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Here I sit at 11 PM scanning the blogs and maps. All because someone said, “Dude, you’re the smartest guy I know.  If anyone can figure this out you can!  You should take a look at this poem.”

Forrest, would a color blind person be at a disadvantage when searching for the chest?
“I can’t answer your question but if you find an old treasure chest full of tomatoes take it home because that’s the gold.” f

The worst advice I got was from a friend who is a member of Mensa International, he said to me, “You know what they say Charles, if something is too good to be true…..”

I emailed Forrest, asking why he said “Mts. N of SF” then changed it to “ROCKY Mts. N. of SF” and was it to hide some reason.  I got a short, curt reply of, “They are synonymous, Donna!”…ouch! Touche’!

Worst advice ever, a friend told me,”Yeah, a two-wheel-drive will get you there!”

A judge in Raton told me the worst advice ever given to me while searching was, “Mom, if we just move these two rocks we can go around the gate!”

Mom said,”Don’t chew bubblegum when you’re searching. You might swallow the bubblegum when you find the chest.” Two and a half years later and I still haven’t swallowed the bubblegum. I’m addicted. I don’t think mom saw that coming.

The ONLY advice I’ve ever received ends up being both the best AND the worst I have ever received! “You should always share everything you find with your fellow searchers. Doing so broadens the discussion and encourages feedback from others.”

Halfway there…
…”make sure you call the Ranger and let him know we’re coming…”

The worst advice said to me in the beginning of my chase, “I don’t think you should email Forrest.”

I told Jamie, “Keep on going,” on the snowy road. Two minutes later, we were stuck and had to call for rescue.

The worst advice I received was spending too much time studying.  My family’s jaws dropped at my HOB, after hearing what I learned.  They looked like old-fashioned steam shovels.  I’ll have another serving of KNOWLEGE, please!

You don’t need toilet paper in the backpack, mom. There’s some kind of rule about placing outhouses along trails. I mean, what do you think the rangers use? (from my city-dwelling son)

Before I fully understood the poem, I went on a search. I found a spot that I just knew it was’t and convinced myself to walk away without fully investigating. I really hate the advice I gave myself.
-Mark J.

“Keep It Simple… Stupid.” and then, as a handy tool to make it easier for me to remember for the future, the overly personal and patronizing acronym: K.I.S.S.
Thanks anyway for it.

In my search for Indulgence, the worst advice I have received so far has been from my younger son when, with much enthusiasm, he says, “Dad, we need to go (on our search) next week before anyone else finds it”.

“Where are we going?” I queried.
“Just over there.” was the reply
“Looks too far to walk…” I cautioned, “…we should drive.”
“Naw, it’s not too far to walk…” was the assuring reply,
“…I checked it out on Google Earth.”

As a newbie I emailed Dal to search with me. He didn’t think the treasure was where I said.
After seeing his 60 plus flailings I realized he gave me the wads of confidence that ff wrote the finder possesses.
-Fundamental Design

“Make sure you post a photo on Facebook so we know you found it!” Got this from several friends and family. Bad advice for lottery winners too.
-Jeremy P

The worst advice I was given was right after discovering “my blaze”. My husband said, It’s not buried; it’s just under that massive rock that weighs more than 42 lbs. Lift it.
-Kathryn now crowfeast

“Just quit hunting. Look at yourself. A short poem about nature & you twist it into obsessively reading about art/history, collecting books, hiking mountain tops….cross-country road trips with ‘new’ friends?? You don’t even watch your favorite TV anymore.”

4 1/2 years ago I was just sitting around and my wife said ” why don’t you get a hobby I seen where an older gentleman in New Mexico hid a million dollars in gold in the mountains north of Santa Fe.”

The worst advice I got on the chase was from a shady looking guy in Santa Fe: “Watch your wallet in that restaurant.”
I did, but after a leisurely dinner I came back outside and my rental car was gone.

I vote for roping a buffalo as worse advice! From the sounds of it you can ruin your shoes get your feet wet and cold and lose the front axle to your car plus the buffalo didn’t have such a happy ending.

The worst advice a person usually gets is when they advise themselves. Such was my case.
“Go pee in the bushes over there, nobody will see you!”

The worst advice I ever received about the Chase was from my husband who suggested that I take a HUGE bunch of bananas to Forrest Fenn’s book signing event.

“So forget the map, roll down the windows, and whenever you can pull over and have a picnic with a pig.”

The worst advice that I have been told is that Forrest did not hide the chest of gold. People’s advice to me is that I’m wasting my time.

The worst advice I’ve recieved..”Go west.In a short hour you see a big lake, cross it, run south – west ——-.Mirror this trail.Aim south and look heading west for grey F sign”.
-Fins Up

When I asked Goofy what else there was to do in Wyoming if I didn’t find the TC he said: “If you’re going to Yellowstone ask Dal where all the best moose viewing spots are.”

The Worst Advice –
Me: “You know Mom, some of this treasure hunt revolves around the Lewis and Clark Expedition.”
Mom: “Well dear, maybe you should learn to speak Indian.

The worst advice that I ever received was from myself, when I was convinced that the poem could be turned into an origami fortune teller. That is when I signed up for the blogs.

“Why don’t you take Caleb and go now” after planning an anniversary trip, my grandson’s marriage plans conflicted the date. My wife was upset that I would go. I was upset she canceled a trip planned for 4 months.
-Not Obsessed

“Tell me where you’re going next time in case I need to send a search party since there’s no cell service out here.” – Resort owner
I don’t even tell Forrest where I’m searching, why would I tell him?

I tried talking to my brother about becoming my “sponsor” and before I could get IT out about working for him if I fail, he advised,”Why don’t you just become the dream?” I said,” Love you” and hung up.

The worst advice I have received:
“That’s stupid, I can’t believe you think someone really hid a treasure chest.
You shouldn’t waste your time looking for something that isn’t there.”

The worst advice I ever received was from a not so nice someone, on another blog, who told me I should just go back to sleep now because they didn’t agree with me.

It came from my brother. You are on a goose chase, the real treasure is in Yellowstone.

You think you will find hidden treasure? Yeah, sure, and the Cubs are gonna win a playoff game!
“Have flashlight, will travel”





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    • Love it. I drove a small two-wheel drive and traveled cautiously and slowly. Then, a wise guy drove the same model vehicle only in fire engine red and sped at lightening speed, passing me!

    • 2 years, 7 months, 3 days ago, I was told……try it, you might like it. How hard can it be? If you don’t like it, you can always quit!
      Yeah, Right!!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Q1werty2, I heard the same thing on Easter Sunday 2013 from my husband. While I enjoy puzzles – I am not that into poetry! Here I am and its nearing the end of 2015. I think my husband it just getting the message – pick a puzzle that does not involve poetry next time.

  1. The tongue is the sharpest thing in the world, it cuts like a knife and leaves you bleeding for days!

  2. Cholly~ It’s not to good to be true, it’s very difficult and therefore it is true! ….The truth is we are looking for a needle in a very large hay stack…

    • @Ritt, I’m a believer! I’d really hoped my genius friend would have taken a look at the poem and got into the thrill with me but nope! -cholly

      • Cholly~ Too bad, your genius friend could have been a big help. Why do you suppose he wasn’t interested in the chase? I would have thought a Mensa member would enjoy a good challenge.


        • @Ritt, now that you ask, I recall he never really liked hiking or getting to far out away from his weekend cabin. Would have been nice if he’d given the poem a good read and thought…..he was a director for Orcale when we first met, back in the DotCom heyday…. now he lives up in Seattle. This isn’t for everyone that’s for sure.

  3. Ask youself was my solve easy to figure out? If the answer is “yes” then mostlikely you do not have the correct solve.

    -The Count

  4. Hey CJ –

    Well, since I clearly gave this advice to you in regard to this contest at 9:25 PM on September 26th , you are more than welcome to use it. In my opinion, you own it.

    I’m flattered.

    Scott W

    • Thanks Scott. 🙂 I asked you if I could use it in my post on September 27, 2015 at 6:33 am but you didn’t respond so I took that as a “yes”. 🙂

  5. I am really enjoying reading all of your all advice entries. I will have to think about if anyone has given me any good advice about the Chase… Do rolling eyes count? Lol

    • Well, it happened in 2012 so I of course did not remember the judge’s name but NM under my name states it was Judge W. Walton. Wait a minute, You aren’t Judge Walton are you? I did tell him all about the chase, spilling my guts to the point of sounding like Chunk on the Goonies.

  6. I thought I would just share what I believe the meaning of the last stanza of the poem means to me. It’s all about the treasure chest and the character of the person who will find the chest
    1. “So hear me all and listen good, Your effort will be worth the cold.” Here he talking about the chest made of bronze, and the properties of bronze as he notes in TToTC, page 111, where he’s talking to school kids sitting on the floor of his gallery. He’s describing the bronze statue he asks the kids “Is it hot or is it cold?” each of the kids stood up and touched it. They couldn’t understand why it was cold to the touch. Now note that ff said in his interviews, that the chest was wet and it was in the Rocky mountains.
    If the bronze chest was cold to the touch in the ambient temp of his gallery, it would be freezing to the touch if laying in a snow melt stream.
    2. If you are brave and in the wood I give you title to the gold.
    Here he’s talking about the person who will end up finding it. What I mean, is the person who finds it will have tested him/herself when taking the finial steps (although not really dangerous) they would be taking steps that they would not have done in there normal mode of daily life. They will have tested themselves and their resolve to get to chest location, especially the last leg of the trip
    2a. “And in the wood I give you title to the gold.”
    Hear he’s not talking about the woods or forest. He’s not talking about a mountain/stream/river/ or creeks named wood; no, he’s talking about the chest it self. Look at a close-up color photo of the open chest, and notice it is lined with wood!

    Now read that stanza again: “So hear me all and listen good, Your effort will be worth the cold. If you are brave and in the wood I give you title to the gold.”

    • Gil, I agree 100%. F told me “if you roll in the gold, to make sure you warm it up first.” That should have been my advice piece, but its good advice, not bad. So, I agree with you. It is not sitting in water, though, the force of it during melt-off would knock it open. It is not locked. But, I feel it is very near a waterfall, gathering mist, so is continually wet. F said he knew it was wet.

      And, yes, the chest IS wood lined, means if you are brave and in the chest, then you claim it, the title is yours.
      “You got some wood in you!” was and old term for, you have grit, gumption, bravado, bravery. I got that answer from a 92 yr old fisherman I interrogated…er…um…interviewed!
      Good luck, Gil.
      ¥Peace ¥

  7. While standing at a very hot geyser in YNP chatting with a few folks about the chest a very citified fellow said ” You should get a wetsuit and search the bottom.” What do you say after that?

  8. Dal I have came a long way with my research on the poem and Fenn’s life. Lets just say the poem has lead me exactly where I need to be there is just one problem. I’m not able to get there. I’m amazed at how it all came together too. The message that Fenn is telling you as well is amazing. Would love to share but if I did I’m afraid I would get the short end of the stick.

    • Joey-
      Thats a common phrase that has bothered me since childhood. Which end of a stick is the short end and which is the long end and what does it matter which end you get?

      • Yea for one I my self have seen to much bad in this life. So I’m going to try and spread some good. Lets start with the poem. The first thing I figured out was that the Clues and Directions that lead you to the Chest are two different things. They are also one in the same at times. Lets look for a area that Fenn went in by himself and carried his treasure because there was no one around just him and the outdoors. Second He tells you he is going to hint about treasure new and old.(a present and a past) So Lets begin it where the warm waters halt. A location in which can not be exact because this is just to bring people to the area of which it maybe. Now lets look at that word halt… We know Fenn is a Military man so lets look for some forts or bases in this area. I came across Fort Washakie which was a old army base. Here is a link to some information about it.

        Now lets see where you go from there… I will post more later.

        • Now if you take the canyon down from the fort there isn’t but one. The home of Brown is the Indian reservation. So now this is no place for the meek hmmmm maybe I should get up off my couch and go…. The end is getting close everyone! There’11 be no paddle up this dried up creek bed. Just a nice boulder lake to look at. Hmmmm you know that island in the middle seems like a nice place to take a rest. I think I’ll walk through the cold water then rest on it in the wood. Sooooo what I’m telling you is a 42lb chest, Roman 10:8 and 11 degrees magnetic north just might be your blaze….

          God Bless and goodnight

        • Joey,

          I see it ( as we all have), but I would like to understand your opinion on what you think it means.

          Scott W

          • If you are wise and found the blaze to down your quest to cease. The numbers are your blaze the lake also sits right below 10200 feet. So if you take latitude and longitude yea you have a point on a map but you can’t be 100% on it but if you go 11 degrees magnetic north crosses the point on the lake the only problem is I haven’t been able to do that. But look at the map Fenn released it looks like 11 degrees goes through it. Plus Romans 10:8 uses the word nigh which is technically the only verse it’s used in the bible besides one other. So look up 42.64, -108.94 and cross the 11 degrees magnetic north on the lake and there ya go.

    • Joey,

      BOTG is always a bigger risk and deserves the bigger end of the stick. DIY or accept the smaller end of the stick. Honesty can be the screw in the stick. Few these days know or understand what honor really is. Even fewer are honorable ENOUGH to be worthy of the word. Like Dal says, what does it matter which end you get?.. …but choose wrong, and you won’t even get a stick. IMHO.

  9. Signholder,

    That is, almost verbatim, the response I received when I filled my brother in on the details (FF, the Chest, The Chase).
    Next came his unwelcome advice. I always heard that the only good advice was no advice. What do you think?


  10. Quiet around here, beginning to think everyone flatlined … Can we get a pulse folks? This is about as close to a pirate treasure hunt as one can get. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one !

  11. Only a couple hours left to send me your ADVICE CONTEST entry. We close to entries at 6pm (Santa Fe time) tonight.
    You will then have all weekend to send me your vote..
    One vote per person and you must add a comment on this page in order to qualify to vote..

    Winner will have the most votes and will get the grand prize a SIGNED and INSCRIBED by Forrest, Leon Gaspard book. Very cool!!
    2nd and 3rd place prizes are a 500 year old, or so, pottery sherd from Forrest’s San Lazaro ruin in New Mexico. I put pics up of the sherds on the contest page…
    I took a similar sherd and had a jeweler make a silver frame for it and put it on a chain. It’s a lovely and absolutely unique necklace that looks really great on Kathy.

    If you sent an ADVICE entry but don’t see it posted..resend it..I must have missed it…

    • Some good
      Advice here!
      Ps, my daughter hijacked my leon Gaspard book as soon as I got home!

    • Wish I could have entered this contest but I never received any advice. Cool prizes for listening to bad advice though.

  12. I vote for #26,

    The worst advice I ever received about the Chase was from my husband who suggested that I take a HUGE bunch of bananas to Forrest Fenn’s book signing event.

    • Lol… I had a cab driver today ask me if I would like a banana during the drive??? I politely declined but then I thought… WAIT! I am supposed to grab all the bananas!!!! Lol… I guess I missed my chance… 🙂

  13. The ADVICE CONTEST is now closed to entries. If you have commented on this page you can vote. Just send me an email with the NUMBER of the entry that you like.
    You have until midnight Sunday to vote. I will count the votes and announce the winners here some time Monday.

    There are some great WORST ADVICE entries..good luck to everyone..

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