Peggy Gone Forever…

Peggy Fenn
November 16, 1932 – October 4, 2020



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Forrest’s stick figure drawing of his wife Peggy



God Bless Peggy and Sincere Condolences to All.











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  1. Oh no! So sorry for this loss. My sincere condolences to the entire Fenn Family and search community. Regards to all! My heart hurts. RIP Peggy Fenn.

  2. Rest in Peace Peggy. Bless you for putting up with us… Prayers to the whole Fenn Family…

  3. So sorry for the Fenn family, take care and
    rest assured that Forrest and Peggy are together

  4. Tho there is grief here on Earth,
    there is joy, no doubt, in Heaven.
    I am sure the table is set for the Big Banquet and all are awaiting the guests of honor.
    Enjoy your dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Fenn.

  5. Together again. May they eternally Rest In Peace. Prayers and condolences to the family.

  6. So sorry to hear. May Peggy and Forrest both Rest In Peace together. Prayers for the family.

  7. IMO, Nobody in the world bore the burdens of the Chase more than Peggy. God Bless her in her travels back to Forrest’s arms.

  8. Dear Peggy,

    Thank you for sharing Forrest with us.

    May you rest in peace, through all of time and space, pillowed down and scented in, with a smile that comes from remembering the special things that brought you to that final place, one of which was knowing Forrest was there, somewhere, waiting for you.

    ~Allen K.

  9. It’s official, 2020 is the worst year EVER!

    Each piece of my broken heart is with each Fenn Family member,
    May it help your hearts heal into whole again.

    On page 94 of “too far to walk” there is a picture of Forrest and Peggy in a raft floating gently downriver, I’d like to imagine they are doing something similar right now.

    The time will come to rejoice again. You will see.

  10. My sincerest condolences to the Fenn family. That is a lot to handle for one year.

  11. Rest in peace Fenns. You are both greatly missed. Thank you for all your contributions to this world, and to us searchers. Reunited once again.

  12. May your family find peace in that Forrest and Peggy will be together again on the other side. Hugs to your family! Rev 22:3&4

  13. “Flywater” was the true story of treasure in Forrest’s first book. “And when my tackle box is closed at last and the cadis hatch is gone, I will rest through all of time and space, pillowed down and scented in, with a smile that comes from remembering the special things that brought me to that final place, one of which was knowing Peggy was there, somewhere, waiting for me.”

    • I wonder if the path to that secret fishing spot has a fork where the trail splits but comes back together on the other side of a large grove of pines or something. I can picture forrest and peggy splitting at the trails and meeting back on the other side. Hes remembering the little things that brought him to that spot and why its so special (possibly the trip there was what made it special?). Makes you wonder anyway.

  14. That’s a very nice tribute, Dal.
    Peggy, Forrest’s treasure.
    My heartfelt condolences to all of the family, and so many friends.

  15. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. Mr. Fenn waited for the love of his life and now the two lovebirds are together with a smile on their face. Enjoy your time together in Heaven, Mr. and Mrs. Fenn. Peace and comfort to the family. Rest in peace, Mrs. Fenn.

  16. I instantly teared up when I heard Peggy passed away. I thought the family must be going through such a hard time- especially with it being less than a month since Forrest passed. But then I thought it was wonderfully romantic that they are reunited so quickly. Forrest was there, waiting for his girl.

  17. My deepest sympathy goes out to the Fenn Family at this time, at least Forrest and Peggy will now be together forever.

    May you both rest in peace at Forrest’s special place.


  18. My heartfelt condolences to the Fenn family. Thank you very much for your patience while your amazing husband invited us into your world.
    Godspeed Peggy.

  19. Oh no… not Peggy too!
    So much has changed this year. I can hardly believe all this news.

    Rest In Peace, Peggy. You were truly the treasure behind the treasure!

  20. They placed me in a lush area of nature with a canopy of stars twinkling overhead. Pretty sure I saw two new stars last night, think I’ll name them alpha and omega. Like the lotus flower floating above the muck and mire of life. It’s petals spreading out above the chaos. We will meet again beyond that river of forgetfulness.

  21. She must have been heartbroken missing the love of her life. My condolences! such a wonderful story FORREST Created!

  22. So much heartache this year 🙁
    My condolences to the Fenn family. My faith assures me that Peggy and Forrest are together again. I pray that God will lift the family up and help them through this trying time…

  23. Beside every great woman is a great man, Peggy and Forrest.
    Sad to hear this news, glad that they are together again.
    The True Treasures of the Chase (TTOTC)
    They both will be missed by many.
    My sympathies for the families.
    They are their legacies.

  24. My thoughts and prayers go to the family. Thank you for putting up with us treasure chasers. May you get the peace you need to heal over the profound loss of your parents. Forrest and Peggy together seems like a perfect ending.

  25. I simply cannot imagine what the families are going through. To lose both patriarchs within a month must be unbearable. I am so sorry for your losses.

    I cry again.

    God bless Peggy and Forrest.

  26. God: “Forrest. When you got here I asked you if you could go find a treasure I hid in Heaven. Haven’t you started looking yet?”

    “I can’t start the search without my wife”.

    “Alright Forrest. I’ll get her for you”

    So glad for Forrest his wife and he are re-umited so quickly!! My condolences to the family though.

  27. Beautiful picture !! True love , my condolences to the family especially Peggy. ❤️.

  28. My condolences to the family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, and the search community.
    To lose two special people in such a short time.
    Always hard to separate them, ey.
    Eric will have to share his friend again.
    May their god look after them.
    Be safe all.

  29. Heart full of love and sympathy to the family and dear friends in this loss. May Peggy and Forrest be together again eternally.

  30. Sincere condolences to the family. But Forrest and Peggy are back together again. We can smile when we think of that. They belong together.

  31. I am so sad to hear that Peggy has passed. It does make me happy that they are together again. It’s hard to keep two people that love each other apart. Love always finds a way. ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  32. My sincere condolences to the entire Fenn Family and search community.
    Soul Mates together again.

  33. As sad as Peggy’s passing is, I find it very poetic and just. Shakespeare could not have written a better love story nor a more bitter sweet ending. Deep in my heart, I knew she would not wait long to be back with Forrest. They are both now where they were meant to be…..forever together. <3

  34. His heart had stopped beating
    It now can beat again
    The trip that she didn’t take
    She now visits where he’s been
    They now sit together
    Inside those pearly gates
    Looking down with a wonder
    How long will the treasure wait
    If only that someone
    Could give a present today
    And maybe tomorrow
    Show us the way

    I am happysad for the family. They lose such great examples, yet knowing they are where they worked their whole life to be. My prayers go out for the family and friends that the whole left can be filled with the knowlege that we can some day join them.

  35. 2020 just keeps piling on, and 2021 can’t come fast enough. So sorry for the Fenn family to lose their patriarch and matriarch in the short space of a month. Thank you, Forrest, for sharing a little bit of Peggy with us, and you, Peggy, for letting Forrest spend so much time with all of us — his extended “family” if you will — for the last decade. You two shared an astounding journey and “your turn” was certainly not wasted.

  36. What a year of tragedy 2020 is! So much grief! Godspeed, Peggy, as you head to that banquet table!


  37. May God keep her and bless her children.
    My sincere condolences to all the family, and may Peggy always live in our hearts.

  38. I, too, express my condolences to the Fenn family. As their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren over the years recall the love that Peggy and Forrest shared for each other and for them, maybe they can be consoled through time by some words once written in a childrens book as a reminder that the love will never end:

    Fenn family…”look at the stars – how they shine and glow. Yet some of those stars died a long time ago. Still they shine in the evening skies… love, like starlight, never dies.”

  39. Time, did seem slow for me sometimes. But as I get older it seems to be speeding by.

    Forrest knew that their time was short. His reflections in the chapter FLYWATER seem to be a beautiful thought of the after-life, and I imagine he thought about it often.

    What ever the afterlife is, I am certain that he and Peggy are rejoicing and watching their family from above.

    Even though I never met Forrest, his memoirs, stories and interviews made it feel like I was part of his family. Embarrassing to say, but I knew him better than my own grandparents, and in some ways my own father, who has passed.

    Times like these, we should all reflect on what is important in our own life.


  40. My sincere condolences to family and friends. I can’t imagine what the families going through.
    Peggy had to have been a magnificent woman.
    Thank you Dal, you have a great website!

    • If we look closely at night, I believe we can see her shoot across the sky as the brightest star of all…!!!

      Thank you Forrest and Peggy!

  41. My sincerest condolences to the Fenn family, Zoe, Kelly, Shilo et al… Peggy was an amazing woman who put up with a lot. You might say she was robbed of the time Forrest spent on the treasure hunting community! God bless, Rest In Peace Peggy!

  42. Every time I see pictures of Miss Peggy Jean, The thing that stands out the most to me is her timeless beauty and gorgeous smile. My deepest condolences to the family and friends. Rest in Peace , Ms Peggy .

  43. Forrest married the most beautiful bride..ode to peggy jean.forrest god answers prayers. They are with jesus forever. Kelly,zoe and family, so sorry for your double loss.61 years together. Kelly, zoe and family may god be with you and keep you until you meet your family again in heaven.

  44. For the longest time I wondered about “then there will be no past.” Now I smile. There was always only the present and the future. The past is gone.

    I can’t imagine that great a love. It weathered everything, a war, a business and then a crazy chase.

    Peggy Fenn should be on a postal stamp some day.

    What a warrior she was in spirit. She deserves a medal.

    God bless the family of Forrest Fenn.

  45. ….til death do you part..

    marriage vows shoud be re-written death didnt part these two.
    i think.

  46. Every time I look at a picture of Peggy Jean I smile. Warm memories of my mother are reflected back. I will never forget Peggy’s beautiful smile. I wish we could have seen more of her. My heart is heavy and my thoughts are endless.

    Rest in peace Peggy. Heaven just got more beautiful. You are missed by many whom never had the opportunity to even meet you. My sincere condolences to all.

  47. My sincere condolences to the Fenn family. How sad to lose your Dad & Mom. Praying that sweet family memories bring you comfort.

  48. Sorry for your loss Fenn family. Forrest and Peggy are reunited in Heaven. The Fenn family has gained another Angle in Heaven!
    Bryan G

  49. Wow, three totally unexpected announcements. First the chest is found, then Forrest is gone, now Peggy. I am shocked each time. May Forrest and Peggy be reunited and stroll across the beautiful heaven hand in hand. Deepest sympathy to the family and friends who will miss them so much. An asterisk is really a star, so here’s to a brighter night sky

  50. I’m so sorry for the loss of such a beautiful lady. I’m sure her family is devastated. Prayers for God’s peace to rain down on those who love her!

  51. sincere condolences to the Fenn clan for your loss of a treasured family member 🙁

    best of luck Peggy on your renewed adventures with that rasculous Forrest character 🙂

  52. Forrest was waiting for you, now you are back together again. RIP, Peggy. My condolence to the entire Fenn family and friends.

  53. I was sure of one new bright star looking down from above and know I am sure of a second resting side by side. Treasures in the making, and a fitting place for two.
    My condolences to the Fenn family,

  54. Peggy said He had strange friends
    His treasure by his side till the very end
    We hardly knew her she kept to the side
    Forrest gave her a heck of a ride

    His friends she spoke of different they seem
    We are part of that crop that cream
    I feel real good when I tell my story
    of chasing a treasure not for fame or glory

    Chasing only brought me close to a man
    He became a friend, me just a fan
    I often told him to thank Peggy for me
    In imagination with a warm cup of tea.

    Rest In Peace Peggy

      • Golden is Peggy’s smile that rose for her beauty fortunate are those I’m sure that truly knew she Peggy’s Grandeur always seen for those with open eyes giving more than she received will come at no surprise all Fenn family your sadness is greatly shared for all of us I know Peggy truly cared

  55. My deepest sympathies for the entire family. May the family members have an abiding peace. Forest and Peggy left so many gifts to the world – a great legacy that you can take great pride in. You are so fortunate to have known them. Wishing you all the best always.

  56. Before I woke, I dreamt of Mr. Fenn and his kindness. When I woke, I began to cry. Setting my own sadness aside, I thought of Mr. and Mrs. Fenn’s family and I began to cry more. My thoughts are with their family. I wish them peace and comfort.

  57. Sometimes I cry a little from joy, thinking of the happiness that this hunt has provided to me.

    This next idea may seem a bit strange, at this (late) time, but I’m still perceiving things that look like hints to me. I even saw something in that stick figure drawing of Peggy. But it’s just a tiny little confirming thing, at best, and not needed for a good solve. I believe that Forrest liked to be subtle with some hints.

    I am thankful that Peggy “let” Forrest create and offer this treasure hunt that so many folks have enjoyed. It’s been quite an adventure. I believe that many searchers continue to be interested in it, to varying degrees. And I am confident that Peggy and Forrest are now at peace.

  58. Thanks 42 for posting the Matteucci remembrance story. We enjoyed it and look forward to eventually visiting the gallery and the great history of Sante Fe.

  59. What is happening now looks more and more as a final closure of the Thrill of the Chase. Certainly when the removed yesterday all resources, and even links to this blog of Dal.

    What are your perspectives with this blog?
    It is and was the only serious one.

    • 42,

      I had seen this once before, thank you. It’s an interesting read on each of the artifacts. The one that stuck out to me had something to do with beans. Crazy worlds colliding. It made me chuckle. Just the mention of Forrest’s name should make your ears perk up as a grin forms upon your face, with a smile fast approaching. In sone ways he’s the ultra definition of a HOT MESS!! Those darn beans will get ya every time…..but what I wanna know is how many sticks of dynamite and saw blades and ocher sticks did he need for this enlightenment to come to fruition? Holy cowbells and coveralls Andy!

      What a HUGE roll Peggy played in all of this, from start to finish, and beyond! Miss Peggy, if you’re listening, thank you and I love you!

      Sure do miss her smile and his humor…those two/too go hand in hand!


  60. Forrest and Peggy are United now in Heaven…. My sympathies to all Family and Friends. As a stranger that never met them, its amazing how Forrest made us all feel, explore the outdoors, give us hope for a better future and to get out and ENJOY life and family and laugh! Forrest gave us back humanity in these difficult times, he reminded us to enjoy the simple things in life like raw nature. His life made me feel alive again and to inspire me to share Yellowstone with my family and to seek adventure and get in those streams and chase the beautiful trout.

    I will Always Miss and Remember your Chapter in my life.
    RIP Forrest and Peggy….


  61. Common wisdom is that you should never go alone into the wilderness. Now Forrest can head out on his next adventure with Peggy at his side. May they both find nothing but joy in whatever it is that lies beyond this life.

  62. Zap,

    Thanks for the links you’ve been posting. Very educational and interesting reads.

    I have a question regarding the Dizzy Dean chapter added to OUAW. I’m curious if you, or anyone else knows if it changed any from the original SB?


    • Well, in the original SB 188, there is no doodle, no “MY TWO SENSE” postmark stamp, and there are a couple extra full page pictures in OUAW-R. As for the text, the only minor difference is the sentence in SB 188: “My cost was almost 2 bucks but I didn’t care because this was Dizzy Dean .” In the book there is no space before that period, and “Dizzy Dean” is in a hand-written font rather than Adobe Garamond. A sentence later there is an extra paragraph spacing in the SB that is absent in the book.

      At the end of the story in the SB, he continues with “A personal note:” followed by:

      “I’ve been criticized for the way I write and use words. I say I too much, mix verb tenses, use commas wrong, and I can’t spell.

      I just read through my story above about Dizzy Dean, and removed all of the commas. I feel so good I may just go get myself another Dr. Pepper. f”

      In the book, those last two paragraphs are run together into one, and are in the same handwritten font as “Dizzy Dean” at the top of the page.

  63. Wow Zap, thank you much for all the detail. You always deliver. Just one more question if you don’t mind.

    I assume Chapter 40 starts on page 176. Is that correct?

    Take care Zap,


  64. Yep, Pinatubo — that’s the opening picture page of the chapter with Dizzy on the cover of Time Magazine.

  65. I have often wondered why Dizzy Dean would want a cold six-pack on a day when the temperature was so low that the golf tournament almost had to be postponed.
    “Have flashlight, will (still) travel”

  66. to the whole family you will see them again in heaven’s Yellowstone happy and free of the pains of this earth thank you for sharing them with all of us.

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