, I was wondering if I should go one last BOTG. When I make it to my spot would I be able to identify the Blaze without the treasure being there? I wonder. Did the finder leave something for someone else to find. I don’t know. Forrest said ” it was possible to move the Blaze but not feasible”, so it must be something significant. I may have to put my curiosity to rest once and for all. I was in the right state but did I have the right location?

    • Definitely looks like the story my Mother-in-law would tell when the family went camping in Yellowstone and stayed at Fishing Bridge campground when you could fish off the bridge. She told the story of bears being in the middle of the road and wouldn’t move, so she tossed out a snack out the window to move it/them. By the time she rolled up her window, the bear was at her door trying to chew on the door handle wanting more. Other stories she would tell would be the bears in the old Fishing Bridge campground. Same stories as Mr. Fenn told.

      • When my dad was a boy they went camping in the park a lot. One time they were getting ready to have a picnic and were just getting things out and up wanders a bear. My grandma had just set a bag of chips on the table and that bear came up to the table and grabbed that bag of chips. MY GRANDMA GRABBED THOSE CHIPS RIGHT BACK FROM THAT BEAR! The bear reached out and swatted my grandma across the shoulder than started around the table. Thank god my dad had just made some hot cocoa and it was boiling on a camp stove at the end of the table. That bear smelled it as he was coming around and stuck his nose in it. It must’ve burned the crap out of his nose cause he took off like a scalded dog!
        They had to take my grandma to the clinic at mammoth to get her shoulder cleaned up.
        My grandmother was not a women to ever cross. This story sums her up perfectly! That poor bear just thought he was gonna have an easy snack as usual. Boy I bet he was surprised!
        It’s a funny story now but it could have turned out really bad if not for the hot cocoa.

      • @Lisa Cesari…LOLOL!

        Cody the Bison is RIDL (rolling in Dirt Laughing) after a case of Road Block Lager!

  10. What is the plain truth?

    Regarding “Unanswered questions” about whether Forrest retrieved his own chest for personal reasons, or why the finder would remain completely silent,,,

    First, let me state unequivocally that I consider Forrest to be a good guy, and friend. I’ve been to his home. His treasure hunt was the adventure of my lifetime. My following opinion is based on reviewing limited evidence as stated by Forrest. This is not an attack on the integrity of a man I consider a friend, rather it’s my honest inquiry of truth, and my attempt at recognizing a correct answer through the process of reasoning.
    I believe what is ‘true’ can be known – with enough factual evidence

    I believe it’s possible to recognize “a correct answer.”
    I don’t believe Forrest always states plain, simple truth. He enjoys word play and leaving doubt.. He published in his memoir TTOTC that he averages out truth, doesn’t always tell all of the truth, and then there’s his troubling 15/85% of the time truth/lies statement.

    Because of those (paraphrased) statements published by Forrest, he planted a tiny seed of doubt which tempered my expectations about retrieving the chest. I always believed him, that his treasure chest/hunt was true; that the chest was legitimate and hidden outdoors, that searching was worth my time to enjoy the adventure…but I knew there was a 15% possibility that the treasure [could have been on FF’s personal property] waiting for him to die with it – just as he said he planned to do.

    Forrest’s statement, “the finder understood how important some closure is for many searchers,” so he agreed we should reveal the treasure was found in Wyoming.” Leaves doubt about who found the chest, in my opinion. Why did the finder need ff to agree with him and have ff put out the statement?

    Therefore some of us are asking, “What are the true facts? What is the correct answer Forrest, or Finder? The limited information in (only) FF’s statements leaves room for doubt and conjecture.

    IMO 3 reasonable choices exist, and 1 not reasonable:

    1. FF is giving true facts. A guy from back east found it.
    Treasure was found in WYO.
    2. Guy from back east found it elsewhere, but for prudent reasons he and ff decided to say it was found in WYO.
    3. FF retrieved his own chest for important personal reasons (ie to protect his family in the future.) At 90 yrs old with the crap his family has endured, I would do exactly the same.
    4. NOT reasonable to believe the chest was in FF’s back yard in the reeds of his pond gaining a patina waiting 10 years for him to retrieve and announce its finding…as some searchers have said.

    Drawing conclusions:
    Time will tell the truth.

    – If in the future we see a TV special or movie with exact details of a solution matching notes from forrest, or we hear news of Sotheby’s Auction house selling the chest/contents we’ll then know the finder and ‘said’ location.

    – If no finder emerges in the near future with a TV or movie deal and no news of an auction house selling the chest/contents emerge…then we will know by default that either FF has his own treasure chest OR the finder is keeping the chest under his bed and doesn’t care about fame & fortune.

    – upon FF’s death, he Could put out a final statement that surprises all.

    • So you think the man has integrity, then you call him a liar?

      “we will know by default that either FF has his own treasure chest … etc… ”

      instead of analyzing comments for mistakes, how about just taking the comments exactly how they were meant, not sure what in the world is so hard about understanding the comments…. there is a finder, and the finder does not want to be known… The finder does not want the site to be known. He said it was ok if the state were known. so now we know.

      pretty easy concepts.

      when you know who to take for their word, life gets much simpler… take the man for his word. pretty obvious why the finder does not want to be known. keeping the crazy conspiracy wonkers at arms length is just one.

      every time the finder reads a comment like yours, another angel loses their wings, and the finder will wait another year for the crazies to dissipate to a acceptable hum… so thanks for that….

      geez people will make a conspiracy out of pancakes if one is smaller than the other…

      • Ha! Writis,
        I was thinking the same…

        I get it though. Folks would like to have answers, but we all knew, or should have known, Fenn would leave it up to the person who earned the prize / solution.
        It seems a lot of folks wouldn’t be happy even if WWH was told of…

        It is sad that the finder may feel he can’t tell all at the present time because of the craziness… and I give this person praise for being smart enough not to.

        • We may not know the whole story of the finder. Maybe it’s some over weight guy that feels like he would embarrass Forrest if it was him. After all the talk of getting off the couch and all. Maybe the guy has some character flaw that he’s worried people may judge him on. Just look what some are doing now and we don’t even know anything about him. Maybe he made a deal with Forrest to hide part of the treasure somewhere else, and they’re still working through the details. Maybe the guy is still in shock. Forrest did say that would happen to whoever found his treasure. Maybe the guy is confused on how to act, I know I would be if I came into a lot of money. There’s a ton of things that could be going on. I am pretty sure Forrest knows exactly what to do and when to do it though. It has been perfection to this point. I feel the end of this will be nothing less than perfect as well.

      • There is a big difference between Flap-Jacks and Johnny Cakes. Beware of the Johnny Cakes, some consider them part of the Deep State.

        It is no wonder that treasure hunters are driven by the need to know and encounter many meals of Red Herring. It just goes with the territory. Prospects, or possibilities and the weighing those ideas is all part of being a Prospector.

        As it appears to many…..more treasure has been lost than found..

        How does this sound…..THE LOST TREASURE OF FORREST FENN?

        note to Forrest: When you release your new trilogy of children’s books, The Mysterious Hidden Bells, I would like to reserve several autographed copies for my friends who eat Johnny Cakes.

      • Writis,

        IMO, everyone Has lied or Hides the truth at some point in their life, and most of those people do still have integrity. No body is perfect.

        Forrest created his own controversy in his memoirs by saying he doesn’t always tell the truth and throwing out there he may lie about 15% of the time (paraphrased)
        In essence he called himself a liar. Not my description of Forrest, but his own.

        • 42,

          Have you or anyone else considered the possibility 85-15 could be a hint, not in the sense of the discussion here about truth, but in terms of the alphabet?

          85 —> He
          15 —> AE, a term used for architect-engineer in the design and construction business to which I was a part of my entire career.

          ‘He A-E’ – per Forrest “I’ve said before that that poem was really written by an architect.” So since he’s referring to himself as an architect I believe it’s safe to say he could have also said “I’M an A-E”, but in this case it’s got a ‘guess who I am’ connotation to it.

          There’s as many A-E’s out there as there are blazes and places where WWWH, so this person has to be famous, just like many of Forrest’s other friends. Just figure out which one and that might help you and other searchers determine where it was/.

          Just something to chew on like a nice piece of pie.


      • Writis uhhhh relax and reread her statement. it didn’t sound like 42 at all was calling him a liar. It just sounded like some explorations of the obvious gray areas that we have been presented with.

        -and I think it’s valuable to do both: see his statements for what they are and also recognize that he spoke in obvious confounding word code for the last decade and perhaps that is still the case.

    • 42 I agree with you not 100%, but 200%. Questioning if someone is telling the whole truth is not calling them a liar. It would be foolish to assume anything. For me seeing and hearing from the Finder is believing, all else is pure speculation. Why are people so offended by questioning the ending? It’s natural to question what we don’t know or understand. I am going to continue to question things until I have solid proof, which may never happen.

      It is very possible that the Finder has no interest in financial gain from the find but something will be leaked at some point. Think of the people who would’ve heard something, seen something (lawyers, secretaries, friends, relatives). The more time that passes, the more I question if there is a Finder. The burden of proof lies on all of us, including the Finder.

      • Goldilocks:
        Interesting comments about the finder and some proof that lies on us all.

        You are correct that maybe coworkers, friends family , etc, May have some form of information that they my expose to the public.
        Rest a sure that if most wont except what Mr. Fenn has already given them that whatever else they may hear is going on deaf ears.

        I question how any proof lies on anyone, especially since they did not find the treasure.
        My personal believe is that the finder did not doe the solve for his own personal gain and that whatever treasure he may have found was greater then any amount of gold on this earth.

        So no matter how the Treasure hunt transpires, the biggest treasure of all time has found a new home.

        I am quite sure that in time when all is known,the skeptics well still have something to find.
        I little tid bit. If you can find the cornerstone of the poem you might get somewhere.

        You can bank on that one.
        There is more to the poem then meets the eye.


        • GH:
          You are on the path to finding the Gold-He-Locks. BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH. There is still time to find the treasure Mr. Fenn intended. Don’t waste it.

          “Now faith is the assurance that what we hope for will come about and the certainty that what we cannot see exists.”

          He brews a masterful tale of I-MAGI-NATION!

        • GH,
          The proof lies on those who question the validity of (in this case) the Treasure Found statements/photos. In court the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff, the one calling into question the facts. Because nothing criminal has taken place we do not need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt but only a preponderance of evidence. In other words, if this were court, we would only need to convince the judge/jury that there is a greater than 50% chance that a claim is true. Forrest doesn’t have to prove anything. He only needs to weave enough doubt to “win” the case. Think about that.

          • Goldilocks,
            This is not a court of law or even the highest court of all.
            The context of conversation I was referring to from recent post and yours was about the idea of lies. And the idea that we and the finder have to prove anything.
            No one had or has to believe anything Fenn said or wrote. But we sure did until the announcement. Funny how things just flipped a 180
            So cross your fingers and hope for the bests.
            Like I said there is more then what meets the eyes.

          • @MATKJ if you read this – I meant to comment on your Eric Sloane post a while ago… yes, I do agree with you there are many connections. I spoke with the real estate agent when it was for sale. It was actually on and off the market since treasure was hidden (mostly on market so accessible to public for showings). Not sure how to link it to WY however. Not sure if you’re on THOR or MW but you could PM me to talk.

    • I feel like the answer is just too simple: the finder didn’t want to be harassed, stalked, or robbed, let alone deal with the possible legal issues that crop up inevitably whenever there’s a big chunk of money lying around. He probably told ff that very thing. If he’s wise, he’ll never reveal his actual identity, and might sell the treasure through ff, who could vouch for its authenticity and keep the real finder secret. I doubt such a person would do a show either. He’s smart: smart enough to find the treasure, smart enough to want to live a normal, if rather more wealthy, life.
      As for concealing the location, if it was on park land, it might get seized by the govt. Same for any number of other locations. As much as I’d love to know for my own closure, discretion may be the better part of valor here.

  11. I thot he said that he wasn’t aloud to drive. There’s a sb about Forrest crashing thru a garage and trees or something. Sounded like pandoamonium. He broke a rea veiw mirror too. I suspect he tried the afterburner, only to realize it was a Jeep, which is more like a submarine than a jet.

    • If Forrest was driving a figurative bus, would it be yellow and black? Possibly going fishing? Fenn driving a bus leaves me to ponder many things occasionally.
      Did you know David Allen come had a white and black bus once?

  12. I think that it may have been south of Rock Springs and east of Flaming Gorge near Cherokee trail around Red creek and Pine mountain. Just north of the Colorado border Where ff may have been looking for another Fenn cache.

  13. Well, I was fixated on the arrowhead for too long a while, but eventually let go and continued my journey. It played a part.

    Most importantly, I found the nothing that is everything.

    • Today like many before
      The sky tells me it’s time
      But still I wait
      Was there really a story
      One that could be adord
      Though it may be broken
      Could the pieces of time
      Hold the secret to find
      Or is the joker still the token
      A vision of a lost sword
      But stripped of any glory
      To late and missed the date
      But Hope and Faith
      You still hold’EM even more

      To bad my imagination dreamed bigger than my memory alotted to confidence of my knowledge

      I’ll never here Colorado call me El Dorado back to kicking rocks

      Anybody know were the bus stop around here I’m looking for Atlantis

  14. It’s not just where the Chest was hidden that should be coveted …. it’s how the poem kept it hidden so well … it’s how the puzzle was solved. That’s the BIG question, IMO.

  15. The meet up in YNP on labor day sounds like fun. I wonder if there’ll be a buffet with lotsa tastie tidbits? Hopefully it won’t rain. Wish I could go, have a drink for me…

  16. Rocket man, IMO. The book was a distraction to the WWH. If one didn’t get “stuck in a rut” with the hot spring concept of Yellowstone, they might conceivably look to other options. Furthermore, the farther one gets into the peom, the slower life gets.

    • I agree, I noticed there was alot more wildlife in Lower Geyer Basin this weekend.

  17. I wonder if there is a way to take a vote or poll to see what the participants think is the most likely location of the chest from all those who spent years looking?

  18. I made two trips to what I feel is the vicinity of the treasure hiding place. I was unsuccessful in those two visits. However, had time elapsed another 60-days from when the treasure was actually discovered and extracted, I think I would be writing you as the finder of Forrest’s treasure. Because my ‘fit as a teenager’ shape is several decades in the rearview mirror, I am writing you as ‘Mr. You Should Have Been Here Yesterday.’

    This is my solution. It addresses and explains many of the clues including:

    • Where warm waters halt.
    • Take it in the canyon down
    • Put in below the home of Brown.
    • Finding the end is ever drawing nigh
    • No paddle up your creek.
    • Heavy loads and water high.
    • Finding the right blaze.
    • Look quickly down….with marvel gaze.
    • Links and chains.
    • ‘8.25’ which actually is a cryptic marker for 825 miles and 8250 feet above sea level.
    • 42 pounds.
    • Explanation of the double letter references.
    • The significance of dates.
    • The X on the map.
    • And of course, the double omegas.

  19. Central to this solution is recognition of:
    • Forrest’s unwavering respect and reverence for Native Americans.
    • Forrest’s whole-hearted gratitude and appreciation for those that have given their lives to preserve pieces of the great outdoors for the rest of us.

    • Although zi did not get a response from you,you should recognise this from the email I sent you a few days ago.
      Just a note:Shoshone means Listen.

    Blackwater Fire of 1937 (August 18-24, 1937) Forrest’s birthday is August 22.
    On August 18, 1937, a lightning strike started the Blackwater Fire in Shoshone National Forest, approximately 35 miles (56 km) west of Cody, Wyoming, United States. Fifteen firefighters were killed by the forest fire when a dry weather front caused the winds to suddenly increase and change direction. The fire quickly spread into dense forest, creating spot fires that trapped some of the firefighters in a firestorm. Nine firefighters died during the fire and six more died shortly thereafter from severe burns and respiratory complications and another 38 firefighters were injured. It killed more professional wildland firefighters in the U.S. than any other in the 103 years between the Great Fire of 1910 and the Yarnell Hill Fire in 2013.

    The Blackwater Fire consumed 1,700 acres (690 ha) of old-growth forest dominated by Douglas fir trees on the west slopes of Clayton Mountain. At the time the firestorm occurred, the temperatures were about 90 °F (32 °C) and the relative humidity was only 6 percent. Though most of the firefighters consisted of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) employees, they were led by more experienced United States Forest Service (USFS) fire managers. Firefighters in the first half of the 20th century used mostly hand tools to suppress wildfires, and all gear was carried by the firefighters or by pack animals. Weather forecasting and radio communication were generally poor or nonexistent.

    Investigations and analysis of the event led the USFS to develop better ways to provide a more immediate response to combat fires; one of them was the development of the smokejumper program in 1939. In 1938, several monuments were erected by members of the CCC to honor those killed and injured during the Blackwater Fire. The largest and most accessible is along U.S. Route 14/16/20. Another memorial (FF memorial) was erected the same year near the location where Alfred Clayton and his crew perished. A third memorial was placed where Urban Post and his crews waited out the firestorm on the rocky ledge that was later named Post Point. Clayton also had several geographic locations named in his honor, including Clayton Mountain (Double Mountain).
    The warm water halts in the plumbing of The Historic UXU Ranch.

    The UXU Ranch is a historic dude ranch in Shoshone National Forest near Wapiti, Wyoming. The ranch began as a sawmill, as early as 1898. In 1929 Bronson Case “Bob” Rumsey obtained a permit from the U.S. Forest Service to operate a dude ranch on the property.

    Its significance is the use of the double letters UU which are the lower case of omega, possibly signifying ‘a beginning’ when paired up with the full double omega found at the top of the trail. The letter X is further cryptic identification that this is the place to start.

    Down in this context is a directional reference to ‘toward you’ as you are reading a map with north being away from you.

    • 60 days solver:
      “Down in this context is a directional reference to ‘toward you’ as you are reading a map with north being away from you.”

      somebody needs to roll up a map and slap said map reader across the knees with it… ff was in the military and actually knows what down is in reference to a map, or in pretty much any other context.

      let’s put it this way, imagine you are flying a commercial airliner, and the center told your pilot to now turn to a heading of “down”…. think 3 dimensions and pilots holding maps that happen to not be hanging on a wall or anywhere else where said maps would always be pointing in any particular direction… ever.

      said chest was not in a solution where one has to create directions out of thin air. or where four people reading the solution on a map standing at the four sides of a table would look at each other multiple times while scratching their heads.

    Mummy Cave is a rock shelter and archeological site in Park County, Wyoming, United States, near the eastern entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The site is adjacent to the concurrent U.S. Routes 14/16/20, on the left bank of the North Fork of the Shoshone River at an altitude of 6,310 feet in Shoshone National Forest.

    As I sat in the eerie quietness I could feel the austere grandeur of my surroundings. Who were these ancient people who called this sheltered place home? Over the last few thousand years several hundred nature-toughened Indians had rested their butts on the very rock upon which I sat. I just knew it. Can you imagine how that made me feel? Scrapbook 92

    Testimony to Forrest’s unwavering respect and reverence for Native Americans.

    The ‘put in’ reference is military dialog for go in here.

    The reference to ‘below’ here in this context is a directional reference to being closer to the bottom of a map as you are reading a map with north being up and south being down.

    The Blackwater Fire Memorial Trail has a major trailhead and is well marked from the highway.
    Proceed across the river on the bridge and pass through the Blackwater Creek Ranch. You can either stay on this two-track or watch carefully for the very small bridge and horse crossing across the creek on your right. You’ll continue along very obvious path as you climb and keep the creek on your left. After a couple of miles you’ll come to a fork in the trail. This fork is marked and you want to stay left on the Blackwater trail. You want to cross the creek, using the small bridges on your left. As of 2012, in honor of the 75th anniversary of the fire, small bridges were installed at this crossing, hopefully they are still there when you arrive. After crossing the creek, there are no more trail junctions.

    Eventually the trail steepens and the switchbacks begin. The views open up once you enter the switchbacks. You reach a bare ridgeline offering the best views on the trail. After this ridge the trail flattens as you approach the Firefighter (FF) Memorial.

    A unique bronze plaque and rock edifice comprises the FF Memorial and commemorates the location of the fatalities.

    Blackwater Creek is not navigable.

    This is reference to the firefighters and their use of backpack pumps. In 1937, firefighters did not have portable radios for rapid on-scene communication or helicopters to bring supplies and provide water drops. Firefighters had some access to gas-powered portable water pumps (two were set up on the Blackwater Fire), but most used backpack pumps that were manually operated and held limited water.

    Fully loaded, backpack hand pumps weigh a little over 42 pounds.

    Obviously, the Blackwater Fire of 1937 can be considered a blaze, although a more recent forest fire (2003) in the same vicinity is the one that is visible today as you approach the Memorial. However, the real blaze is the FF Memorial itself.

    Google: 44°24’43″N 109°44’27″W

    With boots on the ground or by examining the pictures above you can see the double omegas. The outer ring of the FF Memorial is clearly shown in the photo on the left. The bronze plaque is nestled in a smaller omega.

    With boots on the ground, you will be able to read the inscription of the plaque, it says “On the afternoon of August 21, 1937, while fighting the Blackwater Fire, these brave men lost their lives in the gulch to the right of this marker.” In my opinion, THAT IS WHERE THE TREASURE WAS HIDDEN UNDER A LOG (UNDERWOOD).

    The second to last line of the poem references ‘If you are brave…’

    On the back of the map included in Too Far To Walk, Forrest says ‘I declined their invitation to put an X on the map, but will admit that it is there in spirit.’ On the map if you look at area between Cody WY and Yellowstone NP you will see the word ABSAROKAS in a angled vertical arrangement. Looking closely you will see the letter O is the place to ‘put in’ roughly identifying The Historic uXu Ranch. The ‘stylized’ letter K in the same word looks like an X and signifies where the hiding place is.

    REFERENCE Don’t go where an eighty year old man couldn’t go. I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.
    When he originally hid the treasure it was possible to cut off two miles of the five mile hike into the FF Memorial by driving up Forest Service Road #435. While ambitious, it would have been possible for Forrest to walk in three miles, out three miles, back in three miles and then out. However, some time after he hide the treasure, the Forest Service stopped maintaining the last mile of that road. In fact, it’s now blocked, allowing one to get only within four miles before boots on the ground are required (Forrest probably got a chuckle at this change of events). The other alternative is to take a five mile in, five mile out horseback ride from the Blackwater Creek Lodge area. I know, having done it twice.

    REFERENCE Links and chains
    The links and chains terminology is used by people in the Forest Service, specifically Firefighters to describe staffing they will need to contain a particular blaze. It is a yardstick of how much territory a firefighter can control.

    NOTE: A standard calculation suggests one firefighter hour can hold the line on .5 chains (33 feet) of fire line.

    Fire Management Today (Volume 63 No.3, Summer 2003) pages 10-13, The Factors And Circumstances That Led To The Blackwater Fire Tragedy.

    • And this,SiR is the solve I sent to Forrest 2 years ago and to DaAL last week.I would add that the final memorial on the trail has an image caat in it of firefighters with the backpack water sprayers,This was my heavy loads and water high. This was the correct solve IMO.

  26. REFERENCE ‘8.25’
    Actually thought to be a cryptic marker for 825 miles, the distance according to Google Maps between Santa Fe and Pahaska’s Teepee resort (General vicinity of the search area). Also reference to 8250 feet above sea level, likely Forest’s reading of the elevation of the hiding place.

    REFERENCE Forrest’s whole-hearted gratitude and appreciation for those that have given their lives to preserve pieces of the great outdoors for the rest of us.
    The waterfall and forgotten soldiers.

    Prehistoric Thoughts… ff vignette
    When war is rife, and danger’s nigh,
    ‘God and the soldier’ ‘s all the cry.
    When the war is o’er, and the danger righted,
    God is forgotten, and the soldier slighted.”

    REFERENCE Significance of the double letters
    Double omega
    Double Mountain
    Double entendre

    REFERENCE Significance of dates
    August 22, 1930 Forrest’s birthday
    August 18-24, 1937 Blackwater Fire
    It was a big deal in Wyoming and it is not outside the realm of possibility that Forrest witnessed some portion of the gruesome event. A review of local newspaper coverage painted a horrible picture that must have been even more striking to those anywhere in the vicinity.


    Mountain Bike Project describing the trip up and down the Blackwater Fire Memorial Trail. If you look closely at the pictures, I believe one of the participants shown is Shiloh Olds, Forrest’s grandson. There is also a good picture of one of the omegas at the FF Memorial. Check out this website:

    References to James Montgomery Flagg (June 18, 1877 – May 27, 1960) was an American artist, comics artist and illustrator. He worked in media ranging from fine art painting to cartooning, but is best remembered for his poster art including the US Army Wants You as well as a number of Forest Fire Prevention posters.

    Yogi Berra once said, ‘It ain’t over til it’s over.’
    It’s over.

      • I think that would be a good idea for shirts and stuff after chase ends. Big long poem and a sticky note solve picture.

      • Seeker wrote
        “Can we get the sticky note version of the 9 clues?”

        Do you want YSHBHY ‘s sticky note version or the correct 9 clues ?
        All IMO of course

        • Hey Chuck,
          Yes my comment was to the poster in regards to the length and researcher needed for such a solve.
          But we all would like to see the *correct solution to the 9 clues*
          Do you recall Fenn saying the solution could fit on a sticky-note?
          My point is…as we have been told or implied… we’re looking for the idea “Why didn’t I think of that” and / or “what took me so long.”
          These small novel size solves don’t give me those ideas.

          • “Do you recall Fenn saying the solution could fit on a sticky-note?”
            I could put the solution/way points on a sticky note but it would not be very clear without explaining.

            Clue 1 – Sink Cave
            Clue 2 – The Rise
            Clue 3 – The cliffs above the rise
            Clue 4 – Moss Cave
            Clue 5 – “George”
            Clue 6 – “The Chest” of the dove
            Clue 7 – The hill to the West above “The Chest”
            Clue 8 – The” Indian”in the rocks
            Clue 9 – The Eye of the Cheshire Cat

          • Chuck,

            I got rid of everything… What I can tell you is, it was in 2017 or before.
            I’m sure if you search – stick note / Forrest Fenn you’ll be able to find it.

      • Seeker, that may be akin to asking the Warren Commission for a sticky note version, given the length of the explanation above.

        • If the solution is correct, IMO the Solver should be able to say it in 3-4 sentences, rather than pages.

          For example… Something like this…

          Warm waters halted on USGS land section 25 at Devil’s gate of the Sweet Water River, Wyoming .46 miles from where I parked the car at the put in. Devil’s Gate HOB is a Brown Rock V shaped Canyon with 3 distinct pine trees lining the west edge. The large Eagle Head shaped rock blaze pointed to One lone Bent pine tree at the cliff ledge where I found FF’s initials carved into the stone. Just below the ff blaze, the chest was covered by sage brush. The coordinates were 42.44.88

          • 42,
            Do you really believe that a solution to Forrest’s puzzle, like the one you described above, would take over 10 years to come up with?

            Do you have the source of the sticky note quote?

          • Forrest’s mention of putting the final solve on a “Sticky Note” makes me uneasy. I mean how could the solve be so simple to fit on a note with such cramped space and yet elude all of us here. Really disturbing, don’t you think?

            I have a few more words I’d like to use, but I’ll refrain myself for fear of an unpleasant and awkward vocabulary…

          • Suzy,
            It could be most if not all the clues refer to one place.
            Example: a waterfall…
            The question I have asked many times is; how many clue references give up an answer?
            Could it be all the clues are *parts* of one thing / feature?

          • Seeker, I think I see where you’re going with this. But with that line of reasoning, wouldn’t some people consider the first stanza of the poem to have very important information which might also be considered clues? After all, Forrest did say the first clue was WWWH. Or do you think that’s the difference between a conundrum and a whisper?

          • Well, my sticky note version could be very short: firstly to reveal what is the hoB, then narrow search area to 500X500 feet spot by saying what are HLs and WH and finally say what is the blaze that point exactly to TC location.
            I’m sure that if finder or Forrest reveal what is WWWH (even say exact place in Wyoming) it will be not easy to found the hoB (need much more imagination than to crack and found WWWH).

      • Ya know, sometimes the keys stick on my piano.
        Missing notes when I’m playing really makes me mad.

        • RichardK,

          Respectfully, your question is a moot point…not relevant because it didn’t take forrest any time to arrive at the solution. He said he always knew right where he wanted to hide it.

          Building his poem is what ff said took the time – so he could make it more difficult (& build confusion Into the map) so it would take some guy from back east 10 years.

          I guarantee you that the guy from back east worked it from every angle, which takes time to describe his method for solving to an exact place.

          As I said above, I’m certain he could easily describe in a few sentences where he found it.

        • The only clue that matters is look quickly down.The answer will fit nicely on a sticky note and in the chest.At that point there is no need to say a word about the other clues.

    • Been there, done that, did a few videos about it years ago. Sadly it is not the correct solve.

  27. For what it is worth. On the one trip I actually made to find the treasure, I was shocked to find a large X marking the spot near my solution. A wooden structure about thirty feet high with two upright poles and X cross beams between them. It was surrounded by six foot high weeds, grass, thistles in rattlesnake country. There were several rotted out tree stumps nearby with depressions of unknown depth that made good hiddy holes. I left. No way was a treasure worth the risk.
    My solution was in Colorado. Good decision.

  28. Central to this solve is recognition of:
    • Forrest’s unwavering respect and reverence for Native Americans.
    • Forrest’s whole-hearted gratitude and appreciation for those that have given their lives to preserve pieces of the great outdoors for the rest of us.

    • This is an admirable solve … but where’s the fish? There’s no fish. Where’s the F-100? So I say nopers.

  29. “Under a canopy of stars” finds me daydreaming while camping and looking up and staring into the constellations and drifting in peace.

  30. I am making a thank you gift for Forrest and I need YOUR participation!!!

    It’s going to be a Photo book and I’d like every page to show/ be represented by a different searcher. Think hard about the things you’re most grateful for because of this search.
    All you have to do is email me 1-2 pics of you during your BOTG search, scenery you captured during the search, unique or cool experiences, etc. In your email, write at least a few sentences- up to two paragraphs of what you’d like to tell Forrest you’re thankful for. I’d like to emphasize the pics, so the more writing there is, the smaller the pics would need to be. My email is Send any questions to the email or just send me your pics and messages to Forrest.

    I’m willing to pay for the book to be made for him. If you can send me pics and messages by September, that would be great! Thank you!


    • All the wrong turns are part of the Chase. That’s what makes it so great. Every searcher was heading down a road carefully laid out by f. A photo of the searcher and where they were looking would be a nice addition to the museum. A map of the Rockies with all the search locations tagged would pull it al together, IMO.

    • Bea,
      It’s very kind of you to compile a thank you for Forrest. Thank you for including everyone. I sent you 2 photos & a special message to Forrest.

    • That is a good idea. Although I suggest that the book not be published until the finder, LS or searcher if there is one to be the last entry. This would then make it more valuable to the search community and Forrest.

      • Well, given that the finder doesn’t want to be identified, I’m not sure they’ll come forward. Looks like they got to thank Forrest in person anyway. 🙂 That’s a great idea though! I also like the idea of plotting out the pics on a map. 🙂

        • Wouldn’t pictures ruin the anonymity part, and wouldn’t it give away everything. SD cards and pictures got the meta-data on them that’s says where the picture was taken(it was on hardcopy tv show or something). Also , why shouldn’t the treasure hunting community try to figure it out? The answers should be there for person 2, 3, 4 ect just the same as it was for the finder/ whatever there called.

          • When I want to protect the meta-data I always take a screenshot of the photo and send it. So IMO it’s easy peasy to keep it all very private.


          • I’m a little confused as to why you’d want to keep things secret when the treasure’s already been found?

          • The treasure has been found but the resting place of the t.c. is still clandestine. With that being said, it’s a place that’s generally unknown and pristine, which could be ruined by scrupulous individuals like John q. Public and by t.v. reporters, and surfers looking to ride the waves of the canyon down. I thinks it’s best to lay low until Forrest gives the all clear!

    • Great idea! I’ve sent a pic and a short one-liner to put below it. If you’re pinning this on the map, put the pin in Nevada City, Montana.

  31. Found an interesting site here. Be sure to look at the disclaimer that immediately comes up at this site (After nine years, they are closing it down on August 20th). Just so happens, that Shell, WY is the place that Barnum Brown (Mr. Bones) discovered the Sauropod dinosaur bones nearby. What better place to leave ones bones?

  32. I read so much moaning about needing answers. We all participated in a search for……get this……$1m + of gold and gems…..OH YEAH BABY…… a proper stash! LOOT! HONEY! THE JUICE! Many put their heart and soul into it, but the PRIZE was worth it! It was no Easter egg hunt, it needed effort.

    Now people moan they have no answers! The answer is…..we didn’t win! Like in the Olympics, we don’t all start demanding to see the winners meal and exercise plan, because we spent years training. We do know it was obviously different from ours.

    I suspect there is a genuine reason that the solve isn’t in the public domain yet.
    One example; I saw Ms Andersen say on a podcast that AFTER the announcement she had her sister create a picture of a Canopy Of Stars for her solve. So it seems she may have adjusted her solve to fit the narrative (that online statement of evidence tampering makes her solve inadmissible in court by the way). Adjustment is probably the reason she has not handed it to the court yet.

    Forrest gave us something beautiful, a true work of art. I suspect the end will be just as good, in time. I personally do not care how many weeks, months or years it takes. Its time we put Forrest and his family first, not ourselves.

    One answer we all have is knowing that nobody else will die trying to find this box of scrap metal.

    Just saying.

    • Well bigonus,

      We could die of boredom waiting or “moaning” as you call it – for details. LOL

    • BigOnus –
      “Now people moan they have no answers! The answer is…..we didn’t win”

      We just live in a world where we have gotten use to immediate results for everything…….instant gratification. And there seems to be no end to wanting things even faster. Remember the first home computers. Today we’d be pulling every hair out of our head “waiting” on a result! LOL!

      I do believe we will eventually have our answers (other then we didn’t win, lol). So yes, people need to be a bit more understanding of the situation for sure.

      Besides, there is so much more in life then answers to the Chase. Do I want to know? You bet ya. But now that I am over the initial shock of the find, I have returned to my humble life made a whole lot richer by the entire experience. Learn, apply, benefit…….

      • Take a guess why I know that she did not say that…without even watching her on youtube….

        • Maybe you can shake the magic willow stick in the chest or ask Willie for the answer as to why Willowtree knows what Barb Andersen said without watching her video…. Bueller Buelller?

          The photos with the tent were taken spring through summer. I gave the tent to Forrest before the “find” announcement.

          And of course I have a wwwh. And of course I have a key to the puzzle. I offered to tell the solve in camera to the judge. Geez….

      • Its not what I heard on that podcast hosted by the guy who threatened to go to dals house to sort him out. Disgusting behaviour on his part.

        Even if you were lucky enough to find the light switch, it is clear you were in the wrong room.

        Why not marvel us here with your WWWH then? I am sure it wont give too much away.

  33. Synonym – A word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language.
    IMO of course….This is the freeway to jump on.
    No word is exempt, look at the innocent little word “in”…

    • Patsy – What about bigger words, like antelope? Or are you just speaking of words in the poem? 🙂

        • Miss Patsy, I went Blue with the wyoming announcement. And I’d likely be found Crazy for wishing it were y-ohm-ing in stead.

          • My grandma always said, Sinn know NEMDA gate, or…. something like that worth a whole lot of wealth. I’m sure there’s a reference like that here somewhere. Might have to dial back a few pages to find it.

          • was attempting to display my resistance to that state… but lack the knowlege to create an omega symbol on this platform.

    • TROVER definitions

      (noun) The gaining possession of any goods, whether by finding or by other means.

      (noun) An action to recover damages against one who found goods, and would not deliver them to the owner on demand; an action which lies in any case to recover the value of goods wrongfully converted by another to his own use. In this case the finding, though alleged, is an immaterial fact; the injury lies in the conversion.

  34. I only want to say that when you consider the meticulous preparation to start the chase,10 years of architectural work on apoem.I t seems unlike FF to let it end in a sloppy fashion.With so many people but hurt and looking for confirmation that they were close warm or ice cold.
    I know Forrest owes us nothing,but it seems like his legacy is taking a hit. All IMO.

  35. HOB is Shoe Lake, WY
    “I’m Buster Brown. I live in a shoe. That’s my dog Tige. Look for him there, too.”

    Check out page 72 of TTOTC and pages 85 and 133 of TFTW.
    Thought I read somewhere a quote from FF “Don’t let logic distract you from the poem”.

  36. Home of Dal Weather forecast: week of August 10 – 17

    Rocky Mountain region: Strong possibility of conspiracy flurries

      • How ironic. About an hour ago, I was thinking how long I was involved with the Chase, and it would have been exactly 6 years, 6 days ago. I miss it.

      • Brian U,

        LIke you did, I once kept a count of the hours I put into solving the poem. When I realized my family thought I was crazy, I quit counting. But hey, it’s been the most engaging hobby for 8 winters, and the greatest adventures of my life were spent ground searching
        May – October.

        I believe you mentioned ff hid the chest in a pristine and unknown place. Given the following statement by forrest, do you think it could have been more well known than we anticipated. He mentions ‘being lucky’ no one was around which leads me to believe he thought it possible people could/would have been around. Is that how you interpret his statement?

        From interview with Forrest by Cow and Kcow

        Forrest quoted,

        “But then when I went to hide the treasure, I was lucky that no body was around there, no body any place.”

  37. Suzy_S,

    Earlier you commented about sticky notes. IMO Mr. F likes to bait us, like presenting a beautifully hand-crafted midge blue dun to a trophy rainbow trout.

    Perhaps this will help folks understand how that comment from Forrest could be accurate.

    Size does matter.


    • Thanks Pina…
      As with your web links and quote below, I guess sticky notes can go quite the distance. I just hope that left-sided jester in me can smile at the solution someday.

      • Glad to help Suzy_S.

        It’s just that we, myself included, tend to take what is said at face value. We all know what they are and immediately relate to the dinky little small ones and that’s what sticks in our heads. No pun intended.

        Personally, I believe the sticky note mention is, in itself, a big hint.


  38. RichardK,

    Earlier you asked about a reference for the sticky note quote. Here you go.

    ***Q. I’m seeing a lot of chatter on the boards that it takes almost a novel to explain people’s solution to the poem. In your expert opinion, how many pages would it take to write down the solution AND steps in how to get there? (Note: Like a math problem you wouldn’t be given any credit if you only write down the solution, must show your steps). –e

    A. Size of a sticky note. f



    • Pinatubo,

      Thanks for posting ff’s sticky note reference…helpful if we can all shorten our ‘splainin’ of solutions.

    • I like that quote. Only problem, of course, is they asked a complicated question of someone who makes hay out those questions. Forrest doesn’t have to show his work or explain it, because he’s the “expert opinion.” Non-finders on the other hand need to explain how they got there so we, the non experts, can follow their thinking and see if we agree.

      So for Forrest, if he released a post it note solve, we’d all go “Whoa.” For the average Joe or Jo, I’d like to see a bit more of the mental precision or acuity that made this clue mean X, Y, or Z.

    • i like the solve- there are so many great ones, far better than what i came up with. but–always thought the treasure was not associated with any building or structure.

    • I wondered about that location, too. The canyon coming out of YNP at the east entrance is spectacular, Mummy Cave is there, Buffalo Bill Cody’s PT is there, etc., and the creek names are wonderful. But I ruled it out because of how long/difficult the hike to it would be (if he didn’t take a horse!), and this comment: “I emailed F a couple of yrs ago, asking if the area was handicap accessible. My hubby is a paraplegic vet. F replied, “Yes, but you will need some help.”” That’s always stuck in my mind.

      I also remember a searcher reporting from an event where ff was asked if the story of where the chest is hidden was positive. I wish I could find that. It’s in my notes somewhere… he said yes. I got the impression from reading the quote that anything involving a tragedy would not be his special place where people “continue to arrive.” Such a strange choice of words, too.

      This led me to eliminate a solve on the W side of the Tetons, also, where some Darby girl campers were struck and killed by lightning on a hike, and others stepped up and saved everyone else on the trip.

      I hope to go both places and see the plaques.

  39. Dal, 2 questions for you, or anyone with ideas. I’m curious what people think.

    1. Do you have any ideas on what forrest Specifically meant by
    “Amount of mystery” in the poem?
    On the surface, I don’t consider his poem mysterious as much as geographically vague. I realize it has baffled all but one person. Are there other mysteries ff hid in the words?

    2. Any clue what the 6-8 major events were?

    Forrest quoted From interview

    “I’ve been so lucky. There are 6 or 8 major events, that had to work for me in order for this thing to come about like it has.

    “The poem had to be the way it is, and for that thing to come together like it did, with the amount of mystery that’s in it…”

    DEFINITIONs for “Mystery” (noun)

    -A profound secret; something wholly unknown, or something kept cautiously concealed, and therefore exciting curiosity or wonder; something which has not been or can not be explained; hence, specifically, that which is beyond human comprehension.
    – A kind of secret religious celebration, to which none were admitted except those who had been initiated by certain preparatory ceremonies; — usually plural.
    – consecrated elements in the eucharist.
    – Anything artfully made difficult; an enigma.
    – Something secret or unexplainable; unknown.
    – Someone or thing with an obscure or puzzling nature.
    – Catholicism A particular event or series of events in the life of Christ.
    – something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained
    – A story about a crime (usually murder)

    • Hi 42,

      Here is a mystery for you since you are looking for ConSpiricy flurries this week. In TTOTC, Mr. Fenn claims “two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” Don’t you know Mr. Fenn by now 42? Most folks take this at face value as if the quote was; two people can keep a secret ONLY if one of them is dead. He intentionally omitted the word ONLY in this case and because it is not a valid statement anyway…

      Here is what this famous ATF means.

      Two people know a secret. If one should perhaps die, the other can still keep the secret and the mystery going.

      I can think of two people originally, and now perhaps three that know where the Hidey S_poT was, is, and forever Will be.

      What 2 you think? Who would be the other original SecreT knower? If Dal deletes my post that may be a clue, but I think a DNA test might be necessary as Will.

      • Hello Windsurfer,

        Here come my conspiracy flurries…
        Regarding mystery, I believe ff’s frequently used “Two people can’t keep a secret if one of them is dead” points to a mysterious, infamous deceased person.
        But I don’t believe that particular statement points to that deceased individual knowing where FF’s gold treasure was hidden. Forrest has said that his dad would know where the treasure was hidden, so no mystery there. In my opinion the poem points to high level secrets, which are best left in the closet.

        Forrest mentioned in a book he wrote having flown in and out of Russia many times (prior to his trip to Russia with Eya Fechin). That statement seems odd for an Air Force pilot who flew during the Cold War years. Wonder if Forrest was CIA? Many AF personnel serve in the cia. He will never disclose it, so it’s an irrelevant secret.

        • Hi 42,

          My point exactly. “so it’s an irrelevant secret” that more than one person knows and yet still can keep. Our country depends on it.

          “In my opinion the poem points to high level secrets, which are best left in the closet.”. I agree with you and the attic as well.

          • 85 percent of all of the journeys have been solo. No one I know can answer clues 1 – 9. And honestly anyone that knows that I ever searched thinks I’m crazy. I’ve tried to explain the search twice and the conversation lasted 3 minutes max.

          • One of us might have more secrets than the other. GPS tracking, pics, cookies and possibly a microphone. It’s quite Cache. Im sure we can all keep secrets. LOL

          • I agree 100 percent, btw! Loose lips sink ships. Shiloh can hold the dirty bag of laundry hostage. Sounds like a fair deal.

          • Seems as if closet secrets are everywhere. I can only guess how many devilish secrets each closet holds. Then again, I might surmise that if the closet doesn’t understand the secret, it is totally irrelevant.

      • Do you think it possible f met the finder and now he is buried in Mr Fenns garden? Or locked in his vault? I am sure he told a reporter that if he disclosed the spot to him there would be dire consequences.

        Joke dal!

    • 42-
      I think that by “mystery” Forrest is simply referring to how confused we all were about the clues in his poem. I think it made much more logical sense to Forrest than any of us could figure out. To Forrest I believe it was a surprise that we had so much difficulty interpreting the clues.

      I think he’s mixing together “major events that had to come together” and “lucky”…
      He mentions the fact that no one was around when he hid the chest…and that seems to be a bit of luck as well as one of the factors that had to happen…because (I assume) if others had been around he could not have hidden the chest without being noticed.
      So that was a bit of luck that he may have been counting on but could not control.

      Forrest mentioned to me on several occasions that skill and knowledge will only take you so far…you have to be lucky too…
      And he added that luck played an important role in all his accomplishments…

      Personally, I think anyone who’s been in war and watched many who were smarter, faster, more informed, etc, fall…while others, less likely, survived…understands the role that luck can play and that may be where Forrest’s appreciation for “luck” has its roots. Skill, technique and guts can take you only so far when flying over enemy guns at 100knts…

      So…6-8 events had to come together for the treasure hunt to be successful…
      and it was just luck that they did…

      • Thanks Dal.
        Because of your personal friendship with forrest and time spent getting to know him, your wisdom on the subject lends understanding.

      • With respect to the word mystery, I thought that I would note that the word comes from the Greek:
        musterion: from a derivative of muo (to shut the mouth)
        Think of the number of times F has said that he was not going to talk about some particular question…
        There may be many mysteries yet…
        “Have flashlight, will (still) travel”

        • Geoff Idaho, that’s excellent. Thanks for sharing the Greek. I believe Forrest has shut his mouth for the time being.

  40. If you watch FF’s interview, the talking points I’m asking about start at 18.50 in the interview.

  41. I really think I can explain why Forrests explanation to the chase seems a little rushed. I sent a picture of the the blaze to him February 19 2017 7:35 pm and the next day February 2017 at 1:17 pm he matched the emoji I sent in my email header to show his expression of being surprised to be up the creek without a paddle . “Forrest gets mail 15. There he said “ Go ahead and let Dal post it if you want but first why don’t you put an X on the map so everyone will know where the treasure is hidden”. I searched that area finally after the snow melted and it wasn’t till later looking ate my photos that I took a picture of what looked to be a possible treasure chest. I sent Forrest an email saying I was planning to go back that weekend. I made it out on a Sunday but when I got there the spot I wanted to search looked like it had been covered up. Coincidence, I think I just got excited to think I was close, but it’s over and I tried my best for seven years.

  42. Curious Hobbit, I missed your comment to me on the last page until now. Thank you!! Wow, that was really nice! You made my day.

    Now I don’t know Cowboy Ken personally, but I, too, think he may be reclining on a beach somewhere…!

  43. More mysteries…

    Did anyone else find Forrest’s chess game hidden in his poem grid and the topographical queen of New Mexico‘a Pecos Canyon – from Google Earthquake views?

    You can Follow the link to my notes & photo.

    • Regarding Chess QUEEN,

      the reason I began searching for a ‘Queen’ match is that I found her cleverly hidden on a photo in Forrest’s story:

      “Jumping the Milk Truck”
      LOOK – at the top of the neck of the glass milk bottle (PHOTO)
      You’ll see a ‘Queen‘ in the glass reflection.

      Another FF clever anomaly.

      • 42, your criteria may have quiet a few direct “Sticky Note” implications. I had to look multiple times, but I can see the relevance.

        • BTW, update me on the game of Chess. Doesn’t a pawn turn into a Queen when it reaches the far side of the chestboard?

          • Hey Suzy_S, you’re right.
            When the pawn reaches the opponent’s side of the board, the owner of the pawn can replace it with a queen, rook, knight, or bishop of his own color.

            That said, I’m not much of a chess player and have no idea if the poem grid actually represents a game in process or FF’s interest in the game of Chess; or clever inclusions matching geography meaningful to him. The Head of the Queen west of Viveash Mesa which I linked to a photo is indeed property owned by ff and family; and what a great visual from the cockpit of a pilot.

        • Stickey note? Yes, look at the way he wrote his Bio you have to use Magnifine Glass

      • Actually those old cream top milk bottles came that way with a face made into the glass top.

        • Dan, that’s so interesting. I was born after milk was delivered in cartons and had no idea the glass was made with faces in the glass. Very cool as milk should be.

  44. I can’t walk away from something unfinished.
    1. BIWWWH / Cooke City-Silver Gate
    2.ATIITCD / Soda Canyon
    3.NFBTFTW / Lamar (Snow Butte Cone now an extinct geyser)
    4.PIBTHOB / Swallow nests
    5.FTINPFTM / Birds go wild
    6.TEIEDN / Cliff
    7. TBNPUYC / Soda Butte Creek
    8.JHLAWH / Mud and water nest
    9.IYBWAFTB / use to be ( Ice Box Canyon or Ice Canyon)
    I used all the first letters in the poem to find clues. I was going to search that place this year, then Covid and marches broke out. So I cancelled my trip. Stay safe and healthy everyone. Cathy

  45. I wonder this…. Where did the Fenn family camp prior to forrests arrival? Did his mother and father travel to camp the summer prior to the birth of their children? It seems the narrative always revolves around Forrest memory, yet his memories were shared in a sense with his family, and his family’s travels. And, but of course, I wonder about his father and his travels, he went to Chicago, and everyone knows there was a road from Chicago to Yellowstone.

  46. NewHere PART 1 of 2: (I will try hard to post PART 2 immediately following this)
    HELLO! I’m new, and have never posted on any sites, so PLEASE BE GENTLE, lol. Since most of us seem to still have a lot of unanswered questions, I decided to post my solve because it may help give you some answers you may have missed. But even more so, I’m hoping you may be able to help me get answers to some of my questions as well, so I figured it was finally time to “think” a little louder.
    There’s a lot there… a lot. However, keep in mind, THERE’S WAY MORE that I didn’t include here, mainly because there is just sooo much, and it’s mentally exhausting for me to cover it all. This took me three days to write. I know it don’t really mean much to you right now. Once you start looking at the area, all of this will be crystal clear. I’ll try to fill you in a bit more first, but also note that I didn’t attach pictures. I didn’t want anyone to think to think it was a virus, or spam, so please pull up or type in “Enchanted Circle, New Mexico”, and familiarize yourself with it, so this will all makes sense. Those of you in, or from New Mexico, you’ll be screaming by the time you finish reading. Don’t forget, Forrest also said something to the effect that the person who finds the treasure will have mostly earned it with their imagination, so don’t forget to use your imagination!
    Also, please be mindful of my “newness” to this site. I haven’t really grasped how it all works, but it would really help us both out if you can direct any questions, comments, advice, critique, or thoughts to my email address SOMEDAYRE@YAHOO.COM because I don’t want to miss any response, nor do I want to leave your questions unanswered. Sorry for being a newbie!
    Moving on. In New Mexico, by Taos, is an 84-mile scenic byway called Enchanted Circle, which is New Mexico’s pride and joy. It’s almost a perfect circle as well. Angelfire is also on the Enchanted Circle highway (this is already looking good, remember Forrest loves fantasizing). I believe the clues in the poem are all referring to places within the Enchanted Circle (again, it’s all plain as day if you research it or pull it up on Google Earth). The thing is, when you zoom in and out on maps, it adds places, or takes some places off where they’re no longer labeled. So zoom in, then look. Then zoom out, and look again. This is why he said “and a GOOD map”, because most maps only have SOME places listed.
    To help save your sanity, I’m trying to give you the short version, so I don’t lose you. I’ve read the book 4 times. But once you know what to look for, you’ll see that there are hints in every single chapter/story (if you can recognize them, remember?). And yes, I can point most of them out.
    – In the book, the words CIRCLE and FIRE appear many times. I think circle refers to Enchanted CIRCLE, and fire refers to AngelFIRE. He has even gotten brave and introduced himself as FORREST FIRE at one of the Fennborees. This is rather interesting because Forrest is his real name, but Fire isn’t. Why did he choose FIRE? Bob isn’t his real name either. Neither is Gump, but at least Forrest Gump makes more sense, and is funnier. None of those are his real name, but he chose Fire. Hmmm. We better think a little deeper on that one.
    Back to his poem. When he said “all you need to find the treasure is the poem, the book, and a good map. And MAYBE A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT GEOGRAPHY might help”, I believe he meant knowing the English translation of some places in New Mexico (there’s many cities, mountains, parks, etc with Spanish names).
    Again, back to the poem. And the clues in the poem are all geographical locations (as declared by Forrest), meaning they are all actual places that are listed on an actual map, that you can actually point to on a map.
    So I believe the poem has you starting Enchanted Circle at Auga Fria (this means COLD WATER in Spanish). I believe the poem also has you going counter-clockwise on the Enchanted Circle highway or byway, whichever you prefer to call it. You’re probably aware by now that the word NIGH means LEFT. Remember that because it’s important later.
    So, IN ORDER, starting at the Enchanted Circle highway, at Agua Fria and going left. This is my guess, and interpreted clue locations (counter-clockwise):
    Start at Agua Fria, then through the canyon, then to Eagle Nest, then to Elizabethtown, then to Butcherknife Canyon, then to Bobcat Pass, then to Graveyard Canyon, then to Red River, then to Sulphur Gulch, then to Arroyo Hondo, and finally continue on, making your way back around. By this time, you’re right back where you started, and will be passing Auga Fria again any minute. Only this time you’ll be stopping at the ” BLAZE”, aka the white sign at the Memorial. I have pictures, don’t worry.
    As you pass back by Agua Fria for the 2nd time (where you started, and 84 beautiful miles earlier) any good searcher, or little kid lol, will be realizing T.S. Elliott’s famous words, (“…at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, only to know it for the first time.”) realizing and most likely yelling “HEY! I KNOW WHERE WE ARE!!!”, because that’s where you started. Remember Forrest said you have to look at the big picture, and 84 miles is a pretty big picture.
    – Also, right here don’t forget when the lady asked Forrest about switchbacks. LADY: “If you follow the poem precisely will you find yourself switching back? (after Forrest tries to clarify the question, she then asks) “Will you find yourself switching back? Making a loop.” FORREST: “Would I find myself switching back… I think I can say no to that without giving away too much of the clues.”
    – SIDE NOTE: Dal said that Forrest always mentioned the color WHITE when giving examples of what the blaze could be. “It could be a white mark on a horses face, it could be a white scar on a rock…” and so on. I’m sure you’re familiar with that story, or Dal’s words. Anyway, after you pass Agua Fria again, you start going around Enchanted Circle highway again, only this time you stop at the BLAZE, which is a WHITE sign that says ” Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park”. Also, don’t forget that a blaze is also a fire.
    This is when you LOOK QUICKLY DOWN. I’m not sure if you know this, but DOWN also means UP, and also means a gently rolling hill. So essentially, when you’re out on the street at the white Memorial sign, you turn there and head up the gently rolling hill to the actual Memorial building. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has three separate buildings. The chapel is the most famous/popular of the three. There’s also an amphitheater (” SO HEAR ME ALL”). One of the buildings is a museum (hint of riches new and OLD).
    – SIDE NOTE: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial building and sign each have two white, pointy, triangular shapes at the top. They’re called “spires”, and they look pretty much like flames whisking up from a fire. Basically if you drew a picture of a fire (as in the book also) the building and sign look exactly like the very top pointy part of the fire you drew.
    – SIDE NOTE: Please remember that EVERY SINGLE THING I tell you is 100% verifiable. That would be stupid of me to tell you tons of things knowing you can simply check for yourself.
    If you looked at Enchanted Circle, and it’s surroundings a bit more in-depth, you would have noticed our coincidences so far:
    BEFORE we got to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial everything matched up rather coincidently. The geography around it, meaning all of the canyons & mountains and they’re names, are all mentioned in the book (somewhere around 10 or so, and certainly waaay to many to be a mere coincidence) – don’t forget to translate as needed. The mountain names are there because he had to find a way to initially, yet vaguely, lead searchers to the correct state/area. So with the 10 or so mountains and canyons, plus the 12 clue locations, that puts us close to 25 coincidences so far. Not bad, but let’s see if we can add at least one more.
    Now that we’re in the correct area:
    DURING our drive to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial everything matches up AGAIN. This time, way more coincidently. This is the part I haven’t really covered in detail, so I guess I’ll do that now. In order!!! That part is very important because the poem is contiguous, meaning the clues are in order when you encounter them. Also meaning one part is directly touching the next part. So obviously there’s no skipping around, or picking & choosing, or “interpreting things”. Remember? NO trickery, and NO tomfoolery! So it’s very VERY IMPORTANT that every one of my locations line up EXACTLY with the poem, IN THE SAME EXACT ORDER as the poem. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!
    – SIDE NOTE: I had a lot of trouble getting all of the “no place for the meek” places to pop up on the map. It takes some time, and you have to zoom in and out almost perfectly to get them to pop up (you may be able to just type the name in and then it may pop up, I haven’t tried that) You’ll have to switch between Google Earth and Google Maps. Use them both. I used at least 20 different maps, but those two maps will show you everything you’re looking for.
    Also, Enchanted Circle is almost a perfect circle on the map, and you NEVER get off of Enchanted Circle, except to enter the Vietnam Veterans Memorial property. Here we go:
    Begin the Enchanted Circle drive at Agua Fria in Angelfire, NM
    (Remember nigh?) Driving counter-clockwise away from Agua Fria, as expected, you pass through a canyon, I forget the name of the canyon at the moment, but again, I have pictures, plus you’ll see it.
    Not 4 but 2 4 2 , SIDE NOTE: one of the Memorial’s mailing addresses they use is PO Box 242

    So we’re still driving counter-clockwise (left) and a bit further down from the canyon, you’re in Moreno Valley (Moreno means BROWN). Driving through Moreno Valley, you come to a town called Eagle Nest. Obviously an eagle nest is where an eagle lives (so that’s its HOME ). So HOME OF BROWN is the town called Eagle Nest (the eagle’s HOME), in BROWN Valley. I know, it’s a tad tricky.
    I agree on this being NO place for the meek, theoretically, of course. Don’t forget to use your imagination! After Eagle Nest comes a series of freaky places, and they’re all one right after another as you pass through (remember, we need EVERY SINGLE PLACE touching the previous place, almost like holding hands – NO EXCEPTIONS!!!). The first freaky place is a small town called Elizabethtown, which is a ghost town (scary!). After Elizabethtown comes Butcherknife Canyon (creepy & weird!), then comes Bobcat Pass (ummm… no thank you), and finally Graveyard Canyon (just what we needed, another creepy & scary place!) That area is DEFINITELY no place for the meek!!!
    Enchanted Circle is a circular drive that never ends. It’s always going round & round, ALWAYS and forever, even when you’re going NIGH.
    Next, we come to a town/area called Red River, which is also a ski resort. It’s no secret, obviously this whole time there has been a play on words, and not every thing is as it seems, but that could have been a loophole so that technically Forrest wouldn’t be lying to us. The word CREEK also means PATH. So this clue means you won’t be paddling, swimming, boating, or touching any water, EVEN THOUGH you’re now at Red RIVER
    Continuing counter-clockwise on the Enchanted Circle, after passing through Red River, you come to Sulphur Gulch which is a quarry. Meaning, they deal with, process, and mine huge rocks from the earth (if this doesn’t count as HEAVY LOADS, then nothing will!)
    After passing Sulphur Gulch, you come to Arroyo Hondo. Guess what this means… It means DEEP STREAM. So we now also have our heavy loads we needed, AND our water high we also needed, IN THAT ORDER. Remember? NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
    Wait, WHAT!?!?!? The blaze?? Right now? How did we just skip to the blaze?? How is it already time for the blaze??? What did I miss!!!???

    Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything! After you pass Arroyo Hondo, you continue driving counter-clockwise. Soon enough, you will pass Agua Fria again, because you now made a complete circle. Soon everyone in your vehicle will be yelling, “HEY! I KNOW WHERE WE ARE!!!”, because that’s where you started. Then you’ll realize T.S. Elliott’s words were SO important that Forrest constantly reminded us of them “…at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, only to know it for the first time.”). This is especially true because the first time you were there, you had no idea where you were, and you had not seen any of it before. Now then the SECOND time you pass there, YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE, and you’ve already seen every bit of it. So the second time definitely made the difference!
    BUT, the blaze (in my opinion) is the white Vietnam Veterans Memorial sign out on the street (yes, you already passed that earlier too. The only difference is, this time you’re actually stopping there.) Remember, Forrest said the blaze can be removed, but that it isn’t feasible to try. In this case, I more then agree.
    Remember this part from earlier?
    This is when you LOOK QUICKLY DOWN. I’m not sure if you know this, but DOWN also means UP, and also means a gently rolling hill. So essentially, when you’re out on the street at the white Memorial sign, you turn there and head up the long driveway, surrounded by a huge gently rolling hill that leads to the actual Memorial building. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has three separate buildings, but as soon as you turn in from the street, you’re immediately on the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial property.
    Tarry scant simply means don’t hang around too long. Marvel gaze is the same concept as Fo rrest’s “flutterby”, and his famous spelling of “knowledge”. He said, “who cares what the word is, if everyone knows what you mean”. I believe Marvel gaze is really MARBLE GAZE, meaning to look at and study the picture of the boys playing marbles.
    In the picture, the boys are pointing at the marbles (I think they’re actually pointing to the treasure), and the marbles are in an elliptical-shaped playing area. There are three flags at the Memorial, all together, just like in the picture. But I believe the three marbles are referring to the pine trees on the hill (the Memorial sits up on a big gradual hill). Remember at Fenboree? “My name is Forrest Fire… I like to walk up the side of a hill and look back down…”, Forrest was obviously extremely bold that day, but rightfully so. He knew he had everyone beat. He knew he was smarter than every one there. My overall point in this marble clue is that the elliptical shape of the area they’re playing marbles in, is the exact same shape of the area where I believe the chest SHOULD have been. (REMEMBER, THESE ARE JUST MY THOUGHTS!) Again, on Google Earth or Maps when you zoom into the Memorial, you’ll see the elliptical shaped hill and trees on the right of the buildings, immediately. It’s pretty big, you can’t miss it. On a map it looks boring and flat, but it’s actually a pretty large and beautiful hill away from everyone else. And feel free to place the marble picture right next to the memorial picture on Google Earth or Google Maps for your own side-by-side comparison. Please also note that the Memorial didn’t have all of those trees back when the chest was hidden.
    You’re at the right spot, now get the chest and go. IF you can find it. Wait, what? I thought we just found it. Nope. You simply found the location of the chest. Meaning there’s still work to do, as in actually locating it, retrieving it, and holding it in your hands.
    Remember how Forrest assured us all that nobody is going to happen upon it, or stumble over it? And remember how touchy he was every time someone said he buried it? Please say the title of the book quietly to yourself right now, but slowly . The…Thrill…of…the… Chase.

    So the THRILL of what? The CHASE. A chase is an empty cavity, usually in walls, but also in floors. Plumbers and electricians use those empty spaces to hide wires and pipes so we have a nice, clean appearance when they’re done. I believe the chest SHOULD have been underground in an empty cavity (a chase).
    Now technically, I believe the chest wasn’t “buried”. I believe it was sitting in an empty cavity he made, that happened to be below ground level. That’s how he would be so sure nobody would stumble or trip over it. With it being underground obviously you can’t see it, that’s also why he kept repeating that you have to “go right straight to it”. Because you have to know exactly where it’s at, EXACTLY. I also think that’s why he said a metal detector will only help if you’re right on top of it. Possibly meaning that the chest has to be below you. I believe you can know EXACTLY where it is, and you can even be one foot away from it, and you STILL WON’T SEE IT! This would certainly be the case if it was underground.
    Even in the pictures taken after the chest was “found” the side edges had dirt on them, but the top of the lid had nothing. How in the world can ANYTHING be completely exposed OUTSIDE, for TEN YEARS, and the top have zero dirt on it? How is this possible?? Simple, if it was covered up. I believe it was in a cavity just like the one he found when he was eating lunch at San Lazaro. He found an empty cavity (a hole) that was built into the ground. The hole was covered up. He moved the cover and a vase type thing was in there. Forrest was completely amazed. That had been sitting there hidden in plain sight for hundreds of years! What a great idea, hiding something in a chase in plain sight!!! The vase had proved that idea to be fool proof.
    – There’s still SO, SO, SO much more! I’ll give you a few more just to prove it.
    So picking back up from where we kind of left off before getting side tracked with the clues. AFTER the drive to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, everything matched up and fell into place YET AGAIN!!! Only this time is way way way more coincidental like. And all of these are at the actual Memorial property, where you finally get to turn your vehicle off and get your boots on the ground.
    – There’s a bronze statue of a young recruit, and he’s kind of knelt down writing a letter . Remember the bronze Forrest had all of the kids touch and then write him a letter about why it felt cold? Remember the letter he hoped to find, written by his father to his mother, before they were married? And remember Forrest mentioned writing Peggy a letter while sitting under a big pine tree?
    – There’s a huge helicopter on display outside at the Memorial. It’s a real helicopter, that was really used in the war, and it has many bullet holes in it. Remember in “My War For Me” when Forrest talked a pilot into taking him to the waterfall? They took a helicopter there.
    – There’s a small area where the founders of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial are buried. The husband and wife (Mr. and Mrs. Westphall) are buried in a small, square, fenced off area. There’s a straight, yet narrow, walkway leading right up to it so you can observe the hea dstones. On Google Earth or Maps, when you zoom in and see where they’re buried, it looks identical to a dock. Remember the dock that Skippy pulled up to when he was flying the plane? “His grin said nothing, and at the same time said everything. The chest SHOULD have been not very far from the “dock” where the founders are buried (causing anyone that knows the treasure is there, to grin)
    Coincidentally, this exact spot is right at 200 feet (like 203 feet) from where I believed the chest was. This is also the same exact area where they were going to start construction of a real, half-sized Veterans Wall with every ones name, which will be a replica of the one in Washington D.C. And also remember he didn’t know of anyone getting closer than 200 feet, and he knew because they told him exactly where they were standing. With this solve, that would mean that people told him they seen the people buried there. That’s how he would know they were within 200 feet. The back of the chapel building is also 200 feet from where I think the treasure was, so they could have been there also. How come he only knew about people being 200 or 500 feet away? Why didn’t he mention people 400, 330, or 268 feet away? Because there aren’t any other reference points that close. The only reference points close enough are the parking lot (500 ft), and the small grave area (200 feet), and the back corner of the chapel which is the same part of the building that is used to represent the Memorial in most pictures (200 feet).
    And remember how there isn’t a trail within “very close proximity” of the treasure? Very close is a pretty strange way to refer to something. In my mind, it’s either close, or it’ s not. What’s the deal with getting SO technical, and splitting hairs? BUT technically this is true. There’s a sidewalk, or cement walkway, close to the treasure. The technicality could be that it’s CLOSE, and not VERY CLOSE.
    – Keep in mind that we’re now at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Remember Forrest said, “If you’re at the right spot, something you probably haven’t thought about, should be obvious to you”. Here’s my thinking. If you’re standing in a field somewhere because you think the chest is there, so what. There’s nothing “obvious” about that. Well what if you’ re standing at the car wash? Again, so what. There’s nothing “obvious” about that. Well what if you’re standing at Yellowstone. You’re getting closer, but still very vague. He camped there, fished there, and stayed the summers there.
    But Forrest said if we’re in the right spot, something we PROBABLY HAVEN’T thought about should be obvious. Here’s the deal. The whole world has thought about Yellowstone, and all of his time and hidy spots there. So to me, Yellowstone doesn’t fall into the “probably haven’t thought of” category. It more falls into the “definitely DEFINITELY have thought about” category.
    Let’s try this one more time, but this time let’s try it with what I believe IS the right spot. Say we’re standing at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Angel, NM. Bingo! Ooohhhhh… now it makes perfect sense. Anyone who paid attention when they read the book, and especially when they read “My War For Me” understands that this could be considered a no-brainer. This now fits so perfect with “if you’re standing in the right spot, something you probably haven’ t thought about, should be OBVIOUS”. Of course…
    – There’s an amphitheater there as well. “So hear me all, and listen good”.
    – There’s a huge metal dome-shaped thing outside on the ground there. It looks like the top half of a giant ball or sphere. Again, I have pictures, but you can very easily verify them yourselves. The thing looks maybe three feet in diameter. The Memorial place refers to it as a kettle, and they have ceremonies and use it to retire weathered American flags by burning them in the giant kettle. When not in use, it sits flat on a cement pad, with the rounded circular part pointing up toward the sky. That reminds me, remember the “giant kettle” Forrest hated washing at the Totem Cafe (of all the dishes he washed there, as luck would have it, it was that darn “giant kettle” he hated washing! Also as luck would have it, he chose ONLY to mention the giant kettle specifically). Or maybe the giant kettle reminds me of when Forrest’s parents “cerimonially burned the papers after paying their house off”, because it’s so similar to the Memorial cerimonially burning the flags (in the giant kettle, of course!). Of course maybe the giant kettle reminds me of the large ball of thread he made. You getting all this, lol?
    – Remember the wooden sign Mr. Marvin Fenn pounded into the ground that read “Mr. Fenn Principal”? Check this out. Way back when the Memorial was first being built, nobody really knew it existed, so to let people know, Mr. Westphall pounded a wooden sign into the ground out by the street at the mouth of the driveway, which is also the Enchanted Circle street, remember, that’s where we turned in. The name of the Memorial had changed a few times in the beginning, so that particular wooden sign said “Vietnam Veterans Chapel”.
    – Skippy’s Flying Machine, I’m sure you remember it. When it didn’t go anywhere he asked what did they expect for FREE ADMISSION. Interestingly, FREE ADMISSION was one of the conditions, and absolute requirement, when the memorial changed ownership later. It was mandatory that whoever owned it, that nobody would ever charge admission because Mr. Westphall wanted the museum and memorial to be enjoyed by all.
    – Remember the famous DO NOT TOUCH signs? Because of those, Forrest created his own signs that said what?? Say it with me, “PLEASE TOUCH”. Ready for another “coincidence”? As luck would have it, in the museum part, scattered throughout were little signs. Even though you’ve never been there, tell me what the little signs said. The signs said “PLEASE TOUCH”. This was the first time I have ever seen signs like that in my whole life.
    – Also, as luck would have it, there’s a mountain close by named “Touch-Me-Not mountain.
    Since our “coincidence” count is still so low this far in, let’s see if we can at least add one more. We all know Forrest is quite fond of poetry. There’ s poems in his book, he often recites poems verbally, and he also references poems. Check this out. As luck would have it, in the museum standing up on a table for anyone to read is a really thick binder. It’s about three
    inches thick, and pretty neat. This binder was filled with POEMS, front to back, every page, from military people and/or their family members.
    – Remember the picture in The Thrill of the Chase where it’s a picture of a boy walking on a long empty road, representing Forrest when him and Skippy were arguing, and Forrest said to pull over and let him out? As luck would have it, that exact same picture is in the museum, only it’s a real photograph. The REAL picture is of Mr. Westphall walking on a long road in Vietnam. His son was in the military, and had gotten killed in Vietnam. Mr. Westphall took some dirt from a spot at the Memorial, and then went to Vietnam to the exact spot his son was killed. Mr. Westphall placed the dirt from the Memorial right there at that spot, and then picked up the Vietnam dirt from the exact spot his son was killed, and he brought it back to the Memorial. He then placed the Vietnam dirt in the exact same spot where he took the original dirt from and said, “Now the circle is complete”. I guess I should have earlier mentioned that the original reason for the Memorial being built was to honor the son of Mr. Westphall, as well as all of the others that had been killed in the Vietnam war.
    – Did you know every year Angelfire hosts “Music From Angelfire” which is a series of music concerts? Reminds me of the gypsys coming to town every year. Speaking of them, remember all the references to the cemetery, and how Forrest had to cut through there to go see the gypsys dancing in a CIRCLE around the FIRE? Don’t forget that in a cemetery, “a kid really has time to think”.
    – Wouldn’t it have been really interesting if Forrest tripped and fell over a French soldier’s headstone. And just think if he found more and more headstones in the tall grass that nobody knew were there. I would almost bet the whole world has forgot about them after all these years because nobody talks about them any more, and certainly nobody cries for them any more. Gee, if only there was a way to keep that from happening to the people and memories of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. If only there was a way to make absolute, positive sure that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial will ALWAYS be on EVERYONE’S mind, FOREVER. It seems that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and everything it stands for, COULD fall into the same situation as the French soldier and all of the other headstones around him. It seems that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial COULD fade from people’s memories. How can we cement this in, and make sure that NOBODY forgets about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, EVER? How can we make sure the Vietnam Veterans Memorial lives on in people’s minds, instead of fading away into the past? It’s a kind and warm thought, but that’s not really possible. I can only come up with a stupid and useless idea to make that happen. I know it’s impossible and stupid, BUT, what if we hide a REAL treasure chest with REAL treasure in it that’s worth millions AT the Memorial!?!?!?!? It’s brilliant! Now nobody will EVER FORGET ABOUT THE VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL in Angelfire , NM. Naw…Who am I kidding, that’ll never work…
    – Back to business. I still feel like our “coincidence” count is low, that’s strange. Because I always thought that if you’re in the right spot that tons & tons of things would line up, and that if you can find tons & tons of ” coincidences”, you almost HAVE TO BE in the right spot. Don’ t you think? Unless it was all a big coincidence…
    – Just like most property lines, the shape of Angelfire is very “unique” for lack of a better word. Check this out. Remember the page that made headlines, “Forrest puts an X in the book”, or something to that effect. It was a huge deal. I have that picture where he placed an X on that lady’s book. It’s the page that has the drawing with torpedoes. I also have a picture of the county line or the Angelfire boundaries, or something like that. Anyway, did you know (as luck would have it) the same exact, and UNIQUE, shape of Angelfire is also on that page? What were those odds?? Probably just a coincidence, right? But not the kind we’re looking for, right?
    The Vietnam Veterans Memorial sits at about the 10 or 11 o’clock position from Angelfire. On that page in the book, the Angelfire boundary is on the right side of the page, and the X Forrest placed is right at the 10 or 11 o’clock position from it. Gee, I wish I could get our “coincidence” count higher. I still feel like it’s low, don’t you? As long as this post is so far, our coincidence count is still embarrassing low, lol. I don’t feel like I’m making any progress. I almost feel like NOTHING is matching up, which is weird, because I thought EVERYTHING was suppose to match up if you’re at the right spot. Are we wasting our time messing with this silly Vietnam Veterans Memorial spot?
    – You want more? There’s tons more. In the museum there’s a huge fabric poster type scroll hanging up. On it is a SILHOUETTE of a male. Guess what he’s doing? He’s WRITING A LETTER . I have a picture of this also, and the interesting thing is how much and how closely it resembles the front cover of “Too far To Walk”. They’re very similar, which is very interesting, to say the least. Must be one of them “as luck would have it” things. Oh well.
    – Speaking of “Too Far To Walk “, on the back cover of that book there’s a small triangular section on the bottom of the picture that is highlighted, and it seems to be highlighted for no reason, and seems to have no purpose. Meaning it doesn’t really flow with the overall appearance. It actually sticks out pretty bad, maybe because I’m an artist, who knows. Once you have seen multiple pictures of the Chapel at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, you will instantly know and recognize that the highlighted part of the picture on the back cover looks a WHOLE LOT like the chapel. The chapel is the most famous/popular part that is used in all media photos because it’s so pretty.
    – Speaking of books, have you ever cared enough to compare the differences between the older “Once Upon A While” and the newer revised edition? The only part that really matters is the cover. The revised edition was, I believe, Forrest getting brave and bold again, because all these years have passed and his treasure remained elusive from hundreds of thousands of people.
    On both books all of the white stars are layed out, and many people thought it was a constellation of some sort. Obviously. No, not obviously. Forrest decided to bump it up a notch and make one of the stars gold. I think the gold star is the treasure. And if the gold star represents the treasure, the other surrounding stars would almost have to be either a map of the surrounding cities where the treasure is, or they were a map of the immediate area where the treasure is. As luck would have it (that’s a first), the white stars on the cover are almost an exact layout of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial property (although not to scale), with the gold star (the treasure) being in the exact spot I’ve been describing all this time. That’s odd. Must be a coincidence.

      • Don’t nun of ya complain bout my long postin anymore… tis guy / gal got me beat by a country mile…

        • It’s almost common knowledge that Forrest didn’t like to read exceedingly long emails or posts, but I think he enjoyed this one if he read through it. A lot of good stuff NewHere, and a whole lot of as luck would have it’s.

          • I’ll tell you Stonerolledaway and Seeker, I eat country miles for breakfast (without any milk). BUT, “as luck would have it”, I do have to agree that my post is way too long for Forrest. What were THOSE odds, lol???

          • Actually Stonerolledaway, I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for taking the time to comment on my post, I really appreciate it!

      • Curious Hobbit, honestly I’d be honored to be related to anyone who has drive, determination, skills, high intelligence, crazy money, or that knows where the treasure is (was). I’d also be honored to be related to anyone super nice! If that includes Seeker, you, or anyone else, then that’s certainly fine with me

        • didn’t ff at one time answer a question about how many lines or sentences it would take to answer the riddle, and it went something like: the solution would fit on a post it note? anybody have that quote? or am i mis – remembering.

          • Writis, you may be right about the Post-It note statement.
            However, I chose to write my post the way I did because I felt all of you deserve ALL of the supporting facts/evidence.

            Here’s an example WITHOUT supporting facts, that I imagine WOULD fit on a Post-It note: “I solved the poem!!! The chest was on the moon.” End of story.

            Now do you REALLY think that would fly??

            My point is, yes, a Post-It note version can be correct, BUT, it explains NOTHING, and has no merit. So I took the other route, I wanted to explain EVERYTHING, hopefully showing that my solve has merit, and wasn’t written on a whim with zero basis.

            Apparently you weren’t able to identify the key points/locations in my solve, so HERE IS MY POST-IT NOTE SOLVE:

            Agua Fria, through the canyon to Eagle Nest Then to Elizabethtown, Butcherknife Canyon, Bobcat Pass, Graveyard Canyon, Red River, Sulphur Gulch, and Arroyo Hondo. Continue on. Stop at the at the Memorial. Get treasure.

            So which version is more acceptable? Can a Post-It note version exist? Absolutely. Does it confirm, describe, justify, or explain ANYTHING to you all?? Not a chance in the world.

            So I’m seeing that if my post was long, “it needs to be shorter, post-it size, remember?”. And if my post was short, “it needs to be longer. Why is it post-it size, you didn’t explain anything!?!”

          • NewHere, sorry for my not so post (hasty) reply, but I think your point was demonstrated nicely.

  47. NewHere PART 2 of 2
    – SIDE NOTE: I’m a very straight shooter. Meaning I don’t play games or try to seem like a know-it-all. I’m only interested in REAL facts, that can REALLY be verified by anybody and everybody. My point? I’m simply reminding you that every single one of these things can be 100% verified by YOU, and I invite you to call my bluff, or do your own research. If you get stuck, let me know, and I’ll help you find it in print or pictures (actual proof). I have a lot of pictures, but it started getting too overwhelming, so I kind of backed off because there was simply way too many “coincidences” (that’s strange). I use to screenshot all of the proof and supporting facts, but wow there’s just sooo much. FYI, you may be smarting off quietly, and wondering, “well if you know so much, why haven’t you found the chest?” The answer is rather simple. Sadly, I barely found out about the Chase three years ago. And for the first two and a half years I just KNEW it was up around Yellowstone and Quake Lake.
    Then it happened. Before, I had only LOOKED at the pictures. But after STUDYING the pictures, which I had never done before, I seen the word ANGELFIRE, plain as day. Again, it really sticks out. I had no idea what that word even was or what it meant, because I had never EVER, not even a tiny bit, ever considered or even thought about considering New Mexico. And honestly, I had only ever heard of Santa Fe, but nowhere else there, so I was completely in the dark about ANY other cities that I presume exist in New Mexico.
    But I DID know there’s absolutely NO WAY the word “Angelfire” was completely irrelevant. So I Googled the word, and instantly New Mexico popped up (must be a coincidence). I studied the pictures more, and it’s probably just another coincidence, but I also found the words “New Mexico” in there. The New Mexico words were side by side exactly as they’re suppose to be, so it’s not like NEW was on one page, and MEXICO was on another.
    After finding “Angelfire” and “New Mexico” in the pictures, I was blown away, and ABSOLUTELY FORCED to abandon my heart, and my Yellowstone/Quake Lake logic, and I was now CONVINCED that those findings HAD to mean something (Remember? NO trickery and NO tomfoolery!) (Also, PLEASE REMEMBER that this is Forrest’s book. The things in the book are not there by chance. FORREST DECIDED AND CHOSE EXACTLY WHAT GOES IN THE BOOK!!!) Does this mean that I just found REAL and ACTUAL PROOF that the treasure is in New Mexico? But WHERE in New Mexico, it could be ANYWHERE there!?!?!? Surely it’s not at this place called Angelfire, which turned out to be a small village. Why in the world would he hide the treasure THERE??? How much sense does THAT make? There’s nothing really there other than the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and TWO airplane landing strips super SUPER close by the Memorial (like 3 minutes away). I mean, SURE, he could hide it there and give back to his military brothers, cementing their legacy in time and history, as well as cementing his own legacy. And SURE, hiding the treasure there would help with the guilt he feels everyday for being alive when all of his military brothers aren’t. And SURE, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial would be “the end of his rainbow” because his RAINBOW, aka his life, consisted of three parts: Yellowstone when he was young, the military after that, and then art and New Mexico until now. The end of his rainbow means the end of his life. I think he planned for the end of his life to be at ‘that spot” on the hill at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. And he specifically said you can find the treasure at the end of his rainbow, obviously (in my mind) meaning that spot, at the Memorial .
    I spent over two and a half years focusing on the Yellowstone and Quake Lake area! BUT, up there, there were a few nice things that matched up, but nothing ever really REALLY fell into place.
    Anyway, why don’t I have the treasure? I became absolutely positive that I knew (or so I thought) the exact location and spot (just like everyone else, lol) on March 1st of this year (2020). I found the word Angelfire about a month and a half before that, so about mid January. So all in all, it took about a month and a half to figure everything out, ONCE I DECIDED I WAS IN THE RIGHT STATE. After I started studying the “RIGHT” state, things started falling into place one, after another, after another, and they never stopped falling into place to this day.
    Oh, and by the way, there are “hints” as Forrest calls them, in every single chapter/story of The Thrill of the Chase “if you know what to look for” as he says. If you were wondering about the other books, I haven’t read them (I couldn’t afford them). So all I really had to go on was his words, and hoping that “all you need to find the treasure is the poem, the Thrill of the Chase book, and a good map”, so I knew it was possible to go bare bones. Which fit my situation so perfectly because I was sooo far from rich. It actually took me quite a while to finally buy the book, because I just didn’t have the “extra” money.
    – Let’s try this again, WHY DON’T I HAVE THE TREASURE, lol? Finally! I thought you’d never ask! So for quite a while I thought I knew the LOCATION of the treasure, meaning the general area. Remember? “You’re destination is small, but its location is huge”. So my destination is small? Strangely, and as luck would have it, the facts check out (or lined up). Angelfire is a really small village. But the treasure’s location is huge? Strangely, and believe it or not, as luck would have it, the facts check out AGAIN. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is waaay huge, in terms of history. So much so, that it’s THE FIRST memorial ever built in the WHOLE COUNTRY that was strictly dedicated to the veterans of the VIETNAM WAR. That’s HUUUUGE! And it was. Word spread, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial made headlines EVERYWHERE. So that was pretty weird, don’t you think? We had not one, but TWO more requirements that HAVE TO match up, only this time they were in the SAME, wise fortune-cookie-like sentence “your destination is small, but its location is huge”. What were THOSE odds that we were able to match them BOTH up, just like everything else, VERY effortlessly, might I add. We didn’t have to stretch ANYTHING, it just “fell right into place”, just like I explained.
    Back to why I don’t have the treasure (here we go again). So I had the LOCATION (the Memorial), but I was getting ready to drive over 1200 miles to retrieve the treasure. I can’t just show up because then what? I already knew it would do no good to just show up and look around, because I was expecting the treasure to be under the surface of the ground, so obviously I would never SEE it anyway (I wouldn’t “trip over it” either). So now all I had left was the last piece of the puzzle to find… “the spot”.
    I read and studied, read and thought, and finally thought and thought. That’s when the marble/marvel thing happened, which now gave me the last piece of the puzzle…”THE SPOT!” Now when I get to the Memorial, instead of staring and guessing, I can save SO much time looking, and just go straight to THE SPOT. Perfect, let’s do it!!!
    I figured out my SPOT on March 1st of this year, 2020, and quickly made plans to wrap up all loose ends and “go get what’s rightfully mine!!!”. I arrived in Angelfire on March 10th and went straight to the Memorial. I had my adult son with me, who was extremely skeptic al the whole time that his dad had “figured this out”. To him, it was too good to be true, and I don’t blame him one bit. ALTHOUGH, he couldn’t explain everything matching up one, after another, after another either (don’t forget, that’s why I came to you). But surely if I was in the wrong place, NOTHING would match up. But there I was in the “wrong” place with EVERYTHING matching up, talk about strange… Thing, after thing, after thing matching up. All effortlessly, and zero stretching ANYTHING to make it fit my solve, because remember, my solve and heart was at the inside edge of Yellowstone, up to Quake Lake and Ghost Village.
    Anyway, we went into the museum part and looked around, which is how I discovered a lot of the things I mentioned earlier. Apparently you HAVE to go in there and see them with your own eyes, because even up to now, I haven’t seen some of that stuff on the internet, even after the thousands of things and pages and pictures I’ve looked at and studied.
    – SIDE NOTE: Remember how the last “clue” was going be Forrest leaving his car at the Denver Museum? Isn’t a clue generally referencing something? After all, that’s certainly the purpose of a clue. After every other piece of this post matching up perfectly (in MY mind), and everything falling into place (or so I thought) with ZERO stretching to fit my solve, and EVEN after we beat incredibly amazing odds by CORRECTLY matching up 12 places IN ORDER(!!!), let me make my understanding of this Denver MUSEUM clue very clear. My thoughts are that Forrest was referencing the small museum at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which is where many of the earlier mentioned things are.
    So after looking inside the Memorial museum, we walked around outside looking. I had taken my metal detector with us, but left it in the car because the place was still open, and there were still visitors walking around outside. As I expected, there was no treasure chest sitting out in the open. I knew we had to kill a few hours before it would be safe to bring out the metal detector. I didn’t want to be seen metal detecting at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. What would THAT look like. While everyone else is there for very legitimate reasons, I’m out there metal detecting!!!!??? “Don’t mind me”, lol.
    Remember, Forrest always said that he would “dare you to come and find me”. DARE me? Why would you DARE me, is it in a dangerous spot? Forrest has said time and time again that the treasure is not in a dangerous spot, and that even small kids are safe. Well if it’s not hidden in a dangerous spot, and even small kids are safe, then why are you DARING me? How much sense does THAT make? Actually, A LOT, if it’s hidden at the Memorial, because that’s the exact situation I was in. I was scared someone would see me, but even more so, I was afraid of being questioned. THEN, I would be deathly afraid of them seeing me “tearing up the ground”. Plus what about when I uncover the chest and attempt to walk away with a huge 42-pound metal box??? With this particular solve, I now understood why Forrest said he would DARE us, even though there was no danger involved.

    Speaking of the Memorial and walking away with the chest, remember people’s minds were going crazy about the vehicle he used, and it had to have been a 4wd truck, but Forrest finally said he was in a sedan. First off, a sedan won’t make it over the rough bumps and hills “way over there”, or “way over there”, but a sedan WILL make it to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with no problem.
    Remember Forrest also said there wasn’t any steep ground or cliffs involved? The memorial don’t have any. Remember Forrest said a person in a wheelchair can go right straight to the treasure, with a little help? He also said a three year old can make it, with a little help. As luck would have it, my exact “spot” fits those requirements perfectly as well. Remember Forrest also made two trips from his sedan, seemingly easy?
    Also remember how he said many people have been within 500 feet from the chest? I bet you’ll never guess how far the parking lot is from my chosen “spot”. 500 feet… and again, yes I can show you and prove it. You can also use Google Earth to measure and verify it yourself . Remember “your effort will be worth the cold”? I read a review I on some travel website that a guy fell in love with Angelfire, and he was ready to move there, UNTIL HE FOUND OUT that it gets super cold, like 50 degrees BELOW ZERO! Again, yes, I have that screenshot, or PROOF as many call it.
    So now we have many, many more REQUIREMENTS, and guess what? My “spot” also fits ALL of these requirements too. ALL OF THEM, perfectly. AGAIN, NO STR ETCHING needed. Everything just fell right into place one, after another, after another, AGAIN. Didn’t that happen earlier too? This post is so long, I can’t remember. BUT, can you imagine how many things would fall into place if we WERE in the right place??? Sheesh!
    So anyway, while looking around in the museum, I seen a huge architectural picture announcing the plans for the new half-sized Memorial wall, which will be an exact replica of the full size version in Washing ton D.C., with everyone’s name that was killed. The exact size and placement location was on there too. When I seen where they were going to place the wall outside, my heart sank. The wall was going to be sitting within 10 or 20 feet from MY SPOT! I knew I had no choice. I knew I had to retrieve the treasure THAT day, because there’s no time to waste. I had to make sure I found it, before the construction people stumbled across it. They hadn’t started construction yet, but they DID already place colored flags in the ground out there, marking the path where the wall was going to be built and sitting.
    I figured Forrest was already panicking, because there’s absolutely NO way he hasn’t heard about the wall. At this point I really REALLY KNEW I had to retrieve the treasure THAT day (again, I thought it was there, the same way other people thought it was at their solve’s location/spot), because in my mind, now I’m racing the construction company AND Forrest. I didn’t think he would stand by quietly and allow the construction company to accidentally find it. If I was Forrest, I would go get it. Not on my watch! Luckily I was already at the Memorial, AND I had my metal detector. I knew I wasn’t too late because the ground hadn’t been disturbed. Sorry world, this one’s mine!
    It was super windy (the radio said 40mph wind), and there was still snow in Angelfire, although luckily, none at the Memorial. My point is that it was pretty cold, too (as it was suppose to be, “your effort will be worth the cold”). After planning my “search & rescue”, my son thought it would be best to leave, kill a few hours until they close, and come back when all staff and visitors were gone, having JUST enough sunlight that flashlights wouldn’t be needed, and also wouldn’t draw unwanted attention to us. SO, we left. We ate, talked, and drove around sight seeing.
    Then it started to rain! My beautiful and concrete plan was starting to fall apart. We parked and was going to wait it out. The problem was, IT DIDN’ T STOP RAINING!!! Time kept passing, and the sun got lower and lower. By this time the sun finally disappeared, and it was STILL raining.
    Soon it was dark, and my son didn’t really want to be there in the first place. He hated the two days of driving, and was dreading the drive back. He started thinking we were wasting our time again, because of the “too good to be true” thing. I don’t blame him though, because sadly and embarrassingly we’ve always been poor. I was completely ready to stay for a week, or ten. It didn’t matter, however long it took was more than fine with me, and my son knew it. This made him even more sad/mopy. SO, long story short, I told him that today wasn’t wasted and that at least we got to see WAY more than the internet shows, PLUS I got to completely basically (in my mind) confirm we were indeed at the right place. I told him we will leave first thing in the morning.
    I let him know that there’s NOTHING more important to me than being a dad, and never mind the treasure because it no longer matters. Right now, I thought I literally had a choice between a multi-million dollar treasure, and my son’s feelings. Again, never mind the treasure, my son comes first. He ALWAYS has, and he ALWAYS WILL.
    So that night about 1AM, I wrote Forrest a letter, hoping for a response, and hoping to prove to my son that I was right the whole time. To this day, Forrest has never responded to me, nor has he ever (I wrote him one other time before, last year). Nor have I ever spoken a single word to him, nor have I ever had the chance to.
    Back to the story. So, we left in the morning, and that was that. On the way back, I knew I had to come up with another plan if I was going to end up with the treasure chest. This meant that I would most likely have to come back without my son, so that I could truly stay as long as needed, JUST IN CASE my spot wasn’t correct. Maybe I had the RIGHT location, but the WRONG spot. Or maybe the Memorial would have a one week festival, where they never closed during that week, who knows.
    A few days after we got back, the unthinkable happened (of course). The world was slowly being locked down state by state. However, this was great news for me, because it bought me more time. I now had another chance, and a bit more time, to get the chest. I knew for sure that the construction company would put the project on hold, and I also knew that the rest of the searchers would most likely be staying home. Now all I had to do is go back and get the treasure! Simple, right?
    WRONG. I almost couldn’t scrape money together for the first trip, and there was NO WAY I could afford a second trip any time soon. Days passed, and I knew it wasn’t going happen.
    *Please remember that these are just my thoughts. I am simply describing them because I’m trying to answer any questions you may be thinking right about now*
    The whole world, including Forrest and my son, thought the chest was going to be hidden for hundreds of years. But I knew different. I knew it was over. Not just for me, but for ALL OF US. I had told my son how (I thought), and exactly when(I thought), it would all come to an end. Back in April, when most lockdowns were in place, I told my son I thought it was over, and that I thought the chest will mysteriously be “found” in a month or two. My words to him SHOULD seem rather odd to ANY searcher. After all, this chase was designed to keep the chest hidden for a thousand years, and it was right on track for that to happen. So far it had already been 10 years, even though HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people have searched, and were STILL searching. And there I was feeling in my bones that all of a sudden it would be “found” in a month or two? Hmmm…
    Long story short, looking back and as luck would have it, the chest WAS INDEED FOUND, exactly as I felt it would be, in the exact time frame I felt it would be, which was in a month or two. It wasn’t found “some day”, and it wasn’t found “eventually”. Needless to say, I was expecting the announcement, and it was DEFINITELY NOT SURPRISE.
    So why did I feel soooo sure that it was going to be found, ESPECIALLY in the exact time frame I declared??? Simple. If this was MY Chase, I would now feel like I had no choice but to go get the chest. I would feel pretty much forced into getting it because of the wall. So in my mind, either I go get it, otherwise the construction company gets it, and I know I could never let that happen.
    I also feel like my solve was correct, that Forrest isn’t able to walk that hill like before (I’ve done it tired but now I’m weak).
    I hope I’m not boring you, and I wish I knew if I was. I’ve been writing this for three days, and would you believe there’s STILL way more? For your sake, I imagine I have put your poor, stressed out brain through enough, so I guess I’ll go ahead and save the rest for a rainy day. Unless you don’t believe me that there’s more. Want more? Fine. Five more, then the rest will be for a rainy day, because believe me, there’s waay more. There’s sooo much that it’s SO mentally exhausting for me to explain it all.
    – You know that symbol Forrest uses that has an X, an f, a skull, and two omegas, and each one is in a separate section of the X? Well that’s called a colophon, and as luck would have it, that colophon looks eerily similar to the Enchanted Circle logo. If you Google that logo, you’ll see the Enchanted Circle logo has a big X, with a small picture in each section of the X. Coincidence? (by the way, how high is our coincidence count? )

    – The omegas. When two omegas are together, they mean “the beginning” and “the end”. Let’s say you draw a circle. Then put a small line or dot ANYWHERE on the circle. That small line/dot is now the beginning AND the end of that circle, if you were to trace it. Let’s think on a bigger scale now. Let’s say the circle was an 84-mile circle, and instead of tracing it with a pencil because that would take way too long, let’s say you traced it with your vehicle. Driving, perhaps. And let’s say you started tracing the 84-mile circle at a random spot like, I don’t know, how about Agua Fria. So if you start at Agua Fria, and trace the big circle with your vehicle, where is the end of that circle??? The same exact place you started: at the beginning. So the beginning and the end are the same spot. After you have your T.S. Elliott moment, you continue on to the Memorial, which is a whopping 1.3 miles away from your starting point, and actually only 2 minutes away from your starting point as well. Coincidence?
    – Remember the job Forrest had at the CAFE (where he hated washing the giant kettle), and remember the story about that BAKERY where the sweet old grandmotherly lady would always break the pies on “accident” because she knew Forrest didn’t have any money? Would you believe there’s a place maybe three minutes away from the Memorial that’s called “The Bakery and Cafe @ Angelfire”. Coincidence?
    – At the bakery, that sweet, old, grandmotherly lady that he loved so much, and said if he knew where she was buried that he would visit her and slip a nickel under her grave? I see this to be a reference to Mrs. Westphall. I read stories about her, and weirdly, someone had described her as a nice, sweet, old, grandmotherly lady. Coincidence?
    – Remember how I said that most of the mountain names close by are in the book? And remember the boss that fired Forrest, in the book, and he was bald? Didn’t you notice how nobody else’s hair style was mentioned? Forrest named over a hundred people in that book, and out of ALL those people, the only hair we heard about was the BALD guy. Coincidence? NOPE. There’s nothing strange about a bald guy. Fine, then check this out. As luck would have it, did you know one of the mountains close by is named “BALDY MOUNTAIN”? Let’s try this again now. Coincidence?
    – And didn’t you notice how Olga’s tea color kept changing? Now, either she’s a tea connoisseur, or Forrest needed a way to vaguely get searchers to the correct area. I can’t decide which one it is, but would you believe (and probably as luck would have it), all three colors of her tea are actually the names of some more mountains near by.
    – Remember the question and anwer:
    ANDREW: “Would you want the person that finds your treasure to admire the place where it rests?”
    FOREEST: “Well Andrew, I’m not sure “admire” is the right word but if we twist it a little maybe we can make it work. The word means approval or high regard. So it works. I sure feel that way or I would not have hidden it there. I like the way you think Andrew.”
    So it seems that “approval” and “high regard” and “admire” all VERY accurately describe the place the treasure was hidden. It don’t make sense for us to admire an open field, if the treasure was hidden in an open field. It don’t make sense for us to admire a car wash, if the treasure was hidden at the carwash. It don’t even make sense for us to admire a big pine tree in a huge forest because they all look the same. Every pine tree looks like every other pine tree, and every forest looks like every other forest. There’s absolutely NOTHING special about “same ol’, same ol’ “.
    Let’s put a different spin on this. Let’s wonder about if the treasure was hidden at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Does it fit the three more REQUIREMENTS of “approval”, “high regard”, and “admire”? Do you think Forrest felt any, or all of those towards the Memorial? YOU BET YOUR TOOKUS HE DID! Just ask anyone that read “My War For Me”.
    Do you think the Memorial also fits Forrest’s other words that the treasure is hidden somewhere “very dear” and “very special” to him? Wait a minute. He said very dear, and very special… “YOU MEAN THE CAR WASH!?!?!?” Or were you talking about a field or forest out in the middle of nowhere? If you were talking about a field or forest in the middle of nowhere, how is that special? Unless that’s where he MADE his daughter, or unless that’s where his dad gave him a pocket knife?? But even so, where does the 200 and 500 feet come into play, and what about the human trail that should probably also be considered a requirement? The car wash, the field, and the forest all seem to be REALLY stretching it. The Memorial is a perfect place that meets the five additional requirements PERFECTLY: “approval”, “high regard”, “admire”, “very dear”, and “very special”. All five fit sooo perfectly. Again, No stretching needed. Coincidence?
    – On one of the Angelfire websites it says: “Angelfire Resort began in 1966, as a small ski destination in Northern New Mexico. We are proud to have grown into a four-season resort offering a memorable Rocky Mountain experience for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and groups”. Coincidence?
    Does any of that sound familiar? It seems that Angelfire fit those REQUIREMENTS also. Please remember, the correct treasure location ABSOLUTELY HAS TO contain ALL of the requirements. NO exceptions!!! Otherwise you’re focusing on, in my case, Yellowstone or Quake Lake where only 3 or 4 or 5 things KINDA match up, if you stretch them a little, or look at them juuuuuuust right.
    WRAPPING UP! I was suppose to give you five more, but I think I gave you eight. Like I said, there’s sooo much, and it’s really easy to get caught up in it. I wish I knew what our coincidence count was up to right now. Any idea what number we’re on? The crazy part? There’s still way more…
    Again, please know that all this jibberish is nothing more than my thoughts. I’m nothing more than a regular searcher, just like everyone else, only I’m probably way more poor than the rest, lol. And no, I am not 100% absolutely positive the chest was at the Memorial, because I wasn’t the one who retrieved it, but I guess also because Forrest says the chest was found in Wyoming, by a guy out east.
    Do I have closure? I don’t know, I don’t think so. All I know is that it’s over, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Do I still have questions? Many…
    Hopefully you understand why I was really leaning towards the Memorial as being the winning place. I wasn’t rooting for them, I was actually rooting for Yellowstone. I was just LEANING towards the Memorial, because I WAS FORCED TO LEAN TOWARDS THE MEMORIAL. Which “coincidently”, things seemingly started falling into place and matching up perfectly (say it with me) one, after another, after another, lol. But the crazy part is that things never stopped matching up! Which I feel is super DUPER weird if I had the WRONG location all this time (again, which is why I came to you).
    Remember that saying, “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck…” I don’t know how I feel about that logic now, even though that make perfect sense. Like I said, I don’t know what to think now.
    Does the duck thing apply here? Oh well who cares, it’s over and there’s nothing I can do about it. But what if I was right in some weird way!?!?!? Again, oh well, it’s over and there’s nothing I can do about it.
    – SIDE NOTE: Notice how far we got in figuring all of this out? My point right here is that I never once used charts, graphs, fractions, foot pounds, etc. I didn’t need to. Everything just fell right into place (oh brother, here we go again, lol). OF COURSE everything will match up and fall into place IF YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. But here’s the real question: Will everything still match up and fall into place if you’re in the WRONG PLACE???
    *There’s no need to take my word for it, so DON’T FORGET TO PULL THIS AREA UP ON YOUR PHONE OR COMPUTER and verify everything for yourself!*
    I want to thank you for taking the time to read this long post, lol. This is officially the longest thing I’ve ever written. I wrote it over the course of three days on my phone, spending way too many hours each day writing, then fixing all the typo’s because my phone is old and cracked, lol.
    At the very least, I hope you found my story interesting. I would love to hear back from each and every one of you! I am COMPLETELY OPEN to your thoughts, critique, ideas, and explanations. Again, that’s why I reached out to you. Together, we may be able to help each other obtain some kind of closure, because I’ll admit, I just didn’t see this Wyoming and “guy back east” thing coming. It COMPLETELY took me by surprise. On that note, wouldn’t it be neat to hear Forrest explain how EVERY…SINGLE…THING in my Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial solve matches up with the things he chose to include in his book, since IT’S NOT THE CORRECT SPOT?
    Facts are facts, and facts are evidence, and facts are proof. It’s a very simple concept. If you have the right spot, everything will match up. If you have the wrong spot, nothing will match up. Obviously, none of my things matched up with Wyoming. And obviously New Mexico isn’t where the chest was found.
    I thought the book was written for us, with us in mind, and had NO trickery, and NO tomfoolery, because that’s what Forrest has told us. SO, that means every single hint in the book (if you can recognize them) is completely, absolutely, relevant to the treasure’s location. Isn’t this correct, or did I misunderstand something? I was with the understanding that the book was basically our holy grail to this treasure hunt… or at least an extremely dependable, reliable guide. But how can our guide be filled with MISinformation? Especially when Forrest himself pushed it so heavily on us, or at the very least, high HIGHLY recommended it to us, to aid us in our search. He is the creator of the Chase, and the author of the book, how can there be any MISinformation in it? There CAN’T be, correct? Because Forrest said so.
    OH WAIT!!! One last thing. I’ll give you the answer to the age-old question: How far is NOT FAR, BUT TOO FAR TO WALK (in my opinion, of course)?
    Remember, Forrest said that nobody has ever given him the right answer? I believe the answer is 9.9 miles. In my solve, our starting point is where warm waters halt (Agua Fria). Agua Fria means “cold water” in Spanish, so clearly warm waters halt at cold water. So we start at Agua Fria, then we go down through the canyon and put in at Eagle Nest. The distance from where we start, and where we put in, is our “NOT FAR, BUT TOO FAR TO WALK” distance. And that distance is 9.9 miles.
    I don’t know how to explain all of the things that fell into place, or how to explain all of the coincidences, because honestly, if I had wrong place, you would think nothing would fall into place. Let’s try it real quick, and see how many things fall into place.
    What if it was on the moon. Did anything fall into place? What if it was at the bottom of Old Faithful. Did anything fall into place? The car wash was a popular choice, let’s try that one. Anyway, you get my point. Only the correct location will have everything matching up perfectly, without stretching anything. Which is understandable because, only the correct location has all of those things. Well we found a spot that has all of those things. Does that mean it’s a duck? Apparently not.
    Remember, even Forrest said that the treasure will be found by the person who can make all the lines cross in the right place. Well, I thought we did that EXACTLY, to a T, but I guess not. Remember, he also said that it seemed to him, that a searcher could use logic to figure out an important clue in finding the treasure. So we can obviously just use logic to solve this? No problem. THE CAR WASH!!! Does logic justify this? Kinda. But let’s see if there’s a better guess. THE VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL! Does logic justify this? To me, absolutely… in every way, shape, and form.
    I have no idea how to explain all of the similarities, and my son can’t either. Do you have any ideas, because believe me, I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS. The only person that can 100% maybe explain the “coincidences”, whether it be regarding the right place or the wrong place, is obviously Forrest.
    Please get back with me when you can, I’d love to know your thoughts, or at least any feedback. Again, I really think my email would be best. I hope you understand. I’m sorry this was so long. And just think, this was THE SHORT version, lol.
    It was nice talking to you!!! Take care.

    • Wow NewHere , you could make a blog of your very own with everything you’ve written hear.

      • Suzy_S, I appreciate your kind words, however, I think a blog is way beyond me. I had so much trouble trying to figure out how to post here. At the very least, thanks for lifting my spirits!

        • The secret to finding treasure is where your heart lies. Nowhere else on planet earth will you find hearts as big as those here!

    • Hello NewHere. You are among others whose solution lead them to the area you described. Here is one for example:

      I highly recommend visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It leaves one feeling in awe. I began taking pictures of the names on the bricks, and realized I couldn’t take just a couple because I felt all the other names were just as important as the first photo, so I took pictures of all the names there.

      • Pdenver, thanks for your reply. You may have missed it, but I did make it to, and inside of the actual Memorial. I like your picture thoughts of the bricks. I don’t know if you’re aware, but just inside of the museum doors is a big binder with every single picture of every single brick, along with the names on them, in alphabetical order. Each page has page has numerous bricks/pictures on it. It’s really neat, just like your idea!

        • Hello NewHere. I had a feeling my post may have been a little unclear to the suggestion of visiting the memorial. I should have mentioned it was to apply to those who haven’t visited it. I’m glad you were able to see it. Everything there made me more aware of the event. I left with my eyes a little dewy.

          • My apologies, pdenver, apparently I misunderstood you directing that to others. And “OTHERS”, please listen to pdenver’s words, the place truly is beautiful…

      • NewHere – I personally visited the War Memorial Museum in Ho Chi Minh City (old Saigon) in recent years, and absolutely wouldn’t recommend it for any sensitive moral citizen on this planet.

        respect to all that fought and lost on both sides, but i quietly sobbed on the steps outside for a time, having witnessed (second-hand) the documented carnage and mostly undocumented atrocities from both sides equally.

        reluctant eyes wide open 🙁

    • Hi Newhere, Enjoyed reading your post. My solve has/had been at Angel Fire since end of 2010 beginning of 2011. Two botg trips to Angel Fire but scared off by bears and also altitude sickness both times. Never being able to walk the very short distance to where I thought the hidey spot was. Was short on time both trips because I was accompanying a friend on their Southwest vacation both times and was only allotted a very short time to be spent on my treasure chase 🙁 They made all decisions as to when we had to leave etc. I was just happy to have had the opportunity to accompany them. Like you I didn’t have the money to finance a trip out west.
      When I heard of the chase, I got online and looked at a map of New Mexico. The Enchanted Circle and Angel Fire immediately caught my attention. As I studied the poem and the scrapbooks, I began to see things in the poem that coincided with the Northern New Mexico area, the Enchanted Circle, and Agua Fria, and Angel Fire. Everything falling into place is putting it mildly. When my social security checks began arriving, I finally was able to afford one book at a time. The hints / clues do not need to be twisted, stretched, confirmation bias used … in any way … they are straight forward, word for word, names, and need no form of interpretation. hen I came across the “right” map … I was so excited to see everything start to fall into place. The word that was key was also a huge eye opener. Many, many “aha” moments.
      I have longitude and latitude to the precise spot that I believe the treasure was at. This year I had a local, longtime, 10 yr searcher (no botg) willing to go with me and also purchased a portable oxygen concentrater to take with me to deal with the lack of oxygen due to altitude. I am on oxygen at home. But … the Corona Virus shut downs put an end to my trip, and then the announcement of the find put an end to the search.

      As I said, I enjoyed finally hearing someones thoughts on Angel Fire in Northern NM. Where I truly believe the chest was hidden.

      • Lyzee Bella, it’s so nice to meet you, and thank you so much for sharing your amazing story! I’m still cringing from thinking about experiencing and going through what you did. That must have been so hard on you, plus, for other people to be calling the shots, wow. Then finally, you were able to recruit some help, and you’re all set to go, then BAM!!!, all of a sudden the world is no longer “open for business”, and shut down. My heart really goes out to you, that must have been devistating!!! Especially, because of your location! Believe it or not, you are THE ONLY person who is on board with my solve. Everyone really seems to be insisting on “overcooking the poem” (in Forrest’s words). And for some reason, people seem to be so insistant on ignoring all of the incredible facts, similarities, and coincidences of Angelfire, and have been busy telling me why I’m wrong. To me, a gazillion things line up, and every one of them so so perfectly, big ones, small ones, and yes, even medium ones. Just like you said, no twisting, no bias, no nothing needed. Thanks for reaching out to me, I really appreciate the support!

  48. hey NewHere. lots of work and thinking. you did a good job but i like my solve better. it’s simple and it fits the poem. i did’nt know it got down to 50 below in N.M. i thought that was reserved for minnesota.

  49. Hello newhere, I’m just one of those searchers pdenver mentioned that worked on a solve to the VietnamVeterans Memorial at Angel Fire, NM.

    My findings are based upon words in the poem. Forrest May have included it as a place he atoned for lives taken during war. I never believed he would place the chest there, out of respect for fallen soldiers. The chapel is beautiful.

  50. Any thoughts on what part of the poem could be solved using logic? I recall Forrest stating part of the poem could be solved using logic. I thought maybe it was “not far but too far to walk” because the word “not” is literally a digital logic term. For me this phrase sounds like something to do with distance and time, time in that the future and past are close but you can’t walk to them, but also some kind of distance or range, maybe a shooting, archery or golf range. So maybe this phrase meant something like “go past the range.”

    • Hi DHS: that’s exactly how I used it in my solution. My NF, BTFTW was a clue of exclusion: *NOT* Flints, Buffalo (Horn), Taylor Fork, Tepee or Wilson (Draw). Those are five of the first 6 creeks that drain into the Gallatin River once Gallatin Canyon begins. The excluded creek: Sage. Thus the later hint in the poem: “If you’ve been *wise*” (solving an earlier clue). One hint in TTOTC that logic was to be applied to this clue was that Hemingway’s novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is NOT the story that Forrest describes — he describes “A Farewell to Arms.” Same starting letters as the creeks:
      *NOT* For Whom the Bell Tolls
      *NOT* Flints Wilson Taylor Buffalo Tepee

      If this had indeed been the right answer to the third clue, then he repeated the hint with the last six words of page 70 of TTOTC:

      NOT: … through the dumb barbed wire fence.
      NOT: Taylor Tepee dumb Buffalo Wilson Flints

      Not dumb — smart. Sage. And for fun, look at the last six words of the caption of the second photo above:

      “…when found. The silver tarnished black.”

      All 6 creeks this time: Wilson Flints Taylor Sage Tepee Buffalo.

      It was because the probability was so low of such a letter for letter alignment between the poem and creek names that I never considered another location.

      • Zap & DHS,

        The Gallatin was my first and favorite search-solve… because I was raised there, and because I felt the memoirs confirmed it. You searched the upper Gallatin drainage where I searched Taylors fork, lightening creek, and Further north at Spanish creek trail heads in the lower drainage basin.

        Here was my straight forward logic that I thought applied directly to named geography. Forrest took breaks from Spanish class when he snuck out, creating a brown streak on his pants.

        The “Spanish Breaks” and Brown’s gulch, and the Quarry lie in the lower Gallatin drainage basin just north of where Gallatin canyon begins on the north end.

        The general area fit perfectly, and matched ff’s 90 mile journey from West Yellowstone to Bozeman.

      • Here’s a topo showing all my creeks. The dashed border of Yellowstone is in the lower right corner, and Gallatin Canyon formally begins at that BM 6690 benchmark right where the river exits the park. The label for Sage Creek is off the bottom of the map, but Little Spring Creek drains into it. Sunshine Point is high above the opposite side of the river from where Sage Creek drains into the Gallatin (“smell the Sunshine”).

        Also note nearby “Marble Point” — which is exactly what the kids appear to be doing in the Thrill of the Chase illustration: pointing at marbles.

      • Zap
        Also DUM in Indian etymology means cooked with STEAM.
        That’s why Yellowstone was my “look at the big picture” and my search area was outside the boundary at Bakers Hole…

  51. With respect to “logic”…
    Think of what might have been meant by “make all the lines cross in the right spot.”
    In logic, that is an example of intersection.
    “Have flashlight, will (still) travel”

    • I think you logic is interesting and I’m not sure about the flash light I can think of one good idea one bad idea and one hint

  52. Logic or reasoning in the poem…

    Maybe something simple starts it off on the correct trail.

    Why does f say the person in stanza one can keep his secret and in the very next line said he hints of (it)?

    Figure out that corundum.

    • Hello James. “I can keep my secret…” may mean he isn’t going to come out and say exactly where the treasure was placed (e.g. “I placed it under Fishing Bridge.”), but will hint where with his poem. As you know, it took ten years to find it.

        • Bisquick and gravy!! One defines Ruby and sapphire, and one is about confusion in the mind!! That’s could sure mean alot of different things.

    • Because he went alone to his special place (As I have gone alone in there)
      He can use what he considers treasures that are conspicuous to his eye/mind’s eye (And with my treasures bold)
      He can keep his special place, and special things since treasures is plural, secreted (I can keep my secret where)
      Yet give out hints about both—natural setting is treasure #1/old and the chest/contents is treasure #2/new, hence treasures plural (And hint of riches new and old)

      FF told us what he was doing in paragraph #1 (remember, paraphrased, everything you need to solve the poem is in the poem) and then you have to decipher the rest of the poem using that knowlege. Deciding when a line is referencing a natural treasure, hence a CLUE that will get you closer to the chest because it is that same natural treasure that is keeping the chest concealed, and when a line is referencing the chest itself, hence a HINT since information about the chest itself cannot logically get you closer to the chest but does help with the clues by eliminating itself from contention as a clue, isn’t at all easy to do.

      None-the-less, viewed thusly, there is no conundrum, just clever wordplay disguising how to read the poem.


      • I’m sitting in my truck in a tiny little town in Wyoming, Chugwater. Broke down in the parking lot of the Rolling Hills Bank. What a nice place.

      • Whoops, my map fell on the floor, I’m really in Wheatland Wy at the bank.
        I’d loose my head if it wasn’t screwed on….

  53. Does anyone know or has anyone ever asked Fenn to autograph a dictionary or thesaurus?

      • Brian and pdenver, dikslexia runs in my family. I’m always interpreting words wrong and mixing up the letters. For the longest time I thought Brian u was Brain u… Not to mention you, pdenver, you’ve probably noticed how many times I’ve misspelled your name. In order to get your names right in this post, I had to read each letter out loud! LOL, you’d think I needed glasses. BTW, I’d like one of those signed Dictionarys…

        • Hello Suzy_S. I wasn’t sure how to understand James’ word corundum vs. conundrum. I was taught in school that corundum was the hardest rock in a specific earth compound. I know diamond is considered the hardest in another form. I wasn’t sure if James was suggesting we should look for this form, or if it was another way of suggesting it was a very hard situation, which might suggest conundrum. This is why I had to ask just to be sure which word he meant and how he meant it. I’m probably just making this more harder than it is. I would love to have a signed dictionary, too. I have an old one that I called “Old Faithful” during the early part of the Chase and I was always looking up words to see the different meanings since he was such a Wordsmith.

          • pdenver… Looking up wards is what I aim for mostly. Given a dictionary called “Old Faithful”, I guess there’s little elsewhere to look.
            Regardless, it sounds to me you were “In Like F(l)enn”.

          • pdenver – when i was young and athletic, i could easily crack a ‘conundrum’ between my left/right buttock-cheeks

            but alas, now i’m slightly older, i’d be sincerely lucky to crack a ‘corundum’ between my left/right ear lobes tbh

            hope this helps

          • Curious, I don’t know whether to be disgusted or amazed… but I enjoyed it just the same! Thanks for making me laugh!

    • Brian-
      At Fennborees of the past Forrest has signed just about anything folks hand him…including road signs and posters and books that were not authored by him…

      • I am thinking outside of the box, in the event that he shows up at Yellowstone, I usually get autographs on tickets and stuff.

        • If Forrest does show up, just hope for good weather. If not, your only hope might be to get a raincheck on any signing… lol

    • I wonder if Forrest signed the Treasure? Probably just as good as signing a thesaurus. After all, the product only becomes worth something after it’s been signed! Additionally, what’s the use in signing something unless people take notice?

  54. Many old names that a Native American might understand were hidden in the poem. This intrigued me more than one would expect. My thinking is that much of the poem truly may have been in some sort of coded format. My true hope is that many of us will one day know the secret.

    That might be soon or maybe too, much later. Maybe one needs to allow new announcements to be made, but it’s very hard for me to wait. Maybe the sharing of just one clue might suffice. The suspense is killing me.

    • Sparrow, look at Richard Reservoir No 1 and Richeau Creek that runs into it. I think those are riches new and old/WWWH. He means warm as in close by. The reservoir is shaped like an arrowhead, which may just be a coincidence. You have to do something he tells you not to do in the poem to find the spot. The word “there” is very important. Pay close attention to the 3 lines with “there” in them.

      • Hello NoName06, I looked at Richard Reservoir #1, I’m thinking of following Richeau Creek to the junction of Maxwell Creek, (coffee=brown) there’s a reservoir there. ( home of brown). Following the lane (unimproved lane is no place for the meek)down to the end. Arriving at Tepee Ring Creek. (Blaze) Could it be this spot?

        • Yeah, that’s right, Cowgirl. He tells you not to go up the creek, but if you’re brave you will. Follow Richeau Creek little further north, Cowgirl. Keep the first line in your head. As I have gone alone in THERE. It’s within a circle.

      • Noname6 I think your in the correct region. Look just north at Palmer Canyon Rd and cross reference that with what’s said in the chapter Totem Cafe Caper

        • I wish I could, Matt. Unfortunatly, I don’t own a copy of Forrest’s book. I was afraid I would rely too heavily on it, so I never bought a copy.

  55. Thinking about the real solve is SO much better than listening to the news on TV. Throw us a bone Forrest.

  56. Was fun while it lasted. Hopefully we will get a detailed solve some day for the people that did not have the opportunity to make it out there!

  57. Only two people are even close to understanding the clues behind the Chase. It’s not over til the fat man sings, IMO.

  58. Hello Mr Obvious,
    IMHO. I’ll stroll north of the LL reservoir which looks like a nice hayfield and when I reach the end of the trail, I’ll hop the fence. This is is where my imagination comes into play as this is all private property and I’d never trespass. (Cowgirls understand private property) This parcel of land is 1698 acres and is held in an LLC. The blaze and the treasure are this piece of ground as on it lie numerous tepee rings from days gone by. The love of Native American history pumps life through Mr Fenn’s veins

    • Do you think Double L Reservoir looks like a good spot, Cowgirl? You can’t see much detail of it on Google Earth. I tried to post you a link of the location, but it said that comment was awaiting moderation.

    • There is a Double L Ranch south of Jackson Hole. Is that what you’re talking about? Nice place. So why ya tellin me?

  59. ..only just learned it was in WY

    ..which was NOT Cowboy Kens last known search location, just for the record

    ..who also WASN’T spotted vacationing on a large yacht in the South of France recently, it couldn’t possibly be him then, right?!!

    [officially sponsored advert by CK Anon Industries, Southern France Inc]

    • I still say you look more like a frog than a hobbit. Would you consider modeling for bronze jar photo ops?

    • Hi Curious Hobbit: I can’t remember Ken ever saying where he was searching, or where he had searched previously…?

  60. I think it’ll be the best ending ever and will likely stir up twice as much excitement as the chase itself had. Forrest is setting a precedent here and I’m confident he knows it. This sets the bar by itself for all future treasure hunting. Even the antique variety of treasure hunters will be measured by there actions on a scale of Indiana Jones, sal neitzel, cythina meachums, cowlaazers, and of course on the high end of awesome you’d find Fenn. Kinda like the fujita scale of tornaders.

  61. I think (IMO :)) that Forrest Fenn will surprise us all one day with a complete explanation. All what is going on now was planned as a possibility from the very beginning (IMO of course, for not being Daleted) . And to Andy S. I would simply say: NO not even in your faintiest and my strongest imagination what you are saying can be the truth. You are not describing Forrest Fenn, or his family.

    • Maybe, maybe…
      But if Dal daleted my post so fast he definitely doesn’t like this version. So, will re-post it again while he is busy now 🙂
      “My hypothesis is that several events such as the breakage into Forrest Fenn’s house, fifth death of TC searcher near Dinosaur National Monument persuaded Forrest family to ask him to stop the search. Maybe they used such strong arguments that next crazy searcher can kidnap one of Forrest grandchildren to force him to reveal the spot. Anyway, they can ask Forrest to send his nephew to retreat TC and bring it back to the family. Before they organised website (all website content is erased now) where said that TC was founded in August 2019 and placed on auction in March 2020. The person that extract TC did several photos of TC and Forrest that check TC content.
      Main argument is the reluctance of Forrest to meet face-to-face with any reporters and with searchers after “TC finding event”. He is very ashamed and he knows that people who know them well (searchers and reporters) will immediately see that he is embarrassed and looks guilty.
      Again, it’s only my hypothesis. If it’s true we will never know the solution because the finder from “back East” is not exist. Forrest family will keep the secret very well because if they reveal the truth it will be big shame for them and numerous lawsuits.”

      • Andy S,
        I would caution you to not “jump” to conclusions into the unknown. It’s easy to assume the worst in a situation, but much more rewarding to expect the best. IMO, Mr Fenn has shown remarkable strength of character throughout his life. There is no reason to expect anything different with this Chase.

        • It’s not conclusion it’s just a hypothesis. I’m scientist so I am generating a bunch of them each day.
          The sequence of events before TC finding was very strange and suspicious for 100% accidental event. OK, big surprise that was promised by Forrest through Cynthia in 2020 maybe was just nothing. But why special website was bought and created to say that TC was found in August 2019 and now on auction with start bid $2M? Then in spring 2020 (May or around) they said that they got good bid and stop auction. June 6 news when Forrest said that some guy from back East found TC. Forrest photo together with opened TC chest is also strange – does it means that he was a final bidder of auction and bought TC back from him?
          BTW, website content was completely erased immediately after Forrest notified all about finding. Why? And who created this website? According to this website TC was found in late August 2019. Thus, finder could prevent fifth victim of the chase Michael Wayne Sexson, 53 (March, 2020 near Dinosaur National Monument) if notify all searchers immediately after event. Potentially the finder could be sued by family of Michael Wayne Sexson for his death.
          So many strange events for accidental finding…

      • In your “hypothesis” Andy, you make it sound as if FF should feel responsible for the actions of some who took on the challenge and left common sense at home. Those so called accident (and many instances requiring rescue and the crazies) were the sole fault and stupidity of those people and their actions.

        Yet we have Fenn talking about most of those instances where he state; he doesn’t feel he is…
        We have FF repeating the chest is not in a dangerous place…
        We have constant reminders about; don’t go where an 79-80 year old can’t go…
        As well as FF replying to certain officials that; he would not go and retrieve the chest…

        Where in your hypothesis do you take into consideration for the those ATFs?…that have been stated 10 years running. A challenge that took its first step in n 1988 and final step two decades in the making later… Not to forget another 10 years of interaction with searchers, blogs, media etc.

        Are you truly believing that after 30 plus years and est. 350,000 searchers later… he would pack it in and call it quits?

        LOL the guys as spent more time on this challenge than his 20 years of military service, and 17 years of
        self employment after his service career.

        I for one ain’t buying this hypothesis…

        • Seeker and Andy S-
          I don’t buy this hypothesis either mainly because if this were the case, there would be no reason why Forrest couldn’t or wouldn’t give us the solve.
          On one hand, I can understand why he might end it after 10 years for all the above reasons. I actually would have been ok with it ending like that with an explanation from Forrest as to why it had to end- after all, he did give us all a fair 10 years to find it. We then would have been given the solve and closure.
          I do believe that someone did find it. I’m just not fine with the way it went down and I guess we just still need to give it more time. There is obviously more to it and something going on behind the scenes with it all and hopefully we will get information soon. I really don’t think that Forrest or the finder would leave everyone hanging. We just need to be patient I guess…….

  62. Ok, just checked my search spot again, and I found nothing. I narrowed to exact spot too, so I have no reason to think that I’m right. Basic science, I tested my theory and it was wrong. People will probably laugh but I could never think up anywhere but one place within about a two mile radius. And I used little of google earth and maps. I did concentrate on Fenn’s words and images. I’m satisfied by my work on Chase except of course not finding trove. I’m satisfied with my thought and effort. I guess now wait and maybe some day we understand more of what it was all about. Sayonara. And yes, Wyoming.

  63. Re – Trieve:

    verb: get or bring something back;
    regain possession of

    noun: an act of retrieving something;
    the possibility of recovery

    I’m just more curious about this word than the word “found”.

    • Ha. I’ve been thinking about those words and varients of them since June in Montana. Just looked them up in a dictionary last night.

    • Other words in the poem mean *exactly or exact.
      Quickly is one of the words… If you’ve been wise and found the blaze look quickly down… Imo is exactly / promptly down.

      Basically; the blaze is the marker to where the chest sat. This is why I think finding the blaze was the challenge, and not the finding of the chest ( that was the lure / prize ).

      The question is; was the blaze always there? Or did Fenn mark or place something…

      With that said… Imo the challenge can still be solved by knowing / deciphering the blaze. No chest needed.
      So why couldn’t Fenn answer Becky’s Q&A?

      • Both. I think it’s somewhere that’s spans time, yet describes the highlights of the times. I also think it’s a lovely park with abundant wildlife as well as a preserved ecosystem. Lastly I ponder if it’s the plac Fenn and Sloane wanted to build a bridge to, especially since the road gets mudded out. Imo.

      • Seeker,
        I disagree that finding the blaze is the holy challenge. That statement of yours feels hollow and incomplete. That’sso 2019. To understand the forever stamp, you have to be in tune with the whole poem, but what do I know?

      • Hi Seeker: for my solution, Forrest would had difficulty honestly answering Becky’s question because the identity of my blaze was hidden in the poem itself. So the answer to the first part of her question (in my case) would have been “yes”: the blaze ~can~ be predetermined from the poem (and in fact it would be mandatory).

        But the second part of her question “…or can it only be determined at the search area?” is actually the confounding part (again, for my case) because the correct blaze in the poem could only be identified if the prior clues had already put you at the right general search area. So the answer to Becky’s second question is also yes: you can only successfully predetermine the blaze “at the search area.” Now, I’m sure what Becky meant was being *physically* present, BOTG, at the search area. But “at the search area” in my case could also be interpreted as being mentally there — as a result of successful solving the prior clues which have navigated you (intellectually) to a small enough geographic area that the correct blaze can be identified. The wording of her question sets up a scenario of failure because she posed it as a binary choice, when in my solution you actually need both.

      • Seeker, I’m thinking I’ll get out of this parking lot and head to the cliffs by Chugwater. I heard at one time dinner was served. IMHO

      • While it wasn’t my solve, I believe that the treasure was located in a secluded area just below the dropoff of the Silver Cord Cascade Waterfall. The waterfall itself is the “Blaze” when viewed from across the canyon and you must look down to the area where the chest was hidden on the “Blaze’ itself. I forget who posted the solve, but it sure sold me. Apparently, there is a way to get down to an open area just below the falls, that is like a small meadow of sorts and is secluded.

        • Stephen, I’m familiar with the place too. And like you, I had a suspicion that might be the place… but I never knew anyone mentioned it before.

          • Interesting Suzy_9. The person posted his solve several weeks ago that ended at the Silver Chord Cascade. All the poem’s clues fit like a glove to his solve. I have read many solves, but nothing struck me like this one. Apparently, the area where treasure may have been hidden is accessible, but you would have to know that the secluded spot is there to get down to it. I thought I had saved the page of his solve, I will look for it and post it if I find it.

          • It’s ashamed that the treasure has already been retrieved and how it’s left many of us hang’ing onto lost dreams… the extra expense of journeying to Silver Chord Cascade might have been well worth the effort.

            Funny how the train’s echo seems so distant now and how it’s so hard to hear… only sporadic at best. Yet I can still smell the coal from its fire. Seems that the moon sets slow upon the darkening ridge of inspiration point when you’ve left those John Denver songs back on the trail.

          • It was Tom’s solve, on July 18, 2020 at 10:10 pm
            It is in Part 14, almost halfway through the posts. And the Silver Cord Cascade is in Park County, Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park. Home of the Brown is a winner as well in my opinion.

      • Zap,

        Becky’s question never gave an opportunity for a yes or a no answer.
        The question might have had three different outcomes.
        1. Yes to beforehand and no to “only” in the field.
        2. No to beforehand and yes to “only” in the field.
        3. And this is a tricky one to answer… IF… the blaze is a prior clue reference, which would mean a searcher would need to understand this “predetermined” yet still needed to locate it in site as well.
        Wise and found the blaze seems to say… *discovered* what it is for.

        At clues 3 & 4 is where folks “left the poem” right?
        IF clue 4 happens to be the blaze, a searcher would need to understand this possiblity beforehand or been wise about it. Yet not knowing exactly what the 4th clue may look like until seen on site… from ground level vs. map viewing.

        It always bugged me how folks could tell of the first two clues but all seeming going buy the rest. It doesn’t matter if they hopped, ran, drove, hiked… they all left the poem.

        What is it we all were looking for… The Blaze… Because without it we would have know idea where the chest laid in wait.

        Nothing on this poem say; if you been wise and found the chest, right?

        LOL so if a presence of a searcher is needed after the first few / couple of clues… The blaze is very likely “in the middle of the poem” or imo the middle of the clues.
        We are simply not reading the poem as intended, because we all have / had a precondition notion of how it *should* play out.

        • I would truly hope that Mr. Fenn doesn’t agree with “all”. How else could one find that missing spot.

        • That’s how it went with my solve, Seeker. I unwittingly used the blaze prior in the clue path, but it wasn’t until I had been geographically wise that the light bulb went off.
          But it doesn’t really matter… my closure is still m t.

        • Seeker, unless the solve has to do with coordinates. You could have coordinates and not know any of the clues. The clues would be meant as confidence in your coordinates, along you’re path.
          I like my Montana solve. In policing it, it answers a lot of questions, hints and clues. I applied the same thought, number process now in hindsight, and can see that Wyoming is in play. It just doesn’t answer the hints and clues like the Montana solve. We know it was in Wyoming, and the latitude for that spot I feel very confident, the longitude not so much, but it does put me around Peggy Lake, which is a plus.
          My point being, I have no ideas as to what the clues would be referencing at this spot. I see some familiar names and highway numbers, but nothing like I had before. I guess it would take a BotG to find out. This is of course saying that coordinates have something to do with the find. I police the method and really find the latitude as un-mistakable. (which is a thing with solving in this matter, there is always a possible second way).
          We all don’t know the solve, or if we look at conspiracy hype, whether there was really a chest hidden at all, but the solves that have coordinates are not really dependent on clues. Who’s to say who’s right or wrong. As far as the blaze, it feels with the next line of look quickly down, that the searcher would be using google maps or something similar, finding something in the landscape, and zooming in. A small area if-you-will. There would be no need to look quickly down or be told to look down if you knew where you were going. It’s obvious. So, is the blaze absolutely needed to find the chest? Especially a camouflaged one like this:
          You would have to know the exact spot for this to work. Even then, it’s just a confidence builder. I love hearing negative comments to this pic. If this wasn’t f, (which now in hindsight we know it’s not), whoever put this where it was found was really good. I mean really, to the point of solving the poem. I commend them and loathe them at the same time.

  64. As i mentioned earlier, i am NOT the finder. I wrote a short ebook of my journey, both in unraveling Fenn’s poem and upon location where i believe the chest was hidden. I am NOT saying this is the correct location, but i am personally convinced that it is, and i would be shocked if one thought otherwise after reading it. It’s in book form, as i wanted to offer both closure to the chest’s location as well as inspiration and hope in life which i personally discovered in NOT finding the chest.

    While i believe one will be convinced with certainty in the solve, as Forrest claimed possible, there is of course, NO pressure to read this book whatsoever. Again, i simply wrote it to share my vision in comprehending the poem, leading to an area of Wyoming i have yet to hear of anyone searching, and in potentially inspiring anyone in their future course of life.

    Some will mock. Some will always mock and insult, even without looking into it, and that’s okay. But if anyone is interested, and again, NO pressure at all, it is entitled “The Elusive Treasure of Forrest Fenn” and may be found on amazon at

    Kind regards to all…aaron brown

    • It’s a shame that the 1 review is so negative, the author appears to be very confident and descriptive. Now that it’s found, maybe more people will take notice.

  65. Forrest has his 90th b-day on the 22nd of this month. Justin sent this article along from Popular Mechanics…I think it’s a great idea for a present for Forrest…

    It would be a stunning static display perched just higher than his fence and appear to be on a low level pass at a couple hundred knots over his yard…imagine the surprised look on driver’s faces as they motored by his place…and looked up to see a Hun racing toward them…

    Whaddaya think?

    • Great choices, they all fit so perfectly! I like the one with the hard to open canopy… we may be able to talk them down on the price! lol

      • No just a small one like a model
        Than we can build from there.
        If we bought him a real one we don’t know what would happen
        In other words NO we all can’t
        Be rash

        • Sometimes fools believe in those higher powers… while having to do hasty and crazy things. The hard thing is convincing myself this is real. Wouldn’t that be dare-devilish? We’re talking about an operational jet here… Forrest hasn’t piloted an aircraft in years, has he? Then again, maybe we could call it the thrill of the chase! I can see the headlines now!

          90 Year Old Millionaire Flys Off With Treasure In Hand – U.S. Airforce In Close Pursuit To Intercept.

          Talk about historical sonic booms! lol

    • I think I like the N417FS with the hard-to-open canopy better. It would keep Mr. Fenn from pulling the emergency ejection handle and deploying his parachute to see if he can get hooked up in his many trees in his yard and dangle 18″ from the ground. 🙂

    • An over pass by one of those birds above his home would be thrilling and I bet the rumble would send chills down your spine! I’d certainly contribute $50 or even more..

    • If a serious collection (from searchers) effort for this becomes a reality, I’d be willing to contribute about $100 to it. Ideally, the sum raised would suffice also
      to have the jet shipped to Fenn’s address (if he wants to have the thing there).
      When I say “serious”, I mean that the “invitation(s) to contribute” would also
      be posted on a few other blogs, in addition to this one. About $50K might do it,
      I hope.

    • Love it Dal! The perfect gift for sure. But Peggy might get mad at you for tempting Forrest to go fire that thing up. I would venture to guess it might slightly re-do there current landscaping. LOL!

  66. I dunno if Forrest ever flew an “F” model with two seats…but if he decided to take it for a spin he could take Peggy along.

  67. To me, “look quickly down” translated to “look early fall” (the season). Some locations are more accessible when the rivers and creeks are not running as strong, assuming you need to cross them.

    But alas the treasure was found in the spring. Or was it?

    • I think it would be AWESOME if Forrest bought the F-100 and parked it in his Santa Fe house yard… It would be another great conversation piece for his property! 🙂

    • Pretty clever, Colorado Mike. I don’t know what would qualify as a “correct”
      answer to your question. Based on my experience(s), July or August are better
      months for searching, after mud has dried. All in my opinion, don’tcha know.

  68. To all of those who did not find the treasure, we hope that you got some enjoyment from the chase.
    Why is this statement bugging me?
    Does the finder really hope I got some enjoyment?
    And for “all” those who didn’t find the treasure, isn’t that everyone?

    Before that, the finder agreed? Who asked, f?
    No sale of items, no auctions, being anonymous, manipulated pictures, but yet, hey, it was in Wyoming. I don’t get it.
    The finder and f or just f has created more questions then it’s worth. The timing, covid, stay at home orders, f constantly preaching safety but yet isn’t wearing a mask or taking precautions, the obvious picture flaws, what is to be gained except for everyone staying home? If it was a farce, why not stop it when people were dying, if not, why the manipulations?
    I’m with the rest of you, still have questions but realize it’s over. I don’t even care where it was now, if it was anywhere. But after 10 years, this is it, lol, hustled comes to mind. And I hate to think that way. No wonder so many people had so many different places, the poem seemed to cover everywhere. I like my Montana solve far more then the Wyoming one. Solved more hints and clues, Wyoming, I just have an “x” on a map, pity. So I guess the take away is that I got some enjoyment from the chase, just like all those who didn’t find the treasure. Compared to all the ones that did, I guess. (I hate guessing).

    • That “x” on a map thing always seemed strange to me. I finally decided that it is
      a symbolic thing, representing a cross. I believe FF has a thing for crosses, even if he claims to not be religious. In my solve, I can assign a cross to a
      certain place, pretty much right at the hidey spot. I said spot. As always, IMO.

      • I believe that ff used intersection
        And across to tell us to look for more in the words he used
        Anagram for across is Oscars
        Forrest used Oscar multiple times
        If you look at the word intersection it looks like a cross
        On your streets or an x
        Forrest said everyone needs an intersection ok we all need intersections in our lives we go
        Through or across was there an Oscar that we were supposed to be looking for ?:

          • No offense, but most people would consider it website trash… useless, so to speak. Always digging their hands into one’s pockets, along with grooming versions of their own stories!

            I’ll have to say though, some of them are so good they almost deserve an Oscar.

          • I suppose that’s why their “you know what” shines so brightly. It’s also what makes the whole thing so mun’dane. Yet even with all that, we still haven’t got a clue to their purpose, while continuing to ask “What’s Key”?

        • Ok, yes with intersection and cross. As in crosswalk and Miss Ford also. And yes Ford means to cross. My mind is spinning. Thats how FF made it difficult but not impossible.

    • PoisonIvey, it’ll be okay. There will always be more treasures to find. People lose things every day. In the meantime, check out Richard Reservoir No. 1. I hope it will provide you with some closure.

  69. Well, I guess it’s a good thing that the TC wasn’t on Rio en Medio trail north of Santa Fe. Wildfire was 5 acres this morning, now up to 150 acres and firefighters can only access by hiking or helicopter. We’re some ways south and can smell the smoke. Looks like there’ll be a new Aspen forest up here someday.

  70. Poisonivey

    Always keep hope.

    I understand your frustration. I have it too.

    Better days are coming.

  71. Anyone doing the Blackbeard hunt? 10 treasures, 1 million in each treasure, 10 states.

    • Looked at the page, no evidence that this is real. Suggest avoiding it until there’s proof that it’s legit.

    • I emailed and asked if the price (which was different than what was noted in FAQ) was just for the map or if it included the registration and clues as well. No reply.

      My guess is that it’s either fake or the website is tabulating visits to the site to determine if enough folks will participate. I may contact Deloite (accounting firm as mentioned). Certainly, they can validate if they are indeed party to this.

  72. What if the Finder has to chose between keeping the treasure and publishing the correct solve? Takes you back to OUAW where the wolf chews his leg off to obtain freedom.

    • Mr Obvious

      In your scenario, if he didn’t keep the treasure and chose to publish, would that mean he could sell the treasure back to Forrest and still publish? or would he have to give it back to Forrest for nothing in order to publish?

      He’s the “Finder” – “one who finds”
      And he’s the “Re-triever” who just – “brought something back”

      I guess, in one respect, you could say he found something that belonged to somebody else and just gave it back.

      Maybe he only gets “title to the gold” and has to give the chest and the rest back.

      Maybe it gets refilled and re-stashed… Yes, I know… still clinging to some strange hope. Call me crazy; but I suggest we’re all a bit touched with crazy right now.

      • You missed the point Birdman. What if the treasure location was in a National Park. If the finder reveals the latest cation maybe the government will come after it. Then all the finder has left is the story. A book. A movie. That’s what I’m talking about. Maybe that’s why he’s been so quiet. There is no guarantee the story will pan out.

        • Mr Obvious

          I get what you’re saying. Thanks for fleshing that out. There’s just so many angles to think about.

          It’s kinda like the Chase itself; except most of the dreaming fun and endless adventure we embraced before June 6th is MIA.

          Since we know so little, even things that are low in probability, are just as likely to be the truth revealed I suppose.

      • You may be on to something. What is “title to the gold” ? May not be anything.

        According to the law, mislaid and abandoned items still belong to the owner and the finder must attempt to return any findings to the owner.

  73. Alright tall Andrews the months of July and
    August are grate to excoriate the mud from
    The catkins after crawling through the
    Jungle looking for an f100 the Philadelphia
    Lawyer mite be watching

  74. To the few who were within 200 ft:

    “Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.”

    To everyone who tried but failed:

    “It is better to try something and fail than to try nothing and succeed. The result may be the same, but you won’t be. We always grow more through defeats than victories.”

    Salute to the poem:

    “It is not the path which is the difficulty; rather, it is the difficulty which is the path.”

    Post game armchair discussions:

    “…in the world of ideas we are putting on a veritable clearance sale. Everything can be had so dirt cheap that one begins to wonder whether in the end anyone will want to make a bid.”

    Thanks Soren Kierkegaard. Your wisdom endures with contemporary shrewdness.

    • Note: – I include myself daily in the wholesaling of ideas, but Until ff or the finder put forth new information, what more can be said?

    • I usually try to limit my daily posts (yes, believe it or not, for all you naysayers), but them are some powerful words 42… I mean WOWY! If everyone lived according to those words, just think of what we could achieve and make of this world!

      Can I get a HALLELUJAH?

  75. Suzy, I don’t think you’re bluffing.

    If you plan to call me.. you’ll need my number. Dial 42.

    Just joking. I fold with a pair… F F… for double fold failure.

    • It’s entertaining & enjoyable to continue interacting with ya’ll, my/our ttotc community of friends, but doesn’t it feel like we’re all trotting out the same ponies rejected at auction…again… hoping someone will take another look and buy? Or beating the solve horse to death? Or looking the solve horse in the mouth? Or halting at the count of 32 teeth? Or hanging off the wrong end – the horses a$$ because we’re saddle sore?

      Anyone have any other horse metaphors? Saddle up and ride with me.

      Here is my one & only original riddle…

      What do horses have in common with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts?

      Answer: they’re both judged by the size of their teeth and trailers.

      That’s all I got, other than more poem anomalies.

      If you want Poem anomalies…I can deliver…including Noah’s ark featured/drawn into the poem; and FF’s possible Insider knowledge of JFK’s assasination. Looks like the LBJ boys were behind it.

      • everyone including me thinks their solve is correct. everyone including me is emptyhanded. so i say HorseFeathers!

      • LOL 42… When it comes to horse jokes, I think Mr Ed got us all beat. Not sure if Forrest had this in mind when he wrote the poem, but it sure does entertain a catchy jingle.

        BTW, thanks for your number… I’ve got it on “quicko dial” just in case. And so you also know, I’m laying my cards face down on the table… before you peek.

        • Nice Suzy hide those cards! I wonder what the winning hand is. Hopefully time will tell.

          Thanks for your your number 42. Unfortunately my daddy told me to never call strangers. But I do love all those horse jokes.

          • Sometimes a phone call is all that is needed to make a life time friend when a person figures out north south east and west and how Far west you have to go until you are from the east

          • When you start talking about horses, my ears prick up! In the cowboy life we have horses considered “counterfeit” They’ll pretend they’re quiet and innocent, then- POW- they show their true colors. One never knows the number of times they’ve done this!

  76. The Malibu cruising range is approx 1400 miles.
    Top speed converted from knots is 258 mph.
    From Santa Fe, NM, to Yellowstone vicinity is nearly 6 hrs round trip. Add car rental, driving time and approx two miles walking and the hrs start to add up. Never seemed likely to me. Dixon airport near the border of WY is more feasible but still about 4 hrs air time.

    I “SHOULD” say my guess is still in Colorado.

    • Colorado Mike

      When I first discovered the Chase, I so wanted it to be in or around YNP. I tented out there for 10 days back in 1992 with 2 college friends and was hoping to return for BOTG in this adventure. What an unbelievable place!

      But your travel time point is one of the main reasons I abandoned Montana and Wyoming, and turned my focus to central Colorado…
      or did I turn my central focus to Colorado?

      Do words really matter?

    • Mike,

      I’m a bit confused… While I won’t argue your time and reason for distance… I have to ask why you even consider the use of the plane? Fenn sold it, didn’t have is pilot license, long before hiding the chest at age almost 80.
      Those are undisputable facts.

      Any attempt to utilzed the plane with the hiding of the chest isn’t going to fly.

      But what dumbfounds me most is; searchers begged to know anything about how the poem was solve, where it was located, by whom, get pissed off as if the have been personaly faulted in some manner etc… Yet when information is given, folks still don’t believe it.
      Why should Fenn or the finder even bother?

      • Seeker

        Interesting information. I joined the search relatively late but researched what I could. Can’t remember the source but I recall the indication that Forrest hid the TC all in one afternoon such that his wife didn’t even miss him. Not sure who is pissed off here.

        Aren’t we all here because we’re still curious? After all, the whole search was a puzzle and I can’t be the only one to perceive that a bit of mystery still remains.

        Just trying to have fun.

      • Seeker
        Question for How long until pilot license expires? Answer:
        It never expires. Once you’ve achieved the title of a pilot you’ll never lose it. Every 2 years you have to do what is called a flight review to keep your license current.

        Rental airplanes are also available. I wouldn’t rule out flight unless Forrest shared information to the contrary.

  77. Dal you aired in Canada tonight on Expedition Unknown, where this all started for my hubby and I. Hope you are doing well and have had some summer fun with your trailer named after me.

  78. Old habits are hand to break. I decided it is about that time again. We have gone another whole year and it is time to wish “The Old Codger” a happy birthday.

    Now wishing a birthday wish is not the old habit, the old habit is looking up word meanings.

    Here I go and look up the meaning of “Old Codger”. Boy HOWDY what an education.

    An Old Codger has several meanings. Everything from a old carrier of falcon cages to an traveling egg salesman on horseback.

    In my research of “Old Codger” the word eccentric was used as well as the words ancient, old, and crafty,

    The more I pondered “Old Codger” the more it seemed to fit. So here goes.

    Forrest Fenn, you old Codger, there comes a time in this life when you can get so old you forget people’s birthdays. You can forget all kinds of things. You can forget why you entered a certain room. You can forget where you laid or misplaced things. Why, sad to said you can even forget if asked if you had a bowel movement today or not.

    Anyway…..we are all getting up there. Oh, and I wanted to wish you something I think.

    Oh well, Happy Bowel Movement and many more you Old Codger!

    • That scab of not finding the TC is hard to heal, but I guess it’s time to exercise my breeze too by saying from one “old codger” to the next, “Happy Almost Birthday Forrest! May the winds of tomorrow release your inner pains of today.”

      All in good fun… we really miss hearing your words Forrest.

      • The paths we walk alone
        Are lonely and to meditate
        The same path we walk with friends are priceless

    • @Guy Michael,
      May I suggest you
      Exchange that B to a V…
      “Vowel movement”
      And wish ff happy birthday from Vanna White instead of from the bathroom?

      • LOL…!! I’m not sure what’s more fun, reading this blog or watching “reruns” of HeeHaw!

  79. I hope the finder was from Wyoming too! I mean they got it all in that State already including the biggest Rodeo from Sweet water to the Black Stump, but man, they aint a bad bunch of folks, and Gold aint likely to harm any of em like it might some others.
    But it puzzles me who could not be distracted for lookin’ for box full money with all that Silver twinklin’ above ya… Some things Gold just can’t buy. Like the search itself effect on a moral souls.
    It seems to me money trains fools to see other folks as prey to exploit, rivers to soil and cattle to rustle while the real Gold encapsulated in the lyrics of Aristotle and the Alchemist Sages still lies hidden.
    A couple of things are sure enough though. When the Alchemists said they could use lead to make Gold, they didn’t mean usin’ it to rob a Stage coach, the First matter of the Sages is Imagination, and there’s Gold in them there hills yet for the ones wise enough to leave it be.
    The day we got off the Horse’s back we lost more than we’ll ever get from a Yellow metal that won’t take an edge.

  80. Cynthia, not to be a party popper, but have you gotten a photography permit for YSNP? this probably falls under their permit required rules,, wish I could be there.

    • I’ve taken a million photos inside YNP. I never had a permit! This is a picture for ME… not a publication. Don’t need a permit… I’m using my cell phone! If attendees think I hired a professional, boy, are they going to be sorely disappointed!

    • It didn’t look like it fell under rules. If you read specific wording they used at least. I was bored and read the rules.

  81. All of the rules make sense Once U P(ee) On A Wile….wile=Stratagem for getting people to do what you want…for example, the treasure is not associated with A building. It is associated with MANY buildings. Happy birthday to the architect.

    • Rough Country is a bar described by an old story teller and documented in a book written by ‘Indiana Jones’. Hence, in the day…you did not take your pets into Rough Country (a bar). It wasn’t acceptable like it is in many places today so you left them in the car or at home or in the room you rented. Pure genius that architect… paying homage to the story tellers before him.

  82. The unidentified item in the chest … a nautical pendant. Anchor, cross, and captain’s wheel, IMO.

  83. I will begin by saying I’ve never doubted the poem’s path began in WY, but I have severe reservations it ended there. Some might think I’m simply an old and stubborn SOB, and I’ll admit you’d be partially correct, but consider the following before casting the first stone.

    I won’t go into great detail here, but let’s start with the beginning. “[W]arm waters” for me was always the Upper, Middle, and Lower Geyser Basins. My poem path always began at the “Put in” point that was the confluence of the Firehole River and Nez Perce Creek (NPC). NPC was always my hoB, so below it was the confluence.

    And here’s where I leave WY: “From there it’s no place for the meek”. The flip side of NPFTM is ‘a place for the brave’, so let’s go there. Take a look at this GE screenshot: The red line outlines Kirkwood Ridge (I was toying with an ‘omega’ theory one day), and this line represents the hairline of the profile of an Indian brave embodied by the Earth’s topography. The brave is facing toward the left, and the facial characteristics are formed by the Hebgen Lake shoreline. Can you see it? Remember, this is a profile, but you should be able to clearly see the rounded chin in the lower left and, going upward, lips, nose, brow ridge, and forehead. Above the forehead, there is some amount of loft to the hair, perhaps even a short mohawk.

    Unconvincing? What about “brave and in the wood”. Was this a confirmation of NPFTM? Was BAITW confirming the boundaries within which Forrest’s “special place” was located, and that we needed to remain within its boundaries if we hoped to find his special place? Are the boundaries defined by Kirkwood Ridge and the shoreline of Hebgen Lake?

    Let’s look at BAITW more closely. Forrest’s mother’s maiden name was Simpson. Etymologically, Simpson originated about seven centuries agoe in the England/Scotland region. What is the Scottish word for church? The answer is ‘kirk’. Recall TTOTC’s Preface where Forrest wrote, “My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.”

    Still unconvincing? An interesting read relative to the image linked above is Sacha’s story regarding Forrest’s antics concerning two John Moyer paintings. Sacha’s post is here,, and the image of the second painting in her story can be found here,

    Then there was the My War for Me story in TTOTC with Forrest’s flight down the eastern seaboard. At what altitude was he likely flying when he blocked out with his thumb the entire area of Philadelphia? What ‘eye altitude’ in GE is needed to properly view the GE image linked above?

    Lastly, there’s this from Forrest: “*Your destination is small, but its location is huge” ( ).

    For brevity’s sake, I covered only a small portion of the poem, but I happen to believe a ‘Y’, not WY, was critical to the poem’s end. I’m not calling anyone a liar, I’m just articulating my beliefs in the parts of the poem covered above, FWIW.


    • Joe,
      You left off one critically important letter “f” in that quote by Forrest at Mysterious Writings.

      from Forrest: “Your destination is small, but its location is huge. f”

      I interpreted it as…
      the location = huge f.

      Perhaps a huge stone f like this one in New Mexico…can be found somewhere in Wyoming.

      • Sorry, I had JS disabled when I first replied. My “Joe on August 23, 2020 at 2:15 pm” comment should be deleted, if an Admin would be so kind.

        I know that was how Forrest typically signed his comments, but that’s not what I have in my notes (MS OneNote), and that’s how it appears on Jenny’s site as well: no period, no “f”. I actually tested my OneNote link and viewed it at MW, and that’s how it’s recorded today, though I’ve noticed significant changes made to the site overall.

        Anyway, interesting view of the Echo Amphitheater. I live in NM and my work took me to Abiqui on a number of occasions, though I’ve only ever driven past but never actually visited the amphitheater. I believe this type of perspective – elevated GE views – is what Forrest was hinting at when he told us to “look at the big picture” (paraphrased). I believed, and still believe, that his ‘destination/location’ comment was relevant to his flight down the eastern seaboard (50,000′).

        Thanks for your thoughts.

  84. “ Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

    • I’m guessing “Anonymous” doesn’t have a truck with 225,000 miles on it which includes numerous mounting issues, ha!

      • Miafarmerfreind, Your guess of 225,000 surprisingly insightful. On the subject of mounting, it’s always advisable to be well mounted in the event of a stampede.

  85. below is a video of my armchair Wyoming solve. i also discuss a lot of other stuff like inferred hints.

    Heres a summary:

    WWWH: ojo caliente spring in Yellowstone

    Canyon down: firehole canyon

    PIBTHOB: below madison junction

    no place for the meek: crossing firehole river

    end is nigh: firehole river and gibbon river come to an end

    no paddle up your creek: the unnamed channel that breaks free from firehole river and connects to madison river

    heavy loads and water high: dead logs, water depth at madison river.

    significance of place: where Gibbon, Madison and Firehole Rivers meet, rivers Forrest spent a lot of time fishing in.

  86. Has anyone investigated the book below which I believe is ghost-written by Eric Sloane?

    The book started showing up in several book collections right at end of ’19 and beginning of ’20.

    The link below will take you to the summary of the library where it suddenly started showing up in collections at the various institutions. As mentioned, the timing of when this started showing up in the daily internet search monitoring results was interesting…..

    I still cannot find a book currently available to purchase anymore.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    • One could almost certainly ascertain the writing not just the artwork I would think. His writing style is a signature of sorts to begin with.

    • I have not. It looks like an interesting read though. If you want to know where the treasure was you should check out Richard Reservoir No 1.

    • Don’t think Sloane did the artwork. The Lindgren brothers of Seattle did those “Hysterical” maps of quite a few places in that era.
      The book looks pretty rare. Just a funny little book that was probably sold in the souvenir shops in and around YNP in that era and not a lot of copies made it to the present.
      I grew up in Cody and have seen a ton of books like that come and go over the years.
      Wonder why it just showed up recently in those collections?
      Maybe a case of them was discovered in some old attic somewhere.

  87. To MATKJ,

    Regarding your comment about Eric Sloane ghost writing…
    If you find factual evidence of E.S. ghost writing, let us know. That would be a sharp diversion from his biographical information. When he passed away in 1985, Sloane was a very accomplished Artist, Author, and weekly NY Times column writer…All by name.

    He was judicious in making sure his Art & books were attributed to himself, going so far as to sign his doodles on lunch menus. According to Forrest in “Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch” Sloane created 15,000 paintings, and averaged one book per year from 1940 to 1985 (pg 66).

    Sloane actually wrote about how personal the creative process of writing and artwork were to him:

    “The artists existence is a mosaic of memories: He himself lives in hope of becoming a memory. I dedicate this work to all those who tolerated me, encouraged me to write and paint, and afforded me eighty years of comfort, understanding, and a rich her awareness of life.”

    Because of the very personal focus of Sloane’s work, his hope to become a memory, and how busy he kept with his work, I doubt he ghost wrote for others.

    If you enjoyed Forrest’s humorous banter in his memoirs, I believe you will find “Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch” to be a truly enjoyable experience. After reading all of Forrest’s books, I believe the richness of his friendship with Eric Sloane lent to FF’s finest story telling.

    • 15,000 paintings and 50 books. That’s impressive. I wonder when he ate and slept? I remember Forrest saying he was the most prolific man he’d ever met. I’m surprised I’d never heard of him before The Chase.

      • Right NoName. I feel a bit slothful when reading about how productive E.S. was, but absolutely love Sloane’s writing, and black & white drawings. I knew of his artwork before the chase, and appreciate it’s beauty…but it’s the line drawing’s I’m most drawn to.

        “Ever drawing” in TTOTC poem had to be a nod to Sloane who was forever doodling, drawing.

        • Regarding “ever drawing,” I agree — and for a secondary reason:



        • Well, that worked horribly. So much for trying to create forward and backward arrows! It killed half the text of my message. I was just trying to show graphically that EVERARD could be constructed from EVER + DRAwing going backwards — Eric’s given name. And HINT of RICHES certainly sounds like a nod to Eric’s original last name HINRICHS.

          • I think you’re on the right track with the arrow thing, Zaph. WWWH/Riches new and old is shaped like an arrowhead.

          • Zaph, check out Richard Reservoir No 1. That’s one of the Riches. The other rich flows right through it.

          • Zaph, my appologies. I didn’t mean to offend. But it is in one of the search states, and it is above 5,000 ft though. The clues are describing things around Richard Reservoir. Notice he never technically tells you to go anywhere until after you find the chest. In fact, he specifically tells you not to go anywhere. (Too far to walk. No paddle up your creek) You’ve got Canyon Creek just to the south if you follow Richeau Creek (the other rich). You’ve got Tepee Ring Creek to the north (HOB). LL Draw (end is ever drawing nigh). Maxwell Creek (heavy loads and water high) is to the northwest. Notice how Richard Reservoir is shaped just like an arrowhead. The poem says, “brave and in the wood.” Brave meaning an Indian warrior and wood referring to a wooden shaft that the arrowhead would go into. But you’re probably right. Those are probably all just coincidences.

          • Noname6: you have nothing to apologize for — you tossed out an idea, and it does have some nice coincidental elements that seem to align with the poem. I just thought the general location is, well, ugly. Where is the lush forested vegetation? (I had the same reaction to solutions that were based on Gardner Canyon or Boiling Springs in Yellowstone.) I can’t imagine Forrest choosing a final resting place (even if only romantically) that doesn’t have pine forest, mountains and trout waters. Whatever the solution was, I don’t think it ventured far from Yellowstone.

          • I wish I could tell if it is ugly. You can’t even find a picture of Richard Reservoir online. You have to zoom in a bit, but there are trees bordering the entire reservoir except the northwest section. I did find a video of a helicopter flying over Richeau Creek, but it doesn’t go over the reservoir. The surrounding area appears to be hilly pastures.

          • CO Cowgirl: you beat me to it. Still, Forrest has been pretty verbose in describing the places that seem to strike his fancy. They involve cool moving water, forests, animals, flowers and mountains. And he has made no secret of his love of Yellowstone — it is his personal Rosebud, as near as I can tell.

        • I never thought about that one, but I did think that maybe Eric’s last book, A Revernence For Wood, might have something to do with the hunt. But I think “the end is ever drawing nigh” is referring to the LL in the word There’ll. More specifically, LL Draw in Wyoming.

      • NoName,

        Sloane’s artistry on canvas and his ability with language were such natural, God given talents that both flowed out of him with speed and ease. He used to write his NY Times columns morning of while riding the train in from Connecticut. FF wrote about Sloane creating paintings in just one day.

        • 42, I liked the art that Forrest showed of Eric’s in the scrapbooks. He seemed to like to paint things from the Southwest.

          • NoName06, Eric split his time between the Northeast and New Mexico, driving the Lincoln Highway in a Model-T Ford in the early days. His body of work represents both, but like you I enjoy the style of his SW-New Mexico paintings. He was one of the celebrated Taos Society artists – all outstanding.

        • 42, I’ll have to check out more of his work. I’ve been a fan of art since I was in highschool. I took a lot of art classes. Never really had much talent at it, I just liked being around those kind of people.

  88. IMHO, After spending a year in Vietnam, I believe that Forrest came back a changed man. Thus, I think that the word that is key within the poem, is Peace.

    The only thing that I am trying to figure out is, did he mean,

    “Just take the chest and GO in Peace”
    or did he mean,
    “Just take the chest and go IN Peace”

    • Hi Dave. If i may share my two cents, and only imo, the key word is “why”, as in WY, or Wyoming, and ALSO as in Y, or a PEACE sign, both within the “circle peace sign” as well as in the hand sign (two fingers, or bunny ears as Fenn’s niece, i believe, placed behind his head in a SB photo. One is to go IN PEACE, or a carved out portion of a mountain ridge resembling a peace sign. When you invert this specific mountainous Y (carved from years of water erosion from a water source higher up), it forms the shadow of a figure, almost exactly replicating the shadow on Fenn’s book cover, wearing a hat, and complete with a staff, and yet in a slightly different spot (the abberation he refers to once with an artifact he owns, where the figurine is holding a spear, or staff, and Forrest says it should NOT be there, but is an aberration). The water trickling into this Y, directly above the Y, passes a clear “07” tree formation of hundreds of trees. The 07 refers to “tired and weak” (0 for tire and 7 for week). And SO much more precision with the poem, but no one will trust me! LOL! HAGN…

      • Hello Texan,

        Are you the author of the book…The Elusive Treasure of Forrest Fenn listed on Amazon? If so, good for you!

        Who ever wrote the intro at Amazon accidentally describes the chest as “Romanian” which is incorrect. The bronze treasure chest is Romanesque in style. [relating to a style of architecture which prevailed in Europe c. 900–1200], but the chest is not from the Eastern European country of Romania.

  89. For those of you who might be interested in the Blackbeard treasure hunts, I paid $50.00 for a map and clues to the treasure hidden in Illinois. Then they tell me the hunt doesn’t start until November 30th, 2020. Ouch !

    • They seem to have been doing that for awhile; different dates for different states. I believe they are trying to get enough $ from people to fund the effort…

  90. Word that is key: quest >kwest>k-west> kilo west, kelvin west, key w-est . ‘in the wood’ = northwood (n t-he wood) look it up , who and where. n= November> pilot lingo: a = alpha b= baite c=Charlie….. k= kilo…n =November. November means 9, because it was the ninth month (Cesar shift) oct= 8 but its the tenth month now. The word “listen” L is ten butt lt is the 12th letter in the alphabet … sooo what does that make K and also J??? ( K no W) again the”K” is key low or kill hole and or 1000, Kelvin aka wee the people that have been we’ed on by Thear King…. figure out the: Cesar shift in power and you’11 have IT nailed down…..who and Y Cesar was killed c-old >goNE-W …don’t forget to puTT in below the home of Brown..h-inT: TT = 2020 hindsight..
    Start at t-he(t-EL are we playing poker?) secret W-here (hear) next W-is-e lastly K-no-W (K-now) then bring L-is-ten/enlist/ elisten/ Elliston MT (enlist /l-is-ten is in CO) bring all this in to the mix with a straight right 4words and you’11 have IT ssshhh … remember to b-lazy blaz-E b-laz-e… Did anyone ever think to c-old movies about being shot down in Vietnam? Birddog how about you? I would guess that would be a yes, is your real name Danny left hand cover? Can’t forget t-here (three hear) does it seem like I’m talking in circles of three? It’s like B-n in a three ring circus tenT with a trapppeeezze and a high wire act.( really tired of the high wire act, seen it once you’ve seen it a thousand times) Also don’t forget to bring sum dollar bills for the toll/ levy/duty/ l3 leave aka B-leave and to stuff in them… college trust funds, BUT I bet you all were wondering why that B was capital or Capital as in look quickly down, back east, did you see those cans on the fountain?? butt Your road might B a little muddy, like one that was built on tittle flats;) WinK LEFT/L is ten / n-ear . Was anyone wondering what t-he words t-hat were more important?
    Can’t leave out the little “f” let’s see hmmm……. forte as in something someone is good at and they like to do, f also means loud, like somebody blaring in a field way back east, f is also a abreavtion 4 Fahrenheit, hmmm, what are most arrow heads made from? I bet They take a lot of tenacity to make ( may be i need to give you More;)??? last but not least ..f stands for 4T-E…. E is abbreviation for east. 4 all this leads to one thing and a lead sinker wait is very heavy; There sure is a lot of winkN goin on, Did U-all get something in your eyes?? I insure you it’s not gold and it doesn’t have a pleasant smell. Well….. IT could be golden… that depends if we’ve won yet or not. Has anyone ever seen the lighthouse in the chest? Its there and Its maintained by the givers hairs. This is close to the tailn of The Test Of Time C, but only time will tell.

  91. It’s national Park birthday day today, I think it’s when they offer deals, although I don’t remember for sure. Happy birthday national parks.

    • Brian, Thanks for your mention of National Parks birthday.

      That’s worthy of celebration and giving thanks to those who pioneered preservation. Our National Parks = America’s Treasure.

      – We owe a huge debt of thanks to America’s First Peoples:
      Native Americans were forced to relinquish the most beautiful of sacred lands so others could enjoy tourism and recreation in those lands.

      – Thanks Abe Lincoln:
      in 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed a bill establishing Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove as protected wilderness areas. It was the first time in U.S. history that land was designated for public use and preservation, and is viewed by many as the birth of the national parks system.

      – Thanks John Muir:
      John Muir also known as “Father of the National Parks”, was an influential naturalist and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness in the United States of America.

      – Thanks Teddy Roosevelt:
      There are six national park sites dedicated, in part or whole, to our conservationist president.

      – Thanks John D. Rockefeller:
      Acadia, Shenandoah, and Grand Teton national parks received generous donations of land from Mr. Rockefeller.
      Mr. Rockefeller financed the construction of museums in Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone national parks.

      Forrest, thanks for not overselling Mrs. Rockefeller too many pairs of moccasins – they were using her shoe budget to purchase the Grand Tetons for America:-)

  92. For those who haven’t seen it, Forrest’s lawyer filed a Supplemental Declaration yesterday in Arizona’s District Court for the Erskine case. Thought I’d share some of the key points that might be of interest to searchers. The first involves the hiding date and a Wyoming declaration with far less “wiggle room” than the statement at the top of this page.

    Paragraph 3: “Fortunately, I recovered from the illness. And after many years of thought and planning, I hid a treasure chest (the “Chest”) in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming in 2010, filled with gold, jewels and other items.”

    Note: 2010, not 2009! This conflicts with at least one occasion that Forrest wrote he hid the treasure MORE than ten years ago:

    MW Featured Question: Brown Trout (3/5/2020): “Dear Forrest, searchers are saying that you said Brown trout have nothing to do with home of Brown. Is that correct? ~ Sue”

    FF: “Sue, I did not say that. And the treasure is still where I hid it more than 10 years ago. f”

    This would require Forrest to have hidden the treasure prior to March 5, 2010, yet Forrest has said he has only ever been to the treasure’s hiding spot in summer. In the first sentence at the top of this very page Forrest repeats the “more than 10 years ago” claim, but this is less in conflict since the date was June 6th (allowing for the treasure to have been hidden in early June 2010 — still “summer” by some definitions).

    • Zap – It’s only my opinion, but since the words “more than 10 years ago” is a repetitive phrase used by Forrest, I would surmise that most of us are missing something direly important. Then again, they might just be random words that fit the situation. I guess I’m just shooting a couple of ideas out there. In truth, we might never know Fenn’s intentions.

      • Suzy_S,

        I thought about that phrase also. I am not accusing anyone of anything, but most statutes of limitations and legal dormancy periods (IRS, D.O.J., State Laws, etc.) are 10 years or less. I also found it interesting that the announcement of the find occurred on D-Day.

        • Interesting Random Thoughts!
          Set in that tone, it appears the treasure might hold references to a Burning Ring of Fire… Johnny Cash, I believe.

    • It’s interesting. But I don’t think much of what he says is hard and fast nor should be taken literally. But I do think much of what he says applies directly to the final few clues.

    • Zap,
      The *Sue* Q&A had to have the answer of “more than” to the fact at that than me all we knew as fact was… Age almost 80… At age 79 – 80 etc.. right?
      The hole point was for Fenn to not be precise or specific for reasons he had mentioned over the years.
      Anything stated after the announcement date, will more than likely, be exact.

      Basically saying; Fenn had to be vague answering Q&As prior to the find to stay equal to what the book stated.

      • Hi Seeker — vagueness is one thing, but even his vague reply to Sue in March 2020 is contradicted. We all knew that Forrest was 79 (not 80) when he hid the treasure. The only question was whether hid the treasure in 2009 after he turned 79 (i.e. August or September 2009), or sometime in the “summer” of 2020 prior to mid-July. His answer to Sue seemed to kill a 2010 hiding date — it had to be 2009 because he said *more* than 10 years ago.

        But then this court Supplemental Declaration came out saying the exact opposite: that he DID hide the treasure in 2010. It’s difficult for *both* statements to be truthful — unless he hid the treasure in 2009 (or even years earlier than that), then retrieved it, and then hid it again in exactly the same spot in 2010.

        • Zap,

          Like I implied, answering a searchers Q&A he probably didn’t want to be that specific in comparison to now. He simply stayed within the boundary of the information from the book.
          With that said, and if we want to be nit-picking about it… There could be the idea some have voiced that the “two trips” may not have been in the same afternoon.
          I’m sure he had to carry the contents of the chest in something ( a sack, a plastic container ? ) Only to return with the 20ish pound chest in a different afternoon, yet being true the hiding of the treasure was done – completed in one afternoon.

          The real point to my post is… It truly doesn’t matter about the exact month now. All that matters is how the poem works it all out.

          For example I had the June 21 idea. I I know you know the rest. But even if the idea is true… Fenn could still hide the chest at any time of year by simply knowing / designing the poem to work… Because… He already had the answers and spot.

          It’s fun to speculate, but without more information it is still just guessing.

          • Although we’re talking about an answer that might only be found in the “Magic Eight Ball” of eternity, until that answer arrives, there will always be a margin of doubt to whether the treasure has been found or not. Dependent on how a person reads Forrest’s announcements, there will always remain a “cloud” of uncertainty in anchoring hope to a label of news that’s highly debatable and (to some) possibly even unreadable.

            Can there be more? Certainly. Could this be the end? Certainly. But I also believe there will always remain doubt in a person’s mind until we lay eyes on the chest ourselves.

            I, like countless others, consider my solution to be “first-rate”. But there’s no way to know for certain if we’re right, or know if we’ve crossed paths with the treasure, or even know if we’ve missed out on our golden opportunity, unless we go back and check that final location ourselves. I mean, who wouldn’t kick themselves if the treasure was in the exact same location you chose and someone else found it? Thinking about it gives me hives… especially if this were personally true.

            Bottom line? Maybe all of this uncertainty is a cue that we should all take action. Then again, maybe its a merely hint that we all just need another clue. lol

        • Did you all not realize that Forrest telling us how old he was when he hid the treasure was a strong hint to where the TC is hidden? Surely I am not the only one who saw this!

          • Brian u, it depends on what you’re eating and whether you’re driving a Delorean. Exit or entry, it’s still a towering portal.

        • @ Zap – I think you meant to say “or sometime in the ‘summer’ of 2010 prior to mid-July” and not 2020 as written above)?

          • Hi Bowmarc — yes, thanks for catching that. Certainly meant 2010. 🙂 So in which instance do you think Forrest, um, “prevaricated” or misremembered: when he replied to Sue in March 2020 that he hid the chest *more* than 10 years ago, or in his Arizona lawsuit Supplemental Declaration where he said he hid it in 2010?

          • @Zap – You are welcome.

            Excellent question, and I have been pondering this matter most of the day since reading this thread and commenting earlier.

            Unfortunately I am currently unable to do two things:

            1) I cannot access the linked documents to review them myself because my application to the host site hasn’t been accepted yet.

            2) I’m at a loss finding an ATF (that none-the-less tickles my memory) about FF carrying the chest in first, then the items in after secreting the chest so he could see/hold the items once more before placing them in the chest. Do you recall any such ATF? The only one that I could find occurred on the Eeds Show, and I will talk about that one a little more when I have all my pertinent data.

            However, one thing I can think of right away that satisfies the seeming contradiction is that FF knew all along where he was going to hide the treasure, so the entire time he was creating TTOTC/the Poem, the chest was always there in his mind’s eye, so certainly was “hidden” over 10 years ago in that sense. 🙂

            More to follow when I have the missing data/time to respond.

          • Bowmarc,
            I thought is was the contents first then the chest….
            Doesn’t much matter though.
            However in keeping with this timeline chat… Did Preston or another stated the saw the chest in the vault in 2010?
            And if I’m not mistaken just before the raid on the home by federal investigators?

            Not sure it dates were mentioned in those comments.

  93. Wow, that’s a rough one, Zap. I don’t see how he can reconcile his court statement with his previous statements. Do you? Do have a link to the filing?

    • Hi Spoon — unless he hid two treasure chests, I can’t reconcile the statements. Probably just an inadvertent mistake, but in which instance — court or Mysterious Writings/here? (Not that it matters as far as the nuisance lawsuit.) I meant to include the link in my post, so thanks for reminding me. Credit to searcher Goldilocks on THOR for uploading links to the PDFs:

      As I posted on THOR, there is also an “error” in paragraph 4 of the declaration:

      “On October 25, 2010, after hiding the Chest, I released a self-published collection of short stories about my life entitled The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir (the “Memoir”). In the Memoir, I disclosed the fact that I had hidden the Chest in the Rocky Mountains and I generally described the contents of the Chest.”

      As we all know, nowhere in TTOTC does Forrest write that he hid the chest in the ROCKY Mountains. He only wrote “It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.” Only later did he specify the Rockies. Again, a minor detail not germane to Erskine’s case.

      • The Erskine case aside (there’s always another one of these guys, it seems), I have a hard time believing that either of his statements were inadvertent. I thought about the two treasures concept, and I think, actually, that is a possibility – though what “the treasure” is in the one case could be any number of things. I think most of Forrest’s statements are word games, and a treasure can be anything valued or prized, even another person. In the intro to the poem, I don’t believe that “the treasure” is a chest full of valuables. So I think your idea has a greater likelihood than you probably gave it credit.
        There is still so much to all of this which doesn’t make sense, including the idea that the finder could actually keep his identity hidden for so long without even a rumor about it. Unless he is a hermit, his friends and family are unusually tight-lipped.
        I don’t know if more information about the solution will ever be disclosed, but if not, I think it will tarnish Forrest’s reputation forever, and that would be a great shame. I greatly admire the man.

  94. I have never read more idiot declarations than those present in the Erskine process papers. Something seems to be not real here. How can somebody require title to the gold, if his solution is one of the thousands possible correct solutions that we all think to have found. I cannot understand why such a claim is not directly rejected by the tribunal. Strange jurisdiction you have there in the USA.

  95. And if it was 10 years ago, or 9 years and 7 months or 10 years and two months….it has nothing to see with the fundamental aspects of this ridiculous claim. Is was approximately 10 years ago…and this element has no connection with the fact that the claimer’s pretended location was wrong….

    • LOL, NoName6. The political party insinuations are enormous and many. I’m not mentioning who, but some even waste money on balloons!

    • This is good, for I have made reservations. Thank you for the planning and the updates.

  96. Some more interesting info revealed in Forrest’s declaration:

    Paragraph 6: “From the date of the launch of my Memoir, I have made it clear publicly that, if someone found and took physical possession of the Chest, they could keep it. The fourth full stanza of the Poem also makes this absolutely clear:

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    (Emphasis added).”

    (“Just take the chest” was italicized and bolded.)

    Paragraph 7: “On June 5, 2020, someone I did not know (the “Finder”) informed me that he had found the Chest in Wyoming at the exact location I had hidden it. On June 5, 2020, the Finder provided me with pictures of the Chest to confirm that it was in fact the Chest I left in the woods. The Finder brought the Chest to me in New Mexico, and I inspected it and its contents to confirm that it was indeed the Chest I had hidden in Wyoming in 2010.”

    So: we now know the date Forrest was initially contacted — Friday, June 5th: one day prior to making the public announcement here on Dal’s Saturday evening. We know that the Finder sent field pictures that same Friday. Forrest reiterates Wyoming, twice, and repeats the hide year as 2010. Interesting other tidbits: “left in the woods” and the confirmation of our suspicions that the finder brought the chest to Forrest in New Mexico.

    • Hey, Zaph. Have you seen that YouTube video that Rudy Greene made? He appears to have the stick from the chest. If it’s a forgery, it’s a really good one. He’s being really cryptic about it though.

    • Hey there Zap-a-Dee do dah zap a Dee yay- here is some logical confusion and Chaos for you and others.

      99: Max watch out!!! Chaos is up to no good costing big bucks now!
      86: Not to worry 99. Control has the controls…
      99: But Max, what about the Finders Fee?
      86: Shush 99! We must engage the cone of silence with the Chief
      Chief: 86, what have you and 99 learned about the Forrest Fenn treasure caper?
      86: Well Chief, it appears to be a case of the Old Double Omega Whole Land Queso Trick.
      Chief: What is the Whole Double Omega 86?
      86: The Old Double Ending with two beginnings, two ends in a W-hole Chief.
      Chief: How deep is the hole 86?
      86: It’s so deep Chief, that even the suits from back East don’t know how deep it is or Will get.
      Chief: You mean it’s endless 86?
      86: No Chief- it’s like Queso- a chilly con of sorts, cheesey but delectable with a clever mix of bite and switch.
      99: Yes Chief – two beginnings, two ends, two locations to portend…
      Chief: Sooooooo! Two answers/locations to the same problem, but only one takes the title–King of the ChaSe- Oh!

          • Chief: But 99, how can there be two separate locations for a single chest of gold?
            99: There are two chests Chief. One for the gold and N OSssuary for the bones.
            Chief: Where is the logic in that 99?
            99: Control Chief, Control rules!
            86: But what about the Chaos Queso Double Omega dish 99? Something is missing here.
            99: Right Max, the solve is all about the mystery ingredient Chaos forgot as an oversight.
            86: You mean the Hatch Chilly peppers that turn Hot to Cold 99?
            99: No Max, it’s in the chopped Onion! The thought of it brings tears to my eyes.
            Chief: If the gold has already been found 99, where are the bones?
            99: In the USO – Queso Chief!
            86: Damn, these women are Smart…

          • There you have it… another episode of “The Rotten Cheese Chili Peppers”… which has been notably renamed “As The Squirls Burn”.

    • Zap, all that is if we take f at his word…!!!??? (I wouldn’t lie in court). The more then 10 year thing is a slight bump in the road, along with him saying in the Summer. That doesn’t match up too well. Then you get the discrepancy in the pics. I guess there is a lot of “reasonable doubt”. I guess the guy suing feels he’s do something, IDK. Having to remember everything, and being 90, I would give f a little latitude. (like 44 26 24). Anyway, only one person really knows the truth. All comes down to if you want to believe him or not. (really don’t think it’s worth suing the guy for millions). Especially when it’s most likely you’re wrong in the first place. I wouldn’t doubt that once the chase started, there were people thinking of ways to get one up on the ol’ guy. Instead of solving the poem, why not look into the legalities of it all and hatch a plan. How can the guy suing not feel like a huge idiot? (idiot not being my first word I thought of). Maybe he could sue Tik Tok next for the head banging dog in the box, it being his idea first and all….hmmmph, people???

  97. If the treasure hunt is over, why is this blog still up and running? Anyone? Is it because the Finder didn’t really solve the puzzle? I don’t know about you, but I would really like to know what the heck is going on.

          • If your drawing conclusions, I think the room must exist if there is a key. But maybe it’s a private room, off-limits to everyone else. The BIG question I would then ask, has anyone (other than the owner) ever been to the room to claim of its existence? Anyone know? Regardless, I guess it might be well worth the effort to visit Dude Motel… especially if you got the exact same room as Ronald Reagan! lol

          • Jeff is correct. That room number no longer exists. All the rooms were renumbered when they added a second story to the motel. All the original numbers were eliminated. The room is still there but the number is now different.

        • Mr Obvious, I wonder if the key still works or if the locks have been changed?

    • id say our family is still living why kill the living we have a platform to communicate with our family members this for a lot of us brought us together its best said we will enjoy our friendship again soon because we are family who knows we have pulled together for ours in need before it may be needed again never kill a good thing if Dal can manage if not we will pull together for a good cause ty Forrest Fenn for the head wind.

    • dal tried shutting it down, but was suffering withdrawal symptoms.

      Missing all his lovely mates!

      • BigOnus,
        In Fennian “Slanguage”
        the fennatics are
        ever-withdrawing from this less-than-thrilling end of the chase. Admitting it’s over is too far to walk.

  98. “Just Take The Chest” what else was there that the finder wasn’t supposed to take?

    • @chillywind,

      FF has said in past interviews that in one of his earlier versions of the poem, the content read something like… take the chest but leave my bones. He had planned to die with the treasure before recovering from cancer.

      Not sure if that answers your question.

    • Just also means, deserved or appropriate in the circumstances. Based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.

      So, according to the Erskine paper, I suppose Forrest was saying the wording in the poem meant, “just (rightfully and legally yours) take the chest” if you found its location and retrieved it.

      • Interesting that one word can spark many different ideas.

        It could also mean that he left more than the chest in the location and is asking the finder to please leave that item or items for posterity, to continue to mark that location as his special place.

    • Are you being cryptic chillywind and have a theory in mind or is this an open question to start a discussion?

      42 may be correct and that’s all it means or maybe there’s more to it.

      • Not cryptic, just thinking there is something else there that he would appreciate being left where it is.
        BUT the bones make sense

        • I’ve seen a lot of comments that seem to imply his place was special to him because it was beautiful or was near a prized fishing hole but maybe that isn’t it at all.
          Maybe this has been dissected on the blogs long ago but I haven’t seen much discussion past it probably referring to his bones.
          Maybe the just is just a word and doesn’t mean “only”.
          Can one of the old timers can jump in and let us know what past consensus was on this topic?

        • I can’t be certain, but I was only today reading an article about vandalism and destruction of history in the Forrest.

  99. I’m surely out on a limb, but I’m thinking the chest is a collection of objects and “go in peace” refers to literally—go in— quietly… IMO of course….

  100. Hallo 42
    What a pitty their was no poem associated with those finds. Because in that case I could introduce a claim into the tribunal, for obtaining title to all those treasures.
    You know why? I had a solve….and if I didn’t I would fabricate one.

    • Hello Jan_v52,
      LOL, I’m thinking we would have fared better with a metal detector in GB than a poem in the Rockies.
      Hindsight is 20/20.

  101. So… I have to get this off my chest. I wanted to share with everyone my solve that I had come up with months ago prior to the news that the cache had been found. If it turns out it is right, I will be happy I solved it (unlikely). If not, it provides further evidence of how challenging this was and how many possible solutions there could have been. It never worked for me to go looking around Yellowstone, but here is my solve, for what it’s worth.
    As I have gone alone in there (Could this be referring to Sepulcher Mountain?)
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old. (Sphinx Mountain is located nearby. Forrest collected Egyptian artifacts. This could hint of riches new and old. Also, the entire area surrounding the solve is rich with prospecting and mining history. Joe Brown discovered gold in Jardine, just north of Gardiner.)
    Begin it where warm waters halt (Mammoth Hot Springs, Boiling River Hot Springs, and Lava Creek meet the Gardner River)
    And take it in the canyon down, (take the Gardner River down Gardner Canyon)
    Not far, but too far to walk. (it is roughly 10 miles to the base of Reese Creek)
    Put in below the home of Brown. (Joe Brown Creek, Joe Brown Trailhead, and Joe Brown Boat Launch are all located just north of Reese Creek. Joe Brown (“Uncle Joe Brown”) was a topographer, fur trapper, a prospector, and fisherman that lived in this area around the time of Joe Meek.)
    From there it’s no place for the meek, (Joe Meek and others were attacked by Blackfeet Indians near Devil’s Slide. The base of Reese Creek is immediately south of Devil’s Slide (any place with devil in the name is no place for the meek). Joe Meek is quoted saying “the fur trade is dead in the Rocky Mountains, and it is no place for us, if it ever was,”.)
    The end is ever drawing nigh; (As you go up Reese Creek, Sepulcher Mountain very distinctly curves up and to the left. Drawing nigh means either:
    1) Drawing nearer; or…
    2) Turning left)
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek, (Reese Creek is so shallow, on Google Maps it looks like a duck couldn’t even float up it.)
    Just heavy loads and water high. (Electric Mountain and Electric Creek are ahead and on the right. Cache Lake marks the beginning and the top of Reese Creek. Cache Lake is the highest elevation of Reese Creek. The highest elevation of a stream is referred to as high water. Additionally, Electric Mountain has a history full of interesting stories. As an additional bonus: The historic Northern Pacific Railroad, which is no longer in existence, crossed the base of Reese Creek.)
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, (at this point, I am not certain what the blaze is.)
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.
    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know,
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.
    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold. (Could be in water.)
    If you are brave and in the wood (This checks out. Cache Lake is in the middle of the woods.)
    I give you title to the gold.

    So, to summarize. My solution is/was Cache Lake. (44.986876, -110.805257)

    • I think that is too far for 2 trips in one day. Maybe for a 25 year old. I would guess that’s 8 miles in and 8 miles out.

  102. Dal, your moderating seems progressively “backward”\s; and you can pass that by f.. to booti (:

  103. Do you remember when you first heard of The Chase?
    When you felt that – “feeling”…
    As if you were made for this…
    As if this was made for you.
    Excitement… Edge of Obsession… Adventure…

    At that very moment, we all found “The Golden Ticket”!
    A Poem and A Map!!
    We were whimsically whisked away into The Forrest Factory.
    As individuals and as a community, we toured the Factory.
    We made discoveries!
    We saw and heard amazing things!
    Yes, we got ooood and awed by the pursuit of the Everlasting Gobstopper.
    We all thought we had some secret to help us find it first.

    Did Slugworth get a hold of Charlie… I mean the Finder?
    Is Forrest Willy Fenn Gene Wonka Wilder just waiting at his desk
    For the Finder to do something with that elusive Everlasting Gobstopper?
    Maybe then we can have the ending we always thought we’d have…

    A special one…

    Keep it light… don’t give up on hope.

    • Dal, Zaph, or anyone with a better memory than mine:

      In the past 10 years, has forrest stated on Dal’s site or at MW that he went back to the chest to make a change to his autobiography in the chest?

      • What? Not that I ever heard of. For what reason would he ever make last minute changes.

      • 42 I don’t think he ever said that.

        Maybe even the opposite. I’m under the impression that he never went back.

      • Hi 42: no, Forrest never went back. MW 6Q (2/4/2018) Q5: “People are valuing the Thrill of the Chase and all that it offers. Thank you for creating an adventure which can spark dreams and embolden lives to explore a life craved. It’s amazing to think how a poem of 24 lines, with reward at the end, can inspire so many different things in so many different people. Numerous searchers are convinced they know where the treasure is, and are close-minded to alternate options. Only one, if even one, of course, can be correct. It seems a bit sad for seemingly so many to be entrenched on a wrong path, even if treasures of a different type can be found there as well. From your perspective, what do you feel causes such blindness or stubbornness?”

        FF: “Stubbornness is sometimes confused with tenacity. There are many avid searchers looking for the treasure who are not blinded by its value. After I hid the treasure I never went back to that spot, and now I can’t.”

        • Thanks Zap, WyomingGirl, Suzy,

          Thought I remembered him saying he made a change to his autobiography after the fact, but wasn’t sure.

          I appreciate your help.

          • 42, have you seen that video on YouTube that Rudy Greene made? It looks like he has the stick from the chest. He holds it up for the camera. Do you think it’s fake?

          • 42 maybe your partly right.

            I wonder if he changed it when the finder brought the chest for him to inspect?

            An update?

          • Well I can see Forrest might have taken time to make a revision to his autobiography if he got stranded in the mountains and was stuck in some slow moving stream without oars, less car rigged… with any either.

            That would definitely explain the line, “no paddle up your creek”. In fact, dependent on what revisions he may have made, one can only guess what his autobiography might include. Possibly some new wheels…? Or maybe some old ones? Makes me wonder… Could the vehicle he used to hide the treasure still be out there?

          • 42,
            There was quote I remember that sounded a bit like that. It was in answer to a question about whether the finder would recognize why the place was special to him. His answer was something along the lines that he thought about putting the reason into his biography, but ended up leaving it out. My memory sucks though, and I don’t have notes to back it up.

          • JW/42: perhaps you’re remember this ATF:

            MW Featured Question: Special Place (4/24/2018): “Dear Forrest, You say there was only ever one place you wanted to hide your treasure chest because of how special the spot was to you. When a searcher arrives to this location, will they understand why it was so special to you? And did you include that reason in your autobiography in the chest? –jenny”

            FF: “Jenny, maybe they will, but probably not. Their mind may be on other things.”

            “It was in my autobiography until I removed it for personal reasons. f”


          • It’s lucky Jenny asked that question, otherwise we might never know Forrest had a personal reason for removing the autobiography. Wait, what was that person reason?

          • I still wonder if the “personal autobiography” that was shrunk down at Kinko’s and placed in the olive jar inside the chest isn’t quite similar to his “Ramblings and Rumblings” Fenn family history that he edited from 1996-2009. The timeframe is consistent with the time that he hid the chest, and the word-count is also pretty similar.

  104. NoName06,

    I took a solid look at that stick and concluded Rudy Greene is holding a fake. The hole and angles of the stick aren’t a perfect match.

    For what its worth…My opinion…why would the “REAL finder”, who is doing an excellent job remaining out of the media, put up a video about a stick? Makes no rational sense. Rudy’s looking for a small slice of limelight’s pie.

    • Yeah, I tried to pause it and compare it to the known photo of the stick. He got the notches on it pretty good. And the overall bow shape with the branch in the middle. I didn’t see the little orange spot next to the hole at the end though. I wonder how long it took him to find a stick that similar? LOL He said he wasn’t ready to reveal how he was able to acquire it. He also said as of June 22nd, he is not deemed the finder, whatever that means.

    • Maybe paul_paul told him where it was since he’s across the pond. LOL Haven’t heard anything from him in a while.


    Forrest Fenn made a Puzzle

    And he used powerful bait

    Like a hound off his muzzle

    I found 89, not ole fate’


    44.992334, -110.691283

    44.973925, -110.703904

    44.814327, -110.730296

    44.811369, -110.732116

    44.808891, -110.734391

    44.799848, -110.720258

    44.801230, -110.714552

    44.808046, -110.706703

    44.815040, -110.716527

    A Happy Marriage…

    Dal if these are the same mud pots where you made your video, it seems you may have been very close at that time.

    Do kids still like lemonade?

    Is the ” twig ” made from willow?

  106. Our knowledge is partial, incomplete. We would of course like to know the truth, see the correct solve, see in situ photos of the hiding spot & chest.

    I don’t think that’s forthcoming from Forrest Fenn.

    He has given no indication he will ever return here to say anything more. Even after the many heartfelt birthday wishes he remained silent. I doubt he’ll entertain with future stories or the truth of his treasure’s finder.

    To Dal, Cynthia & all chasers attending the wrap-up on Fishing Bridge…close out the thrill of the chase with a celebration! Enjoy yourselves. Wish I could be there.

    • 42

      I think you’re absolutely correct.
      It doesn’t seem like there is going to be any more information from Forrest IMO. His silence is most definitely deftening, I mean deafening. He hasn’t even mentioned how far he actually walked from his car to the treasure spot, that wouldn’t betray the finders request to remain silent or give anything away in my opinion. I think a lot of people would be relieved in knowing how far Forrest walked to hide the treasure, it could give them some peace of mind so they could decide for themselves whether or not their solves had any merit or not. I believe each and every searcher has the right to some answers, to say they don’t deserve any Peace Of Mind would be the same as saying fish don’t need the water or birds don’t need the air or trees don’t need the dirt or the earth doesn’t need the sun or the universe doesn’t need space, well, maybe I’m overstating a wee bit on that one………… 🙂

  107. No 42 I don’t think HE is going to reveal anything else but maybe we will hear more about the chest sometime down the road from the finder or something about the treasures liquidation. Even if the finder never reveals anything publicly I hope he has written about his adventure and secreted the story and the contents of the olive jar somewhere safe for a future generation to happen upon.

    42 I hope you find your closure too. As for me the Chase will never go away. It impacted my life too deeply for it to be any other way.

    • Yeah, after researching it for so long, it keeps popping up in my mind like a splinter in my brain that won’t go away. I hope I can just forget about it eventually.

  108. NoName,
    That’s where I’m at. Just hoping I can forget about it soon. I find the restrictions of Covid make it harder to find a new project and transition into the “I have moved on” stage. Kind of like what getting a hot new boyfriend does to get over the one who dumped you. Right? LoL

    • 42, have you ever looked at The Secret by Byron Preiss? It’s a similar thing to Forrest’s treasure hunt, but a bit more elaborate. It has a whole story of a ficticious people that came to the US long ago and hid treasures. I think there are 12 maybe, but don’t quote me on that. The book came out in the 80’s and only 2 or 3 of the “casques” have been found. There’s a story of the people, and then 12 riddle/poems that you have to match to 12 illustrations that will give you clues to the location of the various casques. I think the book says they could be anywhere in the US, so it’s a big search area. I want to say that one of them was found in Chicago. It’s been a while since I looked at it. Maybe that could help to wean me off The Chase. Replace one mystery with another.

  109. 42: you had provided just enough info that I knew the quote you wanted was in my database. Happy to serve as a sleep-aid! 😉

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