Book of Blazes – Copper

The Yellowstone Doodle Caper
Three things.  Can you see them?

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6 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Copper

  1. Hi Everyone-
    I stumbled upon these markings about a year ago. I leaped out of bed and in my excitement, popped my husband square in the jaw. I see a figure 8 or infinity sign, a man with his walking stick, and an “F.” I like to look for Forrest’s art in the wilderness. It could be nothing….but who knows….it could be something.

    Thank you for posting on your weekend Dal.


  2. Copper, Why did you cross out the bottom right corner of the photo? Am I missing something? Like what lies beneath it? Does it give too much away, like exactly where this photo was taken? Regardless, I love your “doodle blaze”. This is a good one… and the correct general area, right Diggin Gypsy?

  3. Hi Cynthia-I’ll shoot you an email. I suppose I’m a little paranoid… so I did cover up that area.

    DG and I are having an “image off.” We’ll see who wins.:). If I win I get her Ford.

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