The Squirt…

October 1, 2020
by Dal

dude motel postcard

The Dude Motel postcard circa 1962


Matt, owner of the YouTube channel “Smell the  Sunshine”, was in communication with Forrest on August 25th as Matt and Cynthia prepared for the Finale Get-Together to be held in and around Yellowstone on Labor Day Weekend. Forrest gave Matt the below letter for everyone at the gathering and Matt read the letter aloud at the get-together.

In the letter, Forrest is speaking about the road in front of The Dude Motel in West Yellowstone which he, his brother Skippy and his friend Donnie Joe built in the early 1960’s. The Dude is still around today with it’s iconic sign, but Boundary Street is now paved…



You guys are lucky because the streets in West Yellowstone are paved now. Boundary Street used to be a dirt road and every time a car passed by the Dude,  dust would swirl all around and make me mad. 

One hot day I’d had enough so I hooked our garden hose up to the faucet and started squirting water on the road to calm the dust, beginning at the corner by our big sign.

The problem was that our well didn’t provide much pressure so before I could wet down very much of the road, it was already dry back there by the big Dude sign. 

Elert Kosky saw what I was doing so he started speeding by, back and forth, causing giant swirls. I tried to squirt his car as he sped by but that didn’t work very well. That’s when I stopped liking Elert Kosky. Besides, he was Skippy’s friend, not mine. Fortunately, Skippy’s car was parked nearby so I went over and squirted it really good. That’s how I got back at Elert Kosky. I felt smug because he just didn’t fully know who he was dealing with.

Sometimes I just feel diabolical. 

Squirting water in front of The Dude

The Findlay kids fulfill Forrest’s wish.




 I am sorry I can’t be talking with you in person today. You can blame my age if you want to but you can’t blame my heart. And since I can’t be there I hope someone will take a squirt bottle and wet down the pavement in front of the Dude sign. If someone does that, I’m sure I will know.” f








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  1. Thanks for sharing this! The last two weeks I’ve been on a fennmorbilia hunt. Today my vintage “the dude” postcard came today along with an original totem cafe and cabins matchbook! The postcard is the same as above and was sent out and postmarked September 4th 1972. There is a note about this ladies travels of over 608 miles and mentions a wagon train and a beautiful drive through the wind river. I also got a signed book by Eric Sloane, “return to Taos a twice told tale” where he not only signed the inside cover but crossed out a name in the book on page 58, the name is Isadora Duncan and in the margin is written “Ruth H. Henis”. The H in the last name looks like a P so I can’t be for sure of the last name but I sure hope it’s not that. I also can’t wait for my artist proof #1 sloane print to come too! I need to stay off of ebay for awhile.

    • Google “warm water species region 6” for the old fishing terms “coldwater fish” and “warmwater fish”. Forrest knew those terms. Now you do too. Warm waters (lake fish) halt where fly fishing (river fish) begins.

  2. Dal, Thank you for posting that. The last bit sure reminds me of something I said a while back. I was not able to attend do to personal reasons. I sure hope those kids had a great time. I don’t know why they couldn’t. Bet the man was right there with them. Nice photo of those little folks and the dude. You said a lot, touched my heart strings. GH

  3. Oh this is so awesome! Love that he left us another scrapbook to chew on…

    I see a double omega on that big Dude sign and I also found in my flipping jibberish that you could say warm water = male motel

    Warm water
    Male motel

    Did you notice the “B” on the Dudes belt buckle? Is that for Bubba?

    • This story reminds me of a peculiar book I read when I was a kid. I think it was called, “How to train your cow to smoke like a dragon”, or something like that. The author’s name seemed weird too, I think it was Ceasel Dude Hobs. Regardless of title and author, whenever I see or hear the word “Dude”, I’m reminded of it.

      As mentioned, the book was a little strange and it had a strange ending too. Small birds (wrens, I think), which flew past during training exercises, were reduced to ashes. Then they were collected in a container by some hooded elf to be used as medicine for curing soldiers who were shot through the heart by the dragon’s arrows of fire. It ended with the cow overpowering and defeating the dragon who had killed all the soldiers. Weird, right? On top of that, the elf would randomly pull a cooked potato out of his pocket and consume it, but only while in complete darkness. How weird is that? Talk about wanting to make a name for himself.

      Anyways… to me, the book was fascinating. For most adults, it seemed a little far-fetched… especially those who couldn’t drum up enough imagination to stay focused. But for that, I thank you Forrest. I’m glad we’ve got solid stories like the one above to bring us back to our senses and base reality on. Without that, we might never know realty!

    • Spallies – being bourne from the southern hemisphere, it’s no wonder i misinterpreted that line as Mhere Marm Maters Halt

      jeez.. are you suggesting it’s actually Where Warm Waters Halt??

      darn it!! 🙁

  4. I love this story. I’m glad the kids fulfilled Mr. Fenn’s wish. I love the letter Mr. Fenn wanted read to the gathering. His heart was definitely with them that weekend. I hope Elert started running when he saw Mr. Fenn enter Heaven with his “special grin”. 🙂

  5. Thanks dal, Matt and of course Mr. Fenn for sharing. The memories just keep on squirting out. Perhaps thats why the Dude has aged so well.

  6. These were perhaps Mr. Fenn’s last words to us.
    I think I may understand.
    He was saying in his round about way…..

    • wwwamericana – I do believe they may have been. I was there when Matt read that story and there were a few tears simply because Forrest could not be there to share in person like he was so accustom to. Little did we all know at the time how much that last shared story would mean.

      Nice job Findlay kids! Thank you for making sure Forrest got one of his last wishes!

  7. A dirt road is a more natural setting. The Dude Motel would never have had such a difficult time of keeping the dust at bay if they had simply moved Old Faithful a little closer! LOL

  8. Yes, thank you Dal!

    This story is really good. Especially once you understand what these words mean. Like Dude comes from Yankee Doodle or Doodle. Doodle is what Forrest did with all the drawings in the books. Doodle means fritter away time. Tarry. Doodle is also a simple fellow. And doodle means to dawdle which is “to walk unsteadily”. With the squirt gun and warm waters this all points to wwh.
    Very good story indeed! Thanks for giving us answers before you left us Forrest!

    • Oh and dust is very good and squirt as well. They both remind me of a geyser!
      look up both words.
      Forrest first sentence is mad. Follow madison down the canyon to the geysers, thats what its looking like to me. Me , self image and mad. Madison. Son is a pupil, the pupil portrays a self image.

  9. Elert Kosky => keystroke

    “He deleted all of my work with a single keystroke.”

    You gotta wonder about this one? Did f delete the finder’s solve from his computer before he passed? I think maybe he did.

  10. It just so happens that when I look up Diabolical it means devil. So I looked up devil etymology and it means Sand spout or Dust storm! I said to myself , what the? And the last name Kosky means dweller by the rapids or waterfall. Wow, sand spouts and dust storms. I know Down means Dune. Is down the key word in the poem?

  11. I sure enjoyed your post Dal.

    Speaking of “little squirts”… how about these two adorable cubs?

    When passing through the Gallatin Canyon early June we stopped for a tailgate lunch along the road. Two adorable black bear cubs and their mom were in the area eating berries. When they spotted us, mom quickly issued her hide & climb orders. One cub scampered up a tree and the other sheepishly hid in the brush. It reminded me of Forrest and Donnie assisting bear cubs up a hill in the Gallatin canyon.

    My family camped along the Gallatin or Madison most weekends during the 1960’s while my dad & brother fly fished. Black bear cubs used to slide on the snow banks along highway 191 near West Yellowstone each spring when they came out of hibernation into the warm sunshine. Our 1965 Bell camp trailer did not have an indoor shower. Occasionally, my parents would spring for a night at The Dude Motel in West so we could all enjoy a warm shower and the night at a motel. After watching “Old Snagle Tooth” – a huge grizzly dining at the dump, my mom’s plea for a motel room worked. We always jumped on the beds (sorry Skippy & Forrest). After breaking in the beds, we begged for a trip to Eagles Store where my sister and I were given enough ‘change’ to purchase turquoise rings or stuffed bears on red leashes. If we were just a little short on money for a ring, Mrs. Eagle usually gave it to us anyway. They were family friends that we skied with in the winter at Bridger Bowl. Although I’m 30 years younger than Forrest, so many of my memories are similar to his.

  12. Nice job, squirts! And look at them feet…Red, White, and Blue. Cute.

    Does anyone know if Babble can translate Fennguini? SMH…(kicking dust)…where’s my hose…

  13. Ellert => Hard
    Koski => Rapids

    LeHardy Rapids … just like I been sayin people.
    Forrest just confirmed it. Are you listening now?
    Whose the solver? It’s Obvious.

  14. I think I see a small hint in the message. What I’d like to know is why Forrest would be wanting to provide another hint, after saying that the treasure has already been found.

    I’ve also been seeing, in various places, postings from searchers who think there’s more to the story (of the hunt, and perhaps other significant things from Forrest’s life) still yet to be disclosed. I’m also interested in knowing what kinds of things — information, that is — that folks are expecting/hoping to see.

    I’m not very interested in any possible connection between FF and the CIA or the D.B. Cooper story. Scandals don’t float my boat, but I would like to learn more about the hidey space, details of the so-called “find”, and disposition of the goodies.

    • Tall and rew

      I could be way off on this and I don’t know how I would feel about it if I am right .

      I personally wanted to find the chest so I would pretty much get a backdoor ticket to the man who could explain them kind of answers which might be the tools I needed to further work I would at least maybe get a moment to pull over and get out for just a moment . If he did let me have it besides the bracelet I would have had to get some pointers on another hunt.

      With that being said I fully understand that without the chest I had no backdoor pass and there was just as much reason for him to tell me what I wanted to know as a bull has running into the chute for a band .

      No paddle
      Now if I had something found of value what’s my options keep it and when it’s gone,well it’s gone your not goin to get very good results by asking hey what’s up with that box I found awhile back .it’s gone but I would like to figure out how to get some of my own now . I can here the phone click now . I’ve been as skeptical about treasure as a home owner is towards having work done after hours.
      There is a chance after the work is done you can’t get ahold of them. why well that is the question isn’t it. But if they forgot there wallet I would try my best to get it back while keeping opinions about anything that is questionable I seen while discovering who left it to myself . Because that one thing may have been the anthrax instead of sugar . Now if I got pulled over with it . Well what’s goin to happen ……. I have to explain the anthrax in my possession but if there’s a stack of hundreds in it what happens then and it goes on and on does dude get wallet back then questioned about anthrax or does guy not get his wallet back and can’t pay his bills and is now secretly a crazy rich dude who carries anthrax in his wallet and does work after hours for money he don’t need cause he just leaves it laying around anyway? So who keeps guys money and other personal items hell what happens to the anthrax . Everybody could have had a good laugh and gained a interesting friend instead guy probably lost wallet because they didn’t ask or even figure out it was sugar . Wonder if guy lost wallet or left wallet. Depends on if he called after door was locked and I was halfway to the airport. So did I find a wallet or was it a tool. Only time will tell there is a line in fast and the furious tokyo Drift if you can figure out which one I hope you will understand .

      Wouldn’t that be fun to explain over the phone
      But there is always answers and sometimes some pretty interesting ones this is just a answer to one that was asked . Now if I could find my flashlights maybe I could find more places to loose them .

  15. Great story Dal, thanks for sharing. The next time I’m in the area I’m going to squirt a bottle in Fenn’s memory. If all the searchers did the same it might never dry up. Just one way to keep his legacy going.

  16. Happiness is a warm day coming to a close while uncovering a cool moon set high in the sky. Stories like this make me feel “cuddly” warm all over. It’s just like coming home to a nice comfy home with a fireplace.

    My squirt bottle’s aimed high in honor of you, Forrest…!!!

    Just a warning, though. Don’t bend down too far, you might get wet. Until I can save up enough money for another trip to Yellowstone, I’m using the high-powered version of that squirt gun. With a little luck, I’ve got it aimed in the right direction and it’s settling any disturbing dust. 😉

    I just hope that Cowboy Dude on the sign doesn’t take offense and start shooting back… that is, unless he’s using water too. We could use a little rain. 🙂

    • Or like discovering a shady dell at the end of a road with two of your best friends after a canoeing trip that had a hickup . Oh how that rock in the middle of the stream changed so much .

      • Shadow runner, you’re absolutely right. Life, with its many twists and turns, sure can become challenging at times. That’s why its always nice to appreciate those friends you make in life, and thank the ones who are continually willing to stand beside you along the way. In the end, those fiendships are what truly makes the rocking chair roll…!!

        • So true Suzy S
          There is a few I would like to track down just to tell them how much I missed there company over the years and apologize for loosing touch

  17. Doesn’t it bother anyone that Forrest’s last words to the chase community were, “Sometimes I just feel Diabolical” ??

    Additionally, he used the word diabolical in past scrapbooks/stories; once to describe why he liked an object.

    ff was a stickler for knowing definitions and using words correctly. Diabolical means satanic, extremely Evil. It’s NOT an expression used to denote simply being mad, or getting even, playing a prank etc.

    Diabolical definition:
    extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell, satanic.

    I know it’s a tough question, but the man himself uses this description of himself. Why?

    • Hello 42. I believe his use of the word diabolical was an artistic expression. He also liked to bend meanings of a word a little.

    • 42,

      I looked at it like a “minnie me” kind of thing, being diabolical that way.

      But if it was referencing the devil and his evilution then that’s in play as well.

      I would say something of interest but nothing makes sense in the dense forest. Something about going right straight to it seems to have been the kryptonite if the finder. Vernrivals variables to the 10th power and okee-dokee cime to mind.


      • I refuse to think evilish thoughts of Forrest or his family. He figured out how to make money without removing a single thing from a chest full of treasure that is brilliant . Especially when personal gain was not intended incentric he was .

        Diabolical would be constructing a plot to take legal possession of something left in someones care . Or hoping someone forgets something then jumps on the opertunity to claim it .
        Oh and of course the obvious create a hoax treasure hunt then call it on a specific date and then close the hunt and drop curtain

        And then there would be the ol dare someone to find your hidden treasure within a timeframe with anykind of alternate intentions .

        I don’t see the latter being the case with Fenn he supports everything he states and knows exactly when to remind us that it’s not what we heard that’s important it’s what he SAID that is .

        • I think Fenn somehow was able to get more than a few steps ahead of time and was able to very carefully design a masterpiece that not only allowed him to inspire thousands but also give the chance to get out and expience a thrill that gave everyone an excuse to be a curious adventureous kid again . But most of all it gave HOPE .

          Sometimes just for a selfish moment I like to think that he wrote it just for someone like me . Not that the treasure was meant for me but that he gave his time and part of himself so that I could get to know him but also a way to say he heard even the smallest of voices.

          From the most sincerely dear part of my soul
          Thank you Fenn

          The treasure was sound
          the audience was the reason

          And with his presence he kept the word !

      • I caught what you did there 😉 They couldn’t see the Forrest for the trees lol

        Tis true.

        “finder”……. bwahahahaha


          • I literally laughed out loud when I read yours. I was always a “read between the lines” before this “hunt” but sadly(?) that trait is more pronounced these days.

            Posting anything these days about anything is like screaming at a rock concert….no ones gonna hear ya lol.

            Stay tuned tho…. book coming 😀

    • It actually doesn’t bother me one bit to be honest. There are so many directions I can go with that one statement with just a little bit of imagination.

      I have seen elsewhere someone mention ‘diabolical genius’ as a combination with the Finder’s usage of Forrest calling them that. Diabolical prank also comes to mind.

      As he was getting revenge on El(l)ert it reminds me of this quote from MW:

      *Me wearing the bracelet is your best revenge. f

      Plus the choice of the word diabolical is curious in it’s connection with the definition of the word ‘blazes’ (using MW – Merriam Webster).

      I don’t think that is the only directions are imagination could take us but just a few quick ones I saw. The word to me is another aberration and definitely worth a few thoughts.

      • All I see is the word Slanderer. How many dictionaries do you people own?
        You would think the word charity would be in there somewhere. ..ya know?

    • Diabolical tempts people and brings out all the bad qualities of a person. Forrest’s hunt brought out their flaws in people (anger, envy, greed, pride). Therefore, Forrest called himself diabolical.

      • OK,

        He also brought out the good because not once did I see or hear any if that come from the grandkids. It was a Rocky Mountain adventure filled with wide-eyed amazement. Lucky them!


    • 42, I agree with you here. Curious to use that word diabolical. As I posted above it’s even more curious that when you look up one of the meanings of devil which is a meaning of diabolical. Devil means dust storm or sand spout. Exactly what he is happening in this story.

      Reminds me of the black limo in Concy and me story.

      • 42, I looked further into this and can’t believe what I found. A demon is “ ones Genius, lot or fortune”. I looked up genius and it means a tutorial or moral spirit, one who guides and watches over an individual from birth. To birth.
        This is not what we all think genius is. Look and genius and demon and tell me what you think. You seem open minded and willing to find answers to get to end spot of chase also.

        After looking at these words definitions it reminds me of the poem “ If you’ve been wise( genius) and found the blaze.

        Finder talks of a false blaze. The demon is a false god. Are there two blazes? Like the black limo in Concy and me. Limo was both good and bad- paraphrased .

        • 42 or others, looked into GENIUS. It means a spirit of either good or evil. Look up Genius . It’s the guardian who watches over the treasure as Forrest stated. Probably the blaze.

        • At one time I thought the blaze might be a firery Angle that came out of nowhere when I got back from that hike I said something about it . Well let’s just say I was not the only one who seen something of that nature . This is the first time I have mentioned it since that day. Funny thing is the talk about false blazes and false gods it kinda all heads towards the same direction the turn a bout . It’s not a subject I personally would want to be wrong about or right about really !

  18. Please be advised…
    Brown Canyon Colorado.
    Ruby Mountain Camp Ground Chalk Creek where the warm waters end and flow into the Arkansas River take the canyon down put in below the home of Brown. Hecla Junction boat ramp waters high heavy loads you cross the river at Railroad Gulch or Sidels Suck whole.
    The end is ever drawing near walk up into valley long high ground tell you see dry river bed no paddle up your creek. Take dry creek bed to first cave on your left.
    Inside cave you will see the blaze a Indian peace pipe bird wings open above pipe two human face mask mortared to cave wall.
    The peace pipe bowl side pointing to a rock spire out side of cave not for the meek long fatal fall to bottom.
    To your right quickly look down the treasure is on a lower self.
    I moved the treasure 06/03/2020 as welll as witnessed three young individuals two males one female walk out of Railroad Gulch with treasure in hand to Hecala Boat ramp. I found Forrest treasure chest days before and had texted my gold mining partner with the solve as well as location of chest. Mitch who lives in Coaldale Co never called me back. Three days latter Forrest announces treasure found in Colorado.
    Brown Canyon became a national monument in 2016.
    The three young individuals did not have permission to remove 2.5 million dollars from a national monument.
    Colorado top archeologists had documented the site.
    The finder got my solve and removed the Forrest Fenn Treasure illegally off feudal lands in Browns Canyon National Monument.


    Greg Windell

  19. Oh ya while your moderating this post Dal if you could afford a scant bit of imagination and time here is this
    a bit awkward and short few word exchanges at a old saloon .

    Me : You almost look like Dal .

    You : Never heard of him

    Me: you heard of Forrest Fenn

    You : nope

    Me : Right on well have a good one and next round is on me just cause you look like that prick who I grew to appreciate and wanted to thank

    You…….,hm…damn right you did ,now..piss off treasure hunter !

    It’s cool you are keeping it alive

    • That was a fun video! I loved it when Cynthia asked Mr. Fenn to concentrate. (Giggle.)

      Have fun in Yellowstone, Cynthia! Wish I was there! May want to check out Fishing Bridge to Indian Pond area. The grasses and dirt seems to match of those of the photo of the treasure chest on the ground.

    • Thanks for sharing,
      With the elk starting to scream and the Oja getting steamy, you couldn’t think of a better place to cast a line

    • Dal – Was planning on using identical dowsing rods on The Chase this Summer. Fashioned for me by the lead electrician on the library project here. Now, I will use them to talk to Forrest. Who, apparently, is listening. To Cynthia, in the Poker Room at the St. James Hotel.

      Do you think Cynthia is onto something, with that Nez Perce Fort location, near Fishing Bridge, in YNP? What about Forrest’s doodle in the OUAW edition he gave to her? The one with the tiny treasure image in her back pocket?

      Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.

      • Yeah, that’s back pocket is a good question! I saw Ms meachums at the west yellerstone party, nobody mentioned parting her down! Maybe she’s got a map in her pocket!

      • It’s very possible Nez Perce Ford may be a special spot to Mr. Fenn. It’s the first time and place I ever went fly fishing in the Yellowstone. It was the first time my father saw me fly fishing and he was quite proud of me. I have great memories there. I have a new fly rod I need to break in and should you see me there, say “hello”.

    • Watching Cynthia’s video made me smile and realize the Chase is over only if we want it to be. I see more BOTG next spring. 🙂

  20. If x means treasure and more than one person know about treasure that makes Fenn Charles Xavier who’s in charge of…….wait for it……..the X- men.

  21. I really enjoy hearing Forrest’s stories and remembrances, even if it is something simple like him attempting to calm the dust around the Dude. My question would be why Elert Kosky would seemingly knowingly try to disrupt Forrest’s efforts instead of helping him? I am glad that Forrest got his revenge and had the last laugh.

  22. Hello all,

    Just sharing some info based on some comments I read about what state the treasure was found.
    There is video evidence available on the internet of Forrest and Peggy in Cody, WY around September 2009 while attending a board meeting for the Buffalo Bill. Forrest would have just turned 79 and could have easily slipped away to hide the Treasure in “an afternoon” somewhere between Cody and West Yellowstone while trekking over to visit family there In West Yellowstone. That is very feasible and believable scenario.


  23. So why were we told the finder is a millennial?

    Millennial => Generation Y => Y => Yellowstone

    Do all roads lead to Yellowstone? Since T is the 20th letter in the alphabet, does “IT” mean I-20? I-14/16/20 is synonymous with the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway that connects Cody to the East Gate of Yellowstone National Park and continues all the way to West Yellowstone. If you travel that route repeatedly does that make you the guy from “back east”? Just questions and some food for thought. No clues here.

  24. Now the word millennial represents 1000 years. It can be represented as M in Roman numerals. And the letter M is pronounced “em”, which anagrams to “me”. Using the chapter “Me in the Middle” as the context, Me means Forrest Fenn.
    But that’s just me. 🙂

    • Mr Qbvious, I’ll bet you nearly 20 grand that the “em” you spoke of has relevance to the word “el” in Spanish and relates to a coreful soul or quite possibly even a moonlit intersection in TTOTC.

  25. I dont think that forrest asked the finder why he put the scissors in the chest because he didnt know himself. He asked to see if the finder knew. I feel as if he was the true finder, he would have known.
    Oh, were probably waiting for patent protection before the revelation of the solve.

  26. I’ve loved and lived the chase, one hell of race. If fiction was fact, we’d all get another crack and would have ff back. The slightest adjustment in degrees can set you on amore direct line saving time when you need shave just seconds.

    Lord grant him rest, he has earned it.
    Thank for everything Dal

  27. Forrest made it clear that his treasure was Peggy and his family.

    Whatever shape your family takes, friends and family are the treasure to seek, to find, and not to yield.

    It was never about the gold.

      • I never told the buried gold
        Upon the hill — that lies —
        I saw the sun — his plunder done
        Crouch low to guard his prize.

        He stood as near
        As stood you here —
        A pace had been between —
        Did but a snake bisect the brake
        My life had forfeit been.

        That was a wondrous booty —
        I hope ’twas honest gained.
        Those were the fairest ingots
        That ever kissed the spade!

        Whether to keep the secret —
        Whether to reveal —
        Whether as I ponder
        Kidd will sudden sail —

        Could a shrewd advise me
        We might e’en divide —
        Should a shrewd betray me —
        Atropos decide!

        – Emily Dickinson

        All that’s gold may not glitter.

  28. By his FATHER’S HAND, Forrest was guided through life with love. By FORREST’S HAND, treasure hunter’s were guided through their explorations with the same gift of love.

    Charitable and peaceful acts of “giving” are to be exonerated in every way. Right down to each letter, each kindly gesture of man, and each noble act of brotherhood, should be given a standing ovation. For the “hand that gives” deserves recognition for those selfless acts in helping others.

    This is how one’s soul becomes exempt of time’s forward lacerations. This is how an individual becomes immortalized, attaining that ever-desired prowess to live on and on. This is the place where death’s eminent passage, furrowed of forgetfulness, is finally conquered and where remembrance triumphs the winner. It is how a person’s NAME annihilates those deep, dark chasms of space, where a person will never be forgotten, and where one’s star brightly shines upon the heavens. Through a “loving heart” and “giving hand” of peace and brotherhood, one’s NAME is continually honored, forever removing the gashing tears of fate’s ugly and mortal wound we call death.

  29. Trying my hardest to move on from this, but it’s hard when one feels like they have it nailed down.
    In my opinion the solution to the poem is quite simple. It’s literally a trip around the roads of West Yellowstone starting at Madison St. to Canyon St. Down to Grizzly Ave. Cross over Electric St and go up S. Faithful. That brings you to your first “Y” in the road (google earth it). Take a left to the second “Y” in the road. Stop there. Take a RIGTH on to the very end of Iris St. There at the end of Iris St. is the Frontier Trail marker. (Look up The Frontier Trail Starring Harry Carey). Play on words – Hari-Kari means SUICIDE. Forrest entire story was based around taking a bottle of pills and throwing himself on the treasure chest.
    I found a Teepee that looks identical to the one in TFTW (only the picture was reversed) on this trail. I wandered all through the “forest” (south side mostly) and found a lonely bench in there surrounded by downed tree limbs. Forrest dedicated an entire page called “Father of the Banco.”
    Banco definition- the total sum offered by the banker in a gambling game, bench. The very last photo in TFTW is a picture of his great-grandmother sitting on a log (a bench so to speak). Now go back to the gambling quote in FF’s TTOTC.

    “You’ll find my treasure at the end of my rainbow.” Quote by FF right before he the poem in TTOTC.
    Iris means RAINBOW. End of Iris St. “end of rainbow.”
    I feel like I’m shouting from the rooftops and nobody is listening.
    Well, two people replied, except Stephen replied on the post below mine. His reply was rather interesting: “I am sure if this is the spot, Forrest must have been chuckling to himself over the years about everyone running all over the different states looking for it. But, then again that was his intention for people to get out and about…”
    Anyway, I posted my “solve” here on the website and it’s on “Chest Found” Part 15. To me, it doesn’t get more simple than this. Forrest said “simplify it if you can, that’s good advice.”

    • What about the wintertime when the sides of the road are feet thick with gravel and ice packed down by the tears of a million snow sled drivers who haven’t found the treasure?

      • Brian- I’m not sure I understand your question. FF never proclaimed searchers could or could not solve his poem in the winter conditions or find the treasure chest. Every winter he advised caution to searchers searching in the Rocky Mountains. He never said “it couldn’t be found in the winter and he never said it could.” Additionally, if FF claimed the treasure was found in Wyoming” the same weather conditions apply to West Yellowstone. Am I wrong?

      • Any body got any ideas what would be significant about a leaf ? The only thing that keeps coming to mind is the George Washington signed leaf Any thoughts would be appreciated thanks

      • It’s remarkable to me that I posted a congruent “simple” solve and it doesn’t even phase the “enthusiast” here. That says a lot. To be completely transparent, there are a lot of folks still posting here that have completely ignored FF’s: warning signs, actual words, hints, and clues that have come directly from FF mouth. I’m not posting this as a speculation, I’ve posted a simple congruent solve and yet, somehow folks continue to try to dismiss or disapprove without an understanding or reading any of my solve and dismissing the words of FF. Instead they attempt to jump to conclusions before putting my clues to test in order to disprove me. This is literally a science experiment. I beg you to disprove my solve. Send me questions! I would love to hear them. I will try to reply in my best “Keith Morrison” tone.

        • Maiara:

          First and for most I agree with cowboy. If you don’t believe in what Mr. Fenn told us about WY why invest your time somewhere else. If the information didn’t come from his thoughts or one higher~ question it.
          You pose nothing to debate question or concern yourself.
          Rephrase, bother yourself with.
          Other then a link to WY.
          You are the only one that needs to prove to yourself that you found what your looking for. It’s not about the others it’s about you. Answer to yourself and be truthful to you. Scrap the science experience, it won’t get you to the treasure.
          If you really want to find a treasure look at the last picture above , I have 3. There is nothing more precious or valuable. If I had a treasure for someone to recognize and wanted the world to know about that would be it. No gold in the world could replace those folks.
          Please simplify.
          I hope this message reaches you in a positive way and maybe a sign of what’s really of value in this world.

          • Thanks Grasshopper, positive light taken and much appreciated. Please note the following reply is also in a positive light. Much respect -Maiaria
            “so today he agreed that we should reveal that the treasure was found in Wyoming.”

            If you strongly feel those words were an attestation, then we probably won’t agree on much.

      • Hi Maiara: sorry for the late response. I read this when it first came out, but forgot to subscribe so I haven’t been seeing the comment chatter.

        Personally, I mimicked Forrest and smiled smugly to myself when I saw “The Squirt”. As far as I’m concerned, it was just another slam dunk for my WWWH at the northwest corner of Yellowstone. Why? Let’s start with the title of this page: “The Squirt”. I’d say compressing a squeeze bottle of water is a pretty good analogue to a geyser. Forrest also mentions *Boundary* street, playing into my WWWH being on the boundary of YNP.

        But what I really enjoyed was the picture of the kids. Look where they are standing: literally on the edge of yellow (painted) stone, pouring water on the pavement where it subsequently halts — just as geyser water halts when it hits the ground. And just to double-down on the halting, that STOP sign behind them is perfect, as is the giant Dude sign (standing in for a big brown Yellowstone National Park entrance sign). Finally, the kids aren’t just standing on the edge — they’re standing on the *corner* of “yellow stone”, an even more specific match to my particular WWWH. The only flaw I see in the parallelism is that their water isn’t “warm” per se.

  30. Found Forrest’s big clue in The Squirt.

    As I stated above Diabolical means devil or demon. The swirl of the dust are dust storms or dirt devils.
    Then today I was looking up demon as I had the other day in which I noted demon also meant genius. Just like the finder pointing out Genius. But today a word caught my eye that I overlooked before.

    Demon means-” lar, familiar spirit, guardian spirit” a mischievious spirit ( like diabolical) and a neutral spirit (like guardian angel, protector, genius).

    Lar? I said to myself. What is that? So I looked up Lar. WOW!! A Lar is a GIBBON!!!!
    A Gibbon with white hands found in Vietnam and Loas. Forrest said he melded the two areas.
    So a demon in the story above is a Lar Gibbon. A Lar is thought of as a household deity watching over ones family, tutelary(genius) diety watching over some public places, Idols.

    An Idol is a Image, form, seeing image, to see, and Icon or Star. You will see!

    It gets even better. The demon as stated above is a neutral spirit also known as a hespecid butterfly- better known as the Skippy butterfly!

    The Gibbon river was named after Colonel John Gibbon of the Hayden survey of Yellowstone. Gibbon etymology is a Folk etymology. I didn’t know what that was either so I looked it up. Folk etymology means to change a word or phrase. Just like Forrest loved to change a word or phrase. Flutterby from Butterfly. Same meaning comes from Gibbon folk etymology.

    Gibbon River starts at Grebe Lake. So I looked up Concy and Me story again and the Black limo portrays the demon spirit. Both good and bad. The Men in black suit had white sneakers . White handed like Gibbons. Forrest was pointing to Gibbon River in that story.

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Forrest left a big story , see above, for us to figure out and find his special place to share. After all that’s what Forrest did in his life, share stories.

    I don’t know how you can read the above story and not get the hints of dust devil especially with him pointing out to us by the word diabolical. Then seeing that Demon means Lar Gibbon-Wow!

    I have been researching the Gibbon river today since I found this. If others want answers they should do the same. Some very interesting places along the Gibbon to say the least. But haven’t nailed down a spot just yet, just started the research about an hour ago but wanted to share the great find to help ease searchers minds a little. Forrest left this for us in the above story, thank you Forrest!

    • pmt,

      I had a solve that was Secret Valley, a couple hundred feet above the Gibbon River. There appears to be a creek/path to secret valley at iron spring (near the red/orange stained river Bank. I never searched in person and couldn’t find any good photos of the area through internet searches (except for the historical mud-slide/quake). I also found it interesting that the Gibbon River was shaped like a double omega below Secret Valley.

      • Great stuff cowboy. Yes, that could have been the area. I did not know there was a mud slide/quake there?
        Iron is to shackle and the old lady in milk story was ironing nude right?

        • pmt – I saw some Secret Valley pics, while researching the 1959 Hebgen Earthquake. Lots of damage there. Didn’t feel comfortable doing a BOTG search, a few miles in on the Iron Springs Trail. Lots of Grizzes reported out there, too.

          Didn’t Cynthia and her her Chaos & Embroidery friend go out that way? They found those buffalo skulls, there, right?

          • Lisa, if I’m not mistaken, you covered some deep thoughts. But places like those need to be searched, especially those urban areas.

          • Suzy_S – Do you mean the ‘urban areas’ of West Yellowstone, MT, where the treasure was not???

          • Yes, urban as in the built-up section as described in the “not so popularly used” dictionary. Grizzlies are described there too.

          • Suzy_S – No need to be cryptic. The Chase is over; the treasure having been found ‘in the wood’ in Wyoming. So, SPILL! I was always transparent with my thoughts and ideas. Was trying to spark ideas for others. Not interested in intuiting what you mean, even if you might be referring to the Grizzly Discovery Center in West Yellowstone.


          • Sorry, Lisa. Old habits are hard to break. I’ll try to be more candid next time.

            Speaking of candid, I’d have my camera ready for that occasional “rare” shot. You never know when you might run across “sasquatch”. They live up in those woods too you know.

          • LOL… had to look twice at the one on the left. I thought someone had snapped a photo of me when I wasn’t looking.

          • Thanks for the great thoughts Lisa and Suzy. The gibbon area and Madison junction area is an area I believe the spot is. Somewhere along there.
            I feel like Secret Valley is too obvious.

            The end area has a creek name related to Will. Forrest tells us in the poem. There Will be no paddle up your creek.

            Will is internal drive, that fire in your belly, desire, wish, Ardie or Ardent, mind and joy. Last will is also a person giving their last wish or title like last line of poem.
            Will is also old english Well.

            Forrests Dad and brothers names where Will. And William is Billy. The billy goat or billy the kid.

            So many connections to Will. Any creeks with Will referenced names in Gibbon or Madion area?

          • Hi Lisa….Cynthia and I have both searched Secret Valley, although independently of one another. I searched Secret Valley in 2018, she in 2019. The very narrow valley, is choked with doghair Lodge pole pine (result of past fires). Somewhat difficult terrain for an older gentleman and included a creek crossing or several. Definitely wet feet involved.
            A year ago, Cynthia accompanied me and documented our search in the Gibbon geyser basin specifically Sylvan Springs grouo. We found the bison skulls near Sylvan hot springs. I searched the Gibbon extensively, probably a total of 14 or more days, over the course of 2 years. I had a close encounter with a Grizzly oy once, near Gibbon rapids and Duck rock. That was exciting, as the bear came crashing thru the forest very near to where I was standing. I don’t think he even knew I was there until I started screaming lol.

          • Sally Colorado – You were Chaos, with the Bison horns, right?

            Great to hear from you! And thanks for the complete rundown on your searches!

          • Hey again, Lisa. Yup, I was Embroidery to Cynthia’s Chaos. Far from a complete rundown of my 100+ searches but the one with Cynthia was far and away the most fun. I sure do miss the Chase.

  31. As Forrest said above. Big sign!

    He left a big sign or hint in this story.

    I found it.

    Dust storm or dirt devil is a demon. Diabolical is a demon. Demon has good and bad spirts like an omen or sign.

    Look up Demon, it means a LAR , mischievous or neutral spirit.

    So what is a lar? A lar is a deity in the home to protect or watch over a place like a guardian angel. A lar is a GIBBON!!!!!!!!

    Lar gibbon has white hands and is found in Vietnam. A sign is handed!!

    Forrest melded the two places. Gibbon River. That’s the big sign in above story.

    Look at Concy and me story again. Black limo portrays a demon, good and bad and forest talks about omens and signs. All of it at Grebe lake. Gibbon River starts at grebe lake. Also man in suit with white sneakers. Gibbon portrayal.

    Forrest left us a big sign. It’s the Gibbon!

    • Gibbon River has a couple interesting areas. Maybe he left the sign in the story above as well.
      Koski means dweller by the rapids or waterfalll. Cascade means rapids. Maybe either Virginia Cascades or Gibbon Falls. Virginia means virgin, Maiden. Maiden is everywhere in the chase. Maybe Virginia Cascades.

      Gibbon as the demon is definitely no place for the meek!

  32. It seems just like yesterday that I would dissect every word that Forrest said, trying to find a hint to solve this riddle.

    This last letter is nice remembrance of West Yellowstone, from a time many of us would not know. But if I were looking for hints, and I’m always looking for hints, I see a couple.

    With the latest events going on in youtubeLand and Yellowstone, could the phrase “beginning at the corner by our big sign” be a hint?

    Forrest often referenced string, wire, cables, phone lines; the hooking up the hose to the faucet stood out to me. What do they all have in common?


    • Yes, I agree with functional connectivity as well.

      Now referencing the story above. If you squirt water on dirt or dust what does it become? Mud. So reading the story of how the well comes from under ground and up to surface and out of a small oriface or faucet. That is a mudpot. Look up defintion of mudpot. It states water goes through a small opening from a scant or small source of water and mixing with the soil or dirt above to make the mud. In wikipedia mudpot it even states it SQUIRTS out over the brim, almost like a mud volcano.

      So where is their mudpots next to the gibbon river. Thats the area.

      Also Volcano comes from Vulcan, the god of fire and metal works. Forrest loved metal works. And clay pots aka mudpots.

      • I just looked a little closer at the various mud pot groups along the Gibbon river. Artist pain pots. Forrest said the last clue was his car in the parking lot of the Denver Museum. So I looked up art, it means muse or museum. A place of study or learn. An example is a bachelor of arts.
        I think the Gibbon River next to artist paint pots could be the area. There is also a geyser creek there. Hmm, no paddle up your creek just heavy loads and water high. That could be geyser creek.

        • Hmmmm! Interesting train of thought “pmt”. Still not sure if it would be in a National Park…but, Chocolate Pots…hoB…??? Funny how you can start to fit anything to the clues once you start down a given path, eh.

          • I agree Cubby, thats why I try to stick to evidence. In the above story as I explained above a demon is a lar gibbon. That directly correlates to the story and an area. Too many correlations from this story that match others and the poem, no longer coincidences therefore must be something to it.

          • Maybe the imagination of a young ff considered the site, smell, and name of these Chocolate Pots to be the origin (“home”) of smelly brown gravy and dirty brown gravy kettles (“pots”). In his mind, Brown Pots…instead of Chocolate Pots.
            Yup…a stretch. But, that’s what we all do as we try to fit possible clues from the poem to our solves. Only the spirit of ff, and, maybe, The Finder, know if our intrepretations of those clues are indeed correct and were intended to be part of the solve.
            Keep your stream of thoughts flowing… I think we always enjoy the opportunity to take another virtual ride down the River Fenn.

        • pmt – How about Mud Volcano in Fishing Bridge Canyon? I bet Cynthia would agree. And I bet she is checking out the Nez Perce Ford in YNP, as I write this.

          • Hello Lisa. My family and I were there in July that year and it was the highest we had ever seen the Yellowstone from all the years we’ve been there. I was SO disappointed not being able to do any fly fishing. It was fun watching waterfowl float on by at record speed! (Giggle.)

          • Hi Lisa, I like the mud volcano area and Nez Perce Ford. Have researched that area before. And if I am wrong that may be the spot. But I think with this new story It is by the Gibbon River area. Why? Read the story above. The dust devil and dust storm or spout. And the word diabolical. All mean demon. A demon is a Lar Gibbon. Lar Gibbon are also lucky tokens or signs.
            Forrest gave us a big sign or hint here and it points to the Gibbon.

          • One area by mud volcano that I like too is dragons mouth. The drake and dragon is a fantastical beast . The dragon bracelet and dragon means to see, visualize.

          • pdenver – Yeah, thinking of Forrest’s Moses statue, on the narrow stairway, leading up to his office. It appears that a parting of the waters would have been required, to reach that forest across the Nez Perce Ford. Sorry you didn’t get to do any fly fishing on that trip.

          • Hello Lisa. I concur about your thoughts of Moses. Other areas that come to mind about the parting of the waters in Yellowstone would be Madison Junction and Isa Lake. I think there is one other area in southern Yellowstone where the river splits and goes to the different oceans/gulf, but for the life of me I can’t think of its name right now.

        • pmt – My search buddy and I drove into YNP on a late evening in August of 2019. We headed directly to the Artists Paint Pots. Just a few people there, at that hour. Loved seeing all the features. And as the passenger, I was able to scope out the Gibbon River for potential fly fishing spots, while traveling there and back.

          Isn’t the Dragons Breath feature on that Mud Volcano Trail? Is that the Blaze or WWWH?


          • pmt – Just saw your post above mine, mentioning the Dragons Mouth feature, located near Mud Volcano. In addition, Dragons guard treasure. Ask Smaug from Lord of the Rings. He’ll tell you!

          • Hi Lisa,

            Great info. If dragons mouth or Mud volcano where my search areas I would say they are near the blaze and not the start or wwh. WWH is a soft, weak comfortable area. Whereas the blaze area is no place for the meek. The hair will stand up on the back of your neck with shivers.
            That is my belief anyway.

  33. The note was saying till settled dust
    for the finder to keep a secret a must
    It said in the book he must not tell
    If he does the ending could possibly fail

    Lay low and stay calm follow the lotus
    The alternative is following POTUS
    Like the presidential power race
    Somewhat like The Thrill of the Chase

    Stories of slander and falsehood it seems
    because of a treasure by the side of a stream
    The Chase to be the one and the only
    brings people together to be not so lonely

    Another voice the only thing we know
    Searchers and friendships I watch grow
    People debating on a social blog
    often like searching in a distant fog

    Let’s let the dust settle for some it may not
    It’s really all we have and have not
    I’m happy for Fenn it came do and end
    Yet the end is the beginning to some my friend

  34. Hello all,

    On the finders page I posted a possible solve in Evanston. I received comments from Obvious, Suzy_M and others who did the effort of reading my possible out of the ”Yellowstone box” solve.
    This solve was not far from an F-shaped landfill, a dump. I would like to add an IMO argument for this solve. I thought once FF said that he could smell the sunshine. IMO, if the major blaze was this dump, when the sun shines upon a dump it you can indeed notice the bad smell of it. Forrest never said it should be a nice smell.
    I repeat the link of my purely IMO solve here:

  35. If you zoom in on the big Dude sign under the word “Motel”, you will see the face of a pumpkin. And wouldn’t you just know it, it has a diabolical grin. I wonder if retrieving the chest was Forrest’s final revenge on the searcher that solved his puzzle and mucked up his legendary Chase. I guess he’s over it now and saying Happy Halloween. Ditto Mr Fenn. Ditto. I’m glad you have finally found peace.

    It’s over => it is over => (Mr) O revisit


    • Mr Obvious,

      It’s kinda hard to stick it to someone if they refuse to be a pin-cushion. Personally I like what the finder is doing. He’s sticking to his guns. Stupid is as stupid does…Sounds like the crybaby has the masses acting like CRYBABY’S. Impressive reflection…just sayin.


  36. Some great thoughts. I was going over a few things earlier and seen something interesting, but the poem was my kryptonite.

  37. I just figured out another big sign or hint. It’s there with the word DUDE.

    Dude means Yankee Doodle, doodle, fancy. Fancy is Fantasy, imagination. Caprice is also a fancy, whim or fantasy. Caprice is the goat. Billy goat.

    The spot is along the gibbon and the word Dude on that sign is a big hint just like Forrest said above. Big sign!

    Fantasy and imagination is more important than knowledge!

      • Fancy is a shivering. The sudden change or movement from a whim. Whimwham or fantastical. Just like Forrest waking from the dream on Gardiners island suddenly.
        A whim, shivering fancy is a THRILL.

          • pmt

            If you rearrange the letters,
            your effort will be worth the cold,
            it can read, rub of the cold will throw feretory,
            which means snow will cover the chest.
            feretory is another word meaning reliquary which has among other meanings, chest.

          • Hi Wayne, I believe what a Forrest taught us about the poem. And that was Don’t mess with the poem. That would mean rearranging letters. I don’t think you need to. Cold is shivering. Doodle, fancy, dapper all are fantasy and imaginations. Read scrapbook 177 with Eric sloane. Words he uses in there are doodle, dapper, effort. All relate to your effort will be worth the cold. Just like the word dude above. These stories are hints on how to understand the poems words.

            Your effort will be worth the cold. Now look up Dude, fancy and shivering. It will be a thrill for you!

          • hi pmt
            thanks for responding
            yes he did say don’t mess with the poem but what did he mean by that?
            if you look up the word mess on you might be suprised at all the different meanings of the word mess.
            one that struck me was under the word group I found the word trust. so don’t trust the poem as is, should i work on it with some research? that’s what i did. remember he was a master of words and word don’t always mean what they seem.
            another example of my research
            line seventeen in the poem I found the following:
            youth got what it is I miss.
            line eighteen:
            my love to trek and see vale flora.
            remember he was a master at this and i think thars what took him so long to write this poem.

          • Pmt,

            I thought one possibility was a reference to Mount Sniffel in Wyoming.

            Just a thought.

          • Wayne, you could be right about the poem. I really like the youth reference. This chase definitely has to do with youth or kid. A kid is also a caprice or goat. Forrest even points to goats in the map of New Mexico.

          • Cowboy, I agree 100 percent. I am not arguing either. Sorry sometimes when you type something out it doesn’t come out the same as face to face. Thank you for letting me know about Mt. sniffel . I did not know about that.

            I appreciate your discussion. None of us know the truth unfortunately until the finder gives us some kind of confirmation to our hypothesis’s.

        • Cowboy, thanks for the response with Mount Sniffel.
          I don’t believe it was in Kirwin.

          I know a searcher who was very close to Forrest and he told the searcher over and over that it’s where his heart is.
          When I read rumblings and ramblings for the first time a couple weeks ago when Dal posted it I nearly fell off my chair when he said. Enter Yellowstone, that’s where my heart is.
          And again above in squirt he said When referencing why he wasn’t at the fishing bridge for the get together, you can blame my she if you want to but you can’t blame my heart. His heart is in Yellowstone at his spot.
          No doubt in my mind.

          • Pmt,

            I think Yellowstone is very possible. I am not arguing against Yellowstone ( I had a few solves within Yellowstone), I was just throwing out another possibility for the heck of it. Mr. Fenn said so many things, wrote so much stuff, and kept his poem so vague that I like a lot of different areas and I have doubts about every solve. LOL

    • There are many ways people can get into Yellowstone during winter.
      Cross country skiing, snowshoes, snowmobiles. Forrest advised not to search in winter and some people ignored him at their own peril. Treasure was found in June. I was just in Yellowstone a couple weeks ago getting some wildlife pictures. It was good to see it was busy when some services were not available. My solve was in Montana and I never searched in winter. It’s going to be interesting to see if the finder gives out more information on the area where it was found. My hope is that it was somewhere very near Montana/Wyoming border. I’m still trying to figure the poem out just for fun.

    • I took a snowmobile into Yellowstone in the middle of winter. That’s how you do it. I got a permit. Took training as a snowmobile team leader. Then rented snowmobiles. You gotta run through avalanche danger areas and negotiate for travel rights with stressed bison on the narrow roadways as snow packs limit the width of passage. The snowstorms can be blinding. The pass is very dangerous with 500 foot drops and no useful guardrails when snow is 5 feet deep. Then you need to shovel your way through deep snow to find ground level. Better to wait for spring thaw. If you go in winter you best know exactly where to look. Haha. Forrest warned me not to go. He was right. I should have stayed home. The trip pushed me to my limit. Don’t do it. Don’t.

    • envisioning Mr.O jumping haplessly off 100ft ravines on a snow-mobile, minus safety equipment, into 5ft of snow with Red Bull sponsorship for viral YouTube videos… hmmmm, sounds extremely foolhardy to me

      Let’s Talk!! 🙂

    • Brian u – Because if you spent your Summers living in the FennHaven Cabins on Boundary Street, you knew you could ski or snowshoe into Yellowstone National Park on the Riverside Trail, which starts right across the street. Even when the park roads are closed. The Wyoming border is right around Cable Car Run on the Madison River.

  38. About double omega’s
    If you are brave and in the wood…
    w = double omega
    oo= double omega
    D=single omega
    I like ”oo” just as the glases of John Lennon and also twice in the name of YOkO OnO.
    Did you know that Yoko Ono donated an altarpiece to the Denver Museum of nature and science, where Forrest would have left his car if he would have comitted suicide.
    The altarpiece represents the newborn Jesus and more. You can find it on the website of the museum.
    Furthermore the most famous song of this couple was ”Give peace a chance”. Therefore I think the local blaze could be a peace symbol. Of course IMO and pure speculation.

  39. A few searchers went to West Yellowstone this week to see it they could find Forrest’s hiding spot. I am not sure I’m on board with there solution yet. I don’t want to debate it, I usually get sent to the principal’s office when I debate. I would like to go see it later this month, and then go to my old search area, say hello, and then say goodbye.

    Anyone know how the weather in the Rockies is holding up? How about any COVID restrictions out there?

    Also, I just found the postcard above on eBay and it arrived today. The obverse title says, “DUDE MOTOR INN”. It says more, but I don’t want to bore you. It does say it was “tastefully decorated” though…and I agree.

    • Hello nomadicMadman. Chance of snow in the Colorado Rockies this weekend, but not sure how much. Also, I received an email today from Xanterra/Yellowstone stating of COVID cases (incidences) in Madison Campground and will close a week early, Oct. 11. Any other updates to Yellowstone, you might find on this link:

    • This past weekend, I went to visit one of my solutions, for closure. Everything seemed like a go, but I did not make it…for reasons out of my control.

      I think I could also receive closure, by seeing Indulgence in person…maybe at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

      How about it Finder dude. Stop thinking about yourself, and you know…think about others. Thanks

  40. Jitterbugprin$e
    Your name keeps bringing purple rain to mind which then I catch myself thinking of my misplaced purple pentagon balloon .

    • Shadow runner – one who ALWAYS moves in a forward direction with velocity, meaningful purpose, and attentiveness. Shadow follows the man. Creates safe journey for many footstep followers

      Shadow chaser – the one who can NEVER look ahead and becomes dizzy chasing ones own tail or six Jax. Or just stuck commenting between zips. One who hides behind other brilliance.

      Hallelujah its raining Men. Big heart (aka Stout) requires lots of laytechs to keep afloat. Just add water to send the heart high and aligned accordingly within the proper boarders and astrology charts.

      Ceremonial rain dances help to remove a decade or more overburden showing yesterdays history and makes a clean slate for tomorrows mystery. Like kissing a frog. You never know what’s under the skin until you’re in it.

      Enjoy todays gift, that’s y we call the present.
      [Do ren *CAP13 *CAP 6]

  41. Pmt
    nice to see your interest.
    Here’s another one that might interest you.

    line six my find: none want yon kid can adit.
    can in this case means casket; adit means entrance.
    in short a cemetery a” kids” cemetery. It’s name is Gujae Pines.Gujae
    gujae is spanish for kid

    • Wayne, good thoughts. The kid is sooo important.

      I will share this with you.

      A couple years ago when I was really into the chase I came across something.
      All of the references to Billy the Kid.

      Like I stated above relating to this story. A dude is a doodle, to fancy, have fancies and imagination, fantasy and caprices. A caprice is a goat or kid. A billy goat.

      Some of my references that I wrote down years ago and lets see if I can remember most of them. I had a full page at the time of Billy goat or Billy the kid references.

      Captain Kidd is William kidd or Billy kid.
      Forrest named their goat. Billy. Told us it was tied up next to his horse Silver.
      William is Billy. Dad and Skippy where named William.
      June sits on the goat in TFTW.
      Forrest points to the Billy goats in New Mexico map.
      Picture of kids playing cowboys in TToTC and says Billy the kid in caption.

      As Forrest has said show the poem to a kid.

      Thats what I remember off hand but their are many more. The chase has something major to do about the youth, fantasy/imagination,and kid/goat.

      • to pmt

        let me share this with you. Gujae Pines is at the entrance to Cabra Canyon. Cabra is spanish for goat.

        here is another discovery
        line four: in endowed ranchland of tisdeh.

        tsideh means little bird in the Tiwa language.

        The name was officially changed to Parajito Plateau, this is spanish for
        The ranchland is Los Alamos Ranch School. The school was founded by Ashley Pond who is the father of Peggy Pond Church, author and
        poet and i’m sure she was a great friend of Forrest. Remember he another great passion, poetry, writing, and words.
        I have more if you are interested.

        • Great research Wayne, but Cabra Canyon is in New Mexico.

          Forrest heart is in Yellowstone. Have you read ramblings and rumblings yet? If not, it would help us all solve the chase if the finder does not come forward with the solution. You have a great mind and reading that biography might spur some knowledge in the right direction.

          • pmt

            You are correct his heart is yellowstone.
            what does that mean?
            yellow means aureate,flowery, or brilliant.
            brilliant is also a diamond as in Diamond Drive los alamos
            Also Peggy Pond Church’s were scattered, in Garcia canyon,which is near la n.m., from a small plane in 1987. Sounds like what he did for Olga, which is a scandinavin name meaning churchly.
            I think he had very strong relationship with her. she lived santa fe, she was a well known author and poet.
            she took own life because she lost her sight and hearing.
            i believe that forrest piloted the plane that took her ashes
            and spread them. don’t forget his love of words and books.
            I have more if you would like. let me know

          • Wayne , that sounds very familiar to Olga and he may have been the one to scatter the ashes.

            Heart in Yellowstone. Heart means the inner part of something. Spirit, love, affection and courage. Courage as in bravery. Spirit is the soul of a person. a supernatural being. Love is desire and dear. Forrest has said many times the spot is dear to him. Affection is desire, wish, inclination. These are all emotions of the mind.
            To quickly change an emotion of the mind is a whim or FANCY and Caprice(goat). Fancy is Dude. Fancy is Thrill and Shivering.
            Look quickly down. You look down upon someone you are higher up, dude, fancy. Your effort will be worth the cold. Shivering.

            These emotions relate to the spot. Where that is I don’t know yet but using evidence will get me closer.

  42. I may have missed something Forrest may have said about it, but had I found the Treasure, which would have afforded me a one on one with Forrest. My most burning question would have been…..What if anything did John Connally share with him during their time together, about his belief of who was behind the Kennedy Assassination.

  43. Thinking about the poem and chase, postulating long term committal for insanity, and I began to wonder , clomp of a boot comment. He didn’t say spurs or jangles, so not likely cowboy boots. Fenn definitely doesn’t look like an a runner and tennies generally don’t clomp. My point is that I think it was meaning wading boots. I think the treasure was next to the water where someone would fish, but next to trees where you could sit under.

    • Brian,

      ff is a fly fisherman. IMO, sitting under a tree doesn’t quite fit as it limits the back cast reducing the distance for laying the line. Might be easier to cast at the tree from the water. However not to say it cant be done with a skilled angler. Esp with a roll cast. I used to cast flies in the back yard to practice hitting the right spot. Nothing blind about sight fishing unless you seek the nocturnal feeders. Owls, Brown Bats Browns, gators, Walleye, etc. make sure it’s noisy if you’re using surface flies. Everything can really hone in from the lateral line. Full moons are good for improving the fishes sight. Next one is coming soon. I think it is on cabbage night.

  44. pmt
    I agree with what you say. Is it possible to have more than one place where your heart is?
    It becomes a matter of degrees. I believe he and Peggy loved her dearly. If you were to read some of her poetry you find why there was such a connection. She wrote of the place where
    she lived and the people much the same as Forrest only on a higher level. I truly believe she was a mentor to him.

    So as to evidence. In the book TFTW there is map and he said where the map and poem come together that is where to look. Remember he said follow the nine clues? Look at the lines of declination 9* goes right thru L.A. N.M. The address for Guaje Pines is 901 Range road. Do remember him telling the story landing his Plane Albuquerque landing on runway 27 well he could not do that there they only have runway 26&8 L.A. has a runway 27&”9″
    The double omegas,are in L.A. The Omega site on Omega road. This by the way is where
    the first american was killed from the nuclear bomb. He referenced the National Lab several times, which is in L.A.
    Speaking of TFTW the poem in there is different from the one in TTOTC.
    The difference being the missing “s” in the word answers line nineteen. Remember he said
    people are missing a key word that I believe was the the word. He said there was a clue hat he did not about untill the book came out think that was it.
    What kind clue would that be?
    With the s ther are 602 letters in the poem without there are 601. The last stanza has 99 letters subtract that from 601 you get 502 that’s the route number that takes you to L.A.
    I have more if you are interested let me know

  45. Maybe someday the Finder will give us more information on how to find the Spot. In Forrest letter at the Fenn Finale, there could be a subtle hint. I believe the Scrapbooks contain more subtle hints to help find the location.

    Many found hints in Scrapbook 107 that took them on a search to Yellowstone. I found that interesting and exciting.

    Regarding Scrapbook 107, look closely at the envelope on the table. What do you see?

    I can read: 1921 Wilderness Florence

    Pretty obscure. Now type that into Google and what do you get?

    You will find articles about another FF. Major Frank Fenn fought in the first battle against the Nez Perce, located at WhiteBird Idaho. He is buried in Kooskia Idaho. He and his son both served in the Idaho House of Representatives.

    Just something interesting I learned from one Scrapbook.

    Thanks Forrest.

    • I like just reading them, sometimes it is just like reading something new. The trick is pay just enough attention to the words to be literate of them, but just not enough attention to actually be cognisant. I’d like to think I’ve perfected the laziest reading technique of all the scrapbook readers.

    • Nomadic, thanks for the information. Scrapbook 107 has intrigued most of us for awhile now.

      Another thing I get from the scrapbook is Neat. Forrest liked things neat, tidy or fancy. Again the dude reference.

      • Nomadic, I was just looking up the word neat and came across something interesting. Neat means clean, without dirt. Just like Forrest squirting off Skippies car and keeping everything clean. Forrest also used the word copious in the SB 107. Copius means plentiful, riches, the horn of plenty. Now the Noun of Neat means Oxen, bullocks, cows and bovine cattle. Ox, beast , animal. I had no idea a neat was a horned animal. Wow, is he trying to represent a horned animal in this scrapbook?

  46. Related to the Finders first message to us. He is really articulate and may be giving subtle hints also…why. Why not.

    Describing one of the photo’s, he used the word iridescent…with a lot of unneeded verbiage. Why?

    iridescent – definition is something that changes color, maybe like a blaze. That seems to obvious for me though. Must be something else…I’m still thinking.

    • Pinatubocharlie, I’d say yes to that hotdog if you threw a Gatorade in with it. No bones about it, those spicy ones makes my eyes cross. Makes my throat hoarse too. Had one a while back and had a difficult time getting over to it.

  47. Forrest’s misspelling of Ellert as “Elert” (Alert?) is just another example of one of Forrest’s countless EL, ELL, ELLA anomalies. Frank spelled Ellert correctly in SB 253, but even he misspelled his last name. It’s Koski. Ellert was his middle name; his first name was Eino. There’s actually a short road in West Yellowstone named for him: Einos Loop. Eino was born in 1927 (a little older than Skippy) and died in 2005.

  48. The title and contents of this article by Dal reminded me of something I’ve seen on the way to my search area. Regarding spraying onto or near something yellow . . . I found what I consider a “false blaze”, consisting of a big rock that had been spray-painted with a big splotch of paint that looked like either yellow or gold. It would probably appear quite bright, as if it were something that “stands out” in this local area when the sun is shining on it.

    I have, on two separate search hikes, HALTED at this rock to catch my breath, and — I kid you not — “answer the call of nature” (as they say). But I didn’t spray onto the rock. I refer to it as “Pipi Rock”, although that’s not an important detail.

    As always, part of my opinion.

    • Don’t worry, I topped it back up for you. Got to keep a watch on those instrument gages, especially with so many tasty distractions around.

  49. BigO,
    Thanks for the hand. I hope it was non detergent. My idiot light has been stuck on as of late.

    But with Thanksgiving fast approaching I have my hot pot bubbling and my stinger is ready for the first turkey to show his hand!

    Happy Thanksgiving when ya get there!


  50. At least you have an idiot light. My notice is tattooed on my back, so you can imagine how difficult it is to read in the dark.

    Happy Thanksgiving too.

    Stay safe!

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