JDiggins’ Goodbye to Forrest…

October 31, 2020
by JDiggins

JDiggins (AKA Jamie Jourdan) wrote this lovely piece for GPAA (Gold Prospector’s  Association of America) Magazine. Click on the article to open it larger in your browser.











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  1. I think Mr. Fenn would have been proud of your article, Jdiggins. I know I am. Good job on a well-written article. I hope many will read it and pick up a book or more to learn more about our friend, Mr. Fenn.

    • very nice Girl I believe he’s up there watching what’s happing in the world today burning the candles at both ends but he’s in a peaceful place where we will all see him again cant wait for his next chapter and to all of you god bless America and all its people. thank you to his family for sharing him with us if you need any thing please let us know.

  2. JDiggins

    Great article, Forrest was indeed a true American Hero, he will never be forgotten.


  3. Thanks JDiggins;

    He did so much for so many
    Some even called him Fenny
    Never shook his hand or met the man
    yet his words made me quite a fan

    I watched not only his actions
    I watched others gain this attraction
    So many with a name and no face
    Talking on the blogs, leaving a trace

    A noted history placed in time
    all pieced together line by line
    Stories and adventures spoken by many
    all due to a man they called Fenny

    As I watch folks try and figure the end
    so much of our story truly depends
    On each individual, what came from within
    did you turn around end then begin

    Kinda like the Bible and faith
    a vision an image some say wraith
    enough given for you to make a choice
    so much given from a distant voice

    Like faith it makes you think
    is this the end or only the brink
    A new beginning comes at the end
    thank God for Forrest and his special friends

  4. Great and well written article Jdiggins.

    And it was worth the wait. You were one of the few blessed searchers to know him, something I’m sure you will cherish for the rest of your life.


  5. Thank you, Dal, for posting this.
    Thank you everyone for your kind words.
    I was asked to write it and I was honored. It’s hard to encompass forrests life in 500 or so words.
    Believe it or not, I didnt know Forrest as well as I’d have liked to. Cynthia introduced me to him in 2015 at a book signing. Then there were 3 fennboree’s, the drawing, and a small birthday with a few other searchers. I was never invited nor did I ever invite myself over, and I emailed him maybe a dozen times. He was always very polite, and I loved him being there to ask advice of if i needed, or just to say hi. Even though we never really spent time together, I loved him even still. Always will.

    • Thank you Jdiggins for helping to keep the memory of our Forrest alive. You did a great job! And I am fairly sure, as Forrest said in “The Squirt…”, He will KNOW,

    • Jdiggins – Beautiful tribute. And, beautiful sentiments in your comment.

      I took the liberty (pun intended) of posting an Instagram DM to the administrator of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, with a link to your article attached. I have copied the text here:

      Hi Jordan – Checking your Instagram posts every day, to see if Forrest Fenn’s found treasure chest will be exhibited at the National Museum of American History, as Forrest wished. That is, of course, up to the anonymous Finder, who is, I believe, pursuing that wish. And, of course, it is up to the awesome Curators, at the museum.

      I hope Forrest’s wish comes true, Jamie. Funny that the site administrator’s name happens to be Jordan.


      Lisa Cesari 🙂

  6. Very nice! I just spent 2 days visiting Forrests cabin, the Dude, Bathing area, heavy loads and water high…..The Madison……
    What a amazing life of Forrest and Peggy!
    So Loved so Missed.

  7. Beautiful article Jamie! It brought another tear, but with a smile. Consider yourself blessed to have met such a wonderful human being. 🙂 Sure do miss him……

  8. These days I just watch the blog
    just to hear or see a lead dog
    I’ve seen the man Zoso Rocks
    I liked his word no talk talk talk

    I was saddened when he lost his wife
    taken early from this searchers life
    I watched all the support for JDiggins
    their house burned, Love was given

    A guy Voxpoxs used to be on this site
    He came from overseas, yeah that’s right
    He crossed logs, dealt with bears
    Stories that darnright would raise your hair

    Then this guy named JDA
    climbing cliffs made for a beautiful day
    Mostly to spend time with family and friends
    Forrest wanted that up to the end

    Folks getting some adventure under their belt
    Brave in the wood is what they felt

    I really try to look at all the good
    The people the smiles the days in the wood
    It’s kinda like when we were a kid
    searching for eggs that our parents hid
    We thought they were delivered by a bunny
    That’s life! it sure is funny.

  9. JDiggins,
    Thank you for a wonderful tribute to a decorated hero, family man, and raconteur. We only emailed Forrest once, but we hope to meet Forrest and Peggy someday, perhaps near “the outskirts of heaven” (as described in the song). Our thoughts go out to their families; and to all those who explore, be safe!
    “Jericho Dustlyn”

  10. Jamie/JDiggins….Thank you- this is a wonderful tribute. You are a very good good writer (which I knew from your previous article in the same publication) and thank you for sharing with us. Forrest was certainly an extraordinary individual.

    • 42-
      One sunny afternoon in Santa Fe, Forrest told me a story about snatching a meal sized trout out of the Firehole and then choosing, poorly, to boil it in Ojo Caliente…but he didn’t like the results of his recipe at all (enter Forrest making a sour face here). He couldn’t even choke down the first bite. He said it tasted like “hot, wet plaster” and had the consistency of “watery oatmeal”. He left the fish for the bears and never repeated that experiment. Although he confessed that others had better success by wrapping the fish in tin foil before plunging it into the scalding water…

      • dal

        I think f was on the right track with this recipe but he missed a few steps.
        In Mexico there is dish called bayo de pescado, roughly translated means, cream of fish, which is somewhat near the description of oatmeal colored. It’s cooked in heavily salted water and the fish are wrapped in corn husks. I’ve never had it but heard it tastes good.


        • In Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan fish boils are a tradition. No geysers there that I am aware of but tossing fish into a stew pot of seasoned water with red potatoes, baby carrots and onions is a common way to prepare a fish dinner…but I must say that I don’t know that they do this with trout. I know they do it with perch, walleye, bass, whitefish, etc…lake fish…but not fast moving water fish…certainly not with anything as sacred as a trout…I believe a properly prepared trout must be pan fried in fresh butter with a pinch of pepper…to me, the thought of boiling a trout is just plain evil…

      • cooking fish in the hot geysers was done for years until the yellowstone park service decided to make it illegal.

        • Not only cooking, but clothes were laundered by throwing them into geysers. When the geysers blew, up went the clothes, some shredded.

      • Classic Story, Dal.

        I’ve always enjoyed your writing, both about Forrest and your own adventures. Is there any chance that you and Doug Preston could collaborate on a book. You each would bring so much insight and perspective to Forrest’s story.

        Perhaps you might include interviews of other colorful characters; celebrities, nobodies, friends, rivals , chasers etc.

        Spit-balling title ideas might be a fun activity:

        Mine is, ” Chasing the Reel: Forrest Fenn”

  11. I still miss talking to mr.forrest. he fascinated me in stories,laughter,hero,dad ,he’d listen when I talked to him.kelly,zoe,and family was so blessed to have mr.forrest and ms.peggy around for so long.some of us had parents but yet didn’t have them.mr.forrest knew my story
    I get so lonesome for the dad like figure he was to me.in my heart he will always be a part of me.thanks for writing this story on forrest

    • Virginia,

      I literally was thinking this exact same thing last night before bed. Those kids were so lucky to have so much fun at their disposal. And the love! And the knowledge! Great combinations that don’t stop there.

      My dad was my ace in the hole. My mom was everything else. Forrest and Peggy definitely mirror my heros. Tons of love.


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