THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part eighteen


SUBMITTED June 6th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure has been found

It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more than 10 years ago. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot.

I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the search and hope they will continue to be drawn by the promise of other discoveries. 

So the search is over. Look for more information and photos in the coming days. f


UPDATED June 16th, 2020
by Forrest


The treasure chest was found by a man I did not know and had not communicated with since 2018.


Photo of the chest taken not long after it was discovered.


The bracelet on my arm was wet when found. The silver tarnished black.

Treasure Photo

Removing objects from the chest. It is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.

The finder wants me to remain silent and I always said the finder gets to make those two calls. Who and where. f

Updated July 22nd, 2020
by Forrest


Many of the searchers for my treasure had solves that seemed to neatly fit the clues in my poem. Then when the finder found and retrieved the treasure, other searchers wondered how close they had been to the right spot. Because I promised the finder I would not reveal who found it or where, I have remained mostly silent.

However, the finder understands how important some closure is for many searchers, so today he agreed that we should reveal that the treasure was found in Wyoming. Until he found the treasure, the treasure had not moved in the 10 years since I left it there on the ground, and walked away.

Perhaps today’s announcement will bring some closure to those whose solves were in New Mexico, Colorado, or Montana.

To all of those who did not find the treasure, we hope that you got some enjoyment from the chase. f







275 thoughts on “THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!…part eighteen

    • If it’s not in the poem, it won’t help solve the poem. Anything outside the poem
      can, at best, be only a hint that confirms the correct prior solving of part of the poem.

      I suggest you read that book. It is pretty good. We studied it in a high school class about 1966. You might want to note the name of the gal who was working for Maurice (I consider that a tiny hint. But please don’t treat it like a clue). Good luck.

      • I read it so much I went through three copies. Everytime I flew between Boston and the Rockies I read it again.

        • my dad said once instead of the Bible he always carried catcher in the rye 🙂
          Now days, I’d probably recommend both.
          you never know when that airplane window may crack open and you need to say a quick prayer not get sucked out! Lol

    • And scented in and pillowed down. And the logic that a deep thinking treasure searcher would use to determine one important thing about the hiding place of the treasure. And…a myriad of other comments were pondered in vane.

    • It’s only my “opinion”, but I think the whole thing PIVOTS around hiding the treasure in the middle of a “crevice”.
      Sorry, I may have over-punctuated this sentence.

      • Listen to the sound of the rhyming couplets…there are two important hints.

        Old Cold Bold(er)
        Seek meek creek

    • Sean,
      The Catcher in the Rye is one of the 5 books needed to create the map. The Catcher in the Rye = Yellowstone. I’ll explain how Forrest left the hints below. This is obviously my opinion after reading all of the books Forrest mentions. Also, my solve ends in Wyoming right on the border of West Yellowstone.
      The first time I noticed a “hint” in TTOTC, was the following comment; “If Robert Redford ever written anything he probably could have done it better than the guy who wrote that Gatsby book”. I knew about Robert Redford’s book, “The Outlaw Trail” and I was certain Forrest had also.

      This turned out to be the first of many errors. All in the same chapter he titled, “Important Literature”. On top of his comments about Robert Redford and the Great Gatsby, he also made errors in his description of Kismet, misquoted Catcher in the Rye and literally swapped the storylines from two famous Hemingway novels. He did it so seamlessly, it took me several reads of his book to catch and understand the mistakes that I was continuously reading. So, I bought and read every single book he mentioned in this chapter. These books didn’t only make up my solve but confirmed the larger picture and created the map for me. I guess I should mention that they were a pretty good read also. My highschool teachers would be proud, if they could remember my name. All in all, Catcher in the Rye had many correlations to the life of Forrest, but the takeaway hint is Yellowstone National Park. The other books create the remainder of the journey.

      • For me, the very first paragraph of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” neatly described the treasure chest’s location in my solution:

        “He lay flat on the brown, pine-needled floor of the forest, his chin on his folded arms, and high overhead the wind blew in the tops of the pine trees. The mountainside sloped gently where he lay; but below it was steep and he could see the dark of the oiled road winding through the pass. There was a stream alongside the road and far down the pass he saw a mill beside the stream and the falling water of the dam, white in the summer sunlight.”

        The road was the Gallatin Highway (191), the stream was the Gallatin River running beside it, and my spot was in a copse of lodgepole pine trees. (No mill or dam, however.) On page 3 of the novel, one sentence also matched my spot quite well: “I would like to have it hidden in utmost security at a distance no greater than half an hour from the bridge, if that is possible.” My hiding spot was about a 40-minute walk from “the bridge.”

        • Beautiful. I love the way you tied that into your solve. It’s pretty amazing that we both used the same literature for our solves, yet we still viewed it in different ways. I also found my blaze and resting place of the indulgence in the book “For whom the bell tolls”. It was also just an amazing read.

          Did you notice that every example of a blaze that Forrest has mentioned, is literally written in that book. Every single one, from a blaze mark on a tree and horses face, to the blaze of white marker stones for someone’s resting place. Pretty big coincidence. Thank you for sharing your views on the ” important literature”, very interesting.

          • Hoping anyone else has an opinion on these books. Did anyone else use; Catcher in the Rye, For whom the bell tolls, Outlaw Trail or any other book Forrest mentioned for there solve? I was expecting a lot of replies to the original question in this thread, yet only myself and one other has commented. Which could be a tell that I’m barking up the wrong tree of aberrations hahaha. Either way, if you have any thoughts please share.

    • finder please answer where warm waters halt and how you took it in what canyon down from there oh and maybe a answer to above you just heavy loads and water high where above you? the pic of indulgence was by a small bush not a big tree but, hey there were pinion nuts about i know i want to know to much; but hey who here doesn’t.

      • all of the answers beside looks like there is another treasure to hide I’m glad Forrest has his life back. we hold you dear to our hearts ty Sir

        • using the same poem and book it would take another forever before it was solved it took a special mind for this one and it was fun.

  1. On the previous page I responded to 42’s comment about whether or not Forrest may make another announcement regarding the finding of his treasure. I made a statement about Forrest acknowledging the distance he walked from his car to the treasures hiding place and if he released this information to the public would it be divulging any critical details that may be misconstrued by the finder and to have broken the trust that has been bestowed upon them. My curiosity, as to why no information at all has been announced, has left me rather bewildered and confused as to why the simplest non important facts, like how far Forrest walked to hide the treasure, have been coveted. I do not believe the simplistic variables involved have been built into an understanding of important characteristics that if identified may lead to the eradication of a secretive and monumental announcement that is planned for the future. I believe the searchers simply need some relief, call it comic relief if you will. Why is it so important to know how far Forrest walked to hide the treasure? Along with so many other questions that could be answered and wouldn’t curtail anyone’s hopes of a book or movie deal as well. I believe Forrest walked less than a few miles to get from his car to the treasure spot and I believe it took him approximately 30 minutes to walk that distance at an uncertain pace. And from what I read and heard it seems thousands of searchers and Forrest himself all believe the same. So why not answer some simple questions? Why not allow the fun to continue? Why does the search for understanding end at the drop of a hat? What’s with the abruptness of it all? How far did Forrest walk? Did he have a walking stick or two?? Do outhouses have anything to do with the calendar year? What’s with the Strange Clearing? Was the Timberline vested? Should there be a Hats Off to the Bears of Yellowstone? So many questions………

    It’s as if we all were at the greatest concert of all time and all of a sudden the band stopped playing, walked off stage, got into their limos, drove away, they turned the lights off, threw some crickets into the venue and everyone was left standing around whispering about what just happened. This trail led to down right weird and peculiar if you ask me, kinda spooky really, like a ghost is haunting the corridors ya know, well, Halloween is just around the corner so at least the mood is set. 🙂

  2. Zap,
    RE:On the previous page , the discussion about the autobiography…..
    F said he removed ” it”… it being the” reason “the spot was so special to him, not the entire autobiography.
    Thats how I read it..

    • I still think there’s something with the auto… which he left behind by name. Otherwise, I’m not sure why he would mention it. Who knows? It might just be the hook to solving the whole thing. Find the vehicle, find the blaze. Or maybe he took the vehicle and left behind something that’s in reference to a car… like, say tire tracks, or a car part. Then again, his autobiography might “merely” be a single hint of MANY.

    • Ohhh, I get it. Hmm. Food for thought out here in the prarie, I have been pondering how to characterize or alter it to begin writing.

      • For some reason, the word prairie constantly reminds me of the song “Green, Green Grass of Home”. Yet it also reminds me of another person’s soggy swamp song… now I forgot it! What was his name… oh, been going around in my head for days and now I can’t remember it if my life depended on it.

          • That’s the one… thanks Wasichu!
            “And if you get lost come on home to Green River. Well! Come on home.”
            Colored in Rock tones but very Bluesy!

          • When you putt in you are “on the green”
            Put in/putt in
            On the green below the home of brown…

          • Oh… and I like real grass, not the artificial stuff like Astroturf. I’ve used Round Up at home on fake grass but it always grows back. 🙂

    • Eaglesabound: yes, my reading of the statement was always that he removed from the autobiography the reason the spot was special to him.

      I still wonder if the autobiography in the olive jar (and the bronze bells) wasn’t largely the same as his “Ramblings and Rumblings – The Fenn Family History (unedited), 1996-2009.” The end year of the latter roughly corresponds with the time he hid the treasure, and the 27,300-word count (once edited) might match the reported 20,000-word length of the autobiography.

  3. I’m hoping for details just to check against all my brilliant (?) Interpretations. But, I totally understand the finder keeping quiet. It’s been a great diversion for 7 years. Many thanks to Forrest & Dal and all.

    • I haven’t been here that long Waterhigh, but this web sight sure does put a dance in my step at times.

  4. Sean-

    “Catcher in the Rye” was a book (boo-k sounds like bouquet) Forrest was shown in the bookstore. A catcher of a ball,or anything, is made by a hand, with fingers extended. Rye is a type of grass.

    In the bookstore, or the area where the chest was hidden, is a pond or swamp that looks like an outstretched hand ready to catch a ball. That same pond image looks like a bouquet of flowers. Surrounding the pond is rye grass. So, the catcher is in the rye.

    Also, just above that catcher in the rye swamp/fen are a large number of star-like images set in a patterned cover, like a canopy. The TC was found under a canopy of stars. Or was it really found?

  5. We’ve appraised the following statement by forrest, questioning his use of the words ‘we agreed to reveal’ it was found in Wyoming.

    “However, the finder understands how important some closure is for many searchers, so today he agreed that we should reveal that the treasure was found in Wyoming. Until he found the treasure, the treasure had not moved in the 10 years since I left it there on the ground, and walked away.“ Forrest Fenn

    Let’s take another look at an incorrect, oddly stated sentence in ff’s statement:

    “the treasure had not moved.”

    FF used incorrect grammar when he left out the important word “BEEN”

    What ff actually says in this statement is: the treasure didn’t move by itself.

    An inanimate object like a bronze box cannot move on its own. But that’s what ff said: “the treasure had not moved”

    1. The sentence is incorrect. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

    2. In this statement, ff was already in a stupid lawsuit, exercising judicial caution with exact wording…to invalidate that lawsuit, and prevent others.

    3. Did forrest mean to say, “The treasure had not “been” moved in the 10 years since I left it there.” Why didn’t he say that?

    4. Did forrest speak truth? Had he at some time moved the treasure but the box didn’t move itself?

    5. This may be a simple mistake, but I don’t for a minute take forrest for a simpleton who didn’t Critically review his statement And run it by his attorney before posting.

    Anyone have thoughts?

    • Depending on where the treasure was hidden, it could have moved without it having ~been~ moved by an individual — e.g. ground settling, erosion, earthquakes, etc. So leaving out the “been” is a broader statement about physical relocation of the treasure, with or without human involvement.

      • Movement is relative. The entire earth moved in relation to “our” sun.
        The center of mass of the Milky Way galaxy moved in relation to Kanye West. Nothing too complicated here. Being technical (without involving
        numbers/math is one of the tools for correct solving of the poem.
        As always, IMO.

    • Thoughts?
      Sure… You are Shorting a sentence that doesn’t supple the most important part of what is being stated… That treasure had not moved “in the ten years”

      Adding; **not “been” **moved… Means *someone/thing* would have had to move it.
      The language / grammer used is perfectly fined to explain the chest was in the exact spot it was left at. This is also explained by the beging of the comment; “until he found the treasure…” Comma… the treasure had not moved in ten years…
      An example that might help is SB 142 ( I believe ) were Fenn stated his friend (JB) took his picture with a fish.

      • Seeker, respectfully…
        your interpretation of “the treasure had not moved” implies absolutely no seismic activity of the earth or settling of dirt & pine needles. That’s highly unlikely in 10 years; and as a self-taught archeologist, Forrest understands well that a heavy chest would move/settle down in the dirt.

        • I thought *things* covered that.

          Had not vs. Been.
          For something to have “been” moved
          or needss some type of action be it natural or by a person.
          The comment say the chest was in the spot it was placed at, adding the time it was placed.
          Sorry, your reading into something that is not there. Especially by saying *been” would be of proper use.
          If your argument is about settling into the ground, high winds kicking it sideways slightly or any other type of reaction… I can’t argue that.. were only talking slight movement at the most..
          All I’m saying is the comment is proper grammer.

    • 42,
      You raise some interesting points. Regarding your thoughts in #5, this is precisely the reason I questioned (in part 17 of this subject) the “found in Wyoming” comment from Forrest ( Are all post-Chase comments from Forrest colored by legalities?

      An age-old question comes to mind: “What is history but a fable agreed upon?” Note that I’m not doubting The Chase was legitimate and Forrest hid a treasure for someone to find, but the post-Chase comments have caused me to raise my eyebrows – but that’s just me being me.

      I am relatively certain there MIGHT be two people who know all the secrets of the poem, and it seems very likely there are ONLY two people who know the location of Forrest’s “special place” – and I will call these two the hider and the retriever.


      • From one who knows him well, “Nothing with Forrest is ever simple.”
        Doug Preston

        Including the ending.

        • “This could not be the end of it. There was no feeling of closure at all, no sense of completeness. It was disappointing.” -TTOTC: p.94… who knew Forrest was a clairvoyant mind reader? 🙂

          However, it appears he gleaned a wealth of knowledge by the end of that chapter and improved his perception treemendously.

    • I think Fenn was being careful to say moved but does not say if contents had been tampered with since original placement.

      Fenn did the legal consult AFTER the original placement. I can definitely imagine the lawyers drafting a document to a potential finder that needed to be placed in the chest post original placement of the chest. Perhaps it is an explanation of the rumored S Corp entity that the treasure is supposedly in.

  6. …We’re still doing this after 18 pages?

    What does it profit the finder to keep us in the dark? It’s super easy to give the solution without revealing your identity or endangering yourself, this is just tiresome.

    Yet I keep hanging on hoping the real solution comes out…

    • Y blame the poor finder? Forrest is the one who designed it for him to make those calls; who/where. Maybe finding a guy known by “Art Gallery” from a city back East will reveal the answer…

      • That would be hilarious if he came over from the bar, dressed as a waiter and served everyone drinks, with a Mr Find name badge on.

    • You might be able to solve the poem yourself before someone/anyone else
      provides you with “the real solution”. I think working on a solve would be more
      useful than worry about getting this info from other(s) . . . In my opinion.

      • I think if you do the work on the solve, then you’ll know for sure when you get there. I think there’s somethings in the poem as important as poking a bear with a stick.

  7. I guess some things are not meant to be known. If you want the truth ask a psychologist.

  8. Dal

    It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying a whole lot more…

    Thank you.

    In the uncertainty that’s thrived since the Chase went off grid, you and your blog have been the constant for me. Thank you. It has helped me tremendously.

    To me, and in terms of chain of command only, Forrest is the “President”; the Finder is the “VP”; and you are the “Speaker”. If the first two are absent… that leaves you and the blog.

    IMO, every searcher would vote to know ALL the details verses not know. That’s why we are still here, and I’m not giving up.
    As long as you’re willing to wait it out; to have hope; to keep this blog going, I’m right here with you.

    If there comes a time where you feel it best to shut down the blog, I’ll just believe that you know best, and I’ll take that as my que to accept the fact that I’m never gonna know… and that – AT THAT TIME – will be just fine. Again, Thank you.

    • When I think of home of dal, it reminds me of what someone said about signing a leaf book. Dal and the site people have left a legacy, in addition to a signature on the people whom use it.

  9. Small hint leads to a new solve:
    Maurice is a pimp in Catcher in the Rye and his “employee”: is named Sunny.
    Sunny is the name of a store in Cody, Wyoming that sells clothes and Navajo blankets.
    Just the kind of place Forrest be fond of.
    Go from that hint to Buffalo Bill Reservoir (WWWH)
    Take in the Shoshone Canyon down…to..Lower Shoshone River.
    Put in below HOB..headwaters are the natal homing site for Brown trout
    The Blaze = The Sphinx, a popular climbing rock just above the river.
    Try 44.510359, -109.14724

  10. To Forrest, Dal, and the many friends that I have met here on Dal’s and Jenny’s blog, I bid you all adieu.

    To Forrest – I thank you for four and 1/2 years of excitement, challenge and great times searching for your treasure. I thought I was close, but I guess I will never know.

    To Dal – Thanks so much for your site. It was the best site for searchers. You kept it civil, and enjoyable. YUP, I got moderated a time or two, but it was deserved. You were always fair. T’anks.

    To the many searchers that I learned to love and respect – Thanks for all of your input, care and concern. Thanks for your advice and comments. I have never made friends easily, but it was easy to like and love many of you – Thanks so much.

    May you all find another challenge, and attack your new challenge with the same vigor that you did the “Chase”.



        • Would have been nice to meet you. I climbed a mountain in a crazed fashion, and then attempted to follow trees using one of your interpretations. To bad I didn’t get the chance to tell you. For obvious reasons of my ignorance and carelessness I will not be publicly disclosing anything further than that though.

        • Hello JDA. It’s been great reading your comments. Yesterday, I returned from a 9-day stay in Yellowstone. Everyone wore masks wherever we went. We avoided the heavily populated places. I am one that needs to be careful with the virus, but I still went. Wore my masks and carried and applied plenty of hand sanitizer. The park was very busy, but there was hardly anyone at Fishing Bridge but maybe a couple, but mostly empty of visitors. I don’t know if I changed your mind, but wanted to give everyone a little peace of mind.

    • JDA.

      You were the first to welcome me to the home of Dal and I won’t forget that. I’ve always enjoyed your posts, your honesty, and your search area tenacity.

      I’ll hang on here until Dal closes down the blog to new posts for good in my pitiful hope that someday we will know the truth.


    • Adios JDA, you are a top guy.

      Cant believe you got moderated, I thought you were one of the sensible ones. dal nails me down that much I am now suffering from stigmata.

      Here’s wishing you and your family all the best for the future. Stay safe and be lucky.


    • JDA,
      We never got together man. Life moves pretty swiftly… I work at the Municipal Court in Manhattan, KS. If you are ever in town, just call the court and give me a shout.
      David McGillis

    • Live long and prosper. I have enjoyed your presence here. You will be missed, as so many others. Stay safe JDA.

    • JDA – I don’t always post much, but I do enjoy everyone’s comments and you had some fun and interesting ones thru the years. Sorry we will not get to meet at the gathering this next weekend.

      Best of luck to you in whatever adventure comes your way in the future. 🙂

      • Thanks geysergirl – YUP, would have been nice to meet you and others, but my fear of Covid wins out at my age – 77 – Best of luck to you too – JDA

    • JDA,

      I got into the Chase late and didn’t post too often but when I did ask questions you were always one to help me out in a courteous manner. Thank you and take care.


    • JDA

      Ease on down the road my friend.
      I HAVE and will miss our conversations.

      Don’t you be blue
      For tomorrow’s anew
      You’ve seen it thru
      I say peace to you
      Later on Buckaroo! 🙂

      Pauley T

    • My only regret in the entire Chase is that I never got to meet you JDA. I’ve enjoyed the interactions.

    • JDA –
      Why do I feel like I’m losing my grandfather?
      Your words of wisdom and and courteous responses whether in agreement or not with our ideas and crazy thoughts here on the forum have most definitely enriched all of our thinking processes with regard to “the Chase.”

      You have not only influenced me to think logically but also to expand my imagination and to push at the borders which restrain my creativity. For this I thank you. May God’s blessings shine upon you, friend.

      • WOW – WWWAMERICANA – I am blushing. Thanks SOOO much for the kind words. I have done my best to think in a logical manner, and, yes, throw in a wee bit of imagination. I may not have found the treasure, but I can not find fault with my approach … and I tried to speak truth as I saw it.

        I still think I was close, but I will never know I guess. All I know is, “I had a lot of fum, visited a beautiful part of Wyoming, that I would have never visited, and had outings with family members that I (and they) will value for our remaining days.”

        Thanks go out to you and BigOnUS for your donations that will help James (Focused) Bynum’s poems get published – T’anks to you both. JDA

          • Thanks WWW. The editing and lay-out are moving forward nicely. James and I stay in contact with each other, and all looks good – Again, Thanks WWW for the “shout out “- JDA

    • Dear Jerry,

      Thanks for all the brain and heart you shared here.

      And as much as you were appreciated by me and

      many here I ask that you find another place/way to brighten

      the days(and nights) of others. That is your gift.

      For your considerable consideration I offer you one repost.

      I thought it was cleaner, not to mention easier for an old man struggling with an old computer, to post the coordinates for my latest attempt.
      Well, it seems to have gone over like a lead balloon.

      With more time to devote to this and a lingering desire to complete this
      task on a high note I have added commentary, please see below.

      4rest4fend on August 27, 2020 at 3:58 pm said:
      Forrest Fenn made a Puzzle

      And he used powerful bait

      Like a hound off his muzzle

      I found 89, not ole fate’


      This entire solve follows rt 89 in Yellowstone Park.

      This is a link to a good map…

      44.992334, -110.691283 WWWH

      The Boiling River recreation site at the Gardner River.
      We can even put a toe in here. The fun here
      is identical to Forrest’s RIVER BATHING IS BEST.

      44.973925, -110.703904 TIINTCD

      This is the Trailhead for the Sepulchre Mountain Trail.
      This is Forrests Joke and a hint also that we are on the West Side of
      THE LOOP road(89) heading south(down on a map).
      After a short drive (because it is too far to walk)

      we enter Obsidian Creek Canyon.

      As we travel down THE GRAND LOOP on our way to

      the HOB we will pass many special sights including:

      The Spectacular Mammoth Spring Area,
      The Yellowstone Fort Cemetary,
      Pinyon Terrace,
      Silver Gate and Golden Gate (treasures new and old),
      The Hoodoos,
      Gardner’s Hole,
      Swan Lake,
      Indian Creek,
      Obsidian Cliffs (Obsidian is noteworthy for making the sharpest arrowheads),

      44.814327, -110.730296 HOB

      Beaver Lake.
      I wonder if Forrest ever had to cook a beaver.

      44.811369, -110.732116 PUT IN

      Lemonade Creek.

      Kids might get a kick out of the name and sight.

      44.808891, -110.734391 NPFTM

      The Mud Pots.
      Scalding and Dangerous

      44.799848, -110.720258 NPUYC

      Can’t paddle through the mud or minerally Lemonade Creek

      44.801230, -110.714552 HLWH

      There is trail that leads out of the Mud Pot area.

      This Trail crosses Electric Power Lines and leads to
      Lake Of The WOODS>

      Either the MudPots are Heavy Loads or The Power Lines, both can fit.

      44.808046, -110.706703 Blaze

      A Feature called “THE LANDMARK”

      A little stream runs up and along the west side of This Feature.

      There are looks like there might be a big blaze mark on the west side
      of the LANDMARK.

      If the chest was not directly down below right there
      than we would follow this little stream that leads of to the LEFT
      and up a small DRAW. That leads IN to

      44.815040, -110.716527 Cease

      A an almost perfectly circular depression,
      located in the heart of a Forrest’s FENN.
      I don’t know how deep this Hole is.
      When viewed from above one could imagine that
      this is a Golf Hole from Pebble Beach.
      The elevate TEE would be atop THE LANDMARK
      and FORREST’s FENN has a short fairway running to the hole.

      Also kewl references to the last stanza:

      Look at the mud pot area, it has an AMPHITHEATER Springs.
      WOOD Lake(cold maybe:)
      Certainly Brave,
      Definitely in the Wood.


      Youth In Yellowstone, River Bathing

      A kid has lots to think about in a Cemetery

      Collecting Arrowheads and Indian Artifacts

      and Towering Cliffs in Vietnam, In Willow Park

      Finding Beavers on Lewis and Clark Adventure

      Kidney Illness

      Heavy Loads tests and labor

      Emerge to An idyllic Lake Clearing in the Woods

      Finding Himself Again, where he always was and is.

      His place. “Mine Alone”

      A Happy Marriage…

      • Thanks so much for your very kind words. I will try to find some way to put a smile on someones face, other than my darling Tess’

        Your solve seems complete and very reasonable. Well thought-out

        Take care – JDA

        • Thank you JDA it was kind of you to read and respond.

          Wishing you and Tess all the best,
          Health and Happiness.

      • In the wood,the Wood river. The omega’s are on the side of the canyon wall in the wood river. Saw it.

    • Bye JD
      It was nice reading your posts and meeting you in West Yellowstone!
      May you find treasures alot!
      After having covid and hearing people will get it again, I’M in no way wanting to chance yellowstone right now.
      Plus forrest is not going!
      Lou Lee

      • Thanks LouLee. Sorry you got Covid, but VERY glad you are a survivor.

        Hang in there lady. JDA

    • Goodbye JDA. It was wonderful reading your posts. All the best in all you do in the future!

    • JDA – Always enjoyed debating all things TTOTC related with you. Best of luck to you and yours in your future endeavors.

  11. More than ten years ago was said prior to the find when talking about the treasure still being in place. Early on this year, so we know it was prior to spring 2010.
    Begin it..
    I=9 t=20 beginning 9/20….well that’s the fall/autumnal equinox. That was his first trip, because remember he took two…falls…

        • Hey JDiggins, I just asked myself the same question when I realized you were absolutely right. Lately I’ve had problems counting over 10.

          Has anyone seen Wilber? He needs to call the vet. I think I’ve got a faulty hoof!

          • Jdiggins, I’m sure you already knew this but by some weird coincidence there’s a shaken and fried up combination associated with 11, 25, 9, and 4. I believe I saw it on some fast food joint’s menu and just thought I’d mention “IT” in the event that you wanted to claim “writes” to it. Besides, it’s always nice to have a video ready for those rainy days. 🙂

          • In case you didn’t know what I was talking about, it was a KIDY (kiddy) meal. You can get them pretty cheap at some restaurants. Usually fills me up and satisfies my taste buds. If it wasn’t for reviewing a video I had taken of the restaurant’s menu, I never would have realized that kids meals were so dirt cheap.

            Couldn’t help but think of Forrest’s mentioned of Wimpy Burgers and when he bought them for a nickel.

  12. Bye JDA. I will be hanging around a bit longer. I will miss the photo shoot at the bridge due to COVID-19 and job/self-quarantine requirements.

  13. I hardly had a chance to even know you JDA, but I’m flying you a “HighFive”. Best wishes and thanks for all your showering contributions!

  14. Thanks to all who have contributed to finding the missing chest! At last it has been recovered !
    I am so happy but do wish the finder would give more detail of the precious spot! I’m still obsessed by the spot!
    I know Mr. Fenn and the finder will reach some type of agreement as to where and how it was found. That is my wish at least. When you wish upon a Star all your wishes come true , so don’t be rude.
    Thank you Mr. Fenn for a trill of a lifetime.
    Thank you also Dal, for your website it’s been fantastic! Farewell, MJ

  15. JDA,

    Thanks for the memories! And the learning lessons! And the input! And the bald spot on my head from scratching it all the time trying to keep up with your great insight.

    But most of all, thank you for taking the lead with the Go Fund Me page for Focused and his book of Poems! You’re a class act and we all know it. Stay safe, stay well, and God Bless ya, JDA.

    Deano Bravo

    • Thank you SOOOO much for the very kind words Deano Bravo. It has been a pleasure “Chatting” with Ya’ – Good luck in all that you do. Oh, keep a hat on that bald spot. Are you sure I am to blame? HAHA – JDA

  16. Hey Dal,

    Come on out to CO/NM border,I searched there quite a lot times. Fly fishing was great and you won’t see a person all day long. Probably what Forrest wanted.

    Hard to find a better spot to hide a cashe.

    • Thanks Dayton. I agree. Been out on the Navajo, Animas and San Juan many times. The world is a calmer place in southern, CO.

  17. @ Zap & Seeker (Cont. from Part Seventeen):

    On Part Seventeen of this thread we were discussing the seeming contradiction of what FF wrote in his recent Supplemental Declaration and other ATF’s previously supplied, specifically regarding the length of time and/or what year he hid Indulgence.

    My simple answer was that he always knew where he was going to hide the treasure so it was always there in that sense, resulting in a valid timeline.

    With that repeated, and changing lenses/thinking styles here, I’d like to point out a subtle difference in the material Zap originally presented:

    1) In the supplemental declaration he specifically says that he “hid a treasure chest” and then goes on to mention it is filled with gold, jewels, and other items
    2) In his response to Sue he merely mentions treasure

    I think there is some distinction there, a gray area that we can work with.

    I asked in part 17 if anyone could remember another ATF where FF stated he held some of the items as he carried them to the secret location—one worded a little differently than what FF stated in the Eeds Interview from 2015. Upon further review, I believe I was thinking of the MW Posting from 8/25/14 where FF was basically asked if he carried the items openly in his hands or inside a backpack and his response was that he had done both—I must have been thinking to myself when I read it that FF was looking over some of the items one last time before secreting them away for someone else to find whenever, the bracelet especially.

    With that said, turning back to Eeds, FF states during that interview that “It was heavy enough that I made two trips to hide it. I took the gold in one time, and then I took the treasure chest in the second time.” To me, we can look at that statement literally, and we can also examine it “logically”.

    Literally, it states that the order of transference of everything to the secret spot was the items went in first, and then the chest went in secondly.

    If that is the order, then the gold/items could have been taken to the hidey place over 10 years ago, leaving the treasure chest to be carried to the hidey space in 2010 as FF states in his Supplemental Declaration.

    Seeker brought up the ATF about two trips in one afternoon, which can be valid if FF hid the gold first on, say, a Tuesday afternoon, then, 7 days after—or months/years later, he hid that treasure chest there on a Tuesday afternoon of 2010—that’s two trips in one afternoon, right?

    “Logically” viewed, however, I can see the literal order being reversible. FF can talk about the sum of the parts (the GOLD in A trip and the TREASURE CHEST in A trip = 2 trips) but isn’t bound to always having to describe trip 1 first and trip 2 second. He can describe one of his trips (IN ONE TIME) and then must describe the other to make his statement valid (IN THE SECOND TIME). It’s akin to an IF/THEN type statement that we know must be true and complete—IF FF talks about the gold first, THEN he must talk about the chest to make his statement complete and true—“second” in this instance refers to the totality of the trips, not necessarily that the chest went in secondly.

    With all that said, that leaves open the possibility that FF hid the treasure chest on his first trip, which could have been over 10 years ago. The term treasure chest jives with how FF first describes it in his Supplemental Declaration, but he goes on to add the “filled with gold, jewels, and other items” language/specificity. With that said, if the gold was carried in on the second trip (but FF’s wordplay in the Eeds Interview had us thinking the other way around), such could have been the 2010 definition of Treasure Chest from the Supplemental Declaration because it wasn’t until that specific time that the chest itself was actually filled with those things. As with the literal translation above, the two trips in one afternoon could be the Tuesday afternoon concept I speculated on.

    Couple of ideas to ponder, anyways.


    • Hi Bowmarc: there is an additional ATF that you have to throw into the analysis mix — one that is more restrictive with respect to the act of hiding the chest and contents. It’s from the “Ripley’s Believe It or Notcast” at the 23:40 mark:

      “Well, I’ve said many times that … don’t look for the treasure someplace where a 79- or 80-year-old man couldn’t go twice in one afternoon. I mean, I took … the gold in one time, and then I came back to my car, I got the treasure chest, and I took it in. I didn’t want to carry 42 pounds at one time, and the gold was about half the weight of the chest, so it worked out really good. And I went to where I hid that chest – I did it twice in one afternoon from my car.”

      • Hiya Zap. I agree, that ATF certainly needs to be addressed. It is a stretch to proffer my assertion from above again here, but I will anyways as my ideas have always been on the fringe. In your ATF, FF says he took the gold in one time and then says he took the chest in. As above, it leaves open a slim possibility that FF is talking about the 2 TIMES he took the chest in and not necessarily the ORDER in which he took them in. I know, I know, he say’s he came back to his car, but such would have had to have been the case regardless of order of what went in first. The thing that leans towards this fringe interpretation is FF’s use of “one time” and not “first” in his description of the two trips in both of the ATF’s we have been discussing. “I took the chest in one time” and “I took the chest in the second time” would be a little less Fennese if he had stated that (these are my words) ‘I took the gold in first and I took the chest in secondly’. To me, at least, that is a little more definative.

        Again, this is all a slim possibility, but it was supposed to be difficult but not impossible.

        Ignoring such a slim interpretation, I’d have to lean towards everything FF mentioned prior to his legal definative statment that the chest was hidden in 2010 as being necessary vagueness so as not to give away the exact hiding year as a clue with perhaps some rounding of numbers…. and perhaps misremebering.


        • Bowmarc, I’m sure this is a stupid question, but what is ATF? (I’m thinking Alcohol tobacco & Firearms). You’ll have to cut me a little slack, I’m new here.

  18. “…… afternoon”.

    One after noon —> 1 after 12
    * 1201
    * 1300
    * 13, M
    * I after 12 = teen, Forrest teen —> for rest teen ==> BED

    Look quick ly down ==> bed. I wonder what kind of bed?

    Look to the stars.


  19. Heck, as long we’re all waiting around for further Chase news, word from Fenn, and waiting for all the legal stuff to be worked out (Title to the Gold turning into Title as in dictionary definition “The heading or caption of a legal document in a court proceeding”, as in Erskine vs. Fenn) I might as well bring up a topic which is fairly above board, as in able to be discussed without anyone needing to reveal too much about their card hand, to pass the time.

    I think everyone can agree the Chase roughly breaks into two parts: You theorize about where trove is located and then you have to test your theory, go boots on the ground. Well, I would like to know after all theorizing how many people have found testing their theory is somewhat frustrating, difficult, for one reason or another, that significant obstacles present themselves to testing of theory.

    I will give three examples we all are familiar with supposing we have seriously thought about the Chase. There was the guy who had his theory but testing it involved digging a huge hole in the ground. There was another guy who had to be rescued going down into the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. There were people trying to get access to Sharp’s cabin in the Cody museum.

    So here is the question: What do you do when you have put forward serious thought, come up with your best theory, and you find to test it is a royal pain in the you know what?

    I know Fenn said things like don’t go where an eighty year old man couldn’t go, that a child can get to it, etc. but what exactly does that mean and does it mean that you should discard all your theories that don’t fit a process of testing that is fairly simple, legal, and easy to execute?

    We have heard of a number of people running into various forms of trouble trying to test their theory, but we don’t know much of all the easy to test theories simply because the people with those theories have never made the news. Or rather we have heard all sorts of theories but have no poll or discussion of what realistically we can expect of testing our theory, level of difficulty of testing theory.

    I hope I’ve framed the problem/topic more or less clearly here. And it seems to me that people who come up with only theories which are easy to test are at a disadvantage, while those people willing to entertain theories that are difficult to test have a “wider spread of theory”, are willing to entertain a wider spread of possibilities. Of course the people who entertain theories difficult to test have their own problem of getting into all sorts of trouble testing their theory. So what do you think Fenn did? How difficult or easy do you think he made it to test theory apart from difficulty in interpreting poem?

    • I spent hundreds of hours working on my solve. The BOTG hike took me about 1.5 hours from my vehicle to the location of “specific searching”. The return hike
      took about 1.2 hours. I haven’t found the chest.

      • TA, I would say by your definition… that coming up empty handed with BOTG was ridiculous. I know how you feel! …only giving my point of view in comparison to yours but I think mine turned into thousands of hours! I mean really! To think that winning the gold could be that easy, right? lol

  20. Thanks for the reply, but your reticence to simply state what you see strikes me as odd. That the Rockies exist, and that they continue to be a great place to go on vacation, goes without saying. In fact, I took my boys out to Glacier, Yellowstone and Medicine Wheel in early July. We had a great time hiking, fishing, sightseeing, golfing, et al. We even went to the rodeo at Cody while in town. So there is no need to be patronizing regarding my willingness to explore the world. So, I’ll ask again . . . What is this hidden blaze that you see?
    And, I’ll go further now . . . Why are you being coy about this? You’re the one who brought this up, after all.

    Thanks in advance for sharing (maybe).

    • Sorry Iowaengr, I meant to post a reply here, but put it below instead. I will point out that many here will look at the map and recognize the blaze figure, either from their own study, or from viewing one or two websites that were posted previously on this blog. If you’re still scratching your head on this, note that in my original post I included a direct hint as to the location on the map for that figure. ““Right (—>) there (down) under our noses all the time…” I included the information that it was likely unintentional, but it could also have been a deliberate choice by ff. And if you want more hints — Understand surveying marks or VABMs. FF was a surveyor. So, “under our Nose” 43 0 35.05 -108 37 50.06; “being Wise” 42 57 51.83 -108 38 20.83; and “learning where the edges are” 42 22 18.67 -108 46 14.55. Finally here are additional directions to draw this on the map, and using Google Earth Pro is the best tool. Visit this site:

  21. I concur, Iowaengr: I see little point in QD being secretive at this stage. If you have something you want to share, just share it. If you want people to have a little puzzle to solve, then write something a bit less generic than saying that it’s a “picture of the blaze” on the TFTW foldout map visible under magnification.

    There are “ten billion blazes out there” (and probably a dozen or more that various searchers could suggest on that Benchmark map). So no — I’m afraid it’s not obvious, it’s only obvious to YOU. And since you said you spotted under magnification *and* you suggested it’s “probably unintentional,” it seems like there’s a good chance that it’s a case of pareidolia. If so, none of us is likely to guess what you’ve latched onto.

    • zaphod73491, I’m not asking anyone to guess, I’m suggesting to simply look at the map/poem. AND I stated that while I recognized it while enlarged, it is clearly and obviously visible to the naked eye. You just happened to even have mentioned the critical name which identifies it directly… “Benchmark” Their logo is the same figure as ff blaze mark! That’s why it is likely unintentional that it exists on that map and has been there for the whole time since the map was published. Everyone has ignored it because it was simply a logo. It’s also his blaze, and there is more than one form of that type of blaze.

  22. My apologies, QuDee. I thought that my question was fair and simple to answer. Clearly, you don’t want to do it, and I accept that without quibble. Regards.

  23. QuDee, thanks for your attempt to explain your blaze comment. I looked at the poem map in the area described by your coordinates. I pulled up GPS and entered your numbers, as well. I opened the link you supplied. And I am not on your wavelength yet.

    What are your points?
    Where did you get them?
    Why do you find them important?
    What relationship to the “Benchmark” do you see?
    Why equilateral triangle are you trying to form, because your points do not seem to be useful to that effort?

    Please don’t feel obligated to try and answer these questions as I’m just letting you know that I made an unsuccessful effort to investigate your idea. Regards.

    • Maybe it means bench? My t.c. spot has a bench, one way you can see mountains and trees and sage, the other ways mountains and water with rafters screaming woopee.

    • Very interesting information. Thanks for the more detailed write up. I will gladly admit that I never even considered looking up VABM points, so kudos to you and your crew for thinking outside the box. Perhaps in time we will find out what process FF actually used. Whether it be this or something else entirely. Regards.

      • Iowaengr, Likewise, I had not considered it, but the entire Chase has netted a lot of learning of new things. When I kept coming up empty I began to realize that there was a hidden and very specific code in there somewhere. The VABM points fit what I was looking for in terms of a method to be more exact. I didn’t come up with that solve, but I sure appreciate what was found, and I’ve re-drawn most of it from scratch for myself. That’s when I noticed the blaze as pictured directly on the map. Apparently ff had described an unintentional hint somewhere? If eventually the full details come out their pathway may be different, but it will likely make use of some or most of this solve.

        I’ve always understood that given the parameters of the Chase, there were way too many possibilities for any one person to “prove out” all of them. But there also had to be a way within the constraints, to correctly narrow down the options, and that did finally happen.

        Thanks to FF for a real challenging and fun chase.

        • I thought it was on the cover where it says “water” next to a picture of Fenn after fishing.

  24. I like the idea of a bench!
    I don’t knowa lot but it seems to me that Mr. Fenn has been pretty bold in hiding his treasure(s) in a very visable spot. My brain is tired and I need a rest so think I will grab my book and read a chapter or two. Might even read one of the stories to my grandkids – who knows, they have such an imagination and may come up with something that I’ve not thot about. Never seem to have enough spare thyme to enjoy those special moments – THAT is gonna change! Mark my words…..

    • Yes, I eventually found thyme to be with my kids. They think I am often morbid, but I have a lot on my plate. Parents always find a way.

  25. QuDee, I tried a lot of different methodologies, but most of them focused on using only the poem itself to derive a singular, unique and hopefully verifiable answer for the chest location. My favorite WY solve went like this:

    I has a secret . . . Line 24 imparts it.
    Line 24: I give “U” tit let “O” the gold
    “U” correlates to Line 21, letter “O” the 15th on that line
    15th letter is “L” in ” Listen”
    Listen = L is 10, so Base 10 used
    Couple with “Warm”
    Warm = W ar(e) M

    Using a letter wheel concept now for process using these initial ideas.

    A = 5
    B = 6
    C = 1
    D = 2
    E = 3
    F = 4
    G = 5
    H = 6
    J = 7
    I = 8
    K = 9
    L = 10
    M = 1
    N = 2
    O = 3
    P = 4
    Q = 5
    R = 6
    S = 7
    T = 8
    U = 9
    V = 10
    W = 1
    X = 2
    Y = 3
    Z = 4

    Now use this If:
    W are M . . . Both are 1, good

    Note Line 1 ” I have” can be “I halve” by homophone
    Note suggestion that “F ar(e) T” in Line 7

    Examine “Halt”

    Halt = Half??
    Cancel HAL from both sides
    T = F???
    T = 8
    F = 4
    T = F + F instead

    Now consider using F for T in Line 5 mathematically

    Begin: If + Where + W
    Are Equal To: M + Wafers

    Both are 31 exactly with the number wheel values

    And + Take + It + In also 31 per wheel values

    The + Canyon – D is also 31 per wheel values


    It + Where + Warm as rotational stop point to add another wheel and put it next to the starter wheel.
    Think safe mechanism.

    A L
    I T
    W H

    All these fit when Operation complete.

    Follow instructions and add wheels. You will find that “Blaze” appears on top row as “ALBZE”

    Blaze was mathematically derived.

    Pretty cool, huh?

  26. I agree, but for a different reason. Answer to the fluid math problem cited above yielded a coordinate in the Fitzpatrick Wildernes Area. But as I do not have the chest, my thoughts are strictly conjecture. Regards.

  27. ***Hidden Nuggets***
    There are many here that are in the “pure poem” camp. I will use the following example from TTOTC to illustrate that not only was the book useful, some hints were almost as good as the clues themselves. One hint in TTOTC comes from page 64. There are 2 pictures of Skippy’s car. The caption under the top picture says “Skippy in his car; the grin is real.” With closer inspection, you will notice that the top picture is altered because Skippy is superimposed into this photo. This suggests that this car is not Skippys. Now the bottom pic is real, thru and thru. Look at the windshield and body design just below it in both photos. One has a windshield and one doesn’t but more, the side quarter panels below the windshield are completely different. These are two different cars. Now why is this important?? Well, the top picture also has no engine where it would normally be sitting. Why? Because Forrest hid the treasure in an area designated as a wilderness where no motorized vehicles are allowed. The following is pulled from Wikipedia with the link for reference below:
    “Wilderness Act: This Act, which was passed in 1964, classified and protected 54 wilderness areas (about 9.1 million acres) and established a system of adding new lands to the National Wilderness Preservation System. It also allowed jurisdiction over these wilderness areas by the Forest Service, National Park Service, or Fish and Wildlife Service. The Act also set up prohibitions on motorized and mechanized vehicles, timber harvest, and other means of development in these areas.” Checkout the link:

    Now go back to scrapbook 107 and read the scrapbook from this perspective for reinforcement:

    And also think about this….There is no designated wilderness area in Yellowstone Nat’l Park. Hmmmmm

    Just an opinion

    • Two more things I took away from your analyses and its very good I feel. Is the GRIN on Skippys face.
      And the car was towed to Walmart Parking lot. Parking lot again like his car in the parking lot outside of the Denver museum. I know earlier on this page others are talking about the important literature chapter and catcher in the rye. Museum is a muse, a library.
      And Catcher in the Rye I felt was the reference to the river area he likes. The Rye is a river in Europe. Catching trout in the river.

    • TH

      I think you’re onto something with the Wilderness boundary idea. I’ve thought this for a long time.
      FF comments about why he cannot just ride his bike out there and throw the chest into the water high….bikes are also not allowed in the Wilderness areas.

    • Hello Treasure Happy. In regards to Skippy being superimposed, it was Susan Caldwell’s suggestion to Mr. Fenn to do so while designing the book.

    • Treasure Happy,

      Very interesting points!
      I was studying an area of Bridger Wilderness between Lily Pond Lake and Frozen Lakes thinking about the Bullet Stories and other scrapbook stories.
      There were a lot of interestingly named water bodies in a fairly small area (Temple Lake, Temple Creek, Dads Lake, Mirror Lake, Twin Lakes, Meeks Lake, Iron Creek, Willow Creek, East Fork River, Deep Lake, Clear Lake, Black Joe Lake, Blue Lake, Fish Lake, Fish Creek, Poison Lake, Lightning Lakes, Divide lake, Crescent Lake, Marys Lake, Black Lake, Raid Lake, Long Lake, 1000 Island Lake, Upper Long Lake, Snake Lake, Trapper Creek, Lake Surprise, Hidden Lake, Spruce Lake, Baldy Lake, Bell Lakes, Horseshoe Lake, Blueberry Lake, Jim Lake, Duck Lake, Cottonwood Lake, Pocket Lake, Pocket Creek, Silver Lake, Silver Creek, Star Lake, Star Creek, etc.)

    • Treasure Happy,

      I still think we need to stay more within the confines of the poem. I think that the books and scrapbooks have too much information that may sidetrack from better search locations. I started one solution around Warm Spring Mountain, Warm Spring Creek, Warm Spring Canyon, Holmes Number 1 Ditch for Home of Brown, Rifle Range Draw, Mason Draw, Carson Draw, Byrd Draw, Wind River, Dinwoody Lake & Dinwoody Creek, looked down on the map and saw Ocean Lake, and then Found 3 different Horseshoe Lakes and got side-tracked by the scrapbook stories and started searching all the areas listed above. I noticed that 2 of the Horseshoe Lakes are separated by 22 miles (Fenn’s Birthday & the number of stones in his silver wrist band)

      Before I had a chance to re-wind my watch, the search was over.
      In my opinion it would be wise to stick to the poem.

  28. Top car is a Model A “TUB” or it was a sedan with the top cut off, it has the 4 cylinder engine in it. The bottom car is definitely NOT a model A ford, cant tell if its a 29 Dodge? The windshield is from a 39 ford truck? and is strange because the are hinged at the top, they did not mount on the bottom and opened up to let air in under them so that windshield is bolted down somehow, no wonder it fell off. Def 2 different cars.

    • Chilly, I agree with your interpretation. And the “TUB” is very interesting especially if you put some imagination into it and think bathtub.

      I think this was a subtle hint to relate the tub to bathtub. The radiator is warm water.

      Like drawing a bath.

      To get water to the surface you have to draw the heavy loads up high.

      Just like the river bathing is best story he talks about bathing and bath tubs and in the picture of the one room cabin the water pump sits outside to draw water up.

  29. Is anyone else staying out at 8.25 mi north of Santa Fe this weekend? Kinda quiet put here.

    • From Forrest’s statement afterwards, it sounds like it may be a software-related project to auto-reject repetitive emails from unruly relentless souls. I’m sure glad I’m not on that naughty Christmas list! lol

    • Pauley T,

      Only Forrest knows for certain what the project is, but I’ll wager a guess…

      My hunch is ff could be organizing his collections and will soon designate his Santa Fe Home as the Fenn Museum. The home is perfectly situated at Museum Hill in Santa Fe. I donated one item that fit’s well with his Blackfoot moccasin collection or First People’s tools. Perhaps I’ll see it on display in the future.

      • If developing a Fenn Museum, I think that a certain TC would be the capstone of that collection provided that it doesn’t find it’s way into the Smithsonian or New Mexico History Museum.

      • I would love to see a scrapbook about his Blackfoot moccasin collection. To see the details would be amazing. Part of my family roots is Blackfoot and, unfortunately, I don’t know much about it.

        • Dave Icenhower, you are so right on. The treasure would make a great focal point in a Fenn Museum. Although the security needed would cost far more than the museum would make. Maybe a fake chest and look a like treasure.

        • Pdenver,
          why don’t you ask forrest if he would write that scrapbook about his Blackfoot moccasins? You have a rich heritage to be proud of.

          If you find yourself in Northern Montana visiting Glacier National Park after Covid restrictions lift, the Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning, MT and Nine Pipes Museum in Charlo, MT would be of interest to you.

          Blackfeet Culture Camp

          You can also enjoy reading on-line about your Siksika heritage:

          At one time, they were feared Plains warriors. Historians believe the Blackfeet, forced out of their ancestral grounds in today’s upper Great Lakes region by white advancement, were one of the first Native American tribes to head West. Though there are several stories on how they received their name, the most plausible is that their moccasins were blackened from the long journey across the prairie to reach what would become Montana.

          The Blackfeet band now living on the Blackfeet Reservation are descendants of the Piegan branch of the Blackfeet. Two other bands – the Bloods and the North Blackfeet – now reside on Canadian Indian preserves scattered throughout Alberta.

          • Hello 42. Mr. Fenn has been quiet and not sure if he would do one, but I might ask. Really would love to know about the moccasins. Thank you for the information you’ve posted. I greatly appreciate it. I believe there is some kind of link between the Canadian side of the Blackfoot tribe for me for I, too, am part French Canadian. A few years ago, I accidentally came across an online photo of Chief Running Rabbit Aatsista-Mahkan and I gasped because he looks quite a bit like my paternal grandfather. I don’t know if the bloodline is there, but sure looked like there might be a possibility.


    • Yes, Happy Belated Birthday!!
      The birthday site closed fast and I so wanted to say Happy Birthday. I’ve enjoyed this chase and searched Wyoming with my daughter last October
      My Dad will be be 90 in Oct. You two are a pair. He a Major in the Marine Corps and you a Major in the Air Force.
      Thanks for the Thrill of the Chase. My daughter and I have searched the Grand Tetons and are sure we were on target. We , like many others came up short but our adventure was priceless.
      Thanks for motivating us to search and follow a dream.
      Love you, Colleen and Kaylin

  30. I thought, possibly, that Forrest was talking about the project he was working on with Cynthia called The Taos Stories, but he didn’t even look over at her or say her name when he mentioned the project, so I’m thinking it was something else, but what could it be?

    Unless, it was The Taos Stories he was talking about and he was just trying to be aloof and secretive, but also, didn’t Forrest tell Cynthia that surprises were coming….?

    I’m confused……….., but at least I’m still happy. 🙂

  31. A couple of Forrest Fenn quotes extracted from his story about Aide de Camp Algernon Smith foreshadowing the end of the chase for all but one:

    Fickle is the finger that points to success.
    Mother Luck took a ferocious turn against us.

  32. If Forrest hide the treasure in one day, that might mean:
    1) travel time there, hike in, reminisce a while;
    2) hike out, hike in, set the stage, reminisce even longer;
    3) document it, leave the stage, hike out;
    4) travel time home.

    I think he said he hid the TC in one day, two trips in one afternoon (early?mid?late? I guess only f knows) to set the stage at the secret place; returned home and his wife didn’t even know he went wherever he went. I don’t readily remember the words he used.

    Does anyone know if he was ever asked if his wife was at home/at least in the Santa Fe area? or on vacation? Or that he even talked to his wife or anyone else the day he hid the TC?

    • Hello Birdman. I believe if he answered any of the questions you posted, it would give too much information away as to where and when he may have hid the treasure chest.

      This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

      • pdenver

        Thanks. I think things like this were probably spoken of a lot early on in the Chase; but I didn’t discover the Chase until 2017. Lord knows I wish I had found it sooner.

        There’s a couple reasons I asked these questions, but primarily I just continue to chew on logistics and timing and distance for Forrest to have pulled off an amazingly difficult day like that special day he secreted the treasure.

        I had pretty much ruled out Montana and Wyoming for those reasons, coupled with the fact that he had said that about his wife not missing him or knowing where he went.

        She was probably used to him being gone full days on his adventures whether excavating or whatever; so it’s probably moot if he talked to her or not, or if she was in town or not.

        I’m just trying to get any feedback that could help my inquiring mind move different thoughts and possibilities forward. In other words, my imagination won’t let me let go of the Chase and all the “what ifs” just yet.

        • I suggest you focus more on the poem rather than miscellaneous
          possibilities . . . at least until you have a solve that looks extremely
          strong to all 6 of 6 smarter-than-average people you show it to. Good luck.

          • tall andrew

            That’s good advice and I’ll take it as help. Thank you.

            I HAVE already made that shift; as you’ll see farther down in this blog. However, I always LOVE to speculate and wonder at possibilities. It’s part of who I am.

            I’m hoping to motivate someone NOT to give up, but to solve this thing, find THE spot, and help us all, not just have a partial closure, but a significant understanding of all of it, DESPITE the possibility of not gaining ANY incite or information from the Finder or Forrest Fenn.

            It’s possible… but we… the community… MUST find THE spot.

    • Birdman,
      Your #s one through three are very reasonable assumptions. Number four might be off… To travel from WY to NM would take a fair amount of time. A reasonable estimate of milage and time could be 13 – 18 hours respectively. IF the task was done by or before noon(ish) … The earliest arrival home (by vehicle) would be 1am.
      So this would mean he had to leave approximately 6 -7pm the evening before, and gone from his home a minimum of 30 hours (non-stop, little or no sleep).

      IMO, the more likely scenario is he was on a trip that had two or three agendas planned.
      Visiting friends / family, even having Peggy with him on such a trip?
      Or any number of reasons to be in or near WY.
      My point and thoughts are; it took more than 30 hours to set it all up to hide the chest.
      Also, none of this when information would help. We know he hid the chest in summer, done in one afternoon, in the state of WY… Does it really matter if Peggy was in NM or somewhere else or even with him?
      Side note; I don’t believe Fenn ever stated the amount of time it was; from when he left NM and returned to his up home in NM.

      • Seeker

        All that is very helpful information. Great food for thought. Thank you.

        In your opinion, regardless of him still owning a plane or not, or even still having an active license or not, what’s the chances in terms of percentage in your mind that he used a plane to get it done? Less than 50%? Less than 10%? What’s your gut say?

        My gut said no plane involvement. Which is one of the reasons I had zeroed in on Colorado. But now, Wyoming, I sorta feel like I’ve got to grant that thought admission back into my mind.

        Can you help me with why I should or shouldn’t?

        • Birdman,
          We know he didn’t have a pilot license at the time, and his plane was sold. IMO, no plane was used because wit would be trackable… if hired out. My chance would be 0 percent.
          We know he did visit WY because of the Cody Museum in those years (at age 79 or 80). So it’s possible he took the chest while visiting the museum (that’s one scenario).
          WYS is a stone throw from WY… a fishing trip could have been a good cover story.

          My main point is; I think from the time Fenn left his home and returned home… days could be involved.
          Many would like the idea he left home and returned in the same day during the hiding of the chest, yet we have no info stating this.

          • Pilot’s licenses do not expire, He had and does have a pilot’s license to this day and forever. however other things do expire, like his medical. most likely he was on a normal trip to Wyoming in a car, as he did at least once and probably twice a year to board meetings. Then stayed for 1 to 2 weeks doing other things including enjoying his favorite areas… not just that year, but every year to that time. those thinking he had to be home in time for dinner were ones just not expanding their thinking a reasonable amount on the matter.

        • Concur with what Seeker has opined about Forrest’s hiding trip (except I don’t believe a pilot’s license ever expires). He couldn’t have flown commercially, almost certainly did not fly himself via rental plane, nor would he have been likely to tap a friend to fly him up there — all too risky and leave paper trails. I’ve always assumed a 4- or 5-day driving trip, with a handy cover story for being up there anyway (e.g. Cody/Buffalo Bill Musem in September 2009).

          I’m aware there was a rumor ATF floating around about him being “home in time for supper,” but I’ve never seen a reliable source on that, nor the context. Even supposing he had said such a thing, “home” doesn’t have to mean “Santa Fe.” Could just be where he was staying up in the area.

          • Zap-
            I agree…In fact, I was told Forrest stayed at the Parade Rest Guest Ranch off Hebgen Lake Rd. during the appropriate timeframe. This came from a very reliable source and was confirmed by a staff person at the ranch. (Although I knew about this from about 2013, I kept this info…along with other tidbits, to myself) We also know he went to Cody for an annual board meeting in the same period. So, it’s highly possible that he drove to Cody for the meeting and then went out to West Yellowstone to fish and hide the chest. From Parade Rest there are a lot of places in WY he could drive to in a day.

            Let me say that neither of the sources saw a heavy bronze chest…so it could also be that Forrest simply went fishing and did not hide the chest on that trip…

            But I like to think that he did hide the chest on that trip…

            I also know that Forrest and Peggy went out to Jackson in the winter of the appropriate year for a friend’s birthday party. It seems very unlikely, for numerous reasons that this trip was when the chest was hidden. But both events indicate that Forrest, alone or with Peggy, had no trouble leaving Santa Fe for a few days.

        • Zap,
          I believe he may have failed his eye test or another similar requirement. Nevertheless, he didn’t have a license to fly during the time of the hid.
          And not unlike Dal sharing his info… Fenn surely didn’t want to narrow down the time (age 79 – 80) for the reasons of; tracking out of state movement, such as; car rental, place to stay, airline tickets, a trip to Cody, etc.

          Those would give an advantage in dismissing 2 or 3 states if known. Such as we now know WY was the place to be at.

          The question that should be asked is; does the poem tell us of this state directly?
          WhY must I go and leave my trove?
          As I have gone alone?
          Or any other part of the poem or combinations?

          If it truly does… Can WWH be figured out in the same manner?

          • Hi Seeker — I’ve looked at it every which way since the announcement that the finder “agreed that we (he and Forrest) should reveal that the treasure was found in Wyoming.” While I didn’t much care for that nebulous language (and the resultant echoes in my brain of a certain “tell the truth but not the whole truth” kernel of wisdom), a half-truth (or even 85% truth) in that clause would hardly bring closure to the searchers with solutions in the other states. If, for example, he later quibbled and claimed he never said the treasure was *hidden* in the *state* of Wyoming, you would have an army of irate searchers.

            So I begrudgingly accept that Indulgence must indeed have been secreted within the borders of the state of Wyoming, even though I have failed utterly to come up with a Wyoming solution that is 1/100th as good as the one I had in Montana. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that way. 😉

          • Seeker

            Yeah, you’ve done it now. I had successfully put that stuff away for a while; I’m afraid the rest of the night I’ll be consumed by the words “tired, weak, and cold”!

          • Hi Seeker and Zap;

            Well, you caught me in a moment of weakness – I glanced at Dal’s site, and here you guys were.

            My solve is as good, or as bad as everyone’s – I did not find the treasure – but I was in the right state. How did I end up in Wyoming? Simple, I Googled it. Since Forrest spent a lot of time in Yellowstone, I googled “Warm springs in Montana.” I wound up in Anaconda Montana. Two or three bad solves later, and I gave up on Montana.

            I then Googled “Warm springs in Wyoming” (Working my way south >>> I ended up at Thermopolis (Elevation too low), so moved on to Dubois, Wyoming – It has a Warm Spring (no “s’) Creek, and a Little Warm Spring Creek.

            I started at “Warm Spring Creek”, and took the canyon down – The Wind River south, southeast. How far? about 10 miles, as the intro to “Too Far to Walk” indicates.

            Here, I found the Dubois fish hatchery (Home of Brown trout) – This worked well until Cynthia’s conversation with Forrest where he said not a structure. In the same area as the fish hatchery are the Dubois Badlands. Just east of them is Tabletop Mountain, and an old “Buffalo Jump” – Home of BROWN Buffalo. >>> There is the story of Cody and another that re-inforce the idea of Buffalo being associated with the Home of BROWN, >>> About Cody, there is a Stagecoach Inn in Dubois, and there is a Cowboy Cafe that ties in perfectly with story of Cody.

            Very near the Dubois Fish hatchery is Forrest Road 411 – Or Trail Lake Road. Remember the story about the little boy that used to call “Information” (Used to have to dial 411 for Information) for important things like a cut finger?

            “From there, it is no place for the meek” – I now found WHISKEY creek, WHISKEY mountain, WHISKEY peak as well as WHISKEY basin. WHISKEY is not meant for the meek.

            The end is EVER drawing nigh – Ever means more than one, and END can mean boundary or border. From the start of FR 411, to the end, you have to cross eight cattle guards. Each cattle guard represents a boundary or border between ranch lands and BLM lands.

            There’ll be no paddle up your creek – There is a Conservation Camp near the end of FR 411. Here, they put kayaks into Torrey Creek (Parallels FR 411) to float down stream. Torrey Creek is too rough (Lots of big boulders and rapids) to paddle upstream – so “no paddle UP your creek”.

            Just heavy loads and water high – This line takes you to Upper and Lower Torrey Creek Falls (One of the prettiest water falls one can imagine).

            If you’ve been wise and found the blaze – Upper Torrey Creek Falls looks EXACTLY like the arrow that is found in the upper part of the illustration on page 99 of TTOTC, as well as the BLAZE that is found on Lightnings forehead.

            Look quickly down, your quest to cease – Quickly can mean pungent aroma or odor – There is a grove of pine trees here – lovely smell

            But tarry scant with marvel gaze – On the side of Lower Torrey Creek Falls, there is a gigantic flat black rock (Tarry = black, Scant = a rock with two flat sides, like a memorial or grave marker – like the one shown in My War for Me.

            Just take the chest and go in peace – One could stop here, but if one continues the poem, other things match.

            For me the next stanza said to look for a wet area below the Tarry Scant – Listen for the sound of water – on the south side of the creek.

            If you are brave and in the wood – said it was within the Shoshone National Forest boundary.

            If you look at Google Earth or a topo map, and zoom out, you will note that there is a double omega formed by the glacier that carved out the valley, and the course of the Wind River – Just another piece of conforming bias.

            Seeker, you once said that if you count the words in each line of the poem, that those 4 numbers would equate to the main “topic” of that stanza. Well, almost without fail my elevations matched.

            I do not have my notes with me, but as an example, Stanza #2 – The elevation at my hoB was 6777 – Identical to the line count.

            Stanza #6 – which “gives you title to the gold” = 7787 is almost the exact elevation at the Falls.

            Stanza #4 – The BLAZE stanza – Just above the falls, is a BEAUTIFUL glacier that feeds Torrey Creek – It’s elevation is 8768 – same as the line count.

            The other stanza’s also match.

            I may not have found Indulgence, but there were just TOO many things that matched for me to give up. I still think it was found in Torrey Valley – I just did not zero in close enough.

            I “Fine tuned” this solve, to search a bit lower in the valley – among the petroglyphs (That match many of Forrest’s recent Scrapbooks). IF (and that is a BIG “IF”) it was here, I can see why Forrest and the finder do not want the location disclosed. It is pristine, beautiful, and FULL of archaeological “Finds” that would be in danger if a large influx of people descended on the area.

            So, a short story made long, as how and why I settled on this area in Wyoming.


          • @JDA – that is an intersting solve process ya got there. I like the idea of the number of words in the stanza relating to an elevation, with the words describing a landmark/waypoint roughly equal to resulting 4 digit elevation. 🙂

        • Awww Jeez Dal, we coulda used that info years ago, oh well, All’s Fair In Love And War I guess, but don’t let Cynthia find out, she’ll probably Thrash you good. 🙂

          P.S. What are the other tidbits?

          • Pauley-
            Surely you jest!!!
            As everyone who searched for the chest had things they kept for themselves…so did I.

            Searching, using knowledge gained is the entire point…is it not?
            Anyway…Cynthia knew…we shared information gained
            In the end it did not help either of us find the chest…
            But at least some of the time we were apparently looking in the right State.

          • Dal,
            Of course I jest, I love you man! 🙂
            Isn’t it funny how everyone involved has their own secrets regarding the Forrest Fenn Treasure, it’s like we’re all part of a secret society like the Templars or something. So, ultimately, with regards to Forrest and the Finder I say, “Bravo Fellas!” and Hotel Alpha Tango Sierra – Oscar Foxtrot Foxtrot – Tango Oscar- Yankee Oscar Uniform!

            It’s been a Great ride, but that Bull only let one person hang on for the 8 seconds. So, with that said, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get a bag of ice to put on my tushy. 🙂

    • birdman, FF stated that he hid the chest by making two trips from his car to the hiding spot, one with the heavy chest and one with the contents, in one afternoon. Where did you get the information that it only took one day to make the trip? Unless I have missed something, he very well could have been gone from home for more than one day. Being on the Buffalo Bill Museum Board of directors, he could have made any number of multi day trips, business, fishing, or hiding a chest, with out his wife knowing exactly what he was doing. IMO

      • Not Obsessed

        To answer your question first, it was probably an assumption I made based on general statements made by Forrest that I read and then others opinions on those statements including various articles I read when I first discovered the Chase back in 2017.

        I’m probably guilty of NOT thinking enough for myself early on when I was simply overflowing with excitement and trying to make up some lost ground in a hurry. Haste makes waste.

        I think a large percentage of searchers made this mistake, IF indeed it IS a mistake, right out of the gate… which IMO is what Forrest would have expected and help facilitate with how he brought forth information and how he was so careful to use words, whether in print or answering questions.

        HE is so smart… AND tricky… and those 2 ARE facts.

        I agree with you and the others in this string that it is probably more likely that Forrest DID embark on a several day if not longer voyage – by vehicle – of multiple purposes… with only ONE that really mattered on the EPIC SCALE. Imagine his anticipation and excitement of planning, packing, and executing such a thing… IF that’s how it went.

        I am now MUCH more open minded and careful to consider others opinions and thoughts to help me formulate a course of action to find that hiding spot.

  33. Seeker, Zap, and Dal

    Whereas I’m totally convinced that Forrest is resourceful enough to have pulled off gaining access to a plane, flying under the radar… so to speak – meaning just keeping it secretive; I’m now more convinced with what y’all are saying being much more likely the truth. Very compelling information and thoughts. I don’t think I can quite yet ground the flight possibility, but it certainly looks like it’s coming in on final approach. Thanks to all three of you. Good stuff.

  34. Something fishy is going on at my blaze! Someone came out and fixed the road; bonus that they dug up stuff in the process.

  35. One thing I wondered about with all the scrapbooks Fenn wrote, all the stuff he mentioned collecting, all the archeology stuff, all the flea markets/shows he went to, is why he never mentioned anything about old glassware/bottles when he must have run across plenty of stuff like that in his time, must have seen bottles at shows, must have come across plenty of bottles in his excavations, must have seen a few it would be fun to stick up on the windowsill or have sitting on his desk. It’s strange with his interest in so many similar things bottles/glassware seems bypassed. I think old glassware/bottles are beautiful and have gotten some stuff at flea markets and I think it would be fun to go digging for bottles.

  36. To all Searchers…

    First, to those who truly believe the Chase effectively IS over, except for both solves and both stories coming out any day now… or never coming out at all; and who are annoyed with the thought that the Chase is NOT over, but in some sort of transitional stage; and when you hear or read of others clinging to hope and the dream of continuing the Chase, it irritates, aggravates, or just brings you down… PLEASE… DO NOT READ THIS POST. You are certainly entitled to your own opinions, and your feelings are real like all of ours are; I respect that totally. I’m just trying to keep your blood pressure down and a smile on your face. 🙂

    Now to the ever open minded searchers, dreamers, eternal optimists, who’ve learned how to keep it light, and even consider the SHRED of possibility that the Chase is NOT over… you would love and welcome this being a transitional stage of the Chase, and you would like to be a real part of an amazing continuing story… PLEASE… READ ON.


    One of two things is happening:

    1) Covid, stupid lawsuits, and “exit strategy and planning” type of paperwork is being completed for the Finder and for Forrest – BOTH individually and maybe collectively; and these 3 things help explain the delay of releasing information… and the Chase IS OVER;

    2) The Chase is NOT over, but is transitioning into PHASE II; with some of the components in #1) above possibly causing a delay in roll out.

    At this point in time, I CHOOSE to believe and plan for PHASE II.

    WHAT IF:

    Scenario A: The Finder/Retriever got to the secret spot and either found more than any of us expected – for example 2 TCs (2 trips); or opened the one and only TC to either way, discover a note from Forrest. “The Godfather” Himself – making him an “offer he couldn’t refuse” – if 2 chests, directing the Finder to leave the 2nd TC; or if only one TC, to leave something at the secret spot from inside that treasure chest that nobody knew was in it…

    Scenario B: The Finder retrieves the one and only TC from the spot, finds a personal note from Forrest, brings it to him in Santa Fe, and in that meeting, Forrest gives him the offer he couldn’t refuse – which included taking something back to the hiding spot.

    Either way, whatever the “offer” was, it had enough incentive for the Finder to go along with the plan. Pretty ridiculously crazy right? How about this thought for crazy…
    Scenario C: The Godfather himself went back and secreted something else at the original secret spot. Yea… totally impossible… unless it’s not.

    I’ve said something like this before in a prior post, including that there could eventually be a 2nd Finder this year. Until information is released, I’m moving forward with the pursuit of the hiding spot. I DO believe there IS something there… other than a beautiful location on the planet where I would expect to have warm thoughts about a stranger’s life whom I in some way feel like I know (but have never met). Oh yeah, and maybe an indentation of a box.

    And yes, I want to be the 2nd Finder. I think it’s imperative that SOMEONE else solves this thing and finds the spot whether or not the Chase is actually over; because we may never get any additional information. Or it may all come out tomorrow… who knows.

    Yesterday, Seeker and others put an unexpected gust of wind in my sails. I plan on chewing on that poem a whole lot more, especially now that I’ve learned so much from this community. I plan on revisiting WY solves on Dals blog here and formulating my own – if that’s even possible with so many people already generating so much good stuff. I believe when the community helps the community, it should definitely make it possible for a 2nd finder to emerge this year or next if we continue to get no new information. I intend to come up with at least 4 possible locations to put BOTG next summer in Yellowstone. If I check your solve and find the spot, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll document it and let you and the community know you had it right. Even with the correct solve, I still believe it’s quite possible for anyone to walk right by the spot and never know. Fresh eyes may be key. I would also be quick to announce the find. That is, unless there’s a note from The Godfather with a offer I can’t refuse. 🙂

    • Hey there Birdman,

      After 10 years of trying, here is my thought regarding 2 Finders or better stated 2 solutions to the poem. I still am unsure whether the Finder, Retriever, or Solver are 1,2, or 3 people entirely. But here is a thought attempting to sort out that which has confused us from the beginning. The answer to the question, why do you need the rest of the poem after the line
      “take the chest and go in peace.”?

      One possibility is the two solutions. One solution to the puzzle requires the entire poem to solve. The other solution only requires the poem up until taking the chest.

      I had stated previously the possibility that the first solve finds the bones and the second solve finds the chest. Does the Chase end when either solve is completed or only when both are completed. We know the Chest has been found and even perhaps the bones at this point, so what does this leave us with but a bag full of sand?

      I believe the “long poem” solve guides the Finder to the “short solve” location by means of the word “title” which means “a heading”. I used this method in all my searches to go from one failed solve to the next. The point where a seemringly decent attempt at a correct solve failed , but provided a “heading” none the less, to guide me to the next attempt.

      It is also possible for a searcher to solve the “short poem” as well directly to claim the chest with no need for the rest of the poem.

      The question is what does Mr. Fenn do if the “long poem” is solved, but not the “short poem”? Lot’s of scenarios in that instance and we may be seeing it play out currently. Who knows? Only Mr. Fenn.

      • Windsurfer

        Thanks for sharing that very interesting information. There’s just no telling how complex the Chase may turn out to be in its entirety. If only we knew if Forrest is ever planning on indulging us all about indulgence and all the other nuts and bolts of this thing.

        If we don’t get anymore information and the Chase gets stuck in perpetual suspense, I truly hope that someone like you or another long time searcher solves it and finds the spot… if it’s not me of course!

        • Maybe, the 2 colophons at the end of the book, is a hint that there are 2 solves. Probably just dreamin’. I have returned to the air, and found 3 stickmen. It is fascinating, If anyone would like to see them, I could e-mail you.

      • Hey Windsurfer,
        Do you believe Forrest is giving the finder a “heading” to help solve the poem rather than legal ownership of the trove?
        Or both?

        I have always assumed ff was giving the finder legal ownership.

        TITLE definitions:

        -A right or claim, or the basis of a right or claim.
        -A form of ownership free of valid claims by other parties.
        -The aggregate evidence that gives rise to a legal right of possession or control.

    • I really like this, Birdman.
      I am a dreamer to be sure, and would love for the chase to continue. . . I miss the mountains SO MUCH. Sadly, I can’t go, and this hurts my heart.

      • Sweetpea Mcgee

        There’s a lot of us with hurt hearts right now in these uncertain times we’re living in. It can be extremely tough to navigate life… in general… even for the most grounded individuals.

        Then, as if life wasn’t tough enough, all of us searchers had this wonderful adventure hijacked… not saying ANYONE is to blame… just saying it FEELS that way sometimes. However, I concede that feelings don’t always equate to facts. Feelings can deceive.

        “This to shall pass…” my outdoor loving friend. The pandemic will fade away, the Chase will NOT stay in its current condition, and life will march on. Yes, we WILL return to the mountains.

        Anyone who’s gone to the mountains has left pieces of their heart there in exchange for pieces of the mountains to fill that void. Only when you go back to visit are you or the mountains whole again.

        There’s a piece of my heart on the top of Mt Harvard I’m thinking of right now. I left it there. And like you… I want to go back.

          • nomadicMadman – I will take this comment over to “the Last Roundup” so we are in the right conversation. 😉

        • Aww, Birdman
          There seems to be water dripping out of my eyes right now. . .
          I will go back, and it will be a joyful day, and my new doggie will be with me. But for now I will keep on keeping on!

  37. Hey All,
    This is a public service announcement if Cynthia has not already reported it.
    For those attending the Fenn Finale and events this Fri-Sun there are some park road issues to keep in mind.
    1. You cannot get to fishing bridge from the North. The road from the Mud Volcano just south of Canyon Village to the Fishing bridge is temporarily closed due to a gasoline semi-trailer roll-over. Hopefully it will open by Saturday morning.
    2. The southern route from Madison to West Thumb and onto Fishing Bridge is open but there is a detour at Old Faithful due to road construction.
    3. It is also reported that the route between Old Faithful and West Thumb could also close at any time if the Lone Star Fire south of Old Faithful increases. I just went through there and saw no sign of any fire and I have been breathing smoke all summer in Denver.

    The Ranger notice states you can call 307-344-2117 for a recorded message, or sign up to receive road alerts on your phone by texting
    “82190” to 888-777

    Leave plenty early from West Yellowstone to get to the Bridge photo on time on Saturday noon. I think Cynthia said be there by 11:30. We can enjoy Old
    Faithful on the return because the detour takes you right through the parking lot.

    Looking forward to meeting you all who attend.

    • Hello Windsurfer. Thank you for the information. I was there last week when the fire started and a few days later the fuel tanker tipping over due to a bad thunderstorm we had from the wee morning hours on. I’m surprised Fishing Bridge to Mud Volcano is still closed. I believe the accident happened on Wednesday, took the majority of the day to upright and clean the area. The following day, they briefly opened the road. Dirt was piled up on the side of the road where they used it to soak up the fuel spill and the smell was strong. They closed up the road again and was told it would take 4-5 hours, but it remained closed on Friday. We left Saturday morning, but took the southern route. I wasn’t sure if the fire was out with the storm we had, but there were a few days West Thumb to Old Faithful was closed, too. It was quite an adventure this vacation. Did go to Fishing Bridge to say I was there, but didn’t take any pictures. Just enjoyed the beauty of the park.

  38. Anyone else rereading TTOTC or TFTW?
    I no longer look for hints.
    I just keep asking myself…
    How flexible is the truth?

  39. First time poster, better late than never, I supposed. I hope that’s ok with y’all.

    My solve led me to Wyoming, the only that trip I took in my search for the treasure, and I want to share my story. What led me there specifically was two things that FF had said in his various interviews, and my interpretation thereof. Not only did I try and understand the poem and find the clues in the book, I listened to all the interviews that FF gave, in chronological order, and took note of new facts, contridictions and emphasises that he revealed as time marched on. There were interesting tidbits in those interviews, as it turns out.

    The first thing that stuck out to me was FFs comments about looking on the edges. This comment was made in one or more interviews. It got me thinking, and as a result, I decided to examine all the edges, the boundaries of the entire map he provided, on google earth and google maps. I zoomed into every piece of land that I could and methodically scoured the area, one click at a time, going round from the 12 o’clock position. Click, click, zoom, zoom, zoom, click.

    A second comment of FF’s was “I am not just going to draw an X on the map”. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but…..

    then I saw it, a HUGE natural X on the map, a natural phenomena that stood out like a sore thumb. I showed it to friends who read maps, and they all said that this was something unique, something unusual, that looks man made, but clearly isn’t. It looked like somebody had taken a giant stick and made an X on this “island”. Exactly as it would be on a treasure map. Imagination, remember, is what FF said was most important. Think like a kid, he said, and so I did….

    None of my map reading friends them could recall ever seeing anything like this on any map that they had used in the past. Not only was this structure geographically unique, but it fit into one of the lines of the poem, specifically, “put in below the home of Brown”. The names given to the features there fit into the Brown clue. I felt at that point that I had stumbled on a significant finding. What, I asked myself, is the chance that the home of Brown would be marked by such a natural phenomena?

    It was at that point in time, I decided to take a trip out there and see what was on the ground. As FF had said, some clues can only be found on the ground. Once I got to the area, I took a hike that fit with the descriptions of what an elderly man carrying a heavy pack could reasonably accomplish, I started up a canyon. About an hour and a half later, I reached the top, and started to explore the area. To be fair, there was nothing that seemed to be special up here, except for the name of this trail. It too matched a line in the poem, presumably that is one of the seven specific clues.

    While walking around off trail, I started up a little incline, and too my surprise, there was something strange at the base of some large boulders. I walked up closer, and discovered a simple cross that had been erected behind these huge boulders, hidden away from the trail, with the inscription “Papa” and some dates carved into a plate that was fastened to the crossed. I never conclusively matched up the dates to when FF recovered from his illness, but in the moment, I wanted to believe that “Papa” was his pre-illness self, and one of the two men involved in keeping a secret, now dead and buried and right in front of me. Had FF not said that the treasure was not in a grave, I would have dug a hole right there and then. I stood at the cross and literally could not believe my eyes. The X, the house of Brown, the trail name, and now the grave of “Papa”, almost exactly in the style that all the crosses in the book are shown as. Coincedence?

    I moved behind the cross and stood looking out, taking in the view, with marvel gaze. I looked at everything that I could, imagining where I would have put the treasure if it was me. However, I really didn’t have a clue. Neither was it obvious on what to do next. I started to explore more, following the streams, walking the trails, clamboring up rocks, and for a few hours I looked everywhere that I could, but obviously had no luck. I didn’t, however, look under any bushes. In fact, I was looking up at trees, trying to find a blaze, the markings on carved into a tree that others have mentioned as a possible solve.

    Sadly, at this point, I decided to take pause, and decided to leave to try and figure out what I was missing, or if this was all one big coincidence. It took another 18 months for a penny to drop on this, which it finally did, but more on this later…

    After returning home and digesting everything, I kept at trying to solve the puzzle. Over time, I realized that many places in the area that fit into the poem, the book and comments that FF has made over the years. Reading, rereading, examining maps, I noticed that more and more names of the peaks, the names of creeks, of other features in the area, how they all seemed to fit. However, being skeptical, and cognizant of my own biases, I decided not to rush into another trip into the same area. Another comment of FFs was that once you have located the correct area, things will pop out and there will be no doubt that one was where they needed to be. While I felt that way about this particular area, that this was the correct place, I also felt like I was missing something significant, and held myself back from a second trip. My aim was to find an equally complelling solve in another place, and go to two different places on one trip. That said, I never found a place that struck me in the same way,

    A few, but not all, of the other things that stood out to me:

    The name of a major road in this area matches up with clue “Begin it where warm waters halt”. In fact one has to drive that road into this area. This road/clue also matches up to a very often reused number in the book. This particular road is numbered using this number.

    Many of the peaks and other natural features in the area match up to chapters and stories in the book. Though, that said, there are a lot of peaks in a lot of other areas that also match up in this way, but a few are standouts (at least to me). Clues from the second book also started to stand out as time went on.

    French names, one specific place that one has to drive past references the story about milking the cow and feeding the cats. Other French names that translate into English and fit nicely into the concepts of riches, money, treasure, wealth.

    This area also seemed to be in the area that FF had had his fight with Skippy and gotten out the car. It is the same area of the book “A walk to far”. While there are some clues in the “A walk to far” book, I found one story in particular “confirmed” that I was in the correct county, that my natural X was in fact a part of the solution.

    Given that one has a lot of confirmation biases in a situation like this, I knew that a lot of what I thought was accurate, could/is actually just me wanting to believe the I was right.

    Going back to the cross and the blaze though, the final piece of the puzzle that fell into place was a realization that FF had also used and reused the time 8:00pm repeatedly. After thinking about this further, I visited a website that showed the azimuth of the sun overlayed on a map of the area, and what I realized is that during the summer months, from the early evening until sundown, the cross would reflect the sun off into the distance, between (depending on the time of year) ~6:30 until sundown. Only in the summer months, and only for that part of the day. In my mind, this was the elusive blaze, and the final clue to finding the location of the treasure. My plan was to return to the area and watch the sunset from the location of the cross, and take note of where the reflection of the sun landed, and hopefully see a twinkle. To me, the clue “the effort will be worth the cold” now meant that it would be cold once one reached the treasure, since it would be after sunset, in the cold and the darkness, trudging down the mountain shivering, but alas, I never had a chance to go take another look.

    This idea of the reflection being the blaze also fits nicely into the many comments and references to straight lines, to rulers, also in the the story of the broken pies (a semi circle, the straight-ish side of the pie being the middle line). That story also has many other references, and in my opinion is as important to the solve as the Vietnam story that FF said to read. (First and French, the transalations of French names that I mentioned above). This all comes together in my mind as the reflection off the cross would be a straight line off into the distance, and that would be the final clue. Just like a pirate story. Imagination, remember? Arrrgh….

    Of course, I might never know if my solve is correct, but since FF announced that the treasure was located in Wy, I feel that there is a good chance that I might have been right on top of it. Either way, to me I have an interesting, and compelling solve, even if it is incorrect.

    I hope that you enjoyed reading my poorly written account of it. I also believe that it’s not over competely, thus I am choosing to keep this vague.

    Just to be clear, should I have to, I could prove any and all of this unequivocally. This account would stand up to scrutiny. I also sent FF a mail long before the treasure was discoved so that there would be a record of this potential solve. He might not have read it, but it was sent.

    In summary, it’s my theory that FF “buried” his treasure on an “island” in the rockies, and did his best to encourage us to use our imagination, hoping that somebody would see the X on the map that nature had placed there. I believe that many years ago Forest saw this X somehow, perhaps flying above WY, and found the inspiration in that moment when he realized that this was the perfect place for a pirate to hide his trove. And the quest was borne.

    As a final comment, congratulations to the finder, I hope one day you will tell the world, (or just me, please), how close those of us who ended up in this area actually got to the treasure. Kudo’s to you, Mr “Back East”.

    • Thank you for the long message, and welcome to the hunt (so to speak), even
      though some folks believe it’s over, for all practical purposes. I’m not one of those folks.

      Regarding the big X, I think it would take a good amount of imagination to “see” (that is, IMAGINE) it. A person simply flying over it (say, 11 years ago) wouldn’t see it. But if you are a serious searcher for the Fenn trove, and had a good (or better) solve, you might be able to make a mental connection and say “this is where I would draw an X”. It happens to be pretty much in the same place where Fenn would want the successful solver/searcher to “turn over a log”. As always, this is part of my opinion.

  40. Enjoy a safe Labor Day weekend all. Happy trails to those in West Yellowstone for the final fennboree.!

    For those traveling back home thru Cheyenne, Wyoming and Denver, Co… SNOW is forecast on Tuesday. No kidding.


  41. If anyone is out at YNP today and meeting with other searchers….please contribute a paragraph or two…or a photo or two, about the meet-up, the get-together and the experience…
    I’ll post them on a new page on this blog…
    The Last Round-Up…

  42. I believe that after reading the poem the keyword is “nigh.” Why do I think that?

    Because without any other help you can still find Nye, Montana. While you are at Nye, Montana your next move is to find “There’ll be no paddle.” And, there happens to be a river within 2000 feet of Nye named Stillwater. Get it? If there’s no paddle, then the water is still.

    So, you are now in Stillwater River looking for “water high.” Well, you go up the river and you pass by some mines. This confirms you are going the right direction because of the heavy lodes nearby. We are still looking for “water high” and we find it at “Flood Creek.” Now, we go “up” our creek like the poem tells us to.

    We are going up Flood Creek looking for “If you’ve been wise.” Owls are wise and after traveling up Flood Creek we reach Owl Lake. From Owl Lake, we are able to draw one leg of our giant x by referring to the instructions of the poem. And, when you have one leg of an “x” that’s all you need as long as you hunt the entire leg.

    • everybodies idea’s and solutions are really cool, but FF said don’t over think it or make it complicated.i agree. that’s why i still say my solve is the correct one . i understand that i am just as emptyhanded as the rest of you but no one has kept the solve simple and somewhat easy the way FF wanted it to be.

  43. Saw the video footage from Kpro and it looked like a small crowed in WestYellowstone. It was apparent the Finder did not show. Oh well maybe in Santa Fe August 2021.

    • It’s sad to watch or think about, but in the long term it’s very useful. Yellowstones fires have left a blooming and youthful forest for everything to enjoy!

      • Fun fact: “Serotiny is an adaptation of some plants to release seeds in response to an environmental trigger. Serotiny is expressed in lodgepole pine through its cones. In fire prone habitats, lodgepole pine cones are glued shut by resin. Heat from fires melts the resin allowing the cone scales to separate and release seeds.”

        So the same fires that decimate, spread seeds of life to recreate.


  44. Insomnia tonight, so Im cheking in to see if y’all are still here, and y’are. Couple words I found interesting back then… ‘Look quickly down’ might have meant to look down the quick or quickly …. found in a book about landscaping/gardening in colonial Virginia. (Mt. Vernon, GW’s home). It was a walkway or garden path, which in some cases was a brick sidewalk around a vegetable garden. So, to take a ‘quick’ walk after dinner was to take a walk around the garden….

    I never had a whole theory, since I never was able to travel, but I did always think “no place for the meek” was a reference point, Fawn Pass. That killer highway was no place for a fawn.

    I feel sleepier now. goodnight. OS2

    • OS2 – nothing better than reading a good book when you can’t sleep.
      I think you picked up the right book to read. I love gardens and getting my hands dirty. Startin from scratch is so fullfilling. Just wish it would rain.
      Enjoy you weekend.

      • I thought it was an interesting word…. never found the etymology of it. But if a quick was a path or walkway around or along something, it might have been derived from an old word that meant margin or edge……. and that certainly resonated in Fenn hints. Maybe the quick was a higwater line along a stream, or where the bushes grew higher…a hedge line. Quick also means alive, so a hedge or vegetation border added power to the interpretation. Quick was interesting like the word LIST which is the selvedge edge of a bolt of fabric. Did ‘Listen good’… mean to hear a sound, or follow a line or edge? In heraldry signage (flags & shields & such) lists are painted lines or bands. When the men jousted on horseback, the tracks the horses ran down were called the LISTs. So, Listen Good, may have meant, follow the path.

        • Funny you should mention “heraldry” –
          was my father’s name and I always listened to him.
          Just didn’t always follow his advice. LOL

    • A quick walk around a garden could be a solve for treasure hunt.
      Besides rabbits and carrots I’m not sure, but would be small, contained, and edible too.

  45. Looking at the pictures from “The Last Roundup” – Seeing all of the people, and only two or three masks – I am glad that I chose not to attend. No masks seems foolish to me. Would hate to read where a number of people wound up with Covid as a result to attending a FENN-EVENT – JDA

    • JDA…could be they just dropped their masks for the photo and then quickly replaced them after the photo. I see several folks with masks around their neck…

      • One does have to breathe Dal. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, it would take military precision to pull it off – 1) Breathe in – 2) take mast off 3) smile for picture 4) Take the picture 5) put mask back on – 5) breathe again.

        Masks don’t protect you, they protect me from your germs – You have no mask, I am infected if you carry the virus.

        Possible? maybe, but in my estimation unlikely.

        Maybe an attendee will comment – JDA

        • I will comment JDA.

          First I want to start by saying I respect all the opinions here and I’m not disagreeing with many of the sentiments expressed. I too gave it lots of thought before deciding to join the event and I do all the necessary things required by law to “stay safe.” But after putting some things in perspective, I decided I did not want to miss this opportunity even knowing many (including perhaps myself) would choose not to wear a mask.

          Let’s face it, life is full of opportunities that result from our perception of risk vs reward. We make those decisions every day. The classic example is choosing to drive. I could get killed or worse yet, my decision could kill someone else. The risk is there and it’s very real….yet most of us choose to drive for obvious reasons. I rode a motorcycle for years, as I got older, I then decided the “reward” was no longer worth the risk. So I gave it up. And the list goes on for ALL of us….. it’s called living a life with purpose!

          So when I looked at the Covid situation, the cold hard fact is that Covid is NOT a death sentence. Please don’t take that statement as me being a non-caring person, that is far from the truth! And I am not down-playing anyone who has passed from the disease….IT IS VERY SERIOUS. What I am saying is that like many other flus and virus’s, Covid’s evil mostly affects those who are elderly, weak, or who already have underlying health issues. Most effected will recover. In my opinion, no different then many other flus. We hear all the statistics about deaths due to complications from Covid, but I would love to know the statistics of deaths due to other virus’s.

          So I made the decision to go with the thought that I would wear a mask if festivities were inside, but not when I was outside in the open air, IF everyone else was comfortable with that as well. And it seems that many others had the same thought. And even though most of us did not wear a mask, there were lots of virtual handshakes and a fair amount of distance (although not 6 feet) when people who where not in a group of known friends, chatted. In terms of the purpose of wearing a mask not just for your own safety, but for the safety of others, I think that plays right back to risk vs reward. If I were to get Covid from my interactions at the event, I have no one to blame but myself. I chose to participate and I knew the risks of being around people who, like me, chose to do so.

          So for me, I weighed the risks vs reward, and I was comfortable with it. But then again I’m someone who has skydived, cave explored, rode a Harley and camped out all alone. I can’t help but want to live life to it’s fullest. My motto has always been you have a choice… can live (perhaps) a long, no risk, comfort zone, hum-drum life, or you can live a (perhaps) shorter adventurous, full of zest kinda life! We all have to go sometime. But I’ll be darned if I go without enjoying every opportunity I can!

          • I get your point of view. Are you a carrier, who does not know they carry the virus? I don’t know, and probably you do not either.

            Did you pick up the virus on your way to West Yellowstone, and then pass it on? You do not know. Did you pick it up in West Yellowstone, and then pass it on to five, ten or twenty people? You may never know.

            You can make a choice to expose yourself – That is YOUR choice. It was MY choice to not take that chance. To each his own. Your choice should NOT include killing me.

            JMVHO – JDA

          • JDA –
            My being there did not include “killing” anyone who was also there…they made the choice just like me knowing the risk. That’s my whole point.

            “To each his own. Your choice should NOT include killing me.”

            And that is why you chose not to go. I respect that.

          • Hi Geysergirl,

            I have enjoyed your comments over the years. After the event I realized that I did not introduce myself…even though we crossed paths.

            See you next time.

          • GG,
            Well stated. You’re probably aware that Covid-19 is just another element of “by any means necessary.” Many are not, and I respect their right to choose ignorance.

            Keep your head on a swivel.

          • Joe – Thanks, and I am by no means disrespecting anyone else’s thoughts on this. Just was giving another perspective from my own thoughts. I just hope we all get through this soon. It’s dampening the human spirit.

          • GeyserGirl and JDA: Well-covered from both perspectives. GG made an assessment of where to place C-19 on her personal risk spectrum, and JDA did likewise, and I think in both instances each of you made the right decision.

            I would have loved to make it to West Yellowstone myself in order to meet everyone, but I had just been there a few weeks previously (as part of a week-long trip to Jackson, the Tetons and YNP) and a work project ended up interfering anyway. Thanks to Kris’s streaming, I was at least able to feel like I was there in spirit and got to attach a few more faces to blog names.

          • Zaphod – Always enjoy your comments. Sorry you missed the gathering. You were one of the people I was looking forward to meeting and chatting with. But there’s always next year……… 🙂

      • I tried wearing one. There’s signs on all the doors in Montana, they take the mask business pretty serious.

  46. looking at those pics makes me a little jelly. I did not really fit in at Fennboree but went to see Forrest in action. It would have been a very long drive and I would have went out of my way a number of times. I learned that it is better to stay close to home. I hope everyone has a safe trip.

  47. As I have gone alone in there…(tells you 99% of what you needed to know to begin).
    And with my treasures bold…(using your imagination is “bowled,” in a wet sandy area allowed for the chest to be left “on the ground” and covered fairly soon after with surrounding sand).
    However, it had two other important coverings. One of which -was- the ethical dilemma.

  48. End of the chase::
    Sorry, probably just me,
    But your past, present, and future tenses are wreck.

    • At one time, Forrest was on the Board of Director for the Freson Institute, out of the University of Wyoming. Forrest attended a couple of fund raisers in Dubois, Wyoming on behalf of the Freson Institure, and the Dubois Museum. JDA

  49. How it began…for me…all in my opinion.

    I started by being hungry. Hungry for I don’t know what. Knowledge, structure, or a sense of accomplishment, maybe it was competing. Seeing how I measure up with the rest. OH, and the fact that there is GOLD. $=Freedom. And the amount we were talking about is the kind of money that you can do whatever you want to fulfill ones dreams. Blah blah blah

    So, I read your poem. And gleaned the blogs, the chats, the interviews. Most important, I looked up words and “deciphered” all possibilities. Like, for example. You only said 1000000000000000000000000 times over and over and over again…TO START WHERE WARM WATERS HALT…if you don’t have that nailed down.

    So, we repose and ask ourselves…where does warm water STOP MOVING. When it freezes. I know this because I used to have these conversations with my father during long road trips when I was a kid playing hockey. Contemplating where we come from, how we got here, and the things that make up our building blocks. Atoms. States of matter. Etc

    Well if you were to ask a kid, one would say water stops or halts when it freezes or turns to ice. Matter in its solid form is what it is, on a basic name. Solid. Water, flows and when it freezes it is solid. Or stops. Or halts.

    The book TTOTC is full of important literature reference but how dare he not include FROST. I know he hated Frosty but Robert had nothing to do with it. Well, before I say how dare Forrest not include Rob, maybe I should get to know the #1 undisputed American Poet of our time.

    Any who, which part of Frost? Some extensive research is involved. Ironically using the same armchair that you and I feel at times is not the best way to get the apple. But what is nowadays…the library? Need the original, the way the author intended it to be read. As one.

    Good Luck

    • The Major lived a long rich life full of excitement and passed that excitement on to all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with Peggy and the entire Fenn family.

    • To Forrest, RIP;
      I started my searching long before the chase began. I guess we all did. Everyone has their reasons and I am no different. Now without choice, we all must carve a new canyon. My search will continue, falter, endure, but knowing my own adventure will stay the course is certain. Because like you and Donnie, we are also beckoned and reach for something more. Whatever that may mean. Like most of us searchers, I am stubborn and believe that the only way to achieve this “success” is to chase down something larger than ourselves. Maybe I’ll grow out of it when I turn 37. Haha.

      So here we are, at the end of the rainbow and you’ve done something I never knew was possible. You’ve given thousands of dreamers a chance at living out those dreams and reason to dream a thousand more.

      Now that the chest has been found, fate will find us all a new path, a new trail, a new dream. Or maybe I’ll just learn how to play Canasta.

      I ask you to let me digress, I’m sure Mr. Salinger would approve. One day my father will also pass and like you and yours I will wish for him to be remembered. I will search on Google, but to no avail. The weight of a family’s happiness is always too much to bear alone and yet we all try to be the savior. It is more than sad to me that my father and all of us “average” men will struggle until our day in the tall grass. This has always been my stages plight. When a half a century has passed, I hope there will be people like us and that they will cry for the fallen, for the forgotten, for the ones that have sunk. For the average men that died for the age that we live in.

      “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.”
      – John Donne

      Mr. Fenn,
      Through your words and this chase you’ve become something death can not steal. Yes like all of our futures, you have gone the way of the daffodil, but you’ve already cheated death. You, not just your words but the hand that writ has given us the hope to keep going. To keep dreaming. To keep chasing. We will think of you beyond this vale, as you the man, not only the words of that man but his actions. Because you, have given us the fuel, the blaze, to keep living.


      An average man. Just a cut off the morning bouquet.

      Your friend and cup companion,

      Sean J Laven

    • I am a complete loss for words. My sincere condolences to Peggy and the family.

      Thanks for the memories Forrest.


  50. “I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attributed to.” — Forrest Fenn

    Forrest, you did plenty in your 90 years. To paraphrase your words, your turn was certainly not wasted: you *did* enrich those with whom you interacted each day, and caused them to be better for having passed your view. Congratulations on a life well-lived, rest in peace, and my heartfelt condolences to your extended family.

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