Forrest Gone Forever…

September 8, 2020
My Friend Forrest Fenn 1930-2020



Hundreds of thousands of wonderful folks from all sides of this planet have walked his trails, fished his streams and chased his adventures. There is a great loss in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe today, and the fish are breathing easier for it.








465 thoughts on “Forrest Gone Forever…

    • as the warm water halts on my cheeks knowing the wind beneath his wings and his journey into gods hands I pray for his whole family to celebrate his life as he
      he has touched our souls with his spirit and wit. We will love him always God bless you and your family Sir

      • Jeff Burch, thank you for your post. Well said.
        When I read this sad news and after the shock, I wanted to post a comment but couldn’t find any appropriate words. Still haven’t but my heart goes out to his family first. God’s speed for healing their hearts.
        Selfishly I thought, “Just jab another thorn in my heart”..
        I’m thinking, as we get older, a significant loss as Major Fenn’s is for me, compounds with other personal losses. All the loved ones combine and we miss all who have passed at the same time, together.
        I’ll miss him and the 7 years of his adventurers and my hopes and dreams that I tied up to what was my life and fun distraction. I thank him and his family for loaning me an opportunity to improve myself and give me the wonderous distraction that I so needed.
        Warm Regards, and Sympathy,..Colleen

    • A melancholy conclusion to an ethereal and wonderful chapter of my life.

      Rest In Peace, Mr. Fenn.

      • Devastated… they say the good die young.. but to me the best die aged 90.
        Rip dear forrest. ‘Sob’ I’m sad, but happy that your back in the middle once more. Thank you Forrest for every thing.

  1. Safe travels Forrest, May you forever Rest In Peace. Prayers to the family. Thanks for the adventure!

    • Not gone forever, here forever.
      To spend time with Forrest just hike or fish any river or stream in Yellowstone.

      You will see his spirit shaking the aspen leaves or keeping the damselflies company. If you catch a trout there is a good chance that bloodline traces back to one he caught. There may still be one of his wooly worms in a tree waiting discovery.

      His spirit will always be there for those who seek the companionship.

  2. Thank you Forrest and your family for leaving such a legacy that will be remembered for a very long time.

  3. So saddened by this news. He will be in my heart forever. We shared some intimate moments. What a story teller, and all around wonderful soul.

    • I tried to go see him a couple months ago but had a brake locking up. So I turned around at Falcon Mo . He was a trustworthy man . I had a few things I needed to tell him although I feel he already knew. He was smart like that , though I never was privlaged enough to spend any amount of time with him besides just a few times I crossed his path. I will forever miss you Forest .

      If every good journey ends were it began then maybe I should get ready to make another journey to where this one began for me .
      So long old friend

      And for my farewell I would like to say my hunt came to a halt 10 years ago when I lost contact with the ones who made it fun if I ever see them again I would like to finish something that was important to me then and even more now that Forrest is gone . Now Wheres thEm at .

      Ps has anyone seen my old coat

      Lavender wind I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye he was one of my heros and forever will be .

      With the chase over Forrest gone and only a secret to keep .I finally realize the one’s who have meant the most to me were the ones I spent the least amount of time with I always will regret that . So now I sit here alone and weep thinking of the ones who influenced my life and others who mean more to me then they probably know and wishing I would have told them how I felt the last time I seen them . Like the time I was fishing by a bridge and shared some homemade chilly . That hurt

      Thank you Dal for this site
      Forrest for the chase
      God for the ones I was blessed to have met along the way and hopefully see again
      And Peggy for allowing all this to happen
      Though I may not be happy with how it all ended I’m happy to have been part of something rather than all of nothing .

      Dal I still think you should have named the camper Camel toe like kee said

  4. 2020 Officially sucks. I truly wish I could have spent just 10 minutes with that man. I world just got a little darker today.

        • Boy oh boy Kathy, I wish. I will be 59 and officially retired! I’m gunna miss waiting on news from FF. I was always so much fun knowing the comments were from the man himself.

          • I hear ya David. I always liked seeing comments from him also. He was such an inspiring person. He certainly inspired me. I emailed a few times with him and he was always gracious, but yet real. I think I am going to go cry now…

  5. I am so sad to hear of Forrest’s passing. There is a very empty place in my heart! I’m so glad his TC was found while he was here so that he could hold his treasures one more time before his passing. Many people will miss you Forrest! Thank you for the joy you have brought to so many. Thank you to Peggy and family for sharing Forrest with us.
    – Flutterby/Sheri

  6. God Bess you Forrest Fenn !!!
    For your legendary poem, your books, your generosity and friendships will be in our hearts forever.
    Your legend of a chase for a treasure will live on and will be talked about, analyzing your every words of your famous poem for eternity.

  7. What can one say at a time like this? Rest in Peace seems so inadequate, and yet, so simple and true…..

  8. My friend Forrest, you will truly be missed! XOXO Thank you so much for a wonderful adventure!

  9. Eternal rest grant unto Forrest oh Lord and may your perpetual light shine upon him. May he enjoy the treasure that you promised all of us. Rest in peace and God’s blessings to his family and friends and may they feel God’s comfort.

  10. So sad to hear the news. He lived a long interesting life though. It’s a shame he had to spend his last months in court. Condolences to his family and friends.

  11. At a loss for words. Forrest’s legacy will continue through my memories.

    I will always think of you and I wish your ghost the best if ever I should pass your vale. My Son and Grandsons will never forget our “Treasured Search” that you enabled.

    Take Care Forest & thank you again,

  12. Rest in Peace Forrest – I am very thankful to have come to know you through TTOTC! Thank you for getting me out west, thank you for everything.

  13. sad day for treasure hunters.. I was fishing for trout in the American river..i caught my first trout on the west coast, Thank you Forrest as I feel you had a play in that.. thanks for the thrill, the people and places I never would have met before. thank you for the history lessons we learned and teaching us how not forget the outside and its beauty, may you rest in peace.
    glad Forrest was able to see his treasure found.

  14. I have no response that’s worthy of your time.

    While the thrill of the chase runs through my mind.

    You may be gone, like running water.

    I’ll find you downstream, today or tomorrow.

  15. RIP Forrest, I will never forget the memories made while searching for your treasure. I wish your family the best during these trying times and I hope that you get to rest easy. Thank you for everything Forrest, you will never be forgotten


    Robert Szelinski

    • I want to take a trip and go visit Santa Fe. Maybe we can do that as soon as covid is over. It is kinda hitting me harder today. I don’t know why. How do you grieve someone you have never met, but holds a super special place in your heart? Definitely a hard one. Prayer and love to Peggy and his family.

  16. I said goodbye to my search area on Sunday. Bakers Hole. I took a video to send to Forrest of it but that email will never be sent. Thank you Forrest for getting me off that couch and into those mountains. Peace my friend.

    Copper Dan

    • Copper Dan – You have an email that will never be sent and I have an email that will never be answered. 🙁 I never, ever emailed Forrest, but I did yesterday morning. I got one of his hand-ties flies in the picnic give-a-way and wanted to know the name of it and how to fish it. So I guess I will have faith in Forrest’s favorite saying:
      “Imagination is better than knowledge.”

  17. Unbelievable! I think we all thought Forrest would live forever! Thank you Forrest, you changed my life for the better!

  18. It will not be easy to forget this day as it’s also my wife’s birthday. So very bittersweet.

    I’m proud to say I loved him though I never met the man.


  19. Forrest, you will live forever in the hearts and minds of everyone touched by your writings, art and sense of adventure. You made my life better in many ways and I thank you forever. May you now rest in peace and be in the middle again with your family and loved ones.

  20. Forrest – you are going to be missed. My promise to you is that I will continue to tromp through the Rockies and explore new areas for the remainder of my life.

    Thanks to you I found my special spot that has awe inspiring beauty. When I go there you will be on my mind.

    Go In Peace

  21. There is a great loss here in Texas and a deep sadness. I will take care of the Magnolia tree Forrest, don’t worry about it. If there will be any type of a memorial service, I would like to attend.

  22. Very well said Dal!
    Coreda and I are feeling the loss like so many are.
    RIP Forrest.

    Tom and Coreda

    • What a presence of a soul that we were all touched by …!!!!!
      All for his Love of his surroundings and sharing that love us….
      Take care Forrest……

  23. Though I never met Forrest, I am grieving the loss of a dear friend. My hope for meeting him on this side of life may be gone, but hopefully we will meet in the mountains north of this world. Sincerest sympathy to his family and all the search community.

  24. Forrest
    You will forever be in my heart, thoughts, and story’s. You will be greatly missed my friend. We spoke short and quick but your words of encouragement will always travel with me. You have changed my life in ways I couldnt possibly explain. I am and will always be a better person because of you. Rest in peace good sir.

  25. Forrest! you left us too soon!!! I’ll see you again, we have an appointment. Until then, tears.


  26. RIP Forrest, a true American hero who live an incredible, adventurous life and challenged others to do the same. God bless you Forest, my deepest sympathies go out to his loved ones during the difficult time.

  27. That explains the record breaking snowstorm from Montana to Santa Fe that started yesterday. Hes saying goodbye. I love you Forrest. Rest in peace.

  28. Truly heartbreaking…….. I will continue his search for ancient man!!!!

    What an adventure,

    RIP FF

  29. Thank You Forrest for the difference you made in so many of our lives!
    I pray your Journey to the Lite be Sweet!

  30. Rest in peace Forrest. You will be missed. I wish condolences for your family and loved ones. I am so sorry. What an amazing life you had! I am in awe.

  31. When I saw Forrest at Fennboree in 2019, he asked me, “Why are you here and not looking for the treasure?” I thought he was talking about the chest. But now, part of me thinks he really meant to go experience this life to its fullest, and if you can do it outside under the stars you have indeed found a treasure. I shall sorely miss you , Forrest, and the adventure you sent me on. I hope you and Eric Sloane are hatching up mischief at this moment. You certainly gave us the thrill of the chase. Rest in peace.

  32. This is so very sad. I am having trouble accepting the reality of this news.
    Rest In Peace now Mr. Fenn. Your warm waters may have halted and we will miss you terribly, but your love and kindness will forever be implanted within our hearts.

  33. What sad news not just for the search community, but such a great loss of the endless wisdom and knowledge of the world he explored over the years.
    RIP Forrest. 🙁

  34. Good by Forrest you’re now by your brother, sister and parents . Thank you for being my inspiration to start my own way to the art . You will be forever in my heart . ❤️

    Thank you Dal for be part of the best adventure ever . ❤️

  35. I’m still in disbelief. Dear Forrest, you spent your life planting trees under whose shade you would not sit. I don’t know what to do right now, except to try to grieve and pray for your family and Peggy, and all of your friends. I am certain you found peace. Those of us who found your life and example to be a beacon of hope are forever in your debt. I hope to follow your example, and plant trees, too, in the hope of finding some way to pay it forward. And, most of all, what I said when I was there.

    Take care, my Friend. I’ll keep you with me always.

  36. A bit over four and one half years ago, my life changed. It changed when I read a poem, and learned of a treasure placed somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, by a man that I would never meet, but by a man that would impact my life beyond measure. At the time, I did not know that it would change me as a man, but it did.

    The man that had written the poem, and that had hidden the treasure lit, in me, a flame that still burns brightly. At first, I admired the man for his valor in Vietnam, and his willingness to serve his country and comrades in arms. I later learned to admire his wit and creativity. Then I began to wonder at the man’s genius in creating an almost impossible enigma within 24 lines of poetry.

    I have never been able to create friendships. I have never had anyone that I honestly felt close to, except my wife and children, and even they might confess that I build walls that keep them at an arms distance. An yet, I started to feel a kindredness with this man I had never met. Over time a true friendship developed, and even a love for this man, whom I have never met.

    Over the years, I sent Forrest hundreds of emails. Only nine were ever answered, and then with only a word or two, and yet our bond strengthened. THAT is a marvel in and of itself, and a tribute to this remarkable man.

    All of us mourn Forrest’s passing. I have lost a friend – and for me, possibly the only friend I have ever had. My heart aches beyond words. Safe travels in whatever world you have entered my FRIEND – JDA 🙁

  37. From God we come and to Him we return. I’ll admit to being a bit miffed as to how and when the search abruptly ended, but I must also admit that it got me and my boys out to some memorable searches, just outside Yellowstone.

  38. Thank you for sharing with all of us your zest for LIFE and all things LIVING. Thank you to his family for sharing him to us as well. Fen Thank you for teaching us that, each one of us hold our own treasures-and to share them when we find them. God’s speed my friend. blessings to your family in the days that come.

  39. It’s hard to explain what Forrest Fenn meant to me. All my life I haven’t been one of those people who get wrapped up in hero worship, or if I did have heroes they were far more often than not dead people, great artists, scientists, writers, and the like. I haven’t had many friends and I’ve been more cynical than not about people.

    But when I heard about the Chase, about the poem, I figured this might be something worth looking into, and that I might have a chance solving it because I’ve always loved literature, and the more I looked into it the more impressed I became, and of course Fenn himself became important in my life.

    Fenn for me just seemed to embody so many things I like, everything from nature to literature, art to honor,–he was someone I didn’t really think existed in our time, something of a complete person, a person with wide ranging interests and not a little mystery thrown in.

    I remember times in my life when I’ve felt disappointed that a person I admire is dead, that I would never have a chance to know them, that I could only know them through what they left behind. With Fenn the feeling was you could have it all, that you could solve the poem, get the treasure, and meet the person you admire at end of Chase.

    So for me it’s something of a close call in a personal sense, as if (and pick your favorite hero) you had a chance to work for your hero or become close in some way provided you qualified, did such and such, but you neither could qualify and your hero died anyway, and…heck, I’m putting it badly, but we all know the Thrill of the Chase was not like just passing some test in school or qualifying for a job, it was a great adventure and at end the hope of friendship with the amazing person who designed the whole thing.

    Heck, The Chase has been so amazing it calls for a whole new type of funeral eulogy, or at least one I’m not familiar with. Everything about the Chase has been challenging and difficult to put into words. I don’t know what to say about the passing of Forrest Fenn, but the feeling is of having missed out on having a true friend.

  40. My Dear Forrest,
    You will never know how much you impacted my life even though we never met.
    My heart is so heavy with sadness that I can’t breathe.
    Rest in peace Forrest, you’re in God’s loving hands now..

  41. The world has lost the man who created the greatest treasure hunt in history. The hunt may not have had a great ending (yet) but his autobiography should prove interesting.

  42. “I feel my life has been a rough draft of the place just ahead where the past will come alive again and all of my experiences and friends through the years will meet with me at the great banquet table of history. Then there will be no past.”

  43. I’m incredibly sad to hear this news, and it’s weird to think that he’s gone. RIP Forrest, you are already missed. My condolences to the family.

  44. What an extraordinary man. This is non ending suspense and this story is nowhere near finished. We may have to wait a little longer but there will be more information to come on the finder and the location. I just know it.

  45. I hurt everywhere. But more so than usual with this news. tears. Nothing but tears.

    Just knowing Forrest was out there somewhere, even if he wouldn’t share words with me anymore for reasons I understand, was comforting. I suppose he still is, just in a new form. Page 161.

    I want to cuss him out for leaving without saying goodbye (among other things) amidst hugging him so tight, but know he has work to do in other worlds too. I hope his passing was peaceful and may the energy of all of us hold his family and friends in support. Peggy, love and respect to you and yours.

    Another angel heart is free.

  46. “The fish will breathe a little easier” . I like that.
    Rip. f
    Thoughts and prayers to his family.

  47. I am speechless, shocked. My heart is so heavy it’s in my toes! God bless you, Forrest Fenn. You made a world of difference in my life!

  48. Fly high, Forrest Fenn. As you punch up through he clouds, just know you will be missed by so many. We are heartbroken, but we know you’re at peace.

  49. Goodbye…for now…my Friend.

    When they ask…I’ll say…You were a Friend of mine.

    No one is ever really gone forever.

  50. Forrest, we all love you and enjoyed you for many years. Thank u for such great memories.
    May you Rest In Peace ✝️❤️

  51. I cant stop crying… this is so sudden. I have no words. He has been a huge part of my life for 8-9 years! As same for so many. We know him so well from his books and all. Thanks so much to dal! I have my recent emails from forrest to comfort me. And his wonderful advice.
    Regards to the entire Fenn Family! As well as Dal and the whole search communitty.
    Forrest you are so missed. Thank you for all the
    Fun and friendship you gave me and others
    Rest in Peace forever…..
    Lou Lee

  52. In the beginning I saw the poem and judged it impenetrable, even though I am something of a poet. I walked away from the improbable. Early on in the chase a solve published in the Denver Post led to Silverton. Everything fit, perfectly reasonable – no TC. Post-Finder I have read many solutions and have been astonished by the creativity unleashed on the Rocky Mountains by those 24 intriguing lines. These have only confirmed my bias – impenetrable. Until proved false I will believe the Finder was led to the proper space by a coincidental solve and stumbled unwittingly on Fenn’s Treasure. And so, Goodbye to an amazing, wondrous, real man. Fly on Forever, Forrest Fenn.

  53. Thank you Forrest Fenn

    for inspiring my pen.

    To write a novel verse

    and search the universe.

    For treasures old and new,

    and memoirs from you.

    Your poem helped many lives

    and your legacy thrives.

    Your words are forever a fascination.

    in the minds with imagination.

    Thank you Forrest Fenn.

    From your Friend.

  54. Dal, can you let us know of the funeral arrangements? I know it’s early to be talking about this, but I’m sure many of us would like to have closure and send flowers. Thanks.

    Rest in peace Forrest.

  55. Forrest. You are an incredibly extraordinary person. Well, you like the word eccentric man. You led an amazing life. You squeezed everything out of life you could! My sincere condolences to Peggy and the Fenn family. RIP Forrest. Thank you for all you did.

  56. Ah, Forrest. Thanks for the gift that was you and teaching us to have fun again. I just know you were waiting to get that bracelet back, and I’m glad you did! It seems fitting you left us yesterday, as the mountains north of Santa Fe became covered under a soft blanket of snow. My sincere condolences to your dear Peggy and the family.

    “…Phase upon phase of aging,
    More deft than any knife,
    Separates the time span
    Between the bookends of my life.”
    Jocelyn Hurd (my mom)

    Dal, thanks for creating this meeting place, always inclusive and full of positive vibes.

  57. I am feeling devastated. I have no words for this moment. I will miss him dearly. I thought he would live forever. I wish I could talk to him now.

  58. A very sad day indeed..He paid the price that we all must pay one day, he will be there to shake our hands and greet us..But will we be there?? Condolences to all the Fenn family..

  59. Forrest life, a true treasure has been lost , never to be found again.
    Feeling the pain of a lost friend, thank you Forrest for the Chase.
    It enriched so many peoples lives, RIP. You were truely a maverick

  60. The Major lived a long rich life full of excitement and passed that excitement on to all of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with Peggy and the entire Fenn family.

  61. So sorry for his family and friends. You know he’s probably up there fishing already, save a spot for me Forrest, don’t catch em all.

  62. Wow I’m so sorry to hear this, and happy he was able to see the realization of his adventure, and that he got that bracelet back 🙁 what a legacy.

    The friendly trees were obliged to wave in the gentle but undecided wind. Rushing this way and that way, I watched the fire flicker as her billows tossed and turned, testing my senses time and again. The evening sky gave a tired sigh as dusk gave way to the moon’s domain. First one, a blue sapphire, tiny but dazzling, appearing on an eastern rise. Then another and a dozen more. These were sentinels, the commanders of legions, each with their throng. There is no darkness for the night is filled with myriads upon myriads.

    Then I heard their chorus, “All glory belongs to us!”

    The stately trees, aspiring to even greater glory, protested in their quiet repose. They whispered to the cool breeze, “All glory is fleeting, but the humble are lifted up to heaven. For we attain our glory through grace, and when our time has come, we will serve a new master, and that is for the glory of kings and nobles!”

    If we’d only took a little more time to see the richness around us, the journey would be that much more rewarding. We will never have as many days as we had, and there is no promise of tomorrow. Might as well get busy living for today. Farewell Forrest, my friend in the end.

  64. I am so saddened by this news. What an impact he made. I’m so thankful to have been a part of the search, if for no other reason than to have come to know of Forrest Fenn…. perhaps not personally (we never met) but through occasional correspondence, through his stories and shares on the blogs and elsewhere. My life, without a doubt, is richer with knowledge because of him. All my best to his wonderful family and a heartfelt thank you for sharing him with us. And to Dal, thank you so very much for being his wingman.

  65. Rest In Peace dear Forrest. You brought fun to everything you touched. My thoughts go with his family. I am glad he was able to have it his way in the end. He chose where his head was resting, settled in and pillowed down amongst all the people and things he loved most. Rest well.

  66. Rest in peace Forrest! Your secret will be beside you in heaven! Thats the way you always wanted it to end! Thank you for all of your responses to my emails, it meant a lot to me. I hope you will lay down in you favorite meadow !

  67. Condolences to the family and Forrest’s friends.

    Forrest was a great American, a friend of nature, a natural leader, a patient teacher, and a role model for those of us who were touched by his life.

  68. RIP Mr. Fenn. Thank you for nearly three years of great adventure and fun – was the best hobby ever! It was a pleasure meeting you and reading your books. Will keep your memory in our hearts and minds. God Bless Peggy in her final days and blessings to your entire family. I think “they will break the mold” after your amazing life. And I imagine that would be just fine with you. Paul and Patty (The Treasure Cake Lady)

  69. A Psalm of Life

    Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
    Life is but an empty dream!
    For the soul is dead that slumbers,
    And things are not what they seem.

    Life is real! Life is earnest!
    And the grave is not its goal;
    Dust thou art, to dust returnest,
    Was not spoken of the soul.

    Not enjoyment, and not sorrow,
    Is our destined end or way;
    But to act, that each to-morrow
    Find us farther than to-day.

    Art is long, and Time is fleeting,
    And our hearts, though stout and brave,
    Still, like muffled drums, are beating
    Funeral marches to the grave.

    In the world’s broad field of battle,
    In the bivouac of Life,
    Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
    Be a hero in the strife!

    Trust no Future, howe’er pleasant!
    Let the dead Past bury its dead!
    Act,— act in the living Present!
    Heart within, and God o’erhead!

    Lives of great men all remind us
    We can make our lives sublime,
    And, departing, leave behind us
    Footprints on the sands of time;

    Footprints, that perhaps another,
    Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,
    A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
    Seeing, shall take heart again.

    Let us, then, be up and doing,
    With a heart for any fate;
    Still achieving, still pursuing,
    Learn to labor and to wait.

    Rest easy, Forrest.
    Thank you for everything

  70. The Tackle Box has closed but the memories will not fade easily. Thank You Forrest for the adventure of a lifetime. Rest in Peace Sir.

  71. Happy trails ole coot , You won’t be forgotten and since I was your biggest critic why the hell did ya go and die I’ll miss ya and I’m still gonna flood your email cause I know you just expect it from me . I’m gonna go cry some more this is rough .

    • My dear Gypsy: I knew Forrest’s passing would be particularly hard on you. I think anyone who could lovingly refer to Forrest as “an old coot” and have Forrest seemingly relish in that moniker speaks of a powerful relationship of mutual admiration. He loved the moxie you exemplified through your audacious BOTG adventures! In short, he saw quite a bit of himself in you. 🙂

  72. Dal, I’m thinking of you on this sad day. My deepest condolences.
    Peace & Love, Susie

  73. I am reeling from the news. His words and actions inspired in me a new thrill for life, he showed us there was still magic in the world if you’d just go out and look for it. We will never stop talking about you, Forrest and many of us will keep chasing the thrill till there’s nothing left, living life full out and with joy and compassion for others.

    Thank you for inspiring me to share with people that life is a grand adventure filled with a colorful cast of characters, laughs and mystery. I am forever changed, and the world is a better place for Forrest just being Forrest.

    Thank you, sir. Much love and safe travels….

  74. I feel privileged to have met him and exchanged a few words. He was a great man and will be missed. Prayers for Peggy and the family.

  75. The Road goes ever on and on
    Out from the door where it began.
    Now far ahead the Road has gone,
    Let others follow it who can!
    Let them a journey new begin,
    But I at last with weary feet
    Will turn towards the lighted inn,
    My evening-rest and sleep to meet. – Tolkien

    Rest well, Mr. Fenn.

  76. Like many others, I never met Forrest. But, I knew him. His life and story sent me off fishing in the mountain streams of Colorado when I needed it the most.
    Three years later, 2013 and living in Washington, I had wrote him a hand written letter and told him how much he rescued me from my then life, and myself. I told him I was getting in on “The Chase”. To my surprise, Forrest sent me his “Thrill of the Chase” and “Too Far to Walk” books…signed. Inside TTOTC book he inscribed… To Lisa Smith..”Never Stop Searching” and I haven’t, and never will. I may not be looking for the Forrest Fenn treasure, but my search for adventures will never end, until I do…. I think Forrest lived this way too.
    I’m forever grateful to Forrest, and forever grateful to Forrest’s family for putting up with us searchers (not that they had a choice) and sharing one of the most eccentric, smart, special, giving, and adventurous souls that ever walked this earth. I’m glad my life was part of his! I will think of him often and he will be included in many thoughts and adventures.
    My heartfelt condolences to Peggy and family
    Carry on Forrest ❤️
    Until we finally meet,
    Just take the chest, and go in peace

  77. Forrest Fenn’s generosity was amazing. Even though the search was over, it was a sort of dream of mine to honor Forrest Fenn with an interpretation of his poem to let him know people were still thinking of him. What a great time to have shared with Forrest Fenn in this bright spot in history. He doesn’t know me, but I’ll miss him. Best to his family.

  78. As it be said.
    HA, Forrest, wager you were in Heaven
    An hour before ol Scratch knew ye were

  79. It has been an inspiration, the path that Forest Fenn has weaved.
    Of history and mystery.
    Of stirrings within, long forgotten slumber.
    May your blaze continue to ignite all who by chance or providence — follow.
    It has been a privilege.

  80. I’m shocked and heart broken.

    There will be a hole in my heart forever.

    Moon Shadow. (Elizabeth)

  81. Dag nab it. This changes the whole narrative of the treasure hunt. This is definitely a Sidney sheldon style twist in the story of Fenn.

  82. A once in a lifetime experience that I will hold dear. Forrest will forever be around. He will go down in history as the ULTIMATE, ingenious, motivator of all time.
    I met Forrest and he was a true gentleman. Wonderful man!
    Now, to Forrest —-you made me and so many people learn things about history and geography that never would have happened. You are a super special man. Rest in peace.
    I hope the finder will put something of yours in that special spot….

  83. Poetry Page is closed so I thought I would post this here in remembrance of Forrest.


    Weather’s gloomy, roads are rough…
    Tomorrow seems way too tough.

    Eyes of tears search for truth…
    Nothing there, all is mute.

    Colder climate fills the air;
    Not much hope within despair.

    Dreams are shattered, stripped of light.
    Where to travel of this night?

    Where’s the sunrise in this face…
    When bringing home amazing grace?

    Can we find a rainbows mend…
    In this ever treacherous end??

  84. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting
    Forrest I felt we were of a kindred sprite.
    Adventurous, inquisitive, and daring.
    My God this hurts, it feels like I just lost my brother.

    Forrest may God hold you in His loving hands.


  85. “To live in the hearts we left behind is not to die.” And you will sir…. Thank you for all of it.

  86. Goodbye dear Sir! I never got to meet you, but you meant a lot to me. You were truly a great man! We will all greatly miss you! Thank you for everything Forrest!

    God: “Welcome home Forrest! It’s so good to have you here. Now, the first thing I’d like you to do is find something for me. I’ve hidden a Treasure somewhere here in Heaven. Here is a poem I wrote that contains the clues….”

  87. WOW. I don’t know what to say except that you, Forrest, were the BLAZE. You lit up so many people, made their lives shine brighter than they ever would have had you not been you. Thanks one last time. You’re a Legend. RIP friend.
    And thank you Dal. My condolences to anybody shedding tears or feeling that heavy heart right now. I’m right there with you.

  88. Thank you Forrest for all the wonderful adventures that you dared us to go out and find. We will cherish the memories from those adventures. I hope one day to see your special spot. Prayers to the Fenn family. ❤️

  89. Forrest, you are a rare breed, a patriot, a moralist, a gifted philosopher, a gifted poet, a man for all seasons, a great spirit of a lion living within a man…one could say this about you and much more but, but Cervantes had described you, a Knight with an unconquerable soul, and Mitch Leigh put it into words that I often hum when covered with wilderness in the mountains near my Santa Fe NM home, here is a tribute to your spirit, a good friend you have been to me, when I think of you I feel…well Terrific, at least enthusiastic, that is what you inspire in us, I hope you are sitting on a cloud up there and listening to this

    If we get bored we can re read


  90. I’m not sure which shocked me more, the announcement that the treasure chest was found, or the news that Forrest Fenn is gone. Both were unexpected. Both are painful.

  91. This honestly breaks my heart! Mr. Fenn’s books brought out a side of me I didn’t know I was missing. All I’ve thought about is exploring since the first time I picked up his book. I can’t wait to go and see all of the things he wrote about. Rest In Peace Mr. Fenn!

  92. As this news sinks in, I feel like I lost a grandfather. But my heavy heart feels so much for those who were truly able to call him grandfather, father, husband and friend. My heart goes out to Forrest’s immediate family and close circle of loved ones. My prayers are lifting you up. May peace and comfort find each one of you. Sending love to you all.

  93. A person never truly dies until there is no one left telling stories about them any longer. Long live ff.

  94. It was always about you, Forrest. We will meet again someday in the sky.
    Love to your family. God bless you all.

  95. Condolences to f’s family and friends. I’d like to feel Forrest is on the ultimate adventure. He sure left a huge astrik on this world. I enjoyed knowing you, f. Thanks for the mark you left on my life. My life was a bit more enjoyable because of you. I still believe you to be a genious. I bow to you in honour and remove my lid. May your vehicle rest in peace and your self soar. See ya!

  96. Thanks for sharing the Thrill Of The Chase with us all. No telling how many lives he touched, most , like me, for the better. Something to dream about and a great excuse to get outdoors.
    God bless your family on your final flight.

  97. So sad to hear the news of Mr. Fenn’s passing. My sincerest sympathy to Peggy and the Fenn family.
    As Mr. Fenn has faced death a number of times throughout his life, I believe he may have been one to repeat the words of an old proverb:

    “Death is nothing at all
    I have only slipped away to the next room.
    I am I and you are you.
    Whatever we were to each other, That, we still are.”

    His spirit can now embark on a search throughout the universe to find treasures that can only be imagined by those who have not yet slipped away to that next room.

    I wish an eternity of thrills to Mr. Fenn’s spirit.

  98. The ole coot told me this one time when he thought I was gonna die searching I figure it fits him now I’ll try and convince the Smithsonian to make you a spot lol

    • Do you think the old coot might have arranged for the chest to be put in a museum after his passing? Wouldn’t that be something! It’s one thing for the finder to remain anonymous, but where is the chest? Wouldn’t the finder want to sell it? Maybe he did sell it to Forrest? Let’s hope it does appear in the Smithsonian, along with the rest of the story! That was how I always hoped it would go down!

  99. I just heard the news… Forrest you will be dearly missed.. and to all my chase friends, a big boa hug for you guys…

    ” Though time will take us apart,
    It will eventually bring us back together”

    Wwwamericana- a extra big hug for you my friend!!!
    I’m at a loss for words right now. But ill try to put some together for you my friend…
    Forrest, have fun with Bip!!!
    Until next time… see ya

    • Forrest had a vision far greater that 20/20.
      He was able to see things as they were, as they are, and as they should be.
      And he tried hard to share that vision with all of us.

      Focused, I believe you are also blessed with that gift.
      Thank you for thinkin of me – I’ll be waitin.


  100. He ain’t gone forever!
    Funny, I don’t see an old man but a bright light of pure energy.
    The ever changing mask we all wear is only here.

    “His light will always burn bright wherever it is”

  101. Wow! I’m in tears! I didn’t know anything was wrong with him… I’m so sorry Dal! I’m so glad I have a couple of his signed books..i loved reading about his life. I’m sad I never got the chance to have my own thrill of the chase before it was found.. I’m so glad you had such an amazing friend.

  102. I woke up feeling sad for no reason today, and then I found out Forrest had passed on to that other dimension where we humans cannot go. I am heartbroken. I just thought he would always be there for us. My condolences to his family and close friends, and to Dal who was so close to him for so many years. You gave the world a great gift with this hunt, Forrest. Now, if we could only find out where exactly you hid that chest!!!! I guess you and your treasure will always be a mystery! But you taught us that other people, and even pets, are the greatest treasures of all. Thank you for the memories, Forrest, and for sharing your life with us!

  103. Several years ago Forrest told me in an email to say “hello” for him to the people I met while I was living and working in West Yellowstone, Montana. Since that exchange I have traveled all over the Rockies and have lived in Washington State and find myself living in Wisconsin now. Planned on going to Yellowstone two weeks from now to see some wildlife and visit West Yellowstone again on my way too vacation in a place I have never been in Oregon. I’m saddened by the news of his passing and will think of all those who are grieving too and will miss Forrest.
    So I guess I can just say “Thank you for getting us all outdoors Forrest!” “It was a privilege to read your books.” “The Chase might be over for now but I think it might resurrect itself again some day in the future.” “Rest In Peace.”
    My condolences to the family, friends, and all those who participated in Mr. Fenn’s life. Get outdoors.
    Keep going on thrilling adventures Dal!

  104. For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
    And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?

    Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
    And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
    And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

    Kahlil Gibran

  105. It has been one day and it feels like a lifetime.
    The silence has already become painful.
    There’s truth that a heart can break in a million pieces.
    Even though unbearable for tarrys, it’s a necessary path to life part II.
    I pray peace and understanding for all those who grieve for the legacy of Forrest.
    Especially his family and closest friends
    He has become an important part of history and will surely be remembered

  106. I wanted to post something poignant and befitting a great man who lived an extraordinary life but all I can think of to say is rest in peace Mr Fenn. You have inspired thousands and will continue to do so.
    You really will live forever.

  107. A tribute to a true American and one who always gave his all. I think this reflects Forrest’s core sentiments about strife among mankind.

    Forrest… will be sorely missed but never forgotten. You gave us all dreams to dream and showed us magic.

  108. I heard the news today and this community is deeply saddened. You are an amazing soul who has enrich all our lives, you will truly be missed.

    My condolences to the Fenn Family.

    Thank you for the tough love and many smiles.

  109. I’ll be seeing you my anonymous friend,
    Somewhere down around the rivers bend.

    The comedy is over, applaud, my friends.

  110. Thank you Forrest. Thank you for the hope you gave me. Thank you for the challenge that beckoned and woke an imagination once forgotten to the many demands of being a “grown up.” Most importantly, Thank you for the journey that lead me to a place I now call my own and a discovered peace reserved for those who find contentment.

    You captivated an audience that has transcended across age groups, nationalities, geographic locations and backgrounds…that makes you a legend in my book. I’m grateful that my turn overlapped with part of yours.

    Forever Blessed,

  111. So saddened to hear the news.

    Forrest Fenn was a name I first heard March 2018.

    Since then I have walked a mountain meadow at 9500’.
    Seen aspen trees with letters carved in the 1950s.
    Crossed mountain creeks cold and pure.
    Saw a huge mama bear and two cubs.
    Searched for a chest of gold miles from the nearest road.

    All this, and more, because Forrest encouraged me and half a million others, to “get off the couch and have an adventure.” And so we did.

    Thank you, Forrest, for your service to your country, your family, and your fellow man. You changed more lives than you know. I raise a glass to you this evening, and wish you Godspeed.


  112. I have words of none that can express my feelings for a man that gave me the gift of a lifetime.

    His heart was his poem, his stories were his life, and now faith will lead his fate.
    He was tired as any would be that might walk his path as he. It shall be that for all to see what that poem was meant to be.
    For there is a lone one that was left to see.
    And so the time is near for that to be.
    Fairwell for now, Fly straight and true through that beautiful blue.
    There’s just know one quite like you.
    You did it your way.
    It’s been a tearful tearful day.
    My sincere condolences to the Fenn family.

  113. My condolences to the Fenn family.

    Thanks to Forrest for sending me on some exiting adventures and expanding my brain on many subjects.

  114. Dear Fenn family,

    As I speak as part of the search community, our condolences go out to you. Although we are all grieving for such a tremendous loss, We will forever remember such a remarkable person and example that Forrest left as his legacy in how to live one’s life. We find ourselves craving and hungry for more and more bananas, and for that he will always be a treasure our eyes.
    We pray for your family in this time of grief, healing, and remembrance of Forrest.

    Tim Dean

  115. This was so sudden and shocking, it’s hard to put into words.

    May we all, while regretting the loss of Forrest’s physical life here on earth, appreciate the gifts of warmth, wisdom, wit, and inspiration that he shared with us. May we share these with others, and may they, in turn, continue the sharing. In this way, I hope that Forrest’s life and legacy will last for a long, long time.

    I never much liked the word “condolences”. It always seemed so formal, almost clinical.
    I wish for Forrest’s family and friends comfort, peace, and strength. I hope they know that he will be remembered, appreciated, and loved. This man was a rock in a world of drifting sand.

    Forrest inspired me and many others to get off the couch and out into the wilderness. If not for the treasure hunt he created, I would not yet have seen the Rocky Mountains and many other beautiful things on my search trips. He helped me to become a better person — more tolerant, forgiving, patient, empathetic, and more wanting to help others.

    Dal, thank you for everything. I hope you will keep this forum going for a while.

    To all other searchers: Best of luck in everything that life brings/sends your way. You are
    probably stronger/tougher than you think.

    I raise my glass in a toast to Forrest Fenn.

  116. Sometimes early in the morning hours I can still feel his presence, watching, waiting, offering words of encouragement.

  117. Timing: how unusual for the Chase to end on D-day, the day on the postmark on the ‘gold’ page, and for us to lose the greatest treasure of the Chase, Forrest himself, the day after the Forrest Fenn Finale. Some will say that there is foul play, but I think that it is more like all the pieces of a puzzle fitting together perfectly. On the 6th I watched as 20 flocks of geese flew South while a band played “I’ll fly away” it wasn’t coincidence, either, but the Creator weaving this beautiful cloth of Life. I ache with the loss of knowing I’ll never again get an email marked f.

  118. My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends he left behind. What a mark he has left in the lives of all of us!

    • When I think of that great backbone of America that is the Rocky Mountains, and I never did before, I will always think of Forrest Fenn who called me to it. I am lucky. I am better for having met this man, so late in his life, but early enough in my own to benefit from the experience. It was a treasure hunt. It was, as Kipling wrote, “God’s present to our nation. Anybody might have found it but — His Whisper came to Me!”

      Thank you, Forrest.

  119. Just like his father, Forrest was a great teacher, but instead of hundreds ff taught hundreds of thousands. He made us think and got us having fun doing it. Children (all of us) grow best outdoors, what a wonderful truth to promote, for an old promoter. A true American hero in many ways. What an example. What a legacy. As long as you can keep learning, then you are doing what you were put here to do. Forrest now labors with God, but in a much better workshop.

  120. Please hold back those tears of lore,
    When yesterday was never more.
    Say all you can, your heart is torn.
    Tomorrow is another morn.

  121. A legend as in the tales of those trail blazers of the old west. I hope time will reflect him well. He left us something to tell our grandchildren around a campfire of are adventures looking for Fenns treasure. Thanks Forrest.

  122. Mr Fenn,
    I met you at book signing Oct 1,2013,
    I was 72 now I’m 79 or 80 (ha!)

    YOU were the treasure that we all found.

    On your journey to the light,
    one last wish on your flight.

    Your wisdom shines as on your blaze,
    Look back upon us with marvel gaze.

    And now for us, we know full well,
    that you have heard the tolling of the bell.

    Your bounty waits and will not cease
    Mr Fenn sir, go now, rest in peace.

    Best Regards
    David here

  123. Forever grateful to you and your family. Sending love and prayers to Peggy, your family, and your extended treasure hunting family during this difficult time. RIP Forrest. You are a maverick.

  124. Words cant describe what im feeling right now.. just tears tears and more tears.. your story/life brought me out of depression and for that I will be forever, truely grateful.
    God, please take good care of our dear friend Mr Forrest Fenn. He mean so much to so many off us.
    Forrest thank you for everything, rest peacefully.
    I’m sad but happy at the same time, happy you got your bracelet back and happy your once again in the middle.. R.I.P, dear friend.

  125. We had a great time searching for that treasure. Forrest Fenn touched hundreds of thousands of people’s lives around the world. Sad to hear of him passing.

  126. I don’t have my book with me, but FF wrote something like: we are a cut bouquet on a dining room table. FF was an amazing bouquet; & he brightened so many lives.

  127. I thought if I gave myself some time to think, I could express the deep sadness in my heart. But this is one time where I don’t believe that will ever happen. So RIP Forrest. I wish I had been fortunate enough to have met you in person. You are truly one of a kind and you will be missed by many. I will hold the little milagro you sent me even closer to my heart.

    Love to all searchers, your family and all your close friends. – Donna

  128. I was very lucky to have met Forest and talk with him. He would email me when we were on our trips too. We found some beautiful areas in the USA on our grand adventures because of him. Such a beautiful and grand place we live in.
    Sympathy to the Fenn family during this time of losing a loved one. Our prayers are with you.

  129. Oh contraire, Dal! About those fish.

    I walked along the Big Wood River, in our cool, clear weather yesterday afternoon, unaware of Forrest’s passing. I stopped at several fishing access points, including a road bridge that leads to a private compound. I looked down with my polarized lenses to see 10-15 Rainbow trout, facing upstream in the bubble line. The 8″ newbies were darting to the surface, sipping the easy fast food, floating rapidly in the current. The 18-24″ lunkers were quietly lurking in the rocky striations along the river bottom. Clearly waiting for something worth their effort. Because they were older and wiser. I wished I had brought my 9 foot 5 weight Orvis rod, with a hopper dropper rig.

    You see, Forrest, the trout, everywhere, are on alert. Because you taught us all to fish. And I don’t believe you are gone forever. I believe you will come back as an Osprey, expertly diving for your elusive prey, on the Madison River in Wyoming. At your secret fishing hole. Like you drew in that excellent pen & ink illustration, in that thank you card you sent me. The one with your Sioux Indian doll on the cover. Eric Sloane taught you well. Glad you made it to the finding of your treasure, and to the ripe old age of 90. We are all better for your last 10 years on this planet.


    Lisa Cesari (aka E*)

  130. I can only repeat my 90th bithday poem from the closed poetry page and confirm that Forrest has made his way to Paradise


    After nearly 90 springs
    There are so many things
    That seem to are gone through disbeliever’s eyes
    But you know those formulated words are very big lies
    Youth is not in someone’s bones
    Youth is sitting on thrones
    In everybody’s brain
    It is an eternal shame
    That so few realize
    That they should revitalize
    The child in the deepest region of their brain
    I can assure that only those will one day gain
    Because they were child and wise
    Their ticket to the paradise
    Or to the never ending chasing prairies
    Of Sitting Bull in my far memories


  131. Sad and happy. Father I ask that you would be with f family comfort them in this time of loss. I ask that you comfort all his friends and all that knew him In Jesus name Amen. Happy that your at Home. We will miss you on this side RIP. F.

  132. Oh, Forrest. I am going to miss you so. The deep conversations that always politely avoided the treasure chest, but touched on every other imaginable topic. The awesome life advice to my daughter as she embarked on her Special Education career. The stories, small gifts, advice, support and encouragement when life was tough, and when it wasn’t! Your amazing generosity of spirit, and wicked sense of humor. You helped bring me back from the brink of despair by listening, and offering an understanding presence to help me persevere in my deepest grief. I count you as one of my few true confidantes in this world, because I knew you could keep a secret!! You brought magic to my life thru the the Thrill of the Chase – and opened doors I didn’t know were there.

    “Thank you for being my friend” were your last words to me, and mine to you.

    Sandy aka
    “S” aka
    Sally Colorado

  133. We found out late yesterday & just didn’t want to believe it was true. This news just doesn’t want to sink in or I don’t want it to sink in. Forrest & his life were just so legendary & he had such a youthful way about him that I thought he’d always be here. Regretful that we didn’t get to Fennboree to meet him, but so thankful for the adventure he inspired in us and for accepting the challenge to go searching. Forrest, we will never forget!

    Deepest condolences go out to Peggy & the family, to you, Dal & to the whole search community for this great loss. I’ll treasure his books & all the writings he shared here. How I’ll miss the scrapbooks we always looked forward to. – Beth

  134. I never cared for treasure hunts until Forrest came along with his. He changed me in a big way and that’s not easy to do. He made it challenging , interesting, and fun, all for the good! A true American legend is gone but never, ever, forgotten.

    RIP, you gave us hope when we needed it. Now we give love and support to Peggy & the Family.

  136. I, will deeply miss my conversations with Forrest. I was an armchair searcher but never planed on actually looking….And Forrest knew it, Years of ranching has not been kind to my Physical health.
    Our shared conversations were more on Archaeology which we shared.
    Also, fishing. He once tied a Beauty of a Peacock fly for me. I framed the letter and the fly and told him it would never see a fishes lips. and told him that was my treasure….I believe he was upset over it but I promised him I would never share his letter.
    The Treasure was actually Forrest. His vast wealth of life’s knowledge and history was known and well lived.
    Bless you, Forrest for those many hours of conversations …..I’m a better person for having known you.
    My heart goes out to Peggy, his Daughters and Family.

  137. Best wishes to everyone in there search for truth, beauty and eternal happiness. Fair well Forest in your happy hunting grounds.

  138. I asked for a dream from Forrest last night. He sent me one ….. There were lots of people in the home. Lots of dancing and singing with Forrest right in the middle. Heaven must be celebrating now that Forrest is there!

    I miss you already.

    • I think I had the same dream, but I was asleep and couldn’t remember. And today I awoke amid September.

      I know things will get better.

      I’ll miss him forever.

      • “Today I awoke *amid September*!”

        What a fine choice of words, and way-of-saying.
        I think Forrest is proud today.

      • Yes, I’ll miss him forever too. Ask him to send you a dream. Stay in bed when you first wake up and keep pen and paper next to you. Write it down immediately. Sweet dreams!

  139. In his 70’s Forrest said he thought he would depart at age 80. When he hit 80 I asked him if he could give us 10 more years. He looked at me with those baby blues and said “Whatever for?”

    I replied “Why to entertain us, of course.” And over the past ten years he led us on a wild chase. He revved up the entertainment machine far more than I could imagine. Happy travels, ff!

  140. “Stigma”

    Forrest’s path – suddenly fen-ned
    Mudden all now, and not just a-part

    Another day we wait for just when
    That horseless ride pulling its cart

    Leaving his treasure in the sights of men
    Point blank he rode as a stigma’s mark

    And this we know like karma and zen
    Forrest’s music is a proxied in part

    Venturing in and leaving again
    Our paths have crossed of his heart

  141. He alone, really believed in me. Bye for now, my dear friend. I know you are in the cosmos now. I will be seeing you.

  142. From a veteran to another veteran, RIP. Fair Winds and Following Seas. I have been following the chase for 5 years. I look forward daily to the blogs to read new relevant information from Forrest. I received a few emails from him related to the chase.

    He was kind and respectful. I will dearly miss him. I wish we had met but will in the future at the great banquet table of history. He will sit at the head of the table. Now he is at peace.

  143. I sent Forrest an email a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to tell him that I could never repay him for all the Joy and wonderful times my wife Barb and I spent looking for his treasure. I said that I’d make a deal with him though. In lieu of payment I promised to him that I would instill in my two granddaughters a sense of adventure and wonder of all things wild and beautiful in the world to the very best of my ability. He replied back to Barb and I almost immediately to let me know that this was an acceptable deal and thanked us. The next time I am poking around out in the wilderness with my grandkids, Forrest will be close to my heart.


    • Hello Dave. Over the days since you’ve posted the link, I would check to see the heartfelt messages left. I just checked moments ago and found one that was posted yesterday with a photo with a caption that read, “My heart is full.” I don’t know who posted it, but am forever grateful to them. It’s an absolutely beautiful picture of Mr. and Mrs. Fenn and their daughters. I hope others will take the time to view the link you provided.

  144. God Bless Forrest
    And God Bless Peggy
    And God Bless his children
    And God Bless his grandchildren
    And God Bless his family everywhere
    And God Bless his friends
    And God Bless this community.

    When waters rise high
    And sorrows weigh upon us heavy
    Hold to the good in the sweet bye and bye
    And float above the broken levy.

  145. He will be dearly missed. I just heard from him last week and to find out of his passing it makes my heart ache. I’m sending best wishes to his wonderful family. He was the treasure and he shared his life with the world. I’m forever grateful.

  146. To all the people who loved Forrest Fenn.


    If tomorrow starts without me and I’m not there to see,

    If the sun should rise and find your eyes filled with tears for me,

    I wish so much you wouldn’t cry the way you did today,

    While thinking of the many things we didn’t get to say.

    I know how much you love me, as much as I love you,

    And each time that you think of me, I know that you’ll miss me too.

    But when tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand,

    That an angel came and called my name and took me by the hand.

    And said my place was ready, in heaven far above,

    And that I’d have to leave behind all those I dearly love.

    But as I turned to walk away a tear fell from my eye,

    For all my life I’d always thought I didn’t want to die.

    I had so much to live for, so much left to do,

    It seemed almost impossible that I was leaving you.

    I thought of all the yesterdays, the good ones and the bad,

    I thought of all we shared and all the fun we had.

    If I could relive yesterday, just even for a while,

    I’d say goodbye and kiss you and maybe see you smile.

    So, when tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we’re far apart,

    For every time you think of me, I’m right there in your heart.

    “If Tomorrow Starts Without Me”

    Forrest Fenn a true friend to many.

    “How can you not like a guy like that”

  147. I will make my rounds with my boots on the ground every year in honor of the memories that you helped create. I never stopped believing in you, Forrest(rip). <13

    off to the mountains, i go

  148. Godspeed Forrest Fenn! I’ll continue to walk in your footprints! Thank you for helping me find my soul in the mountains and out in the wild!

  149. To quote from Whitman , “O me! O life! … of the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless… of cities filled with the foolish; what good amid these, O me, O life? Answer. That you are here- that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?”

    What a “verse”! WHAT A LIFE this good man contributed! A person would have to be spiritually blind not to see the Lord Himself shining through Forrest Fenn… the Love… the Kindness… the Care for others.

    Point being- at some point in his life, Forrest got right with God; that’s evident. Besides the obvious need for prayer for Peggy and the family left behind, my prayer is for all who knew Forrest, including the entire search community, to get right with God, if not already, so we can be CERTAIN to “CHASE” Forrest down in due time; and with him, enjoy the wonders and the peace and the adventures we’ve been promised in heaven.

    So to honor Forrest Fenn, I ask… the powerful play of life goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?

    God bless the Fenn family in their time of need and in days ahead.

    • This is BY FAR the best comment!!! Getting right with God is the treasure!!! This LIFE is just a vapor so Breathe Deep.
      How do you pick a verse? There so many, but one stands out to me…
      ‘For truly I say to you, if you have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move; and nothing will be impossible into you'” (Matthew 17:20).
      This Chase was not about just a box of gold or a beautiful mountain sanctuary, this Chase is about GETTING RIGHT WITH GOD.

  150. “Reach out! Take a chance! Get hurt maybe. But play as well as you can… Go team, go!
    Give me an “L.” Give me an “I.” Give me a “V.” Give me an “E.” L-I-V-E – LIVE!!!!!
    Otherwise you’ll have nothing to talk about in the locker room…

    Harold & Maude, Paramount Pictures, 1971

    Forrest our old friend, you sure had a lot to talk about in the locker room, and now, so do we all. That was quite a lesson. Many of us needed that more than we could have ever imagined.

  151. May he rest beside still waters, this most generous and interesting man. He once sent me a piece of ancient history along with a note that read,
    Verbatim, handwritten, all caps, and everything.

  152. As a Homing Pigeon he came
    From a Land far away, yet near,
    Left us Branch, Words of Wisdom,
    Treasures from below and above,
    And Messages to decipher.
    As a Dove he took flight back Home
    To Wy Homing, Place forgotten,
    Remembered, known for the 1st time.

    Well done, ff!
    Twice a Warrior! Of the world & of the Faith!
    Thanks for all you are & all you have done.

    Condolences, Prayers and Peace
    Sent to family, friends and all.

    Rest in Peace, ff.

  153. For Peggy . . . With sincere condolences for your loss. May you find a modicum of comfort from my mother’s poem.

    Hope, Untethered
    By: Elizabeth Mace

    a wish to tell a sigh
    slipped out with the trailing tide
    bearing all such lost moments;
    and a hope to say a smile
    flew the way of the wind,
    which draws all things to its bosom.
    a small grain of love,
    borne seaward, starward, sailing free-floating
    on the wandering waves or in the skies,
    sinks not, nor rides low;
    but ever higher climbs for the tops
    of the tallest billows, for the zenith of the heavens.
    glory-destined, on it soars
    and finds no stay in the heart of night.


  154. Not just us searchers but the whole world has lost a friend . MAY THE LORD BLESS AND COMFORT HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS

  155. This took me by surprise – wishing I could have met him and his family. Rest in Peace Forrest knowing that you brought people together in one of the most adventurous ways ever dreamed of. Blessings to his family at this most tender time.

  156. Words can’t express how profoundly saddened I feel. Mr Fenn was an inspiration for me. To take on his challenge and explore the wilds. Today we lost a remarkable person an inspiration for many. My prayers are for Peggy and his family. Mr Fenn will be missed. Even though I never talked to Mr Fenn I considered him a close friend. It will take some time for his loss to heal. God bless you Mr Fenn.

    • I loved the chase and Forrest my condolences to his family. What a great time he gave us he will be missed

  157. I went fly fishing today in honor of Forrest.

    A true inspiration and a life well lived. You will be dearly missed. We will not forget the lessons we learned along the thrill of our Chase. Each different and each meaningful. Thank you for the invitation to adventure. You have a truly creative soul. I hope you are having a long awaited celebration with your father, your mother and Skippy.

  158. First shared with A Gypsy’s Kiss.

    An Adventure Gone, But not Forgotten – an ode to Forrest Fenn
    -Jim in Ohio

    As Forrest spun his treasure tale,
    Many traveled – scouring every dale.
    The treasures we all sought,
    Fenn assured us – could not be bought.

    Friendships were made and some were lost,
    Some decided they had to win at all costs.
    When a few searchers failed to return,
    Detractors ask for the search to adjourn.

    As years went by some called it a hoax,
    To searchers, Fenn would patiently coax.
    FOUND! It was announced – one day in June,
    And searchers sang such a melancholy tune.

    How can the adventure go on some may say?
    Because the fire Forrest lit in us is here to stay!
    While many felt the treasure was just around the bend,
    The treasure we found was the adventure in the end.

  159. This news hit me like a Harry Houdini punch to the gut.

    I once read that one good way to measure success was to picture yourself observing your own funeral, and listening to what various people said. What would you like them to say about you? How would you like to be remembered? Kind. Generous. Loving and caring husband, father, and grandfather. Wise. Funny. Satisfied. I can only imagine what people that know Forrest really well would say to describe him. Anyway, if those things measure success, then I would say Forrest led a wildly successful life.


  160. I only knew him through his books, emails and letters. I’m sorry for your loss, Dal. You were truly his friend. If you wrote a book about anything I would buy it. Loved one of the stories you wrote about searching with some fellow in a mine shaft. That story alone is worth it. Write more. I don’t know about much, but I know writing. You’ve got it.

    Of the many things I admire about Forrest, one is that he got people reading and writing and thinking with complexity. Five billion dollars in government grants couldn’t do what Forrest did.

    Someday soon. Sit down and write. If you get stuck at any point, just start writing a letter to the tree outside your window or your imaginary friends. Because the tree is real and you’ve got more friends than you could imagine.

  161. Just read the Fenn family history that Dal sent. Although, it ends in Viet Nam it somehow seems to tie a finishing whip knot in a Wooly Worm.
    “And when my tackle box is closed at last, and the Cadis hatch is gone, I will rest through all of time and space, pillowed down and scented in, and with a smile that comes from remembering the special things that brought me to that final place, many of which were knowing you were there, somewhere, waiting for me.”
    May God Bless you in your new home where He has been waiting all this time.
    Till we meet for the first time.

  162. I am stunned, and saddened by the loss. Our loss, Heaven’s gain. Forrest, I’m looking forward to meeting you on the other side someday. Wishing solace to Peggy and the rest of the family. RIP Forrest.

  163. Farewell Forrest and godspeed for the long ride home.
    We will forever treasure the memories from the adventures you inspired,
    Rest in peace

  164. I didn’t get to meet Forrest but I sure had fun emailing him with the hope that one day I would meet him. His last words to me were, I hope we can meet some time. I am pretty sure he separated “some time” for a reason. I highly doubt he did anything without thoughtful consideration. He’s a brilliant Man and he knows how to have fun. I hope when the solution comes out that he did make himself the King in the non-fiction kids book he always wanted to write. I would have loved the “title” to his Kingdom. Maybe the finder didn’t want to play “his part.” I sure would have, a golden letter to all, with an invitation to my coronation. Hehe I’d like to think I had part in writing his happily ever after. I will forever feel blessed to have met some of you in celebrating Forrest’s life. He always thought he deserved a throne he said at the moby dickens interview. I am positive he imagined himself at the head of the banquet table he fondly writes about. Some of Forrest’s words:

    “This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more …” Thank you Mister Shakespeare, but we didn’t ask for your opinion, and we’re not ready yet to retire. We’ll let you know when. “ -Forrest Fenn

    “To the Caliph I am dirt but to the dirt I am Caliph” -Forrest Fenn

    You’ll be sorely missed, Emperor of The imperial Forrest.

    Cheers,to your happily ever after,

    Denise Bagley

    • I LOVE that Denise!

      I wrote a song to Forrest a few years ago and sent him the final copy 2months ago.

      It was called “King of the Valley”

      I hope you’ll be able to hear it some time.

  165. I have no fancy words or quotes, just the knowing that Forrest will never be ‘gone’, only deeply missed. He will live on in my heart, my stories, my life. He was and will remain a wondrous gift to me and my family. Caring thoughts to Peggy and the family. With an aching but joyful heart I say thank you Mr. Fenn for sharing yourself with us.

  166. I am so going to miss that Mr. Fenn. I emailed him way too much and he let me know he liked it! I promised to name a Leonberger dog after him one day and he thought that was great. He was just such a special example of a truly kind and generous soul and he showed his shining spirit to every one without prejudice. I do believe he was the most spiritual person I ever knew. I am so glad I had the chance to meet him and give him a hug. The Fenn family must be heartbroken and at the same time know they were so blessed to have had him in their lives as long as they did. When those beautiful memories come flooding in along with the tears there’s the smiles. Love you I do Mr. Fenn, RIP! My prayers and thoughts are with his beautiful family and his little dog too.

  167. My thoughts are with his family, friends and those inspire by him during this time of reflection and celebration of the life of Mr Fenn..

  168. The Treasured Chase
    Thank you Forrest Fenn!

    An Earthly chase, in delighted wonder and quiet tenacity, has ended. Among the lore of hidden treasures the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt will be remembered and treasured more than most, and by many more than usual.

    He sought in his own unique journey to pave the way to a legacy that many could not only hear about, but share in, by breathing of the same fresh air that he often enjoyed as he traversed the trails in forests and river bottoms, or drifted above them all observing the shapes in sparkling mountain tops and winding canyons from his bird’s eye view in a plane.

    Personal stories of adventure were woven together with history both new and old, interspersed with playful imaginative threads from the storyteller’s archive, along with a skillful use of technical ingenuity learned along life’s trails in distant parts of this Earth.

    The quest that resulted called for a maximum application of inventive interpretation of each word, thought, insight, and potential for connectivity. As the field of possibilities expanded exponentially to infinity, the solution required a precise narrowing to a special place, that was too far to walk along a trail of special places that echoed strongly in his own heart, mind and soul. He had so many special places, and alas he had only the one box to hide in that secret where.

    The greatest treasure trove in this chase was the cryptic poem of 24 lines which held the secret trail to the hidden chest. Everyone got a taste of that treasure, and it still flows down a mysterious canyon past the chimney remains of the home of Brown, winding past wiggles that draw a picture of Bessy the Cow, and past blaze after blaze. That poem holds a carefully crafted pattern derived from his own treasured moments. Very few can understand, but now more than one has learned that secret. But will they ever fully understand his careful process and detailed method which took 15 years to write and 10 years to solve?

    Somewhere, still hidden for most of those who searched, is the full solve of his poem. It’s insights are to be revealed only in hindsight-comparison with his stories. Ironically it is the threads of those stories which continue to hide the true treasure map details. They distract the attention, inject different thoughts, project false leads, and at the same time offer hints to the real pathway to the still secret there, some ‘where’, along the walk ‘too far’.

    Only that ‘full solve’ can reveal the best treasure because it forms the heart of this man’s poem. It’s value is greater than the collective gems and gold that were in the box, but it’s a value that can’t be measured with a price tag. It’s a value that can only be carried in the searcher’s mind, because it rests upon the experience of the chase from within.

    • IMO, only Forrest, Doug Preston and the “finder” would know that. You’re a great writer. Well done.

      • As FF said : two can keep a secret when one of Them is dead. The man from back east is the only one who knows the secrets of the poem!
        RIP Forrest.
        I hope you see the Owl from up there!

  169. In heaven are some great things:

    A celebration of welcome to all arriving with family, friends and those we wish to meet.

    To Forrest and his family, my prayers are for to strengthen your cherished memories and for the time here with your family to impact them as Forrest did you. Forrest also changed us that followed him in his stories and his actions.

    I look forward to my own arrival to see again those remembered and those whom I wish still to meet for the first time.

  170. I just found out this evening. The news came like a gut punch. Intellectually, I knew his time was likely running thin, as it does for us all, but I somehow didn’t really expect this.

    Forrest spent a lifetime having one adventure after another. Now he is off on the biggest adventure of them all.

    Godspeed, Forrest Fenn.

  171. RIP Forrest… YOU WILL ALWAYS TO BE MY HERO! Words can’t express all the Awesome things you brought to us over all the years… I went to Yellowstone for the first time because of the Chase and fell in love with nature all over again! I tried Fly fishing for the first time too and even though I was terrible at it… the peace and relaxation it brought me was so powerful. I read all your books, explored history, wild west, classic literature… and got my imagination revived again! A decade of my life was changed due to you, Forrest.. and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • @nonadismadman

      “How can you miss someone you’ve never met?
      ‘Cause I need you now but I don’t know you yet
      But can you find me soon because I’m in my head?
      Yeah, I need you now but I don’t know you yet

      ‘Cause lately it’s been hard
      They’re sellin’ me for parts
      And I don’t wanna be modern art
      But I only got half a heart to give to you”

    • nomadicMadman – I’ve been wrestling with the feelings I have had over Forrest’s passing these last few days. How could I feel so deeply for someone I never met? That seems like something reserved for only those who truly knew Forrest and who could genuinely call him their friend. Yet here I am, like so many, shedding more than my share of tears.

      And then it hit me. I did not know Forrest personally, but what I did know was the passions of life, the sense of morality, the kindness to others, and what it means to be generous, even to complete strangers, that this great man practiced and represented. He stood for so much we all wish for in our lives and he shared all of that with each and everyone one of us thru his stories and unselfish giving of himself.

      Forrest really was SPECIAL, and he made sure every single one of us felt the same. Thank you Forrest.

  172. I have a night blooming cerus that blooms each spring. Today I looked, and it has 9 blooms…in September What would make my night blooming cerus bloom so riotously out of season? I don’t believe in coincidence. It’s my plant’s bouquet to you, Forrest! I can hardly wait to hear what new adventures you’ve been having. If only I could stop being so sad!

  173. Dear Fellow Treasure Hunters,

    I was just one of thousands who spent ten wonderful years exploring the forests, searching for Mr. Fenn’s treasure. Like many, in my heart, I hoped I had some Indiana Jones/Forrest Fenn grit. Some of our exploits were never going to lead to the treasure but they were fun. Once I rented a 7mm scuba suit to dive in a three foot deep stock pond in the mountains. Ridiculous. We saw bear and deer and streams peacefully coursing through mountain meadows. While treasuring about six years ago, we found an emaciated black German shepherd in the forest. She sits by me now as I type, fluffy and well-fed.

    When I first heard of Mr. Fenn and his Chase, I was intrigued by his challenge and amazed at my good fortune. How is it that any human being on earth during this lifetime would hide a treasure and give us clues? A maverick Willie Wonka had hidden the golden ticket in a poem for any of us to read. Instead of a chocolate factory with Oompa Loompas we were invited into nature with fellow treasure hunters to discover beauty and rediscover our healthier selves, leaving Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt back in town with their video games.

    Over the years I cycled through phases of ignorant confidence, frustration, hope, delusions of grandeur, disappointment, unwarranted enthusiasm, embarrassment, resignation and unbridled mania, not necessarily in that order. Throughout every phase however, I remained dedicated to the habit of studying his poem and maps and then following trails on my topos to check my hypotheses. I can hear him laughing kindly at my theories even now. With time, my motivation was less about the financial lure and more about the thrill of the actual Moment of Discovery. I day dreamed that my eyes would stare disbelievingly at the chest as I held my breath in shock. Ringing in my ears would drown out the sound of the breeze in the aspen trees. A raven would soar overhead, warm sun on its wings, oblivious to the miracle that had just occurred. I would re-hide the chest and go home and bring back my spouse and best friend, just so they could unveil the treasure and savor The Moment of Discovery again. And then we would all cry happily with relief and awe.

    It doesn’t matter that someone else found the treasure or that I missed out on The Moment of Discovery. He gave us the opportunity, and for that, I am infinitely grateful to him. My adventures taught me some lessons the way getting lost in the mountains taught a teenage Forrest Fenn a few. Here are “…some notes that might be helpful to any future [53] year old geniuses who think looking for [treasure] might be fun:”

    Trial and error and luck are equally ineffective.
    Reality may appear very different than imagined from looking at a map.
    Humans can rationalize almost any ridiculous action, especially if no one is looking.
    You’re never too old to enjoy a good poop joke.
    There is still wilderness to be explored outside and inside ourselves.
    Life is more enjoyable with a dog and without cell phone service.
    A treasure has value but a treasuring partner is priceless.
    Mental and physical flexibility minimizes injuries.
    Pine needles on steep slopes are slick as snot.
    Be grateful for the opportunity.
    If you aim too high and fall backwards, sandwiches in your backpack soften the impact.
    If you don’t find a hidden treasure, gainful employment can soften that impact.

    I found riches enough in the process, beauty and solitude in the wilderness. I became more aware of the geography, botany, and history of the land where I live. I found gold in chamisa blossoms in summer and aspen leaves in fall. I think this was his intention for all of us.

    We all know, the greatest treasure was Mr. Fenn himself, a character larger than life who challenged and entertained us. He inspired us with his example, to value nature, simplicity, history, family, friendships and the happiness of others. He embodied respect, tolerance, generosity, curiosity and humor. Aside from providing the most outlandish opportunity to find treasure, he answered questions in interviews, responded to thousands of our emails and encouraged us to go safely into the woods and be healthy. He had a limitless imagination yet was down to earth.

    My life is forever richer for the Thrill of the Chase and his emails. He seemed to live many lifetimes in the course of his 90 years and fully til the end. Despite this, I am still heart broken and miss him beyond explanation. I hope he is reading this and knows that he won’t be forgotten.

    • Ellen, I love your post. It summarizes so many things that I, as a searcher, experienced.

      I only found this treasure hunt due to searching Palio Indian stone tools. 7 years ago.

      I happened upon Forrest’s site and his vast collection. I was in Awe of seeing so many Indian tools and was quite overwhelmed by his collection

      As I read further, I learned of this treasure hunt. Within 2 days I thought I ‘d found the first 7 clues. HA! The rest of the 7 years of my search is history.

      My search led to Jenny Lake and String Lake in Wyoming. My daughter and I met at Salt Lake airport and drove 5 hours to Jackson Hole, Wy. (I was told it was just a 2 hour drive) . This was Oct 5th 2019. We were surprised that the First Lady, Melania was also there.

      We searched Jenny Lake, String Lake and Leigh Lake. I bought the book “Jenny of the Tetons” by Kristiana Gregory. Very informative book about BEAVER Dick, a trapper and his Indian wife, Jenny. …It wasn’t till the end of this short book that I saw the author was from Santa Fe, New Mexico . Really? What are the odds of this?!

      I’m quite sure we were on the right track, but Covid and delaying my business 2 months, I was unable to go back and search.

      On our 1st trip I found a golf ball on the Lake Leigh trail. Very strange, I thought. Does this mean 4 as in fore? Or the 4th station to the 9 clues? When I got back home I read the scrapbooks and about Addie? His golfer friend. Was this a sign we missed? Who knows.

      Also along this trail on the way back,, I saw a flash of lighr, so strong that I thought it was lightening. A storm perhaps. But there were no clouds in the sky. Later I equated that flash as a reflection from a mirror. Perhaps a blaze.. FF did reference mirrors with his flash camera in t.he bathroom and his broken car mirror. Who knows.

      Anyway, in closing,, I’ll go back to those Grand Tetons and retrace my steps. I’ll take that ferry ride across Jenny Lake and the Gondola ride .

      I’m glad to have forward plans to beautiful spots. I only have Forrest to thank for these fun excursions.

      Thanks for reading about my ramblings. And Thanks to Forrest for the adventures.

  174. Beautiful words dal, thank you.

    And Mr. Fenn, what a treasure, what a life, what a man. My thoughts at this time are over run with emotions and I sincerely thank you for that. You will always be there in spirit and we will always be listening.

  175. Poetry Page:
    pdenver on June 30, 2020 at 2:15 pm said:

    “Final Approach”

    Hanger doors slide open.
    One last flight before the dawn.
    Dim lights on the panel.
    Slowly rolling to a pause.
    Lifting upward and beyond.
    Into the silent, heaven of stars.
    No longer in control.
    On final approach.

    • pdenver

      I do not judge ever
      in favoritism
      but in your case ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      his last flight was
      felt by many.
      you said it so well.
      thank you

      marillen poe burk

  176. Here’s to a man that wasn’t the best student , but turned out to be the greatest teacher I have ever known !
    Thank you, Forrest, you were definitely here for the benefit of me.

  177. The final Bell has been rung
    The Tackle box, opens no more
    We’ll miss you fondly my friend
    as you finally hike, to Heaven’s door…

  178. I was gonna go see forest, but the fennborie got canceled. Anyway, glad he was here and I had a chance to go looking for treasure and stuff. Kinda glad I didn’t get to meet him too though. Way I figure, my presence alone mighta done him in early, it’s pretty hard to be as awesome as a treasure finder like me is. Guessing I cat h him on the flip side on trail sometime. Until then he’s definitely going to be a namesake and inspiration to work towards. B.

    • I’m with you Jdiggins, I can hardly bear being without him. I’m already thinking about collecting bottle caps and string just so I can have a way of remembering him.

      Once again, here I am climbing mountains of tears while searching for hope. Maybe someday we’ll find the peace he was trying to give.

      God bless you Forrest.

  179. Rest in Peace, Forrest. You will be remembered by millions forever. Thanks for the adventure. We will miss you everyday. My heart felt sympathy to Peggy and family.

    • Beautiful video, Cynthia. You chose the perfect song to go with it.

      Does anyone out there know how to turn back time???

    • Beautiful, Cynthia, and Matt (aka Smell the Sunshine)! Wish I could have been there. Also loved Matt’s Happy 90th birthday video he did for Forrest on Cynthia’s YouTube channel. Excellent, as always, Matt!

      I feel a sense of closure, with everything we have all experienced on The Chase. It has been an amazing ride. Thank you to all of you Chasers!

    • Awesome Cynthia! And I thought My tears had finally subsided…….not!
      Thank you for everything.

    • pdenver – re: turn back time

      now.. i’m not sayin this is a silver bullet, but if you immediately transfer 100zillion dollars to my mysterious off-shore bank account, i’ll def provide you a guaranteed secret link to eternal youth – just say the word 🙂
      [ ..DARN IT ..pushed the link button accidentally]

      ..ok.. how about 10zillion pdenver? ..pdenver?!!

  180. Well I guess there’s nothing more to say other than goodbye to this wonderful community. I’ve enjoyed every single comment I have ever read, even the crazy ones over the years and even though ive never meet any of you, i feel like i know you though the words that have been written, it will always be a special time in my life and hold a special place in my heart. For me the chase got a terminal illness when the chest was found and the answers withheld, and now the only man who could answer those questions in the way they needed answering has sadly past. So for me it’s time to draw a line under it and move on. Thank you Dal for all the hard work you put in and thank you Forrest for creating it and making it possible in the first place. Rip in peace. Take care every one, i wish you all success in any endeavour that you decide to undertake and hope life will always favour those who try their very best. Love to all.. goodbye and god bless. -Jason.

  181. Dal – Thinking about Forrest’s story on his blog, “Such Heroes Are Few”, and the last four words of “Fighter Pilot”, by Robin Olds, Forrest’s hero:

    “I have flown home.”

    Godspeed, Forrest. May you also find rest and peace, under that canopy of stars.

    • Lisa C, “E”

      I’m saying farewells here as 42, but had so much fun with you on “that other blog” ttotc where I was “lia”. Have to say, no restrictions made for a wild ride of comments. Thanks for the Bart vs Brutus banter. Of course Brutus is the winner. I’ve been an avid downhill skier all of my life and love Sun Valley. You’re fortunate to live there. Blessings to you “E”.


      • All the best to you 42. Don’t forget where to place your floormats and drive forward at precisely 4.2 miles per hour should you get stuck in the snow. (LOL) . Winter is coming early this year and the ski season buzz is ,alive and well in Loveland, as the race is on for first opening with A-basin.

        • Farewell Windsurfer.

          I’ve surfed the wind off the cornice at
          A-Basin. A huge thrill back in the day when my knees could handle the landing. Now I favor those groomed cruiser blue runs at Beaver Creek. See you on the slopes.

      • 42 – Wow, have we had some serious fun on The Chase, right?!!!

        And we learned so much! I told my newest Chase buddy, today, that I was thinking of becoming a walking, talking Google source. Ask me anything! All thanks to 7+ years on The Chase with Forrest Fenn.

        Let it SNOW! That will help put those fires out. I can’t see Bald Mountain from town with the smoke right now. Hope you get here to enjoy Sun Valley soon!

        • Lisa, I’m currently at Flathead Lake in NW Montana. We can’t see or breath due to Smoke from west coast fires. Praying for rains & snow to assist forest fighters.

          • Hey Spallies, thank you for the invitation!

            3 1/2 hrs NW of Flathead lake would be either Canada or Washington state. All beautiful country. Are you choking in smoke as we are?

      • All the best to all you beautiful searchers! Thanks for the fun 42, Lia, E and Lisa and everyone else. I was just thinking about TTTOC the other day have not been there in ages… Had to make some rules at some point in the chase about managing my time online you know 🙂 I consider it a rather remarkable victory in itself that I am still married, still employed and still sane (kinda)… Take care everyone and never ever ever stop searching!!!!!

        • LOL Spallies! Laughing with you because it’s a miracle my marriage survived the 1000’s of hours spent on the chase and the expensive BOTG search journeys.

          It was all great, wasn’t it!!’

    • I got to visit Robin Olds’ grave at the USAF Academy. This is engraved onto his gravestone…

      “Dancing the skies on laughter silvered wings”

      I just bet Forrest is up there flying his wing in a P-38 with his white scarf gallantly flapping in the slipstream….

      • Spallies, I rarely miss an opportunity to go to the Academy when I’m in town and I always pay my respects at the cemetery.

        There are some great aviators interred there, Robin Olds being one of the most famous. If you haven’t read his memoir “Fighter Pilot” and enjoy reading about what it was like to fly in combat and live life to the fullest, I strongly recommend you give it a try.

        I’m curious if you were able to visit my other favorite place, the Heritage Trail? The Lance Sijan memorial is both beautiful and heart wrenching, as are the other memorials on the trail. And if you haven’t read his story, please do. My brother flew A-7s in Nam and when I shared Lance’s story with him he told me it was one of his toughest reads ever.

        Please take care.


        • Hey Pinatubo!

          I have read Robin Olds’ book… Talk about living life to the fullest… They don’t make them like that anymore 🙂 I did not go to the Heritage trail while I was their… I only learned about it once I go back from my trip. It looks like a beautiful spot and the bridge intrigued me. I did spend a great deal of time in and around the plaza looking at all the bronze statues and planes… And the Carillion Bells in the cemetery were very cool… Can’t wait to go back someday and take my grand kids… Someplace I probably never would have known existed had it not been for Forrest… Thank You Forrest

  182. There appear to be significant hints in the final posts from Forrest. Not hints to where the treasure was found, but hints to who the Finders were. Finder in this case having multiple meanings including Solver, Retriever and Discoverer. I like to think Forrest had great fun with the ending. It makes the Chase more complex, kind of like the Codex. For me I can’t wait for the book to come out. Somebody knows how to solve the puzzle and precisely where that treasure was hidden and I think it will be “obvious” to all when the truth is revealed. I’m sure Forrest was perfectly aware of the book coming out in every detail and is smiling down from heaven, knowing that his masterpiece will be recognized and on display for all to see.
    All IMO … of course. 🙂

    Perhaps Dal or Doug would like to write the Preface for that book?

    • I think deal could write a awesome preface, he wrote a story about a coyote in a seat that knockedy socks off. It was really good, although it can trick you too. It was a howling good story

    • Interesting idea, but it is startlingly lacking in key information. Additional speculation requested. Any commentary on any of these questions appreciated.

      Who do you think is writing this book . . . Finder or Fenn-hired ghost writer?
      How do you know that effort is ongoing?
      What was your relationship with Forrest?
      Why/how do you think Forrest is behind/aware of this project?
      When might this book be published?
      How close was the closet guess in the “Where in Wyoming” thread to the actual location . . . Anyone nail it?
      Who has the treasure now, Finder or Fenn’s Executor?
      If Fenn’s Executor has the treasure, and Finder is different than the Solver, how and when would Solver be notified that his solution was being written up by a third party?
      What impact, if any, do the two ongoing court cases against Fenn have on the events that you allude to above?
      When/how do you think the court cases will be resolved given that Fenn is dead and no one knows what information he may have taken to his grave that cannot be recreated or traced?

      Your thoughts on any of these, or other areas of interest to you, will be appreciated. Look forward to your reply.

  183. My gratitude to Forrest for making the adventure of my lifetime fun and memorable, and for his friendship.

    Warmest regards to Dal, Cynthia, Jenny, Kpro, Candy, et al. I appreciate you facilitating our connection to Forrest these past 10 years.

    Good bye friends on this blog. I’ll miss you all.

    I’m sharing my photo taken of Forrest in 2017 when I visited with him in Santa Fe. It’s a wonderful photo which expresses his kindness. I hope you remember him with kindness as I do. (Photo of Forrest)

    The best to you!
    “42” Valerie W.

    • All the best to you, 42. It’s been wonderful chatting with you over the years. Thank you for sharing this photo of Mr. Fenn. He’s definitely a very kind person and his smile warms the heart.

        • You do realize that the number 42 has a powerful connection to the treasure spot, right? IMO that is.

          • Mr Obvious,
            Yes to your question, and number 42 also has a powerful connection to my birthdate.
            It was the perfect TTOTC handle for me.

  184. I never posted on this site until July of this year. All i ever did was to read comments and take notes. Never did i realize what a close knit community you all are. You are all caring and super cool. It’s sad to think all of this is near it’s end, I wished I would have done this years ago when I first heard of all this on Expedition Unknown. I am at a loss for several reasons and mostly from Forrest’s passing. I will keep watching this site till it ends because it’s the most fun i’ve ever had in my life!

  185. We all have found treasures in this quest.
    All of them different, yet all are tied together.
    Remember what you have learned.
    Write it down.
    And if you can’t find the words…..make em up.

  186. Unless there’s another hidden SB that Forrest wanted to pop up after his death, I guess this “can with holes” marks the end of the spinning bottle game. Seems all we have left to guide us is that big field of Forrest’s sagely wisdom. But with Forrest’s death and his treasure being found, I believe we’ve reached the point of too far too walk. Regardless, I can honestly say, things sure turned out different than I thought.

    Anyway, I hope everyone the best! I sure will miss this blog!

    RIP Forrest!

      • In the event Forrest’s story continues with A Fenn museum, I hereby officially submit my resume as curator of said museum to anyone listening.

        Arrow-shaped hair with a lots of heading
        Mule-like stubbornness with a wicked kick of humor
        Dirt stained teeth with bed-roll breath
        Rabbit hole ideas guaranteed to keep people on the edge of bewilderment
        Plus, many more more alluring and appealing characteristics (too detailed to list) that are sure to make a lasting and conversational impression upon any and all attendees

        Note to administrator: Not sure if this will help get me the job, but I Brown-nose also (lol)

        • Really good story and writing, made me wonder WTH did I just read. On the note of color, I heard the finder pees gold, has anyone bothered checking municipal wastewater treatment records?

        • LOL ByGeorge… love your humor. Sorry I didn’t have a chance to respond earlier, I just returned yesterday from seeing inlaws and outlaws on my extended Lador Day weekend and didn’t see your comment soon enough. Additionally. I’m sorry your comment was deleted. After that long rode trip, the humor was well needed.

          That finder sure is elusive. If we only knew who he was, maybe we could talk him into helping us start that Fenn museum so we could all visit it. That WOULD surely be the KEY to allowing Fenn’s legacy to carry on. I can just see it now… decorated in endless shades of rainbow colors. I’d even bet PEGGY WOULD approve.

          BTW ByGeorge, any other comments are openly accepted.

          • Wouldn’t that be interesting if Forrest already had a book ready to publish and all he was waiting for was the finder to sign on the line.

          • Suzy_S,
            It was probably deleted because of the “leg up” comment. Please let me explain. When someone says he would SERIOUSLY THINK about lifting a leg to help Forrest, very much implies THINKING! No action required other than THINKING!

            I believe that if Dal ever so much as look at me sideways then I’d have no choice but to wet me drawers. I might have to change my strategy to, it depends.

            But I do believe you are still the front runner for the job because EDDY Z. keeps me occupied and Lord knows Dal has some serious question marks dancing around his coffee MUG.

            Hopefully that’s cleared up now. Geez. Although, Halloween is not far away!

            I’d be willing to bet that Peggy could sweet talk the finder into coming forward. She’s so purrrdy. I’m pretty sure that Forrest made a perfect cast and landed the purrrfect catch.

            Welp, I shredded the drive belt on my mower yesterday and utubeers confirmed my fears. Simplicity should not be a brand name. Long lasting and dependable but this is ridiculous.


          • ByGeorge,

            I get your drift but I think the finder already came forward and that’s why there were questions everywhere. After all, a “catch” like that only comes around once in a lifetime. And yes… hard to find, but worth the tears. Besides, after finding the correct path to the treasure, it should be (as you say) purrty straightforward, simply having to walk on the dotted line towards the decanter’s end. I say “should be”, because what if we were wrong and the reason we can’t find the expected answers is solely due to our lack of understanding? Where do we go then? Do we take a couple of steps backwards only to get sidetracked into thinking there’s something we missed? Additionally, how can we ever know for sure we’ve got it correct? Now with Forrest gone, we no longer have that wise old owl whispering in our ear. Would we still think it appropriate to knock on that questionable door of success?

            P.S. The preceding was not meant to be harsh, it was given in a light-hearted mood of wonderment 😉

    • “Kathy again,” that’s how my emails were always addressed to Forrest. Just wanted to share my memories of a wonderful man.

      It started when my son told me about this man in New Mexico who had hidden a treasure for all to find.
      Peaking my interest, mostly in what kind of person would do this, I set out on a quest to get to know this man.
      I found out he had written some books on himself and the treasure. I ordered the two books that would benefit my quest the most, The Thrill of the Chase, and too far to walk. I planned a trip to New Mexico to meet the man. I had somehow managed to correspond with him on his email that was posted in his book. We had a few short but sweet conversations. When I told him my husband and I were coming to Santa Fe, he agreed to meet us at the collected works bookstore. I was thrilled. When he walked in, I walked up to him and he recognized me right away from my picture on my Gmail. After admiring my costume jewelry necklace of turquoise, we sat down for a forty-five minute chat about everything. He began with, “where have you been on your search,” my husband and I both took turns telling him the places we had been and the places we were soon to go. Like many people have said, we agreed that we would have never ventured out to these beautiful peaceful spots had it not been for Forrest Fenn. We talked about his burros, Loli Pop and Buttercup. I had just been up in Fort Collins Colorado at a horse whispering clinic with Buck Brannaman, stirring the conversation of rescuing burros. My husband is a musician and that subject kept us busy for awhile. That topic led us to a memory Forrest had about the Forked Lightning Ranch up by Pecos River not far from Santa Fe. He spoke of Col. Elijah Edwin “Buddy” Fogelson, a Texas oilman and rancher who purchased the ranch. In 1949 Fogelson married Hollywood actress Greer Garson, and the couple used the property as their part-time residence for the rest of their lives. He mentioned that Greer Garson was quite a good singer, I suppose that’s how the conversation came up, as we were taking about music, which Forrest said he loved.
      My father was a chief masters sargent at Carswell AFB in Fort Worth, Texas, a place Forrest was very familiar with. We had a friend in common from there who I new as a child, John Dutchendorf, his father was a pilot like Forrest. Johnny and I used to waterski together on Lake Worth when we were very young. He later became a musician and changed his last name to the place he learned to love, Denver. As the conversation drew to a close I asked if he would mind if my husband could take a picture of us together, just wanting a reason to give him a hug and thank him for allowing us to be a moment in his life. It was the worst picture I had ever taken, I looked like I had been on heavy drugs, but Forrest looked wonderful and that’s all that mattered to me. I don’t know for sure what happened in the three years I corresponded with Forrest Fenn, but in the end I loved the man for who I knew him to be. I am happy his wife Peggy, and his two daughters, Kelly and Zoe got to spend as many years as they did with him. I’m sure in the end it wasn’t easy, the bad publicity of the chase that I’m sure Forrest never imagined it would come to. I’m glad he’s resting now and not aware of all the mess that goes on in these situations. His heart was full of good intentions. Til I see you again Mr. Forrest Fenn, at a time when war is no more and the mayfly hatch is a pleasant time again.

      • Thanks so much for sharing your story Kathy! These are the hidden gems that have been part of the Chase for me. I can just imagine spending 45 minutes with Forrest at Collected Works. That’s a treasure to keep! And then the story of John Denver! I never knew what his given name was. Wow, you’ve got some interesting tales of your own. Beth

  187. Forrest Fenn….you were our Seabiscuit and then some. You were the best teacher I ever had and then some. Many prayers for Peggy and the entire Fenn family and then some. Thank you for caring and sharing as I will miss you immensely and then some. Namaste Forrest Fenn…and then some…

  188. In my mind, he lives forever.
    He dealt the cards, the Joker’s clever.

    He taught me so, I’ll learn tomorrow.
    Today I cry, but not with sorrow.

    I lost a friend, I never met.
    I found a teacher, but won’t forget.

    The flowers grow, in hidden treasures.
    Our colors bloom, for others pleasures.

  189. Hi All: thought I’d share something from happier times that I’m pretty sure has never been posted to Dal’s. It’s from the Temple newspaper “Leopard Tales”. I’ve typed this excerpt from the December 20th, 1949 edition (Forrest was 19), but you can see the paper for yourself by clicking to page 3, 2nd column:

    “Since basketball season is here again, we decided that in choosing a victim for this column we would take the two high point men on the Leopard squad. The two men chosen are the high point men by averages computed from all of the games played through December 5.”

    “Forrest Fenn, a second year and letter man, was graduated from Temple High School. He is a sophomore this year. During his freshman year Forrest was a member of the Do Si Do Club and took an active part in the Luncheon Club and other activities of the college.”

    “Forrest is now chairman of the arrangements committee of the Luncheon Club. He is a business major and is an active member in the Business Ad Club.”

    “You Aggie lovers will be sorry to know that Forrest intends to be a teasipper next year. The girls will be sorry to learn that he is already spoken for; that is, he goes steady. Too bad, gals.”

    “If Forrest has his way about it, and we hope he does, our Leopards will be one of the best junior college teams this year.”

    There is also a funny ad from Forrest in the classifieds on page 4:

    “NEEDED–I need a copy of Modern English Readings; I have taken Freshman English for two and two-thirds semesters without a textbook, but now I need something. It must be a text: Forrest Fenn.”

    (P.S.: if you’re curious, a “teasipper” is an attendee of U of T in Austin. It was meant to be a belittling term started by the blue collar students of Texas A&M to demean the “well-to-do” U of T’ers who often went on to be come doctors and lawyers.)

    • Tea with Olga – red and green make yellow, add more red to make orange, maybe add little black to make burnt orange – the color of U of T…

    • I enjoyed the link, zaphod. Great story. Looks like the business course he majored in did Mr. Fenn well. The Classified ad put a smile on my face. Always living life on the edge first. 🙂

  190. Here’s another story from the Leopard Tales Temple newspaper from April 22nd, 1949. I enjoyed the 20-mile reference, Forrest’s infamous Leon Bridge, Mickey Goolsby, and cokes and fritos…

    “Four Men On A Raft”
    “Or, Where is Miller Springs?”
    by Hayword Simms

    “April 1, 1949 was certainly April Fool’s Day for John Connell, Mark Thomas, Forrest Fenn, and me. When Forrest told me that the distance from Mother Neff Park to Miller Springs was only twenty miles, that was the biggest understatement since Columbus looked at America and said, ‘I think I have found something.'”

    “Although everybody laughed at us the next day, our voyage down the Leon wasn’t so bad as it sounded. Except for getting wet, ruining my shoes, losing a tobacco pouch, nearly freezing, and having to walk for three miles through uncharted wilds in practically sub-zero weather, with water oozing out of my ruined shoes, I had a very pleasant day. O(f) course the pleasure of the day was marred by the fact that we had to throw away a half case of cokes when we abandoned ship. This was a keenly felt loss, not only because the four of us love our cokes and fritos but also because of the bad financial loss in the loss of the deposit on the bottles.”

    “Every thing was pleasant and cheerful as we pulled away from our embarkation point in Mother Neff Park and started on our what-we-fondly-hoped was to be a 3 hour cruise on the rippling Leon aboard rubber rafts. The first ten miles or so were pleasant enough, and we even laughed when Mark fell into the river and got soaking wet. We stopped to eat and to get Mark dried off; then we were refreshed by an almost freezing rain.”

    “Our spirits weren’t dampened, however, and we were still young and gay when we started out again, with the determination to really hustle on down to Miller Springs where we were to be met at four o’clock by Mickey Goolsby, who, by the way, actually did get to Miller Springs and did wait for us until after seven that night. There was then a slight delay caused by my falling into the river and soaking everything except my pipe.”

    “Every body laughed at me, of course, but none of us laughed as we came in sight of the bridge on Highway 36. We were shaking too hard to laugh. Incidently, I fell into the river again just before we got to the bridge. This time nobody laughed but Mark. The only thing that we did right all day was to get out of the river when we got to the bridge, deflate the rafts, and start out toward home. Later, we learned that we were not quite halfway to Miller Springs when we gave up the ship, just eight hours after we started the cruise. I spend a lot of time wondering where we would be today if we had continued our rowing toward Miller Springs.”

  191. Rest in peace and let your spirit flow in the rivulets of your beautiful meadow…i hope to find it one day
    As well. So long Mister Fenn!

  192. Well he had a good adventurous life, nice family and friends, as well as a lucrative business. He lured many people to the outdoors and a dream. None of us gets out of this alive, but Forrest certainly had a darn good run on earth.
    May you rest in peace now Forrest, thanks or some very stimulating entertainment.

      • Thanks Windsurfer

        Friends, laughter, (and skiing) are medicine for the soul…. especially in times of sadness and uncertainty.
        Thank you for your kindness to me these past years.

  193. Continuing the walk down Forrest’s memory lane, I found an online version of the Temple High School Yearbook from 1945. Some pages of interest:

    Picture of Lee Roy Calhoun:

    Skippy (senior):

    Forrest (sophomore):

    Skippy (Physics Club):

    Coach Concy:

    Forrest in Tennis Club:

    • I loved looking at these links, zaphod! Great fun! Thank you! Looking at Mr. Fenn’s photos reminded me of my sons when they were in high school; particularly my second son. He had such a young looking face. It’s great to see the involvement both brothers had in extra curriculum classes.

    • If I ever need some detective work, I know who to call! Zap you never cease to amaze me with your “search” skills. You rock it ever time! As always, thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • Thanks Geysergirl: I only wish I had found these while Forrest was still with us–the U of T search engine has been around for a long time, and it would have been fun to share some pictures of Skippy and Forrest’s father Marvin from when *he* was in school.

  194. “So needless to say
    I’m odds and ends
    But I’ll be stumbling away
    Slowly learning that life is okay”

    I feel many things can go without needing to be said. That one more, “I miss you”, won’t make any difference anyway but I still miss you. When I first learned of the chase I had no idea what a whirlwind of thought you would provoke in my mind. Those thoughts still linger and I honestly can’t imagine a day without. Peace to you and yours.

    From a fan and admirer on this spinning blue marble,


  195. What will the future will hold of Forrest’s fortune and memories, and how will the Chase be passed on?

    “Legacy’s Chase”

    Heart… where?
    Missing of the indian tribes?
    No, not there.
    Broken… where?
    Amidst the cattail weeds?
    No, not there.
    “In turning, can it holed”…
    Of a coarse already told?
    An ending left of fiery trees?
    Could that merely be a clever tease?
    When really that wise ole shrub…
    Harbors a true and special Love.
    But if Peggy holds the secret where,
    What commits it to her care?

    • Nice thots – scratching my head at those words.
      Ima thinkin somehow that Juniper is involved….

      • WWW – With the final leg of Forrest’s life journey presented to us, I thought it might be like Forrest’s mention of turning over a log in continuing to turn over those new Forrest adventures. Not sure where this might further lead but it seems to me that it would be par for the coarse in turning over that log, especially when speaking of a double omega. In my mind, this might lead to something wise. The again, I could be completely wrong. Simply seeing the “Forrest for the Trees” is good with me.

        • To me, it made sense that the double omegas symbolized the concept that all ends are also beginnings and, therefore, all beginnings are ends. I believe Forrest embraced this concept and it had application to the solution to the riddle in his poem. It is most eloquently voiced by the poet T.S. Eliot:

          What we call the beginning is often the end
          And to make an end is to make a beginning.
          The end is where we start from.

          Every phrase and every sentence is an end and a beginning,
          Every poem an epitaph. And any action
          Is a step to the block, to the fire, down the sea’s throat
          Or to an illegible stone: and that is where we start.
          We die with the dying:
          See, they depart, and we go with them.
          We are born with the dead:
          See, they return, and bring us with them.
          The moment of the rose and the moment of the yew-tree
          Are of equal duration.

          We shall not cease from exploration
          And the end of all our exploring
          Will be to arrive where we started
          And know the place for the first time.

      • Suzy_S and all: I had what I thought was a clever explanation for Forrest’s mysterious double omegas (the meaning of which he said he’d take to the grave). Searchers all realize that omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet and thus can signify an ending, just as alpha can signify a beginning. But in astronomy and celestial navigation, capital omega is also the symbol for the *longitude* of ascending node. I thought it would be some pretty clever shorthand to use a pair of omegas to signify “ending longitude.”

        My “blaze” was the Chase’s ending longitude: the longitude of the treasure chest’s location. And the big surprise was that blaze wasn’t something to be found while BOTG, but instead was hiding right in the poem — multiple times. I thought that would be a reasonable explanation for Forrest’s remarks in the German Playboy interview at his house in September 2018:

        “I’m a little bit surprised that it hasn’t been found. But there’s one thing … there’s one, I think, important thing that nobody has thought about – on all the blogs, nobody has thought about it. If they’d thought about that they might have found the treasure. And I’m very careful not to tell anybody what that thing is. But I’ve said a number of times ‘Get back in the box.’ People are looking outside … they’re looking so far ahead, they can’t see what’s layin’ in front of them.”

        If the blaze was the treasure’s longitude, it would also explain this ATF:

        MW Weekly Words & Featured Question for May 13th, 2016:

        “Mr. Fenn: How far is the chest located from the blaze? ~ casey.”

        FF: “Casey, I did not take the measurement, but logic tells me that if you don’t know where the blaze is it really doesn’t matter. If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious. Does that help? f”

        If Forrest’s blaze is the longitude of the treasure, then the answer is certainly obvious: it’s zero.

        • So my telephone and the innernets a blaze(am I allowed to say that). Get back in the box(box canyon, but also puter).
          I also think it’s a trail of historical evidence both in study, as well as when botg.

        • The “box” is a structure. He is telling people to go back inside the building and look around again.

        • Zaph,

          I don’t know what the Blaze was or if double Omegas helped solve the poem.

          However, I will share with you that In 2017 when I spent time visiting ff at his Santa Fe home, I jokingly mentioned to Forrest what I believed one of the omegas represented, based on an Eric Sloane doodle. In a dead pan serious tone he told me I was right.
          He would not tell me what the 2nd omega meant. If I correctly guessed – the meaning of double omegas was personal to ff, more of a guys joke, and had nothing to do with finding the gold.

          • Dave,
            I’d prefer not to say. In that discussion, the omega was not a bridge. We were discussing The meaning of his colophon, not anything to do with the poem or the hunt for gold. I intentionally did not ask anything about TTOTC. I was interested in his amazing collection and swapping stories about Montana – where I enjoyed a childhood akin to Forrest’s and in many of the same places.

  196. Hey search friends, I am looking to do something as a tribute to F. It will be special as it was something he was working on and I hope it turns out to his liking. Please send me a picture of something you would like to be included in tribute to the chase but more so to Forrest Fenn the man, the human being. This might be a picture with Forrest, with your family BOTG, or something that the chase had an effect on in your life. Please send no later than Friday this week noon to . I can’t say more at this time, but it is something special that Forrest will be proud of and I hope he knows we can continue on in his work, as this is something I think he inspired and will also be a part of.

    • Don’t forget my closeup picture with kpro at west yellowstone this year. That should probably be the first photo since it’s the most glamorous and will put everyone in a good mood.

    • I have gotten so many responses, I am cutting off tonight, I think over 200 at this point and I am not through them all. The file size is giving me problems. So send by tonight!

      • It’s nice you are doing so much for our mentor. The prizes and pictures at Fishing Bridge. I was always leary about sending any photos to anyone but Fenn. With the information that “OH” put out regarding information gained from one picture, eg. BOTG locations…. you may have gained a trove of technical data. Sorry but I’ll keep to myself, heck it’s only a fishing hole?

        • I would not know where to even start with getting info from a photo. The bigger issue is that, due to the crazy 7% / lawsuits, many messaged me they had pictures with Forrest, but didn’t want to publish them, or shared them with me, but said not to put out. I hate that there was so much more people wanted to share, but the 7% club stopped that. It was still a nice group of photos anyway. K

  197. Look at this video, listen close to the lyrics, after listening look up the lyrics, listen to the song again while reading the lyrics, put your name in place of the main character, it seems it hits closest to the heart the more involved one was as a searcher, kind of haunting really, when I first stumbled across this it stung my soul, now you want to talk about a thrill, how ’bout that?

    • Thrill Chaser – I was inspired by Robert Redford in that role, while vacationing in Sundance Resort, UT, for 3 weeks in February of 1998. Watched “Jeremiah Johnson” on the Sundance Channel one night there, for the first time. That’s when I committed myself to moving to the mountains. Did you know Robert Redford lives above the resort, and has his office there? Loved that the movie was filmed in those parts, below Mt. Timpanogos. So beautiful!

      Liver Eating Johnson was a fearsome trapper. And, like Osborne Russell, his adventures inspired many of us, who feel the call to be close to Mother Nature. Like our beloved friend and outdoor mentor, Forrest Fenn.


    Thanks for the memories
    Housed of adventure,
    Every moment was pure.
    Forrest, Thanks for the Thrill…
    Of the Chase to awaken one’s soul.
    With puzzles searched of our minds and
    Long journeys ventured of time;
    Surely one we should never transgress,
    Nor of wings e’er be deceived.
    Every acrostic has a purposeful line…
    But of the heart, there’s no other peace!

  199. Thank You Forrest,
    Thank You, for the most memorable year of my life! You see, my first trip to my special place was in Sept 20, 2019.
    I had no wasted time spent in my experience. Sure there were days of confusion, frustration, cold, snow, heat, and elation. I saw deer, bear, chipmunks, and a rattlesnake! Hours were spent looking up the meanings of WORDS. Many return miles were logged in the solitude of the dark. During these trips I learned so much about life. As patience has never been one of my strong attributes, this experience has given me a new perspective into what the word PATIENT really means.
    Thank you to the different forums, blogs, and utube shows. You made the long winter months bearable as well giving me new ideas as spring approached.
    Thank you to Peggy and Forrest’s entire family for sharing him with us. GOD surely broke the mold after Forrest. I’m speculating there may have been some eye rolling and head shaking throughout the last ten years.
    May you always ride a fresh horse…. Colorado Cowgirl

  200. Dear Forrest

    thanks alot for instilling adventure into my otherwise adventureless brother
    for installing verve into an otherwise estranged brotherhood

    thanks again for reminding me how much i enjoy american openheartedness
    and how much i missed appreciating the Rockies my first time there

    thank-you too for introducing me to LAX on Labour Day,
    to Audrey and her charming destinations
    and everything existing in-betwixt, not to mention pdenver & voxpops

    thanks also for being a modernly historical rascal
    for being understanding that most of us are reluctantly quiet rascals too

    and tell God when you meet him next, that i’m looking forward to meeting you both
    and that i’ve got plenty of fun general questions to ask, him especially

    so yes, please get plenty of sleep while you both can
    coz ya gonna f@*kin need it!!

    • Awww, thank you, curious hobbit. I’m very thankful to Mr. Fenn for introducing us, too. I consider you my friend. We’ve had a lot of fun, and continue to do so. Gosh, I don’t know how many times you’ve made me smile and blush. 🙂

    • … and all along I thot you were another alias for ff. I’m beginning to question my judgement. Well done Hobbs. I’ve been fooled again.

    • thanks MrO – but i strongly suspect that i ain’t shattered any world records there tbh

  201. “Historical Rascal” you say 🙂 Reminds me of someone not named Forrest…:). Take care my friend…

  202. Thanks for giving my dad (curious hobbit) something to get really heavily inspired about. Even if just as an observer, the chase has been a hell of a ride.
    Once again, thanks for creating something as open minded, legendary, and downright crazy as the chase and making the world just that much more interesting in the process.

  203. apologies for this here but can’t find poetry page – so is my ode to Forrest:

    meandered shores of footprints lost beyond last spring
i amble strides too long to sing of memories of summers sprung
‘midst the while of sun kissed beach before my gaze

    seduced within Poseidon’s deep on whispered breath of winters steppe
    i pause, embraced in solace, bathed in rays of endless setting suns

    reluctant lore of breezes sounding autumn’s sung
    i drag my lazy feet through sun-filled sands of distant summers gone
    astounded by Her oceans pounding on the patience of Her constant skin

    reflecting on receded glaze so recent held by thundered wave
    beneath my toes, the very essence of Her sum

    • curious hobbit – Hallelujah! One of my treasured discoveries on The Chase was that song. And that being cold, and broken, if that brings love back to your heart, is not necessarily a bad thing.

      Thank you for creating and sharing your beautiful, panoramic poem. I think I have been there. Never stop dreaming, and following your heart.

      Love, Lisa Cesari (aka E*)

  204. So many beautiful heart felt sentiments still being spoken here. I wish I could come up with more to contribute, but I’m at a loss for the right words. It’s like I’m on this emotional roller coaster ride that I can’t get off. Somehow there’s just a big hole left in my heart. I knew Forrest, the chase, and all the entire community meant a lot to me, I just didn’t realize how much.

    I’m beginning to explore some new hunt adventures out there because I believe that is what Forrest would want, for the “thrill of the chase” to continue in spirit. And it is nice to have new challenges, but deep in my heart, the reality for me is that NOTHING will ever come close to this entire experience….Forrest’s brilliancy and sincere interactions, searchers commitment and resilience, my own sense of belonging to something extremely special and Dal’s and other bloggers relentless effort to make sure both Forrest and searchers had an enjoyable way to communicate.

    I am eternally grateful for all the fun and all the nice people that have contributed to this once in a life time chase! May we hope for the peace Forrest’s family so deserves, and continue to hold a glimmer of hope that some day we may know the answers to so many questions we have pondered over the years. Love to Forrest and the entire search community(family)

  205. RIP FF… Earlier this week, I found myself using one of Fenn’s unintentional quotes… ‘Why don’ t you ask me how deep is a hole? ‘ (I get questioned a lot)
    Thanks for the adventure(s) Forrest!

  206. Well Forrest…when it rains, it pours.
    No way, will I forget Labor Day week!
    You were the first to climb that Milky Way road.
    Then my step-Grandfather on Tuesday.
    My Carolina Dingo, Panner, (The one that I sent a pic and their K-nine history…remember?) had confirmed cancer.
    Thursday was the death date of my Mom. She so enjoyed the root beer we had at the Cafe in Santa Fe with you in 2013. Panner was leery at first, then fell in love with you!
    Friday was 9/11.
    My friend’s mom passed on Saturday.
    Sunday was rainy and gloomy. Spent most of the day crying, looking at pics and reading TTOTC to my 7yr old Grandson, Jesse. He’s was a year old when you held him. You named him “Loud laughing Baby”.
    You will always be in my heart. I spent almost a fourth of my life
    knowing you and loving every second. The Chase has created so many friendships, Diggin’, Amy, Lisa, Pam, Jamie, Sachs…a great team there! Should have gotten together like you said! We would have found Indulgence!
    Travel well, and leave a trail of crumbs so we can find you in heaven , no more hiding! 🙂
    All our respect and devotion,
    Donna McChesney, Becky, Carl and Jesse.

  207. The search is never over.
    Forrest will always be missed.
    So seek the treasures fonder,
    Lest your day dismissed.

  208. God Bless anyway.( inside joke).my dear friend, you will be missed so very much, it was my Greatest adventure, one that I will always cherish, so strange that your not here, cant email you or anything, just gone..not fair..but life isnt right.. I promise to make it to the Place you told me of in the ” book” I download the audio in 2013 , it is one of my favorites.. the place is on my bucket list..I never knew such a beautiful place existed.. thanks for the laughs, wisdom, and friendship. Will never forget you,, every time I see a Flutterby I will think of you and smile ..see Later..**Alissa Renee**

  209. Greetings Search Friends………

    Here is the link for the tribute to Forrest for 5:00pm pacific today. It is about 18 minutes long. The video will premiere, meaning the video will be shown, but no live people on the screen, only a live chat room.

    Thanks to many of you that allowed us to use materials / videos / audio – Dal, Cynthia, Tom, Angelyn, Mike, Ken and Rick – I am sure I am missing others, but can’t think of everyone. A heartfelt thank you.

    Disclaimer: There are about 350 pictures…… and I could have missed some as I lost the entire file a couple of times, and some files would not open, others were too blurry. PLEASE know I did my very best. There are some transitions that are not great, some things that could have been done much better…… I did my best with very limited skills…….

    Special thanks to Mike who was volunteered to help me and helped me through my frustrated moment.


    • Beautiful tribute, Kpro! It was hard to hold back the tears. The song Mr. Fenn wrote is beautiful and I hope everyone views the video. Searchers asked him to write his song and now is the chance to hear it. Thank you!

      Thank you, Mr. Fenn, for a beautiful song that will touch many hearts. No laughing from me. I hope you can feel the warmth from everyone. I miss you, my friend.

    • I liked the video, there was a lot of good pictures. I liked the song, but I was hoping it was gonna be hillbilly/ metal. Maybe next time.
      Thank you for the video Ms kpro

    • Hi Kpro,

      Thank you so very much for your “f”forts in pulling this together. Just a magnificent tribute!

      Would it be possible for you or Dal to post the lyrics to Mr. Fenn’s song on this site? I would love to be able to read them.
      And the first song as well…..just beautiful. The poem song, I am trying to free up that Memory Space in my brain but every time I hit delete…it just keeps coming back like and endless do-loop. LOL!

  210. The man got lots of folks out where most dare not thread. The name of the game. Nature, Forrest, one in the same. Appreciate all the memories.

  211. Kpro, et al…its beautiful, I’m blinded by my tears right now and I have to go blow my nose. Thank you, thank you all.

  212. In his interview when asked why he engaged with searchers his response was “That is the only thing I have left” I think this might sum up his passing, Rest in Peace dear friend. May God bless your family. Our hearts go out to Peggy and the girls. They say he was not doing well for a while, I fell that he was hanging on for the “Final Roundup”.
    An amazing number of lives touched and all the Thrills that his treasure hunt created, what wonder gift to give to the people, even those that he had never meet.
    Thanks to FF, and all those who created the web sites that spread the adventures.

  213. Forrest’s song

    Your memory will remember
    Like a sweet melody
    The days that we treasured
    Between you and me

    And now you say you are leavin
    With words that sound tired
    The space can’t be measured
    Too bad that you can’t see

    Your memory will remember
    Like a sweet melody
    The days that were treasured
    Between you and me

    If your heart has gone a wanderin
    And your lookin a new one
    I hope he’s someone you’ve admired
    Whomever he’d be

    Your memory will remember
    Like a sweet melody
    The days that were treasured
    Between you and me

    And if things are different now
    Can this new love is true
    I’ll cry forever in my dreams
    My tears are salty as the sea
    They’ll be forever too much distance
    In my reverie

    Your memory will remember
    Like a sweet melody
    The days that were treasured
    Between you and me

    Your memory will remember
    Like a sweet melody
    The days that were treasured
    Between you and me

  214. Hello Dal

    I totally agree with you! Lets just remember Forrest. He was a good man and a genius. I was able to exchange a few email with him in the last few years and he could not have been nicer! His poem made my head spin for years and still does, but in a good way. I am truly half way there and its very difficult. I am glad that his secret will accompany him in heaven just as he planned it! I hope the Man from Far East will keep it sealed!
    God bless! And thank you for entertaining us!



  215. Forrest Fenn has secured himself a spot in the “legend” section of history. And the “hero” section too…

  216. Dal,
    Is there a plan in place for winters warning? Even if just rambling and rumbling, we are in effect a mysfit island of treasure hunters. That being said Cornelius and Gus(to name a couple) might need warned of future incoming storms, blizzards ect. And by the way what about forest fires, for years everyone looked for the blaze, now it can be found on a geosat picture, does that justify weather? Oh well. Maybe a solution could be to out up a home of dal treasure weather page. Take a treasure trip, dont take a treasure trip…

  217. If you are interested in memorializing Forrest in some meaningful way, you might consider this:

    They plant trees in a national forest in an honoree’s name at $10 per tree. They also send a card to whomever you’d like (the Fenn family would be appropriate) letting them know of your memorial.

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