The Finder’s Story…

September 23, 2020
by The Finder

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My friend Forrest Burke Fenn passed away at the age of 90 earlier this month, and if I have anything to say about it, far too soon.

September 8 was certainly not the first time Forrest made me cry.

I am the person who found Forrest’s famed treasure. The moment it happened was not the triumphant Hollywood ending some surely envisioned; it just felt like I had just survived something and was fortunate to come out the other end. For so long, I thought I might be haunted for the rest of my days by knowing where the treasure was but being unable to find it. Would I still be out there in that section of forest 50 years from now looking for it? When I finally found it, the primary emotion was not joy but rather the most profound feeling of relief in my entire life.

I figured out the location where he wished to die (and thus, where his treasure was) back in 2018, but it took me many months to figure out the exact spot. This treasure hunt was the most frustrating experience of my life. There were a few times when I, exhausted, covered in scratches and bites and sweat and pine pitch, and nearing the end of my day’s water supply, sat down on a downed tree and just cried alone in the woods in sheer frustration.
I spent about 25 full days of failure looking for the treasure at that location before getting it.

When I got back to my rental car after the find, I put my hands on the steering wheel and bawled my eyes out. Then I remembered Forrest said the person who found the chest would either laugh out loud or start crying.
I realized he had been right and started to get annoyed that I still couldn’t stop his quotes from popping into my head even after the chase was finally done.

I laughed at myself for getting annoyed. Then I realized I had just fulfilled his other premonition about laughing out loud.

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The treasure, a couple of feet from the nook in which it had been placed

In the weeks after, I still couldn’t stop myself from reflexively thinking about what he was thinking. After living inside his head for two years, meeting him in person was sensory overload. I could now analyze his words and facial expressions and tone in real time, mere feet away from me. I could ask him questions about the chase and he would actually answer them! I never got used to it, and I was still analyzing him unnecessarily when he died, unable to turn my obsession off.

Now that he’s gone, I’m no longer annoyed those Fenn quotes are still rattling around my brain. His words will live with me and every searcher out there for the rest of our lives.

I spent a couple more days crying after Forrest passed. He had meant so much to me in such a short time, and I had so much more I had wanted to ask him, the kind of things that were just better done face to face. For weeks he had wanted to fly me back to Santa Fe to spend more time with him (he even tried to convince me to move there), but circumstances out of our control made it more practical for me to come later.

I had never met Forrest until this June, and it was destined to be our only time spent together in person.
But I’m thankful for the time we did have. When I met Forrest, I told him I hadn’t been sure I would ever get to meet him. The treasure was just too hard to find. He told me with a big smile that he had always said it was difficult to find but not impossible, and I had proved him right.

Forrest Fenn was born in 1930 in Temple, Texas. A poor student who disappointed his educator father, he grew into a life of adventure — a decorated Air Force pilot who was shot down in the Vietnam War and survived the Laos jungle, a rakish and prominent art dealer who courted the rich and famous, and, in his third and final act, a compulsive memoirist who wrote a poem that launched a treasure hunt in the Rocky Mountains that inspired many thousands of regular folks the world over.

The first line of his New York Times obituary calls him “eccentric.” “I’ve been called ‘eccentric’ and I’m flattered by that,” Forrest once said, “because the difference between an eccentric and a kook is an eccentric has money.”
Forrest Fenn was the kind of man to drink buttermilk out of the bottle. He kept alligators in the garden of his art gallery. He collected run-over soda cans as pieces of found art. He loved books and language and held onto words like “crean” that apparently nobody but he still used. He went into business with former Texas Governor John Connally, the Johnson and Nixon confidante who was wounded by the “Magic Bullet” in the Kennedy assassination, to sell Elmyr de Hory’s famed fraudulent masterpieces as fraudulent masterpieces. Forrest once shot a mountain lion and leapt down into a canyon, grabbed hold of the top of a tree, climbed down it, and tied the carcass to a rope so he could lift it out and get a $50 bounty from the Cattleman’s Association.

He was also a man with an independent mind and a security with his masculinity (perhaps uncommon to those of his generation) that allowed him to express difficult feelings and question his own decisions and values in life, becoming a pacifist after retiring from the military and even regretting that affair with the beautiful mountain lion that had run in his direction.

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Forrest wrote poignantly about his struggles with self-esteem and self-worth, and it’s probably these writings I connected to most.

In the few years before I had heard of Forrest Fenn, my confidence in myself had been totally destroyed. I like to think it aided me in finding the treasure — without any self-confidence in my abilities, I had to stick to the evidence and not stray into hunches and speculation not strictly supported by the facts, and into their close cousin, confirmation bias.

Knowing the exact spot on the globe where a person would like to die is a weird intimacy to share with a stranger, but the experience of figuring it out and proving it beyond a reasonable doubt provided confidence that was intoxicating to me, and perhaps helping me regain that belief in myself will be Forrest’s greatest legacy to me. In the outpouring of love Forrest received from his fans after his death, it was clear he knew just what to say to make people feel special. For me, it was soon after I told him I found the treasure, when he let me know, completely unprompted, that he thought I was a genius.

Few human beings peak as octogenarians. For most, old age is a slow dimming of the light, but Forrest fought against that. At 80, he attracted a large audience for the first time in his writing career, and in the next decade, as he continually dealt with the passing of his peers, he made hundreds or perhaps thousands of new friends, treasure searchers he met at gatherings and sometimes in his comfortable museum of a home.

For a decade, he wrote memoir at a breakneck pace, sharing the stories of his life with great relish yet seeming to never run out of them, even when he was down to telling us about the condiments in his refrigerator and the spices in his cabinets. He didn’t seem to mind that much of his audience wasn’t really listening to what he was saying and were only looking for secret hints.

For a man who expressed anxiety about getting Alzheimer’s, he seemed to have found the perfect deterrent to cognitive decline — talking frequently and in guarded detail about a huge, closely-held secret to a cache of gold, yet never divulging it to the thousands of interested people inquiring. In a decade, he never made more than a couple of subtle slip-ups in front of all the dogged reporters who came to his house, and even those apparently haven’t been caught by anyone besides me. He never paid to advertise his hunt, yet seemingly every media outlet wanted a piece of him, and he still managed to stay sharp as a tack and “keep his secret where” till the very end.

Forrest had the ultimate poker face. In the summer of 2018, the only time I had talked to Forrest on the phone before finding the treasure, I called to tell him in desperation I had found a “blaze” — the mark that the poem says points to the treasure — that seemed after some effort by me to have been faked by a cruel fellow searcher even though it had evidently been there for years. I couldn’t believe the chances. I told him exactly where I had been searching, but the call only lasted about 20 seconds, and he gave no impression he found my discovery at all interesting.
That fake blaze was less than 1,000 feet from where I eventually found the treasure. And that’s not even the half of that story.

When I met Forrest, he had forgotten about the phone call and found it amusing when I told him. Of course, he had no idea how much I had tortured myself trying to read his reaction to that call.


Lost in some of the remembrances of Forrest is his generosity. Forrest used his chase not for personal profit, but supported a local independent bookseller and raised tens of thousands of dollars for cancer victims. He was a benefactor and donated artifacts from his personal collection over the years to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, on whose board he served for several years. Despite his years of disagreements with academics over the subject of archaeology, he supported and served on the board of the George C. Frison Institute at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Wyoming. Dr. Frison passed away the very same day as Forrest.

Of course, Forrest’s greatest gift to humanity was his treasure. Sure, it could only be given to one person, the one who found it, but it inspired hope the world over and the joy of discovery for all those who got to go out and appreciate the wonders of the Rockies. No good deed goes unpunished, of course, and that hope spun off into myriad permutations Forrest couldn’t have anticipated.

In some, that hope turned into false certainty in some people’s minds, and they had to be rescued or tragically perished after finding themselves in dangerous circumstances out in the wilderness. In others, that hope turned into entitlement, that the hard work they put into this all-or-nothing hunt meant they were owed the treasure in some way, and that entitlement turned into bitterness and loud recitations of his personal imperfections that some declared to the world in the wake of his death. In others still, the hope turned into obsession that tricked their own minds into strange and harmful ideas. At my most raw points of gnawing frustration, even I resented Forrest.

Forrest had a tremendous penchant, though, for turning the other cheek. He did an incredible thing and dealt with tremendous doubt directed his way, but he kept to his word, and it was a gratifying experience to prove him right.
In a final act of selflessness, in what should have been his moment of redemption, he went to great lengths to protect my anonymity. Over the past decade, he and his family have suffered stalkers, break-ins, and a potential kidnapping (just to name the things that have been publicized) from misguided searchers. I told him I didn’t want to be looking over my shoulder for people like that for the rest of my life, and he was completely understanding. Forrest went out of his way to protect me, a person he had never met before, even though in some ways it undermined the legitimacy of this hunt in some people’s minds.

My family and I will be eternally grateful. It’s incredibly generous to leave a chest full of gold out in the wilderness for someone to find. It’s a whole other thing to set aside one’s driving desire for a legacy in order to protect that stranger. Selflessness is the only way to describe it.

When I visited Forrest’s house in June, he asked me if I had ever read his book on his friendship with the artist Eric Sloane, Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch. I hadn’t. He gave me a copy. It’s a classic Forrest Fenn production: lavish, large, very personal, a little eccentric, and totally indifferent to appealing to the book-buying public’s wallets. But of course it looks gorgeous on my coffee table.


Getting the bracelet back and showing it off once again. The way his face lit up was indescribable. (Well, I was going to use the word “iridescent” to describe it just now, but for some reason a voice came into my head telling me to Google its definition in case I didn’t know what it truly meant, and — yeah.)

In the craziness of the past few months, I neglected to read it, but I picked it up after Forrest passed, and I’m glad I did. It’s a loving tribute of one friend to another, and reading it has helped me with my own loss. Its dust cover says:

Eric was a gifted painter and writer, and Forrest was a grateful admirer who sold his work. Their friendship lasted only ten years, but they were very influential years. You will see.

According to page 92, Forrest and Eric are busy now working to finish the book they began together years ago, so he won’t notice if I steal and rework that passage:
Forrest was a gifted adventurer and writer, and the finder was a grateful admirer who sold his famous treasure. Their friendship lasted only three months, but they were very influential months. You will see.

Alas, I’m a millennial and have student loans to pay off, so it wouldn’t be prudent to continue to own the Fenn Treasure. And at the end of the day, for all our similarities, Forrest and I couldn’t be less alike when it comes to collecting. I’m the kind of person who feels burdened by possessions and most free adventuring the world out of a carry-on suitcase, so the treasure and I will have to soon part, and I will offer it for sale (minus the turquoise row bracelet returned to Forrest, of course).

The treasure is a unique piece of American cultural history. The gold glitters, but brighter still are the embedded hopes and dreams of all the many thousands who searched for it. It should belong to a person or institution who will fully appreciate owning such an incredible thing.

But Forrest had a final wish for where he thought the treasure should end up. The first step for me will be to try to make that happen.

As for the legacy of Forrest’s chase, I suppose it is in many ways in my hands, as wrong as that feels. To be honest, I’m not sure what to do.

Whatever. Making plans is antagonistic to freedom. You will see. I’ll be back to answer some questions, in any case.
But no, not that one.

Forrest ends Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch with a quadplet poem for Eric (republished in Scrapbook 177). “Quadplet,” of course, is one of those invented words Forrest indulged in, so who knows what it really means, but I tried writing one for my own friend:
Cold, refreshing waters babble of your life,
Whistling pines proffer your wisdoms to sup;
In your place, the mountains rumble your name;
Can I even try to shut them up?

I’m sure I will go alone in there again in the future and appreciate its beauty anew. Forrest didn’t make it back to his special place in his final hour. But when I go back some day to lie down beneath those towering pines, tilt my hat over my face to shield against the bright sun, and drift off into one more afternoon nap in that serene forest in the wilds of the Cowboy State, I know he will be resting there next to me.

I hope that place will always remain as pristine as when he first discovered it.
Two people could keep a secret. Now one of them is dead.


Drying off after a decade in the elements. The Ziploc bags were full of condensation, and these two items were together in one. “Why did I put the scissors in there?” Forrest asked me when he saw them. I didn’t know, of course. I figured they belonged to King Tut or something like that. Nope. Just a pair of scissors. At some point before he secreted the chest, a simple pair of metal scissors made their way in there without him noticing. I got the sense that, even after many years of preparation, the final audacious decision to actually put the chest out there was something of a whim. I‘m sure he wouldn’t have liked it any other way.

Many searchers know that Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch doesn’t end with just the quadplet. There were two more characters at the bottom of the page — ΩΩ. Two omegas, side by side, just like at the end of The Thrill of the Chase. I’d always thought they could possibly have been a hint to a clue in the poem, but how could they be if they were also in this earlier book about Eric Sloane? To me, there wasn’t enough evidence of intent in order to consider it a hint.

It’s something I wanted to ask Forrest about when we met again, but I never got to. Some things will always remain a mystery, and I think that’s fitting. Forrest always said he was ambivalent about whether he wanted to see the chest found in his lifetime or for the chase to last many decades after he passed, and the depth of that ambivalence profoundly revealed itself to me in the process of figuring out exactly where it was.

He was completely open with me about anything I wanted to confirm or know when we met, but his emotions were a little perplexing. I could tell there was some eagerness in finally sharing these secrets with someone, but there was also melancholy. And so perhaps it’s fitting that ambivalence ends in me knowing most of the answers but him getting to keep some of them forever.

The relevance of the double omegas will go to the grave with the man who wrote the poem.
And so it is.








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    • “he was from “back east” and “53”? Yet “Finder” claims to be a “millennial”??? A genius? Look up the years to be considered a “Millennial” by birth and pull out a calculator if you can’t do the math on your fingers…or, in your head….

      A “millennial genius”, need not be concerned about “loans” if they are a genius…consider the current economy and future trajectory of fiscal policy…need the “genius” be concerned about their type of debt?

      A “millennial genius” wouldn’t “cry” about their “discovery” or fret about sharing their discovery….did Einstein or Galileo or Beethoven cry about their “genius”?

      Did the great explorers and exhibitionists fret about possibly encountering anything considered “dangerous”…?

      Does that sound like someone who would “go alone, in there”, somewhere in Wyoming? for 25 days?…..from back east? Maybe, but from how far East? KS? SD? Kinda brings questions to my mind that perhaps Wyoming is just another “story”, another rumor….just like “53”

      I was hoping to believe a legitimate conclusion back in June….but, to my thinking, the story though well written, doesn’t seem to be concurrent with the previous statements. That’s the problem with mixing up facts and such…..

      Miss you Forrest…wish I had been the one to carry out the ending you had envisioned if/or when you ever “got the call”.

      How many folks believe this “scissor” story….??? Cause I have a different rumor for you about that one….

    • I want to congratulate the finder. I have participated in the search for the treasure only as an armchair prospector, following posts and exploring Fenn’s two books, looking for less than obvious clues. I work long hours, but have travelled the Rocky Mts. so when I would read of searches from southern Montana to Santa Fe, they would bring back travels from Yellowstone, the shark fin Tetons, to the San Juan range. I was able to take myself there and explore with them in my mind. I tried to find a companion that was willing to search with me, but all my friends thought the “gold rush” dream was just that. I am up in years, and did not want to travel alone, so I rode piggyback on the words from others. I am certain that there were many searchers that were deserving of the treasure, but as all real treasure seekers know, the treasure, finds you. I hope the finder writes a book. I am yet to sit down and see if the coordinates I figured match the find site, but it will break my heart if I find they are correct. God bless the finder, God bless Fenn, and God bless America! Where else in the world would somebody hide a treasure just so some one else can search for, and discover it. What a great opportunity it was for so many to discover America. It is a great birthday gift for me to find this post! I would hope the Finder would e-mail me the story of the First day of the last day of his search. P.S. I consider myself millennial. I was born in the past millennium and living in a new millennium. P.P.S. ” Wyoming 53″ could be a clue…

  1. I’ve come to terms with never knowing where it was found. Would I like to know? Of course. Yet, I am at peace knowing his special place may never be damaged by the lack of empathy for selfish humans.

  2. OMG!!! I just wanted to say thank you very much for doing this story and can you please, please, please give us some answers to the poem, like Home of Brown?
    If not, can you please, please, please place some kind of object there so people will know when they find the location, because I will continue to search until I have figured out the poem and confirmation would be great.
    If not, then can you at least tell us was it in Yellowstone?
    Thank you again and I totally get why you are staying anonymous.

  3. Amazing story. Thanks for sharing. It might be time for you to write a book 🙂 lot’s of secrets to reveal and some not answered.
    I love that you have kept Forrest “alive” in your adventure and sharing of it.

    Best regards

  4. Congratulations finder and thank you for sharing. If you ever decide to sell a small single piece at an extremely high overvaluation, please let me know. I would love to be able to do something special with it for the community. Something that can be shared with everyone. I pay cash and I’m easy to get ahold of 😉

  5. Thank you finder. Look forward to further details.
    I wondered if you shared the same obsession with the chase as many of us searchers. Learning so, how did you not race right into the olive jar?
    For what it’s worth, if you dont know quite what to do, ASK! There are many brilliant minds here at dals and most willing to help. What is forrests wish for where the chest, as you say, ends up?

  6. Relief. That’s how I knew I would feel if I had found it. Because without finding it, leads us down a path of madness that no one really wants to travel. Endless revisions and second-guessing hints is not a fun process after awhile; not to mention the 1300 mile trips! I was positive I had the correct area. If you are telling the truth (Wyoming), then I was completely wrong. It will sting to never know the Truth.

    I started TTOTC on Jan 28, 2018. By Summer that year (and a dozen trips), I was convinced I was correct. So many puzzle pieces fit, I wouldn’t even begin to know where to start. But I had already started documenting my inevitable find. I was set to travel with my sister in late June 2020. 6/6/20 will remain as a date of infamy for me. Like most other searchers it was nearly two weeks of devastation.

    Nevertheless, we are all happy for you. Perhaps relieved that the incessant churning of Clues/Hints can be set aside for the next chapter in our lives.


  7. Eloquently stated, and yet like all of Forrest’s quips, so much was left unsaid. Thanks for what you shared – anyway. We are still left wondering where, when and how. Maybe that best, but I sure would like to know if I was in the right area of Wyoming. – Just misin’ – Congrats Finder, and thanks for sharing that which you felt comfortable in sharin’ – JDA

  8. As I read your story I was excited for the big anything that never happened. However, seeing forrest smile in these photos gives me the most joy..

    • We all can’t simply believe this is the finder This isn’t enough proof y’all even dal don’t know 100 percent if this is the finder

      • Good point, Diggin gypsy! But aren’t the pictures pretty good proof? The only other person who I could think might have access to these pics might be Dal or Forrest’s family, and I don’t think any of them would post something like this. I do think the finder will be letting us know more. That’s what he alluded to, but I think it will take some time.

      • DG give it a rest, it was found and there is no reason to think this is a fraud any more than whether FF hid it to begin with. He hid it and it has been found. PERIOD.

  9. Huh hmmmmmm Id like to of seen a little bit more evidence this isn’t very convincing maybe you rolling around in the treasure with your face blocked out that might convince me . I know if I found it I would show A pic that left all of us with no dout . Just being honest saying what a lot of us are thinking

    • Lol, Gypsy. I know, right? Conspiracy time, let’s hear it all. Lol.
      Why not sign it “finder”, that’s who he was, why the double omegas? That’s F’s. Unless………Lol.
      And so many big words, a literary to be sure, hmmm.

      Well finder, I am happy for you. I really am, it was a tough little puzzle, and someone in my lifetime found it, good job. But, I think you should call Gypsy here and meet up somewhere and show her the chest. She could bring some Fritos. (mmmmm, chili fritos).

      Hopefully DG, someday we will know enough for us to be content with the whole thing, but until then, it is fun to keep it in the back of our minds. F made sure that this would last on far past his passing, in the minds of all us second placers.

    • i belive from some of the things he has said that this is the finder and now i know that the chest was really found. Everything you have said seems to be in the right place.

      • Seems odd to me. Written in a forrest fenn or Doug Preston way. No real info. Strange he’d sell the hole thing and not want it after looking for it for so long. I wouldnt part with for any sum of money. And fenn said if you solve the poem you could walk straight to it, so why did it take 25 days to find????

        • it seems that he had not completely solved the poem when he went to look for the chest, or at least he believed that he had but it was not like that.

    • I am with you Gypsy. This is more of a Hider’s Story than a Finder’s Story. A memorial of sorts. I still can’t shake my gut feeling that there is a more believable story about the end of the Chase that we will also never hear.
      I am just glad my years in this chase woke up my long lost adventure spirit. That will be enough treasure finding for me. Thank you for that Forrest.

  10. If he means to sell it won’t he be selling the solve along with the treasure? Lots of value in owning that also I think and that value will be the reason for a reveal from the right new owner. Still there are clues in the statement.

  11. Kudos to the finder. I think your “reveal” is absolutely perfect . I’m sure some will be disappointed but that will never change and you will never be able to please everyone no matter how much information you share or what action you take. Don’t let them get you down. Leaving the mystery alive is wonderful in my view. Best wishes to you and thanks to Dal for maintaining this forum.

    • I could care less the treasure was found more than happy for someone to find it but this don’t sound right and don’t feel right And as much as this person cry’s I would sware a girly girl wrote this no man writes over and over he was crying Any guys out there cry this much please step forward cause where I come from they don’t and wouldn’t never post they were crying iif I am wrong than so be it but my gut tells me this story is full of bologna if not I’ll apologize but I call bulllcrap right now .

      • Or he was an English student. It’s well written, but there’s no reason to think he didn’t write it. And as an aside: I’m a man, and I cry often.

        • There is not a thing in the world wrong with a man crying. They have feelings just like women do. It takes a REAL man to not be afraid to show his feelings.

          • Hello Kathy W. I have four sons whom I taught was okay to cry and there was nothing wrong with it. Frustration and the release of it by crying is good for a person no matter what gender they are. What about crying due to seeing their bride walking down the isle? Or the birth of their child? What about death? Is it okay for a man to cry for these reasons? In my book, you’re dang right!

      • Not necessarily, Goldilocks. Anyone smart enough to find that treasure is probably what Forrest said he was – a genius, and I’m pretty sure a genius could write a pretty good article. Besides, would they want to reveal themselves to someone else?

      • I sure can empathize, Diggin gypsy. There are so many questions in people’s minds right now about this whole treasure hunt. Did the finder want to come forward to stop people from calling Forrest a liar? Forrest did say the finder would have trouble keeping quiet. Maybe the dam is finally breaking! And there is that hint about him wanting an institution or person who would share the chest having possession of it. Only time will tell!

      • Forrest is the only guy I know that writes about crying…. just sayin…
        Anyway, this guy says hes gonna sell it. I wonder who the final bier , ahem, I mean buyer, will be?

        • Exactly And j diggins the Smithsonian pretty sure of that Right where forrest wanted it the whole story is cheesy to me look at the pic of the chest it isn’t even green on the ground but it is on the table

      • He did admit to being a millennial!
        Society has changed and must be having an effect on humans.
        He probably has never watched All in the Family and is probably quite different from Archie Bunker. I can’t stop singing the theme song from All in the Family. LOL

      • Diggin,

        Something feels off to me as well.

        I would have expected the finder to share some secrets. For example, he could have explained why the jade, diamonds, and other jewels were not in the chest. Did Mr. Fenn intentionally keep some items out and instruct the finder to contact him, return the silver bracelet and then he will get the rest of what was advertised?

        I also find it curious that the finder moved the chest a couple feet, put it down and took a photo. If I found the chest, I would have took a photo where it was found, or just grabbed the chest and hurried to a safe, private location.

        • Curius;

          “As I have gone alone IN THERE >>>” Maybe it was found “IN” something, like a hollowed-out tree stump, so the “finder” had to move it away a bit after extracting it from within the tree stump – Just musin’ – JDA

          • JDA,

            Possible. Many, many possibilities.
            Maybe I would have been acting overly protective of a million dollars I just found. I know I wouldn’t have been worried about moving the chest and taking pictures….But I am not a millennial.

            I also don’t see where the “the chest is wet” fits into this location. It could be just out of the photo.

          • JDA,

            After reading the finder’s story do you get the impression that it was found in Red Canyon? The finder used a Fenn quote “making plans is antagonistic to freedom”.

          • I actually think the finder was giving us a tip…..Upper Sunshine & Lower Sunshine Reservoir area. LOL

          • Curious, I had a solve that started at sunshine reservoir too. It ended at Name Creek just off the middle fork of the Wood River. I just couldn’t put enough clues together in that area to be certain that was the spot.

      • I’m with you Gypsy. I was thinking the same thing, man this dude cries too much. What a (what’s another word for someone’s face, starts with a “P”?).
        Hey, if there was really a finder, and this is he, and he’s reading all this, DUDE, man up, never let them see you cry, or admit it. Unless eating some hot chili……………….Pack those Fritos,

        • Physiognomy means face. If you’re teasing for a hint, I’m not going there at this time. I am also skeptical and suspicious about
          the posting from the “finder”.

      • Well it has to end sometime DG. And most searchers don’t even understand the Game. At least now you know this is all a game and if you can figure out those clues your pretty dam smart. Lol

      • DG,
        It’s easy to call BS when little / none is given about the poem itself..
        But the picture of the chest in the closed position at its location is undeniable. (A picture I never seen before, have you?)
        I think the finder’s emotion of; being the only one, out of more than 300,000, to actually finalize the challenge would bring a tear to any eye.
        With that said, I am a bit surprised that therea mentioning the intent to sell the trove. It almost sounds advertising to me.

        Side note to the finder:
        I said in the past I would buy a beer, toast the challenge, for the one who did it all… that promise is still offered.

        • The picture of a dirty chest in a forested location is interesting, but maybe not beyond question on day one. The photo seems to have a much lower resolution than the first image of the chest in the field. It looks legit, but the low resolution and angle makes it hard to tell if rung 3 is in the right location.

          The author seemed to have bent over backwards to paint an image of who the finder(s) was/were. I bet they won’t come out of anonymity for a beer, but nice try. 🙂

      • DG, you do realize that ff himself met this person, and ff said it was a man, so either you believe ff is lying, or … well that is the only thing one could take away from your comment.

        people please stop with the conspiracy theories, or at least come up with one where a person happens to have photos of the chest next to ff for gods sake, seriously… literally photos of the chest with ff next to it… how in the heck does one not pick up on that???? seriously?

        ff showed the same photo location, with same subjects, and now we have more, how does this get complicated?

        I was sort of wondering how we could have 10,000s of people who couldn’t solve the poem I started thinking that it must be very near impossible to solve, but this sort of comment of conspiracies sort of aligns to probably a large part of that number to their powers of observation in how they went about not solving the poem….

        we can have a mystery sure, how does a guy cry that much, I guess if you haven’t met a diverse selection of people… or how does a millennial write like that… of course one would probably have to meet some millennials studying some diverse subjects of english as a major, to see some write like that…. probably explains the worrying about paying student loans too, let alone getting a job… 🙂

        • I second this! If you want to be suspicious of something, go look at the US government. And who cares if the finder cried? To say that men never cry is an archaic view. Crying is a human thing. It’s not exclusive to women.

        • Let me see…Forrest died, I cried.
          If I searched for a treasure around a Fake Blaze, on 25 different occasions…I may laugh cry.

          He told us his feeling. I’m a father of four, I have cried plenty of times. Everyone one has different life experiences. Hopefully each experience makes us a better person…whether we cry or not.

      • “I was so ashamed I started crying in my oxygen mask. Sobbing. I could hardly see through the dark visor on my helmet and the salty tears burned my eyes in a way I have not known in a long time.” Forrest Fenn -My War For Me

        I imagine real men, would step forward to tell you they cry. Only in my imagination, and opinion of course. In my humble opinion, Forrest Fenn was 100% MAN.

        Thanks Finder, and DAL!! And all that put it out there, exposed like a nerve for all to judge on their expressed raw opinions and emotions.

          • Diggin Gypsy – And then there was Forrest’s story about crying, when he sat on the road, after leaving Texas A&M.

          • You’re welcome, Lisa and JDA. I thought the tribute was beautiful, too, and Mr. Fenn DID write his song as he had mentioned was one of the things he had hoped to do. Sometimes I could cry a river, too. Where’s my tissue???

          • pdenver – Forrest’s epitaph:

            “I wish I could have lived to do the things I was attributed to.” – Forrest Fenn

            Maybe you, JDA, can carve that on a ‘scant’ or ‘flat rock’ we can place at Forrest’s special spot in Wyoming. When he tells us where that is.

            Wasn’t Harry Houdini always trying to disprove that Spirits can communicate from the Other Side?

  12. Very articulate and thoughtful. New pictures too and a TOP SECRET mission from Forrest himself.

    Thank you much finder, but surely you can come with a few tender morsels to share with us starving searchers. Something to tide us over for a while.


  13. In all honesty…sounds like a tribute from his grandson. Nothing new here but as the Albuquerque news called it, a dud.

    • Yes, as in most crimes, the people closest to the victim are usually the suspects. There is, indeed, something “fishy” about the resolution of this treasure hunt. I said yesterday after prompting from Kpro that I would like to believe there was and is a finder and that he is taking his time revealing more, especially because of the lawsuits.

      If there wasn’t a finder, then the “find” seems to have been engineered by Forrest and his family – with Shiloh being the most likely suspect to have retrieved the chest. He could also make it happen that the chest might end up in a museum. I wonder, then, if the family will ever tell us what the clues actually meant and where the treasure was hidden. Maybe Forrest and the family didn’t want any more people to lose their lives looking for the chest. In my case, I’m glad the hunt was called off when it was, because I came really close to losing my life in Hell’s Hole Gulch near Salida, CO. In emails I begged Forrest to rule out this location, but he never would. I think I would have eventually been hurt or died searching in this location. I am thankful for the adventure, but I am even more thankful to be alive.

      So either way, thank you, Forrest and “finder” for ending this crazy hunt. It was much too ambiguous to keep people from putting themselves in danger and now we can all treasure our memories and new adventures without being obsessed with finding the treasure (wealth) and appreciating the real wealth of a life well lived with family and friends.

  14. Awesome! Congratulations finder! I wonder if “I can keep my secret where” meant the treasure was where warm waters halt/riches new and old?

  15. You are a very good writer for a redneck 🙂 lol
    When you say…
    “Over the past decade, he and his family have suffered stalkers, break-ins, and a potential kidnapping (just to name the things that have been publicized) from misguided searchers.

    How do you know there were other things not made public? Did Forrest mention that during your visit?

    • Also, a very good point, Gypsy, but I think imagination and genius do go hand in hand. For instance, the Einstein quote that Forrest used, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I think Einstein was a genius and imagination played an important part in what he was able to accomplish – the same with the finder – if there really was one! After reading the posts, I, too, am wondering if this might be Shiloh following out Forrest’s last wishes. And hey, if that is the case, I can dig it. I, for one, was really ready for someone to rule out my search location! On my last hunt a few days before it was announced that the treasure was found, I suffered severe heat stroke and was happy to make it out alive! Maybe the cons of the search were finally outweighing the pros and Forrest had to finally call it off? I guess time might finally tell. Although if there is never any further reveal about the finder, there will always be doubts in many people’s minds.

      • Wow he called the finder “a Genius”. Now I don’t think anyone who Forrest called “a genius” would try to deceive us searchers would they?

    • Evidence is only needed by someone who has something to “prove” and the fact is that the finder doesn’t need to convince anyone of anything. Whether one accepts that he is the finder or not is not important to anyone but the doubter . Maybe folks should be grateful for what has been shared and realize that there is only one person who “has the goods” thereby proving that no one else had what it takes to make that claim whether it required grit, smarts, or good luck. Game over.

    • I agree DG. Shiloh or someone that was with Forrest would need to confirm somehow. But at the end of the day, it still does not give closure to those of us that have spent years looking. Such a big part of our lives that most of us would just want to visit the spot and give a toast to Forrest.
      Even if we could know HOB, some might not still find the exact spot especially since the chest is gone from the spot but could get us in the ballpark.
      Finder, please give us a little more.

  16. My wife and I had planned our fourth trip to the Rockies when the treasure was found. We were planning to explore the border of Montana and Wyoming just north of West Yellowstone. I really didn’t feel confident about the clues fitting the map but we have so much fun on our other searches we were all in. Also, I was sure there had been many searchers scouring over this area before us so I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. One interpretation I had in regards to “Your effort will be worth the cold” was that this meant the searcher would have to cross water. How else could one be cold unless there was always snow where the chest was hidden. These creeks are always cold. The “Put in” for us just happened to be at a location where there are pullouts on both sides of the highway. They could be interpreted as two omega symbols. Okay, that may be a stretch but worth the adventure to find out. We were planning on heading straight to the creek from the car. There are no trails here. We would then head up the creek looking for a blaze on the east side of the creek. This is the stretch of Highway 191 just north of West Yellowstone where the highway crosses into Wyoming.

    If anyone else had looked in this area I would love to hear what you thought after searching. Was it obvious once there that this couldn’t be the location? Did you want to spend more time here looking? How deep was the creek?

    Anyway, we may never know the location of the treasure but my wife and I had some great adventures. Kudos to the finder for solving such a difficult riddle.

    • I got nothin but wow. It was however, quite fitting. I still feel blessed knowing I had actually puts boots on the ground and was one of Forrest’s searchers who truly loved the thrill of the chase.
      God bless all of you… and Covid-19 sucks.

    • Yes I looked there in fact that’s one of the places forrest told me to keep searching in a blizzard that’s when he wrote the story on me the intrepid searcher

      • There is a big clue/ map at that spot, to the big picture WWWH, old entrance to the park. The spot can be found on old topo maps. Its a maps that has been partly made BOTG tree blazes and all. IMO
        Diggin I like your commits, good stuff. Are you the HotE at the end of the Josh Gates CHASE show?

        • IMO this is the spot that Forrest alluded to in the scrap book about picking the berries with the black bears around. They didn’t mess with the strawberries to small . The ground at the old entrance is covered with wild strawberries.

    • Me too. The pic could be photo shopped. It was a great write up, fun to read, too great. I would think the finder would either keep quiet forever or give a two sentence comment. If it winds up in a museum, I’m inclined to go with my first thought.. Grandson retrieved it.

      • Retrieval from a museum would be epic. That’s the stuff movies is made of. I think I’m gonna need a rappelling rope, chalk, and a paperclip.

      • Does anyone know if Forrest ever wanted to have a son? Too bad Forrest isn’t still here, my husband said he would volunteer as a stand-in. I told him he’s not up for it, though. Not worth the “cold”… (lol)

        P.S. Forrest, as you stand high above looking down on us, I know you got to be smiling at some of this 😉

  17. After reading this I just wonder if I too found the blaze – I found a mark that was so obviously made that had two letter F’s cut into wood that I ,at the time, thought it was made by some searcher some years before. Makes me wonder after reading what the finder has said.

  18. Congratulations to you – the finder of the Chest. A sincere thank you for your very thoughtful words. We all appreciate your time in sharing your story. Please continue to keep us all informed of your next steps.

  19. Congrats Finder!

    I appreciate the information you have given us today. I was in the chase a long time and to get even a glimmer of information on the find is refreshing. You seem like a good person and wish you and your family well. If Forrest taught us everything it is to cherish those memories with our families.
    Here is to all of your memories and adventures having some iridescents at the end:-)

  20. Hello Finder,

    It’s nice to finally hear from you! Congratulations on finding Forrest’s chest, and thank you for sharing some of your story. You are a very good writer, and I hope you will write a book some day detailing more about you and your story. You could probably find a way to do this anonymously, and if you don’t want to tell the spot or what the clues meant, then we could at least know some of the story. It sounds like you are hinting that the chest may show up in a museum. I hope that will be the case, and that is what I always thought I would do.

    Thanks again for reaching out, and most of all thank you for bringing this hunt to its conclusion before Forrest’s passed over to that great “treasure” hunting ground in the sky and before I may have, too! My solve took me to Hell’s Hole Gulch near Salida, CO, and it was a pretty scary place. I did survive 3 trips into the hole before you found the chest!

    Take care and stay safe!

    Your fan always,

    Denise Baker aka BlueFox, QuannahParker, HeavyLoads, VanishingRace and probably some other aliases I have forgotten!

  21. Ten Bucks says that the next post from the “Finder” will say that Indulgence will soon be displayed in the Smithsonian. – Just a gut feelin’ – JDA

      • That’s hilarious! You were quite a character in this chase! I think all of us who participated should celebrate the fact that we were able to be “brave and in the wood.” We were an important part of this hunt, even if we didn’t find the chest. We gave Forrest a lot of good memories, and he kept us entertained!

    • JDA – All bets are off. Methinks the National Museum of History at the Smithsonian is already discussing with the Finder the details of the exhibit and the price he is to be paid for the found treasure.

      Back when Dal needed an “explosion”, to revive interest for The Chase via activity on his blog, I contacted the Secretary of the Smithsonian to propose the idea of them offering to buy the treasure and backstory, when found. I heard back from the Secretary’s Chief of Staff on April 7, 2019, and forwarded his email to Dal. Basically, the request was forwarded to the person in charge of collections for that specific museum, who would make that decision. But I never heard back from them.

      If you are reading this, Mr. Finder from Back East with the student loans, it is convenient that those loan payments are delayed right now, due to the pandemic. Maybe the Smithsonian will cut you a check and create the exhibit, when visitors are able to return to the Smithsonian museums? And then you can pay off your student loan and pay for your Masters Degree in literature. Loved your careful consideration of Forrest, his family and his legacy in your story. And, for protecting Forrest’s special spot, as he protected your anonymity.

      For me, JDA, this is closure. That is, if the treasure and backstory end up in the National Museum of History at the Smithsonian. Amen to that.

      • Hi Lisa;

        Thanks for the info. I agree – Talks are probably taking place. As always, can they agree on a price? I would guess in the vicinity of 10 million. I would happily accept that amount to keep my mouth shut as to where and how it was found. I feel that that is the price that Forrest asked the Smithsonian to include in the deal.

        Telling the where and how = money in the form of book and TV and movie rights. If Forrest wants this info kept quiet – the “finder” needs to be paid those monies.

        If the Smithsonian wants Indulgence, THEY are the ones that need to pay the price. Part of the “Mystique” of Indulgence and the “Chase” is how to solve the poem, and where the poem led you. Keeping this info quiet continues the “Mystique.”

        THE spot was special to Forrest, and he did not want it disturbed – Thus the how and where were not to be disclosed. Seems logical that Forrest had this all laid out with his lawyers before he died – just in case he did die before it was found. The “finder” and Forrest MAY have had a couple of friendly chats, but I somehow have my doubts. I think that those talks are still waiting to be had between the “real” finder and Forrest’s lawyers – but in these regards I am a sceptic who probably does not know what he is talking about – JMHO – JDA

      • If all that The Finder has said is true, then maybe he will feel an obligation to have the Treasure be a “National Treasure” where all may be able to “marvel” at it. Or, do the big $$ call out and it goes up for auction at Christies!

    • What about Cody Museum as a second option. That might work too. I’ll put $6.75 on Smithsonin and $3.25 on the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

    • First, the greatest CONGRATs to the Finder…the one who was not distracted by the other clues, and chose the right clue to start with…making him the genius he was whether purposely or accidentally as luck has some place in this somewhere. I prefer the genius surmise. Let’s see…. If I had found it, I would have donated the necklace that FF said was in the chest, anonymously to the Smithsonian. The rest… the gold coins from the pictures were not anything special, BUT I would have separated the good looking ones (no scratches etc.), about half of the total coins, take them to Heritage Auctions and sell them anonymously, pay the taxes, etc. using a tax payer ID number. Though the coins are basically worth a little more than the bullion price, after appraising and packaging, THEN being auctioned off as “The Fenn Treasure Trove” they would sell at 3 to 4 times their worth AT LEAST. I would keep the other baubles, nuggets, coins et al (these having been photographed) and see if an Auction place would find some private buyers for the ones I would turn loose of, move where I have always wanted to live, leaving as little trace as I can, retaining the rest of the treasure for my family so that when I am dead and gone, my story that I would have written, could be published, and everyone could share in my adventure. No, maybe not, it would be smarter to keep a couple of pieces I loved, donate something, write the book “Written by Nom de Plume”, sell the rest at a huge Heritage markup, and move off where I want to live hoping my new name Nom de Plume doesn’t attract any attention. I hope you are entertained by my little rant because I congratulate all the seekers on their efforts. I did my searching from a watchful distance re-living the days when I could ease through the lands of this great country, seeing things, I believe, that no one has ever seen because I feel when you are off the trail, you could be standing in a place where NO ONE ELSE has ever stood. My favorite thing to do was to leave a Susan B. Anthony dollar under a small rock exactly where I stood. I have left many. I really doubt anyone has found one even though many of them are at interesting places where one would stop to admire the scenery if they chose to wander off the path. I left part of Me there, sort of, something of value from me to Mother Nature. I believe FF did something similar, leaving a small piece that may be found some day. I laughed to myself when I read this as I have been doing it since my first hike with a friend into the wilderness at 16 (way back when it was not dangerous to be in the woods). Before there were Anthony coins, I used a silver quarter. Thank all of you searchers and seekers. I have lived through the posts, It has brought me years of joy , so again, thank you all and God bless you, If you didn’t see God out there where you were, you were looking too hard for the treasure. God Bless America. Where else in the world could we have the freedom to do something like this and be able to share it with all who had the interest. Sorry my post is so long, but I wax thoughtfully about the venture, and all the nameless that are my friends.

    • I agree. I also agree with the old saying that patience is a virtue.
      I hope you understand why I say that.

  22. That’s a good possibility, isn’t it? I could see Shiloh and Doug collaborating on this, but there is still a hope that there really was a finder and that we are not being told to believe something that’s not absolutely true. If Forrest wanted to call it off, he could have. I’m just wondering why there would have to be an invented finder? I guess because people would be very upset that the chase would end that way.

  23. I was hoping for more the red neck
    type. Lol Thanks for the story. Now go and buy a old Ford pickup and get yourself some kids…. geez
    Joking, congrats on the amazing thought process.

  24. Lots of interesting info here! Is it just me or did those scissors age a hundred years in a little over 3 months? And what’s that other thing? Is that the dragon bracelet? The mystery deepens…

    • Digging gypsy, I’m sorry your comment was deleted. There’s definitely something weird about those scissors. They’re appear a lot more rusty than they were before… almost like acid or something burnt them up. Definitely darker brown.

  25. John Finder –

    When I was 19 years old I drove across the country, following the old Rt 66, with 4 friends. being young and never having ventured far afield, our parents set us up with relatives and friends all along the route. When we arrived in Santa Fe we pulled up to a house with no front lawn, just rocks. Unusual for us Chicago boys right? A friend of my father from the Korean war days answered and let us in. The man didn’t stop talking for 6 hours.

    Below is what I remember most vividly after more than 30 years.

    The man’s wife cooked spaghetti for us. Before that was ready she served a salad in the largest bowl I have ever seen on a table. The man explained it was hundreds of years old and forged in a pit not 10 miles from where we sat. He served pop in metal cups that he kept in his freezer. He explained why.

    Me: Sir why don’t you use ice, is this a New Mexico thing?
    The man placed an ice cube in a short glass. He began explaining how the pueblo Indians preserved foods and what kinds of things they drank with meals. As he spoke the enormous plate of spaghetti arrived and we 5 teens listened intently as we ate. When he was done pontificating he held aloft the short glass.

    Man: It’s just warm water now, would you put that in your drink?

    Forrest’s generosity was not just for one person. The value of the treasure is found in the adventures we had, the stories we shared and the friendships we created. That value is not diminished because you chose to end the chase. It has tarnished, but may yet again, like the forgotten cup, reveal it’s luster if treated with care.

    Many here are interested in the solves of the clues and not necessarily the location. I hope you will be willing to engage in a discussion about the clues and how you solved them. That would bring great enjoyment to many!

    Much Love,
    Lugnutz Dodge
    I am in Chicago if you would like to discuss anything, feel free to contact me.

  26. On the chance that the finder is reading the comments on this blog, and I’m guessing that he is, I would like to see a clear picture of the emerald ring. I see something in the pictures that might be it, but would like to see a clear picture of it. That has been the item in the chest that I’ve been most curious about. Thanks, and congratulations.

    • I think I see an image of a golden foot and it looks like it’s in a clearing of a leafy green forrest. The bubble makes it kinda vague.

  27. Oh yeah finder, really appreciate those pictures of our beloved Forrest Fenn. I always loved to see him smile with that bit of a smirk. Those would be some of his last pictures so thanks for posting them.

  28. My birthday is in 2 days on the 25th, what a wonderful surprise and treat this is, I’m gonna read it slowly savoring every single word and get lost in every photo, maybe I’ll finish up reading it on my birthday so I can exhale a well overdue sigh of relief.

    Thank you Finder, for your story.

    Thank you Dal, for your honor, integrity and loyalty to your friend Forrest Fenn, they simply do not produce fellas like youse anymore, you truly are the salt of the earth.

    Thank you Forrest, for your spirit that guided me on a wonderful journey into the unknown. I plan to eventually travel to that place I told you about, if my health will allow me, and I will have a seat, ponder, let my imagination wander and I will think of you fondly. Rest easily, my anonymous friend.

  29. I’m with those in saying this gives nothing of the solution… its well written and heartfelt, but the only takeaways are that millennials have a penchant for crying and student debt.

    • I wouldn’t generalize about millennials based solely upon the action(s) of one.
      I also wouldn’t assume that the written message was heartfelt. Skillfully written, perhaps. There may be a little hint in it about the location of the so-called “hidey spot”. Rumors have seemed to suggest that the “finder” was not the “solver”. None of this (my) message is intended to suggest that anybody stop trying to
      solve the poem, regardless of their reason for persisting. Good luck to all of us.
      As always, in my opinion.

  30. It’s nice that Forrest seems more content in these photos and this updated, posthumous, version of the finding. It’s a stark difference. I wonder what changed from his initial presentation?

  31. Crying? Crying? There’s no crying in treasure hunting! Come on man, stand up and give yer self a good slap. If Indiana Jone was there he’d give you a good smack!

    Just kidding dude! Congratulations man! Well played!

  32. Hey Dal,

    Did you get permission to use the photos and the story on your website?

    An Indian Scout and A Saint

  33. Losing the chase was like losing a loved one in an inexplicable way. There is a grieving process (anger, bewilderment, sadness, etc) and (we think) a need to know. Just like a loved one, the searchers (and I am one who searched in Wyoming) WANT closure. They say they NEED it to move on. As someone who has lost a loved one in such a way, I can tell you that the answer to why and how, just like the answer to where and how for the treasure, does not really bring closure. The loss of the loved one will hurt forever. The feeling of “what could I have done different” or “I should have known that” will always be there. Let it go and remember the loved one for what they (it) were (was). Anything else is really just a form of selfishness. Congrats to the finder and RIP Forrest!

  34. Great story, well written. Question is, is it just a story? Are the additional photographs proof positive? Possibly so! The treasure was in a “nook”, that is an interesting reveal. Will Forrest’s final resting place, be in that nook? Does anyone know of Forrest’s funeral arrangements? Many tidbits in the story to lead one to assume that the person writing the story may indeed be “The Finder”! Will the Treasure end up as a single lot on a Christie’s Auction or eBay?

  35. I can’t help but notice how lengthy the narrative Is. So many words, yet so little detail about the chase. For something who claims to have been inspired by Forrest’s poem, books, interviews, and blogs – the omission is glaring.

    There is, though, an oddly comprehensive summary of Forrest’s life. I say odd, because the finder uses detail on that topic, but next to nothing about his own life journey. I understand he probably wishes anonymity – but a tendency toward verbosity is hard to throttle. Or so I’ve heard.

    I, for one, do believe the story about the tears.

    Perhaps this story comes from an old friend. IMHO.


  36. Congratulations finder, whomever you are. Enjoy your fall foliage this year in peace! It’s remarkable what Forrest did to protect you and I can hear the gratitude in your words. You have your reasons for trepidation about sharing more details and I think you’re correct in that thinking. It’s best for now to just keep it simple and stay low key.

  37. I wish yall wouldn’t bring any of the fenns name into this.i know your entitled to your opinion. This family is hurting.i miss forrest very much and I’m with like to kick forrest in the butt for dying.ok finder,if your for real and really found the me a ranch house brand new.get info from write back on this blog why or why not you can or can’t buy me a that your rich.come on give us your not the finder

  38. Isn’t it ironic that the finder doesn’t give a crap about the History/Historical Pieces and things that Mr Fenn was in such love with that he (ff) spent most of his life trading, buying and searching for?

    He (finder) doesn’t want the treasure just the $$$$$$$$.

    What a crock.

  39. Congratulations Finder and thanks for sharing part of your story. I’m pretty sure we crossed paths once. I was with my daughter . We were very close to and above ” George” and I believe you were hiking from the direction of fossil hill. It was 2015 I believe, summer and if I remember correctly, you were wearing a boonie hat and camo pants. Anyway, I just got home from searching row 4 block 23 on May 31st. It was about my 10th trip to that area. Boy was I shocked when the announcement was made. Again, congratulations.

  40. To The Finder, (If you’re reading this blog)

    Thanks so much for the willingness to share your story and trials through this chase experience. I concur with how you felt about the rough times and struggles that came with the journey, I found myself out there breaking down as well at points. Don’t be ashamed with what many people say, as it will prove to be an impossible task to try and please everyone in this race.

    I found my way into the chase about 2014 myself, and had been sad/wrecked to hear of Forrest’s recent passing. He was and still is a treasured friend, and one of the most impactful figures in my life. I am thankful for the times when he would always be on the lookout for the well-being of others, beyond what was required of him.

    In the years of going back and forth to that spot, I hoped that many of the slideshows adventures/people whom I encountered along the way while out there were a blessing for Forrest to see. I always wanted to take him along for the ride because I knew he was stuck back at home in Santa Fe.

    Upon reflecting and rereading your story, I know you are not the person whom I met in 2018. However, the “cruel searcher” that led you to that Southern spot next to the crick near the loud water was not of my doing. That one threw me for a loop too when I returned in late 2018, but luckily I had photos of that spot the year prior and noticed that the carving wasn’t present in 2017. I’m sure it was placed there as a decoy for me on later trips because it is located near where I ran into the other searcher during that season. I did manage to leave a mark once as a reminder to myself. “Nop” & “BOTG Zip” which were near the front

    I had been in that vicinity since 2016, knowing it was near but never being able to pinpoint the exact spot. Something just felt pressing in that area and I couldn’t shake that my gut was telling me it was there. However, traveling to the region was daunting and my scheduled trips were made as often as reasonably possible. I saw an area where a person made camp at one point, out of sight but near to where one would park. It made me laugh because I knew there was a few of us still floating around there from time to time.

    The area I was traveling from was 15 hours away and our town just recently burned down the week Forrest passed, so I didn’t even get a chance for a proper goodbye with the man which I regret. As with you I never was given a heads up as to what was going on, usually the closer we got the quieter he was…Which in a way was a showing of his cards to a degree. I did manage to go out on June 16th 2020 (I was waiting until after my daughters birthday) to head out.

    And I found some wonderful footprints in and out of the bottlenecked areas, which I assume were yours. Light on the way in, heavier heading out.

    No resentment here, and I would just love to share so many of the stories and emails I had for Forrest with you. Which might answer some of your questions/frustrations around what was going on at that same time frame, but more so mine. However, don’t fret none. Thank you for finishing what I wasn’t able to do. It was close and I knew it, but a sincere congratulations for finding the spot.

    For me personally, this chase started as a means to become financially fit. But, I’m glad over the years the Lord worked on my heart and made it such a more joyous adventure that led me to share the journey with those on the road whom I came across. I think Forrest got a kick out of all the stories from the varying journey’s. At least I would have hoped so.

    The one thing I wanted to know from Forrest was what made that particular spot so special? I don’t know if it’s something you asked him about, or is something you are willing to share? But if you feel comfortable doing so, you won’t get any complaints from this guy.

    Keep doing what your doing, from our family to yours we wish you all the best. Also, please feel free to reach out and contact me and I would be glad to share the photos from that area the years prior and during the time you were there too. Might be a funny perspective to get on things. I’ve been quiet all these years and have had no one but Forrest to share those moments with, and I would be happy to have someone to finally relate to that experience. Ask Dal for the contact since he’ll have a list of whose registered here. I hope one day we can chat, no final spot questions just relating one on one as to what the journey was like for you and to share of our own experiences.

    I wish you all the best in the world and hope God continues to bless you on your journey in this life. Stay safe my friend.
    – E

    P.S. Thanks Dal so much for all the hard work, energy, and effort you’ve put in allowing us all to be connected to Forrest over the years. I’ll miss the stories of such a treasured life. God bless you too my friend, stay safe.

    • P.S.S. To the Fenn’s: Thank you for your family’s sacrifices in support of Forrest while he served our Nation during those 20 years, which was no easy task. But, also thank you for sharing such a light from your home with us; Forrest must have been one heck of a husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather, but he also became a wonderful friend to many of us. He’s been such a blessing to others and he wouldn’t have been able to do that without your relentless support. All the love and prayers to you during your time of loss. May God grant you the comfort that only He can provide in this time period. We love you all so much, be safe and take care.

      • BadgeR,

        It’s always hard to read people’s expression via online means…Not sure if this was cynical or not. But, nonetheless I hope all is well with you.

        Yeah, this whole journey was been amazing that’s for sure. That last trip was the best by far, even going out knowing the chest was gone was beyond the point. But instead just having a one on one with the Lord out there was perfect. Prior to the chest being found I had prayed that the Lord would guide my footsteps when heading out there (Scheduled for June 16th), or to close the door on this whole thing. Little did I know I would get the chance for both to come true. However, seeing those footprints out there was a jaw dropping moment…

        It’s one thing to keep on trucking and going again and again…But then you start to think you’re crazy or way off the mark when things don’t pan out the way we think. However, my goal went from self sustainment (finances)…To caring more about the people along the road while heading out there. In the end each trip became more about looking for the next person that God put in my path, rather than the box itself.

        I personally think Forrest enjoyed those stories, but there never was a reply over the years.

        That last trips confirmation was more than I expected and I cried my eyes out in front of “The Dude” as the impact of the last 6 years hit me all at once. Not just that my gut feeling had been right, but that God found use out of a wretch like me. As Forrest said, “my church is in the mountains” I would have to agree. God’s amazing and if you just let Him guide your footsteps you can do so much more with the time given you, that makes an impact beyond this veil.

        One of my wake up calls on this journey came when I was heading on the road and watched Pastor Paris Wallace final service & funeral service on YouTube (I would recommend listening to it, and hear the words from a man whom would later pass away the next day). It’s one of the things that got me thinking, “What am I doing out here?”. From there it was all the Lord slowly changing the desires of my heart, as reluctant as I was to let things go. I think I did as much as I could during this chase to make use of the time given me. But…I still have breathe today, and I kept praying for the opportunity to encourage just one more person to walk with the Lord…Hence, my response both on those trips and whenever I found an opportunity.

        God bless you BadgeR, take care and stay safe.

  41. Happy 23rd Finder. May the Sun ☀️ and Moon always shine for you during all of your priceless days ahead.

  42. Well, at least we got some more pictures including one more from the field, and more specificity about the distance of the picture location from the nook from which it was extracted. This at least throws a wet blanket on the theory that the chest was transported considerable distance prior to the original find photo atop the pine needles. (Those skeptics seemed not at all bothered by the existence of fragile spider webs, caked-on mud on the chest edge, and rust from the key that would not have looked at all like that photo if the chest had been moved more than few meters prior to being photographed.)

    Another takeaway from this article seems to be that the finder didn’t solve the poem’s clues. Instead, he somehow divined a fairly precise location where Forrest had original plans to spend eternity, and then spent a couple dozen days (and probably hundreds of hours) brute-force scouring the general area. Does it seem reasonable that a self-described “millennial” would have that kind of persistence based solely on an inspired theory as to where he would want to be buried?

    Dal: you’ve known Forrest about as well as anyone, and for far longer than most. Did you ever divine from Forrest’s books, Scrapbooks, Q&A’s, interviews and your many personal interactions, a singular, self-confirming location that Forrest planned to rest his bones? If not, then I question how a young man many generations removed from Forrest managed to confidently deduce such information that has eluded the rest of us.

    The other oddity is the lack of a mask on Forrest’s face in the Santa Fe bank (or wherever that office is where he’s inventorying the chest’s contents). There are at least two other people in the room with him, and I figure most searchers assume one of them is the finder. Cynthia was no stranger to Forrest, and even she kept a safe distance from Forrest after the pandemic hit. It’s hard to believe that Forrest would shun a mask when sharing an enclosed space with a stranger. (Granted, the people in the room that we can’t see may well have been wearing them, and that is a greater preventive measure than anything a face covering would do for Forrest.)

    Matt (Smell the Sunshine) did a lot of research on Forrest’s life, and shared videos of his in-depth, critical analyses of the chapters of Forrest’s first memoir. It seems to me that if anyone could have teased out Forrest’s special place (absent solving poem clues) it would have been him. So I’m curious what StS’s take is on the veracity of the finder’s narrative.

    • I concur the question “What is not there?” seems most germane. No mask – in what appears to be a small room. Remember the other participant was (reportedly) a complete stranger who had driven overnight from Wyoming to present the chest to Forrest.

      I would also ask – what need was there to inventory the chest in the first place? Certainly that had to be time-consuming. Did the finder or Forrest believe a portion to be missing? That someone took part of the gold but left the rest?

      Was it not the finders in it’s entirety (save for the Harvey bracelet). If something had been missing was Forrest going to immediately replace it?

      Questions. Lots of questions.


    • Zap,

      The idea of the chest is “wet”… is something many ran with in hopes it was a clue, imo. Forrest seemingly answered; how can anything not be wet in the RMs.. even buried…?
      Personal; I think the comment was made because of the weather in the area on that given day of the comment. Call it helpful or not, but someday we may be able to know of the location and have some fun recalling the years of statements and create some logical answers for them.
      However I agree that the finder may have not solved the clues completely. His comment about the false blaze seems to indicate that he figured out the location he needed to be at, and did a lot of leg work to finally uncover the hide.
      The kicker is; was that blaze he discovered something he thought to be a blaze? Or did another searcher actually but something in the correct area unknowingly being so close?
      I think many here might be surprised about how many searchers (much more than several?) may have been within striking distance of the 500′ mark.
      LOL, can ya imagine the feeling?

      • Hi Seeker: glad to see you are still monitoring Dal’s. On the subject of chest wetness, I personally never had a problem with that. Like you said, Forrest basically admitted it was a non-clue by implying everything is wet in the Rockies — that it didn’t have to be underwater, or in the perpetual mist of a waterfall.

        I’m glad you agree that it does not appear that the finder fully solved the poem’s clues in the intended manner. Instead, he had a “general solve” because he clearly could not “knowingly go to within several steps of the treasure chest.” My guess is that he never found the blaze (I realize that sounds counter-intuitive given he did find the chest, but I never felt there was a physical blaze to see/discover during BOTG). I wonder if Forrest ever envisioned that someone could find the location armed only with a general solve? I suppose if you’re close enough and dogged enough, eventually you’ll “stumble” upon it.

        Regarding the false blaze, I’ve read so many stories from searchers about them leaving blazes behind (e.g. on trees), which I always thought was a bit cruel/selfish. That one of these was found less than 1,000 feet from the hidey nook doesn’t seem so surprising given that Forrest said “lots” of people had been within 500 feet of the treasure.

        Still, it seems the finder got thrown (and delayed) by this false blaze, which is surprising. Any false blaze that a searcher could leave behind should not have fooled the finder unless he was unaware of Forrest’s post under Nine Clues Part 31 (9/26/2014): “I had an enjoyably visit with Tom and his brother at the Downtown Subscription Coffee Shop in Santa Fe. They seemed like nice guys and avid treasure hunters. But there is confusion somewhere. While it’s not impossible to remove the blaze it isn’t feasible to try, and I am certain it’s still there.”

        • Lots of interesting takes. Regarding finding the final location without solving all of the clues; remember people solved the first two clues and came within 200 feet of the chest. If one can solve the beginning of the poem, and then deduce where FF might think to be a special place in the general vicinity it really is a matter of just finding the blaze. The fake one slowed him down.

          The mask question is interesting. It could be a sign of the area though too. In San Diego there has always been much more mask wearing than smaller cities, or cities further east. Though at his age and health you would think he wouldn’t take a chance.

          I find it odd that a millennial would be as dedicated to the chase as he was. The typical searcher is 40+ years old. Most millennials I’ve talked to about it just brushed it off.

          I do hope we find out more.

          • He was probably 40+9 months, not a boomer, and not quite millennial. Probably an Aquarius that likes the woods, being away from people, and growing flowers. He’s probably dedicated from understanding of other dimensions and because he knows how cool the gig is. Much like Batman though, he’s probably misunderstood and would rather hang out in a cave all day, unless some light pops up at night.

          • I don’t believe ff would be in a small room without a mask with anyone not part of his pod/close family. He wrote to us about COVID, remember?

        • The only thing I saw within a mile of my final search area that
          looked like it could qualify as a “false blaze” — and still be relatively durable — appeared to be more than a thousand feet from my final search area. I estimate the distance as more like 1500 feet, or perhaps even close to 2,000 feet. The thing did “stand out”, and would have functioned as a blaze only to a smart searcher on the Fenn treasure hunt. And the “false blaze” was definitely an act of a person. A vandal, in my opinion. When I saw the thing, I took it as a sign that I was in the correct general area. All in my opinion, don’tcha know.

      • Zap, the question remains;
        Can the blaze be predetermined from the poem, or only in the field?
        (Becky’s Q&A)
        That’s just one question I would like to know, from the finder…
        He wouldn’t be giving up anything about the location or a deciphered clue.

        • That’s a trick question. But here, theres an easy way, and there’s a few difficult ways. There’s a method for the wise or those with a lightning bolt of wit, and there’s a more simple slower paced method.

        • I believe it can Seeker.

          Look quickly down —> Bow
          Marvel gaze —> Wow

          Bow wow —> dog. And of course backwards, dog become God.

          This was my confirmation after I discovered Snoopy.


        • “Can the blaze be predetermined from the poem, or only in the field?”
          You may not care to hear my opinion but Osborne Russell’s is another story.

        • The blaze was determined using google earth, before I went BOTG searching in 2018. I have been saying for years that people should not underestimate Fenn. A lot of precision is involved in a correct solve, and the blaze relates to this.
          As always, IMO.

    • I agree zap, with all you said. The way in which it is written seems odd to me too. My hope was some one solved it completely and did as forrest stated was possible and walked “right straight to it”. not spent 25 days searching around the area. that says to me he NEVER solved it, only figured out part of it and found it by searching the hole area. Find the blaze, look quickly down, take the chest and go in peace.

      • It’s not that simple dag nabbit. You gotta go to the spot the drive around like a horseshoe 8.25 in the middle and then go to 66000 then get out walk back and forth doing the whole thing all over, then everyone is wearing masks and the phones tapped. It’s three times in your head and 25 days after throwing a dart is a home run if you ask me

      • You just reminded me of a possible hint in TTOTC, in the chapter “my war for me”. It may suggest something about the blaze that could help find it.
        Only applicable/helpful if all the earlier clues have been solved, though. Just my opinion.

    • I agree that brute force is a good understanding of how he probably got there. Thank you for saying what the Finder probably should want to know at this point.

      In fact, I would have expected that the Finder knew that any of his solves failed merely because of “a poor execution” – exactly as Forrest intended. Forrest made this very clear for those who understood the messages.

      Absence of Evidence is Not Evidence of Absence

  43. This resounds like a tribute from a close family member or cherished friend, which makes perfect sense. Someone close to Forrest would know where he wanted to be buried. FF said the treasure was fair game for anyone – including family and friends.

    Now, the finder can sell the treasure to the museum where ff wanted it displayed and continue building his legacy. Good for you Forrest, you planned it well.

    Congrats to the lucky finder. You did a very nice job memorializing forrest and making your discovery about him rather than yourself.

  44. Can anyone explain the difference in coloration on the chest in the two photos of the treasure chest? The in situ photo of the chest outdoors is obviously not yet cleaned up. However there is no green oxidation showing at all in the outdoor photo. Even dirty, I believe a little green would show through.

    • Outdoor lighting vs indoor lighting (natural,fluorescent, incandescent, LED all have different kelvin temperatures and affect how colors appear). Just ask a photographer.

  45. There’ll be more to this story.There’ll have to be a sequal. I am certain there’ll be more than 25 days. Congratulations Finder!

  46. The finder must have a pair of O-mega,s and secure in his masculinity also. To be able to think like Forrest and get into his head to find the spot without solving the poem fully back in 2018. Butt im thinking he must have finished the solve and then some between 2018 and 2020. As particular and stubborn as the Fenn is, im betting my full house that the joker made some real hell for the finder in those two years with all those SB’s. CAN you imagine the heart ache and frustration the finder had to go threw those 2 years? Not to mention the precious time away from his family i hope he didn’t have young kids because they grow up so fast in 2 years, its a lot to miss, especially when it sounds like it was not necessary. Im sure that is what all those scrap books were all about now. The finder did say he had the right spot in 2018 RIGHT? If so i hope it was worth it. 2 million to miss two years with my kids, no thank you, not worth IT..shhh! all imo of coarse

  47. Searching now but can’t seem to find or remember when Forrest said the finder would start crying? Anyone remember this?

    “Then I remembered Forrest said the person who found the chest would either laugh out loud or start crying.”

    • No he said laught or faint. nothing I can recall on crying.. however, I’m also in his age category and i too am a male who would have cryed like a baby and not have been ashamed to admit it..

  48. Congrats to the lucky finder!

    But, hey, 25 days of searching? Means the poem was not fully solved or it did not lead the searcher directly to the right spot.

  49. This sounds alot like operation Christmas tree.
    Although anonymous practices may work while staging ornaments and signage, inevitably someone is gonna show up, plug in the lights and whammo game over. B.

  50. An embroidery, masterly stitched together to create a bit more chaos.

    Stitch by stitch the pieces come together
    Flocking together like birds of a feather
    Searchers amassing chaos in their word
    Pushing forward like a Buffalo herd

    Dust flying rocks a spewing
    Lawsuits with words of suing
    The finder saw one thing and one thing only
    Words of a poem gently flowing.

    • I like your poem 1Trailblazer. Here’s a silly one…

      “The Hairy Pot”

      Hubble-Bubble, toil and trouble
      Cody’s rear end releases a bubble
      Like a dagger’s reference hitting its mark
      We see it hit trees, penetrating bark

      There she bounces off of rocks and fern
      Finding it’s end back upon his stern
      Served up like stew on a glorious old ladle
      Its smell makes one faint of ever loving cradle

  51. What I do not understand is how somebody can board on a commercial flight to Santa Fe, with a heavy treasure chest, filled with gold. I thought there where security measures, at all airports such as metal detectors before someone can go to the gate. Or was it handluggage? Quite heavy? Not? Or was it a private plane that brought the treasure back to Forrest?

    • Hi jan_v52: almost certainly the finder didn’t board any flight with the treasure chest. He mostly likely drove it to Santa Fe in June. The question is what he did when he left Santa Fe to go home. Suppose he could have left the chest with Forrest for safe-keeping and flown home (unlikely), or he drove it all the way back home.

  52. Sounds alot like what Forrest himself might imagine himself writing if he was the Finder……

  53. I was questioning myself about that “flight” to bring the treasure back, because the finder says:
    ” For weeks he had wanted to fly me back to Santa Fe to spend more time with him (he even tried to convince me to move there), but circumstances out of our control made it more practical for me to come later.

    I had never met Forrest until this June, and it was destined to be our only time spent together in person.”

    • The flight the finder is talking about here would have been a subsequent flight not involving treasure transport. If I had been the finder and Forrest had asked me to fly to see him again, I’d have been on the next flight. But I don’t have kids, so my “circumstances” would have been very much in my control. But it’s curious that he uses the words “out of OUR control”…

      • this also means that more than “one” person knows now, it is incredibly likely that because of this, the eventual “story” about the find, and finder will be “outed” if that is the right word for that.

  54. When you visit Yellowstone National Park, it might also be interesting to see the treasures of nature around Jackson Lake: Begin it at the Grant Village Visitor Center and drive along 89 all the way down to Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. After getting south of Moose and Cow Island turn left to Pilgrim Creek into wilderness. Be careful, for good reason there is no sign up East Fork Creek, just bedload without road or trail. Up in Bridger-Teton National Forest there are some small lakes. From the various spots of bright rock, choose whatever you like most.

    • It takes brilliance to go there. Not ordinary gumption, but 4 o’clock in the morning brilliance.

  55. Question to the finder. Dont you think there is a more money in marketing yourself as the finder than in selling the treasure? Sure you can auction it off and get cash, but a 1 hour TV special revealing the location would be worth more, and could build a brand to secure future income. Also, rehiding it and selling a book would go even further in establishing a line of income. On an unrelated note, I thought the double omegas were cleverly hidden on the map as the one w with curved lines.

    • one does not know the worth of “privacy” then. (hint, it is far more precious than gold)

      “Fame” is a double sided razor blade with no handle, which one is forced to grip tightly.

      it is impressive this person knows that before the fact. finding out after the fact is far more likely for most people.

  56. Who claimed the post from the finder was supposed to satisfy (intelligent?) anything or anyone?
    Geeezuusss, y’all cry to hear from the finder, and when they (he) actually post something, ya bitch about it. Maybe now you can understand why the finder is attempting to stay elusive.
    Or not.

    • I was thinking the same thing, Seeker. I think most searchers want a name and exact location. I just look at it like we get to continue searching. Just because the gold isn’t there anymore doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be nice to find the location and understand how the poem works. It’s easier to find now because there’s no longer any reasons to keep anything secret. If any of us here on the blog figure it out, I think we should petition the state of Wyoming to rename the location after Forrest. Forrest’s Grove or something like that.

      • I think if the location were given, there literally should be a charge to maintain the road, and to send maybe 5 bucks a person to hospitals. Only if it’s self supporting should the location be divulged and obviously it would have to wait since museums haven’t paid up!!

  57. The thing that jumps out at me is the word “sell.” It could mean sell as in offer for purchase, but it also means “lead someone to believe.” Identifying as the man who “sold” his treasure isnt something I am eager to buy into.

  58. There are many of us who would like to buy a bit of this chest if you’re selling. Please consider giving us that opportunity.

  59. Why so quiet Dal? Are you as suspect as the rest of us? I thought he’d “go right to it?” And not understanding the omega? Telling Forrest the correct blaze on the telephone yet Forrest didn’t remember him? I think he would have remembered him.

    What are your thoughts? I think something’s up. What’s so surprising is the finder didn’t leave a single coin behind. Not even a note?

    25 days? Back to a quarter again.

    Come on Dal. What are your thoughts?

    • you did not read the story or comprehend it? the finder says he’d had not found the correct blaze when he called forrest. he was describing the general locations and extremely obvious he had not correctly identified the correct blaze, which the finder freely admitted/described.

      And it is observant by the finder, that ff was a very good poker player/ poker face.. at least 3 or 4 times, in that situation ff showed extremely good poker ability, including playing pool, if you actually want to win something playing pool.

      • Writis, pool deals with many angles… and, just like numbers, those angles have led many people to give up the Chase. It’s kinda like an adage my grandfather once told me, you can only put so many nots in a rope before that rope is no longer considered a rope.

  60. When all is said and done, the only thing we know for sure is the chest was found/retrieved and brought back to Forrest. I’m not even sure it matters whether this was done thru a family member or a “real” finder. What matters is this is how the Chase, as we have been informed, and understand it “TODAY”, ends.

    So to the “finder”, I’m glad you were able to reunite Forrest with his chest of memories one last time and I hope you are successful at finding them a new home. You say there’s more to come….I’m sure there will be….. when the time is right.

  61. Thanks dal and Mr. finder for sharing.
    I’m sure Eric and Forrest are both smiling iridescently from adove.

  62. I see the double omegas as a pair of tap shoes. Peggy and Forrest have some horsepower. Together, they have contributed to the infinite wisdom of their family, friends, and mankind. Long live Forrest and Peggy. I love you.

    “No place for the meek” is most likely “A place for wild horses.” (I wish I realized that “new and old” probably applies to the Home of Brown as well – Leavenworth, KS was wrong)

    May God bless the infinite freedom Forrest is now able to enjoy.

    – Dave

  63. Seems to me the chase is over, at least according to Forrest Fenn and as far as that particular material treasure is concerned. I don’t feel the need of closure in a revelation on where the treasure was hidden or found or whether it was a hoax. It didn’t sound like a hoax and in any case, wasn’t the whole point to go into the wilderness and at best explore that deeply hidden treasure of life that exists in all of us? I can only be disappointed that I hadn’t had the character, the vitality, the wisdom to explore myself and life in the deepest way possible. But it’s understandable since the secrets of life are, by far the hardest to find. Finding Forrest’s treasure would have been a lot easier to find by comparison.

  64. Perhaps this will help someone searching in Wyoming.

    “Nook” —> no ok —> no yes —> ‘yes or no Mr. Fenn, answer the QUESTION’!

    “So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to SEEK?”

    ‘Seek question mark’. We all know how much Forrest loved and respected Mike Kemmerer. We also know that Forrest was born on 8-22-30 and using a little imagination I can, and have always envisioned 30-30.

    Question mark, Kemmerer & 30-30.

    On the west edge of the Rocky Mountains lies the town of Kemmerer which has an airport I’m sure Forrest could have easily landed at. And exactly 30 miles away and after driving a few miles on Highway 30, you turn at Clear Creek (to cease), eventually ending up at Question Mark reservoir. And the best I can tell from Google Earth at the location shown, there is no dam. However, upstream there is another small lake that does have an earthen dam, so Google may not be showing the correct spot.

    Nevertheless, this could be important and I wanted to share with the Wyoming crowd.


      • Tall andrew,

        Sorry for the delayed response but I’ve been busy preparing for a big bed & bathroom remodel starting soon and then we spent the weekend celebrating my granddaughter’s BIG 5.0 birthday.

        Thank you for your being clever kudos. I do occasionally have my moments.

        Regarding your question about Question Mark Reservoir & Snoopy, the answer is no, Snoopy is not around there. I’m searching somewhere else and was simply offering something I found when working on a hunch to folks who might be able to use it in their Wyoming solves.

        Take care………..Pinatubocharlie

    • A truly heartfelt scrapbook. Mike Kemmerer, along with many of Mr. Fenn’s friends, knew the value of friendship. After all, they rode the trail together and abided by a code, a code that went much deeper than mere words. He was, and always will be, surrounded by a canopy of stars. They left there mark, and I believe we are a better people for having listened.

  65. FINDER,

    I can appreciate the concerns you may have, however, to help with many inquiring minds; would you be willing to answer some reasonable questions that won’t disclose you or the location…
    1. How far from your vehicle to the hide did you hike?
    2. Approx. how far apart are the physical references of the clues?
    3. Did you figure out the location to search or the first clue first?
    4. Was there any need to drive in any part of the solve (between clues)?
    5. Is the blaze predetermined in the poem or does a searcher need to be in the field to figure it out?
    6, can you give the size of the search area and n feet / yards / miles -?- that the clues are contained within.

    LOL… Should you be willing to say..
    What the heck is the reference to the first clue?

    ***Good for you for being the solver of Forrest Fenn’s challenge.

    • Seeker, these are also “the answers I” wish to know. Really, just anything to direct how the f did “the finder” do it… !!?? The solving…not even the location…

    • Seeker,
      It would be interesting to have answers to those questions but based on what Finder has said, it may be the case he never solved any clues. The article is conspicuously absent of any discussion about the most basic clue….WWWH. Instead, he talks about what he called a fake blaze left by another searcher and the often referenced but dubious clue of the double omega.

      “I figured out the location where he wished to die (and thus, where his treasure was) back in 2018, but it took me many months to figure out the exact spot. “
      “he never made more than a couple of subtle slip-ups in front of all the dogged reporters who came to his house, and even those apparently haven’t been caught by anyone besides me.”

      “Knowing the exact spot on the globe where a person would like to die is a weird intimacy to share with a stranger, but the experience of figuring it out and proving it beyond a reasonable doubt provided confidence that was intoxicating to me..”

      If true, this sounds more like a brut-force solve based on a hunch that paid off.

  66. I like a good conspiracy and the writing does sound a little too… fluffy for somebody who didn’t know Fenn personally.

    So what if the pandemic changed the rules of the game? What-if a close friend or family member, let’s just dime out Shiloh for the heck of it, did retrieve the chest?

    Maybe it’s the term “finder” that’s throwing us all off?

    Maybe Shiloh “found” it, and who we all really should be looking for is the “researcher” that sent in the winning solve?

    I would expect the rules are: “tell the truth but not the whole truth.” So…. anyone know if Shiloh cries a lot?

    • Nothing is throwing us ALL off.
      Maybe Shiloh “found” it.
      I’m not assuming that anyone “sent in the winning solve”.
      Yes. Somebody knows if Shiloh cries a lot. And somebody knows if he doesn’t. How do you define “a lot”?

      As always, IMO.

      • Well Andrew,

        It doesn’t seem as if anyone has been thrown on.

        I’d define a lot as: much, many, often, excessively so. In this context I may have been better served asking if Shiloh was effeminate.

        A good litmus test would be: Has anyone seen Shiloh cry while observing a sunset?

        I would think that men who cry during sunsets cry a lot.

        Of course, I’m mostly joking. If that needed to be said. Not about men and sunsets though, that’s just ridiculous.

    • AkB,

      I can not answer your question. But I did notice Mr. Fenn first said found by a man. Later he said found by a person.

      I read the Finder’s story and to me it seems written by a woman. One example, not related to all the crying, would be “But of course it looks gorgeous on my coffee table”. That sounds like it was written by a woman. A man does not think like that or write like that.

      • Hey Curious,

        I don’t know about the man vs woman debate. I’m not sure it’s relevant. Neither is the cry-baby vs. stoic debate either, I was just blustering a bit for entertainment purposes.

        I’m more curious about the circumstantial evidence of the solve. Pictures alone don’t really do anything for me in way of proof.

        For example, yesterday I saw Wolverine (aka Logan) fight a bull with a giant rock’em-sock’em robot. If I didn’t know anything about reality, I’d have said that was real. It’s just not true that the camera never lies.

        So I’d like to see some more about how to solve the mystery.

        I wonder… what would it take to convince people of a successful solve? How much circumstantial evidence do people require before they believe in a thing?

        I think I’ll start my own Medium account and find out for myself. If nothing else, it looks like it could be fun.

  67. I still think the whole story is not over. I have a feeling that we are going into stage 5 now. Of course IMO.
    Stage1: treasure was secreted, hided and not found
    Stage2: treasure was recovered by somebody who brought it back to Forrest in june
    Stage3: Forrest waits for a solution of its poem and an accurate description of the hiding place. He still responds to some mails concerning the chase.
    Stage4: Forrest passes away
    Stage5: The last will of Forrest becomes active.

    All this is of course a personal speculation. It is IMO. An maybe I’m only dreaming..

    I will try to post in the next week a detailed out of the box solution of the poem In Wyoming, but far away in location and interpretation of the vlues from what was posted here and on other blogs.
    But it will still be only my personal imagination and fantasy. It will indeed be IMO.

  68. The Finder put forth a well written story, and that is what it was, a story. The extra photos are telling. They are not easily explained unless Forrest had them taken when going through the treasure and were made available to someone, or The Finder actually took them. The Finder’s story was first posted on, which is a site where people post their stories about anything and everything. I am not sure we will ever hear anymore from The Finder. Although, his stated intention is to sell the Treasure, so unless it is a private sell, look for it coming up at a Christie’s Auction or maybe even eBay.

  69. Other answers that would help eliminate people’s incorrect solves without revealing the correct solve:

    1. Treasure site land overseer: USFS, WY state parks, BLM, NPS, etc.
    2. Miles to nearest town; could use 5-mile ranges to be less specific, e.g. 10-15 miles (need not reveal which town)
    3. Uphill or downhill of each progressive clue; some we think we know, not all. Is “no place for the meek” up or down from HoB?
    4. Dimensions of the correct blaze (need not identify the material it’s made of)
    5. He makes no mention of anything related to the “worth the cold” poem reference. What was Forrest’s cold note all about?
    6. How far from the “water high” to the treasure?

  70. Excellent to see we get some words from the person who has the treasure. It was a fun chase with many amazing individuals involved, I’m more than thrilled to be involved.

    To the finder
    Nice words 😉 happy to feel this is the conclusion, I hope in the future the members of this community will be proved your story is genuine by you. I’d probably cry too if I found it after my experience with the chase. The chase is now in your hands for sure how this inevitable ends is up to you, do us proud! And congratulations!

    My one question would be did the Oxford comma or serial comma help with your understanding of the poem?

    • Nice words. Boiled down I feel like he is saying a slip up in Forrests speaking gave him his general solve. From there, with confidence and much effort the words the poem is saying may have been straight forward, simplified. If one is very close things would have to start to fall into place on their own with enough time spent or enough ground covered. The poem, the poem. I always thought it may take more than just the poem to crack it. That one little thing and the poem, and to be able to block out the rest. Nice job finder. There was a profile of a face in my solve poem. The poem is a map. g

  71. Congratulations to the finder!

    Being curious, I’m starting to get an image in my head (probably false) of where this might be. It goes kinda like this:

    1.) the 200′ number is horizontal. However, I think there’s some climbing involved (like hiking, but not too intense). So, there’s a somewhat popular location at the “base” of it, and you have to go up the hillside (“worth the cold”, perhaps?) to get to the location.

    2.) the false blaze is not on the hill, or is on a different part of it.

    3.) Tall, somewhat sparse pine trees all around, not near water (mentioning running out of a day’s water supply implies not being too close to potable water), exposed to the sun, not a huge amount of ground cover in the general area. I’m going to say this is on the shady side of a hill, so probably not East or South facing, but I’m open to being wrong about that.

    All food for thought. I may end up spending more time than I should re-reading reporter’s interviews with Fenn…

    • …Adding, the finder describes pulling a hat over to keep the sun out of their eyes. Yet, in the photos of the chest close to its hiding spot, there is no direct sun. Hmmm….

  72. I think it could be very dark in the woods. I imagined that at night time it would be very bright as well, with alot of shooting stars.

    • Maybe it’s like the buffalo bill wild west show.

      The Forrest Fenn poem about home or something?
      Not sure on the phot shop though. It’s be hard to photo shop a real person.
      Does anyone remember weekend at Bernie’s? Is it possible fenns being driven around?

      • I once thought Forrest might be a Robot… lol 🙂 Really I did… Did you know Doug Preston has an interest in AI? Wrote some books on it… I think I dismissed it because of people who knew him and meet him over the years not to mention they would have had to make a whole family of Fenn robots… but you know it is 2020 and there appears to be no rules anymore so who knows…

  73. I Feel inside Yellowstone. That he wanted to be put in the park. Not specified location
    just in the park. Peggy would be there somewhere waiting. I think he conveyed just
    spread my ashes on Purple mountain where I can look down on the Madison.
    What follows is just Opinion. I think it would be fun to share. No laughing Please.
    I thought the location represented all of Yellowstone. Clagett Butte and the previous
    known names. Temple Mountain, Signal Butte and Sentinel Butte. The hear me all and
    listen good and go in peace. Grizzly bear area. Geez… but where in Wyoming really isn’t.
    I thought he wanted it found. My general solve wasn’t enought then the scrap books.
    The last two lines. go to the runoff pond/ water is in wood and turn around and see
    Title to the Gold aka Yellowstone. William Clagett’s act of dedication bill in congress..
    Now facing Clagett butte at that location you will work for it but not for weeks.
    You know it is here somewhere in front of you. My reasoning for this. Just what the park
    had meant to him as a person and probably his wife too. This didn’t thrill me to go there.
    2 cans of bear spray. do it alone. The gut busting poem and I get this. my bad…
    This is just my opinion and probably was wrong. My thoughts. Where do warm waters end
    related to the train term Halt. A canyon south to a boat ramp where there is no Brown
    because you are below their home. West Thumb of yellowstone lake . No Brown trout
    Home of Brown. Nez perce creek . Not a clue just related to the 3rd clue.
    MJ , canyon down, west thumb. What did he say about clues in the book. a few maybe living on the edge or an aberration maybe too.
    4- canyon rim. buildings first built on rim and moved across the street because.
    5- devils den. end is ever comning. what will it be.
    6- Tower falls. paddle down but not back up.
    7-hell roaring creek.
    8- Bunsen peak. the blaze. Look down at the upper terraces- quest to park near Snow Pass
    trail.this is number nine final clue. See Sentinel Butte from Bunsen peak. the guard will let you go in peace. Take Snow pass trail up hill at first.
    A natural pass that was the first entrance into Yellowstone. Horse and wagon.
    But where on Clagett butte. in the wood and title to the gold,
    go to the pond on left face it. turn around and face Clagett Butte. one day search then.
    It did not get me on a plane. I got ready to go in 2019 but didn’t go. I had one other solve
    that was interesting too. And the hundreds that others had. This was interesting thats
    why I am putting it out here. It is over and pictures let you know. If you didn’t have it in your
    hands then O’well you lost. I thought the first pictures where real. Gold turns white, Rodent
    dug in front of chest. spider in there. get a stick. Lets see. mirrows to big . who takes new plastic bags in the woods. a alot missing. white case becomes black. It takes time
    to think things threw. Now I see it is all there and Forrest looked glad. The scissors maybe related to Temple Texas and Temple Mountain. Who Knows. Where did I put them
    things.. better guess probably Lamar Valley some where.
    book clues. I have guesses. the 50 miles 3 times. Mammoth is 50 miles
    form the junction. cut you trip in half.
    Well the chase was epic. Congrad’s to the finder. Buffalo Bill Museum would be the
    perfect place for it. So many people put so much into this. That would be a good place
    for them to go see it. What I had in it. 4 books a Bench mark map and a strange solve.
    Maybe a future vacation to Cody maybe not. I liked Kpro’s tribute. Good Job.
    In closing. I don’t see any conspiracy’s here the finder worked for it.
    OMG forrest passing at that time. Rest in Peace be Forgiven.
    I never did ever meet forrest and never got a reply to like 4 emails.
    But will remember what I learned for some time.

      • One thing I didn’t think about. What if after solving the poem all
        it said was you found the first entrance into Yellowstone and
        now you know my treasure is in Yellowstone. You would have
        to go back to the book to figure out where he wanted to die.
        All I can think of is like Olga. Say purple mountain half way
        down south or western side and just search hoping to find it.
        Would f have did that.. Could have. This person may have
        done this correctly. With very little information. can I see the Madison
        I am not on top. And weeks of searching payed off.
        One thing I didn’t think of….

      • Markt: there’s a problem with that. MW Periodic Words (6/2/2017): “Let’s coin a new phrase. You can’t have a ‘correct solve’ unless you can knowingly go to within several steps of the treasure chest. Otherwise you have a ‘general solve.’ What do you think? f”


        By Forrest’s definition, and the finder’s admission, he did NOT have a “correct solve”.

        • Yes . You are correct. I was driving home thinking. There is
          one important thing no one has thought of for a winning solve.
          That is not it. After I hit enter I thought that don’t even make sense.
          Thanks zaphod

          • I am glad the chest was found. There is a time for things.
            Like has been said. It may have saved a life. Could have
            been my mauling by a Grizzly you know.
            Time to go back to my regular life. less chase thoughts.
            I had wondered if been wise was like the smart German
            slang. Wisen-h….. as the Bunsen burner was German.
            I still Vote Buffalo Bill Museum. I know I don’t get a vote. Time to go in Peace.
            Like I have said it was Epic. The only unhappy thing
            about it was Forrest passing. The place could have been
            any where in Wyoming it has so many wonderful
            Well, Bye to a chase community. My thoughts to the
            Fenn Family. I need to go buy a tree I guess.

        • also somewhere here on Dal’s Blog is Dal describing how ff told him (Dal) that wwwh is not a general area/large area… it is specific spot/ identifiable/ more precision involved spot.

          and many other comments like that, like the “dip your toe in” comment.. so the poem is talking from beginning to end of specific spots or smaller areas than well Yellowstone as a whole, or at least in context, specificities about spots in yellowstone as an example.

  74. Thanks Finder. Now that you have broken the ice, how about setting up a Q&A for us searchers, or contact Dal for an exclusive interview??
    Remember, you only have to answer the questions you want to.

    “ should always tell the truth, but you should not always tell ALL of the truth.”

  75. I’m curious as to how Dal sanctions this article as being from the finder. In a way, the story seems to conflict with Fenn’s report that the poem led the finder to the precise spot. This article seems to say that the treasure was found through another form of genius–looking for slip-ups in interviews and persistently searching an area for 25 days.

    The article was a nice tribute and the photo nicely revealed more of the early state of the find, that’s cool.

    • Oh, hey finder, would you be interested in buying the solution to the poem to go with your treasure?

      • That came off weird, I think. Where’s the delete feature?
        Congratulations. I suspect you know more than you let on in the poem. Either way, genius.

    • I share your head scratch. It doesn’t align. I believe the article is from the finder but some details differ from what FF told everyone.

    • I suspect that Dal’s “standards” were not very high when he decided to post the
      message “from the finder”. But of course Dal can do what he wants with his
      blog. If he markets it to the religious folks, it could become quite a church, as
      has already been noticed. As always, IMO.

    • I’m not sure that there is a conflict at all.

      It is evident that the finder used the poem as a part of his solve process and found the chest by some combination of ways/means (for example, having most of the clues solved, then 25 days of brute force, inch-by-inch searching/stomping around).

      FF stated in his announcement that it (the chest) had not moved from the spot where he hid it more than 10 years ago and always asserted that the clues in the poem would lead a person right to it.

      The finder reads the poem, searches for it, and finds the chest (again, by whatever means/solve process) exactly where FF left it more than 10 years ago = no conflict.


      • There’s no way that leading someone to a 25 day brute-force search is considered leading them to the precise spot.

        The finder doesn’t credit the poem for a precision find. The final stage was credited to a slip-up of Fenn’s outside the poem and a hunch.

        What seems to be happening is that Fenn was being generous to the finder while reminding us that the poem would have led precisely to the treasure. He’s also being poetic.

  76. Congratulations Finder!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and a few more pictures of Forrest (and the treasure)! I’m looking forward to more in the future.
    Due to your reference of feeling you had proof as you went along and not just confirmation bias and your extreme tenacity with your BOTG searches I’m thinking you must have figured out Forrest’s system for flagging hints in his books ( actually in all of his writings from 2010 on). I’m surprised more didn’t figure that engaging part of the puzzle out with as many searchers as were in that general area, but I guess you don’t notice it unless you are keyed into the correct solve. Maybe you could talk a little more about that in future communications?
    Again thanks for sharing and amazing job!

  77. Ohio, we may never know if the treasure is anonymously sold…….

    Finder, congrats!

    If you ever feel like posting more information I would enjoy reading more.

    If you are going to answer questions or provide more information…

    *I would like to know the answers to Seeker’s questions above
    *I would like to know if there were any instructions in the chest
    *I would like to know if you received confirmation from Mr. Fenn’s family that Mr. Fenn died. I apologize for doubting, but I never saw a family made obituary, I never saw a funeral announcement, and I find it odd that a police man announced “died of natural causes” rather than a coroner. Does a police man perform an autopsy? A police man has no business making that type of announcement. The timing that took place is also questionable. And there was a post on the stating In her email, Meachum said, “Forrest is still with us … just at a different address.”
    *Was the chest wet when you found it? The picture looks like a very dry area.
    *Did Mr. Fenn ever talk about the other items that were shown in earlier pictures, but absent from the chest when you found it?
    *Do you have any pictures of the chest as it was when you found it?
    *What were the 9 Clues? I have many solves and believe I know what the clues are, but would like verification.
    *Do you plan to publish a book?
    *Have you contacted any networks about a pilot or movie?
    *Does Mr. Fenn’s Ramblings & Rumblings posted here match what you found in the olive jar?
    *How did you get his phone number when you called to tell him you found the blaze? If it was a public number I can’t imagine how many other people would call every day to ask about the hunt. Was there a different reason you told us about the the telephone (Like a scrapbook hint), or did you actually obtain his number and call him on a whim?

    • On my first botg trip, I called ff and talked breifly with him. I got his phone number off the web. I respected his time and was very polite. He didn’t sound upset by the call.

  78. Forrest came for the attention and left for the legacy. I don’t mean that in a negative light. He was way to clever to let “The Thrill of The Chase” end along with his demise.
    He’s been thinking about this for years. There’s a video (posted on Y-Tube 2017) whether he wanted to shut down the chase or not. More people than not would have been disappointed if he did shut it down Forrest said (not an actual quote, but a relative one). My point is, it wouldn’t have behooved him to shut it down.
    There was another death in March 2020. No one can prove it was related to the treasure hunt other than speculation, but think about that. Was there added pressure to throw in the towel on top of multiple lawsuits?
    Additionally, if Forrest shut down the hunt, that would have tarnished his legacy. (No bueno).
    It is my opinion, after reading the article, with calligraphy, FF and “finder- (not mentioning names) came up with a clever way to carry on his legacy without his family being involved (without harm), with a possible continuation of the search. By saying the “finder” is anonymous takes the burden off the family.
    Rest easy FF. As you know, I hid that “gold tip arrow” and my lips are sealed!

  79. I don’t see why an explanation of the clues would be harmful. I’m paraphrasing, but I think Forrest said we would be surprised at how simple the solution is. And the solution would be a wonderful way to end the hunt.

  80. Hi dal- Isn’t it about time you weighed in on this embarrassment? Or you might just simply moderate it out. My offer still stands to show you the precise spot. That hard laugh I promised is about due!

    • It’ll be hard to convince folks without having possession of the trove. But you
      might be able to convince some folks. Those who think they have a correct solve might be convinced by info that shows your solve is the same. For example, the distance (as the crow flies) from the hidey place to the nearest paved road. In my solve, rounded off to the nearest mile, it’s one mile.

  81. If it weren’t for the pictures I would have just rolled my eyes and moved on.

    That’s just a fact, my opinion will fully form if they really do continue to post.

    Miss ya’ll 🙂 hope all is well.

    • Same. For now, the article almost reads like:
      Greetings, I’ve been given a photo of a treasure, and have been asked to write a tribute to Forrest Fenn while creating a persona and cover story for the finder(s).

      Since the story seems to confess that they largely played a strong hunch rather than actually solving the poem, it doesn’t clearly distinguish them from non-finders with similar hunches. The photo is about all we got from this, but the lower resolution makes it almost feel like a hand-me-down.

      Staying tuned in.

      • I wish I had written it! The finger of fate must now be in play since the Major is sadly in the arms of an angels.

  82. It’s nice to hear that he spent 25 days searching his spot and that he suffered some of the same frustration and self doubt that we have all felt in our efforts to solve Fenn’s quest.
    …I wonder if he will be accepting offers on King Tut’s scissors?

  83. Lets see,how did that saying go.The treasure was meant to be searched for.but. not found.heehee.I miss mr.forrest, why did you have to go. Every body I love leaves me in death. I hate tell yourself not to love anything, cause it always goes away. This is life,it stinks.wake up Forrest and come home. I wish that was possible. But where he’s at,theres noway he’d want to come back.if there was stairs to heaven, I’d start walking up til I get there where real love is forever.

  84. Forrest Fenn, and the ghost finder.

    My hat is off to you. Nice write up,well compiled and appreciated.
    I am glad to see finder with some of the same pictures as Mr. Fenn posted.
    I am curious, why Mr. Fenn did not know why he left those scissors in with the dragon. And you don’t ether.
    If you solve the poem to find the treasure and know the poem for what it is you would have the answer to that question. I know-Mr. Fenn knows.
    I also believe that there is no way anyone could accidentally stumble upon the TC.
    They might trip over something, but not that.
    Mr. Fenn said the poem was a map and the treasure would be there for the person that crossed all the lines in the right spot. Exact spot. From the right ines.
    How is that poem a map. It’s transparent. You have to see it and know were it is a map of. It tells you how to see it and find it with it.
    The treasure never was the box of gold. I stake my life on that.
    So until the cows come home. I rest and may Mr. Fenn Rest In Peace and shine like a bright star he is. Double omega could bring a little luck. But that’s not it.
    End of this commentary and any response except IDK.

  85. IMHO, the ending we see here today was designed almost ten years ago by the real genius, ff. Next, I believe that his Indulgence will once again be placed back in the original spot and we will once again start the Chase all over. As in before, it will be vital for the next finder to know WWWH. Only question is, next time it is discovered will his bones be with it?

  86. Thank you Finder. I appreciate this story more than you know. I’m very sad about the negativity surrounding The Chase, but I’m hopeful for more positivity in the future.

  87. To the Finder. Could you post closeup current photos anonymously of the treasure. Thank you!

  88. I still am at odds here. The poem is solved and is something that only gets easier as it goes. The one difference is that the paths taken get deeper the longer they’re walkwd. I think the finder using anonymity is a break in tradition and is and example of selfishness as opposed to anonymity. Finder must not be trusting something.

    • The finder could make a lot of money if he did his own treasure hunt and charged admission to participate. Then he could hide the empty chest. The person who finds the chest gets the gold.

  89. Y does it feel like this chase isgoing in two directions. Treasure found VS everything else. What we know is that Forrest left us with questions and that’s going to ensure his puzzles will be on the minds of people for a long time to come.

  90. Hello The Finder. Thank you for sharing your current story with us. I look forward to hearing from you again. I thought your story was well written. I wish to thank you for returning the bracelet to Mr. Fenn, and for the additional photos. Mr. Fenn’s smiles are priceless. The decisions you’re making must be tough ones. I had wondered what I would have done if I had found it, although, the first thing I knew what I would have done was to have asked Mr. Fenn what he wanted me to do with it. He knew this in the very early part of when I began the Chase. Whatever you decide, I hope it will make all that Mr. Fenn worked hard for in this Chase to be worthy and true. I do wish I knew where his special place is. Most of us do. I had always thought if it was possible, I would have placed a bench at his spot for us to sit and dream.

  91. I’ve lived in multiple hotels for long periods of time due to work situations. Specifically Marriotts/Residence Inn. That styrofoam coffee cup is 100% a Marriott coffee cup they have in the lobby’s. IMO this room in the pictures of FF is a conference room inside a Marriott hotel.

    Could be wrong, but that’s my educated guess.

  92. Was anyone else bothered by this section of the “Finder’s” story?

    “As for the legacy of Forrest’s chase, I suppose it is in many ways in my hands, as wrong as that feels. To be honest, I’m not sure what to do.

    Whatever. Making plans is antagonistic to freedom. You will see. I’ll be back to answer some questions, in any case.
    But no, not that one.”

    It is comforting in that he says he will be back “to answer some questions”, but the “Finder” also seems to be a rule-making person so much like Forrest when he says, “Making plans is antagonistic to freedom.” That just sounds so much like one of Forrest’s rules that he said he was always making for himself.

    My gut feeling is that Forrest did us all a favor and ended this hunt when he did (amidst a deadly pandemic) with the help of his grandson, Shiloh, to save many people from risking their lives and/or their life savings. Some were probably close and had the first 2 clues, but it was probably going to take 1,000 years or more for someone to actually find it. Many of us had expressed that we would like to see the chest end up in a museum so we could visit it in person. That may have been the best option that Forrest faced at the time of his death. And now someone, whether Shiloh or the “Finder” is going to make that happen.

    I guess I can live with that. And hopefully, as he alludes above, he is going to share a few more details with us. However, it sounds like he is never going to reveal the exact spot the treasure was hidden, so maybe we will never know the answers to the clues. Perhaps, for most of us, the poem will always remain an enigma. As I was often fond of saying of the poem on the blogs, ” It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” (Churchhill). Maybe not the ending we would have wished for, but one that is probably for the best for most searchers who would have continued to risk their lives and their life savings to find the elusive chest.

    Thank you, Forrest and “Finder” for ending the hunt when you did. You have probably saved at least a few lives in the upcoming years and kept people from spending too much of their precious time and limited funds looking for your chest. It was fun while it lasted, and I will always treasure the memories of my participation in the Chase, but I am glad the chest will soon find a good home in a museum (perhaps) and that we may continue to enjoy the great outdoors and our families and friends without obsessing over the chest.

    Always your admirer, Heavy Loads, aka BlueFox, QuannahParker, and Vanishing Race et al

    • Hi Heavy Loads. Before the chest was found I followed your comments very closely, they seemed to match my thoughts.

      I found the Finders note to us, brought me some comfort. I too, am glad the treasure was found. The continued mystery is something that legends are created from…I think Forrest would relish in that thought.

      The thought of searching near a fake Blaze for 25 days makes me laugh. I think everyone has been searching around fake blazes. For me the ending is near perfect poetry…but maybe missing a few lines or stanza’s.

      My closure is near complete. I hope to return to my search location one more time this year and spend some quality time looking around.

      The last time I was there I built a ladder near a lake and was hammering the rock blaze. There were fisherman nearby in boats and I think they called the Parks department. As I left and was on a distant ridge I saw the authorities arriving in there pickup truck. Not the first time I had a close call.

      I noticed in your comments that you searched in Colorado and had some close calls. Something to talk about later…or write about.

      You may have seen my blog by now, but I did a write-up of my experience at the “Fenn Finale”. There are a bunch of good people that came together to celebrate the life of Forrest Fenn.

      Thanks for your comments over the past year…sometimes I thought you were as smart as Forrest.

      Good day.

      • Hello nomadicMadman,

        Thank you for your post! I’ve kind of had to back away from the community since the chest was found, and Forrest’s death, but I realize I’ll always be part of the community, and you really made me feel that way again! Also, thank you for the compliment about my posts.

        I like your name. During the Chase I also felt like a nomad. I lived in an RV for 3 years and went back and forth between San Antonio (for the winter) and Colorado for the summer. I am actually a woman, although many people, including Kpro, thought I was a man.

        I changed my name because, like most of us, I thought I had solved the 9 clues. My HOB was Brown’s Canyon National Monument near Salida, CO, so I thought Brown was the key because the HOB was actually Brown’s Canyon. The no paddle up your creek was the Ute Creek Trail which was actually usually a dry creek and a road. The last 2 clues (heavy loads was a pink granite quarry) and the water high was a seasonally dry and filling lake called Ankele Lake where the elk liked to hang out when it was full after the snowmelt. Hell’s Hole Gulch was the gulch between the quarry and the lake. I thought Hell was the answer to Forrest’s riddle about no place for the meek. To make matters worse, I actually found a giant yellow “blaze” on the side of the mountain which looked like a sandy beach and could be ween from google Earth. I almost died in the gulch several times, but I don’t think I would have given up until the Chase was called off!

        Would love to share more stories about your search. I’m thinking you are in Wyoming?

        Take care!

        Denise Baker aka HeavyLoads, BlueFox, Quannah Parker, Vanishing Race et al (That is how I used to sign my emails to Forrest). He never answered much, but I did wish him Happy Birthday on his 90th, and he replied, “Thank you, Denise.” I’ll always treasure those words!

        • I learned of the Chase in the spring of 2018 and without much knowlege I began reverse engineering it.

          I found a Burnt Ranch in Wyoming that was a Pony Express station in the late 1800’s. It is at the 9th crossing of the Sweetwater River and many a pioneer had crossed there, including Mark Twain. The local Native American’s were not keen on the location, so they burnt it down twice.

          My home of brown was a man named Ephraim Brown.

          My first two days there did not go well. I arrived in the town of Atlantic City, WY around midnight. I was so green and anxious I began driving the dirt roads trying to get my bearings. I nearly got stuck in a remote spot. Atlantic City has not changed much, I don’t think, for a hundred years. The next day I nearly rolled my Ford Explorer by going down a road that was not a road.

          I had to stop and walk back to Atlantic City. The only friendly person I could find was a man at “Wild Bills Gun Shop”. For $100 he helped out of a jam.

          After many trips there I realized I need to review my logic. I learned so much since then. First, if you don’t know where warm water halts, you should just stay home. I have not bought Canasta yet, but I am thinking about it.


          • This was a very challenging hunt, and I think that’s because the clues could fit so many places – and in any of the 6, and then 4 states that were in play. It was definitely frustrating! My WWWH was Chalk Creek (warm water) which ran into the Arkansas River (gold medal trout waters) in Brown’s Canyon. I thought Forrest’s talk about teachers might be a hint to the Chalk Creek. So many possible solves to this treasure made it dangerous for many people. There should have been more guidance than Forrest gave IMO in order to help keep people from endangering themselves. Oh, well. I don’t regret the adventures I had – but I did almost die looking for the treasure in Hell’s Hole Gulch. There were old newspapers about the place, and it was called a mecca for wildlife and a big game hunter’s paradise – elk, lion, and bear. In the end it was elk who almost got us. Luckily, a few shots from the shotgun changed the direction of their charge.

          • Hold your hands way over your head with a couple of fingers pointing up and they’ll usually go away peacefully… I think it’s because they look like antlers. I read it in a book.

  93. Lady V,

    Glad you liked my bow wow —> dog God post.

    I should add one other item. I discovered Snoopy the very next day after concluding my first BOTG search while on my way home after hiking past him several times during the previous 3 days. How did I miss him? Because Snoopy is totally unrecognizable from the ground. You have to be airborne to see him, or use GE, which is how I found him.


  94. Well, I was always waiting for such publication i.e. where “the finder” will show some new pictures of TC and Forrest, explain some details that lead him to TC location (I figured out the location where he wished to die) and said that he wants to sell TC to Smithsonian. But finally he will said that “I hope that place will always remain as pristine as when he first discovered it.” In simple words he declined to reveal the solution to poem and the location.
    Question is why?
    He insinuates that he wants to die there?
    “But when I go back some day to lie down beneath those towering pines, tilt my hat over my face to shield against the bright sun, and drift off into one more afternoon nap in that serene forest in the wilds of the Cowboy State, I know he will be resting there next to me.”
    It tell us that we will never know the solution of the poem and the place. Maybe the finder never existed and Forrest family just follow his will to expose TC in Smithsonian? In this case the revealing of the solution and location will be dangerous – it will create too many questions…
    One more observation: if published “finder story” is real it means that the story published on website forrestfenntreasureDOTcom was 100% false story. TC was not found in August 2019 and never went to auction in March 2020. It was jus coincidence… And big surprize promised by Forrest in 2020 was also coincidence… There were too many coincidences in 2020…
    Well, since “the finder” refused to tell us the solution and the location I am going to publish my solution for the hoB. Just need one more time to visit this place and make more pictures of this place.

    • Knowing the hoB can be helpful, but is hardly the “shoe-in” that FF implied it
      would be. All IMO.

      • My interpretation of that isn’t that the Finder wants to die there, but go rest and relish in FFs special place. I understood this as him napping in the hidey place.

  95. I feel as though everyone who thinks there’s some sort of conspiracy going on with the chest, go watch the post credit scene at the end of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

  96. I remember it was about two years ago..
    Forrest made a comment that many thought he was saying and I think he said. He thought the chase was ending soon. Must of been after that phone call that lasted 20 seconds. Can someone help us find this and maybe other quotes?
    I am still Sad about Forrests passing. He was such a special person. We know his life so personally. As we hung on everyword…planning our next hunt. Forrest had a way of making peopke feel like you where his best friend.
    I would always shy away from offers to come visit him because I respected him and didnt want to be another person trying to get close.
    One of my last communication with him he said
    ” you better hurry” I think he knew time was short. I will remember him on my next personal silent trip to West Yellowstone.

  97. Agreed. Timing is Too convenient. I don’t buy it. The person who “found” it would spend an incredible amount of time solving this poem and then his first public statements are mostly “An Ode to Forrest”. Nope. I also find it hard to believe a person of that age group would solve this riddle. Seems highly unlikely. I personally need much more than what was presented here by “the finder”. Waaaaaay Tooooo Fissssshy. IMO Forrest was tired of people dying and knew that would continue after his death. He had a simple decision to make, he made it, I don’t blame him.

  98. Thank you for sharing, 42. It’s always good to hear new anecdotes about Forrest. Also, think most of us are thinking along the same lines. However, for me there is still that lingering doubt that there may indeed be a finder. I think we will need more evidence to convince us there really is a finder besides Shiloh. However, what makes me think there is still a chance is that they probably wouldn’t want to give the answers to the clues yet, because there are still lawsuits going on, and unfortunately these money-hungry morons could use this information in their lawsuits. Also, the finder may be waiting to make an anonymous book or movie deal. If they had a lawyer represent them and protect their anonymity, the lawyer would be bound by client confidentiality to keep his identity a secret. I guess at this point, based on the available evidence I’m feeling it’s 75% that Forrest called off the hunt (possibly with the help of Shiloh) and 25% that there might be a real stranger who is the finder. We’re all holding our breath for the next installment, I guess.

    • Heavy Loads, Brian, Nomadicman…

      Indeed, we all hold out hope there was a legitimate finder who can share more of a solution than…He figured out where Forrest wanted to be buried and stumbled around that area for days.

      • There are a lot of good options in Wyoming. I probably researched that state the most out of the three others. Richard Reservoir No. 1 was my last solve. Another good solve is Name Creek off the middle fork of the Wood River. For the longest time I thought Pathfinder Reservoir was the blaze.

      • The Yellowstone river which goes thru Wyoming is fed by the Gardiner river (sheep eaters cliff burnt hole, gardiners hole ect) and in Yankee Jim canyon is fe by sphinx Creek (mythical treasure talking cat meow) .I’m not certain but osbourne russell spoke of a place called spring creek which is near there as well. To top it all off theres spot like me russell and Fenn describe where you can sit peacefully under a tree. And go in peace yo. I would also note that as the hwy is the entrance and runs thru canyon so to does the exit.

      • Have you ever looked up the word “take”? There are over 100 definitions. Some of the definitions fit the poem. I wonder if that has anything to do with the solve.

      • Its hard to see a Forrest through the trees and tears.
        You cant be really gone Forrest…
        Were not done loving you yet.

        But just like the matrix,
        There is no spoon.


        • Carri, how can Forrest truly be gone when he continues to live on in our thoughts and memories? For many of us, he is our incentive, inspiration, and purpose for getting out to discover nature.

          If Forrest is truly gone, then no longer do we have those majestic, towering chips of wood (called trees) to guide us on our adventurous journeys? Additionally, if Forrest is no longer with us, then how could we see nature’s beauty unfold with each crisp new dawn’s dispersion of light, or how could we notice those colorful things of life found at the end of each day?

          Forrest has changed many of us in a way, where there can be no turning back. He has taught us to appreciate nature for what it is and look for those little things along the way.

          Absent of those things that lure us forward, there might be little reason for many of us to venture out and discover those undiscovered treasures of nature. Besides, if Forrest were truly gone, then that matrix – of which Forrest spent many years in creating – would be completely useless. His time devotion would, not only have been a dishonorable deception to others, but more so, it would have been a intolerable deception to himself. Looking at all Forrest has done, along with all he has “conveyed”, I know Forrest was way to clever for that.

    • Does dal have any new statistics on veiwers to the chase? I read 4.5 billion people with access to internet.

  99. Hi 42. According to the Finder he found a fake Blaze. That would not necessarily be hard to find, there are billions of them, except something led him there. For someone to make a blaze to confuse someone else would require planning…and would mean the poem led 2 people there. Maybe Forrest created a false blaze to test the Finders metal.

  100. That guy can write!!!

    Unfortunately, I am left with more questions than answers. I have like 34 questions, but the one that bothers me the most (and is not related to the clues) is why on earth didn’t this person come forward during the entire time Forrest was protecting him? He’s perfectly fine come forward now that Forrest has passed away, but he let all those people say mean things about the chase and about Forrest for months?

    What good did any of that protection from Forrest ultimately do for the finder, since he just stepped right up and dished this thing out after Forrest passed away? He’s still anonymous, like he could have been in June, July, August when Forrest was still alive.

    In the end, it seems like the finder just let Forrest jump on “The Chase” grenade for absolutely no reason. This is incredibly confusing and makes me doubt the entire account provided in this piece.

    It just defies reason. “I’ll let Forrest take all the heat and not have a grand ending, and then when Forrest dies I will step forward and provide no resolution to what it meant or how it was ended, except that it required 25 days scouring a rather large area.”

    How is 25 days squared with the poem leading him to the “precise spot”? It just led to a general spot and then searching like a maniac took over? Okay. I guess that’s what happened.

    Part of the problem with the chase is that it turned everyone into detectives and everything into clues and hints. The only reason I/we can’t shut it down is because the chase turned me/us into searchers and so I’m/we’re constantly seeing clues and hints and wondering what is true vs false, fact vs fiction.

    The one thing I lean on is that Douglas Preston called this finder a writer of Fiction. He posted “Make sure to show your support for ‘The Finder’ and other authors of Fiction.” Preston knows this account isn’t true, or at least he feels it isn’t true for some reason or another. He not only placed the “The Finder” in sarcastic air quotes (writers know what those things mean) but he then grouped the finder in with “other authors of Fiction.” (Capital F, fiction).

    The finder coming forward with this either makes no sense sequentially, or is a deliberate plan of some kind. Because there’s no reason to wait three months to give us what basically amounts to a confusingly well written obituary interspersed with a complete lack of the very details that I/most folks would like to know. Namely, how it was found.

    So while I desperately wish I could believe that this was the finder, I don’t believe it. And that’s unfortunate, at least for me, because I really wanted this thing to provide some closure. I read it several times and it does the opposite for me. Sometimes contradicting what Forrest himself has said.

    If it’s just a treasure hunt, which is what it was, why all this unnecessary mystery at the end of it all? And it’s not a good mystery, honestly. It’s like a mystery novel where someone has ripped the last chapter out of it after we dutifully read the rest of the book very closely.

    Could this really have been the way Forrest planned to end the chase? All that work… and this is where and how it ends… in some dense fog with no view of anything factual and no answers to any clues? I don’t know Forrest except through his books and writings, but this doesn’t seem like an “ideal” ending to something he worked so hard on for such a long time.

    The chase truly is in the finder’s hands now. It’d be nice if he found a way to end it with more clarity and openness than it has currently ended. If I had to guess, I’d say this entire piece was written by an attorney and a close friend to draw heat away from the Fenn family. That at least makes sense and serves a dual purpose: create a finder waving a finder flag and draw some lawsuit folks away from the family.

    It is what it is, I guess. Nothing I can do about it.

    On another note, I like his second and third books much better that TTOTC. And now that the treasure is gone, I read a little each day and just think “What a strange and interesting person this Forrest Fenn guy was!”

    • David: “but he let all those people say mean things about the chase and about Forrest for months?”

      think about it David, if the person had posted a story and more pictures last month, then the “nut jobs” who kept saying ff made up the story, or the person (or two) here saying that the “finder” and “ff” were one in the same, would still be saying ff created that story and pictures…

      now that ff is gone, it is a little bit harder to claim that ff created the story and pictures. although the “nut jobs” will still try to make it a conspiracy of some sort, they will just keep twisting in their chairs until some other squeaky theory limbs out of their feeble minds, because they have nothing better to do with themselves…

      • I guess that makes sense. But isn’t it messed up that we’re not going to know what the clues meant? It feels messed up to me. And the idea of people going and ruining the spot doesn’t make sense at all, because apparently it would take 25 days of searching to find the correct nook once at the general location.

        • When ff hid the treasure and released his book/poem he gave up the reasonable expectation that his special spot would remain pristine and untouched. To set that as an emergent goal now seems odd and likely unrealistic in the long run. I feel that ff wanted this spot’s story known eventually.

      • and there is the “twist” from the nut jobs, instead of “ff” being the finder, now it is Shiloh is the finder… … as the world turns… so does the conspiracy chair

        • I don’t think that anyone has said that Shiloh was the “Finder”, but that he may have been the one to retrieve Indulgence. The “Finder” would have had to solve the puzzle in order to “Find” it. If ff told Shiloh where it was, Forrest would have told him to go and “Retrieve” it – Therefore, he would NOT be the “finder” – just the one that retrieved it – Just an empty head Ramblin’ and Rumblin’ – JDA

    • David, didn’t Forrest once suggest to the future finder to put it in a vault for a time and think. I think. g

  101. Since all of the comments sections are closed on the different threads this is the only one available. I realize the chest has been found, and congrats to the finder!

    But there is something I never shared on the board because I truly believed it to be a key in solving the poem. Remember that Forrest said whoever solves the riddle in the poem will most likely find the Treasure? Well I think I know what the riddle was, and also the answer to the riddle— they are tied together.

    Did the CAPS that start each sentence intrigue you? They intrigued me to know end. I tried rearranging sentences (which is a no-no) to see if the CAPS might spell something.

    I also believed that there were acrostics in the poem that created words downwards, upwards, and diagonally.

    If you can, pull out a copy of the poem to help you see what I am going to share a bit more clearly. I noticed that there is one question in the poem: “So why is it that I must go, and leave mybtrove for all to seek?” Was this the riddle that needed to be solved?

    Then I noticed something. What if the sentence might really mean “So Y is it that I must go”. Something very strange happens right at this point if you exchange “Y” for “why”. I will show you—again it helps to be looking at this section of the poem, because you will see it more clearly:

    “So why(Y) is it that I must go
    An D leave my trove for all to seek?”
    Th E answer I already know
    I’v E done it tired but now I’m weak
    So H ear me all and listen good
    You’re effort will be worth the cold.

    Notice the question goes from left to right: So why is it that I must go. Now notice right under the Capital “S” and downwards: A T I S Y. Question: So Y is it that I must go. Answer: A T is Y. Note very clearly an acrostic 3 letters over that spells HEED upwards. Forrest is telling the reader to HEED this section of the poem. Notice also right under this question/answer, and acrostic are the letters “ff” in the word effort. It is a second confirmation that this is a special place in the poem. “So why(Y) is it that I must go”. “A T is Y (why).

    I may have been wrong, but if a T is Y maybe Forrest was telling us to substitute the letters for one another. If we do this with one of the words in the question we get this:

    “So why is it that I must go and leave MT trove for all to seek?” I simply replaced the Y with a T. “A T is Y”.

    This, among many other things led me to believe the Chest had been hidden in Montana. I wanted to share this since I had never before. And I still believe this section of the poem has major significance, even if the Treasure wound up being in Wyoming.

    The Chase was amazing and intriguing. I know many others have shared things also. I spent hours reading the poem. It was so much fun! I hope my little expose’ above might cause a smile or two to searchers . I will NEVER get that poem out of my head!

    • how about this solve

      youth got what I miss….so why is it that I must go
      my love to trek see vale flora….And leave my trove for all to seeek

  102. Nice. Thank You Finder for the story and pictures. I would make it my very next trip if the treasure was to go to a museum. That would be peace and closier enough for me. My search partner always said when BOTG, where’s my lunch box. If it were in a museum I think it would be cool feeling for all to know exactly where our lunch box is. If pieced out I would be willing to pay 100 times the price of gold for just one of those little flakes in that vile. Looks like there is a lot of pieces in there. Looking forward to hearing anything more from you. Stuff Forrest revealed to you or any part of your process. g

    • P.S. I went BOTG maybe 15 times and only cried twice. It sometimes happens like that when one has given something their all. If some have never given their all, they can never fully understand. g

  103. Thank you. Whoever you are, “the finder.” It seems you are deep in thought and diligent and respectful and I envy, but don’t envy all at once. 8 years for me. I don’t even wonder where it was, but will always wonder how it was solved. I guess it was the solving I always wanted. A puzzle I wished to complete. It’s just that human. A mystery I wanted to solve. It’s just that ghostly. I don’t wish you a “congratulations, well done.” Instead, I admire you, wish you the best, and more to come… I hope that best will transpire… definition of transpire…(of a secret or something unknown) come to be known; be revealed.

    Just like the bronze.

    Sincerely, heidi- Milwaukee

  104. Part of the burden only, maybe. The lawsuit(s) may still have legs. Sometimes I
    think that we’re too “civilized” for our own good. At least regarding lawsuits like
    this. As always, IMO.

  105. We’re always wanting more information. The only problem is that this “more information” is obviously anchored somewhere else. So regardless of information given, it’s impossible to know for sure what’s spinning inside the wheels of another person’s brain unless we use our own brain to come up with a solution. Just like “conviction” is just a shot in the dark, we inherently “serve up” our own form of justice to make amends for what we think is proper. As a side note I’d like to mention, when a person is golfing on a long range, every putt is a long drive…

    That being said, what we can know for sure is this (all IMO of course): “Forrest Fenn” hid the treasure, so a “forest fen” is clearly where the treasure would be hidden. It’s a mire, a washed out quag, a stick in the mud, if you will… maybe even a mossy den of morass, or a salty ol’ fenland marsh. Might any of this ring a bell?

    BTW, this was obviously meant as a solution, not a characterization. We love you Forrest, so continue to rest in peace 🙂

  106. As I read this entry it occurs to me that the person who wrote this is supposedly the only one who knew the key to solve the riddle. It’s not a big stretch that he would take that method and incorporate it into his own writings. The passage above may be the beginning of a new search we just don’t know it yet. there have been a few other paragraphs sprinkled in Dal’s blog here and there that had the same sort of style and I wondered the same thing then. The only other thing I really want to know is how close JDA was!

  107. I found the finders story very moving! The writer mentions being inside Forrest’s head for so long. I suspect one would have to have been a like minded, fiercely dedicated, and highly focused individual to remain so dedicated, and undeterred in this quest. Forrest must have been thrilled to meet and converse with this eloquent, thoughtful individual. To have his legacy live on in. I’m sure he/she will be a good steward of this modern day treasure and I am encouraged to approach everyday life with the same passion and unswerving faith that it will all pay off in the end.

  108. Anyone care to explain to me why the key and scissors laying in front of forrest is not rusted and they are so rusted in the other pics don’t anyone find this darnnnnnnnn odddddddd

      • Oh no! Here we go again! Another reason for a lawsuit. I can see a Pat. Pending on those Egyptian scissors. LOL

    • Diggin gypsy , rust is caused by oxidization. After being wet, those scissors must have been taken out of the chest too soon and not “ready” to be exposed to the air. There’s little other reason I can think of for their condition.

      The ever lingering question is… Why was it so important to include a picture of those scissors in with a clothed Dragon bracelet?

      If we’re talking about chaos, this could be it! I mean really, what would be a better grounds for divorce than looking for redemption through the eyes of a distant moon that’s cloaked like a dragon? I’m not talking about my husband and me, but I seriously don’t think my marriage could ever a ford anything more than that!

  109. Sparrow’s understanding of the word “why”, just above, imo, is spot on. I am NOT the finder, but imo, i found the Y you speak of, and show a photo of it in my book/ebook, “The Elusive Treasure of Forrest Fenn” on amazon. Again, NO pressure AT ALL to read it, but i’m confident it will offer closure to the precise spot the chest was located. I also show a photo of the Omega sign i am certain he referred to now and then, a photo of the HOB, a photo of what he meant, imo, of “tired, and now i’m weak”, a photo of a giant frog he seems fascinated by, a photo of the marvell (two l’s) Forrest refers, and a photo of heavy loads. Two cartoons are hinted at within the poem, imo, WWWH means something different than most think, imo, and i explain the rest of the poem…all IMO, of course, but i am confident one will be amazed when they see everything come together…not simply confirmation bias. I understand the skepticism and don’t blame anyone for that. Again, no pressure to read it, but if anyone wants closure, imo, the book is found at:

    PS. The kindle version is much cheaper. The book version is kind of expensive due to many colored photos. I only make $1.27 on each paperback, so i think you’ll agree i’m not offering it for the money. It’s simply my personal journey and struggle in comprehending the poem and location.

    I guarantee it’s worth the risk to read…imo.

    • LOL,.. “well I took the bait”,.. but fortunately read the kindle version for free with ‘Kindle Unlimited’. My advice, don’t waste your money or your time, unless you want to explore the extremes of delusion that a religious zealot can convince himself how every happenstance is directed by God for his own personal edification and every coincidence is a “clue” leading to the “enlightenment” that the Fenn chest wasn’t the “important” goal anyway (since he didn’t find it!). Actually, if you can get it free with Kindle Unlimited, go ahead and read it for a good laugh, if you are bored. It is an amazing treatise on how far “confirmation bias” can go,.. he still apparently believes that his helicopter charters took him close to the correct location and every “JC” points to “Johnson County”,.. LOL, all IMHO, of course.

      • Ok, it’s clear you abhor God and the believer. Just don’t dismiss the solve on account of a guilty conscience and your enmity with God.

        • Sorry, I shouldn’t have been so critical of your “solve”,.. at least you were looking in the correct state, which was closer than where my “solve” led me to explore. Like you said, there was “no pressure” for me to read your “book”, but I did read the whole thing and tried to evaluate your “solve” with an open mind. I have to say though, I kind of felt like I had been invited by a new acquaintance over to their house for dinner, only to discover that it was an “Amway presentation”.

  110. Go to the original post / photos here on Dal’s site “The Chest Has Been Found (Updated June 16th, 2020). Zoom in on the treasure chest, the plastic bag that appears to be the one with the dragon bracelet (lower left corner). You can clearly see the bracelet through the clear bag.
    The “finder” shares a photo of the dragon bracelet wrapped snugly in a rusty wet cloth (from the scissors laying next to it) from being inside a damp bag. Not quite how it appears according to the photos submitted by Forrest. So it seems to me that the photos submitted by Forrest is not at all how it was truly found…

    Also, show me a millennial that uses words like “rakish,” “poignantly” and “octogenarian” and I’ll give them a penny for their thoughts. Student loans? “The struggle is real!”

    • Many searchers try to emulate Forrest style of writing… It doesn’t surprise me that the person took care in writing this post (regardless of age).

      I also was pondering those scissors… and my first thought when to… Something special for the person who finds the trove, line of thinking. Something Forrest didn’t want to talk about.

      Could the scissors be Peggy’s?
      I find it interesting that most of the shown items from the chest have been photograph before, yet nothing mentioned of the idea “she” supposedly be happy to see again.

    • Maiara: you’ve hit on the crucial photographic evidence of a clear timeline discrepancy — the infamous dragon coat bracelet. That bracelet is clearly visible through the plastic bag in the finder’s original open-chest field photo. In that shot, it is NOT inside a scissors-rust-stained cloth bag as pictured above. I don’t think anyone would buy the explanation that the finder opened the chest, opened the plastic bag with the scissors and bracelet, removed the rusty cloth bag and scissors, slipped the bracelet back in the plastic bag, put it back in the chest, partially buried it with coins and gold nuggets, sprinkled some dirt on top and THEN took the picture.

      • A funny thought just occurred to me. Maybe that photo caption above is a deliberate play-on-words: the whole story about the bracelet being inside a *cloth* bag is a FABRIC-ation. 😉

        • Ha! Thanks for the chuckle, Zap! This place might not be my playground, but I’m certainly not new to the chase. ~ Peace

      • C’mon Zap,
        You find the trove and pull it out of its hide and a few feet away you open it for the first time… Are you not going to look for the bracelet? Look for the frog, the bio, or simple pull out couple of hunks of gold just to hold them?

        Point is, what difference does it make how the things were arranged in the pics. In the one on this post, it seems the little stick from the thread; treasure found (seen in the chest); the stick is the under the chest in the above pic.
        So why would someone do that?… lol… because they wanted too. I mean, in the first pic we ever saw of the chest in it hidey location it seems the key was moved, right?

        Heck, if the finder had to carry it out in two loads, I’m sure thing would be different when the pics were taken of Forrest looking thing over. I can tell you I would have taken ,time on site, to gander at most of the items…mainly looking for the surprised piece “she” would be happy to see.

        • You’re not getting it, Seeker. It would have been impossible to take the original find picture if the dragon coat bracelet had originally been inside a cloth bag. IMPOSSIBLE. You see the spider webs, right?

          • I might not be seeing the same area as you zap, but couldn’t the cloth bag be just a “cloth” and/or that the cloth is opened if viewed turned upside down, as clearly the dragon is upside down/ other side in the view with mostly cloth showing. so a question can be: “if you want it to dry, why leave it with mostly wet cloth lying on top of it ?” unless one is taking multiple photos, and that happens to be the photo with cloth on it, and then another photo would be right after taking said cloth off of it.

            which is the most likely scenario.

          • Hi Writis: I admit that it’s possible the rusty cloth isn’t a pouch at all — just something that is draped over and around the bracelet in the close-up shot of the scissors and mostly covered bracelet. But why would you arrange it that way when that cloth was clearly not wrapped in that fashion around the bracelet when it was inside the plastic bag?) Just so there’s no misunderstanding, I’m talking about this picture:

            The dragon coat bracelet is in the plastic bag in the lower corner of the chest under the 1900 double eagle. So if the rusty cloth is inside that plastic bag, you’re saying it is not wrapped ~around~ the bracelet, but instead is on the underside of the bracelet which is why we can’t see it.

          • ya that is what I was thinking, and that lower corner is what I believed is also the spot where the bracelet is.

      • Maybe, just maybe, the finder was Peggy. When Forrest said a part of her would be there waiting for him…maybe she left a keepsake at that special spot many years before. Maybe it was that pair of scissors. I find it unlikely he forgot that he left them there in his rush/excitement to secret the chest. He was VERY intentional with everything.

        Maybe she knew his end was drawing nigh and went to the spot she knew it would be, so he could have his bracelet.

        Just a bunch of maybes.

        I’ll keep looking, even if I only keep dining more of my own special spots in the mountains.

  111. If i had to guess, double omegas could mean solve the poem twice. Correct me if I am wrong, but in the beginning Forrest signed off with FF, then changed to f. In my attempts to solve this thing, I followed the clues from station to station, lol like riding a train.
    Don’t pay me no attention, this is just some random thoughts on what i did. Hey look, Sir Topham Hat and Thomas. Sleep deprivation, causes this.

  112. The story at the beginning of this sure sounds like FF wrote it. But, if there is a real “finder” and the chest was found in Yellowstone, then the finder can’t say who they are because then the Gov’t. will get involved and possibly confiscate the chest. The only way the “finder” can cash in is to sell it and not have it in their possession. Then, whoever buy’s it, they too, must worry about the Gov’t. coming along and taking it if they advertise that they have it and who they are. The only way they can cash in is to sell it also! Think of it, a never ending cycle of purchase and sell which is the only way an individual can collect on it! And on top of it all, we still would probably never know the real hiding spot. Man, this puzzle never ends!

  113. When and Where Warm Waters Halt they turn cold. That kind of has a bottle cap twist to it. Maybe a Grapette!

  114. IMHO it all played out exactly how Forrest planned it, including where the treasure was finally located as well as where Forrest told us all he wanted to pass all along.

  115. Ok, I can not make heads or tails of how the “comments” work on the website “Medium” where this story was posted, we have the usual nut job replies, but it appears “The Finder” is replying to some of the real questions from the less (tightly wound nuts) , however there is no order to where comments are as far as I can tell.

    what in the world does this comment mean? or is it even from “The Finder”:

    “Why did Shiloh post this fake finder stuff? Those pictures were his.”

    • I just read another one where it is obvious anyone can just use “The Finder” as their user name for a comment, “Medium” sure doesn’t seem to know what they are doing when it comes to comments…

  116. If you are interested in memorializing Forrest in some meaningful way, you might consider this:

    They plant trees in a national forest in an honoree’s name at $10 per tree. They also send a card to whomever you’d like (the Fenn family would be appropriate) letting them know of your memorial.

    • Dal, what a meaningful tribute. Thanks for presenting the idea to the chase community. It feels like the right thing to do.

    • Thank you for the link, Dal. I like this as a growing memorial to Mr. Fenn. I’ve asked mine to be planted in Santa Fe National Forest to be close to his family.

    • Dal, I just did my gift of a small grove there and I used the P.O. Box 8174, Santa Fe, NM 87504 for the card to be sent to Peggy and family. Hope this is the correct address.

    • Dal – Really great idea! I have been wondering if a memorial bench, or picnic table, like in YNP on the shoreline of the Madison River (like, at Nine Mile Hole), would be feasible? With a bronze plaque with Forrest’s Rainbow-shaped epitaph emblazoned upon it. There is already a picnic table above Barns Hole #1, FYI.

      I volunteer to call the new female YNP Park Superintendent. What does everyone think?

  117. Appears a “Neverending Story” is just beginning. A fitting epitaph for Forest Fenn and what he would like.

  118. Thanks to Forrest Fenn, things seem to be working out perfectly for this guy.
    I would have wanted that for myself, regardless of how I wanted it handled, as I’m sure everyone here did.
    Most searchers are handling this with remarkable positivity, too. Forrest would like that.
    Congrats are deserving all around.

  119. Thank you Dal for that information.

    Something to toss around.

    Indeed we all seem to be creatures of need. And with one of the *hardist* closure. I try to see that as a door opening and closing. We are just not the gate keeper to that door.
    I do not know if Mr. Fenn ever truly wanted the maps location exactly revealed. Maybe that’s why he said the call of who and where is up to the finder.
    We are all finders in this world, such that the word floats in almost anything we read, touch, feel, see, hear, or think.
    So ask yourself, besides looking through that camera lens, what really is a finder. As a matter of thought. Never really cared much for that word.

    Thought receiver was a better fit. IMO

  120. Dear Finder,
    You probably won’t ever get this message but I recall Forrest defending his chase by stating that he had received letters from men that were close to suicide prior to finding out about the chase. Forrest respected your privacy so possibly as he looks down from the heavens and sees the many distraught searchers with no closure, some possible even close to suicide. You should have been able to confirm as to WHY.” It was the only question he asked of us within the poem and in actuality you should have been able to tell him “WHY”. So tell us “WHY”.
    He respected your wishes and now that he has passed the vale we can only hope you respect him. As far as I’m concerned if he invited me to his house I would have dropped everything and been at his front door with my bags. Show me a positive Covid19 test during the three months after the find and you will be excused in my book. Any other excuse may just send you to the principals office for willow switch.

  121. Merriam Webster says that a “millennial” is a person born in the 80’s or 90’s.
    So that means that the finder is between approx. 21 and 39 years old.
    The most telling phrase to me is: “..I didn’t know what it truly meant, and — yeah.”
    You Tubers like my 12 year old nephew end sentences with “and — yeah” so I can’t imagine that the finder is any older than their mid to late twenties.

    • 37 year old millenial here. The Finder’s cadence definitely fits an older millenial. And yeah, I do use phrase “and yeah” quite often in speech and writing.

        • Hello randawg. My oldest daughter is a year younger than Delgaudio Graves and she still has two years to pay off her student loans. I think the length to pay off a loan(s) may depend upon the career choice.

          • Yeah, I know a lot of millenials that wracked up over 100k in student loans and couldn’t find a job in their chosen field. So they have to try and pay it back with a job making 10 bucks an hour. They end up paying close to 200k because of the interest. The fact of the matter is is there just isn’t enough good-paying jobs out there. So they are going to school to get a degree for jobs that don’t exist. The universities are happy though they’ve created millions of debt slaves.

          • My daughter got into the medical field becoming a neonatal nurse and worked herself to what I believe she calls a Coordinator. There may be those who have faced tough situations. The Finder in due time will be relieved to pay his student loans, which I’m glad for him. I hope his career choice makes him happy.

        • My thought was that a guy pushing 40 would be a lot less likely to mention student loans than a younger man. I think a more mature man would be more concerned with paying off his mortgage, or paying alimony or something.

          • Agreed Randawg. And A millennial that says “and yeah” “whatever”….would that millennial say that the book looks gorgeous on his table or wouldn’t he say it looks awesome? There’s just weird sentences in that story…

          • To: NoName06 Yes, you’re onto something about higher education. It’s kind of a double-edged sword because who can deny sending kids off to college and miss out on a great opportunity? On the other hand, tuition costs get jacked up because the demand is high, and payment is either third party, or delayed into the future. At the time, life seems like it must be a piece of cake for the kids, like the money will easily roll in down the road because they are so educated. And those debt will be a cinch to pay off. The hard core reality of course is it ain’t that easy or guaranteed, for in order to actually ‘create wealth’, ie to make yourself marketable in the job market, takes some serious effort and work. Thus, surprise, surprise for the kids.

            Many kudos to the Finder (I hope you’re reading this) and your genius solve and to pay off those huge student debts with a single home run.

            Thanks Finder for posting, loved your well-written story, btw. A lot of us I’m sure visualize ourselves and what the excitement must have been like being in your shoes, so please post more!

            What the heck was the Blaze for instance, did you spot the TC from what distance, what was the nook like, how far off a hike from the road, was the treasure chest ‘wet’, how did you carry it all back to the car w/o being seen by others — that sort of thing without necessarily revealing the location.

            As far as what to do now, in case the Smithsonian or some other prestigious outlet is not interested, how about convincing the Fenn family to create a museum in Santa Fe? There are already tons of artifacts from the gallery, and this TC, chase, the mystery and so forth might attract a heck of alot of paying visitors. I’m trying to think of name- how about “The Thrill of the Chase” museum featuring the adventures of Forrest Fenn”, or simply the “Adventures of Forrest Fenn Museum”?

          • Thanks, Mark. But I didn’t say anything about “higher education.” I think it was another poster.

  122. Seeker,

    Moderation is a PIMA as I have no idea if this ever gets posted and when. I did not write the thing on Medium or whatever it was. The pictures are all messages and it does not matter if they are doctored or not. It is the messages that matter.

    1. How far from the vehicle to the hide was the hike? About one mile one way.
    2. Approx how far apart are the physical references of the clues? Up to 15 miles on the first map; on the second map, OMG!
    3. Did you figure out the location to search or the first clue first? The first clue first but happened upon the search location first. The time of year and the terrain did not permit reaching the first clue geographically first. Ended up turning around at the exact search location – by accident. Understanding it all took a long time. You must exist in two (separate) worlds like the bird that sings. That sure changed the so-called location of where he wanted to die. You cannot find that until you find the second map.
    4. Drive or ride a horse – Have to drive to get to WWWH – no one lives there. Got to get in your car because it is not in your backyard.
    5. Blaze: Easier to find it in the field first. To understand it, the poem has the answer. It is the ‘spiritual’ part at least for me.
    6. There is more than one map. The initial map is about 15 miles total. The map that must be used is much larger and more than one state.

    Lol . . . what the heck is the reference to the first clue?
    Lol . . . normally the saying is, “follow the money”. In this case the saying would be, “follow the plastic bag”. The lure movie preview ff mentioned the clues were not in order and needed to be in order. Turns out that the plastic bag is at the beginning of the order in the Chase. Reference to his mentioning somewhere about 6 Spanish keys to 6 Spanish trunks. By 2019 there were only 5 Spanish trunks. Ff noted the change in the Fenboree book where he wrote an ‘X’ because there was a slight adjustment over the years. The pictures are not mine – I wish he had my plastic bag – I saved it  Great memory.

    BTW the actual solution is by ff and is on Dal’s site – the absolute short version that is. One can only see it when the plastic bag is understood. That solution fits on a post-it the size of the yellow paper in his pocket. However, one would need to understand the entire poem and all the clues to figure out the solution and how to use it and of course where. lol

    Seeker, your comments brought laughter to me during some hateful times, appreciation and thanks.

    I do not like to write — my clues and solution are a complete mess and I have little desire to write or to do anything with it. I feel like I have a mad scientist lab only one that is full of paper and maps and printouts and disaster.

    It does not matter if anyone believes me or not. You, Seeker, asked some questions. They are answered the best I can at this time.

    • Crow,

      As you can see below the “finder” of the trove was the author on the “medium” blog. (Mentioned on the SF blog by FF family)
      You seem to answer my questions as being the finder.
      Maybe I’m mistaken and you just felt like answering them … But can you clarify either way?

  123. Trailblazer,

    I was specifically told by one of his daughters to never go to his home unless he specifically invited me. I respected that. I was never invited and never disrespected him by showing up. He also said to not email him.

    Perhaps you should get your facts better. I do not know which daughter it was at the gate when I intended to drop off the pictures. It was such a negative experience, I never want to ever encounter any of that family.

    • A strange man came to my gate
      not understanding his consequences or fate
      He appeared to have a picture in hand
      Maybe worth a million or possibly a hundred grand
      He said that a picture is worth a million words
      and said his name was ferd
      I said you got to be kidding that pictures not beauty and nature it lacks
      That’s all I heard and that’s a fact

  124. I started my search in 2012, believing that I could crack the poem and find Forrest Fenn’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…well looking back on the experience and learning so many hidden treasures of these Rocky Mountains, it’s nooks, crannies, and beautiful hidden gems of
    serene beauty, what a place to live and die in, I live here just south of Santa Fe, NM …

    Did these years spent imagining that I might be the one to find Indulgence and learning so much, truly the treasure was the rewards of ff;s writing and interviews were given to us…t’was never a waste, anyone who did not find the TC was not cheated, look at what an adventure we have had, truly Forrest Fenn did take it with him, but he gave Searchers more than just the “Thrill of a Chase”. He gave us memories which we keep in our heart of hearts, locked away but it warms us each day if we see the truth of “Where Warm Waters Halt”, It Halts in a Bell, tolled for Thee…

    Thank you, Forrest, and Shilo Old, Ardi and Kelly and Zoe and all the family for allowing us to know such a Great American, especially to Peggy and William Marvin, Lillie, Skippy, June et al. I will cherish the memories until WWWH and it tolls for me.


  125. I have read and heard a lot of different views on “The Finders” message. Why did he not give us anything that we wanted…

    I think he did, maybe not directly. If your solution is solid and led you to a solid Blaze, maybe you found the “Fake Blaze” also, and did not persist.

    Just saying.


    • So now all the naysayers would also have to not believe Forrest’s family. Put away all those conspiracy ideas, folks, you got beaten to it fair and square even if the finder’s method was unorthodox. Spend less time bemoaning your failed solves and more time enjoying the mountains and woods while you’re in them.

    • Beautiful, heartfelt message from the family. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with them.

      Thank you for posting the link, Dal.

    • Thanks dal and a big heartfelt thank you to the Fenn family. He could never have been the man he was if not for you. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Thank you Dal. It was nice of the family to reach out to us searchers. Puts everything else that has been said and speculated back into perspective.

      • I thank Dal for informations and especially
        his unmatched moderation success.

        It was a privilege for me and for us to be with Forrest Fenn.
        We all felt as if he was our father,
        we were as excited and had fun as he did.

        I know he will not neglect to wink at us when meeting with his friends in heaven.
        And he’s a Maverik,
        I have confidence that he will always find a way to be around.

        We thank you to the Fenn family for such a beautiful and meaningful farewell message.
        And no doubt we are forever grateful for their support as he spends time with us.

    • Imagine, Forrest and Skippy and Eric are sitting around that camp fire surrounded by tall pines and they’re laughin it up havin a good time, all of a sudden Forrest remembers something and reaches into his pocket and pulls out those Stars and says, “Hey fellas, look what I found on my way here!”

      Imagine those conversations they’re havin about those Stars…

      Thanks Dal, and Thank You to the Fenn Family.

    • Thank you so much Dal!!! They are such a sweet family and I hope they are doing alright, especially Peggy.

    • Once Up On a Moon

      A bonnie brook is sweetness and soft
      It’s where it goes and sings its own tune
      A free man’s soul is carried aloft
      Unfettered, soar high, nigh golden moon.

  126. Forrest said that we’d be surprised at how simple the solve would be. I wonder if it was as simple as it being along Fenn Creek in Wyoming? He uses the word my several times in his poem. No paddle up YOUR creek because it’s his creek. It looks like a nice area.

        • In the last interview he did, the interviewer asked him about land changing ownership over the years, and he said he didn’t want to talk about that. So you could be on to something, Gene.

    • I don’t believe Forrest ever stated *how simple the solve would be.

      Difficult but not impossible…
      We may ask ourselves; What took me so long?…
      Something to the effect; Why didn’t I think of that?…
      As well as he was surprised; that no one has figured out an important possibly…

      Whatever the finder understood, that got him the the correct location, didn’t seem to spark until he figured out the blaze he thought might be the blaze was wrong.

      I can’t help but to recall Becky’s Q&A about knowing the blaze beforehand or only found when in the field.

      One question I would like to ask the finder is; is the blaze part of, or one of, the prior clues?

  127. Thanks Dal for posting the message. Nice to hear from the Fenn’s family during their time of loss.

  128. Hi everyone,

    My name is Jim and this is my 1st time posting on this site.

    I wanted to spread the word that I have set up a Nationwide Treasure Hunt for fun and charity. The basic concept is that I’ve hidden 2 bottles with claim forms somewhere in the United States. They are buried on 2 beaches. 1 is located on a West Coast beach and the other is on an East Coast beach. There are 2 riddles to solve to find them. More details are on my website:

    I’ve also started a go fund me to raise money for the 2 winners and 2 charities. The go fund me, can be found by searching Lost Bounty, and there is also a link from my website.

    I decided to do this while searching for Mr. Fenn’s treasure in the past. I only got to go 5 times, but I was sure it was in New Mexico, near Valles Caldera (warm waters), in a canyon, just inside National park boundaries (brown logo), in a creek, below a rock with a petroglyph on it (blaze). I wonder if I was close in details, but just in the wrong state?

    Anyway, I figured sooner or later the chest would be found, and an idea popped in my head to make my own hunt, so the thrill could go on. This whole experience has kept me in high spirits, and I want more people to experience that too.

    Please understand that my version can in no way, hold a candle to Mr. Fenn’s. I’m broke, so the treasure is a go fund me. I also believe these riddles will be figured out rather quickly. The locations are 2 spots that have enough interest, that anyone can gather information and solve them. They are personal to me in only the way they would be to anyone else. So my story doesn’t compare to Mr. Fenn’s either.

    My true passion behind it is: I just wanted to do something positive that might get people to work against some of the major problems we face today. I know this may be a drop in the bucket, but maybe it will get the ball rolling for someone else’s ideas.

    I truely believe, if we don’t do anything to pull people together for some of the bigger issues, the world will be more difficult for our kids.

    So this is my attempt to make a fun way to do some good.

    Please check it out and any feedback would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Jim Dodson

    • Jim, you’re suggesting roughly that you take other people’s money and hide it so that only you know where their money is? Normally that’s done through embezzlement or some other kind of scam such as multi-level marketing and chain letters. How does your proposal distinguish itself from those?

      • This year is full of pay to play, and the solve has Not come out, nor Any substantial proof for this chase. Everyone knows Forrest had the chest, but that that wasn’t the solve.

      • Thanks for checking it out.
        I’ve hidden cliam form messages and the money is on a go fund me so that everyone can see the totals.
        I mean no wrong. I just thought it would do some good. Plus the finder gets to pick the charity. I have some guidelines on types of charities, but its pretty broad. I just wanted it to go to larger focused projects.
        Thanks again for checking it out.

  129. Excuse me for being frank, (that’s my personality) but I’ve been to the Smithsonian Museum. I’ve seen the Hope Diamond, Dinosaur bones, Giraffes, Elephants and other ancient artifacts from Egypt far greater than OUR time.
    All searchers (at most 500000) across the globe have put this “treasure hunt” on a higher level, but certainly not a level for the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian doesn’t want a box of old Spanish coins and gold nuggets unless Forrest stepped up the treasure with actual gems and jewels as he spoke about. If you’ve never been to the Smithsonian, do some research, otherwise the “finder” has their work cut out for themselves.

      • Process of elimination. I was simply pointing out a far fetched speculation. He did indeed wanted to take it with him. I have no doubt.

        • Maybe he asked the finder to reunite them after a suitable amount of time. It kind of gives the first stanza a new meaning if you think about it that way.

    • Maiara,

      I’m too busy harvesting 4000 acres with a friend. Give me 2 months and I should be done shoveling beans off the ground!

      Easy enough name to remember too….The Smithsonian Institution! Got t!


  130. It is my opinion that the ‘finder’ is really the recoverer. I say again to an earlier post that forrest thought someone was very very close to finding the treasure. I believe f had a trusted person check on it and unfortunately for him it was still there. Sounds like the towel was thrown in at that point for a number of reasons. The disappointment now is that there is not a legitimate finder with a real story of what it took to solve and figure out the precise spot. Unfortunately for us searchers, there won’t be a satisfying ending unless you, yourselves figured out the solve.

    • I’ve still been looking. He said the finder would move with confidence. So I’m guessing it will be obvious once you’re on the right track.

    • I follow the same train of thought…finder / recoverer. Maybe just my intuition, but something is not copacetic with everything that has transpired so far. There is still a puzzle with many pieces still not fitting. I have read the Finder’s letter many times, each time finding contradictions and discrepancies. The letter seems all too contrived and “crying out” for believability. The Fenn’s Families letter was very nice and heartfelt, but no mention of the Finder, just the searchers. Circumstances are a bit strange in all of this…I am happy for those who have found their Peace with it and accept things as presented. I just can’t shake that something isn’t right.

    • BRC,

      In your opinion at least, can we say the chest itself is no longer “in play” or “out there” or “in it’s special spot” or any other way to phrase the statement.

      In other words, can it be that what is left to do is research and think and NOT go out and maybe get hurt in pursuit of the thing.

      Can some of us agree The Chase exists now in the thoughtful pursuit and not the physical?

  131. Just thinking about the TC picture near the “nook”. Any chance some of those long ‘blades of grass’ in the background my be Ponderosa Pine needles?

  132. I researched this treasure for several years, like many of you. I am saddened to hear of Forrest’s passing. I appreciate his desire to get folks out into nature.

    However, I just do not believe this story anymore. Even more so after reading the above letter.

    It was fun entertaining the idea and researching so many areas.

    Never stop exploring.

  133. A medium is a person who communicates and receives information from deceased people. Message was not from the Finder, but for the Finder and the seeker community. Messages from spirits come in encrypted form, like prophetic dreams. The message must be understood. The book “seventeen dollars per square inch”, page 92, album 177… etc.

    • If the message on *medium . com* is “not” that of the finder, who is it from-?- and why would the Fenn family post it on thier blog saying exactly that?

      • Hey Seeker,

        I think the conversation is more about the definition of “finder” and not that anyone is lying or being untruthful maliciously. But rather being intentionally vague to coax some other result.

        This conversation itself could be intentionally vague in order to coax the “finder” into talking more.

        • AKB,

          I never Implied any wrong with the conversation… I just do understand why some just don’t except it all.

          IMO, if we really want the “finder” to fill in some of the holes we may simply ask questions that can be answered directly.

          Does one need to drive between clues?
          Many searchers have miles between clues in thier theories and I would think it would help many if we could be told the size of the area the clues are contained.

          The finder said he took 25 days of searchering, and found the *fake blaze* was approx 1000 feet off… My question would be; how for away is WWH from the *fake blaze*?

          Give the finder an opportunity to answer questions without giving up clues references, the specific location, or himself.
          That’s all I’m saying.
          Maybe Dal could open a thread to do just that (questions only) in hopes the finder might be able to answer some Q&As he/they feel could answered.
          Not unlike, the chest was found in WY… right?

          Just a thought….

          • That’s a good idea, Seeker, the separate thread. It helps when an answerer can just view one single thread.

            While some things are and can be accomplished online or better yet from library books, there are others that must be done BOTG. The library was one of the best resources for the frugal. Its books and documentary DVDs are free and yet have passed the publication requirements of long-term publishers. They are much more reliable than the Internet. I used libraries at various locations — the state, county section is the best of the best for local information before one even goes to the museums and tourist stuff. I am of little means and rather disenfranchised and when information is free with few searchers lurking about, it is a heaven and great hiding place. FF was old and he had tons of printed books in his office pictures. He read the books and well . . . a great place to go. Not even bookstores carry the old and interesting stuff (unless they are resale bookstores). That is where I learned about the ‘true’ teeth in the Rockies — all in the local library! I also learned about the stick in the chest picture from the local library and then from a tourist site — but the library helped direct questions to the people at the sites.

            I hope Dal opens a Q & A thread. I’m going to be busy in about a week and will not be able to view enough times to catch a Q.

          • I guess solving the poem didn’t take him to an exact spot. Walking around for 25 days sounds to me like he just “happened” upon the chest location. (I thought that couldn’t happen…)

          • Maybe it was the lack of movement in the poem that was throwing him off. It tells you to go to WWWH, but it doesn’t techically tell you to go anywhere else until after you find the chest. That’s another reason I like Richard Reservoir No. 1. There’s a lot in that area that the clues could describe.

        • And that right there is why the average person gets so frustrated with us treasure hunters.

          Suddenly, when presented with what we believe is an obvious question, we turn into Yoda.

          The question you seek, hmmm, has answer already when asked it does, hmmmmm

          • Exactly….
            I’m kinda surprised at the amount of post that basically throw out conspiracies, hoaxes, fake news, blah blah blah.
            I guess it’s the world we live in now.., if we don’t like the truth call it fake news.
            While in the mean time those same post basically call Forrest, his family / friends (?) basically liars.

            I personally hope the finder takes most of it with a grain of salt and be willing to do some kinda of interview.

            Heck, he can contact me if he / they would like.

  134. The Fenn family placed a statement to us
    Searchers, bloggers creating a fuss
    Thanking us and bringing to an end
    the beginning to an end of a man named Fenn.

    He brought many laughs and days of peace
    many a venture on life’s given lease
    Others the chase brought sadness or sorrow
    taken from today the stories of tomorrow

    So as I read the many positive stories and tale
    conspiracy theories and searchers that fail
    I ignore human nature and the chaos it brings
    to look at life like birds that do sing

    A morning song that fills the air
    sitting near a river without a care
    With a thought of one man that brought us there
    The when the why and with patience the where.

  135. I started here on the “Home of Dal”
    So I will end here. Without Forrest and the Finder coming forward with photos, it’s time to move on away from the future chaos on these blogs. My goal was to figure out the poem and why? To give enough of my solve out to get folks out camping with their families. I have watched all the various blogs most every day for the last three years and appreciate all the great stories and information. I did participate on occasion and mostly stepped on my tongue and went away with a nasty statement. I surely didn’t lack imagination!
    To Dal; The statement sent to me that said, “WTF”
    was awesome as well as the post you made when you shut down for a bit about the spammers and trolls. Classic!
    Thanks all and hope to pass you by in the wilderness, I’m the guy with the big smile.
    Thanks Forrest Fenn and the Finder and the whole Fenn family including all of us.
    Have a great life.
    1Trailblazer out……

  136. Every word in the poem can be found in that picture including an image of what appears to be a chest along the bank toward the left hand side that in very dark and almost unreadable letters that says GOLD on it. You can really read it pretty good if you have a strong magnifying glass.

        • I don’t know that there is a link to that picture because it was in the TFTW book. So I don’t believe there is an actual link to the photo to direct you to.

      • Here’s a link. However, I should point out that the picture is actually on page 20, not 21.

        I know there are those here at the HoD that don’t care for numbers, but Forrest uses numbers everywhere, so we should at the very least give them consideration.

        In this because in the story associated with the picture he says he rode his bicycle a total of 21 miles and that story is on page 21. And 21+21=42, the weight of the TC.

        And IMO he told us as much in his story about how to determine the length of metal need to make a horseshoe.

        As a result, I find it hard to avoid numbers as many of you know from previous posts.


    • you mean the picture drawn by someone else other than ff ? so someone else actually new of the placement of the chest.

      seriously where has common sense escaped to?

      • Wow! What sarcasm, a really admirable quality for someone who doesn’t have anymore answers than myself. I would ask you though, have you viewed the picture in the book? By the way, there are also numbers in that picture. Now if you want to talk about common sense, did it occur to you that Mr. Fenn may have given the artist specifications for what he wanted in the drawing without instructing the artist how or where to put those specifications? In doing that he would not have revealed where the location of the chest was.

  137. I think what folks need to realize and keep in the forefront of their minds in order to deal with the fact that TC has been found is that this “treasure” is NOT the only one in this great land that was or is hidden. There are numerous finds out there that are yet to be discovered. And the only thing that stands between you and the find is a great deal of research and the resolve to chase after your findings. Was I disappointed that I was not the finder? Absolutely! But I also realize that I live in one of the greatest states in the U.S. that is known for “lost” or “hidden” treasures. So, it is with much disappointment that I accept that the “search” for this treasure has come to an end. But, it is with much anticipation that I look forward to the next TOTC to discover the next one!

    • Dal – I noticed that the Finder’s story is posted there, too. Referred to as “the man who found the treasure.” The Fenn Family appears to believe it.

      • So I’m guessing that the finder took a covid test before seeing Forrest and it came up negative, since f isn’t taking any precautions when the finder went to visit him. Also, I guess he is anonymous to everyone except the entire Fenn family.
        Hmmmmmm, maybe it was a family member?

        It’s kind of weird that we all thought a correct solve of the poem would get us right to the chest, but this guy walked around a lot until he finally found it. I wonder if he had a total correct solve?

        Lol, I’m more stumped now then when I was trying to solve the poem…
        It was probably really found in Arizona, underwater, inside a cave, surrounded by man-made artifacts…??? Just need to walk around for 25 days until you find it.

  138. To the Finder

    Thank you for doing what Forrest asked of you before he passed away. I never had the honor of meeting him, but I held him the highest regard.

    I felt like I knew the exact spot, which coincidentally was less than 1,000′ from the initial blaze that I had found a couple of years ago. In fact I was so sure, that I’ve gone back 3 times (a 3 hour trip from my home) since the announcement of the find, to see what I might have missed. The most recent trip was after reading your article over the weekend. I actually was searching on June 4, 2020, the day the treasure was found.

    I myself had boots on the ground for over 40 excursions to search for the treasure. I wasn’t doing a flyover with Google or lying around daydreaming about finding the treasure. I was out in the forest looking. I was intent on finding it and spent many days out in the wilderness looking closely. I had fun searching for the chest and found the peace that Forrest spoke of before he died. There were times I was exhausted and times I was sick to my stomach due to another failed attempt. Times I thought I would crash and burn due to attempting things outside of my abilities. Times I thought I would freeze to death and times I felt like I had slayed the dragon (or caught the tiger by the tail) and earned knighthood.

    I will never regret my many searches. My only regret is not being able to sit and talk with Forrest before his passing. It bears repeating, I held him in the highest regard.

    Best of luck in carrying out Forrest’s final wishes. I’m sure he is proud of you.

  139. I just read the Finders message again. It is well written and Forrest thought he was a genius.

    If he’s so smart, maybe he should have realized that he should have made some occasional errors; to throw us off a bit.

    Or…maybe he’s so smart, he already knew that is is impossible to make everyone happy.


      • Nomadic, for “formatted” properly, there is no official guide like there are in other languages.

        So the most anyone can say is the person writes like so and so, or not like such and such… there actually is no right or wrong ways… that is one thing I would have hoped people figured out from ff’s writings, he apparently knew: ‘the code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules’.

        that also includes spelling, as there is no “official” guide to english spelling as anyone can create a dictionary and call it good.

        one simple example of this is the word “math” or “maths” as it were.. depending on which dictionary one wants to use.

    • You needn’t have worried about that — there are multiple mistakes, which is not surprising for a story of over 3100 words. The most glaring one to me was that “memoir” should have been plural: memoirs. That’s actually a big typo given that it would lead someone who knew nothing about the Chase to think it took Forrest a decade to write TTOTC. 😉

      • Hi nomadicMadman (great handle, btw) — thanks for enjoying my posts, and nothing wrong with being a lurker. Dal has informed us many times over the years that there are far more people visiting his site (order of magnitude?) than there are posting to it.

  140. I didn’t read all the comments so maybe somebody already mentioned this…
    The website administrator could track this posting to the author. Right?

    I have to say I am very very sad about Forrest passing. I still cannot belive it. RIP dear friend.

  141. I think that forrest may want the treasure kept near the Rockie Mountains and that may be the connection at the Denver Museum! It makes sense! He did not know what the finder would do with the treasure! Im sure Forrest and the finder spoke of all his options.

    • I agree with you Lou Lee,… but I think that the Buffalo Bill Museum of the West in Cody would be a more appropriate location for a TTOTC – FF Treasure exhibit. It would “fit in” better with the themes of that museum complex, location in the state where the chest was hidden, and Forrest was on their Board of Directors and donated other exhibit items that are on display there.

  142. My treasure today…the snow dusted peaks of Glacier National Park set against autumn colors.

    No amount of gold can renew your soul like the great outdoors arrayed in all her splendor. I think that’s the treasure Forrest truly wanted folks to enjoy. I hope you enjoy my photos.

    • So beautiful indeed! Do you live in Montana 42, or just visiting? I’m in Seeley and as of yet, the white stuff has eluded us…..for now. LOL!

      • Hey Geysergirl, Seeley Lake is beautiful! I have great memories of staying in a cabin on the east shore when I was young. Are you at Seeley year round?

        We have a summer place at Flathead Lake, but have family in Helena, Bozeman, & Billings.

        • 42 – yes, year round at Seeley. LOTS of snow! Lol! But I like it.

          Sounds like you enjoyed your visits here. It is beautiful indeed.

    • 42 – Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Did you meet my friend, Shredder the Wolverine, delivering packages for Shredder Express, up there on the Crown of the Continent?


  143. 42,

    That’s just over the top beauty…we have a treasure found in those pictures! Impressive beyond belief…


    • ByGeorge, Thanks!
      I’m happy you enjoyed. Here are a couple more photos. We couldn’t believe how beautiful the snowy peaks were today set against a bluebird sky. Definitely felt our own smallness in the majesty of creation.

  144. Today I feel like I’ve awakened from a long dream, awakened from the Chase. My concern about the solution/finder seems less and less important as I go back to the beginning, go back to the basic premise of the Chase, the big picture of the Thrill of the Chase itself.

    Let’s take the basic set up, the Chase itself: A man, Forrest Fenn, writes a book with a poem which if solved leads to a treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains. An invitation to think, get up off our couches, go into the mountains and get moving about, enjoy the wilderness at least. This resonated deeply with me as I love nature, poetry, literature, an adventure, and I was primed for it living a rather banal, dull, boring life.

    But now the whole thing looks to me like a dangerous, unethical social science experiment. As if this entire Chase set up will not bring out any number of bad actors, as if it bears no resemblance to the film the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, as if nice families with their children will not be searching alongside any number of individuals and teams with vastly unequal/questionable resources/ethical intent, as if there is not danger on all sides, danger from physical accident, addiction to Chase to point of ruining finances, people following you, hacking your computer, trying to steal your solve by any means possible.

    You don’t have to consider the Chase a hoax, or some CIA experiment to see if people can break a cypher (the theory floated by some people that the poem is actually in government cypher and the Chase is a test to see if the cypher is sound), or some experiment to recruit the winner for some purpose, or what have you, all you have to do is take it at face value to question whether it’s ethical or not.

    I personally feel extremely foolish. To me the Chase has revealed both how naive I am and how morally shortsighted I’ve probably always been. I jumped at the chance for adventure, just thought I might be able to crack the poem as I love poetry, but didn’t at all give much thought about all the unscrupulous actors who would try to get the chest by any means possible, and all the innocent and even more naive people than myself who might be harmed in the process, and most of all, didn’t give much thought about the people I’m now afraid of most of all: The designer or designers of the Chase.

    Who or what group of people would write a book so seductive and with such reward at end that it would obviously bring out the worst instincts in people? We’ve seen angry people, entitled people, stalkers, etc. but when you have something like this going probably there are any number of underworld types in the Chase, trying to short circuit it, go straight for the chest. I can’t get out of my mind some regular family actually thinking it has a shot at getting the chest.

    Probably Dal will never allow this post to be posted as he seems a Fenn worshipper, but I don’t think my concerns are out of line. So much is peculiar about the Chase. A chest of gold, supposedly a museum worthy chest combined with valuable coins, museum worthy Indian artifacts put out in the wilderness? That alone is enough to make any museum curator gasp. And people are just supposed to “go search for the chest” as if there is no danger involved because it’s not in a dangerous place, where an 80 year old man can’t go?

    I’m picturing myself now, imagining myself, in the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly sitting around a campfire with Clint Eastwood and Eastwood wryly smiling and saying “you didn’t think a lot of other people might want that gold, that they might not be too happy if you get there first”? It now seems to be I’ve been incredibly naive, dumb, and morally obtuse. My only excuse is what I stated at beginning: My life has been so boring, so lacking in adventure, and my finances so perilous I just jumped at the chance at something greater.

    I now see that even if I managed to succeed at the best achievable, that the Chase is on the level as advertised and that I managed to be the winner, that I would still be faced with the designer or designers of Chase and all the ethical problems that entails. I can’t see how I would see eye to eye with such people. In fact we would probably be viewed as dangerous to each other, in profound disagreement about the nature of the whole thing.

    These reflections have made any importance of solution to poem and finder identity fade to significant extent in my mind. Just looking at the big picture, the premise/construct of Chase itself has made me feel relieved that so far (there’s always tomorrow) I’ve gotten off more easily than I could have, that things could have been significantly worse. I feel sort of like Michael Douglas coming to his senses at end of the film the Game. I learned a lot, but if the Chase is unlike the Game and not targeted to particular individuals but has really been something thrown open to the public, that leaves a significant number of people still tangled in the insidious web.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. But I for one don’t feel I’ll be easily played anymore. Not least because there’s hardly anything left to play. I don’t think I could be much more foolish. But then again, I thought I was pretty smart at the beginning of Chase, right?

    • There is a saying that goes something like, the greatest anxiety of a thief, is not that he will be caught, his greatest anxiety is that every person he meets is just another thief to him. so he can never live a happy life.

      for those rolling down the “conspiracy alley”, one might try to break their comfort zone and expand to the possibility that not everyone is a “black hat”.

      if one wants to examine the chase, it is far easier to take any contradictions, and find the simplest explanation for them, as life is a contradiction, the simple answers are usually the most correct.

      why is the chest green in one photo, brown in another… maybe take a picture indoors and then one outdoors to figure that one out…. it just goes on and on like that….

  145. The Finder is not a cry-baby. The more I read the Finder’s letter, I’m convinced they are giving us at least the initial ground-rules for solving it with our own eyes. Which is the way it should be.

    • I believe you are correct Drewman. The finders poem is very interesting also.

      Finder says in first line of his poem. Cold refreshing waterS babbling. Interesting that babbling means chattering like biddies and babe or baby. A baby is youth and foolish or childish, a kid. A baby is also a Pupil. Pupil is eye and Pupil is also a little girl in elementary school.
      Baby and Pupil mean “minute reflection of oneself seen in anothers eye”. A self image, me. As the finder said two seperate times, You will see. Also reminds me of the cover of TFTW. And Forrest picture of himself in the mirror of SB 99.5 and scrapbook 99 talks about seeing. Pupil is a mirror. Pupil is what is used in the eye to FOCUS. Those in tight focus!

      Look baby, stare lovingly into anothers eyes. Baby is Dear and term of endearment. Forrest said many times the place was dear to him.

      The end area to me with the above evidence and words in poem like look, scant, I, alone, drawing, near and far( as in sighted), wise (sage is a seerer), gaze,and seek is a place that has a eye, specifically a pupil or dark central spot or about a Pupil as in a little girl. The student or infant learning at the school or museum. Youth is never wasted on the young.

      Not sure where this connects to geography in Wyoming but very interesting.

      What comes to mind is Madison. Stands for Mauds Son. Son is a newborn boy, give birth, infant or baby boy. Sun is also very bright and you would need to pull a cap down over your eye. Not sure overall but interesting connections for sure.

      • It could be, the Finder, gave us some clues.

        1. Within 1000 feet of a Fake Blaze.
        2. …not even half of that….
        3. 20 seconds…20 degrees north of ?

        I wish the Chase was over. I need to focus on something else.

      • It is getting even more interesting. The finders poem uses the word Sup. Like Forrest he uses words that he wants you to look up the meanings. To learn!

        Sup means to suck. Fetus which is the young while in the womb or egg, also means suck.
        Two large Alaskan placer nuggets Forrest always described as the size of hens eggs. Was hinting at egg or fetus. The young.

          • Sup Zaph,

            That’s how the locals greet each other in SoCal.

            It means. Waaaaaazzzzzzuuuuuuuuupppppppp?

            Usually meant in the form of a statement, but is literally a question that rarely gets answered.

            Must be an aberration.

      • Good thoughts PMT – I’m also now thinking the word eye is important here. Read the Finder’s line ‘ after the find, i put my hands on the steering wheel (possible metaphor for the poem/map) and bawled my eyes out’. Which somewhat corresponds to ‘as I have gone alone in there, and with my treasures bold’ . Bold = balled ? Meaning, at certain places in the poem, you need to change the letter(s) I, or IT, or Y, etc , to the word eye (ball). Also, he says ‘not the first time Forrest made me cry’ (made me cry = made me see our Y ?). In a Q&A, Forrest mentioned that his ball of string was shaped like a football (eyeball ?).

        • Good thoughts as well Drewman.

          Ball of string was shaped like a football. A football shaped eye is like that of an alligator, which Forrest had and a cat. Interesting.

          So the pupil could be shaped like an alligator or cat. Interesting.

  146. Hello searchers,

    Untill now I was most active in the last poetry page. And some months ago I posted here a solution of the poem at Priest Creek, Steamboat Springs, CO… apparently a wrong solution as the state had to be WY.

    I now, would like to post a possible solution -IMO- in Wyoming, but far outside the Yellowstone Area. It is mostly based upon an “out of the box” thinking, but I tried to respect some rules given by FF: Do not mess to much with the poem, take into account consecutive clues,.. I also got some inspiration on this blog.

    My destination is the small city of Evanston, the location is near the Uinta county landfill at Evanston, and the Red Willow Road, leading to Medicine Butte.

    I would like to insist on the fact that my interpretation of the poem can be completely wrong. Every word in the document is IMO.

    I just like to share this theory with you.

    Those who are interested can read this proposed solution at the link:

    Comments are welcome!


    • The finder in his text makes a reference to ”King Tuth”….He means Toutanchamon, probably ,but IMO it should be “The Sphinx”. The logo on the gravestone of Adin Brown, referring to the Shriners masons has indeed an Egyptian Head in it. But that is the head of a Sphinx not of a faroa. See annex of my posted link above.
      Furthermore the Finder made a poem:
      “Cold, refreshing waters babble of your life,
      “Whistling pines proffer your wisdoms to sup;
      “In your place, the mountains rumble your “name;
      “Can I even try to shut them up?

      Ij you read my theory, you will understand why IMO the mountains are rumbling an F. And why it is difficult to shut them up, with so many antennas present.

      • jan_v52 – I responded to your post below, but I also thought I’d fall hook line and sinker for the one above. I’m using a little humor here because I think the finder’s poem is all about using a specific lure that fishermen call a spoon. It attracts fish by using a bowl shaped lure (usually silver medal) that moves from side to side, continually twisting around, causing flashes of light. I’m familiar with these lures because I think I was a fish in a past life, not to mention that I always get distracted by bright flashing lights. (lol) Beyond that, I tank you very much for asking for my input.

        • Oh, I see what it was… I used the word ST-INKER instead of sinker, LOL. My grandma always used to say, “It’s not what you hear, it’s what you herd”

          • I am a fisherman to and I also use flyes, spoons or spinners for catching throut or bass but I cannot see a connection of spoo,ns or sinkers with the poem of the finder. Could you explain?
            Indeed a st-inker is not so nice. I hope not to be one .

          • Baited lures and flashing spoons are all over the place… they’re a part of this Chase, along with everyday life. In the same manner, I’m not sure if we should take the bait and fully believe what the finder has to say. But I also think that we shouldn’t spit out the bait until we fully understand what the finder is speaking of. Maybe just take little nibbles.

  147. The finder never solved the poem, he figured out the spot where FF wanted to be buried and then spent 25 days BOTG until he found it. I’m guessing he has not solved one clue of the poem but he obviously didn’t have to!

      • I don’t think the Finder is a genius in the intellectual or brainy sense at all. If Forrest did indeed say he was a genius, it may have been meant as “the prevailing spirit or distinctive character” of the Finder. If the Finder was a true genius, he would have found the treasure via the poem and saved himself from bites, scratches, and the exhaustion of canvasing a large area. And by the way, why no mention of the Blaze other than a fake blaze. I would think that if he found the treasure, the Blaze had to be nearby. Why not say he saw the real Blaze or did I miss something.

  148. I expected the finder’s story to be an interesting account of the many trips between wwwh and the blaze and the fun that was had along the way. There was no talk of fun in that story.

    It makes sense to me that an honest finder would pay the taxes and either keep, sell or donate the treasure. The finder explains he needs the money, which is perfectly cool.

    I don’t think anybody will buy the treasure for more than intrinsic value without the poem solution to enhance its provenance.

    I don’t think it was Forrest who didn’t want to disclose the location of where it was found.

    It couldn’t hurt to divulge the wwwh or the key word.

    My conclusion is that the finder doesn’t know the poem clues and doesn’t want to pay taxes. I think the finder bypassed clues 1 to 8 and spent all his time alone searching an area by brute force.

    All that is just my opinion. I have no sore feelings about the chase. It was all very fun for me and my friends. I will be excited to read it if he puts that writing skill to the actual adventure for us. But I think there was no adventure for that guy.

    • well, selling the chest intact will involve paperwork, and paperwork will lead to taxes, so he is going to pay taxes,

      look at it this way, he could sell piece meal for cash, and end up with short of $500,000 tax free…

      or he could sell the chest whole for intrinsic value of $2million and end up with $1million after taxes…

      so not too hard of a choice, it just took him 3 months to figure that out is all..

      • Not necessarily. The “provenance mark-up” for treasure items individually might exceed that for the set as a whole. A lot of people would pay extra for a certified-Fenn gold coin compared to the same coin from a dealer or ebay. Same goes for the antiques. The only way we _might_ know is if the finder parts it all out despite there being an actual firm offer of $X million for the whole deal and someone then adds up his piecemeal take, if that’s even made public. I’d guess the package deal would be better, but at this point, all we can do is guess. It appears his intent is to try to get the whole thing to a museum as a set, which is what I’d have done and I think what Forrest wanted.

    • also most likely he knew at least a few of the answers to clues simply by knowing the final general area and working backwards. and since he said ff was eager to share, I am sure he asked ff what in the world was the meaning of the 1 or 2 clues (or more) that he didn’t figure out…

      speaking of which did anyone get a sense that he never figured out what the blaze was while finding it? or was that just me.

      • Exactly my thought about the Blaze as well. Unless I missed something, why did the Finder not mention the real Blaze that had to be in the vicinity of the treasure. At least say he saw it, needn’t say what it was if he wanted to protect what it looked like. Sure seems like there is so much that leads one to question all of this, not that I want to, but the Truth is seemingly hard to ascertain! I truly wonder whether the many who revered Forrest and knew him best, believe he wanted it to end this way.

        • It appears there is a contradiction here, Forrest stated the the person who found it followed the clues precisely. So, what you are saying, is you do not think that is true from what you have gleaned from the story?

          • Truthfully, I don’t know what to think. The circumstances involved in the ending of the search are strange, and then Forrest passes.

    • Why assume there were any taxes to pay? If Forrest gifted the treasure chest to the finder, the tax issue disappears. I’ve read rumors that that’s exactly what happened.

      • Just because it’s a gift, that does not automatically mean there are no tax issues, It depends on several other factors specific to his past and present gifting habits. And that’s assuming FF was OK with it being called a gift, versus income to the finder. I wrote a fairly lengthy post on the FaceBook page about this aspect. Depending on FF’s gifting habits in the past, he could have been liable for the gift tax on the appraised value of contents, at his income tax rates. If total value really was close to $2M, he’s going to pay something close to a 35% effective federal rate ( if not slightly higher, this is close approximation ), not to mention state tax. Or, he might not be liable for a single dollar in tax, even if it was called a gift. And there is no way it should end up as estate income since it was “found” long before date of death. This is coming from a CPA with 15 years experience having done a lot of gift tax returns over the years.

      • Evan’s right about gift tax if that’s how it was done, but Forrest could have “paid” the finder with the chest for returning his bracelet to him. Not sure how the IRS would approach that; at what point does overpaying for something become a taxable gift?

      • This subject has been brought up many times before — every individual has a lifetime gift tax exemption of (in 2020) $11.58 million. Not saying Forrest exercised his option to apply part of that exemption toward gifting the treasure chest, but if he did neither he nor the finder would owe federal taxes on it.

      • On the subject of gifting the treasure chest (and the tax implications of doing so), for those who haven’t seen the video a week ago that begins with Amy Seeks, Dal and Cynthia, Cynthia had this to say beginning at the 00:05:10 mark (my transcript follows — any errors/omissions are my fault):
        Cynthia (relating her conversation with Forrest in front of his house): “Forrest, I think the finder must be in a pickle because of the income tax he will now have to pay. And Forrest looked at me and he said, ‘Cynthia, I have something to tell you.’ And then he said, ‘No, I’m not going to tell you.’ And then he said … he hesitated and he said, ‘Okay, I’m going to tell you.’ And he said the way it works was the finder returned the chest to him, Forrest took the chest, and he actually used his hands and made gestures (Cynthia holds her hands out a chest’s width apart). He said he took the chest, he handed it back to the finder and said, ‘I am gifting this to you.’ And he said it took five seconds. So Forrest went on to say, uh… I don’t remember the rest of that particular conversation, I mean it’s sort of irrelevant, but he started talking about like a … I don’t know if it was a one-time gift, a lifetime gift, that… that currently – year 2020 – um, it could be valued at like 18 million dollars or something, and the person that you gifted it to did not have to pay income tax on it. And he said the chest fell way below that value. So…”
        Amy: “A one-time gift.”
        Cynthia: “A one-time gift. And he said all along that was his plan, that’s how he would know when the chest was found. And I’m pretty sure he went … he said that the directions to do this were inside the chest. So he knew, that’s why he could say for ten years that he would know when it was found.”


      • The point about taxes is not what interests me. It’s not my problem or business.

        What interests me is whether those first eight or even any of the clues were actually solved correctly and properly.

        The guy says he called Forrest in 2018 without finding the treasure. That is a strange (obsessive and overly confident) thing to do. He explains that somebody cruelly put up a fake blaze to throw him off and so he felt cheated enough that he needed to involve Forrest himself. That must mean that the cruel faker knew what blaze to fake without himself noticing the real blaze a thousand feet away.

        The story doesn’t sound authentic to me.

  149. I would venture to say that if the finder used just the poem then he probably has nubs for fingernails and is resting comfortably. Now that’s some impressive genius!

    But what if there was another way to solve Mr Fenn’s Chase as well? Sure, kids can read the poem and help with the searching for Indulgence, but wouldn’t Forrest want it to be about kids and youth and fun and adventure and IMAGINATION as well? I think so.

    So what if the second way inclusifies KIDS and IMAGINATION…from the start!? Pretty cool? You betcha!

    I believe Forrest not only created a masterpiece of a poem, but also a masterpiece of imagination with nature. I believe that when the truth comes out, we all will then know that we played a part in this masterpiece., called history.
    History…His story
    Mystery…My Story

    I believe the mountains tell a story….Hisstory. I believe they also hold the key to Forrest’s Mystery. I think we all will better understand exactly whom THE MAN is/was…..and what we were up against!!! Genius FE Man comes to mind.

    You might think Forrest is just some millionaire prankster or even a fraudulent crook right now, but the real truth will surface and become self evident, for all to seek. That musta been one heck of an old 1 room school house…Holy Cow!

    So yes, the finder makes me smile during a difficult time and deserves his annanimity.
    He did something the rest of us couldn’t… KUDOS to the finder!! You deserve the rest.

    And Dal…thank you for all your hard work and countless hours! Forrest sure knows how to pick’em. You run a tight ship! I was thrown overboard into the sea of moderation a few times…I’m kinda mystified, because it shoulda been much more!

    And thank you to Forrest & Peggy for your kindness, love, and hope. God Bless you both. And Forrest, if you’re listening, thanks for the fun and the memories. But the show must go on. The greatest show on earth? Si!!! It was a blast! URDAMAN!!!
    I love you, Forrest…Namaste!

    By George

    We now return you to Charlie Chaplin’s rendition of Willie Wonka and the noodle factory……..bybye

  150. Yes, we need help with the specifics of the clues so:
    below home of Brown: could this refer to the clay abode homes of pueblo Indians?

    in the wood: is singular maybe because there is a tree with one root since trove rhymes with grove, and Aspens in the mountains grow in a grove from one root.

    tarry: maybe the key of the poem for the triangulation used in navigation by a pilot. In the mountains this could refer to the landmarks of a tar like blackish stone scant, cold creek, tree, and road. What tree has black in its name and was used by Indians to make straight arrows? My bests, TAR

  151. The finder’s poem has incredible “twists-up” of perplexing logic, especially when Forrest’s poem states: There’ll be no paddle up your creek.
    It leads a person to think that the obvious answers are not so obvious at all. If there’s no “paddle”, there’s no where to go and no way to get there. Hence, the POINT seems mute.
    I believe the finder meant well in relaying a bit of Forrest’s reasoning, but this kind of logic just doesn’t make sense. Putting it all in perspective, there’s no way we can be sure of anything if everything becomes guesswork.

  152. Dear Team Finder,
    I understand your desire for anonymity, and maybe some misdirects about who you are, though misdirects erode credibility, so there’s a price. Could you kindly not misdirect about the treasure and Forrest though? This is history. I don’t think you yet know the meaning of the poem, and when you tell stories about the treasure, something as small as spatial orientation might contradict Fenn and his poem. As a crude example, I believe he said he set it down on the ground and walked away.

    By the way, there are at least two of you, right? One who was lugging the treasure, set it down, braced themselves, then opened the box in front of them. The other right handed person to the lugger’s left swooped in with their camera from their angle and snapped that first famous photo. May I call you Lugger and Swooper?

  153. I have to say-at this point- I’d be thrilled just to know “where or what” – Where Warm Waters Halt “is or means” from that point I’d know if I was ever even close to looking at the poem the right way…

  154. Google: “Rusting hulks Yellowstone River”
    After researching a bit, I believe these rusting hulls can have something to do with where the chest was found. But, don’t rest on one article. Really do your homework. Get to the graveyard and everything. Then, then, share your thoughts.

  155. I hope I don’t bore you all with this, but , I can’t let go of my belief that the chest was hidden in New Mexico. I know right now some of you are saying ” my God , give it up man!! and I get it. I say it because of an interview I heard Forest give one time and some how I couldn’t find it again. I think he may have realized his gaff and took it down.
    In the interview he was asked if anyone knew he was going to do this and his answer was no. The interviewer said “not even your wife?” He said no. He went on to say he got up early one morning (he may have even said it was a Sunday) I’m not sure of that. Got in his car and went and placed the chest in his special place. He got back into his car and headed home after making two trips from the car to the hiding spot. He then laughed to himself and said “Forest Fenn, did you just do that?!!!! He then returned home and never told a sole where he had been. If my recollection is correct, and if I didn’t imagine all this…..he did not go to Wyoming!
    I, like so many of you was all set for my annual September trip to my search area when I got the awful news the chest was found. I have my thoughts what may have ended the search, but there are enough theories going around and one more makes no sense. I only repeat….I think Wyoming is a Red Herring.


    • prove it? forrest said chest was in WY, and you are going to prove him wrong? pretty tough nut to crack.. since the two people who knew where it was, say it is in WY.

      it is a case of the game of telephone, where the message is distorted after just a few tellings..

      the OP’s imagination got on a run away track down a one way street, going the wrong way… with thinking ff did a casual drive in an morning… obviously since the chest was in WY… that is not close to what had happened.

      facts can be fairly literal sometimes… why is it so hard to believe ff when he pretty much makes no bones about a few statements, like, the chest was in WY.

      the “finder” actually said that he thinks he had an edge because he didn’t listen to any of these stories, only what he could come up with as fact.

      how in the world he figured out where ff wanted to die, and come up with it being a fact is a mystery I hope we find out someday…

      • Writis, Sorry for the lag in replying. I was on a road trip and left my laptop home.

        #1. I am not out to prove anyone wrong. I don’t know the facts and probably never will.
        #2. The very reason for my comments were to point out that the Finder told Forrest and he agreed. This is the only information we received on the location so far.
        #3. You make my case for me when you say, “since the two people who knew where it was, say it is in WY.” Where is the proof?!!
        #4. You, yourself called the location a mystery as to the ability to determine where Forest wanted to die. This final episode of the Chase is steeped in mystery.

        If Forest hid the chest in Wyoming he would have had to drive some 15 to 17 hours to get to the area you are thinking it was. The NW corner I’m guessing. He couldn’t take a commercial flight as he couldn’t get the Chest through security. He couldn’t rent a plane because he was too old to pilot solo I believe. He would then deposit the 45# chest after making two trips to the car to do so. Then he would make the 15 to 17 hour trip back to Santa Fe the next day or so. Don’t you think Peggy and the family would wonder where Forest was?
        Forest was 80 years old at the time. I believe he did what he said he did. He did it in a day and no one knew, All I am saying is that he did it in New Mexico.
        Forest referenced a curiosity on a November 2019 interview why people weren’t looking more in New Mexico.
        Some unknown event took place in Forest’s world in the remaining months of his life which convinced him to bring the chase to an end. What ever it was, medical, family, legal. Who knows?
        The Chase has morphed into a mystery and I think we may never get the answer.


        • Why a 17 hour trip? How about a leisurely two or three day trip. – Stopping to fly fish some Colorado streams? How about renting a private plane – flying to Jackson – renting a car and driving to the “Hidey” spot? Fly into Cody – or Casper – or Cheyenne? Rent a car and drive? Forrest was on several Boards – Could have gone to a “Board” meeting somewhere in Wyoming, then driven to the “Hidey” spot.

          As you said, “The Chase has morphed into a mystery and I think we may never get the answer.” – JDA

          • JDA,
            It is as though we ran the Boston marathon and when we reached the finish line there was no one there keeping score!! No one cheering, and no one to tell us who won!!


  156. Yesterday I posted a note with a link to a possible “out of the box” solve of the poem. I asked for comments…Nothing. You can destroy my theory, no problem as I have kind of an elephant skin. But nothing is worse as to receive no comment at all. Where is Suzy, BigOnus, Obvious, etc…?
    Please let me know what you think.
    The link again:

    • Medicine Butte does not seem to be a place that Fenn holds dear. Sorry. I had trouble following your logic. Just my opinion though.

      • Who can tell which places Forrest Fenn holded dear? Only he could have known it, but never told us.
        The key is WWWH….and for me a keyword is “effort”.
        It is not impossible that something happened at Medicine Butte…that was very important to Forrest himself. But I agree that this region has no romantic, epicuric radiation like a paradise on earth….but the name of the destination is symbolic for the place where the paradise ended. The original sin of Eve….Evanston.
        It is of course IMO and I thank you for your input.

    • jan_v52… I liked several of the points you covered in your post but I’ve always had an issue concerning Forrest’s mention of the fact that historic events were not required to verify a person’s solve. I know Forrest would never mention this unless it were true but it seems to me knowledge of historic events might be considered an unequaled asset. In the very least, I would consider that time spent researching historic events would greatly help validate one’s solve.

      • I went down the history rabbit hole for one of my solves. It helped to put the solve on here because my fellow bloggers reminded me that you should only need the poem to solve it.

      • I do not think I used any historic events. I thought that the story of Adam an Eve, belongs to general knowledge. Did I use any other needed historical knowledge? Please explain.

        • Anything that happens within the past is truly considered “history”. The preceding sentence alone is also considered a segment of history. But Forrest’s story – His-Story – is the crux by which this mystery has been entwined and the one we need to figure out.

          Short of looking for our own skeletons of misunderstandings, ghosts of the past, and demons that haunt us, there is no way we can get inside another person’s mind to figure it all out… that is, unless we read HIS STORY.

          After all, a diagnosis of cancer, or fear of death, can cause a person to think radically different from what they once did. In the end, they might be faced with either a love for life, or an overwhelming hatred for having to be here. I think we can all agree that Forrest is/was the kind of guy who has expressed a “love for life”. It’s hard to imagine another reason for why he would initiate a treasure hunt unless we recognize this quality of love within him.

          Still, maybe… just maybe he possesed a touch of mischievousness thrown in for good measure 🙂

          • Careful . . . it may be that there’s a “slippery slope” about
            suggesting that Forrest was ever a mischievous little devil.

          • LOL tall andrew… you must own the deluxe 3D version of knowing Forrest, I had to settle for the less expensive 2D model. I’ll agree though, saying Forrest was mischievous may be a stretch too far… to walk.

          • Another thing about Evanston. Maybe I went to far in history for needing Adzm & Eve’s story to explain why WWWH there. There is a better one: Evanston was the end station of the first Transcontinental railroad, where steam locomotives would be reloaded with wood or coal and water. They had to halt there.

            From Wiki:
            Luckily, in June 1869 headquarters returned to Evanston and it continued to grow.[10] Later in 1871, a machine shop and roundhouse were constructed, giving Evanston a longevity not shared with many other railroad towns.[11]
            Abundant timber and water along the Bear River made Evanston a refueling station for cross-country locomotives. Coal was mined a few miles north of Evanston in Almy.

    • I wouldn’t take offense to it, jan. The people who have been on the blog for a while have seen hundreds of solves thrown out. I think they’re just kind of numb to it at this point.

  157. since conspiracy theories are all the rage in this time.

    how in the world the finder figured out where ff wanted to die? and come up with it being a fact is a mystery I hope we find out someday…

    my theory goes like this: the finder found a long lost article or note in which ff said something to the effect of wanting to go to (such and such) to die.

    I nominate Zap, to see if he can find something, My guess is Zap is good at that. 🙂
    and the guy who found ff’s f-100 both of you get on it 🙂

    now it sure sounds like the finder had proof of where ff wanted to die, so he is not divining it from TTOTC, or anything else recent as that does not involve proof. most likely it is a very old clipping from somewhere… imo.

    • I find it difficult to imagine that even written info about it would go into such
      detail that one could find the hidey spot, even after 25 or so BOTG search hikes.
      But I suppose it is possible that this could happen. I remain quite skeptical of
      the so-called “finder’s story” — pretty much in its entirety.

  158. Hey Dal, slow to the draw/party – saw something on my FB feed so I came by to verify. Thanx so much for sharing! Sounds like the finder made a few trips and rented cars, so probably has funds to do this kind of thing. (Envious.) Makes me wonder what Mr. Fenn would have wanted to do with the chest after it had been found. I sure hope that does work out – would be a nice legacy, so to speak. Hopefully, all of us “second placers” could wander by and see it displayed someplace. While all those details work themselves out, you all have a safe Autumn in the woods.

  159. I believe Forrest might have wanted his ashes to be cast into his favorite fly fishing spot. It’s his favorite spot because this place was his childhood stomping grounds. It’s where he played in the woods with Skippy and June while their father fished. It’s where f took his father on his last fishing trip. It might even be the spot where f was baptized. Maybe they got a thrill shooting the rapids there. Back to the beginning is how I see it. You don’t need to be a genius to find that spot. A bend in the river. You don’t even need the poem to find this spot. I found it.

      • Most people claim that needlepoint and cross stitch are soothing. I can tell you from personal experience that without practice and diagrams, it can sometimes be lawless and maddening.

        • I have just taken up cross stitch. As yet, I do not find it soothing.
          It is still at the challenge stage. 🙂 JDA

          • JDA,

            FWIW… I’m at that same stage with my cross-stitch dressing.

            I’m thinkin about a different hobby.


      • I want dolls that look like those sooo bad, they’ve been on my radar like a year. I can put them on the table, bad day knock over chaos, good day let him stand on the box.

  160. Honestly, I don’t know how we can ignore history. Why?

    Enola (alone backwards) is in the poem and his mom’s middle name is Gay. Enola Gay & Hiroshima. Hero she ma. Plus, his memoirs represent the history of his life like Suzy_S said and many of his stories circled around the history of other people and events.

    And I should also note that one anagram of ‘searcher’ is ‘research’.


  161. Believe it or not, I saw someone who looked surprisingly like Forrest earlier.

    I’ve been parking my car under a tree lately because it’s been so hot, but in doing so I got bird crap all over it all. So I took it to the car wash down the street and when I was pulling up to one of the bays I saw someone who looked like Forrest riding in the passenger seat of a car pulling away. I waved but he didn’t even glance my way. I know it couldn’t have benn him, but it sure would have been nice to get some recognition from someone who looked like him. I guess I should have blared my horn.

    Say lovie….

  162. Suzy_S,

    He’s hard of hearing. You’re better off just grabbing him by his belt-buckle and asking for a quarter-horse without that horn.


  163. Has anyone noticed that Forrest mentioned or referenced stars a lot?

    1. The cover of Once Upon a While.
    a) Forrest caught a star with a fly rod.
    b) the revised addition had a new star on the cover…interesting, no…yes…never mind.
    2. The chest was found under a canopy of stars.
    3. Forrest grab a few stars, put them in his pocket; on the way to heaven.
    4. If you been wise and found the Blaze.
    a) the three wise men, were wise…so they say.
    b) they followed a star…so they say.
    c) they were from the East, or they were going East…or you know; they were easterners.
    d) the star was a blaze.
    e) I like numbering a lettering things…in order.
    f) Our planet has a star.
    g) Another blaze that was used and is still used is the North Star. I like this one because it is associated with a pan; and you can cook food in a pan, and I’m hungry now.
    h) These blazes would be difficult to remove; impossible, probably, and probably unlikely depending upon the quantum particle alien theorem.
    i) running out of blazes…dam…uh…damdam.

    Did Forrest mention stars anywhere else? Probably.


    • Typo: Revised Edition.

      Also, did anyones solution lead them to a labyrinth and then to a box canyon?

      Just curious…was it in Wyoming, near the Bear Tooth HiWay?

      • Just read the Finders message again. I think I have an obsessive compulsive disorder.

        Why would the Finder feel it important to tell us he had a rental car. I suppose it is just a detail. If he is from the east, maybe he flew to Santa Fe and rented a car…then drove it to Santa Fe, dropped off the treasure and flew home.

        Seems like a cover story.

        • Never mind…that does not make sense. Fly into Santa Fe, drive to Wyoming, pick up the chest, drive back to Santa Fe…hmmm, thats a lot of driving.

    • Yes….
      Look at the cover of Once upon a while – its a partial constellation
      So, if your in the correct location at the correct time of Night!, you would of seen this constellation at that position on the horizon…

      • I believe the Lakota are involved. Tradition has it they looked to the stars for guidance and their way of life was always at arm length toward understanding the constellation’s significance.

  164. I just found this letter.. and don’t quite know what to think any more…

    However, I have tried to solve the chase on my own from clues fitting Wyoming.
    Why bother now?
    Most importantly, first I want to thank Forrest Fenn for bringing the Thrill of the Chase to me.
    I to spent many hours trying to figure it out and enjoyed it immensely.

    Secondly… during the chase I was diagnosed with lung cancer underwent chemo and “double” radiation daily then had a stroke. Was in the hospital recovering from that when they discovered brain cancer.

    I will go to my grave not knowing the truth on the solve or the unknown truth of the chase.

    I am at peace with it all as I face my own mortality…. and impending death in the foreseeable future.

    and wanted to post one more time here before go to the great banquet hall in the sky..

    • Darn, “When it rains it pours” – Sorry for your myriad of maladies. Sounds as though you have found peace – YEA for you – JDA

    • Donna : from what I read I believe you don’t have to worry about going without knowing the truth of of the chase or the sove.
      May peace carry you all the way.

    • Donna, thank you for posting. I’m glad you enjoyed this treasure hunt (as many others also did, I’m sure). Nobody ever knows all the truth about everything. In that regard, you’re not alone. Being at peace is good.

    • Donna,

      Sorry to hear of your misfortunes. Hopefully some good news is in your future , and hopefully we get to see the ending., sooner than later. God Bless. I’m rooting for ya!


  165. For those who put stock in anagrams, well …
    hold my beer and watch this.

    Finder => f
    Finder => fen => Fenn
    Finder => fiend => diabolical

    Did I miss anything?

    • Mr Obvious, it’s rather obvious your trying to say something… but as of yet, I haven’t got it.

      • Well there Suzy Q, let’s just say I am trying to point out some pieces of the puzzle. Make of it what you will. But just for kicks, put yourself in Forrest’s shoes. If one of the many reasons for the Chase was to find someone who was able to solve his diabolically difficult puzzle, then who is the Finder?

        • Mr. O… I believe the answer is definitively described in the dictionary. IMO honest opinion, it has something to do with observation… which might, or might not be associated with an individual.

          BTW, Q goes with A. If you don’t expect the A, don’t ask the Q.

          LOL… all in fun…!! 🙂

  166. The finder’s story?

    My overall impression is the Chase is still on, the game is still afoot, whatever that means. The Chase seems to me something designed and worked not by a single individual but some unknown team of individuals and is a system or working which can fulfill multiple purposes. It can be viewed as a social science experiment, to see how people operate when teased with a lure and given a set of information; it can be viewed as a gaslight/manipulation system to see how much people can be “worked”; it can be viewed as a system to detect which types of people are best suited to crack a cypher; it can be viewed as a method of psy-ops warfare; it can be viewed as a system set up to detect rare, next to psychic powers (subliminal gene) for various purposes, whether that means people able to read, predict a situation or tune in to where a treasure is located (powers of divination), or what have you; and of course it can be viewed as an extremely sophisticated creativity/intelligence/psychological health test.

    I say the Chase is still on because the patterning over the whole, with the finder’s story to Fenn’s message at the Chase finale (squirt story), is still that of peculiar story/writing, constant hinting, leading on process. My advice to people supposing they want to continue with the Chase, are not exhausted with it, are able to stand it, is to focus primarily on what emerges from “Fenn” and what appears as story on Dal’s site and to be extremely careful reading all the blog comments on all sites because the Chase being a baffling poem which supposedly leads to a treasure appears designed so that the people involved in it are liable to act deceptively and multiply the already baffling elements to Chase. In other words, if the Chase is something of a gaslight/manipulation process it works insidiously by recruiting searchers to add to the process of gaslighting/manipulation, because of course each person involved in Chase wants to be the winner and deny other people the solution.

    It’s just a really nasty situation this Chase, and the people I have come to fear the most in Chase are the designers of Chase, people able apparently to employ cutting edge techniques of working people. Whatever the Chase is, it’s much more than a simple treasure hunt. It reminds me in compressed and modern and really sophisticated form of the problem monotheism has faced since the emergence of the Bible. The Bible is supposedly the word of God and correct understanding of the Bible leads to salvation. The Thrill of the Chase is a book and correct divination leads to a treasure in the Rocky Mountains. But the Bible of course has led to diverse readings, cults, secret societies, esoteric readings, conflict between sects and so much else and of course people still are not sure of a correct reading and where salvation lies. It’s not hard to see parallels with the Chase. It’s the pattern of mysterious WORD promising something valuable at END if understood, and this brings out a number of revealing responses in human beings.

    So take care people, and good luck with the Chase. A treasure at end I would say pales in comparison to how you acquit yourself in Chase, much as reading the Bible and hope in salvation pales in comparison to how you acquit yourself with respect to the Good Book.

  167. Donna,
    Be at peace, We are all just quick visitors in this
    life, with eternal life after that.

  168. Hi All: for those of you who hadn’t figured it out watching press briefings from Walter Reed, the president’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, is the same Sean Conley pictured in the July 2018 search story here on Dal’s:

    Ron is his father; Sean is the one with the backpack behind and to the left in that first picture.

  169. That a really cool find Zap… Wonder did Mr. Conley really misspell Regeneron antibody treatment in his latest letter to the press secretary? He spelled it Regeron’s? Maybe that’s why he didn’t find the chest 🙂

    • Lol sorry I see now it was his dad who wrote the article! Soo fun he tried to fake hide some gold coins… Even if the boys were on to him 🙂

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