The Last Roundup…

fishingbSeptember 5, 2020
by Cynthia


Cynthia reported from Yellowstone today:
Each event has been awesome. 31 people on FB for the photo and 80 + people at today’s Picnic in the park. I’m so tired!!!!!!


First was the Picnic in the Park held at West Yellowstone’s Pioneer Park.

09 05 2020 Party in the Park forthe Forrest Fenn Finale 1 of 1

Party in the Park forthe Forrest Fenn Finale!


Then came the Fishing Bridge photo

09 05 2020 Fishing Bridge Group Photo 1 of 1

Group Photo on Fishing Bridge for Forrest Fenn Finale!


Finally a round of drinks at Bullwinkles in West Yellowstone for the gang…Forrest bought the round!

09 04 2020 Forrest Fenn Finale 1 of 1

Forrest Fenn Finale









26 thoughts on “The Last Roundup…

  1. Thanks for sharing! I dont recognize anyone but Cynthia. Or anyone from function at the junction.
    Anyone from fennborie? I thought Dal was going? Great pictures! Fare thee well.

  2. I only made it to the first night, but really enjoyed my time. It was a great treat to get to see everyone that’s involved with the chase, some were famous youtubers too! I missed Forrest and dal, but I understand they’re older and covid is still out there, maybe next year tho.

  3. The Last Roundup…..i have experienced a whole peck full of lasts.
    The last cattle drive
    The last great train robbery
    The last chance on the Santa Fe trail
    The last dance and the last call

    In my minds eye I envision for the last time the wagons circiling in a broad meadow before those creeky wagons climb up over the backbone of this Promised Land.

    As I sit here at the bar drinking my last draw the old jukebox in the corner starting playing all on its own a ghostly tune as the column slowly gets louder and louder.


  4. The thrill of the chase kept so many of us engaged, but the end of the ride has left so many of us still yearning for the good old days. We will all be ever so grateful and will always have our photos and memories. Thank you Forrest and thank you Dal.

  5. nomadicMadman – In response to your comment to me over at “Part 18”, I felt like I missed meeting so many as well. There was just sooooo much going on! So yes, perhaps the face-to-face at the next event. Let’s hope the Covid thing is long gone so more will feel comfortable on getting together again.

    • How very, very sad. Tears are flowing down my cheeks. Words can not express my loss of a true friend, although we never met. Few men leave this world, loved by more than have loved Forrest.

      Although he accomplished more than most humans could accomplish in two or three l;ife-times – Forrest wanted his epitaph to read – “I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attributed to.”

      At least he lived long enough to see his treasure found.

      I salute you my friend – May the beyond bring you completeness and happiness.

      A sadder man – JDA

    • My heart just sank and I am in disbelief! I do not want to comment anymore until this sinks in. 🙁

  6. I can’t take it in right now. Nice post, JDA. We’ve lost our hero. My deepest condolences to Peggy, Kelly, Zoe, and the rest of the family. So sad.

  7. There are no words that one can say to take away the pain. I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake,I pray the lord my soul to take.

  8. My daughter told me as I pulled weeds in my vegetable garden. I fought those dandelions all summer. I sat there, numb with sorrow and replanted the dandelions in their own corner. Who am I to say they are a weed. Forrest never did. I’m crying still. Rest in peace Forrest. I’ll see you this summer as I hike the Rockies. Prayers to Peggy and family.

  9. Im so sad, my chest is hurting. No words. Regards to Peggy and the entire Fenn Family.
    Sorry for the loss, and regards to Dal and everyone whose life was touched by this great man, who we call friend. A kind hearted man!
    Lou Lee, forever your friend.

  10. With much love I wish you eternal peace Forrest! Your words still echo in my thoughts in every new and exciting adventure. Though I’ve come up empty-handed on “Brave and in the Wood”, from my spirit to yours, I thank you!

  11. Tom and Coreda were at the Yellowstone get together and are sharing their photos on Smugmug with everyone.
    Three links to three different sets of photos:


    Fishing Bridge

    The Party in the Park

    Tom mentioned that most can just click on the link to get to the photos but some will have to copy the link and paste it in their browser for some unknown reason.

    Once at the smug mug site just click on the arrow on either side of the photo to move to the next image.

    Thanks much Tom and Coreda…

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