Bike Theft Prevention Locations

Cafe Velo on Flora at Prospect across from the Taco Tule Truck

Woods Coffee on Prospect and Bay

Federal Building Post Office on Magnolia

Pure Bliss Chocolates on Cornwall near the Limelight

Pickford on Bay

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Annual Report 2018…


This blog was started in August of 2011 and on the first day we had 47 unique viewers.
Yesterday (Jan 19, 2018) we had 8,676 unique viewers.

Blog Totals Since The Beginning
18,815,774 unique viewers
2,515 Subscribers

The highest number of unique visitors on a single day was 2/27/2013 at 63,932
Compared to January 3rd, 2019 when we had 11,728 unique viewers

2018 Totals
In 2018 we had 3,886,599 views
That is about 5,000 more views than we had in 2017
On average that is 4.8 views per visitor which is about 2 fewer views per visitor from 2017
Our busiest month in 2018 was April with 491,127 views

In 2018 we had 593,018 unique visitors leaving 50,522 comments
We also published 124 posts in 2018

Most new folks still find us through the major search engines..
About ten percent find us from Facebook
In 2017 about ten percent found us through an android app
The rest come from clicking on links from other websites and blogs including Wikipedia, Jenny’s site and Tapatalk…whatever that is.

The most common search terms folks use to find the blog are “Forrest Fenn”, “Thrill of the Chase” and “Paddle Up Your Creek”.

The most common links folks click on to leave this blog are the video interviews with Forrest followed by Jenny’s blog followed by Forrest’s website, followed by Hint of Riches blog followed by

We have 1,064 posts on this blog. 124 from 2018. The posts with the highest number of views in 2018 were:
1. Home Page
2. Odds n Ends
3. Forrest’s Scrapbooks
4. New Mapping Tool
5. Most Important Info
6. Forrest Speaks
7. The Book of Blazes
8. Safety First
9. Brown’s Canyon Solution

Security informs me that we have had over half a million blocked spam comments and over 300,000 blocked malicious attacks..

Thanks to all of you
from Chris and dal-


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