Air Force Association Interview


Forrest Fenn served in the U.S. Air Force from 1950-1970. For the first three years of his career he was enlisted, trained in electronics and attained the rank of Sergeant. In 1953 Forrest entered pilot training and upon completion was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. For the next seventeen years Forrest would fly many of the Air Force’s tactical aircraft from the T-6 Trainer to the F-100D Fighter and was a Major when he retired.

The following interview took place in Forrest’s home in mid-summer 2015 and was filmed by members of the Air Force Association. It is Forrest’s own recounting of his career.

The interview, which spans an hour and twenty minutes has been broken into four parts of about twenty minutes each. Photos have been added to aid the viewer in identifying places and equipment. Some of the added photos are from Forrest’s collection, others have come from a variety of sources.


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4








3 thoughts on “Air Force Association Interview

  1. Forrest,
    Once again I just find myself fascinated with your path thru life. That old saying “Truth is stranger then fiction” certainly comes to mind. Clips like these remind me of how “small” the treasure is in comparison to how much more of yourself you have given to us in this world.

    But what I’m pondering right now is who is going to be “wise enough” to tell your story on the big screen! 😉 And my question to you would be who would you like to see play you during your different ages thru life. I think you may be set on Brad Pitt for those Air Force days! LOL!

    And BTW, I will forever have a smile on my face whenever I pass those frozen chickens in the supermarket! – Gyeysergirl

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